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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jan 9, 1904

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 ■-(■■—.1 ii S»S ,i I   ,„  .n^siss
Hot Water Bottles,'
75c, $i.oo and up.
('.Fountain Syringes,
I        •• 75c, $1.00 and up.
fFhe McDowell, At! ns,
Watson Co., Ld.
[Burritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
HAT* full Line of Luwney's Chocolnies.	
Mt Pleasant Advocate
Devoted to th* Interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Ceatral Park, South Vancouver.
Established Apr. 3,1399. fifth Year, Vol. 5, No. 39, Whole Number 2*7
$1 per year. Six Months 50c, Three norths 25c, Single Copy 5c.
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
Fresh Oysters, just in.   Baked Apples—like home—
with Pore Cream.   Genniue Boston Buked Brans
Open from 7:110 a. m.,  to 12 p. in.
Sunday from 9 a. in.   to 12 p. m
10 0 0OO OOOOOOO00 000000000000000000000
l ~ .                  ■ a • Q  ftcrsons Having Friends or knowing ot ®
tO I   f\m\ Itt^mC V  KSlranaers visiting on lil. Pleasant will  O
I* L.\,CC1I CICIIlO. Q confer   a grcol   favor   fcv Informing n
LT 0 .The Advocate. JJ
The McOoaig Auction and Corumis-
l.siou Co., Ltd., nexttoCarueige Library,
It Bastings street, boy Furniture for Cash,
I Conduct Auction Sales and bundle
[, Bankrupt Stocks of ivory description.
[ Satisfaotiou guaranteed. Phono 1070.
101 —
Mrs. Qeo W. Hatchings entertained
i her Sunday School Class most delight-
' folly on  Wednesday evening  at  her
'borne on Eighth'aveuue.   For general
regular attendance,   Kathleen
^,-McAllister      received    first       prize;
Edith Middlemiss and Buoy Alexander
were awarded 2d prize.   The Class pre-
■■ staged Mrs. Hatchings with a hand-
, take ' volume  of, Milton's    "Paradise
Losji. '   A very delightful evening was
spent  by  all,  uiusio,  recitations and
games tarnished the amusement, and
dainty refreshments were served which
Were most acceptable to the   happy
young people.
Pore and Fresh Candles at Mt. Pleas-
et Candy Store, Burritt Block.
Alderman Morton is in the field for
j v re-election.   See bis card.
When heavier and more substantial
shoos aro required for Winter Wear,
we are, as usual, with the very choicest
Offerings of the best makers. We offer
. wecial values in Ladies Shoes at (1 76,
$2.60 and $8.60. B MILLS, 18 Cordova
-street and 640 Granville street.
Dr. Brydone-Jack has allowed his
uathe to be placed in nomination as
Alderman for Ward V. The Doctor
only consented to run after much
argent solicitation on the part of o large
number of the Electors. It is beyond a
doubt a case of the Ollice seeking the
Man. The Doctor is a long-time real-
yent of the Hill, his popularity indisputable. The interests of the City aud
of Mt. Pleasant iu particular will be
safe in tho bands of Dr. .Brydouo.
If you know any items of Mt.Pleasant
news—Social,   Personal or any   other
I'  ,;»ews items—send   them   in   to   "The
Advocate," or by telephone—Bl-105.
St. Michael's Sunday School held
♦heir minimi Xmr.s Tree and Eutertiiin-
nieut iu Mkhiu's Hull un Tuesday evening Jan. 6th. The ball was well filled
and the program was 11 decided success.
The child*, u performed their different
pieces iu a highly i-iediuible style. At
the end of tliv program Shui.-i Claus
appjnred nud di»lribiited Ihe presents
fiwn ihe two heavily laden trees.
Dr. W,.,. MoOtiigau for Mayor.
AliUfi'innii Wood bus faithfully served
Wajfl V., for live years The Electors
wifTretr.ru him.
the City (iror/ity delivers groceries
♦Very ibty on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 288
By telling murcliauts tney saw their
advertisements in The Advocatk our
readers will confer a favor nud help the
paper, greatly.
Some ministers seem  to have taken
Sunday afternntuis for Campaign meetings. One was held on Sunday last in
Mt. Plensi.ut Methodist Church; tomorrow afternoon auother.is announced
to bike place in the City Hall. If
either of thethree Mayorallty
Candidates should hold a Sunday
meeting, any one can fancy the storm
of condemnation it would arouse
Mr. Herbert Sacrct eutertalued a
nnrator of friends on Thursday eve-
oii|g nt trie home of his parents, Onpt.
and Mrs. Tho*. Sncret, St. George street.
The Occasion was his birthday and tho
evening was passed in a most delightful
Dr. Brydone-Jack is a popular candidate for Alderman, for Ward V.
It   is   stated   on   good   authority
' that Mr. Philip Fewster will be out for
Para Commissioner.   He should know
the duties tor  he  was  Chairman   for
tro years.
Dry Feet always give a man comfort.
Many complaints hnve their origin in
Iff oaring poor shoes daring the whiter
months in British Columbia. Why
tako chances? We invite you to call
and see our Winter Shoes—none better.
B. Mills, 18 Cordova street and 640
Granville street.
Vote for A. E. Lees for Park Commissioner.
Miss Florence Arkle entertained a
number of her friends Wednesday evening nt her home on Eighth avenne.
Cards aud dancing were the chief past-
tlmo of the evening, and were enjoyed
till tho wee sum' hours.
The Philimathiau Society held a most
aujoyuble Social at the home of the
Misses Verge on Tuesday euening. The
mcctipg Tuesday evening next will be
held at the    home of    Mr.  Vernon
Dr. W. J. McOuignn for Mayor.
For Park Commissioner, Mr. A. E.
'-fioa. Is certain to be reelected. •>
* "Out Of Work, and Why?" and
"A Model Politician," will the subjects
of'thJB*irmoiis Sunday by Bev. 0. H.
M. Sutherland of Mt Pleasant Methodist Church.
Changes for advertisements should h»
ta'Defwn Thursday nnhn' to insure their
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
Owing to the number of Election
Cards and the South Vancouver Balance
Sheet, which have to appear in this
issue of "The Advocate," a number of
items have boon crowded out.
Aldermen W. H. Wood and J. Morton
bare called a Ward Meeting to be held
in Mason's Hall  on  Tuesday evening
next at 8 p. in.
Dr. Brydone-Jack for Alderman for
Dr. MoGuigan will be the next Mayor
The most scientific Shop in the West.
We now have a capacity of 80,000 loaves
per week. Just come in and see how
the bread is put in the oven and taken
ont without handling. We oan put a
batch of bread in aud take it out of the
oven in about 20 seconds. We can sup-
ply your wants at short notice.
Miss Anna Marstrand will take a few
more pupils in her Music Class. For
terms and particulars address Miss
.Anna Marstrand, 8S9 Hastings street;
telephone 1178.
Mr. J. J Dougau formerly ou the
East End School Staff, is a candidate for
School Trustee. He will prove a
valuable member on the School Board if
elected. Mr. Dongan has been a teacher
for 17 years, 18 of which he has been on
the City Staff and during that period
only missed one day from his duties.
As a teacher he has proven both efficient
and popular.   Vote for J. J. Dongan.
Jail.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs. T. F.
.lull, Ninth avenue, east, Monday Jan.
4th, a daughter.
Mr. A. J. McKinnon has opened a
Candy Store and Factory in the Burritt
Block, Westminster avenue. Fresh
and First-class Candies.
Mr. Wm. George has a policy for the
schools of the city which if adopted will
prove of great benefit to the working
people For School Trustee give one of
your four votes to Wm. George.
Misses Ethel and Constance Chamber-
lin of New Westminster, were the
guests this week of the Misses Verge,
Tenth avenue.
Mrs. (Dr.) Naboth Allen, Westminster and Eighth aveunes, will be at
home ou the 2d and 4th Thursdays of
each month.
Mrs. Genrgs Hnlford Wilson, 872
Thirteenth avenne, east, will be at
borne on the 1st and 8d Wednesday of
the month.
from Seattle, where he has been residing tbe past few months.
Fresh Chocolates and Taffy Candies
every day, at Mt. Pleasant Candy Stoio,
Burritt Block.
Vote for W. H. Wood for Alderman.
Miss Maud Mills has been ill with la
grippe this week.
Miss Annie Chambers is suffering
from a severe attack of la grippe.
Carry tbe most complete stock of
requisitions for the Toilet- Skin Foods,
free from hair-growing propensitives
Tissue Builders to suit all faces. By far
the largest stock of Hair Goods iu town
at moderate prices.
Electroysis, Hair-dressing, Manicuring,    Scalp    Treatment,    and  Face
687 and 680 Granville street
To the Electors of
I will be a candidate for School
Trustee in the coming Civio Election,
and desire tbe co-operation of all those
interested in Technical Schools and
Night Classes for Apprentices and
others who are employed during the
Yours faithfully.
William George.
To the Electors of
Iu response to a largely signed
requisition lam pleased to announce
myself as a candidate for School
Trustee for 1904.
In my opinion no office in your gift is
so important or requires more wisdom
and foresight. My over 18 years experience on the City Staff will greatly aid
me iu the practical administration of
school management.
My motto shall be: "The Schools of
Vancouver the First in the Province."
I believe every encouragement should
be given the teachers in their work, and
generally promotions should occur from
the Local Staff.
If elected I shall endeavor without
fear or favor to advance the best
interests nf education. Thanking yon
ill anticipation,
I am yrmrs faithfully
Mark your ballot for Dr Brydone-
Jack for Alderman for Ward V.
Alderman W. H. Wood to-day announces himself as a candidate for reelection.
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New||York Dental Parlors for your work
Mr. Jas. N. Boult returned Thursday
Attend Kennedy's Big Sale. Big discount on every article.
If yon miss The Advocatk you miss
the local news.
To the Electors of
Ward V.
At the urgent request of a large number of Voters of Ward V., I bave
allowed my name to be placed in nomination for a sixth term as Alderman.
If elected I shall, as in the past,
conscientiously look after and further
the interests of the City at large as well
as those of the ward I represent.
Alderman Wm. H. Wood.
To The Electors of
In response to a large number of the
Electors of Ward V., I have consented
to be a candidate for re-election to the
City Oounoil for 1904.
During the past year it has been
my aim to Berve Ward V., faithfully,
and trust my record in the Conncil has
met with the approval of the Electors of
the ward. If returned, as oue of your
representatives for 1904; I shall, to the
best of my ability, look after the interests of the City, und Ward V., in par-
Wishing al1 a Prosperous New Year,
I am as ever, yours faithfully
Alderman J. Morton.
Mt. Pleasant, Jan. 2d, 1904.
Ranges, Stoves
and Heaters
 Wo bave the best—our prices are right. Call and you
will be convinced that we can save you money.
Paints,   Oils & Glass.
J. A.  P L E T T,
am,  W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Fresh Eastern
Smoked Salmon, Halibut and Kippers.
Labrador Herrings and Cod.
2425 Westminster avenue.
'Phoue 322.
Our Annual Stocktaking
Sale is Now On.
DRESS GOODS.—Melton's Cloth in cardinal, grey, navy, brown aud
black, regular 26c; Sale price 15c yd. Suitings in plain aud fancy effects,
wrath up to 60c; Sale price 26c yd. Amacsons, 64 inches, in navy, black
dark grey, dark green, brown and black, regular f 1; Sale price 46o yd.
Every line in the store at bargaiu prices.
A. ROSS & CO., 28 Cordova St.
City Grocery Co.,
take this opportuuity to extend to their Mt-PkwaHfc
Customers their hearty thanks for the kind patronage during the past year, and hope, that their present
pleasant business relations will continue during tit*
coming year. With confidence in their splendid;
stock of staple and fancy groceries to give satisfaction, they wish all a most happy and prosparous
New Year.
Tel. 200. Westminster Ave. * Prinoess Street.
New York Dental Parlors
Upper or Lower Set.
Guaranteed for 12 years.
22K GOLD  CROWNS....» 7 00
SILVER FILLINGS only... .1 00
GOLD Fillings as low as 2 00
PLATES   12 00
Teeth Extracted (painless) 60
We give the best wiult for the least money. Our offices are well equipped
with the very latest appliances for doing paiuless dentistry. We can give
you the satisfaction that we have given to others. ,
We can Extract, Pill and Crown Teeth absolutely without pain.
Our operators are all graduate dentists, holding special diplomas, which are
on view iu our reception rooms.
New York Dental Parlors, 147 Hastings St., E. I
Office Hours: 8 a. in , to 9 p.|m.; Sundays 9 a. m„ to 2 p. m. Telephone 1566
The Wind Up
with the appearance of this ad the business for 1903 will bo over. We have done
a big business; it would have been very strange had this not been go, for we
were never better equipped with choice fresh goods at right figures,-than during
the year Just closed.
We wish to Thank our many Patrons for the way the orders came in, for
they came in bundles, tambling in. ,
To all our Old Customers and the Many New Ones we wish
you a Most Prosperous New Year.
We have many Odd Lots left over which wo will sell at Crisp Snap Prices.
Look in it will pay you.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
plSnt Central fleat Haffcet
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale end Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
a hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairviow.
Prompt Delivery.
Family Theatre.
Habixsgs. St., heab Carnegie Library.
Admission too.
3:30 to 5 p.m., and 7 to 11 p.m. Dally
High-class Entertainment for
Ladies, Gentlemen & Children
Pull Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster are., & Dofferin st.
Boots & Shoes
Up-to-date Footwear for
Men, Women and
of Boys'and Child-
All our Footwear is of the Latest Styles
and of the Best Quality.
Douglas A Coulter
441 Westminster avenue^
To the Elector, of the City of Vancouver:
Ladles and Gentlemen,—As It Is my Intention to seek, your suffrages tor the
honorable position ot Mayor of this City
for the year 1904, I think It proper that
1 should place before you my views on
civic matters which I deem to be of Im
I. I believe In the policy of economy
In all departments, coupled with efficiency and a due regard to the require'
ments of all parts of the City.
>. I advocate the observance of all regulations tending to the maintenance of
order and the suppression of vice in the
City, having due regard to the long ex
perlence of older and larger cities In all
parts of the world.
3. I favor the appointment ot a Board
of Police Commissioners to regulate the
Police Department, reserving power to
the City Council to control expenditure.
at, 1 am of the opinion that Cottage
Hospitals of modern design should be
erected for the purpose of Isolating and
treating the various forms of epidemic
diseases to which all cities are liable In
this manner only can the spread of Infectious diseases be effectually stamped
6. I recognise that owing to tbe growing sea-gi.ng traffic of the Port of Vancouver, a Board of Harbor Commissioners Ib very desirable, more especially as
the City now owns the whole of Fals^
Creek and a comprehensive scheme for
utilising the same will have ere long to
be devised.
6. I am in favor of having all the
City's rights In respect to foreshore ami
street ends fully protected and enforced,
and that the public should be protected
at railway crossings.
7. I am In favor of the admission ot all
railways to the City under due safeguards
far the public Interest.
8. I believe the time has come when
a public market could be operated to advantage In some central position on the
water front, and that such a convenience
would attract considerable additional business to the City, and provide a cheaper
supply ot garden and farm produce for
the citizens.
». The rapid growth of outlying portions of the City demands that sewers
shall be constructed there as soon aa possible; also a practical scheme devised, In
co-operation with the Park Commissioners, for the purpose of enabling the cltl-
xens to derive more pleasure nnd benefit
from the several small parka and English Bay property recently acquired by
tha City.
10. I heartily support the efforts being
made to have the tramway lines extended
to the Cemetery, and a reasonable appropriation made for beautifying the
Cemetery, by planting trees, etc.
II. I believe the City should take Im
mediate steps to acquire the Kllaala In
dlan Reserve at the mouth of False Creek,
to be available tor exhibitions or any
other public purposes.
12. During my seven years on the
School Board I have worked In tho Interests of higher education, and the fad
that Vancouver College Is nnw afffllatsd
with McOlll University for the first
two years In Arts, shows that my efforts as a member of the Board, and ns
Secretary of the British Columbia McOlll
rjmiluates' Society, have not been with'
out decided benefit to Vancouver. Further I believe that thousands of dollars
are annually sent out of the City and
Province to an American Institution of
technical education. I would favor the
establishment of technical classes
In Vancouver to the extent of
reasonable appropriation by the City tn
aid In the establishment of such classes
for the benefit ot our mechanics,
draughtsmen and members of other
In conclusion I beg to remind the elect
ors that I have resided continuously In
this City since 1S86. and have watched Its
growth from a small village to Ha present position of the premier City In British
Columbia, and during all that tlmo to tho
beat of my ability have assisted nnd sup
ported  every   measure   put  forward  for
I am. yours faithfully,
Advocate thfthflght
B.C. Granulated Sugar. 'iO-lb. sack ii.nn
Ofllvie'n Hungarian Flour per sack 11.40
First-clans Creamery flutter    .jc per pound.
Extract of Lemon or Vanllln 8 bottles font's-
Bocene Oil per tin fl .4*,
Mt. Pleasant.
lor 2ftc
Phone WW.
Free delivery!
Wall Paper at
Auction *\X2sr
They are going very fast.
A very good sign
that our goods and
prices are right.
Call and See.
H.D. Hyndman
Successor to the
4 30  Westminster   Avenue
Telephone 931
Black Henrietta Cloths
Regular 50c Cloths for 85c yard.
75o       "       "    Sflo     "
1'       85c       "       "    flOc     "
' '    $1.00       "       "   76o     "
nil-wool Serges
In bli-.ek, navy,   red and cream -.
44 inches wide;   worth 80e, Uulc
price 40.
Bluck, navy, cardinal and cream;
46 inches wide, ertra value, regular
86c yd., Sale price 60o.
Black mid navy, 53 inches wide,
regular $1, Sale price 75c.
Black nud navy, 54 inches wide,
regular $1.26, Sale price 95c.
We take stock at the end of the
mouth, hence [the reason of these
little prices.
These quotations  are  merely   to
show you the downward trend of
prices iu.the Dress Goods Dopt.
» ■
303 Hastings street.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men ^
of years and years aud years experience, ^
and a brewery whose plant is the most -—
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is **
it any wonder that it has taken a place 3.
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
£: can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $1.     3
>? Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. *
9= Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 4a9 3
fc For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels    ^
^ or delivered to your house. ■*•
71 ...... ...... iii ...... ii. ni...... ii. ii. m to iU R
McToggart & Moscrop
Deai.krk in
344 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Tenipletnii Block.
Corner Ninth Ave. s-. Westminster Rr\
nud will be pleased tn snpply
anything in my line of business'
Telephone 188.
Rheumatic Liniment
" Touches the Spot"
When used nn Sprains, Swellings,
Rheumatism, Sore Throat, Cold iu
Chci-t, Painful Joints, Neuralgia, etc.
It is a liuimeut that penetrates quickly
ts> the,.very-ionrco of the trouble and
banishes pain almost as mini us it is
applied It soothes nnd heals, It is
THE liniment to use whenever nn
external remedy is required.
Price 25c nud 60c.
600-601 Hastings St., Cor. Seymour
Telcpbouo   1294.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
It et nm I a Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free your choice of HO
pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
150 books. Books nnd pictnre lists ou
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
vaniouvu, b.c.
Tun Advoo.vir is the b«>'t iulverl;sin
medium where it circulates.  Tel, hlW!>
Buying a
You'll flud it ensy to buy a Watch
nt "TroVey's."'
Been use	
iu (be first place we hnve the
Waiehei-—all kinds of them.
—then again you can rtiriiid
upon what we say about n Watch.
Of course if you nre a stranger here
end do not know ns or our methods,
very well, you'll perhaps wiint
more than our word.
Then here's onr written gnarnnlee.
You know we'll "make good" as
John Henry would say.
■■■HI     I SS«MS.»S.S«MS»«atJpS
1311   Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
E. H. Peace,   Proprietor.
00 00 00
Wholesale    and   Retail
Dealer    in   Meata    of
All Kinds. Tel. a 1206
Give us trial.
"Ahem! true for you," said Dnrgnu,
with a Sigh. 'I'm sure it would take halt
a day to tell all the trouble ami toil I've
hud'with the Vivian estate, to say n»:h-
ing of the valuable time it has taken up,
and not even twenty pounds for n mourning" ring to reward me. Yon know, old
Tilly and me, we are executors ns well
as guardians, and every blessed bit of
work lias fallen to my share. Of course,
I'd gladly do my best for the minor. Me
and my sister look upon her as our own
< hild, that we do." Here he took a
pOuch of snuff to hide the intensity of bis
feelings, and waited for a reply. Beaton, however, onCy bowed assent. "As
1 said," resumed Dargan, "I'd do anything for tbe doaT child, but I am a poor,
111-111; my time Is my money, and I have
spent hours, ay, months, upon her."
"I begin to*understand," said Beaton,
leaning forward, bis elbows on his knees
and ins chin on his hands.   "Pray go on."
"You arc not a busipess mam, Mr. Benton," continued' Dargan, with an in-
uluu.iting grill, "you nre above these sort
Of things; but I had a very sensible letter from a young man 1 once pulled
through nn awkward fix, nnd who has
trlnce shot ahead and made a lot of
money. He wrote on spec, and thinking
be might suit, I answered him much
about the time you wrote: then, whoa
M r. Tally thouybt you the likeliest party
of the two, r'ppt hirn off. Just look at
hla view of the matter."
Beaton took and read tie letter; it con-
tr.ined a distinct offer of four thousand
pounds on condition that u marriage be-
teen him and Dargan's ward should b_-
completed, ond settlements fully satisfactory to himself should be drawn up.
"Ah1, this is extremely distinct. You
witfh some remuneration for your valuable time and fatherly care? I really
don't see what: claim you bave on me,
my dear sir. If my future wife wishes
to bestow any trifling gift in the shape
of friendship's offering as a token of
Itrntittide for your disinterested care, I
bave no objection."
Mr. Dargan grinned more amiably than
"And suppose I withdraw my sanction,
my assistance, where are you?"
"And suppose I persuade tbe young
lady to dispense with your consent?" ask'
ed Beaton, with an Ineffable air. "What
shall you do?"
"Let heT money accumulate until I
crant It, and tie it up so tight that you
'an't touch a rap, save with her consent,
during her life or after her death."
"But you would not give her to th.li
this  bagman?"   asked   Beaton,  striking
the letter   with his    finger,    und    then
throwing it on the table.
"Why not?    He is u good sort of a
fellow, with reddish    hnir,    not unlike
yourself." ^^^^~
Benton looked at him, ond then burst
into a good-humored fit of laughing.
"I fancy Miss Vivian would see a difference," he said.
"Maybe>o, maybe so, but that ain't the
question, fevrc .you inclined to follow my
correspondent's example? I am foolish
enough when I'like a man, as I like yon,
especially when I am inclined to beliere
you would make my dear little ward
happy; to forget my own interest, only
I mustn't, I mustn't allow myself to be
wenk, for my poor sister's sake as well
as my own. Who'll look after me when
I nm paftv'work?''
"I cannot tell, I «m sure. But how
do you think it would sound if I were
to make your proposition public?"
'I  don't/know, and I don't care much;
besides, I am hot going to commit mysdf
• to anything in writing, and I'll ju« say
it's an invention—my word is as good as
yours."   ' .   , I
Benton-laughed., "Really your candor
is quite jjjjfreshing.'"Where do you think
I shall fnl four thousand pounds?"
"Ob, Siu'll find that pinch fast
enough. SJvow to show L kni" dispo e.l to
favor yosV instead of pitting my Birmingham fricyd against you, and raising my
terms, I'll only ,nsk i)m same, provided
you leave the management of the pro-
licrty in. my hands when it comes imto
yours. You wouldn't care to be bo'.heie-l
toiling and moiling after rents, and all
that." "..,.•
"You arc an admirable diplomate after
the knock-me-down Bismarckian scho-il,
Mr. DapgatljU-soid Benton, leaning back
iu his eh:iir and eying the little guardian
through half-closed lids, "I cannot admire yoyr cj-nicnl frankness sufficiently."
"It's ail very fine talking," returned
Dargun.'.; "But bave what you want, and
if you ore In earnest you must come to
After some further fencing, Benion,
who was extremely impatient to fiuish
the enterprise, be had undertaken, to be
legally ffcaster of Miss Vivlau's fortune,
and to be delivered from bis dependent
ic-nditldh, moreover, too indolent to prolong the struggle in which he was at n
decided disadvantage, showed signs of
.yielding. Dargan, eagle-eyed to pounce
on nnytunguardiiig point, pressed homo,
"Why, I-have-been- here nearly an
hour," .cried Beaton, at last looking at
his watch,.."ujidit is sucii a line day. My
time is -nearly lip. "Let lis come to s-jme
"Ay, by all lujuns, it rests with you;
you know myternjtv-and- ,1 am really
sorry 1- can't move tinvhioli from them,
not with justice to jnykeliiV '
"1 sense of justice 'which I imagine
never fails you."
"I hope it never will, my dear »lr,
"Well, look hc/e, them; I don't mind
nbout the money, but I should like to
nut my own man to manage the estate
for me; In short, excuse the brutality, I
would rather not hnve you for the middleman."
"Don't mention it," said Dargnu with
a grin, "though you will regret the prejudice by and by. If I fall in w-Jth your
views I must have an equivalent."
"What will you consider an equivalent?" cried' Beaton, again looking Impatiently at his watch.
'Hum! it is rather hard to say off-
Jinndi- but there. I will not bargain with
n man Jlkc yourself—hand me Over five
thousand pounds within a week of your
marriage and I shall be satisfied."
"Alive thousand! fhat is a tremendous
haul, and, as you tell mc, there is not
much ready money. Will not this cramp
"Not a bit of ft. That last purchase
of old Vivian's which swallowed up so
ranch of his ready cash, is worth nearly
double what he gave for it. I can get
Tou double, what It coat him nay day for
m. Mom ...  I*      n-*.—  ——
acknowledging yourself my debtor for five
thousand pounds at five per cent., an J
matters will go smooth nnd easy."
"For yon perhaps. But I am not stioh
au incapable as to put myself so com-
flietely in yonr power. Would you trust
me as you ask me to trust you?"
"Ah, don't you be too mistrustful: it
u a bad sign, my dear young friend."
"2 will sign no such bond, Mr. Dargan,
I assure you, unless I can be secured in
some way. Why, you might .demand
payment whether I were married or not."
"Why, what have I done that you
think mo a common cheat?"
"ISathoT nn uncommon one," returned
Beaton contemptuously. "Of couise I
mean in nn intellectual sense. Show me
how I can be secured, nnd I'll sign what
you like as to the five thousand pounds."
"Dear, dear! what a money-lender was
spoiled when you were bom a gentleman." exclaimed Dargan, with an admiring leer.
"Born a borrower instead of a lender,
you mean."
"Let me see, how can I satisfy yc-u?
I am that obliging I'd like to make things
easy. Suppose when you execute the
bend I give you a letter stating that unless the marriage between you and Miss
Vivian takes place the bond is void, that
I absolve you from all obligation of pay
"Yes ,1 think that might do, but I
should like counsel's opinion on it."
"Ah, what nonsense! There is no use
throwing, a way a fee. Just ask any
lawyer you know, put a ease without
mentioning names,'and he'll tell you you
ar. fls safe »»« the howl* •*
"I will," returned Beaton; "meantime,
unless advised to the contrary, it is a
"Good, good; I am glad you see your
own interest."
"Then I can press on with my suit.
By the way, my sister is so good as t'
Bay she will call on Miss Vivian, I should
like to invite my future fiancee to stay
with her; she will want a good deal of
coaching up. If she does, Mr. Dargan,
I warn you she will ask you for big
"Oh, Lord!" exclaimed Dargan. shrug
ging up his shoulders as if in pain. "Does
it cost such a heap to start a yolmg
"I fancy the general run of milliners'
bills would make you open yonr eyes.
But I have an appointment, and I am
late already. Now 1 suppose I may
make all the running I can?"
"Certainly, I nin as ready tn sing hnatej
to the wedding, as you are.   Y'ou are just
tho husband I should like for niy dear
little pet, my pretty ward."
"Much obliged to you," said Beaton,
taking his hat; "let me hnve a line when
the bond and the letter are ready, so
good morning."
"Basenlly old money-grabber!" he nmt-
♦ered as he ran downstairs and ha led
a hansom to convey Mm to a more agreeable meeting. "I shall give you a wide
berth once your ward is trnnsfnrnied in»:o
Mrs. Leslie Beaton."
"It is an infernal nuisance being kept
here week after week." said Jack Malt
land to himself as he walked slowly up
Regent Street one bright afternoon, whe i
all the world seemed crowding to sh- p
and drive and disport themselves in the
great thoroughfare. Tlie shop windows
were resplendent with every luxury that
wealth could boy or human ingenuity
invent, and the pavement thronged with
busy, weil-dressed.and ill-dressed pedestrians. "There's no sight of its kind like
this I suppose," mused Jack, "but I
would rather not sec it every day, unless I had a good lot of real work to do.
It would be better for mc to be away
back ot OraigrotMc. There is not much
doing there now, but a few days' fishing
can alwqys be had; that's an amusement
one can enjoy with quiet pulses, which
is more than can be said of some here."
So thinking Maitland approached Oxford
Circus, intending to call on a New Zealand acqiiuuitanee now settled in Ty-
Suddenly a look of surprised attention
replaced tbe careless glance with nhleh
he had noticed the shops and the vnre-1
throng, ns his eye was attracted by a
little figure in a gray waterproof and a
brown hat. The wearer was one "of a
group gazing into a window full of the
most delicate and airy creations in the
Shape of bonnets, wreaths and caps, and
was far too much absorbed.in contemplation to notice Maitland, who had immediately   recognized  Edilh   Vivian.
He was quite startled to see her In
that noisy crowded thoroughfare. Country-bred as he was, it seemed to him unbecoming for a lady to venture alone in
cue of tlie busiest of Loudon streets, jupf
lie hastened to give her tlie protection of
his companionship. ■ '■•
"Miss Vivian, may I hope 5-011 remember that I was Introduced to you by—''•
"Oih, yes," she interrupted;: with • a
bright, startled look of • surprise and
pleasure, a quick blush fritting .over hie
cheek. "I um very glad to see yon, I.
waa just beginning to fear I hdoVtukci
11 wrong turn, that round..-place-fa rather
puzzling and you will uuvswjrmc the be t
way back to Iiegcut.'sJ'ark."
a psece of It.   ThciTwe"
Mrs. Miles is very unwell; she h.is
been suffering dreadfully for some days
from neuralgia. So I walked down to
Oxford Street to buy a wonderful cure
we saw advertised in the newspaper;
then'I could not help looking into the
shops, they are so beautiful, and I have
come far out of my way, I am a f rail,
without knowing it."
"I shall certainly see you home or call
s cab, whichever you like," said Mail-
land. "It is not quite safe for yon to
wander about alone."
"Why? There is nothing to fear. I
take very little money, and no one ever
interferes with nie." .      .
"Still; I do not like to sec yon by your-
s.lf.    Will you walk or drive?"
"I would rather walk, if you will wall.'
nith me. I get so title walking, and
It very wearisome to sit all day in the
"Very well, Jet ira walk," returned
Maitland, amused and touched by her
unconscious natural manner. "I sujipos.'
you have seen enough of tbe shops?'
"Indeed I hirve! not. I never d sAfll"
ctl that clothes could be so delightful,
too long away from Mrs. Miles.'"
"Very well, let us make for Camden
Town at once. I think you said you
lived in Camden Town. Cam you walk
ail that way?"
"Oh, it is not far; I used to walk miles
hi the country."
Little more was said till Maitland had
piloted her octoss Oxford Street, -unj
they had reached the comparative quiet
of Ln'nghnm Flnce. Maitland not'eed
the smooth, elastic step of his cc-nin.-inion,
tte else and g-race of her mnvcine-i-.iU;
they indicated, he thought! symmetry of
form; while her silence, which was not
from lack of intelligence, but from the
absence of any effort to speak unless she
had something to say, had a soothing'effect.
"I suppose you ride when yon are at
home?'' began Maitland, who was cn,I-
ous to learn something Of her past.
"Not now. When I had my father
with me we had a dear old white pcoy,
nnd I used often to ride on him, sometimes without a saddle; his back was
quite broad and comfortable. But one
day, afterward, you know" (he understood that she meant after her father's
death. "Mr. Dargan enme down nnd
saw poor old Bob feeding in the little
field near the cottage. Then he said he
was no use, and sold ham, and lit the
field to strangers, So we have only the
garden and orchard now."
"I dare say you were sorry for th.
"Srrry! I was sorry. It made nie hate
'Ir. Dnrgan," emphatically. "Indeed,. I
hall never like him: I have told him
so; Dut 1 am almost Inclined to forgive
him for sending niy good, kind Miley to
live with me. I do not know what would
become of me without Miley."
"I suppose that is a pet name for Mrs.
Miles!" Miss Vivian gave'a little nod of
assent. ''It is rather alarming to hear a
young lady confess that she hates any
"Is it? Well, I did hate Mr. Dargan,
and I hated the doctor at Littlemeie: I
cannot or could not help it. I believe I
had a bad temper."
"Has time tamed it or have you nobly
struggled to overcome your own evil n-v
ture?" asked Maitland, looking down
with a smile at the sweet, thoughtful
lace beside him.
Miss Vivian laughed a low,' pleasant,
happy laugh. "1 am afraid not; I grew
stronger and did not need the doctor, and
as I felt better and brighter and able
to enjoy I forgot Mr. Dargan. Now he
is going to let me lenrn drawing, end I
feel almost friendly toward hiin."
There was a pause. Maitland thought
with growing interest and sincere compassion that this was not a nature lo be
satisfied w-iiHi the shams of society and
the paste diamonds of a showy setting
to life. Still Beaton could be very fascinating, and she might believe him the
best of men, nor have her faith disturbed all the days of her life.
"If Mrs. Miles is well enough to sec
me, perhaps you will let me look nt some
•pf your drawings wheu we reach your
"Yes, I will gladly. I can draw very
little now, but I am to go to a studio
in. Kensington, at least I hope so. They
have promised to get Mr. Dnrgan's consent."
''Whohave promised?"
"Mr. Beaton and his sdster. Do yoa
know that he brought his sister to fee
me? Was it not good of him? And
she," a look of*infiunte pleasure and admiration beaming over her face—'oh, His
is lovely! she is like u beautiful gracious
queen, and so kind to nie, 11 mere Ignorant country girl. She has asked rue to
stay with her while I am .studying, and
says she will do ull that is necessary for
me.   Is it not wonderful'/''
"Ah!" ejaculated Maitland, "yon nieiii
Mrs. Winington. She is certainly ehirni-
Uig. When do yon go to stay with her?"
"I am not quite sure. I should have
gone on Monday, but Mrs. Miles was
ill, and'I could notjeave her; indeed that
is the only drawback. I do not like her
being alone by herself in the cottage—
she will fret; but she snys she does not
mind. I think Mr. Dargan has told her
she must not."
So Mrs. Winington was not letting the
grass grow under her feet in the psosocu-
licn of her brother's plan. How would
it all end for the guileless child, whj
was probably looked upon by both as a
mere incumbrance to her own wealth?
What would he the result of Mn. Wln-
ingtou's training? what of association
with Leslie Beaton? 'low much of her
fearless candor, her outspoken truthfulness, would be left after three or four
ycara of life under their guidance? Maitland was conscious of almost fatherly
compassion and tenderness toward his
young companion, nnd yet he could dj
nothing to help or save her! his in.ter-
ference:would be worse than useless If
he could induce Jean, Mrs. WiningtoM
to espouse her cause! But could he?
He thoroughly distrusted that chnrnr'ng
personage, although she still had fascination for him. At any rate, hi-■■would
call on her and endeavor to find her real
disposition toward the lonely little he'iess.
All this passed through his brai.-i
rapidly, and he said aloud, "M-r. Darg.-in
appears a ray potent person."
"He is." said. Miss Vivian, with a little sigh; "I cannot get. any moiu-y excepl
by bis consent. I do not know what he
will think of all Mi's. Winington talks of
buying for me."
"I have no doubt Mrs. Winington will
manage him if any one can."
Moie desultory but friendly sympathetic talk brought them to the door of
Miss Vivian's temporary abode.
"Will yo'.i come in?" she said; and
Ma'lhi'P.d. wilh an odd feeling tlv.it he
was iu some way trespassing, followed
her Into a small sitting-room, of almost
"lodglirg-house" order, only saved- fiom
vulgarity by its .neatness and tire ub
nndant flowers lyjjieh lieajitlfled, arid- perfumed it. "If yoii.;wj)l '«f''d^)fSrjr 'for a
moment I will i<s»a- how. MrtV; Jlf^e**, is."
She pointed ItPh'clrSir wndilef-Mhe-icoin.
"Wjnit «n1oTiHfi'eii>f«i') anVuibniress!"
   "'"t's"'*i- "vtnat an-ainene-O'iDrw anriiasircssi"
T ehairte,.u»sClwi»flil|»ati^
any way.      How    is. it that, yini am at..th».ni<MJitOTri«fire'iiiiu"lirfr¥M'w'Vpace.
one?" asked Jack Maitland. gravely. -' -'i   t]on-t suppose   she' hhV"(Vr'lluiiito.vt
"Mro     Mil™,    I..  II.   ->--   >-
if that is what you mcira.   1 have been
of property; you just sign s7Tl«*i.*'
idea of her own possessions'. She ought
to be informed. I nm half inclined to
tell her niyself. I earnestly hope Ihey
will tie up her money strictly whin sihe
marries Benion; for I suppose she inust
—she can hardly escape." He fool; up a
book, it was- White's "Selhorne;" he
teok up another, "Old Mortality'1 "N it
qtrlte the.newest literature," said M.-iit-
h.nd to kiru'solf, with a smile. He looks!
ins'lde the cover and found a Cent of
sunns and ctest, with (he name "Richard
Vivian," printed ruder it. "A volume
from the family library, I suppose."
At this point in Irs meditations Miss
Vivian reentered. She had'removed her
hat, and Maitland Observed how much
bettor and more distinguished she lo: k-
i-d without it. Iter head was small and
well poised, aid hrr hair, though pale in
color, was abundant, while Ihe gcnf'e
composure of lie; manner and movcmei.ts
gave per dignity.
"I must not ask yon to stay,'' the said,"
"I find Mrs. Miles.so,Unwell I niu-t nt
lend to her; and Ihe diTSsiuukW sent by
Mrs.   Wlniihgton   is  waiting  for  me."
'"ihen I will not trespass any !in;g>r;
I hope i\hnvo another opportunity of
seeing yovT
see you nt her house."
"I hope I shall; you are very' gcol t>
hove w.ilkcd all ibis way with me. t'o-.il-
bye; and tell me, what is yon name? I
did not heed Mr. Tilly when he intn.d.to-
ed you."
"My name is.Maitland." -
*"I thnkld-'d not notice your nam",
because I was taken up wilh the soit of
likeness I saw about your e^vis-to my
fathfenr's,. Good-bye."
She held out her hand with a er-iv",
kindly smile. Maitland toek and llgiltt'y
pressed it.
"If I can ever do anything for you,''
he exclaimed with 11 smldtdi tannine,
"pray lemeuiher that I QUI at yo'nr service." Then, half-iishriuieg of his sp.-ci.li
he mode a rapid retreat.
"Kvery ine is very good to me," w:is
Edith Vivian's reflection, as she liui-rled
nwTay to the grand-looking dressmaker.
or wnonf sue was a Jutie ul'm.u, niiu sub,
luitl.d to the processm' "trying mi,' hiivj
.ng been puei/iuubly measured under Mrs,
»Viningloii's eye. Failhtul, -however, lo
lier snffeihig friend, she begged leave to
■Jinvi liea-si-li* tu Mrs. Miles befoie she
K.ok off the gill ment.
"Is is l.ot l-retty?" she exclaimed, dr.iw-
ng up the blind, that Mrs. Miles might
-te her*cleaily. ."The skirt .is to he trim-
■oed wilh :r quantity of the same lai.e,
.mil bows uf btowu satin ribbon; lh;y
look lovely against the tussore s-iik. 'ibis
s called a siuipie morning diess! It
-coins to nie loo line to wear. I nonle-'
what Mr. Dargan will say I"
"Ah! be wotii't mind much," returned
Mis. Mile*", with 11 sigh so deip it was
ilnrvst a gii.nn, and would eeilainly 1 av.-
iltra.ivd Eil'lih's attention had tils' not
.iien hurrying back to the dressniake:'.
"You seem worse than you were this
moping, dear Miley," sl-.e said, returning presently in her everyday dress; ", 11 i
;ou lo^k as if you had, been crying."
"Well, ynil see file pnin has been lior-
rfd bad, ni.d I am thai weak—" Hole lb-
poor uoiiian bruke down.
"I will get you some beef-tea and a
glass of wine and then- I wiil try iIls
Axiuletful stuff. It is n whitish st ck.
at{\ it Is lo lie rubbed on your ltroiV t b
Jn- pain goes," and Edith went swill y
and silently'to and fro, prociuiag tho
remedies she, had suggested, and Mis.
.Mill's grew more composed.
•'Wh.never  will  I    do  without    you
Edith':—ihe sight of yon does ire go. d."
"I will not leave you till yen arc quit.'
ive-U and strong/'
"Ay, but you must, my lamb. Brother
Jos has been here while you were out"—
.1 half-suppressed sob.
"Oh!" cried Edith; "he has bom here!
Then he has been tormenting you. W'ha'
did lie say?"
"Well, he was a bit fidgolj; b:it nl
vays anxious about you, nii'ssie, my
tear. And do you know he has even
lieen b) see that Mrs. Wininglon about
..ouV—and you are to go to Iut'oii Sat-
•iiduy. I'nm to be sent honie, because
th's place doesn't suit me; so Jos fay*.
lie has grown wonderful careful of my
Uealth all at once"—in a querulous lone.
"How he came to know such grand
people as that Mrs. Winington and he."
■iiother is more than I can tell; anyhow,
ibi-y are very nice and civil-spoken."
"i'es, they are very- delightful; but.
•fear Miley,. I am not going to leave yon,
«• to be ordered about by Mr. Daigan."
"."-led Ediili, indignantly.
"Ay, but you must, my dea,r, .lis is in
real earnest about it. He had 141 (he land-
■«dy and gave her warning on the spor,
ind we nro to be out of this, bag and
'■aggnge by twelve o'clock on Biitifrdtty
•oonviig; so I wish you would just writ"
j line lo Sunih, and tell her to have (he
fire right in the litfle parlor, and lie
*'.'.re to have .my bed well-aired—tfhretJ
-,nd all. Though lhis!is a vale of liars,
in*, needn't sulfer more, than one can
"Well, Miley, I will not slay long; I
■viJ' eonie soon (o you."-.
•'Ah! my dear, it's little I'll see of you
*roui this time foith forever more," ereJ
Urs. Miles, who was apt to grow scrip
iurnl in her sorrows.
"Why, where urn I to be sent?" sn-'d
ffdith, lauglrng. "I eunnot be kept out
■if my own home."
"Ah! you'll soon be finding another
home among ail these line gentlemen."
"'ihey ale too fine for me." said Edi h,
'jutting our her writing tlulngs.    "I feel
pii.e stupid among (hem.    It will he a
ong time before I find another home."
1ml she begun  to write rapidly.
"Miley," t-he    resumed,    after a few
infantes' pause, "yon remember the other
.-enileman that Mr. 'T-iliey introduced (0
ie; I mean the dark cue?"
"V"e»; a quiet, grave man."
"I met'him to-day, and he walked all
ho way back with me.'   I Ijke biiin so
much I   He is serious and gentle; he d: ei
net seem lo laugh at everything, like Mr.
teuton; and he speaks    to nie ns if I
r.ere a reasonable being.    I   could tell
him anything.    It is curious,    but    he
gives me the idea that he is sorry fo:-
me.   He reminds mc of my father when
he used to look far away, and stroke my
head, saying, "Poor child, poor child!"
"Well, missio, don't you go and trust
any one too niudi, least of all a man;
Ihey are n selfish lot the best of them.
.Vow, dear, I'll try nnd sleep a hit."
Edith Vivian had led a singularly- secluded, monotonous life. She hnd been
the sole conliMinion of her widowed
father, a silent, unconsciously selfi-h
man, who had been reduced from easy
eireumtsauces to eoftpartitive poverty by
Ihe failure of a bank, and who.found'
absorbing occupation in botany and natural history. When he died, Ittf left his
little all to his daughter—a picturesque
enllnge In a wooded part of H>—*h!ro,
and a. couple of hundred a year; itppohit-
ing his old faicnil, Mr. Tilley, iunl Mr.
Tilly's oracle on 'business mailers, Dal-
gun, her guardians, Dargan, having n
sister for whom he wished to provide
without cost to himself, placed her in th.'
cottage, and in charge of tbe little'rieljeu-
year-old orphan, as the cheapesi mode of
Maintaining both.
Fortunately; Mrs. Miles proved (0 le
n l.ender-heartod, conscientious woman,
and she lived happily with her young
charge, who found ample amusement and
oeeup.-itioii in field and garden, woodland
and pebbly brook, in needleivoik and reading what bunks had belonged to her
father. When she wa3 nbout llu'Kcen.
Mrs. Miles so far 'overcame her' dre..id
uf Joti.ih Iiargnn, her brother, as to cliiip.
or for some Ion tiling to lie given t" Miss
Vivian, that she n-iglil be like o.her
young Indies, and even reached the (in-
of that very distinguished.and diisl.v antiquarian, Mr. Tilly, who did seriously
incline to her prayer. So the prim, ueal,
elderly daughter of (lie late vicar, who
was thankful for any chance of eking out
Good  LLtenlnB;.
Good talking Is largely dependent on
"good liearjng." The fact (bat u man
is able lo do his mental powers tbe justice of brilliant expression may be due
to the presence of some receptive mind
ready to invite and appreciate. Wits
may clash (o the point of deafening
tliein.selv.es. The sympathetic nud Bi-
lent listener' Is the buffer between.
ltuskiu is said to have been excellent
company. He spoke In n tone of "gentle and playful earnestness." He bad
floods of thought nnd knowledge to
pour forth. If only be could get tbo
rljjht hearers. Hut there were the barren occasions when listeners wore absent.
One dny a friend gave a little dinner
for him, Dr. Jowctt and Dean Stanley.
But no sooner had the dinner begun
than the host realized bis mistake. He
had provided no setting for his jewels,
110 junior men as bearers, "They
wanted to meet one unotber," lie snld.
"It should have gone off brilliantly,
but the soup en mo and the fish followed and Ihey simply would not talk. At
Inst I sniil some stupid thing (0 Stanley about the architecture of Westminster abbey, and that drew Ruskln
nml started us all off. Then nil went
well. But I shall never make the
same mistake itguln." — Youth's Companion.
Feline  Aristocrats.
Tbe Siamese Is snld to bo Ihe most
delienle and expensive of all cnls. It Is
called (he royal cat because, according
to Science Sil'tings, It has long been
bred in ihe family of the king of Slum.
It is a short linlred cat, which looks
curiously like a dog. Its cout Is pug
ilog color and very short, firm and silky
-more like a dog's than a cat's. It has
black paws and nose and a twist In Its
When n girl is being taken to
Europe to make her forget souiejioily
hoi* family doesn't want her to marry
it is Just when she has decided sh?
could never notice nnv other man.
even If she "remained s'ngle all her
life, that she begins to wonder why
some Chap is looking at her in such
The new British Blue Book frivol
the average -weekly wages, of fifteen
skilled trades at 510.50 in London
and $18.75.in New York.   '•
Evon   tlin   Most  Slubuorn   fas.,   of  Hill
rii.otol Malady Can bo lured.
Rheumatism is caused by acid in
the blood. Tbnt is un undisputed
medical truth. Liniments, outward
npplicnt'ons nud alleged electric
treatment can never cure what is
rooted in (be blood, A blood disease, like rheiiinalisni, must bectu'i'd
through the blood. Thut is why
rheumatism always yields like inn-git!
to Dr. Williams' l'ink I'ills—they nc-
tunlly make new. rich, red blood.
This new blood conquers the painful
poison, sweeps out the aching acid,
soothes tlie nerves, loosens Ihe muscles mid ban'shes rheumatism from
the system, l'roof of this is found in
tho case of Mr. Charles Loatherdalo,
a popular young druggist's assistant
of Tilbury, Out. lie says : "T know
fi-opi personal experience that Dr.
Williams' Fink. Pills cure rheumatism, beennse they cured nie of a severe attack that for months caused
me ninny sleepless nights nnd painful days. I hud tried u number 01
other medicines, but they fa'lcd.
Then I decided 11 give the pills a
trial. Before I hnd finished tbe second box the pains began to leave me,
and by the time I had taken two
more boxes the pains were all gone,
and T felt like a new mini. That, is
more than six months ago, npd I
have not had a twinge of rheumatism
since. It is my belief that a fair
course of Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills
will drive the most stubborn case of
rheumatism out of the syotem, ami
as a result of mv own experience 1
cheerfully recommend them for this
Tho pills cure all blood and nerve
troubles such as rheumatism, sciatica, partial paralysis; St. Vitus'
dance, annemin. neuralgia, indigestion, headaches, uackaches, -kidney
troubles, and the ailments that make
the lives of so many women 0 source
of nlmost constant misery. Imitations and substitutes tire sometimes
offered, and the buyer should see that
the full name " \)i\ Williams' Pink
Pills for Palo People'' is printed on
the wrappor around every box. If in
doubt send" direct lo tho" Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvillc, O.it.,
and the pills will be nmiled at \6
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50.
Because a ninn goes around in public babbling for the rights of his fob-
low men is no proof that ut home be
doesn't sleep on his wife's pillow as
well ns his own.
let- narrow iueoiife, Wa^'»*<^'tt*lOtloi*Jto^^J accidents "that "only
ments ot music, to.the little girl .aUthe
[to be cpitTirjr/ED.]
No Difference.
Jaek-My"' dnrlliig. I want to.tell you
something.    I   linvo deceived, you.,. I
am   not "Th.''1!   but   utterly jj>euriiiess/'•
Will It niitjfe ii/iy difference. ttfyoU-J fe
Ethel-Not (he slightest, Jack!
"I am so glad, dearest. Are yon quite
sure It.will make no difference to yon?"
Quite sure;   I   can  marry  old  Mr
"If you know Mis.-vvTnl,,g..m, , „,„ ' u^^Cj^^ H^mtl
A very popular couple—two dollars.
Tile "Show" and   Hi*  Showy People.
".'■ociely'! In Eiighind Is divided In'.o
Iwo classes—show people a.id showy
people. To Ihe lirsl "society" belongs;
(he second are unxloiis to belong to
Of the former there are comparatively few. It Is u Jen(ure of Hie tline-i
(hut there ore. very many of tbelutter.
The show people are those who. because of their position, their popularity
or their abilities, have attained proiiil-
pence uud nxe more or less associated
together In tbe social life of their period.
The showy people, without the position, tin- popularity or the abilities,
strive to Become prominent by display,
extravagance, eccentricities or self ml-
vertlseinenl. Their carriages are painted in the most glaring color; they-are
dressed expensively even on ordinary
occasions; (bey are tireless Mind live-
some In Choir endeavors to appear to
be associated With "society;" their life
may he described i:ft one of continuous
deceit and disappointment, andlbey
take offense on-Ihe least provocation.
s/id are implacable In their
ness.—London Truth.
-      (.'iirlniin   Old   DualiMi 'l.«,Vf. j'.
It Is Interesting to'rech.ll'in coflric*
by'accident was the'lminedlnte cause
W Joss-of human life became In English law ,"demlitiid".—that Is, became
forfeit to tbe( crown, to be dpvoted.to'
plops purpdso|j. This law applies to,|0-
coipollvcs,' bv.t Iff course of time coroners' Juries, Instead', of'Claiming'"the
forfeit, Inflictcil n fine. In the yea?
1S38 ndQSpmptWe\On'.the Liverpool-anil
Manchester lino which by exploding
caused the death of Its engineer and
fireman was fined £20, while tbe following year another engine on the
same Hue was fined £1,-100.
Of tho 8,000 Young People's Societies of Christian Endeavor in tho
United Kingdom more than i',3oo ore
associated with the Baptist churches.
Most women suspect there  is somej
mischief on tap every time their hus^
bands snv'lc.
The boy stood on the Shipping' Trus,t
Whence all but him bad fled.
The water that-was in the stock
Came almost to his head.
—Chicago Tribuui'i
A   Chronic   Case  of   Unusual   Severity   and    Long
Standing   Cured   by
Plies, or homrrhoids, are small
tumors, which form in and about the
orifice of tho rectum. They are
caused by an enlarged and Inflamed
condition of tho veins, which nro
vory numerous in this portion of tlie
body. Piles frequently attack women during tho expectant period or
alter chlldbiHh.
Any form of piles causes dreadful
suffering on account of the itching
and burning which accompany them.
One can scarcely walk at times, and
during the night, when the body
gets  warm,  suffering is intense.
Mr. Alex. McLaughlin, for 30 years
a resident of Bownianville, Ont.,
writes :
"For twenty long years I suffered
from itching piles, and only persons who havo been troubled with
that annoying disease can imagine
what I endured during that time.
About 7 years ago I asked a druggist if ho hud anything to cure inc.
Hd   snld   thst   fir.   Chnoe'fl   iSlnl'rtlnnl
was most favorably spoken of,    andl
on his recommendation I took a box.!
"After three applications Tfelt bet-l
ter, and by the time I had used one!
box I was' on a fair way to recov-^
cry. I continued the treatment until thoroughly cured, and I havo hotf
suffered any since. I am firmly con-*
vinccd that the ointment made ■ a|
perfect cure.
"I consider Dr. Chase's Ointment
an invaluable treatment for piles. In'
my case 1 think the cure was remarkable when you consider that I
am getting up in years, and had
been so long a sufferer from thli'
Dr. Chase's Ointment Is the only I
absolute and guaranteed cure fori
every form of piles. It has a, recordj
of cures unparalleled in tho history at*
medicine. 60 cents a box at all]
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. To ' protect you lagolnst^
imitations, the portrait and signature of Dr, A. W. Chase, the famous 1
receipt   book  author,    are    on  every j
When   the   Judge
AtcuoKe From Sleep
There was no mistake about it, the
Judge was asleep. The embarrassed
young lawyer, who hnd reached the
telling point of his argument, spoke In.
a higher key, and then raised his voice
until (he walls of the room reverberated.   But the judge slept on.
The court officers were blind to tho
young lawyer's hints. At last, in desperation, ho turned to his opponent.
"Now, Mr. Grubber, you see tlie delicate situation I am In, and there's only
one way out. Unfortunately I haven't
any books with mc, but if you don't
mind I nm going to knock over that
pile of yours."
With a well directed gesture the
young lawyer struck tbo books, nnd
they, ns well ns the chair ou which
they had been standing, went down
with a terrific crash just as his astonished opponent leaped to his feet and
"But I do most emphatically object!"
And the judge, without raising his
head from the position it hnd been occupying for the last fifteen minutes, replied with nil his wonted dignity:
" 'Jectlon overruled." — New York
Press. .
A  Poor  I.osrr.
The number of medical students'in i
I be. United States for the last collego |
year was 27,615. ■- '
Neglect a cough and contract
VsUl*6    The Lung Tonio
cures consumption—
but don't leave it too long.
Try it now.
Your money back if it doesn't
benefit you.
Prices 26c, 60c, and 81.00
S. C. WELI.S & CO.
Tomato, Can. LeRoy, N.Y.       1
Eight lady sunitury inspectors. tf0ff\
now employed by tlie Dublin Corpor-'
Under   tha   Nerve   Lash- ■»
torture and torment ot -the victiiu of
nervous prostration nnd nervous dchttitv
no one can rightly cstiimite wl'ib tins-not.
been under the ruthless lash of these re.- -
lentless human foes. SI. WHUamS. . ol ■
fordwich. Ont., was for four years.! a
nervoUB wreck. Six bottles of South
American Nervine worked a rwlraclee and
his doctor confirmed  It.—28. "' ■
Most women  take too  much  medi-
clno and some men don't lake enough, '
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc,
Many  a  man   is   unhappy  oniy   he..
cause he believes himself so. -
"They (old mc this would make me
lose flesh, but all I seem to lose Is golf
balls aud my temper."—Chicago Amer^
Unavoidable  llelny.
The Irate heirs called at the general
office of the life Insurants company.
"Wo want lo know," they said, "why
you arc so long in paying the $10,000
called for In the policy our deceased
relative carried in tills company. Ho
died three months ago, and we were
promised we should havo it in less
tbnn sixty days."
"What was his name}" asked tbe
"Benjamin Franklin Louderschlagel."
"Ah, that Is the reason, gentlemen,"
affably explained the president of the
concern. "If It bad been a short, easy
name like David Jones or Thomas
Johnson the matter would have been
settled and you would have got your
money long ago."—Chicago Tribune.
Snll.fnelory  Division.
The old farmer and' his wife had
agreed to separate. They had only ono
"Everything friendly}" Inquired a
neighbor.. 1
"Oh, yes," replied the old man carelessly. .   .   ,
"No trouble about making a fair division of the property}"
"Oh, no. She gets the kid an' the
canned fruit, an' I git'the pig an' the
apples. That's even enough, ain't It?"—
Chicago Tost.
Her  Heart  like  a   Pollute*]
Spring—Mrs. James 8 lgl(,r-v l'cloo
Island, Ont.. soys : "I was for live years
afflicted .with dyspepsia, constipation. t
heart disease and nervous prnst ration. I *'
:ured Ihe heart trouble with Pi\ Airnew'a
Cure for tho Heart; und the olher ailments vanished like nifst. Mud relief in
half an hour after tho first dose."—27...
Explorers have reached within 23N.
miles of the North role, but rio-ono
has yet approached tienrei' Hum 772
miles of tho South Polo. •: >.
"My brother Is very much hurt that
you should refuse to correspdml with
him," said Mr. Cbellusnian's sister. ','By
failing to answer his many letters you'
wrong him, nlllidiigh, perhaps, you do
not mean to."
"No,"  replied  Miss Jilt.   "I  do riot,,,
menu to wrong him; neither do I mean
to write h|ui."—Catholic Standard and
Times.       . ..   „
ElO'plJau  Minims.
An  Egyptian  papyrus  which  dates
back .to about -1000 B., O. has the fob •
lowing injunctions: "Cnliintii(o's should
never be repented."  "Unai'il thy speech;. I
before all things, for a man's ruin lies--,
in bis tongue." .The wise Jneo of. the
race early learned good sense,, (   ■• '■ •
Tillird   lllnl   1), urn. ',!•'.'
"This photograph doesn't hitifc a bit '•■
like nie," said Snarley.bi Hie planto*!-''.. S
rapber. • : 1    -• , nil  '
"I know ft," said the plioldgrapl|rn.j ,-
"I was afraid lo uiiikp It e.\apl||V,, U^o,^
you for fear you ivuiililn't takolt.'/
Won HI. sBatceni.
Theodore—Dooced  pretty  girl,
Dnysey is.   , -
Arthur—Dopcod pretty.
Theodore—And she bus such a j nice
way with her, doij'-t you kpow. So encouraging, don't you know. I told her
I was afraid I was going to have bruin
fevijii^shij slu) saJil itj.was impossible.
vl'afjTcfivev finik(tioncouragQd uic.don't you know,
anj|ai«lidir'* hpvc nnyj-fever.—Boston
Traj&crlpt:'-  ' - i     . jV-J   .:'
• Trf Lw ■■.-.   '■    J
*' Ahll>No-V'bve'r-'ilcT'«-. ■•■
"} lliliik'yoil llnist lie mistaken, sir,"
(he'aid, nihil Icftjpped In.
"What about}" demanded his heigh
bon in (lie"crowd.".
"Didn't I Just bear you remark jrou J
were glad the war lu Bulgaria'tyuSl
over?" ' ..,, -      :. ,_.     .,       -,:.,-.
'Tvot exactly. I enid/i was.gjad it'
was over in- BuiBaria.'VrPlHIadelphia
^^•..,rrtrt-f::?  ""'
'"■' Tested.
Cora—Aro you sure you will be able
lo support me, dear?
Merrllt-Why, yes. It's cheaper to be
married than engaged.—Exchange.
You can depend" on Ay«r'»
Hair Vigor to restore color to.
your gray hair, every-tifflOs
Follow directions and Isrievitv
fails to do this wont. 'It stops
faUingof jfcfthajr.afso'. TMerW;
great sadsnc^jfo'tf.'in::''klV6WihgJ
you are not, going fd/'tJp'disa]j>-1 A"
pointed. iiJS^^-f^^f     *
__^^_^^_^_   .-ftf f4"'
took just ono bottlo of Aycr'i flair vi«ir,l. 1-,..''.
rostoro It tolls former dark, rich color,  vonr §   ■•*
si.oo'a'bottlo."''  '''"'»■'*" WGdn&jmM
All tlr"l';:i*"',IMI,   fi-if-    i..1''""),1-1'.,/ji'll'l,1
■?\, -atsV^V^-W
iStf1a>W     ■AlMllli^aW>>«Was»..MW<>>fa«. ;«»,,. ,m—^w.^.^ ._-...-.-
y "-■"
1 Trained  Vni-ne. Who l.onf.-
"Wbeu ii doi'tor.iliiids a .nurse.gilding
n book nliotit her profession and if.utn
ti'.ivel while she watches tit the bedside,
of a pulleiil," stilil ah uplewii physl-
Chill, "thilt Is Hie. liurse'hi'. likes to Hire
atld lo help. If (license Itirns out.well.
'the doctor sometimes nriikes her ft present of u linok with up to dale Ideas on,
her profession whleli site might not be
able   lo   buy.    One-half   lll.e   iraiiied.
•'nurses of Ihe cltlv nil; ilepetide.nl irpon
the reeoiiil'.ii'iiiliiiliiiis ,uf ■ physicians,
nml half l!te success of a physician-dy'
pends on a good ni'li'se; llieii'l'ol'e a ddb-
lor likes a nurse who rendu 'about her
business, attends lectures ^tul keeps
up with Ihe limes.
"You would be astonished (o know
how tunny loclm-us are given by phy
1 slclan.1 In New. York every iiiiiuib Ihiij
are open In (ruined nurses, bin  Willell
J few of them iiileiul.  There aid n'good
' ninny loafers ifinuuy the infilled nurses.
I Tbey seem lo -think1 their study .ended
when (hey cot their diplomas."
Lelvfer's   Y-g,.,(\\'ise.   iUmd)~ llisinfec-
(unt Soap I'oiydcr-.is a boon  to .tin.-.
! home.   It disinfects and ch-nns ui:. Un'
same time. ;'. ,;<:
A faultless fi§A\
for every figured
An eleclricitl gridiron has lieeir 'At-
vised lo kill fji.es. It stands vertically, und Ihe moment a fly ulightByilion it duflth - .'ensues from electric
shock. The deuil fly drops onto u
horizontal 'shelf nndernealh.
Hear Sirs,-1-! was for seven years n
sufferer   from Bronchial trouble, anil
would be. so lioarso nt times that 1
■■couhl scarcely speak .ubovo a whisper.
l got no relief front aliythliig till I
tried youf MINAltU'fs HONEY HAL-
BAM.     T|wo   bottles  gave   relief  und
six ninile in complete "cure.     1  would
heartily it'cmnniend it lo anyone, suffering from throat or" lung trouble,
Frederic-two,;'"'- ' •
.She—Did your father live to n green
old age? lie—Sure. He wus swindled several• times.after he was 75-
i. -v 	
$100 Reward $100.
Tho rentiers of tlilB paper wilt he plonspd to
leuni that thore Is nt Irnst on'f tftaaill'd illsrasc
that sclenre has bean nhle lo cure. In all Its
stnees and trait Is 'CatUrrn. Hnll's Catairh
Cure Is the only positive cum now known to Ihe
medical fraternity. .Catarrh helnir n constitutional disease, iiquljea.e cunhlltullonul treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly "upon the I""0'1 "''.il niucgus surfaces of the system, tlicrehy nvstroyln. the
foundation of the disease, and alvlnz tho patient stroiifttit by l.ulldlr.g up llic constitution
ond assisting.-nature liv dolnu Us work. The
proprietor. .Have rt'imieh faith In WS$J«
powers, Inat they otter One. Hundred Dollars
for any case ttiat It fails to cure. Semi for list
of testimonials. ; Address .
F. J. CMONBt & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all ilrugglsts, 75e.
Hall's Family, 1'llls are the best.
Madras, has taken to designing and
nuilding itsvown motor cars.
It's easier for tlie average woman
to land adiuahand than it is to keep
him landed.
Holples's as a -Baby.-s.-miii Am. I-
Jan Bhet'irnnfie Cure stril.es Ihe mot of
the ailment and strikes' It iiuick.. It. \V.
Wl'icht, 10 Dnniel street, llrorkville. Ontario, for twelvo years a great sufferer
from rheumatism, couldn't wash hji, sell.
feed himself -ol' 'dress himself. After ns-
Inc six holtles was able to rro to work.
nnd soys: "I mink pain has left ine
forever. —26. '. '   . -i
Consider the ways of tbe humble
dray: it has a tongue, but it never
Removes all hard, aoft or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, hlood
•pavln, turba;'.spllnte, ringbone, .weeney,
-stifles, sprains; cures sore and awoollen
throat, .coliRha, etc. Save t60 by the
use of one boetle. Warranted the "moat
wonderful Blemish Cure ever known.
Sold by all druggist..
It is easier to keep, out of the matrimonial harness than it. iH to .get
out.  ,      "'•.''
Pr. J. P. KeltopcE's Dysentery; Cordial
is a. sptiqdy cure lor dyaentory. tuai-rho'eii...
cholera, summer' comirtnint. sea .sickness
and complaint's incidental . lo rnflufen
teething.. .It .'Rives immediate relief to
those sufleriiur from the effect9--of 'indiscretion in eutinir unripe fruit, cucumbers
etc. It acts with wonderful ranldltv and
never falls, to conalier the diseuse. No
one need Tear cholera if they have n bottle of  this medicine convenient.
Chronic  complaining  doesn't,   make
a hard lot any, softer.
If you haven't.any enemies t.p forgive, pardon a few of your friends.
Do not delay in .getting .relief for the
liltlo'.folks.' ilother ilrrTves' Worm Exterminator is u pleasant and sure cure.
If vou love y-our Child .why'do ,vo.u let It
stirrer when o^tf-meify  is so near a!   hand ''
"Yes, mother, 'cause I hadn'I any
room left for '(be mince pic."—Har-
It is. sii'Vl that n single grain of
gold,.'nrti'i' .having been converted into gold leaf, will cover forty-six
Kiiiiaie'-lHiihes. ■  .   .
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Some ministers do Hot practice as
Ibejf preach, and'some baseball pluy-
ers no..not. play as they practice.
the oldrelfftbh remedy Tor Spnvlna, XtlngboiitiB, Splints,
Our be, etc., nnd all tonm ol I»a#\enesi. It works thousands
of cures niinu-Uy. Curaa without a bltmii.li, ai It dovtnot Ulster.
Complete Cure (or Bone Spavin.
""! -   Hii'.:r.ll, MSnllobi,-Jan. oc, 1903,
D% R.J. Kendatt Co., Gentlemen i I had to ttf.it m yniiiif
ftOrtiofiiiiiiet'iuir j'Piirani-o wlifcli had ■ Bono Opuvlp and
»ot Jlcked 011 tho Mine lejjBiid was mry IflnJly aWtdten i mbir)
DttH bid to iipihtvit in wmin wntor, then tkppl^d Kendall's
Sr.avi(H-.lirf.',,l'Ii!\i( Tyuhold l'ever thr- Mint; "ininf mil only ,
Itive Ihe*Kendnlt'aSpuvin Cure liairschince,and'lt only took^
UiAintl * Inilf li«ttlssti>riiro hit lc(f with very slim treatment,
nnd It did ko completely that you wmild never know tlutt ha baa
n tuavin } ha navrr has j;nnolfinie siato.
Very truly yours. CEO. 3. HARRIS.
Such endorsements as the ahnve at* a pmunntee of merit.
Prloo 01 i nix for $S, Asa linlmnnt for family tisatthssn*
•quaL    Ask ymir druvpist for Kendall's  "-:,7tn OiT*.
also "A Treatise on tbe Eorse," tho l> ** ftoe, or addt*?^
No matter what shape a man
;may be, nortnaV too stout or too
'thin—too tall or too short—there's
'a perfect fit for him in Stanfield's,
It's made for men of every size
'and weight—made to fit the un-
;ii$H,fll figures, as well as the aver-
And Stanfield's Underwear holds
. its shnpe.    Kvery garment tested
and unconditionally guarantied'to
be absolutely unshrinkable.
.. All good dealers sell Stanfields.
Opposite   City   Hall.    WINNIPEG,   MAN.
THOROUQU   I'OUHSliS   In   Dook-keep-
liiK.,  .Shorthand,  Typewriting,  etc,  •  One
veeK's trial  given.'
. Catalogues   freo. 'Phone   1965.
We arc  Selling th.  Best Electrio
Belt'in -the  World   at a   Prlos
Within th* Roaoh of the Poorsat
Onr Regular NoJ,laJ,Bh
for only
Our No. 7 Electric Belt (with suspensory fat
men or Udies attachment) ii guarantesil' to. pc^cUj,
more power, more current, more equal distribution.:
of current, better' quality and finish than my other
Electric Bell: nude, re(ardle>i ofprice. fC
Th* Trc(. Karn Beit is a stirs cure rpr N'ervotM,
Weakness,'Kidney, Liver and Stcmacli Complaint,
Rheumatism, Ltme Hack, Pain t>i Adi« ia all parts
ofthe bodr- Wear the Belt w!ii!e ycu slctyj/jjjii* to
the tnor:iing you will feet years younger t&ao whan '-
you we-.-.l to bed.. ',*'.'
Beware cf those who esk you to pay from $10 lo
$(0 for an E!e;Uie Belt, not half so good as the FrotV
Karn's which we sell for only $500. We have oniy
one price. We do not uk you 40 dollars first, and
if you do not buy, try snd sell you the same belt at
any old price.
Our Honest Offer.—If you donee earn (9 send as
five dollars w« will tend you one of our Belts to your
nearest express, office, COD. $3.00, .with privilege
of examination, ifflatiifjclory, pa„ the ruprcsi agent
$j 00 and express ch arte s and take the Belt, If not
as represented you Deed not pay one cent./ Jf you /
send cash with order we prepay the postage^  '
We are manufacturers of all kinds of electric
appliances. Write us foe our boot, giving prices
and full particulars.    It rs sent free.'    '   c     '
Do not buy until you see our Wo. T High Cnds)
. Belt  - Write st once.   Address., a
TI We supply at short
notice 'corrmlete JOB
If We sell what Printers want; Printers want
what we sell.
•J We carry sfcomplete
stock of Type aud Supplies for. the composing
Room, Pressroom, and
7 ■ .  ^.
Company, Liitfiled.    r
175 AtcDcrmol Avenii:,  i Wlnnlpcf,
flletlioda   I'Jmi'loyi-il   by  Some  of tho
Store,  to  Avoid Arrets.
Though there is every appearance In
all the great London shops that the
public Is to be trusted Implicitly, an
elaborate and carefully organized system of espionage prevails to circumvent the designs of (he peripatetic
thief and the marauding kleptomaniac.
The invisible detective, whose office
is some unsuspected gallery In the
celling, whence from artfully designed
peepholes in the molding lie can survey the whole establishment, is the
most successful foil lo the shoplifter.
But there are ouly a few shops so
structurally designed that surveillance
of this kind Is. possible. Some of the
jewelers' treasure palaces nre guarded
. in this manner, nnd to make assurance
'dpubly sure no attendant is without
his satellite, who keeps n wary eye on
the cases of gems exposed to the customers' inspection, standing at the
salesman's elbow while he Is showing
At all periods a careful watch Is kept
on those dress establishments that are
pervaded by women, hut more especially nt sale time, for It is then that
covetousness overwhelms morality most
easily, and the crowded state of the
shops .favors the picker up of unconsidered trifles. A manager of one of
the largest establishments In lire metropolis says It is in those departments
that are not spacious that pilfering
principally goes on nnd that in them
detective supervision is always most
Every shopwalker and couutcr attendant Is In effect n detective, but
there are Borne professionals who assume the guise to hide their real posl-
• tion. It is the duty of each attendant
when he is suspicious of a customer to
call the attention of the detective to
her, not blatantly, but by prearranged
sign. The detective then keeps the suspect under her Immediate eye. In the
large emporiums where women chiefly
congregnte the most efficient, because
(lie least conspicuous, detectives nre
women," either employed as shopwalkers or as customers.
When an attendant misses or thinks
he misses'something or notices disturbing signs of thievery he speaks to the
detective, who, ns an elegnntly gnrbed
customer, seats herself In a position
commanding a good view of the suspect and makes her purchases like any
other woman, nil the while gathering
dntn upon which to proceed. The disguise assumed by the shop detective
differs day by day.
If there be one result less desired by
lire shop proprietor than nnother it Is
(0 convict 11 kleptomaniac. Trosecutlons
do not forward business. The proprietor's policy is to prevent pilfering by
every conceivable means, Hence a blind
'eye Is turned to what Is a theft In embryo, nnd the wretched shoplifter
caught In tlie act of purloining a blouse
Under cover of her waterproof is asked
whether the article may not be sent
homo for her. To I ho bulging umbrella
or the gaping handling tire detective alludes Willi nn apology, fearing that
madam has Inadvertently inconimod3d
herself with something that fell from
the counter.
First offenders nre often cured by
marrow escapes such as this from fall-
jpg inlo the abyss that leads to the
/dqck and gladly pay for the experience
'{ti coin of the renlni as. If they had all
Vie wbllo meant to purchase Instead of
t purloin tire goods. Should leniency
such n-klnfl full lo lead the trespasser back Inlo tlie paths of rectitude the
manager's office is made the scene of
more serious ncgolhtlons, on.which It
is well to draw the veil. But ns n rule
It does not.-London Mall.
MnLluu   Old   Furniture.
Much work Is done in New York city
ill the' reproduction of coloiil'nl nnd
English furniture, but tlie best of It
costs more lo do here than It does
abroad. Largo quantities of modern
"antiques" uro also made 111 Philadelphia mid aro extensively sold as genuine! The cleverest reproducers. In the
world ftro the French, who copy the
minutest details wlth'perfbet accuracy.
Old wood from sheds and barns Is used
for tho backs and Interior of articles
of furniture, and Imitations of old fashioned locks ore soaked In water and
mndo to bo thickly covered with rust.
Bird shot Is fired Into tho reproductions to ninto. them nppenr worm-eaten, nud' 1111 ancient look Is Imparted to
wood hy prolonged polishing aud hand,
rubbluif.       ,    ,..'•'        1   . '  .
Host (o Bare Gaa BUI*. '
' A North Broad street man who ha. n
passion for rending the out of town
nowspnpers and also for nn«werlng
many of the advertisements he finds
In them tells this on himself:
Tho other day Ire answered an advertisement In, 0110 of lire New York
pupers .tatlng flint for l) a method for
saving gas hills would he sent.
In two days ho received a printed
nlln.1>y mall which read, "Paste them
In rt Bcrilpbook."
'      The Soft Answer,...
Mrs. En'poett-Oli, you needn't tnllf!.'
You're not quite, perfection yourself,'I
\yo)iIil-lmve you know.
JIfupeck — No,   niy   dear,   but  when
ftiKn. around I'm mighty near perfec-
': Mrs. J3ppock-Oh, Henry!
•>!»■!       ■  .!_, ,	
r   '    '       {educational 'flent.
"Have yw heard the Inlei.t education-
pi Item}" liRUed.Biggs.
"No," replied Wlggs. "What It 1.?"
' '"Xiliey have Just decided," said Bigg.,
"to.rewrite'the primer In words of |lv.
•yllnblos for Boslon children.".
' A dentist in Moscow is a ii'onihil'
iji his lino. .Ho has invented a'sy's-
tem by wjiich false teeth rim lie (undo
to adlreri' to. the gluiiH.ao firmly that
in tlil'po inoiiUiH II i^dillli'itli. to extract, Uvei"- Thj-i Ytiisslnn I'ooeh-1
graffei' hopes ill tlbib to' buVnt'dn to
rival, noiur'tf-.' by tiiakjnj? ., iwlj<it inl
grinders that. ache,.
Heroism Is simple, and yet It Is rnTe.
Every one who doc. the best he con do
Is a hero- .Tosh DUIlllg..     . ,
I tJ*"^   to • strictly* com miss inn firm—Trt
\A»f Innlp eg.
■  •   ■
Do You Want
If bo, the undersigned want, yonr business aoil will endeavor to give satisfaction.
Cash advanced on consignments. .  Kefereuco:   Union Bank of Canada.
Tbo oldest established Grain Commission   ^aaa. .aerta.
Merchant in Winning. *«£ *£■&
Brain   Exchange   Winnipeg.,        ^aaWss     <■*■■•'
Maclennan Bros.,
TSLBPHONH 1490. P. 0. BoSc 585
MoBntyro Block, 304, Winnipeg.
Wheat nnd frrnin  of nil kinds,   Cnr
Load Lots n S»e< .ulty. . Begnlnr ad* ;
vuncos on Bills ot LadioeTt1 ^;
Write or \vtro 113 for Track Bid*, or
Coimicn Your drain to m, which wo
will soil for ynur iiccount, on your aj>-
proval to liigliest bidder. :*■ -
;r',i-f—•-!—i   ' y
fWlI'lAT 'MK.pTCI^P; --'101
pioneers  ol" French  CntniVm
111i   nne of tlie
rto»V ti huji'i
and wore an iron hook. at\ aub.sliiulf1. He
rofrnctofV Jiifliqin^ with ^h)a   LMt]   Imml
wan  in the  habit   6f Hat
and , they   ha'vo ' remarked'   'iTw'O , le^o^iiri
."fireat^iiiodicirje."   \)r. Thoinna" Kcleclrir
Oil   1h   treAfe'rnedlcliitj.tlt.   taken   hold   of
pa In
IM      I? I I'll ■;      im-uii iitv,   ,;it'      nm 111 1 im      (||     1    ■  .
1   with-nn   iron   lminl   ai)d   kilQCKl   it'.  A:'
of Ci-e ajwtcm.    . ,    ,y.   j      .      ,   fm
Pooplo   who   havo    nothiiifr    to    do
Bomeltnifs think tlioy aro tho biiHipflt
Few   of  us  manatfo    to
with our fiood iu.nntlonn.
kOQp   |)ftC4
}' Pure soap I"" You've heard
tHfe1 words. In Sunlight
S0ap vou have the fact.
tlcanlta of an t'ltlianltl  litvcslitr.-itlnn
by  Profeaaor Loiubroao.
rrofessor Cesare Lonilirnso, llio Italian scientist skllleii III ilotectlnu truces
of abnormallly, explains in the North
American Review the imperfections of
the left bended.
Teople ivlio are more agile Willi tlie
left than with the right hand are most
nuiueroUH among "women, clilklreh,
sarages and crlmlnnls." The percent.
fige is about i per cent among i-cn
(operatives und soldiers), 5 to S per
cent among women and about tlie
6«iiic among lunatics.
But anions criminals Professor M'ar>
ro found lo per cent of the men nml '2'2
per cent of the women Icf! hinidoiL
Swindlers ofl'ercd a gri'iitcr pevciMitiisci
no less than •"•'!. anil tmii'dci'TS mid
ravlshers only from 1) to 10 per cctit.
Professor I.omliroso also tlisciissi's
the fur more complex subject of "left
sideduess." Certain people are more
sensitive upon the left side than upon
the right, i'hls condition lias no coil
nectlon with' left lniudi'dnes.-s and is
highest in lunatics, H percent.
Parrots nre left lianded, nnd so arc
lions. 1'ollet found In twenty-si'von
monkeys the left shoulder heavier tluin
the right.
Women, children and primitive races
make gestures and simple movements
from right 16 left. This is why women billion their garmciiia In n different
direction from turn nnd why early
languages, like Ihe Arabic, :nv written from right to left. Very old chronometers were won ml from right lo
left, not from left lb light, as at pros-,
However, rrofessor I-ouibiosa hedges
by saying: "One can without dilik'iilty
hnd among good men real left handedness, as aiming the grealisl evildoers
there are sonic who have not thai characteristic I do not dreaui at all of saying Hint all lefl Im tided people are wicked, hut that left handedness, united tio
many other traits, may contribute to
form one of tlie worst characters
among the litiiiinu species."
Not  So  Very   Wcnk,
The train was on a windy pass in the
Rockies. There were in Ihe car a few
miners, two cowboys, it woman, who
looked ill, nud a man clothed in very
British tweeds. He was evidently used
to roughing il nud snt beside tlie open
window Indifferent to the cold nir that
swirled into the car.
Behind liiin sat the woman, shivering. Across the nisle was a latrge
boned westerner.; He did not seem lo
mind the wind himself, hut ho gave a
kind, solicitous glance toward the wo
After an hour of Hhivciing she leaned
forward and asked the man in front of
her to close the window. He paid no
attention to her request, except Unit he
looked straight ahead and said, addressing himself to the world at large.
"Americans seem to be a weak lot."
Then the tnll iniin across the aisle
rose slowly. Ills heart citine just under
the bell cord. He readied across" the
twocd suit, pushed the owucr'of II
rather rudely into the cornel' of the
seat, laid hold of the window catch
With his big lhuiiib and linger and sent
the window down wilh a slam.
"I guess we ain't so very weak, pard-
tier,"- he' siild. - *«.
Aik fr r th. OtUj.n III
fllr..  (Irundy.
The first mention of. Jlrs. Grundy Is
found In Morton's clever comedy
"Speed the Plow." Fanner Aslilieid.
at table with his Jug and pipe, is talking to his wife ou her return from
"Well, dame, welcome whontn. What
news does (bee bring viom market?"
"Wbnt news, husband? What 1 always told you, Hint I'oiiiii'i' Ciriuidy's
wbeut brought '< shillings a Quarter
more thiili ours did.'*
"All the better foor be!"
"Ah, tbe sun seenls to shine on pur:'
pose for him."
"Come, come, missus, ns thee has'hot
the grace to thank. God for prosperous.
times, dnn't thee grumble when Ihey
be unkindly u hit."
"And I assure you Dame Grundy's.
butter was quite the crack of the mar-'
"Be quiet, wool ye? Always ding
dinging Dume Grundy Into my ears:
•What-will Mrs. Grundy sny?' SWhftt
will Mrs. Grundy lltiukV Cniist thee
be quiet? ,.|,et ur uIon. and behave
thyself prutty!" '."; '
Greeu Pineapple Jdlete. j
The juice of tbe green piiiepphlo la.
accftoillted in Java, Ihe Philippines and
throughout the far east generally wllln
being a blood poison of a most deadly-
nature. Henllb mentions It nu-thu
.siibsttince with which the..Malays poison their creeses and daggers nud as
Ihe "(Ingpr ,naJI" .pois0ii)"fo.rhierly, In
use nitionft*l^brlglj)iil ;lavii!ieso;wouieii
"almost uiilviVtWJti''''ifleSsp itpiuen ciil
tlvnted a nii/Toi ttjCl^tml to « ioug,
sharp pointJoiw tItoTapns'tTSSriiicll frrjia
one uf ihcsufljy'ui cetl'iirp.'dj'iith.
' SlioiVlnir  ilini Vp. : • i
Servant—There's n gphtlenuin down»
stnlin, mn'tini. .    . '
Mlstrciis-Show him up to the'draw*
Ing room.   ■ •   ;,
Servniit-'Bht he has coino to clean
the chhubly. ; '
Mtalress-Tben show hlrn .pb 'lh»
clilniney.  _ >     '.',  . ,[,,,:
Provide for tho worst; the bc.t will
save Itself.
Joseph   Boon   at   Work   Again
After Seven Years Illness.
Discharged from tbe Hospital as Incurable
be nseil Dodd's Kidney rills Willi
Splendid Results;
Cottle's Cove. New Bay, Nfld., Nov.
8.—(Special).—After being for seven
years a hopeless invalid, unnblo .to
work and rucked by ftchos nnd puins.
Joseph Booner of this/place, is back
at his old work ns a fisherman. It
sounds liko a miinclo, -but It 's not-r
it was Kidney Disenso was the nial-
ter with him. Dodd's Kidney rills
cured him.
"It is something worth relating
what Dodd's Kidney PillsMmve donji
for mc," says Mr. Boone, "and I am
glad to tell it. 1 hud doctored with
several doctors and after 7 months
In the hospital was sent home as I.
"Richard Quirk, who had been cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills, advised
me to try them and I did. I tool.
21 boxes before I wus able to go to
work. But I can hardly believe it is
myself is in it at all after all those
years of suffering."
Dodd's Kidney Pills never fail In
cure all forms of Kidney Disease from
Backache to Blight's Disease. Thousands of cured w'fll tell you so.
Some of the healthiest and inos|;.
gracefully formed people of Europe
arc the gypsies ol Hungary. They
arc rarely ill, their cheeks nro rose-
tinted, and so pure is their blood
thai their wounds quickly henl without   tbe  application   of  mcdicntnents.
Minard's liniment Cures Diphtheria.
He (on the bench)—What a pity to
go into the wilier with that pretty
bathing suil! She—Oh, 1 am not going iiiti) the wnter. This is the suit
I take my sun bnlh in.
Dr. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powder
is   a  Catarrh   Cure  that
Cures Colds and Catarrh, :
Actually, positively, indisputably, irrefutably cures fC&lfis a»'(l Caiflirh.1
Nbt always with first application, although oven that invariably brings
rolicf in io minutes. Sold by al?
But It Cures, It Cures Colds and Catarrh!   It)
"A law recently enacted by the beg-
islature of. Louisiana punisb.es with
iuiprisonnu'ttt und liurd... labor .-husbands who (h'sert or rail to support
thoir wiv.es.and children. Th«J" wives
of hizyhu.srjands hang over .tl^e"man-'
tol 'u framed copy of the law, wiln
this query in,.red ink, "Now Will Ybu
Bo Good.?'*
S^ERLES^NESS.—Wheu ' the m-r\ rs
tu'e •unStfiniir nml the whole body frlvfU,
un to \v rot chef hioB&r. when the initid iJ:
ftlled with ffloam.-and. dismnl torebpdinCH
tlie result of deruiureuient of" the uigCg-'
ti\e. organs, steepleBBticss cojnes to add
to the (iiatres.H. If oulv the subject could
sleen.'Ihore would j be oblivion for rt
wiiile nnd temporary relief. Panuelte s
Vegetable Pills will not only Induce sleep
but will act so beneficially that-the sub-
led will wake refreshed- and restored to
hupuiness. •   ,.;■■   '  »»,   «
For each big man at the top then
are a^miilion little Dues at. the- bottom. ■ .'->.     if
YqxL nihjc"'1 not get nil that js fojy
ing to you' in this world— but • l«i;k
out for-the next.
TilM FLACO1N0 energies hkviv-
KD.^-Constnnt application to buHiness (i
n tux upon the energies, und if there he
no relaxation, lassitude und depression
are sure to intervene. Theso coine from
stomruiiic troubles. The want of exercise brings on nervous irregularities, and
ttue stomneu censes to nHHhi.Mi.te food
nroperly. In this condition ParineleeS
Vegetable rill.s'wilb be found a recuperative power.- restoring- the' nriruiin to,
henlihful action. disDe'lliiiir 'depression
ipd revlvin»* the flnguinif eiiertrles.        *
U'gAt  thxi age of  i6 a:-girl .stops cry-
flrig an'd begins tOj*##©#.    .  . , '. „
 W—t ■.';■';■■  ——.:-.
i\IiVny,^iienwant to bo great, and t
kny tr-'' to be gdod.
YeryfW indi>!a/c cibvcc enough  to
lie  well,  yet trhey till-keep trying its*
■ R<
ome   men   are
j^ivtV   their   wives
unit* then   win   il
po-kci\   - -■
so. generous thev
1'boral uliowunci's,.
bavk ,fi;mn   Ihcm   ;U
A womiiii gets us furious wilh tin
woman '-wiro-wvuTt Vid.mire.. htu* htm
bribd as she gets jealous t-f tbb.-oiu
wbb,' dors., ■    t* , . «p     ,
' li
Pinto She!!
Mitts and
... .n^
lY-iCfcTougliest wear, flexible, warm, light  .
—Boil and scorch proof
,. *—Rip and tear proof
—Rain and wind proof
—That's what H.B.K. Pinto Shell Cordovan mitts and
' "'*" gloves are ••*
—*Made from the hide of the Western   Bronco, the
'   toughest animal with the toughest hide,   light
..... enough to make mitts and gloves.
—Sold by dealers everywhere.
Genuine only with this brand.,
Write for "Strayed," the funniest piece of
literature ever written .bout a Bronco—Fr*.
•**■' \\
- »■'-.'?.,:'
H. B. R. Warm
Duck Coats
•' H.B.K Duck Coats are warm,
hard wearing garments. They '
are made in scores of styles—
fleece lined, mackinaw wool lined,
leather reversibk—high storm"
collars, large "Kantilever"
unsagable pockets.
Made to keep out the wind and
{he cold, the rain and the sleet. Made to keep people warm,
Branded with this brand.
Sold   by   up-to-date  dealers
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
■ \r-x
isTiir, PRE-PIrRtrtTIALio^cig^
You'll   Enjoy Every Bit Of It;
Forticr Ltd.. Montreal
Why   Not   Buy   by   Mail?
'.».' Whether yon require Silverware or Cut Glass for the table
or Jewelry 'for your personal ailornmcnt, or a good Watch or Clock
for-utility, you will find that
Yoiu   Can   Save    Money
By .44J>v<ler.ng   from   Us
Send for our New Illustrated Catalogue, giving -
full description and prices of one of the largest and belt selected
stocks on the American continent.    Our price, defy competition.
I KiX AmbroseKcnt&Sons-
'A   cufflins'
superstition' hlWitnls   in
\AA.  N    *J    No. AtHk..   1
' Vi A IVnili'i Wisdom
NntiiraW^t's ^inv<^d^cld.edf that' Bjji'tiy.'
InstK'Ul'hBvo .si'nses which hunin^ hi\ '
iiigs-Incik,   That of location, showfi h^*
Ili4*i<a*ii> for Instance, Is remarkabli'.
One species build. Its ui'si in a saml 1.
.bank. tliiit'Ji'oulysifllrurt «t.«FJr*Wljt T
acres'^bfishtBsaol.l.'inri.'^hWjit 1W& ii,,
Injwii'ch aUsiromt/lKsiov^M, l]U^St Phf Wp<<<^ ™^»»<\ ">nt . .11
HO caX'Cri.ll.v. tli.vtno ordinary eye toA,™    ".V'1"'1." "    '^   » ±r '■  ""''  lM
•I .A»-.i V^.^. .i^-a'/'j    -  —   i^i wind    1 n\v fro 111    t   lo  the horses,   the
discover lW'*..*n>h-Ml*ibfaJo *W Jlik      .,.   i^,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.   {il,,   „,..„   „
Is Just lilje all the Kiir^iniOlifjf hjctw| ' r( o
tlop, anil j'c't-'ilio "ii'iisp flies'Back to It $rona
4it«p«iJvU til.'rrlnslyloeates the eggi
df.lllei.nason lice under n thick layer
<Sf sun baked clay and deposits her
Own eggs In tlie same cells that her
young may have food when they arc
will   not  down,  and   Ihe FACT that
Ogilvie's Hungarian
Flour is without a necr is as thoroughly understood iu particular
li Mines, us is the fact that good oread
can't be made with poor Flour.'
A  single sack  Is argument enough
to convince you. .
Ji<Ait hc;<Uiit.lon iijid Hilda it witl!o\trjf  u„.
it I
f the driver's clothing lie mad,'
itskin,   tho horses will feel  es
were  drawing  n   double  luir-
Miiiard's iMmt Car^^get ia Cows.
I "l am very Horr>'.. Vtetor, to think
you were such a glutton Arc you
not sorry yourself that you ate so
much turkey V"
A lady once purchased some, rayrrli,.   ,
mm the iimggrsl snld guly to"hyrrh'*
' "If it's for your lips,  >lis<. ;!'
Have a rare how ynu'kins." 1.
And   she  myrrhiiiyri')ied  indignanlly,  :
•'S.vrrb!" —Lito.   •
-' -li 1 . ■ ■- .
Their ..fliT'a ninnb.r ol varl.tf.a . ol *
corns.'Tljojlown.v'a Corn Out*..Mil ..<!•/i
move anv o( them. ThII on your'oriiar'*•*
(jlat and e.t. a' bottl*' at ouce. -    -    V .
1     '">.'- H' ••'"
, Trolmbly somo men maunder around
all night tor tho purpose ot MJ.iiif.v-
ing themselves that there is no plnco
like home.
I?; 7
■Hs'uj jf-t" -
lit. Pleasant  Advocate.
Of^CS: 2 5 J 5 WoHtmurStt'r arenne.
established April 5, 1599.
Knoi.Tsn OPFJCt:
vaFleet street, London, K. O., England
Where a flic of "The Advocate"
is Swpt  for visitors   to  read.
Mrs. R. Whitney,
Subscription $1 a year   payable   iu
Soentsa Oo/ty.
Woticcs of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B. Ci Jan.   9,   1004
\X/lTH threo candidates iu the field
for the honor ot being Vaucou-
Tor's Chief Magistrate during the present year, the matter of choice might in
roany [eyes appear a difficulty which
eoold not easily bo surmounted. Bnt
«rerjr' elector most, should make a
"choice. And with n campaign being
carried on with every spirit of
aggressiveness on all hands, there is
danger of some electors being influenced
unduly by advocates of one or other of
tbo candidates who in onr view have
not tbe best qualifications for or claim
upon tho office.
In aeity of the proportions of Vancouver, and one which holds snehn prominent place in the Dominion, far beyond
what her population aloue would entitle
her, it is necessary to keep in mind not
only what wonld impress the citizens of
Vancouver, bnt what will carry weight
with the rest of the public in the rest of
the Dominion. Without disparaging the
•titinmonU of either of the other candidate, for the position, it may be said at
once that Alderman W. J. McOnigan,
If. D., an honor graduate of one of the
leading universities of Canada—McG ill-
and a gentleman, who in his profes
stonal connection and in other ways has
always been identified with the upbuilding of the Canadian Spirit, wonld do
credit to the rising Metropolis of the
West. In short it would impress the
test of the Dominion to tell them that
our Mayor was a Graduate of a leading
educational institution of Canada.
Worn a local standpoint it is not too
much to say that Dr. McGuigan has at
heart the bcBt interests of the city, and
no class tn particular to the exclusion
of others.   At nil times for a number of
years he has been identified with every
public movement,   and with several
public institutions.   Ho has even been
somewhat "jollied" for being connected
with so many organizations for   the
public  service or  improvement.    Far
from being a detriment, this attribute
will bo taken by  every right-thinking
jdwlor as a strong recommendation, ns
.it Ji- sin tho broad-minded  lore of the
J'1 oj.Ie and desire to   bo of  service  to
lb' 111, which has always been strongly
characteristic  of  Alderman   Dr.   Mc-
Omgun.   He hus never been self-seeking, hut seeking to be of service to the
citiscus ns a whole-
As 11 member of the School Board, on
which   he    has    long   served,     Dr.
McGuigan has at nil  times been ready
to astist every move tor the upbuilding
ot the extremely creditable school system     which   is justly    a pride of
Vancouver.   As secretary of the MoGill
College Graduates Association of B. C,
Dr. McGuigan has been largely instru-
'mental in making operative   and 01
practical use, the affiintion which was a
't*w vi-ars Ago secured with that nuivei-'
slty.   Aided largely by hi* efforts, was
'effected the  institution  of an annual
ite -«*  • •*
, „tu j i!i? .1 y.i■iiii'ii,"fl|)y.it n^/yi'iag
" Tiaii
Statement   of Receipts   ax>4   Expenditure for the   Year
Endi1.fr/3ist  December  1903.
1902—December Slat.
Balance in Bank ot
- Commerce i 1,488.03
Cash iu hand   79.40
<> l,o«0 42
1!K)3—Jan 1st tn Dee. (Slat.
Tax Revenue—
Taxes 18»»,   $ 448.60
1900, 468.80
1901, T4o.R0
11 194X1, 1,2113.45
"       1908,
afUT deduction Rebate 10.H 10.48
I 18,686.08
$ '.litKi out if above amount
of 1908 Taxes to HpeOial
Rate account.
Rebate allowed on 1908 TnxesJ|l,615.68
1 itereBt received on Taxes v
in nrrmirs... ,..86.67
Road Tax  1064.00, less (Collector's
Conimission, etc.. i 143.12 610.88
License 60.00
Dood*..,  ■'.    o.OO
Hall Rent '.       4.00
Gravel Sales        7.00
Interest received from Hon.. jf
Commerce on Deposit account 88.75
Provincial Government contribution on account of Expenditure
on Centre street    1,000.00
City of Vancouver—half expenditure on Sixteenth avenne .'..-..-. 61.70
Interest received on Siukliig     ■"''
Fund Investment 411.17
Temporary Loan  8,000.00
Tux Sale CoufirmationaCu*M
(1901) paid duriug year  42.85
Amounts in hand to Credit of
1904 Taxes..'.   48
Rood Maintenance—
Agues road      8   8 00
Uodwoll road, west,    28 26
Boundary rood   4 00
Centre street .... 1,8111 50
Collingwood road, .. 68 40
Bnrle road 230 75
Ferris road, cast'.'... 147 86
UibHtnj.road 17 06    ,.
Nottfrey road 25 65
Grunt road 68 46
Gray   road    32 60
Heather street  40 20
Hornd road, east....    2 00
Home road, west 8 60
Johnson  road ....   281 86
Joyce rood    64 16
Kerr road      44 60
Knight road      66 75
Mngec road    12 00
North Arm road.. 1.646 46
River mad, east   76 06
River road, west... .418 26
Rosenborg roud 81 25
Sage road, west ...,   8.00
Thyme road       14 15
Towusend road   1 yO
Victoria n«d ...... 457 10
Westminster avenue 120 75
Westminster road 549 15
Wilson road, Oust 65 00
Road Construction—
Gray road   $ 162 85
Johnson road    64 25
Joyce road 80 00
Lake View road 78 65
Laurel street       201 90
Rosenbriig road  146 75
Seventeenth avenne - 82 76
Sixteenth avenue 128 40
Tounsend rood .....78 70
Wales  rood     .185 60
Wellington avenne.. 30 00
Westminster ave.,  1,124 00
Salaries and Etc..—.
Indemnities  $ 584 00
Salary O. M. C,
nud   Bond     820 00
Salary RondForcmun 189 00
Audit     70 00
Assessing     .'•: 6 0*
Surveying ........ 19100
{elections    80 80
I 6,688.91
♦ 2,'250.1)5
Health-"Officers' Stipend ..
Debenture Bonds ♦1,750.00
Un Temporary Loan  20 58
Temporary Loan Repaid ...
Stationery and
Printing $120 86
Advertizing  /103 85
1,930 80
29 75
... 76 00
I 1,776 68
2,000 00
♦   223,70
Reeves' Convention     6 00
Assistance       40 00
♦ 4500
Legal Charges,......    105 80
Heat and Light....    1850
Postage    49 62
Sundries 2 95
Repairing Stove   12 86
Other Expenses  28 80
Telephone '48 90
♦ 166 52
Engine Supplies 1....•! 141 67
t Taxc? 198 collected
Refund { iu error., 1 00
(Tux Sale (1901) cost 40
To Assets—
Implements on account
Kngme.   .| 1,270 00
Freight 806 38
Screen & other tools   89 68
Sinking Fund 660 00
Sinking Fund, Inter-
rest received 4(1 17
Cash in Bunk of Commerce
Deposit account t 1,508 76
Current    account     77911
In hand    81 40
♦ 1,724 94
♦   901 17
♦ 2,874 26
W. S. PRICE, Auditor.
♦1st DEO., 11*08. -Sinking  Fund Account
Drysdale-Stevenson Ltd.
In connection with our
Annual January Sale we
are offering Exceptional
Inducements in making up
Dress Goods bought on
the premises, for instance:
Shirtwaists $2.
Poncy Waists $3.50 to $4
Plain Walking Skirts $3.
rancv Walking Skirts $4.
Tailored or House Dress
4/ $10.00
This includes our best
workmanship. Take advantage of our heavy discounts OR Dress Goods and
these low prices for making, to" provide liberally for
presentvj^d future needs.
Drysdalt>5tevenson ,Ltd.
Hastings Street Store.
Have You Seen
Big Shoe House?
409 HastingsS™It
invite  you  to   call  and
will be pleased  to show
you goods strictly  up-to-date
409 Hastings Street, west.
Telephone 1605.
prize of t60,00 in ensh, this year raised
'to two prizes of ♦60.00 and I25.0X), con-
'tribntcd by tbe Association and award.
edto theVancouvir  students passing
matriculation with the'highest marks.
. 'In the City Council,   as Alderman for
'Ward III., he has represented for seven
years.   Dr. McGuigan  has also been
Chairman of tho Bor.rd of Health for a
dumber of years, in which capacity he
'has rendered valunbKi service to the city.
For a citizen who has decided to ask
tho honor, a crowning honor, it may be
*»ldto,tunperiod  of    public   service,
there can be no    question  that   no
.'ibther    candid atn     has    as
'W-h  U) recommend him as Dr. Mc-
'Ooigan. nod with there final words The
mvmcAtK   strongly     endorses     the
'i*wU<nreof the gem Ionian for Mayoi
idifVawonvcr fori ILL
Loan to Mrs, Lochore at 7 per
cent f    600 00
Loan    to   A.    Bvan. at   I -1-1
percent         1,000 00
1W3--Dec. Matin Bank of Commerce Saving-"
Bank at 1 |>.r cent.:'" 4,417 M
IMS—Jan. 1st—
In Bank at credit of fund.. ..I t,07f 39
July 1st—
Paid    Into   fund   from   special
rate     ttt 00
Interest   received   from   Mrs.
Locnore       4t M
Interest received from A. Evans    1.5 00
119,017 U Interest received from Savings
Bank     174 17
110.017 66
Tax Bale (1901) Confirmation .
Account f       29 21
Implements Account  2.27S 29
Furniture Account  683 65
Municipal Hull and Site..   .. 2.910 00
Estate Account—travel  pit.. IM 00
Road Construction und Maintenance  101,423 1.
Sinking Fund..'..   ..      10,017 ST.
Cash In   Bank of   Commence
Savings Bark  1,563 7.
Cash In Bank of   Commerce,
current account    779 11
Cash In hand  II 40
Tax Sale (1MB) Suspense Account .;♦"•     11. OS
Tax Sale (IM.) costs  1* 70
Suspense Account..        11 94
Transfer   Account   to credit
1904 toxe*   „ .. 43
Debenture Bonds..  36,000 00
Revenue Account.. ..  16,616 76
«i:0,7C3 87
The Cosmopolitan.
The Cosmopolitan f or January appears
in a new style of cover—a pretty picture
with green and gold background. The
contents are its usual varied iu fiction
and articles of generl intorcst. The
leading article is by Lady Henry
Somerset iu which she describes
"Poverty in tho World's Greatest
Metropolis,''' (illustrated. All ages and
all creed, have contributed to
bymnnlogy, nud the article on "Some
Famous Hymns and Their Authors,"
is full of interest aud is illustrated with
pictures of famous hymn composers
Among the other interesting articles
are: "Childhood Through the Ages,"
by Leo .Cjfofte; "The Dramatic History
of South ... America; Peru nud the
Pizarros-,". liy CyriiB Towusend Brady;
"Tho Odd? nud Eccentrio in the
Drama," .'(illustrated), by Hjalma
Iljorth Boyesen 2d; "The Oldest
Republic iff the World," (illustrated),
by Herbert S. Stone In "Making a
Choice.oj a Profession," WiUiani Jennings lirynu contributes an article on
"Farming as ii Profession,"
11:0.741 67
Arrears of Taxes. 1899 1     1196
Arrears of Taxes, 1900      161 60
Arrears of Taxes,  1901.
On Joyce Road contract >    70,04
tin Wellington Avenue contract      81 35
I 602 00 On Wllfon Road contract..
Arrears of Taxes. 1W2     ASS 06
Interests nt 1 per cent, far one
year    ..    10. OS
Arrears of Taxes. 1903    1,-390 85
33 00
On Knye Road cqntract  340 00
On Euclid Avenue contract.. .. (0 00
On Westminster Avenue   con
tract..  130 00
  On Bodwen Road contract..  .. 174 40
♦3,140.36 On Hoik Crusher Account anil
Road Work..,.    IM 75
i m Hand-broken Rock balances 94 96
Oh Kalarles—Clerk; Auditor and
Health Officer..'  tit oo
fcn Interest on Debentures   to
31st Dor  ;  7» 16
On Hardwire account  7 40
W. 8. PRICE. Auditor.
Account »f   Working   Lxpenies 'on   Rock
Work Done By
13,311 (0
Distribution   of
Subscribers  who fail tc
VThe Advocate" on Satur-
iy  morning   please  uotif)
""        Telephone Bi4\0«,
*hi* office".
Total ftvprndlttire. Including
Tcam'iiK. Spreading. Es)«U
neer, L.bor. Firing, Oils and
Repairing  DrHIs 12,812 3)
id) yds. to Centre Street at !3.4» 11,200 00
til.yds to North Arm Road at
12.16 .3-4....    ..     161 45
111   yd* n lllver Road, west, at
12.lS.3r4--.-•■: :. •  »0M
13,383 21
If you wapt to kuow what is
fsvppening on ' Mt. Pleasant
re^ The Advocate—$i  a
Vsiir. 50c for six months.
y*:.. -
Account of Exim
Expenditure for BreaktMsT.
niliture nn H-ind B'r >knn Ruck and Dist.rlbntion.
ir yd.'- lo Centr: Street at 11.66 6
'*•*•*•' ?« yds « In. to North Arm Road
el 11.00 :   .'
."   '104 yds 2 1-2 In; .to North Arm
no»d .-»t 11.65.... .;	
I yd 2 1-2 In. to   River   Road,
west .,„ ..
r"Ti'sf r<Jl ^-    >.   j, Bnl.nflu paid an   Wcstminstsr
ni~'   ***V--f<>«*,-;i».,v>f.',>, ...'...', .'.'-
W. S  PBICE. Aodtvw. '^ r4
H -I-
38 06
1T1 60
1 «6
I. a great deal harder than lumping
down. And yet people who have
been for years rannlng down in health
expect to jump hack at once. It takes
years'generally to make a man a con-
. firmed dyspeptic, and he
cannot expect to be cured
in a few days.
There  is  no  quicker
meaus of cure for dyspep-
or other forms of stomach
trouble than by the use of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical  Discovery,   It cures
diseases   of   the
stomach   and   other
organs of digestion
and nutrition ana builds
up the body with sound
flesh and solid muscle.
* t was token sick two yean
ago," writes He», W. H. Patter-
•on.of WhUeCloud, Aln..«wlth
what the doctors thought waa
gastric trouble, lndigettlon or
nervous dyspepsia, also con-
stiiMilion ana inactive liver,
1 wa. In a dreadful condition.
Tried Several different doctor,
with but little result.    I had
gotten so feeble that I was almost nasftrarellng about; had
got down to ru pounds.    X
went and bought six bottles of
'Golden  Medical  Biscovery,
and got the ' Pellets' and
began     following    dlrec-
lion..   When I had f ken
about   five   bottles 1   felt
very much better and was
greatly Improved, and
weighed one hundred aad
thliiv-clght pounds.   I will
say that  Dr.   Pierce's
medicines are . Godsend to poor suffering
hmnanitv. and I advise
any  ana   all   chronic
sufferers lo give them
a fah trial and they
will be satisfied."
Accept no substitute for "Golden Medical Discovery,
There is nothing "just as good" for
dMesaes of tbe stomach.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet, cure
biliousness and tick headache.
|»spwaw.w»"' 'sis l i a   l in      i    i a
Delaines ar.d bareges with white or
pale ecru or gray grounds, with a small
flowered Pompadour figure, make the
prettiest house and Informal dinner
gowns imaginable, particularly when
trimmed with black velvet ribbons and
large fichu collars of mousseline de sole
or silk mull. The collars are made
with double or triple capes falling In
points over the sleeves and are round
In the back and front. They are finish
ed with hems an Inch and a half In
depth, and above the hems are rows of
velvet ribbon matching the arrangement of the ribbon bands on the skirt,
These velvet-trimmed mull fichus may,
ot course, be made detachable so that
they may be worn with various gowns.
They are even pretty when word over
sheer white muslin blouses which are
made with elbow-sleeves, finished with
a deep frill. These frills to the elbow
sleeves are made as the fichu collars
are, and they, too, may be made detachable. High velvet -girdles trimmed with rhlnestone buttons or buckles
are also worn with these gowns, or if
more becoming to the figure the girdle
fastern In the back with stiff, upstand
Ing bows and long, looped ends.
For house or evening gowns the sheer
qualities of the all-over embroidered
bastlse are now used. This pretty material comes In a pale ecru tint, which
Is especially pretty for evening wear,
It Is a material which Is adapted not
only for trimmings of gowns of other
materials, such as delaines and voiles,
and even in taffeta, but It Is equally
pretty for a separate blouse to wear
with a silk shirt, or for a skirt to wear
with one of the new Pompadour figured
silk waists made with" a large collar
and ruffled sleeves ot the batiste,
The pendulum has swung back—no
more "show girls" in coBtly gowns with
long trains; just plain "chorus." No
more 12,000 costumes to be worn with
th. grace of a duchess, no more au omo.
biles and fat tips on the stock market
—only the old pink tights, hall bedrooms
and beer! It is truly dreadful. Such
walls of woe haven't been heard along
the rlalto in many moons.
"It Is all the managers' fault," the
gentle victims declare. But the managers say the fickle public has had en
ough of the show girl, her expensive
gowns, her haughty airs, her automobiles, and her press notices. Yet every
one recalls the advent—the show girl's
—with a thrill of pleased remembrance.
It was she who distinguished "Flora
dora." Wise flr3t nlghters shook their
heads and said, "Too bad," for there
wasn't a familiar natural curve back
of the footlights—only the graceful
lines of concealing draperies.
But before the week was out there
was another story. "What, no chorus?
Just ladles: and gentlemen all Irreproachably attired?" First tho novelty,
and then the charm of tall, stately,
beautiful creatures who would have
graced the Patriarchs' ball with flowing
trains and feet with Just a hint of
wickedness In them half hidden In
swlils of lingerie, packed the theatre
to the doors.
The "show girl" was the new open
sesame to managerial prosperity. The
"chorus" was dooomed. The dressmak
era flourished amazingly. The price of
automobiles went up and hall bedrooms
were a drug on the market. Even the
prima donna was almost eclipsed. Former "members of the chorus" who
could wear costly, fashionable raiment
gracefully now had names—names to
be printed on the programme, names
to be quarrelled over by rival managers, names to be changed by rich
Public Notice is hereby
VANCOUVER that, I require the
presence of the said Electors at the
Municipal Hall, North Arm Road ou
Monday, Januakt 11th, 1904, at
12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of
electing persons to represent them iu
the Municipal Council as Reeve nud
The mode of nomination of Candidates shall be as follows: The
Candidates shall he nominated in
writing, tho writing shall be subscribed
by two Voters of the Municipality as
Proposer and Seconder, nnd shall be
delivered to the Returning Officer at
any time between tho date. Of (he notice
and 2 o'clock p. m,, on the day of nomination. And in the event of a poll being
necessary, whether for .Reeve or
Councillors, such poll will be opened on
Saturday, the 16th day of January,
1904, from 8 a. m., to 4 p. ni., at the
Municipal Hall.
"The qualification for Reeve shall be
his being a male British Subject, and
having been for the three months next
preceding the day of his nomination,
the registered owner in the Land
Registry Office of laud aud real property, situate within the Municipality, of
the assessed value on the last Municipal
or Provincial Assessment Roll of five
hundred dollars or more, over and above
any registered judgment, and being
otherwise duly qualified as a voter."
Tho qualification for Councillor
shall be his being a male British Subject, and having been for three months
next preceding the day of nomination,
the registered owner in the Land Registry Office of land and real property,
situate within the Municipality, of the
assessed vnlne on the last Municipal or
Provincial Assessment Roll of two
hundred aud fifty dollars or more, over
and above any registered judgment, or
being a homesteader, lessee from tbe
Crown, or pre-emptor who hag resided
within tbe Municipality for the space of
one year, or more, immediately pre,
ceding the nomiuution and who is
assessed for five hundred dollars, or
more, Ou the last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll, over and above
any registered judgment, aud being
otherwise qualified ns a voter; but
nothing heroin contained shall be hold
to disqualify n Councillor whose qualifi
cation at tho time of his election wob
that of a homesteader, lessee from the
Crown, or pre-emptor, should ho acquire
a title to his land during his term of
Wm. Geo. Walker,
Returning Officer.
Given under my hand,  at  South Vancouver, the 8*1 of December IMS.
JANUARY is the   month   in
whioh our Semi-Annual Sale,
takes  place  and it is now in full
blast.     You   can buy $14, $15,
♦1 Suits for g!0.
We would] not have you under-
stand' that every article in our
store is reduced in price. We do
not mako^these Sales because we
are hard up aud most get money
at any price. Not at all. We
make a Sale twice a year to sell-
off broken lots so as to have Clear
Decks for new goods. That is
the way wo have earned the reputation of always having nothing
bnt the Latest Styles in Clothing,
Hats and Furnishings.
The man who wants a good Suit,
aud also wants to keep one-third
of its price to jingle in the pockets,
can do so by ooming here now.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
Jas. Carnahan.
Orders promptly attended to,  night   or
day. Charge, moderate.
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
Bring Your
Picture Framing
546 & 648 Seymour St., Cor., Dnnsmuir.
Tel, 882. Photos Enlarged.
Palace Stables.
Pender St. Telephone AI25
J. J. SPAKROW, Proprietor.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone tending Rnketch nnd dcdcrlptlon mnj
quickly Moertaln our opinion free whetlicr an
Invention Is probably patentable.  Commnnlen-
tloiia strictly coiiildontlRl. Handbook on Patent*
■«nt free. Oldest attonry for securing patents.
Piitonts taken tnroutrh Miinn & Co. receive
wptctai notice, without chnmo. In tho
Scientific Hmerican.
A handsomely lUi.strn.tefl vtookly. Lnnrent circulation of any scIcntlUc Jmtnml. Tonus, fi m
year; fournontbt,|lc Sold Uynll newsdealer*.
Branch Offlee, 63S F Bt„ Washtu.iton. D. C.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd
Maim Link.
Mount Pleasant to English Bay
via Davie streets—
First car leaves at 6:07% a. in.,
and  others  evory 15 minutes,'
thereafter.     Last   car   leaves
at 10:52Ji p. m.
via Bobson street;—
First car leaves at 6:15 a. m.,
and others  every  15 minutes
thereafter.   Last oar leaves at
11 p. m.
English Bay  to Monnt  Pleasant vis
Bobson  BtreetwFirsf    ear  leave,    at
622%   a. m.,  and    service   every    IS
minutes theieafter.   Last oar leaves at
11:23% p.m.   VI* Davie street—First
car  leaves] at  6:30 a.m.,   and  others
every 15 minntes thereafter.   Last oar
leaves at 11:30 p. m.
C. ft J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,   Press and
30 Fleet St., London, E. 0„ England.
Colonial Business a Specialty.  !
*"^Whlch Meet on fit. !>leosant
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 10 meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , iu Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noblk Grand—Thos. McKay.
Eecordi.no Secretary—J. Paxtnan.
I..O. F.       ~
Court Vancouver 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and  4th
Mondays of each month nt 8 p. ni.
Visiting brethron always welcome. '
Chief Ranger—Vf. B. Owens,
Westminster ltd., Mt. I'loasant.
Financial Sicckktary—M. J. Crchnn,
311 Princess street, City.
Becokdinu Secretary—J. J. Dongan.
731 ll.irris street.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Review 1st nnd 3d Fridays of each
mouth iu I. O. O. F,, Hall corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs.  Annie HotTar,
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Footc, !ls;9 Ninth avenue, east.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meet.
every 2d and  4th  Thursdays  of each
month,  iu  I   O.  O, F.,  Hull, corner
Seventh and Westminster avenues. .
Sojourning Friends always welcome.
James Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
W. P. Flewelling, Recorder.
JdlH f> parior<
Westminster Ave., next Qlasgow House
John Gillman, Proprietor.
Three Craws, and a first-class Bath
Boom is run in connection with  the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
If you want a
Ring up
Telephone  987
or call around at the Siu*
Works,   814   Homer   street.
In any case yonr wonts will receive the
most courteous  and  careful attention.
"*%%%%'*»'%'%'«*%* ^'ft't^/fA'ty^^
"Let the dead past bury its dead."
And its inconveniences.
The Convenient Light is the
Electric Light
You have simply to touch the button and yonr office and room is brilliantly'
lighted,   falling over ohoirs; no matches; no unoleanliness; no danger.' ;
Electrio lights can be made portable, so that you can hang them over your
dresser or shaving mirror, at the head of your bed, etc., and any desired
candle-power may be obtained.
It is a Beautifying; Light
Under its clear rays, faces and objects do not have that pallid, dull appearance that is caused by other lights; on the contrary, it show, off, every. 1 1
thing to tbe best a dvantage.   As music adds to the beauty Of a voice, so (I
does the electric light enhance the beauty of a face,  the brightness of a A
smile and the sparkle of the eyes, >
IT HAS NO FLAME—it emits no unhealthy fumes—it consumes on
oxygen and does not vitiate tbe air—therefore it does not cause 01 aggravate asthma or other pulmonary diseases.   It does not leak, ignite or
explode,   it will not kill plants or ruin wallpaper or f nrnishings.   It is ( '
everything that is best ns a light.   Up-to-date establishments and people' |
of refinement nse it.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Omens:   Corner of Hastings and Carrall streets.
»'%^rSa^lv%%%%%^r*^%%%%^%' %%<*9y*y++%*9y%Sm,*
r     1 .   "- --
f ■


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