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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Apr 28, 1906

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Array Devoted to thi interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
5iligle  Copy 5c  Three Honths 35c. Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.   0., Saturday, Aprii/2S, 1008.
(Eighth Year.)   Vol. 8, No. 4.
I oca! Items.
Cain McCuaig Auction and Coramis-
llV" Co., l_f-.,uexttoCarncige Library,
Ifustinffs stroet, buy Furnituro for Cash,
g-indiint,   Auctiou   Sales    and   handle
lukrupt Stocks of overy description.
Hvt,isfiuition|gnarimteed.   Phoue 1070.
—. :o:—■	
There promises to be ono of the best
Concerts ever given ou Mt. Plensaut iu
the Presbyterian Church uext Tuesday
eveniug May 1st. Tlio talent is thu
finest iu the city and includes Miss Ella
Walker, soprano; Mr. H. J. Cave, tenor;
Miss Vanghnii, violinist; Mrs. Kent,
elocutionist; Mr. A. H. Kendall, bnsso;
Miss Wood, accompanist. Tho Concert
is uuder tho auspices of tho Ladies'
Aid and the proceeds will bo devoted to
the Buildiug Fund.
At a meeting of tho Maple Loaf
Lacrosse players held ou Wednesday
cvouing, Mr. Fred Murray received tho
unanimous vote for Captain for the
seuson. Mr. Murray is a capable man
for the position, and uo doubt will lead
his team to victory. Mr, Donald McCuaig was nlso nominated but declined
tll£ position iu favor of Mr. Murray.
Eggs for—hatching, White Rocks.
Best Pen S8 per 15; Second Pun §2 per
15.   J, H TOOL, 181) Tenth nve , west.
Mrs. S. McClay received a wire on
Sunday that her sister Miss Fitzgerald,
the Matron of Agnew's Insane Asylum,
escaped without injury from tho recent
earthquake and lire which destroyed
that institution. Mr. McClay left on
Saturday last for San Jose. Miss Fits.
gei'ald will return to Vancouver with
Mr. McClay.
See our Screen Doors aud Windows,
J. A. Flett Ltd.
Mr. Jack Foster, who is convalescing
from a severe Illness went up to Kiim-
loops ou Weduosdny, to remain n whilo
for his health. Mr, W. D. Muir accompanied Mr. Foster nud will remain probably n week. "Jack's" numerous
friends hope he will soon bo homo entirely restored to henlth,
Rend tbe New York Deutnl Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go lo
Now York Dental Parlors lor your work
Tho Reorganized Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saiuls have routed
2525 Westminster aveuue nud services
will be held nt g o'clock every Sunday
eveuing by I.UIe.r J. S. Rniney; Sunday
School at 7 o'clock. On Wednesdays
Prayer-mooting at 8 p. m,
 — :o:	
See onr Lawu Mowers, J. A. Flett Ltd.
Mr. aud Mrs. Ryder havo moved into
their new house, just completed, corner
Seventh aveuuo and Brunswick btreet.
Mr. und Mrs. liiuuie will mako their
homo with Mrs. Ryder daring the
summer while Mr. Ryder is absent iu
the North.
Tho King's Market telephoue uumber
is 280C.
Don't forget tiie GRAND CONCERT
to bo giveu by Miss Ella Walker and
other local favorites, iu Mt. Pleasant
Presbyterian Church on Tuesday eve-
mug May 1st. Admission 25c. In aid
of tho Building Fund.
Mr. E F. Hutchings of Winnipeg,
will build a $80,000 resideuco ou Wellington Crescent, Fort Rouge, says the
"Western Onuada Contractor." Mr.
Hutchings is a brother of Mrs. It. H.
Poole of Md. Pleasant.
LOST,—Last Friday 20th, n parrot,
grey color with pink breast Finder
please return to Herbert Periard, 2«10
Ontario street, corner Twelfth avenuo,
Mrs. Lester's danoiug doss will cl isc
for   tho   Honsnn   on   May   j!d,   with   a
Roceptlou  nnd  dtuiri!   in Oddfellows'
Hall.     This  promises  to   tie  a   very
plonsnut  nffuir  and   should    be  Well-
Tint Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it circulates. Tel. B1405
Read the advertisement of tho Cooke
Drug Company Ltd., in this issiio nf
"The Advocato". Mt. pleasant is uow
a large and populous portiou of tlio city
and two Drug Stores nro uone too many
Call and seo tlio Now Drug Storo,
N. S. Davidson has  started  his Soda
Fountain for tho summer, whero yon
' can get the only Ice Cold Drinks at the
Waiting Room coruer  of   Ninth und
Wostmiuster avenues.   Ice Cream.
Ladies' nud Children's plain sewing
neatly and well-done, Mrs. Culleu, 834"
Westminster avenue.
Mr. Thos. W. W. Anderson—with
P. Burns—last week bought tho house
and lot corner Eighth avenuo and Victoria street.
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertisinont on
4th pago, of special iut erest to women,
Dentistry ns we prnctico it is a serious profession,
involving education, carefulness and skill. Therefore we can not com-
peto in prices with the ignorant, tho careless or tho unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that wo cbargo less than half as much as
most private practioncrs. .,
But you ask, Is tho work as good ? Wo reply, it
is better Indeed, uo dentist who trios to prnctico all tho different
branches of dentistry can achieve such magnificent results as wo do
with our corps of skilled specialists
The Season  for Painting is  now ou.
<<m-ki'.' ■!
DELAY.    '
147 Hastings St.  Telephone 1666.
Branch Office: coruer Abbott and Hastings streets. Tel. 2022.
Oliii.o Hours:  8 a. ra.,  to 0 p.m.;   Sundays 9 a.m.,   to 2 p.m.
about your cold iu the head
and take
Cojd Cure
The only sure tiud reliable
cure for Colds, La Grippe,
by the—
Co Ltd-
.•nae TT .\j\jfaex
'Phone 790.      Free Delivery,
Rend tho Real Estate column on last
page of this paper.
Oil Tuesday evening iu the Club
House on tho School Grounds there
was nu enthusiastic meeting of boys
who met to organize a Laerosso team,
which was dono. Tho team is to be
known as "Tho Victors" Junior Juniors.
Officers elected arc: Honorary President,
O. W. Murray; President, H. W.
Howes; Sec'y.-Treas , Frank Alexander; Captain, Percy Hicks; Delegates to
City League. M. MoGnigau, P. Prefou-
taiue, J. Alexander
The Stridor Shoes for Meu nre pronounced iu stylo, rare in quality nud
superior in workmanship, Thoroughly
reliable and contains ull that anybody
can givo for $5.00.—R. MILLS, 119
Hastings street, west.
Last Sunday the Jit. Plensaut
Ohurohes contributed the following
amounts toward tlio Snn Francisco
Relief Fund: Presbyterian, $78; Baptist,
•S3; Methodist, $15.
Mrs. Chas. Kendall loaves today for
tier homo at RoVelstoke, after a months
visit with  her   parents  Mr.   and  Mrs.
N. S. Hoffar, Twelfth aud Westminster
Ily properly adjusted glnsses Dr,
Howell hi tho Burrard Sanitarium1 Ltd.,
relieves eye strain  whioh causes head-
hi.)— nnd uther nervous troublos
Mr. J. W. Morrisou expects his wife
nnd child to joiu him about May 10th,
uml has taken 11 house corner of
Eleventh avenue and Ontario street,
Mrs. Chtis. Walkiiishnw, who hns been
visiting on Mt. Plensaut with her sister
Mrs O. Fowler, left last -week for her
home nt Boissevain, Mini.
Two weddings 1111 tlie Hill next month
Changes for advertisements should be
In beforo Thursday noon to insure thoir
Mi. Pleasant Branch
Capital J8.000.000.   Reserves if3.-IS7.ooo,
A General Banking Business
Savings Bonii Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Sub-Manager.
The pastor, Rov'. A. E. Hothoriugtou,
will preach Sunday moruiug aud
eveuing. Morning subject: "How Christ
wns made Perfect," Evening; "The
Lord's Day Rest."
The very latest styles iu Canadian
and American mokes and designs iu
Winter Shoes for Men, Women aud
Children at R. MILLS, the Shoomnn,
119 Hastings streets, west.
Mrs. J. P. Nightingale received n
letter from her parents Dr... nnd Mrs.
II. D. Burritt who nro in Los .Angeles,
stating they will soon return home; they
write that the earthquake iu that city
was very slight and uo damage resulted.
Tho new rcsidonco Mr, John Walter
is huviug built corner Brunswick and
Seventh, will bo ready for occupancy
June 1st.
$> *** *$
Fresh Biscuits 2—lbs for 25c
New Prunes 4-lbs for" 25c
when passing and have a look
us in our uew quarters.
Cooke's Drug Store
sells the highest quality, at lowest prices.
Open Saturday April 28th, 1906.
Corner Wrstminstkr and Swentii avenues.
Peas 3 tins for 25c
Tomatoes 3 tins for 25c
li^__   2425   Westminster  Ave.
7 'Phoue 322
King's Heat flarket
R. Porter & &Q!m.       2321 Westminster Ave.
y Wholesale -osici Ketai! |
ex W
y Dealers iu all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats. Fresh Vegetables always j»
Jj[ on hand. Orders solicited from nil parts of Mount Pleasant nud Fail-view. -5
£ Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry in season. 2
* Tel. 8800. |
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and 3'ears ancl j-ears experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it auy wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Snlo at all first-class Snloous, Liquor Stores and Hot-els or
delivered to your nouse.
We  are doing  a big trade
•"ft  Because we keep the best nt lowest
Mrs Dods Allau will receive on Tues-
dny May Ist, at her home 1043 Nelson
Street, aud the first Tuesday of each
Advertise in "Tho Advocate.'
.   prices, and if you don't see whnt
you want ask for it. We cau ulway get just what
you need.
CW TRADE.—We are after it.   Newcomers would do well to nsk
our prices before placing orders elsewhere.
What Hade wo have wo'll hold,  and what wo haven't got- we
are nfter.
m". itingoi
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   fit. P!e_5_nt.
Telephone  I860,
a. -a_rt*it—ss—? i"»:_*-_3-2_—R •;, s6-«.sn « wa_s-_ft«—ao__—_»__a___e>s
ijgagr 1N MA5SEY-HARRI5
§}      Fine line of New Wheels just in.   Anyone prepared to pay Oash can
*      get Roek-bottora Prices ou tho best Bicycles made.
I     W.   J„   _Al__nC_.f_._L   MANAGER,  VANCOUVER
J       TT.    <J)a   _/-IHS.,<_JBBtd*9    AUTO & CYCLE COMPANY,
108 Hastings street, cast.
Telephone 1285.
_C**y Bicycle and Automobile
Repairing in all its branches,
Neatly and Promptly done.
_£S"*" Subscribers are requested to
report nny carelessness in the delivery
of "The Advocate."
Dish Washing Made Easy
A PAIR OF RUBBER GLOVES takes nway most of tho disagreeable
features of Dish Washing. They keep the hands dry, soft and white, anil
are what every lady ought to have. They will save yon inoro than the price,
iu wear aud tern- on your mind.   Wc have an excellent liue at §1 00 a pair.
9 Wants to See YOU.
Mrs. Wm. Odell, and two ohlldren,
returned Monday from Nanuinio, after
n week's visit with friends.
Mrs. Moar who has been visiting her
brother Mr. F. F. Higgins of Calgary,
returned homo on Monday.
Mrs. Vernon Shilvock of Seattle,
spent this Week iu Vanconver visiting
Before starting ou a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
Shore.—Bom to Mr. nud Mrs. Shore,
934 Niuth nveuue, A] ril 88d, a daughter
Rkanv.—Boru to Mr. and Mrs. L, 0.
Kenny, 2181 St. George street, April
20th, u daughter.
On Wednesday afteruoon the wedding of Miss Elizabeth Obase, second
daughter of Mr. end Mrs. J. Chase of
Sixth avenue, and Sir. Win. Dairon was
solemnized nt St. Andrew's Ohurch Ihe
Rev. R. ,f. Wilson performing the
ceremony. The brido looked vory
handsome iu becoming going-away-
gown of pearl grey and lavender picture
bat. Miss Flossie Ro ivns bridestonid
nud woro a pretty groy costume. Mr
Wallace Green supported thi groom
The young couple left on tho < Ireat
Northern Railway for a honeymoon
trip to Seattle and Souuil Cities. Mr.
and Mrs. Dairon wero tlie recipients of
ninny beautiful presents from a large
list of.friends.
in-/*y^y*y _/fc^"C'W%-<_-'V*_.■^*.'C/sV«,'a/fc,-WSS&'*/Vt'&t.*>sSt/*A'fr?i.**-*$l
SrtSffi* iVSusSin Blouses
Styles in
Advertize in tho "Advocate.'
Por Views
—of Indinus,
—of the Fnr North,
—of tlio Rocky Mountains,
—of Ranching,
—of Dog Trains,
—of Stanley Park,
Ladies if your hair is falling out snve
tbe .mailings and luwe a iwiteb made
by A. Parsons, Glasgow Barber simp,
Blonses, made of tine whito lawn, box-pleated and pin tucked, cuffs
and collar pin tucked; sale price $1.25.
Blouses, made of tine lawn, frout pin tucked and embroidery insertioned, dfi'p ruff tucked back and collar lurked; sale price $'..25.
Blouse, mndo of fancy light grey waistlug,  (naked baok and trout
and trimmed with straps Of self und buttons; sale prioe $! .'a.
Blouses, made of plain linen,  fancy embroidered front; collar and
curl's embroidered; sale prico $3.35.
A. ROSS & CO., 30'32Son?S.va st-      *i
•<_■_■_— ——tt aii-WW-'i.- _» «SK__-_-M_ -KW-—!.:*-> V.iZl^T&a? B
i RITISII COLUMBIA OFFICE, (Write for Catalogue.)
60 Hustings Street, West, Vancouver, J! O.
A SPEOIAL OFFER, El 3 Al.' tar 2Sa s
v.- tkngei oII,e—Ing Vegetables and Plovers .or 25c.-- Onlmi, Cucumber, Boot,
Le luce, Currol « ii luuii-.ii; Aston, Bweel Mignonette, Pansy, Petuuiti, Bweot
Peas and Wild (lurilon.
SB Wm. Ren nie Co., Ltd. g£S
Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.
<_<_«: ir. ;c--_s> _-?::::_-S> ■_■■ e
The denth occurred on Saturdi.
Westmiuster avenue,    Jir. Parsouo tsl ji_~j,   Louisa  Strain,  wife  of   Roberl
onozpert In   Wig Making and Board strain, and daughter of Mr  nnd Mrs.
Wink of every desoi ipliuu,  just arrived
from London, England,
Personal notices of visitors oil
fit. Pleasn-it, or of Mt. Pleasant
pv:>j'h who visit other cities, also all
lotai social affairs are ;',!adly received
by "The Advocate."
O. OluiBtcad of Ninth avenne, enst.
Mrs. Strain hnd been a sufferer for
months from Ihe dread disease consumption and was only 80 yenrs of age.
A hnsband and four ohlldren are left to
mourn per loss. The funeral took plnee
on Monday from tho family residence
Rev, ('. II. Wilsou hi' St. B [chad's
i.p. liati :■ ; the funeral arrangements
i ing .n oharge of .Messrs. Armstrong &
C. W.Mathers
565 Granville street. -
Telephoue Wl.
f-9**.ST**S-P***+'.- ••-•*'-.•.^■■••W**?.**!****^*!"^^
I   We cm\ save money for vou!
Fancy Toilet Sets from $2 a set up.
See our Stock Pattern Dinner Ware
a lan;e selection to choose from.
-we liave
J» —on Efoamel, Tin nnd Wooden ware,
I Bud.aRdn & Ec!wer<8s
f      662 664 Granville St. 'Phone 2021.      |
Boot and Shoensaltlng
and Repairing done at
Peters' Coot _ Shoe Store
-■j., i Westminster avenue.
For a Game of
Pooler Milliards
Br of i in at
MS. Pleasant.
We hnvo received direct from
Paris, Franco, (personally
selected by Mr. Troroy ou his
European trip) n very handsomo collection LADIES'
Tbey nre in tlio fnshiounblo
New Spring Colors, aud
many smart new ideas have
these useful accessories to a
lady's streot toilette.
The piices from |0 up.
Corner Hnstiugs and Granville Sts
Oilicia] Watch Inspector O. P
Catsup,  2 bottles.' 28c
Upton's Pickles 25c a bottle
No. I Potatoes $1.25
jier sack.
McKinnon & Gov,
i in Ninth Ave. Opposite No 8 Fire Hull
Telephone nU4il. Prompt delivery.
Royal Crown
thk Bust in thp. World. Drop
11.- a j- .-i card asking for a
Catalogue of Premluinn to bo
had   free   for  Royal Cnows
IAP    Vl       .
If you miRK Tun ADVOOATH >ou miss
the local news.
Lawn Grass Seeds
I llovir nnd Timothy  .-sot'ds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
I'rnlt's Incc Killer,
Holly Chick Food,   liwfsci.ips, Et*;.
5k*PITH Citrticr   NINTH avenue   *
Telephone    16 H 7.
The Canadian
Bankop Commerce
Deposits of (Ink Doixar and npwards
rocolved und iutorest nllowcd thereon.
Bank  Money  Orders  issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFIOB HOURS: 10a.m. to .I j^n
8atc-rd_ys.110 a.m. to ium., 7 to n p.m.
East End Branch
ui Westmiuster
DO IT NOW !-lf not slrendy a Sub*
acriber to "Tho Advocato" become on»
now.   Only ifl for 1 i months. THE ADVOCATE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA,
I Linked by Fate
Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," "A Heritage
oi Hate/' "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid
For," "A Modern Juliet," Etc
^^444^^^^^^^^^-f-r-r-t-^^^H-tT M M * ' ' ' ' fc
Continued from last week.
roily COHStra it lo ner, null tenmng
back in her chair, watched her ns sla-
twisted tlio feather tliis way anil
that and arranged and rearranged
the ribbon. At last Nina held it oul
-leprecatingly, and Polly tried  it  on.
"Oh, you dear!" sbe exclaimed,
Joyfully, "That's splendid! Il isn't
quite like the one in tbu shop, hut
it's twenty times more pi-etty and
stylish. I've never had such u hat;
it's a duck and n darling! And how
quickly you did it! Why, I'vo been
hours and hours fumbling at it!"
"I'm glad you liko it," said Nina.
"I used to trim my own bufs and
make my own dresses—"
"And no wonder, if thoy were ns
good as this!" said Polly. "Why"--
sbo stopped suddenly and pursed her
lips—"I'm going to rehearsal ia that
hat, and if I don't knock the rest of
tho girls with it, well—I'm afraid I
must co now. dear. You won't feel
imieiy winie 1 in awayi Ana you
won't fret? Promise!"
"I sha'n't feel so lonely if you will
leave me something to do," said Nina. "Isn't there another hat, for instance, or a blouse or a dress that
wants mending?"
Polly dragged a blouse from a box
under the bed and slipped it on.
"That was mado for me, if you
please!" she cried with Infinite Scorn.
"Observo tho fit! You can't tell the
back from the front, can you? And
I paid twenty-two-and-six for it; I
did,   indeed!"
"It wants taking in here," said Nina.
"It wants burning!" retorted Polly, indignantly. "You dou't mean to
say you can alter it?"
"I can try. Let me, while you are
away, Polly."
She set to work at it Immediately
Polly had gone, and in her pleasure
and satisfaction in doing oven a littlo for the girl who had not only
befriended her but bestowed her affection upon her, she found some relief of mind nnd spirit. She tried to
think only of the present and her
terribly vague future, but every now
and then, in the quietude of the
room, the picture of the past rose
beforo her, and one man's figure
stood out prominently in it.
Folly was away about three hours,
and wben she returned she carried a
hat-box in ber hand. He face was
flushed, her eyes were sparkling.
"Not dono the blouse, really?" sho
"Oh, yes, some time ago. Slip ofl
your Jacket nnd let mo try it on. Is
that better'.  Oh, I hope so!"
"It fits like a miracle I" said Polly,
solemnly. "I tell yoll what it is,
Decima, you are a born genius! And
look here! What do you think I've
got hero?'"
She whipped out a hat and somo
"Seo that! I told you I should
knock 'cm! Why. the girls were liko
a flock of bees round me the moment
I stepped on the stage. Oh, what a
pretty hat, Tolly! Where did you get
it?' and that sort of thing. They
were positively green with envy.
Then I worked the idea that struck
mo Jnst before I went out, and I told
'em I'd get ns pretty a one for 'em
for twelve-and-six. They wouldn't believe at first; but Jessie Green snid
she'd trust me nnd fished out tho
money there und then. 1 told 'em m.v
terms wero cash, you know. So I
bought tlie things as I came home—
the samo shop; it'B a chcup but stylish one—and here you are. Hat and
materials cost, eiglit-and-nine; profit,
three-aml-thrue. Hut perhaps you
don't think it's enough—" doubtfully.
Nina actuully laughed  up at her.
"Givo it to ine!" slie said. "Why,
lt will tako no time. And how pretty lt Is I Ob, I do hope I shall trim
it to please herl"
Polly snorted. "Trust you for
that I Jessie's bound to liko lt; and
seo here, lleclnia, If she does, tho other girls will want to have their huts
trimmed, for she's one of the best-
dressed uf our lot. I told ber I'd got
a swell milliner who'd do the things
for us on the cheap."
"Wbnt a clever girl you nre—notwithstanding tho lib," snld Nina,
laughing nguin. "I think this ribbon
ought to go like this."
"It won't go uny way until you've
had some lunch," said Polly, taking
tbo hat from her. "Oh, I know your
Bort at sight; you're one of thole
girls who'd work themselves to death
lf they weren't stopped at it. You've
dono a hat and u blouse to-ilny, und
that's—oil, don't color up and look
at mo like that; I'm not going to
offer to pay you for them!"
"I  should  think not!"  said     Nina,
Polly allowed her to go to work
Mi.,n after bun h, but, though the hut
wus finished, Polly refused to lake it
with her to tbe theatni that evening.
"Not much!" she snld, knowingly.
"What!    Qlvo Ibe show uway!      No,
nol Friend ho lull up with work tlmt
fah.i couldn't think of even looking at
tho hat to-day. Oh, no. lf you want
to get on ln uny business, you
mustn't make yourself too ohoapj
you must givo yourself airs und put
on frills. Why, don't you know thut
real swells, ladles and duchesses,
havo gono Into the millinery business? Some nl 'cm run aft<!i'no,,n tea
shopB. Last would suit mo batter;
moro chango and society, don't you
know, lint perhaps you wouldn't like
that so well?"
"No,  I think  not,"  assented  Nina.
"Ho I thought. I know your sort.
You'ro tho 'humble vlolot shrinking in
tho shade.' There ain't ninny of 'em
about nowadays," added I hu shrewd
Polly,   "mores   tho  pity I"
tlho brought home another order—
a toqun this time—and Nina worked
at It—for some reotODi Inexplicable
to tho male mind, a toque Is a more
clnbornto porfiiriniiiirn than a hat —
ull tho next. day. 1 'oily approved of
lt, but looked at Ilccima with stern
"You'ro working yoursolfto death,
And you'ro thinking all Ihe lime."
Nina colored quickly, "Look here.
you wnnt n change. Come to the
theatro to-night.  I'll  pnss you  In."
Nlpn shrunk from tha offer for
awhile, but finnlly gave In. Polly
got her a seat In the upper cirri,—a
back sent with a pillar to dodge—
and cant off behind.
rsma ielt Strange at nrst. -he had
nover been to a theatre alone beforo,
and the troublous times sho had
passed through made her nervous
and self-conscious. But presently she
grew calmer.
Mr. Harcourt was a liberal manager and had "presented" a first
piece to his audience. "Presented"
is not altogether inappropriate; for
certainly the one-act "comedy" was
not worth paying for. It was supposed to bo sentimental, with a
touch of comic humor and pathos.
Unfortunately tho comic and the
pathetic changed places now and
again, and the sentiment either Irritated Nina or made her want to
laugh. Tbe rest of the audience stared at it with an Arctic indifference or
guyed it under their breath; and
when the curtain fell upon tho forced situations, tho forced dialogue,
and the wooden acting—for not the
best actor or actress alive could talk
the stuff set down for them and remain flesh and blood—the people
yawned and the male part promptly
went to the bars for the refreshment
they sorely needed. But it wns very
different when the band struck up the
overture to tho musical farce. The
tiling was well done, and Nina en-
Joyed it. She recognized Polly
amongst the chorus, and once or
twice caught a scarcely perceptible
nod from her in the direction of the
upper circle.
"Well, what did you think of it?"
nsked Polly when they got home.
"All alive, isn't it, and it goes with
a bang, eh?"
Nina expressed her admiration for
the big piece, but was silent about
the first; and Polly nodded, as if
Nina had criticized it.
"Yes, the first piece, 'For a Sister's Sake,' is feeble, Isn't it?"
"Yes," aaid Nina with deference.
"The idea is a very pretty and effective one, but they talk—"
"Like people in a book, one of the
old frumpish books*I know."
"And they're never surprised at
the most extraordinary coincidences,"
continued Nina, warming to her subject. "Nothing astonishes them.
When the man comes back from America with a million of money nobody usks him how he made it in
four months; when the heroine gives
up her sister to the hero they all
take it as a matter of course, as if
it didn't matter—"
"And it doesn't—to the audience,"
said Polly.
"And the little girl—"
" 'Shall I bo a hanged when I die,
mother?' " quoted Polly. "Yes; if
any sensible mother had a child like
that she'd put its head in a bucket."
"How is it that Mr. Harcourt, who
must be a clover man, puts on such
a silly first piece?" asked Nina.
Polly shrugged her shoulders. "Oh,
they don't think of anything but
'Aly Lady Pride.' Anything's good
enough to play the people in. It's
only the pit and gallery and a
sprinkle in the upper circle.'*
"Poor people! What have they
done that they should be bored to
death?" said Nina
"Oh, well," responded Polly, "perhaps it makes 'em all the keener to
bcc the big piece. See? But all the
same I'm sorry for the people who
play in it. Miss Tracey, for instance—who plays the idiotic sister—can act awfully well if sho has
a part to suit her."
The toque waB as great a success
as the preceding "confections" Nina
had turned out, and nearly every
day Polly brought home a fresh order. She put the price up, of course,
and the joint earnings of the two
girls enabled them not only to live
better, but to go for little outings
in the dny time; so that Nina's face
began to loso its sharpness and
something of the old light began to
creep back to her eyes. Polly made
lier promise not to work at the millinery at night, and Nina passed the
time while Polly was at the theatre
in reading—and dicaming of the
pust. One night Polly asked her to
go to the theatro to see Miss Tracey, who wanted a new hat, and insisted upon giving tho instructions
herself. "We can't have her here;
they'd all want to come." Nina
hesitated, but at last consented.
"Behind the scenes" Ib always somewhat awe-inspiring to tho novice,
und Nina made a ii_.rv.-iis grab at
Polly's hand as they passed amongst
the forest of wings and "back
cloths" to Miss Tracey's dressing-
That young lady was making up
for the idiotic first piece; but, after
u stare of something like surprise,
she received Nina iB the friendly
"hail fellow well met" fashion of tho
profession and explain,— what it was
Bile wanted. The call-hoy summoned
her in the midst of her elaborate description.
"lion't go yet; wait till I come ofl
again, Miss Wood,'1 she said.
"P'raps you'd like to go to tho
wings and see the piny. I'll put it
light  with ths stage-manager."
Sho got the permission and Nina
went up nnd stood out of sight.
She'd seen the play once too often;
and insteud of listening to the vapid
dialogue she let her mind wnnder. It
w linden_ in so strange a direction
thjil she roused horscll' with a start.
Well, silly thing, isn't it?" said
Miss Traeoy with a mime of disgust,
"i wonder they stand If. But it's
w. nderful what the Oreat B. P. will
Stand, About the hnt, Miss Wood,"
Oti .
> inn could not sleep that night.
The Idea Hint lind come to her as
she stood at the wings biiiiuled her;
una tbe next evening she nlmost mechanically got a pen and some pnpci
und begun to write. She wns so
absorbed in her task Ihut she lost
eoui.t ol the hours, und bud only
just time lo snatch up the many
sheets she bad covered nnd thrust
them into a drawer ub Polly came
Tbo next night sho took them out
nnd It'll to work ugaln, read what
she hml written, and was going to
tear It up; but something held her
umd, and with a griinuco she put
them uwuv in .the drnwer ngnin;
(To be C-_tinuad.)
You cannot be expected to htve f_th in
Shiloh'i Coniumption Cure, the Lung
Tonic, as a cine (or Colds, Coughs and all
due—es ol the air passages, if you have
not tried it. We have faith in it, and we
guarantee it. If it doesn't cure you it cosU
you nothing. II it does il cost, you 25c.
That's lair. Tiy it to-day.
Shiloh has cured many thousands oi the
—Oil obstinate—ses, and we do not hesitate
to say that it will cure any Cold, Cough,
Throat or Lung trouble. II we did not
believe this we would not guarantee it.
Shiloh has had an unbroken record ol
success for thirty yetri. It ha. Iood
every possible test without failure.  Further
it found in the many tettimonials of thoie
who have tried Shiloh and been cured.
Mn. Archie Taylor, Asaph, Pa., writes:—
"I bought a bottle of Shiloh'i Coniuraptfon Cun
and found it very ben*.final. I hivatwo children,
•snd they had a terrible cmir.li. I gave them
even-thing I could think of, butthey got no belief.
until one evening my huiband botght a bottle of
Shiloh. W« gave it to the children when they
went to bed,ind they ilept ull right. It cured
them completely. I ahall ol ways keep it in tht
home." 6oj
25c. with gusT.nt-c wherever m-dicint is sold.
A Win-Ted General of the Seme.
One of tho most extraordinary specimens of the fish family ls the "nam hal
gnan," or great general of the south
sea, an animal of the whale species,
which has its homo in the Iudlnn ocean.
A full growu nam ls upward of thirty-
five feet In length, pure blnck ln color
and has eyes as large as a saucer. Besides the above characteristic features,
which may be said to be whalelike,
with the exception of the eyes, the nam
bas two Immense tusks which resemble those of the elephant, both iu size
and color, aud two queer winglike
membranes extending along its sides
from the side fins almost to the tail.
The old nams have a curious habit of
marshaling their kiud to do battle with
the whales aud the sharks, aud old
mariners say that tbey maneuver with
so much Intelligence and sagacity that
they are known to all tbe islanders by
names which signify winged generals,
winged warriors or winged chiefs of
tbe seas.
The Heliotrope.
Although tbe heliotropo is a tender
plant, extremely sensitive to cold, lt is
one of the best plants for cultivatlou
indoors. It seems to have few diseases
and ls usually free from Insect enemies,
.While with abundant water and suu-
shlne and sufficient artificial heat it
will bloom all winter long year after
year and Is so tenacious of life that
when cut down to a mere stick lt
quickly shoots forth luxuriant new
wood. In addition to this the more the
plant Is pruned the more luxuriantly it
blossoms. Tbe blossoms should be cut
with a considerable leugtb of the new
wood upon which they grow, and lf n!
once fully Immersed In water and then
placed deep In a well filled vase they
remain fresh and odorous for many
days. The plant ls a little difficult for
amateurs to propagate from cuttings,
though with plenty of water and sun
nnd some bottom hent the young cuttings quickly root and prosper.
A Pat Reply.
President McKInley once had sn applicant for the post of minister to Brazil who brought with him a petition
signed by 7,000 Chlcagoans. It Beems
that he was a picture framer, and as
he went about canvassing for orders
he was In the habit of collecting signatures to his petition. President McKInley listened respectfully to the applicant, questioned blm as to his qualifications and finally explained that before he could give the matter serious
consideration he would have to confer
with the senators and representatives
from Illinois.
"Tou know that we have to select
big men for these big places," said the
president kindly as he bade bis caller
"Won't I be Just as big as any of 'em
If I get the Job?" was the retort
Father of the Weather Bureau.
The father of the weather bureau
service was Increase A. Lapham, a
modest and retired but ripe scholar,
wbo lived ln Milwaukee. He was the
flrst to note by telegraph the progress
of the wind currents and storms and
to predict their appearance ln specified
neighborhoods. Oa the strength of a
weather dispatch from Omaha In 18G9
or thereabouts he announced the first
storm on Lake Michigan that ever was
heralded twelve hours ln advance of
Its arrival. Tbe first work of the
weather bureau wus uuder his charge
In Chicago. It was on the small beginnings of Dr. Lapham that tlie entire system of the signal service was
based.   Dr. Lapham died ln 1875.
The Dear, Worn Hand.
Few things are capable of touching
oue with a deeper sense of pathos than
the shrunken, blue veiued band of one
who ls near aud dear. Nothing bring..
a sharper pang of foreboding and a
harder lump In the throat than the flrst
time It strikes us that the gentle hand
that soothed our childish pains and
griefs and bas gladly worn away Its
softness and beauty ln our service ia
thin and withered, with purple veins
that stand out like whipcords when it
lies at rest Such a band ought to loos
more beautiful to those for whom lt baa
tolled, whose suffering it has charmed
away, than the fairest hand ever modeled by a sculptor.
Think the  Earth  Ia Hollovr.
According to a queer belief in existence 'among the Icelanders, all waters
which flow toward the north are drawn
thitherward by a suction created by the
oceans tumbling downward through the
hollow which, they firmly believe, penetrates our globe from pole to pole.
Their authority for tbls curious belief
ls the "Utama Saga," a semisacred
work, written early ln the fourteenth
Holdlnar   IlHnila.
De Garry—Why Is lt that when a follow ls alone with a girl he loves they
seldom play cards? Merrltt—Because
If they did sbe would bave to bold hei
own hand.
"Some men don' worry," snld Uncle
hilien. " 'cause dey's got too much
sense, nnd otherB don' worry 'cease
dey nin' got sense enough."—Washington BUS, _       _-»__. __
Bones of a Prehistoric  Monster Found
Near Bantry, Alta.
While on a hunting trip recently H.
A. Crofton of Alberta came across ssjme
fossilized bones From the few specimen- at band it is Impossible to make
a surmise as to w*at species of extinct
monster the animal belonged^ but the
size must  have been  enormous.
The find was made In Dead Lodge
Canyon, and the attention of Mr. Crofton was arrested by some of the original bones protruding; from a cut bank.
Investigation showed tbem to be embedded ln a stand-none formation, and
It was necessary to obtain tools and put
in soma hard work beforo the body was
even partly uncovered.
Work was started in from the bank,
and the developments were watched
wlUi gTeat Interest, Wben the excavation proceeded far enough a large portion of the remains of some extinct
monster were revealed.
Owing to the difficult nature of the
work lt was not found possible to uncover more than a small portion of the
remains, but tho vertebrae and ribs
were laid bare.
According to Mr. Crofton, the backbone ls as large as a man's body, and
the portion exposed rs about seven feel
In length. Attached to tbe vertebrae
were eight ribs of enorm/ius size, measuring three or four feet ln length, some
of them a foot or so ln width. Tfliere
has been no time for further Investigation, but three of the fossilized bone:'
have been brought ln by the discoverer.
They are all broken, but can be eas
Ily titled together. As to what portion
of the body of the animal they are from
ts purely conjecture. Judging from appearance, one which is broken Into
three pieces is probably a section of
tho tall. It ls about ten inches in diameter and four Inches thick. Through
the centre ls an opening which possibly
contained the spinal cord.
Another, which ts also broken, haf
the appearance of having been connect
ed with one of the joints. One largt
piece, the only one which is whole
looks as though lt was a hoof.
A bone which has the appearance of
a thigh bone has been forwarded to
authorities ln the east for examination,
and their opinion will be awaited with
interest. If the remains are all recovered and in fairly gpod condition, Mr.
Crofton has made a discovery whilch
-should be of value and Interest to
Dead Lodge Canyon, where the discovery was made, Is one of the most
weirdly Interesting places in the Territories It Is situated between 22 and 25
miles northeast of Bantry, on the Canadian Pa-flc Railroad main line, which
ls Its nearest point from the railway,
and on tb* banks of the Red Deer River.
Unique Reproduction at a Recent Dinner In Brooklyn, N. Y.
The New York Herald, of the 11th
Jan., says: Unique among Brooklyn
functions was a Canadian dinner given
last night by Alfred Van Derwerken at
hia home. No. 205 Berkeley place, for
his son, Alfred Van Derwerken, Jr., of
Quebec. In the centre of Uie large table was an exact reproduction of a
camp In the Canadian forest, near Lake
Alexander, where Mr. Van Derwerken
and his friends hunt every fall. It was
Mr. Van Derweken's sixty-third birthday.
Jacques Ceyer, a Frenoh-Indlan
guide, made the hut with his knife. It
was nearly three feet square, and in
every detail was an exact reproduction
of a log cabin used ln the camp as
headquarters. On the sides of the little cabin were miniature fishing rods,
snowshoes and skins of animals.
At either end of the cabin were ponds
of water representing Uie lakes that
surround the Canadian camp. Floating
on the little ponds were liny ducks and
loons, carved by the guide, and canoes
modelled after those used by the Brooklyn men on their hunting trips. In the
ponds were goldfish. Surrounding the
ponds were rows of Canadian twigs,
representing the forests, and partly
concealed among these were various
kinds of birds and animals.
Lining the dining room were rows of
evergreen trees, sueh as.abound in the
Canadian forests. Partly concealed behind a little grove of trees was seen
the head of a big caribou, which waa
recently shot by Mr. Van Derwerken.
There were stuffed animals In the room
that were killed near the camp. Many
of the courses were served ln log cab-
Ins, canoes and on small snowshoes, all
whittled out of trees ln the Canadian
Noted Speech of By-Gone Days.
Hon. Joseph Howe, ot Nova Scotia,
speaking in 1»_, thus firmly laid hold
on the kernel of Imperialism:
"If then, Mr. Chairman, the British
and Colonial statesmen of the present
day, cordially co-operating, do not Incorporate this people Into the British
Empire, or make a nation of them, they
will, long before their numbers have
swelled so much, make a nation of
themselves. Let me not be misunderstood, sir; I Bay nothing here that I
would not utter ln the presence of the
Queen. If disposed to declare our Independence tomorrow, I do not believe
that Her Majesty's Government would
attempt to prevent as by force. If they
did, they would fall.
"But what I want them to understand is this, that they lost one-half
of this continent by not comprehending lt; and that just so sure as they
expect the sentiment of loyalty to attach the other half to England, while
the people of two small islands divide
the distinctions and the Influence of
the Empire among them, they will, by
any by, be awakened by the peaceful
organization of a great country, whose
Inhabitants must be Britons In every
sense of the word, or something more."
Hope and Jor.
Hope, of all passions, most befriends
us here. Joy has her tears, and transport has her death. Hope, like a cordial, Innocent, though strong, man's
li -art at once inspirits and serenes, nor
makes blm pay his wisdom for his
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I_*v»r Brother* _imit*d. Toronto, Csiisilo
Leper Colony on D'Arcy Island.
Ottawa.—Dr. Bryce, chief medical
officer of immigration; on his recent
visit to tlie Pacific coust visited the
leper colony on D'Arcy Island, neai
Victoria, where ubout n dozen Chinese
lepers are segregated. The outcasts
ure housed in two buildings. One con
tains six rooms, the otlier two. Each
apartment is furnished with a bunk
and bedding, cook stovo and utensils
Ample provisions, such ns rice, Chinese
condiments, including cured fish,
flour, pork, fresh mliuts and fish, arc
provided in abundance, besides, tht
inhabitants own two dozen fowls, and
nave under cultivation nearly an acre
if cleared land on which they raise
Pitiful as their lot may appear tc
thoso unacquainted with their conditions of existanoe, it is nevertheless
the opinion of inspector Wilson, who
has for the past seven years attendee!
to their needs, that the Chinese after
tho first few weeks reconcile themselves to their enforced exile. The
lepers range in age from a youth of _>2
to men of about 45 years. The longest
resident on the colony hus been there-
tor nino years; tha lust arrival was
landed two weeks ugo. Between occupying their minds ut gardening nnd
and carpentering, their household
!tities ancl tlio preparation of theii
frugal meals, tho inhabitants frequently amuse themselves and incidentally
supply the community larder, b_
shooting sea gulls.
The station is maintained by the
Province of British Columbia, but 11
movement is on foot to have it taken
over by the Dominion Government.
Some Years Since He Used Them
Now and He Has Had Good Health
fcver Since—Story of a Weil-Known
New  Brunswick   Man.
Lower Windsor, Carleton  Co., N.B.,
ebruary 20—(Special).—-"Yes, I have
ood health ever since 1 used Dodd's
Kidney Pills." The speaker was Mr.
T. H. Bulyea, postmaster here, and
one of the most highly respected men
in this part of the country. Asked to
give his experience with the great Canadian Kidney Remedy Mr. Belyea continued :
"I had been troubled with my kidneys for a numbor of years. I tried
soveral kinds of plasters and other
kinds of medicines, but did not seem
to get any lasting benefit. Hearing
Dodd's Kidney Pills so highly recommended 1 decided to try thom and they
made a complete cure of me. That is
two years ago now und as 1 said before
) have hud good health ever since I
used Dodd's Kidney  Pills."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure once and
for all. There ls no stage or form of
Kidney Disease that they do not cure
completely and permanently.
Ilnniciiry   Water.
The flrst alcoholic perfume wns Hun-
gary water, made from rosemary by
Elizabeth of Hungary, 1370, she having procured the recipe from a Hungarian hermit This perfume became
popular throughout all Europe lu that
and the succeeding century.
Ancient  Ink*.
The ancient Inks closely resembled
black paint, and on account of the
large quantity of gum employed In
their composition the letters stood up
In relief on the parchments as though
Chevalier Bnrnrd.
The famous Chevalier Bayard, who
Is held up lu all the histories and romances as a model of chivalry, was
greatly opposed to the uso of firearms
and always ordered his troops to put
c.iptured musketeers to death without
mercy, as practicing a form of warfare
entirely uncivilized and unlawful.
Indiana In Columbua' Time.
While there are no complete statistics available, careful estimates from
all possible sources of Information
mnke It probable that at the time of
the discovery there were no more thnu
BOO.tM.0 Indians In all North America.
The Church  Umbrella.
The Church of St. Peter. Mnncroft
possesses n gigantic umbrella cnpnble
of covering the heads of twelve people.
On rainy wedding days It ls used to
protect the dresses of the bride and
bridesmaids, while at funerals, should
the day be wet, it serves to cover the
mourners at the graveside.
American insurance companies are
being granted special protection by
the  French  government.
Prices of American fruits in England are to be diminished by a new
patent on shipping boxes.
A Casket of Pearls.—Dr. Von Stan's
Pineapple Tablets would prove a great
solace to tho disheartened dyspeptic lf
he would but test their potency. They're
veritable gems In preventing the seating
of stomach disorders, by aiding and ntlni-
ulatini. digestion.—60 of these health
"pearls" in a box, and they cost 35 rents.
Ftrrommended by most eminent physicians.—64
An   Inflect'.   Anchor.
The synnpta, a wa'.er insect, Is provided wilh nn anchor the exact shape
of the anchor used by ships. By means
of this peculiar device the insect holds
itself firmly in any desired spot
The Pastor's Robe.
A story is told of the late Dr. Peddle,
a Scotch minister, to whom his congregation had presented a pulpit robe. He
had never worn a robe, and, after acknowledging tho gift, he said he
would wait in the vestry five minutes
after service to hear nny objectors to
the Innovation. Nojjjjdy appeared but
one old lady, who, on being asked what
her objections were, answered that she
had read the epistles of St. Paul and
could not find any reference to the
apostle wearing a gown. "What epistle
did you read?" asked the doctor.
"From Romans to Hebrews," answered the old lady. "Well, Janet," said
her minister, "I have read from Romans to Hebrews also, and I could
never find any reference to the apostle
wearing the breeks. What would you
think Ifyou saw me going Into tha
pulpit without breeks?"
Strenuous Hint.
"I was weeding an—nw—account of a
woman being hooked to death by a
beastly cow, doueher know," remarked young Dudelelgh. "Weally, I cawn't
Imagine a more howwible affair, can
you, Miss Cnustlque?"
"No, Mr. Dudelelgh," replied Miss
Caustique, "unless It Is being bored to
death by a calf,"
And wheu she illustrated her remarl-
with a large, open faced yawn young
Dudelelgh proceeded to get a hurry on
himself.—Detroit Tribune.
The Duko D'Orleans was given a
old medal at Brussels in honor of
Is  Arctic expedition.
/Hoard's   Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria.
The Chinese government hns en-
aged, a Japanese railway engineer
.t $o,000 a year.
Prominent, residents of Spanish
owns were swindled by n man who
aid he was an aide to King Edward.
'lno total cost of the Russo-Japan-
se   war to   Russia   was   1,900,000,000
They Wake the Torpid Energies.—
Machinery not properly supervised
nd left to run itself, very soon shows
ault In its working. It is the same
vlth the digestive organs. Unregtt-
ated from time to time they are like-
y to become torpid and throw the
vhole system out of gear. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills were made to
meet such cases. They restore to the
lull the flagging faculties, and bring
nto order all parts of the mechanism
First  Xi-ifru  Minstrel.
The first mnn wbo ever snug a negr»-
song on the stage was an actor named
Herbert. He sat in a chair befofc tno
curtain. He painted his face with
black paiut, burned cork being theu
San  Snlvndor.
Ban Salvador Is built ou a volcano.
It has been three times destroyed by an
earthquake, but tlie people are becoming accustomed to such occurrences.
Earthquakes are pretty frequent, aud
while one ls naturally very nervous
there Is really little danger to life. The
shocks have beeu known to come as
frequently us eighty times In an hour.
Find  Health and Strength in the  Use
j of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
I Every growing girl and evory wo-
'man Hearing the middle life suffers
'from ailments peculiar to her sex. At
I these times the health and happiness
of evory girl and woman depend upon
the richness and regularity of her
blood. Look at the young girl whose
I blood ls weak and watery. Her face
I is pale, her lips and gums bloodless.
Hor head aches and her back aches
I She hus no energy, no life, a poor appetite and no desire for exercise. She
complains that even to walk upstairs
jleavos hor breathless. And the woman In middle life—she is nervous,
Irritable and depressed — liable to
sudden attacks of pain and distress
lhat only n woman knows of. She
turns from food; horrible dizziness,
I hot und cold Hushes, make her life
miserable. But Dr. Williams' Pink
!Pills banish all this misery, because
they fill the veins with rich strong.
I healthy bloosl which gives tone and
I strength to every delicate organ. The
lease of Mrs. fjeo. Danby, of Tilbury
Ont., is one of the many that proves
that no medicine can compare with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills ln curing the
I lis of womankind. Mrs. Danbv says:
I I think Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are
a blessing to suffering women. Foi
a long time 1 wns a great sufferer
from the ailments that effect so many
of my sex. I was extremely nervous
at all times, suffered a great deal
I with headaches and Indigestion. In
fact I was in n thoroughly miserable
condition when 1 began the use of Dr
Williams Pink Pills, but after taking
tliem a short time I began to improve
and through their further use, 1 an
now footing like a new woman. I an
sure if all sick women would take Dr
Vvil..ams' Pink Pills they woul 1 b;
convinced of the great good they car
do." -
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can make
every ailing girl and suffering woman
in the land strong and healthy if the.
are givon a fair trial. But great care
must be taken to see thnt you get the
genuine pills with the full name, Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People,
on the wrapper around each box.
Sold by medicine dealers everywhere
or sent by mall at 50c n box or six
boxes for $2.50 by writing The Dr
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
There are 4,000 beggars in London
at the presont time,
A wave siren is being used ln a
London hospital to test what sounds
a deaf person hears.
British authorities say that France
and the United States have a secret
understanding   regarding  Venezuela.
John G. Brady,. governor of Alaska,
has resigned.
Every drink of liquor taken, forces the
heart beyond the natural beat, lt alao
cau_es kidney and liver troubles. Nerve
exhaustion Is one of the ailments brought
on by even moderate drinking. Stop at
once the use of liquor. If it inconveniences you to do this lt is proof positive
that you have the disease of inebriety
and need medical help. Then seek for
the beat aid. The Keeley Cure hns restored half a million people back to
health, prosperity and happiness. Write
to-day for evidence and we will prove
our claims. Address In confidence,
133 Osborne St., 'Winnipeg.
It is the Best Value in Canada
To-day at 35, 40 and 50c
per pound.
I Ib.   and   half  Ib.   Lead   Packets
3 lb. and  5  Ib. Tim.
The Coolgardte gold fields are to
be supplied with water from a point
1130 miles  distant.
Geographers representing the principal nations are at work In Germany
on a gigantic map of the earth.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget  in
. .Cows.
Tlie Austrian battleship recently
launched at Trlest has a speed of
H0.37   knots.
Farmers   in Norway  are using seaweed  for fuel.
The king of tho Belgians has made
niy one appearance at public wor-
hip in the past year.
FO"r officers of the British army
nd r.iree from the Indian nrmy will
e attached to the Japanese army.
■ ***** Coldi are the most dangerous of all forms of disease. A
neglected cold leads to Bronchitis,
Consumption, Pneumonia.
"Coughs" are the result of IrritaU
ed bronchial tubes. "Psvchine"
cures coughs by removing the irritating particles and healing the
inflamed membrane. It is a germicide and destroys the tubercle
germ. It is a tonic that strengthens the lungs, the liver, and tones
up the system, tt makes for better
health in all conditions of humanity.
Get strong and the cough will disappear. "Psvchine" makes weak
people strong. It cures coughs of
the most obdurate kind and breaks
up a cold in a few hours.
DR. T. A. Si-OCUM, Limited
IT* Kins at. W.        Toronto, Oanad*
lo   B7«
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence,
Editor and Proprietor of the Standard,
Carman,  Manitoba.
When a man has stood! the wear
and tear of tlie newspaper- business
for over thirty years and still retains
virility, ami iovo of sport sufficient
in his make-up to annually hunt the
bounding buck ovor the prairie or
follow the squawking wild goose to
its lair, according to the statutes in
such cases made and provided, there is
a oase of cause and effect somewhere
in tho problem.
It may bo that tho satisfaction
which tho running of a successful
provincial newspaper in Western
Canada gives Hir. Georgo Harper, oditor and proprietor of the Carman Standard, enables him to follow
joyously nnd successfully tho trail oi
the sandhill stag, or it may bo that
the sound of tho "honk-honk" of the
wavy is a change from the clatter of
the printing press and relieves the
nerves ol a newspaperman conducting
an enterprising country paper and a
largo job printing establishment,
Whatever may bo the causo and
whatever may be tlio effect in such a
problem is a matter of indifference,
for the editor of tho Carman Standard is well known, and his many
friends in tlie province of Manitoba
aro not worried ns to whether a first-
class newspaperman naturally becomes a sportsman or tho lover ol
rod and gun becomes necessarily n
good ungler for business or a tireless
pursuer of a political opponent. As n
matter of fact, the combination is unusual and Mr. Harper is an oxecption
to the general rule.
It was in the order of things that
Mr. Harper should have been born ill
tho county of Huron, the birthplace
of many prominent Canadian newspapermen of the provincial press. Ht
was horn in Godericb. When ho was
seven years old his father with his
family removed to tho city oi Hamilton and under tho circumstances it
is to he supposed that tho future editor of tho Carman Standard felt it a
duty to go with them. Educated
in Hamilton, ho at an early age developed a taste for printer's ink, in
comparison with whicll the desire
of the man-eating tiger for human blood is a passing fancy- He
entered tho printing business in the
office of the Hamilton Spectator where
he leurned his trade as a cunipu-sitoi
and I'or thirty years worked either in
that offico or the office of its rival,
the Hamilton Times, The newspapei
offices of the . two well conducted,
clever Hamilton papers wore goon
schools of bright, up-to-date journalism and there is evidence oi the
brightness of the Spectator and the
solidity of tho Times in tho Carman
Standard of to-day. Thirty yenrs
train a —fan whoso only holidays are a
few weeks' fishing and shooting everj
Mr. Harper didn't respond to the
call of tho West until 1893. Western Manitoba hadn't developed sufficiently bofore that time. The shooting
excellent though it might bo was not
sufficient to lure Mr. Harper from
tlio shadow of the Hamilton mountain
and the charm of a newspaper situation dominated by John Robson Cameron until an opportunity cumo te
buy out tho Carman Standard. Mi
Harper bought it. 'Ihcre are several
reasons that would lead one to believe
that Mr. Harper has not regretted
his western move in 1893. The
town of Carman has doubled in population sinco his taking charge of its
principal paper. Mr. Harper probably does not claim any particulai
credit for himself as to this any further than the fact that a bright,
newsy newspaper and nn up-to-date
job printing office aro not supposed
to lio drawbacks to a town's growth
and prosperity.
Tho Carman Standnrd is conducted
on in'ependent lines politically Mr.
Harper is himself a Liberal-Conservative and in the stress of political wai
when the battle wages fiercely all
along tho fighting lino it is not to be
wondered at if an  occasional    article
A Doctors
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is not
a simple cough syrup. It is a
strong medicine, a doctor's
medicine. It cures hard cases,
severe and desperate cases,
chronic cases of asthma, pleurisy, bronchitis, consumption.
Ask your doctor about this.
" I hav. ns ed . greet (1—1 of A j-sr's Cherry
rect&ral for oonjehs end hard colds on th.
chest, lt lu. always don. mo crest nood. It
Is certainly e most wonderful couch meal-
clot." - MICHAEL J. FlT7.aiR_.LD, BoiUoril,
5E2nrJTTA?lsrT^I^W»ll, Mil"
Al*- naxtonttursrs of
in  tho Carman Standard  would lead
the casual reader to believe that   Mr.
"Harper is giving his political predilec-i
tio—5 an outing.      Political opponents j
hare, however, little cu-- no red&on to'
cavil  at t}__i_t political  attitude of tho I
.Carman    Standard.      Straightforward
and fair, Mr.  Harper is    as much    i.
sportsman  in the political field  as  ui
the field »f sport.   He shoots on   the
wing and when the political  flight ia
past disdains to fire at a sitting bird
An enthusiastic sportsman by field
and stream, Mr. Harper is a capital
shot with the rifle or fowling piece
and devotes the major portions of n
newspaperman's few holidays to hunting and fishing trips and is looked
upon as one of the most successful
lovers of the rod and gun in western
Canada He occasionally goes far
afield and has just returned from a
successful sporting trip to the Okan-
nguii Valley, the sportsman's paradise of British Columbia.
Some day when the stress of life in
Carina i becomes too strenuous and
the re.ards of a lung, faithful and
fearless newspaper career are evident
in r. magnificent bank account, Mr.
Harper may make his lodge in the
happy hunting grounds of the Okanogan Valley. Iu the meantime he
will edit the Carman Standard, run a
first-class job printing offico and he
satisfied with tlio ducks, geese and
prairie chicken in the neighborhood ol
Mr. Harper is married. His wife
was Miss Russell, of Brandon. He
hu_. a family of one son, William J.,
Insurance Manager, Winnipeg, and
one daughter.
Even the Conservative priests in
Berlin hint that there is grave danger
of war with France.
Tho American College    at    Aintah,
Asiatic Turkey, lias been burned.
Dr. Agnew's Ointment Jures Piles.
—Itching, Bleeding nnd Blind Piles.
Comfort in one application. It cures
in three to six nights. It cures all
skin diseases ln young and old. A
remedy beyond compare, and It never
fails.    35  cents.—03
.   Creek.' Medlolne Man.
The niedieiue mnn of die Creeks will
not eat anything seorcued hi cooking.
In treating a gun or arrow shot wound
he as well as the patient will fast four
days, only drinking a little gruel.
He will not allow a woman to look at
his patleut until ho is well or dead. If
his patient dies, tbu medicine man
takes a lot of medicine himself lu order to cleanse himself from the fumes
or odor of the dead. The pallbearers,
lis we might call those assisting ln the
burial, also take the same cleansing
And, again, when an Indian committed murder, even In self defense, he
went to the medicine man and took
the cleansing remedy, claiming the
remedy nppeased the crime and the
trouble to his mind.
At the full of each moon lt was the
custom of tbe bucks to drink medicine
made by the medicine man to cleanse
their systems. In camp the Indian
killed nothing whlcb was not eatable.—
Indian Journal.
Wm. Srs derson, editor and proprietor of the Toronto Economist, Is
Minard's   Liniment Cures   Colds,  &c.
The Ontario power commission will
recommend that power enterprises b.
undertaken by municipalities.
Sure Regulators. —  Mandrake and
Dandelion are known to exert a powerful influence  on the   liver and  kidneys, restoring them to  healthful  action, inducing a  regular  flow of the
ecretions    and  imparting to the oralis complete power to perform their
functions.       These   valuable   ingredients   enter  into  the  composition   of
armelee's Vegetable Pills, aud serve
o render them the agreeable and salutary  medicine they  nre.    There   are
ew pills so effective as they in their
McCill   university  got   $50,000  from
the estate of the late Edwin H. King
Kingston will make representations
0 the Ontario legislature for a norin-
1 scnool.
Seventeen burglaries of Chinese
aimdries have occurred in Ottawa in
he past few weeks.
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Readers of This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome Illustrated treatise,
giving full description of Rheumatism
and Paralysis, with instructions for
a complete home cure, describing the
most successful treatment ln the
world, recommended by the Ministry
and endorsed by medical men. This
highly instructive book was written
by W. H. Veno, a gentleman who has
made a special study of these diseases- The preface Is by a graduate of
the University of Wurtzburg. Send
postal to-day and you will receive the
book free by return.—Address, The
Veno Drug Company, 24 King Street,
West Toronto.
The  Uravenhurst    Sanitarium    for
onsumpttves was partially  destroyed
by tire.
A man was treed by wolves In Muskoka and badly frozen before reliel
All Japan teas are Adulterated, while
Ceylon Natural GREEN Tea Is
Lead Packets Only.       40c, 50c, and OOo per Ib.        At  all
 Grocers.      Highest Award St. Louis,  1004.
Kidney Experiment.— There's no time
tor experimenting when you've discovered that you are a victim of some one
form or another of kidney disease. Lay
hold of the treatment that thousands
have pinned their faith to and has cured
quickly and permanently. South American Kidnev Cure stands pre-eminent in
the world of medlolne as the kidney sufferer's   trueBt  friend.—02
Express trains ln Russia seldon
attain a greater speed than twenty
two miles an hour.
It Is well known thnt pure quartz
glass possesses the property of transmitting very abundantly the so called
chemical rays of light, by means of
which photographic effects are produced, aud It has often been attempted
to mnke photographic lenses of quartz
alone. Unfortunately quartz also possesses tho property of double refraction, so that unless the opening of tbe
lenses ls very narrow good Images are
not produced. Recently a French optician, E. Morin, has succeeded in making small photographic lenses of quartz
glass, ln which some of the difficulties
bave been avoided, and the lenses show
great rapidity of action. Still, tbe problem confessedly has not been entirely
solved, and tbe new lenses are recommended by their Inventor only for special purposes. Astronomers are particularly desirous to obtain photographic
lenses possessing tbe peculiar permeability to the actinic rays that characterize quartz.
Heed  1'i-iik.
Reed pens split at the end like quill
pens  have   been  found  in   Egyptian
tombs dating probably 2,500 years before Christ
You will  hasten  recovery by tak*
/Ing en* 1 Aymr's Pllla at lnnltlms.
Reconciled Science and  Religion.
A clergyman Is quoted ln Everybody's Magazine as confounding an advanced young woman who was demonstrating to him that science bad disproved religion with this little parable.
"Madam," he said, "I once knew a
member of your sex who perfectly reconciled science nnd religion. She Is a
prominent member of tbe Young Women's Christian association, and she
was making an address to a large gathering of women, which was interrupted by a terrific thunder shower. She
shared with many the awful^fear of
thunder and lightning, and, with the
others, she trembled In silence for a
few moments. Wheu a blinding flash
was swiftly followed by a frightful
clap of thunder she struggled to her
feet and began to pray, 'O Lord, take
us under thy protecting wings, for thou
knowest that feathers are nonconductors.' "
Tho Men .t Turkey.
With the exception of the Mussulmans the men of Turkey are laborers,
oue ond all. Usually lu the villages
(for there are no farms as we understand the term and every one lives in
a hamlet or a city) the men own the
Strengthening   Deficient   Faculties.
Few people are well-balanced, well-
rounded. . A great many have splendid ability in certain lines, good education, fine training, and yet have
some deficiency in their make-up
which clippies the whole life and
dwarfs the res Its of their utmost In.
dttstry. Many of us have soma little,
contemptible weakness which offsets
our strong qualities and ruins their
What a pity to see a giant in possibility tied down by some little, contemptible weakness which cripples
what might have been a magnificent
career I If parent or teacher would
only point out to a child a weakness
wliich, perhaps, will be fatal if not
remedied, and tcacli it how to guard
against it, how to strengthen tho defective quality by ment—I exercise,
what a tremendous help it would give
to the child, perhaps preserving it
from failure.
It is pitiable to see a young man
bowing to what he calls fate, which
he thinks has been fixed by the contour of his brain or in his hereditary
tendencies. Why should we drag 0111
weaknesses through life, when a little
common sense, a little right thinking
in fixing new habits of thought would
soon remedy them?
If you are conscious of a mental
weakness, a deficient faculty, using a
little concentration, thinking in the
opposite direction, and dwelling upon
the perfect faculties or qualities you
desire, would soon put yon i'n a normal condition. It is normal thinking
that makes the normal life.
But if you leave your weak faculties alono—do not try to exorcise
tliem, do not try to enlarge them,
do not think it worth while—how can
you expect them ever to become
strong? You can not develop a sys-
metrical body by simply exercising
the arms. The saute is true of the
mental faculties. Those wliich are not
used deteriorate. If you long for a
thing and strive for it with all your
might persistently enough and long
enough you cannot help approximating
it; you must get what you wish in
some degree.—Success Magazine.
Much of the worry which every
mother of young children undergoes,
would be spared if the mother kept
Baby's Own Tablets on hand, and
gave an occasional dose when the
child was fretful, cross or feverish,
.Nearly all the ailments of childhood
property in common with the rest of ,can  be, trf^Pd to  'he  »toma<;h' b™'
_-. .   In      vs„ , 1 iv.    e s or teething.     For these  troubles
the family.   Wheu a girl marries she  no medlcine cj|n equal    Baby>s   0wn
goes to her husband s home to live, and  Tablets, and the mother has the guar-
wheu her children become old enough '
they take their turn iu tilling the fields
and marketing the produce. Agriculture ls the main occupation everywhere, anS lt ls of the simplest form.
The farmer rises wltb the dawn and
ln company with his wife, sons and
daughters repairs to the fields. One
woman only remains at home to prepare the meals nnd set the house ln order.—Southern Workman.
"Nobody Is worried nowadays by the
fact that the twelfth month of the year
ls called the teuth, December," says
a writer, "aud no doubt even the ancient Romans soon got used to the
anomaly when the new year was shifted back from March to January, though
the old uames of the months were retained. But there was one of them
who made ingenious use of lt—Ll-
clnius, a rascally procurator at Lyons
under Augustus. He Insisted on having certain monthly payments made
fourteen times a year; arguing, when
December came round, that as lt was
the tenth mouth of the year and there
ought to bo twelvo there must be two
more to be accounted for."
antee of a government analyst that
tnls medicine is absolutely safe.. Mrs.
l.enneth Mclnnis, Lakefleld, Ont.,
says — "Baby's Own Tablets are a
perfect medicine in every way.
There will be no sickly children in
tlie homes where they are used."
Sold by all medicine dealers or oy
mail at 25 cents a box by writing
The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockvuie, Out.
Typhoid fever is responsible for
one-third of the deaths In the British
army in India.
Minard's   Liniment  Curea
British fishermen are  taking
000 worth of fish daily.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
In 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never falls. At all druggists.
The Montreal Street Railway company is building a new power house
to  cost $1,000,000.
Many patent medicines have come
and gone, but Bickle's Anti-Coustimp-
tlvc Syrup continues t8 occupy a foremost place among remedies for
coughs and colds, and as a preventive
of decay of the lungs. It ls a standard medicine that widens its sphere
of usefulness year by year. If you
are in need of something to rid yourself of a cough or cold, you cannot do
better  than  try Bickle's   Syrup.
Democratic Norway.
Norway, with all its- preferences for
a   monarchical   form  of  government,
seems to be the most democratic country in Europe.   Tbe king Is not "your
majesty."   He is addressed, with sturdy
Indifference   to   formality,    ns   "Mr. I    Tne  damage  done t0  English mis
Klug," just as ln this country we say !Blon  stations  in   China exceeds   $5"V
"Mr.   President."    Haakon   accommo- 000.
dates himself cheerfully to the demo-1
crutic spirit and is to be seen walking
ubout the streets of Chrlstlanin in a
most uupreteutious  manner, carrying
his baby boy iu his arms.    The civil
servants of the state wear no uniforms,
simple evening dress after the American custom being prescribed for state
Herr Llnguer of Berlin declares
that British scientists are the only
persons from whom German doctors
might learn  something.
A Tradition  Dishonored.
The Choctaw Nation is humiliated because one of their number has brokeu
his word. A Choctaw's word has been
as good as a white man's bond. This
honorable tradition of the tribe bns,
however, been violated. Robert L. Fol-
Bom, a full blooded Choctaw, was
charged with murder und the time for
his trial flxed. Then he was released,
nnd wben the trial day came he did not
appear. He was finally arrested iu
Utah and taken to Duraut, in Indlun
Territory, where be will be tried. Fol-
lanii ls said to be the first man of his
tribe to flee from justice.
A monument is to be erectod to the
memory of Edna Lynll at Eastbourne,
How This Selfish, Hostess Bird Gets
Its Eggs  Hatched.
A popular fullaif;,- tc!l_ us that a cuckoo lays eggs In anothtr bird's nest.
Slie does not. She lays eight eggs on
the ground The eggs are in size, color, spots and shape in accordance with
the Information obtained, My, ln Leigh
woods: Out of the eight eggs five or
six would closely resemble the hedge
sparrow's. The other two might be
those of a titlark, a wren or a linnet.
Her male friends—about three or four
to each lady—now come forward, select each an egg and carry It ln Its
mouth to the nest of the prearranged
foster mother. Only one cuckoo egg ls
placed ln one nest. If he finds a cuckoo
has preceded him on the same errand
he seeks another cradle, knowing In a
moment amid all the eggs present the
cuckoo pedigree.
The deluded mother hatches the Intruder with her own brood, and the Interloper, having the faculty of being
hatched sooner than the others, ls of
course the flrst to come out of his shell.
He manages to wriggle underneath his
brothers and sisters and presents them
as a heave offering to the expectant
rodents, mice, rats, stoats, and what
not, and within twelve hours of his existence ls the supreme occupier of the
nest. He keeps his black mouth wide
open continually, which the father and
mother of the departed chickens as
constantly fill until his body is too big
for his home, and he departs therefrom
The cuckoo leaves the last week of
July. He is a restless being. After
leaving Europe he begins in the north
of Africa and ends at the Cape of
Good Hope, whence he returns to Europe ln the spring. Why does he go
away and why come back? Food—the
food he loves—the hairy caterpillars.
He will eat other grubs, but these are
his hourly bread.
It has been estimated in round numbers that out of every 100 hairy caterpillars that wriggle into life 99 are devoured by cuckoos. Everywhere nature ls careful to maintain her balance.
The cuckoo keeps down the millions of
billions of hairy caterpillars and preserves our cornfields from being eaten
up by hedge sparrows. The cuckoo ls
a born conservative and as long aa he
lives returns annually to the neighborhood of his birth.—Western (England)
Press,   f
Breeches, Pantaloons and Trousers.
"Breeches," ln the strict meaning of
that term, were worn by the semicivl-
lized men of the east long ages before
a single page of the New Testament
was written, having been quite common among the Medes and Persians,
the Phrygians, the Gauls and the Teutons. Breeches were very "brier' articles of apparel, scarcely covering the
hips ln the majority of Instances and
never reaching nearer than six Inches
of the knee.
"Pantaloons" were exaggerated
forms of stockings reaching from the
hips to the gnkles and as tlght-fltting
as a pair of knit drawers. They were
usually of three different colors—black
at the hips, red from hip to knee and
blue to the termination at the ankle.
They came ln vogue during tho llrst
half of the fifteenth century at Venice
and were worn by the devotees of the
patron saint, Pantaloon. Such garments were always called pantalinl by
the Italians.
"Trousers," the only proper word to
express the existing styles ln "pants,"
followed closely after the "knee
breeches'' of the Revolutionary period,
being flrst worn In England at Oxford
and Cambridge ln 1812.
Remarkable Feat.
Recently an Indian fakir appeared at
a circus ln Berlin, where he astonished
the audience by lifting a boy with his
eyelids. The boy made himself as
small as possible #nd was put into a
net to which was secured a string that
was provided on each end with n little
cup just large enough to lit over the
eye. The lalilr pressed these little cups
over his eyes, where they held fast,
then threw his head back and slowly
straightened his body, thus lifting his
burden, which he then carried about,
his arms being outstretched all the
time, and Anally lowered lt slowly to
the ground again. How ls lt possible
for any man to do this? The enly explanation ls that the cups were fitted
Into the eye sockets so that they held
on the edges of the sockets, but It Is
not likely that the trick will be Imitated by even those prestlgltators who
consider themselves very expert.
Curious Singapore Law.
There Is a unique law in Singapore
which makes the coroner lots of trouble. That official complained tho other
day to this effect: "In this settlement
Indians can burn any dead body they
like without any written authority from
any one. It ls also a fact that no one
can be buried without a doctor's certificate and a burial order. This Is a
beautiful state of affairs and one to
which I have frequently called the attention of the authorities. I remember
on one recent occasion I had to hold
an Inquest on an Indian at tho mortuary, and on my arrival there I found
that the body was already on the pyre
ready to be burned, and I had to send
the usher of tho court to have the
body brought back. The dangor of
crime arising from this state of affairs
Is obvious."
No Risk
-With a
Further Developments May Prove Fatal.
There is Cure For You In
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
Stone lluildliiK..
A thousand years hence all the stone
buildings now standing ln Europe will
bave crumbled to dust So perishable
Is the material of which they are constructed that the process of decay ls already evident ln many famous buildings. Neither marble nor brownstone
can withstand the action of the elements.
Carbuncle  at  first   meant
us* tban ■ Ut_» ilewilna t**X
It you could depend on a cold passing off of its own accord it would be
all very well to let It run Its course.
The risk is too great.
Consumption    and    pneumonia
She Played the Spy.
A Viennese baroness, recently murdered, carried the art of being at war ,   .   ,     .     . , ,
with servants to the highest degree of  «W «»»e their beginnings In a cold,
perfection.    Sho bad a secret system      If you  take  prompt means of  cur-
of tubes leading from her sitting room  ing    you    will   never be a victim of
to tbe kitchen aud servants' rooms. By  these or other fatal lung troubles,
means of these she was able to hear ,    rjid  you ever wait  to     think of It
all manner of uncomplimentary refer- 'tlmt way?
euces to herself. She enjoyed this, Ur m,aBeis Syrup of Linseed and lone of them with good results. W«
strategic advantage very much, for she !,.,mentUie |g beg(. known on nccount Let I0Ur bottles at a time and find li
rcoaX_n^eiTerpt,w7r.U.^0;of  Its    extraordinary    control     over a good remedy to break up .1 cold on
ed revolver under Hor pillow fer fear croup, bronchitis,    whooping    cough, the It	
of assassination.
Pleasant to take, thorough and far
reaching ln action, and certain in its
benellclul results, Dr. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine should
al-.tiave a place In every house as a
safeguard against consumption and
other fatal lung  diseases.
Mrs. It. T. Turner, Broadview,
Sask,, writes:—"We have seven children and have used Dr. Chuse's Syrup
of Linseed  and  Turpentine for every
1 -
The Wont.
Of all the scores
Of beastly bores
With which the world's afflicted
The worst today
An those Who say.
t'S lust Wbat I expected.'
asthma  and  severe chest  colds.
As a means of overcoming ordinary coughs and colds, throat Irritation and the many diseases of the
throat, bronchial tubes and lungs it
has made au enviable reputation for
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
1'Urpentlne, 25 cents a bottle, ut till
dealers or Edmaiison, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against Imitations the portrait and signature Cf
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
book  author, are on every bottle.
BREAD   is   never better
than the flour it is made of.
Often it is not nearly so
good, but that is the fault of
the bread-maker.
Without good flour, good
bread is impossible, no matter
how skilfully it is handled.
Now, good bread must
be good to eat, as well as
good to see or to taste.
Good-to-eat bread is bread
that nourishes.
In the matter of nutriment,
Royal Household Floor
is supreme. It represents the
best that is in the wheat,
ground to a snowy whiteness
and purified by electricity.
It produces bread that is
light, easy to digest and best
of all—nutritious. Ogilvie's
Royal Household is to be
had at all grocers.
Ogilvie flour Hills Co.,
"Ogilvie's Book for a Cook," contains
ISO pases of excellent recipes, some never
—_.     published before.   Yonr grocer can tell
'OS     you how to get it FKEE.
speech -.nn intellect.
A lunn who has, by disease or Injury,
lost the faculty of talking ls generally
also unable to write, and lt Is only ln
exceptional cases tbat one of these
functions persists while the other Is ln
abeyance. Cases of tbls latter kind
show, however, that there are really
two separate centers for ths two faculties which are lying very close together and therefore generally suffer
at ths same time. If the disease affecting them be still mors extensive
the faculty of lutelligeut pantomime or
gesticulation is likewise abolished. Persons who have entirely lost their language may still be able to play chess,
backgammon and whist, and they have
been observed to cheat at cards with
some ingenuity, 'ihey may also be
sharp ln business mutters, facts tending to show thnt speech and Intellect
do not run ln Identical grooves.
The struBitlr-s of a Seelptor.
Augustin Rodin, the French sculptor,
bad a great struggle with poverty and
adverse criticism in bis youth. Of an
episode of this early period a writer
says: "With that Inflexible will and
singleness of purpose that never failed
him throughout his carter the young
sculptor sot himself to express la elsy,
marble or bronze bis conception of life
and art. Ho used his lelsur* la working at nighttime, In a deserted stable
be had transformed Into a studio, at
bit wonderful mask of "The Man Willi
the Broken Nose.' After eighteen
months of hard and patient labor he
finished this mask and sent lt to the
salon. It took the hanging committee
fourteen years to discover any merit
ln the work, for it wus rejected In 1864
and finally accepted only In 1878."
Odd —vllnpbs.
A correspondent of the Chicago Record-Herald contributes a few odd epitaphs from cemeteries ln various parts
of tbls country. The following Is
found on a tombstone in a cemetery at
Trenton, N, J. Although ths fact Is
not stated ln ths Inscription, It would
appear that the subject was a scale-
maker or had something te da with
weighing machines:
His ways were ways of plsasantness
In all life's fitful dream:
He struck a balance with ths world,
And than h« kicked tbt besra.
In tht cemetery tt Copp's Hill, Mass.,
is found th* following epitaph:
■acred to tin Memory ef
Beloved wife of Rd Gerllorj.
She slipped her wind
Alter doing a weak'* baking.
His Soaaeatlon.
A well known author, according to
Harper's Weekly, was once introduced
to a fascinating but frivolous widow ln
Philadelphia. Tbat evening the fair
oue had beeu Indulging in tender reminiscence of the depa-ted. "Ah," she
sighed, "no other man can ever fill dear
Jack's place. I loved blm from the
bottom of my heart"
"True," suggested the writer, who
was aware of the lady's weakness,
"but, remember, there's always room
at the top!"
"You tay both bis legs were shot
"How did he ever get home—seven
miles away?"
"Wby, he said tbe shrieks of the
wounded made his flesh creep so that
be got home ln a very short time."—
Harvard Lampoon.
A Distinction.
"Things have come to a pretty pnss,"
stormed the legislator whose request
for free transportation had been refused.
"No, there Is no pretty pass this
year," responded the railroad official,
who, while a person of humor, was
withal a stickler for accuracy—Philadelphia Press.
Fairvillc, Sept. 3d, 1902
Minard's Liniment Co.,   Limited
Dear Sirs.—We wish to Inform you
that we consider your .MINARD'S
1.1M.MENT a very superior article,
and we use it as a suro relief for sore
throat and chost. When I tell you I
would not be without It If the price
was one dollar a bottle, I mean It.
Yours truly,
The  largest  piano  factory    In
world Is to bi. erected ln Detroit.
Officials who arrested American
women in Turkey, have beeu punished.
The Three Heaviest Mas.
The three heaviest men of whom any
mention ls made In history were Miles
Darden of Tennessee, Lewis Cornelius
of Pennsylvania aud Daniel Lambert
of England. Darden dltd ln 1857.
Wben ln health he was seven feet six
Inches ln height and weighed over 1,000
pounds. Tbere Is no record of the date
of the death of Cornelius, which occurred bi Plkt county, l'u., but the account says that bo was born ln 170*.
When la bis prime bt measured tight
font two lucbtt around tbt waist, was
six fttt tall aad weighed 84SH pounds.
Danltl Lambert was an English frtak
of tht early part ef tht ctatury and
dltd ln Juue, 1800. Ut was of averagt
height, but wtlgbed 780 pounds.
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powdsr.— Rev.
W. —. Main, nustor of tho Baptist Emanuel church. Buffalo, gives strong testimony for and in a firm believer In Dr.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. He haa
tried many kinds of remedies without
avail. "After using Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder I was benefitted al
once," are hie words. It la a wonderful
remedy,   SO cents.—65
William O'Brien, M. P., claims thut
a peaceful revolution Is now taking
placo   in  Ireland.
The British government considers
he Chinese situation is becoming In-
reuslngly  ugly.
"Tliis Indent—re."
Tht phrase "this lndenturt," whlcb
appears so often ln legal paptss, ls of
curious origin. In the tarly days parchment was ustd for legal documents bt-
cause lt was cheaper tban paper. Tha
leaves wera not cut evenly, but seal-
loped with a knife, becoming "Indented." Papers are uow cut on straight
lines, but "this lndenturt" still remains.
Beauly From Within.
Thore art faces so fluid with expression, 10 flushed and rippled by tbe play
of thought Uiat we can hardly find
what tho mere features really are, snya
Home Notes. When the delicious beauty of linoments loses Its power It Is be-
cause a mors delicious beauty has ap
ptartd—that an Interior and durablt
form bas been disclosed.
$100 REWARD $100.
Tin- rentiers of this pnper will O.- pleased to learn
thst then, is nt least one dreaded dlmase tiist science
In,. Irtoo 1,1 I" to i un- In ell its stages, snd thet le
Csterrii. Hall's C'slnrrh Cure le tho only positive
cure now know*, lo the in" 1 ■ nl fraternity. OeUrrh
l»- nu a cotistitutimjnl iliM-n e, rcoinrce e eonstltu-
tlnnnl treatinenl. Ilnir. t'utnrrh I'liro Is taken in-
terrUM'. m-lintf <ll, .llr on li.e I.IihsI and mucous
surfaces of thus. -I,-ni. there!,* de.tro. Ina the found-
ellnn nf Ills llliraee. slut St' "a 0 e pslient strength
lo-IciiUina up II c Mwi-tltut on and assisting nature
in dome Its work, Tl>n proprietors havu an much
faith In Its cursl ,o power- timt il.c* offer One Hundred In-line fer nn< ca-», that It fn.ls lo cure. Send
for 1 l nl lealimou.sls.
Address: t, J. I'll KM'.V A Co.. Toledo. O.
Sold hy dnifulsts 16c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for coustlpelloi-.
The  Bank  of  America   recently  organized  ln Chicago,  has failed.
Hnrd and suft corns cannot withstand llollnway's Corn Cure; It ls effectual every time. Get a bottle at
once  and  bo happy.
I Harland & Wolfe. Belfast, are building the largest ship In the world for
the While Star  Hue.
Sunlight Soap ls better thnn other
soaps, but Is best when used iu tin-
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight -Sonif
and   follow directions^£'"
The experiment In Knglnnd of
■melting oros from Cobalt, Out., has
been pronounced u success.
Loss's Interpretation.
"Did you ever tell George that I wu
a dove?"
"Did ht tay I did J"
"Then bt loves you, all rlgbt. I told
him  you were  a  pouter."
| It Is Known Everywhere.— There
jis nol n cily, tnwn or humb't in Canada  where  Dr, Thomas'   EDCleetrlO Oil
is noi   known—wherever   introduced
it made n foothold for Itself nntl maiii-
jtalned It. Some merchants may suggest   some   other   remedy   ns  equally
{beneficial,     Such    recommendations
should be received wilh doubt. Thero
,ls only one "-.electric Oil, and that Is
Dr.   Thomas.    Take   nothing olse.
The Wasp.
Don't fool with a wasp because rou
think m* looks wtak and Urtd.   Tou
will find sat hfs all right In tht tad.
Toronto sailors will probably strike
or higher wages.
MpgJS__£x~_-?—jgg £835—JS232!—S
(Bstobllshed April S, ISfip.)
OrndE • 2 -J -i -l Westminster avenue.
SOU - ■    ii -WC(
Mrs. R Whitney, Publisher.
Enows- Oi-th:i-,-;■() Fleet street,
London. E. 0., England Where a
file of "Tho Advocate" is kopt for
|   a a
Subscript ion $i a year   payable   iu
8 cunts a Oopy.
Tei. B5405.
Vanco.'ykk, B. C, APfill."l8j  11)08
TnE New Yo»8 Dentists, Ohio
Dentists, Boston Dentists, all local
fleutists who advertize, have reooivod
letters from lt. Ford Ven-indor,
Hccrotary-Trci.-iuor of B. 0. Board of
Deutnl Examiners. These letters state
that each of the recipients will be
tirosecuted for unprofessional conduot,
viz: for advertizing, which ia an infrac-
tiou of a by-law. This by-law restricts
advertiziug b.v tho profeasiou to 60 line,
siuglc cohimu. It would appoar tho
by law wns framed in the interests of
older members of the profosslou, and
hurtful to younger or new mon, Certainly the men who arc so courageous
pud outerprizing as to defy old teuots
pf professioual etiquotte should be
allowed Individual liberty in a free
ooutitry. They are the pioneers iu a
.movement which ia sere ta result in
establishing tbe right of every Dent!
to advertize or not to advertize.
Junction ol Westminster —cd r.i
dter   aveuue.       •-11:'.'I', i'.'i   ut
and 7-..11] p. to.: Sunday School ti
Cornerol Nl nl ami Wcslniinstei avenues,
8J3RVICES at lla.m., Bnd 7 p. m.i Suiiiltil
School uud iili-ii- (Haas _.:u p.m. Uev. A, li,
lleili.ihigton. B.A., B. D„ Pastor.
Oarsonagc 123 l.l.vclith avenue, west. Tele
-shone Bl—0.
Corner Ninth; avenue and Quebec slreei
BEKVIUE6 »t Hi, in..tiii.l t:_0 i-. in.: Stindpj'
Bi'iiool at'i'.nOp.m. Rov.SeoiA.Wilson, b.A,
I'uwer. Manas cornor of Eighth avenue and
.Omarlu street.   Tel. 10iK.
St Michaels, (Anglican).
Corner Ninth aveffuo and frlnco Edward
■treec, SEKV1CES at 11 k. in.. Hlni 7:SH p.m.,
poly Communion 1st and Bd Bnudays lu each
month tiller morning prayer, 2d and 4th Hiin
days tit 8 ,t. m.   Sunday  School nt 'J:i:o p.m.
RuV. Ci. II. Wilson. Hector.
Rectory H72 Tliirtecnib avenue, east.   Telo-
phonil  1117'.1'J.
Advent Christian Church (not 7thday Ad-
tmists), Seventh avenue, near Westminster
avenuo. Services 11 s. in., und 7.::o p.m.,
Sunday School ul Uir.. in. Young peoples'
Mociutyol Loyal Workers of Christian Endea-
rArmettaovory Sundayoveidng ntCt46o clock.
PrsyoMap.etlng lYeduestIaynlghtsat8o<
Jjthiul Advertising IOo n line each is.-'.io,
Display Advertising $1.00 per inch
per mouth.
Notices fnr Church and Society Entertainments, Lectures,  eto.,    WHERE
wi)) be charged for.
All   Advertlsemoutfl arc  run regularly
nud charged for until oidered thoy
be discontinued.
'Transient   Advertizers   must   pny   in
SSot-icogor Births, Marriages, nnd Doaths
published free of charge.
taken  at
•The Advocate'.'
^'it-huts, programs, buaineim tuirilrl,
envelops, li'lti rhe.'.d., mill: tickets,
in fnct, 1 lif iu in nothing loo small
_,f too. largo it, uotumorol ■! printing
for us.   Orders" il.citi d.
XJ44 Westjnlnaler avenue.
Mi     PI GAS.ANT.
. ■   1       .'   Foremau uud lou     11 11
Almas,   Dickinson,   Eorgeas,   Middle;
and Townsend wrr- preseut nt the regular meeting of the Couneil ou Saturday
April S8th.
In answer to a letter from the Oentral
Park Agricnltnrid Assoeiaiiou and
Farmers' Institute, asking for 11 dona-
ti .:i in aid of tiie Exhibit lou, ' ■' ■■'■ •■
I i ■ ■■ ■■:•! V'luins ir .'a :. il nl $100 be
(nu       vhit ii was carrit ■■■
S'.i.v- Foreman suggested that n
grant be mndo towards the San Francisco disaster, and it was decided that the
Reeve and Clerk send goods to the
amount of $100, oh motion of Councillors Burgess r.ud Middler.
Three new Suh-divisibns were h'id
before the Ouuhcil for approval—it is
nee inry under tbo uew lijw that thoy
bo signed by someone authorised by the
Couueil before being registered. Bud tho
Act provides that all streets or roads
shrill be i;« Ject wide and uo jogs Bhowu
The Beeve was nppoiated to nitr• 1 those
when thoy mot « ill; bis ukprova,*.
Mr. W. Chipperfleld's application for
a lonn of ■'. ■ .-v.- referred to the Finouou
Messrs IIhit.s & Bull wrote sayiug
the coil:, ii 1 tj.*"d in Uie recent trial, iii
which'judgment yfns'.-given iu favor of
tlm Municipality, was $414.80 against
Wallnco and $-135 86 against Smith; filed
The report of-tho Fence and Water-
coarse Vi iwors in the caso of Mr, Robt.
MoBrulo vs, Ihii Municipality, was ns
follov -: "i laying taaiuiui .1 the pr m
isesaud reoi ived all tli-' iu! mi • tioi    -
could, ap i.-'.' that Mr.   '■■'■  1   Mel '■   i
hits ti ■ claim tigninst tho   — uiiloii
ii- ■ ii    f.ltl v.-Ktci ivas I irn d by 1 ffju d  j
iti   Para nis,   and   thi;   Mt   '■'"■■■ ■ ■
i 1 dig  his  pari
to v
::■■   trouble."    -ii
P    .        fami •■  '.'.' h'    ■' ■■ ■
■ ■„■. ■ lb rs   Burgfeas and    -
- i -  11 ■.:   doptcd,
L'hi Colli v, log motion ■■ ■■:•■■:■■■ in u -
ly : :■:-:- ■-■ '■'; '-,:.'. tha    luuucil  ■:.   li ml b
Aiiy brand of Flour you want at $1.C0
tatocs, white, good ones, at $1.15 Shoulder Hams per Lb. 12c
Hams aud Bacon per Lb. Ibe and 19c
1 Fresh Egps, now laid, every egg guaranteed, 2ec per doz.
Bai-gniua lu Furniture, easy payments, 10^ off for oash.     Fancy Rockers OOc up.
£>    T    W^!?«^P  Westminster avenue &
e*J.    1-  .    VV tCltfid'^W-   Harris street. Ti'h'Dhouo
Sell for Cash
is our motto—come
us, and you will not
ana see
be   dis-
C 4- rk
Jullotion of Westmiuster Road aud Ave.
'1 Itoi     2
■■^0*4 $*:* frf04*0 **<:*sis^0-04;0*0
For Purity of
Hate-rial and
Cheapest in
Price isHuir's
24 Loaves for $! cash.
'Phone 448.
- f0*^0**0;eS*^0***0*00***000
%a8iP!Wi**B!^B*®! - f'i^0')*,-/-<!*^*-e***^'**0^00*000
S   ■ :
'■  : :    idi
'■ .   'I!    -.
'■-:: ■    ■ ■   :
mas.   The
Buuei ivur i-espeetfnlly ask Ihe Government of British Oolumbia to have the
Provinc al Lauds on Ihe Point Grey
Reserve surveyed ood cleared, end the
ronds opeued up beforo Ibey are placed
ou sale. Tlio cost Of doing Ibis to be
added to the Reserved price of aaid
lands, nnd would BUggost that they be
sold only ou building and improving
conditions, and that they bo plaood in
tho hands of Heal Estate Agents to
sell, ,".t 0 fair market prioe, :-;> as to encourage settleinont aud keep out speculators."
The request that Onlario street be
built on tho proppr lino between tSix-
toentli nud Eighteenth avenues, was
acceded to upou motion of Councillors
Middler and Burgess, and a survey i-; to
bu mndo and teuders called for.
The. Olerk -wits instructed to ask the
B. C. Electrio Railway Company to box
inn ditch clur; by them on the Joyce
road. M_-. Calloway's ;;"-i' lo _aisli tho
ti tuaiuder of this roa I wn - ■■ ided
Tho lime for receiving tenders on the
!'.-,:- I: ! Rosonb :;; roads was —ti ' I
ii: :,. i'".;i:l;ir lie eting. Only one offer
■.- ; :-. cal red tor tho Wilson road
Messrs Scott & Bowes were awarded
Twenty-first avenuo at $14.80 per chain,
Ou motion of Oouik illors Burgess and
Almas tho Reovo, OonuciUors Bm-goss
and Dickinson :■ exo api oiutbd :. en u-
nitttec to wait upon Mr. llnutzeu wheu
hoorrivi irognrdirtg Irauiway coustruo
tion in South Vancouver.
Councillors Dickinson moved, seconded by t louncillorMiddler, :i.:.i tearastors
working fur the Municipality be paid
$8 per day instead of $6, Carried..
Councillors Almas, Dickinson nnd Middler voting for nud Councillor^ Burgess
and Towunend ngninst.
The Reeve and Clerk wero appointed
to represent South Vancouver at tlie
next sitting of (no Water Commisrion.
Coupcillors Bufjtcsfl and Townsend
wore instrm Kid to -—,\- u ditch 1 bniij bt-
oned and repaired, near _v, Higglii's
store '.: Eburno.
Mr, VV. Porris was acpointcd tonssis
tin Clerk threi   la>      1 the welt at .1
_larj ol     D 1 it 111 !:.   •'.:. :.  to the
tnolni 11 ■■ of U01 aud 11
1 i -■■;-: 1 i 1
:,    ':: S I
Trimuu tl aud Tfteaflj
Hats— >' 1 F lutes mode
Everythiug is First-class ami
at Moderate Prices
V-J e
3. HoY.'.r. Kami of Canada Hun ins-o
j   Coruer Sevdiilh hnd Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Plensaut.
 will find it to thoir advantage
to obtain from
the ureal-west
11 copy ot t
:,eir circular
which explains how
a   small
Trust to Nature.
A great many Americans, both men
and women ar • tl In, pole and puny, with
poor circulation, because they have lll-
■■-.-.. mi cl b liasly 1 itlng
ur i^-o minih eating, by consuming ulro-
holh  Ik \- rages, or by nilni
mi '.■ la in ■.   oflli lory, and In
co ■      lis -■■. ■ tach must : 1 treati A
In ■   -■   1 I [ iri tho;     i. rnotlfy
their earlier 1 Tin  mii-clen In
monthly payment will provide for the repayment of
loau and interest, and how,
in the event of the death of
the borrower, the home will
be left free of' encumbrance.
Q2B Riohat—i St.       VaucDnver, B.C.
Cut Youb Ftowitiuso
Shrubs -«?- Perennial
m9****   PLANTS ^^
Nursery   & t'irei'iilioiises,   curner of
Fifteenth and Westminster avenues.
Thk Oh_iEest Piaoh in thi--. City.
pm :■ 11 as.
Tvi-taity-ilvi i 1 lui
ce road coutn
.' ■ ■•      Vi  '
ivas ndvai ood on
: Soaooaie
ton aveuue; ?800
many su 'npli  m 'ai: in . ■   p> ivi iry,
thin  ■
work with
. tj_e|r
_ .< rcmilt
early. Is 01 trarac nnd li.-ij
Ion) 1',-' di 1 land for nutr tlvo aid is
•head ol mnply, To ii
health '•- ■■-. v ti-.-'ie. ' one
muscle should take troui tl I 1.' .
lain materials aud return lo It certain
othi... II i- nor— -,., 1 to nit pare the
bi -. , ii fnr tho workol taking up from
ii11, hio 1 « n -i Is 11 isarj ..1 muke go id,
rich, red bl od ' ■ must go to Nature
[or the remedy, i ero wnro certain
rooti known 1 thi Indlwi of this
country bofore tbe • dvi nl nf the whites
---" ■;   later 1 .'• 1 ■ the knowledge ol
Hi, nttl 1- nnd whieli nre now growing
rttpl Hi In profesrilonal fi ror for the enru
ol obsilnntn -• .. 1 troubles.
'1 •;■ arc found lo bi safi ■ nil v, 1 eor-
t.in In their ii'nn-ii ..'or.illoK
meet ■:,- n the si  11, llvei end blood,
Hu leal root, Onrcu's
rout, Bl 110  n       I !.  Iroot,   Mandrtike
root,   Thi 1, thi !•■ It ttlacli Cherry bark.
11 In thoso
roots -.»in n oi irnctcd »iiii jrlvr-
orlui sso    ilt »nl malti   lio mosl rellublo
nnd 1     lout mown in tonic and livor (n-
.   '.vliHii cotnblliod   In   Jnst   the
right proportions, m in Or. Pierce's
Golden Mi uii nl 11 scotory. Where tbi re
iri bankrupt vitality—sruob «< norvoui
exhaustion, bad uutrltlon—and ibin
bloml. the body ncnulro vigor nud the
n,-rv,■-. blood ...:-l «JJ lha tl«ni—fool the
ftiMia'-i  ottocl ol IM*eovereisn n n cdy.
AltllOllftb   »n : .   pi •     ■■;-;      fan - '    '      II
nv-rr,' ol ihe high medicinal value of the
nlmvo mentioned iilauts, yol low have
njed  pnro glycei lno m 11 boIvi nl  nnd
cal   I
i.-i'j ,.-.'-.ii,, /,
The ' ..,:,!.-n Modi tl Dim very" Is n
Klentll |i natation compounded of the
llycorlci lu - ntlonod
vsgatahlo    jgri tllont—    nd 1
alcohol or harmful bitiii-'inrimiig driins.
1 . •.- ; ion r.'.'.i, wesi ; MOO on Johnson
rocd;Ontari   Btrool lo bo paid   for as
soou as ntiished.
"1  ■'.   ■.    nth  Iberi   h 1 bi   nspoul
00 iii" '.,. ••; :■   1'  ouni  tOflO,  for  tlie
Mn| ■ .-. 1 ovt u« md 1 bd Coutre roi Is.
The i: ind Fori man's Shi ol Bhow b the
ii Hi ■■ lug  nu 01 nl     ■ ;•' nded    on tho
ent roads: 1 a r in I, $104 70;
well 'ortb Ann road,
ID;Gibr.i    ■     .    iOit.OO; Nn. l rotid,
...    iV'nh     :• 11 . .'■':   'o ■ >tniiin ti t
!   :■>.   flO :■'■;' 1    d,   :'':  ■': :,'■-
...      1 Col od  road, |81 1 i;
GrePii . .   So    '   road,   $24 70.
1 bi    teuderod 1 rico   I ir  Ihe   Bodwell
road wn   -     , asavi :.; of ,:isa.lO.
The <    fit repni led thai tho  E*it utor
:"'  I'or,ec_j   of tho Rowlifi - Kslutoond Mr. Siuellis
tervo :nid ,,,, ,   ..
Euterl iini ig Niock Trial.
Ou Mouda; . . ■ - ' :... . ,-ery tintc 'tnin
ing Moolt Trial took place iu the Ve_rtry
Roi : ■- of Bt. cl■_: l's Church, the
en e heing : 1 idi i ;',''.:: ..';,. n ";1 ■■
Geruld Mo< .• - was lav yoi roi thi
• ' . tiff ui Mr. Gilbert Boult for .the
Defendant Mr, Tanniuliffe noted as
Judge. Mr. Archil: Dodson told how
he had been hold-up nt tho coruer of
Thlrteonrh aud .Sophia, ou the uight of
March 17th, nud relieved of a scarf pin,
$60in bills and aohon_ne for$84.60 ou the
Royal Bank of Steveston, signed by
G. Mi'C'ei'r. Uffleer Bowers lold how
be had chased aftor the prisoner, and
had picked up a hat with tho initials
O. B. ou it which he subsequently found
belonged to Mr. C. Barker. Seveial
witnesses brought out evidence to the
effect that the prisoner had borrowed
money, tiled to cash the cheque ou tho
Royal Bank of Steveston and finally
tried to pawn tiie searf pin. The prisoner, Mr. John Birmingham, stated he
wns alnmbarraau from Seattle over here
to buy Jogs ■, on t be night of the hold-up
In' attended the St. Patrick's Concert
With a yonug lndy who lived on Ninth
avonuei ou their way to her home alter
the concert, after getting off the car at
Ninth and Westminster, they were
coming along Thirteenth avonuo when
ho found lie piu. He had borrowed
mouey to use for spending money until
some arrived from Senitlo; alter thn
mouey camo ho bad cashed a cheque
for a num. The piu had been advertized
but uo one claiming it he had attempted
to pawn it the day he wits roturuiug to
Seattle. Several witnesses were called
by the Attorney for the Defendant and
they corroborated the prisiouer's state-
incuts. Judgo Tuuuit'liffe in sum
uii'...: up the evidence showed that the
Prosecution only produced Ciroumstau-
tinl evidence wbile the Defence had
proved an Alibi Tbo Jury of Six retired nud after a lengthy deliberation
brought in n verdict of Not Guilty. The
Jurors were: Miss Stephens, Mies
Birmingham, Miss Julia Curtis, Miss
Surah Dodson, Miss Fanny Pugh, Miss
Agnes Hewson. After iho trial refreshments were, served. Thero was a very
large attendance, and wliilo enjoying
the refreshments tho trial wns discussed by aU and tho evidence and verdict
debated uutil it was 1 a. m., bofore
many wonl :i.
I'll, pitas-ut liall-'PostotiU'c.)
Mail arrives dally at 10:80 .1. ni,, nnd
■'..'■■■•. ot.
Mall leaves the Postoffl ie at " and 11
n. m , and 1:30 and 6:80 p. m,
"Tho /idvocate' wishes any oarslM-fe
noss in dclivory repotted to the Ofl-M
■ ti,   one Bl 105,
A Real Snap !—
&2.3O0 buys a New Modem House
of 7 rooms ou Fifth avenue. Terms
easy. Value good.
House of 5 rooms, electric light; hath
nud a 11 conveuienooB; 1' IKK
ORCHARD. Price $2,100; $760
down and en.-iy terms. Situated m
Eighth avenue.
Cottage of 6 rooms, electric light, und
all opnveuieuoes; situated un Eighth
avenue, enst. Prico $i.800l ;-0 0
dowu and terms.
•J—storey Resideuee ou Sixth avenue,
large houso, beautiful lawn, fruit,
Terms.   Price  $8,260.
House of 9 rooms, Eighth avenue; flue
orchard, lot 140x1.22 ; price $3,250.
Cash $1,150.
Lots on Fourteenth avenne, near St.
Catherines, for $150 each; terms.
One-half Acre. (G lots), cleared and
fi u led, 8-roora house, chicken
house, on Jam.es street, South Van-
c nvor . pi 00 $900. Very ea.y terms
10 lots on Twenty-fourth avenue,
. i:;;ii:i';. feet. Coruer lots on
Ontario street, $700; 7lots Nos. ?, 8,
8, i0. : 1 12, | .OOeaoh, No. 18 oorner
lot $250. These, lots are partly
cleared.   Very easy terms
Lot 2tix)!!2 On Westminster aveuuo;
two-storey buildiug, in tine coitui
tiou; leased for 3 years; title perfect,    Prico $7 500.
Store on 28-ft. lot, ou Westmiuster nve
nuo; buildiug routed; flue location,
near Ninth avenue. Price $0,500.
Houso of 5-rootns, Eighth aveuue;
electric light, bath; lot 83x120.
Prico    $8,000.
House of 7 rooms, coruer Lansdowne
nveuue aud Scot in street; lot 50x120.
Price $8,000,
8-roomed Oottage ou Cordova street,
east; troes and flower garden; a
lovely home $2,700.
5 Lots, cleared and plowed, William and
Park Drive; ou carliiio. Easy terms.
 1.450 each.
5 Lots o'i Grant- street—Grandvlew—
overlooking the city; very choice
lots. Terms $8,960!
DoisMe Corner—
Westmiuster avenue, Mt. Pleasant,
$7,000. Tlie bost coruer left on
the Hill.
* *   *
Good investment—
4 Houses on Ninth uveune; all
rented; $4,200.   Tonus.
* *   *
Beautifully   Situated   Residential
Lot  on  Burrard    i.troet;   Sl.'-oO.
*   *   *
List your lots   and   property
is it a Matter of Business
WITH WW that overy dollar you expend for the GROCERIES you nse,
should procure the most and the best that the market affords?
Wc are in n position to buy iu quantities that ensure the lowest prices.   We
can then turn round autl sell tit the lowest prices.
FtSr SB turday   Selling we have a few particularly good thing*
A limited quantity of Uood Quality Creamery Butter at 25c lb
Pino Largo Bananas, in prime condition, 20c dozen.
Schilling's Baking Powder, a well-known article of superior quality, i)£ B> tins
reduced to $1.00 each and 5- lb tius for $1.75, regular $2.2ii.
Pickles, piut bottles, regular 25c quality for 20o.
Delivery to Mt. Pleasant each day at 2:30 p, in.
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd*
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 286.
Westminster Ave. & Princess Street.
Westminster ave.
Telephoue B1406.
p s>s&j»-.:-mf-p^*-&>v**'**P^it**f's''
wen willing to allow the Vlotoi'lft road
. :. ...     ;  lighl and opou up tbo road
ug0 01 th aud ::'.- und • SO,
11 mdition hat I be louncil rosui 13
ed the blooks which the alteration
Would ."■. ■ ssitate. On motion Councillors Dickinson Rud Mniaa this condition
wan ligr.'eil lo, r.nd tenders will be
called tin bnildiug the road,
Tho    Councillor    udjquruetl    until
S. Uirdny.  April   28th,   nt  7:80,  when
■   tl;   la ii will bo considi red,
Youug Peoples Societies.
.: > A T -
1 oyal Worki 11 of Christian Endeavor
ne "tul 16 miuutes to 7, evory Sundny
Oveuing i:i  Advent  I 'htislien  Church,
Seventh nvonue, nonr WeBtm'rftvo.
' pworth   '.■ nguo of   Mt,    I . nsanl
meets ivl * p. m-
tt, v. P I .. im ets  in   Mi. Please
Bapti rob at 8 p. ni.
Tl E  DAT.
ott in  8 p. i'
:.    It, !•'.. rti 1  .:.! ' . ■ bj f .' nu Cniu'ol
1 nr   |i "i'i   '   -        btcribi     for  THB
,,;...      .1  only $1 for 12 months.
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. C.
jUR STOCK OF PRINTS is uow full and complete in
Dark, Medium and Light. Colors.   We cau justly claim
to have one of the finest ranges in Vancouvor at—
5c, 7,'jC, 10c, 12'<jc ti nil 15c u ynrd.
Lndies' Blnck Cashmere Hose, worth 85c for 25c a pair.
Remnants of Dress Goods, Flannelettes, Prints, Ginghams,
Laces, Ribbons, Embroideries, Etc.
4Q(S Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
"The Advocate" gives all the Local News of Mr,. Pleasant from
weok to week for :.l 00 per year; six mouths 50c. Au interesting
Serial Story is always kept- running; Ihe select—us in Woman's
Realm will always be found fnll interest to up-to-date women; the
miscellaneous it'n.is nre nlways bright, outertainiug and inspiring.
Now arrivals on Mt, Pleasnnt will become ruedily informed of the
community nud more quickly interested iu loctil lmppeuiugs if
ihey subscribe to "The Advocate."
$$ -?«******************************
in the interest
of Mt. Pleasant
_ South Vaucouver.
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
1.0    O    !'
Mt. l-l'.ii-: :i-' i.i'.i.-. ■ >; '.Mii'vls every
Tuesday at 8 1. m , in Oddfellows Unil
Westminster avenue,   Mt,  Weasaut,
Sojoiu'n|ng brethreu cordially Invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—G. W" Jamioson.
RnaoBDi no SnoR_T—in —Prn.uk
Trimble,cor. Ninth ave. A Westmin'r rd,
I. (). F.
Oonrt Vancouver 1838, Iudepeudeut
Order of Pores',ers meets 2-i and 4th
Mondays of eaoh month at 8 p.m., in
Oddfellows; Hull.
Visiting brethreu always welcome.
Ginef Ranchsr—A. Pengelly.
Recording Secretary—M, J. Crehan,
81. Hrlnces-struot, Ctty.
Financial Seoretart—J.B.Aberuelhy
Addrcas': Cnrc 2—8 VVentminBternveuuo
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds rcgnla.
Review 2d nu_ lth Mondays of each
month iu Knights of Pythias Hid'
Westmiustor avenne.
V isitiug Lndies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. N. Pettipieoe,
25 Tenth avenne, east.
Lndy Record Keeper—Mis. J. Maitlr,
Ninth avenne.
Vancouver Couueil, No. 211a, meet
every 2d nud 4th Thursdays of eaoh
month, in I O. O. P., Hall, West
minster nveuue.
Sojourning Frieuds always welcome
11. W. Howes, Chief Councillor. ".
i-iii.i Tenth nve , eftsL
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
2__!< Westuiinsu-mveiuie. Tel. 760.
A  Monthly Magazine   devoted to tho
Use of English.   Josephine Turol;
Baker, Editor.
$1 a your; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wantod.   Evanston, II!., U. S. A.
Partial Ooulents for this Mouth.—
Course in English for the Beginner;
course in English for the Advanced
pupil. How to Increase One's Vocabulary. The Art of Conversation. Shonld
and Would: how to use them. ProuuU'
oiation. Correct English iu the Hotue.
Correct English in the School. Business Eu!_lish for tho Business Mau.
Studies iu English Literature.
Get your work done nt the
Glasgow Berber Shop
2 doors from  Hotel
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
BRTHS—Bath room fitted with PORCELAIN    Bath    Tun    nnd  all   moderu
See Wheu Your Ivodge Meets
The 2d and -lth Mondays of the mouth
Court Vancouver, I. O. P., meets ut
8 p. ni.
Mt. Pleasnnt Lodge No. 10,  I.O.O.F.
meets 111 S p. in.
V—loouver  Council  No. 21 In,  Canadian Order of Chosen Friends moots
tho 2d and 4th Thursdays of tho mouth.
Alexandra Hive No ,. Ladies of Ibe
Maccabees holds its regnlur meetings on
the 2d and lth Mondays of the mouth.
is only $1.00 a year,
50c for fl mouths,
25c foi' 8 months.
E. - J. HARDV & CO.
Company, Financial, Press and
Advertisers' Agents,
llll Fleet St.. Loudon,  E. I!.,  Euglaud
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Everyone knows that for anything
to become known, it must be talked
about. For all article to become
popular its virtue must be made the
subject of a public announcement.
That is advertising! Consequently
if the survival of the llttest applies
to business principles as well as it
does to other walks of life, the better the advertising—the better the
publicity—the better the results.
Good results mean good business,
and good business is what every
merchant advertises for. If he did
not wish to excel in his particular
line, he would not take the trouble
to write an advertisement, much
more pay for the costly newspaper
and magazine space.—British Advertiser.
Subscribe    to    your   Local
Paper NOW I
Don't bo   a   Rorrower  of a
paper whioh only costs $1.00 a
acate $1
for 12 Months
Jjjy Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on ; Ltur-
day morning please notify
this office.    Telephone Hi405
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c
An vano Bonding a hkotch nnd tleBcrlpllon mny
qnfi klf .isfeit-im onr •pinion frotfwliether an
liivoiiMf-n is prob.iUly pattntafcia  Commnnloa-
tlfnisnirniMy "''I'.iii. r.u.ii. ilundlmolton Patent*
.'■.'..' ii'-.-- pidOSt M-ciiry for mn'iiriii.: luil-mt*..
Tn'mite tHkon ilirouirh Muim Jk Co. recolTfl
H--■ .■■' u .■:■■,-, v, 1; h-.iiL *li.ir..i', In tlm
Scientific Utttericait.
A liniiilHrtim-ly 111 ii fit rut od weulily. Lament olf-
1".;!..1 :■''! of any H( icntlflti Ji>nrnnl. Tprnm, $3 it
ypiirj four montult fL  Sold by all ntimiMlMl«
WURS & Co.86lB"-*»»- New York
ltrsv-1-.-l, Olllce. li'Jf, V St.. Wssliluulmi. D. C.
I like to read advertisements. They
arc in themselves literature; and I
can gauge the prosperity of the country by their very appearance."—William E. Gladstone.
Estimates Free.
Our new Gob Holder is now completed, nnd wo nro In a bettor position
than ever to satisfy tho requirements of our customers.
If yonr premises nre not already connected with our mains, and yon wonld
like nn estimate of the cost of connection, plettso TELEPHONE 31
giving your address uud wo will send out our 1'eprosoutuUvo, who will
give you Information,
Vancouver Gas Company.
OSTIOB : corner of Carrall and linbtiugs streets.


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