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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jan 5, 1907

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Devoted to the interests at Mt. Pleasant aiid South Vancouver.
-ST-BLlS-BD APRIL -TH,  1_09.    WHOLE NO. 408.
Mt. Pleasant,  V__KO0T-B.   B. 0.,  B_i-t.Rbj.Y, Jan 5., ,   lBOY.
■ i    n-Vr ..I.   i .■ usi-Vs
< Eighth YbaB.)   Vol. 8, No. at,
Local Items.
A Bridge showing th- four front t'eetfi^Veplaced by crowning the
ejro-teeth with Porcelain? Crowns—tho most natural of all Dental
work kuowu to the profession.
Give na n call and lot us show you Samples of Our Work.
War.IT. bas l607 registered voters
for 1907, in 1906 there wero 1760, a gain
of 237.
Read Electoral Union Ticket in thie
paper on lm ti page, Good meu oh tnis
Millinery now selling at Half-price at
Mrs. Merkley's cornet oJ Seventh and
Westminster aveeues.
■ ...»»»»>■
11 ■■ i s i i meant l
All kinds—all prioe*.   Air-tight* from $2.60 up.
in fact, everything for the home.
Wo are always pleased to have yon call and inspect op* stock
• «
'T4f HssstiSssgs st.
Office Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;
Telophono 166G.
Sundays 9 a. m.,   to' 2 p. m.
Mt. Pleasant Mail, (Postoffice.)
Mail arrives daily at 10:30 a. m., and
'2:80 p. ni.
Mail leaves the Posto-fico it lla.m.,
and 1:80 and 8 p. m.
For   local  hews  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE only St for-12 months.
7-roomed HouBe, two lots 60xl20-ft.
each, fenced; frnit trees; tiowiug well
17foetdecp; price $2,300, <*800cnsh),
terms to suit. A now houso and not
very far frbm csrliuc,
6 lots On Fourteenth avenue, I860
Beautiful house, 4 lots on corner, in
Grandview. Lovely home
Beautiful cornor, flno house on property.   In desirable part of Vaucouvor.  '
Mrs. R. Whitney, 24*4 Westminster
avenue, "Advocato" Office.
is only $1.00 a year,
50c for 6 month's,
"iic for 3 months.
wish Out"
A Bright &
M. A. W. Co.
fit. Pleasant Branch.
'Phone 790.      Free Delivery;.
pi__ma»—sm— lHflM_____>*S*——WJH—_WW—W
To Otsr Patroras & Friends
we wish thein a Happy and Prosperous
j, P. Nightingale & CO.
Westriisinster & Seventh Aves.   Mf. Pleosant.
Telephone lBoU
..—■--..—_- ■-.■■■■,-1--rr-
Four lots on Scott street for $l.*f00.
ii.room Cottage, nood basement.: >_
block from-Westminster .venue \ 49-ft.
lot; price 11.700.
Two 83-ft. lot* Eleveuth avonue, fine
location; price $800- v
Six-roomed liouse, Tenth aveuue,
east; fine buy. easy terms; Mrs. R.
Whitney, 2444 Westmiuster aveune
100,000 CAFE
•#! # *
White Cook.
First-class iu every respect.
Vancouver's Beading Restaurant.
Milts E. Burr am., Prop.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover end Timothy -deeds,'
Pratt's Ponltry aud Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice ljiller,
Holly Chick Food, Bcefucraps, Etc.
*»•   fcfFMTH Corner   NINTH avfciuie   Se
-->.   Fi.l..l I 11  WEST/HINSTKR ROADI
Tuli'l-liiine    10 3 7.
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital 38.000.000.   Reserves f8.4S7.000:
Account*- niiay beopeiied with
Ons Dollar.
7 to *•> o'clock.
W, A. Schwarti, Managsr.
Before starting on  a shopping tour,
i«*j»vfr_y>e ailvertisottlente  in the
Thompson's Oream of Witch Hilftel—
est for chapped hands. At Mt, ploas-
J ant M. A, W, t>rng {JidrC,
Mr; Evans , of Hanbury  and  Evans
JJakefs aiid Confectioners, has b6en con
fined to his room  With   an   attaok  of
rheumatism this week
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Mr. John Birmingham left ou Thursday in the interests of tho Brotherhood
of St. Andrew, after spending the holl
days Wi h his father Mr. H.
There will be a meeting for Electors of
Ward 5 on Tuesday evening Jan. 8th
in Oddfollows' 1 Hall. Candidates for
Civic honors will address the voters. A
largo turn out is expected.
Dr. Allen and family returned Thurs-
from Chilliwack, where they havo been
spending the Christmas holidays with
Mrs. Allen's parents Mr. and Mrs. -sh-
well. The Doctor's many patients will
be glad to hear he is well agaiu and able
to resume his praotice.   .
Wanted: General 'servant, family of
three, gootl home, easy place. Apply
1415 Robson street.
Dr. Brydpne«Jaok
for Alderman Ward
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Annand and
Mrs. Allen reknrued on Saturday from
a six weeks visit te Southern California;
they visited Los Angeles, Sau Diego,
Santa Bariptra and Sau Francisco, but
all decline Vaucouver the best platje yet
for climatb und business.
Xmas novelties in Fancy Ties and
Neckwear at Mrs. W. W. Merkley's,
Westminster avenue, near 7th.
The nominations for Reeve, Cone-
cillcrs and School Trustees iu South
Vaucouver—including District Lot 301
will take place ou Monday January
14th, nnd Polling Day will be on Saturday January 19th. See notice iu this
i sue of the "Advocate."
Advertize in tho "Advocate.1
See Hruilman's pretty ten cent calendars, dainty note paper iu pretty boxes,
buti bous, picture book, school supplies,
al) new and up-to-date; coruer Ninth
aud Westminster avenues.
Rev. A. E, /"fetliorlngtou  B.A., B.D.,
the pastor, wilt preach   Suuday  lubru-
g and  evening.     Morniug    subject:
"Elijah s Spirit iu   Double  Portion."
Eveniug subjoct'. "A Difficult Case."
Tho very latest styles iu Canadian
and American .hakes and designs in
Winter Shoes for Men, Womep and
Children at R. MILLS, the Shoomaui'
119 Hastings streets, west;
Rov. Herbert W. Pierc£ will preach
morijing nud eveuing. Miming subject:
"God's Nearness to Us." Evening
subject: "Thb Straight Gate.'1
Young Mi-'S Bible Class Mill Sund: y
School 2:80 p.m
Flint's Bromo Grippe—bf-st cure for
cold in the hcad-iSc a box ht tho
M. A. W. Co.'* Postomc* Drng  8 ore.
 ! Ml". .
For Loot- New*" Rim- Tfs* jt-DWCATJt
■ ■ ■ mm •ip^^s.si.sis
I Men's !!
Have just rec-ve'd a snip-
ment of Men's Odd Pants
direct from the Manufacturer
Prices from
$1.25 np.   ,
2416 Westminster avenue
Mt. Pleasant. jj
"The Advooate" 6 months for 50o.
only Until
enters the honse. Chocolate^
coated Tablets, easy to take.
Does not make yon sick. Price
As a tonic after a severe attack
of Grippe, Harrison's Syrup of
Hypophosphates can not be excelled. It invigorates the whole
system.   $1 a Bottle, « for $6,
& Co, Ltd.
Drug Store
Cor.  Seventh a Westminster
avenues.   'Phone -2j6v
GEESE for New Year's Day
2425  Westminster Ave*.
7 'Phone 322
King's Heat flarket     '
R« Porter & Sens*       2321 Westminster Ave.
a        Wholesale and Retail
? Dealers in all kiuds nf FitESjt and Salt Meats. Fresh Vegetables always j j
£ on hand. Ordor_i ftoliciti - from all parts mi Mount Pleasaut aui} pair*i'iow. SJ
S Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poulrry in season. E
5 Tel. 2300. _ *
t»'.»*)fc^.*>>»*>*0*>-*'s*'-^^^ ■
CIGARS.  PIPESv and Smokers Supplies  fur Xmas jiiBt received.
Ll-HT LUNCHES Served at all hour*.
SOFT DRINKS add CANDIES ulways fresh,
* 2448 Westmistor avenue.
! 00t0****74>*W00&a*M'0V0**&0*00
Mince Meat      Orauberries      Oranges
Fruits      Nuts      All Fancy Xinas
Groceries in stock
McKinnon * Co.,
14o Ninth Avt. Opposite No.8 Firo Hall
Telephone nl448. Prompt delivery.
....... 0~_.s»-.w.v»..'i ...->>.-
$4,000, Y* cash—will buy
44*, ft. front oft
Westminster ave*
Good business broperty.
-(tit JRi W»ij«»Jli-4t*«e»twlpster»Ve.
TheCanadian Bank
of Coimmerce
Deposits of One Doll vn and npwardn
received and interest allowed thereon.
Bank Money Orders Issued 1
A General Banking Busitoesa
OFFICE HOUKft: 10 a, a. to 8 t>. m
SatukdAtk: 18 a.m. to 13m., 7 to 8 p.mi
tast tnd Branch
444 Westminster      C. W. DURhANlf»
avenne. MaSaueu.
"Tho Aflvoeate" wisbos any oawtejijl*
m«SH in delivery teptrtftl lo thk VtVk*.
telephone elW'
/ \
Olives Courtship
Author of "A Cruel Revenge," "A Forbidden Marriage," " A Beautiful Coquette," " The
Heiress of Cameron Hall."
j '♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
From noon until the shadow of
night gathered, Neva sat in the depot
and waited, and as the hours dragged on her (ace grew whiter and
whiter. This the policeman noted
with deep concern as he glanced in at
the window every now and then as
he paced up and down the platform.
At last he could endure it no longer, and calling the woman to him
who had charge ol the ladies' waiting
room, he explained the situation in a
few words.
"Poor child!" exclaimed the woman, pityingly. "I will have a littlo
talk with her, and make her understand the situation of aflairs, if 1
So saying, she turned and approached "Neva, taking a seat by her
"You are having a very long wait,
miss," she said, gently.
The girl turned her great, dark eyes
upon her, and her lips quivered. It
was like the dew of heaven to a
thirsty, withering rose to" hear one
kindly voice speaking to her in a
land of strangeis.
"I was expecting my husband to
meet me here, and somehow 1 have
missed him," she repeated, piteous-
ly, "and I don't know what to do."
The woman took her little cold
hand  in hers.
"The same thing happens to many
and many a young girl," she said, in
a low voice. "I see them every day,
waiting and waiting, until my heart
bleeds with pity for the poor, pretty
young things—for the one for whom
they watch and wait never comes. It
has been said many a time, that the
only way many a man can shake od
a love that has become irksome to
him is to bring the girl to tho city
of New York and there desert her.
And, bless yoUi my poor dear! it is
done every hour'in the day, and no
one sees more of it than I. I do not
want to seem unkind, but 1 must
tell you the truth: The young man
will never come for you; you may
as well try to realize that. He has
intentionally deserted you—left you to
your fate. My advice to you, miss,
is to lose no time getting back to
your home."
Bhe never forgot the look that
swept over tho girl's face as the full
force of the words she was listening
to dawned upon her.
"Of course, I am not say anything
about your staying here as long as
you like to remain, but I can assure you that you might wait many
a day, and many a long week, or a
year,  and it would be the same."
"I must wait!" cried Neva, wringing her white hands. "If all men in
the world were false, I should still
believe hiin true," she sobbed.
The woman rose to her feet, and,
with a few gentle words, left her,
thinking that the greatest kindness
she could do her.
The long hours of the evening slowly came and as slowly went, and
midnight tolled from an adjoining
Again the woman approached her.
"They will not like to have you
remain here much longer," she said,
laying a kindly, toil-hardened hnnd
on the girl's arm. "I livo only
around tho corner; will you come
home with me? I do not like to
leave you here alone, and I must go.
I would feel easier in my heart to
have you como with me, and to-morrow I would put you on tho train
which would take you back to your
own good mother, if you have one.
I lost a daughter ol about your age
not long since," she went on, softly,
"and 1 lovo all young girls for her
dear sake. Something in tho very air
around us seems whispering, 'Mother,
take her home with you—take her
home with you.' My home is a very
humble one, child, but you're welcome to Its shelter until to-morrow.
You see, he has not come. He knows
you must be here, but be docs not
care what becomes of you. You must
learn to bear what many a young
girl bas had to faco before you, and
live it down. The world will be cold
and gray for a littlo while for you,
but you are young, and the young can
live and learn to forget."
She took the girl's cold, unresisting hand in hers and led her from
the waiting-room.
It was a very humble home to
which the woman led her—a few little rooms up under the eaves—but
they were scrupulously tidy. She
tried to draw from the girl's lips h/cr
history, as she pourod a cup of good,
warm, fragrant tea for her, remembering that to her certain knowledge
do food had passed her chilled lips
since noon, though she felt sure she
had money in her purse.
But Neva was not communicative;
she would say nothing of herself, onlv
that she must go back to the depot
as soon as the morrow dawned, and
.Wait,   end   wait   until   ha. for   mk""
She wattne'd came"for her*.
But it was many a morrow ere she
left that room. When the day dawned a raging fever held her in its
grasp, and it was a fortnight ere
she could be removed to an adjacent
hospital, where for two long and
weary months she hovered between
life and death.
But she was young, and youth gains
many a battie over grim death; and
at the end of the second month,
slowly, by degrees, consciousness returned to her. The nurses were very
kind to the poor, pretty, hapless
young creature; they had heard her
story from the waiting-woman of
the depot, who called every day to
look at the patient, and hers was the
first face Neva saw as she returned
to consciousness.
She attempted to rise from her
couch, exclaiming:
"I must hasten back to the depot.
He must be there by this time. Perhaps he has been waiting all the
long night through since we came
Slowly they informed her where she
was; that long months had passed
since that never-to-be-forgotten night
when she had allowed the good woman at the depot to take her to her
home; that her husband had never
come; that the summer, with its
sweet flowers and balmy breezes, was
gone, and that the sobbing noise she
heard outside was the autumn wind
whistling among the maples nnd
sending the red and gold withered
leaves in little showers tapping
against the window-panes, like shivering, wandering souls begging for
admittance again into the brightness
and cheer of this world.
Another fortnight, and the girl
was able to leave the place. She
wept when she left her kind attendants, but she would not tell them
who she was nor whence she came.
When they asked her if she were
going home,,again, she, said, "Yes,"
and they felt greatly relieved to
learn that.
Two days and two nights of incessant travel, and once more the hills
and valleys of Louisiana hove in
sight. It was sundown when she
reached the station from which she
had started so joyously three short
months before. Three months! it
seemed like a life-time. How much
had taken place since then! She had
been wedded and deserted. When
Neva hud left that little village so
short a time ago, she was a blooming, happy, rosy-checked, bright-eyed
girl. Few would have recognized her
in the pale, emaciated little creature
that crept from the train, drawing
her long cloak and veil closely about
her, and hurried down the long, dusty
road. She had walked long miles ere
she saw a wagon in which she might
A farmer and his wife beheld tho
girl toiling along by the road-side;
they at once invited her to ride, if
she was going their way. This Neva
gladly consented to do. She had not
realized, until she took that long
journey, how weak she was; twice or
thrice she had almost fainted by the
They passed within half a mile ol
her home, and here Neva left them.
They were going on to the village
beyond. How her heart leaped as
she made her way across lots toward
the little red farm-house whose outline she could dimly see over the
tops of the trees.
Tho grass in the meadow was long
and rank, and the clovcr-liclds needed
mowing. Sho suw about her strange
neglect; the fence was down at one
end of the lot, and tho cows had
strayed in and wore trampling, down
the corn.
A great chill crept over her heart.
Had anything happened to her dear
old fnther or her mother? The very
thought made her almost swoon with
She knew that it was late, that it
must be nearly mid-night. They always retired at sundown on tho
farm. Why was that candle burning
in her mother's window? Was there
anything the matter?
With a heart that beat violently,
despite all her eflorts to control it,
the girl crept noiselessly up to tho
latticed window, drew back tho
tangled vines to which a few dead
roses clung, and peered breathlessly
within. Nothing was changed. Sho
saw, in one quick glance, the table |
with the red stamped damask cloth
upon it; the Holy Biblo in the centre, with the stack of graduated
books upon it; the china vases on the
mantel, filled with long grasses, and
the old eight-day clock, with the
painted "Bo-peep and tho Shepherdess" sitting under tho tree, midway
between the vases; the high-post bed,
with the snow-white |bed valanco
drawn closely about it.
Then, as her dim eyes became more
accustomed to tho   darkness beyond
the  circle  of    light  formed  by     the i
ravs Qf tb_\ candle, she sa v that trior- i
was som* ,— .«.*__ on xne 'Hed: It
was her i. tithcr, and in the high-
backed rocKer sat her father, his
face buried in his hands. Suddenly
the clock on the mantel pealed the
half hour; it seemed to startle tho
woman on the lied.
"What is the hour? Duncan, ars
you there?" she culled, feebly.
"Ves, Marthy," returned the farmer, huskily. "Don't be afooied; I'm
sittin' alongside ye. D'ye want mo
to take hold o' yer hand?"
"Oh, Duncan," moaned the sufferer,
"I can not see you, my eyes are so
blinded by the tears that have fallen
from them."
"Hush-h, Marthyl" muttered tho
"I shall not be a burden on you
much longer, Duncan," she wailed.
"You've put up with so much of late,
"I've never complained, 'hev I
Marthy?" he replied, hastily. "I
don't like to hear ye talk like that,
wife; it hurts me i' the heart, like."
"Is it a nice night, Duncan?" sho
whispered, eagerly. "Tell me, and
then you shall know why I ask."
"It is a lovely moonlit night,
Marthy," answered the farmer, in a
low voice. "The moon is at the full.
It's jest sich a night as it was when
•-when,—she  left US.'.'
(To be contlnuea.)
Where  the   Little  Insect  Is  Busiest—
Stories From  Britain.
The average countryman would laugh
at you lf you were to tall him that you
had seen the wasps this summer playing the part of the exemplary boo and
gathering honey from the flowers In the
garden. But the countryman would be
wrong and you would bo right, for of
late, for some mysterious reason, the
wasps have been busy among the tall
flaming spikes of the red hot pokers
(Trltoma uvarla), whose blooms ar*
especially fine this August.
What the bees think of lt one cannot
say, but they are not to be seen mingling with the wasps. Tha latter, when
they feel inclined toward honey, usually make an attack upon the nearest
beehive, and ver> often come oft second best, unless they attack ln force.
But now that the wasp has shown an
inclination to gather honey flrst hand
from flowers, surely the scientist can
step ln and teach It to store It for the
needs of man ln the comb, which lt
can already make as perfectly as the
bee, though of a different material.
The chief difficulty, perhaps, would ba
to prevent the wasp, like the ohlld ln
the strawberry bed, from eating all he
gathers on the spot.—Pall Mall Gazette.
Keeping Friends With Bees.
A contributor mentions a singular
custom adhered to by many country
people who keep bees. It Is that of
telling the bees whenever anything unusual Is about to take place or has taken place, such as a death, birth or marriage. It ls believed that If this were
not done the bees would leave the hive
or some misfortune would befall tho
In illustration the correspondent says
that his brother had a good many hives,
and some years ago, when his daughter died, the bees all left. The old gardener at once attributed it to his having
forgotten to give notice to the bees, who
were duly Informed the next time there
was a death in the family, and they remained ln their hives.—London Standard.
Bees Hold Up Railway Station.
A large parcel dropped on the platform of Burgess Hill station, Sussex,
burst open, and out buzzed a swarm
of bees. The parcel contained a hive.
In spite of the station—aster's or.l.r
to pack the bees up again none of the
staff would,approach.
At length- a forlirn hope, consisting
of an aged porter, was Induced by the
guerdon of a shilling to attack the parcel, but when the bees, possibly mistaking htm for a new kind of flower,
hummed around him he dropped lt and
ran. The bees held the platform till
the evening, when they returned to the
hive. Then the parcel was closed and
sent on to Its destination.—London
Dally Oreiphlc.
A Destructive Bee.
Prom a Camberwell correspondent
we have received a quite distressing
account of the d«etruotlon caused In
his conservatory by the leaf-cutting
Last Sunday a solitary bee found Its
way through the open windows, but
the news that rose leavaa were available in that part of a district where
rose culture Is uncommon bad been
conveyed with such success that this
week the glass house was swarmed with
the bees. Our correspondent Bays the
noise they make ls like the working of
countless pairs of minute scissors. The
bees have denuded his roses of their
loaves and have even turned attention
to the flower of the geranium.—.London
A r_nny Incident.
When Senator Wolcott flrst went to
Colorado he and his brother opened a
law office at Idaho Springs under the
firm name of "Ed Wolcott & Bro."
Later the partnership was dissolved.
The future senator packed his few assets, Including the sign that had hung
outside of his offlce, upon a burro and
started for Georgetown, a mining town
farthur up In tbe bills. Upon his arrival he was greeted by a crowd of
miners .who critically surveyed him
and his outfit One of them looking
flrst et the sign that bung over the
pack, then at Wolcott and finally at
the donkey venturea, "Say, stranger,
w_l_ch of you Is £d?"
"When wilt thou save the people?
O God of mercy, when?
Not kings and lords, but nations!
Not thrones and crowns, but men!
Flowers of thy heart, O God, are thejr;
Let them not pass, like weeds, away,
Their heritage a sunless day.
God save the people!
Shall crime bring crime forever,
Strength aiding still the strong?
Is lt thy will, O Father,
That man shall toll for wrong?
No, say thy mountains.  No, thy sklesj
Man's clouded sun shall brightly rise
And songs ascend Instead of sighs,
God save the people!
When wilt thou save the people?
O God ort mercy, when?
The people,  Lord,  the  people.
Not thrones and crowns, but men I
God save the people; let them share
Childhood and love with angels fair;
From sin and bondage and despair
God save the people!
—Ebenezer Elliott.
John S. McClelland, Orator and Journalist, Passes Away at St. Kitts.
In the death of John T. McClelland,
formerly editor of The Star, recently,
St. Catharines loses a gifted man—a
brilliant orator, journalist and poet. He
was born there 52 years ago. He learned the art of telegraphy when a boy,
and at the age of 20 was train de-
6p_te_er on the old Detroit and Milwaukee road, now the Chicago and
Grand Trunk.
In 1880 he went to New York, where
he followed telegraphy for a time, and
later became identified with the newly-
organized Knights of Labor, ln which
he served as secretary of the executive
board of the general assembly. He was
also secretary of the telegraphers' district, and assisted In managing the
great strike of that body In 1883. While
connected with the Knights of Labor,
ln association with Mr. Terrence V.
Fowderly, Mr. McClelland drafted the
American alien labor law, and succeeded ln having It passed by Congress,
himself appearing before the United
States Senate ln its advocacy.
During his residence In New York
deceased studied medicine during his
spare hours, and was graduated ifrom
the Homoeopathic department of Columbia University. After the strike he,
with many cUiena Interested, was
■blacklisted by the Western Union. He
was from that time until 1887 manager
of the New York State Associated
He then returned to St. Catharines,
and took the editorial management of
The Evening Star newspaper, ln which
position he remained until December,
1900, when he was appointed city clerk.
Mr. McClelland also served very acceptably as alderman for a number of
He possessed exceptional ability as a
public speaker, and during many election campaigns was heard with jnuch
acceptability from platforms ln ifl^ous
parts of this country. His repartee on
the public platform has perhaps never
"been excelled. He was also a writer
ar1 poet of no mean ability. He aehiev-
onslderable notoriety as tho advo-
... of the flat earth theory.
Experiences    of    Housekeepers   Who|
Keep   It   Handy.
In every home cuts, bruises, scalds!
and similar injuries are sure to occur,!
especially  where  there   are  children..
In  most  homes too   chapped   hands,!
chilblains,  eczema,   ringworm,  ulcers
and other skin diseases occur.
For these you need a balm which
is pure, herbal, free from mineral fat,
antiseptic, able to stop bleeding and
which should heal.
Zam-Buk meets all these requirements. Why not prove its merits.
Read this;—
Mrs. Angus, of Fenelon Falls, says:
—"In forty years of housekeeping I
have never met with such an excellent salve sa Zam-Buk."
Mrs. Everett Brown, of Markham,
(Ont.), says:—"Zam-Buk cured some
bad bruises on my knee. I also find
it excellent for chapped hands."
Mrs. Lizzie Gilmour, of Kingston,
says:—"I had an ulcerated leg, which
became so bad that I could not wear
a boot. The foot and ankle were
swollen to nearly double their ordinary size, nnd the pain was terrible.
The ulcers spread in a ring all round
the limb. Doctor's treatment brought
[ no relief, and at one time.' it was
thought only amputation could end
the agony I suffered. Zam-Buk was
brought to my notice, and I bought a
few boxes. Each box gave me mors
ease and healed the ulcers. To-day
I am quite cured, the limb is sound,
and whereas before I could not stand,
now I can go up and down steps with
3ase. I owe it all to Zam-Buk."
I Zam-Buk also cures eczema, cold
sores, ringworm, stiff joints, bad leg,
sore nipples, boils, aDscesses, blood
poison, poisoned wounds, etc. Used
as an embrocation it cures rheumatism and sciatica and rubbed well into
the chest cures lung troubles, colds,
etc. For all purposes to which a
household balm is put Zam-Buk will
be found unequalled. All druggists
sell at 50c. a box, or direct from the
Zam-Buk Co., upon receipt of price.
0 boxes for $2.50.
Gathorue Hardy, first earl of Cranbrook (who was twice secretary of war
and lord president of the council) died
last week at Hemsiead Park. The
deceased wns the first earl, the title-
having been created in 1882.
Faulty Kldneyi.—Have you hackache*»
Do you feel drowsy? Do your limbs feet
heavyi' Have you frequent headaches?
Have you failing vision? Have you di—y
feeling? Are you depressed? Is your
.'Kin diy? Have you a tired feeling? Any
jf these Bigns prove kidney disease. F.i-
lerlenoe has proven that South American
Kidney Oure never fails—6
Mrs. Harriet I.owry, of Franklin,
Pa., considers it worth $10,000 to be
treated to n cont of stove polish, molasses nnd feathers. She was hazed
in this manner by four other women,
a short time ago and now enters suit
for damnges.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Lord Dufferin's Time Recalled.
Mr. T. P. O'Couner, ln M. A. P., has
been moralizing upon the changes
brougiht by a few years, and thus
works ln a Canadian episode: "Rldeau
Hall, Uie residence of the Governor-
General of Canada, ls a characteristic
mixture of an English and a Conadian
home There ln winter one skates and
sledges all day long, and' the great
Scotch sport of curling ls much favored, while naturally ln winter the most
beautiful furs are muoh In vogue. Wihen
the late Lord Dufferin was viceroy his
Children established the custom of performing a play at Christmas, which
was annually an Immense success. Perhaps the present Lord Dufferin may
remember his little sister, who ds now
La-y Plunket, the yrlte of the Governor
of New Zealand, figuring ln a grotto
Illuminated with red flre; while he
ihlmself delivered the epilogue for ths
lost time:
The years have slipped away so very
This fmiry tale Is, sad to say, our last.
Before another merry Christmas day
The  "company"   will   all   have   gone
And ocean will divide our llttle band
From all but memory of your kindly
And   when  we  meet  again  In   after
Some may be Generals and some Premiers;
Some Nobodies—for some, you know.
must be:
There'll be no ogres, though, I ole_rly
One thing Is certain; we shall all have
And some perhaps have "—dries" of
our own;
But still we'll not forget, though old
and tall,
"The   Children's   Christmas   Play" at
Rldeau Hall.
Alfred Lyttleton at the United club
dinner said that nny desire of the colonies for their own nrmy nnd navy
was not one with which Britain ought
to quarrel.
Where Weakness is, Disense Will
Settle.—If one suffers from nny organic weakness, inherited or contracted, there disease will settle when it
attacks the body. Therefore drive out
the pains thnt beset you, do not let
n cold or cough harass you, and keep,
the respirntory organs in good heal-
'hy condition. This you cnn do by
using Dr. Thomns' Eclectric Oil. Prevention is the wisest course.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has been invited by Admiral Chester to nttend the
banquet, of the American Geogrnphicnl
society enrly in December, but as tlie
Dominion house will then be in session, he will hardly be able to accept
the invitntion.
A druggist cnn obtain nn imi.nlinn
Toronto house nt n very low price,
have it labelled his own product,
This grensy imitntion is the poorest
one we have yet seen of the many
that every Tom, Dick and Hnrry hns
Iried to introduce.
Ask for MINARD'S and you will
set it.
The foreign office says there is absolutely no truth in rumors that Lord
Curzon, the ex-viceroy of India, is to
succeed Sir Mortimer Durand as nm-
basjador of Grent Britain at Washington.
"How was lt I saw Footlltes In to-—
this week?"
"He Isn't playing."
"Why, I thought he was the slar In
that tank drama."
"So he was, but he wanted to bl ths
tank too."
Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup is
agreenble to the taste, and is a cert,
lin relief for irritation of the throat
..lint, causes hacking coughs. If used
according to directions it will break
the most persistent cold, and restore
the nir pnssnges to their normal
healthy condition. There is no need
to recommend it to those familinr
with it, but to those who seek a sure
remedy and nre in doubt whnt to use
the ndvice is—try Bickle's Syrup.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget  in
Know What Your Hens Are Doing.
A careful account; of Income and ex-.
penditures Is one o'f.the flrst steps to I .'J .1S 8a,ld i]]e Oniano government
successful poultry culture. To know i tflll introduce Iegislntion whereby the
whnt one's fowls are doing ls of vital province will obtain a direct revenue
lp_j*__—tance. f^m the mines.
Was  Paralyzed  for Six Months and Could
Obtain  No Relief—Cure Came
With the Use of
Paralysis is always looked upon
with dread hut people who nre suffering from the ordinary symptoms
of nervous exhaustion such ns sleep-
'essr.ess, headache, indigestion and
loss of energy nnd ambition often forget thnt neglect alone is enough to
lead on to paralysis.
While this severe caso of parnlysis
wns cured by the use of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food it is always wiser and
safer to prevent such dangerous diseases by watching minor symptoms
and keeping the nervous system in
good condition at nil times.
Mrs. VV. R. Sutherlnnd, St. Andrews. Mnn., writes:—
"In Februnry, 1903, I was stricken
with paralysis, fell helplessly on the
floor and hnd to be carried to bed.
The doctor pronounced it a bad case
ss I hnd no power in my tongue of
•eft ieg. I remained in thnt condition
lor six months ' without obtnining
benefit from the doctor's prescriptions or otlier medicines.
"My husband advised me to try
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food and by the
use of this treatment all symptoms of
Uie disease disappeared. I can now
talk plainly, my leg'is ull right and
1 can do my housework. How grateful 1 nin to be cured by so wonder-
'ul - remedy."
Notwithstanding the mystery that
ih associated with the nerves and dis-
-asei of the nerves mere is nothing
.nysterious about the way in which
the vitality of the nerves is restored
liy Di'. Chnse's Nerve Food.
In nature nre found certain element.-, which go directly to form new,
lich blood and create new nerve force.
Because Dr. Chnse's Nerve Food is
composed of those very elements of
nature, it builds up the nervous system us no prepnration was ever
known to do.
By enriching and purifying the
blood it forms new, firm flesh nnd tissue, rounds out the form, restores a
healthful glow to the complexion, and
gradually but naturally nnd certainly
:eplnceb weakness and disease with
'leal'h,  strength  and  vitnlity.
Dr. Chnse's Nerve Food, 50 cents n
box, 6 boxes for $2.50, nt nil dealers,
oi Edmanson, Bates  & Co., Toronto.
Soiillu-rii Italy.
The poverty of southern Italy does
not reveal Itself In rugs or leanness, but
In the multitude of little things the people do—gat tiering twigs, scraping fertilizers from the roads, cutting handfuls
of grass—In short, the Intense economy
of utilization, which seems odd nnd
painful to tho traveler from wasteful
America. _        	
Same Old Way.
Robert—When 1 get Into my new
house I mean that everything shall go
like clockwork. Richard—I see; ths
same as bevctofore—tick, tickl
$100 REWARD $100.
Tha readen nt thl. pnper will be plaasud to loam
that there 1. at least one dreaded disease that science
has been able to oure in all Ita stages, and that I.
Oatarrh. Eall'a Catarrh Cure 1. the onljr positive
enr* now known to tha medioal fraternltr, Oatarrh
bains a constitutional disease, require, a constitutional treatment. Hall*. Catarrh Cure I. taken Internally, aoting dl-eotlr on the blood and mnoou.
aurfooM of the sr stem, thereby destroying the found-
**** of tha disease, and living the patient strength
pf building up the constitution and assisting nature
•e, doing lie work. The proprietor, hare so much
-.lth in its ouratlve powers that they offer On. Hundred Dollar, for any ease that it fail, to our.. Send
(or list of testimonials.
Adinee: T. J. CHENEY * Oo.. Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggist. 75c.
Tak* Hall', -family Fill, (or constipation.
"Tour son won a prize for oratory
while he was ln college, I believe.
What Is he doing now?" "He got a
job In the union depot announcing th*
departure of the trains."—Chlcage
Aromatic  Petit I—ireeny.
"1 hope you notice how sweet I am,"
■miled the girl when tbey were out on
the street again. "While the mnn was
wrapping up the toothbrush I was
trying nil the perfume on the counter,
He looked at me awfully bard."
"I should think he would hnve had
you arrested," remarked her companion
severely. "What If everybody tried all
the perfumes like that? How much
would  he  have   left   to  sell?"
Good Health of Ducklings.
If young ducks are given proper feed
ana not allowed too much range there
Is very seldom any sickness in the
Bock. Always endeavor to find out the
cause of any trouble and remove it.
Medicine will be of no avail unless the
lause of the disease is first got rid ot
A Cnrefully Prepnred Pill.—Much
time nnd attention were expended in
Hie experimenting with ingredients
that enter into the composition of
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills before
they were brought to the stnte in
which they were first offered to the
public. Whatever other pills mny
be, Pnrmelee's Vegetable Pill are
the result of much expert, study, and
nil persons suffering from dyspepsia
or disordered liver and kidneys may
confidently accept them ns being
what they are represented to be.
Bruce Walker who has succeeded
Preston as immigration commissioner
hus nrrived in London.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
JThe French foreign office have an-
{|__nced thnt Mohnmmed-El-Torres,
the representative of the Sultnn of
Morocco nt Tnngier, hns apologized
for the nction of some natives in stoning the crew of a small boat belonging to the French cruiser Galilee in
the harbor of Tnngrer.
¥ I That Cough        7
m   which ordinary remedies have not reached, M   ■
m  will quickly yield to M
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
It cam thoie heavy, —-p-aeated coogha—takes awgy
the -ireness—ileal, the throaI—strengthens the lunga.
None the leu effect-re because It ii pleasant to take,
Just try one bottle and see bow quickly you get rid
that cough.  At your druggists.   28c. bottle.
way   M
iga.   M
' YOU CAN. SAVE $13.15*
TO-DAY   *
Wa w—t
-_<—r at this pajtr wh*
pl_aa aa order (Or oor celebrated tOM Butt wfth tb*
tve ***** •_-!——Ma Pr—•-
lams eater ettimt to th*
pabUo at Canada.
Oor 6reat Free Premium Offers ^ I
I   One   Pair  tl |6jOO  Trouamr*   (mad*
to in—sure)  aad a ready stagaot patent   Suit-Case   fllvrni   entirely   FREB '
with every order, .{j
I    TOU  ABB   UNIT-a  NO Ol-jaATION   TO
BUT, and w* w—I —I—""UNO yoar rammer tt •
yoa tad .liber tbe Special gstta or Oa* FR_nI I
.GIFTS an NOT RXACT-T a* adnttlwd lay
.  thl* paper.   . _ .  -    '     -*" *
A**m* Wanted.
Js. wm i—r.fl you, ntlUE Of ANT CHAR-- whalerer, a sm*M****** —tag* «|
patter na, tae—dim onr womlerfol vain* Bin* and Black Bsrjc* and Chariot
Tweeds, tojeUi«r wltb enr latest New Tork Fashion Plate*. TH—N JT-IDC1- lro-J
TOU—_Si->. Our h—ne smimn—Met «y*t*m I* no 81—FIJI tbat we require end
I B-*_-raromenta (whlcb anyone aan taae) to amble a to gin a P_UV_OT FTC ,
TING  tallor-o— tie tramout.
All goods an eh_j»p*d 5 day* from raoatpt of arte.
-  ,-sl
Roy*l Awe, Montreal, Cm.
Doat Ml to roe—loo nam* ot tbi* *********>
A Procession of Ancients.
The London Common Council haa
Just repaired an old tombstone found
ln a churchyard at Southwark. Its Inscription reads: "Near this place lies
Richard Griffin. Born at White Church,
Salop, the 17 of May, 1620; Interred
the 18 May, 1730. His corp was accom-
panyed from the Kings Arms Tavern
on St. Margaret's Hill to the gravi by
1,116 ancient people; tha oldest pallbearer 95."
A Birmingham correspondent writes
to state that his canary has Just died
at the age of 26.
Ttio Sidea or a Word.
Miss Sharpe—I've pnid this bill once.
Bnker—Indeed, ma'am, I'm very sorry
that I didn't recollect It. Miss Shnrpe—
I dare sny that you nre sorry that you
didu't re-collect It, but I'll take enre of
The Good One.
"There Is but one good wife ln this
town," snld n clergyman In the course
of bis sermon—the congregation looked
expectant—"nnd every mnrried man
thinks he's got her," ndded the minister.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
A Chatham firm will erect a large
stnve mill at Rainy river.
If your children are troubled with
worms, give them Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator; safe, sure nnd
effectual. Try it, and mark the improvement in your child.
The Fort Frances peat fuel works
have closed for the winter.
A Pleasant Duty.—"When I know anything worthy of recommendation, I con-
»ider it my duty to tell it," says Hev
.las. Murdock, of Hamburg, Pa. Dr.
■tgnew's Catarrhal Powder has cured me
of Catarrh of five years standing. It is
I'l'ininly magical in its effect. The flrst
application beuetitted me in five minutes.
6U cts."—9
The Bank of Montienriins purch-
nsed a site for n handsome building
nt Portage ln Prairie.
Ill fitting boots and shoes cause
corns. Hollow-ay's Corn Cure is the
article to use. Get a bottle at once
nnd cure your corns.
A deputation from the Austrian Butchers' nssocintion have asked the mir-
ister of ngriculture to permit the importation of meat from the United
States and other cpuntries in order
to meet the shortage due to the closing of the Servian frontier.
Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Roid will
cure any casd j*. Piles.
This staterA-ii is made without
auy qualifications.
It is in the form of a tablet.
It is the only pile remedy used internally.
It is impossible to cure an established case of Piles with ointments,
suppositories, injections or outward
A $1,000 guarantee with every pack-
nge of Dr.  Leonhnrdt's Hem-Roid.
$1.00, all dealers, or The Wilson-
File Co., Limited, Ningmn Fnlls, Ont.
W. L. Purvis, chief license inspector of Toronto, will forward a checque
to the city for $70,000, its share of the
last hnlf of the license fees of
this year. The Ontario government
gets a like amount and in addition receives $13,000, being dues and transfer fees. The first division of the
yenr, mnde Inst year, amounted to
$80,000, divided equnlly between the
city nnd the government.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds,  etc.
W. F. Hunton, n farmer living near
Menominee, Mich., uns found the
skeleton of u mnn m a hollow ti'ee
near his home. The bones of one nrm
hnd been shattered anil appearances
indicated that the skeleton wns that
of some hunter wlio had crawled into
the tree for protection from the cold
or wild beasts after being injured.
Dredging work has been Btorted on
the Canadian side for the new M.C.R.
tunnel between Wiuusor, Out., and
Detroit, Mich.
The Purest GREEN Tea Grown.
Lead    Packets   Only.     40c,    SOc,    and    OOc    per   ID.     At    all    grocers.
Look for this tag
on the cloth of every
Suit and Overcoat
you buy. 75
It guarantees wear
and service became
it goes only on cloth
that is pure wool.
Birds are often purchased in the bird
market at Lucknow, India, In order to
be set free again. This is done by Hindoos ns a work of merit and by Mohammedans after certain rites have
beeu performed as nn atonement, in
Imitation of the Jewish scapegoat, lt
ls essential that a bird u«ed for this
purpose should be strong enough to.fly
away: but that docs not Induce the
cruel dealers to feed the birds, or to
refrain from dislocating their wings or
breaking their legs. They put down
everything to good or bnd luck, and
tenve the customer to choose a strong
bird, if ho cnn Ond one, and to go nwny
if he ennnot. The merit obtained by
setting n bird free ls not nttrlbuted to
Deity, but lt ls supposed to come in a
large measure from the bird itself or
from its nttendnnt spirit, nnd hence
birds of good or bad omen, and especially kites nnd crows, nre in much
demand and are regularly caught to be
sold for this purpose.
The Only
'British yarn
'carefully knitted
—with re-inforced
toes, heels and knees—
—the   Stocking  that  makes
darning-day easy.
Postpone the coming of the
holes—ask your
dealer for Dominion Brand. Insist on seeing this
tag — on every
pair. „
A.Burritt & Co.
Mil.h.ll   OM.
Wiu Ouarantaad..
A by-law will be submitted to the
rntepnyers of Toronto to authorize the
expenditure of $3,000,000 for n trunk
When mothers become enthusiastic
over a medicine for little ones, it is
safe to sny thnt it has high merit.
Every mother who has used Bnby's
Own Tablets spenks strongly in praise
of them, nnd tells every other mother
how much good they hnve done her
children. Mrs. Alfred Mnrcouse, St.
Charles, Quo. says: "I strongly advise every mother to keep Baby's Own
Tablets in the house always. I have
used them for teething troubles, colic
nnd other ills of childhood und found
them the most satisfactory medicine
I ever tried." These Tablets nre
gunranteed to contain no poisonous
opiate nnd no harinrul drug. They nre
equally good for the new born bnby
or the well grown child, nnd are n
sure cure for nil their minor ailments.
Sold by medicine dealers or by mnil
nt 25 cents a box by writing the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
U/>e Food
That  Builds
Maybe    you    think    of
Mooney's Sodas only as a
toothsome   tidbit.     Don't
overlook their food value
Mooney's _
Cream   Sodas
are made of finest Canadian wheat flour, pure but'
ter and rich cream. There's
nothing else of equal size
and cost that contains so
much wholesome no_v
'An ideal food.
All    grocers   h»ve   them—tre-'
and crfcp in    eir-tlj-    package*.
There is no satisfaction keener
than being dry and comfortable'
out in the hordeet atornv.
409 OH«__f___H__l
-DEHOXNI-O    8TOM    t,OS9.
Cattle with hortu are dangerona
and a coosGt-t men—* to poreor-s
and othar eattla. Dehorn thnn
<__3—7«_IwltJlillfhtpeta withe
All OT»r lntmtnn—a. Notah»rsJ_
mothod. heeeee a _Mr. olaaa cat,
Cowa flra mora milk| Itaara nakiI
battar kaal. Saadforfraaboa—at.
S. S.Bcbaai. Hctoa. (Maria, Cu.
will find juft the Underwear you
want—right size and right weight
Made in sizes to perfedtly fit
every man—and in the right
weights for every Canadian
climate from Halifax to the
Guaranteed uml-inkable, too.
Ask your dealer for
After Labor, Recreation
Travel   is  the  Acme  of
When you travel secure the
best in equipment, comfort,
nnd safety, and use the
Excursion rates this winter
in every direction. Knst,
South and West. Mnke your
wnnts known to nny Canml-
inn Northern agent, who will
be glnd to furnish the fullest
inl'iiniifttion,  or  write
Traffic  Manager,      Winnipeg.
W   N    U    No.   611 r«
(Established April 8,1899.)
( Omoi.: 3 4 4 4 Westminster avenne.
J.Ka_!8_ Office—80 Fleet stroet,
London, E. 0., England Where a
file of "The Advocate" is kept for
Mrs. R  Whitney, Publisher.
f--Subscription $1 a year  payable
6 dents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
V-NCOUvek, B. C, Jan.,
Di. W D. Brydone-Jack, cauditiiito
_ tor Alderuiatt for Ward V., as a mom-
I ..».i of tbe obuti-t in 1905 did much as
('yhadrman of the Health Committee to
j improve henlth conditions of the city,
; nud if elected (as no doubt he will be)
I 'rhe good work he started then cau be
1' tdvanced much through the Doctor's
j influence arid his under, tanding
, ot the subject. Dr. Brydone-Jack iB
( if high standing in his profession and
1 w a man; Mt. Pleasant will be fortun
i tte in having him a representative in
j .4 $07. civic couneil.
made a trip to Ottawa, regarding the
site, jnst prior to the last by-law, and
prior to the Ottawa intervention; a man
who hns been trusted by his fellow
citizens to look after the interests of
this part of the city. We urge tha
citizens to call an indignation meeting
and confront tho wily opposition with
tho fact that Mt. Pleasaut residents aro
neither fools or asleep.
• Wr. J. J. Dougan for 14 years a suo-
c ■ isasfnl teacher in the city sohools, is a
,.. .tndidato for Sohool Trustoe. Mr.
j ., lougan has been Secretary of B. O.
' ..'oacber' Association, and has glveh
j 'jiucll assistance to teachers during two
. y#trs service on the Board. Mj-. Don-
, gall's past record and be>ing so well-
j '.-aowti, assure him a place on the Board
5 i ;T the ensuing term. In 14 years as a
, iwaobpr he lost only one day in the city
. vhools.
Local Items,
Mt. Pleasant L. T, B. Benefit Lodge
No. 34, will give an Apron and Necktie Social and Dance, in Oddfellows'
Hall, Jan. 16th.   Tickets 60c.   Shelby's
The annual ball under the auspices of
tho Firemen's Benefit Association will
be held ou Thursday, February 7.   This
year arrangements have been made to
hold the ball in Myers' Hall on   Ponder
street, and elaborate  preparations   aro
now being made for the function,
At 1:30 p. m. Monday, the marringe
of Mr. H. Morley Abercrombio nnd
Miss Mnude Elizabeth Christie took
place nt the home of the brido's father,
Mr. Clarke Christie, Seventeenth avenue, South Vancouver. Miss Christie,
sister of the bride, wag bridesmaid, nud
Mr. H. E. Bines acted as groomsman.
Mr. and Mrs. Abererombio will reside
in Vancouver.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ |.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, -Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house.
THC    RIGHf    PLACfe
School Books
There are several good and capable
} i-.i-ro. in tlio field tor Alderman in
\ ..Vard V. Dr. W. D. Brydone-
; <i tak would be of great influence on the
■ ii -tutltli Committee find, a couscintious
, ...amber of tae civic* council. Mr.
j , .I'.iJ-iard Mills is well and popularly
j... itowXl tm Mt. Pleasant, and has provi-
i >-i<4/ eerved in the council. Mr. Mills
... •' mid tnnho a good alderman.
■ $%» Ctaardiaft's Editorials read
, .';*6jgely IU.* those of the Daily World
I .- Hj/ittg the last lew days.
-BP-H     ■ i'.sB     ■ I
. ./ht»iti«e_ie0f WardV. should hold
., .»ii indignation meeting to protest at the
_..<\tiuiiitf tbo Dominion Oovernment's
11* ..irdiug the Market site.
, ih* Opponents to the Market site
, .'4, roved have subtly worked several
,. j .H.C--io nccnro the site far down-
pi ■<■-■*, irrespective of the wishes or the
^.,,-ii'flt of the citiaons at large and
.r».i.iiust th»ir vote for the present site.
t : lisps the wholesalers would And it
,.'... !_»_ profit to have tho Market looa-
s..'« whore they oan bay up the produce
■ .(.ot,'! sell to retailers at au advance, eo
v ■ .-..iking tlie oost to consumers greater.
. «-i.j*e Advocate" bae persistently urged
. i. Ploi-rmt rtwiic-bt* te be alive to the
,,< j wilts thu Mnrks* recarw to this part
i .'. the oity. After tho qunstiuo has beep
. n-tled byplcWscite, both as u> location
_H'.I pusHuift «f the money by-law to
i-rrow . the money, the Dominion
..t-Vernoiont steps iu and claims thy
-4ktto*et aside the winhee of this
jwrtant oity. It ie known that ao
..r-J-W  opponent  to the eite aolected
1?ord» of *h**mt
tier the several Miredleats af which At.
Plerco's a-UchM*it* oempoeed, as given
by leaders in aU fee several schools of
Medicine, should have far Store weight
than any amount ol aea-peereeslonai tes-
ttt-oaials. Dr. Pleree'srtVorlto Prescription hu t_« BAooa or soften- oa every
bottle-wrapper, In a full lilt ef alt Its in-
•ndleats prints* la alate _-«>.»l_.
If you ara an layaDtt »ve_aa and sutler
Sn freouaat heetfeehe, baehMhe, gna v-
dlstreat 1» stomoeh. petlettloal pains,
disagreeable, catarrhal, Nlfte drain,
angalAg-aorrr, dtstreM in barer abdomen
or pelvis, perhaps 4m* watt er iiiecks
-ei-lM before than**. 1*M *o*V» and
t-ndreeir_pto*ueM«tdbr fnaaje wesk-
MTs. O'Dell, pianist and accompanist,
desires engagements. Will take a few
more advanced pupils—175 Ninth avenue, west,
 ff—ses ■*-
The residence of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R, H. McKee, 184 Elev
entb avenue OEWt, was the sceno of a
pretty wedding Wednesday morning
when Mr Charles Arthnr Plows, well-
known yonng man of this City and
formerly of .Bradford, Ont., aud Nettie
Isabella, second daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. R. H. McKee, wore united in the
bonds of holly matrietony. The cere-
mony was performed by Rev. G. A.
Wilsou beneath a beautiful arch of
s—lilux and carnations fitmt tho • centre
of which hung a beautiful bell of carnations.
The bride was attended by her sister,
Miss Florence McKee, while Mr. Wm
J. Plows supported tbe -room. The
Wedding MarOH was played by Mrs. R.
H JIoKeo. After the ceremony the
tiaapy couple «htd the invited guests, of
whom i-d'ere wass a large number present, sat down to a sumptuous repast,
after which Mr. and Mrs. frown left for; ', j
(Seattle and Portland via Viotoria. J i
The happy couple woW the recipients! t \
ot many handsome and usoful presents  ]1
testifying to the esteem' s_ wliich   thoy
are held by their many trioinis in this
:o:   '
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go ro
Hew York Dental Parlors for yonr work
Cor. Westminster ond
Sixth avenues.
Oandy given away with sll purchases
of school supplies.
On Monday night a youth named
Walter Smith, frohi the East End, was
seriously injured, nujarm boing brokou,
his head cut and his face badly orashed.
With a number of other youths he wns
enjoying tho delights of coasting down
tho avenue on a big bob-sled; near
Dufferin street it got beyond their control und crashed into a fence near the
mattress factory with the disastrous
result mentioned
—-. so:—Ai—r-
RING UP 914, the Central Wood
Yard, for n good load of Fir Wood,
$2.00 a load, or leave ordors at COS
Seventh aveune, east; Gko. Cbockek,
Thero was a largo attendance at the
annual Christinas Entertainment of tho
Mt. Pleasaut Baptist Church on Thursday ovoning, and an oxceediugly good
program of choruses, dialogues, solos
and recitations win, given by the the
Sunday Sohool scholars. One fcaturo
out of the ordinary was the present a
tion of T907 calenders to  tho  members
of the Ohurch by the prstor R?v. H, W,
Pieacy. Tho calendars aro very artistio
and will be highly appreciate.} by tho
people of tho church.
W A 'm T E D.— City nnd Suburban
property, acreago, and fruit laud. last
your proporty with us, Chas. Steele &
Melliss, Steele Block, Winnipeg, Mau.
Following Mt. Pleasant School pupils
passed the Christinas Entrance Examinations :No. of oaudldfttos, 18; passed,
lis Hattio Mill, 728: Belle Urqnhnrt,
700; Edna McLeod, 609; May McCon-
ngby, 610; Bcssio MclJouuld, 613; Bcoil
U-lubart, B09; William Muuiberstouo,.
60,i; Mildred Copeland, 592; Winuifred
Doherty, 580; Gladys Brydone-Jack,
' ■ :o:-,	
The Strider Shoes for Men nre pro.
-ouneeil in style, rnro in quality and
superior in workmanship. Thoroughly
reliable and contains all that anybody
cnu givo for 155.00.— H. MILLS, 110
Hastings street, west.
Miss Shaw-Hellicr, Masseuse; Certifi-
cnte, Loudon, Euglaud.—445 Granville
street; 'phone A1462.
FOR SALE.—Now Modern Houso,
furnaco, and every convenience-; '4-
blocks from oartine. Prict) $3,150, cash
$1,500. Mrs. R. Whitney, "Advocate"
For yonr Soft Drinks, Candies,
Oigars aud Tobacco go to the Mt,
Pleasant Confectionary Store, (Chas.
Homewood, proprietor).
$3lW Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Satur.
day morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
ii********. e***»m*w*KB*****A***mA*#*^^
When the tide of population   pours   into   Vancouver   this
fall and winter, lots on Mt. Pleasaut will command the price
that lots in the City now command.
Read this list and come and see us about them.
88-ft. lot, 9-raomed House, orchnrd
small fruit.. ..$3,250
BeautifuM-room   Honse,  gas and
electric light, convenient to car;
Thirteeuth nveuue.
A good   lot on Grandvicw, $200.   .
Eigrhth avenue,
lots,  on  cornor.
S acres at Eburne, black soil, $360.00 per
acre; beautiful view. Terms.
5-room House, rented at $16 per month,
south hnlf of lot, in 200a; $1,800,
$400 ensh, balance lb arrange.
yyou-j local V*$KK
&.: ,1 .... ,1. .-.in- f,jf)f ■  ..::i'. 1
st at ... ruf.
■V'.i.t 1   >< • .wrAnti.:*/ <HM
_ees, or other
***•**, you eaa
Dr. Pleroe't Farorlte
The hospital, surjooa's _
Mn« table ner be evol4e4
ewe *t *****
the Jam iu Ina
thai take
. the timely
■Favorite Preee-pilea" In such
eases. Thereby the etofttMM eaetnln-
atloas and toee| treeiMuMe *t the temll/
physiolsn eaa be aroltM eaa* a thorough
Murse *t sueeeesfal teeatstat Mtrted out
aeleaoe for hm bum of ir—   l
aetaBRsh vl«orous heelth la Meet weak*
nasees and sllmanU Mo-1a«hrjaeMent to
women ai env msdlelne east, ft miMt be
Iven a fair OMiiMr by fteMerwkaet la Ita
taeleaee for *• enr* of m*m*jf* Swuitar
llmenu, OMtalai  aa sfsekot aaTno
armful or haut'lemlM Mi-
Do not expect top much tt*** •»»♦«*«•
wrlptlooi "It *llT Mt pmrtorsa safra-
; It win not-Ufelte e/«uretai
itnun as a fubstltuto7o7Th#
.known composlttoa.
Sick women ere Invt
JMeree.hr i*it*t, fra*.
once Is guo»<lrd as sacra,
womatilir enwpptneM *r*
nreressHAal ttf.-e- -t.   Mi.
|-i/Mvi\ lis ' .a,.-."..
W     : 'i»mu¥ri f
.:. Sm
LANsbowwa avenue—'
room house,
EmiiTH avenue—7-room house, $1.6.00
9.1 room house Tenth aveuue, near Wost
wiaster avenue; price $2 000, terms.
Oh Sixteenth avenue, U-acre, fine Wow
overlooking tho city; prico $600,
balf cash.   Splendid, buy.
6-room Houae on Westminster avenne,
$1 500 cash, balance to nrrango
Ond lot, 35x180, no stumps, cm Westminster avenne; prioe $335, $125
down, balance on easy terms.
House of 5-roomn, Eighth nvenue;
eleotrio light, nath; lot 89x120.
Price  .......  ..j $3,000.
Lots (corner) Westminster  avenne,
80x132; price $4,400. terms.
2-.storey Residenco on Sixth avenue,
ln?gs house, beautiful lawn, fruit.
Tertns.   Price .. ..... . $4,000.
Lot   26x132   on  Westminster   nvenue.
two-storey building, in _ijc condition; leased for 2 years; title perfect.    Pries $10,000.
7-roomt.d House, lot 4fl*_xl20, Eigrft-
trvcnuo; prico $1. SKh).
Cottage of 6 rooms, electric light, and
all conveniences; situated on Eighth
aveuuo, oast. Prico $1,050; $800
down and terms.
5 room Cottage, rented at$14 per month,
south half of lot, In 200a; prico
$1,800, $800 down, easy terms.
Two lots, cleared and graded, $1600,
inside lot for $72S Will bnild to
suit purchaser on easy terms.
Mrs. R.Whitney
2444 Westminster ave.
**k\.l*ay&+40& +****<t„.   - *^*^*^*r't*t*'t?nii
j,.. . ,      <ry| , „ . itliii
-I'll'"! II • •  - • 't!,' \i - _. -
. J's. ,
J	 ^mmm**m*ma*m
.'alu'ifil ,
Fl 'The Provincial Ekctrol  Dis-
tricts and Number of
Members   for
"    Each.
Atlin "
Alberni M
Columbia "
Cowichan ".
Cranbrook "
Chilliwhack "
Comox "
Cariboo **
Dolta "
Dowduey "
Bsiininuilt "
Fernie "
Grand Forks "
(ji'eonwood "
Islands "
Kamloops "
Lillooet "
Newcastle "
Nelson City
Nanaimo Oity "
. New Wostm'r "
Okanngan \ "
Revelstoke "
Rossland Qity "
Richmond "
Slocan «
Saanich "
Skeena ■"
Similkame.cn "
Viotoria Oity •"
Van.  Oity '.
Eleotrol Districts Members
ii ii _
Members in Legislature   42
Physical Culture.
The following are the articlesof chief
interest iu the January issue of Physical Culture, uow on sale at all news
dealers: High Backed Chairs and Hound
Shoulders, by Bernar Macfiidden; Exercise with a Pa_ of Flatii'ons, by Tboo-
d«jo Schroodor; A Vegetarian Holiday
Mcuta, by Marguerite Mttci'addou; A
Winter Sport from Viking Laud, by
Aubrey Lanitoft! Health aud Beauty iu
Dancing, (Showing the Superiority of
Old Time National and Folk Dauccs);
Tho Athletic World, by Arthur Duffey;
And a great number of 'other valuable
autl interesting artioles.
Y_uug Peoples Societies.
ijtioyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
hteet at 15 minutes to 7, every Sunday
evoniug in Advent Christian Church,
.Seventh avenuo, near Westm'r ave.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Ploasant
Methodist Church moets at 8 p. m.
B. Y..P. U., meets  in  Mt. Pleas**
Riptirits-hurch at 8 p. in.  '
The'Y. P. 8. C. E-, meets at 8 p. m
in Mt. Pleusasftht Presbyterian Cuuich
jiitifctlonolWeatmInatcrroatl tnd Westminster    «cnue.       8EKVICE8    at   11    a. m.,
' aad 7_3<iiP m..i Bumlay School at '':30 p.m.
OornpTOl Klnt aad Weatmlna—r avenuea.
MRVICU af 11 a. m„ snd 7p. m.: Sunday
Schii'iland Biblo Cla»» 2:30 pirn. Kov. A. h.
Il-horlnition, 11. A., B. D., Paiftor.
' -rsotmge IX Eleventh avenue, Hint.  Tele-
- tiOUO 1I1--B.
uorm.ir Ninth  ureiii—' and Quoboc   mreet
BEWICKS at li «-<i..an.l 7 ::in p. in.; Sunday
Prtuol .1-30 p. in.     Rev.:iuo.A.Wilson, li.A.
PaMor.  -ante earner oi Eighth nvenue uml
oeu-« street. Tot. io«.
Sr Mica ail », (Anglican).
- carom Hlnth ttsetttte and I'rlii-i: Kilward
•i.oet. SERVICES et ll a. m„ and 7:30 p.m.,
iiolj- Communion Htanil 3d Sunilaj'i: lu each
month altar morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun
in), at 6 a.m. Sunday Bchool at 2:30 p.
Kev. O. H. Wtlaon, Hector.
Rectory m Thirteenth uyonvo, east. Telephone B17S*.
Adveut Christian Church (Sot 7tfc day Ad-
eutlntH), aeventh -.venue, near Wottt—tnetpr
Avenue. Bervlcet II a. m., and 7:S0 p. m.,
Hnnday Snjhool »t'f0 a._. Young poopica'
. Hodet j al Loral Workers ol (.'Jirimtaji Endeavor mootao»oryBun4»y«von'ci..at'i:«i o'clock
Prsyereneetlni vtarjnaallay n'chtaatB o'clock
ol LS««r Day H»lnt», 4»25 WtfilmlnHur ,»ve-
iOuo. MrviflMst tttfrMea. ove«y Su$rii_y,..cve.
ninnV Kl'icrJ.H. llaliiiiy; SuiiiJiiy si. ,'i.k'I ul
i 1 o'clock. Pr^nstimesting cvStj xS****j»iix)
'   tivenlng at 8 o'clock.
aei__-WW—  mt na i *********—********
Advocate $1
m   ***■  m        s*\   umMm
} Jte» _►.' l_W-(W>«,
Fine Vehicles
1016 Westminster avenue.
Royal Crown
tiie Best in tub Would. Drop
ne a post card asking for a
Catalogue of Premiums to be
had free for Royal Crown
Soap Wrappers.
for Plants and Cut FloWers j also
a quantity of Shrubs and Ornamental Trees to be disposed Of at a
big reduction for tho next 80 days
Nursery & Greenhouses,  corner of
Fifteeuthand Westminster avenues.
The Cheapest Place iN the City.
. Pleasant
t. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodgxi "No. lllmeetfreyery
Tuesday at 8 p. m , iu-Oddfellows Mall
Westminster nvonue,   Mt. Pleiwtottt.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noiu.K Grand—Frank Trimble.
Recording Secretary—H. Patter-
sou, 120 Tenth aveuue, cast.   ,
Alexandra Hive No. ?, holds .regnlar
Review 2d an_ lth -Mondays -of each
mouth in Ki_g_ts of Pythias Hall
Westiniiister avenne.
Visiting Ladies nlways we_bine.
Lady Commander—Mrs. N. Pettipieoe,
25 Tenth aveune, east.
Lndy Record Keeper—M_s. J. Martin,
Niuth aveuue.
L. O. L.
Mt.    Pleasant    L. O.   L.i
No. 1842, meets tho 1st and
3d Thursday of each month,
at f( p. in , in tho K. of P.
All     visiting    Brethren
cordially welcome.
J. Murtin. W. M.,
124 Ninth avenne, eaat.
Ralph S 'Gammings, Rec. Sec'y.,
2444 Westiiilnsli-r avenue.
I. O. F.
Conrt Vancouver 1828,. Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p.m., in
Oddfellows' Hall.
■ Visiting brethreu always welotfme.
Chief Ranger—A. fcngelly.
Recording tfctCRETABYwM. J.. Crehan,
337 l'rlni'ciuatreoi, City.
Financial Secretary-^-RsIpBi 8. Cum-
mings, "Advocate'' OBloe, Mt. Pleasant
■Vancouver Council, No. 211», meet*
every 2d and 4th Thnrsdays 6f each
mouth, in I O. 0. F., Hull, West-
mi'inter avenue.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome
H. W. Howes, Cmiof Councillor,
m Tontt. ave.,1....'.
Miss A. OttumberB,  Recorder,
2228 iVentmiiatcratenue. Tel. 760.
Peraonal eotlces of visitor* on
nt. Pleasant, c+ of Mt. Pleaaant
people who visit other cities, also all
local ***lal affairs ai» gladly .received
by "t^AdWseate.-'
Municipality of South Vancouver
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given td
the Electors of South Vancouver and
the included district for school purposes
known as District Lot 801, that I require
the presence of the said Electors nt the
Municipal Hall, North Arm   road on
MONDAY Jan. 14th, 1907,
at 12 o'clock noon, for the purposo of
electing persons to represent them in
tho Mnnicipnl Council on Reeve and
Councillors; nud School Trustees.
Tho mode of nomination of Candidates
shall be as follows: Tho Candidates
shall bo nomiuuted in writing, tho
writing shall bo subscribed by two
voters of tho Municipality as Proposer
nnd Seconder, and shall be delivored to
tho Returning Offloer at nuy time
between the date of the Notice and
2 p. in. ou the day of tho Nomination,
nud in the event of a poll being necessary, whether for Reeve or Councillors
or School Trustees, such poll will be
opened on Sn.turdny the 19th dny of
Jautiary, 1907, from 9 a. m. to 7 p. m.,
at tho followiug places:
Collingwood  School  for  Ward 1.
South Vancouver School      "      2.
~-        near Wostminlter road
MunicipaiHail.North Arm rd, "   8
Sixteenth ave., B. O. E. Ry.
Waiting Room   "   4.
Eburne Hall, over Greeg's,     "   6.
Voters in Distriot Lot 801 can vote
at any polling station.
All voters who wish to record thoir
vote for Reevo only can vote at the most
convenient place Bnt for Connoillors
the vote must be given at the polling
station in the. Ward in which the
Elector has a vote.
"The qualification for Reevo shall be
his being a male British Subjeot and his
having been for the three months nest
preceding the day of Ws nomination,
the registered ownea in the Land Registry Office of land & real property situate
within the Municipality, of the assessed
value on the last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll of five-hundred
dollars or more, over and above any
registered judgment, and being otherwise duly qualified as a voter."
"The qualification for Councillor shall
be his heing a male British Subject, and
having beeb for three mouths next preceding the day of his nomination, the
registered owner in tho Land Registry
Office of land and real property, situate
within the Municipality, of the asseStied
value on the last Municipal or Provin-
vincial Assessmeut Roll of two-hnftdred
and fifty dollars or more, over and above
any registered judgment, or being a
homesteader, lessee from the Crown, or
pre emptor who has resided within the
Municipality for the space of ono year,
or more, immediately preceding the
nomination and who is assessed for five-
hnndred dollars.or iuobo., on the lust
Munieipal or Provincial Assessment roll,
Over and above any registered judgment,
aud being otherwise qualifiedaBa voter;
but nothing herein coutainod shall be
held to disqualify a Councillor whose
qualification at the time of his election
was that of a homesteader, lessee from
the Crown, or pre emptor, should he acquire a title to his land ouriug his term
of office."
Returning Officer.
Given under .my hand and seal, at
South Vancouver, tbe 2nd of Jan. 1907.
Printed all-wool challicS have been a
feature of the early spring trado.
Larger floral and geometricnl desig'-.s
arc taken for the children's trade nudby
the wrapper and kimona makers, while
the semi-staple pilka dot and small
stripe effects have sold for coonter purposes. Some of the better class mills
have been showiug threo psint, four
color work in domastie goods at med-
prices for the first timo this season;
The supply wa» so limited nud demand
good euough td permit of rdvances of 6
cents per yard ou theso nfter the season
opened. The Persian dcBigns are especially popular in these new throe-jprint
a     W  ■'...■■ iem** '
"The Sdvocate
**A* asmfAl
dfh ft¥_.
Bouble corner    iooxi-0-ft., Q-rooroed
house, .orchard and gardefi $$,ooo,
-flew 5^*ooinefl  house, concrete  fottnda-
Sion, 36-ft. lot; prkip $-1,550.
Halfos^rft Sixteenth atfcnue, tea.utif.kl Ms*,; price
'< 1   11   «.
*h #•']
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Stor*of B. C.
of the right kind of Merchandise, making
Splendid Bargains.
Center-pieces,  Tea-cloths   Etc
Doillios worth 10c for 5c eaoh; 20c for 15c; 40c for SOc.
Center-pieceB worth 50c for !15c; 75c for 50c j $1 for 75o
Tew-oloths worth 85c for 25c ench; 60c for 85c; $1.25 for U
Lndies' White Lawn Aprons, trimmod with embroidery, just the
thing for an Xmas Gift:—worth 30c for 20c each; OOc for 40c;
90c for 60c; tl for 75c.
Remnants of Ribbons, Laces and Dress Goods at the nsnal
Bio Reddctio-s".
J. Horner,
143 Hastings street east.
Between Westminster and Colnmbia avenues.
'phone 877.
Our 20 per cent
Clothing Sale.
of the price.
Tou want a Suit and wo want to save you one-fifth
—Look ns up.—
Bishop & Chambers
408 Westminster ave*
your   Local
j.      i.<.
Sra.scrtiBB to
Pa psr NOW..
Don't be a Borrower of tt
paper which only coats $1.00 a
"i-IT .T_-g_;
Get your work doue nt the
Glasgow ftarbtr Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank UwEnwoop, Proprietor,
BRTHS-Bnth room fitted with PoitCisi
lain    Bath    Tim    and all   modern
E. &
Company,  Financial,  Press and
Advektwi._is' Aoents.
30 Fleet St., London, E.G., England
Colonial Business n Specialty.
50  YEARS'
Trade. M«RK9
Copvrigmt3 Ac.
Anyone semltng a sKptrti nnd ricserlnMnn miif
qull/fly ."isfertnlii onr opinion freo whethor n. '
Invention In prolmtily pntcntubla. Coniiuunlrn. '
tlons nti-lctlycoii— Icull—L Hundbook on Putenta
toitf froo. Oldeit Ainjiicy for liiliiirlnfr patent.. „ *
l'aienta taken -livgnnli Munn A Co. tecelre
tiKeinlnottce, wllhout cburile. In tli. >
Scientific «erica«,
A J—ndnolfnely —ustrat«1 weekty.  —uveat cl^
eujAtion of nny bClcntlSo jnuniul.   Terma, $3 . -
joa?: four months, (L Sokl byall imwaAMIera. '
Branch OBoe, —5 P 8t, Waahlaiton, dM
The Advocate ib the best advertising
medium where it circulates. Tel. Bl40£ _
Is Issued^'MtpS-t lr
■WJ   l_J9K7UV^VI & South Vancouver.
"The Advocate'1 nivt-s all tbe Local Nows of Mi- Pleasnut from
week W week for Jl 00 per your; six months OOc. An intcrolting
Serial Story is nlwnys kept running; the solootious in Woman's
Realm will always be fonud fnll itiKirest to up-to-dnte women; tho
mfcK>*IIniu'OiiB items are always bright, eiltortnining and inxpirihg.
New AnlVO-la on Mt. PleMo»t will bectime fa '
i-oinmiiri. f» and more <i*jfkly iutOHMfod tn
they subscribe.to
bt will lnyi.mW'' i'ltcdily informi'd of (li'r
oca) biippciilnga ff
The A*.oe.Ue."
Thn Funntlnn of mn
is first to draw attention and to leave a f.ivorable
and ajsl i&t as possible i. lasting impression.
The first Atid principal object of n very gr< nt denl of iiilvirtfring
is oof directly flttaf of »el.iiip goods, but of estah-ifhing n wp*rihy
fwuo—ft rncoj'hiiH d mpWntioii—to mtlke tli" goods and the Wmiso
ki,.'I'.vn. Cnntiinii'iH mSit como with Home ides of th( gouiis'tpny
ii-vtr., the mom knnwlt'ifj;«'tlio letter With couf>.ttiittr-i Iniijiirril
lyeili ftivB ui|vertiBiu^_ it iii ttn'ii »p to tl:n PhlustiiBU tm C.< ''lm
in.'t tn mnke jtiMtri bvftonrtisv tind a skiHfrl preBt-'itaiion (if thn
wnrvv. wliii'b 4innld IX! up to all i tint him '.ii'-i't: ;ii'.Vi iTi'-ri'..
TNE ADVOCATE is the best -idvcftismg
niuiiinm f&r reaeking Mt. JPleasant Pfopk- to
gain their favoraWe attention'.o your goods a«4
store. ,Advertisitig rates re?.^ rable—not in »{.e
Pltilisher*' .A-'>'c'_ci'»ii.tf);i hv.-.'i r.iie   -H'.t'iue.
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Captain Cook and Australian Natives.
The natives of Australia knew the
medicinal virtues of roots and herbs
so well thnt when first discovered by
Captain Cook, the great English navigator, they were practically free from
disease. Bileans for biliousness (the
great Australian herbal remedy) are
compounded from the finest medieinal
Without slumber Digestion nnd  As-
sfmllntlou  Are Imperfect.
One of the most Important functions
of that mysterious physical condition
we term sleep ls so little understood
that   persons   wbo  cheat   themselves
.      . iMSt medicinal   habitually out of two or three hours
S_?!U&r l_U«rtJor8eThXin" ' « »" nat"ral "* ~ ^ <"'e
It is a well-known fact thnt most
liver and stomach medicines contain
mercury, bismuth and other mineral
poisons. If taken for long these substances cause such serious effects as
loosening the teeth, causing the hair
to fall, etc. Now liileans are a household medicine absolutely devoid of
all such hnrmful ingredients. They are
purely vegetable and are
a certain cure
for all liver
and stomnch
troubles, indigestion, hend
ache, constipa
tion, piles, female ailments,
etc. They cure
constip a t i o n
without causing griping.
If you are feeling 'run-down'
er out of sorts
they will stimulate you wonderfully. Bil-
eans, without
the slightest
discomfort (an Australia* nat_ v_o
prompt the liver and digestive organs
to act in nature's normal way, leaving those organs strengthened and
stimulated  to continue  the perform-
hcard wondering tit the same time why
they nro affected with dyspepsia and
malnutrition. Cute, even rigor, In the
mntter of diet seems to avail nothing,
the stomach continuing in a condition
of chronic revolt.
In reulity the processes of digestion
and assimilation ure bo closely interwoven with slumber that unless the
required amount of sleep Is taken it is
Impossible for the body to be nourished, lf, indeed, the food undergoes the
ordinary digestive changes.
It Is only when the brain and the entire nervous system are practically off
duty that the processes of ultimate nutrition take place. The food oaten Is
finally asitlmllatcd and transformed
Into new tissues, into blood, muscle,
nerves and brain, only while the body
Is relnxed in slumber.
A curious illustration of this necessity of sleep Is that furnished, by the
six day endurance races. One mnn engaged ln these deadly tests ents five
times as mnch as a man on ordinary
labor could cram down. Want of sleep
has rendered it Impossible for even the
enormous amount of food taken at this
time into the body to form u-w tissue.
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but^.
why go to all the trouble an_
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having hisprescription
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent
bott'a of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly ?
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back np this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure it with
Iron   111   tile   TiitOy.
There are about 100 grains of iron
In the average human body, and yet so
Important -is   this   exceedingly   small
The Dublin Evening Herald declares
, that it has relinble informntion to the
effect thnt nt a recent conference of
the Irish lenders, Sir Antony Pntrick
Macdonnell, under secretary to the
Karl of Aberdeen, lord lieutenant of
Irelnnd, rend the draft of a plnn for
the reorganization of the government
of Ireland.
anoe of their duties without further ! q"an"f.y that lts <ltalu»t;on is •"«_*
assistance.     They  produce  a gentle ] ed with very serious results,
action on the bowels, curing or pre
venting constipation, cleansing the
stomach, and ridding the system of
all impurities.
Bileans for biliousness are also a
aertain cure for skin eruptions, biliousness, sick headache, bad taste in
the mouth, foul breath, dkziness,
fainting, feelings of uncomfortable
fulness even after a light meal, wind
pains, anaemia, debility, etc. They
improve the general circulation, and
are a boon to pale-faced girls and
weak women. Obtainable from all
druggists At 50 cents a box, or from
itha Bilean Co., Colborne street, Tor-
«nto. Cut out this article, write across it the name and date of this
paper, and post it to the above address with your own name nnd aii-
dress_ and a lc -[tamp to pny return
postage, and a free sample box will
be mailed you.
A state of seige has been proclaimed
in the Bnltic provinces on account of
the continuation oi tlie revolutionary
The Riga correspondent of the
'"Bourse Gazette has sent in harrowing
> details of the execution by shooting
■of three boys whe were condemned
'■by a court—isrtial for robbery.
Itching,     Burning.     Creeping,
Crawl Ine,
Skin Diseases relieved in a few minutes
ly Agnew's Ointment. Dr. Agnew's Ointment relieves instantly, and cures Tetter,
Hnlt Itlu'iim, Scald Head, Eczema, Dicers,
Blotches and all eruptions of the skin
'.'t is soothing and quieting and acts like
magic in alt Baby Humors, Irritation of
the Scalp or Rashes during teething time.
35 cents a box.—7
A Bis Household.
i The missionary was at once pale and
yellow—pale, he explained, from an
avoidance of the deadly Indian sun,
yellow from a disordered liver.
"Nevertheless," _e said gayly, "India
for me first, last, and all the time. On
the money you* and your family ara
paying at this hotel do you know how
you would live In India*'"
He lighted a cigarette nnd resumed:
"You would live !n n beautiful house
set lu a lovely garden, with a list of i
servants that would Include a khan-
samnh, or butler; n khitinutgar, or table servant; a chokrn, or page; a mus-
salc-iee, or light bearer; a mug, or cook;
two syces, or grooms; a bheestee,
or water carrier; u sanhib, or house
cooly; a molll, or gardener; a dhoble,
or washerman; a durzec, or private
tnllor; an nyuli, or nurse; a slrduh, or
valet; a furnish bearer, or lamp man;
three punkah coolies to work the fans;
a durmnn, or lodge porter; a jumadar,
or footman, and several ehuprussles, or
A Centennrlan'ai Chnlr.
A curious chair stands at one of the
entrances to the citudel of Cairo. It
was placed there for the gatekeeper,
•who died aged 125. It bears tbe Inscription, "Only he who by the favor
of God has lived a hundred years may
sit here."       i     	
' ' A rawom   .MvurY.
Count Brswlaskl, the famous Polish
dwarf, was born In 1739 and visited
every court In Europe in the century.
When six years old he wa° only seventeen Inches In height, though at thirty
years of age he grew to be three feet
lbree Indies'. lie had a sister, also a
dwarf ami so much smaller than himself that sbe eould stand erect under
. liis arm.
Snlimnrlne  I'rlfi; rniilis.
The first submarine telegraph wire
was lnld ln 18ii0 from England to
France. Two years later Scotland and
Iceland were connected.
Di. W;iiams' Pink Pills Cure Obstin.
ate  Indigestion After Other
Medicines  Fail.
' V hen I was first troubled with indigestion I did not bother with it, I
thought it would pass away naturally,
llut instead of doing so it developed
into a painful chronic affection, which
in si-te of all I did grew worse nnd
Moi'se until I had abandoned all hopes
cf ever getting relief." These words
oi Mr.. Charles McKay, of Norwood,
N.S. should serve as a warning to all
who suftef distress nfter meals, with
palpitation, drowsiness and loss of
i.ppi lite—early warning of more serious trouble to follow.
''I ubed to rise in the morning,"
said jvirs. McKay, 'feeling no better
'Of a night's rest. I rapidly lost flesh
and even after the most frugal meal
I nlways suffered severe pains in my
■ LOinoch. I cut my menls down to a
kw n outhfuls, but' even then every
morsel of food caused agony, my digestion was so weak. Some days I
was so weak I could scarcely drag
myself about the house, and I was
never free from sharp, piercing pains
in the back and chest. I grew so
bad.that I had to limit my diet to
milk nnd sodn wnter, nnd even this
caused severe suffering. In vain I
sought relief—all medicines I took
seem >d useless. But in the darkest
hour of my suffering help came. While
reading a newspaper I came across
a cure thnt was quite similar to my
own case, wrought by the use of Dr
Williams' Pink Pills'.' 1 thought if
another person had been cured by
these pills of such suffering as I wns
experiencing, surely there was hope
for me, nnd I at once sent to the
druggist for a supply of these pills,
the first indication that the pills
were helping me was the disappearance of the feeling of oppression,
then I began to tnke solid food with
but title feeling of distress. I still
continued taking the pills with ' an
improvement every dny, until I could
digest all kinds of food without the
least trouble or distress. I nm in
splendid health to-day and all -.the
Hll1  "     dUe t0 Dr' Williams' p'nk
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills go right to
ne root of indigestion and other
troubles b.v making rich, red blood
winch tones nnd strengthens everv
organ Of the body. That is why thev
cure anaemia; with nil its hendnches
and backaches nnd sidenohes, rheumatism nnd notirnlgin and the special
ailments of growing girls nnd women
of all ages. Sold by nil medicine
dealers or hy mail at 50 cents n box
or six boxes for $2.00 by writing the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Eat what you like.—Give the digestive
organs some work to do. These functions need exercise as much as any part
of the human anatomy, but if they're
'lelicate, give them the aid that Dr. Von
Stan's Pineapple Tablets afford and you
:'an eat anything that's wholesome and
palatable-6(t in  a box.  35 cents—8
Tbe Ancients Evidently Bnd n Keen
Sense  or Humor.
The fnbles of AZaop prove that the
ancients were not without a liking for
fun, and the remains of ancient art tell
the same story. Examples of artistic
humor are more common than Is supposed by most persons.
A drawing on a tile in the Metropolitan museum, in New York, represents
a cat dressed as nn Egyptian lndy,of
fashion. She ls seated languidly ln a
chair, sipping wine out of a smnll bowl
and being funned and offered dainties
by an abject looking tomcat, his tail
between his legs.
The cat figures largely In the ancient
comic groups of animal life. In a
papyrus ln the British museum a flock
of geese are being driven by a cat and
a herd of goats by two wolves with
crooks nnd wallets. One of the wolves
ls playing a double pipe.
There Is In the museum of Turin a
papyrus roll which displays a whole
series of such comical scenes, ln
the flrst place a lion, a crocodile and
an ape are giving a vocal and instrumental concert Next comes an ass,
dressed, armed and sceptered like a
pharaoh. With majestic swagger he
receives the gifts presented to him by
a cat of high degree, to which a bull
acts as proud conductor.
Another picture shows pharaoh ln
the shape of a rat, drawn in a carriage
by prancing greyhounds. He ls proceeding to storm a fort garrisoned by
cats having no arms but teeth and
claws, whereas the rats have battle
axes and bows and arrows.
Muskrats have invaded the town of
Lake City, Iowa, nnd undermined several buildings there. The animnls
burrow into the earth, coming up in
cellars. They honeycomb the lawns
and dig around foundations of buildings. They are being killed in lnrge
numbers, nnd their furs snved for
How to Cleanse the System.—Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the result of scientific study of the effects
of extracts of certain roots and herbs
upon the digestive organs. Their
use has demonstrated in many instances that they regulate the action
of the liver and the kidneys, purify
♦he blood, and carry off all morbid
accumulations from the system. They
are easy to take and their action is
mild and beneficial.
Bl*' Refrlarerntor Rules.
Buy your Ice in pieces as .large as
can be accommodated. This ts much
more economical than to buy small
Be careful not to fill dishes too full,
so that they will spill over. If anything Is spilled don't fail to wipe lt up
Do not put food of any sort directly
on the ice. If it is absolutely necessary to place lt near the Ice see that
lt ls In glass or porcelain.
Pack the Ice well together and do
pot wrap lt In paper or cloths. Instead keep the door of the Ice chamber
shut as much as possible.
Empty the refrigerator at least once
n week. Scrub the interior thoroughly,
then scald the Ice chamber and drainpipe with boiling wnter In which a
lump of soda has been dissolved. Follow this with clear boiling water.
Wipe dry and let It air for twenty
Use clean, flat dishes to hold whatever is on the lower shelves. A good
habit to acquire ls that of washing
such dishes dnlly, pnrtly for cleanliness, partly to guard against the pos'
siblllty of anything being overlooked
and consequently becoming tainted,
thereby possibly eontnminatlng a whole
shelf full of good food.
The first anthropologic^ society, for
the study of mnnklnd considered with
reference to the nnlmal history of the
race, was founded in London in 18G3.
An Ounce of Snlt.
An ordinary tablespoonful of common salt, dry, weighs almost exactly
one ounce. ___
The Family Skeleton.
"Have they got a family skeleton?"
"T should say so."
"How do you know?"
"I saw their eldest daughter In a
bathing suit this summer."—Houston
The Hed Cnrnntlqn.
Tbe red carnation Is regarded ln
Spain as an emblem of despair. There
ls a tradition lu Andalusia that the
flower sprang from the blood of the
Virgin Mary.
Before yon get
garments   all
die shrink
is   t«ken_
Ffy as well as
"warm,because the \
^short fibres that'
i make some under- '
r itch are taken"
out of  Pen-,
Angle wool.-1
At the banquet given in his honor
at Vancouver, Sir MeKenzie Bowell
expressed the hope that Newfoundland
would join the confederation at no
distant date.
A Dutch woman kept « tollgate. Oae
foggy dny a traveler asked, "Madam*
bow far ls lt to A.?"
"Shoost a leetle ways," was the reply.
"Yes, but how far?" again asked the
"Shoost a leetle ways," more em-
"Madam, ls lt one, two, three, four
or flvo miles?"
The good woman ingenuously replied,
"I dinks It Is."—Llppincott's Magazine.
How It Looked to Her.
The Friend—I hear you are going to
marry young Wilde to refoi-_i him.
The Maid—Your hearing is good.
The Frlond—Well, If you don't succeed you won't be ablo to keep him out
of jail.
The Maid-That's all right. If he
doesn't reform I'll not want to keep
him out—Chicago Npwh.
Intrepidity Is nn extraordinary
strength of soul, which raises it above
the troubles, disorders and emotions
which the sight 'of great perils cnn
nrouse in it. By this strength heroes
maintain a calm aspect nnd preserve
their reason and liberty In the most
surprising and terrible accidents.—
Louis Byrem, auctioneer, commission merchant and business broker,
436V, Richmond street, London, Ont.,
writes "I suffered with chronio
oatarrh. After spending money for
medicines and dootor bills, Peruna
rr%* recommended. After using it I
found reUet. I wish to oonvlnco others of the merits of yonr remedy."
London's  Bljl Clock.
The hour and the quarter weights of
Big Ben hnve to be wound twice a
week, the operation taking about five
hours ln each case. The weight for the
quarters ls just about a tou and n hnlf,
and the hour weight is over a ton. Tho
pendulum, 13',.. feet long, vibrates once
m two seconds and weighs nearly 700
nounda.         .....
The Almond Blossom.
Pliny says that the nlmond blossom
wns regnrded by the young people of
bis nge as an emblem of hope.
. Most of the world's chocolate Is made
In Switzerland, though Germany ls a
good second.
Troife fol* ,, I
Io a variety ol labrics, styles and prices,
tn all sizes (or women, men and
children, tnd guaranteed by your own dealer.
Carrier  Pigeons.
Carrier plgeous in calm weatber can
travel at a speed of 1,200 ynrds a minute. With a brisk wind prevailing and
blowing in the direction ol Its flight, a
pigeon bas beeu known to make 1,000
yards a minute.
Rental Vnlne of Grouse Moors.
It has been estimated thut something
like £150,000 ls pnld yearly as rental
for the 2,400 grouse moors of Scotland.
Rental of a grouse moor varies from
lOd. to 2s. 6d. an acre, nud oue of 10,-
000 acres, with shooting lodge attached,
fetches ns much as £500. Perthshire ls
the great county for this form of sport
ItoiiNl   Donkey.
Having tasted the flesh of vnrlous
anlmnls, a Northampton (England) gentleman declares that a donkey makes
tho most excelleut eating of any animal, the tla vor resembling that of a
>?>_ing turkey.
Eliot's imllnii Bible.
It Is asserted b.v typographical authorities that the lirst Bible printed In
America was "John Eliot's Indian Bible," In 1603. The language into which
this Bible was translated is extinct.
and It ls said only one or two person*
are able to read it .   ,v
or Sore Muscles due to Colds*
Strains or Rheumatism
Will hSTA the in Ham mitt inn that cauiM the
lAnrtf-tK'Bi <i>i:ckly removed by first bathing
with  hot water, then  rubbing od briikly
Johnson's j
Its wonderful power to destroy pain has
made it famous since 1610.
Uo., three times ss much SOo.   All dealers.
I. B. JOHNSON 4 CO., Boston, Mass.
W   N    U    No,   611
HAVE you ever heard boys and
girls a description of thn life of
middles on a training ship? If
not, you will be Interested In the
story of Robert Qreer, n'Baltimore bny,
who started out frum Brooklyn Navy
Yard last summer on Ills llrst cruise as
a midshipman.
The course was directed due south,
nnd the destination was the Philippines
by way of the Cape.
The flrst Monday oul. nt 9 o'clock, a
general muster wns called by the color
bugler, and the middles assembled at
quarters. At 10, they lay aft on the
quarter deck, every middy, the older
seamen lining up In Ihe rear of the
younger fellows, nnd the officers ranging themselves along the weather side
of the deck.
First, the executive officer read the
articles of war, then the roll was called,
each middy, as his name was called, answering promptly, "Here, sir," and, cap
In hand, walking down the long line forward under the critical inspection of all
the officers and men.
This over, nil the middles turned their
attention to tiffin (as luncheon Is called
as soon as the tropics are reached), on
the berth deck, where each of the mess
cooks prepares the mec.ls for twenty
men. Here, on the deck, Robert nnd his
fellow middles had their mess chests arranged between the guns, and between
every two guns were two dining tables.
Every morning at F> Robert and the
other middies had either to get down on
their hands and knees and "holystone"
the decks, or clean and polish all the
brass fittings, or sweep down decks.
There were enormous chain cables to be
cleaned, all the middies sitting over
them, pounding and clinking and scouring and dusting each link, and daubing
the cables over with coal tar nnd lacquer mixed. Then there were the gun
carriages to be stained, the guns to be
blackened, the stanchions to bo lacquered, the masts to be scraped and a score
of other things to be attended to before
the ship housecleanlng could be called
done for the day. "For the day." mind
you; each following day the entire programme had to be gone over agnln.
Indeed, whetiev, r ruins and winds
arose, there was not only the regular
work, but n lot nf extra work lies des.
Robert would then find a wet deck below; nnd ns th" hammocks were never
allowed during the day, he would have
to sit or lie down un the deck, wet
though it wns.
It wan tho Mondny after their second
Sunday nt sea that the middies met w th
the mn.it unusi'nl nnd Interesting experience  of  the  voyage.    They    hnd   b en
mustered at quarters and exercised at
firing exercises. After lunch they were
exercised In divisions, nnd then were
stationed for manning the ship's rail,
nnd were put through their Instructions
by the older seamen.
that King Neptune would appear to demand their homage.
Sure enough, Just as the deck exer-''
ciscs came to an end and eight bells
rang, the notes of a jolly Jig began ringing from the bugle, and the beginning
All this time the boys were on tiptoe
with excitement, for the word had gone
around that the moment the ship reached the equator interesting things were
to come to passi-just what no middy
could guess; but this much they knew;
of a strange procession came into view
from the officers' quarters.
At the head marched a curious and
Imposing character, dressed in a blue
suit, and long, flowing hair, beard and
moustache  made  of unbraided   manlla
rope; a tin crown ornamented with a
huge tin slar, and carrying a trident In
one hnnd.   •
"Hail to King Neptune!" roared one
of the older seiimen, ana then the middies took up the salutation and shouted
It all together.
Beside King Neptune tripped a be-
skirted creature with long manilla locks,
a crown ornamented witn star and crescent, nnd sporting a fearfully and wonderfully berlbboned parasol.
"Hall to Queen Amphitrite!" roared
the seamen, and "Hall to Queen Amphitrite!"   echoed  Robert and   his  brotner
Behind the royal pair marched the
Judge advocate general In the gorgeous
costume of an Elizabethan courtier,
combined with a wig of the Revolutionary era.
With him marched the purser, fixed up
Uncle Samlike, with a seven-inch collar and red, white ana blue swallowtail
coat and tall hat and trousers, the latter strapped to his boots.
The doctor brought up the rear, fronted by a huge apron, his sleeves protected with cotton covers, his huge stovepipe
hat made of inked-up blotting paper,
huge blue goggles on his nose, a huge
syringe in one hand, a wioked-looklng
lance and nippers and unsheathed knife
in the other.
"Great Caesar!'' ejaculated Robert,
"what's the doctor going to do?"
The doctor heard him. and, turning
greedy eyes upon him, studied his bodily
parts attentively for a moment, and
,   "Ha!  you're   worth  carving  up!    I'm
the executioner!"
And In spite of himself Robert felt a
thrill of tearfulness, the doctor looked
so murderous.
There were a chief of police, police
assistants, officer of the deck, assistant
officers, chief bear and cubs, drummer,
fifer. chief of detective bureau and other officials too numerous to describe.
Around and around the decks marched
the procession, until the green middles
appeared to be sufficiently Impressed.
Then King Neptune nnd Queen Amphitrite took their places on the thrones
which hnd been placed In the stern.
Their retinue took their stand about the
throne, and the doctor, chief of police
and chief of detectives pHced slowly and
grimly toward the line of fearfully expectant middies.
"Robert Greer!" suddenly shouted
the chief of police, "step forth."
Robert stepped forth promptly, but
with an ill-concealed shudder. What
were they Intending to do with him?
Slice off his ears? Slit his nose? Cut
his throat?   Pinch bits of flesh out of
his arms and legs? Burn him with,
hot pokers? Horrid tales had been told
the boys by the older seamen—tales
of worse doings than those even.
A booth made of awning was solemnly set down In front of the king,
Robert was conducted within It.
breathless silence reigned for a moment or two, then wails and cries and
groans began to  Issue from it.
"Robert's being tortured!" whispered
one middy to another, tremulously.
"Let me go! Please, let me go!"
pleaded the voice. "Oh! kill me at.
once! Oh! have mercy! Have mercy!"
What was really happening inside
the booth? Why,-this: On entering it,
Robert found himself seized, bound
nnd gagged. Then the ship's barber,
who had been concealed there, proceeded to shave him, while his assistants gave out the wails and cries and.
groans and pleadings, which the trembling middies outside attributed to
The shaving over, Robert was bundled up In a tarpaulin, and was solemnly carried forward bv four seamen—to
all appearances dead.'
Rapidly each remaining middy was
given his tufn tns'de the booth, to the
accompaniment of much the same
groans and cries.
When at lust this part of the program was completed King Neptune and
Queen Amphitrite transferred their
court to the forward deck, where there
lay side by Elde, gagged and bound, on
the boards all of the middles who had
Just teen put through the shaving
booth—all now full of "laugh," which
they were fairly dying to bellow forth.
A tarpaulin tank had been filled on
the lower deck, about seven feet deep,
and a ducking stool placed in position.
The Doctor now come forward and,
ungagging each middy in turn, with the
help cf his assistants, plnced him in
the stool and gave him as many duckings in the tank as the King commanded. Usually the middy who made
the most fuss got the largest number of
When at last the strange ceremony
was ended. King Neptune and Queen
Amphitrite arose, and the middles, released from their bonds and dripping
like dogs, were commanded to file slowly by, kiss the Qeeen's hand and the
King's toe, and receive the symbol of
knighthood, which was a smart rap on
their heads from the King's sceptre.
Then the King and Queen and their
retinue marched away and disappeared
Into the officers' quarters. And thus
ended Robert's and the other middies'
day with King Neptune on the equator.
Football Originated-With Chinese.
FOOTBALL, originated with the Chinese, according to Stewart Culln,
the expert on games.
Professor Culin has for years studied
games as Edison has studied electricity,
and wonderful ure the many discoveries
be hns made.
A curious and ancient Chinese drnwlng
unearthed by this Investigator shows a
prime minister playing football with a
king and two chamberlains. The time
Is the tenth century, but long before
that date football was recognized In
China as an exercise excellent for soldiers.
ln the eighth century football was Introduced from China Into Japan, as golf
was Introduced recently from England
to America, and the former game became as popular in the Japan of 800 A.
D. as golf is popular ln the America of
From China and Japan football spread
rradually all over the world.—St. Louis
Globe-Democrat. %
Boys' Hair.
A BOY'S hair grows one-half slower
thnn a girl's. In boys the average
rate of growth is 3 feet 3 Inches In six
years. During his twenty-first and
twenty-fourth years a man's hair grows
quicker than at any other period.
'ihe human hair forms a profitable
crop. Five tons are annually imported
by the merchants of London. The Parisian harvest is upward of 200.000 pounds,
equa' in value to 1400,000 a year.
Boyal Spanish Coach.
The state coach used by the King of
Spain is drawn by eight pure white
horses, with white plumes and white
No Rhymes.
About 6000 words  In the English language have no rhyme to them.    These
Include gulf, month and echo.
AS THEY sat at the breakfast tablo
one morning, ine tirsi picture
Bhoss-s t'e wny Benny looked.
"Mercy!" said mother, "Benny
certainly mu.-i have his hnlr cut. He
doesn't look pretty any more. Can't
you take him in to the barber's, father
"Yes," said father, "we'll go directly
after breakfast."
So Benny nnd his fnther went down
to the city, and pretty soon tbey reached
Ihe barber's parlor.
"This little fellow wants a shearing,"
said father.
"All right, sir," answered 'he barber,
"shampoo, too, sir?"
"Yes, you might as well." said father.
"Now Benny. I'll leave you here for half
an hour; then I'll come back "
"Sit down in this chair," arid the barber. And so Benny climbed Into a chair
before a great big mirror.
Then the barber took a pair of sharp
shears, and clip-cllp-elip off came ever
so many Icinff locks of B.-nny's hair.
"My, my, I didn't know 1 hnd so much
hair!" said Binny.
"Better take a nice long lock home to
your mother, Benny," said the bnrber.
"You will never have any more hair like
this, you know."
"That's just what I shall do," said
Then the barber took a bottle and
shook it nnd shook it and squirted a lot
of stuff out Into his hnndB and then ran
his hands all through Benny's hair.
"Je-ru-sa-lem!" exclaimed Benny.
"You're making a snowball of my head."
And you boys and girls T.-ould have
thought so, too, If you could have seen
"Ha! ha!" laughed the barber. "You
mny look like a snowball, but you den't
feci like one this warm day, I'll warrant."
"You're right. I don't," said Benny.
Then the barher told him to go over
to nnother part of the room where there
was a reclining chair and at ' he head of
It a big basin.
"Sit down and hang your head back
over the bneln." directed the arber, and
Benny did as he was told.
Then the barber connected a piece of
rubber hose, turned nn the water, and—
"Gee whiz!" gasped Benny, "what am
you doing to me?"
"Oh, just rinsing the soap out of your
hair," laughed the barber, as he turned
the nozzle of the hose hen. and there all
over Benny's hend.
"Ugh, It's hot!"
"Oh. never mind. It'll snrn be cold."
"Oh. that's better, 1 like thnt," returned Benny, ns the barber mnde the
water a little less warm. After that he
made It cool nnd finally so cold that just
for Ihe   second  or  two  thi.s'   It  lasted
_enny's teeth fairly chattered.
Then the barber wiped his head with
his towel and wnlked him back to the
regular barber-chair. And, drawing up
a queer-looking machine, lighted a gas
Jet somewhere under it; and the next
minute a fan began to zlp-whlrr-r-r busily behind Benny's hend.
"Whew!" ejaculated Benny. "That
feels like the north wind!"
"Oh, 11 won't feel that wny very
long!" snld the barber. "The gas heat
will soon make It warm."
Which lt did, sure enough; and then
it felt like .he south wind. And now
the barber did such un odd thing—he
connected a piece of huse with the fanning machine and tumid this south wind
on Benny s hair, Just as through the
other hose he hnd turned on water.
In about five minutes Benny's hair
wns perfectly dry. And the barber
dressed and parted It neatly, so that by
the time his father came back he scarcely knew his own Bon. ,
And no wonder! For the fourth picture shows the way Benny looked.
His head looked several sizes smaller
and himself several Inches taller than
before his hair was cut.
"Papa, 1 want to give a lock of my
hair to mamma." said Benny.
"All right," said his father; "we'll
go to the Jeweler's and hnve him put it
In a pretty locket. And by the time we
are ready to start for home It will be
ready for us."
So, thnt evening they got the locket
from the Jeweler's and gnve It to Benny's mother. When she snw Benny and
then the lock of hair she broke dowif
nnd cried n little.
"For, Benny, Benny, you aren't my
baby boy any more." she sighed.
•ml~        A AMf*3$S ifj-Hk _ i
THE    King    of   rtowden-hlowden
hud an only child, a daughter.
She   was   clever   and   beautiful
and  kind-hearted,  but  terribly
The only person who could manage
her at all was the court Jester. Ho
never contradicted her, but shrewdly
advised her always to do Ihe very opposite of what he really wished her
to do. In thiB way the Princess nnd
he got on lienutlfully together -,'ntll
one dreadful day.
On that day the King, who had been
busy examining papers, was lunching
quietly In his study, and the court
jenter was the only person waiting on
hlin. The PrlncesB was also In the
apartment and amused herself by
looking at everything In the room.
Suddenly   she  Interrupted   her   father.
"See what a funny old t oak I've
found In that big cupboard!" she ex-
clnlmed "What do you keep It for,
The King, being rather cross nt the
Interruption and forgetting his daughter's unlucky- stubbornness. spoke
rather sharply and to the point:
"Put It right back, my dear."
•   "Why,    pray    tell?"    demanded    the
Princess, obstinately.
The court Jester motioned to the
King to be careful, but ln vain.
"Because I bid you do so, my daughter, and because young people should
be seen rather than heard," ho returned Irritably.
"Then I shan't." declared the haughty
Princess. "I shall put It on nnif see
how I  look  In  it, and I  prefer  to be
heard rather than seon myself."
Then, paying no heed to the Jester's
violently shaken linger or her father's
sudden cry of alarm, she threw the
cloak over her shoulders.
Instantly she vanished!
"Oh, where am 1?" she cried, and
tried to tear off the cloak, but her efforts were of no use, for the cloak
clung to her shoulders as if it grew
there. Up in the air she rose and
away she floated over thu city strulghi
toward the country.
At last she sunk gently to earth
again ln a quaint meadow. It was
a sunny, clear day, and there was
no one in sight except a goose-girl
nnd her flock of geese So the Princess walked up to the child, thinking
she would send her to the village
nearby to Bet her a carriage In which
she could have herself driven home.
Hut when she spoke, the llttle one
screamed with terror and ran away.
"Stupid child! thoueht the Princess; "well, the Village is so close that
I'll go myself."
But the same thing hi.ppened In the
village. Every one she spoke to ran
nway In terror, till at last she was
so tired und frightened herself that
she almost wept. And she was hungry, too; and so when a fat baker's
boy ran from her screaming nnd left
his basket of rolls on the ground, the
Princess cnlmly chose ono and ate It.
"I can pay for It after I reach
home," she thought, "and for the
milk, too, which I see the slllv milkman left behind in his flight. But,
oh! why dues everybody run away
from me.  I wonder?"
And she inlfr.it have continued wondering to this hour If u curious thing
hnd not  happened.
It was growing dark nnd chilly, nnd
the Princess was sitting by the roadside, cold and unhappy, without an
Idea how far from home she wns. and
wishing she had not beon so foolish
and Btubborn, when she heard a soft
cry of pain. There on the grass near
her was a tiny, ragged baby boy,
Just able to toddle. He wus whimpering with pain, for his little bare feet
were bruised and eut.
The  Princess  forgot her  troubles.
"Oh! poor darling!" she said, and
Jumped up. And. strange to say, the
baby stopped crying and let her bathe
his feet ln the brook and bandage
them with strips from her soft muslin dress.
* And then she gathered him under the
old cloak and sang him to sleep. Just as
he fell asleep, what do you suppose happened? Why, the Princess found herself lifted in air and fiylns straight to-
' n
ward home. How glad she was to find
herself at last floating through an open-
window Into her own room. And the
moment her feet touched the floor off
from her shoulders dropped the cloak.
She luld the sleeping child on hei bed
nnd rung for her ola nurse,
"Mercy on us!" cried the nurse. "Whnt.
Is this the Princess has biought homfc-
with her?"
Then the Princess told her the whole
story, and after that went to see her
"I suppose he will lie dreadfully anxious abuut me," she thought.   .
But. lo and behold! he wub still slt-
tii.g calmly In hs room, and the court
Jester was with him.
"8o you are buck my dear?" he said,
with a twinkle In his eye. "And how did
the clonk fit. eh?"
"Oh, fnther!" cried the Princess, "don't
tease, if you please; but tell me what is
that terrible cloak?"
"It Is the magic cloak of Justice,"
said the King;" and lt punishes and rewards so strictly thnt I keep It locked
up. You see. lt took you at your word,
and made you heard rather thnn seen."
"Oh! and thut Is the reason why everybody screamed and run away. I see!"
said the Princess. "Well, I don't wonder, I'm sure. But why did It bring me
"Because you were good again, of
course " said the King.
"Oh, I see! I was good to the llttle
boy. Well, I promise you. father, deur,
I nm cured of stubbornness, once and
for all."
And she was, too. E. D. F.
Smallest Island.
'Mie smallest Inhabited island In the
world Is that on which the Eddystone
lighthouse stands. At low water the
base ls only thirty feet In diameter. At
high water the base of the lighthouse Is
completely submerged. —
' Cork Will Sink.
Cork, though the most buoyant substance, will not rise ngnin If sunk 200
'feet below the water's surface.
Grasping  Miu—
Aunty — Mary dear, I'm thinking of
buying you a doll for a valentine. What
kind 'of one wouu' vou iAp?
Mary — I thlrk I'll Uk« triplets,
Easy to Understand.
"Johnnie, my dear boy, 1 cannot Imag i
Ine how you get your feet so wet," saitl
"Can't you. mother; that's easy. Bill
James and 1 waded ln the gutter," re.
piled Johnnie.
Sweet Rond to Fame. *
"Elsie!" cried mamma, in consternation, "what do you mean by sticking youl
fingers into the pudding? I'm ashamed ol
"Well," responded the little girl, tearfully, "Jiick Horner did, und you said
yourself   thut   It   made   him   famous!"
A Natural History Lesson.
Little  Son—Father,  what Is a quadruped?
Father—Oh,   anything   that  has   four i
legs. * J
.    little Son-A piano? |     ,  \ .1   rip-.
THfc ADVDCATt;, Vancouver, *_utf_Sl_ c&tiomiiA.
—Jan. 0, 1907—
School Trustee
To the Electors*:
At the earnest solicitution of a large
number of leading citizens I have consented to offer myself as a candidate for
School Trustee. My experience has
been coueidorabie in Publio School
matters; for 14 yearn as teacher in your
city schools, nnd two years as a Trustee.
Iu brief my views are:
Thnt the Publio Schools should be
conducted on the most practical lines so
as best to lit onr youth for their future
Thnt overcrowding of schools be
guarded against.
That in teaching moro individual
attention be given tho more backward
That, where practicable, Night
Schools be conducted for the benefit of
those who are post ago of attendance at
pnblic schools.
Tha^ members of tho Board should
frcquoi-ly visit the schools.
Thut greater care bo taken in lessoning tho burdens of the taxpayer consistent with thorough efficiency.
That the time has como. when a con
certcd effort ought to be" made to pro
cure a considerable tract of land for
University purposes.
Our motto: Vacouver Schools first;
Vancouver is tho University centre.
If elected, I shall endeavor to carry
dot those principles.
Buchanan & Edwards
662 664 Granville St.
'Phone 2021.
J.J. Dougan.
—is not a new flour on the
market. It has been in use for
for a sack in your next ordor.
BRANDON, Manitoba.
Boot antl Shoemaking
and Repairing done at
Meters' Boot & Shoe Store
3*54 Westminster avenue.
—'■The Advocate" is always pleased
to receive from its reeders nny items of
local interest such tts notices of jieople
fisiting on Mt. Pleasant or of local
residents visiting outside points, all
social affairs, chnrch and lodge news,
births, marriages, etc.
Electoral Union
The principles find policy of ''ho Yanconver Electoral Union am voll-known
as "To ensure good and capablo administration of civic, affairs'"
The Union, therefore, confidently appeals to thb electorate touse every right,
and honorable means to elect to office the candidates submitted on the following ticket:
MAYOR—A Bethune.
-R, P. McLcllan. Thos.
Dnke aud C.N. IJauey.
E. J. Clark (renl estate agent).
AUtERMtM—WtAiA L eleotod by acclamation; Ward 2, D. M. Stewart;
Ward 8. elected by acclamation; Ward 4, Aid. McDonald and Capt. McSpadden:
WARD S, Dr. W. D, Brydone-Jack and -Richard Mills ; Ward 6, J. E. Bird.
Don't fail to vote tbe above ticket Jau. iotb, 1907.
Sweet Bread
White  Bread
Hanbury, Evans
& Co.
(Successors to W, D. Mnir.)
3414 Westminster nvenue, Mt. Pleasant
'Phone 448.
If yon miBs THi Advocate yon miss
tho local nows.
Advertise in "Tho Advocate."
Telephone 8.7
Established 1894.
The Rush
aud we have no time to write long ads.    We will only mention
NEW ARRIVALS—received this woek.
i ocaS Items.
The persistent advertizer is the chap
who wins out The "oocnsionnl" ad
isn't reully a very good business proposition.
Vote  for W. D.
Ptydone-Jttck   for
Mr  MoMullin,   Manager of   King's
Market is out after a few days illness.
WANTED; three housekeeping rooms
or small cottago on Mt. Pleasant, close
in. Address or call at "Adovcate"
Attend the meelihg in Oddfellows'
Hnll Tuesday evoniug and hear Ward li
Candidates' views on Civic Government.
On January 18th. n series of Rovival
Services will begin in the Mt. Pleasaut
Baptist Churoh, nnd will' be conducted
by Evangelists Roper aud McBeod.
Miss Campbell roturned on Wednesday irom a visit with Mr. nnd Mrs. W.
D: Muir nt Kamloops and is prepared to
meet her custodiers nt hev Dressmaking
Parlors, Mnir Block, Westminster avonuo.
Tho Annual Ball aud Supper of Mt
Pleasant Lodge No. 19,1. O. O. P„, was
largely attended on New Year's evening.
The floor wis iri extra fine condition,
the music of the best aud with the fine
supper those so fortunate as to bo present thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.
*A*y0**s1m)*yaymmfA^ 1
Good Navel Oranges _W)c per doz.
Phillips & Locklin
(Successors to Foster &Phillips) ■>
244-<i-46 Ninth _ve„ east. 'Phone ft 14.
We will make np a ring for yon in any form you may desire.
If it is to be n ring set with gems we will toll you exaotly the weight of
the go us, the price of tbem, and all aboht them before you bny.
When we make up a ring we mn|_o an entry of it in our books.register
its number, etc., and at any time iu the future you can get fnll ^information about..
And the ring will be backed by "TroreyV guarantee.
"IfVhat we say it is, it is..
per Year.
Stock Collars, Laces Ties, Etc.—
enough to Bupply tho whole city.
Kid Gloves, and UmbrnlluB—Kid Glovi'B
for mon aud women, every kind and
color. Now nohby Umbrellas for men
and women, from $1 to $8.60 each|
school girls' umbrellas SOc each.
Silk HIouhcs—the newest creations in
Silk waists aud allover silk lace; rung,
ing from $2 50 to $10.
Toys in tbe basement.
J. S, McLeod, MacBeth & Co.
_>_, f s »*Wf„a)>»'B. iAt, j, **$,'. A.,',,. j ft i ..mj*0^m',te*ti,*' .... rnrnm mm*)***.
Property on Westminster avenue,
bringing a rental df $100 per month.
A good buy; a farm, 80 acres under
cultivation; prico $6,800.
Beautiful homo, 3 Corner lots, Thirteenth avenue, near the avenue; splen-
did bny.
Mrs. R. Whitney, B444 Westminster
avonuo, "Advocate" Office
See Wben Yonr Lodge Meets
Tho 2d And 4th Monday!, of the month
Court Vancouver, I. O. Fi, moists at
8 p. in.
Alexandra Hivo No 7, Ladios of the
Maccaboes holds its regular meetings on
tho 2d nud 4th Mondays of the month.
Mt. Pleasant Lodgo No. 19, I.O.O.F.
meets at 8 p. m.
Vanconver Conncil No. 31 la, Canadian Ordor of Chosen Friends meets
the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
I like to read advertisements. They
are in themselves literature; and I
can gauge the prosperity of the country by their very appearance."--William ff, Gladstone,    -ajjfrthtiiH *
Business notice:
Local Advertising 10c a lino each issno
Display Advertising $1.00 por inch
por month.
Notices for Church nud Society .Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   where
will be charged for.
All   Advertisements are  run regulnrly
and charged for until ordered they
be discontinued.
Transient   Advertizers   miiBt   pity  iu
Notices ot Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published freo of chnrgo.
DO IT NOW !-If pot already a Snb
scriher to "Tho Advocato" bbfcome one
now:   Only $1 for 12 months.
A Monthly Magazine   devoted to the
Ub* of English.   Josephine Turck
Baker, Editor.
$1 ii year; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents.
Wanted.   Evanstos, 111., U. S. A.
Partial Contents for this Mouth.—
Course in English for the Beginner;
course in English for the Advunced
pupil. How tb Incrense Ono's Vocabulary.. The Art of Conversation. Should
and Wonld: how to uso thom. Pronunciation. Correct English in tiie Homo.
Correct Euglish in the School. Business English for the Businti- Mnn:
Studies itt English Literature.
Coke is an cxcolli.ut fnel for grilles, hall Hteves, furnaces
(mil cooking stoves, milking a cjear bright fare withont
Smoke or dirt.
Price $5 Per ton,     \
Vancouver Gas Company*
Pmcfe: oorner of Cardan and Hayings streets.
tAHx4*'*-f'*ii'e">'i*' .»iW»fc'fyrT'ttii^sniii»-iy,ri(iiii«ifits»>i»


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