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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Feb 4, 1905

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4 MeOowetPs Syrup of
White PiiKe Co,
We gv&Mtitm & to giy# :->a_tisfacti<s»,
n. a. w. Co.
Jrlount Pleasant Branch..
Mfc, Pleasant Postofi_se in co»neet«_n.
•» 1.
Mt Pleasant Advo
fl jwsr j*«w. Six Monttotgot, 'iw-tm ftoaws iSc, #**te Copy 5c
Devoted to the interests of   Mt. Pleaswrt, Central Park. South V*_couv«r. i.-l
Established AprH 8, .8*9',   Whole Number 244.
Subscribers are requested to
report any oajojjesauess in the delivery
A? '-'Khe Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thnrsday noon to insure their
Local Items.;
The McCnuig Auction and Qonnp-is-
siou Co., Ltd., uexttoCnfneige Library,
Hustings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduot Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every dosfiripl ioi
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phou^ fOIO.
The Mt. Fiea_wH "Advocate" on sale
at all the Newsdealers iu the city
The ''Seotcti Coftctyt" ju the Mt.
Pleasant Presbyterian Church op
Thursday eveniug was a splendid entertainment from start to finish. The
Attendance was not very large, but the
audience was a most appreciative one.
Those wfto eVWitribjjted toward the excellent program were: Miss Jenn Mc-
Dougall, Miss Margaret Ross, Miss
Warn, Miss E. Allan, Messrs. Kendall,
J.jowu, Tweedale, O. Boult. Miss 0.
W«od presided nt tho new piano. Miss
MeDougiill's flue aud cultured voice
was heard to advantage in Scotch songs,
and she received repeated encores to
ivjiich she graciously responded. Miss
Hoss sang old familiar Scotch airs iu
charming style and was also repeatedly
encored. Miss Allau proved to
be a very accomplished elocutionist, her
pnses.Ojgcsturos. voico and expression
heing (  sjr and natural:
sue    was    splendid    iu both serious
aud humorous selections.
Prior to tho commencement of the
program Miss Margaret Ross was presented with a handsomo gold Maple
Lent brooch and u boquet by friends
wiui appreciate her continued kind
Bervices to tho church
Our Prices SSI Lowest
Cpn.s.i.sJ;eut with First-class Work. It
A FACT we are conceded the LEADERS on the
Pacific Coast. Our Painless Method*.
can not be used by others.
Set of Teeth from $8.00 up
Goto Crownb from $5 00 np
Bridoe Work Croin $5.00 np
147 Hastings St., E/TTr'
Opposite tho Carnegie Library.
Olllce Hr.ujv.: 8 a. m., to 0 p. m.
Sundays 9 a. m.
Telephone 1666.
to 2 p. m.
We have overy variety of Boots and
flippers at groally reduced prhv*. For
eiimlnrt, quality auil price conic to
R. MILLS, the Shoc-muu, 18 Ocudova
Vancouver Council, No 31 in, gnve n
grand banquet uud dauce on Thursday
evening in Oddfellows' Hull About
Jiy. hundred gtsxftH a||d uicnibers of the
Order were present. Tho hull, and
lodge rooms upstairs, were gaily deco
rated fer the evasion, «ud Groeu's
Orchestra disccmrsed fine   d;_uce music
1 The tables were loaded withsubstantials
uud duiuties, The occasion was in
'(■"MJWi'.n of Conncil No. 21 In having
reached 200 membership. This Council
wns organised by   Dr. Robt   Lawrence
' on March UOth, 1900, witb a Charter
list of 18, lit now members and flvo who
joined by card. Today thero arc 200
Brothers alJ,) __ good balance iu the
We havo built a reputation in the
Shoe Business for quality, style, price
and comfort in Ladies', Meu's Misses'
nu4 gpvs' footwear. R. MILLS, 18
Cordova streot.
 :o: -*-
The annual meeting of (ho Local
Council of Women will bo held on
Tuesday next, February 7th, iu the
f-f. Andrew's Sunday School Hull,
Richards street. Election of officers
aud reading of reports of ifflijiatpd
societies will occupy tho nfternoon
session which opens at 8 o'clock. Tea
will be served by the ladios of St. Andrew's Cjjuroh Guild. Tho oyopiug
session will begin at 8 o'clock, when
Miss Bowes uud Mrs. (irilllu will give
their reports of tho Nntioual Couueil
Meetjug jit Winnipeg, and a musical
program will be pn.yii jotl by the Ladies'
Guild of St. Andrew's 0)|iirrh. The
Clergy of the city and the general public
are cordially invited to bo present.
If yoa know nny items of Mt.Pleasant
' uews—Social, Personal or any other
> uows items—seud  thom   iu  to   "The
fldvocate," or by telephone—BI405.
The pastor's morning subject ou
Snnday will bo "God and Small
things"; evening subject: "Choice of
At the closo of the morning service a
Reception of New Members will be held,
(_( ;"_r Which the Sacrament of tho Lord's
Sapper will be administered.
In the Sabbath School it will be
- Decision Day
Tho Epwortli Leaguo ou Mouday evening will hold tho regular monthly
Consecration meeting. A full attend-
, ance is requested.
Read the New York Deutnl Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Mrs. Morrison of Twelfth avenne,  is
(langerously ill, nnd   Miss Olivo Morri
p|i.| hiiij lipon telegraphed to return homo
||_   ._(.   hopo is     entertained     of     lier
pother's recovory.
Advortizo in tfl^e ''Advocate.
The Ladies' of tho Maccabees tendered the citizens of Vancouver an evening of rare enjoyment on Mondny
January 110th, in Pender Hall, wheu
under their auspices I'.eatrice McClure
made her flrst appearance in this city.
Mrs, McClure is tin artist, and sways
her audience by her unaffected, graceful and truthful rendering of her
character studies. Hor reading of the
"Japanese Nightingale" Was delightfully natural and pleasing. Her voice
is sympathetic, her gestures expressive
aud sho possesses a charming personality which wius her audience from her
first appearance on the platform. Miss
Ella Walker, the well-known nnd popu
lur soprano, gave seyeral solos during
the eveuipjg iu hor iuiitnblo stylo nnd
both Mrs. McClure aud Miss Walker
were most kind in responding to the
hearty encores, accorded them by n
most gratified uud large audience. The
opening piano solQ by Miss Luola
Webber was u selection cleverly executed iu that youug pianist best style.
Tho local L. O. T. M., announce tho
entertainment to havo been financially
a success.
Poultry Wire
Our ship has arrived, and we hava a full stock.
Now is the time to purchase—while  the stock is complete.
We would be glad to have you call and see us,
J. A. fLETT,
The Arcade or -tiram-flle StstA
For Light Lunch
Baked Applet—like home--*»t___3
Genuine Boston Balked U_uvs
Open from 7:80 a, m., fo 12 p. m.
Snnday from 9 a. m.   to IS p. ni.
Sixth Year, Vdl. 6, Tfc.. 44.
STORE, Tel 447-
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Fancy Nave!
Oranges i5Dcoz for
2 cans Pineapples for 25c. Pure Honey 5-lb, for 85c.
Try our Money Back Tea,  35c per  pound, 3-lbfor $1.00.
Por Saturday, MondaV and Tuesday
Prior to Stock-taking.
fCI-% __tl_r_i t*iat Famous Indian
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd-
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. OOO. Westminster Avo. A Prlnooss Street.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
Mason's Hn'l.Feb.lOth. Don't forget I
Allen.—Born  to Dr.   Naboth
Mrs. Allen, January 28th, a so».
Doily Social iu Mason's Hall,  February 10th.   Admission ?5c.
MiBB Ireno Whjfesidc entertained a
fow of hor young friends ou Thursday
eveuiug nt tbe homo of her parents,
Eighth aveuue, oust. Tho evening was
passed with games, music, recitations
and dainty refreshments served.
Present; Mjss Grace Lord, Misses
Olaribell and Kdn Sprnug, Miss Mary
Draney, Miss May Snell, Miss Hilda
White, Miss Annie Kennedy, Miss
Kathleen Whyte, Miss Ethel Pearson,
Miss Mildred Copelnud, Miss Alberta
Balfour, Miss Myrtle Footo, Miss Anna
"Tho Advocate" wishes auy carelessness iu (jp.lvcry reported to the Offico;
telephone Bl-105.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge L. O. L.,
"ffo 18-.$, will moot ou Wednesday evening next iu Oddfellows' Hall. Tho
arrangements for tho Concert, Dance
autl Supper to be given on March 8lh,
are progressing favorably. Orangemen
who jjavo Certificates put nway in thoir
trunks, should get them ont nnd affiliate with Mo, 1842, which is a growing
lodge with enthusiastic Orange
workers iu itj. membership.
Two weeks Sale—All Winter Goods
at Cost.   W. W. MERKLEY.
Madison Wright, who has leased tho
old Baptist Church from Mr. David
Saunders, will hold services ou Sunday
at 11 a.m., It and 7:30 p.m., aud through
the wee)( ar 7"'i0 P' IH' The denomination Mr Wrjfjlit (iflpreseuts arc known
as Dcciplcs or Christians, and this is
tho first* time they havo made an effort
io establish a church iu this province.
Auy one having frionds or knowing
of strangers visitiug ou Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
'Tho Advocate."   Telephone 111-105.
.{.serve Wednesday Feb. 8th, for the
Dance  under  tho  auspices  of    Court
Ladysuiith, Ancient Order of Foresters,
iu the Mt. Pleusuut  Oddfollows'   Hall.
Tickots $1.00 per couple.     Invitations
cnu bo secured from Miss S.. Hatch, Mrs.
A. Clegg, Mr. L. J. Bnrclujr, Mr. J. D.
 :o: =.
Thk Ar.voCATB is nlwayB glad to rocoive
items of social, personal or other i.pws
from its rpaders. Send now? ilium- to
tho ofllfip or by telephone, Bl-JOfj.
Before starting on a shopping, tour,
louk oyer the advertisements \y\ the
ft**) VOUATI*,
Mr. Mulligan, late of Victoria, is having a Di,.00.00 dwelling built on the lots
he recently purchased on Quebec street
and Fifteenth.
Mrs. S. McClay gave a pleasnnt and
successful tea iu the interests of St.
MichaoJ's Church Mission Fuud, on
Wednesday afternoon at her home,
Seventh and Westminster road.
Read the advertisement of the Central
Drug Ha)} iu today's paper, it will
interest yon.
 —:o:  ..
The Oity Grocery delivers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 28U
Ur. 3. B. Netherby, School Inspector
for Vanconver Island, visited his son,
Mr. Chas. Netherby, proprietor of the
Central Drug Hall, this week.
Mr. H. Duncan, .the well-known and
popular Fireman, has beeu appointed
Captain at the new East FnA Firo Hall,
assuming his duties ou Wednesday.
After eleven years at No. 8, he certainly will be missed by liis host of friends'
Captain Duncan has six meu to "boss.
If yon know of auy local news item of
interest such as parties, dauces, socials,
arrival and departure of visitors, society
meotiugs, etc., send it in to The
Advocate or by tolophoue B1405.
& f wwfiwnr iff tf if? ur w t w min mm
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is tbe moat
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
cau supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $|.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.      Tel. 4a9
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotel*
or delivered to your honse.
71 Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi HiHiJHikiuiniaikimHi £
- The fuueral of the late Stafford D.
Bingham of Peterborough, Ont., took
place from the home of Mr.F. Bingham,
609 Niuth avenuo, cast on Weduesday
afternoon, Rev. A. E. Hctherlngton
officiating. The deceased camo to Vancouver soma nine months ago to visit
his son, and was taken ill uot long after
from tho effects of which illness he died
on Saturday evening last.
It's Just Like This:
We want Your Trade, and we are willing to make it worth
your while to trade with us.
Call cu us or if you desire we will call on you aud explain.
The quicker thig ig dpne the sooner you will save money.
Look I    Mext Week—4 tins Prime Salmon 25C
Many other lines equally as cheap awaiting your orders.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
Reserve Feb. 8th, for A. O. F. Dance
and Supper iu Oddfellows' Hall, Mt.
Pleasant.   Tickets $1.00 per couple.
The young men of St. Michael's Congregation gave n jolly little dance Wednesday eveuiug in Oddfellows' Hall.
Good music, good floor, good dancers
and last but not least good supper made
tho affair very eujoynblo
Rov A. A. McLeod, for mary years
a Missionary in India, will give a stirring Missionary Address ou Sunday at
11a.m. Tho ordinance of the Lord's
Supper will be administered at the
morning servico. Iu tho evening Rev.
A. W McLeod will preach on "Things
That Are Pommouly Blessod." Mr.
David Ward who has mado a great
reputation ns a teacher of voico culture,
will siug at tho eveniug service.
Telephone Numbers of Local Ministers.
Ui7!")-K«v. O. II. Wilson, (Anglican).
10-6—Kev. «. A. Wllion, (I'ri'nliyt.-rlHii).
nr-.---..-. A. K. ilethcrington, (Mctlioill.t).
Be suro and attend tho Doily Social in
Mason's Hall on Feb. 10th. Admission
Mrs. W. H. Griffin, Dcpt. Proviucinl
Coiuiu. L. O. T. M., has been quite ill
with ao attack of eri-ypelus but is
:o: 7—
Mrs. C. Dougan has beep visiting Mrs.
J. B. Dongan of Quebec Btreet, the past
A jolly surprise party took possession
of the home of Mr. and Mrs John
TT«rford, corner Sixth nveuuu aud Quebec _ vcct, on Thursday eveuiug, and
enjoyco thoniBclvos till a Into hour, with
games and music. Present: Misses F.
and G. Harford, Misses L. and M.
Verge, Miss Dovliu, Miss Dyson,
Messrs. Gray, Philips, A.;p. Lawrence,
M.Bowman, K.Robsoii, R.S.Cummiugs.
The Ladios' Aid of the Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church will give a Doily
Social on Friday eveuiug, Fobruary
10th, in Mason's Hall. A splendid
supper will be served to all' aud nt tho
door as ono enters a doily will be presented which iu cose of a gentlemaii he
can pass uu to his sweetheart, wifo or
mother if not keeping "bachelor's hall,"
It Is Not Necessary
to go down-town for anything in tho line of Drugs nml Medicines
Wc can supply nil your needs nud nsuiilly save you money basidcB.
We']l uot overcharge you, that's a certainty,
Tl_p biggest saving to you is on Piiescription Wouk—uo better service
cqjtld lie had anywhere af any price.
0(.r expenses are light as compared with tho down town stores, therefor, wo cau afford to give you tho benefit of the difference which in
thp -iiiirse of a year would amount to quite a little sum.
Free D.i_|very to Any Part of the City.
Tho Central Drug Hall
2444  Westminster Ave. Opp. Lbk'b ("kocf.ry.
Chas. E. NETHERBV, Prop. Telephone  1349.
Clearing at   Less  Than
Manufacturers0 Prices
Blouses in self-shades, floral dosigus nnd stripes, in French Flnuuels;
cashmeres, lustres and sateous; worth np to $4.60, your choico for
$1.00 e»ch.
Children's Coats in a large variety of styles and colors. Iu eiderdowns, curl cloths nud many other different kinds; worth np to $6.60,
your choice for $1 00.
Dkesk GooDti—Dress Tweeds in plnin and fancy mixtures; regular
$1.50, $1.76 nnd $11 00, clearing for 75c a yard.
A. ROSS & CO., ^«Kft^"st'
jssss»t Central Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., &,Weutminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetable, always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant nud Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. FrZkNI_ERb,e
W%%%%%%'%%%%-*M-< -%>■
3321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel A1200      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
lu season.
4*-*-v*%-v*v%. «^__%%%%%-v)
A number of Miss F. Howes friends
gave lier a surprise pnrty on Wednesday
evening of lust week, nt her parents
ho ne, 1)03 Tenth avenne, cast. Tho
merry crowd spout a most delightful
eveuiug, during which Mr. Jefferson
favored the guests with latest selections
in music. Games of various kinds wero
indulged ill nfter which refreshments
wero served, and then dancing was the
feature until early morning. Present:
Miss MJ Revels, Miss M Draney, Miss
M. MeKenzie, Miss M. Gray, Miss S.
Burns, Miss B Draney, Miss A. Me-
Cauley, Miss N. Lobb, Miss G. Healey,
Messrs. A.Carrcr, F. Crocker, H, K.mp,
S. MeKenzie, R. Burns, G. Couu; F.
Ford, W. McCleau, J. Hatch, G. Wood,
B. Hatch, Mr. Jefferson.
Electrolysis Paiii.oii of Hairdressiug, Mauicnriug, Facial Mmtsage and
Scalp Trciitinunt fur fjadios and Goutle-
men. Superfluous hnir, warts uud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron oil "How to take euro of
Skill Food for building up tho wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream tu prevent and b"iil sunburn.
Madame Humphreys
«Hfl Granville
Subscribers whit fujl to
get "The Advucate" on Saturday niorning please notify
this office..    Telephone Bi/jr.5
Central Park.
The Central Park Literary and Debating Sooiety will debate the following
resolution on Wednesday eveuiug,
February 8th, iu tho Horticultural Hall:
"Resolved, that Iron is of more use than
Gold. ' The speakers for the affirma.
tivo will be Mr. Barclay, H. Swain aud
A. McDonald. Tho negative will be
Mr. Clark, Mr. Beauchonx nud L. R
Alcock. Musical numbers will bo
rendered beforo and nfter tho debate,
aud a cordial invitation is extended tu
everyone to be present.
A Temperance meeting will bo held
ou Friday eveuiug tho 10th, in the
Agricultural Hall, with a view to forming a regular Temperance Society.
Mr. Joseph Bowman hns been agreeably surprised lately by arrival of a
baby boy nt his homo. Joo intends to
uame the boy Edward—tho First.
Another nddition to Central Park's
population arrived ou Monday morning,
January UOth, when a little daughter
was boru to Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Youug.
The Masquerade Bull given iu tho
Horticultural Hall last Friday evening
by Messrs. H. Eurle, A. E. Buchanan,
A. McKay and J\ Battison was very
successful. The floor was iu splendid
shape for dancing and the music by
Greeu's Orcheitja excellent. Refreshments were served at midnight and
dancing rosuuied until two-thirty
o'clock when n special car was in readiness for the guest, from Vaucouver,
We are jnst through stock-
takig, and our store is now
in excellent condition—in
shipshape for the visits of
yourself and any friend who
may be visiting yon.
The is nu invitation to look-
not to buy.
Of courso it will be a pleasure to wait upon yon should
you desire it
Corner Hastings and Granvi.le Sta.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. R.
Mt. Pleasant School.
When the school bell rung at the
Mt. Pleasant School on the moruiug of
January full, the teachers were greeted
with tbe smiling countenances of 1)00
Principal Jamlesou transferred between (Id and 70 of these to the Public
•School Department in tho new High
School building, thus lowering the
attendance of January to the following;
Pupils attending 868
Average Acf.ua] Attendance 7R.'J 88
Ml. Pleasant flail, (Hosto-flice..
Leaves at H 11.i.i., II a in., A S:S0 p.m,
Arrive^; at 11 11. __,., aut| !J p. iq.
McTaggart & Moscrop
Dealers in
344 Carrall St..     Vancouver. B.C.
Tompletou Block.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrapper*
and we will send free your eholoe of 80
pictures. Or for to wrappers choice of
150 books, Rooks and picture lists oa
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover nud Timothy  Seeds,
Pratt's Poultrv and Animal Foods,
Pratt's LIjo Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Beefscraps, Etc.
S   KEITH Carncr   N,N™ maaama  4.
Telephone  10 s
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Pricos to comimre with any.
Cor. Westminster ave, * Dufferin Hi,
Sec VV hen Your Lodge Me«. ti
The 2d uud 4th Mondays of the mouth
Court  Vancouver,  I.  O.  F„ lUWtli «■>
8 p ui.
Mt. PlottBiiut Lodge No. 19,  I.O.O.F,
meets nt 8 p. 111.
Vancouver   Couueil   No.  211a,   Can.
ait in 11 Order uf Chosen Frii 1 (It ineati
the 2d and -lth Thursdays of tho mouth,
Alexandra Hive No 7, ImtVmt of the
Maei.i bees holds it* regular meeting* ojj
^ic ut, and M Friday! erf the tppuih
H 35F
I The Filigree
Tlie house is too well known for
nie to attempt a minute description
of it. The illustrations which have
appeared in all the papers have already acquainted the general public
with Us simple facade and rows upon rows of shuttered windows, Even
the great square porch with its
bench for negro attendants has been
photographed for the million. Those
who have seen the picture In which
the wedding-guests are shown Hying
Irom its yawning thiol wny, will not
bo especially Interested in the quiet.
almost solemn aspect it presented as
I passed up the low steps und laid
my hand upon the knob eif the old-
fashioned front door.
Not that' I expected to win an entrance thereby, but because it is my
nature to approach everything in a
common-sense way. Conccivo then
niy astonishment when ut first touch
the door yi-lded. It wus not. even
'"' "So! so!" thought 1 "This is no
fool's job; soma one is it; the house."
- I had  provided myseli  witb an 01-
_»linary  pockot_lantern,    and,   when    I
bad convinced Hibbard that I fully
meant to enter the house und discover for myself who had taken advantage of the popular prejudice (.gainst
it to make a secret refuge or render*
\ous of Its decayed old looms, 1
took out this lantern und held it in
' r< adincss.
"\V.e may strike a hornets' nest," 1
explained to Hihbard, whose feet
seemed very heavy even for a man ol
his sue. _i'Bul I'm going in and sip
are you. Only, let me suggest that
we first tako off our shoes.   We can
' Hide them in these hushes,"
"I ulways catch cold when I walk
barefooted," mumbled my brave companion;   but.  receiving  no  reply      he
- drew off his shoes and dropped tbem
beside mine in the cluster of stark
bushce which figure so prominently
in the illustrations thut 1 have jnst
mentioned. Then he took out his
revolver, and cocking it, stood waiting, while I gave a cautious push to
tho door.
Darkness! silence!
Rather had I confronted a light
and heard some noise even if it had
been the ominous click to which wo
are so well accustomed. Hibbard
soomed to share my feelings, though
from an entirely different cause.
"Pistols and lanterns arc no good
here," ho grumbled. "What we want
nt this blessed minute is a priest
with a sprinkling of holy water, and
I for one—"
Ho was actually sliding off.
With a smothered oath I drew hiin
"Seo here!" I criod, "you're not a
bubo in arms. Como on or— . Well,
what now?"
He had clenchod my arm and was
pointing to the door Which was
slowly swaying to behind us.
"Notice that," ho whispered. "No
kev in the lpckl JUen use keys
My patience could stand no more.
Willi a shako 1 rid myself of his
clutch, muttering:
"There, go! You're too much of a
t fool -for. ino. I'm In for it ulone,"
And in proof of my determination, I
. turned the slido of the lantern and
Hushed tho light through the house.
* -Tho effect was ghostly; but while
the fellow at my side breathed hard
he did not take udvantage of ray
words to mako his escape, as I half
expected bim to. Perhaps, like myself, he was fascinate- by tho dreary
s| c.'tucle of long shadowy walls and
an- equally shadowy staircase eiherg-
iug from a harkness which a minute
Ijefore had seemed impenetrable. Per,
hups ho was simply ashamed. At all
events he. stood his ground, scrutinizing with rolling eyes 1 hat portion
ot the hall whero two columns, with
gilded Corinthian capitals, marked
tho door ol the room which no man
entered without purpose or passed
without dread. Doubtless he was
thinking of thut which had so frequently been carried out between
those columns. 1 know that 1 was;
and when, in the sudden draft made
by the open door, some'open draper-
lee banging near those columns blew
out With a sudden BWOOp uud shiver,
- 1 was not at ull astonished to see
him lose what lillle courage hatl remained in hint. The truth is. I was
startled myself, but I was able to
hide tbo fact and to whisper back to
him, fiercely:
"DOfl't be an idiot. That curtain
hides nothing worse than some
sn'nking political refugee or a gang
of countctf.Iters."
•Maybe.   I'd just liko to    put my
hand on Upson nnd "
I had just heard -something.
For   a.  moment  Wo   stood     breathless, bit!  as the sound    was    not repealed'I concluded thut it    was tho
creaking of that far-away shutter.
Certainly there wns nothing moving
near us.
"Shall we go upstairs','" whispered
"Nql till we have made .sure that,
all is right down here."
A door stood slightly ajar on our
Pushing It open we looked in. A
well  furnished parlor  was  before us.
"Here's where the wedding took
place," remarked Hibbard, Straining
bis head over my shoulder.
There were signs of this mddlhg
on every side Walls and ceilings
had been hung with garlands, and
these still clung to the mantelpiece
and over and around the various
doorways. Torn-off branches and the
remnants ot old bouquets, dropped
from the hands of flying guests, littered the carpet, adding to tbo gen-
oral confusion of overturned chairs
und tables. Everywhere were evidences of the hasto with wliich the
place had been vueated as well us
the superslitious dread which hail
prevented it being re-entered for the
i-iiiniiiinipliii-ii purpose of cleuning.
Even tho piano had not been shut,
•nd under It lay some scattered
sheets of music which had been left
where they fell, to tho probable Inns
of sonic poor musician. Tlin clock
occupying tho centro of tho mantelpiece alone gave evidence of life It
had been wound for the wedding and
had not yet run down. Its tick-tick
camo faint enough, howover, through
the darknoss, as if lt too had lost
heart and would soon laosc Into the
deadly quiet ol Its ghostly siin'uuiii".-
■it's    funeral-like,"  chattered
Ho was right; I felt as if I were
shutting the lid of a collin when I
finally closed the door.
Our next steps took us into tho
rear where we found little to detain
us, and then, with a certain dread
fully justified by the event, we made
fur the door defined by the two Corinthian columns.
It was ajar like the rest, and, call
mu coward or call me fool—I have
called Hibbard both, you will remember—I found that it tost me an
effort to lay my hand on its mahogany panels. Danger, if danger
there was, lurked here; and while I
hud never known myself to quail
before any ordinary antagonist, 1,
like others of my kind, have no especial fondness for unseen and mysterious perils.
Hibbard, who up to this point liud
followed nie almost too closely, now
accorded mu ull tho room that was
necessary. It was with a sense of en-
toi'iiirjr alone upon the scone that I
finally thrust Wide the door and
crossed tho threshold ol this ro-
doiibluble room where, but two
short weeks liofore, a fresh victim hud
been added to the list of those who
by somo unheard-of, unimaginable
Moan's found their death within its
My first glance showed me little
save the ponderous outlines of un
old settle, which jutted from the
corner of the fireplace hull' way out
into Ihe room. As it was seemingly
from lilts seat that the men, who at
various times had been found lying
here, had fallen to their doom, a
thrill passed over mo as I noted ils
Unwieldy bulk and the deep shadow
it. threw on tho ancient and dishonored hearthstone. To escape the
ghastly memories it evoked and also
to satisfy myself that the room was
really'tis empty as it seemed, 1 took
another step forward. This caused
the light from the lantern I carried
to sproad beyond the point on which
It hud hitherto been- so effectively
concentrated: lint the result, was to
emphasize rather than detract from
the extreme desolation oi the great
room. The settle was u fixture, ns
1 afterwards found, and was almost
the only arliclo of furniture to be
seen on the witle expanse of Uncar-
peted floor. There wns a table or
two in hiding .somewhere amid the
shadows al Ihe oilier end from where
1 stood, and possibly some kind ot
stool-or settee; but the. gcneiul impression made upom nm was that, of
a completely dismantled place given
over to molh and rust.
I do not include the walls. They
wero not burn like the floor, but covered with books from floor to ceiling. These books were not the books
of to-day; they had slood so long in
thoir places unnoted and untouched,
that they had acquired the color of
fungus, und smelt— Well, thero is no
use tedding to the picture Every one'
knows the spirit .of sickening desolation pervading rooms which have
been shut up for an indefinite length
of time from air and sunshine.
THO elegnnce of the heavily stuccoed ceiling, admitted to bo ono of
tho finest specimens of its kind in
Washington, aa welt as tbo richness
of the carvings ornamenting tho
mantel of .Italian marble rising above
the accursed hearthstone, only served
to make more evident tho extreme
neglect into which the rest of tho
room bad sunk. Being anything but
anxious to subject myself further to
its unhappy influence nnd quite convinced that the place wus Indeed as
empty us it looked, 1 turned to leave
when m.v eye fell upon something s_o
unexpected and so extraordinary,
seen as it was under the intliiencu of
tbe old tragedies with which my
mind wns necessarily full, Unit I
paused, balked In my advance, antl
well-nigh tincei'lain whether 1 looked
upon a real thing or on some
strange and terrible fantusy of my
aroused imagination.
A form lay before me, outstretched
on thut. portion of tho floor which
bnd hitherto been hidden from me by
llie hall-open door—a woman's form,
which even in that first cusual look
Impressed itself upon me as one of
aerial delicacy and extreme refine*
ment; and this form lay ns only
the deud lie; the dead! And I had
bci'n looking at tho hearthstone for
jnst    such  a picture!       No,  nol just
such a picture, for this woman luy
faco Uppermost, and, on the lloor beside her v.us blood—
A blind, hod plucked my sleeve. It
was Tlili!i.ird's. Startled by my
Immobility and silence, he had stepped i.;i ivithtpiuking members expecting ho hi'.riily knew what. llnl no
siH'in'i* did his eyes fall on the pros*
Ilute.' (ui m which held mo spellbound, than an Unforeseen Chang*
took place In him. What hnd unnerved nn... ii stilted him to full self-
po-session. Death in this shape was
familiar to him. He hud no fear of
blood, lie did not show surprise at
orieou'iilorlng ii, but only at the cf-
fccl  ii   appeared lo produce on me
'.Shut! ' «UI, his laconic comment
ns lie bent over the prostrate body.
"Shot through the heart! She must
have tiled  before sho fell."
That wns n new experience for this
room. No wound huel ever beforo
disfigured those who had fallen hero,
nor had any of the previous victim!,
been found lying on any other spot
than the one over which that hugu
settle kept giiiird. As theso thoughts
crossed my mind, I instinctively
glanced again toward the flrcplaco
for what I almost refused to believe
lay Outstretched at my feot. When
nothing more appeared there than
that old seat of sinister memory, I
oxporlanced a thrill which poorly pre-'
pared mo for the cry which I now
hoard raised by Hibbard.
"Look libra I What do you make of
Ho    was   pointing to what,    upon
closet*  Inspection,  proved    to    be    a.
strip of whito satin ribbon    running i
from ono of tho dolicnto    wrists    of |
tho gill before us to the handle of a j
pistol which bad fallen not far away
from her side   "it looks as    lf   tho
pistol was attached to her.   That is
Kometbing    now    in    m.v  experience.
What do you think it menus?"
Alas!   thero was but-una thing; it |
■ -niild mean.   Tlui -hut to wblcb    aha
had succumbed bad been'- delivered
by herself. This fair und . delicato
creature was a suicide
Ilut suicide in this place! How
could wo account for that? Had the
story of this room's ill-acquired
lame acted hypnotically on her, or
had she stumbled upon- the open
door in front and been'glad of any
refuge where her misery might find a
solitary termination? Closely scanning her upturned face, I sought an
ans-wcr to this question, and while
thus seeking received a fresh shock
which I did not hesitato to coinmun-
iealt" to my now none-too-sensitive
.•'"Look at these features," 1 cried.
"1 seem to know them, do you?"
Ho growled out a dissent, but
stooped at my bidding and gave the
pitiful young face a prolonged stare.
When he looked up again it wns with
a puzzled contraction o! his eyebrows.
"I've certainly seen , it somewhere," he hesitatingly admitted,
edging slowly away toward the door.
"Perhaps in the papers. Isn't she
"Like!" I inleiTitpled, "it is Veronica Mooro herself; tho owner of
this houso and she who was married
here two weeks since to Mr. Jeffrey.
Evidently her reason, was unseated
by the tragedy which threw so deep
a gloom over her wedding."
Not lor an instant did I doubt the
correctness of tliis identification. All
tho pictures I had seen of this well-
known society belle had been marked
by an individuality of expression
which fixed her face in the memory
nml which I now saw repeated In the
lifeless features  before me.
Greatly startled by the discovery,
but quite convinced lhat this was
but the dreadful sequel of an already
sufficiently dark tragedy, I proceeded
to take such steps ns are common in
these cases. Having sent the too-
willing Hibbard to notify headquarters, I was on the point of making a
memorandum of such details ns seemed Important, wljen my lantern suddenly Wont out, leaving mo in total
This was far fr-Jro pleasant, but the
effect it produced upon my mind was
not without ils result. For no
sootier did I find myself alone and in
tho unrelieved darkness of this grave-
like room, than I became convinced
that no woman, however frenzied,
would moke her plunge into nn unknown existence from the midst of a
darkness only too suggestive of the
tomb to which she wns hastening. It
was not in nature, not in woman's
nature, nt all events. Either she
had committed the final net before
such daylight as could filler through
the shuttors of, Ibis closed-tip room
had quito disappeared-nn hypothesis
instantly destroyed by the warmth
which slill lingered iu certain portions of her body—or else tlio light
which had been burning when sho
pulled tho fatal trigger had since
been carried elsowhore or extinguished.
Recalling the uncertain gleams
which wc hud seen Hashing from ono
of the upper windows, I was inclined
to give some crcdenco to tho former
theory, but wus disposed to be fair
to both. So after re-lighting my
lamp, I turned on ono of tho gas
cocks of tho iiuissivo chandelier over
my head and npplicd a match. Tho
result was just what I anticipated;
no gas in the pipes. A meter had not
been put in for tho wedding. This
tbo papers had repeutedly stated in
dwelling upon the garish effect of
the daylight on the elaborate costumes worn-by tho ladies. Candles
hail not even been provided—ah,
candles! What, then, was it that I
saw glittering on a small table at
the other end of the room? Suroly
a cnndlestick, or rather an old-fashioned candelabrum with a half-
burned candle in one of its sockets.
Hastily crossing to it, I felt of the
candle-wick, lt was quite stiff and
hard. But not considering this a
satisfactory proof that it had not
been lately burning—tho tip of a
wick soon dries after the flame Is
blown oul— I took out my penknife
nnd attacked tlio wick at what might
be called its roots; whereupon I
found that where the threads had
been piptectod by the wax they wero
comparatively soft and penetrable.
'I'he conclusion was obvious. True
to my instinct in this matter tho
woman had not lifted her weapon in
the darkness; this candle had been
burning. But here my thoughts "received a fresh shock. If burning,
then by whom had it since been
blown out? Not by her; her wound
was too fatally sure for that. Tho
steps token between tho table whero
the candelabrum stood and the
place where she lay, _wcre taken,    lf
taken at all by her, beforo that shot
was fired. Somo ono else—some one
whose breath still lingered in .the
air about me—had extinguished this
candle-Homo after she fell, nnd tho
death I looked down upon was not a.
suicide, but a" murder!
'fho.excitement wliich this discovery
caused to tinglo through my overy
nervo had Its birth In the ambitious
feeling referred to in tho opening
paragraph of this narrative. I bo-
lloved that my long-sought-for opportunity had como; that with tho
start given mo by tho conviction
Just statod, I should bo enabled to .
collect such clues and establish such
facts as would lead to tho acceplanco
of this new theory instead of the
apparent ono of suicide embraced by
Hibbard and about to be promulgated ut police headquartors. H so,
what a triumph would bo mine; and
what a dobt I should owe to tho
crabbed old gentleman, whose seemingly fantastic fears had first drawn
mo to this place!
Realizing tho vAluo of tho opportunity allordcd -mo by tho few minutes 1! was likely to spend alone on
this scene of crime, 1 proceeded to
niy task with that directness and
method which I had always promisoU
myself should characterize my first
-iirri.s-  ia duter-.t.ivn work.'.
Too much sensibility creates unhap-
phiessi too much insensibility create*
crime   Talleyrand.
■ ;■ .■ „-«•*.•,: en»~--^<
its just as
•-<i_-.,v. \i
good for
The Best Flour for every purpqs
Uncle Sam'- New Paper Money I« ta
Be Soil nml  1.1 vet?.   .
The days of the crisp bank note are
numbered. Instead of being crisp the
money which tlie government bureau
of engraving and printing will hereafter turn out will be soft and velvety,
If Important experiments which are
I now being conducted ln the presence
: of treasury otflcers for the purpose of
demonstrating the advantage of a
novel chemical treatment for paper
prove satisfactory. Tho result ot the
adoption of tbe new secret process will
be to revolutionize a portion of the work
connected, with the printing of paper
money lii'the United States. Under tbe
new process It will tnke .ust.sixty days
less time to manufacture a bank note
than under the present method. The
chemical solution uot ouly renders the
paper soft and velvety, but It nlso
makes it nonsbrinkuble. By applying
It to ri Japanese napkin that article
becomes as soft and pliable as a tissue of silk. The chemical preparation
acts as nn antiseptic aud preservative.
Wheu applied. to old documents it
seems lo knit the fiber together and
prevent further decay. Under the present process of printing paper money
the paper has to be thoroughly soaked
in water. While It ls in this soaked
condition one side of tbe paper is
printed. The sheet is then placed in a
steam room and kept under a high temperature for thirty days, the time necessary for tho Ink to dry. The sheet
is ngaiii soaked as in the llrst Instance
and tbo reverse side of the bill printed.
Tho thirty day drying-process then has
to be repeated. In cases where a third
Impression ou the bill is necessary,
wbicli Is required when the printing
ls done in two colors, the wetting nnel
drying process has to be repeated for
a third time, and another month ls thus
consumed ln Its production. Besides
the delay of this process the wetting
and drying rot the fiber of the paper,
and, although It ls "starched" to give
it the crisp appearance, the starch soon
weirs out and the bill becomes limp
and worn, lu printing bills on paper
that has been .routed by the new process no wetting is ueeessary. The iiik
loses none of Its luster when applied
to tho paper, as under the old process,
and Is thoroughly dry within forty-
eight hours after the printing ls done.
Remedy For lliiru..
For n dry burn, earron oil. Shake the
bottle, saturate a soft cloth'with the
mixture and lay over Ihe burn. Then
cover closely with cotton batting or
(litunel to keep out every bit of nlr nnd
secure the whole with a light bandage.
Bums may also be treated by a thick
application of nny bland oil, vaseline,
sweet oil, castor oil, butter, cold cream
or any fat uot rancid, excepting glycerin, which ls too Irritating. Soft-powders may also bo dusted on—flour, laundry or corn starch. For c burn-by scald
or steam apply a dressing of saturated
sodn.      •-..,,      ....
Will Pb-ver n -._tr.ee Factor In Keeping A-vny  Ucereptltude.
How old are you? The ullage says
thnt women are as old'as they look
and men as old as they feel. That's
tyrong. A man and woman are ns old
Bs they take themselves-to be.
Growing old Is largely n lmbit of the
mind. "As it mini tliiiiUeth in his
heart so is he." If he begins shortly
after middle [(ge to Imagine himself
growing old bo will bo old;
To keep oneself from "decrepitude is
somewhat u matter qf will power. Tbo
fates are kind to the mau who bungs
on to life with both hands. He who
lets go will go. Death is slow only to
tackle the tenacious.
Touce de Leon searched ln tbe wrong
place for the fountain of youth. It
Is ln oneself. Ono must keep oneself young inside, so* that while "tbo
outer man pcrlaheth the Inner man is
renewed day by day.".
When the human mind censes to exert itself, when there Is uo longer an
active Interest In the affairs of this
life, when the human slops reading
and thinking and doing, the man, liken
blasted tree, begins to die at tbe top.
You are as old as you think you are.
Keep the harness on. Vour Job is not
done.      ,
BJurlul Place In -.norland of the An-
IIidi-   ot   "IMIki'Iiu'm   I'rouri'H-." .
John llunyitn's tomb Is In tho vnst
burial ground of Buiihlll fields, originally culled "Kouejiill fields," probably
from tho quuutlly of bones which, as
Mankind tells us, were transported
thither In 1540. This Is now closed ns
a cemetery, but the forest of tombs
shaded by young trees Is a green oasis
ln :i black part of London.
Near the center of the "Puritan Necropolis," a white-figure, lying upon n
high modern nltar tomb, marks tho
grave of John Bunyiin. Ho died at
Snow hill from a cold taken oh a mis-,
slounry excursion Aug. -31, 16S8, aged
Macaulay In one of his essays says:
"The spot where I.iuiyiin lies is still
regarded by the Nonconformists with
a feeling which seems scarcely in harmony with the stem spirit of theology.
Many Puritans, to whom the respect
paid by Itoninn Catholics to tho tombs
of their saints seems childish aud sinful, are said to have begged with their
dying breuth that their coffins might
be phw-od as near as possible to that of
the author of '"Pilgrim's Progress.' "—
London Mull.
lto Victims Are Defenseless When
Dioeasfe Strikes—The Blood Should
Be  Kept Rich ard  Pt_re.
Anaemic -people—people with watery blood—are without defense when
disease threatens. Tho strongest
weapon against disease is a plentiful
supply of rich, red blood. A robust
person may catch cold, hut. quickly
throws It off. but a cold lingers
with the 'anaemic one, goes to the
chest and tho first signs of consumption appear. It ls the anaemic oue
who .suffers from headache and dizziness-, who cannot climb a stair
without resting, whose heart flutters
and palpitates wildly at llie least
exertion. Such people can only be
be saved by a supply of new, rich, red
blood, and Dr. Williams Pink l'ills
is the only medtoine that actually
makes rich, red blood with every
dos_. Ordinary medicines only touch
tho Dympto_s of disease—Dr. Williams Pink Pills go right straight to
the root of the trouble and drlvo It
out. That-is-why theso pills have a
larger sale than any other medicine
hi the world, and that is why thousand, and thousands of people praise
them '30 highly. Mis3 Florence G.
Mnrryelt, Chester, N. S., says: "1
have used Dr. Williams' Pink PUIh
for several months, and I am happy
lo say thoy have restored mo to
health after all other- means had
failed. 1 was suffering from anaemia
in its most severe form. The least
exertion would leave me breathless
and worn out. I had no appetite and
suffered greatly with nervous head
aches I was pale ami seemed to be
.t_o!ng into decline. 1 had medical
attendance, hut It did mc no good.
Then a friend advi_ed me to try Or.
Williams' Pink Pills, and in a few
weeks I found they were helping me.
I continued their use lor several
months, and am again enjoying good
health. I think Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills', will make overy weak and ailing girl strong and healthy."
You can get these pills from any-
dealer In medicine but you shovld
be careful to soo that tho full name,
"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills lor Pale
People," is on the wrapper around
each box. If- iii doubt write the Dr
Williams Medicine. Co., Brockvllle,
Ont., and tlie pills will be sent at
50 cents a box, or six boxes for ?-.50.
MA.HI ft   lil'.I.MAIt   SOI,11 Edit IHC,
• Major Delniar, the world's champion trotting gelding, wilh an ull.
paced trotting record of 2.01 i ond a
paced trotting record of . 1.59$] was
sold at Madison 8<_.ure Garden, New-
York, for si ...odd. The purchaser
was C. (I. Billings,- owner of Lou
Dillon. H was announced that Mr.
Hillings would raCo 'Major Palmar-
and Lou Dillon in on effort to break
the warld's record. Major Delniar
was consigned' by Mr. Bmathers, who
bought him lust ye-tir. for. $40,001..
Tlie) record price at the siile'wuS paid
for Sadie Mac, another of Sinathcr's'
string, who was bought: by Miss
Wilks. of Gall. Out., for $1!.,-100.
Miss Willes is the owner of Oro
Wilks and of several horses that W°n
blue riUbons.nt tho last horse show'
in New York. Pritico Alert, the
world's champion pacing gelding;
with a world's record of 1.591, and
a record of 1.57 wilh a wind shielel,
was sbld to Edward Mitchell, of New
York, "or 82.000. Ot-nco, Itond, the
champion Ihree-year-old trotter ol
1004, consigned to .lames Gatcom-b,
was sold to Alonzo Maynard, of New
York, for f 1.1,000.
Tho Canadan Pacific Hallway have
nnuounced. excursion rates '' from
Manitoba and the Northwest Territories to Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Vernon, Peachland and Sum-
merlaml. Tickets will be issued De-
COlllbei 1st ami 2nd, 15th and lGth,
nnd January 5th and Oth, good to return within three months. The rate
for tho round trip will be-slngl. fir. t-.
olass fare.
Sportsman (from llie bog)—Confound
yoti, didn't you sny there wns a sound
bottom licieV Shepherd—Zo thero be,
ninlnler, but thou 'iivon't got down to
uii nt!   '■'  '
An ordinance which bus just bit'ii
passed by the New York board of
aldermen having for itsi object the
prevention of six-day bicycle racing
is tpiite broad in its provisions, so
much so that it iniglit be interpreted
to stop many popular game's'. II forbids uny person .in a Conlest of
"speed, skill oi' endurance'" from'remaining in the contest for more Ihan
three hours.out of am- t.wctit.v-four.
Under strict- application the new
ordinance as signed by the mayor
might, affect golf, bowling and even
the tini(vhbnored poker game
Tickets will be on sale November
28th to December 31st at rate of *"-10
as far cast as Montreal; proportionately higher ratos beyond, tin. will Le
good for return three months from
date of sale. Special arrangements
will bo mndo to make travelling a
pleasure on any of the four rtnins departing from Minneapolis and Ht.
Paul every day. Tho finest of high
back seat coaches, free recllnlg chnlr
cars and sleepers make these trains
moat poplar with travelers to Eastern Canada. Special pamphlet giving
time of trains, etc., or any other information will be gladly furnished
upon addressing Geo. A. Lee, Travelling Agent Northwestern Lino, B89
Main street, Winnipeg,
Messrs.   Christie   and    Henbach    Q.t
the City Agency of the Manitoba
Assurance Com...any..
Quito recently it was aiinuiin.od
that the 'Liverpool !_ London _ Gl )be
Insurance Company hail secured the
control and business of the Manitoba
Assi.ran.co Company.
This new arrangement, regarding
the Manitoba plaees It... In the front
rank amongst tho tire insurance companies of Canada, worked as il is now
under a Oomluloii charter, the policies beiug guaranteed by the Liverpool, London and Globe, whose availably asSats are over sixty millions of
dollars , is a feature that will certainly commend itself to the busluoss men
of our community.
The city agency urylei- the new arrangement regar'dihf. ' Ihe Manitoba
has been secured by the well known
firm of Christie & Heubuch, who intend _. devoting spoclal attention -to
this Uopartmsnt of their business.
The arrangement shouhl be a go? 1
one for the Manitoba, as the firm of
Christie __ Heubach s closely ider.U-
tled with, many of tho leading financial Institutions In the city and ls
well known to the business men of
Winnipeg, a connection which
should be of material assistance to
them  in securing  valuable  insurance
W. J. Christie has been long identified with real estate, interests in
Winnipeg, having lor the past fifteen
years been well' known In these circles. His opinion upon matters in
connection with real estate is highly
valued, his knowledge enabling liim
to speak with authority.
P. W. Heubach ls also one of the
best known men around town, and his
activity and ability were never more
displayel thaii In conn:ct on wit.
tho recent Dor. inlon exhibition. Since
the formation of tiio partnership of
Christie & Heubach, his largo and
varied general knowledge has stood
him ln good stead, ajiil It Is safe to
say that there Is no real estate or financial firm In the city which more
merits the confidence of the Investing
public than that of Christe & Heubach, who are being congratulated
upon the latest addition' t-6 thoir business operations.
The Western territory is under
the supervision of Mr. Kretl W. Pace,
tho Superintendent of the "Liverpool
& London & Globe"
Occasionally a-man lr.c-eto a woman aiid marries her, but more often
she overtakes him.
Tho .extremely,, low.tales granted by
tho railway companies'- for Holiday
Excursions dining the month of De-
comber makes it possible -for residents of the N01 tiiweest to spend the
winter in the east, ut a Comparatively
small expense The new fast trains
from Winnipeg to St. Paul makes the
route via St. Paul and Chicago more
popular-,.than ever, The Burlington
itoute which 'runs a.ong the banks ol
tho Mississippi river for threo ' 'h'liii-
dretl miles is one of the most popular
lines, as It gives passemgers nn all
tjn.v ride through the famous Mississippi 'River Valley, -ihe most picturesque and delightful In- America.
The ro'ule Is through " prosperous
lerest to t::e traveller. The Pilrlingi'iii
anil well settled country alf t'hd'wo'y,
towns and cities are' mnnCTaua-iaud
every milo presents■•somdhli.gtj_.jn_.
Route have Issued 11. very a'ttrncUye
anil Interesting 'descriptive! 'folder
which gives the time of trains,'arid ft'
map via all routes from tho North.
west to Eastern Canada, a copy -ot
Which will be sent ou application to
A. L. Fldleniiller, Travelling. Passenger Agent Burlington Route, whtiwil.
make the Clarendon Hotel, Wlnnlpe;,
his headquarters during December
Leading Business Man of Welland
Gives His Experience with the
Great Canadian Kidney Cure..-
Welland, Ont., Dec. 5.—(Spedtal).—
There  is  no  better known  or' more
highly   respected   man    ln   V^elland
than  I\Jr.  J.  J.  Yokom.     Born - and
brought up ln the neighboring township of Crowland, by his own industry
aim sterling honesty he has grown to ,
bo  ono  of   Welland's    leading mer-'
chants.    Consequently   when   Mr. Yokom comes out with a statement that
he was cured of a serious  illness  b.v
Dodd's     Kidney      Pills,      everybody'
knows it must be so.
"For a year or more I had Kidney
Troublo In all Its worst symptoms,".
says Mr. Yokom. "My head was bad, I
had no appetite and I lost weight,
fast. At times I was entirely Inca- 1
pacltated. I doctored with ps physi- .
clan of vast experience but got ho
good results.
"I became despondent of ever being«
well again, when by good luck I
chanced to try Dodd's Kidney Pills'
imd from the first day they seemed,
to suit my case. Five boxes cured -
mo completely."
The  Ermine-   Ih   One   TblttK   Itt   Sh.u-4
'•       mer and Another Iu-Win?el'.-
;   Tlie ermine is ti queer nnimnl.    It 1*1
one tliln..: in winler and another thing's
!;i summer.   That Is n strange state-f
ment, but it is true, for In wi ter the
animal's fur is as white as snow aml|
Is-called the ermine    111 summer Ui
.fur turns reddish brown ou the tifipei
part of the body and 11 light yellow on
tlie lower part.    The animal Is tha
known ns Ihc stoat.
This change Is quite fiuniliar'to nnt^
urallsts, but not to unscientific peo
pie, nnel the ermine and the stoat .15
therefore generally regarded ts.'-rllsl
tiuct animals,
The fur of the ermine Is much vd
uctl and is lu grent request. At -on
lime It was a mark of great royalty
and the state robes of judges und uiaj
istrales were lined with It ns an enj
lileiii of purity. ■*•'
The ermine is so cunning In Its waj
that It is almost as difficult to catch. 1
it is to "catch a wensel asleep."
fact, about the only way to capture
Is to mark Us course from its lion
mid then strew mud in its pa'thwo]
When the dainty, fastidious little ail
innl   reaches   the   point   In   Its' pn|
where tbe mnd is strewn jt will-
down and subject Itself to capture n^
death rather than Smirch ond of
snow white hairs.
To sleep Is to strain nntl purify (1
emotions, to deposit Ihe mild of li¥
to calm the fever of the soul, to retil
Into the bosom of nintenml natuj
thence to reissue,  honied and  stro
I Sleep Is a sort of Innocence and pil
flcntlon.   Blessed Is he who gave It J
ithe poor soiu of mnn its 11 sure-
■faithful  coitiMinlon  ot life,  oui''ilnj
■•""healer and consoler.  M. Ainlel.
The  I.llKt  ThliiK  He  Did.
It was said of Lord Pnlinelstoii'tl
i^hc never grew old nud wits tis lif
hearted ns a boy lo tho very tj
When he wns on Ids deathbed aud]
doctors lold him thnt his time
co'mc he bilghtoneil up for a flual ,
"Die, my dear doctor.! Thai's, the j
! thing 1 shull do!"    It was.     .-
Dirty woodwork or any  other part of the ho_,_- that requires
cleaning'can best be cleaned by using
It will remove every particle of dirt and make llie whole house
blight nnd cheery. Absolutely pure, and every bar possesses remarkable cleansing power.
Sunlight Staf washes the clothes white and won't injure the hands.
     -   ' t«J|__-_I_B__-l
*♦♦♦♦♦♦< ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»«»»*li*-'
A series of articles describing
their lives, their alms and
their Influence.
No. IS.
Victor C. French.
,5-      ■
I.ditor and Proprietor of the Wetas-
kiwin Times.
Tho Canudian West, it has often
been snid, is the bind of opportunity.
This is true not only of. thoso portions of its vast area that bave been
developed to a comparative extent,
and where the possession of a moderate amount of capital ensures returns much greater than is possible
In the older communities in the East,
but also, and to an even greater ex-
*. tent, lu tho largo and naturally
wealthy districts being continually
opened up as the march of progress
and development, duo to the steady
inflow of population, goes on. These
developments are as remarkable for
their permanence ns for their rapidity. Ono season sees tlie prairie
grassos waving in the wind, and far
as the eye cu-n see there is no sign or
vestige of human habitation. l.ro a
year has passed, the railway has
penetrated the prairies, and tho be
Shillings of a busy town appear.
And, almost with the pioneer storekeeper comes tlio country publisher,
sets up his Washington—or, if his
capital approximates his ambition,
his cylinder press—issues his first
copy of a six-column folio, and'starts
out on that career Of public-spirited
publicity that makes the paper a
weekly blessing to the merchants,
tho farmers, and every other class
of tho now community.
Many of tho best country weekly
and semi-weekly properties of tho Canadian West had the humblest beginnings. But, with the unerring instinct and the deep-seated faith of
the pioneer publisher, the men who
risked every cent of their modest
capital,% and incurred obligations
that in the event of non-success
would permanently cripple their finances, went ahead in their enterprise, confident in the field that they
had selected, and satisfied that time
would vindicate their judgment. And,
in tho vast majority of instances,
they have "won out." In mauy cases
two or three years' has seen such
changes and growths in a western
Canadian weekly that would surprise
one not familiar with the speed at
which things move in the West. II
should not, however, surprise any.
body who knows that the country
which can raise l'ulllledged towns in
a year "can also produce, full-grown
and ably conducted newspapers in
the samo space of time.
A fine illustrntion of this rapidity
of development is afforded by the
Wetaskiwin Tillies. It is some three
and a half years old, it having been
established unel first issued on .March
22nd., 1901. Its beginnings were
most modest, lt nppoarod as a six-
column folio. But, within the limits
uf its space, the Times even at that
early date, was a newspaper, lt gave
the nows. It was public-spirited, believed in its own town, it had its
opinions, lind expressed them. In
every wny it identified itself with the
progress and prosperity of tho district in which it Wns published, The
Wetaskiwin peoplo recognized thai
Uiey had a livo newspaper—one that
could be depended on to back up Ihe
efforts of Its citizens to make their
tewn a place of importance As u
natural consequence they"were n unit
In supporting it. Also as a consequence, it. did not tuko long boforo
tho two-column folio was too small
for tbe Increased importance tif both
tbo town and the paper. Soon it hatl
to bo enlarged to a seven column.
and, after another interval of continuous growth, two additional
pages had to bo added. Prom two
pages ol six columns to six pages of
seven columns, and nil In Hie space
of threo and a half years! Need there
be ut^t further commentary than tbe
mere .recital of,facts fls to whether
or noj. the Canadian West is the "and
of opportunity for tho properly waii-
ficd newspaper publisher, as well as
for tho farmer, tho rancher, the merchant, |nd the .investor?
* On the inochanicnl side of his training, fow men are better equipped
thnn Mr. Victor C. French, the editor nnd proprietor of tho Wetaskiwin
Titles. Ho is not yot thirty years o!
age, having been born near Oshttwa,
Ont., ln 1875. Ho was educated at
tho F.xotcr schools, completing his
education with a term tit Toronto
College Deciding to leivrn the printing business, he was apprenticed to
John Whito & Son, of the fixator
Times. After completing his term
lio accepted tho foremanship of the
Mitchell Recorder, holding the position for nearly threo yenrs, when he
went to Toronto and obtained employment ln tho well-known job office ol the Monetary Times. Later he
accepted a position ln tho office oi
' McLean Bros., tho well-known trade
Journalists. In 1808 he was offered
the foremanship of tho Clinton New
Era, ono of the best papers In western Ontario, and held tho position
till the fall of 1901,  when he camo
At 40 Cents
No, firm, no company, no corporation in the world
has the courage or facilities to.offfr like "Quality"1
or "Value."
REMEMBER:   Sealed Lead  Packets Only.   By All Grocers.
west to Alberta, and. after, a few
months of prospecting, decided to locate at Wetaskiwin, and established
the Times. As Bnvy be imagined from
the success of his venture, Mr. French
has never had occasion to regret the
call that bade him come west.
To any one who realizes and appreciates, the rapid strides that all
pttrts of the West has made w'ithin
the past few years, it seems certain
that the measure of success that has
attended Mr. French in his newspaper venture in the past will be Surpassed by its .future growth. The
district served by the- Calgary- &.
Edmonton line is one of the best in
the West, and Wetaskiwin is evidently destined to- be one of the ■ most
Important centres along the line. The
Times, under its present management,
is amply ablo to keep pace   wilh its
order to clean a gilt frame urusli | "1 owta my' life
.very bit of tlilst and then ""ret;- af   T   I    -—
off ov     ,^____________________________________
small area at a timo with alcohol applied with a camel's hair brushy Rub
the alcohol off before It dries with a
clean; soft cloth of silk or llannel, and
thosp cloths should be changed often*
as ihe dirt comes oil the frame with
the alcohol on the cloth.
r**~ "-_*- ■• - -"":
A   despatch  from    Stoclrholm  says:
Sw.ilen,   to celebrate  tho M'liiicouten-
luinl  of the    Introduction oi   postage
stamps,    is. printing   -trbilee   stamps
'** l*jf!"*<i>l<fai'-1'-''-'<iJ . pustu—toi- -.in.    the
''"] -oiliit r_,^'^Jf.lW1**-"uJJlii*-' it mii-sh'i «»i^,
'    iVorth. nothing nloSe, b"ii*"""rf*.e**:.'b"e af*H
lilted  (cr Uio  letters   beside  tho regu-'
hit-     stumps.     The    profits   obatincd
will  lie devoted to  Ihe establishment
of a free hospiia .for. ^oysiyiiplivcs.
What Makes Vou Despondent.
I T-H.as the stomach .gone wrong'. Have
I the nerve centres "grown tired and
.listless.'.' Are-yqu fhroatenjed with nervous j{ipstr-a£l9Q°' Sout!)_,. American
ffervTrio ls nature's cVrrecfor, makes
ihe stomach, right, gives a world of
nervo force, keeps tile circulation perfect. A regular ..constitution builder
tor rundown lieoiil-. One. lady-says:
■************************"•-   to It.."—84       H_________l
T..-I i T
Rcumil.i'.lil;- >lni:ncr In Which It AW1
Most people think too lightly of a
cough.   It is a serious matter and
needs prompt attention, s
.SHilQb-'s L^
Cure -r^Jr* ,
when the first sign of a cough or
cold appeals. It will cure you
easily and quickly then—later it
will be harder to curfe.'
Prices, 25c., 80c, and $1.00. 311
Hoarl Disease Relieved In 30
Minutes. —Or. Agnew's Curo tor
the Heart gives perfect reletf In iill
cases of Organic or Sympathetic
Heart Olseaso In 30 minuteB, and
speedily effects a cure It is a peerless remedy tor Palpitation, Short
breath. Smothering- Spells; Pnin in
Left side, and all Symptoms of a Ols-
eased  Heart.   One dose convinces.—S_
Nearly everything 'made with baking powder may be raised equally as
well with sour milk, buttermilk or
soda, allowing one' even teaspoonful
of soda to each pint of milk..-.
A lady writes: "I was enabled to
remove the corns, root, and branch b.v
the use of Holloway's Corn Cure."
Others ' who have tried -It - have the
same experience.
Blue windows In the Sout turn the
milk of human kudness into clabber.
future growth. Already it is regarded as among the most influential papers of the Territories. It is ably
edited and carefully printed. Hs atl-
vertising patronage is large, and as
a nows medium it is one of the very
best in AVe>stern Canada. The present
position of tho Times is the best possible proof of the progressiveness and
ability of its proprietor, who is generally recognized tvs among the most
.fllciont of the newspaper men of-the
A woman can board a train without
a ticket, do a littlo crying and go'
wherever she pleases.
GREAT MEDICINE— Tonti, one of
tho pioneers of French Canada, lost a-
hand and wore an iron hook as substitute. He was'in the habit of boxliit-
the ears of refractory Indians with
his Iron hand, antl they havo remarked that it was "great medicine." Dr..
*1 liomas' Eclcctrie Oil is a groatj
medicine, it takes hold of pain wltrf
an Iron hand and knocks it out of the
To heat gasplln e. for cleaning
small articles placo the corked bottle
of this dangerous stuff ln a bucket ot
hot water "out of doors," adding boiling water as the water cools. Hot
gasoline will clean laces speedily and
Ucntlomen,—I suffered for years
with bronchial catarrh. ' I commenced In January last las an experiment) to use MINARD'S LINIMENT
which gave almost instant relief.
Autl two bottles made i\ complete
cur-.' and 1 have had no symptoms ol
i return of the trouble since March.
(In.tofi'lly Yours,
Vittikleek Hill, Out., Oct. Ill,  '01.
l.ainpv.'lcks should be soaked for SM
hours In vinegar before being lighted
After this treatment thoy win b*
found io give a steadier, clear light.
Along about mis time of year
(here are only n lew voles hei ween a
hero nnd tho other kind of a man.
Tying pink ribbons tm a llog'fl neck
Is not the same as love for the lo'.vly.
A  uinn is   not   even civilized   who
loves cash more than countrv.
It's ti poor faith that does not ans
wer some of lis own prayers.
linar.1. Liniment Cnres Bra, Bte,
To Olefin the coffee pot till.lt with
wilier, pul In a pinch of borax and a
piece ul hard soap ami set on the
stove, hit Ing II boll for half tin hour.
It will be ns bright as new, and
should he submitted lo this Ircntment:
For hiird colds, bronchitis,
asthma, and coqehs of all
kinds, you cannot take anything better than Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.   Ask youi
own doctor if this is not so.
He uses it.   He understands
i why it soothes and heals.
" I hill a t.rrllilo couprri for -roekt.  Thtn I
took Aycr- Oh.rry Pvctoml  mil onlj on*
Wltld c oinpl-l*'» «__« TO*-"    ,        _ „, .
MRU. 0- U- BAM-oaTU, at. J_•_. li, Mich.
I«c   IB-   11.00. J. C. J.TEB CO.,
I All i
jCoughs, Colds
The best way to ruiike siif'e'of heaven Is to make your homes like heaven here.
Those who try to make the best or
everything generally get the best of
everything. m
—A face covered with pimples Is unsightly. It tells of internal irregular!
ties which should long since have
been corrected. - The liver and the
kitlpoys are not performing their
functions in the healthhy' way they
should, and these pimples are. to let
you know that the blood protests.. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will
drivo them all away,:- and will leave
tho skin clear and clean"; 'Try thom,
andthere will be another witness to
their excellence.
Educating your
elasticity will not
conscience    into
relieve   you from
About the third or fourth day after
election we Jiave remarked that peo-'
pie are thoroughly tired of politics.
When weighing molasses sprinkle
the scale well with flour and then it
will slip off again quite easily without
sticking. '','- ■• '. - .-
" Bought   My   Life    for   35
Gents."—This was one mans way ot
putting It when he had beep pronounced incurable from chronic dyspepsia. "It was a living death to me
until 1 tried Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple
Tablets. Thanks to them to-day 1 am
yttili, and 1 tell my; friends 1 bought
my life for 35 cents." (10 lu a box.—SO
Table cloths or linoleum on the
kitchen floor can be kept fresh and
cleaner with oil than with soap and
The man who discharges all Ids religious obllgatons by going to church
never had enough religion to bother
any oue.
One of the greatest tdestngs to pa
rents Is Mother Craves' Worm Exterminator. It effectually expels worms
and gives health In a marvellous man
ner to the little one.
A green   grocer   ts  one y/ho -Inists
deadbeat customers.
The   demagogue   crop Is  never "a
Man's mission in life Is to pay  for
the things woman wants.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
-ioap'Powder dustetl in the bath, softens
the water and disinfects. 38
Silk-lifted   gowns   Interest a woman
more than silver-lined clouds.
The man who goes to law may be
sure that his lawyer will get Justice.
THE FLAGGING I-N'teRGIES* REVIVED.—Constant application to business ls a tax upon the energies, and
if there be no relaxation, lassitude
and depression are sure to Intervene.
Theso come frorii''sl6*hfachlc troubles.
Tlie want of exercise brings on nervous irogtUaritios and tho ■ stomaeh
ceases to assimilate tood properly. In
this condition Parmelee's Vegetable
Pll'.B -will be found a recuperative of
raro power,restoring the organs to
healthful action .dispelling depression,
and reviving the Raging energies.
You will hasten recovery by taking ono of Aysr's Pills at bedtime.
It.  is  better lo  (nke  a reef Inthe-j
sails lhan to sail the boat on a reef.
You never know what you cau.do
until you try to undo something yoii
havc done. ^H
This advertisement..appeared 'the
other day: "Bonny: Come home immediately.'-Pother still 'unemployed
and lmbecflo. We are trying to get
hlin Into the war olllce. Mother."
 -i I
Ast for Mingril's anfr tate no -ttttf,
Ask any girl who was the greatest musical composer, and she will
think of lite wedding march and say
"Mendelsseliji:" ,'•'■'   *
A rough remedy ls better than the
most elaborate regrets.       ' , . _.
Rcverenco will net
respect does not le'ud.
follow  where
IVople who huve
conscious of It.
culture are never
Tastes are about, evenly divided.
Half the people want thuir pickles
coin', and the Other half want then:
If attacked with cholera or sum
tiler complaint of any kind send al
once for a bottle- of Dr. ,1. D. Kel-
logg's Dysentery Cordial and use il
aecoring to directions. It uct_' With
wonderfuj .rapidity In subduing that
dreadful (Jijense that weakens the
struiigest men and that destroys the
young and delicate.' Those who have
used this cholera medicine jay It acts
promptly, nud never falls to effect r.
thorough   cure.
if a man can get Into n bunk al'tei
banking hours he considers himself n
prominent citizen. '
What.has become of the old-fashioned woman who wore a nubia?
KINABD'S LINIMENT Relieves NenralgU.
The weather to-day la ns cold   anil
raw as an old maid's second love
rno Pall ot Kheumatlc Pains.
— When a sufferer finds permanent re-
lltf In such a meritorious medicine as
South American Rheumatic Cure, how
glad he is to tell It. 0. W. Mayhew.of
Thaniesvijle, Ont., couldn't walk or
teed himself for four months—four
years ago three bottles of this great
remedy cured him--not a pain since
—isn't that encouragement lor rheumatic, sul-prers.—$2
When this are hard to wash, where
food jias burned on, like baked it) tin. or.
oatmeal,-put.-.ho dish on Utelstove,
tilled with crjj'd water aiid half ''teaspoonful of baking soda, and let II
boil and yonr dish will wash and the
odor offish will be gone. ■" '^j^_
Our facilities are unsurpassed (or obtaining the
best, possible  assortment
., •in'.r,..' ■
in cut glass.
. ■
A li-ndsuni. o..-q_-rI titer
l.ittlc. graceful in.*h«p«, ii
No. 15717 »t only $_._£. ■
, */%..  '.* '•■
Send   for our m-il-ortl-r
cr-il-gii..     Cn.«lul_tiin-iel-i-
•lioa ii gifts to «-_i;ij tlmt
good, ire delivered' nt jt|.t the
time required.
Did It ever occur to you that slimmer girls and peaches disappear aim
Marriage, which should mnko ono
out of two, often results in sixes and
Occasionally a man moots a woman nnd marries her, but more often
sho overtakes him.
Down deep In hl^ heart tho average
man 13 anxious to see some other man
get it ln the neck.
A woman's Idea of happiness Is her
ability to purchase something thb w'0-
mnn next door can't afford.
It s sometimes the custom li)IR!is-
sla for each* lady at a big dinner' to
smoke , a tiny cigarette after each
course This Is supposod to assist digestion, besides removing the tlavol-
of the previous course from the palate, -.
Superfluous Hair
'  Removed by tba Now Principle
tit Is hotter then oleotricity, because
it-foes not scar or produco a new growth.
Hotter than X-ray, because it does not
burn, scat or _»-Aly*• the. tissues upder
the skin. Better than depilatories, because it ta not peisonous ; therefore,
it wil.i not cause blood poisoning, or
produce ec.emn, which is so common
with* depilatories, end does not break
olf '.lie hair, thereby increasing its
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories are
offered -you on the bare word of the
operatoti a nd taan-afaeturer.. D X
MIRACLE is uot. lt is the only method
which - ie indorsed by physicians, sur-
jj-_bn_,''d.rraatologistB, medical journals
and. prominent, magazines.
DK MIRACLE will be mailed to any
address, sealed'in plain wmp-wir tor 11.
Your money h»c.k jviUiout e_u_«4j<_n,l( it
fails to do all that IK claimed for It.
Our booklet — the most complete
treatise on 6uperSuoui Hair over pub
tfeliod—containing ihe testimonials ol
lm. moron* physicians and surgeons and
-hoe* of hundred* ol ot.lijrii--will be
■fhb free, in plain, e-i-I-J envelope,
upon request. Write fot. it le-day to
C_rjus StbxEI Wwr, Touohto, ot
•_• ■'••■   -'TOfteN'TO, ONT.       .    '
mii-Iis Alt* antl Water.
-The frog's skin is (W Irion thing 111:1-
cbliie.^ The supply of air is a nee-es-
*j-_^-»-rid-Mtri>ii.-rt»-ili;tt taketi lit by ordinary breathing. The skin Is mast
remarkable for;. Its powerful nbsorp-
trpn ol wnter, due to the numberless
minute pores. He can so.-ik up half
his weight of water in an hour.
As the skin perspires quite .OS freely ns it absorbs, we can coinprohond
why contact with moisture is necessary.'Besides the loss-from eVilpoi'a'
tion "there is the, Stopping of skin
breihiug also, because the skin must
be kept moist nud soft to absorb fresh
air and give off lined nlr from the system. You have noticed the cold, chun-
ni.V fcelhi" of the skin of the frog
wJicn you hnve bundled blm. The
soaking of wnter is tho cause ff you
put a l-etlliot Iron on a frog's .flesh he
will not feel It, simply because of the
cold water in his skin, which the heat
turns Into vnpoi', escaping under the
Iron,' but If hot wnler be dropped upou
him he 'will lujijnii.ly 'lump from pain,
as It immediately strikes Into the skin.
This moisture is a safeguard against
drying up, and there.ls still another,
which is an inle.ioi' sack for. storing
water. Like the camel, it thus keeps
a Bupply which cunics the amphibian
over many a dry place wiien It w'ould
otherwise lose all its moisture and die.
When tomatoes a'ni! nilfii aro to he
! put together, as In cream soup, have
1 the tomato juice and e.-ilk of the
same tempera: nre, then bent vigorously as tho tomato is added Utile by
"Why did Iho congregation hurry
out' so quick after, the benediction?"
"The sexton makes them leave their
umbrellas in the vestibule, and those
who get out late haven't much of a
Aid Digestion and Regu-aie tk@ Helton of the
_    fels Yoa flSwst lis©
The   Great Specific for  Liver and Kidney
Insects, it is said, will never attack
books which are dusted once a year
with powdered alum and white pepper.
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliaWe, scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it if
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear, three.buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
soft (ind comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never with*
out this brand :—
Montreal    Winnipeg    Dawson 1
It Is the liver thavt_r largely re--,
sponsible for indigestion and constipation—derangements that are a constant source of trouble.
" The bile, which, when left in the
blood, is a poi-on lo tho system, causing biliousness, headache and muddy
complexion, becomes of priceless
■value when passed into the intestines
to aid digestion and ensure regular
action of the bowels.
The healthy, liver separates bile
from the blood- and sends it into the
Dy enlivening the action of the
liver they remove the cause of biliousness, headache, .Indigestion, constipation   and    other    accompanying
Tiie specific action of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills on the liver is
what makca thorn of so great worth
as a famly medicine and ensures
them a resting place In the home.
Mis Julia l.auglols, Manor, Assa.,
writes: "For a long time I suffered
from liver complaint and biliousness,
and could find nothing to help mc until I used Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills. 1 have recommended these pills
to many of my friends, and they have
all been well satisfied1 with the results. You can uso this letter for the
benefit of women who are suffering as
I did."
One pill a dose at bedtime and Dr.
Chase's Kldnoy-Llver Pills will ensure healthful, regular action of tho
kidneys, liver and bowels; 2a cents a
box, at all dealers, or Bdiiiunsoii,
Sales._ Co., Toronto. The portrait
mid signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the
famous receipt book author, are on
every to:;.
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wheat.   Ship to
lVlcl._AUIOHI_.liM   &   ELLIS
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will show how we can serve you.
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Grain Jas. Richardson I JSons [Grain
(Until   recently   represented by the Iato E.  O'ltellly, Esq.)
All kinds of grain purchased in par Load   Lots.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   instructions. Any grade of wheat, oats, barley or tan.
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advance mado.      prompt  Rcturi
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or Fold  on    commission.   Iteasouablo
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"Cr-ltfn,: Inlo u Scrape" lum.. lo Va
l-llllll    til.-   (illllll.   ,,l   Lull.
Not till (|iilte recently bus the true
explanation of the phrase, "(.citing
iuto u.sci'tipu," been popularly kimwu.
IL has [oug pii/...lcil illilloiiai.' makers,
one Sllggeslmg lhnt.lt Is a corruption
ofeei'iipailn, another connecting II Willi
11 Kweill.-ili word sknip, lo dritw lulu
Coir, the royal ami rflieloilt K.nuc tit
one llnio peculiar to Si-ntliiiiil, hrffl of
bite lii'i'tiine sin h a worldwide iiiuliso-
liH'Ut'thnt the inyslery 0. IhW pbruso
bus pi'iiillially disappeared. In Scotland many at .lie ijnlf courses 111 q In Id
0111 on sandy downs borfk'l'ln|f on Ihe
sea. These are IhO very places ifhere
rabbi**, nli'iiiuii.
tine of the pi'ipi'ltinl It'iiililes of a
golfer cm llmt lite ball 'oiisttiully
found ti todf-lllPlll In tln-iio rulili'.t
."w.-api's.'' fiuin vhlch it was dilll-
Cllll lu drive ii with iiceili'iicy; henoe
■ spool ill ruled v.i-re framed ul Hi. Andrew's, tlie Mi'iru of golf, llNluc what
via 1 to 1 !• ilonu when oue not lu'o a
BcnvpC,    The plll'liso thus sllll'ted from
tho  tftHfors  In   the    111   and   spread
sotithwiti'il without ils piitellcirl bear-
I11U lieiiif,' known.   London t'lu'onlcloi
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
and  STATIONARY  for  CHOPl'INO and
WOOD SAWING in etock at all times.   We
cau _hip at a day's uoticc.
Write ua for Prices and Catalogue.
Barridgc-Cooper Co., Ltd-, Winnipeg, Man.
Henry Avonue, East.
A Short Cut
to Health
If you want to enjoy
vigorous health take
■," 1
mill (1
u 1
do they call
It  i.pcoi h
1 at a
que) a tn
"My Bi
tlie  answer,   '
b_v.ni n
Is so
They are a verite_ble short cut
to le-sting e.nd perfect health.
rr-rnirrel onl- l.j tli- r rnprlrlor, THOM AH llF.F.rllAH, at. Hoi--.. -Tn-flt-l-i
Sold Everywhere in Canada and U. 8. America.
In box.*, -B cent*.
rer all "our cure on Itlm'
does nol Include your tare for tjlh.
Tno irn*.
(icoruc What can be Qlo.O slcltplilns
lhan to Sen nuothcr fellow mul. i n -_r live
lo a girl? Harry To see iiiinllii-i- fellow milking Iovo. to your girl.—Tutva
The world conltl worry alt'ii.;' with
a good deal Idas BmhrtnesTs In Blot It n
only II inlnht cany 11 heavier line ol
sympathy ami a simple nelgllbo.ll-
Mildew Is one of the most ilittlcult
siains to remove. Hub well with
brown soap, then apply a paste ot
chalk and water, put tho article In the
sun. Aller two or three applications
tho mildew will bo bleached out.
MV   M   U   Ne   BIO
i.: '..if.::..'.:. '.. jJPMMggg isaai ■ii i■_.;-. I iisiajs ussst
,(Esl.ablis_i(# ^pi# 4, iw.)
i^rnon: ?,fW-.Westminster aveime.
-ji _..
Mrs. iR Whitney, Publisher.
tEj-glibh Office—.,? fyicet qtrcet,
ll^OUdon, E. 0., England Whe_t.e a
.file of "Tho Advocate" is kept for
Notices of Births,-Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
$0tjKqs ^or Church nud  Society Enter-
—ehts, IwtjjFpH, etc.,   where
THE OBJECT i.s"to H_.i.;i: ^JtONEJT
will be charged for.
Bates  for Display   Advertising  made
kpown on application.
Ail  Advertisements are  run regularly
arid charged'for'uuitil pfdered they
' 'be di_eonriuued.
Transient    Adycrtizers    m/xs£   pa?    in
Subscription $1 a year   payable   In
Soentsa Oopy.
,„.__.* U-BSm
T-eJ. B1405.
1 "uutuauur-*
Vancouver, B. C, Feb. 4th, lflflO.
.^pciety of Encouragers.
JT. IJ. JOWETT, M.A., in '.'Iffce Press,
Christchurch, New Zealand.
I think one of the most couspicions
I looks «> uiodern life is a vocabulary of
.eulogy.    T^e  feruis  of criticism  are
familiar to everybody, but tlie wqr,(_s
which are the  vehicles  nf admiration
; And praise are rare and infrequent vie!
tors. Listen to the multitudinous voices
.that are finding fault I They ore liko
the sound of mauy waters, Listen to
the voices that are bestowing praise I
They are like the notes of some solitary
robin on a gusty wintry day.   My Sortie-
: jtVy shtiy ppnejst qf gft9P*e who will mako
, it their daily ajm tq speak a cheery
word, to tell out one's love, and to give
expression to the sentiment of ndmira
, fi01'.
\-jyp want a Society whose good word
is spoken in life, aud whose harsh criticisms may be delayed until after death,
if don't know anything more pathetic
in the realm of literature than those
terrible letters in which Carlyle unveils
to ns the remorse which he experienced
when he recalled his fnrgetfnlness
towards his wife. The ouo thing that
this apostle of silenoe  most  regrets is
tRtfSPr*$ti?M J?!' r?Parf' fl° with*
, tyeld tjie encouraging word until it was
, too late to give joy and inspiration
I think there  ia  many  a customary
phrase and  customary method in our
method aud dealing with children which
might be fevered!.   How dften one has
heard a mother or  father  wheu  their
little one has peeu in wjiys qf djgbobedi-
( en.e make the  remark,   "Now  I just
thought you would do that."   But how
. rarely one hears it when the little one
has walked in the way of strictest devotion I   Why   should it not  be spokeu
then?   When the  command  has been
(obeyed. ag$  tjip  work  is done,  why
fl.iould not tbe parent sny   to the faithful little soul, "Now I just thought you
^flujd do that? "   Let thom kuow that
pur expectations are ou their side, that
#ur hopes ns  our  wishes  nro  leaning
^owards the gjudncss of   the light, and
pot towards t|(o uii|ery of the darkness.
,Onr Society would also have to bring
its ministry  round  about   the lives of
yonng men and women.   There is uo
V   "*. r
' firtifj jvhen they are iu such need of help
as when thoy nee just begiuuiug to feel
the galling burdens of life, of its pantrs
If some veteran, who has passed along
the hard way, will spcuk into the heats
'pf these sensitive ones an inspiring, encouraging evangel, the fruit of his kind-
.'iiflfts. jyijl be fpunjl jiff-jr mnjjy days.
And thero ure folk who Ipiv'o reuched
the afternoon I The men and women
•0o are no longer youug, and who are
Ppt yet old, but who uro just beginning
,'j.l feel lh_ firing burden of the after
. jiqou I It is the long afternoon which
'jygar>g| tlie Ijjjg™***' There Ate two
jifirf,^ pf WJOple to bring them encourage-
pent. There ...re ||m people who nro
,tj|| in the morning, und there are the
p..i„nt souls who have come to tiieir
evening. All of those may he aiiib.msa-
iftfs, ill iiiapi)-a|ion and' reyiyaj, and
may Buy tho word which will bring a
'restoring breeze iuto the close, oppressive hours of the afternoon.
And lastly there, is the depression
which sometimes attacks tbe n.-.oil.
people gtpw old and white and feeble.
Tbey look back to thoir yonng aud
youthful days when they wero of some
little use in tin; grout fields of the world,
bnd the very coutcrnplatiou of .vhut
they nse tp bo mattcw them feol so uso-
css now.   Thoro is something pathetic
II fhl Sight  of  -"..ne,  pgcd   body who
jpafs Jho trumpet  i;iill  of  the   times,
.ver   it,   bill I
-i,vho,bee*$rt.oftii*bu/)le# autl weak-
uesf .cvfi^e,M'r#a&-_ Ao (wpoud. Toll
the .<*-! ■**•}.> fbtf ,1'ilKW.W* itself is »
service; Ihp S9gf_! &efl(;c.t _&e mellowed
iutfHW-C*. ?F_ii.<-h ir-laaw* frnd enriches
the \vor)4 111,4 makes it mo,re benntifnl
to live in. I/ovely oI\l ngs .creates an
qUyg^lihcf a txjfio), aweetens nud puri
ties coiuiiiou life. I lay tho claims of
(Uji. Sasfcfy before the readers of the
"Weekly Press." Wo will hnve no
membership roll. Let every reader
ent-/ his v.yti jjgtu.c ij_. flW ft?.ty9 ##
in the silent secrecy of his own heart,
nud let there be a big company of men
and women who shall make it ono of
their purpose, in life to speak fhe cheery
word "whiej^ uuUcct^ tlwfceart glad."
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian JSndenvor
meet at lfi minutes to 7,  every Sunday
eveuiug in  Advent Christian Church,
corner Ninth ave. and Westminster Ed.
Epworth   League of   Mf.    Pleasant
Methodist Ohnroh meets at .. p. ni.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in   Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Chnrch at 8 p. nl.
The Y. P. S. 0. E., meets at 8 p. ni
jij Mt.Plensasaut Presbyterian i»_. urcli.
The City Advertinng.
On Fridny last the ^ji»a^c_; ^'pmmlt-
teo gave the City Advertising for 1905
to "Tho News-Advertiser," though the
'•Mt. Pleasant Advocato" unjjmjfted
tho lowest tender for the work, and
fulfilled the contract dnriug th-
paat y»_*r, At the price quoted by the
moruiug paper, tho Ratepayers of tlie
Oity will pay DOUBLE, if uot more, for
dvertising this yeur. The argument that flic "Advocato" has
not wide cmui _.h circulation is groundless. Anyone interested iu tho City
Advertising can uljyjiyj; flud out where
itis to bo fouud, nud that u largo nnmber did so last year is shown by the
large list nf subscribers r,drfoil during
tho year. That the Council .honld
refuse to gjvo "The Advocate" any
patrouago this year seisins strange wheu
by its help tho Conncil were enabled to
resist the 15c per line rate of the daily
papors last year. The following were
tho tenders submitted to the Cou mil:
"Mt Pleasaut Advocate"—First insertion 5c per lino, each snbsequout
Insertion tip to uud including 12 nt
He, from li to 48 insertions at 2o.
"Maiulaud News"—First insertion 8c
pur line; 2d at 5c, the 3d and all
snbsequeut insertions nt 2e.
"News-Aijyertisi'F," 'il'hP World" and
"The Province"—First insertion
]0c per Hue; each snbstqucut insertion (jo.
The man giyeij tp lying, to trickery,
and deception dwindles as time passes;
the liar is destroyed by bis own lies, the
trickster hy his owu tricks.—Altgeld.
It was finely said by Socrates that tho
shortest aud most direct road to popular-
ity is "for u man to be the .-tamo thnt he
wishes to be taken for." People are
ogregionsly mistaken if they think
they ever can attain to pcrmnneut
popularity by IiypocriKy, by moro outside appearances, aud by disguising uot
ouly their language but thoir looks.
True popularity tal_eB deep root and
spreads ifcalf wide: but the false falls
away like blossoms; for nothing thnt is
false cftu be lasting.—Cicero.
CA^NATiptf Tea i$ }*acre**.s-
iugjn popu^y gyej-j* d*y
because coftWHSeflS appreciate
its mrii*
Are fou Swimming
Wffh'he Tlpcf
If nojt,   £Iow   is   the Tjjme
to change,
Orje Lake Flour, por sack. .., ,MJB
B.'i. ft, Rolled Oats, 7._ sacki' 46e
White Star Baking Powder, 2 cans,  25c
Creamery   Batter,   2-ft'..       65c
.t'oriied and Roast Beef, 2 cane t/)f #r>e
Furniture Dep.ffgiept.
We Have Saved You Money Let Us
Give   Yon  More.
Bed Room Suites, 3 pieces. $16 00
Writing jiefkn,  » ■drawers. f 10.00
Call and Inspect the Stock.
S, T. Wallace
■^'c^mlnster avenue A Harris atreet,
Telephone 126*
Ma/*. Orders Promptly Filled.
For   IikibI   news   snliseribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE only $1 for 12 montbe.
The foremost biologist of our day,
MetHcjtnjkofr, lies shown'" tlii. vulotfi
■cienqe '(bat there ere leucocytes in our
jlood lhat act us «e_vciigrr» or policemen.
These policcnit-n wliich are called phagocytes look out fnr the noxious or poisonous
elements In our blood. Various offendfrjg
element. P.- picked out of the blood and
tissues Bjrthcse policemen and de-strojtrd.
Therefore our lives ktti protected By
these bloodcellpollcemen. the ph.getyle),
nni w_; enjoy itaiiiuuity from disease eo
town as our blond contains plenty of phagocytes and red blood corpuscles.
"A new broom sweeps clean "—and ia
order tn put our own bouse III ordti- __:{}
nidst gel rid of nil the poisons in the ti.oSa
Willi a new broom such as an alterative
extract made from root, and herbs—without the use of ah-ohol, as Pr. Pierce's
Golden Mcdjc'ttl 1-iscovery, a specific for
pinking fjehTed blnod—for eradicating tilt
phlsnus Horn the blood. In some way tn.
policemen in the blood are Increased ia
number attd strength—so that we *;* put
in the best possible shape to resist disease
 - ,   ...ape
~u? cu'f BNlPliw*1 <"aIds, catarrh, and Un
"Tile more sludy and time is given to tbe
stihjccl tbe more we find tbat the blood la
f lc center of life"—savs Dr. K. V. Pierce,
llie noted specialist vf-Un'W)o',>'!the'ife4nll
and comfort of the'average person depends
entirely ou this lilood supply—for the heart
must huve pure blood or it will not primp
Iinil keep the bod v supplied regularly like
flie- beautiful automatic engine It is. Thi)
herves must be fed oh Dure olooel--or we
Mif.IT Un. pajrr of piurrJlj.ii,, 'which is the
pry of the stafV.H tl.rvcs for food.'- Head-
ai-ln-s, cold in the bead, catarrh—'imd Vlianj-
othia things are due to stagnation of the
blood.'' ■- "	
Dr, Merse's Plea^nt Kellets are a mild
laxative. No other metlicinc equals theui
(01 getitleiKss and tlioi.oiuliii'.s*  *
Quite the prettiest of the youthful
ball gowns are of white net, plain, dotted, uprlggetl, or In light and graceful
all-over piece laceB, as well as mousse
lines. Tulle plaltlngs, ruchlngs and rlf-
Mlngs give them a beautiful llghtnou
enhance^ by a single spray of artificial
flowers, spaced off here and there,
aametlmes reaching half-way up (./if
skirt. The bodices always correspond
by rep>afng the floral decoration, either
as a heading for the bertha, tullet. a#4
laces, or as shoulder knots, or clusters,
on !i}9 fprsage, or a spray upon the
half-long sleeves, with or without further arm drapery In chiffon /.r fi(,f.
For children's frocks and school
dresses the new cotton plaids deserve
particular attention. They have never
been in greater variety, while the colors are equal to tho»!_ at the finest
»ancy silk and linen and silk and
cotton tissues In lace designs are in
great favor for summer afternoon and
evening costumes. The Bast experience
la th**e charming materials and thslr
great popularity make them most welcome for the coming season. Some of
the new weaves are surprisingly lovely,
while the colors are faultless. Fln^ and
man ven especially so.
That there ls every Indication of lace
trimmings being quite as lavishly __.se.]
In the coming summer as they were last
s-iasftl., UPftn forenoon, and afternoon,
as well as evening gfljyns, |ut, of
course, with the proper limltatloas, as
to quantity and quality.
Mf>m Wl"......He.  SKIRTS.
Both linen suits had short walking
skirts, the heavy linen one Inlaid In
broad plaltg, ;.'Jj||p \fo Japanese linen
skirt showed an effective use of box
plaits with broad spaces. For Instance,
one broad box-plalf _)f tt)ij (.jjplf, ftilth
an embroidered design, reaching halfway up the sklpl, was followed by a
gathered .(illness at the sides, and an
embroidered heading at thi, ykirt hem,
Two smaller box:pl(Jits, each with upright motifs at embroidery, were laid
upon the sides, but well towards the
front, having a narrow design of era.
broidery reaching from the bottom of
th* frpnt panel to Hner hr(gb|. ^ very
charming skirt, Indeed, and embroidered after a special sketch In the Inimitable Japanese style. A {jjpuse bodice
to match, had a single flower brancty
design embroidered pn the fronts, producing a most unique style jji connection with the skirt. A very smart short
Jacket, prettily braided In whlt^, wifh
embroidered vest, was the second piece
of the heavy linen suit, and a most desirable choice. The wearer's Individ;
ual taste led her to select this nairelty
In the way of vest but.mi., consisting
of three sets In different colors, one of
rich blue lajjls, anptjier pf delicate green
malachite, the third of rose-plan cprol,
all of which she ordered of medium size,
and to be carved. Wltb each set of
buttons a li^t of the same eafe-r. la to
be worn, white gl_tv«, irtil, parasol and
girdle are to be of white. These orlg_
inal touches are a relief from Oft-rfS.
peated ways of dressing,
It ls quite unnecessary to have any
complleatfd machinery tor t|)t! manufacture of these jpiltni*.., for even the
ground pop-corn cakes may be made
nt home In the followjnc manner:
t'cii the corn, and, as each poppcrfHl
Is ready, roll It on the bake board |ji|{Jj
the rolling pin;-boll some New Orleans
rnolimf.es the same tjq fpr* molasses
CitMy, and be sure )f)at It is New Or-
bians molasses,  for. lie Pof-tn Rico ar-
-- ■'■■■' ...   ,. ■ •       ->■   ....       ... 1 i -
■ynn n 1 iiiinu." - 'mj-
tlcle la not nearly go gyqd t->r tbe inking of confection*, pour the molasaee
sy;-up aver the .crv^hed  po^oorn after
« t* fe?*^. «nd tim.ggfim tk* «nt""e
ftiaaa late a lent objong baking or
roasting MJi, mark Into squares, and
when cold, cut right {through the marks
with a sharp knife and separate  the
Popcorn fcail* aie jp»il* In mu#b the
same fashion, only the corn la left entire; use only the perfect grains and
pre*par« befejcsjiand two cu$s of molasses, one cup of brown sugar, one .ablo-
spoonful ot vinegar, and a piece ot buC-
ter ihe alffi .of a stnall egg. Make the
candy ln a large nercelaln kettle, and
wtjgji tt hardens upon being tried in
cold water, turn In the popped and
aalted corn. Prepare four quarts c-r
more of the popped corn, attr all the
£prn Into the candy that the latter will
take, and then Iieaj. the Qjl.x^j^ |pn to
buttered plates; butter the hands re
peate^ly while forming the hot corn
Into balls so aa to withstand., the heat.
Make of uniform slxe.'aa round as pos-
H'ple, and set aside to harden. Jf the
mixture hardens before the last balls
are made.ireheiu It'-bver the fire, taking
care not to scorch If.
For these, place over the fire two cup.
fuls of sugar, three-fourths of a cup.of
water and butter the size of an egg
cook together till it candles, and then
proceed as above with the molasses
balls. ,
One may vary iiopcorn balls, to the
children's .delight, by dividing the
syrup, coloring part of lt In pink, and
part of lt dar kbrown by adding a little
re*, currant 'e"|y or red fruit Juice, and
powdered cocoa or grated chocolate.
Leave the other third Qf the syrup
white, bo as to form a pretty contrast,
and then make up Into, balls, or crush
the corn and make Iflf olljttle cakes. By
packing the candled com Into a buttered baking powder can, some round
corncakes may Be'made for a change.
A pretty canary color may be produced by adding a few drops of tincture
curcuma, a harmless coloring to b(e
found at all druggists: this syrup
should be flavored with the Juice and
grated rind of a lemon. The pink corn
balls should be flavored with rose, and
the chocolate with vanilla or cinnamon.
5*ft) Pails of L-aj-d 45c
3 Cans of Corn 25c
3 Cans of Peas 25c
McLaren'sBakiiigPowde**) 20c
Blue Ribbon Bak. Powder, 20c
Extra Choice Tea 30c a pound
WpDp Muir
Rino in; 'i'honk 413.
Mt. Pleasaut
New Meat flarket
2442   Westminster' avenue.
OPEN SATUBDAY.   Good Meats at
Right PripoB,
M. G. PJJVER, Proprietor.
I flud the great thiug iu this world iB
uot sq much wherg ^,-p stand as iu what
direction wo urBl!j(.y}ng.—Oliver Wendell Homes.
City -of Vancouver.
TENDgRS will be reoeived by the
underfligjied up to Wedncsday.February
8th, 1906.,at 4 o'clock iu the aftefjuoon
for Cast Iron Water Pipo.-
Specif-cations may he seen at Ifec
office of tj_ie Oity Engineer.
Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Vanoouver, B. C, January 27th, 1905.
City of Yapcouver.
TENDERS will be received by tho
undersigned np to Sat.j'dny, April 1st,
nt 4 p. m., for the »iu__liaso of debentures of tbo Oity or $*/'ucouver to the
amount of $176,000.00. 7. hose debentures
bear interest at the ijtyo of four (4%)
per cent, per nunnui, payable half-
yearly aud extending oyer a period of
forty years. The City reserves the right
to rejeot any or all tc^^tJerH.
For further particulars apply to the
Vancouver, B. C. Jan. 25th, 1905.
Citv of Vaixcouver-
TAKE NOTICE thnt a by-law is in
tended to bo passed by the City Council
for levying n froutago'rate to pay for
stone block paving ro be constructed in
the lanes in tho following blocks, viz:
Blocks 8, 4, 5 and 28 Subdivision 541
nud that n statement showing tbo lauds
liable to pay the snid rate nnd the names
of tho owners thereof so far as thoy can
bo ascertained from the last revised
assessment roll, is now £led iu the office
of the City Clerk, u,.ri is open for iuspec-
tiou during office hours The estimated
cost of the work is $15,793.87, of which
$6,264 50 ie to be provided ont of the
geueral fund of the City. A Court of
Rovision will bo held nn Feb. 27th,
1905, at the City Hall at 4 p. tn., for the
purpose of hearing complaints ngninst
the proposed assessment or neenrncy of
tho frontage niensivreiUfijit or any other
complaint which persons interested may
desire to make, and which is by law
coguizable by the Court.
City of  Vancouver.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby giveu
that the Assessment Roll of the City of
Vaucouver hns beeu returned to uie nnd
uow remains iu my uffico, whero the
same mny bo inspected "by nny person
or pereous interested theroiu.
If any person or persons complain of
his or their assessment or uou-iissessmcu t
or of the as.essmeut or uou-nssessnieut
of any persou or persons, he or thoy
shall at least ten days previous to the
first meetiug of tlio Court of Revision
to be held on Weduesday, the 15lh day
of February, 11 a. 111., in the City Hall,
notify me of his or their ground of com-
plaint, and the Council shall at tho time
nnd place above referred to form them
selves into a Cimrf ;,f Revision for
hearing such complaint.
Vancouver, B. C, January lBt, 1905.
—~. _" - ■—■ ■" '__j
a year.
50c for si_£ months.
25c for three months.
DO IT now 1
SUBSCitifiK    to    your   Local
Paper NOW!
Don't be  a  Borrower  of a
paper which ouly costs $1.00 n
■*.'. jj,ji?
■'-   ■     '  ;
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of 11. p.
Cost Price
Sale of Ladies' Dress Goods*
.-allies' Ready-to-wear Skirts worth $3.75 for $2.25.
'''          "        !      "if'" Hi,?). " $2.50
""'*'   '  »       "       "       "        " $4.60 " $3.00
' ;•          "        "       "        "         " $4.75 " $S.pQ
'!       11       "         " $((.00 " $3.60
'"           '{       «'       "       "         " $6 60 " $4.50
i   .',!   , . - I'       "       "       "         •' $7.50 " $5.50
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"      .     "       ' $10.00 " $7.00
Girllj FJa,il])ejaftP.Ojieuiise forth 35c, 40c, 46c, 60o, for S5p each.
J* Horner,
40Q Westa^jt:ttfa>r Avo. Qpp. Carnegie Library,
Story of a
Dress Goods Sale
66-in. Black Broadcloths, $1.60 Hues for 85n yd.; $2 lines for $1.25 yd.
66-in. Gray and Drab Broadcloths, $2.25 a yard for $1.00; $2 a yard for $1.85.
Mixed Tweeds in gt'ey, brown and blue in costume lengths.
Fancy Blnck Voiles, tl 25 yd. for 75c Voiles in eveuiug shades, $1 26 a
yard for 50c Faucy Stripe Poplins, $1.60 a yard for $1.00.
»: Silk Taffeta Liuiugs for 26a..
G/4t Cloths, regular $3.60, $3 & $2.60;  large assortment, eleariug ab- $1.25 j4-
303 Hastings Street.
At Boston. Notch for Prices and Top Noted fof Quality.
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave. ' Phone 935.
300OO0OO0 ooooooooc
For Ladies and Misses.
Latest cut, best •material,
To be sold out at catching
prices.    Sep them at ouce.
W. W. Herklev
Westminster Avenue,  Mt. Pleasant.
*t^7WI|lch Mfg. on nt. Pleasam
One Thousand White nud Yellow
Ramblers, two-year-old, all first-
class bushes, for 15c and 20c ench.
Chas, Keeler
Note—Street Curs puss jny place.
2734  Westmiuster Avo.    Mt. Pleusant,
''Correct English,
How to Use It."
A "Monthly Magazine Devoted  to the
Use of English.
Interesting. Instructive.
Partial Contexts for this Month.
Course in English for the Beginner.
Course iu  Euglish for the Advance
How to Iucrease One's Vocabulary.
The Art of Conversation.
Should and Wonld: How toUsoThem
Pi'ounneiation,(Centum* pictiounry.)
Correct English iu the Home.
Correct. English in tlie School.
Whnt to Say aud What Not so Say.
Business English for the Bnsiuess Man
Compound VvordsiHow to Write Them
Studies in English Literature.
$1.00 n year.   Seud 10c for Sample Copy.
Correct Eniilish,Evitnstou.Ill .U.S.A.
If you waut a
Ring   up
Telephone  987
or   call   around   at   the   SIGN
Wohkk, 408 Cordova St., west.
Iu nny cuso yonr wants will receive the
most courteous   aud   careful nttoutiou,
is ouly $1.00 n yoar,
50e for 6 months,
25c for!} months.
If you miss The AovflpATE yon miss
the local nowg.
I. O, O. F.
Mt, Pleasnnt Lodge No. 19meetsevenr
Tuesday ut 8 p. m , iu Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially i.,yjted
to attend.
Noble Grand—O. G. Keiiny,
Recording Secretary—Thos,
Mackuy, Heather and Eighth ..venue.
I. O. f.
Court Vancouver 1328,  Iii-UipeD.dejjj;
Order of Foresters meets 2d and  4tl»
Mondays of each month at 8 p. m.
Visiting brethren always welcom*
Chief Ranger—W. G. Taylor,
__7 Keefer mr-ot, C|(i,
Recording Secretary—AV. H. JJpfioii,
678 Tenth -venue, enst.
Financial Skcretart—M. J. Crehan,
SM |'ijn.ce«sstr-c(, i.'liy.  Tel-phou*
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regnlar
Review 1st and 3d Fridays of pnpjj
mouth iu I, O. O. F., Hall corner West-
uiinster nnd Seventh avenues
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lndy Commander—Mrs. F, L. Bndlong,
I 136 Eleventh avenue, west.
Lady Record Keeper-
Ninth avenuo.
Mjb. J. Msrt'p.,
Vancouver Council, No. 211(1, meets
every 2rt nnd 4th Thursdays of eac)(
month, iu I. U- W, F., Hi.!!, pflj:j)-|i
S.iventb and Westuiiuster nvcuues.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor,
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
-•-'-K Wruliiiluster 11 venue-.   Tel. TC0.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company-,   Financial,   Press and
ADvEl.TiKKitri'  Agents.
110 Fleet St., Loudon,  E.G.,   England,
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Jd-LK !_. parloi..
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John  Gillinan, Proprietor.
TnitEE Chairs, nud a tirstclasa Bnlb
Room is run in coi;n.t'c|ion  with   the
Barber Shop—give tjtll place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
(Inter. |ii'iini|itlv "KnHilpil ui,   niitlit   or
day.   Charges nioilerule.
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
80   YEARS'
Trade Manna
Copyrights *c.
Anyone -enrUtuj a .kototi nnd dc-crlnllmi ijEu
quleklr njeertnln onr opinion freej
Inrentlon lu pcnhnlilji nutelltable; C
tloiiHHtrlctlreonQdentfat H_ndbook
.... city .oiiuil.ntlnl. Handbook on Paunts
■out freo. Oldest nireliey fur nocii. Inn imtciin.
I'titents taken tbrou-li Munn a Co. rcolTt
•jirrl.it notice, without _!inr_o, In tbe
Scientific Hmericam
A hnndiomolr lltnstrnted wnsktr. I.nnr««t dr*
cutntina uf nny hHumlUIo Journal. Tcrun, |3 •
yeur: four raontbs, |1. Bold brail newiidNlan.
The Advocate js the best advertising
medium whoro it oirculfttee.  Tel. B1406
Electric Light
Along |nterurban_Rv- Line
The g.ectric Lighting Lifle has now been
exteijfjed from Gladstone Station to Burnaby
Pow§f House.
Any residents wishing to install the light
will please make application to the Lighting
Department, where further information will
be cheerfully given.
Britjgh Columbia Electrii R.|ilw*iy Company* J,$d.
t'%^%%%%%-%^r*il_-*^^-«l^-«->^% ^%^^r%%1^(|^^1».1


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