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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Oct 28, 1905

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Thompson's Com Qme
A sure cure for Corns, Warts, Bunions,
Etc., 25c a bottle.
Manufactured by the Thompson Medical Company,
Toronto.   Guaranteed.   For sale only by the
Free Delivery to any port of the oity.  'Phone 700.
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three Jlonths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
3    OCT30W05     £f
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco.
Call at the    *    A   *    *   *
Three Point Cigar Store
■ 1—smimmemmmmmammsmmtmtmmmmmmimatsaamBmm^e
Established April 8th, 1890.   Whole No. 340.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,. B.   0„   Saturday,   Oct 28, 1005.
^__»___s~_____-___r   "
.)  Vol. 7, No. 80.   .
Local Items.
The McCuaig Auotion and Commission Co., Ltd., next toCarueige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Oondnot Auotion Sales aud handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phono 1070.
Mr. Otto Maretrand of the Vancouver
Breweries Ltd., returned this week
from a business trip to the Eootenny
The new buildiug in the school yard
is finished, and the children who conld
not be accommodated at tbe opening of
the term, started to school on ^Monday
antl, occupy the new building.
The pupils of South Vancouver Sohool
(Westminster road) received last week
the Diploma awarded them by Dominion
Exhibition authorities. They are justly
promt ot their success iu securing
thisrecoguitiou of merit.
Mr. T, F. Jull has the coulvoct for a
new store bnildiug for Mi Mulligan,
at the coruer of ciixlecuth und Westminster avenues.
Thompson's! Cold Cure—a guaranteed
cum for n eulil 111 'M hours. For sale at
the Mt. Pleasant Dim,. Storo.
the Summkh uud Fall styles for Meu,
Women, Misses uud Children, we have
opened up. Keiuombor tbu "Watchword" of this store—satisfaction or
your money refunded. R, MILLS,
the Shoe-man, 119 Hastings street, west
Grand Muster Workman, H. T
Dovlue; Past Grand Master Workman,
F. L. Budloug; Grand Foreman, A.
Gilchrist, left on Friday for Victoria, to
intend a banquet to be given by the
A. O. U. W. Lodges of Victoria ou Friday eveniug at tbe St. Francis Hotel.
McDowell's Syrup of Whito Pine, iu
large bottles, 500— the old relinblo cough
cnr.». For sale ouly by the Mt. Pleasaut
Drug Store.
"The Provinciul Educatloual Department has sour, ont a circular for the
information of Voters aud guidance of
Trustees,with reference to llie "Public
Sohool Act, J90u," which comes into
force in Junuiiry. All residents in tho
Rural School Districts should send to
Victoria for a copy.
Miss Villa Hull, pianist, is prepared to
take a limited numbor of pupils. Communications with Miss Hall ut the home
of Mr. Geo. P. Hicks, Eighteenth avenue, 00 Saturdays.
There was a lurge attendaucc at the
lecture giveu iu the Sit. Pleasnnt Methodist Church on Thursday evening by
Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton 011 "Chccoliuko
to Sourdough," or Early Kloudiko
Duys. Tho lecturer prefaced hi.-, lecture
with au account of tlie numerous gold
discoveries at vnrions periods since
1815. Mr. Iletbciiugtou's description
of a jouruoy to Dawson was illustrated
with muny fine views, and two routes
were shown and described, tbe White
Pass and the 1'lull.out Puss. Tbo
early menus of travel by pack, rufts,
boatb aud dog tcuuis with mauy humorous nnd pathetic incidents connected
therewith were given. Sceucos of
places where stops were made aud of
Dawson and Its buildings, streets and
surrounding country; mines and
methods of washing ont gold, miners'
homes and at their household duties,
river and mountain Bcenory, were shown
and the story of the early days In the
North with its humorous, sad and
serious story were graphically told.
During tho eveuing Mr. R. C
Sparling sang two solos, "The Soug
Divine," and tho "Klondike National
Mr. R. Sparling had charge of illustra
ting the lecture, aud all slides for the
lecture were made by him.
Just as Mr Hetheriugton finished his
lecture he called to Mr. Sparling to put
ont a blaze burning behind him and the
lantern, theu several began to cry
"Firel," but Rev. Mr. Hotheriugton
and Mr. Sparling kept the crowd quiet,
and the blaze was extinguished iu a few
momonts. The boat from the gas light
Just inside the entrance of the church
bod caused the ceiling of the vestibnlo
to catch fire it burnt through and tho
blaze appeared In the church just as the
lecture was finished.
j   NEW  YORK   j
OUR REPUTATION as Painless Dentists is shown by the daily
increase in onr practice.   We have gained a world-wide reputation with onr discovery, whioh, when applied to the gums,
teeth can be extracted absolutely painless.
Onr patients are so pleased with the results that they not only tell
their friends, bnt personally bring them to onr parlors thut they
may receive the same treatment. In this way, together with the
highost-olasB dentistry, done by onr Specialists, our practice has
gradually increased till we are second to none in practice.
By the use of onr Double Adhesive Suction Chamber we ifre able to
fit the most difficult casts. Where other Dentists Fail We Meet
With Success. If your teeth drop wheu yon try to eat with them,
or if you are afraid of thom striking the pavement when you sneeze,
there is something wrong; they do not fit. Our Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty and is Our Own Invention and can not be used by others.
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Bridge Work and all other Dental Work
doue, painleuB, and by Specialists and guaranteed for 10 years.
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1666.
Branoh Offloes coruer Abbott and Hastings streets. Tel. 2022.
Offlce Honrs: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.;  Sundays 9 a. m., to 2 p. m.
Mr.  Clarence Dougan  of   Gautbier
Island, is visiting his parents.
_______ ;o;	
Mr,   and Mrs.   Scott have recently
niovod from the city to Sixtli uveune.
:o:    -
If you miss The Advocate you miss
the local news.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harford leave
today |for Rnskin, B. C, where they
will reside.
Mr, Johu Campbell who hss been
visiting Mr. W. D. Muir, loft this week
for Kamloops.
■ :o:	
The Enroka Club held its regnlar
semi-weekly dance on Thursday evening in Oddfellows' Hnll.
Mr. Fraser of Thirteenth avenne, returned from a six mouths 11 bseneo iu the
Kootenny country, on Monday.
Dr. N. Allen has 1110veil his office
from Eighth avenne to corner of Seventh
and Westminster avenues, over Royal
Miss Alice Ross (Medallist of London
Acndemy of Music, England), will hold
Violin aud Piauo Class on Wednesday
afternoons nt tbe residence Of Mr. Noel
Ross, 122 Eighth aveuue, west.
The practice of runnin;; two, three
nud four ears across tli" Westminster
nveuue bridge ought uot to be allowed
Bridges which are old und slinky ciUi
uot be safe. The Westminster nveuue
bridges shnnld be replaced with a
safe stouc or steol bridge without delay.
By properly adjusted glasses Dr.
Howell at tho Burrnrd Suuiiuriuui Ltd.,
relieves eye strain wliich causes head-
ncho nud other nervous troubles.
The pastor, Rev. Herbert W. Pieroy,
will preach at both services on Sunday.
Morning subject: "The 'Truth,' is a
l'm-soii." Evening subject: "The First
" Young Men's Bible Class at 2:30 p.m
Mrs. Cochener of Viotoria, has been
the guest of Dr.* and Mrs. Robt.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson of Indian
Head, Man., who are on their wedding
tour, visited Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Muir
this week.
Capt. Wm. Brown of Seventh avenue,
east, has returned from the North,
where he has been on a fishing cruise all
Mrs. T, F. Jull of Niuth avenue, east,
is fully recovered from her receut severe
illness and tbe operation she underwent
at the Hospital.
FOR RENT: a flat of 4 rooms in a
new building. Apply "Advooata"
Thompson'j Sedlitz Powders, fresh
aud fizzy, 25c a box, at tha Mt. Pleasant
Drng Store.
Miss Flora Wilsou of Springfield,
Mo., arrived on Sunday last, and will
make her home with Mrs. J. B. Dongan
of Ontario street and Fifteenth avenue.
Miss Alice McKinstry of Toronto,
Ont., will spend the winter with her
Bister Mrs. Joseph, Hatch, Cemetery
road. They have not met each other
fnr twenty-one years.
"Cai'AXino," by Wilfred G Astle; the
latest t wo-step published. Sent postpaid
ou receipt of 25o. Astle Music Pub. Co
2012 *>V estininster ave , Vaucouver, B. C
The Thanksgiving Concert in Mt.
Plensaut Presbyteriuu Chnaoh was a
pleasnut affair Thursday evening. Solos,
ehnrnses and readings formed entertaining features of the program wliich was
concluded with appetizing refreshments
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
STORE. Tel. 447.
We have just received a carload of First-class  Chilliwhack
Potatoes which we are selling at OOc per sack.
Local Spuds 80c per sack.
No. 1 Creamery Butter in small boxes.     Apples 60c per box.
2425 Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
SInt Central Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 054.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ■*■££_£*••
Look-out gj/fc '****#.
to he had in Vancouver this week.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone 1360.
Costume Special.—15 only Ladies'
dark grey and brown, clearing at
Thompson's Toothache Drops—a sure
cure for the toothache. For sale at Mt.
Plensaut Drug Store.
"Tho Advocate" wishes any carelessl
ness in delivery reported to the Offlce;
telephoue ill-ion.
Wo have the vory cream of the best
Canadian and American designs and
makes iu the Summer nnd Fall Btylos
of shoos for Men, Women, Misses and
Children R. MILLS, 110 Hustings
Btreet, west.
A wagon load of gravel, a team of
horses and the driver went through the
old woodeu bridge ou Eleveuth avenuo
on Monday about 6 p. ni. The driver
and horses escaped injury though they
dropped 15 or 20 feet iuto the ravine
Tho bridge bus been condemned for
sometime. Work of putting in a concrete culvert over the creek at Eleveuth
has beeu In progress for a week or more,
and teams engaged in hauliug material
have been driven on to tho bridge and
unloaded. At the time the bridge
collapsed it is reported there were 10 to
20 tons of material lying on it. There
wero men at work nnderueath tho
bridge at the time of the break-down
bnt safely escaped.
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thnrsday noon to insure their
Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton entertained
the Epworth League at the Parsonage.
Eleveuth avenue, on Monday eveniug.
"Among those present" was one who
sends the following nccount to
"The Advocate":
A Social Lettek.
The Social—well, whnt shall I tell you?
Too loug would it tako to write all.
Was it fun? I should say I For the first
Tbey made on the Doctors a call.
In old-timers' spelllug-match fashion
Two captains choso sides for thu gamo;
Oue side ills, one side remedies took,
And wore called ou to rend tho same;
Whilo tho player who laughed should go
Iu disgrace to tho otber side.
It is needless to any that tho curo
From the Doctors' dose differed wide.
Next were handed oronud to each ouo
Printed Proverbs to Illustrate;
Those drawings I   How can I describe
Ah, my faith 1 but they wero a "trate."
Who succeeded in guessing the most
Received a flue prize for their pains.
Their paius, did I say? Yes, I mean it—
' Twos an exercise for sharp brains.
Thou there followed  refreshments, of
And a Concert both short and sweet;
I can't Btop to toll you the numbers.
Good-bye.   Hope you'ro woll,
Your owu Pete.
Costumes in black, navy, cardinal,
Special Values in Children's Bearskin Coats.—Coats mado of white
bearskin, double-breasted and trimmed with large pearl buttons; Special
for $1.75 each We aro showing a very handsome lot of Childreu's
Cloth Ooats in all the latest styles and colors from $2.25 up.
*      A     Dfl-^-^ &  CC\     3o, 33 and 34 Cordova St. e>
a     f\e   I\\JJiJ VA. VUi, Telephone 574. A
A large shipment of CSUTr'S BISOUHS
direct from England. Best varieties; only 35c Bk.
Daisy Salmon, the pride of the Pacific Slope; 2 cans 25c.
Best of stock at best of prices at
The City Grocery Co. Ltd-
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 200.        Womtmlmttor Avo. A,
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?   Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
A*      Vancouver, B. C.   1
For Sale at all first-class Saloons,
delivered to yonr house.
t   Tel. 4a9      *
_iqnor Stores and Hotels or
* King's
3321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. A1200.      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Meats of All Kinds
Vegetables and  Poultry
Jf» m*. in season, sfa »*t
f^k/W'W***' %***«<%*'
20-ft. SACK SUGAR, $1.25
16- ft   Granulated Sugar  $1.00
Ogilvie's Flonr,  per sack $1.00
Lake of tho Woods Flour, pr sack, $1.00
Fresh Groceries at right
McKinnon & Gow,
146 Ninth Ave. Opposite No.S Fire Hall
Telephone Bl 443. Prompt delivery.
—particularly specifies that
should a watch not give satisfaction during the time ltts guaranteed! being fairly used, of course.)
the movement will be replaced
witb another of equal value.
We realize that if onr watches
give satisfaction, they will be
standing advertisements far ns
for years.
Men's Watches from $2.60 to $250.
Boy's      " "    $1.60 to   $14
Lndies'    " "    $0.75 to $125.
('■iris'       •• "    $2.75 to   $10
Corner Hastings and Granville Sts.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R.
The pastor, Rev. A. E. Hetberington,
will preach morning and evening on
Sunday. Morning subject: "Angelic
Models." Evening subject: "The
Tragedy of the Napkin," a sermon for
Epworth League on Monday eveuing
will be ln charge of the Pastor, subject:
"Personal Religion,"
'0091$ »°\*d    'SUUOJ
! suioo.1 9 »oi oUjmi ! ennsAV t|.u3A0g ho osuoq eojn B OAuq »M.—a 'N
•*»UES*e3id 'ijv 'anuDA-e J3}snim;s3^v oSvt
•_.-|U_lBV  39UBJIISU|   PUB   3|B|C3  |B>U
'•co s uosuieuH/X. H
•rasql ?noqu su bob vxm ouioo 'flnuo) isuo jCioa pus soiled mot;
■'lunpu.K'.ipii. num
-Hn.n-toAV u oTtrtm o. A'l.iiKlojd
Oqj ISfff 'ilUIIBAY  HJnJ'i-AiJ,
no B.oi pjpiiB.ds omoB OAiiq o_w
3AQH */W
Boot and Shoemaklng
and Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2464 Westminster avenne.
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $3,000,000.   Reserves $3,802,713.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
to 8 o'clock,
W. A. WARD, Manager.
On Mouday the Sunday School Class
of Miss Haug were omortatued at the
home uf Mrs. R. Copeland, Twelfth
avenue, In houor of tlio popular teacher,
who left ou Tuesday morning for her
home in Michigan. Tho following
address aud a token of romemberunoe
wore prei.ei!teil toM|ss Haug.
Vaucouver, B. O., Oct. 26, 1905
To Miss Christina Haug.
Dkak Teacher.-'-Wo the members of
your Sunday School Class have learned
with sorrow that you ore about to leave
our city for yonr home in Detriot.
Since your nppotutment ns teacher of
our Class you have ondeared yoursolf to
each of us. By yonr kindness aud
your interest in each one of us you have
won our love aud respect. Wheu yoa
go we will loso a kind friend, a true
Christian and nn apt teacher. We
kuow you will not forget us iu your
prayerB. Wo trust that Providence may
grant unto you a loug life of useful
labor in tho Vineyard of the Lord.
We ask you to accopt this small present as a token of our love uud esteem
for yon, hoping that it may remind yon
throughout tho yuirs to como of tho
happy Intercourse wo have had togethot
as taachor aud scholnrs.
Signod ou behalf of the Class—
Grace Stone,
For a Oanso of
Pool or Billiards
Drop In at
Mt. Pleasant.
WANTED;   by  Chicago   wholesale
lioimc, ppiMjSal rupruttents i .<■ f n h province
In i t'.iuMii. Salary fEIO mul espouseR nald
weekly __xpoii-.e money advanced, business
iiiri-CHSliil; position - permanent. No Invest.
in- i-,t 11 ipiii. -1 Previous experlcucc nol
'■'.-(. -nHiil io engaging. Andreas General
Manager, 1. _ Lake streot, CUicsgo. 111., I". 6. A.
Store and    *
Office Fixtures
A* a specialty
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
(Cabinet Maker.)
SHOP: 43 Eighth Aveuue.
'Phone B1206.    Ut. PLEASANT.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover und Timothy  Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Print's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Beefsornps, Etc.
STk'I -ri'l I Corner   NINTH avenue   A
Teleptiono   1 li 37.
At the residence of Mr. William
John.vin, -175 Eighth avenue, east,
on Monday evening, Mr. A.
Sharp, M. A. O. O. of Msryport,
Cumberland, Englaud, and Mips Ann
Calverly, dnuiiliter of Mr. John
Calverly ,T. P , Lndysmltb, II. O, were
united iu marriage by Rev. R. Newton
I. O. F.
There was an uunsnally large turnout of Foresters ou Mondny evening at
tho session of Court Vancouver, and
it was interesting throughout. A large
number of visiting brethren were
present Short aud spirited speeches
wore nTndo by Chlof Ranger, Bro.
Murphy, Brothers Pyke, Lamriok,
Grant, Johnson, of Court Bnrrard;
Chief Ranger, Bro. Rod way of Oonrt
Brockton; and Brothers Owens, Taylor,
Pengelly and Crehan of Court Vaucouver. Tho next mooting of Court
Vancouver will bu intensely interesting
as tbe old famous Foresters road will
be revived for the goat to travel over.
Advertise in "The Advocate."
Ou Wednesday evening at tbe First
Presbyterian Chnrch, tbe Rev. Dr.
Fraser united in uniirrlugu Mr. Win.
Ross, son of Mr. J. F. Rons ot Sixth
ovennu, uud Miss Etbel MoOrattau of
Calgary. The bridesmaid wns MikS
Margaret Ross, and Mr. Johu Ross,
brother of tbo groom, acted as best
mau. The bride arrived from Calgary
just bofore tho ceremony. Au excellent
wedding supper wus tendered the uow-
ly married couplu at the home of the
groom's father, Mr J. F. Ross of Sixth
avenue, east.
Mr. und  Mrs.  Wm.    Ross received
ninny  beautiful and  usoful  presents
Thoy will reside on Hastings street
Lewinoton.—Born to Mr. and Mrs
R. S. Lewingtnn, 128 Eleventh avenue,
Oct. 20th, a daughter.
Royal Crown
tbb Best in the Wobld. Drop
us a post cord asking   for   %    .
Catalogue of Premiums to ba
had   free   for Royal Orowm
Soap Wbappkm.
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavo*
meet at 16jminotes to 7, every Sunday
evening in Advent Christian Church,
corner Niuth nve. aud Westminster Rd.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Church meets at 8 p. m.
B. Y. P. U., meets in  Mt. Pleasan^
Baptist Chnrch at 8 p. in. .       . i'
Tho Y. P. 8. C. E., meets at $ p. a* •
In Mt.Pleasasant Presbyterian Church,
Electiioi.ysis I'.mi.oit of HoirdresH
ing, Manicuring, Facial Massage uud
Scalp Treatment for Ladles and Gentle-
men. Superfluous hair, warts aud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to overy
lady patron on "How to take care of
Sklu Food for building np the wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to pro
vent aud heal tiiiutmrii.
Madame IIO_PHbeyb, 580 Granville
The Canadian
Ban k0F Com merce
Deposits of One Dollar and upwitfdi
received aud interest allowed thereof),
Bank Money Orders issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. tn. to $ p. m,
Satukixays: 10 a.m. to 1$ m., 7 to 8 p.m.
East End Branch
144 Westminster     O. W. DURRANT,
aveuuo. Maraou.
South Vancouver Cranch
1H23 Granville stroet, Fnirview,
J R. FUTOHER, Acting Manage--,
Subscribers \vl»P foil to
get "The Advocate" on Satur,
dny morning please notify
this office.   Telephone B140JI sah.
Oi The Lore Story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor, the King's Sister, snd
' HsppentBg In the Reign of His August Majesty Kiig Henry the Eighth
-Lewri-t-O a_aS A snd.r.J Iota Modern __l.SU.ll rram  Sic Edwin
Cskoilen'. Ma_na_r
OopvrieM, !»»» «*4 mot, bv tA. Bm«n-Merria Company
ta%ie\ nothing lu answer to tbese outbursts, ns I had no consolation to offer.
Wc had two or three of our little
meetings of four, dangerous ns tbey
were, nt which Mary, feeling tbat each
time she saw Brnndon might be the
Inst, would sit and look nt blm with
glowing eyes tlmt ln turn softened and
burned ns be spoke. She did not tnlk
much, but devoted nil her time nnd energies to looking wltb her whole soul.
Never before or since wns there a girl
so much In love. A young girl thoroughly In Iovo Is tlio most beautiful
object on earth—beautiful even In ugliness. Imagine, then, what lt made of
.Growing partly, perbapB, out of his
nnattainabllity—for be was as far out
St her reach as she out of his—sbe had
long since begun to worship blm. She
hnd lenrned to know him so well, and
bis valiant defense of her ln Billingsgate, together with his noble self sacrifice ln refusing to compromise her ln
order to save himself, had presented
him to her ln so noble a light that she
had come to look up to him as her superior. Her surrender had been complete, and she found ln lt a Joy far exceeding that of any victory or triumph
sbe could Imagine.
The trouble begnn ln earnest with
tbo discovery of our meetings ln Lady
Mary's parlor. There was nothing at
all unusual In the fact that smnll companies of young folk frequently spent
their evenings with her, but we knew
well enough that tbe unusual element
ln our parties wss their exceeding
smnllncss. A company of eight or ten
young persons wns well enough, although It of course created Jealousy on
the part of those wbo were loft out,
but four—two of each sex—mnde n difference ln kind, however much we
might insist lt wss only ln degree, and
this, we soon learned, was tbe king's
Y'ou may be sure there was many a
Jealous person about tho court ready
to carry tales and tbat It was Impossible long to keep our meetings secret
among such a host as then lived ln
Greenwich palace.
One day the queen summoned Jane
nnd put her to the question. Now, Jane
thought the truth was made only to bo
^old, a fallacy Into which many good
people have fallen, to their utter destruction, since the truth, like every
otlier good thing, mey be abused.
Well, Jane told It all tn a moment
and Catherine was so horrified that sh»
was like to faint She went with her
hair-lifting horror to tbe king and
poured Into bis ears a tale of Imprudence and debauchery well calculated
to start bis righteous, virtue-prompted
Indignation into a threatening flame.
Mary, Jane, Brandon and myself
were at once summoned to the presence
of both their majesties and Bouudly
reprimanded. Three of us were ordered to leave the court before we could
■peak a word In self defense, and Jane
bad enough of her favorite truth for
once. Mary, however, came to our rescue with her coaxing eloquence and
potent feminine logic nnd soon convinced Henry that the queen, who renlly counted for' little wltb blm, had
made a mountain out of a very small
molehill. Thus the royal wratb was appeased to such an extent that the order
of expulsion was modified to a command tbat there be no more quartet
gatherings ln Princess Mary's parlor.
This leniency was more easy for the
princess to bring about by reason of
the fact that she had not spoken to her
brother since the day she went to seo
blm after Wolsey's visit aud bad been
so roughly driven off. At first, upon
ber refusal to speak to him after the
Wolsey visit, Henry wns angry on nccount of what ho called ber Insolence,
but as she did not seem to care for
tbat and as bis anger did nothing toward unsealing ber lips be pretended
Indifference. Still the same stubborn
silence was maintained. This Boon began to amuse the klug, and of lute bo
had been trying to be on friendly terms
again with bis sister through a series
of elephantine antics and bearlike pleasantries, wblcb were the most dismal
failures—that Is, In tho way of bringing nbout a reconciliation. They were
more successful from a comical point
of view. So Henry wns really glad for
•oinet hing that would loosen tbe tonguo
usually so lively, and for an opportunity to gratify bis sister, from whom
he was demanding such a sacrifice and
for whom be expected to receive no
less a price than the help of Louis of
France, the most powerful king of
Europe, to the imperial crown.
Thus our meetings were broken np,
and Brandon knew bis dream was over
arid thnt nny effort to see the princess
would probably result In disaster for
tbem both; for him certainly.
The king upon that same day told
Mary of the Intercepted letter sent by
ber to Brandon at Newgate and accused her of what ho was pleased to
term an Improper feeling for a lowborn
Mary at once sent a full account of
the communication Iu a letter to Brandon, who rend lt wltb no small degree
of Ul comfort as the harbinger of trouble.
"I had bettor lenve here soon or I
may go without my hoad," he remarked. "When that thought gets to working ln tbe king's brain, be will strike,
and I- shall fall."
Letters began to come to our rooms
from Mary, at flrst begging Brandon to
como to ber and then upbraiding him
because of bis coldness and cowardice
and telling blm that If be enred for ber
as she did for him be would Bee her
though he had to wade through Are
and blood. Thnt wns exactly where
tlie troublo lay. It was not Are and
blood through which he would bave to
pass; tbey were small matters—mere
nothings that would renlly hnve added
seat and Interest to tbe achievement
But the frowning laugh of tbo tyrant
who could bind him hand and foot, and
a vivid remembrance of tbe Newgate
dungeon, with a dangling noose or t
hollowed out block in tne near nac_-
1   lJk_.
1       ill'
/ (fl'
Poured toto his cars a tale of trapru-
dence and debauchery.
ground, were matters that would have
taken the adventurous tendency out of
even the cracked brain of chivalry Itself. Brandon cared only to fight where
there wns a possible victory or ransom, or a prospect of some sort at least
of achieving success.
So every phase of the question which
bis good sense presented told Brandon,
whose passion was as ardent though
not so Impatient as Mary's, that lt
would bo worse than foolhnrdy to try
to see her. He, however, had determined to see her once more before he
left; but as It could ln all probability
be only once, be wns reserving the
meeting until the last and had written
Mary that lt was their best and only
Sbe could not endnre Inaction, so she
did the worst thing possible. Sbe went
alone one nfternoon, Just before dusk,
to see Brandon at our rooms. I was
not there wben sbe first went ln, but
having seen ber on tbe way suspected
something and followed, arriving two
or three minutes after ber. I knew lt
was best tbat I should be present and
was sure Brandon would wish It
When I entered, they were holding
each other's bands ln silence. They
bad not yet fouud tbelr tongues, so
full and crowded were their hearts. It
was pathetic to see them, especially
tbe girl, who bad not Brandon's hopelessness to deaden tbe pain by partial
Upon my entrance she dropped his
hands and tnrned quickly toward me
with a frightened look, but was reassured upon seeing wbo It was. Brandon mechanically walked away from
her and seated himself on a stool.
Mary, as mechanically, moved to his
side and placed her hand on his shoulder. Turning her face toward me she
said, "Sir Edwin, I know you will forgive me when I tell you that we have
a great deal to say and wish to be
I was about to go wheu Brandon
stopped me.
"No, no. Caskoden, please Btay. It
would uot do. It would be bnd enough,
God knows, if tbe princess should be
fouud here with both of ub, but with
me alone I should be dead before morning. There ls danger enough as lt Is,
for they will watch us."
Mary knew he wns right, but she
could not resist a vicious little glance
toward me, who was in no way to
Presently we all moved Into the window-way, where Brandon and Mary,
sat upon the grent clonk end I on a
camp stool ln front of them, completely filling up the little passage.
"I can bear this no longer," exclaimed Mary. "I will go to my brother tonight and tell him all. I will tell blm
how I suffer and tbat I shall die lf you
aro allowed to go away and leave me
forever. He loves me, snd I can do
anything with him when I try. I know
I can obtain his consent to our—our—
marriage. He cannot know how I suffer, else be would not treat me so. I
will let him see; I will convince him.
I have In my mind everything I want
to say and do. I will sit on bis knee
and stroke his balr and kiss blm." And
sbe laughed softly as her spirit revived
ln the breath of a glowing hope. "Then
I will tell him bow handsome bo Is and
how I hear tho ladles sighing for blm,
and be will come around all rlgbt by
the third visit. Ob, I know bow to do
lt. I bave doue lt so often. Never
fear. I wish I bad gone at It long ago."
Her enthusiastic fever of hope was
really contagious, but Brandon, whoso
life wus at stake, bad bis wits quickened by the danger.
"Mary, would you like to see me a
corpse before tomorrow noon?" he ask-
"Why, of course notl Why do you
ask such a dreadful question?"
"Because, lf you wish \o make sure
of lt, do what you have Just said—go to
the king nud toll blm nil. I doubt lf
ho could wait till morning. I believe
he would awaken me at midnight to
put me to sleep forever—at the end of
a rope or ou a block pillow."
"Ob, no; you nre all wrong. I know
wbnt I enn do with Henry."
"If that Is the case, I say goodby
now, for I shall be out of England, lf
possible, by midnight. You must promise
me that you will not only not go to tbe
king nt all about this matter, but that
you will guard your tongue, Jealous of
Its slightest word, and remember with
every breath that on your prudence
hniigs my life, which, I know, ls dear
to you. Do you promise? If you do
uot, I must fly. So you will lose mo
one wny or tho otber lf you tell the
king—cither by my flight or by my
"I promise," snid Mary, with drooping head, the embodiment of despair,
all life and hope hnving left ber again.
After a few minutes her face brightened, and she asked Brandon what ship
be would sail ln for New Spain, and
"We sail ln the Koyal Ulna from
Bristol," he replied.
"How many go out ln her, and are'
there any women?"
"No, no!" he returned. "No womnn
could mnke tbo trip, and, besides, on
shipB of tbat sort, half pirate, half merchant, they do not tnke women. The
Bailors are superstitious about lt and
will not sail with them. Tbey say
tbey bring bad luck—adverse winds,
calms, storms, blackness, monsters
from the deep end victorious foes."
"The Ignorant creatures!" cried Mary.
Brandon continued, "There will be a
hundred men lf the captain can Induce
so many to enlist."
"How does one procure passage?" Inquired Mary.
"By enlisting with the captain, a man
named Bradhurst, at Bristol, where the
ship ls now lying. Thero ls where I
enlisted by lotter. But why do you
"Oh, I only wanted to know."
Wo talked awhile on various topics,
but Mary always brought tho conversation back to the same subject tho
Royal Hind and New Spain. After
nsking many questions sho snt ln Bl-
lence for a time and then abruptly
broke Into one of my sentences. Sbe
was always Interrupting me as lf I
were a parrot
"I have been thinking and bnve made
up my mind what I will do, and you
shall not dissuade me. I will go to
New Spain with you. That will be
glorious—far better than tbe humdrum life of sitting at home—and will
solve the whole question."
"But that would be Impossible,
Mary," said Brandon, Into whoso face
this new evidence of her regard bad
brought a brightening look; "utterly
Impossible. To begin wltb, no woman
could stand the voyage, not even you,
strong and vigorous as you are."
"Oh, yes I can, and I will not allow
you to stop me for that reason. I could
bear any hardship better than tbe torture of the last few weeks. In truth,
I cannot bear this at all. It ls killing
me; so what would lt be when you arc
gone and I am the wife of Louis?
Think of tbat Charles Brandon; think
of that when I am the wife of Louis.
Even lf the voyage kills me, I might
as well die oue way as another, and
then I would be with you, where lt
were sweet to die." And I had to sit
there and listen to all this foolish talk!
Brandon Insisted: "But no women
are going. As I told you, they would
not take one. Besides, how could you
escape? I will answer tbe flrst question you ever asked me. Tou are of
'sufficient consideration about tbe
court' for all your movements to attract notice. It ls impossible. We
must not think of lt. It cannot be done.
Wby build up hopes only to be cast
"Oh, but lt can be done.. Never doubt
lt I will go, not as a woman, but n .i a
men. I bave planned all the details
while sitting here. Tomorrow I will
Bend to Bristol a sum of money asking
a separate room ln the ship for a young
nobleman who wishes to go to New
Spain Incognito, and will go aboard
Just before tbey sail. I will buy a
man's complete outfit and will practice
being a man before you and Sir Edwin." Here she blushed so that I
could see the scarlet even ln the gathering gloom. She continued: "As to
my escape, I can go to Windsor, and
then perhaps on to Berkeley castle,
over by Reading, where there will be
no one to watch me. You can leave at
once, and there will be no cause for
them to spy upon me when you are
gone, so It can be done easily enough.
That ls lt I will go to my sister, wjio
ls now at Berkeley castle, the other
side of Reading, yon know, and that
will make a shorter ride to Bristol
when we start"
Tbe thought, of course, could not but
please Brandon, to whom, ln the
warmth of Mary's ardor, lt bad almost
begun to offer hope, nnd he said musingly: "I wonder lf lt could be done?
If lt could—lf we could reach New
Spain, we might build ourselves a
home ln the beautiful green mountains
and hide ourselves safely away from
all the world, ln tho lap of some cozy
valley, rich with nature's bounteous
gift of fruit and flowers, shaded from
the hot sun and sheltered from the
blasts, and llvo ln a little paradise all
our own. What a glorious dream, but
It ls only n dream, aud we had better
awake from lt!"
Brandon must have been Insane.
"No, no! It ls not n dream," Interrupted   downright  determined   Mnry.
I had to sit there and listen to all this
foolish talk/
"It is not a dream. It shall be a reality. How glorious It will bel I can see
our little bouse now nestling among tbe
hilts, shaded by great spreading trees,
th pills 4
witn nowers ana vines ana goiaen
fruit all about lt, rich plumagod birds
and gorgeous butterflies. Oh, I cnn
hardly wait! Who would live ln a
musty palace when one has within
reach such a home, and that too, with
Here it was again. I thought thnt interview would be the death of me.
Brandon held bis face ln his bends
nnd then, looking up, said: "It ls only
a question of your happiness, and, hard
os the voyage and your life over there
would be, yet I believe lt would be better than life with LouIb of France.
Nothing could bo so terrible as tbat to
both of us. If you wish to go, I will
try to take you, though I die ln the
attempt. There will be ample time to
reconsider, so that you can turn back
lf you wish."
Her reply was Inarticulate, though
satisfactory, and she took his hand lu
hers as the tears ran gcutly down her
cheeks, this time tears of Joy, the flrst
she had shed for many a day.
In the Siren country again without
wax!  Overboard and lost!
Yes, Brandon's resolution not to see
Mary was well taken, If It could only
have been as well kept Observe ns
we progress Into whut the breaking of
lt led him.
He had known tbat lf he should but
see her once more bis already toppling
will would lose Its equipoise, and he
would be led to attempt the Impossible
and invito destruction. At flrst this
scheme appeared to mo ln Its true
light, but Mary's subtle feminine logic
made lt seem such plain and easy Balling that I soon began to draw enthusiasm from her exhaustless store, and
our combined attack upon Brandon
eventually routed every lestlgo of caution and common sense tint even be
bad left
Siren logic has always been Irresistible and will continue so no doubt despite experience.
I cannot define what lt wns about
Mary tbat made her little speeches,
half argumentative, all pleadlug, so
wonderfully persuasive. Her facts
were mere fancies, and her logic was
not even good sophistry. As to real
argument and reasoning, there was
nothing of either ln them. It must
have been her native strength of char
acter and Intensely vigorous personality—some unknown force of nature operating through her occultly—that
turned the channels of other persons'
thoughts and filled them wltb her own
will. There wns magic ln ber power,
I nm certain, but unconscious mnglc to
Mnry, I am equally sure. She never
would have used it knowingly.
There was still another obstacle to
Which Mary administered her favorite
remedy, the Gordlnn knot treatment.
Brandou said: "It cannot be. You are
not my wife, and we dare not trust a
priest here to unite us."
"No," replied Mary, with hanging
head, "but we can—can find ono over
"I do not know how that will be. Wo
Bhall probably not find one—at least I
fear.   I do not know."
After a little hesitation she answered: "I will go with you anyway and—
and risk lt. I hope we may find a
priest." And she flushed scarlet from
her throat to her hair.
Brandon kissed ber and said: "You
shall go, my brave girl. You ninkj? me
blush for my fnlut hcartcdness aud
prudence. I will make you my wife In
some way as sure as there ls a God."
Soon after this Braudon forced himself to Insist on her departure, and I
went with her, full of hope and completely blinded to the dangers of our
cherished scheme. I tbluk Brandon
never really lost sight of the danger
and nlmost Infinite proportion of chauce
against this wild, reckless venture, but
was daring enough to attempt lt even
ln the face of such clearly seen and
deadly consequences.
0 lt was all arranged, and I
converted pnrt of Mary'B Jewels Into money. She said she
was sorry now she bnd not
taken De Longueville's diamonds, as
they would have added to her treasure. I,, however, procured quite a
large sum, to which I secretly added a
goodly portion out of my own store.
At Mary's request I Bent part to Bradhurst at Bristol and retained the rest
for Brandon to take with him.
A favorable answer soon came from
Bristol, giving the young nobleman a
separate room ln consideration of the
large purse he had sent.
The next step was tq procure the
gentleman's wardrobe for Mary. This
wns a little troublesome at flrst, for of
course she could not be measured ln
the regular way. We managed to overcome tliis difficulty by having Jane
take the measurements uiiiltr Instructions received from the tailor, wblcb
measurements, together with tbe cloth,
I took to the fractional little man who
did my work.
He looked at the measurements wltb
twinkling eyes and remarked: "Sir Edwin, that be the curlousest shaped man
ever I see tho measures of. Suro, lt
would mako a mighty handsome woman or I know nothing of human dimensions."      	
It depends on education to open tbe
gates which lead to virtue or to vice,
to happiness or to misery.—Jane Porter.
Italian Brigands.
A German gentleman was one evening riding along the public highway
near Imola when his horse threw him
and bolted. He picked himself up and
lighted a match to see what time tt
was, but found that bis watch had
stopped. Just at tbat moment two
bicyclists hove ln sight and he went
forward, making slgnB for tliem to
stop, but the men pedaled furiously
of sight About two mouths after the
gentleman was reading an account of
travel ln Italy when bo came across
the following passage:
"One evening we had an adventure
with a brigand. We were bicycling
near Imola, wben an Individual ln a
long dusty cloak suddenly sprang from
the ground and with a small lighted
torch, which ho flourished with furious
gestures, demanded our watches. We
With great agility, but by the skin of
our teeth, avoided the HI lntentloned
fellow and, shouting that we bad no
watches, made off as Hast as we could.
Whether followed or not we did not
wait to see."—Eome Letter to Pall
Mall Gazette.
The   Edinburgh   Advertiser   ef   Three
Generstions Ago.
Yellow with age, dog-eared and ragged with the ravages ot nigh a century
and a half, a rare sample of old Journalism has found Its way into The
Ulobe offlce. Mr. J. W. Lee of this city
has sent a copy of The Edinburgh Advertiser of August 27th, 1765, read by
our great-grandfathers hi the fifth year
of George the Third's long reign, when
Canada was newly an English possession and when tho American Colonies
were chafing under restrictions and
Impositions from the motherland, says
The Toronto Globo.
Clarence, Prince of Wales, afterwards William the Fourth, haa boen
born six days. In the Londo* correspondence ls found: "Deputies from the
Universities of Oxford and Cambridge
arrived yesterday in town In order to
addresB Their Majesties and Her Boyal
Highness the Princess Dowager of
Wales, on Her Majesty's safe delivery
of a Prince." There follows: "To-morrow a new prayer of thanksgiving for
the safe delivery ot Her Majesty will j
be read ln all churches and chapels
throughout England by order of the
King and Council."
Defenoe of Lord Buto,
Lord Bute has resigned his Ministry
now more than two years and has re-
troated to the Inner Cabinet He evidently still retains the favor of the
King and still distributes Crown patronage. He ls manifestly In bad odor
with the public because, as some historians state, he ls a Scotchman. Little wonder that a valient defence of
him ls found by a Sootoh well-wisher
ln the columns of this interesting newspaper. Signed "Candldus" and addressed "To the Printer," the defence reads
thus ln part: "Lord B e hath been
long regarded as an unfit Minister; he
hath boen painted ln the most abominable oolors and described as a monster.
Had he done but one tythe ef what has
been charged agnlnst him by nameless
accusera he would have been so far from
meriting favor that he would not have
even deserved to live. But those accusations are true, or they are false.
Thero can be no medium. If they are
true, why are they not proved? Doth
the Justice of the nation sleep I Are
the Houses of Parliament void of power to punish so capital an offender?
And ts there one member of either
House but can move for an Impeachment? . . . Besides, those who paint
him In such odious colors, and at the
same time characterize him as the
favorite of his Sovereign, surely do
not reflect that they pay a very poor
compliment to the discernment or paternal love of our gracious K , who
Is too wise to throw affection to a bad
man; and too fond of his people to
make a favorite of him who would oppress them."
Fads and Hlnjts.
The London notes are terse and of
varied Interest: "A magnificent suit of
furniture la now making for the curious
little mare lately brought from the
East Indies and presented to His Boyal
Highness the Prince of Wales; and she
ls to be plated with solid silver so tempered as not to hurt her feet, as she
never yet was shoed."
Here ls a practical farmer's bint:
"In the drought they had of late In
Ireland the cows produced very little
milk, but upon throwing palls of cold
usual quantities."
Even bankrupts were good to their
wives ln the days of George the Third.
"A gentleman whose name some time
ago /appeared among the list of bankrupts in the gazette gave no less than
fifty guineas last Monday for a parrot
which had, lt seems, greatly attracted
the attention of his lady."
Here ls material for a romantlo tale:
"Wednesday evening last between seven and eight o'clock a duel was fought
between  two  gentlemen  from  Ireland
behind the bowling green leading    to
Kentish town, when one of the gentle- ]
men receiving the fire of his antagon- ]
1st discharged his pistol In ths air, de-!
during he had received sufficient satisfaction  for the Injury be had received. |
Humor of the hour—A few days
since a gentleman and lady went Into a
church In this metropolis ln order to
be married, but when the minister
cams to that part of the ceremony
where the bridegroom ls to repeat the
words, "with my body I thee worship,"
he said, "Sir, I am a dissenter, and will
not repeat the words." To which the
clergyman replied, "Sir, I am a ohurch-
man, and will not omit them I" "Tour
servant, sir," and "Tour servant, sir,"
ended the debate and the parties returned home unmarried.
CEYLON TEA Cannot Infuse Poorly.  The Quality
Won't Allow It.
Sold only In Sealed Lead Packets,   40c, 50c, 60c per pound.     By all Grocers
Moro children die during the hot
weather months than at any other
season of the year. Their vitality ls
then at Its lowest ebb, and an attack
of diarrhoea, cholera Infantum or
stomach trouble may prove fatal tn
a few hours. For this reason no homo
ln which there are young children
should be without a box of Baby's
Own Tablets, which promptly cure all
stomach and bowel troublos. If the
Tablets are given to a well child
they will prevent theee ailments and
keep the little one well and strong.
Mrs. Joseph T. Pigeon, Bryson, Que.,
eays: "My little one was attacked
with colic and diarrhoea, and I found
Baby's Own Tablets so satisfactory
that I would not now be without them
in the house." These Tablets not only
cure stomach troubles, but all the
minor ailments that afflict Infants and
young children. They contain no opiate or harmful drug, and may be given
with equal safety to the new born
baby or well grown child. There aro
imitations of this medicine and mothers should see that the words "Baby's
Own Tablets" and the four-leaf clover with the child's head on each leaf
ls found on the wrapper around each
box. Ab you value your child's life do
not be persuaded to take a substitute
for Baby's Own Tablets—the one medicine that makes children well and
keeps them well. Sold by all druggists, or you can get them by mall at
25 cents a box by writing the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Tho' Low thers have from time Immemorial played an Important role In
the annals of sport and of politics. Nor
Is their name unknown In the world of
letters. For the poet Wordsworth owed muoh to them. His father was the
factor or manager of -ths estate of the
Earl of Lonsdale of his day, and waa
brought up, Indeed, on the Lowther domain. In a great measure at the expense of the earl, to whom he expresses
his profound sense of obligation ln his
dedication of "The Excursion."
Chapters could be written about the
Lowthers, about their strange family
legends and superstitions, about the
extravagances and extraordinary doings of the Earl Lonsdale, who waa
known by the name of "Black James,"
and of another who was known as the
"wicked earl." They.present head of
the house, the fifth Lord Lonsdale of
the present creation, ls the champion
ln England of his friend Emperor William. The new Speaker's brother, Gerald Lowther, was for many years secretary of the embassy at Washington,
and ls married to the daughter ot Ath-
erton Blight of New York. He ls now
Minister at Tangier; and yet another
brother, Harold, formerly ln the army,
makes his permanent homo out ln
Montana, where he has a big ranch.
Famous Pictures Sold.
A Chance.
Two neighbors were conversing tbe
otber day when one said to the other:
"By the way, bow Is Mrs. Hogg, ths
Invalid, going on?"
"Oh," replied the otber, "tbey do sot
call her Mrs. Hogg now."
"Why, what do they cal] herr
"Ob, they call her Mrs. Bacon now.
She's cured."
now to Express It
'Tm so Borry supper Isn't ready,"
said Mrs. Dlnsmore to ber husband
when he came In. "I attended the
meeting of the sewing circle this afternoon, and I couldn't get away."
"Hemmed ln, were you?" asked her
■What Irritates Blm.
Mother—Willie, you must stop asking
your father questions. Don't you see
they annoy him? Willie—No'm; It ain't
my questions tbat annoy him. It's the
answers he can't give that make blm
Vainglorious men are tbe scorn of
the wise, the admiration of fools, the
'do! of parasites and the slav«a of
their own vaunts.—Bacon.
Admirably Fitted For His New Position
Is James William Lowther, Who
Succeeds Speakor Gully.
James William Lowther drops quite
naturally Into the position of Speaker
of the House of Commons, for which
he ls admirably Atted, having spent a
numbor of years as chairman of Parliamentary committees and as Deputy
Speaker of the House of Commons. He
simply revels ln Parliamentary procedure, says the Marquise de Fonte-
noy. Its Intricacies are to him as interesting as any chess problem, and It
ls because he knows the rules of the
game better than. any man In the
House, has extraordinary patience combined with firmness, and does not even
allow a Cabinet Minister to wander
from tho straight path that he has been
proclaimed worthy of the confidenoe of
the lower House of England's Legislature.
He ls a tall, well built, clear com-
plexioned, brown haired, fair bearded
Anglo-Saxon, wearing hia beard close
cropped, and he ts particularly Eng
li.-h ln the quiet, unaffected, sensible
tone ln which he approaches every
question, altogether froo from violent
gestures or heated lnvectlvo He ls a
methodical man, and Is known to keep
a diary which will some day furnish
Interesting reading, as he has seen
much of English and Continental life,
especially the latter, when his father
was charge d'affaires at Bt. Petersburg
and at Eerlln.
Formerly he was known as one of the
bost amateur actors In England, and
at one time belonged to a troupo of
amateurs known as the "Canterbury
Stagers," ln which Alfred Lyttelton,
now Secretary of State for the Colonies,
and Lord Crewe, former Vloei'oy of
Ireland, were the shining lights, Lowther, Indeed, figuring on the playblllB
as Lowther R. Cade, a play on the
name of a once popular but now defunct arcade of shops leading oft the
Strand, similar to the Burlington arcade, and which bore the name of the
Lowther aroade.
It was the latter which led Ireland
to be nicknamed Lowther Arcadia when
the late Jimmy Lowther of Jookey olub
and sporting fame was appointed by
Lord Beaconsfield, to the amazement
of everybody, to the post of Secretary
for Ireland, Although a rabid Tory,
yet he got on wonderfully well with
the Irish party, the bond of sympathy
between them being of a sporting rath_
er than of a political character. His
tastes appealed to them, and he could
not help feeling kindly In return.
His namesake, the new Speaker, Is
married to a daughter of Lady Mildred
Beresford Hope, sister of tne late Lord
Salisbury, and thus hs has become
through his marriage a flrst cousin of
the Premier, Arthur Balfour, the son
of another of the late Lord Salisbury's
sisters; ai)d be Is also a cousin of
the present Marquis of Salisbury, who
ls In the Cabinet He Is handy with
the foils—Indeed, one of the best fencers ln England—and a particularly
clever artist, excelling at caricature.
Indeed, lt will be a novelty to have ln
the Speaker's chair a dignitary who
will be able to relieve the tedium of
the debates by caricaturing the orators,
and the knowledge tbat they are exposing themselves to this may possibly
serve as a more efficacious restraint to
the unruly ones than any measure of
Many British aristocrats crowded
Christie's auction rooms ln London the
other day on the occasion of the sale
of 52 pictures of Lord Tweedmouth's
family collection. They brought on an
average Jti.000 each.
Sir H. Raeburn'8 portrait of his wife
sold for 145,695, which is a record auction price for a picture by that artist
The purchaser ls said to be J. Pierpont
Morgan. *
Othor sales In the collection wero as
follows:—An Assembly at Wanstead
House, W. Hogarth, $14,435; portrait „
of a lady, J. Hoppner, (19,685; Dancing
Dogs, Q. Morland, $21,000; portrait of
the artist, Sir H. Raobum, $23,615; portrait of Mrs. Oswald, Raobum, $18,900;
portrait of Sir Walter Scott, Roeburn,
$6,250; portrait of the Countess of Bel-
lamont, Sir Joshua Reynolds, $34,650;
Simplicity, Reynolds, $10,600; portrait
of Miss Anno Dutton, Reynolds, $9,450.
A portrait of Robert Burns, by Alexander Naamyth, 15 1-2 by 111-8 Inches,
ln an oval, the property of the Misses
Cathcart of Ayr, was sold for $8,400. It
ts a replica of one that ls ln the National Gallery of Scotland. The artist
made another replica, which Is ln the
National Portrait Gallery, London.
 *—. \
Uncandld  BcaconsfieM. .
Here Is a story of Disraeli, the authority quoted for lt being Sir Thomas
A famous diplomatist once went to
seo Lord Beaconsfield, conversed with
htm, and found him very agreeable.
Boon after, the, wai ter who had shown
him up came and asked him for a
"But why?"
"Don't you romember?" was the answer: "I showed you up to Lord Beaconsfield."
"What of that?" sold the other.
"Oh, Blr, after you had gone he did
damn me uncommon for telling you he
was at home."—From M. A. P.
The AiiiiNiioil Shark,
In a recent article on Americans an
English writer gives the following as
a characteristic American after dinner
story, Its subject being a politician ln
battling: "AH at ouco a shark, a man
eater, was.coming tho otber way and
swum up squarely In front of him.
They eyed each otber for a moment
and then tho shark—blushed aud sped
Ont of Season.
Mrs. HI Oppe—Dear, did you see any
of those fine old aqueducts while you
were In Italy? Mrs. New-Rich—Never
seen a duck. And while we was riding across Germany we kept a lookout
for some of tliem German peasants,
but I never seen such a scarcity of
fowl pp place.
Tipstaves, otherwise known as "old
Charlies," "Bow street runners" and
"Tom tits," were formerly used ln
England by officers of tbe law, or police in private clothes, to show their
authority. Tbey were generally carried up the sleeve or lu a pocket com
vculcntly at bnnd, and tho officer would
draw bis tipstaff and touch the person
to be arrested ou tho shoulder and say,
"l arrest you ln tlie name of the king,"
Just us now a policeman produces hts
warrant They were generally made of
wood, mounted wltb brasB or sllvor
and tipped with a brass, Ivory or carved wooden crown, wheuce tbo name
tipstaff was derived. They tarled ln
size from five to nlno Inches in length.
The men who carried them were also
called "Bow street runners." The last
survivor died In 1804 at the ago of
Free Gifts of Toilet Soaps
The Coupons are the lame as cash because they can bo exchanged for Toilet
Soaps for which you have to pay oul: money every week.
Uaera of SUNLIGHT and CHEEfcFUL SOAPS can ger their TOILET
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In exchange for Sunlight Soap Coupons you can get something you need and
uses every day.
"~—^" soce
•w Mt. Pleasant Advocate
Vancouver, B.C.
TO ASK THE 1.0. F.
He had Chronic Inflammation of the
Kidneys—8ays his Brother Forest-
ere can Tell all About It.
Darnley, P. E. I., Aug. 22 (special)—
John J. Burns, a prominent member
of the I. 0. F., here, whose cure of
Chronic Inflammation of the Loins
and Kidneys caused a sensation some
time ago, reports that he is still ln
splendid health. "Yes," says Mr.
Burns, "my cure ls entirely satisfactory. I have had no trouble since I
used Dodd's Kidney Pills. They drove
away the disease from which I suffered for eight years.
"No, I'll never forget Dodd's Kidney Pills. The doctor could not help
me. I got so bad I could scarcely,
walk, sit or sleep. I was about to give
up entirely when an advertisement
led me to try Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Now I am in good health. Dodd's
Kidney Pills saved my life."
If any one doubts Mr. Burns' story,
he simply refers them to his brother
Foresters. They all know how he
Buffered and that Dodd's Kidney Pills
cured him.
Its Nutritive Properties Are Very
HlKh and It Is Particularly Dene-
flclal In Cases of Chronic Indication—Some Simple Recipes.
Okra ls a very Important and useful
plant, with numerous uses, tbe most
Important being for the table. The
green pods without doubt make ths
finest Boup vegetable supplied by the
garden. Cooked whole they also furnish a palatable Bide dish. The nutrient properties of okra are very high,
and lt has the additional advantage of
being an exceedingly wholesome article of food. It is erroneously called
gumbo ln many cook books and even
In some encyclopedias. The name of
the plant and Its fruit ls okra. Oumbo
Is a general term for various kinds of
soup made of lt. Okra, ln fact, ls an
excellent food much neglected.
A very Important consideration from
the alimentary point of view ls the unusually high percentage of digestible
matter. Tbat fact had been established by common experience long before
any analysis of the pod had been
thought of, for wherever the vegetable ls ln use lt ls well known that tbe
soup ls highly beneficial to persons
with weak stomachs. Often it will be
retained when nothing else can be taken, and lt has ln many cases restored
tone to digestive organs that seemed
hopelessly disordered. It ls a particularly beneficial food ln cases of dysentery and chronic Indigestion.
Xbe dried seeds, parched and ground,
are said to make an acceptable substitute for coffee. A substitute for arrowroot can be mnde from tbe roots.
The leaves, green or dry, are used, decocted, for their demulcent properties.
The Inner bark, soft nnd whlto, contains ' a strong fiber resembling flax.
The outer berk 1b also fibrous and, together with the woody part of the
plant, furnishes excellent paper stock.
Ab okra ls easily raised, lt can bo cultivated wltb profit.
For table use the pods must be cut
while tender, generally when about
three Inches long. They grow rapidly
and soon become woody. Tho plant is
very prolific, and lt will continue to
bear until touched by frost. A email
patch will more than meet tbe requirements of an ordinary family, and the
surplus may be preserved for winter
use by two convenient methods. Tbe
easier ls by drying. Silce tbe pod,
erossways, Into sections a quarter of
an Inch thick, spread thin on large
dishes or trays and expose to the sun
from day to day until thoroughly dried.
Put ln Jars or close cans and keep
free from moisture. The other method
of preservation ls by canning, which
will be explained later on. The plant
is follaclous and ornamental enough
for tbe flower garden, Tbe leaves are
large and palmatlsected, and the blossoms, which ln form resemble those of
the hollyhock, ure at flrst a brilliant
fold, wltb a purple disk. After the
first day the gold also takes a purplish
Here are some of the best recipes for
cooking okra: Okra soup—Take a
piece of beef or a marrow bone, put
on in cold water and boll until cooked,
Slice one quart of okra pods erossways
into thin sections and add, with enough
strained ripe tomatoes to give the soup
a rlcb color. Continue to boll until
the okra ls thoroughly cooked, which
.will take aboot fifteen minutes. A
green pepper, from which the seeds
This falling of your hair I
Stop its or you will soon be
bald. Give your hair tome
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The falling will stop, the hair will
Hair Vigor
grow, and the scalp will be
clean and healthy. Why be
satisfied with poor hair when
you can make it rich?
larlr all came ont. I than triad
"/or and only oue bottle stopped
few hair Mm. In reel thlok and
t. O. ATJtS 00.,
Lowell,  Mass.
Thick Hair
have been removed, sliced and added,
will Improve the flavor. The various
gumbos, chicken, fish or crab, are made
In the same manner.
An excellent soup can be made without meat by boiling tbe okra, sliced
as above, and adding when cooked a
good sized piece of butter. Other vegetables, such as carrots, onions and
celery, may also bo used, but lovers of
okra prefer lt straight. Soup made as
above will keep In a cool place for several days and Improve with age.
A savory dish for lunch or dinner ls
made ln the following manner: Butter
a pudding dish, put ln a layer of cooked or half cooked rice, a layer of sliced
okra, a layer of ripe sliced tomatoes,
butter, pepper, salt and a little sugar
if the acid of the tomatoes be objectionable; repeat the layers until the
dish ls filled; grate breadcrumbs on
top, with pieces of butter; pour ln as
much boiling water as tbe dish will
hold; bake long enough to cook; serve
hot _>
Okra also makes a palatable vegetable dish, but ln this form It ls not always acceptable on first acquaintance.
Its substance la viscous, and for that
reason probably does not at once captivate tbe taste. Put the pods, whole,
into boiling water, wltb salt; boll
about fifteen minutes or until cooked;
pour off the water, place In a hot dish,
add pepper and plenty of good butter;
serve hot Cooked ln this way, treated
with good vinegar and served cold, It
makes a good salad.
Any housewife can do her own canning of okra. Slice and boll tbe okra
until two-thirds cooked; put ln a hot
Jar, flit full, seal tight and place ln a
dark.closet; lf desired, add strained
tomatoes and boll until the okra ls
thoroughly cooked, but be careful ln
either case to omit salt; put up ln Jars
as above. By following this method
okra soup mr.y be had throughout the
winter. •>
In the south thu taste for okra Is universal, possibly on Inheritance. Elsewhere lt may, like that for the olive,
have to be cultivated. But the taste
doea not require much cultivation, and,
once acquired, lt ls a permanent possession.
Who   Hav*   Had   Splendid   Opportunities   In   Their
Practice   af  Testing
the Merits of
West Indies For Canada,
The Canadian Grocer says on this
subject: If one ls to Judge from frequent expression*, of opinion on the
subject, sentiment ln the West Indies
la becoming more and more favorable
to Canada. Only a few months ago
a representative of The Grocer visited
the Islands; he found the trade there
kindly disposed as a whole to their
fellow-colonists away to the north, so
much so that they prefere,d to trade
with Canada, rather than with the
United States, other things being equal.
Prominent citizens went bo far as to
propose confederation with the Dominion as the most satisfactory solution
of the future ot the Islands.
Such a move would hardly be looked at askance by the motherland. Only
a week ago a speaker In the British
House of Commons made the remark
that hs would "like to see the West
Indian Government enter Into negotiations with Canada, to And out whether
at least some of the Islands could not
be better administered by the Dominion. If they were attached to Canada they would form something like a
southern zone, for the Dominion. Ths
reorganization and revitalizing of the
West Indies would result ln an alteration whlcb would add enormously to
Great Britain's Imperial strength on
the strategic highway of the world and
In the commercial centre of the West
ern Ontario." What ls more, the British
treasury has Just refused to continue
the grant of $50,000 a year to the Agricultural Department of the West Indies, and the Islanders are beginning
to fear that Great Britain Is losing interest ln their welfare and progress.
Canada recently extended a substantial preference to all importations
from the West Indies, with the result
that a substantial and rapidly increasing trade has grown up between the
two countries. From a commercial
itandpolnt, lt ls ln the Interests of
Canada to cultivate the Islands, and tt
Is to be hoped that the Federal Government will not be so forgetful of this
fact as to withdraw or even curtail the
financial Bupport to ■ the direct steamship service between Canada., and the
West Indies, which It has extended for
the past twelve years.
Hia Audience Warmed Up.
HI Trngcrdy—Hnmm mndo his debut
as a star last night, and I bear his audience was vory cold. Lowe Comerdy
—Yes; they were ut first. Ill Trngerdy
—Ab! Only at flrst? Lowe Comordy—
Yes; then they remembered they had
paid to get In, and they got hot—Catholic Standard ond Times.
Dead Men'a Bones..
Alexander the Great seeing Diogenes looking attentively nt a parcel of
human boues, asked tlio philosopher
what he was looking for, "Tlmt whleh
I ennnot find," wns the reply, "the difference between your father's boues
nnd those of his slaves.''
"If I should kiss you would you
scream?" "There aye some problems
that every man has to solve for himself—by experience or otherwise."
Some persons have periodical attacks of Canadian cholera, dysentery
or diarrhoea, and have to use great
precautions to avoid the disease.
Change of water, cooking, and green
fruit, ls siire to bring on the attacks.
To such personB we would recommend
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial
as being tho best medicine in the market for all summer complaints. If a
few drops are taken In water when
the symptoms are noticed no trouble
will be experienced.
Hudson Tuttle, the Ohio lecturer,
made an address recently wherein he
described the pitfalls of the lecture
platform. "One pitfall," Mr. Tuttle
said, "Ib the unwise choice of examples and proofs. "A temperance lecturer wished to prove to his audience
the deadly power of- whiskey. Accordingly he caused a drop of water
to be magnified and thrown upon a
magic lantern screen. The picture
waa a terrible one. Worms bigger
than pythons, crabs bigger thnn elephants, spiders the size of a ship
fought together ln the drop of water
like fiends ln the infernal regions. The
lecturer now caused a drop of whiskey to be added to the water. "Watch
friends," he said, "watch the whls-
key-a effect." "The effect was marvellous. The liquor killed all those
ferocious horrors Instantly. Their
vast clawB and tentacles and feelers
stiffened. All became peaceful and
still. An old lady in the front row
whispered hoarsely ln her husband's
ear:—"Wall, Jabez, that settles me.
I'll never drink water again 'thout put-
tin' some whisker in it"
Was C. Stanley-Jones, professional
masseuse and nurse, 283 Simcoe
street, Toronto, Ont, writes:—"In my
occupation as a nurse I have come
across many cases ln which Dr.
Chase's Ointment has been used with
extraordinary results. One case I recall was that of a child of sixteen
months wbo was ln a bad way with
scaly head. It waa a really nasty
ease, causing the child to Suffer very
much and to be very troublesome. I
persuaded the mother to use Dr.
Chase's Ointment and ln ten days
the child was entirely cured.
"Another case was that of a lady
who was grealy troubled with Eczema on the face. The doctor was dosing her wltb medicine which was doing no good.   In this case cure was
effected hi seven days wltb only oas
box of Dr. Chase's Ointment Both
of these cures were lasting."
Mrs. H. A. Loynes, nurse. Philips-
burg, Que., writes: "I consider Dr.
Chase's Ointment a perfect medicine.
I have used lt myself and as a nurse
have recommended It In a good many
cases tor Itching piles. It always
gave perfect satisfaction In every
case, and onoe people used it they
would not think of being without lt
In the house."
Dr. Chase's Ointment 60 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Bdmanson,
Bates ft Co, Toronto, To protect you
against Imitations, the portrait and
signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the
famous receipt book author, are on
every box.
Dr, R. J. Baldwin, Secretary of the
Southern Educational Conference, patted a little Mobile colored boy on the
head. This little boy," he said, "failed ln an examination last week. It
was an examination of the Bible, and
the first question the teacher asked
was:—'"How many commandments
are there?' The little boy thought a
while and then he answered:—"'A
hundred.' " 'A hundred! No. of
course not" said the examiner. 'That
will do for you. "And the little boy
went out .sadly. He had failed. "But
the little boy hung about the building,
and ln a half hour another boy appeared. He was on the way to the
examination too. He asked the boy
who had failed what questions had
been put to him, and' the unhappy
failure answered:—" 'The teacher
wanted to know how many commandments there were.   What will you say
when he asks you that? I'll say
ten," was the reply. "The boy who
had failed laughed loud and long.
"'Ten!' he cried. 'Well, Just try him
with your ten. I tried him with a
hundred nnc he wasn't satisfied.'"
Father—I'm glad to see, Willie, that
you were sixth In you.- class last week.
You were only eleventh the week before. Willie—Yes, sir; five of the
boys was home sick all last week.
The Keeley Cure
A Scientific Remedy which bas been
Skillfully   Administered   by   Medical
Specialists tor the past 20 years.
All Correspondence Confidential.
133   OSBORNE   8T.,   PORT   ROUQE
You will never have Comfort and Satisfaction and Wearing Qualities In
your Working Clothes until you wear
King of the Road   Brand
"Mrs. Mungleswag looks as lf she
were the victim of some great sorrow." "She is. Her daughters all
got married to mere Americans before her husband struck lt rich with
his patent."
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—ls strongly
recommended by the medical profession _
% s&fetfnard against Infectious diseases.      p.
It ls told of a lady that while touring
in the Scottish highlands one summer
she waa taken to a cave In which
Macbeth was said to have been born.
She examined the cave attentively,
and listened to the eloquent speech
of her guide. At the end sbe said to
the man:—"Come, now, tell me truly,
Ib this really the place where Macbeth was born?" The guide smiled
awkwardly. He shifted about a little. "Well," he said, "It's one of the
First Shoe Store Clerk—Women are
so unreasonable. Second Ditto—
That's right. A woman came in yesterday and said she wanted a shoe
that was both comfortable and stylish.
Hard and soft corns cannot withstand Holloway's Corn Cure; lt ls effectual every time. Oet a bottle and
be happy.
Pat's distress on waking was very
natural, but amusing. He was observed ln the morning to be looking
unusually blank and perplexed, and
hia friend Inquired what ailed
him. ".Ah! but I have had a drame.
"Was lt good or bad?" "Faith," said
Pat, "and it was a little of both, and
I'll be after telling lt t'ye. I dramed
I was tbe President. He Is as great a
glntleman as ls ln the district he Is,
and he asked me wud I have a drink.
I said to him, 'Wud a duck swim?' He
smiled like, and, taking the lemons
and sugar and making ready for a
drop o' punch, he asked me wud I
have lt hot or cold. 'I'll have It hot,'
I replied, and wid that he went down
Into the kitchen tor the oiling water,
but before he got back I woke up, and
now it's distressing me I didn't take
it cold."
To make the best Bread
you must have the
best Flour,
When tlie dough is flat, sour, heavy,
will not rise,—when
bread is
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
"Do you take nalns with your eating?" asked the doctor. "No," sadly
replied the dyspeptic; the pains don't
come till afterward.'
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget
Burton Holmes, the lecturer, tells of
a Russian he saw some years ago in
Manchuria, whose methods of achlev
ing results were not according to the
usual code. The Russsian had a well
in his front yard, which he concluded
to fill up. He began by dlggging a
hole by The side of the well, throwing
the dirt from the new excavation Into the well. "In the course of time,"
says Mr. Holmes, "the old well was
filled, but there was a hole alongside
as big as the flrst. The Russian went
farther away and dug another hole
to fill the second. '"He continued
this process of digging one hole to fill
the other until he literally ran the
hole out of town."
Stern Parent—Young man, didn't I
hear you kissing my daughter on the
front porch last night? Young Man—
Not guilty. I kissed her on the
* —*\
What You Want
is a FLOUR that
And   These  Qualities
are Contained in
Lake of the Woods Milling
Co., Ltd.
xc jjci ^Md Mc¥ *k--W *k % ^ -y-w**^
It Is a Liver PHI.—Many of the
ailments that man has to contend with
have their origin ln a disordered liver,
which Is a delicate organ, peculiarly
susceptible to the disturbances that
come from Irregular habits or lack of
care In eating and drnklng. This accounts for the great many liver regulators now pressed on the attention of
sufferers. Of these there ls none
superior to Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills. Their operation, though gentle,
is effective, and the most delicate can
use them.
A white-headed old French Canadian entered a Btore adjoining the post-
office ln a New Hampshire village
and requested the aid of the clerk ln
addressing a letter. "Ah want him
to go to mah nephew. Mis' Olive Be-
deau, Franklin," said he, producing
what had once been a square white
envelope. "Sure. How do you spell
'Bedeau' T" asked the clerk, whose
scholastic attainments did not embrace a very extensive acquaintance
with French surnames. "Do' 'no' how
to spell Bedeau' ?" "No." "Wai,
den," and the old man scratched bis
head reflectively for some seconds,
"you Jes' make him 'Mis' Olive Bradley.' Dat her name ever Bence she bin
got marrle,."
Henry Elliott, Esq., of Sherbrooke,
N. S., Inspector and Supt. of Bridge
Construction for Nova Scotia says:
cured me of a very severe sprain
of my leg, caused by a fall while building a bridge at Doherty Creek, Cumberland Co.
I\ov. 17, 1893.
soggy,   tasteless,   indigestible—then
you nave cheap and inferior flour.
You may use pure fresh yeast,
faithfully adhere to the old-time successful bread making traditions, the
methods usually successful—but the
baking turns out badly—simply
because you have not used the right
kind of flour.
Royal Household Flour is purified
and sterilized by electricity, it is therefore uniformly pure and wholesome.
And because it is thoroughly purified
it will yield a sweet, wholesome, light
6po_ge that will bake into flaky, deli-
ciously flavored, nourishing bread or
It is really the only absolutely pure
flour you can get
Guaranteed by its makers and
Og-Lvie'a Royal Household Flour.
1 lb. ft % lb. Lead Packets.      3 lb. & 6 lb. Tins.      35, 40 ft 50c. per lb.
Representative Smith of Michigan
tells this story:—"A certain citizen of
my district was called upon to defend
a man who had soundly whipped a
worthless Individual. He had been Indicted for assault and battery, 'contrary to the peace and dignity of the
tended that the prosecution could not
hope to convict unless the entire allegation was proved. 'We admit the assault and battery,' he said, 'but we
deuy that It was contrary to the
peace and dignity of the people of
Michigan.' ' me jury so held, and the
fellow was acquitted."
Itch, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cuban Itch on human or animals, cured
In 30 minutes by Wolford'e 8anltary
Lotion. It never falls. At all druggists.
The following was overheard In n
third-Class carriage on the I_ondon &
Northwestern railway tho other day:
Mother (opening a pnrcel of sand-
wishes) — Johnnie, what kind of
sandwiches will you 'avo? Johnnie—
I'll 'ave 'am, mother. Mother—Don't
say 'am, dear. Say 'am! Man ln For
Corner (chuckling to himself (both of
'em Hi Inks they're saying 'am!
Clarence—I told the minister he
mustn't kiss you. Cordelia—And
what did he say? Clarence—He
thanked me and said under those circumstances he would only charge mo
half the usual fee.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Blinker—I suppose you have no bacilli away out here farmer? Farmer
(liven—Wn-all, no, we kin give ye
plain meat an' pertaters an' a few pie
trlmmln's, but them fancy flxln's hus
to be looked fer In taown.
It needB no testimonial.—It Ib a
guarantee In Itself. If testimonials
wero required they could be furnished ln thousands from all sorts nnd
conditions of men In widely different
places. Many medlcIneB are put forth
every year which have but an ephemeral existence and then are heard of
no more. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil
has grown In reputation every day
since It made Its first appearance.
'Why did you let him get away
with you?" thundered tho chief. "Why
—er—he took a mean advantage of
me," replied tho now detective. "He
ran across the grass In the park—"
"Well?" "Well there was a sign
there:    "Keep off he grass.'"
u No mm.*
Representative Julius Kalin of California tens a grimly humorous tale Illustrative of the guile of "tho heath
Chinese." One day lt appears thai
Dennis Spencer, a prominent criminal
attorney of Napa, In the State mentioned, was the recipient of a call
from a Chinese, who without circumlocution at once put this question:—
"S'plose, Mr. Spencer, one Chinaman
kill 'nother Chinaman with hatchet.
How much you chlarge make him
clear?" "Oh," exclaimed the lawyer,
carelessly, "I'd take the case for $500."
The Chinaman vanished without a
word. In about a week he returned
and laid the sum of $500 on Mr .Spencer's desk. "What's this for?" asked
the lawyer. "You say you take the
case for $500," explained the Oriental.
"You mean to tell me that since I saw
you last one of your countrymen has
been killed?" "Certainly," calmly answered the Chinaman. "I kill blm
last night"
Tested by Time.—In his Justly-celo-
brated Pills Dr. Parmeleo hus given
to the world one of tho most unique
medicines offered to the public In late
years. Prepared to meet tho want of
a pill which could be taken without
nausea, and that would purge without pain, It has met sll requirements
ln that direction, and It In In general
use not only because of these two
qualities, but bocauso lt ls known to
possess alterative and curative pow-
i'I'b which placo It ln tho front rank of
Ho—But what doos your father seo
In mo to object to? She—Ho doesn't
seo nnythlng ln you. That's why he
Minard's Liniment Cures Colde, Etc
Harper's Weekly tells a story of a
German whoso wife, serlouBly ill, was
taken to a hospital for treatment. In
the evening her husband inquired how
she was getting along, and was told
that she was Improving. This went
on for somo time, each   day   the re
port being that his wife was Improving. Finally, one night when he called he was told that his wife was dead.
Seeing the doctor, he went up to him
and said: 'Veil, doctor, vat did she
die of—Improvements?"
She—They say that every woman
has a secret sorrow. Do you bellev
lt? He—Well, she may have the sorrow all right—but It's no secret!
$100 REWARD $100.
The r.sd.r.aUhl, ,__w .m b. ,l«alk Man
lhat thai* Is •! .«st om itemtei dlxsn thai i_«_o.
hs. bsss abl« to caro Is sU lis eXe.ee. and ____S li
Ctarrh.    Hall's  Oalairh Ooro la tba «alr poaHIra
,sn nos hn •
I of taattncsafali
t'oraau r. J. OIIJUUI • Oa.. 1*1.** a
Soli br Inula* Uo.
Taaa BalTa r__.ll, pin, f„ ,„    \t,,.m
Speaker Cannon Is a great lover of
green corn. He boards at the Arlington, and one day took ono of his Illinois farmer constituents to dinner
with him. Cannon made hia dinner on
green corn, eating seven ears. Tbe
farmer asked him how much he paid
for board at the Arlington, and Cannon replied:—"Six dollars a day."
"Well," said tho farmer constituent,
"Joe, don't you think it would bo
cheaper tor you to board at a livery
Hlablo?"—Hun   I'runclsco, Cul.
Mike had been appointed a committee of ono to break ihe sad news to
tho widow. "Horo," asked Pat, "whore
aro yez goin'?" "To tho tllegrapht
offico. I'll send her a dispatch, and
when sho gets It she'll faint and the
turrable shock'U bo painless."
MrB. Luvneuso—I'vo a good mind
to write up thnt scandal next door,
and put lt In The Trumpet. Mrs.
Sharpe—I wouldn't. We'll mention lt
to Miss Leggltt, the dressmaker—It
will reach more people.
Ayers Pills
The great rule of health—
Keep the bowels regular.
Ancl the treat medicine—
Ayer's Pills.       U&*S__
2S25__5£__£ DJKWMNIJTE
liasaasiitawi mum, «.__.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
TBBf   *  PERSSu,   Limited,   Agent*,   Winnipeg. *******wb*w*****a
|P_-^?_V-^n„_.'W.r' -*-"- ■+■ -'" •*-^'-> ---f-v-.'
(Established April 8,1899..)
tOrncx.- 8 6 25 Westminster .avenne.
Mks. R  Whitney, Publisher.
Enolish Office—SO Fleet street,
Loudon, E. 0., England Where a
'flle'O' "Tho Advocato" Is kept for
Subscription $1 a year payable  in
B eents a Oopy.
Tel. 61405.
Vancouver,!..   0.,  Oct. 28, 1905.
Local Advertising IOo a lino onch issne
Display Advertising $1.25 per inch
por month.
'.Notices for Church and Society Knter-
.taiiimontp, Lectures,  oto.,    whekk
.will be charged for.
All   Advertisements aro   run regularly
nud charged for uutil ordered they
.be discontinued.
'Transient   Advertize™   mnst   pay   in
INotioesot Births, Marriages, aud Deaths
published free of charge.
Telephone Numbers of Local Mini
Bras-Rev. Q. H .Wilson, (Anglican).
UO&i - Rev. O. A. Wilson, (Presbyterian).
'BUMS—Rev.A. Jt. IIi'tlH'iingtoii, (Meiiioillsli
Ml. Pleasant Nail, (Postoffice.)
Arrives nt 10:110 a.m., aud 8 p.m.
Leaves at 11 a. in.,  3 and S p.
The Postoffice  is  open for business
from 8 to 7 p. in., ouly.
"Clearing Bee"  at   Epworth.
The Methodists et Epworth are mak-
ng a decided move toward getting up
heu- uew church. A score of hands axe,
.yielding bow aud mattock attacked the
virgin forest at the corner of Flett and
Fleming roads, oue block south of the
City limits at Clark's Park, with the
result that 10000 square feet were cleared by sunset. Tho bands were parts of
the anatomy of the Rev. R. E. S. lay
lor, Messrs Hamilton, Frost, McPhee,
Fuwcett, Prior, Buchart, Brown and
Vosper Sr. and Jr.
Refreshments of a solid aud substau-
tiul character were provided by the
Ladies' Aid at tlie residence of Mrs.
MoFhoe, where a most enjoyable eveuiug was spent.
Efforts are beiug made to secure snf-
fieut fnuds to go ou with the building
as Boon as possible.
Tun Advocate is (UwttyB glad lo receive
toms ot social, porsoual or other uews
from its renders. Send uews items to
be office or by telephone, 1311U5.
Junction of Westminster road and WeBtmln-
sur    avenue.      SERVICES   at   11   a. m.,
and 7:8Sp.m.| Sunday School al 2:30 p.m.
Oornerol Mm   aud Westminster avenues,
/U_itV|fc.J_S at  11a.m.,  and   7 p. m.; 8.111.hiv
Hrii.)'.; .iri'j Itiijh' class .1:80 p.m.   Key. A. B.
iletlierlngton, B. A., B. D., Pastor.
'Araouage 1__) Klcveuth avenue, west. Tele-
'. in. Bl'__9.
*.'->:ii«r Ninth avenue nud .Quebec slreet
' SERVICES at 11 a. m.,and 7:U0 p. ra.; Sunday
1 School at'i:B0p.m.    Rev.Jco.A.Wilsou, U.A.
l'astor. Manse corner of Eighth avenue antl
Ontario street.   Tel. 1060.
St Michaels, (Anglican).
l-urlior Ninth avenue and Prince Edward
jlreei.. SERVICES at 11a. ni., and 7:30 p.m.,
Holy Communion lBtaild 3d Sundays iu each
month after morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun
Jays at s,i. m, Sunday School al 2:30 p.m.
Bev. II. 11    Wilson, Hector.
lie-wry 372 Thirteenth avenue, east. Tele
phone B1TOI.
' \Jvcul Christian Church (not7tli day Ad-
Slitlsts) meets In Oild Kellows' Hall, Westmin
is'.er avenue. Services 11 a. m., and 7:30 p.m.,
^vuiiay School at 10 a.m. Ycung peoples'
..oetoty ot I.oyal Workers of Chri_ti_.11 Eodca-
.'"i meets every Sunday eveuiogute-Aii o'clock.
. rriiyer-muetiug Wednesday nIglitsat8o'clock.
For Sale & Rent.
i List your property for Rent or Sale
. with The Auvocate Real Estate Co.
Five roomed house, electric light, hot
• nud cold water; 88-ft. lot, corner, on
1 -Sightb avenue, east; price $1,800.00.
Houso aud lot, Baruard street, wired;
suitable for tram man's residenoe; terms.
New house, Ninth avenue, moderu
■ conveniences, $2,200.00: terms.
IJinth Avk_.uk—
Full sized lot, 8 roomed cottage; cash
$775, on time $850.
. Full sized lot,  8-roomed  house, hot
nnd cold   water,   electric   wired;   cash
$1 750, on time $1,850.
Full sized lot, 7-roomed house; cnah
$1 275, on time $1,875.
Two lots, two blocks from WeBtmln-
, ster aveuue; cosh $725, on time $860.
!See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and 4th Mondays of the month
oJourt Vaucouver, I.  O. V., meets at
M p in.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19,  I.O O F
uieets at 8 p, ni.
Vancouver  Council   No.  211a,   Can-
i.inino Order of Chosen  Friends meets
(Uie 2d and 4th Thursdays of the mouth.:
Alexandra Hive No 7, Lndies of the1
■■Maccabees holds its regular meetings on
_r.be 1st, nnd 3d Fridays of the month
The Council met on Saturday Oct.
2ist, 1005.
The Clerk was directed to reply
■that the repair of Cedar Cottage
'Road !was already authorized and
would be undertaken as soon as possible, in reply to a petition signed
by 17 persons. A request that 17th
Avenue be opened from Laurel to
Oak Street was filed, as Laurel St.
is to be rocked thus giving all residents in the locality a good road to
their places.
An agreement between Mr. Oliver
and the Council in regard to maintaining a short road in District 318,
wlliicli is to be built by the Roadway
Co. and the Council, and kept in repair as % private road, was referred
back to the lawyers, as the Council
recognizes no claim from Mr. Oliver
re the Townsend Road, and does not
see its way to change the course of
the water which has flowed down
Center Road since it was built in
1888, unless an agreement is entered
into, with Dr. Wilson agreeing lto
have the water turned into his creek
via the Townsend Road.
Mr. Anderson was advanced $120.00
on his Bodwell Hill contract, and
$100.00 was authorized to be paid on
the Collingwood Road contract.
The James Street contract is to be
paid when finished and passed by the
Board of Works. Morgan and Scott
were paid for brushing the Magee
and Johnson Roads, $84.00.
Alfred Dietrich secured the gravel
contract on Voctoria Road ancl No. 2
Road at 50c. per yard, and rock at
The tenders for making the Fleming Road werd $I3'9°> $l4-**o ,*?°
$14.90 per chain; J. N. Jones being
the lowest tenderer, was successful.
The City is to be asked to share
tthe cost of opening about 10 chainf
of 16th Avenue to the West side of
District Lot 472, and also to make
their half of portions of the road for
one half of its length.
Councillor Wilson was authorized
to have ten chains of ditch cleaned
out on the Doman Road from the No.
2 Road North and also to get men
to lay rock and gravel, and clean out
ditch on Victoria and No. 2 Roads.
Councillor Ballson is to have some
brush cut on the Victoria Road in his
ward, between the Wilson Road and
Westminster Road. The Reeve and
Councillor Ballson to have the ditches on the Agnes Road cleaned out
for about three chains, and some
gravel put on a bad place or two.
Tenders are to be asked for building about S chains of road between
Blocks 26 and 27, in 391 and 392, and
for opening up 19th Avenue from
Westminster Avenue to Ontario, as
Mr. Walden has not signed contract
let  last  month.
A local improvement By-Law to
provide that owners of property on
17.U1 Ave shall pay cost of a 4 foot
sidewalk in 7 annual instalments, was
read a first time.
A By-Law to re-define the wards
was read a first and second time.
The Highway By-Law was read a
second  time.
Wallace's for fiipfliture
t**tS^Sef8ts^SS-JSPfl8 S'^SSSqI^'SS'jqS^SS^Q
Easy payments—10% off for cash.   Prices can not bs better.
Small profits, quick return.
Dressers and Stands from $12 up'.,   -: Iron Bed. $8.90and np.
Springs, woven wire supported, $2.60 aud up.   Rockers, from $1.20 up.
Buy here and save money.       Tun Stork of Quality.   ■  •■■
ST   W/aUarta Westminster avenue &
.1.   TV aUalC Harris street. Telephone 1266.
Stockings   are   a   world   in   them-
eelves,  and  one does not appreciate
how much tast and   thought are de- j
voted   to   their   designing   until   the
hundreds   of   beautiful   examples   are .
put on view.    The lnnd colorings arc
replaced  by pale  tints to  match the j
pastel shaded gowns and many med- '
iuius arc  exploited,    real    lace    and |
painting holding foremost rank.   One j
-.liiop   is   filled   to   overflowing   with |
every   possible  description  of  stock- j
ings  and  the dainty   productions  arc
a feast to the eye, and a neverfailing
^B) aw**.™***•^■•^•■•^••'^•^•^'^^•^•^•^G Wi_P»«Fw^tP!tWB^t^PH^B^rW
We 5ave You
on your Prescriptions. Test this
Public Drug Co.
Arcade.    Hastings Street.
Telephone 1588.
gSpT' Free Delivery to all parts
of the City.
DO IT NOW !—If not already n Subscriber to "The Advocate" become ono
how.   Only $1 for 12 nientlis, '*'■'
New Fall
Millinery—the latest iu Stylish
"Ready-to-wear aud Made-to
Order, Beautiful Pattern Hats.
W. W. Merklgy
Royal.Bank of Canada J"fjg_)(fti_<a_
Corner Seventh nud Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Ploasaut.
Our reputation as Buttor Experts lias never been questioued.
(_)        Wc hnvo in Btock a nice Hue of T)airv iu tubs  from   20 pounds   to   1
m 'J 4P uounds each.
Your inspection invited.
Andrews Bros.,.
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 938.
Mnch that has been published in
newspapors aud magazines, for the past
months, as to rich men and their methods, lias been educative and ought to
prove useful. It also ought to have
beeu cousohng and teudiug to contentment among those who huvo uot beeu
so successful in giithuriug.of riches us to
have been cousuuied with the appetite < r
passion of dollar-getting Tbu huijl
nnd appetite of money gathering seems
to grow, like tho drink habit or drunkenness, with over-indulgence. If men
were not so forgetful the money craze
aud niouoy worship would never hnve
taken demoniac possession, as it has for
yoars of nearly nil the people iu this
eulighteued land. All history aud all
philosophy, human and divine, has
taught the vnuity, tho wickedness and
the demoralizing influence of money
worship and the unsatisfying character
of grout possessions. Francis Bncou,
the great scholar, lawyer, statesman
nnd philosopher, the father of modern
experimental science or knowledge,
who, unfortunately, fell, through his
desire for niouoy aud power, aud the
corrupting influonces of his nge uutil
he wns pronounced "the greatest, tlie
wisest and meanest of maukind" wrote
"I can uot call riches better than the
baggage of virtue Tbe Roman word
better, impedimenta ; for as tho baggage
is to the army, so is the riches to virtue,
but it hiudreth the march; and the euro
of it sometimes loseth or disturbeth the
victory. Of great riches thore is no
real use, except it bo in the distribution;
thu rest is butcouceit; bo saith Solomon.
' Where much is.tbere nro mnny to consume it; and what hath tbo owner but
tlio sight of it with his eyes?' The
personal fruition in any man can uot
reach to feel great riches; there is a
custody of them, or a power of them,
but uo solid use to the owner."
—National Priuter-Jourualist
For   local  uews  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE only $1 for 12 months.
Swift's Hams
very  nice
We  have added
to our stock.    Coine and see
our   nice  Tea SET   at
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Westminster Road aud Ave.
'Phone 2088.
pleasure to the purchaser. Open
work appears to be relegated to the
background, except when combined
with hand embroidery to which it is
an admirable adjunct.
Embroidery on a fine mesh is pre-,
ferrcd by many to anything of gayer
aspect, and a design of small posies
or ribbon bows done by hand may be
had iu all colors.
A treatment differing in slight degree from that generally used is tthe
tracery or outline pattern, by whicll
a daintiness is given to the foot covering not always contributed by the
padded work.
What is more to one's mind after
all is said and done, than clocking?
It lends a slenderness to the ankle
produced by no other effect. Add to
this painted designs in self or contrasting colors, and the acme of perfection seems reached, as well as the
essence of smartness in hosiery.
*    *   *
Tailors arc showing their winter
models in two-piece costumes for
street wear. The most fashionable
of  these  liavc  skirts  that  show  for
We can sell you"!
20% cheaper during the Inst week of our Big Removal Sale.
We intend moviiiji to our now store on Tuesday, tho _!4th of this mouth
,. Until then we will Rlnngh.fr everything at hitherto unknown prices, tak-
"    lug, of courso, the quality of the goods iuto consideration.    Come and see
our stork of—
Dry Goods, Jackets,   Waterproofs,
Skirts and Fors
they are certainly up-tr date, nnd all new arrivals. Now
giHidK arriving here all the time; nil kinds of them, and while we ar.i
in our temporary quarters'every vestige of stock will be sold nt sale prices.
J. S. McLeod, McBeth & Co.,
123  Hastings St., Cast.
You can't make sweet butter In a foul
ehurn. Every farmer's wifo knows this.
Your Btomaon churns and digests the
food you eat, and if foul, torpid nr out of
order, your whole system nutters from
blood poisoning. You will have foul
breath, coated tongue, bod taste, poor
appetite and a whole train of tllsii..-reliable symptoms. Dr. Pierce's Oolddn
Medical Dlscovory. which Is'not a bever-
age composed of whisky er alcohol, being
entirely free from Intoxicants, is a great
regulator and Invlgorutor of the Stomach, Liver and Bowels.
"About a rear aso I was Ul with blood pol-
sonlns," writes Miss Eveline ..mils, of 8t
Walter Street. Bu.r_._o. N. Y. "1 hud what
seemed to be a small cold sore on m.v lip, lt
became Terr anffry ln appearance and liesan
to spread until It nearly covored my face. 1
wan a frightful sight and could not go out-
sldo the I1011H0 because of iny apnraranco. I
usod a blood medicine which did not give
me any relief. Then I began to take your
'Golden Medical Discovery.' I wos greatly
benefited with thu first bottle and after taking tlio second bottle was completely cored.
Tbe erysipelatous eruption dlsuppfSartMl and
my blood was clsaiuietl, Ur complezlon ls
clear and fresh and I have felt butter this
year than I did tor some time before. Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery ts certainly a most remarkable medicine.''
Don't accept a substitute for s medicine
which performs such cures and which bas
a uniformly successful record of nearly
forty year., to Its credit. It's an Insult to
your Intelligence for a dealer to try by
over-perBiiaslon to palm off upon you In
Its stead some Inferior article with no
record to back it up. You know what
you want; it is his business to meet that
•fisn nnn <flVEN away, _n copim of
^at_,UUU Tho People's Common Bean*
Medical Adviser, a book that sold to tbe ex-
teat of 600,000 copies a tow
years ago. at $1.60 per copy.
Last year- we gave' away
130.000 worth of these Invaluable books. This yen i' wo xhull
five away fcO.OOO worth ot
hem. Will you share ln this
beuofit? If so, Bead only 81
one-cont stamps to cover cost
of mailing only for book iu
efclff impor covers, or 50 stamp*
tor cloth-bound. Address Dr.
B. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Constipation although a littlo III. be
fnw big ones If neglected.   Dr. Pleree'S
enets cures constipation.    . ■   '   '
Raincoats will be most popular garments this Fall, and owing to the
advance prices of the cloth, they will certainly be mnch higher.
■BE.*jJ"ISK AND BUY NOW, as all our duplicate orders will cost
more mouey.   Our assortment is new nud   large:  $7.80 to $W.
OPENING NEW Overcoats aud Suits this weok; $7.SO to $25.
.. *       ' THE G. D. SCOTT CO., Ltd.
433 Westminster Ave., oPP. City Hail.
about, twelve inches below the long
coat-skirts, a style that tends to give
height and slenderness to the figure.
Both the skirt proper and the, skirt of
the coat flare exceedingly from the
knee down, destroying any clinging
lines. This has its advantage where
the figure happens to be quite robust,
as it rather adds to that objectionable
feature. Exptrt makers will remedy
that by decreasing the flare in both
instances. There is a rigidity in the
compact, closed-up fit of these long
coats, "besides whicll they have little
p.r no trimming, nor any relief upon
tlie fronts in.the way of lingerie adjuncts. The severity of the early
spring costumes worn, it will be remembered, by the smartest women
almost exclusively, is now accented
in the winter fashions. But the modifications made with us are so numerous that when the time comes to
put on such suits, the severely plain
one§-will'not attract attention particularly.. Those who know will,
however, recognize tliem as the correct thing. Many of these coats
have the sole line of trimming, men-
tioned among the new lines of direction, and starting from the collar
and carried down to the bottom of
the .coat in front. Furs will look
very well put on in this way, as well
as passementeries, or ajour cloth
bands, lined with white or a color.
Personal notices of visitors on
Ht. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people! who visit other cities, also all
local etneial affairs arc gladly received
by "the Advocate."
Muir's Bakery
is the best place to get all kinds of
■Phone 448.
False Creek
Cor. Front Street nnd
Westminster Avenue.
Milk and Cream
Wholesale and Retail.
Our premises nre clcnu nud commodious, and we bave admirubln
equipment   and    facilities    for
I handling milk. FALSE CREEK
DAIRY is well-known iu the
city. Aek our customors about
I ._
Dress & Jacket Cutting nud Fitting
Mrs. Davie whilo  abroad  was  sue
cossful in reoeiviugaFirst-c-liissDiploma
from the Rodmure Dross Cutting Asso
cintiou, Glasgow.
She will take classes for learning tbil
system.   For information call at 2163
Second avoune, Fnirview.
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry GoodB Store of B. O.
STILL COMIN'l.   Manufacturers' Samples of
. .( Women and Children's Winter Vests
Children's Winter VestB worth 20c for 15o
Women's Wiuter UudervcBts, worth 25o for 15o
Girl's Flanelletts) Nightgowns worth 90c for 70o
"   $1.00 " 75o
Women's Flanelettes Drawers worth 40c for 2Bo
11   " 11 It ..      soo   "   8C0
7& pairs of Flannelette Blankets in whito and gray worth f 1 for 75o pair.
Call and see us, we have a numerous lot of Bargains to show you.
■ -.
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
You are not
From a  dwarfed or   dwindled stock
when buying  your Suit or Overcoat
from us, for we have now the brightest,
largest and best stock of Men's Suits
we sell,  and so they're made as we
want tliem—made to fit; made with
style and exclusiveness. Quality considered, we can save you money on
anything we sell—yet we are always
ready to return your-money if dissatisfied.
See Our Special Suits at $15.
Thomas FOSTER.
553 Hastings Street. VANCOUVER, D. C.
Mah,   Orders   promptly   attended   to.—Self-measurement
bliinka and samples sent ou application.
&•**•_•*-*• *«&•_•**«_- ****** ******l
Flanueletto, striped, at Be, 8,'fcc, 10c, 12,2'c, 16o
Saxony Flannolette, plain, piuk, cream, white, 8^c, 10c, 12%o, 15o
Shirting Flanuelette, dark colors, l%c, 16c
iituu'Flannel, blonchetl and.unbleachod, 10c, 12}£c, 16c
White Flannels, all-wool aud unshrinkable qualities, 40c, 46c, 60c
Navy Bluo All-wool llannela, 860, 4Bo
303 Hastings street.
Situate in the New Wersminster
Mining Division, District of New
Wesiminkter. Where located—in
South Valley lu tho Eustsido of Squamish Channel, about six miles from
Squamish River aud flvo uiilos from
Suit Water, East of the Briituunin
Group nud joins Charmer Clnini to
the East.
TAKE NOTIOE thnt I, Joseph
Donald, Free Miner's Certificate No.
BUO.'IOl, intend, (10 days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for n Certificate of Improvements, tm
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the nbove claim.
Aud further take notice that actiou,
under section 117,   must bo commenced
before the issnaueo of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of Sopt., 1906.
Joseph DONALD,
168 Tenth Ave., Vancouver, B. O.
Timber Licences.
NOTIOE is hereby giveu that, 60
days after date, I intend to apply to tho
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Luuds and
Works for permissiou to purchaso the
following described laud, situated iu
Coast District, Raugo 6:—
Beginning at a post at the Northwest corner of Lot No. 606, and marked
A. A. Seymour's Southwest Corner;
theuee North eighty chaius; tlieuce
Enst twenty eliaius; tlicuco South
eighty chains; theuee West twenty
ehnin.s to point of commencement; con*
taming 160 acres moro or less.
Locuted, October 2nd, 1905
R. L. MnlNTOgU, Agent.
Right of WAYlJbu Railways, Etc.
NOTICE is hereby given tlmt all
Crown lauds along the located lines of
nny railway, power or tramway 00m-
pauy, incorporated uuder authority of
tlie Legislature of tliis Province, nnd
having a width of fifty (60) feet on each
sido of snid Hues, are Reserved for right
of way purposes for such railway,
power or tramway company.
W. S.   GORE,
Deputy Commissioner of Lauds and
Lands & Works Department,   Viotoria,
B C , 8rd October, 1905.
Got your work done nt the
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Underwood, Propriotor.
BRTHS— Bntli room fitted with Porcelain    Bath    Ton    and   all   moderu
Which Meet on nt. Pleases!
I. O. F.
Court Vaucouver 1828, Indepchd.
Order of Foresters meets 2d and  4
Mondays of ouch month at 8 p.m.,
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—J. B. Abernetby. -
Recording Secretary—J. Hansen,
12 Seventh avenue, *■<
Financial Secretary—M. J. Orcb
311 Princt.MHl.eet, City.   Toloplioi
1. O. O. V.        ~"
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. Ill meets ev
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hi
Westminster avenue,   Mt. Pleasant,
Sojourning brethren cordially iuvi
to attend.
Noiile Grand—G. W. Jamiosou.
Recording Secretary—Fra
Trimble.oor. Niuth nve. * Wostmln'r
Aloxaudra Hive No. 7, holds regi
Review   2d and 4th Mondays pf
month in Knights  of Pythias
Westminster avenne.
Visiting Ladies alwnys weloome.
Lady Cominnuder—Mrs. F. L. Bndlc
186 Eleveuth avenue, w
Lndy Record Keeper—Mis. J. Mar
Ninth avenuo.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, mi
every 2d auiK 4th Thursdays of e
mouth, iu I O. O. F., Hall, W
minster nveuue.
Sojourning  FrioDds always welco!
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.'
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
-.'.t'.H WuKtminsteraronue. Te|, 71
C. & J. HARDY & CO.
Company,   Financial,   P«ess nit
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E. C,  Bngln
Colonial Bnainess a Specialty.
50  YEARS9
Trade Mark
Copyrights A
AnjronajMHidtiiff aakotrh and_faierlpttoiin
quickly luoortnln onr opinion fno t	
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Branch Offlce, IES F St., Wsibliigton, II. C
There are still a number of houses within the
radius of our Electric Lighting S3_tem that are
using coal oil lamps.   This should not be.
The Electric Light is the safe light, the convenient light, the cheap light. Once used,
Always Used ; that is why we ask you to try it.
Call and see the Chief of the Lighting Department and talk the matter over.
be C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
Corner Carrall and Hastings streets.


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