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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jul 14, 1906

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Mt. Pleasant Advocate
UL I''
Devoted to ths interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three flonths 35c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
-Stabubhed April 8th, 1899.   Whole No. 883.
Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver,   B.   O., Saturday,  July 14, 1900.
(Eighth Year.)   Vol. 8, No. 20.
I oca I Items.
■cr\a McOnaig Auotion and Gommis-
ion On., Ltd.,ne_ttoOarnelge Library,
Hastiugs street, buy Furniture for Oash,
Conduct -notion Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description,
satisfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
Bring   your    Job  Work    to
Advocate" Offices.
Mr. CluiB. Netherby, Manager of the
M. A. W Oo.'s Drag Store, Mt. Ploasant, left on Tuesday for San Francisco,
where he will spend his vacation.
The Girls' Guild of St. Michael's
Ohurch will hold a Garden Party on the
lawn of Mrs. Curtis' home oornor of
Eleventh avenuo and Quebeo street, on
Weduesday July 25th.
Mr. aLd Mrs. Nightiugale, Miss Olive
Morrison, Miss Markio Burritt, and Mr.
Terryberry left this week for Dakota
Landing, Howe Sound, whero thoy
will speud a few weeks camping.
Mr. Thos. A. Tidy has returned from
offending the Grand Lodge of the
Canadian Order of Foresters at Ottawa.
Mr. Tidy was absent five weeks and
visited friends in Eastern Canada after
the Grand Lodge seesion.
By properly adjusted glasses Dr,
Howell at the Burrard.Sanitarium Ltd ,
relieves cyo strain which causes headache aud other nervous troubles
Rov. Dr. Robson will conduct the
morning service. Iu the evening the
pastor Rev. A. E Hotheriugton will
take for his subject "Standard Bearers"
Mrs. B. J. Browu and daughters Mrs.
Spencer and Miss Brown, of Seattle,
hor daughter-in-law Mrs. Geo. Brown
of Minneapolis, arrived from Soattlo on
Wednesday, and are visiting Mrs.
Wm. Viles, 107 Lome street, and Mrs.
Clay, 143 Lome streot
St. Michael's Suuday School Picnio
will be hold on Thursday July 10th, to
Bowen Island. Tbo steamer Britannia
leaves Evans, Coleman & Evans wharf
at 9:15 a. m. Adults tickets 75c.
Children outside the Sunday School 860.
Please note the date, Thursday July 19.
RING UP 914 for a good load of
Cedar Wood $1.25 a load, or leave orders
at 508 Seventh aveuue, east.—Crocker
Bros., Dealersin Wood.
On Thnrsday evening next there will
be a meeting of the congregation of the
Mt. Pleasant Methodist. Church, wheu
they will be shown the plans of tbo
new $26,500 church building, and its
arrangement of church and Sunday
School room folly explained. Mr. R.
Sparling will illustrate the plans
with his steroptican lantern. The new
building will be 100x128 feot. The
auditorium with gallery will seat 1,100
people. The Suuday School portion of
the building is divided iuto 24 class
rooms accommodnting 700 pupils, besides
there is a primary room for seating 160
scholars; these rooms can be turned
into one when desired. In the basement theso will bo a young men's room,
library, ladies pnrlorj kitchen, dining
room for' seating 200, Official Board
room, a room for the orthodox Methodist
Class Meeting, besides other conveniences and accommodations. Tho
Building Committee is composed of
Messrs. R. Sparling, A. G. Taylor aud
R. H. Duke.
The Strider Shoes for Men aro pronounced in style, rare iu quality and
superior iu workmanship. Thoroughly
reliable and contains all that anybody
can givo for $5.00.—R, MILLS, 119
Hastings street, west.
There was a large attendance of
players at tho practice of the Mt. Pleasant Band ou Monday evening in oddfellows' Hall. The progress of the
Band is remarkable and it will give a
concert on Mt. Pleasant about tho 1st
of August. The Baud is in uecd of more
olanonet players; any young man who
has ja |desire to learn the clarionet cau
now avail himself of tho chance. Bandmaster Timms will givo lessons free to
those who will join the pupil, of course,
must provide his own clarinet. On
Monday and Wednesday evenings Mr.
Timms will be at the Hall un hour
earlier than usual to meet those who
may desire to learn, and each practice
night an hour's instruction will be
given to beginners before the regular
Band practice. Such nu opportunity
seldom presents itself aud should bo
taken advantvgo of. During the
rehersal ou Monday evening the President, Mr. W. R. Owous, treated the
players to ice cream from the Lndy
Maccabees Social, which was appreciated both by the Bundmen and tho
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
The New York
OUR REPUTATION as Painless Dentists is shown by the daily
increase iu our practioe.   We have gained a world-wide reputation with our diBcovory, whioh, when applied to the gums,
teeth can be extracted absolutely painless.
Our patieuts are so pleased with the results that they not only tell
their friends, but personally bring thom to our parlors that they
may receive the Baine treatment. In this way, together with the
highest-class dentistry, doue by our Specialists, our praotice haa
gradually increased till wo nre secoud to none in practioe.
By tho uso of our Doublo Adhoslve Suction Chamber wo aro able to
fit the most difficult easts. Whoro otber Dentists Fail Wo Meet
With Success. If your teeth drop when you try to eat with them,
or if you aro afraid of them strikiug the pavement when you {sneeze,
-there is something wrong; they do not fit. Our Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty aud is Onr Own Invention and can not bo used by others.
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Bridge Work aud all other DontaljWork
done, painless, and   by Speoialists and guaranteed for 10 years.
§47 Hastings st.
Telephone 1500.
Office Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;  Sundays 9 a.m.,   to 2 p.m.
'PHONE 3236
Corner Seveuth and Westminster avenues.
' f da.
«_._.*•-.'    -f-
The Seasoii  for Painting is now on.
1   A    -P-^ti   1 4_ri  Mt. PLEASANT Tei.447.
Just 0 word About STRAWBERRIES
We have secured the entire crop from one of the bost Growers in B. O., and will
We guarantee the quality of these berries equal to any ou the market and better
than most, and also guarantee the prico.
We expect berries to be a very short crop so would advise you to placo your order
with us at once, and we will deliver them as you require.
The effervescent properties
of this light aud elegant preparation are retained in the
■highest degree through its
granular form, producing a
continued sparkling effervescence, and <4-eserviug the
flavor us a palatable Saline
A small dose takcu ouco-a-
day keeps tho blood iu perfect condition   during  the
hot weather.
Large Bottle 2oc, at tlie
'Phone 790.      I'ree Delivery.
Mrs. McClure hns bought the homo of
Mrs. Fraser on Seventh avenue, 68 east.
Mrs. S. Elkins aud children, went
over to Victoria ou Tuesday, and will
remain for two or threo weeks visit.
Mr. W. D. Muir wns oue of the prominent members of the L, O. L,, in
attendance ut the Orangemen's celebration at Victoria.
Mr. Alox. Grant aud family have
moved into one of the throe new residences ou Westminster avonno, coruer
of Tonth aveuue.
Rev. N. A. Hurknoss B. A., late of
Toronto, will occupy the pulpit in the
morning, nnd iu the eveiug the Rov. W.
Norton, Superintendent of Home
Missions for Ontario nnd Quebec.
Young Men's Bible Class and Sunday-
School 2:30 p. 111
■f For your Ice Cream and Caudics go to
the Mt, Pleasaut Coufectionary Store,
t Home wood & Main). Ico Cream sold
any quantity, put up in neat boxes.
Mr, Bert Murray, sou of Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. Murray of Eighth aveuue, who
is now a resident of Winnipeg, is spending a short holiday iu tbo city. Mr.
Murray is a well-known athlete and is a
prominent member of tho Winnipeg
Lacrosse Clnb. Ho will return to the
Prairie Capital next week.
Alexandra Hivo No. 7, L. O. T. M.,
held a Snlo of Weak imd of Ico Croam
on Monday afternoon nud evening, nt
tho corner of Seventh and Westminster
avenues. The rain proved unfavorable,
however, the Ladies did a fair business.
Mrs. J. Martin was in charge of the
Candy stall, Mrs, Nelson Martin und
Mrs. Rear were at the Work Table;
Mrs. H. J, Footo aud Mrs. Draney
attended the Ico Cream table, assisted
by Mrs. Pettipiece.
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $11,000,000.    Reserves J3.-137.000.
Accounts may be opened with
One Dollar.
7 to 8 o'olock.
A. B. Netherby.sub-Maiinger.
Read the Real Estato column on last
pago ot this paper.
Mrs. Thos. A. Tidy of Ninth aveuue,
will uot receive until the 1st Friday iu
Mrs. J. Martiu of Ninth avenue, will
not receive until the 1st Tuesday iu
Mrs. W. T. McMorrau of Ninth aveuue, spent a fow days this week iu
Mr. Bert Fiewwelliug returned Monday from a ten days trip, spent in
Seattle nud Tacoma.
Mrs. Jas. McKim of Puyallup, Wash.,
nnd Mrs. Minor of Chicago, visited Mrs.
II. Whitney this week.
Mrs. Orris Byford is recovering from
au attack of typhoid fever at the home
of her mother Mrs. E. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Smith have moved
from Westmiustor road, to tho Iato
residence of Mr. Bodwell, North Arm
Best Creamery Butter at 25c per Lb.
H. O. Lee,
Ontario Maple Syrup.
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
\     King's fleat flarket
i    R. Porter & Sons.      2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
■ Dealers in nil kinds of Fresh aud Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always 4
1 on hand.   Orders solicited from nil parts of Mount Pleasant aud Fairview. \ I
j Prompt Delivery.  FRESH FISH DAILY.. Poultry in season.
! Tel. 2300.
We carry a full line of—
Bath Towels, Gloves, Brushes, Bathing
Caps, Etc., also a large assortment of
Toilet Soaps. Special 3 cakes for 10c.
Corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most' perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?   Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Salo at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house.
4 cans of Pork and Beans 25c
3-lis Fancy Mixed Biscuits 25c
8 Bottles of Pickles	
Are you going camping?
If so, be wise, and consult us about your supplies.   Goods
shipped to nil points.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.
Telephone  1300.
Mt. Pleasant.
It Cools and Sooths
ROSADERHA is good In winter and summer alike.
Iu winter is heals chapped hauds and makes rough skin
smooth and soft. In summer it is what you need aftor being
out at the Beach for the day—when you get a good sun' burn.-
ing. It will tako away all the burning. It will take away all
tho burning and will cool aud sooth tho surface.
li      Mt. PLEASANT      li
Just a  few of our low
Meu's Working Shirts 35o each.
Cauvas  Gloves   10c,   8 pr  25c.
Wash Ties 15e, 2 for 85c.
Cotton Sox, fast color, 15o;
2 pr. for 25c.
Our prices are low and
goods are new and
"Help Mt. Ploasaut Grow,"
2415 Westminster aveuue
Mt. Pleasant.
There will be two distingnishedBnptist
preachers occupy the pulpit of Mt,
Pleasant Baptist Ohnroh ou Suuday.
In the morning the Rev. N. A,
Harkues8B. A., late of Toronto, will
preach, aud iu the evening Rev. W.
Norton, Superintendent of Home
Missions for Ontario and Quobec, will
preach. Tho ordinance of Believers'
Baptism will be administered during
the ovening service. Tlie Eastern
Bretbron will return on Mouday, so this
opportunity of hearing them should be
taken advantage of.
The very latoBt Btyles in Canadian
and American makes and designs in
Winter Shoes for Meu, Women and
Children at R. MILLS, the" Shoeman,
110 Hastings streets, wost.
IfBabv'sbuggv is
GET IT   REPAIRED   at    tho    New
Bicydo aud Repair  Shop,  opposito  tho
Methodist Church, Mt. Pleasaut.
Our stock is once moro up to the mark.
Wo have just unloaded two cars. Oar
warehouse is packed to tho doors with
an elegant assortment of traps, Stanhopes, Kensingtons, surreys, opon
ruuaqouts, top buggies, bnckboards,
carts, delivery wagons, etc., solid rubber
tires, cushion tires or stool fires. The
prices are down to the lowest mark,
which will explain why wo have sold
such an enormous stock this season.
Wc iuvito you to call on us and look
through  onr  stook  and let  us quote
Mrs. O'Dell, 175 Ninth avenue, west
havuig hud several years oxpenence in
teaching mnsic, is prepared to toach n
fow pupils Advanced and Beginners.
For particulars aud terms npply to
above address.
Considering that the Maple Leaf autl
New Westminster luorosso teams met
Saturday last, and lms been thoroughly
discussed, it is sufficient to say at this
date, tlio Maplo Leaf boys covered
thomselves with glOry. They played
fast and clean looi'OBss throughout Ihe
game, uud they had the famous Royal
City team pretty well fagged out in tho
last quarter. Tho Maple Lqaf team has
demonstrated ils claim to rank with the
best team in the League and before the
schedule is over will in all probability
rank second. On July 21 st, the Maple
Leaf team will moot tho Vaucouver
Seniors on their home grounds, Brockton Poiut.
-oof- in MASSEY-HARR15
Fine liue of New Wheels just in.   Anyone prepared to pay Cash oan
get Rock-bottom Prices on the beBt Bicycles made.
W. J. Annand,
108 Hustings street, east.
Telephone 1285.
fJBF" Bicycle and Automobile
Repairing in ull ils hraucbes.
Neatly nud Promptly done.
gAf Subscribers arc requosted to
report any carelessness iu tho dolivery
of "The Advocate."
Special Lines
Handkerchiefs—Plain Hemstitched Lawn Handkerchiefs, special at
6c each or 0 for 25c; Handkerchiefs mode of lino Lawn, lace edge,
special at 2 for 15c
Hose—Ladies' Plain Cotton Hose, fast colors, special nt loe, 20c, 25c
SOc und 35c per pnir; Lisle Hose, fnshioned leg, fast bluck, special at
40c, 60c and 6Bti; Fancy Open-work Hose, speoial at 80o, 40e, 606, 05o,
7fic and 85c; Children's Lace Hose, special at 80c, 25c, 80o, 40c and SOc.
Wash Belts in a largo variety of styles, special at 35c, DOc and doc.
Gloves in silk, lisle and cotton, in a large variety of colors ami qualities, from 15o pah' np,
ADOCC fr  Cd     30,3*» and 34 Cordova St
p •   «VV'«J^ **■ vU.| Telephone 574.
I. O. O. F.
On Tuosday evening the installation
of the newly cluoted Officers of Mt.
Ploasaut Lodgo No. 19,1. O. O. F., took
place in the local Hall, tho ceremony
boing conducted by Deputy Grand
Master, A Clelaud. Tho new Officers
Noble Grand—F. Trimble.
Vice Grand—S. MorriBOn.
Recordiug Sec'y.—H. Patersou.
Financial Scc'y.—R. H. Pool.
Treasurer—G. H. Middle—.iss.
Conductor—T. Hutson
Warden—O. Simons-
R. S. N. G.—T  Dobsou.
L. S. N. G.-I. Mills.
R. 8. V. O.—Thos. Brumberg.
L, S. V. G.— Chas Ripper.
Inside Guardian—M. McRae.
OutBido Guardian—O. Shimmiu
It. Scene Supporter—Thos. Hemphill.
L. Scene Supporter—Geo. Miller.
Advertise in "Tho Advocate'
"The Advocate"
Jl a year; 60c for fi months
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Buchanan & Edwards
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Central Meat
Ninth ave. _ Westminster road.
Meat of all   kinds continually
on hand
Poultry  aud flame   in seusou.
Best   of   Vegetables   ou   tho
Woodrow &
***   Williams
Frank Tui.iblb, Manager,
Telephone 984,   Prompl Delivery.
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glass—a fitting background for
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The famous "Libbey" Cut Glass,
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Corner Hastiugs aud Grauvi.le Sts,
Official Wutch Inspector C. P. R.
For a Game ol
Pooler Billiards
Orop In at
JWff. Ploasant.
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and Ropairlttg done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
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the Best in the World. Drop
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A General Baukiug Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. m. to 3 p. m
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East End Branch
4-44 Westminster      C. W. DURRANT,
avenue ManaOsr.
If you miss The AdvOCa—c yon m's*
Ff ct ff ♦ ♦ ♦-»+♦ f ♦:♦ ♦ »Tf4»Tut r_rrrr«i
I Linked by Fate I!
|   Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage   *
j] ei Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mllli," "P»»d
For," " A Modern Juliet/' Hta.
i tf ff ♦♦♦♦>+♦ H f 4 »'» »f t »f fff »♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ f f ♦ ♦Tf fTT»T Ml.
(Continued from last weok )
"Vos, it is gold!" sno snid, her'fnce
flushing, hor eyes glowing.
Hut Sutcombe's face grow pnlc,
nnd, laying the quartz down, he drow
"I—I congratulate yuu, Miss
Wood," he suid—not "Dccima," ns
he had »f late slipped into culling
her. "If—if there is muoh of this, you
—vou must In' very rich!"
"II" she said. "All. yes, T suppose
sn; but—but it. wns not for mysolf
—" She stopped, for his face had
grown hot, nnd his eyos flushed nlmost resentfully. Vivienno laid hor
hand  upon his nrm imploringly.
"Wait, wait till shi" has finished,
Sutcombc," sho whispered.
Nina looked from ono to tho othor
nnd. comprehending, colored almost
as hotly  na Sutcombe.
"No, no!" she said. "I—I was not
going to offer you these. Indeed thoy
are not mine"—she paused—"only
half of it is mine. Llut thero is plenty
more; my father said the island was
an Eldorado; ami tho gold is yours,
any one's who comes and likes to dig
for it. Indeed, one need not dig very
much, for it lies in tho bods of the
streams, and in streaks in the
Sutcombe gazed at her in amazement too great for words.
"And—and no one knows of this
but you!" he exclaimed at last.
"No ono but, I—and one other, the
—tbo person to whom half of the gold
He wiped bis brow, for to the
least mercenary oik-men the presence
of a vast quantity of gold, with prospective possession, is rather a discomposing fact, one not to bo contemplated without a thrill.
"And  he?"   ho  nsked,   breathlessly.
"Where is he?   Why is he not here?"
The color left her face and her lids
"I do not know," she said in a
low voico. "He—he may be deadl"
"He did not cscapo with you?"
asked Sutcombe.
She mado a movement of her hand,
as if the question, tho subject, puin-
od her.
"No—I left him bore. I—ah, do not
nsk me any more!"
Vivienne leaned forward and touched hor hand. "No, no, dear, wc will
not! Oh, do you think wo do not
understand! To be wrecked here on
this lonely place! To have suffered,
as you must have suffered—no, not
a word more shull bo spoken, dear
Sutcombe leaned against the log
wall of the hut, his arms folded, his
eyes fixed, not on the gold, but on
the floor.
"And it was for us, for us that
you have worn yourself to a shadow
with anxiety and hope deferred," he
said. "That we might bave this
"Why not?" she broke in. "Would
you not have done the same for nie,
for any friend? And whnt true
friends you have been to me! And
wbat is the use of it If it cannot be
put to sucb good service?"
"And you never thought of yourself?" he said, very quietly. "Vou
were not rich—"
"Very poor, indeed," she said
with a luugh.
"And you nover thought of finding
this island, this Eldorado, for your
own benefit?"
"No," sho said simply; "what
should I have done with it? What is
tho uso of money when—" She paused. "Besides I was lucky so soon. I
thought so much of my work, of my
play, that if the gold had been lying
on Ilampstead Heath instead of on a
mysterious islund in the wide ocean,
I don't think I should have troubled
to take the train for it." She sighed, then, with a winning smile, she
went up to him and touched his
sleove. "Lord Sutcombe, you won't
let scruples interfere, you won't—
make difficulties'."
He longed to take the hand that
touched him so pleadingly, to draw
her outside and say, "I will tako the
gold you offer mo so generously if
you will bo still more generous nnd
give me thut which I value beyond
all the gold in the world—yourself!"
But ho knew, though he could not
have told how ho knew, that this
was of all moments tlio worst for
such a question; of all places, this
tho least  favorable.
"No," he said, drawing in a long
breath. "I'm not so churlish—so foolish. I am still too amazed—at present, it all seems like a story out of
an adventure book—to quite realize
it; but—I accept your generous offer.
If the gold is hero for tho finding-
well, Vivicnne and you shall be
"Ves!" said Vivicnne with womanly cunning. "I accept unreservedly.
I have hated thu thought of being
poor! Why, think of it! We should
have had to sell the Ariel at Melbourne, have been obliged to go in
for farming, or something of that
kind, or settled in some stuffy town
on the Continent. And now we can
keep tbo door obi yacht, and we can
all go back to England—and you
can buy back Soutberwood, Sutcombe—I told you how it "assed
from us, Doclina? And I can get
thoso pearls I wnnted, and—oh,
what will you do (With all your
money, you millionairess?" sho broke
off, drawing Nina to her and l—EKing
Nina tried to smile. What, indeed?
The usolessness of the gold mocked
her at that moment ns lt hnd mocked hor the dny it hnd been found.
There wns only ono thing sho wanted, and it is tho one thing no money
can buy—forgetfnlness! But she
strove to dispel the black shadow
from her mind.
"Oh, I'll found a National Theatre
—for tho tperfonnunco of artistic
dramas—by 'Herbert Wood!' " shs
said. "But now let us bo practical,
as I'oily would sny, This is a dangerous secret, Lord. Sutcombe. You
know now why "I thought It better
that wo should In—!1 alone?''   •
Ho nodded. 	
"Let me think!" He took out his
pipe. "May I? Thanks! Yes, the
the men mustn't hind here, at any
rato; they must not come further into tho island thun necessary. We
want water—"
"There is plenty near the bench!"
said Nina, stilling a sigh: beck came
tno times when She waiK'ea rroin tiro
stream with the can in her bund, and
Vane coming to meet her to take it
from her.
"t.uite so. They shall get what
they want, and Barnes shall take the
Ariel on a cruise, leaving us here.
There are enough  provisions—"
And there are fish and duck, and
turtles in plenty," said poor Nina,
trying to smile.
Vivienne clapped her hands and
nodded gleefully, though all the time
she was watching Nina from the corner of her gentle eyes. "Why, it will
lie like a picnic, a real picnic! Even
if there had not beon all this wonderful gold, it would havo been
worth all the trouble—ah, but not
your anxiety, dear!—just to see so
Ijoautiful and romantic a pluco. It is
like a Fairy Isle!"
Nina turned away swiftly; the name
was like a stab.
They talked over Sutcombe's plan,
and presently ho went down to tho
beach, signalled the boat und sent it
off for rugs, bedding anil provisions;
nnd when these were brought he went
aboard, told Barnes they - intended
picnicking on the island, and ordered him to take tho Ariel on n cruise
and pick them up in a week's time.
When he came back ho found that
the two women had already started
the picnic. Nina's hut hud been
transformed into quite n snug and
comfortable bower with the aid of
the rugs and other things brought
from the yacht, and Nina, Vivienne
told him, was down at the old
"saloon" getting tea.
"It's the most wonderful, tho
most bewitching place, Sutcombc,"
Vivienne said from the cosy nest in
.which Nina had bestowed her. "The
'saloon' is tho large hut where the
men lived. We havo arranged that
you are to sleep in a corner of it—
for the other hut is not so comfortable, Dccima says. Sho thinks of
everything; indeed, sho ls as wonderful as tho island! I tell her she is
tho fairy of tho enchanted spot, and
thut presently she will wave her
hand and wo shall wake up to find
wo nro on board tho Ariel and that
we have been asleep and dreaming.
Havo you looked at thoso lumps of
gold again, Sutcombe? Are you sure
they won't turn into 'chunks' of just
common rock? Can you realize yet
this good fortune of ours?"
"No," he said. "I can only rcalizo
that she has made us rich again,
that— I'll go and Bee if I can help
When ho went down to the saloon,
carrying somo provisions with him,
Nina was sitting over tho lire she had
made, her head resting on hor hands,
her eyes fixed dreamily and sudly on
the blaze. Her whole poso reminded
hiin of Millais' exquisite "Cinderella," and he stopi—d and looked down
at hor for a moment with his heart's
lunging in his frank bluo eyes; and
the longing slid into a yearning to
pierce the secret of the sad face that
she turned to him, sud though sho
smiled  und said,  brightly enough:
"It is nearly boiling. Have you
brought the tea? It is pust Lady
Vivienne's time, you know."
"Yes, here's the teu," he said.
"But 1 was not thinking of Vivienne,
Decima, but of you. How could I
think of uny one else at such a moment? To speak ot thanks "—be made
a gesture of des|mir—"but if you
knew bow full my heart is—"
"Don't!" she said, quickly, and
with a touch of reproach. "Have I
even tried to thank you both for all
your goodness to mc? Be as generous!" She laughed up at him
through the thin veil of sadness.
"Thoie! It is boiling at last. Tbo
teapot! Thanks. Now, if you'll carry the kettle—"
•She gave him no time for more
Words, but talked quickly and brightly us she led the wuy back to the
ludies' hut. Her effort nt cheerfulness
did not end here, and proved successful, for, notwithstanding the shadow
pf the past which bung over her, the
fact thut she hud been able to
friend these two who had been
good to her uplifted her.
"We shall huve to work hard,"
said, us she poured put the. lea
a week is not a long time."
"We can send the Ariel away
again, or we can conic back, now
that wo know tho wuy hero," suid
Sutcombe eagerly, for the thought
that they thl'00 were ulone on this
island, thut ho should see her nearly
every hour of tho day was a secret
joy lo him; but Ninu did not respond.
"You will soon tire of tho solitude,'' she said it. a low voice. "Tomorrow I will take you were wc—I—
saw some of the gold, 'there is a
spade"—she winced as the scene of
the burial of hor father and poor
Fleming rose before ber—"and some
other tools we brought from tbe
wreck; und while you are getting the
gold, I will go und lish."
"You fish! Why, how did you
learn, who taught you?" cried
"1—I—have watched—peoplo fishing," snid Ninu.
Vivienne looked round wonderlngly, "Oh, it's just a dream, ns 1
sny!" she laughed. "Think of it,
Decimal Here ure you and wo two
sitting bore on this remoto islund,
Just wc throe on this fairy isle, nnd
fur away in giddy London, with its
electric lights and its ceaseless
crowds, are our friends, the peoplo
wo know, leading tbo same old
dreary, liionolonous lives, in tho
same old, smoky air, Why, Decima,
do yo.U realise that tbey arc just ut
this m*oiSient—or is the time different?
—thronging to tlie .Momus to sec tho
latest successful play; If tbey could
only see the author! "
'ihey busied themselves with tho
necessary work of this most realistic
picnic until nearly nightfall, and at
lust Vivicnne. suddenly growing tired
with the excitement, wus persuaded
by, Nina to _T0 to bod.
(To bo Continued.)
Sir Arthur Nlcolson, the chief representative of tbo British mission
at the Morocco conference, will receive the Knight Grand Cross of St.
Mlehiio] and St. Georgo.
Method  Employed at  Minnesota Experiment  Station.
The following method of caring for
calves is ln use at the Minnesota experiment station dairy bam and seems to
give the most satisfactory results,
writes P. D. S. in Northwestern Agriculturist. After tbe calf has run with
bis mother two or three days and has
been put in good order by her colostrum
milk he should be taken away and shut
up in a very small pen, a partition off
from tbe lurge calf pen, so that be cannot suck tbe other calves' ears, which
Is a very objectlouable practice to allow In a bunch of calves.
Now, right at tbls stage comes a very
critical time tor the calf. White scours
only too often attack bim at tbls period,
aud often, too, ho Is laid low by calf
cholera. Now is the time to give a preventive. Take about a pint bottle of
milk at tbe temperature of OS degrees
P., no cooler, and put lu It a teaspoonful of any of tbe good creosote disinfectant compounds for sale in the market. This, of course, is a germicide and
will kill tbo genus of the cholera iu the
itomnch of tba culf. I know this to be
i good remedy uud If given will often
save a calf's life.
The next thing the calf must do Is to
learn to drink out of a pall.   Tills often
takes lime aud patience.   Be free with
both, ns a little dairy calf three days
old is pretty tender and must be bundled carefully.   First of all, you must
have that whole milk at the temperature of the mother's body, about 08 degrees.   The cause of the most of the
scours In calves Is feeding cool milk.
Dip the finger In tbe milk and then let
tbe calf suck It off once or twice, moan- j
while drawing his  bond   in  this  way j
closer and closer to the pail until his ;
muzzle is right In tbe milk.   After he I
once gets bis mouth Into it be will very
—on learn to drink.   lie should be fed
on whole milk for about a mouth and
then for two or three weeks on half
and half and then on skim milk.
At the station we find It a very good
practice to put blood meal and bone
meal In the skim milk. Others use flnx-
.eed nio.il with very good success.
After the calf Is a month old perhnps
he will eat a little bay, and then you
can turn hlin out lu tbe big pen with
the rest of the calves. Now, as those
young animals are very susceptible to
parasites and diseases and ns such
pests thrive woll in moist, dirty places,
we therefore see thut It is very important that we keep the calves and pen
clean by tlie liberal use of fork and
brush and occasional application of a
disinfectant. Above all things, tlie
drinking pails must be kept scrupulously clean. It takes a little time, of
course, but It pays, because lt kills disease. Don't Be afraid to use plenty of
beddlhg to keep tlie little calves off
the dump floor.
I They  Should Be Freely I—ed  In the
Early Spring-.
It Is believed by vegetarians that a
purely vegetable diet makes people
amiable, good natured, generous, developing tbe finer characteristics of the
user, and that excessive meat eaters
become the opposite.
Whether this be true or not, fresh
vegetables are appreciated ln the early
spring. Tbey are an essential change
from the heavy winter viauds and
should form the greater part of our
dally menus.
Almost every vegetable has Its particular use In the human system, and
nature provides sufficient variety to
keep us iu tine bodily condition If we
will live In accordance with her laws
and not abuse her gifts.
Tomatoes act directly on the liver.
Onions, garlic, leets, shallots, chives,
stimulate the circulation, Increase the
saliva and gastric juices and promote
Pears, beans and lentils, called also
legumes, are among the most nutritious of vegetables, containing as much
carbon as wheat and more muscle
forming food.
Lettuce and celery both have a good
effect upon the nerves. The former
Is soothing and the latter a tonic.
The free use of pieplant, or rheu-
barb, Is considered a "spring tonic"
and will prevent the use of medicine
which Is often apparently necessary to
tone up the system. Being such a common and inexpensive plant, it ls really
not appreciated by the majority of'
housewives. When so fortunate as to
have It growing In the garden It Is
generally used In small amounts for
pies early In the season and the remainder allowed to go to waste, when
It might be utilized in a variety of appetizing dishes all the year around,
as It can be preserved for winter use
equally as well as the more expensive
fruit—Philadelphia Press.
Milk Is capable of absorbing almost
any odor with which it comes iu con-
tuct, and dining the process of milking
a large amount of air is Incorporated
Into It, driven by tbe streams of milk
from tbe udder, says Kimball's Dairy
Farmer. If (his uir is pure. It will aid
ln cooling uud aerating the milk; If Impure, it will tulut the milk with whatever disagreeable odor and undesirable
bacteria It contains. No otber article
of human food will absorb more of the
surrounding atmosphere thnu milk.
How many of us would llko to have
our entire breakfast left In an ordinary cow burn for twenty to thirty minutes, as ls often doue with milk? Remembering tbat milk Is a human food
and that it absorbs injurious odors so
quickly, let us be very careful how we
handle It
A Stall For Earb Cow.
There nre two ways of couslderlng
economy—one for tbe cow und tbe other for the owner, says Hoard's Dairyman. Iu tbe end tbe mau wbo ls economical for the cow's Bake will find be
bas best served bis owu economy. The
objection that most farmers make to
the plan of a stall for each cow Is thut
it takes more room. Y'es, but It Increases tbe efficiency of the cow, and
barn room Is cheaper than cows.
Teal the Com.
If you test your cows one day each
week duriug tbe milking period and on
the same day of tbe week or will test
tbem, say, for a week wben they have
been in milk for a month and take
this for tho average of nine weeks,
four weeks before tbe week test and
four after, you will find out enough
about your cows to Induce you to make
more full and complete tests hereafter.
—Wallace Farmer.
The Dairy Ball.
When a farmer thinks of buying a
dairy bull to Improve the quality of his
future cows he should look to the quality of the bull, not to the cheapness of
price. The character and reliability
of the breeder go a great way in such
a transaction. He should try to buy
a "future" of good quality that will
run on for generations and that will
help Increase the good effects of every
future sire that may be used.—Hol-
stein-Frleslan Register.
C'ovr  Ignorance.
About one third wbo milk cows loss
money on tliem.   Tbe main cause ls Ignorance.
Improving Ihe  — UU.
The work required to sponge nn animal's flank and udder Is but a trifle,
and great Improvement can be mad*
on the milk aud its products.
Oet   Hill   of   Sir.il>..
Scrub care, scrub management and
scrub breeding will perpetuate the
scrub animal. It Is the skill aud knowledge of right breeding, the Influence of
systematic and careful feeding, tbe attention to details In developing and selecting their breeding stetfk thut will
force the scrub out of ex_tei-«.
The Halleaa Man.
"The hatless mau is here to stay,"
said a hatter, "and his coming did not
meet with the opposition that the shirt
waist man Incurred.
"All but tbe baldheads were hatless
men last summer. At. the seashore,
among the mountains, nutomobiling,
horsebacklng, canoeing, rowing, driving,
walking, the young men were invariably hatless. Tbelr fuces were tanned,
aud tho sun bud given a bright, coppery hue and a crisp quality to their
"I know a half dozen undergraduates
of Trlnceton who took a cross country
walk of 200 miles In August without
"This new fashion has hurt the hat
business undeniably. On account of It
my summer sales have been smaller
than ever before. Still I don't grieve.
I like the Idea of going hatless. The
fact ls, I went hatless myself duriug
my vacation. The sun and air did my
hair good.
"When the shirt waist man appeared
everybody derided him. A hoot went
up from one end of the country to the
other. But tbe hatless mnn was received lu silence, an approving silence."—New York Herald.
Like Venue and For Like Cnuse, It Ia
Not. a Dead World.
Mercury ls a body devoid, practically lf not absolutely, of air, of water
and of vegetation. Consequently It Is
Incapable of supporting auy of those
higher organisms which we know as
living beings. Its surface ls a vast
desert It Is rough rather than smooth.
Whether this roughness be due to
mountains proper or to craters we are
too far away from lt to be able
yet to say. The latter Ib the more
probable. Over the greater part of Its
surface change either diurnal or seasonal Is unknown. Three-eighths of its
surface ls steeped ln perpetual glare,
three-eighths shrouded In perpetual
gloom, while the remaining quarter
slowly turns between the two. The
planet Itself, as a world, ls dead.
Interesting as Mercury thus proves
to be, the Interest as regards the planet Itself is of a rather corpselike character. Less deterrent perhaps Is tho
Interest it possesses as a part of the
life history of the solar system, for
tidal friction, the closing act tn the
cosmic drama, has brought lt where It
ls. The machine bas run dowu.
Whether it ever supported life upon Its
surface or not, tbe power to do so has
now forever passed away. Like Veuus
and for like cause, It ls now a dead
world. And lt was the flrst thus to
reach the end of Its evolutionary career, earlier to do so than Venus, Inasmuch ns tidal action was very much
greater upon It than on Venus and consequently produced Its effect more
quickly. Mercury has long been dead.
How long, measured by centuries, we
cannot say, but practically for a very
long time. Venus must have become
so comparatively recently. Both, however, now have finished their course
and have in a most literal sense entered Into their rest
lie Spoke  III. Mind.
Two Irish fanners wbo bad not seen
each otber for a long time met at a
fair. Tbey bnd a lot of things to tell
each other. "Sbure, It's married I am,"
said Murphy. "You dou't tell me bo,"
said Moran. "Fulx, yes," said Murphy, "an' I've got a (lue, healthy bhoy,
which the neighbors Bay Is the very
picture of me." Morau looked for a
moment at Murphy, who was not to
say tho IcaBt remarkable for his good
looks, aud then snld, "Och, -well, what's
the hiiriiin so loug bb the child's
•oslthT?"—Dublin Gazette.
War on Trailing Skirt..
A pretty war of skirts is being fought
out in a small German town, where the
League Agalust the Trailing Skirt has
been formed, with the support of the
mayor, who has even gone so far as to
regulate In an edict the length of the
offending garment. It is this last piece
of municipal tyranny thnt has aroused
tbe long suffering woman of fashion,
and Bho has formed a counter Union
of tlie Liberty of Dress. So far lt
seems that the league Is ln the ascendant, for It has just dined tbe mayor triumphantly, while the union,
scorning sucb gnstronomlc methods of
bribery, Is trusting to greater elegance
of appearance for the propitiation of
the masculine authorities.
Phonograph,, in Court.
The use of a phonograph as a witness occurred for the first time on a
recent trial In the United States court
at Boston. In tbls connection It Is recalled tbat photographs had to fight
their way to the witness stand. The
right to put telephone conversations in
evidence has been upheld lu some
enses. If the use of the phonograph as
a witness becomes general It will also
become a universal memorandum.
Contracts of all sorts, from a merger
deal to a promise of marriage, can be
recorded as Infallibly as on paper or
parchment. In breach of promise
cases especially a phonograph would
be of great value.—St LouIb Post-Dispatch.
Never Judge a person by bis relatives,
but by his friends. One Isn't responsible for his relatives. Be they good,
bad or Indifferent, tbey nre thrust upon
him, but friends nre self chosen, ar J
what they are so IS tbo person.
Not to Know Thla Island Ii Nol to
Know  Greece.
There are some lands which have always laid a spell upon the mind, upon
the imagination, upou the heart. Greece,
above all other countries, has entranced
the mind. Tbe imagination hns ever
loved the east—Egypt, the Indies, forgotten Asia, the nlmost as mysterious
Asia of today. For most of us the
home land ls the country of the heart;
for many, It may be, lt ls Palestine,
where was lighted the fire at which
the hearts of Incalculable millions are
still warmed. Others are content to
say with Emerson ln the fine essay on
"Heroism," "That country is the fairest
which ls inhabited by the noblest
minds." But, above all other lands,
there ls one which has at once Impressed tho mind, the Imagination and the
heart of western peoples. When a famous poet declared that on his heart
would be found engraved the word
Italy the words voiced the emotion of
a multitude In every country of Europe and In the great northern continent oversea.
To see Sicily, tbe old "Garden of the
Sun," as the poets have loved to call It,
ls not to see Italy, though there may be
a measure of truth ln Goethe's remark
that not to know Sicily Is not to know
Italy. In a sense one might more truly say of Sicily that not to know lt Is
not to know Greece. In another sense,
however, we have In tbls most beautiful of Islands tbe Intensification of
Italy. Whatever ls most Italian Is In
evidence here, though It Is Italian of
the south and not of the north. What
a gulf divides them is known only to
those familiar with the whole peninsula.—William Sharp In Century.
"Bulla" Not Irish.
Those who are not Irishmen sometimes trespass on Irish property. A
French cure, preaching about sudden
death, said, "Thus It Is with us—we go
to bed well and get up stone dead!"
An old French lawyer writing of an
estate he had just bought added, "There
ls n chapel upon It ln which my wifo
and I wish to be burled, lf God spares
our lives."
A merchant who died suddenly left
In his bureau a letter to one of his correspondents which he had not sealed.
His clerk, seeing lt necessary to send
the letter, wrote at the bottom, "Since
writing the above I have died."
Language Is a solemn thing. It
grows out of life—out of Its agonies
and ecstasies, Its wants nnd Its wenrl-
ness. Every language ls a temple In
which the soul of those who speak it Is
enshrined.—O. W. Holmes.
Feminine Flneaee.
Duffer—My wife got a fiver out of
me today with one bappy remark.
Puffer—Let's have It. Duffer—She told
our boy Willie that she was his nearest
relative, but that I was his closest
—very day Is a new life, every sunrise but a now hlrth.—Jordon.
No Risk
\-Vith a
Wash oilcloths
and linoleums with
warm water and
Sunlight Soap, "rinse clean and wipe
dry.    The colors will be preserved
and the surface unharmed.
Common soaps fade the colors and
injure the surface.     Sunlight Soap cleans, freshens and preserves
oilcloths and linoleums.
Sunlight Soap washes clothes white without injury to the most
delicate fabrics, or to the hands, for it contains nothing that can
injure either clothes or hands.
Sunlight Soap is better
than other soaps, but is best
when used in the Sunlight
way (follow directions).
Equally good with  hard
or soft water.
Lust of the  Aristocrats.
"The old French aristocracy dies with
me," cried the Princess do Valmont on
her deathbed. She was a bitter old
soul, who, born of a long line of un-
contaminated ancestors and married
to a noble of equally superfine strain,
had, through her husband's death in
financial difficulties, to marry her five
children to "abominable persons" of
high character, but with the blight of
trade or Industry In their blood. Her
last years were made mournful to her
by this pitiful descent, and just before
her grandiose last utterance, looking
with a bitter smile at her children and
grandchildren In tears round her deathbed, she broke silence In tho following
terrible reflection: "We havo here,"
counting on her fingers, "representatives of carriage making, wholesale
grocery, confectionery, coal mining and
the stock exchanges, and all grafted on
the old tree of tho De Valmonts."
How Wonld Ton Like This Bottert
Tho Moor prepares butter In an
original way and gets a different taste
from the usual one. Fresh butter ("si-
bida," as he calls it), as known by us,
he despises and uses only for cooking.
It mnst be old lf it ls to be liked. After
it has lain in a hole ln the ground for
some years and has got a certain appearance it becomes a delicacy. To
make butter a goatskin is turned Inside out It Is filled with milk, bound
tight and tied to a tree. There it ls
beaten backward and forward till the
butter ls made. Thnt is why you cannot get butter In Morocco without hairs
all through It The butter Is. then laid
on pieces of wood and tbe maker goes
to sell lt Possible buyers lift the
dirty cover, put In their fingers and
take out a taste and lf the goods do
not please close It down again and the
salesman pursues his way.
Ingrowing Toe Nails.
It has been found by some that the
copious application of dried powdered
alum Is sufficient to cure most cases of
Ingrowing toe nails. The applications
are not painful, and the inflamed tissue Is dried up, aud a bard, resistant
nonscnsitlve bed is formed for tbe nail.
Tbe toe ls wrapped iu a cloth soaked
In soap and water for twenty-four
hours beforehand, and then the powdered alum ls poured Into tbe space
between the nail and its bed, using
cotton to keep the alum In place and
repeating the application dally. The
suppuration, lf nny exists, rapidly
dries np, pain aud discomfort are almost Immediately relieved, and, the
application being repeated for about
five days, a cure usually results.
Cruahlng a Bore.
An Englishman, complimenting Americans on their skill at postprandial oratory, went on to discuss the possibility of boring an audience. He said tlie
severest reproof for a bore which he
recollected was that administered by
the great Talleyrand while driving wltb
a friend who kept telling blm stories.
As they passed through the streets ot
a continental town, which In those
days were policed by many sentrieB,
they observed one eeutry yawn at his
post, and Talleyrand said to his friend:
"Hush!   We are overheard."
Further   Developments
There   is   Cure
May    Prove
For   You   in
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
If you could depend on a cold passing off of its own accord it would lie
nil very well to let it run its course.
The risk is too great.
Consumption and pneumonia -always
have their beginning in a cold.
If you take prompt means of curing evory cold you will nevor bo n
victim of these or other fntui lung
Did you ever wait to think of it
that   wayP
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine is host known on account
of its extraordinary control over croup,
bronchitis,   whooping   cough,   asthma
anil severe oliest colds.
As a means of overcoming ordinary
coughs and colds, throat irritation nnd
tlio many diseases of tlio throat, bronchial tubes and lungs it bus mndo nn
enviable   reputation   for   reliability.
Pleasant to tii.to, thorough and far-
renching ill action, nud certain in its
beneficial results, Dr. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine should have
u placo in evory houso as a safeguard
against consumption and otlier fatal
lung discuses.
Mrs. lt. T. Turner, Broadview,
Husk., writes,—"Wo have sovon children, nnd hnvo used Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed nnd Turpentine for
every ono of tliem with good results.
Wo get four bottles nt a time nnd find
it a good remedy to break up cold n
tho lungs."
Dr. Chaso's Syriip of Linseed and
Turpontine, _.*) cents a bottlo, at all
dealers or Edmanson, Bates <fe Co.,
Toronto. To protect you ngninst imi-
tntimi- tho port, it and signature of
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
book uuthor, are on eivjcry bottle.
'"I will nover forget my flrst experience In hospital work," said Chief
Surgeon Millnr of the Central Emergency hospital. "There wus n green
nurse in the detention ward and wo
had a very violent case in there—a
mun In the worst stago of delirium
tremens. I was awakened In the
middle of tho night by the head nurse
who requested me to come at once to
the patient. When I got there I found
him raving nnd very violent, with the
new nurso scared out of her wits.    1
' "Why did you let him go so far? I
left yon some medicine to give hlni as
soon as he got delirious."
"Yes, doctor,' she replied; "but. you
told me to give that to him if he saw
any more snakes, and this time he
was seeing blue doge with pink tails."
—Chicago Inter Ocean.
An applicant for a position in the
Public Works Department in a certain
city was undergoing a civil service examination. With a viow of testing
his knowledge of history, the examining officer, says tlio Youth's Companion, uski-il him what ho know of the
Punic Wars.
"The namo sounds familiar," said
tlie applicant, "but I can't just remember whon it was or w..ero it happened."
"Don't you know anything about
"No, sir."
"Suroly you havo heard about Hannibal P"
"Oh, yes, I know nil nbout Hannibal. That's whoro Merit Twain usod
to live."
"What Is your favorite plnyP" asked tho girl  wbo quotes Shiikespcnr.
"Woll," answ oral the youth with
long hair, "I boliovo I like to seo a
man steal second as well as any thing"
—Washington  Star.
Late Returns from Oak Valley.
Ye scribe was laid up last week with
a cold «Sid stiff neck.
Hilda' Skoyen, of Ouk Valley, attended tbe Sages und Nelson wedding Saturday, j
Ye soribe bas boen sewing for Hulda
Tbe auction salo at Mike Finstad't
WBS well attended, and the dance, too.
But nobody got into a bad temper because it was crowded wluVn they danced, as I beard thuy did ut some other
auction dances.
0, mado a smash—no mash at tlio
Finstad dance.
Burglars broke into the Stoig store
at Pigeon last Wednesday night, busted tho safe,   and   got   hold   of   about
Wonder if that boy who has a dog
attended the wedding Saturday P
Yo scribe sewed for Mrs. 1. Skoyen.
Suy, did you find your wuy homy.?
Hilda Skoyen is doctoring at Dr.
BergHts— Ouk Valley Correspondence
Ossoo (Wis.) Recorder.
Every delicate baby stmts life witb
a serious handicap. Even u trivial
illness is apt to end fatally, and the
mothor is kept in » state of constant
dread. Baby's Own Tablots have done
more than any otlier niodieiiu. to mako
weak sickly children well and strong.
They give tbo mother a feeling of
security, us through their use she sees
ber ileiieete child developing healthily,
Mrs. s|, M. LaHlanc, Eastern Harbor,
N. 8.. says,— up to the ago of fifteen
months my baby was weak and sickly
and at thut nge could not walk. lt
was then that I began using Buby's
Own Tablets, and tbe change tbey
tvroflght in ber condition wh<* surprising. Sbo begun to get strong at once
und has over since boon a perfectly
well child." Every mother who values
the health of her little one should kee|i
a box of Baby's Own Tablets in tbo
houso. Sold by all medioine dealers,
or by mail at 2.*) cents u box from The
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brock-
ville,  Ont.
A widow in a Maine town, accord-
to the Huston Herald, was n strict
oonstruotionist in her theology, and
would admit no lodger into her board
illg-houso who bad a leaning toward
Universalis! views. One day uu old sea
captain happened ulong to ask for
"But, what do you bolieveP" asked
tbe widow.
"Oh, most anything," replied tbe
"Do you believe there is a hoIlP"
"Sure." wus tho reply.
"Well," parried the widow, "bow
many do you think will go hero?"
Tbo captain cautiously remarked
tbat bo tbougbt 30,000 would be u fair
The widow paused, then stuted that
be could come in. "Twenty thousand,1
she said, "is better thun none."
A Nationalist Abroad.
Kalgoorlie, West Australia, is one of
tbo newest und best gold- fields in the
world. Tbo following advertisement
was prominently displayed ill a recent
issue of tbo Kulgoorlio Minor:—
"Watch the progress of tbo British
elections. Balfour, the coercion ist, is
defeated. Should bis mate, Chamberlain, be also defeated, all coiner,, can
indulge in n little 'light refreshment'
free of charge for n period of six hourB
from 10 a.in. to 4 p.m., at Paddy
Whalen's Shamrock Hotel."
________ 1
But the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
''Our doctor said there wa. no cur. foi
my wife as both her lungs were affected,''
says Mr. L, H. Walter, of Pearl Street,
Brockville, Ont. "It was a aad disappointment to us both, just starting out in
,ife. only married a short time. But ba'ore
she had finished ths first bottle of Psycuina
the pain in her lungs quickly went away,
and after taking six bottles Mrs. Walter
was a new creature and perfectly well
That is just one of the many families
Into which Psychine bas brought hop.,
health and happiness. It is a living prool
that Psychine cures Consumption. Bui
don't wait for Consumption. Cur. youl
LaGrippe, your Cough, your Bronchitis,
your Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with ths
remedy that never fails—
(Proaouncid Si-Kern)
50c. Per Bottle
Ls-i-_t«r alio. (I and .2   all drusxlata
DR. T. A. 8L0GUM. Limited. Toronto
W    N    U  No.    586
'. X
A Well-Known J. P. Is Cured of Kidney  Trouble of Long  Standing  by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Banda,   Ont.,  May  21—(Special.)—
There is no one more widely known
and highly respected ln this section
of the country than Wm. Bell, Esq.,
J. P., and the statement he makes below   concerning   his   cure by Dodd's
Kidney Pills bears weight and carries
conviction with it.
"For more than a year I was a sufferer from kidney trouble," Mr. Bell
says. "Always in pain and at times
tlie agony would become unendurable
and I was practically unable to attend
to any of my duties, f doctore;! with
several local physicians and tried
every meuns to get cured, but. without
success. At last I was Induced to
give Dodd's Kidney Pills a trial. I have
the greatest pleasure in stating thai
they drove away tho pains entirely
and restored me to my old timo health
and strength. I nm sure I owe this
entirely to Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Improving the Occasion.
An inspector of schools was exam
inlng the scholars at a West County
school and thought he would Improve
the occasion with u small class of girls
by  delivering  the following homily:
"Children, especially love and reverence your parents, and above all, never give them pain of any kind. Now,
there are two distinct kinds of pain,
mental and physical, and" (addressing one of the children), "Nelly Ward,
If, for Instance, on your rising in the
morning you found your father ill and
suffering great pain, you would be
sorry, would you not?"
Nelly looked nt her questioner, and
answered glibly: ,
"I ain't sorry when father 'aves the
gout, sir; in fnct, I'm glnd."
"Glad!" exclaimed the astonished
Inspector.   "Why, child, why?"
"Cos then he enn't wear bis hoots.
So I don't 'ave to clean 'em!"—Tidbits.
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Readers of This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome illustrated treatise,
giving full description of Rheumatism
and Paralysis, with I"..tractions for a
complete homo cure, describing the
most successful treatment ln the
world, recommended by the Ministry
and endorsed by medical men. This
highly Instructive book was written by
W. H. Veno, a gentleman who has
made a special study of theso diseases.
The preface is by a graduate of tho
University of Wurtzburg. Sond postal
to-day and you will receive the book
free by return.—Address, Tho Veno
Drug Company, 24 King Streot West,
The Portrait Painter (In despair)—
Madam, 1 find it impossible to procure colors that will match your exquisite  complexion.
iho sitter (without reserve)—Well
then, just draw the outlines to-day,
nnd when 1 como next time I '1 brir-a
some of my colors for you.—Llppln-
cott's Magazine.
$100 REWARD $100.
Tb. re.—not tbi. impii. will Im j>!.»si'il to los —
Ih.t there ts st leut one dresded dlsesM thAt s-tlono.
hu been .hie to oure la .11 its stages and th.t Is
CUrrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure ts the nnt. positive
rure now known to tho meillral fraternity. Catarrh
being- • constitutional tlist.ase, r-miirss a rouatltn*
tioruil treatment. Kail's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, aotinu -Iii- -il, on tbe blood and mucous
surface, ot the aystutn. thoroby dostroyins the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength
by building np tho constitution and assisting nature
In doing Its work. The proprietors have so much
faith tn ita curative powers that they offer One Hun-
eree Dollars for any case that It falls to oure. Send
fbrllstof UMtimouials.
-l.lr,-,.: K. J. CHENEY & Co.. Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists 76c.
Tak. Hall's Family l'ills for coustlpetloa.
A Startling decrease seems to have
taken place In recent years In the
number of candidates who compete
lor women and girl clerkships In the
London post office.
Ask for Minarb's and take  no other.
"This sonu'wluit grasping habit,"
said Senator Burrows, In llie courso
of a recent argument, "reminds mo ol
a mny who dropped in the oilier day
nt u certain hank.
"Going to the paying teller's window, she opened hor pocket book, look
out a check nnd pushed It undor the
brass grating.
" 'Cnsh this, please,' sho said.
"But the paying teller, niter one
glance at the chock, pushed it back
to the woman again.
"'1 can't cash lt, madam,' ho said,
•It isn't filled In.'
'"There Is my husband's signature
on it,' the womun said, excited.v.
"'Yes, I know,' admitted tbe toller,
but there Is ho amount.'
" 'Oh, never mind that,' snld the
woman Impatiently. "Glvu mc what
thero Is.'"
Thorn are,over >l,()()0 nice horses in
England, Scotland nn . Ireland anil
they are stableil in 2-11 establishments.
The death is announced nt Belfast,
aged ill, of .lames Iliilliuir, a native
of Dunfermline and a magistrate foi
county Sligo.
Tbe residence of Prince Von Wrode
in Berlin has been roiiitIiihI by the polico for stolen silverware.
Forty eigarctto makers and others
woro linn.-il in tbo collupso uf a cigar-
otto factory at Havana.
Then tell him about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Tell him
how it cured your hard cough.
Tell him why you always keep
it in the house. Tell him to
ask his doctor about It. Doctors use a great deal of lt for
throat and lung troubles.
"1 had a terrible tsM and eou.h and srae
mmasAStpi srlU. pr.*v,!Tionla. ,' tried Avar's
<—an-y ractaral and It gar. m.rjulak .nd per.
teat teaM, It ta i-anafril ya most woud.rfwl
Sim- mast—t.."-R-rru — WitiT)*...-Bonx
SeBe, S. Be*.
6n» of Ay.       Pills at
"••♦•II tmm***.}.
Mummy at Auction.
.London.—The muiamified bo_ly of a
miner who lost his life 2,000 years
ago will shortly be offered for sale at
Stevens' auction rooms, ln King St.,
Oovent Garden.
The miner was a subject of the
Incas, and death overtook him while
he was at. work in what Is now the
Antono copper mine, Sierra Atanualpa,
Antofagasta, Chili. The body was
mummified by the action of the copper
With the exception of a small hole
in the head, the mummy is perfect,
and everything—feet, hands and face
—is beautifully preserved. But the
bo.ly is green nearly all oyer from the
action of the copper oxide;
A rug nnd two hammers made of
stones, tied with leather straps into
a bent stick made up as a double
handle, were found on the ground by
the miner's side. It was with these
stone hammers that the miners—who
never learned the secret of working
iron—extruded the copper, wbicli was
valued by them even more than gold.
There is supposed to be only one
other mummy of this kind in existence, it was recently ■ bought for
$5,U00 by the Central Park museum,
New York.
Keep Minard's Liniment In the House
Prophets and Patriarchs.
The Rev. Edward A. Morton, of
Boston, told this story at a recent
bunquet of the Ancient and Honorable
Artillery Company. "A woman went
marketing in Faneull Hall," said the
minister. She stopped before a stall
where were displayed fowl so aged
as to soem almost unsaleable. "What
do you sell those for?" enquired the
woman, wondering it' the proprictoi
would dare call tbem chickens. "We
usually sell them for profits, marm,"
wus the curt response. "Oh," said
tlie woman, "1 thought they were patriarchs."—N. Y.  Tribune.
St. Vitus Dance, Neuralgia and Headaches Common  Among School
St. Vitus dunce is a disease tbnt i.s
becoming more    and    more    frequent
among  school
pie tire the no..* -_.	
—*■        Uo-_._n._u_     the
the re-
children. Young peo-
tire the nerves with study and the
norves cry out. Sometimes
trouble tuites tbo form of neuralgia
headaohe, nervous exhaustion, weakness of the limbs uud muscles,
what wo call "being run down.''
other cases St. Vitus tliintl1
suit, and i.io sufferer frequently lose.-
all control .of the limbs, which keep u_
a constant jerking and twitching.
There is only ono wuy to cure thi.
trouble—tlirough be blond which feodum! strengthens tbe nerves. And Dr.
Williams' l'ink Pills are the only medicine tbat can make tbe new rich, red
hluotl that leeds the nerves and
strengthens every pint of tbo body.
The case of Flossie Doun, of (Jrowland,
Out., proves tbo value of Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills. All's. Dunn says:
"A couplo of years ago my tlauglitei
Flossie was dangerously afflicted with
St. Vitus dunce. She became so nervous that alter a tune ue could not let
her seo oven her friends. Sbe coulu
nut pick up a dish, lace her siloes, oi
make any movement to help hersell.
She bud grown thin untl very pule,
and as sbe hatl been treated by soveral
doctors, without benefit, I loured slit
would not recover. A Friend advisee
mo to give her Dr. Williams' Pink
('ills, and after bo bud used u coitplt
of boxes I OOuld soo that tbey vt olt
helping her. Wo gave her nine boxes
iu all, and by tha. time shu was perfectly well, and every symptom of tbt
trouble hatl passed away and -she
now it strong, well developed girl "
If your growing children uro
or nervous, if tbey are pule and tin,
luok appetite or oomplain of headache
or backache give thom Dr. Williams
l'ink l'ills ant. see bow speedily tbe
rich, red blood these pills mnke will
transform them into bright, uctive,
robust hoys and girls. Vou can get
these pills from any uiedichie dealer ol
by mail at Til) cents u box or six huxe.
for $...60 b.v writing I'he Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Occult Phenomena.
Those wbo take un interest in occult
phenomena   will find   muoh  to  theii
taste in the "Annals ties Science!-
Psyohologiques," just published, in
which aro reported soveral strung.
occurrences which took place when
Norway was separated from Sweden,
On Nov. 18 list., we are told, u number nf officers were assembled in the
hull of tbe Casino of Akerhus, wait
for King llaiikou to make bis
entry. Suddenly a cracking
was beard and before anyone
turn around, a full-length port rait of
Kink Oscar fell from the wall to tbe
floor. The picture was picked up unhurt, but tbe crown on ,ho top of tbe
frame was smashed to atoms.
A lew days afterwards a reception
was being beld at tbe bouse of Mr.
Iliigeriim, a loi-iner Prime Minister,
mul tbe guests were talking of tbe ne-
citlent at Akerhus, Someone said that
evidently the Casino walls needed repairing, when suddenly a life-aised
marble bust of King Oscar, which
stuod between tbe Windows of tbe
room, fell to the floor und was broken
tn pieces, Several otlier occurrences of
ii like nature are reported, antl there
can bo no reason to doubt tlie good
faith  of the  "Annalos. '
A Successful Medicine.—Everyone
wishes to bu successful In any undertaking In which he may engage. It ls
therefore, extremely gratifying to the
proprietors of Parmelee's Vegotubl.
l'ills to know that their efforts to
compound a medicine wliich would
prove a blessing to mankind have
been successful beyond their expectations. The biidorsatlon of these
Pills b.v the public is a guarantee thnt
a pill has been introduced which will
ftiliil everything claimed for lt.
Chairs Used by Mary Queen of Scots
Owned by a Winnipeg Man.
Two of the original set of nine
chairs composing the bedroom set of
Mary Queen pf Scots during her eighteen years of imprisonment in Fother-
fngay castle, are in Winnipeg.
The relics have been in the possession
of an English family' for generations,
have followed a member of the family
across to Canada, and have gone, like
other family heirlooms, to pay the
debts accumulated by the young man.
The chairs are now in the possession
of R. A. Douglas and are stored In
the W. G. Douglas feed store, Princess
and James streets.
On May 13, 15G8, Mary Queen of
Scots was taken to Fotheringuy castle
charged with conspiring against the
life of Elizabeth of England. During
her long imprisonment in the castle
awaiting the trial which finally decreed that she should die, all of the
ancient furniture of the luxurious
prison remained Intact. Some time
after the death of Mary Queen of
Scots a raid was made on the castle
by the ancestors of the family who
havo held possession of the furniture
and many otlier relics for so muny
years, and many of the paintings, silverware and plate were rilled from
the castle. The bedroom set was among the goods stolen from the castle.
Seven of the pieces are now held by
the Countess of Warwick In England
and the two in Winnipeg are the only
known relics of the famous prison of
the Scotch queen known to be this
Side of the Atlantic.
Anthony Babulngton was accused
of being Implicated In the plot with
Mary. One of the chairs bears a "T.
B." in deep carved letters. Whether
this be the initial of the famous Tony
Babbington is not known. Another
chair bears "E.R." which is thought
by Mr Douglas to mean Elizabeth Reglna.
As antique relics the chairs are of
high value. They are insured for
$1,000, and It was only recently, that
the Countess of Wai wick offered a lab-.
lous price for tbem so that she could
complete her set. It seems, however,
tbat it was only when Dame Fortune
played false with the unfortunate
member of the English family that he
was willing to part with any of the
articles that had been held for so
many years by his family. The chairs
are blackened by age. Parts of them
are crumbling awuy to wormwood,
and they are only held together by
the most careful handling. A mere
glance at the relics of the beautiful
queen seems to recall to the
mind the tragedy that marks one of
the saddest pages of English history.
The age blackened wood, tue warping hand carved figures seem to bring
a waft, of tragedy and of prison gloom,
as if they too had played a small part
in the life of the fair prisoner. ,
The efficacy of Bickle's Antl-Con-
sumptlve Syrup in curing coughs aud
colds and arresting inllammation of
the lungs, can be establisheil by hundreds of testimonials from all sorts
and conditions of men. It Is a standard remedy in these ailments and all
affections of the throat and lungs. It
is highly recommended by medicine
vendors, becnuse they know and appreciate its value as a curative.
"Will Return Early."
Mr. Rounder (tenderly)—Do you rami mher,   dour,   timing   our    courtii-j
day*, bow I uso! tu till vou the   "old.
•id story?"
Mrs,   Koiinilei'—Yes,   and   you    still
tell nie the  "old, old story."
Mr.  Rounder   (In  surprise)—Wben,
Mrs. Rounder—When you start fin
tbo club.—Chicago Nows.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Yarmouth, N. S.
Gentlemen:— In January last, Francis Ledare, one of the men employed
by nie, working iu tho lumber woods,
hnd a tree full on him crushing him
fearfully. He wns, when found, placed
on a sled und taken home, where
grave fours were entertained for his
recovery, Ills hips being badly bruised
and his body turned black from his
libs to his feet. We used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on him freely to deaden
the pnln and with the use of three
bottles he wus completely cured antl
able to return lo his work.
Elgin Road, LTslet Co., Que.
No  Marriage  There.
An Kngiish mayor tells this story:—
"A wiininii speaking nt a meeting in
.support of woman's rights, repeatedly
nsked ber audience, 'Where woultl men
find themselves wit bout women?'
"A weak voice from tbe roar of tlie
bull :—
"  'In paradise   mum I'   "—New   York
A Carefully Prepared Pill.—Much
timo nnd attention were expended ln
the experimenting with the ingredients that enter Into the composition
of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills before
they wero brought, to the state In
which they were first offered to the
public. Whatever other pills may he,
parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the result of much expert study, and all persons suffering from dyspepsia or disordered liver and kidneys may confidently accept them us being what tbey
are represented to be.
Mark Twain, nt a dinner in Mjiv
York, told a story from his native
town of Hannibal, Missouri.
"There are ln the world," be said,
"a good many men like Jonathan
Scarborough  of  Hannlbnl.
"Scarborough was one of those
men,' with nothing evil absolutely
known ngalnst them, who are yet
looked on, nnd no doubt justly, with
"It was thought of Scarborough
that, for a poor man, he ate too mnch
chicken. And one day the blow fell.
He was arrested for chicken stealing.
"A witness was culled to testify us
to Scarborough's character.
"Did you ever know this man to
steal poultry?" asked the lawyer for
the  defence.
"'No, I never did,' said tlto witness,
'But this Is what I do know; If I was
a chicken, and Jonathan Scarborough
wns about,  I'd roost high.'"
The scaroity of laborers in New Zealand is so grout tbat tbe etilnny is asking for I tiii'i men from London to
work on construction.   '
Mrs. Stubb (at theatre)—John, 1
think it un outrage that you should
como in between tbe acts wiping yoni
Mr. Stubb—AH right, Maria, next
time I'll leave tlio foam on it. If you
tlon't care,  I  don't.—(.'hicuRO News.
Sunlight Soap is belter than other
soaps, but Is best when used In the
Sunlight wny. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
Indian Head lias been made tbe sub-
district headquarters of the Royal
Northwest Mounted police.
A new fertilizer mnde ln Norway
from nitrogen in the atmosphere at a
very low cost Is proving very valuable
to plants.
-  DODDS"%
When you plan your meals voiT*
never think of bread, yet you always
have it, and if it is left off the table
it is the first thing that is missed.
You can live without bread, but
you can live without any other
food with less hardship—think along
these lines and the absolute necessity
of bread comes home to you.
And because it is a necessity, its
quality should be the best—quality in
bread depends largely upon the flour.
Royal Household Flour
has convinced the women of Canada
that it is the best for pastry as well
as for bread.
Try Ogilvie's Royal Household.
Your grocer recommends it, because
It gives 6uch good results.
Ogilvie Hour Mills Co., Ltd.
"Ogilvie's Book for n Cook." contains 180 pages of excellent recipes,
some never published before.   Your
f nicer can tell you how to get it FREE.
Lord Strathcona on Western Canada.
In the special Canadian number of
the London Financier and Bullionist
ls published an interesting interview
with Lord Strathcona, in the course
of which the High Commissioner says:
"I am personally acquainted—Intlm-
ately acquainted—with the Western
States of the Republic, as well ns with
the Northwest of Canada. I can say
from personal knowledge that the
capacity of the latter for growing
cereais and other crops is greater
than that of the country farther south
It is a well-known fact that, other
conditions being equal, the further
north cereals are grown, providing
they have time to mature before the
winter, the better the quality. They
grow fasterN_wlng to the longer period
of sunshine they get in the higher
latitude. This is thoroughly understood and admitted. Jrprty years ago
tire northwest of Canada—what was
then called Prince Rupert's Land—
produced no foodstuffs. The few
whites who were then in the employ
of the Hudson's -Bay Company imported everything they required in
the way of food. Hour, meat, bis-
cuns, butter, and even poultry and
eggs were brought in from Eastern
Canada and the United States. And
that Same country—now known as
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Asslnibola
and Alberta—is now producing over
100,000,000 bushels a year of cereals.
Witli regard to Immigration I_ord
Strathcona said "Here in England if
a man is of that stamp that when he
gets the opportunity to work he does
not—if he won't or cannot work—at
least he may have relations or friends
or someone who .may taite an interest
in him of some sort, but in Canada
such a man would have no chance.
There, if a man won't work whon he
has the opportunity, he goes down—it
is all over with bim.Now to induce
people of that sort to go would be
cruelty. There Is room In the Dominion of Canada for millions of workers, hut not for one Idler."
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
The slum sociologist looked properly
"My good woman," be asked, "do
you lielieve iu tlio whipping-post for
wifo beaters?"
"Nun*," said the muscular matron,
"but I believe in the hospital for any
wife-boater that tackles me"—Brooklyn   I'—glo.
Have you tried Hnllowny s Corn
Cure? lt has no equal for removing
these troublesome excresences ns
many have testified who huve tried it.
Every one has a point of view as a
serious-minded young Kuglisb woman
found out when site propounded to
sum.) winking girls a scheme for
Bhakespear readings. "Hamlet" was
to bo the first topic, and she dealt out
to the g:i-ls somo copies and awaited
comments. The first came from a girl
belonging to that immense army of
"bookloltlers" so familiar to all frequenters of working girls' clubs. "Oh,
1 know this woll," sbe said in a superior tone. "Renlly?" said the gratified teacher, "Is It wour favorite
play?" The girl looked at her pityingly, "Lor' I ain't read 1t," she chuckled: "wo stock 'em ut our place; I've
'ad 'undreds through my 'amis.
'Amlet? Sick to deatn of 'im!"—Now
York Tribune.
It Has Many Offices.—Before the
German soldier starts on a long maroh
ha rubs his feot. wllb tallow, for his
first caro Is to keep bis feot. In good
condition. If ho knew that Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil would bo of
much better service ho would I brow
away his tallow and pack a few bottles of oil In his knapsack. There
Is nothing llko it.
The Necessary Equipment.
"How do you know that you will
ever attain great wealth?" sternly
asked the girl's falher. "Sir, confidently replied the suitor. "T am both
deeply pious and thoroughly unscrupulous." "Tuke her, my boy, and be
happy."—Louisville   Courier  Journal.
Where Joy Elbowed Sorrow,
Hans is a German resident of East
ern Pennsylvania. Recently losing his
wife by death, his grief and loneliness
know no bounds. After two weeks
of mourning he 'made another mat eh.'
His friends, according to the custom
of the country, surprised film by a
rousing cnlitliitmpiun serenade. Hans
stood the racket as long as he possibly
could, and then opening the window.
In tones of greatest disgust called out:
"Poys, ain't, you ashamed mit your-
yoursolfs to make such a noise; and
yust so soon a funeral."—Llppincott's
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
It i.s confidently expected tbnt tbe
Drnntliiuiigbt will lie really for ber
steam and gun trials in October.
Ambassador Reid denies tbat tbe
plans of the battleship Dreadnaught
wero stolen nud sold to the United
The fact, that Great Britain loads
the world In fast, railway runs is remarkable, when lt Is taken Into consideration thnt there is fur morn truffle on British thnn nu American and
continental roads.
Incidents of the Moscow   Revolution.
It was impossible to go quietly about
your business, even in those parts of
the city where thero had been no disturbances. A dozen times a day you
wero peremptorily ordered to stop,
and had to submit to an offensive
search by more or less drunken soldiers.
This, of course, did not trouble the insurgents, as there were not enough
soldiers, to search at every street corner, and those who carried arms found
it possible, almost without exception,
to avoid the patrols. But if you were
in a hurry to go anywhere you were
sure to be held up two or three times.
1 was seurched twice in two minutes
ut the Iberian uate. Another time
1 was riding ulong the I—ontlefskaiii
with a friend, our sleigh wus stopped und we both bud to get out. A
young officer, having seurched tlie
sleigh—1 suppose for bombs—allowed
my friend to get in again.
Ho then turned to me and began—
ratber nervously—to search nie. By
chance I had a largo pipo in my
pocket, and through my heavy overcoat it might have looked liko a revolver. He cried out an order, and
three soldiers with fixed bayonets rushed to protect him. My friend told me
afterwards that I looked like
the statue of Arnold von Winklerietl
gathering iu tbo lances of the Austrian* and ni'liiig wuy for liberty. At
tho time she was thoroughly frightened, as she thought that 1 might huve
ii revolver. I didn't huve time to
think about statues. 1 was wondering
whether the soldiers were sober enough
to search me first or whether tbey
would, us often happened, shoot first,
and search afterwards. I had to stand
there "hands up," while the officer unbuttoned niy overcoat and gingerly
pulled out the pipe. This incident
hud its humor, but more often there
i, us nothing to laugh at.—Albert Edwards,  iu  Harper's  Weekly.
An Anonymous Letter.
A certain congressman from Virginia has long retained in bis employ a
colored man by tbo name oi Ezekiel.
One morning the master left the bouse
leaving behind bim a letter be bad
forgotten. Some time in the afternoon
be remembered the communication,
and as it was of some importance be
hastened back home, only to find tbat
the letter was nowhere to bo seen in
tbe library. Ho hatl a distinct recollection that tbe letter bad been left
on a table.- He summoned I'.zekiel
and asked liim if be bad seen the letter.
"Yessab, yo' lef it on yo' table."
"Thou whoro is it now?"
"I mailed it, sab."
''You mailed it I Wby, Zeko, I bad
not put the mime aud address on the
envelope I" >
"Jes' so sab! I thought it was one o
dem annoiiymous letters.'— American
Sbe (indignantly)—Stop, sir! You
shall not kiss me again! How rude
you nre!  Don't you know any better;
Me (cheerily)—i haven't kissed every girl in town, it is true, but as far
as I have gone 1 certainly don't know
any  better.—Watson's Magazine.
Wife—Your wero talking in join
sleep last night, deur. Why do you
persist in doing it ?
Husband—Guod Lord, Marie, a man
ought to be allowed to talk sometimes
oughtn't he? —'The Bohemian
All Irishman once met an I'*nglish-
mun who bad an artificial leg. Being of a sympathetic nature, Pat enquired the cause of the loss of the
limb, wherupon the Englishman said:
there was some Irish blood in my body
A short time ago I discovered thai
there was some Irish blood in my body
ami that it hail so ed in this leg, so
I bad it cut off." '"Tis u pity it didn't
settle in your bead, " came the quick
tort.—Troy 'Times.
Savored of the Truth.
That's  ilo  lie,''   remarked  the  man
with the newspaper.
"What's no lie?" queried the other
parly to the dialogue.
"This paragraph to - e effect that
'wise men are moro often wrong than
fools are right.' " answered the other.
—Chicago News.
Three plumbers robbed a nian on n
Kiiusas City .street ear. It is not gootl
form for plumbers to rob people ou a
street  car.—Boulder  News.
The Dungeon of Naples.
While working under tho street level
of the Arch of Alfonso d'Aragona the
workmen came upon n sort of cellar,
which opened out into a series of small
chambers, opening out on to galleries.
All were strongly built of stone, and
in the dim light the explorers wore for
a long time at a loss how to explain
the mystery. It wis revealed at last
by the aid of candies, which exhibited
on the walls rude drawings autl despairing invneat ns for Divine aid—
evidently from -non in prison, some
doomed to death and others to hopeless confinement, ('bunco had brought
to light those abodes of horror nntl
misery, tbe underground dungeons of
the old kingdom  of  Naples.—London
From the Argonaut: When tbcemi
noiit. Wu Ting Fang waa Chinese minister ut Washington he was the guest
ul honor at one oi the leading clubs.
where he mude an address, and was afterwards entertained by some of tlie
younger members, wbo tbougbt it
would be great fun to get the oriental
diplomat intoxicated. Thoy plied him
witb champagne, highballs and heel
until about ,'i a.in., by whieb time most
of tbo clubmen were maudlin. Cool as
it ciiouin'lier, Mr. Wu surveyed the
crowd and said suavely, in his perfect
English: 'If I didn't know the club
.was composed entirely of gentlemen I
should say that yoll fellows were trying to get ine drunk." Tbe session
adjourned very shortly thereafter.
Tbo Designer for Juno is al reads
hinting of vacation days. Mury Kilsyth contributes an interesting article
"A (-'amp in the Woods," and Laurii
B. Starr oiie on "The World's Children
ut Play," while the vacation suggestion depart ment supplies two praotical
outlines for sponain™ a few weeks
pleasantly and iuex lonsivoly. That
bright little love story of a wilful
moid, "A By-Path in Altruria," b.v
Susie   Hoiiohelle  Wight,   comes    to    a
happy   termination   in   tins   number,
whilo "Tbe Interest of Bread Winning" series continues in an excellent
hint  ou   "The Travelling  Photograph
Mackenzie & .Maun are contemplating it grain line from the French river
tn Ottawa, to Connect with the tlri'.il
Of its Absolute Purity and Delicious Flavor
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,    50c,    and   60c   per   Ib.       At   all    grocers.
Highest Award St. Louis 1904.
Physician said She Might Drop Dead
at any time.
"The Doctor told
me I had heart disease and was liable
to drop on the street
at any time," says
Mrs. Robert Eaton,
of Dufferin, Ont.'
"I was afraid to
draw my breath, it
pained me so. I was
nervouB, short of
breath, had dlzzl-
Mrs. Robt. Eaton ness, loss of appetite, smothering anil sinking spells, and
I could not sleep.
"Sometimes I would have to He
down to keep from falling. My hands
and feet would seem to go to sleep
and a sort of numbness would come
all over me.
"I began using Dr. Leonhardt's Anti-
Pill. Prom the start I Improved. 1
feel much stronger, look better, and
altogether Anti-Pill has made a new
woman of rae.
"I am entirely cured."
An dealers or tha WIlson-Fyle Co.,
Limited, Niagara Palls, Ont. 604
When lack of appetite is caused by
overeating, take Beecham's Pills
to relieve the feeling of heaviness.
When a sick stomach takes away
all desire for food, use Beecham's
Pills. They invariably tone the digestion and
Create Good Appetite
Sold Everywhere,    In boxes '-'.*> cents.
The Need for Clean Men.
If one were to go to the President
Of the United States and ask hlin to
nam,, the country's greatest need he
would reply In his quick, conclusive
way, "Clean men." He knows. Kmart
men there nro by the thousands; rich
men abound more than In any other
ago of tlio world; able mon are found
In every state nnd township, but even
from a population of eighty millions
tho chief executive has difficulty in
finding the man of exceptional character for n post which requires a
square and flawless morality. It Is
to ills credit thai he misses no opportunity to preach clean manhood. Hut
neither presidents nor preachers nor
teachers can do the work of lathers
except, in their own families, We do
not mean to underestimate the marvellous influence of the mothor, in
most hums men who reach success
give their mothers the ere.lit "All
Hint I um I owe In my mother," said
Lincoln. "Il was you who taught lno
to   write so,  dour   mother,"  said  the
crabbed Oarlyle.    We got our moral
qualities (Km our mothers, our mental from our fathers, say tho physiologists, and  ns  we  look  hack we find
ihis maternal affection the   lovelies!
thing on earth, Hut Isn't, there a
convlellon down deep In our souls
that we should have done much bolter if our fathers had taken time and
trouble to share our confidences In
the years thai oounted most?-—From
the Delineator for Juno.
When Remitting by Post, use
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Best and Cheapest
System   of   Sending   Money   to   any
Place In the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser Is given a receipt, and If
order or cheque is LOST or DES-
THOVED, the amount will bo promptly REFUNDED. No red tape. For
lull Information and rates call on
Local _uten_L
Attaohad lo any Oarmont Is a
Gunrnntoo   of
and Good Wearing Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
See thst eaoh srtlola bears a
label Ilk* abova
Insist on Getting
"Kin0 of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
__  —— ... I
6old by sll Drugglits and General Stores
aud by mall.
Tlio otber tiny two good-looking old
ladies entered a prominoni bank. One
of them wanted a cheque oashed,
"Hut," sain tho cashier, "I don't,
know you ; you'll have to get someone
to identify you."
"M.v mend, bore, will identify me,"
said tbe lady.
"But I tlon't know your friend,"
Maid t he cashier.
"Well." said the ludy with a withering smile," I'll Introduce you."—
a largo quantity of explosives was
found in ihc possession of the anarchists who won; arrested at Lorralnnn
and charged with being In n plot to
assassinate Emperor William.
A story of Keir Hardie, the Labor
member nf Parliament, is reoaited iu
England,     Ho   went   into   the  library
of tlm House ol Commons  where ho
was iulereepti-il by a policeman.
"Are yoU working here, mate?"
asked tlie officer
"On the roof?"wbieli  was being  repaired at the time.
"No, on the floor."
Granger—How did be mnko nil bis
Kliiimlns—Smoking; he. was tho
greatest smoker in America.
Granger—pr} up, Klniinins; you
cant   mnke  money  by  smoking.
Klinrnlns    Mo     did.    He      smoked
hams.—The American Spectator.
«s iMNOfircriJii
•^ -town.,
-_ stood for tht Bear
durinj   sanntf yttn of
lncreasinj -kv.
Rmcmber thij nrf.in.you want watte
proof oiled coat*. juris, haty or hor»«
foods for all kinds of wit work.
wicuA-wwnmcABWT. at
™     MAYPOLU la h cake of soap fliat     ""L
dyes to any ileiuted color or shade. »
Pam -til the world over for brilliant,
fast, clean,-economical, easy, *afc dyeing
at home. As superior toi he old fashioned
"I"'" '.er " rtv-" as gold Is to braas.
Maypole Soap
loc fnr Color--.— tj^c for Black.  All dealer*
or F. I.    l.i   - ■ i'i. t & Co., Montreal.
Kin*; AlfoOM ull not mm* l'jim.'ss
l.riii Again until ihe arrivrs in Madrid
for tlm marriage to tako plac.* on the
first of June.
Tho lockout of dock lnhorors who
took part in th*. Mny Duy driiion*trn-
tion al Ilnnd)ui'K is being strictly
W    N    U No.   586 THK ADVOCATE, VA_fCOC5V«ft, _*_tm«__ COLUMBIA'.
(Established April 8,1899.)
,0-"-tt'S "24 4 4 Westminster avenne.
Mrs. R  Whitney,  Publisher.
-E_rai.ish Office—30 Fleet street,
Lou ton, _. C, England "Where a
file of "the Advocate" is kept for
jSabscription $1 a year   payable  in
8 Oents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Vaxcooter, B. D., Jolt 14, 1906.
" Must."
"You must advertize"—with considerable accent on the "must"—is a
common adjnritiou to business men
The expression is too strong "Must" is
uot tije word. "You should advertize,"
,is better. No mau is obliged to advertize.
He can do the other thing—which is
,'nsaally nothing—il he prefers. He cau
,goatoug, not ahead, of course; but he
dan go along, striving to hold the trade
he already bns nnd to catch ench additional business ni happens to come in
his direction. He may be content to do
just that; he may prefer to take it easy
and to avoid tbo arduous work demand-
led of thoso who advertize and make
their advertising pay Ho may not care
to increase the volume of bis business
being satisfied with what he has and
.unwilling to a.ssnmo tho responsibility
attendant upon tho management of
largo affairs. To such a man it is idle
to say, "You must advurtis_e."
But to tlie progressive, alert, ambi
tious and far-sooiug merchant, advert—>•
,ing is indeed the breath of life. It is
part of "the game," aud a most fascinating part. Tbe trne advertizer finds
in it all the enjoyment wliich the huntsman or angler derives from his fauorite
pastime. To b;m it opens now possi-
•Mlities, new fields of endeavor, nnd new
outlets for.his activity. And it is also
•idle to say to him, "You must advertise " As well say to a sportsmac,
••Yon must hunt," or to an angler,
"Yon uustflsh.''
Junction et WcstmluHier road nnd Westminster avenue. SERVICES et 11 a. iu.,
nud 7:30p.m.; Sumls)' School at 2:80 p.m.
-Cornero! Mnl uud Wc-tmili-tcr avenues.
nURVIUKS at 11a. m., and 7 p. m.; Sunday
St-hoiland Bible Claa_ '_;30 p.m. Kev. A. E.
Hetherlngton, B. A., B. D., Pastor.
■'arsimaite t_3 Klovontli avenue, we«t. Tcle-
-■_<—<• B1JI0.
Comer Sluts.; avonue and Quebs. slreet
SKllVICKS at 11 a.m.,aud 7:30p.m.; Sunday
School al.;.—p.m. Uev.3eo,A.WIh.on, B.A.
"Pastor. Manse corner of Eighth avenue and
Vniarlo atreet.   Tel. IOCS.
3r Michael s, (Anglican).
Corner N'lnlh avenue nnd Prince Edward
street. SERVICES al lla.m.. nnil7:_» p.m.,
Holy Communion Island 3d Sundays ln ench
aionth after tnornlnK prayer, 2d und .th Sun
layaatsa. m. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Rev. 0. H Wilson, Rector.
' Rectory iii Thirteenth avenue, eaat. Telephone B17-.
Advent Christian Church (not 7th day Ad-
enttsl. 1, Haventh avenue, neur Westminster
avenue. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30p.m.,
Sunday School at loa.m. Young peoples'
Society ol Loyal Workors of Christian Endeavor meets every Sinitlay evoninp at6:15 o'clock.
Prayer-mcetlng Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock.
Reorganized OnuscH of .Iesds Christ
of Latter Day Saints, 2525 Westminster avenne- Services at 8 o'clock every Sunday eve-
blag by Elder3. H. Ralney: Sunday Bchuol nt
7 o'clock. Prayer-meeting every Wednesday
•veolug st S o'clock.
FOR RENT: a small simp corner of
Comox aud Burrnrd; rent $10.
One lot, 25x120, no stumps, ou Westminster aveune;  price   $825,   $126
down, balance on cany terms,
7 Lots on Fourteenth avo., near Scott;
price $3*5, $125 down, balance easy
terms. High ground, overlooking
fi room House, routed at (16 per month,
Hiiuth ball of lot, iu anon; $1,600,
$400 oash, balance to arrange.
8 Lots (cornor)  Wcstmiur.tor  avonue,
80x132; prico $3,200,  torms.
7 Lots on Fourteenth avonno, oast, $830
each; high elevation; easy terms.
Mrs   R. Whitney,  2444 Westminster
avenue, Mt. Pleasant
See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and 4th Mondays of the month
fjurt Yanconvor, I. O. F-, meets at
. P- ni.
Mt. Ploasant Lodge No. 19,  I.O.O.F.
tneots at 8 p. tu.
Vanoouyer  Council  No. 211a,  Canadian Order of Chosen Friends meets
vhe 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hivo No 7, Ladios of the
Jtacca—>es holds its regular meetings on
the 2d and 4th Mondays of the month.
Looal Advertising 10c a liue each issue,
Display Advertising $1.00 por inch
ner month.
•pfOVlcefl for Church nnd Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   wmkre
will fco charged for.
i\il  4d,vertisomniiis are  rnn regularly
-"'iiiiel'oKalfgWl for until ordered they
- he discontinued,
frtitlsient   Advcrtizors   must  pay   in
Notices 01 Births,' Marriages, and Deaths
F< ■-'-*    published free of charge.
Mr. Chipperfield of Home road, has
a grievance against the South Vancouver Council, claiming to have beeu most
unfairly treated. Mr Chipperfield an
old mau and a ratepayer, was givon the
work to "brush" tho road at 20c per
chaiu; the distance measuring 18 chaius.
The Councillor who gave him the work
stating it meant to cut the brush on
both sides of the road. A member of
last year's Conuc.il told Mr. Chipperfield
the usual former rato had beeu SOc per
chain for each side of tbe road. When
he mentioned this to the Councillor
before mentioned, lt lingered blm. Mr.
Chipperfield declined to do the work at
the price offered, which would have
amounted to $3.00 nnd he snys it waa
aftorwards done by day labor aDd he
understands cost the Municipality $18;
at 20c per chain for ench side of tho
lM.id, tlie cost would have been $7.20, a
saving of $10 80 to the ratepayers.
Truly this liuiuiciooriug is a wonder
and if each Councillor who has $1,000 to
expend equals tbe one who awarded this
c mtract tho present Munclpnl Council
should be awarded the palm for
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
Au Appeal to Naturalists.
Tho Natural History Society has undertaken tho work of establishing a
Wild Flower in this oity. We have
secured a most eligible site in Beacon
Hill Park, and the City Authorities
huvo promised to make us two small
rocky ponds.
Our aim is to Becure a representative
collection of tho many beuutifnl wild
flowers and shrubs native to this
Wo now appeal to anyone wbo is
interested iu the flora of his particular
locality to help us. We waut this Fall
ouly those subjects that will thrive ou
rocks and in in dry situntious, as we
shnll not have water until next season.
Our fuuds are limited aud we can not
offer to pay for plantR, bnt will gladly
pay freight charges. It is a labor of
love on onr part, aud wo shall be glad
to bear from anyone able and willing to
help us in the good wook.
Edw. Alex. WALLACE, President.
Victoria, B. C.
lit. Pleasant Mall, (PoBtoffice.)
. Mail arrives daily at 10:80 a. m., and
2:30 p. m.
Mail leaves the Postoffico at 7 and 11
a. in., and 1:30 and 9 p. m.
The funeral of the late Mrs J D.
Sim took plaoe on Tuesday afternoon
from the family residence 174
Dufferin street, west, the Rev. A
Macauley of Ladner, an ol-tiine friend
of the deceased, officiated, assisted by
Rov. O. A. Wilson. A large number of
the members of Mt. Pleasant Lodge,
Knights of Pythias of which Mr. Sim is
a member, attended the funeral. At
the tho conclusion of the servico tho
Knights joinod the procession na
far as Westminster aveuue. The pallbearers wero R. A. Townley, W. E.
Shaw, S. Cunningham, H. Reid, E.
DeBou. all nie_bnrs of Mt. Pleasant
Lodge, K of P. There had only about
a mouth elapsod between tho death of
Mr. Sim's wife and eldest son which is
an exceedingly sad bereavement, and
he has the deepest sympathy of a wide
circle of friends.
The funeral of the late S. S day
took plnco on Tuesday afternoon from
the family residence 425 Tenth avenue,
oast, the Rev. Mr. L-tch officiating.
Tho pallbearers woro Messrs. Wm.
Gaskell, T F. Jnll, L. Fulton, R. M.
Pall.itt. The widow and relatives wish
to exteud their thanks to tbe many kind
friends for tho sym;athy extmdedand
What Ails Tout
Do you feel weak, tired, despondent,
bave frequent headaches, coated tongue,
bitter or bad taste ln morning, "heartburn," belching of gas, acid risings In
throat after oatlng, stomach gnaw or
burn, fonl breath, dizzy spells, poor or
variable appetite, nausea at times and
kindred symptoms?
If you havo any considerable number of
the above symptomB you aro suffering
Irom biliousness, torpid liver with Indigestion or dyspepsia. Dr. Plorco's ('olden
Medical Discovery is made up of the most
valuable medicinal principles known to
medical science for tho permanent cura of
such abnormal conditions. It Ib a most
efficient liver Invlgorator, stomach tonic,
bowel regulator and nervo strengthencr.
Tle"Ooldon Medical Discovery "is not
a patent medicine or secret nostrum, a
full list of its Ingredients being printed
onlts —ittlo-wrappor and attosted under
oath. A gltinco at Its formula will show
tbat it contains no alcohol, or harmful
bsblt-forndng drugs. It is a fluid extract
made with pnro, trlple-roQned glyccrlno,
of proiwr strength, from the roots of the
following unlive American forest plants,
▼iz.,Golden Seal root, Stono root, Black
Chorrybark, Queen's root, Bloodroot, and
Mandrake root.
Tbe fi.llnivlni: leading medical authorities,
among a host of others, extol tbe foregoing
rootsixor Uie cure of Just such ailments as tho
aboveajinpttini.lndica-: Pro.. R. Bnrttanlow.
M D„ Of JofTorsou Med. Colloge, PhUa.: Hrof.
ft. O. Wood. M. D., of UuW. of I'a.; Prof. -Edwin
M. Hale, M. I)., of Hahnemann Mod. Oollmre,
Chlcagoi Prof. John King, M. p.. Author of
American Dlsiionsatoryi Prof, .lno. M. Bcutl-
Sor, KL I)., Author of SnoclflcMcdlclnes; Prof.
Laurence Johnson, M. D„ Med. Dept. Univ. of.
N. y.; Prof. I'liilcy Ell-gwood, M.D.. Author
of Materia Mad iri and Prof. In Bennett Medl-
l.al College, Chicago. Send name and a_-
dreaa on Postal Card to Dr. R. V. Plerca.
Bullalo. N. Y„ and receive free booklet gtvln_r
eitraotu from writings ot all tbe aloie n_nd_-
cal authors and many others endorsing. In tho
atroiioost DO-stli]e terms, each and every ln-
I in—llent of which "Golden Medical Discovery" Is composed. -
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulsto sno
Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels. This?
may be used In conjunction with "Golden
Moilleal Discovery " If bowols nre much oon-
stipste—   Thoy'ru tiny aud aiignr-coatcd.
Summer is Here!
Wo have a fine hea.thy stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries..
Everything to tempt the appetite.     We make it a study to please our customers.
Prices will keep you from worrying.
Ocr Furniture Derartment—suppose you've all heard of it.
ST    Wnllarp Westminster avenue &
.1.    TT aiiaivC  Harris street. Tolophono 1266.
 will find it to their advantage
to obtain from
the Great-West
a copy of their circular
whicll explains how a small
monthly payment will provide for the repayment of
loan and interest, and how,
in the event of the death of
the borrower, the home will
be left free  of encumbrance.
Geo. H. HALSE,
4-26 Richards St.       Vancouver, B.C.
many kind acts. Many beautiful floral
tributes wero sent by tho following:
Mr. and Mrs. Frolander, crescent; Misa
B. Broderick, spray; Mr. E. M. Bullock,
wreath; Mr. and Mrs. Jull. wreath;
Mr. and Mrs. A. Timms, wreath; Mr.
and Mrs. Kermeen, boquet; Mr. and
Mrs W. MeKenzie, spray; Mr. and
Mrs. F. Trimble, wreath; Mr. F.
Gamier, spray; Miss Thurstou, wreath;
Mrs, Hollands, spray; Mr. and Mrs, F.
Parr, spriy; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gaskell,
spray; Mr. and Mrs. Shapling, spruy;
Mrs. McCouway, boquet; Wife and
child, spray; Mother aud Father, potted
"Tho Advocate" wishes any carn'sm
ness iu delivery reported to the OfflO'.
telephone iil-io'u.
Physical Culture.
Physical Culture for July is a very
interesting and instructive issue of this
standard magazine on tho subjects of
health, strength, vitality, muscular
development and care of the body.
Bernurr _[aofadden contributes the
opening article on "Tensing Exercises,"
oue of the mo.t effective methods of
developing the muscles. The second of
a series of articles by jRck O'Brien on
the "Modern Art of Self-defence," is
devoted to tbe principles of attack in
boxing. There are many specinl articles
among th«m being "The Swiming
Exports of Australia," "Rowing by
Women," "Fighting the Dovil with
Physical Culture," "Metchnikoff's Old
Age Cure," "How May Degeneracy
be Avoided," "Physical Traiuiug for
the Baby." Besides the various departments there iB also mnch of live and
enrreut interest.
For the
Remainder of
JULY ....
we will give you
in All Lines
ricPherson & Son
Merchant Tailors and
53 Hastings  street, west.
At  Eventide.
I mean to do so much I  Sometimes I say
To my most tired hoart and restless
Wait but a little while.   On some sweet
I shall slip off, aa garments, all tho
The bitt-u'uei.s  of  labor wrought in
Tho noise,   the  weariness,   th ccasless
Shall put aside, and for u spaoo forget.
And open wide my heart and  cast ont
And call God's radiant choiring angels
And yet suppose, ou some fair eventide,
That   I  should  watch,   as    Abram
watched of old,
All tbo closed tont-doors of my heart
flnug wide,
To  welcome  angel-guestB   into  my
And thoy should find my dwelling-
place too oold I
The tent windswept, of kindness never
Its floor woedgrown,  of  battles  never
Its shrine dust-choked of selfisbnoss and
Aud all too late I called tho angels in I
—Mario Conway Oetnler
Telephone Numbers of Local Pioachors
B17W-R»v. G. H. Wilson,(Anglican).
1068-l.ev. Q. A. Wilson, (Presbyterian).
BUM—Rev. A. K. Hcthurlugton,(Methodist)
Changes for advertisements should bo
n before Thnrsday noon to insure their
Highest     Skill     and    Best
Materials combined make
"- -
the   synonym   for   "Best."
'Phono 443.
Crums Best Prints.
Mt. Pleasaut's First-class
Dry Goods Store
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank of Canada Building
Cornor Seventh and Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Ploasaut.
By Helen A. Saxon.
I  never  saw  his  face  or  knew  his
But that gay morning, as T  loitering
came      b
Around   the  blossoming   hillside,   all
With lilac spires and apple-blossoms
That to tbe rifling air their sweetness
I saw where they were making bim
his grave.
If I had chance to meet him by the
In all the golden sunshine of the day,
No pleasant word  1  might  be  found
to say.
But since he could no longer come to
The world, love-smitten, dreaming at
his feet,
Nor feel within his pulse the Springtide beat.
Nor love again, I gave for him instead
And poured upon his low, unconscious
The sacramental love that shrives the
And though I went my way with eyelids wet
For grief of one whom I had never
met, I
Because his day so soon was finished
I lifted up my face to Heaven again
Believing human love was not in vain
But, moved and softened by the sudden strain
Of friendship, I touched    the   larger
Of universal love, and understood
The passion of our common brother
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertisment ou
4th page, of special interest to women.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hutch of Eleventh
avenue, have returned homo after
spending last week in Seattle.
Mr. H. Huhnbolf of Wiulaw, has returned home after a two weeks visit
with his sister Mrs. Lindsay of
Nineteenth avenue.
Mr. Wm. Duthie has started^work on
a new building on Westminster nvonnc,
between his present building and the
McCutoheon building.
Come in and see onr list of good buys,
on good terms and good titles 1—2444
Westminster avenue.
Thore wero threo spoeial cars crowded
with merry children nnd grown-ups
on Wednesday, tho occasion of the
annual picuio of tbo Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church S.S., the place of the
picnio boing Quoeu's Park, New Westminster ; another special cai injtlio afternoon added largo numbers to the big
crowd. The usual races nud sports
took placo iu the afternoon and tho
interest in these wero kept up till time
for supper. Tho small zoo, tho cool
shady walks, the swiugs and the lonesome streets of New Westminster kept
a large number entertained during the
day The return trip was made in quick
time, tho crowd well-pleased with the
day's outing.
Chas. Raunio, teaoher of Violin and
Cornet. Specinl attention givon to young
pupils. For terms, otc, apply nt Studio,
37 Eleventh aveuue.
For one week only, a 25-ft. lot with
store rented, facing on business street.
Groat inducement to speculation this is
a good buy and will pay anyone to look
into. A big inducement will be given
anyone moaning bnsiuoss. Apply 2444
Westminster avonue.
■ i :o:
T ie Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it- circulates.  Tel. B140l>
Keeler's Nursery
Dahlia Bulbs of choice varieties, lie and
10c each. Asters, 25 varieties for 10c
and 15e per dozen, Lobelia, fine plants,
10c per dozen. Many other varieties of
plants at. rosouublo prices
Nursery   & Greenhouses,   corner of
Fifteenth and Westminster avenues
The Cheapest Place in the Citv.
*** Exhibition
ond  Agricultural fair.
July 23d to 25th, 1906.
The Farmers' Annual Summer Holiday.
The Largest Exhibition of Live-stock
iu Western Canada,
offered in Prizes for What.
Interesting Butter-making Competitions
open to Amateurs and also Professionals,
The Grandest Collection of Art,
Art Treasures, and School Exhibits
ever got  together   in   the   West.
The Carnival iu Venice and
The Knakenshue Air-ship
among the Speoial Attractions.
Entries close Jnly 7th.
Cheap Excursions ou all lines
For Entry Blanks,  eto ,  etc., npply to
G. II. Greig, President.
R. J. Hughes, Seo.-Troas.
A. W. Bell, General-Manager.
Got your work douo at the
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
BRTIIS—Bath room fitted with Porcelain    Bato    Ten    and  all   modern
Read the New York l>ental Parlors
advortlsdrnout in this paper, then goto
Now York Denial Parlors for your work
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. C.
Just Received
Black Luster and Voile Skirts. As this
shipment has arrived late, we are selling
them at reduced prices.
Ladies Black Lustre Skirts, worth $8 BO for $2.75 ench   v
il ii li ii       i.        |4,oO   •>.   $8.00    "
J. Horner,
143 Hastings street east.
Real Estate!
5 acres at Eburue, black soil, $150.00 per
acre; beautiful view. Terms.
8 acres at Jubilee   Station  for  $400.00.
New house ou Teuth ave.,(corner) every
modern couvenieuce, very desirable
property; easy terms.
8 lots (corner) Columbia stroet, cleared
and graded; $2,800, half oash.
House of 8 rooms, good foundation,
8 lots, stable, fruit trees, lots 99x120;
price $4,500, terms.
2 Lots, each 88x120, all kiuds of fruit,
largo barn ; (i-roomud house; price
$2.800; terms
Fine Orchard and Chicken Ranch on
Twentieth aveuue, 4 lots, lots
50x138, houso of 4 rooms. Price
$8.000; terms.
7-roomed House, lot 49>i_xl20, Eightli
avenuo; prico $1,850.
Double corner, (2 lots),cleared, ou Fifth
aud Munitobu; prioo$l,500
Two lots, on coruer, Tenth avenue, all
cleared; prico $1.000.
$2,800 buys n New Moderu Honse
of 7 rooms on Fifth aveuue. Terms
easy. Value good.
Double coruer on Tenth avenue, cleared,
line locution.    Price $1,100.
House of 5 rooms, electric light; bath
aud a 1 i conveniences; F INE
ORCHARD. Price $2,100; $750
down and easy terms. Situated on
Eighth avonuo.
Cottage of 5 rooms, electrio light, nnd
all conveniences; eitunted on Eighth
avenue, east. Prico $1,800; $600
down nud tonus.
5 room Cottage, rentedat$14permonth,
sooth half nf lot, iu 200a; price
$1,400, $800 down, easy terms.
Two lots, cleared and graded, $1.00(1,
inside lot for $725 Will build to
rmitTiurchuscr ou easy torms.
0-room Honso ou Westminster nveuue,
$2,050, $S00 cash, balance to arrange
3-storey Resideuco ou Sixth avenue,
large house, beautiful lawn, fruit.
Terms.    Price  $8,250.
House of 9 rooms, Eighth avenue; fine
orchard, lot 149x122 ; prioe $8,260.
Oash $1,150.
LotB on Fourteenth aveuue, uear St.
Oatheriues, for $150 each; terms.
Houso of  5-rooms,    Eighth   avenue;
electric  light,    bath;   lot  83x120.
Price    -ja.OOO.
Store on 25-ft. lot, on Westminster ave
nue; building reuted; fine location,
near Niuth avenue.    Price $0,500!
Houbo of 7 rooms, corner Lansdowne
avenue and Scotia street; lot 50x120,
Price $2,000
Lot   20x182   ou Westminster   avenutt/
two-storey building, in flue condition ; lonsod for 2 yours; title perfect.     Prico *7.500.
tt-roouiod Cottage  ou  Cordova street,
enst;   trees and   flower gurdet.
lovely homo $2,700.
6 Lots, cleared and plowed, William aim
Pnrk Drive; on carliue. Easy terinn
 $450 end-
5 Lots ou Grant stroet—Grandview —
overlooking the city;  very choice
lots. Terms $2,950.
Westminster aveune, Mt. Plcastvn ,
$7,000. Tho bost corner left on
the Hill.
4 Houses on   Niuth   avenue-   all
rented; $4,200.   Terms.
Beautifully   Situated   Residential
Lot  ou  Burrard    street;    $1.20v».
List your lots  and property
Mrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
'        Telephouo B1405.
X   Don't Pass these
Bargains by
Phii.i.iitine HATS for Lndies _ Gentlemen, 3|doz Samples,
regular prices from $3 to $7.50, to clear at $2 ench.
5 doz Children's Jack Tar Huts, regular 75c for 50c encli.
3    " " "       "       " "       6(lc    "    25c     "
Men's Ribbed Balbriggan Underwear, regular $1 00 a Suit,
ci.iiAitiNfi at 85c a Garment or 05c a Suit.
Richardson & Chambers
Tel. 492.
SUCCGSBOrB U> Stiliili'J  Wlitl
408 Westminster ave.
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
I. O.  O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. Iftmeets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
WestniiuBter avonue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to al tend.
Nom.ic Grand—Frank Trimble.
RECQItDJNQ Hi.('llF.TARY—H; Puttor-
sou, 120 Tenth avenue, east.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. in., in
Oddfellows' Hail.
Visiting brethren always welcome,
OR—IF RA-QBB—A, Pengelly.
Recording Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
814 Princess street, City.
Financial Secretary—J.B.Abemothy
Address: Ciire 2818 Wes! minuter avenue
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regula.
Review 2d an,, lib Mondays of each
mouth in Knights of Pythias Ha"
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lndy Commander—Mrs. N Pcttipieco,
25 Tenth avenue, east.
Lady Record Keeper—Ma, J. Maitir
Ninth avonuo.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meet
everv 2d nud 4th Thursdays of each
mouth, iu I. O. O. F., Hall, West
minster avenue.
Sojourning Friends always welcome
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.
—3 Tenth ave., 1'iist.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
-^.S Westmlnsteravenue.   Tel. 700.
A Monthly Magazine   devoted 4o the
Use of English,   Josephino Turel.
Baker, Editor.
Jl n year; 10c, for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanston, 111., U. S. A.
Partial Coutents for this Month.—
Course In English for the Begiuuer;
course in English for tho Advanced
pupil. How to lucruasu One's Vocabulary. The Art of Conversation. Should
ond Would: how to nse thom. Pronunciation. Correct English iu tho Home.
Oorrocl English in the School. Bnsi-
uess English for the Business Man.
Studies in English Literature.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,   Financial,   Press and
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E. C,  England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
is only $1.00 a year,
60c for 0 months,
25c for 3 months.
Advocate $ I
for 12 Months
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Aiivom* .'niiit.n.. it !■_..*■.fl. nnd (JoiorlpMon umy
qulcklT uncurtain onr opinion fruti whotlicr au
in v. 'in Ion IH in nliil.il v imi .'litnlil... ( iiiiiiiii.iii.-H-
iinii" iiii'lt'llVi'iiiiii.li'nil .1. Handbook on l'atonta
Bent free. Olrln-t nconcy fur nocurlim patonU.
r.iii'in-- ti.k.ti  ilii'iii;'»i   Munn & Co. resolve
•*l>.Tiii. noticet without cbartin, tu tlio
Scientific American.
Ahan-aomoly llhmtrittfirt wortly- Lnrfreit circulation of nny nciontlilt; lou mul. T-cruiB, t>3 a
nur 1 (ourmontbft |L Boi__yaii newMMwi.
MUNN-Co.301B™^. New York
Branch union. «... F HI., W—lilDKion, D. C.
DO IT NOW !—If not already a Subscriber to "Tlie Advocate" become ouo
now.   Only $1 for 12 months.
To Be Happv
In the Good Old Summer Time
WIVES need as nuich'relief as possible from the
drudgery of cooking.
HUSBANDS need well cooked dainty meals.
With a Gas Stove, the kitchen part of the
housework is practically cut in two. This should
make somebody happy.    Telephone   3 I   and
we will send our representative  W>  give  you an
estimate of the cost.
Vancouver Gas Company-
Office:  corner of Currnll nnd Hastings streets.


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