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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Apr 21, 1906

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 Mt. Pleasant
*\ "Sr ^. -> >
Devoted to tlie interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three flonths -5c, Six Months 50c, Per Year Si.
JtSTABL—HED APRIL 8TH, 1899.    WHOLE NO. 871,
Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, B. C, Saturday, April 81, IMS.
(Eiohth Year.)   Vol. 8, No. 3.
I ocal Items.
-enn McOnaig Auction and Oommis-
vxx Oo., Ltd.,nexttoCarneige Library,
**qtin_*s street, bny Furniture for Cash,
nwdnnt Auotion Sales and handle
•ankrnpt Stocks of evory description.
*»Hsfaotiou|guaran_eed.   Phoue 1070.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Muir arrrived
the first of the week from a two months
trip through California.
Mrs. W. A. Komp, Deputy Supremo
Commander L.O.T.M., is in Victoria on
Ittlge business.
Miss Florence Burritt of the Scuttle
General Hospital staff, spent tho Easter
holidays with hor parents Mr and Mrs
Os.ar Burritt, Twelfth avenue
Dentistry as we practice it is a serious profession,
involving eduoation, carefulness and skill. Therefore we can not compete in prices with the ignorant, tbe careless or the unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that wo charge less than half as mnch as
most private practioners.
But you nsk, Is tho work ns good? Wo reply, it
is hotter Iudeod, no doutist who tries to practice all tho difforent
branches of dentistry can achieve such magnificent results us wo do
with our corps of skilled specialists
IF   YOU    ABE   IN
Mrs. John McLean and Mrs. .Tames
Coulter who have been visiting their
brother Mr. M. Rae of Eighth nvenue,
loft ou Wednesday for thoir home lu
Paisley, Ont.
Eggs for hatching, Witite Rooks.
Best Pen $!! per 15; Second Pen $2 per
lo.   J. H TOOL, 169 Tenth ave , west.
Tho Young Meu's Society of St.
Micheal's Chnrch will hold a Mock
Trial on Mouday eveuiug iu the Vestry
Rooms. Mr. J. Birmingham will be
tried for boldiug-up Mr. Archie Dodson.
Tho prosecution nud dofeuce have
gathered np wagon loads of ovidence
Anniversary Services. Everybody
welcome.   Special music by  tho Choir
In tli— moruiug the Rev. R. Newton
Powell of Priuoess Street Methodist
Chnrch will prench.
Rev. W. E. Pescott B. A., of Wesley
Church, will preach iu tho evening.
-Ra.sk  Seed—the  finest  yet—!10o a
pound, at tho M. A. W. Drug Storo,
Tbe Ladies' Aid of Mt. Pleasant
Presbyterian Church hold their regular
meeting on Weduosdny afternoon at the
home of Mrs. J. J. G. Thompson, Ninth
uveune corner of Bridge street. After
the business meeting a recept-on to
Mrs. Wilson, wifo of the pastor, was
held. Dniuty refreshments aud ice
ciunni were served,
A fresh supply of Steele Briggs and
Ferry's Seods just opeued up nt the
M. A. W. Drug Storo.
Mr. J. S. McKiuunywasthereceipient
of a vory handsome locket from the
Ladies' Aid of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian
Ohurch on Easier Snnday. The token
was in recognition of the kind and
helpful assistance Mr. McKiuney has
rendered the Ladies' Aid at all times.
Tho manner of presenting the loekit
was dolicato nud uuiquo, it with n sliorl
address was placed inside a gny Easter
egg which was served at Mr. Mcluu
ney's Eastor breakfast.
Tho Stridor Shoes for Men nre pronounced in style, rare in quality and
sujierior iu workmanship, Thoroughly
rcliablo nud contains all that nnybodv
cau givo for $5 00.—R. MILLS, 119
Hastings street, wust.
There was a largo nnd enthusiastic
meeting of Lacrosse dovotees iu Mason's
Hnll on Thursday evening, nud ns a re
suit the Maple Leaf Lacrosse Club of
Vnncouver is organized nud ready to
enter all League schedules. Addresses
wore made by B F. Armstrong, President of the Vnncouver Clnb; R. Mills,
C K. Snoll, R. J. Grant, W. R. Owens,
W. A. Brown, W. Davidson, J. Moran,
G. Morrison mid Rev. G. A. Wilson.
The players snits will probably be
swenters of old-gold with white maple
leaf on the front and blnck punts. Tho
llrst practice will bo hold on Monday
evoniug uext. Tho officers chosen are:
Patron, His Worship Mayor Buscombe;
Honorary Presidents, Altlermnu ,1. Mor
tou nnd Dr. O. A. McGuiro; President,
O. W. Murray ; Vice-Presidents, 1 st R.
Mills, 2d R. J. Grant, 8d O. K. Snell;
Socretary, S. McClay; Treasurer, W. It,
Owons; BlOOUtlVOCommittee, J. Moran,
W. A Brown, W. Duvidson, F Murray,
R. Ravey, G. Morrison; Delegato to the
B.C. A LA., O. W. Murray, R J. Grant,
G. Morrison; Alternates, W. A. Brown,
J. Moran, 0. K. Snell. Tho Seuior
Club may well bo prond of Its officers
for they are all meu of recognized
executive and business ability. Tbe
President, Mr. O. W. Murray, is ono
of the most prominent lacrosse mon of
the city and has worked hard toward
tbe organizing of tho now Senior team.
The Cooke Drug Co. Ltd., are
moving from Hastings street,
aud will open the First OF
NEXT WEEK in the New .Store
comer of Seventh and Westminster avenues, with a full
stock of Drugs, Perfumes and
Toilette Articles. Particular
attention to Prescriptions.
Everything of THE BEST.
are now LQGATED in
 their new and moro commodious promises
threo doors south of their Old Staud.
While thanking thoir Customers for past patronago, they hope with
their Increased Stock and accommodation to secure a still larger
share of same.
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1566.
Branch Offices comer Abbott and Hastings streets. Tel. 2022.
Office Hours: 8 a.m.,  to 9 p.m.;   Sundays 9 a.m.,   to 2 p.m.
A New Scientific Non-irritant
Germicide   and   Prophylactic
For the Scalp.
CURES Dandruff, Falliug Hair
and Prevents Balduess—destroying the Germ or Microbe to
which most Scalp Diseases aro
A Delightful Hair Dressing-
Cools, Refreshesjaud Invigorates.
Stops Itching almost instantly.
Will not Stain or Dyo. Contains
uo Grease.
$1 per Bottle.
'Phone 790.      Free Delivery.
Conservative Club.
WARD V., Committee Rooms—S. Mc-
Olay's Office, junction of Westuiin-
road and nvenuo. Meeting of Workors
overy Monday evoniug,
The Girl's Baud of Willing Helpers of
Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Ohuroh gavo
a Coucert on Easter Monday eveniug, it|
tho church, in aid of the BuildingFnud.
A nice sum was netted and the entertainment was very pleasing.
The six-months-old son "f Mr. end
Mrs. Chns. Rum mel was takeu home
from llie Burrard Sanitarium ou Thursday, after two weeks treatment at the
institution. The baby who was very ill
is uow almost eutircly restored to health
Mr. J. W. Morrison, who recently
arrived here from Minneapolis, has
decided to mnko his home in Vancouver,
and IDs wifo and daughter will arrive
early iu May. Mr. Morrison has taken
a situation with tho Scotland WooluU
Mills Company, Granville streot.
Mr. S. MoOlay expects tn leave  today
for   San   Jose.    Mrs.   McClay's   sister
Miss  Fitzgerald   was   Matron   of   the
lusano Asylum which was destroyod by
earthquake.   No news from her.
Mrs.   J.   Priestman,   2555   Manitoba
street, will recoive on Friday April 27th,
iu    honor   of   her  sister  Mrs.   Chas,
Kendall of Revelstoke, who is visitiug
iu (he city.
Tho Young Mon of St. Michael's
Parish gave a dunce in Mason's Hall on
Tuesday evening, Tho dancing was
kept up till nbout 2 a.m., which was
proof tho affair wns a most enjoyable ouo.
SULPHUR, the finest yet; 15c per
pound, 2-llis for 25c, 10c package; at
tho Mt. PleaBant Drug Storo.
Mrs. W. II, Taylor nnd children left
this week for Enderby, whero Mr.
Taylor has a position in a mill.
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $8,000,000.   Reserves $3.'187.000.
A General Baukiug Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock. 1
W. A. WARD, Sub-Manager.
Central Park, Aprl.l 19, 190(1.
The Holly Club holds its last dauce on
Friday evening April 20th,
Tho Athletic Club inteuds holding a
Concert and Smoker In the Agricultural
Hall ou Friday evening April 27th.
Mr. Phillip Oben has moved into his
now store, and now carries a splendid
stock of groceries, dry goods, etc., at
city prices.
The Central Park Walking Clnb hold
a very pleasnnt picnic at Seymour Creek
on Fridny of last week. Row boats
were chartered for the day and an early
start being made, tho party arrived at
their distinction in time for breakfast
after which a delightful time was spent
in rowing, clam-digging, canoeing,
etc., and very tired aud happy the
yonng people arrived home shortly
after 9 o'clock.
The wedding took place on Wednesday April 18th, at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Williams, Sapperton, of
their only daughter Mary and Rov. J.G.
Reid B. A., pastor of Central Park and
Cedar Cove Presbyterian Churches. Tho
nuptial knot was tied by tho Rev. J. S.
Fresh Biscuits 2-lbs for 25c
New Prunes 4-lbs for 25c
ilo  \Jm   LvLt^
Peas 3 tins for 25c
Tomatoes 3 tins for 25c
2425  Westminster  Ave.
'Phone 322
's Heat flarket
R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
in all kinds of FRESH and Salt Meats. Fresh Vegetables always ji
. Orders solicited from nil parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview. '
Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry in Benson. 11
Dealers in all kinds of Erebh and Salt Meats
on hand
Tel. 21100
Is ii a Matter of Business
WITH YOU that evory dollar you expand for tho GROCERIES yon nse,
should procure the most and the best thnt the market affords?
We are in a position to bny iu quantities that ensure tho lowest prices.   W«
can thon turn round aud sell at the lowest prices.
For Saturday   Selling we have a few particularly good thine*
A limited quantity ol Good Quality Creamery Butter at 25c _
Fine Largo Bananas, in prime condition, 20c dozen.
Schilling's Biking Powder, a well-known article of superior quality, *,% % Un*
rednoed to $1.00 each and 5- lt, tius for $1.75, regalar $8 2ii.
Pickles, pint bottles, regular 25c quality for 20o.
Delivery to Mt. Pleasant each day at 2:80 p. m.
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd*
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 280.
Westminster Ave. & Princess Street.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years aud years experience, aud a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints *p I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd,
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores aud Hotels or
delivered to yonr house.
Don't get the wrong idea!
Because a man denls exclusively in Teas and Coffee that therefore
ho must of course sell oheaper and givo hotter valuo than a man
who combinos Tens aud Coffoo with other lines.—
To prove this Try a Sample order of our Teas and Coffee aud you
will bo convinced that the best valuo is right here at your door.
THIS  WEEK.—Another Shipment of  that Choice Dairy Butter,
 at 25c per pound.
J. P. Nightingale .& CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone  llltiO.
Do You Want to Know
—where to get a Good  Crisp, all bristle,  Tooth
Brush that the bristles will not come out of.
Well we have them.
L_/\ VV , Wants to See Y(
Jj      Fine lino of New Wheels just in.   Anyone prepared to pay Oath can
got Rock-bottom Prioes on tho boBt Bicyelos made.
W. J. Annand,
IOO Hastings street, east.
Tolephoue 1285.
a. I
£***_■**" Bicycle and Automobile
Repairing in all its branches,
Neatly and Promptly done.
£lg*" Subscribers are requested to
report any carelessness in tho delivery
of "The Advocate."
SS,^* Muslin Blouses £2
Styles in
Henderson m the presence of a fow intimate friends. Tho happy couple were
tho recipients of a large nnmber of
beautiful presents. BL'. aud Mrs. Reid
left New Westminster by train for tho
Souud Cities, where the honeymoon
will be spent. On their return they
will reside at Cedur Cove.
I-AWim'OK.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs.
Geo. Latigliton, 8311 Fifteenth avonno,
east, April 10th, a daughter.
McOullough.—Born to Mr and Mrs.
It. A. MoCullongh, Westminster road,
April lflth, a sou.
By  properly  adjusted    glasses   Dr,
Howell at the Burrard Sanitarium Ltd.,
relieves eye strain   which   onuses head.
neho and othor nervous troubles
Tne ball given by the Mt. Pleasant
^—iple Leaf Lacrosse Club on Monday
eveuing was attouded by about eighty
couples, in tlio Oddfellows' Hall. Daueiug was kept up till tho early hours of
mOrning, to the sweet musio of
Harpur's Orohestra, Refreshments
wero served about Ulibuight. The coin-
mittoe to whose unliving efforts the
BUOOess of thi function is due consisted
of Messrs. C. W. Murray, J. Moran, J.
Moran, J. Murtiu, G Morrison, R.
Mills, S. McClay, JH. W. Howes and
W. Davidson.
Blouses, mado of flue white lawn, box pleated and pin tucked, ouffs
nod collar pin tucked ; salo price $1.25.
! 1 uses, made of flue lawn, front pin tucked nud embroidery  insertioned, deep cuff tucked buck and collar tucked: salo price $1.25.
Blouse, made of fancy light groy waisting,  tucked buck aud front
and trimmed with straps of self and buttons; side price **1.25.
Blouses, made Of plain liueu,  fancy embroidered front;  collar aud
cutis embroidered; snlo price t8.25.'
ADAQQ ,t  CCt      30, 32 nnd m Cordova St.
•   kWJJeJ *k*_  W., Telephone 574.
x %*V«^*, '«.'»/%'%'•*/%. -%/"V"t/*as <%%, "iSA- -*A*VK> -*_> -a- -v»vw"*>-w^
Rond Mrs. Merkloy's advertisment on
-lth page, of special interest to women.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look ovor tho advertisements iu the
I      ' '
For Views
—of Indians,
—of the Fnr North,
—=of the Rocky Mountains,
—of Ranching,
—of Dog Traius,
—of Stanloy Park,
565 Granville street.
Telephone 901.
Lndies'and Children's plain sowing
neatly and well (lone, Mrs, Utillrii, DJ.40
Westminster avonno,
Mrs.   II.  P   Thompson   returned  on
Weduesday from  Viotoria, when slie
spent the Easter holidays.
Mr.  aud Mrs.  T.  11.    McKay  huve
moved from Fairview to 8581) Ontario
Tho very lutost styles iu Canadian
and American makes and deslgus In
Winter Shoes for Meu."Women uml
Children nt R. MILLS, the Shoeman,
111) Hustings stri eta, west.
60 Hustings Street, West. Vancouvpr,
b a
( Write for Catalogue.)
A SPECIAL OFFER, El 3 All lor 23ot
l'_ P—IkaMI ot Lcddltif. VcRetidilr-- Kiel PlnWSrfl lor 38c -(mien. Cucumber, Beet,
Lettuce, Carrot end usdisal Aslerp, Sweet M'.tfiinncttc Puns}-, Ivttinia, Sweat
feu and Wild Unplnn.
Wm. Rennie Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.
on in:it
We have received direct from
Paris, France, (personally
selected by Mr. Trorey on his
European trip) a vory handsome collection LADIES'
Thoy are iu the fashionable
New Spring Colors, ami
many smart new ideas have
1 bo:-e u.1-1 ill accessories to a
lady's street toilette.
Tho prices from *6 np.
Corner Hastings aud Granville Ste.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R.
Royal Crown
Till- BESI W 1111. W OBI D    Prop
ns a post card asking   for   n
Catalogue of Premiums to be
had    free    for   EtOYAIi  Cieiws
.'.l" Wn ' -" :
\   We can save money for vou!
I     Fancy Toilet Sets from $2 a set up.
t,     See our Stock PATTERN Dinner Ware—we have
tv     a large selection to choose from.
Get Our Prices
 on  Enamel, Tin and Wooden ware.
Buchanan & Edwards
662 664 Granville St. 'Phone 2021.
K******0000000000**00 *4 - 0011000000*40*000004
- and Shoomaklng
and Hopalrlno ll""1' Hl
Peters' Hoot & Shoe Store
, .', Westminster avenue.
For a Ganxo of
Pool or Billiards
Crop In al
Mt. Ptoaoanl.
Catsup, 2 bottles. 25c
Upton's Pickles 25c a bottle
No. 1 Potatoes $1.25
per sack.
McKinnon & Gow,
I-III Ninlh An. Opposite No 8 Fire Hull
Telephone nil-.*! Prompt delivery.
Tb" ,Hiv> ih::.: of tie- handsome (,H:(eu
Victoria memorial erected hy tho school
ohlldren of the city on May 24th. It is
planned to have a chorus composed of
several bundled children to take part in
Iho exercises connected with the unveiling eeretnoni—, The memorial is
now oomplotc, but a balanoe of $1701x1
is still wanting to the OOSt, which totals
al   ai . 1  •■■! .  n.arly  nil  of  which  has
been raised by tbo school ohlldren of
thn city.
Bend the Now York Dental Bailors
ndvorth.emciit in ttllvpapur, then go tn
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Changes for sdvartw incuts should be
lu before Thursday norm tO  insuro their
Lawn Grass Seeds
t lour and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry aud Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Beefscraps, Eto.
S    If PITH  Corner    NINTH imn   *
.   rvl-llll   WESTMINSTER ROAD.
I• I, i-lmnc _1S37.	
The Canadian
Bank0K Commerce
Deposit* of OHB I )• >t i.aii  aud  upwards
received and interest nllowod thereon.
Bank Money Orders issued.
A General Baukiug Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. m. to 8 p. m
SATmtn.ivs: 10 a.m. to ISm., 7 to8p.m.
East End Branch
■114 WestmluRiCr
DO IT NOW !-If not already a Bub.
seriber lo "Tho Advocate" become oo%
now.   Only $1 for 12 mouths. THE ADVOCATE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
,m-f-*--f-f-*-f^-t*-e-*4-^4-4--r**-A^0-*-f*t*ft ** *■> f lltttttm
| Linked by Fate j!
- »
Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage   ;;
of Hate,"' "Nell of Shorne Mills/' "Paid :.
For," " A Modern Juliet," Etc ;;
E.+ H » fr ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ +++■»+++++♦+-»-*•+♦ ♦♦♦.♦♦ +"»•»■»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦»»*
Continued from last week.
11 was more tnnn a pleasant dinner, for Lady Fanworthy made it. a
charmiog one. In -spile of himself
Julian was drawn within the circle
of the spell of her brilliant eyes, and
the clear, low voico In which sbo
said the wittiest things with the air
of an innocent girl,
"We won't let. you go all nlone to
that Madame Tussaud of a drawiiig-
room, Lady Fanworthy," Vano snid
when the dessert wns over. "We'll
go into the muatc-room. Julian hero
is a Tip-top performer, Send the
coffeo in there, please, will yon,
Prance? You won't mind our cigarettes, I know,  Lndy Fanworthy."
"Not if you give tno one for myself,"  she said.
Vano led her, with a certain courtesy which he did not usually display, to tbe easiest of the chairs,
and, when the cigarettes were smoked, took Julian by the arms and
gently pushed hiin towards the
"Sing us that thing you sang to
mo at your rooms, will you?" ho
said; nnd lie went and seated himself
ln a low chair beside Lady Fan-
worthy's, and with his arms folded
behind his head listened with half
closed eyes; he wns back on the island again, bo sure.
Julian sang three songs in response
to Lord Fanwortby's eager murmur
of admiration nnd delight and Vane's
almost proprietorial "Go on Julian!"
The light from the shaded candles
fell full on the performer's dark face,
and Lady Fanworthy watched it
"Julian's a regular nightingale,
isn't he?" said Vano in a low voice.
"Isn't it a lioe voice?"
The old lady withdrew her eyes
"Yes," she snid "He is very good
looking, and has a fine voice, and
quite pretty manners. Did you ever
see the black panther at tho Zoo,
Vano stored at her,   then laughed.
"The  black     panther    when   it    is
asleep,   or has just been fed and   is
purring and licking itself."
Vano colored with moinentnry annoyance; then ho laughed ngnin.
'This is tho first time I have ever
known you to be—unjust and hard,"
he said in a low voice.
ine oriiunnt eyes regarded him
steadily, gravely.
'IHow do you know that I am—unjust and hard now?" sbe asked, with
a slight Imitation of his voice.
Vano moved with a gesture of impatience and deprecation.
1'IIe's too good a follow, is Julian,
to be compared to a tiger," he said.
"Panther, I said," retorted Lady
Fanworthy, sweetly. "And a black
ono. Thank you so very much, Mr.
Shore. Y'ou have a charming voice
charming. Godfrey, we must not rob
these young people of their beauty
sleep; it is late."
Lord Fanworthy was glowing all
over with satisfaction as they drove
"Splendid thing for tho county,
Vane's succession. I'll get bim to
take tho hounds! And I say, Emily,
what a delightful young fellow this
Julian Shore is, eh?"
"Delightful," responded Lady Fan-
worthy; but as she spoke she looked
at her radiant husband with the tender pity with which the clever wifo
tolerates the spouse whom she loves
notwithstanding bis duller intelligence.
"Thero go the happiest pair I ever
met," remarked Vane, ns the two
men sat in their smoking jackets in
the billiard roam.
"They seem devoted to each other," said Julian. "I suppose the
man who said that marriages were
made ln Heaven must have had such
a couple in bis mind."
"Marriages are made in Heaven,
but they smuggle a very fair counterfeit from quite another place,"
observed Vane, absently. "How is it
you never married, Julian?" As tlie
question left his lips he would huve
liko to have checked it, for the subject was a sore one for him; but tbe
question was asked, and lio waited
for the answer,
Julian knocked Iho ash from the
cigarette and looked before him under his dropping lids.
"I don't know," ho replied, as if
he himself were wondering. "I suppose It ls bocauso I havo never seen
tho woman 1 wanted to mako iny
"You hnvo never been in—love?"
asked Vnne, though ho could have
kicked himself for the bnnulily of tbo
"No,"   said   Julian,   after   another
pause.   "No, I supposa not!"
Vano laughed grimly.
"Yon suppose not," ho said.    "You
certainly have   not,   or you'd    havo
known it.   Ded?   Right I"
Julian went to bis room, but it
was so.no time boforo ho went to bed.
It wn.i a moonlight night, and he
leaned against the window und looked at, tho park, and the hills boyoud,
tho land that represented to some
small extent tho vast wealth into
which his cousin bad como; looked ut
it with an expression in his eyes
which, if sho could havo seen it,
would havo justified Lady Fan-
worthy's comparison,
- But it wns not tho blnck panther
asleep, or placidly satisfied and purring. There was n hungry, real less
look in tho dark eyes, and the white,
even toeth gleamed as the lips closed
and unclosed with a nervous movement.
They stayed threo days at the
Court, and dining tho whole of that
time Vane treated Julian as the heir
and "did him honor," as tlie significant old phrase bus It; so Unit lie
servants, oven Mr. Holland, caine to
regard Mr. Julian Shore us almost
of equal Importance to the carl hini-
llcforo they storied to return to
London, Julian gnve orders for tho
cleaning nnd doing up of the Wizard's Room .ind, at Vane's suggestion, oven Instructed a mason to alter tho fireplace.
They reached London just beforo
tea-tlmo, and Vano suddenly remembering his _ron_ise to  Judith Orme,
"Engaged this afternoon, Julian?'"
Julian replied iu the negative.
"Well, then, come with me to call
on a lady,  will you?"
It would be as well, if he wore
going to call on Judith, that he
should make the visit as conventional and void of significance as possible by taking a friend with him.
A year ago tho proposal of a tete-a-
tete with Judith Orine would havo
set his heart beating; but now—
Thero is safety in numbers, though
il bo only two.
"Who is it?" asked Julian.
"Miss Ormo," replied Vane.
"Tho Miss Ormo?"
Vano nodded. "The very Miss
Ormo," ho assented. You know her?"
"No; I have not even seen her,"
said Julian; "but, of course, I havo
heard of her;  who hasn't?"
"Who, indeed?" said Vane, drily.
A neat maid-servant admitted them
and took them upstairs.
Judith was seated at the piano,
but at the sound of Vane's name—ho
had not given Julian's—she rose
quickly. But at sight of Julinn she
paused in her advance and tho color
of resentment roso to her beautiful
face. It was there only for an instant, the next she camo forward
with outstretched hand, her sapphire
eyes smiling, her lips hnlf parted.
"How do you do, Lord Lesborough? Did you meet my father? Ho
has only just gone out. I'm so sorry!"
"I've brought my cousin, Mr. Julian Shore," said Vano.
Tho smilo shone on him, and her
hand went out to him, and as Julian took it, ho drew a long breath
nnd raised bis lids slowly, as a man
does who is trying to hide somo
deep, intense emotion.
What had happened to him? A moment or two ago, before bo had entered tho room, he had been master
of himself, sole possessor of his soul.
And now. His dark eyes sought tho
lovely face, and all the world seemed
to stand still, as if. it wero gazing
with him and listening with him to
the exquisite voice, so low and sweet,
so full of music, so sad, and yet
with a Bubtle suggestion of tenderness and passion.
He throw his head up as if he were
trying to throw off the impression,
the spell, under which he had fallen
as suddenly, as helplessly as if he
bad been mesmerized.
"We'vo just come from the Court,"
Vano was saying in cool, conventional tones. "Mr. Shore and I have been
playing Bachelor Hall there."
She turned her eyes to Julian and
smiled, and ho felt a thrill, tho
thrill of a sudden passion which
sways a man as a reed is swayed by
the wind, tho passion against whoso
tyranny the strongest man is as
weak as the veriest babe. Unconsciously ho moistened his lips with
his tonguo for tho power of speech
seemed to have deserted him.
"My first visit," ho said, scarcely
knowing what he said.
That was all, just tho ono word;
but in Julian Shore's cars it was
like a note of heavenly music.
Nina had, at last, found her good
"To think of your finding tho way
to tho very street, and me just driving up at the very moment!" Polly
exclaimed tho next morning with infinite satisfaction. "That's what they
call tho long arm of coincidence,
isn't it? Anyhow, whatever it was,
I'm jolly glad. You look better after
your night's rest, dear, and as beautiful as ever. What luck for mc that
I haven't gone to the Provinces! Mr.
Hnrcourt's taken a London theatre.
The Momus, you know, and 'My
Lady's Pride' ls going strong. Now,
do try to eat some breakfast, there's
a dear, good girl! And don't sigh sol
You're safe and with a friend—if you
don't mind having mo for one."
Nina tried to express her gratitude, but Polly waved it aside with
tho hand in which sho held her
needle; sho was hard at work trimming a hat.
"Don't you talk like that, Miss
Wood; and you wouldn't If you knew
how proud I was to have you hero.
Why, too, didn't you seo that I'd
taken a fancy to you on board tho
ship? I'vo thought of you ever so
many times sinco, and wondered
what had become of you and whether we should ovor moot ugain. Bother
this feather; It won't go right I And
now you're actunlly sitting there—
and going to sit thoro, leastways
stop hart with mo for a long time—
for always, If you like. But, lor'
bless mo, I know that's nonsense.
You'll bo off to your friends directly
and forget nil about Polly Bainford
—no, I don't mean thatl You're not
tho sort to forget."
"No, I shall not forgot you and
your groat kindness, Polly," said
Nina. "Won't you call me Declma,
Polly Jumped up to the Infinite peril of the hat, and kissed hor.
"Of coursu I will! I've been dying
to do so, but I thought you wouldn't
liko it. You seo you're a swell, a
lady, ond I'm only a poor girl.'1
Nina sighed woefully.
"You cannot bo bo poor nB I, or
so friendless," sho said. "I haven't a
penny In the world, or a friend—"
Polly jumped up again, and taking
an old tobacco jnr from the mantelshelf emptied its contents on tho
"You've half ot that, anyhow,"
sho said, emphatically, "and you've
got ono friend, nt any rate. There,
don't cry"—for Nina's eyes had filled with tears. "Thero's nothing to
cry about in being poor. If I
haven't been quite without a penny,
I've been pretty near It. Something
always turns up just when things aro
at their worst. Thero's a kind of
luck, chance, in it. It's always just
when you .think you're going under
that n friendly wavo curries you on
shore. I'm your friendly wavo."
"Yes, Indeed!" nnid Nina. "But,
Polly, dear, I could not bo a burden
to you. I cannot Btny and bo a ding
bn you. I must find some work—"
she sighed bitterly. "Mow easy it is
to say that, but how difficult It Is to
(Ind the work!"
She  euve  l'ollv an  account  id   hi"
experiences'    with    tho    ag*—ifsl,    ana
Polly snorted wratlil'ully.
"I should like to punch that young
boundor's head!" she said. "The colossal i_pudenco ho must have had!
To think that you'd bo seen out with
him! But there are plenty of things
you can do. Let mo see. You wouldn't
for instance, Uku the profession, 1
"What is the profession?" asked
Nina, eagerly.
"Why, the theatrical—mine—ours!"
replied Polly with surprise. "Don't
you know thut it's the only profession worth speaking about?"
Nina shook her head and smiled.
"I'm afraid I've no talent for the
stage," she said. "And—and I don't
think I should  like it."
"Really?" suid Polly with a surprise that wns flattering to the dra-
motic profession. "That's a pity, for
you're cut out for it. Such a face
end figure! Oh, you may smile; but
in my opinion you're one of the
prettiest girls I've met; and Mr.
Harcourt would agree with mo if he
saw you. Well, of ull the stupid
hats! And yet I thought I'd got the
one I saw in the window quito fixed
in my mind. 1 went in nnd bought
the materials; you sn; you get the
hat so much cheaper if you trim it
yourself, lint I suppose I'vo forgotten Just how the trimming went."
She put the hat on her head, nud,
surveying herself in the glass, uttered un exclamation! of impatient disgust and made a grimnce at herself
in ihe mirror, "1 wouldn't be seen
dead  in  a ditch with it!"
"Let tne look nt it. Give it to me.
Mnv I try?" snid Nine.
Undor a Fly's Wins.
One of the Nuremberg toy—alters Inclosed ln a cherry stone which was exhibited at the French Crystal palace a
plan of Sevastopol, a railway station
and the "Messiah" of Klopstock. In
more remote times nn account ls given
af an Ivory chariot, constructed by
Mermecldes, which was so small that a
ay could cover it with his wing; also a
ship of the same material which could
Ue hidden under the wing of a bee.
Pliny, tqo, tells us tbat Homer's
"Iliad," with Its 15,000 verses, was
written In so small a space as to be
contained In a nutshell, while Elian
mentions an artist who wrote a distich lu letters of gold which he inclosed
In the rind of a kernel of corn. But the
Harleiu manuscript mentions a greatei
curiosity than any of llie above, it being nothing more or less than the Bible
written by one Peter Bales, a chancery
clerk, in so small a book that lt could
be Inclosed In the shell of an English
Handle  Work With  Glovea.
"I hope," said the woman who was
ordering a pair of slippers made of
flowered satin, "tbat you will tell your
workman to wash his hands before he
begins to make these up."
"Wash his hands!" repeated the clerk.
"Wby, madam, be never will touch
these with his bare bands!"
Then the clerk explained that all
workmen employed In making slippers
of light colors worked with white
gloves on.
"Try to keep them clean!" he continued. "I .should say they did. They
try' so hard that they change tbelr
white gloves three times a day." Which
ls not so fantastic as it may seem, for
lf a shoemaker soils material of this
kind the expense to him of replacing
the material, to say nothing of the loss
of his time, makes it worth his while
to work ln gloves and keep them clean
at that
The Smelt.
It Is tbo opinion of the true gourmet
that of all marine pan fish there Is none
to compare with the smelt (Osmerus
mordax). Tbls primary rauk Is Its own.
by reason of its delicacy and delicious
flavor, and when fried a light brown In
very flno breadcrumbs und served with
molted butter thure Is none that disputes Its pre-eminence. Ms delightful
flavor, however, as well ns Its peculiar
odor, ls evanescent. Llko the mackerel,
It cannot be too fresh. It Is from Its
odor that tho smelt derives not only Its
familiar but Latin name, an odor so aggressive of sliced cucumbers that If Its
presence be manifested only to the
sense of smell people are often deluded
Into such supposition. This odor Is not
marked eicept In the freshly caught
fish and disappears lu tho cooking, giving place, however, to a fitting resurrection of the smelt to an olfactory
sense still more savory and delightful.
"Iliile   Hi Kiliuiln."
"Rule Britannia" is usually credited
to James Thomson. It first appeared
ln a play entitled "Alfred," by Thomson and Mallet, In 1740. The air was
by Dr. Thomas Amo.
hows mis?
W. off.r Ono 11,iti.1,*--! Dollnrs Itowuril for nny
.(iso of t'.tiirrli tlutt rnnnot lio cnre'l by Hall's 0.1
arrh Cur.,   P. J. CHENEY .'. CO.. Toledo, 0.
We, Die uiul.rsluneil,  I mn Knuun  l1'. ,T.   Oheu.r
for tli. lost  IS }o.rs, nnil li.ll.ve tilm perloctl, hns.
or.bl. In .11 liusinoHS trsnsn.tlons sgiil llnnn. Ull.
ablo tu carry out any nblluiitlons made by his Arm.
Waliuno.   Kihnan  A  . Ultviri.
Wholosulo Drug-lists, Toledo, 0.
n.ll's Catarrh Cur. Is tak.n Internally, acting-
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces ot th.
sy.tsiu. Testimonials ssnt fr... Vrlo. 71., psr
bottlo.    Sold by all Druggist..
Take Hall'. Family fills for oenstlpaltaa.
A Universal Cnstom.
Present giving on  Christmas day Is
genernl throughout the world.
Turmeric is extracted from n plant
which Is native In many parts of the
east and grows particularly well ln
Indln, Cochin China, Slam, Ceylon nnd
the Philippine Islands.
Niix  Vomica.
Nux   vomica   is   prepared   from   thr
seeds of a tree llmt grows In nbundanc"
hi India, the IOast Indies and Ceyiou.
Gunner—What's all the excitement?
Guyer—Man run dOwn by nn auto,
and they enn't find anything to carry
him on.
Gunner—H'm! Wltb nil those rubbers It should be no trouble to flud a
stretcher.—Chicago News.
No   AiiM.vcr.
"Poets are bom, sir," said the bard to
tho editor.
"Yes, I know they weren't hatched
from duck eggs," said the editor, "but
Iho question Is, why aro they boru?"-
Clevelaud Leader.
Dear Mother
Your little one. ere a com.ant care in
Fall and Winter weather. Thev will
eetch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'i
Consumption Cum, the Lung Tonic, and
what it hex done (or » many ? It is said
to be the only lettable remedy for aU
diseases of llie air passage, in children.
llis absolutely harmless and ploasant to
take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money
ii returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,
and all dealers ia medidne sell 3,4
This remedy should be io every household.
Eight warships will    he    added    to
the North Sea force.
If the world were birdless a naturalist declares, man could not inhabit
it after nine years' time, in spite of
all the sprays and poisons that could
be manufactured for the destruction
of insects. The insects and slugs
would simply eat all the orchards and
crops by that time.
-qsider.  Tlmt  Chans*  Colore,
An Interesting Instance of color £,-____
icry ln spiders has been observed ln
the south of France. The spiders of
that region wben ln search of prey
hide in tbe convolvulus flowers. It
has been noticed that a white variety
of spider frequented the wblto flowers.
A greenish colored variety made ths
green flowers bis home, and a pink one
livad principally lu the pink flowers.
The colors of the three varieties were
at flrst supposed to bs permanent, but
lt has recently been discovered that the
color of any one of these spiders
changes within a few days if the Insect be placed In the convolvulus of a
different colored flower from _?t which
he bas been using as his home. Four
spiders—pink, white, green and yellow
in color—wero all put ln a box together,
and within three days all were white.
The Girl He Left Behind.
There ls a public library ln Baltimore that has a regulation by which
auy member wanting a particular book
which ls not "In" can by paying a
smnll sum secure tha next turn, and
upon the book's coming in tbe librarian
sends him a notification.
In this connection an attache of the
library tells of an amusing Incident. A
member desired a copy of a novel entitled "The Girl He Left Behind Him."
The book not being ln, he made the
customary deposit and ln due course
received a notification. This the member's wife received—to ber alarm, at
first—for it rend ns follows;
"Mr. Blank ls informed that 'The Girl
He Left Behind Him' is now lu the library and will be kept for him till
Friday morning next."—Success Magazine.
Canadian Society Dinner. ,    »
London.—In proposing the toast,
"Canada." at the Csna'ian Society
dinner, fiamar Greonwgod, who presided, announoed that three matters
of Canadian interest would receive
early attention by the new government. Tliey would be tlie oottle embargo, the deceased wife's sister's
bill, and a reduction of the postage
on British publications to Canada.
Ladies were present for the first time.
The speakers to the usual toasts were
W. T. R. Preston, Wm. Black, Halifax, Dr. O'Reilly, Toronto J. H.
Thorold, Roy Somerville, Dr. Bayncs
aud Maurice Egan.
Where Doctors do agreel—Physicians
no longer consider lt catering to "quack-
ery" ln recommending ln practice so
meritorious a remedy for Indigestion,
Dyspepsia and Nervousness as South
American Nervine. They realize that It
Is a step In advance ln medical science
and a sure and permanent cure for die-
eases of the stomach. It will oure you.
Pessimistic rumors concerning the
Algeciras conference uie not credited
111 France.
The Sliver Lining.
The situation ls seldom quite as bad
as lt might be. Happy is tbo spirit
that recognizes this truth and takes
somfort to Itself lu the thought of what
ls spared. The Irishman whose tale of
calamity ls related ln the Birmingham
(England) Poet belongs to this choice
class of fortunatea.
Cassldy had just been Injured ln a
"Poor b'yl" exclaimed O'Hara consolingly. " 'Tis tough luck to have yer
hand blowed off."
"Ochl Faith, lt might have been
worse," replied Cassldy. "Suppose Ol'd
had me week's wages iu lt at the
PalTerlaed Diamond.
According to tbe Mohammedans of
southern India, pulverized diamond is
tho least painful, the most active and
tha most certain of all poisons. According to "Wllke's History," the powder of diamonds ls kept on hand (by
the wealthy only presumably) us a last
resource. But a belief ln the poisonous character of the diamond also existed ln Italy in tbe sixteenth century.
Yellow Fever.
There ls a marked peculiarity about
yellow fever which distinguishes it
from most epidemics. It is .essentially
a disease of a hot climate, and lt takes
a certain amount aud duration of heat
to awakeu lt to life. It ls said that it
can never prevail where Indian corn
will not ripen.
The Poor Foeta.
"Poets aro born, sir," said the bard
to the editor. »
"Yes, I know they wereu't hatched
from duck eggs," answered the editor.
"But the question Is, Wby ara they
Convincing  Proof That Cure Was Permanent-in Five Years   the
Patient  Has Had no Relapse—Pacts in  a Remarkable Case
Substantiated by Sworn Statements.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are not a
patent medicine, but the prescription
of a physician, placed on salo with
full directions lor use under n trade
mark that is a irtiarantee . of their
genuineness to every purchaser. Thoy
contain no stimulant, opiate or narcotic, and while they have cured
thousands have never injured anybody. To show that cures affected
by this remedy are really permanent
and lasting we recently investigated
the case of llr. Frank A. Means, oi
Reedsville, Mifflin County, Pa. Mr.
Moans lias been an older in the
Reedsville Presbyterian ohuroh lot
many yenrs, has served three years
as county commissioner and as school
director for nine years. Ho wos afflicted with creeping paralysis, losing
the entire use of tho lower half of his
body, and for a year was a helpless
invalid, confined to llis bod with no
power or feeling in either leg, and
physicians liad given him up as hopeless. Mr. Means was cured by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills und his testimonial was printed livo years ago as
"I had the grip for four winters
and as a result iny nerves broke
down. 1 lost the entire use of tlie
lower half of my body. My stomach,
liver, kidneys, heart and head were
never affected, but the paralyzed condition of tho lower part ol the body
affected my bladder and bowels. For
a wholo year J lay in bed perfectly
helpless with no power in either limb
ami the feeling gone so that 1
couldn't feel a pin run into my legs
at all. 1 couldn't turn over in bed
without help. To move nie a pulley
was rigged up on tho ceiling and a
windlass on tlie floor.
Dining two years nf my affliction
I hud six different doctors, but none
ol them guve mo nny relief. A specialist from Philadelphia treated me
for three months hut ho was of no
benefit to inc. These doctors . gave
me up and suid it was only a ijuos-
tion of a few weeks with nie as noth-
tuoro could bo done. After tne
physicians had given 1110 up, a friend
sent me a pamphlet, containing
statements of two men who had been
afflicted something liko me and who
had been cured by the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. 1 began taking
them nt once and although my improvement was slow it was certain.
Now I can walk most of tho time
without a cane and everybody around
here thinks it is a miracle that I can
get about us I do. Your pills have
certainly been a God-send to me.
Within tlie lust threo years I have
answered dozens of letters from invalids who had heard of my caso and
who asked me if it was true that 1
had been cured hy Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. I hnve told them ull thnt
this remedy cured me and I am glad
of this opportunity of telling about
my caso so that others may find relief ns I. have done."
Signed, F.   A.  MEANS.
Subscribed nnd sworn to belore me
this 17th day of April, 1901.
Notary   Public.
One day recently Mr. Means wnf
visited  at  his  hundsome    homo  over
looking the valley of Honey Creek,
near Reedsville, where ho made the
following stateinent:
"Beforo 1 began taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills 1 had been treated
for a long time by my home doctoi
who pronounced my trouble creeping
paralysis. I always believed that t<
lie my trouble and I do yet believe
so. I had also spe'nt five weeks ii
the University Hospital in Philadelphia without tho treatment benefit1
ing ine and had returned homo ti
die. I began taking _r. Williams'
Pink Pills in 181)7, but did not givi
a stateinent of my case for publication
until I was sure that I wns cured.
Alter returning from the hospital 1
did not tako any o...er medicine for
niy trouble and I owe it to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and 10 them alone
that I am able to bo about to-day.
Since my cure, as related in mj
statement of April 17, i^ —, 1 have
never suffered any relapse nor had
occasion to employ a physician except
for minor troubles such as coughs,
colds, etc. I endorse Dr. Williams1
Pink Pills as fully and heartily today ns 1 did live years ago."
Signed, PRANK A. mEANS.
Subscribed  anil  sworn  to  before me
this 22nd day of January,  Willi.
Justice of tlie Pence.
Justice Kohler, ol Reedsvillo, before whom the above affidavit was
made, voluntarily gavo and signed
tlie following statement:
"1 bave personally known Mr.
Frank A. Means for the past forty-
livo years and know that any statement he makes is entirely reliable. 1
personally visited him when he wns
confined to bed autl utterly helpless,
1 now sec him daily und ..now him
to be in ns good health as most men
of his age."
Mi Daniel W. Reynolds, postmaster at Reedsvillo, Pa., stated that he
had received many inquiries from all
parts of the country concerning Mr.
Means' marvellous cure, and he
cheerfully ndded his confirmation oi
the tritll  as  follows:
"I certify that the facts stated in
tho testimonial of Mr. Frank A.
Means arc absolutely true. I knew
him when ho wns unable to move and
I see him every day now on the
streets nnd in my offico."
Hero is ovidonco that must convince tho most skeptical. But because many of the cures accomplished
by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are so
marvellous ns to chnllengo belief, the
following offer is mndo:
$5000 REWARD—The Dr. Williams
Medicine Company will pay the sum
of Five Thousand Dollars for proof of
fraud on its part In the publication of
the foregoing testimonial.
No sntferer from paralysis, locomotor ataxia, St. Vitus' dance or any
of the lesser nervous disorders can
ntford to no longer neglect to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, the great blood
builder nnd nervo tonic. Sold by all
druggists or sent by mail on recoipt
of price, 50 cents per box ; six boxes
for $2,130, by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Broc'-villo, Ont,
Absolutely white flour makes the most
beautiful white bread—the kind we all like.
But white bread is not necessarily pure
because it is white. To be pure it must be
made from purified flour.
There is only one method of making
flour absolutely pure, and that is by electricity. No impurity can withstand the
searching, purifying work of this electrical
The electrical method is employed by
every big mill in the United States.
In Canada the only flour purified by
electricity is
Royal Household Flour
therefore  it is the only flour  that can be
considered as absolutely pure.
Say " Ogilvie's Royal Household" to
your grocer—he'll do the rest.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Limited,
'Ogilvie's Book for a Cook," contains 130
pages of excellent recipes, some never before
published. Your grocer can tell you how to
get it FREE, 2
The statist in London advises securing President Roosevelt's uid in the
Moroccan conference.
Shares aro being offered in England by the Western Canada Land
oompa'ny, which acquired 500,000 acres near Edmonton.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Colds, etc.
Princess Ena's wedding to King Alfonso will tnke place ill the church ol
San Fornino, Madrid.
It is easier to prevent than it is to
cure. Inflammation of the lungs is
the companion of neglected colds
and once it finds a lodgement ln the
system lt Is difficult to deal with.
Treatment wltii Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup will eradicate the
cold and prevent inflaminntlon from
setting ln. It costs little, and ls as
satisfactory as lt ls surprising in Its
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Diphtheria.
Japan has decided to reduce the army and navy expenditure    by 2,500,-
A Good Name ls to be Prized.—
There have been imitations of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil whicll may
have been Injurious to its good name,
but If so, the Injury has only been
temporary. Goodness must always
come to the front and throw Into the
shadow that which Is worthless. So
it has been with Eclectrlc Oil; no imitation can maintain Itself against
the genuine article.
The rumor thnt Americans hnve
gained rights to construct railways
in Russia is denied.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Some time ago I had a bad attack
of Qulnzy whicll laid me up for two
weeks and cost a lot of money.
Finding the lump agnln forming In
my throat I bathed freelv with
MINARD'S LINIMENT, and saturating a cloth with the liniment left lt
on nil night.
Next   morning   tho    swelling   wns
gone and I attributed the warding off
of an attack of Qulnzy to the free uso
St. John. G.F.WOHDEN.
Inritrlxed the Astronomer.
Dr. Flamsteed, who was astronomer
royal ln Newton's time, was rather tickled by the belief of his neighbors ln
his powers of consulting the stars
about terrestrial affairs. An old washerwoman ut Greenwich who had been
robbed of her linen came to consult
him about Its rocovcry. So he set about
drawing squares and circles and suggested that if she went Into a certain
field he would not be surprised lf she
found ber lost linen in a ditch. But
when she came back "with haste and
Joy" and a hnlf crown in her hand for
his fee he was not ouly very much surprised, but alarmed. "Good woman,"
he said, "I am heartily glnd you huve
found your linen, but I assure you I
knew nothing of It and intended to
read you a lecture on the folly of applying to any person to know events
not ln human power to tell, but I see
Satan has a mind I should deal wltb
him, and never will I attempt such an
affair again so long as I live."
Tho highest compact we cnn make
with our fellow Is, let there be truth
between us forevermore.—Emerson.
The Furbelow.
The furbelow wns nt first separate
from the dress and a distinct article of
The "Almighty  Dollnr."
The phrase "almighty dollar" was
flrst used, so fnr ns known, by Washington Irving. It has since passed Into
general employment to Indicate the worship of wealth, both tn this country and
In England.
Good health makes good na-
! ttirc. If everyone had a sound
I stomach there would be no pessimists in the world. Do not
allow a weak stomach or a bad
liver to rob you of the joy of
living.   Take
and the world laughs with you.
No need then for rose-colored
glasses. Beecham's Pills start
health vibrations to all parts of
the body, while putting a ruddy
tint on lips and cheeks. There's
health in every box. Health for
every man, woman and child.
Beecham's Pills
Show How
Sold I'.verywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
The Victoria government 3 1/2 ' per
cent loan of £16,000,000 sterling, has
been floated in London.
The Royal Astronomical Society hus
awarded a gold medal to Prof. Camp-
hell of California.
• _ ff
— " Psvchine " is a wonderful
tonic. It contains medicinal
elements not found in any of the
patent medicines. "Psychine"
Is a regular practicing physician's
formula. A tonic for weak people,
for men of business worries, for the
tired mother, the pale, languid
girl. Young girls just budding into
womanhood ; elderly people who
feel that weakness due to old ago
find it a remedy they cannot do
without. It restores vitality, creates rich, new blood, removes all,
impurities, strengthens the nerves.,'
If you need a trial ask druggist for
DR T. A. slocum, Limited
17S Kln_tat.W.    Toronto, C.nxutm.
ViV    M    U
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
Editor  of  the Times,  Brandon,   Man.
The causes that influence a mau in
the selection of his life occupation
are many and various. Personal Inclination is often neutralized by many
Other considerations of 'ininieiliute economic necessity, hut, in the main,
a man's occupation resembles liis
character, in that it is the product of
heredity, education and environment.
There 'is in humankind an insensible,
but well nigh irresistible, tendency to
keep on doing the things with which
one has long been identified or associated. "The nature becomes subdued to what it works in, like the
dyer's hand", as Shakespeare noted
centuries ago, and it takes strong influences to force a break-away from
Ideas, ideals and conditions and habits of life and work, with which a man
has for years been closely connected.
The unwisdom and the increased
risks assumed by those determined
to make a change in their modes of
life or conditions of livelihood have
long since become proverbial. "Let
the shoemaker stick to his last." says
the homely English proverb, und human experience ls strewn thick wilh
the wrecks of once promising and
successful careers, clearly traceable
to the neglect or defiance of this elementary business principle. The
cases of men making a marked success of totally new occupations entered on, in or afior middle life are
rare. Western Canadian journalism
can show some examples, but the overwhelming bum of evidence points
In the other direction.
In tho case oi un established bttsi-
noss, the chances are strong that
some member of the proprietor's family will bo trained and equipped so as
to carry lt on In the event of the
death or retirement of the owner. Every city has Its examples of families
that for generations have been in the
same business or profession. And,
as there have been generations of
lawyers, and merehanis and divines,
so there have been generations of
newspaper men. The mantle of the
father has fallen on the son, and the
traditions of policy have thereby persisted through many years.
Western Canadian journalism is too
young to furnish many examples of
the editorial pen being passed on
from sire to son. In tho west there
are some instances, The Lnnries
sire and son. havo been associated
with the Battleford Herald ever since
that paper, the oldest in the two provinces, was established. Walpole
Murdoch, o'f the Hartnoy Slav, is "
newspaper man by heredity as well
as by instinct, for his father conducted the local paper nt Birtle, and was
associated with others, until his
death. And, in the city of Brandon.
Clarence King, the editor of the
Times is also' a journalist by lineal
descent, succeeding to the editorial
cha'ir on the death of his father, under whom he learned practically all
he knew of the business.
Mr. King is certainly one of the
most forceful writers as well as youthful figures in Manitoba journalism.
He has all the excellencies, and some
of tho defects, characteristic of energetic, earnest minded young men.
He Is dynnmlc, magnetic, exuberant,
the possessor of a strong will and a
vivid imagination. Somewhat prone
to Impulse, with high ideals and largo
views, he Is apt. to be more concerned
with results rather than processes,
and often disregards the calls of caution and policy In the pursuit of whatever he deems tho proper course to
pursue. Not the desirable or the
merely expedient, hut the right, Is
what he aims nt. On matters Involving principle ho will neither truckle
nor compromise, nnd his downright
forthrlghtness sometimes loses hlni
friends and allies thnt a more cautious and experienced man would utilize In thn advancement of tho views
he desired to prevail. Mr. King Is a
mnn of positive personal opinions,
nnd Is not. nfrnld to give them expression. He has the combative intellectual temperament, and enjoys a
controversy as an Irishman enjoys a
fight. He wonts to "see something
doing" all the time, nnd when those
seasons of deadly dullness which his
soul abhors come along, nnd thoy dr
come in a newspaper, as In every other business, he can generally ho relied on to galvanize tho neighborhood
Into Interest by stirring up snmo nues-
tlon. old or now, that touches the
minds, or hearts, or pockets of the
people who read his paper. He has
the true professional instinct of the
journalist.      He would  much   rather
see and hear himself and his paper
| abused nnd grossly maligned and
misrepresented than not be spoken of
'at all. He would much prefer to be
libelled than Ignored.
| These characteristics suggest strong
Individuality, and this ls amply borne
!out by closer acguaintance With the
[editor of the Brandon Times. Beneath those traits of impetuosity and
assert'lveness that have made him detractors, and even enemies, are qualities of sterling worth and excellence.
If he sometimes errs on the side of
j haste in coming to conclusions, his
tenacity In holding them, and his re-
fsourcefulnes In defending them, compel admiration and respect. Though
ihe is apt to forget the flrst part of
Polonius' advice to Laertes, "Beware
of entrance to a quarrel", none can
accuse him of failure to practice the
second, "But, being in, so bear thyself that the opposed may beware of
thee." With strong personal, and
sometimes original views, with good
powers of expression, a forcible style,
a good working knowledge of the
principles of government, and familiarity with the questions that constitute the Issues of Manitoba nud
Western Canadian politics, It ls no
wonder that Mr. King occupies a
high position among the younger generation of western newspaper men,
nor that his friends predict for h'im
a career for which his present position is but the prelude.
Before assiunlng the editorship of
Ihe Brandon Times, Mr. King was for
Borne years editor of the Brandon Independent, the pager founded by his
father. Mr. King, sr., was a journalist of the British school, and endeavored to transplant to Western Canada the professional ideals of the
motherland. He edited the Independent with marked ability, but, naturally, It did not appeal to a Canadian
as it would have done to a British
audience. Under the management of
his son, after his death, it became
more adaptable, though, to a large
extent the editorial traditions were
worthily perpetuated. AVhen Mr.
Purcell! for some yours the manager
and editor of the Times, joined the
staff of the Brandon Sun, ths Times
and the Independent amalgamated,
the combination forming a strong
paper, and to Mr. Clarence King was
given the task of guiding its destinies. The present acknowledged position the Times occupies In Manitoba
is the best, nnssihle tribute to the efficiency of his management. Typographically, the Times hat, ever since
it came under the control of Mr. E. L.
Christie, been one of the nest
papers  in Western Canada.
Postmaster   Lee   Looks    Ten    Years
Younger    Than     His    Seventy-Six
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Talmeintnc, Cumberland    Co., N.B,
Feby.   19  (Special).—Horatio _ J.   Lee,
postmaster here, is now in his seventy-sixth year, but so bright ancl healthy does he look and so energetic is
lie  in  his  movements  that   ho   would
easily pass for ten years younger.
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mv health is mainly due to the use ol
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Lever Brothers limited, Toronto
Alberta    Lumber   Yard    Set on  Fire
to Get Insurance—Good Work of
the   Mounted  Police.
Baron Mumm von Schivartzeust-
eln, Is to be German ambassador to
The baby that cries half the night
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How quickly and how thoroughly
the Northwest Mounted Police bring
lawbreakers to justice was never better exemplified than in the conviction they secured against John B.
Johnson of Lavoy, about seventy
miles west of Vermillion in Alberta.
Johnson was engaged in the lumber
business and was a member of the
firm of Johnson Bros. & Stewart.
On the 18th of December last he
made application through a local Insurance agent for protection to tbe
extent of $4,000 upon a stock of lumber. On the flrst of January or less
than two weeks later n Are took place
under rather suspicious circumstances. Without waiting for any instructions the mounted police anpear
to have taken the matter right in
hand investigated all the circumstances and within six weeks had
Johnson convicted and sentenced to
two years in Stony Mountain for setting ills own lumber yard on fire with
the apparent purpose of defrauding
the insurance companies. The latter
are usually very active in following
up nny offenders who try to defraud
them but in the territories, or what
must now be called the two new provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan
the police act a good deal quicker
than the vigilant Insurance companies.
The facts concerning this case are
briefly as follows. On the 18th of
December, Johnson made the application for insurance to the local Insurance agent. On the 1st. of January following the fire took place. On
the 8th of January the police issued
the warrant and arrested Johnson.
On the 9th of January, the day following, he was examined before a
magistrate at Vlgrevllle and by the
lagistrate was committed to the
nol nt Ft. Saskatchewan awaiting
trial, ball being refused. On the 10th
of February he was committed to
Stony Mountain. This is carrying
out the law with promptitude and
speaks volumes for the efficiency of
the mounted police.
The circumstances surrounding
this fire were as said nt the outset,
very suspicious. At the trial, a witness, Thos. S. Bronton, deposed that
ho and others were called out of bed
with the report that the lumber yards
were on fire. When they reached
Johnson's lumber at Lavoy they
found lt blazing ln three places. It
had been alleged that thp train had
started the fire but the evidence
clearly showed that this was Impossible as the yards are situated on the
south side of the track and a strong
wind was blowing from the south so
that it is obvious that any spark from
the train would have blown on the opposite side of the track to the one
upon which the lumber wns situated.
The next morning Bronton along
with others, made nn examination of
the scene of the fire nnd found footprints In the snow leading from the
ynrd. The track of these circulated
across the prnlrlo nnd back to the
railroad towards Vogrevlllo. Bronton followed tho track for about, half
a mile nnd found a watering can
whleh had contained coal oil. Along
with four others he drove to Veero-
vlllo and about, a mile from this
point they snw a "man track" on the
railroad similar to the ono they hnd
seen taking a circular route on the
prairie    from   tho scene of the Are.
They measured tho foot-print with a
stick and reported the result of their
Investigations to the mounted pollco.
Bronton's evidence proved almost
conclusively that the fire had been
the work of an Incendiary. It remained to find out where the watering can that had been used for carrying coal oil had come from. The
police were not long finding this out.
They visited several stores with the
result that a storekeeper at Vegre-
ville E. L. Poulln, swore that between the 20th and 2Gth of December
Johnson, the accused, bought from
him ten gallons of coal oil which he
put In a ten-gallon whiskey keg. He
also bought, a second hand watering
can. When bought the can had a hole
In It which Johnson had mended.
Johnson apparently had shared an
office with another party by the
name of McNeill and when he purchased the coal oil and the watering
cnn he explained that McNeill was
out of coal oil and that he wanted a
sprinkler for his office floor. Judge
Scott before whom the trial was
heard was not satisfied with the prisoner's explanations and he therefore
sentenced him to two years ln the
The Free Press commenting editorially upon the case said:
The action of the mounted police
as brought to light by the recent trial
at Edmonton cannot be too highly
commended. Arson at any time is a
crime that is difficult, to detect and
punish. The trial and conviction of
the Lavoy Incendiary at Edmonton
within the short space of six weeks
Is all the more deserving of praise.
Ther action compares very strikingly with the administration of the law
ln Manitoba. Some three years ago
a case of incendiarism was reported
from Emerson. In the absence of any
attempt on the part of the provincial
police to locate the cause of this particular fire the insurance companies
themselves employed nt very great
expense outside detectives, who succeeded in establishing evidence that
led to conviction.
At the present time the companies
find It necessary to make very close
enquiry Into the origin of many fires,
and usually have detectives of their
own at work.     The   evidence    they
have In many cases obtained makes
It quite clear that certain fires of recent occurrence are of Incendiary origin,   but   the   evidence necessary to
secure   a   conviction was  not  sufflc-
| lently   exact    and    unelrcumstnntial.
j While   the   Insurance   companies nre
making   these   efforts   to reduce the
| loss    from   Incendiarism,   the public
j should also hear In mind that It con-
j cerns them quito ns much as lt does
| the companies.     The public pay for
all   the   losses,   not  tho companies.
| This fact appears to bo lost sight of.
j If Incendiarism Increases so will the
insurance rates.
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The German   emperor   will   return
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A syndicate has paid 88,000,000 foi
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Russia will nsk China for trading
concessions and permission for railway construction.
A band of women will banish g'oves
from their outfits al. fashionable British seaside resorts this year.
Lady Mary Hamilton's engagement to tho Marquis of Graham Is
quite popular In Scotland.
The state department at Washington ls becoming alarmed over the
Chinese boycott.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Distemper.
Free scholarships at Harvard for
Chinese students have been suggested.
The French ministry of wnr has or
lered nnother Lebandy dirigible bill
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Frank Campbell, a prisoner In thn
Nebraska state gaol wins $25 000 In
the St. Louis Exposition guessing
Mount   Vesuvius is  again In eruption at Naples.
An aero club balloon crossed the
English channel to France In four
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Professor von Behring, Berlin,
claims to have discovered a cure for
General Trepoff's assassin was sentenced at Moscow to five years imprisonment.
Tlie battleship Suffren has returned
to Toulon after a collision with a submarine  boat.
Germany is preparing to meet a
possible tariff war by importing large
shipments  of  grain.
Recent events may keep foreign
troops in China.
Impurities in the Blood.—When the
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Tho Montreal Water,nndPowercom.
pan.? which supplies Westmount with
water has entered a suit for $50,000
against the Montreal Herald for articles printed alleging that the water
caused tho typhoid epidemic.
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Commenting on the washy colors
of British postage stamps, the Pall
Mall Gazette expresses a wish that
the British government would use
"such excellent dyes as are In use In
America and other countries, whose
stamps are a pleasure to look at, Instead of being an eyesore, like our
Experiments with kites on the
Mediterranean have shown that over
a large surface of the water the temperature and the rapidity of air movements decline steadily in proportion
to the altitude.
The most curious vegetable in the
world Is the truffle, since it has neither roots, stem, flowers, leaves, nor
seeds. In some parts dogs and pigs
are trained to dig for lt the animals
heing guided hy their sense of smell.
A loss of $30,000,000 is confronting
Chicago pork packers.
One Short Puff Clears the Head.—Does
your head aohe? Have you pains over
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All British ship owners are being
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A Cure for Rheumatism.—The Intrusion of uric acid Into tho blood
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The Lord Advocate of Scotland refuses to prosecute tho crofters of
Ihi.-ra Island, Hebrides,
Tlie Ilarmsworths, tlie London journalists, will manufacture pulp and
pnper in Newfoundland.
Like Tearing the Heart Strings.—" It
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A   Montana   mining  suit   has  closed
with  7,0Ul),'.UU words of evidence.
Extensive    improvements    will    be
made in Quebec  harbor.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   In
What Is undoubtedly the largest
collection of picture postal cards in
the world ls tho property of the
Prince of Wales' eldeBt son. The
collection includes cards from every
country ln tho world, and Is now growing almost too bulky for convenient
handling there being moro than
10 000 cards.
An application has been made by
the Japanese government to the British general medical council asking It
to recognize tho degrees of Japnneso
medical practitioners In various parts
of the British empire. It Is ln the
Straits Settlements that the Japanese
doctors partlculnrly wish leave to
practlco at present.
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8unllght way. Buy Sunlight Soap
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London Is undoubtedly leading the
world h o matter of women's clubs.
Twenty-one yoarB ago thore was not
a single Institution of the kind; now
there are thirty, with a total membership of ovor 20,000. There nre also several mixed clubs of which tho
women members number nbout 1,000.
—The London Woman at Homo.
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The Northern Navigation companj
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grain elevator,
Llko   This
Switzerland has adopted nild-Kuio-
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and Good Wearing Qualltlee
When Buying OVERALLS,
• ee thet eaoh artlole bears a
label like above
Inelat on Dotting
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
A   l.orlinis   I'.tjt.
A mnn wbo hud determined to kill
himself went down to tbo rivor to commit suicide, nnd when he began to
write a nnnl message to his wife he
could think of nothing to say except
thut some butler which be hud orriored
would bo found nt n certnln grocery.
His message bonis out a certain fact
discovered b.v realists—thnt In tbe supreme and soul terrifying moments of
life tho most ridiculous nnd- trivial
things often come uppermost In the
Thirteen revolutionists huve been
condemned   to   death   ut   Lilian.
Realty men favor the union of St.
Paul and Minneapolis.
W   IM   U   No   S73 at'
(■---•s "-iL-.
<• Established April 8,1888.)
^rwg : 1t 4 4 Westminster avenue.
Mas. 8  WHiTNity, Pnblieher.
-Exoi.isn Office—30 Fleet street,
tsopdon, K. 0., England Where a
file of "The Advocato" ls kept for
§ ubseriptlou $t a year  payable  ia
, ggewisa Oopy.
Tel. 81405.
-Vjrt*couyiJR, B. 0., April 21, 1906.
The terrible earthquake shocks which
-J_»ve visited California this week, and
the loss of life aud property, has cast n
_glpom over Vancouver. All Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday the orles of the
juewsboys selling extras were like the
•iuellw of funeral bells, and serious,
«wldciied faces met and passe I on our
(rtreets. Suoh a frightful catnstophe on
Ibis continent has seldom occurred, and
certainly shows how weak nud pitiful
Mta man's greatest achlevementti I Wou.
4erful structures built expectantly to
Withstand decades and decades, ruthless•
.ly laid low in a few lniantes of time by
Jlatnre's upheaval I Vancouver's sympathies aro deep felt for the stricken
4n_ad to the South.
.Junction of Westminster road and West—ln-
fler   avenue.       SERVICES   at   11   a. m.,
ynd 7:.10p. in.; 8unday School at 2:30 p.m.
Comer ai Ntnt   and Westminster avenues.
BEBVIflBS at 11 a. in., and 7 p. m.i Sunday
Xi'lio-.l nm! Bible Class 2:30 p.m.   Kev. A. E.
'jfctt-Mrliigtcio, B. A., B. D., Pastor.
"arsonage 123 Kleventh aveuue. went. Tele-
- '-one BI'_I9.
darner Ninth; aveuuo and Quebec* street
Ail'.UVlt.'ES at 11 a.m., aad 7.30 p.m.; Bunilay
'flehool 1112:30 p. iu. U«v.'J<io.A.tVllMin,_l.A.
.Pnsioi. Mause corner of Eighth aveuue and
'Ontario street.   Tel. 1066.
St Michael e, (Anglican).
Alornor Ninth aveuue and Prince Edward
efreei. SKRVU'KS at ll a. m., and 7:30 p in.
Holy Communion 1st and 3d Sumixys in each
:moutli alter uioruing prayer, 2d and 4th Hun
'.Jn.saJHii. in Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Kev. c. li. Wilson, Rector.
' Rectory 372 Thirteenth aveuue, eaat. Tele-
•hone H1799.
Adveut Christian Church (not 7th day Ad
eritlsts). Seventh avenue, near Westminster
HVenuo. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30p.m.
Monday School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
Society ol I-oyal Worlccrfiof christian Endea-
' yor meots every Sunday evening at f»: 45 o'clock
'Frnyer-mcetlug Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock
|_oeiil Advertising 10c a line each issne,
Display Advertising $1.00 per inch
per mouth.
Notices for Chnrch aud Socioty Enter-
-   tainments, Lectures, etc.,   where
will bo charged for. '
AU  Advertisements are  rnn regularly
'  and charged for until ordered they
be discontinued.
Transient    Advcrtizers   mnst   pay   in
Kotieesoi Births, Man'iagos, and Death*
»' published free of charge.
taken  at
.*The Advocate''
pickets, progr/
^IByelopB, lette
in fin"
or too:
too small
:«jis$'4 'Westminster avenue.
The Municipal Council of South Van-
.,-eurer will meet this Saturday
Tbo election for School Trustees in
South Vancouver ou Saturday lust resul
tod in Messrs. Charles Hodgson, Joseph
Jones, M. R. Wells being elected for
the thrcevyear term, and Messrs. John
Purr and Neils Neilson for tin: two-year
There were 228 votes polled, the
various candidates receiving the following: C Hodgson, 101; J. Jones, 94;
M. R. Welis, 90; J. Fair, 89; N. Neil
sou, 88; Wm. Bnreluy, 09; G. Gartell.
<38; J. J. Wilbors, 57; Wm. Temple, 66;
J. M. Fowler, 48.
North Arm, votes polled, 42.—
Hodgson,  IC; Jouos, 30; Wells, 19;
Forr, 7;   Neilson, 22;   Barclay, 18;
Uurtell, 24; Wilbers, 13; Temple, 14;
Fowler, 9.
Westminster Avenue, votes polled, 59.
Hodgson,  12; Joucs,  17; Wells, 17;
Farr, 45;  Neilson,  17;   Barclay,  14;
Gartell, 14; Wilbers, 6; Temple, 19
Fowler, 8
South Vancouver, votes polled, 71.—
Hodgson.  40;  Jones, 44;  Wells, 22
Fnrr,  19;  Neilson, 22;  Barclay, 84;
Gartell, 22; Wilbors, 11; Temple, 8;
Fowlor, 24.
Eburue, votes polled, 15.—
Hodgson,   15;   Jones,  0;   Wells,  16;
Farr,   8;   Neilson,   18;   Barclay,   1;
Gartell, 1;  Wilbers,  12;  Temple, 8;
Fowler, 0.
Colliui-gwood, votes po'led, 80.—
Hodgson,  10;  Jones.  10;  Wells,  15;
Fnrr,   7;   Noilson,   13; Barclay, 16;
Gartell, 7; Wilbers, 14; Temple, 12;
Fowler, 6.
Hastings, votes pollod, 4.—
Hodgson, 3: Jones, 8; Wells, 2; Farr, 3;
Neilson,   1;  Barclay,  1;   Gartell, 0
Wilbers, 1; Temple, 0; Fowlor, 2.
The first meeting of the new Board
of School Trustees was held on Wednesday evening April 18th. Trustees Hodgson, Joues, Farr and Neilson present.
Trustee Hodgson was elected Chairman.
Mr. W. G. Walker was elected Secretary pro tem. The late Secretaries of
the various Schools attended and
rendered acounts of their Bchools. The
reports were adopted.
The Bonrd decided to hold tho regular
meetings on the second Wednesday iu
each mouth at %,V0 at the Municipal
Hall. It was decided to moot on Saturday, April 2l8t, at 1:80 p. m , at Westminster Avenne School, and to meet on
Monday, April 23rd at 8:10 a. in. at
South Vnncouver School in District Lot
801. Applications are to be asked for
Secretary at n salary of $100 per annum,
particulars of the duties to be had of the
Olerk. These are to be in ou Tuesday,
April 24th. The Board adjoamed to
moot at 7.80 next Wednesday.
In Homeric days a buttle wns a conflict
of armed mobs. The nenrer you got to
your assailant, the better was your chance
of killing or being killed. Tlie bigger the
man, the better wore his chances in the
strife. In theso piping times of mechaui
cal warfare, the situation- is reversed.
Battles aro fought nt ranges of a mile
or bo. The smaller the man, the less
are his chances of beiug hit. An
ingenious niatheniiitieaii has figured
it out that perhaps tho epsuslities on
tlio Japanese sjde mnst have beon
considerably less than those of the
Russians in the recent war, if it be
assumed thet tho mark'man^hip of
each wss equally good
The advantage of the Japanese war-
Inversely us tho cubes of thoir height
nnd breadth. The average targets
offered by ench to the enemy are as the
cubes of 1,685 and 1,(142, or as 106 to 118
an advantage in favor of the Japanese
of about J 2 percent.
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasaut, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other rifles, nlso all
local soclsl affairs are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
Do You Want to Know
What You Swallow ?
Thero Is a growing sentiment in this
country ln favor ot medicines of known
Composition. It Is but natural that one
should bavo some Interest In the composition of tbat which ho or she Is expected
to swallow, whuthor It bo food, drink or
Recognizing this growing disposition
on tha part of the public, antl satisfied
that the fullest publicity cun only add to
tho well-earned reputation of bis medicines, Dr. K. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
has "taken time by tho forelock," as it
were, and Is publishing broadcast a list
of all the Ingredients entering Into his
leading medloines, the "Golden Medical
Discovery" the popular liver lnvip.iir_.tor,
stomach tonic, blood purifier and heart
regulator; also of his "Favorite Prescription " for weak, over - worked, broken-
down, nervous and Invalid womon.
This bold and out-spoken movement on
the part of Dr. Pierce, has, by showing
exactly what his well-known medicines
are composed of, completely disarmed all
harping critics who havo heretofore un-
instly attacked Hicm. A little pamphlet
as been compiled, from the standard
medical authorities of all tho several
schools of practice, showing the strongest
endorsements by leading medical writers
of tho several Ingredients which enter into
Dr. Pierce's medicines. A copy of this
little book Is mulled free to any one do-
siring to learn more concerning the valuable, native, medicinal plants which entor
Into tbo composition of Dr. Pierce's medicines.   Address Dr. Pierco as abovo.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant relicts are tiny, sue-
ar-coated antl-ltllious granules. Thoy regulate and in -, 11-■ ir aii- Stomach. Liver and
Bowels. Iki not besot llie " nlll lial.lt." but
curo constipation, One or two each day for
a laxative and regulator, threo or four for an
active cathartic. Once tried always hi favor.
ODO "lvl;N AWAV' ln copies of
The People's Ooinroon Seuae
Modtcal Adviser, a book that sold to the ex-
lent uf 600,000 ctipios a fow
teara ago. at *—— pur copy.
est year we gavo away
SX000 worth of thnso Inralua-
o books- Thla yoar wi- shall
vo away ISO.Oon worth of
mom. Will jrouriiarc in this
benefit ? If so, send only SI
oue-cept stamps to coveir cost
of iii.illiir ouly for booU ln
atitf paper covers, or -0 st umpa
Sr cloth-bound.   Address Dr.
V, P-rco. Buffalo. N. Y.
"r^et*~* l..»l   ,i ...a-fWsssws«ijii,iUj,j_ul j_ J(u __
lUJ'J    I.1,1. ■■■J.l-, 1.1,1
Auy brand of Flour you want at $1.50
Potatoes, whito, good ouos, at f 1.15 Shoulder Hams per Lb. 18c
Hams aud Bacon per Lb. 18c and 19c
Fresh Eggs, new laid, every egg guaranteed, 25o per doz.
Bargains in Furniture, easy payments, lOJ^ off for cash.    Fancy Rockers90c up.
ST   Wfitllnre* Westminster avenue &
.1.   TT CllltHwC  Harris street. Telephone 1266.
To Sell for Cash
is our motto—come and see
us, and you will not be disappointed.
Stock Is
Smith %£,„
Junction of Westminster Road and Ave
'Phone 2053.
Trimmed aud  Ready-to-wear
Hats—very lates modos.
Everything is First-olaBB and
at Moderate Prices
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank of Canada Building
Corner Seventh and  Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Ploasaut.
 will find it to their advantage
to obtain from
the Great-West
a copy of their circular
wliich explains how a small
monthly payment will provide for the repayment of
loan and interest, and how,
iu the event of the death of
the borrower, the home will
be left free of encumbrance.
Geo. H. HALSE,
428 Richards St.        Vanconver, B.C.
Get Youk Flowering
Shrubs « Perennial
******   PLANTS  ******
keeler TheDAHUA
Nursery  & Greenhouses,   oor ner.of
Fifteenth and Westminster avenues.
The Cheapest Place in the City.
See When Yonr Lodge Meets
The 2d nnd 4th Mondays of the month
Court Vancouver, I. O. F., meets at
8 pm.
Mt. Pleasnut Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F.
meets at 8 p. ni.
Vanconver Oonnoil  No. 211a,  Canadian Order of Chosen Friends meets
the 2d and -lth Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hivo No r, Ladios of the
Maooaboos holds [ts regular meetings ou
the iBt, mid lid Fridnys of the month
Mt. Picasant flail. (Postoffice.)
Mail arrives daily i.t 10:80 a. m., nnd
2:■'(> p. in.
Mall leaves the Postoffice at 7 and II
a. in., and 1:80 and 5s8fj p. m.
ll' ynu miss Thk Advocatk you mis-
t ie local news.
Advortise in "Tlie Advocate '
:!.*-_-^' Subscribers who fail lo
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
rim Advocate Is the best advertising
medium whore it ulroulatos. Tel. IH1C6
The King's l.'nrkot telephone number
in . 806.
For   local  uews sobHoribe    for  THK
ADVOCATE only fl for 12 months.
For Purity of
riaterial and
Cheapest in
Price isHuir's
24 Loaves for $ I cash.
'Phone 443.
lit. Pleasant FEED STORE
Vernon Brothers
Hay, Grain, Flour nnd Seeds.
Ronnie's Seeds.
Stock and Poultry Foods.
2241 Westminster ave.,     Mt. Pleasaut.
On Second Thought.
"When playing Love's two-handed
I've often wished (you've done tho
Thnt  one    might,   at  the    game's
Know jnst what chance  there was
of winning.
I've thought  that  one  might  more
Renig at times: that- it wonld greatly
Improve tho game could oue bar out
Tho vexing joker-card called Doubt.
"I'vo reasoned   that  if cards were
'Twere better we sbonld know the fact
At first, so we'd not feel, and sadly,
We'd ln the game been "buncoed"
It's certain were this know-lodge given.
Less frequently wonld hearts be riven,
And warm affection pnt to ront
By this sly joker-card called Doubt
Bnt, then, wero winning always sure,
The game no longer would allnre.
With  loss    proscribed,    there's  no
The fact, thero'd few of ns be playing I
It's  a  chance  tbat tempts ns with
her winking—
And  so,   the  game   of  Love,   I'm
Wonld bo a tame affair withont
Tho littlo jokeroard of Donbt. "
By Charlotte Becker.
Not  very young, nor very old,  but
Where life has dowered her of his
best to bless.
Those who  the  fortune  of her days
Virile and brave, she gives no meagre crust
To live within the circle of her trust,
But   sympathy       as   close   as   a
And, from a heart that longs for
The kindly words that bear no subtile thrust.
Courage, fastbound with loyalty and
And knowledge, bred of loneliness
and pain,
Teach her to read each fellow pilgrim's scrip
In such sweet wise, her friends from
age  to  youth
Know   that   the  questing    of    the
years may gain
No dearer gift than her companionship!
2-storey Residence on Sixth avenue,
large honse, beautiful lawn, fruit
Toiins.   Prioe $3,260
House of 9 rooms, Eighth avenue; fine
orchard, lot 149x122 ; price $3,250
Oash $1,150.
One-half Aore, (8 lots), cleared and
feuood, 8-room house, chicken
house, on James street, South Vau
conver; price $900. Very easy terms
10 lots on Twenty-fourth avenue,
33x122% feet. Coruer lots on
Ontario street, $700; 7 lots Nos. 7, 8,
8, 10, 11, 12,$S00each, No. 13 corner
lot $250. These lots are partly
cleared.   Very easy terms
Lot 23x182 on Westminster avenne
two-storey bnildiug, in fine condi
tiou; leased for 2 years; title perfect.   Prioe $7,500.
Store on 23-ft. lot, on Westmiuster ave
nue; building rented; fine location-
near Niuth aveuuo. Price $6,500.
House of 5-rooms, Eighth avenne;
electrio light, bath; lot 88x120,
Price    $2,000.
House of 7 rooms, corner Lansdowne
avenue and Scotia street; lot 50x120,
Prioe $2,000.
8-roomed Cottage on Cordova street,
east; trees and flower garden; a
lovely home $2,700.
6 Lots, oleared and plowed, William and
Park Drive; on carline. Easy terms.
 $450 each,
5 Lohs on Grant street-Graudview—
overlooking the city; very choice
lots. Terms $2.950J
Boubla Corner—
Westminster aveuue, Mt. Pleasant
$7,000. The best comer left on
the Hill.
* *   *
Good Investment—
4 Houses on Ninth avenue; all
rented; $4,300.   Terms.
* *   *
* *   *
Beautifully   Situated   Residential
-Lot on  Burrard   street;   $1,200.
List your lots  and  property
Mrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telephone B1405.
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
rvUR STOCK OF PRINTS is now full and complete in
^^Dnrk, Medium and Light Colors. We can justly olaim
to hnve one of the finest ranges in Vancouver at—
6c, 7Mo, 10c, 12)^0 aud 16o n yard.
Lndies' Black Cashmere Hoso, worth 85o for 25c a pair.
Remnants of Dress Goods, Flannolettes, Prints, Giughnms,
LncoB, Ribbons, Embroideries, Etc.
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
Probably the most striking gaiinent
novelties of tho season may ho found iu
the collection of lace aud liugerio coats.
Styles are so diversiflod that laco has
beeu worked up iuto an innumerable
number of attractive garments. Tha
real novelties are the little short Eton,
pony and semi-fitted laoe coats. Some
of these are made of real Irish lace iu
patterns especially designed for the
purpose. Au attractive stylo shows an
Eton front with a bertha or cane back.
A number of theso are in the natural
color of the cream laco, without a touch
of color whatever. Others are artistically trimmed with bows or neck trimming of contrasting velvet, such shades
as coral piuk, lavendor, resoda green
and Alico blue being employed to
nil vantage.
Fashion's oapriciousjand domineering
dame often chains her votaries with
restrictions and rules hnrd to follow
uud ovou more difficult to accept. The
latest of her edicts, however, presenting
the feminine, world gny in its colored
spring attire and adorned with all sorts
aud conditions of ribbons aud frills,
show that tho lnw of compensation is
proven as quickly in the fashion world
as in any other.
Women have lobored long with the
rigid aud uncompromising rules of
tailor-made laws, only to rise at last,
and with one mighty universal effort
throw off the masculinity of their sober,
sovoro attire; emerging liko butterflies
dressed iu all of the hues of the rainbow, and with their frills aud furbelows
fluttering gaily in the spring sunshine,
all adorned with brilliant ribbons, each
individual strand as perfect a silken
copy of frnit, flower and bird as it is
possible for the clever fingers of designers and weaver to prodnoe.
In the Bnit departments, uot excluding those handling medlnin-class goods,
somo form of tho Eton stylo predominates. Nearly every spring material
hns been employed in cresting these
natty garments, but iu the fiuer departments snch materials as flue plain and
faucy voiles predominate. It seems
rather peculiar that, whilo colored voiles
hava not been active in the yard good-
sections, manufacturers and importers
of fine costumes have seen fit to ase tbh
material extensively.
The Princess mode ia shown everywhere, but reports to date show that ia
a general way this garment has nol
been vOiy active, evon in the oity.
Bnycrs and department managers claim
that the Prinoess gown is difficult to
alter and that it does not seem practioal
except in the fine high-class materials,
the prioe of whioh is sufficient to cove-
extensive alterations when they are
All the new low shoes have '•* v
toes and heels.   With   tailored
low shoes of ton, oalf, or suede     x-
correct thing.
The stockings to match are enO»<*i •
allure the most persistent wearc* »,
blaok hosiery. The stocking is expeoM
to match the shoe in oolor and to w
a fit ness in texture aud  embellishment.
Pumps are to be worn with 00' •■•etl
linen gowns nnd are made of heavy
linen in all the smart new shades, suctl
as laveudor, pale blue, Alice blue, pink
Telephone Numbers of Loca™
B17.!)-I.ov.u. H. Wilson,(Anglican).
1060-Rev. Q. A. Wilson, (Prosbytorla
B1249—Rev.A, E. Hetheriugton, <M<
"The Advooate" wlBhes any oan.li.s_i
ness in dolivery reported to the 0-91 w
telephone B1405.
Young Peoples Softies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endears
meet nt 15 minutes to 7,  every Sunda
evening in Advent Christian Churol
Seventh aveuue, near Wostm'r ave.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Ploasa
Mothodist Church meets at 8 p. m.
•B. Y. P. U„ meets in  Mt. Plensai
Baptist Chnrch at 8 p. m.
The Y. P. S. O. E., meets at 8 p. m
in Mt. Pleasasaut Presbyterian Chnrc
Advocate $1
for 12 Month:
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
I. O.  O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. I!) meets every
Tuesday nt 8 p. in , in Oddfellows Hall
Westmiuster avenuo,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attcud.
Nouns Grand—G. W. Jamieson.
Recording Secretary—frank
Trirable.cor. Ninth ave. & Westmin'r rd.
I. O. F.
Conrt Vancouver 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. in., in
Oddfellows' Hnll.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—A. Pengelly.
Recording Secret ary—M. J. Crehan,
1114 PrinceBH street, City.
Financial Secretary—J.B.Abernethy
Address: Oure 2—S Westminstemvenue  '
Alexandra ,^ No. 7, holds regnl
Review 2d i *^B» 'i Mondays of cw
month in En. ..s of Pythias H»'
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. N. Pettipiet:
26 Tenth avenne, t?a>
Lady Record Keeper—Mis. J. Mni»;
Ninth avonue.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, uiec
every 2d aud -lth Thursdays of eai
month, in I O. O. _?., Hall, Wet
minster aveuue.
Sojourning  Friends alwnys-welcon
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.
393 Tenth avo, ea
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
2228 Wi'MiuhiHt. rim-line.   Tel. 760,
A  Monthly Magazine   devoted to the
Use of English.   Josephine Turok
Baker, Editor.
|1 a year; IOo for Sample Oopy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanston, 111., U. S. A.
Partial Contents for this Month.—
Course In Euglish for the Beginner;
course in English for the Advanced
pupil. How to Increase One's Vocabulary. The Art of Conversation. Should
and Would: how to use them. Pronunciation. Correct English iu the Home.
Correct Euglish in tho School. Business English for the Business Man.
Studies in English Literature.
Get your work done at tlie
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
BATHS—Bi th room fitted with Porcelain    Bath    Tud    and  all   modern
is only $1.00 a year,
50c for 6 mouths,
25c for 8 months.
E. _ J. HARDY & CO.
Company,  Financial,   Press and
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., Loudon,  E.G.,  Englnnd
Colonial Business a Specialty.
I like to read advertisements. They
are in themselves literature; and I
can gauge the prosperity of the country by their very appearance."—William E. Gladstone.
Everyone knows that for anythH
to become known, it must be talki
about. For an article to becon
popular its virtue must be made tl
subject of a public announcemel1
That is advertising! Consequent
if the survival of the fittest appli
to business principles as well as
does to other walks of life, the bi
ter the advertising—the better t
publicity—the better the result
Good results mean good businei
and good business is what eve:
merchant advertises for. If he d
not wish to excel in his particul
line, he would not take the trouh
to write an advertisemyit, mu,
more pay for the costly newspap
and magazine space.—British Adve,
Subscribe to yonr
Paper NOW I
Dou't bo a Borrower of a
papor which only costs $1.00 a
Anrt.no sending a sketch and description nm J
ill—If ascertain onr opinion free whether e
Invention is probably pntantablo.  Comniunlc
tlons Htrlotiy ''i mill en! lnl. Ita_ dboo i ou l'atcai
sent free, tlhlest n_"iiry tor securing patonts.
Phi "ni.  taken tlirounh Munn A Co. recelv
■Pixlut notice, without chnrfre, In the
Scientific American.
A ]i.iTiii.-inueiy Illustrated weekly. Lnrfrest t
ciiliitkiii of uny utflcntlHc Journal, O'erntB, *M
rear) four months, $t Sold by all -Gwsdoaler
Branch Oflloo. (J26 F St, Washington, D. C.,
To Housekeepers
If you would like to spend less time iu your
kitchen and woodshed, and have much more
time for outdoor life, recreation and pleasure,
look into the  question  of doing  your cooking
with a Gas Range.
Tolephouo your address to our office aud wo will seud a man to
measure ynur premises and givo yon au estimate of cost of installing tho gas pipes
Vancouver Gas Company.
Office : corner of Carrall and Hastings Btroets.


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