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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Aug 20, 1904

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Full Text

Everything in School Supplies
at the
J.t.Pleasant Drugstore]
M. A. W. Co.
Irritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Thr^e flonths 25c,  Single Copy gc.
Devoted to th* interests of    Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
The Arcade or (i.i_.r.vfH*? Street
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—tike houie—with Pure Cream,
(rciinuie Boston Puked  Bcaus
Open from TiiiO n. ni., to 12 p. ui.
Sunday from 9 a. 111.   to  12 p. IU.
Established April 8, 1800;   Whole  Number 279-
riOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,    B.   C,    SATURDAY   Aug.,  20th,  1904.
Sixth  Vtf.l. Vol. (-, No.   |9.
r- Subscribers are requested to
■ort auy carelessness in the 'delivery
I'T^ Advocate.;'.     .
Whanges for advertisements should be
Ibefore Thursday uoou to insure tlieir
iblication.   '
[Local Items.!
[i'he MoCnaig Auctiou and Commis-
lu.Co., Ltd.,nexttoCnruuigo Library,
listings street, buy Furuiture for Cash,
Induct Auction Sales and handle
Inkrupt Stocks of every description.
Itisfactiou guaranteed.   Phone 1070,
■The  Public  Schools
londay, S2d of August
will    re-open
Mr. Louis Carter of Jbilevunth aveuue,
|visiting at Harrison Hot Springs.
Mrs. M. Rao and Miss Fcrnio McLean
kurned from Victoria on Tuesday.
The Munioipal Council of South Vau-
luver will moet this Saturday after-
\in at 2 o'clock.
the funeral of  the  Into Motormau,
|osley Haw ley will  occur  this  after-
tin at 2:30 from Center & Huuna's.
|Mr. Wm. Davie, a well known resist of Jit. Pleasant, former]." a nieiii-
fof the Firo Department, is ill at the
Ity Hospital.
Ir. John Williams, one of tlie firm of
le Vanoouver Breweries Ltd., is having
[handsome hew home built ou the
Jruor opposite Major 0. Gardiner
liiiustoue/s Fairview.
fi'ho L. O. T. M., onion picnic, at
kfiinley Park ou Thursday was attend.
, by about 100 members and friends,
Il uuited iu innkiug tlio occasion a
terry oi.e,
[Miss A. Verge, who is a prouiiuent
n'ker aud member in tlio Order of
lebeocns, wns presi nti'il with _t Valuable
i'lge jewel ut Ihe meeting of her lodge
tt Wednesday evening.
TRing' up 1716 for all kinds of Mil"!
Voon, |14 iuohes lougj, the Uriinhari
Lumber Co.'s Wood Yard. Caiubi.
Itrect Bridge.   Gray & Higginson.
TEN     I*"
we ar9 ablo to fit tho most difticnt cai.es. WHERE OTHERS DENTISTS
FAIL WE MEET WITH SUCCESS. If yonr teeth drop wheu you try
to ent with them, or if you nro afraid of- them striking the pavement
when you sneeze, thero is something wrong; they do not fit. Our Doublo
Adhesive Suotion Chamber overcomes this difficulty and is our own invention.   IT CAN NOT BE USED BY OTHERS.
IF YOU WANT GOOD WORK DONE—work that will look well,
wear well and give yon tho best of satisfaction—CALL ON THE NEW
YORK DENTAL SPECIALIST! We are competing with the best
Dentists iu the profession. Wherever first-class Dental Work is spoken of
you hear the New York Dentists used in connection. WE ARE THE
OUR METHODS, evidently without success, which is shown by tlie daily
inckeask iu our practice. Our paiuless methods are our owu aud can no
be need by others.
147 Hastings St., E.
Opposite tbe Carnegie Library.
Office Hours: 8 tt, in., to 9 p. ni.
B. C.
Telephone   1506.
Sundays I) a. tn., to 2 p. m.
R. G. Maophcrson, M. P., arrived ou
Sunday last from Ottawa.
Mr. and Mrs Vyo have removed from
Sevouth to 11 Twelfth avenue,west.
The City Grocery   delivers grocerio*
every day ou Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 28(1
Mr H. Nortou is buildiug a store ou
Westmiuster road, opposite Mr. Garvin's
The Misses Nettie and Flora McKee
have returned from a ten days' visit
with friends at Bowen Island.
-io :-
* .".Irs. K. C. Niehol of Toronto, nutl
1 Feruie McLean of Winnipeg, who
lave been visitiug Mrs M Rue of
Eighth avunuo, for the past two weeks,
Till leave for thoir homes tomorrow,
Mr. W J. Anui'.ud wus the host of 11
|'ally-ho purty last week. A very de
Ightful day was passed at tho Capilauo
ly the imrty: Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Mric-
(rowan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gurdner,
. nud Mrs. Herbert Johusou, and Mr.
Ind Mrs W. J. Auunud.
TO LET: rooms furnished or uu-
Inrnished, with cr without Board.
I.pply to 426 Eleventh avenne, Mt.
\ leasant.
Dr T. Glondon Moody, senior partnci
lif the "New York Dentists," hns returned from a vacation spent in
itotorin. This firm of Dental Specialists have uow four operators constantly
1'usy with their large aud increasing
, Tun Advocatk is always glad to receive
Items of social, personal or other news
from its renders. Send uews items to
f.he office or by telephone, B140K.
Miss Sarah Anderson, who has been
Ispending her vacation with her parents,
IMr nud Mrs. R. A. Anderson, Westminister    uvenue,     left     Wediicsdny     for
iWiulnw, B.C., to resume tenoning
Miss Bessie Johnson has returned from
J her holidays. On Saturduy aftemoou
I last her Suuday School Class wero giveu
[ a pleasaut afternoon on the Presby-
fteriau Church grounds, and presented
their teacher with a prosout.
The Mt. Pleasaut "Advocate" on sale
' at all the Newsdealers iu the city.
MaBter Wendell Howell, soug of the
Manager of M. A. W. Co.'s Mt. Picas
aut Drug Store, was uwarded first prize
iu the Tourist'H Association School
Children's Floral Competition; this
prize was given by Mr. Geo. E, Trorey
tho Jeweler.
If you kuow any items of Mt.Pleasant
neWH—Social, Pergonal or any other
news items—send them in to "The
Advocate," or by telephone—Bl-105.
Mr. J. W. Morrow, senior partner in
the firm of Morrow & Clarke, is spending his vncntiou iu Chilliwhack.
A fine exhibit of peaches, grown by
Mr. John Harford of Sixth avenne, is
on exhibition iu the rooms of the Tourist
Mrs. F. W. Stone nud children returned Friday from Lulu Island, where
they have beeu spending the summer.
Mr. H. O. Lee, the popular Grocer, is
having new up-to-date show windows
placed iu his store, 2426 Westminster
Tho Mt Pleasaut Guu Club will hold
its first annual shoot ou Tuesday
August 80th. Full particulars next
week "
If you seek a missing friend or relative, yon may learn something to your
advantage by addressing The Amrihcan
TiiACEn, Hazelton, Iowa, U. S. A.
The "Kuights of tbe Clever" held a
very enjoyable aimnnl picnic ou Weduesday nt North Vancouver. The attendance was large, the barbecued me it
was bountifully served with bread, nud
in the evening the nuuual outing of the
Butchers was closed with a dauoe in tho
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt.Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
™NTCentral fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mouut Pleasant and Fnirview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. FraMnAkNlo_f«b'e
Mrs. P. G Feutou and children returned Wednesday from Boweu Island
whore they have beeu speudiug the
summer holidays.
Mr. Victor Wcntworth Odium, a
popular uewsptiper man ou "The
World" staff, aud Miss Eugenia Tressa
Rogersou were married at Princess
Street Methodist Church, Tuesday
August 16th, by Rev. R. Newton Powell.
The Ohoir of Mt Pleasant Merhodi-.it
Church gave an Ice Cream Social on the
lawn of Mrs. Dalzell'B home, Tenth
avenne, on Thursday evening. There
was a largo attendance and dnlighiful
tm .asscd iistei ing ol cp'-cgrmcf
v ocal and instrument 1 music, enjoying
co cream and cuke, and .trolling around
BUder the soft light of Chines, lan-crns.
Mr. C. B. Wninwright eutertained
n small party of friends on liis yacht
the"Narbathong" the first of this week.
Mr. Wain-Wright's uew patent centre
board proves a capital invention und
bids fair to become a necessary feature
with all up-to-date yacht builders.
Nothing butter than a neat appearing,
Al wearing quality, hand-sewn, welt
shoe. We have a splendid shoe wbicli
we can highly recommend, either iu
kid or velour, nt the low price of JH.BO.
R. Mills, IS Cordova street und 640
Littlo Miss Maggie Garviu entertained a number of her friends on Friday
evouing, the occasion of her sixth birthday, at the homo of hor parents, Mr.
and Mrs. S. Garvin, WoHtminster road.
Ice cream, enkn, candies, fruits and
other birthday dainties wero served.
Thero were games and a jolly tim_
was [Kissed by tlio fourteen Iii tie gnosis,
who wero unanimous iu wishing little
Miss V-aggie "muny happy returns."
Saturday Snaps
AND UNTIL Sepr. 1st.
All goods will be sold at
Secure your
Bargains MOW
W. W. Merklev
Westminster Avenue,   Mt. Pleasaut.
Paints, Paints.
Now is the time for Painting.
We have the goods and will  not  be undersold.
Try   Us
J. A.   f L E T T,
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
PEACHES for Preserving
Next week we will have a large  shipment of Crawford
Peaches.    Place your order now as the peach season
will soon be  over.    We  guarantee price artd  quality
right. r
CrOWfl   Prilit JarS, best made, at $1.00 per dozen.
H. O. Lee,
2425   Westminster  Ave.
'Phone  322
*»^%.-v%^"**-v--. ***-*/»<-&-"*-%. -**%-*»/%>■*••*'%, -*-**^-v-w%*v*-%/-v%-v»
-   Removal SalC—Housefurnishiugs at Clearing Prices. '
Comforters.—Hegnlnr $1.25 for 00c each: J1.50 for $1.00; i.2.50 for $1..ii;
$3.7S for f2 50; f_,60 for $3.00.
E-Dekdown Comforters.—Regular JC.75 for $4.<i0 each;  .8.00 for $"..50;
, $9.50 for »7.00; $10.50 for ifS.OO; *>Io.OO for tl 1.
Blankets.—Regular |2.50 for $1.70 a pair; *ii.50 for $..50;f4.*iOfor$!'.u<);
1 $5.75 for $4.50; $7.00 for $5.00.   Flnnneletto Blnnkets, full size, in grey aud
white, regular $1.36 for 00c a pair.
All other lines clearing at greatly reduced prices.
UA. ROSS & CO.,   28Cordova St. f
Auy oue Having friends or knowing
of strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
"The Advocate."   Telephone B1405.
Ou Suuday morning the pulpit of Mt.
Pleasant Methodist Chnrch will be occupied by Rev. Mr. Kerfoot, n visitiug
Mrs. W. R. Owens aud children returned from Bowen Island nn Wednesday where tbey haye been spending
their summer vacation.
Mrs. J. A. Fat-bairn left on Wednesday for Montreal, ou business, Mrs.
Fairbain will visit hor home iu Queen's
County, N. B., before returning.
licTaggart & Moscrop
Dealers in
3-44 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Teinplctou Block.
Miss Grace Harford who was so
seriously injured iu the street, car accident on July 2d, is at last able to sit
up, nnd expects to bo around again in a
fow weeks.
FOR RENT.—Seven-roomed house,
42 Thirteenth aveuue, beautifully situated, all modern improvements; npply
W. H. Wood, Sr.,B3 Thirteenth avenue.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 13 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will semi free your choice of 80
pictures.   Or for 95 wrappers choice of
150 bookB.    Books and  picture lists 0
application. •
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Miss Sarah Peet and Miss Addie
Whitely, two High School students of
Mt. Pleasant, are spending their holi-
dhys at Roscdale farm, Chilliwhack,
the home of Miss Pact.
The "original'' black bear of the Park
Zoo is no more. Sometime ago Bruin
hatl an attack of rheumatism, and of
late several, sores appeared on his body.
Export advice wn* taken, bnt it waa
found thnt owing to bis nge, he could
not bo cured, so tba Park Commissioners
huninucly decided to put him ont of his
misery, which was accordingly done.
The bear was presoutod to the Pmk by
Mr. Charles Doering, and had lived
there for 14 years, so that ho was the
putriach of tlie Zoo.
Before starting on A shopping toor,
look over thu lulvertisenit nl« in tbe
The anniversary services nf the Mt.
PloosMut Methodist Chnrch were largely attended ou Sunday lust. Rov. Mr.
Hotheringtnn preached morning nnd
eveuiug, his sermons were instructive
nnd helpful. The special appeal to raise
sufficient funds to Vt'lpu out tho $500.00
arrears resulted in about $185.00 being
raised. Tho special music by the Choir
was of the usui.l excellence. Miss Clnrn
Wood presided nt the orgun, owing lo
Miss Gertrude Wood having mel with
an oooident tbe tluy before.
Opened up at
Fit-Reform Wardrobe, 333 Hastings streeet.
This Fall will surpass all others in the
beauty, quality, variety aiid novelty of eur
fabrics for Men's wear. The largest stock in
Canada to choose from.
See our Swell Suits at $15.00,
equal to any suit made iu Vancouver at $30.
Only one store iu the city which makes
Clothes equal to Tailor-made. Pay no attention to imitators, but come to
333 Hastings St.
Mail   Orib'rs   promptly   ntteuderi   to.
Samples scut ou applieatiou.
Vancouver, B   C.
Suit-measurement   Blanks and
A 50c
Tea for 30c
Unequalled for QUALITY, and
Sold by
Flavor 8
The Citv
Grocery Co.,
Tel. 2SO.
Westmlnmtor Ave. A Princess Street.
The Dr. A. Reed Cushion Solo Shoo..
Knsiest shoo ever produced. The best
shoo ever made for hot, cold, damp or
aching feet. A great help to one's
nerves.   Call and inspect thein.
R. MILLS, is fi.rdova street and
5.0 Granville stni't.
"The Rii-organizi d Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints," is the
title of it soct which Inn pitched a tent,
at tho corner of Tooth and Westminster
avenues. Ono of the preachers says
I hoy are not Mormons, but there is n
general impression that thoy are. The
meetings are not, drawing a large, attendance so far. The prenchor said
Tuesday night said their creed conld be
stated in tho following words, "All
Truth"; their object was to givo tbe
people tho gosjic! as eoutaiued in Iho
E__-OTTtoi_Y«!_ Parlor of Halrdrose-
ing, Manicuring, Pacini Massage and
Scalp Trenluienl for Ladies and Gentle
men. Superfluous hair, warts nud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron ou "How lo take earn of
Skin Food for building up Ibe wasting
iis.-uie. Orange ''lower Cream to prevent nud heal sunburn.
M_.!ump HtJ-IPHRT-YSi  Ml) Granville
The Great
Mortgage Sale
at the
Kennedy Store
Bear in mind the goods have to J
be sold, over $.0.1100 to be cleared |
Colored and Black .Sateens,
for 16c a yard.
Fancy Tweeds, #1.1)0 for 50o,
78-ln.,   Blenched   Table  Linen,
$! .00 for 800.
"il-in,.   Bleached   Linen,   $1,8.1
for Toe.
78ii.,   Bleached    Linen,   |l.i
for |l,O0,
72-in ,    ('ream     Damask,   7.
for 45c.
Children's Coats, np to $o.ou,
for SI.50.
Ladies' Cotton Hose, fust black,
25c for 18XC
Ladies'     Veals,    half   slci".
-Oo for 10c.
All Blouses, Skirts and Ready- |
to-weur Ournients below tost.
About  42.500 worth    of   Furs
all in good order, must be sold.
303 Hastings street.
il"WW Iff Iff flf W W fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff Iff
& Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 4a9 3|
Jt For Sale at all lirst-eb-ss Snloous. Liquor Stuns and Hotel.    ;*
w*- .... .l..ll,-..,-..,l to vour hotise. "*
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and "years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which uo other beer
cau supplant?    Do/,., quarts $2.   Doz., pints $|.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 4a9
For Sale at all lirst-eb-ss .Snloous. Liquor Stores ami Hotel.
or delivered to your house
\7i Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi iii iii IH iii Hi Hi K
Readers of this
Paper who live
Out of town
' nl    remember   I bat
..   big  trade   through
B.C. Granulated Sngar,100-Di sclt.',t
B.C. Gran, Sugar30-lb sack 11.10
Ogilvio's Hui.gariati Flour ♦! !.*i nr sack
1st class   Dairy   Batter,  2  pounds,   l-'.i
1st class Oil per gallon ..tic.
R. H. WALLAOK, 'Phone win.
Mt. Pleasant. r*rco delivery
Pull Line of I-alley and Staple
Prices to compare  with  any,
.1. I». HAI.DON
Cor. Westminster ave., ,t Dufferin si.
If yon are lu need of nuythinv
in onr line we can do ns Well by
you an if yon were here iu person,
Vou will understand of course
that we give you your money
biuli if for nuy reason you sbi.'iid
be dissatisfied with any trau«ic.
tiou you should have with us.
We are glad lo answer correspondence. Write us nnd AM bow
'nicely end siilisfm-lorily we get in
sympathy with your requirements.
Cornor Hastings ami (imiivi le Sts.
Official Watch [nappctwC. V. R.
Now is the time to
while  ill   bloom—for
Fall pluntiug.
Chas. Keeler
i Nori'.—Mini t Cars pass my nlnco.
I -il'M Westminster Ave.     Ml. Flea-nut.
Lawn Grass Seeds
t Hover nud Timothy  Seed*,
Pratt's Poultry mn! Animal Food*,
1't.itt'n Lice Killer,
Holly ('hick Food,   Ueefsomps, Etc.
3I/R1TH Corner   folNTH .vou.    *
Telephone   MS7.
>3ai    Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
K. H. Peace, Proprietor,
oo oo oo
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kindt*. Tel. ai306
Road ih" New York   Oentnl F.irlora
udvcrtiseini'iil iu 'his paper,   thin go to
New ^ ml, !it .,.,i! I'..,lm   r...   mn v ..ii»
If vo'i mi.H Tu:- ApviX'.-TK to" miff
IV.I ,   •■,
Give us trial.
Prompt Delivery.
-%-W%-V** •**%■%%*%%•' -M.
:~ '■**•   *■•■'
• ♦♦*♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦
Cl,jT«_rhl. »0«. Ar Dm BOMEH-MERKILL  COMfAWT
I i i I i i ii iii i SI a i i am i*««a a Iiintnm a a *-._.. r 11
Jflelru In his most Jovial mood was
circulating freely...
.. It Wus lute when fathers and mothers
in'the company began fo'si.ggest„uil-
Journnieiit In the open lamps suspended here and there the oil was run
ulng low, and the rag wicks sputtered
and .winked-Wltb their yellow Haines.
"Well," said M. Kousslllorf, coming
to where: Alice and Beverley stood iif»
Bulnted and isolated by their great delight in each other's company, "H's
time to go home."
Beverley looked at his w-atch.-.rt+"w-is
r'quarter to three!
■'Alice also looked nt the watch, anil
■Jttw engraved and enameled on ilH massive case tbe Beverley crest.-but alio
did not know what it meant. Tbei'd
Was something of tbe sort in llie buck
Of hftr locket, she remembered with sat-'
M.Just thentbere was n peculiar stir lu
tbe flagging ci'Owd. Some one hud'ar-
rived, a coureur de hois from ihe north.,,
VA'bdl'e was the • eoiuniniidanIJ{ The
courBsur had something important for-
him. . "   '
• Besferloy heard n remark in a startled
voices about tlie English getting ready
tjtr a descent upon the Wabash valley.'
-.^hisf!broke tbe charm wbicli thralled
lfim^iiiid sent through bis nerves the
toning shock that only a soldier can
feel.^whon a bint of coming buttle
reacties blm.   ■-, I
r A|[Ce saw the flash In bis face.
"Where is Captain Helm? I must
.(fee "blm Immediately. Excuse inc." be
said, abruptly turning away and look-
Jug over the bends of tbe people. "Y'on-
der.lie (s; I must go to bim."
'" The coureur de bois, Adolpbe Dutrem-
ble,-JSy itWie^was. just from the head
rv/mtari'ortbe WuG'ash. • lie wns speaking to Helm, wben Beverley caine up.
M. Jftousslljon followed close upon "tin;
•*t-«.re_lnnt''s 'heels!, as eager as he to_
know what the message aniounted^toy'
but Helm took the coureur aside,- mn-
Wonljisr.Beverley to join tbem. SI.
'fiousslTlo-rin-luded himself iu tlie conference.
After all It was but the gossip of
savages thnt.Dutromble colnmunicat-
ed, still the purport v/ns startling In
the extreme.. Governor Hamilton, ao
the story ran, bad been organizing a
large force. He was probably now on
his way to the portage of the Wabash
with a flotilla of batteaux, some companies of disciplined soldiers, artillery
and n strong body of Indians. '-■*!'
Helm listened attentively to Dntre-jp'-
ble's  lively   sketch,  then   erois  quos
more were no signs of tin English nd-
i-w.ince in thai quarter, Some of them
had been as fuX-flS tbe Fit. Joseph river
nnd tn within a short distance of Detroit without seeing a white' man or
hearing of nny BfLspIclpiia movements
on the part of Ha mil ton. So back
'fame Onele Juznii With bis pleasing report much disappointed' (hat lie had
got been able to slir np some sort of
' It was nelm's turn to lnugh.
i "What did I tell you?" be cried. In n
.--.''jl.' mood..slapping Itcvcrl, y on tho
h shoulder. ".'knew m,,;l,ly well that it
\v:\i all ii big story W'lfti nothing in IL
I W^jjlft  Oil  e:ij';.i,!,^»';>uli!   t-ho-  Rllgilsll   he
thinking about to inarch an army away
j oil' flown here only to dnptvlre a rotten
stockade and n lot of gabbling parly-
Beverley, while he did not feel quite
as confident as his chief, was not sorry
that minis looked n little brighter than
lie had .cured they would turn out to
lie. Secrptly and without acknowledg-
.'hMi'lt lo himself he was delighted with
the life he wiis living.
lie began to like walking nbout aimlessly In .the town's narrow streets,
wilh the mud daubed cabins on either
hand. This simple life under low,
thatched roofs had a1 Charon. Everybody cried cheerily, "lion jour, monsieur, comment all"z-vous'." as be went'
.by. -<,i)wa,vs, iit'coiiiininyiiig the .vcrbnf
salute wilh a graceful wave of the
But'it was nlwnys a glimpse of Alice
that must count for everything in Beverley's reckoning's.' albeit be would
have strenuously "denied It. True he
went to I'oussillnn place, nlmost.every
day. It being a fixed.part of bis well
ordered habit, and hnd a talk with hor.
Rome time's, when Dnrae Roussillon was
very busy and so quite oil her guard,
they rend.together In a novel or in certain purls of the odd volume of Montaigne. Tliis,wns done more Tor tire
sweetness of disobedience than to enjoy the already familiar pages.
.Now nnd again ifiey repeated their
fencing bout, but never with the result
wl.foh followed (he llrst. Beverley som
mastered Alice's tricks and showed her
thaT, after nil. masculine muscle Is not
to be discounted at ils own grme by
ovt'n the most wonderful womanly
strength nnd suppleness. She struggled
bravely to hold her vantage ground
once, gained sn easily, but the inevitable was not to be avoided. At last one
.howling'Winter day tit' disarmed lier
by -the Wi'y trick that she bad shown
him.   That1 ended tho piny, .and tbey
regret or self blame lingering In her
voice. "Father Beret said you would.
I did not lielieve liim. but"—
"And you shail uot believe hiin." snid
Beverley. "I bave not misunderstood
you. There has been nothing. Vou
have treated me kindly and with beautiful friendliness. Vou have not done
or said a thing that Father Beret or
uny body else could criticise, and If I
have said or done the least thing to
trouble you I repudiate it—I did not
mean it. Now yon believe me, don'l
you. Miss Itousslllon?"
lie seemed to be falling Into the hub
It of speaking to her In English. Sbe
understood it somewhat Imperfectly, especlnlly when In tin earnest moment he
rushed his words together ns If tbey
had been soldiers be was leading at the
charge step against an enemy. His
manner convinced her even though bis
diction fell short.
"Then we'll talk about something
else," she said, laughing naturally now
nnd retreating to a chair by the hearth-
side. "I want you to tell me all about
yourself and your family, your home
and everything."
She seated herself with an nlr of conscious aplomb and motioned hlin .to
take a distant stool.
Thoro was a grent heap of dry logs In
the fireplace, wilh pointed flames shoot
ing out of Its crevices and leaping into
the gloomy, cavelike throat of the One.
Outside a wind passed heavily across
the roof and bellowed In the chimney
• Beverley drew the stool near Alice,
who with a charred stick used as a
poker was thrusting at the glowing
crevices and sending showers of sparks
"Why, there wouldn't be much to
toll," bo said, glad to feel.secui'c.again.
"Our home is a big old mansion named
Beverley Hall, on a bill among trees
and half surrounded with slave cabins.
It overlooks the plantation in tlie vnl-
tloiMMl.Jiini with laconic direct neSB.
"Sendr-Mr. Jazon to uie," b> si.-d-.to n run.' Khivcrltw, into the house.
M. Roussillon, as lf speaking to a -servant.
Th? master Frenchman went prompt,
ly, recognizing Captain Helm's right fo
commnnd, nnd sympathizing with bis
t^ipleVsa.ft'-'military predicament if the
,",-.,n^w»-Should prove truj.,
].'_'.  0§c.e Jnzort came  In a mi mile, his
.fldilic srjdibjrjr. clamped under his. arm.
'to-jtceive-a verbal commission, which
sen. hlin with some scouts of his otyn
choosing forthwith to tbe Wabash portage, or far enough to ascertain what
the English commander was doing.  ,   ■
-■■:■'  After the conference Beverley made
'■^•"•tfuiste to join Alice, but be found tba'
She bad-gone home.
*"_•;'   "A   _(x   we'll   be   In   If   HnRUton
y comes down here with a good force."
' ''■ sajd Helm.    Beverley was young, en-
-«*■ ^ergeflc,  Jjellieosc, and, to  hlin  evory-
•a' ..-' thing seemed possible; lie believed in
vigilance, discipline, activity, dash; be
■">*-. J**|ft'£r,"*t-fa,tu.*11 the efljcaey of-en-
• ■* tlraslnstth '■.;
'   s. •    "We   must  organize   these   French-.
-Q-.--1C.1," he.sald.   '.They will make good
.-' •_ figTl.e'fS if, we.can once get them to act-'
j£.'.as"a'body:   Tic-re's no time to be lost.
■*■? '-Wfft-'V&.hffve-i1,"' enough lu wbi'b.lp
aj~ do H .fereatfleal before  Hamilton «jrti
,...   arrlvcYlf We'go at it In earnest."
•«J»;     '^fclPi-.tln.oi'y   is [excellent.   Ileuteu
:{"?■'. nnt,.._-ui uje..pi-jetlee of It Won't he
.._•'  wdrtl*- mueh,"..lieiui replied with per
j*. feet good hii-dre." "I'd like to sec,, on
•"■'^ 'o^inlz'e these parlyvoos.   There ain't
^ ■ a dozen of;'em'that wouldn't nccepj.:-
the English with op_n anus.    I know
_-.*&Jjj|&. ..J'hey're gbotl hearted, polite ami
'v*''air't_fa»';*'aiey'Il    hurrah , for .-'-he
flag—that's-easy' 'ulKibglT-biit put 'em
to*, Uie. test and they'll join In with the
sti'qp^est.siile^ste if Ihey din>'l.    Of
cfluTse^'iue'ro'' arc 'a -few   exceptions.
There's Jnzon,   he's  all   right,  .nUjjL-'I
-^fc.Jni.ye. ifalth In Bosseron, and Lcgrlniu,
ana jrouiig Houvllle.-'
"Itousslllon"— Beverley begun.    ._-..
"Is tn'uvli'of n blowbnrd,*' Helm bilef-.
rupti'd, wilh u laugh.   "Harks loud, In t
his biting disposition ls probably  not
wfea-'"'- ..    , *     •
-*l_«»,_l__i'Vathcr  Beret  control -^be
wbojc iiopulatlon at -all events," Bald
-    Bevefle.y.'_   ... ■..-.•
*    •    -W-hi-e   Joining   In   Captain   Helm's
■J** llltl_rh at  the expense  of  Vlncciuics-.-
ay?'    Bfeverley took leave to  Indulge'In a
j-nftil fesejwatlon In favor of Alice.
jte^eaatt-wlis full of ber.    She bad
\b," she ci'ledr "if isn't fair. Ynn
nre so much bigger (ban I. Yon hive
so much longer nl'ma, so much more
■Vf**ebl and power, it all counts against
me! Von ought to be nsbnmed of your-
ielf!" She wus rosy wltb the exhllarilb
lugexiTciso nud the biting of tbe.fros-
.ly -breeze. Her beauly gave forih -a
new ray,  -
I)ec|i In her heart sb.o was pleased tn
have him master her so superbly; hut'
as:the "days pitssotl she never a-id bo,
never .gave over tryim; to niake hlin
.feel the jfniich of her foil, fflle did not
'vfeMSw' *Miat her eyejt». were getting
through bis guard, thnt livr dimple-
were stubbing his heart to its miduV.
"Vim hnve oilier adviintag'S." he replied,    "whi.-li    far   overbalance   my
greater stature
iml Kirou'er inuncles."
Then nffWrli put
;c !:„ added. "After all
a g-iri mi,'! lip n
,-i:-!-."    •   .
Something In
Ills face, jpniethlng In
lief lieni't. sf.irth
d hoi' ,"i II.:il s!;e mude
ii_Jiiii!; Jlillc nil
ve hue that of n rest-
less bird.
"Vou ifri' b'fi'l
riful. and that makes
Jay.^evcs   l'.'ill   I'
.'  Land  imeertnin." he
Mi'llt   oil.     "V. i
re   1   fen,-ing   with  a
man there \voii!i
he no ghiiiMiur,"
Uu simhe In
!ugH«h,  which  be did
noi often do lu
coiivcrsiilhiii with her.
It   ,YilS  II   sii;ll
hid  be wus soilie'wbnl
twi'oNK.it ii|ioir.
Shi1 loilowi'd liis rapid
l-wiii'its wiih tliiiii ulty, but she caught
IfiirU/jIiein n-.new nolo of feeling, lie
Siiw'a'litlle jinlc hare shoot across her
. fine unil thought she was angry.
" "Vou should nut use your dimples to
distract my vision," he quickly ntldeil,
'•vrtjlru HgjiJ Iqngh. ,"It would Jie no
■worse, for mv..t,o throw my"hat in your
. face." ' :u.
.'His. nltempt nl levity ivn's obviously
wi'iil.. .She looked straight into liis
eyes with the steady gaze of a simple,
earnest nnliiru. shucked by u current
quite slrnnge lo if, .She did not understand |i|ip, nnd she did.    Her fine
**j-|uitio_i gathered swlttly together a
hundred shreds of iui|ireitslon received
from him during their recent growing
' .rrttnincy. lie wus a [lalricinu. its she
vaguely made,.him..'out, a m_m of
■JflHalth, Whose family wns great. He
belonged among people of gentle .birth
and high attainments. She magnUii'il
:hbu so thai lie wa.i diffused in ber lin-
aginnlion. as llllllciijt to cojnprelicnd
ns ii mist lu the iiiorning- air -nnd as
beaulll'ul. .   ' ;-'     > .    •
C'VpU \\v.\\w fun of me." sl|e suid very
.id^uKernlely, Jelling  lier^ eyes   droop.
..rlsedv j8s. nature and %lc<d,.lt "jis^., ...
h*.s^effu1,'.na'iiiitliigsong. Jtmi i ,')TJi«n she  looked  up ■ ii'gliln  suddenly
yet, IB ute-tfride-nnd it wns not a false Unni.l loiiliiiued. Willi u certnln nnivc.e..-
[de,.bufrii;her a noble regard fnr'bls -pFesSloii .of dlsappdiuttneht', gathering
flight—be vaguely rca'Hfzcjfl iioiv.fur
"!\via rrotti him, ;ho.w impossible: *
£'■: .'   cHAp_fs.R>yiii.
'"CH-". si_/'Eii-iA oi' CAriAi.v ui'ni* ".
"' L-B- 'p%.'iCON,'''rf0ling llkV i)
'•  returned to the-water Ji/t'-.
lqn'g and torluring't'iipttv* ■ >' ,""
' \
.n. her I'neiK "I hai'i' been too trqe with
ye»t, /'Kallier I'.erct iold me not to l'or-
.get my dignity wlieti inyour company.
>*^,tiiTM inn yojijnrglrf liiisiiiiders'l'iiiid
^.'i^iv/'jjlu'ii'f -enve. I slinll mil fence
.'ivJllT'-^iiTu ugnli)," She laughed, but
tileri.'vW.iis. no joyous   freedom   ill  tlio
-,-,-, .- V'Why. Alice--my
■est witb antlclpnliims of lively,
drnr Miss-iltoussll-
1 beg n tluiu-
£    J-i      ■      ,      1  _iSjV.^ariil"1«ii,l,.'.is  if  I'v*   h,U|'.t..i'ou."  he
<$ ahd miHlc.liis ty.LV to^ffifea:^,,,,^ nearer- W&i* "and 1
Wfi" ' 5rfSf-?-^'J. «f\ ^    ''feiei4JinrglVe  myself.     Ym,' have
IM' -"^n^r-',',mte.Wlu.»v-n.is,ii.d.-iWi.Hl  fie,   I   know
•Tlieiice'it*l-tin!'W-nliash tutti'^m-f.^v^f   .-,,..
ud out fi?Wt the Kiigftsh .wew.' • >"StW.*?4 ■'.     •'.,.-
tl      i .'ii ■'    ■ -J "fl^dns --part.lt .was exuggcrnling a
E le fiUf'a/boal
'.C,-.>.,'''j>l||)d'puU.Tlieu,'i' ,,;, ii',' h -'io , .ii a nm."'----.  -.-■- .-   ,   ...
4     rZil* fliul out ftrrtlK Bng*Sb,-y«,^»g°.-......rt-.f.^ PX;,ggc,'n,ii,g a
doing lie chose forj, hs .wniwi-iojiy. ..^i,,,,.,^ of;-„lut„.,i, ,Velings Into a
■*•'_• J™2f^%! B,^f *.m "XM,-i.,,'„,11,s colll.sfou.-'IIe'wasns niltcl.
.'• - ■■ W^^m !U ■"*? *  *' "'M""!'.,l" ";''1    -eb «rad-4L'4i was sh.,' ** be made
geqnes miiioiip    I fry M ihe 4mott,,mi^ ,„„„„ „,
elver they f-.'ll   n  willi some (rk-n-My'.-<     c\,■■ ,    ' ,„   ,       ■■  ,       ,     ,    1
- j_-, .••   ,, , ,    ',,..      .^,      , Tt   s you  wlBi have m aundcrs ood
liulTfans, well known to tbem ft!, wbo „   .    ' , ■ . , .
„ !      ,      ,       ,, , i nie," she replied, smiling bright y now,
were returning from the portage. !
The   savages   informed   tbem   tbat
but with just a faint, pitiful touch of
"'IVirlcttm. Tiirteton," he repented.
ley where a little river goes wandering
on Its way." He was speaking I'reneli.
and she followed hlin easily now, her
eyes beginning to Iling out again their
natural sunny beams of Interest. "I
was born there twenty-six years ago
and haven't done much of anything
since. You see before you. inadcinoi-
selle, a very undistinguished young
man, who bus signally failed to accomplish the dream of his boyhood, which
wns to be n great artist IIJ_e Ituphuel or
Angclo. Instead of being famous I am
but a poor lieutenant in the forces of
. , "You have a mother, father, brothers
arid sisters?" sbe Interrogated. She
did not understand his allusion to the
great artists of whom she knew noting. Sbe bad never before beard a.'
Ili-.'iu. She leaned the poker against tnt
chimney jaiiih and turned ber face to-
v,.inl him.
-.Mother, father and one sister." lie
suid. "no brothers. We were n huppy
little group. But my sister married nnd
lives in Baltimore. I am here. Father
and mother are alone in the old bouse.
Sometimes I am terribly homesick."
lie wnS silent II innilietit, then atlded:
"But yon are seltisli. You make mc
do all the telling. Now 1 want you to
give me a little of your story, mademoiselle, beginning, as I did. at the
"But 1 can't." sbe replied, with childlike frankness, "for I don't know whore
I was burn nor my parents' namc*arrlbr
who I am, You see how different it Is
with inc. I am culled Alice Itonssillon, hut I suppose thut my name is
Alice Tarlelon. It Is not certain, however. There is very little to help out
the (henry. Here is nil llie proof (here
Is. I don't know that It is worth anything."
She took off her locket aild handed
It to him.
' He hn'nilled It rather Indifl'erently,
for he was just then studying the line
lines of hei face. But in a moment lie*
wus interested.
I '"J'ai'letoii. Tnrleton." be repeated.
Then he turned the little disk oT gold
over nnd saw the enameled drawing on
the back, a crest clearly outlined.
He Blurted. The crest was quite familiar.
"Where did yon get this?" he do-
innndedln English mid with such blunt
suddenness thnt she was startled'.
-"Where did It come from?"
"1 have always hud it."
"Always? It's the Ttu'leton crest
Do you belong lo tbnt family?"
"Indeed I tio-not know, l'liiiu'ltotis-
slllon says he thinks I do."
"Well, Ibis Is strange and Interesting." said Beverley, rut her td Jifmself
than addressing her. lie looked, from
the miniature to the crest and buck
to tile miniature again. Then nt .V-lb-ik-
"I tdl you this Is slrnnge'," he-repented, wllb emphasis. "It Is exceedingly
Her' cheeks flushed quickly under
their Soft brown, ui.d her eyes flashed
wllb excitement.
"Y'es, I know." Her voice fluttered;
lier hands were clasped In bur lap. She
leaned tiiward hlin eagerly. "It is
Strange. I've thought about It a great
"Allfe Tnrleton; that Is'rlght. Alloc'
Is a name of the family. I.a'tly Alice
Tnrictoh was the mother of the llrst
Sir Gamed Tnrleton who came over In
l.he time of Yardley, It's a great family, one of the oldesf'iind best In Virginia." lie looked at her now wllb'-a
gaze, of concentrated Interest, H*|der
which ber eyes fell. ."Why, Ibis is ro>,
liiautie," he exclaimed, "absolutely romantic!   And you don't know bow you
came by this locket? You don't know
who was your father, your mother?"
"1 do not know anything."
"And what does SI. Itousslllon know?"
"Just ns little."
"But how came he to be taking yon
and caring for you? Ho must know
how lie got you, where he got you, of
whom he got you.   Surely he knows"—
"Oh, I know all that. I wbb twelve
yenrs old when Papa Bousslllon tools
me, eight yenrs ago. I bad been hav-
Ing a hard life, and but for him I must
have died. I was a captive among the
Indians. He took nie and has cared for
me and taught nie. He has been very,
very good to nie.   I love blm dearly."
"And don't you remember anything
at all about when, where, bow, the Indians got you?"
"No." Sbe shook ber head and seemed to be trying to recollect something.
"No, I just can't remember. And yet
thero has always been something like a
dream In uy mind which I could not
quite get hold of. I know that I am
not a Catholic. I vaguely remember a
sweet woman who taught me to pray
like this: 'Our Father who art ln heaven,.hallowed be thy name.'"
And Alice went on through the beau-
tlful and perfect prayer, which Bhe repeated In English with Infinite sweetness and solemnity, her eyes uplifted,
her hands clasped before her. Beverley could have sworn that she was a
shining saint and that be saw an-aureole.
. "I know," she continued, "that some
time, somewhere, to a very dear person, I promised that I never,never,never
would piny any prayer but that and I
reinember almost nothing else about
Hurt other life, which Is far off baclc
yoniler ln tbe pnst, I dou't know where
-sweef, peaceful, shadowy, n dream
that I have all but lost from my mind."
Beverley's sympathy was -deeply
moved. He snt for some minutes looking at her without speaking. She, too,'
was pensive and silent, while the flre
sputtered and sang, the great loga
slowly melting, the "flames tossing
wisps of smoke Into the chimney still
booming to the wThd.
"I know, too, thnt I am not Frencb,"
she presently resumed, "but I don't
know Just how 1 know It Sly flrst
WOl'dB must huve been English, for I
have nlwnys ilrenmetl of bilking In thnt
language, nnd my dimmest half reciS-
loctlons of the old days are of a large,
white house and a soft voiced black
woman, who sung to me in that language the very sweetest songs ln the
Beverley listened ns one who bears a
clever render intoning a strange and
captivating poem. To his mind lt wns
dear that she belonged to the Tnrleton family of Virginia. Youth always
concludes a malter nt once. He kneyv
some of the Tarletons. Bpt It was a
widely scattered family. Its members
living In nlmost every colony In America. The crest be recognized nt a
glance by-the dragon on. the helmet
with three stars. It was not for a woman to bear. But doubtless lt had
been enameled on the locket merely as
a family mark, as was often done ln
America. i
"The black woman wn. vour nurse,
feor mammy," he said. "I know by
that and by your prayer In English a.
well as b.v your locket tbat you are of
a good old family."
Like most southerners, he bad itrong
faith In genealogy, and he held at hh.
tongue's tip the names of all the old
families. The Carters, the Blalrs, the
I'ltzhugbs, tbe Hnusons, the Randolphs, the Lees, tbe Ludwells, tbe
Joneses, the Beyerleys, tbe Tni'letqns—
u whole catalogue of tbem stretched
back In his memory. He knew tb»
coat of arms displayed by each house.
He could repeat their legends.
"I wish you could tell me more," lit
went on. "Can't you recollect anything further about your early chlld-
li.od, your first Impressions—tbe house,
the woman who taught you to pray,
the old bluck mammy? Any HtUe thing
might be of priceless value as evidence."
"There ls absolutely nothing more to
tell," she said. "All my life I hav.
tried to remember more, but It's Impossible; I can't get any further back
or call up another thing. There's no
use trying. It's all like a dream; probably It is one. I do have such dreams.
In my sleep I can lift myself Into the.
air just as easy and fly back to tbe
same big white house that I seem to
remember, When you told me about
your home It was like something that 1
had often seen before. I shall be
dreaming about lt next."
Beverley cross questioned her from,
every possible point of view. He was
fascinated with tke mystery, but she
guve him nothing out of which the
least further light could be drawn. A
half breed woman, it seemed, had been
her Indian foster_mother, a silent,
grave, watchful guardian from whom
not a hint of dlscloaure.evcr fell. She
was moreover a Christian woman wbo
hnd received her conversion fi'Om an
English speaking Trotestaut missionary. Sho prayed with Alice, thus keeping In the child's mind ■ perfect memory of the Lord's prayer.
"Well,"'said Beverley at. last, "you
ere more of a mystery to me .the longer 1 know you," .
"Then 1 must grow eyery day more
distasteful to you."        '   :.;
"No; I love mystery."
He went away feeling a new web.of .
interest binding him to this 'Inscrutable
maiden whose-life seemed to him at
oiice so full of Idyllic happiness and so
enshrouded In tantalizing doubt At
the first opportunity he frankly questioned SI. Itousslllon, with no helpful
result. The big Frenchman told kbe
same meager story. Tbe woman Was
dying in liu; time of'S'great epidemic •
which killed most of her tribe. She
pave" Alice to SI. Roussillon, but told
him not n'*word nbbntber ancestry or
previous life.   That, was all.
A wise old man when he,finds himself In a blind nllcy no sooner touches
the terminal wall limn he faces about
and goes back the wny ho came.    Un- .
der like clrciiinstances. n young man
must needs try to batter the wall down ,
with his lit-a'd.    In Beverley's case the
clash.was profoundly disturbing.   And''
now ho clutched Ihc thought that.Alice
wan not a mere child of:flu) woods, but a
daughter of Ittv'ok! family of cavaliers!
With cent bultoned close-against the ■
driving wind be strode toward the fort |
In one of, those melodraiuhHo inood3 I
to which youth la all cllmils'ahd lliiies .
Is subject. It was like a slap hi'the !(
face" when Captain Ilclni met blm ut i
tbe ttocknde gate and said: ~
"Well, sir, you nre good at hlillmi."
"'filling! Whnt do yon mean. Captain.Holm?" he demanded, not in tbe
mildest tone.
"I mean. sir. that I've been huu'ing
for you for an hour nrtd more over the
whole of this town. The English and
| Indluns ure upon us. nnd there's no
time for fooling. Where are nil the
Beverley comprehended the situation
ln a second. Helm's face was congest
ed with excitement. Some scouts hud
coine in with the news tbat Governor
Hamilton, at the head of r,t.n or O.-il
soldiers and Indians, wns only three or
four miles up the river.
"Where are ull tbe men?" Helm repealed.
"Buffalo hunting, most of tbem," Baid
"Whnt in thunder are Uiey off hunting buffaloes for?" raged the excited
-apt n I n.
"Y'ou might go to thunder nnd see,"
Beverley said, and they-'both.'hiuglii'd
In sheer masculine contemn'tvo. a predicament too grave for anything but
grim mirth.
What could they do? Even Oncle Jnzon and Bene de Itonvllle were olT with
tbe limners. Helm sent for M. Itousslllon In the desperate hope I hilt lie
could suggest something, but be lust
his bead and hustled' off to hide his
mofley and valuables.. Indeed the
French people all felt lhat so far as
they were concerned, the chief Iblng
was-to save whut they laid. They well
Knew Unit It mattered little which of
the two musters held over Iheni—they
must shift for themselves. In tber
hearts they were true to ["ranee and
America; but France and America
could not now protect them against
Hamilton, therefore It would be like
.suicide to magnify pntrldlisin or uny
other sentiment objectionable to the
English. So they acted upon M. Rnus-
slllon's advice and offered no resistance
when the new iiriny approached.
"My poor people are not disloyal to
your flag and your cause." said good
Father Beret next morning to Uaptnln
Helm, "but tbey are powerless. Winter Is upon us. Wbnt would ynu have
undo? This rickety fort Is no.t available for defense. The men are nearly all
fnr away on the plains. Isn't It the
part of prudence .and common sense fo
make the best of a desperate situation?
Should we resist, the British and tbelr
savage allies would destroy the town
and commit outrages too horrible to
think about In this case diplomacy
promises much more thnn a hopeless
ttubt airnlnst an overwhelming force."'
"I'll light 'em," Helm ground out tie-
tween his teeth, "lf I have to do It single handed nnd alone!   I'll fight 'em!'
Father Beret smiled grimly, as if he,
too, would enjoy u lively skirmish, and
"I admire your courage, ray son.
Fighting ls perfectly proper upon laii
occasion. But tblnk of Ihe poor women
and children. These old eyes of mine
have seen some terrible things done by
enraged savages. Slen can die Uglitln...
but their poor wives and tbiugbters-
ah, I have seen, I hnve seen!"
Beverley felt a pang of terror shoot
through his heart as Father Beret's
simple words made hiin think of Alice
In connection with tiie'Indian massacre.
"Of course, of course it's horrible to
think of," said Uelia, "bnt my duly ls
clear, and that flag" — he pointed to
where la  banulere d'Aliee  Itousslllon
drcn, homos and country! The few I
have Iu the fort will'sncak off. 1 suppose."       r
"The French gave you this post on
easy terms, captain," blandly returted
Father Beret.
"Yes. and they'll hand It over to
Hamilton, you think, on the samo
basis," cried Holm, "but I'll show you!
I'll show you, Mr, Priest!"
"I'ardon me, captain. The French are
loyal to you and lo the Hug yonder.
They have Bworn It. Time will prove
it. But in the present desperate dileiu-
ma we must choose the safer horn."
Saying this Father Beret turned
about and went his' way. He was
chuckling heartily as be passed out of
the gate.
. "He Is right," said Beverley after a
few moments of reflection, during
which he was wholly occupied wilh
Alice, whose terrified iaee lu his anticipation appealed to him from Iho
midst of bowling savages, smoking
cabins and mangled victims of lust and
massacre'. Ills, imagination painted the
scene with a merciless realism that
chilled bis blood. All the sweet romance fell awny from Vlncennes.
"Well, sir, right or wrong, your duty
Is to obey orders," said Helm wllb bru.
till severily.
"We hnd better nnt quntrol, captain, Beverley replied, "1 kayo lid.
Signified any unwillingness lo .obey
your eo'msnhnds. Give thein, and you
will have no online lo :-i'Uiiil;l •."
"Forgive me. old fellow!" cried the
Impulsive commander, "i know ynn
are true as steel. I s'poHe I'm wound
up too tight to be polile. Bill Ihe lime
1b coiniii- to do somo|h|hg. Here we.
are wilh but live or six men"—
He was liitei.'upted by the arrival.of
two uioi'e.hnir I -riled scouts,
Omy three  miles nwny  v i
tlotlila of belli uud ciinot .
li not . wish cnn
a.i uu  l.,,..l  in_.il
us$9f m
iVfljl ■ |*_E\mJ)
PWWtw\ lm
Kf-m/^tf Ufm
\c<ervuW /" /', mm
$(i w fill
tt*cv4»)?3N>_&''^ li n 1 lfl.1
'"i'/iul flag iluiu not eome doufn save iA
full honor."
was almost blowing nwny in the cold
wind—"that flag shall not come down
save in full houor."
His speech sounded preposterously
boastful and hollow, but be was manfully in earnest Every word came
from his bruve heart
Father Beret's grim smile returned,
lighting up bis strongly marked face
witb tbe strangest exprcsslou imagiua
"We will get all the women Inside tne
fort," Helm began tp say.
"Where the Indians will find tbem
ready penned up and at tbelr mercy,"
quickly Interpolated tbe priest "That
will not do."
"Well, then, what can be done?" Beverley demanded, turning wllb a fierce
stare upon Father Beret "Don't stand
there objecting to everything, wllb not
a suggestion of your own to offer."     '.
"1 kn^w.,!. lint ls best for my people,"
the old iliuii replied soft)y,'1still suiil-
iiig;'; "l.hnye ndvised tbem to stay Inside their houses nnd take no piitrt tn.
Ibe military eveiit.. It Is'tbb.iutljibMJftj
of averting an Indiscriminate massacre -.
aud things worse."
The, curt .phrase, "things worse,"
♦vent like a bullet stroke through tietr-
erley's heart. It flashed an awful picture upon bis vision. Father Beret saw
his face whiten and his lip's set themselves to resist a gloat emotion.
"Bo not be angry wltb me, my son," j
he said, laying a- hand on the young
man's arm.   "I may be wrong, but I '
act upon long and convincing experience."
"Experience or no experience," Helm
'exclaimed, with an oath, "this , fort
must bo manned and defended.' I am
cbmmai-liug here!" .,."•>.,;
•  "Yea, 1 reeognlze'your authority,"re- ;
spoitded Hid'priest lu a firm yet defer-. !
enlinl tone, "and' I heartily wish you "\
had-a garrison. But where is your Cora-
.ninnil, Captain Helm?"
"Where Is my gnniison. yon ask! Yes, ;
and I can tell yon. It's where you i
Blight expect a gang of dud blasted";.
^•ibb_..ng French good■•• foe nothing? ;
te be, off high gamilcking around
shooting buffaloes Instead lif. slaying
here and defending their wives, ebil-
I nun. »  I -   i
| the British  ting flying- Hint was tli
i  report.
"They are moving rapidly," snld the
spokesman, ""and will be here very
soon. They are at least UOtl strong, nil
well armed."
"Push that gun to the gate and lono
lt to the muzzle, Lieutenant Beverley,"
Helm ordered''with' ntimirnble firrtl-
ness, the purple flush In his luce glvin,;
way to a grayish pallor. "We.are going to die light here or have the bon
ors of war."
Beverley obeyed without a word. He
even loaded two guns instead.of one;
charging each so keavlly that the last
wad looked as lf ready to leap from
the grimy mouth.
Helm hnd already begun, on receiving the first report, a hasty letter to
Colonel Clark at Kaskaskia.   He now
j added a few words, and at the lust moment sent it out by a trusted mail, who
I wns promptly captured by Hamilton's
I advance guard.   Tiie missive, evident
j ly written, in Installments during the
j slow approach of'the British. Is still ia
I the Canadian archives, and runs thus:
Dear Sir—At this time thero 13 un army
;  within three miles of till- place; I henrd
I of their coming several ,luys beforehand.
I sent spies to find the certainty—the npies
being Utken prisoner I never trot Intelligence till they not within three miles of
town.   As I had culled the mllidn and hail
all assurances of th.lr Inlesrity I ordered
at the flrhiK of a ctinnon every man to
appear,   hut   I   # w   hut   few.     Cuptaln
BusB-On behaved much lo III,, honor and
credit, but I doubt the eonf'tl t of a certain gem.   lCxcuse haste, as llie arm;.' I.
In sight.    My deLermlnatlon Is to defend
the  garrison,   -tale)   though   I   have   but
twenty-on. men but what has left me.   I
refer you to Mr. Wmes Ulo) fov the rest.
The army ls within three hundred yards
of the  village.    You   must   think  how   I
feel;  not  four.men that I really depend
uiion; but am determined to act brave—
think of tny condition.   I know It is out of
my power to defend the town, ua not one
of the militia will'take arms, thoU_.h he-
lore eight of  the army no braver men*
There Is  a  flag  at  a small distance,  1
must conclude.   Yor.r humble servant,
Must stop.
To Colonel Clark.
Having completed this task, the letter shows under what a nervous strain.
Helm turned to his lieutenant uud
"Fire a swivel with a blank charge.
We'll give these weak kneed parlyvoos
olie lucre cull to duty. Of course not tl
.og cater of them all will come. But
' said that a gun should be the signal,
l'oasibly tbey ilidu't.bear the first one,
•»;• deaf, cowardly hounds!"
Hevciiey wheeled forth the swivel
•oil rammed a charge of powder home.
■Jut when be tired it tiie effect was far
,l.'rom what it should have been. In-
stiuid pf calling lu a fresh body of militia it actually drove out the few who
up to tbat moment had remained nR a
,,'iini-oii. so (hat Captain Helm and
Ids lieutenant • found themselves quite
.done In tbe fort, while out before tho
gate, deployed In Hue open order, a
strong line of British soldiers approached wltb sturdy stepH, led by a
taljr erect ruddy faced young officer.
thoroughly acquainted with
savage warfare, and no knew
all tlie pacific means so sue
cessfully nnd ao long used by I'reinb
missionaries and traders to control savage character, but the emergency now
upon blm was startling. It confined
blm.' Tbe fact that he had taken a sol'
cmn oath of allegiance to the American
government could- have been pushed
.aside lightly enough upon pressing occasion, but be knew that certain confidential agents left in Vincennes by
.Governor Abbott had, upon the arrival
tit J-lebni gone to Detroit, and of course
tiiey had carried thither a full rcnort
of ali that happened ln the Church of
St. Xavler when Father Gibault called the people together, and at the fort
when the British* flag was hauled down
and la banulere d'Aliee Roussillon run
up ln its place. His expansive imagiua-
Hon did full credit to itself ln exaggerating the Importance of his part In
handing the post over to the.rebels.
And Wbnt would Hamilton think of
this? Would he coii-ider-It treason?
The'question certainly bore a tragic
SI. Roussillon lnckcd everything of
being a coward, and treachery had no
rightful place lu his nature. He was,
however, so In tlie halilt of fighting
windmills and iuaklng mountains of
molehills that he could not at first
glance see any Buddeh'presentnieiit
with a normal vision. He bad no love
Lv Englishiuen, and he did like Americans, but be. naturally thought that
Helm's tnlk of fighting Hamilton wits',
as. his owp would have beeu ln a like
case, talk and nothing more.' The fort
could not bold out an hour, be well
know. Then what? Ab, be but too
well realized i:h* result
Resistance would Inflame the English
! 'soldiers add madden the.Indians. .There
! would be a massacre, and the belts of
! savages would sag with bloody scalp..
\ He shrugged his shoulders and felt a-_
i chill, creep up his back.
The first thing SI. Itousslllon did was|
to see Father Beret and take counsel of
j blm;  then he  hurried  home to dig
great  pit  under  his  kitchen  floor  In
j which be burled muny bales of fur and^
all his most valuable things.   He work-
j ed like a giant beaver all nlgbt long. I
Slenntlme   Father   Beret  went   about]
; over the town quietly notifying tho ln- j
j habitants to remuju in tbelr houses un-
til   after   the   fort   Bhould   surrender,
, which, he was sure, would happen the ,
next dny.
"You will be perfectly safe, my ehlL-J
drcn," he said to them,   "No harm can^
come to you If you follow my directions."
. Relying   Implicitly   upon   him,   tbeyj
scrupulously obeyed ln every particular."
He did riot tblnk It necessary to e.tlli
at Roussilion place, having i!lr\i,ly-l
given SI. Itniissllltm the best advice be ;
could command.
JhsI  at  the  earliest  break of  day.
while yet the gloom of night scarcely '
felt the sun's approach, a huge figure
mude haste along Uie narrow streets in
the northern part of the town.   If any
person  had  been looking out through,
tbe little holes called windows iu those
silent and rnyless huts it would have
been easy to recognize M. 'Itousslllon by
bis statnro and his gait, dimly oullinejd ,
ns be was.   A thought which seemed to1,
him an.Inspiration of genius had taken'
possession of blm and was leading him
as If by the nore straight nwny to Hamilton's lines.   He was freighted with eloquence for the car of thut commander,
and ns he strode along facing the crisp *
morning air he was rehearsing under
Ida breath! emphasizing his periods In '
tragic whispers with sweeping gestures
nml liberal facial contortions.    So absorbed was be In bis oratorical solllo-'
quy tbat bo forgot due military precaution and ran plump Into the face of a j
savage picket guard, who, wlthem. re*
spect for the great XL Rousslllon's dlg-^
ulty,  sprang  up 'before  him,  granted™
cavernously,   flourished   a   tomahawks
and spoke In excellent and exceedingly :
guttural Indian:
"Wall, surrender!"
It Is probable that no man ever cotn-l
plied with a modest request ln a mere j
docile spirit than did  SI. Roussillon ^
upon   that   occasion.     In   fact   his i
promptness must have been admirable,
for tbe savage grunted approval and ,
straightway conducted him to Hnmll- '
ton's headquarters on a batteau lu the ,
• The British commander, a hale «aan*i
of sandy complexion and probably, un-.
der middle age, was in no very pleas-1
nnt humor.    Some of his orders had
been misunderstood by the ehlef of hU|
Indian allies, so that a premature exposure of his approach bad been made
to the enemy.
"Well, sir, who are you?" he.grufflyl
demanded when M. Kousslilon loomed
before blm.
"I nm Gaspard Roussillon, the mayor '
of Vlncennes," wns the lofty reply,
have come to announce to you officially"1
that my people greet you loyally and
that my town Is freely at your command."   He felt as Important as lf his *
statements hnd been true.
"Humph I Thnt's It Is lt? Well,
Sir. Slayor, you have my congratula*.
tlons, but I Bhould prefer seeing tlie i
military commander and accepting his I
surrender. What account can you give ,
me of tbe American forces, their number and condition?"
SI. Roussillon winced, Inwardly at,
least, undor Hamilton's very undefer-
ential air and style of address. It
piqued him cruelly to be treated as a-j
person without the slightest claim to I
respect He somehow forgot the roll- ]
Ing and rhythmic eloqueuco prepared <
for the occasion.
"The American commander naturally would not confide In mc, SI. le Gou-
rerneur; not at all. We are not very
friendly. He ousted me from office,
be offended me"— He wus coughing
and stammering.
"Oh, thunder! What do I care? Answer my questions, sir!" Hamilton
gruffly Interrupted. "Tell me the number of American troops at the tort, \
"I don't know exactly. I have not
h(id admittance to (be fort I mlg&t be
deceived ns to numbers. But they're
strong, I believe, SI. le GourernSur;
at least they make a great show and
much noise."
Hamilton eyed the huge bulk before
blm for a moment, then, turning to a
subaltern, said:
"Place this fellow under guard and
sse that he doesn't get away. Send
word Immediately to Captain Farns-
worth tbat I wish to see him at once."
The Interview thereupon closed abruptly. Hamilton's emissaries bad given him a detailed account of SI, Rousslllon's share ln submitting Vlncennes
to rebel dominion, aud he waa not ln
the least Inclined toward treating bim
"I would suggest to you, it. le Oon-
verneur, that my official position demands"— SI: Roussillon began. But
he was fastened upon by two guards,
wbo roughly bustled him aft and
bound hlin so rigidly that he could
scarcely move finger or toe.
Hamilton smiled coldly n-Vd-'turned
to give some orders to a stalwart, ruddy young officer who in a canoe bnd
Just rowed alongside the batteau.
"Captain Farnswortb," he said, acknowledging the military salute, "you
will lake fifty men and mnke every-
■thlng.ready.for.a roconnolssauce In the
direction of the fort. We Will movo
jdown the river Immediately and choose
n place to land. • Slove lively! We have
no time to lose."
In the meantime- Beverley slipped
away from the fort and made a hurried
call upon Alice nt -Roussillon place.
There was nnt much they could say to
each other during Ihe few moments nt
conunnnd. Alice showed very littlo
'excitement Tier past experience had
fortified her agaliist tho alarms ot
■frontier life,-. But she understood and
perfectly appreciated the situation.
"What are you going to do?" Bever-
'ley demanded In sheer tlrapuir. He was
not able to see' any gleam .of. hupe out
of   the   bk.ckness  .which   bniL  fallen
around him and Into bis soul...'   '
"What shall- you do?" he .repented.
"Tnks the ch-mces of war," siie said,
smiling gravely.   "It will all como out
yrelli no doubt".     ■'
" "1 bopo so, but—but I fear not."
- ' '••     (To li&i <Joiii.iu.i,,d.)    . MOUNT  PLEASANT   ADVOCATE.
- a1,1 '   =**~
The Reason They Abound Aniiuii, th.
Creek ami  CVieVfil-ee Indians.
Tlie prevalence Of Scotch niimes with
the Creek and Cherokee Indians has at
various times beefi' the' source of some
comment 'Xltbougb other nations;
and, In fact, neSi'Jy'every nation, ls
represented b.y*the names borne by
these people,- *h.'sfc*8cotcli names are
far:-more numerous and:have suffered
less change than those acquired from
any other nation. The names of some
of these Scotch Indfaiis are closely allied wltb the „history of these two nations for the p1fi%'t"TOO years, and for
soveral generations such names as Slc-
Intosh, McKellop, 'SIcGombs, Adlr,
SJcQueen and SlcGilllvary are registered on nenrly all the treaties and official papers of moment to either nu-
tlon. Men bearing these names today
are araong'.the foremost of tbe pro-
Ifresslve Indians.
As wiis .sauted, the origin of these
Scotch names' dates buck . over 100
years. At that time the Creek and
Cherokee Indlaos..,moro especially bent
thoir efforts toward! building up a na-
' Hon of pBysienliy perfect men. _The
yoiiiert were encouraged to mat. only
i with the ;6troug, robust men of the
j trine; and If n'w-enl.-uiiin withstood the
', mints nnd glbfeaof bis fellows and remained there^as-.'njlle clityiee of his
Securing n wife.- In-'lhatway the life
Yf these people \v,is almost Spartan.
- J Wliflo this" sentiment waa .lit Its
height nnd the tribes-, were living In
Georgia, some time before tbe .Revolution, a -regiment of Scotch highbinders
was quartered. In the vicinity of one
of the principal villages of the nations.
Tbe Indian! maidens, looked with favor
on the burly men of the north of Scotland, and a number of marriages was
|( the result;. When rife regiment was ordered back to England or to some other quarter of the globe there were
some of these Scotch men who stayed
behind) and their names hnve thus
been lixeif In the annals of the Creek
nation. It Is through the Crooks that
the Cherokees acquired their Scotch
Dr.   William.'   Pink   rill.    Make    strong
Healthy nosy-Cheeked Lasses.
"I was attacked with appendicitis," says Miss Fabiola Oram-
mont, daughter of Mr. Charles Qrittn-
mont, a prosperous farmer of Cham-
plain, Quo., "aind while the doctor
Who attended mo cured me of tho
trouble, it loft behind after effects
Irom which it seemed almost Impossible to recover. I grew weak and
very pale; my appetite was poor; I
suffered at times from severe headaches; nnd the least exertion left me
completely worn out. I triad several remedies, but Instead of gettfng
better I wns gradually growing
worse. Any work about the house
left me weak and dispirited, and I
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then decided to continue tho uso of
tho pills, and by tho time I had taken three boxes I found my condition
was improving. I used eight boxes
in nil, and by the time I had taken
them nil my old time health had returned. S1y appetite had improved,
I had gninud In weight and tho glow
of houltn hnd returned to my face. I
cannot too strongly recommend Dr.
Williams- Pink Pills to all pale and
weak girla."
Good blood is an absolute necessity, and tho only way to havo a con-
j stunt' Snpply of rich, red health-giv-
j ing blood is   to   take   Br. Williams'
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i system   such    troubles   as   anaemia,
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Tha  Fine   Flavor   of  the  .lam   Cam*
-  l.'l'On, n   ,l!.,v!ii;v  Source.
In Mr. Julian Hawthorne's "Hawthorne and Ills Circle" Is the story of
an experience whioh."w.lJ doubtless be
appreciated b.v many housekeepers
who have suffered similar agony, if npt
'f-'nmprecisely Hie same Cause.
One night during Xlr. Hawthorne's
term as consul at Liverpool his friend.
Sir. Henry Bright,' the water color
artist dame to nn Informal supper, und
Mi's. Hawthorne, In honor ol' her guest,
""* "plnced upon the table a jar of especial:
jy fine, raspberry jam.
Sir. Blight tasted the Jam and at
-once became enthusiastic". He bad
never eaten any so delicious, lie declared. There wns a peculiar tnng
about lt which surpiiRsod his recollections of any jam he 'had ever tnsted
from boyhood up. He wus still ln the
midst of his rhnpsodies and still consuming their subject with enthusiasm
•when Sirs. Hawthorne,-who bud taken
a little of the jam upon her own plate,
made a ghastly discovery. The cover
of- the jam pot bnd evitli'iitly got ajar
■ In the closet, nnd an innumerable army
of almost microscopic nuts bad discovered tbe treasure aud plunged eagerly
Into it. j ,:..  -,
. Whnt color the, Invading enemy mny
Have  been before ifliey became lncor-
. pornted wltb the Jam nobody knew. At
tbo time- of -the discovery they could
be distinguished only by thoir strug-
■ ,glos with the pervasive stickiness, and
only then by the keenest eyes, and tho
. vOyes of ,Henry Bright wero among the
most nearsighted in England.
-What was to be done?   Sir. and Sirs.
• Ilawtboi'ne'.sH'iiJHiily exchanged "one
awful look." mill the question was set-
,v tied. It was too late to recall the nnts
3}i_viHired b& thousands; it was clearly
one of tlie cases"wi.ere Ignorance was
■bliss. ' Sir.   Bright "accompanied   bin
\_ueal. With a "'c'milliuial psalm" In
praise of the exquisite- flavor of tlio
.-, riiKplierry Jam, end.never to the day
' of ills death did lie'discover'the awful
.•secret of that flavor.
The meanest man on record hns
I.,-,-n found. He sold liis son-in-law
one half of a cow und tlien refused to
divide Un, milk, maintaining that he
sold I In, l'roii|. hall'. He also required
Unit. I he son-id-inw provide nil feed
consumed und curry wnter to the
boast three times a tiny. Recently
tin, cow hooked the old niiin unit he
is suing liis son-in-law for damages.
Every child In the country needs,
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Uncle Husk— Whoa thar, Mother-
in-Liiw. "Slornin', Nibs! Nephew
Nibs—Moruiu', uncle! But, sny, why
do vou cull .vour mure Molher-in-
l.nw.7 Uncle Husk—Why, jest because
sho Interferes so.        • ' "»
A Delie.l1,. Rera.nl.
.. .3_oyn.sst.r, the well' known French
comic singer, once took part In a char*
I. Ity concert In,Paris arid after the pcr-
I'-' ' "fyi'uninee wniTlliviled-by tGo'prdmofora
to supper along wllb the rest of tho
performers. .Wben. nil were seated at
table Levnssor found under his napkin
an Easter egg out of which live pieces
of gold dropped on lis being broken.
"Ah. I perceive you have got to'
k.trfw.rtb|it I am fond of boiled eggs,"
tbe cdme'Wtrti.'.gayly remarked to bis
entertainer,'"but youinre probably not
.aware that I only ent the white and
'must, therefore nsk you to give tlio
,' yolk tQ.'tb^pAor,"     • ■	
Keep  Yonr Temper.
'. ..The unwritten laws both of society
.and. good,  manners  are  Innumerable,
J    tbnt there hi one'tliitt'wje'cannot puss
over In silence, and that'lS—never lose
yo-ffr temper.    This applies especially
..when  playing games..   To lose one's
^teulpeifcty private'ja'-bad enough, but
vi to do so .n'p'W>I'eTi»''Unpn.tlO!)nblo.   It
, ls a crime which no Hostess ciin forgive, for lt..Dinkes all the other guests
.. feel uncomforcible land disturbs that
. outward'^uijjjvhleh Is .the essence of
all good society.
,f     CI
'nro  i.H
is    and
i   Rp
it nl
Ms   fa
1   wo
.  kind.
Tlie warship timely is n grand
llitl  perishable I rlnkol.
II.  Iiikes live yenrs  In  build  it. nnd
A hull' nn hour to sink it.
We offer On*, llun.refl Dollar, n.w.rd foi
.ny _■_» of Catarrh that cannot b. cur-- bj
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Hall's, Family eill" are the beat.
New .'nglnlid mokes tWO-thlrdS of
Uu. liool'i nliil .sillies produced in tho
United Sliiles.	
Viiiiarti's Unim.iil Luiiibsirman's Friend.
Muny u Mini who snys he bus grent
[ir.'si'iu'i, fit mind muniiges successful*
ly to conceal it.
Kiiiisiis Oity hns the uiicnvlnbln notoriety of lending in the proportion
of divorces In ninrrillguH, there being
but four ninrringes lo every divorce.
It. was Ihe .iiii'l.ey Hint fell oil bis
horse who snld be had no use for
Self rii.fje.nlon.
,.f ■'.WJtl'cmt'-'a ' tj^m'qriVsrrs,-. Hlghmo
/ prejcetjell ■tej^ni'cfy. to %J)en,Jh9 bla
C bordered  lefterT' ' "rr* tii'erc'vVore aiiy
-  bad news." she said, "lb would hnve
come by.Jel^rjjflUs'iltliliUist be that
sometbIifeoh'ns,'*bii;'-r?enea io Sir. Hlgb-
more's rich uncle."
■?*'   ;"-*■'', 'oi.tM?oiili.' '    :, . i
,'4,"ij,7l)ere's papa,'jlohnny ?"'
-,    ."He'S'upstnlrs nsleep." ' .. -
•-Were yfiH'iipstiilrsJ dear'?'*' '-
•■     '"V.K ma'ani.". ;.'; ...   .•   ■ •
"Then how do you know he's asleep?"
"I heard him doing it.   He's sleeping
«*"■ -Mi__jo.ni.'* ■\i^::,'_;"'' :■■' ■    ■ — '.,
 i_ L^l---. — I
■t. ^TJ'e.'-i"ll,e'j)f.ancient India wore her
'' h  ir  t|ed  by a  je'weled band  two or
three Inches bnck of her head and thet
braided Into an enormous bail. i
To be sure, you are growing
old. But why let everybody
see it, in your gray hair?
Keep your hair dark and rich
and postpone age. If you will
Hair Vigor
only use Ayer'a Hair Vigor,
your grayliair will soon have
all the deep, rich color of
youth. .Sold for 60 years.
" I tm now otbt W tbi i. old. and I hvr.
. tlilck, elofi.j !,©«- .f leng h-tr which la a
wonder fo every ono who ,eei it.  And not a
gr-j h.lr In II, all do. to Ayer'i Hair VIk'T."
Una. B. B. Bu.ti., Ueclda, Jllun.
i. O. AT-S CO.,
Low.ll,  M
Fl.l. a Doitin. ,,-«■■»,
AUjlrnCBljlJ^^ « ^TowjieJI.JJ^
Now and then you hear a fellow
Maltet-a kick aliifut .lift luck.
Eat y-O vt-ry aoldum hear him \
Talk about his luck of pluck.
Now and then a failure tells us
That the world Is down on htm,
Eut he never-tclla us how he
Milk-und-mii-hi'd hia r.i it and vim.
Every day you hear some loser
Say that he was.frozen out,
Eut thnt he was ever In It
He expresses not a doubt.
When the world stamps on the kicker,
You can lieur him yell a mile;
But who always scowled at others
Now Is pegging for a smile.
When a man Ip down and out. he
Always has softie, taje to tell.
He wus always pushed or shoved, but
Never tells you that he fell.
And. In sort. It seems the rule to—
■ When a chap laon the shelf-
Tell t. tale that sounds so good h.
Nearly thinks It's true himself.
Never enuc.-il If you've been bunkoed,
Por nobody's lu the dark.
I-tther you pi.Ksoil'by the shu-fto-
Or you were an easy mark.
If Ihey caught you In the pantry
With your llngrr In,the Jam,
And you got a proper licking.
Emulate the wise old clam.
Tlie  Only AVny.
"Do you think It possible for a lawyer to be nn honest man?"
"Oh, yes; provided he has a sulB-
clently large income Independent of
his practice!"
' A Leap Year Proposal.
A white haired, infirm old man
bonrded a crowded Broadway car and
laboriously edged his way Inside. Not
a seat was vacant, and overy strap
supported a passenger. The old man
stood wedged betweeu the standing
folk, nnd for a time no. person paid any
attention to him.
A benuliful little girl, whose golden
hair fell In waves over her velvet coat,
sat ln the car beside her mother. She
noticed the old man and without a
word to ber mother rose and gently
plucked the sleeve of the old man's
"Won't you take my sent?" she said.
The old man looked at her'and hesitated for a moment Theu be bared
his snowy bead and bowed with all
the courtesy or the old Hchoo.1.
"Sly little lady," be said, "I thank
you. I shall accept your offer, but only
because it  ls leap year."
III. Historic Sword.
rrofossor E. CI. Dexter of the Unl-
vcrsily of Illinois, whose Interesting
Investigations hnve proved football to
be a harmless game, ls popular ou account of his geniality.
Alter a certain football victory Professor Dexter entertained one. nlgbt a
group of students at bis residence.
A mngnlllcent sword hung over the
iirepluce of tbe library, and during n
space of silence Professor Dexter took
down this sword uud brandished il
"Never will I.forget," he exclaimed,
"the day I drew this blade for the
llrst time!"
"Where did you draw It sir," a freshman naked respectfully.
"At a raffle," said Professor Dexter.
A   Vl-xaliiillil.
"Don't yon suppose ItJs possible for
ii mun to go tiirnugh the world without
telling a lie?"
"I doubt It. Almost every mnn bus
been In love nt some time In, his life."
TIT!. WOltldl IH PTI.T.I, 'op TAINS.-
'I'lic ui'lli'H mul pnlns that, anlii't. .humanity nre many nml constant,  miNiou  from
.1   liillllitllile   of     inifiHl i,,|,iii.-.linl,li.   nnases,
kill   in   tin*  main   oivlnu -to  man's nrgli-
"''   In   Inkln,.   rare nf  the  henllh.     llr.
I nomas' RolectHc Oil wus th,. outcem.
nt u iiniviM-Hiii cry for some.speetflc whirl]
ivmilil speedily relieve piilu, mul It has
illicit lis tiiisNl.oii in it rt'n'iarkulilc degree.
Hon. Kuropulkln Is determined now
to advance, but. whether In the direction of Tokin or St. I'liter-nburgli -will,
depend eul ii'ely on ch.'cumsluncos.
Keep Miiiard's Liniment ia the Honse.
"I suppose you had a perfectly
ovely time nt Wexford's house party ?" "No II. was a fizzle. Mrs.
Wexford bus so little tnct. She wus
always nrninglng II, thut the,men
would pair nit will) lbeu.'..wlves.
The value of Ihe crops grown iu
New South Wains, for Uiii year 'ended
on  March .'list, lust was _}a,.*ioii',OQO.
Smith—Why do so : . i...' '.'.'■ lie men
marry big women? doses'—Thnt is
hardly the way of It. It'a Ibfi:big women thnt   marry the illliir'iiien;
Qravel    and     Bladder    [Disease
Cured by Dodd's Kidney
] Stranger (to Highlander in full Uniform)—Sandy, «ro Vou .coltf"1 In Ihc
winter Willi the kflt"?' ,Sundy—*Ni_(.
mini; but I'm nigh hilt wi' the cauld.
 -* ■—**-_-' ■ i'. .
I The eurriifg wnrcji b_» Italian women indicate' the part pf Italy the
wearers come from;' the.1 longer the
earrings Uu, further south tho original homes of the Women. In tho fur
north the oi'iiunimiUi uru finite short.
—' $';*,*:* ■'■-- ■
The mule girnlTe'nf the Dnblln Zort
Is suffering fr.tVih the effprtu of a nervous attack brought -on by llie noise
of -the bail 00 (iiie''of tho.-recc.lil
sonny dn_V8 puttering.^iin' the roof
of Ihe giraffe shelter, lie cannot, benr
even tbe creaking of his keeper'-
leuthcr gaiteiH. - .
An Irishman' says tliadV being an
ancient, must,   have   been  a  healthful
l.ll'lipilt illll. 'I
Toronto tSrlaklaynr Relieved of thnie
Terrible Trouble. — ltli,<ll-*.l Solenue
Makes Another Move Fot-wi'.r,!.
Toronto, Ont., June 6.—(Special).
—Medical science has at length awakened to the fact that Gravel and
other bladder troubles are caused by
disordered kidneys and that the modern method of curing them is to" cure
the kidneys with Dodd's Kidney l'ills.
This "does away with those terrible
operations that ' in past years have
been all too common.
Tho case of William Thomas, bricklayer, 158 Mill street, this city, is
one of the recent proofs of the efficiency of the treatment. Mr. Thomas
"I had been troubled with Gravel
and Bladder Disease for seven years.
I had to .go to tho hospital and havo
water taken from me, I tried medicines of different kinds, but they
failed to remove the trouble.
"Hearing of cures by them prompted me to try Dodd's TCidney Pills,
and after taking them for a lime 1
passed a stone tbe size ct a largo
bean. Four boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Pills made a complete curo in my
Toss—f.'eorge told me how much he
paid for my ringf How inudh do you
think il. was? Jess—I don't know,
but it. doesn't look lo he worth it.
Tens—Worth what? Jess—Whnt. he
told you ho paid for it."
I.iuiment. naked lor at my si ore and
the only one we keep for suit,.
All the people use it.
li A Ul .IN   KIII.TON.
Pleasant Bay,   li.   II.
"How dill that prima donna come
to lose iter voice.?" '"Well," answered
llie iuiprussario, "snme people suy
sho sung too much, but iny personal
opinion is that sho lost- if arguing
about salu.„."
A tu.ee covered with i'iin|Uu.s is unsightly. It tells uf inii'i-iial irregularities
widen should long sine- have been ini--
teil. 'I'he liver mul kiiliii-ys are nut
performing their functions in the lieultlty
uii.v they should, a'ud tints, pimples nro
to let you Know that the blood protests. I'm'tiioleo's Voir.iiUiiu puis win
drive llii'in nil nwuy, mul will leave Uie
skin clear and tih-nti. Try tlioiu, unil
there will,- be unotliur vVltness tu their
Clementine waa felling how hor
modern Romeo mudd love lu, her on
the porch. "And did he swear lij
the pule moon'.'" naked-"hor chum.
"He didn't have time." sighed Oleiii-
eiitine. "How wus that,?'' "lit
heard pa' swearing by tlie fi'bnl
It.  takes  moro  thnn  oue  ruce-ho
lo inuko a horso-racu.
Cucumbers  nml   melons  nro    "lorlilililen
fruit"    to  many    pursuits    so    i*i>llHlil-iil..il
that the lun.st Indulgence is [olloiutl hy
attacks of oliolora, dysentery, griping, etc.
These persons me not aware thut they
[•un indulge to their hdiirls1' con tent if
they have on hand a bottle ol llr. .1. II
rCellogRia Uysentry Cordial, a medicine
Hint-will give iiiiini'iliiiin relief, i,ml is a
ire cure fur ull summer complaints.
''When young tollers begins n-cuurl
iu'," snid Fni'iner llnicodo ol' New
Jersey, "Ihey jest, gils oru/y, un
thet thar boy Jim o' n ine riln'l no
exception." "What's .lini bin n doin
now"'" nsked I'linner Souni'ue_i.
' Ilunged ir he dldli'l go Infer lowi,
yesfei'd'y an' spend a hull sixpence
fur a teeth brushI"
General   Kelreatovilih   appears '-tn
oiiiiiiund  Ihe Uussiiins.      -   .. ,
I'he iiijiuiifactiire nnd snle of to
baci-o is ii.S_tate-' iiioiiopoly iu Aus-
I riu. ' wbicli n''ls' llie' mil ii'ihfil lr,u-
sury over f27,UOU,tlO0 a your.
The clod; plnced in Ihe hull of (In-
Ilolbtirn llorongh I'miiicil is iu! least
250, years old, nnd bus been in Ihe
HisHoS.sioii of the locnl nul horiti.-.s
or thut period. It still keeps good
lime. ,-
llisurunco losses in Ihe linilctl
Slules uud t'linudn fur the first /our
tnonths of this yeur amount., nccord-
ing to Ibe Chicago Herald, to $14(1,-
(SOtt.o't.O, nn inci-eiiM- of S'.>;i.<lli'JL',
,">..li over Ihe same periihl of 1008,
Ittlssinns    use    per    capita    a    Hildas the people of (lie  United  Stales.
The Irenly hetlVCetl llie III ileil
Itlltes uud Ciilin giving n prefereiu'e
o the hitter's sugar is helping to re-
tore the West indititi sugar trad,
willi England.
$5,000 Reward Teve^lr.
Limited, Toronto, to any person who
can prove that this soap contains
any form of adulteration whatsoever,
or  contains any   injurious chemicals.
' Ask for the OcUaoit Bar. n.
Poor man! He can't help ft.
He gets bilious. He needs a
good liver pill—Ayer's Pills.
They act directly on the liver,
cure biliousness.       iZtt?-0"^
J,uwell, M.i*-.
Want your moustache or beard J
a beautiful brown or rich black? U.-.e
I   .. H.tL.C, WAMUA. W  H.
Tbo Word l.vldertflv Come. Down to
In  1,'riini  "llnaiiwiu   llollii."
The word rlgnifirbl.'-ls'hipplieil nowadays, ^vith the''contemptuous emphasis of slung, to desi'i-lbe.a^ong, unintelligible statement. At one time it
must have been a-wowl of some weight.
for Byron In "Don .Iiiuu", speaks thus
of It: "Ills speech wiia n Hue sample,
on tbe whole, pf rhetoric, which fhe
learned cull 'I'iir'nui'role^"
It wus certainly ass'u..ated*'w.th what
were known in law n.-i "raginan rolls,"
lengthy deeds' with seal.-., attached,
whose lack of lucidiiy probably gnve
rise to the word's modern meaning,
lijven papal bulls were so described
during tlie middle ages, w*tt.llfr-ihc ragman roll by which Edward'I. bound
the Scottish nobles' Is of historical
celebrity. 'Ibis wns n cumbersome find
complicated deed, consisting of tblrty-
flve pieces of piirelinieiit sewn together.
There was a   very jo/8 giiine',ci|lled.
ragman roll, b\ which the players pulled from a roil of parcliment papers at-
tnched to seals hung outsltlo. on which'
various characters. Wore Inscribed,
The primary dorlvullou of "ragman"
Ir very doubtful, ln 'Tiers ffbwiniin"
it is applied to the evil one, and li
Icelandic II means one who Is cowardly or confused.— Loudon Aliswei's.
.-V, Iluch—Women chum Hint tho doesn't indicate happiness," answer-
wuy to net on with a mun is to give ed Miss Cuyenne, "It is said. It'
him plenty of nicely cooked food, shows that she considers him be-
Hlrius Burker -Wall,  why don't some yond hope."
oi   lieun  try  it? 1     '.  . ■
 ___(  |    Jones—Do    you   sweur   when   -you
"Hiiggins .iiel-liis wife miisl , et. on hnvo to walk the dxrb.v at. night'.'
very happily," said the gossip. "She Drown—Ves, but I tie" kid hollers so
sny*.  she  never  scolds  bim."    "That   that my wife can't, hear-me.
whooping couch
Are Ailments Whioh Causa Great Anxiety to Mothers Who are
Not Familiar With the Curative Power* of
Dr. Chase's Syruo of
Linseed and Turpentine.
A ll.ii, IA' the l.i,ii_;iini','*..
"I huve another complaint against
tlie Kngiish tongue." begun the literary mail. "There ore a gootl many
gaps In it. of cbuf'so* but it seems Ic
me that the most absurd Is'tfint a Iirn-
ghnge which bus n dOfScn current
mi mes for drill It lias none for the
yoo-ig woman whom a mnn ts engaged
to marry. Most of the terms; (lint
might be suggested nre the basest ol
coin—'best girl.' 'Intended,' aad so
l'o"fb. We have to fall lin'i-k .weakly
oil the Trench llnncee. And yet the rC-:
III I Ion is Kngiish nnd American enough,
I tblnk. lor us lo linve a word of our
own. Of eoii!'":e there".* 'sweethenrt,' ,
but that seems to huve dropped out
of use altogether.'' i
It Is a serious question to every
mother as to how she can' best com-,
bat croup, whooping cough, bronchitis and similar ailments which are
sura to attack -the little ones at
times least expected.
The hollow, croupy cough comes
with tCrriblo foreboding ns it arouses
the hopelessness of battling against
a disease which frequently defies thu
most skilful physicians.
in croup, above all other diseases,
prompt action ls of the greatest i-it-—
portunce imaginable. With Dr.
lUhnsc's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine at hand any mother can effect almost InStant relief when tho
children are struggling frantically lor
breath. Dy sheer force of merit It
has won Its way to popularity, and
is known all over the continent as
tho most effective treatment for
throat and lung troubles that science
has cvor devised.
Mr. W. McGeo, 49 Wright avenue,
Toronto, Ont., states:—"Thero is no
remedy in my opinion that can act
nloro promptly than Dr. Chase's Sy*
rup of Linseed ^and Turpentine. If
cured my son of croup, absolutely,
in one night.     We gave him a dose
when he was black In the face frith
choking. It gave him insta.nt 'rei.ef.
During tho night he took Severn!
doses, and in the morning woka up
bright, perfectly well and cheerful.
I must say it is a wonderful medicine." » ._   -
Mrs. J. W. Lloyd, Albion' atreet,
Belleville, Ont., states:—,,,
"In tho'beginning of- last-winter I
t >ok a very severe cold, accompanied
with a bad cough, and waa almost
laid up for a time. I tried several
remedies, but with Indifferent, results. On the advice ol a frlfnd I
got a bottle of Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and Turpentine, and found
that it relieved the cough at ond),
liy the time I had taken the one bot-
11,1 my ' cold .was gone, and "I can
truthfully recommend it aa a splendid remedy for coughs and colds.
Dr. Chase's Syrup ot Linseed and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle, family si/,e (three times as much) UU
cents, at all dealers, or Edmansou.
Bales A. Co., Toronto.
To protect you against Imitations
the portrait and signature of Dr. A.
W. Chase, the famous r_Be.pt • book
author, are on every bottlo.
Ate  Tlull'   Uud.,
The gods of liiosl South American
tribes of Indians ure generally looked
upon as sacred, bet when the gods become a nuisance it Is time to pnf an
end to tbem; nl lensl, tli.it Is what a
certnln tribe along the Znbaii river
think. 'Ihey worship Ibe iguana and
monkey, hut lis soon ns Ihe Iguana*
started eating chickens tbey thought
It time to slop worshiping bim anil
to cat bim In place of the chickens he
hail eaten. This they do, and Ihey prefer iguana stew to chicken fricassee.
is tut PRfFtRMTIALio'ciGAR
Youil   Enjoy Every Bit 01 It.
The Karl of Iffnyo, who hns Ijimw
ntertnfn'.nfl: Prince Arf.f-uir of I'mi-
naught, nf, his rent, in County Kil
dard, is nn Irish hitulliinl who hns
prolinbly done more limn uny ritlu-r
landowner in thnt. county to n loV*i
agrarian pparti,
Ask for Miiiard's mid lake no other.
All women aro horn refoiyriprH, nnd
they want to hoglri on sonn- num.
A woman's Cnvoriti writer Ik a hnsband who is cnpuhlu oi' w >'< ii.i^ ji'ii,
made by J.MJORTICR Ltd. Montreal
Instantly and
accurately lock
to nonpareil or
pica measure. -.
Note the brace c
on side. ': : : :
6x2 in. $2.00.
8x2 in. 2.25.
10x2 in. 2.50.
12x2 in.    2.75.
Nickel Plated
.25 cents extra.
'Whim'' vour. fill her cmnua liomn I
shall tell hiin lo give .', on* n whipping." "Hold 011. nm; I.'I pa ..'11111111
neutral—don't, drug hint iniii this ni-
fair. - **•
Till'-, 1' I. A (11:1MI EN IB Jin IKS IIF.VIVEII.
I 'oust mil ii|i|.ii,iit inn lo I-iPoh. ''. is , i|
lux    lljioll    I ill' ' I'ltlTgit'-,    -Mill   if    I li'''!^ t"j
not   rt'lii in I i    hiKHltnilo   nilil   ,li-|if.;Sf.iiiif
ni,. „iii..  lo  iiiti'i-vt-nt'.   'I'lii' vinnl  oi'i'vir
-I,,liliii-I,ir tlOUllltiM. 'I II" Ml.Ill 11, ,-^. ■'
■ lifiO Ill'illg.S llll. VCI-VIHIS ll'I'tfgUllLl'lti^-l,
.111,1      llll"     Mil,ninth     n-IISl-S      to.  llS-smillil'll'
fonil iii'tipcl'ly. Iii thla ,...,illii.,n Pur-
 Ir.-'s   \ ,.(,,.nil.I..  I.lla  will   ne  found    "
reClljiHl'iltlvo ni run' [Miuir. l-i-sloriliit liu-
Illl'IIIIS   lo   lii-nll hfiil   in-lii.,,,   tlispi'll.iiL'   Uu.
in...-,-i..n. iinil reviving tin' -tluioiina ■♦ft'
uigleS;-   '  '
' •   STECOi.HAPHY. '
Sluii   U't-lliliK   \Vl,S In  Inf Ami.,1,tx 111*
-       .\t,,-l,-ltf     (A*«'«.|_N    11,1,1     Itl.tllllllM.
The existence of.stenography among
the Greeks and Hie Itoninus Is certain.
'Iho shorthand that they used wns a
r.forni..of willing iu wliich each word
was represented by u special sign. The
letters of the Alphabet, with inodlllca.
thins, connected so as lo admit of grent
rapidity of oxeeutlofi, rormed the ele-
inenlH of lliese cbiii'iicti'i'H.    Tbey date
,ut  le««t from the llrst century before
I'Christ. I
lu ihe second century A. I), la found
Crumbs'Qf comfort  nei.'i' eoiiii'j'ioiu j.1,1'0   l,'na   Ncmeiogrnph   (stciiogrnphlc
'nl.iiig ciiidier's ill btid. ;. ,'liariuleci lu the Ureek brulor, l'lnvlus
Miltanl's Liiilmeal Is Used b)' Physicians.)    Drigon or Alexandria (i85-2.-i4 a. d.)
. .  I antes Ida, sermons down In shorthand,
A   Minn  in  Inhibit! is-lip I   lo ilis.i'o'1,.  find   Soe«nleK.  tbe eccle-laatical  iilato-
■r Mini   his friciida nre mil   ns ii ien.l-.' r.an of Ihe  I'liuVlb- i-cnfury, anya thnt
purl of llie sermoiis of St. .lohn t'lirya-
iislom was presi'i'ved by the MD| pane-
ess. In the first eenttiry U. (I. a dls-
•loiii'se of pa to .litiecnsiH, according to
. r.iiiiaich. was taboo down by abort-
buud reporters. -r
The dovelt-pinont of Hhortluind wai
due especially to Mnreis Tulllim Tiro,
Horn lu l.iitinm In 4u:i II-. ('., 'ITro, who
was'a .-lavo. 'was brought'up with
Cicero, who was Home years bis junivr.
Treed, be became t'hero'H Hecrelar.r.
nml in this capacity.aided blm grcntly;
Iu the famolis irlnl of Catiline (03 Bi
•(.'.) the Stenographic rapidity of Tiro
was at lla ____[_____  '.'
ly un they iniglll   he,
'iviii'ii n wiiliiwer begins to lill Ids
troubles to u widow sh,. Knows'-li.' is
going   lo  ii'k  Ii,-l'  io .shurr thein.
s.  tri
children    aro
i' I lii'i.i Mul In
or; iinfi', sm
.1    i.link    llie
troubled    villi
I- tiliii.-s W.inn
. i.ii.l ill.-rtlliil'
iii|.i.,\,'iyi.||l-    hi
ei that
ihl   the
"Vou  cun t p'l   round  I he fn
Iwo    nnd    two   ii.nlo-   liiiir."   i;
innii   who  iirgui-s  veiii'iiii-iit ly.
rule    dors    very    ivu|l    for
ainouiii,;."   niiBWered    Benatnr
hiiin,   lilnnilly.   "lint:   when   you tnke
I uoieilih-ji. und Iwo lulllion. iunll,piii'
'no   iiigi'lher  in  n   trust,. thci'ii'H'nif
lulling how   ninny millions they will
ninount to." . -i -
.    ..i-ty
Coughing is an outward sign of
inward disease. _
Cure the disease witb
Cure ■JSnicLung    •
and the cough will stop;.
Try   it   to-night.    If   it doesn't
benefit' you,   we'll, give  your"
money back. . x - '•  ,•<
Prk'.ai B.C. Wsris * Co; 107
2Sc.S0c.il    L.R.T. N. Y., Toronto,CMfc,
\\    .Her  l.nrly   H.-M.Iiitln,,..
This sloiy'is told by an -.nglishmnn
who lived a century ago: liu wag dining .cut In London and ant by a lady
^M'boui be did not know. Their conver-
Bfitlon turned-upon early resolution!
nliil how very Selihim they were kept,
fhud the lady said: "Wclh when I was a
'girl I jnade Hire" res<i)lutlou«—drat, !■
delcimrned that 1 would never marry.
,n soldier; secondly, that.I would,never*
;-marry an Itisiilnnn, ifud, thirdly. Hint
il would not be long 'engaged. And nil
those three resolutions I-broke.   Whom
. do yon think I did marry? The Duke
of Wellington! He .waa a soldier nnd
an frisll'nnni, and •! .was engaged to*
bim for twelve yc-irs."  This waa Ijitly
'Katherine ritkeiihain. It was an qu-
h.'rpp.v marriage, uud tbe cou_ile inoslly
lived iiiuirt. >        :  •
Aro You In tha Ruth and Bustle?
While — e join In tbe rush and bustle of
this busy world, overtaxing our energies
and racking our systems, many of us ar*
morally culpable of recklesg disregard of
bodily strength and fitness. Then perhaps the health breaks down, and wa
siiiin doomed to long Mflods of pain and
dupresslO-L   Our whole life is darkaoed.
HandnxU and thousand! of -tiling men
and women Lave found that *
▼drily " make life worth ftvtng."
Thmy Purity Urn BlamA, mat right thw
PlmorSmrmtl Stomach, Sr*u.. thm
Slumoi.h Llv.r, dl.pml SJoA-H.od.
.oh., buildup th* SarvammMymt+m.
mnd rapalr thm damtmgm emmmmd my
oraraw* mnd mrmma worry.
The frenuine. worUl and jwrer-falllnf
• •tliiutry of ■ '-.-■. * •«
bare been fully proved daring'' a period
of nearly sixty years, and tbey an recognized tm the
Best S.it.uu.ird Aaolnst Bilious and'
Nervous Altnoks. . ,
Tho most satisfactory ovidence of Uie
uiilvcrsnl i-stwiii in wliich BEECHAM'S'
i'll.l.Snn.li.-l.lisfiiuiiil in til-fact that th»
Bales Eaoh  Ytar Inofaaaa
_ I'o-pirrd only b> Thvmaa llssdlsss. SI.
Hll.nji. Ilnjl.n.. '••'_"     *
Sulil svsrywb«r» In Canada snd U. I.
Asasrlca.  la -»_*•,' It ceats.
"Mr.    Deeply,"    snid    Ihe    hostess,
won't you oblige us Willi nin-, pmro
SOng?"   "Oh   really!"   replied Hi,	
iient basso,. "Ibe hour is go (ale, I'm
sfrilid niy .sfliging Will lilsliiil, the
nelglibow" -''Niver niinil thai. 'I hey
iwiiVftidw-whosc luiiv^pg disturbs
iSjU  night too.'1 .
..IMiimV   Son).. ilislnliTfioit    .-    ,' '
y   raceainOrndsq^ li.v.Aih»' nssdlcrfl   profeH-
slnii 'tis a siilt'niiiiiil ., ..,,. , Infectious
lisi'iises. :"'■
"Uiltl Knlf„_cliib una' nt,. Si'whtirk-
et." "Mow so?" "NVIiy,'tl'1' ihcni-
lers Went, ta'work anil hi lit out tbreo
liiiks."  "Maybo lbey're-tiiji^.l''i'lliiwn
\A*    N    XJ 'THo    «B* .'■
Ht.  Pleasant  Advocate.
(EastabliBhed April.8,11.09.)
Mrs. R. Whitney, Publisher
Omce: 25 26 Westminster avenue.
I-MOTIM. Office—30 Fleet atreet,
London, E. C, England Whero a
file of "The Advocate" is kept for
Tel. B1405.
Subscription $1 a year   payable   in
B cents a Oopy.
Notions of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
For all City Advertizing, also South Vancouver Municipal advertizing
consult   The   Advocate.
Vancouver, B. C, Aug,, 10, 1904.
Hon. Raymond Prefontnine, Minister
of Marine and Fisheries, is visiting the
Pacific Coast 011 important official busi
ness.   On  'WcdueMlny  moruiug  Hon.
Mi.  Prefontnine    met    His  Worship
• Mayor W. J. McGuigan nud the  Alder
•■ men to discuss  the  question of False
Creek Foreshore rights aud  improve
1 incuts.
The Oanndiau Medical Aasciatiou will
1 meet in Vancouver from Tuesday to
■Thnrsday next weok. About 600 doctors
from all over the Dominion, the United
States and even from Europe are coining. This will be fhe first Medical convention held 011 the Coast nud Vancouver mny well feel prond to entertain
delegates of tliis distinguished profession.
The City Council on Monday evening
decided to submit a bylaw to the elec
tors  for   raising $100 000,   in order to
make needed extensions of water mains
aud provide for   the   large   number  of
applications for water service.
. Mt. Pleasaut citizeus are anxious for
better water  servico both  for   private
residences and fire protection,  and will
undoubtedly vote for the by-law unanimously.   Mt. Pleasant snd Fairview nre
. the most interested suctions of tbe oity
in having the proposed by-law passed.
Alderman Mortou's  suggestion,   thnt
. a direct wnter main should  lie  laid to
- Mt. Pleasant, seems to be 11 most sensi-
, ble one.   That  the    city  should    be
divided into sections and a water main
laid direct   to  each  section   from   the
source of supply, nud no tapping of tbe
main allowed outside of  each section,
wonld probably give the  most satisfnc
tory  service.    Wo  are  iuformed that
' nearly 90 per cent of the services asked
for are on the lower level- of the city
and even though amain was laid around
. tbe head of   False Creek,   the higher
levels of Mt. Pleasant  would  have uo
i better water pressure thnu at present,
owing  to   the  increased    number  of
services tupping tlie main on the lower
levels.     But nu   improvement  iu   our
.water servico is propose, and no matter
what plan is carried out  when  the by-
. law is submitted, within a few weeks,
every elector entitled to  vote  will be
certain to east his ballot favorably.
Woman's    j
Pink bids fair to tie a favorite color
agtiiu for dancing gowns. Very mauy
have been worn and greatly admired of
late. Pink crepe, monsseliiio and a sort
of crepe lissc are much to the fore, the
piuk hnviug that yellowish tone com-
mou to oriental piuks as compared with
our rose piuks. Glitteriug trinimiugs
are another craze, but not in tho old
style of solid designs ns much as if executed by hand in narrow rows evenly
spaced apart, tbo width of a narrow
ribbon, from a quarter to hnlf nn inch
wide They tire put ou iu straight or
varied Hues of waving serpentines, or
are compact diminutive patterns. There
is a pronounced simplicity iu the low
bodices of these gowns, which are quite
full, but no bagging or front pouching
allowed, as wa:; formerly the mode. Au
easy bodice fullness is clasped iuto a
broad gird'e, well fitted nnd chiefly built
of transparent luce, upon wliich gold
or silver paillettes are wrought iuto
designs iu harmony with tbo corresponding skirt ornamentation. For example, a broad baud, eighteen to twenty
inches wide, of an all-over lace, designed
with Louis xv baskets of toppling
flowers trailing over tlie sides, and long
delicate sprays of many tiny blossoms
trnvorsiug tbe open spaces of uet, en-
ales the full skirt from a little above the
knee line downward, Tho basket aud
some of the flowers, as well as scattered
trails of foliage, are embroidered iu gold
spaugles exceedingly minute iu size,
Tbe top of the skirt has six fine row., of
simple gauging. A lace girdle, eight
inches at least in width, clasps the
waist, ami this too is embroidered, bnt.
tho basket design is excluded. As may
well bo imagined, the finisii of girdle iu
front, being small, lies double wheels of
piuk gnn/.e edged with overlapping lines
of gold paillettes. The top of the low
corsage is cut iu the modest Hues, now
so fashionable. It has its narrow insetting of lace aud spangle work, while the
sleeves arc iu puffs of gauze, without
trimming, but exquisitely draped.
In tbe manner of wearing veils  two
distinct styles are liegiuniiig to prevail
in New port's fushionublu quarters.  Oue
is the white lace veil,  rather elaborate
iu its design nnd  drawn close over tbe
fuce, its border dipping almost an iucli
below ilie chin,  aud   the   oilier ia  the
auto veil upon a ring, in white, iu green,
brown and blue, monsseline or chiffon,
crossed iu tlio back and tli-rwn  forward
under tbe chin, mid banging in long
scarf cuds.   This is the forenoon  style
and worn witb linen suits chiefly, bntol
different qualities, some ns sheer as pus
si'tile. others as   heavy   as  cloths,  and
answering for all degrees of temperature
Matrons affect   these   white lace veils
very much, while tbe youug contingent
married or single, show a preference for
clouding head   aud  becoming   tissues.
Steel-gray liberty monsseline and u deep
shade of golden bronze, with u suspicion
of green ubout it,  aro  tlio two  smart
colors for long-journey auto  veils,  and
very fit do they look when  the rnnors
rush past.
Walk a mile to save a nickel, thou
spend it for candy.
Pull he waist in, while pitying the
foot-bound Chinese women.
Suffer the discomforts of a short shoe
to make her font look small.
Wonder for a half hour what time it
. forgot ting the watch tucked into
her belt.
Raise her skirt nt tlio side to show her
silk petticoat, nnd let it drag at its
longest point.
,-#r<*iitl' -veiii],-, between  W.Mii.in..|et at'.'
ii_r_B-<_iu-u,r ttraat.  >ERVH'_-_..i ii „.ni.,
_nd 7:Hli|. ir. : Suu.Iai *-hool at 8.S0 p. III.
'j*e» • IT. 1.,-u-o., Pi..t,.r Kf>i,!,•!-,■ IM
-.-Iii aT-Ilue, '.1_.H.
.<r_.,'t t»f "vian    *_--^  U_e_t„iiiMrr -Venue.
RVt.-SSafl  7) u   -1., anil  7 p. m.: Hu_,<",ti.
A. E.
'.sclio-.l an." ft;t-:.- Chun _:-H p.m.   llcv.
Iletli.ringlon. B. .v., B. p., Pastor.
* '.,1.-1,11111-.- 128 Klcvcnili avenue, wnnt. Telethon. 111.01.
,'myilB'i of W-fiBdam.r ireno. r-ci w.ft
i«in«_-r tamm,    WKTICHM m '.I a. m., »n«i
".'Ul |. ;i> : ''in.rty fcfcwal it-;:>.' (. 1.1 It..-'..
'I.-.-. \ wt'.nn.K A , P..frtr. ".•!,»* <->:rr.f <>i
Kifhili _-.'.-nii*-i,,.l i-infariA rtr-.r    T^l   10V
.:!*  Mli-.u*.:i ,., (Anglican,..
.,m.f l\ -:-';..:in»l^i- ii—fl -ir,'l I'rln'-' Klwarf!
,tr_. 1 .-r.it'-'I<:l> al Un 11,., .inl',:>' p.m.,
"' i. 1 yafasmtoa I.can'l :t.l "tiin'U>* I,. ia, I,
\<i,uK1l aft. r liuirninj i-Myer, -M am) Itl, Hun-
',,«..- StSa. In. 1.unity HrhOol :,! ': !>, p.m.
Sr,   <,. II. Wlljon. Recmi.
HrtWT/ '.r.i ThlrttvDih avenue, ,«jt.   Telephone uir',..
Advent Cbrjftlafl  Church   'iiot7iliil_y Ait-
naiicl-i./ comer Vlnth avenue and  IVeftinln
'.l*r mart    H/.-rvh'tt, II -. m , end 7::ifl p.m..
'siin.fiiy  Kcli-ml  ul   II);.. m      Yi.nng   people-'
'HfMtMtfO. hoya! Vorktir- ol Chri-t'lim Knd.a-
ver m>,t. ,:v.iry rfun.-y evening atfi: 15o'clock.
l'ray«r-m,-,-tii-.K VeAnwAaf nigfitful snvln,,..
Never rub soap ou embroidered doilies
prepare a suds of some good white soap
in lake-warm water, adding n tablespoon
of turpentine to every quart of water
This prevents the colors from fading.
Squeeze the d'ilios gently in the hands
without robbing, then rinse iu clean
water, ami prep ire n last water with a
little bluing in it and a teaspooufnl of
borax to a quart of water. The borax
renders the linen beautifully white nud
stiffens it a Hide. Do uot ring, but press
out tho witter, and lay them ou n clean
clolh, roll up tightly uud let remain
half an hour. Smooth out carefully, ou
a Ibiik blanket covered by a white
clolh. laying them wrong side upper
most, pulling ont the scallops carefully
Press £ilh inoden.tcly warm iron until
perfectly dry. A hot Iron will not ouly
scratch the liucu,   but   ftide  the colors
•Young Peoplea Societies.
.Loyal. Workers of f'bi'isli-.ti-Eudo,.vr,r
.liiuet nt IS minutes to 7,  every  Sunday
livening ill   Advent  Christian  Church,
"orner Niuth live, and Westminster ltd.
.t-pworth   ttagne of   Jit.    Pleasant.
..11,'lbodist Oimrc;, mc.'ts at 8 p. m.
ii. V. P. I'., moots   in   Mt.  Pleasant
.llapti. t Chnrch iit II p. ni.
'I lm Y. I'. 8. 11. I.., meels  at   H p. in
■u Ml Plcinnsniit Presbyterian Church.
I Duty Woken Owe Themselves.
"Good aclioiifi speak louder thttn word*/
■o too, docs tbe tcntimony of ni.tny thnu-
IMindit of women dtirinf *
third of a century ftpfak
louder tlinu mere claim*
not bucked by a guarantr*
of conic kind. That if
the  reason why the pro-
- Uton of  Di,  Plerct'*
Favorite I'.csci.p-
ti(.11 am willing to
offer $500 reward
for women who tan*
nd hr cured. Such
a tenmrkablc offer
la found rd on the
long: record of cures
of the dltffMOl und
weakness... pecu*
ar to women. If
therl is un invalid
woman, ai.fferlnr from female weakness,
prolapsus, or faliliijj of womb, or ffOUt Icu-
coirhea who haf*. utcd Ur. Ticrcc'e Favorite
Prcjicription without commctc lucce-^n, the
proprietors of that medicine would like to
hear from «uch perhon—and it will be to
her advantage to write them t\t\ they offer,
in perfect good faith. <i reward of $«»
for any case of the above tn-»laf]i(.9 which
they cannot cure. No other medicine for
-Koinan'ft illd H possessed of the unparalleled curative properties that won 1<Twarrant its l.-i:,.:■-.:. in making such au offer,
Th'.* Sistrr-i of the Good fthtplltrd! ,.t thflr
convent, "Our Lady of the WOodS,1- Carthnn.
Ohio, ut-e n great deal of ur. Pierce's medicines;
they say, in u ncanl letter to Dr. fierce: "We
be* to itssurc you of [he great b-vuefil these
medicine.-* give our ailing oues. We canuot
snfnclr-iitly recommend their eacelleocc."
When the druggist fnye he has* something tliat is os good os Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, ju^ tell bim, "Thert'e
notliiiiK )u<l n< gnnd." He say* to because
he hopes to make # better profit but hit
own mix lures have not stood the test o#
long lipericnce and success thnt Doctor
Pierce'» medicines have.   Then, too, mniiy
patent incqtelnea advertised m tonic?, cou*
lain large quantities of alcohol. Dr. Pierce
guarantees that hi., "Prcrciiption" does
not contain n particle of alcohol,
Dr, Pierce'.-* Common Rente Medicul Ad-
viaei Kent on receipt of 31 onc-ceut itanini
foracopy in paper; -\oMamp*. in cloth binding.  Address ur. R.v. Pierce, Bnflhlo, N.v.
it i*- a good ihiug to keep Ui Pierce'a
Fltf-jtant Pellets iu ti.-. Uoust, OncPullc*
is u laxative, two a zuild catharti;,
Cash or Terms.
See onr Baby Buggies before
you purchase elsewhere. We have
them fitted yvith best steel springs
at $11
Bedroom Suits from $20.50
Couches from $7.25 .
('haira, Rockers, Iron Eedsteads|
Carpet Squares, iu fact, everything iu
the line of Fnruiture. Call and iiuspcct
onr stock.
Our   Grocery   Department
ia in full swing ut. Rockbottom Prices
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1200
Moll Orders Promptly Filled.
likewise.   Thus  laundered the  doilies
will regain their pristine freshness.
Tho medical profession is said to be
almost a unit in praise of bicycle riding
as beiug the lest means by which out
door exercise mny be secured. Nothing
is tn be compared to cycling in the
country ns a means of replenishing do
pleteil physical and mental energies
By tho motion os Ibe legs, the blood ii
pumped vigorously through tbe body,
the sluggish circulation being thereby
stimulated, thus inducing a mental
exhilaration aud a nerve toning up that
are marvellous. Tliis sensou witnesses
nn increase of uso of tbe bicycle as a
pleasure vehicle nnd the Indications are
that it will more thnu come back to
general favor.
Central   Park.
Mr. George has built a new .home opposite Mr. Weart's place.
Mr. and Sirs. O. Burcbell are uow
established iu their pretty new
Central Park residents are suffering
from a scarcity of water.
Epworth,   B. C.
Mrs. W. H. MePhee anil family returned home Thursday from spending
ten days with her sister, Mrs. James
Mrs. Reeves from Everett is visiting
her sou, W. Reeves, Luke Vie\v.
Local  Items.
Go to McKinuou's, Burritt Blnck,  fo
Ice Cream mid pure home-ninth? Untidy.
 .-._. .
Mr. Geo. Crocker is having a six-
roomed cottage bni.lt. on his lots ou
Seventh nveuue, oast. As Mr. Crocker
is n single mall these preparations—lots
then house—mny bo the forerunners of
a momentous e.ienl in liis life.
City  of Vancouver.
by tlie undersigned up to Tuesday,
August 23d, 1904, at 4 p. m., for the
furnishing of 2,000 feet of rubber liued
cotton hose for the Fire Department,
The lowest or auy teuder not necessarily accepted.
Vaucouver, Aug. Kith, 1904
Fredrick Walter, tlie youngest sou of
Mr. uud Mrs. .1. A. Hinvkcs of "117
Seventh avenue, cast, died on Wednesday nf ter a mm Ill's illuess. Mr. uud
Mrs Hnwkcs ln.ve bocn residents in
Vancouver since May, coming from
Whitrhood, Assn , bill though residing
only a short time Ihey have tunny
friends who sympathise with (hem iu
their snd bci'invemenl'. The fuuernl
took place on Thursday at 2:110 p in.,
ninny autl beautiful were tlie floral
tributes. Archdeacon Peutroatb olliein-
letl, nud the .iliiera. arrangements were
conilueteil l.y Armstrong & Kdwi-rds.
[lEsir Subscribers who fail to
get "The .Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone E1405
liy telling liiercluiurs tbey saw their
advertisements in Thb Apvoca-i-b oir
rentiers will confer a favor and help the
paper greatly.
For Lix'ul News Read Thb Advocatk
Argyle House
Big Clearing; Sale of Summer
Dry Goods.
Ladies' Linen Dress   Skirts at Half Price.
Ladies' Linen Dress Skirts worth (8.00 fqr #1.60
"       "       "     "        "   *a no " ti.gg
" " "   .   " "     |3.00   "   #1.00
Children's and Youth's  School Stockings
to be Cleared at a Big Sacrilico
Children's and Youth's Black Ribbed Stockings, double heels and loos,  sixfold
knees the best wear in tlie market, worth 80e, !I0c nml U5o a pnir.
All one price 200 a pair.
Manufacturers' Samples Children's Cloth and Velvet  Tarns
Bought at a  Big Discount.
Children's Tanis, worth   IIOc for 20e
"              " '•       45c   " 115c
"              " "       (IOo   " 45c
'•              " "     11.00 " 760
Children's  School   Handkerchiefs
2 for 5c
's Navy
$1 00
75c each
Si.00   "
$1.25    "
1.1.75    "
Remnants of Ribbons at  a big discount.
ml   HORNER   *O0 Westminster Ave.
*kWP  KW*mWPAAW*m.*FA,  Opposite Carnegie Library.
Somebody kuew thnt it wns uot right,
But somobody did not care;
Somebody knelt, uhforgiving, at night,
But .oniobody snid uo prayer 1
Somebody thought  tbat if others were
That somebody else might try ;
Homebody  tbougbt  may  l,e  somebody
The somebody—was it 1°
Siin.il.iiily knew thut it .was not right,
And Homebody bnd a cure;
Somebody knelt, nlblorglving, nt night,
Yes, soim-boily kin II iu prayer ;'
Stminbody tbougbt,   Ihul   i'.'   some  one
ilitl gouil,
Tbiil  ROinobodifH else miftlil, ton;
Soiiicbbdy thought thul luosl somebodie.
wonld ;—
The tlinu body—wns it yonr
—John P. Siolnndor.
Telephone Numbers ot   Local liinU
sttrs and Doctors.
Bl7»-iicv. it. II, Widen,(Ati.lii'.ni).
1066-Itcv. G. A. U'lUon, (ricibyt.rlRii.)
Hl.l»-It,'V. A. 1.   Ili'lluirliiBtr.li, ('. cluodl-l).
780-Ilr. R. Lawrcoco nr«)-!)r. N. Allen.
Hiii .'i'-'Ilr. nryiloieiJai'l.
7_ii-Ur. Coy.
BllOi— "Till- Aitvoi'ntf."       790—Ml. I'l-v.mlit
Drug Store.
Mi Hi, l-iiiv Ml. Plossani poitoffio. nt 1111.ni.,
unit fi p. 111.
If you want to know, what is
happening on Mt. Pleasant
read The Advocatk—$v a
year, 561; lor six 111011 ths.
Pointed Paragraphs.
No man is to be pitied excepting the
one whose Future lies behind, and
whoso Past Is constantly in front of liim
The Strong Man is tlie one who busies'
himself witb Ibe useful tasks that
others enn uot, or will mil. do, nml
allows tbo peoplo to do easy things who
chii do nolbing else.
There is 11 difference between Joyous
Work unil .bij less Toil—it is Iflve thnt
lightens Labor!
There is nolbing so hygienic ns
Friendship: bell is n separation and
heaven is only going homo to yonr
Troubles are not really troubles unless
yon .put work and incubate them—
otherwise Ihey nro only incidental
You cau not pour something out of a
brittle and take il wilh a spoon, and
then successfully side-stop fresh air and
A mnn loves himself and marries his
ideal, and then 1'nines his wife because
sho docs not live up to all the virtues
he can imagine.
Man is the noblest work of Clod—but.
nobody ever said so but man.
Never explain; your friends don't
require, and yonr enemies won't believe
you, anyway.
Secrets aro. things we givo lo others
to keep for us.
—The Philistine.
Voters' List.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
tbnt tbe Voters' List for the City of
Vancouver for A- "D. 1004 has been
completed, and shall remain iu my
office nutil the 1st of September, 11)04,
for examination by all coucerned
Any person who shall claim to bo
added to suid Voters'. List, or any
Elector who shall desire to have any
mime erased therefrom shall prefer his
or her request in writiug, signed with
liis or her name, stating the Ward to
which be or she belongs, nnd shall deliver or cause the sumo to be delivered
to ine within the tiuie hereinbefore
Vancouver, B. C. April 12th, 1904.
Por   bs"il   news   subscribe     for    "TIE
ADVOCATK ouly ♦! fir 12 .;u nths.
TJ_NDI_RS will be rwieiveil until,
Sntnrdny August 21)1 h, for opening up
Sixteenth aveuue front Westminster
avenne to Ontario street.
Specifications can be seen nt tho Hall.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily aeeepted.
William O. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vnuoonver, July 29, 1904.
TENDERS will be received nntil
2 o'clock on Saturday, Angust 20th, for
Cutting tho Brush on the River road,
east of Mr Rowling's, between, stakes
numbered 1,2,3,4 Brush to Ik- cut
close to ground and 12 feet, back from
rond.   Price to be lump sum.
Tho lowest or any tender not neees-
snrilj- accepted.
Wllllcm G. WALKER, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Jnly 20. 1901.
Best French Sardines, ioc tin
Roast & Corn Beef, 15c a tin
No. 1 Tea 40c a pound
Wo ure selling FllKSH COOKT.D IIam-
the real thiug for lunches, especlnlly
when used along with our CAKES nud
PIES nud nil the other good things we
Wm Dm Nluir's
RlNO t'P 'piionk 44ii.
Mt. Pleasnnt,
Pull Fresh
Vegetable or Flower—all   the
same. [J___F Sweet Peas 30c lb.
It will pay you to buy now
for next Spring.
Nelson's Drug &
Seed Stores
Corner  Ribson and Granville .Slreets,
nnd tllliVHiislings Street.
VANOOU V E R ,     11. 0,
A printer who tried his bnnd ut farming couldn't iiiake things work right,
aud went buck to Iho "ease." He lind
a "wrong font" team—a mule mid a
horse, nud he suiil this wouldn't
"justify." He said the farmer "fired''
him after lie hi.d "pird" three or four
"columns" of potatoes, lie showed bis
limited experience by asking the farmers wife if sbe wanted tbe hens set
"leaded" or j'solld."—Exchange.
See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and 4th Mondays of the month
Court Vancouver, I. O. F.,  meets at
3p m.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge-No. 1(1,  I.O.O.F.
moots nt 8 p. 111. /
Vancouver  Conncil  No.  "Hia. Canadian Order of Chosen Friends meets
the 2d aud 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of tlie
Maooaboos holds its regular meetings on
the 1st, aud Mil Fridays of the month
New Fall Suits.
E have just  received our
new Fall Suits.
It is easy to see thnt they were
made by expert tailors—real
artists. Not a kiuk of fashion is
left out—uot a kink too many
is put in.
These suits aro unsurpassed-fur
beauty of form, fineness of workmanship, excellence of material
nnd perfection of fit.
Here are tine Imported tweeds,
serges, and worsteds—somo iu
dark tpiict Shades, and some that
hnvo nil the "ginger" 11 youug
man couiil desire.
Some aro ns low as $10.00 nud
some as high as "125.110, but along
about ..Ifi.OO to #18.00 are our
most popular sellers.
Y'ou are invited to come uud look.
jr~\m !__«•   L«l_*_L*i__3 <0t V-v-f*/
"""Which Meet on fit. Pleasant
I. O.  0. F-
Mt. Plensaut Lodge No. 19meetsevery
Tile-day nt 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Aroher Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noiii.e Grand—O. G. Kenny.
Rboordinq Skorktart.—t il 0 S.
Miickay, Heather aud Eighth .1 venue.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1II2R, Inilcpeudcut
Order of Foresters meets 2d anil 4th
Mondays of each mnn lb at 8 p. 111.
Visitiug brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—W. ff- Taylor,
_•_■ Keeler street, City.
Recording; Skorbtart—"W. 11. DeBou,
«7S Tenth nvi'iiiii'. i'rt.-t.
FixANfiiAi. SeoiU-T-IH.—M. J. Orehnn,
314 Princeimtrcol, Oity. T.l.rluui.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds rognlai
Review 1st nud I'd Fridays of each
month iu I. O. O. F., Hall corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Filch.
Lady Record  Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Foote, 8119 Ninth avenue, east.
Vancouver Council,  No,  '.Ila,  meel.
every  2d nud   4th   Thursdays  of each
month,   in   I. O.  O. F.,   Hall, cornci
Seventh and Westminster cveunes.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
_-_8 WeKtiiilnMi'i-iivi'iiiu'.  Tel, 71H1.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Press und
Advertisers' Auknts.
JO  Fleet St., Loudon,  E. O,  England
Colonial Business 11 Specially.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow Mouse
John C'illman, Proprietor.
TlIltEK Ciiaiiis, uud a first-class Bulb
Room is run in connection witb   the
Barbel.' Shop—give tliis plnoo it trial
Jas. Carnahan.
Oriieri- promptly iitt_nil.il  to,   ulitlii   or
.liiy.  I'liiu'Kf.s inof1a.HU>.
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 470.
A-vertlsIng Ih the education of tbe
purchaser of the merits of different
that wblcb adds to Ills comfort and urn-
ennsumer. it informs the prospective
goods and brhifts liim Into touch with
pllfles IiIh hnpplncHH.
Tun Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tel. B140S
Street  Railway   Time Card.
From  Mv  Pleasaut   to   English  Bay.
Via Davie Street
Honrs Minutes
*0, 8, 9 a in., 8, 18, ::0. 42, .*■!
10,11,12, 1, 2, 8, 4, 5. 5, 15, 25, 85, 45, So
(I p.m 5, 15, 25, 8.*,, 54
7, 8, 9, 10    " 6, 18, 80, 42, 54
* First car leaves 6:00  n. m.; Lust car
leaves 10:64 p. m.
Via Robson Street
Hours Minnies
*<!, 7, 8, 9, a. in., 00. 12, 21, ll'l, 48
10,11,12,  1,2,8,4,5   00, 10, 20, ill), 40, 50
(I p. m. 00, 10,20,110,42,48
7, 8, 9, 10 nud 11 p. 111.
•First car leaves 6:12 u. in.; Last car
b'i vrs II p. m.
From   English  Bay   to  Mt. l'.tnsnnt.
Via Robson  Street
Honrs Miniilis
»8, 7, 8, 9 a. 111.        00, 12, 21. 811, 48
10 " 00, 12, 24,85,45, 56
11,12, 1, 2, II, 4, 5, ti    5, 16, 2... 115, 45, 66
7 p. Ill,   .    «, 84, 811. 48
8,9, 10, ::;>ll pni.    IS), 12, .4, IHI, 48
*Firsi car leaves 11:94 11. ni.    "Lint  car
leaves 11:24 p. Ill,
Yin Devii Street
Honrs Minute.
-fi, 7, 8, On, Ul. (I, IH, 80, 42, 54.
10 11  in. tl, Is, illi, 40, lit)
11,12. 1,2, .1. 4, n, 0   00, 10, 20. Ml, 40, 50
7 1 11, 111.       00. 1.2, 18, 811,42, 54
8, II. 10. »»11 p.m. li, lif, 110, 42, 54
"First cur   leaves H:',0  11..m.; **l.nst
enr leaves UftlQp, in.
First ci.r leaves Ninth eviuiiciit « i.m.,
Bud every 10 minutes until Ijtst car
.eaves Niuth i.veiiue i.t t0:"0 p. 111.
First car leaves Cnrrull strict at (1:1(1
11. ui..; Second 1 ar leaves Cnrri-ll street
at 11:80. a m., and every 111 minutes
until tiie Lot cur leaves Uiurnll street
at 11:20 p. m.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
A11 j-fini'.encttnfl n .hotcli nnd clc.ciliiiIon nm.
qiitrld. i'i,',irt,ilii our ui'liilim fr._ wbutticr an
liiv.'ull-Ht In pii.lml.lv lint.titti-l-. C'.iiiiiiiint.-ii-
lloiiHitrictlyciinlliliintliil. Hniidbonko- I'nl„ilU
aunt fruo. Ol-Uflt imoiicy fur MCC-utiiiK Pnt.sl*.
I'ni.-iii. taken llimiaili Munn ._ tu rccvlre
»|,i. i.i' n.,lk'., witliuut tiliiir..!. In Un,
Scientific Emerscan.
A hftiidsomoly tlhi!«triitoi wiy-kly.   /.nrnnst fin
t'liliiiluii of nny fi-'iviiUVIc luiniiHl.    'I'l-rme, ?'i &
roiir; (our months, $1. Nui-ibyail now.«u>olcrt*.
J oGIOioadr,,.), I
"Hri.--Ii OflliTo. tl_& If ut_ Wa_lilntr..ii. Ii. i
If yon want a
•King  np
Telephone   987
or call around  ui   tho Sign
Works,    814    Homer   street.'
Iu any ciibc yonr wants will receive tho
most courteons  nnd  cnrefnl attention.
Cheap, Efficient, Convenient,
is the Electric Light
tvafVmfayS _nf©«l.r^ oocooooooo<xooooo6
No Odor, No Flame
Now is the cheapest time to have wiring done and
fittings put in, before the busy senson arrives.
The new rates now in effect make the Electric
Light   much  cheapri*.   than  any other  light.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
%'V%%*»-%^%'%-**-*-V%^''%-*»'%-V%-»i /V**«V%/-4'%' V%^-%%%4


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