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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Aug 26, 1905

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 Public School Supplies
We have just received a complete assortment of
Public School Books and Supplies direct from the
S!o^?SaiiW__So55.tham for Bftle at the
Ha A. W. Co. Ltd.
Mt.  Pleasant  Postoffice Drug Store.
Free Delivery to any part of tins city.
h "
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three flonths asc Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Always Something
to Interest you every wee!: in ""'I*. ..'.DTOOAfll
among tbe Local Items, iIinool_.u«iuus Items,
Woman's Realm, or the Continued Story. Tli*
Advertisements will keep you posted on where
to go for bargains in all lines.
The subscription price is within the reach of all
Delivered anywhere in tbe Oity, the Dominion-
the United States or Great Bi-itiau for (1 a year
Established April 8th, 1898.   Whole No. 882.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.   0.,   Saturday,   Auo 20,   1905.
(Seventh Year.)   Vol. 7, No. 21.
Local Items. I
The MoOuaig Auction and OVuumis-
sion Co., Ltd., ne-rttoOoi-cige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Caeh,
Oondnet Auction Sales aud iiaudlo
Bankrupt Stooks of «wery description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
Dr. W. F. Ooy has moved to his residence, southeast corner Eleventh and
Westmiustor avenues.
nue, visited
this week.
MoKlnuon of  Teuth nve-
his  daughters iu Victoria
Mr- Fred Brydone-Jack will return
next week-to Montreal, and resume his
studies at McGill Oolle^a.
1  ' 1   1    _-:	
Dr, Jamieson of Michigan, spent a
_tewidaysin the city this week, the
iguest of his brother Principal G. W.
Jamieson, Seventh avenne, east.
Mr. .3. MoOlay returned on Saturday
last frem a, throe-week's trip to Calgary
___ud other poiutB in tho Northwest. On
ihis trip ,to the Okanogan Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Olairk of Dundass, Out.,
jporents of Capt. Fred Clark of Moro &
Ciinrk, axe visiting iu the city aud are
guests at The Maples. Mr. -Clark has
large Wool—1 Mills iu Dundass. I
_Be *__»*_-« iake iu .the Trolley Party
tte ._3,tor.i!6-o_ -Kilt Monday avoning
siuder itihe .malices ml the Woman's
Auxiliary .of Mt.fttaaaant Presbyterian
Church. ■O.arsieay.es.oiu'Jiarn at KiOp.in.
Tickets 00a.
Wanted: 11 Strong youth for press
Work on Friday oveniugs, and to deliver
papers Saturday juai'iiiugs. Apply nt
•"Advocute'.' Offlce.   Mnst be rcli ible.
Our Gold Crown and
Bridge work g&£EDBB
«•   «   <f0&4_> ^° 'lav0 B Specialist, in this branch of
eld PL'WES   ■___ffiK_S'lL ",e li(31ltl1' Profession who  bus  n  world
Pw *._.,-._, l__i_&St*"l!?'3\    *,vi<1° reputation for his highclnss work.
This Class op Work is Guarantbed
for A Like-time.
BEEN THE SAME for High-class
Teeth extracted and filled nbsolntely painless, and all other dental
work doue by Specialists who are all Graduate Dentists, holdiug
Specialists' Diplomas, and licensed by the Board of Dental Examiners
for British Columbia.
Give us a call and let us 6how you samples of our work.   Then judge
for yourself.
147 Hastings st. t^p1"™ >°m-
Branch Offices comer Abbott aud Hastings streets. Tel. 2023.
Offlce Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.;   Sundays 9 a. in., to 2 p. m.
*•*******&*,*.** * jjb*^,$, ***** **
JjpAINTS,OHs, Varnishes*
** ****■'   ****** *********** *MA*
A few of the lines we carry:  Genuine Elephant Lead, Pure
Batden Boiled Linseed Oil, Pure Bayden Raw Linseed Oil.
IRONITE Hard Oil Finish, Varnishes,. House Paint and Floor Paint.
Elephant Golden Oak Stain—a beautiful finish.
Onr prices ore always right.
STORE.  Tel. 447.
W. R.OWENS, Manager.
School  Supplies  ("Tho  Best  What
Is") at the Postoffice Drug Store.
Mr. R. Mills aud family will move in
from Greer's Bench ou Monday uoxt.
Mrs. Oscar Burritt is out agaiu
a two weeks illuess.
Mrs. P. G. Fonton aud children arrived homo this week from camping at
Bower. Islaud.
Mr A. J. Mould aud family of Sixth
avenne, returned Saturday lust from a
round trip ou the Venture to Northern
British Columbia ports. Mr. Mould
Who recently underweutun operation for1
appendicitis, was greatly improved by
his trip. *
Little Miss Clnra May Hall entertaiu-
ed a uumber of hor youug friends on
Mouday afternoon at the residence of
Mr. J. McAllister, Eleventh avenue,
tho occlusion being tho seveuth auuiver-
1 eary of hor birthday. A vory enjoyable
timo was speut by all.
The sad news wns received of tho
death of Mrs. Purvis, daughter of Mr.
nud Mrs. H. Green, Soveuth avenue,
this week.   Sho died nt tbo Hospital ut
I Edmonton  on   Wednesday    morning.
> Mrs. Grocu left last week to bo with her
f daughter during her illness.
"Marstrand's Villa " 814 Fifth
faveuue, east; oue block from Westminister avenue, FOR SALE or FOR
.RENT from September 1st. Call at
f the Brewery.
Mossrs McKinnon & Gow, two well
[ known young men ou Mt. Pleasnut will
I opeu a first-class Grocery Store ot 118
I Ninth avenue, opposito No. 3 Fire Hall,
I on September 1st. Messrs. McEiuuon &
I Gow announce their opening in this
[issne of the "Advocato."
Beforo starting ou a shopping tour,
look ovor the advertisements in the
Mr. J. S. MacLeod lias had his residence ou Westminster avenne improved
and ropaiuted.
Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Coy have moved
into their new homo Westminster and
Eleventh avenues.
Rev. Dr. Robsou will conduct the
eveuiug service at Mt. Plonsa.'it Baptist
Church on Snnday.
We hnve the very crenm of tho best
Canadian aud American designs and
makes iu the Summer aud Fall styles
of shoes for Men, Women, Misses nnd
Children R. MILLS, 119 Hastings
street, west.
Mrs. J. T. Abray of Westminster
nvonue, bus been quite ill the past two
weeks, but is convalescing.
Mr. nnd Mrs George Sprung nnd
family, huvo moved from Twelfth avenues, east, to 032 Richard street.
Mrs. W. R. Verge nnd Mi' s Louise
Verge returned Mouday from n wook's
visit in Portland, seeing the big fair.
The Woman's Auxiliary of Mt. Pleas-
lunt Presbyteriau Church will givo n
I Trolley Party to Stevenston ou Mouday
lAnguBt 28th. Cars leave tho barn
loonier Prior streot and Westminster
[avenue, at 7:110 p. m. Candies aud
(fruit for sale on the car Tickets 60c.
Ithc Summer and Fall styles for Men,
[Women, Misses and Children, wo have
[opened up. Remeuibor tbo "Watch-
vord" of this Store—satisfaction or
■your mouoy refunded. R, MILLS,
f the Shoo-man, 119 Hustings street, west
In the Intermediate Lacrosse Mutch
I played Tuesday afternoon at Recreation
[Park, the Mt. Pleasaut team played a
ne game, although the result was a
[tie, 8-8. It is. evident to any unprejudiced observor that with practice tho
(Maple Leaf Club are pretty sure of
twinning the championship.
On Wednesday evening at tbe home
os the bride's unole, Mr. A, G. Taylor,
828 Eleventh avenuo, east, Mr. George
Campbell Clark aud Miss Stella Belle
Taylor wore uuit3d in marriage by the
Rev. A. E. Hetherington. Mr Clark is
a despatches in the C. P. R. Offices and
the bride was formerly a Nurse at the
Jubilee Hospital, Viotoria. After tho
ceremony the newly wedded couple left
for Banff, where the honeymoou will
ibe spent-
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephoue B1405
Boomer—Born to Mr. and Mrs. Boomer, Sixth aveuuo, Monday 21 st, a sou,
LOST.—Between Granville streot and
"Advocate" Office, Westminster avonue , belt bncltle, British Cout of Arms,
enameled.   Return to this Offlce.
Mrs. W. G. Seip is suffering from
nn attack of iuflamatory rheumatism at
tho home of Mrs. Williams, Westminster avenue.
LOSTs A Ladies' Raincoat, between
Bruuswick streot and Gludstouo Iuu.
Finder will please leave at the Postoffice
Drug Store, Mt. Pleasaut.
The next session of the Provincial
Normal School will commence on Monday uext, Angnst 28th, at 9 a. in., in the
High School, Fairview.
Reorganized Church of Christ will
hold services iu the City Hell on Sunday
August 27th, at 11 a. 111., and 4 p.m.
Serinuus by Rov. Joseph Smith, President.   All aro invited.
There was a jolly dnnc'o on Thursday
night at Groor's Bench Pnvilliou, given
by the Campers as a farewell gathering.
A number of invited friends from tho
city eujoyed the occasion.
Changes for advertisements should be
iu before Thursday noon to insure their
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital 18.000.000.   Roservos 13.802.743,
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Manager.
Buy your School Supplies at the
Postoffice Drug Store.
Mrs. (Capt.) Cntes visited friends on
Mt. Pleasant this week.
The Public Schools  will  roopen on
Monday morning, August 28th.
"The Advocate" wishes auy carelessi
ness in delivery reported to the Office;
telephone B1405.
Dr. T. G. Moody   of  the  New York
Dentists, returned this week from a trip
to Viotoria.
Wheu a littlo woman fl-ft -1, assures
you sbe boxed the cars of her husband
8-ft.-l, Don't yon believe it.
Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton, pastor, will
preach Sunday morning nn "The Sacred
Name," nnd in tho evening on "The
Maguotic Power of tho Crucified
Christ." A ten minutos Soug Service
will precedo the evening services.
Wheu a gallant Soldier Boy missos
his favorite pudding at dinner in haste
to moot au expected lady friend ou the
C. P. R., for ten strenuous days, it is
disappoiutment enough to cool the ardor
of nlmost any uimi. Then after au expression of "Hope loug deferred mnketh
the heart sick" has crept into his eyes,
tbe ludy arrives aud he is not there, it is
the cruel trick of it Capricious Fate,
wbicli arouses tho sympathy of even a
stouy. hearted nowspupor scribe.
Saturday Specials
2-lb Fresh Mixed Biscuits  25c.
Crown Fruit Jars at cost.     -    Plums, 40c, 50c, 60c per box,
Melons 5c each.     Leave your order for Preserving Peaches,
IO Days tremendous
of Choice Up-to-date Groceries to make room for
large shipment now ou tiie way. Some goods
almost giveu away.    Don't miss this Sale.
The City Grocery Co. Ltd?
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. _?•>'<*. Westminster Ave. & Prinoess Strmmt.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
KANrCentral Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables alwayB
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^AkNTS£,to>
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is tlie most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
A*      Vancouver, B. C.
For Sale at all first-class Saloons,
delivorod to your house
Tel. 429       *
iquor Stores and Hotels or
There was a quiet wedding at the
home of the bride's parents Mr. and
Mrs. N. S. Hoffar, coruer of Twelfth
and Westminster avenues. Friday afternoon August _!oth, when Rev. Mr. Litoh
united in marriage Mr. Jobu MaoDontUd
Campbell of New Westmiuster and Miss
Nollio M. Hoffar. The brido woro a
stylish and becoming suit of navy blue
broadcloth, white turban and champagne colored gloves and boots. About
thirty guests were tendered a dainty
and bouutoous luncheon. Many beautiful presents wero recoived by the newly
wedded couple. Mr. nud Mrs. Campbell
left on tho Grent Northern for Seattle
aud Sound Cities.
Mi's. Lucy K. Middler, wife of Mr
Wm Middler, died Monday morning,
ufter an illuoss of many mouths. She
wub thirty yenrs of ago aud hnd been a
resident of Mt. Pleasant for fifteen
years. Mrs. Middler was a daughter
of Mrs. Arklo and sister of Mrs. Frank
Mnrrion, Mrs. Dod Allan and Christopher Arkle of New Westminster. Tho
funorttl took place from her Into homo
corner of Twelfth aud Westminster
avenues, Tuesday after noon, the Rev.
Dr. Robson officiating.
The funeral of Clarence Walter
Eoderic, the infant sou of Mr. and Mrs.
Smith of 1983 Columbia, stroet, took
place Mouday morning, tho Rev. A E.
Hetheringtou officiating. Mauy handsome floral tokens were sent by sympathizing friends. Crosses, from Fnther
and Mother, Mr. nud Mrs. Depprietse:
Anchor from Capt. and Mrs. Guisford;
Sprays from Miss Melville, Mrs. Nyo,
Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Wut»on, Mr. audMrs.
Harding, Mrs. Snyes, Mr. aud Mrs.
Childs, Mrs. Burroughs, Mrs. Walters,
Mrs. Mcintosh, Mrs. Olts, Mrs. Moore,
Chas. McKoe, Eric Gaisford.
The fuueral took placo on Thursday
afternoon of Henry, the infant son of
Mr. aud Mrs. Pritohard, 274 Thirteenth
avonno. The little ono died on Wednesday
Next Week Specials
PEACHES, also big shipment of PLUMS
direct from growers.
Splendid Cooking Apples       ]
The prices for the lot can not be duplicated
in Vancouver.
J. P. Nightingale &CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.  Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone   18(10.
nmmneammma»emsaaasmmm hih—ii hi a ■ —1— ■■■■I
Everything in the line of Summer  Materials  cleariug
Regardless of Cost!
LACES.—Wn hnvo just placed on sale over 70 pieces of Lices and Insertions in bluck, whito/oresui and ecru; worth up to 40c, clearing for 10c
MUSLINS—Wo are clearing onr entire stock of Muslins nt less thnu
Mnimfacturers prices: Muslins worth np to 00c cloariug for 3So a yard;
worth up to 80c, cleariug for lfic a yard; worth up to Iflc (wearing for 7.5'c.
GINGHAMS.—Ginghams iu stripes und checks, worth up to 20c, cleariug
for 10c a yard.
SPECIAL PRICES on all'lines of Blonses, Costnmes, Capes, Coats,
Dress Guilds, Whiteweor, Vests and Parasols.
t  A. ROSS & CO., 30,3STX'honCe°5t.va st'      »
Card of Thanks.
To tbe Members of the Ancient Ordor
of United Workmeu,British Columbia.
Vancouver, B. 07, August 24, 1005]
Gentlemen:   Allow   me to express
my thanks for   tbo   promptitude your
Order hns displayed in settling the claim
upon the death of my husband, Brother
F. P. Stephens.
The uecessary application papers
were duly sigued ou the 21st iust., and
your cbequo wn6 paid me iu tho afternoon of the 24th, and I feel suro that if
the facts as to tho prompt pnymeut and
also Ihe attention of tbo. brethron during sickness woro made public that a
largo number of young mbu would join
your Oi der. Yours sincerely,
All kinds of MEATS
and Vegetables
always ou hand.
Your patronage is respectfully solicited.   Prompt delivery.
Fresh Fish Baily.
104 Niuth avo., near corner Woslm'r ave
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lico KiHer,
Holly Chick Food,   Bcefscraps, Eto.
<"*.     k'PITH  Corner    NINTH avenue   &
T-l.pliOU-   I fill 7.
Boot and Shoontaklng
aud (tesiatrtng dono nt
Peters' 'Boot & Shoe Store
2404 'Westminster avenue.
3321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. A1200.      Prompt Dolivery.
* E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
J    Wholesale aud Retail
S Dealer in
J Meats of All Kinds.
4 Vegetables  and  Poultry
\ * A} in season. * *    J
Central Park.
Central Park, Aug. 24th.
Tenders are being called for the
erection of St. John's church, on the
site of the one which was burnt some
time ago. The new church will be
somewhat different in style from the
first, aiid when finished will be .1 very
nice building, capable of accotnmo
dating quite a large congregation. The
plans and specifications arc to be seen
at the Rev. Mr. Bell's house on Sinitlif
avenue, Centra  Park.
Mr. W. Maxwell Smith, Government
Fruit Inspector, left Wednesday for a
business trip io Calgary and points
east.    Mrs. Smith accompanied   him
Leather Goods
Wo nre just opening a shipment of Leather Goods from
Europe—0 n r   own   importation
These are some of the most
elogant_ things in
Combination Purses and Bags,
Handbags,  Valises,
Suits Coses,  Eto.
You really ought to eome in
and see them
Corner Hnstings and Granville Sts.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. R.
Royal Crown
thk Bust in thk World. Drop
us a post card asking for a
Catalogue of Promiums to be
had   free   for  Royal Obowh
^SlJAi" WllAl'PKRS.
Best Staple and
Prompt delivery
Faucy Groceries at Lowest Prices.
Your patronage solicited.
For a Game of
Pool or Billiards
Drop In at
Mt. Ploasant.
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Alt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
Subscribers arc requested to
report any carelessness in tho delivery
of "Tho Advocate."
If you miss The Advocatk you miss
Iho local news.
Store and    *
Office Fixtures
show cases
A> a specialty
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
(Cabinet Maker.)
SHOP: 1.1 Eighth Avenue.
'Phono 1)1200.     MT.PLEASANT.
Sixteenth Avo.—..-roomed bOUsc, 3 lots cleared
and fenced| |ooo.
Blook -_•_ acres Scolt *t., easy terms*; Cheat)
fi-rooraed hou o Prior si., e__y   terras, fi.aao.
I.oi-   on Fourteenth   iinn Fifteenth  ftVQUUBfc,
|12j'»; |15 down, balanim |7.50 per month; no
Blook, Sooth Vancon er, 11 lots, so-ft., 91400;
HOt'SES TO ItKNT-llO.llilandfie pur month.
2450   Westminster    aveiiur,
McKinnon <S_ Gow,
146 Ninth avenue, Opposite Fire Hall.
as far as Agassi/, where she will spend
a short holiday.
Mrs. M. Donian is leaving today for
an extended trip t" ber old home In
Peterborough, Out Her health has
not been of the ben for some time,
and it is hoped she will receive much
benefit from the change.
A little daughter arrived at 'tlie
home of Mr. and Mrs. Dclamorc on
Aug. 15th.
Mrs. Bell and her si.cr, Mrs. Mc-
Cort, have been visiting in Victoria
and arc expected home this week.
Mrs. Chris Hansen anil children arc
leaving for a tbrec months' visit to
North Dakota a. the home of Mr.
Hansen, her brother-in-law.
Miss Alcock left on Saturday last
for a two weeks' vacation, which is to
be spent partly in Victoria and the
rest in Nanaimo.
Mrs. Ventres., mother of Mr. Jhlin
and Miss Vcntrcss, of Grand road, ar
rived from Toronto last Salurday lo
stay with her son and daughter for a
Mrs. Beauchoux, who recently had
tlie  misfortune to cut  her foot very
badly, has quite recovered and is able
to walk about again.
I'c'tie, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Dubois, who has been ill with
i>l in,id fever, which he contracted
while away at  work, is convalescing.
The family of Mr. Ford, of Ford
S-. Clcavland, grocers, have moved,
and taken up their residence in th*
Rc'd foik.
See When Your Lodge Meet!
The 2d uud 4th M1 iiiiln.vH of the mouth
Court Vuncouver, I.  O.  E., meets at
8 p 111.
Mt, Pleasant Lodge No, 19, I.O.O.F..
mcelH at IS p. m.
Vancouver  Council  No.  311a,  Can..
actinii Order of Ohosen Friend* meets
tho Rd and lib Thursdays of the month',
Alexandra Hive No T, Ladies of the
Mm'' ' I" > . holds ils regular meetings on.
the 1st, nnd 8d Fridays of the month
Tin: Advocate is tho Ixet advertising;
medium where it oivnnlatfl*. Tel. Bl_tfi*(, WHEN KNIGHTHOOD
Ot, The Lore Story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor, the King's Sister, and
Happening In the Reign of His August Majesty King Henry the Eighth
Rewritten •.nd Rendered Into Modern Entftuh From Sir Edwin
C_._VodK**\'i Memoir
• Covurtaht, use and 1901, by l*e Jtoux...-JfcttOI Company
i\ cry trom tno fallen horseman
brought his companion to his side and
gave Brandon nn opportunity to escape
with the girls. Of this he took advantage, you may be Riire, for one of
his mottoes was that the greatest fool
in the world ls ho who docs not early
In lifo lenrn how and when to run.
ln tho light of tho sparks from the
sword stroke upon the wall, brief as
lt wns, Brandon recognized tho fnce
of Iliickliighnin, from which tho mask
had fallen. Of this he did not speak
to any one till long afterward, and bis
silence was nlmost his undoing.
I low often n word spoken or unspoken mny havo tho very deuce In lt
either wny!
The girls were nearly dead from
fright, and ln order to mnko any Bort
of progress Brandon hnd to carry the
princess nud help June until he thought
they were out of danger. Jane soon
recoil red, but Mary did not seem anxious to walk and lay with her head
upon Brandon's shoulder, apparently
contented enough.
In a fow minutes Jnne (aid: "If you
can walk now, my lady, I think you
hnd better. We shall soon bo near
Fishmonger's hall, whore somo one ls
sure to bo standing nt this hour."
Mnry snld nothing In roply to Jane,
but as Brandon fell a step or two behind nt a narrow crossing whispered:
"Forgive me, forgive me. I will do
nny penance you nsk. 1 nm unworthy
to nponk your name. I owe yoll my
life nnd more—nnd more a thousand
times." At this she lifted her nrm
nnd plnced hor hand upon his check
nnd neck. Sho thon learned for the
Drst time thnt he was wounded, nnd
tho tears enme softly ns she slipped
from his nrms to the ground. She
wnlked bcBide him quietly for a little
time, then, tnklng bis hand ln both of
hers, gently lifted lt to her lips and
laid lt upon her breast. Half nn hour
afterward Brandon left tho girls at
Bridewell House, went over to the
bridge whero he had left his horse at
a hostelry, and rode down to Greenwich.
So Mary had made her trip to
drouche's, but tt wns lnbor worse than
lost Grouche hnd told her nothing
she wanted to know, though much that
ho supposed Bho would llko to lenrn.
Ho hnd told her that sho had many
lovers, n fact which her fnce nnd form
would mnko easy euough to discover.
Ho Informed her also that sho hnd a
lowborn lover, nnd In order to put a
littlo evil ln with tho good fortune and
give what he said nn nlr of truth ho
ndded to Mnry's stnto of unrest moro
than ho thought by telling her that ber
lowborn lover wns false. Ho thought
to flatter her by predicUng tbat she
would soon marry n very great prince
nr nobleman, the Indications being In
favor of the former, nnd In place of
this making her happy she wished tho
wretched soothsayer In the bottomless
pit—ho and all his prophecies; herself,
loo, for going to him. His guesses
trero pretty shrewd—that Is, adinltUng
ho did not know who Mary wnn, wblcb
she nt least supposed wns the case; so
Mury wept that night and moaned nud
moaned because she hnd gone to
(.rouche's. It had ndded Infinitely to
tlm pnln of which her heart Wns already too full and made her thoroughly wretched nnd unhnppy.
THOUGHT the king's dance
tbnt night would never end,
,      , ji   so fond were the Frenchmen
*»g3g-  of our fair ladles, nnd I was
more than nnxtous to see Brandon nnd
lenrn tho issue of the girls' escnpnde,
as I well knew the danger attending It
All things, however, must end, so
early In tho morning I hastened to our
rooms, where I found Brandon lying
In his clothes, everything saturated
with blood from a dozen sword cuts. He
wns very wenk, and I nt once hnd In n
barber, who took oft his shirt of mnll
and dressed his wounds. He then
dropped Into r. deep sleep, while I
watched tho night out. Upon nwnken-
lug Brandon told mc nil thnt had happened, but aBked me to sny nothing of
Ills lllncRs, ns he wished to keep the
fact of his wounds secret ln order tlmt
ho might better conceal tho cnuso of
them. But, ns I told you, he did not
speak of Buckingham's part In tbo affray.
I snw tho princess that afternoon nnd
expected, of course, sho would Inquire
for her defender. One who hnd given
such timely help and who wns Buffering so much on her account wns surely worth a little solicitude, but not a
word did she nsk. She did not como
near me, but mnde a point of avoidance, ns I could plainly see. The next
morning she, with June, went over to
Scotland palace without so much ns a
breath of Inquiry from cither of them.
TIiIb heartless conduct enrnged me, but
I was glad to learn afterward that
Jane's silence wns nt Mnry's command, tbnt bundlo of Bclllnhncss fearing that nny solicitude, however carefully shown, upon her part might re-
venl her secret.
It seems thnt Mary had recent intelligence of the forward stnto of affairs
In tho marriage negotiations and felt
thnt a discovery by her brother of what
sho bnd done, especially In view of the
disastrous results, would send her to
France dcnplto nil the coaxing sho
could do from then till doomsday.
It wos a terrible fato hanging over
her, doubly so In vlow of the fnct that
sho loved another mnu, and looking
bnck at lt all from the vantngo point
of time I ennnot wonder thnt lt drove
other things out of her bond and mado
her seem selfish In her frightened de-
slro to savo hersolf.
About 12 o'clock of tbe following
night I was awakened by a knock at
my door, and upon opening ln wnlked
a sergeant of tbo nherlir of London,
with four yeomen nt bin heels.
.Tho sergeant asked lf ono Charles
Brandon wns present, and upon my affirmative answer demanded that he bo
forthcoming. I told the sergeant that
Rrandon was confined to bis bed with
Illness, whereupon he nsked to be
shown to his room.
It wns useless to resist or to evnde,
so I awakened Brandon nnd took the
sergeant In. Here he rend his warrant
to arrest Charles Brandon, Esq.. for
the murder of two citizens of Loudon,
perpetrated, done and committed upon
the night of such nud such n day of
this year of our Lord 1014. Brandon's
lint had been found by the Bide of the
dead men. and the authorities hnd received Information from n high source
thnt Brandon wns tho guilty person.
Thnt high source wns evidently Buckingham.
When the sergeant found Brandon
covered with wounds, there was no
longer nny doubt, and, although hardly nble to lift his hand, ho was forced
to dress nud go with them. A horse
litter wns procured, nnd we nil started
to London.
While Brandon wns dressing I said
I would nt once go nnd nwnken the
king, who, I know, would pardon the
offense when he heard my story, but
Brandon asked tho sergeant to leave
us to ourselves for a short time, nnd
closed the door.
'Tlensc do nothing of the Bort, Caskoden," snld be. "If you tell the king,
I will declare thero Is not one word of
truth ln your story. There is only one
person In the world who mny tell of
that night's happenings, and lf she
does not they shall remain untold. She
will make lt all right at once, I know.
I would not do her the foul wrong to
think for one Instant that she will fall.
You do not know her. She sometimes
seems solflsh, but lt ls thoughtlessness
fostered by flattery, nnd her heart Is
right. I would trust her with my life.
If you breathe a word of whnt I hnve
told you, you mny do more barm than
you cnn ever remedy, and I ask you to
sny nothing to nny ono. If the princess
would not liberate me—but thnt is not
to bo thought of. Never doubt that
she cnn nnd will do it better thnn you
think.   She ls all gold."
This, of course, Bllcnced me, ns I did
not know what new danger I might
create or how I might mar the matter
I so much wished to mend. I did not
tell Brandon that the girls had left
Greenwich or of my undefined and perhaps unfounded fear that Mury might
not net ns he thought she would ln a
great emergency, but silently helped
him to dress and wont to London along
with him und the sheriff's sergeant.
Brandon was taken to Newgate, the
most lontlisomo prison In  London at
thnt time, lt being used for felons, while
Ludgnto wns for debtors.   Hero be wns
thrown Into an underground dungeon
foul with  water that Beeped through
the old   masonry  from  tho moat nnd
alive with every noisome thing thnt
creeps.   There was no bed, no stool, no
floor, not even a wlcp of straw; simply   the  reeking stone walls,  covered
with fungus, nnd the wlndowless arch
overhead.   Ouo could hardlv conceive
a more horrible place In which to spend
even n moment   I hnd n glimpse of lt
by the light of the keeper's lantern as
they put him ln, nnd it seemed to me a
single night In Unit nwful plnee would
huve killed me or driven me mud.    I
protested nnd begged nnd tried to bribe,
but lt wns nil of no avail.   Tbe keeper
had been bribed before I arrived.   Although It could do no possible good, I
wns glnd to stand outside the prison
walls in the drenching min nil the rest
of that wretched night thut I might be
as near ns possible to my friend and
Buffer n little with him.
As soon ns the prison gates were
opened next morning I again Importuned the keeper to give Brandon a
more comfortable cell, but bis reply
wns thnt such crimes hnd of Into become so frequent In London that no favor could be shown those who committed them, and that men like Brandon,
who ought to know nnd net better, deserved the maximum punishment.
I told him he wns wrong In this ense;
that I knew the facta, nnd everything
would be clenrly explained tbat very
dny nnd Brniulon released,
"That's all very well," responded the
stubborn creature. "Nobody Is guilty
who conies here. They can every one
prove Innocence clearly and at once.
Notwithstanding, Ihey nenrly all hang,
and frequently, for variety's snkc, nro
drawn nnd quartered.
I waited about Ncwgnto until 8
o'clock nnd ns I pasted out met Buckingham and his man Johnson, a sort of
Inwyer-knlght, going In. I went down
to the pnlnce nt Greenwich and, finding
thnt the girls wero still nt Scotland
pnlnce, rode over nt once to nco them.
Upon getting Mnry nnd Jnno to myself I told them of Brandon's arrest
on the chargo of murder nnd of his
condition, lying hnlf dead from wounds
and loss of blood lu that frightful
dungeon. The tale moved them greatly, nnd they both gave wny to tears. I
think Mnry had henrd of the arrest
before, as she did not seem surprised.
"Do you think he will tell tho cause
of the kllllii'.-?" Bbe asked.
"I know be will not," I answered,
"but I nlso know that ho knows you
will." And I looked straight Into ber
"Certainly we will," said Jane. "We
will go to tho king nt once." And she
wns on the qui vlve to start Immediately.
Mnry did not nt onco consent to
Jane's proposition, but snt In a reverie,
looking with tearful eyes Into vacancy,
apparently absorbed In thought. After a littlo pressing from us sho snld,
"I suppose It will hnvo to be done—I
cnn seo no other wny—but blessed
Mother Mnry, help mel"
Tho glrlfl mnde hnsty preparations,
nnd wo all started bnck to Greenwich, that Mnry might tell the king.
On tho rond over I stopped at Ncwgnte
to tell Brandon that tho princess would
■eon hnvjo him out, knowing how wel
come nnerty would be nt ner nnnds,
but I wns not permitted to Bee him.
I swallowed my disappointment and
thought lt would be only a matter of
n few hours' delay, tbe Uine spent in
riding down to Greenwich and sending
back n messenger. So, light hearted
enough at the prospect, I soon Joined
the girls, nnd we cantered briskly
After waiting n rensonnble time for
Mnry to see the king I sought her
again to learn where nnd from whom
I should receive the order for Brandon's rclensc and when I should go to
London to bring him.
What waB my surprise and disgust
when Mnry told me sbe bnd not yet
seen the king; thnt she had waited to
"eat nnd bathe and dress" and that
"a few moments moro or less cuaid
make no difference."
"My God, your highness! Did I not
tell you that the man wbo saved your
Here  he read  his warrant to   arrest
Charles Brandon, Esq.
life and honor, who Is covered with
wounds received In your defense and
almost dead from loss of blood, spilled
that you might bo saved from worse
thnn death, ls now lying in a rayless
dungeon, o place of frightful filth, such
as you would not walk across for all
the wealth of London bridge; ls surrounded by loathsome, creeping things
that would sicken you but to think of;
ls resting under a charge whose penalty Ib that he be hunged, drawn uud
quartered? And yet you stop to eat
and bathe and dress! In God's name,
Mary Tudor, of what stuff nro you
made? If he had waited but one littlo
minute, had stopped for the drawing
of a breath, had beld back for but ono
faltering thought from the terrible
odds of four swords to one, what would
you now be? Think, princess; think!"
I wns a little frightened nt the length
to which my feeling hnd driven me,
but Mary took lt all very well and snid
Blowly and nbscntmlndedly:
"You nre right. I will go at once. I
despise my selfish neglect. There Is
no other way—I have racked my brain
—there Ib no othor way. It must be
done, and I will go at once and do It." .
"And I will go with you," said I.
"I do not blame you," she said, "for
doubting me since I have failed once.
But you need not doubt mc now. It
shall bo done, and without delay, regardless of the cost to me. I bave
thought and thought to find some other
way to liberate him, but there ls none.
I will go this Instant."
"And I will go with you, Lady Mary," snld I doggedly.
She smiled at my persistency and
took me by tbe hand, saying, "ComeP"
We nt once went off to And the king,
but the smile had faded from Mary's
face, and she looked ns If she were going to execution. Every shade of color
had fled, and her lips were the huo of
We fonnd the king in the midst of
his council, with the French ambassadors, discussing tbe nil absorbing topic
of the marrlago treaty, mid Henry,
fearing an outbreak, refused to see
tbo princess. As usual, opposition but
spurred her determination, so she sat
down ln tbe nnteroom nnd said she
would not stir until she had seen the
After we bad waited a few minutes
ono of the king's pnges enme up and
said ho hnd been looking all over tho
pnlacc for me and tbat tbe king desired!
my presence Immediately. I went In
with tho pago to tho king, leaving
Mary alone and very melancholy lithe antechamber.
Upon entering the king's presence he1
asked: "Where have you been, Sir Edwin? I hnvo almost killed a good half
dozen pnges bunting you, I wnnt you
to prcpnro Immediately to go to Farts
wltb an embassy to his majesty King
Louis.    You will  bo tho Interpreter.
talnty ln Its foreboding maae me aouot
As I could And neither Mary nor
Jane, I did the next best thlng-I
wrote a letter to each of them, urging
Immediate action and left them to be
delivered by my man Thomas, who
was one of those trusty souls that never fall. I did not tell the girls I was
about to start for France, but Intimated that I was compelled to leave London for a time and said, "I leave the
fate of this man, to whom we all owo
so much, ln your hands, knowing full
well how tender you will bo of him."
I was away from home nearly a
month, and as I dared not write, and
even Jane did not know where I was,
I did not receive nor expect nny let-
ton.. The king bad ordered secrecy,
and If I bave mingled witb all my
faults a single virtue lt ls that of
faithfulness to my trust So I had no
news from England and sent none
During all that time the same old
fear lived ln my heart that Mary
might fail to liberate Brandon. Sho
knew of the negotiations concerning
tho French marriage, as wo all did, although only by an Indefinite sort of
hearsay, and I was sure tho half founded rumors that had reached her ears
had long since become certainties and
thnt her heart was full of trouble and
fenr of her violent brother. Sho would
certainly be at her coaxing and wheedling again and on her best behavior,
and I feared she might refrain from
telling Henry of her trip to Grouche's,
knowing how severe he was ln such
matters and how furious ho was Buro
to become et the discovery. I was certnln lt was this fear which had prevented Mary from going directly to
the king on our return to Greenwich
from Scotland palace, and I knew that
her eating, bathing nnd dressing wore
but an excuse for a breathing spell before the dreaded Interview.
This fear remained with me all the
time I was away, but when I reasoned
with myself I would smother lt as well
ss I could with aigumentatlve attempts
et self assurance. I would say over
and over to myself that Mary could
not fall and that even if she did there
was Jane—denr. sweet, thoughtful, unselfish Jane!—who would not allow her
to do so. But as far as they go, our
lntultions-our "feelings," ns we call
them—are worth nil the logic ln the
world, and you may say what you will,
but my presentiments—I speak for no
ou« else—are well to be minded.  There
ls another sense hidden about ns that
will develop as the race grows older.
I speak to posterity.
In proof of this statement I now tell
yon that when I returned to London I
found Brandon still in the terrible dungeon, and, worse still, lie bad been
tried for murder and bad been condemned to be hanged, drawn and quartered on. the second Friday following.
Hangedl Drawn! Quartered! It ls
time we were doing away with such
We will now go back a month for
the purpose of looking up the doings of
a friend of ours, bis grace tbe Duke of
On the morning after the fatal battle
of Billingsgate the barber who bad
treated Brandon's wounds had been
called to London to dress a bruised
knee for his grace the duke. In the
course of the operation an immense
deal of Information oozed out of the
barber, one Item of which was that he
bad tbe night before dressed nine
wounds, great and small, for Master
Brandon, the king's friend. This established the identity of the man wbo
had rescued the girls, a fact of which
Buckingham had had his suspicions all
along. So Brandon's arrest followed,
as I hnve already related to you.
I afterward learned from various
sources how this nobleman began to
avenge bis mishap with Brandon at
Mary's ball when the latter broke his
sword point First he went to Newgate and gave orders to the keeper,
who was his tool, to allow no communication witb the prisoner, and lt was
by bis instructions,tbnt Brandon had
been confined ln the worst dungeon ln
London. Then ho went down to Greenwich to take care of matters there,
knowing tbat tho king would learn of
Brandon's arrest und probably take
steps for his liberation at once.
The king bad Just heard of the arrest
when Buckingham arrived, and the
latter found ho was right ln his sur-
mlso that his majesty would at once
demand Brandon's release.
Wben the duke entered the king's
room, Henry called to him: "My lord,
you aro opportunely arrived. So good
a friend of tile people of London can
help us greatly this morning. Our
friend Brandon has been arrested for
the killing of two men night before
luu   lini.-i [ii una.        — •*   -__.-_—_,   _—   _.. _■   .......   ,
The ambassador you need not know. J lust ln Billingsgate ward. I am sure
Mnke ready at once. Tho embassy 4 there ls somo mistake and that the
will leave London from the Tabard Inn    Bood sheriff has tho wrong man, but
one hour hence."
Could a command to duty have come
at a mora inopportune time? I was
distracted, and upon leaving the klug
went at once to sock tho Lady Mary
whero I had left ber In tho anteroom.
She had gone, bo I went to ber apartments, but could not find ber. I went
to tbe queen's salon, but she wns not '
there, and I traversed that old rambling palace from one end to tbe otber
without finding her or Lndy Jane.
Tho king bnd told me tho embassy
would be a secret one and that 1 was,
to speak of It to nobody, least of nil to
tbe Lndy Mary. No ono was to know
that I was leaving England, and I wuh
to communicate with no one at home
while ln France.
Tbo king's command was not to ho
disobeyed.   To do so would be as much,
as my lifo wos worth; but, besides that,
the commnnd of the king I served was.,
my highest duty, aud no Caskoden ever
rlgbt br wrong, we want him out and
ask your good offices."
"I shall bo most happy to serve your
majesty and will go to London at once
to see tho lord mayor."
In tba afternoon tbe duke returned
and had a private audience wltb tho
"I did as your majesty requested ln
regard to Brandon's release," he said,
"but on Investigation I thought lt best
to consult you again before proceeding
further. I fear there Is no doubt that
Brandon ls the right man. It seems he
was out with a couple of wenches concerning whom he got Into trouble and
stabbed two men ln tbe back. It ls a
very aggravated case, and the citizens
are much Incensed about lt, owing
partly to the fact that such occurrences
have been bo frequent of late. I
thought under tbe circumstances and
ln view of the fact that your majesty
will soon call upon the city for a loan
The Genesis  of "Pusay"—Brought    to
Book—Etymology of "Miniature"—
A  Barb For a Barber.
Pussy's pet designation descends to
her from the ancient Egyptians, with
whom she was an object of reverence;
they.compared her with the moon, and
to embody their quaint Idea of the resemblance, they made a grotesque human figure with a cat's head, which
they worshipped under the name of
"Pasht" (their term for Luna). From
that, through tho stages of "Pas" and
"Pos," has developed the common catcall of "Puss" and "Pussy."
Brought to Book,
A common way to express disfavor
of a person Is to say of him that he Is
In one's "black books." This phrase
originated ln the time of tho butcher-
king, Henry VIII., when the "scandalous proceedings ln tho English monasteries" were co,looted and compiled ln
books with blnck bindings, which hence
were called "Black books," as other
State books nre called "Blue books,"
"White books," and so on, according
to their color outside.
Etymology of "Miniature."
He who talked of life-sized miniatures would probably be thought a humorist. And yet, strictly Bpcaklng, a
largo picture would be more correctly
described as a "miniature" than a
small ono, provided the former wero
executed ln red lead, and tho later ln
tho ordinary way with various pigments; for we get tho word, not from
mlnlmun (vory smnll), but from minium
(rod oxide of lead). And this ls how
lt originated: In the early centuries
of the Christian era, before engraving and printing were thought of, an
order of Franciscan Friars drew the
lnljttal letters of their handwritten
rubrlco with minium, and consequently called them mlnlatorl. But as they
generally Introduced tho (necessarily
minute) heads of saints Into tho drawings, tho word gradually came to signify small portraits, Irrespective of the
material employed ln their production,
and from that beginning the moaning
of the term—Anglicised to miniatures
—has extended to tho Inclusion Of
anything on a very reduced scale.
A Barb For a Barber.
Here la a 17th century epigram on a
boastful young shaver:—
He lives  by Bhavlng,  and by cutting
And yet  he brags  that  to him kings
sit  bare;
But surely he forgets—this worthy clt—
That he must stand to beggars, while
they sit.
London, 1063.
Almost Incredible.
From Tho Irish Times, of Saturday,
May 18, 1861:—"Case of Hydrophobia
—Melancholy Occurrence.—A fatal
case of hydrophobia ls reported from
the neighborhood of Newport, County
Tlppcrary, the victim being a fine young
woman, tho daughter of a farmer of
that loca.lty. It appears that while engaged in some outdoor employment, a
neighbor's dog attacked her and bit
htfr ln the hand, and she soon evinced
symptoms of the consequence. Hydrophobia in its most fearful aspect set
ln. and she became hopelessly mad
that It was found necessary to terminate her sufferings by smothering her
between two beds. The dog was subsequently shot." It seems hardly possible that such an event Bhould have
happened—apparently as a matter of
course—In the British Isles less than
half a century ago.
A Suffolk Asseveration.
Iu Suffolk a person repudiating an
allegation of having done an act of
which ho (or she) would be ashamed
emphasizes the denial with "I'd as soon
think of wearing a leather apron as do
such a thing!" Tho explanation of the
phraso lies in the popular legend that
tho Saviour's Cross was carried by a
farrier, who had the nails of the crucifixion stuck In the leather apron he
was wearing.
One Foot In the Grave.
Whon the Marquis of Anglesey's leg,
which wub shot off ln the battle of
Waterloo, was burled, Borne Irreverent
creature set up over the grave, by way
of opltaph, tho quatrain: —
Hero rests—and lot no saucy knave
Presume  to sneer or  laugh
To learn that mouldering ln tho grave
Is laid—a Brlllsh calf.
Saluting  a  Cat.
Tears ago a highly-placed British
official having died In Government
Houso, Papoorle, near Poona, the news
was being communicated to the Sepoy
on sentry duty at the main entrance
when, Just at the Instant, a black cat
bolted out through the gateway. Tho
sentry promptly presented arms to the
animal, In the belief that lt was the
released spirit of tho great English sahib, and for long afterwards no orders
to tho contrary could prevent the native soldiers on duty at that house
presenting arms to every black cat that
approached  them.
A Queer Old Advertisement
From The London Dally Advertiser,
February 11, 1762:—"To be disposed of,
a Negro Boy of 12 years old, extremely
well made, good natured, sensible, and
handy. He speaks English well, and
has had tho Small Pox. Enquire at
Mr. Taylor's, a Barber's shop, ln Hart
Btreet, Covent-garden."
Extraordinary Royal Mortuary Proceedings.
When Louis IX. died at Carthage, In
1270, his body was first boiled ln wine
and water, and then shipped to Sicily,
where the flesh and viscera were ro-
moved, and deposited ln the Benodlctlno
Abbey of Moitreale, near Palermo, The
heart and bones were then taken to
Paris, and there, on March 20th, 1271,
the bones were cremated, and thcashos
temporarily deposited th the Cathedral
of Notre Dame, whence they were afterwards transferred to the Benedictine
Abbey of St. Donls. What ultimately
became of the heart ts not known.
Dorsetshire Moonshine.
An old Dorsetshire Bupcrstltion has
It that—
If a  Saturday's moon
Comes once In seven years,
It comes once too soon.
Gives Stomach Less Work
and Body  More  Strength.
No flour in the world is so nourishing, so vitalizing, so rich in all the elements of body, bone
and brain building as pure, well balanced, white
Bran in bread is just so much wood fibre—
so much extra wor for the stomach—ther is no
nourishment in it for man. Gattle digest it and
get nourishment from it because nature has given
them a fermenting plant and double chewing
But man masticates once and digests once.
For that reason he gets nothing whatever out of
anything but the gluten portion of wheat—the
inside of the grain—the part which yields "protein." And he gets more out of Royal Household Flour because more of the branny and waste
portions are removed in making it than frojm any
other flour.
The Royal Household Mills eliminate more
bran and shorts than any other mill—therefore
Royal Household Flour, is the most nourishing
flour in the world.
Royal Household Recipes Free for the Asking.
Ogllvle's   --'Royal   Household"   Flour.
"Yes,   ma'am."
"Once upon a time a youth
Wns flung Into an opon grave,
The soul of honor and of truth,
And sold to Egypt as a slave.
Ho  rose  lo  guide  a  dynasty,
The grandest soul that history knows
Now, littlo children, won't you try
And live the stainless life of Joseph?"
"Yes, ma'am I"
"Yes, ma'am."
"To serve within the temple dim
It was his lovely mother's choico;
A boy did gladly run to Him
Bo soon as e'er ho hoard His Voice.
Where'er your lot In lifetime falls,
Be ever ready to bo bid;
Now, won't you when tho sweet Voice
Answer Him, like Samuel did?"
"Yes, ma'am!"
"Yes, ma'am."
"A tender youth with sling and stone,
To wipe from Israel n  stain,
Did face the Philistines alone,
And Blew  tho giant on the  plain.
'What do you here?' a brother said,
He answered, 'Havo I not a cause?"
O children,  do   not be "frald,
But bo ns bravo as David was."
"Yes,  ma'am!"
"Yes,   ma'am."
"From boyhood to tho final cross
Blameless walked our Saviour dear;
His precious life Ho thought no loss
If death would bring HU people near,
In pain, tn want, ln tears aud dread,
His Instinct  led Him  up lo Ood.
O Iktle children, won't you trend
Tho narrow  path  that Jesus trod?"
"Yes ma'am."
—Tine   Khun.
ce„iuiy   __i-_„,_„j.
Thoro was no riot in tho streets, although the excitement wjas at high-
water mark for soma timo, and the
newly-married couple left the next
morning on their return Journey.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson have been
visiting for the past month at her old
home at the Rldeau Lakes, and Just
now sho Is renewing old college acquaintances in Toronto. They wll re-
turn  to Bolivia shortly.
Mr. Thompson Btates that thero are
seven McMaster graduates now doing
missionary work ln Bolivia, but the law
there prevents them from having a Protestant church on a public street. Thoy
havo to Invite peoplo to their homes
and hold their services there. Tho missionaries are allowed to teach no religion ln their schools. Thought ls widening, however, even In Bolivia, Bays
Mr. Thompson, and they expect that
at tho noxt session of Congress a law
will be passed giving freedom of worship to tho Protestants.
Millions For Automobiles.
The proportions reached by the automobile Industry ln Franco, Its first
and still Us special homo, nro shown
by tho manufacture of 22,000 (estimated) machines ln that country during
1904, at a total value of $..4,000,000. In
1898 tho number manufactured In
France wns only 1,860, and their value
Greatest Painter of Gardens.
George E. Elgood, nn English artist.
Is said to be the greatest living palnt-
•r of gardens.
A Loony Qnesitlon.
"Bn," began Bobby, "mny I nsk one
more questionV"
"Urn!" replied pn, without looking up
from bis book.
"Well," nnld Bobby, "If tbey hnd
clocks In the moon would they be lu-
Soldiers Stood Guard Till Canadian
Girl  Was Wedded.
'Tin an old adage that the course of
true love nover did run smooth, and
further proof of tho truth of the proverb Is now brought to light by the
story of tho rather romuntlc circumstances attending the marriage of Bolivia's only English-speaking morchant
and a Canadian girl, graduate of McMaster University In 1900, and a former Baptist missionary to the South
American republic.
Tho couple aro Mr. and Mrs. A. O
Thompson of La Paz, Bolivia, and today thoy aro kt tho King Edward Hotel, Bays the Toronto Star of tho 9th
June. Mrs. Thompson ls a native of
Harlem, a little place near the Rldeau
Lakes, and, after graduating from tho
Baptist Collego here, she went as a
missionary to Bolivia, some fow years
ago. Then she was MIsb Olle. Thero
she met Mr. Thompson, and—as he
rather humorously puts lt—he married
her because lt was a case of Hobson's
choice. She was the only English-
speaking unmarried woman In the
country. But Mr. Thompson hastened
add that he was not at all sorry
failed ln that.   I may not bo as tall as |  to mak? UD &* Lady UnT*'» dower It
_ ._   . .__. _......__  _.. _. .        !   would  nn wlm. nnt tn nnlncnnlKn them
some men, but my fidelity and honor-
but you will say I boast
I was to make ready my bundle and!
ride six miles to London In ono hour,,
and almost half that time wns spent:
already. I was sure to bo late, so I
could not waste another minute.
I went to my room and got together-
a fow things necessary for my journey,
but did not take much in tho way of
clothing, preferring to buy tbat new
In Paris, where I could find the latest:
styles In pattern and fabric.
I tried to assure myself that Mary-
would see the king at onco and tell blm..
nil and not allow my dear friend Brandon to He ln that terrible placo another
night, yet a persistent fear gnawed at
my heart and a sort of Intuition that: I
would bo wise not to antagonize them
ln this matter, but to allow Master
Brandon to remnln quietly ln confinement until tho loan ls completed, and
then we can snap our fingers at them."
"Wo will snap our fingers at the
scurvy burghers now and have tho
loan, too," returned Henry angrily. "I
want Brandon liberated at once, and I
shall expect another report from yon
liniiieiilntelv. mv lord."
Old Felt Hats.
In the count of a case at Lambott
County court, London, It was In evidence that old hard felt hats, which
wero valueless up to a few months ago,
eould now be sold for 191 a ton, and
the market was rising. The hats aro
bumed   to  get   the  shellao,  whioh   la
seemed to have the very breath of cer-    *»or_.thJ» _»»_; •>•_.»»«.
In the Good Old Times,
From The London Dally Post, August 2nd, 1716:—"Mrs. Mary Hicks and
her daughter Elizabeth, but nlno years
of age, who wore condemned at the
last assizes held at Huntingdon, for
witchcraft, were there executed last
Saturday, July 28th."
No Genlna Wanted.
"Really, I think your son Is a genius,"
"Oh, don't sny that! We havo been
hoping all along that he may grow up
to be n good, sensible mnn and finally
succeed bis father In business."
Not the Only  One.
Tosklns—I don't object so much to
Fanny kissing her dog, but I prefer
her to kiss me before nnd not after.
Wllklns—I know, but don't you suppose the dog has his preference too?
that tho range of his choice was
A civil marriage Is against the law of
Bolivia, and, as the couple did not wish
to bo married according to the rites of
tho Roman Catholic Church, the possibility of their being united ln Bolivia
was out of the question. But faint
heart never won fair lady, and Mr.
Thompson and his Intended bride took
a two days' Journey by coach to the
border line of Peru. They crossed the
line and ontcred a littlo Indian village.
Peru had recently passed a law allowing civil marriages, but tho Mayor, or
alcalde, was evidently unaware of the
fact, for when Mr. Thompson went to
hlin and mado bin request, the head
of the village had doubts and fears.
The news got out, and great excitement
was caused among the priests and ths
Then the would-be groom played a
strong card. He produced a letter that
he had previously procured from the
President ot Peru, giving the eminent
gentleman's approval of the wedding.
This had considerable Influence with
the Mayor, and he began to look up
Win statute booka He wanted to be
suro of his ground, and therefore he
consulted with the two judges of the
town. The conclusion of their weighty
deliberations was that the Mayor consented to perform the ceremony, even
at the risk of offending the priests.
In tho evening tho preparations were
duly made for the wedding. Tho people
were wildly excited, and filled the
streets about the Mayor's house, shouting and clamoring. A guard of m,Idlers
was drawn up tn close formation about
the roaldonce to prevent any violence,
tho house was barricaded, and the marrlago ceremony, short and simple, but
effective, was performed by tho Mayor
according to the law of Peru. It seemed more like a romantlo affair of the
days of old rather than  t,   twentieth
Gladstone and Dleraell.
An odd scene in tho houso of commons between Disraeli nnd bis great
opponent, Gladstone Is recorded Iu the
dlury of SlrM. R Grant Duff, who relates the story as he heard It:
Olndstone was orntlonlng away as to
Dlsrnell's proceedings nnd said, "This,
sir—this has been the course of the
right honorable gentloman and his
satellites." He appeared then quite to
lose tbo thread of wbat ho hnd boen
Baying. Ho looked nt some pnpers and
then seemed to appeal to Qoscken, but
for a time ho was quite lost,
Disraeli looked over a great paper
be had In bis hand and said very quietly, "You got to satellites," as If ho wero
speaking to a child who was saying his
At Inst Gladstone appeared to recover himself and snld:
"Ob! I am very mucb obliged to the
right honorable gentleman. We will
leave tbe satellites and go on te something else."
A Comlnar Itevolt.
Some day thero Is going to be a terrible revolt In this country against the
boiled shirt We nro not going to wonr
bonrds on our bosoms surmounted by
picket fences whon tbe laundrymnn
feels cross and cuts a saw edge on our
collars. American manhood Is goiug
to rise ln Its might some dny and carefully drop the starch shirt over Into
the next lot where tho tin cans are.
Today we haven't the nerve to do It.
We are under the domination of social
and commercial propriety to such an
extent tbat we do not dare to arise and
proclaim our freedom In the name of
liberty of person and freedom of conscience. Borne day we will wear soft
shirts snd flowing collars, and the man
who wears a starched board on his
bosom and a sheet Iron ring around his
neck will be known for tho conceited
and artificial ass that he really Is.
nennlnrllr Of Hnblt..
Very few persons understand the value of regularity of habits. Meals and
sleeping hours should bo fixed ones,
for only harm can result from retiring
one night at 10 and another nt 12
o'clock unless the rising hour varies
too. {light bonrs of sleep one nlgbt nnd
six the next Is not tho way In wblcb to
woo and keep health and lf a similar
habit of taking nourishment Is encour-
agod there Is little hopo of reaching
old ngo In a crcdltablo condition. If
ever you nro tompted to provo or disprove these statement.), try going to
bed at 0 o'clock overy night for three
months, rising at B and eating at 0, 12
and at 0 again, with never a break In
the routine. The result will surprise
	 Mt Pleasant Advocate i H0W THE KINQ READ8 PAPER"-
Vanceuver, B.C.
Tried Many Medicines but Got No Relief Till He Used the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Rosedene, Ont, July 17.—(Special).
—Mr. Samuel J. Crow, the well-known
musician of this place, relates an experience that adds to the already
great popularity of Dodd'a Kldnoy
Pills in this locality.
"I suffered for years with Kidney
Trouble," sayB Mr. Crow, "which became aggravated with every attack of
cold and caused mo much agony. The
disease developed Into Gravel, whon
I was totally unfit for anything.
"I tiled different remedies without
the desired result and was ln much
misery when I decided to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills, when to my astonishment and delight I immediately began to recover.
"After using flvo boxes the ailment
bad entirely ceased and I was again
enjoying perfect vigor, all of which I
owe to Dodd's Kidney Pills."
T|ie fact that Gravel yields so readily to Dodd's Kidney Pills ls good
news Indeed, as it does away with
those terrible operations that were
supposed to b§ the only relief from
this trouble. ,
"During one of my trips through
Europe," says Charles Hawtrey, "I
found mysolf In a small village with
no razors. They had been packed in
my handbag, which I had left at the
hotel the day before. There was no
barber Bhop ln the place, and I was
in a quandary as to how I might get
shaved. The innkeeper told me there
was a man ln the village who occasionally shaved people, and I determined to risk a cut or two and send for
him. The amateur barber arrived,
and after a little hesitation he said
tome: "'Will you please, sir, He
down flat on your back while I shave
you, sir?' "Thinking that lt was probably the custom of the couhtry, I
stretched out comfortably on my
back and nearly went to sleep while
the fellow shaved me, so light was his
touch. When he had finished I said:
—"'I am curious to know why you
usked me to lie down to be shaved?'
" 'Because, sir,' was his ingenuous reply, 'I never before shave a live
Mild ln Their Action.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are very mild in their
action. They do not cause griping in
the stomach or cause disturbances
there as so many pills do. Therefore,
the most delicate can take them without fear of unpleasant resuls. They
can, too, be administered to children
without Imposing the penalties which
follow the use ot pills not so carefully
A conductor on one of the Kansas
City cars received a surprise recently, according to The Times of that
city. He helped a woman on at a
downtown corner, and was about to
signal to go ahead, when she called:
"Walt a minute, please conductor!"
The man In the uniform hesitated.
The woman was In front of one of the
mirrors In the sides of the car "fixing"
her hair. Just as he was about to
reach for the bell cord again, she
came toward the back platform. "Let
me off, please," she said. "I Just
wanted to put my hair up a little better." Then she stepped from tho car
smiling sweetly
Thero is mnre Oi.t_.rrh Id this section ot the roun-
tr. than ell othor diseases put togother, nml until
tho Inst fow years was auppoaod to lio inouralilo. For
a groat many yonra doctors pronounced It a local dls-
ciifcii anil proscribed local remedies, and by constantly
falling to ouro with local treatment, pronounced It
incurable. Holonoo has provon catarrh to bo a constitutional disoaso ond therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Oatarrh Ouro. manufactured by F. J. Cheney _, Oo .Toledo,Ohlo.ts the only cons-
tutlonal curo on the market. It Is tnkon Intornnlly
in dososfrom 1(1 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts dir-
eotly on tho blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. Thoy niter ono hundred doilan for any case It
fails to cura. Semi for ciroulars und testimonials.
Address!  F. ,T. (Ull.NKY A 00., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by PniggtBts, Ik.
Take Hall's Fnml'y Pills for constipation.
Miss Angles—He was pleased to
say, I believe, that I had many good
points. Miss Cutting—Not exactly,
dear. Ho said you had a good many
Bluster—Do you mean to say that
I am a liar? Blister—I hope that I
could not do so ungentlemanly a
thing; but I see you oatch my Idea.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper.
I love the carol of the lark,
The startllng's thrilling note,
The voice of nightingale at dark
Which thro' tho air will float.
I like the linnet's tuno so sweet,
The thrush song ln the glen;
But, better far I Iovo to eat
Tho fresh lay of a hen.
Geraldin (aside)—Papa, I want you
to hear some of Reggie's good things;
he's full of humor. Papa—I heard one
of 'em the other night; he asked me
to be his father-in-law.
BildP Scalp shiny and thin?
Then it's probably too late.
You neglected dandruff. If
you had only taken our advice, you would have cured
Hair Vigor
the dandruff, saved your hair,
and added muoh to It. If
not entirely bald, now Is your
opportunity.   Improve It
I bar. n
" """ V*""h__, Bauer—* TO.
fflffttfi      for    ftlflHft
Good Hair
Has Resort to Press Cutting Agencies
For Assistance.
King Edward always tries to make
certain of never missing seeing anything In the papers which he thinks
he ought to see, either about himself
or about any of the numerous objects
and movements ln which he ls Interested, such as different charities, the vis-
Its to him of his foreign friends and so
Since lt would be difficult for either
him or his secretaries to make a sufficiently close examination of the whole
of all the papers every day to Insure
this being done with any degree of
thoroughness. His Majesty many years
ago resorted to press cutting agencies
for assistance. He subscribes to two
of them, and they send him ln the
usual way each day every line of printed matter that has appeared ln any pa-
per concerning him, each paragraph
or article being pasted upon a separate
sheet of paper, with the name of the
Journal from which lt was taken and
the date of publication.
All these cuttings are (lanced
through by his secretaries, the less Important weeded out, and those which lt
ls considered His Majesty ought to see
are duly shown to him. The King keeps
many large cutting albums and whenever he desires to preserve any of
these extracts orders are given for
them to be pasted up In one of them.
In this way lt Is practically certain
that everything that Is written and
printed about the King duly finds Its
way to one of the Boyal palaces, and
there has been on at least one occasion
en Instance of the King very effectively expressing his opinion ooncernlng
one Item. His Majesty does not ln the
least mind the personal paragraphs
that are printed about his doings, habits and so forth, realizing that the public curiosity in regard to these matters
Is great and that lt has some claim to
be satisfied; but It Is on Instance of his
keen scrutiny of the papers that on one
occasion two or three years ago, when
a paragraph was going the round of
the dally papers which he did not con-
elder to be ln the best of taste, he
forthwith caused a request to sent
round to the offices that ln future they
would refrain from the publication of
such matters.
Down In a Diving Bell.
The writer 6t a most Interesting article on the building of Dover Harbor,
ln the Pall Mall Magazine, describes
his experiences ln a diving bell.
"Putting on a pair ot stockings, leggings, and heavy boots," he says, "I
Jumped on to the seat when the huge
bell—It weighed 40 tons and was as
large as a good-sized room—was swung
up by tire powerful crane over the
staging, and gradually we were lowered into the sea. The sensation at
flrst was very strange. As we entered the water, which was driven out
of the bell by compressed air, there
was a distinct buzzing sound ln the
ears and head. I was told to hold my
nose and blow through It and, needless
to say, I did so. Slowly we descended, and at last reached the bottom,
some 50 feet below the surface.
"The bell ln question was seventeen
feet long and ten feet wide. There
were six of us ln it It was lighted
by electricity, and woe almost as
bright as day. We first landed on a
bed which the divers had previously
levelled. The moment the bell touched
the ground there was, perhaps, about
two feet of water ln It This was
quickly driven out by the compressed
air, when we walked on comparatively
dry ground with the sea all around us.
The man ln charge ls able to move his
bell where he wishes by sending signals up to the man ln charge of the
great crane to whioh the bell is
"After Inspecting the smooth bed on
which the bottom blocks are laid, we
went out to sea, and, landing on the
bottom again, obtained some Idoa of
the difficulties of digging a foundation
on the floor of the ocean. It wos ragged and rocky. Four men work ln a
bell undor a presure of twenty-seven
pounds to the square Inch for three
hours at a time, digging up the ground
until lt Is perfectly smooth and level.
The material Is thrown Into a large
wooden box, swung In the centre of the
"Taking our seats, we started for the
surface. I could not help thinking
how much we owed to the man sitting
next to me. The engineer above
promptly and faithfully responded to
all his signals, whether for air or for
direction as to traveling. While under water one has a feeling of utter
Isolation, besides a buzzing sensation
ln the hoad. Speaking, too, ls somewhat difficult."
Intermarriages Out of Date.
Signs of the times should be observed, and the democratic trend of twentieth century life ls plainly proved by
the marriages of the English aristocracy. A witty woman was heard to
say: "They still marry, but they no
longer make alliances." This means
that they do not only choose their
wives from an exclusive circle of
cousins and family connections—ln a
word, Intermarriages are out of date.
The Duchesses of Beaufort Portland,
and Hamilton, belong to county families; the Duchess of Somerset Is a
Scotchwoman; the Duchess of Bedford
was Miss Tribe, the daughter of a
clergyman; the Duchess of Newcastle
was Miss Candy; tho Duchess of Westminster was Miss Comwollls West;
and tho Duchess of Roxburgho, tho
Duchess of Marlborough, and the two
Duchesses of Manchester are Americans. There are, of course, exceptions
to thla democratic rule, even among
tho younger wearers ef strawberry
leaves. For example, the Duchess of
Leeds, the Du.hess of Sutherland, and
tho Duchess  of Norfolk.
Gold Railroad Passes.
It ls nice to have a gold pass attached to your watch chain which franks
you first class over the railways of a
continent and sends every ticket collector's hand to his cap. Such Is the
happy lot of Australian ministers und
ex-ministers, but the "deadheads" are
now so many that the question of restricting the Issue of passes has been
engaging the Premiers' conference at
Hobart. The loss of railway revenue
runs Into many thousands of pounds.
In Victoria alono there are eighty ex-
ministers with free passes. One has
had his pass since 18.7. He must bo
the record "deadhead" of the world.—
London Chronicle.	
Plants As Supply Stores.
There aro few plants that have not
been utilized one wuy or another by
mankind for food, paper, drugs or
other purposo. Amongst many not
so well known may bo mentioned the
Japancso wax tree, bearing bunches of
fruit growing llko grapes, which contain a species of wax usod in making
Another treo, found In the Pacific
Islands, and known as thp candle-nut,
yields a large quantity of oil, while the
kernels are strung together on a Btlck
and lighted as a candle. Tho fruit of
tho candlo tree Is between three nnd
four feet In length, about an Inch In
diameter, and of a yellowish color. As
Was a Great Sufferer and Almost in Despair
—New Hope and Strength Came
With the Use of
This great food curo Is doing wonders for weak, worn-out and discouraged women.
Many medicines which are prescribed in Buch cases are merely stimulants which give temporary relief and
arouse false hope,
Because Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
actually forms new, rich blood and
Increases the vitality of the body, Its
benefits are thorough and lasting and
its cures permanent.
Mrs. M. A. Clock , Meaford, Ont,
writes;—"Three years ago I became
very muoh run down ln health and
suffered from weak, tired feelings,
Indigestion and rheumatism. At times
I was so badly used up that I required
help to move In bed. While sick and
downhearted I recelvod   Dr.   Chase's
[Almanac,   and   sent for some of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
I    "Under this treatment I soon began
I to   improve,   and by the timo i bod
, used   eleven    boxes of   Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food 1 was happy to find myself strong and well again.   I   often
jthink of what a lot of money I spent
for medicines which did me no good,
and   believe   I   owe my life   to Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.   1  hopo women
who suffer as I did will benefit by my
I experience and use Dr. Chase's Nerve
I Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, 50 cents a
, box, at all dealers, or Edmonson,
Bates & Company, Toronto. To protect
you against Imitations, the portrait
and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the
famous receipt book author, are on
, evory box.
tney are seen hanging from tne tree,
they present the appearance of a number of wax candles, and aro In such
abundance aa to give the Idea of a
chandler's shop. Some of these are
grown In the Isle of Wight.
The tolegraph plant, which grows In
India, Is a slender, erect shrub, so called because of some resemblance to
signals in the motion of Its trifoliate
leaves—the two side ones rising and
falling alternately for a time, nnd then
resting for e period. Sometimes many
of the leaves are In motion and sometimes only a fow; the greatest activity
being In the early morning, and not
depending on the wind.
Disease Carried By Spray.
A French military surgeon In Algiers
has recently found that spray driven
ashore from a stormy sea can effectively transmit disease germs. Carrying
on his Investigations at Bab-el-ouod,
near Algiers, at a point whero a number of sewers discharged Into the sea,
he found that the spray, which was
driven somo 150 feet ashore nnd high
Into the nlr, contained three times the
number of irorms ordlnnrily present ln
the air. This spray forms a mist
which permeates the houses near to
tho water's edge, and ln It a number
of virulent bacilli were found. When
a e-.ilo Is blowing offshore tho effect ts
still more prono'mced end tho propor-
Mon of germs Increased, and tho ln-
vostlo-ator Is convinced that steps
should ho taken to protect Bhorcs from
sewage pollution.
Arabia's Laughing Plant.
There ls a curious plant that grows
In Aiahla and is known by the namo
of "Laughing plant." This namo comes
from tho fact lhat any one who eats
Its seeds cannot control his laughter.
Tho natives of tho district whero this
funny plant grows dry the seeds and
reduce them to powder. A small dose
of this powder makes those who eat
lt act much liko the foolish people who
drink more liquor than ls good for
I hem. The soberest person will danco,
shout and laugh like a madman, and
rush about cutting up tho most ridiculous capers for an hour. At tho end
of this time tho reaction comes. The
dancer Is exhausted and n deep sleep
(Oiiies upon him. After a nnp of Bev-
■irnl hours he awakens with no recollection of tho antics he has performed.
Ie or Will  Bo.
One of those grammarian fiends met
a mnn the other dny and nsked him
which wns correct, "Tomorrow Is Sunday" or "Tomorrow will be Sundny."
The mnn told him the following story:
Years ngo the Reading Railroad company Issued an order requiring Its
brnkemen, ns soon as a train started
from nny station, to call out the nnmo
of tlie next stopping place.
For nwhllo the trainmen, Instructed
doubtless by some grammarian of the
road, would do this by saying, "Next
stntlon will be" Allentown, Reading,
etc. An editor took them to task for It,
pointing out the absurdity of using the
future tense In speaking of that which
always Is In the same place. After that
tlie brnkemen dropped "will be" und
cried, "Next station," Allentown, Reading, etc.
Two  View*.
The Lover—There Is nothing sweeter
lhan milking up a lovers' quarrel. Married Cynic—Well, It's different after
you're married. Then it generally
means millinery.
The summer months are a bad time
for little onos and an anxious time
for mothers. Stomach and bowol
troubles como quickly during the hot
woathor, and almost boforo the mother realizes thnt thoro ls danger the
littlo ono may be beyond aid. In
evory home at this season there
should be kept a box of Baby's Own
Tablets, and at the flrst symptom of
Illness thoy should be given. They
promptly cure cholera Infantum,
diarrhoea and stomach troubles, and
are Just the thing a mother needs at
this timo to keep hor ohlldren well.
Mrs. Frank Moore, Brookfleld, N. S.,
says: "I always keep Baby's Own
Tablets on hand in cose of emergency. 1 do not know eny other medicine that can equal them In cases
of stomach or bowol troubles. And
this medicine is absolutely safe—tt ls
sold under a guarantee to contain no
opiate or harmful drug. You can got
the Tablets from your medicino dealer
or by moll at 25 cents a box by writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont
The attorney for tho defence shook
his finger at the complaining witness
and raised his voice a little higher.
"Let us get this right," he said. "You
stato on oath that you had the defendant arrested because he was hounding you with threats to do you up.
Is that right?" "Yes, sir." "You
repeat tho assertion that he was
hounding you?" "Yes, sir." "You
saw the weapon that was found on
him whon he was arrested, didn't
you?" "I did." The attorney rose
to his feet, leaned forward and glared
at him with an expression terrible to
behold. "Now, sir," he thundered,
"will you please tell this Jury how
the person could possibly have hounded yon with a bulldog revolver 1"
None on.i hive a Well-Balanoed
Oo-tatl.ytlon without taking
All people subject to Bilious attacks,
or who suffer from Stomachic disorders, should never be without a box
Their gigantic success snd genuine
worth are Known all over the world,
and the proof of their excellence lies
in the fact that they are generally
adopted as the Family Medicine alter
the first trial.
by their purifying effect upon the
Blood, cleanse and vivify tlie entire
System, causing every organ of the
body healthfully to continue its allotted function, thereby inducing a
.perfectly balanced condition, and
making life a pleasure.
maintain their reputation for keeping people in Good Health and
Good Condition.
have stood the test of the most
exacting experience through many
Prdiarcd only by Thomas Dec-ham.  St.
Hei.        -.(.gland.
_._._ everywhere In Canada and U. 5,
America.   In boxes, 28 cents.
—*e» .    ,    _^_.__■
"Did your automobile cost you
much?" "Can't say yet." "I thought
it was bought and paid for." "It ls
But I haven't hoard from tho physician, nor tho Pollco Magistrate, nor
the repair shop."
He—I think overy woman ls entitled
to be considered man's equal. She—
Well, If she is willing to bring herself
down to his level I don't seo why she
shouldn't bo allowed to pose as his
Collector—I'vo motioned to that old
man threo times, and bo protends not
t° nee me. Now, I'm going to present
this bill in the presence of his friends
Offlce Boy—Aw, you chump! ho can't
see yon—don't you know he's blind?
"Blind? Then, by George, ho's got mo
—this Is payable at sight!"
Use lever's Dry Sonp (a pjwder. to
wash woolens and flannels,—you'll like
*** t  3»
"Most girls nro crazy to marry,"
sneered Bnch to tho maiden he suspected of caring for him. "Thoy cor-
talnly aro," agreed she. And thon ho
thought quito a while over tho inflection of her voice.
Minard's  Liniment  cures  Garget    In
Congressman Cochran of Missouri
told a story recently, nccordlng to tho
Buffalo Commercial, of a well-drcsBed
man who registered at a hotel In St.
Joseph, Mo. Ho casually remarked
that ho never travelled without his
own firo escape, at the same time exhibiting the contrivance which ho carried. "In caso of fire," he said, "I can
let myself down from any hotel window." Tho landlord said gravely:
"Our terms for guests with firo escape
aro cash In advance." ,
"So your wifo does not approve of
bnBeball?" "No," answerod Mr. Meek-
ton. "Henrietta can't stand it to see
any mere man bossing peoplo around
the way the umpire does."
k. PILLS.-
Paragraphs Culled From  Many   Sources Which Supplement the  News
of the Day As a Relish.
Sweden's biggest export ls   tlmbor.
Oho sells 125,000,000 worth a year.
TVhen reconstructed the Brie canal
will be four times as long as the Suez
The municipality of Amsterdam
plans the erection of on anatomical
laboratory on the most improved style.
King Edward bas given the head of
his famous horse, Ambush II., to the
Natural History museum of London.
The rate at which the Zulus con run
ln an emergency ls astonishing. Some
will cover as much as fifty miles ln six
hours. Eight miles an hour ls common.
France's wine harvest ln 1904 was
1,743,959,GE0 gallons. A mathematician
has estimated that this Is the equivalent of a canal of wine 10 feet deep,
100 feet wide and 44 miles long.
, Japan remembers Its friends even ln
wartime. On the occasion of his seventieth birthday Professor J. J. Rein
of Bonn, Oermany, received a cablegram of congratulation from the University of Tokio.
Owing to the climatic deterioration
and insect destruction of the wooden
poles the eighty miles of telephone
line In Abyssinia have to be constantly patrolled by special police to Insure
continuous operation.
Japan has 4,507 postofflces and 61,-
347 letter boxes. The number of letters
forwarded last year was 205,000,000;
of postal cards, 483,000,000.
The shortest will on record ln Bucks
county, Pa., has been probated by Register of Wills Radcllffe. It disposes of
the property of John D. Dugan, late of
Bristol, and reads, "Mary, from my
day cut everything belongs to you that
I own."
Five presidents of the United States
have died ln offlce and have been succeeded under the provisions of the constitution by vice presidents. Three ef
these met death at the hands of assassins, the other two expiring from
natural causes.
Physicians ln London ascribe the Increasing Insanity among women to living In flats. The conveniences are such
that flat dwellers have nothing to do
but do nothing, and the theory is that
many women lose their minds because
there ls nothing to occupy their minds.
The new tunnel to be built by the
Michigan Central Railway company
under the Detroit river at Detroit will
be of steel, re-enforced and strengthened on the Inside by cement and well
ventilated and lit with electricity.
Thero will be two steel tubes built side
by side crossing the river. The tunnel
will rest on rock or clay.
Fancy dress balls are becoming very
popular ln London. At a big one the
other night ln Chelsea one married
couple appeared as a pair ot poodles.
The get-up was from Paris and so
marvelously realistic that report does
say that one animal lover flew to pat
the creatures and was rewarded by
being bitten ln the small of the leg.
New South Wales owns more than
CO per cent of the entire number of
Sheep pastured In the provinces of
Australia. Since I860 tbe wool clip has
brought to New South Wales alone the
enormous sum of $1,330,000,000. Nearly
150,000,000 pounds of wool are yearly
exported from New South Wales. Angora goats have also been bred In the
colony, and there are at present nearly
40,000 of them In the country.
The Native. Have Colda Onlv When
Visited br Forelstnera.
There are many places where lt ls
impassible to catch cold because there
ls no cold to catch. There ls St Hilda,
that lonely rocky Island which was
visited by Dr. Johnson when he and
Boswell were making tbelr famous
tour of the Hebrides. There are about
a hundred inhabitants on the Island.
The coasts are so precipitous that for
eight months ln the yoar lt ls practically Inaccessible. Several vessels
from the mainland eall there during
the summer. And, strange to say,
whenever a ship reaches the Island
from the mainland every Inhabitant,
even to the Infants, ls seized with a
cold. This fact has been known for
more than 200 years and was of great
Interest to Dr. Johnson, who was skeptical concerning lt
Tho question at this St Kllda cold
long puzzled men, wbo never dreamed
tbat lt was so Infectious disease and
that without tho possibility of Infection lt ls Impossible to catch It no matter wnat the exposure may be. Tbat ls
to say, lt ls due to a micro organism,
and without the presenco of this micro
organism the disease cannot be contracted.
Th* Males at Both Speclea Art In-
oorrl_rlbl* Fighters.
A very quarrelsome disposition bas
the chickaree, or American red squirrel, and there are continual fights between it and its cousin the gray squirrel. These fights seldom end ln a decided victory for either side. The males
of both species are incorrigible fighters. It Is no unusual sight to see a
couple of red or gray squirrels come
tumbling from some lofty limb so locked ln each other's embrace as to appear
nlmost Ilk* ono animal.
Though the shock af striking tbe
ground soparatcs tbem, lt ls for a moment only. Tbey Immediately clinch
again and continue to roll ovor and
over, fighting fiercely until one breaks
awny, only to be followed by the other,
who keeps up a running fight for some
distance until be feels certain tbat be
bas so punished tbe conquered one tbat
be will uot dare return.
Red squirrels by their greater agility and quickness can worst a gray
squirrel every time in a rnnnlng fight
but let them once com* to a clinch and
tba superlsr size and weight of tbe
gray squirrel or* bound to Ull.
-etorc tea bocamo cbeap enough to
be considered a drink It was largely
used as a medicine, A familiar advertisement In tbo London Tatler used to
proclaim a "famous cbymlcal quintessence ot Holiea tea and cocoanuts togother, wherein tbo volatile salt oil
and spirit of both" formed "the highest restorative that either food or physic affords."
Black, Mixed or Green.   Lead Packets   only.    By   all   Grocers.      'v
Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.
Two 4 h.p. Gasoline Engines, 2nd hand.
// Your Qrocer Tries to Sell You '• Something
Just as Good"  When  You Ask For
Stop   and   ask yourself   WHY.     We   Jealously   Guard the
QUALITY from the GARDENS to the CONSUMER, and we
1 lb. and 1 _ lb. Lead Packets.   S lb. aud - lb. Tins.
Codvllle & Oo.,   Winnlp©B> IN/losn.
Speaking of the tribulations of the
cross-examiner, Honry Wollman cites
this experience: In the progress of a
murder trial near Kansas City ho
wished to learn from a witness Just
where tho bullet struck the victim.
"Where was this man shot?" was
asked. "Right hero in this town," replied the witness. "Yob, I know, but
where did the bullet hit him?" "Near
Sixth and Wyoming streets." "You
don't understand me. Where did the
bullet enter?" "It came ln the window." "But in what part of the body
did It lodge?" "It never hit his body."
"Woll, lt certainly hit him somewhere
—ho is dead." "Hit him in tho head,"
said the witness.
They Are a Powerful Nervine.—Dyspepsia causes derangement of tho
nervous Bystom, nod nervous debility
onco engendered ls a diflicu:'. 1 lug to
to deal with. Thero aro many testimonials as to the efficacy of Parma-
melce's Vegetable pills In treating this
disorder, showing that thoy never fail
to produce good results. By giving
proper tone to tho digestive organs,
thoy restore equilibrium to the nervo
A quack doctor whoso treatment
hnd evidently led to the death of his
patient was examined sterniv by the
coroner. "What did you give the
poor fellow?" asked tho coroner. "Ipecacuanha, sir." "You might just as
well hnvo given him tho aurora bore-
alls," said the coroner. "Well, Blr,
that's just what I was going to givo
him when ho died." i
Minard's Liniment cures Colds,  Etc.
Tho following letter was received
from his sister by a Now Yorker who
wns awny from homo on a visit: "I
am sending by mall a parcel containing tho golf coat that yo.i wanted.
As the brass buttons nre heavy I
havo cut them off to save   postage.
Your loving sister.    "J .    "P. S.
—You will find tho     buttons In   the
right hand pockot of tho coat."
No person should go from borne
without a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial ln their possession,
as change of water, cooking, climate,
etc., frequently brings on summer
complaint, and there Is nothing like
being ready with a sure remedy at
hand, which oftentimes saves great
suffering and frequently valuable
lives. This Cordial has gained for Itself a widespread reputation for affording prompt relief from all summer complaints.
Gentlemen,—Last August my horse
wub badly cut in eleven places by a
barbed wire fence. Three of the cuts,
(small ones- healed soon, but, the others became foul and rotten, and
though I tried many kinds of medicine
thoy had no beneficial result At last
it doctor advised me to use MINARD'S
LINIMENT and In four weeks time
every sore was healed and the hair
waB grown over each ono In line condition. Tho Liniment ls certainly
wonderful in Its working.
Witness, Perry Baker.
"Undo Rufus," said the man who
takes an Interest In everybody, "what
ts your idea of emancipation?" "Well,
suh," was tho answer, "some of dem
farm hands wasn't cumin' delr salt,
an' 'mancipation were jes' a p'llto way
of tellin' 'em dat de white folks
wouldn' bo 'sponsible for delr board
an' keep no longer."
Ploasant ns syrup; nothing equals lt
as a worm medicine; tho name is
Mother Graves Worm Exterminator,
tho greatest worm destroyer of the
She—Hero is a wonderful thing.
They're actually growing potatoes and
tomatoes on tlio samo plant! Ho—
Nothing so very wonderful about
that. Cabbage and tobacco havo long
been grown that way.
Itch, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cuban Itch on human or animals, cured
In 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion.   It never falls. At all druggists.
Hostess—Shnll I help you to tho
cake, Tommy? Tommy—No'm. Let
mo help ineself first. Ma told mo
not to help mcself moro'n onct. You
cnn help mo all you pleaso afterwards.
Minard's  Liniment cures  Diphtheria,
No ono ovor understood tho foibles
of stngo peoplo bettor than did tho
late Klrko Ln Sholle, and of the ruling
passions of actors ho usod to tell
this story. I won't mention tho actor's namo, but ho Ib a star of conslder-
erablo rnpuallon. Mr. La Shello met
him on tho Hlnlto one day, and noticed that ho was wearing a mourning
badge on his arm. "It's for my father," tho actor explained.    "I've   just
Judge Shelby of Alabama, according to tho Buffalo Commercial, was
onco talking nbout tho difference between swearing and affirming. Whatever tho difference ls, he said, it ls
assuredly not what a certain old colored man understood lt to bo last
week. This colored man, entering
the witness box, said he thought he
wouldn't Bwear. He thought he would
just affirm. "EraBtus," I said, "how
ls this? A month ago, when you appeared beforo me, you consented readily enough to swear. Why It Is that
you will only affirm now?" "Well, yo'
honuli," said Erastus, "de reason am
dat I specks I ain't quito so sure
about do fucks o' dls caso as Iwus o'
do odder."
A Good Medicine requires little advertising. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil
gained tho good namo it now enjoys,
not through elaborate advertising, but
on its great merits as a remedy for
bodily p.dns and ailments of the
respiratory organs. It has carried Its
famo with lt wherever lt has gone,
and It Is prized at the antipodes as
woll as at homo. Doso small, effect
como back from his funeral. It wns
a vory sad affair." Mr, La Shello expressed his slncorost sympathy. Tho
actor's grief was obviously very real
ond very great. "A thing llko this a
man doesn't got over soon," ho went
on. "I nttended to all tho funeral arrangements. I did tho best I could.
Wo had everything jUBt ns father
would havo liked It." "Many there!"
crlod the actor, changing from grief
to animation. "Why my boy, wo turned 'cm away."
"Oh!" cried Mrs. Naggot during
thoir quarrel, "you may sneer at us
women nnd call us hypocrites, but wo
nover uso religion as a cloak, so
there!" "Cortalnly not," replied Mr.
Nagget, "religion Isn't fashionable
enough." „
When millions of experienced housekeepers        .
he-ve been using
Sunlight Soap
for years, for their every requirement, why
should not you use it ? Try it next wash day,
and if you do not find it better than any other
soap you ha_ve ever used, your grocer will
refund your money, Sunlight Sott-p washes
equally well with he-rd or soft wetter.
No scrubbing, no boiling.
Ws.ldn'l  Hurt III.  Clothe*.
An artist gavo his latest painting ta
a porter to carry to an exhibition.
"Bo careful, be careful," said he;
"the picture ls scarcely dry."
"Oh, never mind," exclaimed the porter; "It's of no consequence—my clothes
aro old!"
Levar Brother* Limited
Ili6 L
(Bstablished April 8,1899.)
Office i 25 25 Westminster avenue.
Mrs. R  Whitney, Publisher.
Enolish Office—30 Fleet, street,
Loudon, E. C, Euglnud Where a
file of "The Advooate" is kept for
'Subscription $1 p year   payable   in
S cents a Oopy.
Local Advertising 10c a line each issue.
Display Advertising $1.2G per inch
per mouth.
■ Notices for Church and Society Entertainments, Lectures,  etc.,    WHijRfi
will be charged for.
• AU  Advertisements are  run regularly
and charged for.uutil ordered they
bo discontinued.
''Transient. Advertizors   must   pay   in
Notices ot Births, Marriage.., and Deaths
published free of charge.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B. C, Ann. 20, 1905.
If the street car line were carried into
the Park us far ns Brockton Poiut we
tail tn see what damage to the natural
beauty nf Stanley Park it would mean
Ittany mothers with little ones would be
grateful to be conveyed across the long
dusty bridge iuto the shade and up the
hill at the Park entrance. If the car
lino rnn along the road, not into and
through the Park, it wonld certainly be
a convenience to nil.
Premier ^JoBrido has officially denied
'the statouieut in Mouday evening's
"World," stating the Provincial
Government intends to reduce the
salaries of Civil Servants.
Junction of Westminster road and Westmiuster arenas, services hi 11 a. in.,
Slid 7::llf 1'. in.; Sundny School  nt -:;in p.m.
ft) iriiri nf Nint anil We.tininntei-arenucs.
lM__KVlc__-l.il 11 K. in., nml 7 p. in.; HumlHV
; Ml'liO'il udd llililo C'Iiisk '2:l!ll |>.m. Ki:v. A. h.
.Hetherlngton, n. A., Ii. D., I'astor.
, I'ar_uu,!t;i. Ull l.li'v.iiiili tu-.iiit., west. Telephone Bim
'-Comet  Ninth   avenue nnd  Quebui:   slree1
tU-UVICUH nl 11 h. m.,mid imp. in.; Sunday
Miool Ht _!::io p. in.    Rev.-leo.A.Wlison, B.A.
PH.tor.  Kmisc ooriier of Eighth avenue and
Ontario Hlrcet.   Tel. 1006.
St Michael s, (Auglicou).
Comi'i   Nlnlli  avenue unit Prince Kdwanl
..-llreet.   6EHV1CES at 11 a. m., alnl7:HU p.m.
i Uol>' CuUUUUUIOn 1st anil ltd Sundays lu each
: month alter morning piaycr, 2d and 4th Sun
'lays at s a. in.   Sunday  School at '_.:tu  p.m.
Uev. (I. II. Wilson, Rector.
Iteclnry :'"'_ Thirteenth avenue, emit.   Telephone lil7».
■t'lv.iil Christian Churi-h (nol7th day Ad-
..-illst*) meetpin Odd Fellows' Hall, WeHtmin
. ft.er avenue. Services 11 a. ni., and 7:30 p.m.,
snnday School at 10 a. in. Young peoples'
...HiKleTy of l.nyal Workers of Christian Kudea-
vvnr meets evsiry Sunday even ing at S; 15 o'clock.
; Crayer-meetlng Wednesday nlglitsatSo'clnck.
-, For Sale & Rent.
List your property for Rent or Sale
• with The Advocate Heal ..state Co.
Fivo-romned honse. electric light, hot
i pud cold witter; 88-ft. lot, corner, on
.Eighth aveuue, east; price tl,800.00.
Houso uud lot, Buruard street, wired;
. suitable for train man's residence; terms.
New honse, Niuth avenue, modem
-. t-uuveuioiiees, if2.S_00.00: tonus.
South   Vancouver   to price per y rl
Also to build a road from the end
ill Tickle Your Palate
of Centre  road  from where the pro-jaDd Econouiieal Bump at the   snme time-WITH OUR GOODS AND
posed road crosses the railway to Mr. I PRICES.    By closely watching the Markets and discriminating in our purchases—
R. W.  Harris' property, about  seven' onr stock is "'ado up oi'justsuch goods as please the most particular.
HERE are u few things which staud out as Bargains today, yes, aud every day:
Quaker   Tomatoes,   2   cans   for  25c Fine Up-country Potatoes   OOc
4-ft  Bar Laundry Soup,  20o 10-lb  Fine Cooking Applos 25o
Fancy Butter, 2-lb for45o Canned Beef,  1-B.   tin. for 15c
S tins of Potted Meats for 25o
"The Storo of Quality."
ST    W/illlnrA Westmlnster avenue &
.   I.    TV Ctl 1 atC  Harris street. Telephone 1266.
Borrow $50,000.
Eighteen petitions from the assessed
| chains,
pioperty  owners  in   the  municipality,     ,\|s0  for clearing out ditches,  tak
whose   holdings  exceeded  more  than  inK larB'; stones out of road, and re-
■ i grading tlif Doman roi'd from No. 2
one-half  the  assessed   value  of  lands'road north abm]t ,0 ch;lins. (. ,,.,, , , .... ,.
by $70,541,  asking that a  loan bylaw'     For cutting down anil tilling in the FURNITURE.
. .. , •   ,     . Bodwell road  from ihc cemetery    to
to borrow $So,ooo for a period of 50 Westminster  avenue,  grade   to    con
years be read by the council to open  form 'to the roadbed of the tramway
.  ■ . .'.    ...   .. . . .1 line, said road to be 22 feet wide
up and improve roads  in the district,     -.        ...      „       , _..      .,   .
F * j     Councillor  Pound  gave  notice  that
were laid before the Council.    Notice! he will  introduce  a  bylaw under the
to introduce  the bylaw  having been 'Locallmprovement Act for the.build
I ing of sidewalks on  17H1  avenue,
given at the previous meeting, it was
read the necessary number of times.
The voting on the same to be on Sat
urday, the rjth day of September, from
8 a. m. to 4 p. m. VV. G. Walker was
appointed returning officer with power to appoint his deputies, the polling
The intermiuglod pinnies in bat trim-
stations 'to be Municipal Hall, school j n,jnf!S turn out stunning in their oli'icts.
rooms at North Arm, Collingwood; Noticeable is light mauve and pale
and Eburnc; at the post office at Ep-|>lno, or the palest of pink and a light
worth,  and   at  the   waiting   room   at
16th avenue.
I navy blue, n pule sky blue iiiiil i' delicate*
I ro.e pink, 11s well us a swoet-pea pink
and a dawn yellow.    All of  thciio coin-
Miss   Jessie   McDonald   was   given hinations in plumes are used more or
, , ,  , „   .    ,, .       less lo trim the back of hats.    Some  of
leave to enclose a road allowance be-    , ,    ,,       ,
...   ,   „ ,    , I theso   doublo   plumes  iu    contrasting
tween   Mr.   Mitchel s  and  the   Home      .        ,,       .__.•.       _.,     -■     .  .   ■
colors often start from the  trout  iinni,
road till wanted by the Council. na „ pri,ject:i {rom the sideo): the crown,
A petition with four signatures ask*. b(lill), aispi-st-a to curl itt the ends over
ing lhat 18th avenue in 4/2 be opened
up was laid over till next regular
Mr. Samuel Mitchell requested that
.he be granted a loan of $1,000 from
sinking -fund account at 5 per cent
interest for a term of five years was
granted, the assessed value of the
property being $4,172.
Contracts for the second half of 'the
Ferguson road, for the Seacome road
and for cutting brush on the No. 2
and River roads were ordered to be
The clerk was authorised to pay
$375 into the Sinking Fund account
which amoim't will be all that is
necessary to pay into the fund this
year to provide the $1,000 for the annual repayment of No. 1 loan. The
remaining $625 being paid as interest
upon the monies already lent out.
Tenders were opened as follows:
Cedar Cottage road, Morgan & Scott,
$15.75 elm.; Townsend road, Morgan
& Scott, $15; Townsend road, J. M.
Fox. $14; Kayc road, south end, Morgan it Scott, $21; Kayc road, north
end, Morgan & Scott, $17; road, north
side, 621 not let. To make a road
from Centre road across railway Ho
include cattle guards and posts: Morgan & Scott, $99; J- M. Fox, $110; J.
Cook, $195. Five chains south end
Cedar Cottage road, the Kaye road,
N. and S. and Townsend road were
let to Morgan & Sccvtt, and they also
will make the road across railway
subject to the approval of the C. P. R.
Co., who will  pay for  the work.
Morgan & Scott also secured the
brush cutting contracts at the follow
ing  prices;     Ferrer  road,  40    cents;
the bnck hair. In this caso the lint tilts
upward ns it recedes backwards ou 11
sliding board scale. Short ostrich tips,
j toppling over one of the front indentations, of a trioorne lint shape, arc charming in ma tell colors, with the hut straw
or braid, or  it  in  contrast to it.   The
We have something nice  for
Breakfast.   It is
We also expect to have lot of
Preserving Peaches
in next week, and  they will
be cheap nt
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Westminster Road mid Avo.
'Phono 2058.
all-white nnd bluck margins;nre thought
very chic. There is 11 balance of feather
trimming in the hack nlso unless
feather nnd flowers nre mixed.
Book Plates ha,\fO grown to be one of
the nlmost fixed birthday presents for
boys and girls, from tbo ngo of four
onwards. An artist hns distinguished
himself 111 that liue, his plates expressing great   oorigimilty.   Children love
D:^.,Jo.^.        rented and
Exclusive Agents foi- the CLE3SMOBILE,
Mnssey-Hnrris, nnd Bran Word Bicycles.   Expert Repair   Department.
Automobiles, Bicycles and Supplies.
W. J. ANNAND, Manager. Tel. I2S5.
105 Hastings Street, East.
IS NOW ON.   Wo have 11 choice line of FRESH FRUITS iucludiug
Peaches, Plums, Pears, Berries, Melons and Apples.
Let ns quote yon prices ou all Fruits.
g__y~ Don't forget to nsk for Ballots for the Piano Oontost.   Every 25o
cash purchase entitles you to vote.
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 935.
their hooks nil the more, and tnke far
Johnson road and Magee road, 50' better care oi. thom; for having the
cents per chain; price is "for cutting pleasure 'of pasting iu eaoh their decora-
both sides of tlie road. |tivo si8u '"'' individual o« norship.
The  Electric  Railway  Co. is to  be
asked to place a culvert under their
'Ninth Avenue—
. . , Vnll sized lot, !l roomed cottage; cash
''   t^llfijou time $850.
' Fnll sized lot, 8-roomed house, hot
nud cold water, electric wired; cash
$1 750, ou time (1.850.
.Foil sized lot, 7-roomed house; cash
'fl 275, ou time $1 1.76.
'.j_*s\ ,.   Two lots, two blocks from  Westmin-
7?6er avenue; cash $725, on time $850.
Two-storey building (rented) in business part of Mt. Pleasant, on lull sized
1 lot; price $2 675.
I-lot and-hiilf Eighth avenue, corner,
, cleared; price $800.
line near 'the turnout on Westminster
avenue, south of the school, to enable
the water to cross 'the road at its lowest point.
The clerk is to inform Mr. Brewer
that tbe Council cannot see their way
to dig the ditch asked for through the
hill on Westminster road.
It was decided to have the brush
cut and the ditches cleaned out on
Quebec street from 16th to 18th avenues by day work.
The  Reeve  and  Councillor Ballson
Red hats and red parasols continue to
make smart effects. Win 11 fair motorists
are doing their own driving thoy can
not raise parasol. in the uir, unturally,
but under all otlier circninstanccs the
red umbrella is a feature. Speaking if
parasols, those oj white lineu, whether
much or little uuiViroidci'Cil iu white in
opeu or closed stitcherios nre having a
tremendous vogue. They balance tbo
popular white ..hoes in ihe best way
possible Liiieti shoes match costumes
in the wry of embroidery vory often.
What is exceedingly dliio nro mules of
white a jour embroidered linen, made
up witb pink, blue, yellow or pule
green satin linings, so ns to  match the
will  have  the  brush  cut  on  Victoria! color or the ribbons upon one's  matinee
road   from   the   tramway  to  the  city; or negligee.   Those heole-S slippers fui'e
Councillor Taylor will employ some
mado to order of courso
I Telephone Numbers of Local Ministers.
1'Sl.M-IUV. II. II. Wilson,(Angtlrnn).
1100(1— Bev. 0. A. Will nn, (l-resbylerliin).
„Ul_rJ-Kev. A. K. Huiher!ng|on,IMeU.oi1lHii
$1000 REWARD
Is offered as a guarantee that neither
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Dr. Pierce's Qolden Medical Discovery
.AdvertiKing  Is  the  education  of  the
one to cut   the brush  on  the Rosen
berg road  the  full width of road  allowance,  and   Councillor  Wilson  will
have  the  remainder of  the  brush  on
the River road cast cut.
""*-.                       1  , ■_,       .1    -i.- , ...: contains alcohol, oplnin. or any harmful
The coarse rock laid on the Victona druij.    Any one publishing false state-
roid is to be covered with gravel and ments concerning their Ingredients will
run is        .... -                        » ln) prMoflut0(1]   ^)uct(>r Plorco'8 Fnmllv
the Reeve and Councillor Ballson were Remedies are  compounds  of   medicinal
.,     .     . .        , ;, j„,,„ t,„ ,i-,„ .„,.... principles, sclontlllcally extracted   from
authorised to get it done b.v day work g.^ ^ tha. .,1|ro't)l„ d,soas(,9 fl)r
or contract as tbey thought best.        | which they aro recommended.   They aro
,     _.               ,     _. medicines which have enjoyed the public
The culverts on the River road arc[ confidence for overs third of a century.
to he repaired,  Councillor Wilson  to They are medicines not beverages, made
iu u-  ic|_<s>i-.-,, to satisfy a craving for "booze."
engage the necessary men. "((olden Medical Discovery" regulates
, ,     .    ,1 end Invlgoratosstomsch, livor and bowels.
Tenders  arc  to be  asked tor  haul-! anj mres dyspepsia, purities the blood
In tiie Matteroktiie JtruomoNT Act,
181)9, and Amending Acts, and
In the Matter op an action in the
County  Court ok   Kootenay
holden at revelstoke.
Annie Maria Sarqent, Plaintiff,
William Henry Sargent, Defendeut.
Pursuant to tho order of the Honorable
Mr. Juslice Duff mnde heroin the 10th
dny of August 11)05, tenders will 1)0 received by A. E. Beck Esq., K. O.,
District Regisrar of this Court, at his
oilice in the Court House, Vancouver
B. O', up to 12 o'clock uoon 011 Satur
day the Dth day of September A.D. 11)05
for the purchase of the interest of the
defendeut William Henry Sargent in
Lots Three (8) and Four (4), iu Block
Seventy-eight (78) in the Sub-division
1 if District Lot Ouo-buuitird-nud-oighty-
oue (181), Group Ono (1), New Westminster District in the City of Vancouver, B. ('. This property is registered
in the Land Registry Ofiice at Vancouver, B (.'•., iu the name of the snid
William Henry Sargent nud there are
uo eucunibntuces ■ registered iu said
ofiice agsitfst the snme snvo and
except a judgment in favor of
the plaintiff for $611.80 aud costs to be
taxed registered the Hist dny of January
1006 anda judgment in favor of the plaintiff for *5li'.i3.85 registered the 27th day of
March 1906, being tho Judgments uuder
which these proceedings are taken. The
lowest or auy tender not uecesstirrily
Dated this 22uil dny of August  1005
Deputy District Registrar.
Big Slaughter
We are    making a
Large Variety of
Cakes & Pies
these days, and mauy
dainty things for
Lunches and Teas
—so that the ladies
will not require to
bake and work and
worry about provisions. Let us do that
for you. Prices the
lowest possible to
maintain quality.
Muir's Bakery.
Ring up 'phone 448. Mt. Plensaut
<JO<L_\ ^ Parlor.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
Successor to John Oilman
Oive this Shop a trial—three chairs
at Reduced
Prices.   Also all
Summer' Goods.
W. W.'Herklev
Westminster Avenue,   Mt. Plensaut.
FLOWERS: Wholesale nud
Sweet Peas, Hie and 25c por 100.
Dahlias 2 doz. for 25e.
Can cut Thousands of Varieties of other
mrts.   "Cheaper than the Cheaper."
Chas. Keeler
NOTE—-Street Cars pass my placo.
Xursery: Cor. Westminster & 15th aves.
^frfrfrfrfoiftfl«.frt%-&.)|'s A> »ft«ft A*%* fr fr-frfr-ft «M»
Blue and Black
SUITS $16.50
WE planned this surprise nearly a year ago. Worsteds were
way dowu in price—but we felt certain they were goiug
way up.
Just wheu the market was tho lowest.our buyer went to one of
the best mills ih England nud made n spot, cash offer for all the
Worsteds they could weave iu n certain time.   The mill accepted.
All Winter Worsteds have been jumping skyward. To-day, such
suits us those can't bo bought under $20, at the lowest, outside of
tho Fit-Reform Wardrobe.
All those Worsted suits nre mndo np by our .liest tnilorB. In faot
we've been moro thnu usually careful' in tho tailoring—because
wu want you to feel that uo matter what the price, a Fit-Reform
Suit is always right.
Both bluo and lilack Worsteds, mado up iu the newest styles—and
only $1(1.50.
Thomas  FOSTER.
553 Hastings Street, VANCOUVCR, B. C
Mail   ORDERS   promptly   ntteuded   to.—Solf-moasurement
blanks nnd samples sent  ou application.
0 ***^^^^*^^^¥^W¥^^fWW
is first to draw attention aud to leave a favorable
aud as far as possible a lasting impression.
The first aud principal object of a very great deal of advertising
is not directly that of selling goods, hut of establishing n worthy
fame—-a recognized reputation—to mnke the goods and the house
known. Customers mnst come with some idea of tlie goods tbey
seek, the more knowledgo the better. Witb confidence inspired
by effective advertising, His theu up to the salesman to do tho
rest—to mnke good by courtesy nnd n skillful presentation of tho
wines wliich should ho up to all that bus been advertised.
THE ABVO&ATE is the best advertising
medium for reaching Mt. Pleasant People—to
gain their favorable attention to your goods and
store. Advertising rates reasonable—not in the
Publishers' Association high ratexonibine.
in the interest
of Mt. PBeasant
& South Vaucouver.
"The Advocate" gives nil the Local News of Mc. Pleasnut from
week to week for ifl 00 per yenr; six months 50c. An interesting
Serial Story is always kfipt running; the selections in Woman's
Realm will nlwnys lie found full interest to np-to-dnte women; tho
miscellaneous it'-nis nre nlwnys l.right, entertaining and inspiring.
New nrrivals on Mt. Pleasant will become rnedily informed of tho
community nnd more quickly interested iu local happeuiugs if
they subscribe to "Tho Advocate."
l^fM^i   '
E. Z. J. HARDV & CO.
Cosipany,  Financial,  Press and
Advertisers' Agents.
lit) Fleet St., Loudon,  E. O.,  England
Colonial Business 11 Specialty.
It is only by labor that thought cnn
bo made healthy, and onlj by thought
tlmt labor can be made happy —Raskin.
Electrolysis Parlor of Hairdrossing, Manicuring, Facial Massnge and
Scalp Treatment for Lndies and Gentle-
men. Sinierlluons hnir, warts nud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lndy patron ou "How to take caro of
Skin Food for building up the wasting
tissue. Orange Flowor Cream to prevent and heal sunburn.
Madame Humphreys, 58!) Granville
I-(.!|(_«* .his happiness.
1.049 i
KSnft*—■——_■***& CB_D
peculiar to women.   Aocopt no
Ifrom   where   '-pecified   and     to   state   flubstltutn Jfcir thoso mod Id DOS, each of
which has a record of marvelous cures.
Substitution moans solHshnoss on the
part of tho dealer who is looking for the
groutor profit on an Inferior article.
"Our dautrhter wbo was attending college
bcenmo very norvoun anil Wfl wero advised
to try Dr. Vleice's Favorite Proscription."
writes Mm M. 0. Fox, uf 57 E. Leonard St..
Grand K a Didst, Mich. "Wo did so and thon
you advised us lo got tbo 'Golden Medical
Discovery" also. Hlio took four liottlos of
the ' Proscription' and three of tho 'Golden
MoUIchI Discovery, and you never saw such
ft oh&nge lu a person. Hhu said tthe did uot
feel like tho same person, bho was about
sovtmlocn yenrs old nt (hu time. I will gladly
recommend Dr. Pierce'.*-, medicines (u every
onu. I nil vise parents who havo young
daughters who suffer from nervous troubles
to try Dr. Piereo*'s Favorite Ptewerlptlon at
once,   I nm sure It will help them."
•Ran nnn q,ven away, ... rnt,i«B 0f
r^-ju^uuu Tho ppopio-a Common Uunso
Modlcnl Adviser, a I wok that sold itt tbo extent of 600,000 copies a few
years auo, at $1.50 per copy.
Last year wo gavo away
f-ii).i)00 worth of these Invaluable books. This yoarwc >>all
give awov gfiiuW Worth of
tliem. Will youhhare" In tills
bene.iff If so, send only ill
uni'.-ivnt stamps lo cover cost
of mulling only for book In
st IIV nn | >ur covers, ■ tr 50 st amps
fi>r <-iu< h bound. Address Dr.
li. V. Pierce, Uuirulo. N. V.
Gyj Linoleums
Bin stock of them  BOUGHT BIGHT.  BonpUt with tt determination
not ouly to compote with but surpass onntpetitiitti
W0 have all grades and qualities; selected ."iivfnlly will!  a view  to
pleusiuK our numerous eustnuiors' virious la-tes.    When ymi see them
yon  Will like  them.   While iu  the lent  the price  will bo reduced
lis follows:
t.-4 50c Nairn's , Linoleum rednned to 40c ynrd
8-4 ~m: "N'liirn'sCiirk Llnii'i'iiiu l'cilni ed to OOc y- rd
8-4 41.IK) Nairn's* Inlaid Linoleum reduced mSOe ynrd
8-4 tl 25 Inlaid Linolcnm ml need to .... O 00 yi rd
16 4 05c Nairn's Linoleum retinoid lo ... Mlc ynrd
16 4 75c Nairn's Linoleum reduced  to 60c yard
NEW GOODS mining evejy day and will he sold at reduced prices
while* in the fut.
J. S. McLeod, HcBeth & Co.,
123  Hasliius r.t., l*fliit.
s«_rtra,ii_rrar_g_r a
Argyle House
_|io Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Big Clearance
Sale of
Summer Goods
Ladies'  Shirtwaist Suits at cost price.
Ladies' Blouses at cost price.
Children's  White Muslin   Bonnets at  cost and less.
Children's White Duck Tains at cost.
Children's  White  Enibroideried Tams at  half price.
—Mauy Other Bargains.—
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
Sititatk iu   tho    Now   Westminster
.Miniii.: Division of New Westmiuster District.     Where located—
Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTICE that I,  W. E,  Bnrui*,
Secretary of t he Goldsmith Copper Company Limited, Flack Block, Vnucouver,
B. C,  Freo  Minor'. Certificates   No.
B9064S, iutoud sixty days from the date
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder
for Certificates oflmproveniunts for the
purpose of obtaining Crowu Grauts to
the above Claims:
that action under Section .17 must be
commenced beforo the issuance of such
Ccrtilioales of Improvements.
Dated this 16th day of June, 1005.
50   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anrono scnilliiit a sketdi and d.acrItitlim mny
Qul-Lly lucerliilu our opinion froo w(initio, nil
Invontl'in Is protmbly piilentiibio. .'(iinminilrn.
lionsslrlcllyconllilpiitlii!. Etandbookon I'ntolit.
sunt Ir«o. olilost iiL'oiioy for sci nrltid iiiitinil.s.
i'liii'iits tulit'ii ttu-ouuh Munn ft Co, receive
tprelitlnotice, wllliout-ctinrao, Initio
Scientific jfflntficaiu
A hmicliom<jl7 Hliistrntort wcokly. T-nrjroBt nlr*
culttl.nn uf any si'icm llln Jminuil. Titiuh. f-'i a
your: fourmontliB,|1. Bold).f nil iiowndenlcra.
MUNN & Co.3G,Uroa!"nv. New York
 Branch Offico. (05 K SU Wns hi dr. on, T). r..
Which Meet on Hi. Pleasant
I. O. F.
Court Vaucouvor 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meetB 2d and  4th
Mondays of each month nt 8 p. in., in
Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Ohtbf Ranui.i.—J. B. Abernethy.
RisconD-Ni' Secretary—J. Hansen,
12 Seventh nveuue, west.
Financial Secret art—M. J. Crehan,
'Mi Princess street, City.  Telephone
I. O. O. F. ~
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 1 fl meets every
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Westmiuster avenue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren oordially invited
to attend.
No-ile Grand—G. W. Jamieson.
Recording Secretary—Frank
Trimble,oor. Ninth ave. & Wostmin'r rd.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regnlar
Reviow Ist aud 8d Mondays of eaoh
mouth in Muson's Hall, corner Ninth
avenue and Quebec street.
Visitiug Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. F. L. Bndlong,
136 Eleventh avonue, west.
Lady Record Keeper—Mas. J. Martin,
Ninth avoiina.	
Vaucouvor Council, No. 211a, meets
every 2d uud 4th Thursdays of each
mouth, in I. O. O. F., Hall, Westminster aveuuo.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flowelliug, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Rooorder,
2228 \Yc8lir>lnstci'avonue.  Tel, 760.
Cool Kitchens
This warm Summer Weather is vory trying to Housekeepers.   The
heat of the cool and wood stove is simply unbearable.
Kitchen drudgery iB reduced to a minimum by the uso of the GAS
STOVE and GAS HOT PLATES.   Meals can be prepared quiokly
aud well without heating tho whole hftuse.
Housekeepers with a GAS STOVE have much more time for recreation than those who use the coal and wood stoves.
Iu our Demonstrating and Show Room we have many styles and
makes sot up for examination and trial.   Call nnd see them.
Vancouver Gas Company Ltd.
Up-stairs B. C. Electric Ry. Building.
'!.'*%/%/«/%/«/%/%*/%'»'%%.-'*/«'%*'«%' -*V*****V%"V'**v-V»^'f_'%'%'-(


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