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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Sep 3, 1904

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Full Text

 A  Large Bar of
for 38c.
Mt.Pleasant Drugstore
M. A. W. Co.
j-tritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
ifj       T^t i       A     j a § COFFEE PALACES
Mt. Pleasant Advocate i&^?ss;
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three Jlonths 25c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to th. interests of    Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Baked Apples—like home—with Pure Cream.
Oeunine Boston Baked Beans
Open from 7;!'0 a. ni.,  to It p. tn.
Suuday from 9 a. m.   to IS p. m.
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 22 I •
Sixth Veer, Vol. 6, No. 21-
Subscribers are requested to
piort any carelessness in the delivery
[[('The Advocate."
11 ,. linages for advertisements should be
I before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.!
he McCuaig Auction and Commis-
011 Co., Ltd.,nexttoCarneige Library,
I astiugs street, bny Furniture for Cash,
induct   Auction   Sales    aud    handle
rapt Stocks of every description.
Iitisfnotion guaranteed.   Phono 1070.
,'Mr Fred Brydouo-Jack left Thnrs-
fj to resume his course nt McGill Col-
J go in Montreal.
It Miss Nettie Hoffar leaves today for
['.uauiish, whero she has taken a posi-
I'-iu as teacher.
J Mrs. j. O. Eeefer of Lausdowue avo-
|uo, is ill with typhoid fever at Miss
Fjiycroft's Home.
n :o:	
'Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Carter of Elov-
|.uth avenue, returned the forepart of
lie week from a trip to Harrison.
diss Annie Morrison ls visiting ber
.rents,   Mr!   and    Mrs.   Morrison   of
§\vclfth avenue corner Ontario street.
V  10:       -
'iJno   Y. Cauniug, ex-editor  of   the
I'lilliwhiick   "Proj-'ress"  is  uow witb
limbic, 2486 Westmiuster avenuo.
jvMr. Bantu-lough of Winuipeg is visit-
Bg his ditngbter, Mrs Wm Duthie,
lid will probable remain here nil winter
Ueiji Flowers, hundreds of   Asters,
thins, Stock.-!, aud Verbenas,  15c per
lox.   Chas. Keeler, D: hi    Sincialist.
f  :q:	
1 Mcs.i-.-t. Charles aud Harry Houie-
1-,-ood and Wcss Donahue left on Weduesday for n three dnys .hooting trip iu
|"\e vicinity of Pitt Meido'.iS.
1 Dr. and  Mrs.   W.   D. Brytlone-Jaok
Cnurued the   first  of   the   week from
{Victoria, where, tliey iieeott)],.:i.uil the
cilices ou Friday lust.
The Christian EudenvorSix-iety of Mt.
luasaut Presbyterian Cliurcli will hold
I .picnic nt Seymonr ("reek ou Labor
I >np, Monday September 5th.-
I. Bchool Ciuldren't Footwear.—-
I iitHl clear out nl a sacriliee—girls' uud
I'-ays' shoes. Tho price docs uie talking
I 1 it is only half tbe usunl. We have
I uly a limited quantity. l.'ii..-' School
%'hoes ouly 95c; Boys' School Shoes
July 11.25. These goods are Al wearers,
.well finished, and worth double the
1 R. MILLS, 18 Cordovn street nud
540 Granville street.
Miss Florence Rae, daughter of Mr.
[-.ud Mrs. M. Rae, Eighth aveuue, left
'ucsday  for  several  months  visit to
; rieutls iu Winnipeg nud Ontario points.
[' Mr. A. J. McKiunon will movo iuto
■mis new business stand ou Ninth ave-
|-;ii_e today whore he will continuo to
I, naimf act ure and sell first-class candies
Mr. Taylor, with Drysdale-Stevenson
|-Conipitny,   has   taken     Dr.   Brunner's
' residence Eleventh avenue aud Quebec
.treet, for three mouths, during Dr. aud
I ifltrs. Bmnner.s abseuce in the East.
V.  :o:	
[? Ring up 17.16 for all kinds of Mill
> Wood, [ 14 inches long], the Urquhnrt
I Lumber   Co.'s  Wood  Yard,    Cambie
I) Street  Bridge.    Gray & Higgiusou.
T  :o:	
Mrs. Margaret Gritlin, Deputy Provin-
"ioial Commander of L. O. T. M., will
' jleavo Sunday for a visit in thu East,
(ind will attend the convention of the
,-Maccabees at Winnipeg, Sept. 28th.
The first  annual  shoot   of  the  Mt.
Pleasant Gun Club which took placo ou
, Tneaday  afternoon  at Fairview,   was
{/ well-attended and  a  majority  of  the
j members participated   in   thu  various
' events.   Mr. J. C. Donald of Eleventh
Eli avenue, proved to be the best marksman
present and won all tho principal prizes
I, Mrs. K. Plewes will open DANCING
J CLASSES for Adults aud Children,
iu Mason's Hall on Tuesday, September
13th. Adult Classes on Tuesday cvo
nlugs from 8 to 10. Children's Olassos
on Friduy evenings from 7:80 to 9:80.
For terms, otc , apply 816 Eighth avenue, east.   Music supplied for dances.
Miss Maggie Doherty gave a vory
protty and enjoyable Thimble Bee on
Saturday afternoon from 8 to 7, at her
parents' bomoe, Twelfth avenuo and
Qnebeo street. The oconsion wss iu
honor of Miss Doherty of the Seattle
General Hospital staff, who is speuding
ber  holidays   at  homo.
ILESS DENTISTS is  Bhown  by
ICF. We have gaiued a world-wide
reputation with onr latest discovery,
which, wheu applied to Ihe gums,
teeth can be extracted absolutely painless. Onr patients are so well-pleased
with the resultslliat they not only tell then: friends, but personally bring
them to our parlors that they may receive the same treatment. Iu this way,
together with the high-class dentistry done by our specialists, our practice
has gradually increased until we are again forced to enlarge our parlors.
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Bridge Work aud all other Dental Work done,
painless nnd by specialists, nnd guaranteed for 10 years.
we are able to fit tho most difficult ca_es. WHERE OTHER DENTISTS
FAIL WE MEET WITH SUCCESS. H your teeth drop when you try
to eat with them, or if you are afraid of them striking the pavement
when you sneeze, there is something wrong; they do not fit. Our Double
Adhesive Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty and is our owu invention.   IT CAN NOT BE USED BY OTHERS.
147 Hastings St., E/TT'
Opposite the Carnegie Library. Telephone 1566.
Office Honrs: 8 a. 111., to 9 p. m.;   Sundays 9 a. in., to 2 p. m.
Eldef A. W. Steers has returned from
attending the camp meeting of the
Adveutist denomination, held at
Nooksaok, Wash., nnd will preach
Sunday morning aud eveniug in the
Adventists Hall corner of Niuth nveuue
and Westminster rood. Elder Steers
hod tbe pleasure of witnessing at the
camp-mootiug ninety conversions and
bas returned filled with zeal aud the
spirit. The Adventists of Vancouver
hnve secured Elder Steers for nnother
year. «
The Board of Works at its regnlar
weekly meetiug on Thursday afteruoou,
ordered the following work to be done
on Mt. Pleasant:
A threc-plauk sidewalk on the weBt
side of Scott street, betweeu Tenth and
Eleveuth avenues. A sewer 1 lid iu tlie
alley between Twelfth aud Thirteenth
avenues, from Sophia to Howard street.
Recommendation was made that a
sewer bo laid ou Eloventh avenne,
between Ontario nud Manitoba street.
Read J.  Horner's change of advertisement in this paper.
Mrs Howard Barker is visiting with
Mrs. Magar of Nicomen Island.
The Rev. H. J. Robertson of Chilliwhack, left for Chilliwhack on Tuesday.
The Oity Grocery  delivers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasaut;   'phone 286
Miss Olive Morrison leaves on Monday
uext for Toronto, for several months
visit. •
Rev. Mr. Hewitt of Souris preached
at St. Michael's ou Sunday evening
Rev. Geo. A. Wilsou who has been at
Chilliwhack for over a month returned
home Tuesday   afternoon.
For Local News Read The Advocate
Splendid Snaps in
Preserving Fruits.
This week it's
Away below Regular Prices.
Advance orders have first selection.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
BS&rCentral fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu ull kiuds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on band.   Orders solicited from all purts of Mount Pleasaut aud Fairview.
Prompt Deliverv.
Woodrow & Williams. Fra„nAkNlaBRb,e
Tlie Misses Wood aud Miss Warn
gave u delightful little dance at North
Vaucouver on Weduesday evening, iu
honor of Miss Macbiu who leavus next
week for England. About thirty
guests were present.
Letters received by Mrs. Powell from
Mr. J. L. Powell iu England, announce
lie would be homo about Sept. 15th, aud
believes Vancouver tho best place he
kuows of to live in.
Dr.mul Mrs.P.C. Brunuer leave Monday ou threo months trip to Eastern
Canada, and will visit tho World's Fair
at St. Louis while away.
FOR RENT.—Seveu-roomed    house,
42 Thirteenth avenne, beautifully situu-
ted,   nil modern  improvements; apply
W. H. Wood, Sr.,63 Thirteenthuveuno.
Dahlia Flowers, cboico mixed, lcench.
Can cut over 11,000 por day. Read
Keeler's ndvertisonieut iu tliis paper.
Nothing' better mini a nont nppenring,
Al wearfog qunlilv, bamWp'll, welt
shoe. We have a splendid sli"e which
we can highly recommend, either-in
kid or velivnr, nt tbe low price of $H 50
It. Mrt-is, IS Cordova   street   and   MO
OniovUli-' -'*■'''•«
It is likely that the Voters' List for
the City for 1904 will total 12,000 uiune.
Mrs. J. Magur of Nicomou Island, is
visiting hor parauts Mr. aud Mrs.
Ludlow, Eighth aveuue.
Rev. Jos. Irvine is expected home
tndav from a two months trip through
the Interior country, on Korestrlc work,
New Pall
Latest in Fall and Winter
Millinery. Goods first-
class—at prices less than
W. W. Merklev
Westminster Aveuue,   Mt. Pleasaut.
Mr. Bert Hicks met with a paiuful
accident ou Tuesday, at his homo ou
Eighteenth avenne. Bert started to
let himself down the well, 28 feet, by
means of a rope, to cleau it out;
he lost his firm grip and
went,     dowu      at record-breaking
speud, the rope burnt his lingers so that
he had let go and drop part of the way;
he hns the fingers of each hand
wrapped in bandages. Tho bottom of
the well nearly dropped out of Bight
whon Bert struck it nnd had to be
drawn up.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. S. Sanderson
have moved from Mt. Pleasant to
Central Park.
Paints, Paints.
Now is the time for Painting.
We have the goods and will  not  be undersold.
Try   Us
J. A.   P L E T T,
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
$1pOO per box.
Place your order now for delivery Monday.
CrOWIl   FPllit Jars, best made, at $1.00 per dozen.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone  322
Special Lines &,S_IC,AL
Silk Blouse Specials —Blonse, made of Tamoliue Silk, tucked and
insertioned front, tncked back and strapped with folds of self iu sky-blue,
pink' old-rose, grey, white and block; sale price S-l 25 euoh.
Ladies' Cloth, 54-iu„ in navy, cardiual, grey, dark green, seal brown,
fawn and black; regular $1.25, sale price 80c a yard.
Oriental SilkLiuiugs in oil the leading shades; sale price 20c a yard.
New Stock Collars just arrived, in all the latest styles.
Tapestry Table Covers, in flornl.desig_s»" regular $3, sale price $1 76 each.
Double Border Curiam Crettouue, in light aud dark colors; snle price 15c yd
* A. ROSS & CO.,   28 Cordova St. 5
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on sals
at all the Newsdealers in the city.
The B. O. Electric Railway Company
assumed formal control of the Vancouver Gas Company on Thursday, the
stock of which concern was acquired by
the Electrio Railway Company some few
months ago. The offices of tbe Oas
Company will sljprtly be removed to the
general offices of the B O. Electric
Railway on Carrall street.
Any one having friends or knowiug
of strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
"Tbe Advocate."   Telephoue B1405.
McTaggart & Moscrop
Dealers in
344 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Templeton Block.
New styles in Raincoats are beginning to show
themselves, and if there's any novelty or satis-
faction in being first to appear in the new thing,
we just drop the hint here, that twenty cases of
new Raincoat have arrived and are on view.
Fit-Reform Raincoats, $10 to $30.
Money back if not rainproof.
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B   C.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.    Self-measurement Blanks and
Samples sent ou application.
The new Orange lodge beiug started
on Mt. Pleasant is meetiug with every
success. When the Warrant or Charter
arrives from Toronto and the lodge
commences its official career there will
be a membership of about forty, all Mt.
Pleasnnt residents. Many of Mt. Pleas-
ant's prominent citizens are joiuing und
a large uiimber of the young men of the
Hill also. There is every prospect of
the new lodge becoming a leader
among its sister lodges of tlie Order
iu the city.
Gifpen.—Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. N.
Giffen, Fourteenth avenue,  Aug. 26th,
a son
Electrolysis Parlor of Hairdressiug, Manicuring, Facial Massage aud
Scalp Treatment for Ladies aud Gentle
men. Superfluous hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information jjiven to every
lady patron ou "How to take care of
Skin Food for building up tho wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to prevent nnd heal sunburn.
Madame Humphreys, 689 Granville
The Acvocatb is always glad to receive
items of social, personal or other uews
from its readers. Send news items to
the olllce or by telephone, B1405.
Fine New I. O. O. F.,   Hall
Mt. Pleasant Lodgf No. 19,
I. O. O. F., will call for teuders uext
week for the erection of a three-story
building, to 1 e .Ox! u led in dimeusious,
with stone basement, und situated on
Westminster avenue, adjoining Dr.
Robt. Lawrence's residence, betwoen
Sixth and Seveuth avenues. The construction of the buildiug will bo strictly
modern iu every detail; hot-air heating,
kitchen supplied with rnuge, etc. The
first floor will be a public hall, with
17 ft. ceiling, stage, ladies' and gentle-
uieu's dressing-rooms, and will seat MX)
jfcople. It is designed for concerts,
theatres or danciug. The second and
third floors will have lodge rooms appropriately fitted ' with   nil requirements.
Tlio completion i of thia Hall will
mean a bright prospect for this winter's
entertainments for tlie Hill. Amateur
productions which appear at the Vancouver Opera House will probably bo
glad to give a "second night" performance on Mt. Pleasant. Plans and specifications will bo shown to those interested by Past NobleGraud, W. R. Oweus,
Manager of J. A. llett's Mt.Pleasant
Hardware Store.   Wesiminster  avenue.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free your choice of .10
pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
150 books. Books aud picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
The Kennedy
Store Will Be
Opened Again
Stock-taking, and a Special
Sale continued for a short while—
to further retime the stock.
Ou SATURDAY—today—a few
Specials are:
Ladies' Neckwear, worth
$2.00 for 50c
P. D., and E. T. Corsets
at just half-price
2i-in., China Silks, worth
25c for 15c
30  Raincoats,   worth  to
$12.00 for $4.00
Any piece of Dress Goods
in the store fer the
1ST Cost  Price.
303 Hastings street.
A 50c
Tea for 30c
Unequalled for QUALITY, ond
Sold by
^£JThe City
Grocery Co.,   i
Tel. 286.
Westminster Ave. A Prlnoess Street.
a ww t nr w wwiffwnfirffff-iffiffiffiffic-
Brewed right here in Vancouver by  men *"*•
of years and years  and years   experience, _«J
and  a brewery whose plant  is the most ~«
_. perfect known to the Art of Brewing.   Is *"■*
fc. it any wonder that  it has taken a place _5§
in  the hearts  of   the  people  which   no other beer
^ cau supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Do/.., pints $|,     ^
£ Vancouver Breweries, Ltd, *
& Vancouver, 3. C.       Tel. 429 ^
m~- For Sale lit all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores nud Hotel.    ;*
s*~ or delivered to vour house, ^
71 Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi IU IH Hi HI. Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi R
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor.  Westminster aVe., * Dufferin st.
A Missouri editor refuses to publish
obituary notices of people who while
living, failed to subscribe for liis jmiier,
and gave tliis pointed reason : "People
who do not tuke their local paper are
dead anyway, i nil tl eir mere passing
away is of un news value "
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements iu the
A lot of now pntteniH have Just
come iu from Kniopc—some wo
personally selected last spring. «
Card Cases, Hand Bajffl,
Cigar I lanes, Jewel Cases,
l_nilies' Pockctbooks,
Men's Toilet Oaaue.
Come ln and Bce-these new things.
We can nrt tell how pleased we
feel win u we oicu up new -liip-
nicuts of Leather floods and pass
thein into stock. There is always
a pleasure in handling Leather
(ioisls. Thoy are such a satisfactory stock.
Corner Hastings uud I'ruuvi le Sts.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy  Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry uud Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Fond,   Beefscnips, Etc.
SI_"PITH Corner    NINTH av-.iie   *
T.li'l'luniu   16*17.
If you miss 'I'iik, Auvcwatf. yon niiss
looo Plants end 300 Varieties to select
rwiviscK.   Now is tho time to ehoaae
yonr colors while lu bloom, for spring
Also a choice lut of CUT FLOWERS
for sale nl Wholesale Price*.
Chas. Keeler
Notk—Street Cars pass my place.
27:14  Westminster Ave.    Mt. Pleasant.
2311    Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
E. H. Peace,  Proprietor.
00 00 00
Wholesale    and    Retail
Dealer    in   Meats    of
All Kinds. Tel. a 1206
Give us trial.
Prompt Delivery. 11
/%.-*-vv*-v%. '**-*-%-*%-«-v«-4.
-     -    — ..  ...
♦ »*«»
• ♦»♦*
i f.
cwmn. nee. w o_ bowcn-nekrill coMrAur
She lifted her beau nigh and walked
away, not deigning to give biin a word.
"Humph! Wbat do you think new uf
your flue young lady?" be demanded,
turning to Helm wllb a sneering curl
of his mouth. "She gives thanks copiously for a kindiieBS, don't you
"Poor.girl! She was scared nearly |
out of ber life," said Helm. "Sbe gut |
nway from you like a wounded bird ,
from a snare. I never saw a face iriiire |
pitiful than hers."
"Much pity sbe needs, snd greatly ]
like a wounded bird she nets, 1 must,
say, but good riddance if she'll keep
her place hereafter. I despise myself
when 1 hnve to be hard with a woman,
especially n pretty one. Thai girl's a
saucy unil fascinating minx and as
dangerous as twenty men. I'll keep a
watch on her movements from this on.
nnd If she gets into mischief again I'M
transport her to Detroit or giie her
nway to the Indians. She must stop
her bight-handed foolishness."
Helm'.ww that Hnmllton was tnlltlra;
mere wiffid. vox et ptteteren nihil, and
he fiirtlij-rinore felt that his bnbhlihH
slgnltiedLno bnrm to Alice, but Hamilton surprised liim presently by allying:
"I have just learned thut Lieutenant
Beverley Is actually  gone.    Did  you
know of his departure."
"What are you saying, fir?"
Helm Jumped to. his feet, not angry,
but excited.
"Keep cool. You need not answer If
you prefer silence or evasion. You may
want to go yourself soon."
Helm burst* out laughing, but quick
ly growing serious said:
"Has Beverley been such a drlvellng
fool ns that?   Are you ln earnest'.''
"Ho killed two of my scouts, wound
ed another and crossed the Wabash in
- . their  canoe.     He  is   going  straight
toward Kaskaskia."
"The idiot! Hurrah for html If you
catch your bare you may roast him.
but catch blm llrst, governor!"
"You'll Joke out of the other corner
of your mouth, Captain Helm. If I Iinil
out that you gave bim aid or countenance in breaking bis parole."
"Aid or countenance! I never s-iw
him after he walked out of this room.
You guve blm a mighty sight more
aid nnd countenance than I did. What
are you talking about! Broke his pa-
role! He did no such thing. He returned it to you fairly, as you well
know.   He told you be wns going."
"Well, I've sent twenty of my swiftest Indians after blm to bring blm
back. I'll let you see blm shot. Tbat
ought to please you."
"They'll ne,ver get blm, governor. I'll
bet high on him against your twenty
sculp lifters any day. Fltzbugh Beverley is tbe best Indian lighter, Daniel
Boone and Simon Kenton excepted, In
the American colonies."
On her wuy home Alice met Father
Beret, who turned and wulked beside
her. He was su overjoyed at her release thftt be could rcareoly speak, but
held her baud nn I stroked It gently
while Bhe told him her story. It was
beginning to rain, a steady, cold shower, when they reached ibe bouse, and
for many days nnd nights thereafter
the dowufull continued almost lncos-
"Hear child." said -Father Beret,
■topping at the gate and looking beseechingly Into Alice's face, "you must
stay stannic now—stay In the house. It
will bo horribly dangerous for you to
pass about ln tbe village after your—
after what bus happened."
"Do not fear, father; I will be careful.
Areu't you coming In? I'll lind you a
cake and a glass of wine."
"No, child—not now."
"Then goodby. goodby," she snld,
turning from bim to run into the bouse,
"Come toon; I shall be so lonesome."
On the veranda she suddenly stopped,
running her Augers about ber neck uud
Into her bosom.        ;  ;;
"Oh. father. Fiitber-'-.ere., I've lost
my locket!" she cried. "See If I
dropped It theft.
Sbe went back lo the gate, searching
the ground with her eyes. Of courso
she did not liud tier locket. It was
miles and miles awny, close lo the heart
of her lover. If she could but have
known this It would bave comforted
her. Beverley had intended to lenve it
with Jenn, but ln bis baste and cxclle-
uient he forgot. Writing the note distracted bis attention, uud so he bort
Alice's picture on his In-east and lu bis
heart while pursuing bis long uud
perilous Journey.
Pour of Hamilton's scouts enme upon Ruverley t venly miles south of Vlncennes, but having the advantage of
tbem be killed two almost Immediately
and, after a running tight, the other
two iittruipti'd escape lu a canoe ou
the Wabash. Here, Bring from a bluff,
he wounded a third. Both then plunged
Ueudforetuost Into tbe water, nud by
'( keeping below tbe surface got uway.
Tbe adventure guve Beverley new
spirit and self reliance. He felt that
he could accomplish anything neccs-
sury to bis undertaking. In the captured pirogue be crossed the river, and,
to make bis trull bard to find, sent tbo
Utile craft udrlft down tbo current.
Then alone, ln tbe dend of winter, he
took bis bearings and struck across the
dreary, houseless plain toward St.
As soon as Hnmllton's discomfited
scouts reported to blm he sent Long
Huh', Wllb twenly picked savages
armed and supplied for continuous and
rapid niurcliiiig. In pursuit of Beverley.
There was a large reward for bringing
him In alive, a smaller one for bis
When Alice heard of all this her
buoyunt and happy nature seemed entirely to (jesert ber for a time. She
was proud to And out that Beverley
had -h-wn himself brave and capable-
It touched her love of heroism—but she
knew too much about Indlun wurfare
to hope thut be could bolu bis own
ignlnsU Long Ilnir. the wiliest and
boldest of sculp hunters, and twenty
ot   the   most   experienced   brave.   La
Hamilton's forces. He would nlmost
certainly be killed and scalped or captured and brought back to be shot or
hanged in Vineennei. Tbe thought
chilled and curdled ber blood.
Both Helm uud Father Beret tried te
encourage und comfort ber by  repre- I
trilling the probabilities in tbe fairest
"It's like bunting for a needle in a [
haystack, going out to lind a man In
that wilderness." said Helm, with optl- j
niistic el rfulnesa, "and. besides. Bev-
erley  is no easy dose for twenty red I
niggers to take.   I've seen hlin tried at
worse odds than that, and he got out
with a whole skin loo,   Don't you fret
about bim. Miss Itousslllon."
Little help came to ber from attempts
of this sort. She might brighten up '
for awhile, but the dark dread and the
terrible gnawing nt her heart, the sinking and despairing lu hor soul, could
not be cured.
What  added  Iminensureably  to  her
distress  was  the attention  of  I'nrns-
woctii. whose wound troubled blm but
a short time,   lie seemed to have hud |
a   revelation and  a  chnnge of spirit j
since the unfortunate renco titer and ,
the   subsequent   nursing   at   Alice's
bund*,   lie was grave, earnest, kindly, ,
evidently striving to piny a gentle and ;
honorable part.   She could feel thut he :
carried a load of regret, that lie wanted
to pay a full price in good for tlie evil
that he bud dime.   His sturdy English
heart was righting itself nobly, yet Bbe
but bail' understood bim until bis actions  and words began to  betray bis
love, and then sbe bitted blm unreasonably.   Realizing this, Farnswortb bore i
himself more like a faithful dog than
In tbe manner hitherto habitual to hhu.
He simply shadowed Alice and would
not be rebuffed.   Never was a good soldier—for be was that from bead to foot
--more lovelorn and love docile.    The
maiden   bud  completely   subdued ^he
About this time, deep In a rainy ami
pitch  black night, Gaspard Itousslllon
came  homo.    He tapped on   the door
again and again.   Alice beard, but sbe
hesitated to speak or move.    Wns she 1
glowing  cowardly?    Her  heart  beat .
like a drum.   There wus but one per- I
son  in  all  the world  tbat  sbe could '
think  of;  it  was  not   M.   Itoussillon.
Ab,  no; she  bad well  nlgb  forgotten
ber gigantic foster fullier.
"It is I, ma cherle; it is Gaspard. my
love. Open tbe door," came In u booming liulf whisper from without. "Alice,
Jean, it ls your Papa Housslllon. my
dears.    Let mc ln."
Alice was at the door ln a minute,
unbarring it M. Housslllon entered,
armed to the teeth, the water dribbling
from bis buckskin Clothes.
"Pour!" he exclaimed. "My tbront ls
like dust." Ills thoughts were diving
into the stores untfer tbe floor. "I uui
fa_nisbed. Dear children, dear little
ones! They"are glad to see papa! Where
is your iiiainniir."
He bad Alicetfi bis arms and Jean
clung to bis legs. Mme. Kousslilon, to
be sure of no mistake, lighted a lump
witb a brand that smoldered on the
hearth and beld It up; then. satisUed as
lo her husband's Identity, set lt on a
shelf und flung herself into tbe affectionate group with clumsy abandon,
making a great noise.
"Ob. my denr Gnspard!" she cried as
she lunged forward. "Gnspard. Gaspard!" Her voice fairly lifted tlie roof,
her great weight, burled wllb such
force, overturned everybody, and all of
them tumbled In u heap, the rotund
aud solid dame silting on top.
"Ouf! Not so Impetuous, my dear,"
puffed M. Itousslllon, freeing himself
from her unpleasant pressure und
scrambling to his feet. "Itenlly you
must have fured well In my absence,
luadntne; you are much heavier." He
laughed and lifted her up as If sbe had
been a child, kissing ber resonantly.
llis gun bad fallen with u great clatter. He took It from the floor und examined It to see If It hnd been Injured,
then set It In u corner.
"I am nl'i-aid we have been making
(oo much noise." suid Alice, speaking
very low. "There Is u patrol guard every nlgbt now. If they should hear
"Sh!" whispered M. Itousslllon. "We
will be very slill. Alice, ls there something to cut und n drop of wine hnudy?
1 huve come many miles. I am tired,
hungry, thirsty-zlff!"
Alice brought Bums cold roast venison, a loaf and a bottle of cluret. These
she set before blm on a little tnblc.
"All, this Is comfort," he said after
be bud gulped a flill cup. "Have you
all been well?"
Then he begnn to tell where he hnd
been, what he hnd teen aud the many
things be bad done. A French mail must
babble while be euts und drinks. A little wine makes blm eloquent. He talks
with bis bands, shoulders, eyes. Mine.
Itoussillon. /lice anil Jean, wrapped ln
furs, huddled around blm to bear. He
was very entertaining, and tbey forgot
the patrol until u noise slurtled them.
It was tbe low of a cow. Tbey laughed
mid the muster of the bouse softened
his voice.
M. Housslllon hnd been the guest of a
great Indlun chieftain wbo was called
the Gate of tbe Wubush because be
controlled tbo river. The chief wus an
old uciiunlutunce and treated him well.
"Hut I wanted to see you all," Gaspard said. "1 was afruld something
might have happened to you, so I came
back just to peep In. I enn't stay, of
course. Hamilton would kill me ns lf I
lere a wolf. I can remain but an hour
und then slip out of town again before
daylight comes. Tbe raiu and darkness
are my friends."
He hail seen Simon Kenton, who said
he had boon In the neighborhood of
Vlneennes acting ns a scout and spy
for Clark, Presently and quite cusuul-
ly be added:
"And I sat/ Lieutenant Beverley too.
I  supilose you  know  thnt ho  has escaped from Hamilton, and"—   Here a
big mouthful of venison Interfered.
Alice leuncd toward blm  whit, and
breathless, ber heart standing still.
Then tbe door, which bad bjon left
unbarred, was Hung open, and along
with a great rush of tvliid and rain tbe
patrol guard, live in number, sprang In.
M. Housslllon reached bis gun with
one hand, wltb the other swung u tremendous blow ns be leaped against the
intruders. Mine. Housslllon blew out
the light. No enve in the depth of
earth was ever darker than that room,
Tbe patrolmen could not see one another or know what to do. but M. Housslllon laid about hlin with the strength
of a giant. His blows sounded as if
thoy smashed bones. Men fell heavily
thumping on the floor where he rushed
along. Some one tired a pistol, and by
Its Hash they all saw him, but instantly
the darkness closed again, and before
tbey could get their bearings be was
out and gone, his great bulking form
making its way easily over familiar
ground where his would be captors
could have proceeded but slowly even
with a light to guide tbem.
There was furious cursing among
the patrolmen as they tumbled about
lu the room, tbe unhurt ones trampling
thcIV prostrate companions ami striking wildly st each other in their bb '
less and coufii.ion. At hint one of I1
bethonght him to open a dnrlt lanfera
wllb which the nlgbt guards were furnished. Its Hume was fluttering and
gave forth u pale red light that danced
weirdly ou the floors and walls.
Alice bnd snatched down one of ber
rapiers when tbo guards llrst entered.
They now saw her facing tliem with
her Blender blade leveled, her back to
the wall, her eyes shining dangerously.
Mme. Housslllon had lied Into the adjoining room. Jenn had also disappeared. Tbe ollieer, a subaltern ln
charge of the guard, seeing Alice mid
not quickly able to make out that It
was a woman thus defying him. crossed swords with ber. There was small
space for action. Moreover, the officer,
being not In the least a swordsman,
played awkwardly, and quick as s
flusli bis point was down. The rapier
entered just below his throat with a
dull, chucking stab.    He leaped buck*
A pair of arms clasped his legs.
ward, feeling at the snme time a pair
of arms clasp bis legs. It was Jean,
and the lieutenant, thus unexpectedly
tangled, fell to tbe floor,' breaking, but
not extinguishing, tbe guard's lantern
as he went down. The little remaining
oil spread and flamed up brlllluntly, as
if eager for conflagration, sputtering
along tbe uneven boards.
"Kill tbat Imp!" cried the lieutenant
in a strangling voice while trying to regain bis feet.   "Shoot!   Bayonet!"
In his pain, ruge and baste be Inadvertently set bis band in tbe midst of
tbe blazing oil. which clung to tbe flesh
with a seething grip.
"Thunder!" be screamed. "Fire!
Two or three bayonets were leveled
upon Alice. Some one kicked Jean
clenn across the room, nud he lay Uiere,
curled up In his baby night wrap, look-
lug like an enormous porcupine.
At this point a new performer came
upon the stage, a dark robed thing so
active that Its outlines changed elu-
sively, giving lt no recognizable features. It might hove been Sntnn
himself or some terrible unknown wild
animal clad somewhat to resemble a
man, so far as the startled guards could
make out. It clawed right und left,
burled one of them ugulnst tbe wull,
dashed another, through the door Into
Mme. Rousslllon's room, where tbe
good womun wus walling at tbe top of
her voice, and felled a third witb a
stroke like that of u beur's paw.
Consternation was at high tide when
Fnrusworth, who ulwaya slept with au
enr open, reached Roussillon place and
quickly quieted things. He wns troubled beyond expression when be fouud
out the true state of the ntTalr. for
there was nothing that be could do but
arrest Alice and take her to Hamilton.
It made bis benrt sink. He would have
thought little of ordering a file of soldiers to shoot a mnn under the same
conditions, but to subject her again to
the governor's stern cruelty—bow could
be do It? This time there would be no
hope for her.
Alice stood before blm flushed, disheveled, delimit, sword ln band, beautiful and terrible as an angel. Tbe
black figure, man or devil, bad disappeared ns strangely ns It bad come.
The siiblleutcnunt was having bis
slight wound bunduged. Men were raging nnd cursing under tbelr breath,
rubbing their bruised heads and limbs.
"Alice—Mile. Housslllon, I nm so sorry for this," said Captain Farnswortb.
"It ls painful, terrible"—
He could not go on, but stood before
her unmanned. In the feeble light bis
face was wun, snd his hurt shoulder,
slill In bandages, drooped perceptibly.
"I surrender to you," sbe presently
said in French; extending the hilt of
her rapier to him. "I bnd to defend
myself when at lacked by your lieutenant there. If an ofllccr Ands It necessary to set upon u girl with bis sword,
may not tbo girl guard ber life if she
She wns short of breath, so that her
voice palpitated with a touching plau-
gcucy that shook the man's heart.
Farnswortb accepted the sword. He
could do nolbing less. His duty admitted of no il..id.! I'nl consideration, yet he
hesitated, feeling nrotind 'In his mind
for n phrase wllb which to evade the
"It will be safer for you at the fort,
mademoiselle.   Let tne tuke you there."
BEVERLEY set out on bis midwinter journey  to  Kaskaskia
with a  tempest in his heart,
and It was perhaps the storm's
energy tbat gave him tbe courage to
face undaunted .nnd undoubting what
his experience must have told him lay
in ills path.    Wbat meant suffering to
him If be could but rescue Alice?   And
what were life should be fall to rescue
her?   The oid, old song bummed ln his
I'.'.oi't. every phrase of It distinct above
tin- tumult of tlie storm.    Could cold
ui..! bunjjor, swollen streams, ravenous
wild beasts nnd scalp hunting savages
battle  him?    No;  Ihere  is  uo  barrier
tbat can binder love.   He suid this over
and over to himself after bis rencounter witb the foui    ndian scouts on the
Wabash.    He repented lt wltb every
heart beat until he fell in witb somo
friendly red men, who took him to their
camp, where, to his great surprise, he
met  M.  Housslllon.    It was his song
when again be strode off toward the
west on his lonely way.
He did not know that Long Hnlr and
his bnnd were fust on his track, but
the knowledge could uot have urged
him to greater haste. He strained every muscle to Its utmost, kept every
nerve to the highest tension. Yonder
toward the west wiib help for Alice.
That wus ull be cured for.
But If Long Hnir was pursuing blm
with relentless greed for the reward offered b.v Hamilton there were friendly
footsteps still nearer behind hlin, and
one dny nt high noon while he was
bending over n little lire broiling some
liberal cuts of venison a finger tupped
him on the shoulder. He sprang up
and grappled Uncle Jnzon. At tbe same
time, standing near by, he saw Simon
Kenton, bis old time Kentucky friend.
The pungled features of one and the
fine, rugged fnce of the otber swam as
ln a mist before Beverley's eyes. Kenton' wns laughing quietly, bis strong,
upright form shaking to tlie force of
his pleasure. He was ln the early
prime of a vigorous life, not handsome,
but strikingly attractive by reason of a
certnln glow In bis fnce and a kindly
flash ln bis deep set eyes.
"Well, well, my buy!" he cxclnlmed,
laying blB left hand on Beverley'!
shoulder, while lu the other he held a
long, heavy rifle. "I'm glad to see ye,
glad to see ye!"
"Thought we was Injuns, eh?" »ld
Oncle Jazon. "An' ef we bad 'a' been
we'd 'a' been shore o' your scalp!" The
wizened old Creole cackled gleefully.
"And where arc ye goin'?" demanded Kenton. "Ye're mnkin' what lacki
a heap o' bein' a bee line for some
iJTi.ce or other."
Beverley was dazed nnd vacant minded. Things seemed wavering and dim.
He pushed the two men from him and
gazed at them without speaking. Their
presence and voices did not convince
"Yer meat's a-burnln'," said Oncle
Jazon, stooping to turn It on the smoldering' coals. "Ye must be hungry.
Cookln' enough for a regiment"
Kenton shook Beverley with rough
familiarity as lf to rouse bis faculties.
"What's the mutter? Fltz, my lad,
don't ye know SI Kenton? It's not so
long since we were like brothers, and
now ye don't Bpeuk to me. Ye've not
forgotten me, Fitz!" _,
"Mebby he dou't like ye as well as
ye thought he did," drawled Oncle
Jazon. "I hev known o' fellers a-beln'
mistaken Jes' thet way."
Beverley got his wits together as best
he could, taking In tbe situation by
such degrees as seemed at the time unduly slow, but wliich were really mere
momentary fulterlngs.
"Wby, Kenton! Juzon!" he presently
exclaimed, a cordiul gladness blending
wltb his surprise. "Uow did you get
here? Where did you come from?" |
He looked from one to the other back
and forth, wltb a wondering smile
breaking over bis bronzed and determined face.
"We've been hot on yer trail for thirty hours," said Kenton. "Roussillon
put us on lt back yonder. But what
are ye up to? Where are ye goin'?"
"I'm going to Clark at Kaskaskia to
bring  him  yonder."    He  waved   his
ye too well to be fooled by ye. Voir vo
got BOUietblU' in uilnd thtit ye don't
want to tell. Well, then, don't tell iu
Oncle Juzon und I will go it blind,
won't we, Juzon?"
"Blind ns two moles," said the old
man; "but, as for thet secret." be added, winking both eyes at once, "I don't
know as it's so mighty hard to guessr-
It's nlways safe to 'niaglne ti woman
in tbe case. It's mostly women thet
sends men n-trottln' off 'bout nothin',
sort o' crazyllke."
Beverley looked guilty and Oncle Jazon .continued:
"Tbey's a pooty gal ut Vincennes. an'
I see the youug man u-steppin' inlo
her bouse about IIfteen times a d y
'fore I lef tbe place. Mehbc she's luck
up wi' one o' them English otttcera.
Gals ls slippery an' onsartin'."
"Jazon," cried Beverley, "slop that Instantly, or I'll wring your old netk!"
His anger was real, and be meant what
he said. He clinched bis bands and
"Don't get mad at the old man," said
Kenton, plucking Beverley aside. "He's
yer friend from bis heels to his old
scalped crown. Let hiin have his fun."
Then, lowering his voice alu«st to a
whisper, be continued:
"I was In Vlncennes for two d lys
nnd plgbts spyin' around, Mine. Godero
hid me ln ber bouse when there was
need of It. 1 know how It Is with ye.
I got all tbe gossip about ye and tho
young lady, as well ns ull the Information nbout Hamilton nnd bis forces
tbnt Colonel Chirk wants. I'm goin'
to Kaskaskia, but I think It quite invisible thut Clark will be on Ills march to
Vlncennes before we get there, for
Vigo bus taken hiin full particulars as
to the fort and ils garrison, and 1 know
that he's determined to capture tbo
whole thing or die tryln'."
Beverley felt his heart swell nnd bis
blood leap strong in bis veins at these
"I saw ye while I wns in Vincennes."
Kenton  added,   "but   I   never   let   ye
see me.    Ye were  a prisoner,  and  I
had no business with ye while yonr
parole held.   I felt thut it was best not
to tempt ye to give nie nld or to let yo
have knowledge of me while I was a
spy.  I left two days before ye did and
should have been at Kaskaskia by this
time if I hadn't run ncross Jazon, who
I detained me. He wanted to go witb nie,
and I waited for him to repair tbe
stock of his old gun. He tinkered nt lt
]   'tween meals and showers for half a
!  week at the Indian village bnck yonder
I before he got lt just to suit him.   But
! I tell ye he's wo'th waltln' for nny
length of time, and I was glad to let
him have bis way."
i     Kenton, who wns still a young man
\  ln his early thirties, respected Beverley's  reticence on  the subject uppermost ln bis mind.    Mme. Godere had
told the whole story with flamboyant
embellishments.    Kenton bnd seen Al-
| Ice, and, Inspired with tbe gossip and a
surreptitious glimpse of her beauty, ha
felt perfectly familiar with Beverley's
condition.   He wns himself a Victim of
| the tender passion to the extent of being an exile from  his Virginia homo,
I which he hud left on account of dangerously wounding a rlvnl.    But  bo
was well touched with the backwoodsman's taste for Joke and banter.    He
and  Oncle Jazon,  therefore,  knowing
the main feature of Beverley's predicament, enjoyed making the most of their
opportunity In their rude but perfectly
generous and kindly way.
By Indirection  and  Impersonal  details, as regarded his feelings toward
Alice, Beverley ln due time made bis
friends understand thnt his whole ambition wns centered in rescuing her. !
| Nor did the motive fall to enlist their
sympathy to the utmost.    If all  tbo
world loves a lover all men having the
best virile Instinct will flght for a lov-
| er's cause.   Both Kenton nnd Oncle Jason were enthusiastic.    They wanted .
nothing better than nn opportunity to I
aid in rescuing any girl who hnd shown
| so much patriotism   and  pluck.    But
' Oncle Juzon was  fond of Alice, nnd
Beverley's story affected him peculiarly on her nccount.
"They's ono question I'm n-goin' to
put to ye, young mnn," he snid after he
bad  heard everything und  tbey   had |
tn,ked lt all over, "an" 1 want ye to an'
•ta.tffcll.J'   Cu-he   lilfe   Ren-oil's   tafifS;''
I that Hamilton bad  been informed of
! bis visit to Vlncennes and bad offered
halted and began making, signs to one
another all round the line.    Evidently
they dreaded to test the lnurksiiuinshiiK^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
of such riflemen as tbey knew  bust j a reward for tys cajituro.-'Xhis being
I border men to be.    Indeed Long Hail'
had personal knowledge of what might
certainly be expected from both Kenton and Oncle Jazon.   Tbey were terii- . H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
he had left ber a. prisoner ln Hamilton's bands.  Onele Jazon, if he thought
true, dentil as a spy'Vould be tbe certain result if be were taken back. Ho
might us well die now. A» for Beve'-
ley, be tbougbt only of Alice yonder ns
ble wben out for light.   The red war- ■
riots from Georgia to the great lakes   ' .
bad beard of them, tbelr names shuck, i tl a11' Probably considered nothing but:
: present escape,
ed of tragedy. Nor was Beverley with- j p™*"*Mi escape, though he prayed alidl-
out fame among Long Hair's followers, \ bl* to "'" Blessed "USb* even while be
who had listened to tbe story or hia.W helpless »l>»" «>p ground pinned
fighting qualities brought to Vincennes , uown '»' illR m'|K'llt oi "" enormous
the two survivors of tlie scouting j
party so cleverly defeated b.v blm.
"The liver colored cowards," snld
Kenton, "lire al'eured of us ln a shoot-
In' march. They know that a lot of
-oul would have to die if they should
undertake au open light Willi us. it's
Koine sort of a sueukin' game they ai\>
studyin' about just now."
"I'm tt-gittlu. inos' too ole to shoot
wo'th n cent," said Oncle Jnzon. "but
I'd give hall' o' my scalp ef thet Long
Hair would come clost enough fo' m■■
to git a bead onto his lef eye. It's tol'-
ble plain thet we're gone goslin'u this
time, I'm Iliinkln'. Slill it 'd be mighty
satlBfyln' If I could plug out a lef eye
or two 'fore I go."
Indian. He conld not move uny part of
himself save bis lips, and these mechanically put forth the wheezing supplication.
Beverley nnd Kenton, being young
and powerful, were not so easily mastered, For awhile indeed tbey appeared to be more than holding thoir
own. They time and time again scattered the entire crowd'by the violence
of tbelr muscular efforts) and after It
bad finally closed In upon them in a
solid body tbey swayed and swung it
back and forth ami round and round
until the writhing, savage mass looked
as If caught In llie vortex of n whirlwind. But each tremendous exertion
could, not last long. Eight M one made
loo great a difference between the cun-
Beverley  was silent.   Tbe words nf .       .__iiiiiiiiii_iiiiiiiiii_miiii__iiiiiiiiiii_
bis eompa ns were heard by blm, but j tanAf«, "'"''I''*: IU"' ""' °"]-v Poasib'e
compa n inula	
not noticed. Kothlng Interested bim
save the thought of escaping and making his way to Clark. Tn fall meant Infinitely more than death, of which be
bail as small fear as most brave men,
and lo succeed meant everything ih.it
life could offer. So III tlie Unlimited
Selfishness of love be did not take liis
companions into account.
The three stood In a close set clump
of four or five scrub oaks at the highest point of a thinly wooded knoll 1li.it
sloped di.wn iu all directions lo llie
prairie. Their view \va,s wide, but in
places obstructed by Hie trees.
"Men." said Keiilon after a thoughtful nnd watchful silence, "the thing
looks kind o' squally for us. I don't
see much of n chance to get out of this
alive, but we've got to try."
He showed by the density of- his
voice nnd a certain gray film In bis
face that he felt tbe awful gravity of
the situation, but he was calm, and not
a muscle quivered.
"Tbey's jes' two chances for us."
said (incle Jazon. "an' them's ns slim
ns a broom straw. We've got to stan'
here an' light il out or wait till night
nn' sneak through ntween 'em an' run
for it."
"1 don't see nny hope o' sneakin'
through the line," observed Kenton.
"H's not goin' lo be dark tonle)it."
"Wa-a-1," Onele Jazon drawled nonchalantly while lie look III a quid of tobacco, "I've been into tighter squeezes
'nil this many a time, nn' I got out
"Likely enough," said Kenton, slill
rolledlng while his eyes roamed
ui'OUlld the circle of savages.
"I lit the skunks In I'crglnny 'fore
ye's thought of, Si Kenton, an' down
lu Car'lina In them bills. If ye think
Pill n-goin' to be scalped where they
ain't no scalp 'itliout tryln! a few
dodges, yer n dud tbisleder fool 'uu I
used to think ye was. an' thet's mnkin'
a big compliment to ye."
"Well, we don't have to argy this
question,  Oucle Jazon.   They're n-git-
hand eastward.   "I am going to take ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Vlncennes and kill Hamilton." | BWer It straight as a bullet foui yer
"Well, ye're tnkln' a mighty queer   8un-' ,
course, my boy, lf ye ever expect to
find Kaskaskia. Ye're already twenty
miles too far south."
"Carryin' his gun en the same shoulder all tbe time," eutd Oncle Jazon,
"hns made Mm kind o' swing ln a curve
like. "1'aln't good luck nohow to carry
yer gun on yer lef shoulder. When
yo do lt meks ye take a longer step
with yer right foot than ye do with
yer lef, an' ye can't walk a straight
line to save yer liver. Ventrebleul La
vennlson brule encore! Look at tbat
dasted meat buriiln' ag'In!"
He jumped back to tbe fire to turn
tbe scorching cuts.
Beverley wrung Kenton's hand and
looked Into his eyes as a man does
wben an old friend comes suddenly out
of tb. p. -t. so to say, and brings the
freshness una -orafort of a strong, true
soul to brace hi i in bis hour of greatest need.
"Of all men In the world, Simon Ken'
"Of course, Jazon. Go ahead," snld
Beverley. "I shall bo glad to answer."
i But his mind wus far nway with the
gold haired maiden In Hamilton's prison. He scarcely knew wbat be was
"Air ye expcctln' to marry Alice
Beverley started as If n blow bad
been aimed at bim. Oncle Jnzon's
question lndied wus a blow ns unexpected as It was direct and powerful.
"I know It's pooty p'intcd," the old
man added after a short pause, "an' ye
mny think tbet I ain't got uo business
askln' lt, but I hnve. That leetle gal's
a pet o' mine, an' I'm a-lpokln' after
her an' expectln' to see thet she's not I
bothered by nobody who's not goin' to
do right by her. Murryln' Is a mighty
good thing, but"—
Kenton hnd been peeping under the
low hanging scrub oak boughs while
Onclc Jnzon  wns speaking these  Inst
_H |/'"(ii(/ iiitrrlnr leaped hir/h nud  till
tin' ready (o run In upon ns, and we've
got to llgbl. I say. Beverley, are ye
ready for fast shoolin'? Have ye got
a-plenfy o' bullets?"
"Yea: Roussillon gave me a hundred.
Do you think"—
lie was Interrupted by n yell that
( leaped   ffom savage  month  to  mouth
i nil   round   the  circle,   and   then   tbe
I charge began.
.,    i     . ..-..-..4    ij„» words, aud now he suddenly Interrupt-
ton, you were the least expected.   But ^,
how glnd I nm, how tbankfull   Now I "j"                                 _;.,._.
know I shall succeed.   We are going to Tlle ,Jpuce! I'ook yonder!" he growl-
capture   Vlncennes,   Kenton,   are   we ed out In startling tone.   "Injuns!'
not?    We   shall,   shan't  we,   Jazont It was a sharp snap of the conversn-
Nothing, nothing can prevent us, can tlon's «liread. and nt the same time our
jty, three friends  realized  that they  had
Kenton heartily returned the pres- npi'n careless ln not keeping a better
sure of the young man's hand, while !°°l"out.   They let fall tbe meat they
Oncle Jazon looked up quizzically and
"We're a tol'ble 'spectable lot to prevent; but, then, we might git pervent-
had not yet finished eating and seized
tbelr guns.
I    Five or six dark forms were moving
toward them across a little point of the
ed.   I've seed better m^n 'an us purty   Prairie that cut Into the wood a quarter
consld'bl. pervented lots o'Omesln my 10f«"1"e distant. .
ufc „ I   "1 nnder a more of em," snld Oncle
"For my part," said Kenton, "1 am Inzon- ns lf not ln the,least concerned,
with ye, old boy, ln anything ye want "'•Wing his bend In nn opposite dlrec-
to do.   But now ye've got to tell me   tlon' from wu'eh another sqund was
Halifax is 156 yeurs old.
everything. I see thnt ye're keepln'
something bnck. What ls It?" He
glanced sldewlse slyly at Oncle Jazon.
Beverley was frank to a fault, but
somehow his benrt tried to keep Alice
all to Itself.   He hesitated; then—
"I broke my parole wltb Governor
Hamilton," be said. "He forced me to
do tt. I feel altogether justified. I
told blm beforehand that I should certainly leave Vlncennes and go get a
force to capture and kill him. aud I'll
do lt. Simon Kenton: I'll do it!"
"t st";. I see." Kenton assented, "but
what wns the row about? Wbnt did
be do to excite ye. to make ye feel Jn i-
tlliod  In  breiikln'  over yer  parole  in
ippronchlng.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
That he duly appreciated the situation appeared only In the celerity with
which be acted.
Kenton ut once assumed command,
and bis companions felt liis perfect fitness.    Third wns no doubt from  tbe
"Steady,     now!"    growled     Kenton.
Let's  not  be In n  burry.   Wnlt  till
Ihey come High enough to bit 'em before we shoot."
The time was short, fnr the Indian"
entile on at almost race horse speed.
Onele Jazon fired first, tbe long, keen
crack of Ids small bore rifle splitting
the   air wilh   a  suggestion   of   vlcloit
was outstripping all bis fellows leaped
high and fell paralyzed.
"Can't shoot wo'th n cent." innt
tered the old man, deftly beglni'lng to
reload bis gun the while, "but 1 Jes'
happened to lilt that buck. He'll never
git my scalp, that's suriin and sure."
Beverley and Kenton each likewise
dropped uu Indian, but the shots did
not even check the rush. Long Hair
bad planned to capture his prey, not
kill It. Every savage bad Ills orders to
tuke the white men alive. Hamilton's
lurgcr reward depended ou this.
Right on they came, as fast ss their
nimble legs could carry tbem, yelling
like demons, and tbey reached the
grove before the three white men could
reload tbelr guns. Then every warrior took cover behind a lice and began scrambling forward from bole to
bole, thus approaching rapidly without
much exposure.
oouo.iision of Ibe struggle soon caine.
Seized upon by desperate, clinging,
wollllke assailants, the while men'felt
their arms, legs, and bodies weighted
down and their strength fast going.
Kenton fell next al'ter Onele Jazon
and was soon lightly bound with raw-
bide thongs, lie lay on llis back punting ,nnd utterly exhausted, while Beverley slill kepi lip the unequal light.
Long Ilalr sprang in at the last moment to make doubly certain the securing of his niosi Important captive. lie
Hung his long and powerful arms
around Beverley from bejlind and
made u great effort to throw, him upon
tbe ground. Tbe young man, feeling
this fresh and vigorous clasp, turned
himself about to put forth one more
mighty spurt of power. He lifted the
stalwart Indian bodily and dashed blm
headlong against tho bill tressed root of
a tree half n rod distant, breaking tbe
smaller'' bone of bis left forearm and-
well nigh knocking hiin senseless.   <•
It was a.fine exhibition of mnnly
strength,  but there could  bu ''nothing
gained by it.    A blow on the babk of
his  bead   the  next   instant  stretched
P.everley  face downward  and  unconscious on the ground. The savages turned bim over and looked satisfied when
llie.v found that he was not dead.   1 bey
bound hiin With even greater care than
j tbey had shown In securing the others,
i while I.»iig Hair stood by stolidly looking on, meantime supporting his broken
I forearm In his hand,
"Ugh,  dog!"  he  grunted  and  gave
Beverley  a   kick   In  the  side.    Then
turning  a   fiendish   stare  upon  Oncle
Jazon, be proceeded to deliver against
bis old, dry ribs three or four like .contributions     Willi    resounding    effect.
| "Polecat!    Little old  greasy woman!"
he snarled.    "Make good lire for warrior to dance by!"    Kenton also re-
i delved bis full share of the kicks and
i verbal abuse, after which Long Hair
i gave orders for fires to be built.   Then
' he looked to bis hurt ariu and bad the
! bone set and bandaged, never so much"
'. lis wincing the while.
It wits soon apparent tbnt the Indian!
; purposed  to celebrate tbelr successful
I enterprise with n feast.    They cooked
a large amount of btlffnlo steak.   Then,
each with bis bands full of the savory
i meat, they began to dance aroundtbe
fires, droiiliig meantime un atrociously
i repellent chant.
Before this was ended a rain began
to fall, and it rapidly thickened from,a
desultory shower to a roaring downpour Unil effectually quenched not only
; the tires around which liie savages
| were dancing, but the entbusiusui of
i tbe dancers us well. During tbe rest
of the afternoon and nil night long the
| fab was Incessant, accompanied by a
cold, panting, wailing southwest wind.
Beverley lay on tbe ground fnco up-
I ward, the rawhide strings torturing his
[ limbs, the chill of cold water searching
j his bones. He could see nothing but
the dim, Btrnii'/o canopy of flying rain,
against which the bare boughs of tho
I scrub oaks were vaguely outlined; be
could bear nothing but the cry of the
wind and the swash of the wnter which
fell upon hlin and ran tinder him, bubbling aud gurgling as lf fiendishly ex-
The night dragged on through Its terrible length, denllng out Its Indescribable horrors, and nt last morning arrived, with n stingy nnd uncertain gift
of light slowly Increasing until the
dripping trees appeared forlornly gray
and brown ngalnst clouds now breaking lute masses that gave but little
There was great stir among the Indians. Long Hnlr stalked about scrutinizing the ground. Beverley saw hlin
come near time and again with a hideous, Inquiring scowl on his face.
Grunts und laconic exclamations passed from D-CUltl) to mouth, and pcesent-
ly the Import of II all could not be mistaken. Kenton nnd Jazon were gone—
had escaped during Ihe nlgbt—and the
A struggle ensued which for despor-
first ns to wbnt the Indians uieaiit, but, ate energy  bas probably  never been
"       '***    '        ' '" ' surpassed.    Like  three  lions  nt bay,
even lf there bud beeu it would bave
soon vanished, for lu less than three
iniiiuies twenty-one savages were
Bwiftly and silently forming a circle Inclosing tbe spot where the throe white
men, who bad -covered l.iinselves its
best the,, could wllb trees, waited In
irlni steadiness for the worst.
Quite beyond gunshot range, but near
tbat bljjb bunded wuy?   Fltz, I know    enough  for Oncle Jazon  to  recognize
Long Hair as tbelr leader, tbe liu'iauB
ind a lithe young warrior who i ™"*, lmt* completely obliterated  their
m—m—m^^^■***"""*™*—' tracks.
The Indians were furious. Lot,;; nnlr
sent out picked parlies of bis best
scouts wllb orders to scour the country In all directions, keeping with himself n few of llie older warriors. Beverley was fed what be would eat o*
venison, and Long Hnlr made him underhand that lie would have to suffer
somo terrible punishment on account of
the action of his companions,
Late in the day the seouls straggled
back wltb the report that no track or
j sign 'of tbe fugitives laid been discov-
[ ered, and innueilialcly n consultation
I wus  held.   Most of  tbe warriors, ln-
i eluding  all  of  tbe  young  bucks,  de-
; ina.'ided   n   torture   cnlerlninnient   as
Compensation  for their exertions nnd
I the unexpected loss of llielr own prisoners, foflt bad been agreed that Beverley   belonged   exclusively   to   I^mg
Hair, who objected to aliylhlng which .
might deprive him of the great reward
| offered by Hamilton for tbo prisoner
lf brought to blm alive.
In the end lt was agreed that Beverley should be made In run the guullet,
provided thai no deadly weapon! were
used upon hiin during the orileai.
the while men-met the shock, and llon-
llke Ihey fought In the midst of seventeen stalwart and determined savages.
"Don't kill them. Take thein alive.
Throw thein down and hold them." wns
Long Hair's order, loudly shouted-In
the tongue of bis tribe.
Both Kenton and Jazon understood
every word and knew the significance
of such a command from the leuder. It
(To be Continued.)
Vancouver is '24  years old.
Hudson's Bay Company is 234
an /
VAMX/UVEU, b   c
Hanking In  the San.
•"Basking in tbe sun" is in itself of
si and considerable benefit, and it ia
compliment to our human  intelli-
nee to find, that cats and dogs underpin] thjit fact much better than we
The iovo of sunshine is naturally
- of our strongest instincts, und we
lould be far healthier and happier If
fe followed and developed it instead
jpstiotlcnily ignoring und repressing
How n sparkling sunny  morning
jfhihirates us and makes us feel thut
lt':-( too line a day to spend Indoors!"
IniSl yet how few holidays are takeo
'that reason! \
''lie wealth of the sunbeams is poured
ft lavishly nil around ns, nnd we turn
join it to struggle for a  few pitiful
Iinilfuls of something else that is yel-
fiv and shining, but not half so likely
bring us Itaptplness and often has
tnifce red spots upon It.   Give nature
"bailee, and we shall lind that there
mere than a  mere fanciful eonnec-
between natural sunlight and tbat
funny" disposition which, after all. Is
fe true'"philosopher's stone."
|i.i--;i-im!m   of   Ihe   Owl   nml   Hnveii.
some parte of Burope an omelet
lado I'rnm the eggs or thu long eared
Ivl is believed (o be an ot.ui.tive cure
»r di'iinkemiess.
|ln Oeriiuuiy the raven Is-supposed to
able to procure u magic stone that
Ives Invisibility to tho wearer.    It is
Jiparenlly not a simple matter to ob-
_fin.   fur lu tho first place, after ilis-
k'vcrjng   the   nest,   you   must   satisfy
[iili'self that the old birds are at least
[•or 11 century old,   Then you climb to
nest and must either lake out nu
boil lf hard nhd replace lt. or if
tie Should be young you must kill n
(le neslllng   if must be a male—and
(place  It also.    After this  the spot
fust  by  most  carefully  marked,  for
paren't   bird,  if  he is old enough,
[ill return wilh tbe magic stone, which
III render the nest invisible, and It is
Jpareiiily   from   Ihe spot   where you
ilgo the nest ought to be that you
lust   pluck    Hie   prize.
Mel., kin me*   of   Kino:..
ranee has been n seesaw nation—
t up. then down—and its position
be reckoned by the kings it bad.
wiib St. Louis, and another was
a, meaning "headstrong or mnti-
Aliother king wns tlie Long,
Jille his successors were Handsome,
irtunale. Good, Wise, Beloved and
fiible. France must surely havo been
Ibe tup then and have progressed
rtli"r when two kings were respec-
elj called tbe father of his people
1 Ihe fullier of letters,
lenmark has bad a most curious nr-
of sovereigns, tbe Blue Tooth,
irked Heard, Simple, Hungry, Hare-
it, Lamb, Pious and Cruel being
mug thein. This bitter, who was
irisiian II., belled bis real name by
Inlng the additional title of the Nero
the North. There wns probaoly lit-
happiness In Denmark ^i-beu be sat
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Sr. Williams Pink Pills.
There is no torture more acute and
Intolerable than nervousness. A nervous person is in a state of constant
irritation by day and sleeplessness
by night. The sufferer starts ut
every noise, is shaky, depressed, and,
although in a constantly exiituiS-e.il
state, is unable to sit or liu still. It
you aro nervous or worried or suffer
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irritation you need a nervo tonic,
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pills cured her little boy.   She says:
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He was under several doctors at different times, but they did not help
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A  Tlirl.-lnll   LoVC   StrtfJ.
Do the Turks love their W( men? Yes,
both in life and in death, lu life, read
the love Songs and in death the epitaphs to the beloved ones passed to tbe
silent realm.
It is true Ihe Turk goes to the Ara-
iiic. the Greek, the Italian, for love
songs, but be sings these to his lady's
eyebrows, and the slory he tells of the
quality of llis love rises to the purity
ut times of prayer:
One knocked at the beloved's door,
and a voice answered from within,
"Who is there?"
Then he answered, "it Is I."
Then tbe voice said. "This bouse will
not hold thee and me."
And the door was not opened.
Then went the lover into the desert,
where there is nolbing but. Allah, and
fasted and prayed in solitude.
And after a year be returned und
knocked again at Hit- door.
And again Uie voice asked, "Wbo la
And lie said. "It Is thyself."
And the door was opened to bim.
Match tbat in your Voihiutaa if you
Here is a story wliich Baron Dowse
the celebrated judge, once told in
that exaggerated brogue ho loved to
employ. "I was down in Cork last
month, holding assizes. On Ibe first
day, when the jury came in. the
ollicer of the court said: '(liiillenien
uv the jury, yu'll take yer accustomed places, if.yo pltize.' And may 1
never laugh," said .the bitron, "it
they didn't all walk into the dock."
ion tile throne.
Miinn.'liil   Ability.
So young Smith has come Into a for-
ne. Do you think be has the making
a llnaneler?"
Undoubtedly'.  Several of them.  And
like to be one of the bunch."
When a child frets and cries almost
continuously the root of thu trouble
in nine Cases out of ten lies witli the
stomach or bowels. Fermentation
and decomposition of the food means
colic, bloating and diarrhoea—the
latter ls especially dangerous and often fatal during tho hot weather
months. Baby's Own Tablets are
Just what every mother needs to
keep her littlo. ones heulthy. These
Tablets gently regulate the bowels,
cure constipation, prevent diarrhoea,
cleanse and cool the stomuch, and
promote sound, natural sleep. The
Tablets can be given with safety to
a new born babe. Mrs. .1. Mick,
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Baby's Own Tablets the best medicine in tho world for the ailments of
little ones. No mother should be
without them." Sold by all druggists or sent by mail at 25 cents a
box by writing,Tbe Dr. Williams'
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things lo conti
mid frionds.
nd for. Honor.
I'luce  filings  tn    govern;    Temper,
ngue ami conduct.
nieii  attito
■M.1IS     tils.
fliers never  uns  mul  ueyer  will  lio   a
•iKul    |.;ih;ui-ii.    in    one    remedy,    tor
lis   lo   uliich   flesh   is   heir—llie    very
i-..   of   Mi.iov    curatives    being    such
il   wi'i-c (he germs of oilier una diner
i i.v   sealed   disease rooted  in  (lie s.\s-
l'   llie     (ml :.'(((   -ulial   uuulil    relieve
II    In    iio-ii    would  aggravate    Un-
We   liuie,    howuver,    in     Qubiim-
nil.-n   ubluinalil.  in  sound,'.llliiulul-
I   iitjito.   a   remedy   lor   ninny    unil
Hy   its   gi-iulii.il ■ und   juili-
tl.t-    fraTte-t   -.stims hi-u  Itxl
emu iili-si-em-i-   und   -ireugth   by   ilitf
ni-    which    Quinine   exerts    on  im-
uwii    restoratives.    It  relives the
ing  spirits  ol  llinsu  uiili    whom    u
i.   stale ill", tnoi-bi'l 'd-BpODileney and
ol InterO-t  in  llie is u disease,  nml
ntiiliilli/.iiT-:   the   nerves,   disposes   in
mul    ii'lrtsliiiig hli-i'i'—iiilpat-ls vig-
i    the   action    of the blood,    which,
sijinjiliiti-d,   .courses    through    tlie
Btrengtllonlllg    the   healthy   uniinnl
nits ol the system, thereby   niaklng
i.v n   necessary    reault,    strenglhea-
ihe frame nml  giving    life    to the
Lresti\t>    iti'auiiti,     which    jliittiriilly    uV-
iniT.usiil     niilistmiie—i-i suit.      iin-
I   a |i|.it ii e.   Norfnroti   _t   l.yinan   of
to   Itiiie  uiveli   Iti   the   public    their
lor Quinine  Wine  ut   llie   usual rate,
Klluaeil     by    llie   opinion   of   Hi-ien-
tlie   wine   approaches    nearest    per-
■i   of nud   in llie market.   All drug-
sell it.
It is usually the   painstaking
who .manages to avoid pa'u.
WiiKlni;  llie Sleeper..
Iu ,1 diary kept in Hi-Hi is It asserted
that "Allen Brydges bus been chose to
woke the sleepers in meeting und, being much proud of his place, must
needs hnve n fox taile fixed to tbe end
of a long staffe, wherewith be may
brush the faces of them (bat will bave
imps in time of discourse." This energetic individual was likewise nrmed
with "a sharps tbonie" for the benefit
of those who "be most sountle." There
is a record of tbe use of this Implement
upon Mr. Toinkins, wbo was sleeping
comfortably lu Ihc corner of bis pew
when Allen "thrust bis staff behind
Dunie Mallard to give blm a grievous
prick upon tbe bund, whereupon Mr.
Toinkins did spring much above the
Hour and witb terrible force did strike
ills bead against the wall and also to
tbe great wonder of all 'propbauelle'
exclaim in n loud voice. 'Buss the wood-
chuek!' he dreuining, ns It seemed, thnt
a woodebuck bad seized bim and bit
bis band."
That Dodd's Kidney Pills Always
Cure Dropsy.
It Ih Kidney IMS-use nml Is Cured by
Curing the l-lduey. — Dndil'g Iliilnuy
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"My feet wero so. much swollen
from Dropsy that when 1 .got out ol
bed in tho mornings I could hardly
put them on the floor. My urms used to swell at times so that I could
not put on my coat.
"I had to bo tapped to relievo me
of tho terrible pains.
"On the advice of a friend I began
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Rheumatism, Diabetes, Bright's
Disease aro some of the many Forms
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and permantly.
There Arc Matir Point, of Difference
Between These -Urdu.
Scientifically eorviis Is the generic
title of Ihe bird family which Includes
crows, rooks, ravens and jackdaws.
A main distinction between crowa
and rooks ls that black and gray crows,
wbicli are found nlways in pairs, ure
migrants, retreating southward with
the advance of winter, while rooks ure
gregnrii u.i and remain where tbey huve
beeu In ihe hublt of nesting. Crows,
too, are carrion enters, while rooks,
though fond of grubs and worms, will
not touch dead things unless driven to
do so by hunger.
The most obvious individual poluts
of difference between tlio two ure tbe
absence of feathers from the face of
the adult rook, giving it n vulture-like
look, to which Its characteristics otherwise bardiy entitle it, nnd Ibe fact
thut Its leathers are of a rich purple
black, almost iridescent, while the
plumage of llie black crow Is In shading somewhat like a badly polished
boot und possesses but liltle luster.
[I'm glad  I'm livln' nowadays,
l-'iir I have beard It snld
That, though we earn our living now,
'Ihc I (ononis uriied their dead.
Quit  making  g
get down to bush
"till  resolutions'  »il(|
iTiree    things    to
gentleness, affection.
I   Three things to   a.'ilM''''e: • TiiU*ili-i'.t,
dignity and graeefuln, **'
Doubt determines nothing.
|   Three   things    to    cull
books, good friends and
i nel-R.
The   Stomach,   Liver-   and    Kidney   Disorders   Can
Usually be Cured by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
Bnklmo Taste a.
There ls 'certainly no accounting for
tastes* and surely the strangest is tbat
of the Eskimo;.. Tallow is their candy.
It is put up in bright red packages
made out of/the feet of waterfowl. The
women cut off tlie red feet of this bird,
which is called the dovokie, draw out
the bouos and blow up the skin so as to
make pouches, which they fiil wilh the
reindeer tallow for their little folk.
None of the food thnt the Eskimos
cat seems vory inviting to us, but they
are extremely fond of It and are very
apt to overeat. It Is said by explorers
who have gone Into Greenland that It
Is no uncommon sight to see an Eskimo
man who has eaten nn enormous meal
of the raw, frozen tiesh of tiie reindeer,
Bnal or walrus lying on his back and
eatiug blubber uulii he cannot move.
<nn iij'.
"Smith, luive you saved anything?"
"Yes. thousands of dollars."
"In what wuy-,'"
"Oh, there's a lug fortune In Scotland
coming to the Smith family, and I've
novel' Kjienl a cent trying to get in oi>
No pe
hull le
Grass Widows haven't got. tin
t.market cornered.
lost your appetite ? Ilaee .vou n
tongue ?   Have  you  an   unnleiisai
in i tie niaut h ? Does your lieuit t
have you di/'/.iness ? If no. your ston
in out of onlcr und you need in
rino. Hut you do not like, medic
lie thllt prefers sickness to rnt.il i
mi)Bt suffer, hut under the timimslni
the wise mun would procure n box
Parnieleo's Vegetable Pills nml spee<
gel himself inlo health, und strive
keep  so.
A   man   mnkw  no   pnfticular pro-
by putting IilipsoW on the back.
Any man who has to get up ami
got, his own breakfast whilo his wife
lies in bed is likely to feel like turning the "God Bloss Onr Home" motto to the wall.
Marriage  is  often    tin-
possessing n  good ineomi
Oltt Of
It. is copier to acquire n   wife than
it. is to keep a servant girl.
It's easier to buy some men  than it
s to induce then, to stay bought..
(!ood    wives
and    loving
When a man admits that his wtfi
is nn nngel it's safe to ask him hou
long he hns been a widower.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
r local applications a* they cannot muh the
Iseas-d portion of the ear. Tin-re l.< only one '
ay io cure deafness, and that Is hy conatltu- '
onal reinHlt-a. Dcufhcsa la mused by an In- '
awn-d comtlilon of tiie muroun lining of Uie j
lUitnchlaii Tui.*. When this tutiu Is Inflamed
nu have n rumhllng anunil nr fnip-^rfcet hear- I
iff, and when It Is entirely closed, Deaf nasi la
ita result, nm. uiiIkks the tnihtminaUon can- be j
ken out and this tube restored to Its normal I
.million, hearing will bo de-*troy«*d forever; I
Ine ciif-.-fl out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
liirii Is nothing hut an Inflamed condition of ,
te  mucous mirfnr-ea. ,
W* will Rive One Hundred Dollars for any '
ase of Deafnens (caused hy catarrh) that can- l
ot be cured hy Hull's Catarrh Cure. Send for !
Irculars, free.
t F. J.  OHBNBT ft CO., Toledo, O.   |
Sold by all drugglHtB, ...c. V
,   Hall's Family Tills are the best.
► lloi'Seles-m milk wnggons for tho de-'
livi-ry of eowloss milk is about the)
I no not DELAY.—When, through debilitated digestive or^-niis, poison finds
I its way into Ihe blood, the prime con-
I (-.deration is to get the polfon out as
| rupidly nnd ns thoroughly as possible.
DoloV may mean disaster. Purinelee's
Vej_.ptable Pills will lie found a most
valuable nnd effective medicine to nssall
the intruder with. They never fail. Thi'v
\t*Q at once tp the sent of the trouble
I iuhI   work   a  permanent cure.
A  gitod  life keeps off wrinkles.
A clean glove often  hide;
| mediate
I i'vit'h   y-Z   (Wise   Houd)    nisUifectunt ache.
Honn Powder Ih hotter than other powders
as ii. is both simp ana disinfectant,
i.i'ciproeiiy is the art. of exchanging
something you don't wnnt for some-
t hing you do,
At the Yarmouth Y.M.O.A. Hoys'
Camp held nt Tuskef Kulls in August, I found AHNAKIVS I.I-NIMKNT
most bonufionl for sun burn, nil Im-
lief  for   colic   and    toolh-
A womntl. may drive her hiishnnd to
drink,   but she' can't  make  him  take
General  Secretary.
Tn order to be
say a good deal.
popular   forget    to
TtME HAS TESTED IT.—Time tesls
all things, that which is worthy lives
thnt which is Inimical to man's welfare
perishes. Time has proved        DC
Thomas' Eel ec trie (Hi. From a few
thousand bottles in the early duyn
of its munufucture tho demand bus
rlnen so that now the production is ruun-
intr into the hundreds ol thoiismwls of
but t les. What, is so, eagerly sought for
iniisl   he  good.
■son should go from home without
of Dr. .1. 1). Kelloj g'a Dysentery
I'oniiul in their possession, ns change of
water, cooking, climate, etc., frequGully
brings on summer complaint, and there
lo nothing; like beirife ready with u sure
remedy nt band, which oftentimes saves
great Buffering, and fregqonl ly valuable
lives. This Cordial hns o.allied for itself
a widespread reputation for affordiliR
prompt. relief from all summer complaints.
'Keep your seats,** please, Indies
and gentlemen," , snid u. thenlrical
manager; "there is no danger what
pvor, but for some inexplicable ran
SOU the gas has gone out." Then a
boy shouted from the gallery: ■ TVr
haps it didn't like the show."
AsX for lurt^fflyahs no otter.
Wo must love tho cros.i before the
crown to win the crown after Uncross.
Tlie mnn who I alios   life us a
always finds it n bitter one.
Faith owes hor force to facts.
A mnn can feel good without being
especially good.
It is nlways easy
people's enemies.
to   forgive   other
To  bo consistent
bettor than most pi
n   iiinn  has  to  In-
Most of the   His   of  every-dny   life  ing such  ailments li told  by  thous-
come   from   derangements   of the di-  ands of grateful cured ones   .
ge-tive system. I    Policeman Peter C. Morris. 10 Was-
Eating too much, Irregular meal cana avenue, Toronto, states:—"Kor
hours, improperly prepared food, tho years I was troubled with habitual
excessive use of stimulants; aro constlpution, which I believe is the
among the common causes ol theso most common ailment of all polico-
diBorders. men,     I     had     spent     considerable
The liver becomes clogged and tor- money in trying all sorts of so-culli-d
pld, the kidneys Inactive, and the remedies for constipation, and was
bowels constipated. The poisonous always disappointed as the xolief was
waste matter is thrown back into the only temporary. ; ',- '   /'
blood stream, and the result Is Borne      "I   now    gladly   Btate .that J,have-
deadly form of disease. been completely cured   by   UBing Dr.
It is not necessary to bo continual- Chase's Kidney-Layer Pills, and shall
ly dosing If you uso Dr. Chuse's Kid- be pleased to personally recommend'
ney-Uver Pills. them   to   any person who wishes   tp
This* treatment   acts   directly   and  interview  me.   I have always advls-
promptly  on   the  liver,   kidneys   and ed my friends to use thorn."
bowels,    and    ensures    their    proper      Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
nnd,   sympathy    liuvlng   un- j working. , pllla   dose,   25 cents a. box, at   all
his   tongue,    lie    exclaimed: '    Indigestion,  dyspepsia,  kidney  dls- ,denlers,  or Kdmnnson, Bates __  Co.,
Mnde Illm l.im- Spirited.
Notlf to whero we live In Scotland
there ls a farmer who lias had couSld
ernbie experience In wives. He -b,\
married and burled four. After the
dentil of tlio hist wife n friend of ours
walked over one Sunday afternoon to
boo nnd condole with the poor mnn,
who, report snld, hnd been nn exceed.
lngly kind nnd Indulgent husband to
all his wives. He found the farmer
walking listlessly about his deserted
"Aye.  aye!   What   with   bringing the   •*lfie.  backache,  liver complaint,   bil- Toronto.     To protect-  you   against
wives hunic nml  plfleni   them  awn   I j lousness and constipation are the ail-   Imitations,   the   portrait   and   slgna-
nm snlr hadilon doon" (low spirited).—
London Gentlewoman.
The mlgli
coe'ls  that of
r iin
liolh     the
pen mid-
tnents for which Dr.  Chase's Kidney-  ttire of Dr. A. W. Chase, tho famous
Liver Pills ore most frequently used,   receipt book   author,   are   on   every
Tha story  of  their success  in  cur-  box. •    -i
It  is better to collect onr thoughts
than to borrow other people's,
Do  not,  believe
be sure to bi'liev.
you he
you sn;
Life is n one   sided
man who is his own i
nrst .
for   Un
Do you emphasise   your   own   virtues by enlarging on the fallings of
-UNA-D'- MUST ii ised.. l'_..i.ia_^
his nights
If a mnn  lengthens
shortens his days.
•You can depend on Ayer's
Hair Vigor to restore color to
your gray hair, every time.
Follow directions and it n.ver
fails to do this work.  It stops
Hair Vigor
fallingofthe hair, also. There's
great satisfaction in knowing
you are not going to be disappointed.   Isn't that so?
. "My hair faded until It VM nbontwMte. It
took hint 0»e buttle of Ayer's Ilnir Vigor to
n-Btorc it to its former dark, rich rulor. Tf our
Hair Visor rertalnlf docs what you claim for
It."—A. M. UooUAN.Itucklngham.N.O.
f 1.00 a bottle.
J. C. AY__lt CO..
Low-pill,   Mam,
Fading Hair
There is no short, cut to happiness.
Salv.-i I ion    is
I han
Keep KitUED'S Li-lira, li tbe House.
A man knows just what to do In
lite hour of danger ns long ns the
danger doesn't; show up.
La grippe, pneumonia, and influenza often leave a nasty cough
when they're gone.
It is a daa£terous thing to neglect.
Cure it with
Cure £nicLunB
■   The cure that is guaranteed by
I      your druggist.
2__.50c $1
S. C. WEM-. A Co. SOS
LcRoy, N.Y., Toronto. Can.
COLOR.   .   .
TESTIMONIAL from the L»t- Slit SAM.
UK I. HAI.KIl, the Imnoui Nil. Kx|.liir«rl
"Newton Abbot, -levim. Denr SIM—1
have (It'layed my tmuiks ae 1 wiKhet! tf
tent tli. enect of Mlair'e Fill! by a MA*
dent Interval  of time.
"Por ten yeuri I lind luffered acutely
from flout anil life hail loat Ita attraction owlnir to the uncertainty of heullh
anil the HuiMen visitation, of the enemy
which |.i .....i i ui ...i me for inoutlia, or weeki,
according to tho virulence of the nttaclta.
"FUair'a Pills have rendered me lninienM
■ervice, ae I no longer tear an attack ol
"l-'or the last twenty month. T harl
been comparatively freo, oa one or twa
attempted visitations have lircn Immediately stamped out by the HHaistunce ol
Blair's Pills.
"Truly voura (Signed | Huml W. Baker."
Ia-iiiimi Sens .t ro., -tiMitrenl m.il Tor.
•nto; The Bole Drug Co.. Winnipeg; Tka
Martin, Bole A Wynne Co .  Wlnhlne«-
Letlibridge, A1ta., May 22nd. 1904.
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd.,
Winnipeg, Man.
As I am giving up the baking
business on June 1st, I wish before retiring
to compliment you ou the quality of both
your Hungariau and Glenora Pateut brands
of flour. I have never found any other to
equal them in strength, uniformity or color,
and could get more bread from your flour
per sack than any other I ever used. In
my twenty-two years' baking experience I
tried several brands but always came back
to your braud as beiug the most satisfactory.
Wishing you continued success and thanking you for your most liberal business treatment, I am,
Yours truly,
(Signed)  S. R. Brady.
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Proceedintrs of the Twenty-ninth Annual General Meeting of
the Shareholders, Held at the Banking House of
the Institution in Toronto, on Wednesday,
15th Juno, 1904.
•.-?1", T",'8n_:y'D'nth *nnu»' General Meeting   of tho   Imparls. Bank of Caned*
was    held    in    pursuance    of   the tei-usof tha Chartar at tha Banking House of
the Institution, 15th June, l'J04.
tr   '"'"re were present :_T.  R. Morritt  (St.    Catharines),     D.   R.   WilVla,     Wm.
liemlrn>.(Haini ton), iVm. Ilamsuy of Bowland,     Stow,   Scotland;   Ellas Rogers,
J,a",l"s-h-err,0»u?.',ne'  Charles Cockshutt. J.    t.    Blalkle,      Archibald      Foulds.
,,',.,.<"ul'1°,',    W.W. Vickera,   Lyndliurat,  Ogden,    David    Smith,    David    Kidd.
(Hamilton), 0. A. PIpon, Anson Jones. Alfred    Hoskln.    Miss   H.   M. Robinson,
iiiiny Vlgeon,    Edward   Archer,     Aloxnsder   Nairn,      Rev.      T. 'W.   Pa-arson.
.1 umes Ilickn.ll, A. w. Austin, II. N. Hooch, l.otiert Thompson, Albsrt Thoniu-
?'"'.,"■..,'"',on Oussi'ls, J, W. Beaty, l'eleg Howland, W. C. Urowtber, V.
m-_**,'-H*_.CnM0*.' *tUward Hay. J.J. Poy. K.C.. W. T. Jennings. 6. J*.
?, ' -0-',Holland, Ularlison Jones, David Spry, Alexander Laird, Harry Sint-
..ii ..' *ii ''a"-.0"1! Ralph K. Burgess, J. Uordon Jones, Ira Standlah. H. M.
a*■'«'.' ,F',..',.lto ,,h; '!• W Mi,'k,a- W- "• Cawthra, C. H. Stanley CUrk, A.
A. -Icl-all (Bolton), Prof. Andrew Smith F.K.C.V.S., J. H. Eddie. R d O
1 liompson^ etc.
The chnlr was taken hy the President   Mr. T.   W.  Merrltt, and    tbo   Aalstant    .
Ueii.'i-ui .Manager, Mr   B.  Iluv.  wus requested to act aa Secretary.
".loved   hy  Mr.  Thomas   Wnlmsli'v,   seconded hv Mr. W.  W. Vickers,
■ .. . '    Mr'    I."ndhiust  Ogden,   Mr,   II. II.  Temple,  aud  Mr.  W.  Glbsoa  Cassel
Oo and are hereby  appultited  Scrutineers.   Carried.
Ihe General Manager at the request of the Chairman, Read tha report ol tbo
line.ion and tha Statement ol A fin i mi.
The Directors beg to submit to the the Shareholders their Twenty-ninth Annual Report and Balance Sheet of the allaira of tho Bank aa on 81»t May 1904,
together with the stulem.nt giving the result of tbe operations lor ths year
which ended  that day.
Out of the Net Prollts ol the year and balance of Profit and Loss Account
carried forward, and utter making full provision for all bad and doubtlul dabta
and   for   tho  authorized   i-ontilliutloiia  to the  Pension and  Guarantee  Funds:
(a) Dividends have been paid at the rate ol 10 per cent, per annum, aoiuunt*
inn  to   S2--.1-4.Q4.
(b) Bank  Premises Account hns been credited  with $25,000.
(c) Best Account bus been Increased bv $2(1(1,000.
fill  Carried  forward to ProBt and Lo«s ...count, $140,656.56.
The Premium received upon New Capital Stock, amounting ta 113.683, has
been added to Rest Account, making thai account $2,850,000, equal to 95 per
cent, of tho Paid-up  Capital.
A branch of the Bank has been opened at Trout Lake, B.O., to which has
been transferred  the business of the Brunch nt Ferguson,  B.O.
It is wilh extreme regret that your Directors have to announce ths death of
their late esteemed Colleague; Mr. T, Sutherland fcitayner, wbo had been a director of the Bank since 18110, and who had throughout been constant In his
attendance io his duties as a Director, and to whose faithful ssrvlcss they now
bear testimony.
The Head Office and Branches have all been carefully Inspected during ths
year, and your Directors have much pleasure In expressing satisfaction at tha
manner In which th* officers of the Bank   performed their respective duties.
T. U. MEHUITT, President.
Dividend No. 57.5
per cent,  (iml.l
1st of December.
111(13) $149;426 00
Dividend No . 68.
6 per cent, (payable 1st June,
1U04)   _   149,768 04
$209,104 04
213.688 00
Transerred   to   Rest Account.
TViilten oil BHnk Premises and
Furniture  Account _    25,000 00
Biihin.e of    Account  carried
forward  ____.—,__  140,606 56
$078,488 601
Balance at credit of account,
3 let May, 11103, brought
forward   ... ,_. ...
Premium      received " on    New*
Capital  Stock  	
Fronts for tbe year ended
Mav Slat, 1904, after deducting charges of manage
ment and Interest due d*>
iiositers, and after making
full provision fnr all bad
and doubtful debts, and
for rebat* on bills under
discount __»___„_, _
$160,886 27
18,688 00
504,414 83
$678,488 60
$2,636,812 00
218.688 00
Balanc* at Credit of Account,  31st May     1903   _
Transferred  from   Profit and  I^»ss  Account _ _..,
Premium on New Cupllul Stock  _  $  18,688 00
From Probls ol th* year _ .„ ._ -_ ._ ... 200,000 00
$2,850.11(10 00
Twenty-ninth Annual Balance Sheet, 31st May 1904
Notes of th*
Bank In
circulation. $2,607,740 00
D e p o s Us
not      bearing  Interest      $ 4,247.672 11
D e p 0 s I ts
bearing Interest (including Interest accrued to
date)   _   _ 17,596,949 38
Deposits by other Banks ln
nada _ _ .
21.844,621 49
104.881 98
_s\r«»    You    Building T       tf   — o,    uao
Thai  __»»-»*  Building Paper is/Hade.
It ls vsry much strougsr and thicker than any other (tarred or h«ltd-
Ing) paper. It Is impervious to wind, keeps out cold, keeps In heat, carries no smell or odor, absorbs no moisture, Impiirts no taste or ilavor te
anything with which t comes In contact. It Is largely us.-d not only for
shsetlng houses, lm'. fur lining cold storage bulldlngo, refilgarators, dairies, srsamsrles, and all places whore tiie ohici-t Is to keep an evea and
»alf*rm tsmperature,  and  at th* same time avoiding dampness.
Writ* our Agents, TEES * PERSSE, Winnipeg, for s-mplas.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
Total liability to ths public $24,557.140 47
Capital Stork (paid up)   ...    8.000,000 00
Host Arcount$2,850.0u0 00
Dividend No.
1st June
1004) 8 por
cent.  _    ....    149,768 04
Rebate on
bills discounted   ,., 62,576 nl
Balance ol
Profit and
Loss Account carried   forward      140,606 66
-    $.202,947 6a
More than half tho battle in
cleaning greasy dishes is in the
loap you use. If it's Sunlight Soap
h'» the best. «■
Nn   ninn   reuclicH   tho ntftRe   of li-i
iiinph lint by the Step- of li-inl.
Virtue mny lie Hh own i'cwiii'il_ In
il is not ils own advertising nceni.
Worry     is     thn   worst
coiiios to onr doors.
noli    Unit
Instantly and
accurately lock
to nonpareil or
pica measure.
Note the brace
on side. : t : i
Nickel Plated
.25 cents
$30,700,097 09
CloM   and   ..liver   Coin 9   703,089 80
Dominion Uov-
i* 1  n in «ut
Notes ....  2,807,838 00
with the l.o-
Govvrnmeut for
of    iiola    rinu-
chequei   on
m'i 1.1 iLy
Nnii"*    of    and
<i r    llanka
Unlit met    due    from    other
Buiiki in    Canu'iu ...
JUuluncea    due    from Affent*
in    tu..    United    Kingdom
Balancou due    from    Agent*
in   foreign    Coun trie*   ....
$3,0.19.437 30
140,000 00
1,031,001 20
849,888, 00
878,069 24
1,291,815 45
$0,tiJ 1,090 81
Dntninton   and
1* r o v ini'inl
<1 o verninvnt
MCUrliiw  ....$1,057,804 83
Caniuiiun Municipal     biH-uri-
tlM,   and in *t-
l«h  or    l-'or- .
«ign   or   Co-
lonUl     puMio
■ 1 t  u mice
other      than
Oanudlan        .   1.493,308 84
ltailuny       n n d       •>
otlwr      bondi
1» -  he ii lurts
an.I       StOOkl   1 ,.-".73,318 75
 -4,133.983 41
(Mil nfii Short I_onns on
Hloi km Ltd Honda In
Cain.da   3,013.760 08
$13,667,828 80
OIImt   Current   Loena, Dla-
OOUnta and ndv.mr-ea ,. . 10,433,163 Of
Over duo  liebta   (losa pro-
"Wod  for)    13,804,94
Keiil     f'lt'p     other   tlmn
Bunt.  preiulRM   tS.Sfll 10
Uortifaeet*   on   real eatote
no Id hy th* Hunk  03,888 15
Hunk     premises,    (ncludtnjar
huf-n,    vaulti    and  oIWvb
Fiirnlfurp  nt   Head  Ofllre
and   Hrnnehea   080,088 79
Othor aftafta, not Included
under  foregoiiif,  heodi  ... 11,413 82
f nn.700,007 09
Ti    It.   V. il.MK,   General   Manatrer.
rir-l   iHiiinimoiirilv.
reported the followln-r aentlemen
vi/.— 1' U. Merrltt, 1). ft. WUkie,
Wm.    Hmidrle,    Jamea     Kerr     ()■•
The uruiiI mottone were euhmltted and <n
The .Si.MjtineerH appoiuteii  at  the  meeting
duly H-H-ipd Directors for the ensulna year,
Wm. Katnsiiy, Uobert JnfTruy. Klias KO«era(
borne, Ofaarlei Cockahutt.
At a  Hui.ti'ipifii   Meeting of the Direrlor*.  Mr. T II. Merrltt waa elected  Preei-
dent,  and  Ur.  I),   it.  Wiikiu Viie-1'i.-si,].' r the .-tmuinK year.
I).   It.   u Il.MK.  General Uanarar.
Toronto.   June   16th.   1904 	
Kicking rnisi'N nothing Imi dust.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Lamhermaa'a. FrlenfL
II,' wlin will  nut  CMoo
must   In:
Japan is still trying to pny a call
nn l'ni't Arthur, lint tlio ltiissiuns in
Hist, Hint  they nni not receiving.  ■■ -■
W    N    U    No      487
■_________■ m
- -:-~
fit.  Pleasant  Advocate.
(fatttSblished April 8,1899.)
•Mrs, R-. Whitney, Publisher
"Omoi: Hat: Westminster avenue,
jENousn JOtrtcf—80 Fleet street,
^xMMO'ttLB. C.,  England Where a
Met). *'%e Advocate" Is kept for
Tel. 61405.
fabecription $1 a year   payable,  ih
Advance.    ',
B cents a Oopy.
Notices of Births, Marriages, anil Deaths
published free of chnrge.
For ell  City Adver-
tiiFag) like South Vancou-
\Xf Municipal  advertizing
coiisult    The   Advocate.
Vancouver, B. C,  Sept.,.., 1904.
Ht. Pleasant is now wanting a Bank
Mauy business men would appreciate a
bank on the  Hill,   and   we anticipate
that a branch of some local Bank will
'Roon bo established.
^-.trough the compliments of the
Anther, Rev. Father A. G. Morice, a
Very interesting pamphlet contain ng
the history of the "Nah-aue aud Their
Language," has beeu laid on our desk
Mr. John Moore of £88 Teuth .venue,
east, died Thursday night after, an
llluess of about two months. The deceased Was (18 years of age.. The fnucral
■will take place this Saturday aftoruoou.
The death '* TOCMiftd, Friday lust
of the six-mOutu's-olcL. son
of Ml', aud Mrs. Harris, after an illness
of uiue days. The funeral took place
trout the home of Mrs. McLachlau,
Jiuother of Mrs. Harris), Fifth avenue,
ou Saturday afternoon last. Mr. Harris
is absuut iu the East making it particularly sad for Mrs. Harris, who has the
sympathy of a large number of friends
on Mt. Pleasaut, where as Miss Christie
McLnchlau she wns well-known and
The fuueral of the late Walter Black
took place from the family residence,
Tenth avenue, east, oil Tuesday afternoon, The deceased who was about 54
years of nge and feeble- minded, wandered awny froui home ou Tuesday morning of last week and wns not found until
early Sunday morning, in nu old hotel
at Aliceville, between Unmet nud .Port
Moody. He was iu the Inst stages of
denth from starvation, and was taken 10
Iho Royal Columbian Hospital, New
Westminster, where ho expired on Sunday morning. A widow, one single ifnd
five married daughters und two sons are
teft to mourn his death. Waltei Black
was well known on Mt. Pleasnnt, and
b.v trude was 11 stonemason,
Cash or Terms.
See   our   Baby BuggtOs    before
you purchase elsewhere. We have
them fitted with best steel springs
at $11
Bedroom Suits from $20.50
Couches from $7.85
Chairs, Rockers, Iron Bedstends,
Carpet Squares, in fact, everything iu
the liue of Furniture, Call and inspect
our stock.
Our   Grocery   Deportment
is iu full swiug at Rockbottoni Prices.'
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1206
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
Wt» hckUowl.tlgu Willi tllniil.- an
Invitation from the President and Executive Board of the British Columbia
Agricultural Association, to attend the
Exhibition to be held at Victoria, B. C,
from September 27th to October 1st.
The death occurred at 1 p. m., Sunday
last of Marjory Partington, the infant
daughter of Mr. und Mrs Partington,
176 Lnnsdowuc aveuue. The fuucml
took place Monday moruiug, the Rev.
G. H. Wilsou, Hector of St. Michael's
Church, officiating.
•.-'•4i_v_i.tli itveuu., between Westminster hvc
,.:uneauilQuebec street. £_.1_VIC1.Sat 11 a.m.,
. .»iul 7:.10p.m..; Sj_cil-y S-liool ut 2:-ll p.m.
, llev. A. .V,'. McLeoil, Pnstor.   Residence (89
-Hlxlh avenue, east.
Comer.f Nint and Westminster avenues.
.-'__l.vli.-KH m 11 a. ra., and 7 p. m.; Sunday
Scho-iland Bible Class '_:-- p.m. Ituv. A. K.
Hetherlngton, 11. A., B. D., Pastor.
Parsonage 123 Eleventh avenue, west. Telephone 11121'-.
Junction of Westminster avenue and Weak
inlniMr road.    SERVICES at 11 a. in., and
."7:S0 p.m.; Sunday School at_:SU p.m.   Rev.
't Qeo, A. Wilson, 11, A., Pastor.   Manse i-omer of
'eighth avenue and Ontario street.   Tol.'lOOfl
8t Michael r, (Anglican).
l-ornsr Westminster road anil Prince Edward
street, services at 11 a.m., and7!80 p.m.,
'' Holy Communion 1st and ad Sundays in each
' month alter morning prayer, 'id and lth Sun
ila.-s at.ti. 111.   Sunday  School  at _:-0  p.m.
Rev. O. II. Wilsou, Reelor.
keelory 37. Thirteenth avenue, east. Telephone 111799.
Advent Christian  Ohuroh  (not7tli day Adventists) corner Ninth avenue and Westmin-
' ster road.   Services 11  a. in., mul 7:30 p.m.,
Sunday School at   10 a.m.     Youiik  peoples'
■' Society of Loyal Workers of Christian Enil.n-
vor meet, every Sunday evening ul <i:i- o'clock.
Prayer-meeting Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock.
-Young Peoples Societies.
' '-, Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 15_uiiuu.es to 7,  every Sunday
( evening iu Advent Ckristinu Ohuroh,
Corner Ninth nve. and Westmiuster Rd.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
r Methodist Church nieces nt 8 p, 111.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in   Mt. Pleasant
. Baptist Church at 8 p. 111.
,,IlU Y. P..S. C. E., meets at 8 p. 111
j i» Mt.Pleasasant Presbyterian Ohurel
The death of Mrs. Typbeua Low i
cured at 10 p. 111., Snturday last, at the
residence of her daughter, Mrs. S. E.
Manuel, eoruer of Twefth aveuue und
Mnuitoba street. Deceased was 87 year
of age, and had only resided iu Vancouver about ten months. She leaves a
husband, aged 87. nud several children
besides a number of grand-children and
greatgrand-childreu. The    funeral
look place Monday afternoon at 2o'e]ock
fi'om the residence of Mrs. Manuel, the
atteuduuee being large and the floral
tributes were mauy aud beautiful. The
funeral arrangements were iu charge of
Armstrong & Edwardos. Rev. A. E.
Hetherington assisted by Kev. R. N.
Powell conducted the services.
The result to be derived from continuous advertising cau uot be overestimated. The person or tirm who desires to
have their business grow nnd expand
must continue to advertise. Tbe adver
tising yon did yesterday will help your
advertising of today aud the advertising
of today will help that of tomorrow
and so ou indefiuitely.
It is claimed that 99 percent of sue
cessfnl advertisers are advertising eon
tiuually. They are ever ou Iho lookout
for business, and they keep their adver
tisemeuts before Iho pnblic because it
brings thorn business. With them ad
vertisiug is not considered a luxury, but
a necessity. The mau who expects hii
advertising to bring business or to
crento comment immediately, unless the
advertisement is oue of a series, is as
foolish as the man who finds fault witb
the water because it docs not start to
boil as soon as he builds 11 lire uuder it
Continuity is strength Therefore, that
person who would add .strength to his
business must keep it before the public
coiiti monsly.
If you seek a missing friend or relative, yon niiiy lonru something to your
advantage by addressing Tire American
Tracer, Hnzeltou, Iowa, U. S. A.
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
cjBee Wheu Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and lth Mondays of the mom h
,001*1* Vancouver, I. O.  F.,  meets at
'  Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19,   I.O.O.F.
' meets at 8 p. 111.
Vancouver   Council   No.  21 In,   Can-
ftiiinu Order of Chosen   Friends meeti
jH>e ,(l and Mb Thursdays of the month
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of  the
MiM-i'iilH'i'H holds its regular meetings on
the 1st, and !]<1 Fridays of the month
Among tbo peoples of the world the
, jlwigs nre alone in having no language
''fhajr'c»u call their own. According to
a repent visitor to tiia little country,
(.bout throe-fourths of tho people of
' (rfwitzciiniji! speak German, while the
'ri>njnir.<ler divide four other laugueges
• mining t-liem--mniuly French ami
■Italian—ihe languages varying lis n
fule, according to the proximity of the
f(.nipto to each country whoso tongues
lie-p speak. Public (loeiinieuts nnd
li.iilncH tiro printed in both French and
'i_Joruinu. In the Swiss National Fnr-
.Jliuneiit fho members' malic their
*_)-Hio|ius either in French or Gorman,
for nearly nil the members understand
both lMiigungos The orders of the president arc translated by uu uflicial inter
'pri't.;r and famished to the newspaper
.iu bojb languages.
Backed up by over a third of a
century of remarkable and uniform cures, a record such as no
other remedy for the diseases
and weaknesses peculiar to
women ever attained, tho proprietors and makers of Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescription
now feel fully wa ranted in offering to pay $500 in legal
money of the United States for
any case of Leucorrhea, Female
Weakness, Prolapsus or Falling
of Womb, which they cannot
cure. All they ask is a fair and
reasonable trial of their means
of cure. All correspondence
held sacredly confidential.
If you require medical advice
don't fail to write Doctor R. V.
Pierce who will givo you the
best advice possible. Address
Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets
are a ladies' laxative. No other
medicine equals them for gentleness and thoroughness.
L. O.
Iu the Seattle "Times," Aug. 28th,
Mrs. Marion B. Baxter, the well-knowi
writer and Deputy Supreme Command
er of the Ladies of the Maccabees of
the World, writes of the triennial
meeting of tho Supreme Hive of the
Order held iu Detroit recently. Mi-
Baxter says i
"The members of this body were
representative. They were thoughtful
forceful and cultured Women—well
gowned aud at ease. They erne from
every state iu this Union and from tin
territories and provinces in Canada.
They were iu every sense choice women.
They were able to offer motions and
discuss them—and each woman there
was a clear-cut individual, competent to
do her own thinking, und courageous to
the point of standing alone in defeuse of
ber  convictions if necessary. * * * * *
Oue of the prettiest sights of thnt
convention was wheu the Canadian
women, under the British flag, and Ihe
American women, under the Stars and
Stripes, snug—"My Country, 'Tis of
Thee," and "God Save the King "
Then followed n most remarkable
scene—a scene that whoever witnessed
will not soon forget! While yet the
song- lingered—some one displayed the
flags of Ireland, Germany and France,
iind as the flogs were borne around the
hall women kissed them. They were
thinkiug of their home land.    Memory
News  Items  In.eret.t-.
The appointment of Earl Grey as
Governor-General of Canada to succeed
Earl Miiito hns been confirmed by His
Majesty King Edward.
Directoire oowns are quite too
faseiuatiug. One must have au erect
carriage aud be smurtly corsetted to
to carry thorn off, for tbey are nothing
if uot dashing, elegant, swaggering,
iucroyable. A sweeping skirt of puce
colored cloth, gathered aud plain, has a
Directoire coat of green corded silk with
paste buttons and lace wrist rnn.es, its
Directoire collar and lapels faced with
black satin. There is a high double-
breasted waistcoat, very sbarpely pointed, of puce, white nnd greou striped
gros grain silk with tifly green and
maroon embroidered bouquets, this too
with paste drops for buttons; while a
stock and erova* of plaited white liueu
lawn completes tbe neck arrangements,
its frills tucked loosely inside the bulging top of the waistcoat A beige chip
hat trimmed with a black satin band
aud heaped on the front with n panache
of blnck tips is the correct headdress for
this costume.
Checked wools arc quaint iu green
and white or gurnet nnd white, trimmed with bunds of whito cloth upon
which hnvo been embroidered Grecian
bauds of black velvet baby ribbon.
Bond of plaited clolh bound with Velvet
ure much used ns trimming ou cloth
gowns, fastened across Iho shoulders,
outlining the bolero nud hems of tho wide
sleeves and flouueed skirt, sometimes
its binding leaving the edge free in nn
inch-deep frill.
Such a pretty picture wns n fashionable singer at a recent mo-icale in a
white lnce gown trimmed with wide flat
plaitcd.puilings of pink inonsseline, that
in places swirled inlo large rosettes fixed
iu the centre with a. white guipure rose
with flutteriug petals. Sho wore a
little shawl of white lace bordered with
a bice niche veiling her bare shoulders,
delicionsly drupiug the waist, and iu
front falling in two slender points, a
large .piuk rose at tlie base of the square
In very good style is a champagne
etnniine of line texturo trimmed with
Pompadour silk The skirt hns three
tucks three inches wide, posed so that
the third one falls across the knee line.
Over ench tuck lies a headband of flowered taffeta, turned over on ench eud
nnd shirred into lliree rows. These
bauds are five inches wide. A contce of
tho  same  etiuniuo  iii   tho   charmi:
Argyle House
Special Bargains
For Another
Children's Pinafores, worth 20c, for  1.0 each; worth 30c  for 20c ench;
worth Sob for 2.">e each.
Prints, worth <!_c for 5c a yard; worth I2l_eforI0c; worth 15c for 12^c.
Zephyr Ginghams, worth 10c for 7l_e a yard; 12'_c for 10c; 15c for 12i_c.
Chnnibniys, worth 15c for 12'_o a yard
White Lawns, 10c, I5c. 20e, 25c and 86c a yard.
White Cottons, 5c, 7J^c, &%o, 10c, 12»h'c aud 15c n yurd.
White Sheeting Twill, 2 yards wide, worth UOe for 25o a yard.
Pillow Cottons, 10c, 17J_c, 20c nud 25c a yard.
Flannelette Blankets !)0c a pair.   White Quilts 50c, .oo, (1, $1.25 and np.
Flnuuclettes, plain colors and stripe, 20 yards for 11.00.
14 yds. Canton Flannel for $1.00.     Pillow Slips, 10c, 12'_e, loe, 20c eaoh.
Unbleached Table Linen, worth H5c yd. for SOe.    Bleached Table Linen,
worth 75c yd.  for (JOe.    Jul) liue of Liueu  Double Dnmnsk Napkins,
worth 15c for 10c ench.
Towels iu White nud  Unbleached Turkish, 5c, Tt_.o, 15o, 20o, 85o each.
Ladies' Black Cnslnnere Stockings, worth 35c nud 40c,  for 2,c a pair.
Boys' Heavy Ribbed Cotton Stocking, fust black, worth 35c for 25e a pair.
i    HftRMFB   400 Westminster Ave.
%Mm   nvniftn-i  Opposite Carnegie Library.
was taking them back across the years!
The strain wrs intense. Some were
weeping—others were laughing—aud
then suddenly a German woman begun
to sing, "Blessed Be the Tie that
Then followed n grouping of the flags.
uud .under   them stood  Mrs. Hollister,
uiiliiig and bowing, and Miss  Mnrciit,
declaring that by  the  lime  ihey met
aiu theie would be a flue representation from Euglaud, and that the woujen
must not rest until the order was
planted nronud ihe world. "
feature of this costume. It is open ill
front, showing a beautiful laco and
embroidery blouso, jobot-nnd stock.
The fronts of coatee are trimmed with
flowers cut from the silk, nnd applique
around ihe neck, front, and around
the bottom. Tho wide sloeves of
etnmiiie have a largo Louis xv. cuff,
which has tlie same applique of flowers
cut from silk
The despatches from Ottawa, are
filled with accounts of British Colurn-
but men's marvelousJJ markmanship
and capture of the majority of the
prizes at the D. A. R. Ranges.
Other victorious British Columbians,
tho Vancouver Rowing Club, which
returned from the Astoria, (CJre^'Rogut-
ta this week, after winning the fours,
singles und cauoe races.
The Officers nud uonCoinmissioued
Officers and meu of F Company will
tender their illustrious comrade Perry
a hearty welcome nnd banquet at the
Badmingtou Hotel, Mondny September
Telephone Numbers of  Local Ministers and Doctors.
E11700-   lie
111. Ill -It.'
ii. il. Wilson,(Aniflli'aii).
:. a. Wilson, (I'roR-vli'iiiin,)
A. R, Iletharlngton, (ilotnoillst),
-.-.ii- in-. R. '.uwrenro lidi-ln-.
11(1 * SB-Dr. Hr.vilnii.-Jiii'k.
"llll—111-. Cov.
N. Al
llllii.v-"Tlii. Advocate
Mulls li-nvi'.Ml.
and S (i. in.
I'll'KSlllll   I'l
7(111 -Ml. riciiMinl
Drill; Storo.
istoffl.'- nt 11 a.m.,
She came running ont of the house to
where two were talking ou the side-
walk, Tuesday evening: "Hello, Percy I
How's your cold'' It's uot Percy; oh,
it's Ralph?" Then sho ran Lack iiifli
the house.
If you know any items of Mt.Pleasant
news—Social, Persona] or any other
news items—seud tbem in to "The
Advocate," or by telephone— B1406.
Himd the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement ill this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for vour work
A Bubble Luncheon proved an uuique
idea for a cloudy dny. When the guests
entered the dining-room they found it a
bountiful scheme nf color in iridescent
tints. Little toy hnlioons in pale tints
of the rainbow colors wero used in
groups hei-c nud I here, upon the walls,
Ihe ilinpery nnd from the buffet, while
over the table there floated a big cluster
of I ho balloons mingled wilh the green
The centrepiece was a large tish globe,
tilled with aspin-.-igus plumosa, somen.
the frngtle green fronds drooping down
over the sides nnd others standing upright. Al out this China silk iu rainbow lints was crumpled artistically. A
little silk illusion over the silk softened
the effect and aided in blending the
colors. Hnlf hemispheres of lemon nnd
and currant jellies iu little green plates
Mere disposed here aud there, whilo at
each place tiny iridescent glass globes
held sailed almonds. The name curds
wire round bits of cardboard with
edges tinted in rainbow colors and tied
with rainbow bunches of bnby ribbon',
Ench course carried out a rainbow color,
either in the viands or dishes, lace pnper
doileys and littlo cropo paper enses
helping the Echeme along. After tho
luncheon a soap babbie game wns played with prizes and fun galore.
Go to McKinnon's, Burritt Rloek, for
Ice Cream ami pure homo made Cnudy.
Best French Sardines, 10c tin
Roast & Corn Beef, 15c a tin
No. 1 Tea 40c a pound
We are selling Fresh Cooked Ham—
the real thing for lunches, especially
when used along with our CAKES aud
PIES and all the other good things we
Wm Dm Nluir's
Mt. Ploasaut.
Pull-fresh |^g|f
Package    p   .
of SEEDS   ■Kl 1%JC
Vegetable or Flower—all  the
same. [JST Sweet Peas 30c lb.
It will puy yon to buy now
for uext Spring,
Nelson's  Drug &
Seed Stores
Corner Robsou mid Granville Streets,
and 035 Hastings Street.
As the oldest Jockey knows to his cost,
Full many a well won race Is lost
A brief half length from the wire.
And many a soul that has fought with
!.nd gained each battle, at last gives in
To sudden fierce despair.
A watchful eye and a strong true hand
Will carry us under the Judges' stand,
If prayer, too, does Its part.
And little by little the struggling soul
Will grow and strengthen and gain control
Over the passionate heart.
And vain seems    the effort of spur or
Or the hoarse, hot cry of the pallid lip,
"When once we have fallen back.
It ls better to keep on stirrup and rein
The steady poise and the careful strain
In speeding along life's track.
—Ella Wheel# Wlleox.
There came to the gates that are high
and wide
A man and a woman fair to see;
"Living nnd lost, or doomed and dead,"
(These were the u-ni-tls the woman Bald)
"Whither thou goeBt I follow thee."
And the man, as he bent    to her lips'
cool wine:
We who are Joined by the .right divine,
Joined in heaven or hell shall be."
But he who guarded the portals wide
Laughed—for he    knew the    man had
Hand In hand to the threshold red,
Craven and culprit fair to see;
But one drew  back.    "For    my soul's
(These  were the   words  he  fnlterlngly
"Enter llrst, as Ihou lovest me.
She raised the latch, and her Up_ were
"Mine    the    scorching    and  mine    the
Sweet Is the cup which    I drain for
The gates swung   out with a mighty
As the woman, smiling, passed through
By telling merchants they saw their
advertisements in The Advocate onr
renders will confer a favor nud help the
pnper greatly.
If you want to kuow what is
happening on Mt. Pleasant
read The Advocate—$1 a
year, 50c for six months,
For   local   uews   subscribe     for   THE
ADVOCATE only |1 for 12 months.
Rain % Shine Coats
XX/e HAVE the Biggest and
"^ Best Stock of RAINCOATS and OVERCOATS .hut
we ever hnd. They are all new
Fall Goods just opened, and we
believe we can fit and satisfy niue
theti Out of every teu who want
either a Raincoat or afl Overcoat.
The Raincoat is most popular,
because it is a Raincoat iu wet
weather and a Stylish Overcoat iu tho suu—a "Rain or
Shiue"   Coat.    Some   meu
get   along   with    a   smart
Overcoat uud an Umbrella
and some fortunate  fellows have both a Rniu-
cont and   Overooit as
well as nn Umbrella.
Here they all are anyhow: Raincoats, Overcoats, Umbrellas nud
all of them—the best thero is—
nud yon aro iuvited to como nud
.     OOOOOO
A. E. LEES & CO.,
Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
l. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. 19 meets every
Tuesday nt 8 p. ui , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Plensnut.
Sojourning brethren cordially iuvited
to attend.
Noble Grand—O. G. Keuuy.
R e c o R l) IN (i Secretary—T h o s.
Mackuy, Heather and Eighth avenue.
I. O. F.
Court Vaucouver  1328,  Iudepeudeut
Order of Foresters meets 2d and  4th
Mondays of each month nt 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—-W. G. Taylor,
227 Keeler slreet, City.
Recording Secretart—W. H. DeBou,
678 Tenth flvonue, c.'.st.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Orehau,
314 Prtnressstreet, City.   Telephone
Alexnudrn Hive No. 7, holds regular
Review 1st nud 3d Fridays of ench
mouth in I. O. O. F., Hull corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary    A.
Foote, 330 Niuth avenue, cast.
Vaucouver Council, No. 21 In, meets
every 2d and 4th Thursdays of curb
month, in I. O. O. F., Hall, corner
Soveuth aud Westminster avenues.
Sojourning   Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers,  Recorder,
___8 Westminster avonue.  Tei. 700.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,   Financial,   Press nnd
Advertisers'  Auents,
30 Fleet St., Loudon,  E. O,   England.
Coloninl Business a Specialty.
l-arL'c: Shaving
JCICK S Parlor.
Westminster Ave, uext Glasgow House
John Gillmnu, Proprietor.
Three Chairs, and u ilrstclnss Bath
Room  is rnn in connection  with   the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
orders promptly attended to,  niKiu  or
dny. ChHrgos moderate.
Office : 37 Hustings street, west,
Telephone Number 47(1.
Advertising is the educutlon of the
purchaser of the' merits of different
that which adds to his comfort and am-
consumer. It Informs the prospective
goods nnd brings him Into touch with
plIfleR his happiness.
The Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tel. B1405
Street  Railway   Time  Card. ,
From  Mt Pleasaut   to   English   Eny. ,
Via Davie Street
Hours Miuutes
*(!, 8, 9 a in., «, 18, 30, 42, M
10,11,12, I, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5, 15. 25, 35, 45, 56
6 p. iu 5, l.i, 25, 35, 54
7, 8, 9, 10   " 6, ;8, !.'0, 42, 54
* First ear leaves 8:110 (:   m.;  List car
leaves 10:54 p. in.
Via Rolsou  Street
Hours Minnies
*0, 7, 8, 9, n.  m , CO, 12. 24. 3(1, 48
10,11,12,  1,2,.'!, 4, 5   00, 10, .0, 31,. 40, 8Q'..
p. lu. (X), 10, 20, !.0j 42. 48
uud . I p. ui.
n, ui.; Lt'st car
7, 8, 9, 10
•First enr lei
lci.ves 11 p. ul.
From   English   Eny   (o   M„ I"'..(if. nt,
Via Rob-on Streot
Hours Min-.ii':-■
*6, 7, 8, 9 a. in.        00, 12, 24. 3(1, 48
10 " 10, 12, 24, 35.45, 55
11. 12, 1,2,3, 4. 5, (I    5, 15, 25. :.fi, 45, 55
7 p.m.       (1,24,30,4.
8,9. 10, **I1 pm.    1.0, 12, .4, Ul, 48
•First car lea\is 0:2-1 u. ui.    --Last cur
leaves 11 :'4 p. in.
Via Di.vii Street
li, IS, 30, 42, 54
0. 18, 30, 40, 1)0
00. 10, 20, :.o, 40, 50
00, 12, 18,30,42,1-4
6, 18, 30, 42, 54
*6, 7, 8, 0 a. m.
10 n  in.
11,12. 1,2, 3.4, ft, 0.
7  p, ui.
8,9. 10, **11 p.m.
•First-.car   leaves 8:30   a. nt.;
enr leaves 11:30 p. in.
First cur haves Ninth iivcuui nt 0 _.m.,
nnd every 10 minutes until Lust car
leaves Niuth i.venue nt 10:50 p in.
First cur leaves I'lirnll street at 6:10
a. m..; Second (iir haves C'nrr: 11 strict
at 8:30 a in , nud every 111 miuutes
until the Last car leaves Cnrrall street
at 11:20 p. in.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac,
Anvone senrlliiK a skotrb and rtcerlpllon nsr
quloklr ascertain our oiilnli.n Its- -netlisr on
Invention Is pn.luibly patentable. Coniniimli-a.
tl'.n* strictlycoiulili.iitIn!. Hnndbook on ratents
sunt f roo. Oldest siiency for necurlits_potent..
Patents takon 1-rouah Munn & Co. recelvs
ipfctal notf.0, without clinr.0, ln tbo
Scientific American.
A hnndiomoly UluBtrafo-1 week!-*--   I.nnri»t otr.
dilution of ftiiy flclt'iitlUi*- Juiirnnl.    Tiinm. $3 •
your; four montbi, $L Sold by ill new-idealen.
jeur; (our montbi
Branch Qfflco. ti-S V fit- Washl-irton,
If vou want a
-   -    Ring  up
Telephone  987
or  cull  around  at  the   Skin
.   Works,   HI 4    Homer   street.
In any ease yonr wants will roceive the
most courteous  nnd   careful attention.
>-'V-W%%-V%.'%-V-*W%%. '%%^%-%-V'%-«^^-V*V%'-%^\V%V%%*%>' 1
Cheap, Efficient Convenient,
is the Electric Light
s clean,
Always Ready,
No Odor, No Flamem
Now is the cheapest time to have wiring done and
fittings put in, before the busy season arrives.
The new rates now in effect make the Electric
Light   much  cheaper   than  a'ny other  light.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company,. Ltd.


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