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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Dec 24, 1904

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 mn own
Cough Drops
W* Supply the iiwidioine for these Cough Drops,
therefore know they bib all right. TRY THEM.
Ti&y ate only 40c per pouud.
just in for Christmas at the
H. A, W. Co.'s,
Mount Pleasant Branch.
Mt. Pleasant
The Arcade or Granville Street
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three flontlis 25c, Single Copy 5c
Devoted to the interests of    Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
7 1904    K
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like home—with Puro Cream.
Genuine Boston Baked Bcong
Open from 7:0 a. m., to 12 p. in.
Sunday from II a. in.   to  12 p.m.
E-_-.ii.lisl.ed April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 235-
Sixth  Year, Vol. 6, No. 3-8
AmV Subscribers are requested to
report any carelessness in the delivery
of "The Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should be
i» before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.
The McCuaig Anction and Commission Co., Ltd., nexttoCnruoige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cnsii,
Conduct Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.. Phone 1070.
The fine new Hall of Mt. Pleasant
Lodge Mo, 19, will be opened on Friday
January 6th, with a Grand Ball and
Sapper. No pains will be spared to
make the Opening a most enjoyable and
memorable occasion.
Regular Christmas Services wiU bp
beld in St,Michael's Church on Sunday,
Xmas Day, the Rootor, Rev. G. H.
Wilsou, officiating. The ladies of the
U-tigr-gatioii, assisted by the Daughters
of tbu lung, have decorated tho chnrch
Uiost effectively.
•' %'ha Christmas Exercises of the Mt.
Jrlcunnii 1 ii-sl.yii-rian Suuday School
villi u.ke jiiuoj! op Thursday uext the
9lith, aud will be iu the form of u
htt. lure. The subject of tho lecture will
be "_.h» Far hut," aud will be illustrated. The Kev. Mi'. Eweu of Victoria,
will 1* in. HAHum- Bags of candy will
tie ui.tnouteu amoug the scholars.
> 1 so:	
Head aiOH"/ # Campbell's offer for
tuc-iulitluys. Great cut iu Valises aud
..ranks. Nolbing nicer for Xmas
Mason's Hall has been loased for a
year by tlie Tru_.ee Board of Mt. Pleas-
uuc Methodist Church, for Sunday
Mtuul purposes. It will be rented us
foi'i.i-.iiy_-nr meetings audspecial gather-
ingfc of auy description with the exception 01 dunces and Cant tuprunmcuts.
There is some talk of tbe youug men of
tip- Charon urgnuizmg a elub aud using
the hall lor a _>ymuasium aud reading
Fit-Rpfprin Wardrobe iuyites Christ-
j mas  shippers  to   get  their   presents
1/   "For llmi,"  ut,  that popular  Geutle-
mcu's Clothing llou.se.   Au Overcoat,
a Suit,  u Fancy  Vest or Trousers are
timely suggestions.
— sot	
Our Mcii.s Shoes oau uot be boat for
cumi'ort and lor wearing quality. The
entire stock goiug at great reduction
during December. Get a pair now.
it. Mills, 18 Cordova street
At the South Yaucouvor Council
meeting on Suturday a vote of thanks
was tendered Mr. W. G. Walker, tho
Clerk of tbe Muu.cipalty, for his ellici-
jeat work for tbe past year, Mr. Walker
has acted as Clerk and Assessor both
making his duties very arduous. Mr.
Walker has proved to be the most
capable Clerk the Municipality has had.
On Friday night or early Saturday
e'l morning, of lost week, Hatch's Hardware Store was broken into aud the
till robbed of $1.96. A panel iu the
back door wus smashed in und the door
unlocked. No goods were stolen. Mr.
Hatch has covered the back door and
the door leading from the tin-hop into
the store witb sheet iron so that next
time to get iu will not be quite as easy.
Great reduction on ull Meu's Shoes,
Ladies' Shoes, and all Children's Shoes
at half price. R. MILLS, 18 Cordova
- :o:	
Mt. Pleasant Grocery Stores oxcell
the down-town stores this year iu taste
of window dressing, aud. compete with
them in large Xmas stocks of the best
of everything to eat
., ... - -dot
The Centrnl Meat Market is well supplied with every kind of Fowl, Game
and Meats. The Xmas decorations are
effective and show tasto and work.
■  .«■-.    rIOl—	
Mrs. Merkley has jnst the present for
your   little daughter   Rid Gloves in
sixes for girls from 5 to 50 years of age.
Mrs. Buss of-Seventh avenue, east,
entertained her Sunday School Class of
girh. on Monday nfternoon. Teacher
and scholars spent a most pleasant time
Murray.—Boru to Mr. »r.d Mrs. J,
Murray.  8156    Westminster    avenue,
Monday 19th, a daughter:
■OI ,
Don't forget the Mt. Pleasant Book
Exchange, 164 Ninth avenne, east.
First hook IOo; to exchange 6c.
Mrt. Green of Twelfth aud Westmin-
titer hyoutie's, has been ill the past week.
*—1 so:—-—1—
January 6th, will be Nomination
Pny for candidates for Civio Offices,
--oil-lit Day. Jllfl-ary 12th.
" ' so: _.-•
fmrliiVfi News Read The Advocate
Because I Had
Them extracted
gj.the NEW YORK
Painless Dentists.
Have your old teeth oxtracted now
and ge? your new opt<s in for Christmas, no matter bow weak or nervous
yon nre; we have a reputation for successfully handling such cases as yours.
Our latest discovery which, when applied to the gums, enables ns to extract
auy uumber of teeth absolutely painless, is vouched fer by hundreds and
hnudreds of patients who havo been
treated at onr parlors, and wbo wero
bo well pleased with the results that
they not ouly told their friends but
iusisted on personally bringing them
to onr parlors that they may receive
the same treatment. By a free examination we will toll you exactly what
your work will cost.
147 Hastings St., E.VanBcT'
Opposite tbe Carnegie Library.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.
Sundays 9 a. in.
Telophone 1586.
to 2 p. 111.
At a called meeting of the VeBtry of
St. Michael's Ohnreh, held ou Weduesday evening, it was decided to purchase
(he two lots adjoining the church building.
Children's Kid Gloves in all sizes and
colors, Ladies' Kid Gloves, Handkerchiefs, etc., for Xmas presents at Mrs.
—*r ins	
Mrs. WJ H. Conn  of Eighth avenue
east, has returned from several months
absence  in  the   Interior  Conntry  of
B. 0., and Eastern Canada,
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Marstrand and
Miss Marstrand and Mi'. Jens Marstrand
arrived home Thursday from a
five months absence iu Copenhagen and other Eupropcau Cities.
They are nt the Hotel Vancouvo.
E. H. Peace's "King's Market" is gay
with Turkeys, GeeBe, Chickens, Pigs
and Lambs, decorated nud wearing
boquets ot sweet peas, Mutton with
bunches of chrysanfhomums and roses;
garlands of evergreens aud colored paper
make this shop look festive.
 ,0: ^_-
Children's Shoos going at  half price
at our December Shoe Sale.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street
Buy your magazines at Mt. Pleosaut
Book Exchange, 164 Ninth avenno, east
Mr. Thos. Duke, it is said, will be an
Independent candidate for School
The engagement is announced of Miss
A. M. Cliff and Mr. Charles Songster;
both of Vancouver.
The local Minstrel Troupe announce
that they will appear in the new Oddfellows' Hall on January 19th.
Presents for men iu handsome Ties at
A. E. Lees, also Neck Wraps, Handkerchiefs, Hats, Caps, and Smoking Jackets
 :o: —
The services will be arrauged appropriate for the day. The pastor will bo
in his own pulpit both moruiug aud
evening. In the evening the subject
will be: "Christ the Light of Life."
The ohoir will render special music, the
evening service being principally a
service of song.
The Oity Grocery delivers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 286
Our Xmas Party
Tea and Coffee with Cake and Sandwiches SERVED ALL WEEK
BEFORE XMAS. A very cordial invitation is hereby extended to all
to visit Our Store and sec tho BIG XMAS DISPLAY.
Leave your orders for TURKEYS AND GEESE on your visit or send
them to our store.  They will be promptly and carefully filled.
J. P. Nightingale & CO,
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt.Pleasant. Tel. 1360
Christmas Hardware*
Nothing better for a Christmas Present than one of
our celebrated Souvenir Ranges or a Hot
Blast Coal Heater. Beautiful in design
and the greatest fuel, and labor savers.
TO OUR full liue of Joseph Rogers Carving Sets ond
Table Cutlery. Special Bargains in Roasting Pans, Cereal
Cookers, Storey Oake Puus.
You can save Monet, and Cab-fare, and ao.)-; on your investments
by going to	
•   r\i    I LL I   I , STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
flerry Christmas
and Happy New Year
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave,
'Phone 322
Christmas To-morrow!
A Few of the Many Thiugs We Have to Show You.  Lust Chance Today I
Lawn Handkerchiefs, hemstitched, 5c to 25c each; Lawu Handkerchiefs,
edged iu lace aud embroidery, 10c, 15c, 20c, 25o and up.
Gents' Silk Handkerchiefs; at 50c, 75c aud $1 edoh. Geutp' Silk Handkerchiefs at 15c, 20c, 25c aud up.
Trinket Boxes from $1.25 up. Handkerchief Cases from $1.25 up Tie
Cases 25c up. Silver Mounted Inkstands from 50c up. Jewel Cases from
75c up. Kid Gloves in all the Jeadiug shades', $1.25 aud $1.50 up.
AHACC £~ CC\     30,3*» and ..4 Cordova St.
p •   lYV/<*7._» tX VV., Telephone 574. m
^%^%^^V^%>V1^k«'-«^^^^^-V^%«^^<V%^%%^%' *v5
SSEsSmCentral Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fbesh aud Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables alwayB
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasaut and Fairview.
- Prompt Delivery.
Wood_ow ^Williams. FTAkNlo{rRb,e'
2321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. Al 206     Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
in season.
The Xmas Entertainment on Thnrsday eveniug in Pleasant MethodiBt
Church drew ft large audienoe. The
program of songs, recitatious, drills and
dialogues, by the Sunday School child-
dreu, was exceedingly good this year.
The Re-Organized Church of Jesus
Christ, of Latter Day Saiuts, will hold
services on Sunday at 11 a.m., and
8p.m., in the Btualler O'Brien Hall,
Hastiugs street. Elder G. T. Griffiths,
Oue of the Twelve Apostles, will preach
Beautiful Handkerchiefs at Homer's.
See them. ,
Telephone Numbers of Local Ministers.
The aunual election of officers and
the initiation of 11 members made the
regular meeting of Vancouver Council
No 211a, Canadian Ortler of Ohoseu
Friends, unusually interesting on Thursday evening. Tbe contest between the
teams for securing memberB is getting
exciting now as it olo. .8 on the 81st. A
Bpccinl meeting will bo held Thnrsdcy
evening uext to initiate eandielates who
could not attend this week Officers for
ensuing year: Past Councillor, Jas.
Flewelling 1 Chief Councillor, W. P.
Flewelling; Vice-Councillor, Mrs. Colo;
Recorder, Miss A. Chambers; Assistant
Recorder, Miss Ryder: Prolate, Mrs.
Douaghy; Treasurer, Mrs. Walter;
Marshal, Bert Flewelling 1 Wardeu.Mrs.
Tidy; Guard, Mr. Colo.
BHTO-Kev. O. H. Wllnon, (Anglican).
10D6-Bev. CI. A. Wilson, (Pr-.-yt-rIun).
_H_.lb-.lov. A. E. Hetherlngton, (Methodist).
Read the Now York Dental Parlors
advertisement In tliis paper, thou go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Or "Fruit Liver Tablets"
The Most Effective and Most Natural Remedy ever discovered for all
The laxative or liyer principle cxtractod from fresh, ripe fruit by a
new and scientific process, and this material is then condeusod into
tablets witb the addition to each tablet of a small quantity of ope of
the best Peruvian'bnrke-rwhich is a splendid tonic and disiufectaut for
the stomarch aud bowels—nnd n email portion of extract of mix
vomica, the latter increasing the stomach and liver action ot the fruit
material " FRUITATIVES " have therefore all tho cumttlB, laxative and liver effect of tho bost ripe fruit and thoy coustmto tho
greatest stomach nud liver medicine known to science, nud Mrt_t mo
likewise the best tonio and disiufectaut for tho stomach nnd bowels
ever discovered.   Price 50c per box at the
The Central Drug Hall
Z4 44  Westminster Ave.
Chos. CNCTHERBV, Prop.
Ol'lV Lek's GliOliEKV.
Telephone  1549.
The funeral of tho late Chesterfield
Olmstend took place on Saturday after,
noon last from his parents residence on
Ninth aveuue, oast, the Rev. G. H.
Wilson officiating. Tho pall bearers
were Messrs. W. J. Aunand, G Mor-
risou, G. Foster, H. Saoret. Floral tri-
buteB wero sent by the following: W. J.
Aunand, wreath; Mrs. Foote, spray;
Mr. and Mrs. Hooey, cross; Mr. Robinson, cresent; Mrs. Whitman, spray;
Mrs. Odoll, wreath.
Mr and Mrs. C. Olmstead wish to
tender their .sincere thuuks through
"The Advocate" to tho frionds whoso
kiudly sent flowors to thoir sou's f uuenil
ou Saturday the 17th.
Wo would  be  pleased  to  show yon
through our large stock Of Trunks and
Valises, aud we feel assured that you
would find something that would meot
your  views  for  a Christmas Present.
Every Ttm.dol.ar Crip wo sell wo will
have tho initials put on in gold freo of
charge.     Speoial  discounts  ou  a big
assortment purchased very cheap. Come
around early for tbe bost choico.
156 Hastings street.
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" ou Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
( ittittttiittittittittiUittittittittitt .
Be practical this year, Give sensible things.
How much better than costly baubles, are
Fit-Reform Garments. Practically useful—
eminently sensible—and sure to be appreciated.
If you don't care to give a Dress Suit, Business Suit or Overcoat—Fit-Reform Fancy
Vests and Trousers appeal to every man's
good taste. All the newest shades and colors
for all occasions.
Vests $3, $4, $5.       Trousers $3.50 to #6.
333 Hastings St. Vancouver, B   C.
Mail   Orders  promptly  attended   to.    Self-measurement Blanks and
Snmples sent ou application.
We wish our Patrons and Friends A
Very flerry
The Citv Grocery Co.
Wholesale ond Retail Grocers.
Tel. 200. Westminster Ave. A Princess Street.
City of  Vancouver.
GIVEN that a meetiug of tho Electors
of tbo City of Vaucouver will take place
iu the City IJall, Westminster aveuue,
ou Thursday, January 5th, 1905, at the
hour of 11 o'clock iu the foreuoou for
the nomination of candidates for tho
offices of Mayor, School Trustees, aud
members of the Licensing Board; and
fnr the nomination of candidates for the
office of Aldermen for each ward, on the
same day and at the same place, at tho
hour of 1. o'clock noon.
No nomination for Mayor, School
Trustees, or Members of tho Licensing
Board shall be received after the hour
of 12 o'clock of the same day. No uomiuatiou for Aldermen shall be received
nfter 1 o'clock iu the' afternoon of the
same day. The nomination of each
caudidate shall bo in writing, and be
signed by tbe proposer and seconder,
who shall bo in the case of Aldermeu,
duly qualified Electors of aud residents
iu tbe Ward of the City for which the
candidate is nominated, and iu tho case
of Mayor, School Trustees, aud Members
of the Liceusing Board, duly qualified
residents iu nud Electors of auy ward in
the City; aud such uomiuatiou shall
coutaiu n statement, signed by the
person nominated, that he consents to
the nomination.
A candidate for Mayor or Alderman
shall, at the time of his nomination,
deliver to the Returning Officer a certificate sigued by the District
Registrar of Titles that he is tho duly
qualified registered owner or registered
leaseholder of land in tbo City of Vancouver, and such certificate shall set out
tho description of the laud ami the
registered incumbrances and charges
against the same, and shall also deliver
to tbo Returning Officer a certificate
signed by the Treasurer of the City
setting out the assessed value on the
last assessment roll of the City of tho
land described iu the Registrar's certifl
onto aforesaid.
If uo|moro than tho requisite uumber
for any office be nominated, the Return
ing Officers shall, after tho lapse of oue
hour from the time fixed for holding
the meeting, declare such candidate
duly elected for such office.
Should moro than the required nmn
ber be uimiiiiiite.il for nny office the
Ret nriiing Officer shall adjourn tho proof-dings for filling such offices uutil
Thursday, January 12tb, 1905, whon a
poll shall be opened iu each ward or
polling subdivlsiou, or at such places as
may be fixed by the Council for the
election nt B o'clock iu tho foreuoou, and
shall oontiuuo opou uutU 7 o'clock iu
tho afternoon of the same day, and uo
Vaucouver, B. 0., Dec., 22d, 1904.
m iff B m m w m fff fff fff fff fff fff ftf fff fff w Um
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men "**""
of years and years and years experience. i5_f
and a brewery whose plant is the most -^
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is *"*""
^_ it any wonder that  it  has  taken a place __J
*"*" in  the hearts  of   the  people  which   no other beer ____
S= cau supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $|.     3
* Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. --*
W Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 3
teg For Salo at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels    __j
mn or delivered to your house. - -**•
Ti to iii iii iii 4U iii iu... m iii iii m m iu iu itt r
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prioos to comparo with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., 4 Dufferin Ht
The AdvoOU-IB is always glnd to receive
iteuis of sixiinl, personal or other news
from its readers. Send uews items to
the offico or by telephone, B1405.
Auy ono having friends pr knowing
of strangers visiting ou Mt. Pleasaut
will oonfer a great favor by informing
'The Advocate.."   Telephone Bl.05.
A Chance to Purchase
Millinery or
Dress Goods
snch as tho Ladies of Vancouver have not previously known
will be handed out at Kennedy's
Old Stand for tho bnlnnco of this
We must get this stock as
low as possible by New Years.
Ladies' Mantles—Pnroh'as-d
for this Fall ami Winter's selling.
Worth up to "(12 for *.
 ' $15   "   tn
il    „  j»jo   „   ih
•'    "  $25    " »10
Millinery.— Trimmed mil-
liuery, beautiful goods, the nent-
east of workmanship, at prices
lower thnu ever heard of.
Handkkrchikfs.—W h i 11>,
with lace aud Insertion, In lawn
aud linen ; very dainty, nil goiug
at Special Prices.
Waists — All-wool Flannel
Waists at exactly Half-price,
Silk Velvets, colored and
black, $1.26 for 75c.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will sond freo yonr ohoice of SO
pictnros. Or for 25 wrappers, choice of
150 books. Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
303 Hastings street.
McTaggart & Moscrop
Dealers in
344 Carrall St.,
Templeton Block.
Vancouver, B.C.
If yon miss Tun Advocate you miss
he local news.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killei
Holly Chti'k Food,  Beefsoraps, Etc
Sk'FITH  Corner   NINTH -Vtn-w   *
Telepbona   in37.
you con buy at Trorey's for 35c,
60c, 75c, aud $1.00.
2So Articles
Sterlino Silver Thimbles, Tooth
A Nail Brushes, Hat Pins, Stick
Pins, "'rooehes; Small Cut Glass
Vases, Umbrella Clasps, etc.
SOo Articles
. Sthrlinu Silver Button Honks,
Coffeo   Spoons,    Thimbles,;   Nnli
Clippers,  Silver Pencils, Butter
Knives, Cups aud Saucers, etc.
75c Articles
Sterlino Silver Curling Tongs,
Tie Clips, Coffeo Spoons, Salve
Boxes, Puff Boxes, BroochcB, Scissors, Cuff Links, Lockets, Bracelets.
9I.OO Articles
Cuff Litiks, Brooches, Hat Pins,
Bracelets, Lockets, Ebony Brushes,
Watch Racks, Ash Trays, Tobacco
Jars, Candle Lumps, Salt Cellars,
Bonbon Dishes, Pioklo Dishes, Baby
Pins, Silver Boquet Holders, eto
Corner Hastings anil Granville 3ts.
Olfieinl WntehInspector0. P. R.
Advertize m the "Advocate/'
■ ■'■-'■
The Crime of Hallow-E'en:
■ HI
Author of "'A Broken  Betrothal," "The Heiress of
Cameron Hall," "Parted at the Altar," Etc.
_':. the train!" he le.'lied do'por*
atcly. "I feci thnt it is best to I avo
the city without delay. Put the \cil
you have in j our clonk pocket over
your fuce U'c got out of the loupe
at the next corner."
"Will we ever l;o happy eg'.In, and
faco     the     iforld  like o:h r | cople,
eleier?" sobbed the poor,  hapless little  bride', as she clung to  her young
. husband in a transport «,f grief.
"It will all come out right, darling, very soon, let us hope," he- re-
plicd, caressing Ihc curly, sold n
lieied, arid kissing the quiverin; rcse*
buet mouth.
"Here we arc, sir," said the calv
man, throwing open the door. "Avenuo A and I) Street."
Handing him llis fee, I.o Iloy us-
sistid llonnylin lo uli_;lit; in I drawing her little bind within hs arm,
he walked rapidly up the street In
tho 'direction of the depot, talking
to her gaily Iho while of the luippi-
ness lifo held in store feu- then in
tho golelrn future.
"it is my Intention to get (is far
as possible away from h'ro," he ilc-
clarcd. "I can mail a letter wh le en
route, to Fenton, telling him of this
affair. Poor fellow, he is out sen-ch-
Ing for apartments for us now. Fenton has been a friend in need, Ihore-
' fore, n friend indeed to us, Bonnylin; ho is the best-heni'ted fellow the
world hole!.*.."
As they entered the depot e|iiite a
commotion was bcin.rr created ut tho
corner of Avenue A nnd Ii Street.
Jogging leisurely along, the cabman
soon found himself in custody, hut
ncrain Bonnylin's foes were haired;
tho coupo was empty.
"Tho couple who engaged the coach
at E  Street got out nt the corner I just turned." he snld in answer to their queries. "They cannot
have got over a block awuy. They
went in the direction ol the depot."
"Can you give us n description cf
the''.couple?" was the hurried question.
The cabman could and did. Tho
gentleman was dark—with a brown
overcoat, and Slouch .hat i idled well
over his fuce—the lady was slight
and slender, lie should ji:d;e\ although her form wns enveloped in a
long, dark, circular -cloak; a veil
covered her face, but he saw the littlo hand ungloved which clasped ihe
gentleman's arm; it was white an:l
A moment later the two men, who
had hastily jotted down the dtsctip-
tions, were hurrying along with all
possible speed in the direction of the
Lc Hoy und Bonnylin, having purchased their tickets, passed through
the gates to find .-cats in the car.
The train would not start for fifteen minutes yet; still they preferred
entering the car to remaining in the
waiting room.
llonnylin was jubilant over the
prospect of leaving fen* behind ■ hor
the city in which she had suffered so
In' proportion to Bonnylin's gay-
ety, Lo Roy felt strangely depressed,
but he took great care to conceal it
most effectually from her.
Ten minutes passed; Le Iloy count-
eel every moment by his painfully-
throbbing henrt bents.
Tho car hatl commenced lo fill with
passengers — every available scat
wns now taken.
Tho anxiety Lo Roy had felt as
each man entered the door ran never
bo expressed by weak words. With a
sjgh of relief he watched them drop
into their respective scats. The mo-
ments dragged their slow lengths
Three minutes more nnd they
Would steam out of the depot. It wns
a through express, making but ono
stop this side of the state lino.
As ho wns thinking it. over, paying
little heed to Bonnylin's merry voice,
a young girl entered the car.
llonnylin gave a little cry of startled delight.
"Oh, Le Roy!" she cried, pressing
his arm nil in a flutter. "Look! tlveio
is Annabel Ihvight, my olel school
chum; call her this way, I.e Hoy."
"You forget, darling, thnt you
must 'not raise your veil. She must
not recognize you," ho said pityingly.
lie henrd the sound.of stifled sobs,
and he knew the poor girl was weeping. '   _ _.
"Wo were such very elcar friends,
Lo Hoy," she «nitl sighing. "Dello
nnd I—she wns'niy room-mnto, you
know. It was Hello who let me down
in the clothes basket from the dormitory window on the memorable
night I run nway from the boarding
school. Annabel was always getting
ine out of scrapes" — as she tisi-d
to phrase It — "antl lt soems bitterly hard for me to sit here so near
her and not let her know It,"
"I foci llko tlp-toelng down to
where sho sits, nnd clasp my hnnds
over her eyes, whispering: '(lues
who lt is?' jnst ns I used to do.
"I cnn Imagine her crying out: 'I
know it's you, Ilonny, darling, so
you mny Just ns well take away
those littlo hands--soft as velvet
lenves.' or something equally ns
pretty. Oh, Lo Roy. I feel the full
forco of those cruel words: 'Thou
nrt sa near, and yet so far.' "
Lo Hoy Plcrpont hardly heard her
words, his gnzo was riveteel upon
two men who had Just entered the
car. He noticed that they did not
drop into tho scut near tha door,
which they must have seen at n
glunco was the only sent. vacant;
jnsiiael. they passed slowly up tho
aislo gazing*keenly into (ho faces of
the passengers right and left ns tlvy
"It ls a pity those two gentlemen
cannot lind scats." said llonnylin.
"The rnilwny companies .should not
accept pusscngcrs' money if tliev
cannot find seats for them; don't
you think so, Le Hoy'.'"
But LO Hoy, whei was nn pule ns
nshe'S, answerod never a word; his
gnzo wns riveted with a horrible fus-
i-iiinliiin upon Ihc two men advancing steadily up the aisle.
Le. Iloy tumid his fuce toward the
window until they should pass.
They were nearly abreast of the
seat where lie ami Beinnylin sat now.
Was It his mad fancy, or diel thoy
stoo short in the ulsle bv his    sent'
II turned Ills liend will a st rt; It
wns no fancy, it wus n f.ility. The
two gentlemen were standing ly his
Tho moment their gaze hnd rested
upon tho tw-o seated there, they had
exchanged  significant  nods.
As llonnylin turned townid them,
the elder of the two toole off his
hat, and liowlng gravely to Bonnylin, said slowly:
"Vou are Mrs. Bonnylin rierpont,
I believe?"
Au agony of terror took possession
of  Bonnylin,     her  heart sunk,      her
brain reeled,  the  darknoss     of    the
gruve sei'ini'd to close mound her.
I     "You are Mrs. noiinylin Fieri ont,"
ho repeated,  taking a folded     document from his inner breast pocket.
|     "Yes." faltered Bonnylin, in a dy*
j ing voico.
I '"Ihen, madam, I have a most
painful duty to perform," ho Eaid in
1 a low voice. "Mrs. I'icrpemt, you are
'my prisoner," nnel ho laid a hand on
her shoulder.
Wilh an agonized .shriek, Bonnylin
sprung to her feet nn-d throw herself
into tho arms of her husband, sobbing out:
"()h, Lc Roy, save me—savo me,
dear I Don't let them force mo to go
with tbem."
"You must lpave the train before
it is in motion," said the." officer in
the samo low, cautious I ono. "Ono
moment more it will start. You ore
Mr. Pierpont, I am certain. Mny I
ask that you will kindly load your
young wife out on the platform."
With the bitterness of death at his
heart, Le Roy obeyed, loading poor
Bonnylin, who was weeping hysterically out by tho hand.
In u trice the train swept on. They
did not sec a wild, terror-stricken,
girlish face at the window ns it glided out of the depot nmidst shrill
whistle ancl clanging of bells. Annabel Dwight had discovered tho pros-
rnco of poor Bonnylin on tho train
too late.
As the officer's wore citizen's
clothes, the appearance of tho quartet on tlto platform attracted no
spccieel attention, and Le Roy thanked  Cod it was so.
As they reachcel the platform, Le
Roy turned toward tho oflicor, nnd
satd :
"You see, sir, her heart is breaking. Will,.yon permit mo to have
just one word nlone with her ?"
Tho officer in charge hesitated,
"I know it is useless to tell you
how entirely innocent my poor
young Wife is—of that which a cruel
combination of circumstantial evidence has Imputed to her ; you
would still have your duty to perform."
"You are right, Mr. Pierpont, and
a. cruel duty it is, 1 assure you. I
am willing indeed, sir, to make this
sad affair as-little elistrcssing to tho
young lady as possible. Speak five
miuutes to your wife if you will; it
will take my companion that length
of timo to letch around a cab."
"I am grateful for your concession, sir," said Le Roy, as ho moved a few steps to one side, and his
companion left bim, as ho said, to
procure a cab.
In tho moment of timo they hnd
been standing there, with lightning
rapidity Lo Hoy had weighed every
possible chance of escape. Thoy were
all impracticable, and would end in
instant recapture, nnd ono by ono he
was   forced   to   abandon  thom.
"Thi'y arc gone—eih, Lo Roy, they
are gone I No—thoro one of them
stands 1" Bonnylin cried, gazing
fearfully nround her, then wildly up
Into her agonized young husband's
"You must save me, Lo Roy, from
this awful horror that threatens
mo I" she cried in terror, clinging to
hiin with death-cold hands. "Thero
is but one way for mo to escape
them, antl thnt one way is death.
Ho you seo that other train starting
out, darling ? Oh, Le Hoy, unclasp
your arms Jfrti-rt ! about your poor
unhappy Donnylin,,who has brought
you unwittingly» '«"■".'h Iiitter sorrow
and deep disgrace, and let me fling
myself befori' that moving train nnel
mid it) all. OheT "moment, and tho
heart   of   ' yrti e-lin.      whose
oVery throb Is for you, will bo nt
rest !"
"Oh, m.v darling—my darling I" ho
groaned, in aa agony of despairing
love, "you wring my heart !"
"I nm not afraid of a violent death,
Lo Roy," she pleaded bravely. "Bct-i
tor death of that kind than—than—"
"Oh, Bonnylin. my little wife—my
procioUS, innocent love ! I four your
sorrow is elri ing you insane !" ho
cried. _"I will save .vou, Itonnylin I
1 swear It by all my hope's of heaven ! I do not yot seo clearly heiw,
but I will dc it," he snid solemnly,
pressing her to bis  henrt.
"Save me from them this wny I"
she wildly entreated, Inclining her
golden bend to the polished rails,
never removing ber frenzied eyes
from his fneev
Ho lenlizi'el if ho looRened his hold
of her for one fntal instant. Bonnylin would curry out hor design, and
he held her fast ns though death Itself should not. take her from him.
"f cannot endure   the dishonor of
an arrest—I, who hnvo never harmed
li living creature—dear I" sho sobbed
piteous' '. "If they approach mo
again, <ir touch me, I should go mail,
Le Roy—yes, mnd !"
At that moment the officer drovo
around to the platform, springing
from a seat beslile the caliimen; anil
his fellow-ofliier, now that, tho llvo
minutes' grace was up, approached
What he said was drowned In tho
shrill whistle of the outward-moving
train, which was now unelcr full
heae I way.
Bonnylin, ln a frenzy too wild to
bo pictured by weak words, had
watched for her opportunity, and
beforo Lo Roy could devine her intention, sho had torn herself from his
arms with a shriek, and hnd cast
herself on tho iron rails directly bo-
foro tho engine.
In an Instant tho greatest confusion reigned. Men held thoir breath
in horror, women shrieked aloud,
and children gazed with terror too
Croat   for   words    upon    tho awful.
blood-curetting spoctacle.
Had the beautiful, golden-haired
young creature slipped aecidontally
from the platform, or had sho
thrown herself voluntarily before the
moving train ?
Quick as the action bad been the
officer had anticipated it. In a
Hash he had sprung to the rescue,
and hurled tho slight figure out of
dange's path, but not a second too
soon. They had barely cleared the
spot ere tbe huge engine, under full
steam, thundered over the place
where Bonnylin  held lain.
Lo Roy's horror and dismay, and
his gratitude to Heaven thnt she had
been speirod to him, is more easily
understood than expressed by weak
She had fainted. It was a mercy
to her that sho would be unconscious
to tho pitifully thrilling events that
wore to transpire around hor ; yot,
hor unconsciousness baffled the plan
her husband had formed of a daring
escape. Ills despair was heartrending ; the paleness of his face
alone betrayed it.
"Will you toll mo where you Intend
taking my poor, unhappy wifo from
here ?" asked Lo Roy, huskily, as he
took tho slender figure from the officer's arms nnd held her close
against his madly beating, breaking
"Direct to tho Jail, whispered the
man, nodding toward tho carriage
in waiting. "Come thb. way with
her,  please."
They made their way through tho
excited crowd of bystanders who
scemd to havo caught at the truth
as if by magical instinct. This was
Pierpont's young bride.
Although they permitted Le Roy to
enter the coach and still retain tho
hapless, slender figure in his arms,
ho saw that he was closely guardeel.
The hope of escape ln tho face of all
this was madness.
Onco he made a quick movement
toward tho coach door, and th«
officer sitting on tho right of him
laid a detaining hand on his arm.
"I can read your thoughts, Mr.
Plcrpont, and I warn you in a
friendly, manner not to attempt lt,
for it wouldn't bo a bit of uso, you
know, because sho would bo suro to
bo retaken In no time. It would
cause a fuBS, and be very unpleasant
all around. I nm disposed to treat
you kindly lf I can."
"I understand the position," replied Lc Roy, with a groan. "Can
nothing bribe you, gentlemen, to let
her go i ._ ?" he cried in wild despair. "I shall be a wealthy man by
inheritance. I solemnly vow to mako
both of you rich for life if you will
sit quietly hero nnd permit us to
leap through that door into tbo
darkness. Remember my poor darling is ns innocent as a child of
what you charge her. I will make
you both rich for life—ay, I will
divide my fortune between you, every
dollar of it.   What do you say 7"
Of course, being together, thero
was but one answer they dared
mako, and they answered simultaneously, with keen glances into each
othor's eyes.
"It is useless to talk that way,
Mr. Pierpont. You cannot bribe
us ; wc are officers of the law, sworn
to do our duty at all hazards, and
do our duty we shall."
In a short space of time they
reached the Jail, and tho hardest
work they ever accomplished wns to
take the, unconscious little brido from
the frantic young husband's arms,
lt had to bo done by force.
In the midst of this scene up came
Frank Fenton nnel Dr. Montgomery.
Thoy had just heard tho terrible
news that huel traveled with lightning-like rapidity through the city.
Fenton camo nt onco to Lo Roy's
side, but Dr. Montgomery did not
approach him ; he played the part of
an entire stranger toward Lo Roy.
Ho had his own rceisons for doing
so. •
Ono of tho officers espied tho doctor und approached him.
"You aro a physician," he said
hurriedly. "Will you kindly come
this way and attend this lady ?"
Dr. Montgomery readily assented,
restraining with an effort tho gleam
of exultant triumph that shot into
his eyes ns his glance significantly
met Fcnton's as he passed him by.
"Do you know this lady ?" asked
the officer as he led him to Bonnylin's side.
Sho had boon removed to the sheriff's private parlor.
"I havo not thnt pleasure," answered the doctor truthfully enough.
"You will do what you can for
her, doctor, to bring her out of this
deep swoon."
What the doctor's anxious thoughts
wero ns he gazed with intense flty
info that beautiful, girlish, upturned
whito face they would novcr have
"Tho case ls a pitiful ono," said
the sheriff's wifo, standing by. "Tho
young husband Is raging liko mad
elown below, and when she opens her
eyes and finds herself in custody tho
sccno will be heart-rending. You
must bo hero to quiet her.
"1 shall remain for the present,"
answorod the doctor quietly.
Tho restoratives he had forced between Bonnylin's whito lips soon
brought her out of tho deadly swoon,
nnd suddenly tho wondering blue
eyes flashcel open.
Seeing the oyer's flutter slightly,
bo hud taken the^prcciuition to send
the sheriff's wife lor a spoon and a
towel, In order to bo alone with
llonnylin the  moment sho camo to.
It was well ho did so, for with
returning consciousness, ns the blue
eyes opened ond memory returned to
her, the most piercing shrloks fell
from her lips.
"Who saved me, when I wanted so
much to die 7" sho cried wildly.
"Whore am I ? Oh, Lo Roy I Lo
Roy I"
"Mrs. Pierpont, for tho love of
Hoaven listen to what I have to sny
to you," whispered tho doctor with
llghtning-liko rapidity. "I nm your
sworn friend till death, nnd Lo Roy's
friend. Now listen : you wero saved
from death on tho rail ; thoy took
you from Le Hoy's arms and brought
you hero.    You aro in custody."
A piteous moan Interrupted him.
"For the love of Heaven, listen,
Mrs. Pierpont, to what I am saying.
Thoy aro coming. What I sny must
bo said quickly. You aro in custody,
but I swear to you I will savo you
lind placo you in vour husband's
arms within a week. Will you believe mo ?"
Only tbo piteous moans of poor
llonnylin  answered  him,
"Trust all to me," ho sail hopefully.
And at thnt instant tho sheriff nnd
his    wife    entorotl    the   apartment,
whleh they hnd not intended should
hnve been left unguarded for a single instant.
"Ah, she lies rognlne'd consrleius-
ness," snld tho officer*
"Not quite," returned the doctor ;
"but she will soon  now."
"If  sho  noes  on  lu   this  wnv   she
wi:l woi-ft lierself up into a high
fever. Hadn't you butter leave hrr
a quieting powder, doctor 7" suggested the sherifi.
"I have left one," responded the
doctor. '-If she should grow worse
Jin in<-- tho night you can sond for
me, otherwise I will call to-inorrow
It so happened that the doctor hnd
once saved the life of the sherLVs
only child, after tho best physicians
of tho city had declared that he must
die-no earthly aid could save him ;
therefore the sheriff bad the most unbounded regard for Dr. Montgomery.
Fenton was waiting impatiently
enough, outside, for tho doctor, and
together they drove to Fenton's
rooms, whore thoy found Lo Roy
I'ierpont pacing tho floor liko a man
driven mad, as well he might bo.
"You must not givo up to despair, my boy," said Fenton, "all is
not yot lost ; she shall escape from
them, I swear it I"
The excitement throughout the city
the next morning was intense ; as
soon as daylight dawnctl tho square
around tho jail was literally packed
with a surging throng of human beings anxious to learn if i t wore
'truo that tho meshes of tho law had,
indeed, closed around tho beautiful,
hapless young bride.
Loud were tho manifestations of
sorrow. Duty must be done, but
she was so young and fair. Strong
men turned away with tears in their
eyes, and In tint cold snowy streets
women knelt and prayed for her.
Ay, they prayed that Cod would
take her to himself ore tho hangman's rope encircled that beautiful
white throat, and her soul plunged
in the black abyss of eternity.
Thoy would not believe her guilty
in faco of all tho overwhelming evidence.
ln the midst of the throng—a carriage, containing a white-haired
lady, drovo rapidly through tho
crowd. People made way for her
right and left; they recognized her
at a glance as Le Roy rierpont's
haughty mother.
"1 cannot soo her ; it would break
my heart !" she sobbed out, wringing her fair, old, Jeweled hands,
"but tell her this for me, 'I—I will
spend every dollar I have In tho
world In trying to free her.' "
How tho sheriff pitied tho proud
old lady. In his own opinion all tho
gold In tho universe wottlel prove Ineffectual in sotting her son's brldo
India Margrave's lover was pushing the matter through with tho
persistency of a sleuth-hound.
"Because sho is young and fair
would you screen her from the consequence of her terrible crime ?" ho
cried hoarsely, addressing the groups
of people that hovered around the
jail. "Beautiful India, tho girl who
was so cruelly slain, lies sleeping under tho sod, and her soul cries out
for vengeance—an eye for an cyo, a
tooth for a tooth, a lifo for a life,
lt is written and so it shall bo.
Wero sho twico as fair—with all tho
Pierpont millions to back her—I
should still cry out that justice must
bo done, and the full penalty of tho
law meted out."
There were hisses among tho throng
and loud cries of Bonnylin's inno-'
Among tho crowd, drinking in
every word, wns a tall, dark man,
muffled to the chin and wearing his
hat pulled low over his face. As
the words "a life for a lifo" fell on
his oars, he turned livid, and tho
hands that he kept in his overcoat
pocket wero clinched so tightly together that the nails cut into tho
flesh, yet he did not scom to heed
the pain.
At midn'ght the same dark-browed
man stood in the shadows, watching
up at the gloomy windows of tho
jail, muttering that he would find a
v-ay to rescue Bonnylin, though tho
bolts anil burs of iron wore twice ns
strong, and that, too, ore the week
waned, ho would rescue hor and fly
with hor—tho man was Basil Severno.
Fonnylin's piteous grief upon realizing whero sho was and what had
happened was terrible to behold, and
ns  thoy had feared, she wept herself
I Into a frenzy that seemed to Increase
as the hours  rolled  by.
| Dr. Montgomery was called In
g.eat haste.
I It required all his skill, as well as
that of the consulting physician, he
lunimnncd.   to combnt_tho dreod dis-
' ease that threatened  to  attack her,
I '• and a few days    later she was con-
i.sldorod out of danger.
I;    As court was ln cession, Mrs. Pior-
I pont and  Le Roy    pleaded harel for
I'an Immediate trial, as this was not
\a bailable case.
II This request was acceded to, and u
I day, a week later, was fixed for tho
I      Every available    moment   of    tho
,'tlmo  that  intervened  Le   Roy  spent
with poor henrt-brokon Bonnylin.
,    I shall not weary my readers with
| a dotailed     account    of  tho famous
i trial,  or how    the court-houso   was
! literally    packed    with  a breathless
j multitude,     who    watched  tho   fair
| young prisoner with pity too   great
; for words as sho sat by her devoted
husband's  side,     hor     lovely  golden
head  bowed    low    on     her heaving
. breast, and her bonutlful face white
as death.
Eloquent speeches wero mado on
both sides.
The scene, with all its ghastly nor-
ror, was vividly portrayctl—tho grand
ball, tho young bride's terrible jealousy, and her reckless threat ; tho
subsequent murder of her be-autiful
rival, tho blooely dagger found In
tho hapless bride's hand, and lastly
tho accusation of the dying girV—
charging poor Bonnylin with tho awful crime.
Bonnylin's silver-tongued counsel
made tho most, eloquent speech that
ever took tho heart of a great multitude by storm ; such a thrilling.
Stirring speech thnt strong men wept
At last tho caso wns given to tho
twelve solemn men who held Bonnylin's fate in their hands, and the'y
left tho Crowded courtroom with the
damning evidence ringing in their
What tho next half-hour of Bonnylin's life was liko, in its Intense,
benr .-rending anxioty, few people can
All the Iovo heart-broken Lo Hoy
lavished upon hor, heedless of tho
multitude about them, failed to lessen hor terror—her trepidation wns
pitiful to behold.
Ho gathcrcil the slender form in his
arms, and laid ber golden head on
his breast.
And silence as oppressive as death
reigned in the room.
It was broken at last by a slight
noise ; tho door of the jury-rooiii
opened, and the twlcve men who held
tho poor little bride's life ill their
hands filed    slowly    buck   to    their
All hearts stood still ; Le Roy
Pierpont   was  as   white  as  death.
"Gentlemen," said the judge, addressing the Jury, "have you agreed
upon your verdict ?"
"Wo have," answered the foreman,
"Prisoner, stand up and fnce the
jury," proceeded the clerk, addressing Bonnylin.
"Bonnylin, my darling, look at the
jury," whispered the heart-broken
husbnnd, rising with her, and slip-
porting her plender form in his strong
Bonnylin turned her blue eyes
shiiiikingly on tho twelve motionless
Oh, how solemn they looked—those
men w.hosc answer was to be lifo or
death to her I perhaps she road her
doom in llielr faces.
"Jurymen, look upon the prisoner," continued ■ tho clerk, "and answer : Do you find the prisoner at
the bar guilty or not guilty ?"
Slowly the foreman stepped forward and answered :
The silonco of death followed. Ihe
world seemed tolled like a 1 nell
through  tho crowded courtroom.
But tho doom that was spoken by
the pitying judge fell upon de-af cars,
Beinnylin had fallen back in a deadly swoon in her husband's sheltering
So pen can ever fully describe what
followed! With frantic des; air Lo
Hoy bad attempted to Bprlng headlong from the window with hi* da'
ling in his arms. He realized it
weni lei be death for both of the'in,
but belter die together, than have
the law carry out its fatal decree.
Firm but gentle hands pinioned
him, and for the second timo Bonnylin was torn from' his arms.
No one who witnesseel that scone
ever forgot it; anel amidst the terrible cxiitoment that ensued, Bonnylin was taken from the courtroom by
the private exit, anel replaecel in her
old   quarters.
In vain the governor wns appealed
to by Bonnylin's counsel. lie turned
a deaf car to their plendini's. He
would not intcifere wilh the just
sentence of the law. Be it prince or
peasant, a life should pay for a life
willfully taken.
These, although not tho words,
was the substance of his answer, and
tho despair ot death settled over the
hearts of Bonnylin's fi iends.
There was one other vitally in'or-
ested in Bonnylin's fate ; that other
was Basil Severne. As ""t tho opportunity he had patiently waited
for to effort DonnvUn's escape bad
not presented itself. Ho would
sooner have seen Bonnylin die thein
havo her rostoreel to Le Hoy lior-
pont's arms. But she should not
die for that crime, ho vowed to hiin-
sedf, shudderingly. his bronzed face
puling to tho bearded lips.
lie would rescue her and claim her,
taking her so far nwny she would be
completely lost to her friends nnd the
world, forcing her to live with him,
to bear the chains that were forged
on  that fatal wedding-night.
There were more reasons then one
wby ho dared not openly claim Bonnylin  as his bride.
While ho was maturing his startling and daring plan, Fenton nnd Dr.
Montgomery Were equally as energetic.
A strange quiet hnd come over Le
Roy, that, struck terror to the
hearts of those who loved him well,
it was the brooding epiiet that foreshadows tho morbid fancies of—insanity 1
Yes, it would come to that, unless
they could arouse him.
During the days that followed. Dr.
Montgomery was often railed to at-
tend poor, hapless Bonnylin. and om
morning when he called, ho was mel
v»'th the startling intelligen-'e sh
had been found dead ia lor cell n
Great was his emotion as he av
ed upon tho beautiful, girlish faco,
white and perfect as chiseled marble,
crowned in its glory of curling golden hair. Ho thought of thu description of Dickens' "Little Nell" ns he
gazed at her—"She loeiked like a being fresh from the hand of God, not
ouo that had lived, and suffered
it was Fenton who broke the news
to Lc Hoy i'ierpont. He had ex-
pecte'd frantic ele'spair, emd was
wholly unprepared for the submissive
way in wliich Le Hoy listened to the
cruel words.
"It is hotter so, Fenton," he
whispered, huskily. "Ood knows
that I have prayed for this rather
than that my darling should fac tho
fate that would bo moled out to her.
. God has answered m.v prayer."
I There was widespread excitement
when the death of beautiful llonnylin became known. Poor, hapless
llonnylin,    whom     the-y   had  hunted
■ down to her eloum. Even hor enemies  dared    utter     no     word  public
( opinion wns at such a piteh. The'y
could not follow her beyond tho
gates of death.     She w,is  free from
j them now—free from all  their bitter
' persecution, and the black, hniriblo
shadow of the gallows that darkened her future. Clod had interfered
with the sentence of man.
j With her death the duty of the officials weis over, ami gladly they
gave the remains in keeping of the
bereaved young husband, and thi'y
were romo.cil at once to the Pierpont mansion.
■ Lo  Hoy  tried   to  bear  It ;  ho said
1 to  himself that ho must bo a man.
■ Ho   tried   to  rise  ns   they  bore    the
I beautiful casket into the room ; but
tho strength of his manhood failed
hlin. With a cry never forgotten by
those who heard it, he fell faco
downward on the floor, anil begged
them to leave him alone in his
mierhtv Rtirrnw
(to be continued.) J |   I
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the foal ls about five months old,
says J. A. Crnlg in National Stockman. Worrying can lie nvoiellng by
tying tho colt within sight of the
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A pasture is one of the best pluccs,
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been foel salt gainoVl in woight four
and  a half pounds moro than thoso
! which received no salt. Moreover,
tho sheep-which received Bait pro-
eluccd o_S_""'nnd three-quarters pounds
more wool and of a better quality
than those which received no salt,
Joy Succeeds Despair TRIED ALL ELSE
In  tho  Homo of Mr. Joseph
Hilton, Thoiold, Ont.
His Daughter, Florence, Was All But
Bead from Drops}'—Her Doctor Had
Given her Up-Dr. William's Pink
Pills were then used and to-day
She le Well nnd Strong.
From tho Post, 'I lno old, Ont.
Everybody believes in a dreamy
sort of way of '.ho elllcacy of a well
and wisely advertised medicine, when
thu recorded cases of restored health
are at a distance; but. when a case
comes up in the homo town, when the
pulicut is known tn everyone, and
when the curo is nol only positive
but marvellous, the efficacy en the
medicine becomes a fact—a elee-ieleel
thing. For litany years the Post has
advertised llr. Williams' l'ink l'ills
for I'ale People; large quantities ol
theiii have been sold bv the local
drug stores, and many remarkable
curbs have boon effected. One of these
attracted the attention of our reporter and ho investigated. Miss Flor
eiiee Hilton, the eighteen year old
daughter ol Joseph and Mrs. Ihilton,
living la the west part of the town,
was taken ill early lust Bi'unnor with
dropsy, coupled with henrt trouble.
She was compelled to give up ono
duty after another, und finnlly bo-
came unable to walk or lo lie down.
Her suffering was Intense and medical
skill did all thut could be dono. Florence, however, grew u-oiSO, silling
in her chair day unil night for five
long months to get her breath, and
the parents dospuii'od. At last the
doctor gave her up and sala further
visits wero futile. Tho poor girl's
limbs were pitifully swollen and finally burst lie-low the knees. She sat
helpless and weak, gasping for breath
and at times could breathe at all
only with the greatest difficulty One
night the neighbors cmue in and said
she could not live till morning. But
to-day sho is alive and well, moving
about'among her young companions
a romarkablo and miraculous contrast to what she then was.. The reporter called one evening nt. the Hilton homo, but Miss Florence wn.m oul
visiting. Tho fnther and mother wer,
in, however, and freely told him o
tho cure, wliich they attribute entirely to Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills. The
first box was brought to hereby her
grandmother, who urged their use.
Then Mrs. Hilton herself remeinbereil
that she hntl tho previous winter been
cured by Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills of
a slight attack of dropsy, und also remembered the ninny cures advert ise'd
in tho Post. She bought two boxes
and Florence took them three pills at
a doso. In two weeks sho felt a
slight decrease in the pain in her
limbs, and more pills were procured.
For five months—five long pain-laden
months, tho weary girl hnd snt dny
und night iu her chair, but now she
begun to feel the pain leaving hor
und to see her limbs resume their natural size. Fourteen boxes of the pill
pills were taken and nt lust her perseverance wns rewnrdotl. She rose
from her chair; her former strength
gradually came back; one by one her
household duties were taken up
again; and when the Post representative called he was met by beaming
faces and thankful hearts nnd n
grateful readiness to give to the
worlel the facts that hnd saved - n
bright young life, nnd hnd brought
joy Instead of grief to a Thorolel
In thousands of other homos scnt-
torod ovor the leinglh nnd breadth eil
Cnnndn, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have brought health nnd joy nnd
gludness and in every hemic in the
lnnd where sickness and suffering enters new henlth nnel strength can be1
hntl through a fair use of this medicine. Remember that substitutes
can't cure—they mnke tho patient
worse, nml when you nsk for this
medicino see that the full name "Dr.
Williams' l'ink Pills for Pale People"
is printed on the wrapper around th.
box—then you nre sure you have the-
genuine pills. Sole! by all medicine
doalerS or by mail post paid at 5(1
cents a box or six boxes for $2,511
by writing The Dr. Williams Medicine
Co.,  Brockville,  Ont.
Knn-nroei  and Buffalo.
A curious contest between e kangaroo and a buffalo took place ln a large
soologleal park in the north of England. The two animals, after breaking
loose from their Inclosure, met face to
face ln an open space lu tbo park.
Without any preliminary quarrel, the
bull made n furious onslaught on tbe
kangnroo, which at first contented Itself with an endeavor to avoid tbe
After a few moments, however, the
bull's attentions became altogether too
personal to pass unrcbuked, nnd, using
Its hoofs ns battering rams, the kangaroo belabored the buffalo In the most
effective manner. Homing and bellowing, the Irate buffalo made repeated
attempts to gore its antagonist to
death, but with scant success, the knn
gnroo proving n most "slippery" foe
The fray waxed furious for over nil
hour, nt the end of which time the
buffalo retired, not before, however.
Its carcass here unmistakable signs
of the kangaroo's atteiitluns.
Points Out to MoLliersIhe Wny to Keep
Their Cliililre.i Well nnd I.tippy.
Rov. uf, L. Frnncociir, Oasselman,
Ont., is a kind-hearted priest who
hits done much to alleviate Buffering
among the little ones in the homes
of his parishioners. Writing under a
recent dntc he says : "I must s:-.y
that Dr. Williams' Bnby's Own Tab-
lots are deserving of the high praise
the-y have hatl us u cure for the ail-
ments of children. For the past
eight months I have boon introducing thom in many families, and always, the mothers tell me, with perfect results, Thoir action is always
effective, without uny sickly reaction,
and the'y lire especially vtilunblo in
allaying pnin.s in the he'ad, fever in
teething, nervousness, sleeplessness,
spasms, cramps in the stomach ami
bowels, colic and other troubles.
Pholr regulating icii m givs ultiiost
instant relief and give's s|ioe'd,y cure,
i'hisis tho co'mfeirting experience
.thnt. hus como to my knowledge out
oi  piqlf mn  [    \isii snototpti.  jim|i jo
give .you my sincere testimony, uud
1 wili rccoitinientl the TnhlotH to all
mothers nnel nurses of sick children
ns I have done heretofore."
| Those Tablets are sold by nil medicine dealers, or mothers cnn obtain
thein by.mall lit 25 cents a box by
writing to the Dr. Williams' Medicino
I Co., Brockville,  Ont.
Then Dodd's Kidnoy Pills Cured His Diabetes.
Startling Case of Thos. Harrison, ol _
St. Mary's Terry-He Tells llie
•"'lory Himself.
St. Mary's Ferry, York County, N.
B., Oct. 17.—(Special).—That Dodd's '
Kidney Pills will curo Diabetes, one i
of tho most deadly forms of Kidney i
Disoaso, has boon satisfactorily proved by Mr. Thos. Harrison, of this.
placo. Speaking of his cure Mr. Hor-'
rison says:
"I began to suffer with severe pains
above   the    region    of the    kidneys.
Whon I lay   down it   was torture to
get up again.   My appetite failed andl
I lost flesh rapidly.
"I doctored with several physicinns
but it was all no use. Shortly after
this I began to urinate blood and
then I know I was in the grip of that
droad monster, Diabetes.
"At this time a friend prcvniled on
me lo try a box of Dodd's Kldno;-
l'ills nnd they did mo so much good
1 continued tho treatment till I had
used throe boxes. They cured mo
The wage reductions nnd tho reductions in ' earnings   of   working   men
through   closed    industries   and    di-
cre-uscd   output   during the past    12
months    hnve    been    pretty    general '
throughout  the  United  States.     Not-
only  in  manufacturing  but  in   railroading wus there u outline down of -
expenses,    und   of   the  larger  transportation   companies    materially   reduced their mechanical and ope'ruting-
stnffs.     B.v the closing tlown of such
coinpatiies  ns  the  Pullman   Company
thousands nre thrown out  of employment.   T.ie wave of groat prosperity.,
lias evidently, passed nwny, nnel while
Canada hns hot yet be-cn materially
ilTee'teel, tho    existing   conditions   in
the United   States  _.ivi\s  warning    to!
us   that  retrenchment   may  eif  neccs-l
sity bo enforced here.     Amongst the
lists    of   United    Stntes   enterprises
Whicti hnvo funnel it    compulsory   tei
reduce wages of employees    are   the ;
Finn or corporation— Per cent.
M .it ional    Wire   Cuniininy,    No\v
llaee'ii,   11.;   ill  I'lUplOyeefl-.-.- lt
l.iiln-11,-    Iron    Works,   Mlulje-ii.'i-
viii., o.; uil employees  so
American   'tin    1'iuiu   He,..  l-:i-
veuejxi, lnei.;  laborers - - - - - 111
Iti'lieiUlie Iron nnel -Sle'e'l  l.'ei     I1..
wi. Lenin; laborers  to
Mill,lli-ommi      i'lilllt,        National
Tube Co.; nil omjupyee- - - -    ,
Anier. Sheet  -. Tin   Plate  Co.,
Uhoster,   W.V.I   all   employees 18,
Allie'r.  Shwt   A  Tin   l'liele   let.,
Martin's   Ferry,    <>■;    nil employees ------------ is
Ainer.    Cur     A    Fouiulry.    Co..
Huntington,  W.   V.;  6,1)00 men 111
Yeungstowii Sheet _e Tube Co.,
all employees --------- in
National     Tube     Co.,     Ch-.teir.
I'll.; ull employes HI lo SB
Aiaer. I'ur „ Foundry Co.. St.
Louts, Mo.; ull employees - - 10
HcKinley    Furnace,   Newcastle,
l'u.; common lubur ------ i_.
Mankllto  Mills,   Minn ;    all    eiu-
pleyeo8 ------------- Hi
Hargraves  Woolen   Mills,   Nol 111
Shaplelgli.  Me.:    all  eiaoleiyees 10
American   Car   Co..     Miiyevooel.
ill.; 1,400 employ..*  lu
New   Haven   Iron   &   .Ste-el   Co.:
400 emploveea --------- in
Mlelvnle .Sloe.  Co..  Philadelphia,
1'iu, -.nun employees f> to   8
Scull,mul    Steel    Casting     Co..
Chester,  I'll.;   ull employees - 10
Cumbriu Steel Co.. Johnstown.
l'u.:   10,000  employee* .... 10
Standard steel  Co..    Dernhnm,
Pa.: all employees  1"
Aniericun    Hte-el    Casting      Co.,
Chester, Pa  1"
J.   A 1'.  Coates     Threuil     Co..
Pliwtuckct. IM.:   all i'lii"lo,vi'cs 10
All   Union  Sheet   unil  Tin   Plate
Mills,  pittsbur— ull employees UD
Arlington       Mills. l.uwrene-e,
Mass.:  2,01111 nntiloveeH   5 to 10
McKlnley   I.mlge, A.AS. & T. T.
Co.. Klmwood. Ind.: .iiki - - - -<i
New  Castle  Lodges,   A.AS.   &
T. P.   Co..   l'u.;   all   I'lti.do.'e*'- UO
Pittsburg   Works.   T.   A   S.    P.
Co.. New Kensington. Pa.: nil
employees -..-.....--- 20
American     Can      Co.'s     Plants.
ciiicnito. 111.; 8,000 employees in
Lake lire Handlers, South Chicago, III.: nil emnloyees - - - 74,
Fore   Itlver   Ship   Ynnl    I.nerlne .
Co.: .'I.(1(10 employers ..... cut evniA*
Hums' Organisation of (Jluas
Workers, PittsbUrt.: all laeiu-
hers  25
All Plants Anieririia Sheet nail
Tin Plate Co.: all members - 18
Aetan Iron *"- Tube Works.
Pittsburg, Pa.i puddlers - - - ni
Silk Weavers. Brooklyn, N. Y .
!H10 employees -  20
Zelcrler Coal Miners Illinois;
all employees --------- IS
Full Itlper Cotton Stills. Mush ■
2nel reduction; ai.ooil employees --- __-. 124
Fiskilnlo   Mills;     .100   employees 121'
Con- Mills East Taunton,
Mass.;  all  employees  124
II. 8. Cotton Co Central Fulls.
_a°H.; „.ri<i employees ----- 121
All  niliiers.  Central   I'enn.   Hist. ti
Ilerwlnil-Whlte Coal Minim- Co .
all employees - -  "»4 to    0
All sheet anil tin plate seul.'s
from July 1, 1904. accepted
by .men -.---------- IS
Sunrnrk (N. Ill Cotton Mills;
I,BOO employees  12( '
Cnflto ami Cash,
How to avoid the ..ppc.iriinoc of conventionality   is  one  of   tho  hardest
problems thnt confront our provincial -
aristocracy.   It Is second only In Importance to that high aehlevo'iieut, thu i
simulation Of well breel Indifference to'
what the world thinks. To prove one's ;
rlglu to bo numbered of the caste of j
Vcro de Vero one must  be  imtrnin-'
moled hy old fashioned customs und
moth eaten prcjuellccs founded on mediaeval sentiment.  The distinction between th/) representative of-tho up U
date  aristocracy   of   wealth   briiiule 1
with the hall mark of the elect and tho
mere pretentious climber l.i that the
latter, uncertain ns to his footing, li
something of a hypocrite nntl pauses
to consider effect; i He doen not enjoy
that freedom of restraint that gives an
air of abandon to the new rich win
nre al.-cndy high and dry on the upper
Ilntrlni, Cnatle.
Raglan, near Monmouth .j» England,
Is prcen»:nent among English castles,
as -Heidelberg among those upon tho
Rhine. Its towers and halls have a
rich hue given by the red sandstone
of which they arc built. It has n
mighty tower that was half de.itroy-
cd after Its lost great siege so that It
might not trouble the enemy again.
For here, after his fatal buttle at
Nasoby, Charles I. found refuge with
Lord Bcauchamp, one of his I'tanchesl
supporters, although already past fourscore years. Fifty thousand men and
•jnoO.OOO he placed at tho service of bin
luckless guest, but In vain. Then
-inno I'nlrrax, and the lust castlo faithful to^thc moiiiirch _fe_(,, .coijfjBg Its
loyal owner a second sum of oquul I
value and Imprisonment.
▼AtrcxHrvm, b o.
Trinity Graduates Voted  tor First Tims ill
l-.lvctloii of I._i»i-._i'iitallv-*.
For over thirty yenrs the graduate!
of tho Provincial University have had
the privilege of electing a certain
number of their fellow-members ol
convocation to represent them on tho
University Senate, antl of electing at
the same timo the Chancellor of th«
University. The voting is dono by
means of signed papers, wliich are
sent out in blank by the registrar,
,Only those votes are countotl the«
are given to persons previously noml*
hated by ten members of convocation, nerve centres
the aim being presumably to prevent
the loss of votes by too much scattering.
From 1873 to 1887 the graduates
votcel without reforonco to faculties,
hut now there are special contin-
ge'nts to represent arts, law, medicine, and practical science 'respective-
ly. In law and medicino the graelu-
atcs of Toronto nnd Victoria Uni- neites
versitics havo votcel together for the
oloction of two legal and four medical represe'ittativcs. They vote in th.
same way still. In the election which
begun in September last nnd In
which tho votes were counted In
October tho graduate's of Trinity
"University in law anil medicine voted
with them.
There wore three contingents, representing Toronto, Victoria, and
Trinity electeel, the numbers being
twelve, five, and flvo respectively.
The- number of voting graduatis in
the University of Toronto is about
'1,500, in Victoria University about
0ii(i, and In 'IVinity University about
600. There nro about 3,500 voters j.,",...
in the faculty of medicine, 400 in tho
faculty of law, anil Kill in tho faculty of applied BCicnCo, Twp representative's ure chosen by the High School
teachers, irrespective of the universities of which they arc alumni, tho
number of veiling papers sent out sumption,
wns In the neighborhood of 111,000.
The university elections are hold
trionnially, all tho representatives
nnd ono Chancellor retiring, but all
being eligible for re-election.
OU-ciieis of tho "Ontario department
of ngriei.ltuiv htrve prepared a state
ineiil to I'ei'ul' the general impression
that the lili'4 crops were poor. The.
nveiiige' per acre of spring wheat ha;
been 18. 5 bushels, against 18.7 in
1.903, und l.-i.7 two yeurs'ngo. The
United t:tntes average this year is
only 12.7 bushels, and ill only one
state. Washington, is the average up
to Onta'io. Ontario's oat crop of
111..Mill,Hiin bushels gives unnvernge
of 119,3 bushels to the acre, ngainsl
37.1 in the United Slates.
YINK.—nyspepsiu causes derangement ol
the nervous system, anil nervous debility
onee engendered is difficult, td denl with.
There are ninny testiiiiiiiilnln an to the
efficacy of Parmelee's- Vegetable l'ills in
treating this disorder, showing thnt thi'y
never fall to produce good results. Ily
giving proper tone to tlio digestive or-
transj    they    restore  equilibrium   to   the
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Why does n dressmaker never lose
her hooks'?—Because she hns nn aye
to ench of thein.-
What   sort of tune do wo all  enjoy
mosl ?—For-lunc,    made up of bnnk-
A  mnn said he1
brother,    they
children    of the
slill  he wns   no
llioin.    Whal.  was he?—A   liar.
had n sister und n
zero   ench  of     thorn
same parents, nnd
'clot ion of either of
The    President   a   Slave to
Catarrh.- 1) T. Sample, president of
Sample's Instalment Company, Washington, l'u,, write.: "For yours I was
alllicted with Chronic Catarrh, llolnedies
eind treatment by specialists only gave
me temporary relief until 1 wus Induced
lo else llr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. II
g&VO  almost Instant relief.  50 cents.—49
What  is that which
take from it the large
the more    you
r it grows?—A
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
!    Why  is
a eloctor
nn eating house keeper like
?— Because ho profits by con-
Japna'- Klglit Million f'.odi.
Thoso who havo described the Japanese as a godless pooplo havo been
long wny  from tho truth.     Thoy
have,  on    the contrary,  somo   eight
A CUItl. Fill. H1IKIIMATISM.—The intrusion of uric acid into the blood vessels is a fruittul cause of rheumatic
pains. This irrottularitv is owing to u
deranged nnd unhealthy condition ol the
liver. Anyone subject to this painful
ulle'ct nnt will find a remedy la I'anne-
lee s Vegetable l-IIIs. Their action upon
llie kidneys Is pronounced nnd most bene-
iciul. und hy restoring henllhv action
they  correct  Impurities  _„  the blood.
. Whnt, is the least valuable thing n
million gods, each of whom has his mnn cun have in his pocket ?—A hole.
own particular cult. As it would be- What is that wliich a young girl
an obvious impossibility for one per- looks for but does not which tv fuul?
son to pray to ench of them individually, the nation hns, it seems,
surmounted the dilllculty in nn ingenious    nnd    altogether    u|)-te>-dnto
' manner.   In certain streets are to bo
I found automatic machines',   You  put
—A hole in her stocking.
What word will, if you take nwny
the first letter, mnko you sick?—Music.
' in   your  piece  of money—very  much
^smaller  than  a porno'—and   the nia-
Fchine does tho rest.   Thut is tei say,
that it presents you with a piece of
paper ein which a prayer  is printed.
And the most satisfactory pint of it everyone
is  thnt you   nro then  considered    to  pane,
hnve snld tho prayer, however long it I
bo,  and can  thus  work  off  quit,   a I
number of gods ut a   moderate cost
both  of  time  anil   money.   Truly tho
Japanese are growing very  Occidental in their ideas:
Whnt is the most tikwnrd lime
for n train lo. start?—12.5*0, ns its
le-n lo one if you catch il.
What   is   the    only    pnln of which
makes   lighl ?—a    window
lour  Sirs.—I  have    great
in iiii    in
1'lollpplnr  Secnery.
Henry Savago Lnneleir found much
fine scenery in the Philippines. lio
'writes: "if once you se-e I'enon do
Ceirou Island you will never forgot
it. I was lucky enough, the first
time I snw it—I visited it, I think,
four or live times—to approach ilB
southern extremity, Point Kalis, just
about sunset. Against a golden s!;y
fringed, ns we steumed past it, with
vermilion, stooel the gigantic vertical
wall-like rocks rising iu places io a
height of 1,200 fert. The wholo
coastline of this island was of a
similar nature, nnd us we tiny little
things—thut's jufit the wuy we felt—
leiokeel up ut its pre'cipiteuis rod's
towering skyward, the spectacle' w,.s
most impressive. The Island, has,
without doubt, been jlnjt up hoiloy
in Boine volcanic commotion nntl suli-
seejiienlly rnised several feet nboio
its former level. Its seiuthern point
is very much Indented, but with a
vertical face toward the sen."
, i  cured a hor
I five  bottles.
It blistered
.month I here*
no lameness.
Finn- Falls,   N.  B.
of    King-bone   with
Ihe   horse,   but    in   a
wns no ring-bone   nntl
"Will you," thundered the stump
orator, '.'strath nt a gnat anil swallow' u cornel ?"
The thoughtful citizen of the front
seat knit his brows anxiously. "Are
they both sterilized ?" he asked.
Itenioves all hard, soft or calloused
luiulis and ble'inishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney,
sillies, sprains; cures sore ami swollen
ihront, eoutths, etc. Suve Still by .llie
uso o{ one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful   blemish Cure ever known.
Dr. T.eo Vogol, a    lawyer, and sec-
1'iM'iiiy of Ihe Swiss legation ul   ller-
ipoinled  minister    to
Illlll.h   thi III.
Including friendly nnd co-operntivc
societies, trnele unions, ami various
type's eif savings batiks, the aggre-
gntc funds of the thrifty members oi
the working classes in Groat Itrituin
reach the colossal sum of £800,000,-
000. The old-fashioned trustee savings bank, however, se'cins to be he-
coining n thing of thu pust. In tho
United Kingdom 137 hnve Isvn closed, and of the money, £14,400,580,
Standing to the creelii of depositors,
over eight and a quarter millions
sterling huve boon transferred direct
to tho Peist Olllce Suvings Bank, A
Treasury return recently issued, however, shows thnt _!_!."' trustee bunks
remain, nnd these institutions huve
1,087,001 depositors, with savings
amounting to £JS3,540,888. This
■mount Is swollen by other nssets to
£08,700,188, nnd in uildition llov-
orniuent stock to the value of £3,-
008,808 Ib credited to those depositors.
bus  hei
N'nnie the most unsociable thing in
ihe world,—Milestones; for you never see' two of them together.
How would you express in one
Wprd having met your "medical advisor"?—Mot-n-physic inn.
Mir aril's Un fount Cure. Burns, Etc.
Mr. llnldune, writing n preface to
a book on modern turilT history,says
Hint if wo would remain abend iif
our rivals we must continue to be1
ahead of them in the quality of what
eve make. No tariff cnn keep out
Hint quality, which is Ibe key to
(point ily.
The scotch Herring Oarers,
Tho slnft of men anil i.irls from tho
Highlands of Scotland brought over
to Canada to initiate the Canadian
fishermen into tbe mysteries of curing horrlng by the Scotch method
hnve concluded their operations for
the? senson, nnd most of them h'ft feir
home from Montreal the either duy.
A numbor of tin- fisherman nro remaining over to give demonstrations
during the winter on tlie Scotch, method of fishing for cod by n long lino
from the eleck of a steam tug.
A IlKNl.ltAl, FAVORITE.—In every
placo where Introduced Or. Thomas- I**.
le'ctric Dil hns nol tailed to establish n
roptitatlon, Hhowlni. thai the storllna
ipii'.HI ies which it possesses are v.iliei,
everywhere when thoy becoino Known, li
is in general use iu Canada, ihe West Indies and Australia as a household mull-
nlue. and Die demand for it each year
shines that 11 Is a fuvnr.'e eelierever
Agriculture this year will add nboul
four  billion  dollars  to  Ihe country's
wenlI h.
pny us
unel foreign cusloiners will
nol far from nine hundred
dollars for   our agricultural
i,  shipped tei   them   over the
Crulior Cnnndn'*. Armnment.
Tho Government's Atlantic cruiser
Canada, now at Quebec, hns only
two rapid fire guns on board, although she is oqulppcd foi' four. The
other two were booked to reach
'Hnlifnx on the loth Oct. Vlcnrs &
Maxim, the firm that built the ship,
also manufactured the gun--. They
are the most modern pieces of  ofd-
nnnoei in use on ships. The crew of
the Canada are nnndd with the Hoss
rifle, and the latest pattern revolvers.
Raymond Jublnvllle, aged .">, was
kicked on the hend b.v n horse short--
ly before noon on Tuesday and Is nol
0X|ieeted lo live. 'I'he boy wus lending tha horso from his father's stable
When it became frisky unel bolted
nwny, pulling Ihe boy to the ground
nnd  kicking him us lie fell.
Worry wont euro a cough. When
you find a cough holding on—
when everything else hoe failed—
Knew file I'lace.
"Theso cards ls wore out," complained the old bos'n in Snug Harbor.
"IVby'ndfVPVc-Vet n new-deckV Ye
kin buy a good one fur a quarter."
"We're only plain sailors," replied,
the gunner's mate, "so tho qunrjpr
deck's too rich fur our blood."
The Lung
It Is guaranteed to care.   If It
doesn't)-we'll refund your money.
Prices: 8. C. Wells _b Co. 30-
25c. 50c. 51.   LoRoy.'N.Y.,Toronto,Can.
'.' Never   IVIInd " .what kind of tea you are in the habit of
using,  give  "SAXADA" Ceylou Tea one siug'e trial and we will
trust your judgement for all future purchases.
CEYI.ON TEA has the largest sale in the world.   Sealed lead packets
only.   Black, Mixed or Natural GREEN.    By all Grocers.
Enst  Indian  Etiquette.
In India a letter sent to n native
prince is often a very elaborate affair.
The paper Is especially mnde for tho
purpose and Is Bprinkled with gold
leaf. Only the last few H1103 of the
somewhat lengthy document contain
the purport of the letter, while the remainder Is made up of the usual roundabout and complimentary phrases. It
Is folded In a peculiar way, with the
flaps outward and placed In a muslin
bag, and this latter Iuto one of crimson and gold tint, with n slipknot of
gold thread, attached to which Is a
ponderous seal. The address, written
on a slip of parchment, la attached to
the outside bag. These details are very
important for polite letter writing In
India, and If any one of litem wns
omitted lt would be an Insult to Unperson addressed.
Banners   ot  a   Chlnamnn'rf   Funeral.
When a rich nnd important Chinaman dies bis fuiiPiiil Is conducted with
much pomp nnd splendor. His friend,-!
and relatives Instead of sending
wreaths send Innumerable banners.
These arc made of white silk, with
Inscriptions beautifully worked' In
black velvet, and express the sender's
good wishes to the deceased himself
or to the members of the family for
many generations. On tint day of the
funeral theso banners are -earrleel by
hired men, who nre all dressed alike
for tbe occasion. After tho funeral,
which lasts several hours at the cemetery. Is over the banners nre all
brought back and eventually grace the
rooms of the late Chinaman's house.
Tlie' baby does more to cut down the
business of the divorce courts than all
the grown people, combined.—Dallas
Minard's Liniment Cares Dandruff.
When nre Indies in winter like old
kettle's?—When they nre very much
That   Defies   the |
Stanfield's Unshrinkable I
Underwear   is   made   iu [
special weights for North-
west winters.     It's warm |
and heavy enough to defy
the most severe cold that
the worst blizzard can bring.
Wearing   Stanfield's   garments, you don't care how
low the thermometer drops. I
is made of long, silky Nova
Scotia wool—the best iu the
world for Underwear.   It's
treated  by our special process, thut insures lt being absolutely   uusbriakable.    It's
knitted   in   all   sizes  to   fit
every figure.   Anel being unshrinkable, it hole's it. easy,
comfortable shape, no matter how often it 13 washed.
jIeloi_tj" back if it .brinks.
**Ask yuur dealer for Staufictd's.'
Conu11h.slo.nor Rooth is not the only
Salvation Army leader who has re-
ceivcel Instructions lo prepare- herself
for utioMier field of labor. There is
to bo a general .chnnge minings! Ibe
lorritorjul commanders. Of the oth-
ers whei urn bidding fiiiew"*"l nre
Commander l!ooth--'iirl.cr,of Ihe United Stules, Commissioner llowenl.
foreign secretary at London, Commissioner Coonibi's of (Iri'iil llrituili.
Commissioner llooth-ilelberg, of tier*
ninny, nnel Commissioner Kllhy nl
South Africa. One of these will replace Miss llootli in C1111111I11.
Do you like your thin, rough,
short hair? Of course you
don't. Do you like thick,
heavy, smooth hair? Of
course you do.   Then why
Hair Vigor
not be pleased? Ayer's Hair
Vigor makes beautiful heads
of hair, that's the whole
story.   Sold for 60 years.
* I have used A rer'- Hnlr Vlirnr for a long
time. It 1". indued, a wund-rful h-lr L-iitc,
rettorltiR lic.lth to the hair and ic-lp. ind, nt
Iho Bame ttin*. pr-vlng. .pl-mlld elrm.liiK.
Do. J. W7_.TTJ-1, Madlll, In et T.
fl.00 » _etti_. j. a its} oo..
____^___!_l______n fn r «^m*".____—«
Weak Hair
What is that which no ono wishes
to have, yet no oive wishcii to lose *?
—A bald head.
"Rf gutar PB'actltionor—Ko Re*
S«J)t«;' —MrH. Annfe C. Chestnut, of
Whithy, .vim for nionilm a rliouiiiutic \ k-
UUT, but Mouth American KheuiiiuUc
Curo t'tituiged the BOn« from *'clenpair"
to "joy." She snys: "I suflcred untold
misery from rheuiimtit.ni—nor tors' medicine did mo no gooil—two bottles of
Soutli Ameritun Itl.eunn.itic Cure cured
me—relief two hours ufler the flr»t
Whnt is always    in   fashion ?—The
letter P.'
Why Is a man happier with two
wives than with one?—He mny de
happy with one, but with two he is
nearly sure to  be ti-nnsported.
Till-: (iUKAl' ICXl.l.lSU   KKIMKilV.
TESTIMONIAL  from  the late Sill 8AM-
UKL BAKER,  the famous Nile  Explorer
"Newton Abbot, Devon. Tear- Slra— I
have delayed my thanks as 1 wished, to
test the effect of Bl'iir's l'ills by a sufficient interval of time.
"For ten years I had suffered acutely
from Gout and life hud lost its attraction owing to the uncertainty of health
and sudden visitations of Uie enemy
which prostrated me for month)., or weeks
according to tho virulence of the attacks
"Blair's Tills have rendered mo immense
service, as I no longer fear an attack
of (.out.
"For the last twenty months I have
been comparatively freo, as one or two
attempted visitations have been immediately stamped out by the assistance ol
Blair's Pills.
"Truly yours  (Signed)  Saml. W. Baker.
Lyman Sons & Co.. Montreal and Toronto; The Bole Drug Co., Winnipeg; and
Martin, Bole & Wynne Co., Winning.
While the plainest of
all rings, they are the
most important and
ihe most constantly
Hence the desirability of
liavinfr them well and com-
tortabiv 1'ri'portie'ned. All
"ltyrie" ring. are. Send
for mail-order catalogue.
Our wedding rings are
of solid 18k. gold anel
range from $4.00 to
Superfluous Hair
Runovad by tba New Principle
EloctroIyslB, X-ray or depilatori.. arc
offend you oo th* bar* word of th*
operator! and manufacturers. D E
MIRACLE ia not. It ii the only method
which is indoraed by phvsioiane, aur-
(.cons, dermatologists, medical journals
and prominent magazine*. Booklet will
will be tent free, ia plain, aealed
Your money back without question if
it fails to do all that is claimed for it.
DE UIUACLE mailed, aealed in
plain wrapper, on receipt of $1. Write
for it to day to DE MIRACLE 0HEM.
ICAL 00., £3 Qoiim Stbisi West,
Toronto, or
thb        filUDCMI COMPANY
John A. Wliitniore, the votcran
pofetiiiastiir of Heirrn-e, died Kuildonly
on October 11. lio upiieMtred to be. in
lii.s usual (rooil lira It n during the day
and was in thei post eillle**.' during the
evening, and in conversation- with
some of the; clerks signified his inten-
tion of going on a hhooting expedition on the morrow. Shortly nfter
leoing to his room he was seized with
an attack of acute asthma and iheik-
eel to death. The deceased was sixty-
four years of uge. Mr. Wliitmore was
married only a few weeks ago in Ontario, and was home but a week be-
.eii-o his elenth.
Cholera nnel all Rummer complaints are
so eitlii-k in llie'ir tie-tlein llinl the cold
hand of elealll is ll|ion the victim. Iit'teirt-
ihey are aware thiet elunuer Is iietir. Il
attacked do not delay in Retting the
Draper medicine.. 'I r.v a ili.so of 1 Jr. .1.
II. K-IIokk's 1'ynciite'i'y 1'oriliul. nml you
ee ill oot liaineellatc relief. It acts with
\e-onilerfel! riiplelity anil never fit lis to effect  a  cure.
What is the be^st wny of making n
coal last?—Make the trousers anil
waistcoat first.
uatte--   without a  Stomach
than with one thut's ffot a conntnnt
"hurt" lo II. Mr Von Htan's rinea|iple
Table.* Btiniulutc the ilixe-ltve ot-|_nn-.
Let one enjoy tl.e aopd thinirs of life
and loae-e no hntl elTi'ct.s—carry them
with you In your vent (lot-kel—00 In a
box.  35 cents—48
Why is an opera singi-r like' n enn-
fe'Clieiner ?—llecause  she  elenls  in  ice-
reams (high scri.imH).
Why need a traveller never starve
in it deici'l'—lli'cause of the sun.I
which  is sandwiches  there.
Wh.-il   is the keynote of gootl    manners?—II natural.
Whal   I i'y  in    music   will   make a
good olllcel;"*'—A sharp major.
Wash trreiu-.y tttsllCS, pots or puns with
Leeer's I lev Soap lu pmedert. It will remove thi' ateaae with the greatest ense.   till
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt in
Canada. Made on the
H B.K. scale it requires ^g%
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 32
to..} yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. --Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration that the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39J4
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
Montreal       Winnipeg       Dawton
'  1
Sunlight Soap is a well made Soap
The making of soap is no longer a chance mixture of miscellaneous fats. Expert chemists carefully watch and test every step in the
making of
Sunlight Soap
The fats and oils must be perfectly pure and at every stage of the'
process the soap must come up to Sunlight standard. That is why it
cleanses your clothes perfectly, makes your blankets soft and fluffy,
does not destroy your most dainty linens or injure your hands.
Sunlight Soap washes equally well in hard or soft water. Your
dealer is authorized to return the purchase money if you are not
The 80 .light Maid, ar* .tir-ugh their washing by nWn-thaf *
» _h.«-nllahtwa»
Tho Rtnllion Hamburg, oneTi of   tho
stud of tha labo William O. Whitney,
was   sold   for  $70,000  n   Jew    nights
ago in  New  York,  to Harry   I'avne '■
Whitney. '
When is a bonnet not a _ionnot ?—
When it becomes'tt pretty w'oinan.
Why may a logger we'itr a very
short coat ?—Ik-cause it will be long
enough before he gets nnother.
Could'nt Rise
From a Chair
On Account of Dreadful   Pains in the Kidneys and
Back—A Complete Cure by
Dr. Chase's Kidney=Liver Pills
In Its course through the body
tho Wood not only supplies nourishment to tho various organs, but also
fathers up the poisonous wnale mntter.
When the liver and kietneyH fail to
alter these poisons from the blood
there nre pnins and nehes anil diseases ot tho most painful and fatal
Decause they restore tho strength
snd activity to the kidneys and liver
llr. tllmse's Kidney-I.lver l'ills over-
como such troubles and purify tho
blood  in a  werndcrfully short time.
Mr. I.. W. llennls, Wellnnd, Out.,
writes: "It gives me pleasure to
testify In behnll of llr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. For many years I
was seriously ifllicted with kidney
and liver troubles. At times my
back would ache so bnd I could not
rise from a chair, and then again I
would be confined to my bed. I was
treated try the medical profession,
but they all failed to understand my.
"About tho timo I was most discouraged I heard of llr. Chase's Kidney-Liver rills, nnd thoy wero so
strongly recommended that I decided to try thein. Ilcfore I had used
nil of Ave boxes my old. trouble had
entirely left me, nnd I was again as
healthy ns in boyhood. I freely give
this testimony for tho benefit of
those who sutler ns I have."
Dr. Chuse's Kldncy-Llver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all
dealers, or Eeltnanson, Bates _. Company, Toronto. To protewt you
ngninst imitations the portrait nnd
signature of llr. A. W. Chase, the
fumous receipt book author, are on
every box. ' •
Grain I Jas. Richardson & Sons I Grain
(Until   recently   represented by the lntc  K.  O'llcilly, Esq.)
All kinds   of grain   handled in Cur Load   I„ts.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   instructions. Any grade of wheat, oats, barley or flnx.
P.   O.  Hox fi2l),    Winnipeg,   Mun.
THOMAS law.       ship Your Grain to        william law.
We handle grain strictly on commission.    Highest  Prices obtainable.
Liberal advances.   Trades carried on margins in Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
 - GRAIN EXCHANGE, Winnipeg.
IT IS AN EASY MATTER *° ™" * i*'b°. 'ot of wheat «t •
—*        ' better  prico  than   a  single  car  will
bring. II you will ship your wheat to us wo will sell it with many
othor cars either locally or in the East, am! you will get from .-cent to
1 cent per bushel moro for it thnn If you sold lt on track at your station.
Wo have had 17 years' practical  experience    in    the    grain  business.
This,  also,  Is  worth  something to you.
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.   References: Any Bank or Commercdal
■ in     ■ ■        i i
Oral* la ear lots bought on track or sold on commission. Reasonable
Mvanoe* mad*. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference!
Any Bank Ib Winnipeg.
I'slaini'si'i-id (iraia CoimnissiM
Merchant ia Winnipeg. <__
Consign your grain to me and get prompt service, careful attention-
and highest market prices. Q      C DI IM &f      °RAWER
Reference-UNION BANK of CANADA.   Wi   O ■    I I « fVf       1300.
YOUR  WHEAT, OATS AND   FLAX   Commission   Firm
Wc handle strictly on commission therefore can give every attention
to car shipments, and will obtain tho best prices for snme. We will bo
pleased to answer enquiries ro prices, shipping, etc. If YOU have grain
to ship or sell do not fuil to write for our "Way of Doing llusincss," as
it will pny you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., The Commission Merchants, fiinipeg
FARMERS will find lt to their advantage to c.nslgn their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pny highest prices and mak* prompt returns. Advances mad* on
consignments. Correspondence solicited. Established 1886. Reference-
Union Uarrtc of Canada.
-__■■ J LJ  ■ l**,**_*_B-»« I ' 1         ■ -
We solicit your business. Will mako earnest efforts to get good
results for you. Liberal ndvanccs on bills of lading, nud balance promptly
paid  when grain is unloaded. Let us   hear from you.
ltI'.l-'1-:itKNUK—Hiuil; of Himii ton, Htohinge flrancli.
drain 416 (iraln Cxchan.a,
WINNIt-.*X., M\N.
DONALD MORRISON & CO., g._!_i._...
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat nnd Keeps out Cold.
Write  for   Samples   and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
Ayers Pills
Ayer's Pills. Ayer's Pills.
Ayer's Pills. Keep saying
this over and over again.
The best laxative. tSji^St"
Why  does a
hut V—To kei-|
miller    wear a    Willi
his lu'.iil  win-in.
" My Heart was Thumping my
Life OUt," IH th. wny Mrs. It. 11.
WriKht at Dro-kvll!-, Ont., deserllies hor
-ullurlng- (ruin .iiiiillmrliiK, 11-lteiinK and
liull.llutlim. Alter trylnit lineiiy leine-
,li,-i without bcimllt, nix lmtll." ol llr.
Auiiow'-  Uuro for lh» Henrt  rumored  lier
to perfect lieiiii'i Ths nrm dime, guv*
aluiom limiuiit relief, mid la » day auf-
lerlug ccuued altogi'tlier.—SI
"I    don'l    know     whether She    Ine-
shaken him or   promised to    merry
"Why '.'"
"lie   has    stopped  Inlying exlrnva-
gant  presents for lier "
What, is it givi-s n. cold, cures n
cold, nnd pays the doctor's bill ?—A
draught. -.-"-.
Why urn.people. iKirn deaf 'nlwnys
good?—Ileeause they have nev\_r omul
iu their lifo.
 ,  . r
llelwein the two oi;eiij)s-: jve raise
one-till li of the world's w.l«jt, folir-
fifths of its corn, ono-finirth of ils
outs, anil four-lift lis oflfs cotton.
This harvest is the foundation of our
W    IM     \J    I**"—    SOS
f! '■ma*?.
i *
fit. W*|5AS.AjyX ADVOCATE.
tBstaMished April 9,18(19.)
'IDW: -iftSd "f-filtoirl-TtTr aveijjjp.
.j '      —
«H|. R Wgnm, Pnblisliet,
.'<:.!> Fleet street,
i_5_igl»_.d Where a
ie-. ..dvucaio-i   is Jr«pt for
i#(_bSfjtfip.ioii ff a yw  payal__£  in
S cehts
Tei. 81405,
1 **- ' »i-SI I
.u   £.1  City fidver-
also South yancou-
ver  Municipal  .advertizing
consjjjt   The   Advocate.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec,  14,   1904,
.   Wk wish for cur readers anel .ricuds,
1   jhc best gift ft cm God to mau "Peace
-.in Earth, Goot) Will to Meu."    Christ*
pu-j, Du; in this uew, prosperous West
urn w orl.d bfouke upou piore glad homes
'■nl jie.*  waut  than   in   tjio crowded
'cities; and yet,'f evory one wonld look
lorxrveu a single'case! where a helping
. h/ind might brighten  this Holiday sea
' son, nnd give that  help he could swell
tj.ei'bristinns tide of love and light.
In uuotber column we publish a letter
froiu Mr, J. L. Powell, uorrectiug a
notice iu last week's "Advocate'
y ,-gai-diu(. the pm-ejhuisu by the Baptist
JJftmpcgntiou 0/ the old JJdt. Pheasant
jptenbytei.au Church..
Th.. "Advocate" bad no wish to
SV*mmj *BJ iinprenion that "charity',
was needed or extended, -but as desirable
jite* for churches are few and we still
IielicT* tb* "need" for larger quarters is
being felt by all congregations on Mt.
feasant, we were glad j_bat the Baptists
had secured—or we believed had
secured—the old Fresbyteriau Chnrch,
mote especially A a rumor had been
Mpomt tbat the buildjug jvas to hnve
{teen occopied for other pprROses. Wp
flop, we have made tne fact clear that
Aha article alludfid tp was written in the
f_indliecl spirit,
$ou$ i,rauf_J_t«*^r.
So]-^i Tfmteoxxvef'f population Growing
M^-. feud J£*, Stewart of Cemetery
«oad, nre^iertuiiiing two new arrivals
aboyijjukgirl. Op jyediifuday Deeeui.
t.er_.t-t, twiu babies were beiruT to Mr.
,o#d Mrs. St.yaft. Dr. Allcu gives their
wei)-ht $8 |14 poiuj^s; mother aud babies
doiug flucly.
_£hfi official ng-U-} of tiny Municipality
,e_loctiou appears ju this issue of '(Tho
Advocate" Nominations January Dili,
uud polliug dny 14tj)_ Keeve Geo, Itite
will iu all probability be returned • by
The Xiiins Eiitai^aiiiiiieiit iu the Sea-
come Road jijjinday So^Kjl Hull ou the
until, promises to be a good one iu the
Way eif songs, recitations nnd music.
Mijf Netteltou, ucice of Mr. David
Giu^ of South Vauconve-r, who has
bteu visiting here for the past two
mouths, returned to her home nt Sault
St. Miuie_ .Out., 011 Saturday last.
Miss Sarah Anderson, teacher at Win-;
law, arrived home on Monday, to speud
the Holidays with her parents, Mr. uud
Mrs K. A. Audcrsou, Westmiuster road
Mr. David Gray's father aud niollier
who have been visi_ u^t liim for some
/.'ne, in lend l-ei/iiiini ig all wiutcr and
uiny locate permanently 111 South Vancouver.
Bi-Oouneillor Richard Meek of Hume
road, will most likely he a candidate for
Councillor in jyVw* iV.
utiiutrr. 11 mmmm^a*Bmmmmmmm*ma*§mamm^
1 uiMiltlwlUtilititl.iiH
W^ hnve just raj^-lved a consignment
of Ladies' and Gent's Reed Rockers,
also Children's f'ockcrs, Kindergarten
Sots, Sideboards', Bureaus, eto. Wo
have 11 special liiiy of Lace Curtains, )!)_,
yards loug, 52 inphes wide at $1.55 and
$1.05; also Chenjjle autl TapeBtry Cpr-
taiu from $4,115 per pair.
Furniturf Department,
Everything to finite  yonr   Christinas
Puddings, at prices  unheard of before.
Raisins, new fft,uoy,  4 packages,,.. I},5c
Candied Peel, $-11, ,,,. .^o
Send in your orders for Christmas
GEESE and T*UjtKEYS now ant", avfljd
the rusli.
S.J, Wallace
Westminster ay£nue & Harris StffeJ,
•   Telephone 1268
Mail Orders Promptly fillet}.
ELKC'rR0-.Y8n. Paui-ob of Hairdressiug, .Manicuring, Facial Massage uud
Scalp Treatment for Ladies uud Geutle-
men. Superfluous hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
la_*# <*_tron nu "How to take euro of
Skin Food for building up the wasting
tissue. Orauge Flower Cream to pre-
veut nud heal sunburn.
Mapamk HuMt'iiHEYs, ii.9 Grauvillc
A   Correction.
Which Meet oa lit. Pleasant
t. O. O. F.  .
Mt. Pleajtaut Lodge No. 19mectsevery
Tuesday a.. 8 p. m~, in Oddfellows Hall
jercher BJiupj., Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
<u »ttcnd. '     '-.'"-'
*tJoBf.B Q§A»D—O. 0.4ieuuy.
Rk/UJJSDINh Seckktaky—Thos.
tf§£J£W ffoather arid Eighth avenue.
' I. O. F.
Court Vaucouver 1828, Independent
Order of Fprepters meets 2d aud 4th
j£oodays qf eabty pionth at 8 p. m.
Visiting bretluen always welcome.
Oilier Ranger*-W. G. Taylor,
■Ol Kn-fer Hreet, Clly.
Kri'Ohihho S«CB«TAiiv—W. H. DeBou,
'     t    . '578 Tenth svenue, enst.
Financi-^. 8-m-ki'iaby—M. J. Crehan,
314 i'llne-' A.hirrei,^..}'. 'Telephone
Editor "The Advocnto":
> In yonr Inst issue we notice a report
of purchase of Hie late Presbyterian
Chnreii by us iu which nro some errors.
First.—Negotiations nre iu progress,
but the matter is uot yet settled.
Second.—We shall not be entering
the biifjiling on ditto mentioned.
Third.—Tlmt tbo transaction is of a
charitable' nature. Nothing of the
kind—it iH parol? a business transaction, and we are giving value for value;
and iu connection with this wo want it
thoroughly understood tlud; we nre of
the opinion thut tho Church of Christ is
in the world to pny its own way, aud
not to be a beggar upou tho charity of
individuals or corporations.
By inserting this you will oblige the
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church and rectify
wrong impressions made by the report
objected to.
Yours truly,
J. L POWELL, Church Clerk.
December 20, 1904.
Alexandra Hivo No."7* holds regular
Reviow   1st   and !Jd Fridays of   eaoh
..a -:i.ih ip I. O. O. F., Hajl corner West-
_n.i_tBter :iiid Seveuth avenues.
'■ -i-adi-sulwn s welcome.
Lady.ConMuajider—lirs. Fjjxih.
Record Kecpi^-'J-frs.   Mary   A.
"  >"Ninth avenue, east.
■    Vancq^ytij Couaoit, No. 211a, meets
iveify  a«i nud  4th ' Thursdays  of each
mouth,  in i. O. O. F.,  Hall, corner
, 1 v jtih and Westminster avenues.
' '^eueiuriiing  Friends always welcome.
" p.-Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
.228 w.itmln-le-r avenue.  Tel. 700.
The Council met on ^a/urday, December 17th, Mrs. MoDex-Uott's riK_nest
'hat sume darigtu-ous trees on the unopened portion of Ontario street, near
her uow house, be cut dov. 11, was
yeferred to the Reeve to select suitable
jngp'tupp tho work. The Reeve was
asked to attend the Reeve's Convention
/* *^ftf JVesWMeisKT on Decern ber 29th,
|S isply to an invitation from J. A.
Patherwood. Mr. R. W. Harris is to
fa asked to give his view of tlie best
|»ay to ilispoiio' oi /ixo water from
Qfanvill* street he complains of.   The
"'considers there is too muoh water
nit (he Westminster road v<W 'f1,1' Glad-
jtone, to put in a culyi'.rt at tlie present
|lim, ss   suggested   by   W.J. iirewer,
Mr. B. Mercer of Burual'.v, wrote
4»/ing there were four dangirous trees
P^u^'V^ni'-uuvnr, near where: he had
t, ami  enoloeed  fjff.0 affidavits  in
m&fi'WMi .^ Bo|wdof Word's
issaertain whether the lues are on
property or not. Mr Robert
fl.e-s petition, cen.Iflintiig'l7 names
' pyers, sskin'g thut a polling
• opened at Ebmue for the
-Snicinn! JE|«.fl6ij' was 'ft.ud. W. G.
Jls\kpr was appointed Returning
Cfnver tor the Mnjiieipal Election, the
llftwlnrtlrf* an,d polling for Keeve or
Pnneillors tp be at tbe M.ifji..l|')ul Hall
ffbi ginilinatioi^ will lie on Mondny
' gt Vt°, and the polliug ou Satur-
Sbb^j-y 14th.' The Reeve briefly
jJ*Vo a Vote of thanks tendered him
nncil, and proposed a vote pf
i i^if Fro   '*** ""' W9? ]n
ih.flh _# bad fu'liuieii his dulicji." T.iei
3h',r{t: th'auked th? Bonrt^, urid said tiiat
li(i m'>H|(J uptt_n*-(ai'laj.e the assessing iu
i«.m;6ft* th" wurij   o|    jgfi   {jllice   has
Public Notice.
GIVEN to thu Electors of the Municipal-
ity of South Vaucouver that I require
the presence of the suid Electors, at the
Municipal Hall, North Arm mad on
Monday, January 9th, 1905, at 12o°clo:k
noon, for the purpose of electing persons
to represent them iu the Municipal
Council as Reeve and Councillors.
The mode of nomination nf Candidates
shall be as follows: The Candidates
shall be nominated in writing, the
willing shull be subscribed to by two
voters of the Muuicipality us Proposer
and Seconder, nud shull be delivered to
the Returniug Officer ^it auy time
between Ihe the date of the uotice uud
.2 o'clook p. iu., eiu the day of the. pomi-
nation. And iu the event of a poll being
necessary, whether for Reeve or
Collin ill'irs, such poll will bo opened on
SA'i URDAY, the 14TH Dat or JaK-
UAitY, 11H)A, from 8 a, in., to 4 p. in., at
tlje jjluiiioijml Hull,
The qtiulificutious fur Reeve shall be
bis being n mule British Subject, und
having been for the three mouths next,
preceding ih.i _'ny of his. nomination, the
registered owuir in the Laud Registry
Ollie-o of land nud real property, situate
within the Muuicipality, of the assessed
value oil Ihe last Municipal Assessment
Roll, of live hundred dollars or more,
over and above any registered jndgmeut,
uud beiug otherwise dbly ijualiiicd as a
"The i_ualiliciition for Councillor shall
be his being 11 male British Subject, aud
haying boon lor the threo mouths next
preceding thu day of uomiuatiou, the
registered owner in the J-nnil Registry
Office of li.ntl or. real property, situate
within tbi. Municipality, of tho assessed
value ou tiie lust Municipal or Proviti;
unil Assessment Roll of two hundred
and liny dollars or more, pyefaudaborc
any registered judgment, or beiug a
hnuivMciidcr, lessee from the 1 Iruwii, or
p»-cuiplor who has resided within the
Muuicipality for Ihe space of one year,
or uioi'.-.iiunieiliatcly preceding Iho uemi-
.inutiou and who ilnsscssudfor live hun-
(fiid |le41ars, or uioiu, ou tbo hist Muui-
p .1 or Pniviuciiil Assessment ^;||1, over
uud above any registered judgment, aud
be ing otherwise qualified as a voter; bnt
nothinghe-cm contained shill behold
to disqiiiilify a Councillor whose i.ualiti-
caltoii ut the time Of his election was
tl.|itnt a hoincslcuder, lessee frem the
Lio'wii, or pic-emptor, gljpuhlUfi anjiiife
a title to his laiirt'iiuriiig his term of
William (i. WAI.KI.R.
ivi-11 uiuli-i- my baud, nt South
icuuver, the 2iith of pecoiiibet', li'O-J.
City of Vancouver.
A By-law to ro^/ie by way of peben
tures the sum ft $100,000.00 for the extension and improvement ef (lif wa
ter-works system of the City of Van
WHEREAS It _js deemed expsrlent to
raise by way of debentures $100,000.00
for the extenslou and Improvement of
the Water Work^j system of the City
of Vancouver:
AND WHEREAS lt ls necessary for
the  purposes  aforesaid   that  the  City
should raise  by way of debentures a
loan of $100,000.0$, repayable on the 1st
day of February, A. D., 1945, with ln
terest ln   the  meantime  payable half-
yearly at t^e J^e of 4 per cent, per an
num, such loan jjvhen raised to be ap
piled for the purposes aforesaid;
AND WHJviBEAS for the payment of
the said debentures when due, and for
the interest thereon during the currency of the said debentures, It will be
necessary to raise and levy each year
the 'sum of $5,270.00.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the debt when due It will be necessary
to raise and (s.vy in each year the sum
of $1,270.00 by special rate sufficient
therefore In each year on all the rateable property Qf* tliev City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREA8 the amount of the
Whole rateable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to the. last revised A8*es8mfntfloll, is $..,138,225.00.
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
city la $3,050,951.2^, Irrespective of debts
Incurred for local Improvements, of
which none of tbe principal or interest
Is In arrears:
AND COUNCIL, ,»f the City of Vancouver, in open meeting assembled, enact
as follows:
1. For the purposes aforesaid It shall
be lawful for the Mayor of the City of
Vancouyer J_p raise, and he ls hereby
authorised to raise, by way of loan
from any pers^y, persons, or corporation who may be willing to advance the
same on the credit of the debentures
hereinbefore mentioned, a sum not exceeding In the vfftole the sum of $-80,-
000.00, and cause the same to be paid
Into the hands of the Treasurer of the
said City for the purposes aforesaid,
and with tjjp objects hereinbefore recited;
2. It shall be 'awful for the Mayor
to cause any MJjmber of debentures to
be made out, each for such sum of
money not less than one hundred <**-'.-
lars ($100) or an equivalent expressed
In pounds sterfliis of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at
the value of $4.86 jo the pound sterling,
as may be reeuured, and all debentures
shall be sealed with the seal of the City
of Vancouver an. signed by thi. Mayor
and countersigned by the Treasurer Qt
the said ..'..ty.
3. The said debeptures shall be made
payable within "forty years from the
date hereinafter mentioned for this Bylaw to take effect, at such Bank In the
City of Vancouver, or at such Ban.. In
the City of London, England, as the
Opuncll may by rf'olutlon direct.
4. The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of
the Interest aCX per cent, per annum
on the amount .of the debemi.ri.'s, and
shall be payable half-yearly on the
first day of August and the first day
of February In each and every year;
5. A special rate on the dollar shall
be raised and levied annually In each
year ln addition 40 all other rates on
nil the ratable property of the .City,
sufficient to pay Interest on the debt
hereby created'^jjrlng the currency of
the said debentures, and to provide for
the yayment of the said debt when
fi. The sum of $1,000.00 shall be raised
and levied each 'year by special ratg
on all the ratable' property of the City
of Vancouver for the payment of the
Interest on the amount of the said debt
henj.y created during the currency of
the said debt.
7. The siim of $1,270.00 shall be raised
und levied annually In each and every
year by special rato on all the ratable
property of the City of Vancouver for
the payjn^nt of the debt hereby created  when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the Corporation from*tlme to time, to re-purchase
any of the suid elpbentures at such
price or prices as may be mutually
agreed upon, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled
and no re-Issue of any debenture or
debentures shall be made tn pangg.
quence of such re-purchase.
9. This By-law shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the assent of the elector* entitled to vote on
Money By-laws Iii manner prescribed
by the Vancouver Incorporation Act,
1900. ond Amending Acts.
10. This By-law, If passed, shall come
into force and take effect on the 1st
day of February, A, D., 1906.
Received the assent   of   the electors
this day of
Done and passed In open Council this
day of
City Clerk.
Take notice ttaifetbe above Is a true
copy of n proposed By-law wti|g|i has
bnen    taken   Into    consideration,    an,"
whl.ii will be flr.ijlly passed   by    _hi
C.oujiclf Ui tli.v ftvent of the assent of
the electors being ob(plned tlijereio,
alter one month from the flrst cjibllcat
tlon Jn the; .'.'Vounl BleaSant Advo-
yate," the. date of wplch tlijjt publication-was the 26th day of November,
A. D. 1904, and that the voteB of the
electors of th.e said Corporation will be
taken thereon pn the 1-pi day t)f January, 1905, betJVeen the hgurs of 9 o'clock
in the meaning and 7 o'clock ln the
oyenlng, at the following polling places:
Ward 1—At the Old School House on
Jgurr^rd Street.
-Ward 2—At    the   Ou*ra   Hguse,   on
.aranyllle ^tf-eet.
Ward-3-^-At   the   old   City   gall,   on
•Powell Street.
Ward 4—At the new City   Hall   on
Westminster Avenue.
Ward 6—At the Fire Hall, Nl#lh Avenue,  Mount Pleasant.
Ward «—At the Fire Hall, on Gran-
.Villle Street, Fairview.
City Clerk.
Vancouver, B. C, Ng.v. 26-h, 1904.
City of Vancouver.
A By-law tp raise by way of .debentures the num of $75,1)0,0.00 for general
School Purposes:
WHERE4S It Is deeded expedjint to
raise the sum of $76,000.00 by jyay of
debentures tfft general school purposes;
AND wppREAS lt \a necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that tig City
should ral,ije by way of' debenjLijjies a
loan of *v_.#». repayable pn t)j§ flrst
day of February, 1945, with Interest ln
the meantime payable balf-yegjiy at
the rate oM per cent, pej"annuo., such
loan when raised to be applied for the
purposes aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS for.Jhe paynj^nt of
the said debentures when due and for
the Interest thereon during the .currency ,pf )#e said debentures It Jfdll be
necessary to raise and levy eaoji year
the £11111 of $3,952.50.
AND WHEREAS for the gayrnent of
the debt when due It will be necessary
to raise and levy In each year t^ sum
of $952.50 by special rate sUjMcient
therefor in each year on all the jm table
property of the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS the amount fit the
whole ratable property of the gfcy ot
Vancouver, according to the la,pt re-
jyised Assessment Roll, is $24,131,225.
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
City is $3,060,957.20, Irrespective of debts
incurred for local improvements, of
which none of the principal anil Interest Is ln arrears;
AND COUNCIL of the City of Vancouver, in open meeting assembled, enact
as follows:
1. For general school purposes it
shall be lawful for the Mayor of the
City of Vaneipuver to raise, ajjf he ls
hereby authorised to raise, by <way of
loan from any person, persons or corporation who' may be willing to advance the same on the creelfi: of the
debentures hereinbefore mentioned, a
sum not exceeding In the whole $75,-
000.00, and cause the same to be paid
Into the hands of the Treasurer of ,the
sald City for ihe purpoqgg aforesaid and
with the objects herelagpfore recited;
2. It shall.be lawful- far the Mayor
to cause any number of debenture* to
be made out, each for such sum of
money not less than one hundred dollars ($100) or an equivalent expressed
in pounds sterling of thq United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the
value of $4.86' to the pouu't. sterling, as
may be required, and gjl debentures
shall be sealed with the sea) of the City
of Vancouver and signed by the Mayor
and countersigned by the Treasurer of
the said City.'
3. The said debentures shall be made
payable within forty years fron, the
date hereinafter mentioned for, th^r Bylaw to* take effect, at such Bank i^ the
City of Vancouver, or at such Ban£ In
the City of London, England, s£ .die
OJouncIl may by resolution direct.
4. The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of
the interest at 4 per cent, per ani^m
on the amount of the debentures, and
shall be payable half-yearly pn ibe
first ((J$y of August and the first ,j_iy
of February ln each and every yegfj
■5. A special rate on the dollar st-fll
be raised and levied annually in each
year ln addition to all other rates «n
ail tha wttafele property of the Gliy,
sufficient to pay Interest on the debi
hereby created during the currency of
the said debentures, and to provide for
the payment of the said debt whei}
/}. fhe sum of $3,000.00 shall be raised
and levied each year by special rate
on all the ratable property of _Jje .City
of Vancouver for the payaient of the
Interest on the amount Ot the said debt
hereby created during the currency of
the'said'debt. '
7.   The sum of $962.60 shall be raised
and 'nvjejj annually In each and every
year-by specljj rata pn alj the'rotable
property of fhe City of Vancouver for
the paymsW of the debt Ijereby creat_
ed when due.
8. It shall be lawfu) fur (he Corporation, fjrpm time to time, tp re-purchase
any 9. the said debentures at such
price or prices as may be mutually
agreed upon, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled
and no re-lasue of any debenture pr
debentures shall be made ln consequence qf such re-purchase.
9. This By-law ahall, befpre tbe
flna) passing thereof, recelvg the assent pf the electors entitled to vote on
Money By-laws In manner prescribed
by the Vancouver Incorppratlon Aot,
190P, and Amending Acts.
10. This By-law, If passed, shall come
into force and take effect on the 1st
day pf February, A. D., 1805.
Rscelved the assent of the electors
th',* day of
lionei and passed In open Council this
day of
City Clerk.
!|'a|jf; nptlce that the above Is a true
eppy of a proposed By-law which hfts
been taken Into consideration, and
Which will be finally passed by the
Council in the event of the assent of
thp electors being obtained thereto,
af.er pug month from the first publication In the "Mount Pleasant Advo-
vate.it the date of which first publication was the 26th day of November,
A. D. 1904, and that the votes of the
electors of the' said Corporation will be
taken thereon on the 12th day of January, 1905, between the hours of 9 o'clock
in tha morning- and T- o'clock In the
evening, at the following polling places:
Ward 1—At the Old School House on
Burrard Street.
Ward 2—At the Opera House, on
Granville Street.
Ward 3—At the old City Hall, on
Powell Street.
Ward 4—At the new City Hall on
Westmlnstfcr Avenue,
Ward 6—At the Fire Hall, Ninth Avenue,  Mount Pleasant.
Ward 6—At the Fire Hall, on Oran
vtlle Street, Fairview.
City Clerk.
Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1904,
City of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be  received   by the
undersigned up to Monday, January
23d, 1905, at IS! o'clock noon, for Oast
Iron Water Pipe.
Specifications may be seen at the
office of the Oity Engineer.
The lowest or any tender not neoits-
sarily accepted.
Vancouver, B. O, Dec. 17th, 1904
A Merry Xmas
71 Happy New Year
Try me for
Cqkes & Pastrv,
Nuts, Candy.,
L. L. Raising.
A General Assortmeul ftf
WpDp Muir
Ring up 'phonk 448. Mt. Pleasant
New Meat flarket
2442  Westminster avenue.
OPEN  SATURDAY.   Good Meats at
Right prices.
_      M. G. OLIVER, ."roprietor.
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on sale
at all the Newsdealers in the oity.
,   . «	
If yon know any items of Mt.Pleasant
uews—Social, Personal or any othey
P£ws items—seud them in to "The
Advocate," or by telephone—B1406.
Argyle Houso
Tho Big Bargain Dry Gqpds Store 0* 11. 0-
Boys' Lined Kicjplovos, worth, fl.00 for SOoftpafr.
Ladies' Cravenette Raincoj)|B at Hall'-price,.
Ladies' Cravonette Raincoats worth | fl.00 for M.00 eaoh
„ <■ '     •■ "       T {..00 "     ..00: •«
it " " " j).60 "     4 75   '•'•
•! " " " 12.00 "     q.00   "
purs :
Children's, picture Handkerohipftl, '■) fo,r- Gc.
1 Seal Oaperine, long pelerine front, trimmed ..ud finished with tails) tf orfh J20.00 for f 10.0Q,
Sonl Cdperine, trimmerl with grey Angora; worth
*10?p0 for *6.00. '•"
1 Blncjf Parisian Lamb Caparige, trimmed w.t.1 i tails and -.aii*^. with 4
tails; worth $:i0 00 for llfi.OO.
All i)fl.cr Cunerinos at Half-prj(!o
1 Sable Marmont, loug pelerine, broad stole effect, worth |80.Q(. for *»0.00.
Chi.dfen's White Bearskin Boas 40o each; Mnff>* °°° ench'
J. Horner,
,fi| 4-00 Westminster Ave. Qpp. Carnegie Library.
Christmas Ties.
" ita
\\Ze HAV^ gathered the fin-
estChrisl-masTius from the.
best Tie Mnkeys iu the world, aud
we gathorcd plenty of thom. No
danger of a shortage, hut it is
better to pome before dark if yon
No mau ever has too many T^es.
We Jjoftiivmen who have sporrs of
Ties—bureau drawers full ' of
th<.in—but they buy a new one
nearly every time we receive new
gqes. You can make uo mistake
}n giving a mau a few up-to date,
handsome Ties for a C|ij.titiiias
We have spread our Ties out on
tables to enable you to make your
selections easily and comfortably.
Wo are always plauning to make
things more convenient for you.
In fact, you'll find us the most
obliging poqplp you ever nipt—if
yon do not n.s]c for credit
If yon have not been in this wool.,
we hope p} see you this ovening.
We have extra help, and you'll
not have tP wait if we can help it.
We wiHh, yftfl A Merry Christmas,
and as many of them as you want,
and may you never want as long
as you see them.
300000000000000 ooooooooooeooooc
Wishing You  All
A Merry Christmas and
Happy NewYear!
And-rews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 935.
Tho Fire-arms By-law is uow in force,
whioh enacts that.
"No person under the nge of 18 years
shall fire off any gun, fowling pi3ce,
rifla, pistol or fire-arm within the limits
of tho Distriot of South Vancouvor."
The penalty for infraction of above is
a fine not excediug fifty dollars or one
month imprisonment.
William O. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oct. 18, 1901.
$10 Reward.
Tho Council of. South Vaucouver
hereby offer a Reward of Ten Dollars,
to be paid upou the eouviction of any
person or persons who beiug uudor
eighteen years of ngo, discharges any
fire-arms within the limits of the
By order.
Nov. 19, 1904.
SrrUA.TE in the Now Westminster
Mining Division of Distriot of New
Westminster. Where located.—Britannia Mountain, Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Annie Austin,
Free Minor's Certificate, No. B78S70,
inteud, sixty days from the dato hereof, to apply to the Miuiug Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for tho
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim
-And further take notice that actiou,
under Section 87, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 20th day of October 1904.
If you know of auy local news item of
interest such as parties, dances, socials,
arrival and departure of visitors, society
meetings, eto., seud it in to The
Advocate or by telephone H1405.
For   looal  news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE, only $1 for 12 months.
In Trimmed nnd
Also Children's Hendwcar in
endless varieties.
Blouses,   Wrappers,   Dress   Ski?
. Underskirts.   Full Hoe of Ladies^
and Children's Hosiery.   Children's    Bearskiu   Ooats,    very
reasonable.   We hnvo everything kept   in a firstclnss
Dry  Goods  Store.
W. W. Merklev.
Westminster Avenne,  Mt. PleasantJ
3000 ROSES
One, Two ami Three Years Old.
Also a number of Ornamental Tr
Flowering Shrubs autl Climbing Vin<_
Perennial Plants, Bulbs and Roots..
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Oars pass my place.
2784 Wpst'Dliu8tel' Av0'   Mt- Pleasant]
Westminster Avo., next Glasgow Hon
John Gillman, Propriotor.
Thrre Chairs, and a first-class Butl
Room is run iu connection with  th]
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
(inii'i-i- promptly nie-inii"! to,  nlgbt   oa
day, cii_r,__H 'ii-i,'''-.
Offico: 37 Hastings, street, west,
Telephone Number 479J
lit. Pleasant Nail, (Postoffice.)
Leaves at fi a.m., Hum.,- 6:80 p.m-J
Arrives nt 11 a. 111., and 8 p. tn.
Electric Light in
South Vancouver-
• If premises are within 100 feet of Company's primary wires the
regular oharge at $8.00 will be mad,, for installatiou of meter and
lamps. Beyond that distance lino construction will be charged
for at the wte of $10.00 per 100 feet; if several houses aro close
together tho cost may be divided ftniong the householders installing tlm Electric Light.
The following rates will be charged to consumers :
Meter Rates Based on Monthly Consdmption :
Qn tho flrst 40 K. W. hours 17c per Kilowatt hours
"    " next 60 K. W.   "      12o " "
On consumption over 100 K.W. hours. .10c per Kilowatt honr.
Subject to n cash discount of b% if bill paid on or bofore 10th day
after date thereof.
These are tho rates in forco iu Vancouver uutil July 1,  1904.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
a'*/m^m^**^myvmy%^%Aa*m*mr%, •%^%-%*^%.'%^_r%«V*'1


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