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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Apr 2, 1904

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Every person should take a Blood Purifier       o
in the Springtime. §
Lint's Sasaparilla with iodide of
I'otash, is the most reliable.
For sale by
he McDowell, Atkins,
Watson Co., Ld.
lurritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
Full Line of Lowney's Chocolnies.	
Mt. Pleasant
> '      Devoted to the interests ol   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Established Apr. 5, \ 599. fifth Year, Vol. 5, No. 51, Whole Number 260
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three tlonths 15c, Single Copy 5c.
The Arcade or Granville Street).
For Light Lunch
! Fresh Oysters, just in.   Baked Apples—like home--
will. . tiro Cream.   Genuine Boston Baked Bean.
Open from 7:80 a, m., to 12 p. ra.
Sunday from 9 a. m.  to IS p. m.
Local Items.
Persons hovlng Friends or knowing of
Strangers visiting on Mt. Plcasoal
will confer o great favor bv intormlng
The Advocate.
The McCnaig Auction and Conimis-
|iou Co., Ltd., next to Carueige Library,
stings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
llonduct Auction Sales   and   handle
bankrupt Stocks of every description.
atiflfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070,
An important business transfer was
Inade  on ISrarsday whon  McDowell,
(Atkins 3c Wiitson Co., bought the Qrau-
|villo and Hastings Street Drug Stores
of J.». Seymour.   Mr.   R.   G.   Wood
, vho has so loug been  tho  Mannger of
Wie Mt. Pleasant branch, has beeu transferred to the new Hastings street store.
I"Bob" will be missed by the Mt. Pleas-
1 ant people, who trust he will be ruturu-
I cd to his post on "the hill.''
Mr. Horace Foster of the Shingle
Mill firm of Murray, Foster & Foster,
Anvil Island, is in the city ou business.
The  Woman's    Auxiliary    of    St.
'Michael's Church will.hold a Birthday
I Social, at the home  of  the  President,
Mrs. Goo. 'W.   Hatchings,   884 Eighth
avenue, east, on the evening of Wednesday April 6th.  A good musical program
and   a pleasant    social    evening   is
, promisocL
Get 10% discount at Douglas &
Coulter's by reading their ad in this
The Missionary Messengers of the
Mt. Pleasant Methodist Chnrch will
give a Rubber Sooinl at the home of
Mr*. J. 0. Donald, cornor of Tenth ave-
_ue aud Columbia -street, ou Thursday
ovening the 7th AdmiBsion fee one or
more pairs of old rubbers or as much
■eld nubber as you can bring along.
The following stndeuts from Mt.
Ploasant of the Normal School received
diplomas at tho closing exorcises on
Thursday: Edith M. Lawrence, Lydia
B. Oopelnnd, Margaret Whitoly, Niuyas
W. McGeer, Gertrude Copoland, Julia
EaBtor Bervicos will bo held in 8t.
Michael's Church on Sunday Apr. IM,
_t 11a. iu., aud 7:80 p. m. Speoial
Children's Sendee in the nfternoou at
8:80 o'clock Holy Communion will be
ivelobrated at 8 a. m., und after Morning
Changes foradvcrtisoitteuts should be
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Mr. Balfour of Laugley, who bought
tlio Mt. Pleasant Tennis GroundB, ou
Westmiuster rond, is building a $(1,000
arosidencc thereou. Mr. Btlfour with hi6
■family will reside ou Mt. Pleasant when
the new homo is completed.
Mr. Gideou Hicks of Victoria, tho
bass soloist of "Tho Messiah," is the
guest of his brother, Mr. G. P. Hides of
Eighteenth aveuue.
Mrs. Merkley, Burritt Block, has
received a lot of New Spriug Millinery
in the latest styles; trimmed and ready-
to-wear hats.   Call.
Dry Feet always give a man comfort.
Many complaints have thoir origin in
wearing poor shoes during tho winter
months in British Columbia. Why
take ohanoes? We invito yon to call
and seo our Winter Shoes—nono better,
R. Mills, 18 Cordo.a Btreot and 540
Granville street.
• :o:	
ROSES—1000 Crimsou, White and
Yellow Ramblers, one, two and three
j.ear old. Prices 10c and 25c each, at
Keelcr's, 2734 Westminster avenue
Miss Agnew ot RoBBland, is viBitiug
Mrs. W. Shilvock, 2417 Westminster
Mr. Gso. Bovyer, teacher at Hay-
Wood, Vancouver Island, is visiting bis
uncle Mr. Mason ot Eighth avenne.
Mr. Robt. Marrion went over to Vic-
tori* ou Thursday, and will remain till
Stanier's "Crucifixion" was given iu
lit. Pleasant Presbyterian Churoh on
Wednesday evening, under tho leader
Ship of Mr. Sniith of St. Andrew's
Church Choir. It was n most excellent
rendition throughout. The solos were
taken most .capably by Mrs. Burns-
Dixon, soprano; Mr. 3. Hyudmau, baritone. A vocal -duet by Miss Gertrude
Wood and Mr. Geo. Word was very
fine A piano duclt by Iho Misses
Wood, a solo by Mr Hyudman, violin
solo by Miss Alleo Ross, aud a pleasing
solo by Miss Maggie Ross preceded the
"Ornoifixion." The Woman's Auxiliary
served a most excellent and elaborate
sapper for the performers in the S. S.,
rooms; the tables iu the form of a cross
were beautifully laid, whito hyacinths,
narcissus and yellow daffodils, the dainty colored jellies and creams made a
tempting display of the ladies clever
work find h-Mpitaiity.
Mr. Geo. Deuustedt left Thnrsday
morniug for Skeeua River, where he
has a position with the N, P. Oaunery.
Miss Florence Burritt arrived from
Seattle ou Thursday morning, aud is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Burritt of Twelfth avenue.
Miss MnAlpiue of Victoria, who was
the soprano Boloist in "The Messiah,"
has been the guest this week of Mrs.
Dalzell, Tenth avenue
The City Grocery   delivers groceries
every dayou Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 28C,
Poultry Association Meeting
The annual meeting of the Vancouver
Poultry and Pet Stook Association was
held m Lee's Hall on Wednesday night,
Vice-President, S. Tollman presiding.
The attendance was large and much
interest was manifested iu the affairs of
the Association. The report of Secretary
Metcalfe was a most satisfactory one,
showing receipts for the past year to
have been over .600, and after all tho
expenditure for the year thero is still a
balance in the treasury of over $100
The election of officers for the ensuing
year was held and resulted as follows:
' Hon. President—Mayor McGuigan.
'  President—W. ,T. Kerfoot.
Vice-President—S. Tallman.
Seeretary—W Metcalfe.
Treasurer—O. F. Foreman.
Executive—E. Trimble, W, B.
Coulter, E. Trimble, A. W. Ogilvie,
H. James, J. H. Woolliams, —. Bear,
croft, —. Walker.
Ranges, Stoves
and Heaters
i—Wa have the best—onr prices aro right. Call and yen.
will be convinced that ye can save yon money.
Paints,   Oils & Glass.
J. A.   F L E T T,
Mt. pleasani hardware store..   t_i. 447
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
New York
Gold Crown and
Bridgework Specialists.
147 Hastings St., E.
B. C.
Opposite the Carnegie Library.       Telephone 1566.
Office Hours: 8 a. m,, to 9 p. m.;  Sundays 9 a. tn., to 2 p. m.
Easter Specials.
Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon—the very best brand
Also Picnic Hams at 13c lb
Fine Up-country Potatoes $1.00 per sack.
Strictly Fresh Eggs.
2425 Westminster avenue.
'Phone 322
Eastern Styles
Jnst Arrived1 in f
Costumes, Coats and
Our showing for Spjiug 1904, is now complete in Costumes,  Coats and
Skirts, and they are worthy of your inspeotlou.
Wo are showing some very speoial values this week in Costumes at
$16, $18 and $20.
During tlie last few days we put into stock a very handsome lot of
Dross Skirts, consisting of all the latest styles aud colors, iu voiles, flake
effects and plain colors.
Spring Coats have just arrived in a variety of styles and colors, in
silks and cloths.
\ A. ROSS & CO., 28 Cordova St.
On Sunday evening last His Lordship
Bishop Dart administered the Sacrament
of Confirmation to a class of 17 at St.
Michael's Church, names follow:
Mrs. J. L. Pome, Mrs. H. T. Devine,
Mrs. G. W. Hutchiugs, Mrs. Thos.
Smith, Julia F Curtis, Nellie II.
DeBou, Alice D. Colbeck, Blancho M
Blackburn, Margaret F. Barnes, Mary
Pugh, Edith A. Middlemiss, Lillie E.
Hhurgold, Charles H, Curtis, Benjamin
J. Moyls, Thomas L. Hutchings, Walter
F. Willoughby, Thomas Colliuson
The Woman's Auxiliary of St.
Michuel's Church are preparing a very
attrnotive program aud intend to make
the Birthday Social an enjoyable occasion. At the residence of Mrs. G. W.
Hutchiugs, 884 Eighth nveuuo, Tuesday April 8th.
When heavier and more substantial
shoes are required for Winter Wear,
we aro, as usual, with the very choicest
offerings of the beBt makers. Wo offer
special values in Ladies Shoes at $1 75,
$2.60 and $8.50. R. MILLS, 18 Cordova
street and 540 Granville street.
TEAS and
to our Stock of
Cor.  Sixth and Westminster
A Trial Solicited.
Best Goods.
A good program has been prepared for
both services on Eastor .Snnday in Mt.
Pleasant Baptist Church. In the morning the Mission Band will provide the
music which will include choruses,
duetts and soIob. Rev. A. W. McLeod
w-il) speak on "The Relation of the
Church to the State." Iu the evening
the Choir will present a good musical
program and tho j.ar.tor will preach on
"The Resurrection."
"What tho Grent Non-Christinn
RelegiouB Teach About tho Future
Lifo," and "Tho Two Groat Facts which
Prove the Troth of the Resurrection of
Christ," will bo the sermon topics of
Rov. O. H. M Sutherland on Eastor
Sunday in Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Church. Tho Sacrament of tho Lord's
Supper after the morning servico.
Special music by the Choir, especially in
nt the evening service.
YOU TO CALL thiB week and look at     ... .
Good Cooking Figs at 5c per pound,
Good Navel Oranges  2 doz.  for 25c,
Patterson's Cream Sodas 25c per tin.
New Goods—Lettuce, Cauliflower, Cabbage,
Green Onions and Radishes.
We will call for your orders.   All goodB promptly dolivored.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
pSnt Central fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of FrtBSH and Salt Mkats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Ordors solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant uud Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^JS?'
Havo beeu making somo changes in
the. store department, so will clear out
several lines of Girdles, Belts, Pocket-
books, Chatelaine Bags aud many other
useful requisites too lady's toilet at cost
Creams to eradicate moth patches,
freckles and tan. Violotta Cream to
keep the hands and face soft and white,
and many other beauty toilet articlos
too numerous to mention.
Hairdressing, Mauicuring, Facial
Massage, Shampooing and Electric
Sculp Treatment. Warts, moles aud
Superfluous Hair removed by Electricity.
589 Gruuvillo streot.
 — :o:	
Tim Advocate is tlio best advertising
medium whero it circulates.  Toi. B1405
New York Dentists.
For tho second timo in six months
this euterprising dental firm has been
compelled to enlarge their quarters
uutil uow they have the largest and
most complete Dental Parlors in the
city. A reoe.ption room v.ilh all the
Vancouver papers as well as currcm
magazines, is one of the new features.
Seven large apartments aro used and
the different branches of the art, aro in
charge of oapabla Graduate Dentists.
Their operating rooms are equipped
with every known n odern appliance,
used in connection with first-clasB
dental work.
For tho next 110 days tho New York
Dentists have arranged for a great
reduction in prices, aud will bo pleased
to examiue your teeth and offer thoir
professional advice free of any charge.
LOST —Lost on Tuesday, March 15tb,
on Ninth avenue or Ontario streot, a
Lady's Gold Pin with Pearl Set. Fiuder
please leave at the "Advocate" Office.
20 j*, Saved
OrIIvIo'h Hungarian Flour $1,60
31b. pall Laid SSc,      AtO-lb,  sack Sugar »1.00
Blue Label KctrhupSlii',      C. 4 1). Pickles 30c
Eocene Oil, Healed Una, 11.70
'Phone 988
Mt. Pleasant.
Free delivery
Central Park.
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
PriceB to compare with any.
Cor.  Westminster ave., * Dufferin st.
Painting and Kaleomlnlng.
At LESS   Thau   Down-town   Prices.
Ninth & Westminster aves.   Tel. B1679
Roses! Roses!
All First-class Varieties.
Prices: l Sc, 25c and 50c.
Kindly Call ou Wednesdays aud Saturdays. Note : Street cars pass my place
every   10 nilnntef:    Price List free.
Chas. Keeler
37.14 Westminster Ave.     Mt. Pleasant
Tenders Wanted.
TENDERS WANTED for the pur-
chase of tbe present site and building
ot Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Chnrch.
Highest or nny tender uot iiecesssiiri-
ly accepted. Tenders to bo in on or
beforo 10t.h of April. AddresB
70 Seventh avenue, west.
For Local News  Read Trry. Anerx ..-ra
Central Park, Mar. 81, 1904
Special Easter Services will be held
in St. John'B Church on Easter Sunday
Divine service will bo held iu the new
Methodist Church on Easter Suuday for
tbe fir. t time. Sunday School will bo
held nt 2 p. in., aud church service at
8 o'clock. On the following Sunday
April 10th, at 2 o'clock, a Suuday School
Rally will bo held when Dr. Robson and
Rev Mr. Sutherland, of Vancouver,
will conduct tho services. A cordial
invitation is extended to all for both
these occasions.
Tbe Formers' Institute meeting on
Monday evening was largely attended
and the addresses given by Prof. Sharpe
of Agassis Experimental Farm on
Fruit Growing," and by Dr. Tolinie
ou "Dairying, Etc.," were very instructive and much appreciated by those
Tho Holly Club held its last dance of
the senson on Wednesday evening,
when a very jolly timo was spent.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Oben gave a very
charming whist party on Tuesday eveuiug which was thoroughly oujoyed by
those present.
Mr. Lawrence Alcock celebrated his
birthday on Wednesday eveuing.
The funeral of Mr. Audrew Drauey,
who met his death under such distressing circumstances ou Suuday laBt, took
place on Tuesday afternoon from the
residence of his brother-in-law, Mr.
W. G. Davidson, Eighth avenue, the
Rev, Mr. Burton of Stevenson, officiating. The fuueral was largely attended
there being 40 vehicles in line. Mr
Draney was a man of 88 nud u unarried.
aud had numerous friends aud relatives
iu the city. Suuday morning last, on
the Lulu Maud road, Mr. Andrew
Draney met his death, by tho accidental
discharge of his shot-gun, which ho
had with him in a two-wheeled uart.
Tho funeral of the lat'i Mrs. Sperry
took place from the resideuce of her
son-in-law, Mr. O. F. Lenfesty, motor-
man ou tbo B. O. E. Ry., 233 Lnns
downc aveuue, Tuesday afternoou.
Rev. Jas. Irvine officiated
Buggies and Wagons
As wo have decided to rctiro from the
Carriage and Wagon Business, and
must vacate tbe store now occupied by
us with that line by May 1st, wo will
sell any job line in the house at the
actual Manufacturers' Cost with froight
added, which means that one rig will
cost you at tho rate m „ yon purchased
a carload.
At tho present w e havo about 80 jobs
ou hand, consisting of Top Buggies,
Road Wagons, Surreys, Carts, etc.,
rubber nnd steel tires, as well nB a carload of the famous Studobaker Wagons.
All to go nt Cost Price. Call early und
have the best selection
Storev & CamPbell
The Great Brain Food.     Builder of Mnscle,
Brawn and Bone.    Regular price 15c package,
Now 5c pkg.
Tel. 200. Westminster Ave. A Prmoess StmooAf -
is very successful, ft sign
tbat our prices are the lowest.
The stock of
is going very fast.
Call in and get your wants
Special attention will be given
to our
Household Supplies
This is a lino wo carry a complete stock of, and our prices nre
Call aud Look Arouud.
H.D. Hyndman
Snccossor to the
4 38  Westminster   Avenue
1 Telephone 981
Costumes, Easter Gloves,
Easter Neckwear.
We were nover better nte-
parod for Easter Bust-ess
than today. StocVs complete
and well assorted Millinery.
Without doubt w« are th»
leaders iu stylish Millinwy
in Vancouver. Whether yoo
wish to pay $8,00 for yonr
hat or $80.00 we can please
ON SATURDAY, (tflitay..
we are going to uiako a
special showing of Hats in,
Fancy Straws and Chilfon
Hats trimmed with flov er*,
at $5.00,
Misses Outing Hats, very
smart, Stylish Hats at $.1.00.
303 Hastings street.
S3 WW W W ffWfffffffffiWffllw
fc     THE
^     BEER
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men ^
of years and years and years experience, _§
and a brewery whose plant is the most -~
perfect known to the Art of Brewing.' Is ^
^ it any wonder that  it has taken a place zfp
"*" in  the hearts of  the people which   uo other beer
£: can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints %\.     ff.
J Vancouver Breweries, lid. ^
Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 3
For Sale nt all first-class Saloons, Liquor Store* and Hold*   ^
or delivered to vour houso. *•»,
Keeps You
looking young.
Always restores youthful color to Gray
or Fudcd Hair. A high class dressing,
keeping tho hair soft, glossy aud
abundant.    P8IOB 75c A  uotti.k.
600-602 Hastings St., Cor. Seymour
Telephoue   1294.
McTaggort & Moscrop
Dealeiik is
3«.«i Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Templeton Block.
Cut Glass
Onr Cut Glass Section is real-
Jy worth visiting It iearmuged
so aa you can see the wares under
ordinary daylight conditions,
thou by the mere turning ot a
button, the full glare ot electric
rays gives you the evening (See*.
tt is a brilliant sight—the
grouping together of hundred*
of pieces of Cut Glass, backed
by plate mirror, aud npon
which the rays- et electricity
scintillate woudrously beautiful.
Of course we will be glad to
give you every attention—glad
to sell yon goods—but remember
your visit does not imply tt»nt
you nre expected to spend a cent
Corner Hastings snd (IrauvLle St»
OfflciBl Watch Inspector C. P. R.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy  Seeds,
Pratt's Ponltry and Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Hollv Chick Food,  Bcefscrapn, Etc.
SVP1TH Corner   NINTH ivenue   *
Telephone   16 H 7. 	
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
P.oturn 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free yonr choico of 80
pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
150 books. Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
.4.%%%%+% %%%%'%_'*,
2331   Westminster   Ave,      _
Mt. Pleasant.
E. H. Peace,  Proprietor.
OO OO 00
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds. Tel. a: 206
Give us trial.
Prompt Delivery. ] \ I r
• AA_/'_A_A_/ AAA*/ AAAAAAA.\A*
|       DICK'S      I
C       Copi/rtirfit, WW, by T. C. llcClun
• irv/«AWWvvw\/Tv.Yvvv-vvv~*
Cynthla_sut before the flickering firelight In the library after Dick had
gone, gazing ruefully at tbe lingless
third linger of her left band, wblcb
might have been diamond bedecked If
she only could have—but, no, she
couldn't. Sbe liked Dick. He was
generous, good looking uud danced so
well. If be were only not so tame!
She bad known, of course, tbat ultimately bis attentions would culminate
lu a proposal, but sbe didn't think It
would come so prematurely.
It was so like Dick to call at such
an absurdly early hour nml blurt It
right out without any preface and then
to leave Immediately without replying
to her kind little offer of friendship.
Dick had uo linessc. Still, Bhe wasn't
sure tbat Bbe liked a man with too
much—like her Uncle Henry, for instance.
As If In obedience to her thoughts
there entered tbe room nt this moment
her uncle. Henry Ormsby. a bachelor
clubman of some thirty and odd years.
"What, Cyuthlal   And no Dick?"
"Dick has come and gone."
"Dick usually comes nnd stays."
"I know It," sbe sighed; "but, you
see, be came once too often."
"^nd that is why he did not stay!"
"Yes, and It's Just as well. Dicks are
soiiietlmes tiresome."
"Not this Dick. He's quite a favorite
with your sex."
"Dick Is?" she asked, with elevated
brows. "Oh, tlie girls like blm been use lie Is agreeable, but none of them
ls very enthnsUisfie over bim!"
"That." replied ber uncle, "is because thoy are used to blm and have
growu up in tbe same town with him.
Then you know this Is such an old
fashioned place — nil paired oil in
steadies. Dick has been yours for so
long tbat none of your girl friends
would think of showing or receiving attention from blm; but let Dick be a
iii'Hf niaii In a new place and be would
be the lion of the town."
'•'Mi's such a stay at home; he'll
never go anywhere," said Cynthia
"1 think he'll have to go soon, because  the Junior partner of the firm
But I received a letter from Ellen
Dni'liley lauding him to the skies and
saying that bad she been heart whole
and fancy free sbe didn't know what
might have happened."
He left Cynthia a prey to Jealousy,
remorse and regret. She wrote Dick
that night telling him how glad she
was to hear be was having so gay a
time and how be must dread the
thought of a return home.
His reply was friendly and gave details of the good times be was having.
"Tomorrow night," he concluded, "ls
Miss Dnruley's wedding, at which I
officiate as one of tbe ushers. The
bridesmaid whom I am to fall in line
wltb after the ceremony has eyes like
that picture of Evangeline you are so
fond of.   I wish you could see her."
Cynthia threw the letter iu the lire.
The next time Henry Ormsby called
he brought a paper from bis pocket.
"1 want to read you about Ellen's
wedding," he said, "Dick is given special mention as a cultured young man
from the east."
"I am sick of the sound of Ellen
Dnruley's name, and Dick's, too!" cried
Cynthia, forgetting Uncle Henry's
"I know," he snld sympathetically,
"It is a bore to hear of people you have
never met." And he discreetly turned
the conversation Into other channels.
Two days Inter Dick .was shown Into
the library where Cynthia was sitting
before the fire as be bnd seen her last.
Her checks flushed at his sudden appearance.
"Why," she exclaimed, "did you expect to return so soon?"
"No," he replied. "They telegraphed
me last night."
He forebore to sny to whom "they"
referred, but Cynthia naturally Inferred
tbat It wns tbe firm. Later that evening Dick met Uncle Henry at the club.
"Say, Ormsby," he said Joyously, "it's
all right."
"Why, my denr boy, wben you are as
old as I you will know tbat nothing
' succeeds like success.    I,told you I'd
I fix lt."
i    "You  got Courtney  to send me to
i Denver."
"And tbe letters and Ellen Darnley's
! wedding did the rest.   I saw tbe fruit
was  ripe,  and  I  telegraphed you  to
come nud pluck lt."
...Copyright, 1903, by T. C. McClure...
Ad  Effective  Pre.crlptlon.
Uncle  Itiistus  had  never enjoyed  a
medical education or spent much time
I In the study of diseases or remedies.
Nevertheless be was often consulted by
| the neighborhood In times of stress.
"1   eert'nly   don'    know   what    I'm
j gwine to do 'bout dese staggering bend-
j aches my wife has." said Mr. Orlando
Clay Jefferson gloomily to L'ncle Kns-
tus In the seclusion of tbe tiny room
. known ns "the doctoring parlor." "Dey
keep Increasing an' magnifying ns time
goes along.   Seems ns If I couldn't gib
ber a good preachment 'bout de food or
de bouse or any ob ber neglects wld-
eut her getting one ob dose staggering
aches lu ber head.   None ob my fust
two wives bad such works."
Uncle Ksstus bent u keeu glance from
under bis busby eyebrows ut the cross
, eld fme before blm, but he offered no
"Hnbu't you got some kind ob pills
dat'll stop dose staggering headache*
dat keep her from de cook stove?" demanded Mr. Jefferson impatiently.
"No, eah," said Uncle Itiistus Impressively; "dere's no such pills In de
market. But de bes' way to Btop her
staggering headaches would bo to
fasten down your mouf wld a big,
wide piece ob slicking pluster, Mist'
Jefferson. I'm pnppnred to put lt ou,
Dick Is connected with Is quite a
friend of mine, and be told me only thl*
evening tbat Dick was a very promising young business fellow, and be seriously contemplated seudiug blm out on
an Important deal for tbe firm."
Thereupon Uncle Henry took bis departure, leaving his young niece to her
The next morning ber heart fluttered
for the llrst time at tlie sight of a note
In Dick's clilrogrnphy. She rend:
Dear  Cynthia—I   find  I  have ta leav*
very unexpectedly for Denver on a business trip.   Please accept my apologlt* for
rny hasty speech and departure last night.
' I fear 1 am not a good loser.   Believe mt
• always, a* you wished, your friend.
Again were Cynthia's feelings mingled nnd conflicting. He had followed
' her wishes and become ber friend, but
the note wns most unsatisfactory. He
had given ber no Denver uddress nor
uny Idea of the length of his absence,
However, possibly sbe might be able to
draw tbat Information from her uncle
without bis suspecting.
she telephoned him the following day
and asked him to call that evening.
He compiled With Iter request as to
the call, but seemed In nn uncommunicative mood.
"Hy the way." she Anally said, "I hnd
n note from Dick. He wus Just oft for
"Yes; we will all miss blm at tbe
"I suppose be will not be away long,
I think he mentioned tbe date of his return, but I don't recall It."
"Why, did be?" exclaimed ber uncle
In surprise. "Courtney told me his
length of absence wns vpry uncertain.
1 gave Dick n letter to tbe Dnrnleys,
friends of mine. Ellen Dnrnley ls quit*
n society leader. I wrote her person-
Uncle Henry proceeded to expatiate
on Ellen Dnruley's charms until Cynthia decided mentally that all men
were bores. As he was leaving he volunteered the Information thnt Ellen
Darnlcy was to be married In a couple
of weeks.   Then, seeing tbe little leap
of relief In Cvntbla's countenance, h*
offset   It  by   tlie   remark   that   there
would be "heaps uf doings" and Dick
would be strictly In It.
Iu two or three days Cynthia received
a Denver paper addressed to her In
Dick's handwriting. Under society
notes she read of a dinner dance.
Dick's uuuie was among the list of
guest*. He hud transgressed the Lull
id Slnles postal rules by writing |lll
Dd_K*S on the margin of the pnper.
In n day or two her uncle dropped In.
"1 had n letter from Dick today," be
announced, "He was very modest a ml
otily k.ii.j how kind my friends were
In   In it educing   and  entertaining   him
.'umiiii. Blind Man.
The uuuie of John Metcalfe of
Knaresboroiigb, England, engineer nnd
roadninker, ls in these feverish times
In danger of lapsing Into undeserved
oblivion. John Metcnlfe wns blind
from the age of six years until be riled.
Yet ns a boy and mnn he Invariably
displayed n high spirited courage. He
wns a true sportsman, a flue swimmer
nnd a hard rider lo bounds. It was bis
solitary walk from London to Harrogate by a wny unknown to blm that
first turned his attention to rondniak-
Ing. The roads iu those days wero
very bnd. He obtained authority from
parliament to improve this state of
things when he was fifty yenrs old.
In Yorkshire, I.nncnshlre, Cheshire and
Derbyshire most of the principal roads
were made by blm. He built biidgoa
and leveled rough plnces. Some of
the plnns were mndc for him by others,
but usually he designed them himself,
nnd he did his own surveying. lie
climbed mountains, trudged along on
the edges of precipices, he crossed
swamps and morasses, wnded through
bogs nnd forded rivers, relying wholly
and solely on tbo long slnff that wns
forever lu his hand, ne died In harness, full of years and laden with
many honors, nt the great age of nine
ly-three.—Loudon Exchange.
My  friend the postmaster and general storekeeper of Harleyville was sitting ou the front porch of bis establishment   lazily   pulling  small   clouds  of
blue smoke Into the air and  blinking
comfortably   at   bis    slippered    feet,
which were resting against a post on
a level wltb his face.   1 spoke to blm,
! and the feet slipped dowu witb a thud.
"Howdy," be said.   "Some warmish,
J ain't lt?"
I nodded, wiping from my face the
perspiration engendered by an 111 advised walk of two miles over n road
j unshaded from a merciless July sun,
' The family at the farmhouse where,
from motives of economy, I wns spending my vacation had gone to u funeral,
I nnd I bnd wenrled of iny own compti-
J ny.    Wherefore,  the  afternoon  being
too hot for fishing, I had come to Uarleyville to seek companionship.
j    "I'd have went lo Ike's fnnernl myself," said the storekeeper when I hnd
! explained thus  to  bis  understanding,
"only tbe rest of the folks wanted to
go, nnd I didn't like to close up the
place on account of tbe postofllce.    I
was down to   Ike's  when  the  great
damp breath blew his lamp out   I set
up with blm two or three nights along
at the last."
"He wns a close friend of yours?"
I nsked.
"Well,"   sighing  explosively,   "there
ain't much doubt ho was considerable
close, and we was nlwnys friends, bim
nnd mc.   I had a feeling of sympathy
for blm during the last years of his
life,   too—sort  of  an   admiration   for
him, because he took his medicine like
a mnn.   "fain't every male human that
"Then he hnd long been an invalid?"
"No; that ain't the Idea.   Ho wasn't
sick n great while.   The story dates
back nigh on to twenty years, when
him and Ezra liriggs was rivals for the
bnnd of Martha Telford,   "l'was  nip
and tuck between 'cm, but Ezra finally
won the match.   Ike was fool enough
to get mad about it, and when bis pa
died, leaving among his other effects a
mortgage on the old Brlggs place where
Ezra wns living, bis parents both being
defunct, he foreclosed tbe thing and
made a regular dickens of a bad mess.
Ezra could have paid lf he'd 1 ad another  six  months,   but   Ike  wouldn't
wait.   Thnt was the  beginning of a
mighty bard time for Ezra.   Nothing
be touched after thnt seemed to prosper. Him nnd Martba—there wasn't no
children—come at last to live in a house
. not much better than a shanty down by
' the mill yonder, and tbe woman's love,
' so my wife nnd daughter say, sort of
i took sick and died. I've beard tell there
ain't   much   female   love   that's  proof
1 against poverty long drawn out, and
henps of what pnsses for real honest
; affection leaks nwny through the worn-
1 out places In woman's clotbes.
"It's my opinion that Martha wasn't
a real comfortable person to live with
during the Inst two or three years of
Ezra's life.   I've got a suspicion, more
' or less" founded on fact, that Bbe was
sourer than the dregs of vinegar aud
that ber patience sort of shot off like a
i Catling gnu once it had bu'stpd.  Ezra
: took sick finally with somebody or oth-
er's disease of something or other that
I the doctors Bald was incurable, nnd lie
j didn't keep up nfter that, Just poked
| around  nnd  groaned  till   the  trouble
knocked blm down Into bed.
"He kept his own counsel pretty
much, but I've got a notion lie waa
nursing a feeling of bitterness ngnliist
j Ike most of the time then. I snld to
j myself 'twould be a blessing If the old
death nngel would only Hop down nnd
carry hlin off before be done anything
thnt would shock (he community.
"Hut 1 wns worrying unduly. However inncli be may bave been figuring
on revenge, there wasn't no bloody violence mixed iuto his figuring. He did
give (be community sort of n shock,
though, such as 'Iwus. Most of us
couldu't understand then why be done
us be did. but it is ns clear as molasses
to ine now.
"Tbe river yonder live yenrs ngo
last March got on a ripping tear owlu;
this sort and beap-coals-of-flre-upon-bls-
bead sort, nnd t Said as much to tbe
"Shucks! That wasn't Ezra's revenge
at all, though I .thought it was till I
learned different. Ezra was simply
saving Ike for tbe torture; that was
all. Two days before he died he sent
for me, and he says, with a shivery
chuckle, wh«h he'd sent the others out
of the room: 'Old friend, I've got to tell
somebody this, and I've chose on you.
It'll be.easier dying if I know that
somebody al|ve knows how I got even
with that cuajs. I've forgive him and
all tbat; but, siw,' and he drew me
down closer to bim, 'I've made him and
Martba promise solemnly, with their
bands touching mine, that they'll get
married as Boop as decent, and, oh,
-glory, won't she Just knock the plaster
off-of hlnrl. ■ He was chuckling hard
when I left him, and I reckon he died
chuckling. My wife said lie looked real
peaceful ahd: contented and satisfied
und sort of natural In his coffin."
"And Ike?" I osked nfter a short interval, durlng-whlch the storekeeper's
gaze rested upon n distant hilltop where
white stones gleamed in the sunshine.
Once more he sighed, more softly this
.time. "Poor Ike!" be murmured. "1
never see a man wbo seemed so glad to
die ns him."
Poetry nml  Science.
Poetry hns perhaps no place In the
exact sciences, partly becauso exactness is Incompatible with poetic license,
partly because of tbe unalterable tendency of the poet to get thing* wrong.
A curious example of this was noticed
In a lecture at the Camera club by Mr.
Duncan on cuttlefishes. The modern
cuttlefish Is a descendant of the fossil
belemnite, but tlie only desceudant of
the coeval ammonite is the paper nautilus. Better kuowu Is (he Portuguese
man of-wnr, with wliich the pnper nautilus is sometimes confused nnd which
Is really allied with tbe belemnite
group, because, while Its shell appears
external, It ls not really so. The pools
Pope, Byron and James Montgomery
all easily fell Into the error, nnd Pope's
well known lines in the "Essay on
Learn ot the little nautilus to sail,
Bpread the thin oar and catch the driving
embody a  wrong, description of this
very iuterestiug survival.   Pope believed,, with many otber people, that tbe little nautilus comes to the surface keel
I downward  nud  spreads   some   fleshy
! oval and ciliary expansions In the form
■ of two sells and six little oars.   But lt
does nothing of the kind.   Tbe two llt-
: tie ovnl cxpnnslous—tbe sails—are nev-
' er raised nt all,  bnt  always  tightly
1 clasp the shell.    Tbey  form, In fact,
1 part «f tbe shell.   Moreover, the nau-
| tllus comes to the surface upside down,
| If we may so express its position.—
London Post.
Tlie Incren.lnf. Lnmry and file-
gance In Ore..—Colli Asnln to tbe
Fore — A Finely Plaited Treble
Flounced Skirt.
Evening gowns form no exception to
the increasing luxury and elegance in
dress, as may be realized from the two
specimens here submitted for consideration.
Shaded sea green silk striped with
lace insertion or fancy galloon forms
Comfortable aud Artl.tlc Fanel** In
muff* and Other Thliia..
Muffs nre certainly entrancing. Thoy
are big, for warmth; loosely stnffed,
for comfort; of various shapes, to ttf-
J ford a pleasing play of taste In .their
selection and use. "Cushion shape,"
"melon shape," "barrel shape"—so runs
■ the description, and the old round form
well known  to  everybody  is still  in
to n  sudden  thaw, and among otber
Drink and a Man.
This little verse, founded on a Japanese proverb, bn* been culled from tha
works of an Englishwoman of busy
At th* punch bowl'* brink ,
Let u* pau*. *nd think
What they *ay In Japan:
First Ihe man take* * drink;      ' :'
Then th* drink take* a drink;
Then th* drink Ukt* the manl
"Pm'sn't II "i-i you a good deal to
run Ibis yacht, nld man?"
"Yes. bit! nn wife can't spend a cent
when she - .    .
A Ma» aad a Hatpin.
In a theater recently a man down In
one of the front rows spied on tbe floor
a Inrge hatpin with un amber top.
Looking about him, he saw that two
women and their escort* bad Just sat
down. To one of th* former he presented the plu. A shake of the bend Indicated (but he had made a mistake.
Then he tried across the aisle. The women seemed to be Interested. The pin
wns a curiosity nnd Its nmber of n
unique curvlug. They hesitated, but
the plu wns banded back. Desperately
he begun the search now. Two ladles
unattended seemed likely owner*. To
them he showed the plu. Tbey took lt
and enjoyed Its pattern. Just then tbo
man felt n tug on his sleeve. It wns bis
wife, aud she reuinrked. "Why are you
showing my hatpin to stilingersV" He
blushed, went over to the feminine pair
iiinl explained. "It's my wife's hatpin,"
be raid, but In such consciously guilty
accent* that the women banded It bnck
with doubting .mile*.
things It done It swooped down across
j Ike's barnyard nnd carried off n lot of
live  slock  and  tilings.   Including  Ike
; himself, who wns trying to  rescue a
I valuable ram he'd pnid a big price for
at the state fair.
"He went along with  the flood snd
never   stopped   till   be   stuck   In   the
branches of a small tree about seventy
or eighty feet from Bbore ncnr where
I Ezra's  houso stood.    And  ns chance
| would have It Ezra beard him yelping
j for help and dragged  himself out of
the bouse, where lie wus staying alone
with his disease while Martha washed
dishes up to the hotel over nt Bottom
"Now, 'twould have been no more
thnn nnturnl for a mnn In Ezra's position to have done nothing but gloat
over the sltiintlon. But Ezra didn't
do nothing of tbe kind. He bustled
around ns fast ns bis disease would
let hlin to save Ike befqre the tree
come ii u rooted.
"He gut n long rope nnd tried to
throw one end of It to Ike, but !t fell
about five feet short every time, so be
wnded out Into the water, though tbe
doctor bad told him 'twould kill him
to get bis feet wet. When Ike bad
tied one end of tbe rope to himself
Ezra lied the other end to a fence post,
nnd the current done tbe rest.
"That wetting of bis feet and legs
wns the beginning of Ezra's finish.
Thnt night be bnd a chill, nud tils disease simply got rampageous, The doe-
tor said 'twas boneless the minute he
seen him and give blm a week to live,
lf be didn't drop off In tlie meantime.
And Ike well, Ike come around pent
lent and bumble as anything the Old
Ti'slnineiit ever produced, suylng Ezra
saved Ills life, for be couldn't swim a
stroke, mid asking If there wasn't anything he could do to make amends to
blm. There wasn't, of course, Tbe time
had gone by for lhat. But Ike hung
around the place clothed In figurative
saekclolb and ashes most of tlie time
till Ezra passed along to the next
world eight days Inter."
It seeiniil It) ine rather a pretty Btory
of   Ibe   greater-lot c-linth no-muntban-
Kola* a* a Curative Agent.
The Chinese doctor sets up a terrible
racket wbeu called to treat tbe sick.
This is supposed to drive evil spirits
away, and lt unquestionably acts well
lu a great many cases. Civilization
demands rest and quiet. All noise Is
barred from the sickroom. Tbe Chines* have demonstrated unknowingly
a great psychological or psyobupatho-
loglcal fact. A patient of mine had received the last rites of the church, the
pulse had ceased at the wrist and be
had sunk iuto tbat coma which precedes death. Some one in the next
house struck up the "Anvil Chorus"
from "II Trovntore." I was very uiueb
annoyed nud distressed aud tried to
stop lt. Suddenly the pulsallon at the
wrist began ngalu, tbe patleut gradually opened his eyes, motioned to bis
sister. She bent low, nud bo whispered
In ber ear, "Te duni to den; thnt is niy
favorite tune." We roused blm, fed
bim, and today, ten yenrs nfter the
event, be weighs 240 pounds. The
therapeutics of vibration or noise is
yet to be written. So I have discovered that anything thnt cnu nrouse the
subconscious, subliminal self will cure
my patient when all drugs fail, and
noise is a very cheap agent.—Medical
the basis of tbe very original toilet de
luxe. Some of these Insertions peep
out through the diaphanous silk muslin of the flounces. Tabs of deep cream
lace display traceries of gold thread
and raised bunches of gold grapes are
Gold tnssels droop from the looped up
sleeve In greenish blue silk muslin, and
the purse ends of tbe fancy front are
divided by a straight bnnd of the same
quaint moss green shades as the deep
belt in panne.
The treble flounced skirt of tbe dinner gowu is built' in forgetmenot blue
niuslin over a white taffeta foundation.
It is finely plaited all round the waist
and enriched witb u formal  silk aud
chenille embroidery.    Along  the van-
dyked edges rims a harrow cross band
| of straw colored silk piped with a sll-
j ver und gold cord.    At tbe feet whit*
; silk  pollings fill in tbe open triangles
of the wide flounce.    Double rows of
j tubs In keeping simulate n short vest
j In trout of the pointed bodice in sill:
j muslin.     Draperies   form   full   short
, sleeves,   with   choux  of   muslin   In   a
, lighter tlut.  A Liillque Jewel with pearl
[ strands shines on the left shoulder at
a short distance from a glorious spray
of roses.
Velvet of unparalleled softness and
freedom from weight furnishes one of
sight. Somebody has called tbe cushion shaped ermine affair "the muff of
the winter." Heart shaped 1* oue of
the faucy specimens In long haired
fur—sable, perhaps, or fox—and quite
captivating lt Is.
The popularity of mole, ermine and
chinchilla In furs tbis winter ls becoming more than a twice told tale, but so
long as tbey are presented in such
charming guise as the chinchilla coat
of the accompanying cut one will go
on admiring and talking about them.
Here, too, the new fashions In tbe way
of garniture, fringe, lace and decorative buttons are shown.
Stoles and pelerines simply bewilder
one with their variety. Fur of some
kind one must have to be In the swim;
It not a coat, then a set of furs, or at
least a necklet.    ETHEL W. BUSH.
Deer and  Sleep.
Deer reverse the apparent order of
nature, for tbey sleep In the daytime
and feed at night. How much sleep
they do take ls a matter of contention
even among experienced stalkers. Some
say little, others much. On the whole,
we nre inclined to agree with the former, for lt has to be remembered that
they chew the cud when lying down.
Two most experienced and observant
forester*, tbe one in Argyllshire nnd
the other In Aberdeenshire, thus gave
their opinions: "Deer sleep or rest from
nbout 10 or .1 a. m. to 4 p. m." "Deer
sleep from noon to 5 p. m."
It Is no uncommon occurrence to
come on deer asleep. A stalker In the
Blackmount bad the rare experience
of coming upon a parcel of seven stags,
all sound asleep. A herd was Been to
move in Olenfeshle, but one slug remained behind, lying motionless. On a
careful approach he was found to be
asleep. Perhaps, however, tbe oddest
occurrence of this nature happened In
Braemorc, when a stalking party on
going up to the stag which had Just
been shot found a three-year-old close
to lt fast usleep. In fact, It Is by no
means rare to get within a yard or
two of a sleeping deer.—Scottish Field.
The Coup de Mon.errat,
The fatal Issue of a recent French
duel causes discussion of what the Parisian fencers call the "coup de Monser-
rut." Tho history of this stroke ls romantic. The hero of the story was a
young Parisian musician engaged to be
married to a young lady of Bordeaux.
Quarreling with a cousin of his fiancee,
he got his ears boxed at the Bordeaux
club. Ignorant of fencing, he dared
not resent the Insult and renounced bis
engagement. But he also took fencing
lessons from one Monserrat, a mnltro
d'armes of Toulouse. Monserrat taught
him one trick only, and he practiced lt
for a year. At the end of thnt time he
returned te the Bordeaux club, slapped
his mail's fnce nud, being called out,
Instnutly ran bis opponent through tbe
body with bis cunning lunge,
lVl.r   Pa.
Johnny—Pn, wbut Is tact?
Wise Pa—Tact, Johnny, ls knowing
bow to do things without appearing to
be dolug them. For lustnuce, 1 nsked
Mr. Arldmnn to dinner this evening,
and Incidentally I remarked thut your
mother would entertain us ou the pi
auo. Mr. Arldiuan snld be was so sorry he couldn't come.
Apple  Sao—,
Peel and grate one large sour apple,
sprinkling over It a small cupful  ot
! powdered sugar to keep the apple from
turning  dark.     Break  over this  tbe
whites of two eggs and beat th* mixture constantly for half an hour. Care
should be used to prepare the snow In
1 a large mixing bowl, as It beats up
| very stiff aud light.   Make a thin custard of one pint of milk, a pinch of
1 salt and half a cup ot sugar.   Wben
! the milk ls boiling hot remove from the
' fire  and add the  yolks of two well
beaten eggs and a teaspoonful of vanilla  or  lemon   extract.    Thoroughly
cool the custard, heap tbe snow high
In a cut glass bowl and pour the custard around lt.    Set  the dish In tbe
Ice box until ready for use.—Exchange.
the fashionable materials of the sen-
j son. Oulpurc ls used nbout the corsage,
i together with fur, while the skirt may
, be left simple, In voluminous folds.
Sutln gowns are again bordered with
I mink or snble, and ermine represents
tbe eveuiug fur of latest chic.
Homemade Cement*.
A homemade cement that will mend
broken crockery Is worth knowing
about. Hero ure several formulas:
Unslucked lime or plaster of purls mixed wltb the white of nn egg till the consistency of cream Is excellent. Plain
white lead will do also, and, moreover,
this Is one of the few cements that will
resist water and bent. One otber that
ls waterprdof Is made by dissolving ordinary white glue lu warm milk.
Twelfth   Msllt   Cake.
For Twelfth Night. Jan. 0. bake a
round lonf of poundcake (put a pea and
a bean In the batten and Ice with a
plain Icing. When firm, arrange alternately Binnll red and white candles
| ou the top so as to form a five pointed
| star, piping n rose uf icing round each
Plain  Candle*.
Taffy.—Two cupfuls of molasses, on*
cupful of browu sugar, butter the size
of tin egg, one tablespoonful of vinegar
nud, to be added last, a pinch of soda.
Put all together In a kettle and boll
twenty minutes. Cool lu shallow tlus
and pull.
Popcorn Balls.— In a large kettle
make a sirup with a cupful of sugar,
a tablespoonful of butter and three ta-
blespooufuls of water. Bell till tbe
sirup threads, then pour In three quarts
of popped corn nnd stir quickly till
well mixed In, Take from the tire, stir
a little while nnd when cooled enough
shape Into balls.
For the New Year'* De.lert.
Split some large, well shaped English walnuts, remove tbe kernels and
tu place of them put some small trinkets of value or not, glue narrow rib-
bon to one end, fastening the two
halves together with same. Heap In
a bowl-with other nuts, one gift nut
being for each guest, says the Delineator,
Hall.factory  Portiere*.
Double faced velours portieres may
be obtained In lovely soft colorings that
will harmonize with almost any fitments—old rose on one side and green
ou the other or cream color and green
or old rose nnd ecru. These nre very
sntlsfuetory to those with limited
purses, us one pnlr does duty for two,
says Art Interchange.
caudle and garnishing with a wreath
of bully.—Table Tnlk.	
The   Penalty.
"In your bachelors' club what Is th*
penally for marrying?"
"Marriage."-Town Topics.
■ Stewed Celery.
Cut pnrts of celery not suitable for
salad In Inch pieces. Cook In one cup
| of wnter till tender. Add one-half cup
of cream to celery water, bind wltb
white roux and season with salt and
pepper. The tender, bleticbed leave*
may be slewed with the stalk*.
St. Mm tin und tbo Dictionary,
St. Martin when he divided his cape
with a nuked beggar nt the gate of
Amicus guve ulso two words to the
English language. The oratory lu which
Ibis loin enpe wns preserved its a sacred banner ueqiilrcd tl|e name of "cbn-
pelle" (from the French "chape"), the
custodian being termed "chaplain," und
thus our English words "chapel" and
"chaplain"  ure  derived.
Chnuicrd   III* Mind,
"I thought It wus a case of love at
llrst sight."
"It was, but bo concluded that second
Bight was best."
.. More '1'liuu They Claimed.
"Suy," snld the Irate victim, "you advertised that the bouse wus five minutes' wulk from the slntion."
"Well?" replied the agent.
"Why, It's nearly thirty'minute*.'
"Ah, then, us we snld further on In
tbe advertisement, it ls more than we
Favorite Skin.—Hat, Toque and th*
Little Bonnet.
The rnge for fur shows Itself most
charmingly In the season's millinery.
Not often does a winter bring more becoming fasblons than has tbe present
one. Ostrich feathers, which enhance
the beauty of soft snd pleasing features and subdue the severity of bard
or angular ones; velvet, with Its entrancing suppleness, warmth and grace;.
the  hairy,  shaggy  beavers  and felts
that smack of good brisk cold, and finally fur, king of winter's comfort, each
appeal's In that world of headgear
which is today so In harmony with all
that the feminine heart most fancies In
this line.
First let us look at some examples
in fur. Here ls a chinchilla toque iu a
new three cornered shape wltb a long ;
white plume falling on tbe hair at the
back and a butterfly bow of cerise velvet tying the fur in front. Tbe shape
also carries out well In other fashionable furs, but one seen In chinchilla on '
a young woman tbe other day certainly
looked bath smart and very becoming.
Very charming ls the white fur hat
for afternoon and formal wear. It is
lined underneath with gray silk and
trimmed witb a bouquet of violets and
cerise roses and a cache pclgne of th*
same at the back.
A foreign whim of the season Is th*
revival of the little bonnet with er-
mine strings. One In ermine has an
astrakhan crown with trimming of
black lace, velvet and touches of gold
galloon. A shepherdess hat is fashioned In mink and surmounted wltb a
wreath of velvet flowers. A toque lo
moleskin has for its sole trimming a
bird on one side fastened with an antique silver agraffe.
Different furs nre attractively combined In hats—for Instance, a sailor
hat In miniver witb a moleskin brim
and a scarf of panne. A miniver toque
has a trimming of drawn tulle and
flowers. J. VERNON WALDER.
A Genial Carver.
It was my good fortune once to be Invited to dlue with nu eminent clergy,
man of New York city who was noted
as a genial host and for the grace wltb
which be presided at bis table. Placing a fork In tbe turkey, without rising
In his stirrups, but sitting In bis chair,
the good doctor laid tbe bird, well carved, nicely on tbe platter, entertaining
all meanwhile with bis wit and edifying humor. In admiration of hi* skill,
I said, "Doctor, some day you muit
give me a few lesson* In carving."
"Indeed I will," he replied, with •
smile, "but you will find tt easy If you
will ulwny* remember to cut off bath
wings the first thing you do wben yon
begin to carve." "May I ask why the
wings should be cut off first, doctor?"
I asked. "Why? So tbe turkey will not
fly all over the table."—Cor. Good
Sludng For  I'onllry, I.nrab or Teal.
Chop a small oulou and fry lt slowly
in a tablespoonful of butter only golden yellow. Add a teaspoonful of sifted thyme and summer savory and a
tablespoonful of lemon Juice. In a
small saucepan mix a cupful of fine
bread crumbs with a liberal lump of
butter and hot water or stock to mots-
ten slightly and ndd the onion. Beat
a raw egg thoroughly and mix with the
whole. Season to taste with salt and
Peanat Wafer*.
To make delicious peanut wafers,
chop one plut of the shelled nuts very
fine, mix them with three eggs well
beaten, add two tablespoonfuls of milk,
a little salt and a cupful of sugar
creamed wltb two tablespoonfuls of.
butter. Add enough flour to make a
soft dough, roll very thin, cut into
strips and bake.
Chocolate Fadare.
Take two cups of granulated sugar,
one cup of milk, one-fourth cake of
chocolate, a piece of butter tbe size of
an egg. Boll rapidly, stirring all tbe
while. It Is delicious lt eaten while
Ilon.ehnld  Brevities.
Good housekeeping ls applied human-
A blanket under the sheet adds much
to the warmth of a bed.
A little, sal soda added to hard water
will soften It wben all else falls.
A teaspoonful of sugar In tbe stor*
blacking will add to th* luster of ths
Rag carpets find favor as floor coverings In many houses now. They are ol
modern production, of course.
Leather bags, etc., mny bo freshened
up by rubbing them well wltb a soft
cloth dipped In whit* of egg.
Various causes have been assigned
for "wrinkles around th* mouth."
Somebody now say* they are due to
talking too much!
Often a good washing In water to
which ammonia has been added will
remove much of th* lackluster appearance of sliver, but when lt ls badly tar-
Dished there 1* nothing better for bar-
aliblng than whiting and ammonia.
A  Slander.
The Lady—1 'jave you a piece of pt*
last  week,  ii nl  you've   been  sending
your friends here e.er since.
'   The Trump— You're mistaken, lady,
Tbeui wit"  '"»
Her Conolualon*
"Do you think your father has any
Idea that 1 have serious Intentions concerning yon V"
"1 heard him telling mother the other
day that be didn't think lt would coat
any more to have you nt the table regularly tbau It does for me to feed you .
from the pantry shelves every night* MOUNT PLBABANT ADVOCATE.
Bakl.a In Arabia.
Babies In Arabia are rubbed with
brown powder as soon as they are
born, and their eyelids are painted.
Then, instead of being dressed in
wjarin, aoft flannels, they ure wrapped in calico and tied up like a bundle »b tight tbey ennnot move hands
or feet. Then tight hoods are put on
their beads, with blue beads sewed
oh the front to keep oft the evil eye.
These babies cry a good deal, a* one
would think tbey ■ would. They can-
riot move, and flies and other injects cran I over them and bite them,
and tlie sand genii in their eyes and
hurt* them, \
When a baby,' Is about *ix week*
old a sacrilice iisi offered and tbe
baby's hair hV'cut qnil weighed,, and
the same weight in silver is given to
the poor. ill. lie hasn't, 'more hair
than some'of .our six weeks' babies,
it* weight in gold, or e' en diamonds,
might he •givnii, urui' no.., make '• tbe
poor iiMicii i'l'lchi'i'. dr the' parents
much poorer. The mother puts
charms ou his neck end arms, and a
jVerse from the Koran is written and
(put in a little'silver or leather caso
'and hung about his neck to keep off
lf he is sick this is his medicine. A
;verse from the Koran Is written with
,ink on paper than tlie ink is washed oft' and the inky water is given
bim to drink. The funny little cradles these babies si. r j) In nre made of
Ulate sticks lotted together. The rockets are almost flat, so when the poor
; thing is rocked he. Is so shaken up
i that lt is a wonder ho is not seasick.
Nleurnlrua  Laborer*.
The expense of feeding untive laborers In the gold tallies of eastern Nicaragua is 19 cents a day. In addition to
4 their food the men get lu wages, ac-
I cording to the kind of work tbey do,
■ aums ranging (In our money) from 88
cents to $2.09.
Pear  Sirs,—I   cannot    speak      loo
strongly  of  tlie    excellence of   MIN-
AlUi'S LINIMENT,    it is THU remedy    in     my    household     for burns,
sprains,  etc..    nnd    we would not   be
without it.
It   Is truly a wonderful  medicine.
Publisher Ainprior Chronicle.
English books were first   printed by
fa-ton in the yrni   1474.
Mi-art's Liniaienl Cares Diphtheria.
It.   tukes  a   I'lfevw    man   to  conceal
from other*, whnt ha doesn.t know
Pi The Chinese fruil   BTowers ai*o   (hi*
most  ex | vert   it.  the world.
Some mi tho Conisloek mines nro ho
deep that. n«i innuns havo y.et Invri *•»-
vised to overcome tho kxcessivo luii'l.
tilti.ss mirrors wore first nnttle by
VrtiMirtnft in th*1 thirteenth (M.t.i'.v
I'lerionsly   polished  n.etnl   was  used.
Ufftbuov Sonu—disinfect ant - is Rt.rone-
Iv iir'.uiiuiift.tli-**! by the in.-ilHi.il pioiVhfion
»■ tt m.i ten un nl a_uii.Mt infections' dlft-
t-iiM'ti *_!!
In Mtvxlco tho family of u donil
duelist, run rluirn sn.poit front tlio
person who shot  him.
We offer One  Hundred  Dollars  H.ward  for
an*.  c«wM uf Catarrh that < annul  be cured by
Hall'i Catarrh ..'or*.
T. -. CHENEY A <*0.; Toledo; O.
We. Ibe undersigned, haw known V. 3
L'.fiitv for ili»- tafit 1. yearn, and believe him
P*r.-ft-«\\y bunoialik hi all bu_Ine_» tran_acMont
and rtnuiK iKiiy able to parry out any .bl.rat.o*.»
made by ihelr firm.
WboW-ale Druggists. Toledo. O
Wholesale Driiggi-tB. Toledo, O
Haifa Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, e$t-
In I directly  upon   the  blood and  mucoue _«f-
iixtn  of  the  iyatem.    TViihnonlals etnt fret
Wh-- 7ac I'ti  bottle.   Bold by alt Druggists.
Hall's Family Win are the best.
The Portuguese suy thnl no man
fan bn u t(Oo<l husband who duos not
eat, 11 good breakfast.
If thero were no money in tin?
world, would peoplo dio I) ex-a uso thoy
could   huy   nothing ?
Piles driven in a inuish on which
Winchester College is built are as
sound   to-day   us   when   first ,U riven,-
live hundred years ago.
Every sorrow wliich nail* a single
virtue to onr rharacte: is worth enduring, and every pleasure which
fails to do this is wasted.
The cheapest form of entertainment      The, most likely thing to Income a
-entertaining an idea. .woman is a, little girl.
Backache and Pains In the Legs the Common Symptoms—Cure Comes with the Use of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
Exposure to damp, cold weather ia
a frequent cause of kidney disease.
Sitting in a draught so as to chill
the feet and legs is frequently enough
to bring on congestion of the liver.
Colds settle on the liver and kidneys as well as the limns. The results arc diseases of tlie most dreadfully painful and fatal sort.
As yet there has never been discovered n preparation equal to Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills as a
prompt and thorough cure for derangements of these great filtering
Pains in the back, headache, urinary disorders, biliousness, liver com-:
plaint, dyspepsia and const i tint ion
soon disappear when Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills arc used.
Mr. O. T. Martin, Fletwode, Assa..
N.W.T., writes : "I desire to bear
witness to.the indisputable ellicacy of
Dr. Chase's remedies, 1 have not
written sooner because I wished to
be convinced that the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-I.iyer Pills would accomplish the desired results. In euch
case in which we have had occasion
to use.them in our family they have
not only brought prompt relief, but
have also effected a lasting cure. A*
I desire to always have Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills in the houso in
case of sickness, 1 am enclosing one
dollar for live boxes.
Dr. C'iiaso's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c a box, nt all dealers,
or Edmonson, Dates & Co., Toronto.
To protect you against imitations
the portrait and signutiirc of Dr. A.
W. Chase, the famous receipt book-
author, are on every box.
It. takes as much energy to growl
and lind fault as to work Willi the
others._. A disgruntled, fuiilt-iimling
person can use Lis energy in oilier
lines and chime in with the members
in united effort. -
Are Merely Symptom* of Disease *nri Mast
Ih, Treated Tlirougli the lltooil.
If you suffer with pain—any kind of
pain—keep in mind that pain is hut
a symptom, not a disease ; Unit
what you must fight is not the pain
but 11s cause ; that liniments and oils
for external application arc eb-
Bolutely useless. To overcome the
cause of pain internal treatment is
necessary. Pains, no mutter where
located, will disappear when ycu
purify und enrich the blood and
strengthen tbe norves. Aches and
pains disappear as if by magic wben
Iir. Williams' Pink l'ills are used.
Every dose actually makes new, liih,
rod blood, wh ch drives disease from
the system and banishes pain. Thousands and thousands of grateful people bate given their testimony to
prove this. Mr. fleorgc fury. Tilbury, Out., savs : "Kor a whole
summer 1 suffered terribly from sciatica. The pain was something awful, and I could scarcely bear to have
lanvthing touch mv leg. I took medicine from two doctors, and tried a
number of recommended remedies,
but derived no benefit. Then I was
advised to try Dr. Williams' l'ink
Pills, and this medicine helped me
almost from the start, and soon released me from the trouble, und I
•have-not since, had a twinge ol it.
1 therefore have grent reason io
praise Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
1 Sciatica, rheumatism. neuralgia
and nil other aches and nains nre
completely driven from tbe system
through a fair use of Dr. William's
Pink Pills. Don't take anv pink rol-
• red substitute: see that lb.! lull
name "Dr. William's Pink Pills for
Pale People" is printed on ibe wrapper around the box. If in doubt send
direct to the Dr. William's Medicine
Co.. Ilrorkvillc, (Int.. and the pills
will be sent by mail at 50 rents a
box or six  boxes  for $2.50.
Tbe amount of money held ly the
various London banks is not I'ar
short of two hundred and thirty million pounds. ^^^
Hurt's Lioimest Cares Colds, eta
It looks bad to see u doc, precede
his master down Ihc street and turn
intu the first saloon he approaches.
lt shows' a deplorable tendency on
the part of the dog.
No baby cries for the mere fun of
tbe thi'.it *' cries, twin use il "■■ n ,,
well—generally Its little stomach, Is
sour, its bowels congested, its skin
hot and feverish.    This is often why
> babies are wakeful and make nights
miserable for the parents. ltelieve
Iho little  one and it  will  sleep    all
' nighl, and let the mother get he-
noedexl rent as well. Just what mothers need for this purpose is Baby's
Own TabOets—a medicine that speedily relieves and promptly cures all
Uie minor ailments of yonng children.
The experience of thousands of mothers has proved the truth of this,
and among theso mothers is Mrs.
.lames Fan-ell, Banberry, Ont., who
*nys : "1 think Baby's Own Tablets
tho best medicine in the world for
Utile ones. My baby wns cross anil
gave me a good deal of trouble, but
since using the tablets 1 could not
wish for a healthier or better natural
Stronger praise could not ue given,
and the mother has a guarantee thai
Ibe. Tablets contain no opiate or
harmful drug. Sold by medicine
dealers or sent postpaid ut 15 cents
a box by wilting the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co..  Brockville.   Ont.
The. circular, saw was invented b.v
Kent hum, an Englishman, in the year
Scotchmen hnve almost entire control of the stone cutting industry of
New York.
1 I  Th* harder you cough, tho won*
| the cough gats.|
Cure ?SnteUn«
Is guaranteed to cure. Hit
doesn't benefit you, the druggist
will give you your money back.
Frier..: 8. C. WaU.1* A Co. 801
Be. Sic. tl    L.Roy, N. V.. Toronto, CM.
In the dreary desorls of Arabia Ihe
rosemary and lavender flourish to
pe feci ion-
'Iho catacombs at Home contain
the remains ol about six million human .beings:  those at Paris   of   some
three mi 11 ions.
Germany and School..
The German stute gives to one university more limn the British government allows to nil tbe universities snd
university colleges In England, behind
and Scotland together.	
Archdeacon Blnclalr told th* Beml-
teetotal Pledge association of the diary
of a Scotch shepherd, which read: "Sunday—Up In the morning at 0—a drain
(whisky). Went out to see the sbeep-
u drain. Came home to breakfast—a
dram. Looked round the house—a
dram. Washed aud dressed for. church
—a dram. Took a brandy before going
to Ulrk lest I should smell of whisky
In the house of the Lord!"
The name of the association was responsible fot the archdeacon's own experience He was once lunching alone
in the house of a friend couflned to his
room by au uecldeut. Tbe housekeeper
brought up a tray of good things and
asked the archdeacon what be would
have to drink, for, she said, "I've 'era
you're not a temperate gentleman."   ,
Love Is a great healer. Tha worst
characteristic trait of a man and of a
woman has beeu known to Ue cur*d
by If
It Is Cupid who Introduces you to
Hymen, and a pity lt ls. How much
better It would be lf lt were Hymen
who Introduced you to Cupid and Invited the little fellow to remain your
In th* tender relation's between men
and women novelty ls a wonderful attraction and habit a powerful bond,
but bttween the two there 1* a bottom-
lei* precipice Into which love often
falls, never to be beard of afterward.
Happy tho»e whp know,bp-| to bridge
9T*» th* ch*sml~Max O'Bell.
A .triiu&e Colacltl.ae..
One of the most remarkable stories
told in connection wilh Trinity
House (tlie British Lighthouse Corporation) is a story of collision. The
lightship affected was known as the
Brcaksea, whose station is near Car-.
did, in the Bristol Channel.
A few years ago it was necessary
to take lier away and refit her. When
such a change is made another vessel is towed to the station to replace
her temporarily. In this instance a
lightship, vcue-srnt round from Trinity Wharf, a ifistance of fiOO miles.
.She completed her journey ill safety
to tlie Bristol Channel; then, in the
dull light, of the February morning,
her crew observed tonie red-painted
wreckage" float ing past.
When tliev reached the station they
discovered, lhat the lightship had disappeared, and tbey learned that she
had been_i'iin down and sunk that
very morning between two and three
o'clock. Tin, newcomer was moored In
her place, arid it actually happened
thai people- who saw her keeping
guard were unaware thai she was a
ilranHer, end ihtt the old lightship
which she had come to relieve was at
Uie bottom' of the sea.—The Hoyal
(loll,.. «,f   I'r.uili'rl.
The    late    lj.nl Salisbury    shared
.villi   Mr.   Uladsloii'.-  a  disregard  for
•lollies,  und several times his attir*
ivus referred  to  with  regret  by sar-
orial   writers.   So long as his coat
ning luirly   well    from  the shoulders
hu decea* _ premier cared little, but
io  never    went   tlio     length  of    Mr.
«'led;,tone,   who.-e clothes  yvere often
•u .shabby lhat only un eminent per-
011  would   wear  ihem.     Lord Halis-
..(iiry's huts    were enormous    affairs,
qiiiie equaling    Mr.  Gladstone's     in
size and much  more respectable.    In-
ilced  Mr. (Hailstone's headgear    was
generally iu the "shocking bad hat"
category.    While in attendance in tho
Commons Mr. (lladstone dressed fairly   well,   but    outside  the   house he
paid little attention to his garment*.
The successors  iu oltice of tbe great
departed ure, on the other hand, careful    dressers,   especially    Lord  ltose-
bery, who designed a collar for himself with ihe turnover peaks rounded
for greater    comfort  and  durability.
Mr.  Hall'olir's    appearance  is usually
very smart on social    occasions,  *1-
1 hough   lie    seemingly    does not endeavor to uttain    the well  groomed
condition.of Mr.   Chamberlain.—London Men and Women.
A Mmtl.r or Teeth.
He was a Cornish miner, and he
went to the local dentist to hay* a
troublesome tooth drawn. "1 Want
a tooth held out," ho announced,
with a line air of unconcern, taking
his seat in tho chair ot torture and
opening his mouth' for inspection.
"Which one is il?" asked the dentist. "Thicky there, I reckon," ho
replied,' pointing a coal grimed finger toward tho one which seemed to
him to be the seat of torment. There
was brief silence, - a long, sickening
wrench, and out the .supposed offender came.. "Why,-this isn'tJUi* one,
man. It's perfectly sound," said the
man with the forceps. . The miner
loplsod at the tooth gravely, returned it, leaned back in the chair composedly, gripped its arms ready 'for
tlie fray and quietly remarked,
"Well, I reckon ye'd better go
straight on till ye come to un."
Fame. |
"How do tbey get on togijtber'r"
"Famously!   Tbey quarrel continually, and their quarrels all get Into thl
Take cold easily? Throat
tender? Lungs weak? Any
relatives have consumption?
Then a cough means a great
deal to you. Follow your
doctor's advice and take
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral, It
heals, strengthens, prevents.
I" for «l nui I t_v* d«p*_U* oa *7af •
Chair? r.clor.1 for coiigfr. aad cold,. I
kaow II arMily ttwurllnn. ww* leor,.'
_**. r, A. BolinoH. Saltu., Nich.
•»o.,8w.,ll.oo. j.e.»r**oo,,
AlMruiatjO^^ * __ .JgJJil.miJi
Weak Lungs
N-wtpipeiVrT Old Country
dispatched to Mibscribers by first mails by
WM. DAWSON It SONS, Limited, Cannon
House, Bream's Buildings. London, England.
Tbe largest Subscription Agency in the world.
Send for our list. Free on application. Est
1809.   Prompt and reliable.
Uiaold kII.U. nowy for BpaTlaa, Bla*boa... Opllnt.,
Cart)., .ic...nil alllornaotLamaa,... li work,thpwUKt,
_av_a_a_y. Cur_ witawt a bl«au_,u It dow.M_«_,
CompItU Cur* for Bon* Spavin.
Kuuell, if anl toba, Jan. *, ipt}
Dr. B.J. )'end.il Co., Cantltneni I had to treat a mum
nor** .f niinj Tour year*, ago wliich had a Son* VpaWln ana
•Ot kkkadoa llie Mtulqf and *>-i very 1—Uly iwglim ; to bad
that 1 bad to tiath. It in warm water, then applied Kendall's
SpatlnCure. 1 had Typhoid Peter tbe.ame winter and only
give the Kendall! Spavin Cure half a dunce, and It oily too_
one and a lul. buttles to cuts hit h-K wlt.1v very s!Im treaHnrat,
an-It did v> completely that yo.i wonl.l never-now tint he Lad
a sp-riu ; he never hli rone lame suite.
Very truly you*, CEO. 5. HARRIS.
Such e-doriemriiH aa the aNw« are - ruanuitta of m*tit
Trioo Jit lis for $5. At a liniment for family uie It ham*
ttjti.l.    A*.k yi.ur dmirpi. t for Kendall'*  Bpavin Cura.
•It- "A Treaila* on t Lie Uorac," the book free, or addrest
There are m.dibJ© records of over
seven thousand earthquakes hoiwcen
tho years 1606 II.C and 189^ A. i)..
and the unrecorded ones are iK'Havod
to be still more numerous.
Tho wearing of green  voHh  ix H;.id
to be Injurious.
fcyisTtf Pills incrtaf-ft th«j activity of
tht liver, and thus aid recover*.
There are Numerous Witnesses
of Mrs. Adams' Sickness
and Core.
Sbe Surely Had Bright's Disease
iu its Very Worst
And Jnst as Snrely was Com*
pletely Cured by Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Rink's FallM, Ont., F.b. I.—
(Special.)—Mrs. Tlinmas Adams,
ol (,'ollint.woud, wboac almost miraculous recovery from Blight's
Disease in its worst slaves has
caused a sensation in tbe medical world, is well known In
Burk's Tails. She resided here for
years before removing to Collingwood, and 11 wan while livinjr here
thut she was Stricken witn Ihe terrible disease Hint sweeps so many
inlo llie grave.
Mrs. Adams has many friends still
living in Ilnrk's Palls, and they well
remember tbo Helpless, suffering Invalid, who, in March, 1900, looked as
if her only relief lay iu dealh itself.
'Ihey cun recall how when the dread
words "Bright's llisease" [ell from
the doctor's lips, the report went
around thnt Mrs. Adams' doom was
sealed, thut she would never rise
from the bed of suffering on uhhih
she lay. They cun recall how their
sympathy went out lo Ihe little children  who would soon bo molheriess.
What Cauaed llie Cure.
Then whilo they wailed and
watched for the end, _ graduul improvement came over the Buffere'r.
It was hardly noticeable at first, but
as she grew stronger and was at
as she grew stronger and was at
length able to leave her bed and give
to.her children a mother's care, Ihey
wonderingly asked the cause. Aud
then the truth came out. Mrs. Adams had on the advice of a friend
placed her trust in the old reliable
Kidney remedy, Dodd's Kidney Tills.
Slowly but surely Mrs. Adams'
strength came back till sbe wus going about as if Bright's Disease liud
never held her In Its clutches. Still
the skeptics refused to believe. "It
is only one of the vagaries of the
disease," they said. "11. will come
back with the winler." But winter
came and went. Another summer
and nnother winter passed, and today Mrs. Adams is able to say, "I
havo had no return of the trouble
since Dodd's Kidney Tills brought
me back from the brink of the
And now all Burk's Tails, all those
who knew Mis. Adams in sickness
and health, are forced to admit
Dodd's Kidney Tills cured ber
Bright's Disease, and. cured It' to
stay cured.
Neither has the lesson taught by
Mrs. Adams' case been lost. Teople
recognize the fact that if she. had
cured her pain In Iho back.wltb
Dodd's Kidney Tills, she would never
have had Bright's Disease.
Tho deep st con I shaft in ilreul Britain is that 1,1' inn Vshlon J'oss Colliery, near Mauclie^ior, It has a
depth of -VS.j f«'ut„       -.
IIKAI.TII.—When riilli'd In to attend n
disturbance il seari'lirs out ti»V l.i.'inu-
pliice nf pain, anil like a guardian of the
neac., lavs -hanils unon it audi Nuyi, "I
arrest yon." lle-iis'laiice Is useless; as'
llie law of health imposes a sentence "1
iici-p. tiutl haitialuin'iit on pain and In-
Thonias' RelMtrlc fill- was ••orlirlnr.tprf to
enforce  that  .1. ntenre.
T»e   Distance  to   Which   It  Extend*
Above Ihe Earth'* Surface.
One of tbe mauy uncertain elements
In meteorology I* tbe height to which
the earth'* atmosphere extends. In
former day* it — ns taught somewhat
dogmatically that a height exceeding
forty-live miles was unthinkable for a
gas constituted as the air Is. This belief
was shaken by calculations respecting
the altitude of meteors, wblcb became
Incandescent by collision with our atmospheric envelope and were certainly
rendered visible In this way at altitudes of ever seventy miles. Professor
Newcouib deduced from tbe meteor
■bower of Nov. 13, 1807, that the air
must reach to 100 or 110 miles from tbe
earth's surface. Dr. T. J. See of Washington essayed to determine tbe problem by watching tbe disappearance of
blue sky after sunset Accepting Lord
Raylelgb's theory thnt the blue color
of the sky Is due to reflection of sunlight from minute particles of oxygen
and nitrogen In tbe upper layers of
th* atmosphere, Dr. See on a series of
evenings traced with the eye "the last
footsteps of departing day" by the
evanisbment of the final trace of blue
In the firmament. He then computed
from the data of tbe Nautical Almanac
th* position of the sun at tbe time, and
a simple calculation in spherical trigonometry gave tbe approximate height
of the reflecting layer. Tbe mean of
several observations ls 131 miles.
Salt and Ice.
Does salt melt Ice? In this question
there ls but a half truth suggested,
■lnce salt no more melts Ice than Ice
melts salt Heat ls the main agent
whereby a body passes from a solid
to a liquid state. It has beeu well
known, however, for centuries that certain solid bodies when brought together (as here, salt and ice) have such a
chemical affinity for one another—1. e.,
their tendency to combine and melt ls
•o great—that beat is drawn from all
surrounding sources as well as from
tbe store latent In these substances
When thl* la the case they become
chilled and make a freezing mixture,
the temperature dropping till tbe beat
drawn from the two sources—external
and Internal—ls sufficient to keep pace
with tbe rate of melting.
Fahrenheit In 1T02 made use of this
very melting mixture when he secured
what he tbought was absolute col'".
thereby marking tbe freezing point on
his thermometer at 32 degrees.—Answers.
A Crater Lake.
Deep In tbe summit of tbe Cascads
range, In the state of Oregon, some
■Ixty-tlTo miles north of tbe California
line, lie* Crater lake. Tbe United
Btate* government, recognizing It*
worth as an educational feature, wisely secured possession ot lt and mad* a
national park of tbe locality. Au area
ot 250 square miles ls thus protected.
The surface of Crater lake Is rather
more than 0,200 feet above sea level,
lt ls an oval baslu between twenty and
twenty-one square miles In area, surrounded by cliffs which range from
more than 000 to nearly 2,000 feet in
height, tbe ground falling more gradually from their rim to the present up-
land level. This great sheet of blue
i water, In places almost 2,000 feet deep,
Is Interrupted near Its western margin
by a pyramidal rocky mass, called
Wizard Island, itself evidently a volcanic vent
11 taki* three scruples In inukii one
dram; but. two drums will nbiili.-h nil
Ihe srnplcs a iiuin has.
■ The re atv.no iniiiiy co'inrli niedh'IneH in
tbe market. lhu.t il is noimtim. s niftl.
mil to tell which .to huv; hut if we lad
a couch, a. cold; oi any anlicilon'of 1 he
ttarout, or limes we Would, trv Rtcl.-)*',
Anti-Consumptive Sviun Tho.ie uiut
li„v„ used .It think 11 i-> far ahead of ull
other prehiiralinriH croinntpunVrt for snrli
roinnlnlnls. The Hide folks like il as 11
Is ns pleasant as aynlfi;
The lai-Kost diamond in llie world is
the Rnjiih of Borneo, weighing -Trf
A pnper thnf is always full of good
points—a paper ot needles.
Bnlloolr. Skin Beat*.
There are few more primitive methods of transportation than those tn use
today by natives of northern India wbo
make their homes In tbe vicinity of tbe
swift flowing StitleJ. The boat* of
these aborigines are nothing more or
less than bullock skins Inflated by the
breath of the natives themselves. Two
natives may be seen hard at work filling th* skins with air. Having Inflated them to their satisfaction, they will
leap aboard and paddle themselves
across the river, great skill and strength
being necesssry to sustain their equilibrium during the passage. But even
should the bents overturn tbey are
easily righted, and tbe natives are with-'
out exception expert swimmer*.
Ilebuklnic a Dake.
An English duke of great wealth and
large estates bad occasion one day to
dismiss on* of bis laborers. As the
angry man was turning away he suddenly remembered that the duke'*
"lady" held n position at court with
th,. queen. That wa* hi* chance and
hi* cue, *o he turned round on the
duke. "Oh, yes, your grace," be said;
"I'll go borne. But, though I'm a poor
man, thank God 1 never bad to send
my missis out to service, as you do
Ineffectual  Aspiration.
"Tour Uncle Jim Is a good deal of a
statesman, Isn't be?"
"Yes," said tbe young man. "He'» a
Statesman. He's been try In' to be a
politician for a long time, but every
time bo runs for office he gets beat."
Clara—Do you think there Is any
chance of bis asking me to marry blm?
Maud—Yes. I never saw a man yet
who wouldn't make a fool of himself.
Merelr • Hint.
Kitty—Harry says he love* me for
myself alone.
Bertha—I suppose that's his wny of
•sylng your mother must be kept out
•f the family.'   .
Knew Better.
".Tbey say Brown la ten years ahead
t his time."
. "Well, It's not true. He's six months
behind. I'm hi* landlord and know."—
Cbleaco Journal.
" Purt? soap I" You've heard
the words. In Sunlight
Soap you have the fact.
Don't Neglect A Cough
Many a cue of]
ehronic  Bron-f
cbitia, Pneumonia and even dreaded Cons—mption liael f, may be traced I
directly to "only a cough."   When the first cold comes, *tart In on |
IT CURBS COUGHS — heal* the inflammerl ratface*—    I  „
strengthen* weak throats — puts the lungs in ths strongest J
possible condition to resist the trying effect* of  a
Canadian winter.
a perfect FLOUR for
Sold - In Original Packages Only - By All Dealers.
is nt PRtffR-iNTlA-io<aG4R
Yoiill   Enjoy Every BitiOf R>
Do You Want
If io, tbe undersigned wont, yonr bu.lneaa and will endeavor to etve sail.taction*
Cash advauced oa coDsignmeuta.     Reference:   Union Bank of Canada.
Th* oldest astahllshed Grain Commission
Merchant In Winnipeg.
Grain   Exolmnge,   Wl-nlpeg.
Boiled rice takes un hour to fllffOAt,
and boiled suet of bpof live luiuri und
a bulf. These ure the extrernfarlbiilts
for ordinary edibles.
History fuils lo record lhat any
Indiun has ever been killed by liv.bl-
In     buttle     only    one    hull   -nil
eighty-live takes cflcct.
Away with Catarrh !
Instant Relief and Permanent
Cure Secured by the Use of Dr.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
II«rw'f Nt.rontf evidence of the quicUiieaii
and aurenese of tbat wonderful remedy.
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal I'uwder : "lor
years I was a victim of Chronic Cutnrrk
—tri-d many remedies but no cure was
effected until I had procured nnd used
Dr. Ajrnew'B Catarrhal Powder. First
application gave me Instant relief, and
iu an Incredibly short whilo J wuh olmo-
lutely cured.:'—James Head ley, Dundee,
V.Y.     .Sold   by  all  druwrtats.
Dr. Agnow's Heart Cure relieves
In 30 minutes. U
J'uper stockings havo been Invw.tod
ln (Jr-nnany which absorb the |im*Hfi|-
ratiou of tho foot and Titpoi* thnn
wiirm nnd  dry.
| There never wan, and never will In. a
universal panacea, in one remedy, lor ull
ills to which lluah is heir— \t\v very nn-
ture   uf   ninny   curatives   beinu   huch   tbui
; were the kuiiui oi other and dillerenils
seated disease looted in ine ostein **t
the patient—what would relieve one 111
in turn would atfftrdvujttj tin* mhii. We
have, however. in Quinine Wine, when
obtuinuhle in sound, Unadulterated state,
a remedy tor ninny ami  griuvuUS ills.    b\
.its  tfiuduul  end   judiciouH  use  ihe   imileM
systems ure Jed into convalescence ami
si rciiKth by ttm .iillueme which Quiiunn
oxerts on nuture's own restorative*, it
relieves the droooinu spirits ol Ibose
witli whom u cl.r^Tuir si uir oi morbid
despondency  und   luck   of  Interest   in   Hid.
' is ii disease, ami bv t minimii/iim ihe
nerves, disposes lo BUUnu ttlld rt*u .-slim*
snip- iniparis  vteoi'  tu  Ihe action of ihe
i bhtod.    which,   titfiinc  bttuiuluteu,   courses
lliroiitfh    the       veins.       si i-eiii/i heniritr    I h-
hi'.iniiv animal  function*, ni the uyeleiu,
Llierab.V    IllSkintf   uniuh    a    in-cisSulV     le-
isulf, stienntlHMiinjr the frame und vlviux
lue to the digestive orKuns, wfilch uutu-
rally   demuiui    I II c resell    Minsinrtro- Tu.iull
Improved uppetlte, Northtou \ l.vman
of    Toronto,     have «iwn   to  the  public
their Superior  Quinine   Wine  ut   Uie   ..nu
rule.     aud.     K«l|c;«*d  by  uie  opinion*    of
scientists,     t he   u ni'-   approaches  ueure-i
perfection     oi    any  in   ihe  market.       All
dru^ftists  sell  It.
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal  Pow-
der.     1*.:\.    W     11.    Main,   i a'tor    of   the
Baptist Emanuel  Churcfi;  iiuftdo,  nivcs
strong testimony for unit is a linn I e-
llever iu Dr, Avnew's Catarrhal Towner.
He hns tried many kinds of remedies
without aVail. "Alter using Dr. Aunew'a
t'utun'hal" • 1'owder 1 was uoueiUed at
once," are his wordn. lt Is a wonderful
remedy.     50  cents.—(15
The folding CliVolppO wns  first  used
i  tin* yonr  1H3Q.
Tin* piano wus bivented  by (Jisio-
luli in tho yaw 1711*
A Casket of Pearls.   Dr.  Vow
Stan's I'lnenpnte Tablets w/iuM prove a
irreat snluuc to the disheartened d\>iu.p-
tlc If he would hut test their | oicm-v.
They're veritable gems in preventing the
seating of stomuch d (Holders. I.y aid ing
and stimulating digest Ion—00 of these
health "peart*]" in a box. and tbey ci-St
:j.ri cents. ltbCOuuuended by most eminent physicians.—(14
Bello-Wf.  with  invented  in   Egypt   'd'
Irten n-nturiefi before Chrisl.
Covered carriOgOfl were Jirsl  Urtucl
HnRlawl in tho year  -.S*<>.
South   American   Rheumatic
Cura Cures Rheumatism.   11 i
Hafe, harmless and acts quick— j;.ves nl
most Instant relief and an ubsolule cure
In-from ope lo three davs-works \\un>
ders in most acute forms ot 1 heutn il ism.
One man's testimony: "I s'P'-nt d weeks
in bed before commencing its use—I bottles cured me."—(*«'
Tho philosophy of theft is bnfleil on
ubsl-ntd   principles.
fllnard's Untaeat Cares Disteaper,
A (iutliiitf gun ftrth ttiwu nhot*, in
a iwiiuite, -       '_,
"I'lense. tint'.tin,'' said Ihe 11 ok.
"I'd like to Rive you ..week's noire." "Why, Mary, th.s is u yn-at
surprise: do you hope to t.eUei yourself ? " "Well, no, not exactly
thut," unswered \l;jry with h Mush.
"I ni  going  to  got   tnnnieil."
f.REAT UMNtiS KlltiAl l.nil.K
CAUSES CHoW—It luKos very nuie «"
derange the .stomuch. Ihe cause ni.iv hu
anxiety, jvorry. or sonic other slinple
anxiety, worry, ar some other simpl**
cuiistf. But if precautions be n«, tWlV'eii.
ihis simple bause muv liuve 1110M serious
ednsaquencea. llunv a chronic ii(y debilitated fiM-i il 111 mn to-dav 0UeB Its de
struct ion to Niui|de causes not dealt v.tth
in time. KeeM lie1 dluestive aoi,nrnlu*l
in-heulthv connifUin and all will he v.eli.
I'lirnlelee'M \eretable IMIIm are letter
than  uny  other  for   the  purpose
A  joint  coniniiUee—-Ihe butcher und
his  uHsistnnl . —
A   Hunt's  only   chuncc  to ge(   a iie.td
In (His woiM is tn Ik) born witn one.
lintrd's Liniment Cores Garget la C«wi
'Ihc  llrst   llgllt-UoilSo  wiu, liuill   'at
Ali'Xiintli'in.   I'.g.vpt,   in  338  Hi'.
I'ontooii  brlilgeH  wilh  co|}per  | oh-
Ioons.  were  Init'iiled li\' Urn  r'rt'iicli.
Holland iluiins iho illsiiiii'ti') 1 nf
fii'Hl. hniing niniii' I10111I,shells in tin'
.vi'in'  14V5
.Mnl'hiin'K for iiinliing tnrks ivcir
first .inmlf b.v Thontiia llUlui'limtl in
Hi" yenr  1806.
*"tl is vi'iy unhealthy fpi" <i.L'rtiWliia
liny to sinnhi' tqlmcco—p,tl'ti<'iilrti'l>
if his father cntelieH him ul   ft".
What rniil ill" fill' m.v little hoy. so
'l.ial hi' won't wnnt to fal between
iinnlH '.' a.Hki'd inaiiiiiiii. UilVi) lb,,
nii'iils rlosi'i- togi'ther. i;e)',liell ii.img
>     I'ivil   ailniins'tlKtion     (11. Is     I In
llaliilanls  ol  llrfiit   ftrilain   L*   ,
[ht head,'
the    lii-si     iliilntei'    In   lloiiie  iviih
Iniinglil '   I'limi     ISll'llfifl    by     Q'll'nllW
I'nliiiis nlinnt Iho year ?>i;   UC.
Thero ilrrt one iliinisniiil seven hnh-
dreil ami '-■ t•-t11> Hyp wrwintn i.:,il
mil  ■ cini-i.iil.s in  llie  I'niii'il Si„n ■
The rui'iion of n hi'allhy 1^(1. iVi)('in
will oCtPfl >i''hl il Ihi'i'ii'l i.'"1" yip''"
in length.
If nil the .world were blind vlinl a
iiii'laijiholy. siglil il would _ie! said
nu Irlah clergyman lueachbign iluii-
ity sermon" for the benefit ui a blind
i    ,1   rt.KASANT   MKDIPISK.—There  are
Mini,, pills which hn\i' nn itllnT |,urlMi.u
evidently ihuu lo Iii'l-i-i luiiiiinl iclernnl
tllRturbanCea in ll"' |ialiei,l. adilniu. lo
his trouble* nud iiernlealtles imiiici iliuu
Iillmlnlshlnu  Uipih        One  i,iig_i   ■"   «'-li
'swallow 'mini.     colTOfdm   lanttrlul        I'.l-
melee'a Vegetahlft' I'ifW IwtVeM.ot lids dta-
a*ree*bl. uud IniuriouH |,|**tiorly. 'I'lu-v
iir«- enHy lo lake, tin' not nnni'MSni,*. lu
llie   liis'ln.   anil   llieir   action   is  udlll    nnd
BOOthtng.        A   trial   'd   tit    v ill   |,rm.
ilds.    They oiler peacu in Uiu tlya|i>*ptlc.
(in u level pliiili iii'ian belween 1i\f
und six feet- Ii1j.li run Koa lot- ,CWut
itire'i"' miles."
N.V. IM    *-•    No, ->e\t3
L ./■
.,,-       S1!^'
V-L-.1L' *_.'.
W*. P.eo«arH* Advocate,
iiStabHsh-d April S, 1*©§,
Otfio*: i'«2C Wdflftilnater avenne:
wHansH Of*icf ;
80 Fleet cfrMt, London, E.fe.,  England
Where a file of "Tho Advocate"
is. '!»**»' for vWtov..
Mrs. R. Whitney,
Unbseri ption $t a year   payable   In
8 cents a Gopy.
Notices ot Births, Marriage's, urnl Dent lis
published free of charge.
Tel. B1405.
YMcouvcr', ft, C,  Apfll Z, -lap*
The Hospital Bylaw and the Street
Improvement By-law nre printed iu
Vh'is'.ssnetri' "The Advocate." Everyone interested in Vancouver^ progress
Bhuuld carefully read them so aa to vote
•onderstaudiugly on these important
-qnentlons May 7th.
wSw 111   ii 1  ~~r~-
To join in singing the 'National
Alrtueui of another country is 110 dis
loyalty to one's native land; and when
'living nnfler the laves, enjoying their
protection and deriving support from
^hetesources df the country of your
adoption, it is a very narrow person,
Vho after joining in a musical program,
refuses to unite in singing in honor of a
broad-minded Sovereign who has always
been friendly to Americans.
Junction ol Westminster avenue anil West
minster road. HKKVICKS at 11 a. m., and
7:JS p.m.; Sunday School ali:30 p.m. Kuv.
Hioo. A. Wilson,-B. A., Pastor. Manse corner of
;XI*hth|«T»nueand Ontario »lm)t.   Tel. 1066
Corner of Nlnt    and Westminster trenuos.
tfKRVICKH at 11 a.m., and 7 p. m.; Sunday
„ .School and Bible Chum 2;30 p.m.   Kev. C. 11.
;' HU-Siiiherlauil, Pastor. Parsonage 123 Eleventh
,   avenue;  went.
St Miohabi. s, (Anglican).
, Corner Westminster road and Prince Edward
'Stmt. SERVICES at 11a.m., and7:30 p.m.;
I Holy Communion 1st and ad Sundays In each
■ month alter morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun-
-. days al ft a. m.  Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.,
Slav.   Q. H. Wilson, Rector.     Residence   372
■ Thirteenth avenue, east.
'   Seventh avenue, between Westminster ave-
S nm and Quebec street.  SERVICES at 11 a.m.,
and 7:30p.m.: Sunday School al 2:30 p.in
, Key. A. W. McLeod. Pastor.  Residence 489
: Sixth avenue,eatt.
Adveut Christian Church (not7th day Ad-
l **«lists) cotnor Ninth avenue and Wcstraln-
t -(Mr road. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.,
i Sunday School at 10 a. m. Young peoples'
: floclciy ot Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor meets every Sunday evening at 6:45 o'clock.
Prayer-meeting Wednesday nlghls at« a 'clock.
Groceries 1   Groceries I
Por Mt. Pleasant
If-uot  perfectly   satisfied  with   your
Grocer try S T." Wallace, -corner Han-it;
street and We.iittninster  aveuue.   Our
stock is Clean Hnd Best Quality.
Our prices are very close.    We sell for
cash.   Give us your order by telephone
If you are a Cash Customer we want
your  patrouuge.     We  can  save  you
money.   Just n-few of our prices;
1st class Up-country Pututoeii per sack»51
Local Eggs, strictly fresh, per doz. 85c
Batter, Clover Leaf Creamery, SSo lb      |
Tomatoes, best brands, t tins for 25c
Oorn fi tin., for 20c
Sweet Nuvel OniugeB 2 doz. for 25c
Sugar, B. C. Granulated, 20-It $1.00
Try our "Coronation" Ceylon Tea 40c lb
_5ST" Mb, Pleasant Delivery overy day.
See W. J. Waters, Manager of -the
Easy Payments ou Furniture, Stoves
or Baby Carriages.
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone. 1260
Drysdale-Stevenson Ltd.
Mr. J. Lougfleld of Victoria, who
played the organ at "The Messiah" on
Friday evening, is tho guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Jackson, Soventh aveuue. Mr.
Lougfleld is an organist of ability, and
under his touoh tho vocation sounded
like a pipe organ.
Thero was a large attendance Monday
evening at the Spworth League Social
held nt the Parsonage, Eloveuth avenue, west. A splendid program of
vocal and instrumental mnsic was
given. Games and refreshments were
features of. the eveuiug.
Ladies! Read Kennedy's advertisement in this issue of "The Advocate.'
It contains much information with
reference to Enster good*.
WILLOX.—Born to Mr. and Mrs.
Willox of Sophia street, March 80th,
a daughter.
COLEMAN.—Born to Mr. and Mrs.
Coleman of Columbia street, March
81st, a sou.
Read the Now York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Two well aud favorably kuown
"Trefousso" and
" Perrlns"
Every pair guaranteed and fitted at
the counter. All the latest spring
PERRINS'—French Eid Gloves:
two-dome fasteners, gnsseted fingers.
Purls points and oversewn seams;
shades of tau, brown, mode and gray
also black and white; price $t.OO
PERRINS'—Fine French Kid
Gloves: all the new spring shades;
samo style as above; made from
beautiful Boft  skins;  price  $1.35
\ TREFOUSSE" Gloves: tho finest
1 made iu Paris, tho best sold iu
S America;   two-clasp;   pique  sewn;
• shades of  beaver  and   grey,   also
• black and  white;  price St.SO
r "
Drysdale-Stevenson Ltd.
Hastings Street Store.
City of Vancouver.
BY-LAW No. ■
*"' Which Meeton nt. Pleasant
1. O. O. F.
*'Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. lOmoets overy
v Tuesday at 8 p. in , in Oddfellows Hall
.; Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
I.Tjojonrtring brethren cordially invited
fAfi ttttcud.
• -Xmtjlc Grand—W. R. Owens,
.  2731, Westminster read
r •SeeoRDWfl Secretary—j. Pajiman,
Ifc! liufferln street, vest.
A large and appreciative audience
listened to "The Messiah," (Handel),
by the Choir of Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Church on Friday evening. The text
of this mastepieoe is prepared from
passages from the Bible, treated in a
wonderful series of solos and choruses.
Tb.e work is divided into threo parts
first deals with the advent of Christ,
tho second with His life, sufferings and
death, and the third with doctrines of
faith. The solo parts were beautifully
and artistically given by Miss MoAlpino,
soprano; Mr. Cave, tenor; Miss Bren-
ton, alto; Mr. Gidrou Hieks bass. The
chorus contained about 80 voices and
was well balanced. In the first part the
chorus "All we like sheep have gone
astray," and the grand "Hellelujah" in
the Becond part were rendered in
grand style Mr. G. P. Hicks has
again proven himself to be a Conduotor
of rare ability by the ohorns numbers
given in Friday evening's produotion
of "The MesSlah."
I. O. F.
'•Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
i Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
f Mondays of each month at 8 p. m.
'Visiting brethren always welcome.
,Cr-ra"IUNoint—W. G. Taylor,
227 JCowkr street, City.
: Recording Secretary—W. H. DoBou,
678 Tenth avenue, east
1 Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
3H Princess street, City.   Telephone
Alexandra Hiv No. 7, holds regnlar
,'7w»wow 1st and 8d Fridays of each
. monfh in I.-O. O. F.. Hall corner West-
, miustcr and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladles always welcome.
I L*4y Commander—Mrs. Fitoh,
• Lady'Record Keeper—Mi*.   Mary   A.
; Foote, 839 Ninth avenue, east.
Vancouvor Conncil, No. 211a, moots
, every 2d and 4th Thursdays of each
( m«*£h, in I O. O. F., Hall, corner
> Severit. and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning Friends always welcome
vW'. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. CbamhnrK, Recorder,
2228 Westminster avenue.  Tel. 760.
Young. Ptoples Societies.
j Loyal Worliew of Christian Endeavor
.. in wot at 15|m iuutce to 7,  every Sunday
.evening in Adveut Christian Church
(■earner Ninth ave. and Weetmiuster Rd
Epwortli   Dengue nf   Mt.    Pleasant
j Methodist. Ohnreri meets at 8 p. m.
B. Y.P. U., meets  in  Mt. Pleasant
v (Baptist Chnroh at h p. m.
The Y. P. 8. C. E.. meets st B p. m.
.tu Mt.Pleasassot.Presbyterian Church.
Remember (be Birtudsy Social for
April 6th, at Mrs. (lto. W. Hutching*,
l*iM Eighth avonue, oast
If yon know any items of Mt.Pleasant
o"ui. -Somal,   I'Sraonsl or any'  otber
.«pw« itexnav-scud tkoiu   in to   "Tbe
wivoeute," or by telephone— B1406.
Hand-painted parasols will have a
decided vogue. This year's fans are
larger and more elaborate In material
and dncoration than before, tbe floral
fans being particularly attractive.
Just at present silk stockings with
lace medallions are vory smart, but tbe
luted tiling iu decorated hosiery if the
band-clocked .lockings, Ekborntestolos
with flotiuces, embroidery and bonds
will be the style this Easter, and every
Eatter girl will carry one of the little
embossed card I'ar.es introduced among
the. Season's novelties,
The simple pleating of n pltin bodice
liack aud front to a fitted yoke piece
cawes the making of tho blouse to be
an easy matter, while the flare of the
short, ca.p:>like sleeve is obtained by
means of a wide shapetl bias fold tbat
uiay be trimmed or not, jnst as the
wci'i'..-I' oluasos The lace stock, small
yrtlto ami usderFlecves of white, while
exceedingly smart, may be supplied by
the material of tho gown or liberty
;tlk or chiffon of tho fame color.
.Mtiterisls so applied must, lie shirred,
tucked, or trimmed iu somo way.
Where nndTskoves of lac^ or lingerie
to supplied by other materials, tho lace
Trill th.it lie* upon tbe baud pbould not
jeforgftttrii. It adds a smart touch, to
ihe go".» whioh would otherwise be
Tee wid« fiit.;d girdle, overlaid with
f.ilds ef Hilk, ir,fibttinil rt tho side in
thu natt'Ciu, but for slender figures it
would be innre bseoming to far ten the
girdle, with it« rosette snd little sash
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A BY-LAW TO RATBE, ny way of de-
benturcB, the sum ot H00,OtKI:O0 to be pale
to the Vancouver General Hospital, or
by way of nn aid to the building: fund.
WHEREAS, lt In deemed expedient 1n
the interests of the City that the sum ol
HOO.OW.OO or the. proceeds of tho sale ot debentures to thejltifroimt of tlOO.OOO.OI). after
deducting costs, discounts, and charge*
on such sale, should be paid as a subsidy
or aid to the Vancouver General Hospital for tho purposes of erecting buildings
to be used as a hospital In the City of
Vancouver of a value of at least two
hundred thousand dollarB;
AND WHEREAS, it ls necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that the City
should raise by way of debentures a loan
of tl00.000.00, repayable on the 20th day
of May, 1914, with Interest In the meantime payable half-yearly at th© rate of
4 per cent, per annum—such loan, when
raised, to bs applied for the purposes
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
tho said debentures when due, and for the
Interest theron during the currency of the
sal* debentures, it will he necessary to
raise and  levy  each  year   tho    sum of
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the debt when due, It will be necessary
to raise and levy In each year the sum of
S1.1S2.73, by special rate sufficient therefor, In each year on all the ratable
property of the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the Interest on the debt during the currency of tho said debentures, it will be
necessary to raise and levy In each year
the sum of W,<X», by special rato suffl
dent therefor on all the ratable property of the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS, the amount ot the
whole ratable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to the last rovlsei
assessmont roll, ls "24,138,_6;
AND WHEREAS, the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the City-
Is $2,860,951.20, Irrespective of the debts
Incurred for local Improvements, of which
none of the principal or interest is in
NOW, THEREFORE, the Mayor and
Council of tho City of Vancouver, In
opoT-. moetilng assembled, enacts as follows:
1. Por the purpose of erecting buildings to be used for hospital purposes, It
shall be lawful for the Mayor of the City
of Vancouver to raise, and he Is hereby
authorised to raiBe by way ot loan from
any person, persona, or corporation who
■may be willing to advance the Baine on
the credit of tho debentures hereinbefore
mentioned, a sum not exceeding in the
whole the sum of (100,000, and cause the
same to be paid Into the hands of tho
Treasurer of the said City for the purposes aforesaid and with the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor to
cause any number of debentures to be
made out, each for such sum of money
not less than one hundred dollars (Jiooi,
or an equivalent expressed In pounds
sterling of the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at the value of iX.Sfi
to tho pound sterling, aa may be required,
and all debenture* shall be sealed with
tho seal ot the City of Vancouver and
signed by tho Mayor, and counter-signed
by the Treasurer of fhe said City.
3. Tho said debentures shall be made
payable within forty years from the date
hereinafter mentioned for thtB by-law to
take effect, at such bank In the City of
Vancouver, or at *uch bank In the City
of London, England, aa the Council may
by resolution direct.
4. The said debentures shall havo coupons attached for the payment of the Interest at 4 pel' cent, per o-num on the
amount of the debentures, and shall be
payable half-yearly on the JOth day of
November, and the 20th day of May in
each and every year.
E, A rpeclal rate on the dollar shall bo
retail and levied annually In each year
In addition to all other rates on all tho
ratable property of tho City, sufficient
to pay Interest on the debt hereby created
during the currency of the said debentures, and to provide for tho payment of
th. sold debt v,hno due.
o>. The sum of n.ooo shall be raised and
levied annual'y In each and every year,
by special rate, on all tho ratable properly of tbe City of Vancouver for- tha
payment of the Interest on the amount
of the said debt hereby created during
the currency of the said debt.
7 The sum of H,m.73 shall b» raised
and. levied annually In each and every
year, by special jute, on all the ratab'e
property of the City of Vancouver for the
payment of tho debt hereby created when
8.   It shall be lawful tor the Corpora
tion, from time to tlm*. to repurchase
any of the said debentures, at such price
or prices as may be mutually agreed
upon,. and all debentures so repurchased
shall forthwith h* cancelled, and no re-
issi-' t any debenture or debentures shall
be JccJa In consequence of euch repuf-'
». Thte By-law shall, before the linal
passing thereof, receive tho assent of the
electors entitled to vote on money bylaws In manner prescribed by the Van*
oouver Incorporation Aot, 1900, and
Amending Act, 1S04.
10. This By-law, lf passed, shall come
into force and take effect on the 20th
day ot May, A. D., 1904. •
8. It shall be lawful, jj0r the. Corporation
from time to. time, to repurchase, any of
tho said debentures, at such prloe or
prices as may be mutually agreed upon,
and all debentures bo repurchased shall
forthwith be cancelled, and no. re-issue
of any debenture or debentures shall he
made In consequence of such, repurchase.
9. This By-law shall, before tha final
passing thereof, receive the assent of the
electors entitled to vote on money bylaws In manner prescribed by the Vnncouver Incorporation Act, 1900, and
Amending Act, 1904.
10. This By-law, it passed, shall eome
into force and  take effect on the 20th
day of Mar, A. D. 1904.
"' ' '"•   ■-,., Notice.
TAKB NOTICE that the above ls a true
copy of_ a proposed By-law which has
been taken Into consideration, and which
will be finally passed by the Council in
the event of the assent of the electors
being obtained thereto, after One month
from the first publication in the Mount
Pleasant "Advocate," the date of which
first publication was the 2nd day of April,
A. D., 1904, and that the votes of the
electors of the said Corporation will be
taken thereon on Saturday, the 7th day
of May, A. D. 1904, between the hours ot
8 o'clock In the morning, and 7 o'clock
In the evening of the following places:
WARD 1—At the old School House on
Burrard Street.
WARD 3—At the Opera House, on Granville Street.
WARD S-At the old 'City Hall, on Powell Street.
WARD 4—At the hew City Hall, on
Westminster Avenue.
WARD S-At the Fire Hall, Ninth Avenue, Mount Pleasant.
WARD 6-At the Fire Hall, Granville
Street, Fairview.
THOS. F. McGUIGAN, City Clerk.
Vancouver, April 2nd, 1904.
City of   Vancouver.
BY-LAW No. ■
A BY-LAY to raise by way of debentures the sum of $100,000.00 for street improvement purposes,
WHEREAS, It ls deemed expedient In
the Interests of the City that the sum of
tlOO.OOO.OO be raised for street Improvement purposes:
AND WHEREAS, it Is necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that the City
should raise 'by way of debentures a loan
of $100,000.00, repayable on the 20th day of
May, 1914, with Interest In the meantime
payable half-yearly at the rate of 4 per
cent, per annum, such loan, when raised,
to be applied for the purposes aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the said debentures when due, and for
the Interest thereon during the currency
ot the sold debentures, it will be necessary to raise and levy each year the sum
of $6,182.73.
AND WHEREAS, tor. tho payment of
the debt when due, lt will be necessary
to raise and levy In each year the sum
of $1,182.73 by special rate sufficient there
for in each year on all the ratable prop
orty of the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS, for the payment of
the Interest on tho debt during the currency of the said debonturcs, it will be
necessary to raise and levy in each year
the sum of $4,000 by special rate sufficient
therefor on all the ratable property of
the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS, the amount of the
whole ratable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to the last revised
assessment roll, is $24,138,225.
AND WHEREAS, tho total amount of
tho existing debenture debt of the City
ls $2,850,961.20, Irrespective of debts Incurred for local Improvements, of which
none of the principal or Interest ls In
arrears- •
NOW, THEREFORE, the Mayor and
Council of the City of Vancouver, in open
meeting assembled, enacts as follows:
1. For the purpose of street Improvements, It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the City of Vancouver to raise, and he
is hereby authorised to raise by way
of loan from any person, persons or corporation who may be willing to advance
the same on the credit of the debentures
hereinbefore mentioned, a sum not exceeding in the whole the sum ot $100,000,
and cause the same to -be paid Into the
hands of tbe Treasurer of the said City
for the purposos aforesaid and with the
objects  hereinbefore  recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor to
cause any number of debentures to be
mnde out, each tor such sum ot money
not leas than one hundred dollars ($100) or
an equivalent expressed In pounds sterling of the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at the value of $..80
to tho pound sterling, as may be required,
and all debentures shall be sealed with
tho seal of the City of .Vancouver and
signed by the Mayor and countersigned
by the Treasurer of the said City.
3. Tho said debentures shall be made
payable within forty years from the date
hereinafter mentioned tor this by-law to
tiil.it effect, at such bank In the City of
Vancouver, or at such bank in tbe City
of London, England, as the Council may
by resolution direct
4. The said debentures shall have coupons attached for tbe payment of the
lntcrost at l per cent, per annum, on the
amount of the debentures, aad shall be
payable hair-yearly on the 20th day of
Novombsr and the 20th day o< May In
each and every year.
f>. A special rate on the dollar shall
bo raised and levied annually In each
year In addition to all other rsUe on all
Ihe rstableo property of the City, sufficient to pay Interest on the debt hereby created during the currency of the
Bald debentures and to provide for the
r*) iiKt.it of the said debt when due.
«. The sum of $4,0GO shall be raised and
levied each year by special rate on all
the ia .it...- property of the City ot Vancouver for the payment of the Interest
on the amount of the said debt hereby
croal-.Hl during tbe currency of the said
7. The sum ot $1,13273 shall be raised
and levied annually in each a<i<i every
year by special rat* on all tho ratable
properly of tho City of Vaucouver for th■:
payment of the diibt hereby ore»t»d wben
TAKE NOTICE that the above ls a
true copy of a proposed By-law which
has been taken into consideration, and
which will be finally passed by the Council In the event of the assent of the
electors being obtained thereto, after one
month from the first publication In the
Mount Pleasant "Advocate," the date of
which first publication was the 2nd day
of April, A D. 1904, and that the vote*
of the olectors of the said Corporation
will be taken thereon on Saturday, the
7th day of May, A. D. 1904, between the
hours of 9 o'clock In the morning and
7 o'clook In the evening at the following
polling places:
WARD 1—At the old School House on
Burrad Street.
WARD 2—At ths Opera House, on Granville Street.
WARD 3-At the old City Hall, on Powell Street.
WARD 4—At the new City Hall, on
Westminster Avenue.
WARD E-At the Fire Hall, Ninth Avonue, Mount Pleasant.
WARD 6—At the Fire Hall, Granville
Street, Fairview.
THOS. F. McGUIGAN, City Clerk.
Vancouver, April 2nd, 1904.
City of Vancouver.
SEALED TEKDERS will bo received
by the nndersigntd up to Friday April
the 23nd 1904, nt 4 p. in., for the purchase of .lGO.OOO.OO worth of Vancouver
City Debentures, payablo at the City
Treasurer's Office. Such debentures
bear interest at the rate of $% % por
annum, payable half-yearly and extending over a period of forty years. Interest and principal payable at the City
Treasurer's Office iu the Oity of Vaucouver.
Tho Corporation reserves tbe right to
reject any or all tenders.
Vaucouver, B. O, March 25th, 1904.
TENDERS will be received until
2 o'clook ou Saturday April 10th, for
building a Bunk House, Trussel Work
aud Rock Bunkers at tho Rock Quarry.
Tho Contractor to find all material
Plans und specifications can ho seen at
the Municipal Hall.
The lowest or any t suder not necessarily accepted.
William O. WALKER,  C. M. C.
South Vancouver, B.C., March 23, 1904
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