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Mt. Pleasant Advocate 1906-02-03

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This elegant preparation combines in an agreeable
(form, all the weil-lrnowu valuable properties of its
ingredients, so combined as to form an excellent
remedy for Chronic or recent Pulmonary affections,
relieving obstinate OoughB by promoting expectoration aud serving as a calmative in all Bronchial or
Laryngeal troubles.   Price 50c per bottle.
Free Delivery to any part of the oity.   'Phone 790.
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three flonths 35c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Always Something
to interest you every woe): in X'.'.Y. f.JiVfycxTTS
among the Local Items, il, • !■ ,_„.k_.-.s Items,
Woman's Realm, or the Continued Story. 7iie
Advertisements will keep you posted ou where
to go for bargains in all lines.
The subscription price is within the reach of all
Delivered anywhere in the Oity, the 'Domiuiou.
the United States or Great Britian for $1 a year
Established April 8th, 1899.   Whole No. 854.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.' O.,   Saturday,   Feb 3, 1908.
(Seventh Year.)   Vol. 7, No. 44.
Local Items.!
The McCuaig Auotion and Commission Co., Ltd., nexttoOarneige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Oondnct Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of ivery description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
"The Advocate" ls now located at
8444 Westminster avenue. We are
more convieutly situated for Mt. Pleasant peop'e to find the olllce of their
local paper.
An application for a hotel license is
being songht for the building at the of Sixteenth and Westminster
-avenues, now occupied by McPhee &
Hicklington. While the plaoe is situated in Sonth Vancouver Municipality
it is just across the Oity boundary, and
lt is doubtful if Mt. Pleasant people
will tolerate a bar being opened there.
A petition opposing the granting of a
license is boiug circulated.
By   properly  adjusted    glasses   Dr.
Howell at tho Burrard Sanitarium Ltd.,
relieves oye strain   which  causes headache and other nervous troubles.
Mr. Fred Crocker of Seventh avenue,
east, had a narrow escape from drowning on Wednesday sfternoon. Mr.
Crocker wus going aboard a boat at
Hnsting Mill wharf, to take orders for
meat, and while turning the corner of a
lumber pile ho lost his balance and fell
hack iuto tho water. Though not a
swimmer he mauuged to keep afloat
uutil a rope was thrown lo him and
thus rescued
TO RENT.—Flat of 7 rooms iu briok
block; apply to W D. Mnir.
i 10!     '    •:   „B*ggi~l-
The Misses Hicks of Tenth aveuue,
ess*, entertained a number of friends nt
very pleasant pnrty on Friday last.
Whist aud othor games were pleasures
of the oveuing during wliich refreshments were served. Present: Miss S.
Dodson, Miss M. Smith, Misses L. und
M, Verge, Miss Hicks, Missus M. autl E.
Hicks, Mrs. Wilkinson, Messrs. A.
G. Bhnlt, R-.Smith, R. Scrivener, A.
Astell, H. Rouud, J. Ferguson, Mr.
"The Advocate" wishes any careless-
nos.. in delivery reported to the Olllce;
telephoue B1406.
Miss Eva Thompson entertained at a
very enjoyable party on Tuesday eve
uiug at the home of her pareuts corner
of Seventh aud Ash. Game:', music
aud dainty refreshments wore features
of a pleasaut evening. Prescut: Miss
Ludlow, the Misses Stephens, Miss L.
Mellon. Miss S. Crocker, Miss I*.
Flewelling, Miss Prior, Miss K. Grim
merson, Mrs. Stephens. Mrs. Thompson,
Messrs. Stephen.., Tubbs, Burlier, F.
Crocker, F. Stephens, F. Prior, Mr.
The Advocate
is now located at
24 44 Westminster Ave.
WANTED: Two apprentices to
loam Millinery. Mrs. W W. Merkley,
2805 Westmiuster avenue.
The homo of Mr. Towle, Tenth avenue, east, was the sceuco of a jolly surprise party ou Tuesday evening. Dancing and games wore features of the
oveniug's enjoyment during which
dainty refreshments wore served.
Present: Misses H. and M Cnn mm,
Miss M. Mattock, Miss M. Robinson,
Miss D. Parr, Mils G. Cloator, Miss E.
Hntsiui, Mrs. MoGavin, Mrs. Towle,
Messrs. W.Graham, F Parr, A. Walker,
B. Parr, J. Durie, A. Towlo, F. Black,
V. Hntson, Mr. MoGavin.
The very latest styles in Canadian
and American makes and designs iu
Winter Shoes for Men, Womon and
Children at R. MILLS, the Shoeman,
lit Hastings streets, west.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Ohiueiy of
Seacome road, South Vancouver, was
tho scene of a jolly surprise party on
Wednesday evouiug last Thongh unexpected tha young people wero hospitably received, and Bpent a most enjoyable time dancing and with games.
Prosent: Misses 8- and M. Peaoh, Miss
M. Edgerton, Misses M. and J. Chinery,
Miss E. Thomas, Miss A. Durie, Misses
J. aud O. Warner, Mrs. Warner,
Messrs. A. Walker, G. Durie, E. Warner, W. Thomas, T. Peach, J. Patterson,
T. Webb, T. Parr, D. Leech, A. Cooper,
Mr. Warner.
Personal notices of visitors on
(It. Pleasnnt, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social aflairs are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
Dentistry as we practice It is a serious profession,
Involving education, carefuluess aud skill. Therefore wo can not compete in prices with the ignorant, the ourcluss or tho unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that we obargo less than half as much as
moBt private praotioners.
But yon ask, Is tho work as good? "We reply, it
is bettor Indeed, no dentist who tries to practice all the different
branches of dentistry cau achiovo Buoh magulflcent results as we do
with onr oorps of skilled specialists
' J!IQb-«_d
147 Hastings St. Telephone 15B6. 1
Branoh Offices corner Abbott and Hastings streets.  Tel. 2022.
Ofiice Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;   Snndays 9 a.m.,   to 3 p.m.
For   local  news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOOATE. only »1 for 12 months.
Mr. O. G. Kinnie is having a fine
two-storey residence built ou Seveuth
avenne, east.
Mrs. Rnight of Ashcroft was the
guest of her brother Mr. J. B. Abernethy this week.
IOI     '
The Youug Men of St. Michael's
Congregation Mill give a dance on
Monday eveniug next iu Oddfeliows'
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Morkluy have
moved iu the residence they lately
bought on Eleveuth aud Westminster
Tho Local Co'iucil of Wotueu will
hold their annual meeting iu Mt. Pleasaut Presbyterian Church on Monday
afternoon next.
Mr. G T. Rogers, Mayor of Orau-
brook, pasaod through the City this
week, and visited liis friends Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Taggart, Westminster nve.
For Local Nows Read Tin. Advocate
— :o:	
Mr and Mrs. Thorburu have moved
from down-town to the house on
Twelfth avenue, adjoining the home of
Mrs. Thorburn's pareuts Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Smith niovod ou
Tuesday from their Into residence on
the corner of Ontario and -Seventh, to
their new homo "Smith's Crossing"
near Gladstone.
The Youug Men's Bible Glass of Mt.
Ploasaut Baptist Ohnroh will hold a
Social at tho homo of Mr. uud Mrs
Rolston, corner Thirteenth ave. aid
Ontario street, ou Thursday evening of
next week.
Get yonr Daueiug Pumps, Ladies'
Dancing Slippers, Gentlemen's Bedroom Slippers, Puteut-leather Shoes
of the Reliable Shoeman—It. MILLS,
119 Hastiugs street, west.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hardio have bought the
property of Mr. and Mrs, J. I. Smith on
Seventh nveuue, aud have moved to it
from their late plaoe of resideuco ou
Fifth aveuue, east.
Tho Boys' Christian Association of
Mt. Pleasant, is the title of a new
athletic olnb oaganized Friday last, and
starts out with a membership of about
twenty. Tho officers aro: President,
Percy Gorrard; Seorotary, Clydo
Mounce; Treasurer, Fred Metcalfe.
Tho Association moots every Friday
evening in Lee's Hall
Rev. W. O. STAOKhOUSE, Superintendent of Home Missions, will-occupy the pulpit on Sunday morning.
In the evening, the pastor Rov. Herbert
W. Piercy will preach on tho subject:
"The Lord's Will."
Yonng Men's Bible Class at 2:80 p.m
Read the New York Dcutal Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for yonr work
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Advertize 111 the "Advocato."
Capital $8,000,000.   Reserves $8,802,748.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bonk Deportment.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Manager.
Ladles' and Childreu's plain sewing
neatly and well-done, Mrs. Oullen, 2245
Westminster avenue,
Vanoonver Hive No. 2, L. O. T M.,
will give a Social evening on Tuesday
Feb. 8th.   Daueiug.
Violet, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Macfarlane, Prince Edward and
Niuth, has been seriously ill this week.
A dance will be given in Mason's
Hall on Tuesday eveuing next, under
the auspices of the Socialist Candidates
iu tho recent Municipal election.
Preparations for the Ball to be given
by the Art, Historical and Sciontifio
Association are progressing favorably.
Contributions have been geuerous, aud
tickets are selling rapidly as this promises to be one of the delightful fnuotious
of the season.
to:  ,
The pastor, Rev. A. E. Hethorington,
will preach Sunday morning on the
subject: "God's Use of Small Things."
Iu the evening, Rev. Geo, H Morden,
formerly of New Westminster, will
Song service before  eveniug  servico.
All aro iuvitod.
The Concert by the Apollo Quartet iu
Oddfellows' Hall on Thursday eveuiug
merited a larger attendance. The
audienco though small was appreciative
and each number was eucored. The
selections by tho Qnartot wero very
pleasing, Miss Ross, an established
favorite on Mt. Pleasaut, wns in good
voice aud kindly responded to encores
Miss Clara Wood's piano forte solos
were executed with much delicacy, nnd
enjoyed by her hearers. Miss Wood
acted ns accotnpnuist duriug the eveuiug in her usual able manner. Mr.
Cave possesses a truly flue tenor and
v.-ts uccorded acknowledgment in heart-
ty applause Mr. Koudull's "Three for
Jack" caught the fancy of tho audience,
and sang very effectively hie different
selections The following is the very
good program given:
1. Melody, Ring Tailed Coon," Scott
Gatty.... Apollo Quartet.
2. "Tho Barloy SheaveB," Alicia
Needham... .Miss M. Ross.
8. "Threo for Jack," Squire... A. H.
4. Piano solo "Fist Valse,"Chopin....
Miss O. Wood.
6. "Tho Last Watch," Piusnti....
Herbert J. Cave.
(I. "Robin Adair," ApolloQuartot
7. "Cradle Soug,"  Schubert Miss
M. Ross.
8. "Army & Navy," Cooke Messrs.
lltivn nnd Kendall.
0 Piano solo, "Plerotte, Air de
Ballot," Ohamluade..    Miss C. Wood.
10. "Maegrcgor's Gathering," Alex.
Lee H. J. Cave.;
11 "The Bandolero, "Leslie Stnart,...
A. H. Kendall.
13. "Drink to Me Only With Thine
Eyes," Old English Apollo Quartet
Appolo Quartet.—1st Tenor, H. J
Cave; 2d Teuor, G. Wood; 1st Bass,
J G. Lister; 2d,Bass, A. H. Kendall.
Soprauo Soloist, Miss M. Ross.
Accompanist, Miss C. Wood.
Municipality of South Vancouver
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Court of Revision for the Municipality
of the District of South Vancouver for
hearing nil complaints against the
Assessment as mndo by tho AssoSBor of
the said Municipality, will be held at
the Municipal Hall, North Arm road,
South Vaucouver, tin Monday the
Twenty sixth duy of February, 1IK6, nt
10 o'clock in the foreuoou. Ten days
uotice must bo giveu of all Appoils
bofore said dato.
Municipal Hall, Jam 21th, 1900.
J      \      Fl FTT     Wt, PLEASANT HARDWARE
•   t\.    I l~l_ I   I a STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
3 cans Tomatoes for 25c
2 cans Pineapples for 25c
Pure Honey and Eastern Maple Syrup.
Good Apples $1 per box.
3 cans Peas for 25c
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
King's fleat flarket
17. Porter & Sons.
2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers In all kindB of Fresh and Salt Meats.   Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Monut Pleasnnt aud Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry in season.
Tel. A1206.
give good advice
when we say	
See Our
Choice Mixed Pickles only  25c qt.
5 cans Salmon for 25c    Jtest Finnan Haddie 10c Lb.
Onr store is full of just such values.   BE WISE aud LOOK US
UP—it is paying many peoplo.
~~J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone   1860.
-   mm s Ladies'Flannelette Wrappers, made nnd trim
med in a variety of styles; regnlar $1.25, $1.50,
$1 75, if2, $2.50, Clearing at *1.25 each
Misses Three-tsuarter Length* Ooats Clearing at Cost I
Regular $4.50 for $2.75 Regular $5.00 for $3.50
." 7.50   ■     6.00 " 9.00    '     7.00
Children's Bearskin, Cashmere and Eiderdown Ooats at Greatly
Reduced Irices.— Regular $1.75 for $1.00
Regular $2.75 for $1.75 " 8.00   '    2.00
"        8.7d    '    2.60 " 4.50    '    8.00
5.50    '     8.50 " 7 50    '    6.00
ADftQQ <t fft     30,3a and 34 Cordova St
.   I\_V_"*»"*J*J "kX VV/., Telephone 574.
The fuueral of. Hugh Jepsou, who
died on Suuday last, took place on Tuesday afternoon from the family residence
562 Seveuth avenue, oaBt. Rev, O. O.
Owens conducted the funeral services.
The pnll-bearers were all Winnipcggcri,
and were: Messrs. W. F, Wilson, H.
Adams, S. T. Laird, J. F. Campbell, T.
Buckcr, H. Benner. Tho fuueral
arrangements wero iu charge of Armstrong & Edwards. The floral tributes
wero uouierous and beautiful. The do
ceased wns a nativo of Euglaud aud
was 48 yearn of age. Mr. Jopson settled In Winnipeg in 1882, and wns a
mouiljer of tne firm of J. Weir & Company. Owing to ill-health Mr. Jepsou
came to tho Coast Itttt August and re
sided on Mt. Plensaut up to the timo of
his death.
L, O.   T. M.
Telephone Numbers of Local Ministers.
B1799-R.V. 11. H. Wiliion,(Anglican).
lOttC— Uev. O. A. Wllion, (Prcsbrtcrlin).
Br_.9-ilcv.A.£. Hothe.iiigton,(_ietbodI_t!
HSF Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephoue B1405
On Monday Jan. 22d, Alexandra
Hive No. 7, installed their newly elected
officers for the ensuing year. The
Deputy Proviuoiitl Commander, Lndy
Griffin aud the Guards of Vancouver
Hive No. 2, wore present and installed
tho officers with imposing ceremony.
Mrs. Grifllu, Mrs. Budlong, retiring
Commander; Mrs. Pettipiece, Com-
nnnider, aud Mrs. Fraser addressed the
ladies assembled. After tho busluess
WM over vory nice refreshments wore
Alexandra Hive will meet ou Monday
Feb. 12th.
Allan.—Boru to Mr. ond Mrs. Dods
Allan, 1701 Burunby street, Juu. 29th,
a son.
Ward.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs, Wnrd,
2804 Westmiuster avenue, Feb. let,
a daughter.
Subscribe    to    your   Locnl
Paper NOW I
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paper wliich only costs $1.00 a
Just the thing for
Winter weather
Extension Clothes Horses, opon 12 feot wide, closed 2 feet wide.   Wn
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If you uiiss Thk Advocatk you miss
the local news.
Washboards for 15c, 25c __ 80c.
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Buchanan & Edwards
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Stock-taking Sale 1
Many Goods at One-half actual value—for the
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Corn Starch oo per package. Laundry Starch 6-ft for Me.
Old Brown Windsor Soap 86 cakes for 26c.
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The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd-
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THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?   Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
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Lawn Grass Seeds
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Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  BeofBcraps, Etc.
S. KEITH &fflH--M___ ayeaue  A
Telephone   16 3'
Boot and Shoemaklng
and Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2464 Westminster avenuo.
For a Game of
Pooler Billiards
Orop In at
Mt. Pleasant.
On Friday, Jan. _>6, about fifty
friends of Mi. and Mrs. Thos. A.
Tidy surprised tliem arriving in a
body at 8:30, p, ni. The dale wa9
the 25th anniversary ol the marriage
of Mr and Mrs. Tidy. Many elegant presents for their silver wedding
were received from the friends assembled to congratulate them, A
list of presents follows:
Solid silver berry spoon, Mr . Jam-
icson;. silver soup ladle, Mr. and Mrs.
Howes; marmalade spoon, Mr. and
Mrs. Dalzell; gold lined sugar spoon,
Capt. and Mrs. Jas. Moran; cold
meat for)., Mts Cartwright; silvcT
sugar and cream set, Messcrs Raney
and McMorran; silver card receiver,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin; silver nut
set, Mr antl Mrs. H. J. Foote; fruit
knives, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Tidy;
(N'cw Westminster) bread tray, Mr.
and Mrs. Donagliy; butter knife, Mrs.
A. McKinnon; Napkin rings, Mr. and
Mrs. Colville; souvenir spoon, Mr. A.
Spears;souvciiir spoon, Mrs. S, Scolt;
napkin rings and watch charms, Mr.
and Mrs. Scott; silver pickle fork,
Mr. and Mrs. McCauley; half dozen
silver tea spoons, Mr. and Mrs. Humphries.
lit. Pleasant Mall, (Postoffice.)
Mail arrives daily at 11 a.m., 1:80 sad
6:80 p. m. Mail leaves the Postoffice at
tbe hitnic honrs.
Advertise in "Tho Advocnto."
—is not merely a little ro«m nt
one side for the repairing of
jewelry but is a genuine Jkwkl-
uy Factory where Jewelry ls
Many jewellers are engapid
day iu nud day out making up
Gold and Silvor and Precious
Stones into fashionable JewKlry.
We oan make np any style of
jewelry you may fancy.
We Of course, do REPAIRING
iu a most skillful manner as well.
Corner Hastiugs aud Sts.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R.
Royal Crown
the Br.sT is thk World. Drop
us a post card askiug for a
Catalogue of Premiums to ba
had free for Royal ("row»
Soap Wrappers.
The Canadian
Bank0F Commerce
Deposits of Ona Dollar and upwards
received and interest allowed thereon,
Bank Money Orders  issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. m. to • p. ___
Saturdays: 10 a.m. to 12in., 7 to 8 p.m,
East End Branch
444 Westminster      C. W. tURRANT,
avenue. Mamaokr.
Advertising !■ the education af UM
purchaser of tht merita of <lirr.-r.tnt
that which adds to hia comfort and am.
consumer. It Informs tha proapettlva
goods nnd brlnrn him Into touch wlrh
pltfles his happlneas.
Thk Advocate it tlio best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Toi. B14% *♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦ ff HHf f f ♦♦ ♦ ♦♦-».-♦-♦♦ KMm-f»fM»
i| Linked by Fate
s ■'
j:   Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage
j; of Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid
| For," * A Modern Juliet," Etc
i ;»♦»•>♦'♦ ♦♦♦♦♦+«♦♦>♦ ♦ +-»♦♦++♦ ♦ ♦ H M M ♦ I *♦♦»♦»+?
"Oh, speaking of vegetation, do
you think you could find mc somo
more vegetables'; This soup wants
carrots and onions—"
"It's a llrst rate soup," ha snid.
"Oh, thank you!" she retorted,
drily. "I was atr.tiil you didn't like
it.   You didn't say so."
"I beg your pardon," ha snid,
meekly.    "I was pondering over—"
"More important things. I'm
eorry," she caught him up in a
quick little wny thnt was so rare ns
to be charming.   "Please go on."
"I'm confirmed in my opinion that
the largest of the group of islands
lies on the southwest: and I propose
building a bont—it will be safer than
a raft—in which I—we—can make r.
cruise of discovery."
Sho listened earnestly and forgot
to serve him; then she remembered it,
and with a start begged liis pardon
and took his plntc.
"I also found more evidence ol
gold. Some of the quartz, or whatever thoy call it, show quite plainly
on the big stones or rocks in the dry
river beds."
"Yes. Do you like the ducks best
this way or stewed? I put it in an
empty tin amongst the ashes of the
fire.   Is it nil right—done enough?"
"It Is very good," he said, "lt is
a delightful dinner and 1 am enjoying .it. Where was I?—Oh, the gold.
And I think there is copper; in fact,
the place seems to abound in valuable minerals."
She nodded carolessly and sighed.
"We seem to find all the useless
things," sho said. "Now, if wed
been two persons in a book of adventure, cast on an uninhabited island, we should find all the useful
things, or the materials out of which
to make them."
"Ah," he said, rather resentfully.
"I always had, even as a boy, a
suspicion of fraud in those shipwreck
stories; but I littlo thought that tho
thing was so tragic and uncomfortable as it Is."
"I am sorry you are not comfortable," she said. Then she remembered the two she had lost and the
tears camo Into her eyes. He saw
them ond tried to divert her mind.
"We haven't tried tho old trick
they always perform in the adventuro
books—sending empty bottles with
'Wo are shipwrecked on an unknown
island.   Help us!    Rescue!' "
"I've only threo empty bottles nnd
I couldn't spare them," she suid.
"Ono is a rolling pin and worth its
weight in gold."
"Yes, but your people; their anxiety will bo, must bo, very great,"
ho said, gravely.
"I haven't any people," she replied.
"My father and I were alono in tho
world. I suppose we must have relatives, but I never heard of them.
wo Uvea lur unc --_..-U»_,r " Aftor n
pause she said, wilh her eyes on the
table: "If you would like to try to
communicate with your people I will
sacrifice my bottle."
He shrugged his shoulders. "It's
of no consequence."
Sho looked at him with almost
startled surprise.
"Your sister, brother? Why, surely
you have some one?"
"Why should I any more than
you?" he answered. "I haven't father or mother or a sister or a brother; and as to the rest of my people—
well," grimly, "they won't suller any
anxiety over my disappearance."
"Are you not going to smoke?"
she asked after a moment or two.
He thanked her and sat down on
the ground before tbo lire and lit liis
pipe. Ho was terribly tired, and
presently, as she glanced towards
him, .she saw his head full on his
breast—ho had fallen into a doze.
His attitude was an uncomfortable
one, and she longed to put something for him to lean ngninst. Tho
desire grew so intense—she told herself that it was only becnuse the
sight of him sitting so ".idgotted"
hor—that sho stole on tip-toe to
As she stood over him hesitatingly
her ayes wandered over his face and
form. Sho noticed tht short curls
that clustered closely on the bend of
tht strong neck, the great shoul lors,
broad yet Hat, the handsome luce,
the grace of the whole figure. 'i'he
thought flashed urross her that ho
was tho best looking man she had
ever seon. And how tired he was!
The maternal instinct, which lies
dormant in all women, awoke in her
and hor heart ached with piiy for
Sho drow tho box gently ngninst
his back. Dut tho touch, gontlo ns
it was, nwoko hlin; in a moment he
was on his feet and had seized her
arm in a-j.-asp of Iron, his vacant
jm*-faring ut her sternly. She
thought ho wns going to strike her,
but suddenly he was awuke fully und
Btaring at her with dismay.
"I~I beg your pardon!" he stiim-
merod. "I must have fallen asleep;
and I dreamt that tho Lascar hnd
coma back. I must havo thought
you were ho and—oh, I beg your
"If you'd let my arm go," sho snld
with a painful smile. "You nre hurting
it. I am glad I am not tho Lascar!"
Ho released her arm, and in doing
so saw that the ring was not on her
finger. He did not frown or show
surprise; but his face became thoughtful,  and ho avoided her eyes.
She, noticed tho subtle change in
his manner, though she did not discern  the cause.
"I will go now," she snid; it nlmost seemed a formula, "Give 1110
your coat, please."
"My coat?" ho repeated, vngiiely.
"Yes. You havo torn it; I will
mend it for you."
"Oh, don't troublo," hi snid, rather coldly. Why hail she taken off tho
ring? Was she afraid of liim—afraid
that ho would forget his promise?
His heart swelled with bitterness.
"Givo it me, pleaso,*'- she said with
her queenly air of command. "You
havo not too many coats, 1 know."
Obediently ho took off his coat and
she Hung it over her arm, wishing
him "Good night," and left him.
He refilled his pipo with her tobacco
—it was not half bad, but ho sighed
as he thought of his favorite brand
—and sat over tho firo smoking for
a time, then swiftly ht rose, resolved
to conquer his reluctance to take repossession of the hut. As he passed
hers ho saw that the light was still
He lit the pine torch at the door
and stood dead short at the threshold, astounded by the change sho
hnd wrought in the hut. Looking
round his eyes caught tho flowers she
had put on the table, nnd he took
them up and smelt them, then put
them down and frowned at them
thoughtfully. Why hnd she tnken the
trouble to turn out the hut, to niter
the nrrangement so thnt ho might
not bo haunted by tho memory of his
dend friend? Why had she put tho
flowers there for him? Something lit
a fire In his eyes, then they grow
dull. Sho had taken off his ring. It
was Just a woman's Idea of pity
that had impelled her to tidy up
and arrange the hut. With a sigh ho
set down the bottle of flowers and
began to undress.
Nina carried the coat to her hut,
and finding her needlo and thread, lit
tho ship's lnmp. Dut sho paused,
with tho coat in her lap, and turning up her sleeve looked at her arm.
The mnrks of his fingers showed on
tho white flesh. She held her arm to
tho dim light and looked at it with
a faint pensive smile. How strong
he was! His grasp had been liko
that of a vice. She hud felt that if
sho had moved her arm lt would
break. How strong he was, how
I handsome, and yet how gentlo to
I and considerate of her! He was
treating her with the chivalry of a
knight-errant. Yes, ho was good,
good! If she had met him, say in
London, under ordinary circumstances, and they had grown to know
each other iu the usual way, midst
all tho surroundings of civilization,
perhaps he might—she might—thoy
Tho color roso to her faco. Whither were her foolish thoughts leading
her? With a gesture of self-rebuke
she took up tho coat and mended tho
worst rent tho bushes and undergrowth had made in it. Sho could
not do much for him, but at any
rate ho should not go'about in a
ragged coat.
As she turned it over something
fell from the breast pocket. Sho
groped about on tho ground and
presently camo upon a small, flat
leather caso. She turned it ovor
nnd over curiously, then put it on
tho table. Whatever it wns it did
not concern her. It might contain
bnnk notes, letters—no; it wns not
bulky enough for thnt; it wns just
simply a flat case. It haunted,
mocked, foscinntod lier. Sho tried to
keep her eyes from it, to concentrate
her attention on the coat, but the
thing seemed to exercise a power
over her; nnd at lust, with a gnsp
of shame, sho snatched it up.
It     was   lasieileil      by   nu      ul illnnry
closp, and, pressing it, it flew open
slowly and revealed Ihe portrait of a
womun. It wns a colored miniature,
and of so lovely a face, of such almost perfect beauty, that Nina's first,
emotion was one of unalloyed admiration. Tho eyes were blue, the complexion a delicatn ivory—old ivory—
tho hair a rich auburn. The neck
wns bare, perfectly modelled nnd ol
snowy  whiteness.
Admiration at first; but suddenly
it gave place to—what? The blood
roso to Nina's face, her eyes darkened and grew hard. Hor bosom—as
white, by the way, as that of tho
portrait—roso and fell with instinctive resentment, and her breath come
He carried a woman's portrait in
his pocket—over his heart!. Her own
heart grew cold, then burnt hotly.
Sho put the miniature closo to the
lamp and studied it. There was some
writing at the bottom of it:
"To my dear Vane.   Judith."
Tho words struck her like so many
strokes of a dagger. Her "dear
Vane."   Herol
Who was sho, this beautiful, perfectly beautiful woman?
With a sudden thrill of relief that
seemed to set the blood running in
her veins again she thought that it
might bo his sister. Then, cold as
Ice once more, she remembered that
he had snid he had no sister.
Her hnnd closed spasmodically over
the portrait, and she roso in passionate indignation and resentment.
This portrait she hnd found in tho
pocket of her liiislinntl's coat— Her
htisbund! Her husband I Ah, yes;
but her husbnnd in nnme only. He
hnd married her under compulsion;
ho hud fought, argued ngninst the
marriage. No wonder, wilh the portrait of this beautiful womnn on his
breast! Oh, whut should sho do,
whnt should she do?
With it gesture of loathing nnd despair she flung the tnjiiiiitui-i. from
her and, sinking into the chair, buried her fuce—in  his coat.
Nina lay awake nil that night.
Wcdtled to a man who married her
against his will, und who carried tho
portrait of another woman—and how
beautiful a woman—in his breast
Dut .Mannering slop soundly, roso a
little after the wondrous tlnwn and,
having got through his usual work,
W'cnt to tho saloon. Nina wns not
there and he saw thnt breakfast was
only luid for one. She came in ns he
was pondering ijjttfels fact, came in
i% PILLS   rf
with a quick step    and said,  In
matter-of-fact way: H^^
"Good-morning. I have had my
breakfast"—she had not been able to
eat anything. "I had so many things
to do. Havt you got everything you
"Yes, thanks," ho said, absently.
Something in her tone, a coldness
and aloofness, struck him; and glancing at her he saw that sho was paler than usual and that her eyes wero
"I hopo you are not overworking
yourself," ho said, earnestly. "There
is really no need for it. Wo havo
plenty of time to do what is necessary; and I could holp you In ever
so many ways. For instance, for tho
future you must let mo bring tho
water from the spring; tho can is
heavy.   And I will light the fire."
She laughed, but mirthlessly. "And
do the cooking, and lay the table,
and wash up the things; and I could
ait by with some fancy work and
watch you. Oh, no, I am not working too hard; if it wore not for the
work I should—" "go mad," she
was going to say; but sho stopped
short and mado a gesture of impatience. •
"I am going to sot about that
boat," ho said; "but I shall ba back
to lunch."
"Oh, I've tied up your lunch for
you," sho said, coldly, pointing to
the package.
"Very well," ho responded, almost
meekly. "Perhaps it will be better; it
will savo time."
"There Is your coat," sho Said,
taking it up and holding it out to
"Thank you," he said, simply, as
he put it on. Ho did not know that
her eyes wero raised to his searching-
ly, almost accusingly. "I'm afraid
you sat up late last night to mend
lt. I saw tho light in your hut. I'm
sorry. I'll bo more careful in the future.   You look tired this morning."
"I'm not in the least tired," sho
retorted with a littlo snap in her
voice, usually so calm and low. "If
you do not want anything else—"
Sho went out and Mannering turned to his breakfast again; but her
coldness, her strangeness had spoiled
his appetite. What was tho matter
with her? Sho had removed his ring
from her finger, was stand-ofiMsh and
sharp with him.
With a sigh he pushed his plato
away from him and shouldering his
gun went off to the woods, Nina
watching him from her partly opened
Mannering selected the biggest
tree, felled it end. scooping out a
length of tho trunk, made u fairly
good canoe.
It was a tremendous day's work
and he regarded it with ptirdonablo
pride; but he was too tired to haul
it down to the beach and he left it
When he entered the saloon she
was standing by the tulile. He saw,
with a sigh of relief, that it was
laid for two. Dut she hnd on her old
frock, and the bit of ribbon was absent from her neck; nntl she senrcely
lifted her long lnshes as he wished
her "good evening."
"I hope you're better," ho Bald,
blundering like a man.
Sho bit her lip impatiently.
"I have not been ill," sho said
with ominous emphasis, as she passed him his plate.
"I'vo finished the bont," ho said,
trying to speak as if ho did not notice her coolness.
She fixed her eyes on the pinto.
"Why did tho raft not do?" she
"Oh, it is not nearly ns safe as a
bont. I could not steer it or sail it
as well. I mado the raft because"—he
hesitated and stammered—"there is
no immediate hurry now. Oh"—hastily—"this boat—it's only a canoe-
Is ever so much better! I'm hoping
that we shall be able to roach one of
the Inhabited islnnds; perhnps, if we
have luck, trre mainland."
Her faco grew set and her lips
camo together straightly as lf sho
wero bracing herself to nn effort.
"And—and—if wo do, Mr. Mannering?" sho said in a low voice, which
nalpitated with her agitation, "what
will you do? Will you tell tha people
we meet that—that wo are married?"
Mannering gazed at her blankly, aa
lf he were trying to see what waa
passing In her mind.
"I—I don't know; I haven't thought
of lt," he stammered, his face flushing. "What—what would you wish
mo to do?"
"I—I would rather you did not,"
she replied. "I—I want to make a—a
—bargain with you."
"Yes?" he aaid, interrogatively.     '
She raised her eyes and looked him
steadily, bravely, ln the face.
"I want to tell you that I know
how great a sacrifice you made ln
mar—in doing what poor Mr. l'lom-
lng wished."
"Aa to that—the sacrifice was
yours," he put In eagerly, earnestly;
but sha ignored his Interruption and
went on:
"If we escape to England—and, oh,
I hope and trust wt may!—I want
you to understand that—that tha
marrlaga, what we havt done—
hasn't any meaning, significance;
that we ahall part as lf—as lf lt had
not been done. I will give you my
word—I will awtar It If you wlah It
—that I will nevor tell anyone of—ol
tha ceremony we went through, nover, as long as I live; and I need not
aay that I will nover—oh, never!—
make any claim on you."
Her voire broke and the tcara burnt
ln her ayes; but she drove them
back and continued:
"And I want you to promise that
you will tell no one—that you will
never make any claim on ma."
Ha waa allent for a moment or
two, his eyes bent on his plate.
"I understand, and, of course, I
promise," ht said ln a low voice and
rather grimly. "I know how you'
feci, at least I think I de, and I
respect that feeling. It would ba
very strange _. I didn't set tha—tha
way In which you regard our mars
"Waa It a marriage?'' aha broke la,
abruptly. "There were no wltneaaea;
we were not ln church—"-
"It doesn't matter," he aaid, almost gently. "What I have to do la
tp atudy your wishes—to follow
them. All I nsk Is that—that while
wo aro together—"
- """     TO BE  CONTINUED.
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Running Sores the outcome ot neglect
or bail blood, huvo u never-falling balm In Dr. Agnew's Ointment. Will licul the most stubborn rattee.
Seniles trrltntlon almost itiiiliinlly ull cr lirst application, lt relioi-us ull Itching ami luii-iiiini skin
discii-us in u liny.    It  cuius   piles   in   3 to 5   niyhls,
Fancy prices were paid for flyers at
the New York horse sale.
Rich Vein of Silver.
Ottawa. — The assistant commissioner of the mounted police at. White
Horse, Y.T., reports that a rich vein
of silver In the Monatana mine ns
proved to be one and a-half miles
long. It of the Conrad consolidated group of mines, and Mr.
Conrad himself declares that by actual measurement he has $12,000,000
worth of ore in sight.
Some of the police officials state
that the Indians of the Yukon, who
have regarded themselves as being ot
war with the whites ever since their
advent In 1897, are preparing to declare peace and to bury the hatchet.
STOMACH.—This is sadly too often the case. So
many nanaeons nostrums purporting to cure, in the
end do tha patient Immensely more im i m thun good
Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets uro a purely vegetable pepsin preparation, as harmless as milk. One
after eating prevents any disorder of the digestive
organs. 80 lu e box. 8fi cell's.—40
Railway men in Winnipeg have organized a bowling league.
Great Things From Little Causes
Grow.—It takes very little to derange
the stomach. The cnuso may be
slight, a cold, something eaten or
drunk, anxiety, worry, or some other
simple cause. But if precautions be
not taken, this simple cause may have
most serious consequences. Many a
chronically debilitated constitution
to-day owes its destruction to simple
causes not dealt with in time. Keep
the digestive apparatus in healthy
condition and all will be well. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are better
than nny other for the purpose.
The Taking
Cold Habit
The old cold goes; a new one
quickly comes. It's the story
of a weak throat, weak lungs,
a tendency to consumption.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
breaks up the taking-cold
habit. It strengthens, soothes,
heals. Askyourdoctoraboutit.
" I had a terrible cold, and nothing relieved
me. I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and U
promptly broke up my cold, slopped bit
cough, and eased every part of my uody. It
did wonderful work for me."—MB. J. F.-.OTS,
Toledo, Ohio.
Also loauuli-Otarera of
_„.__ _A_   SARSAPAM-U.
llsOrQ ftus.
Keep the bowols regular with Ayer's
Pills,  lust  ons  pill   each   night,
A new hockey club to be known ns
the Wlnnipegs has been organized in
the Western metropolis.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper..
Premier Roblln has announced a
provincial telephone system ns a feature of his government's policy.
I was  cured  of a severe cold  by |
Oxford, N.S.        R. F. HEWSON.
I was cured of a terrible sprain by |
Yarmouth, N.S. Y. A. A. C.
I was cured of Black Erysipelas by
Inglesvlllo. J. W. RUGGLES.
A grain barge with 60,000 bushels
on board was sunk Brockvllle.
The Keeley Cure
Ask the lawyers, the physicians, the
congressmen, the clergymen, the
clerks, tho book-keepers, the skilled
mechanics who have patronized us
and you will find that the Keeley
treatment is all anil more than ls
claimed for lt, and that It is ths
"stitch" a drinking man needs to save
property, reputation, family, sanity
and oven life itself.
Write today, now, and get the noo
sssary Information about it.
133 Osborne St.,  Fort  Rouge,
' Sunlight Boap is better than other soaps,
bnt ia beat when uud in the Sunlight way.
Buy Sunlight Boap and follow directions.
Cobweb Pllla.
Andrew Wilson, tbe well known naturalist and writer, in commenting on
Culpepper's  "Complete Method," published ln 1052, shows how this cnnbled
a mun to "cure himself, being sick, for
threepence charge,  with such things
only as grow In England, they being
most fit for English bodies."    "Johu
Wesley practiced music."  Wilson con- {
tinues.   "His system was not strictly
limited to vegetable simples.   Wesley
prescribed boiled carrots ns nn excltt- j
she diet for a fortnight for tbe cure of ,
asthma and recommended baldheaded I
people to wash their vacant spots with \
a decoction of boxwood.   For bleeding
from tbe lungs or stomach the juice |
of nettles ls ordered and for an ague
six pills of middling size of cobwebs."
A  Refflincul  of I.iiv.-ri..
Four hundred young Spanish gallants, each wearing a distinctive
budge, recently assembled at a certain
spot near Barcelona to meet one lady.
The lady did not appear, An advertisement In a local paper had snld tbnt
a young and wealthy American lady
desired to meet a Spanish gentleman
with a view to matrimony, The 400
applied, and each was notified that hs
had been selected.
The   SInre.
The numbor of stars visible to the
naked eye Is fewer thun 0,000. The
number of stars visible through the
largest telescope Is probably not fewer
than 100,000,000.
- Amber,
Amber burns with a pale yellow
flame with a good denl of black smoke,
evolving nu agreeable odor and leaving n black mass of carbon behind. It
Is about 79 per cent carbon and 10.5
per cent each of hydrogen nnd oxygen.
Amber is n fossil gum, partly soluble
ln alcohol nnd'other. Since It frequently contains insects it must have been
a viscid liquid when those- were entrapped to their destruction.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds. Mt. Pleasant Advocate    a danish boarhound.
' Cnn Be No Fire I'nla-na There
Be Flame or Glow.
A novel and Interesting case has Just
been decided by the United States circuit court of appeals at St. Paul, ln
which tlie court laid down the rule that
while spontaneous combustion may become so rapid as to produce fire the
combustion cannot be said to be fire
until It has actually developed into n
glow or flame. The oplulou was iu the
case of the Western Woolen Mill company of Topeka, Kan., against tho
Northern of London, on appeal from
the federal court iu Kansas, where the
decision was in favor of tbe insurance
Tho Northern Issued two policies of
Insurance for $5,600 on a quantity of
wool stored ln the warehouse of the
woolen company In Topeka. The buildiug was submerged by the Topeka
floods In May, 1003, and the wool wan
thoroughly wet. After being submerged for eight dnys the wnter subsided aud the wool wns spread urotind
for the purpose of drying It. It soon
became heated and pitchforks had to
be used In handling It. While there
wus smoke nnd odor, uo flame wns to
be seen nnd no glow. The lower court
held that the evidence did not show
that the wool was damaged by Are
within tlie meaning of that term as
Used In tbe policy of Insurance.
This ruling was upheld by the court
of appeals. Judge Garland, rendering
Its declsiou, held thut "lire is always
caused by combustion, but combustion
does not always cause fire. No definition of Are cnn be found tbat does not
Include the idea of visible beat or light,
and tbls ls also the popular meaning
given to the word. The policies aro
contracts, and ln their interpretation
the words employed must bo given
their ordinary popular signlflcatiou.
The wool, as animal Aber, became
heated, but the iuternal development
of heat nevsr at any time became so
rapid as to produco a Aaine or glow,
and hence, within tbe meaning of the
word 'Are, as used in the policies of
insurance, there was no Are."—Insurance Press.
jl The Mexican Bridegroom.
The bridegroom in Mexico finds marriage a very costly business. He is expected to buy the trousseau, and he is
fortunate if be can satisfy the extravagance sanctioned by custom nntl
prompted by nrdent pnsslon. Young
men from the country nre said to he
often seen in the City of Mexico purchasing all sorts of finery for the ladles of their choice, and the spectacle
they present as they consult the measurements, which they carry with thein
for all sorts of garments, ls very
Odd <;,-"«.l'uplilonI Division.
The range of the Blue Ridge mountains in Pennsylvania is divided by a
river every twenty-seven miles, as follows: From the Susquehanna to the
Swatara, 27 miles; from the Swatura
to the Schuylkill. 27 miles; from the
Schuylkill to the I.chigh, 27 miles; from
the Leblgb to the Delaware, 27 miles.
At tho next 27 miles is a hollow of
New Jersey in which nestles a lake
known as Culver's pond.        	
«r nf.fl Rr.WARD will
iJ>*>,VW be |...i.l to any
Scrson who proves that
unlitfht Snap contains nny
injurious chemleall or any
lunn ul udulteraliun.
is a perfect cleaner and will
not injure anything.
Best for all household pur'
poses. Sunlight Soap's super'
iorily is most conspicuous in
the washing of clothes.
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
take the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, or the most delicate
colors may be safely washed
with Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft water.
Your money refunded by ihc dealer
from whom you buy Sunlight Soap if you
find any cause for complaint.
Lever tl.otlier, Limited. Toronto
He Was a Jealous Brute and Carefully Guarded Ilia Mistress.
During a visit to a friend In the
country Sir Henry Hnwkius had an adventure with a boarhound which he
describes in his "Reminiscences:"
There was an enormous Danish boarhound which had, unperceived by us,
followed Mrs. Harlstone from tbe library. He pushed by without ceremony and proceeded until he reached
the lady, wbo was some distance ln
advance. He then carefully took the
Bklrt of her dress with bis mouth and
carried lt like an accomplished train
bearer until she reached the bottom of
the stairs and the garden, when be let
go the dress and gazed as an Interested spectator.
But before we parted from Mrs.
Harlstone and while I was talking to
her I felt my hand In the boarbound's
mouth, and a pretty capacious mouth
It was, for I seemed to touch nothing
but bis formidable fangs. So soft was
the touch of his fangs that I was only
just conscious my hand was ln bis
mouth by now nnd then the gentlest
reminder. I knew nnlmnls too well to
attempt to withdraw It, and I preserved a calm more wonderful than I could
have given myself credit for.
While I was wondering what tho
next proceeding might be Mrs. Harlstone begged me to be quite easy nnd
on uo nccount to show any opposition
te the dog's proceedings, In which caso
Bhe promised that he would lead me
gently to the other side of the lawn
and leave me without doing tbe least
As I was being led nway Mrs. Harlstone said: "Do exactly as he wishes.
He Is Jealous of your talking to me,
and any one who does so he leads
away te tbe otber side of the garden."
Having conducted me to the remotest spot he could find, he opened his
huge jaws and released my hand, wagged his tall and trotted off, much pleased with his performance.
For Croup
Brlnar  Yonr  Whole   Self to   It  With
All  Your  l'invri's  Intnct.
It makes all the difference in the
World in results whether you come to
your work every day with all your
powers Intact, with all your faculties
up to the standard; whether you come
with the entire man, so that you can
filng your whole life Into your task, or
with only a part of yourself; whether
you do your work as a giant or as a
pygmy. Most people bring only a small
part of themselves to their tasks. Tbey
cripple much of their ability by Irregular living, bad habits In eating and Injurious food, lack of sleep, dissipation
or some other folly. They do not come
to their tasks every moruiug whole
men. A part of themselves and ofteu
a large part Is somewhere else. They
left their energy where they were trying to have a good time, so tbat they
bring weakness Instead of power, indifference and dullness Instead of enthusiasm and alertness, to the performance of the most important duties of
their lives. The man who comes to his
work In the morning uurcfreshed, languid and listless cannot do a good, honest day's work, and lf ho drags rotten
days Into the year bow can he expect a
sound career or a successful achievement?
Good work Is not entirely a question
of will power. Often this Is Impaired
by a low physical standard. Tbe quality of the work canuot be up to high
water mark when every faculty, every
function and every bit of your ability
ls affected by your physical and mental
condition. You may be sure thnt your
weakness, whatever Its cause, will appear In your day's work, whether it Is
making books or selling them, teaching
school or studying, singing or painting,
chiseling statues or digging trenches.—
Orison Swett Mardcn ln Success Magazine.
Fenslonlnir Judirea In England.
It Is considered an essential condition of tbe English court system that
the judges shall be absolutely Independent Ananclally; that their salaries
shall be so large and provision for tbelr
future shall upon their retirement be
so ample they need at no time of their
service have any monetary anxiety.
Thero are now no fewer thnn eight
ex-Judges ln receipt of total pensions
amounting to $121,002.50 a year. A
Judge who continues on the bench after completing fifteen years' Bervice
really does his work for $7,290.75 a
year, the difference between his salary and pension. The lord chancellor
ls entitled to a pension of $24,332.00 a
year for life, however short his tenure
of the chancellorship.
The K Init of Korea.
Only the king of Korea may ralso
goats or have round columns and
square rafters to his houso or wear a
coat of brilliant red. On'.y the king
may look upon the faces of the queen's
hundreds of attendant ladles or have
any building outside of which there
are more than threo steps. Four steps
would be high treason and would cost
their owner a traitor's death.
HI* Hletaken Idea.
"But, my dear," remonstrated Mr.
M'eekun, "there's a good deal to be said
on both sides."
"No, there isn't," answered bli
spouse. "I've told you what I think
about It, and that's all that ls going to
be said."
The Reason,
Ethel—What did you say to papa last
night? Ferdy—N-othlng. I was bo
scared that I didn't open my mouth.
Ethel—Oh, that accounts for ltl He
said you Impressed him very favorably!
A thousand times listen to the counsel of your friend, but seek lt enlj
Distance* nt S,-n.
That mail was Inugho: nt who on
his first voyage said Uml (lie ocean
did not look so large us hu supposed
lt would, but he was uot alono ln experiencing disappointment The horizon at sea gives no Idea of the limitless water beyond. A sea captain declares tbat tlie average landsman cannot see more than ten miles from the
Bhip In any direction, and lt would
huve to be a mountain or some stationary object for him to bs ablt to distinguish lt. Tbe masts ef a ihlf are
said tt bt visible te tht aak*4 *j* m*A
mate tham ire allti.     .	
And   Insist   on   Having   the   Time-Tested
Dr. Chases'Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
It Is not a question of whether you
will need a treatment for coughs,
colds and iwoup ln your home, but
the question is, will you select the
most effective medicine, or simply be
satisfied to take whatever your druggist happens to hand out to you?
Time snd experience have proven
that you can depend on Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine at
such times.
It is only necessary to remember
this when the critical time comes,
and to Insist on getting what you ask
Should you have children who are
subject to croup, you had better keep
a bottle of Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine In the house, for
when the choking spasm comes on
there ls little time to send for doctor
or medicine.
Mr. Wm. McGee, 49 Wright Ave,
Toronto, Ont., writes:
" There is no remedy ln my opinion
that can act more promptly than Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. It cured my son of croup,
absolutely, ln one night. We gave him
a dose when he was black ln the faoe
with choking. It gave him instant relief and cure."
It seems scarcely necessary to
dwell on the merits of Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine as
a cure for croup, bronchitis, whooping cough, etc. most of us have
known lt from childhood up. It la
almost as familiar as Dr. Chase's Receipt Book.
Being pleasant to the taste, lt Is
readily taken by children. Because it
brings quick relief to the sufferer
from asthma, bronchitis, whooping
cough and all the most serious diseases of the throat and lungs, lt ls
Invaluable as a household medicine.
25 cents a bottle, at all dealers.
4,000 Out of 9,000 Idle Looms at
. Valleyfleld Put In Operation. .
Montreal. — The Montreal Cotton
Company to-day reopened the entire
Gault section of its big plant at Valleyfleld, and placed ln operation 4,000
but of the 9,000 looms contained in the
The company hope to have all the
looms ln operation before the end of
the year.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget In
Garrison Leaving Halifax.
Halifax, N.S.—The Dominion liner
Kensington has arrived to take away
700 officers, men and families of the
imperial garrison, including the royal
garrison artillery. They will embark
at once, and then there will be only
two hundred imperial troops ln the
garrison. General Parsons and staff
and the royal engineers will remain
for the present.
Catarrh and Colds Relieved Ir IO to 80
Mlnutea.-One short puff of the breath through
the Mower supplied with each bottle of Dr. Akhow's
Catarrhal Pomlor diffuses this powder over Iho nasal
passives. Pninless and delightful to use. It relievos
instantly, and permanent ly euros i-atarrh. hay fever,
rolds. headache, sore throat, tonsilitis ar.d deafness.
60 tents.-Il
London. — Ambassador Whitelaw
Reid has contributed $500 to Queen
Alexandra's fund for the unemployed,
which now amounts to $400,000.
Minard's Liniment  Cures Diphtheria.
Thla  Pecnllnr  Crentttre  Cnn  Neither
See, Hear lVor Smell.
Unlike man, the starfish which loses
one of Its "arms," or properly its rays,
grows a new one to take its place. Under certnln conditions It grows two to
take the place of one. A starfish may
lose all its rays without losing Its life,
and ver, often a cripple with but a single ray left Is found by fishermen and
collectors, When completely broken in
Iwo the starfish becomes two distinct
Ush. and the growing process continues. The brittle starfish. It Is believed,
in ninny Instances breaks off its own
rays at the approach of danger. For
Ihis reason lt Is difficult to obtain n perfect specimen.
A starfish can neither see nor bear.
Neither has lt the sense of smell. Iu
spiip of these seeming Impedimental,
nevertheless, It seeks and devours Its
prey ns neatly as an ordinary fish. Tbo
starfish lies upon its prey and folds its
"arms," or rays, completely nbout It.
Then It pushes Its stomnch out through
Ils mouth nnd will wrap even a largo
oyster and shell within the folds of the
stomnch. The nnuiUi of the starfish Is
In the center of Its rays.
Some great ships are today employed
almost wholly in seeking for starfish
specimens In deep seas, and there are
hundreds of men who spend a portion
•if their time In collecting starfish in
the interests of science. Many of the
specimens collected by ships are taken
from depths of one and even two miles.
Farmed  Successfully This Year, and
Are Self-Supporting.
The Hon. David Laird, Indian commissioner, states that the condition of
the government wards in the Canadian west is very satisfactory, and
the indications are that the Indians
■viil spend a comfortable winter, In
fact one of the best for many years,
provided no epidemic breaks out on
the reserves. He has no official information as to whether Little Bear
and his band of Crees, who fled to
Moutana after the Riel rebellion, but
who were preparing to return to Canada, had crossed the border. Mr
l^aird stated that he had heard some
rumor to the effect that the Indians
considered that they were not offeree
sufficient inducements and wouli
therefore not return to the Canadian
reserves, but that was their own af-
^.v_,oaniv.they couW P'ease them-
w ,-„Th? eovernmen had once be-
ore fallen into the .error of assisting
membersi of Little B ear's band   back
'd 2K8ftrb!? „the Cr0W(1 had retu™
TW i,h^U^',te(lStates in tfte spring
They had this fall been offered ner
h„ t°V0 S°me back to Ca°ada, and
he tendered the came consideration
is  other reserve Indians,  and     thai
dined V" aS I*6 S°*™i_en"V Inclined to go. As the season was now
far advanced, he did not believe thSt
they would attempt the long tr_3l
fromfHavre, Mont., to    Onion*   ££
commissioner said- '4h»r_ . the
M^S or" enP°,1Cy
most satisfactorily thou_h I «S * Ut
lopment has been slow Thl , deVe"
instincts were all for the hM^^
cess to kill and eat, and th "walfln.
be ween the time of sowlnganfn^
tor them Then*!? tet"°"S business
ther because of late seeding or bnd
v^rsTsf had, CT°" ™™ te
effect nf ™«8Sl°S* and this ha" the
Z-Ta "f making them quite discouraged with agriculture. This year
however, the crops have been S
formly good, and it will be easier to
oitliTi df"1 "* the farmlnS- Many
tL r, !i-11™ """"md Q«'AppeIIe and
fhe Crooked Lake districts are verv
successful ranchers and dispose of
considerable cattle in a year This
has been a great help, as besides
providing cash for necessities during
the winter, it also furnished meat for
the cold spell.
"With the exception of some old
people and a few who are sick, the
department has not found It necessary to help any, and In the great
majority of cases now the Indians are
self-supporting. At. some places this
self-supporting. At some places this
year the hay crop was a partial failure, owing to thero being so much
wet weather that It was difficult to
harvest it. However, I think that
there will bo sufficient for the winter's needs."
 It is a fatal waste of time to trifle with snuffs, powders,
inhalers, or other dangerous nostrums, with the idea of curing
Catarrh of the Stomach. Once Catarrh has reached the
stomach it can only be eradicated by creating pure,
rich blood. Catarrh is a germ disease. The stomach and
intestines become nests for myriads of these tiny germs. Local
applications have no effect on them. They must be driven out
—the stomach cleansed, the blood purified, the system toned
up. "Psychine" will positively cure the worst form of
Stomach Catarrh, by purifying the blood, cleansing the
stomach, and destroying germ life. Thousands have been
cured of the prevalent malady, through this remarkable dis-
covery, " Psychine."   Druggists recommend it.
DR. T. A. 8L0CUM, Limited,
179 King 8treet West, Toronto, Canada
A Weird Day at Dnie Gleem In tbe
English Metropolis
He knew his London well. We went
forth Into a fog that wss of the pea
soup variety. It seemed useless to
wait any longer for it to clear oil. The
days were all alike and were darker
than twilight ever dared to be. I clung
to Prentice Mulford's coat sleeve, for
I knew lf he were once to get beyond
my reach I could never hope to find
blm again. We groped blindly among
the streets, where the atmosphere was
only less palpable than the houses tbat
walled us ln. At Intervals we inquired
where we were, for otherwise we could
never have known at all. We had to
feel our wuy carefully and take soundings at Intervals. "Here," said Prentice as we paused In space; "here is
Temple Bar." I tbougbt I saw some-
thiug that might bave been the ghost
of an arch hewn out of the solid fog.
The top of It, though It was not lofty,
was lost to view. Temple Bar, now
gone forever from the place where Its
gates once swung in the wall of the
old city—lt was here her gracious
majesty Queen Victoria of England
was wont to recelvo the keys of the
city from the bands of the lord mayors
when she drove In state to St. Paul's
cathedral. We threaded Fleet Btreet,
but could not see to the farther shore.
"Here ls her majesty's tower," said
Prentice, but nothing of It was visible,
not one stone upon another. We crossed London bridge almost without
knowing it Tbe waters of the Thames,
which are but condensed fog, were invisible from tbe parapet, and the steam
ferries were picking their way cautiously and looking very like marine
monsters ln a muddy aquarium. We
crawled through the tunnel fer foot
traffic under the Thames, which was
like a hole In the fog, and for hours
carried the sky about on our shoulders.
It was a woolly, greasy and 111 smelling
sky. Our nostrils were clogged with
cinders, like chimney flues, and there
were smudges all over onr faces.
Sometimes for a moment er two we
saw a spot overhead that was like a
pale red wafer, and we knew lt for
the sun, now lost to us. The lamps
that burned all day were like glowworms for dimness, and so we explored the wonders of the town and bsw
as much of it as a blind man sees, but
no mere.—Charles Warren Stoddard ln
National Magazine.
Killing time ls a sure way ef spoiling character.
Reverence Is the foundation of lasting love.
Hatred often comes from enly knowing half of a man.
The sease of duty le a sign ef the
divine In man.
The only sure thing about a lie ls that
It will never die.
It ls hard for the leek te see why
people prefer the Illy.
Many mistake their dreams about
heaven for deeds to lots up there.
After robbing Peter to pay Paul a
man usually forgets to settle with
There ls nothing prouder than Ignorance or more Ignorance than pride.
There are some bo called unpolished
gems that are not susceptible of being
Printers' Errere.
A reader forwards me a pleasant addition to my collection of printers' errors, says T. P.'s London Weekly. It
was told him by the late 0. Farquhar-
son Findlay, for some years editor of
the Dover Chronicle, as having happened to him personally. He had occasion to write of the "blind guides
who strain at a gnat and swallow a
camel," which appeared ln print as
"who strain at a quart and swallow a
Did any of my readers notice, I wonder, a delightful error of this kind ln
one of the reviews, ln which Sir Henry
Campbell-Bannermon was described as
"brandishing a mailed fish?" It rather
reminds one of the famous Spoonerism
about "feeling a balf warmed fish in
your bosom."
Throwlnir the Handkerchief.
Statement copied from an old manuscript: "In the Foundling Hospital the
Boys are bound apprentices, the Women when marriageable are conducted
In procession thro' ye streets, and any
Young Man who sees one He wd wish
for a Wife Is at liberty to mark Her by
throwing his handkerchief." The further formalities required previous to
matrimony are not stated. Perhaps
this peculiar custom Is the origin of
tho expression "throwing the handkerchief."—Nineteenth Century.
Iceland  Mall.
When tho wind blows from the Boutb
and ono of tho islanders of south Iceland wishes to communicate with the
mainland he puts his letters Into a well
corked bottle, nnd to insure their delivery he Incloses nt the samo time a
plug of twist tobacco or a cigar. The
wind speedily Impels the bottle to tlie
shore of the mother Island, where people are generally on the lookout
Host  She Knew.
Mrs. Jenkins—Tbe moment he kissed
me I knew he had been drinking. Mrs.
Supple — You mean yon smelted his
breath? Mrs. Jenkins—I mean thai
Mr. Jenkins never kisses me except
when he has been drinking.
Cnplensnnt Criticism.
Mrs. De Style (exhibiting plcture)-
You know, my daughter paints from
nature.   Critic— Far from it, it seems.
Quit,- on; i „d.
Standar—Did that deaf mute oratoi
make a set speech?   Doyle—No.    Ht
•poke effhaud.—Cleveland Leader.
The French I'nrtrldge.
The French partridge must look Upon
the rabbit as a true friend, for tlio
bird has no compunction In making u u
of Its burrow as a place of refuge ln
times of necessity.
To make the best Bread
you must have the
best Flour.
When the dough is flat, sour, heavy,
will not rise,—when the bread is
soggy, tasteless, indigestible—then
you have cheap and inferior flour.
You may use pure fresh yeast,
feithfully adhere to the old-time successful bread making traditions, the
methods usually successful—but the
baking turns out badly—simply
because you have not used the right
kind of flour.
Royal Household Flour is purified
and sterilized by electricity, it is therefore uniformly pure and wholesome.
And because it is thoroughly purified
it will yield a sweet, wholesome, light
sponge that will bake into flaky, deli-
ciously flavored, nourishing bread or
It ie really the only absolutely pure
flour you can get
Guaranteed by its makers and
Otfllvi-'s Royal Household Flour.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
Blue Fox Ruff
1 .link or It, _ t»-.tuUf..1 naff of l'.lu-r fox. th* tnott
fiiihli:n»l_l"( lur wi.rit, fflT*t) A\t»Au\r-r trot, ti irli in
• ilTir s¥m mwr mad* Iw-for*. Tba only r*_aoa wa cut
it line j to do tt fa lhat wa amuad for tbaaa turn-am..*
Puraduring the dull Mat n Ui ui lummtr ami got thtm
n-un-ljr al . ■. i.    Tli*   Knit la 41  \urho,  l hi   L-.tiy
4.    I.flit".  WlJa.   mul*  <'f til*  -i*!it-,«n__i**l  IlluO Yn   Pur,
»■■ iv ii- It,*, flaii'l fluffy. It la n*fi!ily |a,ll'-.l, ttttb
tho tain" *lud*of Mt<Q ati'i oraainauted with four long
lailaiil IlluaPux alio Hu-I. a Lamia- n e V t hu ■«•<_?
I- '■ ni! i- i giveu away, you en ret It ao aaajr. Jit
a--nd uaynur namo ana -ddnu, iilalblj. and wo will tuail
Picture Post-Cards
too- Ut l*» .a ftU card! lo a art,) Tb*y art beautifully
oolonwl, all tha raf*< •'■'' " ' Hk* hot oak***. Bmfe aa
"■ v riu Hy wm nt-».r -iHrirvi twfor** to tba won<ra aad
i if ii of Can*!* You couldn't h j am-tlilug In tba Pur
Ktona Umt »oi)ld look Mriwr, btIMM bwomln» or t»of*
ny.-l., and rrnifii,I*t, It won't oott you • t,. oanV Writ*
' -liy w. trial you and aead tba !>■#■ m foawanla
l> m    It   < olonlfil   lr( <o, IxtM    1«   T-iNBl*
I-adj'i or finV*
P-   l i
mir Dims •" i «-ilrsM, in I io. .Ill r. si,. 1 sis ns  A.,..,._, . psrssl ma-
■ I- t.iuf, ind IB TlilmbUs 'Oar 100* p.n.rns   in.J, et K..I a.-i.IiiH_
sr. Ii.s nitnll,   •fi-.m-llsd  in  .,,d  .m_o..s4 vlth   -_. ins -ri tl'si.
.1',    ' '. ..I Um, et.    Tli.! »r. Ii.-:.r and is.i.n.i lli.n Ml Mlwf .rlloUS Mid s*
III, sua MT«  unil.b.
M.ll tli. 3i .nl'-lss st .i tech, -..klni ■!,€< tl-H.ih.r, skuk lorviri Xeee, em*
ws sill ,-n ■ rsii .1 sn,-s. iu . ■-»..-. s Uvtl Wftlrh, text
jr." .i iilh.1 Prsssnls of High-Ms*., vfcftft j.ii su,...- I finis sor list.
0010 * 00., Nd. 1, TAt Weill, Hm„, O.l.msr. OrtMMlt Luton, W_, IH|_Mk
II r I cull,-1- fltiKnr Cake,
Tlie late General Maximo Oomez
once caught one uf.lils brigadier! sell- '
lug brown sugar to tlie Spaniards. Gomez stripped tbu traitor of liis stars
and said, "From tliln time forth you
are Urlgadlcr Uaspinlura," wlilcli,
translated, Is lirlgudler Sugar Cake.
Madeto Fit
Made*  t.Woai
You will never havo Comfort and Satisfaction and Wearing Qualities In
your Working Clothaa until you wear
"King of tha Road" Brand
W    N    _■
lo   B 61
Colonel i i-.-iui. Wolford nml HU First
kriitiii'lir Cnvnlrr.
Iii the essays by Kugens Newman on
public nii'ii nml 1'vi'ntn a good story Is
luld of -frank Wolfiinl, who commanded the l'lrst Kentucky cavalry of the
Union iiriny and who Inter was a rep-
ri'si'iitiitlvo In congress from that stnto.
It was snld that the colonel of the
First Kentucky bad some novel commands that he "fired" nt the boys, such
ns "Huddle up, thar!" "Scatter out,
thnr!'' and "Form u line of fight!" It Is
related that when some West Tolnt
Officers wore sent out to Investigate
and report on the efficiency of certain
volunteer regiments Wolford's cavalry
fell under their scrutiny, and they crlt-
Iclised It very severely. Wolford beard
them patiently and then said:
"See tbem two rlglnients over thnrT
One Is a Mlcbignnder and the other an
< ihiit squad. Vou have Just passed
them ns all right. Now, I know nothing
alrout your drills, your evolutions aud
ymir maneuvers. My boys know how
to ride, bow to shoot, how to light nud
bow to stnnd Are, nud you take tbem
two rlglnients over thnr I showed you.
Station them whar you please—on any
ground, In town or country, In Held or
In forest—nnd I will take my rlglnietit,
and whnt we don't kill or cripple of
them mc and my boys will chase out of
the state of Tennessee before the sua
Is In the heavens tomorrow morning." , -W'«'>*.*f<WWU|i|HlliE,|.0
■ m iiwiafta^H*' ■■ *w<i*iKm.* us ,>!_,
(.Established April 8,1899.)
Office • 24 4 4 Westminster avenne.
Echoes of the Week.
Mas, R   Whitney,  Publisher.
Enulwb Office—30 Fleet street,
London, K. C. England Where a
.file of "The Advocate" is kept for
Subscription $1 a year   payable   in
8 cents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B.  C, Fkb. 8, 1906.
-junction ol Westminster roitd and Westmin-
Iter    avenuo.        SERVICE!,    st    11    a.  ni.,'
sad 7:30p.m.; Sunday Sehool st 2.30 p.m.
Coruerot Nint anil Westinln-ter avenues.
XKRVIOKS at 11 u. in., and 7 p. in.; Sunday
B-liu-.l ami Bible Class 2:30 p.m. Rev. A. K.
-J.therlugton, 11. A., B. D., Pastor.
■'Kr.niiAK'i' 123 Eleventti aveuue, west. Tele- R12.9.
■ ij'onier Miuiii' avenue and Quebec atreot
I_Envli.ES at 11 a, in., and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
School al2:30p.m. Kev.3eo.A.WU_on, B.A.
fastui. Minis, corner of Eighth avenue aud
Ontario street.  Tel. 1006.
__T  Miciiaki. s, (Anglioaii).
Comer Ninth avt-ime and I'l-tncc Edward
Itreet. HKKVICH8 nt 11 a. m., nnd7:30 p.m.
illoly Communion 1st and 3d Sundays tn each
Uonth alter morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun
3ays at 8 u. in. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m
Rev. li. II. Wilson, Rector.
Rectory 372 Thirteenth aveuue, east. Tele
'phone K1799.
Advent Christian Chnrch (not 7th day Ad
iptlsis), Seventh avenue, near West—tnsier
avonue. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.,
rtuii'lsy Hchooi at 10 a.m. Voting peoplcB
.-toclelyol Loyal Workers ol Christian Endea-
-for uiectH every Sunday evening at 6:45 o'clock
Prayer-meeting Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock.
' Looal Advertising 10c a Hue each issne
•' Display Advertising $1.00 per Inch
I per month.
"Notices for Church and Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   where
will bo charged for.
AU  Advertisements are  ran regularly
and charged for until ordered tbey
be discontinned.
Transient   Advertizers   mnst   pay   in
Notices of Births, Marriages, aud Deaths
published free of charge.
BAY" Subscribers are requested to
report anv carelessness In the delivery
of "The Advocate."
The Advocate is alv. ays glnd tn receive
Items of socinl. personal or other news
|roni Its leaders.   Send news items to
\ the office or by' telephone, B1405.
Changes for advertisements sbonld be
(n before Thnrsday noon to insure their
•What   Ia   Vour   Fiscal   Condition?
I Enterprise.
((Jopd gcr)cs.
Good Credits. ,
Kresh Stocks.
, Goqd L*«a_io»'
Bills Discounted.
Jinergy,  Activity.
Prompt   Deliveries.
..At/tractive  Windows.
Good Store Fixtures.
j pessimism.
, Pad Debts.
Dirty Store.
fills  Payable,
oor  Location. ,
.Grumpy  Clerks. ,
Knowing   it   All.
Lack of System.
Lack of Experience.
Lifeless Advertising.
Knowing Few People.
Lack ol Faith in Self.
.Old  Unseasonable Stock.
,*tfd>t Association Member.
Mt. Pleasant needs a Boys' Club for
recreation purposes, It would be a
good thing for both parents nnd children.
We tu-e to have another paper in our
city, "The Two Voices." Some foil-
Bay that our present papers have two
A clergyman stated the other day
that Dr. Torrey, tho Evangelist, was
sending people to Heaven nnder false
pretenses. If this is so we don't need
Dr. Torrey lu Vancouver; we are over
stocked with false pretenses uow.
There is considerable talk about the
per centago of alcohol In patent medicines—but I notice one of onr dully
papers has fifteen patent medicine advertisements in each Issue.
How can Graft bo stopped is a ques
tiou that is troubling mauy of tho people today, lt will ouly bo stopped whon
men think for themselves. It is caused
by the weakness of the weak—uot the
strength of the strong. It is ouly possible because of tho mental weakness of
the producer.
For writing on a piece of paper,
"I should not care if the old Emperor
was dead," a German school-boy of
fourteen.. has been sentenced to prison
for lifo.   God Save the Buiperor I
Pointed Paragraphs.
Tho mlutago of wisdom is to know
that rest is rust; aud that real life lies
iu love, laughter nud work.
Get rid of yonr regrets. Yon nre what
you are from whot you hnvo experienced.
Aud rightly understood nntl accepted,
all experiences are good and the bitter
ones bust of all.
—Elbert Hubbard
Do not shut up the yonng peoplo
against their will iu u pew and force
the children t.c ask them questions for
an hour against their will.—Emerson.
Lend some men a helpful hand and
thoy mistake it, for a license so pull
your leg.—Ali Baba.
See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d aud 4th Mondays of the month
Oourt Vancouver, I. O. P., meets at
8p in.
Mt. Ploasant Lodge No. 1»,  I.O.O.F.
meets nt 8 p. m.
Vancouver  Conncil  No.  21 In,  Canadian Order of Chosen Frieuds meets
the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of the
Maccabees holds its regular meetings on
the 1st, aud lid Fridays of the mouth
I  cannot  tell why there  should come
_> l,'»
/^''thought    of    someone   miles    and
years away,
tn swift Insistence on the memory,
Unless there be a need that I should
Ms (MS his way,  I mine-,  we seldom
To talk of plans or changes day by
,i>f pain or pleasure, triumph or defeat,
Or special   reason   why  'tis time to
-tve are too busy to spare thought
■For  days   together of  some  friends
]ferhaps  God does It for us,   and  we
■To read His signal as a call to pray
•y.erhaps,  just  then,    my    friend    has
fiercer  fight,
A t*0pre appalling weakness, a decay
,'if courage, darkness, some lost sense
of right—
And ao, In case he needs my prayer,
1 Pray-
.Friend, do the same for me!   lif I Intrude
Uneeked upon you, on some crowded
(flfve me a moment's prayer as Interlude;
jjle very sure    I    need  It, therefore,
The cry is that the theological student of the day is being trained to
think the world should take care of
liim, rather than that the laborer
should strive to make himself worthy
of his hire. Mayhap the charge is
sustainable, but of a certainty' taking the country over) there is the
greatest need of the pew, in a large
number of the churches being trained
to keep its salary covenants with the
ministerial workers they engage. It
is required that the pastor shall be a
man of culture, and presentable as to
appearance, and that he and his family shall maintain at least a decent
standard of living. But how much
responsibility do the members feel
individually for the bringing about
of these results? Often, after the
representatives of local churches
have appeared before the bodies that
perform the office of the assignment
of pastors to charges, and they have
deliberately promised that the minister's salary shall be paid promptly
and regularly, they default, and place
the uitforttiinate clergyman in that
most humiliating position of begging
for small portions of large sums due,
in order that he may keep llis family
Unhappy Women!
No woman an be happy whon hrr
health Is undermined. No woman can
have good health while she suffers from
female weakness. Itifliiuimatlon. uleera- I
tiou or any disoaso uf thn delicate woui-
unlv organs. Nervous, sleepless, fretful,
juncring In hotly and mind, sho does nol
llvo hut only exists.
More than a hall a million such women
have (ound a perfect and pcrinii»ont cura
for their dlsensod condition In the use ol
Doctor Plereo's Favorite Prescription.
Women cured by this remedy say It Is
a "wonderful medicine," so perfectly
does It restore them to hen lth and comeliness.
There Is no alcohol In " Favorite Prescription," neither dons It contain opium,
cocaine, nor any other harmful drug. It
Is In the strictest, son.-u. an Inmost, temperance medicine. Its Ingredients are
Purely vegetable, and It will agree with
je most delicate constitution.
fh?F" Don't bo hypnotized, or over per-
s**' suaded, Into accepting a substitute
This medicine has a record that's worts
far more than any difference In price.
Sick and ailing women are Invited to
consult Dr. Pierce, either personally or
by lotter, absolutely without charge or
foe, thus avoiding the unpleasant questionings, offensive examinations end obnoxious local treatments considered necessary by many local practitioners. All
correspondence treated as strictly private
and sacredly confidential. Write without
fear and without fee to Dr. R. V. Plorce,
803 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
• „ These tiny,
.\C__€?a    sugar-coated
1     «_T,I_   antl-blllous
tCM>n.**Jk\> granules reg-
and Bowels. c\r:a Constipation and Bad
Stomach, attended by foul
breath.    One or two for
Isxctlva, tbree or four for
This great family Doctor
Book Fiibi. on receipt of
81 one-cent postage stamps
to cover cost of customs
and mailing; or, In fine
eloth binding 50 stamps.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
flua Main St„ Buffalo, (IV
Telephone 1206
Butter and Eggs
Fresh every morning, fancy Clover Leaf Butter, 80c-fi,
Cooking Butter 20c It,       Fresh Mnde Butter, 2-lb for 65c
Eggs, 1 and 2 days old, 40c per dozeu.    Cooking Eggs 30c per dozen.
Your 'phone orders will have our prompt and careful attention.
Bargains iu our FURNITURE DEPT.—Bed complete, spring
mattress and bed, $2 DO.
Buy here and savo money.       The Store op Quality.
5T    WfaWftre* Westminster avenue &
•   I.    TV call atC  Harris street. Telephone 1266.
Wo are located in our New Store, 2888 with a complete line of Staple
y      and Fnney Groceries nt lowost prices.
We hnvo also added a line of Collars, Ties, Underwear, Shirts,  Sox,
Overalls, etc , whicll we will be pleased to havo you call and luspeot.
OUR MOTTO: Good Goods at lowest price.
Andrews Bros.,
2333 Westminster Ave. ' Phone 935.
A Gigantic Sale!
'Fhe Greatest       of UP-.T0_.DATE clothing,
■ Slaughter sale     men's furnihhinhs, hats
and Oaps	
EVER PUT ON IN CANADA commenced at
Scott's TootiERY, 488 Westm'r Ave., Jan. 18th.
Sale LASTS NINE DAYS—Stop and Think I-The entire
$20,000 stock of Scott's Toggery to be sold in the short space of
nine days hy the National Brokerage Company—the greatest stock
sellers iii tbo world. SALE ENDS SATURDAY Jan. 27th. Look
for tho Bio Red Sign,
W. O. SCOTT, Manager. (Just between the two Banks.)
435 Westminster Ave., Opp. City Hail.
from actual want of the barest necessaries of life.
It is not considered etiquette for
the pastor to press his debt on the
attention of the officers of the church
There may be due to him hundreds
of dollars, but it would be shockingly
indelicate of him to ask for a conference of the church officers to consider ways of giving him his dues.
.Occasionally a. pastor, nioTc (independently placied than) others, will
have the temerity to take his deacons to task for not fulfilling the promise they made when engaging him,
and likely as not he will be met with
the dishonorable statement that the
promise was only a matter of form.
Many church officers, apparently,
regard their pastors as a pensioner
whom they can insult and impose
upon financially, treating him as they
would never dared treat their coal
dealer or butcher. Such dishonesty
not only entails privation and anxiety on the minister and family, but
it also places him in a most disagreeable position, and compels him to
accept as gratuities much that he-
would pay for if he had what is due
Were any other class of employers
to withhold wages, as church officials
do the salaries of their ministers, the
press of the country would team with
denunciations, and public sentiment
would not be long in compelling justice to be done the employee. The
pastor, however,, 'cannott appeal to
the press, nor can he get up mass-
meetings to ventilate the injustice
dune him. He must suffer in silence
as he has done for this long time.
But there is no reason why all the
denunciation, so widely current at
the present time, should be centered
wholly upon politicians and insurance officials. As there is ethical
house-cleaning going on, there is
every reason that the church officials
who act dishonorably toward pastors
in financial matters, should not be
included among those who arc held
lip for the reprobation of the community. By their financial dealing
with their pastors, many churches set
a contemptible example of oppression of the helpless, and it is to be
hoped that some day they will be
brought  to book.
25.  30, 35,
40 AND 50
cents per pound.
These are  the  FINEST Teas
ou the market at those prices.
Also No. 1 Ashcroft
Potatoes at—
Smith %%,„
Suooessor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Westmiustor Rond and Ave.
'Phono 2058.
Cachemires are being recognized
as the most desirable, as they arc extremely fashionable materials for
war at the winter seaside resorts,
cither near town or far along the
south Atlantic coast. This fabric
may be made to express an almost
rgld severity hy avoiding other trimming than a few molds of itself, or,
hy the use of handsome laces, it be-
, -mes at mice a smart affair, after
Ihis manner as an  example;
■White Cachemire Coctume.
The same costtipie in all white, including not only the velvet accessaries, but the hat and parasol, with
the exception of the lace, which to
V in a modish contrast should be in
ilitt yellowish butter tint, or the
darker twine color, selecting for that
purpose sonic one of the antique
luces. There is slill so strong a pre-.
' retire for Irish lace that in aU cases
this lace has to be excepted, and in
one case, can anyone imagine any-
tning more charming than the foundation of hat, jacket, and parasol a;
well as stole of skirt, when of Irish
lice, in its milk whiteness. Thus
it is lhat these cachemires do h-.-
.- inn- affairs of full dress, whereas
the same ideas, carried out less extravagantly, also nial-.c up for smartness most successfully.
Light  Colored Cnchcniire.
Be.iiles all that fan be said in  fav
or of white cachemire, wc have but
to choose in the pale pastel colors
—one of the many—to set about
planning other pretty costumes on
the same line with dyed laces which
are to this date so modish.
The choicest of these cachemires
are the lavender-grays, the pink and
the yellow-toned fawns, all the beige
tints, even those approaching whiteness. They hace a quality ditinction
of theirown. As for the lightblttcs,
rose pinks and mauves the dyed
laces rather throw a common, or garden air over such costumes, whether
from too great abundance of color
combined, or the fact that the lace
and cachemire in such tints do not
produce a refiner harmony. But it
is all a matter of argument, once
fashion smiles on these vivid results.
Ribbons Trade.
Tinsel ribbon is one of the new
things in millinery. Last year the
gold and silver tinsel ribbon were
used, but the season brings out the
lustre finished ribbons in colors. It
has the same effect as the gold and
silver ribbons, only it reflects a pale
lavender,   pale  blue,   pale   green   and
other  delicate colorings.
Much ribbon is employed in the
making up of the newest neckwear
pieces, and it is used with excellent
results. Some of the dainty collars
show ribbons embroidered in floral
designs, and leaves done in chiffon
or taffeta. There are a great number of jabots of Ohantilly lace in the
high-class numbers which show
French ribbons embroidered. Ribbon people are making a splendid
thing out of the neckwear trade.
Dressmakers declare there is an
appreciable swell in the newest skirt-
model lines, whicll fail completely to
define the figure as heretofore. For
tunately, no one is paying particular
attention to it, and the fullness of
skirts continues to be concentrated
at the foot. But are we to inter
prct by it a hidden motive to accus
torn the eye, in other words, to an
ticipate future changes which will
necessitate shore crinolines? The
saving condition under present
modes, requiring such full skirts, is
the lightness and suppleness of the
materials used, which cling to the
figure, and allow the grace of move
ment to be quite perceptible. As
long as all fabrics remain in this
light weight, we may consider our
selves safe from wire tapes or other
artificial skirt supporters.
In order to give a skirt for a stout
figure the effect of fullness and yet
not to enlarge the hip effect, the
skirt was cut circular from the side-
front seams and groups of sun-plaits,
five in number, starting from one
inch wide at the waist-line, jtnd flaring out wider towards the hem, were
pressed in the cloth. These groups
were about three inches apart and
the skirt fitted tight over the hips
making the effect of a plaited skirt,
as the fullness at the bottom allowed
the plaits to stay in place. This
skirt gives no added bulk to the hips
and has the effect of a kilted skirt.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
is now installed. The
improvement in our
Bakery places us ahead
of all other bakeries west
of Toronto.
Proof ?
Muir's Bread and Cakes.
'Phone 443.
New Blouses
Ladies' New Neckwear,
Belts, Etc.
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank of Canada Buildinu
Corner Seventh nnd Westminster
Avenues, Mt. PlenBant.
Advocate $1
for 12 Months
Argyle House
n The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
75 pieces of Prints—light and dark colors—worth
15c and i2^c, for yyic per yard.
Many  other  big bargains for your inspection.
J. Horner,
4O0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
• ••^/3Y<_M
mflstjipii *** aa*mj*m*3a*a ta^*s^*ajj* a********
Is lssued»l«
■^^   ■sw»w-*_iw^-& goutij Vancouver.
"The Advocate" gives all the Looal News of Mi.. Pleasant from
weok to week for $1 00 per year; six mouths 50c. An interesting
Serial Story is always kept running; the selections in Woman's
Realm will always bo found full interest to up-to-date women; the
miscellaneous items are always bright, entertaining and inspiring.
New arrivals on Mt, Pleasant will become raedily informed of the
community and moro quickly interested iu local happenings if
they subscribe to "The Advocate."
The Function of an
is first to draw attention and to leave a favorable
and as far as possible a lasting impression.
Tho first and principal object of a vory great deal of advertising
is not directly that of selling goods, but of establishing a worthy
fatno—a recognized reputation—to mako the goods and tho house
kuown. Customers must como with some idea of tho goods tbey
seek, the more kuowledgo the better. With confidence inspired
by effective advertising, it is then up to the alosman to do the
rest—to make good by courtesy and a skillful presentation of the
wares which should bo up to all that has beeu advertised.
THE ADVOCATE is the best advertising
medium for reaching Mt. Pleasant People-^to
gain their favorable attention to your goods and
store. Advertising rates reasonable—nofc. in the
Publishers' Association high rate combine.
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
1. 0. 0. p.
Mt. Pleasnut Lodge N 0.11) meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfollows Hnll
Westminster avenue,  Mt. Plensaut.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—G. W. Jamiesou.
Recording Secretary—Frank
Trimble.cor. Ninth avo. * Westiniu'r rd.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouvor 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4 th
MondnyB of each month at 8 p. m., iu
Oddfellows' Hall.
Visitiug brethren always welcome.
Chief RaNOER—A. Pengelly.
Recording Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
314 Prlnecssstmot, City.
Financial Secretary—J.B. Abernethy
Address: Care 2-l:!\Ve-lmiiifitt'i'HV.mio.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds rcgul*.
Review 3d and 4th Mondays of euoll
month iu Knights of Pythiua Half
Westmiuster avenne.
Visiting Lndies nlwnys welcome.      .
Lndy Commander—Mrs. F. L. BudloufL
186 Eleventh avenue, wesll
Lndy Record Keeper—Mis. J. Mnrtlil
Ninth avenuo.
Vancouver Council,  No.  21 la,  raepl
every 2d aud  4 th  Thursdays  of cricl
month,   in  I   O. O. F.,   Hnll,  Wesf
minster nveuue.
Sojourning   Friends always wekouij
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
2228 Westroinsleraveuue.   Tel. 760i
NOTIOE is hereby given that, 60
days after date, I intend to apply 111 the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Works for permission to purchase the
following described laud situated 011
Skeena River.
Commencing at n stake placed nt the
Southeast Corner of A. E. Johusou's
Location, thence 80 chaius North,
theuco 40 chaius East, theuee 80 chaius
South, thence 40 chains West to place
of cummeuccuienc; containing 820 acres
more or less.
Per A. E. JOHNSON, Agent.
Dated Dec. 8th, 1905. jau20
NOTICE Is hereby givou that, 60
days after date, I iuteud to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described laud, situated on
Skeena River:—
Commencing at a stake plnced at tho
Southwest Corner of Pony Mouth Preemption nnd marked H. Flavin
Initial Post, thence 40 chains North,
thence 40 ohaius West, tbeuoe 40 chains
.Smith, thence 40 chains to the point of
commencement; contaiuiug 160 acres
more or less.
Por A. E. JHONSON, Agent.
Dated Dec. 8th. 1905. jnn20
NOTICE is hereby given that, 60
days after date, I intend to apply to
the Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to purchase
the following described laud, situated
ou Skecua River:—
Couinieucing at a stake placed at the
Southoast Corner of Pony Mouth P10-
em'tiou and marked A.E.J..Initial Post,
thence 80 chains North, thence 40 chains
East, thence 80 cbnius South, thence 40
chains West to place of commencement;
containing 320 acres moro or less
A. E. JOHNSON, Locator.
Dated Deo. 8th, 1905. jan20
A Monthly Magazino   devoted to the
Uso of English.   Josephiuo Tnrck
Baker, Editor.
} I a year; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanhton, 111., U. 8. A.
Partial Contents for this Mouth —
Courso in English for the Beginner;
course in English for tho Advanced
pupil. How to Increase One's Vocabulary. The Art of Conversation. Should
and Would: how to use them. Pronun
elation. Correct English in tho Homo.
Correct Euglish in the School. Business English for the Business Man,
Studies In English Literature.
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
^^^^^^^^^   copyriqhts&c.i
Anyone sondlns a skotcli ond daterlpUon msy 1
null,i;ly ascertain our opinion Iroa whetbor anfl
Invention Is inulmlily piitmitiitilu. t'lnnuiiuilc...*
tlons Bt.rlottyronflileiitlal. Handbook on Palpnul
soul lii-ii. Oldest nftenor fur si-rurtne patent*.   J
Patents taken tlirounh .Munn Jt Co. re.cly.l
tyeeiat notici-, without charge, In the
Scientific American
A linntlsfiiiiflj It-Uitratnd weekly,
dilution (if any uolenttllo fourniil,
 .         Ti.nnM. S3 al
our; tour months, ft. Sold bysll new-rtealeri
J & Co.361*3"--*-'* New Yon
Branch Office. (35 F Stn WiuMneton. D. C
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Press untlfl
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E. C,  Englap
Colouinl Business a Specialty.
Get your work done at the
Glasgow Barber Shopl
2 doors from Hotel T
Frank Unherwood, Proprietcl
BATHS-Bath room fitted with PORC'fl
lain     Bath    Tub    nnd  all   mode_|
Everyone knows that for anythiil
to become known, it must be talk^
about. For an article to becon
popular its virtue must be made til
subject of a public announcemeii
That is advertising! Consequent!
if the survival of the fittest appli|
to business principles as well as
does to other walks of life, the be1
ter the advertising—the better tH
publicity—the better the resul*
Good results mean good businc.v
and good business is what eved
merchant advertises lor. If he d|
not wish to excel in his particull
line, he would not take the troubl
to write an advertisement, mu'C
more pay for the costly newspapl
and magazine space.—British Adve|
Dress & Jacket Cutting and Fittin,
Mrs. Davie while  abroad   was  ml
i'1'.srtful in receiving a First-class DiplmT
from tho Rodmnre Dress Cutting  AhsJ
ciation, Glasgow.
Sho will take classes for learning thl
system.   For information call at 31|
Second avenuo, Fairview.
DO IT NOW !-If not already a So|
Bcriber to "The Advocate" become
now.   Only (1 for 13 month.,.
Her Ladyship's
The kitchen is the housewife's pride. She demands that lt bo up-to-
date. This means that it must be equipped with Gas and Gas
Kitchen drudgery is changed to pleusureable work If gas fnel is available instond of coal and wood.
The time saved by the use of gns onables tho housewife to havo some
recreation. The lighter meals can be prepared in loss than IB
minutes by tho gas method.
Cull aud make enquiries or tlrop ns a card and our representative will
call at your resideuco.
Vancouver Gas Company.


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