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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jul 9, 1904

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Fly Pgds,
Insect  Powder.
pEverythingto Kill FHesj
he M. A. W. Co.,!
fjurritt Block, Mount Pleasant.!
A Big Bottle of Lime Juice fOr 25c.
Mt. Pleasant
Si per year, Six Months 50c, Three Honttis 35c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to the interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver
The Arcade or Granville
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like home— wltb Pnrecfcs. ta.
Genuine Boston Baked Beans
Open from 7: 0 n. ro., to 12 __. ui.
Sunday from Hum.  to IS" p. in
Established April 8, 1890;   Whole Number 27a.
flOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,   B.   C,    SATURDAY   July -th,  1904.
Sixth Year! Vol.-6, No. w.
_ ' Subscribers are requested to
.'leport. any carelessness in the dolivery
of "The Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should be
•in before Thnrsday noon to insure their
'i publication.
Local Items.!
The MoOuaig Auction nud Commis-
[mIou Co., Ltd., nexttoCnrucige Library
' tastings street, buy Puruittpie for Cash,
onduet Anotion Sales and handle
(Bankrupt Stocks of every description
[' Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070'.
Mrs. (Dr.) Allen  has  beeu quite ill
■ tbe past; ten days, but is rapidly recover -
Miss L. M. Powell of Jubilee Hospital
[ Nursing Staff, Victoria, visited Mrs. R.
jrVYhitney during the holidays.
Grand Master Thos. Duke, L O.I..,
! relumed for Dominion Day Celebration.
■ Mr. Duke was a delegate to the Orange
[National Convention and wns absent in
Ensteru Canada about a mouth.
The annual Suuday School Picnic of
"(St. Michael's Church will be held on
j Wednesday Jnly 20th, to Bowen Island
kby steamer Britannia which leaves
|Evnus, Coleman & Evans' wharf at
9:1.1 a. m.
A NEW STORY.—Next week a new
"serial story will begin in "The Advocate," the title being "Alice of Old
JViuceuues," by Maurice Thompson.
This will be an unnsunlly iuterestiug
([story and onr readers should bo sure
j nud nut miss any of it.
Nothing better than a ueat appearing,
, Al wearing quality, baud-sewn, welt
'shoe.   We have n splendid shoe which'
we can highly  recommend,   either in
kid or vclonr, nt the low price of $8.50.
B. Mills, IS Cordova   street  and  640
Grauvillo street.
His Worship Dr. MeMeGqigvu is
hack from his Eastern trip nud may be
I'onsulled professionally at,Jiis office,
corner of Cordova and Abbott streets,
from 10 to Ha: m., and 2 to 4 p. in.
Prom 11:15 to 12:1511. m., aud from
4 lu 5 p. ui., are the hours Mayor
McGuigan will be at bis office iu .tlie
City Hull.
will l«i held iu the Mt. Pleasant Baptist
Church on Sunday morning, wheu the
Sunday School of the Fairview Baptist
I Church will givo the program which
won so much praise f.iom the Couvcu-
•Mon. In tbe evening a .platform moot
ing will be hold, nud delegates to the
Convention will speak.
Mrs. Merkley, Burritt Block, has
decided to moke a still greater cut iu all
Milliucry. ready-to-wear aud trimmed
Go to Merkley's for Stampe'd Onshiou
Embroidery, Silks aud ull lines in Faucy
Work. Lovely late stylo Blousos at
much reduced prices. Call in and be
.convinced yon can get lovely things at
bargains at Merkley's
AN "AT HOME," July I.tl'.-Mrs
Thompson and Mrs. Neill of Mt, Pleasant Presbyterian Church will give an
"At Home" Talent Tea at the home of
Mrs. Thompson, corner of Bridge
rtrcet nud Ninth avenue, on Thursday
afternoon July 14th, nud will serve
.coffee iu the evening Jfor the young poo-
-pie, when they hope to see a large number present.
GARDEN PARTY.-On Wednesday
July 18th, the Daughters of tho Kiug of
lit.'Michael's Church will hold a (iard ::ii
Party at the h^me of Mr. Pugh. corner
Seventh avenue and Carolina street.
Among the ninny attractions will be an
Auctiou Sale of Curiosities, Fortune.
Telling Booth and a Guessing Contest,
Refreshments of tho daintiest Ice
Cream, Jellies, Fruits, .Salads, etc.
Saturday night last, about lf:'0
o'clook, as tho big open street car
No. 29 was proceeding np the Hill,
lioar Lansdowne avonue, the controller
blew out, the motors under the car nnd
fuse wires blaze brightly for a few
minntes. The car was crowdod nnd the
men on the front seat near tho motormnn
took fright, some jumped t'irongh the
glass door ou the closed Bldo of the car
.mil others jump through the windows
back.into the oar among the passengers,
thci), tho panic, seined evcryoue aud itt
the rush to got off several were seriously injured, many scratched nnd bruised.
Mrs. Hatch, Sr , of Thirteenth avenne,
was shoved off tho cur ami fell striking
on ono shoulder which was severely
' sprained and she received a norvons
shook. Mrs. Hatch is still confined to
ber bed and suffers much from her
injuries. Mrs Hatch's giiinduughtcr.
Flora Hatch, fell striking the ground on
her back uud head, boiug rendered uu-
eonscious and it was over an hour before
'' she wss bronght to. Miss Grace Harford
of Twelfth avenue, was shoved off tbe
car, ond one anklo was broken and too
tiuNtiiiiicd many bruises. Mi.s Harford
will be unable ito be around for several
lyiwks. A Victoria lady, Mrs McOraw,
tjjd gutst of Capt. :ii.l Mrs R'lhiu ou.wis
i_.__i/ uui-e-t bliliMf JHla*pus_{ hurt
We have shown that it is possible to do the very best Deutal Work nt niod-
»_ra.e prices. We are uot only willing to have our work compared with auy
other but we invito those that are extremely particular to come nud oousult
ns on onr painless methodsr-w-ioh we will gladly domoustrate to their cutiro
'satisfaction. Samples of onr work are always on exhibition iu our parlors.
Since we hiwu been iu business we have never hadu single dissatisfied patient.
We do PAINLESS DENTISTRY and use only tho. most MODERN
METHODS. We take Justifiable Piiide iu tho Beauty of the work done
by onr Spboiami-ts, who are Graduates aud Past Graduates of the
Philadelphia Dental College aud Mofmt College of Porcelain and
Continuous Gum Work.
Wk CROWN, FILL and EXTRACT TEETH without the least particle
of pain. The large increase noticed daily iu onr practice is due to the most
artistic and high-class -work done by our Specialists aud withont pain. Our
ten-year guarantee means that all our work must be done perfeotly. If you
have aiiy work to be done give us a call and you will fiud that we will do
exactly as we advertize.
Gold  Crowns,  $7,00 Gold Filliug, $2.00 and  up
Porcelain Crowns, $5.00 Bridge Work, $7 00 and up
Cement Fillings, $1.00;    Silver Fillings, $1.00;   Platinum Fillings, $1.50.
Painless Extraction, 50c Porcelain Fills, $2.00 aud up
Upper or Lower   Set of Teeth, $12.00
147 Hastings St., E.VanBC0Ucver
Opposite the Carueglo Library.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 0 p. 111.;
Telephone 15G6.
Sundays 9 a. ui., to 2 p. m.
Attention is called to the announcement of McCutchcou & McQuaig, Real
Estate Office, iu this issue. Mt. Pleasant people will no doubt give tbe local
real estate office the proferancc nud the
now firm should do well ou the Hill.
The Fairview Hive of the Ladies of
the Maccabees will give a "Beach
Social'' this n^texuoon and evoning,
July 9th, at Kastilino (Greer's Beach)
Ioe cream, cake,, lemouade and other
good things to eat; there wilj also be
pretty aprons and you won't want to go
home without one.
The hotter the weather becomes the
weaker is the water pressure ou Mt
Pleasant owing to the increased use of
water for sprinkling. Ou the
"top streets" there iB uo water to be
bad during portions of the day, and
tbe expression "If s a long time between
dri-iks." appropriately expresses the
.fate of some thirsty ones these hot days
Whitewear Sale at Morkley's.
Tho anuual Sunday School Picnic of
Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church was
held ou Thursday, the day being spent
at Central Park. Three big cars wero
packed with merry children and
Mt. Pleasant Lodgo No. 11, Knights
of Pythias has had an electric Bigu iu
the shape of the insigna of the Order
placed over the entrance to their Hall, in
tue Oddfellows' Building, Seventh arjd
Westminster avenuos. This is the first
electric sigu on- Mt Pleasant.
The nnuunl Handball Tournament for
the Troroy Challenge Trophy, commenced on Tuesday afternoon, wheu
a match was played between firemen of
No. 4 and No. 2 nt No. S Hall, resulting
iu favor of No. 4. The matches will bo
played every Monday and Friday until
the series of games is finished.
A ny oue having f rieuds or knowing
of strangers visiting oil Mt, Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
"The Advocate."    Telephone Bl 406.
Let Us Fill Your
Camping Order
This is tlie season when Picnics, Excursion? and Camping
Parties are in full swing.    We can fill correctly and ship
promptly to any place.
WE HAVE FROVILKD FOR THIS TRADE and thoroughly understand the
Campers' wants    Goods delivered to nil Traius, Boats, Etc
Onr Solicitor will call on you and seo that your camp is kept properly supplied
A trial will be convincing. I
J* P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt.Pleasant. Tel. 1360
a^NT Central fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealeus in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Frosh Vegetables ulways
ou baud.   Orders solicited from nil parts of Monnt Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^ZVaS.16
Mr. A. E. Lees is nway ou a business
trip to Lnnd and other np Coast points.
- :o:	
MrB. E. H. Pcaee nnd children have
joined the campers at Oroor's Beach.
Mrs. W,   J.  Taggart will visit   her
brother at Summorlaiid for two mouths.
A. Ross A Co.'s big Moving Sale
begins Mouday morning. Prices slashod
until the move is over.
Mr Manuel Lobb ami Master August
Lobb of Seattle, spent Dominiou Day in
Vancouver, visiting relatives.
The Dr. A. Reed Cushiou Solo Shoes.
Easiest shoe ever produced. Tho best
shoe ever made for hot, cold, damp or
aching foot. A great help to one's
nerves.   Cull and inspe.t them
R. MILLS, 13 Cordova street and
540 Granville street.
Mrs. E. I). McLaren is visiting her
son-in-law and her daughter, Rev. Geo
A. aud Mrs. Wilsou, .Eighth avenue.
During the summer thero is nothing
so rofroshiug and invigorating a.
Cascade Beeu.   Try it.   'Phone 429.
Rev. John Hicks, of Ecquinialt, and
bride have been the guests the pane ten
days of Mr Kicks, Sr , of Kightoonth
ave una.
Miss Anuio Verge has returned from
a two weeks' visit at Laugley, B 0.
Mrs. W. H. Wood, Jr , und children
went up to Lake Beautiful on  Monday
and will remain thereabout ten (toys,
FOUND a blnck luce cape, between
7th & 8th aves. Owner can have same
by paying for this advertisement.
Mr. Jas. H. Woudsido of Port Arthur
brother of Col. H. Woodsidc,
Dawson, is n guest, of Mr. nnd Mrs. H
J. Foote, Ninth avenue.
Tho wooden sidewalk on tjtiebri
street, from Tenth to Fifteenth avenues.
has been torn up and the work of laying
the cement walk commenced.
Mrs. W. R. Oweus aud children,
nud Mrs. P. G. Feutou. and children
will lruve Monday for Bowen Island
where they will camp fot a monlli.
We, the uudersignod have opened
Real Estate Ofiico at 2450 Westminster
aveuue, and will be pleased to hnvo all
those wishing to dispose nf their proper
ties to call at the office and list same
with us. Wo already have a list of
somo fine Houses and Lots, and Business
property, also Farms, Houses aud Lots
outside the.city. These properties are to
be had at reasonableprices and ou easy
terms of payment. We have r.on.o Snaps
for Oath. Money to loan at reasonable
interest. We also rcprc-cnt reliable
Insurance OompaniCL.
How About Your
Spring Hardware?
Lawn Mowers, auy mnke, size or price.       Garden  Tools,      Shovels,
Rnbbor  Hose,       Lawn  Sprinklers   nud   Sprays,      Wheelbarrows,
Spades,      Poultry Netting, from j^-iu. to 2-in. meshes, all widths.
*\*r Always a full line of Paints and Varnishes.
J. A.   FLETT.
Mt. PLEA.UN.  HARDWARE STORE.       Tel. 447
fp> W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Crown fruit Jars the best & made
Pints, Quarts and }4 Gallons.     Rubber rings extra quality.
Lemons* 2 doz., for 25c.
H. O. Lee,
2425   Westminster  Ave,
'Phone 322
Olear ing for Less Than
Manufacturers' Prices
We have just secured a bandsoine lot of
SAMPLE SILK BLOUSES, in all the latest
styles and colors iu China, TnfFota nud Pcau
de Soie, which -we put ou sale Tuesday.
Until sold, iron less than MANUrACTUBEEs'
4 A. ROSS& CO.,   2SCordova St. 5
The improved Hygienic Cushion Frame Mnssey-Harris Bicycle represents
our largest and latest effort to mnke what is considered a perfect bicycle.
Its parts are manufactured from tested material and handled aud finished
by automatic machinery wliich does its work in far greater minuteness
than would be possible "by human hands. The framo designs embraces
the latest feature in modern bicycle building—the Hygienic Cushiou
This model is brought out'to moot a popnlnr demand for n moderate
priced machine. It is made throughout of the best materiuls, thoroughly
tested; equipped with D'nulop tires. It Bells at as low a price as au honest
bicyclo cau bo mnde for.
W. J. Annand, Agent.
146 Hastings Street, East.       Tel. 1285.
Bicycles sold on the easy payment plan.
Repairing of every description promptly done.
The Shapliness of "Fit-Reform
-—is second only to their perfect fit. Thore'a a -gcece 4o
the trousers—''set" to tho vests, a "hang" to theooats that's
simply inimitable. It's soon only lu "Fit-Reform"'Clothe*.
Tubes brains, nud skill, and patience to cut and mould this
perfection into "Fit Reform" Suits.
The fit of "Fit-Reform" Clothes is n constant joy to tlie
well-dressed man. To feel easy aud comfortable—-audVae-r
you're dressed iu irreproachable taste—is the tewaral of tae
"Fit-Reform" mau.
Cool, Summery  things  galore—Flannels, Serges,   Tweeds
and Homespuns.
Special Snap Flannel Suits $10.00
333 Hastings St, Vancouver, B   C
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.    Self-measurement Blanks and
Samples scut  on application.
V,  b
Buniaby Berries
The finest ever seen in the city.
Piuts  75c  per doz.,    Quarts |r.oo per doz^,
y2. Gallons f 1.25, at ihe
Qtv Grocerv Co,
Tel. 286. Wes intins ter Ave. A Princess Street*
m m if? Hi i S w w S rfWw nr w S1
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. J*
it an\'wonder that it has taken a placm
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
cau supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $|,
f Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. *
iW il. ... ... Hi .U ill ... iii Min iii U 4k K
Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 4_9
Fur Sale nl all first-class Saloons, Lii.uor Stores nud Hotel*
or delivered lo yonr house.
Miss Gilniau, nurse iu tho Seattle
General Hospital, is spending a three
weeks'vacation with ber mother', Mis
Oilman, Westminster and Thirteenth,
Miss Surah Anderson, daughter of
Mr. nud Mrs. R. A. Anderson of Westminster rond, South Vancouver, is home
from Winlnw, 11. C„ whore she has
been teaching fluting the winter.
The foundation of the new Prcsby
teriiin Church, opposite No. 11 Fire Hull,
is about finished and llie election of Ihe
building will In nil probability commence on Mondnv.
Wednesday     afternoon     Aldoruion
Grant, Odium nud Stewart, City Clerk
Me.Gnignn, Treasurer   Baldwin,   Col.
Tracy, Asst. Engineer Kilmc, and Steve
Madison, foreman of the Water Works,
took a trip np Ihe Inlet to Purl Moody
In a lanuoli, and inspected some of the
City.properly (here,
 :o: '■—
The Advocate laalwr ys glnd to receive
items of social, personal or other news
from its readers. Send news items to
the office or by telephone, BI .05,
Eiii'.c i rolysm Parlor of Hairdrossing, Manicuring, Facial Massage und
Scalp Treatment for Ladies and Gentle
men. Superfluous hair, warls and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron on "How to tako care of
Skin Fo.id for building up the wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to pie-
vent ond heal innbitri).
Madam- Humphrkts, i>30 Granville
Ogilvie's Hungarian Flour .*! .8 pr sack
R. 0. Gran. Sugar 20 lb sack 41.05
Fancy Creamery Butter, ?5c per pound
Hams, fir-t-olasf..   . 13c   "       "
Picnic Hams   _8c   "      "
R. IT. WALT ,\CK, 'Phone K-A.
Ml. Plrnmnt, l'i '" deli  »rv
licTaggart & Moscrop
Drai.kkh 1\
314 Carrall St.,
Telliplclolt  BlOOk,
Vancouver, B.C.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soup Wrappers
and we will send freo your choice of ::il
pictures. Or for 2'i wrapper., choice of
160 books. Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited.
Full Line of Taney and Staple
Prices to compare  with any.
Cor. Westminster Ave., a- Dultorlu Ht.
U    .SAI F   'Vl' KENNEDY'S
commenced   Tuesday   and will
continue until the stock  is cleared
-j out.   Abonl $55,000 worth of new
I and seasonable Roods to  go and lis
I quickly  as  possible.    Nu   n serve.
I This is a genuino forced sale.
All goodB i"!d for Ct sh ouly, or
O. O. 1).
Lubes'   Will kin:.' Skirts,   worth
up lo to for 13,60
Lathes' Tailor-made .Suits, worth
Ijlli for f.'>
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits, worth
fin for in 60
While  Pinue 1 lid   l.'rai-li  Mhiils.
WoTlh up to fSM'or fl
11 00 yds, Euglish Blieotiuir,   .
yds. wide, twilled, per yard Tie
: ui 0 yd: , English BJoacheii Yuid
Wide (ui ton, only Be peryard
mi yds , c.hei li til::;.- Towelling
at 'ic ikt yard
1000yds , (liuiflii tns,  ph.in iinfl
fancy, only lt*_
Ihiin Black Luati'PS for I8u
■il-m, Navy aud Blaik LuBlre,
pine wool, 86a
Old Stand
303 Hastings street.
Full Quality
If you hnve hud in yonr mind a
thoui-Iii of Sn vi-itwAiii. lately and
a desire horn of that fbeugltt to
possess one or moro pieces, you
surely couldn't do belter than give
our stock a look over when you're
down tow !_■ Of. < ourse n "look
over" iu 11 cumal way wcubln't-
1 c| in lo (rive yon auy more than a
rrpi'ilii i: I knowlcdpo. You've got
lo tally .I'liie iiii'iui 1 is ill this de*
1. 1.111 uit to at_yoo_i,lP our display,
tin 11 you've to spend muni nineo
moments if you'd Okie to go iutw
details and give the various articles
Htiih time us their worth merits.
Of course yna remember our old
motto, ' I'' u'lly welcome to look
or to buy."
Curntr IIiifllngS-iDi] li'i'iuvi le Sts.
I fli-i: 1 Wl'lcll Inspector C. P. It
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy  .Seeds.
Pratl's Poultry and Animal Fends.
Pratt's Lice -Ciller,
Holly ('hick Food,  Beefscrnps, Etc
5       1/CITH Corner   NINTH av-mie.&
Tp'.i phc.no   1637.	
%5j°f Subscribers who fail lo
get "The Advjcate" on Snturday morning please notif;
this office,
! Now is the time to
while   in    bloom—for
Fall planting.
Chas. Keeler
Notf.--Street Cars puss my place.
I ;:•.! Westminster Ave.     Mi. Pleasant
King's !|
Harket :
1321   Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
E.Hi Peace,   Proprietor < [
relephoiie I'm -
m ynu mir. Tm   \r-\ '  • n vou miss
till   ) ,':!   '"■■•
Wholesale    and   Retail ■
Dealer     in    Meats    fltli
All Kinds. Tel. \i2o6
Give us trial.
Prompt Delivery.
A'utbor of "aVaotarfalr*
tawrtiltlj. IM2.br IUWU < BROS.. W». n*M •»
WW* la Bod. to™,   til Wtfti mmmi
■•Haven't you something to sny,
Adele? Perhaps I hnve misread you
all along and rctSlj!' ltfire'Up'tight to
hope. Oh, thnt would be hard to bear!"
"It Ts uot that," she said, her breast
heaving suddenly.  "It is not that."
t.?". he repeated, his wonder-
til TiScd'on liers.-
n*-1 turned to him.
jnn has told me of some of your
|tO'lii_u about, love, nnd"—
he hai_." iMIilerlayghed out only. "Hut surely you wouldn't hold
^ibig against nie that I said before
et you in Atlanta and fell heels
j_icud In love wilh you. Besides, I
wal simply stretching my Imagination
in Jji''■ him from making ti serious mis-
takB But 1 know what It is to care for
a 3h now, and I have wanted to tell
hirf so, but simply could not face him
wi_fi my confession—when—when his
owu sister waq in t|iiestlon."
'a have tried to believe," Adele hosl-
tafBj, "tha. yoh.bad changed III your
lduas of ftirt-f'slaCe-i--since we learned
tojlfiow ench .other, and I confess I
sucbeeded- to. gome extent, but there
w:fd one thing, that simply sticks and
refuses to be eradicated, It sticks more
rl^ht noWjtban ever. I mean this morn-
Injf, since"—
"Now you flo surprise me." declared
Mjller. "l'lenso explain. Don't you see
I'm'simply dying with impatience?"
."You pressed the point in one of
those talks with brother," said Allele
quite firmly, "that it was Impossible
for two people of unei|iial fortune to be
happy together, nnd"—    ■
"Now, ypu wouldn't, surely hurl that
rubbish nt mc," broke hi Miller. "I
never would hnve dreamed of saying
Biich a thing If l'liail not thought Alnn
was about to. butt his head against n
stone wall in the hostility of Colonel
Barclay. If he hnd been fairly well oif
nnd she had been without money. I'd
have said sail In and take her, but I
knew what n mercenary old man Barclay Is, and I thought I could save the
boy from a good many heartaches."
"That—even as you now put lt~
woulil behind for a girl III my position
to jjorger'," Adele told him. "for if
Uiis outci'.pi'.sc falls today I shall—Just
f_Mraf It!—I shall not only be penniless, but my father will owe you a large
amouut of money that lie never will be
tibia to pay. Oh. 1 could not bear to go
1»"you under-sue h circumstances! I
hifvo always wauled my Independence,
und this grates on my very soul."
Their eyes met in u long, steady stnre.
"Oh, you must—you really must not
sie it that w.iy." floundered the young
man. "Vou will make nie very miserable. I can't live without you. Allele.
Besides, I shall not lose by the loan 1
made to your father. The land will
bring the money back sooner or later,
and what will It matter'/ You will be
i_VK wife, and your parents will be iny
parents. Alreudy I love them ns my
oA Ofl, darling, don't turn nie down
this way! Renlly I can't help the turn
matters have taken, und If you care for
me you ought not to wreck our happiness foi'ii silly whim like this."
-She sat unmoved for a moment,
avoiding Ihe fervid glow of his passion
filled eyes.
"If this thing falls I shall be very unhappy," she finally suid. "Its success
would not make tne rich, but it would
remove a debt that has nearly killed
•* inof I have never mentioned It, but It
hns been like a sword hanging over my
"Then it shnll not fail," he told her.
'Ht.shall. not fai)! If those blockheads
vote against It, I'll buy the right of
way if It takes the hist ce.it I've got."
This forced u smile to Adele's lips.
rc. "Then Veil be as deep In the mud as
\y.e now are in the mire," she said.
Jnst then I'ole Baker came to Miller.
"I don't want.to make no break," he
silo, "but I've got a lden I'd like to
work on them hill Billies in the Jury
_» floom If you hain't no objections. 1
hain't got time til tell you about it. but
lis you nre n-ruiinin' the shebang I
'■""       thought I'd ax permission."
'"(,0 Tiih!  do whnt  you   thh-fc   best,
Pole." suid Miller recklessly.   "We cun
I        tru.-it  to your head, nun  anything Ir
better than nothing J list now.   I reullj
think It's gone by the hoard."
•'"All right, thanky'," said Pole ns ha
shullled   away.    He  marched   straight
,to the jury loom and without rapping
■ opened the door nnd went  In, closing
the door after bim,  lie found Hie men
all discussing the mailer ami was de-
':"54*g*led lu liud lhat Ihe strength ol' the
opposition now rested chiefly 111 Bnrtell
and n few. men who seemed afraid Io
pull awuy from him.   Pole slid up to
.Bnrtell ami wukl as he drew Itlni to one
"*■• 'pido,■'Say. Mr'. Kartell, what on earth
•have you got ugin Alan BishopV"
.'.-JSaVhy, uolhln',  I'ole. as 1 know of,"
an Id BnrU'll father sheepishly, "Nothln'
ns 1 know of."
"Well, It looks Io me like you got a
jnlgbty pore way o' shnwlif good will.
&Vhy, he's tho best friend you got, Mr.
llnrtell. nn' toles more voles In his vent
pocket fer you than any mun In this
"Huh! You don't say!" grunted Bnrtell In slow surprise.  "Well, ho never
•   toll} me nbout It".
"Beea'se you hain't announced yorc-
se'f yet." said Pole, wilh a steady eye
._'.?«yiid a set face.  "Why, lie said t'other
'day to several of us nt the log rollin'—
ynu remember you rid by on yore liny,
- _lcndiu'  a milk  cow by a rope.   Well,
I" after, you   passed   Alan   Bishop  snld:
'Roys': \bnr goes the only man In this
county   Hint  hits  convictions  an'  the
courage to stnnd by 'em. They say he's
Y *
jroin' to run fer the logislntur'. nn' ef he
~J   does I'll do all I kin to elect 'lm. He'll
make the best representative that we
y _ ever had. He's got brains, he has.'"
""Toil'   don't    say!"'   Burtell's    face
. beamed, his eye kindled and flushed.
"That's Jest what!"
"I hadu't the least Idea be was fer
me,"   said   Bnrtell,   drawing  a   deep
breath.  "In fact, I 'lowed he would be
agin* anybody, but a town man.1
Unity stopped before Alan.
to pieces. He's In love with old Barclay's gal, an' she is with him. Ef ho
puts this road through today he'll git
his daddy out o' debt mi' Barclay will
withdraw his opposition. I don't know-
how you feel, but I'd bate like smoke
to bu'st a man all to flinders Hint
thought as much o' me us Aluu does o'
"I never knowed he wns fer me,"
wns BnrteH's next tottering step in the
right direction.
"Well, vote fer the right o' wny, nn'
you kin ride to an' from Atlanta dmlii'
session all rail. Me an' Alun will pull
fer you like a yoke o' steers—me wilh
the moonshiners, an' my mountain clan
thut nlu't dead yet, an' him with his
gang. What you say. Tut up or shet
"I'll do whnt I kin," suid Bnrtell, n
new light on his face ns lie turned to
the others. "Gentlemen," he began,
"listen to me a minute. I see a good
many of you was affected by Ab Daniel's speech an' sort o' want the roud
anyway, so ef"—
"I  don't exactly  like them specks,"
broke in a fat, middle aged man at a
window.    "By gum!   ."believe old Ab
had us down about right.    Kf we kin
git sort o' opened up along with the rest
o' creation, I say le's git In the game.
Huh!"—the mnn finished, with 11 laughing shrug—"I don't like them tlyspecks
oue bit."
"Me nuther," said n man beside him.
"Nur me!" came from some one else.
"Well, I'm willln' ef the rest are," announced Bnrtell.  "All lu favor hold up
yore hands."
Pole  Baker grinned broadly ns he
counted them.    "All up—the lust one,"
he said, then he sprung fji' the door and
stood before the expectant audience.
"Toot, toot!" he cried, imitating the
I whistle of a locomotive.    "All aboard!
I The road's a settled thing.   They say
I they don't want   no specks, und  they
j ain't n-goin' to have 'em.   llooruy!"
The audience wus electrified by the
j announcement For an Instant there
t wus a pause of Incredulous nstoillsh-
| ment, and then the floor resounded
roni the clutter of feet, and glad shouts
I filled the uir.
Alnn, his face nblnze with startled
triumph, came toward Adele and Miller. "I'ole worked the rabbit foot on
tliem hack there," he said. "1 dou't
know what he did, but lie did something."
'He told me he hnd n enrd left,"
laughed Miller. "I'll bet he had it up
Ms sleeve. There he is uow. Oh, I'ole,
come here I"
'i'he  man  thus  addressed   slouched
dowu the aisle to tliem. his big brown
eyes Hushing merrily under his heavy
brows, his sun browned face flurk wilh
the Hush of triumph.
"Ef you don't back me In It, I'm a
i gone dog," snid  Pole to Alnn.    "All I
! want you to do Is to vote for Bnrtell
| ef you kin possibly swallow the dose."
A light broke on Ihe two men.   "I'll
I do It if you say  so,  I'ole," said Alan.
S "Not only that, but I'll work for him if
i you wish il."
Pole looked down nud pulled at bio
heavy mustache.
"Well," he smiled, "1 reckon he won't
harm us any inure in the leglslatnr'
I than the road '11 do us good, so you'd
i better support 'im. 1 seed the bars
j down a minute ugo, an' I didn't have
[ no time to commit you. I'd 'it' told
| a bigger lie 'an that to clinch this
Abner Daniel Joined them, smiling
broadly, his eyes twinkling joyously.
The old Jester stroked his face and
swung his long body back nml forth In
' the wind of his content. "I've always
argued," said he, "that what Is to be
will be, an' It will be a sight sooner 'n
| most of us count ou ef we'll Jest keep
our sperlts up."
The others moved on, having Adele
i and Miller together.
"Oh, Just look ut mamma nnd papa,"
1 she said In the round, full voice lndicii-
\ tlve of deep emotion. "They are so glad
they ure ubout to cry."
"Whnt a  dear,  deur girl you  are!"
said  Miller softly.   "Thero ls nothing
to separate us now, is there?"
For a moment they met In n full look
■ Into each other's eyes.   Allele's  voice
shook when she replied, "1 believe I'm
; the happiest, proudest girl in all the
"Then you love mc?"
"I  believe I've loved you from the
j very minute I met you In Atlanta last
i summer."
Alan saw Dolly looking at him and
waving her handkerchief, her fnce
warm and flushed. He was tempted to
go to her, but she still snt by her father
and mother, and that fact checked him.
Mrs. Barclay caught Ills eye and, rising suddenly, enme through thu crowd
to him, She extended her gloved hand.
"You and Dolly must stop your foolishness," she said. "I've been thinking
of u plan to help you two out. If I
were you I wouldn't suy a word to her
now, but next Sunday night come anil
tako her to church Just like you used
to. I'll attend to Colonel Barclay. He
Is just tickled to death over this thing
Uo won't bother you any more. Iii see
to thut."
Alan thanked her. He was so full of
happiness that he was afraid to trust
his voice to utterance. As Mrs. Barclay was going back to her husband
and daughter Pole Baker passed. Alan
grasped him by the hand.
- "Suy. I'ole," he Bald, his voice full
and quavering, "I want to tell you that
I think more of you thau I do of auy
man alive."
"Well. Alan." sold Tole awkwardly,
yet with an eye that did not waver, "I
kin shore return the compliment. Ef tt
hadn't beeu fer you nn' yore advice, I'd
i 'u' been in hell long ago, an' us it Is I
feel more like livin' a straight, houest
life than ever 1 did. You never nxed
nie but one thing that I didn't grunt,
un' that was to give up whisky. I don't
know whether I ever will be able to do
It or not, but by the great God tibovo
I'm golu' to keep on tryln', fer I know
you want It jest fer my good. I don't
want u dram today, fer a wonder, an'
maybe lu time I'll git over my thirst."
As Alan wus about to: get Inlo his
buggy with his uncle, the colonel nnd
his wife and daughter passed. With a
sheepish look on his face the old man
bowed to the two men, Jiut Dolly
stopped before Alan and held out her
"You were going awny without even
speaking to me," she snid, a cutch In
her voice. "Think of it, today of ull
days to be treated like thut!"
"But your mother told me"—
"Didn't I tell you she couldn't be relied on?" broke lu Holly, with a smile.
"I have more Influence with papa than
she has. I know whut she told you. I
mude her confess it Just now. Are yon
going to town today?"
"Yes," he informed her; "we shall
complete the arrangements there."
"Then come right down to see me as
soon as you possibly enn," Dolly snld.
"I'm dying to see you, to talk with you.
Oh, Alan, I'm so—so huppy!"
"So am I," lie told her ns he pressed
her hand tenderly. "Then I shall see
you again today."
"Yes, today sure," she said, and she
moved on,
"f-he's nil right," snld Abner Daniel
ns Alan climbed In the buggy beside
him. "She's all wool nn' a yard wide."
"I reckon you ure satisfied with the
wny It come out, Uncle Ab," said llis
nephew, flushing over the compliment
to Holly.
"Jest wnnt one thing more," snld the
old mun, "nn' I can't mnke out whether
It's n sin or not. I wnnt to fnce Perkins an' Abe Tompkins. I'd give my
right arm to meet 'em an' watch the'r
faces wheu they heer about the railroad an' the price yore pa's land
Plly (tie Toor Bachelor.
Laying ull jokes aside, whnt excust
bus un old bachelor fur living? Possibly the better one is thut he can't help
it or that it is no fault of his that he
is or that lie continues to exist. These
observations ure made from the old
maid's point of view, which seems to
be the point from wliich the old bachelor Is viewed. There are other view-
points I'roni'whieh he appears to better
ud Vantage, particularly at first glance,
but when the halo of sentiment which
he bus gathered around him lias been
blown away even these points do not
offer entrancing views. Tlie fact remains, however, that he still exists and
still has natural force enough to develop a halo of sentiment that is more
or less attractive to the opposite sex,
if not really .magnetic, and strong
enough to draw attention to him, and
respectful nttentlou too. The bachelor
ought to know why he is us he is, aud
no doubt he does, but 'for some reason
or Other ho has not been entirely successful in satisfying the public that his
reasons are good and sutiicient. It is
up lo him, therefore, to set public opinion   right   concerning   jiiinself.
An Bcaentrlo Lord.
Matthew Robinson (Lord Kokeby), a
prominent but eccentric Englishman
of the eighteenth Century, became famous for bis long beard and his pronounced hatred of medical practitioners. In regard to the former It Is said
Hint Upon one occasion when going to
an election he stopped ut an Inn where
the country people, who had assembled
I'l-oni iulles anunid, took him for a
Turk and through this mistaken idea
almost worried "nie lord" to death,
llis dislike for physicians was carried
i such an extreme that he left it codicil to his will which was to the effect
llinl u favorite nephew was to be disinherited should he (the nephew) in the
hist illness of the lord let his sympathies cause him to send for a doctor.
This having been made known to 'the
nephew when his uncle, the lord, was
lu good health, It Is needless to ndil he
allowed Unit person's spirit to take Its
flight wilhout culling in nny of the "iu-
f or mi I surgical fraternity."
Alan' never "talks _m<m""«ial_i Pole ! au. .ho won'* make a»y fu8B' H.° is fli
In a tone of conviction; "he acts when
the tHnc comes fer it. But, la me, Mr.
Bnrtell, this Is n goin' to break blm all
stubborn as a mule, though, and when
he has to give in it's better not to let
him think you are gloating over him.
i.rcwNi,nip  Humor,
The story of tho French humorist
who was presented wilh a silver ornamented eoiiin by a grateful undertaker whom he mentioned iM his latest
story Is not without a parallel In the
Lincoln's inn store Of anecdotes, The
late Mr. Edward Knt'slitko, i_.!'., while
canvassing at Colchester in the seventies. Is said to have asked an elector
to make him two trunks. "But I'm not
u trunk maker," said tho disappointed
tradesman. "What are you, then?" Inquired the candidate, "I'm nn undertaker," was the answer. "Very well,
then," said the learned gentleinuii,
"make me u coffin Instead." When the
coffin arrived tit his London residence
there wive members of IrisTninlly who
strongly objected to giving It house
room. "Very good," he rejoined. "I'll
hnve it sunt to my chambers. It will-
serve tiB a receptacle for Benvnn's reports."—London Globe.
Winks—I had n benrd like yours
once, but when I realized bow It made
me look I hud It cut oh". Rink-—And I
Jiad a fnce like yours once, und when
I realized that I couldn't have lt cut
off I raised Ihe heard.
Tlie  fnnae,   Not   Hie   Effect.
Littlo Lucy Brown, while running In
the yard one flay, siiflflenly tripped
and fell. Her mother, being attracted
hy the child's screams, rushed out, cry
"Why, Lucy, what's the matter? Wus
It an accident V"
"N'm,"   replied   Lucy,   between   her
sobs, "it wits a brick."
By Louise Hubert Guyol
CopyrtflTit, I9US, hv T. C. McClure
"Now thnt It is all over, I don't mind
telling you that Is the girl that I had
cho.en for you to marry."
She looked up at him over the great
bunch of pink roses that she held in
her arms nud from under the soft chiffon of her white hat, and he looked
down at her out of deep set eyes under shaggy brows. Then his glance
followed hers down the long distance
of the room, resting on the girl who
stood there beneath a bower of palms.
The cloudy masses of her white veil
were thrown back from n fuce of smiles
and blushes ns she received congratulations and wondered vaguely at the
strange sweetness of It all.
"You—don't—mean It?" There were
grent pauses of Incredulity between
Wilton's words, nnd the slow smile
that euiiie Into his eyes wus not one of
vanity, rather of great pleasure In nu
unexpected compliment.
"Is she not the fell. I hnve nlwnys described? Tull nnd slender, big brown
eyes and soft, curling, light brown
hair? Y'ou huve been blind nil this
time not to hnve seen who 1  niennt.
"i don't bee wnv we don't eitiieu  do
I had set my heart on It somehow,"
sho added sudly. "Y'ou both seem so
well suited to ea"'; other."
"Why did you not tell me sooner?
I might have set to work. It would
have been hard work, though." He
was still looking at the bride.
"Piny the part of matchmaker? And
where niy little sister wns concerned?
Ah, no! I could not tell you, but I
did so went it."
"Thnt Is the greatest compliment
you could hnve paid me. I really"—
He hnd turned and was ldbklng down
Into her eyes. Suddenly he stopped
us if a thought hud stilled bis words,
nnd the color left his face for oue
short second.
"Come," she said, ns though divining
his thought and wishing to interrupt
it, "you are to mnke the Urst toast, I
believe. You must continue your duties ns best mnn."
She led the wny down the long hall,
and together they pnused on the
threshold of the dining room.
"Did you do this?" he usked.
"Yes.   Do you like it?"
He stood silently drinking In the
beauty of the room, with Its filmy
draperies of asparagus fern, amid the
delicate green of which stood forth tall
silver nnd crystal vases filled with
long«temmed Bridesmaids' roses. Here
and there low bowls of green aud gold
Bohemian glass were half burled be-
ncuth the dainty color of the Duchesse
rose veiled in leaves of maidenhair.
The conventional cake, with Its streamers of narrow satin ribbon, shimmered
white amid the colors, and the pink
shaded cundles threw soft reflections
over everything.
It was very beautiful, and he said so
to her. She was very beautiful as she
moved nbout in ber clinging gown of
palest green chiffon, straightening a
leaf here or bendlug a flower there, and
his eyes said so, although she did not
see it.
Then the next thing ho knew the
room wns filled with people, the young
bride wns beside him, and some one
wus holding a glass toward him, saying, "Will you not toast them?"
He looked at tho bride, bowed and
"Hall to thee, blithe spirit!" then
stopped, laughing. "That won't do.
You nro not a skylark."
"She's a bird, though," vehemently
interrupted a boy who hnd adored the
girl for years.
"Then I cannot continue nt all. for
'bird thou never Wort1 won't apply.
What shall I say?" Ho looked at the
tall man standing near, then Into tho
eyes of the girl bride.
"With thy clenr, keen Joynnce
Languor cannot be,"
he qnoted,  then, Improvising, continued:
"Mny shadow of annoyance
Never cumo near thee."
He raised his glass and turned toward the groom:
"Thou wilt love and ne'er know love'a sad
And amid a murmur of applause and
,-i,,i..ing ol glasses luc toast wan
drunk. Then some one, Inking' up tin'
thread of Wilton's thought, began:
"Whnt thou art we know not I
What is most like thee?"
And the boy who hud used the slnng
surprised them ull by continuing the
"She ls 'like a glowworm golden.'
Oh, oh, oh I But 'like n star of heaven
in the broad daylight' or 'a rose embowered In Its own green leaves.' 'All
that ever wus Joyous uud clear and
flesh' or"—
"I'lense," snld fhe bride appenllngly,
"UO more.   It Is very beautiful, but so
emiiarriissiug. i don't deserve lt. 1
am going to drink lo Shelley, who
taught you to say such beautiful
"With such a subject." some one began, but Margaret and her sister had
Wilton slipped from the crowded
room out into the quiet hnlls, where he
wundereil up und down, thinking, wondering how he hud not thought the
sunie thing before. All these months
past how stupid he hud been! Yes. he
thought it would do no harm to try his
luck. All, no: she never would, she
could not love hlin: It was too much to
expect. She would look higher and
find— But she had chosen hlin for the
little sister, whom he knew she loved
better than life. If she thought him
good enough for her, would she not be
willing to—
The idea hail taken so strong a hold
upon him from the moment he hud
looked down into her eyes to thank her
for her compliment that now he wondered how he could have been blind to
it for so long a lime. It seemed lo him
as if he hud never had any other
thought (bun Ibis, us If he could never
hnve any other thought than Margaret,    lie wondered If—
The carriage was nt the doors the
hrhle had her arms about her mother's
neck; the groom,already halfway down
the steps, wns Impatiently waiting. A
shower of rice filled the nlr, u while
satin slipper shimmered through the
shower. With a quick pull the horses
marled, und the man within the ear
riage turned from waving a last adieu
to the parly on the balcony and put
his arms ubout the girl.
1    "At lust  I  have you safe." he salfl.
I "Do you know, I was always afraid of
i Hint man Wilton?"
j    That  mun  Wilton  wits  alreudy  fol
I lowing Margaret Into the drawing room
just as a voice behind them said:
"Thnt's the best fellow In town. 1
don't see why he nnd Margaret don't"—
The color rushed over Margaret's face
as she glanced up tu see if lie had
heurd. The smile In his eyes made her
look down again quickly. She walked
lo the far end of the I'ooul beneath the
palms where her sister had stood and.
stooping, picked up some lose petals
that lay scntlercd nt her feet. She did
it nil unconsciously. When she rose
Wilton was standing oyer her. lie took
her hands In his, rose petals nnd all.
und looked down Into her eyes.
"1 don't see why we don't either. Do
you, Margaret?"
Some one had gone to a plnno, nnd
the strains of the march from "Le
Propliete" came to tbem through the
open doors, a breeze softly stirred in
th_ palm leaves above their bends, the
pink rose petals Slipped from her lingers in a shower down over her gown
as she put her hands up on Wilton's
shoulflers and met his eager, questioning look.
"No—I don't," she suid very softly.
Her stately Carriage.
The piny wus over. The actors, who
had lived long on dreams of n full
house such ns had faced them at this
performance, hastoued to the box office, where they expected to witness
the manager enact the rule of the
ghost in a beautiful, heart throbbing
drama called "The Postponed Walk of
HAmlet'S Father." But they were lute.
The manager hud wnlked ahead of
time with the money, nnd, like Mother
Hubbard's bowwow, tho members of
tbe company "got left."
One thing, nnd only one thing, rc-
uiained for the actors to do, walk back
to the city with silk nnd money blest.
It was discouraging, but—
"Sny," snid the low comedian to the
woman wbo hnd won storms of np-
pliiusc by her representations of
Ophelia, Portia and other characters
of equal note, "you shouldn't minj
this. Just think, ns you walk, of the
critic who praised your stately carriage!"
He laughed at his joke, but the actress turned up her nose, drew herself
up to full height nnd strode on—with
the stntely carriage In evidence, but
unavailable for locomotion.—New York
Why Parrota Are Grent Fa-orltea.
Of all the members of the feathered
tribes there nre none which hnve been
greater favorites nud have been regarded with a greater degree of genuine attachment Hum parrots. The
beauty of their plumage, with Its
wealth and variety of gorgeous colors,
their symmetry of form nnd gracefulness of manner would alone have been
sufficient to give tliem their popularity.
lint the closest link they have established with our affections Is. of course,
found In their wonderful faculty for
the repetition of spoken words and various familiar sounds, together with
llielr possession. In many Instances, of
n reasoning power which suggests that
they are not nlwnys mere imitators,
but really Understand the general
sense of what they say. Combined
with this power of speech, the fond ul-
tiichmeut which they nre capable of
showing toward those who feed or nro
otherwise kind to llieui leads In their
being nniong the most favored ns they
seem to be union.'.' the best IttTC'.l Companions of human beings. This place
of honor In the animal world they have
hell for ninny centuries.-Strand Mug-
Tree  Kills  Tree.
A Victoria clergyman had nn orange
nnd u pine tree In Ills garden. Onu
spring it was noticed that the orange
tree wns drooping, and on digging
flown he found thut the roots of the
pine, which stood nt some distance,
liud twisted around the taproot of the
orange tree und were strangling It to
ilea Ih. The oO'eiidlng roots were un-
twl.tod nnd cut nwny, und the drooping plant revived. The tree eventually
died. Then on digging flown nt 11
greater depth the clergyman found the
pine hnd attacked the orange root lower flown nnd accomplished its murderous end.
A Illnl lo llie I.unaiKed.
There I.' a superstition which snys
Unit engaged couples who arc photographed together never get married,
Superstition Is gradually dying down,
so (hat few would be kept back by. un
oh| woman's saying. There In, how-
evei'. lilie- Ihiug which should keep engaged couples from being photograph..!
together, und thai Is llie (bought that
If cither or both should marry some
one else the fewer tokens there tire 6f |
previous love affairs llie greater Is the I
chance of happiness In the. final choice.
• e
O   O
• e   :
O  ...OopyMght, inn., by T. C. McQlnre... O i
e •
"By Jove, Jack, you must wait until i
I get my camera for that ufternoon sun
over the wnter. Aren't those clouds
magnificent? The rocks on the beach,
the woods over yonder, the waves almost too lazy to break as they come
rolling up--I can see the picture now,
printed deep down on seplu paper, fust
to a prize at the amateur exhibition."
Jack laughed good nnturedly.
"All right, old man; sail in, hut hurry
up," he said.
Five minutes Inter George Cnrring-
ton had snatched his camera frum the
broad hallway'of the Berkeley inn,
snapped it lit the waterscape, nnd he
and .luck Grayson were oil' on a fishing
trip. It was the last day of llielr vacation, spent wandering down the coast
nt random; seldom two nights in the
same place.
The lliiti.1 day's sport over, Cnn'lng-
ton sped back to the city iu a train,
camera, fishing kit and grip beside hlin,
tunned and tired, but happy. lie reached his upiirlmcnts uud thought of the
Inst picture of clouds nnd rocks and
sen. He must dev.lop It forthwith, uud
he did.
"A vacation of Jolly good fun without n romance," he mused. "Nature,
sunshine, fresh air, a good chum und
good fishing; nothing mure to be desired."
The film sank In the developing fluid,
and lu u few seconds the outlines of a
coast scone appeared, First came the
blotches of black, representing the high
lights—clouds and the crests of waves.
By an alchemy which never ceases to
be marvelous all the delicate gradations of light and shade filled Iu until
the perfect picture appeared.
Then occurred something which caused Cari'lngton to gasp lu astonishment
and almost drop the developing tray,
for In the center of the picture, head
and shoulders visible above the crest of
a breaker, appeared the form of a young
woman, like a mermaid arising out of
the sea. There was u saucy tilt to the
laughing fnce, and the bare arms were
outstretched as a beckoning mermaid's
might have been. Cnrrlngton knew that
no human being had been in that expanse of sea while ho wns on the bench.
With almost feverish haste he made
a print from tho film. There was no
doubt about it. It was no freak effect.
The girl's face, which ho had never
seen before, seemed to mock him tn
mystery.    Clad  lu  a  dainty  bathing
THE l'HOTllOllAl'H.
suit, she filled Into the picture ns If nn
artist hand had posed her there, a
dainty bit of Indisputably human life
that rounded out the scene und peg
fected It. Fate had tossed u romance
Into his vacation after all.
lie recalled the events of the day.
Grayson nnd he had reached the Inn
Jnst before noon, tired by a tramp of
a half dozen miles from a fishing station farther down the const. Dinner,
then n rest; the snapshot nnd the final
two hours' fishing Hint closed Ihe fortnight's holiday, leaving the cainera In
the hotel olllce beside Ids grip while
ho 'was gone; then supper nnd the
train back to the city. All this was
clear enough. But bow did the mermaid creep Into his camera? Cari'lngton stared at Ihc laughing face In
blank perplexity, Only one point was
Certain. It was the pi'ettlcst face he
had ever seen In his life.
A pnper he find recently rend In n
sclent llie Journal flushed across Ills
mind. It dealt with the photographic
discovery of a new light ray Invisible
to Uie eye. but duly rccorih I on
the peculiarly sensitized photographic
"Nonsense!" he proniplly said.
"That's n flesh nnd blood girl. She
bus the face of un nilgel, but angels
don't wear bathing sulla with all those
Next day he Jumped on n train and
was whisked to Berkeley Inn. lie
sought Ihe manager and showed III ill
(!:o picture,
"Yen recognize her, of eoui-s"?"- Car-
nig'o'i naked, tvllh u careless uir.
"1 should s:,y I did," said Ihe mail
nai' Willi rt smile. "That's the lual-
. uie one of Hie Lung 10I'd girls, wm>
Word here a month wilh thoir unlit.
Went hack to town only a couple of
flays ago. Splendid picture. Taken
right here on the beach, too." he added
In u quizzical lone. "1 didn't know you
were acquainted."
Oili'i'lugtoii rc'lectod the conversational tciulei:. "_cs;. 1 think It's pretty
good," was all he said. But Jnst before Iraln flnie he sought the porter
and CusUtilly naked hhu the destination
of llie Lungforfl baggage two dnys before.
"New York, sab." enme Ihe ready re-
sitonse.  "Thiiiil. you, sail."
The journey hud not beeu altogether
In vain. And while other passengers
on that train chatted gay ly together or
read their newspapers or watched tho
panorama of forest aud farmland and
the twinkling lights of villages thero
was one young man .whose eyes and
attention did not wander from a photograph he held before him.
Three months Inter he wns nt one of
Mrs. Bloomer Billings' receptions. Ho
did not know Mrs. Bloomer Billings,
but he had not been idle during the autumn montliR, and without being a
Sherlock Holmes he decided that be
must get an Invitation, and be did.
Mrs. Billings wns a literary lady
whose assemblages were diverse and
often astonishing. Artists anil writers'
attended them, musician's and player
folk, with a leavening of accepted "society." They were truly heterogeneous
gatherings.   -
Eagerly Cnrrington sennned the
rooms. A long haired violinist had just
finished a Beethoven sonata, nnd there
was much chipping of hands. Cnrrlngton was presented to Mrs. Billings,
who was surrounded by n bevy of
pretty girls. A moment of gallant conversation, and then his face lit up with
n sudden Joy that caused his hostess'to
look up In politely suppressed wonder.
In that group, now In n setting of pink
and white, but with the same laughing
face of the glistening beach und wave,
stood his lady of the sea.
An hour later they sat together on a
window sent listening to n prima donna's song.
"I have a picture I Would like you to
see, Miss Lungford," he said dilliilent-
ly. He took the photograph from hli
pockelbook und showed It to her.
She gave a little startled cry, and the
unmounted print fell from her hand.
"Why—why, you! were at Berkeley
inni" she exclaimed.
"I took a picture of the beach, but
not that one," he said slowly. "And
yet that ls the one I found in my camera."
Their eyes met for nn Instnnt, nnd
the girl flushed ci'lnfson. Silent nnd bewildered, she studied the photograph.
Suddenly she broke inlo the luugh of
the wnter witch ngnin.
"No less surprising wus the picture .
my sister took of me," she exclaimed
excitedly.   "The wnler nnd rocks were
lovely, but I was nowhere to be seen!"
"Now the myslcry Is no longer mysterious!" laughed Cnrrlngton. "it's plu In
enough. I saw another camera III the
hole! olllce, but never thought until
this instant that I might hnve picked
up the wrong one. Your sisler took a
picture wilh my cuineru, nnd I look
one with hers." Suddenly he became
silent and alter a monienl or two stammered, "1—1 suppose Ihis is your sister's properly, but may 1 not keep II?"
The girl tossed her head iitid sullied
In mock hesitation. She had been turning the picture aioiinfl unil nrountl iu
her hand. Then' the smile und the wurm
blood left her face in company, nnd
there was an nlmost imperceptible
tremor of the lung dark eyelashes, On
the back of the photograph she hud
"My mermaid."
Agnin their eyes met. but hers were
quickly withdrawn. Her hesitation was
real now.
Both were silent another moment. Ho
But eagerly, expectantly. Her eyes were
fixed on the floor, and us she sloa'ly extended her bund and placed the picture
lu his he felt the warm touch of her
finger tips.
If those who nro doubtful ns to the
correct course to pursue In nny given
situation will remember that even the'
wrong thing ls overlooked lf one is bnt j
absolutely  polite In  the doing of It i
their relief might be great.
A gentleness of demeanor and a
courteous response or question can
never be out of place. A ninu mnv
wear a business suit of clothes to nu
evening wedding less noticeably thin
a truculent air of Insolence. If be be
perfectly well bred us far ns behavior
goes. It matters not so much what his .
outward garb, although b.v nn unwritten law of social observance certain
clothes arc the correct thing for certain occasion-,
rollteness Is never wrong. Its practice goes nearly all the wuy toward ,
the goal of the right thing In the right
place. We hear of polite insolence, but '
Insolence is never polite, and it Is never, under any circumslances, polite to
be insolent.
The Toarlut and  llie Porter.
An English tourist was discussing the
relative  merits of British aud American railway service the other evening ■
when be suddenly sprang the following i
clincher o-.i his cisatlantic cousins:
"I tell you, though, there's one point ;
you folks are behind in, and that Is the
lack of consideration shown white pas- ,
sciigcrs In having them puss Inspection
by an African. Why, the Idea of such
treatment is an Insult to any gentle-
"A few dnys ngo when bonrdlng one ^
of your famous express trains I wns
chagrined, to put It mildly, to bn asked
by n liveried colored mnn to show my
ticket to liim. I subsequently learned
Hint this snme Individual Is nothing
but n train waiter. Such n thing could
not happen In my country."—New York
Press.  .   _______________
Haw Conaaeka Caleb  rl.li.
Tho Cossacks on some of the rivers
In Russia have n singular method ot
catching the finny tribe In winter. They
cut n long trench across a river When
frozen nnd run a not from one bonk to
tho other; then, rifling several miles up
the stream, they farm u line ncross the
frozen surfuce and gullop their horses
down townrd tho nels. The fish, |he..r-
Ing tlie noise uud clutter of hoofs, become frightened, durt with u rush downstream aud are thus entangled In the
 I .
Grlni   Rellea.    -
A prison sale In hold nnniinlly In
Paris. The urllclcs offered for Bnle
are the clothes of miu/ilercd people,
tho Instruments wilh which Ihe crimes
have been committed nlid the effects
which hnve belonged to the deceused
prisoners. Article, which have been
taken to the prefecture of police nnd
huve uot been claimed ure also sold.
The proceeds go lo the l'mis almshouse. Uuolnlnied Jewelry Is usually,
bought by ordinary brokers, but the
articles.which have belonged to criminals, especially I hose who are notorious, are bought ut high prices:
■ ■>--: :-,
''-itcitJlW' AifiVSANT  ADVOCATE.
A KUvtEF.    -
Tou prize the friend that prides himself
on being frank and true,
Who talks about your faults, howe*er it
may hurt him and you.
• You   know   that   ft1?,   hia  sort  on whom
, you're likeliest to depend
"When troubles overcast tho sky and bitter tears descend,
--Hut, just the same, you sometimes wish
that he could comprehend
■ That no one finds perfection—no, not even
In a friend—
/.nd though you vow you want tho truth,
and want lt .good and strong,
Vou kind o' like the fellow who will Jolly
.. you along.
Vou--kind o*  Uke: the bird that sings a
.   .."tfopg of careless cheer;
You-'kfnd orlike the-'flowers that blossom
p Idly, far "^rid near;.
• You kind o' like Jt he merry rhym* whose
! strains so Idly fall;
You kind o* like a lot of things that are
«        »no good at all,
rut there Is just.one fact that stands out
.    _      palpable and clear—
I The  thoughtlcsa  ainilfi   Is  always  better
than tho thoughtless sneer,
j .And flo many folks are ready to remind
; you when you're wrong
That you kind o* like the fellow who will
Jolly you along.'
-Washington Star.
"Why do 'you 'drink so much wa- I "Boys," said tho old lndy who waa
tor, Tommy?'" itsked thp mother of - on lier wuy to church, "don't yoU
her  .".-year-old  .son.    "So   you   won't ' know   that it i.-i  wrong; to  play  ball
hnve ea much lo wash me with," r<
pii. -I  the jvotthgstQr,
Tbo now Colonial lie has a wkle
flap fastening with two buttons, hut
lit)  buekh .
un Sunday?" "Wo ain't playln' hull;
we're only practfet-n* for to-morrer's
game,*' replied one of tho youngsters j
Moire enrd cases are encrusted with
gold  and ji-wels.
Suf ferreit From Nervousness and Extreme Physical Exhaustion,
Now Recommends Other  Women to Use
Dr. Chasers Nerve Food.
I The old-fiisliiiiiu'il lilnek velvet
bracelots arc ngnin with ti«r but now
ure inlaid with gems.	
$100 Reward $100.
Tha ..adem of Hit" paper will lie pl«"a_eit to
loam that there Is nt Unal one dreaded ills-nsa
that science ha. been nlito   to cure In nil  •••
staKee.   and   that   Is  Cuuinh.     Hall's   Ciltui
Cure Is the only positive cure now knows t.
medical  fraternity.    Catarrh lirlnc a const!—
tiomil  disease,   require,   ■_ eonslltiltlonal  treatment.    Hall's Catarrh Cine Is tajjcjl Internally,
actthc directly upon tin  l.lnml and mucous fliir-
facefc   of   the   _y_tem.   thereby   destroying   the
foundation of the disease,  ond glvlnic the  patient .trenglh t,y bull,ling un the constitution
and assisting nature  In doing its work.    The
proprietors hava ao much faith In Its curative
powers,   that   they olTer Ono   Hundred   poller.
for any ease thnt It fulls to cure.   Bend for
of testimonial".   Address
F. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo.
' Bold by all -Blg—lsls. 7f,o.
Hall's Family l'ills are the best.
Black luce, gauze, chiffon end noil,
worsted scurfs nre worn on the li,
for evening Wraps. ■
i.'ol So Kni-it.
Muny women date their illness mid
buffering from the period oi change
of- lire.
It i.'i a trying time to all women,
and a time when llr. Gha-O s NVrvo
Kood will prove ot incalc'.il,il.Ie
Hy supplying an abundant.- of rich,
red, life-sustaining blood, this prcui.
food cure helps women to pa-H in
safety tlio periods of trial In theii'
lives. It. strengthens and invigorates the delicate female ur^ah'sin,
and builds up the whole system.
Mrs. IMias. -Ceoling, sen., Own
Sound, (int., writes'.': '''II is u plcus-
ure to tell what, great henclits I have
derived from the use of Dr. I'base's
Nerve Food. 1 am fifty-five years of
age, and for about five years my life
was one of great Buffering from nervousness, weakness nml extreme physical exhaustion. ' 1 could not siccp,
and hot flushes'would ptiss through
my body from head to foot.      I con
sulted our family physician and two
other doctors, but they told tue,
about my timo of life, I was likely
to be troubled that wuy. I continually grew worse, and despaired of
ever licing cured.
"•JJr. ('huso's Norve Food came to
my nolice, and, as we have Ur.
Chase's Iteceipt Book, I had confidence in the doctor. I was so surprised at the help I.received Irom the
first box that 1 bought threo more.
They built nie right up, and made me
feel healthy and young again. They
hnve proven a great blessing to mc,
and I hope this testimonial will bo
of help to somo weak, nervous woman suffering as I did."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, ,-;o cents a
box, 6 boxes for $2.50, at all dealers,
or Edmonson; Dates & Co., Toronto.
To protect you against imitations,
the portrait and signature of llr. A.
! W.   Chase,  the famous  receipt   book
(author, are on every box.
t wasn't always in fills condition." sulci the osMl'o-d man iii the
ilitiie museum'.
"How did il. happen." .asked the
obese huly.
"A girl once giwe nie the marble
heart and It spread/' explained the
liiinlcucd  freak.—Chicago   News.
| iv,.
Minister—Once 1 married four couples In fifteen minutes.
Captain— Let's see, flint's sixteen
knots un hour. We can bent that easily. 	
direful  llltisl mil nir.
The kindergarten leaclier hud asked
her pupils to draw pictures illustrating
some song with wliich they were fa- |
miliar.    After considerable labor one
of the children came forward with a j
sheet of paper covered by delightfully
cabalistic   designs.     The   composition ,
of tbe picture consisted of three rude
buckets,   ranged   lu  older,   the  crude
representation of a well and a series
of. dots or spots made with the point 1
of 11 pencil. .
"What is fills'1" nsked the teacher,
pointing to. the lirst pail.
"That," said the young arlist. "is the
old  oaken   buciiel.    'She  next Is  the
'Iron bucket.   The Inst one's the moss
covered bucket, nnd tills Is the well."
"And wbat are these dots':"
•-    "Oh, you know!    They're the 'spots !
'  that my Inl'tincy knew!' "—I'blladelphia !
It nee . Pre. ml Ico.
. The Japanese soldier wns faint with
loss  of  blood   und   abstinence   from
■ rice.
The Bed Cross nurse held a bottle to
bis lips.
"What is lt?" feebly whispered tha
'.Whisky,** replied the nurse.
;.   Resolutely .Tie turned hia lip. away
from the tempting boftle.
"No," he murmured; "I don't like the
lust three letters or the word. They
ire undoubtedly Russian,"
"* Selling" Hint he was determined, the
nurse jftvo him n large swig of brandy
3 out of tho same bottle, nud he was
.soon himself aguln.-lialtimore Amerl-
.-cnn.  j	
ClrCDinalnnllnl  Evidence.
" Fredijie—What Is circumstantial evl-
dence?C6l)wi,'.',ger—As 11 general thing,
it's the theory of an expert which is
proved to be entirely wrong when the
trulb conies out.—Exchange.
l.m-,1     riMeer'. U "rli.
' Lord Cromer cblcbratod his sixty-
third birthday lust week, 'i'he year
Is an interesting one lor liim. In it
he attains his majority as an
"Fgyptnin."     His  works   In  connec-
. .tion'   with    Fgyptnin    affairs   goes
,'book,- of  course,   to  an  earlier   date
than 18811,  but it was In  that year
that hu wus appointed British Agent
and     C'oiisiil-Cciicial   with   the   rank
■ of Minister Plenipotentiary in tlie
','  liijiiomatic Korvico.      Since then   ho
has 're-inn.de- l'ig.vpt. To-day the
bankrupt country which he took oyer, co-uparos in position with any
European power, llis work is not
yet done, but already, In his llfo-
tin.o, ho has been accorded a place
among the greatest udminislr. live
geniuses ever 'produced by the nation of which he is so conspicuous
an ornament.
Anolelil  Tunis.
The ancient Egyptalns had tools
for stone working ennui to anything
in use to-drty. They used lttr.li solid
and tubular drills and slrufclit and
'circular, saws. Tho drills mere Bet
with Jewels, probably coruflt-uni, and
even luVho tools ha 4- such
cutting edges. So remarkable was
;'■ the quality of tho  tubular drills,   It
■ I is said, und tlio skill of tho work-
" men, that tho cutting marks in tho
'*' hard granite give no indication of
' tbo-wear ill the tool, while a cut of
.' ii tenth part Of ah inch,.wus mado in
tiie hardest! rock at each revolution,
and a hole through both thojptrd-
est and sofest material was' bored
perfectly Smooth and uniform
throughout. Of the material ana
method of making tlio tools nothing
is known. • ' ■
»l '. Italy*. Clever oueon.
•   Queen Helena of Italy is quite   an
expert with rod and gun, and ia also
a e'ever, artist.     It  is said that   to
thp .merit of her drawings she owes
her    election    nn  a   member  ol  the
.   Acndeniia     di    Han     Mien.      Unlike
(.neon  Miirghei-ila,    her  dnughter-in-
la'7  is  not  very     musical,   although
'■'••■ isle  liiay   laV regarded   as   an   ncconi-
.-'pushed musician when compared with
il«r    husband,     who    roSbinbluB    his
grandfather:   in lack of appreciation
'ol'  uny, but   the  simplest   of  strains.
in    Italy  the  King    and  Queer,    nl-
. Ways brenkfast togelher at 7 o'clock
in     the  morning,    without servants,
tha Queen pouring out the cofleo.
This falling of your hair!
Stop it, or you will soon be
bald. Give your hair some
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The falling will stop, the hair will
grow, and the scalp will be
clean and healthy. Why be
satisfied with poor hair when
you can make it rich?
** My hslr nearly .11 came out I then tried
Ayer'a Hair Vigor and only one bottle stopped
tho falling. Now hair came in real thick and
lost a Utile curl;."—Mai. L. jl SalTU.
Saratoga, N. ¥.
fi.ee a bottlo. J. 0. Aran co.
II druggists, *_»__ Lowell.   Mass.
iThick Hair
For a Time
Cnnstipfttion and Indigestion may give
rise to nothing more serJQu.s .than adis-   _,
trcf-sed fooling or discomfort duo to on
ovorworked or impoverished condition of
tho Digestive Organs.   A dose or two of
will oa-ily put this ri^ht, but if neglected
What a burden of illuc-b may ho Uie o.a-
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
Taffetas    in    faded,     <_ld-faslitoi.a
shades of  rose or green  make lovel.i
house gowns.
rimlore and all munnief couiplujtdja tin
m> quick in tlioi'r action Unit tho cultl
haml iif ili-iuli is Upon tlio victims liefon
tlan oi-> iiuoro lh.it d.ini.i'r is nenr. I
attarkiil   tio   not    delay    In   _nttlng   Un
pnipcl' uicilii Inc.   'I'ty n ilin I   llr.   J.J)
Koilefig-H    llysentvry   C.nrilinl.     Bllll     ynl
will  gel   Itninetlitil.  reuef.     It acts  v-iu
it'ontlorful  niiiiilii.v  I never foils Lo cf-
foot u cure.
A   great many shirred nud smocke
skirls  aie  shown   among   the sprin
fusilionSj   while   full   skirls   trininu'
wilh lloanii'S. and frills are to be extremely  popular.
RJuitlcd   chilTinis   are   combined   t
mako iniisl. ■fetching evening gowns.
Stray   Hit.   of   Ilniuor   Ont   of   tha
Months  of  Bnliea.
Alma wns just celebrating her second birthday, and her description of
the event to h little playmate was this:
"I's got 11 birfdny cuke. H's two 'e'rs
old." _ ,
Evelyn, aged flvo, while Journeying
with her mother was stormbound in
the flooded districts of the west this
year, nnd for two dnys. while food
was scarce, the scenery bounded on all
Bides by wastes of wnter and little
hope of gaining their destination, th©
little miss excited the admiration of
all the passengers by her sweet disposition nnd her uncomplaining acceptance of the situation. A gentleman
who had faced the storm nnd waded
through wnter to bring fruit nnd food
to the beleaguered passengers presented the little miss Willi 11 box of candy
and Bome fruit. Evelyn's mamma
nsked, "Isn't the gentleman good to
bring you such nice things?" whereupon the tiny maiden nnswereil, "Yes;
but, innniiiin, 1 am n nice girl to bring
them to."
A child of four had passed his Jife
among high mountains nnd knew nothing except the towering peaks and a
small expanse of Sky. When taken to
an eastern Btate for n visit ho becumo
quirt, melancholy nnd apparently'111,
A physician conld lind no disensc, nnd
tlio little lad told his own story of
home sickness and gloom when bo
cri"d out to his niiinimn, "Oh, mamma,
won't you tnke me where there Isu't so
much sky."
Will curo Diphtheria.
French   Village.
I     Know     MlNAIili'S     IJMMK.NT
will cure  Croup.
J.   I'.   I'lNNINflllAM.
Cape  Island.
I     Know    iMlNAIIH'K    l.INIMKNT
is the best remedy on earth.
Norway,  Me.
Nothing iiuikes a married woman
so mail ns lo .hear lu-r husband
mumbling in his sleep and not be
able to muke out what he's gel-ting
'After all, I believe the Chinamen
are our friends,'" "Well," responded
the man with the glossy shirt front.,
"Ihey must be our bosom friends."
Tbat   Dodd's    Kidney   Pills   Cure
Promptly and Permanently.
AU Form, ami Sl-uiciu) of Kleiner lliaciiso
—'Sew ltruii.tflok Man Tell, of Tor-
rlble Urinary Complaint llani.lieil
Ouce  and   lor  AU,
St. Mary's Ferry, York Co., N. B.,
May 2.—fSpecial)—Thomas Harrison,
a well known resident of this place,
adds his testimony to that of tho
thousands who havo proved that
Dodd's Kidney fills cure promptly
and permanently any fornii or stage
of Kidney Disease. Mr;. Harrison
"Some years ago I begnn to suiter
from pain ill the back, aci'oinpat.ied
by a lethargy impossible to overcome. I was attended by a physi.
clani but continued to grow worse,
and began to pass bloody nrino.
"On the advice ol a friend 1 started
using Dodd's Kidney l'ills,' and by
the lime I had taken one box I passed tinstone, which is'how in the doctor's possession.
"Three boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Tills cured me completely, and though
it Is now years since I was btlt'od 1
have had no return of niy former
.Dodd's Kidney l'ills cure Ihe Kidneys,, and wilh sound Kidneys you
need'neVer fear Urinary complaints.
A woman's idea of n man wilh
loose habits is one who fl'equeni.ll
gels -tight.
Some mothers save slipper soles
and spoil .children.
Lever's Y-Z (Wisu ileml) tMalnfcctniii
.Sunn Powder is a lnum 16 any bouw. It
disinfects and cloans nt the sanio thuo.    Hi
Indigestion Can't Stay wh«n Dr.
Vmi StaliV Pineapple Tableta are ar-
-rayed ugaliml it. -honum Smith, of
Diner, Unt., mi.-: "I urn delighted with
tlioiu—from 11l111a.it tlio lirst u:..ng 1 Imv-
boon entirely icliced of the luineuf in-
dige-lfon-—I have the grouiest coulitlcnce
in the Tulilcts. and heurlily recommend
them lo any nnd every Btlffortfr from
blomucli tl'oUblOB,!'  U5 ctn —112
A  beau'il'ul trimming is a nil win-
! in  linen  with  an eiribroiih r.y  over
lin  gold    or   colored'. Ilu'ead.    One 111
ecru and son  given  Ihii a  Is ombrold-
en-d all  over in do) I cut- gold.
Eczoma Relieved  in  a day-
Dr. Agnew's Ointment will cure this dis-
giiHUnu -khrdiHou-o without tail, ltwdl
also cure llurhcr's Itch, Tetter, Salt
Hlieuin, and uU -kin oruptlona. in trdlli
tlnoe (nun six nights It will cure llliinl,
.Heeding and llching l'llee. One application brings comfort, to the moat irrl-
tuting. cases.    85 Cod.-.—Ill
— -r	
I'eaeoi'k  hatpins are  In'i-oiiiing    the
Fringes will ' lie popular daenra-
11ons for Ibe spring modes. Wnsh-
lliiltl  Iringrs  are  now  to   lie  lioilglll.
Sunlight Soap will not injure
your blankets or harden them. It
will make them soft, white and
fleecya ia
Uer  Cnlf.
While walling for n train at a little
station down in tlie country the other
dny 11 Chicago man overheard two
farmers talking ns follows:
"Suy, Hill, did you benr how old
Hanks come lt over Pete Harvey lust
week 1"
"I'ete, he druv up to Hill's place, 'ml
Hill says to him: 'Come back in the
burn. 1 want to show you a cow 'ud
culf I've got fer sale.' The cow wns a
fine lookln' critter, 'nd l'eto Hst how
much Hnnks wanted fer her 'nd tho
culf. After dlckcrln n bit I'ole bought
tbem 'nd stinted home. Next day he
come back, mad as a hornet.
" 'BUI,' he Bays, 'you 'skinned me on
tbat critter. She ain't no new milk
cow, 'nd that ain't her calf.'
" 'Yes, It is,' says Bill.
"'If lt is I'll eat 'cm both, hide, hnlr
'nd hoofs,' Bays l'cte. The calf won't
have anything to do with her. It ain't
•"Well, I reckon I oughter know,'
says Bill. 'It's her calf, all right I
bought the little cuss myself 'nd give it
to 'er, 'nd if it ain't her'a whose ls
It?'" ,	
A  VnanlTuotia   111,-etlnn.
There was a,character out lu whnt
was then known 11s (he toughest part
of creation who went by the name of
Big John. I doubt If he ever had any
other name. We had a little settlement we wero going to make u town
out of and concluded that the llrst
thing to do was to choose a marshal,
I which we proceeded to do. There were
several candidates, litg John among
them, and when tho pieces sf paper
dropped Into a wide brimmed hat Big
John wnlked up, coolly took the votes
and put them Iuto his pocket and snld:
"This Is the quickest way. All them
ns votes, for me come to this side." Not
a man hesitated. It Wss tho most
unanimous election ever held. He
made a good olflcer, though, and we
kept blm In till we pulled np the town
and moved an to the next terminus of
tbe   railroad.	
When one meets tl:e tipping problem
face to face he understands what Is
meant by the saw "All things come tm;
Iii 111 who walls." 	
Never Siirr*,ndcr.
Tl'.ere Is no defeat. Imn't admit lt
for 11 moment. Never surrender. When
the Inst second conies, .mnke the lust
thought hopeful, tin; Inst breath brave.
The man Or creed thut tells you lt ls
loo lute speaks hopelessly and In Ignorance of ihe great mystery, for wo
are the great mystery, frugme.ils of a
fate, a future, not within our comprehension, beyond Ihe speculation of the
thing that dii-.i.   Hchooliinisler.
Soft     leather     trimmings    will    In
used on the new spring gown.
The new silk and cotton fabr
are delightful to the cyu, but hot
pleasing to  the pocket book.
Sufferers Read!
0. G. Archer, of Ilrcwer, Maine, says:
"I have had catorrli for several years.
Water would run from my eyes and nnse
for tluys at a time. About tour months
ago 1 was Induced to try Dr. Agnew's
Catarrhal rowdur, and since uolng the
wonderfut remedy I have n.t h.,,1 an at-
tack, lt relieves In 10 niliiut..." For
sale by all drufrfrlsts.
Dr. Agaew's Henri Cure relieves
la 30 minutes. 34
Nature  Revolts  Against   High
Living ami it hasaot it's soul to It hy adding to man's el'nients the s*:ou.|re of
diabetes. Eminent u.._l-al men until recently proclaimed It a 'no cum.' disease, but Soiitli American Kidney Cure
hns knocked down their pet f-llaoy und
has proved llielf miiit.r of kidney disease
lu all  Us forms.   Helta! In 6 hours— 1 10
Next to the mohairs perhaps .tin
greatest demand nl. present is for the
new  linen  suitings.	
Guard's Lt1.tn.01it Lumberman's Friend.
-Colli   braids, in    all    widths   and
weights lil'e lo 1)0 used -hiiisld.v Ibis
English pongee coals for drivlll)
nnd travelling are piped with a coin
and have removable capes.
The flecked woolen goods to be
worn for demi-saison slreet sails will
be trimmed with plain-colored cloth.
Greuaajllies promise to   become   cx-
Kall lint models received In the
idiolcsulo Initio t how many high
ToHiiH,  long plu 1, and velvet.
Tuckers of while drawn in il Hi-'
lop Willi "bebe" ribbons are pi'"-,
phe.'.ieil in thu ii'-ar future for lush-
oiiable wear.
Iremely f^ipulur,■ ami  are showi
beautiful cblo|;s. ainl designs. Those
thin fabrics tienimu^. a silk or satin
foundation. ' •£ 1
StlFFER   NO   Ml)It!..— There   nre   II1011-
saads    who    live    miserable  lives  because
lyspepsin dulls the faculties and shadows ,
existence   with   the   cloud   of depression.
One   wuv   t"   dispel   the   vnpor.   Unit   hc-
iat the victim, of this disorder is to nr-
lcr them u course of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, wliich are among the best wee
table    pills    known,    being   easy   to   lake
ml ure roost I'llicucious in I heir ucliuii.
A  trial  of them   will   prove this.
. Ituchings adorn nil sorts and conditions of gowns. The flutl^ evening
frock, the cloth gown, the tft^k dross,
and tho airy cotton garmcri-..'. -
I. The harder you eoligh, tho worse
tho coUjfh fce'ts.
Cure TSmcLung
Is guaranteed to cure. If It
doesn't benefit you, tho druggist
will givo you your money back.
Prices: S. C. Willi 4 Co. 80.
ISc. 50c. II   L*H.or, N. V.. Toronto,Can.
Lincoln's  Opinion   of illiruaelf.
Iii the "Jleiiiolrs of Henry Vilhird"
the author fulls of the tiiue Lincoln
spoke to hlin of the growth of his ambition since the days when ho was
clerking in n country store, nnd his
greatest desire poIlticali.v'Vns to be it
member of-the state legislature.
"Since then, of course," . he sni>'
laughingly, "I have grown some, bv.
iny friends got me Into this busines
(meaning the canvass). I did npt.coi
ui'.or myself qualified for Ihe Unite
States senate, and il took nie a,Jm
time to persuade myself that I wa.
Now, to be sure," he continued, wir)
.nether of his peculiar laughs, "I ni:-
convinced that I 11111 good enough fo
it; but, in spite of nil. I am saying t
myself every dny, 'It is too big a thin
for you; you will never get It' Mur;
(Mrs. Lincoln) insists, however, that
am going to be senator and presiden
of the tinted States too."
"These last words," adds Mr. YiUnr..
"he followed with a roar of lnughtei
with his mills nround his knees ma
shaking all over with mirth at bib
wife's ambition. 'Just think.' he ex
claimed, 'of such a sucker as me ai
Are    You    Building 7       If   e_o,    aj>s_o
THo   B@st   BuilcJlr_er ^apor Mado.
Tt la very much strnnirer nnd thinker thnn nny other (tnrrpd or t.tilM-
lnp) pu|ier. J*, i:- Impery.fouH to wind, keeps out cold, keens _ji he-it, c.ir-
riefl nn smell ur odor, ahsorhs no moisture, im|>ttrts no taste or lluvor tp
anything with which it comes in contact. It is Inry-cly ns. d nut (inly for
sheeting houses, hut for lining cold stomue buildings, refrigeratora, dairies, creamm'ie_., and all places where the object Ih to keep an even and
uniform temperature, and at the same timo avoiding dumpness.
Write our Agents, TEES & PERSSE, Winnipeg, for samples.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
ituinurkaljly pretty uogUgubf) un: of
tin.i plaits, with u large capo collar
und iluwing siueVuH.
Bash c'tirlttJjls of scrim have n
hi'tii.sii ichcd hum tiiiU a liorUur 61
b.;ruil« uoitu in erus.s-stitch  with lu«
uu   tlU'CUli.
A few ehunniiig toques of luce havo
uppuuruU- with tlio i'rmco ol Vvalus
tipH, Lliruo Upright, once more in evidence.
Silk travelling gowns have become
.jopuiur lor iiutny nAisuny, unti tiiuj
ire utilinuU, with u drop silk petti-
^out bunruLh.
l'rinted cotton m fcicotch tweed ef-
ecl is uiiuLiicr ol the season s mu-
.uriuis that lends itself especially
.veil  to  the  two-piece costume.
Delightfully sugtftjsUvu of thu 14J8U
icl'iou is liurego^-a thin, opeti-niesli
a.tii'ic that may bu had in a variety
n"  colorings nnd  taWelty   ellecls.
Acute Vision of Dirils.
Birds have n vefy acute vision, per
hni>a tlie most acute of any creature
■ii)d the sense is also more widely il it'
fused Over the retina than is llie cam
with man. Consequently a bird ean
see sideways as well ns objects lu
front of It,- A bird sees, showing great
uneasiness in consequence, a hawk
long before it is visible to man. So.
too, fowls and pigeons find minute
scraps of food, distinguishing them
from what appear to us similar pieces
of earHi or gravel. Voting chickens
are also able to find their own food.
knowing Its position and how distant
it is as soon as they are hatched
whereas H child only very gradimHj
learns either to see or to understand
the distance of objects. Several birds.
apparently the young of all those that
nest on the ground, can sec quite web
directly they come out of the shell, bill
the young birds that nest in trees ol
on rocks are born blind aud have to be
The new skirts iiti closely around
tli(i hips, the flari, wincli is oittums
so extravagant at the foot, UOgiu-
uig higher   up   than   was   formerij
■.he cuse.
Brush & C°--i
Ilaspberry    is   a    new
dor;    also
Armenian   embroidi-ry   somewhat re-
•inbhs   the   UulgaHuU   hamtworK.
Tan color, gun metal nud pretty
pastel shades oi blue and pink are
most fashionable  tints iu  \oiirs.
Keep Miiiard's Linimcut iu the House.
Twill I'u.'xjlL-.. tu.' cacli .suit'   of    tlio
COll'-ll'U   Ul'U   COl|tH'll il,Jl   mini 11111,'llU,.
.  Nut lujj lui'-cs Una tu In: only second
ill popularity in   V'uluncii.'iiiii.'s.
TESTIMnNlAL from tho Late Sill SAM-
WEL BAKEK, th* fnmom Nil-  Explorer:
I     "Newton  Abbot,  llirvon.     Dear Sir.—I
have  ilehivi'il  my  tlianka an I  wi.heil  to
I test the cHect ol Blalr'a Pill- by a »ulll-
I clent Interval of time.
I "For ten year. 1 hart .uflereil acutely
i from Clout and life hud lout Its atlrac-
! tlon owing to tbe uncertainty of hcullh
I ai.rt the eu-iien viHitations of tlio enrmy
which proBtrated me for jiiulithfl, or wi'tks,
acconlltiff to the virulence of the ntlack..
i "I'.lnir . Pllla havo rendered me Inimenie
' service, ai 1 no longer fear an uiti,,.. of
I     "For  the  last   twenty   month.   I   hnve
been  comparatively   free,   as  one or  two
nttemptr-il   violation,   have   hocn   In.mc-d-
lately etamped out  by  tho assistant', of
Blair's Pills.
j     "Truly your. (Signed) Saml. W. Bnker. '
I     I.ynitm St'iia A Co.,  Montreal eiiri Toronto; Tho BoIo True; Co., Wlnnlp'i.'; Tho
Martin, BoIo A Wynne  Co.. Wlnnlprg
Tlie Dlff Bell or llurimi.
One of tlie B'jrhls of the Slnve Dm
none iiiixoilii in Burma is n glgnntii
liell of lii'imxe, wolglilng forty-two nml
a i]ii:u'ti'i' tons nml saiil to lie the tlitrtj
lai'Kest bell in tlio -world, the lnriiesl
lielni; in Moscow nml the next lnrgeat
In Mlngln, nlso In Burma, After conquering Burma the British undertook
to carry the great Unngun bell to rui
cut tn ns n trophy, lint dropped It over
bonrd In the ttnntrun river, whore It
iltlieil nil the efforts of the englncfll'l
to raise it. Some years later the Ilm-
nie.se, who bnd not censed to inouni
ils loss, hogged to be allowed to recover It. Their petition w.-is granted, nnd
by ntliicblng lo It nn Incredible number
of bamboo Hunts the unwieldy muss of
metal wns finnlly lifted from Ils muddy bed and triumphantly restored to
Its place.
Juvenile  Genial,
Here are some instances of curious
mistakes made by school children in
Oxygen Is a thing Hint bus eight
sides. The cuckoo never lays Ils own
eggs. A mosiiullo ls n child of blnck
and white parents. A bll"~urd is the
Inside of a lieu. A meridian Is Ibe
nnuie of the place where they keep
time. "Parasite" Is the slung name
given to nn inhabitant of Purls; H
ought to be'wrllten "Parisian." The
following has an odd ring about it imil
ought to be true: "Iznnk Walton wns
such n good fisher Hint men called blm
'Judicious Honker!" " I" this next Ill-
Stance plionellcs is certainly to blttmin
'"i'he eqrlator is a menagerie lion run
Ing round the earth through Afi'lea."--
I.ivorpool Post.
IT   HAS   .MANY   ofPIOPS.—Before II
G'eriuaa  BolUiur starts  un  a  Itiiiar niaic
Uu rulis his feet with uillow, for hi- first
.lire   is   to   M-cp   his   fool   in   genii   coll
lion.      If    he    knew     Unil    Ur.    Tlioiu
bloleotriu  Oil wimlil he ui much   better t
,-ice   he    wimlil    throw     away   Ins   Lull
iiul  pack  u few  bottles ol   ihu nil in
knupstick.   Tlicic is notbltig like It.
l.piUllotte ellecls nro very llllldish.
Ayer's Pills are good liver
pills. You ..now that. The best
family laxative yoju can buy.
They keep the bowels regular,
cure constipation.    - f^*.,?.8;:
Signet hatpins orp new favorites.
(Imard's Liniment is used by Physicians.
Hi-aids disport M.em..elves wilh
great cl'iontery on llie iilmy rhiil m
Thero iiyvei wuh and never will he t
■ni.ri._il Miuiuft-u, in one reincily, tor al
in. to which flesh ia heir— the very nu
,uro of iinuiv curatives belhff BUCh that
veio   the   ^tiniiH   ol   other   ftlltl   UilTerenllN
teated disease rooted in the system o
:tm patient-—what would relieve one 11
n turn would loru'invute the other. \V.
huve, however, iu Quinine tVine, whei
uiniiiiuihlu in sound, unadulterated sLut*
a. remedy for mauv and trrievous iJ Ih. Ji-
itt- gradual uud judicious use the frailds
tystauis ure led into convalescence ant
itrenffth hy the iniluencu which Qui nil*
rXerts on nuiure'u own rdStdi'atives. 1'
elieves the droopitiR spiritB of thost
viih whom u chronic state oi morble
lespoiulfiiey und luck of interest in lift
s a dJHease, uud hv tranquili/,hiH tn<
ier\es, ttfsposes to sound und refreshtnt
il eel»—im parts visor to the uciiou of thi
hlood, which, betiiff stimulated, coursi
hfough the veins, BtrenjcthenlnK thi
tea)thy  animal  tuncl ions dt the system
'.i-re!i>    maKitIR   uetiv iiy   U   in i i-ssur.V   re
iult, strengthening tho frame and irivfrig
ife   to   the  di^esiive orynus.   which   nutu
nllv   demand   Incrosed   substance—result
unproved appetite. Northr.-p \ l,.Mnui.
»f Toronto, have given t» the DuhUi
heir Superior Quinine Wine ut the usua
■ate, and, gauged by the opinions a
iclentist:., the wine upprourlies ueur«ri'
leHectlon of any in the market. Ai
IrugRlsts Hell it.
A   Mfldrit   Colonol.
Accordlnjf to the Canttdlnn Military
Gazette, tho new adjutant of u volunteer regiment wuh nuking the colOQpl n
few things nbout the corps and even
timlly got on to the subject of innrUs
nmiiHhip.   "U the battalion n fairly
good Shooting one?" he iislteil. "Uh,
yoH; It Ih quite," answered the colonel
grandiloquently. ".You'll And a lonfb
percentage or good iliota In my regl
ment. And some very Due BlioU, too
very fine MhotH. I myaelf" here he
dropped his voice to n lower nml more
oily pitch—"nm the best Hbot. l.'u'U-
lennnt PullUirongn. who la the next
bent fthot to mybt'lf, la a uagnlUeent
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brownor rich black? Use
. .. IUL1. a en . Faknua. s. n.
Silk   Inco,    which   Ih   umbroldori
'.villi   fine silk  und  (_ra aid   bill ill,    is
vtrlklug nuvi'iiy.
A Ini'i-lv new l.jnl. is uniinil tho "or-
Ask for 'liiisrd's and take nu utlier.
Bifri, for the Younir «nil Atrr-il.
A fi.nr-.venr-ohl i'eiprlii'8 12 hours;
nnc of 7 yArg, 11 hours; of 12 years,
ID hours, nml of 10 or 18, f) liourH. After thut 7 or H liours Is sulliclent ivntll
nfter CO; then tho hours Bhould be ln-
creiiKeil gradually with ench deeude, uu
Ihe mun or woliiim of SO rwiulrcs ns
much sleep ns n child of 10. And It
should be remembered Hint the most
hei!lib bIvIuk beiiuty iuuk.,115 time hi
Her Infercnc*.
One dny .lelen wns tnken by her
mother to visit nn artist who happened to be biililliemleil. Helen had never
been in ii Btlldlo before, und she wns
curious about eve"rj»tblug. she watched
tho artist us be worked fur n time.
Then she picked up one of the brushes
aud, nfter e*ntninlni_ it carefully, laid:
"Oh, now I know bow yon pi'j :ihl-
headed, You used up all your Uir to
make brushes out of." - New Stork
Outfits wpplied lor ntwjpsptr
and job offices on a day', notice.
No plant too large for ui to figure
on, and none too .mall to merit our
closest attention. I'rompt service
New combs hnvo lieu IjivciiYcd I"
hold in plnco tho "!'''■ nt'h livlst."
which is .hrcfttohing lb. liei-onie popular.
cil'i.s.-- Huclilimry nut proimrly ouper-
vim-,1 nml left to run Itself, VtTy Soon
allows fat ii 11. iii Ils workiii«. n Is i,l'«
■illiio    wilh    II"'   (IlKOsllvo  nrgnris.     I n-
regulatnl  from   il    to' lime    llu-y   nm
llkclv    "in''   iiopiil   ""'I   throw  th_
B-holfl  ■ v!i,-in   out    ill   '!"■"      I'«r li"- J
Wi.i-i.-ilii" l'ills w.'i.'. iMn'ii' i" ii '  «ucs
nnsoii     Thry notora i"  Iho lull  nsB-
cbil.   fiiriilHi-a.   mel   bring   into   iml'r   all
part, of tlio mechanism.
Shirt M.'i'is in''- still very much In
I'l.lMlCO, nml the materials used (or
heir tlevilopnietit tire shown in
grent varloty,
MJ    N    <J    Mo    *-»
___U______________*nB_M__i A.   Pleasant  Advocate.
fEaatobli-hed April 8,1808.)
%l%$. R. Whitnev, Publisher
aOWfrCit.  2625 Westminster avenue.
-.mulish  Oft-Ch— 30 Fleet street,
Lnndou, E. C,   England  Where :i
£le of "The Advocate" is kept for
visitors:    '   ,
Tel, 31405.
-|ub-criptiou $1 a year   payable   in
•     Advance.
Boentsa Oopy.
Kotic-es af Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free ot charge.
Vancouver, B.C., July 9th, 1004.
■"To improve human conditions is tho
t)crue of human endeavor. To attaiu it
au ideal must be erected at the eutrauco
to the goal of ambition and every
thought aud action should be subservient
to the desire and determination to reach
it. It has beeu said thnt we get out of
Hte what we put inn it. Then let ns
raise high ideals and pnt eoniest, consistent effort into every actiou, aud the
experiences of others teach us that the
fruition of siicces. will come to us."
Local Items.
Mrs. W. W. Merkley has  beeu  quite
ill liiis week with grip!,
Mrs Morrison of Twelfth avenue, Iibb
recovered from a several weeks' illness.
Mr.  Travis   nud   family   from   New
Westmiuster have located ou Ninth ave
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on salv
nt all the Newsdealers iu the city.
The Misses Foote and Master Foote
are spending a few wicks with friends
at Vim Auda.
Mr. Uhi-.s. 1.1111111.1 -l's new residence
ou Oulirio street is Hearing completiou
aud when fiuislietl it will be occupied by
Mr. and Mrs. l.uinuiul, their present
home ndjoin.ug the new one wi'l be
The Secret  of Attainment.
When strong desire grows iu thy sonl,
Aud whispers in   thy heart of   some
great deed,
Grasp iu thy hand the sword of thy
strong will,
And hew with might toward thy goal.
Let naught staud 'twixt (hoe
And the sacred shrine. Aud if there be
A thought,   or  thing,   or man,  whioh
Thy strength, which takeB thy talents,
Aud which tries at length to lure thy
From its given task, thrust such aside;
Nor pause to ask if thou should leud
Ear to precedent.    The light of Oue
. Unto thy sonl is sent, like that whioh
1 shone around
' Tho infant  Saviour  whom   the Wise
Men fonnd.
1 Walk thou therein ; bosk iu  its sacred
. And lot thy temple shall be ready for
. thy Heart's Desire.
—M. Josephine Conger.
The annual picnics of the Mt. Pleasant Buptists and Methodist Suuduy
Schools were held on Tuesday of last
week, uud were attended by the minority of the members of each school. The
Baptists weal to Bowen Island and tlie
Methodists to Second Beiich
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
The Choir of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church held their aununl picnic
at North Vaucouver ou Thursday of
last- week. The Irip across the Inlet
was made iu row bo its, ou the way
home the little Louts gathered arouud
the warships aud seramided the marines
am! sailors. Mr. J. B. Abernethy took
two pietmes of the Choir which nro
very good considering the hour they
were taken, nfter 7 p. 111. There wero
about thirty i;i the picnic pnrty.
We have just received a large consignment of Baby Buggies, Stanley Carts,
and Carriers, aud we are selling them
off at a little above cost.
Baby Buggies, worth $17.50,
for $ii.oo
Carriers, worth $2.50 for $1.95
Bedroom Suites, Couches, Exteusiou
Tables, Linoleums, Carpots, etc, at
very low prices.
—Grocery Department—
Creamery Butter, best, 8-tb, 46c
Fruit Jars, pints, per dozen  75o
Fruit Jars, qiii-.rts, per doz. 95c
Fruit Surs, % gal., per doz %\. 20
5.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1266
Mailorders Promptly Filled.
Mr. W. J. Clement, teacher at West
Vancouver School, left last week for
his old home Kelowna, B. C, where he
will speud his vacation.
Mr. Geo.Bovyer, teacher at Haywood
came over from Nannimo on Saturday
last, and left on Monday for St. Louis
where he will speud his vaca.ion saeiug
she sights of the World's Fair.
Go to McKinnon's, Burrttt Block, for
Ice Cream und pnro home made Candy.
r Seventh .venue, between Westminster ave
1 rule .ml Quebec street. SERVICER nl 11 a.m.,
, .nd 7-.-Uii.iii.: Sunday School at '_•.-- p.m.
i Uev. A. 91. McLeod, Castor. Residence ...
; Sixth avenue,enM.
. Corner ol Hint    and Westminster avenues.
. SERVICES at  11.. m.,  and  7 p. m.i Sunday
1 Scho.il.nd Bible (Mans 2:S0 p.m.   Kev. A. K.
, H.-lni.Iugtoti, B. A., B. I)., Pastor.
Parsonage 123 Eleventh avenue, west.
I Junction _. Westminster avenue ami West-
,, winner road. SERVICES at 11 a. m., nnd
-, 7:30 |i, in.: Sunday School at'_::in p.m. Rov.
1.0,0. A. Wilson, B. A., Pastor. Manse corner of
_ Kigh-h avenue and Ontario street.   Tel. 1066.
"8T1 MiCHABL 8, (Anglican).
t Corner Westminster road and Prince Edward
.^.trcet.   SERVICES at 11a.m., and 7:30 p
Norton Print z bus established a school
at Victoria of Twentieth Century
Shorthand!. This system of shorthand—
toquote from the circular—was inveut-
ed by seven practical reporters iu the
British House of Lords nud Commons,
all of whom are uow teaching it in the
four quarters of the globe. Mr. Printz
wns engaged as Special War Correspoudt
eut, but beiug unable to get to the frout
left Tokio, Juue 4th. lie .will soon
establish a school iu Vancouver where
this wonderfal uew method will be
■ :o: ■	
The City Grocery   Ue.ivers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 286
The following made up a jolly party
of   mountain   climbers   on     Dominion
Day: Misses Lydia aud Gertrude ('ope-
lnnd, Misses Ilaltie   nil Anu'it Burritt,
.Miss  Ethel   C-inmlierlain,   Mrs. Russ,
Messers.   II.   und    E.   Burritt, J.   C.
Mathers, — Stutt, Bert Bulchnrt. . The
party   had   lots   of   fun    and   several
•uiisnaps wlikrli added to tho novelty of
the outing    The snow ou top of Goat
Monurniu is quito   deep—nnd   slippery.
ll_tylr.Cora_ii.unJonl»ta-id 3d Sundays jn each I Two of the young ladies were having
month after morning prayer, 3d mil -lth Sun-   toboggan slides of a few feet lin  lengll
Read W. J. Auuaud's advertisement
in this paper; he has Ihe very wheel
you need at his East Eud Cyclery, 148
Hastings street, east.
The pupils of the North Arm School
with their teachers, Miss R. Glover aud
Mr. E W. Ogilvie, aud a number of
the parents of scholars held a picnic nt
Second Beach on Weduesdav last.
Shnrpe-Whitmnn.—0 n Wednesday
evening, Juue 80th, the Rev. E. Robsou
united in marriage Miss Maude Whitman, daughter of Mr nud Mrs. Whitman of Tenth aveuue, east, ami Mt.
Wallace Sharps. The bride was attended by her sisters, Misses Florence and
Lnln Whitman, while the groom was
supported by Mr. R Smith. The wedding look place in the Mt. Plensr.ut
Methodist Church and was li rgely
attended. The uewly married couple
will make their home ou Mt. Pleasant,
A. J. McDonald, Cemetery road, near
Thomas', has thoroughbred Collie Pups
for s ile.
Kid Beltb.—Well built crushnble
belts of glove kid, are different iu several
respects from many others, being of
superior construction. They lie close to
the waist in graceful, clinging folds, do
not rip or get out of order, and if white
may be cleaued as well as a pair of
gloves. The buckles are manuish
oharacter, aud very smart. If the latter
bo of leather covered metal, the price
of tbe belt is $4, and if of gold plate, $8
These belts are made of the finest kid,
and can not be excelled iu style. Some
of the buokles hold tho owner's monogram within au outer circle.
Dry Sweets kor Teas.—Dry sweets
aro offered with the thiu wafer or delicate slices of bread aud buttea that are
handed arouud with the cup of tea or
choaolate at informal affairs.
These sweets may be crystallized
ginger or fragrant,, delicate sugared
mint leaves or violets, nut pralines,
chocolate coated meringues or tiny
macaroons, something with a uulilcicut
aromatic or spicy flavor to bo appetizing
with the wafer or sandwich. These
high class sweets, q.iite expensive when
purchased, arc easily made at home.
Beat the whites of threo eggs until
foamy, udd cue-fourth teaspoon of cream
of tartar, aud beat nntil dry. Fold iuto
the mixture three-fourths of a cup of
sugar (powdered) aud one teaspoon of
viuilln, adding two teaspoons of tho
sugar ut a time.
Cover half-iuch"boards,, that will- fit
the oven, with sheets of paper. A tack
nt ench corner will keep the papers in
positiou. Drop the mixture onto the
the paper from a teaspoon, making
little flat cakes uot larger than a silver
dollar. Dust the top with powdered
chocolate and bake iu a cool oven. They
require about thirty minutes cooking
iu nu oven so slow that at tho end of
that time the meriuguu will be only
delicately browu. They will then have
risen to nearly double their original
bull;, ami lie crisp aud teudor. If cooked
rapidly io a hot oven, the meringue will
rise and full after Leiug taken from the
oven, aud in consequence will be tough.
Iu place of chocolate the meringue cau
be sprinkled with a little ciuumnou, n
dusting of nutmeg or with dussiouted
oocounnt, crumbled fine. Chopped nnts
may be used also. Or cook the meringues
plain, and wh'en cold dip iuto a boiling
Argyle House
Sale of White &
•   25c
. 2.c
..lnysatRn. m.   Sunday  School at 2:30  p.m.
I ft-*.-O. H.olVii-on, Rcctor-
Rectory S7_ Thirteenth avenue, cast.
, AdlfUpt-C^ristia. Chwrch <a_>t 7.tli day Ad-
v »fnUrt«) ciornor Ninth avenue and Westmln
. ater. road. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.
, Sunday School at 10 a.m. Young peoples
, Hoderjot .jpyal W/irkers of tihrlstian hodes
x vpr rncuts.tyery Kurnliij- evening at 6:4rio'clock
, ''rayer-rayeting u'odnanda.' nights «< H o'clock
< Si«e When Your Lodge Meets
• Ths2d and 4th Mondays of the month
,-Or_ljrt Vancouver, I. O. F-,  meets al
i A**1 ■•'
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19,  I.O.O.F.
, Meets at 8 p. tn.
■ Vancouver  Conncil   No.  211a,  Can-
, aaian Order of Chosen Friends meets
, _l)f 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Iiidies of the
MttrcnlKes holds its regular meetings nn
,the lot. and lid Fridays of the month
Young Peoples Societies.
SUNDAY.     -
Iflry.nl Workers of Christian Endeavor
, oteet at IS minutes to 7, every  Sunday
, availing in  Adveut Christian Church,
, WAIT Wi!1* avu- aD<" Westminster Rd
. Kuyw-nt.i   !.eagne <rf   Mt.     Pleasa.it
iMMhodist Chnrch nie.ts at 8 p m.
•   B. Y.'P.U., meets  in   Mt.  Pleasant
. KaptiKt Chnroh nf a p, pi,
.'-Jba/Yi Pp'.S-.C. E., mes.s,,at .p.in
j^.^lt.|*leBaaHaut Presbyteiiau Church.
wheu suddenly tho snow loosened uud
they rolled down the mountain side,
over a precipice landing in a lot of
moss aud slush. Two of the gentlemen
slidnfter them apd .vhen. they got to
tho precipice stopped, let dowu a rope
and drew the swift tobogganers
np. Two of the ladies got lost and
after      a     -three hours       sci.r-h
were fouud. The party enjoyed, r-
uight's rest on the mountain top, aud ou
Saturday wending its wny down,, ns
"the cow" crossed the road tbey knew
they were Hearing civilization
If you know any items of Ml pleasaut
uews—Social, Personal or any oilier
news items—send them in lo "The
Advocate," or by telephone—UI4II6.
AUVM-tl-Ing H tbe education of the
. jur,vhas,cr, of th« merit, of different
, tt.pl ♦»**<* adds to Ws comfort /_ad,am-
. t^uuitner. ,It informs the prospective
,«po4» and. bring- htm Into touch with
; «W*a» . Wa  liuppine.3.
\jP*(fR- Advocate is the best advertising
jgg^Jimn whore it circulates.   Toi. B1405
"Aunt Cassie came to visit us and .she
saw I was nervous, had ihe fidgets all the
time, and she asked me many questions,
and finally said, ' Why, you dear, sweet girl,
it's not your temper that's bad, it's your
constitution that's out of killer. Vou sit
tijfht down now and w itc a letter to Dr.
Pierce, at Jluftalo, tl. *_., tell liim all your
symptoms'—and so I did. It wasn't long
bi-r-ire I had a long reply, carefully going
0 my case and telling mc just what to
do. I date uiy present happiness and little
Cupid's return to the very day I sat down
to write that letter to llr. Pierce, for his
advice was so good and his ' .favorite Tre-
scription' worked such a complete change
in me that now iny former cheerfulness
and good health—not to say anything of
good looks—ate restored to me*. I have
summoned Tom back to my side and we
.re to be married iu June."
The proprieto's nnd tnnkcrs of Doctor
Pierce's Pavorite Prescription now feel
fully warranted in.nffering lo pay t$oo for
any case of I.eucorrllea, Female Weakness,
Prolapsus, or Vailing of the Womb, which
they cannot cure. .11 they ask is a fair
aud reasonable trial of their means of cure.
It is natural that a woman who has been
cured of womanly disease by "Favorite
.'rescrlptlon" should believe that it will
i.ure other. It is natural too that she
should recommend to other women the
medicine which has cured her. It ia
such commendation which lias made the
name of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription a household word for the past thirty.
sicht years.
Cottons, Sheetings,
Pillow Cotton, Etc.,
is in full swing.
White Cottons, 5c, 7'_o, 8c, 10c, J2^'c, Idc and 20c a yard.
Unbleached Cottons, lie, 7!_e, 8c, Hie. Vl%t: a yard-
White Sheeting,   2 yds. wide,  worth  25c for 20c a yard.
2t-4'yds. "
* Plain Pillow Cotton, 40 inches wide, 12"<Jc a yard
14 yni'ds Canton  Flannel for $1.00
Circular Pillow  Cotton,   _fie,   17'i'c,  20c aud 2ec a yard,  according to width.
Pillow Slips, 10c, 'fie, 20c, 25c each. Whito Quilts, .oc, *I, $1.25 * $1.50 euch
Sheets, 2J,j yds. long,  2 yds.  wide,  00c ench.
Flannelette Blankets, in white only, 85c n pair
Special values iu Lineu, Turkish aud  Hnckaback Towols
Ladies' and Children's Hats, Wbitewear;   Blouses, Muslins
and   Prints   AT   Cost   P'UCE.
.#   HnRMFE*   4°0 WestminsterAve.
%*m   nvnfiffcf1|  Oouosite Carnetrie Librarv.
City of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned up to Tuesday, July 12th,
at 4 p. ni., for the furnishing of a Steel
Door for the corridor of the Goal
For particulars, apply to the Chief of
The lowest or auy teuder uot necessarily accepted.
Vancouver, B. O, July 7th, 1904.
Voters'  List.
FOR 1004.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that the Voters' List for the City of
Vancouver for A. D. 1904 has been
completed, nud shall remain iu ray
office until tho 1st of September, 1904,
for examination by all concerned
Any person who shall claim to be
added to said Voters'; List, or auy
Elector who shall desire to havo any
uame erased therefrom Fhnll profer bis
or her request in writing, signed with
his or her name, stntiug the Ward to
which he or she belongs, aud shall deliver or cause the same to be delivered
to mo within the time horeiubefore
Vancouver, B. C, April 12th, 1904.
Confectionery and
We have ou hand the choicest FRUIT
in season, which is always fresh beiug
received daily.
Our CONFECTIONERY DEPARTMENT is the best arranged and kept iu
the city. The Cakes, Pies, Bread,
Etc , the Best Made and Freshest to
be had. Choicest CANDIES of all
kiuds to suit every taste.
FOR GROCERIES give a trial order
and we are sure you will remain a
permanent customer. Onr stock is
largo and consists of the Choicest
Fancy aud Staple Groceries—at Rock
Bottom Prices.
Wm Dp Muir
Mt. Pleasant.
Pull fresh
Vegetable or Flower—all  the
same. Ut_5_r' Sweet Peas 30c lb.
It will pay yon to bny uow
for next Spring.
Nelson's Drug &
Seed Stores
Corner Rsbstrn and Granville Streets,
and OHO Hnstiugs Street.
.     VANCOUVER,     B. C.
Opposite Carnegie Library..
The full Rebate will be allowed on
nil Taxes paid before Jnly .'10th,.
By order of the Couucil.
William 0. Walker, C. M. C,
South   Vancouver
TENDERS will 1,0 received until
Sit.i'.iday, July 10th, for hauling broken
Rock from the Qnurry to where required
on Westmiuster avenne, between Sixteenth avenue and Bodwell road. To
Nurlli Arm road, 1 el ween .'101 and Ferris
road. 'Io Westminster road, bit vera
301 und ihe Gladstone Inn. Scperate
prices for each road,
Tbo lowest Or nny teuder not necessarily accepted.
W. 0. WALKER, 0. M. C.
S uth Vaucouver, July 6th, 1904.
TENDERS will   be   received   nntil
July 10th, at 2 o'clock for the following:
Hulling  100 yards more or less   of
0 inch Ruck   on  to the  Victoria road
between stakes placed by the Board of
Tenders to state price per cubic yard.
Tho  Municipality will   tako np the
Puncheon and lay the Rock.
The lowest or auy teuder not necessarily accepted.
William O. WALKER,  C. M. C.
South Vancouver, June 21, 1904.
frosting and d.eorate with whole meat
nuts or a candied violet.
Uso auy preferred nnts, shelled aud
in caso of almonds, bleached. Extract
the nuts from tho shells iu ns perfect
condition as possible.
Put one pound of shelled nnts and one
pound of granulated sugar into a saucepan Place oyer tlie firo nud allow the
sugar to melt No water is added. Do
not place the saucepan over too hot a
fire, or the sugar will burn. When tho
sugar is dissolved, remove from the fire
and stir until the syrup granulates nnd
looks sugary. Return to a slow fire aud
stir until the t.uts aro well covered aud
the sugar resembles a reddish-brown
syrup Let it cool a few minutes, then
pour onto shunts of paratHne paper and
separate the nnts with a fork. Wheu
cold, store for use.
Negligee Shirts.
son is now at its height.
Men who a few years ago wonld
not dream of wearing anything
bnt a plain White Shirt, now
wear these comfortable Colored
We have a big stock of real good
Negligee Shirts, all uew aud up-
Cool as a cucumber, soft as a
government job—not so hard to
get Every shirt fits—wo guarantee it.
N 0 Negligee Shirt that is worth
haying can be bought for less
thn.i our lowest price, 75c.
No Negligee Shirt can be fouud
anywhere better than onr best
at $2.00, and hundreds of men
prefer our $1 50 Negligee to
either of them.
*—AT*S              fff$S
11'Ir i'Jwl__J*/___il_r vi 4_§Bi\
MiMwt^u/ /_=_. "TiBl/
f^iS-ls  (#f^fKro]_-f_^-
A. E. LEES & CO.,
I know him for a gentleman
By signs that never fall;
His coat was rough and rather worn,
His cheeks were thin and pale—
A lad who had his wuy to make,
With little time to play,
I knew him for a gentleman
By certain signs to-day.
He met his mother on the street;
Off came hfa little cap.
My door was shut he waited there
Until I heard his rap.
He took the bundle from my hand,
And when I dropped my pen
He sprang to pick It up for me,
This gentleman of ten.
He does not push or crowd along;
His voice ls gently pitched;
He does not fling his books about
As if he were bewitched.
He stands aside to let you pass;
He always shuts the door;
He runs on errands willingly.
To forge and mill and store.
He thinks of you before himself;
He serves you lf he can,
For In whatever company,
The manners make the man.
At ten and forty 'tis the same;
The manner tells the tale,
And I discern the gentleman
By signs that never fall.
Mr. G. P. Hicks  spout tk's week, at
Miss Millie Philips is spendiug her
holidays iu Victoria.
Mrs. Robt. Marrfon and' Miss Marrion
left Thursday for Victoria, where they
will spend the summer;
. -;o;.i ■■■11-.—
Mrs. (Capt.) Duncan McKenzie will
leave next week for a ttircr mouths'
visit, with her mo4her, Mrs. Armstrong,
at Port Haney.
 — to: ;	
Before starting on a shoppiug tour,
look over the advertisements iu the
 to: —
You will enjoy yourself immensely
if you will go to Iho Garden Party on
Wednesday evening, neist, at Mr
Pugh's home, corner of Seventh avenue,
aud Carolina street.
Here is the letter sent liy a Topeka
man with n present to a bride in
"My Dear Girl—Y'ou will fiud iu the
box a thingumajig which has Something
to do with eating grub otf, a table. I
don'* k»l*r>v what it is. Itj looks like »
cross between a harpoon nud a hayfork.
It may be for spearing pickles, or it mny
be for stnckiug chopped cabbagp. I am
so oldfashisaed'that Idon t know ; yon
will be so happy you wou't care."
If yon want a
Ring  up
Telepbone  987
or  call   arouud  nt   the  Sign
Works,    814   Homer   street.
Iu nny case your wnuts will receive the,
most courteous   and -eareful attention.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Press and
Advertisers'  Auents.
110 Fleet. St., Loudon, B.C.,  England.
Colonial Business a Specialty.
' Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Annum .finding n nkotrh «n_ description may
qulni.lv -jiiertnin onr I'l'i'i""' free arn_tli.r an
luvmitlon IS pnilM-lr P'Uo'.Ct-llfl. I'i'nHiulplP..
tliilisiCrlctlyconllilmitliil. Handbook.on fntt-uts
'Belli li'co. OlilOKt nuciit-y fur fu'curlnir patent..
1'Htouts taken throuirli -funn A Co. ro.olve
ifirclnl notloa ~It hout ctinrce, lu tit.
Scientific j-fmerfcan.
A tiiiiHl.H.im'iv IMiinIriilfl virlilv,
dilation of any si'i-jiitUl<: journal,
...    -j    S(J^. -
T.nrceit clr-
...   Torinn, »5 m
id by nil nowirtefllen.
renn fourraontba*ft. _.  	
MUNN &C0.36—y: New Yort
Brsticb Office. 1125 V V-U V7*uhlPglon. T>. fi
jai.H 5» par|0(%
Westniinster Ave, next Glasgow House
John Gillmau,  Proprietor.
Three Chairs, and a first-class Bath
Room  is rnn iu connection with   the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahari.
Orders promptly  intended  to,   night   or
day.   fllmrges moderate.
Office: 37 Hastings latj-ect, west,
Telephone Number 479.
If You Are  Well Bred.
You will be kind.
Von will uot, use slang.
Yon will try to mnke 011101* lutppy.
Yoa williiot lie shy or self-conscious.
Yon will never i idulge iu  ill-natured
gossip.   ....
You will nrit forget the respect due
to nge.
Y'ou will   not  swaggar  or  boast of
yonr achievements.
Y'ou will Ihiuk of others before yon
thing of yourself.
Y'ou will be scrupulous iu your regard
for the rights of others.
Yon will   be  ns  agreeable   to your
social inferiors ns to your equals aud
—Owen Swett Mardeu, iu Success
"Alico of Old Viucennos," by Maurice
Thompson, will 'te the title of a new-
story which will begin in "The Advo
cate" next Snturpay.
Ring up 1726 fm- all kiuds of Mill
Wood, [14 inches long], the Urquhart
Lumber Co.'s Wood Yard, Cambie
Street Bridge    Gray & Higginson.
MoOann —Born to Mr.
McCaun, corner Fifth ave.
street, June flOth, a son.
nnd Mrs.  J.
, and Ontario
Mr and Mrs. J.  Martin  have moved
iuto their new house on  Ninth avenue,
adjoining the residence of Mrs. Martin's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Tidy,
Mt. Pliuhant Epworth League
program for Moudny eveniug next.—
"Missionary livening," several papers
will be read ou well-known Missionaries
"Bo noble 1 aud tho uobleuess tbnt lies
Iu other men, sleeping, but never dead,
Will rise in majesty to meat thj own."
The funeral of Mrs. Auuie Lindsay
occurred on Monday from her late
residence ou Sixth nvenue, Rev. A. W.
McLeod couducting tho fnneral services.
There were many floral tokens and the
large number of frieuds who paid their
last respect to the departed. Mrs
Lindsay was a loug timo resident, of
Mt. Pleasaut, 11 beautiful Ohristiau
chiiructur and will qe missed by hosts
of frjonds Thr< family have wr,ch
sympathy iu their grief.
By telling merchants they saw their,
advertisements In The Anvoc-TE our
readers will confer n favor and help the
paper greatly.
If you w«tnt to kuow what is
happening on Mt. Pleasant
read The Advocate—:
year, 50c for six months.
.1   a
*"^Whlcli Meet on fit, Iflfason,
I. O. O, F,
Mt. Plcasnut Lodge No. 1II meets every
Tuesday at K p. m , iu Oddfellows Hall
Archer Blnck, Mt. Plensnnt.
Sojoumiiig brethre.) cordially invited
to attend.
Noui.k Grand—W: R. Owens,
27W1 WeHtmlnsier rond
Recording Seohktaiiv—,1.  Paxmau,
lJBjIMifferln .tract, west
I„ O. F.
Court Vnncovtwir 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2(1 and   4th
Mondays of cucli.month ut 8 p..ra.
Visiting bivtlircn always weieoine.
Chief Ranuich—W. G. Taylor,
2.7 Kcefcr stroet, City.
Rec oitijiNO Secretary—W. H. DeBou,
578 Tenth avenue, cent.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
.'114 Princess street, Cltyi   Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regnlar !
Review   1st   and  lid Fridays of   eaoh
month iu I. O. O. F., Hall corner Westmiuster, aud Seventh ave.imcB.
VisitiDg Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mfiy.   A.
Foote, SHO Ninth avenue, oast.
Vancouver Conncil, No. 211a, liiaots
every 2d and 4th Thursdays of each
month, in I O. O. F,, Hall, corner
Soventh and Westmiuster avenues.
Sojonruing  Friends always welcome,
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
___S Westminster Hvenuc.   Tel, 160,
*^^%^mymym,-%^myAy%%, ««%ti^vt%*ir-»«%%VM^%%VIl
Important  Notice to
.Users of Electric Light.
Onr water power installation bas now been proved completely, sue.
oessfnl, electrically and commercially, and we aro pleased to .make tne
Citizens of Vancouver participants in our success by reducing the price
for Electric Lighting on a meter basis ns uuder, from July 1st, J 904,
That is for all meter rondiugs taken on and after Jnly 16th, 1904.
Present Price per Kilowatt Hour.
New Price per Kilowatt Hour.
Less &% for
for cash.
Less lc per
W. hour
for cash.
First. 40 K.
Hours 17c
Next 80 K.
Hours 12o
Over 100 K.
Hours 10c
With one possible exception we believe our new rates to be the.
cheapest quoted for Electric Lighting in Canada to-day.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
J. BUNTZEN, General Manager.
Vancouver, B. O., June 18th, 1904.


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