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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jun 25, 1904

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'fee M. A. W. Co.,
it is all right.
^The Mt. Pleasant Branch is no exception to this  rule.    Prices consistent
Jwith quality.
Jurritt Block, Mount Pleasant
f Full Lino of Lowney'n Cnocolmes.
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three Homiis 15c, Single Copy jc.
Devoted to th* interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Parle, South Vancouver.
Established Aprils, 1899;   Whole Number 371.
.iy.,< I,.... iK'ii'gg
' Subscribers    are    requested   to
(•port any carelessness in the delivery
"The Advocate." •
Changes for advertisements should be
i before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.
The McCnaig Auction and Commis-
liou Oo., Ltd., next toCarneigc Library,
Wastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct   Anction  Sales   and   handle
aukrupt Stocks of every description.
utisfaotion gnaranteed.   Phone 1070,
Mrs.   R.   H.   McKeo,   124   Eleveuth
avenue, will not be receiviug nutil the
ond Wednesday in September.
I Bev. A. E. Hetheriugton left on Tues-
' fur a month's  vacation whioh ..will
) spent in Manitoba.
Miss Annie Verge left Thursday for
ugley Praire, where she will spend a
three'weeks' vacation.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
3has Green, Tenth avenne, is recovered
[(Iter a very serious illness.
Mrs.Liudsay of Sixth avenne, return-
I from Victoria on Tuesday,  and is
kuite 111 at her home.
Auy one having friends or knowing
If strangers visiting ou Mt. Pleasant
Ivill confer a great favor by informing
I'The Advocate."   Telephone Bl405.
Rev. J. Irvine of Sixth avenue, is in
ttendauco at the Masonic Convention
Mr. A. E. Lees, the Hastings Street
Slothing Merchant, left on Monday to
ftteud the Masonic Convention ut
lossland, and will te away about oue
. ti    ■ Mt
Mrs. F. Rimer of Winnipeg, sister of
4rs.   W.   B. Steel  of  Quebeo street,
rrived iu the city on Thursday, accoin-
Kinied by her son. .
The  handaotne   new   home    corner
avie   and Brough'ton stroets," of Mr.
Il'hos. Foster, Manager of Fit-Reform,
Is nbout liuished, aud  the  family will
Vjovo iu next woek.
Miss Mary Trimble rati r .e 1 home
riiursday from a six mouths visit to
er brother in Revelstoke.
Mr. Roland Bnrnett of Thirteenth
Iveuuc, who works at Ross & Howard's"
Foundry, had the misfortune to fall
from ono of the big machines iu tho
foundry and broke his right wrist.
. Go to McKinnon's, Burritt Block, for
i Cream and pure home made Candy.
Master Clinton Dongan, son of Mr.
Lnd Mrs. Dougan of Eleveuth avenne,
pad his wrist broken on Saturday evening, by being knocked from his bicycle
by a mau alighting from  a  street car.
Nothing better than a neat appearing,
LI wearing quality, hand-sewn, welt
ilioe. We hnve a splendid, shoe which
ve. can highly recommend,   either iu
kid or velour, at the low price of $8.50.
R. Mills, 18 Cordova  street  and  540
Granville street.
The Ibe Cream and. Strawberry Sale
eld by the Ladies' Aid of Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church    on Tuesday after-
on and evening was well patronized.
The German Band   was   engaged to
discourse its repertoire of music
On Monday evening a large number
I friends tendered Miss Maud Hicks of
Ix'euth avenue, a surprise party the 00-
Vaaiau boiag hor birthday, A handsome
Kou scrrioe was presented as a birthday
remeiuberance, af tor whioh the evening
[was spent most delightfully in dancing.
Ring up-i7_i6 for all kinds of Mill
[Wood, [14 inches- long), tho Urquhart
f Lumber Co.'s Wood Yard, Cambie
[Stroet Bridge.   Gray & Higgiuson.
On Monday evening tho postponed
1 Anniversary Entertainment of the
FMt. Pleasant Baptist Ohuroh was given,
a full attendance of the congregation
'■ boing present     A   very entertaining
■ud varied program was given after
whioh refreshments were served by the
. Tbe Oity Grocery  do.ivers grqoerie.
. every dny on Mt. Pleasant;  'phone 286
At a meeting of the Trustees of the
West Vancouver School District on
Tuesday evening, a resolution was
unanimously passed expressing entire
approval of the methods and work accomplished by ther toucher, Mr. W J.
Clement, during the past term, and reappointed him for the ensiling year.
' ^?ho Dr. A. Reed Cushion Sole Shoes.
Aisles t shoe ever prod need. The best
shoe ever made for hot, cold, damp pr
selling feet.' A great help to one's
nerves.   Call and inspol them -
R. MH-I-H, 18 Cordova street **(■
610 Grunvillo stroet. .'
TEEl'H EXTRACTED and FILLED absolutely without pain by
our late SCIENTIFIC METHODS. No sleeping-producing agents qr
cocaine. . These, ate the only ONLY DENTAL' PARLORS in Vancouver that have the patent appliances and ingredients to EXTRACT,
undetectable from natural teeth, and warranted for ten years, without
the least partiole of pain. GOLD OBOWNS and TEETH WITHOUT
. PAINLESSLY and by specialists.
New York Dental Specialists
147 Hastings St., E.VaTc*
Opposite the Curnegie Library.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. in
Telephone  1666.
Sundays 9 a. m., to 2 p. m.
Mrs. M. Rac aud Mrs. W. W.
Merkley gave a successful tea at the
home of Mrs. Rae, Eighth avenne, on
Tuesday afternoon nnd evening in the
interests of the Ladies' Oiicle of the
Woodmen of tho World.
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on sale
at all the Newsdealers in the city.
L. O. T. M.—Alexandra Hive No. 7,
held a very successful Strawberry; and
Ice Cream Social ou Thursday evening,
corner Seventh and Westminster avenues, The ladies were well pleased
with the patronage accorded tbem.
Mrs. Merkley, Burritt Block, has
decided to make a still greater cnt iu all
Millinery, ready-to-wear and trimmed
Go to Merkley's for Stamped Cushion
Embroidery, Silks and all lines iu Fancy
Work. Lovely late stylo Blonses at
much reduced prices. Call in and be
convinced you can get lovely things at
bargains at Merkley's
A. J. McDonald, Cemetery rond, near
Thomas', has thoroughbred Collie Pups
for s do.
Mrs. McKelvey  from  Ladysniith, is
visiting Mrs. Philp, Ontario street.
Mrs. A. Thompson of New Denver,
E. C, was a guest of Mrs. W. W
Merkley the past week.
Messrs. Elkius A Kerfoot bave been
awarded the contract for the sewer construction iu the Mt. Pleasant District
by the City of Vanoouver.
Mr. W.H. Wood, Sr., the well-known
pioneer of Mt. Pleasant, was tbe
recipient of "many happy returns," on
Thursday, the occasion of his 68rd
Rev. Geo. A. and Mrs. Wilson entertained the yonng people of the Mt.
Pleasaut Presbyterian Church very
delightfully at the Manse on Monday
Let Us Fill Your
Camping Order
This is the season when Picnics, Excursions and Camping
Parties are in full swing.    We can fill correctly and ship
promptly to any place.
WE HAVE PROVIDED FOR THIS TRADE aud thoroughly understand the
Cniiipers' wants.   Goods delivered to all Trains, Boats, Etc
Our Solicitor will call on you aud see that your camp is kept properly supplied.
A trial will be convincing. J
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
KInt Central Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu all kinds nf Fki.kii aud Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^aS?*
His Worship Mayor W. J. McGuigan
is expected home the first of next week.
Rev. A. W. MoLeod will preach in
the Mt. Pleasaut Baptist Church on
Sunday morning "Tbe Divine Origin
of tho Bible." In tho oveuing Rov. P.
H. McEweu, Superintendent of Baptist
Missions for B. C, will preach
The Advocate is ulways glad to receive
items of social, personal or other news
from its readors. Send news items to
the office or by telephone, B1405.
Mrs. Marion B. Baxter, Deputy
Supreme Commander of the L. O. T. M.,
was in the city on Thnrsday, on her way
home from Nanaimo, whoro she organized a lodge of Ladies of tbe Maccabees.
Mrs. Baxter left for Seattle ou the
Mr. A. F. McKinnon's Candy and Ice
Cream business hns increased so rapidly
he is obliged to secure larger quarters,
and has bought the building ou Ninth
avenne opposite Methodist Chnrch
adjoining the Hatch property.
Next Saturday having been declared
a Public Holiday there will bo no issue
of "The Advocate."
Howki..,.—At Burrard .Sanitarium,
born to Mr. aud Mrs. H. B. Howell of
Eleventh avrnuc, Monday 19th, a
daughter. -   ■ -
Whitewear Salo at Merkley's.
Mr. Bob Crawford, one of the leading
lacrosse players of Mt. Pleasant, has
returned from a six weeks' sojourn iu
The sohools of tho city aud country
olosed on Friday for tho summer holidays. The usual closing exercises ware
carried ont.
Read tho New York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
Now York Dental Parlors for your work
The Maple Loaf Lacrosse Team defeated tbe Terminals on Cambie Street
Grounds, Thursday evening, by a score
of 7 to 3. Rod Homcwood of the local
team got badly bruised and one shoulder
dislocated, bnt is able to be around.
On their arrival from Cambie Street
Grounds, tho members of the team were
treated by the Onb to fine cigars at
Klkctroi.ykir Parlor, of Hairdrossing, Manicuring, Facial Massage and
.Scalp Treatment for Ladies and Gentlemen. Superfluous hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron ou "How to tako cure of
Skin Food for building up tho wasting
tissue. Orange Flowor Cream to prevent and heal sunburn.
Maoam- HiritrmiKTii, 589 Oronvllle
f •
The Arcade or Granville Street
! For Light Lunch
[ Flush Oysters, just in.    Baled Appl»«-4i]l~ hotaa—
I with Pure Cream.   Genuine Boston Baked 8t*m$
Open from 7:*) a. in., tu li! p. m.
Sandny from 9 a. tn.   to  12 p. m
n .in   '  maim
Sixth Year, Vol.6, No. II.
'       f        llll   |
How About Your
Spring Hardware?
Lawn Mowers, any make, size or price.      Garden  Tools,      8hove_i,
Rubber  Hose,'      Lawn Sprinklers   and  Sprays,      Wheelbarrows,
Spades,     .Poultry Netting, from }i-m. to 8-in. meshes, all widths.
g*T" Always a toll line of Paints and Varnishes.
J. A.  F L E T T,
Mt. PLCASANl  HARDWARE STQ8E.      Xal. 447U
V. R. OWENS, Manager.
'_" W.M.
V-lO Wn  1  lUI I JOTS the best jars made.
Pints, Quarts and l/i Gallons.     Rubber rings extra quality.
Lemons, 2 doz., for 25c.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
\ Glean Sweep I
Everything in line of -
Summer Materials clearing at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
MUSLIN COSTUMES—made and trimmed tn all the latest styles; worth
np to $6.50, your choice for $3.78 each. '■■
BLOUSES—Blouses made of Muslins and Ohambrays in stripes and
fancy floral designs; worth np to $1.85 your choice 50c. Blouses made of
white lawn, pin-tucked and lace iusertioned front, piu-tneked back aud cuffs;
clearing sale price $1.25 each.
MUSLIN at less than cost.—Faucy White Lawn Muslins iu checks
and stripes; regular 10c, clearing sale price 5c yard. White Dress Muslins,
in fancy checks and stripes; regnlar 15c and 20, clearing price lOo yard.-
A. ROSS & CO., 2S Cordova St. i
The improved Hygienic Cushion Frame Massey-Harrls Bicycle represents
onr largest and latest effort to make what is considered a perfect bicyole.
Its parts are manufactured from tested material and handled and finished
by automatic machinery which does its work in far greater minuteness
than would be possible by human bauds. - The frame designs embraces
the latest feature in' modern bicycle building—the Hygienic Cushion
•Frame.' '• tF   -' '"-
This model is brought out to meet a popular demand for a moderate
priced machine. It is made throughout of the best materials, thoroughly
tested; equipped wltb Dnulop tires.  It sells at as low a price as an honest
bicycle can be made for.    ...
W. J. Annand, Agent.
146 Hastings Street, East.       Tel. 1285.
Bicycles sold on the easy payment plan.
Repairing of every description promptly done.
The Mt Pleasant School Boys defeated
tho Dawson School iu a lacrosse match
on Thursday evening by a score of
2 to 1. The winning of Ibis game gives
the Mt. Pleasaut Boys the Championship, and entitles them to thu handsome
Shield put np for competition by
"The Duily World." The local boys
have not lost a siugle game this season
aud have defeated every team iu tbe
School League.
Principal Jamieson treated the victorious lacrosse team to lee cream and
strawberries at McKii:iron's uu their
arrival from Brockton Point Grounds,
Sunday School Picnics.
There are two Sunday School Plcnios
scheduled for Tuesday next—Mt. Pleasant Baptist and Methodist. The Baptist
school will spend the day al Bowen
Island and the Methodist at Second
You Have Time Yet.
Gall on us and make a purchase and
secure some coupons on the $100 buggy
to be given away on July 16; with every
5oc purchase you got a chance to win
the buggy. How about a trunk or
valise? A ton-dollar trurk gives you
twenty clianoes. Our stock is now
complete having just opened up a car-
Storev & Campbell,
154 Hastings street, west.
Ogilvio's Hungarian Flour $1.45 pr seek
B. C. Gran. Sugar 20- ft sack $1.05
Fancy Creamery Butter, 25c per pound
Hams, ftrst-ola«    18c   "      "
Picnic Hams 180   "      "
R. H. WALLACE, 'Phone MB.
Mt. Pleasant. Ffe dnlirery
McTaflflort & Moscrop
Dealers in
3«« Carrall St.,
Templeton Block.
Vancouver, B.C.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free your choice of SO
pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
150 books. Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
No Excuse
Por failure ta Suits, no ifs and ans about
it, mast he finished to your order before
delivery. ______
** Suits and our low prices fit right into your
need. We furnish you the style and quality
and save you the Western Tailors' big profit,
because we are the largest manufacturers of
men's fine clothing in America. Thirty retail
stoces in all the leading cities of Canada, near-
ly all managed by ex-tailors.
You will have comfort, wear and good looks in
our garments. •
Ooting Suits $6.50 to $15 00. Trousers $8. $4, $6 a $8.
SweU Swagger Tweeds and Worsteds $12.00 to $80.00.
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver; B   C.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.    Self-uieasureuieut Blanks and
Samples sent on application.
Burnaby Berries
The finest ever seen in the city.
Pints  75c per doz.,   Quarts $1.00 per doa.,
]4 Gallons #125, at the
Citv Grocery Co.,
Tmw%B*W. Westminster- Avo. A Prinoess Streot.
niaiiiuLi     1 i.l 1 1   11
21 Iff fff ffTfffffftfffffffTfffffffffffffff.ffflffffflfi
£     a
m  Peer-
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men y*
of years and years and j'ears experience, ■$}
and a brewery whose plant is the most __■
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is fP
it any wonder that it has taken a place ~-f
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
£ can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $ I.     ^
fc Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. *
^ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 3
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotel*   _4fc
or delivered to vour house. W
glit4i$iiUiUAU^iU>U.iUiUiUiUiUiUiUiU R
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare 'with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., a Dufferin st.;
Lawin Grass Seeds
Clovor aud Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's-Poultry and Animal Foods,
-   Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food, Beefsataps, Etc.
G.    WPITH Corner   NINTH ww»   A
Tekpbpn-   10 3 7. 	
Subscribers   who fail to
fet "The Advxate" on Satur-
ay   morning   please   notify
tliis office.   Telefihooe "M^j
At tlie
Shirtwaists, a splendid showing
of these nt $1.00, $1.26, $1,50 and
up to $4.00.
Shirtwaist Suits, a few choice
styles. See onr cream Mohair
Suits at $8.00.    Tbey are vury
Separate Skirts, some spleudid
stylos in linens, canvas cloths und
piques, at all prices.
Organdie Gowns, very stylish
aud benutifully mode.
Everything iu ready-to-wrsr
goods, now for tho season,
303 Hastings street.
Whether for your own use or
for presentation purposes there can
never Ic auy mistake in the purchase of Cut (>luss.
Recognizing the growing im-
portaneo of our Ont Glass' Department we have mnde n enreful study
nf the uii.rkets unil have been able
to pliiee uiirn-h'es in direct touch
with the lending Cut Uluss makers
of the world.
We enn truly say to yon that
we believe onr goods to be right
nud we sell them upon the honor
of this house.
What we my a piece of Cut
Class,   it  IS.
Corner Iliutings ami (.rouvt.lfe Sts.
Official Wiiteli Inspector C. F. R.
Special   Notice.
all first-class varieties,  oonsistiug nf—
CacTi'B,   Pbcobativr,   Snow,
Faxct and Pokponk.
All good strong  bulbs.
Per doeen 70c, $1.00 aud $1.50.
ANNUAL PLANTS of choice varieties,
at lto per dosrn.
NoTt—Street Cars paw my plane.
Chas. Keeler
278. Westminster Ave.     Ht. Pleasant.
If yon mas Tm ADvocvrx vou mis*
th«j*«pi| nnvm,
2311   Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
R. H. Peace,  Proprietor.
Wholesale    and    Retail
Dealer    in    Meats    of
All Kinds. Tel. ai 206
1 * Give us trial.
\ 1 Prompt Delivery. MOUNT  PLEASANT  ADVOCATE.
Author ol "Wo.--l.ir
cmtiw. iw2.»,tuMnsiaoi.t^r-Ha1ir
Work lo Book torn.   All RK-ti Imrvri
"I'd simply take up that note," said
the lawyer. "You know uuder tbe contract, wa are privileged to puy it tomorrow, if we wish. It would simply
paralyse him. He's so confident that
you can't take lt up thnt he lias not
even written to ask If you want to renew It or not. Yes, he's conlla>nt that
he'll rake In that s-euri£y--so;co.nfldent
that he has been, as you kuow, jsecretly
buying land near yours." '■
"Bu//," exclaimed Alan, "Ray. you
knoV we—father has Invested thnt
mone|| and the truth is that'lie and
mother bave already had so much worry over (lie business that they would
rather "let the land bo at what was
raised on It than to—to run any more
Bishop groaned out Ills approval of
this elucidation  of  Ills  condition  and
his baud. The very
cliill<-I hlin.
Millar's euil'.ai r.-issnient noiv descended on.iiini in full force.
"1 b-iis mil thinking of having your
fntiipj distinih Ids investments." lie
raid !"The iniili Is. I huve mel with n
'•",. i -i.      ,,,!,  nioiit in a cer
tain I direction. For the last Huve
months 1 have been raking nnd scrap
ing among tbe dry bones of my investments to get up exactly $25,000 to secure a leading interest inn cotton mill
nt Dairley of wliich I was to lie presi- i
dent.''I managed to get the money to
gollier, nud ouly yesterday I learned :
that llie northern capital Hint wns to
guarantee the thing was only in  Ihe ' ,.i(,,ilv through his mind
sat silently nodding
thought of further risks stunned and
she said sMiiiusli/, "It V0i< could
onlii ilo il!" .
only do II.'"
"Would you like It very nineti?"
"Very,   very   much,     it   moans   the
world   to  us - to  Alnn,  to   fa I lief and
mot lier and- yes, to me.   I hunger for
"Then it shall be done," he said fervently.
S the elevator ill the big building was taking ttuyburn .Miller up  lo  the olfices of the
..Southern   I.anU  unil   'riiiibcr
company lu'a'ny reflections passed bur-
"You are going to get the usual cold
shoulder frdni-V, il-oit." h,'-niu.<od, "but
he'll pilt it iipifrgainst spin-thing nbout
as warm aB* he's i-iidf-cd iii many a
day. If you don't make him squirm, it
will be ouly because you dou't want
Wilson was busy at his desk locking
over bills of lulling, reecipls niiil other
corner1 of a fellow's eye up In Bostou-
u miuji that liuUBioIsn dolhup oui eanh '
Welljthere yougn're!   I've $2."i.0bn and -
no place to put it.  I thought If you lind
just as soon owe tne the 'money as WH
son that you'd really  be doing nte s
favorSto let me take up the nolo.   You
see, it would actually floor liim.   Jle
means buguicss,*-and this'wouM snow
hhu t|nit we are not asking any favors j papers and now and I him giving, instructions to u typewriter in the corner
of the room:
"Ab. how nre you. Miller?" he said
'Indifferently, (thing the caller his hand
'without, rising. "Iiinvii to See the city
again, eh'/"     ,
Ibiybiirn leaned on the top of the'
desk nnd knocked the irshfjs from his
cigar with the tip of his little linger.
"Partly that nnd partly business," he
returned tirelessly,.        i\ ■ .- .
"Two birds, eh'.'" |
"That's about it. 1 concluded' you
were not coining up our wny soon, and
to I decided tb drop iu on you."
"Yes; glad you did.    Wilson glanced
nt the papers on his desk and frowned.
"Wish 1 hud nioro lime at iny disposal.'
I I'd run up fo the club witb'. you and
j show you my Kcnliiehy tliofemghbreds,
but 1 really am rushed, today particu-
j iarly."
"Oh, I haven't'a bit of tiili6 tosprvr.
' myself!    I- take  the  til'lei'imon   train
home.  The.truth Is. i- c.tujc tqr.see you
j for my clients, the Bishops."
"Ah, I see.'" Wilson's face clouded
over by some mechanical aiTiiiiguniont
j known only to himself. "Well, I ea'u't
really'report "arty urogress in Hint nint-
, ter," he said. "All the .ump..ii.\. -think
i ltishop's ligures are nway out pf reu-
I son, and the truth is right now vre nre
, over bend and- ears in operations In
! other quarters, ami—well, you seo how
i It is?"
"Yes, I think I do." Miller smoked a
moment. "In fact, I lold my clients
last month thut the nintler vffts riot absorbing your attention; and so thoy
gave up counting on you."
Wilson so far forgot litis pose .that he
looked up In il starf-ctrsorl nf'Wny nnd
begun to study Miller's smoke wrapped
"You sny they are not—have not been
to—to buy
of hiigh In fact, I have un lden it would
B.arc*j}iH>..0Ut.Qf.J_i« j.kiu. Ue:d think
we had another opportunity of selling.
I'm dying to do yiis. and I hope youJW
let nig., work it." I'eujjy.. I, think you
oughtjuoeoffhselpt*' I'd never drive .you
to the-waAJ'-m-ii—well-he inlglit."
All eyes were on the speaker.   Bishop
had the dazed expression of a hewil
dered man trying to believe in sudden
good luck.   Abner Daniel  lowered his
head   and   shook   with   low.   subdued
v*. "You are a Jim dandy, young mun,"
"\ he snid to Miller.   "That's nil there Is
S about  it.    You  take  tbe  rug off  Ihe
Sjw » bush.    Oh,  my   Lord!    They  suy  In
._;■ Alf'a mooting house that it's n sin to
_?* play poker  with uo stakes   huf- Alf's
in a guiuu \yj.h hhlf the caitl) pul up
nglu nnonief* fellf'r's Wad ns lilg ns u
bale o'  bay.    Play  down,  Alf.    Play
down.     You've'got   n   full   hand   an'
plenty to draw from."
"WijL wouldn't let .you do this. Roy,"
expos*aiiiitcd Ainu. -
"BjJ I assure you it Is merely a matter orbuslness with me," declared the
lawyee. "You k"novv I'm iuteiVstcd
inyseWi'nnd I believe we shall come
out aM right I'm simply Itching to do
it."   *
(Stlicy woulii'tt- ready to pay tlid'note
'*" where we feel Injured.
Bishop's fane wns ablaze. The assurance that n wise young business
man JRoiiId consider n purchase of his
of sfifflcient value to put a huge
ii tii< Hint of money on pleased liim, ban- ,
Ished'hls fears, thrilled him.
"If j:ou feel that wny," he snld, smiling at the corners of his mouth, "go i
ahead.    1  dou't  know  but what  you
nre plumb right.    It will show Wilson j
that we nlu't beholden to liini nn' will
set Mm'to work ef anything will."
So It was finally settled, and no one
seemed so well pleased  with the nr- j
rangement ns  Miller  himself.    Adele | counting on  my  company
entered tbe .-room witli tbe air of one    their land?'1
half fearful of Intruding, nnd her
three ro.nffves quietly .withdrew, leaving b& to entertain th* guest. .
"I -frontier what's the matter with
yotirjSrother," Miller remarked us his
bllowed Alan from the, room.
\ brother?" laughed Adele. "No
jes lo keep up with his whims
, really," sivid Miller In a serious j
I'he' bus mystified me Intely.    I
if he hns had bad news from
I've tried to get Into a contl- !
dentijfj chut with hlin several times of \
late, 'but he seems to get around it.
Henl^r, it seems to me lit times thut ho
trents'ine ratber coldly."
"nfi. If you waste time noticing Al ■
you'll'become n beggar."    And Adele
guve nnother  amused   lnugh.    "Tuke
my aih'.de nnd let bim alone."
"I   nlmost   believe   yon   kuow   what
nils  Jiim,"    mild    Miller,    eying    ber !
.   "I  fellow what he thinks alls blm."
the gtii responded.
"Ailii won't you tell me what—what
he thinks nlls'Jitrii?".'
"No,  I   couldS"!  do  that,"  n'nswVrcd
our yjHiug.^rd-)'. .with a knowing smile. '
"If yiBl nre ever uny wiser on tlio sub- j
Ject, jrou will have to get your wisdom ■
from pli in."
She iurui.'il to Hie piano and begnn to I
arrange sonic scattered pieces of music, |
and he'reriinlited' on the hearth, his j
buck fo the Hie, his brow wrinkled In i
plouseu perplexity.
'Tit'' bn'<Je>i pfef my Wisdom from
liim." l-epc.'ib'il Miller, pi'oiioimcillg
each 'word (Villi _apparnto rfislinolncss,
as If one of them might prove the key
to tha mystery. r .
"Viek I  Htfould think tw^ wise __en
couhftetlleA little thing like that.' If
not,   *n,   mny  cnll   In  the  third—you
kuowfth-.'e were (hree ot you, accord
Ing t<T*tIie Bible."
"Oh* so there were," ssilled Mlllert
"hut R's nord to tell when we three
shnll iSeet ngnln. The Inst time I snw
tbe o_|cp'rwt> ihey-Wore hiiving llielr
sundulf half soled for u trump across
the dejft'i't. I cnine Ibis wuy to build a
railroad, und, I believe I'm going to' do
II. That's bnkiug undent and modern
times .log-tlicr wlih u coupling pin.
isn't 10"
She Caine from the plnuo and stood
by   hijjri,  looking  down   into  the  lire.
"Ah," she said seriously, "If you could
"Why, no," said Miller in accents
well re'Remhifftrj tttosiv'ri'f slow n'oft'^'eii-'
nine surprise. "Why, you huve not
shown ihe slightest liitei'e..t;jn. I he flatter since the day yoii^umde tlie loan,
and naturally they ceased lo think you
wauled the land. The only reason I
called was (hut the note la-payuble toj
day, and"— ■■*•   ■
"Oh, yes, by Jove! Thnt was careless of inc. The Inleie.-I is tine.. ..i
knew It would |>_ nil if^f. and I had;.
no Idea you would boiher'lo run down
for that. Why. my hoy, we could huve
drawn for il. you know."
Miller smiled inv.-urdly Up be looked
oil.,,!., ,.:, ' lixedly throiighyils smoke
Into the uusiia "cling visage illiluriied
to him.
"But the note itself Is payable to-
day," lu- said, closely on Ihe alert for a
facial collnpsft. "nnd. while yon or I
might luke up n pnper for .$_.->,i)00
through u bunk, old fashioned people
like Mr. nml Mrs. Bishop would feel
Bnfer to hnve it done by an agent,
iiinl's why I came."
Millpr in sllenl sutlsfne.tlon snw the
fuce of his nh'.ngnnlst full lo pieces
like an nrtllieinl llower suddenly shuttered.     .
"I'ny the nolo?" gasped Wilson,
.Miller puffed nt his cigar nnd gazed
St Ills victim as If sbrhlly sin-prised
over the assiiniproii H(p| his eHeiits
h.-id not nil nlong Intended to nvnil
themselves Of that condiilon lu their
contract. _- ■ .-'   •        -
"You menu that tile Bishops nre
ready to" - Wilson begun again on nn-
ollier brenth-'lo pny ijs | he. S'AllW-r'
"And the inlei'i'Mt -for six mimllis,"
qulelly  fldllcd   MllltgU-f-'iclling  for
mutch on the desk,■• ft >.-.-l oil you've,
got the nolo here. I don't w.nil to miss
my train."       - fefttJ
Wilson was u gooil , buiiness mun,
lm. his I'lii'iliinlcnl linl'iing In New
1.tight ml liud lid litted him for wily
"pi course they cun tuke lip their
n-.ie toil.-iv if tin-y wish." he sulii; wilh
nliffnicd t'rnuliiiess. "I tvns m,l count-
In^f on It. tlio'tigh."   He i'om' lo Ins feet',
iiifiiied fr.'iukness.
ijl on it. ilifni_.ii.'
Miller's   wutciiful  eye  d'-l-.l"d-a   ear
t.'ilji   tri'iiiBliilfflof' Ills'' I,,-, ei-"'il,,.     _J»/
thrust his hunds inlo his pockets nervously, and in n tone of open iirilutlnu
lie snid lo the young man al the typo.     |.„; ,-,.-
thnt internal clicking. Sometimes 1
can stand it, nnd then nguin 'Kcun't.
Y'ou cun do those letters in tujp uext
room." ,■:
When tti'e joung-mnn ha'd rotip ont,
cari>ingJiistU!n-lilric'. "\Vlfsin lujiedto
Hri.ii r." "As I uiiuiisiuml it. y'ou pti
Bonally have no interest in the Bishop
property V"
"Oh, not n dollar!" smiled the lawyer.
"I'm only acting for them."
"Then -—Wilson drove his bands in
to his pockets, nguin "piiiuips yon
wouldn't mind telling ine if the Bishops
lire on trade with: other purl its. Are
Miller snblled and shoV.; iils-'hend.
"As their lawyer, Sir. Wltsoir. I stinply
couldn't nntj,\\^.\Huii.-ijugsiiiiii."
The blow was well directed, und if
struck a vulnerable spot. ' *V
"I beg your pnidoir,"- Wilson stnm|
niered. "I did not nieiin to suggest
that y-oil- would betray- contideneo.-; J^:.,
retlected^a moment, aiuK-then -Bei.Ram.
in a I_tii'l4i'd tone, "They have mil nctii.'
ally so! I out, hnve Ihey.-"
Miller wus silent for n moment, then
ho liiisw(Tt'd^~*'-I. don't see any reason
why I may not jmswer that quesllon.
I don'l think my clients would object
to my saying thill they have not yet
iicca-ptcd any offer."
A look of relief sutfuiftd itsell' over
WUSlfil's bi-oiul face.
'"iiljpn they nre slill open to accept
tliiili'jpil'er to mo?"
Miller.lapghed ns If highly amused at
llie compItHitimi of the mutter. '
"i'liey are bound, you remember, only So long as you hold their note."
"jliion l.tell j'ou whut to. do," pro-
pgs'd Wilsa.i. -"(Jo buck nnd tell thein
not to bother about payment for a few
days, anyway, and that we will soon,
telf 'them positively whether we wilh
pny their price or not Thnt's fair,
isn't it?"
"It might seem so to a man personally interested in the deal," admitted
Miiler as tho Introduction to another
of his blows from the shoulder, "hut
nsjluwyar for my elionts. 1 ehn only
obey orde'i's, like-Jlie boyl who stood pa
tho burning deck."
Wilson's face fell. The remote clicking; of Hie typewriter seemed to grate
upon his high wrought nei'ves, and he
went and slnmmed the ptirtly opened
door, muttering soinelbingllke an oath.
On I hut slight journey, however, he
caught .iin Jduu. ....
"Suppose you wli-e (hem my propo-
sltftui/aiid wait here for a reply," he,
.Milli'i- frowned. "That would do no
good,'' he said. "I'm sorry 1 can't ex-,
plain fully, but the truth is this: I Imp-
pen to know that they wish for reasons of their own to take up the note
ybu lujld und thnt nothing else will suit
At tills juncture -Wilson lost his grip
on nil self possession and degenerated
into tie sullen anger of sharp and Unexpected disappoiii.tmept.     rs.
"I don't feel that we.nre being fnlrly
trented," ho 6uid. ""we lho!sf nalunilly
nssiimeil thut your clients.wunted to—
to exter.d our option on the property
for at least another six months.. We
assumed that' from the'fuel thai we
;lind no itctillcjitiou from thnn '.tlint
todnv.'  That
Mr. Miller.", .
Itayburn threw his clgnr Into a cuspidor. His altitude of being Tt nortin-
tei'cstud agent wus simply a stroke of
genius. Behind this plea he crouched,
showing himself ouly to lire shuts that
plujed havoc with wlinHwcr they
struck).       '. •
"I believe my clients did feel, I may
sny, honor bound to you lo sell for tho
price they offered, but—now I mny be
mistaken—but I'm sure tbey were under the Impression, us I was, loo, Hint
yon only wanted the property provided
you could' build n railroad'from Darley
to it, and"-
"Well, Hint's true," broke iu Wilson,
"Tiiut.'s quite true." ',-. I
"And," linisl'ic'd Miiler, Ktill 'behind
hlS' inevitable forltflcatiou, "they tell
ine Hint you hnve certainly shown indifference to Hie project eVcj- since'the
note was given. lb. fn-ct; .tlu'y nsked;
mc pointedly if I thought you meant
ImsluiVs, and 1 -wjis forced'conseien-
(iouslv to tell them that 1 thought you
seemed fo have other lisli to fry."
Wilson gland nt the lawyer asjf ho
Avnnled to kick him for a stilpld -Idiot
who could not do two things at once-
work for the interests of his clients u'nil
liul Wl'tjckhlg pt:iiis;iijs'i. It liiid been
n Ion.'; time since he liud found himself
iu _hn h a hoi frying pall.
"feo yoiilhliik the tiling Is off?" he
ssld o_sp'_rately_, probably recalling
several purchases of land he had made
in the section lie had expected lu develop.   "You thjiik it's ofl"?■'
"1 hardly know what to say," said
Miller, '"i'he old gcnlleiiian, Mr. Blsh>
oja Is u slow going old tinier, but his
sol |s rather up t»utile, full of energy
nifl nmbition; I tllhik he's .mude. up
till mind to sell lhat property."
W: l---c.il went io Ids di'tH;, -hovered
over It like a dark human cloud and
thou relm'tunlly turned to the big iron
^sufe against the wall, obviously to get-
llie-note. llis disuppoiiiliueiil wns too
rrpiit for coi.ceahuent. With his,.fut.
pink hand on ihe-silver plated coinbi'u'a-
tioft bolt be.lnrncd lo Miller again.'
"Would you mind sitting down (111 I
lelephone one or two of Hie il hectors'.'.",
"Not ,il 'nil,"'snid Miller, -'if you'll get
ind a cigar ulul Ihe Consliliilion. Tbo
Ailui'in base-Tmll teith. played Mobile
yoBerduy, uni^lwns woiidei'lng"—
■ 'fl don't keep truck- of such things,"
said Wilsou, coming buck lo his desk
with nn imp.-ilienl frown to ring his
cull bell coMlie o'lice boy.
''|bb. yes, 1 believe piotbijrll is yonr
uuUoiial spurt." snld Mlllei-, with u.dry
siiille. "We'll, It's only. ii-diU'ercuce be:
twe-n mills lind legs whole liones lind
. Wilson tu'dered the clgnr nnd pnper
■Vhen the boy 'iippeareil, mil, leal ing
tlie lawyer siiddi-nly, he wciil into'llio
•fpum containing the telepbone. closing
riiC ilbor nfter
In n few n, ..ules he rca|i]ieari;d,
standing before. Milier, who was chewing n cold -cigar-li'ml nltentlvely rend--
ing. Ue looked up at Wilson iibslraet-
edly.        •'•:, ..
"Bully for Atlnntn!" be snld. "The
boys madOjatt'n runs before the Mobiles
hsd .scored"—^   :-• v      ....
"Oli' conV-rtovi'ii  to IittaWesi," snld
the N'ort' l.u-lulidcr. ivilli.u rendy iiimle
-•in n:     "lie.:,  .'I,-,  I    |f,|| |   );, I'cve.;,.,. ,
• liousy i   nc- i in.-. i vol' will get over
ypnf luibil nf : ioelillig dili'ing I u lini ss
RBali's.     It   seems  to   bv   Inc.I   in   Un
to down us ut a horse race, nnd we'll
beu| you in the middle of the night
Hang it all, man, you don't know human nature, that's all! How can yon
exp'-ci mi on iny measly fees to dunce
a breakdown oyer-'business I au_.tra.ns-
ueting for otherflople?'    '
"Well, that mny account for It," admitted Wilson,' who seemed bent on
being more agreeable in tlie light of
some fresh hopes he had absorbed
from the telephone wires. , "See here,
I've got' n roelc bottom proposal to
make to your' people. Now listen and
drop flint vapor* for a uiiuute. 'By
Jove! . If I bad to seud a man from
your slate to attend to ..legal, busiueijs,
I'd pick one not full of mental mor-
-phln'e:"-       • ' '■     "
,'-t)lv-yoij. wouldn't?" Miller laid
'down the paper and assumed a posture
Indicative-of attention roused from
deep sleep, -."."ire away. I'm listening."
"I already bad ^autliorltj; *to: aet'^or.
.tbe eoiiipaiiy, l(ilt,.:l thought it^best.to
telephone some'ej.! the directors'." Wilson sat dowu in his chair and lenned
townl'd thu lawyer. "Here's whnt we
will do. The whole truth ls we are willing to plank down the required one
hundred thousand for that property,
provided we cun lay our road there
without Incurring the expense of pur-
clfusing the right of wuy. Now lf the
citizens nlotig the proposed line wunt
I heir country developed bad enough
to 4lountn the right of wny through
their.lands, we can trade."
There was a pause. Then Milier
broke it by striking n match on the
sole qtjils boot. lie looked crosseyed
nt the llame as lio applied lt to his
ashed,   almost" undsr
breath.    !•"■
cigar. "Don't you think your people
could stand whatever vulne is appraised by law in caso tit refusala
along the line?"
"No," said Wilson.   "The price for
the land is too steep for that   Your
clienfs have our bltiuaatiun.   What do
yoq'sny? We c*n ,ui|cert!8B_a meeting
of citizens at Sprlngbawn,  which  ls
about the center of tiie, territory Involved, and if all agree to give the
right of way lt will lie a trade.'. Wa
cau have the meeting set for today twa
weeks: How does that strike you?"
"I'd bave to ' 're my clients."
"When can you get pn answer?"
Miller looked at  hil. watch.   "By i
•'clock Hiis nfteraooir.   The message
would have to go Into the country."
"Then send lt off at once."
A few minutes lifter 5 o'clock Miller
sauntered into the olllce.  Wilson sat at
his desk mid looked up eagerly.
' "Well?" he asked, almost onderf his
breath.  '
The lawyer lenned on the top of the
desk. "They are willing to grant you
the two weeks' time provided you sign
an agreement for your firm that you
will purchase their property at the
pi-ice named at the expiration of that
"Willi the provision," interpolated
Wilson, "that a right of way ls do-
"Yes, with that provision," Miller
- "Then sit down here and write out
your paper."
Miller compiled aa nonchalantly as If
'he were drawing up a bill of sale for
a wornout horse.
"There you ure," be said, pushing the
paper to Wilson when he had finished.
Wilson read it crltleully. "It certainly is binding,'' he said. "Y'ou people,
may sleep during business hours, but
you have your eyes open when you
draw up papers. Howeyer, I don't care.
I want the Bishops to feel secure. They
must get to work to secure the right of
way. It will ho no easy job, I'll let you
know. I've struck shrewd, obstinate
people In my life, but those up there
heal the world. Nouh couldn't have
driven them In the ilrk even after the
Hood set In."
"lou know something nbout them,
th.'ii?" snld Miller, liuigliliig to himself
over llie Implied co'nfcssloii.
■"Wilson Hushed e'ridl'-then admitted
dial he had been up thut way several
times looking the sllunllon.ovor.
"How about the charter?" asked Miller Indifferently.
"That's fixed. I have already seen '
to that."
. ."Tliep It all depends on the right of
way," rcmarkei.-Hte_a.wMr ns he drew
s check from his pocket and handed lt
to Wilson.    "Now get tue thut uote," i
be ^M. ;   . - - .     "  ~ '   I
WIISTon brought It from the safe.
"Turning this over -cuts my optlor,
down .tp two  weeks," be said,'- "but
we'll know.at the nigoting-what can
be done."   -     .  '    . -. :   ,
"Yes, well know then what they, can
do with you," snld ..Miller significantly
as lie put the canceled note in his
pocket and rose to go.        ;    ' '■'•''.' ■'
Brown, I wish you'd let uu ou        ilill.-i-   laughed   misleudlngly.     "Try
nfi' mass meeting at.Sprlhjr-
town wus a most Important^
event. Jt wns held In the
courthouse' lu the center of
ihp few straggling houses whioh. made
up the linnilct. The entire Bishop family, including the servants, attended.
Pole Haker brought his wife and all
the children In a new spring wagon.
(Parley society was represented, as |
tbe Hp.lm.lowu Gazette afterward out.
it, by the fairest of Hie fair, Miss Dolly
Burclay, accompanied by; her-pother
and fnther.
The'.-courtlMUse yard wai alfre with
groups of men, eagerly, talking over tM
eiUiatlou.'.,-, Etjery,,. individual wlioSe
liihil was to lie touched by the proposed
road was on hand to protect his rights.
Pole Baker wns ubiquitous, trying to
ascertain the drift of matters. He
was, however, rather unsuccessful, He
discovered that tunny of the groups
ceased to tnlk when he entered them.
"Some'n's up," be told Alan and Mil-
lei' In the big, bare looking courtroom.
-"I don't know What It ls, hut I smell
a rut, un' it ain't no.little.oucnuthu-,"
"Opposition,"   said   Miller   gloomily.
"'I saw thnt it's soonns I came'   If they'
renfly were in favor of (he road, they'd
be here talking it over with us."
"I'm afraid that's it," said Alan,.
,"Joe Bnrtell is tlie most interested, and
■he seems to be a sort of ringleader, I
don'tliko the wny he looks. I saw hitn
sneer at Wilson when he drove up just
now. I wish Wilson hadn't put on so
much style—kid gloves, plug hut and a
negro driver."
"No, that won't go down with this
crowd," agreed Miller. "It might in the
slums of Boston, but not with these
lords.of the mountains. As for Bnrtell,
I think 1 know whut nils liim! He's going to run for the legislature pud
thinks be can make votes by opposing
us—convincing bis constituency Unit
, we represent moneyed oppression. Well,
he inqy dowh- us, but it's tough on human progress."
At the hour appointed for the meeting to open a young" man who held (he
oil'ice of bailiff In the county, and
seemed proud of his stentorian voice
opened oue of the'windows und shouted:
"Come In to court! Come In to court!"
and the motley loiterers below began
to clatter up the bread stairs ami fall
into the seats. Joe Bnrtell, a tbort,
thickset man'in Hie nelgliborlioe.l of
fifty, w itb u florid fnce nnd u shock of
reddish hair, led about twenty men up
the uislo to the jury benches u,t;tho.
right of the stand. They were tbe
landowners whose consent to grant,
the right of way was asked. Stern opposition was clearly written on tlio
leader's brow and more or less distinctly reflected on tho varying faces of his
' "Ef we needed It, It ud be n different
matter," Miller overheard him say in a
sudden lull as the big room settli il
down into sudden quiet, "butwe kin db-
without it. We've got"nloiig so fur uu'
wi* kiu furder. AU of us has got good
Wilson in his crisp, brusque wny
made the opening speech, lie and his
capital were going to dispel darkness
where It bad reigned since Ihe dawn of
■elfllizution. All that was needed, be
'finished, was the consent of tbe properly owners appealed to, who. he felt
eoniiileut, would not stand in their own
' tie ha'd hardly taken his sent when
Joe Bnrtell stood Up. Alan and Miller
exchanged ominous glances. They hud
at once .recognized the Inappropriatc-
ness of Wilson's speech nud did not
like the white, twitching sneer on Bar-
tell's smooth shaven-face. It wus as
if IJaiiell had been for a long time
seeking just such nu opportunity ' to1
make himself felt In the eoiumuiiily,
nnd there was no doubt Hint Wilson's
almost dictatorial speech had made a
line opening for hhu.
.Fellow citizens nn' ladies an' gentlemen," he began, "wc-Jai'ef'glad to
welcome Amongst'lis a sore of a second
savior in oter Sodom nn' Gomorry djt
crackerdoui.. Whnt the gentleman with
the-plug but an' spike toe shoes ain't
n-goin' to dp fer.us. the "laird couldn't.
He looks nice an' talks nice. an', to use
his words, I doii.'.t'believe lie Deceives
appearances. I'll bet one Ihing. nn'
Hint Is 'at hewon't deceive us. Acconl-
lu' to him we need 'im every luiur. :1s
the Sunday school song puts It. Yes,
he's a-goin' to he'p us powerful an'
right off. An', fellow citizens. I'm heer
to propose n vote o1 thanks, lie's from
away up In Boston, whar, tijey roll hie,
a .nigger setA an' eats al tlie same lal'ii'
wilh tbe-wbites. When his sort come
Ibis awny durin' Hie war, with ull the'r
up to date iipplinienis' of s'laufiiier.
tbey luid White' t6 cvol'-'iliilg Ihey
slriick, shot us-like rabbits in. holes an'
then went back an' Said they'd had a
good hunt. Bjit. they've beeitlivin' high
up thar sence (he-war. an' the'r limber lsa-phiyin' out, an' Ihey want somo
more now. an' they want 11 bad. So
they-send the'r'representatives out to
Hnd It un' Iny bold of it. How does-he
happen to eome heer? As well as I kin
make out. old All' Bishop,; a good uinn.
an' a southern soldier—a mnn- that I.
hain't got nothin' agin, excepl maybe
he holds his head too high—made up bis
mind awhile back that lumber "'ouid
be iu demand some day. an' he set to
.work hjiyiu' ull tlie timber laud Ik
could lay hjs bands on. Then, whyn Inlaid more'ii he could lole an' ivas ubout
'to go under.'lie give this gentleman ii'
optlon.on.lt Well, so fur so good; bill
gentlemen, whut huve we gol to d<
,»vi111 ibis trade? Nothln' us I kip km
But "we nre expei led to yell nn' Holler
an' deed 'em a free ri.^hl of we'y
through onr properly so Ihey kill ship
the   limber   straight   through   to   llie
north an' ton II Into cold Yunke, In.
We don't count in tills sliui'.lc, genii,-;
men. We git'our pay,fir our.lnnd ill
bein' glnd nn' lioerlif car bells un'
steam whistles In the middle o' tlie
night when we want to sleep. The en-
gynes will kill our hogs, entile an'
bosses ail' now an' Iheu break the
nock o' some chap that wasn't" hil In
the war, but we mustn't forget lo be
ghld an' beud the ib.ee*o' gratiliule. Of
course we ull know the law kiu compel
ps lo give the right of wuy, but- II pro:.
vldes ,1'er just nnd sullicient payment
fer the properly used; uu', geuHeiueii,
Pin agin donntidh's: I'm iigln 'cm tooth
nn' too liitll."-.
There was thunderous nlift ominous
itpplnuSt-when Bniiell sntdoWn.- Wilson snt flushed nnd onihni'rhsseil,'
twilling his-gloVes iu. his hands. ,IIe
hud expected nnythlng bill this pcr-
sonnl fusillude. lie stared ut Miller in
surprise over that gentleman's easy,
half]amused smile ns he slood up.
"(lentleinen," he begun, "und Indie's,"
lie: lidded, with a how to the light lind
innocent of tb£L£hnrgep against us. I
am speaking flow apW clients, tlie
Bishops};;-They are-d-oply interestdd
In the development <?f this section. Tlie
elder Bishop'diirs'Jjbld .lis bend high,
niifcln ..his ease 1'e lmS. held it high
enough to smell coming prosperity, in'
the nir. He believed it would come,
and Hint is why he bought timber lnnds
extensively. As for the accused gentleman from the Huh of the universe,
I must say thnt I have known him for
several years and hnve never beard a
word against bis character. He Is not
a farmer, but a business man, and Jt
would be unfair, to judge- bim'hy n'ii'y
■other standard-. Heis nofonly a bltsl-.
,.ri,es,s man, but a, big one.- lie l_an.dlej.
big things. i'h:s railroad is going to
be a big thing for you nnd your chil-
.ilien. Yes, Wj'lson Is. nil. right. Ho
'didn't flght' in the late Unpleasantness.
ne tells the women he wns foo young.
Wilson Is here to build a railroad for
ypur goqd Aiul-qirosporiiy. and he can't
build one where there is nothing lo
haul out- If he buys-up timber for his
company, It Is the only way to get
them to back him in the enterprise.
Now, gentlemen''of the opposition, if
there are any' here today, don't let tho
thought of Wilson's possible profit rob
you of .this golden ouportunily.' 1 live
at Darley, but,.-'u"s ninny of you know,
this is my father's nntive county, und
I want to see lt bloom in progress nnd
blossom like the rose of prosperity. I
want to see the vast mineral wealth
burled In these mountains dug out for
the benefit of mankind wherever Clod's
sunlight falls."
Miller sat down amid much applause,
a-faint part of which cnnie even from
the ranks of Bartoll's faction. After
this a pause ensued in which no one
seemed willing to speak. Colonel Barclay rose and enme to Miller.
"Thnt wns""n good talk." ho whispered.   "Y'ou-understand how to touch
"'We'll talig a volt  on tt  an' let yoa
'em   up.   You  set  them  to  laughing;
tjiul's the.tiling.   1 wpinltjr If it would
do uny good for me to try my band."
f:  /"Hollicy know you have nny timber
land over here?' n&ed  Miller.
t-   "Oh, yes; I g'less they ilq,". rqp'lejj
tbe colonel.
"Then I don't beliere I'd chip Inttaif-'
-vised Miller,   "ltuiiell,would throw if
rip to i"U.'>;
3 i
m  youjjife f
left,   "As  muny of you
,he li"
1 pfo-
lend to practice law n Utile, uud 1 want
to say now Hint I'm clad Mr. bub 11
ain't In Iho profession. A lawyer with.
lbs keen wit and eloquence could convict an Innocent mother before A" jury
of her own'children. Illauglilcr.] And
Hint's  ine point,  gentlemen.    We are
'   ' !
clny, "hut lor Ihe Lord's sake do something, it ' never wfil do to let this,
tiling fullltliri.u_-.ll,", ...   :<.„•, ;.,.
"I've done all I e.'in.'' said Moler-iTe-
jectedly. "Bai-tell's got tho.w!ioie:
gang huoilooi'd. the blnsied blockheiiif!
Wouldn't he make a'iiue representative
lit the legisii'tin'e;)"
The  colonel'  went back  to   his se'at,
nnd   Wilson   c e  to   Miller  just us
A in h eppttpiicimdj
-"!!'; gpiScjji to fall llnHi'istfinn n.iian .
.' enl.-fi." s:-l-l,,..\\^'-'on. "tlyv ,-oiiTriany
slill]'l.V ci:;":mI |l n'. n-,t to- buy .(he right
of w'sv t'.Wf you "ii hlfrl H i ::'r itinera to
fellow ovei-ti:-:-,-,,,- ...r i"iy Win ort'-?"
"lie nfu i ti: it s.ni." said Miller dls-
cO'isellili-l.v. ■■ . .
' ,.' •' I ' .MM '"'" f-'lhei- and mottu
er, On tbelr wrinkled faecs lay am'pis
evidentvs Of dejection. Tl.ri.jjjd..niiiu
seemed scarcely to hreaHi'o. WElp' to
.Bailell'S speech ho hud seeined buoy-,
iinlly hopeful, but" Ids Uorizpii li.id
,eh:'inged. lie .looked ns if he wem
wondertiig wily lie had IrcaieiV himself -
to such a.bright view of a lliiiii
had no f"iin,d:iliiii.'.iit nil.
At this. Juncture. AJnier Daniel i'usp
from liis "sent n.iir ihl . io\, ami sIqs^
ly wnlked forward till' he slood fnc-
fnit Ihc ntldieiti'c. InilnedinUi,v quiet
reigned, for be'was n man who wasln-
Miriuiii.v listened io.
"lleutleuiuii un' Indle.VVho begnn,
Clcnring his (ii(ouf uud wiilng- his
mouth with liis long hand. "This ain't
no put In o' niiue, gracious knows. 1
h.-iiui got nothin', nn' I don'l expeSl to
lose or g.-iin by wbnt Is doiie in this
i'.iuitci-, but, I Wnnt to do wlull I'kln
fer w-Iiat-r' tiiiiil. Is r'gbt n_f"_n'oper.
I'ei im purl, I don't think we kin do
willioul a railroad uracil longer, lolks1
is a-pokln' fun at lis, I tell you. It's
Clod's truth. T'other day I wus over
tl1- Darley a-w.ilkin' aloffg (he railroad
nlgb the tiiriiin',table, whir ihey Hit
eneynes round like children .on II ilyin'
jinny,, when all al oiietj a big sti'iippfnl
fe'lor wilh n red Hug III his hum! run
up nn' knocked ire off'n the track l;,r-
whullep  in   n  t!i!eh.'   It -wus  Justin
tinii' td.1;eep me froth hein' i.in oi by
n switch' engyne. ' lie was us lnnd as
Tucker,   i.opi-■>•: lit t-t,-. s#j..i_e, 'uid you
think (li.-il fhlug \vns playinl lug with
ydil-aii' ltd trftj yo'i till the siiouJdoT
-nn" Nu uu' bide frCTiWd n free'? S:iy,
ain't ynu I'rnin 'Sheri Pine „( sli-ict.'ihis
side o' the inouuluiii*?' I rMtl Mm he'd
guessiil rijiil, nn' he said. >l Mowpll so,,
fer thar ain't no oih«i' split on (he
whirbn' glolie thnl |:-"d:u-es follts as
1'i-eim ns gourds.' Weil, gontlenu'ii,
Hi! I Ib'i'Vi'il'iin'. h wi's had f.'iou-h In
I ■ jerked about ilbe n firg doll, but It
was lough lo heer my seertofl Jecreil at.
'Wlial males _you say I Puii'.-" I axed
/lm as I slooil'ljuii' li-yin' to git a pas-
Sic o' wet glass olll n' my ll.p pneke!
wilhout cuttin' my lingers.' | l.angii-
fer, led by I'ole linker, who sensed tlio
meaning qf rtlie reterence.] . 'Beea'se,'
' ses he, 'you mossbneks over thar don't
know the, whir's o\»r. A nigger from
over thar1'come in town t'other, dajf'un'-
j heerd fer the fust time Hint he was
free. Two men over' thsfr swapped
wives without knowin' thar was a.law
ngih it. Half o' you uns never laid eyes
on a railroad an' wouldn't havo one as ■
a free gift', I turned off an'" left 'Im '
an' went up on the mnin street, Up:
tbnr a barber,ketcbed mo hy tlie arm
nn' said. :ses he; 'Come in-an' le' me
cut that- hair. You are from , Slujjt,
Pino, ain't you?'. I axedliiin why.ho
thought so, an' he said, sob he, 'Beea'se
.voirgot a Short-Pine'heir■eif-.' 'What's
_hiit''f,«eeL An' he laug-hed.at a feller
.cocked up iii n ciieer an' said: 'It's a
eat that ls ninde by: the women out
yore way. Tbey jest turn a saucer
irjsside down on the men's heads sn'
tejm around the edges. I could-tell
one, n mile. They innke a mnn look
lifie a bobtalled mule.' [Laughter,
Idjid and prolongi'd.l
ii'Yes, ns 1 said, they nre'ft-pokln' nil
manner o' fun nt us., an' It's chiefly beea'se we hain't got; i)o rnilroailj.- The
maddest I ever got on this line wiis
down at.Jeiliiiore'^ store, oue day. ,,A
little, slick chap come along sellln'
maps of tho'Dnited States of America.
They wiis purty things on blnck sticks,
ap.* I wanted oiie fer the wall o' my
room. I was alidflt to buy one, but I.
tbougbt I'd fust make shore that our
county wiis on It, so I axed the peddler
to pint it out to me. Well, nfter some
silrch he put his knife bltide on what
b^ called this county, .but, lo aud behold, it wn,s mighty nlgb klvercd with
round dots about the size of tlyspecks.
'what's the matter with it?' I nxed Jim.
'Oh, you mean tliem dots,' ses he, nn'
hafltriied to n lot of reference words In
tbe corner of the map. 'Them,' ses he,
'tram's put thnr to indlente the nmouut
o' ignorance in a locality. You/ll And
'em in nil places away from the railroads. A body kin Bny' whiit they
pleuse ngin railroads, but they fetch
schools an' books nu' enlightenment
You've got a good many specks,' ses
he, kinder comfortin' like, 'but some o'
these days n rnllroud will shoot out
this nwny, au' them • brainy, men
amongst you will git the chance God
Inlands to give 'em.' Gentlemen, I
'didn't buy no map. I wouldn't 'n' had
the thing on my wall with the specks
a-slurin' me in the fnce. It wouldn't
'a' done nny good to scrape.'em off, fer.
the'r traces would 'a boon left. No,
friends, citizens nn' wellwishei's, thar
ain't but one scraper that will ever
rake our specks ofl'. an' that's the eow-
patchcr of a steam engyne. I say let
'er conic, 'sg'ui.', objection, has been
raised on 'the s'cnr'i. o' killin" cattle.
That reminds me of a story they tell
ou old Burt Preston, Who Has ii farm
on the.uiu.in line beynnt Durley. He
ml. ulw.uys ii-giltiu'-hif stock killed so
fast nn' a-piittin' In heavy claims fer
d.images, until folks begun to sny he
made his liviu' by bityin' 'scrub ciittlo
an' sellln' mashed beef to the corporation. One day the rona'sent out a detective to wiilch 'im, niiMio seed Burt
drive a spipdlin' yeeiiin' out o' tlie
tbieket on the track jest in Ume to get
it knocked off by a througfi freight. The
delective went back nu' reported, un"
they waited to see wbat Preston ud do.
By the next mall tbey_got n Clnlm In
which Preston said tbe yeeiiin'
weighed §110 pound au' was a fine four
gallon iiillk cow. They threatened to
Jail 'Im, an' Preston agreed-to with-
ih'uw bis ehiiiu. But he got dowuheart-
ed un' truded his place fer a farm on
t'other railroad, nn' the last I heerd o*
him he was at his old trade ag'In. I
reckon that's about the way we'll bs
damaged., by. gcttlu'. our stock killed.'
That's all I got to say, gentlemen.
I.ctfs git this- rond an' Bcrnp6 our fly-
specks'off." ""■
The bouse shook with the nppluuse
thnt gree.ed this speech. Even the opposition Seemed 'to be waverhig.'Only
But-bii kept u rigid countenniiee. Hs
rose nnd in n low voice Invited his
g'ronp to repair' wilh liim to olio of the
jm-y rooms. They got up and followed
hlin out. As he' was aliiilil lo close the
door after tliem he noiMcd' to Miller.
"We'll tiike a:vote on it an', let you
know," he said-coidly.
"He's going to talk to.them," sold
Miller, aloud to Wilson., "Mr. Daniel's
speech nlmost shook llietii. out.of. their
boots, nnd he-Saw he wus losing ground.
It looks squ^Wy." '--■•'.''■-'■
"You nre'rfglit," said Wilson gloomily. "Our cba&es are very slim."
Miller camjfit'Adcle's eye and went
to her.       ,. i';
"I'm bound-to say the outlook is not
so favorable,',' he said, "lf we could
have put It tQ a vote.just after your
uncle spoke, -je would have'cllncbed
"(hem. but BaftCIl thinks his" election ,'
depends ob beating ns today; nnd, be^
ing the chief landowner, he hns influence." i      - I
"It will brenk my heart," said the
.girl tremulously, "Poor father and
mother! Thoy look ns if Ihey were on
trial for their lives. Oh, I had so much
hopc-ns.wj- drovu-ovcr here'this morning, but now"—•
j "1 can't bear to see you take lt that
wny," snld Miller tenderly. "I did not
Intend to speak to you so soon about
atiolbcr matter, but I enn't put it off.
You hnvo become very, very dear to
me, little girl. Ill fact, I never dreamed
there wns such a thing us genuine- un«i.
selllsh love till 1 knew you. lt seeihs to
nie thntyou were nctunlly creiitod for
nie. I wnnt yon to he my wifC'Some-..
bow, I feel thut you enre-for-me at
leiis't a little, and J. believe, when you
realize, how much I lqye^ydu aud.hoyf.
devoted I shall be you will' love, me al.'
I do you." *
-To his surprise she averted heir face
aud Snid nothing, though'ho remarked
that she had paled a little itud compressed bet lips, lie wailed a moment;
Iben said anxiously:
Slnir.lur Blrtlneurl. of ■ I-'amlly.
Mrs.   Belle Harvey  of   Bower's' Mill
.Is one of a family ofi'olii' lii'lng In that
place,  each   of  whpth-has  a  lofirlous
"liii'tbmai'U.     The •lainily -cousists rvC:
three slslers aiid a baby Iwoycars old. ,
RiC-ll has blni,k Iiuir, with a large, lock.,
o'f pure while h.-iij-. beginning over tlie
1'oi-eri'e.ad.aud I'lniubig ['ihcKwat'd.' The
Uesb llndei- this hair is also''white, nnd
llie while'niai-k  runs dowu'iipon  the
foi'chend.-   The eiillre iii:i;-l;  Is snid le
look like an ostrich plume hint over the
head of the bcnicr.    The,three sislem
are liveiirv-l'liree. Iwciiiylnue and nineteen yeam-old.   The ii'nirk is saiti.lo be ,
liei-eiijtury  iu  their  family. — Kuiisas-
City Journal. •   ' ■ •' ■   -a*»a^4«*".—';»-•'- -    •"•«-*•>-.4IWM4wiHI>
VANCo'CVEI., B. 0.
Ihe  Justice   of  the
Peace as &  Flatterer
THE Justice of the peace had just
finished  the ceremony   and   wus
looking at the happy couple in a
Biiilllngly expectant manner.
"Are we married?" tho bridegroom
"You are," the Justice replied.
.' "Firm and tight?"
>-'  "As tight as the law allows."
"Then," said the bridegroom, "I'm
sorry to say that I haven't got a cent
(o pay you. I'll have to see you later.''
' The Justice frowned. He had counted
on $2 at least
"I dunno nbout that," he Bald. "My
terms are cash, and lf you can't puy
I'll have to find some menus of declaring this contract not binding aud of no
effect I.einini! sec. I have It. You
Lave grossly misrepresented the lady's
age. You told me she was twenty-six,
when everybody cun see Bhe Isn't a
day over seventeen."
Whereupon the bride, who wns neniiy
forty, fell so much gratitude Hint she
promptly pnld the justice out of her
own pocket—Cleveland Plain Dealer,...
Neglect a cough and contract
Cure 3n.cLuns'
".'i'cures consumption, but don't
leave it too long. Try it now,
Your money back if it doesn't
benefit you. I
Prices: S. C. Wells _. Co.  801
Bo 50c. SI   LeRoy.N.Y., Toronto. Can.
I       No Need of lfru.yer For flint.
The anecdote of the youngster who
•"'didn't want to bother God" with-more
prayers thun necessary, ns niirrnted In
"The By the Wuys" the othor day,
calls forth this from another parent:
A little girl had hurried somewhat
through her devotions the otber evening. -
"Have you said your prayers correct,
ly?" nsked her mother.
"Are-you sure?"
' "You nsked God to bless several people, but. I think you forgot to mention
your father."
""''Oh, well!" was the young lady's
quick reply. "God tnkes care of him
anyhow!"—Philadelphia Press.
Outfits supplied (or newspaper
and job offices on a day's notice.
No plant too large for tu to figure
on, and none too small to merit our
closes! attention. Prompt service
The Actor's Protest.
Actor—I dare say that the cook help-
eil'to throw bad eggs ut me fast night,
but when he saves them for my breakfast I must protest.
■Wliy He Loved Her.   -
"Marry nie!" cried John "Smith to
"Alas!" sighed the beauteous princess. "I cannot But tell uiqwhy you
love me. Is It because I saved your
"Not exactly. That wlll^iea busted
legend In later years. But I should
like to have tbe renown of marrying
the first American woman who waa
opposed to clubs."—judee.
An elderly woman mny always
rightfully -.Mi-el nets of especial
courtesy from a younger woman, ns
the picking up of tho handkerchief,
offering of 'ho easiest chair . in the
room, etc.
Thl re 11 more Onlnrrti In thla section nf the
■ m'iiiIiv Ihan all nili-i- ilWf_*e- lull toe- th'T.
ftml -iiitil Hie la&J f< w yme v.ns sii|i|-n-n ,| to lio
ijlclll'Rlilp. Km :: Blent In'-nJ- your.-; (l-M-tnr.-'pro-
noiino, .1 IT a lornl Usimho aval. p.._.rllii-(b/tocal
remedies, ai"l hy rim-tanlly latllnp to rtlte'fclUt
local treattti-nt. ih'.no-ma'd It Inr-mlilc Pti-
onc-c lias pi-oven ontor-rli to be n constitution!",
disease oiul tliercrore requires cnnHlllnllohnl
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
l.y V. J. Cheney a. Co.. Toledo, Ohio, Is the only
eoiistluitlonal euro on in.'market It lr- taken
lntoMially'ln doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. Tt aets directly on the hlood and mucous
surf-ares nf the system. They offer One Hund-
,r"d Hollars for any case II falls to cure. Send
for circulars on-  testimonials.    Address
F   .1   CIIf-NET ft CO., Tolede, «.
Sold hy nil drtlRSl-t-, 7Bc.
Hall'a Family Pills are the belt.
\ haling card should hnve tbe
"Miss" ' or "Mrs." upon it.
the name alone without, the
except in the cuse of very
! girls or boys under eighteen.
lb-end nnd butter plates are now
used In tbe place, of bill ter. .putties:
.Ihey.ui-e about the si/u of n ( suuivt
■und placed fit Ih? hit of the pinto.
- _____:	
'I'll KNOW IM TO l'KI.\ KYI'.— tl II'
miners who work in cold watoc most, ol
tho Uny wonld rub their feel nml leg-
wilh III-. Thomas' Klwlric oil, the
would escape muscular rheumatism nml
render tlu'll- nether limlis proof against
ihe ill i-ni-i-t.s-■ i,i' eSnosure-to the cold
Those setllng out for mining regions
would "Uo well to provide themselves
wilh a .sll|i|d.v before startinir.
 !  ■   :
■li,carriages are sent, to the station
to convey guests from out, of town
lu n. wedding llie bride's purenIs provide them.
' |
The  Drese  of  Hindoo Women.
There has been no change In Indian
women's dress  for  -1,000' yeai'a..   All
wear the sari, n single piece of stuff
n yard and a quarter wide, ton, twenty,
thirty yards long.    It is arranged on I
the  body,  and  forms  skirt, garment, i
veil, first plaited with the-hand in dc- |
cordion folds In  front. Wound round
and rouud, and the rtchest end, If embroidered or woven wilh gold, iinally
brought over the lionet '•It.nia.v* be of
simple cotton cloth; of silk; plain In de- !
sign, woven witb golden threads; solid
with eiubrpidory, Killing wifli.'pcivVis',
or of kincoli, the royal cloth q° gold.
Some .cost, thousands op'rupees.    No i
pin. hook, button or string,' the g.lr- i
ment is formed on tlie architecture of !
tho body, find takes Its expression and
nobility from its perfect li_j.no.iy With
the   lines, of  tbo  human'   form.    And ,
Indian women, whether of high orjt&y ;
class,  have jewels  every when1;' have
sleeping gems und day-gems,-ns .wo ,
have   day   and   night   Blurts.—Every- '
The- (inl,:,
. England won her supremacy on the I
seas' Willi her ships of British oak, a
Wood  thnt Is renowned  for strength
nnd durability.   When the Spanish nr-
niaila   set sail  for  England,.. Its  coiu-
Ijinnder had express orders from the
king of Spuln to burn or otherwise destroy every oak lu the forest of Dean,
then the grent source of shipbuilding
supplies.     Fut,   ns-^fiftitlt   old   Drake
prophesied, Philip's beard-iviis singed
instead.   Admiral Nelson declared that
without   "heart   of   oak"   the  British |
liuvy and empire would soon come to ,
t'he oak ls beautiful ut all seasons,
mi the time fit opens, ltfl delicnte
(Keen buds, dose pressed In tbelr resin- I
cqjs overcoat, and emerging llnino tip-.;
ped with bronze or "crimson, until thoy
caine again an neorn bearing spray 19
most artistic, nnd the ruddy hue of the
tajpe In autumn combines well In nature's color scheme.
% Hair Stoi'kliiic..
■fitoclflngs made from human hair nre
wbrn'by Chinese Ilshernion ns the best
preventive of wet feet. They aro drawn
oyer ordinary cotton Blockings, belug
too rough for putting near the skin.
It.'is not necessary for n gentleman
to bffer lilt, nrm when ui'ling as nn
cso&rl unless Ihe lady is elderly (iron
KiiMfii's Ljuiiii-iil Cures liaiitlriiii.
He ciiiii-leous: thiil the* rpclpieiit ol*
the courtesy is not reftpoutiivo does
nol, relievo ytni. of the "responsibility,
W.b.'il I'll utile,- Corn iireiitirnliolls foil,
try I Itillowuy's Corn I'lire. No poltl
whali'i or,   mill   no   inconvenience   in using
A    geni Ii-niiin.    if    sealed,    always
rises    win n    Introduced    Id   nil her    u
lady on g*-nl Icmnu.
A first invitation I'nun 'ii 'hew nr
ipiuintnnce Should n hvnys, where it it;
possible*' lie accepted.
_—_-,—i ——;—
A yoiipg girl should iiltvnys hove ft
chaperon when ultemling nny evening enterlnininent.
First     culls   'should    he    returned
Al, ti dinner llie hosless rises first;
Ibis mil i'ii-s Ihe guests Hint, Ibe dinner ,1s hhlsncn.
A genlleniun nlwnys bus the prefix
"Mr." on his culling ciirdH. not the
name alone.
An Invitation lo u dinner, bite bonn
or raTd party requires a written reply  lo  the hostess.
Ail invitation usually shows by its
wording whether or not u reply is
j Uoet-he's Teat.
-•iJVhen Goethe wrote a poem he called
lu bis servant girl und rend lt to her,
9y her unde.slundiiig ho measured
lH£ success.    ,._,,■
^ A  Fellow   FcelliiH;.
s1 Actor!(til, Hie doon   (in what gronnd
yiAl'MilngTroe admission'/    Have
.vjii ii billboard'?
■■>.'.pplieipu.   No',  but   I   hnve a   bonrd
•*!•   '
l.'taiiif (inuch nlTecled) -I'uss lu, brother!—Mew Orleans Tlmes-Ucmocrab
Your doctor will tell you that
thin, pale, weak, nervous children become strong and well
by taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Small doses, for » few days.
The change is very prompt
and very marked. Ank your
doctor why it is. He has our
formula and will explain.
NWh«n 13 fun old, fnr itunv mnnthf no
. «n« thought I could Ut* becauiin of thin blood.
.!.»t, In » few wseka, Aj**'* H:irH»j>__ril_.. com-
platalr rnatored _»• to tinnlth."
MRS. _£. BtWUMIKBTKU, Vlntldrif., N. J
J. 0. ATKB_CO.
ffl.QO fi bettlft. -3
AUdfiiririHtii....^  f/**»        T/iwei!.  Mufii
The Children
lied Clonal,  Lnat of Inlln.n  lhb»*.
A Canudian correspoiidvut: semi.-, to
Tho Pail Mall Gazette the following notes on the' death of iled
Uloiul.  tlio-Indian chief: -
"lied Cloud is dead. The last of
the famous i-ndiun chict'jaius, whosu
uanies arc wriU-n in lulters of blood
across the history of ihe greul West,
bus juissed awuy in the little woollen
house .at I'bie Hidge which the Anier-
icun Government built for liim many
years ago. Hound ivillft.ie buiilun of
So yeatrs", blind, sciii'Cc'y, .riblu to
hear, broken in ' health' and spirit,
and with his once aleVt mind beclouded and feeble, the old warrior
had long be'en Waiting for. tiie eutl..
"The name oi Ked l.ioud first
loomed tei-'iible - in the story of tlu.
West nt tlie time' of the Fetterman
massacre in Wyoming on Dec. _!2,
1866. A detail of nohlieis were sent
1,0 gather wood bn the Little Pinoy,
a stream thut runs pust I-'ort 1'hil
I's'oiirh.v.- The.v were within two Voiles
of the fort when they were attacked
by Indians. lleinloi-cenienis wero
sent to their rescue, aud.:'Jabey .were
safely brought Into the fori, flener-
al Harrington resolved to tench tho
olTenditig savnrres a lesson, end sent
out lOO.mt'n under tho command ol
l.iipt.  I'V'ttermnn.
"After a march of two miles the
soldiers Righted and pursued the
redskins. They reached a high ridge
near the old Montana trail, uud were
about halfway down llie rbb-e when
the nlr was suddenly rent, with the
Indian war whoop. On one side rbse
up lied tioii'd with somo 2.000
hrnves, and on the oilier a chieftain
culled lied Leaf with an e(|tial number. The Amct-icns were taken
completely hy surprise' and the .'attack was terrible iii its ferocity. Not
a man escaped.
"The massacre mnde lied .-. Cloud
b.v common consent tlie lender of the
wniiike Sioux, About a quarter of a
century ago, however-, ho signed a
treaty of pence and buried his tomahawk."
J. J.  Perkins Owes His Life to
Dodd's Kidney pills.
Manitoba - Man Helple.g:- from Kidney
_ll-eane Alwde Strong anil llearty. l,y
tlie  Great   CaiM-oiuii   Kidney  Remedy.
Tyndall, Man.; April 25.'-.(Special)
—Among the,many in tlio. great West
who confidently ^stiito that they owe
their lives to DOdd's lifrlney l'ills is
Mr. J, J. Perkins, a...well known
resident of this place.
"For two years' I ">a'B troubled
with my kidneys," .Mr. .Perkins
states, "and at lust became so bad,
that tbe doctor gave ine up and said
I was incurable.
"I, at times, had such severe pains
in my bucl. and kidneys that I
thought I would have to give up all
hope und die. Z was unable to work
arid was becoming destitute.
"While in this condition a ' friend
persuaded mo to try Dodd's Kidney
l'ills. 1 hud little faith in them, and
it was- more to please him than anything else 1 gave them a trial.
"To my surprise the llrst box did
nie so much good that 1 felt like a
new man. l-'ivo boxes cured me completely.
"Dodd'B Kidney Pills saved my life
nnd I cannot praise them too much."
Thousands of casus similar to that
of Mr. ._Jurkins ure tlio proof that
any Kidney Iliscaso from ' ilackacbe
to Bright's Disease yields readily lo
Dodd's Kiduey l'ills.
,   Tl,«-11 or*.** Una at home.
"Friend,'    you're  on     my   horse,"
Bahl one gent leiiuin to another as he
reined his horse before the* door.
■   "Your     lior.se!      Oh,    no;    why,  I
bought this horse two years ago!"
"Vou" did?" unswcied tbo; Other;
"well, I lost my horse—it was stolen—just  two years ago.."'   .   ;
This conversation took place under
the'' far-spi-.,icling oaks ot an old-
tiiiie plantation home, Says a clipping from ihe ,'\c\v Orleans Picayune. A planter was sui-pfused "tn
Sec his horse return homo after two
years, and ridden by a gentleman
who evidently bad bought tho horse
in good  faith.
After some 'conversation, the old
owner of tho horse, with much ea'fn-
estiiess, said:
"Well, sir, if you will dismount,
unsaddle the horse, and, if lie don't
go to the fence, take the bars down,
walk to the well; and, if.ho don't
hnd water in file bucket, let it
down the well, and then walk off to
his old .stable, 1 will give up, tb.
horse is not mine."
"At your word; the horse is
yours if lie does all that," cried tlio
visitor, and, looping from thu horse,
unsaddled it. What was his astonishment when tho horse went
straight to the feme, lyt down the,
burs, crossed over, went, to tho Well,
und, finding no water, let tlie bucket down, and then, us though he had
left holne ycsioiduy, walked to the
old stable!' The animal remembered
the trick, and the owner recovered
his hoi'se.—Kxcliaiige.
Kluborutn refreshment-- are not. ne-
jCessary  at uu ul'leriioon  card  party:
mall   cakes,    sandwiches,   lion  pons.
i.e.,    with    ten.  or  chpcohire are  nil
that  is  necessary  .
Hooks 'always   foi'tn'ii    good    and
safe  .topic   for   conversation;     when
icuiliiig or entertaining nnd at a loss
for a subject,  one   may always    fall
buck, upon  this topic.
A Hntlisr.hlM St-1-.T.
The -mob besieged llarpn I.otha-
,child's house in Paris during, the
revolutionary upheaval in 1848, and
the baron begged the ringleaders-,to
enter. They demanded, an equal dis-
UihiifioJi Ot his .wealth-among all
tho male adults of Franco. It was
clear that the safest wuy for Baron
KoiliKchild was tho simplest; and
tho bui-on, working out the Bum,
iotiuil that it enme lo ituioh' -less
thin a fi'uno a head. "We will, how-
e - -, call it afiaiic," he said. "Ae-
cepi, Iho first installment with iny
i-ouipllrnonts. And now, gentlemen,
you will, allow ine to resume my
business." There wns no longer any
'need to. be violent, and for 2 shillings a Rothschild bought tha good
will of un angry mob.    '
Site I.iic.v (lto liens,,,,,
• At the dinner table one evening some
ope .remarked Unit a certain lady .had a
thin, falselto voice. I.lltle iliilsie was
iiei|iiuinled with Ibe person referred to,
nnd she cried out abrupt!/: "Ob, I
know why! Beeituse she's not a" false
set of teelb!"     -.   .
The. MoliHimorcliiii  .ImlK-ment   Day.
The Koran, sura SI, has this to
say concerning the general "judgment
day," which nearly ull religions teach
in common: "Wben the suu shall be
folded up, nnd wben tho stars shall
full, and when tbe mountain shall he
mado to pass'away, nnd When the wild
beasts shall be gathered together, and
tvhcii the sens shall boll, and when
souls shall again be Joined to their
bodies, and when the girl who hath
been burled nllvc shall ask for whnt
crime she wns put to death, nnd when
Ihe books shall he hi Id open, and when
the heavens shall he removed, and
when hell shall burn fiercely, and when
parad-Be shall he brought near, then
-ball every soul know what It hath
A Minister's Duty
A Glowing Tribute to the
Sterling Worth of Dr- Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
"When I know anything worthy of re
commendation I consider it my duty tc
tell it," aaya Rev. Jjinien Mui-dock
of Hamburg, Pa. "Dr. Agnew's Ca'
tarrba.1 Powder has, cured me of cntarrl
nf live years' standing. It la certainb
magical In its effect. The first applica
lion  benefited me In five minutes."  Soli
v all druggists. 3:
Tlie Mlsrhlevmm Ma_rple.
Here Is an anecdote illustrative of
the magpie's love of mischief and of
sport: There was a Held wherein clothes
were often hung out to dry on posts
w.bieh.were let down Into deep wooden
sockets burled In the ground and were
carried away and put under cover when
they were, not in use. A gravel path
ran round tlie field, and a tame magpie, which had the run of it, wus observed to walk repeatedly and demurely from the path to a particular point
in -ihe field, conveying each time a
stone in ber bill aud then returning
without lt. A magpie seldom continues
at any one amusement for nny length
ot time, but this amusement went on
so long that the curiosity of the owner
was aroused. There must be something unusually novel or piquant about
it. He went to the spot and found that
a large toad bud fallen into one of the
wooden sockets' and that the magpie
wns omuslug herself by deliberately
stoning HI As each shot told, the toad
gave a little hop of distress in the hole
deep below, which the magpie capped
by a big bop of satisfaction and an
Irresistible "currack" of delight above,
—It. Bosworth Smith In Nineteenth
is ni!. PRfrflrRf/NTIALio'ciGAR
Youll   Enjoy Every Bit Of It.
Tlie Goose and t-rldlrou.
There existed in London long before
the great lire in St Paul's churchyard
a very popular music house called tbe
Miter. Here concerts were held, and
the music st these performances had at
least the merit of volume and Joyous-
uess. But tbe great fire laid tbe building in ruins and banished the music.
When the place wus rebuilt, the new
tenant, wishing to rid: le tbe character of the former business, chose as his
sign a goose stroking the bars of a
gridiron with her foot and wrote below, "The Swan and Harp." At tbe
Goose and Gridiron Sir Christopher
Wren presided over the St Paul's lodge
of Freemasons for over eighteen years,
and be presented to the lodge tbe trowel and mallet with which he laid tbe
first stone of the cathedral. Tbe goose
ls still preserved-with ber unmusical
"harp" in Gulldball.-Julian King Col-
ford In St Nicholas.
The -vlsiiing ca,u rep'raS-nts the
person whose name it.bears, therefore it should not be found in places
where one would not call personally.
If you have a visiting friend and
wish others lo entertain her during
her stay, give a tea or small reception in her honor.
Dropsey and Heart Bisonso
■■Forttni ^years I suffered .{greatly from"
Heart Disease. Fluttering Ot the Heart
nud Sulotbecihg f-i>t'!l_ made my life a
torment.. Itropsy set in. My physician
lehi me to prepare for the worst. I
tried Dr.-Agnow's Cure for tho Heart.
One dose gave great relief, one hott.le
cured nie completely."—Airs. James Actions, Syracuse, N. Y.—107
A bride -nlwnys acknowledges all
•ifts. If sent by a married couple
ho note of thanks is addressed to
he wife.
On receiving a letter of introduction tlie ono addressed should, call on
the .stranger nod, if possible, extend
somo hospitably..
Aro   You   Haunted   Day and
Night?--Muid ii'rd I, -ly rucked nnd tortured bv evil lo'rnbdiugs, (rlooniy and
dial, robbed 61 that "Divine restorer,"
sleep, '. appetite goito-,. nerves shuttered,
ireiieraliy di-hilitatedv Thla is mine loo
dark a. picture for-great South Amrri.un
Nervine to obliterate and set up in its
-lead the glowing tints uf llie suu ' of
perfect   health.—108
For   gentlemen    tho    correct   nll.il'eef-
or     oil    evening  -affnirs,     nfier"-fi
'clock,    is    Ihe   regulation    uva_Ui'tU
It is courteous though not obligut-
r,y lo'reply to a note of s.yni'pulhy
ei. during a bereaveiiient.-
IIoit Sho Got Ne—' Clothea,
The lawyers at Iola were swapping
yarns, the other day.during a recess in
the district court A lawyer whose
.wife ls marked for ber good dressing
told how he had come to be such a
good provider. Soon after he was married his wife.met a-girlhood friend.
The friend -said to her-that she wasn't
as well dressed as sbe used to be before marriage. "Oh, you are mistaken," said tbe wife. "I am wearing the
same clothes I did then."
Nurse's Good  Words. ■• i nm a
'professional nurtfo," writes Mrs. Eisner,
Halifax,. N-. S. '-1 itAn a great sulTerer
from rheumatism—almost constant association with best physicians 1 Had every
chance of. a cure.<,lf-; it-- were, tn their
power—but' they 'hilled. South American
Hlieuiniitic Cure.,was ri'coiumended-eto.
day my six years of pnln seein as . a
dream.    Two- bottles cured   mo.—lull
"Women u.s"'a rule do not sbaki
hands when introduced to each other,
merely bowing.
There is nothing eipiul to Mother
Graves' Worm Fxf.ortiiimitor for destroying worniH. No article ol Hi Kind
has given  such  satisfaction.
Cen'-.-er.-; I inir  Clinreh, Itelln.
The custom of consecrating church
bells wns once rannioii to nearly all
denominationSj but it is now confined
principally to, tbe Ttomiin Cnlliolles.
The old form was to « ■ -u, tbe boll with
holy wnlcr, snoint It with oil and mark
It with Ihe sign of the cross, and to
some extent this form Is slill used. At
Ihe time of the reforinniion In England
llie prejudice u'sinsi Itnuian Catholic
ceremonies wus so strong that Instead
of being blessed ne.v bells were occasionally turned up nnd filled with
punch, which ifieu wus drunk liy the
participants in the occasion.-London
II   is not. uei'i'ssflry for 'n. lady
shake   bauds   when   introduced  tq
enl.leinnii,    especially, when   thu
rodliction is ii casual one.    When
roduccd  to personal  friends or r
lives   of  uii   intimate   friend;   ii
more cordial   to  extend tbo- bund.
prospective   bride,   upon,   being   iul
duced,   shakes   hands   wit li  the n
tlvbs   and    Intimate   friends    of
"Pure soapI"   You've heard
the words.   In  Sunlight
MIM'ltlTIFS IN THB IH.Oflll.— When
tlin action of tl|e kidneys oecpmea- impaired, impurities in Hie blood are almost sum to follow, gild general de-
rqhgcinent of Ihc system, ensues. t VhI':
i,mien's V"c-etnhlo l'ills will regula'tfl Ihe
kidneys so that Ihey will maintain
healthy action and prevent .the compji-
itlons which certainly come when there
(lei'itnaetnent nf these delicate organs.
As a restorative these l'ills arc in the
irst   rank. •
j Tl)p visiting curd may not bb used
wijb words of, fbiiiiksifiu' a gift writ-
len upon il. A' written;note ol
hanks  iu Wliliguiory.
A    iuaH"'''lenveji_ bis  hut,,   overcoat.
gloves   uml   cnnS   In   the   hull    when
-,        •—————- _h__*   Itnuking a   call.     None   of   these   nn
Soap  you nave the fact. Il„.„„1,|lt inl„ ,n,, „arior
Biliousness,constipation prevent recovery. Cura these with Alrer'e FMft,
. Wedding    gills    are   not    pri-seuled
personally,   bill   sent with  one's curd
|usiliilly    from    the   phicc    where   thoy
j ere bought.
Al un afternoon recept ion the lints
nre rein itled; . with Iho excepfi'oii ^,f
tho. ladies who have been asked to
nssist the hostess.
' Colaa-obla-i Nat-Tea.
In Colombia the huts of the poor are
of logs, with bamboo plaited sides and
mud tilled chinks. Tbe windows bave
wooden shntters, but no glass. Sleeping places are bamboo benches with
hide thrown over tbem, or hammocks
woven.by. tbe women. Gourds of various shapes and sizes do duty for dishes,
spoons and knives. Chairs and benches
are -hollowed legs of wood. But the
peons get their living easily and enjoy
life well. They delight in music and
dancing, and women as well as men are
smokers. Cockflghtlng is a favorite
The peasant women are usually barefooted and bareheaded, with mantillas
for special occasions. Their dress ls a
short skirt and bodice or an ample
frilled low necked garment called a
pollera. Even the poorer classes are
bedecked with Jewelry.
Wooden   Shoes.
Wooden shoes in France are produced
to the extent of about 4,000,000 pairs
yearly. They ate made, in Alsace and
Barriers by machinery and in Lozere
by hand. In the last named province
1,700 persons are engaged In this manufacture, and the yearly product ls
more- than half a million pairs. The
best are made of maple. In tbe provinces nearly every lady possesses a
pair of tbe flncr.su.bot- for wearing out
In damp weather. These have monograms and otber designs carved on the
vamps, and they are kept on the foot
by ornamented leather pieces over tbe
Instep. The manufacture of. these
pieces of leather Is a regular businesa
In France.
Snltable Test;
"Dr. Thirdly la certainly an np to
date.clergyman," Bald Fosdick.
' "So?" said Keedlck.
"Yes, sir." Oue of bis parishioners
was killed by the explosion of bla automobile, and the doctor took for the
text of his funeral sermon tbe Biblical
account of Klijah going to heaven In a
chariot ef fire."
-   Horn-  of Hainan  Hones.
• Among ftftvnge nations It Is often cus-
tomnsry to use human bones for tbe
purpqse of niakUig horns, anil a terrible screech can be brought out of these
awful Instruments. The- braves In
many South American tribes in the vicinity of the Amazon employ theso peculiarly constructed horns as Instruments of war.
One Sided Sport.
A London paper tells u story of a
certain sbortvighied sportsman. He
was asked one morning by a fellow sojourner In s-small hotel on tho shores
of'I-ech Carrou whutsport be bail hud.
"Just seen a senl." he snld. "Shot at
It three tluies nnii missed It each time."
At dinner, nn hour later, lie sat next to
« mnn with a bandage round his head.
"Accident?" be inquired! "Accident!"
was the Indignant response. "Attempted murder, you mean. I was having
a bath about an hour ngo when some
lunatic fired nt me three times from
tlio shore and shot part of my ear off."
"Wonder who lt could have been I"
murmured the Sportsman, und then be
changed tbe conversation.
cure disease by removing the cause of it. In the treatment of thoso
disorders which involve any failure of the nervous force, BEECHAM'S
PILLS have, during nearly sixty years, built tip
Nothing  renews  the  power  of  the  digestive   organs like
They cleanse the Blood of long-standing impurities, brace up tho
Nervous System to a high point of vigor, and effectually chase away
every symptom of weariness and depression. Since BEECHAM'S
PILLS have cured tens ot thousands in this and every country of tho
globe, just ask yourself why they should not equally prove a boon toyott.
Renew the power of digestion by using
Sold Evervivhere in Canada and U. Hs America.      In boxes, 95c
A card sliould always be SiSnt with
a gift. Jt is t.'.'Uiiiily poor tn.slt* to
Mend u gltX tii)oiiyiiioLi.sly, leaving i he
recipient Lo puz/jo over th'' pro Liable
sender, Jt also pluces tho recipient
in (he em harassing predicament* oi
not knowing whom lo thank, ns all
gifts  require n  noli' of  thanks.
SIlliK UKt; ULATOIIS.—Mandrake a
■Mnn ure known' to exert u poVri
nil induuiut' on tlie liver ami kitlne;
etiturlnft theni to healthful net ion, i
ttuc'na a regular flow of the wcretlo
uid    impart ing*   to    the  orx&us ctmijiU
u.*. ei-  to   preform   their   function!'.   '1 he
aluahlc inuredientH pnter into the feoj
losltion    nf    Pai-meJce'a   VoKotahlo  I'd
:itl servo to render them the URT^oal
ukI salutary medicine they are. Tin
ire l'\v pills so effective ofl they In tbi
nd '
When two ladles are Introduced l he
younger is pivs- nt.ed to tho old -r,
young married women to pidei' mar
tronsj and young girls to murried
women. \Vltvr<» there is little di.Y'-r-
ence in age, nu distinction is uoc/a-
Lifebuoy Snap- rllalafectaiit- iw strongly ret.ominii.ilod hy tin- medical pruiYK
.sion   as   a   safeguard   agaij.st   infectious
When .VaJkiflg with tWo nr mor
ladies l In- ggntleni.p. usually take--
tiie ou! side "i  I In- walk.
When rising from l he Lnhlo at «
dinner,   luncheon,   el,\,   i(   i-.  not    n
re.ssiiry   to   rolduCO   One's   e'.iir.
Miiiard's Liuiincut Cures Burns, etc
Brush Si C°>l
lt, Ih bad Inrm to stand talking
when takint. leave of your hostess.
Tlie iidlt'iix should bo made simply
and quickly,
Yhmi's Ufiiweot for sale everywhere.
In1, il.il ens to a dinner ure issued
in the num. . ol' both host aad
liosUiae, 'lie: reply n addressed to
the hostess only.
Bnnke poteon would kill the ntrongee)
man i. the smallest possible drop of it
were Injected inlo his veins or laid en
.. cut linger or cbudpert lip. Iiui lie
.oiallest child jnt_*bt drink n teaspoon
tul—probably a tilassi'ul --wlllmut suf
Coring the least injury, 't'ln- Baine i
true of most of the poisons savage- in
Ject inlo their arrows, and you can
slick the dangerous wound with lm-
Arsenic enters become so accustomed
to the use of Ihis drug (hat ono of
Ihcni could oat ns much of It In a week
us would kill a troop of cavalry, horses
and all. If a iiiiin took a dose of luuur
caustic nml his wife a dose of hydrochloric acid thoy would bo subjects for
il coroner's bupicst in it very shorl time.
Hut If either, the man or ihc woman
took both doses logothor the result would
hardly bo different from (hal of Inking
so much slnnvherries and creinn. It
two men each took a small qunbtlty of
Ileal lock ono [bight drop dead, if ho
had a fatty benrt, and tho oilier feel
only o slight -^convenience, If his heart
wus ull right.
Th.ri i mi   ■>'    ■ "i - ai C'tiuo  -Ol fjr
Itlvu      ■->!     thai   I'-iCKle s Ati-VI-'.cc .;.-.: .   ia
. lh-.l
it   will    not    give    rcii.r      Fnr   cou^bs.
I L'olila and    el!    uSectkHu  of  llie  throat
luiies    nml     dies' ,    it    i.s   .     ; ., k'c   »hi>li
Iuin ii.vci   been  known   i»»  lull-     It   et".
Iliotc.     :,     free    nml     en.-\    ,\| •■tei .ttluii.
iliiTcl-y   rcnnivin,:   Che   I'lil.'mii.   and   Klv.'l
'ic ih eaMKl   purte a chance  io lieul.
The usiu^.fortuiie of complaint Is to
excite coiitemiit more than pity.—John
_«_.?>•< ?:_	
The   I-""!   of  the  1'unalrra.
Blr 1'riincia Buruund, ono of tlie bent
punslt't's thut have lived, is also one of
the lust. Puns, as Hob Acres remarked
of iniothertbrln of 6peocb, have hud
tbelr day. There was a time wben this
form of humor In the bauds of Theodore Hook or H. J. Byron convulsed
the public with laughter. Tbe babltuul
punster of toduy would be shunned like
a leper by bis acquaintances-laoiulou
One of the most brilliant essays on
nnsology Is tho one which classes nose*
not. by origin, but b.v mentality, 'i'bu
aquiline nose, for example, Is the aim
of goodness, amiability and weakness.
Ily that nose Louis XVI. was led Io
the direst caiasliophles. Let us have
Commiseration lor the nose lhat ls very
slightly prominent,   it is the urazzl.
ol n sheep and heliums to people who
ure ooslly deceived. Distrust the nose
wilh ihe medium part elongated. Tim',
cl.iignlion murks the extent of desires
and Ihe Insatiability of appetites. Look
oqt ulso for the ferret nose, wilh lis
slurp point, nlwnys on the scout for
-Perots. It Is tlio nose of the Inquisitor.
'Jin.' devil niuy-ciire nose Is slightly
turned up at the end. It denotes a
ctiai'.'iotor without firmness. Hut when
jou see a nose that rises from the
depths nf tho orbits and Stands out In
hold relief tako olt your lint. Vou are
In llie presence of tho nose of u thluk-
The   I.ur.r   K orrntl-.
It Is hardly nn exui deration to sny
that the Koreans arc (he laziest people
on earth. All du) long iliey He ubout
tho streets smoking their glguntle
pipes, A native pip" Is o six font leimlb
of bamboo. Willi a metal bowl, and I.l
carried lucked lulu the neckband nnd
down tho trousers leg. All work of very
nearly every kind Is done by the women, who occupy perhaps the most degraded position held by the sox of any
nation. Tho lin'orliinntn female population Is oolloelhely a boast of burden
und denied uvea iho most elemental1}
recognition as b tninn beings. A Korean girl has no lame. Bhe Is merely
known as "duughtar ot Bo-and-so," her
II one hns a regular nl home day,
it bhould i'" e'ngraviid in the loft-
tmnd corner ol'  the  \isiliiu,r card.
\ forma! or cereinonloiiH call should
never exceed fifteen or twenty minutes.
Mioard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Attor a   reception  a   call  should bo
made during  Ihe b-lSUing  week.
Ala  church  wedding    Here should
ihiays  be nl   least,  two  ushers.
I   ivas   fiiceil   nf  a   had  case  of  (trip
S.wlnc.v, ( .  II. C,  I. LAOUE,
I     was      Cured    o!    loss   ol    voice
Varmouth.      C_IAS.   ri.lMMl'.It
I    uas    I'ured    of    Solatia    Khuma-
i.sm     hy    MINAUD'S      I.IN'IMI'.NT.
Burin,   Mid.      LEWIS S   I1UTLKU.
li ia mn necessary when making In-
bninil calls to leiivo tho visitinn
A Itt Irj II If jr   of   I'lua.
Pins of various soils have boon In existence ever since our "llrst patents"
clothed   themselves   In   palm   IskVss
which grew wild In the garden of
Eden. An u multer of fact, pins claim
a very high nnllquiiy, Ihe earliest form
being u natural (horn, which Is still
used lo some extent for fastening the
drt'HS by the peasant women of upper
Egypt In prehistoric limes pins were
also mado of the small holies of Ush
und animals.	
Tea  Tlttplem.
Polfast ls the great tea drinking cltj
of the United Kingdom.
Tlie Wreck Slill There.
Twenty years ago n vessel was
wrecked In an EmJish harbor. Its
mast still stands erect forty feet out
of tho water. The hull Is now entirely
covered with s■"«'	
1'ilirrliiia  ami   Purllaaa.
The pilgrims were a body of English
nonconformists who emigrated from
Holland and settled Plymouth colony
In 1020. Tlie Puritans wero a body of
nonseparallst religious reformers Irom
England who in 1020-30 founded and
settled Hie Massachusetts Hay colony.
The two bodies united In 1002 under
thu nuiuo uf .lassachuseitH.
W   N    U    No    478 ii'inrr g-r.',
-ui— -•-J—Jn-r"-i fi'vrn "i'iir—riniTiirniB-tss
;n iTi-.r-ta,xt-7--giiVtgTg!''
Tit.  Pleasant Advocate.
(JJastablisJuTdApril 8,1899.)
jfvflts. R. Whitney, Publisher
'OfTME: 252 5 Westminster avenue.
j--Wf.isH"  Office—30 Fleet street,
Xumdon, E. C  England  Where a
Jlle of "The Advocate" is kopt for
Tel. B1405,
tgqbsorjptjon $f a year   payable   in
8 oents a Copy.
Jfotloea of Births, Marriages, uud Deaths
published freo of charge.
Vancouver, B.C., June 25, 1904.
Attention is called to tho advertisement °f *be B O. Electric Railway
Company in this paper, in which upbears the uew schedule of lower prices
fur electric light. Tbe reduction In the
fust of electric light will have the
effect <»f increasing the number of
users of tins convouieut light. This
Company is noted for its consideration
<if tbo public interests.
Speaking roughly, in every two
thousand voters in the best areas, about
three hundred cnu bo classed as danger-
our, about one hundred ns theorutically
m practically devoted to the public
welfare, wbile there nre six hundred
who are safe, industrious aud good, bnt
with au alarming, niiiid-their-nwn-
btisiuess sentiment.
Politics consist in working these six
hundred. The favored few in leadership find it politic to frighten (he common people into a beliof that their
interests are jeopardized by the cu-
ernnchment of tho bad, that their
saviugs and their employment will be
sacrificed by the success of  the  low est
•classes. On the otber baud, Ibis lower
element works over hours in tho effort
'tn make the common people believe that
laws, wages, hours, court decisions, and
■ other couditions imposed by the few are'
a grievous wrong to the humble classes.
The best appeal to their self-iutcre. t of
'the common people, and Ihe worst appeal to their sympathy.    Sympathy for
it lie poor man's dinner-pail has elocted
one prosident.and the fenr of halving the
1 rtollur of the common people has elected
two.   Tbe six  hundred   always do the
'electing, but never do the pluuning.
Leadership comes from 'he top or from
■ tho bottom.
The  same  conditions  exist    in  tho
• industrial and commercial world.    Iu
j matters religions the case is no different.
—A. E. Winship
South Vaucouver.
The Board of Li3e1.se CommiEsioners
met at the adjourned meeting on Saturday June 18th, at 1 o'clock when tbe
application for a transfer of the Glad-
stoue Iuu to William Cutumings was
Dominion Dav
,July Island 2nd.
'/Two days solid eujoy men..
Ifour Bands will furnish music
.during the two davs.
if RIDA Y    Morning.—Naval    and
Military   Parade through   the streets,
1 terminating at Cam hie Street Grounds
_ A-Ternoon—Senior Lacrosse Match
liUctween Victoria and Vancouver at
:J}rockton Point. Childrou's Sports,
I Balloon Ascension at Gamble Street
Eves.ho—Illumination and F i r c
.Workson tho Inlet.
SATUHDAV Morning.—Naval Rogut-
tta. 'Races between Vancouver Rowing
(Club aud visiting loams,
Aftkbhoon.—North Pacific. Athletic
.'Association's Sports and Bicyclo Rices
1 at Brocton Poiut. Intermediate Lu-
1 crwse Match at Cambie Street Grounds,
Herouth aveuue, between Westminster avo
'Hue anil Quebec «lroot, BJ.aVICl.8at II a.m.,
and 7;.. p.m.; Sunday Rcjuwl at 'l-.-'M p.m.
:Kov. A.  W. McLeod, Pastor.   Residence  1.0
Sixth Hveulle.oiiht.
Corner nf S'lnl    nail Wiatiulnaier srenues.
KKIlVli'KS «i  Us.m., und 7p. m.i Sanaa*
Helu^il mill rlIl.lo l 1„ks _;8U p.m.   huv. A. tl
Mattoerlngton, ha.. 11. p., Hlstor.
I'srrouage li'i t-li'Ventll I ven 110, west,
4 unci Inn 1,1 lVostnilost»t ny.nu. nnd Wtst-
I'lllll.l.r   Hind.     h'I'.'K VIC KM   «1   11   „.  „,., „„,|
'Ivhi Kin.: Sunday School nt2:110 p.m,   Kev.
,-lt-". \. W'llsnii. n. A., I'.ca,,-   Msn.eeciiner ol
_,l|;lilli»rcriii<-i,iid llntsrln atreet     Tel. IlKW.
• iSr Michaels., (Anglic.n).
c.raei' Wualndnatiu rond anil I'lincc Kilward
ilreei.   MKUVICJtH III lis,   ,,ml 7::lii p.m.,
,Hull'i.'iiiiiinuiiliin laisnd ml Cumin)', iu ench
,aii"aiH "list amiiiiiii! p.-uyer, ad ami uh Sun-
iIhjkuiRh. in.   siiiulny Nehool nl _:«0 p. ni
Kev 11. II. Uils  Kc, mi.
.DiTlury :("_! Thirteenth sriiuue, oust,
Advent fhrl-ilui < 1,ni.-], (noUlli dny Art-
v.nllala) curlier Mldh svt'liue slid Wostmln
>W*'r lU'i'.i. berrlesa n «,ni„ nud 7:::m p.m.,
•JJuuday Molinnl ,i   la a.m.    Vrning i pies'
■gllclely ul   |J,ynl Workers nf  PIl.lsllHll   linden.
tor meets iivery V undny evening at 0: Iii o'clock.
.I'ltyer-ilieellnt; lVi:i|l|i'sil»y nigllt.nl So'clock.
The Council met at 2 o'clock, Geo.
Rue, Esq., and Councillors R. Wilsou,
H. P. Ballson, S. Taylor, J. Bryson
H. Mole being present.
P. McCloery asked for a loan from
the Sinking Fund account of Jii.OOO for
the purpbse of paying off a mortgage on
Lit 84, Block 5, North Range 7, West
Sea Island, to be secured by n mortgage
on District Lot 315 iu South Vaucouver.
Mr. A. Gothnrd asked that the Council
request tho B. <J. Electric Railway Company to put a gate or passage on the
Ferguesou rood, to enable him to got, to
his blocks iu District Lot 52. Mr. .1. N
Muir asked for a loau of $1,000 ou the
Northeast quarter of 332.
Notices that the following persons
intended clearing I heir frontages, were
read: J. R. Grigor, A. E. Twinu nud
P. Kalonoskie, Westminster avenue;
L. Viuceusi nnd J. Edgertou, North
Arm road; A. Perry, Westmiustorroad;
S. Mitchell, River road.
Councillors Mole and Wilsou moved
that F McCIeory be granted a loau of
$5,000 asked for by him on District Lot
314, nssessed at $38,685, for a term of
5 years at 6% per annum, payable half
yearly; carried. The application of J.
N. Muir wus uot entertained, tho property uot boiug improved fanning
property within the meaning of the
Municipal Act.
Councillors Ballson nud Taylor moved
that the Clerk write Mr Gothard and
inform liim that the portion of the Fcr-
gneson road npou which he asked for a
crossing is not in the Municipality.
A petition asking that tho No. 1 rond
be made passable, signed by Nat'l. Craig
and 35 Others, was filed.
The Guarantee Bond of the Clerk was
ordered paid; Clerk's salary, $65.00;
other general ucoouutg, ?117.50; Rock
account $8 65; for road work aud teaming. .719.85. Councillors Wilsou aud
Ballson moved that L. Viuceusi be paid
$12.85, ... Edgerton $10.85, F. Knlouoski
$16.65, for cleariug boulevards; carried.
J. Phillips was paid $300 ou his West
miusler avenuo contraot, and Joyce _fc
Harvey $450 on their Westminster road
contrnct. Councillor Taylor nud Wilson
proposed that S. Mitchell be paid for his
clearing when passed by tlie Board of
Works; carried.
W. E. Gibson tendered to raise the
culvert puuch and gravol the two chains
of We'lington avenue, with gravel two
feet deep, for $110.00. Councillors
Ballson and Taylor moved that the
tender be laid over till next meeting;
Councillors Mole aud Wilson moved
J. D. McPhalen be notified to put in
throe irou braces on Shutu also wire
over wiudows, braces on trussel work,
to be placed as shown ou plan. Doors
to bo 1x6, T. & G. windows to be placed
in the gable, table in kitchen and six
shelves, all of which arc in the specifications.
The Clerk is to notify rook breakers
that no more 0-inch iock will be uecded
on Ihe North Arm road or Westminster
Moved by Councillors Wilson and
Mole, aud curried, that the motion
authorizing the payme.ut of $4 per chain
for clearing boulevards be recindod, to
take effect July 1st.
The Board of Works was instructed
to inspect Seventeenth avenue, and the
ditch on the southside of the River road
uenr Mr. Cook's before next meeting.
Tenders to be called for hauling 100
yards more or less of 6-iuch rock ou to
the Victoria road, between stakes placed
by the Board of Works, to bo In by
July 10th. The Municipality will take
up puncheon aud lay rock.
Tenders to be cnllrd for hauling rock
from the Quarry to Westminster aveuue, between Sixteenth iivonne aud
Bodwell rond, nnd also for the North
Ann road, between 301 and Iho Ferris
road, nre lo bo in before 1 o'clock on
Siilurduy Juno 25th. Rock to bo hauled
where needed between these points.
We get
the Best
 of the Country Produce tbat
comes in on Market pays.
Everything is of the very best
quality- as fresh and as reliable as can
be secured.
You can depend on the produce
you get at this store.
Fresh Vegetables every day.
Strawberries for canning at right
Creamery Butter, 2-lbs for 45c
10- lb Sack of Berry Sugar 66c
Tom itoes, 2 tins for 25c
New Potatoes, 7-lbs for 25c
Picnic Hams per pound t2^c
4-lb Bar of Soap for 20c'
We keep a nice hue of Furniture—see
our slock.   We save yon money.
S.T. ^Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1266
Mailorders Promptly Pilled.
held end encouraged by men, wbo have
always felt that self-sacrifice Is a virtue eo peculiarly adapted to the feml-
nincytelmper^Trtenf.'jhat wC/marri d.3lrvjp,s
to have a monopoly of It. Nor do they
Stop at this. They have dene (heir best
to encourage women in practising it
The seir-oaciific|nr wife, who never
thinks of her, own comfort or pleasure
where her husband Is concerned, but
who finds sufficient happiness In life In
meeting him with a glad, sweet smile
when he comes home at 3 o'clock In the
morning, has been the heroine of
thousand novels. The self-sacrificing
mother, who slaves and pinches and
economises hi order that her children
may go in fashionable society and dress
like the rich,.has been the Inspiration
of innumerable poems. And thus has
man nobly striven to cheer woman on
as she made a burnt-offering or herself on the kitchen range.
There is no question that silk shirtwaist suits are much liked, and that
their very great popularity has robbed
them of smartness iu the oyes of those
whose taste in dress is quite in au opposite direction. There is much difference,
however, between the ready-made and
the order suit. Some of the latter arc
extremely trig. Insets of velvet or
contrasting silks, and manoenvering of
silk brrids or silk laces, turn ont the
prettiest of those convenient snits, so fit
for short journeys to town nud back
$vheu suburban life has well bogun.
Very Victorian was another gown of
changeable silk in deep pink aud golden
fawn. Its long skirt was outlined by
five cross rows of waved white silk folds,
the top guaged very finely A long-
shouldered bodice was elaborately treated ncross the shoulders with tho daintiest aud finest of batiste embroidery with
laces, while the lower part of the bodice
wns gnaged to match the skirt monnt.
The hnlf-length sleeves wore features
quite in accord with the upper portion
of tbo bodies, as thoy wero wide, flowing, and had a lace and batiste turnover cuff with loug tablets of lace frills
puffing out of the openings. A uarrow
vest of white Bilk, sontached with fawn
Flattery has a bad name because
most persona think of It as necessarily
and wholly Insincere. Yet when we say
that we dislike'flattery', we are thinking only of tbat witless, crude and obtrusive kind of flattery which Is daubed on, as all of us are not only susceptible to flattery but we love dearly to
be flattered if the one who flattens us
ls clever enough, to go about It in the
right way. Flattery Is a very Important branch of the art of pleasing, if
Indeed it be not tn Itself and by Itself
one of the finest, ef the social arts.
'Its essence lies In the tactful expression of admiration, and if this expression be truly tactful It will never be
resented by Its object. To flatter ef
fectlvely one must be a rare judge of
human nature; and if flattery is ever
III received, lt is only because the one
who tries to flatter has formed a mistaken estimate of his subject's temperament and personality, and not at all
beoause the subject Is Impervious to
the blandishment of. this delicate and
subtle art.
If you knOw any'items of Mt.Pleasant
nowB—Social, Personal or auy other
uews items—send them in to "Tbe
Advocate," or by telephone—BI406.
.-AdvertlfVing Is : the education of Ihe
(Punhapor of the merits of different
tihllt, which adds lo his comfort and nm
.cohsugpei. It Informs the.prospective
gondii a.idi :u lugs him Inlo■ touch with
.^•■llflf./ bla h.ipplness.
.Tm: Aiivik Air: l> Iho lust iilverljsing
^Va'U'.in wli.i' it plronlnttp.   Tel. B1405
The microscope shows thnt In the blond
of every person sufferinff from typhoid the
little gcims rnn be found ns shown above.
They arc supposed to get into the water or
milk we drink. The germs multiply go
that one germ is capable of producing
about one Hundred Irillion germs In twenty-four hours. That is why if tliev ever
get into the water supply of a town they
multiply so fast that nearly everybody
drinking the water comes down with the
disease. There are exceptions, however,
and they arc the persons whose health is
perfect, whose blood Is pure, and liver
active. When the germs get into » healthy
body tbey arc thrown off wilh the other
poiaons. Recent Chicago statistics show
that one-eighth of all the deaths in tbe
Jiast two years in that city have resulted
rom pneumonia.
The best ndvice we can give Is to put the
body into a perfectly sound, healthy condition. He assured lhat you have rich, red
blood and an active liver.
Many yenrs ago Dr. It. V, pierce, who is
consulting surgeon to the Invalids' Hotel
aud Surgical Institute at Buffalo, N. Y.,
found certain herbs and roots which, when
made into an alterative extract (without
the use of alcoholl, seemed to be the very
best means of putting the stomach, blood
and vital organs into proper condition.
This seemed to him as close to nature's
way of treating disease as it was possible
to go. Por over a third of a century Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery has had
n wonderful sale nnd the cures resulting
from its use ore numbered by thousands.
It is .. tissue builder, heller Ihan cod liver
oil because it does not sicken the stomach,
or ofTend the taste. It strengthens or
renews the assimilative or digestive pro-
cesses In ihe Btom.ich and puts on healthy
flesh when the weight of  "
reduced below the normal.
Argyle House.
piig Bargains
*~*^@@     For the Holidays.
Half Price Belt Sale Cost Price Ladies' White Bloif.1 and 8hirtwuist Sale.
Ladies' Neckwear Selling Regardless of Cost.
These are the Latest aud Up-to-date Goods.
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*a*b  nunniLfl, Opposite Carnegie Library.
braid, was strapped across with narrow
white chiffon straps, outlined with an
extremely narrow gold braid This
bruid and chiffon effect was reproduced
also upon the stock of bnstisto and lace,
attached to its short pointed chemisette
Very niauy peek finishes hnve.this narrow gold braid outlining, which gives o
w't Iconic bcconiiugncss to them. There
is so much bodice und neck jowolry
as wi 11 as gold bead necklaces como
iuto vogue.
Accept no substitute for "Golden lied-
icul liiscoveiy." Nothing else is "just as
Pr.  Pierce,'*   Pellets  cur«   biliousiitw,
When a woman wants to be good, she
makes herself uncomfortable. When
she desire* to be very good, she makes
herself miserable. And when she yearns
nfter spiritual perfection, she marty
rlzes herself. With her the ratio of
piety depends on the ratio of wretchedness, and she Is never so persuaded
that she Is leading the higher life as
whPn Bin? ls making her present existence not worth living.
This h_js caused hor to exalt self-sacrifice Into a cult. She has glorified unselfishness and self-abnegation, and
she haa felt that If she could only be
enough of a victim to somebody or
something, It would atone for all her
faults and shortcomings. Nobody remembers the tamper or tongue or
housekeeping of a martyr; It Is only
her sufferings that we recall. And so
women have gone out of their way to
court persecution, and to hunt up altar*
on which to sacrifice themselves, and
they have accounted It unto themselves
for rlghtousness when they did the
thing they loathed to do, when they
might just an well have pleased them-
aelves as not.
In this faith they have ever been up-
TENDERS -.will be received until
July 18th, at 2 o'clook for the following :
Hauling 100 yards more or less of
li iuch Rock on to the Victoria rood,
betweon stakes placed bv the Board of
Works. .    ..      •
Tenders to state price por cnbic yard.
The Municipality will tako up the
Puncheon ami lay the Rock.
Tbo lowest oi*"a>iy tender not necos
sarily accepted."
William O. WALKER,  C. M. C.
South Vauc<irivor,''June21, 1804.
Every life that is not a poem is a
failure Oue may make lifo a grand
epic, nioviug ever on through noble
effort, heroic battle and achievement, or
a simplo lyric, filled with human loves
Slid emotions, or n hymn of patriotism,
or of religious' faith, full of spiritual
power and exultation, of, again, he may
make this life an < elegy, fruitful in wise
reflections and iu the discipline of the
Bnt the life that has no sentiment
uo ideals nor idealization, no fires of
imagination, hope, love, anticipation
aud aspiration and that does not unfold,
frfim yefcr to year, iuto a poem filled
with true sentiment, is as day that has
never felt tbo fashioning, energizing
formative hand-touch of tho Master, nor.
breathed the breath of life
—B. B. Herbert.
Read W. J. Annelid's advertisement
in this paper; he has tbe very wheel
you. need at his East End Oyclcry, 1<_6
Hastings street, east-
—,-..., ■ ;oi—;—^
For   local' news   subscribe    for THE
ADVOCATE oniy$Ko«-W^oivths,. .-__
City of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received by tbe
nndersigned np to 4 p. m., on Thursday,
June 80th, 1904, for Sewering of certain
districts in Fairview and the Eaat End
of the City.
Plans, profiles and specifications can
be seen in the office of the City
The lowest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted.
No teuder will be accepted nnles.
accompanied by a marked cheque or
cash deposit equal to 5% of the amount
of the contract.
Vancouver, B. C, Juue 24th, 1904.
City  of Vancouver.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that a meeting of the Electors of the
City of Vaucouver will take place iu the
Oity Hnll, Westminster avenuo, on
Snturday, June 26th, 1904, at the hour
of 12 o'clook noon, for the uominatiou
of candidates for fllliug the vacancy ou
the Aldermauic Board in Ward No. 4,
caused by the resignation of Alderman
No nomination shnll be received after
1 o'clock in tbe afternoon of the snid
The nomination of each candidate
shall be in writing, nud be signed by
the proposer aud seconder, who shall be
duly qualified Electors of aud residents
in Ward 4, and such uomiuatiou shall
contain a statement signed by the
person nominated that he consents to
the nomination.   '
A candidate for Aldermau shall at
the time of his uomiuatiou deliver to the
Returning Officer a certificate sigued by
the District Registrar of Titles that he
is the registered owner or registered
lease bolder of laud in tbe City of Vaucouver ; and such certificate Bhall Bet out
the description of the laud nud the registered incumberences aud charges agaiust
tbe same; and shall nlr o deliver to the
Returning Officer a certificate signed by
tbe Treasurer of the City setting out the
assessed value on tho last Assessment
Roll of the City of the land described iu
the Registrar's certificate aforesaid.
If no more than the required number
is nominated, the Returning Officer
shall, after tho lapse of one hour from
the time fixed for holding the meeting, declare such candidate duly elected
for such office.
Should more than the requisite number be uomiuated, the Returning Officer
shall adjourn the proceedings for filling
such office until Snturday, 2nd of July,
1904, when a poll shall be opened in
Ward 4, at such place as may be fixed
by the Conncil for the election at
9 o'clock in the forenoon, and shall continue open until 7 o'clock in the after-
neon of the same day, aud no longer.
Vancouver, B. C,
Snturday, 11th Juue, 1904
Voters' List.
FOR 1Q04.
PUBLIC NOTICE is horebj given
that the Voters' List for the City of
Vancouver for A. D. 1904 has beeu
completed, uud shnll remain iu my
office nutil the 1st of September, 1904,
for exuuiiuation by all coucemed
Any person who shall claim to be
added to suid Voters'. List, or any
Elector who shall desire to have any
unnie erased therefrom shnll prefer bis
or her request in writing, signed with
his or her uiuno, stating the Ward to
which he or she belongs, aud shall deliver or cause the samo to be delivered
to mo within the time hereinbefore
Vaucouver, B. O, April 12th, 1904.
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be hod. Choicest CANDIES of all
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Sweet Peas 30c ft.
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Nelson's Drug &
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Corner Rabson nnd Granville Streets,
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readers will confer a favor and help tbe
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fair—76c, $1.00, $1 25, .31.80,
(11.76, $2.00.
Colored Shirts aro more economical than starched whito shirts.
They Inst longer because the
laundry don't burn them up with
lye tryiug to mako tbem white.
You will appreciate this fact if
you try the Colored Shirts.
You are iuvited to come aud
A. E. LEES & CO.,
Sleepytime Land.
Oh, how do you think the Babies go
To tbe ports of Sleepytime Land?
Oh, It's not by rail—
They must lightly sail
To that most delightful strand!
Their little boat is a poppy-flower,
They glide on the oceans of musk
(The breeze's perfume);
And they breast the gloom
At exactly quarter-past dusk.
They use for a sail a gossamer,
Their oars are Just stamens of gold.
And they dip their spars
In ripples of stars—
A load of dreams In the hold.
A cargo, too, of some poppy-wine;
For ballast, the Sandman's Band—■
With a win-dug eye
And a murmured "Bye"
They start for their Sleepytime Land.
By Eugenia O. Emerson.
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet nt 16]niiuutes to 7, every Sunday
eveuiug in Advent Christian Church,
comer Ninth nvo. and Westminster Rd.
Epworth Leagne of Mt. Pleasaut
Methodist Church merts at 8 p. m.
B. Y. P. U., meets in Mt, Pleasant
Baptist Church at 8 p. 111.
The Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. m
in Mt.Pleasasnut Presbyterian Church.
Before starting ou a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
l-arL'c. Shaving
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John (,'illmiui,  Proprietor.
Three Chairs, and a first-class Bath
Room is rnn in connection with   the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Order, promptly attended to,  nighi   or
day.   1 "litiriies nunlertitc.
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
If you want to kuow what is
happening on Mt. Pleasant
read The Advocate—$i a
year, 50c for six months.
If you want a
Ring  up
Telephone   9 8 7
or  call  nrnnud   at   the   SlON
Works,   814   Homer   Btreet.
Iu auy case your wnuts will receive the
most courteous  and  carcfnl attention.
C. & J. HARDV S. CO.
Company,  Fisanciai.,  Press aud
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., Loudon, E.G.,  England.
Colonial Business n Specialty.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone Henrilng n nh.lrh nnd rtcftrrtntlnn may
quteklr -.certain onr optimm free wliotlier aa
Invmalonr. is pro-nlilv p.ltcnul>le. Comionnlrn.
tlnt!SfllrictlyccinU-Ciltl:_. IIiilKlboo-Oil I'nti'iitt
aoiiffr-0. Oldwt npanry for st'curliitf wit_uta,
l'.'iteiits -tnlU'n tiuun.h Mmui A ( u. rccelTt
api'r fill notice, without charge, In tbe
Scientific JUueiicatt.
A hnndinm«lf llluntrntcil wnoklr.   I»irBei"t dr-
dilution of any n.-iunt.llc Journal.    1'uroia. 93 a,
year, four monlha, (L SliW by nil thmv-x. Hilars.
MUNN «Cq.",b™"*- New York
Branch Offlc.. IHJV St. W.ahluBton. 11. C.
*"^Whlch Meet on m. Pleasant
t. O. O, P.
Mt. Ploasaut Lodge J!o. lOmeefsevery
Tuesday nt 8 p. in , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend. ■
Noble Giuxn— W. R. Owens,
-7M Wcfttminnter road
lll'_ ImdVi In street, we_t.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 182S, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d nnd 4th
Mondays of each innii.Ii at 8 p. m.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranoer—W. G. Taylor,
•iii Keeler street, City,
Recouping Secretary—W. H'. DeBou,
S78 Tenth avenue, east.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
SU Prliuen!Btreet, City.  Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Review 1st nud 8d Fridays of eaoh
mouth in I, O. O. E,, Hall corner Westminster aud Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lndy Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mnry   A.
Foote, 881) Ninth avenue, cast.
Vancouver Council, No. 311a, meets
every lid nnd 4th Thursdays of each
month, in I O. 0. F., Hall, corner
Seventh and Westminster avonnea.
Sojoufuiug  Pricuds always welcome.
W. P. Plowolling, Ohief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
_228 WestralmitcrHveiiuc.   Tel. 700.
Important  Notice to
Users of Electric Light.
Our water power installation bas now been proved completely successful, elecjrioally and commercially, and weaare pleased to make tne
Citizens of Vanoouver participants iu our'suooess by reduoing tho prico
for Electrio Lighting on a meter basis as under, from July 1st, 1004.
That is for all meter readings taken on and after.July 16th, 1004.
Present Price per Kilowatt Hour.
i First 40 K.  W. Hours 17c
Next 60 K.   W. Hours  12c
Over 100 K.  W. Hours 10c
Less f>% for
for cash.
New Price per Kilowatt Hour.
Less lc per K. W. hour
for cash.
Witb one possible exception we believe1 onr new rates to be the
cheapest quoted for Electric Lighting in Canada to-day.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, LM.
J. BUNTZEN, General Monager.
Vancouver, B. O, June 18th, 1004.
t'V%V%%'V%^^%%^^%^^«^%'%%^%^^'%^^^%^«Vl I


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