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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jan 14, 1905

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 'jam 15 190.5
n. a. w. Co.
Mount Pleasant Branch.
Carry a full stock  of everything
the Drug Line.
Mt. Pleasant Postoffice in couuectoin
i     JAN IS
i *•
Mt Pleasant Advocate
M per year, Six Months 50c; three ilonths 25c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to the Interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 241.
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like homo—with Pure Cream.
Gouuino Boston Bakod Beans
Open from 7:80 a. m., to 12 p.m.
Sunday from 9 a. m.  to 12 p. m.
Subscribers are requested to
report any carelessness in the delivery
of "The Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should ha
in before Thnrsday noon to insure their
Local Items.
The McCuaig Auction and Commission Co., Ltd., nextroOurnoigo Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Dash,
Conduct Auction Sales and handl«
Bankrupt Stocks of wery description,
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phono 1070.
,    '4,   1905
Tho Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on sale
at all the Newsdealers in the city
January 19th, the Georgian Minstrels.
Don't fail to hear them.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Hutchiugs entertained the Choir of St. Michael's
Church and .a few other friends on
Wednesday evening at their home, 884
Eighth avenue, nbont 50 beiug present.
Tbe large building used as a storeroom
was decorated with bunting evergreens
aud lanterns, and n merry crowd enjoyed dancing to the strains of good music
furnished by nu orchestra of fonr pieces
Whist and other games were indulged
iu in the draw ing roams by those who
did nol tlnuce. After a very excellent
supper the guests departed having passed a most delightful eveniug.
Alexandra Hive No, 7, L. 0. T. M.,
installed their officers for 11)05 on Friday night lust, Deputy Snpruie Commander, Mrs. Margaret C'ritlin conducting the installation ceremony iu
an admirable tniinuer. The following is
• list of <he recently installed officers:
Lady Comumi'.der, Mrs. F L. Budlong;
Lient.'Oouimnuiler, Mrs. Tidy; Mistress
at Arms, Mrs. But.hart: Finance
Keeper, Mrs. Foote; Record Keeper,
Mrs. Martin; Chaplain. Mrs. Fraser;
Sentinel, Mrs. Cartwright; Picket, Mrs.
'Potfipiece;   Mrs.    Fitch,     Past   Commander.
Mrs. Fraser gnve a tea  itt  hex homo
[ 784 Keefer street, on Monday nfternoon,
lu aid of Alexandra Hive.    Many ladies
j a ttended aud a very   pleasiui t timo was
our Gold Crown
and Bridge
Wo havo a Specialist in (his branch of tho dental profession who
has a world-wide reputation for his high-class work. This Class
of Work is Guaranteed for a Life-time.
our Prices have
High-class Dentistry.
Teeth extracted nnd filled absolutely painless, aud all other dental
work do™ by Specialists who aro all Graduate Dentists, holding
Specialists' Diplomas, and liceused by the Board of Dental
Examiners for British Columbia.
Give us a call and let us show you samples of our work. Then
judge for yonrBelf.
Sixth  Year, Vol. 6,  No. 4|.
NOthing Better in the Stove line
our celebrated Souvenir Ranges or a Hot
Blast Coal Heater. Beautiful in design
and the greatest fuel and labor savers,
t,jS__ _-.f ,* " oiJu*oph Rogers Oarvtng Sets and
Table Cutlery.  Seoul BabcSrs in Roasting   Pans   1.™ 1
Cookers, Storoy Cuke Pans.
You can save Money and Car.kahe
by going to	
and 25X ou your investments
Miss Etheliue M Sim  entertained n
L.inrge numbor of her friends at the homo
jf Mr. Hud Mrs. P G Drost, Columbia
LAtreet  on  Tuesday  evening.   A most
['delightful time was passed with novel
^features   of amusements,    thu   chief
feature beiug an auotion sale; each, ope
"as given 200 beuus ami  the one who
^Sought   the   most  articles   with   their
^uioney" won the prize.   Miss Markio
Rnrritt  won   out  iu    tho   sale.     Mr.
fi. H. Stevens mude 11 lino   uuetioneer,
-aping the sale going at a brisk rate
, nd in nearly  every  case  getting the
_:00 beans for each nilicle.    An  "Observation   Tablo"   proved  instructive   as
(ill   as  amusing, nud iu   which  the
Lowers of observation possessed by Miss
l*ertrude    Glover    aud    Miss   Ethel
'humberlin won tho prize, a boquet of
(.motions.   Vocal   aud   instrumental
i iu8ic, aud dainty  refreshments were
lot  least  of  tho  evening's pleasures.
1 resent:   Miss Donald,  Misses L. nnd
Verge,   Misses A. and  M.   Burritt,
[,'issos    0.    aud E.    Lippsett,    Miss
{.:«rtrude Glover, Miss El liel Chamber-
jm of New Westminster, Jii.s Gertrude
I'apeland,  Miss Etheliue  Sim,  Messrs.
. Robson, H. Stevens, R.tt. dimming*,
las.   Nightingale,     II.   Huusen,   Bert
.itcliart, H. Morrison, A. Carter, G.
I rocker,   H. Sim,   H. and   E.  Burritt,
' Bluke, Mr. and Mrs. Drost.
fTbe   Georgian   Minstrels will  make
retl debut ou Thursday evening  uext,
' nunry 19th, in the new Oddfellows'
(all.   The troupe consist of a eoiistulla-
■u of sixteeu slarH, and consequently
cnn ex|iect n splendid show when it
,,,n all star cast.   There are 11  number
noted vocalists in the troupe,  among
Lorn   being  thu  Well-known hnritnim
O  Hicks, who has quito a roputn-
_ as a vocalist.   Tho tenor soloist is
Ixy Burns, -specially secured from Iho
Istside of  Wosluiiiisler avenne.   The
fss soloist, Herbert Saoret, comes from
il'i same locality us the tenor,  und hns
] in a reputation   with  his voice.   A
file Quartet imported from   Darkest
I r.tu is guaranteed to be the real thing
r 1 lit. quirtet line.   A Cotton-picking
'■•ue w ill be oue of tho main features
I the show, and it alone will bo worth
price of ndmissiou.   .loo   Murray,
.!{dancer, iB  one  of   the   best ever
>u.   The funny men aro Messrs Wm.
('[dwell,  Wm.  Woods,   J.   Robinson
I.l Joe Murray, nnd tiny have only the
wry lut',..- jokes in tbelr repertoire and
%d will tiekle the funny sensibilities of
kary one with their wit and  humor.
I'is troupe should drnw  r.  full   house
fit will be a flrst-cliiss show from start.
llni.'ih.       Solos,      ducts,     trios
'.rtets,      choruses,      step   dancing,
M a lorge  number    of   up-to-date
j'cinliii'M   will   make as   eiilahiing n
Digram as anyone would cure, to hear,
fln't forget the date nud don'l  forget
('he Oity Grocery de.ivors grooerlef
'ry day on Mt. Pleasaut;   'phono 286
147 Hastings St., E.VanBC0Ucer'
Opposite the Carnegie Library.
,....     ., ■■- Telephouo
Office Hours: 8 a. rn., to 9 p. m.;  Sundaj-s 9 a. m., to 8
p. m.
W. R. OWENS, Manager
STORE. Tel. 447.
Empire Flakes
^Miiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiMiiiiiii
A Food for Brain and Muscle.   Made from the best
white wheat.   Ouly 10c per package.
The City Grocery Co. Ltd-
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 286. Westminster A ve. & Prlnoess Streot.
Good Dairy Butter
in- small tubs.
Pure Ontario Maple Syrup in  1 and 2 quart cans.
Pure Honey in 5-Ib cans, 85c.    Good Cooking Apples cheap.
Any one having friends or kuowin,
of strangers visiting ou Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
'The Advocate."   Telephone B1405.
Art  His-
The annual meeting of the
toricnl Society was hold on Tuesday
January 10th, iu the City Library. The
olllcers elected for 1805 are*: President,
Prof. Odium; 1st Vice-President, Mrs.
S. A. MoLagan; 2d Vice-President,
Capt. Mellon; Secretary, H. P. De-
Forrest; Treasurer, Mrs. Mellon; Dr.
Rolnud D. Grant was appointed Hou-
rary President and Rev. Pathor Morrice
made nn Honorary Lifo Member of the
Society. Tho Secretary submitted a
very comprehensive report. Both Secretary's and Treasurer's reports show a
gratifying advance in the growth of and
work accomplished during the past year.
The formal opening of tho Museum will
occur iu the near future.
Turn Over a Now Leaf!—Start In 1005
by treating the faithful "Feet" that are
to carry you for tho new year, to a
handsome pair of comfortable Boots or
Slippers. Wo havo thom in evory
variety, nt greatly reduced prices.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street
Rev. A. W. McLeod will preach at
both services. Special iuterost should
be taken iu these tho closiug services iu
the old building. Moruiug subject:
"Divine Energy nnd Human Co-operation"! evening subject: "Tried by
Hear the latest jokes and sougs, aud
seo tho clover specialties at the Georgian
Minstrel porter mnuce ou tho 19th, in
new Oddfellows' Hall. Tickets cau be
secured from any member of tho troupe
or at the Central Drug Hull.
Mr. Robert Brett of Nnkusp, nnd
daughter, visited their cousin Mrs. W.J.
Taggart Ihis week. Miss Brett has
entered Columbia College, New Westminster Mr. Brett hits left for Manitoba lo visit relatives.
On Monday evening the 2!ld, the
Epworth League of Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church will hold a Social in
Mason's Hall. A splendid program is
beiug arranged for tho occasion.
Oapt, Wilkinson nf Front street,
while Attempting to board a stroet car
on Westminster nvenuo 011 Monday
night slipped and fell striking his head
ind reccing severe injuries.
dipt. Thos.
and Mrs.   Saeret  of  St.
George street,
entertained on Monday
night a small
piuty  in  houor  of  the
birthday    of
their  son,   Mr, Herbert
Tickets for tho Georgian Minstrels
can bo obtained at tho Central Drug
Hall, or from any member of tho troupe.
Miss Rae of South Vancouver, daughter of Reeve Geo. Rae, spent a part of
this week tho guest of the Misses
Glover, 415 Soveuth aveuue, eiiBt.
Would the little girl who wns seen
taking nway a Baby Cart from the
Ninth Avenuo Waiting Room plei.se
return it to tho samo placo.
Rev. A. W. McLeod returned on
Thursday from Victoria, whero he
atteudod u moutiug of tho Baptist
1 Wl	
Give your bost girl a pleasant evo-
ning's entertainiiieut—buy tickets for
two to the Minstrel Show ou the 19th.
Advertize 111 the "Advocate."
If yon miss The Advocate you miss
the local uews.
Mr. Jas. Anderson of Tacoma is visiting his brother-in-law, Dr. Robt.
Lawrence, Westminster avenue.
H. O. Lee,
2425   Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Tiie Advocate is tho best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tel. B1405
Mrs.   S. A,  McLagnu
from a trip East
has returned
Mrs. Wm. Duthio's little daughter
Millie Philips, is improving at the Oity
Hospital from a recent illness.
The Knights of Pythias will bold a
ball in the now Oddfollows' Hall on
Tuesday eveniug uext.
Three of Mr. Robt. Muir's children
aro ill: tho baby is very ill with spinal
We havo built a reputation in tho
Shoo Business for quality, stylo, price
and comfort iu Ladies', Men's Misses'
nud Boys'   footwear.    R. MILLS, 18
Gordo—a.  o.r-ot.
Miss Smith of Seattle, visited her
brother Mr. J. I. Smith, Eightli avonue,
this week.
Mr.- F. L. Bndlong is "buildiug a two-
storoy addition to his residence on
Eleventh avonue, west.
If you know of any local .news item of
interest such as parties, dances, socials,
aniva! and departure of visitors, society
moorings, 0tc, send it iu to The
Advocate or by telephoue B1405.
a w w w iff fff fff fff fff fff nr nr fff iff nr nr fff it
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing.    Is
fc it any wonder that  it has  taken a place
in   the hearts of  the people  which   no other beer
JE= can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.   Doz., pints %\.
J Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
F Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429
*fc For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels
***^ or delivered to your house.
Ti \n iii ... m m m'iii m ...... j._ wj.i ia... ia k
DO IT NOW I Buy a tioket to the
Georgiau Minstrel performance, 50c, at
the Central Drug Hall.    •
On Saturday last, Five Hundred extra
copies of "Tho Advocate" were issued
aud distributed ou  Mt. Pleasant uud
£ uirviow.
The year 1905—Our stock is taken: Results
Big Increase in
Your patronage has helped to swell the increase.    Are you
satisfied if so tell your neighbor.
The same Low Prices, The same Quality,
_^.The same Special Delivery,
Will characterize our dealings with all for another year.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
The Cottou Picking Scene is worth
tho prico of ndmissiou to tho Georgian
Minstrel Show, Thursday 19th.
Miss Floronco Burritt, Nnrso in tho
Seattle Hospital, is visitiug her parents
Mr. nnd Mrs Oscar Burritt, Twelfth
Wo have overy variety of Boots and
Slippers at greatly reduced prices. For
comfort, quality nnd price come to
R. MILLS, the Shoe-man, 18 Catdovu
Mr. Wm. Coldwell cf 457 Ninth avonue, enst, is out again after n severo
nttnok of tonsilitis.
Mr. J. B. Ferguson's announcement
card in last week's "Advocate"—which
was written by a friend of that goutlo-
men and furnished this paper—contaiu-
sd the statement that Mr. Ferguson had
been Deputy Minister of Education for
Manitoba, was uot correct, and Mr.
Ferguson desires us to say ho never
filled that offico and had no desire to
sail under false colors.
The horso in one of the Control Meat
Market wagons ran nway ou Friday.
A sliSht break iu tho cart was tho only
Read tho Now York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
Now York Dental Parlors for your work
For Local Nuws Rend Thk Advocate
Roxuuky.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs,
Roxbury, South Vancouver, January
6th, a daughter.
MoSaVANET,—Born to Mr. and .Mrs.
AlcSavauoy, .110 Teuth avenue, east,
January 8th,a sou.
McKay.—Boru to Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas   If.   McKay,   Heather   street,
January loth, a daughter.
Simmoni).—Horn to Mr, and Mrs,
Sininiimd, Fourteenth iivonue, oust,
January loth, a son,
MONRO,—Born to Mr and Mrs. John
Monro, Seventh avenue, east, January
10th, a daughter.
—   ■■ ■ :o:—	
If you know any items of Mt.Pleasnnt
news*-—Social, Persona] or any other
uews items—seud thom in to "Tho
Advocate," or hy telephone—111406.
Or "Fruat Liver Tablets"
Tho Most Elfeetivo and Most Natural Kennedy ever discovered for all
The laxntivo or livor principle extracted from fresh, ripe fruit by a
new and Koioutiflo procoBS, and this material is then condensed into
tablets with tho ndditiou to oach tablet, of a small quantity of one of
the best Peruvinn'barkfl—which is a splendid Ionic and disinfectant for
the stomDrob and bowels—and a small portion of extract nf mix
vomica, tho latter increasing the stomach and liver action of tho fruit
material " FRU1TATIVES " have therefore all the curative, lu.vu-
tivo aud livor effect of the bost ripe fruit and they constitute the
greatest stomach and liver medicine known tosolenon, and they are
likewise tho host tonic and disinfectant for tho stouineh and bowels
ever discovered.    PRICU BOo per box at—
The Central Drug Hall
244-4 Westminster Avo.
Chas. E. NCTHf-HB'/. Prop.
Oi'i'. Lrcr.'s GltOtlBBV.
Telephone   1349.
Our Annual Stocktaking
5ale Now  On.
It will pay you to call and see the values that
are   being   offered   in   every    department.
a. ross & co., ^sussr1 st-
%.**%*+smsm^msvmy%^,'%&%&mym, -v--_%^%^% -»ri
mouxt_Cc-ntrai i ieat
Cor. Ninth Ave, & Westmiuster Rd.   Telephone 954.
i larket
Wholesale and Retail
Doalers in all kinds of FRESH and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from nil parts of Mount Pleasant aud Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. Fr;nAkNArorTRb,e'
2321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel A1200     Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
iu season.
»^'%-W*W<V -4.-S. •».» -5.T1 %'*^_l
Georgian Minstrels at tho new
fellows' Hall, Jonaary 111th.
"The Advocate" wishes any 0
DOSS ill delivery n pelted to the
telephone ul 10.",.
I'l.i.iiKiu.vsis Pinion Of Hnirdress-
ing, Manicuring, Facial Massogu und
Scalp Treat men I for Ladies and Goutle.
men. Superfluous hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable Information given to every
lady patron on "How to take cam of
Skin rood for building ap tho wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to prevent and heal sunburn,
M-dami; Ht,'.wi>uui.YS, ,18!) Grauville
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 15'minutes to 7,  every Sunday
evening iu Adveut. Christian Churoh,
corner Ninth ave. and Westminster Rd.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Church mists at 8 p, in.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in  Mt. Pleasant
Baptisl Ohnreh at 8 p. m.
Tho Y. P. S. O. I'., meets at 8 p. m
in Mt.Pleasasiint, Presbyterian Church.
ilPcT Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this olike.    Telephone B1405
Mr. Buscombe Elected.
The complete vote ln tho various
wards was us follows:
Wards I. il. III IV. V. VI. Tl.
Buscombe 090 414 184 372 1148 280—3S04
McGuigau251 206 173 270 200 104—1270
Spoilt ....    0    5     I)     7     0     5—41
Total vote »,..'! 1186 1100 0411 503 889—8606
Majority for BuBcombe, 1024.
School Trustebs—Tbos. Duke, J. B
Ferguson and R. P. Mcl-ouuan.
LlOENBH   COM—-SSIONKHS—Will,     Hutlt
nud H. O. Clarke.
Monky By-laws—Waterworks By law
curried by a majority of 968, nud tho
School By-law by 1000 majority,
Ward I.,A. Bothnno and G H. liaise;
WardII-, D. M. Stewart und D.Oook;
Ward III , E. M. Heaps and (.'. II.
Wilsou: Ward IV., J. Kemp and A.
McDonald 1 WardV., Alderman John
Morion and T. S. Baxter; Ward VI.,
I'". Williams nnd O, (i. Johnson.
'Hi.1 Vote in Ward V.
Alderman John Morton  870
T s. Baxter   lira
VV. Duvis  189
N. S. Boss  1311
A, G, 1'c.uy       100
Spoilt ballots, 18.
The death occurred on Fridny morning oi .Mrs. Sarah Coxoll, BLnrno street,
west. The deceased lady was a native
01" l.rvostnn, Cambridgeshire, England,
and had reached tlie age of 74 years.
She has boon a residonl of Vancouver
the past 17 year. A husband is left to
mourn her loss. The funeral will take
place ou Monday at 10 a.m., the fuueral
arrangements bein;,- In ohnrgeof Messrs,
Armstrong & Edmardes.
Tho funeral of Grace Laughter, the
3-yeai-old daughter child of Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Laughton, 22'.' Sixteenth ovo>
nui', took plaoe ou Wednesday after*
noon, Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton o'ticiiu-
iug. ^	
Advertising Is the ediic.iiion of tho
purchaser of tba merits of different
that which adds to his .einfort and um-
consumer. It informs the prospective
(roods and brings him  Into touch with
llllfloii   Ills   '; ipplt '.'PS.
Adverti j in "The Advocate "
Come In
"You're equally welcomo to
look or buy" ut Trorey's.
Waudor down ono nisle and
up tho other and soe what a
fine store and a flue stock wo
You'll sec the China  Section
and tbe Out-glass Section and
the Jewelry SfOtlOB -"l*1.,"'!
make this store the best of its
kind iu  this  great  western
Not to havo seeu or visited
"Trorey's" is to have missed
one of Vancouver's "sights."
Corner Hnstiugs and Grnnvi.le Sts.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. R
McTaggart -s Moscrop
I n: \i.i;i:- IN
344 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Tompleton Block.
Royal Grown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free your choice of 3d
pictures, Or for 86 wrappers choice of
ISO books, Books aud picture lists ou
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Lawn Grass Seeds
( |nvi r aud Timothy  Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
llollv Obick Food,   llcofsornps, Etc.
S  KFITH t-*?Jl'*r.'*L'*..._*.'.nxw. .x....* *
rtl.phont   1(17.
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any,
Cor. Westmiuster ave., at Dufferin St.
See When Yonr Lodge Meets
Tho5d and Hh Mondays of the month
1'unit Vancouver, I. O. P., meets at
» p ni.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F,
meets at 8 p. m.
Vancouver  Oonuoil  No   21 la,  Canadian Order of Chosen Prieidl meets
the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the mouth,
Alexandra Hive Na 7. Ladies of tho
Maccabees holds its regular meetings 0%
(lm 1st, and 3d Fridays of the month *_.
The Crime of Naltew-E'en:
A«thor of "A Bn-jken Betrothal," "The HeJress of
Cameron H*I1," " Parted at the Altar," Etc.
i.ung since tho rain haci commenced to pour in torrents from the ink-
blnck sky.
At tho commencement of the storm,
he bad torn ofl his coat, and wrapped it ubout poor, hapless Donnylin.
At length ho joyfully behold In tho
distanco" a beacon-light: but Uonny-
liu moaned out that sho could never
reach it, and pleaded with him to
go on by himself, and to lay her
down b.v the roadside lo die,
"You aro not going to die, beloved) you aro only norvpjis—exhausted.
I will carry you the rest ol the Way,
Sho clung to him desperately, sobbing out how Well she loved him,
that she wus dying, hut that ho
must not forget her; ho must always
remember, too, that though shu
loved him with a Iovo surpassing the
love of women, she had not through
jealousy committed tho piteous
crime for which they were hunting
her down. No, nol Sho was not
"My dulling, you pain mo lo ths
heart to hear you recall those old
harrowing scenes," ho snid; and
tears that wero no disgrare to his
manhood coursed down his cheeks. "I
believe; as I always have, in you entire innocence, my darling wife; and
ns I shall always flrnlly believe to
the end of my life."
There was a slight tightening of
the arms that were clasped about
his neck, which showed him she had
heard him. The next Instant the
golden head fell back on his breast,
und ho knew that her senses wero
locked  in  a death-like swoon.
In all the years of his after-lifo he
never forgot the half hour that followed—how ho pushed his way
through the tangled briars of the
deep wood, tho rain pouring in torrents, beautiful, hapless Bonnylin lying a dead weight in his arms.
As Le Roy approached the beacon-
light, ho saw that ho wus rapidly
nearing a habitation. A moment
more and ho was knocking hurriedly
for admission.
_.      ._-    nu-mor'fl   wife,  with   a
buxom young daughter staring curiously over her shoulder, opened the
"Heaven savo us, Molly !" she
cried aghast, at the strange spoctacls
that met hor view.
"I beg of you not to be frightened !" exclaimed Le Roy, advancing
into the room with his hapless burden; "a word will explain this un-
fortunato situation. liy young wife
and  I  started   this morning   lo   walk
Boven  miles  distanco from 1)    lo
Chesterport. We could get no con-
J.»vruu'j> nnd It. wns urgent for us to
wood, when happily I saw your light
■hining through tho window. My
poor littlo wile fainted by the road-
sido, and I carried her hero. 1 trust
we may find shelter until daylight.
I will pay you well for the privilege."
"That you may sir, and welcome,"
responded tho kind woman. " I
wouldn't turn any one from my door
a night liko this. Tom," she culled
shrilly to a tall, lank boy nodding
on a settee, "put more logs on the
fireplace, get around lively, too; and
you run and fetch the cordial," sho
said, turning to her young daughter.
She bad thrown the coat back from
Bonnylin, and had started buck with
a littlo suppressed scream.
"Oh, sir, this Is awful !" she cried,
looking up into Lo Roy's white,
handsome face. "This poor child—and
she is scarcely more than a child-
will not be able to undortako her
journey to-morrow, nor for many a
to-morrow, I should say. A doctor
must bo sent for at once, sir. Poor
young tiling I poor young thing I
sho should havo been with her mother, now. She is ns beautiful ns a
dream, too, and not much older I ban
my Molly," she went on compassion*
ately, as she pushed hack the long,
curling, golden hnir from the lovely,
marble-while face. ".lust lend a
hand, sir, and we will take ber up
to the spare room on the next floor.
Here, you, Tom, you lazy fellow,
run for Dr. Reynold; cut across lots
—tell him he's wanted here in great
haste I"
Half an hour later the good old
doctor, panting and blowing, quite
out of breath, entered the room
said the doctor, approaching the
where llonnylin lay.
"This is my patient, I suppose,"
said tho doctor, approaching Ihe
couch and glancing curiously ut the
handsome, anxious, white-faced
young man who knelt beside  it
Ono moment, sufficed to explain the
situation, when the doctor called L.
Iloy aside.
All night long the terrible storm
raged outside, the winds inouiied and
tho trees rocked, deep muttering
thunder rolled, and forked lightning
Hushed. All     night   long   Lo   Hoy
I'ierpont pneed the lloor of the room
below, listening with haled breath to
the doctor's heavy trend in Ihe room
above. inside Ihe house wus the
slraugo hush thai dangeroufs sickness
ulways brings with it.
Midnight hud struck from somo
fur-off belfry—one, two, three ;
then tho door suddenly opened and
tho doctor entered.
Lc Roy sprung forward with baled
breath ; and tho agony in his lace,
the suspense and the fear were a revelation to the doctor.
"Your patient, doctor," he whispered hoarsely, "tell me, ls she living— or—oi "
He stopped short as though the utterance of the fearful word would
choke him.
"That depends upon wliich 'she'
you mean. returned tbo cheery,
good-natured doctor, smilingly, "you
have a beautiful lillle daughter; but.
she is so frnil 1 could almost predict
for her that sho would not. livo tho
month out; the young mothor is doing well, she hns been under oplntes
for hours. She does not know whut
has transpired. A# your wile is
struggling to overcome a severe
fever the exposure to tho rain may
have brought, on, I should suggest
that tho child be given out to a
competent nurse; there is such a ono
in the neighborhood. It cannot be
dono too soon."
"Let tho womun i,„ sent for. by all
means I" exclaimed Le Roy. "No ex-
wealthy man, doctor; let everything
for the comfort of my wile und child
■ be done."
I    An hour Inter the nurse, Ruth Burton,   wus    just     leaving  the cottage
with tho infant in her arms.
|    "Let me givo    you a piece of   advice, sir," she said to the handsomo
voting  mun  who  was  bending   over
und kissing  repeatedly the tiny waxen  fnce  of  tho  child.      "If she culls
for the little one, mnke some excuse,
I ihut she might   be led   to  believo   it
did  not.  live;   then  she  will  not  call
for It again,  or  mourn nfter  it.     ii
it wns given  into     her arms  for   a
good month, ii would catch the lover,  sir,  and it would be fatal to so
I young a child.    Have no fear that I
, will not    porform    my duty to this
little  babe,   sir,"  she continued,   "if
I you leave it with me.     It is so like
'my   own   littlo     ono     that  I  lost, I
I could  love  lt    for that and nothing
I "I will act upon your advice," replied I.e Iloy, pressing a purse full
o( bunk-notes into the woman's
hand. "'Pake care of my child and
you shull never regret It."
The plan wus highly approved of
by tho motherly woman beneath
whose roof Bonnylin found shifter.
"We lTiust deny the child to the
young mother ut any cost," she decided; " and to prevent her pleading
for it, we must use Ruth Burton's
ruse. When she recovers, and linds
that it lives, her joy will know no
bounds, und joy never kills."
It was fully a month before Bonnylin was able to be about; und during that month, a strange thought
had came to Le Roy. as ho listened
to her piteous pleadings to be taken
across the water at once. She had
shed a few bitter, yearning, passionate, tears for tho little one whose
(ace she never remembered having
seen; then she bravely tried to forget. If there were hours she spent
in .cars and sighs, Le Roy never
knew  il.
Sho was slill weak as a delicate
(lower, too weak altogether for Ihe
cure of a child. And the thought
caine to Le Roy, why not tuke Bonnylin buck with him, and leave the
child here ? TionnyHu would never
know; he would provide lor it handsomely.. Ah, yes ! lhat would bo
Let it not be understood thut Le
Roy did not love beautiful Bonnylin's babe, for he did. But under
tlio existing circumstances, with
which tlie reader ls quite familiar, he
decided Ihut it, wns best that tho
child should remain where it was,
until the horrible cloud tbat shad-
Owed ils poor young mother's future
should be lifted. They might be
fatal lo be hampered with the child.
Alter making arrangements with
lluth Burton to keep the child until
he should come for it, nnd providing
her plentifully with money, he suddenly took llonnylin away. No ono
knew from whence the handsomo
couple had come, no one knew where
they  went.
Poor Bonnylin went on hoard the
Steamer, little dreaming—Heaven
help her I—that she had left her
beautiful child behind her alive ! She
often dreamed of it in a little gravo
among the wrld flowers that bloomed in the churchyard.
As the steamer moved out from
the dock, and the bluo line ol shore
receded from his gaze, a vague misgiving enme to Le Hoy as to whether or not. he had acted wisely. It
wns too late now for self-reproach,
A his I   too late;  the evil was done.
It wns u beautiful sunshiny morning when the steamer reached New
York. Lo Hoy bnd taken the precaution to provide Bonnylin with a
thick veil und long, dark cloak, cautioning her over and over again of
Die necessity of keeping heavily veiled.
lie had written Fenlon that they
would reach New York on the 12th
Instant, and they found their faithful  friend there lo meet them.
"Of course, I am delighted to sec
you both," he declared enthusiastically, but adding aside, in an undertone to I.e Hoy, "hut, good Heavens,
my dear boy I do you think it is
safe 1"
"I did not eure nbout returning
just yet," said Le Hoy, thoughtfully,
"but Bonnylin would come."
**I had rut Inn* face the dangers at
home thun those abroad," cried Donnylin. clinging tightly to her hus-
hnnd's   arm.
Fenlon looked at Ihe lovely, white
face in bewilderment; neither ho nor
Le Hoy hud the slightest idea what
she referred  to,
They had entered a conch und had
given orders to be driven to the
qulot hotel In the suburbs, where
Fenlon hud engaged a suit of rooms
for them.
"li I only dared rond for mother,
nnd  reveal   the  starlling  news to her
Unit Bonnylin lives I" he sighed.
"MnIters bud belter rest just as
Ihey are for the present," advised
"Thoy will never be uny different
until the real murderer of poor India
Margrave is discovered." returned
Le Boy, bitterly. "Oh, Heaven. Fenton !" he added desperately. " this
sort of a life, the fear and horror of
never feeling safe, is killing me. I
n. ver fully realized before what a
happy, contented home really meant.
We will stay in New York no longer
than wc can possibly hell). After a
few days' rest, we shall go to some
small interior town, where my poor
llonnylin can recruit her heullh und
A strong Inclination came to Le
Roy lo disclose to Fenton what he
had left on tho other side of the water. Yet he hesitated; ho could not
bring himself to speak of that just
As the old danger menaced them on
this sido of the 'water, they were
obliged to have recourse to disguise
again—tho same disguise which had
served them so well before was
adopted once more.
"It is so hard to always be In
disguise," sighed llonnylin, drawing
the wig of coal-black hair more securely over he/ sunny, curln,
•\vc may possioiy stay oero a wees.
or so," Le Roy had whispered to
Bonnylin, as the bell-boy ushered
them into the apartments set apart
for them. "Long enough to rest
you thoroughly, darling. I will join
Fenton down in the office, dear, if
you think you can spare me for half
un hour or so. I must find out when
the trains leave for different parts;
it is always well enough to know
such matters."
"You are right, dear," said Bonnylin, clasping her while arms
around him. "But don't be gone
long.   I always  miss you."
"I shall be back within an hour,
bringing Fenton with me. You
must not feel lonely; lie down and
try to rest, or read this morning's
Tribune, which I have just bought,
and have not had time to look over
yet," and as he spoke he placed tho
paper on the table.
"If you do lie down, be sure and
fasten the door securely, my darling,
to keep out prying chamber-maids,"
he added, lightly kissing tho rosebud
mouth, and unclasping the clinging
arms from his neck.
"You  will  not bo  gone  long,    Le '
Hoy ?" she asked again and ngnin.
lie answered "No."
Led   to herself,  Bonnylin turned to
tho window to  watch  the throngs of
pedeslruins  that  surged   to  and    fro
on   the  streets below.      Soon   tiring
of this,  she picked  up  the pnper Lc
Hoy  hud  tossed  on  tbe  tabic
Bonnylin glanced over the first
page carelessly enough, turned it,
and ran her eyes over the second
column on the next.
One moment she gazed; then she
fairly gasped for breath, clutching
ber ice-cold hand, convulsively over
her throbbing heart.
These were llie fatal words that
caught her attention and held her
spellbound :
"Tbe Boston sensation which transpired a few months since, involving
the brldo of the young millionaire,
Le Roy rierpont, ending in the release by death of the former, which
we chronicled in this paper at the
time seems to have re-opened with
a startling sequel.
"It appears that an anonymous
type-written letter was mailed from
London lo the Boston authorities,
informing thein that Le Hoy rierpont and his young wife. Bonnylin—
Whom every one believed hud cheated justice by dying so suddenly—
were positively seen and Identified by
the writer while traveling through
"For a lime he had lost trace of
them; but had tracked them at last
to a small sea-port town, where they
had engaged passage for Now York,
and had sailed the day previous.
"Tho writer advised tho authorities, ii they doubted his statement,
to have the coftin supposed to con*
tain the remains of tho lady exhumed and examine the contents oi ths
"This suggestion had been complied with without delay, and tho
startling disclosure brought to light
—that it did not contain ihc body.
Instead, it had been consigned to tho
earth,  heavily weighted with stone.
"In a flash the dismayed officials
saw how they had been cleverly duped. While iu their custody the fair
prisoner had been drugged by her
friends—who had gained nil cntranco
in some mysterious manner—into a
trance so deep that it had been de-
dciitii,* and' -._ ../._'*.L.ex.)_;rts._tp_ be
to withhold the body from the bereaved young husband, It had been
given over into his keeping.
"The coffin, supposed to contain
the body, had been buried, sorrowed
over by a great concourse of people
who had.''followed it to the grave.
Meanwhile, young Pierpont's brido
had been quietly removed alive and
well to Europe, where her husband
joined her. Believing all suspicion
allayed forever, Ihey had ventured to
' return to their own country, and
had landed, no doubt, a day or so
previous to the mysterious letter."
"This is Basil Severne's^revenge,"
muttered Bonnylin, as the? paper fell
from her nervous hand, and the
darkness of death swept over her
ere she could read the closing paragraph which concerned her so vitally-
And nt that moment the door opened suddenly, and a maid with clean
towels and a duster in ber hands
stood In the threshold.
"I knocked, ma'am, but I guess
you did not hear nie, so I made bold
to enter," she said coiirtesying, and
walking into the room.
Bonnylin bowed, murmuring some
unintelligible reply.
"Been reading the Boston sensation ?" she asked, picking up the paper that had fallen on the floor at
Bonnylin's feet and replacing it upon the table; "awful, wasn't it?"
the loquacious maid rattled on. "I
see there's a heavy reward offered for
her recapture—the wicked creature-
why, hanging would be too good for
her for putting that poor pretty
young girl out of the wny because
her handsome husband admired tlie
girl's prctty-facc.
"Why, how white you nre?" said
the girl curiously. "Does the story
affect you so ?"
"No—no !" breathed Bonnylin,
hoarsely; "why should lt ?" and tho
unnatural sound of her own voico
thrilled her with  terror.
"How 1 should like to rapture her
und get tho reward that is offered—
a thousand dollars—some one wiil be
lucky enough to get It—-how I wish
it was me !"
For au instniit tho darkness of
death seemed lo fall upon poor Bonnylin. She shook it oft witli a
mighty effort,
"Perhaps that poor bride was not
guilty alter all," she responded
faintly, and straining lier cars to
catch the girl's answer.
"Oh, there was no doubt about her
guilt," replied the girl, confidently ;
"it was clearly proven at the trial.
If she had not been guilty, why
should she huvo fled in the flrst
placo ?"
"Ob, I don't know—I don't know
why sbe fled I" murmured Bonnylin,
pressing her ice-cold hands tighter
over her beating heart.
"Sho Won't go free long, I can
tell you," declared tbo talkativo
maid. "The big reward has $et every
oue to watching for her—yes, some
one. will be lucky enough to get it."
"Would you—a young girl—betray
her for paltry gold ?" cried Bonnylin, hoarsely, as she laid a trembling
hand ou the girl's arm; "will you
condemn her on what the papers
say ?"
" I have no pity for a
jealous woninn," declared the
innid; "they aro dangerous to the
community—a jealous woman—bah!"
"You have never known a great,
worshipful love, or you would under-
slund what tho keen pangs of jealousy are like," returned Bonnylin,
With piteous earnestness. "You have
read Ibe story and you condemn this
■ -■;;' orit'c—Lhouih _.'._".> is innocent—
from the rash words that ten from
her lips when crazed by jealousy that
fatal night.
"II von were a bride, my girl,
could you stnnd quietly by and ace
your handsome young husband—who
was the idol of your heart— clasp
close in his arms a lovely girl whom
he had loved in former days— without, one throb of jealousy!
"Could you see his urms about her
-her flushed face raised lovingly to
his—love glances in their eyes—with
a smile on your lips as ypti gazed at
"Oh, no, no, no! you could not do
lt. Your throbbing heart would slowly break in your breast; the quick,
wiirm blood turn to ico in your
veins, and the prayer on your lips
would lie—to die and end it all. The
frenzy and despair of outraged love
would drive you mod! Every woman's heart who has known one
throb of love's fierce, unconquerable
flnmo, cannot help but beat with
pity for that poor motherless bride.
Women will understand; oh, they will
know and pity her!"
This strange burst of pathetic eloquence from the beautiful young
Stranger startled the maid llko an
electric shock.
"Ono could almost fancy, to hear
you talk, ma'am, thnt you were jealous of your young husband," laughed the girl.
The timely words recalled Bonnylin
to her senses. In the great excitement ot the moment she bud forgotten prudence—forgotten Le Hoy's
warning to bo always on her guard.
Great Heaven! did this girl mis-
Irust her?
No wonder a thrill of terrible fear
shot through llonnylin's li.art—the
girl wus gazing at her steadily!
"Surely you would not deliver
that poor, hunted creature Into the
hands of her enemies if she should
chance to cross your path!" murmured Bonnylin, excitedly.
"I am poor! A thousand dollars
would I.e a terrible temptation, which
1 could not resist possessing if I
could!" returned the girl.
"And for that pitiful sum you
would sell a young life?" demanded
Bonnylin—"you so tender of heart!"
"If 1 didn't somebody else would!"
retorted tbe maid. "But, denr me!
what's the use of speculating about
such an impossibility? She's not
likely to cross my path! I only
wish she would!"
The girl wondered why the lovely
young stranger grew so pale, and
why she clutched so convulsively at
her fair white throat, as if to ward
off some blow.
Bonnylin said no more, but turned
to the window with a quivering sigh.
If the girl should suspect the truth!
Tho very wind among the waving
trees, and tho crimson-hearted passion roses nodding against the casement seemed to murmur: "Wc know
you; you are hapless, persecuted Bonnylin!"
It almost seemed to Bonnylin that
if tho girl listened she must surely
hear the terrible secret they boldly
She would have given her life—oh,
so gladly!—if that horrible night of
tho grand ball could have been lived
over again!
When Bonnylin turned around she
found herself alone; the girl had left
followed tho most piteous mistake of
Bonnylin's life—she forgot to cross
the room and lock the door after the
"Was there ever a young girl with
such a strange fate as mine?" sho
murmured brokenly. "An evil genius
has followed me and hunted me down
like ono accursed; but through it nil
Le Roy has been true to me. If his
Iovo should fail me, lifo would not
be worth living.
"How he would turn from me in
horror too great for words if he
should discover the terrible s.crct
I have kept from him since that bitter Hallow-e'en! Oh, Heaven! It was
the worst of crimes for Basil Severne
to use his power over me—to force
mo to marry him when I hated bim
"That will be the next thing that,
will come to light;.but in the hour
it does, ere Le Roy cnn have the opportunity to spurn mo, I will fall at
his feet-dead! His bi Iter reproaches
will fall upon ears closed In death!
I will dio murmuring that I could
not live without him!"
Poor, hapless Bonnylin dared not
think of the future. She shut out the
past completely from her thoughts
as far as possible, living from day
to day upon the sunshine of I.e Roy's
Bonnylin wns extremely tired and
needed rest. Tho white ruffled pillows
on the couch looked so restful and
inviting. Ab! if she could but forget nil her troubles in sleep.
"I will bathe my luce, removing all
trace of these bitter tears, and tnke
half au hour's rest before Le Roy
comes," she mused, "for I am tired,
oil, so tired."
Bonnylin threw oft tho dark tresses
that disguised lier, laying them carefully on the white counterpane,
standing before the mirror her own
golden-haired self once more.
Scarcely more I ban a child herself
—not yet eighteen—and having passed through so much. Her lifo hud
been ono long, dark tragedy since
thut fatal Hallow-e'en. Her love had
been a curse instead of a blessing to
Lo Hoy. Like the poet, Lo Roy
might have suid:
"I know not, I ask not, if guilt's In
thy heart,
I know thut I love thee—what   ever
thou art."
Bonnylin untied the blue silken
ribbon that bound her golden curls,
and ihey fell unconflnod to her waist
in a muss of shining splendor.
"'Hair like spun gold!' that was
the way those cruel papers described
me," sho murmured plteously, adding
under her breath, "nnd for that reason I must 1m more than cautious
that no one sees mo without my dark
Ah! how her poor head ached as
she sunk back among the white frilled pillows. Slowly tho blue eyes
closed, and, despite tho terrible
shock she *ad reccivod, she dropped
oil into a troubled sleep.
How long Bonnylin slept was ever
afterward a confused memory to her.
There was a light tap on the door,
but poor Bonnylin was in too deep
a sleep to hear it. Her lips moved in
a sigh:
"Poor littlo baby, It ls too cold
and damp whero they havo buried
you in your little, narrow grave on
tho hillside, beneath tho golden-
hearted daisies. I weep for you so
much; but Lo Roy does not know."
The rap was repeated more impatiently. Bonnylin was too utterly
tired out to heed lt,     This time It'
was to summon her to Ulnctieon.
There was no answer. The silence
of death reigned within, and, as
before, the maid turned the knob and
entered the room.
She advanced but a single step,
then stood still as if rooted to the
spot. Her eyes had fallen upon the
white face and golden hair that fell
about it in beautiful abandon. Then
her gaze, full of "horror, traveled to
the disguise of dark, silken tresses
lying on the bed* beside poor Bonnylin.
For one fatal moment in dead silence the girl looked, and like a flash
the truth came to her—she understood all.
Then followed a shrill, piercing
scream that brought Bonnylin to her
feet in a bound A scream that
echoed clenr and distinct throughout
tho houso.
Frozen with horror too pitiful to
be described by words, Bonnylin gazed at the girl who held her very lifo
lu her hands—terrified, fascinated,
Pointing to the loug, dark tresses
that lay upon tho bed, the girl
shrieked  shrilly :
"I know you now I You are. Bonnylin  Pierpont I"
Like one stricken blind, Bonnylin
groped her way to where the girl
stood, and flung hersell' wildly on
her knees  before her.
"Have mercy I" she gasped, clinging to the girl's hands in the maddest terror. "Ob, for the love ol' the
angels, show nie mercy, or 1 will die
at your feeti 1"
A moro pltoous sight could never
have beeu Imagined than lhat upon
which the golden sunlight   fell.
"1 know you now !" repented the
girl, in a shrill, terrible voice. "You
are tbe one for whom the rewind bus
been offered. You are Bonnylin I'ierpont."
Bonnylin raised her great blue
eyes, with a world of misery in Ibem
to the girl's face.
"Have mercy I" she gasped again.
"You are a young girl like myself !
M.V very life is In your dear hands.
Oh, for the love of Ood—the peace
of a human soul, 1 plead with you
to spare me !"
The girl recoiled from her in horror, and flung the clinging white
hands from her as though they had
been scorpions.
"Spare you ?" she cried. "You—
who have been guilty of such n wicked deed. Ah, no. The spirit of tbat
poor murdered girl would haunt me if
1 did. You deserve no pity. A
heart for a heart, Is the cry of ths
people, and a life for a life."
She stood between Bonnylin and tlie
door; escape was impossible ; this
Bonnylin realized at a glance.
With a shrill, piercing cry. that
rung in Bonnylin's bruin fore- er afterward, and made ber almost faint
with horror as she lived over ngain
that awful scene, the girl flung open
the door, ejaculating shrilly :
"Help, help, help I"
Answering cries, and th.e sound ol
hurrying feet fell upon Bonnylin's
sharpened car.
A quick, sudden thought came to
her—a thought born of desperation.
Seizing tbe girl with superhuman
strength, Bonnylin flung her aside,
and dashed past her, taking the precaution, however, to snatch her hat,
wrap, and tho dark, disguising hair,
which she donned with breathless
Ere the girl had regained  her leet
and reached  the door, Bonnylin was
; uuwi.   _i.c   __>i.-.i   ~t_.t.'..—_-,     -L„a   lie-d
fled out into  the street among   the
surging throng.
On and on, like a storm-driven
swallow, Bonnylin sped along, little
reckoning wbicli way she went, her
sole thought being to put as much
space as possible between the foe and
Every moment, she expected to hear
tho cry from lip to lip, "Bonnylin
Pierpont has been tracked down !"
for of course the maid at the hotel
had told her startling story long ere
Finding herself at tho entrance of
a park, Bonnylin entered it. Faint
and exhausted, she sat down on one
of the wooden benches, and buried
her face in her bonds.
"Oh, Le Roy. Le Roy !" she moaned pitecusly;" how shall wc ever find
each other ? 1 cannot seo my way
clear. I nm stunned—bewildered !
Heaven itself seems against me! My
lifo has gone all wrong. Oh, If I
were to die, nl! this shame nnd disgrace would be at an end for Le
Would it be n relief to
she   wondered,   sobbing  pite-
That tho oleven-molth-old child of
Smith Morris, of Eldon, Mo., was
not trampled to death by two big
draft horses attached to a Swift a
Company wagon, at Broadway and
Lucas avenue, St. Louis, Thursdays
afternoon, when it was dropped by
Its grandfather directly in front of
the horses, was due to tho almost
human intelligence of the animals in
separating just as it seemed Ihey
would trample the little one to
death. The big wagon nlso cleared
the child because of the horses' movements, nnd a slight scalp wound sustained in falling on the granite street
was its only injury.
Roy I
him ?"
Cleaning sieve.
When cleaning stoves add n little turpentine to the blacking, nnd the stove
will polish much more easily. Only a
very little turpentine should be used,
as lt will give a brown tinge to the
Literary Vandals.
The Saracens burned the Alexandrian library and the grent library of
Matthew Corvlnns, king of Hungary,
which contained 400,000 volumes.
When Granada was t.'.ken, Cardinal
Xinies retorted tu kind by destfoyXig
all the Koruiis nnd Moorish books to
bo found Iu tho city.
The Brain of a Jim.
The brain of Taguehl, the Japanese
anatomist, weighed 1,520 grams, and
It stands thirtieth lu the list of brain
weights of men distinguished lu the
professions, arts and scleuees.
Another   Triumph   For
Williams' Pink Pills.
[to bi corminncD.l      '\'MT. I
A moccasin snake with two heads
was brought to town by a farmer
boy, says a Woodstock (Vn.) telegram. The heads are set at right
angles over a body eight inches long
and two inches in diameter. One exactly liko it wasi found in the sniuo
spot fifty years ngo, and was preserved in a jar of alcohol. Tho snake
was found on tho north bfanch of
tho Shenandoah river, nt Ihe foot of
Massnnutlen Mountains, Tho boy
who found tho snake captured it
alive, as it seemed chilled by the
cold, lt is offered as a natural history museum prize.
No matter whether iho baby Is
Blck or well, Baby's Own Tablets
should nlways lie in the bouse. They
not omjy curo infantile disorders
but they prevent thein, nnd should
bo used whenever the little ones
show the slightest signs of illness.
No other medicino is so enthusiastically spoken of by mothers—no other
medicine has done so much to make
little ones healthy and good natured. Mrs. Albert Luddington, St.
Mary's River, N. S., says: "I do not
believe my baby would have been
believe my baby would have been
alive to-day had it not been for
Baby's Own Tablets. Since using
them ho is growing nicely, is good
natured and is getting fat." Good
for tho new born baby or growing
child—and above all absolutely safe.
You can get Baby's Own Tablets
from your druggist, or by mail at 25
cents a box by writing The llr.
Williams'    Medicine    Co.,   Brockville,
. I*.      	
Ponnman Damon was found sitting
in a tomb nt Holden, Mass., a few
days ago, wanning himself over a
bonfire. Whon neighbors told Mm it
wus no place for him, he suid the
tomb belonged to his family, nnd as
the last of his line ho had a right to
occupy it if he chose. Damon said it
was warm and coinfortn.Ule and saved
puying rent. He is reputed to tu)
Miss Enid Phelps, daughter of a
wealthy lawyer nnd one of tne smart
set of Heifer, Col., is to wed William H. Sj.ip, who was u street car
conductor when their acquaintance
begun. Since he fell in love Seip hns
invested the savings of nine years in
n little grocery, nnd if he succeeds iu
business the wedding is to take
place. He will not insist upon the
rulnllmont of tbe engagement if ho
fails, as he says he does not want to
touch a penny of the girl's money.
Miss Phelps flrst met Seip on his
car about two years ago, while she
was on her wny to a music class at
the Denver University. It is understood that her father has withdrawn
objections to the match, ns ho was
poor himself when ho wns young, nnd
finds much to admire In the handsome young conductor.
From Rome comes the report, that
Pope Pius X is being kept busy trying, to prevent his numerous relatives from leaving their rustic homes
for the Eternal City. His holiness
has moro nephews and nieces than
any pope before him, nnd since lie
hns boon mado the hend of the Roman Catholic church they nro all
eager to be near him. So far only
two have succeeded . These nre Sig-
nor Parolln and his sister, Signorinu
Nina Parolin, who formerly lived at
Riese. Signorina Nina, who has become quite a grand lady since she
enme to live in this city, recently
paid a visit to her native town,
which turned out in full gala to do
her honor. In a letter to her uncle,
Pope Pius, she complained that the
visitors do not leave her ono moment's peace. They vttiht her intercession for the most varied reasons,
from blessing an infant wliich has
been named for llis holiness lo procuring all sorts of positions in the
Vatican for all kinds of people. She
is kept busy all the dny toiling her
townspeople how the Pope spends
his day, how many hours he sleeps,
what he eats, how he looks, what be
snys, whether he thinks of his townspeople onco in a while. One thing
which has pleased thein more thnn
all others is Iho news that "Our
Pope" slill declares that the dish of
"polenta cogliose" (polenta with
better limn when cooked in his sister's kitchen.
Mr Etsell, of Wnlkerton, Suffered for
Months and Got no Relief Until
he Began the Uso of These
Of the many employees of R. Tru-
ax & Co., Walkerton, Ont., none
stands higher in the confidence of
his employers than does Mr. Thos.
.1. Etsell. He is nn excellent Mechanic, and has been in tho employ
of this firm for upwards of ten
years. But although Mr. Etsell now
ranks among the few men who aro
never absent from their post of duty,
the tittie was when he was as often
absent ns present, nil because of his
physical inability to perform his
work. For years Mr. Etsell was a
great sufferer from sciatica, and at
times the suffering became so intense
that for days he was unable to leave
the house.
During these years, Mr. Etsoll, as
may readily ho imagined, was continually on the lookout for somo
remedy that would rid him of tho
disense, but for a. long time without
success. Doctors were consulted and
although he look the treatment proscribed, it. did not help him. Thon
ho tried electric treatment, but this
also failed to give relief, and in
despair he bad about mndo up his
mind that his case was hopeless and
Hint he would be a suffering, helpless cripple to the end of his days
Then ono day a neighbor ad\ ised
him to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
At first he refused, believing they
would prove like other medicines,
hut tho neighbor wus so insistent,
having herself been greatly benefited
by these pills, so that ut last he consented. Tho remainder1 of the story
may best be told in his own words:
"When I began taking these pills,"
snid Mr. Etsell to a reporter of the
Telescope, "I hdd been off work for
three months, Tbe cords of my right
Ifg were all drawn up, and I could
only limp nbout with the aid of my
stick. The pain 1 suffered wns terrible. I rould not sleep at nil during the night, nnd I was in misery
both .day and night. At first I
thought tbe pills were doing nie no
good, but after I had taken six
boxes I fancied I wus feeling better,
and was encouraged to continue tho
treatment. After that 1 got better
every day. and by the tint: I had
taken about fifteen boxes every vestige of pain hnd disappeared. For
over a year," continued Mr. Etsell.
"I have not hnd a twinge of pain,
and although I nm forty years of
ago I feel os well as when I was
twenty. Pink l'ills cured me. and I
have no hesitation in announcing
them the best medicine in the world
for sciatica."
Tho cure of Mr. Etsell proves that
Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills are not nn
ordinary medicine, and that their
power to cure in ull troubles of tho
blood or nerves places them beyond
all other medicines. You can get
these pills from any medicino dealer
or direct by mail at 50 cents a box!
or six boxes for $2.50 b.v writing
Tho Dr, Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont. Sec that tho full
name, "Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills for1
Pale People," is printed on tho I
wrappor around every box.
Tho Japanese   section    hands   wbol
are  working on  the  Northern  Pacific i
railroad  havo received  word   for    all
members of the   lirst    reserve of tbe
Japanese   army to return to Japan
at once for military purposes.
Tho finals in the tournament for tho^
golf championship of Germany Woroj
played at Berlin last week. The
championship cup was won by Dr.
0. O. Wulker, un American, with F.
II. Mason, the Americnn consul-general at Berlin, ns runner-up.
Seal Oil Ice Cream.
A favorite dish with the Eskimo ls
au Ice cream made of seal oil, Iuto
which snow ls stirred until the desired
consistency has beeu obtained. Theu
frozeu berries of different kinds are
idded. •
The Hound*.
All hunting dogs were called huuds
iu the ancient Saxon tengue.   Iu modern   English   this  word  has   become
Death la a Comb.
A woman recently fell from a tramway car at Munich aud died from injuries inflicted by her heavy aluminium
hair comb, the teeth of which were
driven into her head.
A Fatefal Manlnce.
The marriage of Henry VII.'s daughter Margaret with James I. led to the
union betweeu England and Scotland.
N'Bli. Worker Bee.
A bee that works only at night ls
found in the jungles of Iudia. It Is
an unusually large insect, the combs
being often six feet long, four feet
wide and from four Inches to six Inches '
Then Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured Win. Doeg's Rheumatism.
He was so Bad That Me Could Nut Lie
Down, But Had to Sit Night and
Day in a Chair.
Sundridge, Out., Nov. 7.—(Special).—Mr. William Doeg of this
place, now a halo, hearty man, tells
ol his almost miraculous cure of Rheumatism by using Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"For four years I suffered excruciating torture," says Mr. Doeg. "I
Was scarcoly an hour froo from pain.
I could not lie down to take rest, bMt
had to qit night and day in a chair.
"I vMs treated for Rheumatism by
several doctors and also tried several
medicines without receiving any benefit. Almost ih despuir I feared I
nevor again would bo free from pain.
Thon I road of somo remarkable
cures by Dodd's Kidney Pills. I procured a box and soon found they
were doing mo good, and before I
had finished the second box 1 wns entirely froo from pain and a now
Dodd's Kidney Pills always curo
Rheumatism by putting tho Kidneys
la shapo to tako tho cause—Uric
Acid—out of the blood.
A  despatch  from  Akron,  O.,    says:
Somewhere    near     the    Indiana   line'
Minnie George,   a young gypsy girl,
is travelling by wagon   to   meet   her
suitor,   Stephen  Stanley,  chief of the
tribe of  Stnnley,    who    is    In   ouinp
With his tribe at Blue Pond   in    this
city.   They met   in   Egypt,   but    be-'
cause they were of different tribes relatives objected to their mnrringe until n. few weeks ngo, wben the   girl's]
grandmother,     the    chief     opponent,
died.   When the girl arrives in Akron j
some    time   next   week they will   bel
marrl.il and tho forty members of the j
George tribe,  to  which  the   girl    be-(
longs,  will have n big celehrnliun
A   cablegram   from    Vienna   snys:j
Princess  Alice,   who crented  a sonsa-f
lion some limn ngo hy getting n  dl-J
vorco from her husbnnd, the Prince of'
Schoenll'.'i'g-Wuhlei.bei'g,      nnd      whoj
nl'terwnrds    made up with    him    audi
slurted on   a pilgrimage   on  foot  to/
Home,  only  to  leave him  for   goodl
has  again   slurred   up  gossip  by  falling iu  love with nn  Italian,  Lieut,
del   Pendo.   Ijj spite of   the   fiirioiisj
opposition of her fnther. Don Curios,
the  princess   declures  that    she    will1
marry  the  peniless otllcer  iu  November,   after   tho   birth   ol    ber   child
which   is expected  to  take [dace     in
the   beginning of  that month.       At,
present  sho  is  busy  writing a  book
describing her life, In which she promises to reveal many .scandals at tho1
Gorman courts.
A bulldog and cow nt Wooster, O..I
a few  days  ago,   furnished   a    lively!
quarter of an hour nt the   homo   of J
John Swank,    a   railroad mun,    and]
when it was over  Swank's best parlor furniture wns a wreck.   The   dogJ
and   tho cow  are  both  owned by Mr."
John    Bowcrsox,      a    nolghtrar    ofv
Swank's.     While tho cow was   being]
driven home from pasture it wns attacked by the dog.   which seized   tho
nnimnls's enr nntl hung on with such
tenacity that Iho cow.     crazed    witty
pain,    dashed    from    the   rond     and
plunged    through a screen door   into
Swank's   parlor.      Mrs.    Swnnk   and
her daughter fled.   The cow, with the
bulldog   hanging   to  ils ear.    circled
madly   about   t"Yie    parlor,   crashing'
over tables   nnd   chairs.      When   tho
frenzied    cow,     with   blood  dripping |
from its enr where tho dog still hung,
finally staggered out the front door, •
every piece of furniture in  the room (
wns smashed,  the enrpet  was  ruined ,
nnd   the   wallpaper    was   torn    and (
blood-streaked. I '/.
■w-—■ ■ ■^__s.*;_.___„i_ia,iT.rir-r--i.i
mmrusswruvout. THERE ARE %«£tt£%~£**
The Duchess of Connaught has several times motored over from Birk-
hall to play golf on the new links at
Balmoral, and she had one or two
rounds with Mr. Balfour while hei was
guest there. They are great success,
the ground being In excellent condition.
Among the latest additions to the
list of successful young sportswomen
is Lady Margaret Compton, tbe debutante and only daughter of the
Marquis of Northampton. Quite recently she has secured a very heavy
stag with a line head, and earlier In
the season a magnificent fallow buck
fell to her rifle in Loch Lulchart Forest In Rossbire.
Miss Pauline Astor nnd Captain
Spencer Clay wero married in London
on Oct. 29. The best man was Cup-
tain Cleude do 1'rcsplj.ny of tho Second Lifo Guards, aido de camp ta
Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India, and
son of Sir Claudo do Crespigny. Miss
Astor's pages wore cavalier suits of
whito satin, pink-lined capes slung
from tho shoulders. Tho suits were
worn with bleuses ol white chiffon,
with ruffles, cravats of white lace and
white shoes and stockings.
The British Army Council, says a
cable from London, has issued au
important order under which recruits,
instead" of enlisting three years with
tho colors nnd nine in tho reserve infantry of tho line, will in future enlist for nine years with the colors
und three In the reserves, thus practically abolishing the short service
system. War Secretary Arnold Fors-
ter foreshadowed this change in n
spoech last July, in which he declared that Uie existing system had
proved n failure, because so few men
volunteered to extend their service
with Ihe colors. Some critics, however, declare the existing difficulty of
obtaining recruits Will be greatly
enhanced under the new order. .
Mr. Eduonrd Lsckroy believes that
Germany will be the ruling power
nnd will make all Europe German.
He thinks, in fact, that the Kaiser is
already scheming In this direction.
K'ussiu will be crushed after the war
with Japan, even if she comes out
victorious in the end. Austria is already German; Italy is also under
the German thumb, ono of the Kaiser's sons has been named Atilln, and
has learned the Hungarian language
to bo ready to occupy the Hungarian
throne when Emp'-ror Francis Joseph
dies. The Scandinavian countries are
even now turning to Germany for
fear of Russia. Denmark was robbed
of half her territory by Prussia in
1804. In Turkey German olllcers nre
drilling the army; a German Princess, and sisler of the f uture German Kaiser, will be Queen of Spain,
another in time will bo Queen of
Greece, and a German Prince le the
consort   of    tho   Queen   of   Holland
Ceylon   Teas  are  always reliable.    Always   Pure.
Black, Mixed or Natural GREEN.    Sold only in   sealed lead
packets.    By all Grocers,
1 "Why, John, what da you moan b.v
burning onr -old love-letters?" "I
have been reading them, my denr.
I After I die someone who wishes' to
contest my will might get hold of
them and use them to prove that I
was insane!"
Princess Louise of Coburg bus categorically refused to submit to an examination of her mental condition My
'the specialists appointed by the Austrian court. Princess Louise says-she
is perfectly willing to be examined
but insists upon choosing herself the
physicians who should undertake the
case, and moreover persists in her declaration that none but Frenchmen
should sit   in judgment  on her sanity.
Thirteen British life insurance offices decline proposals from unvacci-
imtt'd persons.
I      "Yes-
for Hint
 "   (He hnd been    waiting
lillle word,   end   his   heart
bent fuster ns    it.    trembled   on    her
lips.    "Yes —"    flow lie longed to
tnke her in his nrnis; but she spoke
ns though there wns more she wished
to sny. "Yes," she continued; "to-
day 1 promised lo he another's!"
Coughing Is an outward sign  of
inward disease.
Cure the disease with
Cure SniCLuns
and the cough will stop.
Try  it   to-night,     lf   it  doesn't
benefit  you,   we'll   givo   your
money back.
Prices: S. C. Wells & Co. 307
25c. 50c. tl   LeRoy, N. Y„ Toronto. Can.
No man bus learned nnythinuj righl-
ly until ho knows that every day is
Customer: "The man who
this chicken had a soft benrt."
er: "Why so, sir?" Customer:
must liuie spent    three or foui
hesitating before he wrung its neck!"
OIL.—When un article, bn it medicine or
anything else, becomes popular, linUa-
lions invariably Bpriug up lo derive advantages from tho original, which they
themselves could never win on their own
merits, Imitations of Dr. Thomas' __clec-
trlc Oil hns been numerous hut never
successful. Those who know the tre.uin.
nro not put oil' wiih a substitute, hut
(lei-.mlul   the  real  thing.
"One thing I like ubout our new
man," said a member of the firm to
his partner, "is that he's reliable.
You cnn always tell whnt ho is going to do next." "And what's that?"
France, M. Lockroy says, is beloved
of all in Europe, but sho will be
swallowed up and Germanized when
a United States of Europe will be
formed under German hegemony.
Tho cardinals nre becoming more
and more dissatisfied with tho way
the Pope tried to cut down expenses,
says a cablegram from Rome. Not
only has he deprived them of a large
part of their income, but ho is doing away wilh all superfluous expenses in bis own household,
and says that he intends to keep in
his service only such servunts who
are absolutely necessary, and the
cardinals deem this a mistake, ns tho
Italian peoplo are very fond of display and are apt to lose their respect for a Popo who is too plain
und simple in his ways. Ono of Hie
Pope's latest acts was tho discharge
of the mounted escort of six men
which used to accompany him in his
walks through the Vatican grounds.
declaring that not only wore the services of tl__.se men superfluous, but
that their presence made him feel ill
at ease. Now lie has turned his attention to tho bird houses built in
the Vatican grounds under Iho personal super-vision of the late Loo
XIII., ond which" are among the largest in tho world nnd contain a number of rare birds received from ull
parts of tho world. Pope Leo wus
very much interested in these nvaries
nnd often visited thein, but his successor regards their maintenance ns
extravagance, nnd the birds will now
bo killed, stuffed nnd distributed
among the various oducationnl institutions in Rome.
A Philadelphia despatch says' that
much excitement was caused In-Shipping circles Monday by a report received at the Maritime Exchange,
that the British Btoaroshlp Kelvin,
bound from New York for Buenos
Ayres nnd Montevideo, wus passed
at sea 300 miles east of Capo Hat-
terns, abandoned by her crow. The
Kelvin with her cargo is valued ut
nearly $600,000, and is one of the
most valuable prizes left adrift In recent years. Her cargo, which is made
up of agricultural implements, machinery, hardware and merchandise,
is alono valued at $400,000. As this
prize lies but a short distance off
shore and directly in the track ol
vessels making their way to the
United States from South Americnn
nnd West Indian ports, it is the
opinion that she will be picked up
by somo lucky shipmaster and towed
into a harbor on tho southern coast
of tho United States. No particulars
concerning tho derelict craft other
than the fact that she was passed
abandoned and with a heavy list to
starboard by the British steamship
Hubert, at Barbados from New
Vork, could be learned. Capt. flood
cabled that the Kelvin was sighted
on October 7 in latitudo 1115, longitude 70. Owing to a heavy sea running at the time it was impossible to
board the ship. Tho Kelvin left New
York October .1, under command of
Captain McLennan. She is a new
craft, having boon launched In Glasgow last February. The vessel registers 2,266 tons not and is 3.r>2 feet
In length, 46 feet in breadth of
beam and 23.4 feet in depth of hold.
'What's the use ol searching for
the North Pole?" "Why, It would
menu the saving of money." "How's
thnt" ' "It wouldn't bo necessary tor
to send nny more expeditions lo look
for It."
-uiiiiot lie huppy while vou hu.t
Then do not ilelay in getting i
ol llollowny's Corn Cure, li re
nil kinds of corns without pnin
with it, is unknown.
Give nature three helps, and
nearly every case of consumption will recover. Fresh
air, most important of all.
Nourishing food comes next.
Then, a medicine to control
the cough and heal the lungs.
Ask any good doctor.
" I flrst used Ayt.r'8 Cherry Pectonl 53 years
ago. I luivo no-sn terrl-lu CMM of Iuiiji diseases Cured uy tt.   1 ii tn ii-ivitr wlllirtut it."
A-iujurr U. Hamilton, Marietta, Oblo.
Me-. We., 1,1.00. j. o. ATBB CO.,
j Consumption
Health demands dally action of tha
bowels. Aid iiamr« with Ayor's Pllla,
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle
It is bettor than electricity, because
it does not scar or produce a, new growth.
Better than X-ray, bocau.e it doss not
burn, icar or paralyze the tissues under
the skin. Better than depilatories, b-
caun ib I. not poisonous; therefore,
it will not cause blood poisoning, or
produce eezoiim, whioh is so common
with depilatories, and does not break
oil the hair, thereby increasing its
Eloctrolyais, X-ray or depilatories are
offered you on the bar. word of th.
operatoi. and manufacturer.. D K
MIRACLE is not. it is th. only method
which is indorsed by physicians, eur-
goons, dermatoIogiitB, medical journals
| and prominent maga_inea.
DE MIRACLE will be mailed to sny
address, aealed in plain wrapper (or f 1.
Your money back without question if it
fails to do all that is claimed for it.
Our booklet — th. most complete
treatise on Sup-.fluous Hair ever published—containing th. fc„ntiniop_alu of
numerous physicians and surgeons and
thos. of hundreds of others—will be
"ont free, in plain, •Baled envelope,
upon request. Writ, for it today to
Qukxn Street West, Tokonto, or
SIMPSON &0mYt?dnv
"He always was a bad egg, but nobody seemed to notice it while he
was rich." "Ye.s, lie was all right until he was broke,"
Ileinoves all hard, soft or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, sweoney,
stifles, sprains; cures sore and swollen
throat, coughs, etc. Savo $50 hy the
use of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful Hlemish Cure ever known.
is thinking oT getting inar-
'I hnd no Idea bo wn-. so
n  debt ns all that."
deeply i
Hinard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia,
A Gasket of   Pearls __.,■.  von
Stan's Pineapple Tablets would prove tv
great solace to tlie disheartened dyspeptic if he wouid but test their potency.
They're veritable gems in preventing tlio
seating of stomach disorders, by aiding
and stimulating digestion—GO of tihese
health "pearls" in a1 box, und they cost
85 cents. Recommended by most eminent   physicians.—04
Lost!    Seven years from Mabel's age.
A mighty loss, alack!
No  questions asked.     There's no  re-
wa rd
For those who bring it back.
"Do  you
On nnd olT.
ride   horseback?"     "Yes.
Minard's Liniment Cores Dandroff.
(«od oflors to every mind its choice
betweeu truth and repose. Vou can
never hnve both.
Very many persons die usually from
cholera and kindred sum mor complaints,
who might have been saved if proper
remedies had been used. If attacked do
not do)ay in getting a bottle of Dr. .1.
I). Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial, the
medicine that never hi ils to effect a
cure. Those who have used it say it
acts promptly, and thoroughly subdues
tlie  pain   and   disease.
One of the most remarkable timepieces in the world is n clock-fan
manufactured by a Swiss jeweler. The
clock consists of six leaves hinged
like an ordinary fan. The number of
the hour is marked from one to
twelve at the end of each of these
Kidney   Experiment —The
timo for cxperimeirting when you''
covered that you are a victim of
ono   form   or   another   of   kidney   it
Lay   hold   of   tho   treatment   thut    	
sands have pinned their faith to und
has cured quickly and permanently.
South American Kidney Cure stands preeminent in the world of medicine as tho
kidney sufferer'a truest friend.—G2
o dis-
Cultivate not only tho cornfields of
/our mind, but the pleasure-grounds
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
"Been in a fight?" asked the inquisitive person. "Not exactly," re-
died the absent-minded man. "While
shaving myself this morning I tried
to lather myself with the razor!"
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, sofl,pliable,scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear three buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
soft and comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never with-
out this brand:—
-   BRAND     '
Montreal    Winnipeg    Dawson i
l'etor McKinzie, nr. old num, has
appeared at I-ddyville, Iowa, and
made a startling claim, asking for
§1)5,000 cash from the Masonic lodge
for injuries received In an initiatory
cere-niony forty years ago. McKin2ie
says that whilo passing through Ed-
dyvillc during the wnr he was induced to join the Masonic lodge. He
asserts that the lodge coat was
"loaded" for him, and that he was
almost fatally injured. For^ threo
days, according to his story, he was
unable to speak. The lodge waa out
of funds, and in lieu of other reparation for his injury, nn agreement
was made that he was to have ¥65.-
000 when he reached the nge of 65.
After a varied carreer covering forty
years, he now returns to claim the
modest stipend. The records of Masonic lodge, No. 74, reveal tue nnnie
of McKinzie, but say nothing of tho
accident or a promise to pay.
A(j!i3w'j C.-Iarriia] Pow
—Rev. W.  II.   Wain,  pastor of tho
l-imuui.i  Church,  Buffalo,   Pfive.
f.r   unci    Is a  llnu  he
Mil 111
ilevor hi llr. Agnow'a Catarrhal Powder,
;lc hus tried many kinds of remedies
without avull, "After ukIiii; llr. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powder l uns benefited at (nice."
Ms   words.    It
50 conts.—08
ii   wonderful   rem--
When one gets to love work, his
life is a huppy one.
Minard's Liniment for sale ner jwbere.
Nothing can bring' you peace but
tho triumph of principles.
Mabel: "Does your husband still
suiter from neuralgia?" Maud: "Yes;
but not pearly so much as the rest
of us do."
The   reputation   of
"Diamond Hall" is continental   for   the quality
py and reasonable prices of
LJ«_l ils precious stones.
The lame car« ii exerciKd
in selecting the atone for our
$15.00 lulitaire ring: (No.
13933) at for one at eix or
eight times that cost.
A complete catalogue ol our
many departments will be sent
on requeit.
Hear Sirs,—1 was for seven years
a sufferer from Bronchial trouble,
anil would be so hoarse at times
Hint 1 could scarcely speak above a
whisper. 1 got no relief from anything UU 1 tried your MINARD'S
HONEY BALSAM. Two bottles gave
relief and six bottles made a complete cure. I would heartily recommend it to any one suffering from
throat or  lung (rouble.
They Are About Your Health.
When your health goes the least bit wrong, a wireless message
is sent to your brain.
It says something like ihis:
" You are not quite well-take a doso of
at once and it will put you right."
Do you attend to these messages when you receive them?
You should do so. BEECHAM'S PILLS often prevent a serious
illness, and so prove themselves
Sold by all Druggists In Canada and U. S. America,    la boxes. 25 cents.
Bride: "(leorge, dear, when WO
■each our destination, let us try nnd
avoid giving tlie Impression that wo
are newly innrried." (leorge: "All
right, .laud. You can carry this
ON  APPETITE.—To have    the   stomach I
well  In la  have llie nervous system well. |
Very delicate are the   digestive organs,
In -nine so   sensitive ure they lhat   atmospheric chunires affect  thein   When lliey
I) >i
is 11
disarranged no better regulator
ocurable than l'annelee's Vegetable
They will assist tho digestion so
Uie hearty enter will  suffer no in-
nlenee and  will derive nil Hie I	
il his food.
Inarutuna Dimmer Iu Which Thla I
Heel Ue, u llfininicr.
The deliberate uso of a tool by n little sand \viis_i might well be .supposed
to Indicate reasoning power, snys uu
exchange. A well known naturalist,
Dr. I'eeUhuin, watched a wusp dig u
hole lu the earth und deposit therein
nu egg, together with a spider whleh
ehe Und stung Into paralysis to feed
the grub which should lie hutched In
due course. Then she filled up the holo
wilh sand or earth aud jammed lt
down with her head.
When ut last the filling wns level
with the ground she brought a qunii-
llty of fine grains of dirt to the spot,
picked up n smnll pebble lu her uiiiuill-
bles nnd used it ns a hntnuier lu pounding tliem down with rapid Btrokns, thus
malting this spot as hard nud linn ns
the surrounding surface. Before we
could recover from our astonishment
nt this performance she had dropped
her stone and was bringing more earth.
Iu a moment we snw her pick up the
pebble and ngnin pound the earth Into
plnee with lt. Once moro the whole
process wns repeated, and then the little creatures Hew nwny.
"The whole of this performance,"
writes Sir Herbert Maxwell In "Memories of the Months," "ls so unexpected
that even Dr. I'l'ekliam's high reputation ns n scrupulous observer might
full to convince skeptics Hint he had
not been deceived, but similar behavior
on the pnrt of 11 wasp of the snme species hns been recorded Independently
by Dr, WHIistou of Kansas university."
A roconl despatch from Bristol,
Tenn., snys.: The Uev. Alfred Burroughs, the 111:111 01' unit I'iinouinl
fame, who has 'married during tho
past twelve years u total ol 1 .."ilill
oloping couples from Virginia and
West Virginia, is making preparations for n siill larger business, lie
is now Inning a twenty-room house
erected near the Union station, nml
will have it so arranged ns to lies!
suii his matrimonial business. Since
Parson Burroughs soiuel imes marries
ns many as six couplos al tho snme
time, ho will see thnt llie houso con-
tains several bridal chambers.
A moccasin snake wiih two heads
was brought to town by 11 farmer
boy, says a Woodstock (Va.) lele-
gi'ain. The bends are set at right
angles over a body eight inches long
and two inches in diametor. One exactly like it wns found iu Ihe same
spot flily years ago. and wns preserved in 11 jar of alcohol.   The snake
was   found  on   ib nth branch ol
Hie Shcnuiidouli river, nl tho fool ol
TvUssiinuilen Mountains, Tha boy
who   found   the   snake    captured   it
aliVO,   us   il     seemed     chilled      by     I lie
cold, ii is offered as a natural liis-
lory museum prize.
Mr. Staylate: "Uraciour! It's near-1 Mother: "Tommy, have you eaten
ly midnight. I i»ust be ij-oing pretty'all your sweets without even think-
soon, I suppose." Miss Patience: I ing of sister?" Tommy: "Oh. no.
"Well, yes; you know tho old say- mamma. I was thinking of hei the
|iag, 'Ne^er put oil till to-morrow J whole time. 1 was afraid she'd tome
what you can do to-day.' " (before I had finished them!"
The _Linii__i,t Maid- aro always through their wash at twelve o'clock.
uny ght Soap
Wid. ordinary sonp a woman lias to work so hajd and so long on wash day
_h : lias no time f'>r preparing any • l" the fuiuiiy meats. Watll day is a lriu.1, and the
good wifo faces each wiih n sigh of deipalr.
Sunlight Soap makes all the difference in the woild. No toiling—no rubbing—
po boiling less than half the labor w!th much better results- Mmt women arc all
through their *-.\.i .h by twelve o'clock when tbey wash with Sunlight 8JUp the Sunlight way*   It mokes child', play oi work.
Sunlight Soap washes the dothes white  and won't injure the hands.
A   License    Commissioner,   Who   Suffered
Dreadfully from, these Ailment-, En-
■    tirely" Cured by
Dr. Chase's Kidney=Liver Pills.
Bad  Circulation  ef   the  blood,   Uo i    "Bellevolng   this   trouble   to  arise
usual cause of   tho   extremely painful from   kidney   derangement*,   nnd   bad
and  dangerous  diseases,    arises  from circulation    of   the   blood,  I  bought
defective action of the kidneys. some    of    Ur.    Chases Kidney-Liver
The blood cannot possibly be pure l'ills nt W. .1. Qulnsoy's drug stor*
and in n fit condition to nourish Ihc and began using them. They benefit-
body when the kidneys are diseased ted me from Ihe very first, and bv
and fall to filter f_^m it the poison- continuing their use _ have been coni-
ous waato matter.           _ pletely   cured.     1   would   recommend
Dr. Chase's   Kidney-Liver  l'ills,  b.v Ur. Chase's Kidnoy-Llvor Pills to unv
their   direct   and healthful action on suffering   ns   I   did.     I  was so  hail
tho   kidneys,   not only overcome dis- that  I   would    have'to  jump out  of
eases of tho kidneys,  but by doing so bed   two   or three times during   thu
ensure a purifying of the blood. night."
Mr. William 11. Ilest, License Com-| Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills on.-,
missloner for Ihe County of llnldi- pill a dose, 25 cents a box, nt nil
mnnd, and who lives In Cayugn. Out., dealers, or Edmaii-on, Hates ft Corn-
writes: "I hnvo been troubled with puny, Toronto. To protect vou
cramps in my legs. I would nwako against imitations, the portrait and
from sleep in keen distress. The pain signature of l_r. A. W. Chase the fa-
would seize me nt the ankle and work mous receipt* book author/arc on
up the leg almost to the body. ^A\ every box.
We make a   specialty   of low grade wheat.   Write us before shipping.    Ws
will show how we can serve you.
References:—Any Bank or Commercial Agency.
Grain | Jas. Richardson & Sons I Grain
(Until,  recently   represented by the late   E.   O'Ueilly, Esq.)
All kinds   of (.rain   handled  In  Cur  Load   I.otB.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   instructions. Any grade of wheat, oats, barley or flax.
_■• i   P.  O. Box 029,   Winnipeg,   Man.
thohas law.       ship Your Grain to       willum Li'rr,
W» handle grain strictly on commission.    Highest   Prices  obtainable.
Liberal advances.   Trades carried on margin,  in   Winnipeg's  futures.
Correspondence solicited.
IT IS AN EASY MATTER '<* «c" * 1*"'8->  lot °» "*e*t ftt »
■—**■-——---*■--»— better   price   than   a   singlo   car   will
bring. If you will ship your wheat to us we will sell it with many
other cars either locally or in tlie Fast, and you will get from 1-cent to
1 cent per bushel more for  it than if  you sold lt ou track at your station.
We have had 17 years' practical  experience    ln    the    grain   business.
This,  also,   Is  worth  something  to you.
Mclaughlin  a el_.i__.is
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.    Refhrencbs: Any Bank or Commercial
Orals la ear lots bought on trwck or sold on commission. Reasonable
aijAttitl mads. Prompt returns. Correspondencs solicited, n./.r.nc.i
Jky M__ la Winnipeg.
IA Wl   THE   AI flECT   Establish*! Grain Commissioi
AlTl   lilt   UUJEM   Merchant in finoipef. -^
Consign jour grain to me and get prompt service, careful attention*
aad highest market prices. Q     C DI IM If     DRAWER
ThrouRli a  Strictly
Commission    Firm
Wa handle st_-.i_t.ly on commission therefore can pivo every attention
to car shipments, and will obtain the best prices for same. We will bo
pleased to answer enquiries re prices, shipping, etc. If YOU have grain
to ship or sell do not fail to write for our "Wuy of Doing Business," as
it will pay you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., The Commission Merchants, Winnipeg
you   (rain to us to bs sold on arrival or afterwards, an you may wish.   We do a strictly commission   business,    In    which    ws have had   '20
years' experience.   Prompt and reliable work guaranteed.
Liberal advances.     Correspondence solicited.      Licensed  and   Iloridcd.
Reference,    Hank   of   Hamilton.      E_XChfngQ I.ran*'h,
DONALD MORRISON & CO., c..!„,i_.i.„
416 drain IZxckangc,
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
and  STATIONARY  for   CHOI-PINU and
WOOD SAWINU in _toc_  at .11 lime*.   We
can ship nt a day'_ ootlio.
WiLto il* for Prices und Ci.t; U«__ne
kurridge-Cooper to., Ltd*, Wintipeg, Maa.
Henry   Aui.Ue,   l-'it-t.
•limson: "Doctor, I •'". gottlng loo
BtOUl, and I want vour iwlvi.v " doctor. "Nothing reduces Mesh like worry Spend two hours u dny thinking
of tho ruonoj you owe mo."
I    Relieve     nothing    ngifn.'.t     another
but  Upon  good authority.
"Is life really  worth living?" asked
ho solemn    man.   "Yours   evidently
isn't." replied the philosophical p; r-
son," otherwise you would never
have aiiked such n foolish  question."
Dr. Agnew's Ointment Cures
Pile S - lb Mint, Cllssdlnff and lillnd
Piles, Comfort In out- application, It
curea In three, to six nights, it cures all
hkin disease!, in young and old, A remedy beyond compare, mul it nsvsr fuiu.
30 cents.**03
"Johnny. Imvu you given ihe ■.-■•■iil-
hsh wnter?" "No, mother. What's the
use? They huvon'l drunk up what
they've got yel."
A itKtoi.M/Kii iti;<;i LATOII —To
bring the dlgwtivo organs Into symmetrical working le tbe aim of physicians
when they lind a patient eulterlng from
stomachic Irregularities, and tor thi-*
purpose they can prescribe nothing bel*.
ter than ' PannsWs Vegetable Pllla.
ntm h will be found a pleasant nudl< lno
of surprising virtue in bringing ths refractors organs into subjection un I re
Btorlna  Lhem i" normal action, in  wliich
 in i-iii only   enn    they perform   Ihelr
duties properly
Is mv husband* rase serious, doctor?" 'It is very grave, madam. I
have lef I an Opiate." How often
shall I givo it to him?" "H« needs
absolute rent and qulot. Don't give
it   to tllm.  tako it yourself!"
Lever's Y-Z (VTiso Tlead) Disinfectant floap
Powder ia a boon to any homo. It disinfects and clcaui. ut the tuine timo. j»
One tlin 1 tif M-ithor Uravss' Worm Kx-
ttrmlnator will convince you thut it has
no i-'ml na a worm medicine. Ibtv u
hnttle, mul Bee it ii does not Dleaseyou,
"Did    you   have   to    help Mm oul
when    be     proposed?'        '' No.      papa
"Mrs. Sparks lias done nothing
lately but run down her neighbors."
"I bad no idea sho was such a gossip."   "Who said anything about gos-
j sip?"      Sin- is learning to   drive   her
i now mot or-car."
\Af    IM    \J    No    SO© -,"-._'. J.v .j^..v~i.«..KV...v*^-ri-e~<>_^^ IVJ l_,'l"W!.. I.IW.111 . ■. Ul .'Ji.".'I"H.H- .■!_ -u-ll'. .!■.' I"lll _ "■'n ■» ill1-'-*-> .'».l I"II   ■ ■ *■ . ."> » "i-   '*'
(Established April 6,1896.)
^|rfl01.i  2t>35 Westminster avenne.
Wits, ft Whitney, Publisher,
J-SOLliM- Of.'icb—30 Fleet streot,
London, E. 0., England Whero a
JBleof ('Tfre Advocate" is kept tor
^fntinas at Births, Marriage?,, and Deaths
published free of charge.
Jfotiees for Chnrch and Society Entertainments, Lectures,  etc.,   where
will be charged f-ir.
Rates  for Display  Advertising  madq
known on application,
All  Advertisements aro  run regularly
Md flhftrged for until ordered they
be discontinued.
i9?W**£.8Bt   Advertisers   mpst   pay   in
• .lWriplifln $1 a year   payable  In
A vents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Sonl)). Vi_a<.i).ui-er.
gor —
The, Municipal Council nf Sooth Vancouver will uip.ut i»; Muiiday aftej'jioou,
January ii'ih. ■
The nominations for Roovo nud
Ooufipilloys for (lie pnsniug year took
place .011 Monday afternoon of this week.
As anticipated Reeve .Geo. Rnn was
re-e.p_.fid by ner.. nutation. He has
proven 11 piost capable executive for
eight years, aud ontcrp upon Ihe ninth
year of off.ee with experience nnd possessing tbe confidence of the electorate.
Those win) went in by acclamation aro:
Reeve—Geo. Roe.
\Va.i(l I'—Richard Wilson.
Ward TI — II. G. Ballson.
Ward V.v-Henry Mole.
In Ward III there are two candidates,
Councillor Samuel Taylor and Mr.Robt
MoBl-do. In Wind IV. four candidates
contest for Councillor's honors, John
Bryson, Richard Moolt, Isaac G. John-
stone and Wm. Middlcr. Polling will
take place today. Saturday the 14th,
from 8 n. 111., to 1 p. in., at the Municipal Hall.
For all Cily Advertizing, alpo South Vancouver Municipal advertizing
consult   The   Advocate.
Vancouver, B. C, Jan. 14th, 11)05.
Thb civip election has resulted in the
eleotiQn of Mr. Frederick Bnscombo as
Mayor, Hjs Worship Dr. W. J. Me-
Gnigau having been defeated to the
regret of "The Advocate" aud many of
M» (ifanuoh friends.
"The News-Advertiser" of Jan. 13tu,
#iys; "His Worship has a host of warm
friends in the city, and during tho
piauy tprms he has served as Aldcruinu.
and School Trustee, he hns done
Splendid work for Vaucouver." And
yet the return for years of service and
devotion hnve beeu repaid by the aid of
fho "News Advertiser" and the other
daily newspapers, in puttiug 11 new man
n the Chair, and offering His Worship
.nils of tufty ; very much like "cutting a
•iijiu's bead uud giving him a plaster.
W. are glad that Alderman J. Morton
jias been returned to the Couueil.
That Mr. Thos. Duke would again be
a. School Trustee uo one doubted. Mr.
Duke makes a conscientious, energetic
aud progressive member of the School
Mr. Win. Davis polled a very creditable vote for a yonng man nnd his first
try for office.
... p.m.
lence is.
iv. A, _".
•>b.unto avenue, between Westminster ave
,,ue and Quebec street.   BERVICKSal 11 a.m..
.ad 7:„up. m.; Sunday School hi
(lev,   A,   \V,   Mcff-od,   .'...tar.   Rei
Sixth avenue,east.
Horner of Hint   and Weatmliiit.
SERVICES at 11a.m., and 7 p. ai.; ■
pclionlaiid Bible Class _::j. p.m.   Bev
{.etherlngton, il. A., B. p., Pastor.
Parsonage 1_» Eleventh avenue, went
(.hone Bl_.9.
Corner Ninth avenue and (.uebec r.lreel
SERVICES at 11 a.m.,and 7::io p. m.| 81m.l1.)
tfidiool at.:80 p.m. Rev.3eo.A.Wil>oii, H.A.,
Pastor. .lapse corner of Eighth avenue and
Putarlo street.   Tel. HH.il.
S.t Michael b, (Anglican).
Corner Westminster road ana Prince -Inward
.treet.  SERVICES at na.m., and7:«l p.m.,
ffoly Communion 1st and -4 Buudaya in each
inoatli lifter morning pruyei, 2d ami -lili sun
__4ay_ at Ha. in.   Sunday   School   at _:_U   p.m.
"*Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector.
fiectory :I7_ Thirteenth avenue, east.   Tele-
pb.B. 1.179..
Advent Christian   Clmi-h   (Il«l7tll day ,\(l-
jnlljts) earner Ninth avium  and  IVcstinln
t,er road.   Services 11 a. 111.. and 7:_U p. 111..
tipday   8cli..nl  at   10 a. in.     V. g   people.'
Society ol l.r,.vnl Workers of Christian linden-
"or meets every Sunday evening al 8:'fio'elock.
j'rBJ'er.meelllijr Wednesday ptgbtia -8O'clock
The woman who has not appreciated
tbe nsefu'uess of ribbon has certainly
beeu deprived of the decidedly practical
facilities for currying out many pretty
fancies. Among the daintiest uud most
servioeaoje accessories to be fashioned
from ribbons aro the high, crush girdles
which have sprung iuto so imieh prowl
rieuce (Jio last few mouths. Many of
beautiful teu and twelve-inch ribbons
nre veritable dreams uf bounty, and
floral subjects were never more sympathetically treated in silk. There are uo
uow names for tbe exquisite roses nud
foliage lavished npou oue trimming
ribbon, yet the word roses and foliage
have been so often used for far inferior
desigus that there is a wish that some
new way to describe its beauty. The
blossoms are very large nud heavy-
headed, not fully opened nor yet. in the
budding stage, with a richness of color
which would promise exquisite fragrance
in the original. Tho shades are a deep
crimson and warm tea roso pink in tbe
design iu mind bat several others are
equally lovely and more delicate in hue.
Girdles of these ribbons cost $4.90 when
made up, the jsillr being gathered from u
high back which is slashed from end to
end and laeed across with narrow black
velvet ribbon. The latter falls iu many
loops and ends below.
in Furniture.    See our  stock
before going elsewhere.
at Rpck Bottom Prices.
See our prices in this  space
next week.
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 120(1
Mail Orders Promptly Filled,
long rolling revere entered iut .1 the bell
and were embroidered in bronsso shad
iugs witb blocks of a multi-colored silk
woven gnloon set into it with great
success. The sleeves were moderately
full, presented an odd manner of intro-
dtieing two larger blocks of the sum.
trimming besides a yellow cloth cuff
embroidered in bronze shadings. Tin
skirt of the usual fullness nliil eso-pini:
the ground, had its top plaits stitched
over for a few inches into shape of
crescents, oue above the other, so as to
define 11 small yoke. 'The bottom of this
skirt was mutrinimmed but a broad
front plait, tapering at the waist but
quite loose from the bottom for twelvo
inches or so wns finished by a hem and
stitching ou its three sides uud hud
throe slits crossways showing glimpses
of the yellow cloth laid under. All in
all a charming costume.
Bodices when fashioned of velvet or
heavy satin creations of the close-fitting
styles, -lightly draped across the bust
and tlteu running into an exaggerated
point in front rival the very fluffy
chiffon and gauze models pouching over
a deep corselet of silk suggesting the
1815 mode.,
Evening Blouses for yonng, girls of
sixteen or seventeen are charmingly
fresh and girlish when of chiffon iu
white, blue or piuk, shirred and tucked
with n neckband and shallow yoke of
novelty lace in deep ecrn.
To Thine Own Self Ue True.
Tins year tho loug skirt is very long
aud the short skirt is very short, escap,
ing the ground about three inches,
Plnitiugs of all kinds trim the short
walking skirt worn with the Eton; all
models whether fitted or full abont tho
hips are very full at the feet.
Iu tlio (louiuiu of evening gowns the
fancy runs riot, for the styles nre legion.
Tbe puysuiiuo skirt is fashioned of satin
or velvet, very mu'es.ie in aspect with
its long graceful Hues, the triple skirt
boasting deep volants of lace—-the
simulated tablier—the panel effect
ohtainod by luce eucrustntions, the
draped polonaise model iu which beautiful Indian shawls of sheer voile de soie
are being successfully employed.
A brown drapd' eto was fashioned
into Eton and skirt, by a leading tailor
from whom the smartest eostnmes are
ordered. The back of tho Eton coat
consisted of a set of middle plaits wbicli
bloused over the bolt slightly; oue of
the most becoming styles to n slender
figure, the sides of the black silk braid
having it raised design. These sides
were seperatcd from Ihe Eton lining at
the bottom and each fell iuto a short
curved lino over the high doth belt also
weil-trimmed aud having two very
handsome enamel bullous as ornanieu-
; ton. A VI vy ■■ ie -1. ade of rose- yellow
ch lib formed the revert* of tho fronts
wu.eh  nlso  bltiustid slightly.      These
Are Lffte
»'By thine own soul's law loam t<> live
Aud if nif-n thwart thee ink-- no heed.
j\n,i if iiK-11 hut.* 1I11-1- hnvo no euro;
ttUfttf HjOO thy BODg ami tlu thy deod.
popp thou tl*y liopo and praj thyprayw,
And glftim no crown tiny will uol Rive,
fto-P t*fty» *h«y grudge thee tor thy heir,
A\ua to l|jy jumrt be trm. thy Ih-,ij t;
V1.:i. t.!Y **(llll fceaoliefl leaj-u to know,
\.',_ -t',i<\ ont thy n [.p. lin red part,
-,.1:: Mi-'   'i:.lt it»« p .m rliori f-hult how,
Nrr helped nor hindered iu thy growth,
Tq tin fnJJ -nuiuv tlum i-h.v|( grow.
'I-'is »ifi du- foture'fl gO.tJ thy t'iid'\
.mi let thy feet be lured tost-j-ny
..owhifhur, hut bi! swift to rati.
Aud uowncro tarry by tlio way,
Until i^t lt*st tho uud iw won
And tnou mayeet look  back from thy
j-Hiii eftfi thy long day's Jaornsy   £oi c
fclcphonc  Numbers of  Local Mini-
* ' '•■■''- sters.
pl7W-Rer.G. Hi Wf|*-oN,(,MiKli,tin).
J0r*w*-Rev. G. A. WlltpD, (I're*byterlnn),
ni2_9-R(;v h ' EC. Ifetberlnglon, (iiotaodiit)
'flisj ^f.yoCATrur.ahviiy^iila.1 lorod'ive
tafUS of K'H'inJ, personal  \tt Qthor news
\n\ its rendetiA.   Send news items to
ifi"Jit*..■ ,,v'-l^w.'.''. rt.ltlf).
The bp»t known iruide to married happi-
nc»H in to hold \\u: nunbatia »h you won tlie
lover—by cheerfulhcm nf djuposition, nk-
tiince mid keeping your youth All looks.
Of QQUfM u great mnuy women nre handi-
MPpea by tnOHe flit- to wliich women arc
ncir. The ConnUtltly recurring troubles
whiph afflict hw art apt to cause n tinur
disposition, nervousness nnd a beclouded
I>r, R, V. Pierce, the specialist in woman's
tV,•'.fHsea, of Buffalo, N. Y. after a long; experience in treating such diseases, found
U..U. certain rootK and lierbi made into
a liquid extract, would help the majority
of cases. This lie called Dr. Fierce1* Ka-
vorlte Prescription. TUons^p^s of women
have testified to its t'ltiits, and it is put
Up in shape to be t-asily procured and
is sold by all mcdlclna oeaTers.   This i?
a potent Ionic fur the womanly system.
So much faiih has Dr. Pierce in its merits
that he offers $500 reward for any case of
I.eucorrhea, Female Weakliest, Prolapsus,
or Falling of Womb, which he cannot
cure. All he asks i* a fair and reasonable
dial of hia mcaft'j of cure.
Mm. T. I'oln . of Hind rid, Perkins Co., Nebr.,
write*.: «I w»* ciacd o( .iiinful periods by the
UM nf Or.  l'i- in '-i  Hnvorltf   Preftcriplion, and
Iii« Compound Kxtroctof fitnart-weeo. I think
Jjr. Pierce's tiitrtliciiies the best in the world."
•■l'avorit P*.«.nvription 1 makes weak
women stiu-ig! si-:k women well. Accept
no substitute 'or fte medicine which works
wonders for weak .vomen.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser is seir f>'f rjti receipt of sf.11.p8 to
pay customs snd mailing only. Send 31
one-cent s*untps for the paper-covered
hook, or 50 '.(amps for the cloth ■ bound
volume,     Atb!rt»«p   I>r.  R. V.  Pierce, 661
MiiiH \ym\ **«**-»o. Ni Y.
Poets have been
fond of likcaiiiA
woman to a flow.i,
Her fairness is
flower like. Her
sweetness suggests
the flower fragrance.
Her very fragility
lint's its t3'pe again
in thq frail flower, which languishes when
neglected, and is so easily destroyed. It
is a pretty simile and almost as perfect as
All women love flowers, aud every woman
who grows them knows that their health
depends on daily care. Not alone are
water and sunshine necessary to the health
of the plant.- TThcir leaves and roots must
be guarded from the parasites which soou
destroy the flower's beauty and undermine
its life,
If a woman would cafe for herself as she
does for her plants she would preserve her
beauty and retain her strength far beyond
the period when the average wonwq ..991(8
old aud feels older than she looks.
Of woman's preservation of her beauty
lies in the intelligent care of the womanly
health. So close is the relation betweeu
the health of the delicate womanly organs
and the health of the whole body, that
whenever the feminine functions are deranged or disturbed the consequences ar_
felt by every nerve in the body. Severe
headache, backache, pain in tht* side, and
bearing-down pains are home wilh by eo
many thousands of women that one who is
in sound health is a rare exception. Most
women would give anything to know how
to be cured. The way is very plain. Follow the path made by more than a half a
million women who have been perfectly
cured of womanly ills and weakness.
"I believe I owe my life to Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and 'Pleasant Pellets,** says
Mrs. Marin tl. Hnyzcl, writing from Brookland,
U. C. "Six years ago, after the birth of one of
my children, 1 was left in a weak, run-down condition, My health seemed utterly gone, l suffered from nervousness, fetqalc weakness and
rheumatism, and 1 wulViL-tlcverythiiigone could
suffer from these complaints, Life was a burden.
I doctored with three dtflerent physicians and
got no relief,    I tried several patent medkmes,
all with the same result. 1 began to get worse,
and to add to the complications I sun'ere.1 terribly from constipation, I chanced to see one of
your advertisements and concluded to try the
above remedies. I commenced to tnl:.* Dr.
Pierce's Pavorlte Prescription and ' Pleasant
pellets-and hep 111 to Improve right away, and
continued improving mn) gaining in strength. I
canin.t expr.--.ti the r»:lirf. it wns ho great. Seven
mouths later iny little daughter wns burn without much trouble, t feel thul I would never
have been utile to endure my confinement had
it not been for the lielp I received from Dr.
Pierce's medicines, My baby was a fine, henlthy
child, nnd the only oue* I have ever been nble to
nur.-" She is now two yenrs old and I hnve
never hid to take any medicine since, bo 1 feel
that your medicine uns made n lusting cure
'vj'ti me. I owe so much in thanks, it would be
impossible for mc to cuinti's by word or pen
how thankful I am to Cod nud Dr. Pierce,*.
Than the effect of Dr. Pierce'a Favorite
Prescription. Ituiakcsweak women strong,
sick women well. It regulates tlie periods,
stops disagreeable drains, heals inflammation and ulceration, and cures female weakness. It prepares the wife for motherhood,
gives her vigor and physical strength, so
that the birth hour Is practically painless.
It is the beat of tonics because it contains
no alcohol, neither opium, cocaine, nor any
other narcotic, For working women in the
home, store or schoolroom it is an invaluable medicine. It quiets the nerves, increases the appetite, aud causes restful
and refreshing Bleep. Nursing mothers
will find no tonic SO beneficial to mother
and child as Dr, Pierce's Favorite Prescrip-
That question i* often on a woman's lips,
Tor of her it i" expected tlmt r.Iw Bbftl] be
ready to du Bomethiug in any emergency
in the hum''. When that question refers
to. health, sickneBH or disease, tlie answer
will tie found in Dr. Pierce's Common
Sense Medical Adviser. This preat work
contains Idotl larfre pagef, and is .sent free
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
customs and Inf.iliilflroff'*'; Send 31 one-cent
stntu»s for the hook bound In paper or 50
''... lint for the volume in eiotlt binding,
f'4<l|. i_ llr. B, V. fierce, Uululo, NT. V,
City of Vancouver.
TEMPERS will be received by the
undersigned up to Mondny, .Tiiriunrr
2Sd, I win, at 12 o'clock noon, for Cast
Iron Water Pipe.
Specifications may be seen at the
oilico of the Oity Engineer.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Vancouver, B. O., Dec. 17th, 1904
City of Vancouver.
ceived by }he undersigned up to Friday,
January 27th, J.l)f), at _ p. m., for tho
Pit I.N TING,    ADYHltTISilNG,   13 O O K-
J-iNO-NG, tho supplying of Genkrai.
GrOOBRibb and Ghekn GrooeRIBs,
Midat, Coai., An.iiiiAeiTE Oca.,, Wood
Fr.F.D, BltKAi., DRUBS nud CnEiucALs,
Hardware, Clothihg rbH Prisoners,
Fish, Htationerv, aud tho Buiiial ok
the P_.irj.KR Dead of tho Oiqy.
The Couuei] reserves tho right to
demand that tho Union Label be. used
or that Union wages shall bo paid.
The successful .Yndorei's will bo required to give Bonds for -the due per
fomiaueo of their Contracts.
Specilieiitions nmy be obtained in the
Oity Clerk's OIHee.   <
Vancouver, B. C, Jan., 1st, 11)05.
City  of  Vancouver.
TAKE NOTIOE that a • By-law is
intended to bo pnsssed by the Oity
Council for levying a frontage rate to
pay for a basement draiu to bo constructed iu the lane enst of Westminster
avenne front Hastings street north to
Powell slreet and from Hastings street
south to Princess slreet nnd that a statement showing tho land liable to pay fho
said ante and tho names of the owners
thereof, as far ns they cnn be ascertained from the hist revised assessment roll,
is now filed iu the oflico of the Oity
Clerk, aud is opon for inspection during
office hours. The estipiafad ooBt of the
work is $3,628...7, of which 1870.85 is to
bo provided out of the general funds of
tho Oity. A Court of Revision will be
held on Jununry 80th, 1905, at the Oity
Hall at II p, m., for the purpose of hoar.
ing complaints against tha proposed
assessment or accuracy of the froutnge
measurement or any other complaint
which persons interested may desire to
moke, and which is by law cognizable
by the Court.
City of  Vancouver,
PUBLIC NOTIOE ie hereby given
that the Assessmeut Roll of Iho City of
Vnncouver has been returned to me and
now remains in my offico, where tlio
same may be inspected by any person
or persons interested thoroin.
If any person or persons complain of
bis or their assessment or non-assessment
or of the assessment or non-assessment
of auy person or persons, he or they
shall at least ten days previous to tho
first meetiug of the Court of Revision,
to be held ou Weduesday, Ibe 15th day
of Februara. 11 a. m., iu the City Hall
notify me of his or their ground of com
plaint, nud tho Council shall at the time
and place above referred to form themselves into a Court of Revision for
hearing such complaint.
Vancouver, B- C, January 1st, 1905.
New Meat Harket
2442   Westminster avenue
OPEN SATURDAY.   Good Meats at
Right Prices.
M. G. OLIVER, Proprietor
Before, starting ou a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements iu the
You Can
buy your Bread at the same
old pi-joe at W. D, Muir's,
Mt. Pleasant Bakery, for
cash in advance or ou
Flour has a advanced $1.00
per barrel. We have $8,000
of flour and can feed Vancouver for a while longer.
Wn Dp Muir
Ring up 'phone 448.
Mt. Pleasant
If you waut a
Ring  up
Telephone   987
or  call  around  at  the  Sign
Works, 408 Cordova St., west.
Iu any case your wants will receive the
most courteous  and  careful attention.
If you want to kuow what is
happening on Mt. Pleasan}
read The Advocate—$1
year, 50c for six months.
Municipality of South Vancouver
To Wit:   Public Notice is
Hereby Given to the
of Iho Municipality aforesaid, that a POLL has become necessary at the
Election now ponding for the same and that I havo grautod such Poll, and
further that the Persons duly nominated ns Candidates at the said Election, and
for whom only votes will be received nro:—
Whether for    I For H lint I
Reeve or Ward.
Councillor.     |
linn k   Profession
or Occupation.
Isaac G.
South Van.
Ontario St.
17tb" Ave.
Ontario St.
Home rond
Carriage Bldr,
Said Poll will bo opened on SATURDAY, tho 14th day of January, 1905, from
8 a. m., to 4 p. in., at the Municipal Hall, North Arm Road, of whioh all persons
aro hereby required to take notice aud  to govern themselves accordingly.
Gived under my baud at South Vancouver, this 9th day of January, in the
year 1905.
W.G.WALKER, Returning Officer.
Artgyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Uoorls Btoro of B. O.
Lines of
That Must Go.
White Lnmb Trimmings iie a yard. Ladies' Hats 35c each.
Children's White Wool Boas, J_ prico IOo.      Umbrellas worth 75c for 50c.
Children's Raincoats 50c ench. Women's Raincoats $5 for HI each.
Children's Hats, worth #1.25 for b'6c each
"       1.50   "    »0o   "
" " "       8.50  "   |1.75 "
Lndies' Cravenette Raincoats worth $n.oo for 1.8 (10 ench.
" " «       *b.OO "    if-t.00     "
" " " "       $9 50 "   $4.75     "
" " " "     *I13.00 "    $0.00     "
J. Horner,
4-Qf Westminister Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
$ 15 Suits for $ IO.
A FTER a most successful six
months' business, wo aro not
only willing but anxious to tako
a loss on the balauco of our Suits,
nnd clear the decks for new things
coming, of which are on the rails.
Wo dou't behove in carrying over
Suits. Yon wouldn't want last
winter styles if you got the Suits
for nothing. These Suits are new
now, but they'd be Inst winter's
styles if wo carried thom over.
Yon can make no bettor investment than to buy a Suit or two
(some men havo bought throe)
during our Grent Senii-niiuual
Sale. It is a glorious opportunity
to get good-IUIing, long-wearing
$15 Suits for $10, and $10 and $12
Suits for $7.50.
Look at those $15 Suits marked
$10, and we havo mauy more
We invito you to our Great Semi-
auunal Sale.
:, &$*■•■'' <*' -''.4 -Sag!™!
ifeti    •$Pa_&_!J'
/©  tiiW' I'll  '-
Or mr
A. E. LEES & CO.,
At Bottom Notch for Prices and Top Notch for Quality. x
Andrews Bros.,       j
g   2315 Westminster Ave. 'Phone 935.  §
Millinery : Trimmed and
Ready-to-wear—must GO!
All   Winter   Goods     at
slaughter prices.
Wonderful Reductions in all lines.
W. W. Merhlev
Westminster Avenne,  Mt. Pleasant.
One Thousand White and Yellow
Ramblers, two-year-old, all first-
class bushes, for 15c aud 30c each.
Chas. Keefer
Note—Street Onrs puss my placo.
3734  Westminster Ave.    Mt. Pleasant.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John Gilluian, Proprietor.
Three Chairs, and a first-class Bath
Room  is run in connection with   tho
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
ord-re promptly uUondtfd to,   night   or
tiny.  (Iltnrguh mod. rule.
Oftlco: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479,
Ml. Pleasant Mall, (Ptistolllco.)
I,ni vcs at (i a.m., 11 a in., .. 5:80 pan
Arrivos at 11 a. m,, and 8 p. m.
Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge Ko. 19meets every
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Nom.E Grand—O. G. Kouuy,
Recordinu Secret ary—T h o s.
Maekay, Heather and Eighth avenue.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d mid   4th
Mondays of ench month at S p. in.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—W. G. Taylor,
227 Keefer mruo., Citv.
578 Tenth*avenue, enst.
Financial Seoret_u_y—M. ,1. Crehan,
.SH Princess struct, City.  Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regnlar
Review 1st and 3d Fridays of each
mouth iu I. O. O. F., Hall corner Westminster and Seventh avenuos.
Visiting Ladies nlwnys welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. F. L. Budlong,
13(1 Eleventh avenue, west.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Foote, 339 Ninth avemu), east.
Vaucouver Council, No. 311a, meets
every 2d aud Jth Thursdays of each
month, in I. O. O. F., Hall, corner
Seventh and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A, Ohniribors, Recorder,
---8 Westminster nvenne.  Tel. 700.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone*oni1lnK -Mtoleli mid dr.'.!In!Ion m_y
quickly MOertAtn our opinion free wli.ihor uii
Invention I* urolinhly jiutcnliihlo. Cimuunlrn.
tlnnftRtrtcllyciinililumliii. Handbook an entente
dent froo. oldest uuniicy for.eourtflffpatontfl.
I'ntontfl taken tlirou.h Munn ,. Co. receive
ipretiU n.liir, without olmreu, In tlio
A handsomely llltistnitert wckly. Lurcost circulation nf rinv si u nl III. j.iuruul. Term*, fi a
;o>tr: four munllm, tl. aula I y ml ucasdculcra.
...... _Co.36,Broo''™''New York
Branch Ollleu, ii_ ..' St., Wiuhliiutun. I). C.
Electric Light in
South Vancouver.
If promises are within 100 feet of Company's primary wires the
regular chargo of $3.00 will be made for installation of meter and
lamps. Beyond that distance line construction will bo charged
for at the rate of $10.00 per 100 feet; if several houses are olose
togcthor the cost may bo divided among the householders installing tho Electric Light.
The following rates will be charged to consumers:
Meter Rates Based on Monthly Consumption :
On the first 40  K. W. hours 17e per Kilowatt hours
"    "  next 00  K. W.    "   * 12c
Ou consumption ovor 100 K.W. hours, ,10c per Kilowntt hour.
Subject to a cash discount of 5% if bill paid on or before 10th day
after date thereof.
These are the rales In force in Vancouver until July 1, 1904.
Brifish Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.


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