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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jun 2, 1906

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m m j      _rv_i i      k    t ***^&™^
Mt Pleasant Advocate
Devoted to ths interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three /"lonths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Kstab-S-ED APitiL 8th, 1899.   Whole No. 877.
Mt.  Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.   C, Saturday,  June 3,   lflOG.
(ElOHTn Year.)   Vol. 8, No. 9.
I ocal Items.
van McCuaig Auction and Commis-
pc "n . Ltd.; next to Ciiruoigo Library,
•fimtiugs street, buy Fnruituro for Cnsh,
-v.."\i.iot, Auction Sales and handle
suuK'Ciipt Stocks of nvory description.
*Ji»t<':tai''iou|gaarauteed.   Pliouo 1070.
Mt. Pleasnut is to have a local Brass
Baud in tho near future. Mr. W. R.
Oweus J. P., has tendered tho Oddfellows' Hall to tlio organizers for one
night next week, when a meeting will
be held to complete organization.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dociing ase registered at tlie Vancouver Hotel, and
will bo iu tho city for two weeks; Mr.
and Mrs. Doering will then so East to
return with their daughter Miss Beatrice
Doering who is attending Hnvcrgal
Collego, Toronto.
Chas. Raunie, teacher of Violin and
( Comet. Special attention given to youug
pupils. For terms, otc., apply at Studio,
i 37 Eleveuth aveuue.
Mrs. M. Smith who has beeu visiting
her sou Mr. J, I.  Smith of Epwortli
/for  soveal    mouths,   will    leave for
I her home St. Phillips, Quobec, to-day
1 Mrs.  Smith has eujoyed ber visit here
1 very much aud regrets porting with the
many frieuds mado, especially among
the ladies of  Mt.   Pleasant  Methodist
I Congregation.
Ou Wednesduy uext will begin the
half-a-day holiday for the Grocery
iClerks throughout tlio oity. For the
next three months every Wednesday
afternoon all grocery stores will close
'There is 110 class of -men who deserve
an afteruoou off more than the grocery
clerks, for they work long hours and do
uot huvo many idle momenta duriug
■business hours.
By properly adjusted   glasses  Dr.
(Howell at the Burrard Sanitarium Ltd.,
relieves eye strain which causes headache aud other nervous troubles
The New York
OUR REPUTATION as Painloss Dentists is shown by the daily
increase iu our practice.   Wo bave gained a world-wide reputation with our discovery, which, wheu applied to tho gums,
teeth ouu be extracted absolutely painloss.
Our patients are so pleased with tlio results that they not only tell
their friends, but persoually bring them to our parlors that they
may reocivo the same treatment. In this way, together with tlio
highest-eliiBS dentistry, dono by our Specialists, our practice has
gradually increased till wo are second to noue in practice.
By tbe use of our Double Adhesive Suction Chamber wo are ablo to
fit tbo uiost difficult casts. Whoro other Doutists Fail We Meet
Wi.U,Si—cess. If your teeth drop when you try to eat with thein,
or if you are afraid of thom striking tbe pavement when you Jsncczo,
thero is something wrong; thoy do uot fit. Onr Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty and is Our Own Iuvou-
tiou aud cau not bo used by othors.
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Bridge Work and all other DeutnlJWork
doue, painless, and   by Specialists aud guaranteed for 10 years.
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1566.
Offico Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;  Sundays 9 a.m.,
'PHONE 3336
Corner Seventh and Westminster avenue*.
The Season for Painting is now ou.
.    i\    _Rl~**   1 *^   Mt-  PLEASAN1
Tul. 117
When you want a warm-weather drink, that
is both pleasaut to take and beneficial to the
health, ask for—
Sovereign Lime Juice
Corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
to 2 p. in.
We  have  a   complete
line of Papeteries,
Letter Pads,
Writing Paper,
Envelopes, Etc.,
at   down-town  prices.
Read tbo Real Estate column ou last
page of this paper.
Miss Grace McCallutn of Mt. Lehman
is staying for n week with her sister
Mrs. (Capt.) Browu, Seventh avenue
We have just received our usual largo
consignment of Eastern Maple  Syrup.
THE PRICE will be tho same as last
year and the quality equally as good if not hotter.
Placo your order with us at onco as it will uot last long.
Good Butter our specialty.
Good Potatoes $1 per sack.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Mr. and Mrs. Melville Jewell went,
over to Victoria ou the 24th, aud remained for a teu days visit with relatives.
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertismcut ou
4th page, of special interest to women.
The members of St. Michael's Church
[ Girls' Entertaining Society gave a do-
I li_,'litful Social Tuesday eveuiug  in thl
Parish rooms. Music and recitations by
■ the members mndo tbo time pass most
, pleasantly. Mrs Bacon, Mr. Willoughiiy
' nnd Mr. Gilbert Boult contributed to
j tlio program, their songs aud recitations
beiug miieli appreciated. Ice cream and
otlier refreshments were served duriug
the evoniug.
The Stridor Shoes for Meu are pro.
nonuood in style, rnro in quality nod
,'.superior in workmanship, (thoroughly
' reliable and contains all that anybody
I can give for $5.00.—R. MILLS, UO
i, Hastiugs street, west.
The Girls' Bund of Willing Helpers of
Mt. Pleasant, Presbyterian Ohuroh on
Monday evening gave a most successful
1, Ico Cream Social on the church grounds
This band of clover young girls have
paid for flic uew railing recently built
nround the pulpit.    Tbe coucert was
given to raise  the bulauco due oil tho
1. railing, and the proceeds will more lliau
1 cancel tho _dobt.   The girls are to be
congratulated, as is Mrs. Ponton wbo Is
President of tho organization.
FOR SALE: a small Upright Piauo;
apply at "Advooate" Offico.
1. O, F.—Tho committee to arrange
for the annual Church Par.ide of the
\' Independent Order of Foresters  met on
•Thursday evening at the homo Mr. J.J.
Bennott, 729 Cordova street, east. Court
Burrard was represented by Bros. Bon-
mttt and J. W Ellis and Court Vancouver by Bros. W. H. DeBou, II. Grant
and R. S. Oummings. It was decided
to attend church on Mt. Pleasaut tliis
1 yoar and tbo Methodist Church was
chosen. Tho Foresters will moot at
Oddfollows' Hall, Mt. Pleasant, on
Suuday evening Juuo 17tb, and after
the anniversary ceremonies according
to tho Ritual of the Order, thoy will
attend evening service at the Mt. Pleasaut Methodist Ohuroh, Invitations will
bu sent to the Courts nt Banlet, North
Vuucouvor, aud Eburue to Join with
the Vancouver Foresters in tlio AduimI
Anniversary Services of the Order.
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, thou go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
A branch of tho Needlework Guild of
Canada was organized on Thursday
afternoon iu St. Andrew's Church.
Mrs. McCaulcy presided nud Mrs.
Lucas acted as secretary. Thirty-one
. Directors wero appointed and olllcers
elected as follows:
President—Mrs. MoOauley.
1st; Vice-President—MrB.R.Hamiltou.
3d Vice-President—Mrs. Burphy.
8d Vico-Prosidoni—Mrs. Rose.
4th Vice-President—Mrs. R. Whitney.
Secretary—Mrs. H. C. Lucas.
Treasurer—Mrs. Galligbcr.
The object of the Guild is a charitable
ouo; each Director must secure two
members who will oacli oontributo two
now ready-made garments during the
year: theso articles of clothing will lio
given upon application to a Director to
any uoedy case roported.
Always opeu.
Mr. Thos. A. Tidy will leavo ou Wednesday next foi'-Ottawa, where be goes
as delogato from Vancouver to tbo
Canadian Order of Foresters Couvontion
Rov.   A.   E.    HeUioriugtou   B.   D.,
I pastor, Morning subject:   "Tho Greatness   of   Faith."      Evening    subject:
"Lifo's Greatest Question."
Tho Union Class will meet at 9:30 a.m.
Phone 790.
Free Delivery
Mr. Frank Mnrriou baa sold his
place ou Sixth aveuuo aud hns bought
a home on Seventh avenne, i)37 oast,
and will move today.
Thero will be au Auction Sale of Elegant Waluiif. Furniture at Wheclock &
Walker's store 011 Tuesday next. Call
and see tbe offerings at this store.
We have inquiries   for   small houses
aiid   cottages   on   Mt.  Pleasant.    List
yonr property for Rent  at   2444   West-
min. ter avonue.
, —:o:
RINj UP 914 for n good load of
Cedar Wood $1.25 a load, or leave orders
«t 508 Seventh nvrnuo, east.—CROCKER
8 .os , Dealers iu Wood.
Mrs. (Capt.) Brown of Seventh avonue, enst, returned from Mt. Lehman,
ou Monday, whoro she went to the
bedside Of her brother Mr. Williard
McCallum, Mr. MoCa'lum diod on Friday tho 36th. the fuueral occurred on
Tuesday tho 25th,      —
Come in aud see onr list of good buys,
on good terms and good titles I—2444
Westminster avenuo.
There wns a laage attendance lit the
Salo of Work bold on Tuesday afternoon
and evening by tlio Ladies' Aid of Mt.
Pleasant Baptist Church oil the church
grounds. Besides beiug a ploasnui
social occasion the sum realized from
the snlo was gratifying.
FOR RENT: a large house, fnniiahted
or unfurnished; apply at "The Advocate" Olllce.
Tbe pastor, Rev. Herbert W Piercy,
will preach morning and evening on
Sunday. Morning subject: "The
Secret'of Christian Progress." Eveniug
subject: "Tho Spiritual Coudition of
Sau Francisco." —
Yonng Men's Bible Class aud Sunday
School 2:1)0 p. m
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $3,000,000.   Reserves $3,437,000.
Accounts may be opened with
One Dollar.
7 to 8 o'clock.
NIGHTS    from
A. B, Ngtherby.Snb-Mnnngcr.
'WOOD.—Fir Edgings or Slabs, 3 loads
for $5, single load $2. Telephone 2434.
King's neat flarket
ff. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh aud Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
011 hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant mid Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season.
Tel. 2300.
? 00*000000****00***000**04*0*******0*00-00*0*0-00000000
Every week we get
Choice Fresh Dairy Butter
nud we havo put the price at 25c.    You should try it.
Everything that is Fresh aud New iu the Market
can be found at our store.
Prompt and careful delivery.
Orders solicited.
P. Nightingale & CO.
Mt. Pleasant.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.
Telephone  1300.
~ti.SS_ir,T—l^'lHI-sHsl! 1.  ■
Every Woman Likes
—to have ber hair tidy.   Those stray looks aro very troublesome when
not kept properly iu their place.
Now it is very easy to keep them where thoy ought to be if you only go
ot it tho right way.    We hnvo jnst received a lot of—
Seo what wo have.
__</* VV , Wants to See Y
TUESDAY, June 5th,   2:30 p. m.
at 2313 Westminster ave., near Seventh ave.
Having received a large consignment of Elegant Walnut Furniture from one of
the "swcllest" houses In Iho West End, I will sell all to the highest bidder-,
without reserve.   All high grade goods.
Upholstcd Chairs, Bookers, Pig Mirror, Hall Rack, Couches, Arm Chairs,
Tables, Cosy Corners, 100 yds Velvet aud Brns8oll Carpets, Artistic Hall Raok,
Large Mantle Mirror, Cane-bottom Dining '.'hairs, Round Tables, Lie.
W. H. WALKER, Auctioneer.
"Mrs. S. A. MoLagan is u guest, at the
Georgia. Mrs. MoLngnn will leave, on
Tuesday for Toronto to attend the
Woman's Press Convent inn nf Canada.
Mrs. (Dr.) Hart of Victoria, was tbu
guest of Dr, and Mrs. J. 1.1. Hart, West-
ininst"r avenue, on Thursday and left
on tho Imperial Limited for Nova Scotia
Thursday afternoon.
Advertise in "Thn Advocate '
Tho Thompson Company, bakers and
confectioner-** have opeDed on tho corner of Ninth avenue aud Ash street,
Mr. .1. .1 G. Thompson, until reooutly ti
member of the firm of Loqsou, Boker
Company, la a mombor uf ihe new Arm,
and Manager uf Iho business.
THE BEEK Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years aud years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Sale nt all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or.
delivered to your houso.
Fine line of New Wheels just iu.   Anyone prepared to pay Cash cut
get Rock-bottom Prices ou the best Bicycles made.
W. J. Annai
108 Hastings street, east.
Telephone 12S3.
msf Bicycle and Automobile
Repairing in all its branches,
Neatly nud Promptly done.
B*flP Subscribers are requested to
report auy carolessuess in the delivery
of "The Advocate."
&*A *W *%%% *W%-*'%"% ^W^^.%^, ■sy«V*Vv>*k'v>%**V4V *ym
II-Z---__ZI__r Special Values iu _^__I_ZI____r
Co: tu ucs made of fine lustre; skirt 9-goro with wide pltaits and flaro
hot om waist front aud back pleated, latest style sleeve, deep cuff tucked
in tl nd s of emerald green, brown, navy nud black... .Special i?ii.50 each.
Wash Suits, including uiuslins, giugliams, print,
in a large variety of shades uud Colors Special
*>4 (id and up.
ohambrays and linens,
fo.i J1.60, |2.60, I8.B0,
ADn^Qit1  CC.      30, 32 and 34 Cordova St.
.    IVViJsJ IA.  VV/s, Telephone 574.
Mrs. Hart Sr., is convalescing from a
recent severe illness.
Mrs Tiernan of Eighth avenuo is able
to be out again after a severe attnek of
tbe grip.
Mr, W. B. Skinner of Eleventh avenue, has returned from a two weeks
trip through llie Delta district,
Mrs, Arklc of Ki-w Westminster, is
visiting ber daughter Mrs. Frank
Mnn'iim of Sevenlli avenue.
Miss Grace Harford of Sixth nvonue.
will leave today for Buskin, B. O., to
visit her parents for n fow days
'1'ln'very latest Btylos in Canadian
nnd American makes and designs In
Winter Shoes for Men, Women and
Children at R, MILLS, the Shoeman,
119 Bastings stroets, weRt,
Mr. and  Mrs.   Chas,   Kendall have
recently  moved   Cram    Kamloops   to
Craubi If, li. (!. whero Mr. Ksudall
will m.inngc the erectiou of a largo mill.
Mrs. Kendall ueo Miss Lenn Hoffar is
well-known on Mt. Pleasant,
buy your Furnishings
on Mt. Pleasant.
We carry an up-to-date
line of—
CAPS and
Give us a call.
2-115 Westminster avenuo
i\ Mt. Plensaut.
Mt. Pleasant *1olL(PoBto_Boe;)
Mail arrives daily at 10:,'.0 a. to., and
18O p. m.
Mail leaves the Poslollioo nt 1 and 11
.. m., and 1:30 and 6:80 p. m,
Ou Sundny nl '.', p, in . Dr. S5iintU01'«
11,111], loader of tho Cily Mission, 08C
Westminster avenue, will give au ad
dress ou the Seventh Chapter of
Romans A chart will be used in explaining the three Inws mentioned in
this chapter. Allure cordially invited
to attend.
Telephone 202 1    Brcn__NAN & EDWARDB j
Wc have the largest selection of j
Stock Pattern Dinner Sets
in the oity—10 different liars Of which you can  buy uny pari.
Let us -bow ynu onr latest arrivals.   They are Beauties.
fir-piece Dinner Sets fi'.oo
OS-piece Dinner Sets, heavy guld borders  112.75
08-pleco  Dinner Sets,  illuminated $15.00
Besides dosens of others to select from.'
Buchanan & Edwards
662 664 Granville St. 'Phone 2021.      I
i'00**000000**04r0000400000*000*0000000*0**000    S0000000
Central Meat
Ninth aves. Westminster road.
Mi nt of  nil   kinds continually
on hand
Poultry and  Game   iu  season.
lies!    of    Vegetables   ou    the
Woodrow &
***   Williams
FRANK Triviili-.,  Manager.
Telephone 984.   Prompt Delivery.
For a Ganio of
Pooler Billiards
Drop in at
Mt. Pleasant.
Boot and Sltoentaklng
mid Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2154 Westminster avenue.
Royal Crown
the BUST is thk World. Drop
ns o post cord asking for a
Cat—ogno of Premiums to bo
had free for Royal Crown
Boir Wrappbrs,
**a£>£> those Lovelv
which were 6olected in Paris
by Mr. Troroy this spring.
They aro tho latest things in
Belts thero—latest hiro—thn
liko have never boen seen
before in Vancouver.
Tho prices run $2.li0 to f7.
The other Novelties from
Franco are—
New Hatpins 60c to $2.
Banettes 25o nnd up.
Collars $8 to $10.
Really you ought to see these
things. You never see them
outside of the big cities.
Coruer Hastings aud Grauvi.le Sts.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R.
Catsup,   2 bottles. 28c
Upton's Pickles 25c a bottle
No. 1 Potatoes $1.28
per sack.
McKinnon J. Gow,
140 Ninth Ave. Opposite No 3 Fire Hall
Telephone H1443. Prompt delivery.
Lawn Grass Seeds
f'lnvcr and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry nud Animal Food*,
Pratt's Lloe Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Be-scraps, F.tc.
Sl/piTH Comer   NINTH sv.nu.  ay
Telephone   lts:^	
rheCanadian Bank
of Commerce
Deposits of One Dollar and upwards
received nnd interest allowed thereon.
Hank  Money Orders  issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOURS i 10 a. m. to ft p. tn
Saturday!ii 10 a tn. to 13 oi., 7 to 8 p.m.
Last End Branch
444 Wostniiiislcr      C. W. DUKBANT,
avonus, MtNi-lEH.
If ynu miss Thf Advocatk yoa osii*.
Linked by Fate j
Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage   [ •
of Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid
For," "A Modern Juliet," Etc.
Hltttltt. »♦ f-H-+++^+++*H*+*H4~H'v ♦ f f ♦♦ ♦ f ♦ ♦!>
(Continued from last week.)
Sir Chandos got out'n cigar, but
after a glance along tho terrace, refrained from lighting it.
"Well," be snid, shifting bis smnll.
tightly-shod foot uneasily. "WoU,
ynu enn't lie blind—no one could be—
lo the fact thnt. .lulian Shore is—cr
—very much in love wilh you, my
dear Judith."
•'Willi'?." she snid ngnin and in exactly  tin'   same  tunc.
"Well! Bless my soul, you don't
wnnt me to point out that you
ought to shift your objective If ynu
can't get tin; present king o' tin'
Castlo, why not—not make fnr tin'
Sho laughed wearily.
"You tnlk as if Vnnc were nn old
mnn, on tlie brink of the grave."
"N'u, he's nut nn old man, but—
well, accidents nre nlwnys occurring," retorted Sir Chnndos. "Look
at the wny Providence shot him into
Ihe title, and—nnd—well, I've a
fancy Vnnc won't make old bones.
lie looks to mu liko a man who hns
ceased to take an interest In life,
and by gnd, when that's the case,
life soon censes to take an interest
in the man! Then—then ho is a reckless devil; you snw him riding that
horse of his yesterday? It was a
marvel he wasn't thrown. Mark my
words, he'll break his neck some
Her face went white In the darkness and her hands clenched each other.
"Until he docs—" sho began, then
"So what I say Is," resumed Sir
Chandos with the redundance and
emphasis of a half tipsy man, "keep
the two strings to your bow, my
dear girl. For instance, there's no
need to treat Shore so cavalierly.
He's n decent chap, he's fond of you,
and it's my opinion that he'll come
into this sooner or later—" He swept
his hand across the view comprehensively. "At any rate, I'm dead certain thnt you're making no headway with Vane. Of course with your
beauty—by gad, I'm as proud of it
ns you t_rol—you might many anybody; but, well, you'vo got into the
pace hero and— Now, take my advice and think the matter over."
She laughed again.
"If I do not marry Vane, if I have
lost him," she said, almost to herself, "it does not matter—"
'^'That's what I say," her precious
father caught her up, with an eager
hiccough. "It's been my motto all
my life—and a very prosperous life
it's been—that, if you can't get tho
moon, good cream cheese is an admirable substitute. Now do bo a
sensible girl, my dear Judith!"
He stretched out a wavering hnnd
to lay it upon her shoulder, but sho
shrank slightly but perceptibly, and
Sir Chandos. carrying his hand to
his moustache and murmuring, "I'll.
Just go nnd got a drink. Too much
salt ln that last savoury," shuffled
jauntily back to the smoking-room.
Julian, with a ixxxln face and a
throbbing heart, was stealing away
when he heard another step on the
terrace, and ho waited. It was Vane's.
Judith also heard it, and with a
smothered sigh turned towards him.
"Who is it?" said Vane. "Ah, it's
youl" as she moved into the light
from the window. "Have you seen
Julian? They want him for bridge."
"No," she said in the soft, low
and deliriously musical note which
always came into her voice when she
spoko to him. He left the drawing-
room some  time ago."
"Gone into that den of his, I suppose. If so, it's useless to attempt to
draw him. What a good fellow he is,
isn't he?"
"Yes?" she said, half interrogatively, as If she knew he had a purpose Jn  his praise.
"Such a—a likeable chap," said
Vane with tho awkwardness with
which a man approaches a delicate
subject. "And he's clever, too. Tho
sort of man who would muke his
mark ln the world if—if he hnd an
He lit a cigarette, tossing the
match almost on to Julian, nnd
smoked furiously fur a moment or
"You—take n grout interest in
hlni," she snid in so low a voico
that Julian  hnd to strain his ears.
"Ratherl" assented Vuiic, "and naturally, seeing tlmt ho will fullow me
"Will—follow you?" sho repeated,
Vane nodded. "Yes. I shall never
marry." She moved out of the light.
and leant ngninst the railing in her
old attitude. "I'm one of thoso fellows who  are  belter single."
"Ah, I understand!" sho breathed
with a long-drawn sigh.
Vano frowned nnd set his teeth.
"See here, Judith," ho snid in tho
tone of a mnn who has resolved to
speak his mind nnd to spare neither
himself nor his bearer, "I don't think
you do. Of course I know you aro
thinking of the past and—ami our old
engagement. You don't mind my
speaking of it? Why should you?"
"Why should 1?" she said in *
still voice.
"Quite so. That's all past, and I
don't want you to think you have
anything to reproach yourself with.
Wo—woll, we made a mistake, that's
all; and It was precious lucky foi
you that you discovered it befor* it
,was tot> late!"
"Was It I only who discovered it?"
she asked.
Vane hesitated for tt moment. It
is nover easy to tell a woman that
you have ceased to love her.
"Let us say that you were the
first to mako the discovery," ho said,
gently. "We won't discuss it."
"No; it isn't necessary," she said
In a strange voice, as if she wero
holding herself under control. "You
have told mo enough. I—jilted yon,
Vane; but—you found consolation.
tfhere is nnother woman!"
Vane did Dot start, but he set his
toeth and his brows as if she had
Btruok him. For a moment he wns
silent, then, looking straight before
himf he said grimly:
"You aro right, there is—there wus
another woman." ,
Hor hand stole to her bosom    and
clutched the laco there. Sho had hop- I
cd against hope  for a swift    denial; ,
the  confirmation  of  hor  dread    was
almost    mora than, she could    bear, '
Scarcely breathing she stole a little
closer to him.
"Tell—tell me about her," she
whispered. .„
He shrank agaiil; but after a pause,
j during which she thought ho must
hear the wild beating of her heart,
he said:
"1 don't think I ran. There are
some things— No, no, just lot it rest
at that."
"Is she—is she anyone  T know?"
"No," ho replied almost curtly.
"She is, of courso, vory beautiful?
I—I can't imagine you caring for a
plain  woman."
He drew his hand across his brow.
"She— Let it rest." he said,
hoarsely. "I did not want to speak
of myself, but—Julian."
She stood motionless, ns if she
hnll not heard liim, then as if she
had suddenly become conscious nf his
words, she said, in a voice absolutely emotionless:
"Mr. Julian Shore?"
"Yes. Judith, he—has fallen In
love with vou."
"And you—you hnvo come tn plead
his cnuse!" she said swiftly through
her closed  teeth.
"I hnve come to plead his cnuse."
he assented, resolutely. "It's like my
Impudence, you think? But, consider.
Judith! Ho is of my kith nnd kin; I
like him, I am fond of him; nnd I
don't like to see him suffer. The po()r
fellow has got thin and worn—oh,
but yuu know, you must know! I
know what you are going to say:
thnt ho might speak for himself. But
Julian is the Inst man to do that
in such a caso. He is poor, I stand
between him and the title, the estate. He thinks, nnd rightly, that
you arc far above him. And he is
just that sensitive, high-minded kind
of fellow who would suffer In silence
—and you treat him, well, not too
Her breath was coibing fast, and
she moved a little aw"uy     from   him
that he might not see the passionate
heaving of her bosom.
"So let ine plead his cause," Vans
went on, warming to his advocacy,
and deaf nnd blind to tho passion
which was rending her. "I'm convinced thnt he  would  make you—"
"A good husband," she finished,
quite calmly.
"Well, it sounds pretty banal; but
that's what I was going to say," he
admitted. "And that lie loves you
with all his heart and soul, I've seen
—and you must have seen—for somo
time past. I know the signs," in a
low voice, but without bitterness.
"And, mind, I am not altogether disinterested."
"No?" she said, keeping the surging mockery from her voice.
"No. I want to seo the man who
will come after me make a better
thing of his life than I have done. I
want him to be—happy. And, by
George, Julian will never be happy
until lie has won you!"
"Or you have won mo for him?"
sho said.
He looked at her quickly.
"Y'ou are olTended, indignant?" he
said. "I'm sorry. I beg your pardon, Judith, beg il most humbly!
And I'm a afraid I'vo done Julian
mure harm with you than good. Hut
1—welt. I presumed on our old—
fri Ishjp— "
Slie moved suddenly, ns if she wero
losing the control over horself which
she hnd maintained b.v nn nlmost
super-huinon efTort. If Vano .Mnnnering had sought for a mode nl avenging himself foi' her treatment of him,
he could nut hnve found a more
deadly, a more cruel one. for a
moment or two hor lips trembled
with ihe rage—and, yes, hale—which
possessed her; but she pressed her
hand In her lips and forced tlie hut
wol'ds back.
'.'You—mean well," she snid nt
last. "Your cousin should be very
grateful tn you—"
"Then—then you um not olTended?
Vou'll think it over, and—nnd be a
little kinder tn Julian'.'" he said,
gravely, earnestly.
"1 will think it over, nnd Mr.
Shore shnll have nn cnuse tu complain nl' my unkindness," she said.
Then suddenly she laughed, nut loudly, hut so Btrnngely that Vane slurt-
ed und looked ut her with questioning surprise; fur ns he hud ceased to
love lier, us Ids heart wus buried
there on the Fairy Isle, lie hnd no
Suspicion Unit she still cared for
hiin: hnd she not left him of liel" own
froo will?
"Wliat—what is the mattor?" he
asked with all the denseness of tlio
straightforward mun.
"Nothing,'; slie replied, tho laugh
dying  suddenly   und     liel'   voico    unco
iniu'e Impassive und omotlonloss.   "I
was only thinking how well ynu hnd
performed ynur tusk; thnt—Hint if 1
hud known tlie truth I might have
spared mysoll somo, us it proves,
quite unnecessary remorse. Hut the
past, our past, is past, as you
"Unite, quite." In.' said, gently.
"Shall wo go in now? Tho uir is
"Thanks, nu; I Bhould like to remain out n little lunger, should, naturally, like to lie nluno to think of
—Mr.  Julian Shore.'
Vano rogarded her with a vague uneasiness, then, hnving nuthing to
suy, said nuthing, but with a alight
nod of acquiescence, went into the
She si uud for a moment or two as
he had left her, then, supporting hersell' by the mil, moved slowly to the
end of the terrace; there, ou* from
the light of tlio windows, she Hung
up her hands tn her faoe nnd choked
buck the moan of wounded pride, of
outraged love, of the worst humiliation whieli a Woman can suffer; the
avowed Indifference of the man slie
loves. Loves! There wus not ono
ember of love left in the (ire which
smouldered   in   ber   henrt,   but   in   its
place a hate n?i savage us death!
(To be Continued,.)
Prominent Playwrights In England Disclose   Their   Modus    Scribendi—
Many Ways of Building Plays.
There ls generally an air of mystery
surrounding the workshop and methods
of the successful dramatist. That a certain fortunate band of men should be
constantly turning out .ilays which
meet with the favor of the public enhances the popular Idea that there must
be some royal road to success in play-
writing, though as a matter of fact
every playwright has his own particular method, unlike that of any other.
Mr. R. C. Carton, the author of "Mr.
Hopklnson," fur instance, has a method
quite his own. He keeps what he terms
a pickle-tub, or, in oilier words, a book
In which he Jots down ideas which occur to him at different times -when
walking or riding in trains and omnibuses. When he decides to write a play
he refers to this book, picks out what
characters he prefers and begins to
weave his romance around thom. But
even before he bus the story properly
fixed in his mind be christens them.
He Is very particular as to his choice of
names, and admits Hint muny of the
names of his characters nre chosen
while looking in shop windows.
Grundy's Method.
Mr. Sydney Grundy works in quite a
different fashion, His first idea is to
get his story complete, whicll he does
out of doors or while sitting ln his garden. Then he sets to work to conquer
his entrances and exits, and It is interesting to know that he does all his work
tlirough tho medium of a draughtboard, moving the pieces from place to
place, according to the movements of
his characters ln the play. Then he be-
g*ns to actually compose his piny, and,
with the draught-tbonrd slill beforo bim,
writes steadily day by day, with few
corrections, till It is finished.
Mr. Cecil Raleigh, the author of so
many Drury Lane successes, admits
that the majority of his plays Hash
across his mind at once, and he writes
straight ahead what has oecurrod to
him in that moment. Pinero once gave
him a tip which ho bas borne ln mind
ever since, and 'this was: "A play is a
success or a failure from the moment
the Idea Is flrst born ln ths mind of
tho author." It is said that his play,
"Hearts are Trumps," was completed
in two months from the (lay he began,
although he never writes fer moro than
three hours at a time.
How Barrie Works.
Mr. J. M. Barrie writes his plays
whenever the mood takes liim. With
the whole plan of the play mapped out
In his mind lie sits down to write, and
does not leave hU task till the play ls
finished. The idea of his flrst play,
"Walker, London," which made bim famous, occurred to him one night while
he was walking round Nottingham Castle, and It is Interesting to know thnt
"Peter Pan" was evolved at a children's
party. He works out all his scenes in
his head, but insists on having his play
complete before putting pen to paper,
with the result that there are few corrections ln the manuscript when It
goes to the typists.
Mr. Haddon Chambers, before he begins a play, makes very detailed notes
of every incident, and then as soon as
he is ready to begin the first act he sits
down and revises these notes, cutting
out everything which he thinks might
be omitted from the play so as to make
the story more compact. He says that
It ls nothing short of a terror to him io
write the first two pages of a new play,
but when ho has warmed to the work
It runs smoothly. As a rule he finds
the second act the most difficult to
write, and if it does not run as he
wishes he will throw the play aside for
several months and let it simmer in
his brain during this time, finally returning to lt sufficiently enthusiastic to
continue to the end. He gets his ideas
mostly when walking, and the inspiration of "The Golden alienee." his last
play, came to him suddenly while walking in Fifth avenue, New York.
And How Serious   Results  Can  be  Avoided
by Use of
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine
There is one way In which the rav-
vages of consumption can be very
materially lessoned and that is by the
prompt and thorough cure of coughs
aud colds.
While weak lungs undoubtedly predispose "to lung trouble and consumption, tho beginning must always be
with a neglected cold.
By directing your attention to Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, we mako known to you the most
certain and effective menus of curing
coughs and colds and preventing such
diseases as bronchitis, consumption
and pneumonia.
Thla is not a new medicine, not an
experiment, but a preparation which
li is successfully stood Ihe lest, of time
and has to-day liy far the largest salo
nf any similar treatment,
If we can only help you lo realize
the danger of neglecting coughs and
colds, wo know Hint you will not run
iho risk of depending on any "cough
mixture" the druggist may chouse lo
hand you out, but will Insist on get
ting, a medicine with a reputation
such as Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed
and Turpentine.
Mr. John Clark, coachman, Port
Hope, Out., writes: "Being exposed to
all sorts of weather I frequently catch
cold. Last winter I was so bad with a
cold I could not speak above a whls
per, and had great pains In the chest.
At last I feared it would develop into
consumption If I did not succeed ln
getting proper treatment. A friend
advised me to try Dr. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine and I be
gnu to Improve beforo I had taken
half a buttle. One bottle cured my
cold which I believe would huve proven very serious if 1 had not used this
It is Impossible for a doctor to pre
scribe for a man more effective treat
ment fur croup, bronchitis, whooping
cough, asthma, coughs and culds than
Ur. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine. 25 cents a bottle, at ull
The Prey of Ihe (Under.
The body uf u dog found in the Ice
nt the loot of the I.ocliefort glacier has
been Identified by an old Alpine guide
as that of an animal whlcb he lost on
the summit of tlie glacier forty-seven
years ago.
Ahviivs I'liynble.
A Bank of England note Is payable
ou demand after a lapse of any number of years.
The Russians.
The Russians are the most religious
persons on the face of the globe, uever touching food or drink without making the sign of the cross and never
starting upon or returning from a journey without giving thanks.
A Sour Stomach and a Sour Temper
travel hnnd-in-hund and are the precursors of mental nnd physical wreck.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine times in
a thousand food ferment (Indigestion) is
the cause. Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple
Tablets keep the stomach sweet—aid digestion—keep the nerve centers well
balanced — they're nature's panacea —
pleasant and   harmless.   35  cents.—88
Servian eunlint'is lor gnus have been
given tn a French firm, the ordei
amounting to .£l,(iO0,00().
Sunlight Soap is  better  than other
soaps, but is best when used In the
Sunlight    way.    Buy    Sunlight    Soap
nd follow directions.
The American consular officials are
investigating the looting of u Standard
Oil launch  liy Chinese pirates.
The   ll„nr> nil.
The honeycomb made by bees Is always in regular geometric figures and
solves the problem of the largest economy of space with the smallest expend-
ltnre of material.
Prof. Dewar on Whiskey.
At North London Police Court recently Mr. Fordham continued the
hearing of the summonses under the
Food and Drugs Act against Messrs.
Wells and Davldge, licensed traders, of
Holloway, for selling as Scotch and
Irish whiskey tlie product of the patent slill, or silent or neutral spirit.
Prof. Sir James Dewar defined whiskey as follows: ""ft ls a generic name
given to the varieties of ardent spirit
as prepared in Scotland and Ireland
from the distillation of the fermented
infusion of grain—technically called
tho wash." At the present time ft was
impossible to set up a standard as to
what whiskey should really contain In
the way of by-products, lt was certain, however, that the by-products
wero in greater proportion In the pot
still whiskey, yet chemists hnd not yet
discovered whnt gave rise to tho bouquet and flavor of the spirit.
In cross-examination Sir James Dewar said that if pot still spirit wns sent
to London nnd mixed with silent spirit
the mixture would not be Seoteh whiskey.
« niiiillmllNin i.i ii-iv f.iiin.-ii.
Cannibalism has nut yet been quite
stamped out in British New Guinea.
The natives have well cultivated gardens, tbey occupy long settled villages,
and their relations with l'uropouns are
generally harmonious. In each village
one uf the must Influential chiefs is selected us village constable, given n uniform, ii pair of handcuffs, a brass
badge and $.*i a year and Is kept under
constant personal supervision by tbe
six white magistrates. Crime Is comparatively rare owing apparently to tho
fact that the natives are not allowed to
obtain any Intoxicating Honor.
We Trust
If you are suffering from
impure blood, thin blood, debility, nervousness, exhaustion, you should begin at once
with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
Sarsaparilla you have known
all your life. Your doctor
knows ir,too. Ask him about it.
Tou must look -well after the nonrl.tlnn of
v"ur liver unil linv.fl-.. Unless tliore In dully
nction of tlie bowels, polHonous pr-ducts are
absorbed, musing henna-he, biliousness, nau-
st'.i, ih'ijH'ip'i.i. and thus preventing the Rar-
BHparflla from dolne Its best work. Ayer's
Tills aro liver pills. Act -..■■■'Uv. nil vegetable.
The dose Is only one pill at bedtime.
Alio manulboturers of
ny local applications, as they cunnot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There la only one way to cure deafness,
ami that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness ls caused b.v an Inflamed con-
diliun of the mucoua lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube Is Inflamed
inflammation can be taken out and this
healing, nnd when It Is entirely closed,
nenfness Is the result, and unless the
Inflammation enn be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused bv Catarrh
whioh Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of fhe mucous sin-fnces.
We will give One Hundred Dollnrs for
nny case of Deafness.caused bv Catarrh)
that ennnot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure.    Send  for  elienlurs free.
P. J. CHENEY  & CO..  Toledo, O.
Sold   bv   Druggists.   "Be.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
Two .Japanese merchants were arrested at Vladivostock for possessing plans of the fortifications.
An Eloquent Criticism.
Theodore Thomas, in conducting an
orchestra, seemed Impassive, Imperturbable. A writer ln tbe Outlook com-
meiitiug upon tbls snys that be was apparently without passion or feeling,
yet the appearance was not reality,
and at one of Mr. Thomas' rehearsals
It was fully contrndlcted.
At a certain point lu the symphony
tbe orchestra was playing ln perfect
time and tuno, but with a certain mechanical effect which no one had noticed until Mr. Thomas suddenly
rapped tbe music stand before him.
The orchestra stopped. Then with
his hand be Imitated tbe action of an
organ grinder.
With only a word to indicate the
bar at which the orchestra was to take
up the music, bo struck the rack bofore blm for atteution, and with *
movement of his baton gave the signal
The orchestra repented tbe passage
he had criticised by dumb show, and
tbls time it played with spirit and
A Silent Lnnd.
In the rainless Interior of Australia
there ls a silence of the grave. Tbls
deathlike silence bus a peculiarly depressing effect. If two men are
camped and one of tbem goes to a distant township to get provisions while
the other remains behind to look after
tbe camp, tlio man wbo ls to remain
says to bis mate lu forcible gold fields
lauguage, "Now, Bill, don't you be long
awuy. You kuow what kind of a place
this is to live ln by yourself." If his
mate ls sway for two or three days,
tbe silence gets upon the man's nerves,
and ln the end be shouts ln order to
make a noise, und then be ls afraid of
the sound of his own voice.
It Pays to Select and Breed Carefully
For the Best Hens.
Many years ago we were content
with tho hen that produced twenty-
! five or thirty eggs in a year. When the
stateinent was made that hens could
produce a hundred eggs, It was declared absurd. Then the suggestion was
made in the columns of this paper that
the 200-egg hen was near at hand. Considerable comment was caused by this,
yet there are many proofs at hand that
hens have produced ln one year, under
perfectly good management, as many
as 200 eggs.
There are not nearly so -many of
these as there should be, nor as there
could be, lf people would carefully
select tbelr breeding stock for that
particular purpose. We have before us
a statement of several pens of fowls.
One produced an average of 120 eggs,
two others about 150 eggs, one pen 188
eggs, another pen about 200. Eggs
were hatched from each of these pens,
nnd the best egg-producing pulleta of
all that'were hatched came from the
hens which laid the eggs In the pen
that averaged 200 eggs per year.
We know what a terrible strain lt is
upon the constitutional vigor of a hen
to produce as many as 180 to 200 eggs
in a year. This ls most likely to be
done by pullets ln their flrst year, and
we believe that if these same pullets
would be properly cared for and kept
Into the spring of their second year
as hens and not worked too hard for
the egg production, the eggs from
them would establish a line of egg-
producing poultry that lt would be
hard to overcome.
Much more attention Is given to selecting the stock from which fine milch
cows are grown than we recommend
for producing a .laying strain of poultry. When the time comes to hatch the
chicks In the spring, many of us aro
much too anxious to place the flrst
eggs we can lay our hands on under the
hen to be hatched or Into the Incubator, as may be; but If we would select
ln advance these heavy egg-producing
pullets of the year before and keep
them for the express purpose of laying
the eggs from which to hatch our laying pullets for the next winter, we
would be surprised at the startling increase of egg yield that we would have
as a result of such selection.
Pullets hatched from eggs that come
from hens that only produce tblrty-flve
or forty eggs a year do not Inherit the
laying instinct, rather would they Inherit the propensity of the mother hena
not to lay so many eggs. While, on tho
other hand, eggs from the continuous
nnd large egg producers would be pullets that would naturally become large
egg producers themselves.
That like will produce like is a very
old saying. It ls a saying worthy of
consideration In the poultry business,
Hens that are heavy egg producers are
more than likely to produce their own
kind, while hens that are poor egg producers are doubly certain to produce
those less prolific than themselves.
Another feature of vital Importance
ls the selection of male birds from the
hens that have beep fine egg producers
In lino for several generations. If the
proper amount of attention ls given to
both of these necessary requirements,
peoplo will find that the Increased egg
production ln their flocks will be so
markod as to be beyond all expectations. Hundreds of people complain
that their poultry does not produce any
egg*^ during the winter months, and
that they lay bo tew eggs during the
entire year as to make them unprofitable as egg producers; and while complaining of this known fact they will
continue year after year tb hatch their
pullets from the same hens that have
never laid enough eggs to pay for the
corn they eat. Then, again, many
people will read In tbelr papers how
nanltrv abouU bo Irani, tori and cured
More Gold ln the Ses.
The subject of gold in sea water and
tho possibility of profitably extracting
lt ls a fascinating one. A professor In
tho University of Brussels, M. P. de
Wilde, bas taken up tbe subject and
proposes a new method of getting out
tho precious metal. Sea wnter Is treated witli a strong add solution of chloride of tin at the rate of five cubic
centimeters (about one-third cubic inch)
to the ton. The gold forms with the tin
the compound known ns purple of cas-
slus, and when llmewater Is added
this Is fixed on the flaky precipitate of
magnesium hydrate, which falls to tho
bottom. From this the gold ls set free
by tbo addition of potassium cynulde
and can then be recovered by tbe usual
well known metbodB. Professor do
Wilde considers tbnt much of the gold
In Bea water Is thrown down to the bottom. Whether the gold can be profitably extracted by the above method does
not yet appear.—Loudon Globe.
Quebec Man tells how the Great Consumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
" My wife took La Grippe when she was
In Ottawa," says R. N. Dafoe ofNorthSetd
Farm, Que., in an interview. "She got a
bottle of Psychine and after using it for a
few days she was quite well.    I took a cold
j and am using it and am getting all right.
11 think Psychine is one of the best tonics
1 on the market to-day."
|    There you have the whole matter In a
I nutshell.    La Grippe and colds ara among
the forerunners of consumption.
This man had onr, his wife had the other.
Psychine not only cured both but it built
them up so that their bodies are strong
enough to resist disease. All seeds of
consumption are killed by
(Pronounced St-ke*n)
50c. Per Bottle
L«rg«r •!■•• (l and *2—all druggists.
DR. T. A.  SLOCUM, Limited, Toronto.
for, and pay no attentlon'to lt what
ever, and yet expect the hens to give
them a profitable return in eggs.
There are just three absolute requirements for success in poultry
keeping—the first, to have a line of lay- ■
Ing hens fed for producing eggs; second, to properly house them during the
winter months so that they will be
comfortable, provide dry floors and
deep litter—over a foot deep—for them
to scratch ih; and, third, to properly
house, feed, water and care for them
as hens should be kept for the profitable egg producetion In the winter
months.—Washington Feather.
"No," said a lecturer, "it doesn't do
to get swelled head and think you're
Indispensable to tbe welfare of this
"I was ln the lobby of a big hotel ln
Cincinnati when n bus load of traveling
salesmen came from tbe station. Every man of them as he signed tbe register paused to shake hands with ths
hotel clerk, a fatherly old fellow who
had been there many years.
" 'Ab,' said one of them to the elerk,
•It's a good tiling you're still on deck,
Onele Dave. I don't thluk tlie house
could run without you.'
" 'Couldn't It, Just!' said Uncle Dave.
'Tou fellows would eome In here, nnd
lf there was a strange clerk you'd say.
"Where's Uncle Dave?"
" 'And the clerk would say. "Why,
didn't you hear? He died * month
"'And then you'd say: "Well, I'll be
darned! That's too bad. Say, whenVI
dinner be ready?"' "
No  Judge.
Ethel—ne's just crazy over her since
they became engaged. lie says she's
an angel.
Elsie—Well, of course the poor fellow
never saw an nngel.—Towu Topics.
Quebec Man Cured his Kidneys with
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and His Lumbago Vanished.
Quebec, P. Q., April 2 — (Special).,
—John Ball, a bricklayer, residing al
57 Little Champlain Street, this city,
has added his statement to the great
mass of proof that Lumbago Is caused
by disordered , kidneys and conso
quently easily cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills.   Mr. Ball says:
"I was troubled with Lumbago for!
two years. I could not work. 1 hud
to get up at nights tu urinate so often
that my rest was broken. I read of
oures by Dodd's Kidney Pills and!
made up my mind to try them. After |
the flrst box I could feel and see a I
change. Three boxes cured me com- {
Lumbago, liko Rheumatism, is
caused by uric acid in the blood. Uric
acid cannot stay in the blood if the ',
Kidneys are working right. Dodd's
Kidney Pills make the Kidneys work
Kind Lady (visiting the jail)—I understand it was your love for liquor
that brought you here'.' |
Jimjam .lake—Don't youse believe
it, ma'am, Dis Is do las' place on enrf
I'd come to if f wuz lookln' for a
Have you a Skin Disease?—Tetter. Salt
Rheum, Scald Head, Ringworm, Eczema,
Itch, Barber's Itch, t'feers, Blotches,
Chronic Erysipelas, Liver Spots. Prurigo.
Pfiorlsis, or other eruptions of the skin
—what Dr. Agnew's Ointment hus done
for others It can do for you—cure you.
Ono application gives relief. 35 cents—87
The debate on the budget in France
shows that finance is the weakest
plank in the*administration of the republican regime.
.Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban   Itch  on   Human   or  animals cured
n 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists.
Very few persons acquit themselves
nobly In their ninlden speech. At a
wedding feast recently the bridegroom
was called upon, us usual, to respond
to the given toast, In spite of t.-e fact
that he bad previously pleaded to be
excused. Blushing to the roots of his
hnir, lie rose to his feet. He Intended
to Imply that be was unprepared for
speech making, but, unfortunately,
placed his baud upou the bride's shoulder and looked down at. ber as he
stammered out bis opening (uud concluding) words:
"This—er—thing has been thrust upon me."—London Tit-Bits.
To further encourage the use of
pure, clean seed grains, the Canadian
Pacific Hallway Company has announced that on Shipments of wheat,
Ilax, white oats, clover and grass
seeds from between C. P. R. stations
west of Fort William, half rates will
be applied, This concession will,
however, only apply on grain clean of'
weed seeds of good quality, shipped
prior to May 15th and on satisfactory
evidence that the shipment ls for seed-
Ing purposes only.
Are you a success as a bread-
maker i Is your cake and pastry
complimented by your friends ?
If not, whose fault is i:—youri
or the miller's. If you arc successful in other lines, your reputation
as a cook is vindicated, and it is
plainly the fault of tlie flour.
Look up the good bread and
pastry makers of your acquaintance
and get their Hour .experience.
You will find lhat most of them
are using
Royal Household Floor
gladly paying a little more per barrel
for it and getting I'or that extra cost
a purer, better flour. For bread or
pastry, it has no equal.
Ogilvie's Royal Household—
repeat  the name to  your  grocer.
' Ogilvie Flonr Mills Co.. Lid.
' "Ogilvio's Book for a Cook." contains 130 pages of oxcollt-.it recipes,
some never published before, Your
gn icer cun tell yuu how to gut it FREE.
Character 9ho—n In Work,
A foolish person builds foolishly, and
a wise oue sensibly, a virtuous one
beautifully aud a vicious one badly.
If stonework ls well put together lt
means tbnt a thoughtful man cut lt
and au honest mnn cemented lt. If
lt hns too much ornament lt means that
its carver was too greedy of pleasure,
lf too little' that he was rude or Insensitive or stupid or tbe like. A mau
mny bide himself from you or misrepresent himself to you every other way,
but he cannot ln his work. There be
sure you bave him to tbe utmost, all
that he likes, all tbat be sees, all that
be can do—bis Imagination, his affection, his perservcrance, his Impntleuce,
clumsiness, cleverness, everything ls
there. If the work ls a cobweb you
know lt waa made by a spider, if a
honeycomb by a bee, a wormenst Is
thrown up by a worm and a nest
wreathed by a bird, and a house Is
built by a man worthily lf be Is worthy
and Ignobly If he ls Ignoble. Aud always, from the least to the greatest,
as a thing mnde Is good or bad so ls
the maker of lt
The Hi nl,!
"This hut of mine," stormed tlio wife,
"has been out of date for ten solid
"I should certnlnly have tbougbt," responded her shameless husband, "that
the styles would have swung back to It
at least once ln that length of time."
In Your leisure Time
If you could start at once in a business which would add a pood round
sum to your present earnings—without    INVESTING    A    DOLLAR—wouldn't
you do  it?
Well, we are willing" to start you in
a profitable business and we don't ask
you to put up any kind of a dollar.
Our proposition is this: We will
ship you the Chatham Incubator and
Brooder, freight prepaid, and
You  Pay  No Cash Until
After 1906 Harvest.
Poultry raising pays.
People who tell you that there is no
money in raising chicks may have tried
to make money in the business by using
setting hens as hatchers, and they
might as well have tried to locate a
gold mine in the cabbage patch. The
business of a hen is—to lay eggs. As
a hatcher and brooder she is outclassed. That's the business of the
Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and
they do it perfectly and successfully.
The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any other
business for the amount of time and
money invested.
Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada and the
United States—have proved to their
satisfaction that it is profitable to raise
chicks with the
120 Eggs
240 Eggs
"Your* is tlio first, Inoubator I havo
usod, and 1 wlBh to state 1 had 52
ohioke out or 52 egffS. This wan my
first lot; truly u Hhi per runt, hatch.
I a iii v.f-'Il pleused with my ineulmtor
and brooder. Tuoa. McN'auuhtun,
Chtlltwack, D.C."
. "My first hatch oamo ofl*. I pot
170 ilno ohicks from IU0 eggs, W lm
oan heat thut for tlm fii>t trial, and
eo early In tho spring, 1 am well
ploasoa with Inuubotor, and if I
could not got anulhur money could
not buy it Irom mo. Every farmer
Bhould have a Ko. 3 Chatham Incubator.—F. W. IUm-sav, Diuinvillo,
"Tho Incubator you furnished me
•works exceedingly well. It is easily
operated! and only needs about 10
minutes attention every day. R,
McGuffI-., Moohic Jaw, Ansa."
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is honestly constructed. There is no
humbug about it. Every inch of material
Is thoroughly tested, the machine is
built on right principles, the insulation
is perfect, thermometer reliable, and
the workmanship the best.
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is simple as well as seientitic in construction—a woman or girl can operate
the machine In their leisure moments,
You pay us no cash until after 1906
Send us your name and address on
a post card to-day.
We cen supply you quickly from our
distributing warehouses at I'uurary, Brandon, Hegina, Winnipeg, New W cutmtiiHtor,
B.C., Montreal, Halifax, Chatham. Addreua
all correspondence to Chatham. 314
The Manson Campbell Co., Limited
Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.
Let us quote you prices
on a (food Fanning Mill
or tfood Farm Scale.
" For years 1 havo. boen
troubled wl Lb Pilos. At times
I would have lo Ue down anu
remain po.foc.ly quiot for
hours. Each attack was worso
than the last. I tried many
Pile medicines but got no
better till I used Hem-Roid,
and this cured mo permanently. Thanks to Hem-
Roid, I am now freo fron.
evory symptom of Pilos. L.
—. Olbason," A-sistant Tost
Master, Greenwood, Ont.
Thousands toll thn same etory of Hem-Hold,
tho tl .000 Guaranteed Pile Curo. All druggists.
It OO, or Till: 1Vu«,n4yi.. Co., Limited,
Niagara Falls, On*. gj
ICrcn  Horses  Hnvo  Pnrlora.
Nowadays almost over} kind of business Ih curried on 111 "parlors." According to tho advertisements, the only
proper place to ent or drink, to imy or
sell, Is il parlor. But, ludicrous though
tlie parlor fad lms become throughout
town, It remained for a Fifty-ninth
street blacksmith to reach the very top
notch of absurdity. Ilo brazenly displays the sign, "Horseshoeing Parlor."
—New York Press.
**■ ■ — is
5 A Series of Articles Describ- j*
• ing their Lives, their Aims ;*
and their Influence. Z
52 Z
H.  H. NEUFELD. ij
Editor of the Volkszeitung, Winnipeg
No better indication of tlie desirability of tbo German as a citizen ol
Western Canada, and of the important
factor that he is becoming ii,
Wt'sli'i'ii Canadian life oould be
given than a sketch of the car-
em- of FT. II. Neufeld, and of the prog;
ress of the German weekly newspapei
which be edits and publishes ill tin
city    of Winnipeg—the Volks—litung.
Born in Europe on March 19, 1876,
Air. Neufeld came with bis parents to
America in 1889 and early in life ac-
quired, on a farm which his fathei
owned near Mountain Like in th<
.Stale of Minnesota, those habits ol
persistent Industry and solf-reliance
which has made him a leading; memboi
of bis race in the Province of Mani
tuba and in the Canadian West. When
unable to avail himself of the advantages of school ho studied in lib
leisure hours and practised his exercises while walking after the plough,
going for the cows, mowing, raking,
and during the dozen and ono occupations of a boy on a farm. For thret
months during each of those winter!
he attended tlio public school of Mountain Lake, having at the same time
charge of fourteen horses and twentj
or nioi'o cattle which bo had to feeo
and attend to morning and evening.
(lilted with musical tastes ill u
marked degree, Mr. Noufeld took a
course in vocal music and practice.,
singing every year with the Church oi
inu brethren, Having a line tirsi
tenor voico, he sang in male choruses
and choirs, mixed and -male quartette!
aad also as soloist in many parts oi
Ine United States.
In 18'Ju Mr, Neufeld, young, ambitious, aud eager lor knowledge, look
a complete course in the German American Academy in Hoehester, N.I.,
graduating in i'JUU, having also taken
a business course in the same Academy.
While in Rochester Ml'. Neuteld began a course iu the Baptist Theological Seminary of that city, altera arils
going to tne Southern baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, liy.,
wiioro ho lirst begun his oonuectioi.
with journalism by contributing to a
liorman newspaper.
Mr. Neulekl also gave lessons li,
German to a class ol students in tin
Southern  baptist    Theological  Sennit
Jailed from Louisville by the lust illness of bis mother, who had roniovei.
to North Dakota, he, alter her death,
was compelled by family reasons to re
main in -North 1/akota where he taught
scnool tor two years and at the sunn
ti.no began the publication ol a tier-
man weekly  newspaper.
Lno obvious opportunities lor a ber-
man newspaper in thu piovinti
oi Manitoba, however, attracted bin,
ul tins time anil he came to the city oi
Winnipeg, lie began the publication
ol tno "Beobaohter," a paper lol
youug people, "this Clinslliche Kin-
uei-uiuu,'' a Sunday .School paper, ami
Die "Volkszeitung,'' a German weekly.
The Volkszeitung; demanded sd much
ul the timo and ability oi Mr. Neufelu
tnat ho sold both thu "Boobaohter
and the "Kinderblatt" and devotee
all his business and literary ability tc
the publishing and editing oi tin
Volkszeitung. The determination was
fortunate and the Vulkszeitung has become a factor in the business, social.
and literary life of those of the German race ill Manitoba and the Canadian West since Mr. Neufeld became tin
proprietor three and a half years ago.
Ill June, 1905, the "Volkszeitung'
was incorporated as a joint stock
company with Mr. Neufeld as tin
principal stockholder and manager ot
tlio company.
The "Volkszeitung" will Soon entei
its fifth year of publication and its
readers are iu all parts of the world
where Gorman is read. Its principal
constituency is in Manitoba and the
Canadian West aud the publication is
accordingly a iirst-clasu advertising
The well-appointed job department
of the "Volkszeitung" carries on an
extensive business throughout the Canadian West iu German antl Kngiish
job-prilltillg which the thoroughly up-
to-date plant is fully able to handle
and because of the fast increasing business a type-setting machine, a target
press and a paper folder will soon be
lu connection with tho nowspnpci
there is also a book and stationait
business of dimensions proportionate
to the growing needs of the vicinity.
Everything in oonneotion with the
"Volkszeitung" is modem and up-to-
date and with tho energy antl abilltj
of the editor antl manager, Mr. Neufeld, Winnipeg's German newspaper is
on the high-road to a successful career.
Highwaymen in Russia.
The old-fashioned "road-agent," or
highwayman, is practically a person
of the past, but there arc still some
parts of the world in which he flourishes. Tho present troubled conditions
in Russia havo mado certain isolated
parts of that country excellent Holds
for tjio operations of wandering Tartars. Quito recently a small stage
was held up near Akstafa, Transcaucasia, iu broad daylight. As the fundi
oauio nround a bend in the hilly road
sevoral mounted figures appeared.
There seemed to be no cause for apprehension, for the riders looked quite
peaceable. But when the coach bad
npproc.iod within about thirty feet ol
them they suddenly leveled their rifles and revolvers antl ordered the
driver to stop. The man threw Itp his
hands in fright, and several passengers, wondenng at the sudden stop,
put their heads from the windows,
Immediately the muzzles of revolvers
woro shovod in their faces nnd tliey
were commniided to step into the road.
While two of tho robbers guarded the
Stage driver and watched to soo that
none of the passengers drew . their
weapons, the others went tlirough the
pockets of the passengers antl rilled
the baggage and the mail bags. When
everything of value had been taken,
the highwaymen ordered the coach to
proceed. Though there was quite a
party of them they seemed to disappear the moment the stage started.
I-Mcept that the coach was really
robbed, the wholo performance was
juite like a comic opera hold-up and
,vas done quite as neatly.
Tlie experience In Austria, where
the average manufacturer furnishes
Ivvellings and fuel to his workmen
free of charge, has led to minimize
the number of strii.es.
A Degraded Peasantry.
The Russian peasant is controlled
by the Church, says Wolf Von Schier-
jrand in the Forum. He keeps the 150
holy and fast days in the year enjoined to him by the holy Synod, and he
maintains with his offerings and dues
die Olldrmous apparatus of the Church.
fhua the priests fatten on the half-
starved peasantry, depriving them ol
part of their scanty fare. And this
is but the economical loss the nioujik
differs. Fur- greater is the intellectual and moral loss whicll in this way
,s inflcted on him, keeping him in thut
unreasoning condition which amazes
al1 who first become acquainted
ivith Russia. The average yield per
.lore of the whole of the "black-earth
bolt" has steadily slink. It is now
lower than in any other 'country in
lHurope. It is, for instance, just one-
Uiii-,1 thnt of the average of Germany,
aud yet the latter has, by nature,
rather meagre soil. But the Russian
peasant is tno unprogl—isive and unintelligent to till his hind properly,
and too poor to buy manure or fertilizer. Hut the greatest drawback, in it
certain sense, is that the Russian
Government has helped to keep tin
peasant in his present degraded state
Indolent and improvident as a result
if centuries of serfdom, the Government has made him moro so: (1) by
insisting on liis keeping the 160 holj
Jays in the year wbicli the orthodox
church enjoins; (2) by compelling him
o pay his taxes—averaging in some
districts between 50 and 60 per cent,
if the gross crops—as Soon as the harvest is done, at a time when price-
rule lowest.
Ill its initial stages a cold ls a local
.lilmeiit. easily dealt with. But many
neglect it and the result is often the
development of distressing seizures
if the bronchial tubes and lungs that
rentier life miserable for the unhappy
.ictltn. As a llrst aid there is ndth
ing in the handy medicine line so
certain in curative results as
Bickle's Anti Consumptive Syrup, the
far-famed remedy for coughs and
Making Horseshoe Nails.
Three million separate shoe nails
aro often east from one ton of metal.
Of the smaller sizes, 2,000 nails arc
.ntildod in a single mold, and an expert workman will make 80 molds in
.bus turning out 1(10,000 separate
nails. Wheu tho metal in a liquid
state is poured iatu the mold it runs
tlirough the sand in passages provided
ior it. The whole of the nails are oast
together, and are, when removed from
die sand, connected by a network ol
iron oue with another, ln this condition tlm iron is as brittle as glass,
and very littlo force is required tt,
separate the nails from the network
whioh Ileitis them together. They
then havo to undergo the process
ol annealing. They aro mixed witU.
liomatite iron ore, wliich is iu a pow-
lored state, put into iron pots, and
placed in an annealing furnace, a
lort of kiln.. Here they remain fol
.0—6 days, care heing taken to so reg-
dale the beat to which they arc subjected that the iron will not re-melt.
nut be brought very nearly to that con-
lition. The uctiou of the raw iron on
Upon the brittle casting is man clous,
Alter cooling,-ii can be bent without
risk of breaking, and it becomes u
useful antl serviceable article.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soaps, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way (follow
Hard rubbing and boiling are
things of the past in homes
where Sunlight Soap is used as
Sunlight Soap will not injure
even the daintiest fabric or the
hands, and the clothes will be
perfectly white,-woolens soft
and fluffy.
The reason for this is because
Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,
contains no injurious chemicals
— indeed, nothing but the active,
cleansing, dirt-removing properties of soap that is nothing but
Equally good with hard or
soft water.
by the dealer from whom you >
buy Sunlight Soap If you flud V.
any cause for oomplftlnt. 155
Kites for Life Savers.
London.— F. Cody considers that n
boatload of shipwrecked persons who
have a kito to fly are .far more likely
to be rescued than a kiteless boatload.
lie argues that a kite 200 yards or so
up in the air has a better cbaneo of
being seen than a small boat low down
in tho water.
Ho has built a boat to exemplify bis
theory. It is an open three-tonner;
length, 21 feet; beam, 6 feet, and is
driven by petrol. It was launched on
Crystal Palace Lake tho other duy and
christened Lela by Mrs. Cody.
Cody invited a number of women to
step aboard and play the part of castaways. Away went the Lela up the
lake, and at the right moment Cody
unloosed a double-bodied bat-shapea
kite, six or seven feet long, which
soared into the air to a height of 200
yards, and it could he oasily understood how such an object out at sea
would attract the attention of a passing vessel, although miles away.
Cody intends to sail in the boat from
the Isle of Wight to Brighton and fly
the kite to seo how it attracts the attention of a steamer. Then he will
take tho Lela aboard some vessel sailing for South America and after two
days will be oast adrift.
He will haul tho kite, keeping it
flying until picked up by some passing
Vessel. Then, after a day or so, lie
will repeat the experiment, and so go
on until ho reaches South America.
The object is to provo that small lifeboats cannot drift along for any length
of time without being seen if they have
a kite flying.
Six  hundred  Macedonians  have  left
Belgrade lot- the United Stntes.
Seventy persons wero killed nntl injured in a lund-liile at Petropolis, Hio
Tho insurrection in Gorman southwest Africa has cost Germany $150,-
000,000 up to date.
Bernhardt Kissed the Reporter.
(From   "Success Magazine.)
Iu the eighties Sam Davis went to
Carson, Nevada, antl assumed the
editorship of the Carson "Appeal,"
which, before he went actively into
State polities, was one of the most
widely quoted oountry impels in the
United States. When Sarah Bernhardt first passed through Nevada on
her western'tour, the "Examiner/1 oi
San Francisco, wired Davis to board
the "divine Sarah's" train at Reno
and escort her into California—also to
get a good interview en route. Mr.
Davis made himself so agreeable tn
the entire company that Bernhardt
insisted thai (he "romantic monsioui
nl the press" he assigned hy the "Examiner to oscurt her through the
mazes of western life. Mr. Davis
turned San Francisco upside down for
her entertainment antl oven arranged
a number of attractions to show her
a sample of western activity under the
stress of high emotion. When the
company left San Francisco, antl farewells were being snid, Bernhardt
walked up to Davis in the presence ol
the admiring throng, and kissed him
on either cheek   tnd on the lips.
"On the cheeks." she excluimeil,
with a naive toss of her head, "for the
'Examiner' and the 'Appeal;' on the
lips for yourself."
Sam  Davis,   for the second  time  in
his life, blushed, but recovered himself in time to remark that there were
a whole lot more up-country papers
ho represented, r.ll of whicll would
like to have him return to Nevada
with similar tokens.
A Dog's Affection.
New York.—The story of a dog's affection for its little mistress, from
whom it woultl not lie separated even
by death, was brought here by the
steamer Columbia, which arrived recently from Glasgow, The Columbia
had a hard experience with the wintry gales wliich swept the Atlantic
during her entire voyage and the tossing and pitching of the steamer
contributed largely to the pathetic
tragody of the sea. Among the passengers on the steamer was Andrew
MacDonald, who was bringing his
four-year-old daughter Mary to America, for the benefit the sea voyage
might bo to her delicate health. The
little girl's collie dogs, Daisy aud lien,
accompanied them and until she was
taken ill Mary spent all her waking
hours with  hor pets.
When the storm became more severe
she- became violently seasick and during
the night she died. The dogs missed
their Httle mistress and whined eon-
fitautly until they were taken to the
cahill where preparations were heing
made to bury the child's body at sea.
When the body was taken on deck the
dogs were permitted to follow nnd during the reading of the funeral service
the collies tugged at the leashes which
held them. When the child's body-
was lifted to the rail ant! slid overboard Daisy broke from the man who
held her nntl leaped into the sea just
as the hotly of her little mistress disappeared beneath the waves. In another instant the dog hatl disappeared
from view.
The Flagging Energies Revived.—
Constant application to business is a
tax upon the energies, and if there be
not relaxation, lassitude and depression are sure to intervene. These
come from stomnch troubles. The
want of exercise brings on nervous
irregularities, anl the stomach ceases
to assimilate food properly. In this
condition Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will be found a recuperative of rare
power, restoring the organs to healthful action, dispelling depression, and
reviving the flagging energies.
Nature Needs Assistance In Making
New Health-Giving Blood.
Spring is the season when your
system needs toning up. In the
spring you must have uew blood, just
as the trees must have new sap.
Nature demands lt. Without new
Wood you will feel weak and languid;
you may have twinges of rheumatism
dr neuralgia, occasional headaches,
a variable appetite, pimples or eruptions of the skin, or a pale, pasty complexion. These are sure signs that
the blood Is out of order. A Ionic Is
needed to give new energy. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nre the best ttfiic In
all the world. They make new, rich
ulootl—your greatest need ln spring.
I ney clear the skin, drive out disease
and make tired, depressed men and
women bright, active antl strong. Mrs.
Chas. Masson, Yaniachlclie, Que'.,
proves the great vulue of Dr. Williams'
l'ink Pills ln-building up people who
have become weakened antl run tlown.
She says:—"In the winter of 1905 I
was very much run down and lost
Mesh rapidly. My blood was poor. I
suffered from Indigestion, severe
headaches nnd general debility. In
Mils condition I decided to give Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills a trial, and
thanks to this valuable medicine I am
ngaln  enjoying perfect health,
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills curo all'
the nihil,-ins due to poor blood or
shattered nerves. That is why they
cure anaemia, rheumatism, neuralgia,
kldnoy trouble, Indigestion and the secret ailments of women antl girls. Sold
liy medlolne dealers or by mall at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50 from
the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Prince Arthur of Connaught, who
witnessed a sham fight by the garrison of Hiroshima, has been presented
by the town with some ancient armor
antl a sword in commemoration of his
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Burns,  etc.
Eighteen persons were hanged In
the Baltic provinces from Dec 1-1 to
Feb.  14  last.
The Boer war claims examined by
t.ie compensation committee amount
fo $310,000,000.     .
British families are leaving North
c.na as fast as possible In fear of a
general  rising.
Concerning Oranges.
An eminent Japanese bacteriologist
has shown that the acids of lemons,
apples and other fruits—citric acid,
malic acid—are capable of destroying
all kinds of disease germs. Cholera
germs are killed in fifteen minutes by
lemon juice or apple juice, antl typhoid
fever germs are killed in half an hour
by these acids, even when considerably diluted If you squeeze a lemon
into a glass of water containing cholera germs antl let it stand fifteen 01
twenty minutes, yoll may drink the
water with impunity, as the germs will
be dead. These juices will kill other
disease germs. Instead of telling a
man to have his stomach washed out,
we can now tell him to drink orange
juice, which will cleanse the stomach
as thoroughly as a stomach tube, provided it be not a case of gastric catarrh If we have to deal with gastric
catarrh, in wliich there is a large
amount of tenacious mucus adhering
to the walls of the stomach, a stomach
tube is required to dislodge it but in
ordinary cases of sick headache, biliousness, foul tongue, bad breath, and
nervous headache, a fruit diet is a
wonderful purifier.
A violin made of wood specially selected and felled by the late Mr. Glad-
slone at Hawarden Castle, was sold
tor £15.
It is reported that the United States
will appoint Charles S. Francis, of
Troy, as ambassador to Austria Hungary.
Much distress antl sickness in chil
dren is caused by worms. Mothei
(i raves' Worm Exterminator gives re
lief by removing the cause. Give 11
a trial and bo convinced.
'Ihe municipal authorities of Berlin
are about to make a serious trial of
automobile fire engines.
Baby's Own Tablets are equally
good for little babies or big children,
if 11 child is suffering from any of the
minor Ills of childhood a few doses
of the Tablets will cure It. And an
occasional dose to the well child will
prevent sickness. Mrs. A. Mercler,
Riviere Ouelle, Que., says:—"My baby
was cross, Irritable, did not sleep at
night and did not seem to thrive, but
since giving her Baby's Own Tablets
au this is changed. She now eats
well, sleeps well and is growing fat.
The Tablets have proved a blessing
to both myself antl the child." So say
all mothers who have used this medi
cine. Baby's Own Tablets are sold
by all druggists, or you can get them
from the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont., at 25 cents a box.
The robbery of $432,000 from the
Credit Mutual bank at Moscow has
not effected the solvency of the bank.
Charles W. Watkins, a United
States revenue collector, died on
board the Steamer Tagus at Kingston.
A Mr. Low met with an accident
while climbing the New Zealand Alps
and crawled for four days over broken Ice and moraines.
Minard's .Liniment .Cures .Dandruff.
Large numbers of Jewish and Russian immigrants will leave Berlin for
the United States and South America
immediately after Easter.
A stranger was arrested at Essen,
(iermany, who offered a soldier several thousand marks if he obtained a
plan of mobilization in the Essen district.
The April Designer is full of the
tidings of spring's approach, not only
with- dainty apparel for women and
young folks, but with fiction, verse
and illustrations particularly appropriate for the time of year. Easter
brides will find designs for wedding
toilettes and for pretty lingerie for
the trousseau, and a special article
shows how to arrange the bridal veil.
Advance suggestions and photographs
of Bpring hats will also prove useful.
"Easter In Moravia," by Jula Davis
Chandler; "Making Easter Novelties,"
by Winifred Fales, and "Butterflies."
by Craig S. Thorns, are three charmingly illustrated articles, antl a short
story, "The Milk of Human Kindness,"
by Ada Marie Peck, has Easter for its
To w.-om it, may concern: This is
to certify that. \ have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT myself ns well as pros
cribetl it in my practice where a liniment was required antl have never
tailed  to get the desired effect..
C. A. KINO, M. D.
King Alfonso has reappointed the
Moret ministry, which has consented
fo continue in office.
The Government of Venezuela hns
suspended cable service from Venezuela by way of Trinidad.
Railroads will  protest    ngninst    the
semi-quarantine imposed by the United
States at Havana.
The members of the new National
assembly will vote by pressing bullous
at their desks.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Shipbuilding  Booming.
"Business in all lines is booming in
and ubout Glasgow, and more especially in the Shipbuilding industry."
Thus spoke Mr. George R. Alac-
Konzie, the Scutch distiller, at the
Windsor last evening.
"The shipyards of Glasgow arc
taxed to their utmost capacity In older to turn out the boats within a
specified  time.
"Just before coining over I saw the
two new steamships which the Falr-
tlelds Company are building for the
C.1".K. These steamers will heat anything of the kind afloat, and are magnificently fitted up with all modem
appliances.     The first trial trip of
these bonis will he made on April 11,
when the Falrflelds expect to have a
distinguished gathering from all over
Great  Britain.
A Liniment for the Logger.—Loggers lead a life which exposes them
to many perils. Wounds, cuts antl
bruises ennnoi altogether he avoided
In preparing limber for the drive and
In river work, where wet antl cold
combined are of dally experience,
coughs antl colds anil muscular pains
ennnoi  but  ensue.    Dr. Thomas  Elec
trio oil. when applied to the Injured
or  administered  to the ailing,  works
Dropsy Is ono Positive Sign of Kidney
Dlsssse—Have yen any of these unmls-
tuknljlt* Blffris? Pufflnt'ss under the eyes?
8wollcn limbs? Smothering feeling?
Change of the character of the Urine?
l_xliutiKt!on after least exertion? ,f you
have there's dropHlcal tendency nntl you
shouldn't delay au hour In putting yourself under the great South American
Kidney Cure—80
The death is announced iu Rome of
Bonator Bdoardo Arblb, fhe historian
of the Italian parliament.
Sleeplessness—When the nerves are
Unstrung anil the whole body given
iqi to wretchedness, when the mind
is filled with gloom nntl dismal forebodings, the result of derangement of
the digestive organs, sleeplessness
comes fo add to llie distress. If only
Ihe subject could sleep, there woultl
be oblivion for a while anil temporary.
relief.      Parmelee's    Vegetnhle    Pills      Russia  has   prepared   a   naval  pro
will not only induce sleep, but will gram which will mean the expenditure
act so benellclnlly that   tho   subject  of $100,000,000 In two yenrs.
will awake refreshed and restored to
'I'he Czar and Premier Wltte, of
Russia, are said to favor the proposed
railroad fom Siberia fo Alaska.
An Enormous Seal.
Not the least interesting thing in
the recent French Presidential election wns the great seal nf the Republic
— a seal sn great that its progress to
nml from Versailles entails something
like a procession, It dates from tl
National Assen—ly of 1871. nnd exhibits a full-size France on her feet
It is mniintoil on 11 wheel antl requires
three men tn mapouvre it.    On the
day of the election it was affixed to
the three regulation copies of the official reoord of the proceedings—one
for tlie new President nntl tine each
for the archives of the Senate and nf
thn Chamber, alter which it was solemnly escorted bnck to its domicile in
A  mob nttacketl the prison at Warsaw nntl  after killing    three    wnrdcrs
liberated a political prisoner,
Russian revolutionaries nre asking
in Toklo for permission to publish a
dally  newspaper at Nagasaki.
The number of paupers In England
and Wales at the end of January was
819,818, 11 proportion of 24 per thousand of population,
The expenditure on lighthouses In
foe United kingdom last year amounted to C500G87. This expenditure ls
home  by shipowners.
In 1005 over 250,000 emigrants left
Southern Italy for America.
% P'LLS   "
The French council of ministers have
fixed the legislative elections lor May
There is aTreatinStore for You
Oeylon Green Tea,  beoause It  Is infinitely
superior to the finest Japan Tea.
Lead     Packets    Only,    40c,    50c,   and    6O0.    per    tb.   At   all   Grocers.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
No More
Gray Hair
Unless you are 70 or 801 Then
keep jt 1 But why look old at 86 or
40F Why have an early old agar
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Bo-
newer always restores color to gray
hair.   Stops falling hair, also.
For ths whtiksrs and -Boasts—• wa make
BUCKIHOHAM'S DTK. It colors a Itch arown
ar a soft »——. R. r. HALI. A CO.. Nashqa, W. H
IN/I a pie  Syrup
Always    Satisfactory
Ask your dealer for Imperial Maple Syrup.   Do not allow him to substitute
an Inferior artlole beoauso It Is ohoaper.
., -.V MOONEY -...CUITSC'.NDV   C.
_N, - SIRATrtlKD    CANADa
Prom the
Ovens to You
We bridge distance
with our moisture-proof,
dust-proof packages. Halifax and Vancouver are
brought to the ovens'
doors. Farms and small
towns are put on the same
plane with the big cities.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
are packed in hygienic, sir-tight
package-, fresh, crisp, delicious—
and reach you in the same condition, no matter where ycu live.
Like a. Top
Don't lie awake with the remedy at
your elbow. To banish wakefulness, nervous starts, bad dreams—
to sleep soundly and waken rer
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
and Councils who own
Municipal Tolophones.
For qf.R-.UMei of No. 13 (lnhM Wire from lfXIfl lbs
to ID ton lcit« nt the low imfo uf 11-c psr Ih. V.D.B.
Wiiiniiic'ii.   Aji.>ly
B. SIIKAGGE.   WHmlpsg.
Hiuliest prlie piti-1 for BOl-ftp metals. ITOOlsn r«g»,
bottles, cow ami l-ur*o hair, rtil.lit.ri*, uto.
'«"*• -{OWQj
tv_ stood  for the BEST
durin}   seventy yttM of
lncreasinfl JoleJ.
Remtmbtr this when/ou want water
proof oiled coots, suits, hots, or horse
joodi for oil kinds of wet work.
TOWtR CANADIAN CO.1 - .'H 10101(10 CAN.
Tho  United  States  battleship    \Vis-
00—un has tailed tn join the American
squadron at Shanghai.
The directors of the GORDON COBALT
offering to the public for the purpose of
development of the company's prop—ties,
a limited number of shares of tin- Treasury Stock at $1.00 per snare, psyablo at
time  of subscription.
..The Gordon Cobalt Mine, ronslHts of
80 acres In Ihe heart of the Cobalt Min.
Ina Distriot and one mile from the Town
of Cobalt, In the famous Coleman Township. Our Title lilts been urniite.l l,y tho
Eresent government. The. property has
son opened anil a hole of lour leet tn
depth made, und the assay -hows from
90 to 280 ounces of silver lo Ihe Ion. Tho
assay mny bo seen at the Company s
Tho capital of the Company Is only
1200,000. The pompony has no bonded
debts and no preferred stock, 'I'he owner of Iho mine aeeepted stock In full
pavment for his properties.
Experts consider the Gordon Cobalt
properties, ono of the best prospects In
the IHstrlet and many linee invested in
the Company's shares. Tlie property ta
within 40 chains of the famous Hudson
Bay Mlnas and properties.
The company will commence work at
the mines liy April 1st.
This stock will shortly lie withdrawn
from  the market.
For prospectus nnd applications for
stock  address
Suite 40-41 31 Victoria SI.. Toronto.
W. A. Msrsh, John r". Lenox,
President. Secretary.
The paymaster of the Vistula railroad was shot at Warsaw antl $.'!,,*>U0
taken from his bnt|y.
What Makes You Despondent? —Has
the stomach none wrong? Have the
nerve centres ftrown tired and llslless?
Are you threatened with nervoUB prostration? South American Nervine Is
nature's corrector, makes the stomnch
rlKlit, gives a world of nerve force, keeps
the circulation perfect. A regular constitution builder for rundown people. One
lady says: "I owe iny life to lt."—84
India's Horded Wealth.
India produces more than seven and
a hall million dollars worth of u"ltl
yearly, but the world at largo is none
the better off. Much Hold is also
shipped there, but little comes back.
Once let a gold coin net into a native's
bands antl there is the end of it. He
neither spends it nm- puts it in the
hank. Centuries of oppression, have
taught him to hoard, with the result
that all of his gold except that made
into .jewelry, is promptly buried. An
nble   authority   considers   that   in   the
Bombay Presidency alone is buried fid
million dollars worth of gold. In
China, too, matters are nearly as bad.
These two countries, India anil China,
aro estimated to absorb between them
12 tons of gold a yonr, practically ull
of which is lost forever.
Blacksmith to Opera Singer.
M. Roussellero, the Paris opera
singer,-who Borne yeara ago worked
in u factory nl i;_ cenls per day, has
been engaged for a tour in the t'liiU'ii
States ut u guaranteed fee of %H'>{"
lor each evening.
M RouBseliero'a life story Is a rom
antic one. lb' was a blacksmith,
working in o foundry al Bldl Hei Abes
iu Algiers, al th" time wben M. Oall
hnrd, of the Paris opera, happened to
K„ over in Algeria to spend a holiday.
M Qallbard wonl over to s ie flu
foundry, and al the door »,f one of thi
shops he enme m a Btauds.Ul, fascin
i.1,.,1 by tb" magnlflcenl voice of one
or the workmen who was siiu.ini; as
he piled llis ba ut on the anvil.
-Whai is Hun man's name?" asked
M Gallhard of tb" proprietor, and on
being told, be asked to see M. I'oush
eliere privately. Tli" resull was Dial
he undertook tho workman b eduea
t i,„i nnd m. Roussellore has now b
larger Incomo than any other opera
singer In France,
Plan to -Empty London.
Tlmt sanguinary evolutionary prophet, H. (I- Wells, has piotnrod lor Hi
lillglnnd covered witb n net work ol
roads "I diffoionl kind-- pedestrians
bioyclists, horseback riders, tracks
carriages, slow motors fast motors
rut-inn motors, all in their propel
places ami London emptying itsoll in
lo   tlie   OOUntry     swiftly   and     e.ilbollt
oonfuaion or friction. This beautl
ful liiiirv pici ure will probablj
not come true in our uaj
but motorists will take beuit al flu
news of the lirst road for llie exi-lus
ive nse ol automobiles. The road from
London tn Brighton N used prodigiously during tbe season antl the ml
ditional highway will uo doubt bi
a welcome relief.
Over a Quarter of a Century
we havo successfully treated nervous
llseascs caused by Drink antl   Drugs.
50(1,000 cures ls our record. We
ipeak truly and Bay that failure to
jbtuin a cure by the Keeley Trest-
nent Is u failure of the man and uot
)Ur methods.    Bend   for facts.       I
Address In confidence
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
Attached lo any Gsrmont Is a
Guarantee   ol
and Good Wearng Qualities
Whon Buying OVERALLS,
•so  that  eaoh article bears a
label like tiliuvo
Insist on Gattlng
"King of fhe Road" Brand
And Take no Other
(Established April 8,1899.)
Of PICK -2444 Westminster avenue.
MRS. E  Whitney, Publisher.
*E_NJ..i8lt Office—30 Fleet street,
London, K. C, England Where a
file of "The Advocate" is kept for
"SabsoriptioB $1 a year   payable   in
B oents a Oopy.
*xxem.a-i_—-p__-__i  sin       ■        iii
Tel. B1405.
a. '
Vancouver, B. C„ June 2, 1906.
Local Advertising 10c n liue eacli issue
Display Advertising $1.00 per iuch
per month.
Ifoticcs for Chnrch and Society Kntor-
tniumcuts, Lectures, etc.,   where
will bo charged for.
AU  Advertisements arc  run regularly
and charged for uutil ordered
bo discontinued.
Transient   Advertisers   must   pay
Notices of Births, Marriages, anil Deaths
published tree of charge.
Junction ol Westminster rond find Westmin-
»ter    avonue.       SERVICES   at    11    11.
fcnd 7:30p.in.; Sunday School at 2:110 p
'Convero! Nlnt and \Ve-tuiiusler avenues.
KERVICES at 11 a. 111.. untl 7 p. 111.} HuiulH.
.■t>choolKud Bible Class '_:_-ll p.m. Rev. A. IC.
"•IiHlieriiiKton. B.A., B. D., I'uslor.
_r_onage 123 Eleventh avenue, west. Tele
-lions Bl—9.
Corner Ninth; avenue nml Quebec street
SERVICES «t II a.ni.,snd 7:80p. m.; Sunday
School al2:Sii p. in. Itev/'eo.A.Wilson,B_A
Pastor. Manse cornor of Eighth avenne ami
sjnturio street.   Tel. 1060.
St Michael s, (Anglican).
Corner Ninth avenue iinii i'riaee Etlwmtl
street. SERVICES at lla.m., uml 7: so p.
Holy Communion i_i anil 3d Sundays in each
month after morning prayer, 2d find Itli Sun
.Says ste a. ni. Sunday School at 2:30 p. in
tlev. G. H. Wilson, Room..
Rectory 372 Thirteenth avenue, east. Tele
phone B1799.
Adveut Chrlsilnn Church (not 7th day Ad-
enlists). Scvcntli avenue, near Westminster
avenne. Service. 11 a. in., and 7:30 p.m..
fcMinc—y School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
Society of Loyal Workers of Christian —Idea-
ynr meets every BundsyDVontligat6.45o'c1ook.
Prayer-meeting Wednesday nit. tits at 3 o'clock.
.Reorganized Oiiusch of .'esus Christ
-of Latter Hay Saints. 2,12.. Westminster avc-
tiae. Servlceaat s o'clock every Sunday evo-
islng by idler i s. Rfttneyi Sunday School at
7 o'clock. Prayer-mecting every Wcdne-tlny
evening at s o'clock.
See Wheu Your Lodge Meets
Tho 2d and 4th Moudays of the month
Court  Vancouver, 1.  O.  P., meets at
- p. m.
*Mt. Plea-iut Lodge No. 13,  I.O.O.F.
-meets Ht 8 p. m.
Vanconver  Council   No.  21 ln,   Canadian Order of Chosen  Friends meets
jDt* 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of tbe
Maccabees holds its regular meetings on
the 2d and 4th Moudjiys of the month.
\t The
On Thursday lust the 24th, nt tlie
resideuco cf the bride's brother, Mr. A.
Worsley, S30 Harris street, Mr. R R.
Hoar of the staff of Wood, Yullnnco &
Leggat, aud Miss Flora Worsley wero
united ill marriage by Rov, R. Ncwtou
Powell. Miss Roso Worsley wns bridesmaid and Mr. Harry Godfrey acted ns
best man Only the immediate frieuds
of tlie contracting couple wero present.
The bride has beeu   a   member of'the
Princess Street  Methodist   Church forj .      ,     ,   ,.   .,   r,   ..   ,,   .,   ,,   .-,
several yenrs, aud a popular member cf *^^^m^a^^*^x^^«j*^mft
the congregation The groom's present
to the bride was a gold watch guard and
to tlie bridesmaid a gold brooch with
pearl setting. Tho presents received*
were us follows: Employees of Wood,
Vallnueo _ Leggatt, a Morris rocker;
W. Bandy, oak ceutre table; Priucess
Street Methodist Churoh Choir, 1 doz.
silver dessert spoons nud 1 do/., silver
tea spoous; Mrs. Tarltou, linud-painted
berry sot; Mrs. H. Bandy, Japanese ten
set; Mr. null Mrs, A. Worsley, carving
set; Mr. H. and \V. Godfrey and Mrs.
Godfrey; rocking chair; Mr. and Mrs.
O. G. Kmuie, silver fern jardiniere;
Mrs. R Ryder, hand-painted biscuit
jnr; Mr. and Mrs. Love, 1 doz. silver
ten spoons; Mrs. S. Worsley, ,<_, doz
dessert knives, berry spoon and sugar
longs; Mr. nnd Mrs. A. E. Fowlor, ouk
rocker; Miss Harvey, 1 doz. table
napkins; Miss Rose Worsley, cut glass
bowl; Rev R. N. untl Mrs. Powell, 20th
Century New Testament; II. Wilson,
lemonade set; tho Bride's -i nephews,
',_. doz silver coffee spoons; G. Fixter of
Ottawa, cut glass salt collar; T. Bray,
cheque; Miss A. Fowler of Ottawa,
silver Ash fork; Miss A. Diinot'h of the
N. Vv'., souvenir spoou; Mr. liud Mrs,
Robt. Brunt, silver hotter dish; Mr. and
Mrs. Bruce, two hand-painted jurili-
nicis; Master Ernest Brunt, sideboard
scurf; Mr. W. J. Gardeuer, Mon ver
stationery basket; Mr. and Mrs. McKay,
Bllver salt set; F. Worsley of Liptou,
Bask., cheque.
When you buy Tea
—be sure that you get Coronation blend. If you haven't tasted, a
cup of Coronation Ten you don't really know the taste of good tea.
That's not saying that uo otlier tea is good, but that no otlier blend
is as good at the price, -10c per pound. Better buy a liitlo and try
a little. Then note the satisfied smoking of lips. 40c a Lb. Blended
to suit your taste
Got our prices on all lines.
ST    Wl a 11 ct rf± Westminster avenue &
.   1.    VVdllaCC   Harris street. Telephone 1266.
Norris & Rowe Circus.
taken  at
"The Advocate"
•Tickets, j*ogr«niH, business cards,
envelops. lefto-heads, milk tickets,
JO fact, there is nothing too small
pr too lnrge in commercial printing
for us.   Orders sojicitod.
Westminster aveuue.
It cau be trticly 'ie said that no circus
travelling bus a larger or morn faithful
following than that of Norris & Rowe.
For IS years these earnest young men
have steadily increased the size of their
aggregation, have kept- faith witli fhe
pnblio ami havo conducted a clean,
moral, honest show. Games of chance
in any form were never allowed and
never will be witii this show.
Tins season Norris & Rowe promise
an nil new show. Of the bare-back
riders, the principals Miss Edna
Mnretta, champion-' ludy somersault
rider; Frank nntl Dolly Miller in a 2
horse carrying act; Ed Hocuin, principal
rider; Austin King, hurrieau hurdle
rider; Herbert Rumley, champion rough
rider; Janet Melville autl her high
sohool horses; Annie Morton in a beautiful menage act. Tho 4 Picartl Bros.,
aerial horizontal bar performers; the
great Stirk troupe of 10 youug men nnd
women aerial cyclists; the Sngimoto
Japanese troupe of 10 women ou the
flying trapez; Lucier and his giant
gulden ladder; irile Rose Maretta on
tho double balancing trapez; Miss Irene
ou tlie swinging ladder; Martin &
Crouch, Comedy acrobats, etc., arc the
more important numbers. The trained
nuimal features iueludo a trio of elephants; ten educated sea-lions; "Spurt,"
the famous bull-dog who climbs a ladder
00 feet high cntobes u pad autl flies to
the grouud on a trolley wire; 2 .Siberian
bears and a huge Danish bloodhound in
balancing fonts; 20 Shetland ponies in
drills; "Babe" nud Royal, 2 superbly
beautiful Bengal tigers who jump
through hoops of lire. Then there is
a grand tournament; picturesque entry
hippodrome races; loug uud high leaping over tlie backs of elephants, Hamas,
camels, dromedaries, etc., by athletes;
a corps of clowns; a large menagerie Of
rare wild beasts; u side-show of wonder
fnl freaks and curiosities; splendid band
concerts nnd a big street pnriidn.
These nre bnt a few of the mauy
features of the Greater Norris & Rowe
Circus nt Vancouver, Saturday Juno
at   15c  per box.   Very nice,
Strictly Fresh
EGGS 30c per doz
Junction of Westminster Rood and Ave
'Phone 2058,
Palate Delighting
and other  things fresh daily.
24 Loaves for $ I cash.
_£-F"   To try our   Breod nntl *TS_ft
H'ST"   Pastry means that yen "*&_
gfflT-   will   become  a   regular ~**"*8£
'Phone 448.
WW^«i-,¥t¥ll-'lW *0**00***00*******000*0***
Crams Best Prints.
Mt. Pleasaut's First-class
Dry Goods Store
W. W. Merk.ev
Royal Bank of Canada Buii.mno
Corner Seventh and Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasant.
 -will find it  to  Iheir advantage
to obtain from
That Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is
the only medicine sold through druggists
for woman's weaknesses and peculiar ailments tbat does not contain large nnanti-
tfes of alcohol? It is also tho only medicine,
especially propnrod for tbe cure of tbo
delicate diseases peculiar to women, the
ninkei'of whlcb Is nol, afraid to take Ids
patients into Ids full confidence, by printing upon each bottle wrapper all tho iiii_i-<>.
dleqtsentering into tlie medicine. Ask
four druggist If tlii- Is md, true.
"Favorite Proscription,"too, is the only
medicine for women, all the ingredients
of wliich have ihe unqualified endorsement, of the leading inedicnl writers uf the
several schools of practice, recommending them for the cure of the disease,, for
which  tlm "Proscription"  Is  advised.
Write to Dr. It. V, Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y.,
for a free booklet, and read the numerous extracts from standard medical authorities braising the several Ingredients
til which Dr. Pierce's medicines are made,
tnd don't forget that no other medicines
put up for sale through druggists for domestic use can show nnv such prn/css'otuU
endorsement. This, of itself, Is, of far
more weight and Importance than any
amount of so-called "testimonials" so
conspicuously flaunted before thi-public,
iu favor of the alcoholic-compounds,
The "Favorite Prescription" cures nil
woman's   peculiar   weaknesses  and dc-
Ihus '
a copy of their circular
which explains how a small
monthly payment will provide for the repayment of
loan and interest, aud how,
iu the event of the death of
the borrower, the home will
be left free  of encumbrance.
Geo. H. HALSE,
426 Richards St.        Vancouver, B C.
Get Youk Flowering
Shrubs & Perennial
%*%*   PLANTS  ******
V u n M
Nursery  <te Greenhouses,  corner of
Fifteenth and Westmiuster avenues.
Tin: Cheapest Place in the City.
The flower you gather blossomed long
Warmed by past sunshine, jeweled
with the rain
Of bygone years;  tlie river's lisping
Which   uow  you   hear   was onco   the
Sylvan flow
Gf 11 lost stream ; the very  winds which
Have eoine und gone,  will  conic mid
go again;
And when- Uie primal verdure decked
the plai"
Tear after .1 ear the bitter
And thus with  every  lit
However dear or passionate the word,
The   self-same  thought,   in   11 dead
Has brought Ihe roses to some woman's
Antl   nil   the    worship    which    niy
rhyming brings
Is but nn echo of forgotten things.
— Ernest McGaffey in Smart Sit
grasses grow,
ihut  lovers
Everyone knows that for anything
I':.,,:",,,.-,,    ,h„    I   „„   .,:,,- ll„-  v:l       *T   b™   *"""'"'   'f.mV*}   ^   talked
headaches, backaches, tiruriim-ilnwii (lis- I about, I'or an article to become
tress, tenderness and draglng-down sen- j popular its virtue must be made the
rationsta lower abdomen, accompanied subject of a public announcement,
byweakening and disagreeable catarrhal. ; -m,,,
pelvic drains and kindred symptoms.
Dr. Pierco and his slaff of skilled spe-  1
clalists may bo consulted free by oudressing as   above.    All   correspondence  Is.*:
treated as sacredly confidential,    liv cnii-
suiting In this way th
uucsl'onlnKS aud personal
are avoided.
Tho People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser contains some very Interesting
and valuable chapters on the diseases
peculiar to women. It contains over one
thousand panes, lt Is sent post, paid, on
receipt of suflicient, in one-cant slumps tu
pay cost of customs antl mailing only, or
31 cents for a copy in lloxtble pa per covers,
or 50 cents for a cloth-bound copy. Address Dr. It.V. Pierce as above.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets regulate antl Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels. Oas
« laxatlvo, two or three cathartic.
id ver Using I     Consequently
if  the  survival   of  the  fittest  applies
to  business  principles  as  well  as  it
docs  to other  walks of life, the bct-
I ter   tin-  advertising—the  better    the
publicity-   the     better     the     results.
Good  results mean    good    business,
j and   good   business     is     what   every
I merchant  advertises  for.     If he  did
• nol   wish  to   excel   ill   llis   particular
line,  he   would   not   take  fhe  trouble
to    write    an    advertisement, much
11101 f   pay   for   the   cosily   newspaper
nnd   magazine  Space.—British  Advcr-
! ti.er.
Advertize in the "Advocate."
Telephone Numbers of Lncnl Preachers
B1799—*—1V.G. lf. iyilson,(Angllcan).
lost',—Uev. G. A. Wilson, {Presbyterian).
B—49—Rev.A. L\ Hetlierlngton,(Methodist)
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet nt IB minntes to 7,  every Sunday
evening in Advent Christian Church,
Seventh nveuue, near Westni'r ave.,
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasaut
Methodist Churoh meets at H p. m.
"B. Y. P. U., meets  in   Mt. Pleasr
Baptist Church at H p. m.
The Y. P. S. C. B., meets nt 8 p. m
in Mt. Pleasasant Presbyterian Churcl
"Tho Advocate" wishes any cnrnlMti
ness in delivery reported to the 0(3it
telephoue nl _)5.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
hy "The Advocate."
[f-5-F Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
The Advocate is the best, advert—ing
medium where it circulate!..   Tel. B1-I05
for 12 Months
For" local   news  suhseribe    for   THE
ADVOCATE only $1 for 12 months.
Tho newot-t veils are striped and
checked. Tho latter design is no
lougor square but rectangular. gg_
White silk belts are gaining strength
as the sensou advances. The latest idea
are along the Priucess typo.
Plaids and Roman stripes are excellent sellers in Windsors; embroidered
Windsors are nlso very good.
As summer approaches thore is an
increased demand for silk belts. The
Princess effects are very good.
For very little girls the slip mothor-
hubbard frock is much seen, while small
boys take the ever-popular Russian suit-
Black velvet ribbons are iu strong
demand and it is expected that the fall
season will furnish nn equally good
Voiles have become perennial favorites and are out this spring iu every
imaginable form—is tripod, checked,
plaid, enibroiderod, dotted.
New hatpins, made of tortoiso shell
in all the shades of brown, aro very
largo. They ure most always thrust iu
front to show prominently.
Flowered ribbons nro mnch--used on
children's hats, behind which the wide
ribbou is sometimes allowed to fall.
Muss roses have a decided vogue, nnd
tlio fad for pink has brought out an
unusual numbor of piuk roses iu delicate shades.
Lace hosiery continues to be a favor
ite, bol li 111 allover laces aud laco boots.
The Princess slip is beiug shown in
both silk nud lawu. This slip which is
n combination of corset-cover aud full
16ugt.li petticoat, is worn under tho
lingerie frocks.
Jet combs and necklaces are receiving
much attention iu the city stores, The
combs as a rule havo high backs and
the filgrcc idea prevails. Tho necklaces
are about two inches wide.
For fall plaids art: coming into favorable consideration. So far the monotone
suitings and worsteds are that stronger
color combinations will be worn.
Chemisettes of lawn nnd fine Valenciennes lace are very popular, nud with
dumi- sleeves to match, mako a very
attractive set.
Tho cut of children's .iitekets changes
bnt little from yonr to year and the box
coat half way to the knees remains .thi
ouo most in use.
5 acres nt Eburuo, black soil, $150.00 per
acre; beautiful view. Terms.
8 acres at Jnbiloe  Station  for $400.00.
Now house on Teuth ave.,(corner) every
modern convenience, very desirable
property; easy terms. -~
8 lots (corner) Columbia street, cleared
and graded; $3,800, half cash.
Houso of 8 moms, good foundation,
8 'ots, stable, fruit trees, lots 09x120;
price'554.000, terms.
2 Lots, each 88x120, all kinds of fruit,
large barn ; 6-rooniod house; price
$2.800; terms
Fino Orchard and Ohickon Ranch ou
Twentieth nveuue, 4 lots, lots
60x188, house of i rooms. Price
$8.000; terms.
7-roomed Houso, lot 49^x120, Eighth
avenue; price $1.8n0.
Doublo comer, (3 lots), cleared, on Fifth
audMuuitoba; pricc$1.500
Two lots, ou corner, Tenth avonuo, all
cleared; price $1.000.
$2,800 buys a New Modern House
of 7 rooms ou Fifth avenue. Terms
easy. Value good.
Double corner on Tenth avenue, cleared,
line looatiou,   Prico $1,000.
House of fi rooms, electric light; bath
and n 11 conveniences; 1* I N h
ORCHARD. Prico $2,100; $750
down nud easy terms. Situated on
Eighth avenue.
Cottage of 0 rooms, electric light, and
nil convemeuees; situated on Eighth
nveuue, east, Price $1,800; $000
dowu and terms.
2-storey Residonce on Sixth avenne,
large house, beautiful lawn, fruit.
Terms.   Price  $8.2fi0.
Houso of fi rooms, Eighth avenue; fine
orchard, lot 14»xl22 ; prico $8,250'
Cash fl.lfiO.
Lots 011 Fourteenth avenue, near St.
Catherines, for $1 no each; terms.
Lot 30x123, alley at the bnck, fronts on
Westminster avonue, adjoining lot
has 11 building with party wa'l;
price $4,000,  terms.
8 Lots (corner) Westminster avenue
80x182; price $3,200,  terms.
7 Lois on Fourteenth aveuue, cast, $330
each; high elevation ; easy terms.
Mits   R. Whitney, 2444 Westmiuster
avenue, Mt. Pleusaut
*** Exhibition
and  Agricultural Pair.
s n nip eg
July 23d to 25th, 1906-
The Farmers' Annual SUMMBR Holiday.
Tho Largest Exhibition of Live-stock
in Western Canada.
offered in Prizes for What.
Interesting Butter-making Competitions
opon to Amateurs and also Professionals.
Ihe Grandest, Collection of Art,
Art Treasures, and School Exhibits
ever got   together   in   the   West.
The Carnival in Venice and
The Kunkonsl—16 Air-ship
anmii-r the Special Attractions.
Entries close July 7th.
Cheap Excursions on all lines
Por Entry Blanks, elc,  etc., apply to
<l. II. (ireig, President.
R, .1. Hughes, Sec.-Trens.
A. Vi. Bell, (lcncviil_M.iilinger.
The Big I'.iirgain Dry Goods Store of B. C.
Big Removal
||5ir Day BV Day the big crowds come aud buy, and
go away satisfied that they had got the best they could
buy for tlie money.   Just read these prices :
Ladies' Silk Belts nt half price; colors cardinal, navy, sky, white,  black,
myrtle and brown,
LadioS' Silk Uelts, worth 40c for 20c each.
Summer Hats; colors cardinals, pink, buttercup, cream, white, sky and
blnck. worth 10c for 2fic n yard
Ladies' Pique Suits, worth $H nntl $0.50 for $-1.80 each.
While Check Dress Muslin, 85 inches wide, worth 10c for l^o.
While Fancy Stripe Dress Muslin, worth 10c for fie a ynrd.
Double-faced White Satin Ribbon, worth 10a for 5c a yard.
Satin Du'liess nnd Tuffetn Ribbon, worth lOe for 7>i'c nyard.
Big reductions in Curtain Nets nud Lace Uiirtnius.
Mousseliue do Sole for trimming.    Ladies' Pique Suits at cost.
■Q-OQ Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
Real Estate!
One-half Acre,   (fl lots), cleared and
fenced,    3-room    house,    chioken
house, ou James street, South Vancouver ; price $900. Very easy terms
10 lots on Twenty-fourth avenue,
33xl22i£ foet. Corner lots on
Ontario street, $700; 7 lots Nos. 7, 8,
8, 10, 11, 12, $200 each, No. 13 corner
lot $250. Theso lots are partly
cleared.   Vory easy terms
House of  5-roouis,    Eighth   avenne;
electric  light,    bath;  lot 88x130.
Prico    $2,000.
Store on 23-ft. lot, on Westminster ave
uno; building rented; tine location,
near Niuth avonuo.    Price $0,500.
House' of 7 rooms, corner Lansdow_«
avonue aud Scotia stroet; lot 50x120.
Price $2.00o
Lot  28x182   on Westmiuster   aveuuis/
two-storey building, in flue condition ; leased for 2 years; title perfect.    Price $7,600.
8-roomed .Oottago ou Cordova street,
east;  trees and   flower garde',,
lovely homo $2,700.
5 Lots, cleared and plowed, William aud
Pork Drive; on carliuo. Easy term»
 $450 eac>-
5 Lots on Grant stroot—Grandview-
ovcrlooking tho city;  very choico
lots. Terms $2,950.
Westmiuster aveuuo, Mt. Pleasnn ,
$7,000. The best coruer left on
tho Hill.
4 Houses on   Ninth   aveuuo •   all
vented; $4,300.   Terms.
Beautifully   Situated   Residential
Lot  on  Burrard   street;    $1.20u.
Listjyour  lots  aud property
Mrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Alt. PLEASANT.      . ,
Telephone Bi40tr""
********* *** &[at**t**»Jta ****°*t** t*******a
in the interest
of Mt. PSeasant
& South Vancouver.
"The Advocate'' gives nil the Local News of Mi,. Pleasant from
week to week for $1 00 per year; six months 50o. An interesting
Serial Story is always kept running; tlie selections in Woman's
Realm will nlways be found full interest to up-to-date women ; the
miscellaneous items are always bright, entertaining and inspiring.
New arrivals ou Mt. Plensaut will become raedily informed of the
community and more quickly interested iu local happenings' if
they subscribe to "The Advocate."
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodgo Mo. lOmeetsevery
Tuesday at 8 p. 111 , in Oddfellows Hall
Westmiuster avenne,   Mt. Pleasaut.
Sojourning brethren cordially iuvited
to attend.
Noblk Grand—G. W. Jnmieson.
R1.coiiriisa' Seckktart—1*ra 11 k
Trimble,cor. Ninth avo. & Westntiu'r rd.
I. O. P.
Court Vancouver 1328,  Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and  4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. m.,  in
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Cmici' RanqKR—A. Pengelly.
Recording Sbcrktaiiv—M. J. Crehan,
814 princess street, City.
Financial Secretary—,T.B.Abernethy
Address! euro 2S1H Westminster avenue
Alexandra Hive No. 7,  holds regnl*.
Review   2d nn..  lth Moudnvs of each
month  in  Knights   of  Pythias    Ha"
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lntly Commander—Mrs. N. Pettipiece,
25 Tenth avenne, oral,.
Lady Record Keeper—Mas. J. Mni'*r
Ninth avenuo.
Vancouver Council, No. 21 ln, meet
every 2d and 4th Thursdays of eac!'
month, in I O. O. F., Hall, West
minster avenue.
Sojonrniug  Friends nlwnys welcome
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.
S'li! Ttuilli ave, oast.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
2'_2K Wi'stniiastoravcinie.   Tei. 700.
A  Monthly Magazine   devoted  to the
Uso of English,   Josephine Tnrok
Baker, Editor.
Jt n yeuf; 10c for Sample Oopy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanston, 111., U. S. A,
Partial Contents for this Month.—
Courso in English for the Beginner;
courso iu English for tho Advanced
pupil, Sow to Increase One's Vocabulary. Tho Art; of Conversation. Should
nnd Wonld; how to use them. Pronunciation. Correct English in the Homo.
Correct English in the School. Business English for tho Business Man.
Studies in English Literature.
E. S, J. HARDV & CO.
Company,   Financial,   Prkss nnd
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London,  E.G.,  England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
is only $1.00 n year,
50c for (i months,
25c for 3 months.
Get your work douo nt tho
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
BSTHS— Bath room lifted with Porcelain    Bath    Tun • aud  all   modern
Trade Marks
Copyrights _c.
Anvono nonrttiiK n sketch nnd dpflcrinllon mny
qnl-lilF ascertain our opinion froo whether an
Invention Is probably rmtonttihlo. Coniinunlen.
tlons strictly coolldont En], Handbook oa l'uteuu
sonl froo. Oldest ,-ii-,.ik v for securing imteut*.
Talents taken tlirotiL-h AI111111 ,v Co. receive
.'.'!",-l .1 notice, ivllhonr.cin.ri.., lathe
Scientific American.
A h_iwIf.omi.jy llhistrntnd weekly. I<nr(r__t eir.
niiiiiinn nf any Bctenufle journal. Torm«. $_a
fontx four niontlia, $1. SulU by all noivn-lonlern.
MUNN &Co.36,B«,ai1^'New York
in am-h Olllce. 02S F St., Washington. I). C
DO IT NOW !—If not nlready a Snb-
sci'ibor to "The Advocate" become ono
now.   Only $1 for 12 mouths.
After a hard day's work there is nothing so refreshing as a hot
bath. During tlie warm weather one reluctantly builds a hot fire
in the range nnd consequently the bath is often neglected.
This difficulty can be easily overoOl
with one of our
) easily overcome by the use of gas for fuel,
Tho "Deasy" is a Combination boiler aud can be attached
to your ordinary range also.
If yon Intend buying a nkw boiler, you should see the Combination "Densy" before making a purchusn. If you don't, yon will
be sorry nfler you havo seen ono in operation that you had not
taken our udvice.
Vancouver Gas Company.
Office : coruor of Carrall antl Hastings streets.


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