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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jan 2, 1904

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 ■ ■"-■-■'*  I
Hot Water Bottles,
75c, $1.00 and up.
Fountain Syringes,
75c, $1.00 and up.
The McDowell, At ins,
Watson Co., Ld.
Burritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
fAW Full Line of Downey's OhocolweB.
Mt Pleasant Advocate
Devoted to the interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Established Apr. 5,1599. fifth Year, Vol. 5, No. 39, Whole Number 247
$1 per year, Six Months 50c, Three months 35c, Single Copy 5c.
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
Fresh Oysters, Just in.   Baked Apple*—like home—
with Pure Crown.   Genuine Boston Baked Bcaus
Open from 7:80 a, m., to 12 p. in.
Sunday from 9 a. m.   to 12 p. m
having mends or knowing of
I Local   Items. % ^^shrm'M"^^M °
5, O The Advocate.
bv Informing q
TheMcCnaig Auction and Oommin-
siouOo„ Ltd., next u,Corueige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of ivory description.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Phone 1070.
The following is a list  of  the pupils
from Mt. Plearant School at the recent
A parry of Mt. Pleasant young peo-  Entrance Kraminatio—: candidates 12,
pi* want over to New Westminster 01   passed 6; Dorotliy   Stafford,  744; H.
Tear's night, In response to ai   Norman  Lister, 710;  Lida Davidson,
Invitation from Mia. Ethel Chamberlm Davidson,  mi;  Robert   Burns,   683;
(city. The party tookthe 6 o'clock Joanie Martin, 968';fcatie : Sutherland,
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
tram returning at  10 p.  m      Miss
Ohamberlin proved a charming hostess,
aad a delightful time was spent.  Among
those in the  party were:  Miss Anna
Burritt, Miss Rose Glover, Miss   Ger-
, trade Glover, Miss Olive Morrison, Miss
ZiD* Wood, Miss Miukie Burritt, Miss
Jennie Scott, Miss Carrie Lippsett, Miss
SUa lippsett, Miss Lonise Verge, Miss
Florence Harford, Miss Grace Harford,
Mr.  H.  Stevens, Mr Goode,  Mr. H.
£wd,   Mr. Joe Mathers,  Mr. Geo.
♦readt,    Mr.  H.  Burritt,  Mr.  E.
in :o: 1
"The Columbian" of New Westmin.
•tar, B.C., celebrated the Christmas
season by getting oat a Speoial Number
consisting of 7fi 8-column pages. This
number describes all the induestries of
the Boyal City, and seta forth the
advantages to settlers and investors of
the city and district of which it is the
The illustrations are numerous
I above the average in excellence,
I the typographical appearance is
artistic New Westminster
should        feel proud
of possessing a newspaper .capable of
getting out'sueh a large and excellent
number as the December Special
The Store of W. D. Muir the baker
was entered on Wednesday night by u
robber or robbers, the safe opened
and |t50.00 taken; with the money a
paper with, the day's sales was taken
from the same drawer. Entrance to the
store was made in the usual popukr fash-
ion, vji: boring hole* in the door and
ramovinjr ibe b:ir on the inside which
fastened the doors, probably the nervy
bargular watched, and when the police
man was at the other end of Mt. Pleasant be nrconipli.-dn.-d his crime.
When heavier and more substantial
shoes are required for Winter Wear,
we are, as usual, with the very choicest
offerings of the best makers. We offer
srsciiL values in Lvdies Shoes at 11 75,
#t.50 and SB.50. H MILLS, 18 Cordova
street and 540 Granvillo street.
The Mountaineers' Terpsiohorean
Club gave a New Tear's Ball on Friday
evening in Mason's Hall, the attendance
being large. The entire evening was
onecontjuual round of pleasure, the
numerous danoes being interspersed
with seasons of social chat. The delight-
fa] program co isisted of couples gliding
smoothly over the floor to the sweetest
music, in the mystic mazes of the waits
f Ml
Mr. John Oolville of Sixteenth avenue,
hist sold his borne to Mr. Wm. Cook,
and removed to a residence on Seymour
the two weeks vacation for the school
children will come to an end on Monday
next, whan all the sohools will re-open.
The Philimathiau Society will hold a
on Tuesday evening next at the
of the Misses Verge, Tenth ave.
Miss Millie Smith of Seattle, is visit-
ins; her brother Mr. J. I. Smith of
Seventh avenue.
Mr. Bnss Pengelly returned Christ-
mas week from Kelowna, after a two
years absence.
Mr, Bert McLellan of Kelowna is
vitttlpg his friond Mr. Buss Pengelly,
Tenth avenue.
Mr. Samuel Lobb of Seattle, spent
Xrnas Day with relatives and friends on
Mt. Pleasant.
Miss Minnie Verge is convalescing
from a two weeks illness with la grippe.
Attend Kennedy's Big Sale,
count on every article.
Big dis-
Carry tha most complete stock of
requisitions for the Toilet' Skin Foods,
free from hair-growing proponsitives,
Tissue Builders to suit all faces. By far
the largest stock of Hair Goods in town
at moderate prices.
Be sore you inspect our Hue of Christ-
ma* Gauds for ladies and gentlemen.
' Ebvfroysis,   Hiiir-dressing,   Manicuring,    Scalp    Treatment,    and Face
S6T and 589 Granville street
ThoOity Grocery  delivers groceries
•vary day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 29o,
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Flitton of'the
Mt. Pleasant School of Music, entertained the young members of their
school on Tuesday from 8 to 7 p. m.' A
most delightful time was passed by
teachers and pupils,
"For Mayor Dr. W. J. McGnigan is
oertainly the leading candidate," said a
strong Banfleld man. "If I were a
sporting man I would bet on the
Doctor leading the polls with a handsome d ajority."
Mr. W. A. Brown is being insistently
urged by very many people to come out
"or Alderman in Ward V. Mr. Brown
is a highly respected young business
man, and would make a good Alderman.
The annual Christinas Tree and
Entertainment of St. Michael's Sunday
School will be held in Mason's Hall on
Tuesday eveniug Jan. 5th. A good
progrum.hns been arranged.
Mrs. Win. Hicks, Sr.. of Eighteenth
avenue, has been very ill the past two
weeks, but is now much better; she is
76 ye irs of age and it was feared her
illness v,*ould prove fatal.
The most scientific Shop in the West.
We now have a capacity of 80,000 loaves
per week. Just come in and see how
the bread is pnt in the oven and taken
out without handling. We can put a
batch of bread in and take it out of the
oven in about 20 seconds. We can supply your wants at short notice.
Mr. J Findlay of Sixth avenue, east,
has purchased a residence in the West
End, corner Jarvis and Bnte, and will
move with his family from Mt. Pleasant
early in January. Mr. Findlay and
family will be missed on the Hill,
having been popular residents of this
part of the city for a number of years.
Mr. H. A. HoweU, with H. O. Lee
the past few months, and Mr. R. G.
Watson of Ninth avenue, late from
Manitoba, have bought out Marshall's
Grocery, corner Granville and Robson
streets, assuming charge to-day.
Capt. Thomas and Mrs. Saoret have
issued invitation for a Social gathering
at their home, 2814 St. George street, on
Thursday evening next, in honor of the
birthday of their son, Mr. Herbert
Miss Anna Marstrand will take a few
more pupils in her Music Class. For
terms and particulars address Miss
Anna Marstrand, 889 Hastings street;
telephone 1178.
Rev. A. W. MoLeod, pastor Mt.
Pleasant Baptist Church, returned Wednesday from Victoria, where he went to
attend a business meeting of the Baptist
It is stated on good authority
that Mr. Philip Fewster will be out for
Park Commissioner. He should know
the duties for he was Chairman for
two years.
Mr. John Pugh, the Taxerdermist,
left last week for a hunting trip in the
Yukon District. Mr. Pugh is guide for
several wealthy Englishmen.
Dry Feet always give a man comfort.
Many complaints have their origin in
wearing poor shoes during the winter
months in British Columbia. Why
take chances? We invite you to call
and see onr Winter Shoes—none better.
R. Mills, 18 Cordova street aud 540
Granville street.
It is earnestly to be hoped onr new
Mayor and Council will give the Chief
of Police and City Engineer unhampered opportunity to prove their oapacity
or incapacity.
Mr. Wm George is a candidate for
School  Trustee   in  the    approaching
Municipal election    Read his card in
to-day's "Advocate."
Rev. Wm. Hicks of Viotorla, is in the
city visiting hia brother, Mr. 0. P.
Hicks of Eighteenth avenue.
Rheumatlo Liniment
"Touches the Spot"
When used on Sprains, Swellings,
Rheumatism, Sore Throat, Cold in
Chest. Painful Joints, Neuralgia, eto.
It is a liniment that penetrates quickly
to the very source of the trouble- and
banishes pain almost as soon as it is
applied. It soothes and heals, It is
THE liniment to use whenever an
internal remedy is required.
Prioe 25o and 50o.
600-602  Hastings St., Cor. Seymour
Telephone   1294.
Changes for advertisements should te
i'i '.I -fore Thursday noon to insure their
AMorinnn J. Morton has his announcement card in this issue of "The
Begin the New Year with a new pair
of Trousers, from A. E. Lees'
By telling merchants they saw their
advertisements in The Advocate our
readers will confer a favor and help the
paper greatly.
C. O. C. F.
On Thursday Dec. 24th, Vancouver
Council 211a, Canadian Order of Chosen
Friends, held their annual election of
officers, the following being a list of the
officers eleoted:
Past Chief Councillor, Mr. James
Flewelling; Chief Councillor, Mr. Wm.
P Flewelling; Vice-Councillor, Mrs.
Cole; Recorder, Miss Annie Chambers;
Treasurer, Mrs. J. Walters; Prelate,
Mrs. Donaghue; Marshal, Mr. T. Carl;
Warden, Mrs. Tidy; Guard, Mr. J.
Walters; Sentry, Mr. B. Flewelling;
Assistant Recorder. Miss Ryder; Organist, Miss Sarah . Doason; Medical
Examiner, Dr Robt. Lawrence.
If you know any items of Mt.Pleasant
news—Social, Personal or any other
news items—send them in to "The
Advocate," or by telephone—Bl405.
Ranges, Stoves
and Heaters
 We have the best—our prices aire right. Call and yoa
will be convinced that we can save yon money.
Paints,   Oils & Glass.
J. A.  J3 L£T T,
W.R. OWENS, Manager.
$LOO per 100 pounds.
2425 Westminster avenue.
'Phone 322.
rW****%*****»* fVf>>«%4tWf> ■f*%W%/9y%,%/V9yms%+1yt
OF oosr.
Handkerchief Cases—$1 kind for HOc,       #1.76 kind for$l       #2.60 for #1.50 \
Satin Tie and Glove Holders—iOc kind for 26c,      65c kind for 40c,
85c kind for 60c,   #1.35 kind for 90e,   #1 60 for #1.00, #2.50 for   #1.60 '
Manicure Sets—#2.50 kind for $1,50,      $8.50 kind for #2,      #4.50 for #2.60 ,
Brush and Comb Sets—$2 kind forfl,      #4.60 kind for #2.75,      #7 for #4,60 '
Everything in the line of FURS olearing at greatly reduced prices.
UA. ROSS & CO., 28Cordova St.
Citv Grocery Co.,
take this opportunity to extend to their Mt. Pleasant
Customers their hearty thanks for the kind patron*
age during the past year, and hope that their present
pleasant business relations will continue during the
coming year. With confidence in their splendid
stock of staple and fancy groceries to give satisfaction, they wish all a most happy ana prosperous
New Year.
ftosY BOO. Wemintimmter Ave. < Prlnoemm Street.
New York DentalPartors
Upper or Lower Set.
22K GOLD  CROWNS....! 700
SILVER FILLINGS only... .1 00
GOLD Fillings as low as 2 00
PLATES ...12 00
Teeth Extracted (painless) SO
We give the bestwook for the least money. Onr offices are well equipped
with the very latest appliances for doing painless dentistry. We can give
yon the satisfaction that we have given to others.
We can Extract, Fill and Crown Teeth absolutely without pain.
Onr operators are all graduate dentists, holding speoial diplomas, which are
on view in our reception rooms.
New York Dental Parlors, 147 Hastings St., E.
Telephone 1566
Mr. Harry Austen Johnston and Miss
Mabel Agnes Carrie Macfarlane were
married at St. Andrew's Church on the
28th lnst. by the Rev. K. J. Wilson, It,
A. Miss Scholes, of Tucoma, was
bridesmaid, and Mr. Mulr, of Dawson,
supported the groom. The church was
tastefully decorated, and the wedding
an exceptionally pretty one. The bride
wore a shlmmery silk batiste over white
taffeta, orange blossoms and veil. The
bridesmaid was attired In white or
gandle. A reception at the home of the
bride's mother, Mrs. Minnie Macfarlane,
was attended by about too Invited
guests. The presents were many and
costly. Mr. and Mrs. Johnston left for
Southern California on Monday evening, where they will spend their honey
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other bee-
*fc can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Do/,., pints $ I.
The Wind Up
with the appearance of this ad the business for 1903 will be over. Wo have done
a big business; it would have been very strange had this not been so, for we
were never better equipped with choice fresh goods at right figures, than during
the year Just closed.
W« wlah to Thank our many Patrons for the way the orders oama in, for
they oanie in bunches, tumbling in.
To all our Old Customers and the Many New Ones we wish
you a Most Prosperous New Year.
We have many Odd Lots left over which we will sell at Crisp Snap Prioes.
Look in it will pay yon.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves., Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
plSWCentral Heat flatlet
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats..   Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fuirview.
Prompt. Delivery.
OOOOO   afcafWtttmrnXtm
Family Theatre.
Bastings St., nrar Carnegie Library.
Admission IOc.
3:30 to 5 p.m., and 7 to 11 p.m. Dally
High-class Entertainment for
Ladies, Gentlemen & Children
Foil Una of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor.  Westminster arc, a DnSeriu it.
Boots & Shoes
Up-to-date Footwear for
Men, Women and
T of Boys'and Child-
1 'o   f.'liinriu
rcu's Goods.
All our Footwear is of the Latest Styles
and of the Best Quality.' -
Douglas & Coulter
44 S Wmmtminuter avenue.
II. C. Granulated Sufar, XMb. aeok 11.00
Ogllrle'9 "Hungarian Flour per SMS 91,40
First-claM   Creamery  Butfjr    26c per pound
Kitraut of Lemon or Vanilla 3 notllea (or 25c
Broad, 6 loaves (or 23c 1
Eocene (>llj>er tin »l .15,
R. H.'WALLACE, 'Phone BSR.
Mt.Pleasant. Free delivery I
Rev. and Mrs. J. Irvine celebrated
the twentieth anniversary of their marriage on Saturday, the 2Cth Inst. A
large number of friends gathered to
congratulate and wish them many more
years of wedded happiness and prosperity. The drawing-room and dining-
room were tastefully decorated with ivy
and smllax. A number of handsome
and appropriate presents were received from the guests. Music and recitations enlivened the evening.
A very pretty wedding was celebrated on Christmas Day at the residence
of the officiating clergyman, Rev. A.
W.MacLeod, Pastor of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, when Mr. Wesley
Willox, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and Miss
Marlon Kate Norton, of Laindon, Eng.,
were united In the bonds of matrimony.
A large number of friends of the contracting parties were present. Mr, and
Mrs. Willox will reside on Sophia Street,
Mount Pleasant
Among the weddings during Christmas week was that of Mr. Prank Harford and Miss Mabel Cutler, who were
wedded In the Mount Pleasant Methodist Church by Rev. C. H. M. Sutherland, on December 22nd, the church being filled with the members of the congregation. Mr. Herbert Harford supported the groom, and Miss Grace Harford acted as bridesmaid. After the
ceremony a reception was held at the
home of the bride's mother, Mrs. C. Cutler, of Seventh Avenue. The wedding
breakfast was partaken of by over 30
guests. The dining-room was suitably
decorated for the occasion and the table
beautifully laid. The young couple
spent their honeymoon In Victoria, returning on Friday last. They have
taken up housekeeping on Seventh
Avenue, corner of Victoria Street. Mr.
und Mrs. Harford have the best wishes
of a host of friends for a long and
happy married life.
Mr. James David Dallamoro and Mis*
Elena Harmer, only daughter of Mr
and Mrs. F. II. Hnrmer, Central Park,
were married on Monday Doc. 28th, in
St. John's Chnreh, Central Park, by
Rev. Mr. Bell. Mr. and Mrs. Dallnmore
are spending their honeymoon in
Whatcom. The bride's travelling gown
wns a becoming brown suit with picture
bat to mutch. The presents were many
and handsome. They will reside at
their new home "Pirgrovo," Central
out onr odd ends of
Xmas Goods and
Toys at startling
Call in and get a
Bargain while they
H.D. Hyndman
Snccefsor to the
4 90  WesnoNSTKH   Avbjhjk
Telephone 981
> oooooooooo OOOOO (
at Kennedy's
is a Suocess.   Every single article
in the store is marked down to oust.
All Black Dress Goods at cost
Ladies' Wool Underwear.
Corsets.       Hosiery.       Towels. '
Costumes.   Skirts. Silks.
Furs.       Mantles and Raincoats
at actual cost.
303 Hastings street.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.      Tel. 429
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Storm and Hotels
or delivered to your house.
71JU Hi Hi in iU iU iU M iii... m m.u itt iU to K
Argvle House.
Big Cost Price
of Winter Dry Goods Dress Skirts, Raincoats, Wrappers, Furs,
Girls' and Children's Jackets,   Etc.
A Big Lot of Manufacturers Samples at Wholesale Prices, of Towels,
Stockings, Gloves, Girls' Flannelette Night IV'Ssos, Men's Socks aud
Ties, Eto.
400 Westminster avenue,
Opposite Carnegie Library,
0000«»00000000000000 Corner of Hastings  street.
McTaogart & Moscrop
Dr.Al.KHS   IN
344 Can-all St.,
Tumpleton Block.
Vancouver, B.C.
If yon miss Tnr. Apvocvrr. yon
the local news,
Oorn.u- Ninth Ave. a Westminster Rd.
and will be pleased to supply
anything in my Una of business'
Telephone IBS.
Tub Asvocatk >• the best advertising
medium where It cironhutes. Tel. B140fi
►■vw*v«v*> -»%'*y*vtw%. 1
Seventh & Westminster Aves.
Mt. Pleasant.
E. H. Peace,  Proprietor
00 00 00
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
AH Kind*. Tel. Aiic6
^ Give us trial.
5 Promptf Delivery.
"Still, I think Mr. -Tily wonl.d rrot ob- works;"- returned Miss Vivian, grnvrly.
jrct," said Bcat-m, looking down at he* "1 think Mis. Mil.-s lyiist rest lo-mor-
wvtb a e-ara-ssiug '.smile. "1 rather ini- row. but could you t:tke nit" to a school
ugine he-would find it diflieiilt tu refusa of iivt or it drawing class'.' fce rnjghl Hit 1
you.',' . ' . fiufxtiho cinjl, rind go and.toll Ma/])arg.-t-i
"Mr, Tilly, yes, he is very kind. butfur, after. I)o you know .Mr. Dnrgnu, too?"
Dargan is alwaysuhlwppy about ui< uoy," | -.'l litive the honor," with an uir of pro'
she returned, quite unconscious of the found respect. Miss Yivittti looked
implied com'plilneui, and looked again at   quickly nud keenly at  him.    "The bcsl
the picture.
Hcutoai seemed checked, and tuning,
observed politely to Mr. Tilly, "Your
friritil looks very lived. I think I cm
liud her a seat."
"I'm sure-sir, yon nre very polite," sal l
the weary. Mrs. Miles,, gratefully, Mid
Beaton escorted her to the long bench iu
the center of the room, where she sat
dowu with a groan."     ' i
"This is a clever picture,",said Malt- !
land, who kept his place by Miss Vivian.
"It is wonderful/' alio said, in n low J
tone, as if absorbed In contemplation; lie.' |
voice was naturally soft, and her ncee.it
inirly good.    "I never thought, anything
could be painted like it; there.'are some'
bits of moorland near my. home, ami I
have seen the clouds gather over them
just like those. 1 almost feci the cold
breeze that generally conies up with the
ruin; and those distant blue hills, how
far away they look—Unit is.what I cannot do when I try to paint, I can nut
make the distance look far."
"A few mouths' study with a good
master would help yen over that dittl-
culty," said Mnitlund, kindly, « feeling
of compassionate interest drawing him
lo the speaker, "You arc an trtist,
then V"
"I wish I were, Mr. Dnrgnu has agreed
to let me have lessons, nnd I shall, work
hard, so hard."
"Work hard!" echoed Beaton, returning to her side ss she tipoko. "What a
tremendous resolution! May I ask what
is the object to be attained V"
Miss Vivian colored slightly, aud looked down "as if she thought 3ie was laughing at her. "I want to learn drawing,'
she said simply.
"Then Mr. Tilly must find you a good
master. Una he any idea whom to employ?"
"Oh, I suppose so."
"It is very important to find the right
mam," said Beaton gravely. "What master do you thiukVif, Mr. Tilly, foisa. Miss
"I really have not an idea on the subject," replied Tilly nervously. "I never
had anything to do with art or artists.
No doubt Mr. Dargan, who 1* aim -st
universally informed, will be able to supply our needs."
"I don't fancy art is much in his liuoj
either," said Beaton, with uu air of careless superiority,' ".Now. I know one or
two good men, and shall be most happy
if I can be of use to Miss Vivian"
"It would be doing me a great service,''
cried Mr. TiHy, with o look of relief. "1
have been a good deal troubled how to
gratify this whim of ray ward's."
"You must not call it a whim." said
Benton, smiling, and looking down nt
-Miss Vivian as if they understood each
other. "It is a laudable nnibition, and
n charming taste. Will you allow nie to
tee some of your drawings V"
"Yes, then, If you understand about
art, you can tell me if I urn worth teaching," she returned, with a quiet earnestness.
They moved on to look at the other
pointings, and Maitland noticed that the
little countrified girl was always attracted
by landscapes and animals, and moreover, showed a wonderful amount of disci iiuiimtion in her observations.
He remarked Hint she did not seem to
cure for 'human figures and faces. "I
suppose it is because I have seen more
of the comirry and four-footed creatures
than I have of people," she returned. "It
fceoins to me that I understand them better. Do you draw?" she asked with some
timidity, looking straight into Ws eyes
as she spoke. "You feel the pictures mor.-.
than he does," and (the looked toward
Beaton with a little nod.
"He must know more than I do about
«rt; I do not draw, I only ignoruhtly wor
fc'hip," returned Maitland.
"1 urn sorry." Something in her voice
suggested that site would prefer being as-
i-i-ted by him thuu by his friend.
"You will liud no lack of Instructors,
Miss Vivian."
'"i^ho diillcult.v will be to choose among
the multitude," soiu Beaton.
"Weill, my dear," said poor Mr. Tilly,,
who had looked frequently toward ihe'
door, with an expression of intense wcari-
I'iss, "1 suppose you have seen enough
for one duy, and I—I have tin uppjinl
ante, n "
"Vou arc very tired," said his ward,
kindly, glancing at him.
"Why lose your time here, then':" ask
ed Beaton, blandly. "We shall be iloiighl-
cil to lake charge of Miss Vivian and
Airs. - I did not catch the imine, ami
see Iheiii safely c:i route home."
"If you would lie so good," said Mr.
Tllfe, hesitating.
"1 Khali be most happy, so will Maitland."
"I do not want to stay much longer,"
fluid Miss Vivian, "if I can conn- soo'i
again. Then- ha a great picture of a
t-hurict race in the next room; I should
like to look at it, then I shall he quite
ready to go."
"Then 1 shall bid you good morning,
my-dear, and good-bye for the present, I
nm going lo the north for n few days.
'Jlhey have discovered a cuiious tomb in
the wall of an oM church near TfclrlStanj
and I wnnt lo have a look at it. Meantime, If you need advice or assistance—a
—a—you have my excellent colleague, Mr.
Duo-gun, at hand. Uood morning, Mr.
Beaton; good-moming, Mr. Mail land."
nnd with a bow to Mrs. Miles, who was
otill nodding in the scat Benlca bad found
for her, the old gentleman walked away
with much alacrity.
•'Poor old boy! itis really to bad to ilivt
hiro about. Don't you think 1 might fill
the place of guide, philosopher, u,nn
friend and leave hira at peace?" exclaimed Beaton, looking after him with a
' "Thank you, you arc very kind. If it
would not be too much trouble I should
he glad to Ik? shown some of the th ngj
I ought to see. Mrs, Miles and I feel
very lost here, and we might almost as
well go about blindfolded us go about
"Good. Then I shall devote myself to
your service during the remainder of y. ur
atny. What shall we do to-morrow? Can
we manager the Tower, thd-Mohnmont,
St. Paul's nnd\Mndamc Tussnud?"
"^f you do, jfr^ss Vivian    must have
foily horse-power wf sight-seeing nnd endurance," said Mnilihind, laughing.
"I have seen the Vjpwcxjnd the wnW-
plan is to permit nie'tn call on you tomorrow at any hour you may nppoliK,
and we con arrange our campaign. I
shall in Die meantime make soon- inquiries about studios, vtr., etc."
"You are very good indeed'. I fe I s .
much obliged to you." The color came
slowly, softly Into her checks, and a very
sweet smile parted her lips. "I am sinv
Air. Tilly will be very pleased."
•-';%. Tilly; is :r very '-■ de*r friend of
rhino," said Benton, gravely.
"I' siq-posc so." -
'.'Thou  you   must   give    nu- your   ltd
dress," uud Beatou took out    liis notebook.
"Thirteen    Albert    Street.     Crfmtlesi
milted myself to anything. Old Dargan.
the snuffy one, wants to make some final
conditions before 1 open the siege In
Jfonh. ll.v the way, are you to dine with
.the   Winiliiftoiis  op  ThursdayV";
"1 tun."    "-,,.,-
"Then pray tell Jean the enormous
sacrifice I am going to make to • stem
sense of duly."
"Whit duty?"
"The duty of scif-niMiitcn>anec."
"I slia!] tell lier my opinion if she asks
it     Now I must leave you."
"Won't you come down to Hurllngham?
Jennie will be there' and she told me to
bring yen."
"Sony I can't, but I have an nppuiht-
mei'il with' the man who wants the Craig-
rolhic moors this nulunin; lam almost
late :.heady."   '	
"^cJU^a^r^r f.hepre>;pnt.. JC yoj,
had n uj bowels of eolnptissiloii you would
nol leave me to my sorrow."
'}! feel sure you will,jiot long need eon-
Btjajion," said Mni'tlnnd. smiling, as be
nodded good-bye to his friend, and turned up Air Street i" his way In Regent
Clfrns, "It is no affair of none," he
missed. "I iiave no business to interfere, lint I can't help feeling sorry for
11 at poor child. She da.vn't look us if
>lie could hold her own in the vr- rid Boa
I'll will intioiluce her to.j But women
arc kittle cattle; I cannot lake end't to
inyjelf lor understanding them though I
have bud a lesson or r.\\--j."
-Town," said  Mrs.  Mill's," who had se.i.~
ci-ly spoken before, and who now joined
them.     Her  accent   was peculiarly ' ll.it
and her voice of the sing-sonj^cescriptidn
. though her utterance was rapid.    .
!    "Camden   Town!"     repeated   Beaton,
I "Why did I hey banish you to so terrible
a locality?"
'-' "Dear, dear! is it that Dad?*1 exclaimed Mis;. Miles, in,much dismay, 'They're
tmconiinnti nice rooms, iii'id dear ciioifgh
I can .tell you—live and twenty shillings
a week, uud lialf--a crown for the kit< li-.t
fire." . I
"The place Is perfectly tfospeffnl.lo, I
'liav.c no doubt." Vnid Maittaiirl. laughing.
"My tilenil Benton is very fastidious;
anything further west than Ki iis'ngt-.n
or north than I'ortman Square appears
a savage wilderness to him."
"Don't believe him; he is only a
try lout himself. Miss Vivian,    lie has
always lived in Ihc wilds."
Miss Vivian looked from one to
olhcr with n puzzled air; then, as if
wishing to atone for what seemed to
her the rudeness of Beaton's speech, she
said softly, with a kind look into Mnlt-
laud's face. ''That is no matter; it has
n>>! made you wild or rude."
"Vou little know him!" said Beaton, In
tragic tones.
"You are laughing. Do you always
laugh'.'" she asked, uneasily. "Come,
Aiiley, let us go home. 1 think I know
the omtt'ibus we came in, and yaa are tot
til oil to walk." '
"Don't think of it," find Uealon, t.
thy moved Inward the entrance'; "I will
get you a  cab." ^
'•'Nml it cab; Mr. Dargah 'tclff fe lo
avoid cabs, they cost us so much miuity,
I would rather spent it on drawing lessons."
"Air. Dargan Is—let us pay, over Mil
"He is a careful man. sir, anil any
brother," put in Mrs. 'Mile".
."And most conscientious, I am sure,"
said Benton in n peculiar tone. "Still
you must letJiio insist on a c;ib. and 1
will settle wifli the  driver."
"*\'o, cortfllray not!" cried .Miss V.in'un,
decidedly. " 1 shall pay fas it myself."
"I dare not contradict you. Then at
what hour may I present Inysi-if to
morrow?" asked Beaton, with an air of
profound deference..'.
, "Oh, to'inorro'w? Well, any time al'le
nine: they will not (five us our b;eak-
fn.st till half-past eight," returned .Miss
Vivian. ,
Beaton gazed at her with so bewildere 1
an expression that Mnilland could 'no:
resist laughing. "My friend here is nol
given to iHrly rising," he sitfil-.,'"He has
a terrible complaint whirlr (-heels his
natural energy—want of occupation."
"That is very had, very wearisome,"
Bhe returned, gravely. "Will you come
to-morrow, too?" she continued, looking
t Maitutnd  without  u shudc of lu-sita-
  _i..i ,  t     .   .     *
ciiArTion in.    ijjjiSj
tiiiti oi- -enil«m-assme-nt,
'I am soi-ry I cannot have that pica-
sure;"! have an engagement."
"What! at nine in the moaning?" said
"Not quite so early."
"Well,  Miss  Vivian, if    I  may  cone
after luncliouii, suy about two-thirty, \vc
will arrange some charming plans."
'Thank you;    we    shall    li^ve    quite
flnWied dinner by that lime."
"You may  be sure  I  fluiil , be punc
Here n EnnsdnT, wlileh/ffi^ioii had T*il
cd, drove lip.
"Dear,  dear!   I   cannot    abide    those
things!" cried Mrs.   Miles; -'jnu  do sec
appointinoiit    of some import- \ III* horse's IhihI so plain.'   I urn always
flightened it is guing to fufl."
"They are much the bi-st, 1 Assure you;
a woise danger lurks Iu the foiirwhiclcr.
believe me. All the worst ami tit m |i •
fectious diseases truvel iu Iheni to Ihc
"'i'h'nk of that now! Istl'l it a baiiso?
U'hiit'll we do, iiiissi-e, my dear?"
"Oh, lei us lake Ihe lliiusom; lliero
I* really no danger." She ponst-d, and
after n inoiuejit's hesdtatiou held out her
hand, lirsi lo Beaton and then In Mait
land, with uoi undignified simplicity,
An (he cab drove away Beaton p.issed
his aim tlnuitgh Mait'aiul's nnd they
wulkeil away down I'icradllly in UltTOW
for n few Paces; then Beaton ex Iniin-
ed with n groan: "She is even wotse Ilia':
I expected. What a price I shall Have
to pay for independence! What a figure!
what a toilet! Could anything ever lick
her into shnpe?"
"I don't agree wiili you," returned
Maitland; "she Is quaint, but far from
connui.iiii.lacc. I believe IE she :wo;e
dressed up, like Ixdy 'Mary Hay or your
dieter, she might even look pretty,''
"Like Lady Mary!- . fit-out heavens!
what are you thinking of? Did yon see
her white stockings , and charity-school
"I did, and I also observed that the
nnkles so-travestied were remarkably
non t."
"Why, Jack, you are not going in for
"You are quite eafe so far ns I nm
concerned," returned Mnitland, d.yly.
"But I doubt if your game will be lis
easy us you anticipate."
"Easy! it Is sine to be hard work In
any ense; nnc] then this ornite for nil!
I must get .lean to help ine there. I:i
fait, 1 shall never get llrrnugji ^he nlTair
wllhoiit Jean's help; but'J can muni ,n
her; she wants to get me off her hauds."
"Wiy Beaton, with your Interest ir-
Uiarphea* you ought to be able to t- nl:e
•your own living without having t- -c
"Make my own living! What n tlis-
gusting phrase! Beully, Jack, ihere !s
a stronger colonial haver about you than
I thought.    However. I have not com-
vernna I
Winirigtori's Uiinliful drawing-
..i.eri: ..icdolejL ..f the trbwors with
which tlu-y were profusely decorated, nnd
ftlinded by sun-blinds to becoming dimness when she came dowji dressed fiw
dinner, her white nee I: anil arms gleam
Big through the filmy black" lace which
all'ected to cover them; life co-fi if her
rich anburn-red hair dotted v.'th tiny diamond bci-s and butter.'Ucf,
, .She was ready iu good time this
CKU-cial Thiirsdny, 'as she hoped rot* an
I'lipoitunity of speaking to her brother
before (?olonel Winiirgton npi-i-ar-.-.i.
I.eslWi*is always lute. '. do liipe he
b::d my mrfe," s|e IhoUght. i.s riie sank
into .a comfortable collier.01 the sola iu
.llie inner,109111 and sat for some 1110
Aipirts ujl*hoiiglit, resin.g her check oh
her haiui, a softened expression lending
unusual beauty itVlier haiKls-oine face;
then, rousing hei'seBf, she .leaned foi-
'ward to glance at the clock; and as she
did so, Air. Beaton was announced. "1
nils afraid you would not conic in time,*'
she exclaimed.
■ "What is it, Jean? Are you in a
"A scrape! Ale?" she returned, with n.
note of interrogation. "That is not likely
to happen.    Ao; I want    to    warn you
against confiding this matiimonial venture of yours to Jack Alnitlanil. I am
half afraid you have done so nlieady.''
"Y'ee; of course 1 have. Did I not lei!
you I took him with me lo witness in;.
interview with my fiancee, as I cohshV:
"Then you are a greater fool than I
lo.ik you for. [Juices he has changed,
Jack is ihe sort of man who strains at
gnats and does, md swallow camels, He
is quite capable of telling the girl, or
making u row."
",And cutting me out himself, oh?" nd-
jii-il Itcalon. laughing at his sister's ir-
..ritaiioii. "1 think you do him Injustice;
ihe is not quite surh on idiot. Vou don't
Jllppose be is >t II the eiedulotis bio; khca 1
you hnniboozleiLV 1 can tell you he is
both lough uud hard."
"Very likely," returned All's. W n'ng
ten, a I'niiit. almost tender smile passing
over  her   lii-s.     'Still  he   would  d spNe
you,-  method of  finding e  v ,11 dowered
wife.     I hope yon-did nut let him think
I  knew- anything about it'.'"
I   "(If course 1 'iiid    Why, I backed myself up with your approbation."
.   "I'o-.illy,  Leslie, you  are    too unprincipled.    You cannot even    believe that'
atlfttr people have  peruples.    1  am  inli-
n:;ely ammyod. ' What will Jack  Alait
laud   think of mc?"
"He won't think about you; and what
Ihe deuce would it matter if he d d? lie
!s n^t iioni iied-unfa bit of it. He was
ralhcf amused with the whole nffciir. If
nn.Mhlng, he is rather taken Willi niy
111 tie l.'aukeicss. It Is only natural, you
known,that having been jilted by a lion.-; j
he should ei'instilo himself with 11 moose.'
, Airs. Winington did not reply nt once,
-1*1 >111 a Hash of vivid anger gleamed in her
eyes, a look that Beaton knew and never
.trifled, with.
"It, would serve you right if he won
the prize from you." she said quietly. "It
is well you lohl inc. 1 shall know what
I'm- lo take. If," she continued, after
anther slight pause—"if I am ti. assist
you, yuii must consult and be guided by
me. Leslie. 1 have pot seen you for
marly a week; have ymi been absorl el
by your devotion to Aliss Vivian, or to—-"
"Not n I together," he interrupted quickly. "I have cscorled her to the Ken-
sii.glnu .Museum, nnd the Ili'l'sh AI11-
seiim nnd the Zoo, but my evenings have
l:cni my own. She is raving lo go lo th"
theatre, but I onnnot Maud that. IP Is
morn than any man can stand In appear
ii) public with the fearful old goody who
cl aporons her. Your fanld would disdain
to nssoi-inte with Mis. Miles. She has
n bnd cold just now, thank heaven. You
n; ■ t really help me Jean ,am! eduento
your future slslcr In-law up to something
suitable before I many her; and for hen
lens sake' liud her a drawing inusler rail slinlln. She is a peiilnni ious little
devil, and more drllleiilt to make nn Impression on than I expected. Bonioh >W
sue .seemed struck Willi Muitlund: she
has twice askisl mo about him. She up-
pouts tu iliink we Irs social Hlumcae
"Ah, indeed." returned Airs. Wining-
ten, thought fully. "Well, Leslie, whenever you liftve finally sellled with Ihe
acting guardian, I will call on this girl
and see what is to be done. I might ask
her lure, as Lady Mary has gone to do
penance with her mother-in-law. Bui
NhejllllSt he obedient; she must put her
tetflf completely in my hands."
"Ah, Benton, it is something to s:-e
you in good lime," said Colonel Winington, who had entered uuporccived, and
now npproached Ihem.
He was short and liioad, willrboived
legs and anything but n soldierly car,
riuge, He derived his rank from the
i-oinmand of his county militia, lo which
iris iHTitorial possessions entitled him.
and the field in which he bad won renown was the hunting field. An exceedingly red weather beaten face, snval!
sbaip eyes, nnd iron-gray huir contrast'
el strongly with bis wife's grace un 1
dignity; but he had a big, honest, kindly
mouth, which displayed a good set or
teeth when it widened into a broad grin,
bis nearest approach to a laugh.
"Yes. 1 nm going to be practical and
punctual," returned IlnUon, gravely. "In
shiut. I nm gi.iHK to turn over (hut new-
leu f I have b:  so Jong fingering."
"inch lime you should, my dear fel
"Why. Leslie, you have turned over
new Leaves enough In make a huge volume." said his sister.
"Sir James and Lady Preston." un-
n< onced the buller. nnd Airs. Wininglon
w nt forward to receive them. L.idv
A'ary Hay and Mr. M„i;i„,„i quickly followed; then Air. Ellis, a well known din-
ing-Out man ,nnd the little party wjos
Airs. Winington welcomed Maltlann
wilh frank cordiality, and in'.roJnced him
as an old playfellow to her husband,'who
shook hands with r/im and said he was
very glad to make his acqu.'rntnnce. The 1
dinner was announced. Maitland took hi"
Lady Alary and found her nn nmiislng
companion; indeed, every one of the
party: seemed gifted with the power of
saving- rriflos agreeably in a way that
sounded witty. The time flew in exchange
or scuiiilu], anecdote and polrtjcal' eht
ehnt. and when the ineu rose frofu the'
table. Coion'.'l Winington excused himself from joining the ladies on the plea
that he hud luoniised to vote on a division that night. Sir James Preston, who
held tie' responsible appointment of Under"
secretary to the Pounce and 1'nper Office;-accompanied him.  -   ■    --     ■
"Do help,me to.persuode Lady rrcs
ton'to sing," said Airs. Winington to her
brother, as he came up to her. "Have
you ever heard Ladv Preston sing, Air.
Maitland? She is a real songstress. Nature nnd nrf combined. Just one song
before you go, please."
"I shall be most happy,"'nnd Ihe Indy,
who had not refused, for Airs. Win'ng
ten hud not nsked her before, went read
lly lo the pjauo, and trilled out one of
Tostl's impassioned -cngs very dcliciously.
Airs. Wiuiugtn«) sal prpfputidly still iu
lu-r coiner of the sofa, her head slightly
turiud from Maitlanil. showing Ihe grace
fnl outline of her iliioatund Ihe delicate
beauty 1 f her shwll carl When the suag
•was Indl'd. Mrs. Winhitton heaved n
deep sigh, nnd Inoking round to Mnitland.
who «t.;od near her, smiled as she raised
her eyes to his.
"What wonderful pathos she puts Into
It! It is « voice thai pierces tile heart,
or whatever does duty for that sentimental organ."
"A lovely voice." be returned, "but a
mo.-.t doleful diliy..  Do you not sing? I
-think I   remember your    singinir  'Alary
'.Murjjjson' in .what 1 then   considered a
heavenly stvlc."
"1   never s:ng ^eotcn    songs,    excepi
wlnii I am alone," said Mrs. Wniington.
'Wl.cn 1 want lo live Ihe past over
agun, 1 sit down anil croon to myself."
She droll her dress closer to her to
■nake room, and with a gesture invited
-villi to sit beside her. Alaitland obeyed;
;hc ie«t clustered round the piano discussing a new operotto, morsels from
which Lady l'restou played from time to
"Tell me." said Mrs. Winington slowly,
opening and shutting a large black feather fan, "h()W is ii that my brother has
por.-uuded you to assist him in his ex-
liuordinnry scheme of finding a wife and
u f ititne from nn ndvertisenient? 1 did
not think you could hnve so completely
eus-r (iside -the romaniic chivalry tint
used lo distinguish you in the days when
we were Jean aud Jack to each oilier."
"Il'.iunntic chivalry!" repealed ALt.it-
Ittlld, smiling. 'T urn not aware I ever
I-osiosM-d such a churncterislie. It inus't
have evt.poraled long ago. But, Airs.
Wiiiingloii. 1 had no iden what Leslie
was about until he came nnd naked me
to he- present at his introduction to the
youug lady whom he Intends to appropriate, 1 confess I was nmnKcd, and ex-
urcssed niv astonishment freely; but you
don't suppose any preaching of mine
would iullucttco your brut her?"
"No, I do not think any one Influences
him. But lie lias been talking to me very
Beriutysly about this strange idea of his,
uud has rather won me over. Wo have
hud a great deal of anxiety ubou^ Leg! e.
lie Is provoking but lovable. You see
he is ouejof those unlucky men Who cun-
not work." ,
"Indeed!" suii.1 Ala-iland, dryly.
"Ah! (o a man of your energy rhnit
must seem impossible or contemptible,
but you nre quiie different, you are—"
She stopped, looked down, nnd n soft
Hush stole over her check mid throat, ?At
all events," raising her eyes to Alait
land's, which were b'eul. on her with culm
observation that stung her with un irritating sense thai he was the slrciiger of
the two—"at all events poor LeslicXirVis
coat us n good deal in every-jyuy, uud
really, if this girl is not too'dreadful, it
would be well to secure her fortune for
my brother. You know what a pleasant,
etisy-teinpcred fellow he is. He would
never be a sternly husband, nor would he
ever be un unkind one Her money
might be tied up, nnd Ihey would g-"t on
ue .well ns hulf—two-thirds of the married people one meets."
"Perhaps," said .Maitland, half nn.ou-
seiously, as the recollection of the Innocent, thought fill, fearless eyes that
linked out from under Aliss Vivian's
countrified hat rume b:|Ck to hini with
a great wave of coiupassiou,
"Tell mc, whal is she really like?" pur
avert All's. Winington. "I tain depend 0:1
what you suy more l!inn on Leslie's re
port. Of course she is not u gentlewoman."
"I do not think my judgment can be
of much use to yon, Airs. Winington; our
idc;ji must be as widely different ns our
experiences. Aliss Vlviun is excced'ngl.r
rustle .tind even lo niy uuiustructcd eye
budy dressed, but sSip Is miller quaint
thtui unladylike', there is no Luge of vu!-
g.'iliy nbout her. She :s rulh-i prcliy:
well, perhaps interesting is u better wo.d,
so it seems to me."
"Xhcu you think I might iniiko something of her?"
"Oh, you could do Wonders, 1 have no
"Ah, Mr. Alaitland. your lone Is cynical, hut 1 am ready to bear a good deal
from you." (fills wilh 11 depreenllng
Slllilo and upwind glance from her soil
brown, beseeching eyes.
' Alaltluiid laughed good hutiiorcdly.
"You wrong inc. In srAVr eame-t 1
believe you Could influence nuy young
girl if you enese to be kind to no., li'
"You have grown vary hard In these
lout' yeui-s of wiiuderuig, .luck—forgive
me. I un-.ui, Mr. Aiaiiland."
"Aly suroninlings-bale cirlainly not
been calculated lo soflen me," he re
turned. "But I doa't suppose 1 am hinder or stronger than niy neighbors. However, 1 trust ir you take up this scheme
of your liorlber's, yon will give some c ,n-
sideration (o the young lady's interests,
1 suppose your wninunly sympathy will he
her safeguard."
"You seem to have espoused her cans-
very warmly," said Mi's. Winington, look
not think I have, only I like fair
play. ^Remember, it is u game of b ind
ninu's brW, with treincndous odds against
the lilind\iian, or rather woman."
"You iireSriglit," said Mrs. Winington,
gently. "I will remeinber what is due to
this poor, young thing. I proml-e to lie
her friend as well as Leslie's."
"1 have no dokbt you will be," begnn
Mnilland, when Ihe was interrupted by
a demand from Mr. Kills:
"Do ask Lady AInry lo sing, Mrs. Win
fngton. I nm sure she sings nnd she is
going lo steal away to Ijuly Antiandule's
hall without acceding to our prayer."
"But I don't sing; I don't do anything
hut cumber the c.irlh," sold Lady Ainry-
"I ulw.tyn find people to do everything
for me much better llinn I could do
things myself, Why should I trouble?'
"You must pay your shot, .however, In
one way or nnother," cried Air, Kills.
. "Not chut 1 nm uwnre of," replied Lady
Mary. "I can't pny for anything; I ani
too disgustingly poor."
"Yet you conlribtite, your r'larc, ond
a largo one," cried BeAton, "You add
the harmonizing tone, tld; connillmeuturv
touch of color needed to society.',1 His
tone .though liglil, had a tinge of eam-
ustness in it.
"fly dear Air. P.caton, you must have
been attending some popular lectures on
urt. If I get On nt nil it is because 1
am n neutral tint," saidXady Mary, coining over to say good-ugiht to Airs, Win-
ingtoa,,' "Sorry' not to be stil! with
Ton, dear. Y'ours is a delightful hoitsj
10 stay in, but 1 must do the devoted to
my niother-iu-law. pr:: the .result will \>e
insciveney." '■.'"   '
Lady Preston nnd Air. Ellis were nbo
going on- to other eugiigemeiits, and Benton escorted Lady AInry.
. "If you are ..not engaged,. top., I wilj
sing yon.a Scotch song," said Mrs. Win-
ingtou, as 'Alaitland turned tu bid her
good -evening. "Do you cure'to slay'.-"'
80 Alaitland stayed.
Mr. Dargan. who was. in a sense th;
■arbiter of Kdith, Vivian's destiny, occupied tile second'floor in a dingy stiect
of Chancery I/n'he. It was a '■ deii- woi thy
the occupant, furnished scnnt'ly, with
liook-shelvcs full of shabby eolf-loinid
volumes, deed boxes, an iron safe, n kr.ee
hole table loaded with papers, a few lea
their covered chairs, worn nwny at thj
edges, the horse-hair protruding thiongh
the fractures, a square of carp;! from
whieh the pattern had long since disappeared, discolored blinds, unclean windows, and pervaded by the odor of long,
accumulntcil dust. Air. Dargan himself
was standing beside the table ho!d;ng a
Letter, nt which he did not look—h small,
hum, nuguhtr mini with crooked legs,
tt'id a huge head, slum) little light eyes
.fenced by spectacles, a wide, thin-lipped
monlii that seethed forever smiling, and
n short, upturned, interrogative • nose.
His head was covered with n brown wig
faded anil shrunk from time nnd use, a
fringe of thin grizzled hair showing below it at the sides, conospo'iiding to his
ragged whiskers. He wore an old-
fasJiioliod tail-coat and 11 black slock.
Dress, fnee, wig, all hud n general hue
of rust, an unwashed aspect not pleasant to look upon. His lips moved as if
repenting something to himself-.
Presently lie muttered, "Five thou:
can't venture to put It higher anyhow,
nnd that's a poor price," then he looked
nt the letter in his hnnd, nud read il
through with a sardonic grin. "Blessed
old hubby," he said half aloud, as he restored it to (he envelope, "it shall have
its toys, it shall, it shall rub its brna<r<s
ns long ns it does not hinder me from
gathering (he tin. I can manage busi- t
ness matters so much better than he can,
eh! 1 believe you! Well, well, it's an ill
wind that blows nobody good. Lord,
what fools they all nn-! Here's nnother. I
taking up a second letter, written in
■crawly lines slanting downward, and
reading: "'When is my darling to come
buck lo me? she'll never lie happy union:
the grand friends you hnve picked tip for
her; she doesn't wnrit to go to them,
neither.' Don't she. Ihongh? Wait till
she finds she hits a lover in Hint long-
legged Scotchman. , If Sully had 1111
ounce of sense, what 11 help she neigh!
be to nie! ns it is I nm obliged to keep
Ihe screw on, nud one never gels the
some good work under pressure as you
do from free will. It's u mercy 1 have
the bit of writing lhat might ruin her
hoy, the big idiot. 'I have him nud her
in my grip pretty fust. 'Your loving
sister, S. .Miles.' Bolher! why (he devil
will she write? letters are always dangerous," tearing !' viciously into 11 dozen
pieces] and easting it into Hie-waste hns-
ket. "I'll I urn her to account for all be.'
devotion lo the, girl,"   . ,• •'
Here a fdlrty, sh'nck-lioa<led office-boy
coining in interrupted him. "llou'lonian,"
he said, spasmodically, thrusting n caid
almost in his muster's face.'
"Hill show him in; and mind you, I'm
particularly engaged. Don't let moitil
in, not even Air. Lewis."
- The boy nodded (mil Went olit, whereupon Leslie Beuton entered, perfectly
dressed, fresh, cool, good-humored, un
estrnorijiivary contrast to Dargan and his
"(idodinoining. sir, good-morning," sal I
file latter, shambling across the room to
fetch n chair. "Sit down. Warm moru-
in', ain't it? Sun in your eyes'?" lie wen'
to pull down the blind too suddenly, and
it gave way at one side and hung in a
doleful festoon.
"Pray don't trouble yourself, I nln |
quile comfortable" And Beaton,, who
had been more than on'ce in the "dusty
lair, took a rapid glance at ihe, chairs,
wlecling the feast bristly, instead of the
one offered him.
"Wc'l, well, my deur sir, how are you
geiting on?" asked Dnrgnu.
"That is what you cull a leading quisi-
tlou," returned Beaton, smiling. "On Hii>
whole, not badly. I hnve been doing my
duty. 1 hnve culled, and been graciously
received. I have .presented flowers, and
they have been graciously; nay, joyously accepted.   l»another fortnight or so
I presume I uiny, with your    sanction,
venture to propose."
"There are just a few preliminaries 11
settle first," snid Dnrgnu, gently scratch
ing his right temple with the lop of his
pen. "I usked you to coins uud talk ijie.u
o\er, because Air. Tilly leaves crsrylnln I
to me. He's gone uwny to Yorkshire lo
rub up the .brasses of un phi loiub, or
some Bitch thing: anyhow he aln'l be.-e.
II ml tie don't wunt liim.'1
"Oh, I inn perfectly content, You have
u luusU-rly wuy of iiinnagiilg business
that Is quite remarkable. I'ray irllilf
lire tin-si- preliininaiics? 1 thouglu y.ui
had «u!llcio»itly inquired as lo my wall;
In life, nnd found (be Jiitrta'culntji highly
credible. In fact, I inn thu nios! vll-tll
ous man nbout lown.. 1 lin\c even g t
ill of my debts before 1 hud Ihe plonsi-rv
of meeting your charming ward, though
1 until you ihey nre beginning rapidly ti
accumulate again."
'"liint I  dure sny," returned Duigan,
with 11 grin.    "I  urn  prepared  to stand
your friend, and remember;  without my
lull consent"--hero his little eyes twinkled gleefully—"no mnn has a cbai.ee for.,
ihree or four years to conic. Now, I nm
nut going to give it lightly; nnd first, are'
ye disix>s4-d lo  nlake    any    sacrifice to '
prove you nre  in earnest?" I
'"AIy',d»Stir sir,' I really have nothing to 1
sacrifice Lilt niy liberty, und liberty paralysed by waiit of. the circulating medium '
is not much to  resiirn."
The most interesting jilnce of pilgrimage in iluMin is St. Alichnn's
Church, where'the organ is still to
be seen upuft,vvbk'h Handel is said to
have composed  bis    "Alessinh." 1
:     —. a i . I
Newton ia tho most common ^ ,
town names in England. It occurs '
either alone or wilh sonic a(lix ! no'
less than 22 times.
It' takes a gtmiira t6 *hc. a'anTancle
without being: the    posse.sBor of any
finances, ■   ;   \ ■   ,        1
'    Thcrb cuc'thveo thousand mnlo '
mestics" in -London, Kng-land.
         ■ ■ ■ " ■--■"    •»;
American 'mports have increased
'$159,000,000 in ten years, and exports
^573,000,000 in the same period.
■.    ■■    .'    ;'■ ■!. t ' y '. .' [       \, -1 j
And  Often   Make  the   Mistake  of  Attributing  the
Resulting Backache to Other Causes,      '    ■'.  ,"
■ •'-■■ -   •   ■,_'. ''' »i.t-Jt   ii
Many women have kidney disease [ thoroiigh cure is evidenced by the
and do not know it. They confuse- score's und hundreds of. statements
the symptoms of kidney disease with [jg™ 'epotable people in nil walks bf
thoso of ailments of a -feminine na-1 jjfrf, w. Wilkins, Henry Strek,
turo. Wo would warn you nptalnst Bpllavillo, Ont., slates: " I stillerod
this danger, as a few days' neglect a;great deal.with.pains.in the small
of kidney disease may mean years of the buck caused from .kidney
of suffering. | trouble, whenever I stooped',!' could' -1"
Pains  In the small of tho back or  scarcely   rise   again,  the pain's' vfere *
weakness and  lameness of tlio   back  so great.     The   'disease    became   so  •
are   the most  marked symptoms  of  severe   that  It  affected., piy  generail
kidney   diseases;  others are loss    of  health,    and  I   was  becoming"   aery
flesh, dry, harsh skin, deposits in the   much    run  down.      Since  using    Dr.'
urine, swelling of the feel and  legs,  Chai'e'a Kidtiey-Liver'PllIs I can sny
severe  lienduches,  sliffness  nnd  sore-  that nry trouble has entirely idisap^'i
ness 'of the muscles, rheumatic pijins, -ricaretK   1  Cnn   speak  in. the irigliest , )
cold cliills   in  bnck  nnd  loins,   scald-   terms of this medicine from, tbe \vuy,-i
■Ing, pninfill  urination', weariness und' it, acted  in my, ense."
l)r. Chase's Kidney-Liver Fills, one "
pill a dose, 25 Cents a box, at'-all1'-ii
dealers, or Edmaiiisoii,-Bates & Co.,. -
Toronto. To protect you .agains^j;,
imitations tho portrait and sijrnaturp «
n..      ,    ,u    /ii.-.-...'" „...i-.   ,   '^verr
There   is,   we   believe,   nn prcpara-'
tlon    extnnt       which    affords . such
prompt   relief   for   .backache and '.lie
other distressing symptoms of kidney
disease  us  Dr.   Chase's  Kidney-Idver
V'lls.     'l'biit    this   prcpiiration is  a box.
of Hr.   A.  W.  Chase' ore "on
Uhe   Youngster's
Question About Late
A judge of one of the United Stntes
circuit courts lias n live-year-old niece
of whom be Is very proud. A few days
ago she came to him nml said with a
very serious nir:
"Uncle, there is n question about law
I want to ask you."
"Well, (lour, what Is it?" patiently inquired (he judge.
"Uncle, if n man had a peacock and It
went into another mini's yard and In 111
an egg who would (he egg belong to?"
The judge smiled Indulgently nnd replied :
"Why, the egg would belong to. the
man who owned the peacock, but lie
could be prosecuted for trespassing If
he went on the other's property to get
The child seemed very much Interested in the explanation and then observed innocently;
"Uncle, did it ever occur to you that
a peacock couldn't lay an egg?"—New
York Times.  '
A Cruel Hnsbnnd.
"Why, daughter," said the rich father
of the girl who married, Ihe penniless
'nobleman, "what does this mean? How
comes it that you nre homo again, with
all your trunks?"
,    "Father," wept Ihe girl, "1  cannot
' live with the duke any longer."
i     "Can't Uv* with hlru any.longer! Has
he been cruel to you?"
"Indeed he has," she sobbed, clinging
to the tender hearted old mint. "lie Is
nlwnys taunting me with our poverty."
'Toverty! Why, dadgiini bliu. Didn't
I buy him outright for you?"
"That's just It. lie sneers that We
.were so poor tlint he was the best we
could afford."—IMilhulclphlti Ledger.
• In some, parts of Ireland it
sidered     unlucky     to  view  a fifl
procession while the beholder
dor an utti-hrelluv
The harder you cough the worse
the Cough gets. '
C^UF©    The Lung Tonic
is a guaranteed cure.
If it doesn't
benefit you
the druggist will give
you your money back.
Prices 25c, 60c, and $1.00
•S.'C. WELLS & CO.
Toronto, Can.       , I.eRoy, N.V.
Matter Enough.
"What's the mutter with Brother
"Why, he got n sure tip on tbe races
and lost all of his coin."
"I see, and now he's making on awful roar about it."—.Mull and Express.
I IneoiialatoncT.
"Jenkins Is a queer duck."
"What's he done now?"
"Why, Inst night he fretted nnd
finned uud finally slanged been use his
vril'o took three minutes to dress for n
par ride out to the park, und lust week
.lie sat in an open bout In tho hot,
broiling sun from 2 o'clock until 6
Without getting a bite.and enjoyed It."
.—llaltlmorc News.
Some ni(-n nre ns nnxious to find a
complimentary    notice of  themselves .
in a newspaper us others nre to find
something liud about their nelBdibur.s.
TTo  Starve is a Fallaoy.-Ti-e
dielilm to uton cntiiii' lieri-ufo vim hsVe,
Indigestion bus lone since been exploded.
!-•• v'ne Sinn's l-l'-i-iii" n- TnnleiK Intro*
duccd a new era in the trciUiiieul of
blunmcn troubles. it Ims proved that ■
one mav eat" his (ill of anything and
everything ho relishes, nml one tablet
taken after the meal will uld the stout,
neb In doing its work. (10 in a box, 35
Many a man who poses ns the architect of his own. fortune would be.-
in  luircl   luck  if   the  building  inspec-   -
tor WoVe on to his  iob.
Miiimd's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Some  men  bra;;
us if they wauled
about-, tlieir
to sell litem.
Piles cured in 3 to 6 nights-
One application  elves relief:. Hi'.'Airnow's '
Ointment Is  u  boon   for  llelilne Viles.  or
llliuil. llleedliis Piles.   H relieves nuk'klv '
olid   permanently.     In   skin   eruptions   it,
slniids without  a rival.      Thousands  of
toMlimonlnls  11  you   want evidence.      85
Not IHnally Hrnalied Aalde.
"Riches do not nlwnys bring contentment," said the multimillionaire. "I
hnve suffered terrible annoyance (ill
tho morning from having a brlsllo
wedged between my teeth!",—New York
The Nose.
Use the nose to breathe through and
not tho mouth. In winter and spring
particularly must this cn're be til ken.
If the mouth Is kept open large drafts
of cold air rush directly In upon Ihe
lungs, chilling the body almost Instantly. If the mouth Is kept shut the
air can reuch the lungs only by (be
circuit of the nose and head, nnd It becomes wanned before...reaching the
lungs,. It is asserted Hint the reason
tho American' nose Is bPboWnig Ijio're
aiid uaofo SarSpw Is bwfiig (o rjie repro
henslve htinlt of breathing tlii'ougll the
mouth rather than, follow ing tbe Intention of on I urc.        ''
In  Soelelr.
Toss—Miss Nut-itch talks so much
about her mother's1 sociul position before she wus married.
Toss—.Did she- really have any position In society?
Jess—Ob, lots of lliem. She never accepted a place us cook except In very
dwell families.—lironklyii Kagle.
The i:»:iy llumoriala.
"Of course." sflld Mrs. U.vlr.vgood,
"yell ni'O fond of briglit, precocious
bullies ?"
"Oh, yes; certainly," replied old
Batch, "but I draw the line on tlje supposed sinni't snylhgs tnjirje up by the
parents anil loaded off on the poor infants."— Baltimore American.)
Not   nn   Autlioe'ly.
There are some persona, .who, cntft
take a Joke, but I'ogg Is not one of
tliej'rj, Ohe'of ili(i.bo,V.i; nceiiiainica with
I'ogg':; frequent changes of ah/ido, asked him which be thought wns the
I cheaper, to move or to pay rent.
"1 can't tell you. ley deur biy," re-
piled I'ogg.  "1 luivc iilivnys moved."
A .Sen nf I'mulce.
A veritable sea of piimlco has been
discovered by the I'l'i-nch ship Viu-
ccuiics. The ship wiis snllliig nenr the
r.vl.-duni Island when suddenly she rim
Into it vast mass of flouting pumice,
partly 111 powdered form nnd pttrtly in
large pieces.
The vessel sailed two miles before
she found even partially .clear water
again. Almost everywhere In those
Hvo miles the sea was covered so thoroughly that no water could bo seen at •
all.   ■
Ill-lull,    IllHlllim.
A report of expeiliui-nts wilh radium
In I'niscliai], St. Petersburg, Is as follows: Twenty-one mice were placed In
glass vessels covered with netting, iipJ
on which a radium cell was placed for
periods of from one to three days. Six
oilier inlco were similarly liupiisoued
without being exposed to the Influence
of radium. These six remained lively
nnd guined In weight, but nil the others died on the fourth or fifth day from. ,
paralysis of the spinal cord and brain.
Give nature three helps, an
nearly every case of consumption will recover. Fresh-
air, most important of all/.
ire eto;
T'ourlshinr; food comes next.
•Then, a medicine to control
the.coirgri ,and heal the lun'gs. p::
Ask any good doctor,
** I dnt Hied Ayer'd (')'erry Tectum! U yean'
ago. 1 liuvo r.ii-n lenililo itfturt of funk' ill.:-".
*e%i03 oui-i-il by It.   I nni eever ivllliQiitli/'
AMikut U. IlAini.i'iiNi Marietta, Ohto,
| HcBOe., SI.0O.
Health demands dally action of tho
bowels. Ale! naturo with Ayofa Pius.
^ "w'
"•'■■       —-■■'■■*^- . f|i;-t\"ny}~'^at|iforais^ i nfiira 111111.
Ht. Pleasant Advocate.
OwiOE:  S6S5 Wont minster avenue.
established April 8, i 599.
■ EsoLfsn Ofpick:
SO Fleet street, London, E. C,  England
Where a file of "The Advocf.te"
.  -Is kept (or visitors   to rend.
Mrs. R. Whitney*
•abacription $1 a year  payable  in
Advance i     •
Soontc a Gopy.
rfOtloea of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of chnrgn.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B. C, Jan.   %.   1004
TNG   ADVOCATE   extends    New
Ysars Or—tings to Everybody.
IKE nearly every one else we have
some brave resolutions for
.104. Among other proposed good
work nbout the first is to urge Ht.
Fh-asaut peoplo to vofo for a Mayor and
Aldoroieu who will hnve Vancouver's
provreaa at heart. As a very important
•section of the city.. Mt. Pleasant can
lnflucncj the vote very materially.
We want Progress, whioh is preosperity;
we want industries, factories, mills,
and railroads encouraged to come into
Onr city, thereby giving employment to
thousands of men.
A FTER seven fears faithful service
**as Alderman for Ward III., and
many years on the School Board, Dr.
W. J. McGuigan, iu response to a very
largely signed requisition, has consented
to become a candidate for Mayor. We
predict a handsome majority for the
Doctor, whose record for much unselfish work for Vancouver's interests
facets the approval of the citizens at
large Canadians have a keen sense of
justice, nnd will undoubtedly bo glad to
bestow the highest honor in the gift of
the city in appreciation of Dr. McOuig-
an's good work for Vancouver.
f"\B. BRYDONE-JAOK has allowed
*^his name to be announced as a
candidate for Alderman for Ward V.
It Is certainly a case of the office seeking
tbe man, as Dr. Brydone-Jack only
consented to run for the office after
nttioh solicitation on the part of his
friends. The Doctor is a long-time
resident of the Hill, his popularity
In reply to questions, the Doctor
slated iu; wonld do everything in hit
power for Vancouver's, and Mt
Pleastint's advancement. Mt. Pleasant
is sore to elect Dr. Brydone-Jnck
TH E   ADVOCATE   is  a  popular
family paper on Mt. Pleasant, going
Into the largest number of homes on the
Hill, nnd so is particularly valuable to
ud.t Hirers. "Women are the buyers.
V-.iimn's inflneuceis a powerful one;
th- calls the mention of men to ah
tnivertiiiednrti.il-. If her influence had
not been a strong one, man to-day wonld
prtilxibly lie wearing a fur rug. The
puidicai inn that goes into the home is
the one that iloe.- the work. Advertizing
is news." So says Mnhin'n Magazine,
confirming what we have always cln'm
rd for "'Ihe Advocate," it leing sn
IKipuh r a paper in the home. There is
uoth-ng like good advertizing to assist
ihc in-reliant. Immediately after Xma>
bnfinetsrluckins, therefore get rid of
7<rtir rtirplnt Ptot'k with cut-prices and
1 itr-.pius ;nhorliMii;-,
aaaSJaSaaasasasw— "■•TJlJUSSH BV>'
. "1 am Wt!l now and
enjoying bt tier health
than ever -before in
my whole life."   .
That Is the stalci ■ of a woman whs
had never been well ...nil the was made
will by tbe use of ••. Pierce's Favorite
Preacnption. Thfi mc s great Many
ether women in like cast,    They have
..m disease. They
u joy of perfect
Dr. Pierce's Ft*
olds out the proe-
naiient health, by
V diieases which
always been tuAVru
have never known
Por all such wo:
vorite Prescription
met of perfect and pel
the cur* of th* wont'
wv.-il »n women. U i..abiishes regular.
ity.-ItIts weakening Hi.- 'i,s, heals inflam-
tnation and ulcerutiun. -n.,1 cares female
wcakuess. It niak. s -..,.:!; women strong
aud rick women well.
;- «B gtrta m« ptMiurr In Itt you know of tat
gnat bests! rtcclvni f ,n nr. rjeret't raedl-
dues »od Ibtadvkf win. Ii viu ao UwIIt atat,>
wrllrj Mra. Bertl. PaiV-r. nf Bonbara, Paaat*
Cn, Teiaa "| took yi ml ' Paraibt rrtacrm.
«OB.'- UaMpj Medical I .it ry-and'rieaa.nl
JTelict".' aad followed .air i-Mc rrnnllfi.-41<e
>t>HK.a Tablet., • awl «:n rural. I had Wi
«it»'..d by different doricM »ud meat one Sub-
Si*! doners for treat, n ,n and medldiie. bwl
necked nn Hut. tctlrr, I ban cmly aaeW
•ti-rnicaa dollar, aad iin» rem. for your niedi-
dec ,.nd ll hascraf mi ■• ttirtaor four tnontfc.
a* nl-ertUna and fain... .,1 uterua. I aoSkrad
atver. inuwry In my !•«,'• r.:,.-, Irregular periods.
Bad btaiisg-dowa in lo-.- r portion of body and
gr.al pain all through 1 „dy. raja la at.ro.
waaVaryamrt. gad -      itrla-.prlKbteoib
ww i.ry.hort .11 ike ti
saia la aw thighs, vein i- l.teast, alio beta-Ma
»»■ stMfJSera,   Bow. i, •• i.tlpeUd.   I am w*B
toiy-sl?lBf.b,'u' -Mr
Iwueared bryonr*"
iTnffiov^^' '
JfaWets.'   TSm.
Am '-ppy lo tell 1
vjry.' '««••
patad.   _
fr thaa erar betoa.
cure cthan alio.* ., »    •    •
< Tie dealer who oft-*-* a tobstltnta for
"Favorite Prescript!".'! • doe* so to gain
Un- tittle more profit paid on tbe sale of
irvi merltorlona met1.:: lues. His profit It
,our Joes, therefore ujLCpk lio substitute.
; Ik. Pisrca's Pleasant Pallets mruleta
tbe bowel..
C >
• •' South Vancouver.
The regular meeting was held on Saturday, Dec. lt'th, the tall Council being
Mr. J. «- Roblntoa'a paUtloa that a
two-plank .hl-walk be laid on Victoria
road was filed.
Mr. J. C. Diibn asked that Victoria
road be repaired. This was laid aver
for tbe present, at the Council has no
rock, and It was eoasldtrtd that gravel
would be usaless at thlt time of th*
year.   ,''.'
Mr. J. RoblnaoD waa given leave to
stack wood on Vlotoria road, providing
traffic waa not obstructed and ditches
not filled up.1
the ClSrk was Instructed to ask tbe
Health Officer to visit the schools, when
requested by tbt Trustees.   .
J. R-4 Jones was given two months'
extension on. hit, Euclid Arenas and
Wilson "roa'd contracts.
Hans Jessen was given leave to fence
In a lane .running) entirely through his
own property, subject to the Council
resuming, If necessary.
Messrs. Pretlove, Bowes and Scott
were given an extension of time on
(heir contract 00 Westminster Avenue
and taW on account, less powder account. ■ ■      /
The Clerk was requested to acknowledge the racetpt Of tl.QOt from the Provincial dovenment ' for the repair of
the Vancouver and Ebprne trunk road.
Tyler A.Hill's time on their contract
wa seztended and IM paid on account.
Harris'* Temple't contract on Heather Street wa» ordered, .to. h* paid for
wholj finished and certified.
Ten dollars was ordered to be paid to
Mrs. Manning and the usual K for delivering tho mail at the Hall.
W. c. Gibson's time waa extendtd two
months On his 'Wellington Avenue contract. *
The Boaf-d of Works was authorised
to employ a man to repair the east tide
of Granville rond on the north side of
the summit, recently washed away by
the heavy rains, and also to olean out
the ditch, a distance-Of It chains, and
to fill In tho rbts.   .
A flood box is to b» built, near the
bridge at Kburne, to be not loss than
two feet wide lnslde,,n}tasurement.
It was decided- that, the Bodwell road
should be built' through to Ontario
Street.' '•"
To The Electors of
Ward V.
In respoute ton largo number of the
Elector*of Ward V., I have consented
to be a candidate for re-clootiou to the
City Council far 1804:
Daring the past year it has been
myalmfll serve Ward' V., faithfully,
and treat my record iq. the Council has
met with the approval of the Electors of
tho weiil. If returned, an one of your
representatives for 1904; I shall, to the
best of my ability, look after the interests of the City, and Ward V., In par-
culivr. -    ■ ■
Wishing al< a Prosperous Hew Year,
I am at ever, yours faithfully
Alderman J. Morton.
Mt. Pleasant, Jan. M, 1904
To the Electors of
I will bo a candidate for School
Trustee in tho coming Oivio Election,
and desire the co-operation of all those
interested la. Technical Schools and
Night Onsets for Apprentices and
Others aba art employed daring the
Yourt faithfully.
William George
Advent Chrlatlaa L'hurch (notlth day Ail-
roatltu) corner Nluili avenue and Wentoiln-
aMr road. Services 11 a. m., and 7:80 p.m.,
Sunday School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
Swilaty el Loyal Worker, of Christian Endaa-
vor aaeata avary Huuday .v.ulnj at t: 16 o'clock-
trayor-meetlax Wednesday nlgnts at« o'clock
<     Baptist.
.fuv.uih areuiw, between Weitinlnster are-
oe and Quebec street.   SERVICES al 11 a. in.,
aud ;:i!Up. m.; Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
tt«Y. A. W. Mef*od, Pastor.   Itealdeace 4a>
Sixth avenue, east.
bonier of .Vint aud Weatinluster anaual.
SUltVICKSsi lli.li, and 7p. m.; suuday
Seliool and Bible Claas K:Jo p.m. Itav. c. II,
•I. Sutherland, Pastor, rarsouaae 12S Eleventh
•'       ue
Juuillon of Westminster avenue and West-
minster  road.    HEKV10ES at II a. m„ and
:80 p.m.; Sunday School alfcao p.m.  Rev
leo. A. Wilson, 11. A., Pastor.  Manse corner ot
Lignth avenue and Ontario street.   Tel. |0Gt.
• t.orner Weittuluatar roml and Prince Edward
ireet. SERViOESat 11 a. ro., and7:30 p.m.;
floly Communion lit and 3d .Sundays In each
month after morning prayer, 2d and 4th San-
days at 8 a.m. Sunday School at 2;to p.m.,
Rev. 0. H. Wilson, Reeior. Residence corner
ol  Eighth avenue add Prince  Edward street
Young Peoples Societies.
Lbyul Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 16 minutes to 7, every Sunday
evening in Advent Christian Church,
corner Ninth ave, and Westminster Rd.
MSKSrtahr..Le*f,e ■of   Mt'    Heasant
Methoilist Church meets at 8 p. m
B. Y. P. U„ meets  in   Mt.  Pie.
Baptist Church atSp. m.
T«? Y^.P- 8-C' E" m«>t8 »* 8 p. m*
mMt   Pleasant Presbyterian Church
Jt_  ,
New Year.
Enoh year comelh with' all hit days.
Sumo »te.. shadowed  and some  an
He beeuos as on nnt)l he stays
Kneeling with nt 'neath Christnuu
Each year arrmt loath hi go,
And leave the joyt <>f Christmas Day
In lands of sun and lands of hihw,
Tho yenr still long' awhile to stay.
Singing, I hoar the a hole world sing,
Afar, iincjir, aloud, alow:
"What to nt will tilt New Yeur bring I"
Ah I would  that each of ns might
Is It uol truth? as old ns trot!
List ye, aiugera, the while ye sing!
Each yeur briugeth tu emui of you
What i «cb of yon will hnveiiini bring.
Tho year that cometh it a Mug,
With l-ittr lifts than tho old year
xave; *
If you pb.n'0 no his lingers the buly ring
Of player,   tbo  king  becomes yonr
  —Abram J. Ryan
Yet Ah, ilmt Spring thoald Vanish with
the Rosa I
That Youth's sweet scented .manuscript
-   rb-'uld closet -
Tho Nightingale that in the branches
Ah whence, and whit her flown again,
who knowst
Would byl Ibt Dsaert of the Fountain
One   rlinip>»—if   dimly,   yet   indeed
Td  whii'b    tho   fainting   Traveller
might sprint,
As springs  tbi   trtniplrd berhaga oi
He field t
Wonld; l-at. sums winged   Angel   ere
too hate
Arrtst tbo yet atrfbldod Roll of Pate,
And    U'afcv    tilt     Birin    Recorder
Eattf Mar Of q.nltO ol literate I
Ak love I eotjht to, and | with Him
tiiotfir.   -
To grwp »bl» atirry Bcbtmo of Things
Would not we shatter it tu bits—and
Remould If snaim to tho Heart's Desire I
Dry«dale>Stevenson Ltd.
mt half-price
Commencing Saturday morning wa will clear our entire
stock of Ladies', Misses' and
Children's headwear, includ-
ing ready-to wear and trimmed
hats, at exactly
The lot contains many of this
season's choicest conceptions
in Velvet, Cloth and For handsomely trimmed with feathers,
quills, birds, aigrettes, ribbons,
etc. Also a few imported
Prices were frouivT2.60 to
•15.00 with every wanted
figure Intervening. Saturday
and while they last, $1.20 to
Drysdale-Stevenson Ltd.
Hastings Street Store.
.  \'W
-!V-'"-.~':" - ■■>— ■" - »•■ -VP.-B-r,V'*-*'J7'-^rfV-.-':*^#7ir-^-.-^;'
;-■■■■    -.-ft 'V-
Have You Seen
Big Shoe House?
409 Hastings S™"?:
We invite you to call and
we will- be pleased to show
you goods strictly up-to-date.
400 Hasting* Street, west.
Telephone 1666.
•1    -FOR
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free yonr choice of 80
]iii t:,it-.-. Urfor 26 wrappers choice of
liio books.   Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Wall Paper at
Auction n^wesT
Hasn' got er baby carriage,
Hasn' any toy-
But dah's luxury a-waltln'
Fob dat cullud boy.
Hush-a-by, ydu pickaninny,
Don'you nebbah mln';
Gwlnter git a*'cradle made ob
Watah-miiiion rln'!
-s ,. .    1,-   &.wMhlngton "Star."
■   —•;.'■; in ♦ :	
Thk AsvocATJrTB always glad to receive
itims of sooial, perstmal or other news
from lis readers/ Send news items to
the office or by"teiepbmKb R1406.
Some Things You Can Buy at
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.
ARTICLES.—Sterling Silver Thimbles, Collar and Shirt Buttons,
C   Blouse Pins,  Baby Pins, Silk Guard,* Small Cnt-glasB Vases,
Magnifying Glasses, Silver-Plated Sugar Spoons, Eyeglass Cords,
and other articles too numerous to mention in this apace.
ARTICLES,—Silver Letters, Shaving   Brushes,  Butter Knivee,
C   Silver Table Bells, Manicure Pieces of all lands. Napkin Rings,
Nail Clippers, Ladies Black Silk Guards.
ARTICLES.—Tio Clips,  Ebony Shaving Brushes, Cigar Cutters,
C   Butter Knives,   Sugar Spoons,   Cnt-glan- Vases,   Silver Photo
Frames, Sterling Thimbles.
ARTICLES.—Brooches, Hat Pins, Bracelets, Lockets,
Smelling Salts Bottles, Salve Pots, Parses, Stink Pius,
Beauty Pins, Silver Hearts, Baby Spoons, Knives, Eto.
' |
Corner of Hastings and  Granville Street.
.   Official Watch Inspector, 0. P. R.
.!    7l
m   1 _ ..
; <r
A Sale of
After onr big Christm-os trade of coarse we have Remnants of various
kind ,-ml we waut to interest you in these Remnants Just now.
Remnants of fjbMwfi  ' pm^oot
Flsnnclrttes,      FUnntlinss,      Table Linens,
Pillow Cotton,
and other Lines
Champagne colors are now a great
deal worn; and, particularly, for evening;. The yellow Is what might be called a sparkling yellow; and in It there
Is a softness which looks a little like
red. A champagne colored taffeta was
trimmed with black silk tassels of the
short, fat variety. These extended over
the shoulders; tassels trimmed the girdle, and they were massed In little
bunches at each side of the lace fichu,
and were used to head the flounce which
trimmed the skirt.
A gown of taffeta, eithe- glased or
dull, can be made up very plainly and
with as good effect as though elaborately planned. The bodice can be a round
one, cut on the shirt waist pattern. And
if It be trimmed with si' e cops embroidered with a few black stars, and
if It has a little embroidery upon the
vest, it will come out very well and
within fashion's requirement, though a
great deal more can be done to make
It more extreme In style.
A pretty bit of greenery can be had
for the dining-room table by getting a
small open willow basket (a school
Child's lunch basket will do nicely), line
It with florist's moss, Oil with rich loam
and plant in It the curly-leafed variety
of cress seed. Keep It on a sunny shelf,
turning It dally to make It even all
round, and the basket soon becomes a
mass of feathery green. When the
basket gets dry It Is plunged Into a pan
of tepid water. Keep It evenly trimmed, the prunlngs helping to garnish a
dish or furnish a dainty salad.
' Oeranlum promises to be the color of
the new year. Geranium colored gowns,
all one clear, beautiful tone, are being
made, and fl: were of brilliant geranium
tints are being embroidered upon bod
ices and skirt panels.
And could anything be prettier for
evening wear? Under the glare of the
electric lights, or In the more shaded
glow of candle or gas, the bright red
comes out In brilliant beauty, bringing
out the charms of the wearer and the
softness of her surroundings with equal
There Is a something about geranium
color which appeals to one. It is, as a
French modiste said, a sympathetic
color. It agreeB with one's modes; and
what Is more to the point, It Is becom
Ing to nearly every one from the ash
blonde to the deep brunette. It is a
universal tone, and few women can afford to be without at least one gown of
this kind In her wardrobe.
'Tis the prettiest word
That was ever heard
From lover to his near on*;
It means much more
Than fifty score
Of darling, pet and dear one.
To lover tall
Doth It recall
His little lady slender;
Her cheeks ripe peach
His heart doth reach,
Hts heart both strong and tender.
And he her eye,
Like Summer sky,
Or be it black and gleaming;
And be she small,
Or be Bhe tall,
The word for her is seeming.
Sweetheart, Sweetheart,
If no one part,
Be hers of beauty's power;
Her heart so true,
Beats sweet for you,
Tou crave no fairer power.
We will tturprise you by the discount wt give yon to'oltar out these
MEN ';< WliAKABLKS-th.ae price. u> dear.    '   .
Men's Good Wan) Undershirts   SSo
Men's Sweaters, $1.05 for... *1.00
Men's Sweaters, 85c  for 6O0
Men's Salts, »U.OO lines   for  17.60
Men's Uo sad tio Ties lOo
Tk0 Wmmtmlnmtar
Departmental Stores
Corner of Westminster Avenue and Harris Street.
.- .  •   ' ' •"'WT'
B.    S.    W KIN.KOBE,    i'ROPRiEiou
Public Notice is hereby
VANCOUVER that I require the
presence of the said Electors at the
Municipal Hall, North Arm Road on
Monday, January 11th, 1904, at
12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of
electing persons to represent them in
tho Municipal Council as Reeve and
The mode of nomination of Oandi
dates shall be as follows: The
Candidates shall be nominated in
writing, the writing shall be subscribed
by two Voters of the Municipality as
Proposer and Seconder, and shall be
delivered to the Returning Officer at
any time between the date of the notice
und 2 o'clock p. m., on the day of nomination. And in the event of a poll being
necessary, whether for Reeve or
Councillors, such poll will be opened on
Saturday, tbi 16th day of January,
1904, from 8 a. m., to 4 p. m., at the
Municipal Hall.
"The qualification for Reeve shall be
his being a male British Subject, and
having been for the three months noxt
preceding tbe day of his nomination,
the registered owner in the Land
Registry Offico of land and real property, situate within tho Municipality, of
the HfiBCHAod value on tbo last Municipal
or Provincial Assessment Roll of five
hundred dollars or more, over and above
any registered judgment, and being
otherwise duly qualified as a voter."
"The qualification for Councillor
shall be bis being a mule British Subject, und having been for three months
next preceding ihe day of nomination,
the registered owner in the Land Registry Office of land and real property,
situate within the Municipality, of the
assessed value on the last Municipal or
Provincial Aseessmont Roll of two
bundled and fifty dollars or more, over
and above any registered judgment, or
being a homesteader, lessee from the
Crown, or pre-emptor who has resided
within the Municipality for the space of
one year, or more, immediately preceding the nomination and who is
assessed for five hundred dollars, or
more, on the last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll, over and above
any registered judgment, and being
otherwise qualified as a voter; bat
nothing herein contained shall be held
tio disqualify a Councillor whose qualification at the time of his election was
that of a homesteader, lessee from the
Crown, or pre-emptor, should he acquire
a title to his land daring his term of
Wm. Oeo. Walker,
Returning Officer.
Given under my hand,   at  South Vancouver, the 83d of December 1909.
only takes a man about five minutes to find oat that oar Trousers are exceptionally good fitters.   They are beautifully shaped and hang in graceful carve*.
These elegant Trousers will only cost yon fS.60, fa, $4.60, $6, $6.60.
We also have real good Pants for men to wear at work—we call them Pants
when the price is below $8.60—bat oar Pants are so well-made that- some men
wear them for beat Snnday-go-to-meeting Trousers. Prices $8.00, $3.76, $1.60,
$3.00, $1.76.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
Jas. Carnahan.
Orders promptly attended to,  night  or
day.  Charges moderate.
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
Bring Your
Picture Framing
646 a 648 Seymour St., Cor., Dunsmnir.
Tel. 883. Photos Enlarged,
Palace Stables.
Pender St. Telephone Af 25
J. J. SPARROW, Proprietor.
Trade Marks
AapoM MBdlOf ft ik«tota ftnd detwrtpUoa ns?
qalaklr ftHtrUlti oar opinion free whether
 ntlon ii proba.blj' |>rttent«bIo.   C
indentinJ. HftodaVrok
 1 u«cor for Boouiiniri>ateri
Patent* Uken through  Mann ft Co. receive
Invention ■ ftfftfftwr pattinUbl*. roiiiniunlcn.
tloniitrictl; conndeutinJ. Ilnndoookon I'ntciitii
■en. free. Mde.it ajrecer for ..ecutirw patent*.
tptelol notic-, without charge, In tbe
Scientific American.
A handstomelT IHnntrnted weekly. Lnnrrat circulation of anr •ciONtiac Journal. Terms, $3 ft
reir; fonrmonthf.il.  Bold by all n»"adca!ora.
"""""■ J50."""-*-'- New York
OfflMCB r Bt, WaslilDKlon. I). C
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd
Main Link.
Mount Pleasant to English Bay
via Davie street—
First car leaves at 6:07)1 ■- m.,
and  others  ernry  16 minutes
thereafter.     Last   car   leaves
at 10:r,2)i p. m.
via Robsnn ntrcvt—
First car leaves at 6:16 a. m„
and others   every   16 minutes
thereafter.   Last car leaves at
11 p. m,
English Bay to Mount Pleasant via
Robson street—First car leaves at
622!,; a. in., and service every 16
minntes thereafter. Last car leaves at
ll:22',_; p.m. Via Davie street—First
oar leaves at 6:80 a. m., and others
every 16 minntes thereafter. Last car
leaves at 11:80 p. m.
E..J, HARDV ft CO.
CoatPAjiT,  Financial,  Press and
Advertisers' Agents.
:io Fleet St., London, E. 0., England.
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
t. O. 0. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. ISmeetsevery
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—Thos. McKay.
Recording Secretary—J. Paxman.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets Sd and  4th
Mondays of each month at 8 pm.
-  Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—W. R. Owens,
Westminster Rd., Ml. Plaasanl.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
SM Prioress street, City.
Recording Secretary—J. J. Dongan.
 7!11 Harrlt strict.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Review 1st and lid Fridays of each
month in I. O. O. F., Hall corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commauder—Mrs. Annie Hoffar,
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Foote, 889 Ninth avenue, east.
Vancouver Council, No. Ilia,  meeta
every 2d uud   4th   Thursdays   of each
month,   in  I   O. O. F.,  Hall, corner
Seventh and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome.
James Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
W. P. Flewelling, Recorder.
lari/'c Shaving
jatK 5 Parlor.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow Honoo
John Gillman, Proprietor.
Three Chairs, and a flrst-obiss Batk
Room is run in connection with   tua
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
If you want a
Ring up
Telephone 987
or call around at tho  Sioa
Works,   814   Homer  street.
In any caso your wants will receive the
most courteous  and careful attention.
"Let the dead past bury its dead."
And its inconveniences.
The Convenient Light is the
t Electric Light
Ton have simply to touch tho button uud your office and room is brilliantly
lighted, falling over chairs; no matches; no uncleanliness; no danger
Electrio lights oan be made portable, no that yon can hang tbom over your
dresser or shaving mirror, at the head of your bed, etc., and any desired
candle-power may lie obtained.
It is o Beautifying Light
Under its clear rays, faces and objects do not have that pallid, dnll appearance that is caused by other lights; on the contrary, it shows off everything to the best a dvantage. As mnsio adds to the beauty of a voice, so
does tho electrio light enhance tho beauty of a face, the brightness of a
smile and the sparkle of the eyes.
IT HAS NO FLAME—it emits no unhealthy fames—it consumes on It
oxygen and does not vitiate the air—therefore it doea not cause ot aggra- (I
vale asthma or other pnlmonary diseases.   It does not leak, ignite or i '
explode.   It will not kill plants or ruin wallpaper or furnishings.   It is
everything that is best an a light.   Up-to-date establishments and poopla
of ri'liuoniunt nse it.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Offices:   Corner of Hastings and Carrall streets.
' Uv%ww%%%«oa%«««%%vM H»%«/«W% V%^*.^» - \
■V *
Fouml   a   Parallel.
All Kiiglisli-vuiittiry- vicni-'illscovered
not  long  ur,o   thrtt   p,ue  of  Ills   mnle
BCl'V.'llltS WOT ill tile ll.'llllt of Steal:!!.?
his potatoes. lie mentioned' the fact
to hi - curate ami risked advice.
"Well." replied Ihe curiile. "of course
you must remember what the Hlbie
says, 'If any man take array thy coat
let !.i:n have I by cloak also.'"
"1 see," mused Ihe vlenr'l "Well, In
this case, as die'man'takes my potatoes I'd better give him the stick V
Animal* 11- Alt-olio].
M. Orobaitt. professor of 'physiology
in Paris, In desnlblng till* eV.cet of alcohol upon animals says Hint the successive singes of intoxication tlirooab
which Ihey puss in-,' nayely. sadness,
solemnity uud » supreme Intoxication
Which ends In death, llahlills are very
curious when under; Ihe inlliieme or
liquor, nml u ilmikea kangaroo. Is bra'
tally aggressive
C.  ('. Illt'IlAllliS & CO.   .
1 was very sick with Qillnty and
thought I wonlil strangle. I used
all.NAHirs I.INIUI-'.NT and it cured
mo at once. 1 am never without it
now.      Viiui's jirulcfullv,
Mits. c. n. i'ltiN'CK.'
Nauwlgewauk, Oct.  Jisl.
mule by any  other name would
$100 Reward $100.
Thf- reaiins of this vapor will he pleased to
learn thai there Is at least one dreaded disease
i-nee has bi'.n able to euro In all Its
aa.l that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Pure Is the f-nly positive cure now known to the
mi-illiul fraternity. •Calarrli being a constitutional dbjense. requires a constitutional treatment HBU'h Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
ucllns illiwllv "I""1 lh0 ljlrK"1 u"a n'"01"19 cu,r"
fae.-a- it llw system; thereby destroying, the
foundation or ihe disease, and Riving the patient strcnKth by building up Ihe constitution
nnd assisting nature In doing Its work. The
proprietors haVo so much faith in lis curative
powers, that ihey offer One Hundred Bailors
for any ease that II falls to cure. Send for list
of testimonials.   Address
I-. ,T. CHUNKY & COt, Toledo, O.
Sold by all ilruKKlsts, 75c.
Hall's Family Tills are the best.
Profit soniotlnicS monopolizes honor
in its own country,
Lifebuoy BOftft^-dlslnfcctant—is slronrr-
ly recommended by the medical profession as a RAfeguartl against Infectious
Some    men    arc    nn.ihle to   think
when drunk- of- folk when sober.
The healthy a-low dlaappearlnc from the
rl-.eeU and mouninir und restlesauess
nilfht are sura symptoms el worms jn
i-tilldrt'ii. Ho tiot fnil to get a bolt!,- of
Mother Groves' Worm Kxii-rniinalnr. 11
is  an  effectual  medicine.
Wnlihc'r Kuntze, of Hullo, Germany
who has '"-ell ileal' und dumb from
bis birth l.i iSoy, bus taken out the.
ilegreo of doctor of philosophy at, tho
It will' ruin any man lo be hon-
pockatl.' We never knew such u man
to amount to anything.
Ililious headache, to which women are
more subject than men. becomes so acute
in some subjects that thoy nro utterly
prostruted. The stomach refuses food,
und there Is n constant and distressing
effort to free the stomach from bile,
which bus become secreted there. Pur-
melee's Ycgetublo Pills are n speedy alterative, and in neutralizing the effects
of the intruding bile relievos the rrres*
Niire onr -the nerves which causes lire
headache.   Try. them.
Ouc-hal( Hie tiilie of Count Tolstoy
it» d:v6teil    lo flnsweriog letters un«l
receiving visitors.
Kii.cl.Lady—"So you were in ono
place for three years ? Why did you
lonvi-'.'. ' •"   ' '
Trump—"I n'ltz pardoned.' ma'am."
Miaard's Liniment Cures Garget in Cows.
Mosquitoes into more readily than
lish. but they are equally hard to
Itemovaa all hard, soft or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, blood
•pnvln, curbs, splints, ringbone. Sweeney,
sillies, sprains; cures sure and .woollen
throat, coughs, etc. Save S50 by the
use of one boi.tle. Warranted the moat
wonderful Blemish Cure aver known.
Sold by all druggists.
In Hie coal mines ol Bohemia1 the
averaga wngoa -nsiilo for nine   hours
is So cents. 	
Juii;ard's liniment Cures Distemper.
IliMzil's cfbp 'i>f rofli-i- Ibis yeur
equals lii'iei-u-sixteenllis of tbe
world's consumption.
Some  parsons   huvu  iierlodlcul   nltucs
of Cuniidlnn cholera, dvsenleri' or iliar-
iliiiin. nnd hnve lo use great precautions
to avoid the DISCUSS, Change of water.
cooking, anil green Iruit. is sure to hrini,
nn ihe attacks. To such persons we
Would recommend Dr. .1, P. Kellogg's
l>veeiitel.\- Cordial as lieing .the'ht'st medicine iu the market for all summer cum-
t'dninls. If a few drops are taken iu vai-
ler when the. svinploms are noticed no
further   trouble   will   be   experienced
A man thinks there is only one
innn' in the world whose whistling is
ltjii  a nuisance.
I very cloud has u silver lining—
Wirt here s ,hhero, clouds hint.' the
iSilge on trousers pockets.
1'ovoi'ty is no riisptrace, but it's n
rVijth.ty good excuse for heading off a
Aini'i icoiiis     imported     5J5<4'*i770
woil.b of-precious stones lust your.
-" A Ju«t neward,
"Too bb.il nbout Dr. Klllcm falling Into Ihc well, wasn't it?"
• Serves him right. He should have
attmded to the sick nnd left the well
Her  I.oiiK  Dream.
,K«teHe—Ab! ills proposal was Just
Uke-in drentnt
<nAgnes—Well, yo'u ought to know,
f»-;ir. ..-.You've bei-n flreamlng Of that
pi-oppsnl for years..
...fToeory nnd  prnc*fee.
Theory   is almost' nlways sllll  busy
tnlit|ii:   aim   Ions   after  practice   bns
tp:.tle Ihiy.bnllseye. ■
Underwear that \\
money can buy is A
ncft heller made—won't
fit better—wear better
or longer—and be more
comfortable and more
satisfactory in any way
Made in Canada—of
Kiiva ScoUtm wool,
ami guaranteed
A size for every figure.
Got your size and it
will fit perfectly until
worn out.
The best dealers
everywhere sell Stan-
For $2.25 n month yon become en-'
I ill.ni m u Inmt of $1000.00 wfelio.it inter-
o*r. Our depositors ..bsolnlply ^uarnn-
inxl mcatiM low, Vemember this. On
. mir p!nn you enn build n Uow\o or Imy a
fiivin cheaper limn renting. Members-hip feo H.00.   A pent s wanted.
Send for circulars.
The Prairio City Loan Co.
Room 30 Worohantr. Bonk Blk.
l>i-llc:ifc ITlnainQlirlmc Reiiuli-ed to
.Miil.e  Safe  HltlliiB.
Mr. George I'lillnnin once said when
asked the secret of easy riding* that
Mid secrets are so many Unit no one'
ctin ki-i'p tliein, This is true, but Ihe
easiest of curves is one of thorn.
Curves, no mallei- how slight! liuve
nlways been laiil ns arcs of true elr-
•lr-s. 'J'he outer rail is raised according
to tlie.sluii'imess of the curve nnd Ihe
estimated speed of the trains Unit are
lo go round II. A mile a minute train
on n one degree curve needs nn outer
rail live inches higher "than the inner
rail; 11 slower (rain a lower elevation.
It Is clear froni this exiilanaliun Hint
u train golbg faster than the maximum
for which Ihe track is prepared woultl
shoot off the rails, ronversely, a slower train than the one provided for
would grind the flanges off its wheels,
Any ronil must slrike u serviceable
average for 1 rains of varying speeds,
anil engineers must nurse their locomotives uround the curves as close to.it tts
possible. That puis an Inevitable check
on lllgll speeds. . The Empire State express once made it burst for two miles
of 102 ruiles an hour on a slrulglitinvay
section of track. A heavy curve would
have' shot the engine1 nt that top speed
u iiitnrler of a mile across country. On
ino.st ronds, however, sixty miles un
hour is tiiitte safe, though very costly.
To. penult such speed Hie engineers
of the lust, few years iu relaying tracks
Instead of Starting a true circle curve
wilh the sudden lift of the outer rail
that causes the jolt nml lurch that
travelers know have laid a light parabolic.- curve from a point a hundred
yards back on the straight track nnd
hnve elevated the outer rail Imperceptibly along that curve to the maxim.
The result of the device—in practice
quite new—lias been the annihilation
of curves ns regards a passenger's
senses. Wilb eyes shut he cannot tell
whether Hie truck i? straight or curved.
-World's Work.
The hollies of these Rangos aro mndo of the
best quality range steel, all outside exposed
parts are Interlined with henvy sheet asbestos.
They have cast iron extensions with whit.
Enamelled Reservoirs, nickel plated drop Tea
Pot Stands, Nickoled Towel Rods. They nre
made to burn any kind of coal, can bo changed
in two m hints to burn 20 Inch Wood. Highly
nickeled Hironshout. f     ■    .■<
For full pStleulars rend for-dllnstrated
NOTM !-T„e foliowlnr: prices for.the.e
l.iirh grade miigi-n na iUnstrstod,. lully
' No -J-1S oven  18x31x14 In. (50,00
No 0 SO  oven  20x21x14 in. {S2.50
(F. O. II., WluulpegA    ^V
Anli  your dealer for them .or i, nto to us
<«». us  Loinliard   St..   TVlnulliec
African  IlublM-r  n   Illg  Sueceaa.
Africa, owing to the enterprise of
the Germans, promises to become a
Btrong rival of South America in the
production of rubber. A German planting company has purchased the primeval forests of Malende, on the bank'of
the_Siongo river, where rubber .trees
were first ilisi-uvcicil by Dr. I'liul
Preuss. Seed selected in Malenile has
been plunle.d in Sopiio. and tbe product
of these trees hears n remarkable resemblance to Pnrn rubher ami brings
good prices in the Hamburg market.
The number of rubber trees already
planted by tho company exceeds 200,-
CHH). The colonial division of the German foreign office lias sent out descriptions and pictures of the tree's, with
requests that the people protect the
wild trees when found and plant others. Because, of the greater profit in
rubber tho people of the colony are
largely abandoning the cultivation of
Opposite   City   IIuU.     WlNXirw:.   MA.V.
inff. Shorthand. TypowrltiiurV- etc. ■ One
week's  trial  frlvotl.
CatalOKiiea   free. MMione   1955.
If We supply at short
notice complete JOB
If We sell what Printers want; Printers want
what we sell..
*J We carry a complete
stock of Type and Supplies for the composing
Room, Pressroom auc
An Extraordinary Oder,
Our Regular n^?"1^
Wcrranted to be superior id olplP.ftfc1
ilnU'T *"'>• a» e'-^tric'lett Vfire tieinj .o.ir "■
UUn   I   No.7^0ihCenlutylieIt.       .   , ,       f
Call or write for bor-PT. It is free. We-aft the
l«Tf{Mt tIr»l«r«tn«!er.tiiiif)'Jy;iFrilianf!(i luCaiiadii.
The genuine Karu Bc(t i^\ only be obuUett fum
ut.    jtevprtjMindrni (.toftr. • *
THEP:B.KAB» CO. HJotwR^fi: t
The linion Slock Yuril.-i Co..'of Will-
nlpeg, has been incrii'porali-tl
Co-opei-ation  In  I'.ni;ln,i,I.
Co-operation scored a great success
In England nud Scotland during the
past year, according lo the report submitted by the board of control to the
co-operative congress at Doncaster. The
movement embraces nearly 1,700 socle-
tics, with n membership of 2,il00,00f>.
The value of the shares In the various
enterprises amounts to $130,000,000.
During IIK12 the sales aggregated
$-i;',O,O0O,OOO, an increase for the year
of $20,000,000. Profits Increased $2,-
000,000 and aggregated $.",0,000,000. Besides engaging in tho sale of nietcluin-
dise the co-oporntors undertook such
industries as the mamifnctiiro of cotton, linen, silk, wool, shoes, leather,
metal ware, hardware and woodwork
They also • conducted with success
building, quarrying, printing, bookbinding,   flour   milling   and   baking.
Anturetlo  Ecet-iitrlelllea.
Some of the seamen returned to Kew
Zealand from Ihe Discovery, who have
hail experience, of both the arctic nnd
antarctic, say that tbe cold In the latter Is less severe and the atmosphere
drier. A curious phenomenon they did
not expect and cannot explain Is the
fact that the cold winds iu the antarctic were usually north, while tbe comparatively warm winds were southerly.
'i'liey saw icebergs of the most fantastic shapes, resembling houses, churches nml steamers, Tho Bledge dogs
struck work repeatedly, and the men
bad to do (pille us much pulling ns the
ailinbils. In Ihe western sleilge journey nn Ice slide was descended in 1
minute anil lo seconds. It took three
days to ascend the sanje slide on tho
return Journey, the slcilges being
hftulod up bv block and pulley.
Swl-i.i  Mittintaln  ltnllroud.
A protest Is being 'raised In Switzerland against the const met Ion of so
many mountain railroads nml particularly of the line-which Is slowly creeping up the .lungfi'nu. The Wengcrn
Alp, it seems, once sacred lo Hie beautiful gentian, is speckled wilh thcsbells
of liaril boiled eggs, rows of ladies rend
penny "society" papers at the-edge of
the Klger glacier, and at (he Slieitleck
a gramophone has taken (ho place of
the "ilanz ties Vaclies." Happily there
Still remain n few resorts of tho old
style. Known to11 lie-elect, but Ihey become fewer every year, and the-projects of the engineers arc so ingenious
and extensive that; on Uie Uernese
Obcrhiniluul all events, another decade
will-probably sco the last of them Iu
JS HI I P*   *o » strlotlv commission A-nmThT
Write to-day far    BRAIN   OOMMISSION MERCHANTS <
particulars. < ^i»^/ll-».—
Do You Want
If ao, the nnderslgned want, your btwlnoss and will endeavor to give aatlalaotlon*
Cash advauoed on consignments.     Reference:. Union Bank of Canada,        '■■
Tbe oldest ostahllslicd Oraln Commission
Merchant In Winnipeg,       -\
train   Exchange,   Winnipeg.
S.     SaRIIMaK
Maclennan Bros..
Tbt-kphonb 1100.
r. O. To* 585
Mol"iyro Block, 304,  Winnipeg.
±T -"**♦•
nd f-'r.-iiii   <f all  Vin'i^,>-.-.
i i.'tf.ie. li.Jl.v.    Kucrular at
Whont nnd pratn
Load i.dtn
Vttti58s 01 B.Ul of Lnolnff.
Wiiiaorwire us for Track Rldn, or
Coiiai^i. Your' Cvftln to da, w'h'ch ■ e
will sell for VinirTipconiit, ..'J joarap-
prtival to hifeb«6t bidder.
I-'aiuona  Duel  In  llie  Hay.  of Good
.    ,   Queen Anac.
Iii the reign-of good Queen Amu:
duels we're no less frequent than In
.the rowdy, riotous days of Charles II.
Lord Mohun, a dlssolutei remorseless
nobleman, was the .terror of honest
London citizens at this time, and
many were the infamous escapades In
which he played chief character. He
was guilty of one act which bears no
oilier name than that of murder—tbe
killing of poor Mountford, tbe actor,
in cold bloodjbecause he endeavored to
protect tbe hoiior of Mrs. Brucegirdle.
the famous and beautiful actress. ' It
was Lord Mohuu who fought and killed the Duke of Hamilton, un affair
Which all will remember who have
read Thackeray's great novel, "Esmond." ' .,..
The duel was fought with swords In
Hyde park, the challenge having been
sent by Mohun to the did;e, who luull
witli perfect accuracy, slated that one
pf Mohun's creatures "had neither
truth nor Justice in 'him.'' ihc Duke
of Hamilton received a wound In the
right side of tbe leg about seven inches
long, another in the right arm, n third
in the upper part of. the breast, rjtn-
nlng downward toward the bodyi a
fourth on the outside of the left leg.
Lord' Molnin himself was mortally
wounded, receiving* large wound in
the groin, nnother in the right side
through the body, In which the sword
plunged right up to the hilt, and a
third in bis at'iu.. There: is no doubt
ho rightly deserved -his death, because,
departing from' the rules of fence
among men of honorr her shortened bis
sword, thrust under his opponent's
guard and stubbe'il the duke in tbt
mauiicr of a coinmori'nssSssin.   •-'    -'
Janauaclsek Got Even,
The following incldeu't,. which occurred in Washington some years ago.
illustrates Mine. Juuuuschck's determination of character nnd minute sense
of Justice.
She was staying at a hotel whose
management was noted for its small
ness. She chanced to break a washbowl and when her bill came femid
that she was charged with an entire
toilet set..
"I only broke a washbowl," she said
to the manager.
"But it was n portion of the set;" was
the answer.
She inade-lib further protest. Pres
ently the' occupants of rooms looking
on nn Inner, court were startled by a
crash. • It! Wat followed by ..^mother.
(The managgr Ttishetl to Jannuschck's
room, fi-om-wbosc -windows ,chinnwate
was being'thrown^. >      I
1   "Whnt's. till thisV" be asked.
"It is my'tollot set," she answered as
she poised'flic last piece.,on fnc win-,
dow sill. *"1 purclwsed It, and I am
disposing of it according to my own
James Atwell Cured his Kidneys
by using Dodd's Kidney Pitts.   -
And Ills Lumbago and itihuiry Troubh-s
Vanished once and for 'all--He Tells
ki. Story.
Campbjellford, Out., NOV. i.^fSpeC-'
ial)—That Urinary T'oublcs ..nnd
Ijiimibngo are result ' ol disordered
Kidneys lias been proved by .I antes
Atwell of this place. He hail l.ho'i-
bago nnfl bolus ill the Madder, and
in passing-his urine would hurt him
so as to almost cause tears ol pain
to come 'to his eyes.  "
He cured his Kidneys by using
Dodd's Kidney Pills untl his pains of
all kinds vanished.   ■
Speaking of It's case, Mr. [Atwell
"I think Dodd's Kidney Pills made
a permanent cure in my case, but I
will never be without them in -fejie
house. I had Lumbago and Bladder
Trouble, for years. 1 tried other
medicines and a bandage prescribed
by the doctor, but. 1 could get no re-'
lief till I used Dodd's Kidney Pills,
and they cured mc."
If the disease is of the Kidneys or
from the Kidneys, Dodd's Kidney
Pills will cure :'t.
The stained, glass window lo tlu*
Temple. London, represents St.
memory of Dr. Parker in the City
Paul's farewell to the elders at Epli-
esus. Tbo faces of the elders fp.rin a
noble nnd striking group. In ■ the
lower panel there is a very line portrait  of Dr.  Parker.
How Yeaal Works.
The growth of the yeast plaut Is so
rapid that Its individual cells can be
seen under the microscope to spring up
as bud's upon the parent cell and to
grow to full site. These presently give
off buds'themselves that expand-in-
like manner. In the case of the'yeast
plant the cells remain attached to each
other and thus form branches of elongated cells fixed end to end. In other
Cases the buds drop off, so that" the
plant never takes any definite shape,
but remains as a mass; of free coll*
If a new cell be formed ovtry minute
by each of the cells present you may
calculate the number that will ,b» produced Iii an hour.' Thtts'nt the Cud of
the first minute there will.bo twov In
two. minutes four, In three minutes
eight, aud so on. In live minutes titers
will be thirty-two, in ten minutes the
number will hnve Increased t<J!''li02I,
and In fifteen minutes there.will, be
32,708 cells.- " ',«,•   ' •
More than half the battle la
(leaning greasy - dishes Is In the
soap you use.   If It's Sunlight Soap j
ll>.   *!-,«   k«..< '     '     IB -
■npcretltlons llnnanrlan Peaeaaia,
A queer case ot superstition which
resulted In tho loss of two lives is re:j
ported from Hungary. A peasant ll'v
ing In N'os/.tany died of heart disease
while attending uiatket In Kurd.' Hut
relatives started to take the body,home,
but were forcibly prevented from carrying the body through tho village of.
lharos, whose'lhliablttints believed tliut
the passage of a strange corpse throifgb
their town would bring endless uilijfor-
tune to it. Tbe procession returned to
Kurd, and tbe next day It set out again,
this time with an escort of gendarmes.'
When it reached lharos It was met by
the whole population of the village,
armed wjtlt scythes, pitchforks, axes
aiid anything1 that cimlfl be used, as o>
weapon. The gendarmes were forced
to fire three volleys before they could
get through the place. Two'oV tfiet.Vlb
lagers were kl|lcd.and many wounded.
J 1         4    "( .■ ,
Tit* Serpent's Venom.
A  physician   while'talking'with sr
group of friends .remarked: "It Is com-,
mon lo hear people s'pcnk about poison;,
ous serpents. Serpents are never poisonous; they nre venomous.   A poison crM?
not be Juken •iu.tej'uall.'f without. ibadK'
effects; a venom.x-uu.    Venpms to b$
effective hnte'to be Injected'directly
into the circulation, and this -Is the
manner   In - which  Alio ■ snakes- kill,-.
Their venom token Iiiter'uaiTy Is Innoe-''
nous."        ' '
In Sweden, riien Jttarr'y at an average of thirty and" a half, women at
jwf'nty-sevcn  nnd three-quarter years.
It's the best.
W/. N-'U'No,'*!^.
Kvery mother knows bow much
baby suffers while cutting teeth.
Swollen, tender (rums'.tcause- n feverish, fretful condition, sonu'times seriously affecting baby's, he.\Jth. This
can be overcome,, anil tjio t..cething
process made easy by the use of
Baby's Own Tablets. Pi-oof of this
is given by Mrs. J. .l'eckover, Nov
Liskenrd, Out., who..says: "1 am the
mother of six children, and I ran
truthfully say that Baby's Own Tablets is belter thtm'any other, medicine 1 hare ever,.used far the ills of
little ones. I can especially recommend them for teellijng, children, and
would advise all mothers to use
thoni.   .
The Tablets cure till the .minor ills,
trorn which infants und young children Bauer, "and are guaranteed td
contain no opinto or harmful clrug^
Sold by'all medicine dealers, or by
mnil at 25 cents a box by writing]
wircct to tbe Dr. Williams Medicine
Co.,   Brockjille,   Out,      ^,    jr.
-  - r—i ——"r*
Many N
life never
;uian   who  fi'a^-tyi   nini
get's a chance To- shoot.
A Veteran's Story. <;»,.i-K<-l,»wfj
of ShninoUin. Pa., writes : "I nin-eichty
years of nge. 1 have hern trdiihlill wilh
Cnlttrrh for fifty years, ami iii tny' lime
hnvo used a great ninny catarrh cures,
hut never had any relief until 1 used llr.
A,enew's Catarrhal Powder. One hoi1
cured riie completely."    ",0 coJ|ukw35.
A 'good many of the things people
buy are too cheap for tbe price.
Hiiiard'-B Liniment Cures Diphtheria.  ,
A feature of Iowa's dairy exhibits
at the, .St. l.puis Ifaii- will be a
stnt.u.e ,i.n butler of 0'.Idhn Slewaii,,
the pioneei1' ,ci'eanii-ry num of that
Stute: ' If wtn lie kejil.'-frozen in a
glass case.
^Of Avorslon and Pity.   Curo Your Gold
and Catarrh, Purify Your Breath ni d
. Stop 'ho OHonaivD BUohai-gc.
Tte^-.   Dr.   ltorhroT;-of-rinlTnlo-.   inys v-
My wife an,d 1 wer«^)t,ljf- irauh.leil with
..jHtressino: (hxlarrh, hut. w-e.ulive onjoyeil
'Iretifioill from tliiij ni--i-rn\iilih:- innludv
'-slhie tho day -we first used Dr. Airht-w'B
Catarrhal Powder. Us in-llon was lu-
atantoiieous-irlvliic the iiiw-t-rrtiit-fii-l relief -wKliiii -t*n-tabiufi's.^i'n'i- 4fr*t appll-.
nation. Sold by all di-liKgiMs.
J      -,   ■■   -.   .... ->.-.    ,    ...--..
,  j   Vftlut-   of 111*   ILatisv'aroo'a  Tall,
•'Bo Important is ltbe!kaiijj;nroo's till In
ttis't.rnphl "'progress' that exporienced
hunters with gi'ins nro lit'custduied to
fire at the point where Ibis appendage
Joins thejtody, when, the tail betpg dis-
nbleil .£or'iis."0ltice' of balAhc'iig, (lie
anliniv);is,^is-.ellecl'iiiijly, stopped as If
linmsfrjing. Hit elsewhere, except wilh
a i*Itic bullet or at point blank range,
the-^Jbg.-trob is iirel'lj- likely to.gebarf.
One peculiarity of. tUei:iiaugnr.a.o. Is
that, nfter being started up, he 'very
rarely swerves from his eourse,.througb
Which pecullaliiy he Is easily "potted"
by hunters, who conceal themselves
While 11 man on horseback drives the
herd toward them.
■ "■.•''He WiUctieit H10 CoSr,
.. When Sir Stafford Northcote, ofler-
,;ward the* I-larf of Iddesleigli, -was" au
.^oiffieer Iu n yeomanry regiment Iu Devonshire one of the men who was leading n Rinall force across the country;
'iviis taking n rather circuitous instead
0-f.n straight.couase.V'''.,
./''Why don't you keep your eye on a
given .point?" asked Ills officer.
"1 do, sir."
"Well.. what, pom! ?.",■,."t
"Thiit old cowusir." replied tbe ninni
..'ITle'eart wirsNoTttbi kocnvn lo use this
anecd;,» when political leaders did not I
go sti-alght. ■••    ■■■■•■•■ . , . . V..   i
" ii    'W "",..
.   . ■ I -
im .,*«;.
Unshrinkable 11.BK. Underwear
'j ->.-'-* ■■■■
Made from tlie uest sidewool in the fleece—elastic 'ribbed knit—-shaped to fi t body—absolutely non-shrinkable
—wool treated by H.E.K. eyclhsiye process to make' it"
so—every partk.le-.nr oil, :gte;±se, slivers, etc, reinoyed'
by the, H.B.K. patent-.. ,cleanirifj process—tough wear,'
light, fleecy, all wool;'clfjati, pure, luxurious underwear,'
and absolutely jioti.-.sliiiiii<ab1e,ei)ipliaiiizenon-shrinkable"
Sold by dealers everywhere.
Onlyjrenuini? witb.'this btand.
i A pinto bronco is tough
,.' from the find of his nose
f 1 to tbe tip of his tail.
w   afetV/  And tbe toughest part
^d?    of him is   the* light,
f,       muscular hide that I
covers his back and hips.'
,     From that- part of his hide
. the' famous "Pinto" Shell
CordoWtv* leather is made for' HiB.K.
' ini!.ts ;and gloves.   Scorch, boil, wind,
ra.m,_cold proof.
Cenuine only with
this brand.
Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.
Write for " Strayed," '.be (oianlott b'onco story ever written.—FREB
•    ': i.,-.»«-.
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
Mstttaira ofWi-to IfftiarrilxT.oa far Everybody.
wlion we tell you that OQILVIU'S IIDNQAB.
IAN Floui- is as (food or hotter thnn any other
Brand for nil link.off, and oar guaranteo goes
wtihevery Huckl
Yonr Qrocor sells it v 1th that understanding.
iie Ogilvie  Flour Mills
Company, Limited,
Going to Paint ?
If so, you should procure tlie best
I'ainl lli-ush on the market, absolutely the nlost satisfactory I'ainl
Urusli tuudo to-day.
Bridled Brush
The bridle can easily be removed or
replaced. It is not affected by water,
oil or paint ami works on a pivot,
thus keeping tlie bristles elastic. The
nnnie "lloeckh" is branded on each
brufch.   Sold by all reliable dealers.
Tho  Best Bcilldins  Paper IN/IgbcJo. X
It Ii Tt'ry muck htroncer and' thicker than any other (tarred or bu'ld- •
Iiir) piLpt'i.. It la liuuervloua to wind, keeps out cold, ktejja In heat, car- •
rleti no smell or odor, 'abaorba no moisture, impart a no taita or -flavor to
anything with which It cornea In contnpt. It la largely uaed nut only (or
iheetinK houaen, but for lining rotd Htoi-aga buildinffa, rt'fil«eni.tore, dnlr-
lea, croaiii(*rn!tt,: nml all platen where the object ia lo keep an eve* and
uniform  temporeture,  and  at(the came time avoiding dainpneii.
Write our Agonts, TEES e\ PERS6E, Winnipeg, for aamples.
'"• Tito E. B. EDOY GO., Limited, HULL.
.I.I0V0 than Kto(Vn,tK)n of it*6',M,*!bool-
iioo people of Mexico do rf(^ work,
TAIN IN,.A prNKSlLAWflNX.—I'wJ" I* "
protest of tftttUl'O uirninst nr^lrct. of'the
hqdily heultli. I'.jv.iiiiM cnreluN^KCsa. n>-
tfjjininfl: (he physical (-oii'lltlon. it gtbftlfi
iiv nt the fir-Hi opportunity nnd tnki'K up
itfi tibcnle in ii, nui|» Antlit is' somefimeH
rlffnciilt to ojrolMlfcv He. TJiotiHiH' EelM-
ti-io oil will'drive it out. ifi^hori order.
I'ain .cyi.iiMit.-i'tHv l\.'ioio it ,is iisril, hul
immediately  llrtjfc1 rifMiy?*' •  .
fJ3to wise man has scuso rncniR'h to
talvc p,Y>(>(! atlvlcc, and R-oncrally takPn
llIM   flWIl,
Aro your coma hnrder to ranOjVd tluin
1 hose.Unit othei-H hnvo hud1.' Hnve Lfce.v
n'ot lftiO ■ tW iJanie kind? Mnve they ppj.'
Iieeu fiitvil by using Hollmvny'H (\:rw
Cure ?      'I'ry  a  bollle.
'Tlui'iiioro '1I1Q ttafi'ufti nni'ii* wefts 10I'
■jlhors  tho more lie  rcspcctK ItiniHoli'.
No man evor^lrcmlfr- *Ktift ' Aftftm^t
the.; asKPssar-    fit'-    uiijlenlraHn'K
wnr-Ui.   ' *" "
HlbolQglcttl     experts,    hoth   Knftli.sli*"
n 11 ti  .iVmoH'icaiT,   ar« 'mmninioas    that
the. south of England pi'onViseH to  LmJ
a larffcr  natural  611   field  than    at>y
America has yet known.
1#* '
J• • — "'■   ■ ■
I* ATI ON—Men-who folllrW•Hdltrfary. oitn-
liifiruifi, \vhicll,;de|U'uv. .llu-in 9f.i,,-'jyihrfftr
nflu I'xtyi'jsi'r u'iV more "prone tn«diRi?r-
ftdl'K. of ,tkc^,li\Tr  und   khlripv.s  th,-in,lhgai'
nier ivlff tlml in rnniielee's.' V.irctn-bl.-
nils ji rfstornllvc withnul ftOPPtlon lite
l^dlit' elllciifioua.On tha' mnrkct. ithas am-
easily procurable','ieaally"nmicii. hcl vx
ncdlttq'iiBly, anil they nro'- stirprlsinply
i:|ujdrj'"-co,u'sillcr^'thrlj- rtiSi:e%itce.   ,
!;t W.a. g'ori'd iil.-iv l',i lmve.-». t^ijlif
jihOnO ill the house; it gives inj niofl
sJirftethtiSj el!*-tn in-t Kocq'&JA'bQUt.
Itknir Liver
: Is it acting well? Bowels
tegular? Digestion good? It
not, remember Ayer's Pills,
the kind you have known all
your life.    ^^'tC±^f^h*^t •
fife baby:
»■. ■■!■■! .W„n,    .1   !■       i m  •»•   '■■.*
Want your moustache or beard
a bcnulliul brown or rich black? Use
rimers, " \ » r.Btti.»i.'o.,a»sqoi,«.a.


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