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Mt. Pleasant Advocate May 18, 1907

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Devoted to the interests of Alt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
ASTABLIS-ED APRI- 8th, 1899.    Whole No. 422.
Mt. Pleasaut,  Vascoovbk,   B. 0.,  Saturday,   Ma? 18,   1807.
(Ninth Year.)   Vol. 9, No. 0
* -O R . a
AINLESS, nnd hy the most Skillful Operators known to the
profession, ocr SPuciALisra are all Graduates, Liscenbed
COLUMBIA. We give yrm a Written Protective Guarantee for
10 yours with all Dental Work.
Local Items.
Changes for advertisement.; should be
in bofore Thnrsday noon to insure their
< HI
" 147 Hastings St. Telephone 1666.
Office Hours: 8 a.m.,  to 9 p.m.;   Sundays 9a.m.,   to 2 p.m.
MB —X—Oa———
Gift for
"What can I get for $5?"   is a
common question    One nlways
answered     satisfactorily    here.
For instance:
A line Fish Unrvi'lg Set.
A beautiful chased unci oxidized
Bon-bou Dish.
A richly Cut-, .lass Water Bottle.
A Sterling Silver Berry Spoou.
Plates, bowls, jug*, in China.
Many useful things for the home
aud more personal gifts are in
view in every corner of our store
Coruer Hastiugs and Grnnvi.le St.;.
Geo.   B.  TROREY,
MansgliiK Dlroctpr.
For   local  uows  suliscr le    for  THE
ADVOCATK only Sl for 1.    lonths.
Call up 790    *
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when in need of  anything
iu the drug line.
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Try It.
Now is the Season for
Evaporated   Peaches,      Evaporated   Prunes,      Evaporated  Pears,
" Apricots, •" Apples, ' ■ Figs,
Also JAMS and JELLIES In cans, glnss and jars —
From 2 for 26c up, to oOe for 5-lti tins.
We carry large lines of the above goods.   Quality in all cases guaranteed.
Call and See Us.—We have muny New Goods to show yon.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone 11)60.
Tlie Northern
Head Office - - Winnipeg, Manitoba.
" Authorized Capital  $6 000 000.
Cor. Westminster and Ninth avenues.
Drafts and Bank Mouey Orders
A General Banking   Business
We invite you to start an account in our
Open Saturday Nights, 7 to 9 o'clock.
J. E. HAWKSHAW, Manager
Lawn Grass Seeds
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Pratt's Lien Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Beefscraps, Etc.
«*",    k'riTH Corner   NINTH avenue  &
Telephone    1(18 7.
Incorporatcil 1809.   '
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital Paid-up
Reserve Fund..
. 84.390.O00.
and upwards, Aceived and interest
allownd thereon. Compounded
FOUR times yearly.
7 to 8 o'clock.-
W. A. Schwartz, Manager.
If yon miss Thk Advocate yon miss
the local nows.
Concert in Oddfellows' Hall, May 20.
Don't forget to attend—26c aud 86o.
- ■ ■ —.:o;..
The Municipal Council of South Van
conver will meet this Saturday
One policemau for Mt. Pleasant and
Fairview at night. Mt. Pleasant needs
a policeman to patrol the business sec
tion exclusively at night.
AU kinds—all prices.   Air-tights from $2.60 up.
in fact, everything for the home.
We are always pleased to have yon oall and inspect onr .Btock.
J. A. Plett Ltd. JKrdwKoi-. ■*""'
Mrs. Dan. McLeod left on Wednesday for several months' visit in
Eastern Canadian and American
The Mt. Pleasant Band gave an
Opeu Air Concert on Thursday evening.
There was a large turn out of local
resideuts, and the Concert was
thoroughly enjoyed.
WANTED: a first-class general servant for suial- family; good wages.
Apply 1101 Melville street.
Mrs. H. J. T. Piercy and daughter
Mrs. E. Ward arrived in the city on
Sunday last from Birmingham, England, and they are visiting Rev. Herbert
W. Piercy, (Mrs Piercy's son), 62
Eleventh avenue west.
The first Senior Lacrosse Match of the
season takes placo today nt Brockton
Point Grounds, between the Vanconver
aud Maple Leafs. It is expected thare
will be a large crowd of Mt. Pleasant
people on hand to cheer the Maple
Loafs on to victory.
SPRING ITEM.—Lawn Mowers
sharpened aiid repaired at Gray's Bicycle & Repair Shop, 2818 Westm'r ave
Mr Sam Pugh and Miss Pugh, son
aud daughter of Mr Samuel G. Pugh of
Mt. Pleasaut, left on Wednesday for a
hoiulny trip to California. They are
looking forward with great pleasuje to
meeting their brother "Dixie" whom
they have uot seen for nearly seven
For your Ice Crenm and Candies go to
the Mt. Pleasaut Cmifectiouery Store
(Chas Homewood prop.). Ico Cream
sold in any quantity, pnt up iu ueat
The pastor Rev. H. W. Piercy will
preach morniug and evening on Sundny.
Morning subject: "The Christian
Ideal of the Spokane Convention."
Eveniiig'subject: "The Tares and the
Wheat.*' \
Sunday School and Bible Classes at
2:80 p ra,
 :o:      '
GRAND RALLY.—Vancouver Conncil No. 211a, of the Canadian Order of
Chose.u Frieuds will hold a Grand Rally
ou Thursday May 28d, in Oddfellows'
Hnll, Mt. Pleasant. The Grand Organizer, Mr. W. F. Campbell, is paying nn
official visit to the local Counoils of the
Order. This meeting is for the Members
of the Order only.
j **00*0000000000000000**m000i
New Spring
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i Mt. Pleasant.
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'The Advocate" 6 months for SOc.
Fruit Liver Tablets
- Stomach Troeblbs,    .    .
FRUIT-A-TXVES are made
from the active principles of
fresh, ripe oranges, apples,
prunes and figs, ;>
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Drug Co.
J. O. ReddM, Manager.
Cor.  Seventh a Wbbthi_istbr
avbnues.   'Phone 2236.
Dominion Express Money
Orders issned.' *
■ "''■'
For Sale or to
the old Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Building-
corner Ninth aud Westminster avenues ; apply to
H. O. Lee,
425   Westminster Ave-
'Phone 322
King's fleat flarket
R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in nil kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
mi hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Plmisaut and Fairview
l\ Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry in season
"1 Tel. 2808. J.
Two 50-ft. lots and fine building, on
Westminster nvenue; 120.000, half cash.
Mrs. R. Whitney, "Advocate" Office.
Mr. Barrnclongh hns sold out his
Restaurant, 2410 Westminster avenue,
to Mrs. Manuel who will assume charge
ou Monday. Mrs. Manuel has had wide
experience in the hotel business and is
well-known along the 6. P. R. and in
Vancouver, Under her management,
the Restaurant will be conducted along
lirst-c—ss lines with regard to inenls nnd
Before starting on a shopping tour
look over the advertisements in the
The persistent, advertizor is the chap
who wins ont The "occasional" ad
isn't really a very good business proposition. ™'..;    ■
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ot New York, aud if you
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Our Paper-hnngers are kept
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Estimates giveu for the
Wm. Stanley & Co.
northern bank block
Ninth and  Westmiuster aveunes.
'Phone ai«H5.
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
New/Jfork Dental Parlors for your tjjrorjr
*   '-
100,000 CAPE
White Conk.
First-class iu every respeot.
Vancouver's Leading Restaurant •
Miss E. Buff am, Prop.
of Commerce
Deposit*! of One Dollar nud npwards
received and interest allowed thereon.
Bank Money Orders  issued,
A General Banking Biisiness
transacted.  .
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. m. to 8 p. in
Satuhdath: 10 a m. to 12 m., 7 to 8 p.ni.
East tnd Branch
444 Westminster      C. W. DURftANT
Author af "Eben Holden," "D'ri and I." Etc.
t»PYT-IGHT.      1903.      BY      LOTHROP       PUBLISHING      COMPANY
a mug tlttie he sat, wT—i"_is' arm
around her, questioning the classes.
He seemed to have taken his place between her and the dark shadow.
Joe Beach had been making poor
headway In arithmetic.
"I'll come over this evening, and
we'll see what's the trouble. It's all
very easy," the teacher said.
He worked three hours with the
young man that evening and filled him
with high ambition after hauling him
out of his difficulty.
But of all difficulties tbe teacher had
to deal with, Polly Vaughn was the
greatest. She was nearly perfect In all
her studies, but a little mischievous
and very dear to him. "Pretty"—that
is one thing all said of her there In
Faraway, and they said also with a
bitter twang that she loved to He abed
and rend novels. To Sidney Trove the
word "pretty" was Inadequate. As to
lying abed and reading novels, he was
free to say that he believed in It.
"We get very indignant about slavery in the south," he used to say, "but
how about slavery on the northern
farms? I know people who rise at
cockcrow aud strain their sinews In
heavy toil the livelong day and spend
the Sabbath trembling in the lonely
shadow of the Valley of Death. I
kuow a mnn who whipped his boy till
he bled because he ran away to go
fishing. It's all slavery, pure and simple."
"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou
eat bread till thou return unto the
ground," said Ezra Tower.
"If Ood said it, be made slaves of us
all." said young Trove. "When I look
arouud here and see people wasted to
the bone with sweat and toll, too weary
often to eat the bread they have earned; when I see their children dying of
consumption from excess of labor and
pork fat, I forget the slaves of man
and think only of these wretched slaves
of God."
But Polly was not of them the teacher pitied. She was a bit discontented,
but surely she was cheerful and well
fed. God gave her beauty, and tbe
widow saw it and put her own strength
between the curse aud the child. Folly
had her task every day, but Polly had
ber way also ln too many things and
became a bit selfish, as might have
been expected. But there was something very sweet and fine about Polly.
They were plain clothes she wore, but
nobody save herself and mother gave
them any thougbt. Who, seeing her
big, laughing eyes, her finely modeled
face, with cheeks pink and dimpled,
ber shapely, white teeth, her mass of
dark hair, crowning a form tall and
straight as an arrow, could see anything but the merry hearted Polly?
"Miss Vaughn, you will please remain a few moments after school,"
is nit] the teacher one day nenr 4 o'clock.
Twice she had been caught whispering
tb&t day with the young girl wbo sat
behind her. Trove had looked down,
stroking bis little mustache thoughtfully, and made no remark. The girl
bad gone to work, then, ber cheeks red
with embarrassment.
"I wish you'd do me a favor, Miss
Polly," said the teacher when they
were alone. >j,V
She blushed deeply and jMMoklng
down as she fussed with hetf**fibdker-
chief. She was a bit frightened by tbe
serious air of tbat big young mail.
"It Isn't much," he went on.. ''I'd
like you to help me teach a little. Tomorrow morning I shall mnke » jrui.i
on the blackboard, and while I am
doing It I'd like you to conduct the
school. When you bave finished with
tbe primer class I'll be ready to take
bold again."
She bad a puzzled look.
"I thougbt you were going to punish
me," she answered, smiling.
"For what?" he Inquired.
"Whispering," said she.
"Oh, yesl But you have read Walter
Scott, and you know ladles are to be
honored, not punished. 1 shouldn't
know how to do such a thing. When
you've become a teacher you'll see I'm
right about whispering. May I walk
borne with you?"
Polly had then a very serious look.
She turned away, biting ber lip, in a
brief struggle for self mastery.
"If you care to," she whispered.
They walked away In silence.
"Do you dance?" she Inquired pree-
"No, save attendance on your pleas-
are," said he.   "Will you teach me?"
"Is there anything I can teach yon?"
Bbe looked up at him playfully.
"Wisdom," said be quickly, "and bow
to preserve blueberries and make biscuit like those you gave us wben I
came to tea. As to dancing—well, I
fens 'T-y»m not. shaped f _■  fpfrtlve
trlcusr "
"If you'll stay this evening," said
she, "we'll have some more of my
blueberries and biscuit, and then, lf
you care to, we'll try dancing."
"You'll give me a lesson?" he asked
"If you'd care to have me."
"Agreed; but first let us bave the
blueberries and biscuit," said he heartily as they entered the door. "Hello,
Mrs. Vaughn. I came over to help you
eat supper. I have It all planned.
j Paul Is to set the table, I'm to peel the
potatoes and fry the pork, Polly Is to
| make the biscuit and gravy and put
I the kettle on. You are to sit by and
look pleasant."
"I insist on making the tea," said
Mrs. Vaughn, with amusement.
"Shall we let her make the tea?" he
asked, looking thoughtfully at Polly.
"Perhaps we'd better," said she,
"AH right. We'll let her make the
tea.   We don't have to drink It."
"You," said the widow, "nre like Governor Wright, who said to Mrs. Perkins, 'Madam, I will praise your tea,
but hang me if I'll drink It.'"
"I'm going to tench the primer clnss
m thp morning." said Polly as she
filled tbe teakettle.
"Look out, young man," said Mrs.
Vaughn, turning to the teacher. "In a
short time she'll be thinking she can
teach you."
"I get my first lesson tonight," said
the young man. "She's to teach me
"And you've no fear for your soul?"
"I've more fear for my body," vald
he. glancing down upon his long figure.
"I've never lifted my feet snve for the
purpose of transportation. I'd like to
l:<nrn to dance because Deacon Tower
thinks It wicked, nnd I've learned that
happiness and Bin mean the same thing
to his vocabulary."
"I fear you're n downward and backsliding youth," said the widow.
"You know what Ezra Tower said of
Ebenezer Fisher, thnt he was 'one o'
tbem mush beads that didn't believe In
tell?'    Are you one o'  that klndl"
Proclalmers of liberal thougbt were at
work there In the north.
"Since I met Deacon Tower I'm
sure 'it's useful and necessary. He's
got to have some place for his enemies. If It were not for heil the deacon would be miserable here and, maybe, happy hereafter."
"It's a great hope and comfort to
him," said the widow, smiling.
"Well, God save us all!" said Trove,
who bad now a liking for both the
phrase and philosophy of Darrel. They
had taken chairs at the table.
"Tom," said he, "we'll pause a moment, while yon give us the fourth rule
of syntax."
"Correct," said he heartily, as the
last word was spoken. "Now let us be
"Paul." said tbe teacher, as he finished eating, "what is tlie greatest of all
laws?" *'
"Thou shalt not He," said the boy
"Correct," said Trove; "and In the
full knowledge of tbe law I declare
tbat no better blueberries and biscuit
ever passed my lips."
Supper over, Polly disappeared, and
young Mr. Trove helped with the dish-
"If you'll watch my feet you'll see how
/ do tt."
es. Soon Polly came back, glowing In
her best gown and slippers.
"Why, of all things! Wbat a foolish
child!" snld her mother. For answer
Polly waltzed np and down the room,
singing gayly.
She stopped before the glass and be-
) Kan .to £__,   *.__U» «l••__». __,boons.   Tbe
teacher went to _*€_'"side.
"May I have the honor, Miss
Vaughn?" said he, bowing politely. "Is
that the way to do?"
"You might Bay, 'Will you be my
pardner?'" said she, mimicking the
broad dialect of the region."
"I'll sacrifice my dignity, but not my
language," said be. "Let us dance and
be merry, for. tomorrow we teach."
"If you'll watch my feet you'll see
how I do lt," said she, and lifting her
skirt above her dainty ankles she glided
across the floor on tiptoe as lightly as
a fawn at play. But Sidney Trove was
not a graceful creature. The muscles
on his lithe form, developed ln the
school of work or In feats of strength,
at which he had met no equal, were untrained ln all graceful trickery. He
loved dancing and music and everything that Increased the beauty and j
delight of life, but they filled him with
a deep regret of his Ignorance. ,
(To Be Cintiuued.) j
Dear Mother
Your little ones are a comUnt care ia
Fall and Winter weather. Thev will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'i
Con.umption Cure, ihe Lung Tonic, and
what it hat done for to many ? It _ Mid
to be ihe onlv reliable remedy (or all
di—a—» oi the air paueget in children.
It it abtolutely harmlett and pleatant to
lake. It it guaranteed to cine or your money
it returned. The price it 25c. per bottle,
and all deaieri in medicine tell 314
T_t remedy thould be in every houtehold,
The Rev. Canon Almon Abbott, ol
Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton,
is blessed with great gifts of oratory.
Recently he recited the following
verses, written by William Herbert
Carrush, a professor in a German
university, and the delivery and the
eubject so impressed the congregation
that the poem has been the theme '
of conversation among the people who
beard it. There is a beauty in the
verses that appeals to thoughtful men
knd women:
A  fire mist and a planet,
A  crystal  and a cell,
4 jellyfish and a saurian,
A cava where the cave men dwell-
then a sense ot law and beauty,
A face turned from the clod—
Borne call it evolution,
And others call it God.
& haze on the fair horizon—
The infinite teuder sky.
The rich ripe tint of the cornfields,
And the wild  geese sailing  high.
And all over upland and lowland,
The sign of the golden rod—
Borne of us  call it Autumn,
And others call it God.
Like tides on a crescent sea beach.
When the moon is new and thin.
Into our hearts high gloamings,
Come welling and surging in—
Come from the mystic ocean
Whose rim no foot has trod—
Borne of  us  call  it  longing.
And others call it God.
_ picket frozen on duty—
A mother starved for her brood—
Socrates drinking the hemlock.
And Jesus on the rood.
And millions, who humble and nam*,
The straight hard pathway trod.
Some call  it Consecration,
And others call it God.
A Pioneer "Muck Raker."
In a double sense the late Dr. W.
H. Russell, former war correspondent
of the London Times, was a pioneer.
He was the first to make a hit with
accounts of battles "written on the
epot," although with him, as it was
with his imitators, the legend was
1 fiction. No man can see a battle and
write about it at the same time. Rus-
Ff.U took in the points in the field and
then wrote Mb story in a carriage
while traveling to the mail or telegraph staticm. He made his mark in
the Crimean war, that struggle with
many surprises and horrors, too, and
blazed the way for the American correspondents in the civil war.
Russell exposed the blunder which
led to the tragedy at Balaklava by
which the Light Brigade was sacrificed
lo no purpose. His revelations with
respect to that memorable action led
to an official investigation, and the
newspaper man waa vindicated. After
Balaklava. Russell's reputation stood
so high at home that he exposed the
suffering of the soldiery in tbe tents
and hospitals at Sevastopol, due to
official mismanagement, and raised a
Storm of indignation throughout England. The main trouble with the army
was the cumbrous red tape and official
Blownesa to grasp the truth and handle the situation without risking a
crisis. Disease and hardship wrought
[earful havoc in tho British camps,
and but for Russell's caustic pen
Florence Nightungale and her corps of
nurses would not have entered upon
that great mission of relief which haa
since furnished example to the whole
civilized  world.
The time came when Russell had to
be sensational to hold hia audience;
and his mission to this country at
the beginning of the civil war was'a
failure. He was recalled by the LoD»
don Times, although he doubtless
wrote just the stuff the majority of
Englishmen at home liked to read at
that time.
A Stetson Storr.
The late John Stetson, famous ln bla
lay as a theatrical manager, was having 11 yacht built, and a friend, meeting
blm on the street asked him wbat
bo wns going to name the boat "I
Haven't decided yet," replied John, "but
It will be some name commencing with
S, probably either Psyche or Cinch."
Hie Part.
Magistrate (to witness)—I understand
that yon overheard the quarrel between
the defendant and his wife? Witness-
yes, in. Magistrate—Tell the court, If
yoa can, wbat he seemed to be doing.
Witness—He seemed to b* doln' tb*
It   la   Ons   o(   the   Greateat   Waa.  to
Phyalcal   Beanty.
If I were asked wbat was the greatest foe to beauty tn both man and
women, 1 would say not errors ln diet
not lack of exercise, not overwork, not
corsets, not any one of these, bnt bad
mental habits. If we observe closely the
faces of the people we meet at random
on the street, at the theater or in tbe
great shops, we will observe that nearly all of them are character'—ed by tbe
lined mo -th, the drawn brows and other facial disfigurements which accompany bad mental states.
What do I mean by bad mental
states? I mean anger, fear, worry,
anxiety, Irritability, regret envy, Jealousy, lack of trust ln oneself and ln
the great good. All these are bad mental states, and al) these destroy beauty not only by Interfering with the
action of the vital organs, but by directly disfiguring the expression of tbe
Unless the beauty seeking young woman Is prepared to deliberately cultivate good nature, kindliness, calmness, cheerfulness even to hilarity, unless she ls prepared to deliberately
conquer all tendencies to the bad mental states above mentioned, there will
be little or no results from ber efforts
to deveop ln herself that most divine
gift of beauty. — From "Health the
Basts of Womanly Beauty," by Dr. W.
R. O. Latson. In Outing Magazine.
The Bag on ttie Doorknob,
A late home corner, walking through
the uptown residential section after
midnight, says the PhUadelpbia Record, would be surprised to see what appears to be white crape hanging from
hundreds of doors and bell knobs. The
white thing ls not an Indication of a
child's death, however, but merely a
bread bag that tbe baker supplies to
bis enstomers. For years householders
had to put up witb uncertainty about
their bread, not knowing whether some
of tba numerous cats that make tiie
night less silent had Investigated and
pawed over their morning loaf. But
now the bakers, In order that their customers might feel more secure, bave
provided these white bags, which the
housekeeper hangs on the doorknob at
night and the baker fills early ln tbe
France In China.
More than eight years have elapsed
since China granted to France a concession to build a railway from the
Tonqnin frontier to Yunnanfu, tbe capital of the southwestern province, a
distance of about 280 miles. Labor and
climatic difficulties as well as a change
In 1904 of tbe original trace of the
line have bad much to do with tbe delay, but work ls now proceeding all
along tbe new route, and It ls expected
tbat tbe railway will be open as far as
Mengtsu ln 1907 and be completed to
Yunnanfu. tbe terminus, to 1008.—London Engineer.
Ca_.onIrln>r  an Old Practioe.
R. T. Will, writing to Western Poultry Journal, says: I notice numerous
articles In the poultry journals these
days explaining what "capons" are and
the methods of procedure In the operation of canonizing. That caponlzlng
Is not a recent discovery Is deduced
from the fact that Shakespeare causes
Hamlet to mention capons In a conversation with the king, scene 2, net
8, so that "capons" were known In tb*
slxteeen century and perhaps earlier.
The Black Turkey.
The black turkey Is a native of America. In plumage color lt Is a lustrous
black throughout. Standard weights:
Cock, 27.pounds; cockerel, 18 pounds;
hen, 18 pounds; pullet, 12 pounds. Disqualifying weight: Cock, less tban 20
pounds; hen, less than 12 pounds.
The Datl Bath For Winter.
If you have not already done so
gather dust for tbe fowls' dust bath
{his winter. In the garden or plowed
field Is a good place, tbe dust being
mnch cleaner than that In tbe road,
also more easily withered.
and bowel diao-en.  ^4
Make* puny babiee
plump aodioay.   Proved
by 50 yean' tocceetfal
nth.   Atk your t****)*
Nines' mi Ho fliers' Treasure
-M..-6 Uab.tl.23.
lDm.ee a__l&,H-_
The  Valley   o( Qolllola.
"Whoever," says Charles Darwin ia
bis "Voyage of the Beagle," "called
Valparaiso the valley of paradlso
must have been thinking of QuIUota."
Qulllota ls a thriving town twenty-six
miles from Valparaiso ln a northeasterly direction. Any person, he declares, who sees only the country
around Valparaiso, barren of vegetation, would never Imagine that there
were such picturesque spots ln Chile.
"As soon as we reached the brow of
the sierra tba valley of Qulllota was
Immediately unaer our feet. The prospect was one of remarkable natural
luxuriance. The valley ls very broad
and quite flat and ls thus easily Irrigated In all pnrts. The little square
gardens are crowded with orange anil
olive treea and every sort of vegetable."
Do Not Dose with Purgatives and1
Weakening Medicines—What People Need at This Season Is a Tonic
Not exactly sick—but not feeling
quite well. That's the spring feeling.
You are easily tired, appetite variable, sometimes headaches and a.
feeling of depression. Or perhaps-
pimples and eruptions appear on the-
face, or you have twinges of rheumatism or neuralgia. Any of these indicate that the blood is out of order,
that the indoor life of winter has left
its mark upon you and may easily
develop into more serious trouble.
Don't dose yourself with purgative
medicineB in the hope that you cani
put your blood right. Purgatives
gallop through the system, andi
weaken instead of giving strength.
What you need is a tonic medicine-
that will make new, rich, red blood,
build up the weakened nerves ami
thus give you new health aii-
strength. And the one medicine to-
do this speedily nnd surely is Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Every dose of
this medicine makes new, rich bloorf
which makes weak, easily tired nncf
ailing men and women feel bright,
active and strong. If you need a
medicine this spring try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and you will never
regret it. This medicine has cure-
thousands in every part of the worldF
and what it has done for others it-
can easily do f;r you.
The headquarters for the genuine-
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale-
People in Canada is Brockville, Ont.
So-called pink pills offered by companies located at other places in Canada are fraudulent imitations intended to deceive. If your dealer
does not keep tne genuine Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People Benr!
to Brockville, Ont., and the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co. will mail the?
pills to you at 50 cents a box or six-
boxes for $2.60.
Mistress—Why don't you boll the-
Cook—Sure. I've no clock in the-
kitchen to go by.
Mistress—Oh, yes, you have.
Cook—What good ls It? It's tern
minutes fast.—Philadelphia Inquirer.
Sleeplessness.—When the nerves-
are unstrung and the whole body
given up to wretchedness, when the?
mind is filled with gloom and dismal
forebodings, the result of derangement of the digestive organs, sleeplessness comes to add to the distress.
If only the subject could sleep, there*
would be oblivion for a while and.
temporary relief. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will not only induce Bleep,,
but will act so beneficially that the-
Bubjeet will wake refreshed and restored to happiness.
Most people find fault with their
neighbors In order lo get even wlth<
neighbors who find fault with them.
Wexrr.ixlad to Glv. S.t[.fmotion.
Caustic Balsam
Hu Imitators Bit No Ou.pit.tors.
A Bate, Speedy end Positive Oure for
Curb, Ballat Iweeay, Cappad Beak,
Stralnal   T_n_.ru,    tound.r,   Wine
*"—T., and all lamanut from Sp»Tln,
IIS*****   and other bony turn.—,
Car.• all akin di...... or ranaltaa.
Thrush,   Dlphtharla.   Ktmorat  all
Bunch., from Hanat or Cattle.
Sprain.,  So—  Throat, MO., It Is liiralu.bla'.
K.irr  liottlsi of Oau.tlo Balaam  aold la
Warranted to kIto aatla—ot—n.  PHoa J1.60
par bottla.  Bold lij druira—ta. or aant by ax-
fir—., .hartrea paid, with full dlrat-tlona for
ta  nae.   tTBruA lor  deaoripUre   droulars,
r testimonials, oto.   Addraaa
Tba Lawrence- Wllllama Co., Toronto, Ont.
SB date.
Will grow ln tht
'bona* or ont of
in. Hjaclntha,
Ipa, l|ladloli!S,
i      lllo'irt-O-l-l    or      tJ_W
Ilia Va!lar--fpoa«j».d,__<-. In .tamp*
Aeapramlt—i wllb thaaa Balba wa will Mn-_
.it aollaoUon of Sowar taadt oittteok—di. THE ADVOCATE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
, Saves A Lot
-  of Bother
The starch that needn't
be cooked, .that won't
stick.. that gives a brilliant gloss with almost
no iron-effort..isn't
that the starch you
ought to have them
use on your clothes T
Buy it by name.,
your  dealer  sella it.
Cowhide and Horaehlile.
A hide from a horse yields abont
twenty pounds of leather, while that
from a cow gives thirty-live pounds.
Rons- on the Unmarried.
•The north Frisians are very unmerciful to people who don't marry. One of
their legends says that after death old
maids are doomed to cut stars out of
the sun when lt has sunk below the
horizon, and the ghosts of the old bachelors must blow them up tn tbe east
running, like lamplighters, all nlgbt up
and down a ladder.
Ask your doctor about these
throat coughs. He will tell
you how deceptive they are.
A tickling in the throat often
means serious trouble ahead.
Better explain your case carefully to your doctor, and ask
him about your taking Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.
W* publiib. our formula!
M     Wo banlth alcohol
__■_   from our tpadlolnaa
Wa arfe yon to
oonault your
Who makes the best liver pills? The
J. C, Ayer Company, of Lowell, Miss.
They htve been making Ayer's Pills for
over sixty years, lf you htve the slightest doubt about using these pills, ask
your doctor.   Do is he siys, always,
a by tha J. 0. Ajar Oo.. Lowell,
How Enal-nd  I,ont Argentina.
"Had It not been for General Whlt-
loek's disgraceful management of the
English army In 1806 Argentina, In
which £350,01)0,000 of British capital Is
Invested, would have boen a portion
of the British empire," said Major General Sir A. B. Tullock at a meeting of
tlie Royal United Service institution
held tbe other day ln London.
'Women   of  Laaaa.
Women comprise two-thirds of ths
population of Lassa, the forbidden city
of Tibet and they conduct practically
all the business of the city.
The Reaerve Flaak.
A curious custom obtains In the
German navy when tbe sailors, having
served their time, pass Into the reserve. They don the "reserve flask"—
also used on a similar occasion ln the
army—and parade the streets wearing
caps with ribbons whlcb reach to the
ground, other ribbons being attached
to the canes they carry.
In Paraguay there are more than
twice as many women as men. Tbls
ls due to the fact tlmt some years ago
ln a political revolution and a war
with Brazil and the Argentine Republic the men were almost exterminated.       ;	
Black Leather Basra.
A black leather traveling bag can always be kept In capital condition by
mixing one tablespoonful of sweet oil
with two tablespoonfuls of milk and
rubbing this well Into the bag. After
lt has thoroughly dried lt should bs
tiollshcd with a chamois leather. -
Are the Colonies Underrated.
One hears this remark often reiterated of late, it appears to be just
dawnimj upon the rank and file of
people in this country that the policy
of England regarding settlement of
respective claims between Canada and
the United States has brought into being a feeling among young Canadians,
which may prove a source of trouble
in the future. How far this iB justified it is difficult to estimate, but
the present expansion of Canadian
affairs in every direction appears to
be accompanied with a sort of awakening among English people as to
possibilities of the change in the centre of gravity within the British Empire. This may sound bombastic and
absurd, but British North America is
daily approaching closer to the mother
island, as the facilities for transport
and communication increase, and a
diminuation in the cable rates wonld
greatly accelerate the approach of the
two countries.—The Toronto News.
If" ■   Tb.t   rlraad    af
~   mot hart lo... Itt
torror. when tha
medlolne oablnet contain, a bottle of i
that funout old ramady,
Dr. A. Johnaon knew humanltlea needt
when in 1510 ha perfeotad thlt wonderful
rnmedy for lung and throat troubles, at
wall aa for cuts, burn., brulaea, sore and
lama mu.claa. XI and SOo. At dnjczl.t..
L 8. JOHNSOU & 00., Bo.ton, fiua.
"I always tell my neighbors who
have children how good 1 have found
•Baby's Own Tablets," says Mrs. L.
Seville, Gawas, Ont. Mrs. Eeville
further says: "I would not be without the Tablets in the house, for I
know of no medicine that can equal
them in curing the ills from which
children so often suffer." It is the
enthusiastic praise of mothers who
have used the Tablets that makes
them the most popular childhood
medicine in Canada. Any mother
using Baby's Own .tablets has the
guarantee of a government, analyst
that this medicine does not contain
one particle of opiate or harmful
drug. Sold by medicine dealers or
by mail at 25 cents a box from the
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Order Changeth.
There is a touch of sadness In the
announcement that the Barnardo
Farm Home at Russell, Manitoba, '«
to be permanently closed. For twenty
years the home has been a training
school to teach farming to the boyi
sent out from England. Conditions
have so changed, however, that the
boys can be sent direct to the homes
of farmers, and the institution is no
longer necessary. Mr. E. A. Strath-
ers,: who htB been in charge of the
home since its erection, will now manage the distribution of Barnardo boya
from the receiving home in Winnipeg. Mr. Strut' -"•a. who is a cousin ol
Mr. Irving Struthers.-the well-known
Montreal newspaperman, has managed the home with conspicuous success, and is regarded as a just and
kindly foster-father by more men and
boys than probably any otber mac in
To whom it may concern: This is
to certify that I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT myself as well as
prescribed it in my practice where a
liniment was required and have
never failed to get the desired effect.
C. A. KING, M.D.
Tl_er ana Vnltnre of the Sea.
If the "killer" whale Is "the tiger of
the Bea," as the writer of an Interesting article In the September Windsor
bas It the orcas surely are the vultures
of the ocean. In connection with whale
catching the author of this Interesting
natural history article tells of the following Incident: Some years ago a
whakr In the northwest had killed a
large whale and had the animal alongside when lt was attacked by a school
of orcas. They doubtless were half |
Btarved and, crazed by the scent of
blood that extended away a long dls*
tance, probably followed It up liktr
hounds, Immediately attacking the
whale. The men, with spades and
lances, cut and slashed at them, Inflicting terrible blows, yet despite this
the orcas literally tore the whale from
the ropes and carried It off. This certainly shows that the orcas, together
with a very fair share of intelligence,
are also creatures of extraordinary
courage.—Dundee Advertiser.
.ann—c Weo-lnitn.*'
Tn China when a wedding ls about to
take place the calendar ls consulted,
and If the signs are not good the wedding is postponed. Sometimes It Is necessary to postpone the date several
times, and when the signs are auspicious it generally turns out well. The
ceremony consists In drinking together
a cup of samshoo ln the nuptial chamber.
The Cocoannt Tree.
A large cocoanut tree yields as many
as 100 nuts a year. Natives use the
nuts for dishes as well as for food.
Narrow  Nostril*.
Very narrow nostrils are unsightly;
also tbey are dangerous, as they are
likely to discourage their owner from
breathing correctly—tbat Is, through
the nose. The recognized surglcnl way
of treating them Is to wear In each nostril for a short time daily a small piece
of sponge.
Language  Change*.
So rapid has been the change ln the
English language that the English of
today bears no more resemblance to
the English of 1,000 years ago than lt
does to German.
Free From Dust, Dirt and nil Foreign Substances.
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c, 60c, and    60c    Per    Lb.    At    All    Grocers.
First Horse (attached to lovers'
sleigh)—Let's run awfy, Dobbin.
Second Horse—What's the use?
They    wouldn't   notice    it.—Chicago
"A Grand Medicine" is the encomium often passed on Bickle's Anti-
Consumptive Syrup, and when the
results from its use are considered,
as borne out by many persons who
have employed it in stopping coughs
and eradicating colds, it is more than
grand. Kept in the house it is always at hand nnd it has no equal as
a ready remedy. If you have not
tried it, do so at once.
From February 1, 1904, to March
31, 1906, the railways of Canada
killed 402 people, a large number of
whom were trespassers on the tracks.
Don't Be Fat.
My   New   Obesity   Reducer   Quickly
Changes Your Weight to Normal,
Requires   No  Starvation   Process and Is Absolutely Safe
My new ObeBitv Reducer, taken at
mealtime, compels perfect assimilation of "the food and sends the food
nutriment where it  belongs.   It re-
The Starflah.
The common starfish has five points
—sometimes six. Specimens with mors
e_ l_-.jire.£-tremely rare-
The   Sanskrit   lauguage   Is  said   to
have about 500 root words.
Edmund Rich.
Edmund Rich Is held In reverent remembrance at Oxford, where one hall
has borne bis name since tbe middle
of the thirteenth century, standing almost exactly on tbe actual site of the
school where Rich himself delivered
lectures ln tbe year 1219.
Tha Pearl.
The origin of the pearl Is the subject
of a Hindoo legend which attributes
this beautiful formation to the fall of
a drop of dew Into the bosom of an
oyster gaping tn the sun.
The Above Illustration Shows ths Remarkable Effects of This Wonderful Obesity Reducer—What It
Has Done   for   Othsrs  It
Can Do for You.
quires  no   starvation   process.      You
can   eat  all  you  want.      It    makes
muscle, bone, sinew,  nerve-and brain
tissue,     and   quickly     reduces    your
weight to normal.     It    takes off the
big  stomach    and  relieves  the  compressed    condition    and    enables   the
heart to act freely and the lungs to
expand naturally and the kidneys and
liver to perform their functions In a
natural manner.     You will feel better
the flrst day you try  this wonderful
home food.    Flu out coupon herewith
and mall today. |
This coupon is good for one trial
package of Kellogg's Obesity Reducer with testimonials from hundreds who have been greatly reduced, mailed free in plain package. Simply fill in your name and
address on dotted lines below and
mail to
F. J. KELLOGG, 37 Kellogg Bldg.,
Battle Creek, Mich.
Salt In Italy.
In Italy the sale of salt Is a govern-
ment monopoly, Its cost ln that coun-
try being greater than that of sugar.
Every one therefore uses It very carefully. It ls only for sale ln the tobacco shops, and the privilege of keeping
these Is greatly coveted, being a sort
of sinecure awarded to men who In
other countries wonld receive a pension
for services to the government
Queen of the Barnyard.
Thirty-two million dollars    is   the
contribution of the cows of Canada for
this year of grace, made up of twenty-
five millions worth of butter sent out
of the country to help to fee'd the artisans of England, and for which they
have paid pretty roundly. Of course,
this thirty-two millions is not all, by
a good deal.    Not all the milk waa
sent abroad,  and we at home have
been  beholden to the  queen  of the
barnyard for butter and milk we used
as well as for the millions that come
in. So all hail the cow; long may prosperity attend her.—Belleville Intelligencer.      _______________
Onion Perfume.
The Tartars regard onions, leeks and
garlic as perfumen. A lady of Tartary
will rub a piece of freshly cut onion on
ber bands and over ber countenance to
enhance her attractions.
W.   N.   U.   No.   630
Tanltr That Comea High.
Most of the photographs displayed In
the windows of English photographers
are exhibited by request of the originals and at tbelr own expense. Ons
London photographer charges (2.60 for
putting a carte in a window and (5 for
a cabinet ,. -.._.. .   ■♦»
- . LIMITF □
A Glimmering of Reason
It is the business of this country to
keep on friendly terms with all other
nations, England included, so far as
this Is possible. But lt Is not tha
part of statesmanship to _rfer that
the British spokesman (Ambassador
Bryce) must necessarily see everything
with American eyes or prefer the Stars
and Stripes to the Union Jack.—Philadelphia Bulletin.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Never judge yuurself by   the faults
of your neighbors.
First Thin,,
"Ull I C      In the
rlLLO   Morning
The haphazard use of a remedy
will never discover its efficacy. Try
Beecham's Pills morning and night,
and nots the improvement in your
Last Thing BEEGHAM S
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents..
Yon cannot possibly haver
'     a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
(ood. Fragrant, nutritions and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extrem. cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
1 ta i-lb. and i-lb Tins.   *
Minister SpeaKs
to Mothers
Tills His Wife's Experience for the
Sake ef Other Sufferers.
The following letter has been sent
to Dr. T. A. Slocum, Ltd., for publication.
Dr. T. A. Sloe—a, Llmlt—11—Dear Sin: Within
the laat two yean my wl— (who la ot a delicate
constitution) haa had two levere attaeki of la
Sppe, both of whioh hare been apaedllr corrected
the uae of Piychlne. Vie hare auch faith In the
cloncy ot your remediei that aa a —milj wa
uae no other. For toning up a debilitated s/stem,
however run down, restorlng to healthy action
the heart nnd langi, and as a specific for all waiting diseases, your Psychine and Oionulirion ara
•imply peerless. Yours sincerely, Bev. J. 1. Rice,
61 Walker Avenne, Toronto.
* PSYCHINE, Pronounced Si-keen,
is a scientific preparation, having
wonderful tonic properties acting
directly upon the Stomach, Blood
and weak organs of the body,
quickly restoring them to strong
and healthy action. It is especially
adapted for people who are run
down from any cause, especially
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, LaGrippe,
Pneumonia, Consumption and all
stomach or organic troubles. It
has no substitute.
is for sale at all dealers, at SOc and
$1.00 per bottle, or write direct to
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 179
King St. W., Toronto.
There is no other remedy "Just
as Good" as PSYCHINE.
Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a sure and
permanent cure for "Rheumatism, Bright's
pisease, Pain in the Back and all forma
pf Kidney Trouble. 25c per box, at all
Good Reasons
Corrugated Iron
Is Preferred
by Those Who Know
We use only best Apollo or
English sheets.
The corrugations are pressed
one at a time—not rolled—fitting
perfectly, both at ends and sides
without waste.
No scale, pin holes or other
defects are ever found In our
The galvanized sheets are
coated on both sides with all the
galvanizing material that can adhere lo them.
* The painted sheets are coated
on both sides with best quality
We furnish any size or gauge
'. required— either curved or
If you desire durable quality
land certain economical satisfaction, send us your specifications
ur write for further information.
(Established April 8,1809.)
(Clt-ricn r 8 4 5 0 Westminster avenue.
English Office—80 Fl«at street,
Loudon, E. C, England Where a
file of -"The Advocate" is kept for
Mrs. R  Whitnet, Publisher.
f'l abscription $1 a yoar*   payable   in
If cents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Vahcouvbr, B. O.,   Mat 18, 1907.
It is a satisfaction to Mt. Pleasant residents to note the work now
in progress on the streets of this
part of the city; rock is being
placed on different avenues, grading and the big roller is at work in
Ward V. The Council, it is hoped,
•.will at once "get busy" at repairing
the wooden sidewalks or replace
f hem with cement walks, which are
juore sightly and lasting.
Important News Items of the
May 11th.
Queen Victoria gave birth to a
son who becomes heir to the throne
of Spain.   The baby will be named
' Alphonso.
By a vote of 172 to 163, Neepa-
y/ay, Man., will remain a local option town.
May 12th.
A train carrying Mystic Schrin-
efs home from Los Angeles was
wrecked at Honda, G5 miles north
ot Santa Barbara, Cal. Four cars
piled up on top of the engine and
caught fire; 32 were killed and
iiiany injured.
The Ontario government is sending out extra fire rangers to protect
i';j pine forests of the province.
J. Thompson, the Grand Trunk
* on duct or who was concerned in
the wreck which occurred at
Gourock last September, was sentenced to three years in the peniten-
U'iy by Judge Riddell at Guelph.
May 13th.
Tlie H. Corby distillery and mill
'■J belleville, Ont., destroyed by
fire; loss estimated at $200,000.
., Governor Mead of Washington
has asked the U. S. State Department to request the Republic of
Honduras to surrender former
Comptroller John Riplinger, of Seattle. There is no extradition treaty,
and if Riplinger is surrendered it
s'vill only be by courtesy.
A fire supposed to have been
started by a cigar thrown by a
.l.incr into an abandoned drift
caused the loss of 90 lives accord-j
(iig to a special received from Tor-
11:011 Coahuila, Mexico. Out of 175
miners working in that part of the
•nine only 1? are believed to have
May 14th.
The       Canadian       I .ocomotive
Works at Kingston, Ont., arc being
1 (tended at a cost of some $300,-
".(■. I
Seventy-five thousand deaths
rom plague occurred in India dining the week ending the 13th inst.
0,000 of these took place in Bengal, the United Provinces, and the
I'unjab. The epidemic began in
ihe Punjab in October, 1861, and
there have since been nearly a mil-
Rpn and a half deaths from plague.
The Imperial Conference has aeeepted Sir Wilfrid Laurier's pr_-
t-sal for a fast Atlantic and Pacific
-trvice between Great Britain and
.u.stralia artd the Orient across
Cnnada. The bringing into effect
>f this proposal will' mean the
•ihorttning of the trip from London
ii Australia by at least five days as
ion-pared with the route by Suez.
The jo trney to China will be cut
down two days. A fast Atlantic
steamer will _n__kc the trip in five
<L>;.., by rail to Vaiicoiiver in three
frays and a half, am! from there to
A'l-stralia eigftitwn days—or 27 days
/:• ill. It takes 3« da\s by the Suez
M\y Ifi'h. '.
The liMaffi.-»a---ir,:   3% 'M'-in'rf•»
increase of wages to 30 cents an
hour for day and 35 cents for night
and for Sunday 60 and 70 cents.
The teamsters are out in sympathy
with the longshoremen. All shipping is tied up.
Five hundred plumbers are on
strike in Toronto for 15 cents an
hour and a closed shop.
Judge Morrison gave the widest
decision yet rendered under the
new Dominion Sunday law at Toronto, to the effect that a restaurant-keeper may sell candies, oranges and ice cream on Sunday, and
it makes no difference whether the
purchaser eats the stuff or carries
it awav. The case was an appeal of
a man named Duein, who keeps a
restaurant near High Park.
May 16th.
Jurifto Riddell of Toronto lms sent to
the recommendation to tha Attorney-
General a reccommendation that au
that au investigation be held to determine the responsibility of the higher
officials of the Uraud Trunk, for a
wreck at Gonrlock, in connection with
which Conductor Joseph Thompson was
sent to jail for three years.
It is expected that the iuimjuration
into Cauada for the current year will be
800,000; last year it was 215.000.
A terrorist conspiracy directed against
the life of Emperor Nicholas, the existence of which has been suspected for
some time past, bas been revealed by
the arrest at Tzru-skoye-Selo of a
soldier nf the gu .rd regiment. The man
confessed to ncueptiug a large money
bribe to assist in the murder of Hes
May 17th,
The Sultan of Morocco has (lidded to
comply entirely with France's rtei,iauds
for reparation as to the rei_uit of the
murder of Dr. Maucbamp.
A gold strike  has  been   made in the
valley   of   Ouiiueca  River
iu   r.ritisb
Coin mbia.
The Chicago, Milwaukee
& Bt   Paul
Railway pleaded guilty  in
the United
Stiites Circuit Court at Chic
ngo to pay
i g rebates   ou  coffee  shi
[intents and
paid a fine of $0,000.
The revised figures of ihe civic
assessment roll Have just been computed after the changes made by
the Court of Revision on the various appeals.
The assessment on land stands at
$38,346,335 and on buildings at
$l(i, 160,525, a total of S :"'',■". I 5,860.
Deducting the 75 per eent. allowed for taxation purpose, with the
same percentage reduction on buildings, amounted to $27,354,102, a
showing of over fifteen million to
the f^ood for the present year.
The advance in revenue for 1907,
according to this showing, should
be a little over $300,000 net
The Advocate is the best  advertising
medium where it circulates. Tel. B1405
The Knock-out BIott.
The blow which knocked out Corbett
was a revelation, to the prize fighters.
From the earliest days of the ring the
knock-out blow, wss aimed for the Jaw,
the temple or the jugular vein. Stomach
punches .were thrown In to. worry* and
weary the fighter, but If a scientific man
bad told one of the eld fighters that the
most vulnerable spot was the region of
the stomach, he'd have laughed at, him
tor an ignoramus. Dr. Pierce is bringing
borne to the public a parallel fact; that
the stomach Is the most vulnerable organ
out of the prize ring as well as In it. We
protect our heads, throats, feot and lungs,
but thn stomach wo are utterly Indifferent to, until disease finds the solar plexus
and knocks us out. Mako your stomach
pound and strong by the use of Doctor
Plerco's Oolden Medical Discovery, and
you protect yourself In your most vulnerable spot, "-oldon Medical Discovery*
euros "weak stomach,*' Indigestion, 0*
dyspepsia, torpid liver, bad, thin and Impure blood and other diseases of the organs uf digestion and nutrition.
The"Goldeu Medioal Discovery" has a
spociftc curative effect upon all mucous
surfaces and banco cures catarrh, no
matter where located or what stage it
mtay have reached. In Nasal Catarrh it
is well to cleanse the passages with Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy fluid while using
tha "Discovery ** as a constitutional remedy. Why tbe "Golden Medical Discovery" cnres catarrhal diseases, as of the
stomach, bowels, bladder aui other pelvic
organs will be plain to yon if you will
read a booklet of extracts frau the writings of eminent medical authorities, endorsing Its ingredients and explaining
their ouratlve properties. It Is malted
free on request. Address Dr. B.V. Pierce,
Buffalo. N. T. This booklet gives all the
fngredlents entering Into Dr. Pierce's
medicines from which It will bejeen that
tbey contain not a drop of sleobol, purs,
triple-refined glycerine being used Instead.
Di1. Pierce's great thousand-page 111 us-
truVxl Common Henim Medics! Adviw
•fill t* *e*l free pfiprr-boiiinl, for **4mw.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in tbe hearts of the people which no otlier beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores aud Hotels or
delivered to your house.
We have just received a copy of
a very delightful and pleasing
sacred song and chorus called
"When We Meet On That Beautiful Shore," composed by Samuel
H. Speck. This is certainly one of
the sweetest home songs ever published. It is especially suitable and
adapted for the home, church and
choir use, being also nicely arranged as a fine quartette for mixed
voices. Retail price, 50 cents per
copy. Our readers will receive a
copy post-paid bv sending 10 cents
in silver or postage stamps to The
Globe Music Co., No. 17 West 28th
Street, New York.
—'•The Advocate" is always pleased
to receive from fit renders any items of
local interest sucb as notices of people
visiting ou Mt. Pleasaut or of local
residents visiting ontside points, all
social affairs, church aud lodge news,
baths, niama_.es, etc.
Elbert Hubbard's Sayings.
1 believe in a religion of service, not
iu a religion of services.
The Hebrew prophets were charter
members of the "I-told-yonso-Clnb."
If you do not believe as I believe, it
proves one thing and nothing else, aud
that is, that I do not believe as you
Prosperity not earned is like good
cheer gotten from drink and drugs.
Fear is the thought of admitted
inferiority. When wo feel unequal to a
condition, we are afraid. The opposite
of fear is confidence—self-reliance.
Fear is not a physical thing but it oan
cause a very serious physioal derangement. To believe in your own divinity
is to abolish fear.
Tou better be an Is-Now, than n
Has-Wasser; and as for a Not-Yet-
But-Soon, why he is always oue.
FINE LOTS in South Vancouver:
§50.00 cash; price $150.00.—Mrs. R
Whitney, "The Advocate" Office, 2450
Westmiuster avenue.
Mt. Pleasant
l.~0.  O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. I fl meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Westminster avenue,   Mt. Pleasaut.
Sojourning brethren cordially iuvited
to attend.
Noble Grand—Stanley Morrison.
Recording SKCK-Tjtuv—H. Patterson, 120 Tenth avoune, east.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular"
Review  2d au.. lth Tuesdays of ench
month in Knights  of  Pythias    Hull
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Lndies always welcome.
Lady Oouimauuer—Mrs. N. Pettipiecn,
25 Tenth nveuue, east.
Lndy Recorder Keeper—Mrs. Butchnrt,
corner Eleventh and Mauitoba.
L. O. L.
Mt. Pleasant L. O. L.,.
No. 1 -43. meets the 1st nnd)
3d Thursday of each mouth,
at 8 -p. ui, iu the K. oi P.
All     visiting    Biethren
cordially welcome.
J. Martin, W. M.,
1HI _-.i_.tb aveuue, east.
Samuel' Moore, Rec. Sec'y.,
South Vaucouver I'«isto_ncc.
I. O. F.
Oourt Vancouver 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondiiys of each mouth at 8 p. m., in
Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—A. Pengelly.
Recording Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
3S7 I'rlnce—street, CttJ.
Financial Secuetaky—Ralph S. Cs_i-
mings, "Advocate" Office, Mt. Pleasant
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meets
evevv 2d and 4th Thursdays of eath
lnun'th, in I O. O. F., Hull, Westminster avenue.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome
E. R. Flewwelling, Chief OoiincilW
2M2 i intiirio ..treet,
Mrs. O. G. Kinnie, Recorder
848 Seventh  avenue, east.
90000000.90000000000* 10000000.900
Two 25-i'f.. lots, }4 block from  Westminster aveuue, $050.
3 lots ou Westuiius. it avenue, cornor,
Sixteenth avenuo, 6 lots, 50x190, $500
Corner, 30x100, Niuth avonue, $3,000.
Property on    Westmiuster    avenne,
bringing a rental of $100 per mouth.
2 38-ft. lots, 9-roomed House, orchard
small fruit $i!.t_50
Beantifnl 0-room   House,   gas and
electric light, convenient to car;
Thirteeuth avenue.
Lot   26x1113  on Westminster   avenui
two-storey building, in fine condition; leased for 2 years; title perfect.    Price *14U00.
Ono lot, 25-120, on Westmiuster avenuo; prioe $500, $200 dowu,
linlnnee on easy terms.
5  Lots (corner)  Westminster  avenue,
80x132; price $8,500,  terms.
Six-room lions.'on Howe street, $1,200
cash, balnuce on easy terms.
Beantifnl house, 4 lots on corner, iu
Grandviow. Lovely home
Beautiful oorner, fine houso on property.   In desirable part of Vancouver
Buys 44-ft. on Westminster
avenue.        Good   business
property.     Increasing     in
value   all  .the   time.
Choice Acres near city; suitable to
*2 sub divide;  good  bny;    favorable
$500 Buys
a lot 25x122 on Westmiuster
aveuue, near city Umits.
$200 cash,
$1 500
buys n fine lot on  Lome street.
The liiiesr. location on this Btreet.
Buy now before the price goes
up; $i_00 cash, balance (I and 12.
$•150, $475 and $.i00 each—half   ens-.
Those lots ure high and level.
Tour Propei'tv wit'.)
Mrs. R. Whitney,   2450   West-mister
uremic, "Advocate" Offico.
Mrs. R. Whitney
2450 Westminster a^e.
*0**0ar*0i0m*m0ism0**H00**:4* .r^Wtf^-Wsf*»ir#*»»lr^<r^^««4r3rffi<-_--; ^NW**WiStto THE ADVOCATE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Local Items.
Spend a pleasaut evening ou Mondny
, next at the Concert iu Oddfellows' Hall.
Admission 25c and 85c.
Mrs. W. J. Taggart of Davie
street, returned Saturday last from
a trip through the Kootenay district. Mr. Taggart will not return
for a few more weeks.
District Lot ,301 contains 1779
registered owners of   property of
■ whom 850 are local residents. The
total assessment of the district is
Mr. and Mrs. James Rae, Medicine
Hat, formerly ot Bolssevatn, Mau.,
were visiting this v.eek at Mr.
ilcOunig's. Thirteenth avenue. Mr.
Rue has been a very successful aud
popular business man, and is contemplating moving to Vaucouver; his many
fnende here will givo. Mr. R.ie a hearty
■welcomd to Vancouver.
The b&t array of musical talent
ever beard on Mt. Pleasnut at the
Oddfellows' Hall ou Mouday eveuing
next May 20th.   Admission 25c and 35c.
Fairview Hive, L. O. T. M., tendorod
a Reception to Mrs. Janet C. Kemp ou
Wednesday evening of this week. The
affair proved very enjoyable. A larp-.
number of fJMre. Kemp's fr end_i
extended congratulations on her
ilectioii ns Representative to the
Triennial Reviow of the Ladies' of the
Maecaboe« sot for July and to bo held
jn Chicago. Congratulatory speeches,
in impromptu program aud refreshments contributed to the ploasure of the
ut'Gte.       o
 _- ;o:	
The Mt. Pleasant Maple Leaf Jnuioi
Lhcrosae Club has got down to active
\vor„. The team i.s practicing ou Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
The Management is looking after tho
business of  the Club   iu  an energetic
I-turner. Fiiiaucinl encouragement
Irom lihml residents would be most
icceptable. A Junior League will be
organised next week. The Y. M. 0. A.
s patting up a Cup r.nd the Mt. iPleas-
it boys fed conridout that they cuu
i.viu it.
On Tuesday evening Alexandra
iivc, L. O. T. M., giive a pleasaut
•ocial after their regular meeting
K. of P. Hall. A pleasant fea-
ure of the evening's entertainment
•as the presentation of a handsome
liscuit jar to Mrs. Mabel Martin,
■tiring Record-Keeper. Mrs. N.
'ettipiece, Lady Commander, made
he. presentation and read the ad-
ress. Mrs. Martin was taken com-
>|ctely by surprise, but responded
lth words of appreciation for the
.tken of esteem for the members of
Alexandra Hive. Refreshments
'ere served and a delightful time
rijoyed by the large number pres-
Subscribers are requested to report
jy carelessness in tho delivery of this
On Monday evening next a con-
_rt will be given in the Oddfel-
>ws' Hall, which promises to be
ic of the best entertainments of
ie season, and a full house is an-
:ipatcd. It will be under the ..usees of the Epworth League of Mt.
leasant Methodist Church, the ar-
mgements being carried out for
lat organization by Air. Beit
utchart, who has succeeded in se-
lring the following excellent tal-
it for the program;
•verture .. .Miss Olive Armstrong
j and Mr. Sidney Talbot
ocal Solo Mrs. Tcrryberry
tvitation Rev. H. W. Piercy
ocal Solo Mr. O. Allinan
©cal Duet Hareb Brothers
.iolin Solo Mr. S. Tnlbot
bcal Solo Mr. Frank Hareb
ecitaticn Rev. H. W. Piercy
ocal Solo Mr. Foreman
ocal Solo Mr. S. Aslidown
Tv-iracter Song Mr. C. Allrnan
iThe program will conclude with
(comedy sketch which will afford
lshels of fun.
■ersonal   notices   of   visitors   on
.V-' Pleasant,   or  of    Mt,   Pleasant
>l»l* «?>>.' it oM*i»<-   .\'.i     '«o all
-gladly re.eived
■,-1 social attain* are ;
L^'flu: A,   icmi*.i,
Royal Crown
Tire Best in ths World. Drop
us a post card asking for a
Catnlogue of Premiums to be
had freo for ROYAL CltOWN
Soap Wrappers,
for Flowers, choice Pot Plauts in
variety, Ornamental Trees and
Flowering Shrubs, also a choice lot
of Privet for hedges. You will find
my prices reasonable..
Nursery  &"Greenhouses,  corner of
Fifteenth aud Westminster avenues.
The Cheapest Place in thk City.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days after date, I intend to apply to tho
Honorable Chief Commissiouorof Lauds
aud Works, for a special License to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands situated in Snyword
Distriot: North Rendezvous Island.
situate between North-end of Read and
l.aza Island, and containing 640 acres
more or less.
Fred Newman.
Read island, April 80, 1007.
NOTIOE is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to tho
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud
Works for a special license to cut and
curry away timber from the following
described lnnds situate iu Say ward
District, Oortez Island: Commencing
at a post planted about two miles South
of the mouth of Voudonop Creek, on
North shore of a Salt lngoou, marked
W., and thence sixty chaius oast, thence
twenty chaius south, thence south to
to shore of Salt lagoou, thence along
shore to place of commencement, and
containing by admeasurement 640
acres more or loss.
E. W. Wylie.
Read Island, April 26tli, 1907.
On Monday at 1:30 p. m. the
corner-stone of the new Robson
Memorial Church at Epworth was
ceremoniously laid, the President of
the Conference, Rev. Dr. S. J.
Thompson performing the rites of
the ceremony. The attendance of
local residents and friends from the
city was very large and the central
figure of the gathering was the
pioneer minister, Rev. Dr. Robson,
in whose honor the church is dedicated. The new church is situated
at the corner of the Flett and Flein-
ming roads, one block south of
Clark's Park, and one block west
of Cedar Cottage station, and occupies the eminence of the high
ground at this point, overlooking
the surrounding country. The
grounds of the church contain one
half acre. The cost of the building
will be about $3,000 when finished.
Rev. Dr. Thompson in laying the
corner-stones said this occasion
especially appealed to him because
of its connection with one whom he
was proud to call his friend, Rev.
Dr. Ebcnezer Robson. Every
Methodist minister had found in
him a true brother, and it afforded
him sincere pleasure when he heard
that a church was being erected to
his .memory that would, in some
measure, recognize his great work,
not only in the circuit, but throughout British Columbia. After referring to Dr. Robson's long connection wth the church in British
Columbia, covering a period of forty-nine years, the speaker expressed
the hope that he would be spared
many years to help uphold the
cause of Methodism, to lead men to
live godly lives, and prayed that
this building might be a meeting
place where many souls would be
won for Christ. Christian people
werq fast breaking down the barriers that separated them, and were
uniting more and more in• common;
worship. Might' the Robson Memorial Church be the birthplace of
many souls for Christ's Kingdom
and lives moulded lo the glory of
God. ..
Mr. F. L. Vosper sketched the
history of the church.« For four
years, from 1898 to 1903, there was
no service held nearer than Collingwood, and it was partly through
Mr.   ,oit*r%  .tffor'ti    that    Df.
Thompson's aid was obtained to
have services held in the school
room at Cedar Cottage, Dr. Robson being the man upon whom the
work devolved.
Those who have been mainly instrumental in founding a new
Methodist church in this part of
South Vancouver and also were
nresent, are: Board of Trustees—
Messrs. W. J. Andrews (chairman) ; F. L. Vosper (secretary);
A. E. Fawcett (treasurer); T- P.
Reid, J. Brown and R. Frost.
These gentlemen were ably seconded by the Ladies' Aid of the
church, Mrs. Tait (president);
Mrs. Andrews (vice-president);
Mrs. McFee (secretary); Mrs.
McLeod (treasurer) : Miss Sheriff,
Miss Vosper, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs.
Buchart and Mrs. Brown.
At the close of the ceremony of
laying the corner-stone, Rev. Mr.
Hetherington said he had a pleasant duty to perform on behalf of
the "boys," namely, to present Rev.
Dr. Robson with a gold-headed
cane, made out of redwood taken
from the Pandora Street Methodist
Church, of Victoria, just demoish-
Dr. Robson made a witty reply,
thanking them for their gift, saying, although the California redwood of the church and himself
were both old, yet he had more life
in him than the cane.
The occasion was further rendered memorable by the presence of
the president of the Conference:
Rev. W. E. Pescott, Rev. Dr.
White, Superintendent of Missions
for British Columbia, Revs. Tait,
J. Hicks, A. M. Sanford, C. Lad-
ner, Dr. Robson and A. E. Hetherington.
\ I ocal Items.
Advertize in the "Advocate."
 -:o: — ....
Flint's Bromo Grippe—best curo for
cold in the head—25c a box at the
M A. W. Co.'s Postoffice Drng  Store
Mrs. Janet C. Kemp, Deputy
Commander, L. O. T. ml, has re-
aivvij'notice of her election as representative to the Triennial convention of the Ladies ot tlie Maccabees, to be held in Chicago in
July. Mrs. Kemp enjoys the distinction of being the first Canadian
representative of the Order, and
represents all of Canada, Alaska,
Idaho, Nevada and Utah. The fact
that a Canadian woman has been
elected to the convention means
much to the Order in this country.
■      toi '
On Tuesday night thieves entered
through the back widdaw of the King's
Market and took betweeu three and five
dollars from the till. With evident
iuteutiou of retuvuiug the fnresighteil
burglars fook the koy of the bank-do r
away with them. Ou Thnrsday night
J. P. Nightingale & Co.'.. Grocery Store
was visited. Entrance wns made
tlirough the office window j the iron
bars were removed by boring into the
wood nml loosening thetu Mr, Nightingale says they got ijofrliin.se Mlless a
little fruit. These thieves evidently
know where the best groceries are to 1 o
fouud snys the proprietor. The merchants tire uow ready to welcome mill
uight visitors in a wny which will uot
be very pleasant for tho riisculs.
I like to read advertisements. They
are in themselves literature; and I
can gauge the prosperity of the country by their very appearance,"—William E. Gladstone.
Mt. Pleasant M«ll, <Fc-.ofl.ce..
The letters are coll <eted from flic Mt.
Pleasnnt Po.iliifI.ee nt the following
7:10,(1, !O:.'I0 a. m ,
18.80, 15:15, Ki Ml) o'clock.
All cliimfs of until leaves nt 10 n. m.,
nnd 8 * 10:30 p tn.
Mail arrived at H::;o and :i:ir, p, mi.
Mlvocate $1
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Manufacturers' SampleB of Children's Silk, Lace, Lawu and Nainsook
Pinafores. Manufacturers' Samples are better than regular stock, you
buy them at a big discount and get a larger variety.
Childreu's Japanese Silk Pinafores, worth $1.00 for    BOo each
'•       1.85 '•      floe "
  "       1.60 "   $1.00 "
 ' "      1.75 "     1.35 "
Children's Whito Lawn and Nainsook Pinafores worth 25c for lCc each
'.'. ".      " " " "    80c   "    20c
" COc
" 60o
" 75c
" $1.00 "    76o
" 1.25 "    900
Children's Liuen Coats, worth 80c for 60c each
" " "    $1   " 76o   "
J. Horner,
139 Hastings street east.
Between Westminster and Columbia avenues. 'phone 877.
Have Fine Cots in
ISouth Vancouver
2450 Westminster ave.
5-room Cottage on  Manitoba
street, close to tramline
Balanco Monthly Payments,
Mrs. R.   Whitney
3450 Westminster avenue.
List Your Property
With Mrs.  R.  Wbitney,   2450
Westminster avenue.
There  in a great demand for
Vacant lotH.
Thero is a great   demand for
houses to rent.
Residential property is also in
great demand,
List your property now,
e. & J. HARDV & CO.
Oomi-nt, Financial, Phghh mid
W FlMHSfc., Uiiirt-.li, t 0., -.'iglnml
Colonial Business u -toecf-tHy.
Oct your work done :it thn
■t EX.'ER'ENCg
TiMt-.il EV.ARX8
Cspvric-i.t 9 &,o
Anyone BSniUUft .1 iikMc h nnd dO-mrlTitior. id nl
Qulckly nacm-tnin miv opinion freo vbctiicr t—
iii.o'ltlon |_ probably jull—itnlilv, Comtntitllt'a
tlniumti'lfltlywinlliltiiilliil. tlutrttlM—oh.!*—ret'
.Rillf. eo. Qldi'at iiiiGi-.iy for auHlfl.'ici—teiit-i. ,
Fittouts tohen throtli— Mitfin a —-1 rfeceltc
tpee.tat nolici, wirilolit C-iirppj lu ttlil
Scientific 'Hfflcrkan,
ATinniliiOTSsIf ll-ntr-i- wnenly. 1-.ri.eiitJM-
cifli.LH.ri of miy .cliintiilfi .totiriml. Tormn, |311
four 1 fiiurjHoiill-itl. 8-.ll.ytlH Miwsdfnlot*
Uri-ti.)H Offlco, tea V M, Washltilirell. p. <.'.
r.rt«n*At 11.^e. cu.,* BUSINESS  NOTICE.
(-tosgow Barber Shop  LrtCal ^^ 10o ■ „„„ (,nthlwnc
S dnoi'ji from H"te) j    Display Advertising $1,00 per inch
•   F«a»b Ux.i_-.wc.oi), l'rm-lefor. [   !'pr ""m-fi* .
BATHS-B„th room fitted with »0(tW. ! **-^**«_>«* »"* ****?. Kft'***
lain    Bath    Ti'b    and  nil   miideru
"Thfe Advtaate"
tou a loo Ah i>wm
•    fl a year j 60c tot« mmthH
Adverttee fail •Ht** J.*l1i**te,"
A Monthly Magafcino   devoted to tat
Use of English.   Josephine Turch
Bnker, Editor.
ff, it yeur; 10c for Sample Copy,  AgecfC   t
Watited.   Evanston, 111., U, H. A.
v. ,  .
Partial OoMeiitn for this Month.—
Oonrse In Knplish for the _egiti_er.   ,
cottr.it.   Iti  Enplirili   for  the AdViibPeJi   •
pnplli   How to Iacreai- Une'ti VocttbB'
lnry.   The Art of ConvertsMitin. Should
ntld Would! hmv to use them.   ProDtl-r
elation,   Correct English? iu tbe Honi.   .
Correct KiigliKh  in   the Bchool,   Bufii-
iii'hs _&tlg_lsh  for  the  l.tii..iiehs  Mas-   .
rftiiilies iu English "-.Iferniiii't'.
*.<,**040M*t'a*W#0Wxt..t0'*-0***4T***'    I
l!llil:>lC-rK, Lecflir'fi,   fetC,    WHI.Iia
tflVO»J_CTIK  T(*.«-!-'P, MON-KT!
will hi cllal'gf'il for.
All Mtvettitfttiautu nro rnn rpittilfurfy  •
and ciliu'nd fot until onleri'd fli->y
be i1iiicoutiilnt.'rl.
.... 1
rr.ittr-a&t   A-vYi'tH"'-   wast  fray  in (
1 ,'idritticn. ,
! "jfodlfiOfKH -irfhi*! J-MrfltgUHjaBd ll<'atW  •
; pttbllslWd frw '.'1 <:\irt%*-,
\m7*tii<Ui~,\tM^ .
I mWBBBMBJWMWBWWBB*%BOttflit*,r,?,*i**f*****i****ami,ijL'*''*>..v
jggr ^ufwcrib-t'K wJifi twi If* ■
gi_t *"Tjb* Afartm" i^*titii\i'
~At tho Advice ot Friends I Tried
Pe-ru-na and the Results Have
Been      Highly      Satisfactory."—So
'Writes Mr. Pilon,
Notre Dame, Laohine, P.Q., Can.,
writes: "I write you a few words to
express to you my satisfaction at being cured. I was afflicted with catarrh of the throat and nose and suffered much. I was greatly discoursed. I had a bad breath and bad
taste in my mouth in the morning.
"I took treatment for some time
without .obtaining relief. At the ad-
»ice of friends I tried Peruna and
• the results have been highly sau's-
factory. At the end of four months I
was  completely  cured."
Neglected catarrh becomes chronic.
'Having developed into the chronic
stage, a longer and more persistent
treatment will be required to cure *t
than if the disease were treated at
the onset. '
However, Peruna wi.l bring relief,
-Whether the catarrh is acute or chro-
uic. If you are wise you will keep
Peruna on hand and take a few
■_oses at the first appearance of a
eold or cough, and thus save your-
-eelf  both suffering  and  expense.
;Patients have the privilege of writing to Dr. Hartman for free advice.
_. book on "Chronic Catarrh" will be
sent upon request.
As  the  evenin?  shadows  gather.
Then  'tis euddletime,  I  know.
When   my   baby,  dressed  for  Dreamland,
Comes a-romping to me so;
Comes and begs of me to hold him
On my  kness and  "rook-a-bye,"
As the purpling sun sinks lower
In the gleaming western sky.
And he cuddles to me nearer.
As the  firelight softly glows.
And across the dusky portals
Ghostly, flickering shadows throws.
And two dimpled arms about me
Are clasped tighter for a kiss—
Ah, was ever richer necklace
Placed about one's neck than this?
Boon the drooping, drooping lashes
Cover up two eyes of brown.
And the tousled head so golden
On my breast sinks lower down.
Ah. the sweetness of the pleasure.
Making life one golden rhyme,
vVith a dimpled babe to fondle
When it comes to cuddletime!
A Prediction Fulfilled.
Professor Clements in London is
not the only "prophet" who has attained remarkable results. A century
igo "Francis Moore, physician,"
made the following impressive prophecy in his "local almanack" for
".pril 27, 1807: "Near this time the
Turkish emperor dies, or, it may be,
hides liis head. His people are tumultuous. If he can save his life let
_m. I give him fair warning of it."
And in May the Sultan Selim was deposed by a mutiny of the janizaries,
who put him to death about a year
later when the opposition party was
about to restore him. At the beginning of 1807 Russia, backed by England, wns threatening the Turk, and
Constantinople was known to have in-
lernal troubles. But even so, "Dr."
Moore's shot was deemed a good one.
"Yes; I suppose I'm one of the most
prominent men In college," remarked
vthe c.illoiv sophomore.
"Indeed! What capacity?" asked
'the friond oC the family.
"Eighteen beers, eleven cocktails,
-.antl sx whiskey straights," replied the
.young man, proudly.—Puck.
»y local applications, as tuny cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an inhamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is intlamed
ruu have a rumbling sound or imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed.
Deafness la the result, and unless tne
Inflammation can be taken out and this
tubs restored to Its normal condition,
- bearing will be destroyed forever; nine
' eases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
-which ls nothing but an inhamed condition  of the  mucous surfaces.
Wa will give One Hundred  Dollars tor
any cape of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot  be cured  by Hall's Catarrh
*  Oure.    Hend for circulars, free.
*'. J. uii__«__r _ CO., Toledo, o.
Hold  by Druggists. 75c.
' Take  Hall's  family   Pills for  constipa-
l*_ven an optimist ls liable to back-
•slide when he has a boil on the back
of his neck.
A Wide Sphere ot Usefulness.—
The consumption of Dr. Thomas' Ec-
.'lectric Oil has grown to great proportions. Notwithstanding the fact
that it has now been on the market
if or more than thirty-one years, its
prosperity is as great as ever, and
the demand for it in that period has
■very greatly increased. It is beneficial in all ccintries, and wherever
introduced fresh supplies are constantly  asked  for.
Six Thiol detectives wgre acquitted
of manslaughter at Hull. They were
accused of firing on the Buckingham
Wanted a Translation
Downright Woman—Where- did you
■tome from?
Classic tramp—Madam, I castigated
ray Itinerary from the classic Athens
•of America.
"I asked ye where did you come
from ?"
"I beat my way from Bostjn."—Baltimore American.
The "White Feather."
Ait official of the Smithsonian in-
I stitution was speaking of the origin
I if some well known phrases and
| pointed to a small mounted bird. This
bird was a French gray on the back,
irab breast, black wings and with a
small but conspicuous white spot at
Ihe base of the tail. "That is a wheat-
sar." the official said. "It is very com-
_o_ in Scotland, where it is known
is the 'clacharan.' It is from this bird
that we get the expression 'Showing
the white leather.' You will notice
the location of the only white feathers
On its body—they can be seen only
when the bird is flying away from
There is nothing equal to Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator for destroying worms. No article of its
kind has given such satisfaction.
The British government's extension
postal contract with the Canadian
Pacific provides for a journey of 70b
hours from Liverpool to Hong Kong
in summer.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
Big Elk Horn
Jumbo, the Dig bull elk of former
Congressman Alexander Billmeyer s
game preserve at Washington, Montour
county, shed his horns on Wednesday.
They are the largest that have ever
been secured at the Billmeyer preserve,
one side measuring flftv-nlne inches
and the other fifty-eight Inches. Measuring the entire length, including all
of. the prongs, there is twenty-nine
feet and nine Inches of horn. They
weighed twenty-seven pounds. Mr.
Billmeyer now has in his preserve
seventy-five deer and eighteen elk, besides large quantities of smaller game.
This ls accounted the largest game
preserve in the state.—Philadelphia
A Sure Cure for Headache.—Bilious
headache, to whicli women are more
subject than men, becomes so acute
in some subjects that they are completely prostrated. The stomach refuses'food, and there is a constant
and depressing effort to free the stomach from bile wliich hns become
unduly secreted there. Parmelee s
Vegetable Pills are a speedy alterative, and in initializing the effects of
the intruding bile relieves the pressure on the nerves wliich cause the
headache.   Try them. ,
'' The art qf living constat's In not being a dead one.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
An Embarrassed Queen
Princess de Montglyon, of Paris,
who has come to America to exhibit
her beautiful and famous collies at
several kennel shows, said at a dinner
In New York apropos of an embarrassment:—"That reminds me of a
story they have been telling lately
about Queen Alexandra of England.
The Guards' band was playing on the
terrace at Windsor Castle during
luncheon, and the queen was so pleased with a.lively march that she sent
a maid of honor to enquire what lt was.
The r|ild of honor blushed deeply as
she answered on her return:—'Come
Where the Booze Is Cheaper,' your Majesty."—Kansas City Star.
-.mn out or water.
It ls well known, says Knowledge,
that certain kinds of fishes are able t*
live out of water much longer than
others, the power being dependent
upon the length of time that their gills
are capable of remaining damp. So
long as this condition lasts fish are able
to obtain the necessary amount of oxygen from the air through the medium
of the water spread over the fine membrane of the gills. Recently a German
has Invented an apparatus by means
of which the gills can be kept moist for
an Indefinite period. This apparatus
consists of a wooden box with a number of compartments corresponding
with the size of the fishes. On the floor
of each compartment Is a layer half an
Inch deep of cloths saturated with water which by evaporation keeps the atmosphere moist. The gills of the fishes
nre thus kept damp, while oxygen Is
supplied from a receptacle outside tlie
box. Many kinds of fresh water fish
'iave. It la said, been kept alive foi
'rom three to four days by menns of
his Inirpn'^n* In.-s-nf-sss.
Unmistakable Evidence That Kidney Disease
Ss Cured  by
Reproduced above, is a portrait of the late
Mr. C. B. Record, the founder and origin*!
head of the Record Foundry & Machine
Co., of Moncton, N.B., and Montreal,
Previous to Mr. Record going Into the
manufacture of stoves, those used in
Canada were almost wholly of American
manufacture. The character of tho work
turned out by the Record Foundry &
Machine Co., at once gave their stoves a
standing, and as a result a very large
business soon grew up, largely owing to
Mr. Record's untiring industry and perseverance against many obstacles.
Although Mr. Record retired from active
business as far back as 1879, the solid
basis on which he had established the industry, has resulted in its growth from a
sturdy pioneer into one of the largest stove
manufacturing plants on the northern half
of the American continent. With two
large plants, one in Moncton and one in
Montreal, the Record Foundry tt Machine
Co. are known from Halifax to Vancouver,
and their "Calorific" and "Admiral"
furnaces and " Penn Esther" ranges
recognized as the standard of Canadian
News for the Bartender
Physiologists are finding by numerous experiments that, while alcohol
has a certain food value, this ls more
than counterbalanced by Its effect as a
poison. The researches on this subject go more and more to. show that
there Is not an organ In the human
body that escapes this subtle poison,
or a function that Is not Impaired by
Its use. The octogenarian who boasts
that he has had his iatly toddy has
reached his fulness of days, not because of his habits, but ln spite of
them.—New  York  Tribune.
Captain Wm.  Smith,  a veteran of
the Crimean   war,  living   at   Revelstoke, B.C.. writes:   "I can testify to
the benefit derived from Dr; Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills.    For years I was
a sufferer from  kidney  disease, and
could get no relief for it.    The doctor examined  me  and  analyzed  my
urine and told me I had chronic disease of the kidneys.   As his medicine
did me no good, I bought a box of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver   Pills   and
was benefited so much that   I   kept
on taking them until I can say that
I  am perfectly  cured.    I    told    the
doctor I was cured, out he would not
believe me until    he    examined my
nine again.   After doing so he stated
iiat I  hud no trace  of kidney dis-
i8e left.    I have recommended Dr.
iiase's  medicines to  many people."
The urea, uric acid and other poi-
mous  waste substances   which   are
-'ft in the blood after the process of
digestion has taken place are eliminated from the system by the action
of the kidneys.
Failure of the kidneys to perform
this important work of filtration
means a poisoning of the whole system and consequently the most painful of diseases, such as Bright's disease, lumbago, backache and rheumatism.
The causes of such ailments are
promptly removed by the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. This
great family medicine has a combined action on the Mver, kidneys
and bowels which is not possessed by
any similar preparation. The whole
system is quickly and thoroughly
cleansed and the vital organs invigorated by this treatment. One pill a
dose, 25 cents a box, at all dealers
or Edmanson. Bates & Co., Toronto.
The portrait and signature of Dr. A.
W. Chase, the famous receipt book
author, are on every box.
Mrs. Wylde—Mr. Winkley ls quite
n unusual man, isn't he?
Mr. Wylde—O. I don't know.
Mrs. Wylde—O, but he is. Why, I
i iw him leaving Mrs. Winkley at a
street corner the other day, and he
•■ok off his hat and was just as polite
o her as if they hadn't been married.
-Somervllle Journal.
'inard's Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.
Hot Air
Sandy Pikes—Lady, If yer can't give
me nothln' to eat, please give me de
oart of yer noospaper dat has de news
from congress.
Kind Lady—But my poor <man, why
should you wish to read the news from
Sandy Pikes—Because, Mum, I
contains so much hot air I ken keep
warm ln de blizzard.—Chicago News.
A proposal to set aside 250,000
acres in New Ontario for the Salvation army has been made to the Ontario government.
f Keeps your body
f   warm,   yet   lets
your skin breathe
' —knit, not
' woven,—   /_
"—it fits,    I XGuaianteed
fdoesPEN- m     \Againsl
ANGLE/    .   \ Shrinkage
Holloway's Corn Cure is the medicine to remove all kinds of corns and
warts, and only costs the small sum
of twenty five cents.
"Riches have wings." Don't believe
It: lf they had they'd fly our way occasionally, if only by accident.
7—(// f\orK
f Trade-marked in red. Ina1.
Variety of styles, fabrics and ',
rprices,   for worneft, men and
children,      and    jmaranteed.
Sends rich, warm, red
blood coursing through
the whole system.
Makes a man ready for
any amount of work and
able  to  perform  it.
Try a Breakfast of the Biscuit and a Luncheon el Trkcuit.
All   Grocers—13c  a carton, or 2 for 26c.
Send for
FREE book—
worth your
Get the tact*
you roof
a thing.
Of Oshawa
Your Grandsons Will-Be
Old.Men Before This
"Oshawa" Roof Wears Out
Roof your buildings with " Oshawa " Galvanized Steel ShlngleB;
thffyear? and that will be a GOOD roof in 2007. We will git*,
™iwr.tt«- guarantee, backed by $260,000, that W**«W«ffl
properly put on, will need no repaira and no painting for at ItasV
twenty-five yeara. ^
shawA •**&ra Shingles
make roofe water-tight, wind-proof, weather-proof, rust-proof,
fire-proof for a century,—our plain guarantee keeps it eo fori
25 years withoat a  oent of cost to the man who bays it'
Made in ONE QUAIITT ONLY,-of 28-guage,1
semi-hardened   STEEL   double-,alvanized
They lock on all FOUR Bides-the ONLY METAL
shingle that need NO CLEATS. Easy to put on-a hammer and a snips (tinners' shears) are tools enough. Cost
LESS and last longer than any other roof. Tell us the
surface area of any roof on your place and we will
tell  you exactly what it will cost to roof it right.
Montreal Toronto Ottawa
Kl-SCr_f8t.Tr.   _<5_ban_».   mftumtt
W.   N.   U.   No.   630
Mads of High Carbon Wlre.-well prove it to you. COILED-not erlmped. This
makes it still etroimor tn service. 16 stays taut. Painted WHITE over heavy
__i_lr-.lri.i_.—rnntnroof.   __-nerie_oed dealers to ereot It  LesSsallln salee
»09   Slim S    oBostS booklet and 1907 prices  before buying,
-W-Uc**vtU«. jpnmt*.  Montreal, «.  John, *M*t*toimmg THE ADVOCATE. VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
a Lis but a few people prophesied
*Jk that the exaggerated lilt (which
1 A was sc startling an innovatior
a year agoj would be out ot
fashion ln a little while, and that the
little hats would go with It.
The few who dared oppose that theory
have proved triumphant; little hats have
lasted ail winter, and some of the most
stunning of those for spring are tinier
than ever, with the tilt more pronounced, and the bandeau, which makes
lt possible, elevated Into a position of
great importance.
It is not only upon the small hats,
however, that kandeaus are important.
Those new big hats—regular picture
types—which" are next In favor to little
hats, have just as great a need of lt,
either for the back or for the newest
of all tilts that at the left side, which
la so fascinating and, unlike the lirst
for -i of the tilt from the back, universally becoming.
French sailors have made quite a stir
ln the millinery world this spring and
what the calyx of a rose Is to the flower
Itself the bandeau ls to that sailor.
Narrow-brimmed, rather high crowned,
very much tilted affairs they are, most
of the trimming heaped directly upon
the bandeau at the beck.
The treatment most often followed ra
that of ribbon, twisted and turned,
knotted and looped ln a thousand ways,
from the simplest of all, a broad, effective bow, Irresistibly reminiscent of
a sash, with loops smartly pulled out
te the sides a.— ends dangling, to curious treatments of velvet ribbon, laid ln
long loops, perhaps with a band of
the ribbon drawn across, knotting, ln a
way, all the bows at once.
The UBe of velvet ribbon, however, Is
very much the exception—the rule being
the softest, most chlffony of silk ribbons, loulsine and messallne leading at
a great pace.
Among French sailors has come out
the quaintest, most utterly Kngiish little hat Imaginable, of simple black
straw, trimmed with a few small roses
around the cr.wn, with a bandeau, upon
which roses are massed so that they
seem to droop against the hair of their
own accord.
Upon some very elaborate hats almost
all the trimming is massed directly at
the back, under the brim, upon that bandeau. Perhaps four or rive plumes—those
new willowy plumes or the more usual
kind—stand out, each at a different
angle, yet merging, somehow, into a general effect of soft, feathery fluff. As
probably, an aigrette flings its delicate
airy beauty out from the back at any
one of several popular angles—following
the line of that all-Important tilt, drooping (as only a Paradise plume can
droop), or, perhaps, striking daringly
out upon new—though beautiful—lines.
Perhaps moss roses, which sprang Into
popularity at a single bound, with bits
of green foliage tucked Into the closely
bunched cluster, are used; or perhaps
maline Is looped on; or, as In the case of
a stunning mourning hat, net of a heavy
•meRh Is pleated and spread out like a
But ln each and every one of them
the bandeau ls Important.
Bandeaus  come   wired   and   ready   to
t. In place.. Some of tbem even have
_Ta*9e<_ •v/'//-
*SJ/A,- ivra/>psd Wire
that flrst wrapping of maline, which
converts them into less formidable-looking affairs, already put on. Many of
them are of straw, but wire shapes
covered with net or maline, even stiff
canvas kinds, and those made of delicate horsehair, braids, or Btrong things
covered with silk, are all used, depending entirely upon the sort of trimming
which will be put on them.
■The most popular Bhape ls the one
shown, which, if you cut it yourself
must be edged with silk-wrapped wire
caught to the straw by long, over-cr-'-
ing stltchea Then wrap It wltfc maline.
and secure tho wrapping with a few
stitches. Then sew lt to the hat, and
you are ready to begin trimming It.
Whatever trimming the rest of the hat
Is lo have may be put on before the
bandeau is applied, rather more successfully, too.
If you Intend to trim with maline,
crush It to get that first stiffness out
of It; then loop lt In countless soft little loops all over the bnndeau. Pleating
Ib harder to adjust, fur it must be just
so, or lt Is a failure. Those ribbon sash-
bows are probably easiest of all to put
will whiten the arms? A cure also for
blackheads? I have tried some of your
advice for blackheads, but they don't seem
to help. C. H.
The only permanent bleach that I
know of Is peroxide nt hydrogen.
However, If the arms are red, this
will not help. In the latter case the
trouble may be due to poor digestion
or imperfect circulation, I am afraid
this is the cause of the blackheads.
Try a careful diet of wholesome, simple food, with plenty of fresh air and
exercise. A good whltener, which ls
quite seasonable, ts fresh cucumbers.
Rub the vegetable ovr the skin
every day. Buttermilk baths make
another simple and harmless whltener.
Excessive Perspiration
I am troubled with excessive perspiration under my arms, lt Is growing wumo
all (he time, until now dices shields fail
to protect the dreBS. The balance of my
bodv during the summer is perfectly drv,
*. I can't account for so much ln one
place. It's very annoying, beside ruining
my   clothes.
Will vou please tell me the exact kind
of pumice atone to get for superfluous
hair, and how to use if? I h'.ve bought
different kinds, but ther' fall to do the
work. I have used several lepllatorles,
but they seem to roughen u.iil burn the
skin, so aa to make the hands look as
If one haB been doing Ihe rough work
around tm house: akti.anti.an.
Frequently excessive perspiration ia
due to a disordered condition of the
nervous system, In which case specific
treatment Is necessary. Foe the perspiration under your arms try washing
niirht and mornlnc with hot water, In
which there should be a few drops of
ammonia, using common brown kitchen
soap. I have known of cases where this
treatment proved most successful.
Fumice Treatment.
Get an ordinary 5-cent cake of pumice
stone.    This Is not  pumice soap,  but  thu
regular old-fashioned pumice stone.      To
'  remove   the   hair   rub   the   akin   afflicted
with   the   superfluous    growth,   and   the
pumlce'stone will wear the hair off.     Be
careful  not to be too heroic and  irritate
the skin.   In case the arms are made red
by this treatment, use a little cold cream.
In   removing   superfluous   hairs   lt   Is
best always to try the simple remedies
Treat for Blackheads First
I have been a reader of your Beauty
Tage for the last three or four months,
and although I have seen articles that
seemed to suit my case, I thought I would
like to ask you one or two questions before  beginning  treatment.
My skin was once quite good, but within
the last year or bo I have been troubled
with blackheadB and large pores. I have
Been prescriptions for botn, but Bhould one
get entirely rid of the former before treating for the latter? I have always fought
shy of face creams, etc.. fearing that they
would serve to nil up tho pores and produce more blacklisads. If I use lotion for
enlarge-, pores first, will it close them
wer  the   Nackheads?
In one article on blackheads you save
,rveral prescriptions—one of green soap and
witch ha—-1. one of borscic acid, alcohol
and roMwaur, and on. of ether ana soap
liniment. It Is best to stick to just one
and If to. which do you think Is btttT
Will the cure for confluent acne help the
blackheads   any,   or   la   that   for   pimple
only ?
One more question, please. If pumice
stone Ib uaed to wear off hair on arniH,
will the hair grow In thicker, as It does
after some treatments? If II came In Ju«t
the name It wouldn't be no hnd. tin I
wouldn't tike to have it get tc be a heavy
growth. El.KIE T.
I should say yeB, treat for the blackheads before you consider the enlarged pores, for almost always the blackhead formula Is astringent. Should
you need to use something for them
finally, be sure that the blackheads
are perfectly cured flrst.
Face creams, if pure lap those prepared from your own formula), are
quite harmless, with no tendency to
fill the pores if the skin is kept thor.
oughly clean.
The simplest prescription of the
three you mention Is that of horacic
acid, alcohol-and roscwater. Most certainly, use hut one at a time; and I
should begin with this one.
Yes. the cure for confluent ucne Is
a help In case of blackheads. The use
of pumice stone will in no way promote the growth or hair.
Names Not Given
Mrs. H. — Addresses of specialists
are never given In these columns. 1
regret that I cannot help you In this.
Mary—Tour query could not be consistently answered ln these colump*.
It belongs to another department.
Subscriber—I must give to you U>
same answer as to "Mary." 	
EARACHE, one of the painful llleri
to which flesh Is heir, ls also one
of the most dangerous to neglect
and difficult to cure.
It may come from a variety of causes
—cold being the chief. But whatever
the cause, professional advice should always be sought as soon as possible. The
ear ls something with which it never
pays "to fool.'' Quack remedies and
lotions may be tried on other and less
sensitive parts of the body, without the
long suffering organs rebelling unduly,
but the ear is very apt to be harmed
irreparably by  untrained doctoring.
Of course, in the case of a child's
sudden agony, which must be relieved
before the doctor comes, one may resort
to some simple cure.
The old-fashioned method of smoking
Into the painful ear often proves efficacious. Cotton should be Inserted as soon
as the smoking Is finished.
A drop or two of warm oil also proves
soothing, or laying the little head on
a piping hot bag of dried hops or on a
hot-water bottle.
Putting a narrow strip of porous plaster or some of the medicated pastes or
clays close behind the ear olien relieves
Intense pain.
The main thing ls to get at the seat
of the trouble, and that only a skilled
aurlst can do. The deprivations of a
life without hearing are too serious to
make its possibility a thing to be lightly
Never dig at the ear with any instrument, no matter how blunt. A.so Lie
careful how a syringe is used on lt without full knowledge of its effect.
The getting of too much water into
the ear sometimes has serious results.
Tals should be carefully guarded
against, ln ocean bathing especially.
Even the ordinary daily washings may
be overdone. One young woman who
was troubled with a constant roaring
and feared permanent deafness consulted her aurist. To her intense disgust,
after removing an accumulation of wax,
he told her that Bhe was too clean; that
she washed her ears too far in and the
water had caused this formation. Being a somewhat unconvinceable young
?erson she persists in her vigorous ab.u-
lons, with frequent visits to her aurist
Certain cars by a peculiarity of formation are specially susceptible to the effect of water. When this ls recognized
great pains should be taken to guard
against It.
It ls not enough to cure earache; we
must learn, if possible, to prevent it.
Often It ls caused by neglected colds in
the throat or nose So sensitive is the
eustachian tube that the slightest inflammation in either ls found to affect
the ear.
A very prolific, but often unsuspected,
source of earache ls the habit of some
women of washing the hair laie at
night and going to bed with lt damp.
This ls apt to cause trouble at once, lf
one's ears are at all sensitive.
It also often follows sitting in a
strong draught, and allowing the cold
air V Mow squarely on the ear.   lf one
i must sit In a draught—sometime* tt
unavoidable, and one should never sopor oneself to the point of susceptlbilit s-
—try, if possible, to fade.it, or, at leai-%
let It be taken obliquely, so that neither,
the ear nor the back of the neck Buffers—the latter being extremely busccbs-
The chief thing, however, after t_»
damage ls done, ls to see that lt Is repaired as speedily as possible; deafness,
partial or complete, is not pleasant b_.
Wedding Books
WEDDING books are by no,
means a new Idea, but bought,
ones are expensive and lacking ln Individuality. The woman ait—»
is clever with her fingers and feral«
can make one for the friend who is.
ibout to become a bride, which is-
bound to be a great source of iuterest:..
and pleasure.
If she is good at making peD-wn—i—
Ink sketches,she wants nothing better-
for her purpose than watec-cc-lor -
paper—the block sheets for her pages,
and the more elaborate single sheets
for her cover.
Each page ls supposed to be set
apart for some special record of _.
happening on that wedding day, audi
should have Its appropriate lnscrip—
tion in old English lettering, and an.
accompanying sketch at the top.
There must be a space for a bit o>_5.
the bride's gpwn, a leaf for the s_iray-
from the bouquet she wants to keepi.
pages for newspaper clippings chronicling the great event; pages for trie-
incident that some member of thi^
bridal party feels should not be forgotten. Guests may write their names,,
and their special wishes for the hip-
piness of the newly wedded pair, an—'
the passing of the years adds greater-
interest to the history herein recordec
Baggy Knees and Elbo'<■ s
THE condition of the knees and elbows of many men's garments incline one to the echoing of ihe-
song of rejoicing by the little street,
"I am ugly and yellow and full of fleas,
Eut my pants, thank heaven! don't ua.&
at the knees."
Baggy knees and elbows are certainly
not attractive, and tailor's bills are ai»
Item, but they can be got Into shape at
home with a little trouble and no ex.—
Lay a damp cloth on the baggy pmce.
fold the garment and lay it away lor a.
couple of hours. Then unfold lt. place*
lt upon an Ironing board, pull tbe baKjv
filace gently In every direction, smooths,
t with the palm of the hand, then cover
with a clean cloth and press flat. Thes
cloth placed between the garmenl and
the Iron ls to prevent the shiny appearance, which Ir almost as bad u.- the
MOST boys and girls love dogs, but
I don't believe many would like
them as do the Chinese, us a
delicacy for the table. Of course, you
have often read how both dogs, horses,
and even rats, have been eaten In times
of war during the sieges; but some of
the Chinese think dog flesh a great delicacy, and fatten them for the table
Just as we do turkeys.
A very amusing story ls told of an
English naval officer who, soon after
the opening by treaty of certain Chinese ports to foreigners,was dining with
a great mandarin.
On the table was a dish which the
Englishman so enjoyed that he wanted
a second help. Unfortunately, he could
speak  no   Chinese,  while his  host did
not know a word of English,
Thinking he was eating a ragout _____
duck, the officer held out his plate, saying at the same time, "Quack, quacl^,
The mandarin smilingly shook nix.
head, crying, as he heaped up h__F-
guest's plate with the food, "Bow, wow,,
As it would have been considered very-
rude not to eat the food for which he-
had asked, the Englishman had to swallow the dog stew, though it lra"t
uade him 111 after he knew wh,.< r-
was eating.
As long as the officer lived ono ci '-..«*
standing jokes of his friends, v. :-■«., • et
asked to be served a second time. ve—.
to bark, "Bow, wow, wow!"
Obstinate Freckles
I am much lntereated In your page on
beauty, and come to you again for advice.
Please tell mo what Ib good to remove
freckles—something to peel the top skin off,
as I .law tried a number of remedies, but
find no relief. I also want something to
prevent them ln summer time, as the sun
■eeins to cause them to come quickly.
v. '       F. C.
A   freckle   remedy   that will   remove
the outer skin seems to mewiost inadvisable.  J.   am   giving   you  efc^ formula
which has been successful ln fading the
freckles even   in  very  stubborn   cases.
There Is no permanent relief from this
affliction, and the only thing is to avoid
unguarded   exposure   to   the   sun   and
wind. Applying a face cream and powder
before exposure is a great protection.
Obstinate Freckles.
Oxide of zinc,  *£ dram; sublodlde of bismuth, *4 dram; dextr_n> 1% drams; glycerine,
lMi drams.
Spread the paste upon the freckles at night
before going to bed. In the morning remove what remains with a little powdered
borax and sweet oil.
To Make the Bust Firm
Will you kindly tell mc of something that
Will harden the bust? Ever since my baby
was born (I nursed him myself) my bUBt
tin* been soft and flabby. My face seems
to be chapped all the time. It ls so rough
all the time, both in winter and summer,
that I dare not put any powder on my face
at all. I have used the nux vomica prescription, and find It very beneficial. I hope I ara
rot asking too much. HELENS.
Massage with a good skin food will
fill up the tissue and make your bust
firmer. Tou should also make frequent
applications of cold water, rubbing
briskly afterward with a coarse towel.
You should apply a good cream to your
rkln and hands. I am giving vou formula for the honey and almond cream,
which I a .1 sure will prove beneficial.
Honey and Almond Cream.
Honey, 1 ounce; white soap in pewder, *A
ounce; oil of sweet almonds. 13 ounces; oil
•f bitter almcnds, V4 dram; oil of bergarrot,
Vi dram; oil of cloves. 7 drops; balsam of
peru, y* dram; liquid potassa, Vi diam.
Mix the oils with the b-ibiim. then mix
the honev with the soap in a mortar, and
enough of the potassa to make a nice cream.
Add thia to the first mixture rnd continue to
beat until you have a thoroughly incorporated emollient
\       Monde Turning Gray.
1 am a golden blende, but my hair is
growing quite gray at the sides. Won t
you kindly advise something that will hide
the  gray  hairs? U   M.   H.
I advise you not to worry about the
rgray hairs. They are much less noticeable when the hair ls blonde than when
It ls dark. The only way to hide Lhem
ls to use a dye, and it requires an expert successfully to dye blonde hair.
Found Oil Beneficial.
Have found the oil of sweet almonds very
fteneflctal for my eyebrows. They have
Brown finely since I commenced Its use.
Bdt Is the other recipe which you give
better for the eyelashes?
Please repeat formula for orange-flower
oream. Do vou think it will make tbe Ilpe
thicker and 1* peroxide the best facs
bleach f — AtlClk
■As the sweet almond oil hag proved
o> beneficial to your eyebrows, I advise
rj» to uae it also for your lashes. The
•wmula for orange-Mover cream Is pub
lished   elsewhere  on  this  page today.
Peroxide is an excellent face bleach.
'Shampoo for White Hair.
Will you kindly tell me of a good shampoo for white hair? I have had u _wltcl%
made from my own combings thet has l*
yellow tinge. What will whiten I.t **y
hair is silvery white, and I wish to keet»-
It so. H.   A. F.
Use the following shampoo and put __-
llttle bluing ln the rinsing water:
Simplest of Shampoos.
Dissolve half a cake of white floatlngr
soap  ln   a  quart  of   boiling  water.
Let lt simmer half an hour over a slow
fire. Dissolve a tableapoonful 0: w>i-h.nf£
soda ln a quart of boiling water. Aid it
to the soap mixture. Stir together _&_*.
let  cool.
Popular Recipe Repeated"
Would you kindly print the recipe foi cucumber cream, and tell If tt will make th«
skin fair and white? Have used some of*
your recipes and  found  them lovely.
m. y. p.
Cucumber Cream.
Exnre-esed   juice   of   cucumbers,   '!■   pint
deodorized   alcohol,    l'_   ounces;   sweet   almond oil, 3V-V ounces; shaving cream, 1 drains
blanched   almonds.    \%   drams.   Th__   ts   a.
suave lotion, very whitening. sort-Ring un<3
clean-ilng.   Take   the   shaving   creum   an<X
dissolve  In roBewater by heating ln a custard kettle.   Beat the almond* in a mortar,
and by degrees work ln the ftonp and water.
Strain   throuth   muslin   and   return   to   ths   ,
mortar.   Stir conslant'y,   working  ln   gradually   the   alcohol   ln   which   the  oils   have   -
already been dissolved.
One Side U ndevctoprJT.
Do you think the Vaucatra remedy
would help me? I am -10 much smaller on
the right aide that I have to al /ays pad-
wti.it treatment would you suggest for
Will you kindly send the formula for the<
remedy; also for the orange-flower cr**m?*
Take the Vaucaire remedy and muf—
sage  the right side of your bust dllf—
egntly with a good skin food.
Dr. Vaucaire's Remedy for the Bust.
Liquid   extracts  of  galega  (goatsrue),   10
? 1 iimn; lacto phosphate of Ume, 10 drams;.
Inctnre of fennel, 10 grains; simple syrup .
400 grama
The dose it* two soupspoonfulM with water.*
before each   meal.
Dr. Vauralre also advises the drinking.
Ot malt extract during meals.
Orange-Flower Cream*
(A Skin Food.)
Oil of sweet almonds, 4 ounces; whfCfis**
wax, 6 drams; spermaceti, 6 drams; borax,
2 drams; glycerine, IVfe ounces; orange-
flower water. 2 ounces: oil ef neroll, ifr
t'rops; oil of petit grain, IC drops. Melt
the flrst three Ingredients, add the glycerine to the orange-flower we ter and dissolve tho borax In the mixture then pouar.
I. slowly into the blended fats, stlrrlnc?
continuously. '>
Wants White Handy
Please Insert In nut week's "_>!■_—t_r-
pnge' how to make the hands white, an*
nl«o how to take care of naila that hav*
been bitten for six or eight year, to malt-*
thein appear nice. LONQMONT.
Rub the following cream well Into thou
hands at night   To Improve the appearance of your nails, stop biting them, an*
give them dally care, .   ,
To Whiten the Hands.
Lanolin,   100 grama;  paraffin  (liquid)),   H.
gnjna; extract ot vanilla.  10 drops; oil of'
rots*. 1 drop.
'     NU Md apply when n.c—e»ry. I
—May 18, 1907—
Howe Sound
143 Acres
Crown Grant Land,
palf milo water-front,
jleavily timbered—fir and cedar.
Cash f 1.000.   Will exchange
for oity property.
One 50-ft lot, on Thirteenth avenne,
|500; cash $li'15—a good buy.
! |   New Line from $1.50 to $8.25.
Special Line at $2.65 can not be beat.
Ono 43-ft oorner lot on Westminster
avouue; $8 00, cash S505.
Doublo oorner on Tenth avenue;
price $1,950, easy terms.
Two choice lots on Ninth avenue;
price on terms $1.600,cash Sl.OOO.balance
*? and 12 months; price all cash $1,585.
These are very desirable lots.
$4,500, j4 cash—will buy
44-ft. fronton
Westminster ave.
Good business property.
Mrs. R. Whitney, "Advocate"
Office, Mt.  Pleasant.
Phone 014.
All kiuds of Mill Wood.
Dry Cedar a specialty.
Yard, loot of Columbia streot.
Crocker Bros.
is only if 1.00 a year,
50c for 0 months,
J.ic for 3 mouths.
•Youug Peoples Societies.
Iiayal Workers of Christian Endeavor
-meet at 15 uiiuutcH to 7, overy Sunday
,-fveainB in Adveut Christian Church,
.Seventh avonue, near Wostm'r ave,
Epworth   League of   Mt.   Pleasant
Methodist Ohurch meets at 8 p. m.
B. Y. P. U., meets in Mt. Pleasr
"B»ptint Church at Dp, m.
The Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. m
in Mt. Plensasant Presbyterian Church
S«^e Wheu Your Lodge Meets
Tht 2d «wd 4th Monday** of the month
■^•urt Vancouver, I, O. J\, meets at
« p. m.
Mt. Ploasant Lodge No. 19, LO.O.F.
,m«et- at 8 p. m.
;i.;iJt;;4diu Hive No 7, Ladies of tbe
Maccabees holds its regular meetings ou
r\*e 2d and -lili f nosdnys of the mouth.
Vwpoavcr Council No. SHI*, Can-
rWtinu O-der of Chosen Frionds meets
^Ktsa-««4 i*\t\ Ww-tyri <* "*s mo*}\>.
Buchanan & Edwards
|     662 664 Granville St. 'Phone 2021.     j
The Jury  unanimously
agree that the
is made by
Hanbury, Evans
& Co.
(Successors to W. D. Muir.)
2414 Westmiustor avenue, Mt. Pleasant
'Phone 448.
on Watches,
Clocks and all
kinds of
J.R. Wright
2450 Westminster
While j Blossoms
are Oyt
nn the Trees is a good
timo to have the house photogjaphed
We mako all sizi.-s from u Post
Card up. If ynu will call at the
Studio corner Niuth nnd Westminster nveuues, we would bo pleased
to show yon samples nud sizes of
our Work and quote you prices.
Northern Bank Building, Ninth avenue.
Wheu buyiug your
Tea & Coffee
call at the Red Stai" Cash Grocery.
SOo Tea for 40c.   Coffee ground while
vou wait.   SUGAR for SATURDAY
will be $1.05 per 20-ft sack
Ninth & Wmi'minst-- avenues
Northern Bank Bnildiug.
Free Delivery to all parts of the city.
Telephone U2120.
Fit and Workmanship Guaranteed.
Cleaning, Repairing   Pressing   and   Dyeing.
Suits sponged uud pressed lor (Sl, pants for 2w.
Ninth _ Westminster aves., Up-stnirs
"The Advocate"
"The Advocate" wishes any careless
ness in delivery reported to the Cilice,
telephone $J&S.
Remember theOonoert in Oddfellows'
Hall on Monday evening, May 20th.
Mr. and Mrs. Tays have moved to
824 Eighth avenue west. '
Mr, Oscar McCutcheou returned
Wednesday from a trip to Victoria and
Mrs. Bntchart ' this week bought
through Mrs. R, Whitney, Agent, two
lots on Twelfth avenne.
The Girls' Missionary Circle of Mt.
Pleasant  Methodist   Church   held    a
Social on Thursday eveuing.
Mr. R. H. Flitton of Eleventh nveuue,
roturned on Monday from au exteuded
visit with his son at "Victoria.
Mr. W. T. Murphy returned this
week from attending the K. of P.
Grand Lodge meeting at Nelsou
Lamb.—Born to Mr. and Mrs. James
I—._.b, 13 Eighth avenue east, May 14th,
a daughter.
Mr. Al Murphy has returned to
Seattle, after a week's visit with his
parents Mr and Mrs J. Murphy of
Twelfth aveuuo.
Mr. P, G Drost, this week, purchased
a handsome new automobile from the
Vancouver Automible  &  Cycle  Com
pany, 108 Hastings street.
French-Wood.—On Saturday   May
11th,   by  the   Rev.    J.  M.   McLeod,
John James French  aud  Ester  Emily
Mrs. (Dr.) Burritt and Mrs. (Dr.)
Anderson returned on Saturday last
from Seattle. They were accompanied
by Mrs. Field, sister of Mrs. Burritt,
who will remain for a virit.
Mrs. Oscar Burritt and Mrs. Ed
Bui-ritt were delegates in attendance at
the annual meeting of the Missionary
Society of the Methodist Church at
New Westminster this week.
Mr. W. H. Brook returned from the
logging camp at Pender Harbor ou
Monday, suffering from the effects of
poisoned-ivy in his arm: he is progressing favorably uuder the care of Dr.
Thompson's Cream of Witch Hazel-
best for chapped hands. At Mt. Pleasant M. A. W. Drug Store.
50-ft. Lot on Sixth avenue for a short
time only #1.685,
Lotspo Scott, good location.
50-ft. Lot on Niuth avenue; f2.000,
cash $1,600, balance O. P. R. terms
Mrs. R. Whituey, "Advocate" Office.
Mr. and Mrs. W W. Merkley returned from Kamloops on Monday. Mr.
Merkley's illness called his wife to bi?
bodside at that place. Mr. Merkley's
condition wus very serious Friday
Mr. Geo. Duthie of Eighth nvenue,
returned Saturday last from a six weeks
trip, visiting Montreal, Toronto,
Guelph and Brandon.. Mr, Duthie reports it is inteusely (jpld in the Enst
and he is glad to be back in Vancouver.
Mr. J. H. Locklin of Phillips &
Locklin, received a telegram Tuesday
ovening annouueiug the death of his
father, aud left on the Owl Train for his
old home in Rollo, North Dakota. Mr
Locklin did not evaa know hia father
WM OX, n
Choice Home Sites at
This is one of the prettiest suburbs of Vancouver. This property is within a block of
the tramline—carefare to Cedar Cottage is
the same as on the city lines. Fine homes
have been built in this locality aud many
handsome residences are to be built this
summer. For people with means no more
exclusive or beautiful locality can be found
so near the city.
Two, (2), Hnlf-acro Blocks ;   Okk, (1), 1^-acre Block ;
Two, (2), 8S-ft. Lots; Fouit, (4), 38-tt Lotb.
Facing on threo streets.
For Sale Exclusively By—
Mrs. R. Whitney
2450 Westminster ave.
<004000*04M4M*4W4f0****4**** :*^c^0********iM********0
F. W. STONE, Prop.
ALL KINDS OF Sixth and
MILL WOOD. Willow streets.
Telephones 2846 and nlGflS.
9900P0.90000000000000000.909, t>0V*0090090000000&9000»
Note : this is not the X-Rny, os this mnehino'is one of tho latest discoveries.
The Rays of thli Maelilne is a Microbe llostroyor nnd perfectly harmless.'' It cures or
relieves pains aim diseases almost tiistunilv. Skin lancer, Skin Diseases, Weak and
Sore Kyes, Inlliirautinn of tin- .:;•..■« or any p.irt of the bodv, Quinsy, Tousllltls, Horo
Throat, Neuralgia, Nervous Headaches, Headaches from Eye-strain,
Many disagreeable . ymptons icinoved us by magic.
Call or write, yuu wont be disappointed.
Houra 1 to 9 p. m.'
581 Ninth avenue west, nenr Bridge street.
avenue. *%
.    .   .   RETAIL.
All kinds of Fresh  and Salt Meats.   Fresh  Fish  Daily.
Prompt Delivery. Henry Schmidt, Prop.
BURN Money!
WITH IMS'—You burn fuel   only whilst
WITH WOOD—The expense goes on before,
during and after.
Vancouver Gas Company.
OfFicb : corner of Carrall aud Hastings streets
******** im *m**»*^\t*m*i*»tr**i* * i»g'M ■
 .'«.» .'.If


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