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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Dec 10, 1904

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Cough Drops
supply the medicine for tho Cough Drops,
refore know they are all right, TRY THEM,
ley are only 40o per pound.
just in for Christmas at the
n. a. w. co.%
Mount Pleasant Branch.
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
*•» ..I, i —""^
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three flonths 35c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to the Interests ot   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like home—with Pure
Genuine Boston Baked
Open from 7:80 a. m.t to It p.
Sunday from 9 a. m.  to lip.
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole  Number 236-
nOUNT  PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,   B.  C.,|  SATURDAY   Dec.,   10, 1904
Sixth Year, Vol. 6, No. *J-©.
Subscribers    are    requested   to
rt any carelessness in the delivery
{The Advocate."
■hanges for advertisements should be
eforo Thursday noon to Insure their
f_,ocal Items.l
lie McCuaig Auction and Commis
ii Co., Ltd., nexttoCarueige Library,
1 tings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
(duct Auction Sales and handle
Ikrupt Stocks of «wery description,
■isfaotion guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
I he Public Schools will close on Finest for Christmas Holidays.
In Monday evening next, the annual
I'.tion of officers will be held at the
ptiug of Court Vancouver, Independ
t Order of  Forest-ers.   AH members
Ihe Court are expeoted to be present.
f hildron's Shoes going at  half price
I'mr December Shoe Sale.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street
. S. Rankin, Auctioneer, will put up
Isnle on Wednesday next some very
treble lots iu South Vancouver. See
Lie annual Christmas Tree Entcr-
luient of Mt. Plensant Methodist
lirch will be held ou the Thursday
[ling before Christmas which will be
123d. Preparations for the entertain-
at are being carried out and it
liuises to be a successful affair.
l.rs. C. E. Forshaw, 469 Fourteenth
raue, east, who had twenty-three
Ih extracted by the New York
I .ists lately, desires to state that the
ration wns painless and that she
T'ered no unpleasant after effects.
tl. Forshaw speaks iu the highest
Vis of tho skill of the popular New
rk Dentists.
'jCad A. Runs & Co 's advertisement
Jhildreu's Coats worth up to $6.00
)r. Win. Stephen and Mrs. Stephen,
of New Zealand, who havo beeu in
I'ucouver the past three months, have
,)ided to make this city their home.
Stophou has bought the handsome
ideiiee of Dr. Ernest Hall on Georgia
Jet. Botn Doctor aud his charmiug
fe will bo welcome acquisitions iu
hcouver church aud social circles.
' 3_r Meu.s Shoes cau uot be beat for
I'.ifort aud for wearing quality. The
liro stock going at great reduction
[-ing December. Get a pair now.
i! Mills, lb Cordova  street
f -tcv. A. W. McLeod will preach at
|th servioes ou Sunday. "Forgetting
I..: Things that are Behind aud Going
firward," and "Soul Hunger and How
I Satisfy It," will be the sermon topics
fr morning aud eveuiug respectively.
|iu Male Chorus will assist iu the
vice of song iu the eveniug.
I Any one having friends or knowing
j strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasant
Jill confer a groat favor by informing
|_.he Advocate."   Telephone B1405.
Hhe    Woman's    Auxiliary    of  St.
I 'ichael's Church held a most successful
Jazaar and Sale of   Work  in the Oity
Kail on  Thursday   afternoon aud ave-
ling.   The different tables with their
I sefnl aud fanciful  articles  wen well
fcatrouteed.   The ladies who assisted at
Ihe different   booths  and  were  mde-
["vtigable    workers   wore  Mrs.   G. W.
1 utchings, President Woman's Auxili-
|ry; Mrs.   Thos.   McClay,    Mesdames
'artington, Gaisford, Seip, Robertson,
i'imms,McKay,Dovine MoWhinneyJaud
lirs.F. W.Welsh ;Misses Stevens, Urqu-
] nirt, Douualdson, Birmingham.Haldon,
l.lodfiou,   Lawrence,  Mrs. Dodson and
■Miss Ehgh    The   ladies clciued about
1800.00 and aro to be congratulated on
Ithe success of their entertainment
( *"*"'{t didn't hurt'a Mt!"      \
Because I Had
Them .Extracted
S^the new YORK
Painless Dentists.
Have yonr old teeth extracted uow
and geq yonr new ones in for Christmas, no matter how weak or nervous
yon are; we have a reputation for successfully handling such cases as yours.
Onr latest discovery which, whetLop-
plied to the gums, enables us to extract
any nnmber of teeth absolutely painless, is vouched for by hundreds and
hundreds of patients who have been
treated at onr parlors, and who were
so well pleased with the results that
they not only told their friends bnt
Insisted on personally bringing them
to our parlors that they may receive
the same treatment. By a free examination we will tell yon exactly what
yonr work will coat.
147 Hastings St., E'Tc"'
Opposite the Carnegie Library.
-Office Honrs: 8 a. ;u., to 9 p. m.;
Telephone 1S66.
Sundays 9 a. m., to 3 p. m.
Christmas Hardware,
A large nnmber of yonng people
surprised Mr. and Mrs. Garvin of Westmiuster road, on Friday evening last.
The merry crowd were made welcome
and throe large rooum were cleared for
dancing. During the eveniug the party
gathered around nioely set tables and
partook of a dainty repast. The dancing
ceased aud all wended their way home
at 2:80 a. ui., feeliug they had spent a
most enjoyable time at the hospitable
home of Mr. and Mrs. Garvin. Present:
Missus Satchels, Miss Aggie Hewsou
Miss E. Hudson, Miss A. Thorpe, Miss
Maud Mattock, Miss I. Howes, Misses
Walker, Miss A. Tapper, Miss F. Mc-
Elhlnuey, Mrs. T. Sanderson, Mr. and
Mrs. Muuroe, Messrs. S. Garvin, R.
Garvin, F. Prior, O. Curtis, F.
Stephens, N. Coyles, E. McElhinney,
C. McElhinney, H. Barnett, H. Smith,
Thos. Smith, V. Hudson, Mr. Bigger,
Mr. Diusmore.
Great reduction on all Men's Shoes,
Ladies' Shoes, and all Children's Shoes
at half price.   R. MILLS, 18 Cordova
Mr. Wm. DeBou of Tenth avenue,
east, is out of the Hospital after a three
weeks illness. His many friends will be
glad to hear of his oonvalescenoe.
Vancouver Council No.311 a, Canadian
Order of Ohosen Friends met in regu.
lar session on Thnrsday evening in the
Oddfellows' Hall. The business meeting
was closed at 8:80 and an open meeting
held, a privilege many took advantage
of. A short program was given, and
applause and encores were frequent.
Mr. Barnes, the energetic Organizer,
was present assisting in entertaining
the visitors. A contest between two
teams for securing new members has
awakened new Interest in the Order.
Since the teams were organized a few
weeks ago 18 have been initiated and a
number of applications are awaiting
their turn. Election of officers will be
held at the next meeting, Dec. 23d.
On Tuesday evening the Ladies' Aid
of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Ohnroh held a
Social at the home of the pastor, Rev
A. W. McLeod, Sixth avenne, east. A
very pleasant and profitable evening
was passed.
PUGH.—On the 6th Inst, at her residence, 611 Seventh avenne, east,
Vnncouver, B. O., Catherine, wife of
Samuel G. Pugh, formerly of Liscard,
Parish of Wallasey, Cheshire, England,
aged 68 years.
This One Thing
We insist on the Superiority of
Ontario Snow Apples
for Eating.   We have a large consignment of
these   delicious   apples.    Opened   To-day.
Leave your orders, or better still call and see them.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
Nothing _etter for a Christmas Present than one of
our celebrated Souvenir Ranges or a Hot
Blast Coal Heater. Beautiful in design
and the greatest fuel and labor savers.
TO OUR full line of Joseph Rogers   Carving Sets  and
Toole Cotlory. Special Bargains in Roasting Pans, Cereal
Cookers, Storey Oake Pans.
Yor CAN savb Money and Car-park, and 36% on yonr investments
by going
J      A      FI FTT     Mt. PLEASANl HARDWARE
•   M.    I l-J- I   I / STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Leave us your order now and we will select you a
good bird.   Price and quality guaranteed.
Xmas Fruits
We have the best quality of Raisins on the market.
Currants,   Peels,   Shelled   Walnuts and   Almonds.
Jap Oranges 50c per box.
H. O. Lee,
24_5 Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Values gap*"*
Children's Coats in a large variety of styles and colors.
Worth up to $6.   Your choice for $1.00.
APOQQ '& f.O     3o, 33 and 34 Cordova St.
.   l\\JJt3 tX. VV/., Telephone 874-
_l°euanstantCentral ileat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kiuds of Fresh and Salt Meats.   Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^N'!!5iS»^
Overcoats an :
That's the Talk.
A coolness in the air suggestive of J. Frost, Esq.,
puts you in mind of your Overcoat needs. ' Twill
do your heart good to see our immense showing
of Top Coats for this season.
The long Box Coat—the short Topper—the
medium length—the half belt Chesterfield and
, others are here in full force; and ready for you
to slip into. We start price at $10.00 and go up
the scale to $30.00. But at every price your
money in the Bank.
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B   C.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.    Self-measurement Blanks and
Samples sent on application.
Every Lady is invited to visit The City Grocery next week
nnOKl That Famous
Indian Tea   •
with cake, will be served free to all.
The Citv Grocery Co.
The Wonderful Cheap Grocers
Tel. 200. Westminster Ave. A Mn oetr Afmmmt.
"Khaki, thut famous Iudian Tea,"
I wiU be served to ladies all next weok,
J at The Oity Grocery.
Half Acre and Ono Acre Lots, iu
Subdivision 681, 082 and 891, South
Vanoouver, will take place at my offico,
638 Hastings street, on WEDNESDAY,
14th December, at 2:30 p. m. PlauB on
application. The Sixteenth aveuue
onr line extension ruus through the
property, tho situation is excellent,
clearing vory easy, and taxes light.
Further particulars ou application,
J. S. RANKiN.   'Phone 472.
If you kuow of auy local news item of
interest such as parties, dances, sociuls,
arrival and departure of visitors, society
meetings, etc., send it in to Tub
Advocate or by telophono B1405.
Ml. Pleasant Mall, (PoBtofflce.)
Leaves at (i a.m., 11 it in., & 5:80 p.m
Arrives at 11 a. in., and _ p. m.
Missionary Anniversary Services will
be held on Sunday. In the mo.-ning the
pastor, Rev. A E. Hetheringtou, will
conduct the service. Iu the evening
the Kev. W. E. Pescott, B. A., of
Wesley Church will preach. All arc
cordially invited. Suitable music will
be rendered by the Choir.
Mt. Pleasant Prize Winners.—In
the guessing contest at Trorey's last
week, Mrs. J. McLuckie ef Sixth avenue, won tho Ladies' Watch and $80.00
gold piece; Miss Olive Morrison of
Quebec street, 2d prize in the Girls'
Guessing Congest and Miss May Snell of
Seventeenth avenuo, 3d prize
For   local  news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE only $1 for 12 months.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, L. O. T. M.,
elected the following officers for the
ensuing year at the last regnlar meeting,
on Friday last: Lady Commander,
Mrs. F. Budlong; Lieut-Commander,
Mrs. T. A. Tidy; Mistress-at-Arms, Mrs.
Butchart; Record Keeper, Mrs. J.
Martin; Finance Keeper, Mrs. H. J.
Foote; Sargent, Mrs. Drainie; Sentinel,
Mr*. Cartwright; Piket, Mrs. B. P.
Pettipiece; Past Commander, Mr*.
The Oity Grocery deliver* groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant;  'phone 286
33a 1 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. A1206     Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
in season.
Pull Line of Fancy end Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., * Dufferin St.'
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.   Telephone B1405
Physicians Prescriptions is my business, and
when your Prescription is dispensed at the
Central Drug Hall you may be sure it is right
in quality and accuracy, as well as in price.
Just in from tho Manufacturers, a complete line of Stationery et
prices lower than the lowest.
The Central Drug Hall
244-4  Westminster Avo.
(litis. C. NETHCRBV. Prop.
Opp. Lei's Grocery.
Telephone 1849.
For an ovonlng's entertainment in
the line of solos, duets, trios, quartettes,
violin, piano aud readings, uo oue conld
desire to hoar a better company of
entertainers than the Philharmonic
ladies' Quartette of Chicago, which
appeared at Knox Congregational
Ohuroh on Tuesday evening. The
Quartette comprised the following:
Miss Fanny Ferguson, soprano;
Mis* Elizabeth Ferguson, contralto;
Miss Harriot Geen Eddy, mezzo-
soprano and accompanist; Mis*
Adele Davis, impersonator, alto and
violiniste. The audieuoo was a large
one and showed their appreciation by
repeated eucores, aud all went away
praising the clever artists most heartily.
The funeral of Mrs. Catherine Pugh,
wife of Mrs. S. G. Pugh, Seventh avenne, cast, took place on Thnrsday afternoon from St. Michael's Church, Revf
G. H. Wilson officiating. Mr*. Pugh
died Wednesday from the severe burns
received on Monday, when her ikirts
caught fire from lighted rubbish which
had been raked, together in the yard.
Dr". Allen and Brydone-Jack were
culled and did everything possible for
the suffering lady who bore bravely her
severo agony. A gloom is cast over all
Mt. Pleasant at the sudden taking away
of one of the best loved women residents
Mrs. Pugh leaves a husband and eight
children, three sons and five daughters,
all of whom have grown up from childhood on Mt. Pleasant. The deceased
lady was a native .of Liscard, Parish of
Wallasey, Cheshire, England, and wa*
68 year* of age. Sympathizing and
sorrowing friends sent numerous and
beautiful floral tribute*
The funeral of Mrs. Mary McElIigott
who> died on Friday last took place
Monday morning from the family
residence corner of Sixth and Westminster avenues, to the Chnrch of Onr Lady
of the Holy Rosary,, the Bev. Father
Lechsne officiating. The funeral
arrangements were iu charge of Messrs.
Armstrong & Edwardes. Mrs.' Mc-
Elligott had lived mauy years on Mt.
Pleasant snd was a most kindly old
lady. Two daughters are left to mourn
her lose.
si mm fffffffiiffffffffffii'B
Brewed right here in Vancouver by  men ™
of years and years and years   experience, •_$
Peer. a brewery whose plant is the mc*t
_= *     perfect known to the Art of Brewing.   Is
fc it any wonder that it has taken a place
in  the hearts of  the people which   no other bee-
£ can supplant ?   Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $ I. .
* Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
fc Vancouver, B. C.      Tel. 4a9 3?
te For Sale at all first-class Saloon*, Liquor Stores aud Hot<Jf   _^
**" or delivered to yonr house. --3
Electrolysis Parlor of Hairdress
ing,  Manicuring,  Facial  Massage and
Scalp Treatment for Lpdiea and Gentlemen.     Superfluous   hoir,   wafts   aud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron on "How to take care of
Skin Food for building np the wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to prevent and heal sunburn.
Maiumk liUMi'ilRF.YH,  589  (Iranvillfl
Telephone Numbers or Local Ministers.
H1VOT    Hi • .1.. II. tVII-iiii.fAiiBllniil).
Hid',    Iti'V. (I. A. Wll.,,11, ll'r _«byt_rlnji).
Ri-in   in v, a E. Hetheilnfetun, (MoihodUt).
For Local New* Read Tbe Advocatb
Hatch.—Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Hatch, 467 Sixth avenue, east, Deo. 8th,
Hkhjinr.—Horn to Mr. and Mrs.
Higgins, 447 Sixth avenue, east, Dtc.
8tb, a son.
Bar'I i.e.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs F. W.
Hurtle, 8124 Westminster avenne,
December -7th, a daughter.
Lang.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs. Lang,
148 Sixth avenne, west, Dec. Oth, a
Gibbs.—Born to Mr. and Mrs. T.
Gibbs of Port Hammond, at 269 Sixth
avenue,-east, December 4th, a son.
The Chance
of e Life Time
To 5uy Dress
This sale continues until Jan-
nary 1st, 1905. Until then
everything in the house will
be sold at prices lower than
before in  British Columbia.
Fubb.—The bnlnnco of onr
Furs, Neck Furs and Jacket*
all at less than manufacturers' prico*.
Millinery ; price no object;
all must be sold.
China Silk Waists, in black
and white; regular |4, sale
price |8; regnlar 15.55, sale
price t8 75.
Moiiuibttr Underskirts, in
colors, from |1.60 co|5.50;
all worth double.
Colored Silk Ribbons,fancy
patterns nnd color*, suitable
for neckwear; worth 60c
for 20o
Other snap* too numerous to
give the faintest Idea of in
this space.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return II Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free your choice of SO
pictures. Or for 'ib wrapper! choice of
160 books. Books and picture lists uu
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
_       VANCOUVeR, 5.C.
303 Hastings street.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy  Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Fluids,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Fond,  lieefscraps, Etc.
S     If PITH   Corner    NINTH avtnix   ft
T.li-plione   10*7.
The Municipal Hall will be open on
Tuesday uud Friday mornings ouly till
the ont il uir work of the Assessment is
William (I. WALKER, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oct 18, 1904.
The Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it circulates, Tel. B1405
McTaggart & Moscrop
Dealers in
3** Carrall St.,    Vancouver, B.C.
Temploton Block.
If yon mis* The Advocate you miss
he local new*.
Chopping at
Have you ever noticed how ccir..
fortably jmi can shop at Trorey's?
With a wide aisle running all
arounil the store, there's always
plenty of room.
Conic aud   see   the    ChristiTins
Goods uow nn display.
There's no red   tape of any kin
at Trorey'*—no  (nbterfng..
either,   nothing    bat    Itraigbt
If yon intend to have auytuiug
made uji in the jewelry line,
you really ought to attend Jto
it at onoe.
Corner Hastings and OrauvMn fits.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. it.
I ('
Advertise te th* "Aivoaate."
The Crime of Hallow-E'en:
il Si a
Author of "A Broken  Betrothal,"  "The Heiress of
Cameron Hall," "Parted at the-Altar," Etc.
As lt y.as, on tins mgnc in ques-
llon, ha rode h.ird, anil arrived
breathlessly at tho police station;
anil b.v the workings ol a brupl destiny, it happened that the chief had
just come in accompanied by India
Mn wave's lover, who was rajllng
bitter at the utter failure of both
Ine police and -the detectives io unearth tho hid n.t place of the murderer of his beautiful sweetheart, "whose
spirit could navei' rest," he declared
solemnly, '-until her murderer hid
been brought to justice."
It rather piqueel the ihief, toi, tint
a girl, scarcely more than BOVOnteo.i.
and her young husband, _ji ml I be
able lo bailie so completely the must
skillful men of the profession.
The sergeant wbo bad been listening intently to the old se .Inn's story
suddenly excused himself i.n I hold a
short, hurried consultation with hi i
chief; and in a moment of I'lmo the
secret wires in the private ofiitc wero
working, flashing tbo news to every
police station in tho city that the
hiding place of LC Roy l'iei'iont's
young bride had been brought
light at last, of her illness and recovery, and of her sutldi n escape
which followed on tho heels of it.
Every man on each beat throughout the city was cautioned to be ou
the sharp lookout for the fair fugitive.
Tho sergeant at tho desk, in listening to the sexton's story, bad instantly divined tho start! inj
as ho noted the description of the
lovely young stranger found in tho
graveyard on that identical night
on which beautiful, desperate Ban'iy-
lin, flying for her life, near this particular point, had so successfully
eluded them.
Small and petite, rounded, dimpled check and dimpled chin, beautiful, curling, golden hair, and eyes
dark blue and sparkling, veiled by
long, curling, golden laches.
And then her dress—while satin,
like grand ladies wore to bolls — a
white kid glove on one hand, re.'icli
how they wept for beautiful, hapless llm n.'.iin!
' Tbu ill-futi<! I ride, who. erased by
lenlmisy moro hitter to bear thnn
Ihe tortures of death, hifd taken the
life of her nuel toi," for so tbe despatches assented.
'1 h_ terrible deed miist be sternly
.'Onileiiineil: _l_ut even whilo they.condemned, they wept pitiful tears of
sympnt hy for ber.
About n'Hin there was n gieat commotion on the si reel.; extras were
out, uni Ihe whole city was thrilled
to lb: core as they read the startHn..
headlines, which1 read ns follows:
"Fin nil —'Ibe Bountiful fugitive
Tracked Ilo'wn nt Last! — Found in
a Slei_.ll Near tbe t'ily Limits!"
The extras which flooded the city
wore of stnrlling inlcrtst to men,
wonnn. nnd children, and wero eagerly bought up as a consequence.
As th.y rend on, thoy discovered
that thu headline of the extras was
to slightly deceptive. Beautiful Bonnylin had been discovered in n sleigh,
but tho vigilant police had not succeeded in making an arrest'.
It had happened in this way: Whilo
the search was at its height, n horso
and sleigh dashed past tbe searchers,
who wero on foot. They saw by the
feeble light ol tlicit- lanterns that the
sleigh contained two persons—a man
truth heavily lnuflled to tho chin, supporting tho (igure of a woman in his
In the nervousness of passing them,
and owing to the slight shying of
his spirited horse, the covering which
he was holding ubout Bonnylin's
golden head was wrenched from his
grasp, and fell to her shoulders; and
in that instant her face was turned
toward them.
Thero was a loud cry.- Half a dozen
or moro recognized her instantly.
One of them sprang to tho horse's
head, nnd the rest toward the vehicle, crying oul:
There is Pierpont's bride!"
Grasping  Hi3  reins  with   his
in.  quite up  to tho elbow;      d flint. |
white kid slippers, so small   Cinder- '
eUn^^viUi her trim little font, might   hand, anil seizing the whip with his
" ■' havfe' "worn them. I right, Fenton brought it down   with
Ah, yes, they knew—even beforo
they had examined the lovely robe
and tho pi-city trifles that mndo up
that fatal ball room costume—that it
was hapless Bonnylin.
Of all places In the city and around
about it, they had never dreamed of
searching for hoc here in their very
midst, as it were. Their chagrin
knew no bounds when they thought
of their own stupidity.
But she was at large somewhere
close at hand, and—nh, the pity of
it!—for paltry, shining gold every
man of them detcrinined to hunt tho
poor, pretty creature down to her
With teeth fairly chattering with
terror, tho old sexton took his wife
aside, and told her the startling news
ho had heard at the police stntion;
who the lovely stranger was who bad
lain unconscious under their roof,
and of tho fearful charge upon whieh
tho officers were searching for her.
Slowly, and with sublime dignity,
his old wife turned to him, brushing
awny the fast gathering tears from
hor dim eyes.
"John," sho said in solemn voico,
"I am not a learned woman, but I
can judgo a human face. 1 am old,
and in my lifetime I have seen every
phase of character that goes to mako
up a. world, rich and poor, high and
low, innocent and guilty, and I tell
you If an nngel caine down from
Heaven and cried out truhiprt-tongu-
fcd that that young girl was guilty
Af so horriblo a crime, I should not
lielieve it. Do you hear me, .lohn
Anderson? I should not believe it,
I say. I would stake my soul upon
hor innocence. Her heart and soul,
and thoso little white hands that
have clung so pitoously to mine, are
as pure as (he spotless snow outside. Tho evidence against her is
overwhelming, you Bay. Human beings beforo to-ilny havo been flung
upon circumstantial evidence. God
preservo the poor, pretty creature
from the wretches that aro hunting
lier down to her doom. And, oh,
John, you set tho wholo pack loose
upon her track, like a troop of hungry wolves—but you did not knuw!" j
"Don't ho hard upon mc, Jenny,"
he cried, humbly. "Of courso I bo-
lievo hor innocent, too. Why, sho ;
wouldn't have harmed a canary, tljat
poor 'child. I'd a-cut my tongue out '
rather than have betrayed her; but
as you well understand I didn't know
to what it would lead. Of courso
they'll take her, Jenny; nothing can
save her now."
All night long tho good, motherly
woman, who had grown to love Bonnylin's sweet, winsome fnce, with all
a mother's tenderness and coinpns-
slonuto yearning, pneed tbe floor
weeping as though her heart would
break, refusing to bo comforted.
All night long the pitiless search
went on.
When early dawn broke they folt
confident of finding thu beautiful fugitive
Sho might elude them ln the In-OHIO
darkness of tho night, but she must
certainly bo discovered when tho
morning came.
They dohatod amnng themselves ns
to what had become of tlie handsome young husband.
Hnd ho deserted her in the hour of
her greatest peril? It looked strangely liko it; but thoso who knew l.o
Roy Plcrpont well could not bring
themselves to believe It.
Ho was of tho kind of men who
would defend the woman they Iovo
to tho death.
This seemed to be generally accepted as tho solution of the deep mystery:
When Ihe oflieers hnd : hit down tho
horso from under the fugiliVfB, Ihut
ono of tho bullets must have mortally.woiindul the young husband and
that by superhuman effort the poor
girl had dragged \im into tlio brushwood out of their reach; lhat he had
died then?; und mad .with frenzy,
Bonnylin had fled on in the darkness,
nnd reaching tho graveyard, hnd fallen down there in a dead faint.
Tito next morning whole columns of
tho dally press teemed with the affair.
Women rCntl 1t with bated hroath
and paling cheeks:  but In suite     ofj
stunning  force  over   the   head   . and
shoulders of the foremost man.
"Back!" ho shouted hoarsely, "every man of you! Attempt to block
my wny or touch that horse at your
By a sudden manipulation of tho
reins, the iron-gray horso wheeled
around in a flash, ■nnd In n trice had
turned back upon the road it had so
lately traversed, and covered with
foam, vanished like a meteor in tho
intense dnrkn.'ss whleh preceded the
breaking of the early winter mom.
Fenton was quite right in tho belief that Ihey hod not recognized hiin
Or bis team, nnd the blanket which
be had thrown over bis horse as ho
saw the waving lights in the road
ahead, hnd performed the same service for tlie amine I.
"I'm afraid it's all up with us
now, ' muttered iYntoii, pityin .ly,
when he stopped to take breath and
wrap his coat ubout the bare, golden
head "l the still unconscious girl.
".What in Heaven's name is to bo
done now? Poor, hapless Bonnylin,
God help and protcet you in this awful hour—and you, I'ierpont, when
you hear of this."
Was it only his fancy, or did he
hear some ono calling his name? He
drew rein and listened intently.
"Mr. Fenton," said a tearful Woman's voice, "it: that you?"
He saw in the struggling morning
light that ho was just passing tbu
old sexton's house, ami the figuro
standing knee-deep in the snowdrifts
ut the gate was the sexton's wife.
"Havo you henrd tho terrible
story "
"Of the beautiful young girl who
was in your houso nnd of her sudden departure?" he cut in, hastily.
"Yon," sobbed the sexton's wife,
pitoously. "Have you hoard all about
j her? 1 cannot, ] will not believe It,
| sir. I will stake my soul on hrr in-
| nocence, and shield her with iny lifo
, If 1 could, and it were in my power."
"Would you?" cried Fenton, a sudden thought shaping itself in ' his
mind ns a last desperate resort.
"Yes," she answered, "1 would,
sir, Heaven knows."
In a moment Fenton hnd sprung
from tho vehicle, bearing Bonnylin in
bis arms. She hnd seen the muffled
figure on tbo seat beside him. but
she had never dreamed it could bo
the  lovely young stronger.
"Tell your husband to put up my
huso und sleigh—get them out of
sight quickly—then come to _mo ill
your little sitting room. Here is the
poor helpless creature; I have
brought her buck to you to chat her
Upon your mercy, lt Is life and death
to her. Tell ine, iu Heaven's name,
cnn  1 depend upon you lo save her?"
"Yes," answered Mrs. Anderson,
trembling wilh excitement. "You
may trust nip, sir,"
Ten minutes later the good woman
"had hoard Bornylin's story from te-
giiining lo end from Ponton's lips.
Sho bad been told that hi himself
took Bonnylin bodily from her house
b.v stealth, lhat they might not discover who it Wns that they had sheltered, to place tho lost bride who
hnd been separated from her frnnlic
young husband hy Iho crudest of nil
cruel fates,  in his arms again.
The old sexton, to repair the great
error he had done, was i.nly too glad
to do nil in his power to aid Bonnylin to evade the Searchers, for he believed fully in her innocence, ns ho
would have believed in Ihe innocence
of nn nngel from Heaven.
"1 shall remove her from hero this
evening under cover of ibirkn.ss,"
suid Fenlon, taking his hnvo after
being repeatedly assure I they would
nlono for Iho poor little bride's pitiful peril which tbey had unconsciously brought upon thnt. golden head,
with their very lives if need  bo.
In all tho fiery ordeal through
which she hnd passed, Bonnylin did
not regain consciousness, owing to
tho powerful narcotic which had been
previously administered hor. It was
certainly a mercy to Heaven that She
did not.
Fenlon left the houso on foot, making his  way  b.v  a circuitous     routp
back to the city.
As he crossed  the threshold  of his
bachelor aparttronts, Lo Roy'Plcrpont—whito and haggard—sprung to
moot him.
"You have been out all night, Ton-
ton!" he cried, In a husky voice
of repressed excitement. "Have you
found  any trace of  my  wife,  or—or
 In Rod's.mime     den't keep me
in suspense, Fenton! You know
what I would say!"
How eagerly his dark ryes de-
mured nis niend's face. His Ifpn
twitched, and his whole frame trembled.
"Can yo'-i bear up tinder groat,
good news, my boy?" cried Fenton,
cheerily. "Joy never kills, thoy
say. Are you prepared to hear
wonderful news—good news, I '
mean?" !
"Yes—yes!" cried Le Iloy.     "Tell j
me at once.     Oh!     Fenton,    you —
you have found my little llonnylin— ]
Is it not so?" he cried  breathlessly.
"In    Cod's name answer mo — yea
or no!"
Fenton nodded.
"1 bave  found  her,   my boy!"     ho
snid,   "alive ftnd well,  and   Here
—hold on—waitl"
"I cannot!" pan'.oJ Pierpont,
struggling to free himself from his
friqnd'a grasp, and to rush madly
to the  door..
"She is not here; 1 did not
bring ber with mo," said Fenton,
pilyingly. "You will realize when
1 tell you how nnd whero I found
her, and all about it, thut I was
wise in not bringing her with me.
You shall go to her, but not until
after dark to-night, remember."
"Ho you think I could stay here,
away from my poor, hapless darling
all tho long hours that will intervene until dark?" criid Lo Roy,
desperately. "1 should go mad.
1 am well 'disguised, Fenton; why
may I not go to her?"
Fenton pushed his friend into a
"I will toll you all, and then you
shall judgo for yoursell," ho responded quietly. "Promise me you
will hoar nie through with forced
calmness and without interruption,
and 1 will tell you all. Be a man
of iron nerve, Pierpont, and control
your emotion."
Le. Roy Pierpont looked up with
a forced smilo.
"Let it be ns you say, Fenton,
but, in Heaven's name, speak quickly. I havo suffered too much to
bear one additional moment of
Quietly Frank Fenton togan at
tho beginning, and told him nil—
all  that tho render  already knows.
The young husband scarcely breathed as he listened, so great was his
powerfully repressed excitement and
"Now you see why you cannot go
to hor there," he added in conclusion. "With a little strategy, I
shall be able to tako her away from
there to-night, and bring her to
This Le Roy saw plainly enough
was tho only practicable plan to
pursue. And whilo tho long hours of
that never-to-be-forgotten day dragged themselves wearily b.v, Lo Roy
Pierpont and his stanch, noble
friend mapped out a courso of procedure for  the  future.
Ho was so gny'an- bouyant, talking so cheerily of tho golden, sunny days ahead, when this dark cloud
should have blown over, that ho infused the forlorn young husband
with something liko tho chocry spirit
of  happier times.
Kenton bought one of tho extras,
ami nffected to laugh heartily over
it. declaring thnt the very shrewd
olllcers had not proven themselves
thio smart men thoy took themselves to lie; and that the last placo
thoy would think of loo'cing for
their victim, would be the placo
from which she was supposed to
have flo:l so summe.rily.
Le Hoy admitted that this was
quite true. As soon as young Dr.
Montgomery heard the startling rumor, with a white, troubled faco
ho hurried at once to Fcnton's
rooms, end he in turn heard tbo
truth, and together the two mutual
friends devoted themselves to cheerily. Lo Hoy up and laughing down
his fears unci pledging solemnly
anew their friendship and united
efforts to the md.
"Did ever a man have truer,warmer friends?" said Le Hoy, gratefully.
"If the time over comes when I
ca'u repay you for this, 1 will spill
my heart's blood to do lt. You
hnvo both stood so nobly by poor
littlo Bonnylin nnd mo; and I thank
you more than weak words can
tell, for your repeated assurances
of your belief in her innocence. No
one can look into her sweet face
and those clear bloc eyes and
doubt her, Ileavun bless her!" ho
added,  fervently.
As the shades of night drew near
Lo Hoy with beating heart sot out
with his friend Fenton to tho old
sexton's home.
They were obliged to go on foot,
and by such_. a circuitous route,
it was nearly ten o'clock at night
ore tbey reached there.
"Will'snc bo expecting us, do you
think?" asked Lo Roy, In a tremulous whisper, as they passed
through tlio gate.
"Yes," returned Fenton; "Mrs.
Anderson will have prepared her for
our  coming."
Tho sexton's wifo opened tho door
for them, fairly beaming tvlth
"Come right in, gentlemen," she
said, leading tho way. "She's
been at tho window straining hor
eyes wntchlng for you silu'C dusk,"
she whispered, turning to Le Roy,
whom she knew must bo tho young
husband Fenton bnd described. "Step
this  way, sir."
Sho opened the door to tho right,
nnd wilh a bound ho cleared tho
They heard a Joyful, startled cry:
"Oh, Lo Roy, Lc Hoy," and a hoarso
ejaculation     of: "Bonnylin,      my
love, my clarBng thank God—oh,
than-. Ood!"
Then the door quickly closed, and
Fenton and the sexton's wifo were
shut    out from all sight, all sounds.
Half crying, half laughing, she led
Mr. Fenton to Clio cozy sitting-room
across  the ball.
"Wo will leave thom to themselves
for a little spell, sir," she said; and
to this, arrangement Frank heartily
At length It became evident tbat
Lo Hoy nnd his brldo hnd certainly forgotten tbe flight ol time,and
how nun h remained to be done whilo
tbo darkness  la:.teil.
"Le Boy must be reminded," ho
told himself, smilingly, as he crossed
tho hall and tapped lightly ou the
lie found tlrem as ho ontered, in
response to Lo Hoy's glad. "Come in
Fenton," s' ting on the chijitz-
coVorod lounge, clasped tightly ih
each other's acins. exchanging love's
oiis.iui Kisses.
"Como in,. Fenton," said Lo I!oy,
heartily. "I have just been telling
Donnylin what you hnvo dono for
us, and her poor linle heart is too
full for utterance."
"Never mind speaking about that,
old fellow," suid honest, goccl-
hearted Frank Fin I on, with a
blush of embarrassment, c.nJ turning to Bonnylin with a low reverential- bow; "remember, we must not
cry 'hallo! until we nre out of tho
woods,' as the old saying goes.
Hove you explained to your wife
how much, remains to be done yet?"
"He hns told nie that we are to
adopt disguises and go to tenement
rooms and occupy tbem, pretending
we are brother and sister, nnd that
wo may bo forced to seek employment in one of the woollen- mills
to guard1 against suspicion. Oh, Mr.
Fenton, isn't It hold lo do all
this when one is innocent?" she
asked, raising those big blue
piteoiisly to his face.
"It is, indeed," responded Fenton, promptly. "But then, you
know, -Irs. Piorpotit, it falls to
many a person's lot to do ninny
a disagreeable duty brou, ht about
by force of uncontrollable cltcuin-
stiinces. You are only to do this
until the real jtssassin can he
brought to justice, wliich we hope
soon to    do—only until th.n."
"Does any oue renlly lielieve I did
lt?" cried tbe poor little bride, in
the most   piteous horror.
"No, indeed!" doclarcd ' Fenton.
hastily; "every one knows bettor,"
he said, thinking it by far tiniest
plan to ut'ciiy deceive her in this,
to givo her courage, "but all th/_
same, you would have to be put
in custody of—of—the law until your
innocence could be proven, ar.d- you
know that takes long months, and
to seo you thero would break, your
husband's heart,  don't you sec?"
"Yes; I think 1 vnilerstnn 1."
snid Bonnylin. "Of course 1 ouyht
to go forth and declare my innocence before tl.c world; it almost
kills mo to think ol such a
charge as that being made ngninst
me—it hurts my pride; but still
I will     do as Le  Iloy thinks best."
"That is the right spirit," doclarcd Fonton, cheerily; "it is by
far the most prudent nnd wisest
"I shall have to go and seo I.e
Roy's mother first," .ho said determinedly; "how frightened sho must
havo been at my mysterious, unaccountable absence.- I could scarcely cfc'd't the fact that 1 have
been lying ill in this strange place
long weeks."
Again Fenton took subterfuge in
"Has not Le Hoy lo'd you his
mother is not at home, and that tbe
house is closed?" lie asked innocently.
"Wby, no," said Bonnylin, turning her wondering eyes upon the
confused face of her husband. " but
then we have had so much to talk
about no doubt he forgot all about
- Pierpont and 'his friend exchanged
pitying glances. Ab. how innocent
this poor little girl-bride really
"You are to consider this qnly as
a very romantic little affair, Mrs.
I'ierpont," said Fenton', unfolding
the disguise he had brought with
him, and forcing himself to laugh,
as though this terrible matter which
meant lifo or death to the poor
littlo soul, were only a fine ioko
or "a romantic affair," as he phrased it.
It was only tho plain, ordinary
garb of a working-girl, bought at
one of the ready-made stores — a
dark, navy-blue stuff dress, cheap
in eiuality, with a jaunty little jacket nnd a blue     cloth cap to match.
Out of the capacious pockets of a
long, gingham work-apron, rolled a
black, i.urly wig.
"Am I to put on that thing too'.'"
cried Bonnylin, throwing up her little whito hands in CD.-iic.il dismay.
"Oi course, darling," said Le
Roy: "either that dr stain these
golden curls black, whichever you
"I'd rather color m.v own hair
than wear a wig." declared Bonnylin; "why, 'do you Iniw. d.-ar,"
she cried, with n merry laugh that
cut his heart, like a 1 n'fe, "sometimes I'd be sure to forget to put it
on—what then?"
"She'd better color her own hair,
Le Roy," said Fenton, decisively.
"Wo have the dye wilii us for
tho eye-brows anil face, yo'i know.
Time is flying, you must aPl'l.V it for
her at once, I.e Hoy," he snid
warningly. "I will stop ncross the
ball nnd leave you, to Oldjr 1h8
horse brought around. You must
havo everything completed within
half an hour, so wo cnn take our
In less timo (hen he hnd nnttcipat-
od, Lo Hoy led D.iiuylin firih.
Even Fenton could not repress
the cry of surprise that broke
from    his lips     as he beheld tliem.
They were only amateurs at disguising, still they had managed to
Fenton might have passed them on
the streets, end never recognized
them—never dreamed of thoir identity.
Lo Hoy was a perfect representation of on Italian—brown of skin.
Ilnir raven black, nnd a black
moustache and goatee, perfecting bis
gcndral make-up. Ho mnde ns
hnndsnmo nn llalit'n as cno would
care to seo.
And Bonnylin. Who would have
dreamed that tbo little dark creature, whose round, dimpled fnce
was framed in the darkest, of curling hair, and whose arctic.) eyebrows ancl long lashes wero Inky
black, was the lillle. .uir, golden-
haired creature of an  hour beforo?
The. eyes alone, so beautifully,
softly blue, wero the only features
that rcmuinctl unchungiel.
No power on earth could chang*
those    lovely, blue-bell cyc3.
(to be continued..       :  I i   I
Which Will Prove of Interest
to Canadiiuis.
Tells of Good News Received from Calgary, Altn., which Bro tig lit Joy
Into Ills Life.
Here is a sincere and unsolicited
letter from an Englishman who was
• almost led .to take his own life on
account of what he suffered from
itching piles. He hnd doctor's advice and remedies to no.end. and after sixteen years' of suffering was
without hope, of recovery. Ho tells
ln his letter how he accidentally
heard of  Dr.  Chaso's Ointment.
114 Milton Road,
Margate.  England.
Fcbnnnson. Bates &, Co.,
Toronto, Can.,
Bear Sirs.—l feel it   my   duty   to
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Dr. Chase's    Ointment    has done for
mo.   1 had suffered from itching piles
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put nn  end  to  it all  if it  had   not
lunn for the thought of meeting Ood.
Some people may think I am stretching it a point, but those who   have
suffered as I have will know.
At other times I have felt I could
tako a knife and cut away the parts
until I camo to tho bottom of the
evil, but thank God it is all past.
It was quite by accident that I came
to know of Dr. Chaso's Ointment. I
havo had doctors' advice and remedies to no end and could not say
how much I spent In that sixteen
years. I had a Calgury paper sent
to me and thero I saw your Ointment advertised. It just met my
caso, as it said for itching piles and
snvod painful operations.
As I could not got Dr. Chaso's
Ointment from my chemist, I wrote
to my brother, Mr. H. Shelley, of
Calgary, Alta., and he sent me one
box. Beforo I had used one-third of
the box I was perfectly cured by this
I am suro you will bo surprised to
got this letter from this corner of
the world, but 1 felt it my duty to
acknowledge the great good Dr.
Chase's Ointment has done for inc.
You aro at liberty to make use of
this letter as you soo fit. All I should
like to say to anyone who suffers
from this dreadful complaint is I
know it cures. With many thanks. I
Yours respectfully,
T.  Shelley.
If you   enclose   a stamp for reply,
Mr.  S'helloy  would no doubt   gladly
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But  there  are   similar cases    among
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whom you can have a personal interview.   If you nre not acquainted with
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A London firm advertises for mummies, which thoy use. i.i the mnmifao
lure of paint,
r ♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦•*■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦*
1   A series of articles describing   J
their lives, their alms and      ♦
their Influence. ♦
I No.   7. ♦
♦  GEO. PATERSON, B. A., L. L. a •
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦e e♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
GEO.  DATB-KSOS, II. A..   I.l.. B.
Proprietor   nnel   Editor   of    the   l)e-
loriiiue Times.
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Why is Iovo like a en mile?— Because: the longer it burns, the less it
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cable, will offer lo educate them as
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Government fitrmS, whero; under the
supervision of a Government manager, each rjun will cultivate u por-
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Lord KtrtilhcoiKi wires ro neoidcnl
lliul it wns nothing sei-ions. only be
wns n good denl sbuken up nnd
slightly briiisi'd, Inil is now moving-
nbout  as usual.
The Tne Nalla.
Never cut the nails below the level
of tho end of the toe or suffer them to
grow much beyond this level. If nails
grow In at tho sides, scrape thom nt
tho top nnd cut thom often both there
and nt the _ornors.
Diamonds, set wjtliput pearls or turquoises, mny be cleaned b.v a brushing
with methylated spirit. ■ It will greatly
enhnnco their brilliancy.
Ancient T'nols.
A collection of tools used hy workmen In building tho pyramids of
Egypt that ls owned by a fumous
Egyptologist Indicates that many tools
credited to modern Ingenuity wero 111
use when Moses wns troubling the
A telegram from I'olisville. Pa.,
Sept. -!'.>, says: Tho temperature
dropped below the freezing point
here to-dny. Operators nl Un' anthracite collieries suy Ibul if Ibe present
wi'iilher conditions contlnuo mul nn
.uniisuully early full sets in. nil cnl-
e-ulnlions ns to the production of
con] necessiiry lo keep I hi' market
silpplb'd will be upsel; as preinnluro
cold wenlber will muse un nddi-
tionnl consumption of bull' n million
tons weekly, and dangerously lower
(he present  surplus coal on bund.
: A- cablegram from London snys:
Messrs. Montagu nnd Herbert, i:i
summing up Ibe views of the lending
schools of Cannilinn , opinion, nnd
reviewing Canadian Conditions sny
that unless British manufacturers
modernize methods nnd uilupt themselves lo colonial requirements they
will, with or without priTe.ronco. lose
thn Canadian murki'ls. i'he authors'
ebnpter ' suggests stiile-uideil iinilir-
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"Now. ' Thmlins," snld n certain
bishop, after taking his servant lo
lusk one morning, "who is it. Hint
si>es nil .we alo. n.nd bears all we say,
nnd knows nil we think, nnd who regards even mej, In ni,v bishop's robes
ns iWt.' n vile worm of Ihe dust?"
And Thomas replied,..."Tho Missus,
The proprietor nnd editor of the
Belornine Times, George Paterson',
B. A., 1.1.. II., is one of the very
iiiiiiii'i'oiis illusl rut ions tbe Canadian
West can oiler of distinct success
achieved in professional life by men
ivnrcd on a Inrni. Till be wns nineteen yenrs of nge Mr. Paterson wont
through every grade of farm work,
up to live full dignity of doing a
man's work iu the field. Tho task of
hewing out a homo from the .primeval bush of Old Out nrio wus one
Unit developed n sturdy nice, IkiIIi
intellectual... nnd physically. The
conditions of life were such ns to
bring out those qualities of adaptability and resoiiri-efuluess, s.if-re-
liaiice und self-discipline, best calculated lo mako big of frame und
broad of mind. The men roared under such conditions were in overy
sense those best qualified lo Iny I be
foundations of the now Canadian
Umpire of the West. when, some
threo decades ngo. the people of
I'nsitern t'linudu became seized of the
Illimitable wealth of opportunity offered in the rich prairie lands west
of tbo Grent Lakes. Of these men
Mr. I'literson is in ninny respects u
representative type. Ills predominating characteristics are (hose more
igcveruIly associated with the simpler
life of the ftiriii than ibe strenuous
'life of the city. On tlie business side
Ibe is frankly direct and forthright,
nnd withal shrewd nnd fursee'ing.
j Socially he is of such n geniul coin-
Ipnuiiinnliility tbnt bis friends In-
! cluno practically nil who Inow
'him, A live editor, a good
lawyer, ii capable business mnn, n
public-spirited citizen, with troops
of friends. Mr. Paterson is Indeed in
a position commanding the friendly
envy of muny of those who know
lilili,.and tlie heart., respect of all.
Though none would so suspect from
bis figure and activity, from his
hearty whole-souled boyishness of
manner, Mr. Paterson is 47 yenrs of
nge. He seemed somewhat surprised
nl the fuel himself, when questioned
about it. arid when bis interviewee-
looked rhcrodulotis, ho went over the
calculation ngaln. to muko sure that
be hadn't slipped in another ten
yenrs. "I guess that's right," he
snid. ruefully, nfler some mental figuring. "1 wus born in '57. and 1
don't, see that I can be less than 47.
But. honestly," he ueleled, brightening, "I don't feci near thnt old."
And certainly he doosni  look it.
II wus in the township of North
East Hope, iii the county of Perth.
Ontario, tlmt, Mr. l'nlcrsoa first, saw
the light of dny. On both sides he
wus of Scotch descent, his father
having einigrnteil to Cnnit'da front
Koxlnirghsbiiv. Scotland, in '87, and
sonic time after, mooting nml marrying his (George's) mother, who was
also of Scotch pure.it nge,
Mr. Putorson's .curly education differed no whit irom tbnt of other
youths brought up in those plpnear
dnys under similar conditions. He
attended the log school with the
other farm boys of his neighborliood,
his attendnnce being, like theirs,
somewhat broken and interrupted by
the exigencies of sugaring, si'i'iling.
haying .mul harvest: The outshining incident of this early part of his
life js the fact, which Mr. Paterson
yet recalls with Jirjilo, that nt. the
Inge of eighteen lie ' look tbe fit'*''
prize? al liu' provinciel p'owing
Hint eh held nl SI rat for,!.
I Until Ihe ngu "of nineteen Mr. Pnt-
lorspn stayed on the furin. Thun he
[ weiil lo Ibe eollegiiiie for eighteen
months, proving a renil.v and inde-
.fnligiible student, lio obtained ccr-
jtificules ns third nnd socotid-class
teacher, nivil" then for threo years
taught school near Stratford, In
188-! he went to Collingwood_lo pre-
pni'O for Ibe Pniversily course, and
subsequently I'tifered Toronto Bni-
vorslty, where,, in 188(1, he graduated, nml in tlie following yenr took
the I.I.. B. degree.
i In 18,8.-), nl. (he lime of the Northwest • rebellion, Mr. Peterson, wilh
Pinny iinolher of Ihc Toronto lini-
vei'sity students, volunteered for service.. He joined lite Queen's Own
Itifles, und wns ordered to -the front.
Here lie wns "a corporation sol- di-er
at 50 rents a day," as the famous
juniverfcily ballad hns it, but none of
Ihcso valiant and adventurous
.youths hatl an opportunity to smell
powder burned in linger, hnving (bier
full share of tbo hardships of the
campaign, hut little or none of ils
I After Inking his degree, with but
$oo j,, his pocket, but.wilh the high
henl'l and courage of youth, Mr. IPnl-
Orsori left college anil went south.
From Tdronlo he went "by ensy
singes." ns be himself says, lo Chicago and clown to Kansas City.
rWhon pressed ns to bow he travelled
so far on-such limitoct resources. 'Mr.
Pntci'soii snid, quizzically, "Well. T
snid I Went 'by easy stages';,, T
didn't figure nn paying railway fare
—nt 1-enst, riot unless I hnd to. I
rode in box cars, nntl on conl trucks,
nnd wil b nil sorts nf freight. No, 1
never tried n trip on the brnke
beams, but I've had some - -H ty
wild, rides. Often I'd be put off, nnd
then I'd 'hoof it' along the track till
I could jump the next freight. It's
un experience worth living through,
ihougn. You meet all sorts and
conditions of men when you aro
nie-iilIng a ride on a freight, from
youngi college chaps, liko I "Was, to
the broken clown gentleman or the
professional hobo. There's a sort
of Freemasonry among them, too, (
and the help they give each other
would surprise one unocquaintedj
with the customs or the fraternity,
I   -"Of  course   I   could,"   he  auswereiLj
I to a question ns to  some details or
! this  tour.    "Of course I could   tell'
] you  a whole lot  of experiences,  but.''
II don't know that they'd be specially entertaining, and then, besides,
'you'd go nnd givo me awny In print.
But ono day I was completely 'strap',
pod,' and hnd been put. ofl by a'.conductor 1   couldn't   do  anything wilh.
at  a   wayside  station   twenty    miles
from    anywhere.     A   furnier's wagon
was hitched  up   to   tho  fence   across \
from the track, and an old mull and
a >younger—his    son—were in it.     II
wnlked  over  to  them  nnd sakl,    'Do
you   want a,hired man?'    'Yes,' snid
(be youne-er,   'Then lake me,' I said J
Tbey nsked me what-1 could do, ancP,
I  lold them, but tho old mnn shook"
bis bend unbi'liovinuiy.  'Been fired off
the train,  eh?'  asked he,  nntl  I  hndf
to   admit, 'that   I    hnd.    'dot   any
money?'  he  nsked again,  and T   had'
to (ell him I hadn't.     They   held   ai
consultation, nnd at last   Ihey   told'
me to Jump into yie wagon and comu
along.    1 'worked   for  them   for   two'
months,   when   I   had  enough    money 1
lo  curry  ine afresh    on   my travels.
I The old mun wanted me to stayvcry
.betdly.   He said I was the best hired <
man he ever had,  and  he'd give mo
good  wages  if  I'd  agree to   slop   a]
year.   He told me, too. lhat was tho'
greatest    disappointment   he'd   evcM
had since he'd been on a farm.     Ho ,
bad sized me up for a dead heat, and '
had    thought I  wouldn't     cura     my'
Ijpill'd,      lied noticed that my hands,
wero soft, and    it    wus only because.'
they were stuck that ho consented to
engage me.    However,  the work soon '
cured that, and tho old mnn waf- de-4
lighted  when  he found  I could" plow J
and pilch as well as any minion tho
"It was too hot down then-e to suit^
me, and so I starteel for tlio north.
1 gnvo'Sl to a lirakemaii, and he;
pul mo as far as Minneapolis. Then^
I engaged to work in n railway
gang ut Crooks ton, and paid $2 for i
•my transportation thither, There]
were softie thirty of us in the party,!
und whin jv.b got to Crookston onoj
of the forelnem, and nearly all thoi
men, skipped out. 1 wasn't very huh-J
gry for railroading, so I kept on to J
the north. When T got to Gretna I]
was in too big a huffy to wait for j
the train—nobody knew when a train I
would run in those days—so I set off!
walk, und tramped across the prairie!
to Morden. I hired out to n farmer'
there, nnd afterwards worked on
threshing gung. Then for nine,
months I taught Belmont school, mull
from thnt I wont to Portage laj
I'ruirie, und went into the office of a"
law firm, fn 1889 I went lo Winllt-j
peg, going into the firm of which the!
present Judge Richards wns tho ^
head, nnd in 180_! took my final law J
exam, nnd went to Uelorn.no,"
Since bis removal  to  Diiornine Mr.
Paterson    bus   built   up n   splendid'
lnw    practice,      Five   wars ngo    h*!
bought    the   Beloraliie   Times   from,
Mrs.   llaiibrey,   who  hud  mnnugeil    it\
since    her   husband's    denth.    Under
Mr.   Puterson's charge   it   quickly ib^*1
veloped into one of the best country
weeklies  in  Manitoba.     11   bus    been :
n    consistent    advocate    of     Liberal
principles, and  its con.ui-iits on current events are rogurdod   as   nmong^
the most well considered und weighty'
of all  the  papers    published    111    thul
smaller  towns of the provinces.    As"
far  as   local   news   is  concerned,    nil
that happens  in  the  vicinity of  Ue-j
loruine   that   the    paper   does   iiotj™
cover is not of sufficient importance^
to     bo   chronicled.     The   esteem
which the Times  Is held  by (he local J
business men   is   liest  evidenced   by '
its large advertising patronage.
Since his removal to Dci.oi'iilne Mr.
Paterson has received marks of the *
esteem in which he is held by his 1
townsmen by election to several offices of public trust and confidence.
At H«' hist general provincial election he contested the se>at in the interest of tho Liberal parly, but was '
defeated. Ills personal und political
friends were not dismayed bv his defeat, howavor, but have since selected him 'as the standard hearer of
Liberalism in tho more important
contest for the Dominion seat of
Souris. Nobody can predict the result of t|ie contest, as his opponent
Is of 1111111)111)1111 strength, but many
of his friends are confident thut III'.
I'nterson will win.. Should I his ho
tho cuse, Jhe West will bur.", In tho
person uf Mr, Paterson, n repi'OHen-
tatlvo thoroughly familiar with Its
needs nnd rorrulrenients, anil ono who
may b.» relied nn to del his utmost
lo advance its interests.
Why," said the Rweet girl, "do
they say that love In of the henrt?"
"To show." snld Ihe old bachelor—"to
show Ihr.t the brains have nothing to
elo will- It."
Enai md'a Kill- BUI.
The laborer, It seems, ls content with
S gallons of milk, U pounds of cheese
nnd 15 pounds of butter In the twelvo
months. Artisans and mechanics have
la gallons of milk, 11 pounds of cheese
and the same quantity of butter. Each
member of tho upper class, however,
drinks on an nverugo 31 gallons of milk
in a year, eats 10V_ pounds of cheese
and 41 pounds of butter. A member
of the upper class drinks rather more
than six times ns much milk as a laborer, cuts Just u" littlo more cheese
aiid uses throe times as much butter.
(HiJ  km  pf Seotlani).
On the statute bqql. of Sco.|(|_.d Is
Still nn apt passed ill 1825 prdprlllg
that "nn mnn play futeball," because
lt ls "esteemed to be unprofitable spqpt
for tho common glide of tlio realme
nnel defense thereof." There Is also a
statute ngninst alien immigration, passed In 1.21), and authorizing "all his
niajeRty's subjects" to "take, apprc-
bend, imprisou nnd execute to death
the said Egiptlnns (gypsies), either
men or yVomen."
Probably It Woulil,
In a Sunday school the class was
under n question on the sacraments.
The'sacrament of matrimony was taken up, nnd n scvcu-ycnr-old startled
her teacher when replying to n question ns to the necessity for this snera-
ment by answering: "No. Matrimony
is not necessary to salvation, but
should a favorable opportunity afford
It would be sinful to neglect lt."
1 ,, . i,   girn-*
- ■•*■-•.
l___-__js-l  A.   ' "-   ■ '
jDodd's Kidney Pills Enabled
Him to Sleep in Peace.
"Irnntl Work they are doing for Thousands of Canadians Every Year.
Tnbuclntnc, Cumberland, Co., N.
Oct. 3.—(Special).—Mr. J. H.
i-K, postmaster hero, Is one of the
rgreat army of Canadians who, rcs-
Lceied from pain and weakness by
rDodd's Kidney Pills, arc shouting
| tho praises of the great Kidney Hem-
"Yes," tho postmaster says: "I
Twnnt to oxpress my thankfulness for
11 ho great benefit I havo received from
the use of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
'My troublo was having to url-
j nato too freely. I had to rise eight
eor ton times each night so that my
H'ost was broken. My feet and logs
[nlso BWoJlod. Then I got Dodd's
Kidney Pills and I took six boxes
poll told.   Now I am all right.
.'It will bo a comfort to mo If by
flunking my caso public I can lead
limine other sufferer to find relief in
"Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
[Blight's Disease. Thoy also annual-
fly bring relief to hundrbds of thoii-
Fsands of Canadians who nro bother-
Led with earlier Kidney Trouble*.
Premier  Balfour  and   Lord   I.yttol-
Iton  rescued several   small  boys   the
lolher day    olT     the    Scottish   coast,
|says a cable from London. Thoy were
'ilaying golf  at  Knii   WemvsK'   links,
Iwhim  they  were  Interrupted    by    the
■ loud cries of the boys,    whose    bout
|w.s   being    rapidly    curried  seaward.
I'he Premier heading the rescue  pur-
they launched a heavy surf boat,
Jill    wading    up   to   their waists    to
shove    it   clear.      Tho    hoys     wore
For  through   tickets   to   all   points
at lowi-st,    rates,    by  Bail  or Ocean,
Jfipply to any agent, of the Canadian
■Northern Railway Company.
The Condition of Many Yonng Women
In Shops and Offices.
. Thousunds    of   young women hav*
lo  depend upon thoir own efforts to
Jf-iiin    a    livelihood,    ond    to    theso,
■whether behind the counter,    In   tho
I office, the factory or Hie home, work
■ means closo conflnem_.'nt- -often ln
■badly ventilated rooms. Thero is a
/strain-on the nerves; tho blood bo-
kcomes Impoverished.- the cheeks pule;
Ithero aro frequent headaches; palpi'
Station of tho heart and a constant
ftiredness. If tho first symptoms aro
I neglected it may lead to a complete
[Breakdown — perhaps consumption.
i'WJuit is needed to restore vim and
[energy and vitality, is _, tonic, and
Lnbsoiu.ely    tho   best    tontc    ln    th»
■ world is Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills.
| They actually mako new blood, and
| bring health and cheerful energy to
Ltlred and depressed girls and women.
[Miss Viola Mlllett, Robinson's Cor-
Iners, N. S., Bays: "1 was a great suf-
|fere>r from headaches, heart palpita-
Ition   and   troubles   that   afflict   my
■ sex. My blood seemed almost to
(have turned to water, and tho least
I'.xertlon left mo weak nnd depressed.
I.-I used seven boxes of Dr. Williams'
■Pink Pill* and thoy have made a re-
[markublc change in my condition. I
lean truly say that I feel liko a now
Licrson, nnd strongly recommend
[.lieso pills to nil weak, ailing girls."
I Theso pills curo nil forms of blood
land- nerve troubles, but you must get.
■the genuine with the full name, Dr.
I Williams' Pink Pills for Talc Peo-
[pic, on the wrapper around each box.
LAsk your druggist for them, or you
lean get them by mail nt fill cents a
■ box, or six boxes for 92.BO, by writ-
llng The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co ,
[Brockvllle, Ont.
Whnt herb is the most injurious to
t'a lady's beauty?—Thymci.
A Body- From the Prehlstorle Burying; Place* of England.
In Somersetshire, England, mn) be
seen many "barrows," burying places
of prehistoric man. Long ages ago,
when the elephant and rhinoceros, the
lion nnd benr, tbe hyena and wolf, the
great elk nnd the reindeer were among
tho common animals of Engltind, primitive mnn and savage beasts lived in
caves In this region.
At the entrance to these caves the
aborigines, clnd in skins, kept fires
burning for warmth and for protcctio*
from the wild beasts. It wns here tha!
they mado flint hatchets, knives and
arrowheads. Not long ago a trench
was being dug within the mouth of oue
of those caves for the purpose of dm-la-
It was found necessary to break up a
Btnlngmitc floor of two thick layers.
Between the layers was a deposit of
envc earth nud stones, in which wa*
discovered the skeleton of a man of
very grent antiquity in nn excellent
state of preservation. With it were
found sevoral flint knives and flukes.
Experts who made a careful examination of the skull, which has projecting
brows and receding frontal bone, have
decided that lt belongs to the stone age
nud Is of u type intermediate between
the paleolithic und neolithic ages.
Apparently the body bad boon placed
In n small passage loading off from the
groat passages to the stalactite caves
nnd had beeu prevented from disturbance by stones piled nround it. The
stalagmite floor bad formed over it all,
effectually preserving it to the present
The Gorilla's Powerful Armi Make It
n Formidable Foe.
Fish fighting is n most popular sport
ln Slam. The two fish, trained from
the nge of six months to fight, nre
placed ln a lnrge glass bottle. It ls
most curious to note each fish's attitude when lt becomes nware of Its adversary's presence ln the bottle. Swelling with ruge aud pride, they sail
nround and nround the narrow space,
pretending not to notice ench other uutil suddenly one fish makes a savage
dart at Its unwelcome companion, biting Its fins nnd body. The fight continues until the referee sees thnt the Issue
Is no longer in doubt, wben the contest
ls stopped.
Horses use either their teeth or their
hoofs ns a mode of defense. A curious
Instance of tho effectiveness of these
wenpons once occurred nt Sheffield
pnrk. A bulldog, barking and snarling,
chased a horse turned loose nround nud
around a meadow, not with angry Intent, but purely from excess of high
spirits. After galloping nround the
field several times tho horse stopped
dead and, turning sharply around,
lashed out at the yelping dog, with a
fatal result, for Its Bkull wus cloven.
The gorilla Is a most formidable opponent In battle, its great strength lying in Its powerful nrms. Few animals
of the forest have the slightest chance
of overcoming a gorilla. A python has
been known to encircle Its coils nround
tho gorilla's body, only, however, to
hnvo its own body toru open by its adversary's bands.
The British torpedo bout destroyer
1 Chamois hns been lost olT the islund
i of I'l'phaloniii,  in the Mediterranean.
All on board -wero saved.   While   going nt full spend   on    trial   a   screw
[blade  caine  off and   pierced  the  bot-
ftoiu of the destroyer and sank.   Two
stokers were scalded.
Stop tho Pain but destroy the
Stomach—This Is suil'.y too often the
' case. So many unu-.uu.s nostrums purporting to e-eiro, lu the cml do the patient timiieiiHi'ly i.ioio l.iirtn tlnen iroocl
Dr. Von HUn's Pineapple Tablets are a
{"   mrely   vegetables   pepsin preparation, as
larmiess us  milk.    Ono after onting  pre-
i vf'ii-'i  tiny  disorder  of   tlie  digestive  or-
gan",  fi" In a box, ».. cents—10
The  new   Sunday  ivst  law,    which
f abolishes the "Ceml ilienlul Suneluy".
in  Spain, compels Ihu postponement
' of bull fights lo week days, ro-
qulrefl the closing of shops and
stores, and prohibits the publication
or, sale ol" newspapers. Cafes und
drinking bars only ure allowed to
renin in  open.
.Speiiking nf tho recent automobile
accidents, iiccuriling to the New
York Herald, VV'inibrup E. Scurritl,
President of tlljO Aiilouiii-bilo Club of
Ainericn, predicted in nn interview
Hint if an Immediate curb be riot
placed upon the spirit of lawlessness
possessed bv many ibnlTeurs, n long
suffering public would tnke matters
into its own hands aiid scenes similar to thoso of the French revolution
might lie witnessed.
Waste of l_ncrn-y.
If you hold your list ns tight as you
cnn hold lt for fifteen minutes the fatigue you will feel when It relaxes Is a
clear proof of the energy you havo been
wasting, and If the waste is bo grent
in the useless tightening of n list it 1*
'till grcuter in tho extended and continuous contraction of brain nnd nerves
in useless fears, und the energy snved
through dropping tho fears and thoir
accompanying tension can bring In th*
same proportion n vigor unknown before nnd nt the same time afford protection ngninst the very things we feared. The feur of taking cold la so strong
in many people thut n draft of fresh air
becomes a bugaboo to their contracted,
sensitive nerves. Drafts are Imagined
ns existing everywhere, and the contraction which immediately follows the
sensation of n draft ls the best moans
of preparing to catch a cold.
Sermon of Three Hours and a Hnlf.
Cluuies II. was wout in bis humorous way to say of his chaplain, Dr.
Barrow, that "he was the most uufnir
pscicher ln England because be exhausted every subject nml left no room
for others to come nfter him.!' It wus
Indeed too much tho doctor's wny,
Wheu ho got bold of n topic be never
knew bow to lenvo nnythlng unsaid
about it. One of his beat discourses,
that on the duty nnd reward of bounty
to the poor, actually took up three nnd
a hnlf hours In delivering.
Persons who believe In luck nnd
signs will doubtless agree that it is unlucky to be struck by lightning on
Monday, or take hold of a circular saw
In motion on Tuesday, or tumble down-
ptnlrs with n coal scuttle on Wednesday, Qp be hit by a trolley ear on Thurs-
f.iiy, or fnll overboil rd on Friday, or
innrry on Saturday, or bo one of thirteen to dinner on Sunday when there
Is food for only ten.
Grounilless Fear.
Cbolly—I did think of going In for
politics, but I was nfwuid I wouldn't
know Just how to twent my Infewlnhs,
don't y' know. Peppery—Your Inferiors! Oh, you wouldn't be likely to
meet nuy of them.
e 'he  Sword.
A.sword I? out of place ln time of
pence, and it ls of very little consequence In time of wnr, except to ndorn
a big gMicrnl or n lodge man ln a parade.
True Independence Is to be found
where a person contracts his desires
withj.ti (li. lin.iMs of his fortune.
I  The harder you cough, the worse
- the cough gets. _
jCure -RmcLune
Is guaranteed to cure. If It
doesn't beilefit you, the druggist
will give you your money back.
23i:. Mc. SI
S. C. Wells _ Co. 30-
LeRoy, N. Y„ Toronto, Can.
A Wholesome Drink.
A wholoHomo drink for persons nf-
fllcted wltb inordinate thirst Is made
by pouring n littlo more than two
quarts of boiling wnter over two tnble-
BpoonfulB of pearl barley and a quarter
of n pound of loaf sugar. Add the peel
of n fresh lemon, let it stand all ulght
and strain ln the morulng.
ColiimIm,m' Voyage.
It mny bo of Interest to some to know
thnt nccordlng to his own count Columbus wns thirty-three days and five
hours in crossing from Spain to Salvador.        ...
»r     Clear''     of al! teas that are .not sold
in sealed lead packets under the registered brand
CEYI/ON TEA.   The sale now exceeds  12 million packets annually!
The people are learning its worth — and  learning  quickly.    Black or
Natural GREEN.      Both equally " PURE."      Sealed Lead Packets
Only.    By All Grocers.
Francis II. lteid. of Toronto, wl.b
worked Montreal under the name of
Mitchell, Investment broker, was sentenced the other day to four years
tbe penitentiary, charged with,
having forged u cheque on wbicli he
secured $820 from the C. P. R.
steamship ollice. He wus also convicted of attempt ing to obtain diamonds under falsi' pretences from n
prominent doalbr, but sentence wns
suspended on that charge.
Babies do not cry unless there is
some gootl reason for it. The cry of
a baby is nature's warning signal
that there is something wrong. If
tho fretfulncss und crying tiro not
caused by exterior sources, it is conclusive evidence that the crying baby
is ill. The only safe and judicious
tiling to do is to give Baby's Own
Tablets without delay. For indigestion, colic, teething troubles, constipation, diarrhoea, worms und simple fevers those marvellous liltle
Tablets have given relief in thousands of cases and saved many precious lives. They are guaranteed to
contain no harmful drug. Mrs. John
Dobie, St. Andrew's East, l'.,e ,
says: "Baby's Own Tablets are a
splendid medicine for tho euro of constipation and other ills that alllict
children. 1 consider it my duty to
recommend thein lo nil who hnvo
littlo ones." The Tablets ore sold at
25 cents a box by all druggists, or
may be had by mall hy writing Tho
Dr. Williams' Medicino Co., Brockville, Ont.
Frank Jaiiack, of Matilda Township, Ont., was sentence'd at Cornwall by Judge O'lteilly a few davs
ago to seven yenrs in Kingston
penitentiary for stealing a horso.
buggy nntl hurne:ss Irom William
and Arnold Johnson, of Dixon's Corners, Duirdan county, a month or so
ago. Jnnuck, who recently served
six months for bringing stolen goods
into 1'ivmnln. mnde un effort to establish nn ulibi, bill the ovidonco
ngninst hill, was too strong.
About 0110 of    the    best advertisements for Western    Canada that the
country could desire is given through
j the action of    the    business men   of
Fergus     Kails.     Minn..     who     havo
|started  a  movement   to     induce    the
{tiovvrmuent of the United  States to
j admit   Canadian   wheat   free  of  duty
to be used as seed for next season.
Tbe wheat crop in the State is such
that the fanners    of    Minnesota    believe that the wheat must h.'Drought
in  from soiiwwvhere, unci they are inclined   lo   favor  tho   product    grown
in    tlie     Canadian   Northwest.      Al-
Iready  the matter  has  been    brought
to   tho attention  of    Senator Nelson
nnd    Congressman     Steenerson,    and
they will    take   the    matter to    the
Oovernment,   so    it    is   quite    likely
that the seed for next year   will   be
furnished from this country, Tho fnr- ,
mors    are   satisfied    that    11    better
i.'iulity of grain can   bo   secured   in |
Manitoba  than elsewhere.
|ui i 1
Iill':   nil,   ItllllS   IN.   Till'    VAIN
S   OUT.—Applied   lu  the  scut    of   a
iu  any part of the body  the   skin
''lis     the    soothing      liniment     uiiilci-
frii'ljun nml tlie' tiatieut obtains
st   Instant   relief    The  results of  llie
if  llr, The s'  [.electric   oil    Iuhc
iseil   iiuinv   ve he-    were  unm-iiuuinte'il
lis qualities, .1 ti tl once known It
not  be  rejectee.    Try  it.
Why is a kiss like a properly divided sermon?—Because it requires
'nn in trod net foil, two bends, und an
ui.bird's Liniment Cures Dandroff.
The Minister of Militia at Ottawa
hns delegated Col. Fiset, I). (!. M. S..
to represent tho Canadian Medical
Service at the International Congress of Military Surgeons nt St.
Louis from the lOlh to loth of October.
!•  was   Cured   of   terrible   lumbago
T wus Cured of a bud ense of oar-
I    wns    Cured    of   sensitive     lungs
Robert Ornno. 21 years of age. son
of Robert Crane, of the Fairbanks
farm, I'nsliniii, Out... wns found
eli'ivd in bed in llie Commercial Hotel,
Qticlph, on the 23rd. The gns Jot
was turned on lull. Deceased had
gone to Guelph with his brother lo
attend the Fair. Tbe coroner decided that an hvquost wus unnecessary,
Wilson's Fly Pads. Three hundred time.
cheaper than sticky paper,
Sergt. Perry, King's Pri/.nninn, was
married at Vancouver on the 20th to
Miss Leola Beatrice McAllister. The
ceremony wus performed ut Ibe residence of the bride's parents hy the
Rev. R. ,1. Wilson. Tbo honeymoon
Was spent ut Paget Sound poinls, • •
lee'B Vege-tuhle Tills regulate the action
of the se-e-relienis. put'ifv the liluoil tun!
keep the stomach tend liowcls fret' from
deleterious matter. Taken nri-onling In
direction they will overcomo oystiepsla.
e'l-ailie-nte biliousness, nnd Icavo the digestive iii-iriens heallhy unil stroiul lo
perform their functions. Their merits
are well known to ihousiuuls who know
hy experience how beneficial they nre lu
diving  tone  to  .the system.
Whnt ship curries more passengers
at tho same time thnn any oilier?—
Minard's Liniment for sale etcrjwliere.
A London cable snys: The Mullah
is still in the fnr eastern end of Ihe
Nognl, says Ruler's correspondenl
nt. Burnt). His people have losl ull
fuilh in him, and are daily deserting. He now bus' Very few* followers. Tho great majority hive dither
gone away ami rejoined I heir own
tribes or have come in nnd sell led
in Biirno, Berbern, Sheikh, nnd other
posts. They nre quite peaceably' tlls-
poscd. The Mullah is very short of
food, and Is sick of fighting, Al present bis only desire is lo luin" nfi
one" raid to replenish his larder, nnd
Ihen go to the south nnd live in
pence with his tribe.
To be sure, you are growing
old. But why let everybody
see it, in your gray hair?
Keep your hair dark and rich
and postpone age.  If you will
Hair Vigor
only use Ayer's Hair Vigor,
your gray hair will soon have
all the deep, rich color of
youth.  Sold for 60 years.
" .tin now over 60 T_r- -let. lund I hull thl-1c, Klo_.. he-it or lung li.lr wtilo-.li a
won--, to ©very ono who ioe_ It.  Ana not a
m»7 bab In It, ill duo to Ajor'. H.lr Vlfjr."
Mus. II. n. BCKTIS, lie.Id,-., Minn.
(1.M a liottlo.
mmmWm       for ■
J. 0. ATM CO.,
White Hair
Whnt I do, and what I do not,
make vou what you are.—l.ovc-ly.
Running   Sores, ihe  outcome  ot
neglfct, or liud ulooil. have a neviir-fait-
Ing holm in Ur. Agnew's Ointment. VVill
hi'ul the most -tubl-orn cases. Hoothes
Irritation almost Instantly nfter first
application: lt relieves all itching and
burning skin diseases in a Uti.v. H cures
piles  in  3  to  0  night-.    35 cents.—39
A cable, received from London says:
Important changes in Salvation
Army lenders in various countries
will shortly take place. The olllcers
included in the reorganization scheme
nre Commissioners Eva Booth, Mrs.
Booth in Switzerland, and Booth-
Tucker, who is leaving the United
Stales. The new appointments arc
ns yot unannounced.
TESTIMONIAL Irom the late SIR SAMUEL 1JAKEH, the famoua Nile Explorer.
"Newton Abbot. Devon. Dear Sirs—J
have delayed my thanks as I wished to
tent tho effect of lllair's Pills by a sutfi.
cient interval of timo.
"For ten years 1 had suffered acutely
from Gout and life had lost its attraction owing to tho uncertainty of health
and sudden visitations of the enemy
which prostrated mo for months, ov weeks
according to tho virulence of the attacks
"Dluir's Pills have rondered ms Immense
service,   as   I   no   longer   fear   an   attack
Of   Ciout.
"For the last twenty months I have
been comparatively free, as one or two
attempted visitations have been immediately stamped out by the assistance of
Bluir's Pills.
"Truly yours (SlRned) Saml. W. Baker.
Lyman Sons & Co., Montreal and Toi*-
onto; Tho Dole Drug Co., Winnipeg; and
Martin, Bole & Wynne Co.. Winnipeg.
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories are
offered you on the bare word oi the
operators and manufacturers. D K
MlKACLE is not. It ia the only msthod
whioh is indorsed by physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, medical journals
and prominent magazines. Booklet will
will be sent ires, in plain, sealed
Your money back without question il
it fails to do all that is claimed for it.
DE MIKACLE mailed, sealed in
plain wrapper, on receipt of $1. Write
for it today to DE MIRACLE CHEM-
ICAL CO., 23 Qckin Stkh__ West,
Toronto, or
comes in special -we'-.hfci,
especi-uly for farmers. Special v/elghts don"i mean
clumsy, bulky ft _.en_.
StMi-ield'- Underv.ai. ls so
warm because of the ntculla.
kuit of the garments. It's
pure Nova Sc'Ofia wool,
that has been treated to take
out the shrink ind leave In
the'softness? tv*-—ami'your
dealer—both guarantee SLiu-
ficld's to be uushriukaLlc.
-^-.A-^'iS «-
Itemoves a'1 hard, soft or calloused
minim und In,-, itine- from horn-n, blood
-ptivin. uurbs, spints. rlng-lione, Heveen.y,
stifloH, sprnins: cures sore and swollen
throat, coughs, etc. Have $50 by the
use of one bollle IVmniiilt-i] the iiiosi
ivuudcrful  Illenil.sli  Cure _\e-r known.
Bit. CUlliiSS DEAD.
A cablegram received in Chicago,
announces the sudden death of apoplexy iu London of Samuel Ives
I'uiiiss, senior, professor of the Chi
ctigo Theological s.-miuury uud a
leading Presbyterian churchman oi
tho west.
Wilson's  Ply Pads.   Ono 10 cent packet
has actually killed a bushel of flies.
Why is  a   lover    like  a  knocker?—
Because' ho is bound to a-door.
No one need feier cholera or any sunt
nier complaint if they have a bottle o.
Ur. ft, 1). ttellosa'S Dysentery Cordial
ready for use. It corrects nil looseness
of the bowels promptly mill causes n
healthy and natural action, This Is a
meilie-ine adapted for the youne; anil old
rich und poor, tend Is rapidly becoming
the most popular medicine for cholera,
dysentery,  etc..  in  the  market.
The South African Government hns
advertised a reward of £200 for the
discovery of the men who nttonipteel
to remove Frinco Christian Victor's
body from his grave.
Catarrh and Colds relieved in
10 to 60 mlnUtOI-One short puff of
the breath through the blower supplied
with each bottle of Dr. Agneev's Catarrhal Towder - diffuses this poevder
over the surface of the nasal passages.
Painless and delightful to uso. lt relieves instantly, and permanently cures
catarrh, hay fever, colds, headache, sore
throat ton-ilitis and deafness. 50 cents.
Gen. Del Muyno, commander of
the garrison, who, during the recent
Socialistic disorders tissuitied the direct ion of affairs in Genoa, has issued a proclamation stating that,
culm having boon restored, he has
tinned over ull power to tho civil
iiilhorities. Tbo warships ordered
to Genoa during the recent trouble
have,  with one exception, departed.
Wilson's Fly Pads are sold by all Drug-
glsts and General Sores.
A cablegram from London says:
Sir T. I'*. Brady, ono of the Committee nominated by tho Secietary
of State for tho Colonies, to 11s-
trlbuto the $100,00(1 voted b.v Canada to relieve Irish distress, is dead
at the ago of 80.
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort.
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt in
Canada. Made on the
II B.K, scale it requires 39>_
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 32
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a, notarial'
declaration that the H.B.K.
" Big" Shirt contains 3<>"4
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
"--■■ BRAND'-
Montreal       Winnipeg       Dawson
Always restores color to gray hair, all the dark, rich color it used i
to have.« The hair stops falling, grows long and heavy, and •111
dandruff disappears. An elegant dressing. 1,?~__*y^___y^^a?-/L"'-|
Thomas law.       ship Your Grain to        william law,
Wc handle grain strictly on commission.    Highest  Prices  obtainable.
Liberal udvances.    Trades carried on margins in  Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
.  GRAIN EXCHANGE, Winnipeg.)
IT IS AN EASY MATTER  l°  so"  *  birgo   lot of  wheat  at a
——————— ——— better  prico  than  a singlo   car   will
bring.    If you  will  ship your  wbeut   to   us    wo   will sell it with many
other curs either   locally  or  iu   the Eust, nnd you will got from .-cent   to
1 cunt per bushel  more for it than if  you sold It on track at your station.
We havo had 17 years' practical experience    in    the    grain   business
This,   also,   is   worth   something   to you.
Mclaughlin & _bl.l_.is
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.    Refer kncks: Any Bank or Commercial
Orals ln ear lots bought on track or sold on commisslsn. Rsosonmbl*
•-Ivances mado. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. R.f.renc:
Any Dank In Winnipeg.
Establishad Grain Commissioe
Merchant ia Wuioipeg. <^_
Consign yonr grain to me and get prompt service, careful attention)
ud hit-host market prices. Q      Q -Q | ay mm      DRAWER
Reference-UNION BANK ol CANADA.    V.    OT I HI IV 4        13Q0.
Through a  Strictly
Commission   Firm,
vSITr wheat, oats and flax
Wo handle strictly on commission therefore can privo every attention
to car shipments, ancl will obtuin tho best prices for same. We will be
pleased to answer cnquiiies reprices, shipping, etc. If YOU have grain
to ship or sell do not fail to write for our "Way of Boing Business," as
it will pay you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., The Commission Merchants, Winirpeg
FARMERS will find lt to their advantage to consign their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest price* and make prompt returns. Advances nude on
consignments. Correspondence solicited. Established 1886. Reference—
Union Bank of Canada.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat  nnd Keeps out Cold.
Write  for   Samples   and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
All iSoap is not Pure7tSoap
That is the reason why $5000.00 reward will be paid by Lever
Brothers Limited, Toronto, to any person who can prove that
tSunlig'ht vSoap
contains any form of adulteration whatsoever, or contains any In*
jurious chemicals.
Shrunken woolens, frayed linens and sore chapped hand*, art
evidence that all soaps are not pure soaps.e 4
Sunlight Soap is guaranteed to be a pure soap. Dealers aro
authorized to return purchase money to any one finding cause for
complaint.   Sunlight Soap is equally good in hard or soft water,
A cablegram from Boinbiiy snys
thut good lute ruins huve removeil
nil prospect of finninc iu Hie IN-cciin.
but the outlook In (lil/.ernl Is still
oxtrotiioly critical.
A telephone iirriingeiiieiit by which
le person spending lllli.v also see Ihe
laCO of the person III tin' oilier eml
of tho line bus hern Invented by .1.
B. Fowlor, of Portland ore- Two
.Months ago Mr. I'oM'ler conceived
the idea which, followed mil, resulted In un apparatus which he exbibil-
cd last week for the first time. I low-
far  it  Will   In-     possible    lo   sii!    the
faces over the wire is yot to be demonstrated. To Ihe observer np-
peurs nn apparatus much roso-nollng
Ihe   front  eml    of    a     largo   rniimrn.
There is also n telephonic transmitter To Hoe over the wire ono puts
his eyes to tho tube which corresponds lo 111'' h'l'S «< 11 cMrtoi'a.
The Governor's Wife a Prison*
er -Mrs. Z. A. Vim I-uven is tlie, nil"
uf llm govvriior ut Hi" county jail, Nn|>-
| unuo llnl.. ami 'viih ie gnat milT-rer
h diii .hi'UHiutl-111. Wlii'H H'l' iH'Kl doe*
tors In Urn community mul "specialists"
tailed I" lu'll' I"-''. InO liMi'il lu'r icep-
tlmn of proprietary roinMlM nml peir-
iluoiinl Mouth American Hhi'iunatlc Cure.
4 bottle*- e-ureil  lier.—I'-l
| if ihe banns of marring* were published of two (lovoors, which would
thoy lie?—Swoot   William  nml   Mary
mold (Marigold).
Thirty-five   students,   livip-   in   different  states of the Union,    who won
ihe Cecil itiuxies scholarship   for   u
course of study ut Oxford University
Balled from Boston on the 1.7th to
A ilespntch from Montreal snys:
Tlio Ciimiilinn Pacific riiilwuy unel
the cm- men, which bus liee'ii under
discussion by Mr. McMrhoI. general
manager, mul the men for somo dnys
past,   wns   sniisfnrtoriiy    arrangoxl
11111I iill danger of 11 strike is at an
end. 'llie cm- men on the Canadian
Pacific mist of Fori WilHun have received nn incrouKo averaging 7 per
cant. The rules for the government
of tbe man have also been amended
ti) their satisfaction, For weeks the
joint protective board of the car men
luivo iieeii iu Montreal holding con-
ferene-es wilh (leiierul MiHiuirer Mc-
Nlchol, The C, 1'. R. Hti-ikeiH in the
Winnipeg simps nil rc'turned to work
quietly on Thursday morning, all departments ifoing 011 ns iisonl.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Why   Is   11   kiss   liko   a   rumor?—Be-
ennse il   goes from mouth  to month,
Wilson's Fly Pad* Jjjll olear 7*
of fllo*.        <M>( „.^   -':*
Win   Is  11   wiililinir-rlni.   'ike, eternity?— Boon use it hns no end.
"""w    IM    VJ    No    SOI     7
te\ ,--■
(Established April 8,1890.)
{J.ffice : 3625 Westminster avenue.
M_W. R  ^HiTHFur, Publlshe*.
Ekolish Office—30 Fleet street,
London, E. 0., England Where a
file of "The Advocate'' is kept for
Subscription $1 a year   payable   in
Ooontsa Oopy.
Notices ot Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
Notices for Church aud Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   where
will be charged fur.
Pates  for Display  Advertising  made
known on application.
All  Advertisements nre  run regularly
and oharged for uutil ordered they
be discontinued.
transient   Adverti-wrs   niUBt   pay   iu
Tel. B1405.
For all City Advertizing, also South Vancouver Municipal advertizing
consult    The   Advocate.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec,  10,   1904
Active campaign work for Oity election bus started, and from every indication it will be a spirited contest.
It has been usual in Vancouver to
give the Mayor a second term, and we
incline to the belief this year will prove
uo exception in the matter.
It has been stated that Dr. Brydone-
.Jack will not stand for re-election in
Ward V., which is regretted by this
■sectiou of Vancouver which the Doctor
has served faithfully. Alderman
Morton will be a candidate again, and
though we have not agreed with him ln
his stand on muny questions, he certainly has looked after Mt. Pleasaut's
interests zealously. Mr. W. Davis is
out as aldermanio candidate and has
many friends who are anxious to see
jhjm elected.
Although we have always opposed
abolishing the ward system, we would
heartily endorse the move to abolish
.equal expenditure in all wards. There
_to no donbt that Fairview and Mt.
JTe^sant need far more street improve-
luont, electric light extension and water
service than the other sections of the
pity, as both those wards are rapidly
growing and being settled. Heretofore
fhe words in the down-town port of the
.city have share iiliked in the appropriations bat we believe the time has como
when greater discrimination in this
matter tk.uld be exercised.
Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
I. 0. 0. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19meets every
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasaut.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
(.0 attend.
Noble Grand—O. G. Kenny.
Rkcordi.su Secretary—Thos.
Mookoy, Heather aud Eightli avenne.
1. o. f.
Court Vancouver 1828, ludepeudeut
Order of Foresters meets 2d aud 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. ni.
Visiting brethren alwuyH welcome.
.Ohiek Ranger—W. tl. Tnylor,
_-7 Ki'efen Klrcc't, 1'lle-.
Rkcouiiinu Ski uetakv—W. H. Di Boh,
678 ToutI, i.veuur  oiihl.
Financial Secrktaby— U. J. Crehan,
J..4 Frincwuntreiet, i.'lfy.   Telephone
Alexandra Hive _,o. 7, holds regnlar
Review 1st aud oil I'ritL.ys of each
month in I. O. O. P., Hill "orner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ludies always wolei'tue.
Lndy Commaniler—Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Reoord Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Foote, 8B9 Niulh avenue, east.
Vancouver ConucU, Nu. Ji iu, meet*
pve.rj in aud 4th Thursday, of each
mouth, in I. 0. 0. _*., tiall, corner
JJavonth und Westminster nveuues.
Sojourning   Friends always welcome.
ff. P. Flewelling, Chief 1 "tiiicillor.
Miss A, Chambers,  Recorder,
■-__. Wostmlnileravunuo.  Tei. ?_o.
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Worker- "f. Oh. isthui Endeavor
jueot ut 15 minutes to 7,  ivory SundH.v
jveuipg in  Advent Christian  Ohuroh,
pernor Ninth f»vo, and Westminster Rd.
Epworth   League of    Mt.     Pleasant
^lotboilist Church meets nt 8 p. 111.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in   Mt.  Pleasant
_luptisl Chnrch at 8 p. in.
Tho Y. P. 8. 0. E., luiots at 8 p. m
jp Mt.ElonsttSiiut Presbyterian Ohuroh.
ryi*vm*mm*Hmmm*mmimu>i.imimv*mtili,v<. n n*,m  mam
JSprtU Arm  School  Concert
and Christmas Tree.
The children of the North Arm Public
School ure bnsy jtHipuriug for a Concert
and Xmas Tree to he held iu their
school ou Tuesday evening December
20th. Dialogues, marches, recitations,
etc., fire being carefully drilled for the
amusement of the older people ou that
evening. A committee of five have
boon appointed to canvass the neighborhood to secure funds to decorate the
tree with presents Not content with
thin they Jiuve nlso studied tlio needs of
the children for that particular ovening.
They know thal|if thoir boys audgirlB are
going to speak and sing well they must
be provided with well-filled stomachs
aud accordingly they have arranged to
hnve refreshments for them.
A meeting was held at tho North
Arm School House 01 Friduy eveniug,
December :id, 1994, 1904, to arrange
mullers in regard to a Christinas Tree
and entertainment. Mr. W. Daniels
wus appointed ohuiriiiun nud J. W.
Rowling, secrejory,
It was moved by Mrs. Scratchley,
seconded by Mr, Bennett,that we have an
entertuitiuieut aud Christmas Tree two
weeks frum next Tuesday night; carried.
Moved by Mr. Webster, seconded by
Mr. Neilson, Unit lti.-t year's collectors
be re-appointed for this year, Mrs,
Scratfihley uud Mr. Douglas for Lulu
Islauel, and Misses ChiiucHer, White and
Bennett for South Vaucouver, with
power to add to their number; carried,
Moved by Mr Webster, seconded by
Mrs. Scratchley, that Mr. DuuielB got
the tree; 6iinied. Moved by Mrs.
Rowling, seconded by Mr, Webster,
that we huve another meetiug a week
from iii-'.t Wednesday; carried. Moved
by Mrs. Scratchley, seconded by Mr.
Feun-rty, thnt tho parents provide
refreshments nud servo thu samo auiong
the children and cut the cukes; curried.
Moved by Mrs. Jeffovson, seconded by
Mrs. Kowliugs, that the married ladies
wait at entertainment; carried. Moved
by Mr. Webster, seconded by Mr.
Neilson, that Mr. Robsou net us Treasurer ; carried. Meeting then upjourued
Rend the New _ork Deutal Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Pnrlors for your work
We have just received a consignment
of Lndies' and Oent's Reed Rockers,
also Children's Rockers, Bludergarteu
Sets, Sideboards, Bureaus, eto. We
have a special line of Laco Curtains, 8%
yards loug, 62 inches wide at $1.55 and
$1.05; also Chenille and Tapestry Onr-
taiu from $4.36 per pair.
Furniture Department.
Everything to make yonr Christmas
Puddings, at prices unheard of before.
Raisins, uow faucy,  4 packages.., .26c
Caudied Peel,  2- tt> 26c
Seud in your orders for Christmas
GEESE and TURKEYS now and avoid
tho rush.
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1266
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
City of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned up to 4 p. m., ou Thursday
December 15th, 1904, for the paving of
certain lanes in the City of Vaucouver
with wood blocks:
Plaus uud specifications enn be seen
in the olllce of tbe City Eugiueer.
Each tender to he nccompanied by a
marked cheque or cash deposit equal to
of tbe contract or it will not be con-
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accopted.
Vaucouver, B. C ,  Deo., 6th, 1904.
The Firearuis By-law is uow In force,
which enacts that. |
"No person under the age of 18 yeara
shnll file off any gun, fowling pi_ce
riflj, pistol or fire-arm within the limits
of the District of South Vancouver."
The penalty for infraction of above is
a flue not cxeodiug fifty dollars or one
month imprisonment,
William O. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oct. 18, 1904.
$10 Reward.
The Council of; South Vancouver
hereby offer a Reward of Ton Dollars,
to bq paid upon the couvietiou of wiy
person or persons who being under
oiKhteen years of age, discharges Huy
fire-arms within tho limits of the
By order.
W. G. WALKER, 0. M. 0
Nov  10, 1004.
jf you want to kuow what Is
happening on Mf, Pleasaut
f<wd  T«8  ApvocAfE-
■;>i a
tyomail'l upliere in thia aolh century li
not limited any more than in man's. She
Can occupy almost any business .position
or profession, nnd yet tfjc popular view of
-wont.in hood Is that she best fits the post,
tiou of wife and mother and head of the
household. Every girl should know her
Jienrt aud also know that her womanly
itv"-.**ni is equal to the strain pf marriage,
If ugirl isnervom; aud initable ten chancei
to on* it is due to some trouble peculiar to
Cupid has no place in a girl's heart If
sin- is nervous and irritable, feels dragged
down, worn out for no reason that she can
think of. The weak back, dizzy spells and
blnck circles about the eyes are only symptoms. Go to the source of the trouble m\\\
correct the irregularity. Stop the drains
on the womanly system and the other
aymptoms will disappear. This can be
done i anily mi.*} intrlfjgcutly. So sure of
it is* the World's Dispensary Medical Association, the proprietors of Dr. Pierce'• Favorite Prescription that they offer $500
reward for women who catwpt be cured of
lfucorrhea. female weakness, prolapsus, or
fulling of the womb. All they ask is a fair
aud reasonable trial of their means of cure,
"Your "Favorite Prescription' cured me of
ulceration nnd inflammation, from which I suffered (••! many years," writes Mrs. Delphla
whenton, t'reMdfnt Santa Barbara i_rtv.. Tennis Club, Arllnifton Hotel, Sauta Barbara. Calif.
" ii- iitii was coiupletely broken down when I
began lis utc and 1 was In dreadful pain most
of the time, but teu bottles cured mv."
"Favorite Prescription" makes weak
women strong, sicjc women well. Accept
\\<< --lin-iiitutt* lui .(it- medicine which wofpp
Wonders fur weak women.
Dr. Pierce's Plcas-int Pellets ure the utq_rt
City of Vancouver*
A By-law to raise by way ot Debentures the sum ot 1100,000.00 for the extension und improvement of the wa-
ter-yyorks system of the City of Vancouver:
WHEREAS lt ls deemed experlent to
raise by way of debentures J100,00|0.00
for the extension and Improvement of
the Water Works system of the City
of Vancouver:
AND WHEREAS It ls necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that the .City
should raise by way <>f debentures a
loan of $100,000.00, repayable on the 1st
day of February, A. D., 1945, with interest in the meantime payable half-
yearly at the rate of 4 per cent, per annum, such loan when raised to be ap
piled for the purposes aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the said debentures when due, and for
the Interest thereon during the currency of'the said debentures, lt will be
necessary to raise and levy each year
the sum of $5,270.00.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the debt when due lt will be necessary
to raise and levy ln each year the sum
of $1,270.00. by special rate sufficient
therefore in each ycor on all the rateable property of thai City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
whole rateable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to the last revls
ed Assessment Roll, ls $24,138,225.00.
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
city Is $3,050,951.20, Irrespective of debts
Incurred fer local Improvements, of
which none of the principal or Interest
Is in arrears;
AND COUNCIL, of the City of Vancouver, in open meeting assembled, enact
as follows;
1. For the purposes aforesaid It shall
be lawful for the Mayor of the City of
Vancouver to raise, and he ls hereby
authorised to raise, by way of loan
from any person, persons, or corporation who may be willing to advance the
same on the credit of the debentures
hereinbefore mentioned, a sum not exceeding In the whole the sum of $100,-
000.00, and cause the same to be paid
Into the hands of the Treasurer of the
said City for the purposes aforesaid,
and with the objects hereinbefore recited;
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be mode out, each for such sum of
money not less than one hundred *»'•
lurs ($100,) or an equivalent expressed
ln pounds sterling of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at
the value of $4.86 to the pound sterling,
as may be required, and all debentures
shall be sealed with the seal of the City
of Vancouver and signed by the Mayor
and countersigned by the Treasurer of
the saW City.
3. The said debentures Bhall be made
prfyable within forty years from the
date hereinafter mentioned for this By
law to take effect, at such Bank In tbe
City of Vancouver, or at such Bank in
the City of London, England, as the
Council may by resolution direct.
4. The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of
the Interest at 4 per cent, per annum
on the amount of the debentures, and
shall be payable half-yearly on the
first day of August and the first day
of February in each and every year
5. A special rate on the dollar shall
lir raised and levied annually in each
year In addition to all other rates on
all the ratable property of the City,
sufficient to pay interest on the debt
hereby created during the currency of
the said debentures, and to provide for
the payment of ths said debt when
6. The sum of $4,000.00 shall be raised
and levied each year by special rate
on all the ratable property of the City
of Vancouver for the payment of the
Interest on the amount of the said debt
hereby created during the currency of
the Bald debt.
7. The sum of $1,270.00 shall be raised
and levied annually in each and every
year by special rate on all the ratable
property of* the City of Vancouver for
the payment of the debt hereby created when due.
t. It shall be lawful for the Corporation, from time to time, to re-purchase
any of the said, debentures at such
price or prices as may be mutually
agreed upon, and all debentures so repurchased Bhall forthwith be cancelled
and no re-issue of any debenture or
debentures shall be made In consequence of such re-purchase.
9. This By-law shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the assent of the electors entitled to vote on
Money By-laws ln manner prescribed
by the Vancouver Incorporation Act,
1900, and Amending Acts.
10. This By-law, lf passed, shall come
Into force and take effect on the 1st
day of February, A. D„ 1905.
Received the assent of the electors
this day of
Done and passed In open Council this
day of
City Clerk.
Take notli'e that the above Is a true
copy of a proposed By-law which has
been    taken    Into   consideration,    and,
whli 1,  at'-H  be finnlly passed   l_y    .he(
Council In the event of the assent of
the electors being obtained thereto,
after one month irom the first publlca-j
tlon In th* "Mount Pleasant Advo-
vat«," the date of which first publication was tha 26th day of November,
A., D. 1904, and Xba^. tlm votes of the
electors of the said Corporation will be
taken thereon on the.-l2th day of January, 1905, between ths hours of 9 o'clock
in the morning and 7 o'clock ln the
evening, at the following polling places:
Ward 1—At the Old School House on
Burrard Street,
Ward 2—At   the. Opera   House,   on
Granville Street.
Ward 3—At   the   old   City   Hall,   on
Powell Street.
Ward 4—At the new City   Hall   on
Westminster Avenue.
Ward 5—At the Fire Hall, Ninth Avenue, Mount Pleasant.
Ward 6—At the Fire Hall, on Granville Street, Fairview.
' City Clerk.
Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1904,
City of Vancouver.
A By-law to raise by way of debentures the sum of $75,000.00 for General
School Purposes;-
WHEREAS lt Is deemed expedient to
raise the sum of $75,000.00 by way of
debentures for general school purposes;
AND WHEREAS It Is necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that the City
should raise by way of debentures a
loan of $75,000, repayable on the first
day of February, 1945, with Interest In
the meantime payable half-yearly at
the rate of 4 per cent, per annum, such
loan when raised to be applied for the
purposes aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the said debentures when due and for
the Interest thereon during the currency of the said debentures lt will be
necessary to raise 'and levy each year
the sum of $3,952.50.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the debt when due 'it will be necessary
to'raise and levy ln each year the Sum
of $952.60 by special rate sufficient
therefor ln each year on all the ratable
property of the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS' the amount of the
whole ratable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to the last revised Assessment Roll, Is $24,138,225.
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
City Is $3,050,957.20, Irrespective of debts
Incurred for local Improvements, of
which none of the principal and Interest is in arrears;
AND COUNCIL, o. the City of Vancouver, ln open meeting assembled, enact
as follows:
1. For general school purposes lt
shall be lawful for. the Mayor of the
City of Vancouver to raise, and he Is
hereby authorised to raise, by way of
loan from any person, persons or corporation who may- Jie willing to advance the same cm the credit of the
debentures hereinbefore mentioned, a
sum not exceeding In the whole $75,-
000.00, and cause the same to be paid
Into the hands of the Treasurer of the
said City for the purposes aforesaid and
with the objects Hereinbefore recited;
2. It shall be. lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made out, each for such sum of
money not less thtin one hundred dollars ($100) or an equivalent expressed
ln pounds sterling ef the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the
value of $4.86 to the pound sterling, as
may be required, and all debentures
shall be sealed with the seal of the City
of Vancouver and 'signed by the Mayor
and countersigned by the Treasurer of
the said City.
3. The said debentures shall be made
payable within forty years from the
date hereinafter mentioned for this Bylaw to take effect, at such Bank in the
City of Vancouver, or at such Bank ln
the City of London, England, as the
Council may by resolution direct.
4. The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of
the interest at 4 per cent, per annum
on the amount of the debentures, and
shall be payable half-yearly on the
first day of August and the first day
of February ln each and every year;
5. A special rate on the dollar shall
be raised and levied annually ln each
year In addition to all other rates on
all the ratable property of the City,
sufficient to pay interest on the debt
hereby created during the currency of
the said debentures, and to provide for
the payment of the said debt when
6. The sum of $3,000.00 shall be ralsed
and levied each year by special rate
on all the ratable property of the City
of Vancouver fdr the payment of the
Interest on the amount of the said debt
hereby created during the currency of
the said debt.
7. The sum of $1)52.50 shall be raised
and levied annually ln each and every
year by special rate on all the ratable
property of the City of Vancouver for
the paymtnt of the debt hereby created when due.
8. . It Bhall be lawful for the Corporation, from time to time, to re-purchase
any of tbe said debentures at such
price or prices as may be mutually
agreed upon, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled
and no re-Issue of any debenture or
debentures shall be made In consequence of such rc-purchusu.
9. This By-law shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the assent of the electors entitled to vote on
Money By-laws in manner prescribed
by the Vancouver Incorporation Act,
1900, and Amending Acts.
10. This By-law, if passed, shall come
Into force and take effect on the 1st
day of February, A. D., 1906.
Received the assent ot the electors
thia day of
Done and passed in open Council this
day of
City Clerk.
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of a proposed By-law which has
been taken into consideration, and
which will be finally passed by the
Council in the event of the assent of
the electors being obtained thereto,
after one month from the first publication ln the "Mount Pleasant Advo-
vate," the date of which flrst publication was the 26th day of November,
A. D. 1904, and that the votes of the
electors of the said Corporation will be
taken thereon on the 12th day of January, 1905, between the hours of 9 o'clock
ln the morning and 7 o'clock In tbe
evening, at the following polling places:
Ward 1—At the Old School House on
Burrard Street.
Ward 2—At the Opera House, on
Granville Street.
Ward 3—At the old City Hall, on
Powell Street.
Ward 4—At the new City Hall on
Westminster Avenue.
Ward 5—At the Fire Hall, Ninth Avenue,  Mount Pleasant.
Ward 6—At the Fire Hall, on Granville Street, Fairview.
City Clerk.
Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1904.
We have our New Fruit in.
Now is the time to make your
Pudding aud Cake.
8 pkgs.  Raisins 25o
Peel, per pouud  15o
3- lb Ourruut-   26c
Pure Spiceb always on hand.
No compounds.
Try our Tea at 40c a pound,
also Coffee at 40c—uo better
Cream, 4 for  25c
Oilt Edge Creamery Butter, a-11.   65o
WmDm Muir
Ring up 'phone 4.3. Mt. Pleasant
New Meat flarket
2442  Westmiuster avenue
OPEN SATURDAY.   Good Meats al
Right Pricos.
M. G. OLIVER, Proprietor.
Situate in the New WeBtmiuster
Mining Division of District of New
Westminster. Where located.—Britannia Mountain, Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Annie Austin,
Free Miner's Certificate, No. B78370,
intend, sixty dnys from the date hero
of, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crowu Grunt of
the above claim
And further tnke notice that action
under Section 87, mnst be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 20th day of October 1004.
The Advocate is always glad toroceive
items of social, personal or other news
from its readers. Sond news items to
tho office or by telephone, HMiiii.
Argyle House
: Tbe Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Bargain Sales
are attracting more   attention than ever.
Ladies' Lined Kid Gloves, worth $1.60, half price 50c a pair.
Silk Draperies for Curtains, Drapes, Cosey OornerB, etc., worth $1.76 for
$1.25 a yard.   Silk Draperies, worth $1,50 for $1.00 a yard.
Ladios'Wrappers worth $160 for $1.25 each; worth $2.00 for $1.50.
Children's dream Wool Jaokets worth,
Children's White Wool Boas worth 2.0o for 15c each.
Ladies' UndervestB worth 60o for 26o each; worth 75o for 50o.
Rninnnnt of Dress Goods, Flannelettes, Wrappers, Ribbons,  Laces, etc,
at prices to clear them quichly.
4 Cards of Safety Pins for 5c.
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
His Christmas.
a "him"or two to bny Christmas presents for.
We cater only to "hims," aud if
yon cau't flud anything suitable
for bis Christmas here, where in
the world do yon expect to flud
Here are a few hints, and if you
wish to have anything reserved
for you, we'll put it aside and
keep mum.
Overcoats, Suits, Faucy Vests,
Rain Coats, Hats, Caps, Uinbrel
las, Smoking Jackets (ideal for
convalescuts), Bath Robes, Neck-
wonr. Mufflers, Shirt Protectors,
Gloves, Pajamas, Night Robes,
Hosiery, Suspenders, Shirts,
Collars, Cuffs, Underwear, Cuff
Links, Shirt Studs, Handkerchiefs, eto.
We spoeinlly invite ladies who
aro looking for Christmas gifts
for the men folks.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
Prices That wm Interest You! f
Everything else at correspondingly low figures for cash.
Mixed Peel 3-lt>  for | 25o
Mixed Nuts per pound J6o
Wcthey's Mince Ment, per pound 10c
Good Apples «6c, 75c, 81k. a $1.00 per box.
A-l  Batter, per pouud 25c
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 938.
oooooooooooooooooo ooooo<x-<}ooooooooooooocoooooc-<.oc.i
Rules to be ouskkveu by all Vkssblb
requiring   thk   openinit of thk
Swino Span in passini; the Bkidqk
across   tiie   Eraser   River   at
New Westminster, B. O
ALWAYS PASS  through sturbonrd
opening leaving swiug spau ou port side
Do uot pass through bridge uutil spau
is directly over draw protection.
The following lights will mark the
swing span aud opening :—
A red light nt ench end of the swing
protection unel a red light nt each end
of swing spun, the latter uot uppeariug
when bridge is closed.
A greon light, on pier nt south end of
span, showing dowu stream only.
A greon light, ou pier at uorth end of
spnu, showing up stream only.
Bridge is not opeu ready for vessols to
pass uutil the red lights on spnu nre
diroctly over red lights ou swing protection,
Public Works Engineer.
Works Department, Victexnu, B. C,
15th November, 1904.
In Trimmed and
Also Children's Headweor in
endless varieties.
Blouses,   Wrappers,   Dress   Skirts,
Underskirts.   Full lioe of Ladios'
and Children's Hosiery.   Childreu's   Bearskin   Coats,   very
reasonable,   Wo have everything kept   iu a lirslcluss
Dry  Goods  Store.
W. W. Merklev
Westminster Avenue,  Mt. Pleasant.
Tho Mt. Ploasaut "Advocato" on sale
at all the Nowsdealers in the city.
Jack's ShaviaQ{
Wcstuiiustor Ave, next Glasgow House
John Gilliniiu,  Proprietor.
Three Chahis, and u flrst-olnsa Bath-
Room is run iu connection  with   the
Barber Shop—give this pluc. a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Orilerf proin|illy iiiu-iul.'i   tu.   uttilit   or.
Jay.  UharfSB moiloi-ute.
OIHce: 37 HnstingB Btreet, west, •
Telephone Number 4,9.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,   Phi ss unu
Advertisers'  Agents,
110 Fleet St., London,  E.G.,  England.
Colonial Business a Specialty.
If you want a
Ring  np
Telephone  987
or   call   around   at   the   SihN
Works, 408Cordova St., west.
Iu any c«se your wants will receive the
most courteous  aud  careful attention.
3000 ROSES
One, Two aud Throe Yours Old.
Also a number of Ornamental Trees,
Flowering Shrubs and Climbing Vices
Perennial Plants, Bnlbs and Roots,
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Oars pass my place.
2784  Westmiuster Ave.   Mt. Pleasant
If yon know any items of Mt.l'lcannut
uows—Social, Personal or any other
uows items—sond them in to "The
Advoonte," or by telephone— B1486,
Electric Light in
South Vancouver.
If premiBes nre within 100 feet of Company's primary wires the
regular charge of $3.00 will be made for inetaUation of meter and
lamps. Beyond that distance line construction will be charged
for at the rate of $10.00 per 100 feet; if several houses are close
together the cost may be divided among the hou_eholders installing the Electric Light.
The following rates will be charged to consumers;
Meter Rates Based on Monthly Consuxptioii :
On tho first 40 K. W. honrs 17o per Kilowatt hour*
"    "  next 60 K. W.   "      12o " "
On consumption over 100 K.W. hours, ,10c per Kilowatt hour.
Subject to a cash discount of 6% if bill paid on or before 10th day
nfter date thereof.
Theso are the rates in force in Vancouver until Jnly 1,  1904.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company* Ltd.
^%>%V«^%^%-%^V%%'%-V%^^%' '%*^^-%%'*%V%^«%%'V,*


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