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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jan 16, 1904

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Hot Water Bottles,
• 75c, $1.00 and up.
Fountain Syringes,
■:. 75c, $1.00 and up.
The McDowell, Atkins,
iK    Watson Co., Ld.
Burritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
Full Line of Lowney's Chocolates.
Mt Pleasant Advocate
Devoted to the interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park. South Vancouver.
Established Apr. 5,1599. Fifth Year, Vol. 5, No. 40, Whole Number 249
Si per year, Six Mouths 50c, Three ilonths 35c, Single Copy *e>
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
Fresh Oysters, just in.   Baked Apple.—like home—
with Pure Cream.   Oetrolne Boston Bated Bejtii*
Open from 7i8#a. m„ to 12 p. m.
Sunday from 0 m\ dr.  to 12 p.m.
ergons havlt
I mends or knowing of O
"  1 on Nt, Pleasant will
r strangers visiting on Mt, Pleasant will O
confer   a  artel   favor   bv Informing n
The Advocate w
I Local   Items.
O   y ~     O
Before starting on a shopping tonr,
look over the advertisements in the
The McCuaig Auction and Commission Co., Ltd., nexttoOameige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Phone 1070.
Mrs. Geo. A. Wilson, nee McLaron,
held her post-nuptial reception on
Wednesday and Thursday afternoons
of this week. Mrs. Wilson was assisted
en Wednesday afternoon by Mesdamce
Obsa. Wilson, Campbell, McLennan,
Misses Bansbury and Harding; on
Thursday afternoon by Mesdames
atarpole and 'McLennan, Misses Mo-
Lagan, MoClure, Springer, Wolfe and
little Miss Doris MoLagan
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Hart have returned from their honeymoon trip.
Mr Hoffar. architect, who was taken
suddenly ill New Year's Eve, 1b able to
be out again.
The Ladles' Aid of . Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church gave a Social at the
home of Oapt. and Mrs. Saoret, 3314 St.
George street,' on Tuesday evening.
The attendance was large and the evening was enjoyably spent.
If yen know any items of Mt.Pleasant
news—Social, Personal or any other
news items—send them in to "The
Advocate," or by telephone— B1406.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Muir intend
Wiving on Wednesday next tor * two
month, absence in California. Mr,
Muir goes to introduce his wonderful
new Bakers' Oven to the U. S., trade.
Mr. Muir certainly has a fortune in his
patented invention, which will also
(core a money maker to all in the trade.
Last year Muir's Bakery turned ont
over a 1,000,000 loaves of bread and
this year expects to doable that output.
—X tot————
Mis. Anna Marstrand will take a few
more pupil, in her Music Class. For
terms and particulars address Miss
Anns, Marstrand, 888 Hastings street;
telephone 1178.
1   "      -:o: ■ ■
Two marriageable gentlemen of Mt
Pleasant—one a merchant, the other an
educator—ore trembling in their boots
for fear that they will not pass safely
through Leap Tear. Thojouo who
succumbs to a propsul will havo to
present tho other with $100.00.
Whethor this agreement is an incentive
to accept a proposal or to reject it, is a
question tor tho render to decide.
Mrs. H. S. Campbell of Orilla, Ont.,.
baa taken up her residence with her
Tbugnter, Mrs. O. C. Pilky, »831 West-
minster avenue. Mr.. Comphell is a
nurse of many years experience and has
come to Vancouver highly recommended by physicians in tbe East. Cull or
address Mrs. H. S. Campbell, 2831
Westminsjcr avenue.
Miss Jennie Scott left Friday for
Regius, N. W. T„ where her parents
reside. Miss Scott was a popular member of Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church
Chan-, aud before her departure presented her with a bible and a hymn
book,both beautifully bound.
•■  ■ ■    . |OI.	
Ths Advocate is always glad to receive
_   items of social, personal or other news
|" from its renders.   Send news items to
the office or by telephone, B1405.
When heavier and more substantial
Shoe, are required for Winter Wear,
we are, as usual, with tho very choicest
ottering, of the best makers. We offer
SjnCiAt value, in Ladies Shoe, at $1 75,
fKSO and $8-50. R MILLS, 18 Cordova
Street and 640 Granville street.
Road the Now York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for yonr work
Mr. John Johnson and bride are ex
posted next week from the But. Mrs.
Johnson visited Vancouver as Miss
Hyde and is well-known on Mt. Pleasant- They will visit Mr. Johnson's
mother, Mrs. M. Johnson of Fifth avo,
By telling merchants they saw their
advertisements in Tbb Advocate our
reader, will confer a favor and help the
paper greatly.
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Many change, have been made in the
cosy little family theatre where a good
show can be seen at all times. Exits
have been installed sons to allow tho
audience to pass on t of the theatre
safety and comfortably, and it is considered by the authorities to be a safe
place in esse of fire owing to the many
exits which have been put in according
to the orders of the Fire Chief and
Building Inspector.
Tbe bill for next week is headed by
Boyle ss Lewis, a very clever comedy
sketch team, supported by the Great
Nelson, James Heuneaey, Fred N,
Tracy and Miss Ethel MacGregor.
Thb Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tol. B1405
The Vancouver Local Council of
Women have organized for a coarse of
interesting and instructive lectures to
women, which will be given in the
Conservatory Hall, 662 Granville street.
The first on the program, "Germ
Theory," by Dr. fliggs was delivered on
Thursday afternoon of this week, to a
large audience of women. The dates
and subjects of the lectures are as
follows: January 20th, Mis. Marion B.
Baxter, "The Twentieth. Oeainrjt.1
Woman" 1 February 28th, Dr. Roland
D. Grant, (Selected); Feb. 26th, Dr.
Manchester of New Westminster;
March 10th, Mis. Tait, "The Art of
Cooking"; Mar; »4tfc, Dr. Ernest Hall.
"Necessity of Improvement in tneTreat-
mentof Mental Diseases of Women";
Apri' 7th, Rev. J. Simpson, "Women
Writers" ; April 21st, Dr. McGuigan,
"Citizenship.". Tickets for the course
$1.00. ' ' ~;
Tbe City Grocery delivers grooerie
every day on Mt. Pleasant;
Ranges, Stoves
and Heaters
 We have tin best—onr prices are right. Call and you
will fee convinced that we can save yon money.
Paints,  Oils & Glass.
J. A.   Is LETT,
"~       %R OWENS, Manager.
sasssesssssssssssilTM'r 1    tin       i»>»»aaanaM.w»ass«a.en»«.Me«»eBa»ss»i
Choice Apples,
10 pounds for 25c.
New York Dental Parlors
Upper or Lower Set.
Guaranteed for 12 years.
22K GOLD  CROWNS.... $ 7 00
SILVER FILLINGS only.... 1 00
GOLD Fillings as low as 2 00
PLATES 12 00
Teeth Extracted (painless) .... 50
We give the best woik for the least money. Onr offices are well equipped
with the very latest appliances for doing painless dentistry. We can give
you the satisfaction that we have given to others.
We can Extract, Fill and Crown Teeth absolutely without pain. •
pur operators are nil graduate dentists, holding special diplomas, which are
on view iu our reception rooms.
New York Dental Parlors, 147 Hastings St.,E.
Offico Honrs: 8 a. jn., tp 0 p.&n.; Sundays 0 n. in., to » p. in. TolupJftme ieB6
Fresll Eastern
Smoked Salmon, Halibut and Kippers.
I«abfed0r Herrings and Cod.
.0. LEE,
2425 Westminster avenue.
'Phone 322.
The Misses Glover gave a Leap Year
Party at the homo of their parents, 415
Seventh avenue, east, on Thursday
evening. Each gentleman had tho rare
novelty of being escorted by e' lndy;
several by two Indies. The evening was
most delightfully passed with many
entertaining diversions, the chief
amusement being a bat trimming contest by the geutlemen. The hats were
wonderfully and fearfully trimmed.
Mr. L. Shilvock was ndjuded the
winner of the trimming contest. A
vote for the most popular young lady
present resulted in favor of Miss Grace
Harford, who was crowned with the
prize hat as Queen of Leap Year, by tho
winner. Dainty refreshments were
served about 12 o'clock and about 2 a.m.,
the party broke up. The Misses Glover
proved most charming and entertaing
hostesses. Those present were: Miss
Ethel Simm, Miss Jennie Scott, Miss
Olive Morrison, Miss Elsie French,
Miss Wilson, Miss Maud Conn, Miss
Florence Harford, Miss Grace Harford,
Miss Nellie Snell, Miss Ethel Ohamber-
lin, Miss Anna Burritt, Miss Mnrkie
Burritt, Miss Carrie Lippsett, Miss
Violet Bloomfield, Miss Rose Glover,
Miss Gertrude Glover, lbs. F. Harford,
Mrs. Glover. Messrs. Chapman, Wilson,
Guest, Graham, F. Whitlock, R. S.
Gumming., J, Mathers, E. Burritt, H.
Harford, L. Shilvock, V. Shilvock,
E. Campbell, D. Snell, H. Morrison,
W. J. Clement, H. Steven., j.F. Harford, Mr. Glover.
Dry Feet always give a man comfort.
Many complaints have their origin in
wearing poor shoes during the winter
months in British Colombia. Why
take chances? We invite you to call
and see our Winter Shoes—none better,
R. Mills, 18 Cordova street and 540
Granville street.
' Advertising Is the education of the
consumer. It Informs th. prospective
purchaser of the merits of different
goods and brings him Into touch with
that which add. to hi* comfort a.id amplifies his happiness.
Ii.you mis. Tn Advocats yon miss
the local new..
The Philimatian Society met on Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Shilvock, and were the guests of
Mr. Vernon Shilvock. Papers on
4 Prominent Men" was the program
of the evening, and were interesting
and instructive. The next meeting will
be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O,
Burritt, Twelfth avonuo.nud will be tbe
guests of Mr. Harvey Burritt. The
program will consist of papers on
"Important Events of the Past."
Carry tho most complete .took of
requisitions for the Toilet' Skin Foods,
free from hair-growing propensitives
Tissue Builders to suit all faces. By far
the largest stock of Hair Goods in town
at moderate prices.
Klectroysls, Hair-dressing, Maflion-
ring, Scalp Treatment, and Face
687 nnd 689 Granville'street
■   ■ 1      to:
The regular semi-monthly assembly
of the Mountaineers' Terpslohonan
Club will be held on Thursday eve
Mr. W. J. Clement ha. resumed his
old position ss teacher of West Vnnoon-
ver School, out on Westminster avenne.
Mrs. Frank Marrion of Sixth avenne
has been very ill for tho past two weeks
bnt is happily convalescing,
Our Annual Stocktaking
Sale is now on.]
ESS GOODS.—Melton's Cloth in cardinal, grey, navy, brown sad
block, regular 25c, Sale prije 15 yd.   Suiting, in plain and fancy effects,
worth up to 60c, Sale price 26c yd.   Amazons, 64 in., in navy, black, dark
grey, dark green, brown and black, regular $1, Sale price 460 yd.
', Every line in the store nt bargain prices.
*        A. ROSS & CO.. zaeordevst. I
Tel. ami. Westminster Ave. * Princess Street*
We know that Prices Will Advance—in fact are advancing now.
Vmfe nOUgltt  a largo lines-knowing this fact.
Onr advice to you is Buy Now and buy from ns.   Onr foresight in taking
advantage of tho market will save you money—note this Tact.
This Week—REAL FINNAN HADDIES—Delicate flavor.
J. P. Nightingale is GO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant, Tel. 1360
plSnt Central Heat Market
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale ond Retail
Dealers in idl kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.   Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all ports of Mount Pleasant and Fairviow.
Prompt Delivery.
Family Theatre.
Hastings St., near OarnkqikLibrart.
Admission Wo.
3:30 to s p.m., and 7 to ■■ p.m. Dally
High-class Entertainment for
Ladies, Gentlemen & Children
Boots & Shoes
Up-to-date Footwear for
Men, Women and
E    MAKE    A
of Boy s'and Children's Goods.
All onr Footwear is of the Latest Style*
and of the Best Quality.
Douglas A Coulter
448 Westminster avenme.
n. C. Granulated Sugar, ao-lb. sack »l JO
OallTla's  Hungarian Floor per sack »l.t0
rir.t-.lass Cro.rn.ry Bolter   Me per pound,
extract of Lemon or Vanilla . hollies for 'ilia
Bread, I leave. lorlfkj
EoorneOllKr tin II .4.1,
R. H. WALLACE, 'Phone 988.
Mt. Pleasant. Free delivery
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., * Dufferin st.
"   n.,
" in.,
"   IV.,
"  v.,
"   VI.,
McGuigan. McQueen
Totals      1,438
Dr. W. J. McGnigan,s majority over
Jas. McQueen 1W,   J. J. fanfleld 852,
8poilt.taUota.—Ward lLt9,; Ward
Hi., 7; Ward #-., 1Q; jfcsrd V., 6;
Ward VL, 8.
Ward V.',-
Dr. Brydone-Jack ,   889
John Morton  808
W. H. Wood ,  38$
Spoilt ballots 6.
Ward I.—A. B. Garrett and R. Grant.
Ward II.-D. M. Stewart and E. Cook.
Ward HI.—E. Odium and O.H. Wilson.
Ward IV.—T. M. Baker -and R. Mac-
Ward  Jfe4$tV    Brydoae-Jaok   and
J. Morton.
Ward VI.-
Hod sou.
-F.  Willism.   and    Wm
School Trustees.—J
Ramsey, W. Clnbb,
. J. Dongan,
Dr.  W.   B.
Licence Commissioners.*—Wm. Hunt
ond F. P. Bishop. ,  j
Park Commissioners.—I^oii. B. G
'fallow, A. K, Lees, O. E, Tisdall, T.
Wilson, F. T. Underbill.
Sewer By-law.—For 1,165, against
193, spoilt ballots 41; majority in favor
Central Park.
Central Park, Jan. 14,1904.
Tho Holly Club will hold their first
Masquerade of the season on Wednesday evening next. Some very pretty
costumes will be in evidence, and with
catchy music, a good floor, and dainty
refreshments the evening promises to be
a very pleasant one.
The Social Club met last evening at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Nelson, when a very pleasant time was
.pent. ■■£-';
A meeting was held on Monday evening in the Horticultural Halt by the
young men of the neighborhood  So
discuss tne advisability of organising an
Athletic Club. There were not enough
present tn go into businc*. details, bnt
no doubt tboattendatnee will be better
at their next meeting- add something
definitely arranged. " •,' »-
Miss Gertrude Alcock, who is a member of the Royal City Young. Ladies'
Basket Ball Team, returned home on
Monday's Charmer, after playing in a
match between the Victoria and Royal
City young ladies' teams in Victoria
last Saturday evening.
Mr.,and Mrs. J. Dallainore, nee
Harmer, have returned from their
honeymoon trip lo ^Sonnd Cities and
have taken np their residence at Fir
Mr. W. Maxwell Smith is at present
in Portland.
Mr.  A.  E.  Buohanan    paid
Moody a flying visit last week.
They are going very fast.
A very good sign
that onr goods and
prices are right.
Call and See.
IH.D. Hyndtnanl
490 WssinsmtsB  Avmstrs
! Telephone Ml
Wet Weather
at Kennedy's
Ladles' Umbrellas, large site,
steel rods, natural wood
handles, worth 11,76; for
$l each.
in three-quarter and fall
lengths, all at cost. They
are tho very best makes pro-
djood in Tweeds, Plain
Cloths, etc.
Every shirt in stock at cost.
Thore's a special line worth
1040 each whtoh we are during at your choke for 43.
303 Hastings street.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
fc can supplant,'?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $|.
* Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
h= .    . Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429
*£«•*.:>■ *. ]>or Saio'atVll iirst^chisH Saloons, Liquor Stores aud Hotels
*"~ ordelivered'to your house.
7i to to to torn*** to-u%to tototototototoK
McToggart & Moscrop
Dbalbrs in
344 Carroll St.,    Vancouver, B.C.
Templeton Blook.
New Westminster Council of
The New Westminster Local Council
of Women held their annual meeting on
Monday the 11th. Officers were elected
and reports of Secretary and Treasurer
read showing a rocord of much good
accomplished and a financial balance.
Mrs. Obasj Warrick, the offloient President, presided. His Worship Mayor
Keary, Revs. Purdy Henderson, Morden
and Sconlar made appropriate
remarks.      Mrs. Levar read
an exceptionally fine paper. Among
the visiting members from Vancouver
were Mrs. O. H. MoCanley, President of
Vancouver Council, and Mrs. S. A.
MoLagan, Vice-President of the Nation-
el Ct>onoU.Mr..MoOanley'sremnrkswere
appreciated and endorsed, she presenting some new suggestions for work in
interest of Sanitation. Mrs. MoLigau
responded gracefully to aa invitation to
address the Council, and expsssnd her
pleasure at the prosperous growth of
Westminster Council she having organ-
iaed it, naturally took pstrskola
la its .nenose. The ladle* served a
floe collation, ajtsrwarssi Ssndere*
present a pleasing masioal fragrase.
Corner Ninth Ave. a Westminster Rd.
and will bo pleased to supply
anything in my line of business-
Telephone 108.
If you want to kuow what is
happening on Mt. Pleasant
read The Advocate—|i a
year, 50c for six months.
cease after a few doses of Oato's
Rheumatic Ouro. It seems
to go direct to painful spots and
take ont the aches. Does not upset the stomach and is a splendid
tonic Onr confidence in this
remedy is doe to many testimonial, from thou whom It has
Wo nre ghid to guarantee it to re
lleve even tho worst cases.
Price 76c.
600-00a Hastings St., Cor. Seymour
Telephone   ui»4.
Royal &p*m
l» Regal Om*.
si tree year ebotceof 80
atstares. Or far 38 wrasjaen oboie* of
160 books.   Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
VKNcouvea, ».c
If You
Buying a
—don't yon think it wonld be
a good business proposition to bay
one of a firm which has established a reputation of wiling an
article for exactly what it!::»
"TROREY" is just that firm.
Then, besides, we have the
Watches—all kinds and styles—
never had better ones—Indeed, we
trero ncvor in quite as good shape
to fill your Watch needs ss now.
Jill   Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
E. H. Peace,  Proprietor.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds. Tel. A1206
Give us trial.
Prompt Delivery.
V -":   	
: -.'   * ■ ■
■Wl ■III
in -      IT.'     I Hi.-iK.   -VJS'V.4
.si M        i"r nn
 r- •   s
■   •
liiMh was not particularly studious,
nor was ihe teaching calculated to interest her. Still she gathered seme information, especially on the Mibjects
which took her fancy.
About two .veal's before the bcitimilng
of this narrative, her uncle died into.*
late, and she became tbe owner of con-
siileroble wealth.
Edilh herself knew .little or. nbthin?
iiliout it. Mr. Tilly had told her iho
would now be well off, but ao alteration
hnd been made in her'mode of life,
'.I'd Durban, tiiis change in his ward's
circumstance, was a lKisiiivc termini.
Hi* gTasnlng Oncers itched to chiton
some of th" riches they could touch, bit*
could pot lake while, dread nf lUcovery
ne'ii him back. His imagination con-
btantly pictured Edith running nit-., with
some .shrewd fortune-hunter, who would
not only sather up every farthing of
both the principal aud accumulations of
lhis Inter inheritance, but uinke tiiin,
Dargnn, disgorge the" considerable piek-
inss' -he 'hail contrived to get. even out
"f the miserable two hundred a year he
had- so I ing manipulated. To find n
suitable (?) husband for his ward-before
ihe reached the independence of majority, was the object nearest his heart,
and, as Edith approached eighteen, h's
feverish unrest drove him to the expedient we have recorded.
It was a trial to Edith lo part with
Mr* Miles, who, though somewhat belter, physically, was terribly depressed in
spirit; and it was :also something of a
lrhs?' to go to Mrs. AViningotu's. but a
trie] not. timuised with pleasure.
Though all her life a recluse, Kdi.h
Vlrtnn was not shy;' 6he was nn'tiu'iilly
brayo, and disposed to trust her fellow-
erasures. She was also shfftnliiilr feee
imrn self-consciousness, anil her extreme
ignorance of life aud society libcraled her
from many of the doubts and fears
which would have beset a less complete
"I will write often, and tell you eyory-
lling; yon may be sure I will! You know
1 love writing; and do--do write to me!
If you nre not well I will come to you,
I will, whatever Mr. Dargun chooses to
sa.Rr " So wilh many kisses Edith .bade,
iiet? good old companion farewell, anil
f'-oic her sent in Ihe rospectable-lookiit'T
brougham, which, lo her surprise, hud
been engaged by &lr. Dargap's direct on
lo convey her to South Kensington. Dn
her way there her imagination was
chiefly occupied in picturing Mrs. Miles'
urrival at the little hormsj.T coltage.fHow.
lonely shs would feel! liow Snap 111";
lersjer nnd Ihe collie Would welcoiite nW,
and then look about for their mistress
and playfellow! Well, sh' would. sost»
ihem as soon as she had gathered some
knowledge of drawing, and persuaded
her guardians to let her return next
spring for a long spell of study!
Mrs. Winington was at home and alon:
to receive her. She was ushered }nt<
that lady's private sitting-room, a di
lightftil apartment, looking into a lurgi
piihlie garden, and furnished with al
Hint could charm the eye und contribute,
to luxurious ease. - -
"Ah, Miss Vivian! I am so pleased t.i
■eSJMU,1' cried Mrs. Winington, rising to
greet her with great cordiality. ."It- is
really very good of Mr. Tilly to trust
jou with mc! But we shall lake great
care of you.1"—and she drew forward a
low, easy-chair. "Vou aro looking plfe
nnd tired; I am sure you must be moped
to death."
"Vou are very, very kind to nsk nie
here," said Edith, earnestly. "I am so
different from'you that I may be the
some, but—"
"I shall turn yon out wilh inexorable
cruelty if yon are!" intt'rrupcd Mrs. Y\lu-
ington, Inughing; "but I do not anticipate
such a catastrophe! Now, yon mu>it
have all tristesso behind you; and llo
you' know your eyes look suspiciously
like tears!"
"Tos, I did cry n little." sa'd Edith,
coloring. "I was so sorry to see Mrs.
Miles go away home; I have never be n
away from her since she enme to me,
ueitfly seevu years ago."
"Very sweet and nice of you, dear, bill
it Is time yon broke away from this in
cotwrnoiiH companionship, 'flint good
old woman was only lit to be your nurse'.
Yon need not discard her, bill you hnve
bee|| shamefully neglected, and kept i i
ihe background} Now you must he introduced to society suited to your for-
niuc nnd iiosltion,"
"I am afraid 1 am not Bulled lo any
society, except that of a few people
whom 1 like and understand. It is a
;:reet pleasure for me to look al yon and
lieflb to you; I wonder if I spall rver
I"- able to paint you!" said Edith, wilh
simple earnestness, Mrs. Whi'.ngti n was
not so blinded by her natural and ne-
quffed worldiuesa as not lo perceive -■ nd
bo Hattered by this honest and unstlnitcd
a dmi ration.
"I with you a better slibjcet," she said,
laughing. "Now. come with me, and 1
will, show you your room before luucli-
"■a, .Madame Lnure has seal Mime Of
>onr Ihings. and I see you have put on
me of her drosses,
.Edith followed her hostess upstair., ti
a pretty comfortable radio, whin- wore
laid out what seemed! to Kdhh nn rfi-
'•i-iiious niiiouui of.clothes—-clothes, t '".
of a superb description. Delicate illl.s.
xauxy grenadines, fairy-like hats, toqu t-
t'"h mantels. "What it nonntity-* of
money they must have cost!'' she crest,
aghast.   "What will Mr. Dnrgnu Miy!" .
"That you have a right to Hie ci Million necessaries requisite for a young
ludv who is to live like other people,"
sali) Mrs; Winington, carelessly riogin.-
the begins she spoke. Her summons
una almost immediately answered !>y a
graye, well dressed young woman.
"There my dear Miss- Virion, is your
cs-neclal luuid! She will tend to .out
i"'Jl"t, and she understands lioj' busines-.
Uarkhaui! i'ou had better'■ do Alis<
Vivian's hair before luncheon; she his
teen living shut up in the Country-,'and
I trust to you to do her justice."
At luncheon the only, guest wnsH/le.'i-
ton, who did his btst to he fasetnaTng
d:'irn}y-tttiaUin.shCT.Was not"
Sow n fresh motive
tntrodueuon in Colonel ^Viniugton, win
was quite ready to accept hi- wile's ne-v
favorite liniiuestloning, .as lie never interfered wilh her so long as she left him
aloiH-, and did not spent too outrageous
a quantity of money.
Meanwhile .lack Mnitland still loitered
in town, dissatisfied with himself, yet
imw'lling to lc-ive. lie wus strong mil
pi'iiednting enough to he not bncwhlt
blinded to Mrs. YVinington's real nalure.
nnd yet her beauty, her grace, her evident desire bi atone in some way for her
past'hcartlcssness, dazsled and fas.inalel
'Jhal a briiiiiiiit woman of fttsh:o:i,
emitted und admired as she was, should
si'l! V'-iaomher her firsj ulieoulh brrjish
lover, was enough to make a ti ol >t
most men. .lack had long ago censed
to feel tlie smallest angel* against her.
He was naturally generous and. bio.id,
blit not very easily melted,'and there was
a dash of contempt in the plenary lib-
solution lie had exlendeTl'to bonny .Twin
Benton. ". .:■ ■" ..
.... "Why should 1 dislike her for Icing
whnt she is, rather than what I thought
her?" hnd been his relleetlon ycaiirbnck.
When ke:Logan to' work His w.ay cut of
'tho ehno. into which she hnd plunged
■Jiim; nnd, however. nttrneti\'c"sho rn*ght
slill be. the core of his opinion was unaltered and unalterable. But Mrs. Win-
ingtnn's beauty and softness appealed to
the si-n.ii s, nnd Muilland's. ivore si I!
fiesli ailil keen. Ho coldd riot I-.e'p file
resisted consciousness, that his old 1 -.v«
wa-s not indisposed to sob out her pcai't
aiici; in his arms, and ho l:new--n< ne 1 o -
tiT—liow sweet those ripe red 1 pi ot
hers used to be In ihe delightfully {£•
lusiVe old days when they wandere.l lo
gelher among Ihc "banks and braes'' of
Vf therefore found it very pli-asnn-l lo
drop into liincbcon, nnd oftcner ,-t 11 to
lo;f, though he ioarceiy wi'Ml us often a-
he was asked. II is true that Airs. Wining
ton was frequently surrounded; but 15nr
werp occasional hours of quid tetc-a-
tele talk, chiefly retrospective, which he
could not  help enjoying.
indeed Mnilland often wondered what
shownw in a plain und somewhal unpolished inon like himself to liud woeth
T.'iscinating. Slill that process was agreeably exciting, though he was oflea tin-
gfajeful enough when leaving her.to lei!
*iis wife.
lo Fairfield Hardens. He was an-
i to see how%«rtor(,Ssnif?-.i)sp.'iL'd.
she had been transplanted,
s. -OTiHi^oirWa*dfsT*nrfng'I;* tii
Mary Hay, Benton, MJm Vlyiflji a
fill guardsman and a SvV.V"Atclt-set'
elderly man, with a .small allowance of
nek, who bretitnodO'wiai"" s 9ii'<uig
ofilind, and drank .his lea noisily.
Miss Vivian was' sitting 0 little apart
busy with some fancy wortf. Mn'tlnnI
could Imvdly (iclievrj Unit dress could
have so improved any face and ligue
Miihotit dntrSring its iudividuul (v. A
gown ik softjreamy material nil {utile!
with foamy.,ftce; her soft hair piltd on
the top of her head, meeting a fringe of
tir-y curls parted on her brow; ri tea-.ose
and spray of fern against her ncok. She
looked like n modest primrose, and bud .'n
no wny lost her air of delicate fiflaiirt-
ncs«. .Mnitland felt ft sense i,f rMie.di"
ment ns his eyes fell upon her, and die1
met them with a sudden brightening of
her own as she rose to meet him with an
honest unconcealed expression of ilea-
sure. |
Mr. Maitland, I thought you hnd loft
tewn," cHed Mrs. .Winington, Induing
Out- her hand. "What has heroine of
you?—-and what havo we done that you
should cut us in this way?"
"I have been wandering lo and fro, iii
usual, nnd feeling- a good deal bored,"
retnraed Maitlandj making his wny. to
Miss Vivian after greeting Lady Mary
nnd Beatou. "I scarcely knew you as I
came in," lie *uid: "such .o complete
transformation is confusing."
: "Yes," said Beaton, "you can see that
.lean's reforming fingers hnve swept the
lines where .-ust bad lingered"'
"lteully, Leslie, you ore , absolutely
hiatal!—to associate rust with anything
half so ethereal as Edith is too absurd,'
exclaimed Mrs. Winington.
' 'Hie necessities of rhylhru obliged me
to curtain the word wistl.e or. rostip'ty.
Miss A'ivian is strong enough to 1k-.it
(he U'ulh from her most (QPprecjnttvt ally
Afay I not sny so r"
This, In n caressing ton. aud with a
lingering glance.
"indeed you mny! Any one can Bee I
am n rustic, and will most probably always be a rustic," said Edith, unswer-ini
the first part of his speech wilh a good-
humored shiih ''But 1 should b. dull
indeed if Mrs. Winington could hot improve inc."
Then the conversation became general,
nml Plans were tuude for taking JI'ss
Vivian lo Windsor, and a dinner at
!ii- liiuoiid.
"And what do yon think of ihe theatre';" asked Mnitland, who bad drawn a
Chair beside Miss Vivian.
"I like it better thnn anything else ex
tept the Rtudio, and even belter than
that sometimes," she said, earnestly. "I
eauimt sleep afterward, il seems so real
to D18| 1 think over it, uud feel so glad
the people ore made huppy at last, I
have never seen a tragedy; \ do not think
1 could bear1 one."
"Vou had better reallne the unreality
of the drama before you risk ii," :■*
cursed Maitland smiling. "And how l-i
Mrs. Miles?  I iriu-t she is better."
"I hope so--I think so;  at    least slie
does not complain in her letters; but she
must be lonely and melancholy without
.^ue.    But I  shall go back tu bi-i-  when
4lm Ktildio closes."      , ^f
"When tuny that be?"
"At the did of July."
"And  how  arc you gelling on?"
I   "r%iwly, very slowly; yet I have Mine"
pipe I may dimiw pretty well yet.    Will
>ou (onio to the stmjio one dov.with Mr.
•jciiton?   Iffrts svt Klin!; tie often conies
I* bring me back iu/lim,- for lunch
uiitI then came a crowning joy,    Mrs
Wtningtuo's   smart    Victoria.   ,.<njve.rjrJ ^r^saWM'SW'.JrUVM"'-ilLW* J*'J/'\»fe
them Ma studio quite near, where Edith  -fOrlfflrWilnm^rs^Vor goW of ffi
B.ifjsfled her eyes wit* (he drawiugi
najter colors, casts and beautiful object.
scattered nbout, while Mrs. Winlngloa
arijnnged terras with tho fashionable
artist, who condescended to iiislr.iot a
fcS} pupils for n'high rcmnnernfion. It
was settled that Edith should commence
tri following Monday. 'Some slmppini;
In Tlegent aud Bond Streets and a drive
li»U'° ,mrk 'O'nplelcd the day; and
E«tti, exhilarated by tho unusual movement' er-1- vftttety; found herself quite
shjiu.1 to the ceremony of dinner, ts tpo
hnd never seen dinner served before; nnd
the humdrum routine .if count.y life, for
"Xol I should not like to live initj
ns Mrs. AViiifugton docs. I liic fi gs)
to bed when she goes out in the evening;
but I love the theatre and ibe i>i(-liiiv-.
galleries and driving in the park. Then
every one is very good to me only I do
not always unilerataufl., what; &.<% arc
'talking about. I ntn' never cuiito sure it
they are in earnest. Of couvsp I ain
very rignorant. I believe I should be happier in the country. I mi'nn'io have ihy
home tbetc."
" ""lheie is little thatts hotnc-like in London life," said Alaitland; ■ and -.nftio a.
pause he asked, "who is.the stout-gentleman'.''
''He is a f I'i'etid of * Lndy May's; she'
brohght him here a few days ago. He
i-a.Alr. Brown, 1 think; but. Lady Mary
ealhi him by some tnp.if,' naijie. jle has
lived a long time in China, I think, and
he Is very rich."
"Whnt treason nre you and Jliiitland
hatching?" said Beatou, coming over lo
interrupt them, "My sister suggests that
we should nil dine nt the Hcultheries
this evening and listen to tho German
band.    Will you come, Alaitland?"
VXes, you must," cried Airs. AVinington.
"AVc i-'hall want threo gentlemen; Colonel
Winington dines out ,and I shall be all
unguarded if you will not conic and tiiko
care of me." „ '
Of course Muitland'c.usentcd.
It was a soft clpnr, delicious night,
and after a pleasant dinner, nnd miioh
lively talk they strolled about the gardens; Beaton.escorting A:iviau;. Lady
Mary, somewhat to Maitlnnd's surprise,
pairing off with the Chinaman; while he
himself fell to Mrs. Winlngton's Bhare.
How beautiful she looked in the moonlight' or- when>'her lnrgq^parklinseyes
iglittercjl in the gjenip ot th,e,hijbi)s! How
brightly she talked! What subtle touches
of tenderness sounded through her lighter lone!—nnd yet Maitland was unusually
indifferent. His imgluntion would sCrny
nwny after Edith A'ivian and the .mian
who hod appropriated her. AVus he
teaching her to love h'm with the finished
art of long experience?—and when he bad
won her heart and annexed her money,
jiow would he repay her?
., The sense of profouadest pity, of guilt
SeVn—for did not his kuowledge of the
scheme make him nd' nccdrnplice?—oppressed him, and He wes powerless to as-
dit her. She was so defenseless, so
friendless! Why, 'it would be better for
her to. marry him. He would be n kind ami
loyal friend, though he could never love
nny'otlioT woman ns ihe hnd the charnv
ing, dazzling creature whose hand lay on
bis arm, who lialf-angcred, half-fascinnt-
ed iiimi Even w:h'ile lie lonkeddown into
her appealing eyes, tlie recollection of
EaUh's, with their quiet, truthful, stood-
fuse expression; the delicate simplioity of
hrtrjrnanner; the interest of her obUtcA
^lojigeful face, came bock to him re-
frt'^iiingly, like the breeze from A: field
of ncw-niown l)ay over the heated at-
'mos»phcT-e of a highly perfumed conscrvn-
■ Mrs. Winington's voice recalled him.
"9fonr judgment was the right one,"
ehoisvas saying. "Your little protegee is
really yp™ nice, rjaturalljc a ladj', but
so;,$rigirtSnly^erdeo.ved,'she '^oes «ot
eeeai to take Leslie's love-making in and.
jfc is really most persevering.' I think if
she wore a little responsive he would
grow quite fond.of her. Bea-lly men are
so accustomed to be made love to now
that"—she paused.
■ "It must be rather on agreeable change
to do the lovemaking one's self," said
Mnitland, laughing.
. "To men like you yes!—but, joking
apart, I am really interested in Miss
Arivjan. I never imagined I could like
riny other girl so much! She Is not stupid,
by any menus, but so strangely unccm-
vc-ni-ional! Her genuine admiration for
me is very amusing, nnd extremely flattering. 1 wish Leslie could get on with,
her more -quickly.- t want them to be
-married before- we go down to AVinford.
I'e-ully. Leslie- is. nenriy at the utmost
ends of Ids resources."
'- ['And suppose Aliss A'ivian proves so
unenlightened as not. to .appreciate Bea-
"Jfow,' Jnelt,"—with a deprecating
ilanec-^'Vlo not be n prophet of evil. She
must marry- him! Ohl'-1—interrupting
tjerself—"he-re they are." The separated
party had drifted, together, at the il-
lumiuted fountain.
"DNirest Jean," said Lady Mary, in
an aside quite audible to Maitland. "I
cannot stand 'Go-bong' auy longer! Do
fnke him off my hands and let me have
n turn with you.- brother; otherwise you
t\ ill see mil petrified corpsent jour
feet" ..       .i      ,.
So for llje rest ot tho evening Miss
A'ivian was iu a Alaitiond's charge, and
both felt that it was the belter part.
,.«   3-
The days took to themselves wings-
wings of pleasure, the less self-indulgent
because refined—and Hew away with not
surprising rapidity. Airs. AVinington was
supremely content. It was no longer
uilhcult to attract Jack Maitland to her
house. He was ready to come on the
slightest provocation. The slow-moving
bill on which he so long waited had at
lust been before the committee; he had
given his evidence and was free to return
to his native wilds—yet he lingered.
True, he was slill calm and undemon-
strnlive but Mrs. AVinington knew h'm
In the days when he had not acquired
his present self-mastery, and could not
believe that the old lire which once
burned so strongly was quite extinguished or exhausted, ond • she found nn absorbing interest ill tho endeavor to rekindle Hie flame. Never had she been si
generally kind and considarate. Edith
thought her an angel disguised in a
fe.nloflnbie exterior. Her brother rejoiced iu the spell of sunshine, though
lip had a shrewd idea why "Jean!, was
so deucedly aiiue.ble."
AA'hile Alnitlniid found his imagination
less aud less occupied with Mrs. Wini-iig-
tnus lovely, loving eyes; her smiling, kiss-
able lips; and the sweet, hnlf-plnyful,
half-tender expressions that fell' from
them, oilier thought., other imagining*
replaced these. Yet, though he could not
tear himself'away, he was miserable, tin-
ensy, selr-i'cjpronthful. He watched with
keenest perception every move in Ulic
game ot which Edith AMvinn was the
unconscious prize. He saw too clearly
the utter indifference which underlay
lloatuu's attentions and apparent devo-
tinnrhe fancier) that sonic instinctive I'e-
Cfi'iiition of this wns -U the root of Miss
Yhinn's easy, iinmo id friendliness. I'"or
IJeatofl^wus a (ovonie uith women, and
what was theie to guard that simple, un-
^aughf, iitlsting girl from  his Influence,
1,„+     Llu-lM^f?
Hcuron?" •'•
» "Very-good, iodeed.-iVi ftfatntt. Mat
iauA, while uiil*..c.v.es east :tl"«)U,-j»>
ktlipught: He has made in; iuilinsVa.n ns
jit'; her uncoiu-'ciou.-'jfoi's' proves    Hint."
3a«*puig and   syddiiur
fWry/dtiy?'    ln7(tdliiWI
Tlien you must be very well enVo.ved
with art m >lie "
'about Ihc" test o
Mrs. AVinington would'.niake any
1  wa
tnly half awoke,
huppy and I never knew what it was to
11%e before.    1 was happy  enough,   bv.t
blrf 'hiwiifct?
'•f1 :Oiwl frtientioTi rnkeil him by flay and by
njgtrt.:-AVii. lie .loinul by his -know-
Jcfilge o.fj.jtbe fnoiv t" tell ihe .truestntj
of all'nirs to' AIi>.- Viiun, and so destroy
Qpflton's chnncc?--or'nnght he to be
l.ynl to tho friehd who had trusted him
fi-.jii'. Hi« first V He could not answer itj
yd he wns convinced that the forlorn
lititld-heiress wus gently floatiu* v>w'»-
stiiMM.to her certain misery. She could
eevir be sntjsllcd wilh such n ill'e a.-!
Jtr=. Winington's. She needed a real
I home lo be n' .belter'from sun or stonni
with, liir throu.L'ii every step of life's
road; nud what with self-tornienting and
.perpetual watching, Jujck Maitland soon
-grew to think there could not be* farter
lot ilian to be that husband.
Though Aliss A'ivian as generally handed 'over to' Beaton in the-many parties
and expeditions organized by Airs. Winington, Mnitland found opportunities for
conversation, fod're frequently thnn Airs.'
AYiuiiigton noticed nnd these coniii-med
him in his idea that Edith's was no common nature nor wns her gentleness- in
any way weak.
There- was something touching in the
quiet preference she unconsciously showed him and which completed her attric;
tion. He felt, without the slightest disrespect to her, that hnd he a. fair field
he might have won her heart and made
her happier than Leslie Beaton ever
could.-Her girlish curiosity and frank
questioning about himself, his history, his
■people, half-amused him. Hnd he both
father and mother alive?—-and sisters?—
he was" rich indeed! A nibther must be
so delightful!—some one_ -who would always love you even if you did wrong.
"Airs. AVinington was like a mother and
elder sister in one; but," added Edith
looking down. .'I feci-in nn'odd way that
some time or other I shall pass out of
her life, and she out of mine;
the longer I know her, the mo:e
I sec how unlike we ore, and when she
has tiaie to sec it too, she will not like
to be-bored.'.'-:
"At present you arc a prime favorite,
so let the morrow tnko core of itself,"
.returned Alnithuul; "you are .too natural
hnd 'truthful to'bore ii ti y  one."
"Do you think so? 1 nm very glnd"—
looking candidly into bis face; and Mnit-
lnnd thpiight bow chnrming 'It would be to
see-those eyes avoid his with the dawning ."Consciousness of loverrlove of him
Time, however, wails neither for men
nor'.thcir wooing, nnd Beaton thought h?
had"served long enough for his Roche!;
so regardless of his-6ister's.vva.'uJig not
to be 'rash," and without her V'lowledge,
he persuaded Afiss A'ivian to stay at
home one afternoon in ordef'to see some
photographs of Hungarian scenery, which
aiforded him nn excuse for a tcte-nteto,
und then to Edith's Immense surprise,
with fervor made her nn offer of his hand
ni|(| hwirT' his1' ancient natoe afiil high
social position.
When Mrs, Winington returned s oner
linn was espec-tod'she found her" brother
pacing to and fro in deepest anger nud
despair.       •     -       ■
'-'The ignornut'-liHlc savage," ho exclaimed. "1 made the loveliest confcssioi
of. my feelings you can imagine. It would
hive, nicked the heart of o—of a Cal-
niuck, nnd tlie little fiend wiis siiuply surprised, confused, overwhelmed; yet she
told nie coolly she, Jthqiiglft I, had niis-
tnkAi niy own feelings—that! slio wns
qiuToBure I liked Lady Alary Better then
I did herself; that she was to<j—tno something or other, lo be'my wife, and lihnt
she Sked me so much she would ra her
uinri'y some one else,"
"Well, Leslie, you nre a greater fool
thnn I took you for," anid his si«ter,
frowning sternly.
'Cjould.it be the same face that looked
ui>.'so tenderly' in .lock Maillnnd's?
"You tried to shake the tree before the
"fruit Was ripe, now you 'hnve losf the
game.   What do you intend to do?"
'"J'o do! How do you mean? I hove
noted on your instructions, nnd mnde nn
nss of myself to no purpose. I have
scarcely a rap left, nnd Father Abraham,
who advanced mc tho last supply on the
strength of having nn heiress in tow,
won't give mc a sou more. By Heaven
I shall lose my character if it Is known
that I hnve failed with the unsophisticated one."
"You must not tail," Airs. Win'ngton
returned. "I must repair your mistake;
you shall not lose this little simpleton.
By your own idiotic rashness you will
Ic se much valuable time. . I wonder I
have Hie paUence to speak to yoni you
have been a trouble to us all your life,
and you hnve nearly thrown away your
last chance ,<Tf> relieving us, of'the burden. Now, you must be absolutely guide!
by me."
- "If you explain your plans I'll try and
tiikc them in," snid Beatbh, who was ion
S'ldornbly crestfallen.     ■   -
"Very Well. Leave Afiss A'ivian to'mo
for tin; present. I wijl- describe your
broken-hearted condition, and muse hoi'
compassion. There is a good deal to
hope still from the fact that she. an-
eused j'ou of liking Lady Afary belter
than you liked her."       "    .-j      -
fehe is not far wrWg,7 murmured'
Beaton. |      *. •   ■
'.'Do not bo childish, Leslie. If you
married Lady Alary you would hate eaoii
other, and be miserable in,, two, njonlhs.'
"I should have IhOse 'ttr»fmorii(lis,
"Lady Mary has tnore Sense," eciit'hu-
ed Airs: AVitdngton, not heeding" 'hlin.
"A'ou sec, though it must be distasteful
to her, She has made up. her inind to
insirry Mr. Bfoivm" I    '•■   "■   ■
"Has old 'Go-bang' proposed?" cried
Beaton, eagerly,
■ "I don't know, nnd I don't .care, I havo
enough lo think of with your affairs and
mismanagement. A'ou must go out of
sight somewhere; it will bo the best nnd
safest  wny   to  show  your  despair,"
"But, Jenn, 1 cannot stir without;cosh,
and I tell you I haven't a farthing. You
must get Winington to shell out."
"It would be of no use to nsk him, nnd
I would not do it if it were," letuiiied his
sister, resolutely. "Winington has been
Very generous, but yon have tried.his
patience to far. I don't ihinl: I could
hnve had you so much here hod he nof
believed you would marry Edith A'ivian,
and free us from tho burden of y.nui
nmintetiunce. 1 wont his help m.isjf; 1
have gone fur be.voud mj" allowun'c;
Madnnie Lnuie has scut me in a hideoti.
"Then you must give nie some cash
yourself," said Beaton, indifferently.
"Look here"—he pulled a handful of gold,
silver nnd copper coins from his pocket
— "I have a couple of live-pound notes in
u.y dressing-ease besides, and that is all
between me and destitution. If I run
over to Paris or down to Cowes, I must
run np no hotel bill iuto the bargain."
"You shall not run over to l'mis c
Cowes, Leslie," she interrupted; "you
sh: II gn down ntid bury your wi Ps and
yourself nt AA'inford, nnd I will lend you
your railway fnre."
"Gr^nt lion vena. Jenner-vou are do
leiniined to make mo repent my false
step. Whnt on earth nm I to do at A\ intend?   I shall cut myJthrnftt!"    '
"lltsler do Hiat lhan live on, a bc.i-
g.'iriy gentleman," cried Airs. Winington.
"How any one-enn submit to poverty
when n shilling's worth of poison or an.
ounce of lead would deliver you,is incomprehensible to mo. .-Howeycr, I don't
ihcans to keep you" long in exile; there is
tolerable fishing."
"I hate fishing," ejaculated Beaton.
!        {TO BB .CpitTWyjED.] ,
He Hail n'« Way EveiiAMer He W«.
In Ilia Coffin.
Many amusing stories are told of
the great formality blended %vith a humorous briisi|iic'iiess nnd independence
which characterized early Revolutionary days., An incident of camp life is
related by the author of "Romance nnd
Realism of the Southern Gulf Coast."
In 1T08 the fffst United States troop,
that came down the Mississippi were
quartered nt Fort Adams. General
Wilkinson, Colonel Homtrnmck, Major
Butler, Captain Green and other officers wore merry over their punch one
night, and the general, by some accident, got his cue burned off. Angry
nt tbe laugh which followed his mishap, he next day issued nn order forbidding any officer to appear with a
Cue. Obedient to orders, nil the officers but Alajor Butler cut off their
I "The vain old prig!" said the major.
5'I'11 see him bunged before I cut off
niy cue to gratify him!" And bo boldly
appeared without changing tho style of
till halrcTrcssiug.
The major wns pnt under arrest, but
he declared obstinately thnt he would
spend tho rest of his life In prison before he would comply with such a silly
command. Soon afterward be %vas taken very ill, njul, realizing that he was
at the point of death, he gave Instructions for his burial, which he knew
would bo witnessed by the whole command.
"Bore a hole," snld he, "through the
bottom of my'coffin, right under my
head, and let tny cue come through It,
Hint tlie old general may see that even
when dead I refuse to obey his order."
And these direction Were literally
casfferj out.
What joy there Is in the homo when
the Hist baby comes, nnd-yet to the
young nnd. inexperienced mother who
has to.cnre.for it there is no olher
period of her life so trying, In th#
little ills that nro- certain to come
the inoxpi'idencpd mother scarcely
knows what fo do. To thc-youiiff.
iniiilii'i— t,n nil. mooters—Baby's Own,
Toilets, 'nre a' real Iilessinf?. They
,prohi|rllj- 'euro such liouble.s_ ns constipation, col'e,. aoui'isloniaeh, diur-
I'hdeu, and simple fevers. They break
up Scolds, destroy worms, alloy the
Irijtntion accompanying the cutting
of teeth' und iireve.il more serious
ills. Ther-i' Tablets arc sold under a
guarantee to contain no opiate, nor
any other ot tho harmful drugs always found., in the so-called "soolh-
incc" medicines: They arc good for
all .children from the new born bubo
to the well grown child. If you do
not find the Tabids at your medicine ilculei'i; send »5 cents to TV Hi'..
'Williams Aiedicino Co., llrockville',
Out , and n, box will be mailed yo'ii
post. paid.
"Popper," the lit tie boy asked,
"wlmt-kind -of a horse is-it that they
call a plug?" "A balky one. my
son. They call h'un thai because he
is n stopper."
If   the   hcart,.~4he  blood   pump   or   tho
humnn system, is out oT order the nerves
are starved for. want of lilopd, And indi-
peetion, s!eei.ilesRneBfl, sick headtichs,-luck
of vifror nnd nervousnesH nre the result.
Pr. Anuew's Heart Cure relieves heart
disease in thirty minutes.' cures nnd
Btrenjrthens the organ so that rich blood
courses through, the vein* nnd health
re.jrns where disease wn)j Supreme. The
better tho blood,pump the more viRorons
the health. . Ninoty-nJne out of ft hundred henrts are weak or diseased. The
first dose of Ajrnew'a' Heart Cure r#-
Moves.    Sold  by all drUKuists.   11,
Enfant terrible—"And did they po
into the ark two by-two ?" Momma
-r-"Yo3, denrest." Enfant tavribje—
"Well,'who went with auntie?"
face covered with pimples is unsightly.
It tells of -intort+al irnpjrularities which
should long since heve been corrected.
Tho "liv6r and the kidneys are not performing, .their functions in the healthy
way they should, and these pimples are
to let you know that' the blood protests.
Parmeleo'g Vegotnhle mils will drive
lhem.a.wn,y, and will leave the skin clear
and clean. Try them, and there will he
iirfother witness to their excellence.
Walk in the light nnd thou Rhalt
see thy path, though thorny, bright.
—Bart on.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Colds, eto,
.* in ii '   i
Ho that swells in'prosperity'will lie
suro to sink In adversity.—t.'olton.
Where there is room in the heart
there is always room In the house.—
'"Ibi-ii you have turned  vour back on    « imslmnd, who would en hand In hand
Professor .(discussing organic and In-
orsiiiiic kingdoms)—Xow, If I should
shut niy eyes—so—nnd drop my head—
so—iind rcmnlu perfectly still, yon
would sny I wus n clod. Hut I move, I
leap.  Then what do you cull mc?
Voice Prom the ftonr—A clodhopper.
There was speech In their dumbness; language in their very gesture.
' In Hnmlviirg n dog is taxed nrcord-
ihg to his size; a little lax for a little dog, and n big lax for a Vig clog.
minima—"Willie, where are those
apples gone that were in the storeroom ?" Willie— "They ore with the
gingerbread that was in the rupT
Valor would cense to die a virtue If
there woro no injustice.—Agcsllaus.
0ambling is the child of nvuricc,
but tho parent of prodigality.—Col-
Use Lever's Dry Soap (a powder)
to wash woollcbs and flawiiels,—yon
will like. it. 33
The Mother ot Pearl Indaatry.
The center of the mother of pearl Industry is Singapore. The shell oyster is
six to ton Inches-long, the'larger'oue9
weighing, a. much as. ten po.nuejs. It Is
found tin (l'ara bottom channels between islands, where the curreDt Is
strong. In gathering fit « -dlVer tnkes
with him a bug'of coir rope a fourth of
an Inch In dlnmeter, made In large
meshes, which, wbllo suited for holding the shell, does not Impede his traveling along the bottom.
' 1    What Pred  Douglass Raid.
One cold night during the height of
the clyll war ilon. Frederick Douglass
not out of a train nt Jersey City. He
wore n big slniwl on top df'his,overcoat, nml n New York reporter, Seeing
the dark skin and towering form of
tho traveler, stopped him with the
question, "Indlao?" "No!" 6houted
Douglass.   "Nigger!"
Tlio linger nulls of the King of Annan are ns long as this lingers, and
the chief duty of five of his -wives is
to take care of them, lie has over
one hundred wives.
bounced  on  111.1,30111110  air is  forced
intp the .tires. ,
The names of habitual drunkards in
Lairben,  Prussian  Silosin,  are print-
r'l.  and n  lis,!, is given  to each inn-
An automatic tiro-pump,  connected j keeper.  —Tho   person    who   supplies
with the
i    iiuiuiiiuii^    ,,i u-|i,ini|,|     HyiiiiiLiL-i,   rnuwiivi . iut-      1JI.ISJ011        WHO      &U|J!Jm..-.
the bicycle saddle, is the latest,ithein with intoxicants.Is liable to a
attpn..    Whenever    the .rider   is .heavy .tine!'
. i * ...■.,
11   I    '      I        IN Hill,     I   II   I  lii-L.'.l   I'll  HJ..S, J,   .   .  I I       II      .JJ liB
Who   Could   Mow   be   Well  Had   They   but
Known of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Wo do not claim that every one
who is paralyzed can bo cured by
using Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, for
many are beyond the reach of any
medical treatment and must finirh
their days in helplessness and suffering.
It Is rather to thoso who are only
partially paralyzed and to those who
nro slowly but surely developing tho
.ymptoms which indicato the approach of such ailments that wo
would suggest tho advisability ot
using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, . tho
great food cure for diseases of tha
When you find yourself lying awake
nights, suffer from Indigestion and
headache, feel drowsy after meals
and losing energy, ambition and
courage, it is timn to pay attention
to the nerves. You may find yourself irritable at times, worried over
little things, unable to concentrate
tho mind, forgetful and abscntniind-
cd, disheartened nnd discouraged.
Better give some attention to tho
Dr. Cliasc's Nerve Food euros and
prevents   paralysis    and     locomotor
ataxia. It does not ease by indue- ,
ing unconsciousness nnd unnatural,
sleep. It does not deaden the
nerves as do opiates and narcotiOBl.v
But, on the other hand, by assisting
nature and supplying tho elements!
from which nro formed new blood
and nervo force, effects thorough anil
lasting euro and Is bound to benefit
all who use It.   '
Seldom,  If ever,  has any medicine.
secured such hearty endorsement   of!
physicians     nnd     people  alike.   Theatres    which  it has  brought    about  '
have often been ifiost extraordinary, »
and anyone   who.   regularly and persistently  uses this  great  food    euro
is  suro   to     find     it  of  Inestimable
value    as a   n'orve   restorative    tfnd   ■
blood builder. . „ 11 .
By noting your increase in weight ;
wbilo using Dr. Chnso's Nervo Foot!
you chn prove that new firm flesh
nnd muscular tissue' are bolng added
to tho body. 60 cents a box, six
boxes for §2.fit), at nil dealers, or
Edinnns-on, Bates &'Company, Toronto. To protect you against lml-«
tntlons tbo portrait nnd signature Of.
Dr. A. W.. Chase, tho famous receipt,
book author, aro on every box.'
SBSB    ' »"     ■' j.' ' '  -——
It I. Driven by llcr Pumps, Which
Force Jet. Into Water.
A novelty in tho construction of marine craft is shown In n recent patent
{rant covering the design of a boat
propelled and steered by jets of water.
Instead of engines to drive screws and
propellers pumps aro employed and
Ihe boat driven by tbo action of Jots of
water taken In'at the bow and ejected
it tho stern.
' These pumps are suitably located
tvlthln the hold of the vessel, and each
Is provided with an lntnUe tube, which
runs furwardly to a point hear tlie bow
it the vessel, where there nre suitable
jponings through which tlie pipes may
receive the water, the said openings of
tourse being arranged below the witter
line. The Inlet ports at the ends of
these pipes are controlled by valves
jpcrated from some convenient point.
Extending from each of the pumps is
a tube which is curved so as to find an
opening at the side of tho vessel near
the forward part thereof, the outlet
portion of the tube being directed for-
wardly. Thus water which Is forced
through the tube will be so directed as
to propel tho bout rearwardly, as In
backing. Another pipe also extends
renrwnrdly from each pump, and this
pipe is preferably divided Into two
branches. Ono branch extends out-,
wardly through tbe side of tho vessel
it a point near tbo bow, while Ibc other extends, roarwardly in the vessel a
considerable distance, finding nn outlet near tho stern of the boat, and jets
Issuing from there will propel the boat
forward. Other openings nt tho side
tnd stern have the effect of changing
the course of the craft. In experimenting with a boat of this character It was
demonstrated that she could be turned
In her own lengtli, which Is an achieve-
ment of some importance.
Webster's Opinion of Himself.
A lady of one of the old families living near Boston related to a writer the
other day an anecdote of Daniel Webster which has never boon in print before. This lady happened to bo one of
a few friends who went with Mr. Webster to the hall whore hung on exhibition previous to lis final location In
Faneull hall Mr. llealy's now famous
painting representing Webster making
his reply to llnyne. "Mr. Webster,"
said the lady, "was very feeble and
was led In by the artist. Ascendiug tho
plntform which, commanded' a view of
the picture, Webster looked at It for
soma mlnuteB, making some pleasant
observations to bis friends, respecting
tho different senators and the various
points of Interest on the canvas. This
portrait ond that were spoken of and
even the pages recognized. Finally,
turning to go, Mr. Webster quietly remarked, 'And as for that man standing
there In the center—well, l'vo seen better looking men In my day than he.' "
Greater lli-llnln.
Of the British empire beyond seas
the Liverpool chamber of commerce'
has Just completed au Instructive ln-
Of tbe forty-five colonies twelve have
popular self government, with legislatures of their own electing. Tbe rest
are more or less autocratically ruled by
governors sent out from Londoni
Including India, tho empire now extends over 11,000,000 squire miles, or
nincty-ono times the area of the mother country.
A grent increase has taken place In
Iho population of the colonies during
tho last two decades, It having grown"
from ]5„jOO,000 in ISSl'tb 21.000,000,
excluding possessions from which there
were no returns. The bulk of this in-
crease is lu the Australian and South
African colonies.
Eager For ponble Dnir.
, A manufacturer In the west or England, anxious1 that bis linnds should
fceerj Christinas ltf*a prbper'spirlt, told
them that If they went to church on
thnt day they should receive their
wages Just the same as If they had
been at work. Shortly after the address a deputation of solemn faced employees waited upon their chief. "We're
willln' to attend church," said the
spokesman, "and if yo can see yer
way to payln' us overtime we're willln'
to attoud tbe,Methodist cbnpcl In the
A. Detroit paper announces, us an
astonishing fact, that a young lady
Bi" that city had a needle enter her
Win-t nbout a year ago, and that it-
recently worked its way out of the
arm of a y.oung man who dwells in
another city.
Coughing is the outward sign
' of inward disease.
Cure the disease with
Cure    The Lung Tonic
and the cough will stop.   '
Try it to-night.
If it doesn't benefit you
we'll give
your money back.
Price. 26c, 60c. and $1.00
S. C. WELLS ft CO.
Toronto, Crui.          LeRoy, N.V.
The National Bank of Norway.was
ctarted by tho Government compsl-
'ing its woll-to-do Inhabitants lu
iiibscribo for tho stock, and in sums
divisble by five to facilitate bookkeeping. The bank 13 also a pawnshop. .
Dear Sirs,—A few days ago I was
taken with a severo pain and contraction of the cords of my log, and
had  to  be takcp homo in it rig.      .1
oiild not sleep for pain, and was .un-
'i,l> 1 o to put my foot to tho floor. A
friend told nie of your MI-N'AUIVS.'
LINIMENT, and oiio hour from I lie
tlrst dppPcauoil I tens able to walk,''
unci  the pain  entirely  disappeared.
You can use my name as freely as
vou like, ns I consider.it the,beat,
remedy I have ever used.
Tngersoll, Out. ;
The highest manhood resides in disposition, not in mere intolloct. -r-
Beecher.     ' i
Lucky Chemists.
The number of chemists' shop. In i
German towns Is strictly limited, and"'
new licenses are rarely granted.   The,
value of these licensed establishments
Is  therefore constantly growing.    At
Brcshui   n   chemist's   shop   has  Just
changed  hands  for £10,000,  Including i
£8,000 lor the license alone.   At Dant-.
zlc a clipinlst's business recently realized £S„r>00. including £.'i,000 for the license.   It wns sold n fortnight'later firr
£0,000, Including £5,000 fdr the license.
-London Answers.
Food. Thai Produce ICnercr.
The value of sugar ns an energy producing food has been widely noticed
of bile, nnd no doubt tho sale of candy
increased I hereby. Sweet chocolate
and bread is considered a wholesome
lunch for Krench school children, but
It need mil be snld that It Is.a lunch
nnd not a "bile between meals." Figs
nml dales Ijayc much the same value
us sustaining fuotls. yet bow few people use them. Raisins, tno, afford both
eourishuieiit and stimulant.
an iii..nmn^ im iibmiii——iH—aa—aa
We know what al! good doctors think of AVer s Ciierry/
Pectoral. Ask your own doc*,
tor and find out.  He will cell
you how It quiets the tickling
throat, heals the inflamed
lungs, and controls  the.'
hardest of coughs.   .
rt AVer's Olierrr reotoral Is w.U known In.
our family.   We tlilnlc It it the lie.', niodlclno
In tho world for couplis And colds," "'    .   • '  i
KAT1K rurfiHSON, 1'utullltriR, Cal.
tSe.-,80o.,.l.M.    ' J. C.4TKRC0.)
All dttiwtsts. f/»r _MJ_^______l_SL
Hard Coughs
ii ijasu i —U i nn MMtmammmmmmmm.
One of A/er's Pills at bedtime will
hasten   recovery.   Gently laxative. KOTTST lUUBAXT imoOJOS,
IfTT' sfTflitiilsl.snsSsss
OVEU..-B. O.
|Th» SjjJOfd Tloya a Prominent  Part
Iti Oatlin nnd Mnrrtarfen.
5 The sword ploys many different roles.
Jin Hindoo manners and customs. There.
J are certain warlike tribes among, whom
• oaths taken .over the sWoi'd'•nrc'.bind-
ing, while taken, otherwise they are
not. ',- A   similar   sentiment   prevails
• ''msjonp sonis^prodtt'tor-y-classes, of iKu-
1 rope,'  wjiero  oaths  taken  oyer  their
* weapons jofoffense-a daggetj'ti poniard, a rapier—.ye considered binding.
The Idea with'these classes eseenns to
be that perjury committed after "taking;
' oaths-ovojr their weapons recoil; that
j they die by- the weapon against which
they perjvjretheinselves.
In feeriir, Tn India, women who are"
. nbout to lead an irregular life marry*
n sword.   This marriage in name, as
' an emblem of conjugal life, servos as
a ray of consolation to them In tho
midst of their evil doiugs. In ccrhiiq
parts of India when a Illudpo is abbuj
j to marry a third wife, which marry.
■ Ing is considered nn HI onion, he mar-
. rles'a.trcc, for obviating tbe 111 omen,
i before ho marries the third lady.
In Kathinwar there is still iho cus-
j torn for rojput priucos who are much
: mnrriod to ninrry other wives bj
moans ot a sword. They 'send over
their sword to the bride's people.   The
; bride. Is married to it with all tho rer
quired pomp and splendor, tho only difference being that the prince's sword
| becomes a substitute for Wm, the
bridegroom.   The legality of this mar>
I rlage to n sword is indisputable. The
brlijo mqrricd,toJt, enters the rojrjut
zenana as a legally married wile.
Where the Hourslna. ta  U.ed.
J    Among-things hot genially 'known.
.' is the fact thittt the hourglass.is' universally il|.ed> pn 'board ships in the
English navy when tbo log is heaved
Every hour the boatswain or one of
the boatswain's  mates  blows  on  his
' whistle n peculiar shrill note called tho
reel. Tho person In the"Wnteh to whom
this duty is assigned then bea'yes the
log, n small pleco of'woodwifh a sinker fitted In It, and at that moment (he
glass is turned. Though termed nn
hourglass generally, it is only a fourteen second glass really.
. As ibe Inst grain runs out the log
line Is stopped with a jerk, which also
loosens the lead sinker.   The log floats
. up to the surface of tho sea, the line is
hauled In and an entry made In the
book, which, from Its containing this
among other Items of the daily and
nightly events of the voyage, is called
tbo log book.
has the shrink
taken out In the
wool. Every fibre
i3 straightened—.
every strand is
shaped — before
the fabric Is
woven, When the
garments are cut,
they fit perfectly,
and they don't
8TANFIELD'S is -unconditionally guaranteed to
be absolutely- unshrinkable. Right sizes to (it
every figure.   —.
A t all dealers In nun's
A Troublesome Ant.
In the state of Colombia there is a
large ant (Attn ccphalotcs) which
censes'a great deal of Injury to plantations. It attacks nnd carries off indiscriminately all kinds of foliage, and
no sort of vegetation seems to come
amiss to it. The quantity of foliago
enrrled off by these nnts Is Immense.
A naturalist recently Investigated tlie
uses to which tlie ants put this mass
of vegotnblo matter, and he ascertained thnt they employ It to make hotbeds, upon which their eggs are deposited to be hatched by tbo heat produced
by the fermentation of the leaves. Tho
ants do not eat these portions for food,
and the larvm nre fed upon a carefully
selected diet. Once the brood is hatched, the ants clear nway the hotbed, carrying out of their nest all the decomposed vegetable matter. This Is thrown
out in heaps apart, and In tbo largo ant
hills these heaps will contain bushels
nml upward.
Baying; a Daughter.
A lady In costly mourning attire was
walking' In a street In Vienna the other
day when she saw a beggar woman
with three children, one of them a girl
of two, sitting at the foot of a rnonu-
piottf. She sent a street porter to ask.
If she would, give up tbe girl. The woman podded, whereupon the jady In
bladlr'walked up to her, gave her sOino
bank notes nnd took the child to a
(tore. Half an hour later she emerged
with the same child elegantly dressed,
hailed a cab and drove away.
Ancient lleuil  Covering;..
The hat is simply a varlatlou of nnd
no doubt an Improvement upon lire, an-
olent coverings for the head,'no jrjiit-
ter whnt their shape or material. Comment has been made because some noted paintings o,f Scriptural and oriental
life do.not tloplct vie headdresses of
ihe males. This \s most noticeable in
paintings of ancient Syrian life, for, no
doubt the Syrians wore'then, as now, a
turban, thick, light and colorless, to
protect them from, the biitiVlps sun.
The Pole  Wabbled.
Whlffcrs-Soo   here,   Rllffors!     You
told me the way to win a girl was to
. devote myself to..her mother.
Bllffers—Yes, slrrec, that will do it
Whlffers—Huh!    I   wonted   to   win
MISs Bonlifl,' end I took your'aclvlcer
, and,devoted, niysclf to Mrs. Bcautl. and
[   now  tho olil lady* Who- Is  ii  widow,'
,   wants to marry me herself.
lie   Hn<!   lliH-n   Helped   Once.
7 Two Turks ftfre at a FJoVvfcli ban|
' qiiet. Toward the end of the feast a
? Frenchman selected a toothpick from
? (he tray near hlin and politely passed
the tray on to his neighbor, who, how--
J ever,  peremptorily declined tlie offer,
"No; thitnkyou; I' have already eaten
'   two of tbe accursed things."
Toot Annllcl
J "' TSnfa'tf'Terrible—And did they go In-
,   tp'tpbork two by two?
Mamma—Vos, dearest.     ..    .
Enfant Terrible— Well, 'who wont
* ,Kltb,ountU? il.
b      :..■.     ;-    ——! 1 !	
^ ., Success  rules are  like Bnails—they
^ must be driven Into something or they
wlil soOfi rust
Tlie Cannibal'.  Dnrbeeac.
KlJIsem (a native of tlio Casnlbnl Islands)—They  arc  having a  barbecue
J  down on the beach,
IJntsem—What's tho entree, man. or
' 'woirinn?
Klllsom—Neither. They've captured
a ship laden wilh newspapers, and they
aro  devouring  the   news.
/'."In marked conastt-with nil ordirju-r trim'"
jKslersJ this fn n stands alonein this field ss
an institution engaged?- in the rod work of
maiMif:i^iiriiiS aud fitting trusses iuaraoteed
to hold and cute Riip"rure of srW-Klnd. i
, Buy PirOct from the Makers, w t
o»n astvo you 100 pes' *******
of what vou v.-ould have'to pay-so^Clled
RllBlure Specialists.   Write forour ERE C
Book tin'Ttwasas—its'a'tlS. '
We Gusranlea Farfoct a"
j by Mail.   Address
The F. E. KARN CO.
132 Victoria St.._Torol»to
(4)     Canada's teacltng Mail'Order House.
"jj We supply at short
notice complete JOB
\ We sell what Printers want; Printers want
what we sell.
f We carry a complete
stock of Type and Supplies for the composing
Room, Pressroom and
Company, Limited.
i McDcront Avenu:
Tlio world is crowded only in-sfkits.
There arc still 20,060)600 square
miles of Iho earth's surface that hnve
not  been explored.
Dr   Von   Stan's    Pineapple
TatsltSlS- Molical science by n'ecidont dls-
covc-rocl tho potency ot tho p'lnoappleas
a punax-en Jur stomach troubles.- -Ine
immense percentaua, ol veueinblo pepsin
contained In the truit makes It nn almost Indispensable remedy - hi cases ot
dyspepsia und imlieestlon..' One tablet
nhor ciiL-li meal will cure chronic case.-,
('•t.l  In  a box,   155  cents.—32
.Some of the towns of Clerinany
have their water pipes made of glass,
protectee) with tin asphalt covering,
to prevent fracture,	
Minard's.Liniiilent Cures Garget In Cows-
"Which would you rather do, .Tnr-
iey, li'iSs a girl' on her lips or on her
05'es 7" "iTti- eyes, of course. You
have to do it twico to t'ovar iho
j    1   ;. w^—I—j    -,
There never was nnd never will be n
UDiveuaaJ panacea, in ono remedy, .lor all
ills tn \\hleli flcuh Is heir—the very tin-
tnro of iiiniiv curatives boinK hucIi tlip.1
were tho ffefiiiH ot other uud different!?,
sealed diaoasss rooted In tho system ol
the patient—what would relievo one 111
In turn would uKKi'avato the other. We
havo however, in Qutiilno Wine, when
tjb,Uinclile.Jil sound, unadulterated stuUi.
a ivim-ily lor manv unci crl^voiis Ills; Bv
Its gradual and judicious use tho Iruilest
sVsroius tii-e.Iod'ipto copvaloatence and
strength bv tlio. Influence which cluitlinr
exerta on nntura's own restoratives? H
"rpllPves ilia dt'oopinix spirits of thnsi
Rltll whom a chronic slate ot morbid
despnndencv nnd lack of Interest in'*11ff
18' a dlaoaee.. bctuI., bv .trniKiiHli/.inir -the
norvus, rliapo^cs to rfeouiul .antC rttfreshlne
r.leep—inipaits viiror to the notion of.ithe
blood, which; belpc*'stboitlo-ted, ..covtRses
throurch^ the veluB. strerijit*ieifiiiei.thc
heultli.v nniinal functions of tho system
thereby maklnp;. activity a necessary^ ro-
sult, Htreprrtheiilng the .frame and triune
llfd to the" Slf*est|ve' orrrans, which naturally demand, in-.-reused siUistniu'e—fcHuIt
•vjproved appetite. NoftlTron & ,l..vqa/ui
of Toronto, hnve cic.cn to tho punlic
their Superior Quialne' Wlno at the iimn-l
rate.' and, prunu'etl by the opinions> ol
scientist^ tho iwine. flfllirnnchesi- • nenfesl
nerfei-troii. r>f crivTin"'tlis'' iroiAet. *AH
ditilriflstssall  it.
— __ .
"How docs* Jibson kiund . tiroMpej'-
ity sinco ho came Into his fort 11110 ?"
"Oh, be stands it all right, but j^t's
pretty rough on his friends."
Removes all hard, aott or cnllouacd
lumps and blemishes from horses, blood
apavln, curbs, splints, rlngbOMj-aw.erey,.
attfles, Bprains; cures sore* and .woollen
throat,- coughs,- etc. Sava $50 by tha
vs. of oneaidttl*.' Warmatad th. rSoat
wonderful Dlemlsh Cur. aver known.
Bold by all druogtBta.
At the funeral ot Linton, the professional bicyclist of London, his
wheel, drapod in black, was led behind tbo hearso.
A Curious SlR-lit OccnslOnnlll' WltV
neti.cn In Tropical Waters, c>
■ Of Ihe many sifjii't's wlthcs-scd in the
oceans of the globe, one of the most
curious. and inofjt weird, is that described by sailors as "tbe milky sea,"
ships being , surrounded for several
hours by water that appears to be a
snowy whiteness. The spectacle is restricted to the darkness o? nigrit and
rare occasions, nnd, while it Is limited
mainly to the warmer witters-ot-the-
tropical belt, it .appears to be more;
common iu thelndinnocean .tluin.4n.JtUo,
Atlantic and PiicIOc. From the while
water the light is so strong that ordinary newspaper print dan be rend on
board ship, but the scone rill'round is
of an owe inspiring description. The
horizon iii blotted out.sen'and sky seem;
to become one In ■ sort of'iiniTcrsnl
luminous Tog, which, like a Loudon fog,
robs the observer of the sense of di.-i
tance and direction, the deck being lit
up with n ghastly, shadowless, light.
Onco off tlio west coast of South America a bucket of tbo white'water emptied back into the sea resembled molten
lend. Thfs curious sight has~Interested
8cientiilc Investigators, but while it is
no doubt related to tho many pbos-.
phorescent displays common at sea
there is no suliiclciit explanation forthcoming of this particular manifestation,
or of tho singular atmospheric effcejts.'
resulting from it.
Charles •(*!' rif Table.
Euiperor Charles V. Of AUStl'in,' by
far the most powerful ruler of his doy, •
was thus described as he appeared nt
table by Itogcr Asebam, secretary lo
the English ambassador, iu 1550: "I
stood hard by the emperor's table. He
had four courses; he had sod beef—
very 'good, .roast nrhttop, baked bare;
these be no service in England. The
emperor hath a good face; a constant
look; ho fed well of a capon; I htiye
hod 11 better from mine hostess llamas
many times in my chamber. Tie anil
Ferdlnando, king of the Romans, ate
together very handsomely, carving
themselves where they list, without-
any curiosity. The emperor drank the
best that ever I saw; lie had his head
In the glass five times as long as any
of us and never drank less than 11 good
quart nt onco of Ithoulsh, >v_inc.V It
wns notorious that the emperor ate
nnd drunk Immoderately, rind ns a natural result he suffered terribly from
gout from tbe time lie was thirty years
29 W \ P* ' Ho^ft strtrtl. er»mml~ion ilrm—T*v
Wrltoto.daj.for    GRAIN   r.flMMISSION MEBCH
Do You Want i;
some one to handle rm. shipments
imIh —
If ao, the undersigned wants your buslnoss and wilt endeavor to give satisfaction.
Cash Advanced on consignm.nts;     Beferoace:   Union Baolt of Cannda.
The oldest established Oraln Commission ■ ^.m, Jmrnm  ■■!■   i. n.    s. m ^
^iran^'-Vvapeo. S.     SF^IINIeK
—>•■" '"    ■■'     j '■■' ' l.i|li    .J
Maclennan Bros.,
Taurnosn 1490. P, 0. Box (85
SJolntyro Block, 304, Winnipeg.
^lie.t»nr|;gr|ifn of alf klndk Car
toad lots a Spec dully, '^egrftar advances on Bills of Lading-.
Writo or wirq;us for Track Bid., or
Consign Yonr drain tn us, which wa
will sell for yonr scconnt, on yonr ap-
rrtiv.ltohI.da9t bidder.
The  Amble  Lnnn;anu;e.
There is no language more poetical
than tlio Arabic language, where
suow Is called "hair of the tnountniu"
and the rainbow is "bride of the rain."
licit mullet ts "the sultnn of fishes,"
maidenhair fern is translated by "little
cane of the well." ordinary Arabic
words show nn extraordinary gift of
description. The word for secretly
means literally "under tho matting"
nnd never is expressed thus: "When
the charcoal takes root nnd tho salt
buds." Uncontrolled ascendency of Imagination marks the Arab and endows
his nature with n fnseinntlon all Its
own. An outdoor life is his heritage,
and the things of nature nro a part of
himself. Spring he calls "grass;" summer Is "gleaning;" autumn is "fruit;"
winter is "raiuy."
. A Queer Police ForcS.
The policemen In Haiti are pfiitl by
results. Thoy get capitation fees for
all the arrests they make. As they
come from the worst class of tho population and are under uo discipline, It
follows that a man Is very liable to be
arrested In Haiti unless he Is willing
to pay tbe policeman more than the
capitation fee, As this fee ,1s only 15
cents, tbe price of freedom Is not prohibitive.
If a man objects to paying the fee
and says he would rather go before the
judge the policeman soon convinces
him of tho unpleasantness of arrest
with n thick cluB.
A Soft Pack.
A soft pack "is tiid most effective
method known.Jbjr alleviating lnffam.
matlon and getting rid of Irritation in
rheumatic gout. To afford relief every
night a. piece of-flannel should be applied. This flnpnel should be saturated in brine and then wrapped around
the affected joint or joints. The .flannel should then bo covered with a rubber -or oil silk bandage. ■ Both should
be kept on all night.
Ether and  Either.     ,
When the friends of the .rival claim-.
nnts of the discovery of" nnrcsthcsla
were proposing rdonuments for each
other Oliver Wendell Holmes suggested that nil should unite In erecting n
single memorial, with n central group
symbolizing painless surgery, a statue
of Jackson on one side, a statue of
Morton on tho other nnd the Inscription
beneath, "To E(l)ther."
Odd Chinese Cn.tnm.
In China n jar placed on the roof of
ft bouse with the bottom end tow.rd
tho street Indicate, that tbe daughter
of the house Is not yet of ngo to marry. As soon as,she ha..developed Into
a marriageable maiden tljc jar Is tnrn-
ctl with Its mbiith toward tho street.
When tho young lady gets mnrrlcd
the jar Is removed altogether.
i       Cnl  Oat  111*  Bread.       ;
"Idleness is a sin. Tho good ,book
says that man sbnll eat bread In the
sweat of Ills fnce."
"I ain't pertlckler about bread, mum.
,tts' gimme some ment rind a little plo
nnd cake If dor's any bandy, and I'll
git along. I ain't no great bread cater
mesffif, mum."'
Not In Stock.
Shop Walker-She complains that yon
mv dennrtment. sir.
aop wa;ugr— one coinpiupts iiiur you
n't shorn i)cr commoni.cJvJmyjg,
liolrgfrMf Wowe-flTte'r «YeW8ffl| IB
your blankets or harden them.' It
will make them soft, white and
fleecy. n
Various    Improvements   Thai    Hnvo
Been Made Iu  Its Shape.
the ships' anchors, in general used gp
to the beginning of flic ln,st ceultiry
consisted ot ti long, round iron shank,
having two fcomparativcly "short,.
Straight alios or-fluk-ov inclined ttf the"
shank at an angle of about 49 degrees
and meeting it in. n somewhat sharp'
point nt the ,«iownr In large anchors
the bulky WOodeii Block was built up
of several pieces, hooped together, .the
whole' tapering Outward to the e'iids,
especially on tbe'aft or entile side.
■iAbout the beginning- of the lrist eeii-
tury-iicclerk In-stbe Plyinohtli naval
yard, -I'ering by. name, suggested certain improvements, the-most important
of which was making the nrms.curved
instead ot straight. .At first sight this
simple change may seem of little'vnliid,
btit consideration'will show that'this Is
not tlie case. The holding power'df nn
anchor depends on two prlnelpsl oon-
dltiouBrr-nnmely, the extent-, of'.useful
holding surface nud the amount of
vertical penetration. Tlie.JaJter quality, is peeessary on account of the nature of ordinary sea bottoms, the sir-
face layers of which arc generally less
tenaciousr and resisting than is tlip
ground a short distance below.
Iu the year 1831 chain cables began
to supersede the hempin cues, with
the result that tbo long simnked anchors hitherto in vogue were no longer
necessary, and anchors with shorter
shanks and with heavier and stronger"
crowns gradually enwo into use. In
consequence of these chnngeg a, commission was appointed In tho-yeur 1838
to Inquire Into the.holdlng power .of, anchors, and a principal result of Its labors wns the adoption of tho so called
admiralty pattern, anchor, which continued to bq used in the navy' up to the
yenr'lfcHiO.   The Invention of tho steam
hammer in 1812 made the welding of j eosetcnich, if ncrriooted, win develop ln-
heavy masses ot iron a tfotripnratively
easy nud reliable, process, so that from
this time onward tho strength of anchors fully kept pace with that of tlie
chain cables which had come into general use.
A number or patents-for anchors
were taken out prior to the great et-'
blbltion of 1851, and, public attention
having been called 16 the mod!ehy there
shown, In tho-follovylng year a commit'
tec was appointed by tbe admiralty to
report on the qualifications' of anchors
of tbe,varlous kinds. Practical trials
were then instituted! nnd as a result
Trotinan's anchor took the highest
place, Itodger's anchor being second
on tho list. Some of tbe tests to which
the alienors were submitted were' of
doubtful value, sneh, for Instance; as
"facility for Bwceplng." Nowadays,
however, at all events for deep ships
lu shallow harbors, it Is considered an
advantage for an anchor to offer n3 "t-
tlo obstruction as possible nbove the
ground.—Science. Sittings.
FIJI Halrdreastnir.
No one has Visited Fiji lu the pant
without being astonished at tbe fearful and wonderful styles of hairdress-
lng. - They are' geometrical, monumen-
tal, pyramidal and tranczoidal. An additional factor In this production ot
the grotesquo la that tlio hair varies In
color as lime varies In bleaching power
or as the jnlce of the mangrove in coloring matter. • Between black and white
tbe colors ran through tbe blue black
and all tho shades ot red end yellow.
Often half the hair is red and the other
halt white, giving a kind ot piebald effect. ■ -'
.It Depend*.
Floorwalker—Vases7 Yes, ma'am.
Right tip this nlsle. Bargains from 25
cents up.
Next Shopper—You hnvo a display of
vawges today?
Same Floorwalker—Vawsos? Yos,
madam. Down tho next aisle, please.
Bargains from $25 up.—Uxchnnge.
He Heeded lUneoaraaTcmenl.'
"Do yon try to bo contented with
poverty, my man?"' nsked tlio rich
"I'm afraid not," answered tha hard
up delinquent, "hut just try mc with
riches and see how contonted I'd he."-'
"But, after all, Is not good digestion
the bas|s of beauty?" •
"Aye, what else may change the
grub into tho butterfly?" exclaimed
Beatrice, attacking the sirloin zestfully. .    ' .
Down and .Ont.
Upton—Buy, Isn't that richly dressed
womnn across the street your cook?
Suburb-No. Wc did Make our home
with her for awhile, but shb discharged
ns last week.
*_«B ^—
-    A Nansrhly-cnl  Hxperlaner.
IYaebtct—Seoms to" moi-you- hod  a
equally time at your house last night. -
Xouiig Father—Yes, Indeed! Thavten-
lor Willie, with what might be termed
"ba(e poles," was caught by. n.BPnnk-
Ing breeze aBlem.' "       ,
' MssachnsetTs in 11
-sfste' to establish  n' Wrenu of labor
statistics.   '. »    .
Pop's Grievance.
Mother-Tommy, stop asking your
father so many questions. .Don't you
see it annoys:blm?
Tommy—Why, mother, It's not tho
questions that make him angry. It's.
because he can't answer them.—Pnnch. i
was the llrst
VeTrnotl Bromley Cured by Dodd's
*   I Kidney Pills.
.•• ■' *.'
For Years he Waa Crippled by Bhcuina-
■ ttsm*sntl Sciatica-llodd's Kidney Pill.
-     mado Hlin a Now Man.
Morristown, N.Y., Nov. g._(Spe-
clalj.-fyernon Bromley, now of this
plnco.tput'formBrty'jof Trenton, Ont.,
relates) in' experfe'noo; that will prove
Of great Interest to his old friends in
"I have been a. great sutTener from
Rheumatism and Sciatica for years,"
its, Btondey states. "The, citizens of
3*anton"will remember -what a cripple 1 was. I could neither work or
lie down, the pnl'.i wa9 so great.'
"P.eatilng of cures by Dodd's Kid-,
ney Pills finally led mo to try them,
and frojn the "Second box I began; to
feel relief.- I continued'to use them
tilt I "had taken twelve boxes, when
I wffB completely cured.
"Dodd's Kidney Pills have made a
new. man of,me."
• Rhcumnrtsm-'amT kindred diseases
are caused by uric acid in the blood.
If the Kidneys are sound they will
take all the, vfje ' «ci<l out °' tlie
blood. Dodd's TCidncy Pills make
sound Kldpeys,
"How married life does change
one." "From what I havo observed
I should say it changes two."
Miiinrii's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
The 'MaRtor—"ts It raining very
hard, Thomas ?" The Servant—"No
sir, only hnilstonoyi, pit-."
Ihc   Backache   btaije   may be
iutt   taut   incipient  form,-of kidney die-
to stubborn and distrcsstnir. disorder that
will tukc louc t.-dimis V'cataicnt to cute.
Tion't. iifL:U'i't t-lu- "backneb'.' stiute" of
the ino.-t inbldhius uf diseases: South
American Kidney Cure Mops the nche In
six hours und c-urc-i.—tin.
Sir,    do    you     need    any
typewriter,   supplies ?"    Merchant —
cs;'3chr>nre obout  four pounds of
WORLII.—There Is a work to do for
every man ou earth, thorn is a function
to perform ftfr even- thinrc on enrth. oni-
mato und inanltnucu. Kverylhintr hns n
mission, and the mission of Dr. Thomas'
Ecloclrie Oil is tn hoiil hums nnd
wounds of every description, und cure
couorliH, colcts. croup nnd oil affesvlons of
the   ro.spirlil'ory • organs.
The pretty foco and cot|ttottlsh
ways of a. waitress at a country club
house- near Chtcngn,',flrpnscd -the Indignation of several of the wiws
nnd daughters-oi tho members. Their
concerted art ion caused (he dismissal
of tho beauty. When sho nsked the
reason she tens curlly iiU-'Qi'inetl "J-'oi-
conduct Irecoming p lady, but .null>■
coming u wnitrefs.**
.',      II .
Salt RJtcum,' Totter, Eczems
—These 9Istr.S8tng skin discuses rrllecvd
by ono application. Dr. A>|iicw's Ointment Is it potent "cure for ull eruptions
ot tUe skin. Jns. Onston. Wilkesbun-,'.
says i "For nine youra I wns diaflgurcq
with Tetter ou iqv hiindtt. Dr. Airiiew'i
Ointment.curisl- it."   86 ccnle.—Iii
Tt'is'thh c'ustom in Bulgnrin for
newly married women to remain silent for a month after marriage, un-
.less when addressed by their hus-
Jiands. When it, is dasirnble for tho
customary restriction to be permanently removed, he presents a glff to
her, anti-then she con chatter to her
heart's content-
Minarri's Liniment Cures Distemper.
A brilliant signal light at Atlantic
City is visible, nineteen miles nt sea.
Each ve.tr it burns 3,2oq gallons of
$100 Reward $100.
Th. ri-fl-leis of tills paper will be pleased It
learn ftiflt tnorc If lit Ir-mt one drMded dtens-
ttiat, scli-nc* lies '''■en nt,ltf l'> car. In nil lis
•UB*.. nod llu'C Im Cutiurh. Hull's Cut.int.
Cure Is Iho only noalllve <■""> now known to tin-
meiik-at frst'ituty. Catarrh intuit a conatltu
tlonal dlfuse, rtoulrea a ouisUtiltJotinl tr^nt-
m'-nt. Tlnll'i OUtilrh t'ure Is lalo-n InliTnally,
actlBtulnclly lUiua-ilie blo.nl nnd niilcoila sur-
focTS of Itie svsttrri, Ihereb]*' iiesimylns thr
loumlailun of Iho dlaeaw, end .Ivln. tbe hw
tlont 'aln-nstli b>' bulldlmt up the cnristltHtlon
and nsslsllr-fT niiture in dolnir Its v.ork. The
proprletois luive 10 tnucb tuilb In lis curaUve
poweis. Hint the/ nrli-r one Uiuuln-d Dollan
for any c.iw llmt It falls tn cine. Kind tor list
ot lesllni.il i.Us. A,lili'»s ..„„_,, „
r. J. CHISNET .1 CO., Toliilo, O
Bold hy all iimralsta, T:-a.
Hall's I-'ntnlly rills aro the but.
• If there were no future
souls would lint thirst for
life    oui
Our deeds determine us as much
as we determine our dew's.—-fleorge
Ayer's Pills are good liver
pills. You kndw that. Tho best
family laxative you can buy.
They keep the bowels regular,
cure constipation,
J. 0. ArwOo..
l.nv/.ir. Mm..
Want your moustache or bear J
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
nmra,      M af..»n.ee..s»„ei,s.a||
\A/.  IM    l_J     No. *t»BS.
Unshrinkable H. B. K.- tirtdcrwear8
■   ' .:;.... ^        '.C Sc Sa».Sli>1
Made from the best sidewqol in the flecce-^lastfr?*i:ib-
bed knit—shaped to fit body^absolut'elynQn-shnqS^Ble"
—wool treated by H.B.K, exclnsiv; pffldJeKi tociatake it
so—every particle of oil, grease, slivers, etc., -removed-
by the H.B.K. patent cleaning process—-tough wear,-
light, fleecy, all wool, clean, pure,'luxurious underwear,
and absolutely noti-slirinkabre/eiUphteiTseTlon^hriTl^b!^
.■■sis ii    —,. ...—.,■..,„■■.,...      ■ ■—.■*-*      -■a.-iiana
Sold by dealers every where.
Only genuine with this brand-
. ■
' ml
A pinto bronco is t6*u|£
to the tip of his tail.
And the toughest part
.of him is  thS^-Ughi)
muscular hide tEnit15
.'.!'  tU
Cordovan leather lVnrade fofH.B.K.
mitts and gloves., Scorch, boilj- wind;
rain, cold proof.
Genuine only with
this brand. ^,.
Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.
Write for " Strayed," the ruani-Kt b'onco storv ever written.—FREft
...---. .'-•...
1 -:.- o.
M»K«?o of ■Warm WaornT-jT-ajB for KTerrbocI*^ " *•**
: '    , Ml, "'" " ;     '    "        '•■
Hudson Bay \
Tho Beat t3ui|di^K Paper rVlaaclo. t
It la very much strone.r npd   tlilrker than  any other (tarred  or ballrl- •
l»S) T*!»r.   It  la Impervious to wind, keeps out cold, keep, tn hent. cur- •
rle. no amell or odor, abaorba op moisture,  Imimrta no taste or ttnvor to S>
.n.Vthlnp with  whioh It crotrle. tnf conta.t.    It la lrt.'1-olx used not  i.nlv  for ♦
ahMtlnrf ftoii.es,  but  fur llolnrt   co.'fl   ktorarto   buiblinvs.   n-frl^emturs,   (lair- T
J.., creameries,   and all  place:-  whero   tho   object   Je   to   keep -un   avm   nlTtP T
uniform temperature, .nd -t tho sumo tirne Avoldlnrr dnmpne.a.a. ♦
Writ, our Agents, TMES & I'EIISSE, Winnipeg, for aamples. *
| Tho E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL. I
— i     — ' •   '"fl * '* **■■ -
In tho i'A f^nrrWrBieyard, Southern
f'ulIfoJ'niV-i !• yil IniTt'ol Iwontijl still
Tlio lnn-nlnr clinilwd over the ofilie
partition. "It is \tell to he oo. the.
safe side,' he snld. 'I'lien he.ln'kiiii
work on the vaull:
KOIt 1V1''I,AMMA'I'1(1S' 01-' TUB BftS
—AniOtiK   the  innnv' coo'l  iitiulltfcs   which
I'nrnielee'n   Venetolile   I'llls   iiossvrtj    I
skies   re/rulettnit  the  dlKOStlve  orcfen..   Is
tbeir efiu-ncv in rftdurtn" IMbinntfl r    i
the eyes. It has cnllcd forth tr.anv la*k
ters of rc'coiniiii-uilutioll Iruul tliobc 1.ie>
cvero nflll'-ted witb tbra conuiluint nun
toillld a euro.In tha.nil's. Tllev nll'-'t the
nerve centres nnd tho blond In n Mii-oris-,
fua?lv nnth'ai *irv. nnd Hie r.-milt |a ni-
tno"t   linin"'liiiteiy  i" en.
n t!i ••...-',,!. || ,:1 v-1,1 i;\'Aiie -inin**'"'
vrtiiiir iX.Ooo ttalbjiis >•:' "iu," ijit"
lin.li.Tyf '.TV' lnT.n(vf'iWt» liHlirs*"1''
'lVrtcher—"Snppns.' Viui tnWoilisj
Toinmy, what would you do '?" Tom-
Yerv   irmi>y -rtWKiinn srry-«nnunll.v   fron,
cholera and  kindred  summer complsiuta,
cvho nilitbti havo been anved il ui-opt-r
n-ni'-iiic-sJiaU been US'-', II allocked do
• ol ITblnV I i r-.-ttint; '- botfln of Tlr. .1
D. Kelroiru-'s l'vauatrnw .Jonlirll. Ihilinedi-
clne tluit iimi'i- lulls ty oU'ct a cure
'IHose   who   linvn  used     ft   'Ktiv'   it     acta
irni^ilU,-.   JUiil.tlmipuaJSj*. »ub'l*»Vi|ith'-
-iiin !•• ,1 (naeaao.
 im , .  •%  kti.uir*'.,   .■*)>
} A fhowi' oi.
'rt*Brtitl.v4isVr on
-gtc raUni*ci.u;u«], AinWlln»'cl»n'''*4an"
sas,  and so iiiipedud tho vvrofrrest ol
my—"I'd   never   ivesll   in>'
nnv la Ir
relf/hl   'rain  that   it    cniiie    to
'     ■stJ'-fcA '
i*m>        ••> •■    ■     ■
■P ' ' iiwi'"'-v
.    ^^'lS.m'^71^**^^^'---"-"-"•»-• r——      r
I - f-T—'•'   WJ-^-*'vii*^**W||
■+■).    I'llH   Hi
'   'I I'  I li "II
Ht. Meosant, Advocate.
Vria*: S88S Westminster avenue.
estqWishcd April 8, 1890.
';      English omes:
•0 nisi street, London, E. O.
Is kept for
The Advocate1
visitor,   to  read.
Mi*. R. Whitney,
• ' r.  ■     ■
-pi.iSj.a    nan   atni  ...  i     i _^._
$1 a year payable In
Semntsm Oemy.
ffotiow of Birth.. Marriages, and Deaths
pnhH.hod free of charge.
South Vancouver.
The Court of Revision ot the Voter'.
List sat on Saturday January 9th,
when SO duly qualified voter, were
added to the List for 1904.
A vote of thanks was tendered the
Clerk, Mr. Wm. Geo. Walker for the
efficient way he had conducted the
affairs connected with bis office during
the year, and the 1908 Council rose.
Nominations were received for the
new Council on Monday January I lth,
and as there were- no more candidates
nominated than necessary, the whole
Council was elected by acclamation, as
Reeve—George Rao.
Ward I.-Rlchard Wilson.
Ward II.—H. G. Ballsou.:
Wsjd III.—Samuel Taylor.
Ward IV.—John Bryson;
Waod V.—Henry Mole!
Orysdale-Stevenson Ltd.
Tel. B1405.
Vancotwcf, B. C., Jan.   IB,  |»04
I Worship, Dr. W. J. MoGulgan!
„ . yjss»jsnf»)r> sabs congratulated on
■ iatinj .looted to' tbe Chief Offloe of
' .'^fcsOity Government, Dr. W.J. Mo
'  Oalsjan,   Our new Mayor is a man of
.•tree* 'character,   broad-minded, pro-
srfsasl.o, and eminently fitted to fill the
office with honorable credit to the City
•.andhimself.   -
to Ward V., Mayor McGuigan's rote
tof. I7T said Mr.  J. J.  Banfisld's 81
1 totalled S59 votes, 89 votes more
the   Electoral   Union   ticket
'tap eleotlon of Dr. Brydone-Jack as
Alderman for Ward V., was assured
whan he consented to stand for election, and Ward V., is gratified to see
his plurality Mr. John Morton has
• evidently won the confldenco of his con-
Sritoency, when he has been re-elected.
not Alderman W. H. Wood wait not
re-elected many of his friends think is
tterssaltof his not auuounoiug- him-
•elj until so late, lor the report that he
was not to enter the campaign influenced
many to pledge themselves to the other
candidates. Mr. Wood has been
sjjannrh champion of his ward, and to
Ms persistent efforts many of our
Improvements are doe. He has served
Aro terms as Alderman from Ward V.,
and •arvedfaithf oily.
Beers George Bae has been returned
iter Sooth Vancouver this year by
aoclamation, which indicates his popn
fA.rwii Christian Ckuch (not 7ih day Ad
rtw«fJM4 mow Ninth arena, and Weatmln
rH«»*l. Serrlce. II a.m., sad 7:S0 p.m.,
;Sunday School at 10 a.m. Young peoples
lfmmh*l Ural SSattotS * Christian Kndea-
,rwti*Mte every Sanday.milBa;alt:tf o'clock
^rayer-tamllng Wadaesdar nigbtset .o'clock,
Seventh •**■**», twtwsa WMtrajaiter aire.
^nuaend Quebec street.  SERVICES al 11 a.:
lkmt.7:*fMiio,i Sunday School at 3:30 p.
,»».. A. «. ltcUod, Paatar.   Residence <*«
jtlxta »».na»,»*«.
Corn.rol Mini .nd Wertalniter avenue.
.SERVICES at II a. a., and 1 p. avt Bnud.y
JMM.4 and Blbla Claaa J: 30 p.m. Bav. C. II
■M. Snth.rland, Pastor, Parsonage 123 Eleventh
>raa.a, ^aaa.
lanMtraa .1 Westminster avenue and West-
aslasp«r row). HHill'U'KS at U a. tu., and
.J;»» p.aa.;SwMar school «tJ:S0 p.m. Iter.
,4*Ms4.5niaM, B. A., Pastor. Manse corner ol
,Slghlb;avenu*and Ontario street.  Tel. IMS.
You Save
hitty   2
Handel's Messiah on
For several years it has been the
custom ot tho Mt. Pleasant Methodist
.Church Choir, to produce some standard
work lit their Good Friday Concert, and
each succeeding year the progress has
been marked Among the works already
performed by the Choir nre: Fanner's
"Christ aud His Soldiers," Dr. Shuiu'a
"Captives of Babylon," Sir Arthur
Sullivan's "Prodigal Son," Mendelssohn's "Forty-second Psalm," and
Gaul's "Ten Virgins." The Choir have
been so much encouraged by former
successes, nnd patronage accorded them,
that they hnve decided to put on
Handel's ever popular "Messiah," on
nest Good Friday, and every effort will
be pot forth to mako the performance
in every way a snecess.
Sr Michaels.
rC^rsisg W«taataat«.».a« aad peine* Edward
Str*tl. SERVICES at II a. m„ and7:90 p.m.;
jHelyCoanmnnlonlstand lid Sundays la each
—hlb after morning prayer, ad aad 4U> Sun
fact*.at. Sunday School at 2:80 p.m.,
»*.#<«. Vlleon, Bectnr. Residence S7S
Iavaaaa, aaat.      ,'i, ,.,A,
$* Wlien Your Lodge Meets
■&>'       ' MfiVDJAj.
Tlie 3d and 4tfe Mondays «C she month
Oenrt Yanoowrsr. I. O. F., taaets at
Wm  ■■■  ■
"** "■'- -<ipsBi>At.: - ,. ; 4
MVPleessts* Lodge No. 19, 1,04) j»,
sTanesavreg Coaneil JJo, 31 la,.,Can
s4t*n Orfter of Ohoean Friends zneeti
*%• M and 4th Thursdays of the month.
AUxanira Hive No 7, Ladies of the
Maeesbast holds its rcgalgr meeting, on
Sh. ls***d M Fridsy.of ithe month
When the gold and red of the aettlng
Grows pale and fades at the close of
When the flooding splendor la over
and done,
And night draws on and covers its
We do not hope Its return In vain,
for wa know the morrow will come
This la good-night
 " I
When we purl with a clasping hand
at night,
From the frl.nd we love, we feel regret
And the bright warm heart takes
with It the light.
And joy of our own hearth stone
and yet.
This regret Is not a hopeless pain
For we know the friend will come
This is good-night.
When w. leave the shore that has
known our birth,
When we turn our longing sight
to fill,
Our hearts with memorlea of sorrow
and mirth,
The throbs of expectation are attll
and night draw, on while w. .train
our eyes
For a long last look In our paradise,
This Is good-bye.
When a soul la called from the busy
crowd, -
To   tread   the   paths   of an untlred
In garment* ot light, instead of   a
And we look our last at the form of
We   know   we   have   aald   our last
And   the   broken    vows   w. cannot
This la good-bye.
When we stand   at th. gate at eve
with him.
Who   has   filled  our life   with Joy
or pain.
When   we   watch   the   waning light
grow dim
And know we .hall never watch   It
We   say    the  worda   and   hear the
reply, ;
For we know the farewell la   spoken
for aye.
This Is good-night and good-bye.
Per (knfc;:
by   securing   your>' ■>*
Summer Vhittwear
from our Magnifi-
cent Stock of
Samples, now on
By trill,* i» our oammoh ways,
OtwObnrfciHra- are" slowly piled;
W» I0S. Wft.all- our yesterday.;
Th.  ma*   kiti   aotoatblcg   of   the
■l^kMf''^ - ■;-->.vi'i"i
P*h ef-fc.e<ftest   to all. the Present
.-. elsavat.
<*#. tb.,r,>ga-Oilora HaaW In Uke fading
• vWJSB.   ■   ;.<••:; •-     •
I *J&mlffiM%ml 7W,t» rear.
; W/n>kiii«; wltji. loath or willing hands,
*v*s ,ir^^ry;M».hap>,.sjrdirsar,
Am) wttn tV^aat, jjuat bath all labor
Drysdale-Stevenson ltd.
Hastings Street Store.
Now'aii'^o"yo"u And a woman who
apjjraclatS.'^ wl»4j' th.    sowar of the
mothar M/ftitSk who knows that, she
la .haplhg^k for tint., and tor eter-
.^«^JTO»Ji$ tWtjik with the
f'ffWTilffl'W.H'^" **VM*:«B sta
heart,' >f'>vajrjj . tru.1  worriaii...   She la
mjSu-W,'.V°n»s«- she- has
!$•» m t&*\% Thsts. Ideals.
Our Goods and
stand inspection. We handle
nothing but the best, and our
prices can't be beat. Try us'
for your next pair of shoes
Big Shoe House?
409 HastingsS^:
Baked 29,000 loaves last
week, 7,000 more than th*
same week a year, ago,
Why not buy yonr bread
there ?
Nt. Pleasant Bokerv.
Telephone 443.
mitm wtw will tirade on the r»p«T
pf another, and offer >ou a Sfh-
for some well-known brand af
Jk»*J*e- imiIMm, t. nd" a%t*V»r ihili
fM ssskktlar w»# o«t*r»>«u ;i gvdri-
fw»<*>- "Tea aluuraa* to one hi. own
fr||aWi*>*J»«o* o rh.ai SSvih. hrtck.
"Three year, of deli cat* health
trying doctor.' praacriptioBs and
patent medicines'' without benefit
might well aap th. courage of any
woman. And yet Mrs. Bryant proved
that tbe question of the cure of womanly disease la only a question of
using the right remedy. A few dose*
of 'Favorite Prescript"
her courage and revlvi
becaus* aha could sea "« deck
Changs  from  the   first."      Three
ua. of  the   medldae
stored, btr to perfect health.
Dr. Pierce'. Favorite Prescription
core, irregularity, dries weakening
drain., heals infiammntion and ulceration, and cure, female weakness.
Kre. Sarah Bryant, President of Memphis
Social Science Club, residing at mi Atkinson
Avt.. Memphis, Tens., iMIea: "I aufleired
vMk ektUoale health for three year*, trying
aocton'prescription, and patent medldae.
•mill I fort eaarag* aad thought I would
atrer jegala my health; bol a I.w doses of
jrour 'Pni'orilePr.Kriptiou' made me change
my mind. Could aee a decided change from
the Irpt, to 1 kept on t.king II for three
meats* faithfully aad am now in perfect
keallh." ^
Hi. Pierce'. Medical Adviser, in
paper coven, I* sent fr$e oa receipt
of; 31 one-cent stamp, to pay ez-
ptnse of ciutom. and mailing only.
Addremi Dr. R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.V.
Wall Paper at
Auction Vf&Sr
Municipality of
South Vancouver.
'■   ,:■■■  -..   .'-,-'i. *
NOTICE la hereby given: (fiat-- the
following is a'lUt nf the B>evc -ajiu
Contleillora duly oleoted for the forpo-
rntiou for tho District of Sout^rVai)ooij-
ver, for the yew-A. D. l»04i. ": ■
Hecvo—George Bae.
Councillors— .. -    '• ,*.
Ward I.-Biehard Wilson.' VfS
Ward II'.—Herbert G. Ballson.
Ward III.—Samno) Taylor,   v
Ward IV John Bryson.
Wnrd V.-Henry Mole
Returning Officer.
South Vancouvor, Jan: I lth, ISM.
■ -    ■    ■ 1       .   ■■ ■ ■  jj -in' i||'      f,-',
Municipality of tho District
of South Vt
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Court of Rovlriou for the Municipality
of the District of Sooth Vancouver, for
hearing all complaint, against the
Assessments as mads by the Assessor of
the said Municipality, will be held at
the Municipal Hall, North Arm road,
on Sal 111 tiny tho 20th day of February
mutt, nt 10-o'clock a. m., and eooh-from
day to day until the complaint, shall
havo boon hoard; provided that at, least
10 day. notice .hall have beerf .glireu of
such complaints.
Dated at South Vancouver tho 13th
day of January A. D. 1004.
William George W4UUSR, O. M. O.
flt3r?° Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.   Telephone B1405
Advertise in
•-.-....   +   -.    ••■     Ok
" The Advocated
^-<iWir^rf'tw* **\W »*•*.-*•
bafa attivan to build. ...
i. 11 ii tea. 1 -
their coocaptipn* of Ufa and dutyA their
faith It, VhV^good, fase tfu'i wd the
nWutlfut; Ftnalr 'kiowWg. ' ,'of what
tb«f can m:%il-or their live, for1 the
aaW'-bf ■othara,'*^ lis'In W hands.
'Th.y';'^;:Gbd,-,,'th. woruj.. 'Ufa, m«
aiiiJ, Vromea,^.JfJP^f. happiness, duty,
through hej...ye.. They ar* what sh.
makesr'thsn^J.AnJl so they jo out Into
tbi wori'd th^lir. Meast, thalrfcreed, modi
fled thotigb. this may be by .experience
and obawrvat'lon trom what It has been
in trie fwglnnlnf, Is yet shaped by the
mother. 'w|#t th.y were at tha first,
that thay.a^f.,,likely to be at .»• last.
It la whaty]^»e mother taught, what
the aioqitr, 414, that la In nearly every
case1 tha.. fl'n^, tj^erlon,. wietkar It be
the plea of Rke. mothar or her prayer..
In either cas* what was her. baa a
place apart Srom all others.
-//,;},;:>■/: -
'    •:■   ' •        C   f>'»  .«•	
'Ydufl|;Pfe6ples Societies.
■::■ ^.aWNDAT.
I Loyal - WorisM erf Christian Endeavor
meefar'lS.mltmtas to ti etery Sunday
■eyeni'ng Iii Advent Christian Ohuroli,
cornilr NlnWf hy«.' and Westminster Bd.
•'v?;.»-.OaStSBj  W   ■■"!''' V
.. Epworth  baagne of  Mt.   Pleasant
Methodist Ghnrch meet, at 8 p. m'.
B. Y. P.U.Vmoets in  Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Ohnrati at s p. m.
'■: •   :'   ';j(TU6SDt\Y,
The X. V-\0. E..'meets at 8 p. m
In Mt. Pleasrmt'Presbyteriiin Church.
Don't throw away chiffon, as many
do. whan It becomes soiled. Quantities
of this expansive and lovely material
ar. wasted each year that could be
saved and brought to do duty again, al
most as good as new. It requires care
and a little extra trouble, but It 1. cer
talnly worth both ot these.
Hake a lathor of good wblte soap
and 1st It stand until nearly cold. Put
tho .chiffon In It and 1st It soak for
a while. Than shake It gently around
In the water, passing It between the
Sogers, but sot rubbing It Now shake
it but In clean water, changing th.
baths until there la no trace of cloudiness In th. water.
Fill a cup half full of water; drop
In a morsel of pure'gum arable and
let this dissolve. Add to It a few drops
of white vinegar. Dtp' In the'chiffon.
Do not .queue or wring It dry, but lay
It between very soft whit, muslin and
gently pat It with th. hand. Have an
iron moderately hot and ITon the fabric on tn* wrongi gide, having/ tissue
paper between It and th. Iron. Hm
broidered mouaselbn. d* sol. and other
flimsy tissues can b« renovated by th.
earn, process. .     ■". •■'•"■-
Chair* and sofas, upholstered In
Lather, last much longer It th. leather
is regularly revived with the following
mixture, which not only cleans, but at
tbe earn. ttm. softens th. leather ana
prevents It from cracking. Mix two
parte of linseed oil to one of the beat
vinegar. Shake these well together,
apply a very little on a soft rag and
than polish with a .Ilk duster.
Permanganate of potash Is a cheap
and effectual stain for hard board
doors. Add one-half an ounce of par
manganate to a quart of water, and
use this to paint over th* floor, which
must flrat be allowed to dry. Repeat
the process U It Is not aa dark aa you
want It, and then 1st It dry and pollah
With beeswax  and turpentine.
Public Notice,IS HEREBY
given to the electors of
the municipality of south
VANCOUVER that I require the
praMooe' of the said Elector* at the
Municipal Bail,: North Arm Road on
MosDaT, JamuBT lira, 1004, at
II o'clock noon, . for the purpose of
electing per»on« to represent them in
the-MuaUripaftSoancil-a. Reeve and
Councillor.. W'"
The mode' 'fir norhlnatlbn of Oandi
date* .hall ** as follows: The
Candidates shall be nominated in
writing, the Writing (hall bo subscribed
by two Voters of the Municipality as
Proposer and 'Seconder, and shall be
delivered to the Returning Officer at
any time between th. date of the notice
and 1 o'clock p. in., on the day of nomination. And In the event of a poll being
ueoessary, whether for Reeve or
Councillors,.^.MB.will beoponedon
Saiurd^t.. jif lftra sat o» JantURY,
'^.Jrpui.,8arr*u., to 4 p. m.( at the
, '.'The, auattftation for Reeve ahallhe
hi. ^luga^ma^c British Bnbjeot, and
haviug been for,, the three month, nest
proceding the, t day of his nomination,
owner in the Land
of laud and reel proper-
in^e Mantoinallty, of
uS on the last Municipal
ant Roll of five.
the  regi*t,
RegUtry '
ty, .ltnat*
hundred doftar* or mor», ovir and above
" regi«ere^'~:>4gtn.nt, "and being
win deiVouaJiBed a. a voter.".
''the "qnafflttation for Councillor
•lialltiefli.brtt^'a'mai. Brltiah Sub-
'jeW, and hs^Jhg bMti far three, montbi
^l5' W*0?^ H»» "^r0* "^nattosh
The skilled laundress haa found that
borax soften* hard water, loosens the
dirt and saves the strength and the
Added to starch, It gives a fine gloss
to linen.
Put In the rinsing water. It will give
all the stiffness needed tor laces.
It will prevent delicate colors from
*preadlng and white clothes from becoming yellow.
Th. housswlfe baa found that ants,
bugs and moth, dlallke It and will
avoid places where the powder I*
That it la very effective In cleaning
glass, silverware; brass, marble, etc.
Dissolved In water, It should occupy
a prominent place on every toilet table.
It la equally useful In the nursery, as
a cur. for sore month, bites of Insects,
Inflammation  and various    skin dla-
o^ner'^n.'the Land Rogis-
^.9§^A,l^Wo /K#wir*tr.
*^^^5»lJs»i¥srflWpsl«i>T, of .tboj,,
a«»c*»eo\ vaMfkUje last Municipal or
Pr6rihcial^Bsn3jmt..IroU ,of two
hundred and. JftyJIollar. or more, over
and above anjr'fe^r.teired judgment, or
being a 'hpmufijji&or,, lfls*e» from the
Crown, o/pre'eniptor who has resided
wlthlnHh. MnsaaipBilty for tha space of
one year, or mora, immediately pre.
ceding the -«e«Mu»tioaT and • who is
»*","«U« fT»>»9rty» «<«sw, or
oial AssjBSnjignt Boll, over and above
augment. ,apd .being
^tZffir'iwS&A****a-wstrt  "«t
BothtBg b«roiB~<ejiBtaJnid ^baU. b* hald
to aiaqualify a CohnoUlor whose qnolifi.
catlonatihStlmSoI'MU eiectaon waa
tbatofa'h'omatfaadoir. lsssse frogs the
OrowB, or.pee-.mptor, should heaoqnlre
a^M»uh|a>B4,4uxtag his .term otj
Wm. Bom* Walker,
Returning Officer.
Giveo'nndtf myland/ at  Bouih Van-
wtWeV.-rns m SttHiMi& itnfc"
-f- iw.ma^nfr'iv, »:-•■ t,  ',. =
Iter'^c^^new.'-'.abicrfbe lor THE
ADrnfMTB only |I.fnr-I» months.
Don't cot when very tired. If you
expect to get any good from yonr food
and preserve your beauty.
Don't eat more than one hearty meal
a day. This Is th. secret of good looks,
health sad long Ufa. Luckily for the
doctors, few peopple appreciate IL
Don't .at much meat In hot weather
If you would keep your .kin free from
eruptions.   .
Don't eat hot or fresh bread If you
want-to he healthy and beautiful.
Dan't eat cold, .tarchy food*, like potato aalad aad cold porridge, unless
yon have strong digestive organs.
Don't .at Ice cream too fast Eaten
slowly and allowed to malt In th.
mouth. It can do no barm.
Don't drink Iced water. Cool water
quenches thirst much batter than Ice-
Don't drink much water at meals,
but take a glass first thing tn tbe
morning aad tha.lest thing at night.
Sent drink too much coffee or tea
unless you want a complexion Ilk.
leather In' color and texture.
Don't .at potatoes, peas, macaroni,
.ream, olive oil, pastry and bonbon* If
yon' want to'lose flesh." ''   v ;;
Don't go to bod hungry. A glass of
milk or a cup of shooolat. will rafrssh
Don't think you can eat too much
spinach, tettuc. watercress, dandelion
And ' carrots. Tbsy ar. comptoxlon
VK/E'IiL satisfy your bar-
■** gain longings TO-DAY
with choice Clothing and Men's
Hats and Furnishings, not usually found on the bargain list.
Here are •14.00, 116.00, $16.00,
$18.00, BUTTS FOR $10.00.
These Suits are not old stock.
They are the balance of onr New
Fall and Winter Stock.
Fin* $8.00 and $2.60 Hats for
Beautiful 60c Ties for »6o, 76o
Ties for SOe, and you may take
yonr choice of  onr $1.00  and
$1 .S6 Ties for 66c,
If yon need a good "Rain or
Shine'' Coat, yon will only require $10.00 to buy the $18.60,
$14.00, and $16.00 hind.
K E. LEES & CO.,
Jas. Carnahan.
Orders promptly attended to, night or
day.  Charges moderate.
Office: 37 Hasting, street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
Bring Your
Picture Framing
to tho SKIP MFC. CO.
646 * 648 Seymour St., Cor., Dnnsmuir.
Tel. 889. Photos Enlauoed,
Palace Stables.
Pender St. Telephone hi25
3. 3. SPARROW, Proprietor.
Copyrights Ac.
Anrone sending a sketch and description Bur
enloktr ascertain onr opinion free .heth.r aa
*1— 's probably paifBtabla Commuilee.
our opinion free -
_ (• probably patentable, C._..
tlonsitrlotlfconridontlal. Handbook on Patent.
sent free, Oldeat agcooy for securing patent..
Patents taken through Mann * Co. m '
■PKial notla, without ebane, la tbe
. rewlr.
Sckntific American.
A handsomelr IllMtrat.d weaklr. Largest circulation of anr Mlciitlflo Journal. Terms, .3 a
rear: four months, .L Bold lif all newadenlem
Braacb Of.o^ fl. F BL. Wellington. II. c.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd
Man Limb.
Mount Pleasant to English Bay
via Davie street-
First car leaves at 6K)7X a. in.,
and others  every 16 minntes
thereafter.     Last   oar   leaves
at 10:52)i- P. m.
via Robson street-
First car leaves at 6:16 a. in.,
and others   every  16 minntes
thereafter.   Last oar leaves at
11 p. m.
English Bay  to  Mount Pleasant via
Bobson  street—First    car  leaves    at
6333^ a. m.,  and   service   every    16
minntes thereafter.   Last oar leaves at
11:28U p. m.   Via Davie street—First
oar leaves at 6:80 a.m.,  and other,
every 16 minntes thereafter.   Last car
leave, at 11:80 p. m.
C. & J. HARDV ft CO.
OOafPAKT,  Financial,  Pbbss w I
ArvMTBUtxsv Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E. O, England.
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 10 meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellow* Hall.
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant. ;
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—Tho*. McKay. -'
Recording Secretary—J. Paxmatt.
I. O. F.      T~
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and  4th
Mondays of each month nt 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always woloome.
Chirp Ranoer—W. R. Owens,
Westminster ltd., Sit.Pleasant.'
Financial Secretary—M. J. Orehan,
.141'rlncess street, City.
Recording Secretary—J. J. Dougnn.
 781 Harris street.
Alexandra Hive No. 1, holds regular
Review 1st and 8d Fridays of each
month in I. O. O. F., Hall corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Annie Hoffar,
Lady Record Keeper—Mr*.   Mary   A.
Foote, 889 Ninth avenue, oast.    .,
Vancouver Council, No. 911a, meets
every 2d and  4th  Thursdays  of each
month,  in  I   O. O. F.,  Hall, corner
Seventh and Westminster avenne..
Sojourning Friends always welcome.
James Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
W. P. Flewelling, Recorder.
larL'ta. Shaving
JdlK ^ parlor,
We.tmin.ter Ave., next Glasgow House
John Gillman, Proprietor.
Three Chairs, and a nnt-ola.. Bath
Room is run in connection with  the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
If you want a
Ring up
Telephone  987
or call  around at the' Sign .
Works, 814 Homer street.
In any case yonr wants will receive tho
most courteous  and  careful attention.
"Let the dead past bury it* dead."
And its inconvenience..
The Convenient Light is the
Electric Light
Yon have simply to touch the button vnd yonr office and room is brilliantly
lighted, falling over chairs; no matches; no nneleanliness; no danger.
Electrio lights can be made portable, so that you can hang them over your
dresser or shaving mirror, at the head of your bed, eto., and any desired
candle-power may be obtained.
It is a Beautifying Light
Under its clear rays, faces and objects do not have that pallid, dull appeaf-
vnee that I. caused by other lights; on tbe contrary, it show, off everything to the best a dvantage. As musio adds to the beauty of a voice, so
does the electric light 011 hance the beauty of a face, the brightness Of a
smile and the sparkle of the eyes.
IT HAS NO FLAME—it emits no unhealthy fumes—it consumes on
oxygen and does not vitiate the air— therefore it does not oanse 01 aggravate asthma or other pulmonary diseases. It does not leak, ignite or
explode. It will not kill plants or ruin wallpaper or furnishings. It is
everything that is best as a light. Up-to-date establishment, and people
of refinement use it.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Offices:   Corner of Hastings and Carroll streets.
#" --awl.
*..-''  i


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