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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Aug 12, 1905

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'--..  ' •   _.:'' "V:"',P        "
Summer Toilet Dresser
All the little bnt usoful convenience, and Indlapenilbles
for a laitv's dresser. Complexion Creami, Lotions,
Powder Puffs, Fragrant Toilet Waten and Perfumes, Plain
and Fancy Soaps, and a thousand and one other usoful
m     and oraameutal novelties that appeal to a refined lady's
■     heart those warm days.
n. A. W. Co. Ltd.
Mt. Pleasant Postoffice Drug Store.
Free Delivery to any part of the city.
Devoted to the iti.ere-.ts of Alt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three flonths 35c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
13 1905
Established April 8th, 1899.   Whole No. 830.
Mt. Pleasant, Vancowkbr,   b.
-*•*•*-     I   ■"
0.,   Saturday,   Ato 12,   1906.
i. .'. t.T T p|_3__t=fc
Always Something
to intereet yon every week in VffH AOVdOATB
among the Looal Items, Miscellaneous Item*,
Woman's Realm, or tho Continued Story. The
Advertisements will keep yon posted on wHerre
to go for bargains in all lines.
The subscription price ia within the reach of all
Delivered anywhere in the City, the Dominion'
tho United States or Great Britinu for f 1 a yea*
"^ritJipmtt^frAAn.) iXot. 7,'N6. **$
Local Items.
The McCuaig Anction and Commission Oo., Ltd., nexttoOarneige Library,
Bastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description,
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
Mr. Otto Marstrand of the Vancouver
Breweries, is away on a business trip to
Interior B. O. towns
Mrs. B. B. Howell of Eleventh avenne, will return home today from the
Burrard Sanitarium.
Mrs Geo. Robertson of Kelson, is
visiting Dr. and Mrs. N. Allen, Eighth
and Westminster avenues.
Messrs. Lang & Clayton, electricians,
have opened a store in the Hatch Building, Westminster avenne.
Boss is Howard have purchased a
handsome Oldsmobile from the Vancouver Automobile & Cycle Company,
Mrs. W. B. Verge and Miss Louise
Verge, of Tenth avenne, will leave tomorrow for Portland, to see the big
Mrs. H. O. Lee will hold her postnuptial reception on Thnrsday afternoon
and evening, Augnst 17th, at her home
1418 Thnrlow street.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
Mr. and Mrs. Wm Middler and family, returned Tuesday from IOunloops,
and are residing at the coruer of Twelfth
and Westminster avenues.
Mr W. H. MoLaren of McLaren Bros.,
manufacturers of the famous MoLaren
Jelly Powder and Extracts, was in the
city on business tliis week.
j   NEW YORK   j
Our Gold Crown and
Bridge work gSSSSi"
We bave a Specialist in this branch of
the dental profession who has a world
wide reputation for his high-cluss work.
This Class oi? Work is Guaranteed
for a Life-time.
BEEN THE SAME for High-class
Teeth extracted and filled absolutely painless, and all other dental
work done by Specialists who are all Graduate Dentists, holding
Specialists' Diplomas, and licensed by the Board of Dental Examiners
for Brit isb Columbia.
Give ns a call and let ns show yon samples of onr work.   Then judge
for yourself.
147 Hastings st. ^phone ism.
Branch OfttOOS corner Abbott and Hastings sflreets. Tel. 2022.
Office Honrs: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.;  Sundays 9 a. in., to 2 p. in.
•fe^a^a^a^_il^^Bapitspl^_Vpf mm,ajmi eaMsma-smemMSmtp^a wm^ASmas*.e*t meats.
$fpAINT5,0._s, Varnishes*
_-£-___-?***** *********** *****
A few of the lines we carry: Genuine Elephant Lead, Purs
Bat-dun Boiled Linseed Oil, Pure Batden Raw Linseed Oil,
IRONITE Hard Oil Finish, Varnishes, Houso Paint and Floor Paint.
Elephant Golden Oak Stain—a beautiful finish.
Onr prices are always right.
•   M.    I LL, I   la STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Mr. William Lndlow has gone to
Dewdn_y to spend a week with his
daughter Mrs. J. Magar.
Miss Hattie Taynton of Twelfth avenne, has boen the guest of the Misses
Wells at Eburue, this week.
Mr. and Mrs Frank Harford of Sixteenth avenue, have located at Central
Park, where Mr. Harford will engage
in gardening.
For Renis-K.vf eeven-roomod
house. Lady will keep two rooms upstair if agreeable. Rent low. Near car
line, 215 Sixteenth avonno, Mt. Pleasant
On Wednesday morning next the
Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church will
he the scene of a wedding, the contracting couple being Mr. Wm. Chase and
Miss Eva Green.
Mr. G. A. Mathers and wife, of Nee-
pewa, and Mr.  0. W.  Mathers of Ed-
monton.aro in the city. Messrs. Mathers
axe brothers of J. B. and J. C. Mathers
of the Dominion Trust Oomdany.
MoKinnon's Ice Cream Parlor has
opeued for the season. Best cream
alwas on baud. Opposite No. 8 Fire
Hall, Ninth avenne.
Mr. Geo. Williamson has purchased
25 feet of  ground from   Mr. H. P. De-
Penoier, adjoining the King'B Market,
and will   build  a fine store  building
thereon.   It is reported the price paid
was $100 por foot.
A new building, to cost »4.000, will
be erected at the corner of Westminster
and Seventh avenues. The flrst floor
will he two stores, and the upper flat
finished In modern style for housekeeping rooms. _	
Mrs. Williams, wife of Mr. John
Williams of the Vancouver Breweries,
arrived on Thursday from Euglaqd,
with her little daughter, Mrs. Williams
haa been absent several months visiting
relatives in the Old Country.
FOR -M-lC-Quartor Oak Dining
Table aud 6 Dining Chairs. Apply at
4M Seventh avenue, east.
Mrs. Wm. Saxton ot Winnipeg, form
erly a well-known artist of Vaucouvor,
waa ln the city two days this week en
rente to Seattle, where she will take a
three mouths conrse in water color
painting with Tabor & Wilkins of that
Mrs. R Ford and daughter, Mrs.
Bennett and W. Bennett, of Oarborry,
Man., and the Misses Smith of Toronto,
who have been the guest of Mrs. J.
Ford of Tenth avenne, east, the past two
weeks, left for thoir respective homes on
Mt Pleasant may receive a better
water snpply this Fall. The pnrohase
is being completed of the two parcels of
laud above the present waterworks dam
In the Capilauo Valley, on which is
a rook basin, the intake is to be extend
ed, aud 64 feet more hoad will thus be
: "Tha Clarion," Kelowna, B. 0., has
changod hands, Messrs. W. J. Clement
and R. H. Spedding being Rnoceeded by
P. B. Pelly. Mr. Clement was formerly teacher at West Vanconver Sohool,
(ont on Westminster avenne), nnd en-
tared the newspaper business a year ago
this month.
Mr. D. M. Stitt will open a Real
Estate and Insurance Ollioc about
Angnst 15th, at 2450 Westminster avenne, opposite Lee's Grocery.
Rev. Dr. Robson will preach at both
services on Snnday, 18th.
WAMTED on Mt. Pleasant in private
family, board and room for lady and
two children. Address D "Advocate"
Dr. N. Allen will occupy the flat over
the new Royal Bank of Canada building as soon as completed. The doctor
will have his residence as well as bis
office in the bnildiug.
Mr. E. H. Peace, proprietor of the
King's Market, arrived home on Wednesday from a two months sojourn in
St. Michael's Chnrch building has
been successfully moved to the new
site, corner of Ninth avenne and Prince
Edward street. Servioes as nsual on
The Woman's Auxiliary of Mt. Pleasant Presbytern Ohuroh held an Ice
Cream Social on the chnrch grounds
Thursday evening. The attendance was
fair and a nice sum was realized.
"Mai strand's Villa"814Fifth
avenne, east; one block from Westminster avenue, FOR SALE or FOR
RENT from September 1st. Call at
the Brewery.
Frances M., the threesy ear-old daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Forshaw of
Fourteenth avenne, died on Saturday
last. The funeral took plaoe Monday
morning, the Rev. Geo. A. Wilson
Miss Mary Anderson, daughter of
Mr. aud Mrs. R. A. Anderson, Westminster road, leaves today for Otter,
near Abbotsford, where sho ban seonred
the position of teacher.  .
The new bank building of tlio Royal
Bank of Canada's Mt. Pleasant Brauch
will be ready for occupancy by September let. The interior of the bank is
being handsomely finished.
Mr. A. J. Mould of Sixth avenne,
wharfinger for Messrs. Evans, Coleman & Evans, accompanied by his
family loft Monday evening on the
steamer Venture ou a holiday trip to
Northern B. 0. ports.
We havo tho very cream of the best
Canadian and American designs and
makes in the Summer and Fall styles
of shoes for Meu, Women, Misses and
Children R. MILLS, 110 Hastings
streot, west.
********* *********** ******
Saturday Specials
Watermelons 25c md 30c.
3-lb Fresh New Biscuits 25c.
Large Pineapples 30c.
Leave your order for Plums. Crown Fruit Jars at cost.
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
KInt Central fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 95*4.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fbbsh and Salt Meats.   Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited frbni all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. **ftSSP*
Mr. P. G. Drost of Mt. Pleasant sold
a lot on Granville street this week for
$9,400 to Mr Chas. Mathers, late of
Edmonton, who will build. Mr. Mathers
is a photographer ot Edmonton, and will
probably engage in tho same business
the Summer and FALL styles for Meu,
Women, Misses and Children, we have
opened np. Remember tbe "Watchword" of tills store—satisfaction or
yonr money refunded. R, MILLS,
the Shoe-man, 119 Hastings street, west
Just arrived this week
California Peaches
Hawaiian Pineapples
The best Pineapples on the market. Try one.
Watermelons 25 and 35 cts.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.  Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone  13G0.
Empire Cooked
The Citv Grocery Co. Lt*
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Toi. see.
Westminster Ave. A Princess Strmmt.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years-
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?   Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
At      Vancouver, B. C.   *f   Tel. 429       A
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels Or
delivered to yonr honse.
* King's
3331 Westminster Ave,
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. A1808.      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Meats of All Kinds.
Vegetables and  Poultry
t*. a** iu season. m% At
..%%'»%%* -%s*y%<msfv%<\
The B. O Electrio Ratlwliy Company
has ^completed the stringing of the
electric wire along Westminster road,
as far as Cedar Cottage. Elootrioians
are busy wiring houses for the electrio
light along Westminster road, showing
the residents aro glad to avail themselves of tho modem light.
Snnday 18th.
The pastor, Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton,
will   preach   at  the   morning   servico,
subject: "Livingfor Christ."
■ Dr.    Ethel    Gough,    of   Hankow,
China,  will   speak at   the   eveuing
 :o: ■
"Pnblic Schools east of Coast range,
inolnding Hope, will not re-open till
August 21st. All schools onVanoonver
Island, along Coast and on Lower
Matnland re-open on 14th," is the order
nf the Provincial Superintendent of
Educa J >n. The Vancouver School
Board ina.i keep the oity sohools closed
two or three weeks longer owing to the
hot weathor and the prevalence of
measles and whooping cough.
The oonrse of addresses on prophetio
subjects, illustrated by a largo diagram,
are being continued nightly in the tent
on the Avenue, between Fifth and
Sixth avennes. "Tho Closing Days of
Gentile Supremacy," is the subject
whioh has been treated during the past
week. This will be followed by addresses
on "The Everlasting Kingdom of the
Lord Jesus Christ." A cordial invitation ls extended to all,
The Oity Grocery  delivers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 286
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital 18.000.000.   Reserves $8,802,748.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Manager.
Everything in the line of Summer Materials clearing
Regardless of Cost 1
LACES.—We have just placed on sale over 76 pieces of Laces and Insertions in black, whito, oream and corn; worth up to 40c, Clearing for IOo
MUSLINS.—We are clearing our entire Btock of Mnslius at less thnn
Manufacturers prices: Muslins worth up to 60c clearing for 25c a yard;
worth np to 86c, cloaring for 16o a yard; worth up to 16o clearing for 1%o.
GINGHAM8.—Ginghams in stripes and checks, worth up to 26c, clearing
for IOo a yard.
SPEOIAL  PRICES  on all lines of Blonses, Costumes, Capes, Coats,
x    Dress Goods, Whitewear, Vests and Parasols.
i A. ROSS & CO., SffliSftS'SPst-     *
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods.
Pratt's Lioo Killor,
Holly Chick Food, Beefscraps, Eto.
Sl/plTH Corner   NINTH .venue   o.
Telephono   16 3 7T	
Boot and Shoemaklng
nnd Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2464 Westminster avenne.
Miss L. Lndlow entertained forty
guests at a very delightful lawn pnrty
on Tuesday eveniug, at tno home of hex
parents 80 Eighth avenne, west. Miss
Ludlow was assisted iu receiving by
Mrs. J. Millar and Miss Ethel
Ludlow. The evening wos delightfully
passed with musio and gvmes. Dainty
refreshments wero served by Mrs. B. L.
Tompkins, Mrs. C. Tiernan and Miss
Magar; the tables were decorated with
sweet pons nnd nasturtiums. The lawn
was lighted by nnmorons Chinese
lanterns artistically hong.
The Fairview Council of the Canadian
Order of Ohosen Friends will hold a
pionio at Ebnrne on Saturday Ang. 19th.
Two special oars have been chartered,
and the cars will leave Granville Street
Bridge Depot nt 9 a. m., and will go
tlirough to Steveston whero a stop over
of one hour will be made to allow all to
visit the canneries, after which tho cars
will rnu back to Eburue, where the
picnic will be held on' tbe grounds of
Mr. Smith's rosidonoe. Friends will
take their own refreshments; tea will
be provided by the O, O. O. F. Oars
will return to Vancouver at 6:80 p. in.
The round trip tickets are only 25c.
■ -:oi
Advertise in "The Advooata."
Flour^Feed Stote
24.10 Westminster avo., 'Phone 641.
257 Hastings Btreet, east,  'Phone 718.
For a Game of
Pool or Billiards
Drop In at
Mt. Pleasant.
All kinds of Meats
always on hand.
Your patronage is respectfully solicited.   Prompt delivery.
Fresh Fish Bally.
164 Ninth ave., uoar corner Westm'r ave.
Store and    *
Office Fixtures
Jfr a specialty
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
(Cabinet Maker.)
SHOP: 43 Eighth Avonue.
'Phono B1200.     Mt. PLEASANT.
Central Park.
Central Park, Aug. ioth.
The annual picnic of St. John's Presbyterian Churoh Suuday School is being
held at Bowen Island today.
A Trolley Party will bo held on Friday eveuing of this week, under the
auspices of the Young People's Guild of
the Presbj torian Church. The destine'
tion is Eitsilauo. A pleasant time fa
The Rev. Mr. Lennic of New Westminster, conducted services in the Pros
byterian Church, owing to tho illness of
Rev. J. G. Reid, pastor, on Snnday last
We are in a better position now
to sell you Diamonds than ever
before in onr history.
Because we have a tat greater
quantity to choose from, nnd onr
prices are right.
Owing to there being no dnty
on Diamonds coming into Canada,
wo soil them cheaper than they
seU them in the United States.
OTE.—We hare still a
nioe variety of those
VASES at see SBom Sam
Corner Hastings and Granville SU.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. R.
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Cameron and
family, wbo have been visiting Mrs.
Camoron's brother Mr. D. McLeod,
Sixth avonue, oast, for tho past throe
weeks, loft Thursday for a visit tn thoir
old home in Eastern Canada. Thoy will
also visit Eastern American Cities aud
return to Vancouvor iu November.
Any one having frionds or knowing
of strangers visiting ou Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
'The Advocate."   Telephone B1406.
If you miss Th« Advocate you miss
the local nows.
On Saturday last about 1 p. m., the
little two-year-old daughter of Mr. aud
Mrs. Geo. Hornbrook, Wostmlnster
road, wandered from home and was
not fonnd nntil 9 o'clock Sunday morn
ing. The littlo one was trying to follow
tho older children. All night neighbors
and friends searched Iho woods, while
the distracted mother sat and waited.
Aboot 9 o'clock Sunday morning Mr,
McDonald of the searching party hoard
a faint cry which ceased almos. instantly, turning in the direction of tho sound
he camo upon tho wee girl caught in
the brush. The little feet were scratched and pieces of flesh torn by the blackberry bnshes. To hor mother the baby
said: "A doggie turn to seo mo in the
bosh.'' To tho frionds who so willing'y
joined in the search for their little girl
Mr. nnd lira. Horubrool. doeiro to tend-
or thoir heartfelt thanks.
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 15_ininutos to 7, ovory Sunday
evening in Advent Christian Church,
corner Niuth avo. nud Westiiiimitcr Rd.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Church ments at 8 p. in.
B. Y. P. U., meets  iu   Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Church at 8 p. m.
The Y. P. 8. O. E„ meets at 8 p. m
in Mt.Pleasasaut Presbyterian Chnroh
See When Your Lodge Meets
Tlio 2d and 4th Mondays of the month
Court Vancouver, I. O. F., meets at
8 p m.
Mt. Pleasnnt Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F
meets at 8 p. m.
Vancouver  Council  No. 211a,  Can
adian Order of Choson Friends meets
the 2d aud 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of the
Maccabees holds its regular meetings ou
the 1st, and 8d Fridays of the month
If yonr eyes tire quickly when reading, coubuR Dr. Howell at the Burrnrd
Sanitarium. Eyes tested free when
supplying glasses.
"The Advocate" wishes any careless!
ness iu delivery reported to the Office;
telephone nj id.i.
BAT Subscribers are requested to
report auy carelessness in the delivery
of "The Advocato."
McToggort & Moscrop
Dealers in
344 Carrall St.,    Vancouver, B.C.
Temploton Block.
Royal Crown
the Best in the World. Drop
ns a post card asking for a
Catalogue of Premiums to be
had free for Royal Crowd
Soap WiiAPPKite.
•miff -ffffTf itr-nfftf w iffw nryr
of All Kinds
in Season.
Our Motto:
Good Goods at righ prices I
W- H. SIM,
246 Ninth avenve, east.
Telephone 914.
I........ ju.u __.ii- iiii-i munn
■w ■■*#■**. **p**™ Hfffi •«■•■- nim MHMOT,
ChangeR for advertisements should be
ln beforo Thursday noon to insure their
Read tho Now York  Dental Parle**
advertisement in this paper, then go ►..
New York Dental Purlin * for your mo*\ :^.*>_^j--
Or, The Love Story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor, the King's Sister, and
Happening In the Reign of His August Majesty King Henry the Eighth
Rewritten find Rendered Into Modern English From Sir Edwin
Ci-skoden'a Memoir
CopwrlflM. 1508 ond loot.nvttu Bawen-MerriU Company
At last aimectlng came aoout in tnls
■way: Next te tbe king's bedchamber
dvus a IQxurloUsly furnished little
apartment with a well selected library.
Here Brandon and I often went afternoons to read, as wo wero sure to be
Late one dny Brandon had gone over
to this quiet rotrent'ftnd, having selected a volume, took his placo In a secluded little alcove hnlf hidden ln nrrns
draperies. There was a cushioned sent
along the wall and a small diamond
shaped window to furnish light.
He had not been there long when ln
came Mary. I cannot Boy whether she
knew Brandon was there or not, but
ehe was there and he was there, which
Is tbe only thing to the point, and, finding hlin, sbe stepped into the alcove bofore he was aware of her presence.
_—...,_., nu. uu urn leot ln an instant and with a low bow was backing himself out most deferentially to
leaye her ln sole possession, lf she
wished to rest .
"Muster Brandon, you need not go.
I will not hurt you. Besides, If this
place ls not largo enough for us both,
I will go. I would not disturb you."
She spoke with a tremulous voice and
a -julck, uneasy glance, and started to
movo backward out of tbe alcovo.
"Lady Mary, how can you speak sof
YOB know—you must know—oh, 1 beg
y<_U"— But she Interrupted him by
taking his arm and drawing him to a
seat beside ber on the cushion. She
could hare drawn down the Colossus
of Ithodes with the look she gave Brandon, so full was lt of command, entreaty and promise.
"That's lt I don't know, but 1 want
to know, and I want you to sit here beside me and tell me. I am going to be
reconciled with you despite the way
yon treated met when last wo met. I
am going to be friends wltb you whether yoo wlll_or not. .Now what do yofl
say to thatj' sir?" 'She spoke with a
nattering little laugh of uneasy non-
assurance, which showed that ber
henrt was not nearly so confident nor
so bold as ber words would make believe. Poor Brandon, usually so ready,
bad nothing "to say to that," bnt sat
In.helpless silence.
Was this tbe sum total of all bis
wlso determinations made at the cost
of so much pain and effort ? Was this
thp answer to all his prayer, "Lead
me not Into temptation?" He had done
bin part, for he had dono all be could.
Heaven had not helped him, since here
was temptation thrust upon him wben
s»si i-peuteu ana when the way was
io* narrow be could not escape, but
-oust meet lt faco to face.
Mary soon recovered her self posses-
lion—women are better skilled fn this
irt than meu—and continued:
"I am iidt intending tosay one word
•bout your'trentment of mc thnt day
svjer ln t|0 forest although lt was very
bad and you have acted abominably
etjer since. Now ls not that kind lb
me." And she softly laughed as sbe
pejiped up at the poor fellow from beneath those sweeping lushes, with the
premeditated purpose of tantalizing
him, I suppose. Sbe was beginning to
knoWhet' powor over him, and it was
nevor greater than at this moment
Her Jtifiiuh" had its sweetest Quality,
for thaijJHijcess was sunk- and tlie
won___t w»« dominant, 'with ilushed
face nud Hushing eyes tbnt caught a
double luster from the: glowing love
that made her heart beat so fast
With tho mood that was upon her I
wonder Brandon maintained his self
restraint even for a moment Ho felt
tlmt his only hopo Iny tn silence, bo he
snt beside her aud said nothing. Ho
told mo long afterward that while sitting thoro ln tbe Intervals between her
.pooch, the oddest, wildest thoughts ran
through bis bruin. He wondered bow
be could escape. He thought of tbe
window and that possibly ho might
breakaway through It, and fhcu he
thought of feigning Illness, ond a hundred other absurd schemes, but they
all camo to nothlug, and be sat there
to lot events take their own course, as
they seemed determined to do ln spite
of him.
After n short silence Mary continued
half bantcrlngly: "Answer mo, slrl I
will have no more of this. You shall
trout mo at least with tbe courtesy you
would show n bourgeolse girl."
"Oh, that you were only a burgher's
"Yes, I know all that; but I am not
It can't bo helped, and you shall answer mc." v
"There is no answer, dear lady. I
beg you—oh, do you not see"—
"Yes, yes; but answer my question.
Am I not kind, more than you deserve?1
"Indeed, yes; a thousand times. You
havo always been so kind, so gracious
and so condescending to mo that I can
only thank you, thhnk you, thank you,"
answered Brandon nlmost shyly, not
tiring to lift bis eyes to hers.
Mary saw the manner quickly enough
•what woman ever missed lt, much
I»ss bo keen-eyed a girl as sbe—and lt
gave her confidence and brought back
tho easy banter of ber old time manner.
"Haw modest we bave become!
Where Is tbe boldness of which we
need to hnve so much? Kind? Have
I always been so? How about the first
time I mot you? Was I kind then?
And as to condescension, don't—don't
use that word between us."
"lto," returned Brandon, who In his
turn wns recovering himself; "no, I
can't »ay that you wore very kind at
first How you did fly out at mo and
Burpr.se me! It wus so unexpected lt
almost tooli mc off my feet" And they
both laughed lu remembering the scene
of trOWf first meeting. "No, I enn't say
your kindness showod Itself vory
strongly ln thnt first Interview, but
It was there nevertheless, and when
Lady Jane led me bnck your real nature asserted Itself, as lt always does,
and you were kind to mc—kind a* only
tou can bo "
That was getting very near to the
sentimental — dangerously nenr, ho
thought, and he add to himself, "If
this does not end quickly, I shall havo
to escape."
"You nre easily satisfied If you call
that good," laughingly returned Mury.
"I can be ever bo much bettor than
that if I try."
"Lot me see you try." said Brandon.
"Why, I'm trying now," answered
Mary, with a distracting little pout
"Don't you know genuine out and Qut
goodness when you see tt? I'm do'ug
my very best now.   Can't you toll?"
"Yes, I think I rocognlze It but—but
—bo bad again."
"No, I wan'tl 1 will not be bad even
to please you. 1 have determined not
to bo bud, and I will not—not even to
bo good. This." placing her hand over
her neart, "Is Just full of 'good' today."
And her lips parted as she laughed at
her own pleasantry.
"I am afrnld you bnd better be bad.
I give you fair warning," said Brandon
huskily. He felt her eyes upon blm all
the time, nnd bis strength nnd good
resolves wero oozing out llko wlno from
an 111 coopered cask. After a short silence Mary continued, regardless of tbe
"But the position Is reversed with us.
At lirst I was unkind to you, and you
were kind to me, but now I am kind to
you, and you nro unkind to me."
"I can como back at you with your
own words," responded Brandon. "You
don't know when I am kind to you. I
should be hinder, to myself at least
were I to leave you and tako mysolf to
Hie other side of the world."
"Oh, thnt Is one thing I wonted to
ask you about Jane tells me you are
going to New Spain."
bho wns anxious to know, but asked
tho question partly to turn the conversation, whleh was fast becoming perilous. As a girl Bhe loved Brandon and
knew lt Ouly too well, but she knew
also that she was a princess, standing
next to tbe throne of tbe greatest kingdom ou earth—ln fact at that time the
heir apparent, Henry having no children, tor the people would not have the
Scotch king's Imp, and the possibility
of such a thing as a union with Brandon had never entered her head, however passionate her feelings toward
blm. It was not to be thought of between people so fur apart as they.
Brandon answered her question: "I
do not know nbout going. I think I
shnll. 1 have volunteered with a ship
thut satis In two or three weeks from
Bristol, and I suppose I shall go."
vii, noi Ho you really mean it?" II
gave ,lwr n pang lo hoar that he was
actually going, and ber love pulsed
higher, but sho iiIbo felt a sense of relief, somewhat as a conscientious
hoUBcbroaker migljt foci upon finding
tho door securely loekod agiiluat him.
It would ■ tako away a temptation
which she could not resist nnd yet
dured not yield to much longer.
"I think thoro Is uo doubt that I
mean it," replied Brandon. "I Bhould
like to remain I.V Bijgland until I can
save money enough out of the king's
allowance to pay tho debt agnlnst my
father's estate, so that I may bo abl«
to go away and feel that my brother
and Bisters arc secure in their homo—
my brother ls not strong—but I know ■
lt ls better for mc to go now, and I
hope to find the money out there. I
could huve paid lt with what I lost to
Judson bofore I dlscov-,'1 blm cheating." This was the Hi % time he had
ever alluded to the duel, and the
thought of it in Mary's mind, ndded a
faint touch of four to her feeling to
ward him.
She looked up with a light ln her eye!
and asked: "What ls tho debt?   How
"Heaven help mel" lie cried,
much? Let me give you tho money. 1
have so much moro than I need. Let
mo pay it. rieasa tell me how much
tt Is, and I will band it to foil. Yen
can como to my rooms and get it, or I
will send lt to you. Now tell me that
1 may. Quickly!" And she was allvt
with enthusiastic Interest
"There, now, you are kind again, as
kind as even you cun be. Bo sure, I
thank you, though I say it ouly onco,"
and ho looked Into her eyes with a
gazo sbe could not stand even for an
Instant. This was growing dangerous
again; so, catching himself, ho turned
the conversation back Into the bantering vein.
"Ah, you want to puy tho debt that
I may hava no excuse to remain? Is
that lt? Perhaps you are not so kind
after all."
"No, no; you know better. But let
me pay the debt How much ts lt, and
to whom ls lt owing? Tell me at once,
1 command you."
"No, no, Lady Mury; I cannot"
'Tloase do. I beg, If I cannot command. Now I know you will. YoU
would not make me beg twlco for anything?" She drow closer to blm as sbe
spoke and put her baud cosxlngly upon
bis arm. With an Irresistible impulse
be took the hand ln his end lifted lt to
his Uns in a iimrerlue caress tbat could
boi be mistaken. It was "all so quick
aud so full of fire and meaning that
Mary took fright, and tbe princess for
the moment came uppermost.
"Master Brandon!" she exclaimed
sharply and drew away her hand. Brandon dropped the hand and moved over
on tbe seat. He did not speak, but
turned his face from her and looked
out of the window toward the river.
Thus they sat ln silence, Brandon's
hand resting listlessly upon tho cushion between them. Mary saw the eloquent movement away from her and
his speaking attitudo with nvcrted face;
thon the princess went iuto eclipse, and
the imperial woman wns ascendaut
once more, flbe lookod at him for u
brief space with softening oyes and,
lifting her hand, put it back ln his, saying:
"There it Is agaln-.f you want lt"
Want it? Ah, this was too much!
Tho hand would uot satisfy now. It
must be all, all! And he caught her to
his arms with a violence that frightened her.
"I'leaso don't; pleasel Not this time!
Ah, havo mercy, Churl— Well! There!
There! Mary mother, forgive mel"
Then hor woman spirit fell beforo tho
whirlwind of his passion, nnd sho was
on his breast, with hor white arms
around bis neck, paying tho same tribute to the little blind god that ho would
have exacted from tho lowliest maiden
of the land.
Brandon held tho girl for a moment
oi two, tnen fell upon his knees aud
burled his face ln her lap.
"Hoavon help me!" he cried.
Bbe pushed the hair back from his
forehead with ber band and as she
fondlod the curls leaned over him and
softly whispered:
"Heaven help us both, for I love
He sprang to his feet. "Don't! Don't,
I pray yon," he said wildly, and almost
ran from her.
Mary followed him nearly to the door
of the room, but when ho turned he
saw that she bad stopped and was
standing with her hands over her face,
as lf ln tears.
He went back to ber and said, "I
tried to avoid this, and lf you bad
helped me lt would never"— But he
remembered how he had always despised Adam for throwing tho blame
upon Eve, no matter how much she
may have deserved It and continued:
"No, I do not mean that. It Is all
my fault I should havo gone away
long ago. I could not help lt. I tried,
oh, I tried!"
Mnry's eyes were bent upon the
floor, and tears wero falling over her
Unshed cheeks unheeded and unchecked.
"There la no fault in any one. Neither could I help It," she murmured.
"No, no; lt ls not that there Is any
fault ln fhe ordinary sense. It ls like
snicide or any other great eelf inflicted
Injury with me. I am different from
other men.   I shall never recover."
"I know ouly too well that you are
different from other men, nnd—and I,
too, am different from other women.
Am I not?"
"Ah, different! There is no other
woman In all this wide, long world."
And tbey were ln each other's arms
again. She turued her shoulder to
him and rested with the support of his
arms about her. Her eyes were cast
down iu silence, and she was evidently thinking as she toyed with the lace
of bis doublet. Brandon knew her
varying expressions so well that he
saw there was something wanting, so
he asked:
"Is there something you .wish to
"Not I," Bhe responded with emphasis on the pronoun.
"Then lt ls something you wish ma
to say?"
Sho nodded her head slowly, "Yes."
"What ls lt?   Tell me, and I will say
She shook her head slowly, "No."
"What ls lt?   I cannot guess."
"Did you not like to hear me say that
—that I—loved you?"
"Ah, yes! You know lt But—oh!—
do you wish to bear me say it?"  •
Tho head nodded rapidly two et
threo times, "Yes." And the black
curving lashes wore lifted for a fleeting, luminous Instant
"It  ls surely  not  necessary.    Yon
have known lt so long already, but I
am only too glad to say lt I love you."
She nestled closer to him and hid hei
face oh his breast
"Now that I have said It what lf my
reward?" he asked, and the fair face
came up, red and rosy, wltb "rewards,"
any one of which wa* worth a king's
"But this ls worse than Insanity,"
cried Brandon as he almost pushed her
from him. "We can neyer belong to
each other.   Noverl"
"No," said Mary, with a despairing
shake of the head, as th* tear* began
to flow again. "No, never!" And falling upon hi* knees he caught both hei
hands ip bla, sprang to hi* feat and
ran from the room.
Her word* showed him tbo chasm
anow. Sbe saw tho distance between
them even better than he. Evidently
lt seemed farther looking down than
looking up. There wa* nothing left
now but flight
Be sought refuge lp 1)1* own apartments and wildly walked the floor, exclaiming: "Pool, fool that I am to lay
up (his store of agony to last me all
my days! Why did I ever come to this
court? Ood pity me—pity mel" And
ho fell upon his knees at the bed, burying bis face ln hia arms, bis mighty
man's frame shaking as with a palsy.
That lame nlgbt Brandon told me
how he bad committed suicide, as he
put it and ot hi* intention to go to
Bristol and there await the sailing of
tho sl-lv and perhaps find a partial resurrection In New Spain.
Unfortunately, ho could not start for
Bristol at once, as he had given some
challenges for a tournament at Richmond and could furnish no good excuse
to withdraw them, but he would not
leave his room or again see "that girl
Who was driving him mad."
It was better, he thought, and wisely, too, that there bo no leave taking,
but that bo should go without meeting
"If I see her again," he said, "I shall
have to kill some one, even if lt 1* only
I heard him tossing ln bl* bed all
night and wben morning came he
arose looking haggard enough, but with
hi* determination to run away and soo
Mary uo more stronger than ever up-
•n him.   .... 	
But Providence or fate 'or some ono
ordered lt differently, and there wa*
plenty of troublo ahead.
BOUT a week after Brandon'*
memorable interview with
Mary an incident occurred
which    changed   everything
and came very near terminating his career In the flower of youth. It nlso
brought about a situation of affairs
that showed tbe difference in tbe qualify of these two persons thrown so
marvelously together from their far
distant stations at each end of tbe ladder of fortune In a way that reflected
very little credit upon the one from
tho upper end. But before I tell you
of tbat 1 will relate briefly one or two
other matters that had a bearing upon
what was dono and tho motives prompting it
To begin with, Brandon had kept
himself entirely away from the princess ever since tho afternoon at tbo
king's antechamber. The flrst dny or
bo sho sighed, but thought little of his
absence; then sho wept and, as usual,
begun to grow piqued nud Irritable.
What was left of hor Judgment told
hor It was better for them to remain
apart, but her longing to see Brandon
grew stronger as the prospect of lt
grew less, and she beenmo angry thnt
It could not be gratified. Jane was
rlgbt; an unsatisfied desire with, Mary
wub torture. Even her sense of tbo
great distance between them hnd begun to fade, and when she bo wished
for him nnd he did not come their positions seemed to be reversed. At the
end of the thlrt' day sho sent for him
to come to hei rooms, but he by a
mighty effort sent back a brief note
saying thnt ho could not and ought not
to go. This, of course, threw Mary Into
a great pnsslo.i, for sbe Judged him by
herself, a very common but dangerous
method of Judgment, nnd thought that
If he felt (t all as she did he would
throw prudence to the winds and come
to her, as she knew she would go to
him If she could. It did not occur to
her thot Brandon knew himself well
enougfc to be sure he would never go
to Now Spain lf ho allowed another
grain of temptation to fail Into the 1ml-
aiMO against him, but would remain in
London to love hopelessly, to try to
win a hopeless cause and end it all by
placing his head upon the block.
It required nil bla strength even now
to hold fast his determination to go to
New Spain. He had reached his limit Ho bad a fund of tbat most useful of all wisdom, knowledge of self,
and knew his limitations, a little matter concerning which nine men out of
ten go all their lives in blissless ignorance.
Mary, wbo was no more given to self
analysis than her pet linnet did not
appreciate Brandon's potent reasons
and was in a flaming passion when she
received his answer. Bngo and humiliation completely smothered for the
time her affection, and she said to herself over and over again: "I hato tbe
lowborn wretch". Oh, to think what 1
have permitted!" It seemed only too
clear that she had been too quick to
give, no very comforting thought to a
proud girl eveu though a mistaken ono.
As the days went by and Brandon
did not come her nnger cooled as usual,
aud again her heart began to ache, but
her sense of Injury grow stronger day
by day and Bhe thought sho was beyond n doubt tbo most 111 used of women.
The negotiations for Mary's marriage
with old Louis XII. of France were beginning to be on open secret about the
court. The Due de Longuevlllo, who
hud been held by Henry for some time
as a sort of hostage from the French
king, had opened negotiations by Inflaming the flickering passions of old
Louis with descriptions of Mary's beauty. As there was a prospect of a now
emperor soon and us thalmperlal bee
had of late been making a most vehement buzzing ln Henry's bonnet be
encouraged Do Longuevllle nnd thought
lt would be a good time to purchase
the help of France nt the cost of his
beautiful sister and a handsome dower.
Mary of course had not boen consulted,
and although Bhe bnd Conxed ber
brother out of other marriage projects
Henry had gonC'nbout tills os If he
were ln earnest, and lt was thought
throughout the court that Mary's conx-
Ings would be all ln vain—a fear which
sho herself hnd begun to share, notwithstanding her usual self confidence.
Sbe hnted the thought of the marriage and dreaded It as she would death
Itself, though she snld nothing to any
one but Jane und wub holding her
forces ln reserve for a grand attack.
She was preparing the way by being
very sweet and kind to Henry.
Now, oil of this, coming upon the
heels of her trouble, with Brandon,
made her most wretched Indeed. For
the flrst timo in her life she began to
feel suffering—thnt great brondenbr, In
fact maker, of human rhnrn_.t_,«.
Work and Worrr.
Weary Walker—Dls paper says del
Worry kills more fellers dan .work,
Tired Tatters—I reckon dnt's right, but
dey ain't nothln' wot worries me like
woi-     -
A Braalllan Household Pet.
Brazilians train a snake called the
glbola as a rat catcher. It ls fifteen
feet long, ls harmless to the human
being, becomes quite a household pet
ls lazy ln the daytime, but at night
roams about the bouse ln quest of its
prey—rats. These animals lt promptly
kills by twisting their necks. When
Brazilians have to pass from room to
room ln tbe dark they first put on their
slippers. It would not be pleasant to
plant one's bare feet on a cold slimy
snake of that size.
Humor ma Philosophy
We sing tho Joy ot living,
Of peace and war and sport
Of taking and ot giving
In city, mart and court,
Tho rapture of tho poet
By sages grandly folt,
But only those can know it
In tho cyclono belt
We think wo aro enjoying
A swell and giddy time,
With .words and sweethearts, toying
In e.iis ft"d proso and rhyme.
With lifo a Joyous hummer,
But all theso feelings melt
When we have spent a summer
In the cyclpne belt.
Borne men, excitement yearning.
Go chasing after war '
In hopes bofore returning
A bunch of runs to score,
But disappointment hollow
Will certainly bo folt
Unless a call they follow
To tho cyclono bolt.
Royalty Hunting,
Kings nnd potentates get n good den)
of alleged sport out of hunting, but
they can never quite exporleuco the
thrill of tho small boy who ls tracking rabbits through tlio snow with his
first squirrel rifle.
To bo Bure, tho king gets moro game
than tbe boy because a gang of Inckcys
ere accommodating enough to drive the
big game up to where he couldn't miss
shooting lt unless he were as accomplished a tnlsser as the Russian naval
It may be more genuine Sport than
eating stowed prunes or fighting with
burglars to shoot off a gun at a tame
bear while a husky mnn stands behind
to reload the gun, while another runs
up with a club to dispatch tho bear lf
the shot didn't do the work, but for the
freeborn Americnn citizen the operation ls too much like playing golf to
engender anything like genuine unalloyed Joy.
Its Vacation,
No more the bivalve soff we chew
In scollop or In festive stew;
The oyster bird has had his day-
There It no It's In May.
.. — ■    ■      ■ i       - i   '■..  .        ■ ;-
An Exceptionally Severe Case  in Which a
Helpless Sufferer was Restored' by
Gravel or stone ln bladder ls about
the most painful ailment that aver
afflicted mankind. It ls the result
of deranged kidneys, the uric acid
forming tn hard substances, which
lodge ln the kidneys and bladder.
This horrible disease ls prevented and.
cured by Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Mr.- Daniel Brown, English River,
Ont., writes:—"For three years I
suffered from urinary troubles, partaking of the natjire of stone in the
bladder ox gravel, and the pain
whioh I endured can scarcely be described. I was unable to do any
work, and frequently discharged blood.
Though I spent hundreds ot dollars ln
doctors' bills I received no relief, and
at last decided that I would never be
able to work again.
"While in this condition I was advised to try Dr.- Chase's Kldney-
Llver Fills, and.though I had no
faith ln them or anything <_lse I de
cided to give them a fair trial.   After
using one box I felt a decided change
for the better, and after taking five
boxes I felt like a new man.  I am entirely put of pnln, and havo no more
discharge of blood,    I Can honestly ,
recommend Dr, Cl.asej's Kldney-Llyer''
Pill* to any fellow sufferer, and will'
cheerfully verify this   statement   to
anyonewrltlng me."
Mr. W- Bowen, postmaster and station agent at English River, Ont.,
writes:—"I have Interviewed Mr.
Daniel Brawn of this place In regard
to his long Illness and cure, and .hereby certify that the tsotUnonlul as given by blm le correct."
Dr. Chaso's Kidney-liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all
dealers, or Edmunson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. To protout you against
Imitations the portrait and signature ot Dr. A. W. Chose, the famous
receipt book author, aro on every
This is What He Says
Felt She Had To,   ,
"She Is one of these old fashioned
girls.     She  believes  that  the  whale
swallowed Jonah."
"Of course she does.   She has design*
on tho new minister."     «
Fatal Delect
"His new book is doomed, to failure." '  ._;."'
"Lafcklng ln plot!"
"No, but the hero 1* not named
Worn out With Chronlo Kidney Disease—The Great Canadian Kidney
Remedy Banished HI* Pain*.
Acadle Biding, Kent Co., N. B., July.
8.—(Special).—Callxto Richard, J. P.,
one of the most highly respected men
in this part of the country, has Joined
the great army of thoso who pin their
faith to Dodd's Kidney Pills. As usual
Mr. Richard has good reasons for
what he does and ho states thgrn aa
"I have ben troubled with Kidney
Disease for forty years and the result
was I found myself a worn out man
at seventy-two. But after using two
boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills I find
all my pains are gone, and I can employ all my days with the best results. I cannot let tho opportunity
pass of letting the public know the
great good Dodd's Kidney Pills have
dono me.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure all rheumatic pains by removing the cause—
Uric acid ln the blood. Thoy put vigor
and energy ln place of the pain."
fflf'.V ••    ••- ..:
Amongst the passenger* who arrived by the Caronla on her last trip
was Mr. James Ryrie, who had Jmt
returned after a protracted visit to
Europo ln search of tho latest novelties
for Diamond Hall, Toronto. During
hie absence Mr. Ryrie visited Italy.
Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, France and England, and mado
solectlons ln each country, thus gathering one .of the choicest collections
of precious stones, silverware and art
goods that haa ever entered Canada.
These goods, lt Is expected, will arrive In time for the opening of the
new premises now being prepared for
the Ryrie Bros., Limited. This building, which Is situated some three or
four doors above their present premises, will be ready for ocoupatlon toward the end of July and when completed will be one of the largest and
most palatial establishments on the
continent even rivalling anything
that Now York or Chicago has to
As Early as That,
When George Wash crossed the Delaware
And gave the British quite a scare,
According to tho best advice,
lie cut a good sized chunk of ice.
Still a Bird.
"When he came to town he wa* feeling like a bird."
"Yes, and when they took all his
money away he went home a blue jay."
Felt It Coming,
"Why does he predict a big corn
crop with such assurance?"
"He has Just bought a pair of shoes
that are two Sizes too small."
An Indian Legend.
There was once a man who lived In
the forest far from the rest of his
tribe. He lost bis wife and was very
lonely. After awhile be made a wooden doll about her size, dressed lt ln
the clothes she used to wear and Bet lt
vp in front of the fireplace. Then he
felt better. So a year paised away.
One night he came homo, and there
was his wife sitting tn a chair ln place
of the doll. Sho spoko to him, saying,
"Tho Great Spirit felt sorry for you, so
he let me como back to see you, but
yeu must never touch mo, for lf you
do you will kill mo." They lived thus
together for a twelvemonth, but ouo
night he attempted to clasp her in his
arms. Behold, ho was holding n wooden doll I She did not como to life again,
and ho was very unhappy ever after.
Husky—i sny, doctor, I want you to
look at a horse up here at the stable
ond tell mo honestly Just what you
think about blm—whether he Is sound
nr unsound. Veterinary—I always tell
Just whnt I think. By the way, ls It a
horso you think of buying or one you
nave for sale?
Rare  Insight.
Jobson—Miss Blank look* awfully
frivolous to mo. Whnt mnkes you tliluk
the has so much hard sense? Robson—
I Just beard her refuse an Invitation
to a enrd pnrty becnuse she couldn't
play cards.
Ho who foresees calamities Buffer*
tleiu twice over.—Porteoua.
What Women Suffer.
Provided For,
"Is he saving any money for a rainy
"No; he la an adept at stealing umbrellas."
A vacation without pay la a good
deal like a dinner without salt, only
more so.
It ls a mighty lucky dog that Is born
Into the world with a pedigree.
A club woman's boy generally get*
revenge oh his mother by smoking cigarettes.
The man who
can look pleasant
while paying hia
wifo's millinery
bill certainly has a
crown and a harp
coming to him.
'Some men find It
hard to shave
themselves because they never
learned to swear
In youth.
Some of tbe most beautiful theories
in the world wouldn't, recognize themselves after they had been put into
Welsh  Colls,. Yella.
The Welsh ls a language thnt looks
peculiarly fit for college yells. The
Welsh yells ore fully up to the level of
those of this country. The University
of North Wnles has-a yell something
like tills: "Bravo, bravlsslmo, ray, ray,
ra-o-roek! Ruy-ray-ra-o-rock! Ray-
rny-ray-o.rocki" Cardiff has a somewhat similar' yoll, while at Aberystwyth the cry "Is: "Ulp-hlp-hur-aberl
Hlp-blp-hur-nhcrl Hlp-hlp-bur-Aberystwyth! With a pip nnd a pang and
a yip and a yan.   Yak! Yak! Yakl"
Tlmson—I never fainted away but
once, nnd thnt wns Just a fow dnys
ago. SImson—Whnt was tho cause?
Tlmson—My wife told me thnt she had
trained herself so sho could walk
through n store full of bargain counter
sale*, with her purse full of money aud
nover buy a thing.
Smith—You remember Muggins, who
used to bore us with his long winded
stories? Jones—Yes. Whnt of him?
Smith—lie was arrested yesterday for
being short in his accounts.
"Anyhow you enn't deny thnt newll-
gus Is a self mndo man. He worked
his wny through college."
"Ho certainly did. He wor':eil nearly overy student in tho Institution."
Ilia Flonmlcrlnir..
"Isn't Mr. Teejus n deep thinker?"
"He must be," answered Miss Cayenne.   "I never heard him try to BilV
anything without getting  beyond  bis
A woman needs medicine moro
thnn n man. Her organism Is more
complex, hep system moro delicate.
Her health ls disturbed regularly In
the course of nnture. If nnythlng
happens to lnterfeie with that natural course, she goes through unspeakable suffering, ln fact tho health of
every function and the: happiness pf
overy moment of a woman's life do-'
pends upon the richness and the regularity of her blood supply. That Is
the simple scientific reason why Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills are worth moro
than their weight ln gold to women
of nil ages from fifteen to fifty. These
pills actually make tho rich, red blood
tbat brings health and happiness and
freedom from pain to every woman.
Mrs. Nell Ferguson, Ashneld, N. S.,
Bays: "In Justice to you, and ln tho
hope that what I say may benetflt
other suffering women, I take pleasure In stating that I have found wonderful benefit from the UBei of Dr,
UBlng the pills I was eo badly run
down that I could scarcely go about;
at times I suffered very much nnd felt
that life was a burden. Thanks to Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills,lean now say I
am enjoying better health than I ever
expected to have again, and I can
most heartily recommend these pills
to other suffering women."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cured Mrs.
Ferguson because they filled her
veins with the rich, pure blood so necessary to health and happiness ot every human being. It ts for this reason that these pills always cure such
troubles as anaemia, neuralgia, heart
trouble. Indigestion, rheumatism, ac|-
tnlca, St. Vitus dance, paralysis, kidney and liver troubles, and the speoial aliment* of growing girls and women of middle age. You can get these
pills from any dealer ln medicine, but
you should be careful to see that the
full name, "Dr. Williams Pink" Pill*
for Pale People," Is on the wrapper
around each box. If you wish you
can get the pills by mall at 60 cents
a box or six boxes tor $2.6b by writing
the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont
Why a baby carriage Isn't known ns
a cry cycle?
Why lt is so much easier to be wrong
than lt is to be president?
Wby some people manage to talk a
great deal without saying anything?
Why so many of our coming men
seem to be handicapped from tbe start?
Why tbe company that Issues tho
map has the only curveles* railroad
Why the average man Invariably
makes a fool of himself every time he
tries to act up?
Why men are nearly always embarrassed when they propose—either ilniin-
clnlly or otherwise?
Why so many men who are anxious
to work when sick are Just as anxious
to avoid it when woll?
Wby some men are not as black a*
they are painted and some nre not aa
Whit* as they are whitewashed?
Sunlight Soap
is a. pure, evenly be.lt-.nce- soap. It me_-.es a.
nice, clea.ns.ng lather for washing cut glass, giving it e. brilliancy and sparkle. Sunlight Soap
is best for every cleansing purpose.  ■
,   Buy Sunlight.
Your money back for any cause of complaint.
Laver Brothers Limited
HIS Mt. Pleasant Advocate
Vanceuver, B.C.
1 .""I. I ' li
•M- ♦♦♦♦♦»-»♦••»•»•»»♦»♦♦♦ •*">*?
♦ c..   -  . i-s  ♦
X  A Series of Articles Describing 2
their Lives, their Alms and      T
Their Influence. *
_ ..  •
*♦♦ »»»-. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* •♦♦«♦♦«♦«»♦
Whan   Appetite   _Fail&
Sold only In Sealed Lead Packets.   40c, 50c, 60c. per Ib.      By All  Grocers.
' '    ' '        i
tor and  Proprietor of the  Enterprise," Mel ita, Man.
The profession of Journalism In
the West Includes among its most
honored members some men of mature age, whose ripened experlencal
has sobering and modifying effect on
the sometimes too exuberant enthusiasm of their younger fellowworkmen.
Now that "old man Laurie" of Battle-
ford has crossed the bourne—he who
with tho courage of the pioneer loaded his Washington hand preBS on a
Red HI ver cart,, and trekked hundreds
of miles acrOSs the farflung fenceless
prairie to the then Territorial capital, staying on with firm faith ln his
location after all others had quit and
, dying at last' with the sound of the
long-looked-for locomotive almost in
his ears, and his dreams of Battle-
l'ord's future within measurable distance of realization at last. Now that
the veteran editor of the Saskatchewan Herald is no more, Mr. Cannon,
of the Minuedosa Tribune, ls perhaps
the Nestor of Western Canadian Journalism, hut Mr. Jas. B. Graham, of
Melita, will In point of age. If not of
Western experience, run him a close
second.   '   "'' j
Though Me, Graham ls ln his sixty-
fifth year, he; would have to produce
a certificate of the fact ln order to be
believed, for many men a score of
yeftrs his Junior look older. He ls an
ardent lover of the great out-of-doors,
and to this fact, us well as to a temperate, industrious, cheerful life and
a naturally good constitution, his finely preserved physique may be ascribed. In tho winter the skating rink
lias no more enthusiastic devote, than
hfi, and in summer he travels for
hours a. day on his bicycle. He retains tbat youthlul freshness of mind
that Is the surest antidote for old age.
He lives in the present rather than in
the past, enjoys the society of the
young, mid while Conservative ln poll-
tics Is progressive ln disposition.
Though his hair is white his step is
springy, and many a young Canadian
girl might envy Mr. Graham his complexion- He is one of those men that
never grow really old, but when his
eye is dim and'his step feeble, will be
fresh of heart and mind as men
young enough to be nls sons.
Mr. Graham ls of Irish birth, a native of Ulster, having been oorn near
Belfast in 1840. He was but seven
years of age-when he .came with his
parents to-IJn'tario.';' At; the age of
seventeen Ire" went' Into the printing
business, with which "he has been ever
since Identified. ..He.was apprenticed
to the office pf the Streetville Review,
then owned by.Solomon Barnhart and
edited by Rev.. R. 3. McGeorge. His
first Job, as he Is fond of telling his
friends when ln reminiscent view,
was to manipulate the roller of the
Washington press in printing an edition of the'poems and lyrics of the
lesser Canadian poets, Alexander Mc-
Lachlln, of Caledon. Mr. Graham remained with the Review until It ceased publication. .His vfhole printing experience while connected with the paper was In newspaper and book work,
for ln the BO'S job work, as at present
understood—U}e printing of office stationery,. ylsitlng cards, pamphlets and
catalogues—was unknown outside the
bigger citleii.
After leading Streetville Mr. Graham, In searcfi of wider knowledge'of
the craft, went to .Toronto, and called
on Wllllam-Lyon Mackenzie In search
of a position on his paper. There being none, and disliking tbe hurly-burly
of the city;.-be .went-to Milton, secur-
ing a position ou the New Era of that
town. Later he worked on papers at
Fergus, Mount' ' Forest, and Owen
Sound. In 1870 Mr. Graham started
the Uxbridge Journal, staying ln Ux-
brldge bohio years, and finally selling
out because of a severe attack of the
Western farming fever, to which thousands of Ontnrlans succumbed ln
Mr. Graham first took up n homestead near Rapid City, but tho absence of educational facilities for his
children caused him to move with his
family to Qu'Appelle,. where he had
been offered a position ns foreman of
the Progress office. Hero ho remained
tor a time, when the offer of a"Blinl-
Inr position In Brandon determined
him to move to the Wheat City, because of the better educational advantages there obtainable. Por six or
seven years Mr. Graham was a citizen
of Brandon, leaving when he purchased the Enterprise at Melita, which
under his management, was soon fitted
out with an entire now dress, and the
mechanical equipment of which was
three years ago Improved by the Installation of a large Cottrell-Babcock
press and a power plant.
Last January Mr. Graham purchased
the Caruduff Gazette, for which he
has just completed the erection of a
new building, and for which he has
installed new type and presses. The
Enterprise is under tho management
of his eldest son, while Mr. Graham
personally superintends the Gaeette
Both papers are highly Creditable
specimens of Western country weeklies—newsy, Intelligently written, well
printed and with good advertising patronage. Their popularity among
their constituents ls shown by their
circulation, and by the manner In
which their columns are in demand by
the business men of their towns.
Mr. Graham is a Mason I of over
thirty yenrs Btanding. Music is one
of his favorite pleusnrea, and in band
organization ho hns taken lifelong Interest.
Among his fellow newspaper men
fow men nre more popular Or respect
ed thnn Mr. Graham, whose success ln
his profession is but the reward .of
his IndiiBtry and his personal character. In many respects he ls a typical
Western editor. Ho knows tho newspaper business thoroughly, from the
wash Iiii. of rollers and the writing of
editorial and tho rustling for subscriptions. Because of the range of his experience,- and because of Its length,
ho will romuln, as long as'he continues in the ranks of wprklng newspaper men, one of the outstanding figures
ln  the    Journalistic    world    of    the
Deafness Cannot be Cured
h- lm-.il _.|>[iil{>i.tlnns,
•ftseii (.iirlion ..f (li_.„_.r.
'    -    ss.imrl I
her o.nno. test* the dls-
"1i.ro Is only   on. wa.  t.
mire ifoiilniHS,!,!,. thnt Is liy I'Oilrtitiltionsl reniedlos,
Iluiil ,m_. Is i-iiiisnil hy nn ln_sin.il iinnditIon of tli.
mn. mus lliihiu nt th. Kiist.dl_.nn Tufas. When tbi.
tiii,<' is Indium .1 you hnvo ii rumbling sound, or Ita-
porfout houriiiM, Anil wlinii It Is .tillrely olos.ill.out-
a.ss Is tho n>i nit. uml iintoss Iho  Iu.a11111l4.l011 o&n
t iiliuii out iiiiiI th is lull, riistoroii to (ts norma, oon-
■llliim. lioiirlnj. will t,„ ilftstrurea for.vsri bid. oases
ont of ton urn i_nu_oil by Outnrrh,  wliluh lb nothing
but an liiflt.iiiiii I'Dii.lltliiii  „l t.ii, iimnou's surfaces.
__• wUI givo ppe Hunilru'l Dollars tof any oaso ol
Towne—Do you believe ln dreams?
Browne—I used to, but I don't any
more. Towne—Not as superstitious
as you wero, eh? Browne—O, It
wasn't a question of superstition. I
was In love with ono once and ehe
Jilted me.
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Distemper.
Edith—Poor Pauline! She was lost
at sea. Lena—Oh, Isn't that dreadful! And she bo much wanted to be
. 218T,   1005. '      •..
What are your friends saying
about you? That your graV
hair rifekea i<fu look old?
Aad yet, you are not forty I
Postpone this  looking  old.
Use AVer's flair Vigor and
restore to your gray hair -all
the deep, dark, rich color of
early life.  Then be satisfied.
M M. B. J. Y__n>Jo*a, M
to. ATiriCO.,
Dark Hair
The Thlrtolcth Annual General Meeting of the frnporiai j_„-n-. of Canada was held ln pursuance of the term of the Charter at the Banking
House of the Institution, 21.it June,   1U-5.
Present:—Messrs. T. R. Merrltt,( St. Catharines): William Ramsay of
Ilowlund, Stow; Hubert Jaitruy; Wm. Hendrle, (Hamilton); Charles cock-
shim; D. R. Wllklo; J. W. L_ansmulr; Rov. T. W. Paterson; W. Brldgemun-
?lmjisou; Edward Hay; Prof. Andrew Smith, P. R. c. V. 8.; R. N, Gooch.
. w. Harry; A. H. Martens; Nell Robertson; It W. Thompson; Frank A.
Rolph; Pules llowlund; W. T. Jonnines; C. H. Whetlicy; C. H. Stanley
Clarke; Ch.rkson Jones; John Neilson; Alex. Neilson; John Stark; Chaa.
O'llolily, M.-J.i O. l'VRloe; W. H. Civwthra; David Kldd, (Hamilton);
James Blckheil,' K.C.; J. M. Kalns; William Spry; A li Webb; », B.
Smith; Wlliam Glenney, (Oshawa); David Smith; Harry Vlgeeu; Harry.
Wyult; w. T. Boyd: II. C. Hammond; H. II. Temple; W. R. Hamilton; A. A.
McFall, (BOlton); L. Ogden; H. P. Eokardt; A. roulds; T. Gibson; John
Oruluim; A. D. Cudenhead (Ocho, Rloa, Jamaica); J. L. Blalkle; J. G,
luuiisiv; J W. Ueuty; A. P. Burritt; James Todhuntor; W. G. Jaflray;
V. II. 13. Hutchcson: Frank ... MuuDonald; Charles McGIll; Thomas Walms-
ley; J. W. B. Walsh; I. J. Gould, (Oxbridge): W. C. Crowther; R. Inglls;
J.   H.   I-ddls;   It.  O.   O.  Thomson,  and others.
The Directors beg to submit to the S'lurcholdera their Thirtieth Annual
Report and -Hiiliiiicu Sheet ot the arttttra ot the Bank an on the 31st May, 1905,
giving tho result of the business ot the Bank for the year whioh ended that
Out of the Not Profits of tho year after making full provision for all
bad and doubtful debts and for the usual contributions to the Pension and
Guarantee Funds;
(a) TMvldcnds hnve been paid at the rate of 10 per cent, per annum,
amounting  to  $300,000.
bl    Bank    Premises   Account   has  been   credited   with   J26,011.73.
c)    Rest Account has  been Increased by f 1.0,000.
,d)    Protlt   and   loss   Account   has been Increased by $85,909.49. '
Branches of the Bank have been opened during the year at Arrowhead,
B. C: Balgonle, N.W.T.; Broadview, N.W.T., and in Toronto at St. Lawrence market. Brandies are being opened at New Llskeurd, Ont., and at
the Upper Bridge, Niagara Falls, Ont. P   I __■'_,
The authority given at the Annual Meeting In 1902 to Increase th«
Capital stock by fl,500,000, of which $500,000 wos Issued that year, hns
been further availed of by the issue of tho remaining $1,000,000, which will
be allotted to Shareholders ot a premium of 100 per cent, ln the proportion
of ono new share for each threo shares held on 30th Juno of this year. Ths
additional Capital will enable the Bank to keop pace with the development
of tho country to accept a sharo of tho now business which will be the
result thereof, besides adding to tho total amount of the notes of ths
Bank  authorized  to  bo  placed   In  circulation,
Mr J. A. M. Alklns, K.C., and Mr. Wm. Whyto. a Vice-President of tho
Canadian Paclllc Railway, havo been appointed to and have accepted ths
position   of   Local   Directors   at  Winnipeg.
A By-law will bo submitted for your approval changing tho date of IM
Annual Mooting from the third Wednesday In June, to fourth Wsdnssday
In May, whioh your Directors think wiir'bo a more' convenient Date.'
The Head Office and Branches of   tho   Bank    have    been    carefully    ln-
Jpectod during the your,  and   your Directors   desire to express their satis-
autiiia  with The faithful and efficient manner ln which tho Staff performed
their duties. -■
.u-.r uu ... __,   a  MBRRITT>  pwiaont.
. ■   *     r .-
81st Ma y, 1905.
Dividend   No.   69,
6 p.e.   (paid  1st
of       December,
1904) $150,000 00
Dividend   No.   CO,
6  p.e.    (payable
1st     of     June,
1906) 160,000 00
■"V . _
Transferre'ct    to    Rest    Ac-
count 150,000 00
Written   off   Bank  Premises
and  Furniture  Account   ..    25,04173
Balance  of  Account oarrled ___.._
forward »«.»*■ 05
t«61.tUrt 78
f     -      .A%.-_0_
Balance   at   credit    of
count     81st      May,    1904,
brought forward $140,006 61
Profits   for   the   year  emded
81st May,   1905,  after  deduction-   charges   of    man-
neemont and Interest' due
Ueposltors and after mak-
$300,000 00    ing 4ull provision _or_»ll ..      fc
bad and    doubtful    debts
and    for    rebate on bills _.._ _„_
under discount 110,961 12
t t
j_ - .    J«»l,jtT 71
.i. RE8T ACCOUNT. '     .;.f ,..>*<
Balance   at Credit of  Account,   31Bt May,  1904 '^'fJ'JSJ SS
Transferred from Profit  and Loss Account     180,000 00
$1,000,000 00
■i liabilities. Tn^rar
NoUs of ths Bank In circulation .   .,..-..... ...... „.» 'fitl.efl 00
Deposits not bearing Interest  ....   ..   ...$ 4,847,190 06 .
Deposits  bsarlng Interest  (Including Inter-
ost  accrued   to  dat. 19,629,078 11   *
Depoults by other Banks in Canada
Total liabilities to tha public ....
Capital  Stock  (paid Up)	
Rest Account ..  ..  ..   ..   •. • •   • •
Dividend No, 60 (payable 1st Juno,
5 per Cent  	
Rebate on Bills dlsoountsd    	
Balance of Profit and Loss Account carries] forward	
.$ 8,000,000 09
$13,976.9.8 IT
156,238 78
{2fi.708.TT7 95
8.000.011 00
150,000 00
65,211  64
170,616 05
-I  8,891,747  It*
Bold and  Sliver Coin I . «J'.«SS 51
omlnlon  Government Notes     1,684,400 00
^   Deposit with Dominion  Governmsnt    for    security    of
note circulation    •••	
Notes of and cheques on other Banks .. .. ,, ..
Balance due from other banks ln Confttla .." ..
-Balance due from Agents in the United Kingdom
Balance due from Agents In Foreign" Countries   .
Dominion   and Provlnoial    Government Se-
1,096,626 14
-$ 4,461,000 61
t  7,628,170  81
amnion   .nu  _-.w.,„«.•.    -.-._ -..- -,«- ,
ourltlee •     451,401 01
Canadian Munlolnot Securities and British or Foreign, or Colonial Publlo
Securities other  than Canadian     1,601,191 41
Railway and other Bonds. Debentures and
Stocks •   jl        1.409,666 16
Call and Short Loans on Stocks and BonUs In Canada.    .,'.8-16.6 <
.•__?•?_.' ?»
Other Current Loans,  Discounts  and Advances	
Overdue debts (loss provided for)  ...    .....-...,
Real I-state (other than Bank preml-o-'	
-Mortgages on Real Estate sold by tho  Bank	
Bank premises, including Safes, Vault, nnd Offloe ."Mr
nlture, at Head  Office and branches	
'  Other Assets, not Included under foregoing heads .. .
$18,(175,987 84
18,673,718 81
10,937 10
16,178 98
87,999 60
too.ooo oo
018 90
There ie a boolpiejler In Yorkshire
»hd never tires of teHlng how one*
he "|ot even" with Alfped Austin, the
poet .laureate. ThU vendore of llter-
■ar? wares is a lall thfn mah, with
■sharp featurea and a distinctly Intellectual head, nnd Mr. Austin seems
to have taken an Interest in htm from
the flrst. Often and often he visited
the shop never to buy, but always to
;*sk innumerable queslons. "How
many hooka dd you sell daily?" "Do
they read me aboijt.here?" "What ls
the profit in bookselling?" These
were samples of the poet's queries.
Then came a day wenn he took up a
T?H.h 0mar„,Kh8yyam and asked,
>ft,6»f"i. "Boh't know; never
Ymf- i£.^P"6^^ shopman. "What-
liy read the b00l*s you sell"''
Sevnm.?St°nlihed "U98tl°»     "Cer-
Iy-ParmewG .?" System Thorough-
tho «ioI.   I66 s Veeetable Pills   clear
Ht &Zo%T b°WeIl°f WMona mfr
fJl^i pat,e?t' who speedily reall^oq
t^lr sood offices as soon as they be
f n to take effect. They have stran-'
peSmendatl°nS f0rm a«   Wnd8r°oef
, Que of John Sharp WIIllamQ'    »_,
necommendaition'. . The lu JiZeS
tvbs clean, so the emp oyer wrote him
.«.?._. oW iar^ey read lt twice
wool*VoTm1?.'8.,flDBerS ttw»I* S
Jr,t'= „ u'm:m" he muttered. "Boss
deck™ f ?d 'Wrtnendatlon. Don- yo:
If ?£ 2 yS COU,d ^ me a job yo'self
if Is good as Ml die says?"
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc,
H'tW1-6'^'1*' yo,ur mother 'n. Ethel?
nil?      £ Inaam;   she's downtown'
BheiLth^ Ble hnd tlm9 to' that.
sohrr.nrsh8eheneWededEOlnff 4°   Ket
heammil he-regs whyoUoneeUwanM
No  dIa?.hvS"a^?   Mra' Newlywed-
"eyertrhatTknhoa;80rer tow me a
man who travels. "Som0 of thV,»
ters are haughty enough now. I dm.'
taow what they woidd be if thoy
we e t0 loom up as ffle     "%
m Ji!6? ,Adv,ert|se Themselves .- im.
NM 5 ' p they, Were offered to ho
*ia.rme'ee's Vegetable Pills be-
nn!3M^p***'lr be°ause of the good re-
p°;' they made for themeelveVThS
reputation has grown and they now
SS taMnS55,ithe fl,rst meSM™ ™
use m attacks of dyspepsia and
biliousness, complaints of the liver
and kidneys, rheumatism, feve? _£d
Sffi fM the innumerable compHca
tions to which these   ailments give
me a simple rule for Biiccess in iffe!"
My dear young friend,"   wrote   the
tt!!L8$£!mS?' "+h*n m yo,,r
reloln^ f'Tomost-';   "DeaT Senator,"
ZtilJl     *-5T   /""Infill    eonntitnent,
either you don't know anything about
ns_u.4,h,n,c! have m°re
Miiiard's (.Inlment Cures Diphtheria.
Wary Ann—I've como to tell you
mum, that th' gasolene stove has
gone out.    Mistress—Well,  light    It.
?/?__•_. .Lcan,t'    Snre' u went out
throdgh th' roof!"*
Settlement Worker—What a well-
behaved .little boy ho Ib! Burglar's
Wife—'And he comes by It natural,
mum; his poor father never failed to
have a sentence reduced owin' to
good behaviour!
Dr. J. D.. Kol.logg's Dysentery Cordial Is prepared from drugs known to
the profeslon .ts" thoroughly reliable
for the curo of eholora, dysentery,
diarrhoea, griping pains and summer
complaints. ^It has-been used successfully by "medical .practitioners for
a nunmber of years with gratifying result*. If suffering from any summer
complaint It Is Just the medicine that
Will cure you. Try a bottle. It soils
for 25 cents.
Defined—Ofaflys—I call It an auto-
mohllo ongngomont. Mamie—What's
an automobile engagement? Gladys—
One that starts off nil right, but no-
body's quito dead suro that It will bo
nble to lc'i'[i. mi going.
Mrs. J was vory norvous and a
light sleeper. One night Bhe thought
sho detoctcd tho odor of gas. For
onco In hor lifo Bho acted bravoly.
She got np and wont downstairs without awakening hor husband. Finding
the odor of gas stronger In tho lower
-rooms sho ran back to hor bedroom.
-Ihe shook her dosing sposo two or
threo times yory roughly, crying at
tho same timo: "JohnI John! Oet
up! The gas Is leaking and wo will
be smothered to death." Is It loaklng
vory much?" sleepily asked John.
"No; not so much." "Then put a
bucket under lt and comg to bed."
usual  motions were submltteh nn*d carried  unanln.oii.lr,    .
Scrutineers  appolntod  at  tho meeting reported ■ the following gen-
lulv eleoted Directors for tho ensuing year, vl«.: Messrs. T. IR. Mer-
tlamcn duly eie'oted Directors for tho ensuing year,
rltt   D   R   Wllkle; Wm. Ramsay, Robt. Jaffray, Ellas Rogers, Wm. Hendrle,
Tsrnss'lf.rr  Osborne,   Charles  Cookshutt.
At » _iubs»auent meeting of tho Directors. Mt. T. *. Merrltt was elected
President   and Mr. D. R. Wflkie, Vice-President, for ths snsulng year.
By erdsr .1 «h. Bear* ft „ ^^ ^ ](NMn.
rersate, *ua« «•«. »••».        "  —   \
A mother cannot watch her little
ones.tap carefully during the hot
weathei1- Dysentery, diarrhoea, eholora
Infantum, and disorders of the sto»>
ach are "alarmingly frequent during
the summer months, and unless the
mother has at hand an efficient remedy to check and cure Ihe trouble a
little life may go almost beforo you
erallze the case ls serious. At the
first sign of nny of these ailments the
wise mother will give hor little onej
•BabVa Own Tablets, which promptly
cure all hot weather ailments. Mrs.
John Lancaster, North Portal, N. W.
T., says: "My baby was attacked
with diarrhoea and vomiting. I at
pace gave Baby's Own Tablets and
the next day she was as well as ever.
I am never without tbe Tablets In tbe
house as I find they are tho only medicino a little one needs." Other wise
mothers, will follow Mrs. Lancaster's
example and keep the Tablets always at hand—their prompt use
may save a little life. Bold by all
medicine dealers or sent by mall at
II eents a box by writing tha Dr. Williams' lledlolna 00. StaakriUa, Oat,
3T J|~ft
Is "Royal Household"
Really the Best Flour?
Thousands of women who do their own baking
lmow it u the beA, by results—they don't can about
the reasons—but those who bave not tried it may want
to know why it is the best
Of course any maker of flour—with die same
cspc-iane*—th* tame facilities for oeletainH the beA wheat
—tbe same tremendous plant equipment for milling, and
the same process for Eledtrical Purification of flour
could make juit as good flour as ROYAL HOUSEHOLDS he had the genius for flour making.
But no other flour maker in Canada has all these
requisites and facilities, therefore no flour equal to
'ROYAL HOUSEHOLD is made in this country.
In these talks we shall give you good reasons why
ROYAL HOUSEHOLD is the beft flour and wby
it is (Jbe cheapen flour for you to use.
Ogilvie's "Royal Household" Flour
A Smiling; Face
signifies robust health and good
digestion. You can always
"carry a smiling- face in spite of
tare and worry if you keep
your liver right and your
digestion good by using
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
Grinnand Barrett—Harofatter has
just bought a farm. E. Forest Frost—
Does he know anything about farming? Grinnand Harrott — Goodness,
yes! Why he played ln "Tho Old
Homestead" and "Wny Down East"
for years.
Its Power Grows With Age.—How
many medicines loudly blazoned as.
panaceas for all human Ills havo como
and gone sinco Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc-
Oil was first put upon tho market?
Yet it remains doing moro good to
humanity than many a preparation
moro highly vaunted nnd extending'
its virtues wider and wider nnd In n.
larger circle evory year. It ls the
medicine of tho masses.
nos, or was it in Cuba, whon you
charged against tho Spaniards?" "No,
best beloved, I camel through both
tho Cuban nnd Philippino campaigns
wlthouf a scratch. I was strikebreaking in Chicago when I got this
mark. I tell you that waa the real
thing when you talk about war."
I..**W» nt tan fnr Epilepsy nntl
ri'iuwlr. etui Is nnw *iu«M by tlio l»it
iih. hIiVtiM and LiiplUla In Rumua
tux)   Aroei1#:i.    It  U   M-MenUuly
r. n.i'iidi ii to tho uillli.ti-il.   If jou
miilur f nmi
Epilepsy, Fits, St. Vitus' Donco,
orhatnchlMrciinriT'latlvoa tliiitdosi, iirkiutw-k friend lh.it
la j__.hi.. id!, nn :.  i-i m> PoB a Fuck TJUAL HotTM ami try
It. li »ill l-i t.-tit li) in.ll
Vni | mid. It hu cured
win ni  averyUilii;j-*limliin
Wlum writing mciitloti
thla paper, and glvu lull
aiUrt'M.   For aitln hy all druiiTlsta.
TbeLieblgCu., I7y King St. \V., Toronto.
The Optimist, organ of the "Nolens
Volons" colony, prints a cut of tho
prison. In tho domo of tho main
building ls shown open windows ln tho
highest portion. The accompanying
comment narrates that many years
ago a prisoner attempted his liberty
by means of a ropo down which he
was sliding when tho cord parted and
he fell flrst to the roof of tho central
building, then', bounding from there,
hit the top of the cell block, whore ho
acquired sufficient elasticity tb land
him on the ground. These unexpected
incidents confused him and be was
captured. Singularly the misfortune of
his failuro was not unmitigated.. Ho
had been so afflicted with heart disease na to be unable to Ho down for
months. Tho fall knocked lt completely out of him, and he was enabled
thereafter to "sleep like a top." Tho
Optimist cheorfully invites tho palpitating public to come and try the remedy.
/jtl|U«s e.P'O'lo/v. Xq s-inu|iu o. u!
po-no e|Eui|ue jo ueuin_| uo ip.i ueq
-nn   'aaup.-.o- o|_|t._d 'aBus_M 'i|l'->l
itlen.. It never falls. At all druggists.
Mr. Hoteyr—Yes, my dear, as the
groat Henry Clay said, "I would rather bo right than be President" Mrs.
Hotayr—Humph! I'm suro I • don't
see why. You havo twice as good a
chance of being President.
ltossway, Jan. 28, 1901.
Dear Sirs—This fall I got thrown on
a fenco and hurt my chest very bad
ao I could not work and lt hurt mn
to breathe. I tried all kinds of Liniments nnd they did mo no good,.
warmed on flannels and applied on
my breast cured mo completely.
Rossway, Dlgby Co., N.S.
"If you steal—I don't care what lt
Ib—you'll ropent It. somo day." "Bnh!
Didn't you evor steal a kiss?" "Yes,
und I married tho girl."
, Do not dolay in getting relief for tho
littlo folks. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator Is a pleasant and suro cure.
If you Iovo your child why do you lot
It suffer when a remedy la so near at
w    IM   U   Mo S-SO
Professor Chnlkdown—Now,  what'. S
littlo hoy will make up a Bentcnco II-- •
lustrating the  meaning ot tho word   i
"triangle,"    Ii!0|Lle  Sammy—Weill  If
grubs won't catch 'cm trlanglo worms."*
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   Int
>'»•' .■/ Si..* i
I If
"Now, grandpa, toll us again about
tho wars you wero in. Did you get
that scar fighting against tlio FillpC-
rill IT,    .111)0. NIY
M.ili.M   I li(lliVAr.fi lllli'   ^
Two 'l-h f. Gasoline Engines, 2nd hand.
First in Quality, First in Flavor, First in Tub-
lie iFavor. Packed for your protection in pound
ancl half-pound lead packets; 3lb, and 51b. tins.
CODVILLE & CO.,  Winnipeg, Man.
ruinui'll    (jy    01.7.KS.
Tho master of tbo Newfoundland
schooner Kandahar, w^ho, with his
crew, was landed nt T.ivt.rpool -tho other day, told u thrilling xtory of oscapo
from the perils of tho sea
Tho Kandahar left St. John for Oporto wilh a oajrgo of codfish on March
l>. Five days later a furious gnle wns
encountered. Rudder and moats were
carried awny, nnd the utern of tho vch-
hoI wuh seriously dnmngod.
For two day.-, the Mhlp, now a help-
leuM hulk, w.-iK iiwi'iii befara the hur-
rlcane, and a grent pat*t of tho cargo
wuh wnsltad. overboard. This i.<tract-
nil a large school of xhsrka of Immense
length and Insatiable voracity.
Oil wus ppured over tlio. shlu.H side,
and this, deolarea the inptaln, had a
mnrvcloua offeot In Htlllliig tho rnglng
waters, though "mooretalhStis WJIhwh"
rolled beyond its spin rf of Influence .
At length, thr nerm.ln steamer .Mnn-
helm wns sighted, mill, In response to
flnros mnfto with n burning barrel, a
life-bout waa aent to the assistance of
the  distressed   MnJlOTS.
"We got Into the lmnt/' snld the captain, "with iho utmost dltllculty, for
wc worjj unrtiTvcrl by tho consciousness
that a shoal, of hungry shnrks haunted
Iho waters, walling for possible human
The   .fhloivrcckod   crow wara aubsa.
riuentty landed at llotterdam, whenco
they journeyed to Liverpool. They
■peak In the highest terms of tbo kindness shown to them nn board tho Man-
Japan's New Island.
Will Japan's new island thut appear-
cd recently from tlio depths of tho sen
cniluro'.' Kclciillsls hnvo been asking
this question. Grnlium Island popped
up lu much tho sumo Wuy In tli"
Mediterranean sea in 1881 and waitnt
onco di'i-iiiiii' ,1 with nu ICiigllsh tug.
Hut the action of tho wnves demolished Ihe IhIiiiiiI In a short lime. On llie
other bund, tho Island of Ilogosloff, In
tho Bering sen. nppciircil with equal
.'in Mi nm un In 17D8 and, together wilh
11 .second Island formed In l.sn, has
stood tho test of time to tho present
Non m, pportlnar,
niffem—No, mailiim, I feel thnt I cannot support the present administration.
Mrs. Hitlers—I'm not surprised at It
Mr. niffers. I'vo lived with you now
for seventeen years, and I've come ta
the cyuclUBlon that you can't support
anything or anybody.-Cleveland Plata
Dealer. __—*'.,
(Established April 8,1899.)
wnoi: 2 S 8 5 Westminster avenne.
Mrs. R Whitney, Publisher.
English Office—SO Fleet street,
London, E. O., England Where a
-He of "The Advocate" is kept for
%abscrlption $1 a year   payable  In
Bcents.i Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B. 0., Auu. 12, 1906.
"The sidewalks on Westminster ave-
_ue are in a dreadful condition, loose
Tind rotten planks necessitate great oaro
on the part of pedestrians, especially
Wow Eighth avenue. Long suffering
'taxpayers are still waiting for improve-
The many business buildings which
are beiug erected on Westminster avenue, show the confidence ou the part of
Capitalists in Mt. Pleasant's progress.
Still the sprinkling wagon is longed
for ou the Hill these hot dusty days.
Junction of Wc.tinin.ter road and Westminster    nvonue.        SERVICES    at    11    a.
*_i(l 7.-sup. m.; suncliiy School at 2:.TO p.
Coruer ol Nlnt and Westminster _.venues.
HBKVtCSS st lld.iii., und 7 p. iu.; Sunday
Hcliu'il uml lilble CIsHs •_!::jo p.m. Kev. A. E.
Hethurlngton, U.A.. B. D., Pastor.
rai.iiimi;!' l_tf Eleventh avenue, west. Tcle-
'Iihoii.  num.
(.'oilier N'lntU  avenue and Quebec   street
'aKUVU'KS b< 11 a.ni.,and7::',0p.in.; Sunday
School St.:90 p.m.    Iler.'Joo.A.Wilson, n.A
Pastor.  Mamie rorner ol Eighth avenue and
'Ontario street.  Tel. 1006.
St Michaels, (Anglican).
'Corner Westminster road and Prince Edward
alreei. SERVICES at 11 a. iu., and 7;30 p.
Mol.'Cumin union 1st and _d Sundays iu eauh
-Bvnlli after morning prayer, 2d and 111, Sun
_«__ at su, in. Suuday School at :_::i(i p.m
Kev. U. H. Wilson, Rector.
Rectory 372 Thirteenth avenue, east. Tele
phone 1117119.
Vdven.  cliriKllan   Church  (not7th day Ad.
•ienlists) corner Nlnlb avenue aud Westmin
-tar road. Services 11 a. in., and 7:30 p.m.,
Sunday Hcliool at 10 a. m. Young peoples
Society of Loyal Workers of Christian Endca
rormeets every Sunday evening a til: ..o'clock
faerer-mmting Wednesday lllglitsatSo'cluck.
Subscribe to
$1.00 a year, (less than 3c a oopy).
50c for 6 mouths.
•28c for 3 mouths.   Single copy 5c.
DO IT  N O W l-Patronize the
Local Paper.
For Sale A Rent.
List yonr property for Rent or Sale
"with Thb Advocate Real Estate Co,
Fiverooinod houso. electrio light, hot
jind cold water; 3fi-f t. lot, coruer, ou
-►Eighth aveuue, east; price ♦1,800.00.
House and lot, Barnard street, wired;
suitable for.tram man's residence; terms.
New house, Ninth avenue, modern
(conveniences, 13,200.00; torins.
" Ninth Avenue—
Full Bieed lot, 8-roomed oottege; cash
*T;->, on time ♦850.
"Full sized lot, 8-roomod honse, hot
and cold wator, electric wired; cash
.♦1 750, on timo 11.850.
-Poll sized lot, 7-roomed house; oash
♦1.875, on time ♦1.875.
Two lots, two blocks from Westmin-
tJSer avenue; cash $725, on time ♦850.
Two-storey buildiug (rented) in busi-
inesapnrtof Mt. Pleiumut, on fnll sized
riot; price ♦2.875.
1-Iot-and-half Eighth avenne, corner,
i cleared; price ♦800,
Maple Leafs Win.
The Mt. Pleasant Maple Leaf Lacrosse
team accomplished the defeat of the
West End Intermediate Champions on
Thnrsday evening by a score of 4 to 3.
The West End team had six senior
players and the Mt. Pleasant team one.
From start to finish tbe struggle for
supremacy was fierce. Fine individual
work, great combination plays and
brilliant runs and good strong checking
marked the game throughout. Gerald
McGeer played a grand game in the
tlagB of the Maple Leafs, repeatedly
making magnificient stops of shots on
the goal. Each member of the Maple
Leafs played grand lacrosse, and especially was the playing great of Nioky
Morrison, E. Murray, R. Ravey and J.
The next match will be played on
Tuesday eveuing August 23d. There
are five games to be played for the
Intermediate Championship, and the
games uow stand 1 and 1. Tbe Maple
Leafs expect to have Fred Murray on
the team uext game and also Nicky
Lost   A   Hand   in   Sausage
While operating tbe sausage machine
Mr. Frank Collier,who is employed at
the Central Meat Murkct, Ninth avenue
and Westminster road, got his right
hand caught in the machine and a few
moments it was all cut to shreds. The
machiuo is rnn by electricity aud there
was no chance to save himself when
Ipanght. Dr. N. Allen wus colled and
.'.niptiliited the mangled hand just above
tho wrist bone. The accident happened
Thursday afternoon.
Card of Thanks.
An effort to revive some of the very
unbecoming and ungraceful styles of
hairdressiug will, of course, have no
effect npon women who ignore such
vngar.es. But those with aesthetio
taste are more or less in revolt at seeing
the majority of women disguising them,
selves with 1840 and 1850 hair partings,
together with side-faoe curtains swollen
ont with the assistance of an under-
comb, or padding. Hair braids, twisted
in German fashion, is another horror,
ruining the contour of the head by the
stiff flat coil oil the baok of the head
The Pompadour roll in frout this winter
on the smartest women has taken the
broad proportions of early Roman and
Venetian hairdressiug, when the hair
ballooned out on the sides to an extrav
agant degree. This expansion has been
quite disfiguring to women who in fol
lowing this movement have done and
are still doing themselves au injury.
Happily, there are other aud more flat
tering styles of arranging the hair,
which the greater number are adopting.
Hair ornaments in shell, and in gold
mnn n Hops, with or without jewel*,
have also increased iu size, and have a
much^noro showy appearance. Some
of the extravagant examples that made
thoir first appearance during the past
winter were nlmost massive, yet they
kept up the need proportion between
the spreading of the hair and its fit
A cachemire gown in the palest of
pearl gray was in three pieces—a skirt,
a short jcoat and a bodice. The skirt
was uutrimmed, bnt its inlet plaits in
panels   were   extremely   smart.    The
Mr. and Mrs. E. Harford of 117
Tenth avenne, west, wish to thank the
many kind friends who extended their
sympathy to them during their recent
bereavement; nlso for the many beautiful flowers Bent.
.Personal notices of visitors on
int. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
People who visit other cities, also all
llacal social affairs are gladly received
iby "The.Advocat*."
Advertising Is the education of the
lfiurchaser of the merits of different
•that whl.h adds to his comfort and am-
..-onsumer. It Informs the prospective
goods and brings him Into touch with
;pllfles his h .pplneim.
'*™_^ii,n**w,B  TOi*CTi^    for   THE
.ADVIiCATli only (1 tor 12 months.
Fourteenth Annual Regatta.
The following is a list of entries for
the Fourteenth Annual Regatta of the
N. P. A. A. O., at Esquimau Harbor,
August 11th and 12th.
Colors.—J. B. A. A., navy bine aud
white; P. R. 0., dark and light bine and
white; V. R. O., scarlet and white;
N. B. C, green and white.
Senior Fours :
J. B. A. A.—C. B. Kennedy, stroke
J. S. Finlaison, 8; P. Austin, 2; J,
Donaldson, bow.
V. B. C —N. O. Sawers, stroke; G.
W. Seymour, 8; J. A. Dallabongh, 2;
R. C. Spiuks, bow.
P. R. C—P. K. Schtnid, stroke; N. M
Montgomery, 8; F. Simmerman, 2;
B. A. Lamberson, bow.
Junior Doubles:
J. B. A. A.—A.   McLean,   stoke; E.
Browne, 3; C. Jenkiusou, 2; F. Dresser,
V. R. C.^H. T. Minonge, stroke;
A. E. Tenuant, 8; R M. Knox, 2; O. C
Sawers, bow.
N. B. C.—I. G. Robertson, stroke; N.
M. Mcintosh, 8; W. H. Smyth, 2; D.
Manhnrt, bow.
Senior Doubles:
J. B.  A.  A — W.   H. JesBe,  stroko
D. O'Sullivnn, bow.
Junior Doubles:
J. B. A. A—B. C Pettingell, stroke;
F. C. Dillabough, bow.
V. R. C—T. Patterson, stroke; I.J.
Waito, bow.
Senior Singles:
J B. A. A.—D. Desbrisay
V. R. O— Hugh Springer
P. R. C—E. Glos..
Junior Singles :
J. B. A. A,—J. S Fiuluisou.
P. R C—Geo. Lndcrs.
.fr-fr .ft .ifo Jfctftjfr-ft.fr life Jfrtfejfr
We have  a  full line of the
BOILED HAM, sliced,
— at —
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Westminster Road and Ave
'Phone 2058.
___■ ai. ___■ ■__■ __'_■ _____ e_-ge'_i nie aim t'm a a ___a
I"l m m W A m m m m I I m
Electrolysis Parlor of Hairdrcic-
Ing. Manicuring, Facial Massage in d
Scalp Treatment for Lndies and Gentlemen. Superfluous hair, warts snd
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
ludy patron on "How to take care of
Skin Food for buildiug up the wasting
tissno. Orange Flower'Cream to preventand henl sunburn.
M»1>4OT Hi'xpiirkts, 689 Granville
Telephone Numbers of Local Ministers.
11179a-Kev. (i. II. Wilson,(Anrllcan).
lii.G-.Uv. 0. A. Wilson, (rros-ytcrlan).
Dl'ltt—Ret.'.i. f.. Hctberlngton, (Methodist!
We offer you all SUMMER BLOUSES, innlndiug Cotton, MnBlin
and Silk, nt exactly half-price.
All Summer Shirtwaist Suits at exactly half-price.
EVERYTHING in Summer wenr. Whitewear, Children's wear
of every description, etc., to go without regnrd to profit—this
week only. Next week our attention will bo special! (limited to
Fall Goods.
J. S. McLeod, McBeth & Co.,
123  Hostinfts St., Cost.*
■wn wiiiif wart, ?**g*
bodice, which was of lace dyed to match
combined with chiffon of the same tone,
while the high bust- girdle was of taffeta
in perfect harmony. This taffeta nlso
entered iuto the elbow sleeves, which
were at the top of chiffon with a few
light elbow sleeves, which were at the
top of chiffon with a few light elbow
sleoves, which were at the top of chiffon
with a few light elbow touches of
taffeta followed by the match lace as a
gauntlet. Bodice and skirt together
were a dream. The ekirt worn with its
cachemire coat was quite another costume. A bluet blue Bilk, embroidered
witb dnll reds, yellows nud a deep blue,
as vest additions to tho fronts, and as a
turn-over collar its motifB iu the back
and cuffs to the sleeves, produced the
most pleasing effect iu the refinement
of tonus and the delicacy of its design.
Of the greatest conveuieuce ure such
costumes in making long visits With
n long traveling coat and a suitable hat
oue arrives iu the most presentable
manner wherever the destination may
be. With the bodice it second toilet iB
accomplished, wliich fits one to dine out
informally in the very best form.
Princess gown effects have been adroitly introduced by making use of the
The man who nuts on stilts does not increase his actual stature. Ha only feels
taller. Stimulants aro the stilts of the
stomach. Thoy make a man feel better
for the time lining, bnt
ho funis a great deal
worse for tbem after-
WK I'll. '
The need of tho man
whose stomach Is
"weak" Is not, stimulation but strength.
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
perfectly answers that'
need. It contains no
alcohol or whisky. It
cures ths weak, foul
stomach with Its attendant bad smelling
breath, coated tongue,
bad taste, poor appetite and kindred symptoms.
on attack of Indiircs-loa
snd trot no bad that eny
home doctor ssld be
could not do me any
food," writes Mr. G.
Trent, of OordonTlllo,
Texas. " I wrote to you
and you advised me to
use ur. Pierre's Golden
Medical Dlscovory. no f
brumlit six botllvs. and
wh-.i I commenced using It 1 waa so weak
could hardly walk
about the bouM. By
tbe timo I had used ouo
bottle my stomach and
bowols commenced to
heal. There wero -trlpa
of tho lluliiK of my atomach or bowels (I don't
know which) aa large as a man's two Angers
piwsed and I hnd a good dusj of misery In my
atomach aad bowels, and ulso In the rectum
especially. I could not eat anything without
having much distress afterward, but hy tbe
time (had taken eight hot ties of the 'Golden
Medical Discovery I was sound and woll.
aud could eat anything I ol-ascd withont
suffering Lu the least. Could also do as much
work In a day as I over could. I have not
suffered from tho trouble since, aud lt was
four years ngo that I was so sick."
The sole motive for substitution Is to
permit the dualor to make a little moro
profit. He gains; you loss. Accept no substitute for "Golden Medical Discovery."
Constipation causes and aggravates
many serious diseases. It It thoroughly
cui'od by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet*.
Will Tickle Your Palate
and your Economical Bump at the same time—WITH OUR GOODS AND
PRICES. By closely Watching the Markets and discriminating in our purchases—
our stock is made op of just such goods as please the most particular.
HERE are a few things whioh stand out aa Bargains today, yes, nnd every day:
Quaker   Tomatoes,   2   cans   for 80o line Up-country Potatoes   OOc
A- a, Bar Laundry Soap, 20c ,10-11. Tine Cooking Apples 25c
Fancy Butter, 3-&> tor tio .Canned Beef, l-__  tin, for 15o
BARGAINS IN | tins ot Potted Meats for 35o
FURNITURE. "The Store of Quality."
5T   WflllafA Westminsteravenuaft
.   I.   YY UIIOVC  Harris street. Telephone 1268
Automobiles &
.Bicycles    WOT*/"
Exclusive Agents for thm OLOSMOBiLE.
Massey-HarriB, and Brantford Bioyoles.   Expert Repair Department.
Automobiles, Bicycles and Supplies.
W. J. RNN AND, Manager. Tel. 1255
105 Hastings Street East.
IS NOW ON.   Wo have a choice line of FRESH FRUITS inolnding
Poaches, Ploms, Pears, Berries, Mesons mod Apples.
Let us quote yon prices on all Fruits.
MAT" Don't forget to ask for Ballots for the Piano Contest.   Every 25o
cash purchase entitles yon to vote.
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 935.
We are   making a
Large Variety of
Cakes & Pies
these days, and many
dainty things for
Lunches and Teas
—so that the ladies
will not ^require to
bake andy-work and
worry about provisions. Let.us do that
for you. 'Prices the
._ lowest possible 'to
maintain quality.
Muir's Bakery.
Ring up 'phone 443.
Mt. Pleasant
Big Slaughter
at Reduced
Prices.   Also all
Summer Goods.
W. W. Merkley
Westminster Avenne, Mt. Pleasant.
as a hat is, and that fact is rather more
defined this season above any other,
Linen, pongee ones with pongees
MousselincB with costumes of lace,
mousseliue or ganxo. Lace-trimmed
silks, and other extravagant materials,
demand a lace parasol in blaok or white,
while parasols in rich plain silks or
brocades, may step into their places.
Tailor-made costumes are set off in the
fittest manner, when the parasol is of
check-plaid, dotted or striped silks.
fashionable high belts, well-fitted and
boned. It hns proved a labor-saving
procesB as well as an economical one. It
must be confessed that snoh belts not
only make a bodice in a smart sense,
but actually become the bodice. The
little coats worn with them seem but an
attachment. Yet.a very short time ago,
there were rumors that high belts wonld
soon go out.
The parasol which has uo applied
trimmings is in far better taste Bnt
parasols nowadays are bonght to go
with certain costumes, quite as muoh
Let any man, however great and
gifted, say to himself, "The world is
my natural enemy; all men's hands are
lifted against me; I have no faith in
friendship, or love, or human kindness,
bnt I am ambitions, and I will
succeed"—let that'man toil as he may,
his progress towards success wilt be
retarded because he swims against the
natural current of the universe. He
who smiles and says, "The world is
what we make it, friendship exists for
those who deserve it, and love begets
love," that man floats with the onrrent,
and all things assist him to his goal
however distant it may bo. j
—Ella Wheeler Wilcox
"The sympathetic nervous system
connects all the vital organs—the hearts
lungs, stomach, and pocket-book."
l_a_r_L'«& Shaving
JalK 5 Par|or.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
Fran* Underwood, Proprietor.
Successor to John Oilman
Give this Shop a tiu al—throe chairs
Cut Flowers
Carnations, single, 16c per dozen.
Carnations,  donble,  fine   mixed,    aU
colors, 2Bc per dozon.
Chas. Keeler
Notk—Street Cars pass my plaoe.
Nursery: Cor. Westminsters 15th aves.
E. 1 J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Pukss and
HO Fleet St., London, E. C, England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Tax Advocate is the best advertising
medium where lt circulates. Tel. Bl .05
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. 0.
Big Clearance
Sale of
Summer Goods
Ladies'  Shirtwaist Suits at cost price.
Ladies' Blouses at cost price.
Children's White Muslin  Bonnets at cost and less.
Children's White Duck Tarns at cost.
Children's White  Embroideried Tarns at half price.
—Many Other Bargains.—
J. Horner,
4O0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
\fS '^•■^••t^_!t_1.!!5j'",'>'  i i'"'f-2__!____■"»'"'"")*   j"'*^^**t***n ***i**"*-*"T***f&* f. ;i.. -j,|,'P •^»
i ■      ■    i——      - —    .i '
THE Fit-Reform dressed man
is a popular man. Now is
your time to become so at a
low price.
$12.00 Lonelies
are clothing hundreds of Vancouver's
well dressed men.
300 pairs Lonely Trousers, $3—were
$4, $5 and $6.
Aug. 12th,
ends the
Thomas FOSTER.
SS3 Hastings Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.—Self-measurement
blanks and samples sont on application.
• *********_•**•_• *********_•**•# •
The Function of an
is first to draw attention and to leave a favorable
and as far as possible a lasting impression.
The first and principal object of a very great deal 67 advertising
is uot directly that of .^Uing goods, but of establishing a worthy
fame—a recognized reputation—tn mako the goods and tho house
knowu. Customers must come with somo idea of tbe goods they
seek, the more knowledge the better. With confidence inspired
by effective advertising, it is then up to the salesman to do the
rest—to make good by courtesy and a skillful presentation of the
wares which should be np to aU that has been advertised.
THE ABVOCATE is the best advertising
medium for reaching Mt. Pleasant People^—to
gain their favorable atteution to your goods and
store. Advertising rates reasonable—not in the
Publishers' Association high rate combine.
Is issued
in the interest
of Nt. Pleasant
& South Vancouver.
"The Advocate" gives all the Local News of Mt. Pleasant from
week to week for $1 00 per year; six. months OOc. An interesting
Serial Story is always kept running; the selections in Woman's
Realm will always be fonnd full interest to up-to-date women; the
misuollaneous items are always bright, entertaining and inspiring.
New arrivals on Mt. Pleasant will become raedily informed of the
community and more quickly interested in local happenings if
they subscribe to "The Advocate."
Situate  in   tho    New    We«tniiustor
Mining Division of New Westmin.
ster Distriot.     Where located—
Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTIOE tbat I, W. E.  Burns,
Secretary of the Goldsmith Copper Company Limited, Fluck Block, Vaucouver,
B. C,  Free  Miner'b Certificates   No.
B90548, intend sixty days from the date
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder
for Certificates of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining Crown Grants to
the above Claims:
that action under Section 37 must be
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 16th day of June, 1906.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ae.
Anyone lending & sketch end deecrliitlon mar
asloklr seeerUIn our opinion free srbettier en
Invention la probablr patentable,   r
T_H__idb    '
f for _eeu
th Munn
Ion 11 probabif natentable,   Cororaunlc*.
irlotlreonadenu ' -- -
— oe. oldeit -(.one,	
Pntenti taken tbroagti Munn A Co. receive
tloniitrletlreonadentlBl. Handbook on Tateuti
 alienor for lecurlnirpel
tnroogb Munn A Co.
■out free, oldeit
!_>.clal notiet, without -
Scientific American.
A handiomalr lllnatraUd wMklr- I»*r.M_*t efr-
culttlon of miT Bdt.iitIda journal. Terms. 98 a
rear: four months, tL Bold by all newsdealera,
BUNN & Co.""--*-'- New York
Brunch Offloe. «6 V St. WaifclnotOD. D. 0.
Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
I. O. F.
Oonrt Vancouver 1888, Independent
Order of Foresters meets Sd and  4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. m., in
Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting brethren always weloome.
O-TIKF Ranger—J. B. Abernethy.
Recokding Secretary—J. Hansen,
12 Seventh avenue, -.est.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
81. PrlnOMI street, city. Telephone
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. lOmeets every
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Westminster avenue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—G. W. Jamieson.
Recording Secretary—Frank
Trimble,cor. Ninth ave. a Westmin'r rd.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Review 1st and 8d Mondays of eaoh
month in Mason's Hall, corner Ninth
avenue and Quebec street.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. F. L. Budlong,
188 Eleventh avenue, west.
Lady Record Keeper—Mjs. J. Martin,
Ninth avenue.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meets
evory 2d aud 4th  Thursdays of each
month,  in I. O. O. F.,  Hall, Westminster avenne.
Sojourning Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.   .
Mies A. Chambers, Recorder,
SS-S W(__t_nlllltcr_.vi mie.   Tel. IK.
s'«<«'%«/»%'V%'*%%<m/v»%%*%%'V >
Cool Kitchens
Th is warm Summer Weather is very trying to Housekeepers.   Tha
heat of the coal and wood stove is simply unbearable.
Kito hen drudgery is reduced to n minimum by the use of the GAB
STOVE and GAS HOT PLATES.   Meals can be prepared quickly
aud well without heating the whole honse.
Housekeepers with a GAS STOVE havo muoh more time for recreation than those who uso the coal and wood stoves.
In our Demonstrating and Show Room we bave many styles and
makes set np for examination and trial.   Call and see them.
Vancouver Gas Company LN.
Up-stairs B. C. Electric Ry. Building.


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