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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jun 9, 1906

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 - -         %\
'WU 11906     %\
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and Soutli Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three months 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
UiSTABUSEED APRIL 8TH,  1899.     WHOLE No.  378.
Mt.  Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.   C, Saturday,  June  9,  1900.
(Eiqhth Year.)   Vol. 8, No. 10.
I ocal Items.
van McOuaig Auo-Bii and Commis-
Se "0 . I-t,d., next to Carueigc Library,
>ismti_igs street, buy Furniture for Cash,
'Sr.t>n.iinll miction Sales aud handle
nis-vstrnpt Stocks of evory description.
**U-''"tacf,iouJgtutranteed.   Phono 1070.
Reductions in oloctric lighting, in
gas for fuel, is announced by tho B. C.
Electric Ry. Co. to take effect July
•ICth. The cut to householders is 2c per
T_. w. hour, to merchants and users of
piwor greater reductions.
The Ladies' Aid of Alt. Pleasaut
Presbyterian Ohurch will hold au Ico
Cream and Strawberry Social ou the
—lurch giounds, FRIDAY nfternoon
and evoniug, Juno 15th. All welcome, a
pleasaut time assured all.
Dr. W. E, Bebb, well-known in
scientific work, aud Superiuteiideut of
the Deutnl College of Los Angeles,
accompanied by his mother passed
tluongh Vancouver on Tuesday; they
wero entertained by Dr. and Mrs. H. D
Burritt, and after a drive about tlie city
and arouud tho Park expressed them
selves delightod with Vaucouvor.
The Stridor Shoos for Men ore pronounced iu style, rare in quality autl
superior iu workmanship, thoroughly
reliable nnd contains all thnt auybodv
cnu give for $5.00.—R. MILLS, 119
Hastings street, west.
The Womau's Auxiliary of St
Michael's Ohnreh will hold their
Anunal Garden Pnrty uud Ice Cream
Social at the residence of Mt. and Mrs.
Joseph Dodson, corner Thirteenth avenue aud Westminster road, on the after-
• toon and evening of Thorstlay,
Jane 21st. Alt arc cordially welcome
nnd a pleasant time is promised to all
who como.
NOTICE.—I will not bo responsible
for nny debts coutrncted by my son Fred
—John H. Healey, 3711 Eighth ave., cast
Tiiore will bo two secret societies
attending tho Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Churoh on June 17th. Iu the morning,
the Ladies of the Maccabees-will hay.
the. pastor prone—their annual Memorial
Servico. Iu the eveniug tho nuuunl
church parade of fho. Independent
Order of Foresters will bo to this
church, the pastor, Kev. A. E. Hellier-
ingtou, preaching their anniversary
sermon. The.ohureh is to bo profusely
decorated with flowers, antl the choir
will render special music and will be
assisted by special soloists.
By properly adjusted glassos Dr.
Howell at the Burrard Sanitarium Ltd.,
rolieves eye strain which causes headache and other nervous troubles
Tho Vancouver Auto antl Cycle Company have just received several handsomo new machines which they have in
their rooms 108 Hastings street, enst.
A BO-horse power Olds painted silver
grey with dark red lenthor enshious and
brass trimmings, is a beauty. Two now
Wiuton curs are new stock and show all
the newest Improvements in the automobile line. Mr. W. J. Annand, the
Manager, reports sales very gratifying
and emphatically declares his firm can
supply auy anlomible made nt n big
, per cent less than an individual pur-
'fcl-asor can order for. Mr. Annand
recommends the ,01ds ns preferable to
other makes.
The very latest styles iu Canadian
nnd American makes aud designs iu
Winter Shoes for Meu, Women and
Children at R. MILLS, tho Shoeman,
11!) Hustings streets, west. ..-.
The home of Mr and Mrs. W. II.
McMorrau, Westminster rond, was tho
scene of it vory enjoyable party on Wednesday eveniug, tho occasion being the
78d birthday of Mr. McMorrau.
Cards, vocal and instrumental
music and da.uty refreshments
were ploasnres of the eveniug. Mr.
McMorrau was heartily wished "many
happy returns" Mr. McMorrau is
hale and hearty nud nover misses n
day's work, at 73. Those prcseut were:
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Owens, Mr. and
Mrs. W. H McMorrau, Mr. and Mrs.
May, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. McMorrau,
Mr. aud Mrs.Lewis Carter, Mr and Mrs.
Albert MoMorran, Misses E, Owens, M.
iSkinuer, L Colo, E. Heffernan, (J.
Tayutou, G. McMorrau, Miss Mtickle-
moylo of Victoria, Messrs. J. W. Cole,
O. McMorrau, .L Christie, J. MoMorran,
O. McMorrau, W. Colo.
LOST betwoen Twelfth aud .Seventh
avenues on Thursday evening, a lady's
pnrso contaiug $12, a batik book uud a
baby's bracelet, Finder will be suitably
rewarded by returning to Mi'B. W. J.
Annand, 242 Seventh avenue, near
Columbia street.
On Thursday moruiug nt 10 o'clock,
the Rev. G. H. Wilson of St.. Michael's
Church united iu marriage Miss Gertrude Brnckshnw and Mr. Olomont
Tabor. The brido is just arrived from
sUR REPUTATION ns Painloss Dentists is shown by the daily
J increase in our practice.   Wo have gained a world-wide reputation with our discovery, which,  wheu applied to the gums,
teeth can bo oxtracted absolutely painless.
Our patients aro so pleased with tho results that they not only toll
their friends, but personally briug them to our parlors that' they
may receive the same treatment. Iu this wny, together with the
highest-close dentistry, doue by our Specialists, onr practice has
gradually increased till wo are second to uouo in practice.
By the uso of our Double Adhesive Suction Chamber we are able to
fit the most difficult casts. Where other Dentists Fail We Meet
With Success. If your teeth drop when yon try to eat with them,
or if you are afraid of thom striking tho pavement when you {sneeze,
there is something? wrong j they do not-fit. Our Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty aud is Our Owu Iuveu-
tiou nud cau not bo used by others.
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Britlge Work aud all othor DeutaljWork
doue, pniuloss, and   by Specialists and guaranteed for 10 years.
147 Hastings St. Telephouo "1560.
Offico Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. in.;   Sundays 9 a. ni.,   to 2 p. ni„
The Season  for Painting is now on.
i    n.    ri   **   i *j   Mt.  PLEASANT
Tel. 44 7.
'PHONE 2236
Corner Seventh and Westminster avetmes.
A curo for aching, swollen, tired
and sweaty feet,
A little dusted into   tho shoos
kecpi thom sweet and dry.
25 e
a box.
'Phone 790.      I-'rec Delivery.
Mrs. F. W. Welsh of Tenth avenue,
will not receive during tho summer
Mrs. N. H. Russell nud children returned this week from several mouths
visit in Winnipeg with her parents.
Head the New York   Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper,  then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Mr. W. R, Verge of Tenth avenuo,
who injured a foot two months ngo,
while at work on a building, is uow able
to get arouud with the use of a cauo.
afternoon nnd eveniug, the Ladies' Aid
of the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Ohnroh
will hold a Handkerchief Sale aud Ico
Cream Social ou the church grounds.
A pleasaut time is assured to nil.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge, L. O. L. 1842,
has decided fo meet ou the 1st nud 3d
Thursdays of the month. Next Thtirs-
day will bo the first meeting undor the
uow rule.
Mrs. Donnngh of Portland, is visiting
Mrs. Isaac Mills of Tenth aveuuo. Mr.
and Mrs. Dunungh left Vancouver threo
years ago and havo many friends ou
Mt Ploasant where they lived while iu
the city.
HIN-r UP 911 for a good lond of
Cedar Wood *.1.2"> a load, or leave orders
at 50H Seventh avenue, east.—OltOUKI--.lt
Bros , Dealersin Wood.
Mt. Pleasaut Baseball team defeated
tho High School fenni in 7 innings by a
score of 15 to 5, Tuesday evening on
the High School Grounds. This is the
first defeat tho High School team has
met this season. The Mt. Pleasant team
is ready to cross bats with any team of
its class in the city.
Rond Mrs. Merkley's advertisment ou
4th page, of special interest to women.
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Read the Real Estate column on last
page of this paper.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Poola of Sixth
avonue, left this week ou a two mouths
vacation trip, uud will visit relatives in
Calgary and Edmonton. This is the first
vacation Mr. Poole has had in twenty
Tho Norris & Rowo Circus is here I
Be sure and take the children to seo the
parade. Thero is always something
attractive, novel aud instructive about a
circus parade for grown people as well
as for children.
FOR RENT: a largo house, furnished
or unfurnished; apply at "Tho Advocato" Office.
Mr. and Mrs. A, Pengelly moved
over to North Vancouver on Saturday
last, to camp for the sum ner. On thoir
return Mr. nnd Mrs. Pengelly will move
into their new cottage which is being
built on Eleveuth aveuuo.
—For a short timo ouly; double southeast corner, cleared, ou Tenth avenue.
Beautiful view of fho city; price jil.luO.
Terms. Apply at 2444 Westminster ave.
When you want a warm-weather drink, that
is both pleasant to take and beneficial to the
health, ask for—
Sovereign Lime Juice
Corner Westminster and Seventti avkstjes.
We have just received our usual largo
consigumout of Eastern Maple  Syrup.
THE PRIOE will bo the samo as last
year aud tho quality equally as good if uot better.
Place your order with us at ouco as it will not last loug.
Good Butter our specialty.
Good Potatoes $1 per sack.
2425   Westminster  Ave.
'Phone 322
I .   King's ileal flarket
I    R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
I Wholesale and Retail
A> Dealers in nil kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables nlways
J on hand.    Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview
& Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season.
$ Tel. 21.00.
Every week we get
Choice Fresh Dairy Butter
and wo have put the prico at 25c.    foil should try it.
Everything that is Fresh aud New in the Market
can be fouud at our store.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
aud years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Sale at all first-clnss Saloous, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house.
Prompt and careful delivery.
Orders solicited.
P. Nightingale & CO.
lit. Pleasant.
Westminster & Seventh Aves
-Telephone 1800.
Fiuo line of Now Wheels just iu.   Auyoue prepared to pay Cash can
get Rook-bottom Prices ou tho best Bicycles made.
J. Annand,
108 Hastiugs street, east.
Telephone 1285.
£i*-F* Bicycle and Automobile
Repairing in all its hraucbes,
Neatly and Promptly done.
^^4440000040000**00000*0*004*00*00r0000000***4?*0000!. I
Subscribers    are    requested
report auy carelessness in the delivery
of "The Advocate."
Every Woman Likes
—to have her hair tidy.   Thoso stray locks aro very tronblosome wheu
not kept properly in their place.
Now it is vory easy to keep them where they ought to bo if yon only go
at it the right way.    We have just received a lot of—
See what we have.
LwZ-V VV , Wants to See Y<
»s*. *V<-kVW*is *a/&*/*y9V%, '*A/*ra^my*y'my%, ■V*yayx*^^'*^-%**J^/*A,*yy
The New Furniture  Store
at 2313 Westminster ave., near Seventh ave.
Has just received an clegaut liue of—
Tapestry Squares, Ingrains, Rugs, Chenille and Tapestry
Tahlo Covers, Parlor Suits aud other Household Fnrniphings,
Do   not   forget   the   location,
Seventh aveuuo, Mt. Pleasant.
Westminster   avenue,   near
Mrs. Langdale has been quite ill at
tho home of hor parents Mr. und Mrs.
(Jjat.hows, Seventh avenue, is luneli
On Tuesday evening next thore will
be it lacrosse match on tho local school
grounds between the Fnirview Juniors
and Mt. Pleasant Juniors.
Ohas. Raunie, teacher of Violin and
Cornet. Speoial attention giveu to yonng
pupils. For terms, etc., apply at Studio.
:I7 Eleventh aveuue.
Capital *&.000.000.   Reserves *!).• 187.000.
Accounts may be opened with
Oni* Dollar.
7 to 8 o'olock.
A. B. Nethcrby.Sub-Mauagcr.
I i
i buy your Furnishings
| ou Mt. Pleasaut.
| We carry an up-to-date
ft Hue of—
I       MEN'S HATS,
CAPS and
Give us a call.
Miss   Hatt.ie    Burritt    visited    Mrs
Rowe of Now Westmiuster,  a few days
last week.
*** a°* **, ***'***-*** At *** *% ****** *fi
1500 yards of Ginghams, Muslins, Priuts, Chambrtiys, Ducks
aud Cotton Voiles in a large variety of patterns uud colors, worth
up to 80o, for 73.2'c per yard while they last.
a. ross & co., 30'3\%\Ut^Tst-    ,
4/^**v^-«/^%/'&''>_/<_/»'»/***s^'**k/*"^ ****«
Mrs. M. Rae of Eighth avenue, returned this week from a visit to Seattle.
Mrs. Frank Trimble and children left
last week tor Revelstoke, for a two
mouths visit with relatives.
Mr. autl Mrs. Lorno J. Barclay returned last week from their honeymoon
trip, and nre residing on Sixth avenue.
Come in and see our list of nood buys,
nn good terms nud good titles!— 241-1
Westminster avenue.
Messrs. Wheeled- _ Walker conduct
• il a very successful Auction on Tuesday
afternoon atthoir Anotion antl Couimis-
tion Rnouts, 2818 Westminster avenne,
I     W. T. MURPHY
Z      2-115 Westminster avenue
2 Mt; Pleasant.
I *
Mrs. Melville Jewoll returned on
Thursday from a two weeks visit with
Viotoria friends.
Mr, J. A. Wmiilell of Kansas Oity,
the bridge-export has beeu engaged for
tlio past few days in taking measurements and boring in False Greek near
tho Westminster avenue bridge. It IB
believed he will reoommond n low-level
street basoule bridge at that point nud
probably tho samo for Granville Btreet.
WOOD.—Fir Edgings or Blabs,!! loads
fortB, single load :*;). Telephone 8484.
Mrs. K. Hpilliimn and Miss Spillman
of Central Park, are expected home
today from Los Angeles, where they
spent thu winter. Miss Spiilmau's
health IS greatly improved,
The man with the hatchot cut the
Mt. Pleasant telephoue cable Monday
night, aud this part of the city litis been
greatly inconvenienced for sevoral days,
lt is too bad that tho Bubstfriljers aro the
real sufferers in the right between iho
Telephone Company and tho striking
Central Meat
Ninth ave. 5. Westminster road.
Meat of oil   kinds continually
nn hand
Poultry and Game   in season.
Best    of    Vegetables   ou    tho
Woodrow &
***   Williams
FRANK TriHBLK,  Manager.
Telephouo 'JM.   Prompt Delivery,
4 Telephouo 20 21   Buchanan & Edwards
j   We havo the largest selection of
Stock Pattern Dinner Sets
iu tho city—10 diflerent liues of which you can buy any part,   i
Lot us .how you our latest arrivals.   They tiro Beauties. f,
07-piecc Dinner Sets $7.00
fits-piece Dinner Sets, heavy gold borders *fl2.7*i
98-pieco Dinuer Sets, illuminated J15.00
Besides dozens of others to select from.
B-yciicman & Edwards
I      662 664 Granville St. 'Phone 2021.      |
t*0******'0**********-**^*****^*'f0^ ■*#* **0
For a Game ot
Pool or Billiards
Drop in at
O  McOUTCHl'.o.N".-' HAUhl'R BHOl
Mt. Pleasant.
Boot and Shoomaklng
and Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2(5-1 Westminster avenuo.
If there is any one line of goods
that this houso could make a
noise ubout—aud with good
rouBon—it would bo our stock of
"Trorey's" Watches, of course,
aro fully guaranteed—positive
satisfaction is guaranteed no
matter what priced watch you
buy of us.
Wo »ny also—and overy word of
it is true—that our stock of
.WntchoB is by fur the largest in
this province, and what is more
our prices are more in yonr favor
thin cau possi'ily bo the case
whore watches aro kopt only in
small Humilities.
Corner Hastings aud Gninvi.lo Sts.
Official Wuteh Inspector O. P. tt.
' at tho lowest prices.
Shipment of Pcrrin's Sodas and
Fancy Bncuita.
McKinnon & Gow,
l-W Niuth Ave. Opposite No -1 Fin-Hnll
Telephone BI448. Prompt delivery.
Royal Crown
Tint Best in the World. Drop
Ul  a  posl   card asking   for   a
Catalogue of Premiums to bp
hoi  free  for 1'oya.i. Crowu
Soap Whaitkkk.
vni.ro-iv_.tt, .i.e.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover imd Timothy  Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods.
Pratt's Lie* Killer,
Holly Chick Fond,  Rcofsornps, Eto.
C    I'PITH  Cort.tr   NINTH avcau.   A
Teli-pliOM    i*::i". 	
TheCanadian Bank
of Commerce
Deposits of Onb D01.1.AU and  upwards
received and interest allowed thereon.
Bank Money Orders issued,
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. m. to 8 p. m
Saturdays: 10 a ui. to 12 m., 7 to 8 p.m.
East End Branch
til Westminster      C. W. DURRANI,
aveuuo. M •...-.w.i.u.
If you miss Tub Advocate you md|
the '.,«. 11 nows.
| Linked by Fate |
■ ■
; .   Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage   \ ]
of Hate/' "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid j
For," " A Modern Juliet," Etc ; ■
.-H~H^HH--H--fTTrH ♦ »■»+ ffM'fffMfc'
(Continued from last weok.)
Half unconscious til what she was
doing, where sho wus going, she
paced back ns fnr as the steps, antl.
drawn by tho stillness and darkness,
went down to the garden—and saw
the figure standing against tho terrace wall.
She held her breath for a moment,
then glided forward and laid her
hand on Julian's arm, He tinned
nntl she saw his face.
"You have been listening!" she
panted. "Coward! 1 will call to
them—toll   them!"
She   swung    round    towards   tho
house, but he caught her arm, llis
face was whito, his eyes glowing;
but, just as lie iinil restrained himself when he found that he was dispossessed, so now ho mustered his
"Wait," he snid, quietly. "Do not
move, do not speak!   Wait!"
She stood still, stood motionless,
rendered speechless by his unnatural
calmness, untl peered at him breathlessly.
"Y'es, I have listened," lie saitl as
quietly as before. "Antl it is true.
I love you—ah, do not speak—yet!
I love you. Is it a crime to do so?
Then I am the greatest of criminals,
and I throw myself at your mercy.
But you know I love you, you have
known it since the day wc first met.
Do you suppose I am going to ask
you if you care for mc? I am not so
groat a fool! 1 know thut Vune
stands between us— No, not yet!
Wait, I beg you to wait until I
have said what I have to say. It is
him you caro for. I am—well, just
the dirt beneath your feet. Hut he
—ah, woll, 1 have listened; there is
no need to remind you. Vane does
not count. Y'ou are less thun nothing to him."
She put up her hands as if, indeed,
she were about to strike him, but he
"did not move, nnd his dark eyes ditl
not quail before the lightning in
"While I—God, how I love youl
You  aro    just   iny   wholo  lifo     and
"You love    mc?" sho snid gliding
closer    to    him.   "Provo   it!     Prove
"Tell me how—"
"Thrash him! Thrash him within
an inch of his life!" she hissed.
lie smiled, and the smile was like
a douche of ice on her fury.
"No," he said aa if in response to
quite an ordinary, evcry-day proposition. "That would be a cheap
kind of melodrama: and I should be
the one who would be thrushed;
Vane is a stronger) man—" He
shrugged his shoulders.
"You arc a coward!" she said, her
bosom heaving, her lips twitching.
"You prate of love like—liko an actor, and a bud one; but you stand
by and see tho woman you say you
love insulted. But you want my answer to your kind proposal—your
cousin's kind proposal, coward! Take
it then! I will n.arry you tho dny
you roign here as master instead of
dependent, the hanger on you are."
Ho caught her liy both wrists and
leant forward, his breath coming as
fast as hers, his eyes sinking into her
"I accept your conditions," he
said, hoarsely. Sho shrank back, but
he still held her. "You made it in
jest, in mockery—"
She watched him closely, hungrily.
"No!" sho panted. "I—I am serious.
It—it is you who jest, who trifle."
He smiled and, for a moment, his
eclf-possession  left him.
"Coward! Tho word stings! You
shall see! I accept the conditions.
Give mo—give an earnest of your
She shrank from him as ho drew
her closer to him; hut suddenly she
lifted her face, white and set.
"Take it!" she whispered.
He bent his hoad slowly untl kissed her on tho lips. With a low cry
she broke from him and s.ieil up the
steps; but on the' terrace she turned
and looked down on hiin with a
strange oxpi'o.sion in her eyes, un
expression in whicll fear antl hate and
tho longing for revenge fought for
Julian stootl looking up at her, at
tho spot on which she had stootl,
with glowing eyes, while one could
count twenty; then he went softly
round tho house, unlocked a door in
a wall and passing through the small
yard—it hnd onco been n ladies' garden, but was now moss und wood-
grown—on     which     tho     luboratory
looked—unlocked tho laboratory door
with his chub-key and entered tho
There was nn air of comfort about
the apartment. Tho walls were
colored a dark maroon, the woodwork was of walnut, beautifully polished, thoro woro pictures on tho
walls, nnd a baby grand piano; but
its scientific purposo hud not been
forgotten. Vane, with the generosity
which characterized him nt all times,
but never more than in llis dealing!
with Julian, hntl given him carto-
blanche, untl Julian had transformed
the Witches' room iuto a model laboratory. Tho room wns sound and
air-proof, nnd ventilated by a casement in tho roof which could bo
opened a quarter of an inch or
thrown wide so that tho fumes from
tho crucibles and chemical retorts
couls escape in a tow moment!. Tho
walls were covered with a composition which resisted the corrosivo effects of the noxious fumes on which
Vano so often animadverted, A
draught, even a breath of air, is often fatal to a chemical experiment,
so Julian had contrived that tho
room should be rendered absolutely
hermetically sealetl by the closing of
tho ventilator, which was worked, on
the simplest principle, by a couple of
ropes, passing over a pulley, which
ho could control by n lover llxed under his writing table.
As ho entered he saw, by the light
from tho furnace, the bent figure of
Deborah. She wns moving about tho
room in her noiseless Way, a tortoise-
shell cat, which hud attached itself
to her, following her as noiselessly
and rubbing against lur. A Silver
tea eiiiiiiutue litoini  on a smull  table
near  the furnace,   uhTi  as   —ii— entered sho pointed to it.
Julian nodded and sank into the
easy-chair near tho table, and Deborah stood quite motionless and as
waiting for his commands, her full
groy eyes fixed on his as a dog's is
lixed upon his mnster.
Julian wiped the sweat from his
brow antl poured himself out a cup
of tea, as if unconscious ot her presence, thon he looked at her anil
said, on his fingers:
"Deborah, keep away from the
front of tho house. Sir I'luuulos
Ormo has seen you—and spoken to
"Yes, Mr. Julian," she replied with
a swift movement of her thin fingers.    "Is there anything else?"
"No, no, nothing," ho signed.
"You pan go  now'."
She turned, then paused and looked as him.
"Aro you sure thero is nothing
else? You are not looking well; you
aro looking as it you wero ill. Is
there nothing Deborah can do? Y'ou
woultl trust me, sir?"
"Yes,   yes,"   he said,   impatiently.
"What should there  be?   1  am quito
well.   Have you made up the lire?"
"Yes,  Mr.  Julian."
'.'Well,  then,  you    may  go.   Hero—
take this cat with you."
She wont for the cat, but it eluded
hor und crept closer to Julian.
.."Oh, never mind, then," ho said,
impatiently. "I—t it be. How hot
tho room is! It is tho lire, I suppose.   Open the ventilator,  please."
Sho went  to the  lover  and  opened
with   difficulty   tho  window   in    the
top of the wall.
"It wants a new rope," she signed.
Julian    nodded    irritably.      "Yes,
yes, I'll see to it."
Sho glanced at him, with the devotion of tho spaniel, waited a moment to see if there were any other
orders, then left tho room, carefully
closing tho hermetically sealed door
after her.
Julian leant back and sipped his
tea. His heart was beating fiercely,
his bruin wns in a whirl. The melodramatic scene in which he hatl pluy-
cd a principal part danced before
him. His lips had* "touched hers,
Judith's! She had promised to bo
his wifo! His wife! Ilo closed his
eyes and a smile curv.'d his lips.
llut tho condition! That he should
reign as master at Lesborough. Ho
had accepted it in tho moment of
excitement, of passionate oestney, as
he would have accepted it if it had
been the advent of the niilleiiium.
Was there any condition, any stipulation, wliich he would not have accepted1.
His! That beautiful woman he loved with a passion that absorbed his
whole being. Her kiss, cold nntl
fierce as it had beer, burnt on his
lips and still thrilled him. His!
Judith, the loveliest woman on
earth, the one woman to be desired
of nil others, llis passion left no
room for thought of Vane, who hud
pleaded his, Julian's, cau so. Some
natures are Incapable of gratitude,
uud Julians was ono of them. He
put Vane's advoeacy aside as if it
hatl not occurred. All his thoughts,
his heart, were bont on Judith.
Antl he woultl call her his when he
reigned as master at Lesborough! It
ditl not occur to him to doubt hor
promise, for that promise lind been
dictated by jealousy nnd hate, and
they are stronger uml more binding
than   love.
When he wus master! Tlmt meant
when Vano was dead, nntl he, Julian,
reigned in his stead.
{lUt Vano wus olive. Wits but n little ihc elder of Julian, No mattor,
lie hull her promise; there was hopo
for hint. All sorts of accidents might
hapjien, as Sir Chandos. with his
Worldly wisdom, hnd suid. Nunc
might he killed iii th,, hunting held;
a careless shot   in the—
lie wiped ihe sweat from his forehead again nml looked round the
room. His ,-yes fell upon the crucible
on  the spirit  Furnace, and  the  lover
gave  place,   for  th,-    ment,   to    the
scientist. II,, rose nntl went to the
furnace. The liquid in the pot was
emitting a bluish flame, n strange
mid pungent odor, so dense ami penetrating thut. as he bent over lt. it
caught his breath and made it dilli-
lie looked round the room. Thn
ventilator wus hub closed; his hand
"■nt to ihc lever which admitted or
closed the uir; but hi' shut the ventilator, autl stood for a moment ns if
considering deeply. 'Mien lu- went to
n cupboard, took out a length of
muslin, antl. after soaking it in q
liquid which In- prepared in a bowl,
wrapped it round his mouth nntl nostrils.
Wilh deliberate movements he locked the door, saw lhat the ventilator
wus tightly closed, then lifted the
iron cover from the pot on the furnace.     A subtle,    pcnotratlng    fume
arose nntl filled fhe s ore room; tho
uir became thick und palpable,
Protected as he was by the muslin
soaked In the untiilotiug solution he
was conscious of u heavy pressure on
the lungs and henrt. pressure that
seemed almost intolerable. Hut ho
displayed no four or dismay; Indeed,
a smile of triumph shone in his eyes.
"It is the Borgia funic!" be ttium-
blod behind his muslin mask, as tho
atmosphere ki-vk thicker, more dense;
a cry piercod the silence. It was a
moan, a piteous moan, from the cat
which hntl sprung upon the tuble nnd
wus crouching there looking ut Julian enl reiitingly.
"Fuss, pool- puss!" he murmured,
a cruel,   pitiless light    in his   eyes.
"You don't feel well, ell? No Wonder! You can't breathe in this atmosphere? I'm not surprised. But
It is going to be Worse!"
Protected by the muslin bandage,
he went to her and stroked hor, and
the wrotchod animal dropped on its
side und wailed to him Imploringly,
"Nearly gone, eh?" he said. "j_ct
us seo what a stronger doso will tin."
He glided to the furnace antl stirred
(he compound; the fumes grew thicker, denser, antl the cat, with n spasmodic Jerk of oil her limbs, fell prono
on the table, her clows extended, her
UlcUtth widn oocB
(To be Continued.)
Odd   Thins*   '"   tie   Seen   In   a   Oreat
London  —Hlubli—inicnt.
If the reader can imagine the cure of
every oue of the 5,000,000 to 0,000,000
persons living iu Londou of some ailment or disease be holds in his mind's
eye a true picture of the vast work
doue by Guy's hospital since Its foundation. The south sea bubble, like many
another financial catastrophe, ruined
thousands of citizens, but it enabled
Thomas Guy, wbo sold bis Investments
ln the stock to the great advantage of
other people as well as himself to
found the Institution which bears his
name and to restore to health (down to
the present time) over 0,000,000 human
Among the many curiosities exhibited In tbe famous museum at Guy's is a
large piece of cardboard bearing the
remnants of thirty-five pocketkulves,
which were swallowed by an American
sailor. His name was John Cummlngs,
and be was admitted to the hospital ln
1822. A small book, containing also
the manuscript of the printed copy,
narrates the particulars of this remarkable case, and it may be perused by
the privileged visitor to Guy's.
It appears that Cummlngs during a
spree ashore challenged tlio feats of a
conjuror who had made a pretense of
swallowing knives. Encouraged by his
drunken comrades, the sailor actually
swallowed an opened pocketknife, to
the amazement of the conjuror. Feeling no Immediate pain, he put five otlier
knives out of sight In the same way.
In tv/o years' time he had, in tbe course
•f his drunken bouts, shown sufficient
bravado to enlarge his iuterual armory by twenty-nine additional knives.
When, after his foolishness had brought
him to the hospital and subsequeutly
to his grave, a postmortem examination
was made the thirty-five knives were
removed from his stomach by the amazed surgeons.
These interesting relics are exhibited
among others ln tbe surgical classroom,
whither the Btudents return from the
dissecting room to correct their impressions. Close by ls another Interesting
object, a glass case containing a number of wbat appear to be Illuminated
parchments. The grewsome nature of
these exhibits grows upon the visitor
when he learns that they are simply
patches of tattooed human skin preserved ln spirits. The Inscription upon
each enables one to trace the occupation and character of the unfortunate
patient from whom It was taken. Ono
was a colored sailor, a native of Africa. On some twelve square Inches of his
skin is worked an artistic representation of the most brilliant pluinngcd
birds known lu the tropics.
Guy's anatomical wax models are
said to be the finest ln the world. One
of these ls extremely valuable, the hospital authorities having refused the
sum of £5,000 offered for it by a foreign medical celebrity. It Is an absolutely perfect model of the upper extremity of the body, showing every
muscle, gland, vein, nerve and artery.
It took Joseph Towne, a clever demonstrator at Guy's, fully two years to
make it, but with him lu 1S70 also died
the secret of the process by which the
wonderful construction of the human
body was reproduced in wax with such
marvelous fidelity.—Loudon Standard.
The Land of PDKodaa.
Burma ls the land of pagodas. From
the summit of every mountain, of every hill or hillock, from above the cliffs
and rocks and from among the woods
of the Islands of the broad Irawadl rise
the graceful forms and gilded pinnacles
of numberlnss pagodas. Often they are
crowned by a golden htee or umbrella.
Pagodas are rarely temples In the true
sense. They are usually solid, tapering
buildings placed over real or 1 ntation
relics. Close by, among groves of palms
and bananas, are generally to be seen
the carved and seven storied roofs of
tbe kloungs, or Buddhist monasteries.
Gay and light hearted as are the Bur-
mans, tbey realize another and future
existence as vividly as they do the
present life, and the teachings of the
great Buddha are ever present to their
Discovery of Ihe Metnl, According! to
Varloua Authorltlea.
The Bible speaks of Tubal Cain as
the discoverer of Iron and the father
of smiths. The Egyptians Imputed to
Hephaestus the same honor, while Pliny mentions It having been discovered
by Dactyles on Mount Ida after tht
forests on the mountain side bad been
destroyed by lightning. This was about
1,432 years B. C. Jeremiah and Eze-
klel both mention Iron In tbelr Scriptural writings, tho latter specially mentioning two qualities of the metal and
calling one bright Iron, which was probably steel.
Moses mentions an Iron furnace, and
Job speaks of lt as being taken out of
tbe earth. Tbousauds of years before
the opening of the Christian era the
Egyptians used Iron In making sickles,
knives and such things. Sparta flrst
used Iron for money. Britain also used
It as a medium of barter uud exchange
prior to the conquest by the Romans.
The Britons bofore tho time of Christ
used to export Iron to Gaul, and after
the Roman conquest the conquerors established extensive smelting works,
whlcb existed at least as late as the
Saxon conquest—St. James' Gazette.
Finnish M.rriage Fetea.
Marriage fetes lu Finland, as in Norway, are often prolonged for several
days, even among folk of humble rnuk.
Oue peculiarity, which muy excite more
surprise than approval among eligible
suitors ln our own country, Is that tho
Finnish lover never himself "pops tho
question" to tlie girl of his choice. The
momentous proposal Is made through a
third person, called the "talninu," to
whom the happy couple give a present
when his delicate mediation proves successful nnd ends Tn a wedding. Not uncommonly their gift to tlie talman takes
tlie unromantlc form of a shirt.
In like manner the clcrgymnn who
presides over tlie nuptial sendee receives a simple nnd Inexpensive present, often a handkerchief and a pair of
warm hair gloves. A similar gift ls bestowed upon the officiating priest at
funerals. Upon these mournful occasions the service ls exceedingly simple
—more bo than would satisfy the views
of British undertakers—but tlie burial
Is, as a rule, followed by large hospitality on the part of tbe bereaved funillv.
TILL  .  DODD'S   .   KIDNEY   .   PILLS
Then his Rheumatism and other pains
Vanished    Once    and   for   all—His
Case One of  Many.
Barwick, Ont., Apr. 9,—(Special).—
That Dodd's Kidney Pills will cure
Rheumatism, or any other disease resulting from disordered Kidneys is the
experience of many of the settlers of
this Rainy Jtiver country. The case
of William John Dixon, of this place
is a fair sample of the work the great
Canadian Kidney Remedy is doing.
"I had Rheumatism so bad I had to
to use a stick to walk. I had pains in
my back and right hip, und I had no
comfort in sleeping.
"I could no more than dress or undress myself for nearly two months,
antl I was for nearly three weeks I
could nol. lace my right shoe.
"My brother advised me to try
Dodd'a Kidney Pills and I did so.
Alter taking three boxes I could walk
around and luce up my shoes and do
my work. Six boxes cured mc completely."
Dodd's Kidney Pills arc the one sure
cure for sick Kidneys. Sick Kidneys
are the cause of nine-tenths of the ills
the human family suffers from.
Italy now possesses over thirteen
thousand mendicants, according fo a
report Issued by the council of relief
and benevolence.
The Hungarian cabinet has decitlod
to postpone the general elect ions for
a few months.
Holloway's Corn Cure destroys all
kinds of corns and warts, root and
blanch. Who, then would endure
tliem with such a cheap and effectual
remedy  within reach?
Sailors Talked to Admiral.
Some years ago, while traveling
from Scotland, Admiral Sir William
Kennedy was joined In his carriage by
two young sailors returning to their
ship at Chatham, and he took the role
of a commercial traveler anxious for
Information  on  nautical  matters.
The sailors answered his questions as
to life aboard ship, and when he asked what the officers were like, and whether the admirals and captains got
drunk and used bad language, the men
replied, "Oh, no, sir. At least, not in
the dockyard!"
On the arrival of the train at Rugby
the admiral revealed his identity, but
though he was later appointed commander-in-chief at Sheerness, all his
efforts to find the young sailors failed.
In telling the story ln "The Army
and Navy Gazette," Admiral Sir William Kennedy says: "If ever these lines
Bhould meet the eye of my traveling
companions, I trust they will remember the commercial gent ln the 'soap
and tallow trade,' who would be glad to
see them again and discuss the affair*
of the navy."
A Choice of Evils.
A young Scotchman fresh from his
native land had "hired out" to a western farmer as a harvest hand. He was
strong, Industrious and full of enthusiasm, but the mosquitoes were a revelation to him. In all his experience he
had never encountered anything so
fierce, bloodthirsty and persistent, and
they made his life miserable.
"They won't bother you, Sandy," said
one of his fellow laborers, "If you smoke
a pipe when they're round you."
Sandy had never "smoklt," but he
procured a pipe and some tobacco and
proceeded to follow the advice.
For a few moments h__ smoked with
much zeal and earnestness'. Then he
became very pale. He laid the pipe
down and placed the tobacco by its
"'Tis varra gude tae keep the mosquitoes away, nae doot," he said, with
a long, quivering breath, "but I prefalr
the mosquitoes!"
KK Cl(\C, REWARD will
J>3,*WV be paid to any
person who proves that
Sunlight Soap contains any
injurious chemicals or any
form ui'adult-ration.
is equally good with hard or soft water.
If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)
you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get better
results than with boiling and hard rubbing in the old'fashioned way.
As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly
pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be
washed without the slightest injury.
Lover Brothers Limited, Toronto
Your money refunded
by the dealer from whom you buy
Sunlight Soap if you find any
cause for complaint.
*—>e    New    I_iikI.ii,    of    Deatructloa
Adopted by the Navy.
The United States navy has Just
adopted a uow engine of destruction in
the shape of a high speed turbine torpedo, the Bllss-Leavltt. It is classed aa
one of the most powerful and deadly
•ea weapons ln existence today.
This self propelling sea monster travels through the water at a pace of thtr-
ty-slx knots and has an extreme range
of 4,000 yards, 3,000 being the guaranteed contract range. .Owing to Its
superior advantages ln speed and range,
being capable of going eight knots, or
25 per cent, faster and nearly double
the distance of the latest Whitehead, lt
will supplant the latter, now considered
to be obsolete. The best performance
of the Whitehead ls a speed of twenty-
eight knots, going but 2,000 yards.
The new torpedo has an additional advantage and one especially adapted for
submarines, Inasmuch as it can be discharged equally well from submerged
tubes as on deck, a feat never successfully accomplished with the Whitehead.
The torpedo is fired out of a tube
some twenty feet In length, the interior
being well greased. About twenty minutes are" required to force the 2,260
pounds of compressed air into tbe air
chamber. An impulse charge of ninety
pounds starts the glistening, cigar
shaped Bhell of steel on Its course. On
ships gunpowder and electricity are
also used for this purpose. After making a five foot dive, striking the water
nearly horizontally, the torpedo dart-
off on a bee line, foaming and tearing
through the water to attack its imaginary foe.—The World Today.
Shakespeare and English.
There is an old, a very old. tale told
of a venerable lady, wko, after seeing
the play of "Hamlet" for the first time,
said, "It ls a very good play as plays
go, but lt Is made up of quotations."
This good dame, although she was
probably unaware of it, was acknowledging, in a roundabout way (perhaps,
the indebtedness of tbe English language to our national bard. Phrases,
sentences and some times whole linos
from his writings have boen crystallized,, as It were, Into colloquial English, and there are probably more quotations drawn from the works ^ol
Shakespeare than from those of any
other author, ancient or modern-
Chambers' Jourii—.
An  Experiment  With Wnter.
Take a pound of water the temperature of whleh is 80 degrees C. aud mix
lt with a pound of water at zero, or
freezing point. The mixture will make
two pounds of water the temperature
of which is 40 degrees C.
Now tuke another pound of water at
80 degrees C. and mix with It a pound
of crushed Ice—that ls, Ice crystals—at
zero C, the same temperature as the
eo'd water ln tho first mixture, and tbe
result Is that we have two pounds of
water at freezing point
In both cases the weight of water at
zero C. Introduced Into the warm water
was the same, but before the Ice crystals could assume a liquid condition
they had to absorb a certain amount of
hent. That heat was drawn from the
warm wnter untl consequently reduced
Its temperature, but lt did not raise the
temperature of the Ice. It simply acted
as energy In enabling the Ice to become
liquid and remained In that liquid ln
the form of latent heat, to be given up
agnln ns soon as the water reassumed a
crystalline form.
Water Drinking.
After all the efforts of "physicians to
make their patients drink water copiously and of tbe aforesaid patients to
dispose of quarts of water dally It ls
nothing short of discouraging to be told
by a medical writer that excessive water drinking often works serious harm.
Brain workers with too little muscular
activity or men who have excessive
muscular activity without proper hygienic supervision nearly always take
a sufficient if not an excessive quantity
of liquids ln the form of tea, coffee,
beer, milk or water, declares this author as quoted in the Woman's Medical
Journal. The normal amount of water
required daily ls a mathematical calculation regulated by the sensation of
thirst Many conditions must be considered before water drinking is prescribed, she says further, and its effects should be as carefully noted as
those of any other therapeutic measure.
Some That  Are   Nnt   Worth   the Ex-
penne ot Time  nnd F.ner_t]-.
Women certainly nre the conservatives of the nice. Long ngo maw learned that time was too valuable to waste
ou useless details, llut women still
cling to their Idols. Oue rends In the
correspondence column of women's
magazines perfectly absurd paragraphs
on small economies. One woninn recommends saving the gummed ends of
old letters and circulars to use in patching books, sheet music, baking tins, etc.
Imagine wasting time cutting old envelopes to pieces for gummed paper
which mny be purchased by the yard
for a few cents! A roll of passe partout
paper, the thinnest kind, costs about 4
cents. One piece would last for mending purposes at least a year. Another
economist writes with evident pride
that she saves all the empty breakfast
food boxeB, pastes a white pnper hinge
on the flnp to strengthen the cover,
buys a wooden box to hold a number of
the paper boxes and labels the Intter
empty spools, string, rubber rings and
other things, mostly not worth preserving. Such small savings are not worth
while at the expense of time and- energy, and the sooner women get that
Into their heads the better.—New York
When slicing nn onion to flavor a
itew or salad score each slice first before cutting it off.
It Is snld tiint potted ment will keep
a longer time if It is covered with mutton fat instead of melted butter.
When pies are ready for the oven,
make a tube of clean paper and put lu
the silt in the center of the pie. It will
prevent the Juice from boiling ovor, and
the pies will be nice and moist.
A French cookbook declares that
freshly killed meat Is better for making bouillon, as it has kept till Its Ju_..cs
and flavor. Pieces like low uud top
round, the neck, the shin and the shoulder are Juicy and appropriate for this
famous soup.
After cutting oranges iu two ports
plnee n lemon reamer over a glass tumbler and with this extract the Juice.
Tills serve in glass punch cups beside
the plate for a breakfast course. It Is
more enjoyable thnu the ordin»ry
method of eating oranges.
The German government has become
actively interested in reviving the empire's shipbuilding trade because of the
great need of seamen.
Twenty Minimus' Worth of Cameras.
Thirty years ago a camera was a
rarity. The enthusiast who possessed
one carried a mountain of traps afield
and smothered ln a tent during his
tedious manipulation of the wet plates.
Last year tbe United States alone
made 300,000 cameras, working with
the mere pressure of a bulb or button,
and the photographic business reached
the respectable commercial total of
Such figures, too, do not even hint at
the true extension of this use of the
■un's aid in obtaining exact copies of
anytblng the eye can see. If one were
to tell an ordinary business man tbat
photography has a more pervading influence on his dally life than any otber
one discovery of which we have an authentic record he would probably be
highly Incredulous, yet lt ls an Indisputable fact—World's Work.
Wonderful   Plddlea.
One of the greatest fiddles that ever
were known was to be seen at the
French court at the time of Charles IX.
This wns a viol so lurge that several
boys could be plnced inside of it.
These boys used to sit Inside tbls queer
Instrument and sing the airs that the
mnn who handled the bow wns playing
on the viol outside. The effect is said
to hnve been very beautiful, though it
would seem as lf the presence of the
lads in its Interior would seriously Interfere with the tone of the "great fiddle," as It was called. Many years aft-,
er another huge Instrument of this kind
wns used nt concerts In Boston. It
was so large that to play lt the fiddler
had to stand on a table to use his bow
at tbe proper point on the strings. Thla
Instrument was culled "tbe graudfa
ther of fiddles."
The County Watcbdo_r.
• Mart Person is regarded aa a safe
watchdog of the treasury In Washington county, Kan., on account of an incident which happened while he was
road overseer. He was working a road
that separates Washington and Republic counties. Along came a wolf that
bnd been bunted nearly to death and
lay down on the Washington side of the
line to die. It was so utterly gone that
the presence of man seemed to bave no
effect on it. The force of men working
on the road gathered around lt It
paid no attention to them, and finally
Mr. Person, seeing it was bound to die,
Bpurred it over across the road to the
other side, saying, "There, you scoundrel, if you are going to die, go over
Into Republic county and let them pay
the bounty."—Kansas City Journal.
Somewhere Elae Next Time.
Justice Pickering of Springfield does
not believe ln e»»oap labor. The other
day he married a couple and Indignant-
ly spurned a tender of $1.25 for his
services. "I never paid any more than
that for getting married," remarked
the bridegroom. "But I am not dealing ln cut rate marriage services," replied tho justice. Then the bridegroom
offered to make It $1.50. The justice
remained adamant He said his rate
was $2 aud the bridegroom must produce. "Ain't I worth $2?" asked the
bride. "I suppose you are," said the
bridegroom, and with a heavy sigh he
paid full fare, but warned the justice
thnt he would never come to him ngnin
to get married—Jefferson City (Mo.)
Little Millie—Did you tell your mother you had a good time at my birthday
Little Wlllle-I didn't have to. I was
sick for two days. — Yonkers States-
A Requisite for the Rancher.—On
the cattle ranges of the West, where
men and stock are far from doctors
and apothecaries, Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil is kept on hand by the intelligent us a ready-made medicine, not
only for many human ills, but as a
horse aud cattle medicine of surpassing "merit. A horse and cattle
rancher will find matters greatly
simplified by using  this  oil.
The United States will make no concessions to Turkey in the tariff dispute
until the American demands regarding
sehools have been settled.
Received the Lye'l Medal.
The distinguished recipient of tha
Lyell medal, Dr. Frank Dawson Adams,
professor of geology In McCIlll University, was born ln Montreal, and Is a
graduate of the university In which h€
has held a profess irshlp since 1894.
Following his high Htandlng there both
In natural and applied science, Dr.
Adams subsequently studied In thl
Sheffield Scientific School, Yale College,
and at Heidelberg, where he received
the degree of Ph.D., devoting hlmseli
specially to llthology and physical geology. For many years Dr. Adams wa*
on the staff ot the Canadian Geological Survey, and Is the author of numerous papers, dealing especially with
problems of metamorphlsm and tht
older crystalline rocks of the earth's
crust. These treatises have been cop-
led In many scientific publications ln
Canada. England and the United States.
Dr. Adams has all the genius of tht
explorer and his researches have won
him an authoritative repute. It Is interesting to note that his predeceesoi
In the chair of geology at McGill, S.'.i
Win. Dawson, was the first Canadian
to win the coveted Lyell modal. Dr
Adams is the second to maintain tht
high standing of this professorship.
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Readers of This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome Illustrated treatise,
giving full description of Rheumatism
and Paralysis, with instructions for a
complete home cure, describing the
most successful treatment in the
world, recommended by the Ministry
and endorsed by medical men. This
highly instructive hook was-wrltten by
W. H. Veno, a gentleman who has
made a special study of these diseases.
The preface is by a graduate of the
University of Wurlzburg. Send postal
to-day and you will receive the book
free by return.—Address, The Veno
Drug Company, 24 King Street West,
The Ontario risn commission is in
Ottawa preparing an interim report
for the department of flsheres.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Tho Yucatan Power Company, capitalized at $1,000 00(1 wilh headquarters
at .Montreal, has been Incorporated.
"I'd Rather be Dead than puffer again
the tortures of insomnia, palpitation and
nervous twitching of mv muscles Induced by simple neglect of a little indigestion.-' These are the forceful and
warning words of n lady who proclaims,
that her cure by South American Nervine when everything else had failed wits
a modern miracle. A few dosca gives,
Michael Petite, sixteen years old,
was sentenced at Now York to three
years' imprisonment for stealing a
penny from a little girl.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists
William Welch, said to be the oldest
surviving member of the Union army
in the Civil War, recently celebrated
the lOCth anniversary of his birth.
Weak, Tired and Depressed People
Need a Tonic at This Season tc
Put the Blood Right.
Spring blood is bud blood. Indoor
lifo during the winter months Is responsible for weak, watery, Impure
blood. You need a tonic to build up tlie
blood In the spring just as much as a
tree needs now sap to give it vitality
for the summer. In the spring the bud
blood shows Itself in many ways. In
some it breeds pimples and eruptions.
In others lt may be through occasional
headaches, a variable appetite, perhaps
twinges of neuralgia,, or rheumatism,
or a lazy feeling ln the morning and
a desire to avoid exertion. For these
spring afhnents it is a tonic you need,
antl the greatest blood-making, health-
giving tonic In all tho world Is Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Every doso
helps to make new, rich, red, health-
giving blood, which reaches every
nerve nnd "every organ ln tho body,
bringing health, strength and energy
to weak, despondent, ailing men antl
women. Here is proof. Mrs. Chus
Blackburn, Aylesford Station, N.S.,
says: "For the past ten years Dr.Wil
Hams' Pink Pills is the only medicine
I have taken when I found I needed a
medicine. Last spring I was fooling
poorly, was weak, easily tired and depressed. I got three boxes and. they
made me feel like a new person.
These pills are the best medicino I
know of when the blood ls out of or
Thousands of people not actually
sick need a tonic in the spring, and to
all these a box of Dr. Williams' Pink
1-tns will bring new energy unit-new
strength. To those who may be more
seriously ailing, who are suffering
from any of the ailments due to bad
blood—a fair treatment with these
pills will bring new health and vitality.
You can get these pills from any medicine dealer or by mall from the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
Ont, at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
for $2.50.
Canadian   Northern Changes  in  Time
MAIN    LINE    WEST.      With    the
change    of   time tables on April 1st
the Canadian  Northern   now operate
their Express Passenger train service
between    Winnipeg    and    Edmonton,
west hound, leaving Winnipeg at 8:00
o'clock dally except  Sunday, arriving
at  Edmonton  22:15  o'clock  dally except Monday east bound, leaving Edmonton 19.15    o'clock    daily    except.
Friday,  arriving   at   Winnipeg   12:20
o'clock   daily except   Sunday,      Tho
Edmonton  Express  is   operated   both
directions     by    way    of    Gladstone.
Through  flrst class  sleepers are carried  in   each   direction   liel ween   Edmonton and    Winnipeg    and    diners
' serving meals a la carte are al (ached.
I The line via Carberry between Winnl-
I peg and Dauphin  Is Served by train
1 leaving   Winnipeg   S:00   o'clock Monday, "Wednesday and Friday, arriving
Dauphin    17:40     o'clock,     easlbountl
leaving   Dauphin   2:30  o'clock,   Tuesday, Thursday   nntl   Saturday,   arriving  Winnipeg  12 20  o'clock.
vica between Winnipeg and Oak
Point is Increased to a til-weekly,
leaving Winnipeg 8:15 o'clock Monday, Wednesday and Friday, arriving
Oak Point 12:110 o'clock, returning
same days, leaving Oak Point 11:00
o'clock arriving Winnipeg 18: IB
connections aro made in hnth directions between Rossburn nnd Winnipeg as follows: —Will leave
Winnipeg 8:00 o'clock Mondny, Wednesday and Friday, arriving Rossburn 22:00 o'clock; enstbound leaving Rossburn 211:20 o'clock Mon lay,
Wednesday mil Friday, arriving Winnipeg 12:20 Tuesday, Thursday and
Dauphin 19:00 o'clock Tuesday and
Thursday, niTlve Winnlpegosis 21:30
O'clock. Return leaving Winnlpegosis 2.00 o'clock Wednesday and Friday, arriving Dauphin 4:30.
Dauphin 10:00 o'clock Mondny,
nesduy and Friday, arriving
River 21:30 o'clock, leave
River 23 30 Mondav and Wednesday,
arriving Melfort 15:15 Tuesday nnd
Thursday. East bound, leave Melfort. 7:00 Wednesday nnd Friday
arriving Swan Rivor 21:20 o'clock,
leuvo Swan River 23:00 o'clock Monday, Wednesday and Friday, arriving
Dauphin 4:00 o'clock Tuesday,
Thursday unl Saturday.
Service on other branches remains
the same ns heretofore.
The Improved service thus placed
In effect between Winnipeg nnd Edmonton Is proving of eormons advantage t settlers and, Inntlseekers,
nntl so far nil twins have been well
filled with new arrivals from other
countries, nil seeking a home In the
great and fertile Saskatchewan Valley.
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Aims
and their Influence.
Editor of the   Morris  Herald.
Unequivocally independent in the
policy advocated at all times, the Morns Herald has the distinction ot being
a cleverly edited newspaper as
woll as having possibly the youngest
editor ia the Canadian West in the
managerial chair.
Recognized as one of the best advertising mediums in southern Manitoba, the Morris Herald, under the managing editorship of Mr.
Albort Fennell, has not only become a
factor of importance in'-tlm business
life of southern Manitoba, but olsti is
a force in tho social and political affairs of the province, through the fearlessness, originality, and ability oi Mr.
Fennel as a writer. Mr. Fennel was horn in 1882 in Birmingham, -uglaiid. lie began his journalistic life on the stall' of the Birmingham Daily Gazette and there acquired,
probably, some ol that thorougl ss oi
business method and independence oi
political thought that is a distinctive
trait  of  tlie   majority   oi   the  British
In tho year 1901 Mr. Fennell, attracted by" the opportunities offered to
a trained young newspaperman, ambitious and energetic, came to Canada
and determined upon the province oi
Manitoba  as  the   lield  of   his  efforts.
For about three years Mr. l'eunell
was constantly engaged us a niemhei
oi the staffs of several leading western
newspapers and during that tune acquired a thorough knowledge of western political, social, and business con-
Last September the opportunity loi
individual enterprise, n situation created largely through his own efforts,
was given Air. Fennell and in conjunction with Air. James Hooper ami a
low- residents of tlte town of Mollis,
he obtained control of tho Morris
Herald. . .
Roalizing iho opportunities til n
bright and enterprising newspaper in
Southern Manitoba, published iu a.
favorable a position as Morns, Mr.
Fennell at once saw to it that the
mechanical necessities of a first-class
weekly paper wero adequately supplieu
and that the job-printing department
was furnished with the best of type
and tho latest machinery.
Tho Morris Herald maintains a
strictly independent course in politics
and is a strong advocate of independent thought and actions anil believes
that tho timu is not far distant when
muoh of the partisanship, or "party-
ism," in polities will bo done uwaj
with, and that .people will think ami
act according to their own individual
The Morris Herald believes that Independent und Labor candidates will
plav a conspicuous part in Canadian
politicsin thu near future. V. bile the
West may bo rather full of newspapei
_ mon, the Morris Herald is of the opinion that there is always room at the
top of tho ladder.
As a leader writer Mr. Fennell has
gained considerable reputation and
prominence, his southing manner ol
criticism and originality of expression
being well known iu the western newspaper world.
Air. Fennell is an ardent supportei
and advocate of manly spoils.
He married, in February, 1905. Miss
L.   D.   Fray,   daughter  oi   Mr.   It.   A.
Fray, of California.
,  —	
The**Japanese government has decided that boilers for warships made in
Japan outwear boilers made in Fiance.
Turkey is not taking serious notice
of Bulgaria's request ihut the Sultan
keep libs border troops iu order.
Mme. Schwentor-Traschlor has been
elected a professor at tho University
of Pome.
German   Publicist,   Who   Has  Traveled ^Through   Empire,   Fiercely
Arraigns   Government. «,
Berlin.—Startling reports of the
condition and future of Russia's G,-
000, 0I1U Jews were made recently to
the annual meeting of the Central
Jewish relief League, of Germany,
by Dr. Paul Nathan, a well known
Berlin publicist, who has returned
from an extensive trip through Russia as the special emissary of the
Jewish philanthropists: in England,
America and Germany, to arrange
for the distribution of the relief fund
of $1,500,000 raised after the massacres last autumn.
Dr. Nathan paints a horrifying
picture of the plight and prospects
of his co-religionists, and forecasts
at any hour renewed massacres exceeding in extent and terror nil
which have gone before. Ho left St.
Petersburg with the firm conviction
that tho Russian Government's studied policy for the solution of the Jewish question Is systematic antl murderous extermination.
Dr. Niithiiu rend to the meeting a
circular addressed last week lo the
garrison al, 0 lessa, calling upon the
soldiers to "arise and crush the traitors who are plotting to upset the
holy government of the Czar and
substitute   for  it u  Jewish  empire."
Dr. Nathan concluded wiih a passionate appeal to the Jewish money
powers of the world to arrest Russia's fiowers as a borrower. The financiers of the world should call a
halt to Russia, not only lor humanitarian reasons but for practical reasons. Russia's bankruptcy is an established   fact.
Information published here states
that a renewed outbreak of the Russian revolution 1s imminent.
The Central Revolutionary Executive Co'iimittee are distributing great
quantities of arms and ammunition,
particularly bombs. On this occasion
the revolutionists will not fight in
masses, but in small flying columns,
which will employ the bombs as
their principal instruments of destruction.
One of the most remakable features of the movement is the enormous quantities of small bombs
available for use. The scheme is to
destroy the permanent way of railways and cut telegraph wires slm-
ullaneously in many different parts
throughout, the country. The prosperous quarters of many towns are
to he set on tire at a given moment.
Sudden .Deaths .on .the .Increase.—
People apparently well and happy today, to-morrow are stricken down, and
In nietv-nlne cases out of every hundred
the heart is the cause. The king of
heart remedies. Dr. Agnew's Cure for the
Heart, Is within the reach of all. It relieves in 30 minutes, and cures most
chronic cases.—91
Twelve Million Candle-Power.
London.—A searchlight, invented
by E.Cuenod. Is now being tested by
the chief officers of the French and
German armies. The experiments
in conjunction with a 21 horse-power
motor are said to have provided a-
Mght of 1,000,000 candle-power, rendering objects six and one-half miles
distant distinctly visible, it is anticipated that the new trials, for
for which (i 40 horse-power motor
will be used, will give a 12,000,000
candle-power light.
ivlinard's  Liniment Cures  Burns,  etc.
The immense cattle ranch of 33.000
acres in California has been purchased
for $1,000,000.
Safety For Children.
Baby's Own Tablets is the only medicine that gives the mother the guarantee of a government, analyst that it
contains uo poisonous opiate uud Is absolutely safe. This is worth much to
every mother who cares for the future
welfare of her child. The Tablets are
good for the teuderest baby or for the
well grown boy or girl and cure the
minor troubles that are inseparable
from childhood. Airs. W. J. Macintosh,
Clam Harbor, N.S., says "1 have used
Baby's Own Tablets for constipation,
vomiting and colds and have found
them a splendid medicine. I give llie
Tablets nil the credit for the splendid
health my Utile one uow enjoys." Tho
wise mother will always kocp a box of
these Tablets on hand. They cnn be
got from any druggist of by mail from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Out., al 25 cents a box.
Heavy British Helmets.
London.—Accoi'tling to a German
military Journal, the British soldier
wears a helmet which weighs nearly
114 pounds. The helmet of the
Prussian Infantryman weighs only a
trifle over 11 ounces, while the Hal-
Ian is still heller off wilh a kepi
which turns the scale at between 11
and  12  ounces.
Tho Standard Oil Company has opened negotiations for the purchase of
zinc mines in Illinois.
The w'live of reform in Chicago dissuaded a policeman from continuing
on'the force.
For_ the
To succeed these days you
must have plenty of grit, courage, strength. How is it with
the children ? Are they thin,
pale, delicate ? Do not forget
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. You
know it makes the blood pure
and rich, and builds up the
general health in every way.
Tha e1.11dr«n cannot possibly h»v« Rood
hflftHli iinlesn the bOWtll »ft» in proper coniN-
tlon. Ailii|Kl«-i liver fives tcoBted tnriKii«
liml .irtnilli, (-'-intlpAte-r l>ow-1i. Corr-rt all
thoie hy Riving immll laxative OMH of Ayor'a
Pllla.  All vegetable, augarcuRt-d.
Hsd* by S. O. Ays. Co.. Lowell,
Alee msnufn-lu.ers ef
"Is Dr.
Have you Learned to Cure Biliousness, Indigestion and Constipation with
A medicine, like a physician, is selected because of the actual results it
is knowu-to bring about. Most people
aro slow in choosing either physician
or medicine until they know of cases
In which they have proven successful.
In calling your attention to Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills It Is only
necessary to point to their success in
tlie past, for they are known in nearly
every home.
By means of their direct ond spec-
Hie action on the liver—causing a
healthful flow of bile—they regulate
and enliven the action of the bowels
and ensure good digestion In the Intestines. At the same time they stimulate the kidneys ln their work of filtering poisons from the blood.
This cleansing process set in action
hy Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills
means a thorough cure of biliousness,
Intestinal Indigestion, torpid "liver,
kidney derangements and constipation.
It. means a restoration of health,
slronglh nnd comfort where there has
been pain, weakness and suffering. It
means a removal of conditions which
lead to backache, rheumatism, lum
bago, Bright's disease, appendicitis
and diabetes.
Mr. G. Martin, Pletewode, Sask.,
writes.—"I desire to bear witness to
the indisputable efficacy of Dr. Chase's
remedies. I have not written sooner
because I wished to be convinced that
the use of Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver
Pills would accomplish the desired results. In each case ln which we have
had occasion to use them In our family they have not only brought prompt
relief, but have also effected a lasting
cure. As I desire always to havo Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills ln the
house in case of sickness, I nm enclosing one dollar for five boxes."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 2f> cents a box. at all deal
ers. or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Tor
onto. The portrait and signature of
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
book  author, are  on every box.
A  4,000 Barrel  Flour   Mill  Just Completed  at St. Boniface,
The Western Canada Flour Mills
Co., Ltd., are justly proud of their
magnificent plant now rapidly approaching completion. The initial
capacity will be 4,000 bbls.. and also
provision has been made for increasing to a large extent as their business expands. The mill and warehouse are of brick and concrete
while all Interior work Is of approved
Chinese Opinion of America.
The Chinaman, unlike the Euro
pean, regards America as only temporarily his homo, preserves his national customs and peculiarities, and
finally returns, carrying his savings
with him. He Is not attracted by
our Institutions and brings with him
no love of American ideals. To him
the United States is a field to be exploited, but nothing more. The European casts in his lot with us, mingles with the population, and in a few
generations, his identity Is lost in
our composite race. He has neither
peculiarities of thought nor of dress
to distinguish him from those among
he labors, and his children are soon
an indistinguishable part of the community..    Not so with   the Chinese.
^*jw'     limited.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
mill construction of the latest design
and this1 fact coupled with a -high
class Tire protection service, not excelled in America, will give the company the benefit of the lowest possible insurance, The storage elevator Is of cement tank construction
and together with the workintr house
will have a capacity of 500,000 bushels which is likely to be doubled at
at an early date. The working house
is equipped with everything possible
to make lt, the most complete and up-
to-date milling elevator In the country. Power for the entire system
will be obtained from the Lac du
Bonnett Power Co. The working
house being in operation for the past
month while the company expect to
hnve the entire plant running at an
early date.
by local applications, aa they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There la only ons way tn cure deafie-sa,
ami that is by constitutional remedies.
DeafneaB is oaused by an Inflamed condition of tlie muemis llnliiK of the I'nst-
aohlan Tube. When thla tube Ih inflamed
Inllammatlon can be tiilti-n out anil this
hearing, nntl when It Is i-ntlrely eloBed,
DeafneBB Is the result, ami unless the
intlfimmallon ran lie taken out anil this
tube restored to Its normal condition,
iu-iirliiif will be destroyed fin-ever; nine
cnurs out of ten are caused b.v Cutarrh,
which is iiiitblni! hut nn Inflamed condition of  the miicnus sill-fares.
Wc will give One Hundred Dollars for
anv case of PeafncHsfcauscd by Catarrh)
that cannot 1"' cured hv Hull's Catarrh
Cure.    Send   for   circulars  free.
F. J. CH-N-Y  *  CO.,  Toledo.  O.
Sold   bv   Dl'llRirlsts.   75c.
Tako Hall's Family Pills for constipation
t-oiiaer Kiela.
Conger eels hunt for the octopus and,
when found, proceed to browse ou Its
limbs. The octopus tries to hug tbe
Bllppery, slimy conger tight, but ln
vain, and, finding Its limbs growing
less, discharges Its Ink lu the fnce of
the foe and under cover of the turbid
wnter beats a hnsty retreat. It ls to
escape the too pressing attention of Its
foes thnt the octopus possesses the
power of changing Its color to correspond with thnt of Its surroundings
A VaiiUlilnR Tver.
It Is melancholy to think that, with
al) Its shortcomings, the days of the
bus are numbered. Whnt motormnn,
wllb his bnggnrd motor face, will ever
take the place of that great artist ln
horses, who, tucked aloft on his little
throne, with a flower In his buttonhole,
his whip waving, his hat on one side,
his Improving conversation, threads his
dangerous way through tho traffic and
yet with nn alert eye on the sideshows
of life? The ensy wny with which he
skirts destruction without being destroyed Is the grcntest thing of its
klud.—Fortnightly Review.
Plant Premiums of Western Horticultural Society.
Following its practice of former
years, the Western Horticultural
Society is this spring again offering
its members the choice of a number
of free plant premiums. These premiums are selected with a view to
introducing to the members of the
Society a choice of plants that have
been sufficiently tried to give an assurance of their hardiness and desirability, but that have not yet been
Introduced us widely as their merits
warrant. The plants will be sent out
wilh  nil   charges   prepaid.
Each member is entitled to one
choice of the following plant parcels:
(a) Three seedling apple trees.
These are one-year-old seedlings of
tlio standard varieties gyown from
seed raised in the northwest.
(b) Ono plant rudbeokla (golden
glow). This is n very hardy perennial that, bears bright yellow nstor-
liko flowers.
(c) One plant uptight honeysuckle.
The upright honeysuckle is one of
the most beautiful of the shrubs that
will thrive In the Northwest.
(tl) Twelve   plants  strawberries.
(e) One plant Virginia creeper.
The Virginia creeper is the most desirable climber for  this country.
(f) six piunts raspberries.
(g) Two plants gypsophila panlcii-
Intn (baby's breath!). Hardy perennial with tiny white (lowers borne in
abundance on long graceful stems.
(h) Six cuttings each of Russian
laurel and French laurel willow. Both
beautiful willows, either for hedges
or as single trees.
Any poison may take advantage of
this distribution by sending the regular membership fee ($1.00- per year)
to the secretary-treasurer, Geo. Batho,
Box L'lO, Winnlpeg._
Minard's    Liniment    Cure6    Dandruff
They are not only distinguished by
their dress, language, and habits,
but they remain entirely separate
and apart from those among whom
they dwell. This difference is due
not only to the wide dissimilarity in
history, tradition and habit, but also
to the lack of any permanent or patriotic interest in the land In which
they sojourn.
It would require generations to
bring our people down to a plane
upon which they could compete with
the Chinese, and this would involve
a large impairment of the efficiency
of their work. It Is not just to the
laboring 'men of the United States
that they should be compelled to labor upon the basis of Chinese coolie
labor or stand idle and allow their
places to be filled by an alien
race with no thought of permanent
Identification with oifr country. The
American not only produces the
wealth of our nation in time of peace
but he is also its sure defender In
time of war—who will sny that his
welfare and the welfare of his family shall be subordinated to the in
terests of those who abide with us
for but. a time, who, while with us,
are exempt from draft or military
burden, and who, on their return,
drain our country of Its currency?
A foreign landlord system Is almost
universally recognized as a curse to
a nation, because the rent money Is
sent out. of the country. Chinese
Immigration on n large scale woultl
givo us all the">vll offecls of foreign
landlordism in addition to lis other
objectionable features. — William
Jennings Bryan In "Success Magazine."
Copper   Chopped   Out   of   the   Hocks
in  Large  Chunks by  Eskimos.
In view of Ontario's claim to a
large tract of land lying along the
shores of the Hudson's Bay, and the
possibility that the Teniiscaming railway may be extended Into the territory, information on the resources
of that vast northern country is of
unusual interest. The latest news is
that brought by William Beech, of
Winnipeg, a prospector, who has just
returned from an exploration trip of
several months' duration. Samples
of copper, mica, plumbago, and iron
he has brought back, and reports
having seen particles of gold In the
possession of a Hudson's Bay Company factor. Copper, he says,
abounds In the vicinity of Chesterfield's Inlet, and Is chopped out of
the rocks In large chunks by the Eskimos and explorers. The natives
hammer it into pipes, trinkets and
dishes, or use It to patch guns.
The plumbago deposits in the
neighborhood of Fort Churchill he
declares to be very valuable, ond a
Winnipeg newspaper pronounces tils
samples of very fine grade. Mica ls
also very common, both white and
brown. Near Churchill also he found
samples of Iron ore, but the value of
the deposit is not yet, known. One
Important point is that the ore is on
tho shores of the bay, nntl could be
loaded on vessels direct from the
mines. Mr., Beech says that several
prospectors arc at work ln the district, among thom J. W. Tyrol), late
of the Geological Survey, and Lieut.
Col. Turnbull, but to Beech belongs
the distinction of slaking the
first, mining claim on Hudson Bay
and registering lt with the Dominion
Both Got Annuity.
A Scottish life officer sold an annuity to Mr. Patrick Maloney, and paid,
antl paid until they reckoned his age
about 100, when they sent an Inspector to Tipperary to interview the annuitant, and to make sure they were
paying the annuity to the proper
person. The emissary called at the
cottage and asked if Mr. Pat Maloney
was In. No, he was in the field
plowing. A centenarian working
plowman seemed rather an anomaly.
The insurance man found the field,
and a man about CO at work. "Are
you Mr. Patrick Maloney?" "Yes,"
he said, "I am." "Are you the Mr.
Maloney who draws the annuity from
the      Insurance    Company?"
"Yls.   bedad,    and   mi father before
Put up in sealed lead packets to  preserve
its many excellent qualities.
40c, 50c  and 60c per Ib. At All Grocers.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
Imperial   Maple  Syrup
Always    S-itiafaotory
Ask your doalor for Imperial Maplo Syrup.   Do not allow him te aubstltuta
an Inferior artlole booause It I* oheapor.
Some persons are more susceptible to colds than others, contracting
derangements of the pulmonary organs from the slightest causes. These
should always have at hand a bottle
of Bickle's Anfi-ConsumptTve Syrup,
the present day sovereign remedy
for coughs, catarrh and inflammation
of the lungs. It will effect a cure no
matter how severe the cold may be.
You cannot afford to be_ without a
remedy like Bickle's, for lt Is the
Eighty Years Old—Catarrh Fifty Years
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder .uns
him. Want any stronger evidence of the
power of this wonderful remedy over
this universal disease? Want the truth
of the ease conllrm.-d? Write Geora-e
Lewis. Shnmokin, If, i. He says: —"I
look upon my cure as a miracle. ' It relieves  in   ten  minutes.—89
Woman  Cave  Dweller.
Sydney.—A woman has been found
living in a cave on the seashore near South Freemantle, Australia. When discovered she declared that she was unable to find employment and had been living there
for five weeks.
Eugene Carriere, one of the most
modern and most unique French painters died at Paris of cancer of the
The United Stntes cruisers Chattanooga and Galveston are proceeding
from Port Said, Egypt, to Colombo,
Berlin despatches deny thnt Chancellor Von Buelow of Germany has lost
the confidence of the emperor.
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Buy  of   Islands.   J.M.CAMPBELL.
I was cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Springhill, N. S.    WM. DANIBLS.
1 wns cured of Chronic Rheumatism
Albert Co., N.B.     GEO. TIN-LEY.
Every woman may be attractive. Bright eyes, pink cheeks
and red lips are her nature-
given right. A sallow skin, lack
of animation, low spirits and
weak nerves may be avoided by
the use of Beecham's Pills, a
remedy that well deserves the
confidence of every woman.
Again and again they have
proved to be invaluable at those
recurring times when so many
women feel debilitated and suffer from nervousness, headache
and depression. It is wonderful
the way these pills assist Nature
and relieve the suffering.
Every woman who values
health and good looks should
become a user of
Prepared only by Thomas Beecham,
St. Helens, Lancashire, England.
Sold Everywhere in Canada and U. fv_
America.    In boxes 25 cents.
The Origin of the Garter.
Somebody has be.mi trying to disprove the old story about the origin
of the British Order of the Garter.
Tho lejen.l hus it tbat Edward IH. of
England picked up the garter of the
Countess of Salisbury, and handed lt
to her with the famous words
"Honi soit qui nml y pense," the motto of the order. There has been recently found in tho Blbllotheque
Nationals iu Paris a written account
made by coinman.l of Henry VIII.
when he bestowed the order on
Francis I. of France. This story 1s
that Richard Cotter de Leon, while
in the Holy land, fastened leather
thongs around the knees of his allies
or followers who had distinguished
thenislves by gallantry. The story
doos not fit the motto of tho order,
which is a tribute to the character of
tht; fair fourteenth century countess,
of whom antl Edward, alas, the
-Trench  chroniclers tell   their tales.
For Inflammation of the Eyes —
Among the many good qualities
which "Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
possess, besides regulating the digestive organs, is their efficacy In reducing Inflammation of the eyes. It
has called forth many letters of re-
eonimendallon from those who were
afflicted with this complaint and
found a cure in the pills. They
affect the nerve centres and the
blood In a Surprisingly act.te wuy,
and the result ls almost Immediately
Advices from Switzerland say that
Maxim Gorky Is    leaving    there    for
At Lausanne University Mile. Bntli-
car has received her diploma as consulting engineer.
A magnificent,   statue   of 1,1   Hung
Ihung has been unveiled nt Shanghai.
War Balloons.
Berlin.—-The Kaisor has turned his
attention to aerial    navigation, with
special reference to wnr.
His Majesty has been spurred to
this effort by the announcement that
the French Government has adopted
u navigable airship, invented hy M.
Julllot, a French engineer, for use ln
war hy the French army. Tho Emperor feels . strongly that Germany
ought, not to lag behln 1 in this respect, nnd probably owing ti) the
difficulty he might experience In persuading the Reichstag to vote sufficient funds for the purpose, ho decided to obtain money by private
Ho therefore appealed to the patriotism of four Jewish millionaires
who are promlncnl in the commercial life of Berlin, nnd between thorn
thoy have subscribed £50.000 to
form a company to carry oaf the experiments necessary to ascertain
which type or airship is most suitable  for military purposes.
The Victoria Falls, In Africa, can
now bo reached by a modern train de
Rheumatism—What's the Cause? —
Where's the Cure? The to live lirltat-
Init cause of thin nrnst painful nf olseaii-
r-s Is poisonous uric acid In the blood.
Piuith American lllwuminl.- Cure neutralizes the acic] p.ilsnn. Kellevi's ln six
hours and cures In ono In throe days.—90
expenses of  l'orlti
only IS per cent, of
The operating
gal's railways an
tho receipts.
Over a Quarter of a Century
we have successfully treated nervous
diseases caused by Drink  and   Drugs.
6011,000 cures ls our record. We
speak truly and Bay that failure to
obtain a cure by the Keeley Treatment Is a failure of the mau and nol
our methods.   Send  for facts.
Address in confidence
113 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
Liks    Thia
They Drive Pimples Away.—A face
covered wilh pimples Is unsightly.
It tells of Internal Irregularities
which should hum Blnce have been
corrected. The livor and the kid-
neya are nol performing their functions In the heallhy way Ihey should,
ami these pimples are to let yon
know thai the blood protests. Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills will drive
them all awuy. and will leave the
skin clear anl clean. Try them,
and there will be another witness to
tln-ir excellence
per cent   stnte
authorised al Co
The Oldest Woman.
In a refuge for Ihe aged In Madrid
there is now a womnn who hns clnlms
to being the oldest of her sex In the
world. Sho is an Anduluslun and was
born In Granada In 1781. Sho has
lived In Madrid for 103 years nntl has
been the mother of twenty-one children, all of whom are dead, though
most of them lived to a fairly old age.
There is nothing emaciated or cadaverous about, the old woman. The
skin has a healthy nppi tunce, there
ls color ln the cheeks, and her oyo ls
still clear and bright. The surgeon
ln charge of the homo thinks she
may still live a considerable time.
—New York Tribune.
But the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
"Our doctor said there was no cure for
my wife as both her lungs wero affected,"
says Mr. L. H. Walter, of Pearl Street,
Brockville, Ont. "It was a sad disappointment to us both, just starting out in
life, only married a short time. But b'dbre
she had finished the first bottle of Psycuino
the pain in her lungs quickly went away,
and after taking six bottles Mrs. Walter
was a new crcaluro and perfectly well
That is just one of (he many families
into  which  Psychine has brought hope,
A jri.aon.nno tin	
bond Issue has Iii "ii
Minard's Liniment  Relieves Neuralgia
Tlie interior department  has Issued
a new edition of tbe homestead map
of Manitoba,
belt a.
Ba kntchewan, and Al
Sunlight Soap Is  better than other
soups,  but  Is  best  when   used  In  the
)iinlli;ht    way.    Buy    Sunlight    Soap
nil follow directions.
Attiohod  to any  Garment Is a
Guarantee  ol
and Good Wear ng Qualitlea
When Buying OVERALLS,
Sea that aaoh artlulo bear* a
label Ilka above
I'.islat on Getting
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
Something    New    and    Is    Delighted.
Feels Like a Boy.
Mr. M. N. Dafoe,
29 Colborne St.,
Toronto, says:
"I have been a
luffercr from dyspepsia for years. I
have been treated
by doctors and havo
taken many medicines with only
temporary      relief.
Since using Dr.
Loonhtirilt's Anil-
Pill I can ont anything tho same as
when a boy. 1 find
they regulate both
stomach ami bowels. My old time
vigor has returned, so that my spirits
aro .movant and temper normal. I Kive
all credit to this wonderful remedy—
ur. Leonhardt's Antl-PUl."
All dealers or The Wilson-Kyle Co.,
Limited. Nlauara Falls. Ont. C01
Mr. M. N. Dafoe
The   Lyinnti   D,   Morse  Advertising
agency . of New Vork, one of the old-
eal establishments of Hs kind In
America, has found li expedient owing
to   growth   of   business   lo adapt Ils
, .  name to lis enlarged sphere of opera-
health and happiness.    It is a hying proo    „       ,... chnnB|ng |ti business Style to
that Psychine cure. Consumption.     But    ,       „' international   Agency,   US
don t wait for Consumption.     Cur. your , ,       „.  ,,,„
LaCnppe, your Cough, your Bronctutta,
your Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with th•
remedy that never fails—
(PronounLid Si-kven)
50c. Per Bottle
Urjsr alxaa  111 and »2   —I drugtlsta.
DR. T. A. SLOCUM. Limited. Toronto
necessity for larger off!res, the cor
I porallon Will  move lis offices on  Ma*
II to the K.'viiion building. 19  Wesl
I 84th street, New York.
Three hundred and firieen mlh-s of
the Manila-Shanghai cable have already been laid.
.lean Baptists Millet, the artist brother Of lean Frnnrois Millet, the famous painter, died In Paris,
Japanese papers are praising .ineob
'II,  BchlfT for his services In    raising
Japanese loans In America.
. no matter how
, bad the weather
You cannot
afford to be
without &
oiled suit
look for the
T..O-IO *s
-(Established April 8,1&!».)
Office '2444 Westminster avenue.
Mrs. E,  Whitney, Publisher.
$_ttst.isn Office—30 Fleet street,
Loft Inn, E. C„ England Where a
file of "The Advocate" is kept for
M ubscriptiou $1 a yoar   payable  is
S cents a Copy.
Tel B1405,
Vancouver, B. C, June il, I!)()«.
It is-a great satWfactitra to Ml. Pleas
faut residents to know tils' the Board of
"SVor'is have Beccmnnended new bridges
«C—iss False Creek. "The Advocale'
has repeatedly called tho attention of
the City Council to the uusal'o condition
-of Westminster avemie bridge, imd Ave
hope tlm t«ildiiig iff new bridges will
iiot he delayed vmii'J itn uocideut may
lu.Ve oconiTod.
Wetarei pleased to lenrn through the
1'uport of Alderman Heaps' declaration,
Jthat an effort to change the Market site
.from tho Mt. Pleasaut sido of False
Ooek to Cordova street had never beeu
.considered by the Market Committee
.Am etoH-hag daily is responsible for the
{statement that a movement to changt
'tho site had beeu started by OOrdovs
..treet merchants, and "The Advocate'
iin'its Issue of May 2Gth, opposed such a
movement aud cited why tho site de
*idcd on by plebiscite is the best location in Vancouver.
Many Mt. Pleasnut subscriber, of the
«- C. Telephone Company have been
the victims of great inconvenience and
"loss from the cutting of a cable to Mt
Pleasant on Monday eveuiug. In the
dispute between tho Compauy aud
.DM—ters <_any citizens sympathized with
the strikers aud have pnbliealy expressed their sentiments, bnt the lawlest, nets
■of cutting the lines hurts tho striker
;ant*t tiie subscribers to the Tulophoi-
Compauy for more than it does the
.Company All law-abiding citizees con
rdom* aud deploro snob, outrages
However, from the treatment tlie
pnblic is compelled to submit to from the
yresent set of operators it is no marvel
that business men and women are eager
•for a gii-1- less telephone system.
•        "Baptist.
Junction ol Westminster toad Rnd Westmin
at_r    avenue.      SERVICES   at    11    ti. in.,
sj.ll'1 7::lu p. 10.; Suniliiy  Sitliool at -J:.10 p. in.
Oornertil Mill anil Westuilnstnr RTOllllcn.
SERVICES at lla.m., siul 7 p. in.; Sunday
Sfho'il and Biblo Cluss -_!;30 p.m. Bov. A. K,
A-ettitirtaiown, B. A., II. D.. Pastor.
"artouagd 1.1* Eleventh avenue, west. Tole-
-Lone HI2.S.
i'o:ner N.n-.ir a.t-nie- uud Quebec street
iHKKVICES at 11 a.m.,and7:30p.m.; Sunduy
-School al -_:M p. in. Kov.r.eo.A.Wilson, It.A.
Pastor. Manse corner of Ettthtli avenue slid
■"Bstsri.i utrcet.   Tel. lOil*.
Sr Michael s, (Anglican).
Corner Ninth avuuer.' aud I'rmee Edivurd
alree.. SElU'.i'Es bi 11 a.m., snrlT.-su p.nt.
flol"'-i.".__riir,iinion 1st und 3d Sundays 111 cacti
IS*—Hh after morning prHyer, 2d and till Sun
days at 8 n. in. Sunday Si-lionl Ht _:_0 p.m.
tiev. G. II. Wilson, Reotnr.
Keclory :i72 Thirteenth avonuo, east. Telephone 111799.
/Svei.1 '''luis——, (-.i-urrh (nol Ttli day All-
♦ntists), Seventh avenuo, hear Westmliister
Avenue. Services u a.m., >> 11,1 7:8(1 p.m.
Sandfly School nt 10 k. 111. VMlng peoples'
Soclelyol Loyal Workers ul Christian Elldcii-
sror»«-tB every Sunday evenLug 14*44*1 o'clock.
_*ruyer-mt'otinK Wedncsdny ntgbtsatSo'olock.
of tsiM-er Hay Kiilnts, '_—.. Westmlnstor nvo-
nao. Sendees ut ft-o'i lock every Sundny eve-
tnin«by Elder '. s. Kalney; Sunday School nt
3 o'clock. Prayer-meeting every \Vctln__diiy
«ye_)l-it. at S o'cltick.
Brass Band for Mt. Pleasant.
There was an enthusiastic meeting in
Oddfellows' Hall on Wodtio.--.ilay evening ffor the purpose of discussing the
advisability ul' organising a Brass Baud
for Mt. Pleasant. Thoso attending
wero Messrs. W. E. Owens J.. P., ic 1
Steele, W. T. Ward, S. Conway, W. H.
Caldwell, E, Timms, Fred Wade, J. H.
Grant, — Maddams," H. Kemp,
Fred Crocker, R. S. Oumniiugs and
Messrs. Thompson. Of these twelve
were enrolled ns members of tho band,
anil witb the names added of those who
intend to join, a total of 18 players is
assured. A cuuuuitteo was appointed—
Messrs. Bt-n Steele, E. Timms, F. Wade,
W. II. Caldwell—to canvas for players,
ascertain tho cost of instruments and as
to what support would probably begivou
to the proposed band by local merchants
and residents, Nearly all of tho players who have joined the band own their
own musical instruments and tlie cost of
starting tlie band will not be very great.
Tho object is to afford profitable
pleasure and instruction to players, antl
provide music for this part of the oity.
The baud will give concerts and play at
garden parties on Mt. Pleasant. It is
worth)- of the hearty support of this
locality. By next yeur lt is expected the
band will be able to secure 11 portion of
Ihe grant givon by the Oity Council to
bands—for concerts in Mt. Pleasant and
Ou Monday eveniug there will ho nu
organization meeting ta the Oddfellows'
Hall, when officers will bo elected aud
bandmaster choseu. Tho meeting will
start at S o'clock sharp All players of
brass end reed instruments are earnestly
requested to attend and take part, in the
organizing of the Mt. Pleasant lTirnd.
The marriage took plaoe on Tuesday
moruiug nt St Michael's Church of Mr.
Harold Kouud nnd Miss Jessie Hicks,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Valentine
Hieks, Tenth avenue. Bev. G. H.
Wilson performed the man-iago cere-
niouy. Only the intimate friends of
the couple were presont. The bride wore
a pret-iy costume of navy blue broadcloth and n whito picture hat. The
bridesmaids were Misses Ethel aud
Louise Hieks. Miss Ethel wore a costume of navy bluo voile and Miss Louise
wr.s attired in whito silk. Mr. It. N.
Reid supported the groom. Mr. nud
Mrs. Round left on tho Victoria boat
f 1 r a tdiortjboueytnoon trip, and upon
their return will reside on Hastings
street, in tlie 1800 block. There were
many pretty and useful presents jeceiv-
e.d by the youug couple.
Persona 1 notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs arc gladly received
by "The Advocate."
"The Advocato" wishes any earolu.u
noss in delivery reported to the Offlrx
telephouo B140S.
taken  at
•*The Advocate"
llcitets, programs, business cards,
onvulops, letttrbouds, milk tickets,
In fact, there is nothing too smull
fir too large in commercial printing
.for us.   Orders solicited.
2444 Westpiinster aveuue.
Municipality of South Vancouver
T K N I) E R S.
Tenders will be received until Saturday evening June IHth, nt 7 o'clock, for
the following Rotlds:
Bodwell road, from Centre rond to
the Johnson road
Ash stroet. in District Lot 472
Heather street to the south of Lot473.
Tnpper slreet in Lot 472
Seventeenth avo to tho eastside of 472
Sixteenth avenue from Ontario Btreet
to tlie west of 472.
Twenty-third avenue, from Ontario
street to eastside of Block 2, Distri t
Lor. WJO.
Quebec street from Eighteen to
Twenty-second avenues.
Welion st. from the Home road north.
Page road to the eastside of Lot 'MO.
K——nberg road to the eusiside of
Lot 800.
Niutoeuth ave. to Westminster avo.
Ferris road from where constructed
to Centre rond,
The lowest or any tender not neccs
sarily aeeepted.
Furl bur particulars can ho hud of
Llie Clark.
W. Q. WALKER, 0. M. 0.
Municipal Hall, North Arm road, Juno
6th, 1000,
—be sure that you get CORONATION blond. If yon haven't tested a
cup of Coronation Tea you don't really know the taste of good ten.
That's not saying that no other tea is good, but that no other blend
is as good at tlie price, 40c per pound Better buy a little arid try
a little. Then note the satisfied smakiug of lips. 40c a Lb. Blended
to suit your taste
Get our prices on all lines.
S. T. Wallace
Westminster avenue &
Harris street. Telephone 12GB.
!l cans of Corn for
11 cans of Peas for ,
Nico '"nble Butter at 85o Lb.
Eden Bauk Butter ' 80c   "
Calgary Flour  $1.60
Junction of Westminster Road and Ave
'Phono 2068.
Crnms Best Prints.
Mt. Pleasnut's First-class
Dry Ootids Storo
W. W. MerkSev
Royal Bank ok Canada Bpii.dinu
Corner Seventh and   Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasaut.
 will find it to their advantage
to obtain froqi
a copy of their circular
which explains how a small
monthly payment will provide for the repayment of
loan and interest, aud bow,
iu the-event of the death of
the borrower, the home will
be left free   of encumbrance.
Geo. H* HALSE,
4-2S Richards St.        Vanconver, B C.
A Good Bargain.
That the leading medical writers and
teachers of all the several schools of
practlco endorso and recommend, In tho
strongest terms possible, ouch and every
Ingredient entering Into the composition
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Meiiionl Discovery
for the euro of weak stomach, dyspepsia,
catarrh of stomach, "liver complaint,"
torpid liver, or biliousness, chronic, bowel
affections, nntl all catarrhal diseases of
Whatever region, nnme or nature., lt is
also a specific, remedy for all such chronic
or long standing cases of catarrhal iit.ee-
tlons and their resultants, as bronchial,
throat and lungdlsoBsos(exceptconsumption) accompanied with severe coughs. It
Is not so good for acute oolds and coughs,
but for Ilngiirlne. or chronic cases ft is
especially efficacious In producing perfect cures. It con tal ns Uluclc Cherry bark,
Golden Seal rout, llloialroot, Stone root.
Mandrake root and Queen's root^-all of
which are highly praised as remedies fnr
all the above miyitlouod affections hy such
eminent medical writers and teachers as
Prof. JBurllinlow, of Jefferson Med. Col-
loac; Prof. Hare, of the Univ. of Pa.;
l'rof. Flnley Elllngwood, M. P., of Bennett Med. College, Chicago; Prof. John
King, M. II., Into pf Cincinnati; Prof.
Joint M. Scudder, M. D._lato of Cincinnati ; Prof. EdWln M. Hale. M. D., of
Hahnemann Mod. College, Chicago, and
scores of others equally eminent In thoir
Several schools of practice.
Thu "Golden Meiilcal Discovery" Is the
only medicine put up for stile through
druggists for like purposes, that bas anv
such profc-iKl/nuil endorsement— worth
more than nny number of ordinary testimonials. Open publicity of Its formula
on tbo bottle wrapper Is the best possible
guuranty of its merits. A glance at this
published formula will show tha.t"Otilden
Medical Discovery" contrfLns no poisonous or harmful agents and no alcohol—
chemically pure, uiplo-reflned glycerine
being used Instead. Qlyaerlno Is entirely
unobjectionable snd besides Is a must
useful Ingredient in the cure of all stomuch as well as bronchial, tbrort nnd lung
at—ctlons. Thero ls tho highest medical
authority for Its use hi all such cases.
The " Discovery" Is a concentrated glyceric extract of native, medicinal roots
and is safe and reliable
A booklet of oxt.racts from ominont,
medical authorities, endorsing Its ingro-
dlonts mallei free on rcijucst. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
The Georgia genius, Sam Jones, never
snid 11 bettor, truer thing than when he
declared: "God alone knows how much
damnation there is in a coop trade."
When you sny that you have got
"a bar gain'' in a horse, you menu that
you have paid less than tho horse wr.s
worth. Therefore, you paid the owner
ouly a part of its value. Therefore, you
got part of the horse for nothing.
Therefore you cheated your neighbor.
Therefore, you feel good, aud yon bona
of your "bargain." It was "a good
trade," and contains much damnation
Yet you are not tlio vne inest man on
eartli. Everyone of us is just about ns
mean; and when wo abuse yon for
swindling your neighbor out of his horse
we nre only covering, wilh lino words,
onr envy and regret—our envy of your
luck and our regrot that wo didn't get
that horse.
(Ah mel—and thnt's the 6ort of
human nature that the Socialist tells
us o.Ni.Y A 0HAN0E to turn oaiih into
heaven and men into clarionet angels.)
It is tli« snme way all along the line.
We wnnt to get "something for
nothing." When we make n trade, we
don't feel proud unless we have got the
better of the olhor fellow. No man
"points with pride" to tlie fact thnt ha
honestly paid full value. But hi him
got tlio property at less than half its
Worth, and he will glow with happiness
for weeks and month,
Tlie eraviug for "11 good trade" will
never leave the blood of man. We are
boru gnuiblt'i'P, wo are chock full of the
lusts of the fiesht and we dearly Iovo to
client, .antl fight. But while inherent
traits can not he entirely cast out, thoy
cau be curbed ami mastered.
If pioper conditions were restored
tlie-ie would bu the fewest number of
chances for "a good trado."
if every laborer were paid a just
wage, if public utilities were used for
the public good; if the necessaries of life
were untaxed, if wealth were compelled
to bear the expenses of extravagant
govern ment, ir tho people look charge
of things by Direct Legislation and run
the government in the interest of all, if
Special Privilege were cut up, root nud
branoh—'there would be enough for all,
and fow industrious citizens wonld ever
find themselves iu such 11 helpless con
dition that they would surrender their
own l.o some other at "n bargain,"
—Thomas V. Watson, in "Watson's
10 cents per loaf.
Made  from a  New  Receipt
Excellent.    Try it.
'Phono 44!!.
Get Your Flowering
Shrubs & Perennial
Plants from
IOp1c.r    The DAHLIA
Nursery  <Ss Greenhouses,   corner of
Fifteenth and Westminster avenues.
The Cheai'kst Place in the Citv,
Mr. aud Mrs.  Chns.  Sangster moved
from Nelson street, to their uew  home
10112 Seventh uveune, west, last week.
 1 :o:	
Mrs. Jas. Moran   of., Eighth avenue
expects to leave daring July- for a  visit-
to   her  old   home   in   Scotland;   Mr
Morau will be nucouipauied by her little
Doreen, the little daughter of Mr. nud
Mrs. Wm. Coldwell, Teuth avenue, lias
been visiting her grandmother Mrs
Cl. A. Coldwell during the past two
FOR SALE: a small Upright Piano
apply nt '-Advocate" Office.
Mr. nntl Mrs R. C. Wnttersou of
Toronto, returning "from Los Angeles
wore tho guests of Df. aud Mrs. H. D,
Burritt. Eighth aveuuo, duriug tliis
Mr. and Mrs E. P. Eppinger have
moved from Seventh avenue to corner
of Thirteenth and Soott. Mr, Eppinger
will build 11 modern dwelling at liis new
locution in tho near future.
Shoulder scarfs of flowered ribbon
with long stole ends aud edgings of luce
are worn over whito or plain colored
summer frocks, Valenciennes lnco is employed as a finish on tlie edge.
Once more a hit of orange is seen on
mrfny gowns. It is not being overdone,
as it was a fow seasons ago. Jnst tlie
faintest suggestion—a tiny piping or n
touch in embroidery—is permissible.
Delicate color combinations are noted
iu some of tlio new trimmiugs. Su
much has been done recently in monotone trimmings that the newer sugges
tiou of color combinations in trimmings
will be gladly welcomed.
A new material, hnlf veiling, half
net ting, but silkier than either, is marquisette, which is In all the new shades
01* green, dull stone, Alice ami imperial
blue, lavender nud grey, antl is iu great
favor for dressy gowns and suits.
Thoro is is every indication that the
Maple Leaf Seniors will win iu tlio
game with the Vanconver Seniors this
Saturday afternoon at Recreation Park.
Bo sure and give tho Maple Leaf s a good
support. Several good players havo been
nddod to the team. Tlio twelves will
line up something like thisr-
Vaucouver Goal: Gibbons
A. Gray
E, Murray
W. Payne
V. Green
A Garvey
W. Murray
G. Muthesou
R. Rnvey
J. Watson
W. Carter
II. Godfrey
D. Ritchie
* Maple Leaf Goal: J. McGeer.
*f. McConghy
H. Brown
K. Campbell
F. Murray
B. Olarkson
G. Mui—son
B. Knight
D. Fisher
R. Douglas
,*rr Reynolds
"Tho Advocate" has beeu informed
that the men who work ou the streets
have to work four weeks before they
begiu to draw any pay. Wonder if
there is four weeks pay held back from
tho officials who draw salaries of two
and three thousand dollars a year?
The Dogtown Senior and Junior Bnso
ball tennis played a thre-inniug game
on Thursday evening at  Dogtown, the
score was fl to 4 iu favor of tlio Juniors
Bohn to Mr. nud Mrs. OlaudeJPonder
Dunlevy avenue, May 2(ith, a daughter
Advertize in the "Advocate."
One lot, 25x120,  no stumps,  on  Westmiuster nvonue;  price   51.25,   $125
dowu, balance on easy terms.
7 Lots on Fourteenth ave.,  near Scott;
price ?-.'!'*."), 1S125 down,  balance easy
terms.   High ground,  overlooking
5-room House, rented at $16 per 111011th,
south half of lot,  iu 200a; $1,600,
$100 cash, balance to arrange,
g room Cottage, rented at $14 per month
south half of lot,   in 200a; price
$1,400, $800 down, easy terms.
Two lots,  cleared and graded, $1,600,
inside lut for :J72o    Will build  to
suit parehnSer ou easy terms,
fl-room House on Westminster nveuue
$2,650, "iXOO cash, balance to arrange
II Lots (corner)  Westmiuster   avenue
80x183; price $11,200, term's.
7 Lots on Fourteenth avenne, enst, $880
ench; high elevation; easy terms'.
Seven acres of lnnd, cleared and cultivated; chicken runs; 500 chickens, cow
horse and everything else needed 111 a
country home. Situated iu South Vim
oouver. Reasonable tortus. Call if you
want to buy nt 2444 Westminster live.
Mrs R. WniTNEY, 2444 Westminster
avenne, Mt. Pleasant
«<^ Exhibition
and  Agricultural Pair.
1 n nipeg
July 23d to 25th, 1906.
The Farmers' Anunal Summer Holiday.
The Largest Exhibition of Live-stock
in Western Canada.
offered iu Prizes for What.
Interesting Butter-making Competitions
open to Amatdnrsand also Professionals.
The Grandest Collection of Art,
Art Treasures, and Sohool Exhibits
ever got   together   in   the   West.
Tho Carnival in Venice and
The Knakenshue Air-ship
nmoutr the Special Attractions.
Entries close July 7th.
Cheap Excursions on all lines
For Entry Blanks, etc , etc., npply  to
G. II. Greig, President.
R. J. Hughes, See.-Trcas.
A, W. Boll, General-Manager,
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. C.
-in a variety of colors—
3-in wide double-faced Satin  worth
2-in    "
iy„     "
for 1Be
" *m
"  iii
- 5
" 8*.
a ynrd
Lace iu short lengths worth 10c for 5c a yard
4QO Westminster Ave. Opp. Caruegie Library.
5 acres at Ehuruo, black soil, $150.00 por
acre; beautiful view. Terms.
3 acres tit Jubilee   Station   for  $400.00.
_S_ow house on Tenth nvo.,(corner) overy
modern convenience, very desirable
property; easy terms,
8 lots (curlier) Columbia street, cloared
aud graded; $2,800, half cash. •
Houso of H rooms, gootl foundation,
3 lots, stable, fruit trees, lots 90x180;
prico $4,600, terms.
2 Lots, each 38x120, all kiuds of fruit,
largo barn ; 6-roomed houso; prico
$2.300; terms
Fino Orchard antl Cliicke.u Ranch on
Twentieth avenue, 4 lots, lots
50x133, house of 4 rooms. Price
$!l.0b0; terms.
7-roomed House, lot 4H'.jXl20, Eighth
avenue; price $l.8S0. *
Double corner, (2 lots),cleared, on Fifth
aud Manitoba ; prioo$1,600
Two lots, on corner, Tenth avenue, nil
cleared; price $1,000.
$2,300 buys a Now Modern Houso
of 7 rooms on Fifth avenue. Terms
easy. Value good.
Double corner ou Tenth avenuo, cleared,
flue location.   Price $1,000.
House of 5 rooms, electric light; bath
and n 11 conveniences; F INE
ORCHARD. Price $2,100; $750
down aud easy terms. Situated on
Eighth aveuuo.
Cottage of 5 rooms, electric light, nnd
ull conveniences; situated ou Eighth
avenuo, east. Prico $1,800; $600
down aud terms.
2-storey Resideuco ou Sixth avenue,
largo house, beautiful lawn, fruit.
Terms.   Prico  $3,250.
House of!) rooms, Eighth avenuo; fine
orchard, lot 149x122 ; price $3,250.
<3nsli $1,150.
Lots on Fourteenth avenue, near St.
Catherines, for $150 each; terms.
One-half  Acre,   (fl lots), cleared and
fenced,    Sjroom    house,    ohicken
houso, on .fumes street-, South Vaucouver ; price $1)00. Very easy terras
10 lots on Twenty-fourth avenne,
33x122'-;,' feet. Corner lots on.
Onturio street, $700; 7 lots Nos. 7, 8,
8, 10, 11, 12, $200 each, No. 13 coruer
lot $250. These lots are partly
cleared.   Vory easy terms
House of  5-rooms,    Eighth   nv—raej
electric  light,    bath;   lot  83x120.
Prico    $2,000.
Store ou 28-ft. lot, on Westminster ave
une; building routed; flue location
near Ninth avenue.    Price $6,500.
Houso of 7 rooms, corner Lansdowne
aveuue autl Scotinstreot; lot 50x120,
Prico $2.0IH'
Lot   26x132   on Westminster   nvonm./
two-storey building, in  fine coudi-
tion; leased for 2 years;  title perfect.     Price S7.500.
8-roomed Cottage ou  Cordova street,
east;  trees nud   flower gunlm.
lovely home $2,700.
5 Lots, cleared nnd plowod, William and
Park Drive; ou carliue. Easy torm»
 $450 cue'-
5 Lots on  Grant street—Grnudvifliv —
overlooking the city;  very choice
lots. Terms $2,950.
Westminster avenue, Mt. Ploasna _
$7,000. Tho bost coruer left 011
the Hill.
4 Houses on   Ninth   avenue-   all
rented; $4,200.   Terms. x
Bkautifui.lt   SrruATED   Residential
Lot   on   Burrard    streot;    $1.20o.
ListJyour  lots and  property
Mrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telephone nl-W.'j.
^^rs^tf' ,
t**#fi& *** *********$* ********* $****$*
§£-•■   Bnri-j H^>/rijn the interest
is issued?™t] p'easant
& bouta v aucouver.
"The Advocate'' gives all the Local News of Mr.. Pleasant from
week td'week for $1 00 per year; six months 50c. An iutorestiug
Serial Story is always kept running; the selections iu Woman's
Realm will always be found fnll interest to up-to-date women; tho
miscellaneous items arc always bright, entertniuingaud inspiring.
New arrivals on Mt. Plensaut will become raedlly informed of tbo
community and more quickly interested in local happenings if
they subscribe to "The Advocate."
9 I
. Pleasant Lodges.
I. ®.  O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 10 moots every
Tuesday at 8 p. ill , in Oddfellows Hull
Westmiuster avenue,   Jit. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—G. W. Jamieson.
R r, c o n D1 n. o SecretAKt—F rank
Trimble,cor. Ninth uve. & Westmiu'r rd.
I, O. F.
Court Vancouver 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and -lth
Mondays of eaoh month at 8 p.m., iu
Oddfellows' Hnll.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—A. Pengfdly.
Recording Secret auy—m. J. Crehan,
, 314 I'rincom stroot. City.
Financial Secretary—J.B.Abernethy
Athlrcs-: tin re -SIS Westminster avonue
Alexandra Hive No. 7,  holds reguia.
Review   2d an,,  lth  Mondays of each
month  in  Knights   of   Pythias    Hal'
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Ladies always welcome,
Lndy Commander— Mrs. N. Pcttipieco,
25 Tenth nveuue, enst.
Lady Record Keeper—Mas. J. MaiHr
Niuth avenne.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meet
every 2d and 4th Thursdays of each
month, in I O. O. F., Hall, West
minster avenuo.
Sojourning Friends nlways welcome
11. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.
1(03   I'clllll IIVC  ,,-IIKt.
Miss A. Chambers, Hceorder,
2—8 \Yertlii InMeraveuue.   Toi. 7fi0.
A   Monthly  Magazine   devoted   to  the
Use of English.   Josephiuo Tiirek
Baker, Editor.
$1 11 yonr; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanston, 111., U. S. A.
Partial Contents for this Month.—
Course in English for the Beginner;
courso in English for tho Advanced
pupil, How to Increase One's Vocabulary. Tho Art of Conversation. Should
and Woultl: how to use them. Pronunciation. Correct English in the Home.
Correct English in tho Sohool, Business English for tho Business Man.
Studies in English Literature.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,   Financial.  Press nud
Advertisers' Ahents
30 Fleet St., London,  B.C.,   England
Colonial Business 11 Specialty.
is only $1.00 11 yonr,
50o for 6 months,
25c for 3 mouths.
y Get yonr work doue at the
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from  Hotel ■
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
BSTHS- Bath room fitted witlj Porcelain    Bath    Tub    and  all   modern
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sonilliiR a skt.ti.li nntl do.ic.tpt.nn may
quickly iiscortalil nur opinion froo tvfietlicr on
lnvuiillon 1. probsblr tuitontablo. ( unniiiini. u-
i:,ni 1 ;i,-Mv ■-,iim.li-itf li,l. lliuitlliiinkon .'-.touts
BOnlfro0. DlitcHt tiL-oiicy fnr soiriirtnK putoiiti.
I'lilimtfl tiikoii ihiiiui'li Munn A Co. reoulvt
xpcelul llutlee, iv II limit, ,-linrr; -, 111 I lie
Scientific American.
A IniiiflRoifiPlr IIIuBtratod wp-i'ltly.   Iinrnmt tAt*
r-u.H.I-m nf miy Pt'lcntlUf*. Jitiinml.    Turtns. f. a
Mart fourmontbiiIL BolabjaH nowHdL-niert.
MUNN & Co.3G,0r^!"^ New York
RrancU t un<... 02_. K St., Washington, D. C.
DO IT NOW I—If not already a Sub-
scriber to "The Advocate" become ono
now.   Only ?1 for 13 months.
After n hard day's work thero is nothing so refreshing as a hot
bath.   During the warm weather one reluctantly builds n hot firo
in the range nnd consequently the bath is often neglected.
This difficulty can be easily overcome by the use of gas for fuel,
with one nf our
The "Densy" is a Combination boiler nud can bo attached
to your ordinary range also.
If yon intend buying n new boiler, you sbonld see tho Combination "Doasy" before making a pui—ittso. If you don't, yon will
bo sorry after yon have seen one in operation that you had not
taken our advice.
Vancouver Gas Company.
Office : cornor of Carroll and Hnstiugs stroets.


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