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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jul 22, 1905

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Makes Old Things New I   For Furniture., Pianos,
Fine Woodwork, Carriages, Automobiles, Bicycles.
Cleans, .disinfects and veneers. jSattiteg like itj  la
10c and 60c bottles at the
M. A. W. Co., Ltd.
Mi, Pleasant P-_wto05.ee Drug Store.
Free Delivery ts any part of the city.
I     f     ft    m    _E ■ B_-_/-T B    A^g    N     |       -..      1      /^L  ^J W       _L    #%____/___ h      I    ^    >      * itmong the  I,.,,.,)   Items,  Misc. ii.ui.u.i,  lisms,
Jl.    J    JN.  ^VJL M. **ma*r Wmm*m mt^jmg^m^   m^  m^   *m* JL      J__. ~b»«L      T       1*a^At *mmwmmrma>  %a*^kW      a Woman's Realm, Continued Story.   Thu
OmvmttA ta th* Interests of Alt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Single Copy $c, Three J*lontlis 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1,
amoug tho Local Items, Stav.ii.ujio.i. lietus,
Woman's Realm, or thd Coutiuncd Stoiy. The
' Advertisements will keep yon posted ou where
to go for bargain. in all lines.
The subscription price is within the much of all
Delivered anywhere iu the Oity, the Dominion'
Iho United States or Great Britiau forfl a year
flta_M48BBD April «th, -88*.   Whole No. *%% ''%fi>
Mt. Pleasant, Vawotj-vek,   B.   O.,   _Uturday,   July St,
(Seventu Yeah.)  Vol. 7, No. 16.
Local Items,!
■Tho McCuaig Auction and Commission Co., Ltd., nest to Coruoige Library,
Hastings street .buy jFtuaii-u-eforOash,
OaaAmot Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phono 10.70.
Mrs. H. W. Maynard and family and
Mm. A. O. iStewwt ftud family .arej
■camping at .Judge Boic'.-i Rauch.
Mrs. Chas. Rummcj and Uttte Miss
Elsie Rumniell have returned from a.
month's visit at Mjr. Ball's home near
.,...... »:—-—-■■
Mrs. Thus. Russell and tho Misses
Russell of Victoria, ure the guests of'
Misses Chambers uud Lawrence,, Westminster avenne,
*_ Blocks and Cedar Wood wrixed.
short leugtliri, SI.75 per load. Alberta
LumlierCo., 'phono Al0115.
While going to work on his bicycle
Thursday morning Mr. Robt. Gilmau
ran over a dog near the ond of the
cinder path, which caused him ;(o got a
serious fall, bis left shoulder being
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the udvcrliscments in tlie
Mr. Kenneth Sweet lias taken Mr.
Junius Little iuto partnership with him
iu the butcher business Tlio new firm
will maintain a prompt delivery service
and sell ouly Ihe best of meats, vegetables, butter, eggs and chickens. Fresh
fish is received  daily  at this  market.
Mr. and Mrs. Lapp of Cohurg, Out.,
are visiting Mrs. Lapp's stepmother Mrs,
Buss of Seventh avenne, east. Mr and
Mrs. Lapp are on their way home from
a trip through Nebraska, Salt Lake
City, Portland Fair nud will visit various places on the way home.
On Saturday last Councillor Wm.
Middler handed iu his resigiiiitin>. ul the
South Vanoouvcr Couueil meeting.
Nominations for Ward IV., representative will take placo July 2lith, nnd polling if necessary July 20th.
Mr. Middler will remove to Kamloops, where ho will reside ou account
of the health of his wife.
The Canadian Order of Chosen
Friends gavo 0 Moonlight Excursion
on steamer St. George on Mouday evening up as far us Deep Cove. A large
crowd of the members and their friends
In the number of twohuiidred-aud-fifty
enjoyed the outing. Ilarpur's Orchestru
furnished fine dance music. The bout
ronched Vaucouver at 11 p. in,
The following pupils passed into
the High School from Mt Pleasaut—
Kumber uf candidates 22; passed (_:
May Flev'olling, 021; Gordon McLachlau, 591; Sadie Mnuroe, 590;
William Cruickshiiuk, 586; Chauucey
Mitchell, 553; Lily Marshall, 058;
Maud Murray, 553; Winuie DePencier,
East  Vancouver—Number of candidates, SI; passed 1: Alex McDonald 551
Wallpaper at 0«Kf/-Papi.r-
hauging nud Painting.— W. DAVIS,
164 Niuth avenue.   'Phone B1679.
Tbe teachers, officers, youug people
and frieuds of Mt. Pleasaut Methodist
Sunday School went on a Trolley Ride
to Stevcston over tho new electric line
on Tuesday evening. A stop of twenty
minutes wus made at Eburue and three-
quarters of au hour at Stcveston. Ice
cream wns served, and the outing was
A delightful one. The sum of #22 00
was cleared, dud will go toward buying
new books for the Sunday School
The City Grocery  do'tvers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 280
Ou Saturday last 675 people went on
the C. P. H. Employees Excursion to
Gauges Harbor, among them were- a
few Mt. Pleasant people. The
"Charmer" left nt 8:30, reaching its
destination at 12 noon. The afternoon
was devoted to all kinds of sports and
in tho Agricultural Bnildiug dancing
was kopt np until tho boat whistle blow
for departure. Probably no prettier
place could bo found in B. O, to take
an excursion, than Ganges Hurbor. The
Crowd was jolly one and all enjoyed tho
ontlug thoroughly. Tho boat started
for home at 6, arriving ut 10:10, the
trip being a most delightful one until
; near "home, sweet home" wheu dis-
agrectiblo weather was encountered.
k-Uh -RIC'l .IJTAHW'JS ns PmiuOwtf Dentists is show by the daily
I vacrease in a»r praotioe,.   We have gained a wwid-wide repa-
tAtiiui with our dieooywy, which, wheu applied tm the gums.
iteefth.vim .he .extracted absolutely jxunhvw.
(Onr .patiouits are ss pleased with the reau;.te lhat they Hot only teU
irtieir friends, fovt personally Sbriug thom In ,our parlors that they
may a-sravive the siune itii'ei-tiiiwj.t„ Im this way, tqgati.<.r with the
Wgiie*t,ehisB.dC'j_*ii|tr\j.OjOuo by ,»ur Specialists, onr practice 1ms
•gi'adttnUy increased ,tUU wie ace second to -t-ouc in pmotioe.
_By -the iuse .of .uwr Dovbde Adhesive -Suction Chamber wo are ulie to
ill -the. .1111..SI difficult-oasts. WJhere other Dentists Vmil We Meet
WitAi Success. If yonr (teeth .drop when yo* try io eat • with them,
,or if yon .ore aftaif.1 .of t_*»sa striWug the pavement wbeu you sneeze,
itJiero is sonietihiug w_oug; i-hey do mokSl- Onr Doable Adhesive
Suction .Olii!i'i;lmr,ov,er,'coines this difficulty and is Uwhwii luy.eu-
it km mid 1CH1J1 ilwt ihe ..u-ied by .other?
(Gold Oro w», aqW fWbig. ©ridge W**k md n)i otim Dental Wiori.
dam, j)iiA_UuHs,, mi toy Jipecialjsts iWMi ^uiuwrtsiffll /or Ui yenrs.
147 Hmlinm *** ******* im'
Branch Office;'".'"ii-f Abbot.; itisai} t_to#e#« *<««_«.
Office Hours: 8 *.«>,, to .9 p. «U..',  ftuttdajr* Q A UL, to 2 j_, m..
§JBf i-ulworibers are rarpjesttd to
report any enrelessuuss in th*: .delivery
of "The Advocate."
Mrs. Chas. Kendall rutjarncd to her
home iu Kamloops on Monday, utter a
visit of three weeks with ber parents
Mr. and Mrs. N. S.. Hoffar, Twelfth
'The Advocate" wishes au{* cureleesi
ness iu delivery reported to .tjic Office;
telephone B1405.
"Canadian National Pari.,'" 'Banff,
Alberta, is a Icautifuliy illustrated
68-page book on the great jmrk iu the
Rocky Mountains, issued lj- the Department of the Interior, Ottawa.
Mrs H. H. Stevens will hold her
post nuptial reception ou Tuesday July
26th, at her homo 415 Seventh avenne,
enst Afternoon from 8 to (i o'clock and
iu the evening 8 to 10 o'clock,
The annual picnic of St. Michael's
Church Sunday School was held at
Lout-dale Park, North Vancouver, on
Thursday. The attendance was large
aud a splendid time was cujoyi d by all.
A swarm of bees entered Leo's Grocery
ou Thursday afternoon and caused ex-
citemcut for n while B.v llie use of fly
paper and closing of window s and tho
bock door the bees were Soon got rid of.
Wo have tho very cream of the best
Canadian and Americnn designs uud
makes iu the Spring and Summer styles
of shoes for Men, Women, > isses nud
Children   B  MILLS, IS Cm 1lu.1t street
Mr. aud Mrs-. John Caswell of Clarke's
Grousing, Saskatchewan, N. W. T., en
route to Portland, visited Mr. aud Mrs.
J. F. Clarke, Sixth avenue, this week.
DALy.ELi..—Boru to Mr. nud Mrs Geo.
Dal7.cll, Tenth avenue, July 17th, a son.
The B. Y P U. of Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Church held a very enjoyable
Social ou Mouday eveniug. Ice cream
and othor summer refreshments wero
Mrs. Herbert Harford will hold her
post-nuptial reception ou Tuesday July
25th, ut her home 489 Sixth avenue,
east. Afternoon from 8 to 6 o'clook and
iu the eveuing from 8 to 10 o'clock.
Tho Daughters of the Kiug of St.
Michael,a Church will give a Garden
Party ou Wednesday July 2«th, coruer
of Eleventh avenue nud Quebec street.
ytlinissiiin IOo. Refreshments. Au
Orchestra iu attendance.
Mi-*.   Snyder  of  Luud,  is   visitiug
friends on Mt, Plensaut.
—... 1 101 --
Mr. Homer Morrison returned Saturday last from a trip to Kamloops.
Mrs. H. J. Foote aud family and Mrs
O. Olinstciid are camping at Bowen
■   ——:o:	
Mrs. W. Davie and daughter have
returned from a year's absence in Scotland.
Mrs. Smith from Eastern Ontario, is
visitiug her sou Mr. J. I. Smith,
Seventh uveune.
Mrs. McKelvie and son of Ladysmith,
are the guests of Mrs. O. S. Philp,
Eleventh aveuue and Manitoba street.
Miss Rose Dnucau of Nauaimo, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. McCullough,
Westminster road.
Miss A. Lyle of Edmonton, is spending her vacation iu the city and stopping
ut the "Maples."
-        —:o:	
Mr. aud Mrs. Clyde Dongan arrived
from Gambier Island on Tuesday, and
will reside on Fourteenth avenne.
McKinnon's Ice Cream Parlor has
opened for the season. Best cream
ul was on baud. Opposite No. 3 Fire
Hall, Ninth avenue.
It don't pay to neglect your child's
eyes if it needs glasses. Consult Dr.
Howell nt tbe Burrard Sanitarium,
LOST: A golo-rimmid pair of eyeglasses, between 7th nnd 13th aves.. OP
Tuesday. Fiuder please leave lit the
Evangelist Geo. Newton of California,
is holding services every evening in
Mason's Hall. It is a Methodist branch
of religion which he represents.
the Spring aud Summer styles for Meu,
Women, Misses and Children, wo have
opeued up. Remouiber the "Watchword" of this store—satisfaction or
your money refunded. B. MILLS,
tlie Shoe-man,  18   Cordovat sreet.
JjpAINTS, Oils, Varnishes %
A few of the lines we carry:  Genuine Elephant Lead, Pure
Batden Boiled Linseed Oil, Pure Bayden Baw Linseed Oil.
IBONITE Hani Oil Finish, Varnishes, House Paint aud Floor Paint.
Elephant Golden Oak Stain—11 bountiful finish.
Onr prices are always right.
J      A      FI PTT     Mt. PLEASANl HARDWARE
•   M.    I UL I   I ,          STORE. Tel. 447.
 W. R. OWENS, Manager.	
******************** ******
Good Dairy Butter, 20c per Ib.
Apricots $ I *
er crate*
ast Chance.
Ticket No. 12554—held by one of our customers—won the GRAMOPHONE.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
SSInt Central Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 934.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu all kinds of Fresh aud Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on bund.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. FrarNIroiEmJ"e
•OO crate.
Place your order now for next week.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   lit. Pleasant.
Telephoue   I860.
k.%%-%^%% Wr*%%* %sV«**k«W »*»»Mt*'l.t_l*1
Lines at EXTRA
PRICES * * *
60 pieces of materials including CBETONNES, ART MUSLINS,
PRINTS nnd SCRIMS, in a largo variety of colors aud patterns. Sale
price So a yard. WASH SKIRTS—Ladies' Wash Skirts made of ducks,
muslins and crushes; worlli up to $2.25, Sale price $1 each. CURTAIN
SPECIALS—Swiss and Bsttouburg Curtains, in handsome floral designs;
worth up to $0.60, Sale price 18.50 a pair CAPES—Ladies' Silk Capes,
clearing at half prico.
Agents for McCall Pr.ttorns.
AnnCC A CC.     30,32 and ..4 Cordova St. t)
e   K.V-r-3^ *X ^V/., Telephone 574. #
Uwn»*ti^»t* *%*♦%%*%*»<-_%*%%**%- msm
Boot and Shoe Repairing
dune at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2454 Westminster avenue.
For   local  uews  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATK only $1 for 12 months.
[gjf* Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning plense notify
this office-    Telephone 1.1405,
Bov. Ebeues-er Robson, D. D., will
preach morning nud evening. Subject
of morning discourse: "Tho Christiiini-
nation of Money"; oveniug disconrse:
"A Glorious Iuvitation."
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital (8.000.000.   Reserves I8.H08.74I1.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Manager.
More & Clarke, 8011 Hastings street
arc showing some very exclusive stylos
in Fall Coats and Jackets, tho latest
things. Just a few dress lengths iu
printed net most exquisite designs of
roBcs and lover's knots. This week a
big sale iu embroideries aud laces al
this popalur houso.
The Plymouth Brothrou are holding
meetings every cvoniug in a tent on
Westminster uveune, near Sixth.
Keep in mind the Garden Party
Jnly 26th, nnd bo sure and attend.
Corner of Quebec st. aud Eleventh live.
Mr. Clarence Bishop of Tacomn, was
in tho city this week viBitiug with
relatives. Mr. Bishop while in tho city
called at the "Advocate" Office.
Local Advertising 10c a line each issne
Display Advertising $1.26 per inch
per month.
Notices for Church and Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   where
will be charged for.
All   Advertisements aro  run rogularly
uud charged for until ordered they
lie discontinued.
Transient   Advertisers   muBt   pay   in
tfofic.OBof Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
Thero wns a very pretty weddiug at
St. James' Church ou Weduesday morning at 11:16, when Rev. H. G. V,
Cllntou united iu marriage Mr. H. O.
Lee, n popular Mt. Pleasant merchant,
and Miss Beatrice Parker, daughter of
Mr. A. Pnrker of the C. P B. Shops.
The bride looked remarkably lovely iu a
gown of embroidered silk chiffon over
Ivory taffeta, veil aud orange blossoms;
she carried an exquisite boqnet of bride's
rosoB nud a»paragus ferns. The bridesmaids were Miss Ella Parker, sister nf
tho brido, and Miss Ethel Leo, sister of
the groom nud looked very pretty iu
piuk und cream; both carried boqueta
of pink und while carnations. Mr.
Sidney Lee was best man. Mr. Furneaux
acted as usher After the ceremony a
nnmber of tho iuvited guests wero entertained at a dainty liinchcoii by the
bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Parker at
thoir home ou Seymour street.
Mr. aud Mrs. Leo left on the Great
Northern Wednesday afternoon for
Portland and San Francisco, and will
be away about three weeks.
At noon on Tr.enday, iu the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Mr. Fred
Parker Murray aud Miss Ida Foster
were united in marriage hy the Kev.
Geo. A.Wilson. Miss Nora Robinson w as
bridesinnid.und Mr. Whitley Murray best
man. The ceremony was performed
under a pretty floral arch iu tho presence of relatives and a few friends of
tbe contracting couple. Mr. and Mrs.
Murray lift ou a honeymoon trip
through tlie various cities of ihc Coast.
Thoy will reside on Twelfth avenue, in
the new houso next to the Morrison
The wedding look place cu Monday
eveuiug of Mr. Jo. (1 Iv H. Jess of Ihis
city nnd Miss Ethel A. VollatlS Of
Mission. The ceremony wus performed
hv Rev. R Newton Powell In Ihe pros.
Lawn Grass Seeds
(.lover aud Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods.
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Beefscraps, Etc.
Sk'PITH  Corner    NINTH »v.«u_   A
Tuli'iihnnii   10 a 7. ■	
Store and    *
Office Fixtures
A* a specialty
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
(Cublnct Maker.)
SHOP: -HI Eighth Avenuo.
'Phoue HI20B.     MT.PLEASANT.
Good for Saturday Only
Jelly Powder
4 packages for 25 cents.
The City Grocery Co. Ltd-
Wholesale ond Retail Grocers.
Tei. see.
Westminster Avo. A Princess Streot.
THE BEEk Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, aud a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it auy wouder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints % I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
At      Vancouver, B. C.   *%    Tel. 429      A*
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores aud Hotels or
delivored to your house.
{ King's
3331 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. Al 208.      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Meats of All Kinds.
Vegetables and  Poultry a
A sr^i in season. •** At    t
Central Park.
Fresh Bread  |
and Cakes     g
Mt. Peasant Bakery, Ninth Ave.
Between Wast—'r. Ave.4 Westm'r, Kd.
FlourA™Feed Store
-■ISO Westminster nve., 'Phouc fi-ll.
...7 Hastings street,  oast,  'Phono 718
Oentral Park, July letb.
A very eu joy able and successful Ice
Cream Social aud Mtisieale was held
lust eveuinK in the basement aud oil the
Kionuds adjoining (he Presbyterian
Mnch sympathy is felt for Mr. and
Mrs. Wells—formerly of Central Park
but uow of Eburue—on the loss of their
little sou "Teddy," who died on Monday 17th iust.
Messrs. Blnck, McKay and Morris
loft for Bate Inlet mi Wednesday,
where thoy expect to spend the summer.
Siiij. Koo's laundry and dwelling was
burnt to the ground on Monday afternoon about o.no o'clock, Sing was
absent at the time and the origin of the
Ure is unknown.
Miss M. Spillmau who lias lieen awny
iu California for souietino arrived
homo ou Monday.
Tho many friends of Mise Emily
Nelson will be pleusod to losrn thut she
has so entirely recovered from )ier
recent illness ns to be ronioved from the
Hospital, and will lie the guest of Mrs
Bonner, Honiilton street, for sometime
Mr. nud Mrs. Beauchoux have return
ed from AggiiHi/., where thoy have been
visitiug frieuds.
Mr and Mrs James Nelson left fo.
the Enst ou Tuesday, on a three man tbi
visit to friends iu Mitcholl, Out. Mr.
Nelson will go to Knglnnd to visit his
old home, returning by way of Ontario
Birth.—Boru on Jnue -5th. at Daw
son, lo Mr. uud Mrs. Elmo L. Summons
a sou.
5ome Swell
Novelties from
There have just come to hand
by parcel post from Paris some
Novelties that show a daintiness
of design so characteristic of those
clever French people.
Elastic Belts, with gilt and
silver mountings, 13.50 and 94.00
Vases, with silver filagree, $%
...-■i and * - .'ill.   ■
Silver Hand Bogs, stone set,
|2.75 to 97.00
.   Silver Photo Frames,   stone
set, f-.lKi
Chatelaine Trinkets, $l._5to
»2 00
Hat Pins, pearl, turquoise,
matrix, 35c to $1 00
Comer Hastings and (Iriinvi.lc SU.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. R.
licTaggart & Moscrop
Dealers in
*K4 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Teiiiplctou Block.
Royal Crown
the Best in the Would. Drop
us u post card asking for a
Catalogue of Premiums to be
had free for Rovai. Cuown
The funeral of Mr. John Henry
Smith, who died on Saturday las',
occurred on Tuesday at Wl. p. in , from
his mother's resideuee on Westminster
rood. Uutil recently Mr. Sniiih resided
ill Seattle, Mrs. Smith arrived jnst an
hour before her husband's death, Rev
ti. H. Wilson, Rector of St. Michael's
Ohnroh, conducted the funeral services.
The deceased was thirty years of age
and has beeu ill with consumption forn
yeur past. Many beautiful floral
tributes were sent by sorrowing friends
enco of a hirgo number of friends. Miss
N. 1. Il.rder attended the bride while
the groom was supported by Mr. O. G.
Keiinuy. Mr. aud Mrs. Joss will reside
on Seventh nveuue
Electrolysis Parlor of Hnirdress-
iug,  Manicuring,  Facial   Mnssngt
Sculp Treatment for Ladies and Gentlemen. Supurtluoits hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron on "How to take care of
Skin Food for building up the wusting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to pre
vent end heal sunburn.
Mada-Ii. Humphreys, 58» Granville
Since opening up a fow weeks
ago the patronage accorded this
store lias been most generous.
The Staple nud Fancy Groceries
we curry will always be kept at
a high standard of excellence.
Your patronage solicited.
SUGAR 10 pounds for 91.00,
ONIONS Cc per pound.'
CANNED GOODS-Tomntoes,  Beans,
Corn, Peas, Pumpkin,  10c per tin.
BUTTER 2.*,<- and »0c.
W- H. SIM,
246  Ninth avenve,  east.
Telephone 914.
Head the Now York Dental P*rlr>A
advertisement iu thi* paper, then go-to..
New York Dental Parlors for your ivor^.
Or, The Love Story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor, the King's Sister, and
Happening In the Reign of His August Majesty King Henry the Eighth
Rewritten %.nd Rendered Into Modern English From Sir Edwin
C«k-_oden'> Memoir
Copi/riflM, 1898 ami 1901. by Uie Bowan-MerriU Company
BE Caskodens take grent pride
In our uucestry. Some persons, I know, bold all that to
be totally un-Soloinonlike and
tbe beigbt of vanity, but tbey usually
have no ancestors of whom to be
proud. The man who does not know
who his great-grandfather was naturally enough would not caro what he
was. The Caskodeus have pride of uucestry because they know both who
and what.
We have a right to be proud, for
there is nn unbroken male lino from
William the Conqueror down to the
present time. In this lineal list are
tourteen barons—the title lapsed when
Charles I. fell—twelve Knights of the
Garter nnd forty-seven Knights of tho
Bath nnd other orders. A Cuskoden
distinguished himself by gallant service under the great Norman and was
given rich English lauds and a fair
Saxon bride, albeit an unwilling one,
as his reward. With this fair, unwilling Saxon bride und her long plait of
yellow hair goes a very pretty, pathetic
story, -which I miVy tell you at some future time lf youf.take kindly to this.
A Caskoden was Benesckal to William
Rufus and sat at the rich, half barbaric banquets lu tho first great hall.
Still another was one of tbo doughty
barons Who wrested from John the
great charter, England's declaration of
independence; another was high lu the
councils of Henry V. I have omitted
one whom I should not fnil to mention, Adjodlka Oaskoden, who was a
member of the "dunce parliament of
Henry IV., so culled becauso there
Were no lawyers ln It.
It Is true that in the time of Edward
IV. a Caskoden did stoop to trade, but
lt was trade of the most dignified, honorable sort—he was a goldsmith, and
his guild, as you know, were tho bankers nnd International clearance house
for people, kings and nobles.
Now, lt has been the custom of the
Caskodens for centuries to keep n record of events as they have happened,
both private and public. Some are In
the form of diaries and Journals, like
those of Pepys and Evelyn; others In
letters, like the Pus tons'; others, again, ln
verse and song, like Chaucer's and the
Wnter Poet's, and still others ln the
more pretentious form of memoir and
chronicle. These records we always
have kept Jealously within our family,
thinking it vulgar, like the Pastons, to
submit our private affairs to public
There can, however, be no reason why
those parts treating solely of -outside
matters should be so carefully guarded, and.I have determined to choose for
publication sucb portions as do not divulge family secrets or" skeletons, and
. [which really redound to family honor.
For this occasion I have selected
from the memoir of my worthy ancestor nnd namesake, Sir Edwin Caskoden,
grandson of the goldsmith and master
of the dance to Henry VIII., the story
of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor,
pister to the king.
This story ls so well known to the
gtudent of English history that I fear
Its repetition will lack that zest which
attends the development of nn unforeseen denouement, but lt Is of so great
Interest and is bo full In its sweet, fierce
manifestation of the one thing Insoluble by time—love—that I will nevertheless rewrite lt from old Sir Edwln'a
\P sometimes happens, Sir Edwin says, that when a woman
will she won't, and when she
won't she will, but usually ln
the end tho adage holds good. That
sentence may not be luminous with
meaning, hut I will give you an Illustration.
I think lt was ln the spring of 1500—
et any rate, soon after the death of the
Modern Solomon, as Queen Catherine
called her.old father-ln-lnw, the Iato
King Henry VII.~th._t his august majesty Henry VIII., "the vndubltnte flower and very Uelre of both the sayd Linages," came to the throne of England
nnd tendered me the honorable position
of master of tbe dauce at bis sumptuous court.
Aa to "worldly goods," as some of
the now religionists call wealth, 1 was
very comfortably off, having inherited
from my father, one of tho counselors
of Henry VII., a very competent fortune lndeod. How my worthy father
contrived to savo from tho greedy
hand of that rich old mlaer bo great a
fortune I am suro I cannot tell. He
was tho only man of my knowledge
who did it, for the old king had a reach
ns long as tho kingdom, and, upon one
pretext or another, upproprlutcd to
himself everything on which he could
lay bis hands. My father, however,
was himself pretty shrewd lu money
matters, having Inherited along with
his fortune a rare knack at keeping lt.
His father was a goldsmith in the time
of King Edward and enjoyed the marked favor of that puissant prince.
Being thus ln a position of affluence,
I cared nothing for the fact that littlo
or no emolument went With tbe office,
lt was the honor which delighted me.
Besides, I was thereby au Inmate of
the king's palace and brought Iuto in-
tlmnfp relations with the court, and.
above all, with the finest ladles ot tbo
land—the best company n mnn can
keep, since lt ennobles IiIb mind with
better thoughts, purifies bis heart with
cleaner motives and makes him gentle
without detracting from his strength.
It was an office any lord of the kingdom might have been proud to hold.
Now, some four or five years nfter
my Induction Into this honorable olllce
there came to court news of a terrible
duel fought down ln Suffolk, out of
which only one of the four combatants
had conie alive—two, ratber, but one of
them In a condition worse than death.
The first survivor was a son of Sir
William Brandon, and the second was
a nian called Sir Adam Judson,   The
story went that young Brandon and
his elder brother, both just home from
the continental wars, had met Judson
ut an Ipswich inn, where there bad been
considerable gambling among tbem.
Judson hud won from the brothers a
large stun of money which they had
brought home, for, notwithstanding
their youth, the elder being but twenty-six and the younger about twenty-
four years of age, they had gained
great honor and considerable profit iu
wurs, especially the younger, whose
name wns Charles.
It ls a little hard to fight for money
nud then to lose it. by a single spot upon the die, but such is the fate of him
who plays, and a philosopher will swallow his Ul luck nnd take to fighting for
more. The Brandons could have done
this easily enough, especially Charles,
who was an offhand philosopher, rather
fond of a good humored light, had it not
been that in the course of play one
evening the secret of Judson's winning
had been disclosed by a discovery that
he cheated. The Brandons waited until they were sure, and then trouble
began, which resulted in a duel on the
second morning following.
This Judson was a Scotch gentleman
of whom very little was known except
that he was counted the most deadly
and most cruel duelist of the time. He
was called the "Walking Death," and
it ls said he took pride in the appellation. He boasted that he had fought
eighty-seven duels, in which he had
killed seventy-five men, and It was considered certain death to meet bim. I
got the story of tho duel afterward
from Brandon as I give it here.
John was the elder brother and when
the challenge came was entitled to fight
first, a birthright out of which Charles
tried in vain to talk him. The brothers told their father, Sir William Brandon, and at the appointed time father
and sons repaired to the place of meeting, where they found Judson and his
two seconds ready for the fight.
Sir William was still a vigorous man,
With few equals in sword play, aud the
sons, especially the younger, were better men and more skillful-than their fa-
ther had ever been, yet they felt that
this duel meant certain death, so great
was Judson's fame for skill and cruelty. Notwithstanding they were so handicapped with this feeling of Impending
evil, they met their duty without a
tremor, for the motto of their houso
was "Malo Mori Quam Fedral."
It was a misty morning in March.
Brandon has told me since that when
his elder brother took his stand it was
at once manifest that he was Judson's
superior both in strength and skill, but
nfter a few strokes the brother's blade
bent double and broke off short at tho
hilt when lt Bhould have gone home.
Thereupon Judson, with a malignant
smile of triumph, deliberately selected
his opponent's heart aud pierced it with
liis sword, giving the blade1 n twist as
he drew it out ln order to cut and mutilate the more.
In nn instant Sir William's doublet
was off, and he was in his dead son's
tracks, ready to avenge him or to die.
/" ;
"%~~. _ *j."! '
[". i_-
mif\      ___,_■ it
./ .    ''■
Mm: ..'''
"Fight, you bloodhoundl"
Again tho thrust which should have
killed broke the sword, and the father
died as the son had died.
After this came youug Charles, expecting, but so great was his strong
heart, not one whit fearing, to Ho beside his dead father and brother. He
knew he was the superior of both ln
strength and skill, and his knowledge
of men and the noble art told hlin they
had each been the superior ot Judson,
but the fellow's bund seemed to be tho
baud of death. An opening came
through Judson's unskillful play which
gnve youug Brandon an opportunity
for a thrust to kill, but his blade, like
his father's and his brother's, bent
double without penetrating. Unlike
the others, however, lt did not break,
and the thrust revealed the fact that
Judson's skill as a duelist lay In a shirt
of mall which it was useless to try
to pierce. Aware of this, Brandon
knew that victory was his and that
soon he would have avenged the murders, that had gone before. He saw
that his adversary was strong neither
lu wind nor arm and bad not the skill
to penetrate his guard in a week's trying, so he determined to fight on the
defensive until Judson's strength
Bhould wane, and then kill him when
and how ho chose.
After a time Judson began to breathe
hard und his thrusts to luck force.
"Boy, I would spare you," lie said.
"I have killed enough of your tribe.
Put up your sword and call It quits."
Young Brandon replied: "Stand your
ground, you Howard. You will be a
dead man as booh as you grow a little
weaker. If you try to run, I will
thrust you through the neck as I
would a cur. Listen how you snort. I
shall soon have you. You are almost
gone. Y'ou would spare mc, would you?
I could preach a sermon or dance a
hornpipe while I am killing you. I
will not break my sword against your
coat of mall, but will wait until yoa
fall f rqm weakness, and then,—  Fight,
you b.ooanouna."
.Iiulson was pale from exhaustion.
apd his brouth was coming In gasps as
he tried to keep the merciless sword
from ills throat. At last, by a dexterous
twist of his blade, Brandon sent Judson's sword flying thirty feet aWay.
The fellow started to run, but turned
und fell upon bis knees to beg for life.
Brandon's reply was n Hashing circle
of steel, and bis sword point cut leugth-
wise through Judson's eyas and the
bridge of his nose, leaving him sightless
and hideous for life—a revenge compared to which death would have been
The duel created a sensation throughout the kingdom, for, although little
was known as to who Judson wns, bis
fame as a duelist was as broad as the
land. He had been at court upon several occasions, and at one time, upon
tbe king's birthday, had fought In the
royal lists. So the matter came ln for
its shure of consideration by king and
courtiers, and young Brandon became
a person of Interest. He became still
more so when some gentlemen who had
served with him ln the continental wars
told the court of hlB daring and bravery and related stories of deeds at arms
worthy of the best knight ln Christendom.
He had an uncle at the court, Sir
Thomas Brandon, the king's master of
horse, who thought lt a good opportunity to put his nephew forward and let
him take his chance at winning royal
favor. The uncle broached the'subject
to the king, with favorable Issue, and
Charles Brandon, led by "the hand of
fate, came to London court, where that
same fate had In keeping for him events
such as seldom fall to the lot of man.
HEN wo learned that Brandon
was coming to court, every
one believed he would soon
gain the king's favor.   How
much that -would amount to none could
tell, as the king's favorites were of
many sorts nnd taken from all conditions of men. There was Master Wol-
sey, a butcher's son, whom be had flrst
made almoner, then chief counselor and
bishop of Lincoln, soon to be bishop of
-York and cardinal of the holy Roman
church. «
From the other extreme of life came
young Thomas, Lord Howard, heir to
the Earl of Surrey, and my Lord of
Buckingham, premier peer of the realm.
Then sometimes would the king take
a yeoman of the guard and make him
his companion ln Jousts and tournaments solely because of his brawn and
bone. There were others whom he
kept close by him ln the palace because of their wit and the entertainment they furnished, of which class
was I, and, I flatter myself, no mean
To begin with, being In no way dependent on the king for money, I never
drew a farthing from the royal treasury. This, you may be sure, did me no
harm, for, although tho king sometimes
delighted to give, he always hated to
pay. There were otlier good reasons,
too, why I should bo a favorite with
Ihe king.
My appointment as master of the
dance, I am sure, was owing entirely
to my manner. My brother, tho baron,
who stood high with the king, was not
friendly toward me because my father
had seen fit to bequeath me so good a
loiupetcucy ln place of giving it all to
'.he firstborn and leaving me dependent
upon the tender mercies of an elder
brother. So I had no help from Jilm
nor from anyone else. I was quite
imall of stature aud therefore unable
to compete with lance and mace with
bulkier men, but I would bet with any
man, of any size, on any game, at any
place and time, ln any amount, and, If
I do say It, who perhaps should not, I
basked in the light of many a fair
smile whlcb larger men bad sighed for
In vain.
I did not know when Brandon flrst
_.imc to London. We had all remained
at Greenwich while the king went up
to Westminster to waste his time with
matters of state and quarrel wltb the
parliament, then sitting, over the
amount of certain subsidies.
Mory, the king's sister, then some
eighteen or nineteen years of age, a
perfect bud, Just blossoming Into a perfect flower, had gone over to Windsor
on a visit to her elder sister, Margaret
of Scotland, and the palace was dull
enough. Brandon, lt seems, had been
presented to Henry during this time nt
[Westminster and had, to some extent
,ut least, become a favorite before I
[met him. Tbe flrst time I saw him was
'at a Joust given by the. king at Westminster ln celebration of the fact that
he had coaxed a good round subsidy
out of parliament
The queen and her ladles had been Invited over, and lt wob known that Mary would be down from Windsor nnd
come home with the king and the court
to Greenwich when we should return.
So we all went over to Westminster the
night before the Jousts and were up
bright and early next morning to see all
that was to be seen.
[Here the editor sees fit to substitute
a description of this tournament taken
from the quaint old chronicler Hall.]
The morow beyng nfter dynner, at tyroe
conuenenlent, the Quene with her Ladyee
repaired to see the Iustcs, the trompettes
brew vp, and In came many a noble man
and Gentlema, rychely appearelled, tak-
ynge vp thlr horses, after whonie folowed
certayne lordes apparelled, they and thlr
horBes, ln cloth ef Golde and russet and
tynsell; Knyghtes ln cloth of Oolde, and
russet Veluet. And a great* nomber of
Gentlemen on tote, ln rusBet satyn and
yealow, and yomen In russet Damaske
and yealow, all the nether parte of euery
mans hosen Skarlet, and yealow cappes.
Then came the kynge vnder a Pautllon
of golde, and purpul Veluet embroudered,
the compaBS ot the Paullion about, and
valenced with a flat, gold beaten ln wyre,
with an Imperlall croune In the top, of
fyne Golde, his bases and trapper of cloth
of Golde, fretted with Damask Golde, the
trapper pedant to the tall. A crane and
chafron of stele, In the front of the chafro
waB a goodly plume set full ot musers or
trlmbllng spangles of golde. After folowed his three aydes, euery of them vnder
a Paullion of Crymosyn Damaske & pur-
plo. The nomber of Gentlemen and yomen
a fate, apparelled ln russet and yealow
was clxvlii. Then next these Pauillons
camo xll chyldren of honor, sitting euery
ono of them on a grcato courser, rychely
trapped, and embroudered ln seueratt
tlcuises and .actons, where lacked neither
brouderle nor goldsmythes work, so that
Query chyld and horse ln deutce and
fusclon was contrary lo the other, which
was goodly to heholde.
Then on the counter parte, entered a
Btraungcr, fyrst on horsebacks In a long
robe of RUsset eatyne, like a recluse or a
religious, and his horse trapped ln tha
same sewte, without ilrommo or noyst of
mynstrelsye, puttlnge a byll ot petlclon to
tha Quene, th* effect whereof was, that If
It would pleas* har to license hym to
runne In har presence,  lie wo.uld.do It
giaaiy, ihiu u nui, nun ne wouia ueparie
as he came. After his request was
graunted, then ho put off hya Bayd habyta
antl was armed at all peces with ryche
buses & horse, also rychely trapped, and
so did runne his horse to the tylte end,
where dleurs' men on fote apparelled In
Russ.t satyn awaited on him. Thereupon
the Heraulds cryed an Oyez! and the
grownd shoke with the trompe of rUBh-
yngo stedes. Wonder It were to write of
the dedes of Armes which that day tok*
place, where a man might haue seen many
a horse raysed on hlghe with galop, turne
and stoppe, maruaylous to behold. C.xlv
. staves were broke and the kynge being
lusty, he and the atraunger toko the
When tbe queen had given the stranger permission to run, and as he moved
away, there wus a great clapping of
hands and waving of trophies among
the ladies, for he was of such noble
mien and comely face aa to attract the
gaze, of every one away from even the
glittering person of bis majesty the
His hair, worn In Its natural length,
fell In brown curls back from his forehead almost to the shoulder, a style
just then uew, even In France. His
eyes were a deep blue, and bis complexion, though browned by exposure,
held n tinge of beauty which the sun
could not mar and a girl might envy.
He.wore neither niustachio nor beard,
aa men now dlsliguro their faces—
since Francis I. took u Bear on Ills chin
—and his clear cut profile, dilating
nostrils and mobile though firm set
mouth gave pleasing assurance of
tenderness, gentleness, daring and
I was standing near the queen, who
called to me, "Who Is the handsome
stranger tlitt so gracefully asked our
license to run?"
"I cannot Inform your majesty. I
never saw liim until now. He ls the
goodliest knight I have ever beheld."
"That ho is," replied the queen, "and
we should like very much to know him.
Should we not, ladies?" There was a
chorus of assent from a dozen voices,
and I promised, after the running, to
learn all about him and report.
It was at this point the heralds cried
their "Oyez!" and our conversation was
at an end for the time.
As to height, the stranger was full
six feet, with ample evidence of muscle, though. no great bulk. He was
grace itself, and tho king afterward
said he had never seen such strength
of nrm.and skill in tlie use of tho lance
—a sure harbinger of favor, lf not of
fortune, for the possessor.
After the jousting the Princess Mary
asked me if I could yet give her nn account of tlio strnuger, aud aa I could
not she went to the king.
I heard ber inquire:
"Who was your companion, brother?"
"That is n secret, sister. You will
find out soon enough and will be falling
in love with hlin, no doubt. I have always looked upon you as full of trouble for me In that respect. You will not
bo much as glance nt any one I choose
for you, but, I suppose, would be ready
enough with your smiles for some oue
I Bhould not want."
"Is tho stranger one whom you would
not want?" asked Mary, with a dimpling smile and a flash of her brown
"He most certainly ls," returned the
"Then I will full in love with him at
once. In fact, I don't know but I have
"Ob, I huve no doubt of that. If I
wanted him, he might be Apollo himself, and you would have none of him."
King Henry had been compelled to refuse several very advantageous alliances because this fair, coaxing, self
willed sister would uot consent to be a
part of tbe moving consideration.
"But cun you not tell me who he ls
and what his degree?" went on Mary
in a bantering tone.
"He has no degree. He ls a plain, untitled soldier, not even a knight—that
Is, not an English knight. I think he
has a Germun or Spanish order of some
"Not a duke, not an earl, not even a
baron or-knigkt? Now he has become
interesting,"     .
"Yes, I suppose so. But don't bother
"Will he be at the dance and banquet
"No! "No! Now I must go. Don't
bother me, I say!" Aud the king moved
That night we bad a grand banquet
and dance at .Westminster, and the
uext day we all, excepting Lady Mary,
went bnck to Greenwich by boat, pay-
lug n farthing a hend for our fare. This
waB just after the law fixing the boat
fare, and tbe watermen were a quarreling lot, you may be sure. One farthing
from Westminster to Greenwich! Eight
miles.   No wonder they were nngry!
The next day I went bnck to London
on nn errand and over to Wolsey's houso
to borrow a book. While there Master
Cavendish, Wolsey's secretary, presented me to the handsome stranger, and
he proved to be no other than Charles
Brandon, who had fought the terrible
duel down in Suffolk. I could hnrdly
believe that so mild mannered nnd boyish a person could hnve taken the lending pnrt In such n tragedy. But with
nil IiIh gentleness (here wns nn underlying dnsh of cool during which liitimuted
plainly enough that he wus not ull mildness.
Wo became friends nt once, drnwn to-
gather by thut subtle human quality
which makes one nature fit Injo another, resulting )n friendship between men
and love between men and women. We
soon found that wo had many tastes in
common, chief among which wns the
strongest of nil congenial bonds—the
love of books. In fact, we had come to
know each other through our common
love of reading, for he also had gone to
Master Cavendish, who had a fine libra
ry, to borrow some volumes to tuke
with him down to Greenwich.
Brandon Informed me he was to go
to Greenwich that day; so we determin
"Don't bother ine, I say!"
ed to see a little of London, whicn was
new to hlin, and then take boat in time
to be at tlie palace before dark.
That evening, upon arriving nt Greenwich, we hunted up Brandon's uncle,
the master of horse, who Invited his
nephew to stay with hlin for the night.
He refused, however, nnd accepted an
invitation to take n lied In my room.
The next dny Brandon wns Instnllcd
ns one of the ctfptnins of the king's
guard, under his uncle, but wltb no
pnrtieulnr duties except such as should
be assigned blm from time to time. Ho
was offered u good room on one of the
lower floors, but nsked instead to be
lodged In tlie attic next to me. So we
arranged that each had a room opening
Into n third that served us alike for
drawing room nml armory,
Here we sat nud talked, and now and
then one would rend aloud some favorite passage while the otlier kept his
own place with finger between the
leaves. Here wo discussed everything
from court scandal to religion, nnd settled, to our own .satisfaction nt least,
("many a groiit'.irolilom with which the
foolish world la st j U wrestling.,
Ito be continueo.]
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Rings Out As a Message For the
Centuries—No One So Weak, So
Feeble, So Utterly a Waif In the
Gutter That He Cannot Join in
Thla Cry.
Jesus knowing that air things were
now accomplished, that the scripture
might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst.—SL
John, xix., 28.
These are the last words of the Son
of Man before His death to mankind.
They aro uttered for a purpose by one
dying in full possession of His faculties. All uttered from tho cross before
seems to discourage human aspirations; this unites Him with the
feeblest cry of human flesh.
No one so weak, so feeble, so utterly
a waif in the gutter that he cannot
join in this cry; a dog can whine it!
The lonely One of Calvary nover for a
moment forgets His mission. Every
little one may understand His last
word. The very need of His suffering
flesh rings out as His message for the
centuries. The same hand that created a tongue to cleave to tho Jaws by
thirst has turned It Into the sweetest
message ever read by true hearts and
sincere lives.
If one look for a sign of the divine
nature of this Mnn let him go back
and mark how carefully He has prepared for this His last will and testa-
ment before the cross has forced lt
from His lips. He has set forth the
final Judgment when He in His glory
ls to return to earth, not desolate and
alone, but with all the holy angels and
the crowd of earth around Him. The
whole scene is now reversed, and the
desolate Ono has the companionship
of heaven and the fakirs' of religion
tremble In the solitude of fears.
His last words on earth were heard
by a poor mercenary of the Roman
Emperor, hired to stand at the cross
until the end. This poor soldier had
taken a sponge and dipped it In his
vessel ot wine and touched it to the
lips of the crucified One. Poor fellow,
he little knew how ln coming centuries men would envy him this simple
act of a completely human heart.
This mere impulse of a - sweet
human nature had marked the brink
of a gulf between God and man, and
oh the other side, separated by centuries, stands the One who had..thirsted. Across the gulf comes the fbng
deferred answer of the Son of God,
"I was thirsty and ye gave me drink."
Between the Roman soldier and the
Son of Man is the crowd In the gulf
(we are in it), crying, "When were
you thirsty and when did wo give you
drink?" And then the, tender audi
fearful answer comes, "Inasmuch as
ye did lt unto ono of the least of these
my brethren, ye did |t unto mp."
As you would love me had I tgkeij
your little child, lost and desolate,
thirsting and hungry, and given It
drink and food and care, so now the
Son of God declares that as ye have
done lt unto ono of the least of these
ya  have  done  lt   unto  Him.   How
«_»_»_*.*  atnrnla—vnu  would  do   th*
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same to me as God would do unto you.
But pause a bit. 'What does Christ
mean by the "least"? Least ls a relative word. You may despise a man
for his poverty and I may admire him
for his genius; he may be your least,
while to me he ls great
We fill the picture of the Judgment
before Christ with some poor tramp
to whom we have shown some cheap
bit of kindness while we have over-
looked the real Import of the words.
Perhaps our "least" rode by us In a
carriage, wearing royal robes, being
least to us because of our animosity,
envy or hatred; because he had done
us injury, had taken from us the
world's praise we thought to be our
right, while we at great expense had
assuaged his thirst, for all men have
their hours of deep solitude and an
gulsh of spirit and any one of us may
act the part of the Roman soldier.—
W. Everett Johnson, Rector Church of
the Redeemer, New York.
Former Assailant Wept At Sight ol
Beecher Portrait.
The New York Herald of April 12,
says: Dr. William Hayes Ward, editor of The Independent, Who thirty
years ago was attacking Henry Ward
Beecher ln his paper, wept convulsively before a portrait of the great preach,
er ln Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, yes.
terday afternoon, In the presence ol
one hundred ministers.
It was the first meeting of the Man-
hattan-Brooklyn Association of Con-
gregational Ministers held ln Plymouth Church, since the death of Mr.
Beecher, who withdrew from that
body while charges were pending
against him. Dr. Henry A. Stimson,
pastor of the Manhattan Congrega.
tloual Church, made a touching allu-
sion to Mr. Beecher and to the troubles
that led to his withdrawal from the
Dr. Stimson'a eyes fell on a picture
of Mr. Beecher. He pointed to lt, and
referred feelingly to the attacks on so
noble a man. Dr: Ward's frame trembled and, covering his face with his
hands, he wept bitterly. Then he left
his seat by Dr. Stimson'a side and do
,     Press Censorship  Run   Mad.
The press censor ln St. Petersburg
refuses to permit the mention of astronomical research "because II
tends to subvert traditional belief.**
He has also had all reference to
Hamlet's weakness and Indecision
excised from the play on the ground
that lt ls "Improper language about
a Prince of Denmark," and Russia
is on friendly terms with the court
of Denmark.
HOW Thla Smith Got ■ Name.
A negro who was sent to prison
charged byhlB bride with noneupporl
gave his name as Extra Smith.
He explained that there were so
many Smiths ln Virginia that when
he appeared no name was left foi
tun, sjo he waa christened "Extra."
__ * ■ -
WA.   JVammn Wi* Race,
(There Is the woman who nags, and
many do withont being conscious of it
She la often perfectly well bred In all
other respects, but the loves ber hnsband io tbat (he can't help bnt ply
him with questions, ni* whye and
wheres and whens and "I tald yon eo"
become a dally routine which exhausts
the patlonce of the beat of men. A
wise wife should remember that when
a thing bas one* bean talked over and
thrashed ont It la good farm at least to
let It alone. If It la a fault that must
ba enrad er a habit endured ibe should
remember that men folk are often Ilka
Bopeep'a lost sheep—"If you let 'em
alone they will coma home," ate. Constant rcferenco ta a fault or a manner,
lam la tha cause of mart marital Infelicity than tba average wife dreams
Good manners are happy ways af doing things, and good sense, cheerfulness and tact should guid* every warn*
an wba bears tba honor and dignity af
wifehood toward tba channel of these
happy ways.-Philadelphla Inquirer,
!_______i____-  -"     '   *     ' -.--._>--•
A Serious Charge.
Victoria, B.C.—The merchant service guild 6f Canada, embracing a majority of the leading shipmasters of
British Columbia, has addressed a communication to the minister of marine
with respect to the action of one Bon-
ser, late master of the Ss. Haselton,
operating upon the Skeena river, B.C.,
whom Captain Johnson, of the Ss.
Mount Royal, charges with having deliberately and with malice ran his vessel Into the Mount Royal for the purpose of Inflicting Injury. Captain
Johnson claims that he will be able to
establish by reputable witnesses as
follows: 1—That Bonser threatened
hostilities before the act; 2—mat he
boasted of his achievement after the
act; 3—That he purposely ran out of
his course to ram the Mount Royal;
4—That Bonser rammed the Ss. Ram-
ona on the Fraser ln the same wanton
manner; 5—That he suggested to a
member of the crew the tampering
with an aid to navigation so as to
bring to grief a rival boat. The guild
has asked that a commission be appointed to examine into the matter
and If these charges be sustained, or
any of them, that Bonser's certificate
be cancelled.
Cured his Backache of Twenty-five
Years Standing and Satisfied Everyone he Recommended them to.
Economy Point, N. S„ May 15.—
(Special)—Geo. S. McLaughlin, of this
place, glveB two splendid reasons for
his belief that Dodd's Kidney Pills
are the one nvnedy for Kidney ailments. Here are the two reasons in
his own words;
"1 was troubled with lame back for
25 years or more, sometimes so severe
that I could not turn myself in bed.
One box of Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
me, aud I havo had no return of the
trouble since.
"I have recommended Dodd's Kidney
Pills to a number of persons who had
Kidney Trouble. All who have used
them have been benefited or cured."
Dodd's Kidney Pills not only relieve
all Kidney Diseases, from Backache to
Bright's Disease, but they absolutely
cure them. But sometimes where one
or two boxes relieves it takes more to
make a complete cure.
A   I'rcscrlp(l■»>.
Doctor—I don't think It Is anything
very serious, but you will have to stay
ln bed nt least two weeks, ratlent—
Say, doctor, do you know that this Is n
four dollar a day hotel? Doctor—YeB.
I'm a friend of the proprietor.
. In  III* Turn.
Willie—Engaged to Jack?  Then you
won't marry Harry, after all?  Eunice
—Not after nil. lint m.ivhe nfler Jack.
Women and Water.
"If nervous women would only drink
more water tbey would not be so
nervous," remarked a trained nurse
the ot^er day, "Nearly every phyBlclnn
will recommend a woman who ls suffering from nervous prostration or
nervous exhaustion to drink lots of
water between meals, but many women who do not come under a doctor's
care would feel better and look better
If they would drink, say, a quart of
water In tho course of the day. Water
seems to be a nerve food, like good
butter. It has a distinctly soothing
effect when sipped gradually, as one
tan test for herself. I am not enough
of a scientist to be able to tell yon
the reasons why tt does this, but water
lipped slowly and gradually has somewhat the same quieting effect as deep
breathing."     .....
A sosvp of doubt is & destroyer of clothes.
There is no doubt a.bout H^^
Sunlight Soap
We back its purity with Hv $5000 -ju».n__ntee.
Why do not you we>.sh your clothes the ee_sy
Sunlight we_y ?
Equally n.s good with htvrd or soft water,    mo
Buy Sunlight—Give it e. trial.
Your money back for any cause of complaint.
Lovor Brothers ^^
Limited. Toronto Mt. Pleasant Advocate ■•wt   |it    quite:   likely
Vancouver, B.C.
A Series of Articles Describing I
their Lives, their Alms and f
Tbelr Influence. ♦
— :
No. 33. ♦
,#                   V/. J. HUNTER ♦
Once   Tasted   Always Us*d.
8T.  LOUIS 1904.
President William J. Tucker of Dartmouth College tells the following story
on himself: Some years ago he passed
several weeks In a Maine country
town. The next season he received a
letter from his boarding mistress asking him to return. In reply he stated
he should be glad to pass another sum-
imer vacation with her, but should require some changes. "First," said the
college president, "your maid ls persona non grata. Secondly, I think the
sanitary conditions would be Improved
.about your house lf the pigsty could
be moved a little farther from the
hpuse." President Tucker was reassured when he received the following
ln reply: "Mary has went We hain't
had no hogs Bince you. were here last
summer.   Be sure and come."      '
| Alleys restores color to gray hair, all the dark, rich color It used
Z f\7,     hair stop»s fa.IIine» Crows ,on8 an(i heavy, and all
| dandruff disappears.  An elegant dressing. ^^_ylitOT^!?J__.7_u^^,
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
They Never Knew Failure.—Careful
observation of the effects of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills has shown that
they act Immediately on the diseased
organs of the system and stimulate
them tp healthy action. There may be
cases In which the disease has been
long seated and does not easily yield
to medicine, but even in such cases
these Pills have been known to bring
relief when all other so-called remedies
have failed. These assertions can bo
substantiated by many who have used
the Pills, and medical men speak
highly of their qualities.
Editor and Proprietor of the Reporter,
Fort Saskatchewan, N.W.T.
In this series of sketches ot western
[editors reference has often been made
< the fact that among the most influential and prominent of the journalists
of Western   Canada   are those   who
pave served in every department of the
uechanlcal side of a newspaper's, production.      Nearly   all the   editors in
danltoba and the Northwest Terrltor-
are "graduates of the case."    For
Ihis thero are good and sufficient reasons.   Closely conclated to the country
Tiewspaper ls the job department.    In
fact, only In Winnipeg, Brandon and
|ierhnps one or two other towns in the
ntlfe northwest, can job printing offl-
pure and simple be found.    Else-
vhere all job printing is done by the
focal papers, and the work devides the
j week with that of printing and publishing the paper.    The day next following "press day" Is usually given up
to distributing,   the • next two—often
Ihree—are devoted to job work, and
two or three days, as the case may be,
fare devoted to setting the news for
fhe ensuing paper.   This ls the regu-
routlne of the week's work in the
kreat majority of Western   Canadian
veekly papers,    though,  In concerns
fuibllshod ln large enough places, the
department,   though part of the
pewspaper,  employs a staff for that
exclusive purpose, and ls operated all
JLhe week.
It will thus be seen that Western
Canadian journalism puts a premium
i-n the mechanical side of the business
getting out a newspaper.   There Is
not enough   writing to do to occupy
ue whole of any man's time.   Indeed,
Jmany local   papers do not set more
four or five galleys of matter a
Iveek,  Including country   correspond-
local news and editorial.   Very
leldom ls thia set in any smaller face
nan 8 point, and often the matter ls
ln 10   point.    The   securing   and
yrltlng of this copy could be done by
good reporter in a day, and for the
lalance of the week the recorder of
ocal news and views, should he oc-
py himself solely with the writing
the matter his paper prints from
veek to week, would be a gentleman
! leisure.   This accounts for the fact
fiat so small a proportion of Western
tlltors are   newspaper men,    ln the
i that the term ls understood ln
i.    It accounts also for the big
Preponderance of mechanically trained men ln the business as it is con-
Bucted in the west.   The printer with
Sufficient knowledge to write, lf not
vlth  grace,  with  intelligibility,  is  a
nuch greater asset to    tho   country
than the mere stringer together
lot phrases, or the man who can dls-
puss with lucidity   and learning the
nos l  abstruse    problems  of govern-
nent.    The  intelligent  printer-editor
of value every minute of the week,
Irhlle the mere writer ls of use for
uly   twenty   per   cent,  of  his time
[iround a country   newspaper   office.
The printer-editor can look after his
|iwn makeup, lay out his    advertise-
nents In the most attractive form, save
[naterlal, save time, reduce expense,
and in dozens of ways increase the
Ifflclency and enhance the appearance
bf his paper, and in addition give the
lob department all the advantages of
bersonal and    practical    supervision.
iHence lt ls no wonder that many a
careful nnd ambitious journeyman sots
before his mind, as the goal of hia del-Ire, the aim of one day   being   the
editor and proprietor of a paper of his
pwn; nor ls lt any wonder that ln the
panadian West, the land of opportun-
for printers as well as farmers,
h alms  are    frequently    realized.
The nuriiber of newspaper proprietors
Iwho are practical printers ls the com-
Write for Samples and Prices
&   PERSSE,   Limited,   Agents,   Winnipeg.
This falling Qf your hair!
Stop it, or you will soon be
bald. Give your hair some
Ayer's Hnlr Vigor. The fall-
log will stop, the hoir will
Hair Vigor
grow, and the scalp will be
clean and healthy. Why be
satisfied with poor hair when
you can make It rich?
" Mr halt nearly nil (Mime ont. I th.n tried
iter's Hair Vigor and only one bottle stopi*'
llie Iftlllnii. New lislr came In real llilrk and
Inst a little curl.."-Mnd. L. Id. SMITH,
Baratoira, N. V.
fl.00 a bottle.
J. 0. AT1H0O..
Lowell,   liUll.
Thick Hair
pletest proof of the fact.
Of such a class Mr. W. J. Hunter,
the editor and proprietor of the Saskatchewan Reporter, ls a typical instance. He has been ln the west for
nearly twenty years, having come to
Manitoba as a boj* ln 1878. His parents settled at Emerson, and there,
when school days were over, and the
boy had to select his life work, he decided to learn the printing business.
He served as devil on tho Emerson
International, subsequently moving to
Portage la Prairie, sticking type on
the newspapers of that place. In 1893
he went west to Edmonton, and for
ten years remained on the staff of the
Bulletin, the paper owned by Hon.
Frank Oliver. In the course of the
rapid growth of the Bulletin ln recent
years, Mr. Hunter acquired a very
valuable journalistic experience, which
promises to stand him in good stead
now that he ls in business for himself.
Last year he saw an opportunity of
establishing a new paper. The country to the east of Edmonton was rapidly filling up, and the influx of Immigration Was building up the old trapper fort, Fort Saskatchewan, until lt
had prospects of being a good commercial and agricultural centre. So Mr.
Hunter bought a plant and set to work
to publish the Fort Saskatchewan Reporter. Its success has more than justified his enterprise. Already It has
become a newspaper of more than ordinary influence. Its circulation is
each week Increasing, Its advertising
patronage Is becoming correspondingly important, and Its comments on
local and general events are each
week looked forward to with interest
by Its ever widening circle of readers.
Mr. Hunter's success ls well deserved. It ls but the replica of many another such story of energy and faith
that the people of the West feel ln
their country. As the days go by, and
the West becomes more populous and
more productive, it is but reasonable
to believe that the Reporter will occupy a more Important place In the
minds of the people among whom it
circulates, and that Its editor will hold
a more Important place than he at
present occupies In the estimation of
the residents of Northern Alberta.
'You are beautiful enough to be
wooed by an Emperor." "Am I beautiful enough to be wooed by a Duke?"
"Yes, indeed; but not rich enough."
Keep Minard'e Liniment In the house.
Poor, Watery Blood.
Poor, watery blood—pale blood—ls
the cause Of every pale complexion.
Bad blood—blood filled with poisonous Impurities—ls the cause of every
bad complexion. Bad blood ls responsible for eruptions, and pimples,
and torturing, burning, Itching eczema. These troublos caa only be
cured through the blood, and the
only medicine that actually makes
new blood—rich, pure health giving
blood—is Dr. Williams' iJink Pills for
Pale Peoplo. The new blo_- which
these pIUb mako reaches every organ
and part of the body. It clears tho
complexion, banishes pimples and
eruptions, and brings health,
strength and happiness. Miss Lizzie
Lobsinger, Carlsruhe, Ont, says:
"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Is the best
medicine I know of for cleaning the
blood of Impurities. My blood was
In a bad condition, and as a result I
was not only weak and run down,
but was troubled with pimples and
eruptions. I tried several medicines,
but they did not help me. Then I
was advlsd to take Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and these soon relieved me of all
my troubles. I can recommend the
pills to anyone Buffering from bad
Bad blood Is the cause of nearly
every disease that afflicts humanity,
ft ls ijecause Dr. Williams* Pink Pills
make new, rich red blood that they
cure such troubles as anaemia, heart
palpitation, headaches and backaches,
rheumatism, ' neuralgia, Indigestion,
kidney and liver troubles and ailments of girlhood and womanhood.
But you must get the genuine pills
With tbe full name, "Dr. Williams'
Pink PIUB for Pale Peiple," on the
wrapper around eaoh box. Sold by
medicine dealers everywhere or sent
post paid at 60 centB a box or six boxes for 92.50 by writing the Dr. Wll-
Hams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont
A Patroness—"I've decided to patronize your store," she said, condescendingly; "everybody says you keep
such pure drugs ond all that." "Yes,
m.adame," replied tne new druggist,
"we are particularly careful to supply
only the beet. What can I do for you,
madaine?" "Give me a two-cent stamp
Working Men's
All Your   Friends—Farmers,   Mlnera,
Railroad  Men and  Mechanics
Wear Them.
King of the ROAD
A well known suburbanite who had
been greatly troubled by the depredations of a neighbor's goat was driven
to desperation one day when he learned that uie animal had consumed a
favorite red flannel golf coat of his.
Determined on the goat's destruction,
he employed an unscrupulous small
boy who lived in the neighborhood to
secure him to the railroad track just
before the dally express was due.
Some days afterward a Mend Inquired
with interest If the goat had been effectually disposed of. "Not on your
lifo." waa the disgusting answer; "that
goat has a charmed life. He coughed
up that red golf coat of mine and flagged the train."
A Purely Vegetable Pill.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are compounded from
roots, herbs and solid extracts of
known virtue in the treatment of liver
and kidney complaints and ln giving
tone to the system whether enfeebled
by overwork or deranged through excesses ln living. They require no testimonial. Their excellent qualities are
well known to all those who have used
them and they commend themselves
to dyspeptics and those subject to biliousness who are ln quest of a beneficial medicine.
We offer Ono Hundred Oollars Howard for ao- case
of Ciitnrrli tliat cannot bo cured by Hall's (Istarrh
Cure F. J. CHUNKY - CO.. Toledo O.
,.'u. the undersigned, have known F. J. Otieney lor
tlie lust ttft.oii yeHrs, asd believe him iwrfoi-tlr non
amble In ull business lr_r.Hi_.ti_.ns. anil flnsn-Wlly
able to carry out any obligations tuadu  by   his tliw
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting ill
ret-tly upon tlio blood and uiu-otis siirfaoee or the
syslum. T.-tiiu-riitils sunt tree. Price, tee. per but
tio    Bool by ull Ilruggist-i.
Take Hall's 1' mm ly Pills lor _oastlpell«__
Old Party—Were you named after
your father? Little Fletcher—Sure!
He's lots older than 1 am.
Minard's Liniment Lumberman'sFrlend
"Tell me, Harry," said May Bright-
ley's admirer to her young brother,
who ia this other fellow that's been
calling on your sister?" "I don't know
his name,' replied Harry. "1 used to
call hlin April showera." "What for?"
"Becattae he hrlnga May flowers."
of trials by medical science to ,t o__i tke tide of lu
ravages mil uot until South American Kidney Cure
proved i.,.w.,i.i .1 doubt Its iinw.r to tur* -*ck the
tide, was lliero a gleam of anything but despair for
the victim of this dread form of kidney disease.-M
John Barber of the Pittsburg Btock
Exchange tellB of a hustling young solicitor for a New York publishing
house. Tho youth was vainly trying
to sell a set of books to a Philadelphia
bunk cashier, and at last got so oxclted
he accused tho cashier of being slower
than niolusseB In January. "You, people here can't even eat buuIIh! " he sah|.
"Why not?" asked tho cashier. "You
can't catch them."
Removes all hard, soft or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone Sweeney, stifles, sprains, sore and swollen
throat, coughs, etc. -Save $50 by use
of one botle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Cure ev»r known.
Mrs. Blllus—Your prejudice against
your Uncle Hiram ts beyond my understanding. Why, he's perfectly harmless. He wouldn't hurt a fly. Mrs.
Hankus—1 know he wouldn't but does
a neat housekeeper like to have a man
of that kind around?
A Bhort time ago some men were
engaged In putting up telegraph poles
on some land belonging to an old
farmer who disliked seeing his wheat
trampled down, according to the veracious "Register," of Great Bend, Kan.
The men produced a paper by which
they said they had leave to put the
poles where they pleased. The old farmer went, back and turned a large bull
In the field. The savage beast made
after the men, and the old farmer,
seeing them running from the field,
shouted at the top of his voice: "Show
him the paper! Show him the paper."
I cured a horse of the Mange with
I cured a horse, badly torn by a
pitch fork, with MINARD'S LINIMENT.
St. Peters, C. B. EDW. LINL1EF.
1 cured a horse of a bad swolllng
Bathurst, N.B. THOS. W. PAYNE.
"Are you going to exhibit at the
horse show thlB year?" "I don't keep
a turnout." "What'B that got to do
with lt?" "Why, I have nothing to
exhibit." "You have a now gown from
Paris, haven't you?"
Master (to youth being examined ln
English history)—With what crime
was Lord Bacon charged? Youth (as
lf by an Inspiration)—With writing
Shakespeare's plays.
To the rude question of a dissipated
passenger on board ship, "Why do you
wear that thing?" (a cross), he replied: "For the same reason that you
wear a red nose—as a mark of my.
occupation." ,
'Tis Well to Know a Good Thing,
said Mrs. Surface to Mrs. Knowwell,
when they met ln tho street. "Why,
where have you been for a week
back?" "Oh, just down to the storo
for a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil," and Mrs. Surface, who hates
puns, walked on. But she remembered, and when she contracted a weak
back there was another customer for
Eclectrlc Oil.
"Look here, butcher, this meat ls
half bone." "You aro mistaken, sir.
That is good meat." "Botheration!
Do you suppose I don't know bone
when I see it? I say this ls bone!"
"Yes, certainly, that's bone. The bone
Ib bone, but the meat Isn't. You said
the meat was half bone."
Time tries all things, and as Bickle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup has stood the
test of years lt now ranks as a leading
specific In the treatment of all ailments of tho throat and lungs. It will
soften and subdue the most stubborn
cough by relieving the Irritation, and
rcBtore the effected organs to healthy
conditions. Use will show Its value.
Try tt and bo convinced of its efficacy.
"There Is no resisting that fellow
Jones." "What's he up to now?"
"Bought his wifo an automobile and
coaxed an Insurance company Into
Issuing a policy on her life,"
 __l______J-J_(_ - Ug-l—_M_-__-_s__
aiitUt ft**n
CpHopay, Fits, St. Vlt«B' D* no*,
orhave MM«rmIkUvm that** mjs_m*i Mend u,t
to fdBfcud. nur mow ton a Hat rtu* femiloe tjV
it in.iiik.N.ik.t»n    -
tmpftld.     It   hu   eur__
whrra  •rerjlhlBj aVam iu
Whsri writing mention
IhU r*i»r. im. (Its lull
ftddrei*.   rot MbftTftUdniniata.
T-ieUeblgCo.. \f$ KiagSt. W., Toronto.
BABY HUMORS. - Or. Agmev'e ointment
soothes, quints, and effect* qniok and ofloollve cures
111 all skin eruptions common to baby during teeth.
Ing time. 11 Is harmleee l(> the hair In okefe gif Scald
Head. andourosEcsfma. Suit Oleum and fill Bltla
Ulseasee ol older people.   St ogntk.   SO
Mrs. Talker—It must   be   awfully
,hard work thinking up bright things to
write all the time.   Scribbler—Well, lt
Use lever's Pry Soap (a powder) to ('is;  |_ut the hardest part   ls   getting
wash woolens and flannels,—you'll like
it J»
editors to tblnk tbat they are bright
after tbey are written.
If a man's wife is a
good baker, nothing
but the bert flour is good enough for her.  There can bo
no greater extravagance than the use of inferior flout.,
Winchester Springs, Feb. 27th, 05. \
"I read about Royal Household Flour which is purified by electricity. I also read about the woman paying
freight 25 miles before she would be without it Royal
Household was not sold in our town, I was asking about
it and my grocer told me to wait a day or two and he
would get some, and I am glad I did so. My wife is a
good baker and made good bread out of. other flours, but
what she has now made out of Royal Household is so far
ahead that I would be willing to pay freight fifty miles
instead of twenty-five, rather than go without it There
is no flour 'just as good* as Royal Household."
Now, is men. a ifagle woman in the whole country who, after reading what
Mr. Henderson says, will not at once send for the Royal Household recipes and give'
Royal Household flour a trial   Mention this paper and address
W  INI   «J
"One more question, pa," began little
Willie. "Now, see lftre!" turned bis
pa. "Pa," Willie hastened to ask,
"what kind of glass are glass eyes
made of?" "Why—er—looking glass,
I suppose.   Now go to bed."
_JflHJL*!y.**BH'»    wmu on WOB!"-
-CSLSS&sr *•"•*■• -**-*- - •*-"
Little Tommy, aged six, one day
round four little kittens ln the cellar.
His aunt came to pay him a visit, and
being told ot them, expressed a desire
to see them. Tommy hastened to
bring them to her, and soon crying and
caterwauling .was heard ln the hall.
"Don't hurt the kittles, Tommy?" "No,
mamma," said Tommy, "I'm carrying
them very carefully by their stems."
Minard's Liniment used by Physicians
"And do you mean to say, madam,
that you and your husband never had
any spats?" "My husoand had a pair
once, sir, but he gave 'em to the hoy
who sprinkled our grass."
Why go limping and whining about
your corns when a 25 cent bottle of
Holloway's Corn Cure will remove
them? Give it a trial and you will not
regret It
'Well," demanded the Warden of
the prison, "what are you kicking
about now?" "I'm kicking about this
striped suit," replied the new convict.
"All tho silly dudes, are going ln for
stripes now and It's a shame to make
us wear 'em."
riiienpplo Tablets are not big nau-sons doses that
i ui,lulu Injurious drngs or neic_.l._-__ay are the
1'iiiv vegetable pepsin—tho modliInal ortrew-t from
tills I- .ildiiii fruit, and the tablets are jtrepared In aa
ruli.tulili. form as tho fruit itself. They cure IndlgM*
lidii.   6(1 In a box, 36cento.-U
"It makes me sick!" "What does?"
"To see the fashionable women—members of the 'smart set'—kissing an
ugly pug dog!" "Weil, why shouldn't
they?" "Why—why, great Scot, man—
"Hold on. Have you seen the men of
the 'smart set'?"
Ask for Minard'e and take no other.
Ind.alractlbl., Uandacm., Perfect.    Only 25 eente per runnlnc toaA.
Supplied by u sr looal dealer.
THC PAGE WIRE FENCE CO.  LIMITED,    Wnlkervlllo,   Terento,    Montreal    Winnipeg.
St. Johr.1
are the Best Months to Make Money Raising Chickens
Chicks hatched thon grow more rapidly snd require less csre thin
at sny time of year, and the knack of running the business successfully
is acquired under the most favorable circumstances.
One good May or Juna hatching will bring out a brood of chicks
thst sell about October Im, for enough to pay for an Incubator and
another batch can then be started that will get the chicks ""t in time
for tho Christmas market. The next batch will bo ready for the March
and April market, "broilers'' commanding the very highest market prices.
A good Incubator is the foundation of real success in poultry raising, bringing the whole matter from guesswork to certainty.    We furnish you with a
Chatham Incubator
on owiy terms.    No caah to pay until November, 1005.    By that time it should have paid for itself.
Nothing else raised on a farm pays like this, and the beauty of it all is that the women folks or children can
easily attend to the very email amount of work there is to oe done. Half an hour or so a day is aU the time
Getting the right Incubator is pretty nearly tho whole tiling. The Chatham ia the
safest and surest Incubator made. It does tho trick ; 100 pur cent, hatches erery time
if the eggs are fertile. Kather than go into details of construction here, we will print a
few out of many hundreds of testimonials:
' Brighton, Out,, April 161b, 1900.
Th« M.nton Oampbfll Co,,
(J-UUm. Ont
D«ar Sir,—I Uld jtm when I notIrcd bit Incubator
kMl BrootUr tiut 1 would ltfc f ou know what iuoo«m
I hid with mj Arwt batch. Whtn tht Incubator _r-
rirad 1 want and f ot off' U put ln II, and aa I wu
anxloua in f at It aurtad 1 took all tha *gn I oould
Iron tha part/, and ha had only enough io I could
not pick Uitiu over. There were tome email onea and
eome long aad narrow, and ail aftarwarda found out
ha wu keeping twent-f-aeven bene with ont cockrel,
aother did sot look varr rood on the aurt I put
f (ly-tfx egga Into the Incubator and followed the In-
etr-ictitne cloatly, and I rot nfty ohfeke, two having
died In the abell, whlcb ] think la flrat-olue. They
are all ttrong and lively. I am sorry I did not order
the 100 aixeIniUad of tha 60. 1 hava It now filled
with Italy  while  Vfyaudott egga    I wlah you oould
tell ma where I could get ft good poultry paper,
eoinetblng|ihat wouM auit a 1<egTuner.
Y'-ure truly,
Box 234. Ilrlghton, Ont.
P.8. -I would rather attend to an IncuhaUr than
one hen now. There le eome aatiilactlon in knowing
lhai If you look after them you will gel chlcka.
Valena, Out., April 15th, 100ft.
The -Union Campbell Co.,
Chatham, Ont,
Dearfllr,—The incubator that we purchued from
you on the 18th Jan. laat la cerUinlv a dandy. Out
of a Na S Incubator with 83 fertile egra I rot 70
chlt-kena, and they are all atrong and healthy. I
uied ljltrallona of oil. I think there la no better
Inoubator in tbe world.
Youra truly,
Miia. john nonson,
Valine P.O., Ont
We hare similar
Erery Incubator
A Complete
te Poultry
le-ten from erery Stato in the United States, and erery Province in the Dominion,
we put out is the beat kind of advertising we do, for it sells many others for us by ils never-
fading reiulta.
The Chatham is built on honor, and its construction and workmanship are as perfect as
an experience of fifty years and ample capital can make thom.
The Chatham was tho first Incubator mado that was good enough to admit of its makers
taking chances that it would mako its cost for the poultryman before it was paid for.
Don't imagine for a moment that it is any longer poBaihlo to make big poultry profits by
setting hens.    As hatchers hens are as out of date at Btone hatchets.
If these erratic, uncertain birds are kept busy egg-laying inatoad of wasting their time
sotting, the poultryman will pocket a good muny eitra dollars in profit.
If you want to get full particulars on the subject and learn all the details of successful
Incubator hatching and profitable poultry railing send to-day for our Buperbly printed book,
" How to Make Money Out of ChiokB." '''" ! !
Bend for it now.
It's FREE.
Dept. 38 CHATHAM, ONT.
Distributing Warehenaee at Montreal, Que., Brandon, Man., Calcarj, Alto., New Westminster, D.C., and Hat-fax, N.&
Factorlei at Ciiatiuh, Ont., and Di-Titorr, Mica.
Also M-j-ufaotur... of the famoiu CHATHAM FANNING) MILLS AND CHATHAM FARM SCALES. I egptaaMmsma • mmmastmmtamamm	
(Established April 8,1899.)
OmcB: 2 ft SO Westminster avenue.
Mrs. R  Whitnky, Publisher.
fcrroui.-! Office—30 Fleet street,
London, E. 0., England Where a
file of ''fhe Advocate" is kept for
payable   ib
Scents a Oopy*
-Idbscfiption $1 a year
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, S. O.i July 22, 1005.
Mt. Pleasant citizens and merchants
would welcome h, visit from tlie spriuk
ling wagon.
With a persistence and regularit..
that deserve recoKiiitiou froui tho City
Council, residents of Ward V , complain
M the crematory aud piggeries and pray
tor their removal,
The automohilist-i won their case Hi
tludgo Heudersou'B Court last week. It
U now in order for horgomeu to train
their horseB to the sight of the machines
iss tbey have had to accustom .hem to
fctreet cars,
■fimUtK-in New Westminster Mining
District,   aud   Whi'.rb   located-
Deserted Bay, Jervis Iulet.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W E. Burns,
♦tctttlg as agent for John J. McPhee
Free Miner, Certificate number B78874,
Intend, 80 days from date hereof, to
fcpply to tho "Mining Recorder for a
Vert-fl'-tO of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtainiug a Grown Grant to
tlie nbove claim.
And further take notice that   nction
; Under .section 1ST,  muBt he commenced
before the issuance of snch Certificate
nf Improvements
Dated Ihis 10th day of May, 1905.
tcopper canyon, eureka and
'Copper dyke mineral claims.
Situate in the New Westminster
Mining Division of New Westminster District. Where located—
Howe Sonnd.
TAKE NOTICE that I,  W. E.  Burn*,
' Secretary nf the Goldsmith Copper Company Limited, Flack Block, Vancouver,
B. O.i   Free   Minor'. Certificates    No.
B90548, iutend sixty davs from the date
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder
I for Certificates of Improvements for the
1 J)Oi|x>se of obtaining Crown* Grants  to
1 the above Claims:
that action under Section 87 must be
fouimeiiced bofore the isHUAUcB of sue!
. Cerlilicates of Improvements.
Dated this 16th day of June, 1905.
For Sale A Rent.
List yonr property for Rent or Sale
• xvtth Thb Advooate Real Estate Co.
Five-roomed house, electric "light, hot
;»nd cold wlatct; 88-ft. lot, coruer, on
, ftighth nveuue, enst; price Jl,800.00.
Honse aud lot, Barnard street, wired;
writable for tram man's residence; terms,
New house, Niuth nveuue, modern
((Conveniences, $3,200.00; terms.
. ftiNTH Avenue—
Full sizod lot, 8 roomed cottage ; cash
#f?5, 011 time WoO.
Fttil Sized lot,   8-roonied  house,  hot
*snd cold  water,   electric   wired;   wish
*l 70i), on time |1.860.
i Foil sized lot,  7-roomed hoiiBe; cash
.-■ei J?ft, on time f l 875.
Two lots, two blocks from Westniiu-
. Tter avenue; cash $725, on time $850.
Two-storey buildiug (rented) iu business part nf Mt. Pleasant,  on full  sized
. lot; price ii 675.
!-_(lt-nhd-half Eighth avenue, comer,
1 ■cleared; prico $800.
South Vancouver.
South Vancouver Council met on
Sarurday July 15th
Mr. W. Middler wrote tendering his
resignation owing to liis having to reside.
iu Kamloops, ou account of his wife's
health. The resignation wns accepted
and nominations are !o he held at the
Hull on Wednesday the 36th iust., aud
polling on the 89th.
Letters from Mr. P. P. Shnrpe, asking
that a culvert bo Ailed iu 0:1 tlie Kerr
rond as the tide-water washes through
it.; from Mrs. G. Adams, asking that
tlie Knrlu road be extended to her place;
from Mr. W. J. Brewer; asking that a
ditch lie dug op Ihe lloitlisido of the
Westminster road, uer.r the Wales road
All referred to the Board of Works to
report upon.
Mr. R. Meek wished to give up his
Twenty-second avenue contract
Gi anted.
Ml'. Cowley is to be paid for the
Goodumrpliy road.
J.Peonessa-tobe paid fuO.OO on his
part of the Ferguson road end S. Hill
$10.00 on the Ferris l'nad contract.
Tne Council decided to grant $150 00
in aid of the Dominion Fair to he held
at New Westminster.
Mr. J. Jones seemed llie contract for
tho cutting brush nn the No. SI and
Rivef roads :it 25c per .huin of road.
Rut. one lender beiug received for tlie
road between tho 752 and 758 from
Cedar Cottage to the Oity Boundary,
fresh tenders are to be called for to be
in August lllth.
The former resolution appointing
Fence and Water Course Viewers was
reoinded and Messrs; F. McOlCery,
Duvid Gray and John Parsons appointed.
The Reeve aud Councillor Ballson
were empowered to get the hill on the
Wales rond repaired! nud the brush cut
on the Knight road from Westminster
road to the Gibson rond.
Teuders are fo bo  asked  for cutting
brush nu both sides of the Ferris road
betweeu stakes numbered 1, 3, 8, 4, 5, Gt
aud on -the Magco  i-tiiI and  Johnson
rond, price to be pel- chain of road.
Tenders are to he nsked for nuiLrin;
the Kay rond 10 chains north from present terminus and 10 chains more or less
ou northside of 821 to cast line of Block
4, and also to extend tho south end to
the Magee rond. To be quoted per chain.
The time for rebate to he continued
to July 81st. Taxes received in June
How often the want of knowing how
will prevent a girl from looking SB well
as she might, when the material to
attain this result lies closo at her side
unused. Take, for example, a length of
pretty ribbon, too short for a sash.
Many ..iris would thinkliecuuseit failed
to be n sash, there were no possibilities
in it. But take such a ribbon wheu you
are prettily dressed in a white uinslin
gown, bodice half low or open iu some
way in thu ucck, aud slip it across your
back, fasten it aud bring it over your
shoulders. Then draw it under the
arms frontwards Afterwards draw the
ribbon to the,left sido nnd then putting
both ends 10 nu even measure, fasten
both ribbons on that side. After easing
the ribbon across tho bust to ynur com
fort' fasten the right side ribbon to the
bodice hiiliug llie pin under the drapery
Wl'iukloS. Do the same wilh ribbon on
tho left side. Then tio lin; rest uf tbe
ribbon cuds into a pretty bow with
rather long loops, and two short ends
slanted oil' with a sharp puir of scissors
This odd arrangement will'be suro to be
admired ns 11 scurf aud bow adjustment.
For a ribbon bow oil the side of your
upturned hat have two two long loops
aud one eud fastened upon the left upturned brim, loops facing frontwards
ami three shorter loops turned slightly
downward towards the ear. Twist
bit of ribbon iuto a narrow space nud
cross the middle of this bow wilh it.
Vour flowers mny then iill up tlie* hack
of the lint ns high ns you think it looks
well. For a Souis bow to be posed on
the front of your trieorno hat, make it
ouf of a narrower ribbon wired on both
sides, a bow with two long loops turned
up nnd two longer ones down.   Fasten
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit otlier cities, also all
local social affairs arc giadly received
by "The Advocate."
;See Wheu Your Lodge Meets
The 3d and -lth Mondays of the month
(Oonrt Vancouver, I. O. F., meets at
; 8 p 111.
M». Pleasant Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F,
,: meets nt 8 p. 111.
Vuuoonver Council  No. 21 la,  Onn-
iisrtien Order of Chosen  Friends meets
1 the 2d und 4th Thursdays of the mouth,
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of th
.Maccabees holds ils regnlar meetings 01
I "he 1st, nnd 8(1 Fridnys of the month
Three   bulletins    containing    useful
information  for  the   poultryman  are
being issued by the Poultry Division of
tlie  Livo  Stock  Branch  at    Ottawa.
Bulletin Ko. 7, is a rewritten and revised
edition nf "ProfitablePoultry Farming,"
and contains 'chapters ou   Incubation,
Blooding, The Chicken Trade, Selection
of   Suitable    Breed,    Orate-fdttening
Chickens, Preparing Chickens for Market,   Marketing,   Some Station Work,
Tlio Egg Trade,   The. Flock,   Needs for
Poultry, Trap Nests    Bulletin No. 8,
Farmer's Poultry House," a pamphlot
1 15 pages, treats of the needs, location
aud essentials of a poultry house for fhe
farm and   gives  plans   of   seven good
poultry houses used in Canada,  divided
iuto provinces, with quantities exported,
etc.,  are  included.     Bulletin  No.   9,
"Diseases nud   Pnrat-ilcs  of  Poultry,"
describes the various  diseases affecting
poultry) with the treatment adopted by
successful poultry men.    Any or all of
these bulletins may be hnd uu applies*
lion in If. C. Jjlford, Chief of Poultry
Division,' Ottawa, Canada.
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Wcstiniusler Road aud Ave.
'Phone 2058.
Telephone Numbers of Local Mini,
HlT'.i'J-l.ev.G. H. Wilson, (Anglican),
10W1—Rev. G. A. Wilson, (Presbyterian).
BUM—Kov.A. _..Hothe.Ington,(MetnodI_t'
'Ml. Pleasant Mail. U'ostofflre.)
Arrives nt IO;.*. a.m , and 8 p.m.
.: Leaves at II  a. in., 8 and H p,  it.
The Postnfllco  is   open for businesi
fttnm fi to 7 p. m., only.
Youug Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Ohristimi Endeavor
meet nt 18 miuutes to 7, ever;' Sundry
oveuing in Advent Christian Olim-ch,
corner Niulh ave. mul West minster ltd.
Epworth League of, Mt, Pleasant
Methodist Church ine-.ts at s p. m,
il. Y. P. i.!.," meets in Mt. Pleasant
Uaptisl Clmroii ni s p. ni.
Tlie V. P. H. O, E., ind.-is at 8 p, in
in Mt.Plo.(s__s:.nt Presbgtfirlau Church
Changes for advertisements should 1
in before Thursday noon to insure the
pu iHci tinn.
it-across tho middle snugly with a bit of
ribbon, then begin to crinkle the edges
of the four loops nnd let some loops
have square ends, others half ronud,
half pointed ones. Place the two shorter
loops so bout ns to-lie lengthwise, uesr
the top of the hat brim, and draw tho
louger loops apart aud turn them both
downwards As you nre .bending the
ribbons, you will recognize tho correct
hue that is required.
Money can be saved
by   buying your
goods right here.
We believe iu turning oyer our stock.   Small profits and quick returns.
Fornlture,   Stoves,   Bedroom   Salts,   Oilcloths,   Matting,
Carpets.   Dresser, Stand aud Bed, $10.00.   Cash or Easy paymouts.
Grooery Department—Fruit jHrs in nny quantities.   Pints per doz 70c,
Quarts per doz 05c, % Gallou per doz $I.lfi.   Crown Jars, the best on the market.
ST    \\/« lin _-.___, Westminster avenue & Harris street.
.   I.   Wallace Telephone 1266
9 ifttfr«fr^tfe*fr*fet»<t.y.4«i>V.ft t^a*\a^a%m\t*aa^a^e*\rm*4a*4te1*
We Have
Removed from
146 Hastings to
108 Hastings Street £_,
Call in and see us  in our uew quarters.
W. J. ANNAND, Manager.
Telephone 1285.
is called to the fact that our Goods are always FRRSH
aud Reliable.
Tomatoes IOo, Corn 10c, Pens 10c, Beans IOo.
•        We aim to please you in every way.
I       Our   Specialties  BUTTER and TEA.
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 935.
A positive crnze hns developed for
making short, silk capes. Upon youthful figures thoy make uo other preleu
sioh than to ornament the costume nnd
to give a coquettish air to Hie wearer, as
they are only shoulder affairs with uew
and pretty lines. These .capes may be
""mude in silks tu match the' go.vns, or iu
white or, colored silks whin tube worn
with whito,sv.iss, mulls or bastistes
They afford a charming note of color
to be put iuto harmony with j amsoj and
hat er hat trimmings. For nfteruoou
driviug in ceremonious ways, uud ■ club
tons or social fundt'lun. of  all kinds n
Thu Sow. of the Cradle.
llye, byel Hbu-ilseslilghi
There's a sweet little era-
tile hunk un In ihu sky,
A denr lillle life, that Is
£-*-   eoMliar to bltlssi
Two soft. chtiWiy  hands
.. ,   that will nut and caress;
WgA nnre lillle soul wluc-
lnfr (lov.n ftoni  above;
A darling to care for, a
baby to love.
Everybody to the BIG TENT, temporary quarters But we nre so
bney in it we have very little time to write mis. Saturday hist was au ex-
♦raordiiiAry busy day In Carpets and Furniture WrAkagc Sale Prices
Will be rontiuued at fever bent nntil v. e move tn our new quarters.
140000 stock ie beingsacriDred, including n general stock of
bry  Goods,   Men's   Furnishings,   Carpets,
' Furniture and House-furnishings.
Why jny ](|i('piicischcBhirc v km .t(ii  un  Iry'll'.dii  nt short
prices from us?
J. S. McLeod, McBeth & Co.,
12 3  Heslii-fs St.,Cast.
One of the
g r & n d e s t,
ughn oIo s
which cmllght-
eiicd Science
lina discovered
Ui relievo
from I'm nsslve
suirorlng Is the
dovisc.il by f)r.
It. V. Pierce,
chief   consulting   physician
of the Invalids'
Hole! and
Surgical Insti
tutp,  of   Buffalo, N. Y.
This wonderful " Proscription " Imbues
the entire nervous jvstem with naturul,
healthy- vitality,- five!! clastic vigor to
the delicate organism specially concerned
In motherhood, and makes tho coming
of baby entirely free from dingor and
almost free from pain.
"I Wish In stale (hat I havo used Doctor
Herce'a I'avoilie I'ru.ci-lpilon ivlili verVgood
results" wi-lles .Mrs. Ratio M. AlmlS,of Hudson, New llaiiiivlilni. "Had been In poor
lii'iillii for over four years uml bad been
twice In the lidHpltnl. My husband brouirht
Homn or your 'Favorite Pi ..serial Ion.' and it
has carried nm easily llu-tiucli my last two
confinements. We am now blessed with two
li'-nliliv children, and I am sum your medicine has dono mo moro rood lhan all tho
o_lie_- treatment I have ever received."
BAD HEADACHES generally arise front bud stomach.. Foul breath, bitter
taste,-.cuatod tonifue. auur
eructations or bi-lchlns of
iras. am rommnn symptoms
in,-ii.li not alt present in
evur.v ea_u. Tn rum, lake
small (loses, only one ur two
each day, of old Ur. Pierce's
lli II-..CU PPlms.-the Original Little Uvcr Plll.i, ri 1-1-,t nnt un bv hlin over
4i! yoors ago, Ono or two u laxative, threo or
ri.-.r.- i-iiiliai-tlc.
prettier style of  dress  one  could   not
devise for tlie youug contingent.
Gdwus of black Brussels uet,_ jet embroidered, aro now fnr more dolioate in
their style of designs than formerly.
Skirts appear over several white transparent drop-skirts to increase that effect.
Apricot aud still more delicate colors in
mousseliue nre also shown for slips, but
tbey never give the snme air of elegance
to these jutted costumes. Black net aud
bluck figured laces remain as steadfastly iu favor as ever for gown-making,
aud some of the most fascinating results
are constantly seen. A black gown of
this style is absolutely necessary for a
summer Wardrobe of any pretensions.
A black lace-beauty made over a slip of
currant red motisseliuo plisses, and
worn with a superb parure of dinmouds
at a ceremonious dinner iu honor of a
bride's return from her weddiug journey, was bewitching nud seemed to lend
a specinl brilliancy to the jewels. Both
black aud white or colored silk skirts
and low bodiccB, or with its ..fitted
mousseliue slip quite independent of
any skirt. There are very many pretty
ways of individualizing one's dress with
accessories of this kind. These lace
jackets are short—only hip length—
with.elbow'Sleeves and" have half-low
necks, so that thoy nuswer for small
dinners and informal ones.
''Correct English,
How to Use It."
A Monthly Magazine Dcvotert| to the
Use of Euglish.
Interesting. Instructive.
Paiitul Contents fob this Month
.(.nurse iu English for the .Beginner.
Course iu  English for tho  Advance
How to Iucreaso One's Vocabulary.
The Art of Conversation.
Should and Wonld: How to Use Theni.
Pronunciation,(Ceutnnry Dictionary.)
Correct English iu the Home.
Correct English in the School.
What to Say and What Not so Say.
Business English for the Business Man
Compound VVordsiHow toWrite Them.
Studies in English Literature.
$1.00 a year.    Send 10c for SampleOopy.
Oobhect English, Evnnstou.Ill .U.S.A.
Advertising Is the education of the
purchaser of the merits of different
that which adds to his comfort and am-
consumer, It Informs the prospective
gnods and brings him Into touch with
pllfles hl8 happiness. .
All kiuds of Meats
and Vegetables
always ou hand.
Your patronago   is   respent-
^ fully solicited.    Prompt De-
9liver A
Sweet S Little.
Seventh Ave., uenr corner Westm'r Avo
—Prompt Delivery.—
We are   making a
Large Variety of
Cakes &Pies
these days, and many
dainty things for
Lunches and Teas
—so that the ladies
will uot require to
bake and work and
worry about provisions. Let us do that
for you: Prices the
lowest possible to
maintain quality.
Muir's Bakery.
Binh UP 'PHONE -4'..
Mt. Plensanf-
Gut Flowers
Carnations, single, 15c par dozen..
Carnations,   doublo,   tine    mixed,    all
colors, 'iho per dozen.
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Cars pass my place.
Nubkuby: Cor. Westmiuster*. 16th aves.
DO IT NOW I—If not already a Subscriber to "Tho Advocate" become oue
now.   Ouly $l for 12 mouths.
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. C.
Sale of
Summer Goods
~*- • .    ..
Ladies'  Shirtwaist  Suits at cost price.
Ladies' Blouses at cost price.
Children's  White Muslin   Boiiuets at  cost and less.
Children's White Duck Tarns at cost.
Children's  White  Embroideried Tarns at  half price.
■—Many Other Bargains.—
J. Horner,
4O0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
nun imiiiiiiw i _wii.i-i*_nii*_____<___-MB____B_________i
THIN and Summery and Cool,
Kngiish Flsannels, West of
England Serges, Irish Home*
spuns, English, Scotch and Irish
Tweeds, values all the way up to $30—*-
and not a suit in the lot worth less
than $18.
Come while sizes nro complete, while the richest
colorings nre hero, aud you can choose from the
biggest bargains.
It's like selling ('old Dollars for 50c, to sell these
elegant Summer Suits—fresh from the tailors—for
% of what thoy are worth,
Thomas  FOSTER.
SS3 Hastings Street, VANCOUVER. B. C.
Mail   Ordebb   promptly   attended   to.—Self-measurement
blanks nnd samples sent on application.
SPECIALS forthis Week
Ladies' Ribbed Undervests
Wo havo too many fine vests iu stock; wc are willing to sacrifice.
Yon are the the gr.iucr.    (Ask to see these):
8 dosi. long sleeve white mercerised Vests, button frout; regular
fl, sale eeck'eSo 3 doz. all-wool Vests, piuk and white,  bine
aud while, ribbed cashmere, hnlf-sleeves; regular 85c, sale price 40c.
S doz. Ladies' Silk Plated Vests, no sleeves, regular 50c, sale price
80c. .. .4 doz white, blnck, pink, blue Lisle Undervests, lace and
ribliou trimmed; regular $1, sale 65c.
including V.iloncieu
ham laces, al
yards Embroidery,   Theso aro uinked SO per oetst off
20CO yds lace to go on sale this week, iu
ucs luces, imitation Torchon, fancy Nottingham  luces, also 2000
More & Clarke
303 Hastings Street,, west.
Big Slaughter
jra.     Summer
r9   Millinery
U*      at Reduced
V Prices.   Also all
9   Summer Goods.
W. W. Merklev
burritt block
Westminster Avenue,  Mt. PlenBaut.
Subscribe to
♦LOO a year, (less than 2c a copy).
50c for fl months.
25c for 8 mouths.   Siuglo copy Co.
DO IT  N O W 1-PiUronizo the
Local Paper.
C. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Pbebs and
80 Fleet St., London, E. 0., Kugliind
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Which Meet on flI. Pleasan
I. O. F.
Court Vaucouver 1828, Iudepeud
Order of Foresters meets 2d nud
Mondays of each month nt 8 p.m.,
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren always welrouioi
Chief RaNOBI.—J. B. Aberuothy.
Recokoino Sbchbtabt—J, Hansen,
12 I'l'Ti'lltli  HVOlltlC.  i.
Financial Si.citi.TAUv—M. .1. Creh
-ill I'rlnreH!!gt.ii.t, City,  Tcleplicn
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Ploasaut Lodge No. 19meets ct
Tuesday at 8 p. m , iu Oddfellows B
Westmiuster avenue,   Mt. PlenBaut
Sojourning brethren cordially iuv
to attend.
Noisle Gband—G. W. Jnmieson.
R it ooB I)I n (i Sf.i'Bktai.y—Fra'
Trimhle,cor. Niuth ave. & Westmiu'r,
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regi
Roview   1st  and 8d Moudnys of e,
mouth iu Mason's Hull, corner Ni
avenue nud Quebec street.
Visiting Ladies alwuyfi welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. F. L. Budh
180 Eleventh avenue, w
Lady Record Keeper—Mas. J. Mm
Ninth nvenuo.
Vanconver Council, No. 211a,
every 2d and 4th Thursdays uf el
month,  in I   O. O. F.,  Hall,  W|
minster avenue.
Sojourning   Friends always welcq]
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Couneillor.lJ
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
_2-_S VVestinfiistcraveliue.   Tel. 7]
Trade Mark _
Copyrights *c
Invention Is probably putniitiitila.  CommtmlJ
tloitsstrlotlreonndentfal. Itiuidbo-konF
    nin.iii-y for SGinirlni. pnl(
1'iitmils tiiki-n  llirougtl  Munn & Co. recoil
Anyonelendlns n sketch nnd description nl
oiitckly i-soyrtiiln our opinion free whether I
-'■ probably p.-itenliililo.   Cl^ '*
ciniilileiillal. Handbook-
(lest opener for soiinrlnn
ken (!iroiiL-h Munn & (
ip.riii! notice, without cltsr_o. In ths '
Scientific HmericanJ
A. hnndinmelr lllnntrndnt weeklf. 1 Aren't rl
cuIhI 1<m of nur "Huntillo Jntinrnt. Termf. Kl
£ohi*. four monlba, $L SoUl by all nowftlwilaJ
" LsetBroKiwar. ffevv Yob
ilngton, p.al
your: four nonius, (
iHUNN « C0.3
il ranch OfDco, l2fi
Branch Omce, IBS F SU Wash.union.
Westminster Avo., next Glasgow Hoi
Fhank UNDERWOOD, Proprietor.        J
Successor to John Gilmi
Give this Shop a trial— three cluul
»i_na__ii__j_iMac_N«e_e-sa_-i ihimi iiwimh—■wii
immmun more gas miumm
Another 600 tons of Gns Pipe mrived por ship Nivello for the Vanconver Gns Coni]iany Lid. This pipe is for MOUNT PLEASANT, Fair-
view and the East of the city.
We would be pleased to have thoso who wish tho Gns Mains laid past
their premises, send iu their applications for service at once.  ,
The new pipe will be laid along the streets from which we receive the
greatest number of applications for service.
Every dwelling should be couueoted with the Gns Mnins. Housekeepers greatly appreciate tlie saving of labor by tho ubb of Gas
Stoves nnd Gas Hot Plates, Tho kitchen is always cool and comfortable.
Gnfi couuection adds materially to the value of property. Rents
easier.   Sells quicker.
Vancouver Gas Company Ltd


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