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Mt. Pleasant Advocate 1904

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 12/0 wfi£f P
n. a. w. Co.
Mount Pleasant Branch.
Carry a full stock of everything in
the Drug Line.
Mt. Pleasant Postofike in connection.
Mt Pleasant Advocate
-*"\ ww .latl'Ve /,..,,'
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three Honths 25c, Single Copy 5c
Devoted to the interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
The Arcade or Granville.
For Llghtyttifich
Baked Apples— Ukqjj^n_fJ~with.S,«w C_h__
'   r-
Genuine Boston Baked Beaaa
Open from 7:20 a: m., to lt p. »..
Snnday from 9 a. m.  to IS p. m.
Established April 8,1800;  Whole Number 239-
Sixth Year, Vol.6, IS*. 30.
CW" Subscribers are requested . to
report any carelessness in tbe delivery
of "Tbe Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should be
In before Thursday noon to insure their
tl Items.
Auction and Commis-
T, nexttoOarneige Library,
Hueot, bny Furniture for Cash,
_ .  Auction Sales   and   handle
'apt Stocks of ".very description.
Fraction guaranteed.   Phone 1070,
St. Michael's Snnday Sohool Xmas
oeleluation will be beld ia Mason's
Ball on Wednesday evening January
4th. A very pleasant evening is prom-
isad by the teachers to their pupil*.
Tbe City Schools should reopen on
Tuesday, January 8d, bnt owing to the
Mainland Teachers' Institute will not
reopen nntil Thnrsday January 6th.
Principal Jamieson wishes ns to state:
"Teeeheni and pupils shoald be prepared
to remain until 8 o'clook p. m.
The New Tear Sabbath will be
observed by special Evaugelistio Services. Fellowship meeting at 10 a. ni.
Evening subject: "The Ohoice of Lifo."
Special musio by tbe Choir.
A Watch Night Service will be
held, commencing at 11 o'clock Saturday eveniug.
Gold Crown
and bridge
The lecture by Rev. McEwen on "The
Far East," in Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian
Chnrch on Thursday evening was
instructive and entertaining. After
the lecture the Sunday Sohool scholars
1 wire presented with    bags of   candy.
t On Wednesday the younger classes were
presented with bags of canday aud tea
served by their teachers. Miss Gow entertained the little ones with a
Bead the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for yonr work
Ma. and Mas. W. J. Annamd's Xmas
PMSMtT.—Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Annand
are rejoicing at tbe birth of a 10-11,
daughter which occurred at 8 a. in.,
December 26th; just a few honrs after
Xmas Day day was over. Mr. Aunand
will after this will be at tbe expense of
quying a Xmas and birthday present
for his daughter two successive days.
Vrs. Chas. Keeler, 2784 Westminster
avenne, entertained her Snnday Sohool
Class of boys on Wednesday afternoon
and evening. A "jolly time" is tbe
verdict of the boys.
WANTED.—fiO-ft. Corner Lot on Mt.
Fieasant far spot cash. Also 6-roomed
bouse on easy terms. Also 4-roomed
cottage for rent. Mt. Pleasant Book
Exchange, 164 Ninth avenne, east.
Mr. and Mn. G, Clayton Leonard
were the recipients of a handsome
hand-painted game set at Xmas from
the staff of yonng lady waitresses in the
Leonard Coffee Palaces.
The Oity Grocery delivers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant;  'phone 286
The Woman's Auxiliary of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Ohnroh will meet in
tlie ohnreh on tbe third Wednesday in
January 1906 for election of offloers for
A street light has benn put np at the
corner of Sixteenth and Westminster
avenues, and ia a great benefit to tbe
people in that vicinity.
Mr. Wm. Lees of Pinober Creek, has
bton the guest of his brother, A, E,
Lees, Park Commissioner, during the
We wish all of onr customers a Happy
and Prosperous New Year, and extend
thank* for kind patronage. B. MILLS,
the Shoetwin.
Mr. aad Mrs. G. Bloknell of Tern
Nora, spent the holidays with Mr. aud
Mrs. Beasley, Sixth avenne, east.
Mr. Seed of Westminster and Eleventh avenues, spent the holidays witb
friends in Nanaimo.
Mr. W. D. Muir has put in another
oven and now turns ont 1000 loaves of
bread an hour.
The rumor that E H. Peace had sold
"Tlie King's Market," is without
We have a Specialist iu this branch of tho dental profession who
has a world-wide reputation for his high-class work. This Class
of Work is Guaranteewor a Lifetime.
High-class Dentistry. WE DO EXACTLY AS WE ADVERTISE.
Teeth extracted and filled absolutely painless, and all other dental
work doae by Specialists who are all Graduate Dentists, holding
Specialists' Diplomas, and licensed by the Board of Dental
Examiners for British Columbia.
Give ns a call and let us show yon samples of onr work. Then
judge for yourself.
147 Hastings St., E/T"'
Opposite the Carnegie Library. Telephone 1566.
Office Honrs: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.;  Sundays 9 a. m., to % p. m.
W. H.   Wood, Jr.,  is Convener for
Dr. W. J. McGuigan in Ward V.
Mr. W. B. Walker of Seattle, spent
Xmas with Mt. Pleasant friends.
A. E. Lees & Oo., are offering genuine snaps in Overcoats. Their January
sales are to the benefit of the public
The Vancouver Breweries, Ltd., on
Christmas-eve presented each of their
married employees with a turkey, and
tbe single men each with a box of cigars.
Mr J. H. Tool of 268 Tenth avenne,
made a sale on Monday last of one 7-lb
Rock Oockrel aad 6 pullets for the nice
little sum of 185.00, to go to a Calgary
Our Men.s Shoes can not be heat for
comfort and for wearing quality. The
entire stock goiug at great reduction
daring December. Get a pair now.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova  street
Mr. Sommerville will have a large
two-storey dwelling erected on the
southeast corner of Eleveuth and Westminster avenues, at an early date.
Flewelling Bros., have the contract.
Mr. W. A. Brown,  the plumber,  is
seriously ill and at Harrison Hot Springs
Mrs. Armstrong, tendered her guests
at "Tbe Maples" a most enjoyable
entertainment on Monday tho 26th.
After a very excellent Xmas dinner,
cards and dancing were enjoyed
nntil the "wee sma hours."
Mt. Pleasant—Nnmber of candidates,
7; passed, 6: Helle Herbert, 650; Lillian
Palmer, 617; Sydney Sykes, 600; Ethel
Pearson, 698; Paul Letvinoof, 687.
South Vancouver—Nnmber of candidates, 3; passed 8: Eva J. Hntson, 609;
Albert H. Porter, 590; Florence L.
Hamilton, 661.
East Vancouver—Number of candidates, 1; passed 1: Rita M. Smith, 689.
The bnsinoss of the Mt. Pleasant
Book Exchange is steadily growing.
There is variety of magazines andjnews-
papen to seleot from, and If yon do not
see your favorite one Mr. Jas. Bonltwill
take your order and see that yon are
supplied regularly. The number of
books in the Exchange is rapidly
increasing: first book 10c, to exchange 5c
TO Our Patrons
We wish
New Year!
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.  Nt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
Christmas Hardwarem
Nothing better for a Christmas Present than one of
our celebrated Souvenir Ranges or a Hot
Blast Coal Heater. Beautiful in design
and the greatest fuel and labor savers.
TO OUR full liue of Joseph Rogers  Omrvlng  Sot*  mod
Table Cutlery. Special Bargahis im Roasting Pans, Cereal
Cookers, Storey Cake Pans.
You can save Monet and Car-fare, and 25% on yonr investments
by going to	
•   /"%.    I *-_- I   I j STORE. TeL 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Good Dairy Butter
in   small tubs.
Pure Ontario Maple Syrup in 1 and 2 quart cans.
Pure Honey in 5-fo cans, 85c.    Good Cooking Apples cheap
H. O. Lee,
2425 Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Xmas Novelties  9hildren's Coats made
. r* m a variety of styles
cHIQ JrlirS. and colors; worth up
to $6.50, your choice for $1.50.
LOUSES.—Ladies' Blouses made in all variety of styles and
.colors, in French Flannel, Lustre, crepe de chine, cashmere and
sateen; worth np to $4.50, yonr choice for $8.00.
a. ross & coM ■^aass'Spst
Telephone 574.
etant Central Heat flarket
..or. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 934.
\        Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.   Fresh Vegetables always
on band.   Oijders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt DeUvery.
Woodrow & Williams. FTA^,™.^Rb.,e,
Tbe Epworth Sunday Sohool held
their Xmas Entertainment on Thnrsday evening fn the Sohool Honse. The
ladies provided excellent refreshments.
The program followed: Choruses by the
School with Miss Olive Armstrong of
Mt. Pleasant at the organ, with violin
aoeompaniment by Mr. Marks of Mt.
Pleasant, were muoh enjoyed. Some of
the recitations refleoted great credit to
pupils and tea._u.rs. Mrs. Keeler of Mt.
Pleasant, gave a recitation which greatly pleased tbe audience. Solos by Mr.
Marks, violin, and Miss Armstrong,
piano, were pleasing. Rev. Mr. Hetheriugton proved a most cfllnioni chairman
Great reduction on all Men's Shoes,
Ladies' Shoes, aud all Children's Shoes
at half price. R. MILLS, 18 Cordova
For Local News Read The Advooatb
The entertainment in the North Arm
School Houso on Tuesday Deo. 20th,
was a decided success, a large crowd
attending and all the school children
with fow exoeptions beiug present. Tho
beautifully decorated tree reached from
floor to ceiling. The children went
through the program with credit to
themselves. At the closo of the program
an ample snpply of refreshments were
disposed of, the presents were then distributed, and a chorus by the school
children brought the exercises to a close
Master Jack Fife, son of Mr. J. T.
Fife of the N. Y. Life Insurance Co.,
entertained his young and older frionds
on Xmas morning at "Tho Maples," his
Xmas tree bearing rememberances for
all assembled.
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on sale
at all the Newsdealers in the city.
Subscribers   who fail to
;et "Tl. £ Advocate" on Satur*
y   morning   please   notify
tins office.   Telephone B1405
Or "Prult Liver Tablets"
The Most Effective and Most Natural Remedy ever discovered for all
The laxative or liver principle extracted from fresh, ripe fruit by a
new and scientific process, and this material iB then condeusud into
tablets with the addition to each tablet of a small quantity of one of
the best Peruvian|barks—which is a splendid Ionic and disinfectant for
the stomarch and bowels—and a small portion of extract of nux
vomica, the latter increasing tho stomach and liver action of the frnit
material " FRUITATIVES " have therefore all the curative, laxative and liver effect of the best ripe fruit and they constitute tho
greatest stomach and liver medicine known to science, and they aro
likewise the best tunic, and disinfectant for the stomach and bowels
ever discovered.   Prior 60o per box at—
The Central Drug Hall
2A44 Westminster Avo.
Chas. E. Nf.THI.RBV, Prop.
Opp. Lee's Guoceiit.
Telephone 1849.
3311 Westminster Ave.
Mt, Pleasant.
Tel. A1206     Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
AU Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
in season.
The New York Dentists an desperately busy und have been ( obliged to
increase their staff of assistants.
Mr. G. P Hicks, Leader of Mt. Pleasant Methodist Chnrch Choir, entertained the members of the Choir at his home
on Eighteenth avenue, Friday evening.
Music, of courso, was tho most entertaining feature of the evening and the
supply of talout almost unlimited. All
went home at a late honr after a most
enjoyable evening speut with their
popular leader.
Annand.—Horn to Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Annand, 2801 Bridge Btreet,
December 26th, a daughter.
Wilson.—Boru to Mr. and Mrs. Wm
Wilsou, corner Eighth aveune aud
Columbia street, December 28th, 1
Lanodale.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs
S. M. Lnngdale, Harris street, December 24th, a daughter.
Hunter.—Born to Mr. and Mrs. Hun^
ter of Cemetery road, December 25th,
a sou.
Smitiikon.—Horn to Mr. and Mrs,
Smithsou, corner Campbell aud Prior
streets, December 24th, a son.
Frolandeh.—Born to Mr. and Mrs.
Frolaudcr, 428 Tenth avenue, cast,
December 25th, a daughter.
Watson.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs.
Watson, 241) Fifth avenue, east, Decern'
ber 30th, a daughter.
Electrolysis Parlor of Hairdress
ing, Manicuring, Facial Massngo nn-i
Scalp Treatment for Ladies and Gentle
men. Superfluous hair, warts aud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron on "How to tako enro of
Skin Food for building up tho wasting
tissno. Ornugc Flower Cream to [prevent and heal sunburn.
Madame IluMriiKKTt. 580 Granville
"The Advocate" was most kindly
remembered by the Vanoonver Breweries
on Christmas.
Mrs. 0. Pries-laud, Postmistress at
Welcome Pass has returned home after
a very pleasant visit with friends on
Mt Pleasant.
Children's Shoes going at half price
at onr December Shoe Sale.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street
Read A. E. Lees & Co.'s advertisement in this paper. Yon can secure a
stylish and excellent Overcoat at a great
Mrs. Morrison of Twelfth avenne, has
let the contract to Flewelling Bros., for
the construction of two seven roomed,
two-storey houses, adjoining her home.
Work commenced this woek.
Dr. Wm, Moody of the New York
DentalParlors leaves to-morrows January
1st, 1905, for St Thomas, Ont., where
he will be married to Miss Irene
Hawkins on January 12th.
Go to a
Go to a woman for charity, but for the very best
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Vancouver, B   C.
Mall   Orders  promptly   attended   to.   Self-measurement Blanks and
Samples sent on application.
Thank You
for your patronage during the past year and
we solicit a continuance fcf 1905.
Wishing all a Happy & Prosperous New Year.
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
ToU 280. Westminster Avo. A Prmmoomm Oh mot.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men ^
of years and years and years experience, ^
and a brewery whose plant is the most _«
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is ^
it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
£ can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ |.
* Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
E Vancouver, B. C.      Tel. 4a9
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels
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The Christmas number of tbe New
Westminster "Columbian" is a most
superb issue and is undoubtedly the
largest publication of its kind ever
Issued In this province. It is quarto
size aud contuius 168 pages. The title
of it is "The British Columbian." It
contains an immense ■ amount of
information of the whole Province of
British Colombia, and is profusely
illustrated. Tbe "Columbian" cau ex-
coll any of the B. C, newspapers when
it comes to special editions.
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. WeBtmiuster ave., a Dufferin St.
See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and 4th Mondays of the mouth
Court Vaucouver, I. O. F., meets at
8 pm.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. Ill,  I.O.O.F.
meets at 8 p. ni.
Vaucouver Council  No. alia,  Canadian Order of Chosen Friends meets
the 2d aud 4th Thursdays of the month
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladios nf the
Maccabees holds its regular meeting- on
tho 1st, aud 3d Fridays of the mouth
Your last chance to buy Dry
Goods at Mortgage Sale Prices
from us. Immediately after New
Year's we take stock, theu the
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McTaggart & Moscrop
3« Carrall St.,    Vancouver, B.C.
Tompletou Block.
If you miss Thk Advocate you miss
h • local news.
for that present
you neglected to
The store is full
of all sorts of handsome things, notwithstanding the
wonderful Christmas trade juiit
Corner Hastings and Granville Sts.
Official Watch Inspector 0. P. R.
Advertize in the "Advocate."
*.  r
L imttAmrnmUnnan
The Crime of Hallow-Fen:
■ n ■
Author of "A Br..ken Betrothal,"  "The Heiress of
Cameron Hal!," "Parted at the Altar," Etc.
They had not darkened the room
after the usual funereal fashion, and
the full light of the sunshine stole
into the solemn chamber ; tlio faint
golden sunbeams touchod the beautiful white face, so sill' and solemn in
death ; tho white hands were folelcel
and 1-y motionless on the quiet
heart. Tho lovely, golden hair lay
in soft rings on the white brow, entwined with pale blossoms, so that
she looked like a murblo bride on a
bed of flowers.
Death wore no stern aspect there,
the agony and the torture, tho dread
and fear were all forgotten; there
was nothing bu' the sweet smile of
one at perfect rest. Tho long hours
of the day dragged thoir slow length
by, and the shadows of evening loll,
still Le Roy would not permit thein
to disturb him.
Through tho long hours of the day
and far into tho night thoy heard his
pitiful lament:
"Oh, Bonnylin, my beautiful darling, why could not I havo dlod In
your place; there is no torture, no
suffering I would not have endured
for your sake. My heart will be buried in your grave."
His mother went to him at last.
"Le Iloy," she sobbed, laying her
fair. Jeweled hands on his bowed
head, "come away, dear, the sight
of her white fuce is driving you
"No," he said. "I will not leave
her until -ihe is carried away."
He knelt by tho coffin, and tho terrible vigil went on.
Only Heaven knew how ho kissed
those cold lips. Was it his fancy nr
did they seem to smile faintly under
his heart-broken caresses, as the reel
light of the flickering embers in the
grate played over those perfect, marble features?
Midnight struck from the adjoining belfries. Still the bereaved young
husband kppt the lonely dcnlh watch.
But through the dense stillness
there was the sound of stealthy, cautious footsteps creeping along the
corridor outside.
They paused before the door, the
knob tur--jfever so slightly, and the
door noiselessly swung back on its*
K Too shocked for utterance, Le Hoy
Pierpont, kneeling in tho dusk bosielo
the casket, watched and waited.
A man stood on .the throsholti -*• a
tall, heavy-set man, muffled to the
Entering the room softly, the midnight intruder closed the door after
him, and swiftly approurhed the casket, and bending over it with a sudden movement, lifted tho body of
Bonnylin in his arms, and hastily
retreated toward tho door.
"Standi Advanco another step at
your peril!" exclaimed a voico of
thunder, and like lightning Lo Roy
threw himself beforo tho daring midnight Intruder; but tho terrific blow
from his strong right arm never descended, for the man caught his
hand in a death-like grip, and a
voice strangely familiar whispered
"Hush, for the love of Heaven! I
am no enemy, Pierpont; I am a
friend.   Don't you know me?"
Le Roy staggered back like ono
"Dr. Montgomery!" he gasped in
horror too great for words.
"Yes," replied the doctor quietly;
"it is I." and as he spoke ho placed
the inanimate form he beld in his
arms, not in the casket again, but
an the couch.
"Lock tho door, Pierpont!" ho said
authoritatively. "I havo something
to say to you," and silently Le Roy
obeyed. "Do you think you can bear
a great shock, Le Roy?" sale! his
friend earnestly. "They say that joy
never kills. Prepare yourself to hear
something that will make you delirious with happiness."
Le Roy Pierpont stood before him
too agitated to speak; something
very like the truth glimmcrir;.
through his mind.
"I can hear anything, doctor, ns
you cun see," he said huskily. "For
God's sake, don't keep me in suspense a single instant."
"I will not," replied tho doctor
earnestly. "Then hear this, Le Roy.
which explains my mysterious visit
hero at this unseemly hour, and caused me to lift your poor young wife
front yonder casket, in which she
■hould not lio.   This is not    death,
Le Roy—your wife Is allvol She Is In
a trance! Hush!" he cried again,
arresting the words on Le Roy's
lips, "hear me through; a few
Words will suffice to explain."
L* Roy sunk down by the couch
overcome with intense emotion, and
the doctor proceeded ln a cautious
"As you know, rierpont, I was
luckily called to attend your wife,
and I had sworn with Fenton to aid
you in rescuing her if it lay within
human power, and I have kopt my
oath, When I saw that the vordict
went against her, I resolved upon a
desperate plan. I administered a
powerful drug to her, that she might
fall into this trance, which so closely
resembles death that oven expert
medical men havo been known to
havo been baffled by lt.
"I knew the remains would be given over to you—can you not guess
what else I would say, Le Roy 'I
The funeral cusket must be buried
heavily weighted; the funeral must j
go oft; they must believe your wile '
dead. You and Fonton anil myself
alone shall possess the secret that
she still llvos. I must take her I
away from.here at once—this very
hour. The trance, if allowed to remain unbroken too long, would result in death. I dared not make my j
way to you during tho day, lost it I
would attract suspicion. I entered
the house with others during the elny,
and secreted myself until I should
have the 'opportunity of coming telone
to this room. I did not seo you
when I entered, and my plan was to
take her away with me, for I tlarod
not commence the work of bringing
her back to lifo here for fear of Interruption: and while that was proceeding, Fenton was to inform you
of the startling truth.
"Your wife shall bs taken out ot
tht oity to-night, and you can soon
loilow ner; ana a lew dnys Inter you
can both sail for Europe. You will
both be dead to the world, but you
will have each other; you will gladly
bear a life>cxilo with her and for her
No words cnn express Lo Roy
Pierpont's emotion. Ho could scarcely believe tlio evidence of his own
senses—Bonnylin alive I—rescued so
miraculously from lie." prison walls
anel from her terrible doom by the
doctor's daring strategy 1 Why, it
soemctl almost incredible.
"Wc have no time to lose," declared the doctor, proceeding to lift
Donnylin again iu bis arms, and
throwing a long dark cloak over
hor; "help mo to get her unobserved
out of the houso, and carefully follow my directions; return to this
room and lose no time in filling up
tho empty casket—mind; it must bo
packed heavily nnd without shaking)
and screw the lid down firmly—refusing under the pretext to your feelings to allow it to bo removed under
any clroumstancosi Guard it carefully until you sec lt finally disposed
of in the grave, then como to Fent-
on's rooms, anil wo will talk over
your plans  for   tho  future."
Lc Roy   was    too    overcome    lor
words,   they   failed him utterly, lie
was liko a man walking in a dream.
His  Intense  happiness  brought  tears
to Dr. Montgomery's eyes.
Heaven  had   indeed  been  good   to
! him in rescuing Bonnylin and setting
! her free in so miraculous a manner.
'    An hour  after  the    doctor—taking
Donnylin   with     liim—liud   taken  his
doparturo,     Lo   Roy paced the floor
too  excited to  think or execute   his
friend's orders.
Tho gray dawn peeping in through
tho closed shutters warned him ho
had little time 'to spare.
Unearthing the heavy marblo tiles
from the fireplace where they could
be covered by the velvet rugs, he
cautiously proceeded to pack the
casket—remembering the elector's
specific warning that it must not
shake, or the glaring fraud would be
He had barely completed screwing
down the lid ere, In the gray morning light, the door opened and his
mother entered.
Ho could scarcely refrain from
throwing himself in bis mother's
arms and tolling lier all, but discretion prevailed.
"I have come to tako my last look
at the poor darling," she sobbed, approaching the casket; but she started back with n low cry. "Why have
you nailed the double lids down, Le
Roy ?" sho cried, a vague thought
crossing her mind that she should
not havo left him hero with the
dead, for gazing, stond ily down into
the dead while face he loved better
than lifu itself had driven him mail.
"I could not bear It any longer,
mother," ho sitld huskily; "let no
one open the liel again. I could not
endure it."
"It shall not be opened again, Lo
Roy," she said soothingly, laying her
hands on his dark, waving hair.
He kissed the whito hand, but ho
dared not answer her.
How he ever got through tho trying ordeal of the next few hours was
ever afterward a puzzling memory to
He felt strangely ITl at enso acting
that living lie, sitting in the midst
of sorrowing friends, and listening
to the minister's eloquent voico extolling the ninny virtues of poor
Bonnylin, touching path i.ally on
the terrible cross she bail boi'ne on
earth,' and that she was free from it
How they pitieel the handsome,
haggard young husband as they
How little they dreamed that tho
thought that was passing through
his heart was, that bnd Boimylin Indeed been dead he would have shot
himself then and there by her coffin,
and they would both have been buried ln one grave.
Tlio trying oreleal was over at last.
The casket which every one supposed
contained ail that was mortal of
Bonnylin, tho hapless, golden-haired
liitlo bride, was consigned to the
That was the most eventful day of
Lc Roy 1'ierpont's life.
He was no longer under closo surveillance of the officers; he came and
went whero ho pleased nntl at will;
they had only pitying glances for
Toward nightfall ho mado his way
toward Fcnton'a rooms.
Ur. Montgomery me. blm at the
"It's al! right, my btiy !" be cried,
with cheery heartiness, "She's gel-
ting along capitally; a day or two of
absolute rest, ami she will be as
good as ever. But I Won't keep you
stundlng talking here. She is in
the inner room; you shall go to her."
Ah, what a roiiiiiiiii that was I
How ho clasped llonnylin to his
madly-beating heart, kissing her aud
caressing her and weeping  ovor her.
A few words convinced bim that
she had no Idea as to how she escaped from her prison house.
Ho saw tho doctor had wisely spar-
od hot' the recital lest it slioiilel prove
too much for her and overcome her
Frank Fenlon and llr. Montgomery wero soon called into the room,
and with his arm lovingly clasped
around the sweet little bride who
had been so miraculously snatched
from the grave, Lo Roy arranged his
future plans.
It was decided that they should go
abroad with as littlo ilelay as possible.
What moro natural than that the
bereaved husband should seek other
climes at once, leaving behind him
forever the story ot tbo sorrowful
Bonnylin, heavily disguised, was
to go on tho same .steamer; and onco
across tho seas, a new life of love,
hope and happiness was to begin for
It is useless to go into detail explaining all tbat happened within tho
next week.
Le Roy hail nurchnseil his ticket
for the Servia, bound for Liverpool.
His friends bad engaged tha stateroom
adjoining his for a widow who was
booked as Mrs.  Black.
Was it accident or fate that caused Basil Severne to tako passage on
tne samo steamer bound .s? _-"_**'
pool, and a still crueler fate that assigned hint tho stateroom next to
Bonnylin's ?
Bonnylin stood on the deck of the
steamer watohbtnr the blue lino of
shore as "it frfjli.t oWay in the distance,with Childish delight; sadly at
variance, it is to be feared, with the
character of tho quiet widow she had
But her happiness was short-lived.
Before the steamer had been an hour
at sea, she began to experience seasickness, and retired at onco to her
cabin. It, was fully eight days before sho was able to Icavo it; and to
make the matter all the moro pitiful
Lo Roy dared not go to her. She
was entirely in the charge of tho
steamer's physician and the stewardess.
On tlio evening of tho eighth day,
quite contrary to tho physician's orders, she stole silently out on deck,
eagerly .scanning the faces of' tho
passengers loitering about, in search
ot Lo Roy.
"I must see him 1" she told herself, desperately,
He was not there. Walking to an
isolated part of the deck, she mado
up her mind to wait patiently for
him; sooner or later he would be
Btire  to   make his  appearance.
As Bonnylin leaned over tho railing, drinking in the exquisite beauty
of the ocean scene, and listening to
the melody of tlio song tho wild
waves were singing, tho hours Uew,
by tinlieeeleel.
Ono by ono the passengers had
quitted tbo deck, leaving tho lonely
figure leaning on tho railing to tho
Bolitudo of the fast-approaching midnight hour, and  lo herself.
And yet Lo Roy had not put in an
Still she felt suro that ho would
come If she waited.
"Oh, how heavenly it would be to
remove this heavy wielow's cap from
my head, and thoj_e horrid bluo
glasses from my eyes for one little
minute," she murmured, taking a
hasty glance around and seeing sho
Was, as she supposed, alone.
Hastily untying the widow's cap,
sbe lot it fall hack upon her neck by
its string, and with deft fingers removed the odious, troublesome
How the night winds caressed the
lovely, golden curls and the sweet,
dimplctl face.
Her surroundings carried hor back
to that memorable night on the
ocean steamer, when Le Roy, her
daring, handsome lover-husband, had
risked his brave, young life to save
Through what strange scenes they
had been together since then. Wus
sho the same willful, potted capricious darling of those days ? she asked herself.
"But still, though I have suffered
so much, I have Lo Roy's love," sho
murmured thankfully.
A slight noise directly behind her
Btartleel her, and glancing hastily
around, she saw a gentleman standing beside her, wilh both of his arms
leaning on the railing.
Why did tho very sir seem stilling
and oppressive ? Why did tho golden light seem to die out from the
moon, the stars to fade, tho beautiful sea to grow black as hades, and
tlie heart in her bosom to beat with
one terrible, awful throb ?
Tho duri.-bci.rdcd man took a step
forward, nnd Bonnylin raised her
white arms, as though beseeching
Heaven to save her; a chill so bitter,
no deep, she thought it must be
death, crept over her. Even beforo
his voice fell upon her terrified ears,
she knew the horrible truth—it was
Basil Sovornc. Had tho grave given
back its dead ? The man whom aha
had believed to } be lying colel and
still in death, the man who had forced her into lhat. bated marriage on
that fatal Hallow-eve, the man from
whom she had Ibelloved Heaven had
fie'ed her, stood' in the flesli before
His dark, burning fierce eyes wore
fixed upon the water—it was only a
question of a few fieeting seconds before he would turn them upon her
face—and then—she dared not think
What would happen then.
Tbo shock  was so awful,  so   horrible, Bonnylin stood like one dazed,
rooted to tlie spot, trembling like a
leaf in a blast.
She quite expected    him to spring
forward, grasp her in his strong,
steel-like grasp,  crying yut :
"Uoniiyliii, iny wile, what are you
doing here ?"
Then she must tell him. Tell him
bow she had believed him dead, and
married  lite man she loved.
(lod help her, how his harsh laugh
would ring out on the summer air,
and ho would cry out with fierce exultation :
"You are not his wife; you are
mine ! you must leave him and come
with me."
Then ho would tear her from Le
Roy's arms and force her to go with
blm, that meant the darkness and
bitterness of doath. If she deuiur-
rcd, muelo the slightest resistance, he
woulel in malignant fury cry out to
the world who she wets. That would
bo the revenge he would take upon
These thoughts flashed with lightning rapidity through ber brain, and
all in the space of ihe moment,
wliich seemed like long ages, in
Which ho had been standing thero.
"I beg your pardon, madam," ho
said, in llie harsh voice she reinom-
l.i'i'cd nei well; "I hope 1 havo not
startled yon  !"
A faint, choking cry broke from
Bonnylin's white, stiffening lips. Sho
tried to turn and fly, but Heaven itself Boomed against. Iter; sho hael not
even power to lift her white, trembling liaiiils or turn her fnce away.
As no reply fell from her lips Basil
Severne turned his eyes from tho
star-sown waves and looked eit her.
He started back with a horrible
"Bonnylin I" he cried hoarsely ;
"ah, feilr of face anil feelsc of heart,
I have tracked you down at last,
have 1?"
In an instant he bad gained her
side, and was grasping tbo whito
arm that waa upheld to shield her.
Then for one awful moment, whilo
the sea waves moaned around them
and tho silvery moonlight drifted
down upon her terrified face, thero
was profound silchco between them.
As a friijlitenejl—chri.. slands mos-
ini'i'izi'il, pelrilicti bofori it deadly serpent, Bonnylin stood beforo Basil
Severno. in the calm of '.ho summer
night lier doom had ovoi-lnken hor.
llis anger-dlstortod faco, avid with
aroused' hatred mul triumph, was
terrible to sec. BonnyHu's was
pitiful to liebiilil in ils pale,, pathetic
loveliness eind  uniitti'r.ilile fear.
"1 have found yuii nt latH I" repeated Basil Severno, harshlV. "Clio
hour that I hav0 longed for lias
como at lust I"
His laco darkened, and in a smgie
Instant lt seemed to grow almost
fiendish in  its awful fierceness.
"You are shocked to see me alive,
I can readily believe," he went on
harshly. "But let nie tell you, 1
would have como buck from my
gravo to havo haunted you for What
you hnve done," be went on bitterly. "How dared you marry the
week after my supposed death ?"
She could not have answered hitn
If her life hatl depended on it. The
very air that he breathed seemed to
stifle ber, anel bis lurid eyes seemed
scorching into her very soul,
"I did not die to please you," he
went on. "I was spared—saved by
a sailor—while my assailant drowned. After a two months' dangerous
Illness I recovered, and weak ns I
was, mado my wuy to Oraystono
"I have always been a cold, harsh
stem man—the last person whom you
would suspect, eif being wrecked on
the rock of love, yet that has been
my fate.
"I have lived all my life never caring to look on a woman's faco. But
love comes tei every human heart
sootier or later. At forty I met my
doom, for it was then that I looked
into your blue eyes and was lost.
Fool that 1 was to allow myself to
bo charmed by your dimpled, fair,
false faco ! I could almost curso
myself for my folly. The wisest and
bravest men arc soldom fortunate ln
love affairs.
"There arc some men who cnn never win the hearts of women, who repel love, whoso very presence is irksome. I was all of this to you,
beautiful Bonnylin. You hated me at
first sight,, yet the more you despis-
j eel antl shrank from mo, the moro I
j worshiped you. When a man of
forty loves, it Is with a passion as
deep as bis own seiul ; such was my
love for you. Forty was old in
your eyes, I was not young and gay
enough to please you ; and though
you married mc because of the terrible sword 1 held over your head,
wc were further apart than the earth
and the stars."
A low moan broke from Bonnylin's
lips, dying away over the pitying
waters ; but Basil Severno was so
engrossed in recalling the past that
he never heeded it, but went on slowly =
"This brings me back lo the time
of my illness, how I called for you
by night and by dny as I tossed on
my feverish pillow. I shall never
forget tho snowy afternoon I opened
the gate and walked up tlio serpentine path that led to Grays.one
"I had said over and over again
to my famished heart, 'When Bonnylin heard of my death, did thoso
blue eyes fill with tears ? Bid ono
kind feeling thrill her heart for the
husband of an hour, whom she had
never lovcel ?' And when I stood
safe and unharmed on tho threshold,
I fed my fond, foolish heart with tho
belief that you would fly to me with
open arms, crying : 'Oh, Basil, my
husband !    Thank God !'
"How I pictured by night and by
day what that meeting between us
would be ! I promised myself that
I would devote m.v life in trying to
win your heart and make you love
mo. Instead of that, what did I
find ?" he asked, fiercely, and almost
involuntarily his hand crept to hot'
lovely white throat, and his clasp
tightened  around it.
"Instead of that, what did I find?"
he repeated fiercely. "Miss Rochester met ine at the door, and the horrible words that greeted me when I
called for you were, that you had
hiaiTietl,  antl gone away.
" 'Married I* I cried aghast, quite
believing my senses were playing mo
false—that I had not heard aright.
'When elid she marry,  and whom ?'
" 'On the week following your Ilal-
low-e'en party,' she informed me,
'and tho happy gentleman was Mr.
Le Roy Pierpont, of Avenue A, Boston.'
"I turned on my heel, cursing, like
qno driven mad. Mai'i'ied—and tho
very week alter m.v supposed death !
You woulel not honor even my memory by waiting a few months or
"That thought turned mo into a
fiend incarnate. I vowed a terrible
oalh of vengeance against you. I
vowed that 1 would hunt you down,
and te'ar you from your lover's arms,
and force you to go back with me.
"You shall ruo tbo day you wedded—one week after - my supposed
death—fair, false Bonnylin. 1 will
show what love turned to hatred can
"It will be a glorious vengi'nance
to force you to return to me—to
snatch you from Iovo and happiness,
to torture you with the knowledgo
that you are mine, und initio you
must be while your lifo lasts. Tho
shackle's you hate still bind you fast.
You shall find that I, and I alone,
am your lord and master. Love me
you may not, but obey nio you
shall !
"Go to Lc Roy Pierpont, and tell
him what I havo said—tell him all.
"Tell him when the steamer ltintls
1 shall quietly claim you. Let him
demur or make nu outcry, if he dare,
and in that moment your freedom,
ay, your very life, will be lost to
you. I would rather see you die on
the gallOWB, innocent or guilty than
see you happy with tbo man who
lias won yonr heart, and whom you
"Ho will realize this ; ho will tiiv-
desleerul how completely you aro in
my power, und for your sako ho will
not dare raise a linger to aid you to
escape your  just fate I"
Human nature could stand no more.
It was quite true all that ho had
said ; all terribly wrong, yet nono
the less  true.
Ho coultl claim her—this stern,
dark-broweei man, who had vowed to
take such terrible vengeanco
against her ; he coulel tear her from
hor darling's arms, defying her love,
scorning and jeering at hor agonized
Poor Bonnylin tried to repress the
moans of mortal terror that sprung
to her pallid lips.
She might as well havo attempted
to beat back tbo waters of tho
mighty ocean.
The darkness of death seemed to
closo in around her, sho threw out
her white arms with the most piteous cry that over arose from a
breaking heart, the lovely bluo eyes
ciliated wilelly.
She had heard a footstep BWiftly
approaching—a footstep sho know but
loo well.
"God be pitiful 1" wns tho cry that
foil from her white,  tulvcring lips.
It was Lo Roy Pierpont.
.This was the one secret sho had
kept carefully locked in her own
breast from Lo Roy, and now her
mortal foe would drag tho skoloton
from tho closet of tho dark past,
and Lc Rov. her heart's love, would
curso the day his fair, nonoratne
name had been coupled with hers upon the lips of men.
She was not Le Roy's bride. Ho
would never pardon her for keeping
tho crime of that Hallow-e'en a secret from him, for in the eyes of
Heaven that forced marriage was a
crime that nothing could blot out.
With hurried footsteps Le Roy
Pierpont was crossing the deck. He
hael seen and recognized Bonnylin,
though her back was turned toward
him. He mistook the tall figure beside her for one of the sailors. Ho
could not hear what they were saying, for the wind carried the sound
o_   their voices away from him.
"How imprudent of Bonnylin to
talk to one of the sailors, and at
this timo of night," he thought,
with sudden fear—she was so innocent, thoughtless, and childish. Ho
must certainly warn her against repeating any such imprudence.
A death-like despair fell over Bonnylin as Lo Roy approached. A sudden impulse surged from hor heart to
her brain to spring to Lo Roy's side,
clasp her arms about him, crying
out :
"Oh my love, whom I have loved
better than lifo, protect mo; rather
than givo me over to my mortal foe,
strike mo doael with your own hands,
dear, and dying I will bless you. I
cannot livo without you, Lo Roy, my
darling, my lost love !"
The impulse had no sooner enteral
Bonnylin's dazed brain than sho acted upon it.
Willi a wild, agonizing shrio't, that
startled tho sea birds whirling about
and around the steamer, sho wrenched her whito arm free from Basil
Soverno's grasp, (low over tho deck,
and cast herself with wild cries,
heart-rending to hear, into Lo Roy
Pierpont's outstretched arms.
"Oh, Le Roy, my love I" she
limited, but that sentence never was
Over tbo water there rose shrieks
and groans and terrible cries, mingled with the sound of hissing steam
and crashing timber.
It was the story of a careless engineer, wbo had gone to sleep at his
post. Tho result was, the great
boilers had burst, carrying death and
destruction in their path.
In an instant the majestic steamer,
within such a few hours of port,
was a total wreck, and was rapidly
sinking, and its living freight of
human beings were precipitated into
the sea.
There was no timo for life-boats.
Who shall picture that horrible
scene upon which the palo moon
oeamed and the light of the stars
Toll ? With a strong clasp that nothing but death could sever, Lo Roy
Pierpont clung to Bonnylin, exclaiming :
"Thank God we are together, darling. If God intends it, wo will bo
saved together, if not—we will die
together, Bonnylin, my  love I"
Even amidst the horrors of that
iwful moment, It struck him chillingly that she should answer :
"Better death     than  life,  Le Roy..
No one could part us from each other
In death."
He had caught onto a plank of
driftwood and though his arms wore
strained, bruised and swollen, Lo Roy
succeceled In clinging to it, and holding Bonnylin up, uhtil day broke,
and with tho dawn help came to
hand. Tbo terrible wreck had been
sighted from a lighthouse in the
gray dawn, and life-boats had been
ordered out to tho rescue at onco.
"Saved, my darling," murmured
Le Roy, faintly, as sho was taken
from bis arms and placed in one of
tho life-boats, but when he clambered in after her sho clung to him with
whitening cheeks and dilated eyes.
Sho had heard the captain say not
a soul had been lost—every one had
been saved.
Then Basil Severne was still alive
to persocuto her and hunt her down.
Tbat ho would search for hor until
bo found her again sho well knew,
tbat is, if ho had but the slightest
inkling of what her fato had been—
tbat sho had been spared.
But ho should never find her—never. Site would kill herself before
his very eyes and thus end it all ere
he should ever again lay hands on
Poor Bonnylin tried to look tho
future ln the faco—the horrible future wliich seemed doubly dark to
hor now.
"Heaven grant that ho may not
find mo and part mo from my love,"
was the pitiful prayer sho sent up to
the Great White Throne.
Poor child, sho was too innocent,
or rather too ignorant of God's laws
and man's, to realize tho griovous
wrong she was committing in clinging to this, honorable, noble young
linen—If she wns Basil Severne's wife.
She was blinded by tho mighty
power of love.
"Lot mo try to forget that horrible Hallow-e'en, and that one act
of folly that accrued from it," she
cried out sharply to herself, "let mo
blot out the past as though it had
never been, and think that my lifo
dales from this moment."
Poor guilty Bonnylin's conscicnco
needed no accuser. It woultl havo
drawn tears from the eyes of the
liartle'st hearted, evon though they
realized hor position, to seo how sho
clung to Lo Roy'B love, Iho love
Which shoultl never havo been hers.
The life-boat had latieleel tho rescued steamer passengers at a small,
isolated   English   village.
Lo Roy was glad to notice that
amidst tho fright and confusion the
passengers hatl paid no hoed to Bonnylin's personal appearance, and tho
absence of the blue glasses and tho
willow's cap. Indeed they could not
place the lilllo golden-haired creature, nono of them remembered having seen her on tlio steamer. Even
the captain was puzzled us to hor
{to Bn coNT.rn«_D;I  "?"i^)§")
"'.'.'!'.'!" l..J.l,ff-M**gMil.'n'..*'.' n nimiiii.
Tho business of buying Oregon and
Washington wheat for shipment to
Chicago and other eastern markets
has ceased, says a telegram from
Portland. Ore. The railway companies cannot supply enough cars to
handle the traffic, and consequently
business practically is at a stand-
a record in that line, which he promises will stand for a long time.
Burrows began his swinging at the
Arena at 3.30 a. in. on Tuesday
morning and finished Wednesday evening at 10.3(1 p. m. When ho finished
he dropped into a chair and weakly
smiled his acknowledgements of the
spectators' cheers. He thanked those
present for the plaudits, but a few
words wero all he could say and ho
was whisked behind tho scenes for a
rub and later a wolcomo sleop.
Wednesday morning two ballast
trains collided one and half miles
west of Montreal Junction, resulting
nipeg, inquiring for information concerning his brother, Henry Tremain,
who is believed to bo farming in tho
vicinity of Winnipeg. The latter emigrated to Cannila from Cullatiiplnn,
Devonshire, England, betweeu 40 anel
50 years ago, and his brother in
New Zealand has not heard from him
scarcely since then; and now is decidedly anxious to obtain his address. —
A despatch from Windsor, Ont.,
snys that a brother of Mrs. Shor-
Innel, formerly a well known resilient
of that place, but who now lives in
Detroit, has applied to the Wayne
County (Mich.) court for the guardianship papers over his sister, Mrs.
Shorland, who owns about $20,000
worth of property in Windsor. Ilea'
relatives in Windsor will contest tho
application, claiming Mrs. Shorland
is perfectly capable of taking euro of
her affairs.
Dont's for Young Mothers.
Don't givo baby a sleeping draught,
soothing mixture or opiate of any
kind except by tho order of a competent doctor who has seen tho
child. Remember that all so-called
soothing mixtures contain dangerous
opiates. If your child is restless
givo it Baby's Own Tablets, as thoy
are absolutoly harmless nnd ln a
natural way promote health-giving
Don't givo medicino to check the
movement of baby's bowels in diurr-
hoea except on the advice of a doc-
ter. Feed tho child sparingly and
givo Baby's Own Tablets to cleanso
the bowels of irritating secretions.
Keep tho abdomen warm. This treatment will curo diarrhoea.
Don't givo a young, child harsh cathartics, such as castor oil, which
gripo and torture. Baby's Own Tablets havo a gcntlo laxative) action
and never fail to euro constipation.
Mrs. J. D, Cilly, Heatliorton, Quo.,
says: "I have used Baby's Own Tablets for stomnch and bowol troubles
and havo always found them a most
satisfactory niodiclno."
Don't fail to keep Baby's Own Tablets in tho houso. Sold bv medicine
dealers or by mail at 2!) cents a box
by writing tho Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Out,
"Would you call her a woman of
"Well, she ls engaged to a bashful
man nud he thinks he did tl'o proposing."
Needs a Little Cash.
"Will you spend the summer at tbe
"I would lf the summer was the only thing one was obliged to spend
The W. K. Drown t Sous' coal olo-
vator at Front and Lawrence stroets,
Cincinnati, has   been    destroyed    by
Within thirty mlnutos a Jury ln the
oourt of general sessions, New York,
Wednesday, heard the evidence ln the
cabo of Frank Gustafsou, and
brought in a verdict of guilty of
murder in the first degree. Uust-.fson
Is a Swodish bollennakor, who murdered his wifo, Augusta, in West
Fifty-First street, Now York, on the
night of June 1. Ho also shot his
brothcr-ln-law, Eric Johnson, and a
visitor at tho house, Miss Ellon Bhis-
scn. Gustafson and his wifo had been
separated, and that night ho called
on her, first shooting, his brother-in-
law, and then his wifo. Tlio bullot
struck his wife In tho back, killing
her almost instantly. Upon leaving
the house, Gustafson shot the young
woman. At tho trial Gustafson offered no defonco.
A report Issued by ths Interstate
Commerce Commission at Washington shows that the total numbor of
casualltles to persons on tho railroads ia ths United States during
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1904,
was 65,130, of which 3,787 were
killed nnd 51,848 Injured. This shows
a largs Increase. llie total number
of collisions and derailments was
11,201, Involving *9,383,077 of damage to cars, engines and roadway.
This is an Increase of 648 collisions
and derailments. The casuolitios
were an Increase of 233 killed and
of 5,360 injured over the procoding
year. Four hundred and twenty of
those killed were passengers, and 867
railroad employees; and of thoso injured 8.077 wero passencors and 43,-
266 railroad employees. In dose litf-
uros ar* tho statistics for the last
throe mouths of tho year, which
show a total of 677 killed and 11,-
418 Injured, a docreaso from tho preceding quarter.
Little, but Active.
It Isn't always size that wins.
For quality counts more than' freight.
The .mall mosquito takes a man
All of ten thousand times his weight
Called Both Ways.
"Whnt did tho boss want when ho
called you up on the phoneV"
"To call me down,"
That Guttural Kuropatkln has a
daughter secretly living ln an American conront. although ho has mourn-
-d hrr as 'load for twelve years In
the belief that she was drowned ln
ths Nov* river at St. Petersburg, Is
tho remarkable Story told bj Wolf
von Schierbrand In the Now York
World. His authority for tho state-
iiii'iit la Mother Josoph Hartwell,
superintendent of a religious order
known ns tho Mission Helpers of the
Sacrod Heart. Tlio mothor houso of
Mothor Joseph's order ls In Baltimore), and she is Indorsed by Oardl-
nals Gil/lions and Satolll. Sho has revealed the history of her protoge In
an effort to return tho young woman
to hor fathos. The young recluse ls a
daughter of General Kuropatkln's
first wife. A telegram from Chicago
roferrlng to this mattor, says: While
efforts last night to find apoBtollc
missionary of tho Davonport (Iowa)
Catholic diocese, who Is supposod to
know in what cloister Mllo. Kuropatkln, daughter of the famous Kuk.Iiih
general, la domiciled In America,
discloses only tho Information that
she Is ln Iowa. Prominent Russians
admit that tho daughter of tho famous general undoubtedly is ln tho
United States, but thoy do not know
whoro she Is sequestered.
The Interesting Experienc
a St. Catharines Man.i
Had Suffered for Twelvo Year?
Was  Ultimately Cured   Thrd
tthe Advice of a Friend.
"Twelve years ago," says Mr J
Emory,   of   Wellaut. Aveuue, St.
ariues,  "I was living in the tov
Gananoquo, and tho physicians
told mo I had heart disease,
that timo and up to  four year*|
I often had severe spells of tho ,
bio.   Tho least exertion would
on violent palpitation,  anel at
times I would becoiuu dizzy, nenj
and frightened and  my heart
almost cease to  beat.    I  becoj
duced in flesh and insomnia r_|
I was hopeless of finding.,
I had been
doctor,   and',
Used  roniedl]
benefit.   Onj
advised l .
Pills,  and*
a    half   daBI
much "relief til
pills, and after
ment for a couple^
ugiiin enjoying pcrfec".
not sinco had any rot.fl
bio and I feel snfo ill sn*J
euro is a permanent ono,
strongly  adviso tho  uso  of
Hams' Pink rills to all   who""
from similnr  trouble."    The rcpo|
can only add that Mr. Emery is
known   in   St.   Catharines, Is a
mincnt worker In Methodist   clril
and has  the highest   respect    of*
who know him.   ^^^^^^^^^™
lf you have any symptoms  of  I j
trouble,  neuralgia,   indigestion,
niatism, anaemia or any of the iJ
morous   troubles   caused   by pool
wat_ry    blood,    you    will    find
health and strength in a fair us|
Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pills.     Do
waste   money    or    further   endaj
your   health    by   tho   use of suff
tutes—get the genuine pills wilbj
full name,' "Dr. Williams'   Pink
for Palo    Peoplo,"   on   tho   wraj
around every box.    Sold by all ill
cine dealers,   or sent  by mail   a%
cents a box, or six boxes for .Sis]
by  writing the   Dr.  Williams'
cino Co.,  Brockville.  Ont.
Tet   an  Innocent   Remark   WanTJ
C-ms- af HI* Death.
The father of Guenu de Revered
had been a distinguished lawyer,
through his Influence ho belel i_m_|
offices undor tho govciumej
tho. revolution began bo
office at La Rochello utif
From the time Hint th<]
begau Gueau de lie verse.'
his attention exclusively to 71
his own safety.   Ho wrote no
He would receive no letters.   He i
no visitors and paid no  visits,
spoke to no person uud allowed nol
to come near blm.   It woulel have bl
Impossible to be more prudent than
wns. ^^^^^^^~^
However, he Wanted some sheds 1
on bis farm near Charlies and
hired to consult a carpenter. Tbe J
peutcr told him that he could nof
dertake tho w»rk Immediately.^
Gueau de Iteverseitux wished, beci_|
most of his workmen were drafte
Join the army nt once.
Gueau de Ilevcrseaux replied: "J
workmen need not go.   They can i
This remark was heard by the wJ
men, but only the first phrase nJ
any Impression on them. Tbey repoil
everywhere that M.'Ouonu tie UeF
seaux, who must be good author]
had said thnt tbey need"fiot.Ko.
news wont to headquarters thnfCH
le Reversenus: declared that the dr|
Jd workmen need not obey the
eminent. This was considered tq
conspiracy, nnd ho was condemned"
death nud executed.
A 7. u u I Baby.
The Zunl child speuds his early dtl
In a cradle.   But ti cradle In Zunllaj
does  not mean  down pillows,  silt]
coverlets nud fluffy luces; lt Is only
flat board, just the length of the lm j
with a hood like a doll's buggy
over the head.    Upon this hard bj
the baby ls bound like a mummy,
coverings wound round and round h|
until the littlo fellow caunot movo
cept to opeu his mouth nnd eyes. Son]
times he is unrolled aud looks out In
tbe bare whitewashed room, blinks)
the fire burning on the hearth and li:f
his eyes earnestly on the wolf and cf)
gar skins that serve as chairs and liel
and carpets ln the Zunl home.  By tl
tlmt he ls two or three years old he bj
grown into a plump little bronze cm
ture,  with the strnightost of  coarl
black hair and the biggest and rounj
est of black eyes.   He ls now out |
the cradle and trots about tbe hoi)
aud the village.   Whon the weather |
bad he wears u small coarse shirt i
always  u  necklace of  beads or tl
ni___.«..—a+. _-'_-_:claa
Dodd's Kidney Pills doinggooi]
Work at Port Arthur.
Mr. Dick Sonvey and Wife Both lin.
Kldnoy Troubles and the Great CanJ
odlnn Kidney ltemedy Cured Thom.
Port Arthur, Ont., Oct. 24.—(Special—That Dodd's Kidney-Pills cure
the Kldnoy Ills of men and womenl
alike has been proved timo and
again in this neighborhood, but it la
only occasionally they get a chanco
to do double work in ths same houso. i
This has happened ln the case of Mr. ■
and Mrs. Dick Souvey, a farmer andi
his wife, living about seven miles |
from hero. In an Interviow Mr. Sou-1
vey said:
"My wife and myself bave used
Dodd's Kldnoy Pills, and havo found
them « big benefit to our health. Wo
had La Grlppo two winters and wore
exposed to much frost anj cold. Our
sleep ytis broken on account of uri-
nar> nrouble.. and pain in tho kid-
nets. We each took six boxes of
Dodd's Kidney Pills and now enjoy
Yjjroo-rj-ras, b. o.
___.. ., ■     .    ■. i- i
Joaquin Mlllor, Tticmgli an Apostle of Sim.
pll-ltj, May Be Rlok-Hl. Big
Strike In Oil.
There ls more money in oil than
ln poetry. Joaquin Miller, tho
"Poet of the Sierras," hns been writing poetry for some forty years, but
spite of tho fact that Sir Edwin
K.rnold declared him oue of tho two
*bf tho United States poets whoso
famo would llvo his verso has not
brought enough money to make him
rich. Howover, thoro is a prospect
that Mr. Miller may bocomo a millionaire through tho discovery of oil
ou land which he owns in Texas.
Somo years  ago  tho  poet  bought
sum. land    ii.iar Beaumont, and the
^gcovory of oil after in tho vicinity
purchase a luckier one than
f posed.   More rocontly news
|J|>li (lint, oil has   been
|To*.es land ho owns.
_.!ls-a what tho author
Sierras" would do
k'ortiine.    Aa an apostle
ki living ho could not
~ luxuries   of  tho rich,
Frews, d ' '•i
'.le placo ta pitch my font,
F.ee or Tins
"Jo I nay sit above the sea
|Tiid drink ths wind as drinking wine.
He hates tho crowded haunts whore
the rich live lives that aro artificial
and often superficial and the poor
toil and die In gloomy prison walls.
Ho has chosen to "pitch his tent"
whero he can in truth "sit above the
sua," and his log dwelling on the
beautiful heights overlook-hug Oakland, Cal., ls scarcely more ol a
shelter than a tent, for its doors are
opon all tho time, and tho poet lives
practically without fire the year
round.. For years ho trusted more to
fruit growing than to poetry for a
living, like tho famous naturalist
John Burroughs, who has a fruit
farm on the Hudson.
Mr, Miller Is sixty-three years of
ago and almost from babyhood has
lived a life of froedom among the
woods and mountains.
-.OJ-.-.1 Waltz.™.
Queen Wllhclmlna of Holland is
passionatoly fond of the waltz. Queen
Alexandra still waltzes with as
much pleasure as In the days of her
_?outh. Hor sister, tho Dowager Empress Marie, of Russia, despite her
widowhood and her many grandchildren, is still an indefatigable
Jtzcr, as is also Queen Charlotte
[iipoitnnt. Indeed, if. the mat-
|dancing to crowned ladles,
Try foreign Governments mako
Jof selecting for certain mis-
|voys noted for their skill as
Throughout the reign ol
' Margherlta of Italy, tho __ri-
. Foreign Office took care to bo
represented at the Italian Court by
tho best dancer available, tho late
Lord Vivian; his successor. Sir Francis Ford, and after him tho late
Lord Dufforln, having boon as much
noted for their dancing aa their diplomatic skill.
Germany, too, followed tho example of Great Britain, aud was for
years represented at Rome by Count
Solms, who was invariably selected
by Queen Marghorita to opon the
ball with hor at any entertainment
where sho happened to be present.
X.ord I-ltcli.nor Cowod.
One afternoon when voyaging to
India "K. of K." was dozing in his
dock chair when a littlo lady of
threo or four summers • let her ball
fly into his face, whence it rollod to
his feet, l.orel Kitchener woke up,
eays "M.A.P.," and turned upon the
child that basilisk gaze boforo which
(tbo hearts of Btrong men havo often
turned to wator. But tho child was
in no wise abashed. "Pick up my
ball," Bhe said imperatively. Lord
Kitchener frowned and answered not.
"Pick up my ball," reiterated tho
small damsod Insistently. "Haven't
you got a nurse?" said Lord Kitchener ln an awful voice. The intcro-
gativo mood was answered by the
imperative, "Pick up my ball." Lord
Kitchener looked round despairingly,,
but reinforcomouts wero not' in
sight. "Where iB your mothor?", he
Bald weakly. ''Pick—up—my—ball."
Tho ultimatum was delivered in crescendo tones which suggested the imminence of something worse to follow, and Lord Kitchener meekly complied. Thon he tied incontinently to
tho smoking room.
IJno-p.ctod Gonsros.tr.
Henry George, the Socialist author,
always sympathized with suffering.
On one occasion when he was traveling ln a Pullman car, in which hn
wns the only passonger, the negro
[loiters gathored ln a knot and told
stories of the bad season through
which they wore passing to one another.
At the end of the Journey |t ls always customary to give tho "porter"
—the waiter specially appointed to
tha car—a tip, and on this occasion
Mr. Gcorgo, after the man had brushed his coat, handed him all the
chango ho had in his pockot, amounting to several dollars. The man was
almost overwhelmed, and, as Mr.
George alighted at, his station, thn
negro turned to his comrades, and,
throwing up his hands, cried out in
a loud voice:
-T says it always, and I says It
agin, you never can tell nothing
about a frog till you sees him
Jump I"- ■
Chinamen Don't Harry,
Few men perform a longor day's
work than tho Chinese. All classes
toil from early morn till night.-t.imc.
Tho laborer in r*ho field starts out
whilo It Is yet dark; and many an official goes to his office nt throe in
tho morning, and if holding a responsible position, often works on
till  well  Into  tho  following ovening.
Whatever the pressure of work, no
Chinaman over hurries. He goes placidly on at the samo old into; nnd
notwithstanding how matters accumulate he Is never flurriod. Even tho
KiniiU children In the schools conduct
themselves ln tho same way.
         I \-
M-inoil In Hor Madness.
Clarissa-Why, you silly thing! What
are you putting yeur damp hands out
on the window sill for? You'll get
them nil rough and red. Annabel-
Yes, I know. But Mr. de Million thinks
thnt every woman ought to do all sorts
ot housework, and I'm getting my
hands read], to show off tonight
Five  Bullion  Dollars  H'm  the  8am
Offered and Rejected.
Immedl"**l*r it fcaec ue known to the
Tweed ring tuut t:ie proofs of Itt
guilt were in possession of the Times
an effort was mndo to buy them. A
carefully verified report of this attempt was published ln Harper'*
Weekly for I'nb. 22, 1890:
"A tenant ln tho same building (the
Times building) sent for Mr. Jones to
come to his office, ns be wished to see
him on an Important matter. Mr.
Jones went to tho lawyer's office and,
being ushered iuto a private room, was
confronted by Comptroller Connolly.
" T don't want to see this man,' said
Mr. Jones, and ho turned to go.
" 'For God's sake,' exclaimed Connolly, 'lot mo say one word to you!'
"At this appeal Mr. Jones stopped.
Connolly then made liim a proposition
to forego the publication of tho documents ho bad ln his possession and
offered him tho enormous sum of
$5,000,000 to do this. As Connolly
waited for tho answer, Mr. Jones said:
" 'I don't tblnk tbe devil will ever
mako a higher bid for mo than that'
"Connolly began to plead and drew
a graphic picture of what ono could
do with $5,000,000. Ho ended by saying:
" 'Why, with thnt sum you can go to
Europe and livo like n prince.'
" 'Yob,' snld Mr. JoneB, 'but I should
know thnt 1 wns a rascal. 1 cannot
considor your offer or any offer not te
publish the fncts in my possession.'"
—From "Thotnns Nnst" ln Pearson's.
I When you think you bave cured a
cough or cold, out find a dry,
hacking cough remains, there is
danger.   Take
Cure SnicLun,t
I   at once.    It will strsnrtheft the
lungs and stop tbe cough.
Prices: g. c. Wills ft Co. 805
25o 60c |1.   L_RoT.N.Y.,To.oato.Can.
All Urer t&e World
you will find Beecham's Pills
famous becausa of their good
works. People of all classes
and nations have for over fifty
years kopt thelf Livers right
and Digestion good by using
The Frolicsome Scallop.
The scallop takes life less seriously
and servilely than his cousins, ths
clsms and oysters. The oyster can't
move from his place; the clam can, but
rnrely does. The scallop ls as freo as
a bird almost to tbe end of his days.
Then, again, the scallop has temperament He exhibits the frollcsoincness
of childhood, as higher animal, do. We
seo little scnllops by tens and dozens
darting swiftly here and there ln the
water by n quick opening and shutting
of the two valves of tholf shells. They'
are ns graceful ns n flock of snowbirds
and ns vlvncloua. Capture one, Iny lt
on the sand, nnd It snaps Its valves,
Impatient of the Interruption, lf we Interpret the signs nrlght. It ls altogether happy lf put bnck ln the pool,—
•Jcii-iiry _tfe Iu America.
The Quality ot Fleeco.
Tho quality of tlio fleeco depends
upon the character of tho sheep from
which it is shorn, tho climate, tho
feed, shelter and the caro bestowed
upon tho animal and upon tho flooce
and many othor conditions which
may affoct It. Tho most of thoso conditions are within the control of tho
sheep holder, nnd ho may by using
proper caro raise a valuable clip of
wool or by neglect the clip may become almost unmerchantable.
When is a boat not a boat?—Wben
it is ashore.
A despatch from Windsor, Ont., on
the 21st says that Delos R. Davis,
counsel for Edward Slaughter, convicted of tile murder of John Rud-
tlen and sentenced to be hanged on
Dec. 2, has forwarded a petition to
Minister of Justice Fit/pa trick, asking to have the sentence commuted
to life Imprisonment. Tbe document
bears a thousand signatures. A request for a now trial in made as the
WILL SETTLE.—If one suitors from any
orgonio   weakness,    Inherited     or    con-
'ile'te'el. there llise-ase evil! -cttle vhen it
attacks the boely. Therefore dilpe out
tho pains thnt lieset you. tio not let ie
colel or e'oujrh harass vou, nml ki'tv- the
respiratory orgaaa In a iro.nl, healthy
contlition. This you e'elll do ny usinj.
llr. Thomas' Eclectrio till, i'iwi'iilion is
tho wisest course.
"Do mule I stole wns emly wuth
twenty dollars," said the Georgia negro, "an', bless mc, ef do lawyer
didn't charge fifty ter prove mo in-
'noac.it!" S
Bright's  Disease — Insidious 1
dooo tlve! relentless!—has -oiicd
hundrod- of trial* b.v medical science to
etom tho Uelo of its ravage's—anil not until South American Kldnoy Cure proved
beyonel a doubt its power to turn back
tho tide was thero a gloam of anything
but despair for tho vlctllb of this dread
form of klelncy disease.'-*54
Mr. W. It. Lydlatt, who was so
seriously shot at Saskatoon, died on
Monday last.
Oil has been struck nt Bcersville,
N. B. This shows that there may be
disappointment in a name.
Somo persons huvo porioilli-nl attacks
of Canieiliuii t'holern. dysentery or diarrhoea, and luevo to use creat precautions
to avoid the disease. Change of wator,
cooking, green fruit, is sure to bring on
the attacks. To such persons eve ee-oulil
rei'oiiim.nil llr. ,1. ii. Kelloe'ir's Dysentery Cordial as being the best medicine
ill the market for all summer complaints. If a feev drops nre taken ii.
water when tho symptoms uro noticed
no  further  troublo  will   bo  rxfii'rieni ed.
We judge ourselves by what wo fool
capable of deling, while others judge
us by what we have already done,—
Tnke col^easl-y? Throat
tender? Lungs weak? Any
rclaiivqs have consumption?
Then a cough means a great
deal to you. Follow yoyr
doctor's advice and take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It
heals, strengthens, prevents.
"to* m jinn I bare depen-ed on Arer'i
yar'e Pills Inoreasa tha activity ef
liver, and thus aid recovery.
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 88 csnts.
The following is a good recipo for
a waterproof paint for wood or
stono. Melt twelvo ounceB of resio;
mix with it thoroughly six gallons
of fish oil and one pound of melted
sulphul; mix some ochre or any other
coloring substance with a little lln-
color and thickness; apply several
coats of the hot composition with a
brush. Tho fl-st coat should be very
Removes all hard, soft or calloused
lumps and blemi.hes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney,
stifles, sprains; cures aore and swollen
throat, coughs, etc. Save $50 by tbe
use of ono bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful  Blemish Cure ever known.
The Imperial Oil and Coal Company, who are developing claim-, on
Fording River, in the Elk Valley, 30
miles above Michel, B. C, aro making good progress. They havo a force
of 30 .men at work; already they havo
uncovered 17 seams. The work will
continue all winter.
Minard's Liniment Relieres Nenralgla.
Provc that sailors tiro very small
men? —They can sleep on their
SURE I.E.! IJLATOKS.—Mandrake and
Duudetion uro known to exert a powerful Influence on the liver and kidneys,
restoring them to healthful action, In-
duoiiif. a regular flow of secretions aud
iitipnrtine- to the organ- complete power
to perform thoir functions. These valuable ingredients enter Into the composition of l'armeloe's Voirotable Pills, anil
serve to render them tho agreeable anil
salutary medicine they are. There aro
i'oev iiills so effective as they in thoir action.
When  is   a   ship   liko snow?—When
she is adrift.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Heaell Disinfectant
Soup Powder dusted in the bath softens
tho water unit disinfocts. 38
The King's birthday is fixed for
Muy 24, 1905. Which of his real anniversaries he will celebrate, the last
one or the next one, is not announced.
The Stomach's 'Weal or Woe!'
—The stomach ia the centre from whioh,
from the standpoint of health, Uew.
"weal or woo.J' A healtiy atomarh
means perfect digestion—perfect digestion means strong and steady nerve
centres—strong nerve centres mean good
circulation, rich blood and good health.
South Amorican Nervine makes and
keeps the stomach right.—S3
Miss Withers—You aro blushing,
Cora! What was that clumsy partner of yours saying? Miss Knisely—
Oh, nothing; only that before ho
met me life seemed like a desrt to
bim." "That is no reason why he
should waltz like a dromedary, is
Help your children to grow strong and
robust by counteracting anything that
causes ill-heal Ih. One Teat cause of
disease in children Is worms. Iteinove
them with Mother (.raves' Worm Exterminator.    It never falls.
(llvo Hotloevay's Corn Cure a trial.
It removed ten corns from one pair of
feot. What lt has done onco It will do
The burns and contonts, including
throe horses, of E. H. Menzle, of the
first concession, near Niagara Falls,
were totally destroyed by Are a fow
nights ago. Tho loss will bo about
Hon. E. J. Davis, Commissioner of
Crown Lands in the Rosb Government, announced to tho executive of
the North York Liberal Association,
Tuesday, his retirement from public
life. Ho said, however, that he
would hold offico until the end of the
present legislature.
Ono hundred nnd forty-six Russian
Boldiors arrived In Montreal during
tbo past few days. They belonged to
the reserves of tho Czar's army, and
wben called out to fight In tho Far
Eust, Jumped tho border of their
country, and made thoir way to
Canada, They are fme-looklng, tall,
brond-shouldeM-ed, wall-knit men,
runging in ages from 26 to 40. None
of them speak English. They managed to make their escapo through
jumping over tho southern border of
Russia, thon travelling, as bent they
conld, from placo to place with the
assistance of Interpreters oinployed
by railway companies nnd Btenmship
lines. Not many hnvo remained in
Montreal. Some nro looking for the
Irrond prnirlcs of tho Northwest to
swallow tip their Identity, and with
that hope bave continued their journey to Manitoba and the Territories.
According to stories told by them
to iiii interpreter, they are Russinn
Jews, who spent soveral years in
compulsory training. Tho Russian
Government gnvo them neither religions freedom nor all tho rights of
citizenship, Consequently they were
not fired by nny patriotic (eellni*8
when the wnr broke out, and when
commanded to take up arms they derided to let those fight, who wanted
to, and bidding wives and families
farewell, got nwuy. Nono scorned to
have much wealth. They Intend to
settle In Canada, and after a while
bring out their families,
The value of building permits Issued in Winnipeg this year has now
reached a total of over 98,000,000.
At this date last vear the total was
$5,201,300. It is expected that the
entire twelvo months of this year will
Bhow over 810,000.000.
Minard's liniment Cures Dsiidro...
Durincr the month of September,
building permits to the amount of
$51,700 were issued by the city engineer of Brandon.
y-il -I iti""*f3'**!"****E
I was cured of terrible lumbago by
I was cured of a   bail case   of earache by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
I was cured of   sensitive   lungs by
'Will you show me the beauties of
your town?" asked the visitor. "I'd
like to," replied the Huston man;
"but, to tell you the truth, thoy are
all away on their vacations."
Tenders for double trackiiii; llio-d.
P. R. main lino between Winnipi'g
and Fort William have been -alien
Baby Humors - Dr. An»'< ointment soathea, quiets, and effect* quick
and effocti-o euros In all skin eruptions
common to baby during tho teething
time. It Io harmless to the bail- in
cases of Scald Head, and euros Eczema
Salt Rheum and all Skin Diseases of
older people. 85 cents.—55
At a recent automobile race in
New York one man was killed and
another fatally injured.
Nothing makes a more
charming gift for
a silver-mounted perfume bottle.
No. ,4708 Is speciat value at
93.30. Il i" of cle-re.e crys-
tal slats, ornamented with
open pattern ia iterliug silver deposit.
jS Distance is annihilated
' when you order of us
by mail.     Catalogue
sent on request.
-_r ■ -- -   ■ —--■-- -   •    .-.■---.■■■. ._-..-
"Why should 1 wish to live any
longer? All my kin have been murdered. A thousand mined men are
on my track, seeking iny life. There
is no rest lor me henceforth, day or
night, 1 am innocent. I have' committed no crime. Yet I am to be
shot on sight, as if I were a aceper-
ate outlaw. I will endure it no longer! I will give myself up! But by
the great horn spoon, noboely shall
have thu satisfaction of killing me!"
So laying the hunted creature flew
Swiftly through the darkness to the
nearest city, dashed itself against
a skyscraper, and fell to the ground
dead. It was the last prairie chicken.
American  roads have issued an §181    Maude:   "I must
rate for returning farm laborers,
Carrie Nation hub gone lo gaol for
six months. That will cany ber
nicely ovor tha cold weather.
J for the. Iinil." Hubb.yl
Only dou't have it too Is
"Why.   why "   Hubby:   "For1
[noticed  the lower the dress the hj
ler the bill "
'    1    1  *
Little but Searching - Dr. vo«
Stan's Pineapple Tablets are not big
nauseous doses that contain Injur! . 1.
drugs or narcotics—they are tho pure
vegetable pepsin—the medicinal oxtract
Irom this luscious fruit, and the tablets
are prepared In as palatnblc form as the
fruit itself. Thoy curo llreUm-tlem. CO
1  a  box,  35 cents.—50
As between the society eif a man in
love nnd tlie man who is tbe father
of a sniait baby it in a toss up.
IMI'llitlTllos IN THE BLOOD.—When
the action of Iho kidneys bocon.es Impaired, impurities hi the lilood ara nlmost sure to follow, nud genoral derangement of Iho system ensues. Piiriiio-
loo's Vegetable l'ills will rogulalo the
kidneys, so thut thoy will inulululn
healthy action and prevent tlio rompllca-
limis which certainly como when thoro is
ii'iiingi'inont of those dollciito organs,
As a restorative these pills nro in the
llrsl   rank.
ft is a waste of breath lo give ael-
vice to a man who is nbout to marry
a rich girl.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
If a boy can learn to smoke a liull-
dog pipe at the livery stable, it is
much cheaper than sending him to
college to acquire that accomplishment.
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle
It is better than electricity, because
it does not scar or produce a new growth.
Better than X-ray, because it does not
barn, sear or paralyze the tissues under
the skin. Better than depilatories, because ib is not poisonous; therefore,
it will not cause blood poisoning, or
produce eezema, whioh is so common
with depilatories, and does cot break
off the hair, thereby increasing its
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories are
offered yoa aa the bare word of the
oporaton and manufacturers. D 10
Mlf-ACUS is not. It is tho only method
wkick is indorsed by physicians, sur-
g*«ns, darmatologiita, medical journals
sad pxoo-iuoiit magazines.
DM MIRACLE will be mailed to any
addroai, lealed in plain wrapper for ?|.
Your mousy buuk without question if it
Isili U de all .kit is olaimed for it.
Our booklet — the most oomploto
troatiso on Superfluous Hair evo.r published—containing the leotim-nial. of
namsroui physiclaai and surgeona and
that* ef hundreds ol others—will be
ses. free, hi plain,.aealed envelope,
(poa reeinest. Write for it today to
Qossn Strkst West, Toronto, or
JS5«r SIMPSON ffitXtf*
Pinto" ,
Shell 1
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it ia tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear three buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
soft and comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never with-
out this brand:— "     '
Montreal    Winnipeg    Dawson _
i Stoslighi Sojo*
Household at«n.ils can b« made to look as good as new by washing In a
Buddy solution of Sunlight Soap. They will shine and glitter thus helping to
make the home brigV and inviting. <
Sunlight Soap means less than half tlie labor rcejuircel in washing with com-
mon soap—and makes everything spotlessly clean.
Sunlight Soap Is made of pure oils ond fats, contains no inr ..tlicut injurious
to the hands or clothin g. f
Sunlight Soap Wmthes tht Clothes White and won'' Injure tht Hands
Who Have  Had Splendid  Opportunities  in Their
Practice of Testing The Merits of
Dr.  Chase's Ointment.
Miss C. Stanley-Jones, professional
masseuse and nurse, 283 Simcoo
Btreet, Toronto, Out., writes: "In
my occupation as uurso I havo
como across many cases In which Dr.
Chase's Ointment hus bean used
with extraordinary results. Ono case
I recall was that of a child of sixteen months who was iu a bad way
with scaly heael. It was a really
nasty enso, causing the child to suffer very much and to bo vory troublesome I persuaded th» mother to
uso Dr. Chase's Ointment, and In
ten days tho child was entirely cured.
"Another caso was that of a lady
who wnjs i/rc-_t|y IroufbOed with eo-
zenia on tho fnco. Tho doctor was
dosing her with medicine, which was
doing  co  good.    In  this   case   curo
was effected in Sevan elavs with only,
one box of Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Doth of llisse cures Were lasting."
Mrs. H. A. I.oynes, nurse, I'hilipa-
tiurg. Quo,, writes: "I consider Dr,
Chaso's Ointment a perfect medioino.
I huvo used lt myself, and as a nurse
havo recommended it in a goad many
cases for Itching piles. It always
gave perfect satisfaction In every
case, and ones people ustd it y»«y,
would not think of being Without It
ln tlio house.''
Dr. Chase's Olntmost, 80 c«_|a a
box, at all dealers, or Edirn—sti,
Hates & Company, Torontu. Te pra-
t.oct you against Imittttlons, ths tof-
tralt and., -.lgnaturs of Dr. A. W.
Chase, ths famous receipt beak author, are on every box.
AGENTS WANTED to -„n improved K_Mrt___i
anel STBAMBU (Combined). Eve_r fnmilr needs it. _*«
prcl.iost, most useful, handy and safest cooker, tains.
Boils and steams lu scpnrnlo compartments.' Il—oHntw*
circular, Freo sample. Freight paid on orders to ltd.
district, from flrst egents. Write quick. Othor salnKIa
Wo make a   specialty   of low grade wheat.   Write us before shipping.
will show bow wo can serve you.
References:—Any Dank or Oou-morcial Agency. '
' ' UU
Grain I Jas. Richardson & Sons I Grain
(Until   recently   represented by the Into  E.  O'Kellly, Esq )
All kinds   of grain   handled in Car Load   Lots.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   instructions. Any grade of wheat, oats, barley or flax.
P.  O. Dox 029,    Winnipeg,   Mnn.
tuomas law.       ship Your Grain to        wixlumuw.
We handle grain strictly on commission.    Highest Pries*  obtainable.
Littoral advances.   Trades carried on margins ln Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
 BRA-H EXOHJWK, Wlnnlpeft.
IT IS AN EASY MATTER -» •»11 * 1-Js-> •»« "«n "»-«« »» »
1 1 1 ■ . 1 in 1 better prico thats a single ear win
bring. If you will ship your wheat to us wo will soil it with many
othor cars either locally or In tho East, and you will-gut from _-ooat to
1 ceiit per bushel moro for lt than if  you sold it on track at your station.
Wo have had 17 years' practical  experience    ln    tha    grain  business.
This,  also,   is  worth  something to you.
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
-fll-IN   &   E
References: Any Bank or Commercial
Oral* Ib car lots bought on tivck or sold on commission, -..osonal'il*
stj-fanoei mado. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. fi*(«r*n(i*t
Any Bank la Winnipeg.
■ II  —I llll       -1-3-   I     !■       ■        ■ I , ,,.11' I   I „   IS   ■
EstsbHstod Grain Cemiimn
Mercbut ia Winnipeg. ^___
Consign your grain to mo and got prompt ssrrlce* careful attenUoai
and highest market prlcos. Q     Q D1 IVi _UT      DRAWER
Reference  • UNION BANK el CANADA.
Through a Strictly
Commission   Firm.
We handle strictly on commission therefore enn givo every attention
to car shipments, nnd will obtain the best prices for snnio. We will bo
pk'nse'il to-answor onqulrias reprices, shipping, etc. If YOU havo grain
to ship or sell do not full to write for our "Way of lloing Business," as
it will [iny you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., Tlie Commission Mcrcliants, Winnipeg;
'FARMERS will find lt to their advantage to consign thoir GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest prices and make prompt retnrns. Advances mads on
consignments. Correspondence solicited. Established 1886. JUferense—
Union Rank of Canada. 	
DONALD MORRISON & CO., _;_,'",,„,.
We solicit your business. Will make earnest cDorts togbt good
results for you. Liberal advances on bills of lading, and balanco promptly:
paid when grain  Is unloaded.  Lot us   hear from you.
UEt'KltKNOK—Hank ol Uwnl.tun, l_»cliango Branch.
Ursln 416 Oraln 'Exchange,
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
and   STATIONARY   for   CIIOPPUNCl and
WOOD SAWING In -took at all time..   W*
cun thlp at a day's notice.
Wilto us for Prloee und Catalogue.
Burri-jjc-Coop-r Co., Ui, Winnipeg, Man.
Henry Avonue, Kast.
Mr.  James (Jill,  of Toledo,  Ohio,
is  or  should   In; a   proud  and  happy
man, says the London Chronicle. His
wife bus  tin' longest   Christ inn  nnme
in lii'iillii'iiilotn or oul   of it; aiid  hor
futiii'i'. who was responsible   for   it.
insisted on having every    syllnlile of
ii  placod on tin' records,    There    li
stands—''Missouri Arkansas Napoleon
Four    Hundred    Miles    Below    the
Mouth nf Uu' Ohio Abshcr."  Hi'■ Mj*
her explained Hint his daughter was
named In honor of nu aunt who lived
hjr-Mupiileon, mi the   Missouri River
'in  '.i_d"Si's' '"'"' hundrtsi miles bo-
low thrir"""1 "' ""' ollio'   '" '''■''
caso  i,JP*,r,','t,.v. a wholo atlus Is "in
lie  im i
j At the annual Hireling of th. El'io
railroad held in New York's few days
'ago, fleorgo !•'. linker was .lected to
BUCCOfld .1. Lowlier Wolsh, of the
hoard of direcUirH, the other retiring
I directors being ro-oloetod. Tb. board
then re-elected ull the officers.
Mr. l'nlivfnoo- "Is vour master lu,
girl?" Girl: "Yes, sir; Iio'b ia bis
study." Mr. I'avennoo: "In his study.
Is In? Well, 'o won't do for me. Tho
nil ist whnt paints niy picture will
'a.V0 io ho u finished one. and not
Hint Isn't  past his study!"
W    N    U    /Mo    BO«
__________ ■•tea*-   ■•'.-■ -
..:■.-!< >t|v». j JJ* *.*.*;.•"" ]*r
ii ' ■■(
f.ttt&:\ ■.
(Bstablisbed April 8.1*90.)
Ifo-HOa. $895 Westmiuster avenue.
WW. R  Whitney,  Publisher-
-Bkoush OrriCK—80 Fleet street,
London, 8. 0., England Whero a
JUe of "The Advocate" is kapt for
,. visitors, ________
•notions of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
' _inb.ished free of charge.
notices for Church and Society Enter-
t-ttnraents. Lectures, etc.,   where
will bo charged for.
bate*, '.or Display  Advertising made
known on application.
"All Advertisements are run regularly
and" ofiargW for until ordored they
be discontinued,
"Transient   Advertisers   must  par
Subscription $1 m yeBP   payable
A oop** a Oopy.
Tej, Bi405»
For all City Advertizing, also South Vancouver Municipal advertizing
il consult   The  Advocate.
Vancouver, B, C„ Dae,, 51,   1004.
-A^Happyand Prosperous New year
His Worship Dr. W. J. McGuigan
"has announced himself a candidate for
' re-election  to the  office  of  Mayor of
Vancouver. That .the present Council
- ha* been conscientious aad that Vancou-
'ver has had a prosperous year all un-
'pVeJudiced persons must recognise.   His
Worship Dr. McGuigan was elected hy
a large majority, by the vote of the
^people*-rpot as the candidate of any
'cliqueor association—and he has had
•tbejotereste of the people at heart,
^irrespective of cliques, o»c.; be has done
1 nothing to turn money from the Oity,
"End. notwithstanding  the   indications
tm the contrary at the first of the
'year,   Vancouver   ha*      experienced
It most prosperous twelve
■ months. Tbestrpet improvements hove
'been many and where most needed,
e»lthough then is much yet which
■-ifceild and will U> done. It is usual in
'•Vancouver to return tbe cbjaf official
>f or a second term and it is a surprise to
*lstj many tbnt -Cr, Bwpombe sbonld
"Oppose Dr. McGuigan. There has been
•a rigorous sDrreiJaaoe in too PoJioe
<" _-__.es during the year and excellent
1 service in that department. His Warship
1 Dri'-foGuigan has taken a broad minded
"Stand on all question* and bos been
I firm withont having been aggressive or
: autocratio. We believe every thinking
i voter who has Vancouver's interests at
besrt will favor Dr. MpGntgaa's re-
\ election.
-The Oonooil hare been individually
"•J-lfliS-ient-ous and hard working.   No
former Council Ms received so continu
. po* sev#re and unjust criticism from the
i Daily Press of the City a» tiie Conncil
» of 1804, or receiyed so little help from
. tbe same source. |
NEW 1.0.0. F„ HALL.
Thb Nbw Oddfbllowb' Hall which
will  be  opened  January 8th, with a
Grnud Ball and Supper,   is  a credit to
Lodge No. 19, and a pride to Mt. Pleasant.   Mr.  W. R.  Owens, Past Noble
Grand, lias the distinction of being the
architect,   his plan  having  been accepted.   On  either  side  ot  the front
entrance ball are the ladies' and gentlemen's dressing rooms and lavatories:
Tbe entrance leads  into  the  big hall
40x70 feet witb an 18-ft. ceiling, aud a
large stage with side rooms which bave
doors at tbe back, making three ways of
exit lip case of flrof   Thin  holl will be
for rent for dances, lectures, concerts or
theatricals,   and  will seat six bundled,
On the second floor is  the lodge room,
specious, well-lighted and heated; opeii'
Ing into this room is a hall ou either
side of which ore six property or regalia
rooms, for the  use of different orders
which will meet iu  the new building.
On this floor are ante rooms, a private
committee room and a lavatory.   Iu the
basement is a  large  diuiug room with
kitchen,  pantry   aud    woodshed,   on
one side.   The view from   this  Hall is
Bin-ply giand I   Mr.   Owens remarked:
"Mr Sparling has bis eye opeu for a
view from here," aud certainly it will
prove a most favorable point for an
artist to tuke an excellent view of Vancouver.  The steel range in the kitchen
and all hardware   furu.isl.iugs   were
furnished by J. A. Flett, Westminster
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F.,
was instituted Mny 26th, 1892, with
Mr. B. Mills as Noble Grand. Charter
members: J. B. Dorkendorff, F. W.
Welsh, John Johnson, H B. Farwell,
J. P Nightingale, I, 0. Johnstone. F.
W. Mills, O. F. Yates, Dr. Brydone-
Jack, B. Mills, G. A. Miller. Five of
these are still in tbe lodge. Members at
close of 1892 about 06. During depression in 1894-6 membership decreased to
about 30. Membership at present is 60.
Officers elected for term commencing
January 1st, 1905: H.Walker, N G.;
G. W Ja-uieBou, V- G.; Thos. H. McKay, Bee Sec; B. H. Poole, Fin.-Sec ;
Geo H. Middlcmiss, Treasurer,
Tb All
Patrons and Friends we wish
New Yearly
Ald-MU-. Morton will doubtless be
re-elected from Ward V., for 1906, as he
lias certainly secured much  for the
\ ward he represents.   We fool confident
-.'Alderman Morton will prove aa faithful
to tbe interests of WardV., in the
» doming year aa he has in the past.   Mt.
fieasant people usnally recognize good
. service and are not remiss in showing
1 their appreciation of tbo same-
Mr. W. Davis, the other Aldermanio
1 candidate in Ward V., ia a citizen of
?Mt Pleasant who has a growing bnsi
pens on the Hill, and many friends wbo
1 are anjjon* to aas bim jn tbo next
e DounolJ. Mr. Da?(b |a well and favorably known, and we ejpect be will poll
.a large vote.
That pr, Brydone-Sack who bos to
< efficiently represented Ward V., during
..»♦, w»l-n* pojmpbMo rfand for w*
1 ejection l» a disappointment to bis bost
. pf friend" on the Hill, However, we
I look forward to baying tbe Pocter stand
.for a higher nit-fa office later.
for their gan-*ouii
patronage during the past year,"' wS.
solicit a continuance ot tbelr patronage
during 1906,
s.T. wm$0*
Westminster avenue & Hurls i4n*u|
Telephone 12(16
Mall Orders Promptly Filled.
To the Electors "bf"
Running  A Newspaper.
People think lt Is easy to "run" «
newspaper. An exchange Bays that one
week's experience would change the
opinion of most people on tbe subject
Did you ever count tbe words in a
column of newspaper print? There are
about two thousand words in a column.
Supposo you sit down and write a
thousand words on some subject and
then another thousand on another
nntil yon have written eight or ten
thousand. Try it and see if it is easy.
Keep that gait up for a mouth, a year,
and see if it is easy. Then chase a lor-*1
item til over town, and after yon have
gotten the facts all right, condense
them into a few lines—an hour's work
that can be read in a few seconds. Do
this for a dozen items tbat seem insignificant after they are printed, but
whioh yon know are important; then
have' the items criticised and the
inaccuracies pointed ont to you when it
ls too late to correct them.
In .espouse to tbe request of,-., larp
number of the £l«ptors of Word \',
I huvo consented to.be a canjlidnto fctr
election to the City Couueil f* l_tt6. „,
If elected to represent you for 1906,1
shall to the utmost of my ability look
after the best interests of tbe City and
of Ward V., iu particular,
Yonr rote and influence are respect.oily solicited. ...
Wi Davis.
Mt. Pleasant, December U 1st, -904...   on
City of Vancouver,
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned up to Monday, January
23d, 1906, at 12 o'clock noon, for Cast
Iron Water Pipe.    	
Specifications may be seen at the
office of the Oity Engineer.'*-'
The lowest or any -tender not necessarily accepted.
Vancouver, B. O., Dec. 17lh, 1904.
Your   Vote   and   Influence
solicited for Doctor
W. J. McGuigan.
City of  Vancouver.
■„■  ,"_5
GIVEN that a meeting of the Electors
of the City of Vaucouver will take place
in the City Hall, Westminster aveuue,
on Thursday, January 6th, 1906, at the
hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon for
tbe nomination of candidates for the
offices of Mayor, School Trustees, aud
members of tne Licensing Board; and
for tbe uomiuatiou of candidates for the
office of Aldermen for each ward, on tbe
same day and at the same place, at the
hour of 12 o'clock noon.
No nomination for Mayor, School
Trustees, or Members of the Licensing
Board shall be receiyed after the hour
of 18 o'clock of tbe same day. No nomi-
uatiou for Aldermen shall be received
after 1 o'clock in the afternoon of the
same day. The uomiuatiou of each
candidate shall be iu writing, and be
signed by tbe proposer and seconder,
who shall be in tbe case of Aldermen,
duly qualified Electors of and residents
in tbe Ward of the Oity for whioh the
candidate is nominated, and iu the case
of Mayor, School Trustees, and Members
of the Licensing Board, duly qualified
residents iu and Electors of any word in
the City; and such nomination shall
contain a statement, signed by the
person nominated, that be consents to
the nomination.
A candidate for Mayor or Alderman
shall, at the time of bis uomiuatiou,
deliver to the Returning Officer a certificate signed by the District
Registrar of Titles that be is the duly
qualified registered owner or registered
leaseholder of land in the Oity of Vaucouver, and such certificate shall set out
the description of the laud and the
registered incumbrances and churgus
against tbe same, and shall also deliver
to the Returning Officer a certificate
signed by tho Treasurer of the City
setting out the assessed value on tbe
last assessment roll of the City of the
land described in tbe Registrar's certificate aforesaid.
If no more than the requisite number
for any office be nominated, the Returning Officers shall, after tbe lapse of oue
hour from the time fixed for holding
the meetiug, declare such candidate
duly elected for such office.
Should more than the required number be nominated for any office the
Beturning Officer shall adjourn the pro-
Good-_ve Overcoat!
Public Notice.
GIVEti to the Electors of the Municipality of South Vancouver that I require
the presence of tbe said Electors, at the
Municipal Hall, North Arm road on
Monday, January 9th, 1906, at 12o'clock
noon, toe the purpose of electing peraous
to represent tbem in tbe Municipal
Council af. Reeve and Councillors.
' Tba mode of nomination of Candidates
shall be as follows: The Candidates
shall be nominated in writing, the
writing shall be subscribed to by two
Tenters of toe- Muuicipality as Proposer
and Seconder, and shall be delivered to
the Beturning Officer at any time
between the the date of the notice and
t&a»Jis££&£ *! =)S^C^"S3_^^ii
City of
Again, jump into a case and set the
type for the paper, as a majority of
editors have to do on weekly papers.
A column of type contains about 3,000
"ems." An "em'' is the Biro cf a letter
"ni." Each letter requires six motions
of the arms and fingers to set in a
"stick," from which it is dumped onto
a galley. It is then proved, corrected
and dumped into the forms, and
"made ready" for the press. Then there
are ads to reset, and more or leas job
work to do, besides getting off the mail.
After the paper is off tbe typo baa to be
Washed and thrown back into the case,
ready for next week's issue.
■   _
-.Chester Nebraska; "Herald."
Telephone Numbers of Local Mini.
BITW-Rev. G. H. Wllaon, (Ansllcan).     I
1066—Rev. 0. A. Wilson, (Prea-yterlan..
JJl-t-—Rev. A. E. lletberingtou, (Methodlet).
f Organizations are launched for
ilfcapwrpnsa of electing » certain ae* of
■ men, it ia pretty certain there is a
1 clique behind the scenes wbo bays
•"axes to Grind."
A    good    New Year's    rejojption:
■ "Mayor JfpGuigan for a Second term,"
ifyoukOTwanyHemaof Mt,Pl»a«ant
-.nawa-p-Bootel, Personal or any otber
.Uews ltem*-aend Wtete in to t'Tha
vA4waate," or by tolei*o«>»--BJ*06.
'tm Anvoc*j7t lsnlwayeglad to receive
tMww of aooial, pysonal or otber new*
ttftom Its readers,   gend news Items to
"The beauty of s   -omens face or figure
ts but the external sign of (h* good health
- within," says  Pr.
R.  V,  Pierce,   of
Buffalo, N. Y., the
specialist In
women's diseases,
Further, to be happy and beautiful
Snt must naturally
tve good health.
Now, If s worasu
has pragging'down
feelings, together
with constantly rt.
turning pains snd
tcbei, a too great
drain upon her vl
  1%; _;
of nervousness, the befogeed mine], the
ill-temper, the pale end wrinkled face, all
result .from  those  disorders  pectillar  to
Smea, and the only way to effect tbelr curs
Ip strike »t the uoii.ee of th? difficulty,
ere ia every reason why she should write
some great specialist, one who has made tbe
^^^^^^^^^^     Ulltyand strength,
she will never look beautiful.  The feeiinga
diteaaea of women a specialty for a third ol
a century like Dr. _L V. Pierce, founder of
the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
of Buffalo, N. Y. All correspondence ia
held sacredly confidential, and he gives his
ndvlce free snd without charge
During: a long period nf practice, Doctor
Pierce found that a prescription made up
entirely of roots and herbs, without tho
pse of alcohol, cured ninety-eight per cent,
pf auch pases, Alter using this remedy lor
many years In hia private practice he put
It up In a form that can bs*ha.l at any store
Where niceli.inc" are handled. \
In puny cases Dr. R. V. Pierce'a Favorite
Prescription will fit the seeds nnel put the
body in healthy condition.
So sure of it la Dr. Pierce, be ofera *
Nonoe. ?v,«'t-$
TAKE NOTICE that • By.jnw.ja
intended to be pas*»cd by tbe Ci|f»
Council for levying a frontage .rate, tq
pay for a basement -drain to bo; constructed in tbe Inn* east of Weatnttnstst
avenue from Hastings igreet north m
Powell street and from Hastings, .tret**
south to Princess street and:thata- statement showing tbe land liable to pay the
said -ate aud the names ot the owner*
thereof, as far as tbey can be ascertain,
ed from tbe last revised assessment roll,
is now filed in the oSltp of tbe City
Clerk, and is open for inspection during
office hours. The estimated oost of - tbe
work is *-,G38.3., of which (876.86 iato
be provided ent of the general funds af
the City. A Court of Bevisiou will to
held on January 80th, 1905, at thi. City
Hall at 9 p ni., for tbe purpose of bearing complaints against tbe proposed
assessment or accuracy of tba frontage
measurement or any other complain*
which persons interested may desire to;
moke, and which is by law cognisable
by the Court,
NOTIOE.      ;>. _ ,.,
The Fire-arms By-law is now in force,
which enacts tbat. -(!
■No person undor Ibe age Of 18 years
shall fire off any gun, fowling pi.ee,
riflo, pistol or fire-arm within the limits
of the District of South Vancouver."
The peualty for infraution of above'is
a fine not exceding-fifty, dollars or one
mouth imprisonment, |
William Q, Waltwr, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oct. 18,1904. .
$10 Rewar^i
Tbe Conncil ofj South VaiicQurpt
hereby offer a Reward of Ten Dollars;
to be paid npon tbe conviction of
person nr persons wl|o beiug u
eighteen years of age, discbirges
fire-arms within tbe limit* of
By order, *s
W. O, .WALJCEfc. O. M. 6
Nov. 19, 1904. HB
nation. And in the event of a poll being
necessary, whether for Reeve or
Councillors, such poll will be opened on
[;SAT0rdAY, the Hth Dat -jf January, 1905, from 8 a. m., to 4 pi m„ at
tbe Municipal Hall.
The qualifications for Roove shall be
his being a male British Subject, and
having been for the three months next
preceding tha day of his nomination, the
registered owner in the Land Registry
Office of land nhd real property, situate
within the Municipality, of the assessed
valao on the last Municipal Assessment
Roll, of five- hundred dollars or more,
over and above any registered judgment,
and being otherwise duly qualified as a
vote*, ^^^^^^^^^^^^
' "The qualification for Councillor shall
be his being a male British (Subject, and
having bbeii far the three months next
ffeceding the dhy of nomination, the
registered owner in the Laud Registry
Office of land or real property, situate
within the Municipality, of the assessed
value -on the last Municipal or Provin
cial A«sessmont Roll of two hundred
and fifty dollars or more, over and above
any registered judgment, or being a
homesteader, lessee from tba Crown, or
pre-emptor who has resided within the
Municipality for the space of one year,
or more,immediately preceding the nom
tnation and who is assessed for five hundred dollars, or more, on tbe last Muni-
p tl or Provincial Assessment Boll; over
and above any registered judgment, and
being otherwise qualified as a voter; bnt
nothing herein- contained shall be held
to disqualify a Councillor whose qualification at the time ot his election was
that of a homesteader, lessee from the
Crown, or pre-emptor, sbonld he acquire
a title to bis land during his term of
William O. WALKER.
Given  under  my   hand, at   South
Vanconver, the 20th of December, 1904.
Thursday, January 12th, 1906, when a
poll shall be opened in each ward or
polling subdivision, or at such places as
may be fixed by the Conncil for the
election at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, and
shall continue open until 7 o'clock in
tbe afternoon of the same day, and no
Vancouver, B. C, Dec., 22d, 1904.
You Can
buy your Bread at the same
old price at W. T>. Muir's,
Mt. Pleasant Bakery, for
cash in advance or on
Flour has a advanced $1.00
per barrel. We have $8,000
of flour and can feed Vancou-
ver for a while longer.
W.D. Muir
Mt. Pleasant
tVHILE there's lots of winter
' ' ahead, selling time on winter
Overcoats is short, and ou January 3d, we shall cut prices on
our Overcoats that will clear tbe
decks very soon.
All our Overcoats are new—right
out and tailored elegantly. They
would not be new if we carried
tbem over, and the money invested in tbem would not pay rent.
WEDNESDAY, January 8d, will
be a great day to buy an Overcoat
at tbe Daylight Store.
$10.00 and $12.00   Coats
for 17.50.
114.00,116.00, ♦lB.OOOoats
for 110.00.
118.00 and $20.00  Coats
for $12.50.
We invite you to come and look.
1 I f tiLm--£Jf
Tl   _________i
Wmi llnl
IM O \
•,'.••?> '■.* ?A
■*_**•    'vi_____H
A. E. LEES & O
Wishing You All
A Happy and Prosperoi
New Year!
Andrews Bn
2315 Westminster Ave.
**? Which Meet on fit. Pleasant
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. Ill meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—O. G. Kenny.      ,
Recording Secretary—Thos.
Mackay, Heather and Eighth avenne.
New Meat ria^ket
2442 Westminster avenue.
OPEN SATURDAY.   Good Meats at
Right Prices.
M. G. OLIVER, Proprietor.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
OfMEF Ranger—W. G. Taylor,
'227 Keefer atreet, City.
Recording Secretary—W. H. DeBou,
578 Tenth avenue, eaat.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
814 .'riiie't'.s street, City.   Telephone!
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Review 1st and lid Fridays of eaoh
month in I. O. O. F., Hall corner Westmiuster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. F. L. Budlong,
186 Eleventh avenue, west.
Lady Beoord Keeper—Mrs.   Mory   A.
Foote, 880 Ninth avenue, east.
If you want a
Rttife up
Telephone 987
or oall around at the Siqx
Works, 408 Cordova St., west.
In any'oase your wants will receive ths
most conrteoits and careful attention,
The 'Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it oironlatos, Tel. B1405
Situate in the New Westminster
Mining Division of District of New
Westminster. Where located.—Britannia Mountain, Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTICE thatl, Annie Anstiu,
Free Miner's Certificate, No. B78870,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
nnder Section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 20th day of October 1904.
Rwsrd of $500 for women VB0 cannot 6*
ilapim,      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
*sks la s fail and e.»«oiial>le trial of his
Lrucorrlie-a, F.mal- Weakness,
" *■■" ***■-*■     All be
cured _...___....___..._
frolapma, or Falling of Womb.
*sks Is s fall
P-.am of care
Don't alio*- the deslei Ja-insiilt your
ipt«Hig«nc- bx^jjtrmg'y'ou a cheap a»b<
Send u on
•nd lnaflir J
Adviser tt-9
Dr. R. V. PM
r.crnt •**».>• to PIT £"■'<_!»•
,nd get Dr. Pierce's Medical
.per covers, fret.
|l^ Buffala, N. V.
' drsiraWti'lmi^i WS_ ^•'tW **re the
Baptist. >
rtuv-iiili avenue, b.iwc.n v/tumlatln^ra
nuc anel Qil-*ee atreet. HERVfCKSat 15 *,«.„
and 7i-np.ro.! Siiii'ln- Selim-l. ai _|90 p.ro.
Rev. A. W,  Mound, Paaior,   Uailif.ijre pt
sixth avenue, eati, y
Corner al -Nliit ami. Weilniln-ler. avenuea.
kkrvii.'Kh at II a, m., and 71>, ao',1 nwi.y
Hclinol and nible Claaa IliM plm. «•>*.',*_ J*.
HcihcrlnglQii, II, A., B, I'., I'aator. <
ParaQliags li. EloTenlh annua, W««t. Tete-
l.honc SUite.
Corner Ninth avenne and Qualm: itrsjlt
HERVfnj» at 11 a, in.,and 7iWp. n.; Sunday
Mebool st%B0p.ro. Hcv.iiiei.A.WIIann, H.A.,
i-tetnr. >J.u*o corner of Bl.litb avonue aiid
Ontario staaet.  Tel,,lp«. ...
Bt MiOMA-JHi, (Anglioau).
corner WestraJnater mad and I'rinoe Kdprard
,treei. HKBVlC«B*t )!*, m„ and7;N p.m..
dulyComi.pnianW**Q M Bundaya tn each
monili after murnlng pnyer, M »l)d ttj. s«n-
layaam, m, 'Himdsy twbnol- at -.tie p.m.
Rev. Q, II, YVIIkpii, Rector.
. itootnry -7! Thlrteunth arcniie, aaat. Tele-
.'hone B1780.
AnyENT«H.  ■    'iBTh--"'
Adveut Cbrlatian Chureh (nnt7tb day Ad-
entl -ta) corner Ninth avenne ana Wenmla
ter r. ad. Hervleea 11 a.m., and 7:10 p.m.,
unday Hehool at 10 a.m. Young people!'
.-,,,-i.-i y ,,f I.oynl Woraerf ol Christian f_nde«-
vnr meet" evtry Knuitay*renlugnl*.UoVlnek. 11
t'taytt '" allug WartnwdaynlKliiaa-SnVlwIi    0
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Holiday Sale
Continues at
Ladies' Cravenette Raincoats.
Ladies' Cravenette Raincoats worth |6.00 for |8.00 eaoh   -"*"**"**
•i ii H ii   $8.00 "  |_ 00    "
" " '< '•   $9.50 "   $4 76   "
" " " " $18.00 "   $6.00   "
Children's Pioture Handkerchiefs, 2 for 6c.
Boys' Lined Kid Gloves, worth $1.00 for 60c a pair.
All lines at reduced price. This is the place far real bargains. Call and see.
J. Horner,
400 Westminster AVO. Opp. Carnegie Library.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meets
every 2d and 4tu Thursdays of each
month, in I. O. O. F., Hall, corner
Seventh aud Westminster avenues.
Sojourning Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Mies A. Chambers, Recorder,
-2-8 Westminster iiveneic.   Tel. 760,
Tram: Mark*
- . - . • •        Copyrights 4c.
Anyone sending * Bketob and description may
quickly aaoertaln our opinion free whether an
liiTaiillon la protiatil- patenteiblo. Communications-trlotlyconlltiontf.l. Handbook on Patente
aentfree, Oldeat apency tor aecnrlnepatenta.
PatonU taken throneb Munn A Co. reeelTi
ipecleil nof i-a, without oliarao, In the
Scientific JUncrican*
A handittmelr lHuBtrnfod weekly. I.nrixoit elr-
ciilftttnu of uny lolentlDo journal. Terms, |3 »
rear; (our month*, |L Bold by nil newideal-n.
illlll* Co.-'—* New York
Branch Offloe, m V BU Washington. D. C.
In Trimmed urol
Also Children's Headw|
endless varieties.
Blouses,   Wrappers,   Dre
Underskirts.   Full line ofl
and Children's Hosiery, j
ren's   Bearskin  Coats,
reasonable.   We have i
thing kept   in a firsf
Dry Goods St<
W* W. Meri
3000 R0|
One, Two aud Three Td
Also a number of Ornaml
Flowering Shrubs and Clim|
Perennial Plants, Bulbs i
Chas. Ke<
Nots—Street Cars pass my j
2784 Westminster Ave.
Westminster Ave., next GM
John Gillman, Prod
Three .Chairs, and a fiM
Boom is rnn in connect..]
Barber Shop—give this pli
Jas. Carnah-]
Ordera promptly attended
day. Cbargea moderate.
Office: 37 Hastings street,'
Telephone J
lit. Pleasant Mall. (Po
Leaves at 6 a.m., 11 a m.i
Arrives at 11 a. m., and I
Electric Light in
South Vancouver.
If premises are within 100 feet of Company's primary wiresl
regular charge of $8.00 will be made for installation of meter!
lamps.   Beyond that distance line construction will be chi
for at tho rate of $10.00 per 100 feet; it several bonees are
together the cost may be divided among the householders inJ
ing the Electric Light.
The following rates will be charged to consumers:
Meter Rates Based os Monthly Oonsdmptionji.^
On the first 40 E. W. hours 17o per Kilowatt hours!
"    " next 60 K. W.   "      12o " "    I
On consumption over 100 K.W. honrs. .10o per Kilowatt hi
Subject to a cash discount of t>% if bill paid on or before 10th
after date thereof. . .
These are the rates in force in Vanconver until Jnly 1, lfj
, f
British Columbia Electric Railway Company.
t'%'%%%%%%%%^%%%%%*-V%^' •


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