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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jul 30, 1904

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Full Text

 Tanglefoot, Fly Pads,
Insect  Powder.
iverything to Kill Flies
he M. A. W. Co.,
lurritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
A Big Bottle of Lime Juice for 860.
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
$1 per year, Six Months 50c, Three Cloiiths 25c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to the Interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
I The Arcade or G« anv tiie Street
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like home—with Pure Cream.
Genuine Boston Baked Beans
Open from 7:!i0 a. m., to 18 p. m.
Sunday from . a. in.  to It p. SI.
Established April 8,1899;  Whole Number 276.
nOUNTT  PLEASANT,   Vi^MCOUVER,   B.  C,   SATURDAY   July 30th. 1004.
Sixth Year, Vol.6, N««. 16-
„' Subscribers are requested ...
(.port any carelessness in tbe delivery
■ "The Advocate."
fchauges for advertisements should be
li before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.
' The McCunlg Auction aud Commis-
lion Co., Ltd., next to Caruoigo Library,
* iStings street, buy Furnlturo for Cash,
uduot Auction Sales and ltundln
nkrupt Stocks of ivory description,
batiafactiou guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
Mr.   Prank Trimble  returned    this
tfeok from a two weeks trip, during
Vhich he visited Harrison Hot Springe,
Itcvolstoke und Banff.
Miss.E. Agnew of Rossland, who bae
en the guest  of Mrs. Shilvock, 2417
Westminster,  the past  two months,
attuned home on Weduesday.
Woodmen's EXCURSION on the
jteamer St. Qeorgo, Tuesday Aug. 2d,
; p. m, Music and dancing galore.
Everybody welcome.
Dr. Coy, late of Chicago, has decided
) locate on Mt. Pleasant, and will have
bis offices over McDowell, Atkins,
[Watson& Co.'s  Drug   Store,   Burritt
Tbe Woman's Auxiliary of Mt. Plena-
ht Presbyleriun Church held a picnic
tat Second Beach ou Thursday.   In tbe
levelling a Girls' Basket Ball Mutch wee
[played and proved very exciting.
WANTED: a strong youth to work
S prosswork on Friday afternoon and
deliver papers Saturday morning  Apply
The Dr. A. Reed Cushion So'e Shoes.
' Easiest shoe ever produced.   The best
shoe ever made for hot, cold, dump or
[aching  feet.   A  great  help  to one's
fcnerves.   Call aud inspect them.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street and
540 Granville street.
Mr and Mrs. T. A. Phillips returned
} to Anvil bland end of lust week, after a
1 pleasaut visit to Mr. ond Mrs. T. Foster
uf  Tenth avonue,   parents   ot    Mrs
Phillips' parents.
FOR BENT.—Seven roorfted house,
42 Thirteenth avenne, beautifully sitUH-
tod, all modern improvements; apply
63 Thirteenth avenne.
Tbe Anniversary Services of tbe Mt.
Pleasnnt Methodist Chnrch will be held
on Suuday August 10th. Thu pastor
will make a full announcement of the
(denial services on Sunday.
TO LET: rooms   furnished   or  nn-
foraUhed,  with cu without Board.
Apply  to  426  Eleventh aveuue,   Mt.
The Womau's Auxiliary of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church held a very successful Garden Party on the lawn of
Mr.- Rolstou's, homo Thirteenth avenue,
on Thursday evening.
Rev. G, H. Wilsou, Rector of St
Michael's Ohuroh, leaves wltb Mrs.
Wilmin on Monday for Victoria, for his
holidays, tn be absent two Sundays,
Ven..Archdeacon Pentreath nnd the
Clergy of Christ Ohnroh will conduct
the services during -the Rector's
are able to do the most diffloult oases. Where OTHER DEN8ISTS FAIL
WE MEET WITH SUCCESS. If your teeth drop when yon try
to eat with them, or if you ure afraid of them striking the pavement
when you sneeze, there is SOMETHING WRONG; THEY DO NOT
FIT. Our Double Adhesive Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty
and is onr own intention.   IT CAN NOT BE USED BY OTHERS.
IF YOU WANT GOOD WORK DONE—work that will look well,
wear well and give yon tho best of satisfaction—CALL ON THE
NEW YORE DENTAL SPECIALISTS. We are competing with
the Dentists in the profession. Wherever first-class Dental Work is
spoken of you hear the NEW YORE DENTISTS used in connection.
TRY TO IMITATE OUR METHODS, evidently withont success,
which is shown by the DAILY INCREASE IN OUR PRACTICE.
Our painless methods are our own and can not be need hy others.
147 Hastings St., E.Van,Tcv.er
Opposite tho Carnegie Library.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.
Telephone 1566.
Sundays 9 a. ui., to 2 p. ni.
Mrs. Thos. Foster is staying a week
or so at Harrison.
Miu Irvine leaves today for Dawson,
to bo absent a month.
Mrs. H. W May nurd aud children are
camping at Judge Bole's Ranch.
Mr. Geo. Wood returned Weduesday
from a week s stay at Harrison.
Be sure to read the ad of A. E. Lees &
Co., in this issue of "The Advocate."
Mrs. Prist mau, Miss Nettie Hoffar
aud Mr. J. Priestman visited Harrison
this week.
Mr. R. L. Hill, representing "Tue
Commercial," Winnipeg' called on
"The Advocate" this week.
Tbe Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on sale
at all the Nowsdealers in the city.
Mrs. W. J. Taggart left on Tuesday
for a visit to her brother, Mr. Brett, at
The Misses Stlrtan of Victoria are
visiting their annt Mrs. Mitchell of
Twelfth avenue.
Miss Fairchild of Winnipeg, is
visiting Mr. aud Mrs. Rolston, Sr.,
Thirteenth aveuue.
Miss Kate Latimer of Buffalo, N, Y.,
is visiting her sister Mrs. E. G. Rolston,
Thirteenth avenuo.
Mr. Gordon Morrison expects to leave
for St. Louis about September 1st, to
see the World's Fair.
Mrs. Jas. A. Abrams, wife of Stipendiary Magistrate Abrams of Cumberland,
is visiting in the city.
For   local  news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE only |1 for 18 months.
per box.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Nt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
Hc|w About Your
Spring Hardware?
Lawn Mowers, any make, size or price.      Garden  Tools,      Shovels,
Rubber . Hose,      Lawn Sprinklers   and  Sprays,      Wheelbarrows,
Spades,      Poultry Netting, from %-iu. to 2-in. meshes, all widths.
tfAT" Always a fnll Hue of Paints and Varnishes.
J. A.  f LETT,
W". R.OWENS, Manager.
Miss Milligan will serve free Blue Ribbon Jelly, and
Biscuits made from Blue Ribbon Baking Powder and
Ogilvie's Royal Household  Flour—this   Flour will make
either bread or pastry.
Saturday (today) will be the last day.
2425   Westminster  Ave,
'Phone 322
n/>i_./%iial C__l_r> We have placed our entire stock \
UemOVal OQIC of LACE CURTAINS on sale,
"^ %**%%-**% «%%%%%       »l»o   CURTAINETTES, at less
Nottingham Lace Ccrtains.—Regular 8Ec kind for 66c a pair;
regu'ar fl.50 for $1.00 a pair; regnlar tl.78 for $1.25 a pair;
"       ta.26  "  fl.60     " "      *2.60   '    11.76       "
All other lines   reduced accordingly.
Ourtainettes, frilled, plain and floral designs.
Regular 26c for 17}_o a yard;    regular 80c for 20c a yard
"      86o "  25c " "      40c "   80c      "
A. ROSS & CO.,  28 Cordova St. J
Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church
Woman's Auxiliary will hold an Ice
Cream Social, Thursday afternoon and
eveniug August 4th, ou tho Ohnroh
Urouuds, (weather permitting). While
uot listening to tho Band Concert, call
und get some Ico cream.
Mrs. Merkeley, Burritt Block, has
lust received a beautiful assortment of
Ladies' nud Ohildreu's DRESS
down sample Bearskin Coats for
Children which are selling st cost—see
Oa Tuesday evening next at Brockton
Point tbe Jnnior Maple Leaf lacrosse
team and the Monarchs will meet. It
is hoped there wiU be a large attendance
of Mt. Pleasaut people. The local
Juniors are splendid players and it will
be worth the time it takes to go the
Park to see tbem play.
We, the undersigned have opened a
Real Estate Office at 2460 Westminster
aveuue. and will be pleased to have all
.hone wishing to dlBpose of their properties to call at tbe office and list same
with ns. Wo already have a list of
some lino Houses and Lots, aud Business
property, also Farms, Houses and Lots
outsttlo tho oity. These properties ore to
be hrtd at reaaonablo prices and on oasy
terms of payment. We have some Snaps
for Cash. Money to limn at reasonable
Interest. We also ropreernt reliable
Insurance Companies.
Central fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fkksh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Moont Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Dolivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^KJKSt"'
Circular Letter
By the  City, Stating    Why  Some
Improvements Can Not Be Done.
——    a ■ i*a i a i
The following is a copy of printed
oircuhirs which have been dlstrlbutrd
during this week throughout the city.
To Whom It May Concern :
Owing to the refusal of the newspapers to accept auy advertizing mntter
from tho Oity, the Council will be unable to undertake any improvement in
the way of cement walks or block-
paving this year.
The Act under which the improvements are made requires the Oity to
advertise in two City papers.
The Mt. Pleasant Advocate Is the
only City newspaper which will advertize the necessary by-laws.
Every dally paper in Vancouver hns
been offered the advertizing at standard
rales, bnt they all refused. Hence the
work oan not be legally accomplished.
Vanoonver, B. O, July 20tb, 1904.
Mrs. W. T. Ward of Sixth avenue,
left uu Saturday Inst for Anvil Island,
on a visit to Mrs. T A. Phillips.
Mr. W. T. Jsckman, editor and publisher of "The Progress," Chilli whack,
called ou "Tho Advooute" this week.
Mrs. Bnruham of Thirteenth avenue,
will resume her olass at the Academy,
New Westmiuster, early in September.
Nurse White, sister of Mrs. W. T.
Ward of Sixth avenuo, left ou the
Aorangi for Sydney, Australia, last
■■- "■     IBI-
The annual vacation of the genial
pastor of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist
Church, Rev. A. W. McLeod, began
this week.
Ring up 1736 for nil kinds of Mill
Wood, [14 inches long), tho Urquhart
Lumber Co.'s Wood Yard, Gamble
Street Bridge.   Gray & Higginsou.
Tbe Oity Grocery   de:ivcr_ groceries
every day m* Mt. Phinwut;  'plume -Sft
Nothiug better than a neat appearing,
Al weoriug quality, haud-sewn, welt
shoe. Wo have 11 splendid shoo which
wo can highly recommend, cither iu
kid or velour, at tho low price of $8.60.
R. Mills, 18 Oordqva street and 640
Granville street.
Ou Tuesday uext tlie Ohoir of Mt.
Pleasaut Methodist Church will hold its
annual outing, nud will go to Bowen
Island on tho Britannia. Various outdoor am'.n.onientn have been planned
and tho ladles will provide special
refreshments for tho occasion. The
members of this Choir aro jolly and
sociable and friends of tho mombers wbo
go along will be sure to enjoy themselves. Tickets cau be pocured from
ftuv of the members of the Choir.
The improved Hygienio Cushion Frame Massey-Harris Bicyole represents
our lsrgest aud latest effort to make whnt is considered a perfect bicycle.
Its parts are manufactured from tested material and handled and finished
by automatic machinery whioh does its work in far greater minuteness
than would be possible by human hands. The frame designs embraces
the latest feature in modern bicycle building—tbe Hygienio Cushion
This model is brought out to meet a popular demand for a moderate
priced machine. It is made throughout of the best materials, thoroughly
tested; equipped with Dnnlop tires. It sells at as low a price as au honest
bicycle can be made for.
W. J. Annand, Agent.
146 Hastings Street, East.       Tel. 1285.
Bicycles sold on the easy payment plan.
Repairing of every description promptly done.
Selling $20 and   $18   Suits   for   $10
looks queer all right.
Sell $6, $5 and $4 Trousers for $3 looka
. ■    .      ■ -.
" 'Jffil'c6hsTder"'a minute—wo are through ^jur season—wa
have a few of this season's suits loft in certain lines. Wo
can't roll these suits for eight months,at least, and thed
they'd be out of style.
We consider it bottor business to got rid of these suits now
at a sacrifice than to hold them for a loss.
Want a Lonely at $10.00
We guarantee these suits the same as we do the regnlar
Money lack for any cause.
Lonely Trousers $8.00 Lonely Snita 910.00
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B   C.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.    Self-measurement Blanks
Samples sent on application.
V •.,
200 Boxes Just Received
in prime condition only $1.00 per box.
Citv Grocery Co.,
Tel. *mO. Westminster Ave. A Prlnoess Streot.
li in—
SffffffWWfWf ffffffllffll
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose, plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place _J
iu the hearts of the people which no other beer
SZ can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints %\.     m\\
i Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. ■-»
£ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 4_t9 31
fc: For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Motrin   *A
m*~ or delivered to your house. ■"**
gJlU iii Hi W WJU jU iu in ai iii iiiik ai ai m. j
Bev. and Mrs. Geo. A. Wilson of Mt.
Pleasant, Mrs. B. D. McLaren nnd
Master Gordon McLaren of Toronto,
left Tuesday for Chilliwhack to speud
a month.
The Dominion Exhibition number of
"The Commercial," Wiuuipeg, is a fine
issue of this leading commercial weekly
of the West. There nro a 120 pages and
tbo handsome colored cover is a flue
specimen of the lithographers' art. The
special articles nre many nud of
thoroughly Western interest.
Mr. W. J. Clement, who has been
tenoher at West Vancouver School, has
eni end Ihe newspaper field nt
Kelt won, B.C., assuming tho editorship
of tbo "Kelowna Clarion." The first
issne wns nunonnced tor Jnly 27th. Mr.
Clen ent hns many friends on Mt. Pleas-
ant 1 n in West Vancouver Sohool District who will wish him Buccess In his
new* werk.
Eleotuolysis Paklor- of Hairdressiug, Manicuring, Facial Massage aud
Scalp Treatment for Ladies and Gentle-
meu.. Superfluous hair, warts aud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron ou "flow to take core of
Skin Food for building up tho wasting
.issne. Orange Flower Cream to prevent nnd heal snuburu.
Madame Humpbrbts, BM) Granville
Thb Advocate is always glnd to recoive
items of social, personal or other uews
from its readers. Send news items to
the ofHoe or by telephone, Bl .05.
McTaggart & Moscrop
MA Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Tumpletou Blook.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crowu Snap Wrappers
aud we will send free your choice of nu
pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice nl
lliO books. Books und picture lists nn
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
B.C. Granulated Sugnr.lOO- It, sok.,f5.I0
B. C. Gran. Sngnr 2) lb sack *1.05
Ogilvie's Hungarian Flour $1.45 pr sack
1st class  Dairy Butter, 2 pounds, 45c
1st class Oil per gallon SOo.
R  H. WALLACE, 'Phone H'_U.
Mt, Pleasant. Free delivery
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., A Dnfforiu st.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover aud Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry nnd Animal Funds,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food, Beetscr-ps, Etc.
!• LOU It nud FEED.
SI/RLTH  Corner    NINTH avenue   *
Tel.pliopo   16 3 7.	
J3_T Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office   Telephone B1405
The Great
Sale at
Last v 0 k iu July to do busine: s
in, and the prices on goods hore
should make it n vory busy one.
500 yards VMnch India Silks, 50c,
sale prico 25c a ynrd.
H00 yards I,nce Stripe Silks, 50c for
25c a yard.
Bltitk Ti.ffctn Pure Bilk, 75c fir
400 n yard
Flake Vinlo Dress Goods, -14 itnl es
wide, worth *>l.'-5 fnr (Vic a yard.
u-iiu b On am Mohair, "5c for 50c
It yard.
fid-inch Black Venetian,   .2.00 for
|1 25 a yard.
LADIES'   Umbrellas,    $1 50   for
75c each.
LAOE Curtains away below enst.
EVRYTHING muBt be sulil
303 Hastings street.
Now is the time to
while  in   bloom—for
Fall planting.
Chas. Keeler
Kofi—Street Cnrs imss my place.
27H4 Westmiuslcr Avo.     Mt. Hleasnut
that Dh
yam homo
No time like now.
We say this advisedly,
what excellent shape our Diatuoi
stock is in at present.
We've a Diamond Room, where
you can sit down quietly—"far
from the maddening crowd"—and
feast ynur eye. ou precious stones.
TiBrelb'T wo can ■: ■ hnuge ideas—
v.i-.li nut sUKKcstiiins una design*
for any kind of selti. ; ynu may
deiire, r.nd then our skilled jewelers cau make yon as flue a finished
Rinu nr olhnr bit of Jewelry as
; you'll see nu the continent.
Onr Jewelry Factory ls equipped
fnr tunini:: nut uny kind of idea la
i Jewelry
i Coruer Hastings and Orauvi.lo Sts.
omvial Watch Inspector O. P. R.
iiii   Westminster   Ay*.
E. H.
If ynu miss Till,
the l'leul news
ADVPCATK. ynu llli-l
Peace, Proprietor.   J
OO oo oo
Wholesale    and   ReUil ] J
Dealer    in    Me*t5    «f |
Alt Kinds. Tel. A1206  f
Give us trial. .
Prompt Delivery. I
L%-***wv% %-**%-*-%%**-%**
»ii. ■•_,,. i
' "*♦♦♦*»*v*#^•»'W'•^•i•,c•'c■v';'H«l'*♦,!
♦4» ***-»*»'*•»-#««*##♦«
♦ e»J-»##*'
,' never so much as beard of tbe
I dame Jeaune of French brandy
sent to blm by hlslcreole friend
In NejS' Orleans. He had been gone
from Vlncennes several months when
the bstteau arrived, having been recalled to Detroit by tlie British authorities, nnd be never returned. Meantime tjie little post with Ils quaint cab-
Ins and Its dilapidated blockhouse, called I'oft Saekvllle, lay sflnnlng drowsily
by llni river lu a blissful slate of helplessness from the military point of
view.. There was no garrison, the two
or three pieces of artillery, abandoned
and i&posed. gathered rust and eob-
wobs.Jiyhlle the pickets of the stockode.
decaying nnd loosened In the (.'round-by
wlntef freezes and summer rains, leaned Infill directions, n picture of decay
and Inefficiency.
M. Ilaspard Roussillon wns looked
upon ns the aristocrat par excellence of
Vlncennes, notwithstanding the fact
thnt His name bore no suggestion of noble aid tilled ancestry. He was rich
and In a measure educated; moreover,
the RBceessful man's patent of leader
ship. a commanding figure and a suave
manner, came always to his assistance
whon_a crisis pr*"*<>ntpd Itself. Ue traded sarcwdly, much to his own prodt,
but invariably with the excellent result 'thut the man, white or Indian,
with' whom *h-> did business felt himself especially favored in (lie transaction.. By the exercise of firmness, prudence, vast assumption, florid eloquence
nnd a kindly liberality he bad greatly
endeared himself to the people, so that
in the absence of a military commander be came naturally to be regurded as
tlie chief of _the towgj.m'sleu' le malre.
He returned from his extended trading expedition about tbe mldifle o'f
July, bringing, as was his Invariable
rule, a gift for Alice. This time it wns
a small, thin disk of white flint, with
a hole in the center through - wiilcb a
beaded cord of sinew was looped. The
edge of the disk was beautifully notched and the whole surface polished so
thut\llt shone like glass, while thu
bPud-Mfcade of very stu-il. ..Segments of
porcupine quills, were variously dyed,
making a curiously gaudy show of
"There now, ma cherle, ls something
worth fifty times Its weight in gold."
snld M. Kousslilon when he .presented
the ned^lace to his foster 'daughter
with paraonable self satisfaction, "lt
ls a sacred charm stringy given uie by
an old heathen who would sell bis soul
for ujplnt of cheap rum. He solemnly
lnfof-Ued. me that' whoever wore It
eouluho. by any possibility be killed
by fn enemy."
Alice kissed M. Roussillon.
"t$a so curious and benujriiiil." she
said, holding it'tip and drawing the
vnrjj_ated string through her lingers.
Then with her mischievous laugh she
added: "And I'm glad it Is so powerful
agaliiBt pne's euemy. I'll wear It wben-
eve^-I go where Adrlcnne Bounder is.
See"f I don't'"
"fii she your enemy? What's up between you and la petite Adrieiine,
ebVJ. M. Rousslilon lightly demanded,
'•yon were "aril-uys the best of {{end
friends, I thought.   What's happened .
"Oh. we ' are good friends." said.
Altos quickly, "very go'od friends, in-
deaSf I was but chaffing."
"Uood friends, but eucmles; Ibat's
bo^It is with women. Who's the
youug man that's caused the coolness?
I c*«ld>'guoS8, maybe!" Ue laughed
and winked knowingly. ".May 1 be so
bold as to name him at a venture?"
cs. If you'll be sure to mention M.
.do Ronville," she gnyly answered,
o but be could work Adrieiine up
ind. a jierfcct green luisl of Jealousy?"
Should need an accomplice. I
kliiinngiuc; a young lady of some
ty and u good deal of beartless-
l.ike whom, for exumple?"   And she
ed her bright bend.   "Not me, I am
oh! I.Ike every pretty maiden In
whole world, ma polite coquette.
y're all alike ns peas, cruel us blue-
jays aud as sweet us apple blossoms."
lljjsstroked her hair clumsily with his
laake hand, as u heavy uud roughly
fu 1 mau is apt to do, adding iu an ul-
lijjit serious tone:
Hilt niy littlo girl Is better than most
otthem—not a foolish mischief maker.
lice was pulling ber head through
string  of   beads   und  letting   the
ly depleted by the late Alplionse Dau-
ilct In Tnrturln and ilonipard. ne
leaned far back in B strong chair, with
IiIm nnisive legs si retched ut full length,
and gazed at the roof poles while be
In the first place, he had not been In
(.lichee or .Montreal during his absence
from home. Most of tlie time he had
sjn'iil disposing of pells and furs nt Detroit and in extending bis trading relations with oilier posts, but what mattered ii,trilling want of fads when his
. nierlillniiai fancy once began to warm
up? A smattering of social knowledge,
■. allien al llrst baud in Ids youthful
days In France while he was a sliiilent
whose parents fondly expected hlin to
eoiuiuer the world, came to his aid, and.
besides, he had saturated himself all
his life with poetry and romance. Scullery. Scnrron. Provost, .Mine, r.n Fn-
yelte and C'nlproiiedo were the chief
sources of Ids Informal Ion touching Ihe
life and manners, morals and gavetles
of people who, ns he supposed, stirred
Ihe surface of that resplendent and fnr
olT oceim called Roclety.
Alice was absolutely charmed. She
sal on n low wooden stool and gazed in
to Gaspard Rousslllon's face with dilating eyes In whleh burned that ri-h and
radiant something we call a pus ionatp
sonl.     She  drank   In   his   fliiinhoyin'
'stream of words wltb n  thirst which
nnti'lne    but   experience   could   ever
quench.    He felt her silent applause
and the admiring Involuntary absorption thnt possessed bis wife.   The eou-
i sciousness of his elementary  uingnet-
I Ism augmented tbe flow of his fine de-
. scrlptlons, and he went on and on until
the arrival of Father Beret put an end
' to lt all.
. The priest, bearing of Jl. Rousslllon's
return, hud come to inquire about some
friends   living  at   Detroit.     He  took
luncheon with the family, enjoying the
downright refreshing collation of broiled birds, onions, meal cakes and claret,
ending with a dish of blackberries and
M. Rousslilon seized the first opportunity to resume Ills successful romancing and presently In tbo midst of tbe
meal began to tell Father Beret about
what be had seen in Quebec.
"By the way," fce said, with expansive easuulness in his voice, "I called
upon your old time friend and coadjutor, Father Sebastian, while up
there. A uoble old man. He sent you
a thousand good messages. Was
mightily delighted when I told hlin
how happy and hale you have always
tt   iislueeiit  while  disk   fall  Into  ber
■    Din.     \
It's time *to change the subject."
sf»W sfie. V'Tell uie what you bave
sSn,while awuy. I wish I could go
fill off and see things. Have you been
tigDelroll, Quebec, .Montreal?"
wwe, Tve been to all, a long, bard
J'«!r_roy, but reasonably prulltuble. Vou
shall have a goodly dot when you get
married, nut child."
*'Aud-dl(fy,pu attend any parties or
ImllsjUjifie Inquired quickly, Ignoring
lib crtmilnding.remark. "Tell me about
tfcein. 1 want to know what you saw
1% the great towns—in the line houses
-tdiow-jhejiiilies looked, how they aet-
cf.-whgt *th*y sald-'tbn dresses they
Mjjiri—l5)Wi*S .«•
R'Olel!   .You will split my ears, child.
Can't you fill my pipe and bring It to
_fio With a coal on?    Then I'll try to
tell ynu n lint I can," he cried, assuming a humorously resigned nlr.   "Per-
?ips..lf, J. smoke I can remember ev-
Alice gladly  ran  to do what was
|ked,     .Meantime  Jenn   wns  out  on
le  gallery   blowing  n   flute  thut  M.
inisi-illoii    hnd    brought   bim    from
- The pipe well filled find lighted np-
pa renlly did have the effect to steady
Mid I'lU'Oinngi)  M.  RbtiwWbn's  incin-
nry. or. If not liis memory, then Ids lm-
■dilution,   which   was  of  thnt   fervid
Slill liberal mirl -"opinion to natives of
the Midi nnd which ban been eviiulslte-
__l.__ runs absolutely churmed.
been here. Ah, you should hnve seen
his denr old eyes full of loving tears.
He would walk a hundred miles to see
you, be said, but never expected to In
this world. Blessings, blessings upon
dear Father Beret, ivas what he murmured In my ear when we Were parting. He says Hurt he will never leave
Quebec until he goes to his home
The way In which M. Rousslilon
closed bis little speech, his large eyes
upturned, bis huge hands clasped in
front of him, was very eifectlve.
"1 am under many obligations, my
son," said Father Beret, "for what you
tell inc. It was good of you to remember my dear old friend and go to him
for his loving messages to nie. I am
very, very thankful, Help me to another drop of wine, please."
Now the extraordinary feature of the
situation was Unit Fullier Beret hud
known positively for nearly live yenrs
thut Father Scbuatlun wid deud aud
"Ah, yes," M. Kousslilon continued,
pouring the claret with one hand and
making a pious gesture wilh the otber.
"Thu dear old man loves you and prays
for you. Ills voice quavers whenever
be speaks of you."
"Doubtless he mnde bis old Joke to
.ion about the birthmark on my shoulder," suid Father Beret after a moment of apparently thoughtful silence.
"He may have said something about tt
In a playful wny. eh?"
"True, true; why, yes, he surely mentioned the snme." assented M. Roussillon, his fnce assuming nn expression
of confused memory, "It was something sly nnd lnimoioiis. 1 mind, but lt
Just escapes my recollection. A right
Jolly old boy Is Father Sebastian. Iu-
deid very amusing at times."
"At times, yes," said Father Beret,
who had no birthmark on bis shoulder
and bad never had one there or on any
other part of Ills person.
"How strange!" Alice remarked. "I,
too, have a mnrk on my shoulder—a
pink spot, just like u small, five petal "d
flower. We must be of kiu to each
other. Fullier Beret."
The priest laughed.
"If our marks tire alike, thnt would
be some evidence of kinship." be said.
"But what shape Is yours, falher?"
"I've never seen It," lie respouded.
"Never seen lt!   Why?"
"Well, It's ab.iolu.ely Invisible." nnd
he chuckled heartily, meantime glancing shrewdly at il. Roussillon out of
the tail,of his eye. ,
"It's on the back of his shoulder,"
quickly spoke qp M. Itousslllon. "and
you know priests never use looking
glasses. Tbe mark ls quite Invisible
therefore so far as Father Beret is concerned!"
"You never told me of your birthmark before, my daughter," said Father Beret, turning to Alice with sudden interest. "It may some day be
good fortune to you."
"Why so, father?" ,
"If your family name ls really Tnrle-
toii. ns you suppose from the Inscription on your locket, the birthmark, be-
in'.' of such singular shape, would prini-
nbly identify yon. It is snid thnt th "se
marks run regularly in families. With
the ^mfnlature (fuel the distinguishing
liii'thninrk you bave enough to make a
strong'case should you once find the
right Tniieton family."
"You' talk ns they write In novels,"
said Alice. "I've read about Just such
thliigatln (hem. Wouldn't It bo grand
if 1 should turn out to be some great
personage lu disguise!"
The mention of novels reminded
Fatliev Beret of (bat terrible boot-
ivhlclr-he last saw In Alice's possession:
iiiil In1 could not refrain from ine-.i-
io'iing It In n voice thnt shniM-red.
"Rest o;iiy. Falher Beret," said Alice.
'" i l« "" !>'"l I bave found wholly distasteful to me. I tried to rend It,
but could not do It. I flung It aside
in utter disgust. Vou and Molher
Roussillon hie welcome to bide It deep
as a well for all I eare. I dou't enjoy
reading about low, vile people mid
hopeless unfortunates. I like sweet
and lovely heroines und strong, high
sonled, brave heroes."
"Read about the blessed saints, then,
my daughter. You will find In them
the true heroes and heroines of this
world," said Father Beret.
M. Roussillon changed the subject,
for he always somehow dreaded to
have the good priest fall into the strain
of argument be wus about to begin. A
stray sheep, no matter how refractory,
feels a touch of longing when it hears
the shepherd's voice. M. Roussillon
was a Catholic, but a straying one. and
he had promised the dying woman
who gave Alice to him that the child
should be left as she was, a Protestant,
without undue influence to change her
from the faith of her parents This
promise he had kept with stubborn persistence, and he meant to keep it as
long as he lived.
A few weeks had passed nfter M.
Roussillon's return when that big
hearted man took it Into bis head to
celebrate his successful trading, ventures wltb a moonlight dance given
without reserve to all the Inhaoltnnts
ef Vlncennes. It was certainly a democratic function that he contemplated,
aud motley to a most picturesque extent.
Rene de Ronville called upon Alice a
dny or two previous to the occasion
and duly eugaged her ns his partennlre,
but sbe Insisted upon having the engagement guarded In her behalf by a
condition so obviously fanciful that he
accepted It without argument.
"If my wandering knight should arrive during the dunce, you promise to
stand aside nud give place to him,"
sbe stipulated. "You promise that?
You see, I'm expecting hlin all the
time. I dreamed last nlgbt thnt he
enme on n great bny horse and, stooping, whirled me up behind tbe saddle
autl nway we went!"
There wns a childish, half bantering
air In her look, but her voice sounded
earnest and serious, notwithstanding
its delicious timbre of suppressed playfulness.
"You promise me?" she Insisted.
"Oh, I promise to slink away into a
corner nnd chew my thumb the moment he conies!" Rene eagerly assented. "Of course I'm tnkingji great risk,
I know, for lords and barons nnd
knights are very apt to appear suddenly In n place like this."
"You may banter and make light If
you want to," she suid,- pouting admirably. "I don't care. All the same,
the laugh will jump to the other corner
of yonr mouth; see if It doesn't. Tliey
sny thnt what a person dreams about
nnd wishes for and waits for and believes In will come true sooner or
"If that's so," snid Rene, "you and I
will get mnrried, for I've dreamed It
every night of the year, wished for It,
waited for It and believed In It, aud"—
"A very pretty twist you give to my
words, I must declare," sbe said, "but
not new b.v any menus. I.iltle Adrlcnne
Bottrcier could tell you thnt: She sny*
that you hnve vowed to her over and
over that you dream about her and
wish for her and wait for ber, precisely
as you have just Bnid to mo."
Rene's brown face flushed to the temples, partly with anger, partly with the
shock of mingled surprise aud fenr.
He was guilty, and the guilt showed
lu his eyes and paralyzed bis tongue,
so that he sat there before Alice with
his under jaw sagging ludicrously,
"Don't you rulber think, M. Rene
de Ronville," sbe presently added In a
calm, advisory tone, "tbat you bad
better quit trying to say such foolish
things to mc und Just be my very good
friend? If you don't I do, which comes
to the snme thing. What's more, I
won't be your partennlre at the dance
unless you promise mc on your word
of honor thnt you will dance two
dances with Adrienne to every one
that you have with mc. Do you promise?"
He dnred not oppose her outwardly,
although in bis heart resistance
amounted to furious revolt and riot
"I promise anything you ask me to,"
he said resignedly, almost sullenly.
"Anything for you."
"Well. I ask nothing whntever en
my own account," Alice quickly replied,
I "but I do tell yon firmly thnt you shnll
not maltreat little Adrienne Boureler
nnd remain a friend of mine. She love3
you, Rene de Ronville, and yon have
, told her thut you love her. If you nre
n man worthy of respect you will not.
desert her. Don't you think I am
' Like n singed and crippled moth vainly trying to rise once uguin to the alluring yet deadly flame, Keue de Ronville essayed to break out of his embarrassment nnd resume equal footing
with the girl so suddenly become his
commiindlng superior, but the effort
disclosed to him as well as to her thnt
he hnd fallen to rise no more. In his
abject defeat he uecepted the terms
dictated by Alice and was glad when
sbe adroitly changed her manner and
tone iu going on to discuss the ap
proaching dance.
"Npw, let me make one request of
you," he demanded after awhile.   "It's
n smnll favor.   Mny. I ask It?"
"Yes, but I don't grant il In advance."
"I wnnt you to WBhr, for niy sake, Ibe
buff gown which they say was your
"No, I won't wear lt."
"Hut why, Alice?"
"None of the other girls have anything
like suck n dress. It would not be right
for me to put It on nnd make them all
feel that I hnd taken tbe advantage of
them, just because I could. That's
"But, then, none of them ls bennttfnl
nnd educated like yon," he snld. "You'H
outshine them anywny."
"Save your compliments for poor
pretty little Adrienne," she.firmly responded. "I positively do not wish to
hear tbem. I lyive agreed to be your
partennlre nt this dance of Papa Rousslllon's, but it Is understood between us
thut Adrienne Is your sweetheart. I
am not, and I'm not going to be either.
So for your sake and Ailrienno's, ns
well as out of eonsldeniiioii for the rest
of the girls who. have ii" line dresses. I
am not,going to wear the huff brocade
gown that belonged to I'npa Roussillon's mother long ago. I shall dress
Just ns-tho rest do."
It Is safe to say that Rene de Ronville went home with a troublesome bee
in his bonnet. He was not a had hearted fellow. Many a right good young
mnn before hlin and since has loved nn
Adrienne nnd been dazzled by nn Alice.
A violet is sweet, but a rose is the garden's queeu. The poor youthful frontiersman ought to have been stronger,
but he was not, and whnt hnve we to
say ?
The dance did not eome olT. .It had
to be postponed indefinitely on account
of a grave change In the political relations of tbe little post- A day or two
before the time set for that function
a rumor ran through the town that
something of Importance was nbout to
happen. Father Glbault, at the head
of a smnll party, bud arrived from
Knsknskin. far away on tbe Mississippi,
with the news that France and the-
Aiuerlcnn colonies had made common
cause ngninst the English In tbe great
war of which the people of Vinceuues
neither knew the cause uor cared a
straw about the outcome..
It wns Oncle Jazon who came to the
Roussillon place to tell SI. Roussillon
that he was wanted at the river house.
Alice met bim at the door.
"Come in, Oucle Jazon," she cheerily
said. "You nre getting to be a stranger
at onr house lately. Come In. What
news do you bring? Tnke off your cap
aud rest your hair, Oncle Jazon."
The scalpless old fighter chuckled
raucously and bowed to the best of bis
ability. He not only took off his queer
cap, but looked Into it witb a startled
gaze, as If be expected something infinitely dangerous to jump but and
seize bis nose.
"A thousand thanks, in'am'selle," he
presently said. "Will ye please tejl
M'sieu' Roussillon that I would wish
to see 'I m?"
"Yes, Oncle Jnzori; but first be seated
and let mc offer you just a drop of cau
de vie, some that Papa Roussillon
brought back with him from Quebec.
He says It's old and fine."
She poured bim n full glass, then,
setting the bottle on n little stand, went
to find M. Roussillon. While sbe was
absent Oncle Jazon improved his opportunity to the fullest extent. At least
three additional glasses of the brandy
went the vrttv of the first He grinned
atrociously and smacked his corrugated lips, but when Gnspard Roussillon
enme In the old man was sitting at
some distance from the bottle nnd
glnss, gazing indifferently out across
tlie veranda. He told bis story curtly.
Father Gibault, be said, had sent him
to'ask M- Kousslilon to come to the
river house, as he had news of great
Importance to communicate.
"Ab, well, Oucle Jazon. we'll have a
nip of brandy together befyre we go,"
snid the host.
"Why, yes, jes' one ng'In' the broilln'
weather," nsseuted Oucle Jazon. "I
don't mind jes' one."
"A very rich friend of mine In Quebec gave me this brandy, Oucle Jazon,"
snld M. Roussillon, pouring the liquor
with a grand flourish, "and I thought
of you ns soon as I got it. Now, Bays
I to myself, If any man knows good
brandy when be tastes it, It's Oncle
Jazon. and I'll give bim a good cbancs
at this bottle just the lirst of all my
"It surely ls delicious," snld Oncle
Jazon; "very delicious." He spoke
French with a curious accent, having
spent long years with English speaking
frontiersmen in the Curolinas and Kentucky, so thut their lingo hnd become
his own.
As tbey wnlked side by side down ths
wny to the river house they looked like
typical extremes of rough, sunburned
nnd weather tanned manhood—Oncle
Jnzon a wizened, diminutive Bcrap,
wrinkled nnd odd In every respect;
Gnspard Roussillon towering six feet
two, wide shouldered, massive, lumbering, muscular, n giant, with long curl-
lug hair arid a superb henrd, They did
not know thut they were going down
to help dedicate tbe great northwest to
GREAT movements In the affairs
of men nre like tides of the
sens, which reach nnd affect
tbe remotest and quietest
nooks and Inlets, Imparting a thrill
and n swell of the general motion.
Father Glbnult brought tbe wave of
the American Revolution to Vlncennes.
He was a simple missionary, but he
was, besides, a man of great worldly
knowledge and personal force. Colonel
George Rogers Clark made Father
Glbault's acquaintance nt Kaskaskla
when the fort nnd Ils garrison surrendered to his command, nnd, quickly
discerning the flue qimllty of the
priest's character, sont'him to the post
on the Wabash to win over Its people
lo the cause of freedom and Independence. Nor was the tusk assumed a
hard one, ns Father Glbault probably
well knew before he undertook It.
A few of the lending men of Vlncennes, presided over by Gnspard
Kousslilon, held a consultation at the
river house, and It was agreed that a
mass meeting should be called, bringing all of the inhabitants logether in
the church, for the purpose of considering the course to be taken undo*
the circumstances made known by Father Glbault   Oncle Jozou constituted
himself an e::eci'iive eolnipltcao of one
to stir up a nois'e for <li" niapslo/N
It *.i,s a,give! day i'.'£$.-»«-'me„.1
Tbe , Volatile „(i)ili'ef*nitll !1J|. the
r'renrti JJ*muTi''h.i*h '^iiijjl.led ovo*
wiiii e.-iUuiiijasm -nt >Uio fifit I.hit of,
something new :u«i revdrmlonury 1_F
which they mlgbl be expected lo take
part. Without knowing in tho least
what ft was. Wiad r'ajher Glbault and
Oncle Jazon wanted of them, they
were.all in IVivpr.oi'.il ai a venture.
K, iWtra Ronville, Beruj; nu active and
Intelligent young man. wns sent about
through tli. towir'to 'let overylwiily
k_i6w of tb* -meeting. Ia passing he
stepped luta._iui_tti,lji,ii u|'.,F'itli't Beret,
iylioiwas sTt'liTrg Oil the loose pnheueou
Hour. witir!hTs**iDiffl' Ttirned toward the
entrance nnd so absorbed in trying to
put logether a great .liunilin- 'ol' small.:
paper fragments tint, be did not hour
or look up.
"Are you not going fn 'the meeting,
falher?" Rene bluntly demanded,. Ill
!hq hurry that was (in liim he did not
reineilier to be formally polite, as wus
Tho^old priest looked lip with a startled Wee. At the same tlnie he 'swept
tiie fragments of paper together and
clutched them hard in his right hand.
"V"S, >"s,-my sqn: yes, I am goln'jr,
but we time lias [iQl yel come fdr it.
has IM" he stumiuercil.   "Is it bile?"
lie "sprang lo his feet nnd nppeured'
confused, ns if caught iu doing something very Improper.
Re life wondered nt this unusual behavior, but merely said:
"I beg pardon, Pother Beret. -I dl.l
not mean to disturb you," aud went bis
way. .   .
Falher Beret stood for some minutes ns if duzed, then squeezed the pa.-
per fragments Into a tight ball, just'tis
they were when lie took them from under the floor some time before Rene
came In, and put It in his pocket, A
little later he was kneeling, as We have
seen liim once before, In sllbrit yet
fervent prayer, his clasped bands lifted
toward tbe crucifix on the will.
"Jesus, give me strength lo bold on
njid do my work," he murmured beseechingly. "And, oh, free thy poor
servant from bitter temptation."
Father Gibault had come prepared
to use Ills eloquence .upon the excitable
Creoles, and with considerable cunning
he addressed a motley audience (it tbe
church, telling tbem that an American
fqtce hnd taken Kaskaskln nnd would
thenceforth bold it; thnt France hnd
joined bands witb the Amerlcans
agnlnst the British, and that it Was the
dSty of all Frenchmen to help uphold
tbe cause of freedom aud Independence.       ■ ,    .,-
"I come," sold he, "directly from
Cplonel George Rogers Clark, a noble
arid brave officer of the American
army, wbo told tiie the news that I
h.tve brought to you. He sent me here
to sny to you that if you will give allegiance to bis government you shall
be protected nguinst all enemies and
hnve the full freedom of citizens. I
think you should do this without a'
moment's hesitation, ns I nnd my people at Kaskaskln have nlready, tfoae.
But perhaps you would like to have
a word from your distinguished fel-,
low citizen,' 51. Gaspard Kousslilon.
Sneak to your friends, niy "son; they
will be glud to take counsel of your
'There were a Etlr and a craning of
Oceks. M.. Roussillon presently appeared .near the chancel, bis great
form towering majestically. He bowed
Snd waved bis bund with the nir of one
wbo accepts distinction ns a; matter'
Of course; then he took hi* J)ig silver
Watch and looked nt it. *.Ye wns tbe
only mau In Vincennes Wbo'Awned a
watch, and so the incident wns Impressive. Father Glbault looked
pleased, and already a murmur of applause went through the nud.etieo, M.
Roussillon stroked tbe bulging crystal
of the timepiece with a circular motion
of bis thumb and bowed again, clearing his throat resonantly, bis face
growing purplish above his beard, j-
"Good friends." he • said, "what
France does all high class Frenchmen
applaud." He paused for a shout of
approbation and was not disappointed.
"The other name for France is glory,"
he added, And all true Frenchmen
love both names. 'I Sm a true Frenchman!" and he struck his breast a resounding blow \vith:,the hfiud Hint
still held tbe watch., A.huge horn but-
ton on his buckskin Jerkin enme In con=
tact with thivcrystal nnd there was a
smash, followed by1 a scattered tinkling of "glass fragments.
All Vincemies stood, breathless, con-
tejnplatlng the Irreparable accident. M.
Roussillon had lost,the effect of a great
period in his speech, but he wns quick.
Lifting the watch to bis ear be listened
a moment with superb dignity, then
slowly elevating his bend and spreading l!".s free ha rill over ills heart he said:
"Tlie faithful timepiece still tells oft
the Ri-eofids, nnd rlKflfiy'sl benrt of Its
owner slill throbs with patriotism."
Oncle Jnzon. who stood iu front of
the speaker, swung bis shapeless cap ns
high ns he could and yelled IlkS it savage. Then tbe crowd went wild for a
"Vive Ih Frrtnce! A has 1'Angle-
terre!" Everybody shouted at the top
of his voice.
"What Prance does we nil do," continued M. IfonssiHon. when llie noise
subsided. "France hns clasped hand.
Willi George Washington and his brave
compatriots.   So do we."
"Vive 5-horzh Viislnton!" shrieked
Oncle Jazon In n piercing treble, tiptoeing and shaking bis cap recklessly
under M. Rousslllon's nose.
The orator winced nnd Jerked his
hend bnck, but nobody suw It, save perhaps Father—Gibault, who laughed
heartily. In conclusion M. Roussillon
"Frenchmen, America Is the garden
spot of iho'world and will one day rule
It. as did Rome of old. Where freedom
makes her home, there Is the center of
When M. Rnn-slllon censed speaking
tho audience ngaln exhausted Its vocal
resources, nr.d then Father Gluiiult
called upon each man to come forward
lull! SOIel.a.y ]'K,I;.|- 111- lOj ,iiiy to 1110
Ainerlei.ii c:ui..e. Not one of them besl-
-ileMiiiiino ii Woman was doing her
part in the Irausl'i.rnriiinn of l.'osl Vincennes from a French-English ph-ket to
u'i'illl. fleil.-vil American fori ami (own.
iltne. Godero. limling out what was
alamt to happen, fell to work making
a. Hag In imllalion of Unit' Ul'lder which
Gcii'-c Wasiilugtoii Ivas fighting. Alice
t'lii'ined to he In (he Goiiere home at
tbe time and joined enthusiastically In '
the sewing. It was an exciting ta k.
Tbelr Angers trembled while tli y n-Tied, nml the Ihrend, heavily coated Willi
beeswax, 'squeaked as |l)iiy drew lt
through the cloth.
"We sha.ll not be in tinfe," siiid-TiIme.
Godere; "T know we shall not. Dvery-
thing hinders nie. My thread breaks'
or gets tangled and my needSj .6
rusty I can hardly stick it through the
cloth.   Oh, ilea i'I''
Alice encouraged her with both Words
and work, and Ihey had almost flushed
when Rene enme With a stuff Which he
had brought from, tile-fort: —
"Mon Dleu, hut we hav
pieetliyj!" he
"What new flag menu?" lie demnnd-
ed, waving the bow's end;toward tbe
fort and bending his beud down close
tojicrs.    "Who yonder?" v ;
"The great Aiherlaan fotner has me- •
en us under his protection," she explained.    'IWe are ,big knives now."f ,
It almost choked kqjr'to speak.      e ... •' j
"Ugh, heap blgffiolS!" hesnifl w'ifhV
"Little friend much big
dark scowl,
He straightened up his tall form
and stood leerlng.at her |_ir some,pee>
ends, then added:"
"Little   friend  get"killed;   scalped,
., hut we have had a, great   .mft-,b   „
ecri.'d.    Ho was per eon,,,;       T|„. ,nlloR,rU,able nobility of animal
will,    excitement   and    fasf   wallong.    largeii'^s,     syuimelry     and    IBgTtgHl!!'
T.eattiti^^^m^^mm^^mmrmvvetl mm form and atUtude, but.-
face with a blue handkerchief. I tl|ei.preS8ton.of his countenance .was
"We heard uiiiflh shoutlnaiig-d noise,"
snld   -line.   Godere.     "*il.   ltnusi-illon's
' voice  rose  loud  nbove  the rest.    He
i roared like a Hon." .
"Ab, lib- was,speaking to us; be wns
- very   eloquent,"   Rene   replied.     "But
now tbey are'waiting nt (he fort for
the "new flag.   I have come for it.''
I     "It Is ready," snld Mine. Godere.
Willi Hying fingers Alice sewed it to
the Btaff.
"Void!" she cried. "Vive la re-
publlque Anierlcaine!'' She lifted the
staff and let the Hag droop over her
from bead to foot.
1 ."Give it to nie," snld Rene, holding j
forth n blind for It, "uud I'll run to tho
fort Willi It."
"No," said Alice, her face suddenly
, lighting up with  resolve.    "No,  Lain;
going to lake It myself,"   And without
a moment's delay off she Went.
Rene wns so caught by surprise thnt
he slood gnzitig' after her until she
passed behind n house, where the way
turned, the shining flag rippling around
her and her moccasins twinkling us she
At the blockhouse, nwnlting the moment when the symbol of freedom
should rise like a star over old Vln-
ceniies, the crowd hnd picturesquely
broken Into senttered groups. Alice en,
* tered through a rent In the stockade, as
that happened to be a shorter route
than through tbe gnte, and appeared
suddenly almost In tbelr midst
It was a happy surprise, a pretty and
catching spectacular apparition of u
sort to be thoroughly appreciated by
the lively French fancy of the audience. Tbe men caught tbe girl's spirit,
or It caught tbem, and they mude baste
to be'tioisy.
"Via! Via! L'p'tlte Alice et la ban-
Blere de Zhorzh Vnslnton!" ("Look,
look!    Little Alice and George.Wash-
absolutely repulsive—cold, hard, beastly-.       •  .-,
He did not speak again, but turned
quickly and, stooping low, disappeared
Hire n great brownish red serpent In
the hlgh.g_as_^w-hl-ih..scarcely stirred,
as.ho moved through It
Somehow'   .tbat. day    made-   Itself J
strangely memorable td Alice.   She bad -
bo*en accustomed to stirring scenes and
i sudden changes of Conditions, but'this
j was the first time that she had ever
| Jojned actively lu a public movement   ,
i of;iinportnnce.   Then, too, Long Hair's
picturesque and'rudely dramatis reup-
"Oood friends," he said,       -
Ington's flag!") shouted Oncle Jazon. He
put his wiry little legs through a sort
of pas de zephyr and winked nt himself with concentrated approval.
All the meu danced arouud and yelled
till they were'hoti rse.
By this time Reue had reached Alice's
side, but she did not see him. She run
Into the blockhouse and climbed up a
rtidfe'ladder WnV- Then she appeared
on the roof, still accompanied by Rene,
and planted the staff in n crack of the
slabs, where it stood bravely up. the
colors floating free. She turned ubuiit
to descend andfor Ihe first time snw
Hint Rene had followed ber.   His face j as his lieutenant;
"Wliat ii.io jlaa meant"
penrnnco nffected lay taingln."" m ,wi_tr
nn Indescribable forte. Moreover, the
pathetic situation tn fhe love affair between Rene nnd AifWfcinie hnd taken
bold of ber conscleneejSlyith'n disturbing
grip. But the sbamiwy seuso of Impending events, of which she could
form no idea, was behind It all. 'She
had not beard of Brandywlne or Bunker Hill'or Lexington or Concord, but
soinelhing like a waft of their slgnlfl-
eanee bad blown through her mind. A
great change was coming Into ber idyl-
lie life. She was indistinctly aware Of
It. ns we somellmes aro of an approaching storm While yet the sky ls sweetly
blue and serene. When she reached
home Uie house was full of people to
whom M. Roussillon, in the gayest of
moods, wus dispensing wine and brandy.
"Vivo Zhorzh Vnslnton'" shouted
Oncle Jazon ns soon ns he saw her.
And then they all talked nt once, sny-
lng flattering things about her. Mine.
Roussillon tried to scold as usual, but
the lively chattering of tbe guests
drowned ber voice.
"I suppose the American commfnider
will send a garrison here," some one
snld to Father Gibault, "uud repair the
"Probably," replied the priest, "In a
very few weeks. Meantime we wid
garrison It ourselves.''
"And we will have M, Roussillon for
commander," spoke up Reue de Ronville. who was standing by.
"A good suggestion," assented Father
Glbault.   "Lei us organize fit ouce."
Immediately tbe word was passed
that-lliei-i" would bo a meeting at the
fort that evening for the purpose of
choosing a garrison nnd a coininander.
Everybody went promptly at Uie hour
set. M. Housslllon was elected captain
b.v acclamation, with Rene de Roiiville
It was observed thai
was beaming. Oncle Jnzon bad resumed his dignity
"What a girl you arc!" he exclaimed I and that be looked Into hi. cap several
In   a   tone   of   exultant   admiration* .times without speaking.
"Never was there another like you!"
Alice .walked quickly past him without spun king, lqr down lu tbe spVtce
where some women were huddled aside
from the crowd, looking on, she had f went tip tbe river, probably to Oulate-
seen little Adrienne Boureler. She
made hnstc to descend. Now that her
Impulsively chosen enterprise wns completed her boldness deserted ber, nnd
she slipped out through a dilapidated
postern  opposite the  crowd.    On  her
before her lay a great flat plain, beyond
which rose some hillocks covered wiUi
forest. The sun biased between masses
of slowly drifting clouds that trailed
creeping fantastic shadows across the
marshy waste.
Alice walked along under cover of the
slight land swell, which then, more
plainly marked than it Is now. formed
the contour line of hummock upon
which the fort nnd village slood. A
wntery swnle grown full of tall aqnulii
weeds meandered .parallel' with Ills
bluff, so to enll It. ami there was a soft.
melancholy whispering of wind uiiuinc
the long bit,des nud stems. She passed
th" iliurch and Father nrr(.t's bnt and
continued for some distance In the direction of thut pretty kuoll upon whleh
tbe cemetery is at present so tastefully
kept. She felt shy now, as lf to ruu
away aud hide would be a great relief.
ludecd, so relaxed were her nerves that
a slight movement lu the grass ond cattail Hags near by startled her painfully,
'making her jump like a fawn,
"Little friend not be 'fraid," said a
guttural voice in broken French. "Lit-
Uo friend not make noise."
At  a  glance  she  recognized  Long
Hair, the Indlun, rising out of the matted mnrsb growth.   It wus a hideous
vision of embodied  cunning, soulless- I
ness and murderous cruelty.
"Not tell white mun you see me?" i
Be  grunted   Interrogatively,   stepping
closo to  her.    He looked  so wicked \
that sho recoiled and lifted ber bands
She trembled from head to foot, and
her voice fulled her, but sho made a
negative sign and smiled at him, turning ns white as her tanned face could
Iu his left hand be held his bow,
while In his right be half lifted a murderous looking tomahawk.
Meantime certain citizens who hsd
been In close rebiUoiis with Governor
Abbott during bis stay quietly slipped
out of town, manned  it-bnttenu and
noil first and then to Detroit. Doubtless Ihey suspected tbaj: things might
soon grow too warm for their comfort
It was thus.that Vlncennes and Fort
Siickvllle first acknowledged the American government and hoisted the flag
right wns. the river, while southward j whleh. as lon«r as tt floated over tbe
blockhouse,  was lightly and lovingly
called by every ewe lu bnnnicre d'Allc*
j Roussillon.
I'uther Gibault returned to Fort Kns-
j kaskia nud a little Inter Captain Leon-
[ anl Helm, a Jovial mnn, but past ths
prime of life, arrived at Vlncennes with
| a commission from Colonel Clark au-
' llioiizlng bim to supersede M. Rounsll-
j Ion us commander und to act as Indlun
\ agent for the American government In
fhe  department of  Ibjs  Wabash.    Ha
was welcomed by 8ie vllluger. and at
; once made himself very pleasing to
I them by adapting himself to. their ways
| aud entering heartily into their social
• activities.
Ito m coicnwi——tl
Itol, ToomliM' Way.
"General Robert 'j'boutbs wns nn 1m-
pulsive as lie Was courageous. Once, In
the midst of a hot political campaign, a
slump oral or said snmclhipg-about the
general's arrest by, Robert IO. Lee for
Insubordination, frightfully distorting
(he Incident. Toiuulis wrote one of the
holiest Idlers of ills life and'was about
to seal It wheii a friend entered his office und. seeing himniucb agitated, la-
qnired llie cause. The ieller was banded tn hlin to rend, and when be had
finished it he remarked, "Vou don|t iu-
tcml to send that to hlin?" "I do," said
Toombs. "Beltivr wait till tomorrow
and Ihlnk It over, general." "Never,
sir! 1 have known lifm to be n liar, a
blackguard nn-! a IniW.all liis life, but
never before bad cause to tell blm so.
The opportunity Is now tigered', ii nil I
wouldn't miss it for the senatorship.
Wait till tiimorrmv? Think It over?
That Is to throw nway the chance of a
lifetime. Strike whiielhe Iron Is hot,
sir! Hub Toombs Is the iron! Bob
ilu.miis ls hot!   Toombs will strike!"
VAIJCoaVj-U, B. O.
. SST        i   ....
Its Plain  Ir "St ni l>p-ri t» the Uaca -oa-
uu   Older   Baby.
llie babic£>ef all except tbe richest
Japanese, lire-carried about on the back
of Jtu elder, ulster or brother from tba
ti ine tbey nre a few months old. Tbe
poorer the parents the sooner the buby
nterestimg    %etch    ojf
Famous - Cha.-acter._, ■'
ls fastelled on Jxii tie. IbStk of some
elder member oi the family, nud It Is
not uiicoiuuioA.in tli».p_Orerl,*]ua.rters
of a Japanese city .d%ee -f-trp-l^' of
imBdreaiSli or eight years old playing
In She streets, each' of wlidm bears a
tiny baby sister or brother fastened
with a few straps to Its back.
These straps  are Just sufficient to   .
prevent the baby from falling to the 'medical  men   of
ground, leaving the comfort of its pos-   solves the .(lower
tore entirely to-Its own exerUons.   As
n result'the Japanese bnby early gains
n surprising control of Its muscles, nud
it If Slm'-'S't'lmpoSsllile to drop oven n
tiny child from your arms, so firmly
does lt cllug ou with both arms and
legs. , i
The 'dressing of a Japanese Baby! Is
a simple matter; It wears nothing but
miniature kimonos, the nu inner varying with the condition of the weather.
Those garments are fitted one inside
the other before they nre put oft. Then
tbey mo laid down ou tho lloor. and ' tloijcd o
baby Is laid Into them. They nre long
eifough to cover the baby's feet, and
tlfc sleeves nre also long euough to
culver, the linnds. I'rnctlcnlly there Is
only One .garment, and the process of
dressing a .Hpnnose baby takes but
two or three minutes of Its mother's
time. ..... ...
How If,. Illlr r» Tr-hY-TIU Cunailhin CM-
l-Huiid.—Ail l-:xin,i|,l.i Worthy u( ttu-
Ing .'ullmveil.
1'e!  I.apponi,   the famous physician
I tn  the  Vatican,  whose name bus re-
c_f.tly come so  EffalMe to  the from
1 mi account of his An remit ting  oi'tspii-
! tibn- In    His   Holiness   tin-  hit,,  1'opr
j J ,feo MIL, und the high esteem with
'wjiicji   he   is regarded by the present
I I'ppfe,    His   Holiness    Pius   X.,   is   a
J mnn'of  eonimuuding genius.   But be
j is' something more thnn thut.   lie is
inure   than.' a   .mere   man of science.
| I le  :is   a   ir.mn  of original  and  independent mind,   lie stunds out, among
nil nations,   thcin-
of the .world's., in-
ite'llifcl.,    hy reason   of   his   fine   iiide-
I pendent   personality*    lie     bus     had
j differences wilh bis fellow Scientists,
Mini,   mi one bus ever disputed for an
inslnnt the remarktibie nature of his
professional  attainments 'or tho   un-
jfllnarilng    integrity  of    his   personal
i cbutueter.     He   is uf raid uf no mun.
' Hut.'" lie   hns   a   higher courage still.
| lie Is not afraid of- tho bugbour   of
I professionaP' etlqUetto    which  frightens   even   some   of tho greatest doc-
| tors.
As an example o( this may be men-
very   interesting   respect,
which   ho   hns   differed   from   the
medical    men    nf    this  country.   The
lalter   are   trammelled     by    medlcul
etiquette,  Nu  one disputes  their scientific,   skill   ur  their unselfish devotion    to    their    work.    But   they  are
limited    in    their    labor-,   by one remarkable   scruple.      They   Will  prescribe and experiment  with drugs   of
nil   kinds   sanctioned   by   the   l'har-
lnucupueiii or newly  introduced;    but
when."   it   medical i discovery;      even
l» .am j when it. is the life work of u regular
practicing .physician,   is   recommended  In the general public by a nianu-
j lecturer   professional   etiquette  steps
in   and   frightens  them.      No  matter
how    overwhelming    the evidence, of.
| what, such n discovery, when sold as
la   proprietary 'medicine,   bus  accomplished they look coldly upon it and
jwill   rarely :'adiqit    that,   tbey   have
used   it   with success.   It would    be
I "unprofessional"   tn   do   SO.  l-t'.Lap-
! poni is troubled by no such scruples.
For  instance    the   numerous' remark-
-•   J'
lT.-o.-liiu   Umlc-r    Illllleullll-.
1-liKll-li   Chiir.-ll.
In "A Treacher's Story of bis Work,"
, In-. RsiSsford Jells of some strange Interruptions he encountered while
Fpreacbing one of liis earliest sermons
in the English -cathedral town of Nor-
f wleh'.
Dr. Rnlnsford was In tbe middle of
Fills sermon, .when be ohnnCed ,to look
ff.own frodji tlji>'j''bjgh pulpit {b where
| the menibel's-of trie choir* were seated
tin a large boxlike pew, scrceiied from
the congregation by a curtain.    Much lamo "cu"r"cs""which  !• .Ve been proved
J to the preacher's surprise, one of tbe
men In tiie choir put bis arm around a
j girl, drew her head "down on his sboul-
Idcr and then looked up at Dr. Rnlns-
I ford-uud' Winked.
The preiiebcr stoppcjl his sermon,
' walked down out of tbe pulpit und
Itold tbe rector the members of the
hoir were acting-outrageously. The
I rector walked UPijto the pew. drew
I down the curtain with a jerk and exposed Ibe spooning couple to tbe view
I of the congregation.
Then Dr. Ralnsford resumed his ser-
, mon. A minute Inter he chanced to
,look down the main aisle, and there, |
vnytfrig.ln solemn prnc$wlQtfL*£cre a
' hen arid n dozen chicks. TO'Orewp it
..alBISwiieii" tins ^sexton  tried  to  drive
by newspaper reports, Independently-.
investigated,- to have been accomplished by t.hg medicine sold in Cun-
ada J)nder the name of Ur. Williams'
l'ink Fills for Pali I'ebple, must bii
well known to Ull Cuiiadiun-doctors.
They huve' been published fnr'und
wido. There can be nu,doubt uf their
accuracy. The luinies, nnd addresses
of the men and women cured lire
freely published. .Their statements
have been investigated by some of
the must Important newspapers in
this country and abroad. No , one
has ever attempted to dispute the
facts.. But Canadian doctors have
never cured  to admit    publicly    that
they have availed themselves of thin
discovery.      Dr.    Lapponi,    however,
bus availed  himself  of  Pr,  Williams'
nd bus,  in bis own fear-
no hesitation in mak-
place the old rector cried out: | ing the tact publicly known.   The fol-
T.et lier alone. John; she is doinjj ae  lowing   letter,    with   bis   signature,
itliem out be win; so drunk be' fell right ; discovery, and
foBTtop!of the hen.    Ajrul then fro-OF Il1»   less wuy; had
burin l"
A   Cui-lnna   Ferry.
Captain Huuibro, while traveling
I among the Kaznks of Turkestan, discovered n curious wny of tnklng n
llienvlly laden boat across n broad riv-
f cr. The method consisted In piling up
Whe bout Us full ns It would hold wlth-
Lout-sinking of ull the persons and all
their baggage that lt wob desired, to
[take across. Then tho boat was
rlaunched. There wch> no oars nnd no
• sails. The motive power was supplied
►by the horses, thb cattle."tji.o sheep nnd
Llho gouts of tlw.juminilie and piistornl
Ipoople swimming In front and alongside and so by degrees that were fnr
liiiorealow than tbey were sure towing
| the bout to tbe otber side. In one lu-
fstnnc* which Cnptaln Hambro men-
kt Ions the river tbnt n party crossed In
Ithis manner was 200 yards wide.
freely uvnWs Ibe fact and endorses
Ibe value of Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills
Willi an authority no one will venture to question.
"I certify that 1 have tried Dr.
Williams' l'ink Pills in four cases of
the simple anaemia of development.
After a few weeks of treatment, the
result came fully up to my expectations. For that reason 1 shall not
fail in trie luture to extend the uso
of , this Inudnblc preparation, not.
only in the troutnieut ol otber morbid forms of the category of anaemia or chlnrnsis, but also ill cases
of neurasthenia uud the like,,
(Signed) llr. Giuseppe Uippeni,
Vj.a_.uOj Gracchi 332, -Rome.
The "simple unaeiuia of development" referred to by Dr. Lappuni is
uf course that, tired, languid condition of young girls ''whose development to wuniunhood is tardy, and
whoso health, nt the period of that
levelnpnient,   Is   so   often imperilled.
"TL. ■**»> "Mt; *;n1*^t-ilii..r"%H^bl»«t''4
Sttt,1,1,1*1,   I'ulroit.
' All -.liglietiwoiuuu oi'.decidifltii snob-
tiish instincts, but socially iutrcucued
behind great and new riches.'once engaged tbe lnte Coriiey Grain'to give
an entertainment at lief country house.
She left instructions that the enter-
iainer when be Arrived was to dine
with tbe servants. The butler, wbo
knew better, apologized, lint Oornoy
was a man,, not, easily .disconcerted,
wrote Jerome K. .lerome. lie dine-1
well nnd after dinner rose and addressed the assembled company,
i "Well, uow, my good friends," said
lie, "if we huv^'iHl finished and If you
lire' ill! agreeable 1 shall be pleased to
irro-ent to you my little show."
* Tbe servants cheered. The piano
was dispensed with, and Coriiey contrived to amuse bis audience very well
for half an bpiir without it.
' At 10 o'clock'JC:tine down n hiessnge.
Would Mr. Coriioy Grain kindly come
'up Into the drawing rooih? Coriiey
went The company |n tlio drawing
room wcl'P waiting, seated.
"We are quite ready, Mr. Grain," remarked the hostess.
"Ready for what?]' demnnded Cor-
Snoy courteously.
"For your entertnl|lnient'! answered
the hostess.
"But I've given It nlrendy,"cxplalned
Coriiey,-"nud my engagement was for
one performance only." ,
"Given It!   Where?   When?"
"An hour ago—downstairs."
"But this Is nonsense!" exclaimed
the hostess.
"It seemed to me somewhat extraordinary," Coriiey replied, "but It bus ul-
wnys beeii fny privilege to dine with
the company I am asked to entertain.
I took It you bad arranged n little
treat for the servants."
A Complete   Cure   for   Bladder
troubles in Dodd's Kidney
J-mei Atwell Trleil Other Meillcluo- and
Baada«ee but Tbey -TaUed-Uodd'a
Kidney P11U Didn't.
Campbellford,     Ont.,     Hay    23 —
(Special).—"I    had    Lumbago     and
Bladder Trouble (or year*.    I  could
got no relief till I tried Dodd's Kid-
iney Pllla and they .cured me."
This la the statement of James Atwell ol this place, and all his neighbors know it to be true. Speaking
further of his dire Mr. Atwell says:—
"For five months of the time the
pains In my bladder were very severe, and In passing my urine would
hurt me so aa to almost cause tears
to come to my eyes.
"I used other pills and got no relief. I used a bandgge and got no
relief. Dodd's. Kidney Pills.cured me
completely and permanently."
All bladder diseases are caused by
disordered kidneys. There is Just one
natural way to curo thom—by curing
the kidneys with Dodd's Kidney
PIhIi  Deluniona.
There nre two populnr delusions
about fish—one that they cannot live
out of w'ntcr and tbe otber tbat tbey
cau live In nny pure water, the food
supply taking care of Itself. As a matter of fact, there are fish in Africa
wbicli, having to exist lu absolutely
dry rivers for a portion of the year,
have developed lungs, while In muny
un amateur's aquarium Ush cannot live
iti the witter provided owing to lack of
* PiHnt k. «t Ki.fni.atar.
Regulating the root growth by
root pruning, transplanting and
other methods In no new idea. The
several transpb utings, ni'ten practiced, aro, however, sometime; difficult, as when a lap-rnot runs deep
into the earth. A Texas man has,
it appears, invciied a mecha/ifrui
device to regulate root growth. His
idea is to insert a metallic openwork strip or screen, lu the emin
nnd plant over it. The main root
of the plant stri\ ing to pa.su through
tlio screen .in ltd downward join nev
is partially bonded 0(I and forced to
throw out sidu roots.
|    Firo   hns   destroyed    the   spinning'    'llio   two   daughters   of    .be   l!ev.
mill   .ol    Ivln    Firth,    ut Kulghlcy,   .lohn   lid rson,,    the Mm,:,,-,    Cftio-
Ynrks.    Tho damage is estimated at   lie,  Kent... are suing then- father for
over i.50,000. aliment.
over £60,000.
The nife of a collier named Titos.
Fiirnwortb, nf Grecnbank street,
Tylde.sley, near Manchester, has gist,
ell  birth  to four children, till boys.
Damage estimated at  £10.000
done by fire in the engineering works
■of Messrs.' Gresham A  Craven,   Sal-
ford,  l'lnir.
Mr. Julius Jacobs, whose father in
his will disinherited him unless be
censed all connection with public
bodies or every kind, has resigned bis
membership of the Liverpool City
Verv iniiny persons die aiinuiillj from
cholera unil kindred summer iiiiiiipluints.
who might, have bona suvpil if proper
remedies laid linen used. If attacked du
not delay in getting a bottle of llr. ,).
D, Kellogu's Dysentery t-urdliil. the
inetll-iiie that never (alls to elli-et u
cure. Those who have used It suy il
aits promptly, anil thoroughly subdues
tlie i,n in anil disease.
Tho Germunic, which sails from
Southampton in connection with
the American lino New York service,
lis the oldest liner afloat. Construct-
jed thirty years ago, sbe has covered
'over two million nautical miles.
Baby's. Own Tablets is a, medicine
good for* rill -children, frbmthe feeblest infant whose life seems to hung
by a thread to the. sturdy boy whoso,
digestive apparatus occasionally gels
put of order. 'I'he Tablets instantly
relieve and 'promptly cure rill s'bom-
acb and bnwel troubles unil all tho
minor ailments of the . little ones.
Thousands of,, mothers have proved
the truth of these statements, among
therii Mrs. Rob't. Morton, Deerwuod,
Mian., who says: "Baby's Oivn Tablets.have, helped my baby more than
anything 1 ever gave him. I cun
conscientiously recommend the Tablets to all mothers." We give you a
solemn assurance that, the Tablets do
not. contain one purticle of opiate i^r
harmful drug. They do goore"-thcy
never can do harm, and all children
take them us readily as candy. Sold
by medicino dealers or sent post paid
at 2fi-ret.ts a box by writing The Dr.
Williams' Medicino Co., Urockville,
The Home Secretary has decided tn
issue nn order abolishing LeVeisler
Fair after its celebration next
month* Two fairs have been held annually under a charter for many centuries.
Enlarging the Client.
Any one can Increase the size of his   nis opinion of tin.- value of Dr. Wil-
Ichest two or three Inches In as mauy
| months without the use of any nppa
I riifiis Or mechnnlcul contrivance wbnt-
| ever. When he rises in tbe morning
Met hlin go out into tbe purest air be
lean find, raise his arms to the height
rof s)iou.lders, the palms downward,
I then, while'Inhaling a deep breath,
[gradually extend them upward until
[the backs of tbe bunds touch nbove bis
[head. Do this a dozen times every
•morning, and tlie result will be n chest
fdeyelopiueut tbnt will surprise any ona
I who bus uot made tbe experiment
A Blslmp'e  Biasing.
It iswhiit s man might hnve been
[wblcb Jnrs on what he Is.   When a   	
Iiuiin has once stood on the mount of  endorsement of so "[ffc^™™1*1™
Ivlslon, when he has once heard  the
Hams' l'ink Pills at. that time is or
the highest scientific authority, and
it eoulirms the many published cases
in which anaemia and other diseases
of tlie blond as well ns the nervous
diseases referred to by Dr. Lapponi,
have boon cured by theso pills, which,
it iinc-d hardly be mentioned, owe
their efficacy to their power of making new blood, and thus acting directly on the digestive and nervous
system'. In all cases of ttnaemiu,
threatened consumption, decline, indigestion, kidney disease and all affections of the iiurvos, as St. Vitus'
dunce, paralysis and loconiOtor
ataxia, they are commended to the
confidence of the public, and now
that tbe.V have received tho emphatic
TO THOS!. OF SEDENTARY OCCUPATION.—Men who follow sedentary occupations.?-, which depnivu t.hrini
nf fresh air and-exorcise, axil;.more
prone to disorders of the liver nnd
kidneys than those who lead active,
outdoor lives. The former will find
iu Parnielee's Vegetable Pills a restorative wi.h'ou. question the niost
efficacious on the market. They aro
easily procurable, easily taken, act
expeditiously, nnd Ihey are surprisingly cheap considering their excellence.
call of God to his soul and made an-
tewer, "Here am I,", ho can never go
■buck to dwell lu the valley of coramon-
rplnce. Tbe Tnlnsmn there, to which
►ordinary men have become Immune,
lis deadly to him.—From Maud Wilder
nl iiullinrily ns Dr. Lupponi. the
trusted physician of the Vatican,
they will be accepled by Iho (nodical
and scientific world at thoir true
With the pUloct nf honoring Cob-
den's memory, tile Cnbden (Hub is
organizing cengnary gatherings all
throughout thij^coiiiitry lor the hundredth anniversary of his birth,
which falls on June 3.
.Tlie never failing medicine, Holloivay's
Corn Cure, removes all kinds of corns,
ivurts, ote.'.-even tho moat tlia.i-.ult to re-
ulove cannot withstand this woi'tleiful
remedy. ' „-
Eddy   ot   Wales    plays   footer   on
..   sturdy  lines,  runs, nnd  posses    well,
Goodwin's "Four Rouds to Paradise' rB(. ^ „.-»,. gottls ncatly. The club
In Century. .... pla.,s fol. |„ not mentioned, but it
ils thought ho is a "pure amateur."
An Easy tenoB,	
.;T am supposed tp die of a broken
(heart," said the unmanageable actress.
"Now, how am I to know bow a person with a broken heart behaves?"
"I'11-ftoll- you what to do," answered^,
the plain spoken manage*,' wYou study
i the author of this piny after he sees
.your first performance of It."
Tho freedom of Belfast, Ire., hns
been presented to the 'Wife of thu
Right Hon. W. .1. Pirrie, in recognition of her philanthropic work.
Miiiard's Liniment Is used by Physicians.
'I'he relatives of Ilonrv Mosgrnie,
a native of Itell'ast, who went to
Chllfol'nia with his brother Sum
about forty years ago, and died recently, arc wanted to come forward
to claim tbelr share ol the osfnte
which ho left,  valued nt. £1H,000.
Judge Currun. who found no criminal business nt Mullingar, attributed the huppy circumstance to the
i'ope's blessing. At a private utujl-
ence he bud asked Ihe.l'ope tn bless
the four 'count ies which fdrritod '•'"
nave an; Alii-In jLlfe,
Have you no aim in life?   Then get
'Phi' Irish Cliapol built at. Rome to
'romiiieinornUe the episcopal jubilee of
W~   Study over what it shall  be-   Leo III.   was.   inaugurated by   Mgr.
>thtnk.  and think  deeply.    Pray  tbnt   Patri"k Fohiy   Roman   Catholic   Bl-
yon   may  have  an   understanding of  «'>°P of ^axo'
' ypur work iu the world, that you may
see your beckoning star und *jliat a'
knowledge may come to you of bow
to build 0 highwny to It.   TUe„m;alerI
als and tools for the building-rfthij,;
highway lie rlfjht at band. '_W aro
not to your liking perhnps-vou may
call them trouble nnd bnd luck—but
Just tffiut your teeth togollior, shut
your eyes, too, If necessary, ami hold
your breath. Then get a good grip on
the sltlltHIon. anil then work with It.
And the wonders that will grow out of
doing little things well nnd the understanding of many tilings that will come
to you will make yon "stand amazed"
',( '"     "
WlaSn you think you bave cured a
cough or cold, but find a dry,
hacking cough remains, then Is
.danger. -Take
Cure •En,cLung
at once. It will strengthen the
lungs and stop the cough.
Prices: B. C. Well. * Co. SOS
-5c 50c II.   l,»R-r. N■■_•-.Toroalo.-»_.
f #+ a m ■*
Why is it that Ayer'a Hair
Vigor does so many remarkable things? Because It Is a
hair food. It feeds the hair,
puts new life into it. The hair
cannot keep from crowing.
And gradually all the dark,
rich color of early life comes
back to gray hair.
" When I nmt med Arer'i Tfelr Vlr~ my
hair i-M nbout ell *"-- nut now li t, % utct
rich .itch, -urt ni Hack -• t ec-ttttt «l,h."
~ Mu. Swum Kt-or.-ndtikn, Tu.cuiii.i.,
lino « hottie.
_l.owoH,   Mtua,
Gray Hair
The four men who stole and received the historic cannon, from tbe
Roliindn ut Woolwich wero sentenced
at the Old Bailey, London, the receiver to five years' penal servitude,
and the others to twelve, nine ami
four months'  imprisonment
Wash greasy dishes, pots or pans uilh
Lever's Pry, Hbn|i. a powder.: It will remove the grease with the greatest ease.   110
Tn some of the South Lincolnshire
stockyards there is said to be almost ns big a plngue of mice as rats.
Over 1,500 or tho little rodents were
killed recently in the process of
thrashing a single cornstack.
rho L. & N. W. Uy. Go., TOnglnnd,
nre building a Special engine at
Crewe which is to cover the journey
td 159 miles between Crewe und London in 160 minutes daily. This
means tbnt. tbe run to Manchester
will be done in less than three and a
hall hours.
The doitth took place at Scarborough, Eng., recently of Mr. C; N.
Wilkinson, who only recently retired
from .the position of secretary tu the
Northeastern llnilway Company,
which he bnd held for thirty-live
Hiking feature of the new ca-
ffiriil nt Liverpool, Kng., will bo
!*(}- height uf the vaulting of the
nave and choir. Measured in the bur
ret vaulting it will bo 111) feet, and
in the high transepts 1 111 teet. No
cathedral iu the country uppruaclies
its height.  ^^
$100 Reward $100.
The r-ailer- or thl- paiier will be pleew* In
learn thai there la at le»»t one _rea-.it aitrnt.
ih-i science haa been able to cure In all It,
,*_,„__ that I. Catarrh. Hall'. Catarrh
Cure la the only poalUve cure now known lo the
medical fraternity Catarrh being a ra.i»tlld-
tlonal Ulseaae, reqillrea a connllt-tl-iial treatment. Hall'a Catarrh Cure la token inlerna.ly.
acting directly upon the blood and milcou- but-
facea ol Ihe oyatciu, thereby destroying th.
foundation of the iliaeaaa. and giving the re-
tlenl atrength by building ii„ the con., ll-llon
and aaMslIng nature In doing lla work. The
"oprwor. have _o much faith Intto eWMJJ
Uwer., that tbey otTer One Hundred I-allar.
for any cane that It fall, to cure. Send tor I..I
o, teatlmonlala    AMrj-.^ ft co   ^„dfc „
Sold by all druggist". 7Sc.
Hall'a Family Pllla are the belt.
Although Manchester now possesses
forty public elementary schools, the
Education Committee is advertising
for twelve more sites of land from
3,000 to 5,000 square yards each.
TESTJ.D HY TIME.—In his iustly-
eeli'hruteil l'ills llr. l'liriaeleu bus r.iven
to the world one ol tin' tnosl unique
iiii-clii-iiici ollered to tlte public in lute
veins. Prepared to tueet the wnnt for a
ill which could be taken withuut miu-
iea. and that would purge without pain.
It has met nil requirements in that dl-
•■eelioii, and It is In general use nut
only tieruuse ol these two utiiilltfc. hl'l
bet'uu-e It im known to ouHseHs iiluai,-
tlve ond curative powers wlih*l place il
In  tho front  rank of medicines.
The "slot" gos meter has Ils disadvantages. An elderly Halifax
(England) laborer who has been out
of work for some time tried to commit, suicide by inbnling gus through
a pipe attache*) to a gas Jet in Ilia
house. The meter whs of the penny-
in-lhe-slot kind, nnd the supply of
gns fulled befnre suffocation Wus
brought shout.
Miiiard's l/mimai. Lumberman's Friend.
A wine Prorlelnn.
Did you ever notice when a man
smiles bis thumb with u hammer while
putting down a carpet under bis wife's
supervision how quickly he thrusts the
bruised snd throbbing member Into his
mouth? People think lt is because the
application is soothing. But the movement Is purely Involuntary, like winking.   Tbe mnn cannot help lt.
The fact Is that nature knows what
a man is apt to suy, under such circumstances and so bus provided blm with
nn automatic stopper. Whenever be
hits his.thumb bard enough to burt-
nnd It doesn't take a very hard blow
nlmost to kill a man wheu be ls doing
something be doesn't like to do—by a
sort of Interlocking system his thumb
Mies Into bis mouth, and for ths critical
moment speech Is cut off.
• muRnrler'a  Book.
One of Ibe devices of the smuggler
ls Io bring In rings, watches uud other
compact articles of value concealed In
liookn. A thick, innocent looking volume Is selected for tbe purpose, nnd a
hole is hollowed out In tbe center
Ihrjte enough to receive the smuggled
goods. The book Is then closed and
tied up. Its weight offers no clew to
the presence of the valuables, even lf
the Inspector should take It In bis
hand, and a book Is of course likely
to pans muster even with the must
tureful customs agents.
Father .ill,I Sou.
If Lord Dalmeny, who has accepted an invitation lo become tbe Liberal candidate lor Midlothian at the
next general ulection, could enter the
House of Commons at' tho present
time, he would enjoy tho distinction
of being the youngest member ot
that Assembly.
His Lordship, who cume of ago In
January lust, is the junior by some
years of Mr. It. Itigg, the Liberal
member for Appleby,, who Is the
youngest member of the prusent
House of Commons. Tbo only oilier
member who Was born iu IH77 is
Mr. P. J. O'.SIiaughnesi.y, M. E, for
West  Limerick.
Laborere of the  Andra.
The majority of tbo laborers In the
mountains of Peru nre Cholos, or Indians boru in the Sierra. They are
lound incapable of doing elllclent work
on tbe coasts or In tho warmer altitudes without a loug course of ncell-
mutl'-utlon. If gangs of these Cholos
have for specinl purposes been taken
J.o\vn suddenly from the Sierra to work
nt altitudes of from 2,000 to 5,000 feet
sickness nnd fever huve resulted from
the change.
The Wesleynn Million Guinea
(England) bus reached a ti
Stratford,   .th  Aug.,   T-W.'l.
MRSSflS.   (I.   C.   ItlCllAKltS _.- CO.
(letitlenreii—My neighbor's hoy, .1 years
old, fell Into ti tub of boiling water ntni
got scalded fearfully. A few dnys later
his legs swelled to three times their nul-
lll'lll sl__ and broke out In running -Sort's.
His purnntH cniit.l got nothing to help
him till I recommended MINAItll'S
1.IN1M1.NT, which,. after using two bottles, completely cured him, nml I knuu
of several other eases around here at I -
most as remarkable, cured by the snme
Liniment, ami I ce.n truly say I never
handled u medicine which has had ns
good a stile or given such universal sut-
Isfaotlon. .   M.   HIBRHT,
■ (lenerul   Meriihinil.
The enormous death rate for January has opened tho eyes of tho people to th. terrible mortality which
accompanies  neglected  colds.
Out of tha 412 deaths. reported In
Toronto for the month, 05 were from
pneumonia, and this is no doubt only
a small proportion oi the duu-hn thut
may be justly attributed to a neglect
to cure colds.
In ths north country colds aro so
common thut the danger involved is
lost sight of, but tho rusults are
none the less fatal.
Tbi prudent way is to use Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed nnd Turpentine at the first appearance
of trouble, and so guard against any
Changs ot serious consequences.
The soothing, healing influence of
this great medicine is a balm to irri-
' tilted and inflamed bronchial tubes
uud lungs.
| lt relieves the coughing, which
would   otherwlso   tear   and   lacerate
[the tender linings of the air. pus-
sages, loosens the phlegm, makes
breathing easy, and thoroughly cures
tlie cough, us well as the cold.
j    Tlio demand  lot ttf— Oh-U_a!« -Sly-Tip -
]of Linseed uud Turpentine has beeu
enormous this wlntor, and the family-
Bi/.cd bottle is becoming more popular than over. This Is only reasonable, as the GO-cent bottle contain*
three times as much as tbe 36-cent
Do not be deceived by Imitations,
for the portrait and signature.ol Dr.
A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
book author, are on every bottle of
the gonuine. At all dealers, or Ed-
munson. Bates & Co., Toronto.
isthc PREftRtNTIALio'CiGAR
You.ll   Enjoy Every Bit Of It.
touch of nature) moket. Uie whole ivprld
kin," Binfcs tin* poel, But what about
the touih of rheumatism nml !umliu__o,
which Ih no common now? There is no
.ioetry in thnt touch, for it renders life
miserable.      Vet    how    delip-htiui    is    the
ense of relief when an applicntion of llr.
Thomas' I'Vlectric oil drives pain away.
There Is nothing equals  it.
Tho Belfmtt (Ireland) Street Tram
wnys   ('imiimny   luwo     iiceepicd    ll«
coi|nn'ii(inn's   offer    I'or   the   purcluN'
of thoir underUikiritf.
Pule,    sickly    children    nlnmhl   use    l\Jq
ther      flraves'      Worm       Kxtenititiiitoi
Worms nn- one ol the principal riiii-i*- e
•iuiTriiiii-   in  children  uud  should    he   ix
elh-il  from  the system.
Ae the western reprc-ei.Uilive ol Jos, Kichurd-ou __ Bona, and
Cuftidn Linseed Oil Mills. I urn nhvuys in tho mar.ct for car
lot. of grain of every variety, wheat, oats, barley and flux. I will bo pleased to write or
wire you quotation, at uaytime ou whatever you have to offer. Correspondence solicited
iu either Kngli.h or German. Reiiuestafor information re shipping etc., given'immediate attuutiun.   Heference:— Merchant) Bunk of Canada.
rilWAlin   O'KI'.ll.l.Y,   W-NN.l'Ell.
William Little, a fanner, accidentally shot himself while lifting Ins
^im to frighten snme brows neur Al.-i-
fhoro, Ciiuiily Durry, Ire.
Crocodile,* anil   AHiir-ilo™.
The true Crocodiles are distinct from
he alligators. Anion;; ihe points of
lislliiction the following are ihe most
loticealile: lu the crocodiles the so
•ailed canine tooth, the fourth eountiiii;
rum the front, tits Into u notch lu the
ilde of llie upper .law and is therefore
isible when the month Is closed, while
n Ihe alligator it is received in a pit
:i the upper Jaw and Is thercl'tiro lu
Islbie ot nearly so. A;ra)n, iu llie croc
idle llie hind li"_s have II fringe nf
illeued scales which Is ivunlillg le
lie alligators, whose legs are round,
.onilim 'Sului'dev  lleview.
Women suffer all about ns with headache, backache, loss of
energy and spirits. Nervous Dyspepsia and many other ailments
which make life almost unbearable. Every woman can bo immediately relieved of this suiTering if upon tho first sign of
derangement she would take a dose of
By following the instructions with each box of pills thousands
of women all over the world havo saved thoir lives.
BEECHAM'S PILLS purify the blood, give strength snd
vigor to the digestive organs, give vim and tone to the nerves
and put the whole body in a healthy condition. A box of
BEECHAM'S PILLS should always be kept in the house as,
like a "stitch in time," they will invariably have the most
beneficial effect and save much future worry and anxiety.
Sold by all Drazgl-t- In Canada anil U. 8. America,    la boiei, -5 i
Instantly and
accurately lock
to nonpareil or
pica measure.
Note the brace
on side. : : : :
6x2 in. $2.00.
8x2 in. 2.25.
10x2 in. 2.50.
12x2 in. 2.75.
Nickel Plated
.25 cents extra.
rsoA£ '
I At thu annual couyontlpn ol trlnh
Nationalists in Dublin, Mr. .Imi-i
Itedmond said thnl  tho Unionist pnr-
ly    were    ill. He'   enilllelulleil   ,-,-i|    vvi.il-
iii£ for cxei nl mn.	
1 Keep Kiii'ir_'.■; Liiiimcat in the Douse.
Sir  Henry  Miller,  vim ns  Muyor of
lierry, -lee.,  wu -  knighted  101  tho <"'■
UllleSS   the  SOAP yOU oWlon of [.be King's Coronation, !>■-
been appointed to the olllce of town
use has thjs brand you ci.-ii. 0i tha- 'Hy.
are not getting the best Ask for Mi;;aril's and take nn other,
Ask tor »»• •etaa»B Bar.
I    John  Kellv. ol Kildbro town,    lie .
has  '"'en   beared  ill   Kilkenny    ne  wie
minder of his Wife.   Wbou 'ippru.ii'l.od
by  lllllington, 11 \ecuiii.n-r,  I" llj
aaid    "1'ol.e ne- gently  nml   i.m  run
Dl^? "Headache?   Pain ■"**■ J ' "
back of your eyes?   It's your
Uver!   Use Ayer's Pills
Gently laxative; al'
Sold tor 60 years.
Niilljl,,;.    S.-rl.uiN.
------ . xiie   Heiress   And   I've   been   .......
Gently laxative; all vegetable. ,,i„,,.,i m tpiiie n number or tbe Euro-
j.o.ijmoo, petiii  nobility.   Her  Prlcn'd—Thinking
ir- t. '••' iiiiirr.iiiiK any of llieiu.'     Ihe Heir
Want your moustache or beard
■ beautiful brown or rich black? Use
a r- nku. _ co. n*,>n.. w. a
1 -m   Oil, no.    I don't intend lo buy 11 title.    I'm merely Bhopplng.
When VOU bury anluio.sit.v do not net
Dp .1 lietnUlone over lla gruve.- IJIck-
Atl   O.lll   Ibirrnn   ( ii-lnin.
lOveiybnily know- the fondness Of tbe
adult ChluoSe for kiteflying, 'i'he Ko-
reun. however, puts lids pnstltne to
n use allogetber novel. When Ibe
time of good resolutions conies iirouiid
at the new year tbe Korean writes on
a kilo all hie faults, "evil disposition.
Impatience, bnd words, street lights,"
elc. "It was so dark," says one Amer-
lean residing In Korea, relating Hitch
an Instance, "tbnt no kite could be
seen, but wben Ibe Korean bad rru
Ibe string but to Its full length he cut
it uud let It go. Imagining tbat bo bn
bad rid himself of his enemies ami
could begin tbe uew year with new
courage."  ,
__ncoara_remen I.
"Has Miss Lotta Uotifb encouraged
you nny?"
"Why, yes. When I told her.I wae
too poor to assume ninlrlnionlnl. responsibilities she iu-Led me If I wuS
too proud to take n lip."
"Whnt did you snyV"
"I said I'd be glad to get It*
"And then?"
."And then she said I ought to marry
a rich girl."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
W    N    U    No    *BI }
i- ■
lit.  Pleasant   Advocate.
(Bastablished April 8,1899.)
IktRS. R. Whitney, Publisher
'Orpics: 2020 Westminster avenue.
Bnolish   Office—30 Fleet street,
London, E. 0.,  England Where a
file*. "The Advocate" is kopt for
Tel. B1405.
Subscription $t a year   payable   in
G cents a Oopy.
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
Local Items.
Mrs. G. Clayton Leonard and daughters returned on Monday from a week'B
stay in Seattle.
Mr. A. Kilgour of Thirteenth avenue,
is having his house newly shiugled and
other improvements made.
Vancouver, B. C, July 30, 1004.
-Much indignation is expressed by pro_
perty holders at the nction of the Van
'.onver daily papers ii their refusal to
tuke Oity advertizing. Such action
'proves how littlo public spirit the daily
press of Vancouver possess. Iu a spirit
'of chagrin and offense ut the Council
•they have hurt the interests of the
public whose support they depeud on.
'In another column we publish a circular distributed throughout the City
'and signed by the City Clerk.
Now Westminster was gay Inst Satur-
• day with crowds who witnessed the
1 opeuiug of the big bridge. Vancouver
1 will benefit eveu more than the Royal
' City, as this will be the terminus of the
'W.-W. &Y., Railway. A big Oity
-' Market Honse on  Westminster avenue
is now desirable.- Farmers would
1 soon realize that this City affords a
" turgor  market  for  produce,   and  the
V. Y. & W.,   Railway  au  expeditions
• means of reaching said market.,
' Baptist.
'Seventh avenue, between Wuatini miter ave
Hue nml Quebec atreet. Sr.KVfC.-_ at 11 a.m.,
• nd 1.30p.m.; Sunday School nt 2:80 p.m.
Iter. A. W. McLeod, Pastor. Residence -is.
. Sixth aveuue, ea_(.
,, Methodist.
rtlornr-rol Nint and Westminster avenues.
, MKHV.CE8 at 11a.m., and 7 p. in.; Sunday
; School and Bible Class '.ISO p.m. Rev. A. K.
j llethertngton, II. A., B. I)., Pastor.
_ I'tir.oungc 1.8 Eleventh avenue, west.
•Junction of Westminster avenue anil West
, minster road. SERVICES at 11 a. m., and
-7:30 p.m.: Sunday School ui--.'.io p.m. Rev.
, u'eo. A. Wilson, B. A., Pastor. Manse corner ol
j Eighth avenue and Ontario street.  Tel. loco.
.St Michaelb, (Anglican).
,-Corner Westminster road and Prince Edward
street. SERVICES at 11a.m.. and7:80 p.m.,
, Uoly Communion 1st and 3d Sundays lu each
t month alter morning prayer, 2d and 4th sun-
, day. at 8 a. m. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
I Rev. U. II. Wilson, Recto..
vHeptory 872 Thirteenth avenue, east.
-Adveut Christian Church (not 7th day Ad-
, v«_tist«) corner Ninth avenue and Westmln
. ster road. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.,
.Sunday School at 10a.m. Young peoples'
. Boel-ty ol Loyal Workers of Christian Endea-
, vor meets every Sunday evening at 6:46 o'clock,
, Prayer-meeting Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock.
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, theu go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Furniture Mart.
Bedroom Suits  from $19.50
Tapestry Carpets from    IT .60
Extension Tables, 8-ft.,    $12.60
Couches from  $7.50
Baby Buggies from $11.00
Folding Go-carts from $4 60
Linoleums, Stoves, and everything to
Furnish    East Payments.
milk, wben ice and cellar are unavailable, is to sink a Jar in the earth. In a
shady place make an excavation large
enough to place a six or eight gallon
jar, allowing the jar to projeot about
four inches above the ground. Pack
the earth around the jar. For a cover
nse a small boad i.nd a stoue for a
weight. Turn a tub or box ov sr he
jar.   This will protect from the hot air.
Masters Fred, Matt and Hairy Foster,
sous of Mr. and Mrs. Tbos Foster, nre
onjoyiug their vacation at Buccaneer
Mrs. McCnrrochof Vittoiir, returned
home Friday after a two weeks visit to
her father, Mr ,T. F. McKiuuon, Teuth
Any one having friends or knowing
of strangers visiting ou Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
"The Advocate."   Telephouo B1405.
On Thursday evening tho 14th, a large
number of the friends of Miss Olive
Armstrong, daughter of Mr. and JMrs.
Jas. Armstrong, Seventh avenue,
tendered her u surprise party the occasion being her birthday. Tho party
consisted of tiie jolliest crowd
imaginable and the evening wns passed
merrily with gaiueB, and the wee suia'
honrs arrived before they wended their
way home. The charming youug
hostess made every ono feel at home
after her surprise aud wns delighted
with celebration of her birthday. Some
one in.the party left a box of Malta
Vita aud wheu opened tho next morning Miss Armstrong wns surprised to
find a handsome gold bracelot. Only
little Cupid kuows who left tho pretty
gift. Present: Miss Gertie Taynton,
Miss Ethel Flewelling, Miss Heleu
Wells, Miss Kate Taynton, Miss Smith,
Miss Hicks, Miss Snell, Miss Augie
Mcuuley, Misses Nettio aud Flora
MdKcc, Miss Kate Grimiuersou, Miss
Evn Thompson, MeBsrs. I'ercy Main,
Dan Snell, Wm. Main, Floyd Ford,
Walter Murray, Joe Christie, E.
Wutkins, Wm Mclean, Bert Flewelling, Rod Smith.
Go to McKinnon's, Burritt Block, fo
Ice Cream and pure home- made Candy
—Grocery Department—
Prices   That Cunt.
Hungarian Flour,   per sack, $1.40
Orange Meat, 2 packages, 26c
Butter,  Ontario  Creamery,   2-ft,
All kinds of Fresh Fruit at
Lowest Prices.
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1266
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
Pale ecru seems to ho so much tho
fashion in all kinds of summer clothes
that it may help yon to kuow that yon
cau combine white nud all tho delicate
shades with it most effectively in either
pltin or figured goods, and you cnn
readily utilize two of last year's dresses
in one pretty ono—as, for instance, dip
and soak ono of your embroidered
inusliu or utl-ovor embroidered yokes in
strong cold coffee, letting it soak until
it is tinted the desired shade. The yoke
can theu bo ttBed for a pure whito dress
or for a palo pink or blue one. The
yoke can then be used for n pure while
dress, using ecruo laco upon a white
dress, or white luce upon uu ecru oue
both combinations are vary effective
Among some of the ultra-smart eve
niug gowns, in broeho gauze nnd
mousselines, those in tangerine shades
are the newest, so fur us color is cou
eomed. White locos aro used as t
trimming, and odd exceediugly to the
gown's effect. Imagine a tangerine
nlousseliue skirt, plisse its length, hav
ing been inset upsn the bottom with
triangles, loug aud  slender, of white
The funeral of the late Wm. Hicks, Sr.,
took place from the family residence,
Eighteenth avenue, Friday afternoon,
Rev. A. E. Hothcrington officiating. The
deceased had attained the ripe age of
82, was a native of England aud came
to British Columbia 18 years ago. He
leaves five sous aud two daughters. At
tho end of April last, his wife, who had
shared earth's joys and sorrows with
him for nearly 60 years, passed away,
and the shook of her death seemed to
hasten the end of deceased.
City of Vancouver.
TENDERS Will be received by the
undersigned np to Monday, August 1st,
1901, at 4 p. to., for the construction of
a Fire Hall in the East End.
Specifications may be seen at the
office of the Oity Engineer.
Each tender most bo accompanied
with a marked cheque or cash deposit
equal to o% of the amouut of the tender.
Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Vaucouver, July 80th, 1904
I. O, F.
Court Vancouver met on Monday eve
uir.g iu Oddfellows' Hall, a fair attendance of members and visiting Brethren
were present. After tlie routine of the
lodge work was completed several
speeches were delivered.
Companion Court Braeside will hold
a piuic at North Vancouver on Wednesday August 10th. Ten servod at 0:80
p. m. Tho members of the various
Courts in the city havo been invited,
Tho Compauion Foresters are most
charming entcrtaiuers, and a large
unmbcr of Foresters will undoubtedly
attend the picnic.
Great July Sale.
Voters' List.
FOR I004.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that the Voters' List for the City of
Vancouver for A. D. 1904 has been
completed, and shall remain in my
office until the 1st- of September, 1904,
for examination by all concerned
Any person who shall claim to bo
added to snid Voters'; list, or any
Elector who shall desire to have any
mime erased therefrom shall prefer his
or hor roquest iu writing, signed with
his or her name, stating the Ward to
which he or she belongs, and shall deliver or cause the samo to be delivered
to me within the time hereinbefore
Vancouver, B. C, April 12th, 1904.
If you kuow any items of Mt.Pleasnnt
news—Social, Personal or any other
uews items—send thetn in to "The
Advocate," or by telephone—B1405.
A   Retraction.
Number   "Ladies'
From  the   July
Home Journal."
In tho May number of The Ladies'
Home Journal wc published, in the
article entitled "The 'Patent-Medicine'
Curse," an analysis of "Doctor Pierce's
Favorite Prescription," in which thnt
I preparation was represented as contaiu-
Band Concert Thursday Next
Bandmaster F. T. Highfleld and his
Band, (Sixth Regiment), will give a
Concert at the Mt. Pleasant Baud Stand,
(School Grounds), Thursday eveuiug
next, August 4th. Among others will
he played selections from "Mndauioiselle
Napoleon," "Poet and Peasant," and
a patriotic selection "Our Empire."
jSee When Your Lodge Meets
- The 2d and 4th Mondays of the month
(Court Vancouver, I.  O. F.,  meets at
fc* *..»»•
-Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F.
, meets at 8 p. iu.
Vancouver  Conncil  No.  211a,  Can-
,adinn Order of Chosen Friends meets
l the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of the
Maccabees holds its regnlar meetings on
I the 1st, and Hd Fridays of tho month
Dissolution of Partnership'.
Mt. Pleasaut, Vancouver, B. C.
July, 2!lrd, 1904.
We, the undcrsigued, hereby mutual
ly agree to disolvo partnership from
this date, aud any outstanding accounts
previous to this date will bo met by
R. J. Couchinan, the present retainer of
the business ot 2440 'Westminster ave
nue, Vancouver, B. C.
W. DAVIE, Wituess.
I earnestly solicit the patronage of the
Residents of Mt. Pleasant district for
my former partner, Mr. Conehman,
who will contiuo to carry on tlio business known as Tho Caledonian Fish
''.Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
,meet at 15iniiuu.es to 7,  overy Sunday
.evening in Advent Christian Church,
(Corner Ninth ave. nud Westminster Rd,
-   'Epworth   League of   Mt.       '.casant
j.Mcthodist Church mots at 8 p. in.
B. Y. P. U., meets   in   Mt.  Pleasant
■..Baptist Chnrch at H p. m.
The Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. ui
,-iu Mt.PlcuSiis-int Prosbytorinn Church
Advertising la the education of the
.purchaser of the merits of different
! tbat which adds to his comfort and am
, consumer. It Informs the prospective
.goods and, brings him Into touch with
. pUflte Ms happiness.
•Tub Advocate is t|_e best advertising
_p.vditi|ii where it oiroulates.   Toi. B1405
jFnr Local %Now« Rend The Advocate
- Rend W. J, Anuaud's advertisement
j in this paper; he bus the very wheel
,' rnn need at his Enst End Cyclery, 148
obindings street, cost.
$( you want to kuow what is
(happening on Mt. Pleasant
,reud The Advocate—$i a
yeur, 50c for six months.
Whnt others sny of nie, matters Hit tie.
What I myself say aud do, matters
much.—Fra Elberius.
One of the greatest American millionaires
once said to Ida physician, "A million dollars, Doctor, for a new stomach," and then
the sick 1111111 groaned and turned away.
One of a man's grratest pleasures is that
born of a keen appetite, vigorous digestion
and a good dinner, and this belongs to
many a good fellow who ia living on small
wages, but the licit man without a ntomacU
has to forego the good thiiiga of the table
because his stomach rebels. Without a
healthy stomach and a good digestion, our
blood is thin, watery and poor, our heart
action is weak, our liver does n-it do ils
duty, and man is miserable and unhappy.
In this condition man is prey to the germs
of influenza, consumption, nlnlaria and all
the ills that he is heir to. Consumption
can be treated by natural methods which
are as close to nature as possible.
Dr. R. V. Picrcej chief consulting physician of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical
Institute, at Buffalo,,N. Y., years ago un.
deralood this disease, and after a long period of experiment discovered certain roots
and herbs which were nature's remedies,
and succeeded in puliiiur them up in a
form tbat would be easi':y procured aud
ready to use. This he called Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. It gives no
false stimulation because it contains no
alcohol and no narcotic. It helps digestion aad the assimilation of such elements
in the food as are required for the blood.
Instead of a cod liver oil, against which
the already sensitive stomach will declare
open rebellion, this tonic bas a pacifying
action upon the sensitive stomach una
gives to tbe blood the food elements the
tissues require. It maintains the patient's
nutrition by enabling him to eat, retain,
digest and assimilate nutritious food. It
overcomes gastric irritability and., symptoms of Indigestion, and in tliis way fever,
night-sweats, headaches, etc., are done
away with. It fortifies the body against
the germs of consumption, grip aud malaria, and it builds up tbe tissues and puts
nn healthy flesh.
When the druggist says be has some-
hlng that ia "Just as good "as Dr. Pierce's
Gclden Medical Discovery, he says so because he hopes to make a better profit,
but Ills own mixtures have not stood ihc
test of long experience nor had the euccets
thai Dr. Pierce's medicines bave had
Argyle House
Big Cost Price Clearance
Sale of Summer Dry Goods.
LADIES' aud Children's Summer GLOVES at half-price and less.
CHILDREN'S   White Lace GLOVES  worth
GIRLS'   White  Taffeta ' '
LADIES'   Black   Lace
4 '             "     Taffeta ' '             "
a pair.
Kid Gloves, black, tan and grey, worth 75c for
' ..        ...        1    |,-6o   .
16o '
20o '
20o •
50c a pair.
Boy's Dnck Suits, worth $8 00 for $1.50 each
$2 00   '
$1.75   '
$2.50   •
Lots of other BARGAINS too numerous to mention.
JUnRpUFR   4O0 Westminster Ave.
m   rmUrmMWK-Mmp Opposite Carnegie Library.
Limerick lace, which trim it a third of
its length) With those triangles two
narrower laces to mutch ure inset as
long, narrow, oval outlines, crossing
each other Into loops nbove the triangles.
Its low bodice shows the same lace iu
its upper portion, with transparent lace
sleeves that drupo the upper arm, the
luce theu looped iuto a top bow and
finished witli two short tub ends. Thi.
bodice wns pointed back and front,
having a tot of graduated chiffon velvet
liowf posed iu a straignt lin.i, defining
both of tho points from top to bottom
Each one wus centred with smnll diamond buckles.
For travelling gloves whito wnsh-kids
seem the favorites fur day journoyings
and tins for lunger ntiis, Both kinds
Aro worn large enough to lie au easy
m miy lit, while the kid should bu heavy
enough to prove serviceable. Upon
economic!'] grounds tan gloves aro the
beit -election,
It has been fonud far more practical
ind satisfactory tn omit putting perfume
intn the padding of dress hangers, ss it
lasts but a short time. A fun-shaped
uilk sachet, trimmed wilh bunchy loop
bows of narrow ribbons, ou the three
corners of fan to match tbo silk or satin
covering of thu hong.r, aud to suspend
it from thu middle, nl' the hunger, is the
latest idea. These snehots may be
easily renewed, and (fleet their object
with perfect satisfaction nt Icbb cost.
Colored shoes havo no plsco except
for carriage and honto dress. As they
are an aceisoiy entailing extravagant
expenrlenture, it is fortunate that tho
fasi|iou remains one of individual taste,
nud uut at all compulsory. Any economy in the mutter is minims, fur unless
the shoe mutches tho costume tho jar of
shado or color is fatal.
A simple  way   to  keep  butter  nnd
lug, among other ingredients, tincture
of digitalis, tincture of opium, and
alcohol Immediately upon publication
of the number a suit for damages wan
instituted by The R. V. Piorce Medical
Coiupauy of Buffalo, N. Y., proprietors
of tha preparation in question, against
The Curtis Pnblishiug Company, based
upon the claim thnt none of Ihe three
ingredients wus contained in the
Upou tbo filing of the salt, we, of
course, Immediately looked iuto tho
published auulysls. It appears that this
particular analysis hnd been made, If
made at all, fully tweuty-fivo yenrs ngo
We thereupon, uinployod three lending
chemists in different cities to make au
nunlysis nf tlio preparation from bottles
bought in the open market. These
analyses, one and all, show to us conclusively that not a single oue of the
ingredients mentioned by us iu the
analysis qnoted—thut is either digitalis,
opium or alcohol—wus contained iu the
bottles analysed. We then—the Prosi-
deut of this Company aud the writer—
personally visited The R. V. Pierce
Medical Company, in Buffalo, aud wore
there convinced that tho officers of the
Compauy wero absolutely truthful iu
their claim that not ono of these injur
ous ingredients wns contained in
"Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription."
Na 1 uraliy, since the analysis wo printed
has been proved erroneous, tbe deductions mado iu connection with this
preparation were unwarranted and
Under these oiroumstauoes it is now
perfectly plain to us that this magnaiuc
wns unintentionally, bnt nevertheless
absolutely misled in 11._J.ing the origin
si statement, Snd we hereby, of onr
own volition., mnke this unqualified
Acknowledgment of onr tuistako to
ThS R. V. Ricrco Medical Company und
to onr renders. Tbo mistake was honestly mado, bnt it was a mistake.
Municipality of South Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received until,
Saturday August 20th, for opening up
Sixteenth avenue from Westminster
avenue to Ontario street.
Specifications can bo seen at the Hall.
The lowest or any teuder uot necessarily accepted.
W. G. WALKER, C. M. O.
South Vancouver, July 29, J 804.
^-'ENDS TO-NIGHT at 11
Up to that time you can get—
$16.00 Suits tor $10.00,
$1.50 Shirts  for $1.00,
$8.00 Felt Hats for $2.00,
6O0 Ties for 26o,
Straw HatB for Half-price
and less.
Don't miss this Sale
If you are not jnst ready to make
your purchases, come and make
your selection, pay a small deposit,
and we will hold the goods for
you till pay-day.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
TENDERS will be received until
2 o'clock on Saturday, August 20th, for
Cutting the Brush ou the River road,
east of Mr Rowling's, between stakes
numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 Brush to be cut
close to ground and 12 feet back from
road.   Prico to be lump sum.
The_ lowest or any teuder not necessarily accepted.
William O. WALKER, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, July 20, 1904.
The full Rebate will be allowed ou
all Taxes paid before Jnly 80th,.
By order of the Council.
William Q. Walker, C. M. C.
Let ns fill your Lunoh Baskets with
good things—tresh Cakes and
Pies, Fruit mnd Canned
A fresh stock of
of all kiuds, aud prices right
We deliver goods all over
Wm Dp Muir
Ring up 'phone 448.
Mt. Pleasant
Pull Fresh [jg|f
Vegetable or Flower—all  the
same. _^_f= Sweet Peas 30c lb.
It will pay you to buy now
for next Spring.
Nelson's Drug &
Seed Stores
Corner Robson aud Granville Streets,
and 636 Hastings Street.
Jack's ^"W
Westminster Ave, next Glasgow Honse
John Gillinan, Proprietor.
Turku Chairs, and a first-class Bath
Room is rnn in connection with  the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial
"        "        11 *   IT
Jas. Carnahan.
Order, promptly Btt_iul.il to,  night   or
nay.  charge! moderate.
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over tbe advertisements in the
One thing we never sufficiently learn
is the dreadful power of evil to spread.
Of every wicked deed we see only a
part of the consequences and we neglect
the part we do not see. For example,
every crime iu the black belt makes a
thousand Southern women tremble.
A trolley car that mangles a child playing on the streets set a hundred mother-
hearts a quaking. A few "hold-ups''
by footpads will terrorize a whole
suburb, after dark. Often the nnseen
effect is a tendency to modify institutions, to strain and dam ige the structure of society. The embezzling cashier
wrecks his bank, to be sure, but, what
ls more, he raises the rates of fidelity
insurance, aad thus injures every bank
cashier in the country. Every outrage
on non-union labor pours sand en the
axles ot tho labor movement everywhere Moro serious than the loss to
the taxpayers by municipal corruption
is the check it gives to the much-to-be-
desired extension of municipal owner
ship. Every young man and woman
who misbehaves helps to bring in that
kill-joy knowu as the chaperoue. Iu
this way mauy forms pf wrong-doing,
in addition to the immediate suffering
they inflict upon particular persons,
work a far-reaching harm by warping
and deteriorating beneficent institutions
whioh we are all interested in
—Dr. Edward Ross of the University
of Nebraska.
If yon want a
Ring np
Telephone  987
or   call   around  at  the  SfOR
Works,   314   Homer  street.
In any case your wants will receive the
most courteous  nnd  careful attention.
C. ft J. HARDY ft CO.
Company,   Financial,   Prims and
Advert-brkb'  Agents.
80 Elect St., London,  E. C, England.
Colonial Business t: Specialty.
We need Somo Oue to believe in ns—
if we do weU, we want our work commended, onr faith corroborated. The
individual wbo thinks well of you, who
keeps his mind on your good qualities,
aud docs not look for flaws,
is yonr friend. Who is my
brother? I'll toll yon: he is one who
recognizes the good in me.—Era
All that is loyal within you will
flower iu tho loyalty of the woman yon
love; whatever of truth there abides
iu your soul will be soothed by the
truth that it is hers; and her strength
of character can only be enjoyed by
thnt which is strong in you.—Mae.er-
Happiness is a matter of habit-: aud
you better gather it fresh every day or
you'll never   got    it    at    all.—Fra
We sow au act and reap a habit: we
sow a habit and reap a charaoter: we
sow a character and reap a dostiny.—■
Wh.   Black.
Hy telling merchants they saw their
advertisements iu The Advocate our
readers will confer n favor aud help the
paper greatly.
Timoc Maims
Anyone .ending a .ketch snd d_.-rInt-iirtt«|
qnlaklf a-certaln our opinion frse <--«li.r aa
lu-oiiMtm U probably patciita-le.  CutiimaMKa.
eonnileiitliil. Ilmiil-oo-oii I'.tc.t.
- tor wearrnfuMar"
ill Munn 4 c.k rt
■em freo. OlitMt .peiii-y (or Kc_rta« uiM.nla.
Patent, taken through Munn A r
rptciul notice, without cfinroo. In tbe
Scientific American,
ni>»F(i t-DeTft.
ilaittm. IXC.
A hundiomelf Il1wrtrat«-al w-M-klf.
—•-'.Ion ol any pctentlfle jcurtmL    ....«
: four montlu, |1.  Sol-1 by all ni>v.F(_
INN &C0.seiBro"dw»T<
ranch OUlce. 62- F SL, W-jh
Which Meet on m.
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 10 meets every]
Tuesday at 8 p. ui, in Oddfellows Hall]
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noblk Grand—W. R. Owens,
■Sin WeiUmlum-r ruadl
Recording. Secretary—J. Paxman,]
1:1. lluflerln .treat, vast J
I. O. F.
Court Vaucouver 1328, Independent!
Order of Foresters meets 3d and 4thj
Mondays of each month at 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always weloome.
Chief Ranom—W. O-. Taylor,
227 Keeler »lr.-t, City J
Recording Secretary—Vt. H. DeBou,'
S7S Tenth avenue, east!
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehant
sn Princes, street, City.  Telephone f
Alexandra Hivo No. 7, holds regulai
Review 1st and lid Fridays of eaoll
month in I. O. O. F., Hall corner West J
r-iiustc-     d Seventh avennes.
Visit      Ladies always welcome.
Lady C-..inlander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   Ai
Foote, 889 Ninth nvouue, east.
Vancouver Council, No, alia, uicoll
every 2d nud 4th Thursdays of «»c_
month, in • I O. O. F... Hall, cwney
Sovcnth aud Westminster avenues.     J
Sojourning Friends always welcome
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
_, 2-28 We.lmin.ter avenue,  Tel. 760, i
Cheap, Efficient, Convenient,
is the Electric Ught
V?'.   .   1
r i
Always Ready, &l™?!££££&>
No Odor, No Flame _
Now is the cheapest time to have wiring done and
fittings put in, before the busy season arrive".
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, LM.    |
t%%%%%%^%*%*V»%^%-%V%%%V •*-%%^h%V»>*'»>%%*%^


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