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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Sep 8, 1906

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Devoted to tha interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c,  Three Honths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1,
-K8TABUSHED APRIL 8lH, 1898.    WHOLE No.  391.
I oca I Items.
cin McOuaig Auction nnd Commis-
ion Oi.. f.td., uexttoCameigc Library,
Hnstijirs street, buy Furniture for Cash,
"Conduct -uctiou Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description,
■satisfactiou gnaruuteed. Phoue 1070.
i        i   101—	
The picnic which wiis to have beeu
rgivou by tho L. O. T. M., today has
(been postponed on nccouut of tho raiu.
ThoMt. Plensaut Loyal Trne Blue
Lodge No, .'14, will meet iu futuro iu
the K. of P. Hull, on the 2d aud 4tli
Tuesday in each mouth.
Dr. G. A. McGuire uud Mr. H. W.
.Maynard wero nmoug thoso who took
advantago of tho opening of the Snooting Benson ou Saturday Inst by goiug
iiunting with a party of friepds.
Mt.  Pleasant,  Vancocvek,   B.   C, S-Tuuday, Sept;, 8,  1900.
(Emihth Year.)   Vol.'8, No. 28.
OUR REPUTATION ns Painless Dentists is shown bv the, daily
increase iu our praotic  .
Rov. A. E. Hetheriugton B. D.,
•the pnstor, will preach at both services.
Moruiug subject: "Characteristics of a
Good Christian Worker." Evening
subject: "Somo Great Thing "
We have gained a world-wid
tntiou with our discovery, whioh, wheu applied to the
tooth can be extracted absolutely painless,
Our patients nro so pleased with the results that they not only tell
their friends, but personally bring tliem to our parlors tbat thoy
nuiy receive tho snme treatment. Iu thi.. ivav, together With the
highest-doss dentistry, dono by onr Specialists, our praotioe lnw
gradually iucreused till   we ure second to uouo iu practice.
B.v the use of our Doublo Adhesive Suction Chamber wo are ablo to
fit the most dlffloult custs. Where olber Dentists Fail Wo Meet
With Success. If your teeth drop when yon try to eat with tliem,
or it' yuu nreafrald of them striltingithe pavement wheu yuu Jsueeze,
Uiere Is something wrong; thoy du not fit. Onr Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcomes ibis difficulty ami i.s Our Own Invention unci cuu not be used by others.
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Bridge Work nud nil other Dental Work
doue, paiuless, autl   by Specialists aud gunraiiteed for 10 yenrs.
147 Hastings st.
Opened Saturday Sept. Ist.
You want the goods—we have them.
See Our Stock.
I    l\    l=l«**   i *^i  M*- PLEASANT
Tel. J17.
Lot on Eighth ave., $300.      2 Lots, Fourteenth ave., t4S0; »200-ca*.
'SO-ft. OU ElOHTH AVE., cloSOJU, $fiflO.
TEUTH avk , west of Scott streot, |450; $300 cash.
TwitLFTn ave., near Scott Street, |S3S cM_.
442 and 2450 Westminster nvenue.
NOTARY PUBLIC 'Phonem 2417 and 2224.
all varieties at
Lowest Prices.
Th;-. pastor, Rev. Herbert W. Pioroy,
Will preach morniug and evening ou
.■Sunday. Moruiug subject: "The Result
■cf Obedience." Evening subject:
■"Tlio Sum of Obligation."
youug Men's Bible Class nud Sundny
■School 2:30 p. in
Orders   taken  at    "The  Advocate'
Ofiice Jfor Artistic Show Cards.
Mrs. Stoddard and daughter Marion,
nud her sistor Miss Hiscox of Letli-
■bridge, who has been visiting her in
Honolulu, nro tho guests of Mr. nud
Mrs. Ed Burritt, coruer Twelfth aud
Westcriniustor avenues.
Office Hours: 8 a. tn.,
Telephone 15IIII.
Sundays  9 a. ui.
Mr. A. Musolow, Sixth avenue, n
member of the firm of G. A. Barrett <&
Company, has returned from several
ao'iths nbseuco in Toronto, Montreal
and other Eastern ■.Cities. Mr. Musclow
was accompanied by his "mother, who
Will remain for nn extended visit.
The Stridor Shoes for Meu tire pronounced iu style, ram iu qunlity and
suiierior in workmanship. Thoroughly
rclinble nud contnins all that nnybodv
,oan give for $fi.00.—R. MILLS, 110
Ha—iugs street, west.
Double Strength.
Nothing is more generally
useful nbout the house thun
Witch Hazels.
Iudispeusiblo lor sbnviug.
Excellent for the relief of all
irritation and itching. A
splendid cure for bruises,
bumps aud strains. Very
cooling for skiu eruptions
nud Inflammation, Nice to
relio.o clini'cd snrfacos, ns
well ns insect stings uud
bites. Dozens of other uses.
the best quality, double din-
tilled and filtered. Wc liny
it direol from the best Witch
Hazel distilleries in America
C. E. Netherby,
Rend tho Real Estate column on last
page of this paper.
 :o: —
Mr. J. J. Ross nml Miss Maggie Ross
visited the Capitnl City, the latter part
of last weok.
Leave your order at
once and secure the
Best Quality aud First Choice.
Our Specialty
14-Lb. Boxes No. 1 Creamery Butter.
2425   Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McLeod of Sixth
avenue, returned on Tuesday from a
few days 111 Victoria.
Mrs. S. T. Wallace returned on Mouday from a three moths visit to her
home iu Priuce Edward Island,
Thompson's Cold Cure, sure oure for
cold in hend, 2Ec a box at tho JL A. W.
Co.'s Drug Store.
A. W.  Drug
riar.ager of fit.
Co. Ltd.
'Phone 790.      Free Delivery.
Mrs. W. A. Komp, Deputy Cout-
mauder L. O. T. M, returned from
Victoria the first of this week.
Mrs. Dinsmore who hns been visiting
Mrs. Fiiirbnirn the past few weeks returned to her home iu Washington on
Mr. Chas. Doering, President of the
Vancouver Breweries, nud daughter
Mj*s Bontrico Dueling, arrived in the
city ou Tuesday ftoni Germany, leaving
for Metchosin on tho PrincesS Victoria
the same day, where they will reiuniu a
short time.
Rend the advertiziuncut  of  the City
Brokerage Compuuy iu this issue.
The Mt. Pleasant Baud played 011
Saturday eveuiug last at the City Hull
und different corners of the city business
btreet*. Crowds of people enjoyed the
mnsic. Much appreciation is expressed
at the generous action of the Mt. Pleas*
ant Baud iu playing gratuitously ou
"Mndo iu Vancouver Dny." At the
Park on Labor Day our Baud nlso received muny compliments.
Children you cnu got nt Dnvidsou's,
jcorner Ninth nud Westminster avenues,
<! ScribbleiH or Exercise Books uf (lie
best qunlity, nnd 1 box of Paragon
Drawing Crayons for DSo. Sohool
Books of ull kiuds—1st, 2d, 8d aud 4th
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
The very latest styles in Canadian
nnd Aiiic'riciiii makes nud designs iu
Winter Shoes for Men, Womeu and
Children at R, MILLS, the Shoeman,
119 Hastings streets, west.
R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu all kinds of Fresh aud Salt Meats. Fresh Vegetables nlwnys
on hand. Orders solicited from all parts of Mouut Plensaut nud Fnirview
Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season. S
Tel. 21106. §
I >aB_B-__»aM___W_M_MSWMMM»_>f
Things are movsnej prettv fast
THEM GO EAST ************************
Did yon get your share of Preserving Fruitsf   If not, wo have a nice lot
Look at our nice FANCY BISCUITS, 2-lLs for 25c
It will puy you to look us up.—
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone moo.
Mrs. (Dr.) N. Allen nud little sou
have beeu vi—ting Mrs. Allen's parents
Mi', and Mrs. Ashwell of Chilliwhack
Mr C. Freestone, 130 Lome street,
jetnrned Saturday last irom u trip
through tho Nicola nud Okanogan
Miss Alberta Dickey, daughter of Mr.
nud Mrs, N. Dickey, Eighth avenue, is
teaching ut Extension, Vaucouver
Islaud, th.H term.
McDowell's Syrup of White Pine, a
guaranteed cough cure, 50c a bottle at
the M. A. W, Co.'s Postofilco Drug
Mr. Geo. Glover Jr., sou Mr and
Mm. Goo, Glover, 41S .Seventh avennt
who was engineer ou one of the freight
trains which collided at Medicine Hut
ou Saturday la. t week is uot expected
to survive his injuries. His mother has
been very ill sinco the shock of hearing
of tho accident to lier sou. Mr. uud
Mrs. Herberf, Harford left Saturday
afternoon for Medicine lint. Mrs. Harford iB a sister of the injured engineer,
wiio has a wifo aud four littlo sons.
Mnch sympathy is felt for Mr. Glover
wud bis family who nro prominent
members of Mt. Plen—int Methodist
. Ohurch Congregation.
RlNJ UP 911 for n good load of
Codur Wood |l.25 n lnnd; ur leave orders
ut 608 Seventh aveune, east.—OitocKBlt
Bitos., Dealer*—I Wood.
For your Ice Cream, Soft Drinks,
Candies, Cigars and Tobacco go to
tbe Mt, Pleasant Confectionary Store,
lOhas. Homewood). Ice Cream sold in
Any quantity, put up in ncnt boxes.
Mrs. H. J. Foote i iitortiiined about
thirty guests In honor of Miss Annie
Rupcr of Van Auda, who has boen her
guest for the past two weeks. Miss
Rapor left for homo ou Friday afternoon. Present; Misses Aunieaud Ethel
Rnper, Misses Florenco Poore, Carrie
Gamier, Eilecu Allen, Mamie Towu-
loy, Pearl Porcer, Maggie MeKenzie,
Mary Draney, Myrtlo Foote, Winnio
Footo, Ponrl Porocr, Messrs. J. Townloy, B. Butler, E. Wnela. L. Olmstencl,
M. Macdonnld, F. Buckle, E. Porcer,
F. Fierhclier, F. Flewelling, W. Knpcr,
E. Rnpor, F. W.ide, Mr and Mrs, I,
Williams and Mr. nuel Mrs. H. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Giliiinii of Uidy-
Mintli, have been vssiilng Mr, Oilman's
mother, Mrs. Oilman uf Westminster
avenue, this week,
of tho summer months is very trying to some people, nnd by the
eud of the season they feol completely worn out, tired, lauguid nud
no ambition. All this is due to u run-down conditiou*, of tho system, nnd what is needed is a good tonic that will bring back tbo
snap, enorgy SYHUP of HSPOPHOSPHITES is the best thing
for such people. It sharpen np the appetite, enriches tho blood,
tones up the nerves uml increases the vitality. It gives tho snap
i       you hnve lost, $1,00 per bottle. $-,'■
I   LAW, THE DRUGGIST, Wants to See YOU.    ■
) ®s_}___i tsmmm® asms® «___■ ^__sg.-^ggsg»@
Miss Florence Burritt returned   lo
Kcultl,! on  Sutuiiliiy lust,   after sovornl
weeks visit with her parent* Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Burritt, Twelfth avenne,
A general meeting of Looal Council nf
Women will be held   in  the Carnegie
Library at :i o'clock cm Monday after
uoou; the Executive will meetnt 2:110
Mrs. Lyons, formerly n resident of
Mt. Ploasaut, has beeu visitpig old
friends ou tho Hill, a week Mrs.
Lyons left Thursday for Calgary, where
she aud her husband will make their
Chas. Raume, 'teacher of Violin and
Cornet. Special attention given to young
pupils. Fnr terms, etc., npply at Studio,
!I7 Eleveuth avenue.
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital ♦3.000.UUO.    Reserves *!t.4117.000.
Accounts may be opened with
One Dollar.
7 to So-took,
W. A. Schwartz,  Manager.
Men's Clothes
"Help Mt. Plt'usant Grow,"
*{      2115 Westminster avenne
$ Mt. Pleasant.
■J r000004**0**4*44004000004
Royal Crown
Changes (or advertisements sbonld be
n before Thursday uoou to insure their
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Lee are expected to
arrive from the East today.
Mrs. Fiiii'bnirii left on Friday to visit
friends In Port Angeles and Suattle,
Ixiwnkv's Chocolates fresh today at
tho M. A, W. Company's Mt. Plensaut
Drug Store.
Central Meat
Ninth ave. a Westminster road.
Ment of nil   kiuds continually
ou baud
Poultry nud Oame   iu  season.
Rest   of   Vegetables   on   the
Woodrow &
***   Williams
TltlMiii...,   Malinger.
984.   Prompt Delivery.
Our  Regular   Customers
and the Many Strangers
who visited  Our Store on the day of Onr Opening,
and made it a success  in every  sense  of tbe word.
If you aro buying your Groceries on the' Northside of Folse Oreok, just
stay on your own sido With your u«.xt order and give os a trial.
Since the weather has become cooler, Our 14-tt, boxes ot CREAMER V
BUTTER aro Belling very fust  Better have ono before tho prico advances.
You will flud our stock of FRUITS nice and fresh for TODAY'S selling.
Phillips & Lockfin
(Successors to Foster & Phillips)
244-246 Ninth ave., east. 'Phone 014.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by meu of years
and years aud years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ |.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Snle at all first-class Suioous, Liquor Stores aud Hotels or
delivered tn your house.
We have all  the Fruits
that are iu seasau at the
Lowest Prices.
order early and get  the best.
Try us for Groceries and be iinioug the
—- Satisfied.
McKinnon & Gow,
UC, Ninth Ave. Opposite Nn .1 Fire Hall
Telephone bI-I-1'1. Prompt delivery
Boot and Shoonsaktng
nud Repairing dono nt
Peters' Bool & Shoe Store
8464 Westmiuster avenuo.
For a Qanto ol
Pooler SiSHards
Drop In at
Mi. Plcasattt.
Table flatware
Wo have a splendid lino of
those goods, made to our
owu order iu England.
Fish Seta,
Dessert Sets,
Carvlug Sots,
Fish  Forks A Carvers,
Crumb Scoops, Etc.
There is nothing that will
give your table lhat, rich,
finished look that belong*
exclusively to this Silverware.   Prices from $1  np to
Corner Hastings and Orntivi.le Sts,
Official Watch luspootor O. P. R.
Mrs. O'Dell, 178 Ninth iiveiuin, west,
will be "At Homo" for musical evenings
the Itt and .'Id Mondays nf the mouth.
After seeing tho Full Styles in
Millinery and learning prices, wise
women want their huts from Mrs.
Merkley's where style nud quality are
equally displayed,
Tim Bkst is tiu. Wcutui. Drop
us ii post curd asking ' for n
Catalogue of Premiums to bo
had free for Royai, Ciiown
Soap Wn_pprrs,
Magnetic Vibration
All Curable Diseases snccassfnlly treated.    Women and Children's  Diseases n
Specialty.   Oimsnltntiiin I'reo.
Mas. Jambs BonR,
-1880 fjuebco street.
Miss Bertram, teacher of languages,
also drawing iu pencil, nnd crayons,
painting   in   oils   and     water    color.-..
Pianoforte tenons given. Vooal
lessons also given in classes or individually. Apply nt "The Advocate" Ofiice.
Rev. nnd Mrs. Wm Hicks und fmni
ly hnve moved from Victoria, uud will
locate in Vancouver. They uro at pres
ent guests of Mr. aud Mrs. S. ElkinS,
Westminster nvonue, ,
Messrs. Chas, Homewnoil, Ed Curtis
aud Woss Donohno were among the
first to begin the "shootingseason" by
going on a bunting trip ths earlier part
nf tho week in the Pitt Meadow district.
Miss Selkirk will continue in charge
of tho Dressmaking Deportment, 'i'iiti
Westminster" avenue. Perfect fit and
satisfaction gnorauteod,
The only Drug Store on Mt. Pleasunt
where ynur Prescriptions are nlways
dispensed by a ('radtiato Chemist day
and night, is the. McDowell, Atkins,
Wntsou & Co., Mt. Pleasant Branch.
The funeral of the Into Mrs. Margaret
M. —ill—iau took place Tuesday nfler-
nniiii from the family resideuco iiii the
Westminster road, nenr Gladstone,
ihe Rev ('. A. Wilson ofHoiatiug,  'i'he
diieeased was SOV-OUty-six years of
age, ami was the mother bf Mrs. Mo-
Donald of the West End Grocery on
Burrard street, and of Mrs. s. \v.
Keith, Mt. Pleasant. Mrs. Killniaii
WSS greatly esteemed b.v ull who knew
her as a true and devoted christian
Many beautiful floral offerings from
frieuds covered the cusket.
"The Advocate"
$1 n year; BOc for H mouths
Evorthlngiu the Ime nf Suuuner Good* hum go regardless of
cost.   Jnst read ovor tbe following lines, nnd see if there is ual
some of ihoui you require,
Ladios1 Silk Muolin and Lustre Oostomas, Cloth Ooats,
Silk I'mil', Skirls, Wrnppors, iilnnses,
Parasols, Onpes,        Cotton Hosiery, Musllus,
Whitownir, Bilks, Ohlffon Buffs, Ginghams,
Dress Qnndit, Kiiibiniilerk'-
a. ross & co., 3o,3a^a„?sr *•   I
I ni Advertising IOo a line each issue
Display Advertising |1.00 porinob
per month.
Notices for Church and Society l.nter-
iiiinineiit% Licctures, etc.,   win.ni.
will beclllll'gell for,
All  Advertisements are run regularly
and charged for until ordered tbey
be discontinued,
Transient   Advertisers   must pny  iu
Notices Of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge,
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry aud Animal Foods.
Pratt's Lice Killer.
Holly Chick Food,   Beefscreps, Etc.
**)     IfPITH  t'orncr   NINTH ivtm   *
Tub-phono   1087.
is only #1.00 a year,
50o for ft months,
800 for 8 mouths,
Mrs. O'Dell, 170 Niuth avenue, west,
teacher of piano nnd orgnn having bad
several years exportonoo in teaching, a
thorough musical education iu assured
her piipila
Telephone 20a 1   BUCHANAN &, Ehwaudh
This is lie Ilest made ware—'ilue in Color—nud any piece ynu mny
want, nicging in si/.e fnini the sinnllest dipper nr panto the largest
wash basin or double boiler. Come in and sec just onr Kuunieiwiu'O.
Stock Pattern Dinner Sets
best in the city— Id dificreut lines of which  ynu can  buy  nny
pnrt. Let us show you onr lntc..t arrivals They are Boantiea.
Buchanan & Edwards
6G2 66/. (.ronville St. 'Phone 2021.
ThcCanadian Bank
of Commerce
Deposits ot OnkOoii.au and upwards
received imd interest allowed thrroou.
Bunk Money Orders  issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE IIOUKS: Ida. in. to « p. m
Saturdays: hi a m.to mm., 7 tos p.m.
East i nd Branch
4-M Westminster     C. W. DUHRANT.
avouue, M*naiiki_ nm AWbiBii, VAM-jfuvM, mwim Columbia
■■**•'-■--»---- ■• UM ■>'^>^'-^^---s_-^-r_ntl-f.f^.-J-.  -
j Linked by Fate |
Author of" The Verdict of the Heart/' " A Heritage   «;
of Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mills," '-Paid
For," "A Modern Juliet," Etc
(Continued from last week.)
♦++1 <■♦ + ♦♦»++♦♦♦ ♦ ♦+ f ■» » »
•men  slie  spoke tne    worn;  reluctantly  enough,   for   love's   voice    was
clamouring to her, "lie satislied!   He
loves vou."
Ho started slightly and stared
down into her eyes with amazement
and a dawning recollection.
".Judith?" he echoed,
"Vcs," she breathed, "I—I found
her portrait in your coat pocket. A
ln'iiiitii'iil. u lovely woman, I saw
hor in a box ot the theatre in London.   Yes; Judith!'*
lie gated, questionlngly, anxiously
into her eyes, bull' dozed for a moment! then he laughed. And the
lnugh was almost sweeter in her ears
than his wordB of passionate love
and  longing.
"Judith! Judith Orme! You
found her portrait! I had forgotten
il; forgotten her!"
Tlio warm lilood flooded Nina's face
anil she drew a long sigh of relief.
".Iiulith? I thought I was in love
With her! In love! I did not know
what it meant till I met you. Nina,
my dearest, my—wlfol" His arms
cloned round her again. "I had forgotten ber! Judith!" bo laughed
again. "Sho is going to be marriod
—is married by this timo to—to another man! Judithl And you
Nina's eyes overflowed with the
glad tears. Oh, it is well for women that thoy can jweep, even in
their Joy I
"What else could I think? And—
anel—you don't care for her now?"
she faltered, like any girl in her
toons, woman as she was.
He threw back hlfl head and laughed again, the laugh that waa sucb
sweet music to her.
"You only, dearest,'" hie said.
"And you never guessed it! Ah,
well, lf you could have seen me when
I found you had gone on that infernal raft; if you could have seen
me when its remains floated ashore
with your cap! The dear littlo cap!
Oh, Nina! I waB mad with grief; I
have beon more than half mad since.
All the world could not console mc
for tho loss of youl And all the
timo you were thinking I was ln
love with—Judithl"-
"Forgive mel" she murmured.
"But what else could I think?—her
portrait, thero in your coat, over
your heart!—and knowing that you
had been forced Into the marriage—"
"I loved you then, before then!"
he said, earnostly. "It was on your
account that I hesitated, pleaded
with Fleming, made the raft. I
thought you disliked me, and I loved
you too well to get you against your
"How blind we werel'' she murmured, regretfully; for how much
thoir blindness had cost them!
"Blind as young puppiesl But our
eyes aro opened now, dearest! It is
all right!'
"Your shoulder, your wound— Do
you remember tho fight with the Lascar?" she whispered, with a shudder.
"Yes, and how gently you dressed
tho wound; you little guessed bow
tha touch of your dear fingers thrilled through me!" he responded, "ily
beautiful!" He gazed into her ryes,
raised shyly but lovingly to his.
"To think of your being a literary
swell! A dramatic author! And to
think of my looking on at tht play,
and not knowing that my dear, clever wife had written itl My wife!
Nina, you haven't kissed me yet!
Kiss im now! Just that I may realize that you are actual flesh and
blood, and .not one of the visions
of you thaf have come to me so of-
ton in my dreams."
-he raised her head and kissed
him, and did not tell him that she
had already done sol
"And now, dearest, touching tha
He started at his own words. Future,! Why, he had destroyed the future that belonged to hor, had given
away his birthright, tho title, the
wealth that should belong to her as
his wife! It bad been the act of a
madman; but—the act had been accomplished, and could not be undone,
Sho nestled against him and laughed.
"I am too happy in the present to
think of tho I'm ure," she aaid ln a
low voico.
"You—you don't mind being the
wifo of—of a poor man, a man of no
nccount?" he faltered.
-Sho looked at him with surprlso.
"You forget tho gold—Vane!" she
Tho tone of her "Vana" thrilled
"Ah, yes, of course!" he responded, with relief. "Yes; yes! I'd forgotten the gold. No wonder, with
such a treasure in my armsl We'll
go to England, form a company—"
Ht stopped and frowned. How could
he go to England, ho who had exiled himself from civilization, who was
dead to tho world, his world. "You
—you wouldn't liko to stay here?"
be suggested, scarcely knowing what
to say.
"Anywhere—with you!" ihe murmured.
Suddenly athwart this dream of
happiness enme a voice calling, "Decima—Miss   Woodl'"
Nina started, "Lord Sutcombo!"
she whispered almost guiltily,
"Ah, poor Lord Sutcombe!" murmured Vane, gravely. "Yes, I can
pity liim, Nina! To love you—and
loso you! Don't I know what that
Sutcombe came upon them hurriedly and stopped short, looking from
ono to thu other, tho color coming
and going in his faco. Vano made a
dash  at the revelation.
"Lord S'ltconibe—Nina—Miss Wood
—wo have met—sho Is my wlfol"
Sutcombo started; then ht remembered the pnper and tho ring he
had seen Nina weeping over, and realized the truth—and his own absolute, irrevocable loss. He stood i'or
a moment, or two i|uit,o silent, thon
ho cume forward and held out his
"I—I congratulate you," ho said,
simply, and not oven Vano could
appreciate tho effort, the words, the
tone, cost him; but perhnps Nina
She laid her hand on his arm and
looked up at him through a mist of
"We—we-owe—our happiness to
you," she whispered. "But for you I
should not have come back to the
Sutcombe patted her hand in silence for a moment,  then ht said:
"We must go back to my Bister;
she  is  anxious."
"Yes, let us go," said Vane.
Sutcombo would have preceded
thom, but Nina walked resolutely by
his side; and so, all together, thoy
came to Vivienno in tho saloon. Nina flew to her and hid her faco on
her bosom, and Vivienne starod ovor hor at the tall, rough-looking
man, whoso grave face had already
tho glow of his now found happiness
in It.
"Vivienno—oh, Vane, I can't tell
her! You!" she broko down.
Vano camo forward.
"It is soon told," he said, gently.
"This lady to whom you and your
brother hnve boon so good—Qod bless
you for it!—and I are busbar il and
wife. Wo were marriod on this island
a long time ago. My cams, her
name, ls Mannering. I am Vant Mannering—M
Ht stopped, aghast, at tho slip of
the tonguo, and was more aghast
still when he saw the brother and
sister exchange glances. He was glad
that Nina had—like a good housewife—turned to the fire to see after
the supper.
"Vane Mannering!" exclaimed
Sutcombe. "Are you related to the
Lesborough family? There was a Vans
Mannering—tht last earl, who perished in a flre at Lesborough
Vano signed to him warningly, and
Sutcombe, embarrassed and speechless, stopped and stared at him.
Vivicnne made a show of helping
Nina, and presently Nina shyly invited them to supper. They sat
down, and Vane told the Sutcombos
of the wreck, and the story of the
marriage, Nina sitting near him with
bent head and face that grew hot
and pale by turns; and the Sut-
combes listened with an amazement
which grow still more intense when
Vane abruptly said, as if he had suddenly arrived at a decision:
"And now for something else. Just
now you asked me tf I were connected with tho Lesborougha. I am. I
am the man who was supposed to
have been killed by the fire at tht
"Supposed! Thon—then you art
Lord Lesboroughl" exclaimed Sutcombc.
Vane stretched out his hand and
got Nina's and held it tightly, and
looked tenderly and reassuringly Into
her startled oyes.
"Yes," ho admittod gravely. "It It
a strange business.  Listen!"
Amidst their breathless silence ht
told them the story of the accident,
the sacrifice ho had made for Julian.
"What was tho use of the title,
tht estate, to me?" he said, simply.
"I had lost Nina forever, as I
thought; for evon if she Were alive,
I thought she had risked death rather thnn remain allvo with mo. Life
was over for nie; such a life as that
which I should have had to lend was
Impossible. And Julian would make
a ten thousand times better l.unl
of Lesborough—it was only pushing
the clock on a little, I thought! I
should never marry—ovon if 1 had
been free to do so, for, you see, I
loved niy wife here, wife or no wifo.
And so'I disappeared that Julian
Shore might reign in my sti'ad! It
wasn't much of a sacrifice; and it
wus lessened b.v the fact that tho
poor soul, the poor de-i\f and dumb
woman, who was so devoted to him,
had given her lifo to save mino. it
wus some kind of n return, acknowledgment, of, her heroism. I could
make the inusler she loved rich and
happy. You see? You think 1 was
mad; but—1 hadn't found my wife
again," and he colored and looked
round. "She is my wife, Lord Sut-
oombo.  Toll her so!"
Sutcombe nodded gravely.
"Yes," he said, "I am a barrister,
though I've never practiced; and,
ttrangoly enough, whilu 1 was rending for tho bur, I studied tho marriage laws. The marriage was legal!"
"Thank you!" said Vane, with his
tyes On Nina's face. .She rose, und
Without a word Vivienne nnd she
loft the saloon. At the door sho
paused for an Instant nnd looked at
Vane, lie had stinted to his font,
hut, before the look In her eyes, lit
sunk down nguin.
"She is not satislied," ho snld,
almost Inaudibly, rh tho door closti
on thein.
Sutcombo shook hln bead. "It Is
only natural. You must bo married
in due form. Though, mind, this oilo
Is legal und absolutely valid!"
"llut—but—there Is another mat-
tor," continued Sutcombc. "Ilo you
mind tolling mo ngnin about tht—
accident, tht fire? It is a painful
subject—but I havt a reason for asking."
Vano repeated tbe account of that
awful scent in the Wizard's or
Witch's Room, and Sutcombc stopped him now and again to ask for
somo dotall; then he said, very grav*
"And you call lt an accident?"
"Carta—dyl" responded V^ne, with
■urprlso. "The poor woninn upset
the sfove, furnace, whatever you call
tt, and the burning spirit ran over
the floor and caught."— He shud-
"The flre? Yes, that was an accident," safd Sutcombe, still more
gravely, his faco pals, his eyes fixed
tnrnest.lv on Vano. "But the lur—IH
which nearly suffocated you? The
floor waa loWccd—'•'
"It locktd with a spring.:'
"The ropes of tho ventilator gave
way in your hands. Your cousin, Mr.
guilnn Short, did not  return—"
"Good Oortl What ls it you are
suggesting?'* cried Vane, white to the
tips, not only ot the suggestion, but
at hit own Vague aonse that it miglri
be true.
"Murder," replied Sutcombe.
Vano foil back and regarded hint
with horror-strlckon eyes.
"Murdorl Julian—Julian plot, plummy death! Oh, you don't know himl
He is incapable of—" The sweat
stood thickly on his brow.
Sutcombe looked at him steadily
"You had never met your cousin
before   i-*t day at   the   Uw_er'e.
tiU-w ridihills' aoout null," ne safd.
"I know mo"e than  you!"
"You!" Sa'd  Vane.
"Yfls; bocahso I havo not come u_-
ex-sr the spell of his presence, thu'
pscultar charm o> which you toll u*.
\ unbiassed, untrammelled by the influence of his pnisonulity, can view
.lis actions with a clear judgment.
V'ait! Think ho'v much he had to
guin b.v your deilth! A peerage, the
•■.state,  the woim'n he loved!"
"But—buC" stniiimercd Vane,
SSgerly, "1 was not ln their wayl
SShe did not caro—I did not cure lur
her.    She knew i*;l"
Sutcombe smiled grimly. "She had
•tared for you; 1 am not so sure,
from all you toll me, that she did
not still care. At any rate, l**e
thought so. Y'ou were terribly in h'S
way, Lesborough, and he—tried tn
remove you! Why did that poor woman come bnck to that infernal
room, and by the other door? Sht
s ispected her mnster, as I suspocj,
and she came to save you from death
ond  him from—murder!"
Vune sprung to his feet.
"My  Ood!"   hu cried,   "I  cai't,   I
won't believo It! I dare not! Julian,
niy own flutih nnd blood!"
"More kith thnn kind!" murmured
Sutcombo, "Heaven grant that you
may be right and 1 wrong, llut your
duty is clear. You must go to —ng-
lnnd and discover the truth for yourself. (!o secretly, concealing your
"1 will!" snld Vune, resolutely.
"And I'll prove you're wrong! Yes,
I'll prove it to your satisfaction,
Julian try to—to murder me!" Ho
laughed, but the lnugh had a note
uf dreud and doubt  in it.
Thoy sat and talked for nonic time;
then  Vane said ho must go.
"1 can't leave the boat; I'm not
certain of the tide," he said. "I'll
come around to-morrow, und we'll
talk it over. Of course, not a word
to the ladies!"
They shook hands and parted, but
neither slept. Vane lay awake looking up at the sturs and thinking of
Nina, and Sutcombo paced the saloon and carried on the light witb
bis disappointment  and loss
Going to the spring quite early the
next morning, he was surprised to
find Vivienne seated on tho beach a
little way from the ladies' hut. She
beckoned to him, and when he camo
within hearing hold up her linger
"Hush!" sho whispered. "She is
usleep. She has been awake all the
night, but has just fallen off. We
have been tulking; sho has been telling uie everything, and I hnve boon
thinking. Sutcombe"—she paused
and bit her lip—"you are suro tho—
the marriage was quite legal?"
"Quite," he said, gravely, and
looking awny  from her.
"Then bend down; I—I want to
whispor,  Sutcombe."
With hor faoe against his, she whis-
peied something in his ear. He
stinted and drew a. long breath, then
nodded assent ingly.
"Yes!" he suid, in a low voice.
"We will do it. It—it is a clever
idea of yours, Vivienne. How did
you come to think of it?"
"I am a womun, dear!,'1 she said,
"llut you will have to be quick—
there is no time to lose."
"1 will manage my part, if you Will
do yours," he said, and he laid his
hand on her shoulder. "To see her
hupp}—it ie all 1 ask!'1'
The tears cuino to her eyes and
sho put up her hnnd and caressed his,
with the familiar gOBturo. lt was
not necessary for her to Bay anything.
lt wus Iato when Nina awoko—
awoke to lind that hor dream that
Vane was restored to her was true!
—and Vivienno was standing bosido
the bed with a cup of toa ln hor
"You lazy bones!" she said.
"We've all had breakfast, and Sutcombe hus gone off to his work—how
pretty you look when you blush,
Decima, for it must be '1-ciina' for
me still! At any rate, until I can
get used to the 'Nina.' 1 like tho
way he suys it—Nina, Ninu!"
Nina hung hor head and blushed all
the rosier.
"Mr. Mannering, or, rather, Lord
Lesborough, has gone back to the
boat to mend a sail, or something
of the kind. Ancl Sutcombe snys, do
you mind making some bags for him
this morning? He particularly wunts
them nt once!"
"Why, of course!" snid Nina, eagerly, "(live mc the stull! I'll licgin
thein this very moment. Are you
sure everything i.s right in the saloon?" she nsked, like a careful
housekeeper.    "What ure you doing?"
"Quite sure!" replied Vivienne.
"Whut am 1 doing? Oh, only tidying up a littlo, Shull we take the
bags down to the clump of trees In
the hollow? Or, perhaps you'd rather stay here, in case he Bhould
Nina Jumped up with suspicious
"Come along; it will be shady
there," she snld.
Tbey went to tho spot of which
Vivienne hud spoken. It was a littlo
dip in the valley, from which tha
coast line could not be seen; and as
thny worked Vivienno ontlced Nina
Into again telling her the strange
story of tlm wreck, nnd all that had
followed It; and they wero so absorbed ln thn recital that, though Nina
glanced round occasionally rather
wistfully, itho morning slipped away.
Presently there sounded a step; but
Nina's eyes did not brighten; for it
wnn not the one for which sho was
will ting—and longing. It was Sutcombe.
(To be continued.)
_      JAPAN _SE DANCE8.
Wt have had our cycle mania
Ant] our golfers clad In plaid;
The baseball crank's still with us
And the man who's auto mad.
Rut now there comes a new one,
Who turns the Btrangest trick,
The man who scorns to ride or walk*
The bold balloonatlc.
Ht laughs at horse and biiBty
And will take no auto ride;
Ht talks like Santos-Dumont,
And a gas bag Is his prldt.
Ha hits the blue empyrean
Till he makes tha lark look slek|
He sett us all a-rubberlng—
This gay balloonatle.
Ht chats ot clouds and currants
And machines that can bt steered
And of how he'd had tht record
If the blamed wind hadn't veered.
Ha throws down sand upon us,
And he laughs whene'er wt kick,
For tha upper hand ht carries,
This proud hallo nolle.
But tome day, th, yes, somt day,
Like tha man who loopt tht loop,
Ht will makt a miscalculation,
And there'll be a downward swoop,
And we'll havt to hunt with well iinuj
When ht hltt earth like a brick,
And tht cloudt no moro hall Jostle—
Our lata balloonatlc       - -
Ther Are Not Blglily Amntlig Md
Are Not Indelicate.
The form of amusement of a dramatic nature that most interests the
traveler ln Japan ls tbo geisha dance,
also tho kagura, or common religious
dance, and the adzuma-mal, a religious
dauce performed In the aueient Shimo-
(iiuno Shinto temple nenr ' Kyoto.
These dances are not particularly
amusing to witness, though all sights
of the kind are more or less amusing
when witnessed for the flrst time. The
best geisha dancing takes place lu
Kioto, the next best ln Tokyo, but so
called geisha dances nu.y be seen in
several of the large towns.
Almost more Interesting to see, however, are the religious dances. In the
kagura, for instance, the dancer usually wears a loose white chemise garment, a pair of flapping trousers, generally of a bright red color, and n long,
transparent covering formed like a
clonk and ornamented with designs resembling crests. Her hnlr hangs down
her back lu a single tross, flowers adorn
hor forehead, and her face la besmeared
with a white compound, snld to consist
chiefly of white lend. In her hand she
holds a bunch of small bells that ts not
unlike a child's toy. This she shakes at
Intervals during the dance. Sometimes
several girls dance at one time, but lu
every caso their movements arc accompanied by a mournful, sacred chant
and by a tune played upon a drum und
flute by priests. It Is wrong to suppose, however, as many Europeans
who havo visited Japan do suppose,
that the mlknkoodorl dance Is Indecent.
About the genuine geisha dance there
Is nothing evon Indelicate or suggestive.—St. James' Gazetto.
How  xx Montenegrro  Prince   Got Hia
Subjects  to Work.
Prince Nicholas of Montenegro was
obliged to follow Peter the Great's example In order to make bis subjects
work at all. The haughty Montenegrins have from time Immemorial been
accustomed to look down upon the mechanic arts of Industry as vile and degrading. Prince Nicholas besought
them with all his eloquence to learn
the necessary arts of life, but all lu
vain. He used every method, Including the "argumentum bacullnum," or
"paternal" method, with a stick, to
which the great Peter was so addicted.
Even this argument fell flat. Then the
prince tucked up his sleeves, betook
himself to a smithy and hammered
Iron for a day. This method proved
effectual. The Montenegrins camo to
the conclusion that tho work of the
smithy was not incompatible with their
dignity. Shoemaklng, however, they
could not be Induced to look upon as
other than degrading. Persuasion falling, the monarch turned cobbler. This
was too much for the Montenegrins.
Whon they saw him put his hand to
the waxed thread and the shoe leather
bis faithful lieges gathered round upon
their knees and besought him not to
sully his royal fingers by touching the
accursed thing. "Beat us all," they
cried, "only do not do yourself such
dishonor." Tbo prince paid no attention and worked till nightfall. Next
day the cobblers' shops were full of
Montenegrins eager to enroll themselves as apprentices to tho trade
which Nicholas had ennobled by his
own example.—London Mall.
Shakespeare's Indifference to Fame.
Shakespeare never took any trouble
to hand himself down to fame and posterity. Superbly indifferent to renown, writing only as tho sun shines
and as the winds blow—because it was
the work ho was created for—he dashed
off those marvelous productions, aud
when they had accomplished their object of paying his current expenses
and pleasing the public of hi t.me he
retired to Stratford-on-Avon, utterly
careless, as It seems, whether his splendid plays lived In tho memories of men
or died out of recollection. It was part
of his royal and lofty nature, thiB large
Indifference, so grandly contrasted
with the modern yearning to be advor-
tised, tbe latter day ache to be lauded
and remembered.—Loudon Chronicle.
Not Their Fault.
General Schofleld was once describing In Washington a certain retreat of
cavalry. 'I call It a retreat," he said,
"but I should really coll lt a rout." Ho
smiled. "In this retreat," he went on,
"the commanding general, as his
charger tore like tbe wind along, turned
to an aid wbo galloped besldo him and
eald, 'Who nre our roar guurdV The
aid, without ceasing for an Instant to
belabor his panting steed, replied,
'Those who have the worst horses,
On th. Lookout.
Towne—Whenever you hoar a politician declare tbnt "every mon has bis
price" you may rost assured thnt ho's
one of them. Browno—Not necessarily.
He may simply be calling attention to
tbe fact tbat he hasn't got his yet
Suited Him.
His Wife—Yes, tbe girl Is going to
leave. Sbe ls lazy and good for nothing anyhow. Tbo Professor—Why, I
thought sho was a model servant. Sbe
never attempted to arrange my papers.
Bad Break.
Joe—Jack's new wife won't speak to
me. Tom—Why not? Joe—I got confused at the wedding and tendered him
my sympathy Instead of congratulations.
Friends should not be chosen to flatter. The quality we prize Is that rectitude which will shrink from no truth.
Intimacies which increase vanities destroy frlendshlo.—Cbannlng.
Postage on British Magazlnfea.
It Is understood that Hon. Rodolpht
Lemleux, Postmaster-General, has begun negotiations with the British postal authorities looking to a reduction ol
postal rates on magazines from Britain
to Canada. If successful the movement
would have the effect of causing the circulation of British literature in Canada ln greater degree than at present,
and tend still further to develop British sentiment ln the Dominion. The
opinion Is entertained that Hon. Sydney
Buxton, Postmaster-General In London, will be favors—ly Impressed by thi
representations made to him, and thai
there ls a prospect of successful out*
o-imt of the negotiation*,
Tht   Cauae   and   Not   the   Effect   •(
Physical In-lain—iintlon.
Inflammation and pain are so closely
connected that a person who feels pain
In the throat often complains of having a sore throat without examining
the throat to see if It Is really Inflamed.
Hitherto inflammation has been taken
as a cause and palu as its Inevitable
effect, but according to a remarkable
Investigation by Professor Spiess, reported in the Munich Medlzinlsche Wo-
chenschrlft, or Medical Weekly, the
pain ls the cause and tbe Inflammation
is the effect.
If the pain is calmed by anaesthetics
the Inflammation also subsides. For
example, Inflammation of tbe mucous
membrane of the nose and throat can
be cured by anaesthetics, and if an
anaesthetic is injected Into an Incipient
boll there is little subsequent Inflammation. In the treatment of Inflammatory diseases, therefore, painlessness ls
an object well worth Btrlvlng for.
Spiess regards tbo cessation of the
nasal secretion of Influenza during
sleep as n proof that the Inflammation
of the mucous membrane Ib arrested
by the Insensibility of Bleep, and ho
explains In n similar manner tlie often
observed henllng of wounds without
Inflammation In Insane persons.
As nn anaesthetic Spiess first employed orthoform, afterward novocain,
a substitute for cocaine, the poisonous
character of which makes It unsuitable
for use.
The Inflammation following operations on the tonsils, which Is ordlnnrlly
very severe, wns nlmost wholly prevented by applications of orthoform
before nnd after the operation. The
tnflnminntlon as well as tbe pain of
wasp stings, mosquito bites nnd slight
wounds wns prevented by rubbing
them with nn aqueous solution of the
It ls too soon to nttempt an explanation of these remarkable results. The
Inflammation appears to be a result of
n reflex nction transmitted by the sensory nerves. The anaesthetics used
should therefore be such as affect those
nerves alone and have no Influence on
the vasomotor nerves, whlcb regulate
the supply of blood.—Scientific American.
Terrapin Fonnd Alive In Aehes.
Oue of the strangest Incidents following the great fire wns the finding of
a live terrapin in the ruins of n building nt the corner of Fowoll and Washington streets. Miss Charlotte Estes of
1734 Lnguna street and Miss Lilly
Plowman of Sydney, Australia, went
to the ruins of the Normal school,
whoro Miss Estes wus a student, and
while Investigating conditions noticed
something move In the ashes In a basement. Miss Estes climbed down and
removed the ashes and debris and
found the terrnpln. It was so active
thnt when plnced on the ground near
wnter It ran Into the bay and swam
away. This animnl had undoubtedly
pnssed through the flre and lived for
ten dnys In tho ashes of the basement
ln which It was found.—San Francises
"Water In Robber.
Experiments with a hermetically
sealed rubber bottle containing water
have shown that the rubber Is not absolutely water tight. The filled bottle
weighed seventeen ounces four drams.
At the end of oue year the weight was
seventeen ounces two drams; nine
years, ten ounces; eighteen years, fourteen ounces two drams; twenty-three
years, thirteen ounces four drams;
twenty-five years, seven ounces eight
drams; twenty-eight years, threo ounces
fourteen drams; thirty years, three
ounces twelve drams, tbe water being
entirely gone,	
The Handsomest Man In Europe.
Goethe was pronounced the handsomest man of Europe. He wns a little over six feet ln height, but so well
proportioned thnt he did not seem tall.
Ilia features were of the Roman type,
bis hair rather light than dark and his
whole nppenrance commanding.
Hon   Thla   Cheerful   Little   Cannibal
E_nta and Develops.
A wonderful spirit of tidiness seems
to pervade the tadpole world. They
always eat whatever bas become useless—their own eggs, tbelr superfluous
companions. Even those who are only
weakly are cleared out of the way and
the victims take it all us a matter of
course. I bave disturbed a strong
member of tbe community just as be
had begun to dine off the tall of a
weaker brother, but the sufferer has
not troubled to escape—he Blmply waited till tlie fratricide returned to compter.* his deadly work.
For some time there ls no grave
change ln the tadpoles. They simply
grow and become so far transparent
that their internal mechanism, which
consists of one coll of Intestines, ls
plainly visible. When, however, they
are about three months old a careful
observer can distinguish a tiny foot
on either side of the base of the tall.
These grow slowly, but seem unable
to move Independently until shortly
bo/ore the border lnnd Is passed which
leads to perfect frogbood. Tho hind
legs have reached their full size before
the front ones nppenr, nnd, while the
feet grow slowly, tlio hnnds are rendy
■undo and cnn be used at once. For a
dny or two they cnn be seen under the
B-ii beforo they venture forth, and
their possessor ls very restless nnd excited. He rushes madly nbout, Jostling bis I'onirndes, nnd no doubt being
voted a bore; then a more vigorous effort breaks tlie skin and the tiny hand
and arm appear.
There seems somo rule about the
order of precedence here, as there Is
when the whiskers go, for last year my
tadpoles, almost without exception,
bnd their right hands some hours before the left, while ou previous occasions I havo had nn entirely left
hunded crew.—Chnmbers' Journal.
The Flounder.
Tbe flounder ls an Industrious fish
and lays 7,000,000 eggs in a year.
A   11,-lKlit   Idea.
Theater Mnnnger—I enn't use yonr
piny, sir. It's too long for the stage.
Amateur Playwright—But, I say—aw—
look here—aw! Can't you lengthen the
stage, you know?
He—Why Is It thnt unmarried women
ore usually "girls?" She—Possibly fol
the snmo reason that married men are
mostly "boys."
Conditions Vnder Which Ships' Sails
Soutetlmes  Slnff.
Some curious facts have been noted
with regard to tbe sound conducting
qualities of ships' Bulls. When rendered concave by a gentle breeze, the
widespread sails of a ship are said to
be excellent conductors of sound.
A ship was once sailing along the
const of Brazil, far out of sight of
laud. Suddenly several of the crew,
while walking along the deck, noticed
that when passing and repassing a
particular spot they nlways heard with
great distinctness the sound of bells
chiming sweet music, ns though being
rung but n short distance away.
Dunifounded by this phenomenon,
they quickly communicated the discovery to their shipmate-, but none of
tbem was able to solve the enigma as
to the origin of theso seemingly mysterious sounds which came to them
across the water.
Months afterward, upon returning to
Brazil, the c.cw determined to satisfy
their curiosity. Accordingly they mentioned the circumstance to their
friends and were Informed thnt nt the
time when the sounds were heard the
bells lu the cathedral of San Salvador,
on the coast, had been ringing to celebrate a feast held In honor of one of
the saints.
Their sound, wonderful to relate, favored by a gentle, steady breeze, h
traveled a distance of upward of
miles over the smooth water and bad
beeu brought to a focus by the sallB at
tho particular locality ln which the
sweet sounds were first heard.
This Is but oue of Reveral Instances
of n similar klud, trustworthy authorities claiming that this same music Is
often beard under somewhat the same
circumstances nnd especially ln a moisture laden atmosphere.—London Tit-
Time Has Tested It.—Timo tests
all things, that which is worthy lives,
thnt which is Inimical to man's welfare perishes. Time has proved Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. From a few
thousand bottles ln the early days of
Us manufacture the demand has risen
so that now the production ls running
into hundreds of thousands of bottles.
What is so eagerly sought for must
be good.
Flowers In Swedes,
A special characteristic of the Swedish women of all classes is their love
of flowers. Iu proportion to Its size
and the number of lis Inhabitants
Stockholm has more flower shops tban
any other town ln Europe.
Caeaar'a Calendar.
Julius Caesar's calendar prevailed In
Europe until 1582, when It was supplanted by that of Gregory XIII., now
In use, whlcb omits three leap years
every 400 years.
Says Results are " Truly Wonderful."
Mrs. I. Hunter, of
111 Raglan Road, Kingston, Ont,, says:—
"I have suffered with
kidney and liver
trouble and chronic
constipation for some
time. I was subject
to dizziness, bilious
Mrs. I. Hunter headache, nervousness,
drowsiness, pains ln the*_ack and side,
and a tired, weary feeling nearly all
tho time.
"I tried almost every medicine, was
treated by doctors and druggists with
little or no benefit.
"I tried Dr. Leonhardts Antl-PIll,
and the results have been truly wonderful. 1 am so much better. Anti-
Pill is a most wonderful remedy."
All dealers, or the Wllson-Fyle Co.,
Limited, Niagara Falls, Ont. 603
Hit Presenot of Mind.
Lord Curzon, when a young man, and
long bofore he succeeded to tht title,
was traveling ln Corea, says Tho London Chronicle. He had been warned
not to admit that ht was under forty,
for previous to that ago a man commands small respect In Corea. 'fhe
president of tho Foreign Offlot axaed
his ago and Mr. Curzon replied "forty,"
"Dear mo," replied the Coroan official,
"you look very young for that. How do
you account for It?" "By the fact,"
was tho reply, "that I have bean traveling for a month ln the supeit oilman
of his Majesty's dominions." Finally
the president said: "I presume you are
a near relative of the Queen of England?" "No," replied the traveler, "I
am not." But observing tht look of
disgust that passed over tht oounten-
ance, Mr, Curzon added quietly: "I am
however, at yet an unmarried man."
Loat Interest.
R.—Id—Docs Bhe take an Interest ln
Greene—Not ns much as she used to.
Redd—How came she to lose Interestl
Greene—She married one!—Yonkers
Country  Confidences.
"Do you prefer city life?" asked the
dandelion politely.
"Well, I nm down on tho farm," replied the thistle.—Baltimore Americnn.
At the first sign of Illness during
the hot weather, give the little ones
Baby's Own Tablets or In a few „ours
the trouble may be beyond cure.
Baby's Own Tablets is the best medicine In the world to prevent Bummer complaints If given occasionally
to well children. The prudent mother will not wait till trouble comes—
she will keep her children well
through an occasional dose of this
medicine. Mrs. Edward Clarke, McGregor, Out., says: "My little girl
suffered from colic and bowel troubles
but Baby's Own Tablets speedily
cured her." And the mother has the
guarantee of a government analyst
that these Tablets contain no opiate
or harmful drug. Sold by all medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cents a
box from the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont. Keep the Tablets In the house.
".Soldiers must be fearfully dishonest," says Mrs. Countryside, "as it
seems to he n nightly occurence for
a sentry to be relieved of his watch."
Stray Stories.
There can bo a difference of opinion on most, subjects, but there Is
only one opinion as to the reliability
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,   It 'is safe, sure and effectual.
If dyspeptics would observe caution
in regard to taking rest before eating
it would mnterinlly aid their digestive
powers. It Is a good plan for tbe dyB-
pcptlc to tako a dally nap. Sleep Is
food for the nerves, therefore not ouly
Is the dally nap excellent, but early
hours should be observed, so that there
be sufficient Bleep to restore aud Invigorate the system.
Green Tea.
Don't drink green tea. Uso It Instead to restore rusty black lace to Its
original freshness. The result will be
admirable for both lncc and nerves.
Ploturt Postcard's Birth.
A stationer In a French provincial
tuwn was struck by a great Idea when
a regiment visited his town In 1870.
Ho produced a picture-postcard and
from this small beginning has sprung a
great Industry in England.
Not until 1891 wore picture-postcards
printed in England, and yet In 190S
at least 450,000,000 pictorial cards were
producod In Great Britain. In Germany
1,161,000.000 postcards Wert posted ths
samt yoar, about tour-fifths of which
wtrt pictorial.
Buy  a  High   Grade  Machine  and
Save   Expense   for   Repalra
The Argyll car ls built by the Argyll Motors, Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland, the world's greatest
engineering centre, and is acknowledged to be the most popular machine In the British Isles.
It is equipped with the Astor engine.
The Panhard is manufactured in Paris, France, and with its world-wide reputation needs
no introduction.
The Swift is made by Swift Motors, Ltd., Coventry, England. The firm who are known the
world over as manufacturers of the best bicycle ever put on the market. They have put
the same enterprise and stability Into their automobiles which are as near perfect as skill
and machinery can make them.
Our automobile oxpert, Mr. G. F. Kerr, of Glasgow, Scotland, will be pleased to explain
all details of our cars.
No trouble to take intending purchasers for a demonstration  spin.
On view in new garage up to nine o'clock every evening.
175 McDermot Ave. East
Winnipeg:,   Man.
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Limited
Automobile Dept.,    H.J. Hardle, Mgr.
Sole  Canadian  Agents for
Swift, Panhard, Minerva, De  Dion Bouton MTr"""'r ,J^rwaW'iiff'--'i-T<-'jifisi.''i-'rirh'__i-T—iIf-ft-in-—ri'if.
ta Abvo<iA*«, vAMamvMH, ixuvmn wmumk
Free Gifts of Toilet Soaps
The Coupons are the same as cash because they can be exchanged for Toilet Soaps
for which you have to pay out money every wee-
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In exchange for Sunlight Soap Coupons you can get something yoa need and use
every day.
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Ht   lives   mors   lives   than   ont   wht
The weight of human woe;
Whoso willing shoulder bravoly bears
Tho yoke of friend and fot.
He lives more lives than ont who seeks
Ambition's lofty goal;
Whose every effort but bespeaks
A grand, responsive soul.
Ht lives more lives than one whose lovt
Breathes Incense, warm and rare;
Who, loyal as tho stars above,
Yields homage ever fair.
Ht lives mors lives than one and dies
A thousand deaths who gives
A sympathy wide as the skies
To everything that lives.
—Lurana W. Sheldon
Kurokl a Reincarnation of Lata
Sir Heotor Macdonald,
A curious talt ls going tht rounds ol
the bazaars In India. It ls believed by
every native that Gen. Kurokl, the marvelous Japanese commander, ls no other tban Sir Hector Macdonald. Many
people hava never believed that ths
"Vllilant English general Is dead, and
licit long ago there appeared ln Tha
London Times an offer of a reward ol
$5,000 to anyone who had seen hia dead
It It also a fact that Sir Heotor was
ones Invited to go to Japan to train th«
Japaneie army, and he actually mentioned lt to Lord Roberts. No honoi
has ever been publicly ibestowed on
Kurokl, who appears to havt vanished
as suddenly and mysteriously as ht appeared.
Evan tht Japanest, with all their reticence, confessed to a correspondent
that Kurokl had much foreign blood ln
him, and one Amarloan Journalist declared ho was a Dutchman.
Rudyard Kipling first lifted the veil
ahowlng a little of tha mysterioul
workinga of the Indlun bazaars.     Tha
ef events talcing plnoe at great die-
tanoas la familiar to all Anglo-Indian
l'u—utnti, bui invariably mulling .*.
them. The mutiny of tht Sepoys was
known throughout India almost aa
toon as lt ocourred, and lt has been
an unexplained mystery up to to-day
how the Information was so rapidly
Both the lifo and death of Sir Hectoi
Macdonald were full of romance and
mystery. His exaot age Is not known;
tht olroumttancet of his death and
burial are obscure. What ls known li
that Maodonald was a Bcotoh croftoi
lad, that he enlisted In 1171, and that hi
served In tht ranks ttn ytart. His rial
to a major-general and K. C. B. wai
tht rtsult of purs soldiering.
In the Afghan campaign, at Kabul,
on Majuba Hill and at Omdurman hi
won fl-rhti and fame. After tha Boel
campaign ha was given a high oom-
nuuid In India, and then, ln 1903, omn.
tht report that ht had suddenly left
Hindustan "on private bualneaa."
On thla bualnoss ha reaohed Paris
and thare read ln a newapaper that hi
was to stand a oourtmsrtlal on "gravi
oharges." Than came tht report thai
Immediately on reading thla paragraph
ha went to his room and shot himself.
At first lt was decided that the general was to ba burled ln Paris, but a
new surprise appeared tn tht person ol
his widow, of whose txlsttnot tht Wai
Ontoa did not know. By tht txprtai
wish of Lady Maodonald the body—or,
as rumor says now, tht ooffln — wai
sent to London and unceremoniously
huddled away to Scotland ln a baggagi
van. The body, or the ooffln, was quiet.
ly, almost secretly, burled ln a publli
ctmetery at hair, pmt 8 ln the morning
The ooffln was not opened from thl
tlmt It ltft tht Paris hottl.
ine Weather Prophet.
"How are you coming on with your
new system of weather prediction?"
"Well," answered tho prophet cheorl-
ly, "I can alwnys get the kind of
weather all right, but I haven't quite
succeeded In hitting tho dates exaotly."
A Human Ostrich.
A man who earned his living by swallowing coins and othor articles had to
bo operated on at tho London hospital
the other day, and the surgeons found
ln him twenty-flvo pieces of cork, twenty pieces of tinfoil, a leaden bullet, a
piece Qf string eighteen Inches long, 18
cents In small change, a piece of leather
nine Inches long with a hook at each
end, several pieces of clay pipe stem
and portions of a newspaper.
Qermanr's Drink Bill.
The money spent In Germany on
drink ls three times the cost of the army and navy together ond more than
seven times the cost of their primary
education. Its amount Is almost equal
.to that of tbo German national debt,
and so the German people, by leaving
off drink for a year and a month, could
pay off the wholo debt.
iioni/s '
Don't ne Touchy.
There aro some people nlways looking out for slights. They cannot pay
a visit, they cannot receive n friend,
they cannot carry on the intercourse
of tho family, without suspecting somo
offense is designed. They are terribly
touchy. If they meet an acquaintance
ln the streot who happens to be preoccupied with business, they attribute
his abstraction to some motive personal to themselves and take umbrage
accordingly. They lay on others the
fault of their irritability. A fit of Indigestion makes them seo impertinences in everybody tbey como in eon-
tact with. Innocent persous who never dreamed of giving offense nre astonished to find some unfortunate word
or some momentary taciturnity mistaken for Insult. Of course, such a
mental condition is due to too much
thinking nbout self and to nn exaggerated self esteem, evon though unconscious. The best remedy ls to persistently put thoughts of self out of mind.
Find something more absorbing and
more elevating to think nbout If you
aro one of the touchy ones, end you'll
soon lose tbe habit.
A Storm Above the Clouds.
Professor John Wise, the eminent
aeronaut, who lost his life In making
a balloon ascension on Sept. 28, 1879,
gave the following description of a
thunderstorm which he once viewed
from the "top side:" "The view of a
stormcloud from above ls one of the
most Interesting sights ever beheld by
mortal man. A storm viewed from
nbove the clouds has the appearance
of ebullition. Tbe upper surface of the
cloud is bulged upward and outward
and has the resemblance of a vast sea
of boiling, upheaving snow. Immediately above the stormeloud the air Is
not so cold as lt ls ln tbe clearer atmosphere above or ln the cloud Itself.
The falling of the rain can bo distinctly beard, making a noise like a waterfall over a precipice. The thunder
beard above a stormeloud Is not loud,
and the flashes of lightning appear like
streaks of intensely white light ou the
surface of the gray colored vapor."
A Life  of Freedom.
People sometimes think how delightful lt would be to be quite free. But
a fish, as Ruskin says, is freer than a
man, and, as for a fly, It is "a black
Incarnation of freedom." A life of so
called pleasure and self Indulgence ls
not a life of real happiness or true
froedom. Far from It. If we ouce begin to give way to ourselves we fall
under a most Intolerable tyranny. Other temptations nre ln some respects
Ilka that of drink. At first, perhnps, lt
-.veins delightful, but there is bitterness at the bottom of the cup. Men
drink to satisfy the desire created by
previous indulgence. So it Is In other
things. Repetition Boon becomes a
craving, not" a pleasure. Resistance
grows more nnd more painful. Yielding, which at flrst, perhaps, afforded
some slight and temporary gratification, soon censes to givo pleasure and,
even lf for a time It procures relief,
ere long becomes odious itself.
Died Standing.
The Incident of Rntlsbon—a French
officer, though mortally wounded, rides
back to Napoloon, reports the capture
of the city and then falls from bis saddle dead—ls paralleled by a story of
Gettysburg. An offlcor of the Sixth
Wisconsin regiment walked up to Colonel Dawes, wbo was In command-
Colonel Bragg was ln Washington on
crutches. The officer was very erect
and very pale. Dawes and Doubleday
both thought he was coming with a report or to receive orders. But he was
not. He had a favor to nsk. "Colonel," he said to Dawes, "will you toll
tho folks at homo I diod os a man and
a soldier should?" Thou he unbuttoned
bis coat. His wholo side was shot
away. It was his last effort. He died
A Ifoae Tax.
A "nose tax" wns In the ninth century exacted by the Danes from the
householders in Ireland. It was so
called not because lt was levied on
noses, but from the fact that a failure
to pay was punished by slitting the
nose from tip to eyebrow. It was continued during thirteen yoars, when tbe
householders, objecting to this treatment of their nasal ornaments, rose In
rebellion, massacred all the Danes Iu
Ireland and put an eud to tbe nose
Quito a Difference.
Employer—Young man, I hear that
you bet on horse races. You are discharged. Youth—But my brother-in-
law ls a bookie. I have netted $000 on
his tips this week. Employor—Ahem—
er—close the door, plense. Young man,
your salary Is doubled. Consider yourself my confidential adviser.—Loudon
'lit lilts.
nia   Rj'striu.
"I alius predict good weather," said
the suburban sage,
"Well, lf It Is good I get credit fer lt,
an' lf lt ain't good the folks all allow
that  I done  my   best.".
IlKllm-r illm With tbt Truth.
Mr. Boastful—I wonder how lt would
seem lf I could hnve all tho money I
have glron to cbnrlty piled on a piste
before me. Mrs. Boastful—I think you
could still distinguish the plate.
unique—* Anionic forest nlngers.
While ln the forest reserve in which
we hunted I met soveral of tho forest
rangers, all of them intelligent men,
somo with college education, men wbo
seemed peculiarly adapted to their
calling, who kuow the mountains thoroughly, handy with an ax and gun and
full of resources. A degree of ethics
obtained among the sportsmen, guides,
trappers aud forest rangers that was
Interesting. When any one goes to a
deserted cabin, ln most of which would
be fouud food, bedding, a stove, etc., lt
ls proper form for him to stay all
night, cat all he can put away under
his belt, lf In dire need divide any supply of tobacco and matches he may
find, but he must tnke away nothing
else, since to carry off an article of little value, such as hammer, hatchet,
pinchers, snow glasses, screw driver,
fish hook, pipe or other similar article
might inconvenience the owner greatly
when he happened nlong aud wanted
them and was forty miles or more from
a source of supply. If a belated wanderer falls to wash the dishes and leave
a supply of dry wood sufll jlcnt to build
a fire and cook a meal be ls at once
tabooed and his companionship ls not
sought  after. «,
The Slse of the Sun.
The sun, provided we measure only
the disk seem with tbo smoked glass, is
8(10,000 miles ln diameter—I. e„ 108
earths could be -comfortably ranged
side by Bide across tbe disk. To cover
tbe surface would require many thousands. To fill the Interior we should
need 1,300,000. On a smaller scale we
might represent the sun by a ball two
feet ln diameter and tho earth by a
good sized grain of shot. Let the sun
be hollowed out, then place the earth
at Its center and let the moon revolve
about lt at Its real distance of 240,000
miles. There would yet remain nearly
200,000 miles of space between the
moon's orbit and tba Inclosing shell of
the sun. Indeed to journey from one
side of the sun to the other, through
the center, would take oue of our swift
express trains nearly two and a half
years. So vast a globe must be heavy.
Since Its density ls only one-quarter
that of the earth It only weighs as
much as 832,000 earths, or two octll-
llous of tons. The attraction of gravity
on Its surface would cause a man
whose weight was ISO pounds to weigh
two tons.    .
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There Is only one way to cure deafness,
and that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness la caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube Is Inflamed
Inflammation can be taken out and this
hearing, and when lt ls entirely closed,
Deafness Is the result, and unless the
Inflammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to Its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
whleh Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Df-ofness'caused by Catarrh)
that cannot bo cured by Hail's Catarrh
Cure,    Send  for  circulars free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold  by  Druggists, 76o.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
wneat As Sheep Food.
Some of the experiment stations ftn4
that a pound ot wheat In feeding has
more nutriment than a pound of any
otlier grain. In corn there is 8 per cent,
of digestible protein, barley 8.69 per
cent., oats 9.26 per cent, rye 9.12, while
wheat has 10.23 per cent. The Indiana
station realized 77 cents a bushel for
wheat fed to sheen.
Useful nt all Times.—In winter or
in summer Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills will cope with and overcome nny
Irregularities of tho digestive organs
which chango of diet, chango of residence, or variation of temperature
may bring about. They should be always kept nt hand, nnd once their
beneficial action becomes known, no
one will be without them. There ls
nothing nauseating In llielr Structure,
and the most dolicute can use them
United States Finds In Canada Large
Demands  For Her Produott.
Tht United States sold Canada ln
1904 exports to the value of $166,000,-
000. This amount constituted more than
62 per cent of the whole Canadian Imports, but was only 11 per oent. of the
foreign exports of the United States,
says Charles M. Pepper, special agent
of the United States Department of
Commerce and Labor, ln a report on
his study of Dominion trade conditions.
Besides selling goods to Canada, Mr.
Pepiper says that 25,000 settlers went
from the United States to Its northern
neighbor from January to October,
1805, and that the value of their effects
was $10,000,000. This number of emigrants from the United States ls less
than for tht two preceding years.
The new wheat fields of tht Dominion's great Northwest are the attraction to those seeking new homes ln Canada, and lt Is to that soctlon tht United States should look for the development of existing and the creation of
new markets of trade. Tht food, clothing, and farm Implements to which
these Bettlers have been accustomed ln
ths United States constitute ttta products whioh may bt sold them tht
easiest  ln   Canada.
Tht wheat yield In Canada last season was upwards of 90,000,000 bushels,
or approximately equal ts that of the
State of Kansas. A produotlon of 150,-
000,000 bushels by 1910 Is foreshadowed, provided crop conditions oontlnue
favorable and harvest hands oan bt obtained.
Railroad construction In tht Northwest Is given as another source of new
population and consequently of widened markets. After describing the new
transcontinental project known as the
Grand Trunk Pacific, and the plans for
railways to ths Hudson Bay, the statement ls made that probably before an
outlet Is afforded for wheat by either
of thesa routes trafllo will bt diverted
south and east over railroads ln the
United States, one agency being the
United States settlers.
Mr. Pepper fixes the total consumption of iron and steel and their products
for tht current year at 1,000,000 tons.
Ht says that for the last three years
tht Importations have be«n $42,000,000
annually and that tbt United States
has supplied tl per oent. ot these. It
ls staled that the steel rail mills at
Sidney, Nova Scotia, and at Sault Ste.
Maria, Ontario, art now turning out
several hundred tons dally. Though
thero sire several successful mills for
making rods and wlrt nails, there still
sl much dependence ln wire products on
the United States.
In textiles the report says that the
Dominion ls making advances, yet the
time ls distant when the Importation of
foreign goods win cease. Though many
factories havt been established ln Canada for manufacturing boots and shoes
and though ths machinery ls from the
United States, the report states that
this Is still one of the best markets for
American manufacturers to cultivate.
Not a factory of any kind ls built
In the Dominion but that the Installation of tha plant is made largely from
tha United States.
Still Alert.
It was In the jungle restaurant
The leopard had been drinking and
the waiter was trying to take advantage of that circumstance.
"None of that, Mr. Walter I" yelled
the monk, vigorously. "The leopard
may not be able to change his spots,
but let me tell you tbat he ls fully competent to spot his change.'*
A Bluenose on New Ontario.
Matthew Lodge, Jr., who was with
the Temlskamlng survey party last
year, on returning home to Moncton,
N. B„ said of the district west of Lake
Ablttlbl: "The country ls extensively
timbered, except here and thero ln
burnt stretches and muskeg, but It ls
moro of the pulpwood class than other
lumber. The pulpwood forests are practically Inexhaustible, and pulpwood,
you know, means money. Tht forest
which was despised 50 years ago by
lumbermen, ls now worth more than
the forest of 50 years ago. It Is prao-
tlcally a country of extensive waterfalls, and those waterfalls will become
Invaluable In the development of the
puip-maktng Industries. On tho Black
River within a strotoh of fourteen
miles there aro no less than ten falls
of Industrial valuo nnd utility. The
Black Rivor ls not a very wide river,
but lt Is a vory deep river, with a considerable flow of water."
A Battle In the Sea.
Did you ever see blueflsb charge a
school of menhaden nt sea? That ls
something worth seeing. The blueflsb
throw their lines forward until they almost surround the menhaden, aud they
attack them Hank aud rear. The menhaden fairly mako the water boll ln
their efforts to escape, whilo all arouud
the enemy ls ot them tearing relentlessly. Into all this commotion comes
a great shark. It's a picnic for the
shark, a school of menhaden all herded
up for Its benefit. It swims leisurely
Iuto the midst of them, opens Its mouth
and takes ln half a dozen menhaden at
a gulp. It swims around aud bites out
half a dozen moro from the school. It
gorges Itself without effort But the
menhaden are not nearly as much disturbed by tbe presence of the monster
swimming about among them as they
are by the charging blueflsb. The shark
takes half a dozen fish or more at a
bite, while the blueflsb only bites a
piece out of a single fish, but there ls
only one shark, while there may be
thousands of blueflsh plunging and
tearing incessantly and killing and
maiming at every stroke. Tbe shark's
a brute, but under such circumstances
the menhaden have less of fear tban
they hare of contemot for him.
Keeping the Bull.
In foreign countries they keep their
slreB much longer than we do here, remarks an exchange, and this Is probably one secret of their success. A bull
comes Into his most useful period after
his third year. He ls more completely
develoned aud aeta a bailor •#•■»!•«
Saving Sense of Humor,
In his recent Iccturo ln Toronto on
Victor Hugo, Prof. E. Howard Griggs
said: Hugo was singularly without i
sense of humor, the deeper, graver hu
mor of character whleh Shakespeare
possessed. It ls Impossible, said Mr.
Grlgg, to live a moral lifo without a
sense of humor. One cannot appreclato
moral Incongruity without It, nor consequently oongrulty. Everything is
taken on the same plane. Tho personal
whim ls mistaken for a matter of conscience.
"Blessed ls the man who can laugh
at himself. Cursed Is the man who
luughs ut himself all the time. He who
doos not take himself seriously at all,
and he who takes himself abjectly ssrl-
lously, nre ln tho same cluss." Such
people, continued Mr. Griggs, waste all
their ammunition, and nobody pays any
attention to their blank shot*.
laattnage In !?'—ince.
There are several districts in VtAVtce
where the very ancient tongues still
survive. Basque is spoken by about
100,000 persons, wbo are naturally
proud of a language that ls their exclusive possession, for lt Is unlike every other spoken tongue, and tbe assertion is commonly made that to understand it one must have learned It In
the cradle. This peculiar property
gives In the mind of the Basque people
support to their belief that it was the
language of Adam and Eve. The same
claim ls advanced, though, for Breton.
The Romans when they conquered
Gaul compared Breton to croaking of
ravens. About a million people speak
Bretou. Then there are Flemish, still
spoken by a comparatively small number ln northeastern France, Catalan In
the Pyrenees-Orientates and Langue-
doc and Provencal, whose gradual extinction has been delayed mainly by
the efforts of a few literary enthusiasts.
Ancient Roses.
Flinders Petrle, tho archaeologist,
while excavating among some ancient
Egyptian tombs, found a wreath of
roses which had been bound Into a
garland and burled with the dead thousands of yoars ago. M. Crepln, the botanist and mlcroscoplst, mnde a careful examination of tbls queer find and
prepared a paper on lt which ho read
before the Royal society of Belgium.
From thiB paper It appears that ln
places where the flowers were matted
together they still retained their color
ss well as n very faint odor. The
species to whleh they belong Is now ex-
tlnct, but a rose resembling them in
several particulars Is still grown ln
Egypt and Abyssinia.
Aro you a sufferer with corns? If
you are, get a bottle of Holloway's
Corn Cure. It hns never been known
to fall.
True to Life.
Laughter is ever near to tears, as
this advertisement in the Exelsior
Springs (Mo.) Call shows:—"You will
find me at the amusement parlor with
a fine line of funeral designs furnished
on short notice."
"Now look here, sir," exclaimed the
gamekeeper imperatively, "didn't you
see the notice at tho end ot this road,
'Pedestrians not allowed'P"
"1 did observe a notice stating that
pedestrians were not allowed bore,"
replied the mild-mannered gentleman,
readily, "but you see, I'm- a C'ongre-
"Oh, indeed," returned tho gamekeeper, slightly puzzled; "then 1 sii]i4
poso its all right, sir. Vou can walk
on."—London Tid-Hits.
Biliousness Burdens Life.—The bilious man ls never a companionable
man because his aliment renders him
morose and gloomy. The complaint
Is not bo dangerous as 'it Is disagreeable. Yet no one need suffer from it
who can procure Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. By regulating tho liver
and obviating the effects of bile in
the stomach they restore meu to
cheerfulness and full vigor of action.
A Restaurant Acquaintance.
"When you go to New Zealand, 1
wish that you would inquire alter niy
great-grandfather, Jeremiah Thomp
son." "Certainly said the truvelei
and wherever he Brent ho asked _r
net's ot the anoeaC'd*, but without
avail uccordiug to tue Dundee Advertiser. One day ho was introduced
to a line old i uori ol I'llvunced a^.i
"Did you ever meet witli an Englishman named Jeremiah Thompson'r"' In
asked. A smile passed over tho
.Maori's lace. ".Meet hinir1" he repeated, "Why, I ate him!
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial ls prepared from drugs known to
the profession as thoroughly reliable
for tho cure of eholora, dysentery,
diarrhoea, griping pains and summer
complaints. It has been used successfully by medical practitioners for n
number of years with gratifying re
stilts. It suffering from any Hummer
complaint It ls just the medicine that
will euro you. Try a bottle. It sells
for 2B cents.
New Parts wanted.
brother uought a motor here
last week," said an angry man to the
salesman ubu stepped i.p to greet
111 ill "unil he said ii anything broke
you would supply him with new
"Certainly,'' said the salesman.
"What does he wantr1"
"He wants two deltoid muscles, a
couplo ot kiit'ct-iips, one elbow, and
about mu,. n yard of cuticle," saitl
the mn ti. "mul he wants llieiu at
Sunlight Soap is better than other
snaps, but is best when used ln tho
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soup
ami follow directions,
Scribbles—1   wonder why  il   takes  puy
iluv ho lung in eome aroundl
Riter—lt only seeing long when you're
short, nnd the shortsr ynu are the' long,
er  it   S'-eins.--llelinliiilli   Herald.
Cleanse and
Rurify tho Blood
And Invigorate the Action of Liver,  Kidney
and Bowels, You  Must Use
In calling your attention to Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Llver IMIlB it. Is only
necessary to point to their success ln
the past, for they uro known in nearly every home.
By means of their direct and specific action on the liver—causing a
healthful How of bile—they regulate
und enliven the notion of the bowels
and insure good digestion In tho Intestines. At the same timo they
stimulate the kidneys In their work
of filtering poisons from tho blood.
This cleansing process set in action
by Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pllla
means a thorough cure of biliousness,
Intestlnnt Indigestion, torpid livor,
kldnoy derangements nnd constipation.
It menns n restorat'ion of health,
strength nnd comfort whoro there
have been pnln, weakness nnd suffer
Ing. It means a removal of the con
dltlons    which    lead    to    backuche,
rheumatism, lumbngo, Bright's ills-
ease, appendlcltiH ami  diabetes.
Mr. K. O. Moyer, Local Preacher,
Trout Lake, B.C., writes:—"I cnn
spenk In the highest terms of Dr.
CluiBe'B Medicines and Dr. Chase's
Receipt Book which I havo used for
forty years. Remedies tnkon from
this fatuous book hnvo cured when
all others failed.
"For Rome time I wai very bnd with
kidney disease unil nothing seemed
to do nm uny good until I used Dr.
Chase's     Kldney-Llver    Pills.      This
treatment overcame tho symptoms of
kidney disease nnd built up m.v
health. Though past middle ago I
feel young nnd hearty ngnin allien
Inking Ur. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills.
1 put great confidence In nil of Dr
Cliasc'a medicines."
Dr. Chuse's Kldney-I.iver Pills, one
pill n dose, 25 cents u box, at nil dealers or Edmun "ii. Bates & Co., Tor
This is ih* paramount feature off
Free from dust, dirt, and all   foreign substances.
Lead    Packets
Only,    40c,    80c,    a nd
Highest Award   St.
per   lb.
i 1904.
At   all   grocers.
THE PINY WOODS.        <
'TIs there hepatlca buds sleep
Beneath dead leaves und grasses deep.
Awaiting spring's bright sun and shower
To woo them worth to deck the bower.
E'en now winds whisper ln my ear
That fair wild Mowers will soon aippear,
Hepatlcas, of turquoise blue,
With leaves of hazy, pinkish hue.
Gently  those flowers  will pierce    tho
And soon their liny heads will toss
O'er cones and mosses at their feet.
Awaiting lily bmls to greet.
What Joy! to roam those woods ln June
And listen to tho linnet's tune.
And see the blooming rose-pink vine
That sweetly doili embrace the pine.
Oft ln those woods have I pursued
My path and sought sweet solitude,
And whiled awny llie fleeting hours
By watching springing, fragile flowers.
—Minnie L. Thomas.
wnen Remitting by Poet, use
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Beat and Cheapest
System   of   Bending   Money   to   any
Place In the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser ls given a receipt, and it
order or cheque is LOST or D1C3-
THOY1C1J, the amount will be promptly REFUNDED. No red tape. For
run information and rates call on
Local aaonta.
Said to Be Growing In Toronto—Whst
Druggists   Ssy.
The use of leeches Is said to be growing ln Toronto. Leeches aro mostly
bought by people who have had a blaw
or fail, causing a blue spot to appear
where the bl 1 has congested.     They
apply leeched to talco out the Wood from
those spots.
The best leeches are known as  the
Mediterranean   leech   nnd   come   from
San Gulguela, Spain.    They  are about
three Inches long,  with a soft smooth
body  tapering  to  each  extremity,  and I
aro   marked  with  from   ninety  to  ons]
hundred hue simulations;   their   backs]
aro   olive   green   with   six   rusty   red,
longitudinal    stripes.     The    ends    arei
terminated by sinkers.
A peculiar medical law provides that
a drucglst nneit nol apply a leech. Ho
may soil them to persons, but only n
doctor Is allowed to apply lt. One well-
known drugglil says that he once applied a leech to an abrasion on a man's
forehead, because a doctor could not
bo got as tho li"iir was late. "After
the leoch had gorged itsolf and railed
off the mark li fl by the leech bled so
profusely that li look mo over four
hours lo stop It; and then tho man's
face was ten times worse with ths
acids I had to uso."
Some druggists state that the application of le,,lii'.s Is not to bo rocom-
menrted; the cure Is almost as bad as
tho disease. Tlie l-ech has throe small,
sharp, seml-clrcular teeth that radiate
from a ccntr. They cut deep, and always leave a §c r of the same shape as
thomselves. nu the common leech tho
mouth where Hi" cutting teeth aro
found Is at the anlerlor sucking disc.
Just back of Hns, and on the nppor
side, are ten smnll black stints that
serve ns eyes Tho usual quantity of
blood drawn by an average leech averages from one drachm to half an
ounce. It la digested very slowly, and
after being gorged In this manner, the
leech lies fur .• vi ril days beforo It regains ils normal size und appearance.
Sold by all Druggists and Gonoral Stores
and by mall.
My Hair is
Extra Long
Peed your hair; nourish it;
give It something to live on.
Then it will stop falling, and
will grow long and heavy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
hair-food you can buy. For
>60 years it has been doing
Just what we claim It will do.
It will not disappoint you.
"Mrh»- M*d tebe rerr ihort. But sfttr
ustnt Jl. st'l U.n *»l«"r » shorl llmf II t*g—.
' l craw, ISM io-. II u fourtMn Incihss Ions
In crow,
llnusl wtlboul snj hsJr."
Colorado SprtoKt, Oekt.
ems* selsii!ll!l rs-mlt t'lii'usllsi b.ln|
wiuioiifiiii h_ar."-mis.J. u.ri-—
mtmk* fey J. 6."A>"er Oo,. Lowell,
Also ai*nuIkomrers of
caeitRV recratAL.
«A Baro Bod Win."
"Bare" means "niero" as woll ai
"naked," and I cannot doubt that by
"bare bodkin" Shakespeare meant
"mere bodkin," the point of tho psssage
boing with how coutpmptlbly small an
Instrument we could, If wo chose, put
sn end to life and all Its bother. "Bare"
probably wns used Instoad of "mere"
for tho sake of effective alliteration.
(Of. with Hamlet's "bore bodkin;"
III,■haul II.'S "littlo pin," III, 2, 100.)
For "bare" In tbo sense of "mere" I
Lord  Mount-Stephen's  Career.
Seventy-seven years ago, on June 5,
there was bin to a humble Banffshire
villager a son who was destined to do
groat things. The villager's naaio was
Stephon,  nml   his   boy  was  christened
Ooorge, and when George Stephen was   n^^j clte only "baro Imagination of
old enough he became a herd boy.   His   fe»Bt."-London Notes und Queries,
groat crony In thoso days waa his cousin 	
mJ-?*.?-^.. aml ,or \T,d ma1l       '«" »*■•" »«<«■• •*>•'•
years,  as years aro counted by youth _                .       ,        .        ,    ..    _„
they were Inseparable.  The herd boy ln ™ere, Br0 but fo,ur **? m *? *>"
course of time went to Aberdeen, where whon •*• 8un and  elock  *xaclly cor*
he became a draper's apprentice, and a respond.   In otlier words, there are but
few yesfs later tried his fortune    ln four days of the nun In which the sun
London, where he found an opening at Is directly south at noon.
Puwson & Leafs, In St. Paul's Church- t,,, mh ot Aprl, Md th. mh of JuM „.
yurd.   His ambition still unsatisfied, he member,
went out to < -_i ii.i.la. In 1(150, and entered August 81 and -lth of December.
a woollen business In Montreal, In which On these four days (and none els* ln th*
he presently became a partner.  A little W")
The sun and clock both th* same tlm*
later on he met tho frlond ot his boyhood days, Donald Smith, and they,
along with others, built the Canadian
Pacific Railway. Georgo Stephen, who
ooliibratcd his birthday lately, Is now
known as Lord Mount-Stephen, and Ms
friend, Donald Smith, as Lord Strathcona. lloth are millionaires, and between them have given away over a
million pounds on behulf of various
phUanthropIo objects, not the least of
which Is King Kdwnrd'a Hospital Fund,
which benefits to the tune of £11,000 a
year by Lord Mount-Stephen's generosity.        ^	
Yeast—And JfOB are tho only bread-
winner ln your family?
Crlmsonbeak—Sure thing! I'd
rather wear my fingers o altogether
tban bave my wife become a broad- .
The Mlmcl*.
Woodland—Whnt Is the difference between a wonder and a miracle? Lorain—Well, If you'd touch me for IS
and I'd lend lt to you It would be a
wonder, Woodland—That's so. Lorain
—And If you returned It tbat would be
a miracle.
find  lier  llnfs.lni.
Margie-1 wonder If Mr. Smartly
meant to give me a left banded compliment? Rita-Wby? Margl*-B* salt
these artificial (lowers I am wearlaf
Just match my hair.
W    N    U      No.    594 3p£
1. ....    ■
:t, ..iiii USH COi-iUiVlBiA.
.(Established April 8.1899.)
/JPificn -2444 Westminster aveuue.
5MR8. $  Whitnkt,  Publisher.
Tel 81405-
jmws-swij 11 ji s   11    1
Vamoo'jvek, B.  C„ Sept., 8, 1906.
A**mmam    11
<Two bits ,ou Twelfth avenue,   doublo
coruer; price $U0O; terms.
Doable  corner,   *"onth   nvenue,    price
$060; terms.
ponsc of 7 rooms, corner Lansdowne
avenuo and Scotia street; Iot60jtl30.
5?4co  M.W"
Ji-room   Cotlage,    Fifteenth   aveuuo;
fruit tiees, bearing first this your;
price $1,660, terms |6B0 cash,
j^^io^iousc, 8-rooins, corner lot. Ninth
nvenue, stone biiseineiil, couserva-
torp,   bath   and   lavatory ul1  both
(floors,   electric   fixtures Iho   best;
price $4 100,  lot 60x188 ft, (1,100
■.(600 cash,  takes   4-rooui  cottage  on
.Seventeenth  avenue,  -' lots, fruit
twos, goad well; price (1.060.
0-room house Tenth avenue, uear West
miuster avonue; price (1,860, terms.
■,3-room Cottage, !i lols fenced nnd graded,
Sixteenth  aveuue;     prico    (1.800
lOn Sixteenth avenue, J-j-uero, fine view
overloohing  the  oity;  price $000,
jliulf cash..   Splendid buy.
16 sows at Eburue, bluck soil, J188.00 per
acre; beautiful view. Tonus.
.8 acres at Jubilee  Stntion  for ('100.00.
0 lots (coruer) Oplumbia slreet, cleared
nnd graded; (8.800, hnlf cash.
Mouse of 8 rooms, good foundation,
8 'ots, stable, fruit trees, lots 99x120;
lujpo (4.500, terms.
:8 Lots, each 118x120, all kiuds of fruit,
large barn ; (i-roomeel house; prioe
(2.800; terms
■fine iQiJchord aud Chicken ltanch on
Twentieth avenue, 4 lots, lots
50x188, house of 4 rooms. Price
(8.000; terms,
y-rqomed IJnnse.  lot -UHb'xiiiO, Eighth
avenue; prico (1,860, "
pouble coruer, (2 lots), cleared, on Fifth
uud Manitoba; price $1,600
-Two lots, ou corner, Tenth aveuue, all
cleared; price (1.000.
$2,800  buys   a New   Moderu   House
of 7 rooms on Fifth uveune.   Terms
oasy. Value good.
Doublo corner on Tenth avenue, cleared,
fine location.   Price (J.100.
.Pottage of 5 rooms,  electric light, nud
all conveniences; situated on Eighth
nvenue,   east.   Price   (1.800;  $(100
dow.u uud terms.
jli room Cottage, rented at (14 per month,
-Eouf-i half of lot,   in 200a; price
(1.400, (800 dowu, easy terms.
Two Jots, cleaned and graded, (1.1100,
iusido lot for (725    Will build to
suit purchaser ou easy tonus,
id-rogip ^puse ou  Westminster aveuue,
(2..05O, (HOOcash, balance .to arrange
'ne lol, 25x120, no stumps, 011 Westmiuster aveuue; price  (825,  (186
doun, buliiuee on easy terms,
3-room Hiium', rented at. (Hi per month,
R nun half of lot,  in  200a; (1.000,
(400 rush, balance to arrange.
'   Lots (corner)  Westminster  avenue,
60x188; price 18.800,  terms.
■Si-storey   Residence   ou   Sixth nvenno.
large house, beautiful lawu, fruit.
iTefrwj.   Price (8.860.
blouse of * rooms. Eighth avenue; line
orchard, lot  149x122 ;  price (3.250.
Cash (1.150.
fioase of 5-rnoms,    Eighth    avenuo;
electric   light,     bnth;   lot   33x120.
>rico (2.000.
fl-UUTWULLT  Situated   Rksicentia__
Lot  on  Burrard   street;   (1.80u,
JList your lots and  property
fllrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telephone D1405,
A public meeting of Ratepayers of
South Vancouver will be held in Hig-
gins' Hall, Eburno, ou ije.pt. loth, at 8
p. 111., for the purpose of disonssiug the
best means Pf destroying tue thistles
and uoxious weed pest. The working
of the Assessment Act and the subdivision of the Government Reserve at
Point Grey will be considered. Tho
Reeve and Council aud the Hou. F. L
Curler-Cotton hnvo beeu jfiiked to
Maple Lonlfs 10. New Westmiuster 4.
One of thu main topics of conversation this week bus beeu the great victory
of the Maple Leafs over-tlie New West
miuster Ohii.tipioiis on Labor Day. It
was a groat game, such 11s has uot
boon seen iu Vancouver for years, and
there wero ovor 5000 poopln present nl the match. Both teams played
their very best, and throughout, tho
game was n grand exhibition of laorosse.
From the start a fast pRce was set by
both tennis, nud ns the guniu progressed
tho oudiuiiuco of the Royal City Cham-
pauions gradually faded nway aud before the last quarter was finished they
were "all iu." The Unit, quarter euded
without either team scoring The
.second quarter ended with tho score
standing 7 to 0 in.fttvor of the Leafs.
In this quarter the Lent's scored iu such
rapid succession tho Westmiustor team
wns completely .tost, and ihe immense
crowd went wild with excitement. In
the third nnd fourth quarters Westmin
ster made 4 goals, aud in the beginning
of the fourth quarter put up a mighty
strenuous effort 10 save themselves
from nn overwhelming defeat, but- the
swiftness {ind combination work of the
Loafs and tho brilliant work of E.
Ravey i 1 goal were too muoh for the
Champions. As the goug sounded the
end of the game the Leafs scored 11 goal
which was uot counted. That the
Maple Leafs und their supporters should
feel "all kinds of joy" is pardonable,
for they gave tho Now Westmiuster
Champions their first defeat this- year,
What Do They Cure?
Tho above question Is often asked concerning Dr. Plerco's two leading medicines, "(Iolden Medical Discovery" and
"Favorite Prescription."
The answer is that "Golden Medical
Discovery " Is a most potent alteriitlve or
blood-purifier, and tonic or invigorator
and acts especially favorably In a curative way upon all tho mucous lining surfaces, as of tho nasal passages, throat,
bronchial tilling, stomach, bowels and
bladder, curing a large per cent, of catarrhal cases whether the disease affects the
nasal passages, tho throat, larynx, bronchia, stomach (us catarrhal dyspepsia),
bowels (as mucous diarrhea), bladder,
uterus or otlier pelvic, organs. Even In
the chronic or ulcerative stai.es of theso
.offoetions, It Is often successful In affecting cures.
Tho "Favorite Proscription" Is advised
for tho cure of one class of diseases—those
peculiar weaknesses, derangements and
irregularities Incident to women only. It
Is a pownrful yot gently net ing invigorating tonic nnd norvlno. Kor weak worn-
out, over-worked women—no mutter what
bas caused the break-down, "Favorite
Prescription "will bo found most eflectlvo
ln building up tho strength, regulating
the womanly functions, subduing pain
iiinl bringing about a healthy, vigorous
.condition of tho wholo system.
A book of particulars wraps each bottle
giving the furmulteof both ruedloinos and
quoting what scores of eminent medical authors, whose works are consulted
by physicians of all the schools of practico
as guides In prescribing, say ot each hir
grecllent entering Into these medicines,
Tho words of pralso bestowed on thn
soveral Ingredlonts entering Into Doctor
Plerco's mnd lei nrs by such writers should
havo more weight than any amount of
lion - professional testimonials, because
such mon are writing for tho guidance of
thnlr medical brethren and know whereof
they speak.
Both medicines are non-alcoholic, non-
secret, and contain no harmful habit-
forming drugs, being composed of glyceric
extracts of thn roots of native, American
medicinal forest plants. They aro bolh
sold by dealers In medicine. You can't
airord to accept as a substitute for nno of
theso medicines of known composition,
anv secret nostrum.
Dr. Pierce'a Pellets, small, sugar-coated,
easy to take us candy, regulate and Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
When iu need see cur stock. We can save
you money in all lineB—Dressers aud Stands,
Springs and Mattresses, iron Beds, Etc.
FANCY GROCER IES at very close prices—
Jl pkgs. Currants... .860 8 pkgs. Raisins... .25c 3 bottles Extract... .2iio
2 pkgs. White Star Baiting Powder, 25c 25 calces Brown "Windsor Soap, 85o
nster avenue &
eel. Telephoue 1206.
$* T. Wallace ESSE
When wo make yonr clothes
the buttons stny on until you
throw the"- -wiiy. Wheu you
get the "just as good as tlio
made to order kind" you will
have to curry nails iu your pockets. Dou't nail your suit on,
you'll be in in the nailed on
suit long ouough when you nre
di'iid. Have comfort whilo yon
live by getting your clothes
made by us.
ricPherson & Son
Merchant Tailors  and
S3 Hastings  street, west.
Highest     Skill     and    Best
Materials combined make
A Properly Filled
Styles    .
Pntronizo    Mt.    Pleasant
Dry Goods Storo .   -..
Full line of Staple aud
Fancy    Dry     Goods.
W. W. Merklev
Rovai, Bank of Canada Kuiuunci
Corner Seventh and Westmiuster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasant.
Fine Vehicles
"TS*—-**3fe     I* ■_ £•_> .-■ r'-?**-V
loici Westminster avenue.
the    synonym    for   "BEST."
'Phone 448.
t. O, O. F.
Mt. Pleosniit Lodge No, J I) meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hnli
Westminster avenue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend,
Noble Grand—Frank Trimble.    '
Recoki-kg Si.c.uetaky— H. Patterson, ISO Tenth aveuue, east.
L. O. h.
Mt. Pleasant L. O. L, No. 18.10,
meets the 1st and 8d Thursday of oaoh
mouth, at 8 p. 111 ,   in the K, of P. Hull
All visiting Brethren cordially
H   W. Howes, AV. M„
898 Tenth avonue, east,
G. H. Darke, Rue,. SfcO'y.l
:>:u Seventh nvenue, west.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regnin
Review   2d an.,  lth  Mondays of each
month in Knights  of  Pythias    Hal'
Westiniiister avonue.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lndy Coniiiianiler—Mrs. N. Pott ipii.ee,
25 Tenth avonue, east
Lndy Record Keeper—BJis. J. Maitfr
Niuth aveuuo.
Yellow and White
50c per hundred.
Chas. Heeler
Nursery  & Greenhouses,   corner of
Fifteenth and Westmiuster avenues.
Thb Oi_:Apest Place in the City.
Tc-opltonc 687
Established 1894.
New Arrivals at
The New Kail jackets fpr Ltjdi.es', Misses' and
Children in black cloths, mixed grey tweed cloths and
fawn colored cloths of every description. The Jackets
are pearly all full length, loose fitting Coats predominating, with a sprinkling of .semi-fitting among them.
Prices range from {"7.50 to $25 each.
We can show yon through a Stock of Waterproof.! that will astonish
you for iiiimeiisiiy of stock and style. The very nowst pr due:ions
are hero ut lowo. ,t price.
Just think of it—Waterproof! (11.60 to $26 ench.
Ladies' Skirts, Blouses,   Kimouas, Etc,
Wc lead in Beporuto sic.rt values' prices from ■'.! to418.50
lllonses 800, T5e, ?1 up to $10 each.
tyew and l.enulifel. good and chimp,    livery  color,   light   grey   pre
dominating.    Price (.Ifi 10 .*:.<) a Suit.
—860.000 Stock to  1 elect from. —
J, S. McLeod, MacBeth & Co.
nnd by 11 score of   10 to 4.    To  defeat
thom is somethiug to be proud of    The
scoring uud lineup wns as follows:
Eiust Half.
Maple Leafs: Arnold .'!';,' niiu., Ravey
5 min., W. Murray 10 sec, 1_. Murray
15 sec , Ravey 4 mill., Mnplo Lealf's
again in 4 min,, 15. Murray 5 mil),
Total lirst half 7; New Westminster 0.
8a__-_*«> Half.
Maple Leafs, W. .Murray 3!j' mill.;
New Westmiustor, W. Tlirubull I min.;
New Westminster, W. Turnbull 4%
min.; Maple Leafs, fl. Morrison 7 min.;
Maple Leafs, W. Murray .'1 min.; New
Westmiuster, i\ IToenoy l1. min.:
Now Westminster, I. Wiu-tnnto 1 :i _._,
min. Total for Mnplo Leafs in the
second half 3; Now Westminster l. The
Maple Loafs Bcored  just ns the gong
sounded tl ml of the gnmo and the
goal wan not counted,
I' Ravoy .     .  .   CJonl S. Gray
S, Morrison Point . C. Gnlbraitii
''. KuMiin . Dover I'niiil... I). Dlgby
,f. Reynolds.. 1st Dofenco . T. GilWil
10. Carter . 21I Defonoo. .1. Gifforcl
V. Green nd Defence , g Ronnie
Wtok. Murray. .Centre. P. Foeuey
R, Ravoy., Ist Home , ,.H. P. Latham
Walter Murray .3d Home, W, Turubu1!
I*. Murray 3d Homo . .IjWiutemuto
G. Morrison, . Inside Home . J. Bryson
II Arnold.. Outside Home.. ,B. Henry
Byruo .. Ritchto. Spare.  L   Turiibull
I. (). E.
Court Vaucouver 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d uud 4tli
Mondays of eaoh month "t 8 p.m., in
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranukis—A. Pengelly.
Reciokdinu Seobetart—M, J. Orehan,
■ui Prlnoos8street, Cily.
FlNANdrAt Secbktaky—Ralph S. Ouin-
miiig.s, "Advoeuto" Office, Mt. Pleasant
Vnncouver Council, No. 211a, meet
every 2d and  4th  Thursdays of eaoh
mouth,   in   i   O.  O. F._   Hull,  Wesl
miuster avenue.
Sojourning Frieuds always welcome
II. W. Hmvts, Chief Councillor.
IK'S Ten I h ave., cuS'..
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
—_'S We-tmiiuteravonuo.  Tel. 760.
Showed His Appreciation.
Hero is a minister who appreciates
the editor, At a recent editorial con-
volition ho offered the following toast:
"To save nn editor from starvation, take
his paper and pay for it promptly. To
save him from bankruptcy, advertize
in his paper liberally. To savo him
from despair, send him every item of
news of which you hnvo caught hold,
To save him from profanity, wiilo your
corrospondenao plainly on one side of
the paper and send it in ns curly ns
possible. To snve him from mistakes,
bury   him.    Dead  people are  Ihe only
ones who never mnke mistakes."—Ex.
Young Peoples Soc.eties.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
moot nt 15 minutes to 7,  every Sunday
evening iu  Advent, Christian Ohurch,
Sovcuth avenuo, nenr Westin'r ave.
Epworth   Lr.iigue of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Ohurch moots at 8 p. m.
3. Y. P. I.!., meets   in   Mt.  Pleasr
Baptist Chnrch at 8 p. 111.
The V. P. S. O. E., meets al  8 p. m
in Mt. Plensnsanl Presbyterian Ohurol
I        Is a Work of Infinite Care, Skill and Honesty.
***0*****04 *9***0***>»****_*^»s****-M*-»****>
UR CARE is exercised in
selecting our drugs.
OUR SKILL i.s based 011 an
experience of over  20  years
compounding them.
OUR   HONESTY   is  exercised iu giving you just what
your doctor orders.
Bring your  prescriptions  to
us.   We  will  dispense them
carefully,       skillfull}-       and
honestly, at a reasonable price
and guarantee satisfaction.
********* 4 0**0*0**00*0****00**0 J0******0*000*0******0t0000
W. M. Harrison & Co.Ltd-
$<4**0a****0004***4***0********0*04****^ 1
_       'PllOne 1236. Corner  SEVENTH and WESTmNSTER Avenues.
Iu dress goods the inpression that Ihe
seasou is to be au unusual one in nearly all linos of high quality goods is
unmistakable. The general trend of the
offerings includes voiles, paiiaiuus,
sailings, quite hugely iu grey effects,
black nud white checks aud plaids, unil
11 greal variety of colors in some special
lines of fancies. The interest shown iu
the latter has been marked. Foreign
dress goods are couspioious i'or the pronounced number of i'uuey suitings in
them. Greys, blacks uud cheeks ure
very handsome.
"The Advocate" wishes any onrelns.
Iiess ill delivery iop'iti d In  (lie  OlliCI
telephone 1)1405,
A good season is expected in fur garments aud small furs. All of the brown
furs nre selling woll, and sealskin, broadtail, Persian lamb nml caracul are nil
favored for making coats. Foreign
models in fur garments show miiuy
dressy slyles in short, lengths, the longhaired furs appearing lo bettor advantage in the smaller articles It is ex-
pootod thut uu Increasing demand will
he manifested in imitations of ohinohllln
nud ermine, nnd somo exceptionally
good mil's huve  been  phioed ou  the
Fine lino of New Wheels just iu.   Anyone prepared to pay Cash can
get Rock-bottom Prices cm tho best Bicycles mnclo.
£       103 Hustings street, cast.
2      Telephone 1280.
SjkW Bicycle nnd Automobile
Repairing iu all its branches.
Neatly and Promptly done.
Personal notices of visitors on
nt. Pleasant, or of- AU. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, alec all
local social affair/; are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. C.
market. The high cost of tho genuine
nud (he desiro ou the part of the
masses to hnvo garments like those of
the wi'iillliy class are responsible for the
looked-for popularity of these imitation.-, ,vhi 'h iu addition hnvo tho quality of durability, which i.s especially
lacking in the genuine chiinuilln,
Misses' now suits so far shown for
full lineB nre principally-made iu tho
new plaid niaterials, such OS tWOOdS und
panaraas,    Fanny worsteds in   neat,
mannish effects are also shown to cou-
sldernblo extent.
Among Ihe braids which lire duo to
moot with general favor tho combination tinsel mid silk braids deserve 10 be
mentioned, Hend-inade braids are
coming in a, little. The present outlook would seem to indicate that bands
und vestings will be good.
That petticoat in snorter lengths will
bo required in tho fall season is given
strong proof by tlio very general use of
the short walking skirt with costumes
of the very dressy type. Woll dressed
women uro rarely seen on the street
now with full length or train skirts.
The most promising colors at present iu tho fall  lino  of  petticoats are!
black, gray, unvy bluo, dark greeu and
Tho latest idea for liueu gowus.is one
miuie of Scotch plaid, tho colors so skill-
sully crossed nud combined that thero is
no tendency to mako tho waist look
Get your work doue at tho
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotol
Frank Unhkhwoop, Proprietor.
BATHS—Hath room fitted with Pokoe-
I-in    Hath    Tun    and  all   modorn
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone Modlng & nfcem-i and dMorlptlon mtir
'lllli MV*   .I'' (Tl  nil   OUr nj.Ulii.i.   flOC wilClluT JU}
Invention Is probnMy p.u ont able.   Communis.
UoiiaflLrlctlyoonfldentfal. HandbookonPaUmti
Stint froe. Oldest niToncy for Bocurfiur patents,
l'lti-inta taken iurbngb Munn a cu rccol-re
apiYf.il notice, without charao, In tbe
Scientific American.
A bnndBomely Illustrated tveetclf. I.iiwut. rlr-
eulntlon of anvsoleiititlo Joiinntl. Tormi, fl a,
JWW| lour month-, |L Bold byull nowsdenlord-
MUNN & Co.^^^-^'New York'
Bruncli Ofllco. IB6 F fit., Wiuhlngton. D. C.
LadieS' Raincoats
Our new season stork is now to hand, nnd will ho found thoroughly
up-to-dat!' in latest, slyles and priced in our usual tempting way.
J.engihs tlii-ce-i.iiai'loi' nud full-length  Prices 40.00 to ifis.
Ladies' Umbrellas
For general utility wo have a special line in Znnelln cloth—bulb
runner—in a choice variety of handles at $1.00.
For Cooler Weather
We have new attractive lines in Ladies' Golfers, Kidordowu Kimonos,
l'lanclette, Lustro Blouse Waisls in latest materials.
143 Hastings street east.
Between Westminster and Columbia nveuues.
'phono S77.
A Cheap way of healing an isolated room (or uny room for that
matter) is by tho BAKUS HBATEB, which nsos gas for fuel.
This Hoatcr is gotten up iu the shape of a grate tiro, but the gas logs
nro filled with water. After tho water is heated tho gas is turned
nlmost off und the hot wnter throws off n comfortable, even hout at
a very low cost,
Vancouver Gas Company.
Omcit:  corner of Cnrrall uud Hastings streets.
•*.-"•"*•"* '««»•■»«■ .«...». ,


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