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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Feb 18, 1905

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McDowell^ gyrmp of
White Pine Co,
We guarantee it to giyg  S'.ii.sf'iptioii.
1     n. a. w. Co.
Mount Pleasant Branch.
Mt. Pleasant Postoffice in  com_j_ptoin.
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
$i per yeur, Six Months 50c, Three Hontlis 25c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to thi interests of   Mt, Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
Bukod Apples—like home—with Pure Cream.
Gcuuiuc Boston  Baked Beans
Open from 7 :ii. ;;. ui.,  to 1? p. in.
Sunday from f) a. m.   to   12 p. m.
Established Aprils, i%>o;   Whole Number 246-
riOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,    B.C.,    SATURDAY   Feb.,   -8th,  1905
Sixth  Year, Vol.6,  No.'..(6.
air Subscribers are requested to
report any carelcBsnesfl in the delivery
p)T "Tbp Advocato."	
CJjniiges for advertisements should bo
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.
The McCuaig Auction nud Commission Co., Ltd., uexttoCaruuigo Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auotion Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of <wery description.
Satisfaction guaranteed. "Phone 1070.
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocato" on sale
at all the Newsdealers in the city
L. O. T. M,
Mrs. N. Hoffar gave a successful and
delightful tea Wednesday afternoon aud
evening in tho interests of Alexandra
Hive No. 7 This Hive of the Order is
the Mt. Pleasant Hive aud numbers
some of ths meat energetic lady workers
in the Order, who are determined to see
their lodge grow to bo one of the largest
ID flje city, this year all the officers of
Alexandra Hive reside qn Mt- Ploasaut,
and are women of purpose aud it is
puticipatod a largo membership will be
the reward of their earnest efforts.
Tho officers are: Lady Commander,
Uw, f. L. Endlong; Lieut.-Com-
mander, Mrs T. A. Tidy; Mistr.iss-at-
Arnis, Mrs. Foote; Record Keeper, Mrs.
J. Itfaiitiii; Chaplain, Tylrs- Fraser;
gputinel. Mrs. Cartwright; Piket, Mrs
a.°r.    QpiiiiiiiirlBr,     Mrs.
Our Prices W% Lowest
Consistent witli First-class Work. It is
A fact we are conceded the leaders on the
Pacific Coast. Our Painless Methods
can not be used by others.
Set of Teeth from *|5.00 up
Gold Orownh from ih (K) up
ISitiixiK Work from *r>.00 up
147 Hastings St., E.VanBcouc.er
Opposite the Carnegie Library.
Ofiico Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.
Telephone 168(1.
Sundays f) a. ui., to  2 p. ni.
The Misses Glover entertained a
large number at a very delightful
Valentine Party on Tuesday evening,
at tho home of their parents, Mr. and
Mrs, Geo. Glover, 415 Seventh avenue,
cast. ")*• f'j__iMf(ir f* i™""11|"1** presented
~*"" apts,
Mr. Dan McLeod   of   Sixth   avenue,
visited Lndner's on bnsiueus this week.
Mr. J. B. Casselmau and family have
goue to New Westminster to reside.
__Bob" Gilmnn's  friends wi'l bo
; he  is able  to bo out
Poultry Wire
Our ship has arrived, aud we hava a full stock.
Now is the time to purchase—while  the  stock  is complete,
We would be glad to have you call aud see us.
J      A       Fi PXT     Mt- PLEASAN1  HARDWARE
•   M.    I JLL I   I / STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
.  1 Sn..1 . _****-**-B**-F--«
Fancy Navel
Oranges ifi* for
2 cans Pineapples for 25c. Pure Honey 5-lb, for S5C.
Try our  Money  Back  Tea,  35c per  pound, 3-lb for $1.00.
2425   Westminster  Ave.
'Phone 322
Court Vaucouver, Independent Order
of Foresters met on Monday ovening in
tho Oddfullows' Hall, Chief Bangor,
J. B. Abornethy, presiding. Tlie
attcudanco was fair and much interest
taken in the proceedings. A committee
wus appointed to provide a program
of songs, readings nnd Instrumental
muBic at each meetiug, after the
business is finished.
£stminfltor  avenue, n
___ilry.   Owner can
___71li   West-
If you know of any local news item of
interest such as purl ies, dances, socials,
arrival and departure of visitors, society
meetings, uto, send it iu to Thk
Advocate Or by telephone BM05.
Our Provision
Fresh Toinntoe Sausage 16c per pound
Home-made Head Cheese 2-Bib for 2fic
Boiled  Ham 860 per pound
Pigs Feet, Bologna, Until Sunsago    I8W0 |mt pound
Limbs' Tongue 2(le por pound.        Dried Beef .'llie per pound
Swift'a Hums and Bacons alwiiya lu stock
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tot. 280.
Westminster Ave. & Princess Street.
*S Iff Iff fff fff fff fff  fff  fff fff  fff  fff  fff  fff fff fff Iff g
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is .the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it auy wonder that it has takeu a place
in the hearts of the people which uo other bee-
can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.   Doz., pints  «$ |.
£ Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. f
£ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 3;
«>— Kor Sale at nil Urst-dnss Saloons, Liquor Stores ano Hotels    _*
*-- or delivered to your house. -*3
Ti iii iii iii iii iii iii iii Hi iii Hi iii ...... iii Hi Hi R
l'lkV%t-*_*V'*r*%**^Vm%trV**%*%*******V*1 '
Special Lines at Less Than **
Manufacturers' Prices
Blouses mado of Black SntccuB nnd Flannelettes!   regular $1.00,  salo
price 50o Onr entire stock of Fall Blonses, including onf-hmorcp,
flannels, lustres, hedford cords and suteoiiB; worth np to |4.fi0, clearing
for tf'i each.
Skirts mado of extra fine cambric, trimmed with Valenciennes lace and
insertions; worth up to pi oo, clearing for $!).00 each.
Flannelette Gowns iu pink, bluo aud white, full size; regular 85c, sale
prico 60c.
&CC\     30,3-* and 34 Cordova St.
»V<1 Telephone 574.
Our Jewelry
Wo have nn institution here
thnt   very few people know
much iiboui.
It's our Jewelry Factory on
the flat above our store.
A number of jewellers are
engaged thero.
They arc assisted by a lot of
various kinds of machinery,
operated by electricity, for
the inatiufncturo of Jewelry
of every description.
t)ur Repair Department is
equally interesting. imQsm-smzm&ozsmoeooQ
The Filigree BaU |
Will they eecm as pathetic to the
eye as they did to tho oar in that
room of awesomo memorios und pro-
sent death?
"I Hnd that I do not Iovo you ns
I thought I did. I cannot live
knowing this to bo so. I pray God
that you may forgive mo. Veronica."
Ajrnsp from the flguro in the cor-
nor; thon silence. Wc were glad to
hear  the captain's voico again.
"A woman's heart is a groat mystery," ho rcmarkod, with a short
glance at Ur. Jeffrey.
Jt was a sentiment we could all
who; for he, too, whom sho had alluded ln those fow lines as ono sho
could not love, was i. man whom
most women would consider tho embodiment of all that wu:l admirable
and attractive.
That on. woman so regarded him
Was apparent to all. If over tho
heart spoke in a human fuce, it
spoke In that of Miss Tuttle aa she
watched her sister's husband struggling for composure above tho prostrate form of her who but a fow
hours previous hud been tho envy of
all the fashlonnlilfl young Women In
Washington. I found It hard to fix
my ut tout ion on the next question,
Interesting and vohinhln ob every
small detail wns likely to prove In
case.'my theory of this rrlino should
ever .come to be looked on as the
true one.
"How rami you to search hero for
Ih. wife who had written you this
vague and far from satisfactory farewell? I see no hint in theso lines of
the place whar. sho Intended to take
her  life."
"Not nol" Even this strong man
shrank from this Idea and showed a
vary natural recoil ns his glances
flow about th. Ill-omened room ond
finnlly routed on the tireside over
which so repellent a mystery hung in
Impenetrable shadow. "She snld nothing of her Intentions; notning? I'"t
th. man who came for mo told mo
—h.ra sbe wa. to ho found. I lei wns
waiting at the door of my house. lie
had been on a search for mo up and
down   th.   town.     W*   mat   on th.
Tho captain accepted this explanation without cavil. I was glnd h.
did. But to m. tho iilluir showed Inconsistencies which 1 secretly felt it
to b. my .special duty to unravol.
No further opportunity was afforded me that night for studying th.
three loading characters in Iho remarkable drama I saw unfolding be
for. mo. A task wus assigned me
by tho captain which took me from
ths houso, and I missed tho next
acne—th.    arrival    ot    tho  coroner.
lrlMign nis leexn Mignt mn no nusy
over some final tid-blt. Often the
great tears might be seen hanging
unilrled upon  his  withered cheeks.
So much for ono oddity which may
stand as a sample of many others.
Ono glanco at the room Into which
ho ushered me showod why he cherished so marked a disliko for visitors. It was bar. to tho point ol
discomfort, end had lt not been for
a certain qualntness ln th. shape of
tho few articles to be seen there, I
should have experienced a decided
filling of repulsion, so pronounced
was tho contrast between this poverty-stricken Interior and the polished boaring of its owner. He, I am
suro, could havo shown no more clo-
vatod manners If lto had been doing
tho honors of a palace. The organ,
with th. marks of home construction
upon it, was th. only object visible
which spoke of luxury or even comfort.
But enough of these possibly uninteresting details. I did not dwell
on thuiii myself, except ln a vagu.
way and wliilo waiting for htm to
open tho conversation. This h. did
as soon ns ho saw that I had no Intention of speaking first.
"And did you lind any on. In th.
old house?" he asked.
Koepinghim well under my eye, I
replied with Intentional brusqueness:
"Sh. has gone thoro one. too often I"
The star, ho gave mo was that of
an actor who feels thut somo expression of surprise is oxpected  torn him.
"Sho?" h. repeated. "Whom can
you possibly nieun by sho?"
Tho surprise I expressed at this
bold attempt at Ingenuousness was
better simulated thun his,  I hopo.
"You don't knowl" I oxclnlmed.
"Can you live directly opposite •
place of «uch remarkable associations and not interest yourself ln
who goes In and out of its desorted
"I don't sit in my front window,"
he peevishly roturned.
I lot my oyo roam toward a chair
•inu'img auspiciously near tb. vary
window hs had designated.
"But you saw tho light?" I suggested.
"I saw that from the door-step
when I wont out to give Rudgo hia
usual live ininiXos' breathing spell
on the sloop. Hut you have not
answored my quostlon; whom do you
mean by the?"
"Veronica Jeffrey," I r.plled.
"Rho who was Veronica Moore. She
has visited this liuuiit-.il houso of
hers for the last time."
"Last tlmol" Either he could not
or would not  understand mc
"■'Whut has happened to
h. crlod, rising Willi
displaced    I J
gloating or a man wno sees m_u-._u
suddenly rich after a lifo of poverty.
There was likewise a callousness as
regarded his nicco's surprising death
which I considered myself to have
some excuse for noticing.
"You accept hor death very calmly," I remarked. "Probably you
knew her to b. possessed of an erratic mind."
H. was about to bestow an admonitory kick on hi* dog, who had
been indiscreet enough to riso at his
mast.r's first move, but his foot
stopp.d in mid air, in hia anxiety to
concentrat. all hi* attention on hi*
"I am a man of few sentimentalities," h. coldly averred. "I have
lov.d but one person ln my wholo
life. Why then should I be expected
to mourn over a niece who did not
care enough for mo to Invite ms to
her wedding? It would be on affectation unworthy tho man who has at
last com. to Oil his rightful position
in this community as the owner of
the great Moore ostate. For great it
shall be," he emphatically continued.
"In three year* you will not know
the house over yonder. Despite its
fancied ghosts and death-liko fireplace, it will stand A Number Ono ln
Washington. I. David Moore, proin-
iso you this; and I am not a man to
utter fatuous prophecies. But I
must b» missed over thero." Hero he
gav* tho mastiff the lontf-d.laycd
kick. "Itudge, stay here! Tha ves-
tthul. opposite 1* icy. Besides, your
howls nro not wanted In thoso old
walls to-night even If you would go
with me, which I doubt. II. has Dover been willing to cross to thut side
of the stroet," tho old gontlemnn
went on to complain, with his first
Show of irritation. "But he'll hnv.
to overcome that prejudice Boon, even lf 1 have to tear up the old
hearth-stone and reconstruct tho
walls. I can't live without Itudge, mid
I will not live In nny other place than
In tha old homo of my ancestors,"
1 was by this tlm. following him
"Vou hav. fit i I iii lo aiiHWer the
sugge-tion 1 made you u minute
sinco," I hazarded. "Will you pardon mo If I put it now as a question? Your niece, Mrs. JclTrey, seemed to havo everything in th. world
to make her happy, yet sh* took her
life. Was thero a taint of Insanity
In her blood, or wus hor nature so
Impulsive that her astonishing death
in so .evoking a pliuo should awaken :,i yOil so lillle wondor?"
A gleam of what hud made him
moro or lo.is feared by tho very urchins who dogged his steps end mude
•port of him nt a respectful dis'fUnco
shot from his eye as ho glowered
buck nt mo from the open door. But
he hastily suppressed this sign »f
displ usuro    nnd   replied     with      th.
faintest lingo of sarcasm!
"Thciol you are expecting from
me, feeling., which belong to youth or
to men ol much more hoart than understanding . 1 tell you thnt 1 have
no feelings. My niocu may havo developed Insanity or Bho may simply
have drunk her cup of^
at twenty-two anil,
sees: one w. pi'Kiffeb, or de.nveb.
"The festivities attendant upon th.
wedding of Miss Veronica Mooro to-
Mr. Francis .lelfrey of this city met
with a startling chock to-dny. As
most of our readers know, tho long-
closed house oo Waverlcy Avenue,
which for nearly a century has been
In possession of tho bride's family,
wns opened for tho occasion at ths
express wish of tho brido. For a
weok tho preparations for this great
function havo been going on. When
at an early hour this morning a line
of carriages drew up in front of tho
historic mansion nnd the bridal party entered under Its once gloomy but.
now seemingly triumphant portnl,
tho crowds, which blocked the streets
from curb to curb, testified to tho
Interest felt by tho citizens of Washington in this daring attempt to
brave the traditions which havo
mnrkod this house out as solitary,
and by a scene of joyous festivity
ira'io tho past forgotten and restore
ajjain to usefulness the decayed gran*
noiirs of an oarlier time. As Miss
-looro is ono of Washington's most
charming women, und us Ihis romantic clTort naturally lent un oxlruoril-
inary interest to tho ceremony uf her
marriage, u large number of our
topic cntative people, usseinhlcd to
witucbB it, nnd by high noon th.
scene was one of unusual brillluncy.
"Hulls which had iiioldcreil uwuy in
an unbroken .Hence for years echoed
again with Inughlor and palpitated
to the choicest strains of the Mm inn
I Band. All duotn were open savo
j thoso of (ho library—an exception
which added n pli using excitement to
tho occasion- nnd when by chance
home of ths moro youthful gun.ts
wore caught poering behind tho two
Corinthian pillars guurtiing these
forbidden precincts the memories thus
evoked wero momentary and th.
shudow Boon  passed.
"Tlio wudilliig had been set for
high noon, und na tho clock in tho
drawing-room struck tho hour every
head wus craned to cutch tho first
glimpse of thu brido coming down
tha old-fushloiipd staircase. But live
minute.., ten minutes, a half-hour,
passed without this expectation being gratified. Tho crowd above und
below was gfcrwing restless, when
suddouly a cry Was heard from beyond tho glided pillars fruining tho
library door, and u young ludy wns
seen rushing from the forbidden quarter, trembling with dismay and
whito with horror. It wus Miss Abbott of Stratford Circle, who in the
Interim of waiting hud allowed her
.uriusity to master her dread, anj
one peep Into thu room
•d to exercise ovef
tiou of a B,
Read by Czar of Russia B.for. B. Issue-
Ill. Proposal to tho Nations for tbs
Famous Ware Conftroneo Tbat Result-
ed In Tlio Hague Arbitration Tribunal—
Autbor Is Slxty-Ono Years ol Ago.
BefoTe the Czar of Russia issued
liis proposal to the nations for the
famous peace conference that resulted
in tho establishment of The lluguc
arbitration tribunal ho read tho
book written by the Baroness Bertha
von Suttner, entitled "L.ay Down
Your Arms." The book so moved
the Russian Emperor thut ho determined to exert his influence in the
direction of arbitration and disarmament.
Tho Baroness, whoso visit in connection  with  tho recent  Tcace   Con-
gross    nt  Bunion,     hns brought    her
into especial prominence at this time,
is sixty-onO years of age. She published her most famous book in German in 188D, nnd it Immediately
made a great impression in Austria,
resulting in tho formation of the
Austrian 1-cague of the Friends ol
Ponce, of which the author vv
president. Similar
formed in Genu
"When   Man   Is   Forvc-d   to   Mnke   m
Choice Betweeu Two Evils,
The rules of logic nre unknown to
tbe mass of mankind, but no one possessed of Intelligence ls unfamiliar
with the process of balancing alternatives. Even the animals use lt when
they choose between two paths or two
actions, as between fight and flight.
Men use it in every dilemma, great or
small, from the choice between the
simplest actions to the issue of life or
death. Is the thing under consideration good or bad? sllal' I votc for A
or B? Shall I act uow or postpone?
Shall I take a risk? Shall I stop or go
on? Shall I change.my course? Shall
I do this or that? In these and other
dilemmas we balance tbo consequences
of one alternative agnlnst the other
and choose what appears to be the better. Facing death Jn two forms, we
choose tho better wny. Balancing alternatives, one will jump from n high
window to the pavement to escape lire.
The moral dilemmas presented to us
aro not nlways limited to n clear
choice between right and wrong. It ls
wrong to steal, but should ono starve
or permit those dependent on him to
starve rather than steal? It ls rlgbt to
tell the truth, but should one tell the
truth when lt involves the betrayal of
his comrades, bis country, his family?
It is wrong to deceive, but would not
one be Justified In deceiving the enemy
who would destroy him? It ls wrong to
kill, but may not one kill ln self defense?
Tho problem of morals presses constantly upon the human race, presenting to each Individual In turn new
trials, dllllcullies and repugnant
choices. IHuch must to a largo degree
choose his own wny to light his own
battle. These arc the facts which confuse our ethical counselors. It is not
possible to act always lu exact harmony wltb our moral code. If one Is
so placed tbat he can save his mother
from starvation only by stealing, bo
will violate the fifth commandment lf
he permits her to starve, aud he will
violate the eighth commandment If he
chooses to steal. Tho choice between
two evils often coincs to the Individual
suddenly and Imperatively. He must
act at once, rendering a decision for
which there is often no precedent
known to blm. The Decalogue, which
he can recite; the philosophical analysis of the evolutions of ethics, do not
aid him.
He Was Unable to Work for Seven
Years Before Me Used the Great
Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Cottel's Cove, Nfld., Doc. 19.—(Special).—The days of miracles are past,
but the cure of Joseph Boone of this
place almost ranks with the sensational cures of the earlier ages.
Mr. Boone has been ailing for eight
years, seven of which he was unable
to work from the effects of Backache
and Kidney Complaint. He was all
aches and pains.
He was treated by several doctors,
and after seven months In the hospital "was sent home as incurable It
was thero that reading of cures in the
newspapers led him to use Dodd's
Kidney Pills. It took twenty-ono
boxes to cure him, but today he is
strong and well and hard at work
lobster fishing.
People here have learned that if tho
disease Is of the Kidneys or from the
Kidneys Dodd's Kidnoy Pills will cure
We will soon he clos'ng another
year, and again as we, the clllzeiia of
Asslnibola, thu tanners of the West,
hnlanco our books for another season
we can look around us and see and
fool prosperity; wo know that wo are
bettor off than wo were a year ago,
and those of us who liu.vo hoen in the
West since Its youth know that Its
growth and progress are substantial...
Tho pioneers who came -lo tho
wheat belt of Western Canada made
a choico of two propositions when
they decided lo farm; to Belcct tho'
highly advertised lands if tho Da-
kotas and Minnesota, or come to tho
loss advertised territory or Mnniio'in
and Asslnibola. Were they wise in
their selection? l_-.'t us lonlt at results.
The Blue Hoik for the fn years
!)1-'(I1 gives tho average ylell per
acre ot 12.07 bus. in N. Dakota and
10.1)1 bus. in S. Dakota, w.th an
average of nil Western Slates of 12
bushels, Tho Canadian Blue Book Is
authority for tho figures that over
the snme period of years (.l-'l)l) in
tho Canadian West tho average^
was p
VA0Oot/vaa, & o.
♦                 *
X A series of articles describing J
♦ their lives, their aims and 4
m               their influence. *
No. 14.
E.  A.   BAILEY.
Globe hs acquired the Oakville Express, which he published for seven
years, selling out that paper to take
the general management of the Woodstock Times. Next we find Mr. Bailey
me.hanical manager of the Earnia
Observer. From thence he went
acros:. to Kalamazoo, Mich., and over
twenty years ago came to the Canadian West. He became the editor and
manager of The Mountaneer, a long
forgotten paper published at the long
deceased town of Nelson, Man. In
those days the Mountaineer was a
power In the land, its editor, Mr. Gal-
hrith, being one of the most able
newspaper men of the pioneer west. It
was owing to Mr. Galbraith's ill-
health and his being ordered to British Columbia, that Mr. Bailey became his locum tcnens. On Mr Galbraith's return Mr. Bailey came to
Winnipeg, and took over the publication of the C. P. R. Register. A little
later he removed to Brandon, and
continued tho publication of the Register, changing its name to the
Northwest Vindicator. After a few
months tho Vindicator again pitched
its moving tent, locating finally at
Rapid City.    Being appointed  county
Neglect a cough and contract"'
E.   A.   BAILEY,
Editor and Proprietor of the Estevan
Cure RnicLuns
cures consumption, but don't
leave it too long. Try it now.
Your money back if it doesn't
benefit you.
Prices: S. C. Wells ft Co. Ml
250 -OcSl   LoRoy,N.Y.,Toronlo,Can.
Of all tho newspaper men ot the
Canadian West, few aro more Widely
known than E. A. Bailey, of the
Estevan Mercury. To begin with, he
Is an nliliiniiT. Since liu came to
Canada in IMii) he has been almost
continuously engaged In journalism,
It not always with success, at all
times with vigor. Among the fraternity Mr. Bailey will always he known
as having started more papers perhaps than any man in the Canadian
West, and this distinction alone will
entitle him to a place ln this series of
life sketches. But, apart from this
fact, Mr. Bailey has oilier and stronger reasons for professional notice. He
is a man of advanced views, and is
fearless and forcible In their expression. While ho has given a general
support to Liberalism in his numerous Journalistic ventures, Mr. Bailey
Is regarded with something akin to
suspicion by many of tho staid rank
and file of that party, and to many
Conservatives he and his political
creeds are anathema maranatha. He
believes in government of, by, and for
tl_."*/_ople, and not In the perfunctory
manner In which that famous political dogma ls usually held, but ln all
Its Implications, corollaries and consequences. No bugaboos can scare
Brother Bailey.   To say that a thing
clerk, Mr. Bailey sold the paper to II.
0. Clay, Its namo being again changed
to tho Rapid City Reporter, »f which
Mr. Clay Is still the proprietor.
In ]S_i! Mr. Bailey resigned his
county court clerkship, wont to Morden and there started tho Herald,
which ho subsequently sold to Messrs.
Borthwick and Fox. His next Journalistic venture was tho Wawanesa Enterprise, which was a failure from
lack of support. He moved the plant
to Emerson, where he started the
Journal. This, too, ho sold to Messrs.
Ballanlync and Hartley. MacGregor
was tho scene of Mr. Bailey's next enterprise. At this point ho started the
MacGregor Herald, which, after seven
years' successful operation, he sold
to the Rev. A. Chisholm. His final
migration was to Estevan, where he
started the Mercury, which he Is now
publishing, In partnership with his
In tho pioneer days of the province Mr. Bailey took an active part
In the organization of the Farmers'
Union movement, and did much to
promote its success, until it was
wrecked by the attempt to run po'l
tics and the wheat trade in the samo
groove. Mr. Bailey was C. P. R. emigration commissioner In Onlarlo in
1885, and managed tho exhibition car,
_t_irpugh tho whole of that
Jt is Exactly What is is Claimed to be   All TU1C ICd
CEYLON TEA, Sold only in Sealed Lead Packets.  By all Grocers.
Another Hunt.
"Say," queried the shade of Plato,
"where is Diogenes?"
"Oh, he's got a new scheme," replied the shade of Socrates. "He
took his lantern this inorrning and
started for the United States to look
tor a Democrat."
An Ample Supply.
"And now," said the promoter, after explaining his schtiie, "Im willing to let you in on the ground floor."
"Not any more for me, thank you,"
replied the wise guy. "My wife has
enough of those basement bargains at
home to last us for ninety-nine years.
Are Weak
Dr. Chaso's Nerve Food stands high
in the women's favor because lt is especially successful in overcoming Ills
peculiar to their sex. ,
When, on account of a run-down
condition ot tho system, the muscles
and nerves fall to control the action
of tho feminine organism there ls
bound to como much suffering
Headaches, pains in the back and
limbs, Indigestion, feelings of discouragement and despondency, weakness
and Irregularity rob life of the Joys
which would otherwise be possible.
Stimulating medicines cannot possibly be of more than slight temporary relief. To be of lasting benefit
the nerves and muscles must be
fully restored by such treatment as is
afforded by Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Not o"'v Is the action and vigor of
____j_n\   but
Brief But Strenuous.
Tomdix—Bumpkins political career
was of short duration, wasn't it?
Hojax—Yes; he went up llko a
rocket and came down liko a flying
M_NA__D'_ IJNIMENT for Sale tomere.
Somewhat  Different.
Wife—How does the novel end? Do
they livo happily over nfter?
Husband—No, indeed. They get
I   was   Cured   of   Acute   Bronchitis
Bay of Islands.
I   was   Cured   of   Facial   Neuralgia
Sprlnghill, N. S.
I   was  Cured   of  Chronic   Rheumatism  by  MINARD'S   LINIMENT.
Albert Co., N. U.
Cause for Complaint.
Merchant—What did that man
Clerk—Nothing, sir.
Merchant—Thon what was he growling about when ho went out?
Clerk—He was growling because
we didn't have it In stock.
POINTS THE WAY—The sick man
pines for relief, hut ho dislikes sending for the doctor, which nicnns bottles of drugs never consumed. He
hns not the resolution to load his
stomach with compounds which smell
villainously but tasle worse But If he
has tho will to deal himself with the
ailment, wisdom will direct his attention to Parmelee's vegetable puis,
which, ai. a specific for indigestion
and disorders of the digestive organs
have no equal
Wash greasy dishes, pots or pans with
Lever's Dry Soap a powder. It will re-
tnovo thogrooso with the greatest case. 31)
Rocks vs. Sand.
Edyth—I am surprised   to  hear  of
your engagement to old Bullyon. Was
he the only man with sand enough to
.aymo—Oh, no;   but ho wnB    the
_th rocks enough to Inter-
Admiarlty Cables Instructions to That
Effect.—Employees Notified.
Orders were received from the
British Admiralty Friday, by cable,
directing that the naval dockyard ot
Halifax be closed down at once. In
accordance with this order, the employees were given cne week's notice
that their services would no longer
bo required. Tliis order is in keeping
with Sir John Fisher's scheme for the
reorganization of British naval methods, and tor the establishent of a
huge and powerful Hying squadron instead of a fleet permanently stationed at Halifax ami Bermuda.
The naval dockyard nt Halifax lias
been in exislence for 151) years, and
the employes numbered at the height
of the season some .00, though now
thoy are down  to about 100.
A victoria despatch of tho same
date says thnt orders were also received at. the naval dockyard at Es
qulmalt that all (ho permanent stall,
with ono or two exceptions; will be
discharged on March 1 next. Fred
Davcy, accountant of works for the
past 25 years, together witli the officer in charge, are all of the slaff
that will be left.
Nearly all infants aro moro or lea
subject to diarrhoea and such com
plaints while toothing and ns this period of their lives Is the most crllical
mothers should not ho without a bottle of Dr J. D. Kellugg's Dysentery
Cordial. This medicine ls a BP-Clll<
for such complaints and ls h'g'ily
spoken of by thoso who have us'-d it
Tho proprietors claim It will enn
any case of cholera or summer com
Caught on the  Rebound.
lie—Are ynu aware that I am
Something of a mind reader?" 	
She—No. Do you mean to say thai
you can rend my thoughts?
Sho—Oh, George, this Is so sudden.
I 'I
Year by year our sta-
tioneiy and leather goods
department hat been
extending its business
throughout the Dominion.
We will lend, exnreaa prepaid,
75 full ahrrli of linen fabric
writing paper, en.boat.ed in
color with any initial, and
71 envelope* to matcli for
only $i.oo.
Engraving of audi, wedding
invi.aiioni„ etc., promptly
attended to.
Please Follow Directions
The Best  Bread and  PastryTmaking Is
Impossible  Otherwise;'
Are you following the recipes ?
Arc you making bread, cakes, pies,
pastry, according to "Royal Household"
If not, you cannot be sure of good
"Why not?" you may reasonably ask.
"Arc not my own recipes, which do
good baking, good enough?
" Why should I adopt new recipes?"
Simply because " Royal Household"
is a new flour requiring new treatment.
This Flour Is Different
from Other Flours
It is different from other flour.
It is better than any flour you have
ever used.
It is the only flour that is equally good
for bread and pastry.
It makes the best of both.
Being different, it must be differently
mixed, kuceded and baked.
Muoh Qulckor
and Easier Baking
By following our recipes you can bake
easier, quicker, better than ever before.
All your own skill and knowledge of
good baking will be made doubly effective, and as a good housewife you will
quickly sec why these recipes are so
The words of a lady of St. John, N.B.,
whose letter we have just opened: "bread
made with it Is lighter, flakier, better
——       ~"»-l
than any I have ever seen" are words
echoed by thousands of the best judges
of good cooking throughout Canada
who nre writing us constantly to say
that they have found the flour just is
represented, and the recipes the best
they have ever tried.
Grocers tell us that the homes where
the flour and the recipes are both used
are the homes where the greatest success
is attained in baking.
Wc wish everyone who uses "Royal
Household" flour to have these recipes.
So send for them.
Send now, and we will not only send
you the recipes, but place you on our
literature list, and mail you whatever
we issue for users of flour.
No woman who values the reputation
of her baking—the success of her bread,
cakes, pics aud pastry—the health of
her family, (depending as it does on
good cookiDg) will use anything except
"Royal Household" flour and in the
" Royal Household" way.
The best baking requires the best
flour und the best recipes,
Wc have both.
We send the recipes free.
Write for the recipes to-day.
Every really good grocer has the flour.
OcmviK I'LOl'R MXUJ Co., IfUltSD,
Ws _r__JLe a   specialty   of low grade wheat.    Write as before .hipping.     Ws
will show how we earn serve yoa,
—Any Bank or Commercial Agency.
Grain | Jas. Richardson SJSons [Grain
(Until   recently   represented by the late  E.   O'Reilly, Esq.)
All kinds of grain purchased in Car Loud    Lots.   Write us for top prices
Any grade of wheat, oats, barley or las:.
Winnipeg,   Han.
shipping   Instructions.
I'.   O.  Ilox 029,
THOMif law.       ship Your Grain to       wiiuam tiw.
We handle grain strictly on commission.    Hlgheet Prices obtainable.
Liberal advances.   Trades carried on margins ln Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
drain In car lots bought on track or Rold on commission. Reasonable
advance innilo. Prompt Returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference]
Any Hunk in Winnipeg.
Established Grain Commi-si-s j
__Mli*_£     **     -""*" _m_jBajgasiM-MM_-BM*i
{Established ^P*"'! 8,189(j.j   '
IJmGB: 2625 Westminster avenue.
Mrs. R
Whitney, Publisher.
Enough Officii.—80 Fleet street,
London, E. C, England Where a
jfl. <){ ."The Advocate" is kept for
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Dentils
pubjishod free of charge.
Notices for Church and Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   WHEitp
"will be charged for.
JRafCB   for Display   Advertising  made
known ou application,
All   Advertisements are  run regularly
and charged for 'until 'ordered they'
tie discontinued.
"Erau-ient   Advertisers   mpst   pay   iu
■gubscripriou $( a year   payable   in
6 oents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Y-NCOUVER, B. C, Feb. 18th, 1005.
A1.11KHMAN WiUinms complains that
Ward II. lias SO more men at work than
1 any other Ward in tlie Oity. Alderman
.Cook, the Chairtiiiin uf the Board of
Works, resides in Wind II., and expressed a desire that Ward lines Should
not bo drawn. So natural that, the
particular Ward Alderman'Cook represents should receive lirst aud most
, attcntiou.
.'Apd now onr "Business Council" havo
rnn up against the plumbers 1 The contract to plumb the English Bay Cottages
. an[l the Pavilion was let to Blackinort
.& Morgan at a lump sum of (660.00;
later the Health Committee decided tn
remove two of tho cottages and the
plumbers expected to knock off a gnnd
sum. Only 1.0.00 will be deducted by
(tjjq.jjlnmbere, apd tho taxpayers Will
pay for tho ''second thoughts" of our
ablo Cjty Council.
Thk removal of three important and
respected City    employees,  viz:  Oity
gpficitor, City Engineer and Oity Clerk,
_ has been   a great  surprise to citiaeus
• t'ity Clerk McGuigan has held the
olllce for moro than twenty years,
Col. Tracy and Mr. St. G. Haniuiursly
IflfHf« beeit, pn the Oity staff for seventeen years, aud Vanconver has been
vinp and prospering all Una
Alls. Annie Morrison, aged liJJ, one of
the best Jjtipu u au;! pioneer residents of
Mt. *?lcas.int, Jigd w Monday inoruiug
at 8 q'ehi-li. \l is Kojlli.on had been in
fleljcfife health for over a yenr and lier
dnath wiu not auoxneoted. SJie leaves a
hnsband, Mr. T. H. M.nisou, aud a
large family to mourn her loss.
Mrs. Morrison had resided on Mt.
Pleasant during tUe pas' iii years aud
lind a vyide circle of friends who will
sorrow for her passing away. Her
deeds pf help ni|d kindness to the sick
and needy wore many. She was a
prominent- member of the Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Ohnroh.
The funeral took place from tho family residence, corner Twejfth avenue and
Ontario street, on Thursday nfternoon,
the Rev. A, E. Hetheriugton conducting the services. The floral tributes
were many and beautiful, from tho
following ■
Members of Plnmb.ra Local Union
No. 170, heart; Luwiisso Boys,
anchor; Mt. Pleasant Methodist Suuday
School, wreath; W. C.'"(.'. II., cycle;
Y W. C. A„ wreath; Sunday School
Class, cross; Vancouver Master Plumbers, unclior; Alexandria Orphanage
Board, wreath: Employees of Morrison
Brothers, wreath.
Sprays frnui Mr. aud Mrs. I. W.
Doherty, Mr. and Mrs. O. Burritt, Mr,
und Mi'j. ,1. j'. Nigh tin mile, Mr. and
Mrs. Harford', Sr., Mrs. (1. A. Middle-
miss, Mrs. Glover, Mrs. P. Suss, Miss
L Met leer.
Oresconta from Mr. E, G. Iloult, Mr.
E. O, I'oult, Mr. aud Mrs. Mutrle, Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Allen, Mrs, Rear, Mrs.
W. Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. E. Dentou.
Wreaths from Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Aunnud, Mr and Mrs. E. H. Peace,
Mr, and Mrs. C. Wiegand and family,
Mr. C. A. Gordon,
Crosses from Mr. (i. W. .laniiesou,
Mr. M. E. Shaver, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Eligli, horseshoe.
The funeral of the Into Robert
Brechin, Provincial Organizer of the
Orange Order, will take place from the
family residence., 816 Keefer .treat,
today, Snturdny, 2:80 p.m. Rev.Melton
Smith, pastor of Knox Congregational
Ohnreh, and a member of tho Orange
Older, will conduct (he services. The
members uf the local Orange lodges will
attend tbo obsequies in a body, as will
also the Manchester Unity, I, O. O, P.,
of whleh the Into Mr. Brechin waa a
PiiHt Noble Gruud
B. Y. P. U. Topics.
Tho Baptist  Yonng
meets oveiy  Mund
Delicious Butter
Yovrr best safc-gnflri| against poor
butter is the trade experience of your
grocer.   It's ours.
Our prnelicnl experience of butter—
it's jiakitig—in all its phases is unique
From Ihe moment llie milk leaves the
cow till the butter is wrapped up here
and sent to your table. Other people
recognize us as experts in dairy produce.
We have a quality Hlaiiflard, and
adhere strictly to it; our unequalled
reputation is due to it. Wc have ouo
unifqiui quality always, aud price
below others.
Our Creamery Butter is a delicacy.
Perfect, pure, delicious, fresh flavor,
nicely sjraw ci|loi'cd, of a fragrance enticing aiid reminding of fertile fields
and pure brigiit sunshine.
"A credit to every tabic," said a
lndy the other day.
2-lbs. for 55c.
5. T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street,
Telephone 1266
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
The early spring showing of parasols
are being mode In the principal shops,
and 1 really think It safe to luser) that
never before have so many of exquisite
design been liniik-d at such moderate
prices. The luce, however, ls not real,
but exquisite of Its kind and superlatively dainty. One of repousse luce
mounted over chiffon and whito silk
shows tiny (lowers In high relief, each
little leaf being separate frorn Its fellows nnd raised sufficiently to give the
effect of the real blossom. Another
beautiful sunshade is of a fine qunllty
of point de Gene, and still a third ls ot
very tine point de Venlse.
The newest handle- for these parasols
are of teak wood ln pala shades. The
finish In dull, and the effect very soft
to the eye. Hand-embroldercd crepe
de chine parasols can be had with handles of teak wood either plain or mounted with silver. Flowered taffeta has
not been abandoned In \he making ol
the finest parasols, of the year, but the
silk Is woven expressly for the purpose
with a design which sweeps around the
centre, leaving a plain hem stitched
border at the edge.
tea-tables, where thj rich cojjserves of
the country, know)} vjpder the up. of
Jam make It parftcui^fb' liked. Sjpread
with butter sparingly, and cut from a
loaf pf not to fresh white bread two
thin slices, spread with a thin laypr of
good cpnserve, raspberry, strawnerry,
grape, peach or gooseberry Jam, currant Jelly, preserved ginger, chopped
very fine, or any other jam or jelly
there is at hand, sprinkle with powdered sugar if the Jam Is tart, and
press the second slice over tl)e flrst.
Cut Into triangles, hearts, circles or
diamond;, after trimming off the crustB
and pll* upon a pretty dish, spread
with a lace doylle.
Honey Nut Sandwiches.—Have at
hand a jar of strained golden liopftji,
some finely chopped walnuts, almonds,
pecans that were blanched before chopping, have also a number of the small
raised quick biscuits that may be found
at any first-clas? caterers, and after
heating these by placing them ln the
oven In a closely covered pan, first
brushing *ach one over the top with
milk or water, split each one and spread
with the honey, i-jltn which has been
mixed th(; nuts, ln the proportjon of one
tablespoonful of chopped nutR, to each
two tablespoonsful of honey. Tht.se tiny
biscuits aro nol much, larger than silver dollars, and are not over |ialf on
inch thick. One may easily make them
at home by mixing up any good biscuit
Look at these
Evaporated Apples !i-l_s   for 26c
Peaches 8-B1S   for.,]...26c
Pears   8-B.s   for 26c
Pork and Reaus 2-lh tin 10c
ii- Ih pail Lard 46c
Nigger Babies 05
Laundry Soaps.
Santa ClausJ 6 bars for 25c
Magical 6 bare Jor 25c
Toilet Hoivps that wero 25c, selling uow
for 20o.
dough, ujlng a first-class powder to
raise then,.
They may bs cut Into a|l sgrts pf
shapes, the heart-shaped biscuits being
perhaps preferred as especially dainty.
A large number should be prepared,
since they are hardly more than the
"little mouthfuls" of the French.
Spice Sandwiches.—These (ire really
in effect nothing more than the "bread
and sugar" of childhood days, for
which many grown-ups still retain a
fondness. To every three tablespoonfuls of finely sifted granulated sugar,
allow one teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, or, discarding a very, very little
of the spoonful ol cinnamon, nil It up
wl_f) grated nutmeg, with a dash of
cloye, mix thoroughly, by fllftjlig the
spies and siigaf together several times,
and then sprnad on slices of buttered
bread, pressing a second slice over each
sugared piece.
Peach Shortcake.—Drain canned
peaches from their syrup, using those
which were canned without sugar by
preference, measure out one-ahlf cup
of supar, nnd one cupful of peach Juice.
Cover over the Are ln an agate kettle
till It syrups, then add one-halt of the
can of peaches. Cook until the quantity
is reduced one-half, stirring slowly to
prevent scorching, then mash the
peaches very fine and set aside to cool
Beat the white ot one egg very stiff
with half a cup of pgwdered sugar and
stl rthe peach mixture Into It, beating
till It ls all very smooth. Now cut the
rest of the peaches Into convenient
pieces—quarters or eighths—and sprearj
on a hot buttered sliortcake, put on the
top layer and serve at once. This
peach mixture ls good for sweet cakes
also, UBlng twice the quantity of sugar,
syrup and eggs, and putting all tho
peaches Into the syrup to cook. When
spread on sweet cake, make a thin
sugar and water Icing, and after tho
cake ls spread, pour this thin Icing over
».■ i      .
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 16 minutes to 7, every Sunday
Whon Does This Sale
*t_P-ffy*S*sr m H we ^"^ our wny ■' wouldn't hist a day
longer than this week.   But after all it takes
some time to clear out a *5ii0.000 stock.
Seems to us these prices should tempt crowds to como here to-ilay.
Liueu Shirtings in fawn and whito stripes; regular 80c A 86c, at Dljc.
About eight or ten pieces Fancy Wrapperette for waists or wrapuops
going at 8 yards for 25c
Delaines aud Challics iu stripes and dots, clearing for 25c a yarrj
Auy Flauuelotte iu the house, some worth 20c; 10 yards for $l.Qf)
Dark Vestiugs, worth 8Dc a yard, clearing at 50c a yard
303 Hastings Street.
At Bottom Notch for Prices and Top Notch for Quality.
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 935.
For Ladies and Misses.
Latest cut, best material.
To be sold out at catching
prices.    See tliem at once.
W. W. Merklev
Westminster Avenue,  Mt. Pleasant.
Ouo Thousand  White mid Yellow
*-^Whlc|i Meet on fit. Pleasant
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasnnt Lodgo No, II)meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. in , iu Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially iuy.tpfl
to attend.
Noble Guano—O. G. Kenny.
R1! o O It 1) i n ii Srchet aky—T h o «,
Mackay, Heather liud Eighth avenne.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d ngd, 4t_i
Mondays'of each month at 8 p. ui.'
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief RANGrBll—J. B. Abernethy.
Recouping SiiCnETAHY—-J. Hansen,
12 Seventh nvonue, weal.
Financial Secretahy—M. J. Crehan.
311 Princes*street, City.  Telephone '
Alexandra Hive No. 7,  holds regular
Review   1st  and 3d Fridays of   each
mouth in I. O. O. F., Hall comer "tt^st-
ininster nud Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always Welcome,
Lady Commander—Mrs. F. L. Budlong^
1H8 Eleventh uvouue, west.
dyRecord Keeper— Mis. J. Martin. Petsipieue r*
Thb Advocate is always glad to receive
Items of social, personal or other news
from its readers.   Send uows items to
the office or by telephone, B1405.
«•  IOI	
Mr. H. y. Howell who has beeu
Manager of thu M. A. W. Drug Co.'s
Mt. Pleasaut store since April last, will
sever !"" connection with the firm on
February tho 28th, aud leave for
Chicago, where ho will take au advanced
course in Optometry. Mr. Howell is a
graduate of the Optical Institute of
* Cumulit, and hns had wide practical experience in the profession. Upon his
return—wliich will be iu May—Mr.
Howell will open tho Optical Department iu tbe Burrard Sanntarlum. Mr.
Howell has made many friends ou Mt.
Pleasant while. Manager of the M.A.W.
Drug Store. Mrs. Howell will uo-
couipnny her _)usbnud East.
See Mrs. Merkley's new Waistings
flpd Giughains All lints going below
cost to make room for new goods.
Lovely Winter Goods to be sold at a
sacrifice rather than pack them away
until another season.
The Womau's Auxiliary of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church held their
regnlar meeting iu their rooms at the
chrrfch on Weduesdny afternoon. Mrs
McCauley, Convener of the Committee
on Literature of the National Council
was present and made a tnlk ou the
Year Book, compiled and published by
the National Council of Women. ■ Mrs.
W. A. Kemp aud Mrs. D. McLeod
served tea after business meeting when
a pleasnnt aud profitable serial hour
was passed.
Wo havp "onilt a reputation iu the
Shoe Business for quality, Btyle, price
and comfort in Ladies', Men's Misses'
and Boys' footwear. R. MILLS, 18
Cordova street.
On Friday ovening February 17th,
H\i. Sunday School Teachers of Mt.
Pleasant Presbyterian Church entertained the members of tlio Sossiou,
Board of Managers aud Woman's Auxiliary In tho school rooms No pains
wore spared to make the rooms pretty
arid the tables attractive, a delightful
evening was enjoyed by those so fortunate as to bo present.
gnnday will bo "Oollego Suuday,"
and l^iiieipnl Sipprell of Columbia
Oollego, New Westminster will speak
tx»^ morning aud eveniug. Tho Choir
will furnish special music. Everybody
There, will bo nu unusually interesting njootiug of Mt. Pleasant Lodge
No. 1842, L. 0. L., on Wednesday evening uext, whon tho Purple, Bluo and
Royal Arch Degrees wil\ be copferrcd,
upoi a number of the members of
No. 1842
Mrs. Merkley has just received n small
consignment of very stylish Skills for
Ladies and Misses whioh are strictly
tailor-made aud having bought them at
a bargain, Mrs Merkley will sell thein.
at most reasonable prices.
Subscribers   who fail to
et"The Advocate" on Satur-
y   morning   please   notify
\b_is. office.    Telephone B1405
each guest with "For-geti
Tho amusomeuts of the eveniug were
many aud in keeping with the spirit of
St Valontiue's Day. In designing a
a Valentine and an appropriate verse
for it, Miss Florence Harford won the
ladies' first prize, and Mr. Chapman the
gentlomen's; Mr. H. Harford received
tho consolation prize. The Muses were
worked streuuously aud the result of
the heart-to-heart communion with
Calliope and Erato showed that Cupid
had established direct commnuioatiou
with those Muses who preside over
eloqueuce and epio poetry, and lyrio
aud amorous poetry, and that many
hearts had been filled to overflowing.
"Kindly bring a hatchet with you" was
ou the invitations and it mystified a
few but tho hatchets were brought,- and
a wonderful array of choppers were
displayed. The hatchets wero used in
a kindling chopping contest by the
ladies, in which Miss Markie Burritt
won first prize for cutting kindling most
symmetrical. Other contests, songs
nnd instrumental musio were enjoyed
till a late hour. Refreshments iu which
tjio heart-shape predominated were
served and were of the daintiest and
most delicious kiud. Present: Mies
Tossel, Miss Chapmau, Miss Wilson,
Miss E Ohuinbarlaiu of New Westminster, Misses L and M. Verge, Misses
A. nnd M. Burritt, Misses F. and G.
Harford, Miss E Sim, Miss V. Bloom-
field. Miss E. Clark, Miss M. Conn,
Misses R, and G. Glover, Messrs. Chapman, Wilson, E. Burritt, H. Harford,
IL Stevens, M. Bowman, A. O. Lawrence, A. Carter, Geo. Crocker, J.
Mathers, E. Campbell, R. 8. Onmmings,
Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton, Mr. and Mrs.
"The Advocate" wishes any carelessness in delivery reported to the Office;
tele [il 1 "lie 111405.
Ou Friday evening last a large number of young people assembled at the
home of Mr.and Mrs. Garvin, Westmiuster road, and passed the evening with
music, dancing and having a general
good timo till the early hours of morning. As usual the host aud hostess
proved vory hospitable in their reception of the yonng people. Present:
Misses A. uud M. McMynn. Miss G
Oluriiuont, Miss A. Ange, Miss S.
Noble, Miss G. Bache, Miss E. Hudson,
Miss L. Parkeis Miss Mi Fisher, Miss
M. Mattock, Miss N. Cary, Miss M.
Anderson, Miss Clayton, Miss A.Bigger,
Miss A. Howion, Miss P. Walker,
Messrs, Seargaiit, lliinifaii, G. II.
Curtis, T. P. Smith, H, Oaroy, 0. E.
Sullivan, V. Hudson, H. Smith, 0. 0.
Griffith, E. Burnett, 8. Garviu, W,
Douglas, J. Burnett, B. Garvin, J.
Bnbcock, R. Davidson, Dau Walker,
McCartuey, A. Grennis, R. Thorpe,
G. Moore, Kou Luty, F. Sargent, G. U.
glad to hear tu
again after two wee_
Disciples—meets in old Baptist Chnrch,
Seventh avenue, between Westmiuster
avenne and Quebec street.
Special services by Madisou  Wright.
Lord's Day at 11 a. m , S and 7:80
p. m. Week days at 7:80 p. m, All
Any oue having friends or knowing
of strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
'The Advocate."   Telephone B1406.
FOUND on11
purse containing jell
have same by applying "
minster avenue.
Mr. Flemming of Seventh nveuue,
met with a paiufnl accident on Monday.
While moving a house the jack-screw-
slipped aud his lingers were caught
between the post aud sills, cutting off
iho little finger and crushing the third
one badly.
Let this one word speak for itself, as applied to your
purchases Wisdom and goods of Highest Quality
tell their own tale to the successful, buyer. This
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2-ft tius Pork & Boaus 10c a tin.
The prices that make Bank accounts.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
Mrs. Ryall of New Westminster,
visited her sister Dr. Laze 11 Anderson,
Granville Btreet, a, few day's this week
Master Orrio Gnskell, son of Mr. aud
Mrs. Wm. Gaskell, Ninth aveuue, east,
has boen ill with blood-poison the past
two weeks.
The Orangemen of the City will attend the funeral of tho late Orgauizer,
R. Brochiu, tliis afternoon, in a body.
Speoial cars will convey the members
to the Oemotery after the fuueral pro-
session reacues Westminster aveuue
There was n right merry time at the
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
O'Dell, Niuth nveuue, east, Thursday
9th iust., when tho little friends of
Mnstor Odell gathered to celebrate his
birthday. Games, music, etc., made
tho time pass all too quickly. At the
closo of tho eveniug a birthduy tree very
prettily decorated proved a great attraction. Tho young peoplo wont away at
10:80 having spent a jolly time, wishing
birthdays were every dny.
The City Grocery   ile'ivers groceries
overy day ou Mt. Pleasaut;   'phone .811
Mr. F. W. Stone is arranging to en
tortain the young men of the Mt Pleasant Methodist Church at a Bachelors'
Party iu Mnsou's Hall, and ou Suuday
at Suuday School tho young men will
be asked to sot the date The young
men are to do the cooking such as bak
ing, frying, boiliug, broiling, besides
firing-up aut\ scrying the supper. The
menu card will benr tlio address of
several local doctors and an undertaker's
address. Thut there will be lots of
fun nud first-class cooking is unqiies
tioned. Mr. Stone always entertains
royally aud a good time is assured.
The Ladies' Aid of Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church are preparing for a
Sale of Work, to be held in Mason's
Hall ou Easter Monday.
ELKUTitoLYKis 1'Altl.oK of Huirdross
ing, Manicuring, Facial Massage nud
Sealp Treatment for Uulicsand Gentle
moil. Superfluous hair, warts and
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Valuable Information given to overy
lady putrou ou "How lo take care of
Skin Fond for building up tho wasting
tissue Orange Flower Cream to prevent and heal sunburn.
MADAME HuMi'iiitr. rs, 58(1 Granvilh
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Slippers at greatly reduced prices. For
comfort, quality ;;ml price come to
R, MILLS, the Shoe-man, 18 Oo.tdovn
A Junior Epworth Lcagno has been
organized in the Mt. Pleasant Methodisl)
Church, with Miss H»ut in the office of
Superintendent, and tho following
officers: President, Miss Grace. Stfitie;
vice-Presideut, Miss Wiuuio Doherty;
Secretary, Alvah MoGubbin; Lookout
Committee, Miss.Lanra Cousens, Miss
Doinoney, Masters Reuben Cunningham aud Clinton Dougan; Prayc.
Meeting Conimitteo, Miss Alberta
Balfour, *_",iss Head Molstchlan,
Masters Harold Hicks aud Walter
Snell.    Membership is 50.
It is Not Necessary
to go down-town for anything in the liue. of Drugs nnd Medicines,
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Onr expenses aro light us compared with tho down-town stores, therefore we can afford to give yon the benefit of the difference which iu
the courso o" a year would amount to quite a little sum,
free Delivery to Any Pnrt of the Oity.
The Central Drug Nail
2444   Westminster Ave. Ore. Lkk'k Grocbry.
Chas. E.^ETHERBV, Prop, Telephone   IS49.
1.'%/V%%-V%. -V*^^V»V%."
mount  Central fleai
PLEASANT.*^*'*'" *** ***    *   *'*'**■
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers lu all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mouut Ploasaut and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
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2321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel A1206     Prompt Delivery.
B. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   aud Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
in season.
_--%/%•%*_*-*%. "%^%^V%%.'
Annual Meeting.
The Woman's Auxiliary of St.
Michael's Church held their anunal
meeting on Thursday afternoon. Among
other things it was decided to enrry on
tho Parish work and Missionary work
of the ladies under two mil. pendent
.i-?tetieB. The Womau's Auxiliary
hereafter will eoufiiie itself to tho
Missionary activities of the church
wliilo tlie Parish Guild will have charge
of the homo Parish work in which
the Indies of thu church engage.
The year 11)04 is memorable
as one of the most success
ful in the history of tho Pnrish, and
under the able Presidency of Mrs,
G. W. Hutchiugs,  assisted   by   a good
Executive Committee, and loyally snp.
ported by all tho members, the work has
grown nud prospered exceedingly.
The following were elected officers of
the Guild:
President, Mrs. M. Uvtghes; vice-
President, Miss A.Chambers; Secretavy,
Mrs. w. Elliott; Treasurer, Mrs. s.
McClay; Councilor, Mrs. G. W.
The election of officers for the
Woman's Auxiliary resulted as follows:
President, Mrs. G. II. Wilson; vice-
President, Mrs, \V. Partington ; Secretary, Mrs. V. 'Vilnius; Treasurer, Miss
M. l.ligh.
At this meeting rtipr»n>utiilives of
St, Michael's Clnucu ou the Central
City Board of iV Woman's Auxiliary
Mi'i'o ch',:cii, Mi.--. Wilson, Mrs. Timms,
Mrs. Dti'li.iiniiuil MisS OhamboJS being
The charge of of the. Baby's Branch
was entrusted to Mrs. W. Partington.
Central Park.
The Coutral Park Literary and
Debating Society will debate tho follow-
i u g subject uext Wednesday;
"Resolved, that tho Tobacco Habit is a
Greater Evil than Devotiou to Fashion."c The following ladies will speak
for the uffirmativc, Mrs. P. Obeu, Mrs.
W. Maxwell Smith aud Miss Perkins,
B. A. The negative speakers will be
Mr. J. McKay, Mr. W. Kiikland and
Mr. Wm. Lojtou. The program will
start at _:30 o'clock sharp, aud those
taking part are requested to bo on time.
The Ladies' Guild of St. John's
Church will hold an "At Home" ou
Thursday evening 2M ins!., in the Horticultural Hall. A short musical program will be. rendered after which the
floor will bu cleared for danoing. A
collection will be taken op during the
evening iu aid of the church expenses.
A meeting of the Horticultural Society
and Farmers' Institute was held ou
Thursday evening, when special bosi.
ness relatiug to uur iiiinual Fair was
Miss Doris Wilbers has beeu confined
to her liuiiie for tho past two weeks
wtth a slight attack of appendicitis
Her niiuiy friends will be glad to hear
that she is now rueovertug.
Rock Test.
The City Engineering Department
last week tested 50 pounds of rock from
the followiug quarries I Spruug's
Quarry, South Vancouver Quarry nnd
Granite Falls Quarry. The test was
made with a fteam rattler for two
hours, and In that time South Vaucouver Quarry lost 22 pounds ur II pur con t,
Granite Fulls IV{ pnnnds orfJB percent,
Sprung's 12',_ pounds or 25 percent.
Tno result of this test corroborates Mr.
Robt. Mep.ride's claim 111 bis letter tu
"The Advocate," published last Saturday. Mr. MoBrido staled "the so-called
rock used last year was only lit for
ballast or filling," which assertion was
Well founded.
There wns a charming Valentino 011-
tsrtalumcul at Knox Oongregntioual
Churoh on 'i uesdny ovoulng.
Bead the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for. your work
Corner Hastings aud Gn.nvi.le Sts.
Oflicinl Watch Inspector 0. P. R.
McTaggert & Moscrop
3<4 Carrall St.,    Vancouver, u.c.
Templet on Block.
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Return 1- Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free your choice of 80
pie tures.' Or for .fi wrappers choice of
ISO books. Books ami picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
vancouvh., 11.1.
Lawn Grass Seeds
clover and Timothy Beeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal V" • ds,
Pratt's Lioe Kil.er,
Holly Chick Pond,   Boofscraps, Kb
Sk'.-ITM  Corner    NINTH sves-.   a
.   IY1_- I I I   wliST.MINSTI V KOAD.
Ti'li-I'li'inc    1 8 :: V.
lull Line of Fancy an 1 Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., * Dufferin St.
See When Your Lodge Meets
The :;d and lth Mondays of llie month
iJonrt  Vancouver,  1.  O.  F., meets at
6 p m.
Mt. Ploasaut bodge No. 19. I.O.OJ1.
meets at 8 p. 111.
Vancouver  Conncil   No.  21 fit,   Can-
iiilian Order of Chosen   I'ln-rds, meets
thu 2d and 4t U Thursdays ol tbe muati.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies ol tt«
Maccabees holds its regular meetings e%
llie 1st, aiid lid Fridays of tho mouth ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This  loss i_» _,
way I thought justified by tho importance of my own theory and ths
evident necessity there was of collecting each and overy point of ovl-
dsnee which could give coloring ta
ths charge, ln the event of this crime
coming to be looked on at headquarters as one of murder.
Observing that a light was still
burning in Uncle, David's domicile, I
crossed to his door and rang ths
bell. I was answered by ths doop
and prolonged howl of a dog, soon
cut short by his master's amiablo
greeting. This latter was a surprise
to ma. I had heard so often of Mr.
Moore's churlishness as a host that I
had expected some rebuff. But I encountered no such tokens of hostility. His brow was smooth and his
smils cheerfully condescending. Indeed, hs appeared anxious to have
me enter, and cast an Indulgent look
at Itudge, whose Irrepressible Joy at
this break in the monotony of his
existence was tinged with a very evident dread of offending his master.
Inlorcstod anew, I followed this man
of contradictory impulses iato ths
room toward which he led me.
Ths tims has now corns for a more
careful description of this peculiar
man. Mr. Moore was tall and ol
that rrlin.d spurnncss of shapo which
suggests the scholar. Yet ho had
-fat ths scholar's oys. On the contrary, his regard was quick. If not
alait, and while lt did not convey
actual malice or Ill-will, It roused ln
tbe spectator an uncomfortable feeling, not altogether easy to analyze.
Ha wore his lion gray locks quite
long, and to this distinguishing
Idiosyncrasy, as well as to his Invar-
labia custom of taking his dog with
him wherever he went, was duo the
interest always ahown In him by
street urchins. On account of his
whimsicalities, ha had acquired the
spit hot of Uncle David among them,
despite his ki i.l in mile, connections
and hia guntlcmmilika hearing. llis
clothes formed no sxenption to tlie
gensrul air of individuality which
marked him. They wore of different
cut from those of other men, nnd in
Ihis as In many other ways he was
a law to himself; notably to In tho
following Instance: lis kept ons day
•f ths year religiously, and kopt It
always in the same way. Ixing
years before, hs had been blessed
with a wife who both understood
and loved him. Hs had nsver forgotten this fact, and ones a year,
presumably on ths anniversary of
her death, lt was his custom to go
to the cemetery where she lay and
to spend tho wholo day under the
shadow of the Btono he had raisod to
hor' memory. No matter what tho
weather, no matter what tlie condition of his own health, he was nlways to be seen in this spot, at the
. hour of Seven, leaning against tho
Shaft on which his wife's namo Was
■_'i"Witten, eating his supper ln tho
""company of his dog. It was a custom hs had never omitted. So woll
known was lt to the boys and certain other curious Individuals in the
neighborhood that ho never lucked
an audience, though woe betido the
daring foot thnt presumed to invnds
tho precincts of the lot ha called his,
or the venturesome voico which offered to raise Itself In gibs or jeer.
He has but to cast a glance at
lludge and on avenging rush scattered the crowd ln a twinkling. But hs
seldom had occasion to rosort to
thl* extreme measure for preserving
the peace and qulot of his solemn
., watch. As a rulo hs waa allowed to
eat his meal undisturbad, and to
pais out unmolested avata bv. rId!<-,.'«
Cu onergy that
^^^       great  dog and   sent
TTn hanging head and trailing
dll,    to   his    own    special  slecping-
plnco  under   th.   li_bl_.     "Ila-   oho run
upon a ghost in thoso dismal apartments? You interest me greatly. I
did not think she woul_l over have
the pluck to visit this house again
aftor what happened at her wedding."
".She has had the pluck," I assur*
ed him; "and what is mors, sho has
had enough of it not only to re-enter
the house, but tu re enfor it alone.
At least, such Is tho present Inference. Had you been blessed wltb
moro curiosity and made more frequent uso of tho chnlr so convenient*
ly placed for viewing tho opposite
house, you might havo been In a position to correct tliis Inference. It
would help the pollco materially to
know positively thut sho had no
companion in her fatal visit."
"Fatal?" ho repealed, running his
finger inside his neckband, which suddenly seemod to huvo grown too
tight for comfort. "Can it he that
my niece has boon frightened te
death in that old placo? You alarm
lis did not look alurmed, but then
ho was not of an Impressible nature.
Yet he was of tho sumo human clay
as tho rest, of us, and, If ho knew no
more of this occurrence than ho tried
to make out, could not bs altogether impervious to what I had to say
"You have a right to be alarmed,"
I assent.-. "Sho was nut frightened
to death, yet is she lying dead on
tho library floor." Then, with o
glance at the windows about mo, I
added lightly: "1 take it that a pistol-shut over thero could not bs
heard in (his room."
He Nauk milier melodramatically
into his scat, yet his fiico and form
did nut loSO that sudden assumption
of dignity which I had observs in
him ever since my entrance Into ths
"I am overwhelmed by this nows,"
he n-iiiiii-kill. "Shu has shut herself?
"1 did not suy that sho had shot
herself," I carefully repeated, "Yet
the be i'i point that way und Mr.
Jeffrey    accepts    the    suicide theory
without question,"
"Ah,  Mr.  Jeffrey Is thoro!"
"Must certainly; hs wus sent for at
"And Miss Tuttle? Sho came with
him uf course?''
"Shu came, but nut with him. Sho
is very fond uf her sister."
"I must go over at once," he
cried, ha|iiiig ngnin tu bis feet und
looking about for his lint. "It is
luy duty   lo   make  liim  feci at  home;
in short, to  to put tho house at
their disposal." Hero he found his
hat and placed it on hia head. "Tho
property Is inino now, you know,"
lio pulltoly explained, turning, with
a keen light In his gray eye, full upon me and overwhelming uie with tho
grand air of a man Who haB como
uncxpoctodly into his own. "Mrs.
Jeffrey's father was my younger bro-
thor—the story ls an old and long
one—nnd tho property, which in all
jiiBtlco should huvo been divided between us, went entirely to Mm, But
ho was a good fellow in tho main
and saw tho injustice of his father's
will as clearly an I did, and years
ago made ono on his own account
Le.]iioathlng 1110 tho wholo estate in
caso hs loft no issue, or that lssuo
died. Voronlca was his only child;
Voronlca has died; therefore the old
houso Is mine and all that goes with
it,  all that goes wilh It."
There was the miser's gloating In
this repetition of a phrase sufllclont-
lv expressive In itself, or rather the
We ary
m^^, .fjino to Its dregs
—, . I do not know and I
p^_-Mt care. What concerns mo is
that tho responsibility of a large
fortune has fallen upon me most unexpectedly and lhat I havs pride enough to wish to show myself capable of sustaining the bunion. Resides, they may be tompted to do
some mischief to tho willln or floors
over thero. Tho polico respect no
man's property. But I am determined thoy shall respect mine. No rip-
pings up or toarings down will J
allow unless I stand by to suporvlss
the job. I am master of the old
homestead now and I moan to show
it." And with a last glanco at the
dog, who uttered tho most mournful
of protests in reply, ho shut the
front door and botook himself to the
other side of tho street.
As I noticed his assured bearing as
ho disappeared within tho forbidding
portal which, according to his own
story, had for so long a time been
shut agnlnst him, I askod myself if
tho candle which I had noticed lying
on his mantol-shelf wus of the same
make and size as thoso I had found
in my lata investigations in ths
houso ho was then entering.
Next monVng iho city was ln a
blaze of excitement. All tho burning
quo:-.: Ions of the lour—the rapid mob-
ilbat ion of tho army and the prospect of a speedy advanco ou Cuba —
wero forgotten in tbu ono engrossing
topic of young Mrs. Jeffrey's death
and the .awful circumstances surrounding it. Nothing else was ln
any one's mouth and but little else
ln any one's heart. Hor youth, her
prominence, hor union with a man of
such marked attractions as Mr. Jeffrey, tho tragedy connected with her
marriage, thrown now Into shadow
by tlio still moro poignant tragedy
which had so suddenly terminated
her own lifo, gave to tho affair an
Interest which for those llrst twenty-
four hours did not call for any further heightening by a premature suggestion of murder.
Though 1 was tho hero of tho hour
ar.d, aa such, subjected to an infinite
number of qiiostions, I followed the
lead ol my superiors In this regard
and carsfully refrained from advancing my theories  beyond the < >11v i	
one of suicide. Tlm uiomen» for solf-
explullatlon mm not ripe; I did nuf
stand high enough In thu confldenca
of tho mujur, or, I muy suy, of the
lii'iit'-iiniit of my own precinct, lo
risk the triumph I anticipated ultimately by a in 'iinil uro expression ol
1 had an enemy at hoadquartcrs ;
or,  rnthor, ono of.tho men there had
always appeared peculiarly Interested in showing mo up In the worst
light. Tho iimue of this man was
Durhin, and it, wns he who had uttered something like a slighting remark
whon on that first night I endeavored to call tha cnptnlu's attention to
somo of the small matters which had
offered themsolves to mo ln tho light
of clues. Porhups it waa tho prospect of surprising him sums day
which made ni* so wary now as well
aa so alert to fill my mind with all
known facts concerning tho Jeffreys.
Ono of my flrBt acts was to turn over the files of the Stur and reread
the following account of the great
wedding. As lt is a sensational description of a Sensational event, I
shull mnkn no apology for tho headlines which startled nil Washington
tho night they appeared,
ISO   HI-'   Till:    OLD    II'I IMS  OX
qui or thi quests focxd ltino dxad oa
___ oy
^^_ iich soem-
(rer the fusclua-
Kill', chamber, dis-
_,_. — xho outstrotched form of a
man lying senseless and apparently
dead on the odge of tho heartstdno.
Tho terror which instantly spread
amongst tho guests shows the hold
which superstition has upon all
tlm ses of humanity'. Happily, however, an unseemly panic was averted, by tho necessity which all felt
of preserving sonic sort of composuro
till the ceremony for which they had
R-Sombled had been performed, Kor
simultaneously with this discovery of
death in tlie library there had come
from nl'Oio tho Sound of tho approaching bridal procession, and cricp
were hushod, and heating hearts ra-
strained, as Miss Mouro's charming
face and exquiBltc figure appeared between tho rows of flowering plants
with which tho stalrcaso was lined.
No ne.d for the murmur to go about,
'Spare the brldo! Let nothing but
cheer surround her till she Is Jeffrey's wifel' Tho look of joy which
irradiated her countenance, and gave
a fniiy-li'e aspect to her wholo cx-
qui. I o person would havo deveiTed
Iho most carcle.'S and self-centered
lei-son thoio frum casting a shadow
across her pathway ono minute sooner than neccs. ily demanded. Tho
richness of the ancestral veil which
covered her features and the natural
timidity which prevents a brido from
lifting her eyes from tho floor sha
travelsos snv.d he: from observing
the strange looks by which hor pres-
onco was hailed. She was consequently enabled to go through tho
coieinony is, happy unconsciousness
of tho forced restraint which held
that surging mass together.
"But the bi.ilcsmiiids wero not so
happy. Miss Tut tiu especially held
herself Upright simply by the exur-
il o of hor will; ami though resplen*
dont In beauty, suffered Bo much in
her anxiety for the bride that it Was
u matter of small surprise when sho
fuinled at tho conclusion of tho ceremony.
"Mr. Jeffrey showed more composuro. but the inward excitement under
which he wus laboring made hiin
trip more thnn once in liis responses,
as many there noied whose minds
not tixed loo strongly on night.
"Duly ISiclor Aucliincloss wus quite
htmsolt' und b.v moans of the solein*
ul y with wliich lie invested his
Words kept the hubbub down, which
Was already mulling itself hoard on
the outskirts of tho crowd, but even
bis Influence did not prevail beyond
tho moment dovotod to tho bonodtc*
tiun. Once the sn'reil Words were
suid, such a sluuipedc followed that
thu bride showed much ului m. und it
her tho cniiso of Ihis iistoiiiBhlii-gi con-
wns left for Mr. Jeffrey to explain to
duct on tho pint of her guests. Sho
boro tho disclosure Well, all things,
considered, und .once sho was fully
assured thut tlm unhappy man whoso
sudden denth bnd thus interrupted
tho festivities wan an intruder on
the scene, und quite unknown, not
only to herself but to her newly-
miulo husband, Bhu brightened por?
COptlbly, though, liko overy ona
around her, she seonic-d anxious to
leave the house, and, indeed, did so
as soon ns Miss Tuttie's condition
•"-.-ranted, it.
Tot ies   weie
        The movement
!y**Tvtro!ig a hold on public son-
inicnt thut in the Austrian Chamber of Deputies the Minister of Finance referred to "Lay Down Your
Arms" as a book certain to hnve a
great inlluenco on the futuro policy
of the nations. Since Tho Hague
Conference two GdSt.y wars involving
terrible loss of liTe, especially ln the
case of that now in progress in Manchuria, have imparted a powerful im-
Iietus to the peace movement. Three
cases of successful arbitration hnve
illustrated tho feasibility of the
bloodless method of settling international difficulties.
Bareness von Suttner can speak
with authority on the subject of
war, for she is the daughter of a
great Austrian general, Field Marshal Count -irons von Kinsky. When
a girl sho was betrothed to n young
Austrian officer who fell in battle,
and her grief turned her thoughts in
the direction of writing against war.
It was not until her youth was passed that she married the author,
Baron von Suttner.
New Fuel Hade of Refuse Pulp Is Colter
Than Coal.
A new fuel successfully tested at
Munci, Ind., has been invented by
Jacob Smith, a glass worker. It is
said to possess more hent units pop
pound thpn cither coal or wood. If
can bo manufactured and sold at a
profit for half the cost of coal, and
it docs pot smoke except when a
strong draft is used. Its success ns
a fuel for domestic uses was determined some time ago, but not until
recently, when it was used' beneath
an engine boiler, wap its valuo for
manufacturing demonstrated. The
fuel is made largoly from fho refuso
of the pulp mills, of which there aro
a numbor about Muncio. Each mill
turns out thousands of tons of refuse annually. The refuse, a combination of soda and lime, is mixed
with crude oil, and the finished product resoinblcs putty. It may bo cut
with a spado and thrown Into a furnace or beneath a boiler. No kindling Is necessary, for a match touch-
od to it will light readily, the material burning with an intense heat.
Thoro aro no clinkers, and the ashes
remaining after the lire hns burned
down may bo mndo Into a new compound for which Mr. Smith hus another uso.
A bushel basketful of the fuel be-
nonth a sixteen horsepower engino at
a Muncio factory kept steam up for
eight hours. It is manufactured as
a plasterer makes hh mortar. It is
patented as Siniti jol in the United
States.      i
The Value of Frosli Air.
In the museum connected with tho
Edinburgh University is an exhibit
(.hat is a striking object lesson of llie
Value of fresh nlr. A professor bus
Secured tho lungs of nn Eskimo, n
Londoner and u coal miner, lie hns
|ind them preserved with some kind
pf it chemical process, and they nre
pow side by side in a glass ense. Tho
Eskimo's lungs arc pure while, the
Londoner's lungs are a dirty brown,
pud the coal miner's lungs are jot
At tho Seaside,
fie—You must remember me? SJie—
I'm nfrnld 1 don't. He—We woro en.
gnged once. My name is Brown. Stjp
(sadly)—Ah I but there have lieej)
threo Browns.—Ally Slopcr's Hull-
The  Hen  llll.   Her  lien..
A truthful farmer relates that he put
a porcelain egg in the nest of a lien
and found that the eggs she laid were
of increased size. Then ho put a gooso
egg in the nest. The hen laid an egg
just ns large. Ho was so pleased with
the schemo that )ie put a whitewashed
football ln the nest. Whon ho went the
next time to search for eggs be found
ono as big as a football, but no hen tn
sight. Securing the egg,, ho saw engraved on lt by hen photography these
words, "I'm no ostrich, but I've done
my best" Later ho found the hen Inside the egg.
****". Is thus tried nnd who desires*
to do right will choose the course
which ls least evil. He will balance
the alternatives, exactly ns does tho
one who jumps to the pavement rather
than remain iu the burning building.—
From "Balance: The Puudameutal Verity," by Orlando J. Smith.
Advising; a   Joctor,
Dr. Blank—maybe I'd better call blm
Dr. Proteld, since to advertise his real
name might be to do violence to tho
ethics of the medicai.professlon—woll,
then, Dr. Proteld is himself a sufferer
from rheumatism, which for a long
time has resisted all his skill. The
oilier day a big Irishman camo bubbling up bis steps and was admitted
by an attendant, who ushered him into
the office and called the doctor from
another part of the house. Presently
the doctor came limping in just as the
caller had dono.
"Well, my mnn," said he, "what is
thp matter with you?"
"Begorra, sor," the Irishman answered, "I'd first like to know phwafs the
matter wid you."
"I bave rheumatism," the physician
"Well, then," said the visitor, rising
from bis chair with muny a grunt and
groan ond laboring painfully toward
the door, "tbey's two av us that ought
to go to some docther wbo has sinse
enough to  cure the both  av  us."
Animal  Swimmers.
The elephant is a good swimmer, and
(he wild animals of the cat family, the
tiger, the panther, tbe jaguar and others, do not hesif-itu to cross hikes and
rivers. On the other hand, the domestic cat shrinks from immersion and
drowns quickly. The nostrils of some
small animals are so placed as to render breathing very difficult wheu tbey
are In the water. Among these are
mice and rabbits, which will drown
Without sinking beneath the surface.
Hals are excellent swimmers.
Almost all birds cxc.pt those which
are distinctly natatorial are nearly
helpless In water. Small birds In particular have P0 power of propulsion,
and, though tbey do not sink, they
drown quickly. Even many species of
waterfowl rise from the water with
difficulty or not at all when their
wings nre wet. After it sea gull plunges
and returns lo the surface it stretches
Its wings so that they may bo dried by
tbe wind and sun before it attempts to
Wo have been asked If mnrrlago Is a
failure. Wo have uot found lt so. We
don't know what our better half
thinks of It. Our opinion Is that ouly
when a man marries a sealskin wuiunn
on a coonskln incomo does he find marriage  a  failure.
"STTCTS. i'ui-,iTT" quotations
ve us a feeling of satisfaction when
wo look backward for a decade and
realize that wo aro about 40 per cent
wealthier each year than our cousins
across tho line. Even this year,
which has made so mush dissatisfaction owing to the disparity in prices
caused by the cro;i falling In the
United States with the rust b:i'rlHf"j
our returns por. aero are more than
If we were farming In Uncle Sam's
land. Our aveiage of 17 V<_ bushels at
SO cents would be" ?14 per a re;
Northern Stales average of 12 bus.
at |iti cents would be $11.62 per acre.
The amount Is not very large, only
$251) on a 150-acre crop, but it I- a
nice nest egg, and tho gh our prices
havo to ho governed by British markets, and the scarei.y of mil ing
wheat across the border innkos a local market which can call Hour at
$-.45 per hundred, wh 1_ we buy onr
Hour for $_..<).-
We havo our drawbacks In this
country, but we alsi have 'substantial
advantages. Let us then be loyal to
our country. Push It along In every
way that is going to benefit those
who reside hero nnd tho prosperity
will continue.—.(ialnsb irough Post.
.. Monks Get New Piano,
A Milan (Italy) despatch says that
King Edward has just presented the
monks of the Ureal St. Bein ml Monastery with a magnificent piano, to
replace one given them by Qu.en
Victoria half a century u%o,
The Canadian Pacific Railway has
announce! a rate of s'ngle IInt class
fare and one-third for Christ, was and
New Year excursions. The rat is apply between all stations In Canada
west of Port Arthur, an 1 are on silo
Dec. 28, 21, 25. 20, 8'Hh and Hist, and
Jan. 1st and 2nd. Cool to return until January 4, iat)5.
The Rhodes Scholars. '"
Tho Oxford correspond'n! of St.
James' Gazette, regarding the lost
term of the R'lO'.les' scholars, says 't
Is the general impression that Ihey
have not much Dpporlunity for distinguishing themselves  be-mise there
havo bees no exams oxpni those pr
fho pass schools.
Tickets will  ho on  saio  November
2St.h to December 81st'sit rate or "tio
an far east as Montreal; proporlion-
nlcly higher rates beyond, aipl will bo
good for return three months from
dato of sale. Special arrangements
will ho made lo make travelling a
pleasure on any of the four rtnius departing from Minneapolis autl st.
Paul every day. The finest of h|gh
hack scat coaches, free rcilinlgchnlr
cars and sleepers mako theso Irnlns
most, poptilar with travelers to Eastern Canada. Special pamphlet giving
timo of trains, elc, or any other Information will im gladly furnished
upon addressing Oeo. a. Lee, Travelling Agont North western Line, 389 *-"
Main  streot,   Winnipeg.
Sunlight Soap
outshines them all in cleansing power, yet
will not injure the da.lnt.est fabrics. It contains no unsaponified fats to discolor your
clothes nor free alkali to destroy them.   It is a
Rerfectly balanced soap, equally good with
ard or soft water.   No scrubbing, no boiling*
Try Sunlight.
Your money refunded if you don't find it best.
Lever Brothers Umits4
1107 gument with him. He has read much
and thought much on questions of
public government, and has reache:!
conclusions there anent, and from
week to week ho goes ahoad, proclaiming with no uncertain sound
those conclusions, nnd showing the
Haws and imperfections of existing
conditions, and tho coincidence of his
views with those of any political party being apparently a matter of supreme Indifference to him. His is a
voico crying In the journalistic wil
derness. His is fte temperament
that delights ln leading a forlorn hope
in the realm of thought. He is the
editorial knight errant of the Canadian West.
A dread of that inconsistency
which is the bete noir of the average
public man has no part or lot In the
makeup of Brother Bailey. In his lime
he has strongly advocated things he
formerly strenuously opposed, and
v|ce versa- Ho believes to the full In
the old Arab proverb, that only the
foolish and the dead neyor change
their opinions. He doos not believe
that conversion is a monopoly of the
realm of morals, but that it should
extend to all matters In which experience is throwing new light and time
affords more Information. Ono th'ns
he believes thoroughly—that after
opinions aro honestly formed they
should be fearlessly advocated.
Hence, he hews to the lino, and lets
the chips fa|l where they may.
Brother Bailey has prejudices, and
sqme of them he keeps well oileil nnd
availabie for (nstant use. He has a
profound distrust of any form of autocracy. He believes in the dislrlhu-
tlqn rather than the centralization of
all forms of power. Re koeps a wary
eye pn corporations and "vested interests," and ll|es to nrms instantly
whenever they attempt any invasion
of popular rights. He ts Ue champion of the many against tho few, of
the ciasses against tho masses. In
short he is t\ democrat to the hilt.
with h|s sympathies irrevocably linked wl|h those of tho common people.
In his long years of public service he
may fqr a season havo gone after
strange gqdB—have called those he
Ind to follow the nnrc: lizahle, the
visionary, and the I'toplan, but none
can accuse him of lack of devotion
to the general gqotl, nqr of courage
In advocating the views ho held.
Prlqr to his entering newspaper
wqrk, Mr. Balloy hnd an Interesting
career. Ho |s of Lancashire birth,
Saving boon born at Preslon In Do
cember 1838. Ho camo to Cnnndn at
tho age of sixteen, in isr>4. He
started In to learn t'io printing business, learning tho case, and setting,
typo at Slmcoe and Ouolph. After
live yea._ he joined tho 100th (Prince
of Walos) Royal Canadian Hcimenl,
raised for tho suppression of tho Indian mutiny, but tho mutiny being
quelled before tho regiment's arrival at Indln, did service in London,
Gibraltar and Malta. Mr. Bailey
served In all theso places, and was
promoted to the rank of sorgonnt, for
three years holding positions on the
garrison and regimental staffs. He
bought his dischargo whilo thorcgl
ment was at Malta, married (In'04)
and spent three years ln England. He
joined and was on the staff of the
1st Manchester Royal Volunteers, nntl
was drlllmaster of the Industrial
School at Swinton
During his military career Mr.
Bailey had by no means forgct'.enhis
■craft. While in Gibraltar he was mechanical superintendent of the Gibraltar Chronicle, a small dally published by the officers of the garrison.
ln tho fall of 1809 Mr. Bailey returned ts Canada, and at onco secured a position as foreman of the
St. Mary's Argus and Kincardine Review. A littlo later he wns prsof-
reader for the job department of the
Toronto Globe, and for nearly four
years contributed articles to several
Toronto   papers.    After   leaving tho
province on the most successful tour
it ever made.
As may he judged by the foregoing
Mr. Bailey is a pronounced optimist.
Ho has a boundless belief in both the
present and the future of the Canadian Northwest, and has certainly sacrificed much ln contributing to its development—developments which he
hns done much to promote by his pen
and on tho platform. Ho ls one of the
most familiar figures at press conventions. His pugnacity and pertinacity
In debate being only equalled by his
unfailng r-oo.l humor.
Old  Story.
Greening—Last evening I  proposed
to a glii who is Interested ln photo-
Browning—What was tho result?
Greening—Sho got busy and (level
oped a negative.
Excessive  Wisdom.
Merchant—Dp you think you know
enough to assist ine In tho office?
Smart Boy—Know enough! Why,
the last hoss I had was compelled to
let mo go because I knew more than
he did."
Pope So Dominates King Edward in
Audience with Connaught.
A cable from Homo says: Tho audience which tho Duke of Conaught had
with the Polio was most, cordial. The
Pontiff, who spoke in Italian, said he
was exceedingly gratified at the duke
of Connaught'a visit, and was most
pleased to seo him, and added that It
was a pity he stopped such a short
time in Rome. The Popo nlso said he
had great esteem and veneration for
King Edward, "who is not only King
or England, but of tho wholo world,
as llie sun nover sets on his dominions."
Popo Plus snid ho know Great
Britain thoroughly enjoyed liberty,
and well understood Its meaning. The
missionaries coining to Homo from
all parts ol the British empire sp ke
of tho great degroo or liberty enjoyed In the colonies. The duke was
received at the Vatican with great
ceremony. The nutllencii lasted ten
minutes, Ho returned directly tothe
qulrlnal fron the Vatican.
You can hardly find a home
without its Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Parents know what
it does for children: breaks
up a cold in a single night,
wards off bronchitis, prevents
pneumonia. Physicians advise parents to keep it on hand.
'•Th- best ..Mil n*d"flnim?;H,«*J1*»$
IsAT-r'i ChmrjT«.toril. For the eoiislis of
ehlldreii nothing coulil _0*»1WJ be nottor.
Jaqob SH-U, Sarstofs, Int
_.e.,S0e.._.l.W. _, f"£.„TI?i_?_'
HI  .Ili.Kj.ll. f0j-   mmi^.^iiitm
Throat, Lungs
the bodily organs fully
new, firm flesh is added, the torn, is
rounded out, the weight Is increased,
and pallor gives way to that healthful
glow of complexion which tells of the
full enjoyment of health
Mrs. George Fuller, Lakeland, Man.,
"I am very glad to be able to state
that I have received great benefit
from tho use of Dr Chase's Nerve
Pood, lt has cured me of nervous
headache from which I used to be a
great sufferer, and I am no longer
troubled with twitching of the nerves
in the arms nnd legs that I used to
havo as soon as I went to bed. I am
grateful for this cure and shall al
ways recommend Dr Chase's Nerve
Pood to anyone suffering as 1 have."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Pood, 60 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
Bates & Co., Toronto. The portrait
and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the
famous receipt book author are on
every box.
Oa* War of Diiliic It That Ia Said t.
Be an Impossibility.
"I have a customer who thinks he
smokes twenty cigars a day," said a
downtown dealer. "As a matter of
fact, be gives away many of them and
throws away some that are only partly
consumed. However, be is firm in ths
belief that he smokes more actual tobacco than any mnn in Now York, and
• boast on the subject in my store
yesterday led to a curious hot
"He declared, to begin wltb, that he
could smoke three ordinary cigars in
half an hour. A bystander remarked
tbat no man alive could smoke even
ono cigar continuously until it was
consumed without taking It from his
lips. 'Bosh!' said my man. 'I do that
right along and think nothing of It.'
" 'I'll bet you a box of perfectos you
can't do lt right now,' said tho other,
and in half a minute tbe wager was
made ' y its terms the cigar was to
be c lmed ln steady consecutive
puffs u.id not removed from the lips
until burned to a mark one and a half
Inches from tbe tip. A clear Havana
Colorado Madura was selected for tbe
test, and the smoker took a scat and
"He puffed like an engine for about
two minutes and accumulated something under hnlf nn Inch of ash, and
then he begnn to wabble. Ho shifted
the cigar from side to side, pulled
slow and fast and seemed to hnve
difficulty getting his brcntb between
the drawB. At any fnte, he kept turning his bend to avoid the smoke and
Anally got tq laughing. I could see
he was In torture, but he stuck to it
until lip got wlthlu half an Inch of the
mark. Then he jumped up suddenly,
threw tho c|gnr a*W and walked out
of the shop.
"1 paid the bet and charged it to his
account, and he told me Inst evening
that the very Idea of tobacco made him
sick. I doubt whether It would be
possible for anybody to smoke ovon a
moderately strong cigar through In
the manner I hnve described."
"You should Bleep on your right side,
"I really can't do It, doctor. My husband talks ln his sleep, nnd I can't
hear a thing with my left car."
only one
est me.
Ayer'e Pllla greatly -Id the Cherry
Pectoral In breaking up a odd.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns,
Something of a Spartan.
"So you wore sent to bed without
your supper?"
"Yes," answered tho boy with a
tenacious disposition. "But I don't
like what they had for supper, and 1
was sleepy anyhow."
Only those who have had experience can tell the torture corns cause.
Pain with your boots on, pain with
them off—pain night and dayr" but
relief is sure to those who use Hol-
loway's Corn Cure.
Proper Caper.
The Sufferer—Wow! I'm going to a
lentlst and have this tooth out.
Christian Scientist — Your tooth
loesn't ache. You only imagine it
The Sufferer—Then I'll have the
lentlst extract by Imagination.
ALWAYS WITH US—That portion of
nan's life which is not made up of
.ileasuro is largely composed of i:a:n,
and to be free from pain is a pleasure. Simple remedies are always the
best In treating bodily pain, and a
lafe, suro and simple remedy Is Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. You cannot
lo wrong In giving it a trial when ro-
Gyer—I understand tho production
of Whlght's rural drama has been
Myer—So? What's the trouble?
Gyer—One of the liens In the barnyard scene ohjocted to tho s.ag. setting, 1 behove.
Ask for Mlnard'8 and tate do utter.
Latest   Returns.
Drummer—What is the population
if this town, uncle?
Unclo ..iibI.uii—Four hiind'ed an'
sebenteon  'publican  majority, sail."
All Made Up.
Fred—When I proposed she asked
for a little time to make up her mind.
Madge—Oh, so she makes that up, tool
first symptoms of Internal d's.rdsr,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills should lie
resorted to Immediately. Two or
throe of these salutary pellets, taken
before going to bed, followed by
doses of (inn or two pills for two or
three nights In succi sslon, will serve
as a preventive of nl tacks of dysiii'p-
as a preventive of attacks of dyspepsia and nil tho discomforts whioh follow iu the train of lhat fell dlsord -r.
The means is simple when the way ii
Gloom  Dispeller.
"Ah!" she sighed, "I seem to he
lilled with gloom that cannot be dispelled."
"Oh, don't despair," he rcjo'iied.
"Later on, when radium gets Cheaper
you can swallow a small piece."
A Smiling Face
sig-nil.es robust health and good
digestion. You can always
tarry a smiling face in spite of
tare and worry if you keep
your liver right and your
digestion good by using
IIO fo 124
Consign your grain to me and get prompt service, earefal attention! j
sal highest market prices. Q      Q g% | ay mm      DRAWER |
Rslcrence- UNION BANK, ef CANADA.    Os    Ol     I IM ff\«        1300.
iron grain te us te bs sold oa arrival or afterwards, as you may wish. Wa do a strictly eom-
missioa   business,    In   which   ws hava had 30
fears' experience.   Prompt and reliable work guarantied.
Liberal advances.     Correspondence solicited.      Licensed  and  Bonded.
Reference,    Bank  of  Hamilton.      Exchange Branch,
DONALD MORRISON & CO., t^omu   416 anta Bwwfika. man.
'Ohio Gasoline Engines5
and   STATIONARY  for   CHOPPINU and
WOOD SAWING In stock al all times.   Wa
can ship at a day's notice.
Write ns for Prices and Catalogue.
Barridgc-Cooper Co, Ltd, Winnipeg, Mm.
Henry Avenue, Kast.
leU Every where.     In boxes 25 cants.
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, ('loves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, wind - proof, boil - proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
like buckskin it it tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear three buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
loft and comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never with-
out this brand:—
Montreal    Wl-nlpcJ    Dawiea I
Do yo\i want to add
$320 to your income?
It will only require a few minute., nf vour time every day to Mm goa a year. You cam
earn it with a Chatham Incubator* A No. a Chatham Incubator will hold from ■<» to i*.
etClfa—according lo size pft_nri. Highly chickens is a low average hatch 1MB It of Chatham
lii_-.ilr-.lort will toll you MX C hickeni ,.-■■ always in demand and tt . _.u_ ply is always short,
so filly emtl ia thenv.-rage price secured. If >'-u only i«H. offi [ght hat-.he* in a year, that
givrs you an income ol I \t<:>>>■ Wouldn't that cilia amount he useful to you ? Uot of
all, you tan buy a
Chatham Incubator without one cent
of cash until October, 1905
Thr machine pays for it •.-■If many timet Dfgf he fore that time.
We ihip a Cha '
There couldn't he a fairer
offer than fhis, We _,hip n Chatham Incubator to you at once, freight prepaid by us, and
Vour tn >.i payment in not do. until October, !</>.. Write ua to-day for full particular!. Tha
Clwiham Incubators and Uroodcti bave every new improvement worth »hila in un incubator
or hriH»der. The incubator*
are made with two watte,
ra-*e within cim, of dry material that hns Iwcn Masoned
in our lumber yards. They
are built solid as a rock and
will stand any amount of
usage for years. The sooner
you accept our offer the sooner will the Chatham Incubator be earning profits for
DsrT. 35    Chatham, Ont.
Manufacturers of Chatham
Incubators and _ Brooders,
Campbell Fanning Mills,
and Chatham Farm Scale*
Distributing Warehouses at
Montreal, Que,, lirandon,
Man., Calgary, Atta., New
WVitminslcr, B.C., Halifax,
w .dderly—-Why don'l y<m get married 1
Oldbach—I'm too old
Wedderly— Pshaw! what's ynur ago
gOl  to do Willi  it '.'
Oldbach—Why, I have only n few
yi-.r,:; left   in  which to enjoy life.
Much    distress   sntl    sickness  In
children  in  caused  by   w^ntiK.    Mother   Qravos'    w'l.iin    I":*!-.'.-]].in iter
.glvefl rej|gj by reu-iiyiir. tji'-.^misp.
Too  Substantial.
EnpL-cU—My wire told me'-to buy
her a good broom,     -"■   ■"■0, ,*
Dealer—W< li l.ero->',lo^(i*1*<#ith a
hickory    hhmira^waWKiltto <'-rtdt'   to
btrAk.    '*''  :'"'* ''*'''■ i •*• V'*1*"-Mi-'.fii wv
my scull Ih mnde of cast-iron? j »rj!8i?K 4-111. Mt. Pleasant
Now, it is considered  time to repla.e
fj-jp.fl aud capable men,  witb new  men
In appreciation of "long services" the
City Clerk was voted two months
salary and let ont. We understand Mr
.MgfcJpiguu intends going imp business
..in the City. It is certainly hard for a
man who bns givi n Llnj liei-t years of his
.life in service for tlie Oity to find him
self compelled to resign and take up a
new line of occupation. As a kind-
hearted conrteonB olTieiiil Mr. McGniguu
has made host of frieuds wbo regret
very deeply his forced resignation, and
whose good wishes follow him in his
future career.
CoL Tracey after working to mako
Vancouver u beautiful and well-planned
.city, »nd accomplishing great results
when tho City was new and the City's
income Ruiall, is now to seo another
,Hio,n t'df-e up his work under more
favorablo couditions as the City's
^rjyeuue continues tu inorense,
The cheese paring proposition to
.combine City Solicitor and City Clerk
.will scarcely give the outside World a
great impression of Vancouver's pros
Juncll..ii nl \v.--.tiiiiii.n-i rimil sni| Wi'.linln-
,«Wr avenuo. RKRVICB8 ai 11 a, in..
and 7:_up. m.: Kun'tsy Hrhovl hi 2.80 p.m.
|ftbv. A. W, .Mi-u-im'i, Pattor.   llasWeVii'- imi
1.1 xth •venue,es-t.
i,;iiiii. i i.i Mini   unil Wsstmlnster *.ronu.s.
-4_WY.t*4 _> II a.m., ami  7 p. in.: - • i I, y
Behoof toi,. Blhlp  fln-s  IsM  p.m,    lli-i     .,    1-.
a^rlnftcn, Il A , U.K., I's.tor.
f>r™'«i'_'._» E-let'ehlb Avenilll, west,   rule-
Ct-rn&r Ninth avenue him! Quebeu nirocl
flKKVICKS at n a. m..Mtid 7:80 pi m. ■ ;- ,.i..hv
ifitf4_tfVt.__.a0p, in. Ui'V.fieo.A.WliM,:;. i ,a.,
Pif-ior. Milium, corner nf Btghth itvu.ue find
O.f.fttiti W$ei,   tul. 1066.
jjT Micuai-x s, (Anglican).
Corner WeiitniJni.terr-._d and Prince .i-iward
rttoef. itKHY.u.Ks it 11 a. ra.', and'7;M p.m.,
Holy Ciiinmiinion inland :.d Sunday., in each
month aftormorning prayer, 2d and ith sun*
•J it ye ritBii. in. Sunday Kelionl Ht 2:-' p.m.
Rev: G. U   WUfion, Rector.
'Rectoryaw Thirteenth avonue, east. Telephone H17W.
Adveni O^riiMnn phnrch (not7tb i\h] <V--
.OOttBtrt) eorfteT Scfi\ih avenue and .Vestal111
ter rond. Hervtfefl it a.mr. unit 7. 'ii p.m.,
.Saadav Hchool nl   10 a.m.    Young   |*-jt>ple>f
rioolety.cf JJ,oval WorkerR of Christian Jji'Icii-
v«r inuoldi-vcry finndny evening nt MAo'clock.
^rayer-nn.eUuj£ We.dnei."tn^ !itKhtaar B O'clock
Fer   ijc^l nt'wy  BUbRortbe    for  TI E
•Spies Vuion
evoninK in the
fcrooui of the church, junction
of Westminster road and Westminster
avenne. The following are the topics
for the next few weeks:
20: "Glorifying Qod in pur Own
Humes,'  Ephcsiaus vi. 1-9.
97th: "-Heroes ct| Homo Mission Yfor^
and What They Teach Us." Jeremiah
i. 7-19.
6th : "The JJaking of a Christian: His
Speech," P^lam cxlv. 1-12, 21; Matthew
x. aa, 3_.
18: "Christ tho Great Physician,"
Luke iv. 1(1-1 tf, v. 27-32; I. Poter ii. 2i.
30th; "Glorifying Ood in Our Daily
Work," Matthew v. 13-10; Kmnaus xii.
27th: "Path erhoid aud Brotherhood,"
Acts xvii. 24*28; John xvii. 20, 21.
If you kuow auy items of Mt.Pleasant
news—Social, Personal or auy other
uews items—send tliem in to "The
Advoci le," or by telephone— B1406.
For over _ third of a century Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dtacovcry !■.(_ !.old raort
laigcly than any other blood purifier ot
(..lier. today than
ever before.     In
that not
the tfiie
Cures  others, why
not you?
rich red
An imitation of nature1! method ofc  '
waste of
tissue and
t impoverishment  of
the blond
and nervous fnce is used when you take
an alterative extract of lierba and roots,
without tlie use of alcohol, like Dr, Pierce.'^
Golden Medical Discovery. Tliis vegetable
medicine coaxeu the digestive functions
and helps in the assimilation of food, or
rather takes from the food just the nutriment tlie blood require*,
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
purifies the blood and entirely eradicates
the poisons that breed and feed dlKtafr
It thus Curefl scrofula, eczema, erysipelas,
boils, pimples, and other eruptions tfiat
mar and Bear the skin. Pure blood is
essential to pood health. The weak, 'run-'
down, debilitated condition which so many
people experience is commonly the effect
of impure blood. Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery not only cleanses the
blood of impurities, but it increases the activity of the blood-making glanda, and it
enriches the body with an abundant supply
of pure, ricli blood.
No matter how powerful the intellect o$
the resources of intellectual power, it must
be backed nn by physical force. Every
day the youth or man must manufacture
a mitt of rich, arterial blood, that is pure,
siiiinilating'to the brain, and that can rebuild the tlsaura that were destroyed in
yesterday's work.
D;     V.'r.-w'^   _?r.hu   cute   biliousueiA.
7» ro.de red linen nothing: in the
world could be nicer than parasols pf
the same material.
Matching these in every particular
are unmade blouses of linen. No mention can possibly be made of spring:
fashions without much enlargement on
the topic of embroideries. In every department of dress, one finds It plays a
principal part, and the new matytals
by th;; yf\rd stimulate hand work with
almost as attractive results in finish
and detail. Single motifs of all kinds,
sorts and aliases 3 re sold as soon as
they are shown because of their new
perfections. Even last year when it
was generally thought that the height
of excellence had been attained, we
were given no auch variety of combln
atlons or originality of treatment. The
seed lace su much used last spring a^
well as during the winter ls encrusted
ln embroidered linens, crash or cotton
Many of the trimmings by the yard
ate designed to give the effect of French
robe gowns when made up with the
wheer and beautiful fabrics which can
be worn In summer. If one only has
the knack of knowing how to pose
these motifs and medallions., wonderful
results may be obtained. Here It is that
the genius tn dressmaking is Rhown
But even the woman not naturally gifted need not despair, for this, like many
another talent, may be cultivated. Leaf
shapes of embroidered linen, very heav
ily worked. We, set on a frame of fine
point de Gene, this being especially
pi ctty when made up with sheer and
while  batiste.
As new as anything Is a handsome
pattern of embroidered batiste in wide
bands. Groups of little tassels at short
intervals give It a decidedly original
note. This may also be had In flounc
.ng. in fact almost all the beautiful
patterns this year come in sets. There
Is usually an all-over design, an insertion and wide flouncing; the insertion
Is not without its own pretty finish on
either side, though a tiny line of French
velning where it ls joined to the material ia always an effective manner of In-
One of the most lovely patterns Is of
floral character, roses of embroidered
net being set into the material ond
combined v. lth seed embroidery.
JUly. Sandwiches.— This is, perhaps,
the simplest of all the sw-eet eand-
\flches, :\xn\ ln much served ^t Kngiish1
a yearm
50c for six months.
25c for three months.
avent Christian (-..lurch,
corner Ninth ave. and "Westminster Rd.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    PJaasant
Methodist Olrarch mots at 8 p. in.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in  Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Church at 8 p. in.
The Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. in
iu Mt.Pleasasant Presbyterian Chnrch.
Mt. Pleasant Mall, (Postofflce.) _
Leaves at 6 a.m., 11 a in., A 5:80 p.m
Arrives at 11 n. in., and 8 p. in.
Telephone Numbers of Local Mini,
SUUscitiBE    »o    you?    LD-nl
Pap.j NflWl
■ tori'S be.  a  Borrower  of a
■fo\t wfucU only costs $1.00 a
It 1,8 _>u(i co.ni.non to believe in hiin
who bpl\ove_ in himself, but if you
wonld do aught uncoinpiQPi believe yet
in him who does not believe ift himself.
Restore the faith to him.
A person with st.e_.gtb of character,
is one who has strong feelings, and
BtropB command over them.
-__:Tlic PliiliBtiqe.
liltW-.I.Hv. G. It. Wilson, (Anglican).
106.—»ev,. yl. A- Wll|*i>n. (Presbyterian).
B1-..-KCV. A. K. Hothorlneton, "Metnodt"!).
City of Vancouver.
TENDER8 will be received by thi
undersigued np to Saturday, April 1st,
at 4 p. in., for the purchnso of debentures of Vuo City of Vaucouver to the
amouu. of $175,000.00. Theso debentures
bear iulorest at the rate of four (.%)
per cent, per annum, payablo half-
yearly nud extending over a period of
forty years. Tho City roserves the right
to reject auy or all tenders.
For further particulars apply to the
Vancouver, B. C, J»n. U5th, 1905.
Ramblers,   iwo-yeia -"Ru,   ail  lirst-
class bushes, for 15o and 20c each.
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Cars pass my place.
2784 Westminster Ave.    Mt. Pleasant,
"Correct English,
How to Use It."
A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the
Use of English.
Interesting. Instructive.
Partial Contents  .xw this Month.
Course in English for the Beginner.
Course iu  English for the Advance
How to Increase One's Vocabulary.
The Art of Conversation.
Should aud Wonld: How to Use Them.
Pronunciation,(Oeutmn-y Dictionary.)
Correct English iu tho Home.
Correct English in the School.
What to Sav and What Not so Say.
Business English for the Business Man
Compound Words:How toWritoThem
Studies in Euglish Literature,
.1.00 a yeai"-    Send 10c for Sample Oopy.
Cokbect Enolish, Evnnston.Ill .U.S.A.
Ninth avenuw
Vanconver Council, No. 211a, meets
overy 2d and 4th Thursdays uf each
month, in I O. O. F., Hal\, ppjrgf".
Saventh and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
__--8 W«trnlnsto,r«,venu-, Tel. wo.
Artgyle Hou&e
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Cost Price
Sale of Ladieg* Press Goods.
Ladies' Ready-to -weai-Shirts worth f2.W for $2.25.
■■'■■■        "       $8.75 " $2.50
$4.50 " $3.00
$■1.75 " KM
"       $0.00 ',' $3.00
$6 50 " J4.5U
$7.50 " $5.50
1.9.00 " $0.00
".'     *10.0P " £7,00,
Girl's Flannelfttt-, Chemise worth Sfic, 40c, 45c, 50c, for 25c each.
J. Horner,
40J0 Westminster Ave. Opp. -Carnegie Library.
If you want a
Ring  up
Telephone   987
oi'  call  aronnd  at  the  Sion
Work's, 408 Cordova St., west.
In any case your wants will rocoivc the
most courteous  nnd  careful attention,
E. & J. HARDY & CO.
Company,  Financial,   Press aud
Advertisers' Agents,
,0 Fleet. St., London, E. C,  England.
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John Gillman, Proprietor. «
Three Chairs, and a first-clans B^J_
Room is run in connection  with   the <
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Orders promptly uiicnil-il  to,   night  Of. \
day.  Charges nioclenit..
Office: 37 Hastings street, we«t,
Telephone Number 479.
§p   YEARS-
is ouly $1.00 a year,
50c for 6 months,
25o for 3 mouths.
If yon miss Thk Advocatk you miai
the local uows.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a n-elPh and -oncrlntlnn msy
qnlfi-ly aflcertuln our opinion fr_e whether su
Invonu'ojl la nrohably piilontnblo.   Oimmunlcs-
Invontlnn la prohnbly piitont
tloiisstrl.tlyciiitlil.titlul. Huiulhookon I .itelit*
sent free. Olilosl npi'iicy for securlns patent.. ■
Patents la-en tfironsb Munn A Co. r.c.t?*
rjirclnl notice, without cbsnio, In tb.
Scientific America...
A handsomely ....intra.crt wMkly.   lAIMtt cfr-
dilution of an*r (tcloni.tln iniintal.    'I ornn, 13 a
roiir; four tncmibi, It  holu by nt) licwfulenlfirn,  '
WUNN & Co.«'B •«1-' New York
llr.iich oni.io. I_ K SU W«»hlnotoil. D. C.
Thk Advocatk Is the best Bdvortisinfj
iiiediuiii whero it cireulatos. Toi. BU"
EleCtric Light
\ Along lnterurban|Rv- Line
Z The Electric Lighting Line  has  now  been
extended from Gladstone Station to Burnaby
Power House.
Any residents wishing to install the light
will please make application to the Lighting
Department, where further information will
be cheerfully given. •
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
L%%'^^*%^^•^-V1t>*%%%/%''%^lV<v%,,: 'm^ytA^%-%^my%^^m,-a


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