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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jul 28, 1906

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Array Devote- lo ths interests of Mat. *PJIea(S:-i» and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c,  Three/Ionths 25c Six.JWanflis50c, Per Year $1.
Estaplishes) April 8th, 1899.    Wiioi.k No. 8B5.
Mt.  Pleasaut,  Vancouver,   B.   C, SArcaRBAY, Jdly "28,   l'SOO.
(Eiqhth Y-ear.)   Vol. 8, No. 23.
local Items.
ran McOuaig Auction and Commis-
ion Co.. Ltd..noxttoOnrncige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furnitm'e for Cash,
Conduct auction Sales <and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description
satisfaction guaranteed.   Phono 1070.
The Mt. Pleasant Military Band will
give its first Concert tonight. Turnout
snd give tbem a good reception. The
Oonoert will begin at 7:30 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilauuiforil of Los
Angeles, Cal., are visiting Mrs. 1 [mini
(ford's aunts Mrs. Curtis nud Mrs
PoM-o, Eleventh avenue.
By  properly adjusted    glnsseB   Dr,
Howell at the Burrnrd Sanitarium Ltd.,
' relievos eye strain  which  causes head -
■ ache and other nervous troubles,
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Flitton-of
Eleventh avenuo, have returned from a
trip to Victoria uud the States.
The New York
j Dentists
Dentistry ns we practice it is a serious profession,
involving education, carefulness and skill. Therefore we can not compote in prices with the ignorant, tho cureless or the unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that we charge less than half as much as
most private praetioucrs.
But yon nsk, Is the work ns good? We reply, it
is better Indeed, uo doutist who tries to.practice all the different
branches of dentistry can achievo such magnificent results ns wo do
with our corps of skilled specialists
Read the New York Dontal Parlors
1 advertisement iu this pnper, theu go to
Mew York Dental Parlors for your work
Messrs. Richardson & Chambers this
week installed handsome uew wardrobes in their Clothing House, 408
Westmiuster aveuue.
The Cooke Drug Co. Ltd., Mt. Pleasant, havo sold to Mr. Harrison of the
Postoflice Drug Store ou Gmnvillve
street. Mr. Harrison will conduct both
stores, assuming charge of the local
store next week.
* J         :o:	
Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton B. D.
the pastor, will preach at both services.
Morning subject: "The Haunted Soul."
Evening subject: "Some Great Things."
( Messrs. Birmingham and Recce left
for their home, Taconiii, ou Thursday.
TPbeyw—1 return and likely purchuse
several timber claims, thoy have beou
investigotiug the past teu days in the
vicinity of Vancouver.
Tor your Ice Cream aud Candies go to
the Mt, Pleasant Confectionary Store,
(Homo wood <fe Main). Ice Cream sold
jauy quantity, put up in neat boxes.
The Mt Pleasunt Military Baud will
give a Moonlight Excursion np the
Inlet iu about two weeks. The proceeds will be devoted to buying
The marriage will take place oa
Wednesday Aug. 1st, of Miss Sadie
-Wliitely and Mr. Percy Bishop of
Taooma, Wnshn., nt the Jackson Avenue Baptist Church.
The Stridor Shoes for Mon are pronounced in style, rare in quality and
superior iu workmanship. Thoroughly
a'eliuble and contains nil that anybody
can give for $5.00.—It. MILLS, 119
Hni-tiugs street, west.
'•The Peutictou Press," No. 1., Vol. 1 ,
haB beou received. It is published by
W. J. Clement, who is well-known in
West Vnncouver School District nud
Mt. Pleasant. "Tho Press" is devoted
to tbo interests of Penticton aud the
aouthern Okanagan. It is patriotic to
lits locality, filled with lots of local
happenings, and typogrnplically it is
noat nnd attractive.
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertisinent on
4th page, of special interest to women.
Mt. Pleasant Lodgo No. 11, Knights
of Pythias installed the following
■officers for the ensuing term ou Tuesday
night: E. L. DeBou, CD.; I. G. Col
tart, V.C.; G. B. Kerfoot, prolate;
it*. W. Woodsides, M.W.", W. T. Murphy, K. R. S.; R. H. Pool, M. of F.;
'R. A. Townley, M. of E.; R. Murphy,
master-at-arms; A. A McDonald, I. Q_ ;
R. G. Morton, O.G.; Ben Stoole, organist; W-. E. Shaw, past chaucollor.
RING UP 914 for a good load of
1 Cedar Wood $1.25 a load, or leave orders
at 508 Seventh aveuue, east.—Crocker
Bros., Dealersin Wood.
147 Hastings St. Telephoue 1500.
Office Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;  Sundays 9 a.m.,
The Season  for Painting is now on.
1    i\    gi-±_   ■ 4-j   Mt.  PLEASAN1
Tel. 14 7.
'PHONE 2236
Corner Seveuth and Westminster avenues.
to 2 p.
is a work of infinite caro,
skill and honesty. Much
of this has beeu exorcised
long beforo your doctor's
order reaches us—iu the
purchasing, testing mid
putting up in couta'iii—'s
all the drugs and ch"mi-
cnls likely to bo called for.
We do a largo prescription business and all the
above features are part of
the system wo follow in
filling them.
REMEMBER we have a
Graduate Chemist iu
charge Day and Night,
'Phone 790.      Free Delivery.
Before starting ou a shopping tour,
look over tho advertisements in the
The first Coucert by Our Baud tonight
Miss Mnry Somerville of Tenth avenuo, is visitiug frieuds in Now Westminster this week.
It is reported the Mt. Pleasant Pres-
bytertian Congregation is contemplating
building the auditorium or church portion of thoir buildiug at early date.
Read the Real Estate column on last
page of this paper.
The Mt. Pleasaut School of Music, 54
Eleventh avenue, lias resumed instructions in tho various brauches of musical
science lifter a vacation of several weeks.
Seo advertize—out iu this paper.
Changes for advertisemeuts should lie
n before Thursday uoou to iusure their
The work of excavating for the fnuda-
lion of the new $26,500 Methodist
Church was started on Thursday. The
church will be finished by January 1st,
the Suuday School portion nbout a
mouth earlier.
Advertise iu "Tlio Advocato.'
$1.25 per crate.
Good Dairy Butter in small tubs 21c per pound.
We have a fine assortment of Jacob's Famous Biscuits,
direct from Dublin.
We have tlie best Fruit Jars ou the market.
• _uCC-)
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
King's Heat flarket
R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on baud.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant aud Fnirview.
Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season.
Tel. 2800.
fOR LOW PRICES for Preserving Fruits.
We aro booking orders every day in advance.
Place your orders with us right now and get the best
goods on arrival.   You will recoive prompt aud careful attention to your orders.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone  11160.
Mrs. (Dr.) Buggius is convalescing
from her receut illness, nt the home of
her father Mr. F. A. Barnes, Sixth ave.
Rov. Truemen Bishop, pastor of tho
First Baptist Church, Ballard, Wnshu.,
and Mrs. Bishop, uro visiting Capt. aud
Mrs, Sprague, Burrard streot.
One of tho Maple Lout Lacrosse hoys is
said to bo  contemplating   matrimony.
Mrs. T. F- Jull of Ninth avenue, left
Friday for Mt. Lehman, where she will
visit frieuds.
Bring   yonr    Job
Advocate" Offices.
Work    to    "The
Mrs. M. Bowman, OO Fifth aveuue,
cast, will uot receive duriug the summer mouths.
The City Hull   is much improved  in
appearance by tho   new  coat   of paint
recently applied.
Davidson slill selling lost Cream by
thn purr and quart, Ere, coruer Ninth
aud Westmiustor avenues.
Read Keeler'siidvci'tizement.-ltli page
Mr. and Mrs. Hykc, from the Okaiia-
gmi, have beou tho guests of Mr. aud
Mis. Oscar McCutcheou.
During the hot seasou, when you nro looking for a cooling drink, nud
perhaps wondering what is best to get, try a bottle of GRAPE
SALINE. It is one of Ihe best Effervescing Salines of the day. It is
imported freni Eugland. It is cooling, refreshing aud mildly aperient.
75c per bottle.      .....
§    LAW, THE DRUGGIST, Wants to See YOU.    |
0C-_____§€!___-_i>@_£ ^__-_2> G_->^____)®_-__-$®
We carry a full Hue of—
Bath Towels, Gloves, Brushes, Bathing
Caps, Etc., also a large assortment of
Toilet  Soaps. Special 3 cakes  for  10c.
Corner Westminster nnd Seventh avenues.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vaucouver by men of years
and years and years experience, aud a brewery whose
plant is tbe most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it nny wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints % I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores aud Hotels or
delivered to your house.
Fine lino of New Wheels jnst in.    Anyone prepared to pny Cash can
get Rock-bottom Prices ou the best Bicycles mnde.
W. J. Annand,
IOO Hastiugs street.
Telephone 1285.
east. mltr Bioycle and Automobile
Repairing in ull its brunches,
Noilly und Prompt); done.
*4^0440000i00**0000**0****00**0*0*0000****0**00004004} '
gAT~ Subscribers ;
report any carelusslie
of "Tho Advocate."
requested    to
i tho delivery
I       Mt. PLEASANT
1 Just a few of our low
|    prices—
2 Mou's Workiug Shirts 85o each.
$ Canvas Gloves 10c, 8 pr 25c.
2   Wash Tics 16c,  2 for 25c.
g   Cotton Sox, fast color, 15c;
§ 9 pr. for 25c.
e\   Our prices are low and
are    new    and
1 Up"
2 "Help Mt. Pleasant Crow.'
2       2115 Westminster avopue
{_ Mt. Pleasant.
" 400*****0004**04* 000*0004
The very latest styles in Canadian
nnd Anu'rican makes uud designs In
Winter Shoes for Men, Women nud
Ohlldren nt R, MILLS, the Shoeman,
119 Hastiugs streets, west.
Mr. McMullcn, Manager of The King's
Market, has had ids market newly
painted iuside uud generally renovated
this week, and us result the market bus
a brand uew look.
WANTED: a girl for light housework;
family of two; no children; apply at
1050 -icola stroet.
«_>*. ■a-^^-^^-'a. "**y'V&/«yW -%^^**-'^*/sV -m*^/*A^rSA^^*y*y*S9y^'*^
Mid-Summer Clearing Sale I
Costume Snap— 15 Ladies' Lustre Costumes iu a varijty of styles and
shades, worth up to 810 for $5 each.
Dress Goods—1000 yards of Dress Goods in all the uew aud staple shades;
50c, 650, 75c, 85c, $1, $1.25, $1 50, clearing for 85c ynrd
Muslins—Muslins iu a largo variety of patterns nnd colors, this season's
latest styles; regular 85c, JOc, SOc, B5c, clearing at 25c yard Muslins,
Ginghams and Ohainbrays; regular 20c, 75c, 85c, Ji, clearing ut 15c a yd.
Blouses iu whito and colors,  regular fi5c,  75c,  85c, $1, clearing at   15c
30,32 and 34 Cordova St.
Telephone 574.
A. ROSS & CO.,
Don't go down-town tonight.
Band gives its First Coucert.
L Mr. W. E. Law,   tho  DruggiFt-,  on
Westminster avenne, evidently belioves
►1 being np-to-date.   Ho has just fitted
up his store   with   "Silout   Saleman"
showcases—from  the factory of 3. D.
jftoss, Mt. Pleasant;—and now hus without a doubt tbe  mo.'t  up-to-date  drug
storo in the East End. For one tliat has
.been in business only a short time Mr.
"Law   is doing au  exceptionally  good
1 businesss, due to the fact tbat he keeps
►good goods,' and always treats his customers iu snell a way that thoy like to
1 go back again.   Mr. Law will undoubtod-
1 ly continue to   prosper  iu the future,
bcvcu more than in tbo past.
J$5§T Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" ou Saturday morniug please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
Tho weddiug of a well-known young
mau on Mt, Pleasant who works in a
big store down-town, will take plaoe iu
about two weeks if reports are trtio.
 :o: —
Miss Sbav of Mitiucdusn, Mnu., is
tbo guest of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar McCutcheou. Miss ,Shaw is tho sislcr-in-
law of Mr   Hurry   Dafoe  of   Mr. Mc-
Cntcheon's Barber Shop,
critically ill.
who  is again
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $8,000,000.   Rosen es $8,487,000.
Accounts may be opened with
One Dollar.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. Schwartz,  Manager.
GET IT   REPAIRED   at    the    New
Bicycle and Repair  Shop,  opposito  tho
Methodist Church, Mt. Pleasant.
Mr. Fred Phillips returned last weok
from n ten days' camp at Decotau
Landing, Howe Sound.
Mr. J. T. Baruos,-Chief Dispatcher
for tho (!. P. R., at Brandon, is visiting
liis father Mr. F. A. Barnes aud family
uf Sixth avenue.
Miss Olive Morrison and Miss Murine
Burritt returned on Thursday of lust
weok from a ton day's sojourn at tbe
camp of Mr. nnd Mrs. J.P. Nightingale,
Deooteau Landing, Howe Sound,
Mrs. O'Dell, 175 Ninth avenue, west
having had several years expirtenco in
teaching music, is prepared to teach a
fOW pupils Advanced and Beginners
For particulars nud terms apply to
ubovo address.
Mrs. B. J. Brown nnd daughter Miss
Lizzie Brown left for their bnme in
Seattle ou Monday, after a two weeks
visit with Mrs, Brown's daughters Mrs.
Win. Viles, 107 Lome street, nnd Mrs.
Clay, 118 Lome street.
-Mr. Jus. E. Nightingali', who was a
bnchelor resident of .Mt. Pleasnnt for a
number of years is now tho fond papa
of a girl baby. Mr. Nig.itiugalo wont
East two years ago, married and took
up fanning near Oxni'.id, Out"**
Miss Beatrice Doering, daughter of
Mr. aud Mrs. Charles, Doering was
awarded 1st prize for Literature nt the
Closing Exorcises nt Hnvorgal Oollego,
The AdVO'-TK is the best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tel, Bl'05
Dr. Hnmif., dentist, and family of
Golt'endale, Wasbn., have moved to
Vancouver, aud the Doctor has bought
Mr, Clarice's home on Eleventh nveuue,
west. Mrs. Banna is a siHtor of Mrs.
Chas. Raunie,  teacher of Violin and
Cornoi. Speoial attention givon to young
pupils. For terms, etc., apply at Studio,
87 Eleventh avenue.
The Garden Party giveu by tho
Daughters of the King of St. Michael's
(—lurch, ou tho lawu of Mrs. Curtis'
boine, Eleveuth and Quebec, Wednesday evening, was a vejy delightful aud
largely attended affair. Tbo weather
was propitious and everyone presont
appeared to have a happy time.
For Local News P.eatl JL'iii: Advocate
The lit. Pleasant
School of Music
54 Eleventh ave.
Practical nud Theoretical Teaching
Musical Science. Piano, Organ, Violin,
'Cello, Etc. Lessons nro resumed from
this date.
Telephone 2021   Buchanan & Edwards
Wo havo the largest selection of
Stock Pattern Dinner Sets
in the city- 10 dillercut lines of which you cau  buy nny part.
Let us show you our latest arrivals.    They arc Beauties.
Buchanan & Edwards
662 664 Granville St. 'Phone 2021.
Central Meat
Ninfh ave. & Westminster road.
Meat of
ou hand
in  B0
Best    of
'S     nil
Woodrow &
*   Williams
Frank Trims LB, Manager,
Telephone 084,   Prompt Delivery.
For a Game ot
Pool or Biiiisirds
Dross in »t
Mt. Pleasant.
Boot and Si-.ocmnklng
and Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
245_ WdstmioBtor nveuue.
£ \ymvh.
is n big Glass Room—Gluss ceiling aud walls- 'ado of mirror
plate, reflecting innsauds ol
dollars' work of
Sparkling Cut Glass
It is a veritable "Crystal Palace."
Ask to be shown into this room
and see the famous "Libbey"
and other makes of Cut GlaBS.
Oornor Hastiugs and < Irauviile Sts.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R.
$1.35  per crate.
'4 enns Pork &   Beans 250
Good Creamery Butter Mo Lb.
All seasonable Fresh Fruits.
McKinnon & Gow,
llll Ninth Av.'. I IppostU No 8 Fire llai.
Telephone B1448, Prompt delivery.
Royal Crown
the Best in the World. Drop
ns a post card asking for a
Catalogue of Premiums to be
hud   free  for Rotai, Crown
Soar Wkai'IM-'.rs.
lawn Grass Seeds
i Uuvej -'-iiii Timothy floods,
Pratt's Poultry uml Animal Fooda,
Pratt's I,in-Killer,
llollv ciii.ii Food, BeofsorapB, Bto.
SWPITH Corner   MN1II nvcnuc   a
.   rvl.llll   V.I.STMVNST..K ROAD,
Tcli-phone   IS87. ^^^
of Commerce
Dopoflltsol One DOI__1it end  upwards
ri - ii lived and Interest allowed thereon.
Bauk Money  Orders  issued.
A Gcncr.il Banking Business
OFFICE HOURSi 10 a, m. m .1 p. ra
I iii.AYs: 10 n ni. to 19m., 7 to R p.m.
East tnd Branch
444 Westminster      C. W. DCKRANT,
liVI'llUO. Mas'adi.r.
If vim mis-- Tin-. Al
the local uev;*
>iii wi raaun-*. ■__-_.
Linked by Fate |
Author of "Th« Verdict of th« Heart," "A Heritage
of Hate," "Neil of Shorne Mille," MP«U •
Foe," "A Modern Juliet," Eto.
I frf.flTOTH I * h h t ♦ .»»♦♦♦•■ ♦ M H H «Tf -rrriTr ♦ w
(Continued from last week-)
.sue opened her sapphire eyes upon
him with haughty surprise, but they
dickered uml fell under thu Bteady
regard pf his sombre ones.
"Why should WO wait?" she asked.
"I think we aro going straight
through London; in fuct, 1 know
we are,"
His lips drew togothor, nnd his
lids fell over his oyos for a moment.
"Can nothing 1 can say dissuade
.vou1.'" he nsked in a still lower voico.
"Hu yon think thut I can bear to
part with you for—how many
months? Have you forgotten what
passed between us—thoro?" Ue pointed to the torraco.
She laughed with an affectation of
contemptuous amusement.
"I don't care lor tho best of melodramas, Mr. .Shore; und I am not
likely to remember them," she said.
"And yet you do remember," ho
said, quietly. "There is no moment
when you do not remember it, even
as I do. Anil our compact dwells
with me night and day, is burned
into my very soul."
She moved her queenly head impatiently, and tried to laugh,
"Then I wish you would forgot It,
please," she said, "or cut it out of
your 'very soul.' It was a piece of
madness, the madness of a moment,
the moment of a woman's weakness,
of which you availed yourself most
fully, Mr. Shore. It was never more
than that, it could not possibly bu
more. If I woro not able to laugh at
it, I should be ashamed of It."
"Wo agreed," he said, as if she had
not spoken, "thnt if I wore master
hore you would bo m.v wifo. You
taunted me with the impossibility of
tho pact, but you swore, with the
kiss which is a woman's oath, that
you would keep it."
"It was a safe promise—a promise
In vhich there was little danger ol
fulfilment as if I had promised to bo
Queen of England when you were
King. There is tho master of Lesborough"—she raised her hand towards
the sound- of Vane's steps on the terrace—"and you are still, and will ba
but tho dependent."
"And the heir," ho said ai quietly
as beforo. "You forget that. If anything should happen to still thoss
steps forever, I shall claim the fulfilment of your promise, your oath,
His face was no paler than usual;
indeed, a spot of color had come into the sallow cheeks, but Judith
Orme fought with the shudder that
ran through her and tried in vain to
meet tho steady regard of the black
•yes with a contemptuous smile.
"You cling to    melodrama,"    she
said, with a shrug of her shoulders.
"Will you wait in England   for a
week?" he asked, as if her taunt had
not touched him.
"No!" sho replied.
"Threo days—two?" ha aaid, slowly, patiently.
"Not one!" was the Instant response. "Will you let me pass,
please? I shall bo late."
He stood asido, but as she was
sweoping by him he caught her hand
and pressed it to his lips.
"For all your gibes and mockery,
I know your hoart," he whispered.
"I can trust you. Hate is stronger
than love, and I am sure of my reward. You will keep your wordl"
—he looked atrangoly at him over
her shoulder, paused as if she were
listening to tho footsteps outsitle,
then, with a flash of the sapphire
eyes as if a latent firo had suddenly
sprung up within them, said, in a
voice almost as low as his:
"Yes, though I do not know whether I hate him or you worse, I will
keep my word "
When she had gone Julian stood
for a moment looking before him,
his tonguo moistening his hot lips.
She had spoken of madness, and ho
knew that it was the right word to
describe the passion which consumed
him, tho compact ho had made with
her. But thare is a grim method in
dome kind of madness.
Ho went out by a door at the end
of tho conservatory and, making his
way tlirough the ladies' garden, entered tho laboratory and sank into a
"She will go," ho muttored. "Aud
it is only tho sight of her that gives
me courage. When sho has gone I
shall bo as weak ns water. It is her
presence, the sound of hor voice, that
drives the fear out of my heart and
tills my voins with lire, No, I can't
wait! I can't wait! lt must be to-
"•_,:     or never!"
As ii,. spoko his face grow livid
wilh some emotion, with tho ccstacy
of fear battling with the frenzy of
desiro. Tho door oponed slowly, and
before ho could drivo the terrible expression fron. his face, Deborah entered with her noiscloss step. Ho
sturted to his foot and went to tho
table, while a thought flashed
through his brain. The woman
watched him too closely, knew too
much of him; sho was better out of
tho. way. Ho turned again slowly,
and with a sinilo signod to her.
"Is your box packed, Deborah?"
"No," sho replied, with downcast
"Then pack it," ho aaid. "I want
you to go up to-night instead of tomorrow. It will bo moro convenient. You don't mind tho short
notice? A carriage shall tako you to
tho station. Thero is a train at
eight-thirty. It will give you time?''
She raised her eyes and looked at
him with u keen hut voilod anxiety,
an anxiety bordering on dread.
"Don't send mo, Mr. Julian!" sho
said, her thin fingers moving swiftly. "Let mo stay to-night, till you
Ho looked nt her with a frown of
surprise that was not altogether assumed.
"What do you moan? What is tho
matter with you, Deborah?" he
nsked. "Why should you object to
leave horo a few hours earlier than
you intended?"
Her Speechless lips worked and her
eyes sought the floor as if thoy were
afraid to meet his,
"Let mo stay, Mr. Julian!" sho
pleaded. "You arc not well—you do
not sleep. I Watch—I can see the
light under your door. Thore—there
is something on your mind, something—" Her Angers censed and her
Inn:ili   gripped   each   other   as   lf   iho
iui'i saia too mucn.
Julian laughed noiselessly.
"Really, I don't know what can
be the matter with you, Deborah!"
he said, with an impatient gesture;
but her strange reluctance to leave
hiin only made him more determined
that she should go. "If you said
that you were not well it would bo
more to the purpose; in fact, I've
noticed that you've not been looking
the thing lately. This place does not
suit you. Now, don't arguo any
longer, my good Deborah. 1 want
the London rooms put straight by
tho time I get up thero to-morrow—
for 1 leave here to-morrow—and I intend you shall go to-night."
Sho made a gesture of resignation—
it was almost Oriental in its emphasis—and busied about tho room
putting a thing hero and there iu its
place. Presently she touched him on
tho shoulder nervously and pointed
to the cords of the ventilator.
"They are nearly broken," she
Julian glanced up and then turned
"1 know! I know!" ho snid, impatiently. "It doos not matter; thoy
will last.   Let them alone, please!"
She moved towards the door, but
paused and looked at him with a mixture of affection, entreaty and despair: then she raised her hunds and
snid on them, slowly, as one reluctantly preferring a claim, recalling an
"Mr. Julian, I—I served your father faithfully. I have served you, for
love of him and yourself. I—I nursed you. I'd have laid down my
lifo for him, I'd lay it dowu for you,
Mr. Julian—"
He nodded, as if he were schooling
himself to bo patient  with her.
"I am not like othor women. I
nin deaf and dumb, but when any
lixuble has threatened you or him I
have known it, known it though no
word has been spoken, no sign, that
others could read, has been made.
There—there is troublo threatening
now." She shuddered. "I know—
who should know better?—when thero
is something on your mind, and there
is something dark and droadlul on
it now! Mr. Julian—ah, for .Cod's
sake don't do it! She's not worth
it! She's beautiful—oh, I know, I
know; but sho's not worth it!"
Julian's face went white and into
his eyes crept the reflection of the
nameless terror and dread which
shone glassily in hers; then he
laughed, a laugh that sounded forced
and ghastly in the face of the woman's terror, and, taking out his
purse, he held out some money.
"Here's your fare, Deborah," he
said, gently enough, but his lips,
though thoy smiled, declared his inflexible determination.
As she took the money she clung to
his hand and slid to her knees, her
livid faco turned up to htm imploringly.
"Master, I see more than most,
fo.d more than those who can speak
ami hear," she signed. "I am afraid!
I know that look! Your mother's
faco used to wear it—1 um ufraidt
Ah, let me stay!"
Ho raised hor, arid with his hnnd
on her shoulder led her to the door.
"Foolish Dcbol'ahI" he signed as
he opened it. "You ara nervous and
oul of sorts, full of wild fancies and
presentiments. I'll send yuu to a
doit or when I conic home."
She protested, pleaded no longer,
hut, with a look at him, the look of
a tlog which, indifferent to all the
world besides is faithful and loving
to its muster, bent her head resignedly unil went out
Julian stood frowning for a moment or two, gnawing ut his lip us if
he were asking hiiuseli how much she
guessed, or whether it was only an
exhibition of nerves; then, with u
gesture, the Spanish gesture' which
wipes away a distasteful subject,
went up to dress.
The dinner that night wns a very
bright one. Judith, in u wonderful
dress which set off her marvellous
beauty to perfection, talked ulmost
unceasingly, her eyes shining liko
stars, her lips, usually so Immobile,
curved with the smile which women
wear when they are happiest—or wish
you to think them so. Vane, with
his grave regard, looked from her to
Julian und wondered whei her they
liud at lust—on this last opportunity
—become betrothed; but ho could
glean nothing from Julians face.
Serene and unclouded, it told nolbing.
Lady Fanworthy, at the head of
the table, Watched and listened with
the fuint smile In her keen eyes. The
Lotchfords almost flirted oponlv with
each other; Sir ('liiintlos ate—and
drunk—steadily, showing his teeth
when a witty remark wns made, und
stinking the carefully dyed moustache
us he glanced covertly nt that vision
of loveliness, his daughter, to Julian
and Vane, who, as tho dinner proceeded, leaned hack and dropped out
of tho discussion of plans for tho
F.ven nt the mnst public moments
ho hud this habit of "dropping
out," and away soured his thoughts,
and his spirit, to a certain nameless
isle, where moved tho slim, graceful
figure of tho girl he had loved—and
lost. The voices round the dinner
tublo smoto vaguely on his oar, for
ho was listening to that clear, girlish voice which haunted him, sleeping or waking.
"Oh, my lost lovol I held you in
niy arms but onco. And then lost
He awakened with a sigh and passed tho port to Sir Chnndos. Tho
ladies had gone to the drawing-room,
anil when Sir Chandos hnd drunk his
usual, too liberal, allowance, Vanco
"Come und sing to us, Julinn,"
he snid; "no mournful ditty to night,
hut something thut will cheer us."
Anil he put his hnnd on Juliitn's
slight shoulder
(To be continued.)
An Investigation of the iron ore resources of the Dominion Is to be made
upon the recommendation of Dr.
Haanel, Dominion sperintendent of
The Various; Pro venues Which Enter
Into Their  Making.
The ribs nud stems of an umbrella are
generally made In factories having a
specialty of these items and are sent
thence to the real manufacturer. Here
first the man whose work it is to assemble the parts inserts a bit of wire
iuto the small holes at the end of the
ribs, draws them together about tbo
main rod and puts ou the ferrule.
In cutting the cloth seventy-five thicknesses or thereabouts are arranged upon a splitting table, at wbicli skilled
operators work. In another room are a
number of girls who operate hemming
machines. A thousand yards of hemmed goods is but a day's work for one
of these girls. The machines at which
they work are geared to a high speed.
After hemming, the cloth Is cut into
triangular pieces with a knife, as before, but witb a pattern laid upon tbe
cloth. The next operation ls the sewing of the triangular pieces together by
The covers and the frames are now
ready to be brought together. In all
there are twenty-one places where tlie
cover ls to be attached to the frame in
the average umbrella.
The handle Is next glued on, and the
umbrella ls ready for pressing nud inspection. By far the greater number
of umbrellas today are equipped with
wooden handles. A large variety of
materials may be used, however, such
as horn, china, bone, agate, pearl,
ivory, silver and gold. Gold and silver,
quite naturally, enter Into tbe construction of the more expeusive grades of
umbrellas, some of which, iu price,
have been known to bring as high as
$150 or $200. A wooden handle may
likewise be expensive, depending upon
the quality of the wood used. Ebony,
petrified wood, fir, oak and elder are
as well known to the umbrella meu,
who manufacture 15,000,000 umbrellas
a year.
The umbrella has been developing
rapidly during the last few years.
We pick up even a cheap one nowadays, press a button and tbe top
spreads Itself like an eagle ready for
Its flight We are going away, aud an
ordinary umbrella is too long to put iu
our grip. We find nmong our assortment of umbrellas and parasols one
which ls meant for just such an emergency and which in a most accommodating manner folds up to suit the size
of our traveling bag. Other new ones
lock with a key. Some spread their
shade over eight or nine feet of territory, and manufacturers aver that
these are but a few of tbe Improvements which we may expect
Hew a MlnUtcr Csnis te Buy It .m*
WU?   1!V  Sold  IX.
Tht Rev. Francis Winter was a native of Boston and a graduate ef Harvard college.  He went to Bath early ln
1767 and, after preaching on probation
for the orthodox chinch, was Invited
I to Bfcttle, which Invitation he accepted.
■ He was ordained iu the autumn of the
1 same year.   He wont to Bath ou horseback ln company  with  Lemuel  Stnn-
dlsh.   Mr. Winter enme from -Boston,
i where he had associated with Buch eminent men as Adams, Otis and Warren,
himself becoming   an   ardent   patriot,
taking the lead hi the Revolutionary
measures adopted in Bath during that
memorable period.
Mr. Winter married Miss Abigail Alien in 1708, and It ls through her that
tho Winters of today trace tbelr ancestry back to the "Puritan Maiden of
Three years after the marriage of the
Rev. Francis Winter and Abigail Alden
tbey started to visit n sister of Mrs.
Winter living ln Connecticut and Intended to ride all the way ou horseback, but Mrs. Winter became so fatigued that Mr. Winter sold one of the
horses for a carriage and burness. It
was the first currluge tbat ever came
into Maine and was culled a chaise.
Traveling was so difficult that two negroes wero enJployed to accompany
tliem with Bhovels and axes to clear
the road. Several times the chaise had
to be taken apart and lifted over fallen
trees. Tbe minister's parishioners
thought that It was putting on too
much style for their pastor to ride in a
carriage, and ln consequence Mr. Wln-
i ter told lt. This was In 1771. It was a
j two wheeled dulse, tbe body resting
| on leather braces, which were attached
to wooden springs.
The Soeae of a Fumoun and Eventful
Prayer Meetiug;.
The most famous prayer meeting ever
convened In this country was held lu
the summer of 180(1 on the grounds of
a farmer adjacent to Williams college,
Williamstown, Mass., says Leslie's
Weekly. It was held by five students.
They were querying what tbey could
do for the benefit of mankind, A thunderstorm occurred, and they took refuge under a haystack and continued
the meeting. Seemingly the students
alone for tlie time being knew of tho
meeting. For yenrs the place was unmarked nnd the event iineoiumoiuorut-
ed. But those students originated the
foreign rrissionury movement iu this
country for the benefit of nil lands nnd
peoples. Subsequently Williams college
acquired the property, named it Mission park and erected n monument
commemorative of the great result. It
consists of a shaft of granite twelve
feet In height, bearing a globe throe
feet In diameter, representing the
world. The legend on the shaft Is,
"The Birthplace of American Foreign
Missions." Underneath nre the names
of five students who had a part In the
meetiug—Samuol J, Mills, James Richards, Francis L. Robbius, Harvey Loomls nnd Byram Green. This memorial
ls nn object of Interest to every visitor
to Williamstown, and at every commencement a religious servico Is held
beside it.
Old Time Illumination With tutmii
and Candlea.
In thoso days of electric lights, with
all tbelr capabilities for brilliant illumination, It is amusing to read what
the subject! of George II. considered
a dazzling effect. A Frenchman visiting ln London at tbe time of the coronation of that monarch in 1727 writes
enthusiastically lu praise of the lighting of the city as well as of a banquet display.
"Most of the streets," writes M.
Saussure, "are wonderfully well lighted. In frout of each house bangt
a lantern, or large globe of glass, Inside of which Is placed a lamp which
burns all night. Large houses have
two of these suspended outside the
doors by Iron supports. Some even
have four."
How one arc light would bave dazzled the good people of that day I
"Wben the coronation procession entered Westminster hall," tbe wrltei
continues, "the light of day was beginning to fade. Forty chandeliers, In
shape like a crown, hung from the celling, each havlug thirty-six wax caudles.
"On the king's appearance all suddenly lighted, and every one In the
room was filled with astonishment at
the wonderful and unexpected illumination. Little cords of cotton wool,
Imperceptible to the eye, saturated
with sulphur of sn'ltpeter, spirits of
wine nnd other lugredlents, had been
prepared and arranged so as to carry
the flame rapidly from one candle to
another. Tbe arrangement had been
so skillfully prepared that scarcely a
caudle failed to take fire."
It  It Ono  of the   Perfections   of  the
A gentleman Ib gentle, slow to surmise evil, slow to take offense and
slower still to give lt. A gentleman
subdues bis feelings and controls bis
speech. It Is sometimes said of a mnn
that "be can be a gentleman lf he
wants to be," but a man who can be
a gentleman when he wants never
wants to be anything else, says tbe
Pittsburg Press.
Iu the cultivation of courtesy self
respect must play a prominent part.
We muBt never pass for more than the
valuo we place upon ourselves. To respect others we must first respect onr-
selves. Wblttler Bald, "I felt tbat I :
was ln tbe world to do something, and
I thought I must."
Oue of the perfections of the gallant
man lies lu the supremacy of self control. Herbert Spencer, speaking of this
Important attitude of man as n moral
being, tald, "Not to be Impulsive, not
to bo spurred hither and thither by
each desire that ln turn comes uppermost, but to be self contained, self
balanced, governed by tbe Joint decision of the feelings ln council assembled, before which every action >
shall bave been fully debated and
calmly determined—tbat lt ls wblcb
education, moral education at least,
strives to produce."
For Dating Onetelf.
A physician recommends rochello
salts for amateur doctoring. He says
tbnt It It an excellent thing, several
times a day, to take as much of tbe salts
as may be put on a cent ln a little water. That will sweeten the stomach
and act as n very desirable spring
medicine. He also speaks highly of
soda, having no patience with those
timid people who have nn Idea that it
ls ii dangerous dose, doing some vague
harm to tha coating of tbe Intestines.
"Why, everything we eat, almost, has
soda In lt." he cried lu disdain. "It is
nn admirable thing to take half ro-
chelle salts and half bicarbonate of
soda, as directed, several times a day.
I know of few gentler and still mors
beneficent general medicines."
A Poltonoat Frog.
People ln general look upon all species of the frog as being perfectly
harmless. Should you be traveling lu
New Grannda (United States of Colombia), however, you would do well to
let a certain little tree croaker severely alone. Ho secretes a poison equally
as deadly as that of the rattlesnake.
It exudes from his skin lu the shape of
a milky liquid aud Is used by the natives as a poison for tbelr arrows.
Write aa Yon Feel.
If you would write to any purpose,
you must be perfectly free from within. Give yourself the natural rein;
think on no pattern, uo patron, no paper, no press, no public; think on nothing, but follow your Impulses. Give
yourself as you are—what you are and
how you see It. Every man sees with
bis own eyes or does not see at all.—
Wouldn't Trnat Him.
"Of course," snld the sarcastic man,
"you nlways do your wife's bidding."
"Gracious! No!" replied Mr. Hen-
peck. "She wouldn't let me. Wben sho
goes to an auction sale she never takes
me with her."-
The Art of Flattery.
Thert are those wbo have an Instinct
which prompts tbem to offer verbal caresses to all with whom tbey come ln
contact, and there ls no doubt that, lf
such people are gifted at the same timo
with good hoarts, they greatly sweeten
life. They do not kuow how to say,
much less write, a disagreeable sentence. Tbey see with tbelr mind's eye
the exact spot where a flattering word
would produce pleasure or salvo a
smart, and the temptation to suy lt ls
very great. The pleasure they produce
delights thom, and they study to produce lt again. No doubt they practice
an art, but not a very black art, and It
Is difficult not to like tbem, especially
If they are women. Real flattery—tho
really false article—cnn hardly exist
with a warm heart rienty of folly and
too. much desire to be popular may go
with that, but nothing els*.
"Has your son arrived at years of
"Oh, yes.   He's about to be married."
"How   you   contradict   yourself!"
The Week.
As a division of time tlie week hns
been used lu the enst from Immemorial
sges. It does not seem to be a natural
division of time, though several periods
of iiiilinnl economy, such as th<> Incubation of eggs, correspond with weeks.
One Ifedccmliig Feature.
"What au idiot Slovens Is, Isn't be?"
"Yes, but be bus one redeeming quality   he's always telling you how well
you look."
ftecorda Locate Profit  and  I.oaa  and
Help the Feeder.
The condition of the farming industry as seen on the average form points
to the need of better business methods
uud more definite knowledge of the
sources of profit nud loss. In no department-connected with the farm Is
there more need for absolute data than
In the dairy.
The records of progressive and un-
progressive dairymen indicate that
there is no business which shows a
greater range of profit thnn thnt of
dairy farming. Investigations of creamery patrous Illustrate tbls most strikingly and show that one dairyman frequently makes double the profits of bis
Good judges believe tbat one-fourth
of the cows of the entire country kept
for milk do not pny tbe cost of keeping
and nearly one-fourth more fall to
yield an annual profit.
Records of the performances of dairy
cows form the only accurate and safe
basis for judging their value. It Is the
constant ulm of progressive dairymen
to Improve their herds, and such Improvement must depend largely upou
culling the herd and getting rid of the
unprofitable animals. From the breeders' standpoint records are especially
valuable ln assisting ln finding customers for their stock. Many buyers
insist on seeing records of duiry performance before purchasing.
A record is also of great help to the
feeder. If he knows exactly what a
cow is doing he can prepare the ration
accordingly and often feed more economically. Again, a daily milk record
enables a dairyman to detect the approach of sickness in a cow and thus
to take steps to ward lt off.
Minimum  Standard.
The New York state dairymen's convention passed a resolution favoring a
minimum stuudard not only for milk,
but for cream, butter and cheese, and a
provision for tbe higher standards under registration with the department'
of agriculture, higher standards to be
labeled and signs to be displayed on
wagons, in places of business, etc., and
a sufficient penalty for false registration. If some encouragement of this
sort could be offered, It would seem
that more milk testing above 3 per
cent might be sold. Then, too, there
would be some chance for a farmer to
sell ou a test basis and not be compelled to sell 5 per cent or C per cent
milk at the same price that ls paid for
3 per cent milk, says a writer lu Na-
tioual Stockman.
Clover and Lime.
When the common red clover, after
taking root ln the spring, ls found later lu the season to be making no
growth and finally disappears ln patches
or altogether, then the need of lime is
indicated. The appearance of the
plant known as sorrel, or horse sorrel,
Is a further Indication of the need of
lime.—Ohio Experiment Station.
Dairy Talk of Today
A  llelated Apology.
Mrs. Tnlkwords—Henry, you were
talking in your sleep last night. Henry—Pardon me for luterrnptlng you.—
fimart Sat   -
*  '!■
No matter how square the dealer
may be, he is but human, and the
buyer will find lt dollars in bis pocket
to be a good judge of cows. Veteran
dealers are past masters in the art of
making the cow put her best foot forward, so to speak.
Be.viire the Gentle Ball.
This is a poor time of year for funerals.   Better not leave the care of
the bull to "grandpa and the kids."
By the Common Senae Route.
If the average farmer is to become a
good dairyman he must learn tbe business  by  degrees.   Let him  take the
common cows he bas on his farm, and
by careful breeding and selecting let
him build his herd and bis knowledge
of the business up to a point where he
can make a success of real dairying,
says Kimball's Dairy Farmer.
Nothing Beats Cew Keeping.
For the young and energetic man
who wants to start out right, make
money, keep up the fertility of his
farm and win a reputation as a successful farmer there Is nothing that
beats cow keeping.
Not an Baty Job.
Now, gloss lt over as slick writers
and persuasive talkers may, the fact
remains that dairying is not a business
of moderate demands. To succeed at
lt, even with the very best of special
tools nnd the most refined brand of
dairy knowledge, requires that a man
shall put a vast amount of his life, his
energy und bis individuality Into it—
W. F. McSparran.
Two Pounds of Honest Batter.
Let me say as emphatically as possible, uuy cow that In her prime will
make two pounds of honest butter a
duy for thirty days Is a good cow, and
a Jersey that will uot make ten pounds
a week or give over ten quarts of milk
a day with her second calf at three
years old is not worth keeping, says a
writer In American Agriculturist And
do not forget that fawn colors or solid
colors, with black tongue and switch,
do not mnke a Jersey pure bred, nor
does a cow with white—and lots of It
too—sometimes make a cow a grade.
A Vital ttueatiea.
With the advent of creameries, skim
mlng stations and hand separators the
question of successful and economical
raising of calves on skim milk Is one
of growing Importance and vital concern to every creamery patron and
private dairyman. As land increases
In value we can no longer afford to
keep a cow the entire year for raising
one calf to be used as a feeding steer.
-D. H. Otis, Kansas.
The T*nantlaflcd Bachelor.
"I have not married so I may have a
quiet life," said tho bachelor. "Had I
married a good wife I would have been
afraid to lose her; a bnd one, I would
have been unhuppy. Had I taken a
poor girl wc would hnvo lived wretchedly; u rich one, nnd sbe would have
had cnuse to taunt me with her money.
Had Bhe been ugly I could not have
loved ber; beautiful, and I would have
been eternally Jenlous. Therefore I
hnvo not married, and yet Ufa Is a
There cannot be different degrees
of purity any more than there can
be different degrees of honesty.
If a man be honest, that is all he
can be.    There is no superlative.
One flour cannot be purer than
another. It can only be more
nearly pure.
In these times when all flour man.
ufacturers are claiming purity you
should remember these two things:
Actual purity in flour can only be
Becured by the use of electricity.
Royal Household Flour
is the only flour, made and sold in
Canada, that is purified by electricity.
You   can   get   Ogilvie's   Royal
Household Flour from your grocer.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Limited.
"'Ogilvie's Book for a Cook," contains 130
pages of excellent recipes, some never before
published. Your grocer can tell you how lo
get it FREE. 1
Gold Ifaed In Jewelry.
France heads the list as the country
which uses up most gold in the making
of Jewelry. Her jewelers work up
3(5,000 pounds weight of gold every
year—that is, about ouc-thlrtieth of the
whole amount produced. Great Britain
accounts for an almost equal quantity,
and the United States takes 32,000
pounds weight for similar objects,
while German craftsmen for that couutry worked up 30.000 pounds of virgin
gold lu the lust year. Small as Switzerland Is, she nbsorbed nearly 20,000
pounds weight of line gold, while Italy
and Russia betweeu them took a similar amount We cnn procure no accurate statistics from Turkey or India or
China, but ns ench of these countries
uses n large quantity of gold for purposes of ornament we shall not be
very fur wrong If we say that the
world's jewelers use more thau half of
all the gold produced.
Million  Dnahela of Wheat  Wanted.
"During 1005." writes George tt.
Metcalfe, M. E., In the Technical
World Magazine, "the railroads of the
United Stntes ordered uew locomotives
to tho number of 0,300, together with
3,300 pussenger cars nnd 340,000
freight cars. These last figures give a
good idea of the relative importance of
passenger and freight truffle to a large
railroad. Tbe rail mills started tbe
new year with orders for 2,500,000 tons
on their books.
"Iu spite of these great orders and In
spite of the best efforts of the railroad
managers pile after pile of thousands
of bushels of corn bas been heaped up
on the ground In Iowa, Kansas and
Nebraska for want of storage room or
transportation facilities, while In
North Dukota alone over a million
bushels of wheat bave rotted on the
ground for want of freight cars to
move It"
Attention Movet the World.
"Knowledge," lt Is said, "begins In
wonder." But wonder Is the result of
attention, and by attention tbo world
Is moved beneficently or madly, as in
tbe blind and bloody turmoils of tbe
ltusslan people, attentive at last to
their wrongs and the possibilities of
liberty. Without the attention of Individual and collective minds nothing
goes forward on an earth so full of objects and Ideas that selection must be
forced from tlie outside or deliberately
exercised from tbe Inside before anything good or bad can be doue. It is
the business of the good man to study
means of attracting attention to good
causes, to necessary betterments and
to all that Is fair and lovely and wholesome ln tbls distracting, distracted and
multitudinous universe.—Century.
Nothing will stand you ln better
stead, In the cold, practical, everyday
world, than a good sound business
education. You will find that your
success in any trade, occupation or
profession will depend as much on
your general knowledge of men and
affairs-as on your technical  training.
At the Yarmouth Y.M.C.A Boys'
Camp, held at Tusket Falls in August,
1 found MINAUD'S LINIMKNT most
beneficial lor sunburn, an immediate
relie. lor colic aud toothache.
General Secretary.
The new Italian cabinet has been
formed, with Giovuuni Uiolotti us premier and minister of the interior
The czar's cabinet is believed to be
tottering to its fall, the douma scorned
the government's personal liberty I_ti.ll-
The wheat crop of the Punjab for
this year has beaten all records, being 500,1)00 tons in excess of the pre
vious best crop.
Most of the troubles that afflict
little ones may be traced to the stomach or bowels and if these are put
right the child will get well and thrive
wen. -uuy's Own Tablets will cure
all stomach aud bowel ailments, and
all other minor troubles of babyhood
uud childhood. And the mother has
the guarantee of a government analyst that this medicino contains uo
poisonous opiate of harmful drug. Mrs.
Wilbert MeKenzie, Chelmsford, Ont,
says; "My little girl was troubled with
obstinate constipation to such an extent that we did not think she would
live. She cried almost constantly
and was wasting away. I got a box
of Bnby's Own Tablets, and In three
days found a great Improvement. 1
continued giving her the tablets for
nearly a month, and every trace of
the trouble has disappeared, and she
has since been a bright, healthy child
and hns grown nicely." You can get
tue Tablets from any medicine dealer
Oi by mall at 25 cents a box by writing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont.
A Remarkable Child.
Dr. and Mrs. Julian P. Thomas ol
New York ore the parents of a remarkable child, aged seven years. Some ol
tbe playthings, provided at his own ra
quest are a' skeleton, his favorite,
whose every bone he knows by name;
a physiological chart, wblcb has enabled bim to study tbe muscular tissue, the nervous and circulatory systems; n fully equipped automobile
boy's size, which he operates and re
pairs; a great globe, wblcb has eause<
blm to spurn all geographies. Ho Is n
talented musician aud makes an excep
tion of bis music and drawing teach
ers ln the sweeping refusal to don'
with Iwatruplnra	
A Satisfactory Condition.
"My Invention will Increase your Income by millions," said tbe mechanical genius.
"I don't want my Income Increased,"
answered Mr. Dustln Stax. "It Ib exactly right as it Ib, big enough to buy
everything I want and small enough to
keep grand Juries from being Inquisitive."—Washington Star.
Material reduction ln telephone
rates is to go into effect in New York
city on July 1.
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
Port Arthur's population Is given
as 10,210 by her assessment commissioner. This is nn increase of 3,400
over last year and 7,000 over four
years ago.
W    N    U    No.     588 NEW ZEALAND PENSIONS.
Ninety Dollars a Year It the Maximum
For Old  Age.
New Zealand looks after Its old folks.
Every person of G5 years and upward
who has lived for-twenty-five years In
tho colony, has enjoyed a tolerably
good character during that period, and
led a sober respectable life for at
least five years past, ls entitled to an
old-age penajon of the state funds. It
ls provided, however, that no pension
can be awarded where the income
from other sources exceeds $260 a
year, or where the applicant has more
than $1,360 worth of property. As——cs
' and other aliens are Ineligible. Wives
draw a pension as well as their husbands, provided the total income of the
household does not exceed $390 a year.
The full State pension Is $90 a year, but
$5 ls deducted from every $5 of Income
over $170 derived from other sources.
Thus a pensioner wlt'h $200 a year income would draw $60 as his old age
pension. The system has been ln operation seven years, and the number of
pensions In force ls close on 12,000, Involving an annual payment of over
$1,000,000. Last y»ar the pensioners in-
eluded four centenarians, two of whom
were 103 years old. The pension ls paid
•n the flrst day of evory month, through
the postal department.
Peer Is a Farmer,
a scientist who is also a peer
can at the same time be a good business man Is proved In the case of Lord
Raylelgh. Lord Raylelgh Is one of tho
greatest scientists of the day. He was
senior wrangler and professor of experimental physics at Cambridge; ls a
professor of natural philosophy and has
innumerable decorations and scholarships. In addition he Is a good business
man. He owns a large estate, Terling
Place, near Wltham, Essex, England,
and this he has converted Into a huge
dairy farm, from which he supplies the
three stores he runs In London under
under the name of "Lord Raylelgh's
His profits from this source are very
large. Lord Raylelgh Is a brother-in-
law of the Hon. A. J. Balfour, and ls
staying with him at Carlton Gardens ln
tho house which Ambassador Choate
once occupied. Lord Raylelgh married
Miss Evelyn Balfour, a sister of the
former Premier.
Childhood's Dreamt Are Qood.
Tht curbing or suppression of tht
fanciful Imaginations of childhood was
ttrongly condemned by Dr. J. W.
Slaughter, ln a lecture given under the
auaplcot of the Childhood Society at
tht Parkes Museum, Margaret street,
London, England.
"A child's view of thlngt m«y be
more rial than ours," ht snld. "Their
environment as Interpreted by them
It real ln Just ths same tenst as ourt
at Interpreted by us. There lt no phait
of lift where things aro as they are.
Thty art what they ara to ut bscautt
wt think they are.
"A child deals with ohlld faots. Whea
lt lt six It will deal with tlx-ysar-old
facts, and when lt grows to sixteen or
eighteen lt will deal with sixteen or
eighteen-year-old rants. Let us treat
the child's world of Imagination as real
for that child, and utilize lt as Important In Its human nature and education."
In a discussion which followed a
teacher remarked thnt she had scholars
ten years old to whom It wu Impossible
to teach history or literature, owing to
their Imaginative faculty having been
early suppressed.
"My Blxyear-old daughter has been
told the story of the Garden of Eden,"
remarked another lady. "Shs lt now
trying to tolve tho problem whether
lt ls a fairy tale or not. I have left
her to her own thoughts, and sho lt
rather Inclined to think lt ls a fairy
tale because, she says, snakes don't
ijolloway's Corn Cure is a si.ecif.t
lot the removal of corns ancl Marts
•Yo have never heard of its "alii).•; tc
rjmove even the worst kind.
The Klondike Water Supply com
pany has been Incorporated with a
capital of $8,000,000 to establish a system whereby water from the Klondike river may be brought to the various creeks for hydraulic mining
A Magic Pill.—Dyspepsia is a foe
with which men are constantly grappling but ennnot exterminate. Sub
dued, and to all appearances vanquished In one, it makes its appearance In another direction. Iu many
the digestive apparatus is as delicate
as the mechanism of a watch or
Bcientitlc Instrument in which even a
breath of air will make a variation.
I, lth such persons disorders of the
stomach ensue from most, trivial
Causes und cause much Buttering, To
these Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are
recommended as mud and sure.
An old woman, who for years hail
begged alms at the doors of Parisian
Churches, died, and the police found
hidden ln her bedding in a miserable
room in the Hue Saint Savour $20,000
in bank notes, gold und silver. No
heir has been heard of.
It seems especially incredible that
a strong, sturdy, selfmade man, who
hus had to fight his way up from pov
erty, and who feels the backache In
every dollar he has earned, should let
bis savings slip lurough his fingers in
the most foolish investments, with
scarcely any investigation, often
sending ..m money iiiousnnds of miles
away to people he has never seen anil
about whom he knows practically
nothing, except through an advertisement winch has attracted his atten
Hon, or through the wiles of soni
smooth, unprincipled promoter.—Sue
cess Magazine.
Ask for Minard's and take  no other.
Parliament's Invitation to King Eil
ward and Queen Alexandra has not
yet gone forward from Canada. It Is
understood that the sending of this
Invitation will be one of the first
things to engage the attention of the
governor-general when he returns to
lue capital.
$100 REWARD $100.
The readeri of thl- paper will lie pleased to lenrn
that there it at leant one dreaded _ incline that f.cit.noe
hu been able to cure In all Uh i-'hi:ih. nnd that li
Oatarrh. Hall's uuturrh Curo la thu only positive
cure now known to tlie medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a cnnMtittuional cUMMUte. reuuir__. a rnuxtltu
tional treatment. HiiII'm Catarrh Cure i" tHkun internally, autlnu directly on the blood and    huh
KiirfiiceH "f tli.. ny.'irin, thereby df_Mtroyl~„ the foundation of tliodlf-t.i-.rt., and Riving the pnlk-ntfitrontfth
by biiiidiua up the obnttltutlon Rita ■Misting nature
In doina its work,   Tho  - - - J^^^^^^^^^^—
faith lnlt« Piirntl
prlnton havo ho much
...    . —    «  -H
for lint of tuHtiunmi.iln.
Address: F. J. CHENEY -ft Co.. Toledo, O,
Sold b> drugg_ntr. TOO,
Tako Hail'it Family 1M1U for roiiHtlpatioa.
Consideration of tho erection of a
Dominion government building at
Lethbrldge will be hastened by the
creation of the new judicial district,
as the whole of the court house will
probably then be required for legal
purposes. The Dominion building
would Include postoffice, customs ofiice, laqgs offlce and perhaps immigration offlce.
Tm Growing
Old Fast
And you know why, too. It's
those gray hairs! Don't you
know that Ayer's Hair Vigor
restores color to gray hair?
Well, it does. And it never
fails, either. It stops falling
hair also, and keeps the scalp
clean and healthy. Do not
grow old too fasti
" 1 bkrti us od A jer's Hair Vigor for many
SH—) and I should Indeed b« sorry to be ob-
l«d to do without H. it k „. ps my list, from
taming gny, nnd nlso Itseps my ictlpclesa
nnd lienlthy."---. 8.1'nNHnl.u, C.njoo City,
*r 1.0. Arjr Co., LowgU.
—iio —_.u—oturers of
esfwtr i_cto»u.
Ws Ought to Live 140 Years.
"I nee that Dr. Lasalle has been communicating his Ideas of longevity to
tha Academy of Medicine," says the
Paris correspondent of Truth.
"They are those of Flourens, who
set them forth In his lectures at ths
Sorbonnei but Floureni had not ths
same opportunities for basing his Ieo-
tures on a broad foundation of statistics. Reasoning from analogy, ha concluded that human beings ought to live
Ave or six timet longer than It took
them to attain the full adult state—that
ts to say from twenty to 'twenty-five
"It takes a cat eighteen months to
grow up. and the creature, If left to dls
a natural death, does so at the a*e
varying from ten to twelve years. The
dog takes two years, and Uvea from
twelve to fourteen; the horse five, and
goes on to twenty-five or thirty. A
well-constituted human being ought to
llvs from 120 to 140 years.
•In aditlon to the cases of longevity
cited by Flourens, Dr. Lasalle gives a
long list For Instance: Peter Czortan,
who died reosntly at Temesvar, in Hungary, at tho age of 183 years, and an old
man who has Just turned his 200th year
ln an asylum at Pulsk. He burled his
wife in his 133rd year. Would It not be
well to send a scientific, commission to
Pulsk to Investigate Into this Methuselah's claim to extraordinary longevity?"
._. lirlclcctn.
In nlmost every country- In Europs
there Is a current belief that the presence of crickets in a house Is a fortunate omen and that tho singing of ths
crickets nt night betokens good luck
for the uext day.
Gain New Health and Strength
Through Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Anaemia is just thu doctor's name
for blooillessness. Dr. Williams' Pink
l'ills lor I'ale People actually mnke
new blood. Can any cure be more
direct or certain? Blood is bound to
oure bloodlessnesB. Dr. Williams'
l'ink Pills euro anaemia just, us food
cures hunger. They cured Mrs. Clare
Coolc, a young English woman who recently came to this country from
Portsmouth, England, nnd la at present residing at Prince's Lodge, Hall-
fax Co., N.S. She says: "I am an
etithnslasiic believer In the value ol
Ur. Williams' Pink Pills as a cure for
anaemia, I had suffered from the
trouble almost from childhood, hut a
few years ago it developed iutfl a severe type of the trouble. My skin was
pale and waxy; my lips seemed bloodless, and my entire system* was run
down, i suffered from headaches,
dizziness and weak spells, and my
friends feared that 1 was going into
u-decllne. 1 tried Ionics and emulsions
but without benefit. Then a friend
who had used Dr. Williams' Pink
Puis for the same troublo advised me
to try them, in a short time they
began to help mo and In a couple of
months I was quite well, the color
Having returned to my face, my appetite improved and I had gained In
weight. I can strongly recommend
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to all anaemic
girls and women."
The pale anaemic person needs only
one thing—new blnod, Dr. Williams'
Pink fills do only one thing—they
make new blood. They won't cure
uny disease that Isn't originally
paused by bad blood. Hut when Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills replace hail blnod
with good blood, they strike straight
at the root and cause of all common
diseases like anaemia, headaches aud
backaches, rheumatism, Indigestion.
neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, kidney
I rouble anil tile secret troubles that
every woman knows but none of them
like to talk nbout, even lo their doctors. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are
sold hy all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 conls :i box or six boxes
for J2.60 from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Out.
He Saw 8ir Walter 8»«. Th, 0,d„t p|()nMr pa„e, Aw„y
Rlohard D.  Thompson of EdlnDurgh Cornellua Pruden  born it Fort Cari.
the other day  told an   audience   that ton. Prince Rupert's Land, »5 years ago,
when a schoolboy he frequently saw Sir ilea ^ hl, h         ,„ th          |9h ot Bt
Walter ScoU.   Once when on a fishing j            near wlnnl         recently.     His
The Prime o( 1 ile.
The larger part of the g.teut fortunes
of tbls country huve been accumulated
after their arnasBcrs have passed forty.
In fact, tbe flrst forty years of a man's
life ure tlie preparatory years, tho
years of training and discipline. A
large part of this time be Is laying tha
foundation—just getting ready to rear
the superstructure. Muny of us stumble around nany years beforo we get
Into the right place, and then for additional years we make many mistakes.
Most men do not get wise until they
have passed forty. Tbey may get
knowledge before this, but not much
wisdom. Wisdom Is a ripening process.- It takes time. Every man makes
his own dead Hue. Some reach It at
thirty-five, some at forty, some at fifty;
some do not reach lt at eighty; some
never reach It because they uever cease
to grow.
Birds as Workers.
Birds cnn nnd do work far harder
than human beings. A pair of house
martins wben nesting will feed tbelr
young on an average once ln twenty
seconds—thnt ls, each bird, male and
female, makes ninety journeys to and
fro in a hour, or, perhaps, 1,000 a day.
It must be remembered thnt on each
journey tho bird has the added work
of catching an Insect. Even so tiny a
bird us tlie wren has been counted to
muke 110 trips to and from Its nest
within 4.10 minutes, nnd tlie prey It
carried home consisted of Insects much
larger, heavier nnd harder to And than
were caught by the swallows.—London
!K 000 M.WARD will
ipa.WVW be paid to any
person who proves that
-Sunlight Soap contains nny
injurious chemicale or any
form of adulteration.
is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its manu-
facture is watched by an
expert chemist.
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and the wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your money refunded by
the dealer from whom you buy
Sunlight Soap if you find any cause
for complaint.
Lever Brothers Limited. Toronto
expedition Sir Walter's carriage came
along and stopped, and Mr. Scott of
Raeburn told Sir Walter who Mr.
Thomson was. Sir Walter spoke to him.
patted him on the shoulder and hoped
that he would be a good boy and a credit to his ancestors. He was known
to the Sootts, as his grandfather sold
the first bit of Abbotsford to Sir Walter.
Mr. Thomson was quite elated at tho
carriage stopping on his aceount. On
going home he mentioned the Incident,
and he remembered his aunt saying'
"Remember tlsVt. It will be something
to tell whan vou axe an old man."
The Grafter.
"To graft or not to graft.
That Is the proposition. ;l
Whether it Is bettor i
To stay on a small salary    I.      a
AH your life
And be decent
Or to _rlve the sklddoo
To the work problem .
And reach out arms Into a sea of craft.
Like nny other octopus,
And live with the high rollers henceforward.
To steal, to'graft, lo be exposed-
Aye, there's the run!
For In the free for all clinch with ths
That exposuro may como
Ere yet one ls able to skip to Europs,
There's the trouble.
There's the double cross that makes
Of this grafting business
And gives us pause."
(N. B.-He grafted.)
parents were English, his father having
been chief factor of the Hudson Bay
Co. at Fort Carfton, Fort Edmonton,
and Jasper House. He himself served
over fifty years with the great company. He was a mljfhty hunter, and
had seen the broad plains stocked with
buffalo. He had seen the destruction
of the bison, had taken pagt in the
deadly rivalry of the big fur companies
of his time, had been a participant In
stirring events leading up to both the
Red River expeditions, had grieved at
the rebellion of '85, and had seen Winnipeg quite late ln his life gTOW from
an obscure trading post to a prosperous
city. During his long career he witnessed the erection of three great Provinces ln the West. Although "born In
the far north, he was educated in England, and was the oldest white Inhabitant of Red River Valley. He was,
perhaps, the oldest native-born Canadian. He had roamed the Dakota:
and Minnesota long before their cities
came Into existence. He leaves a large
family of three generations, whits and
Something to Worry About,
"Tbat woman looks contented."
"Yes, sbe has got two dressmakers
and a new servant girl lu her bouse
tbls morplutt-".      	
Marooned All the Winter.
When the Bradshaw made the rounds  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
of Isle Royale after the winter had pass- I Jont  Por  sho—.
cd there were found two men at Chip- [    "She behaves In such n Billy way over
pewa  Harbor, who had been unlnten-1 her fiance, the count.
His Lurid S'.ylo.
The Lady Interviewer—And you
brought that Iove.y parrot from ths Ill-
fated ship? What a beauty I Does It
talk at all?
Ths Sailor Man (embarrassed)—
H'm I E-r, yes, Quite a bit. mum, but
not far publercatlonl
-jabrlcant-i of Thought.
"Pictures and poetry," sail the artistic young woman, "do much to smooth
the pathway of life."
"Yea" answered Mr. Cumrox. "there
are a lot of advertisements that
wouldn't be read If lt weren't for
them."—Washington Star.
An Important thing to remember when buying
Green Tea. You are always sure of getting ABSOLUTELY   PURE  tea   In   the   packages   labelled
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,    50c,    and    60c    per    It).     At    all    Grocers.
Highest Award   St. Louis 1904.
tlonally left on the Island all winter.
They were overlooked when the last trip
to the Island was made last fall. The
men are E. D. Bailey and C. B. Hallen-
er of Anonto, N. Y., students, who
meant only to spend their holidays on
the Island. Their disappearance was
mysterious and their friends have been
prosecuting .enquiries all winter along
Lake Superior, but without avail. The
young men put ln a good winter, hunting and trapping, and came out with
hair banging on their shoulders and
beards falling to their breasts.
Great numbers of vast fortunes in
this country have been aud are being
built up on the very ignorance of the
masses in regard to business methods.
Tlie schemers bank ou it that It is
easy to swindle people who do not
know how to protect their property.
They thrive on the ignorance of their
fellows. They know that a shrewd
advertisement, a cunningly worded
circular, a hypnotic appeal will bring
the hard earnings of these unsuspecting people out of hiding places into
tneir own coffers.
The Demon, Dyspepsia.—In olden
times it was the popular belief that
demons moved invisibly tlirough the
ambient air, seeking to enter into
men ami trouble them. At the present day the demon, dyspepsia, is nt
large in the same way, seeking habitation in those who by careless or unwise living invite him. And once he
enters a man It is dltlicult to dislodge
him. He that finds himself so possessed should know that a valiant friend
to do battle for him with the unseen
foe ls Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
which are ever ready for the trial.
U'Cfco All Health Mules.
A British minister, the Rev. William
Davies of Hereford, has confounded all
the valetudinarians. For thirty-five
years he took no more exercise thaw
was Involved In walking from one room
to another. He was a hearty eater, with
a taste for Indigestible things. Yet hs
never had a day's Illness and always
looked the picture of health, and hs lived to enjoy a hoary meal on his ons
hundred and fifth birthday.
Officially  Confirmed.
The Washington correspondent hastily called up tbe cabinet officer by telephone.
"Pardon me for disturbing you, Mr.
Blank," he said, "but will you please
tell me whether or not the rumor that
Is In circulation as to your retirement
ls true?"
"Yes, sir," answered the cabinet officer. "It Is. I was Just about to retire when you called me.   Good night."
The Plsan Krn.
The  Plsan  era, commonly  used  In
France   during  the   twelfth  century,
was originated by a monk of Pisa.  It
antedated   the Christian era  by  one
Another incipient revolt has been
started in Korea, this time at Hongju,
wnere several hundred rebels are
holding the town. Hongju is protected by strong walls and it will be impossible to take it without artillery.
Pale, sickly children should use
Mother Craves' Worm Exterminator.
Worms are one of the principal cau. os
of suffering in children and should he
expelled from the system.
Schoolboy Answers.
Here are some "howlers" of British
Bchoolboys: "Chaucer," we are told,
"wrote a middle class English;" "Every German goes to school at an early
age, however old he Is;" "An axis is an
Imaginary line on which the earth is
supposed to take its dally routine;"
"Tho Pharisees were people who liked
to show oft their goodness by praying
In synonymes;" "A sower went forth
to sow, and as he sowed he fell by the
wayside, nnd thieves sprang up and
choked him;" ""The Inryax Is the voice
box and shuts when we swallow lt."
An KnKlr-'n Bill of Fare.
The voracity of the eagle and similar
birds of prey Is well knowu, but the
contents of a nest .which was recently
discovered ln the Alps by a Swiss
buuter show the following reinarkabla
variety lu the dully menu: A hare,
twenty-seven chamois' feet, four pigeons' feet, thirty pheasants' feet, eleven heads of fowls, eighteen heads of
grouse nnd the remains of a uumber
of rabbits, marmots and squirrels.—
Loudon Chronicle.
Lake Mlchlcan.
Lake Michigan was bo named by the
Indians. The word means a "fish trap."
Keep From th. Grate.
During a thunderstorm, lt is pointed
out, the inhabitants of houses should
not remain ln the kitchen or other
room where a fire ls burning in a
grate, as the heated gases from ths
chimney top provide a line of least resistance, and this is so whether ths
house be provided with lightning rods
or not      	
Bla Retirement.
Friend—I haven't seen yon for some
time. Poet—No. Fact ls I have become
s. good denl of a recluse lately. Friend
--I feared so.   How much do you owe?
^^^^^^^^^^^     Sbe always calls
him 'dear' fn public."
"Oh, It's Just a bluff. As a matter of
fact, he was comparatively cheap-
only cost her father a naltn minis.- »
Wanted  Bffort.
"So Miss Chatters called to see you
the otber day. I don't suppose you got
a chance to open your mouth"—    ■
"Oh, yes, almost continuously."
"You did?"
"Yes, yawning; but she never took
the hlnf-Phlladelphla Press.
Cured a Superstition.
"Do you believe lu dreams V    I
"No, but I used to."
"What cured you?"
"I   was   engaged   to  one   for
The result of the elections to the
Brussels Chamber of Deputies reduces
the government majority from twenty
to twelve.
'Tis Well to Know a Good Thing,
said Mrs. Surface to Mr. Knowwell,
when they met in the street. "Why,
where have you been for a week
back." "Oh, just down to the store
for a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Ecleclrlc
Oil," and Mrs. Surface, who hates
puns, walked on. But she remembered, and when she contracted a
weak back there was another customer for Eclectrlc Oil.
Five spectators were killed and
twenty-five Injured by lightning at a
baseball game near Mobile, Ala.
Although Rev. J.C. Raeey has held
the pastorship of the United Brethern
chinch at Winchester, Virginia, for
more than ten years, he has only just
solemnized his first marriage.
Sunlight Soap is better than otlier
soaps, but Is best when used in the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
Dame Ellen Millar died recently at
(ji'eenisland house, neur Belfast, In
her one hundred and second year. She
was the wmow of John Millar, a county Antrim magistrate, uud granddaughter of John Leper, who reintroduced cotton spinning into the north
of Ireland.
And Invigorate The Action of Liver, Kidneys
and Bowels You Must Use
In calling your attention to Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills It is only
necessary to point to their success in
the past, for they are known ln nearly
every home.
By menns of their direct and specific action on the liver—causing a
healthful How of bile—they regulate
anil enliven th action of the bowels
and insure good digestion In the Intestines. At the same time they stimulate the kidneys in their work of filtering poisons from the blood.
This cleansing process set In action
hy Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
means a thorough cure of biliousness,
Intestinal Indigestion, torpid liver,
kidney derangements and constipation.
It means a restoration of health,
strength  and  comfort whcio     there
havo been pain, weakness and suffering. It means n removal of tho conditions which lead to backache,
rheumatism, lumbago, Bright's disease,  appendicitis and   diabetes.
Mr. P.B. Heinioi', Sf.otnbacli, Man.,
writes "I used to be subject to headaches 'hut the use of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills has entirely cured me
as they have never returned since I
used this treatment I always keep
these pills In the house" in case of
sickness but. do not have) to use them
oftenor lhan about onco a year. I
am recommending Dr. Chasa'8 Kidney-Liver Pills to my friends."
Mr. Henry Borgnunlt, Horse Hills,
Attn., writes:—"I used Dr. Chuse's
-itlney-Llver Pills for dyspepsia and
am satisfied that there is no better
meillcltio for this ailment and liver
Dr. Chase's Kidney Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cenis a box, at all dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House
Mischievous boys placed a thirty-
eight caliber cartridge on a streetcar
track In Montreal. A car ran over it,
dscharging it, and the bullet struck
C. W. Hay ward in the neck just as
he was stepping from his house. It
missed his jugular vein, and the
wound .though painful, is nol serious.
cnolera anil all summer complaints
are so quick In their uot ion that the
cold hand of death is upon tho victims
before they are aware that danger ls
near, if attacked do not ilelay In
getting the proper medlolne. Try u
dose of Dr. J. D. Kellog's Dysentery
Cordial, and you will get Immediate
relief. It acts with wonderful rapidity and never falls to effect u cure.
Emperor Francis Joseph is suffering
from intestinal catarrh and has to
abandon his Inspection of the garrison at Ui'iiccl. which ho hus uot
missed for thirty-eight   years.
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
Thought  Hs Lost His  Head.
A gentleman while taking a ride with
his gr.oom had the misfortune to have
himself and companion thrown violently to tho ground by his horse taking
fright and running away. The gentld-
ni-ii was not seriously Injured, his
principal loss being that of his wig,
which had been shaken off, but he
found Pat in a much worso condition,
with the blood trickling from his head
and 'holding his master's wig, which
ho was surveying with the utmost
alarm and horror. "Well, Pat," said his
master,  "are you much  hurt?"
"Hurt ls "It? Oh, master, do you seo
the top of my head ln my "land?"
Pat ln his terror and confusion had
mistaken his master's wl_f for his own
natural scalp and evidently thought
lhat his last hour had arrived-—Lou-
Sou Telegraph.
A  Shortened  Cnnrtshlp.
"Blr, I understand there is a sort of
a courtship ou betweeu you aud my
"Yes, sir; I"-
"Wcll, I don't approve of It; cut It
And that night the young man eloped
with  the  object of  his   affections.
Hot* the Coolness  Br_raa.
Little Girl—Here's another closet
Hain't we got lots of 'em ln our house?
Neighbor's Little filrl—Yes. My mamma says there's a skeleton lu one of
'em. Let me see lt, will you}
Here Is Something that will be Welcome News to Many a Discouraged One.
"For several years
I have been troubled with gas around
my hoart, shortness
of breath, my food
did not digest properly. It turned
sour In my stomach
causing me grent
_ distress; often, too,
William H. Heed. I had disagreeablo
attacks of belching gas and heartburn, and severe pains across the
small of my back.
"I tried Dr. Leonhardt's Anti-Pill
and from the very first found relief.
Antt-Plll has Indeed cured me."
This Is the voluntary statement of
Wm. H. Reed, of 1C5 Queen St.,Kingston, Ont.
All dealers or -..a Wilson-Kyle Co.,
Limited, Niagara Falls, Ont. 605
Ft. "Empress" at Quebec
new    Canadian    Pacific
New  C.  P.
'    The  I     _________________
Railway    ocean   linerr  Empress      of
Britain arrived in Quebec at 9.58 p.m.
on Saturday, May 12th. The ship
arrived at Father Point at 12.25 noon
and came over in r> days, 23 hours and
17 minutes, which Includes the difference in time Irom Movllle. This
breaks the speed record for that
The new steamer was a most Impressive slglil as she ascended for
the first time the St. Lawrence River
to w.iose service she had been so devoted. Although drawing over 27
feet of water, she loomed up high In
the air.
The ship made tho run up from
L'lslet, 44 miles, in less than two
hours and tlyee iluarters in thick,
dark weather. Up the river during
the day, the vessel steamed 1!) knots
an hour. She left Liverpool at 5
ii.ni. on Sunday, and Movllle on Monday und as Su- Thomas Shaiiglinessy
expresed it, Ihey were little more
than four days out of sight of land.
On board everyone was enthusiastic  in  praise  of  the   new  vessel.
"lt Is the best 1 havu ever sailed
in," said Captain Stewart, (antl us
Capt. Stewart has been a shipmaster
for some thirty odd yeurs, it Is clear
that this means much. "She ls
only a new ship," he continued,
"and yet she Is as reliable as any old
"On Wednesday we had some very
severe weather, high seas and terrific head winds, but she came
through it with ease."
As some ovidence of the severity
of the weather a powerful iron stanchion in the bow of the ship was
pointed out It wus completely
bent and almost broken by Ihe weight
of the seas win li swept over the
The Britain was built at the Fairfield shipbuilding  works on the Clyde,
Her principal iii nslons are: Length
over all 570 feet. Beam *I6 feet 0
Inches; depth amidships 45 feet;
tonnage 14,600, borse power 18,1101.
Her passenger capacity: First cabin
1150; second cabin 1150; third cabin
1--0; crew, Inn. Total capacily, 8100.
The Empress of Britain has five passenger decks. The First cabin dining
saloon Is 68 feel long, Is the full
width of the ship and will seat 300
persons. The [Empress of Ireland,
the sister ship, will arrive at the
end of this month,
Altaohed to any Oarmant Is a
Gum-nnton   of
and Bood Wearing Qualltieo
When Buying OVERALLS,
Sea that eaoh artlole bean a
label like above
Insist, on Getting
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
When Remitting by Post, use
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Best and Cheapest
System   of   Sending    Money   to   any
Place In the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser ls given a receipt, and lf
order or cheque is LOST or DE3-
TKOVEU, the amount will he promptly REFUNDED. No red tape. For
tun Information and rates cull on
Local aaenta.
Marin —Ii.-Im-ii and (he neer Naa,
Maria Mitchell, the famous astronomer, was onto directed by her physician to use lager beer us a tonic. On
the wny to visit her sister, Mrs. Joshua
Kendall of Cambridge, Mass., she stopped at n saloon and purchased a bottle
of beer and afterward nsked her broth-
cr-ln-Iaw to open It for her. The Mitchell family, according to the Boston Herald, spoke among themselves nfter the
Quaker custom. "Where did thee get
It, Mnrln?" questioned her sister. "At
the saloon on the corner," replied Miss
Mitchell serenely. "Why, Maria!
Doesn't thoo know respectnblo women
don't go Into sucb places?" "Oh," Bald
Miss Mitchell, In the manner of one
who hns done all thnt could be required, "I told the mnn he ought to be
thoroughly ashamed  of his traffic."
The   Walter.
Diner—Is it customary to tip the
waiter In this restaurant? Walter-
Why—ah—yes, sir. Diner—Thon hnnd
me a tip. I've waited three quarters
of an hour for that steak I ordered.
The Man  Who   llns  Failed.
Even the man who hns fulled Is entitled to consideration.    Ho serves a
noble purposo as nn  object lesson.—
Chicago Record Herald.
Sold by all Druggists and Qenoral Stores
and by mall.
"When you bxry
you want
and long
You cant afford      ',
to buy _v other      /,
^tee .
Wanted at Onee—Reliable and energetic men in all parts of Manitoba,
and North West, to sell reliable Nursery stock.
Exclusive rights to sell Hardy Hybrid Apples, originated by Dr. Wm.
Saunders of Ontario Experimental
Farm, Ottawa, and successfully tried
aud inili" 1 at liramlon and Indian
Head Experimental Farms.
Complete canvnsslng outfit and liberal termn to tho right persons.
Apply at onco to E. D. SMITH,
Helderlelgh Nurseries,    Winona, Ont.
Established ovor a quarter of a
Do not drive your employees ahead
of you, but keep ahead of thein and
Invite them    to    como    on.—Success
Wisdom never opens her tloors to
those who are not willing to pay tho
price of admission. There are no bargains at her counters, no short cuts to
her goal. "Puy the price or leave tho
goods,'1 is her motto.
W    N    U    No.      588 T_TB AlWOCATg^AyCO^X'RrBRTlIgH CQLOTBJA.
<EstH-ishcd April S, 1868.)
4JfflCE ■ S4 4 4 Westminster avenue.
41b's. £  Wmtssv.  PuMiSluT.
*S__lOL-H <)FFIO_—10 Fleet street.
-"Condon, E. C, England Where u
.'file of "Tbe Advoia-" is kept for
.visitors. _
Habsorlptian $1 a year  payable   ia
S oents a Copy.
Tel. B1405.
*Vancouvi:k, B. C Jt'i-v 28, 1006.
v. A. B.
JunotlonofWeBU-iui.terr.ini nnd ttVuiiHii
_ltor avenue. BKRVU'I— m 11 h. ro„
,»nu 7:30.p.—.; Similar Suliool nt _U90 p.m.
"flonierol NJtit   mul Wosttui—Iter avsnuoB.
MgRVIOKB ai Hi)- in-, «>i'l  7 V-
Scllu'il anil Bil.lu Clam 'I'M .'-in
JBelheringtou. B.A., R. I'-- Pantot.
"ttrsouagc I'.'ll Bluvi-lilli iivm  west.  Tele-
".lone Ul-19.
"Corner Sio-li: a—11110 imd yiifbn- Ktteol
%KRVIC1C8 nt 1111. iii..iuiil7:"i'i'. ■•' ; Buntlny
School MB::111p.m. liiiv.-Ji'O.A.WIIsiin. II.A.
3>luilor. M—asc corner Of -.Igh tli avenue mill
-Ontario srtoot-   W>1. W8S.
St  MlCit_-. R, (Auglionu).
Comer Moth avenue and I'ljiir. J.iluiiitl
Mr—I- SHUVICKS al II u- ni-. nu.l 7:H0 .p.m..
*S,aiyCum—union IfftHiul Hd Bunttayfl in earh
month ailei- moriiiiill prayer, —si a)nl uli Sun
-daysman, in. Sunday Belwol ul SillO p.m.
IKev. u. 11. Wilson, Reotor.
Rectory H7-2 Thli-teenth avonno, real. To—■
.iMuhii- __170U.
•Atlveut Christian church Pnot 7th fl-ay Ail-
utntlstH), Seventh avonue, near Westminster
avenue. Services 11 a. ln., uii'l 7:80 p.m.,
Sun.lay School at 10 a.m. Youug peoples'
_»tftelj'«l l.eyal tV-orter.sBf CJoriEliim Codes-
ivor meets e very *"—ifluye ven I n_r a Hi: -io o'clock,
t^rttyer-m —tineAVeiliiesilay uiuiiisiuso'i-lnck.
3tF.ORUA-IZ—> OHU.SCH OF ,1*808 OlrKlST
ol Latter ilay Sal ils. --".'i."! We-liniuster nve-
ipae. Scrvttees at fi-o'rioi-li every Sunday eve-
siing by liMerJ. H. Ralnoyi Sunday School at
$ o'eleek. Praycr-iiioc'-inB every Wednesday
.evening at S o'clock.
Band Concert.
The first Concert hy the recently
organized Mt Pleasant Military 1—ud
will be given this Saturday evening.
Tho Concert will be given at- the coruer
of Eighth aud Westminster avenues.
Owing to the street work in progress
tlio Band could not give the Concert
at junction of Westminster road aud
aveuuo. Mr. DePencier hns kindly
plnced his grounds at the disposal of tho
Baud and they will be stationed on the
lawn of Mr. DoPenoier's borne. The
following is tho
March "Walton Holmes," Phil S. Rose.
Waltz...."Minerva"" H.  O   Miller.
Song, ''Take Me to Yimr Heart Again,"
F. J. Bidlinotid... .Solo l'uplioit
iuril, S. Conway.
Two step, ''The Minute Man,"	
II. A. Winhurn.
Waltz,    "IcUo Hours,"    E. Audauer.
Intermezzo, "A-ilens," J.O. Hawthorne
God Save *n*_ Km*.
The Concert will begin at 7:30 o'clock.
The iustrnnicnlnlion of the Hand is
ns follows:
CORNETS—IbI Solo Cornet, A. King-
comb; 2d Solo Ooi"'ot, Fred Wnde; 1st-
Cornet, A. Hay work!; 2d, J. H. Grant!
8d, C. Miiililanis.
Piccolo—Chas. E. Forshaw.
Clarion mx—1st Clarionet, Mr
Herou; 2d, T. Thompson; 3d, H.
Altos—1st Alto Horn,. Mr. Ijoyd;
2d. 0. Peters: 3d, Mr. Harding.
Tenors-1st Teuor Horn, Ed Wade;
2d, V. R. Timms.
Tko.ii'.ones—1st Trombone, P. T.
Timms; 2d, Mr. Muller.
Baritone—*W. H  Caldwell.
Euphonium—S. Conway.
Bass—1st Bass Horn, Ben Steele;
2d, Geo. Wadc.
t'.Titis'ti Bass—G. Y. Timms.
Bass Drum—Fred Crocker.
Snake Drum—God. Dusou.
Conductor—B.  J. Timms
"Teas may come and
Teas may go"
To those who kuow Coronation Tea, who havo enjoyed its delicious flavor, its
aroma, its healthful arid invigorating properties, there is no change desired or
eveu possible.   Handled only by ns.   Try a sample,
Wo have just received a car of furniture aud it is uow on sale at very low prices.
Bed, complete, spriug aud mattress $8.00.   See our goods; 10 percent off for cash.
5T    Wfailure* Westminster avenue*
.    1.    VV ClMcl-C   Harris street. Telephone 1200.
road aud tho Janes road. Councillors
Middler aud Dickinson had iuspected
the Wellington avenue and given leave
to grade.
Three applications for Auditor were
bnllotted for and Mr. Helliwell was
The B. C. Electric Railway Company
is to be asked to give a reduced iaro
frum the Boundary rond to tho City,
and to put on extra cars ou tlio Steveston
liue ou Saturday nights.
Councillors Miilillur and Dickinson
niovod aud it was carried, that the own
working under the Road Foreman bo
paid nt tho rule oi"*52.u0 per day.
Tenders nre tu bo asked for widening
tho Westminster road from the Wales
road to the Biiuiula.iy roud, for making
Domini road 30 chains further south,
for making Sixteenth aveuuo from
B. 0". E. Ry. to tlie Knight road, tuid
from Ash street to Heather stroot, nlso
from Laurel street to tho west sido
Councillor Dickinson gave notice that
at the next meetiug he will briug in a
Local Improvement By-lnw for a Ditch
iu District Lot BO.
Councillor Burgess will introduce a
by-law to regulate the weight to bo
buulctl on Westminster avenue.
The OouncJ iidjouruod till Saturday
August -lth.
FOE RENT: « small shop corner of
•Comox and Burrard; rent $10.
."Ono lot, 25x120,  no stumps, on West-
naiustei' avenue;  price   (326,   ¥12;.
down, balance ou easy terms.
."*■ Lots ou Fourteenth ave.,  near Scott;
\>rice$326, $126 down,  balance easy
terms.   High ground,   overlooking
'"U-Toom House, ronted at.|16 per month,
south half of lot,  in 200a'; $1,600,
8-100 cash, balance to arrange.
■'8 Lots ifcoruci')   Westmiuster   avenue,
80x132; price $8,200, terms.
.V Lots on Fourteenth aveuue, east,  ?3ii()
■each; high elevation; easy terms.
3ins   R. Whitney, 2441 Westminster
avenue, Mt. Ploasaut
}J«ocal Advertising 10c a line each issue.
Display Advertising fJ.OO per inch
per mouth,
jfjotices fer Church nud  Society Eutcr-
-,-taiuineuts, Lectures,  etc.,   -where
-CHE ob.ikct is to raise money
will be charged for.
,AU  Advertisements nre   run regularly
,.»nd charged for until oi dared they
lie discontinued.
^Transient   Advortizers   must   pny   in
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
(gee Wheu Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and lth Mondays of the month
i©e_rt Vancouver, I.O. F., meets at
.Sp. in.
Mt. Pleasant Lodgo No. Ill,  I.O.O.F.
jascets at. ti p. iu.
-Vancouver  Council   Nu.  211a,   Cun-
.»uinu Ortler of (boson  Friotidt, meets
tjie 2d and -lth Thursdays of tho month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Lndies of  the
_}iiueen!icps luslds iis regular meetings on
jishe 2d —id -III) Hoi d lys of the month
Young Peoples Sweeties.
The Council met ou Snturday July
31st, HiOii. J. W McKcowu nsked that
a road he opened from the River road to
the Townseud road, in ru-subilivision of
Block 1 to ti, and 13 in District Lot 819
W. J. Brewer interviewed tlie Couueil
in regard to the ditch which is to be dug
in District Lot 50 uuder tho Local
Improvement By-law, asking that it be
douo at ouce. Messrs, W. Clarke and J.
Wolfer preienled a petition aud saw the
Council, requesting thnt Sixteenth avenne bo aud Laurel street be rocked
before the we', weatber set- lu. The men
working under the Road Foreman asked
that their pny ho increasid to $2.50
der day. Alex. Morris asked for a road
to be opened between the Grant nud
Boundary roads from Wellington nve
uue to the Tramway. The Board of
School Trustees interviewed tho Conn
cil ia regard to their appropriation
saying that tbo total amount of their
estimates should bo placed to their
credit whether tho taxes are paid to tho
Municipality or not.
The Finance Ciunmittoo will incot the
School Trustees nud report to the
The Road Foreman's sheet showed
$154.10 to have been spent OU Westmin
ster avenue and $302.35 on the Wilson
rond for tho month. Tho rock account
shows $344.00 expended ou Centre
street and $603.04 on   Westminster ave.
The bridges Rivor.reud cost *(lii6.05
C. T. Harrison paid $80.00 on account
of Mr. Churchill's contract on the
Dixon mail end Mr. Heath $100 on tho
Wilson road, west.
C'eo. Morgan is to be paid for Ontario
street and D. Morris for Wellington
avenue when passed by the Board of
The Board of Hralih reported hnving
inspected tbe two-daughter houses mid
l.liug ram lies belonging to Chinese,
but that the Medical lieulth Officer's
Report whs nut yet toady.
The Keeve end Councillor Midtl.'cr
reported IniviUg met as n Board of
Works and Inspected Tupper Btreel and
a part of Si vuntoeuth nveii.ic, the Tyson
"The Mirror," Meaford, Ont.
Nightingale.—Ou Tuesday Juno 26,
nt Low Dale Farm, St. Viucent, Out.,
to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. E, Nightingale,
a daughter.
Highest     Skill     and    Best
Materials combiued make.
There was a -quiet wedding at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Owens,
Westmiuster road on Monday eveuiug,
when Rev. Herbert W. Piercy of Mt.
Pleasant Baptist Ohurch uuited iu
marriage Mr. H. D, Freeman and ;diss
Emma Gardham of Hamilton, (Jut. The
bride arrived in the Oily on Friday last
1'i'oiu her home. Mr-Freeman is salesman
iu the J. A Flett Ltd Mt. Pleasant
Ilnrdwiire Store. The youug couplo
havo taken housekeeping rooms iu the
Muir Block.
the    syuouylif   for   "Best."
'Phoue 443.
Ou Woilnesdny forenoon at the homo
Of the bride's parents Mr. nnd Mrs.
J. B. Arthur, Twelfth nveuue, the
Rev. A. E. Hethoriugton united in
marriage Miss Oni Mabel Arthur aud
Mr. A. S, Hnrgipt. ."lie bride woro n
pretty bridal costume of whito point
d'esprit over white, with inset'lioii of
Valeneieuues lace, and curried a bouquet
uf white carnations. Miss Maud E.
Phillips was bridesmaid, and wore n
pretty dress of pale blue organdie. Mr.
W. T. Noyes iiutrd as best man.' Tbe
groom is a member of the ollico staff of
tbo Hustings Mill. Many handsome
presents were received hy the youug
couple. The honeymoon trip was to
Victoria. Mr, and Mrs. Harpgipt will
reside on Twolfth avenue.
Ol_MBTB_p —Born to Mr. nud Mrs.
Oscar Olmstead, 339 Ninth avenuo,
enst, July 22il, n  daughter.
For the
Remainder of
JULY  ....
we will give you
in All Lines
ITcPherson & Son
Merchant Tailors and
S3 Hastings  street, west.
Tho Maple Leafs havo entered a
chnrgo of Professionalism against th
Vanconver Sen'ors. Cno it is charged
wns not ii member of Sj days standing,
and Tuck is charged with being a
Professional. Auothor chnrgo is that
Ritchie of tlie Maple Leafs wns kept-
off the field longer than ho had been
penalized. The outcome of these
charges will be awaited with inlenso
interest by till lovers of Ametuer sport.
The Fanner's Wife
1 Is very careful about her churn.    She
scalds It thoroughly after using, and gives
I It it still liitth to sweeten it.   She knows
thai if her churn is sour it will taint tlm
bid ter thut- is mado in It. The stomach li
a I'linni. in ihc stomach ami digestive
.mil nutritive tracts
akin io the
nnt apparent
cesses  which   nro  exactly
SUNDAY. churning ul butter,  is It
._.,.,     _ , thon that If this stomach churn li foul It
i^oynl Workers of OhristUHl Endeavor; ^6* hull nil which Is put Into It?
jmoot Ht 15 minutes to 7,   (Very  Sunday
jevoning in  Advent Christian Church,
i Hoar Wtstin'r avo.
-gaventh avenue
•Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Ohnreh meets al h p. ut.
7?. Y. P. U., meets ln  Mt. Plca'sr
<l»l«tiht Church at H p. m.
The Y. P. S. O, E., meets at 8 p. m
in Mt. Plensnsiint Presbyterian Ohnreh
^Everyone knows that for anything
Jo become known, it must be talked
/tboul. J'or mi article lo become
finpiilai" its virtue niusl be made the
Subject of a public announcement
*i"hat is advertising! Consequently
ii the survival ol tl-.c fittest applies
io .business principle*) as well n.« it
'Joes to other walV-f of life, the better the advertising—the better the
publicity—the belter the results.
'. .'i remits me n _j wd business
ind )" "■' bu: ine s is wh it every
iritrcl. i:.i iilvcilisi I ii tf hi did
itst wish to excel ifi b:o particular
tttic, he would not take the troubh
fix write au advertisement, much
juorc pny for the costly newspapci
^iul  mag—-iue space.—British  Adver-
Mvorlixf. in tho "Advocate."
The evil of n. finil stomach Is not alone
the bin! tnsto In tlir, month and the foul
breath caused by It, hut the corruption of
the pure current of blood nntl the dissemination of dlsense throughout the body.
Dr. Pierce's Qoldon Medical Discovery
makes tlio sour uml foul Stomach sweet.
Ttilm-sfor thestomach what tho washing
and sua batbdofortbechurn—absolutely
removes overy tuintingor corrupting element. In this wny It -cures blotches,
pimples, eruptions, scrofulous swellings.
sores, nr open eating ulcers nnd ull
humors ordlsoasos arising from bud blond.
If ynu have bitter, nasty, foul tnsto In
your mouth, coated tonguo, foul breath,
are weiil; and easily tired, feel depressed
and despondent, havo frequent hend aches.
dizzy attacks, gnu win;; or distress in stomach, constipated or Irregular bowels, sour
or hitter risings nfter eating and poor
npiH'tite, theso symptoms, or any considerable numbor of them, Indicate that you are
suffering from biliousness, torpid, or law
liver wiih the iisiinl accompanying Indigestion, or dyspepsia uml their attendant
The best agents known to medlcnl science for the euro of Hie iibovo symptoms
unil conditions, nsattested by thn writings
ol loading teachers ur^l practitioners of
all the several schools ol medical practice,
linn' lieeii skillfully und harmoniously
combined lu Dr. Plorco's ('olden ModIcul
Discovery, Thnt this Is absolutely true
will lm readily proven to vour satisfaction
if vou will init mall u postal card request
to Dr. It. V. I'ieivo, Ilnll'alii. N. Y., for
a .fire copy of his booklet of extracts from
the standard medical authorities, giving
the names of all tho Ingredients entering
inio his world-fumed medicines and sin .v-
inir wbat llie most eminent medical	
ol flic ago suy of them.
What should have beeu nn ensy victory for the Maple Leaf team en Snturdny Inst, wns lost mauy believe through
biased referee—tg and some slow- playing
in the fourth quarter.   The game euded
5 to 6, und after playing ovor time tbe
Vancouver's scored n goal iu about six
or 7 minutes.   Tbo Mt. Pleasant boys
hid the game all their own  wny iu the
third quarter,  when  the Goal  keeper
nccideutly hit a Vaucouver player nud
the referee sent him off for 10 minutes,
the spectators  protesting  vigorously,
Willi three men off and the Vancouver's
i with a full lea n, yet, at the eud of tlio
I third quarter tho score stood 5 to 3 In
| favor of the Mnple Leafs.  In the'fourlli
I quarter through some poor passing and
ni perform—I pro-    Goal keeper of, Iho Vnnc niver's evened
I lin score, and the   game  ended   a  tio,
The victory   of   the   Vancouver's   was
almost entirely dr.o to   their  man  iu
(ion)  * Individually   the   Maple Leaf
hoys allowed themselves superior
players to the Vancouver Seniors
The referees let no Opportunity puss
to tend a Mnple Leaf player
I to tlie foice. The Mnple hoys failed
i repeatedly to tnke ohauco shots nl thoir
' opponent's goal, always waiting till
Ihey were nearly up-m it before shoot-
in;:, nnd a lillle weak, 111 passing Is
about nil tht fault ope could Hod with
them on Saturday last. The Mnple
Leafs will yet be tbo hend team in Vancouver, if not of B, C. It is seldom a
new team makes such rnpid progress
as the Maple Leafs have mnde.
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit otlier cities, also ail
local s.iciul affairs arc gladly received
hy "The Advocate."
 4, '
"The Advocato" wishes tiny can '"•!•
nuss iu delivery reported to tho OfSd
telephone B1405.
For   local  news -subscribe     for   THB
ADVOCATE only $1 for Hi months.
Crtiuis Best Prints.
Mt. Plensuut'fj First-class
Dry Goods Storo
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank ok Canada Building
Corner Seventh and Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasant,
On Wednesday evening July 25th,
about 35 ladies aud gentlemen, representing the membership of the 30) Baseball Team, Adelinde, B. O., met tit
"Tho Rnnch," better known ns M J.
Henry's Branch Nursery. After'partaking of a very sumptuous luncheon,
they roturucd to the lawn mid indulged
in various promenade, aud cakewalks
between different games. Very artistic
performers of sword daueiug, buck,
wing and clog feteps took part. The
Mt. Pleasaut Quartet, Messrs. Maobin,
Crocker, MoDonald aud Smith, gnve
several selectious. The. grounds and
avenues were lighted with varied
colored Cliineso lanterns. A 3-picce
orchestra furnished musio for tho
occasion. After singing "Auld Lang
Syne" the party broke up at midnight,
expressiug kind regards and best wishes
to their Bachelor Hosls, they hit-tip tho
road singing "For they are jolly good
There was a rat her serious bush fire
iu 801 on Wednesday night It started
ucnr Brown's Nursery, nnd burnt up
120 cords of firewood and between 40
nud 50 cords of shingle bolts. The loss
is estimated at about $1,000.
Mrs. S. Cnrviu, Westminster road,
nud lier son R. Garvin, spent a lew
days Inst week visiting friends iu
"The Advocate"
$1 ayenr. 50cfor0 mouths
Come in and see our list of good buys,
ou good tonus nud good titles I—2444
Westminster avonno.
I. like to rend advertisements, They
are in themselves literature; and I
can gauge the prosperity of the country by their very appearance."-—William E. Gladstone.
Yellow aud White
ue por dozen, ?3 per hundred.
5 acres at Eburue, black soil, $150.00 per
acre; beautiful view. Terms.
3 acres at Jubilee   Station   for  $400.00.
New house on Tenth nve.,(corner) every
modern convenience, very desirable
property; easy terms.
3 lots (corner) Columbia street, cloarcd
and graded; $2.3U0, hull* cash.
Houso of 8 rooms, good fouudntiou,
3 'ots, stable, fruit trees, lots 1)1—120;
prico $4,500, terms.
2 Lots, each 33x120, all kinds of fruit,
large barn; li-rooinctr- house; price
$2.300; terms
Fine Orchard uud Chicken Ranch on
Twentieth nvonue, 4 lots, lots
50x133, house of 4 rooms. Prico
$3.0110; terms.
7-roomcd HouRe, lot 40*^x120, Eighth
aveuue; price $1.850.
Doublo corner, (2 lots),cleared, on Fifth
and Manitoba; prioofLSOO
Two lots, ou corner, Tenth avenue, nil
oloarodsprice $ 1.000.
$2,300 buys a New Modern House
of 7 rooms ou Fifth avenue. Terms
easy. Value good,
Double corner on Tenth aveuue, cleared,
line location.   Prioe $1,100.
House of 5 rooms,  electric light; bnth
und  all   conveniences;    FIN E
,..X)liCHARD.    Price   $2,100;    $750
down and easy terms.   Situated on
Eighth avonno.
Cottage of 5 rooms, electric light, nnd
all conveniences; situ; I ••' >" Eighth
nveuue, enst. Price f 1.800, $000
down and terms.
5 room Cottage, rented nt 114 lormonth,
south half of lot, in 2,)0a; price
$1,100, $300 dowu, easy terms.
Two lots, cleared aud graded, $1,600,
inside lot for $725 WiU build to
suit purchaser ou easy terms.
6-room House on Westminster avenue,
$2,050, $800 cash, balance to arrange
Nursery  — Greenhouses,   corner of
Fifteenth ami Westmiuster avenues,
Tim Cin-UPi.sT Place in the City.
********* £xS_iS>itjjon
and  Agricultural Pair.
i nni pe g
Ju.y 23«_ to 25th, 1906.
The Farmers' Annual St'M—i.K Holiday.
Tho Largest Exhibit ion of Live-stock
iu Western Canada.
offered in Prizes for Whnt.
Interesting Butter-milking Competitions
open to Amateurs and also Professionals
The Grandest Collection of Art,
Art Treasures, and School Exhibits
ever got   together   in   the   West.
Tlio Carnival iu Venice aud
The Knnl—usliiie Air-ship
nmouu tbe Speoial Attractions.
Entries close July 7th.
Cheap Excursions 011 all lines
For Entry Blanks, elc, etc., apply to
(I. H, Oitfg, President.
R. i. Hughes, See.-Tiens.
A. W. Bell, General-Manager;
Get yonr work done nr- tho
GSasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Underwood, Proprietor
BBTIIS—Bath room fitted with POROB-
i.AiN Bath Tun nud all modern
Telephone Numbers of Local Preachers.
11179:1 -Rev. G. 11. Wilson,(Anglican).
lOSO—Rov. K. A. Wilson, (l'reabytorlnn),
Bl-Mfl-Rov.A. IS. Hotl-i)r!ngton,(.Metho
Mt. Pleasant Mall. (Postofflee.]
Mail arrives daily at 10:30 a. 111
2:30 p. m.
Mail leaves the PostofBoe at 7 and II
a. in., nnd 1:80 and 9 p. m,
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Stor
of B. O
Ladies' Black and Colored Lustre Skirts.
Lndies' Lustre Skirls worth $2 25 for $1.75 each
"       " "     $1125"   $2 25   "
 '     $4.00 "   83.75    "
' $4 50 "   $3.25   "
Ladies' Linen Crash Skirts from $1.00 ench.
Ladies' Uinlervests from 5c each.
And a big lot of oilier BargaluB
143 Hastings street east
2-storey Resideuco on Sixth avenue,
large house, beautiful lawn, fruit.
Terms.    Prico    $3,250.
House of I) rooms, Eighth avonue; fine
orchard, lot 149x122 ; prioe $3,250.
Cash $1,150.
LotS-Qn Fourteenth avenue, near St,
Catherines, for $150 each; terms.
House  of  5-rooins,     Eightli    aveuuo;
electric   light,     bnth;   lot  38x120.
Prico    $2,000.
Store on 25-ft. lot, on Wostniiuster uve
uue; building rented;  fine location
near Ninth avenue.    Price $0,500.
House of 7 rooms, corner Lansdowne
aveuuo and Scotia street; lot 50x120,
Prioo $2,000
Lot   20x132  on Westminster   uveuu*/
two-storey building, iu fine condition, leased for 2 years; title perfect.     Prico $7,500.
8-roouied Cottage  on   Cordova street,
east; trees and   flower gnrdei,
lovely Inline $2,700.
5 Lots, cleared nnd plowed, William ana
Pork Drive; on cniline. Easy torum
 $-150 end-
5 Lots on  ('rant street—Grnndview-
overlooking the city;   very choice
lots. Terms $2,950.
Westminster avenue, Mt. Pleasnu ,
$7,000. The best corner left ou
the Hill.
4 Houses ou   Ninth   avenue-   all
rented; £4.200.   Terms.
Beautifully Situated Resicentiaj.
Lot   on   Burrnrd    streot;    $1.20u.
List 3'our lots  and  property
Mrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telephone ui405.
S P E C I A L—Two dozen Light Faucy Vests,    ajjL
**^***«^'%%'*'regular $1.50, $1.75, $2  aud  $3.    Il
Each to go ou Saturday ouly  at  $3'.£&  each.
Richardson & Chambers
0 Stnnley White A Co. WW
i/i     -ion Westminster ave. Tel. 49a.     _» fc
. Pleasant Lodges.
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. I il meets overy
Tuesday nt S p. ni, inOddfollows Hall
Westmiustor avenue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Nohle Grand—Frnuk Trimble.
Recording BboB— tart-*>H, Pniter-
son. 120 Tenth avenue, east.
I. O. F.
Court. Vnncouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d nud -lth
Mondays of euoh mouth at 8 p. _t., iu
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren nlways welcomo.
Chief Ranoer—-A. Pengelly.
Recording Snott-sTAR*—M. .1. Crehan,
;:i i Prlnoo— Btreet, City.
Financial Secretary—J.B.Abernethy
Address: Care 8318Westminsteravenee
Alexandre Hive No. 7,  holds reguln .
Review  2d an., lth Mondays of ench
mouth  in  Knights   of  PyCBias    Hn"
Westminster avenue. ""
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Con_aa_der—Mrs. N. Pettipieoe,
25 Tenth avenue, enst.
Lady Reoord Keeper—Mis. J. Mmtir
Ninth avenue.
Vanconver Council. No. 211a, meet
everv 2d and* 4th Thursdays of eacb
month, in I O. O. F., Hall, West
minster nveuue.
Sojourning  Friends nlwnys welcomo
II. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.
BSD Tenth nve , enst.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
__:'— West—lnstoravenuo,  Tel. 7f.s.
A Monthly Magazine  *svoted to the
Use of English.   Josephine Torek
Baker, Editor.
$1 a yoar; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Eyansto.,','11!., U. S. A.
Partial Contents for tliis Month,—
Courso in English for the Beginner;
course in English for the Advnueed
pupil. How to Increase One's Vocabulary.   The Art of Conversation. Should
and Would: how to nse llif-in, l'l'oimn-
oiation, Correct English in llie Homo,
Correct Euglish in the Sohool, Business English for the Business Mini.
Studies in English Literature.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,   Financial,   Press and
Anvi.iu'isi.i-s'  Agents.
80 Fleet St.. Loudon,  B.C.,  England
Colonitil Bt—iuesfi a Specially.
is only $1.00 a year,
60c for 0 months,
25e for 3 months.
Advocate $1
for! 2
__-**  Trade Marks
Copyrights <tc.
Anvonnf-'tiilluir it Mtclrh nml i..»."crli>tlnii diat
-llil'l'ly iiti'crhii.i fnip opinion froo ivfi-HH.r nn
Iiivi'hlinfi n prnltfir-.ly l'lilfii-.thli'. C-.r-iiimnli-R.
lUtti-clrlotlTMinlttrrltiil. uaUilbOOV on I'ttlviiti
b mi I, fpitn. Ulilf-nt MiM'in'y f<i.'-<f-.-.irlnp jiatoiiLn.
Pilll'i.tH   lllltill   t hi.ini'h   .Mn;:ii   ,\   Co.  I eci'lve
tpeeUUn Met, nabout ooargB, m	
Scientific Bnericatu
A lifmii*-'ini(s|7 illnr-.trnt.vl wen!..?,    l.nrennt otr«
outatloti of any HHm-itui-.' Journal,   Tcrnm, |3 a
fow, f-'iir nx.ntlis, *)1.  OolU liyiiil nowmlwilpni.
IK!Df,Nf-Uo.36,Br°nto>-New York
Dranrli nmnu. fei If SU Wail.l_-.ton. 1>. C
DO IT NOW !-If not already a Sub-
soriberto "The Advocato" become ono
now.   Ouly $1 for 12 months.
In the Good OSd Summer Time
WBVES need as much relief as possible from the
drudgery of cooking.
HUSBANDS need *\vell  cooked  dainty meals.
With a Gas Stove, the kitchen part of the
housework is practically cut in two. This should
make somebody happy. Telephone 3 I and
we will send onr representative to give you an
estimate of the cost.
Vancouver Gas Company.
OFFICE I corner of Carrall and Hastings streets.


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