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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Apr 9, 1904

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Every person should take a Blood Purifier       o
»-. iu the Springtime. §
Iwhit'sSasaparilla vvith iodide of°
[ liBbtash. is the most reliable.
For sale by
The McDowell, Atkins,!
Watson Co., Ld.
U Burritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
gAT" Eall Line of Lowney's Chocolates.	
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
Devoted to the interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Established Apr. 3,1599. Fifth Year, Vol. 5, No. 52, Whole Number 260
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three flonths 35c, Single Copy 5c.
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
1 lilresh Oysters, Justin;   Baked Apples—like home^
i with Pure Cream.   Genuine Boston Baked Bean*
Open from 7^0 a. m., to 12 p. m.
Sunday from 9 a. m.  to 13 p.m.
(Local Items.
The MoOusig Auction and Commission Co., Ltd., next to Carneige Library,
Hastings street, bny Furniture for Cash,
, Oondnct Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
Persons having friends or knowing of I
Sfruimcrs visiting on fit. Pleasant I
will confer a great favor bv Informing I
The Advocate. I
"Abner Daniel," by Will N. Harben,
is the title of nn interesting Serial
Story which will begin in "The Advocate" on April 23d.
Mr. snd Mrs Thos, H. McKay entertained a large psrty of young people at
their home Eighth avenue aud Heather
Street, ou Thursday evening. Dancing
was indulged in until the "wee sma'
hours," Green's Orchestra furnished the
music. The guests were Misses Blanche
and Nettie McKee, Misses Mary and
Jennie Graham, Miss Lillie Ross, Miss
' L. Garrison, Misses Mamie and Edna
McQuarrie, Misses Dell aud Hattie
Brlttou, Misses Maud and Lena Mills,
Miss Effie MoTavish, Miss Laura Jamie-
son, Miss Edith Jackson, Miss Sutherland, MiBS Maud Burns, Miss B.
Btewart. Miss McOuaig, Miss White of
Victoria, Messrs. E. McDunnell, A and
1. McQnarrie, M. Ricksou, H. Elliott,
J. Trick, A Pnrdy, W. and C. Plows,
J. Galloway, A. Lees, W. Mills,
•&. Taylor, G. Armstrong, E. McKio,
Milieu, Nett, Tnlk, B. Campbell, Isaac
Mills. Mesdames Soule and I Mills were
j -chaperones.
The City Grocery  delivers groceries
/■every day «sn Mt. Pleasant j   'phone 286
 :« '—
On Tuesday eveniug nest tat 8 o'clock
the annual meeting of the Maple Leaf
Lacrosse  Club  of  Mt.  Pleasant   will
be held in No. 8 Fall Hall.   The Club is
Sn  a splendid  fluaucial condition and
possesses all tho necessary paraphernalia
'connected with tho  game   of  lacrosse.
'The splendid condition of the Club is
■due to the excellent staff of officers.   It
•is a well known  fact  that  the  Maple
Leaf Club lost  the  1903 Intermediate
^Championship all  through the lack of
unity among the players which began
.labout the middle  of  tho  season.   The
West End team did not win the Chain-
jpanionsbip through any superior skill in
»*ho National Game.
Mr. Thos Duke, proprietor of the
City Grocery, has been oonflned to his
home the past two weeks with a severe
attack of la grippe.
Miss Mollis Milligan, teacher at Lady-
smith, has been the guest of Mrs. (Dr.)
Lawrence this week, while in attendance
at the Teachers' Institute.
Mr. 8. T. Wallace, the Grocer of
Harris street and Westminster avenue,
is recovering from a serious illnes of
three weeks.
Mrs. W. T. Ward  of Sixth   avenne,
returned Friday last from a trip East.
. ;o:	
Mrs. John Harford of Sixth avenne, is
convalescing from a two weeks illnoss.
Rev. Geo. A. Wilson, B. A., pastor
of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church,
who was hastily summoned East owing
to the serious illness of hia father,
arrived; home Wednesday. His many
friends will be glad to learn that his
father is greatly improved in health
Mrs. (Dr ) Allen is spending the
Easter season with her parentB, Mr.
Mrs, Ashwell, in Chilliwhack. Mrs.
Allen will not be "at horn" till
Thursday afternoon the 28th.
Mrs. R. Whitney has moved from tha
Burritt Block, Westminster avenue, to
66 Twelfth avenue, corner Quebec street
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thursday noon to insure their
"The Northwest. Contractor," Winnipeg, is a new monthly publication devoted to the interest of the building
trades, and is filled with much valuable
New York
Gold Crown and
Bridgework Specialists.
147 Hastings St., E.VanBC0Ucv.er
Opposite the Carnegie Library.      Telephone 1566.
Oftteo Hours: 8 a. m., to9 p. m.;   Sundays 9 a. 111., to 2 p. m,
in* ss—uuuuuuwmamuwswsMuuummmmt in 1 ——i_p_im—■
How About Your
Spring Hardware?
Lawn Mowers, auy make, size or price.      Garden  Tools,      ShovelB,
Rubber Hose,      Lawn  Sprinklers   and  Sprays,      Wheelbarrows,
Spades,      Poultry Netting, from >£-in. to 2-in. meshes, all widths.
gAY* Always a full line of Paints and Varnishes.
J. A.  F L E T T,
- *    W.R.OWENS, Manager.
While They Last
Just received our last shipment of those FonCV NflVCl
Oranges which we will sell at 2 dOZ. for 25C, while
they last.
First-class Up-country Spuds $1.00 per sack.
Malta Ceres 5 packages for 25c.
2425 Westminster avenue.
'Phone 322
Extra Special Values
in Dress Goods for This Week's.
Nun's Veiling, 40 in., 80o yd.   Crepe de Chene, 42-in., 65c yd
Satin Cloths, 42-in., extra fine fluish, 600 yd.   Canvas Cloth. 42-in., 65o yd.
Pebble Cloth, 44-iu., 65c yd.   Ladies' Cloth, regular f 1.25'for .1.00 yd.
Black Cashmere, special, 25c, 40e, 60c 78c, $1.00 and $1.25 yd.
Black Lustres, special, 25c, 860, 50c, 75c aud 90c
Satin Cloths in flake effects, in niie green, grey, fawn, navy and black;
regular $1.25, Sale price 85c yd. Suitings, 54-in., in all the new flake
effects in light and dark colors, worth up to $1.75 yd., this week $1.25
\ A. ROSS & CO., 2SCordova St. 5
The Ohoir of St. Michael's Church
mot at Mrs. McAllister's, Eleventh ave -
nuo, ou Thursday eveniug and presented Miss Lena Hoffar (retiring Organist)
with on address and handsome tea
set. Mr. Ohas. Kendall and Miss Lena
Hoffar will be married ou Tuesday the
The Birthday Social giveu given on
"Tuesday eveuiug by tho Woman's
Auxiliary of St. Michael's Church at
'the homo of Mr. Mrs. G. W. Hutchiugs,
, was most successful financially aud as a
•social event. The handsome, homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Hutchiugs was crowded and
"those present were most hospitably
jreoeiued by-tho President, of the Auxiliary, Mrs. Hutehiugs, and Rev. and
Mrs. G. H. Wilson. The program of
vocal and instrumental music was
-spleudid aud encores were frequent
The refreshments served were of the
■choicest quality. Over $87.00 was
•cleared by the Auxiliary.
Dry Feet always give a mau comfort.
Many complaints have their origin in
wearing poor shoes during the winter
months in British Columbia. Why
take chances? We invito yon to call
and see our Winter ShoeB—none better.
R. MillB, 18 Cordova street and 540
Granville street.
Miss Parker, Fairview Block, entertained delightfully a few of tbo White
4?aB8 representatives on Tuesday eve
ining. "Honrts" was the game of the
■ovouiug; • Mr. McKay captured first
prize, the oonsolation went to Mr.
Roberts. Tho evening closed with
dancing and music. Those invited:
Mr. and Mrs. McKay, Mr. and Mrs.
Yonng, Mr. Piper, Mr. Roberts, Mr.
and Mrs. Macfarlane.
Messrs. Storey <fc Campbell have
determined to retire from the Carriage
and Wngou business, and ar6 offering
their eutiro stock nt factory cost with
just the freight added. Read their
advertisement in this paper.
The Dr. A. Reed Cushion Sole Shoes.
Ensiestshoe ever produced The best
shoe ever made for hot, cold, damp or
aching feet. A great help to one's
nerves.   Call and inspect them.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova streot aud
540 Granville street.
Mrs. Merkloy, Bnrritt Block, has
t»ceivod a lot of New Spring Millinery
in the latest stylos; trimmed and ready-
to-wear hats.   Call.
Companion Court Braesido, Indepeud-
ent Order of Foresters, of M*. Pleasant,
icelebrated their first anniversary with a
Whist Tournament aud Dance ou Friday evening in Oddfellows' Hall. A
pleasant time"was passed, and the refreshments sepved were extra fine. The
two first prizes wero cakes and the two
•booby prizes consisted of a bottle of
Ketchup and a pair of infant  socks.
"The Advocate" has received a paper
the past three weeks from Toronto,
addressed "Advocate, Mountain
Pleasure, B. O."
TEAS and
to our Stock of
Cor.  Sixth and Westminster
A Trial Solicited. Best Goods.
Alderman Morton has 'mcceed in get
ting a majority of the property owners
concerned to assent to the block paving
of Westminster aveuue, from Ninth to
Seventh avenues.
ROSES—1000 Crimson, Whito and
'Yellow Ramblers, one, two and three
year old. Prices 10c and 25o eaoh, at
Keolor'B, 2784 Westminster avenue
Mr. Howell, who has recently arrived
Sfroin the Northwost with his family,
nas assumed the Management of the
Mt. Pleasant branch of the McDowell.
Atkins, Wntson & Co. Mr. Howells is
a druggist of many yenrs experience,
• and has been in bueiiess for himself for
■a number of years in the Northwest.
He and his family have Bottled on
Mt. Pleasant.
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for yonr work
Lieut. Murchison, U. S. A., and Mtb
Murchison from Skagway, aro visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Tayuton, Twelfth avenue,
parents of Mrs. Murchisou, for a week
when they leave for Fort _Tiagra, Now
The Rubber Social which was to have
been given at the' home of Mrs. J. O,
Donald, coruor of Teuth avenue and
Columbia Htroet, Thursday erenijig the
7th, was postponed, and will be held on
Thursday evening of next week, tho
14th, at the same place by the Missionary Messengers of the Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church. Admission fee ono
ormore pairs of old rubbers or as
rauoh old rubber as you can bring along,
Central Park.
YOU TO CALL this week and look
Good Cooking Figs at 5c per pound,
Good Navel Oranges   2 doz.  for 25c,
Patterson's Cream Sodas 25c per tin.
New Goods—Lettuce, Cauliflower, Cabbage,
Green Onions and Radishes.
We will call for your orders.   All goods promptly delivered.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
KfeCentral Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 934.
Wholesale aad Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from nil parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams, ^an™6'
The Mt. Pleasant Junior  Maple Leaf
Lacrosse Club met  last Thursday and
elected tho following officers:
Hon. President—C. W. Murray.
President—Capt. J. Moran.
Secrctary-Treas.—W. J. McGuigan.
Field Captian—Herbert Saeret.
The young mou in this Club are very
enthusiastic players and it is more theu
likely they will be  tho  Junior Champion team at the end of tho season.
20 sSa Saved
Omlvic's Hungarian Flour |1,60
3-Ib. pall Laid 85u,       20-lb, sank Sugar fl.OQ
Blue Label Ketchup 26c,     C. 4 II. Pickles 30c
Koccnu OU, sealed tins, .1.70
The lntter part of this month Mr.
McCutoheon, the Mt. Pleasant Barber,
will move iuto tho now building ho has
had built specially planned for a first-
class barber shop. Tho building is a
neat two-story frame structure situated
on tho eastside of Westminster avenue
near the corner of Ninth The bnrber
shop and bath rooms will be on the first
floor, aud tbe Becnnd floor will be
fitted up for Mr. McCutoheon and
family. Until Mr. McCutoheon bought
tho Mt. Pleasant Barber Shop thero
were frequent changes in proprietors,
and it speaks well for him in carrying
on the business successfully for over
two years and now moving into a building of his own Mr. McCutcheou is a
tonsorial artist of many years experience.
Mt. Pleasant.
'Phone 988.
Froo delivery
Central Park, Apr. 6, 1904.
Mr. Orville Randel who has the posi
tion of sohool teacher at Spencer Bridge,
has been spending the Easter holidays
here at tho home of his parents.
The opening services of the Methodist
Churoh will be held in the now church
building on Sunday afternoon April
10th, at 8 o clock, when Dr. Robson and
Rev. Mr. Sutherland will preach. The
Sunday School will hold a grand Rally
at 2:80 o'clock.
Quite a unique affair in the form of a
surprise, birthday and farewell party
was given by the members of tho Social
Club at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
R. L. Green on Wednesday evening, in
honor of Miss Elsie Green, who leaves
Central Park shortly for Vanconver
Tho self-invited guests were made
thoroughly at home and a very pleasant
few hours wero spent. Some very pretty
little tokens were given by numerous
friends which testified to Miss Green's
popularity  in the neighborhood.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kerr have issued
iuvitations for their Tiu Wedding on
Monday evening next.
Mr. Greytoreax conducted the service
in the Methodist Church last Sunduy.
Local Items and Personals.
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., * Dufferin st.
Painting and Katsomtnlng.
At LESS   Than   Down-town   Prices
Ninth & Westminster aves.   Tel. B1679
Havo boon making some chauges in
tho store departuiont, so will clear out
several linos of Girdles, bt'ts, Pocket-
books, Cbateluiuo Baps and m.^ny other
useful requisites to a lady's toiletai c>st
Creams to eradicate moth patches,
freckles and tan. Violutta Cream to
keep tho bawls nnd fftcfl Soft and white,
aud many other beauty toilet articles
too numerous to mention.
Halrdressiug, Manicuring, Facial
Massage, Shampooing anil Electrio
Scalp Treatment. Warts, iiioIh.b und
Superfluous Hair removed by Electricity.
589 Granville streot.
LOST —Lest on Tuesday, Maroh 15tb,
on Ninth avenuo or Ontario streot, a
Lady's GoldtPin with Poarl Set. Finder
please leavo at the "Advocato" Office.
Roses! Roses!
All First-class Varieties.
Prices: 15c, 25c and 50c.
Kindly Call on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Note : Street cars pas* my plaoo
every   10 minutes.    Price List free.
Chas. Keeler
2784 Westminster Ave.     Mt. Pleasant
Tenders Wanted.
TENDER8 WANTED for the purchase of the present site and building
of Mount rieasnnt Presbyterian Church
Highest or any tender not nocosssari
ly accepted. Tonders to be in on or
before 10th ot April. Address
70 Seventh avenne, west.
For Local News Read Tib Advocate
Miss White of  Victoria,   is  visiting
Miss M. Graham, Sixth avenue, east.
Mr. nud Mrs. Fred WcIbIi have moved
buck iuto their cottage ou Teuth avenue
Mr. James Morrison of Minneapolis,
Minn., is visiting his parents, Mr. aud
Mrs. Morrison, Twelfth avenne, west.
Mr. Wm. Templo of Sixteenth avenue,
will loave for eastern Washington on
The Great Brain Food.     Builder of Muscle,
Brawu and Bone.    Regular price 15c package.
Now 5c pkg.
Tel. 286. Wes tmtns ter Ave. A Princess Street.
oooooocco ccccccceco occco
The Great
that wo have now in full swing 1
is going to prove one of the Record
Breaker class.
Call nnd  see  onr prices  and !
make your selections.
Snaps in
every line: Dinner Sets, Toilet
Sets, Lamps, Enameled Ware,
Tinware, Woodenware, Brushes,
Brooms, Ringers, Carpet Sweepers,
and overy article for furnishing a .
! /AV We deliver to Mt. Pleasant
twice daily. [
H.O. Hyndman
Successor to the
438   Westminster   Avenue
Telephone 981
»o 00000 oee6oOwwwwee
for Spring
Neckwear.—We have jnst opened a lovely collection of Neckwear
in all the newest styles, from
60o up.
Belts.—Some   very   exclusive
styles in Silk. Undressed Kid avt,
some very -new   effect, in Gold,
Steel aud Bead Belts; only one er
two of a kind in the better grad».
Purses nnd Chatelaine Bao*—-
Purso and Chatelaine Bags; ••
splendid showing of these goods is
Greys, Morion Bright Tans and,
Blacks, at all prices.
New Trimmings.—New Trim- ■
mings, two hundred pieces of vory ',
choice goods just opened Wed—us- <
day, from 10c to $15 a yard. 1
303 Hastings street.
,- www n? m ht n? w fft iff iff w w ff? iff iff te
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men ^
of years and years and years experience, _J
and a brewery whose plant is the most w»
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place ^
"""" in the hearts of the people which no other beer
{= can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $|,      --
P Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. -*
-^ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 3_
fc: For Sale nt all first-class Saloons, Liquor Store* and Hotel*    ;*
"^ or delivered to your huusc. ^*
Tltotototototo to to *U iii iii.ii iii iii iii iii K
Keeps You
looking young.
Always restorer, youthful color to Gray
or Ended Hair. A high elms dressing,
keeping the hair soft, glossy aud
abundant.   Psice 75c a dottle.
600-601  Hastings St., Cor. Seymour
Telephone   121)4.
Mr. W J. Clemeut has purchased two
lots ou Niuth avonue, east, near Carolina street, and will build in the near
The Advocate is tho best advertising
medium where it oiroulatos.   Tel. B1406
Buggies and Wagons
As we have decided to retire from the
Carriage and Wagon Business, and
must vacate the store now occupied by
us with that line by May 1st, we will
sell nny job line in the houso at tho
actual Manufacturers' Cost with freight
added, which means that ono rffc will
cost you at the rato as if yon pnrclxuied
a carload.
At tbo present wo bave about 80 Jobs
on hand, oonsirtiug of Top Buggies,
Road Wagons, Snrreye, Carts, eto.,
rubber and »tcol tires, ns well ns a carload of the famouB Stndebaker Wagons.
All to go nt Cost Price. Call early aud
hnvi' the best selection
Storev & CamPbeil
McToggart & Moscrop
Dealers in
344 Carrall St.,     Vancouver. 5.C.
Templeton Block.
^ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiUU 1
British  Columbia-
The Dominion of Canada,
and of the various
Provinces of the Dominion
Trorey   !
Corner Hastings and Grnnviile St».
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R.  j
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Pratt's Ltice Killer,
Holly Chick Food, Beofscraps, Kb).
SkTJITH  Corner   NINTH avenue   A
Telephone   16 8 7.
•Vw^%^%''w^%_>_^% '
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers 1
imd wo will send free your choice of HO j
pictures.   Or for 25 wrappera choice of
150 books.   BookB and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Harket j
3321   Westminster   Ave.       y
Mt. Pleasant. *
E. H. Peace,  Proprietor.
OO 00 00
Wholesale aud Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds. Tel. Aiao6
Give us trial.
Prompt Delivery.'
U< i_»'3,%
New Day Pollcemtxn on the Beet Inform*
Hans What Is Expected of Him
ICopyrlfllt, 1503, by C. B. L*-I*.l
; ER odder day der new pollce-
mau on our beat conies In my
place to Introduce himself. 1
bad six shoes to mend und
ilnglug und happy. Dot police-
stands in der door nnd swells
oudt Lis stomach und coughs like some
trout ii.ans und says:
"Dutcby, 1 vhas der new day patio).
man on tils beat, uud I like lo speak
a few words to you."
"My name vims Hans," I says.
"Don't yon . talk back Io me, old
miuiH. 1 say your name vhas Dntcby,
nnd vhat I sny goes. I bar heard of
you, You vluiB a mans who should
be taken down! a peg or two now uud
den, und  i  vhas here to do it.    Vou
MAN ON  1,18  BEAT."
must    understands    eomet'ings    right !
arbay.    I vlias a bigger man dan der
mayor of New York."
"How can dot be'l"
"Vhat! Vhat! Dou't you belief I
vliaS? Look oudt, old mans. 1 vhas
ulso'a bigger man dau der governor."
"Vhas dot possible?"
"I?ll show you before a week vhas
oafer-. I vhas also a bigger mans dan
dor president of der United States, I
und vhen 1 pass your door you Bhall
put yonr hand on your heort nnd bow
down to me. Haf you got dose things I
fixed in your mind?"
"Mnype 1 baf," I says.
"Dere  vhas  no  maype  uboudt  her.
Yout^biist remember who I vhas, or it j
vhill' be bad lor you.    Der odder mans >
on dls beat vhns changed oft because !
he don't feel bigger ash an aldermans
und let millionaires be too familiar mit i
him.    Dou't you get it in your head
1 vhas dot kind of a man.    Der mans
who tries to get familiar mit me vhlll
baf some broken  beads  right  avhay.
Don't you eufer speak mit me unless I
gif you leaf to do so.   Haf you got dot
lilted in der top of your bead?"
"I won't speak to you at nil," I says.
"Vhat! Vhat!" lie yells oudt ash he
grows red in der face. "By golly, but
11' you don't speak to me nil der time
1 shall send you oop to Sing Sing for
lift- years! Tell me you vhlll speak to
ine—tell me queek!"
"Vhell, den, I shall speak mit you."     !
"Look oudt, old inanB—look oudt! You
vhas monkeying mit a mighty big buzz-
saw,   Let me tell you some more.   If |
ymi like to keep friendts mit me you
vhlll haf a growler of beer here so dot I l
eon drink ash'I pass by. Being a great
mans und walking oop und down makes '
me Thirsty,  und it  vhus  for common ,
peogles to buy mo beer.   You shust flu j
itat lu your mind or dere  vhas some
troubles. Haf you some growler uow?"
"I don't belief I haf, but I haf some
water In dot pitcher oal'er dere, und
.i oo cau kelp yourself."
"Water! Wuter! By dot big horn
spoon, but lf you talk dot vhay to me
.vou vhas a cripple for life In fife minutes! Do you belief I vhas some three-
year-old child to ery for water? You
baf dot growler ready In one hour or
your heart shall nehe. Dere vha3 some-
Singselse to speak of. und you listen to
mc nml don't draw your breath vhlle I
talfe. I shall expect you to keep my
thoes in repair mitout cost to mc und
be glad to do It, und yon can begin tomorrow. You shall fix 'em oop ush good
iisli'iicw und of der werry best leather.
1 shall also bring some shoes for my
wife und children uud maype for some
f ilendts of mine. You shall make good
lobs of It or yon shall hour from me.
Do you understand, Dutcby, or must 1
go at it mid sandpaper dot old head of
yours? Der work I bring in ahull keep
you busy ull der time."
"I don't work for nobody for not-
tings." 1 tells blm. "If I works for not-
lliigs who buys my leather nnd pay
my rent uud how does my family live?'
"Vlint! Vhat!" be yells nsli he -ilniii^
shumps oop nnd down. "8o 1 huf found
u ainn who defies Ibe to my faoo, haf II
Bjj my soul, hut <lo you know you vims
on der edge of der grave und dot In ten
second* more you vhas n corpse! Listen
to me, oldt mans, und listen like yen
neffer did before. Maype you vha»
deaf und don't hear vlint I said, but
you shall fix oop my shoes or I'll make
It bo Imt for you dot yon vhns roasted
In cold weather! Dere vhas somot'ings
more, too, und you keep right on listen-
lug mit all dose big ears of yours. I
can't smoke vhlle on duty, nsh dot takes
avh.iy my dignity, but vhen I goes off I
like to put n good cigar in m.v mouth
nnd swell nronmlt. und put on style. It
vhill be your business to buy me three
looks at me mit eyes like a mad dog.
I Vhen be can speak at last be calls me
more nsh one booiidered Dutchmiiiis und
i Idiot asylums mid den takes me by der
hair und knocks my head against der
wall. Vhen I recovers my brains und
feels 1 vhas alive again he says:
"Now, do you belief I vhas a bigger
man dan der president of der United
States? If you don't belief so you shall
baf some more of dot same kind. It
vhas three cigars a day, 1 tell you, und
each one vhas 10 cents. If you ring In
a poor one on me nt any time I vbill
make you eat it oop. Listen to me
some more, oldt mans. About 3 o'clock
In der afternoon 1 like a bite to eat. der
same ash all great mans. It shall be
c_?e«p und crackers und beer. See dot
you get der best und put him on a
; clean plate. You shall haf him ready
for me tomorrow.   Do you hear me, or
; must I stir you oop some more?"
"I don't belief I do," I says.
"Oh, you don't, eh?   You still think
! I vhas only a coiiimon pollcemans in-
i stead of der biggest man In der world.
Well, let us see a leetle uboudt dot."
Den he grabs me und chokes me
und bangs my head again, und vhen
be lets oop 1 belief I vhas dead for
two hours. 1 can't hardly hear liim no
more, und my ears vhns buzzing like
some bumblebees ash be says:
"If you vhas de. f 1 shall make your
; ears all right before 1 vhas done. Vhen
a Dutch cobbler sets out to defy der
biggest man In America it vhas high
tittle somet'lng vhas done. Keep It in
your mind, oldt mans. It vhas a growler of beer four or five limes a day; lt
vhus three good cigars eatery twenty-
four hours; it vhas n neat little lunch;
■ eon. mit plenty more beer, nbout 3
o'clock In der afternoon; it vhns to
cobble niy shoes und der shoes of my
family free of charge. Let's see if der
vhas some more? Oh, yes! Sometimes
a big man like me don't haf some
shauge in his pocket.    Vhen lie don't
I be comes lu here to borrow a dollar of
' you, und you vblll hand it outer P. D.
0.   Do you know vhat dot means?"
"He means dot 1 don't lend somebody
, a dollar," 1 says.
"Ob,  he does,  oh!" shouted der po-
• licemuns ash he hauls uie nil outer der
■■ shop und pulls my hair uud punches
i my ribs uud bangs mc mit his knee.
"Stand oop dere li ml look at me vhlle I
say iomet'ings to you. I shall be out of
Colonel Harper Hears of a Good
Thin*; From Abe Shorter  0   0
[Copyrlrht, 1903, Dy C. B. Lewis.]
down to the railroad depot
to see about shipping some
mules to St. Louis and wus
on his way back to the postoffice when
Abe Shorter suddenly appeared before
him and said:
"Upon my word, Colonel Harper,
but I'm glud to see yo' this mawnln'—
powerful glad, .lust thinklug about yo'
two minutes ago."
"Howdy, Abe?" replied the colonel
as he extended his hand.
"I'm still alive, thank you. How's
mewls, colonel?"
"'Bout so so, Abe.    No great flutter
in tbe market."
"And co'n. colonel?"
"Co'n's a leetle stlO'er, jest a leetle."
"I reckoned mewls anil co'n was all
right,   but   1   didn't   know.     Colonel
| sbange tomorrow und drop In here unil
! crook my finger like so.    You liuf der
I dollar ready, und you hand it oal'er like
some lightning,   lf yon don't"—
Und Ue shakes me till 1 belief dot all
| my teeth vhill drop oudt on der floor.
j I don't say nottings, und he stuuds me
oop und looks at me nnd smiles und
I says:
"How vhas it now, Dutcby? Vhas
you der biggest man in der world or
rhas I? It takes me a leetle vhlle to
make yon see soinet'lngs, but 1 guess
you huf your eyes und your ears open
after nvliile. One ting more, und 1 go I
omit on my bent und let der pooblic see
how big a man 1 vhas. 1 see you haf
some theater bills in your shop window
uud so you get some deadhead passes.
You shall save 'em all uud gif 'em to
me for my friends nnd family. If I
catch you going to der theater I shall
break both your knees mit my club.
Mayp? you vhas a leetle deaf, und so
I 1 shall make sure dot you hear me."
Mit dot hs bangs me all around once
: more und gifs me a punch dot leafs me
i dead on der floor, und vhen I wake oop
I be vhns oudtdoors und my vife was
I bending oafer mc uud saying I vhas
I six veeks in der hospital. It looks to
| mc from a cobbler's bench ns if I shall
! baf some troubles mit dot policemans
l before 1 get through. M. QUAD.
boston Ladies.
Mrs. Erown—1 was down town yesterday. I didn't know but 1 might meet
I you-
I     Mrs. Crecne—I was down town, too,
i and I'm awfully Sony 1 didn't see you.
Little Johnny Greene—Ma, don't you
J remember we saw .Mrs. Brown's dog,
aud you said, "Come, let's hurry awuy
! from here: that old cat must be some-
1 where near!"   What old cat did you
mean, ma?—Boston Transcript.
llut-tl    Defter.
"They say Hruwu is teu years ahead
of his time."
"Well, it's not true. He's six month*
behind. I'm his landlord and know."—
Cbicugo Journal.
llluatrnteil  l'lirnwc.
"Itldlculoua on the face of lt"
Ills  Principle.
"Thl*   I*   m.v   birthday,"
"guess how old I sm."
"Excuse  nie,"   ht  replied
deliberately inik* an cnomy."—Chicago
■he  snld;
"I   nevei
Surer.Nfal  Reminder.
A small church wus sadly in need *f
repairs, and a meeting was hold with a
vl«w to raising funds for the purpose.
The minister having said that $500
weuld be needed, a very weulthy nnd
stingy member arose and said he would
give . I. Just as be sat down a largo
pl*ce of plaster fell from the ceiling
and struck him on his head, whereupon
be jumped up haslily and said that he
hnd made a mistake, tbat he would
give $50. This w»s too much for vn en-
good cigars eafery dny, und you paste i thuslnstlc deacon present, who, forget-
flot In your bnt." ful of everything, called out fervently:
"Vhy *hull I put blm in my bat?" I '■ "O  Ixird,  hit   him  again!    Hit  him
auks.   "Dou't it do If 1 pill nun ou der | *calnI"-Mount Morris (III.) Index.
door or lu my pocket book?"        ,
"Xo.. you, oldt Idiot! You paste blni '.
In. your hilt to make you remember. |
It vhas three cigars n day. und each i
one vl.as 10 cents. Huf you got dot !
fixed Im your mlmi or must I take yon !
i y der uccl; to mnke you remember?" ,
^I rlqn't boiler 1 bnf. H you like to j
ilqop In some time und wish mo und '
.make my pipe dot vhns nil right, but j
: te you lind bettor bring some to-
i a Ion;: loll, .vou."
I peak 'io; vhuy lo dot policeman*, i
cod he vlifis i-o imidl lie can't tali; for 1
tr. ,<   inliinie*.    He shunt  stands  und
Iu  n  Hflllule,
We do a good many things lu a minute. For Instance, we are whirled on
tbe outsldo of the enrth just thirteen
miles und hnve gone mound the sun
1.0S0 miles; u ray of light lias traveled
11,100,000 miles; the lowest souud your
ear can cutch bus made UOO vibrutlons,
the loudest tone ".-'-'8.000 vibrations;
twenty-four barrels of beer have gone
down 12,000 throats; 0,(173 cigars huve
beeu made; IlilO tons of coal huve been
mined, and $tiii Worth of gold una. .mi
_>l.u.'t,.l  .rum   Ili.illii-i   ,,., ,1,
Harper, I've known yo' a good many
"Yes, Abe."
"And In all those years I have never
asked yo' to loan me any money."
"No." i
"If I bail yo'd hnvo accommodated
me, knowing that I'd have kept my
word about paying it back. Now.
then, colonel"—
"Souse me, Abe," Interrupted tbe
colonel, "but I'm powerful short this
mawnln'—powerful short. Reckon I
won't bave a cent to carry home with
"But yo'—yo' "—
"Couldn't do lt, Abe—couldn't possibly do it."
"Colonel Harper," said Abe as he
drew himself up with great dignity,
"yo' would take my word as a gentleman, 1 reckon?"
"Yes; reckon I would."
"Then that's all right. That's what
I was getting nt. If 1 wauted to borrow any money of yo'. which I dou't.
yo'd take my word, wouldn't yo'?"
"Ob. for shore—for shore." replied
tlie colonel, evidently much relieved
In mind. "Yes, if yo' wanted to borrow any money and I hnd uny to lend
I should have confidence in yo'. Yo'
hain't looking any too peart this
mawnln'. Abe. I'ike county hain't
been throwing yo' down tig'ln. I hope?"
"Didn't yo' hear what: happened last
Tuesday night, .colonel?"
"No, not a word. Was it mo' scandalizing?"
"Wuss than that. Colonel Harper.
Pike county rose up ag'iti we en masse
and tried assassination for a change."
"Shoo, shoo! Did I ever! Somebody shot at yo'. eh?"
"They attempted to assassinate my
reputation, sub. which was wuss iban
sin,oi ing at m.v body from behind a
:;loue wall. i'es. sub, tried to do me
up for good and nil. and they can't
see how I possibly stayed on top of
the ground. Yo' know about the I'ike
County Literary club, of co'sc."
"Yes; l reckon I've heard of it.
though as yo' know 1 run mostly lo
co'n and mewls."
"Well, 1 sent in my name to be balloted on for membership, nud they
throwed me down—tbroweu me with
n crush. Out of fo'ty members present thirty-nine blackballed me. How
was that for giving a young man a
• how, colonel?"
"Shoo. I do declare."
"That was spite work nnd Jealousy,
colonel—just spite work and jealousy—
but right on lop of that Majah Rogers
read a paper to the meeting, u paper
which be reckoned would bury my
dead body ten feet below the soil. I
wasn't there, of co'sc, but I heard all
about It."
"Pitched right into yo', did he?" nsked Ihe colonel.
, "Couldn't lie wuss. Colonel Harper.
I yo' inn to co'n nnd mewls und havo a
i box at the postoffice, but huve yo' ever
I beard of Plorlnns?"        •
"Seems like 1 huil. Reckon I beard
j of him In Arkansas a few years ngo.
I Used to raise a power of buwgs, dldb't
; ho?"
"Sliossly, colonel—skassly.    notions
i wus bo'n Iii Egypt In tlie year !!or. und
! tiled In the year '270.   That wns about
3,200 years befo' Columbus discovered
America.   He didn't run to hawgs, but
to philosophy anil was a mighty smart
••hup.    Colonel  Harper, wsb I bo'n In
Ihc year -0."?"
"Reckon not. Abe."
"Was I bo'n In Egypt?"
"Couldn't be."
"Have I got any *bow over a mnn
who was bo'n L'-W years befo' I was?"
"Not much, Abe."
"But yo' foller me, Colonel Hsr>
per—you fuller mc," continued Abe ns
lie waved his hand, in tho air. "Majah
Rogers wouldn't allow these tilings,
but went on to any thut a certain
young man in tills town, uidsnlng me,
COUld have been n second l'lotintis If
he bnd had energy, ambition uud application.
"lie went fnrther. colonel—a heap
farther. Uo wanted to kuow why I
didn't take off m.v coat and go to work;
why I didn't pay luicl. borrowed loon
ey; why I didn't sock 10 climb up In
Stem! of bungle,': nbout saloons to get
drinks. II" jtlM raked ine from lop to
> nnd fri it, . ]..!■: to lift In a itui
yo' never did sec. and the crowd applauded him und looked to see me drop
dead or skip the town. What do jo'
think of that, colonel?"
"Shoo, shoo!" replied the colonel in
tones of mingled astonishment and pity.
"But I'm not dead, colonel, and I
haven't skipped. I'm still right yere,
and it won't be ten days befo' I'll be on
top the whole crowd of 'em. Tere's my
hand, Colonel Harper. Put lt thnr."
"W-what ls it, Abe?" queried the
colonel as he extended his hand.
"I've got 'em, colonel—got the Pike
county scandnlizers right under my
thumb, nnd befo' they are a week older
they'll hear something drop with a
smash. That's what I want—want 'cm
to pitch into me. The mo' they pitch
the quicker I'll get to the top."
"What yo' got up yo'r sleeve, Abe?"
"Colonel Harper, how long did yo'
co't yo'r wife befo' being married, if I
may ask?"
" 'Bout two years, I reckon."
"That's about tlie average. To' put
In, say. ten hours a week. That's a low
estimate, but call it ten. That's over a
thousand hours to tbe average eo'tship.
What's tbe value of yo'r time per
"We might say iiO cents, I reckon."
"We'll call it only half thut, colonel,
and still we And yo' used up S-01 worth
of lime co'tlng yo'r wife. Same with
eighteen million other men In this country. That figures up hundreds of millions of dollars, enough to pay all the
tales uud buy every widow.woman u
diamond ring lo boot. Do yo' toller uie,
"Skassly, Abe. Would yo' do awny
with tkeco'ting?"
"I'd do away with a heap of it, colonel, and It would be just as well for
both sexes. Make u law ag'ln co'tlng
over 1Wo hours or half a day nt most.
Might be tnilf u dny in case of a very
young gal. Timo saved is money saved.
Instead of co'tlng around yo' can be
plowing ihe lam], hoeing co'n or working at something elre, and tbe gal can
he churning or washing or making ber
clothes. Makes a saving both ways, yo'
sec. I've thought It all out by myself,
unil I'm going to copyright the plan.
How does it strike yo' for an Idea, colonel?"
'■Hotter let 'em co't for at least four
or live Sunday nights." suggested the
colonel as a flood of pleasant recollections rushed across bis mind.
"All right, nil right. Make it even
ten Sunday nights, and then'yo' save
$1110,000,000 n year to buy sealskin
Backs for the widows of America. Yes;
ten Sunday nights, and"—
"And what, Abe?"
"Did yo' say Med stop over to Tom's
und wet onr whistles? Well, being it's
yo'. I'olonel. and being a leetle plain
whisky never did hurt nobody. I don't
mind If I do—don't mintl in the least."
Hoto   Mrs.  Jones
Cot   a
However crowded tbe car or boat
may be, .Mrs. Jones gets a sent, thanks
to her three-year-old Gladys. This is
the way it works:
Enter Mrs, Jones. All the seats occupied; women calmly indifferent; men
buried behind newspapers.
Gladys—Mamnia, mamma!
Mrs. Jones—Yes. dear.
Gladys—Where is your sent, mamma,
nud wbere's my sent?
Heads reappear above newspapers,
while Mrs. Jones appears unconscious,
and one of the rebuked men offers Mrs.
Jones a seat, while his neighbor makes
room for Gladys.
But the denouement came when Mr.
Jones happened to bo with his wife.
Gladys piped her query about their
"Hush, Gladys!" said Jones.
"Hut niummn tokl me to say that."
Then it was mother's turn to Bay
"lln.-th!"   New York Times.
Proud   lloit.t.
Coatamn    of    Chilian     Velvet    Are
Among.   Ihe  Novelties.
Princess gowns of chiffon velvet are
very smart this season. Tbey are made
with collarless chiffon yokes tucked
and outlined with embroidery and with
huge tucked chiffon puffs on the loose
banging embroidered sleeves.
Gowns of chiffon voile are sometimes
entirely made of tiny ruffles edged with
narrow velvet. The waist is in the
shape of a loose hanging blouse, nnd
the sleeves a-e of tbe bell shape.
Y'okes of heavy lace are very smart
made up over chiffon.   They have the
"Lot's t'row rocks at him. an' maybe
he'll come back fin' kick lis."
"Wot good 'il chit do us?"
"Why, den we kin brag tint Kill Mc-
Guff, de chaiiipcen middle weight, bus
kicked us dneet!"—Now Y'ork Evening
A l.uluir Qnestlon.
"What nre you feeding to those hogs,
my friend?" the professor nsked.
"Corn, professor," the grizzled old
farmer, who knew the learned gentleman by sight, replied.
"Are you feeding it wet or dry?"
"Don't you know If you feed it wet
the hogs can digest lt in one-half the
Tbe farmer gave him a quizzical
look. "Now, see bore, professor," he
said, "how much do you calculate a
bog's time Is worth?"—Lippincott's.
Ample Revenge.
When young Spoonamore called on
the society favorite, the lovely Miss
Welloph. she sent down word tbat sbe
Was "indisposed."
Thereupon, wben young Spoonamore
went away, he pinned a card on the
outer frame of tlie front door on which
he had hastily written this Inscription:
"Belle out of order."—Chicago Tribune.
1 ami Brevity.
"What got Gopher Jim into trouble,"
remarked   Three   Finger   Sam,   "was
hearlu'  somebody say that brevity is
the soul of wit."
"Did liis humor fall to please?"
"It was the death of him.  He boiled
j the word mendacity down to oue sylla-
| ble." -Washington Star.
Too  Much   Sentiment.
"Then there is no prospect of nny
marriage between Jack and Miss Bit-
"No, indeed. The engagement was
broken off for good and all."
"What was the trouble?"
"Ob, Jack was entirely to blame!
Mabel bad been trying to prove to liim
what n prize ho wus getting and remarked that Tom Mnggletou would
give his eyes to marry her. And Jack
| snld that didn't prove much. One of
Tom's eyes ls crossed, and he squints
horribly with the other. Ami Mabel
flared up ond said tliey were the best
eyes be bail, and it was beautiful of
him to offer to give them up. And Jack
said lie thought it was much more
beautiful to keep his eyes anil devote
them to serving ber comfort nnd happiness. And Mnbel said he had no
sentiment nbout him, and Jack snid be
bad uo Intention of making a blind
tool of himself. And Mabel said she
hated a man without sentiment, and
then Jack took his hat."
"And what is Mabel going to do?"
"I'm sure I don't know."
"And what Is Juck going to do?"
"Well, everybody Is certain he ls going to many Clara Coupons, the richest girl in the state."—Cleveland Plata
long shouldered effect and are pieced
Into full sleeve puffs of the dress material.
The full skirt of thin material Is very
smart shirred into three corded effects
ut the hips nnd edged with three tiny
—'flies at tlie lower edge.
Chiffon appliques ure much used on
crepe de chine and veiling gowns to outline yokes and to decorate the skirts
with panels and irregular bands.
White is still beloved of the tailor
and iu English homespuns or thick
plain cloths is extremely smart wear,
especially when adorned with dark
Serges in navy blue, black ond brown'
are always in fashion, aud sporting
frocks for hard wear are made of
tweed mixtures and gray whipcord.
For the conntry heavy makes nud
rough surfaces are used in preference
to the smooth, softly finished cloths,
which will be kept for the smarter
tailor mades in light colors. Later on
we shall trim theso faced cloths witb
narrow fur edgings.
The cut shows a toque of shaded
green feathers, having a strap of deeper green velvet.    JUDIC CHOLLET.
Two Useful Discoveries.
"If we had more money at our command," declare the polar explorers.
"we could lind the north pole In no
"lt you had more north poles." retort
the plutocrats, "you could discover one
once iu awhile too."
Whereat the explorers discover that
their eompusses huve been deflected by
the wrong batik accounts.—-Judge,
Short Far Coats to Be Worn-Three-
quarter Loose  Couts.
Short fur coats will still be worn, all
predictions to the contrary notwithstanding, but they will hang loose from
tbe shoulders nfter the sack fashion.
They will end Just at tbe waist line in
tbe back, and in tbe front they will
be considerably longer, with rounded
points. These little coats will be richly lined, with fancy buttons.
Evening coats of the richer sort nre
so lnci'usled wilh lace tbat the origl-
One TtiluR  l.ncLluir.
The  Propitious  Moment.
"I dou't see what excuse tliere was
for publishing this volume of verse."
"Why, the uulhor Is a thirty second
cousin of Juuies Jones."
"And who is James Jones, pray?"
"Oh, he's a man the two hundredth
nniilversury of whose birth or death
fulls some time about now."-Detroit
Free Press.
A  Scandal   Needed.
Gladys- If Mrs. Pluyfalr is so happy
with lier husband wby Is she getting u
Ellsle—-Because sbe dreads tbe facts
of their prosaic agreement coming out
hi ihe society papers, lt would be such
a scandal, you know!-Brooklyn Life.
nlr.itin:   lu  Dlssrulse.
"John," snhl Ihe wire disconsolately,
"the wolf Is ut the door!"
"Good!" cried her husband. "Now
Ihe bill collectors will be afraid to
lotne near UB."—Philadelphia Ledger.
"How's skat Inc. my boy?"
"Ob, flue, If dere wns only some Id"
—Chicago American.
An   Involuntary  Gift.
At  il,.- Mnsleale.
"I suppose you have to cultivate I
tn»te for thlti kind of music?"
"Not at all. All you have to do 1* to
let on you hare It."—Brooklyn I_f*.
A  Carious  Wedding;  I'i-cm,.
Among the Brass river tribe* of
west Africa when u young couple get
married lt ls the custom for tbe oldest member of the bride's family to
present the bride witb a plot of ground
aix feet long. This ls for the grav*
of her family and herself when they
The first member of the new family
who dleB Is burled about twenty feet
below ground and tbe next one almost
sixteen feet, und this goes on until all
the family die and nre burled. The
rruvu holds them all, and this, they
think, prevenls them from being separated.
This grewBomo wedding present ls
the oue most valued by tbe bride, .ue
favorite native saying being,' VWheu
all other things are gone this remains."
"I'd like to know"- began tbe llttl*
"Well,   what   would   you   like    to
know?" asked his mother.
- "I'd like to know why iweetbread*
haven't uuy breud lu 'ern and sweet-
(neat* haven't any meat t_ 'am,"
"What n lovely roset ,Lld your mamma send It to me?"
"Yes'm, but s.ie don't know It."—
Kau  Francis',u  Examlnor.
Exr.er! says thnt n paper dollar lasts
".Vim five years. Don't believe It.—
New York Tnlecram.
Hxerclse Por Both. l
"Does your wir. go in for athletics?"
"Um—yes, in a wny. She went out
yesterday to tako exercise; said she was
going to walk up a long bill."
"And did she?"
"No; she got Into tbe dry good* district anil ran up a long bill Instead.
You cuu easily see that I am the on.
WHO    'i an    I'it'iclied,"   - KuuStta    City
uul material almost ceases to appear.
The sleeves are us large ns possible,
being eked out wilh plaited chiffon
und applications.
The Russian blouse style Is much
seen in sealskin nnd in Persian lamb.
vTbese three-quarter length blouse
coats are very becoming to tall girls.
The three-quai'ler loose eoat of moleskin is one of thO smartest and most
expensive fur garments of tlie season,
The huts which accompany walking
toilets ure for Ihe most part ol the
long (urban shape, pointed lu front,
with a sweeping cock's feather or
plume going across the crown and
down the back. There is a grent denl
of white worn both lu felt .nnd beaver,
Ihe long and short haired makes being
equally popular. Cloths, loo. nre used
tor lulls, nnd these are Charming when
adorned with a few small buttons,''
Just now burgundy shades, ruby red
nnd glorious purples, blimk anil brown.
ore (he favorite colors for our best rot-option and carriage frocks, while the
best dinner gowus will lie composed
of chiffon velvet in white, pale, soft
green, vleux rose, del blue, ruby and
black,   In   nearly   every  case  adorned
with sumptuous embroideries am' rfa'
The picture shows n costume of crepe
de chine trimmed with shirred hnnds
of chiffon. JUDIC CHOLLET.
Monuments of Woe.
"Did you notice Mr. Jones' new
teeth?" asked Mrs. Shnrpeye. "I never
saw anything so ghastly. They look
like gravestones."
"Yes." said Miss Sinnle Col, "I presume be had them placed In memory of
his lost ones."
The Story Needed ComOrmntlon.
"Georgie, did you know that I was
going to marry your sister?"
"Well, J heard her say so, but she's
had that idea about so many other fellers that I didn't fsel sure about lt till
you told me,"
The Kicker  Editor Is  P«9S'»8
Away aa  Usual.
[CopyrluM, 1803, by C. B. Lawl*.]
AS proprietor of the Hellso Opera
House we announce that un-
^   less the shooting becomes too
promiscuous and too long sustained the druma of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" will be played here for two weeks
in November.
We have lost the gospel hymn book
we usually carry in our coat tail pocket
j to try our voice on when we ride out
into tbe country, aud tbe finder will be <>'
! credited with a year's subscription to
the Kicker ou restoring it to us. '
Two whole days of last week passed
without any shooting or whooping on
our streets, and we learn from several
t persons in tbe business that real estate
] shows a downward tendency. Is It pos-
! sible that we are becoming too civilized?
A man unknown to us, but who hnd
some cause for complaint, caught us
on the street tbe other day aud put a
gun to our eai- and made us eat dirt
In the most liberal niuuner. Things
will happen once in awhile, and wo
are philosopher enough to expect It
and take our medicine, as we huve
obliged others to do.
Colonel Taylor's cowboys sent us
word tbe other day, as mayor of this
town, that if we crossed Dog creel;
again within a year they would haug
us to tbe first handy limb. We hereby acknowledge the receipt of the message, and we likewise ndd that we shall
cross Dog creek day nfter tomorrow
with our soul keyed up for two bunded shooting.
If any one in this country hns invented a bullet proof kerosene lamp
we should like to be put iu commuul-
cntion with him at once. We want a
dozen for the Hellso Opera House.
They must be able to stand an hour's
Most of the newspnper offices in this
territory throw away the glue und molasses cut from the cores of their old
printing press rollers, but we have regularly distributed it among the Indians
for the last six months, nnd they mix
it with roast dog and grow fat on it.
We also incline to the belief that it
makes them more peaceful.
We do not know who it wns tbat
hurled a stone through our bedroom
window at midnight tbe other night,
but we were out of bed in time to get
a pop nt him and heir him yell out as
1>01> AT HIM.
he limped nwny. Don't play with us
after midnight, or, If you do, dou't
break Uncle Sum's windows. Our duties us postmaster oblige us to look out
for his glassware us well as his mull
When Tom Jackson used to ride hi*
cayuse through tbe front door of a saloon and out of the back Iu this town
ho was applauded and bunded out u
free drink. When he got over into
Montana and tried tlie same little business they shot four bullets iuto his
body and planted him under tbe greenwood tree. Thomas should have realized tbo difference between a liberal
community and one that was sot in Its
There ls an opening In Qlveadsm
Gulch for a photographer, but-we want
to warn the profession in advance that
old Jim Hewsou and half a ttozeu others must be photographed to look a*
heroic as Napoleon at the pyramids or
there will be some shooting to follow.
Three different photographers have
coiffo and gone within tbe last year.
The post office at this place has gained DO per cent II nan dully sine* we took
hold of lt two yenrs ngo, but we nre
not expecting Uncle Sam to pat us ou
tho bnck over the fact. We Bhall content oursclf with simply observing thut
we are by long odds tbe best postmaster west of th* Mississippi river.
We haven't isld anything about th*
presidency of 1008 for the last three
weeks, but wo are keeping up a heap
or thinking just tbe tame and shall he
ready for the nomination as lf we had
congress by the nose for the last ten
years. We have got lt and got It bad,
and nothing but succes* will cure us.
Miss Elderly—You mustn't believ* all
you hear.
Mr. Mr. ia prop—I don't, nor half I say.
—Town Topics. -
Lost  on the lfnvorlle.
Jessie—I was surprised to hear that
young Tandem was so much lu debt
He was such'a general favorite!
Jack—Wby, that's It. There's a lot of
money lost on favorites.
Why They Went.
Wife—The Swintons are going to
move out of this neighborhood after
being here a year.
Husbuud—That's strange! All the
people nre just getting to know them
Wife-Yes, that's why they are going.
Spanl.li Proverb*.
Proverbs uncomplimentary to the
fair sex are common In Spain. "A woman, like a pavement, should be well
trampled on to be kept In order," "A
woman Is like a candle, Twist ber
neck If you wish her to be good;" "Beware of u bad woman, and do not trust
a good one;" "Crying In a woman and
limping In a dog,Is all a sham;" "A
cock crows on his own dunghill, but
hens cackle everywhere" (this In reference to the supposed garrulousness
and Inquisitive disposition of the sex);
"Show me a magpie without a spot
anil I will show you a woman without
u fault." In Knglish counterparts are
uot wauling, for example:
A woman, s (log and a walnut tree—
Tlie more you beat litem tlie better they be.
Mothers-in-law and stepmothers
(-time in for a good deal of sarcasm.
Some of the proverbs lu regard to them
win not stand translation,   or a man
who Is accounted lucky they say, "If
he fell rt'oui ihe roof of a house, he
would tall nn tho top of hi* motber-iu-
UVU'."—('lniitibe.ru'   Journal.
Q,uulnt Holland Customs.
They have quaint customs iu Holland. One of these Is placing the laundry ut Ihe top of the house. Tbe
clothes lire Bent away to be washed
und bleached, und wheu they are returned they ure drawn up to the laundry b.v means of a pulley aud dangle
lor a time right lu the drawing room
windows, to the infinite delectation of
tlio guests. But, as.au offset to this
peculiarity, the bathroom—wben there
is a bathroom, which is uot often—Is
placed in the cellar. It Is the dry cellar, where potatoes und such things
are stored, aud tbe tub is au immense
iron thing, with a cover tbat Is divided into halves.
A Kingston lady owns a bird which
is over twenty years old. Evidently
that feathered songster, like many of
Kingston's  lair   maidens,   Is  too  nn-
cicnl  to sing well.
Hear Sirs.—1 was for seven vcars a
sulYei'or from Bronchial trouble, und
would be so bourse ut times that I
could scarcely speuk above a \,liis-
per. I got rio relief from anything
till I tried your MINARD'S IIONRY
BALSAM. Two hottlcs ,'tt\e leliet
and six bottles mnilo -u complete
cure, i would heartily i'ecoinmoitd it
to anyone suffering from thmat or
lung trouble.
J. P.  VANBUflKlRT..
I. rederlcl on
Tho Brighton, England. Aquarium
hns j i I auks, a ml is 7' 5 led long b.v
ion toot wide. It is the largest in
ihe  world 	
Miiiard's Uniaeat Cures Diphtheria.
A fancied wrung is hardor'.to hear
thnn Ihc real thing.
llilioiisni'ss. which is caused by excessive
ttilo in tho stomach, tliiB a marked
effect upon tin.' nerves, ami otton nnini-
IpsIm itself liy severe lu'arlncho. This is
tint most, distressing headache t,i,a can
have There are headaches from cold
it'niii fever, und from other muses, hut
ihe n,o.si exci iatlnir of all is the bilious heartache. Parntelee's Vorelahle
l'ills will .-in-.- It—cure il almost, limned.
Intelv. Ii will disappear us soon as ihe
rills operate. There is nothing surer in
iin. treatment   of itiilous headache
There has just died nt Ilallycirry.
County Antrim, Mrs. Ann IVnny. i"?
veins obi I lei' mother died al the
same age and a brother; who is slill
living,  is a  ceiiienai'iiin
A Cry tor Help.- A Palu In ths back
i u cry ol the kidneys fur help. South
iiat'iititii Mtlnev Cure Is the oely cure
i It'tl liusiil a failure written artalnst It.
In "I-.-- nl Mi'lc-lil's ilist'tise. diabetes, ln-
l.,.!iiiiiiiii,n, <>i il'C lilutlilei'. ii'iivci anil
'.i',i   i.i,lint    nllhieuls.       lion'l   I't'irleci
tin     niipn il-      iio-it.'iiitifiiai     "signs."
ii.-   powerful   I;,pint  '(letil'tr prevem-i and
GeoloBjisls spool, uf lhat (ruction of
Mn- rainfall which reaches the sen
through slreniiiR ns the run-oft."
The iiui-oIY in Coiinii'licin is hull ihe
rnlu/nll, while In ihe Mississippi basin   il   is  lull   line-four ill,
A    refined    woman  seems to Ihink
barbaric modes emphasize her rullno-
SIIINA1.H OF DANOEIl—Have vou lost
your appetite ■' Hint' vim » t'outed
IQIlgtleY Have you un unpleasant tuste
in llie nioutli '.' Hues vour head nclie uiltl
have vou dizziness 7 If so. your stomach
i'i mil of order unil yon need medicine
Iliil. you do not like medicine, lie that
Prefers sickness to medicine must milter.
[till under the circumstances the wise
man would orocure u box nl Parmelee'e
Vegetable l'ills und speedily tret hlmsoll
la  health anil  strive lo keep so.
NU woman is always right, nud no
woman's husband is always wrong
I low comfortable ii ii to he rich
enough to brag about your poverty.
llollinvnv'B Com Cure is n spcrlilo1. for
ihe removal of corn* and wnris. We
I.live never heard of Its falllnil to i'lln
even   the  worst   klml.
Life, ns Omar snys. may he a .qnin-
gle of existence. It's too bad 1.110
lii'igitl has worn off in so many instances.	
Hoard's Liniment Cores Garget in Cm
Physlclan-"-Your trouble lies in the
larynx, thorax und epiglottis. Iloo-
lliian—Indaid* ? and mo afthor think-
in' th' trouble wus in me throat,
Indiyoation, that menace to
human   happiness, pitiless iu it*
assaults, and no respecter of persons,
hns met Its conqueror in South American N'ervlne. , This great sloiinit'h null
uerve remedy stimulates digestion, ti-tieN
the nerves, nlds circulation, drives out
impurities, dispels emaciation, nail brings
back the alow oi' tiei'feci liealih. Cures
hundreds of "chronics" thai have baffled
physicians —118
Motiving hurts a smull mnn ns much
ns lo bave people ignore his llirrnls.
Mioird'i Uniniwit Cores Colli, et_
The worse  out
hates mirrors.
looks the more
iilu—I don't, think Mr. Smart believes niv bundkerchlefs aro linen.
Muy—Why not V Ida—I told him
thiil 1 hull my pin'money wrapped in
my handkerchief nnd lost 11. lie snld
11.ere wus a great deal of money lost.
in cotton these dnyB.
A Sucr-estlon a* to Row to Guard Against
the Trouble aad Ms Pernicious After
Every winter influenza, or as it is
more generally known, the grip,
makes its appearance in Canadu.
Every few years it spreads nnd assumes alarming proportions. Ki'orri
all appearances this is one of the
years in which it will seize upon a
great number of victims, lor every
day new cases are reported. As in
scarlet amd typhoid fever, the after
effects of grip are often worse than
the disease itself. The sufferer is left
with a'debilitated system, short of
breath upon the slightest exertion,
subject, to headache and heart palpitation, affected by every change in
the weather, and in a physical condition to invito the attack of more
serious diseases, such ns imeuinonia
nnd consumption.
A timely suggestion as to how lo
enable the system to resist the inroads nnd its after effects, is given
by Mrs. Emma Dourelt, St. lOulalle,
Que., who snys t—"I hud un attack
of the grip which left me h sufferer
from headache, pains in the stomuch
anil general weakness. 1 used several
medicines but found nothing lo hell)
tno until I begun to take Dr, Williams' Pink Pills. When I began lo
take these pills 1 was very much run
down and very weak, but. they soon
Iregan to help me, and after using
them n few weeks I wus not. only ns
well os ever but bad gained in iiesh
ns well. 1 can hardly tell vou how
pleased I nm with Pr. Williams' Pink
Pills, for 1 was feeling very hupt'less
when 1 began their use."
These pills cure by malting new,
rich, red blood, thus strengthening
every part of tho body and ennhlinir
il to throw oil disease. Ynu can always ovoid imitations Ivy seeing t.hut.
the' full name, "Dr. Williams' l'ink
l'ills for Pale People," is nrinted in
the. wrapper around every box. Sold
by ull medicine dealers or sent 1'ost-
p'aid at 50 rents a. hox or six for
32.50 by'writing the Pr. Williams'
Medicine Co , Rrockvllle, Ont.
Authorities leave us bewildered lis
to what we are, contending between
what wc think, what we rend, and
wlmt we cat.
Much distress aud sickness in children
is caused bv worms. Mother 1',1'uves
Worm Exterminator gives relief bv removing the cause. C.ive it a ulal nnd
be  convinced.
Through the Karl of Denbigh, who
commanded the Honorable Artillery
of London during its recent, American
visit, King Edward has sent a framed and signed photograph 01 himself
to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery of Boston.
the Overworked Heart.
■Is the great engine Wnlch pumps life
through your system hard pressed, overtaxed, groaning under Its load because
disease has clogged lt ? Dr. Agnew'a
Cure for the Heart is nature's lubricate?
and cleanser, and daily demona'.r.ites to
heat sufferers that lt is the safest, surest and most speedy remedy that medical
science  knows.—67
"Vou   bold   my   future   Happiness,
be told ihc girl.        "Wby don't you
bold it  yourself?"  she askeU coyly.
And    she    wasmt   so heavy   thnt be
couldn't do it easily.
PAIN.—For pains in the joints und limbs
and for rheumatic pains, neuralgia and
lumbago. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is
without a peer. Well rubbed in. the skin
absorbs it und it quickly and permanently relieves the affected part, lis value
pain from the body, and for thnt eooil
lies in Its maple property of removing
aunlity   il    is  prized.
A mnn in reduced circumstances is
not  a   woman's  idea of a bargain.
Any young mnn who bus never been
in love ought to hnve money In ihe
savings hank.
Don't think that because a miltn's
word is us gooil us his bond, that
his bond is worth anything.
lt   is easy  to put on  a  hold front
if you have good backing.
Do yon catch cold easily r
Does the cold hang on i   Try
Cure Tor.icLuns
It cures the most stubborn kind
ot   coughs   and   colds.    If   it
doesn't cure you, your money
will be refunded,
prices: S. C. Well* A Co.  903
25c. 50c. tl   l.oRoy, X.Y.. Toronto,Can,
Ili--    Bt-itrowlr-k    Hill---    tiillPiii.fr   I...
J. D. CLARK, Agent, Winnipeg.
Newspaper! W Old Country
dispatched to subscribers by first mails by
WM. DAWSON ft SONS, Limit-d, Cannon
House, Bream's iktildings, London, England.
The largest Subscription Agency in the world.
Send for our list. Kree on application. EsL
1809.    Prompt and reliable.
Good Pills
Ayer's Pills are good liver
?tills. You know that. The best
amily laxative you can buy.
They keep the bowels regular,
cure constipation.
Low.lf, Ma...
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brow nor rich black? Use
rim gT*'ll
■. r.H«U-CO.,-*-wDA,w.l
He I* an Industrious Chap Wko It.
inns a Helping Hal*.
Ihe native* of Alaska are a fast
dwl: illng race. Their sun 1* setting.
Probably their midday sun never rose
higher than tbe midwinter sun rises in
this latitude.
Most of tbe Eskimos in Alaska are
gathered at the missions, but tbe traveler will find a few in villages of two
or three ot half a dozen igloos In places
convenient for fishing, as nsh Is the
staple diet of these people. Starvation
and disease have left but a remnant of
once populous tribes.
Contact with the white race bas bad
a great deal to do with their deterioration. Tbey like whisky, and like all
other native races are not naturally Industrious. Before the coming of tbe
white man stern necessity made them
provide for the Immediate future. The
sen supplied them with most of their
food, and there were wild berries and
various kinds of game on tbe land to
vary their Ush diet By instinct Inherited from a long line ot ancestors
tbey are fishermen and hunters, but by
contact with tbe Caucasian they are
makers of curios and traders. In their
new avocations they hare become dependent to a great extent upon the
white people.
But tbe higher race Is not responsible
for all their ill*. The insanitary state
In which tbey live ls not conducive to
longevity. The impure air in the native
winter huts, tbe lack of personal cleanliness uud much of tbe food tbe native
eats would shorten the days of the
hardiest people.
The Kskluio has some qualities of
Character to be admired. He bas often
shared his last bit of food with starving prospectors or wrecked sailors. He
Is bright and ingenuous, simple minded
as a child, with a happy disposition
that takes no I bought of tbe morrow.
He Is bad only when under the influence of liquor.
The government should make some
provision for tbe Eskimo. He can be
made self supporting, possibly a contributor to the wealth of the world, by
placing him in a line of work for which
nature has fitted him. Provide him
with modern appliances and means for
fishing and whaling and with proper
management he will become a producer
of wealth.
A Kenr Machine, Ou.,
A new machine gun, Invented by a
young soldier named Eugene Dnmor-
tler of the One Hundred and Forty-
fifth Infantry regiment, ls receiving the
close attention of tb* committee on
new Inventions at the French war office. Dumortier claims that tbe gun
will completely sweep a given zone,
leaving no intervening space In which
It would be comparatively safe for nny
body of troops to move. While one battery of the gun ls filing at a range of
2,000 yards another will simultaneously fire at 300 yards, increasing or diminishing Its range ns may be necessary. The gun rests on a four wheeled
carriage and works on an adjustable
swivel steel platform, so that lt can be
tui_ed In any direction. Each of tha
two batteries has ten barrels, and tbe
magazine ls loaded automatically. It
Is said that 450 Lebel balls can be fired
per minute.
Sonic Preeaeloa* Yomnar I,n*Ue*.
Washington seems to be producing
some curious specimens of precocious
young girls of late. A fifteen-year-old
girl of Spokane stele the content* of
her grandfather's purse to buy a trousseau for her coming marriage—save the
mark! A girl of thirteen at Whatcom
threatened to kill herself became bf r
parents objected to her engagement to
a boy of sixteen. Then she went out
Into the woods and fired two shot* lu
the air te make her parent* believe
that she had carried out her threat
while she walked to a neighboring
town and secured work. We shall
hear of children In the kindergarten
eloping before long, in fact, a truant
officer who went after a fourteen-year-
old girl found her married and busy in
the kitchen
Ball* Far Flan*.
Ruialans have changed their mode ot
punishing Finn* whom they suspect ot
patriotism. Now Instead of sending
them to some foreign country they are
exiling them to obscure town* In Rua-
slu, where tbey must live under constant surveillance, lf the exiles have
the inouey to pay their own railway
fare* a* well a* that of two guard*
tbey may travel by rail. Otherwise
they must walk. The latest exile of
note I* Alexander Sordavnla, a man
of substance. He ls supposed to have
been exiled because last spring a Russian grand duke dined wltb blm after
having declined an Invitation from the
governor of th* province. Petty spite
of this kind 1* said to be behind most
of the persecutions.
Fireproof Car*.
Why bas there not been an effective
effort to Introduce all metal passenger
cars for railway purposes? asks Electrical Review. Tb* all steel freight
car has met wltb deserved success, and
the railroads cannot secur* them fast
enough, y*t th* step from the construction of an all steel freight car to tb*
contraction of an all steel passenger
car ls aot an Insurmountnbl* one, and
we have b*en lafomud tbat *ne at th*
western stean foadt bas a ttocl car In
s*rvie*. Th* advantages at ateel for
this purpos* ar* evident. It Is light,
strong aad, above all, incombustible.
_*t as hop* that th* day when all pas-
■auger ears will be built without th*
at* at wo*d may Dot b* long AslayMl
not th* a.m. Thlaar.
"Has Mrs. Lowboy any marriageable
"No, but she think* she ha*."—Smart
Collingwood   Bright's  Disease   Cure
Brings to Light Others Equally
Mrs. Fred. Philip of Eglington Tells
of Her Remarkable
Discharged from two Toronto Hospitals'"Dodd's Kidney Pills
Brought Back Her Health.
Toronto, Feb. 8—-(Special.)—The report, from Collingwooil of ihe wonderful cure 01' Mrs. Thomas Adams
of Bright's Bisea.se by Hoild's Kidney
Pills has aroused great interest here
und the discussion ol 11 has brought
out the fact that Mrs. Adams' rase
is not an isolated one, that right
In Toronto thero aro people who. suffering Irom the mosl dreaded and fatal of Kidney Diseases, have found a
positive and permanent cure in
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
One-of the most .striking casci thut
has heen brought to light is that of
Mrs. Fred Philip, now residing on
Broadway nve., ICglinton, ono of the
northern suburbs of the city. '''hat
Mrs. Philip was suffering from
Bright's Disease and was in a oioBt
dangerous state, there is uot iho
shadow of 0 doubt. She was in two
city hospitals, Grace und the (icneral,
and left both places without a hope
for the future.
ill the Hospital*.
In Grace Hospital tlio doctors wished to operate on her but she object-
oil, and leaving tho hospital called in
another doctor. He told her at one*
lhat she bad Uright's Disease nnd
had her removed to the General Hospital. The doctors here demurred to
1111 operation on account of the danger.
On being discharged a. second time
without benefit Mrs. P#hilip slopped
the doctors and started to take
Dodd's Kidney Pills. The result is
that to-day all the terribfe swelling
is gone, she is able to do all her own
work as well ns look after her bright
littlo four-year-old child.
In an interview Mrs. Philip spoke
freely of her terrible trouble and cave
unstinted praise to Dodd's Kidney
Mrs. Philip's Story.
"I was sick for six months,'' sh*
said, "before taking Dodd's Kidney
Pills. During that time I wus six
weeks in Grace Hospital and two
months in Uie General Hospital. I
was told in both places that nothing
more could be done for me. I started taloing Dodd's Kidney Pills in April and am still using them. They
have done me a world of good. The
Dropsy has all left me and I am now
doing all my own work just tho same
as I was before I was sick."
The talk these cases has caused has
also served to show how general the
use of Dodd's Kidney Pills has become and how numerous are the cures
effected of Pain in tho Back, Uheuin-
atisiu. Dropsy, and all the cjther results 01 ilisesaed Kidneys. In lact,
cures by Dodd's Kidney Ellis can be
found by the hundred, but a cose in
which they have failed to cure has
yet to be reported.
Rev. .lohn F. Duinon is rlouil in
Seattle of pneumonia. He was known
nil over the Pacific northwest us the
"marrying parson," having married
2,985 couples. It is said thut bo held
llie record  in the t'niteil  Stoles.
WeConvince Sceptics.
Colds, Catarrh, and Gatarrhal
Headache Relieved In 10
Minutes and Cured by Dr.
ftgnew's   CatarrhaS   Powder.
Here's one ii,. a. tliousund such tf-stt-
tnome*. U-v. A. 1). I.uck.ey, of I.11I.-10.
Nft.vit "1   wish    ull    \u  know   whoa  a
blessing I ir. Atniew'n Catarrhal Powder
iti in u 1'u.hu oi Ciuanl.. 1 wtiH troubled
wUh this ilibfase lor years, hut Uie iirst
lime I us»?il this remedy ii cave most de-
liirhti'u) relief. I now regard mvHPlf entirely i-ured."    Sold b.v till dnitfni-t_.   22
Charity logins at homo. Soiupvlunc
must imvft dammed the stream pretty
near tho heart, for vovy Itttle of i 1
ever fiols nwny from its si:tr;imr
Kurd's Liniment Cores Distemper.
Sayings     without    morals
morn Is never suirt—no good.
Lovdr's V-Z (Wise Head) P'tsinfoct-
nnt Soap Powder i.s a boon In ar.V
homo. Jt rtisinfectt- ami cjpnlia ftt the
some time. %o
Feed your hair; nourish it;
Rive it something to live on.
Then it will stop falling, and
will erow long and heavy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
Hair Vigor
hair food you can buy. For 60
years it has been doing just
what we claim it will do.. It
wit! not disappoint you.
" My h»'r -M0 to be rery short. But After
ul>I Aytsr'a fUlr VWor u short time It begtA
t* row, in-, now lt la fourteon lnchoi loaf.
TUa imbii a iplendld r«ault to me aitu btiof
wlmoit without miy h-1r."
Mil. J. H. FiXEii, Colorado Spi-tagl* Colo.
$i M ft bottu, j. o. Am oo.*
AH drw_w1»r-.^ f/\|- LowbH_.__M-w,.
Short Hair
It Is th* fUM that has stood th* task ot time-stands th*   b«vtest  strain-n*vn Ml
sags-tha standard th* world ov.r.   Ordw through ovt local m.qiui dl>.-. 11rum us.
flutoiru,,ssk     ■«■«   <u      «»; Jssm, Jt B.     .TlBBIysc, H*M .
iBsjenlona Invention of ss Vrc-eksaalsi
Hs_ Lips nnd Teeth,
A talking machine tbat ha* created
do little sensation ls that jnst produced by Dr. R, Murage, a well known
member of the French Academy of
Medicine. It 1* an interesting device,
Which reproduces with perfect accuracy
the sounds of the human voice, nqt, as
In the case of the phonograph, by merely repeating words spoken by persons,
bnt by a process which ls purely mechanical from start to finish and In
which no word is spoken by any human being. The sounds are produced
by a system of vibration, says the London Sketch. Attached to the machine
ls a series of plaster heads, five in all,
representing the five vowels, a, e, 1,
o, u. They are each a perfect model
of a person's mouth, fitted witb pliable
lips and perfect teeth. Air currents'
set in motion by the machine are made
to pass through the dummy mouths,
which are fitted with sirens.
Through his invention Dr. Marage
has discovered that tbe steam slreus
used on board ships can be bo constructed as to Imitate certain sounds.
Thus different phonetic syllables may
be obtained which could be used to
form an International alphabet. By
an ingenious contrivance attached to
this wonderful instrument it is possible
to see' reflected in a tiny mirror the
vocal chords of a singer. ,
By the same device one can also
trace their action and see how, as the
note gets higher, the aperture between
them becomes less und less, until when
the top note is readied It Is almost
closed. As Ihe force of air current expelled becomes stronger the opening
decreases in size. It increases us tbe
force becomes less. The smaller tbe
aperture the greater the vibration.
This is how human beings get their
singing voices. "There is. no mystery
about It," declares Dr. Marage. "It 1*
a purely mechanical process, based on
known laws of higher mechanics."
The   New   British   Ambassador.
Sir Mortimer Duranil. the new ambassador to Washington, lias always
been my beau ideal of an English gentleman and diplomatist, without fear
and without reproach. Sir Mortimer is
a tall, handsome man of superb physique nnd with the bearing of a well set
up soldier. It has been said that he Is
one of the few men Who cun wear the
diplomatic uniform without looking
ridiculous in lt. With strangers he bus
a grave, dignified and very polite,
though somewhat distant, manner, but
In reality he possesses a most genial
disposition and is gentle and tender
hearted as a woman. I have often
thought be assumed this rather
haughty demeanor in order to protect
his too vulnerable good nature from
being constantly assailed. In any case,
lt stood him In good stead in his relations with orientals of the first rank,
who despise levity of manner in high
officials. Sir Mortimer loveB sport and
outdoor exercise, but when be has Important work In hand will devote himself to it for fifteen hours a day, if
necessary, and for weeks together.—
London M. A. P.
Carton. Collector..
The Parisian ragpicker is a well
known character to all wbo have traversed tho streets of that capital at
night, but he has a colleague concerning whom little is said or known—the
dead dog and old cork collector. Why
these two industries should go together
Is Inexplicable even to the men themselves, but such is the case. Dead dogs
are by no means bad property. Tho
skin fetches from twopence to threepence when It has not become deteriorated by long residence In the water,
the fat is worth fivepence per two and
one-third pounds, aud the bones also
sell for a trifle. The corks are by no
means so valuable, as after they have
been cleaned und pared they only sell
for iivepence a hundred. The profession is ouly sufficiently lucrative to
maintain a few members, 2 francs a
day being the nverage gain, who reside
for the most part in that chiffonier
quarter, the Hue Petit, Cite Philippe-
Golden Penny.
How   Cllmnte  Affect*  llnllvond..
There are three great railroad lines
that show the climatic problems that
engineers have lo solve in building—
tlie new tninscanada road, traversing
hig.'.i northern latitudes; the trunsaus-
tralla road, running through an arid
region, and the Uganda road, which
traverses a tropical country. In high
latitudes many difficulties bave to be
overcome, among them being the effects of mountain sickness on the workmen. In rainy regions floods and landslides must be provided against, and
the early decay of ties, sleepers and
bridge material. In dry countries it ls
necessary to provide water, to guard
against fire, against sand storms and
against many other things that the
passengers, riding in the luxurious curs,
never think of.
Liquid. Amerlcam. Coa.aa.me.
Somebody who has been computing
the quantity of the liquids consumed
by the American people within a
twelvemonth has found that we drank
last year enough tea, coffee, wine, beer,
liquors and other beverages to cover
at area of land two miles square to a
depth of ten feet—a lake large enough,
It waa suggested, to float several navies of the size of our own. Th*
amount of alcoholic beverages alone
which were necessary to satisfy the
national thirst during this period would
fill a canal 100 miles long, 100 feet
wide and 10 foot deep. — Harper'*
The really brilliant talker is one
who is brilliant enough to keep Hill
when he hasn't anything to say.
Some urtists know as little about a
work of art us ihey do about iho rfi't
of work.
A man naturally believes.in tlie
survival of iho Hi test a'a lon&'sis lio
Orders have recently been executed
in .lapun for a supply of llsh!m*)riel*
for Alaska, valued ai f.,0,000.
Whan   Thruaton ad  With Bronoliltis,  Asthma,   Pneumonia  or
Serious Lung Trouble* Be Sure to 8et the Genuine
Sunlight Soap
your blankets or
will make theui
will not injure
harden them. It
soft, white and
For generations the value of turpentine as a remedial agent in all
affections of the bronchial tubes anil
lungs has been well known.
It remained for Dr. t'hnse to so
combine turjieittine, linseed and hull
a dozen other ingredients us to not
only make a wohderfully successful
medicine, but also one that is so
pleasant to the tuste as to be sought
for by children.
The tiule of Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and Turpentine is more than
three times thut of muni similar
remedies. The result of this suieess
is a  host of imiliil ions.
When attacked by coughs aud colds
which threaten to reach the lungs
and prove serious; when awakened hy
rhildren with croupy coughs, gasping
for breath, you cannot afford to trust
to imitations.
.Mr. .lohn Pollard. Echo Bay. Orit.,
writes:—"! was troubled last winter
with a very bud cold, which was beginning to setllu on my lung*. .l.w."»
so hoarse that 1 could scarcely speuk
and bad a nasty hacking cough,
which I could not get rid of. line
bottle 6f Dr. Chase's Syrup ;ol'4,in-
seetl and Turpentine cured ine. antt
1 can heartily recommend it."
Dr. I.'haso's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine is sold by all dealers ui
the advertised price, 25 cehts Atiot-
tle, family size (three times' as
lurge) 60 cents. Kdmunsom Dates A
Co., Toronto.
To protect you against imitations
Ihc portrait and signature of Dr. A.
\Y. Chase, the famous receipt "hook
author, are on every bottle.
Do You Want
If ao. the nnd«nign«dw-sDt- your fca«ln«M «_._, will eudnror ta glv* •tttUUctt*.**'
. Cash __WuucHd on eoasiffnianti.     K_fer«iic«:   Union Bank of Cft-tda.
Th* oldest established Grain Commlr._ion    msmmmt __>---_.   _______> m ■___  ■_ m   „__•-
^••"""■SBw    S- SPINK
Brain   Exchange.
I- Isn't true   BECAUSE  wo mmy it, but
wa amy it BECAUSE it's true
Boeckh's Brushes
... and Brooms
Claan ths best unci wear tha longaat.
Sold by sll  Deslsrs.
Ar*   Vou   Building: T      If  so,   u—a
The Best MullcHnflr Paper Msds.
It Is very much stronti.r sod thick.r than any oth.r (tarrsd or balla-
log) paper. It Is Impervious 10 wind, keep, out cold, k*ap. In b.at. carries no smell or odor, absorbs no molstur.. Imparts no tasl. or flavor to
anything wilh which It comes In contact, li Is largely u.eo not only for
sheotlnc houses, but for lining cold storago buildings, refrtg.re.lora.' dairies, creameries, and all places where Uie object ta to kasp aa eve* aud
uniform temperature, and at the aame time avoiding dampness.
Writ* our Agent*, TEES A PER88E, Winnipeg, fer eanplM.
Tha E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
of Red
Cures Coughs
CRAY'S SYRUP doc* that aa* Uu-f, ,
aad doe* it well.   It's no "cure-all," bat
a CDJLB for all throat and __f treat_»*.'
GUM .top* the irritati*. tickl* — take*
away the sorene**—«ooth* sad Iwal* tha
throat —and CURBS COUGHS to (tar
None the leas t-eeti-* bac__e U 1*
plfsa.nl to take.
Beta, bet-a.
• 1   noticed,"    remarked  Brusquely,
that     ymi    look  your hut    tfT when
mi telephoned    insi  now, aud then
(mi ii init'k again. Mu> 1 auk you
why'.' " ''t>rtuinly." saiti 1'onrilv.
"I was telephoning to a lady."
Wliv   will   VOU   allow  a  coueli   to   li.cer-
ult   .vitnr   tlirout   or   lungs   and   vun   the
when,  by the limply ii.if ot llitklf's Ai.ii-
rlsk   of   iliilnn   11   consumptive's prove.
Consumptive  Myrup.   tbo   Pit's   caii   U«  allayed tiiiil tlie danear avoided,    This Sy
run  is pleasnnl to the Inste.  nml UllSUr
pnssetl   for   it'lit'vlnc.   Iiealliti'   unil   turn"
nil   allections   of   the   thi'onl    sod   liinc-
. outlet   eolils. bronchitis, etc    ate
"Tf"    i*    thu   must    iiiisntisfiu.iory
word in tho F.irglish langtiao;i!.
Opinions  are  good   things  10    Keep
The vainer We arc the more tin  «'e
object   10  the peacock'* trails.
Some people would be Improved if
iliey had the holiday heart nil the
year round.
' First, loines the rloi'tiir. then ihe
lawyer, then Urn undertaker, 'hen tbe
lawyer again. ■• '■',*■
\ nn"'' business man and a good
man arc not  necessarily synoniimous
When it romes lo riSinR In the
world too many ol un are poor climbers.
-— JH,
Tb*  Opea Door.
"I dou't know now emctly Low it
huppeued," Heggle was tclliug his best
friend over a game of billiards. "I
never meant to propose, you kuow-
thut Is. not Just yet. 1 wonted 1o knock
about 11 little more. Hut after we got
Inline from the theater nod sat In the
puiior discussing the plot of the play I
ventured out on thin ice and broke
through before I knew where I was. It
cume as u deuce of n shook. Just as I
should Imagine breaking through real
ice would be.
"But Jessie was all ready for me.
She was expecting It. First thing I
knew she hud uie hy the collar und
landed me ou safe ground agulu-bm
1 was engaged. No doubt iibotlt thai.
Anyhow. 1 nm clad I've got her. Might
bave lost her through some slip if I'd
wnlted. Bnt 1 don't wsut to read auy
more stuff about bashful fellow* stammering out proposals. It's all too easy,."
A  I'rl, II.-K,.  o( flank.
In Cblnu strungiilatloa is rMervetf
for offenders of high rank," ft belng-voti-
•idered a privilege to puss" out of 41f»
with the body iutact. Wbeu leave V>
die iu thla way has been granted t«<a
criminal, a silken cord is sent to blui In
prison. No explanatory menage la
considered necessary, and h« 1* left t*>
accomplish bis own doom.
W. IM .Ull Ms. «•)?. Ii*
_*-.**-*_.-*A' . T* *4 • • "* . ft
lit. Pleosont Advocate,
fcstaWished April _, 1599.
Orncc:  2635 Westminster avenue.
EiiauRH -Office:
•"•0 Floft atreet, London. 10. C, England
Where aflle of "'Tho Advocate"
'in  kept  for  visitors.
Mrs. R. Whitney,
Hubstfrlption $t a year   payable   in
B Cents a Copy.
cKvKices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
Tbi. B1405.
Vancouver. B. C,   April 0,
Junction ol Westminster avenue ami West-
minster  rose.    SERVICES at 11 a.-ntySni!
''■tita ».in.; 8und«3f School at'iiSO p.m.   Rev.
UQ«o. A. Wilson, H. A., <Tastor. Manse corner of
'RlffMa>aV«tr*ea««OMario street.  Tel. 1060.
C'omorOf Niiit    and Westminster ayeniien
HBRVICEH at 11a.m., and 7 p. ni.; Sunday
' "-School and Bible Class '..SO p.m.   Rev. 0, II.
'   M. Sutherland,, ttstur.  I'ar. oliapo l'.'S Eleven I li
1 avenue, 'West.
St? Micn_EL s, (Anglican).
Comer Westminster road and Prince Edward
•treat. BKHV1CES at'lla. m., and7:30 p.m
HolT Cotnnvuiiion 1st and 3d Sundays Iu each
'month after morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun
'day. at 8 a.m. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.,
*»v. O. H. Wilson, Rector. Residence 372
'Thirteenth avenue, cast.
Seventh aveirae, between Westminster ave
Hue and Quebec street. SERVICES at 11a.m.,
and 7:80p.m.; Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
«tT. A. W. McLeod, Pastor. Residence 489
elxth avenue, eaAt.
Adveut Christian Church (not7th day Ad
■ veniists) copimr Ninth avenue and Westmln
*t*r toM. ' Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.
"Sunday School at 10 a. in. Young peoples
Socl.tyof Loyal Workers of--christian Endea
vor metis every Sunday eventing at 6:45 o'clock.
■Prayer-meeting Wednesday nigh is at 8 o'clock.
Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
1. O. O. P.
' Ht, Pleasant Ledge No. 19meets every
'! Tuesday at fc\p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially i invited
1 to attend.
.   -"KdoXBGllAirD—W. B. Owens,
'2731 Westminster road.
» BecoSmko Secretary—J. Paxman,
132 Dufferin street, weBt.
I. O. *?.
' Court Vaucouver .328, Independent
'Order of Foresters meets 3d and  4th
■ "Mondays of each month at 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
'Obikf Ranger—W. G. Taylor,
227 Keeler street, City.
5"RgcOnDrno Secretary—W. H. DeBou,
678 Tenth itvcnoc, east.
i Financial Secretary—M. J. Orehnn,
Sit Princess street, City. Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
I'Revlew  1st and 8d Fridays of   each
* month iu I. 0. O. F., Hall«orner West-
1 minster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
* _*d?'Commander—Mrs. Fitch,
5'BriSy Reeord Keepar—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Jj'onre, 888 Ninth avenne, east.
Furniture, Stoves,
Easy Time Payments.
Don't think becuuso you buy from us ou
the Installment Plan you are forced to
pay more than you pay elsewhere; for
Bedroom Suits, 3 pieces, $18.96
Sitleboards, French plute $18.00
Extension Tables, heavy legs, $8.00
Baby Buggies from $15.00,
Carpet Squares 12x12 .15 65
Reversable Rugs from $1.15
Remember these are our Time Payment
prices.  We give IO^jJ off the store prieos
for CaBh.   We iuvite you to iuspect our
stock aud enquire our prices.
GROCERIES—A first-class line of
Groceries at rock-bottom prices. WHY
PAY a high price for inferior butter
wben you can buy from us 2-lbs. of
Fancy Creamery for 55c?
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1260
An interesting Serial Story will begiu
in "The Advocate" OU April 23d.
Mrs. F, W. Stone of Quebec street,
bus returned from a visit to Lulu Island
Mr. F. Domoney has purchased the
northeast corner of Twelfth aud West
minster avenues, and will build thereon
The five-year-old son of Rev. and
■Mrs. McLeod, who bas been ill several
weeks with blood-poisoning iB slowly
Miss Florence Burritt returned to
Seattle on Thursday after n week's
visit with hor parents, Mr. anil Mrs.
Oscar Burritt of Twelfth avenue.
Rev. Dr. RobBon will preach in the
morning in Mt. I leasaut Methodist
Church on Sunday, the Rev. Mr
Sutherland supplying for Rev. A. E
Green of Fairview, who is still very
ill. In the evening the pastor will
preach, subject: "The Man the World
Rev. A. W. McLeod will preach in
the Mt. Pleasant Baptist. Church on
Suuday morning ou "Tho Condition of
SuccetB, A Surrendered Life." In the
evening Rev. Byron West, who is repu
ted to be a very fine speaker, will occupy
the pulpit. A good program of music
has b'ieu prepared which will include
seleotious by the Choir, a solo by Mrs,
A. W. McLeod and a song by a male
The Phllimathian Society met at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. iKceler on
Tuesday evening. Several interesting
papers were given on Roman Art,
Religion, Literature, and tho influence
of Rome upon present thought and
system of government, etc. At the
next meeting two papers will be giveu,
on Greek Mythology and on Tuetonic
Mythology The next meeting will be
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Harford, Twelfth avenue, Tuesday
April 19th.
Drysdale-Stevenson Ltd.
%p> B b'SjLj
The finest French Kid Glove made.
A line we are discontinuing. Good
value at hulf ns much figniu as we
ask you tu pay THIS SATURDAY
Ladies' Trefousse French Kid
Gloves; sizes from o% to 7;
shades of tan nnd beaver l also
black; gussettcd fingers, Paris
points aud stitched backs; made
from the finest French skins; lace
flistening; regular price $1.60 pair;
Saturday, while, tbey last $tiCO
Drysdale-Stevenson Ltd.
Hastings Street Store.
City of Vancouver.
' Vancouver Council, No. 21 la, meets
'every'2d. aud 4th Thursdays of each
'"month,  in  I   O. O. F.,   Hall, corner
^Seventh and Westmiustor uvonues.
Sojourning Friends always welcome.
'^W. P. Flewolling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
- 2228 Wcatmtnitter avenue.   Tel. 760,
By tolling merchants they saw their
a advertisements in The Advocate our
«■ readers will confer a favor and help the
Town.—Born to Mr. and Mrs H. K"
Town, 348 Fourteenth avenue, east,
April 4th, a sou.
Gardnier.—Born to Mr. and Mrs.
J. P' Garnior, 1854 Westminster avenue, April 3d, a sou.
Raftery.—Born to Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Raftery, 2639 Quebec street,
a daughter.
'At Anderson Creek, on March 80th,
»'*jt the homo of the bride's parents, the
1 Bev. T-W. Williamson of Kamloops,
< united in marriage Mr. John A. Magnr
• of Nicomen Island, and Miss Inn Belle
I Park, daughter of Mr. Chas. Park, late
I police • detective -of Vancouver aud
■ "resident of Mt. Pleasaut. Miss Park
' «—»s a well-known vocalist here and was
' 'popular among a large circle, of frionds.
' The bride was attonded by Miss Booth
■' and Mr. Jas. Magur, brother of the
! •groom, supported the groom. After a
1 honeymoon trip through tho Sound
' 'Cities the newly married couple will
> settle on Nicomen Island.
"ViBVwig Peoples Societies.
' Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
i-ieotmtlSJmiuntes to 7, every Sunday
•WWrtng in Advent Christian Church,
1 <eornor Ninth ave. and Westminster Rd.
Epworth   League nf   Mt.    Pleasant
:"Methodist Church inc-ts at 8 p. m.
B. Yifl?. U., meets  in  Mt. Pleasant
'• Baptist •Ohurrih at 8 p. tn.
The Y. P. S. C. E., meets at « p. m.
'lio Mt.Pleasnuant Presbyterian Church.
It was decided at the Epworth League
meeting on Monday eveniug to hold a
debate Monday evening April 18th.
The subject chosen was, "Resolved,
that tho Sympathy of the People of the
British Empire shonld be Unauimously
with the Japanese in their struggle with
Bussia." The debaters will be arrayed
aw follows: Afiiruiative—Mr. W. J.
Clement, lender; Miss Gertrude Cope-
laud, seconder; supported by Miss
e'loriiicu Morrison, liiss Roso Glover,
Miss Graco Harford, Miss Loniso Verge,
Mr. Herbal Harford. .Negative—Mr.
Harry Stevens, lender; Miss Martha
Burritt, becouder; supported by Miss
Gertrude Glover, Miss Nellio Annis,
Miss Florence Harford, Miss Olive
Morrison, Mr. Ralph S. Cummings.
The lady members of the League nre
clever speakers and this coming debate
will doubtless be interesting A largo
a I tendance is looked forward to, especially by t!ie fuir speakers. Rev. Mr
Sutherland, Gu.pt. Sacrotand Mr. Coun
will not us judges.
Subscribers wbo fail to
ct "Tbe Advocate" on Satur-
ay   ruorninp;   plensc   notify
Ou Monday evening the nnnu.i] meeting of tho Congregation of St. Miohacl'tv
Parish \vnt? hold, tho attendance being
lnrge. Rev, ti. H Wilsou, B. A , occupied the chflir, and, after dtwotioual
I'xorciHCH, briefly reviewed tho work
oi the church during the put*. ve..r.
The election of officer;* for the
eUHqfsg year was hold and resulted ;ir
Warden.*—J. DodeOd and H. T. Dev-
i.idepmen and Artistnnt 8ideB_uou—
Dr. E. Lawrence, U. Wiilouphby. W.
Pavier, H. Birmingham.
Delegates to the Synod—F. A. Burnes,
Dr. R. Lawrence, W. Pavier.
Tho lluancial statement by the Church
Committee allowed a BUbBt-Ultifll balance
nu hand; tho receipts for the year
rtmounted to #1,771.S(1. The various de-
partmenta o_ the church all  showed a
*IJ*iS OTliCC.    1 elcphoiie BI4Q5  Glance on hand after handling unbiOrau-
A BY-LAW TO UATSE, by way of de^
bontures, tho sum oT $100,000.00 to be paid
to the Vancouver General Hospita,1, 01
by way of an aid to tho builtUnR fund
"WHEREAS, it is deemed expedient. In
the intoi|Sts of the. City that the sum ot
?100,000.00 or tho proceeds of the sale of de>
bontures to the amount of tnoO.OOO.CO, after
deducting costs, discounts, and charses
on such Saile, should be paid as a subsidy
or aid to the Vancouver .General Hospital for tho purposes of erecting buildings
to be used as a hospital in the City of
Vancouver of a value of at least two
hundred thousand dollars;
AND WHEREAS, it is necessary for
.he purposes aforesaid that the City
should raise by way of debentures a loan
of $100,000.00. repayable on the 20th day
of May, 19W, with interest in the meantime payable "half-yearly at the rate of
4 per cent, per annum—such loan, when
raised, to be applied for the purposes
AND WHEREAS, for tho payment of
the said debentures when due. and for the
interest thorou during the currency of the
said debentures, it will be necessary to
raise and levy each year the sum of
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the debt when due, it will be necessary
to raise and levy in each year the sum of
$1,182.73. by special rate sufficient therefor, in each year on all the ratable
property of the  City of Vancouver
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the interest on the debt during the currency of the said debentures, it will be
necessary to rai>e and levy in each year
the sum of ^4,000, by special rate sufficient therefor on all thfi ratable property of the City  of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS, the amount of the
whole ratable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to tho last revised
nsKi'ssment roll, is 131,986,885
AND WHEREAS, the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the City
is $2,860,961.20, irrespective of tho debts
incurred for local improvements, of which
none of the principal or interest is in
NOW, THEREFORE, the Mayor and
Council of tho City -of Vancouver, in
open meeting assembled, enacts as follow*:
1. For the purpose of erecting buildings to be used for hospital purposes, it
Bhall be lawful for the Mayor of tho City
of Vancouver to raise, and ho is hereby
authorized to raise "by way of loan from i
any person, persons, or corporation who
may bo willing to advance the same on
the credit of the debentures hereinbefore
mentioned, a sum not exceeding in the
whole the :mm of $100,000, and caun-» the
same to be paid into tho hands of the
Treasurer of the aaid City for the purposes aforesaid and with the nbjects'here-
lnbefore recited.
2. it shall be lawful for the Mayor to
cause any nunVber of debentures to be
made out, each for such sum of money
not less than ona hundred dollars ($100),
or an equivalent expressed in pounds
sterling or the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at the value of $1,86
to the pound sterling, aH may be required
and all debentures shall bo sealed with
the ceal of the City of Vancouver and
atoned by ihe Mayor, and counter-signed
by the Treasurer of  the said City.
3. The said 'debentures shull be mad"
payable within forty ycjirs from th^ date
hereinafter mentioned for this by-law tn
take effect, at euch hank ir the City of
Vancouver, or at such bunk in the City
of Ijowlon. Eng:and, ao the Council may
by resolution direct.
4. The said debentures shall have coupons attached for tho payment of'the interest at A per cent- per annum on llu*
amount of the debentures, and fliall ly
payable half-yearly on the 20th day of
November, ::nd the _nth day of May in
each and every year.
P.   A special rate on the dollar _hall be
j raised and levied annually in ouch year
! In addition  to al!  other rates on all the
I ratable  property   of  the  City,  sufficient
to pay interest on the debt hereby crwttod
during ihe currency  of tho said debentures, and to provide for the payment ot
the caid debt when due.
6. The sum of $1,000 shall be raised and
levied annual'y In each nnd every year,
by opeoir.I rate, on all tho ratable property of the City of Vancouver for tho
payment of the Interest on tho amount
of the said debt hereby created during
tho curroncy of the aaid debt.
7. Tho sum of ?14S2.73 shall he raised
and loviod annually in each and every
year, by Fpeelnl rat*, on all the rauib:e
property of tho City of Vancouver for the
payment of the debt herohy Created when
8. -Ii  jihnll  be  lawful  for the Corpora-■
tlon, from time to time, to repurchase
any of the said debentures, at such prico
or prices as may bo mutually agreed
upon, and all debentures so repurchased
shall forthwith be cancelled, and no re-
lss%. - :' any debenture or debentures shall
be .auJo In consequence of such repurchase.
9. This By-law shall, before the final
passing thereof, receive the assent of the
electors entitled to vote on money bylaws In manner prescribed by the Vancouver Incorporation Act, 1900, and
Amending Act, 1904.
10. This By-law, if passed, shall come
Into force and take effect on the 20th
day of May,* A. D., 1904. ,
TAKE NOTICE that the above ls a true
copy of a proposed By-law which has
been taken into consideration, and which
will be finally passed by tho Council in
the event of the assent of the electors
being obtained thereto, after one month
from the first publication In the Mount
Pleasant "Advocati\" the date of which
first publication was the 2nd dny of April,
A. D., 1904, and that tho votes of the
electors ot the said Corporation will be
taken thereon on Saturday, the 7th day
of May, A. D. 1904, between the hours oi
1) o'clock in the morning and 7 o'clock
In the evening of tho following places:
WARD 1-At the old School House on
Burrard  Street.
WARD 2—At the Opera House, on Granville Street.
WARD 3—At the old City Hall, on Powell Street.
WARD 4—At the new City Hall, on
Westminster Avenuo.
WARD 5—At the Fire Hall, Ninth Avenue, Mount Pleasant.
WARD e—At the Fire Hall, Granville
Street, Fairview.
THOS.  F.  McGUIGAN, City Clerk.
Vancouver, April 2nd, 1904.
Gity of   Vancouver.
BY-LAW No. •
A BY-L.AY to raise by way of debentures the sum of $100,000.00 for street improvement purposes.
WHEREAS, it is deemed expedient in
the interests of the City that the sum of
$100,000.00 be raised for street Improvement purposes;
AND WHEREAS, it is necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that the City
should raise by way of debentures a loan
of $100,000.00, repayable on the 20th day of
May, 1944, with interest in the meantime
payable half-yearly at the rate of 4 pel-
cent, per annum, such loan, when raised,
to be applied for the purposes aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the said debentures when due, and for
the interest thereon during the currency
of the said debentures, it will be necessary to raise and levy each year the sum
of $5,182.73.
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the debt when due, it will be necessary
to raise and levy in each year the sum
of $1,182.73 by special rate sufficient therefor in each year on all the ratable property of the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the interest on the debt during the currency of the Bald debentures, it will be
necessary to raise and levy In each year
the sum of $4,000 by special-.'ate sufficient
therefor on all the ratable property of
the  City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS, the amount of the
whole ratable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to the last revised
•Assessment roll, is $21,986,835.
AND WHEREAS, the total amount of
tho existing debenture debt of the City
is $2,850,951.20, irrespective of debts incurred for local improvements, of which>|
none of tho principal or interest Is In
NOW, THEREFORE, the Mayor and
Council of the City of Vancouver, in open
meeting assembled,   enacts  as  follows:
1. For the purpose of street improvements, It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of tho City of Vancouver to raise, and he
ls hereby authorised to raise by way
of loan from any person, persons or corporation who .nay be willing to advance
the same on the credit of the debentures
hereinbefore mentioned, 'a sum not exceeding in ihe whole the sum of $100,000,
and cause the samo to be paid into the
bands of the Treasurer of the said City
for the purposes aforesaid and with the
objects, hereinbefore   recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor to
cause any number of debentures to be
made out, each for such sum of money
not less than one hundred dollars t$100) or
an equivalent expressed in pounds sterling of the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at the value of $4-S8
to the pound sterling, as may be required,
and all debentures shall bo sealed with
the neal of the City of Vancouver and
signed' by the Mayor and countersigned
by the Treasurer of the said City.
3. The said debentures shall be made
payable within forty years from the date
hereinafter mentioned for this by-law to
take effect, at such bank In tho City of
Vancouver, or at such bank. In the City
of London, England, as the Council may
by resolution direct.
4. Tho aaid debentures shall have coupons attached for the payment of tho
interest at 4 per cent, per annum, on the
amount of tho debentures, and shall be
payable half-yearly on the 20th day of
November and tho 20th day of May in
each and cvory year.
5. A special rate on the dollar shall
be raised and levied annually in oach
year In addition to all othor rates on all
tho ratablee property of tho City, _uf-
flolent to pay interest on the deht hereby created during tho currency of. the
gold debentures and to provide for the
payment of the said debt when due.
<». The sum of J4.0CO !'Kad't»e raised and
levied each year by ^pocial .-ate on all
the ratab.o property 'ot the City of Vancouver for tho payment of the interest
on the umount of the said debt heroby
created dining tho currency of the said
7. Tho sum of ?1,1.S2.73 shall be rutaed
and levlod nmiually In oach and o/ery
year by ftpeclAi rato on all the ratable
property of the City of Vancouver (or liv
payment of i .ie debt hereby created .when
8. It shall be lawful for the Corporation
from time to time to repurchase any of
the said debentures, at such price or
prices as may be mutually agreed upon,
and all debentures eo repurchased shall
forthwith be cancelled, and no re-issue
of any debenture or debentures shall be
made In consequence of such repurchase.
9. This By-law shall, before the final
passing thereof, receive the assent of the
electors entitled to vote on money bylaws in manner prescribed by the Vancouver Incorporation Act, 1900, and
Amending Act, 1904.
10. This By-law, if passed, shall come
into force and take effect on the 20th
day of May, A. D. 1904.
School Suits.
TAKE NOTICE that the above ls a
true copy of a proposed By-law which
has 1>een taken into consideration, and
which will be finally passed by the Council In the event of the assent of the
electors being obtained thereto, after one
month from the first publication in the
Mount Pleasant "Advocate," the date of
which first publication was the 2nd day
of April, A. D. 1904, and that the votes
of the electors of the aaid Corporation
will be taken thereon on Saturday, the
7th day of May, A. D. 1904, between the
hours of 9 o'clock In the morning; and
7 o'clock in ihe evening at the following
polling places:
WARD 1—At the old School House on
Burrad   Street.
WARD 2—At the Opera Houso, on Granville Street.
WARD 3—At the old City Hall, on Powell Street.
WARD 4—At the' new City Hall, on
Westminster Avenue.
WARD 6—At the Fire Hall, Ninth Avenue,  Mount Pleasant.
WARD 6—At the Fire Hall, Granville
Street, Fairview.
THOS. F. McGUIGAN, City Clerk.
Vancouver,  April 2nd, 1904.
City of Vancouver.
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by .the undewignod np to Friday April
the 2Uud 19U4, at 4 p. m., for the pur-
chnse oi' §:0U,O0o on worth of Vancouver
Citv Debentures, payultlo at the Oity
Treasurer's Ullice. Such debentures
'scar interest at the rate of 3%% per
annum, paytftile half-yearly and extend-
ing over n period of forty years. Inter-
tst and principal paynhle at the City
treasurer's Office in tho Oity of. Vancouver.
Tho Corporation reserves tbe rifiht to
reject auy or all tenders.
Vaucouver, B. C,, Maroh l;0th, 1004.
City    Of   t'E;'.:C£iwv*ffei"B-
wmmG iNSPEoiox.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to Tuesday. April 12th.
at 4 p. in., for the position of Caretaker
of tlie New Jail and position of Electrical Wiring Inspector.
Salary of Caretaker of Jail to be
$000.01) per year.
No application necessarily accepted.
Dated April 6th, 1904.
E WANT TO got "next" to the School Boys.   If we can sell Wm hU
cloths now, we can do so when he is a grown man.   We have many very
nice men for customers we fitted with School Suits ten or twelve years ago.
Here are School Suits for Big Boys and Little Boys.   We have clothes' that will
fit the boy, please the mother and satisfy the father.
Three piece Suits .4.25, $5.00, .5.50, $0.00.   Two piece Suits $2.85, $2.50, $3.76,
$3.00, $8.50, $4.00.   Browuio, Russian aud Sailor Snits $8.00 to $5.00.
The reason we can give you such good Suits for the price is because we Buy and
Sell for Cash only.
If you haven't been in this Spring, You are coming, aren't you?
A. E. LEES & CO.,
©®@®@@® ©@®@ ®@®@@@
WOMEN'S AND MEN'S FOOTWEAR.—Notice prices quoted.
Women's Vici Kid  Shoes were $4.50 now $8.50,   Women's $3.76
Shoos now ?2.7:>.    Women's .8 'HI Shoe no-tv $2.00
Mou'b Box Oalf, -sewed, were $4,60 now $8 50.   Men's Patent Colt
were $3.fill now ...! SO.    Men's Bull' Bal were $2.50 now $1,115
ifT!^   ^° can no' '"k° ,uucn ^paeo iu the paper as wo are selling so cheap.
©    Douglas & Coulter,
83)   442 Weslminstcr Avenue. Next City Grocerv.
@®@@@® @@@@® ®#@®@©
TENDERS will be received until
2 o'clock ou Saturday April I6th, for
building a Bunk House, Trussel Work
and Rock Bunkers at the Rock Quarry.
The Contractor to lind all material,
Plans aild specifications cun be seen at
the Municipal Hull.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
William 0. WALKER,  C. M. C.
South Vancouver, B.C., Maroh 28, 1004.
The Best   Health
Food   in the market is
Muir's Wholewheat
Try   it.
Mt. Pleasant Bakery
Telephone 443
Bring Your
Picture Framing
546 & 548 Seymour St.. Cor., Duusniuir.
Tel. S!I2. Photos Exlauoicd.
Before starting ou u shopping tour,
look over the advertisement.* iu the
"I enjoyed good bealth until about two years
ago when I noticed niy back began to ache frequently; it became sore and lame, nnd headache
soon a'dded to my misery: also found that my
general health diminished. I became thin and
w.;ik and nervous, having severe pains at regular intervals," writes Mrc. Augustus Emory,
Treasurer New Century Club, 34 Dean Street
(Roxbury), Boston, Mass. She continues: "My
work which before had seemed an easy task
soon seemed like a heavy burden. I decided
to try'Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, which
several of my friends prnised so highly.   I felt
__.!_** —fit! ■-    — ... f._
relief within'a week, my ni
pains —J—■•   J
c came back, the
Pa!ace Stables.
Pender St. Telephone AI25
J. J. SPARROW, Proprietor.
Wall Paper at
Auction 44St.Ha*sr
E. _ J. HARDV „ CO.
OOHP-Nt,  Financial,  Puess and
Advertibbbs' Agents.
80 Fleet. St., London, E. C,  England.
Colonial Business a Specialty.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone semllng n akotfth and dosciinUon ra*y
•intckly nscorttiln our opinion froo wliotber xn
Invention Is probably patentable.   Cnmmunhv.
tlons strictly confldciitlal. Handbook on Patent.
sunt t n't-, oldest npency for aecurlliepausnui.
l':ttents taken tbroiiBh Alunn A Co. recerre
•.rcitii notice, without charge, lit tno
Scientific American*
A bnndsomely iUnstrated weekly. I.nrjrcst circulation of any* flnlcmtUn journal. Terms, tin
yeur: four months, |L Sold by all newsiloslern,
MUNN&Cu.36~»'' New York
Hranch Offltn.. t3& F BU Washington, P. C.
If you want a
Ring up
Telephone  987
or  call  aronud  at  the  SiON
Works,   1)14   Homer  street.
In any case your wants will rcceivo the
most eonrteons and  careful attention.
l^rL'c Shaving"
<jaci\ 9 Parlor.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John Gilraiau, Proprietor.
TiiRRi: Chairs, and a first-class Bath
Room is run iu connection with  the
Earlier Shop—givo this place a trial.
If yon miss Tim Advocate you miss
the local news.
Jas. Camahan.
Ord-Tl promptly attended to,  night  or
day.   Chnrg.H moderate.
Olfloe: 37 Hastings Btreet, west,
Tolephone Number 479,
"Lot the dead pBBt bury its dead."
And its inconveniences.
pains graduttlly decreased' and I enjoyed sound
• Within fourteen weeks I had completely I
recovered my health. X seemed built up anew,
tuy p_l_e, which bad been weak became iior-
nuil, and new life animated my entire being.
I gladly endorse your medicine."
Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription
restores weak and sick women to sound
health, by curing the local womanly dis- j
cases which are generally responsible for
the failure of the general health. A woman's entire being is centered in her womanly nature. When the delicate womanly
organism is attacked by disease; when
there is irregularity or a disagreeable drain;
when inflammation burns and ulcers gnaw,
the general health will reflect the progress
of disease, in increasing weakness, nervousness, backache, headache, loss of appetite and sleeplessness.
So sure of it is the World's Dispensary
Medical Association, of Buffalo, N. Y., proprietors of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, that they offer $_oo reward for women
who cannot be cured of Leucorrhea, Female weakness, Prolapsus, or Falling of
Womb. All they ask is a fair and reasonable trial of their means of cure.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate tha
stomach, liver and bowels,
The Convenient Light is the
Electric Light I
You have simply to touch the button und your office and room is brilliantly'
lighted, falling over chairs; no matches; uo uncleanliness; no danger. I
Electric lights can be made portable, so that you can hang thoni over your I
dresser or shaving mirror, ut the houd of your bed, etc , and' -any desired 1
candle, power may be obtained.
It is a Beautifying Light
Undor its clear rays, faces and object, do not have that pallld.dnll appear-
vnco that in canned by other lights; nu thu contrary, it shown off every-
thing to the best Advantage.   As nmsio adds to the bennty of a voice, no j
does the eleetrtc light enhance the beauty of u face, tho brightness of a,
smile and the RpKTKle of Ihe eyes. ,
IT HAS NO FLAME--it emits no unhealthy fumes—it consumes on |
oxygen und does not vitiate the sir— therefore it doeB not cuueo oi aggra-1
vato asthma or other pulmonary diseases. It does uot leak, ignite or (
explode. It will not. kill plants or ruin wallpaper or f nrnishingB. It is I
everything that is best as a light. Up-to-date establishments and people *
of refinement use it.
LBritish Columbja Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Offices:   Corner of Hastings and Carrall atreet*.
'Vw^^w^ww'_^_w'_^.w_'%^w'%.    __^%._^V'w_-_'w^w1


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