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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jan 20, 1906

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nCUOWeil S white pine
This elegant preparation combines in an agreeable
form, all the well-known valuable properties of its
ingredients, so combined as to form an excellent
remedy for Chronic or recent Pulmonary affections,
relieving obstinate Coughs by promoting expectoration aud serving as a calmative in all Bronchial or
Laryngeal troubles.   Prioe 50o per bottle.
(1. A. W. Co. Ltd., Mt. PLEASANT BRANCH
Free Delivery to any part of the city.   'Phone 790.
Devoted to the Interests of Mt. Pleasant- and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three Jlonths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
JAN 21 1906
Always Something:
to interest you every week ir, '.' I'JJ A .'.'VOCATE
among tho Local Items, Miscellaneous Items,
Woman's Realm, or the Continued Story. The
Advertisements will keep yon posted ou when
to go for li.-:i gains in all lines.
The subscription price is within tho roach of all
Delivered anywhere in the Oity, the Dominion-
tho United States or Great Britian for SI a year
*-%»j       * ! -BCTE^'yE-'-TSAB.)
Established April 8th, 1899.   Whole No. 862.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B,   0.,   Saturday,   Jan  20, 1906.
No. 4-..
Local Items. I
The McCuaig Auction and Commission Co., Ltd., next to Oarneige Library,
Hastiugs stroet, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Phono 1070.
Today the Municipal Election takes
place iu South Vaucouver.
Be sure to attend the "Great Stock
Clearance Salo," at Scott's Toggery.
The Lord's Day Alliance has dividod
Mt. Pleasant into four sections, each
ohurch taking a section, and a thorough
canvass will be made for siguaturos to
a petition asking the Dominion Govern
ment for Lord's Day Laws.
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this pnper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Mr. Melville Jewell, of Tenth avenue, west, slipped and fell
from the steps at liis home on Tenth
avenue, Mouday aud broke oee of the
boues iu his arm. The doctor says It
will be six weeks beforo Mr. Jewell will
be able to be nt his office.
For   local uows subscribe    for THE
ADVOCATK only $1 for 12 months.
Mis. Chtis Keeler of Westminster
aveuue, entertained at a must delightful
party ou Thursday eveniug. Games,
music nud dniuty refreshmeuts were
features of n plensaut eveniug. Present:
Miss M. Verge, Miss N. Aunis, Miss
G. A. Smith of Nelsou, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs.
Simpson, Mrs. Russ, Mrs. Keeler,
Messrs F. Hunt, J. Simpson, Chas
Keeler, R. S CommiogS, H. Marks, O.
Russ, W. Round.
TO RENT.—Flat of 7 rooms in brick
block; apply to W. D. Muir,
Tho pastor, Rov. A. E. Hetheriugton,
will preach morning and evening ou
Suuday. Morning subject: "Shall Wo
Have a Revival?" Eveniug subject;
''Dou't Drift."
A Service uf Song will proceed tho
eveuiug worship.
All are iuvited.'
Dr. Ernest- Hall hns resumed his surgical practice nud cau be consulted
overy Tuesday at Hillside Hospital,
887 Burrard street.
Mr James Garviu was given a
surprise by a number of young people
Thursday eveuiug, nt the home of his
parents Mr. and Mrs S. Garvin, Westminster road. Music, daucing and
games wore the pleasures of tlie occasion. Present: Misses E. Henley, M.
Wflde, M Traill. S.Robinson, G.Healey,
E- Little, Messrs. O. Oweus, S. Garvin,
E Wnde, P. Loe, O. Graham, W.
Graham, R. Garvin, F. Healey, A.
Stewart, J. Garvin, W. Cole, W.
Stephens, W. Macauley, H Mitchell,
D. Orookall.
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thursday noon to Insure their
Miss A. Ver^e entertained a few
frieuds most charmingly on Mouday
evening at tho homo of her parents Mr-
and Mrs. W. R. Verge, Tenth avenue.
Progressive whist, vocal and instrumental music mado the hours pass pleasantly and all too swiftly. Tho prizes for
whist were won by Miss Carrier and
Mr. Kinnie, while the oonsolntion wont
to Mr. E. Harvey. Delicious refreshments with ico cream were served.
Present: Miss Carrier, Miss Harvey,
Miss Ryder, Miss Verge, Misses L. aud
M Verge, Mr. Browu, Mr. Kinnie,
Messrs. F. Buttcrflold, E. Harvey, R. S.
Dentistry as we practice it is a serious profession,
involving education, carefulness and skill. Therefore we can not com-
peto iu prices with tho ignorant, tbe careless or the unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that we charpo less than half as much as
most private praotiouers.
But you ask, Is the work as good? We reply, it
is better Indeed, no doutist who tries to practice all the different
branches of dentistry can achieve suoh magnificent results as we do
with our corps of skilled specialists
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1566.
Branoh Offices corner Abbott and Hastings streets. Tel. 2022.
Office Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;  Sundays 9 a.m.,   to 2 p.m.
Mr. Chas. Doering of the Vancouver
Breweries Ltd., was in tho city this
Mrs. Davenport of Hammond, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. R G. Buchanan,
Robsou street.
The Misses C. and G. Wood returned
Wednesday from a teu days pleasure
trip to Harrisou Hot Springs.
Miss G. A. Smith who hns beeu the
guest of Mrs. Lewiugton, Eleventh avenue, left ou Friday for her homo in
Nelson, B. O.
By properly ndj' ed glassos Dr.
Howell at the Burrnid Sanitarium Ltd.,
relieves eye strain wliich causes headache aud other nervous troubles.
Messrs. Campbell and McDcrmott,
recent arrivals from Alberta, will open
a real estate offlce in the plaoe recently
occupied by Dr. H. D. Burritt, dentist.
The twenty-months-old son of Mr.
aud Mrs. King, Tenth avenue, west, fell
from his little wagon ou Mouday, breaking one of his legs; tho fracture beiug
between the knee and thigh. Dr. Allen
was called and set the injured member.
Get yonr Dancing Pump, Ladies'
Danoing Slippers, Gentleiiieu's Bedroom Slippers, Pnteut-leather Shoes
of tho Roliablo Shoeman—R. MILLS,
119 Hastiugs streot, west.
Monday evening Jnnuary 22d, tho
officers for 1906 of Alexandra Hivo
No. 7, L. O. T. M., will bo installed
with duo ceremony. Mrs. Margaret
Griffin, Provincial Deputy Commander,
will install the newly elected officers,
and Gaurds from Vancouver Hive No. 2
will tako pnrt.
Fairview Hive No. 13. L. 0, T. M.,
gavo a very delightful entertainment in
Trinity Ohurch Parlors on Wednesday
evening. The Hunt Family and other
professionals furnished a good program.
Mrs W. H. Allen's reading was exceptionally flue, and sho had to respond
to emphatio euoorej
Tbo pastor, Rev. Herbert W Piercy,
will preach morning and evening on
Suuday. Morning subjoct: 'Seek First
the Kingdom of God." Evening subject : "Christ is ablo to keep thnt which
is committed unto Him."
Young Men's Bible Class at 3:80 p.m
Mr. T. F. Jull of Ninth avenue, east,
is convalescing from a recent illness.
Mrs. D. Cooper of  Scott  street,  was
taken to the Hospital on Friday last.
Mr. Arbnckle, from the East, Is visiting his mother Mrs. Arbuckle of Scott
Mr. Coulter of Sixth avenue, had the
misfortune to fall aud break his arm
last week.
Mr. W. Robertson of Tenth aveuue,
is able to be out again after au attack
of la grippe.
Miss G. Harford of Thirteenth avenue, returned Wednesday from a ten
days visit with Mr. and Mrs. F. Harford, Ruskin, B. 0.
Fifth avenue, Jan
Born to Mr. and Mrs, Kuhr,
15th,a son.
Mr. Gratton and brido leave for their
home in Calgary, nfter spending their
honeymoon on the Coast. While in
Vancouver, Mr. and Mrs. Gratton were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ross,
Hastings street.
Porter & Sous' Mt. Pleasant Market
wns broken into by burglars ou Tuesday
night, nud betweou $7 aud f 10 taken.
Entrance was made through a small
window iu the rear of tho shop. The
police have a clue us to who committed
the burglary.
Tho very latest styles in Canadian
and American mnkes nnd designs in
Winter Shoos for Men, Women nnd
Children at R. MILLS, tho Sboomun,
119 Hastings streets, west.
The Ladies' Aid of Mt. Pleasaut Presbyterian Ohurch mat on Wednesday
afternoon, in their rooms at the churoh,
aud elected their officers for the ensuing
year. A vote of thanks nnd appreciation of the services of tho retiring
President, Mrs. Ledingham was passed.
The following ladies were electod:
President, Mrs. J. J. G. Thompson;
1st Vice-President, Mrs. D. McLeod ;
3d Vice-President, Mrs Onrnworth;
8d Vice-President, Mrs. W. B. Skinner;
Secretary, Mrs.J. Robinson; Treasurer,
Mrs. Neil. Auditors, Mrs. H. T.
Thompson and Mrs. Leddiugham.
Tho pastor Rev. Geo. A. Wilson wns
present aud addressed the ladies;
thanking thom for their helpful nnd
successful work during the past yenr.
Tea nud light refreshments wero served
after the adjournment of the  regular
If you miss The Advocate you miss
he local news.
"The Advocate" wishes any carelessness lu delivery reported to the Offico;
tolephouc 111405.
The various Courts oj tho oity of tho
Independent Order of Foresters hold
a public installation of officers in the
Mt. Pleasnnt OddfeUowB' Hnll ou Monday ovening. Tho nttendnnco wns
very largo of members and frionds, and
the ceremony which wns iu chnrgo of
Supreme Organizer, Bro. Hands of Los
Angeles, Oal., was vory impressive. A
dance followed the entertainment aud
•   IA.    I _______ I   I , STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
3 cans Tomatoes for 25c
2 cans Pineapples for 25c
Pure Honey and Eastern Maple Syrup.
Good Apples $1 per box.
3 cans Peas for 25c
H. O. Lee,
2425   Westminster  Ave.
'Phone 322
King's Heat flarket
R. Porter A Sons.
2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on haud.   Orders solicited from nil ports of Mount Pleasant nnd Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.  FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season.
Tel. A1206.
Something for
Good Apples only$i per box
Good Butter 25c per pound
2 tins Marmalade only 25c
Some big  Bargains  in   Left-over  Odd  Lines.
You ought to see them. Jfa    mp    Jfa
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.  Mt. Pleasant
Telephone   lHtit).
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $8,000,000.   Reserves J8.302.748.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Manager.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements iu the
The annual congregational meeting of the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church was held on Wednesday evening. The usual reports
were submitted and the church's progress in the past year proved most
encouraging in the growth of membership and financially.
A very pleasant feature of the
meeting was the presentation to Miss
Margaret Ross, of an elegant silver
tea service, and tray; the presentation
was made by Rev. G. A. Wilson on
behalf of the congregation, in recognition of years of devoted service
in all lines of church work; Miss
Ross being an active member of the
C. E„ the Ladies Aid, and the leading
soprano  in the choir.
Mr. H. W. Maynard read the address accompanying the gift. Miss
Ross was taken so by surprise and
too much effected to reply by more
than an expression of thanks and
the visible evidence of her appreciation of the esteem and good will
which prompted the gift .
Tho church has a membership of 802,
u net iucroaBo of 20 for the year. The
Sundny School, including officers nnd
tenchcrs, is 457, nnd the Christian Endeavor membership is 84. The revenue
from all agencies amounted to 14.850,
and the ohnroh debt has been reduced
about S1.000 during tho year. The
Managers eloctod for the next three years
nro: Messrs. Alox. Patterson,
McKiunoy, J. R. JackBon.
January Stocktaking Sale I
In taking stock wo find mauy odd aud broken lines which we are clearing
at greatly reduced pricos.
DRESS GOODS.—10 pieces only Tweeds iu self colors and fnney colors;
regular 45c, 50c aud G6c; sale price 35c yd.... 8 pieces only 54-iuch Hotno-
spuns iu self shades uud fancy mixtures; regular %1, 11,98 und JS1.50; clearing sale urice 75c yd... .Frieze Cloths, 55-in., suitable for unlined skirts
and ooatB iu dork grey, navy und blnck; regnlar fl nnd $1.25; sale prioe
SKIRT SNAP.—25 ouly Lndies' Walking Skirts, mndo of all wool friezo
cloths; 7-gore, flnre bottom and six rows of stitching; regular $3.75; clearing sale prico $2 eaoh.
ADr_CC/C>  Cf\     30, 32 and 34 Cordova St.
r •    t\\J*J*J *"V    _/V/., Telephone 574. **
On Monday evening a meeting of
the ratepayers of District Lot 321
was held to discuss school matters.
Mr. G. W. Thomas occupied the
chair for a time. Mr. Miller moved
that all who were not ratepayers to
be asked to leave the meeting. The
chairman refused to put the motion
at lirst, but doing so it was lost. Mr
Miller still insisted that those not
cligablc to vote should leave tlie
room, but tlie chairman refused to
entertain such a suggestion, whereupon Mr. Miller moved that M.
Thomas be asked lo vacate the chair
The motion was carried and Mr. Miller was duly elected to the chair. After a brief discussion it was decided
lo make a grant of $000 towards the
maintenance of the school. Mr. R.
A. McCiillough suggested that the
meeting take some proper course regarding the School Act so thai something definite could be forwarded to
the Provincial Government. No
action was taken, but llie majority
present, who were followers of the
Laurier Government, passed a resolution deprecating the legislation.
Tho funeral of the Into Mr.Jtie. Wood,
83 Eighth nveuue, took placo from the
Mt Pleasant Methodist Ohuroh ou Friday nt 2:30 p. m., Rev. A. E. Hetbering
ton officiating. Mr. Wood has been tho
Street Foreman in Ward V., for it number of years end wns a highly respected
resident of Mt. Pleasant.
Stock-taking Sale!
Many Goods at One»half actual value—for the
balance of this month—prior to stock-taking.
Corn Starch 5c per package. Laundry Starch 5-lb for 25c:
Old Brown Windsor Soap 85 cakes for 25c.
Extracts, regular prico 25c, now 8 bottles for 26c.
Soda Biscuits 6-ft for 35c
Everything  else equally low.
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd-
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
tei. 286. Westminster Ave. A Princess Streot.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewiug. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints •$ 1,
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Salo at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house.
Coulter's for
OLD COUNTRY WATERPROOF BOOTS worth $6.50 for $4.80,
also a ohoioo liue of MliN'S, WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S
C. J. Coulter, B8P
24-15 Westminster Avenue.
APPLES $i a box
Good Potatoes 85e a sack
8 tins Tomatoes for 25c
McKinnon & Gow,
148 Ninth Ave. OppOBito No.3 Fire Hall
Telephone B1-W3. Prompt delivery.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry nud Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lloo Killer,
Holly Ohick Food,  Beefsciiips, Etc.
C    KP1TH Corn<-:r   NINTH avenue  et
Telephone    10 3 7
Boot antl Shoemaklng
and Repairing dono nt
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2'tni Westminster avenue.
Telephone Numbers of Local Mini,
BI7!l9-Rev.n. II. Wilson,(Allillienn).
106S—Kev. O. A. Wilson. (ITesbyterlitn).
012111—Iter. A. E. IIcthciliiKluii, (Methodist'
Advertiao in tho "Advocate."
The sad death occurred on Saturday at the family residence, 456
Tenth avenue, of Mrs. Annie Mutch,
beloved wife of Mr. Colomon Mutch.
The deceased, who was a native of
Prince Edward Island, was scventy-
liiur years of age. She had been a
re_iilenl of Vancouver for the past
live years, and previous to coming to
this city resided in Seattle for sev
en years. The deceased leaves a
husband, two sons and two daughters
to mourn her loss. One daughter is
Mrs. Antic, wife of Rev. J. Antic of
the mission steamer Columbia. The
other daughter is living in Newfoundland,   while  one   of   the   suns  is
u resident ol Lot Angeles, Cal,   The
funeral was held Monday afternoon
at 2:10 o'clock from the family residence.    Rev. G. II. Wilson officiated.
for a Game of
Pool or Billiards
Drop In at
Mt. Pleasant.
Wo have really an excellent stock
of Leather Goods.
You'll liud our prices a bit lower
than you can bny the same goods
elsewhere too.
Such things for instance as j
Ladies' Pocketbooks,
Ludies' Csrd Cases,
Ladies' Hand Bags,
Ladies' Photo Frames,
Meu's Wallets,
Men's Card Oases,
Men's Bill Books, ,->■■.-.   ■
Men's Lotter Books,
Men's "CoinJPurses,
Meu's Cigar aud Cigarette Oases.
Corner Hustings aud Granville Ste.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. R.
I. O. O. F.
Advocate $1
for I2 Months
J.  S.
ASF Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday   morning   please   notify
this office.   Telephone B1405
Advertiso In "The Advocate "
Just the thing for
Winter weather
The officers of   Mt.  Pleasnnt  Lodge
No. 10,1. O O, l'\, just installed for tlio
ensuing term nre as follows:
Past Noble Grand—G, \V. Jamlesou,
Noi-ii- Grand- Ben, Sewell.
Vloo-Grand—Frank Trimble
Ri rdlng Secretary—II. I'.iit n
Flnanolal Secretary—R. II. Poole.
Tn Eumrei -G. 11. Mlddlemisi,
Wardon, Geo Simmons; Conductor,
James Unison; U. B  \ t; . Isaac Mills;
L.S. N.G., Thos. Dobson; R. S. V.G.,
■l.  Keime.v;   /,. S.   V. U.,  R, Ii. Boar;
I.G., .1. Walker; it. Sp„ _. Morrison;
L. Sp., J. Paxman,
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs arc gladly received
by "The Advocate."
Royal Crown
us 11 post card asking for __
Catalogue of Premiums to bt
liittl free for Royal Cnowv
Soap Wkappkrs.
Extension Clothes Hones, "pen 12 fi
have tliiuii in three sizes:
Washboards for loe. Sec k SOo,
Pastry Boards for Site, «0c, A "it,..
Revolving handle Rolling Plus 10c
■t wide, closed '_' fi el wide.   Wo
4 feel high for $1.60
5 foot high for ".1.75
« feet high for $3.00
Clothes Pins 3 doz. for 6c.
Towel Rollers 15c ft 30e each.
Buchanan & Edwards
662 664 Granville St.
'Phone 2021.
Wanted by The Great
West LIfe Assurance
A I-ocal Agent for Ml. Ploasant
ond Fnirview, Must be ablo to
devote his whole time nud furnish
satisfw'ttiry references.    Apply to
Geo. HALSE, Manager.
Inns of Court Bldg.     Vancouver, B. 0.
The Canadian
Bank0F Commerce
Deposilsof Ons Doi.I__.Ft aud upward*
received and Interest allowed thereon.
Bank Money Orders issued.
A General Banking Businesi
OFFICE HOURS i 10 a. in. to 1 p. ___,
Saiiiiuavh: 10 a.m. to 13m., 7 to I o.m.
East End Branch
l'-l Westmiuster      0. W. DURBAHS?,
avenne. M_JUMB.
Advertising Is the education ef the
purchaser of the merits of different
thst which adds to hlir oomfort and »n>-
ii.iiMimei-. It Informs the proapeoUve
goods and brings him Into touch with
I'lilii"! his happiness.
Tin-', ahviiiaii-. is the best advertising
medium where it circulate*. Tel. B.40^. »-»-f4-f>:4^H-T^-K-H-v-H--i-H--v-»» ♦ IftlHIMIHM ♦+♦»
1 Linked by Fate j
Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage   -t
of Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid X
For," " A Modern Juliet," Etc. f
with    him.       Have      your      supper,
"Have you packed the box with
the provisions?" he asked as he sank
on to a seat.
"Yes," she replied, pouring out his
"All will be ready to-morrow," he
suitl. "I have been studying the currents. Vou must steer south by
southwest. I will show you on the
compass. If I am right in my idea
of the position of the main group,
you will soil unil drift for it without'any difficulty, nnd should reach
it in twenty, or say, thirty hours."
"We may find the men there," she
saitl. "The boat may have taken
them there."
He stopped the mug on its way to
his mouth, then he shook his head.
"No, thank Heaven I The wind was
in tho other direction when they
went. No, they drifted out lto the
opon sea. If I were not sure of that
1 would*not let you go. Hotter run
the risk of—murrying me, then fall
into their hands. Hut there is no
chance1 of that; you need not bo
afraid. Aren't you going to cat
Sho camo to the rough table and
poured out a cup of coffee. It was
the lirst meal they had taken alone,
and he watchetl her under his lowered lids for a time, then rose and
went tlown to the beach and gazed
at his raft with grim satisfaction.
At dawn tho next morning ho was
awake, antl stood over Fleming,
who. Mannering thought, was asleep,
but Fleming oiH'iied his eyes and
smiled  wanly.
"Nearly ready. Fleming," said
Mannering.    "How  do  you  feel?"
Fleming smiled and moved his hand
feebly, and Mannering went down to
the raft. He fixed up a mast for the
sail antl rigged a rough, and he wns
going up to Nina's hut for the provisions when he met her coining
swiftly down tho bench.
"Everything ls ready, I think--"
he said, but she broke in upon him
with an anxious cry.
"Oh, come at once! Mr. Fleming
is ill—worse!"
Hu strode beside her, his brows
knit, anil they entered the hut.
Fleming wus lying on his buck, his
face whito anil pinched, his eyes closed.
"Is that you, Mannering?" he asked in so low a voice that Mannering
could scarcely hear it.
"Yes, it's I. What's the matter,
Fleming?" replied Mannering. "Aro
you ill—worse? The raft—everything
is ready."
"Too late!" said Fleming, calmly.
It is wonderful how calm your dying
man can be. For hiin all earthly
turmoil, all earthly struggles, doubts,
I am dying.     1 am sorry.     Where—
where is Miss Nina?"
She was beside him, her hand on
his wrinkled brow, her pitying eyes
full of tears.
"I'm sorry, Mannering. I would
huvo done what you wished, but
there was not timo. You—you will
have to do as I said. My—my Frny-
er ltook! Quick! My voice—my
breath—are going. Nina, my child,
where are you?"
Nina sank on her knees beside the
bod. Mannering hud got the Prayer
Iiuok from underneath the pillow,
and Fleming almost snatched at it
unil pressed it to his chest.
"It is too late," he gasped.
"Heaven hus decided. You—you cannot resist its decree. Kneel, Munnering."
Mannering, mechanically, sank onto
his knees beside Nina, whese face
was hidden In her hands.
"Whnt are you going to do, Fleming? Mako an effort! The raft is
ready, but you need not sail to-day!"
"1 am dying!" suid Fleming,
solemnly. "1 felt thut 1 could not
wait—that it would be too late.
Mannering, you remember our conversation? You know that I am
right.    You—you consent?"
"Yos, yes!" replied Munnering,
scarcely conscious of what ho said,
"ilut,  Miss Nina—"
"She must consent!" gusped Fleming.    "Shu   cannot   refuse.   Thero    is
no ulternutivel'   Tuk<_-—take her hand. I
Have you—havo you    unything that '
will serve as u ring?   Anything—"
.Munnering, hypnotised by the
solum earnestness of the dying man,
tore the signet ring from bis dinger.
"Thero, if you must!" bo said, '
Fleming had  found the Servico   ol j
Holy  Matrimony  and began  to read
It  slowly,   painfully,  with   pauses  in
which ho  struggled for  breath.
As if in a dream Nina and Mannering, prompted by the dying man,
made tho proper response, Bravely,
with faltering accents and heroic
snuggles with his death wetikness,
the Reverend Arthur Fleming read
tho Marriugo Servico.
At the proper moment Mannering
took Nina's hi'id—it wns limp and
yielding to hin touch—and placed th*
ring on her ting r.
The solemn words of exhortation
were gasped by the young priest, the
l'ruyer Book dropped from his weak
lingers, and ho extended his hands
above their heuds and panted out the
benediction, With a great effort he
wrote somo words on a sheet of paper and put it in Nina's hnnUs, then,
with a low cry,  he fell back.
Mannering sprung to his feet aud
bent ovor hiin.
"Ho Is—dead!" ho cried, hoarsely,
to Nina as she knelt, with her faco
covered by her trembling hands. "He
is dead—und wu are married!" he
aiided, inaudibly.
Mannering bad read the Burial Service over Fleming, unil Nina, who
had stood beside tho grave until the
last spade full of earth had fallen,
went slowly, and with bent head und
tear-blinded eyes, to her hut.
When his tusk was finished, Mannering leant on his spude and gazed
after her with a moody and perplexed brow. The girl and ho was married; they wore alone on this desoluto
island; but they were man and wifo
ln nuino only; they were as far asunder as tbe uoles. ...
What  u   situation!    Aiid  how   wore
they   going   to   tako  it?     Would    she
trust liim, rely on his word, or would
she  be—afraid  of him?   The thought
mudn his hands clench tightly  on the
spade    antl the    blood  rush   to     his
face.     Already     a  feeling   of  emliar-
rasstn    .1,   a   tragic  shyness   and   dis-
cotnlor.,   had   assailed     hiin,   and   ho
knew   that she must be feeling  inexactly   the same Way, but worse.      lt
was  for liim  to belli her;  it  was his
duty  lo make life possible undor the
circuit.stances.      lie     knew   that     it
would   be   better  to   leave  lu-r  alono
tor  a  while,  and    he got  his  lishing
lines und went down to the rocks to
cutcb  (iBh  and  think  over tho situation.
Meanwhile, Nina closed the door of
the iuit,    and put  in    its place   the
line,   bolt  of    wood thut   Mannering
hnd  lixed   for  her.       Then she  sunk
into   the  chair and covered  her  face
•vim her hands.   Orlof for ihe loss of
the young clergyman whom  she hud
lovcil us u brother mingled with tho
dismay   uud    embarrassment of   ber
own   condition.     Presently   sbe  took
from   her   pocket  tho  piece  of  paper
which  l-leiuing had  pressed  into  ber
It  wns  a certificate    of marriage,
nnd   as slie  read    tho feebly   written
lines  a  burning    blush    rose  to    her
cheeks  and   her  lips  quivered.      She
v\ us  married  to a man of whom she
knew nothing but his name.   She wus
in iiis power—tho power which a hus
bund  holds over liis wife.      He   had
said   thnt   llie    marriage    should   be
one  in  r    ne only.   And. ah, yes, she
could   trust    hiin!      He  had    proved
himself so brave, so unselfish, so self-
sacrificing;   he    hnd  even  risked    his
lite  tor  hers.      Yes,  she told  herself,
striving  lo gain confidence from  the
reiteration of the assurance, lhat sho
could trust  to his honor.
Sho  sat  for  some  time,  the  certificate  in  her    bund,  her   brain    half
dazod with thought; then she remem-
lierod tint  she had work to do. and
—blessed be drudgery!—she sprang to
her feet with the sense of relief which
comes at the mere thought of action,
of    something    definite,     something,
however  trilling,     that  must   be  accomplished.
And—and after all It was the duty
of a  wife—the    name stung her!—to
feetl her husband.
She opened  the   door and    looked
out   witb   shy   embarrassment,   but
Mannering was  out of sight  on   tho
rocks,   and  sbe    wont  to  the   spring
and  tilled  the    can  and trussed    the
wild duck she was going to cook for
dinner.   She   smiled   ns  sho  performed the task.     It  was    an extraordinary wedding, a singular honeymoon.
Where    were    the    bridesmaids,    the
breakfast,     the      wedding-guests     in
frock   coats  and   gorgeous  costumes,
,i.c  .....,,_,i........    ,.-,,,  „iways   hideous
cake, to all of which sho hail iookoo
forward, like all other properly
bi ought up girls, as the tilting and
only accompaniments of her marriage day!
Evory now and then as she moved
about, keeping ns neur the hut as
possible, sin; glanced, expecting to
see Mannering; but ho did not make
his appearance, and at the usual
hour she carried the meal to the
men's hut and waited.
Half an hour, three-quarters, passed, and he did not come. A grim
suggestion flashed across her mind
nnd sent the blood to her faec; hud
he, in terror at what he had done,
taken tho raft and left her—lied from
the woman he had been forced to
The idea was a wild and foolish
one, and sho was suffering from the
shame of it when she heard bis step.
She roso from her seat beside the
tire, then dropped down again and
bent over her pot.
Mannering had schooled himself—
hail, indeed, rehearsed his part—and
he camo in with a cheerful countenance ns if no marriage had tul.cn
placo—as if their position towards
each other had suffered no alteration.
Nothing—no word of his, no sign—
he hu-' sworn to himself, should remind of the fact thut she was
tied to him,
"Dinner ready? I'vo had good luck
to-day," hu said, holding up the fish
he hnd caught, "1 menu to catch a
lot of these fellows presently and salt
thom down for the winter."
She paused ns sho was lifting tho
pot from the lire, paused with dismay at the prospoct, but he thought
it wus becnuse tho thing was too
heavy, and he went in her and took
it from  her hand.
"Lol me. lt smells delicious! And
I'm fearfully and wonderfully hungry."
He forced himself—ho had lieen rehearsing his facto] expressions as
well iis his words-lo look steadily
and frankly at her as he sat opposite
her ut the lulilc, ami she contrived
lo meet Ids gaze us openly and as unreservedly.
"You have proved yourself a remarkably good cook," hu said, as ho
tasted the stewed duck. "You would
be worth at least thirty pounds a
year in England."
She winced at the word which
ue ant Home. Oh, how denr, how
sacred, was the word to the girl cast
on his desolate island! And full of
r-'iuorse, ho murmured, "Forgive mo!
1 beg your pardon!"
Hut she ignored the slip nnd responded Willi a cheerfulness equal to
his oven
There is nothing more necessary to
equip people for the " strenuous life"
of modern times than good food. Man
physically should be like a well-regulated machine, and nothing contributes to this end more than food that
ls not only pleasing to the taste but
that also strengthens and nourishes.
It has been demonstrated that there
is no other food made from flour so
rich In nutriment and bod'y-buildlng
elements as are soda biscuits. This Is
saying much for drdinary crackers,
and much more for Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas, which are widely
recognized as the most perfect soda
biscuits tn all Canada. They are
crisp and delicious, delightful to the
taste and always wholesome. Being
a perfect food, highly nourishing and
easily digested, they are fitted to repair wasted strength, preserve health
and prolong life.. Mooney's Sodas
are the result of years of study of the
best methods of producing superior
crackers. They are manufactured In
the cleanest and best-equipped bakeries In all Canada. The workmen are
the most skilled on the continent, and
the materials used are of a very high
order. Tho flour ls a special blend,
milled only for the Mooney factory,
and the butter and cream are procured direct from the famous dairies
of Western Ontario. Not an ounce of
"Inferior butter" finds Its way Into
Mooney goods. The materials being
balanced, the result, ls a toothsome
and pure food, easily digested, and
converted Into brawn , bono and
brain. No other soda cracker quite
compares with them, and no other receives such a generous welcome at a
table where they have once become
known. The pre-eminence they have
attained Is due to genuine merit, as
they tempt beyond resistance all who
like good things to eat.
That tho geographical area of America is not fully comprehended by the
average foreigner is illustrated by an
anecdote told by Jefferson De Angelis
the comedian, who is starring In Fan-
tana. An Englishman, accompanied
by his valet, had been travelling due
west from New York for four days.
At the end of the fourth day, master
and servant seated themselves in the
smoker of the train, whence the man
looked steadily out of the car window.
At last his companion grew curious-
"John," he said, "of what aro you
"1 was thinking, sir, about the discovery of Hamerlca," replied the valet. " Columbus didn't do such a
wonderful thing when he found this
country, did he, sir? Hafter all's
said and done, 'ow could 'e 'elp it?"—
Harper's Weekly.
The joyous spirit of Christmas
strikes the keynote for stories, verse
and several articles in "The Designer"
for December, among the latter being
" Deutsch Spielwaaren for Christmas," by Julia Darrow Cowles, who
describes the Interesting toys made
for American youngsters by the little
people of Germany; and " Holiday
Sweetness," by Frances Peck, instructing how to make the most delightful dainties. The Rise and Fall of
the Christmas-Tree" tells in pictures
what the well-known fairy tale does
in prose. "Bran'ma Vosburg's
Christmas," by Myra Emmons, is an
excellent holiday story excellently II-
'ustrated, and " The Admission Tlc-
'tet," by Zelia Walters, is another bit
if fiction which will please the children, as will also "Dollies of an Un-
■ D..-.1   ICI_».|,»   XSlo-tuui    MaietlllUt,   nun
"A Search for Santa Clans," by Ber-
'ha Bush, the latter giving tliem a
-liance to display their talents in the
-Irnmatic and musical line. David
lelasco gives a most interestlnir
"Talk with the Amateur Stage Man-
iger," and Bertha Hasbrook, "In the
'nterest of Bread-Winning." supplies
a remarkably well-Illustrated and
"iracticnl article on "The Teacher of
lancing." Bertha Cans begins a
series of pleasant talks with "Onr
\merican Daughter," and "Persian
housekeeping" Is presented by Laura
1. Starr.
Fancy Cookery for Christmas Gifts.
What would Christmas be without
he traditional dinner with the good
-ld-fashioned plum pudding and tho
nimerous other seasonable dainties'
lut something new In this line Is th«>
nractlce coming Into favor, of Inclining various forms of cookery amonc
ine's Christmas gifts. In the December Delineator there Is a sugges
Ive chapter ln "The Making of r
'lousewlfe," by Isabel Gordon Curtis
dvlng many useful lints to this pur
lose. "Suggestions for a Chlld'F
"Ihristmas Party," Various Plum Pud
lings and Harmonious Sauces, and
'Quaint Little Cakes for Holldn-
Occasions prove to be useful, as wel'
is something new to add to one's
•nenus, and " Home-Made Holiday
leverages " and " Table Decoration'
"or Children's Christmas Parties"
-lose this very valuable departmen'
if the magazine.
The Czar has granted all tho de
winds of the Finns.
It ls estimated that, tho casiiallles
luring tho rioting at Odessa totalled
5,600, mostly among tho Jews.
Ono hundred nnd twenty Newfound
'anil naval reservists embarked or
hroe Rrltlsh cruisers which aro do
allot] for a lengthy voyage.
Ar the result of a gas exnlnslnr
which wrookod m bank l»"lldlni" pH
Ishpemlng, Mich., three children wero
killed and thirteen persons Injured..
What a lot of good cooks there
would be lf ull the young ladles really
believed in the old adage, " Tho way
to a man's heart ls through his stomach." But good things to cat are
not monopolized by mere man by any
means. Our sweethearts, wives and
sisters have quite as much discrimination In what they oat as In what they
wear. The up-to-date girl of to-day Is
an adept In the use of the chafing
dish. It is not difficult to use, nnd it
Is hard to find a more delightful way
of entertaining.
To begin gracefully in the art of
chafing dish cookery It Is necessary
to "know how." Armour Limited,
Toronto, will send a little cook book
free to anyone asking for It and mentioning this paper. This cook book
tells how to uso the chafing dish and
'i numbor of choice recipes that are
middy and easily made. It. Is really
Issued to show a few of tho many
ways of using Armour's Extract of
Beef. While Extract of Beef Is not
absolutely necessary for successful
chafing dish cookery, lt Improves and
makes dlgestlblo overy known chafing dish preparation. Try lt the first
time a few friends drop In for the
You cannot be expected to luiv- fsit-i in Stiiloh's
Consumption Cure, liie Lung Tonic, a, a cute lo,
Colds, Coughs and all diseases of the sirpau-ges.
it you have not tried it. Wc have faith in it, and
to convince you that it will cure you we guarantee
it. If it doesn't cure you it coil, you nothing. If
it does il costs you 25c. That s [air- Try( il
hat cured many tliaiunds of the mott of>ttin__.t0
cases, ami we do not hesitate to say that it will cuie
any Cold, Cough, Throat or Lung trouble. If we
did not believe thia we would not guarantee it
absolutely at we do. Shiloh hat had an unbroken
record oftucceu for thirty years. It hai stood
every possible test withoit f ailure. Isn't thai proof
of its curative properties.   Further
11 found ill the many testimonials of those who have
tried Shiloh and been cured. Mrs. Archie Taylor,
Asaph, Pa., writes: —
"I bought a bottle of Shiloh'* Consumption Cure
and found it very beneficial. I have two children
and they had a terrible cough. 1 gnve them
everything I could think of, but they got no belter
until one evening my husband bought a bottle of
Shiloh. We gave it to the children when they
.went to bed. and they slept all night. It cured
them completely. 1 shall always keep it in the
huuie." 60a
23c. wilh  guarantee whelt-vci meilirine il sold.
One on the King.
Ralph Peters, the new president
and general manager of the I_ng Isl-
land Railroad, has a new joke which
he declares was cabled to blm from
Paris. It has to do with tho recent
attempt to asslnate King Alfonso of
Spain when he was riding through
Paris ln a carriage with President
Loubet of France
"Whom are they after?" Mr. Peters
declares the King asked the President.
"After you, my dear Alfonso," replied the French Chief Executive
without a smile.
Bloodless   Girls   Saved   by   Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pills.
Dying by inches—that is the only
way to describe hundreds of bloodless
girls wbo are slipping slowly but surely from simple anaemia into a decline.
They drag themse:ves along with one
foot In the grave through those years
of youth that should be the happiest
in their lives. Aid the whole trouble
lies in the blood. Bad blood is the
fountain-head of all the trouble that
afflicts woman from maturity to middle life. Bad blood causes all the
backaches and sldeaches, all the paleness, breathlessness and despondency; all the heart palpitation, sickly
dizzy turns and deathly fainting
spells. From fainting spells to consumption is only a step. In nine
cases out of ten, consumption starts
from bloodlessness—and the only
sure cure for bloodlessness Is Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. They actually
make new, rich, bood, that, brings the
rosy glow of health to sallow cheeks,
and strength to every part of the
body. This has been proved In thousands of cases. Miss Frances Peach,
Welland, Ont., says:—"A couple of
y ears ago my condition of health was
very serious. Doctors saitl that I
had no blood—that it turned to water
1 was unfit to do anything for months
and was little more than a living
skeleton. I had no appetite; the
least exertion would leave me breathless, and I hud frequent severe headaches. I was treated by several doctors, but they failed to help me.and I
was completely discouraged. Then
I was urged to take Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, and in a few weeks found
my health Improving. 1 used eight
boxes in all, and was by that time
again well and strong. I gained
twenty-two pounds in weight, and
never felt better in my life."
What Dr. Williams' Pink Pink Pills
did for Miss Peach they can do for
every other weak as(il siil'iig girl.
They make new blood, and new blood
brings health, strength and happiness.
But you must be sure you have the
genuine pills with the full name
"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People," printed on the wrapper a-
taound eaoh ho.^. All1 dealers sel'<
these pills, or you can get them by
mall at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50, by writing The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Filling Up Western Canada.
Settlers are pouring into the country at the rate of several hundred
thousand a year, says the New York
Globe, many of them being American
farmers who have pulled up stakes at
home because of the better opportunities across the border. It Is probable, therefore, that the region between Winnipeg and the Rocky Mountains will within a generation or two
be Inhabited by many millions of prosperous and energetic men and women
mainly of Anglo-Saxon blood. What
part will this great granary play ln
the history of the British Empire
and of the world? asks the London
Times. The answer to this question
ls of oven more Importance to the
United States.
The Demon, Dyspepsia.—In olden
times it was a popular belief that demons moved invisibly through the
ambient nlr, Beeklng to enter Into
men and trouble them. At the present day the demon, dyspepsia, ls nt
largo In the same way, socking habitation In those who by careless or tm-
wlso living Invito blm. At onco ho
enters a man It Is difficult to dislodge
hlin. He that finds himself so possessed should know that a valient friend
to do battle for him with the unseen
foe Is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
which are ever ready for the trial.
Jonn   Of  Tuples.
Jonn of Naples boenme a widow by
the simple but effective process of having her husband murdered.   A woman
of no mural worth, but of magnificent
abilities, bIic governed her country well
until overthrown by foreign unities
sent to avenge her husband's murder.
She was defeated, taken and smo hcred
to death. Her generosity to men of
learning Is celebrated by both Petrarch
An    Ihlflllllllg    Kills.
"I can always tell lf a watermelon Is
ripe or not," says Fadoogus. "I learned bow when I was a boy."
"Whnt's your plan?" asks Madoggus.
"You just thump tho melon with your
Augers, and If It goes pluuk It Is ripe,
but If It goes plank It is green."
"Tbat may be all right," comments
Madoggus, "but I'vo got n surer test
thun thut."
"You have?"
"Yep. When I go to buy one I notice
that tlie green ones nro always 15 cents
cheaper than the ripe ones."
How the Gem. Are Obtained and Dl»-
poaed of In Cerlon.
Since Keats told how "tbe Ceylon
diver beld his breath and went, all
naked, to tbe hungry shark" many
poets have exhausted tbe resources of
their imagination in trying to describe
the wonderful pearl fisheries of Ceylon. A few facts about them may be
of interest, lf only ns an antidote to so
much poetry.
The pearl fisheries are the property
of the government of Ceylon. The
divers are paid no wuges, but receive
one-third of the oysters they bring up,
the remaining two-thirds being taken
by a government agent and sold at
public auction to speculative buyers,
who gather from all parts of the orient. The pearl fishery usually lasts
from thirty to forty days, but does not
take place every year. If It did the
oyster banks would soon be ruined.
Sometimes several years are allowed to
puss by without a fishery.
The diving Is done after a primitive
fashion, nntl the stories told about the
marvelous length of time the divers
will remain under water arc quite unfounded. Tbe record is 1 uiluute 49
The auction, which lusts for several
days, ls one of the most Interesting
sights to be seen In Asia. The oysters
are sold ln lots of 1,000, and of course
the purchaser ls buying "a pig in a
poke." There may be no pearls in any
of bis oysters or tho first one he opens
may give him a fortune. This risk appeals to the gambling spirit of the
orient, nnd pretty nearly all the races
from the Persian gulf to Japan are
represented at the sale.
The prices paid usually start low on
the first day. Then If the buyers have
found pearls In fair quantities bidding
is keen, and the prices jump skyward.
One year tbey varied from 15s. 4d. per
1,000 on tbe lirst duy to £12 17s. lOd.
on tbe second.
It is remarkable that the fisheries
are still so profitable, for there are
historical records that they were worked there 300 years before the birth of
Christ, and It Is impossible to say how
many years before that date.
HU Bn.lneas.
Housewife (sarcastically)—What is
your business, man? I suppose you
have a business? Tired Tiffins (with
delight)—Yes, leddy. I'm n corporal of
cure Diptheria.
French Village.
cure Croup.
Cape Island.
I know   MINARD'S   LINIMENT   is
the best remedy on earth.
Norway, Me. JOS. A. SNOW.
Prejudices are spiritual rebels and
raise seditions ngalnst the understanding.—Ben Jonson.
Have you tried Holloway's Corn
Cure? It has no equal for removing
these troublesome excresences as
many have testified who have tried it.
About 13,000,000 South American
revolutions in full bloom could be
dropped in Russia just now without
attracting the slightest attention.
Some persons have periodical attacks of Canadain cholera, dysentery
or diarrhoea, and have to uso great
precautions to avoid the disease.
Change of water, cooking, and green
fruit, is sure to bring on the attacks.
To such persons we would recommend Dr. J. D. Kellog's Dysentery
Cordial as being the best medicine In
the market for all summer complaints.
If a few drops are taken In water
when the symptoms are noticed no
further  trouble  will bo experienced.
In Russia the factories are closed.
The people have stopped making
shoes and locomotives and have decided to make trouble.
Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets.—
Medical science by accident discovered
the potency of the pineapple as a panacea for stomaell troubles. The Immense
percentage of vegetable pepsin contained in the fruit makes lt an almost
an Indespensible remedy in cases of dyspepsia and Indigestion. One tablet after
each meal wilt cure most chronic cases.
6i) in a box. 3B cents.—32
Ptoge Have a Finer Senae of Hearing
Thnn Von Imagine,
"Hogs have a much keener sense of
hearing thnn most people seem to
think," said a man from the country.
"They can see well and at a considerable distance, but tbe nose and eyes of
tbe hog must give flrst place to the
"This ls so, no doubt, because hearing Is probably tlie most useful of tbe
senses In the hog life, particularly at
that season of the year wben the bog ln
the wild state must rely upon the fruitage of trees in tbe main for food. Even
with this advantage it Is frequently a
flcrce race to see which hog can get
there first. It would be Interesting to
know just how fur a hog can hear au
acorn fall. It ls rcmarkuble how quickly they become cognizant of the fact
that an acorn hus been blown from Its
outer shell and tumbled toward the
ground, and he seems to catch the
Buuiul quicker when bo knows a competitor ls near who will run blm a
raco for tbe nut. I huve witnessed somo
fierce and Interesting races between
bogs with an acorn us the stake.
"Put a hog within twenty yards of an
oak and ln nine cases out of ten be will
beat the acorn to tbe place. In nine
cnBes out of ten tbo bog will be within
a few feet of whero the acorn strikes
the ground, another fact which argues
the superiority of the hog's hearing.
Ho cun apparently tell pretty well by
tho sound where the acorn will fall,
and he will rarely miss it more than a
few feet"
OEYLON TEA is guaranteed to be absolutely
pure and of inoomparable value.
Sold only In load packages at 40c, 50c, and 60c nor ib.
By all Grooars-
H ghost Award, Sts Louis, 1804.
Your Hair?
And doing nothing to keep UP Moat
women like thick, heavy hair; long,
luxuriant hair. Don't youf Thon
use Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair
Renewer. You save what hair you
have and get more at the same time.
Por th. wlilskers .nd monsucb. w. c-S-k.
BUCKINIillAM'S HYK. It colon s rich brown
or » soft M_-.li. It. I' HAM. _________ Nssliim. N. H.
Where Freshness Counts.
Among the manifold advantages of
newspaper advertising over other
forms, there is one which the promoters of competing mediums of publicity can never hope to overcome. The
newspaper establishes chain lightning
communication between producers
and distributers on the one hand and
consumers on the other. It ls"John-
ny on the spot." It carries business
news to the peoplo within twenty-four
hours after the copy ls written. It
does away with the necessity of cold
storage preparation! Akid freshness
counts for as much ln business announcements as it does in the dissemination of the news of the day.
1—e German minpire.
Tht German empire is a confederacy
consisting of four kingdoms, five grand
duchies, five duchies, seven principalities and four free cities. Within Its
own limits each state is sovereign except as to Its army and Its power of
coining money and Imposing duties, In
which matters the Imperial government
controls ai well as ln all International
Minard's  Liniment   Cures  Distemper.
Had Them All.
A well known writer of humorous
proso and verse was talking wltb a
bibliomaniac when the latter said: "By
the wny, I nm collecting first editions
of Americnn authors. I want to add
your flrst book to my collection. Have
you nny copies of the flrst edition?"
"Ycb," answered tbe author. "I have
all of them."
Took the Profit*.
"I remember Schemer was a great
chap for thinking out plans for getting
rich. I suppose now he's wealthier
thnu any of bis friends."
"Oh, no. Ills friends used tbe plans
while he was dreaming over tbem."
Liberty Is the power of doing what
tbe law permits.—Cicero.
A Generona  Offer.
When Miss Helen Keller was at the
exposition In St. Louis In 1904 she visited the Japanese tea bouse and for a
few minutes shook hands with some of
tlie waitresses, little olive colored women who spoke almost no English, but
expressed their Interest and iutclli-
gence without words.
Many weeks nfter Miss Keller hnd
returned to Boston she beard from an
official of the exposition that one of
tbe Japunese waitresses bad gone to
a St. Louis physician and asked to
have one of her eyes taken out uud given to Miss Keller. When she was told
tbat such a gift was Impossible she
wept iu bitter disappointment.
The  I 'si-fill   Slunk.
The smiling shark mny ent n mnn
now and then—though scientists doubt
lt—but If be docs limn gels even. He
makes tinned soup nnd jelly of the
smiling shark's fins, extracts fine machinery oil from his liver, makes handsome leather of his skin, walking sticks
from his backbone and many useful
articles from his jawbones and teeth.
Do you wonder that the shark takes a
nip at a man's leg now and then?
Ia an Open  Air Life  Healthy!
Compared to otlier forms health Insurance Is lu its Infancy, nud yet during Its eight years of existence its promoters have eome to the conclusion
tbat an "out of doors" life ls not the
most healthy. The health risk, according to its underwriters, varies
with tbe nccldent risk. Tbe mnn wbo
lends nu active opeu air life suffers
more from illness than the man wbo
stays quietly at home aud takes care
of himself. The tiremau ls as bud a
henlth risk as be Is nn nccldent risk.
The fnrmer, nn excellent life risk, is
a poor henlth risk. In tbe winter be
loafs, lu the summer be overworks, in
the fall he breaks down nnd tbe Insurance company sends Its check.—
Leslie's Mngnzlue.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Colds,  etc.
Mixed   History.
Around tbe grent striking figures of
history the small boy weaves curious
answers. "Moses' mother pitched bis
little cradle within nnd without with
pitch nud left blm there In tbe pool of
Siloum, but when tho daughter of Solomon got the green leaf from tbe dove
sbe hastened and brought food convenient for blm, und tbe babe crowed
thrice aud grew up in ber court."—
Agnes Deau Cameron in Century.
ll„\v He Propoaed.
It is told of Oliver Wendell Holmes
tbat after many futile attempts to propose to the lady of bis choice bis courage fniled. Tbey were walking one
plensaut afternoon on Boston Common
and, coming to where tbe path separated, he asked, "Which putb shull we
take?" "This one," she replied, turning townrd lt. "For life?" he asked.
And she said "Yes."
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured
Mrs. James Kinsella.
She Sends a Message of Hope to Oth.
er Suffering Women  In Canada.
SL Mslachle, Que., Nov. 13.—(Speoial).—To those women who suffer ln
silence—and there are thousands in
Canada—Mrs. James Kinsella of this
place sends a message that tells of
a cure as silent aa their Buffering. At
the result of her own experience, Mrs.
Kinsella says, "Take Dodd's Kldnoy
"When I sent for Dodd's Kidney
Pllls,"Mrs. Kinsella says ln relating
that experience, "I had a pain ln my
right hip and ln the small of the back.
I was swollen all down the right side
of the abdomen and had to pass water
every fifteen minutes In a burning,
Itching sort of way. I could not sleep
at nights and was obliged to sit in a
chair for two summers.
"After taking the flrst box of
Dodd's Kidney Pills I felt much better
so I got more. They have done me a
world of good and I have never slept
In a chair since."
There can be no Female Weakness
where there are sound Kidneys.
Dodd's Kidney Pills make sound Kid-
Licking- llie I'eiieil.
One of tbe foremost lawyers ln New
York city lieks the point of his pencil whenever about to write witb it.
The otlier day it was indelible, and
his tongue was a sight to behold, llis
friends were alarmed, thinking he hud
met witb an accident. "My boy does
it," he said. "I did it when 1 wns n
boy, and my fnther and grandfather
did it. And nearly every man of uny
consequence of my acquaintance does
It nnd did It. Licking the point of t.,e
pencil ls one of the choicest of human
|-%nji>l|AI|l,TI_r_ " PSYCHINE" possesses peculiar
DHUNCHI  I IS pr0pert'eS  that  act P,'0,nPt*y
element at
gaining the mastery over
once checks  the fever,
this disease. One
another the chills. The tightness across the chest, the
heavy breathing and hoarseness, is removed by another
element. Its tonic properties renew the strength, and
make rich blood, the cough disappears, the -'mucous" is
carried away, the wheezing ceases, and after a short treatment ninety per cent of patients are cured for all time.
The disease seldom returns after you have begun the
"Psychine" treatment.
Wm. Grist, Esq., Winnipeg, Man., writes:
"I have used PSYCHINE and it hns simply worked
wonders for me. Previous to taking it I suffered for years with
Chronic Bronchitis. I could hardly walk upstairs through shortness of
breath. I could not do anything, as the slightest exertion exhausted
me. I spent hundreds of do lars in doctors, but to no avail. I am a
painter by trade, and laid my trouble originally to the business I am
engaged in.   I cannot say enough in praise of PSYCHINE."
The Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited,    -    179 King Street West, Toronto ___
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
Bobby's  Essay on  Advertising.
(By   William   F.   Kirk   in   Hearst's
Chicago American.)
Advertising is whare you go to a
newspaper or bill board or sumwhare
& tell the wuiid to come around &
see you. it pays to advertise, bee-
kaus thare hns nlways been lots of it
done. It began ln the garden of Eden,
the snaik dldent start it either, Adam
started it. he felt lonely so he went
' & put an ad sumwhare, I doant know
the nalm of the paper & the ad sed
Mlddel Alged Gentleman Wishes to
Meet Reltned Woman of Meens, object Matrimony & Eve saw the ad &
sed Well, here i am, i seen yure ad
in the paper.
then the snail, cnlm nlong & put a
sine on the tree of nollege, the sine
sed Right this Way to the Information bureau, eet a apple & Git Wise,
then Adam and Eve bolh ansered the
nd & hero we all are, advertising ourselves.
All live creeohers advertise, beests
& burils & everything- when a mule
ls good & kind all tiny long he Is jesl
advertising for a sucker to cum neer
his hind heels, when a peacock gits
out In the sun and walks around lt
is advertising its fine feathers, eevon
the fishes advertise, 1 once herd of a
pickerel that put an nil In Iho paper
for a room male but the pickerel got
caught bofoar anybody ansered the
the grate men of history were all
advertisers, aloxandor the grnto put
a ad ln the pitfpei' saying Wnnted,
monr wurlds to conquer; but only 2
men ansered the nd & they were both
opium feends, they sed thay knew
whare thare wus a nlse patch of wurlds but thay wudent tell, Napoleon
beleeved In ads, he went to Russia ln
the middel of the winter & kept 6
press agents working day apd nlte
sending stuff to the hoam papers a-
bout how the boys was standing the
trip thay dldent stand It vary well.
thare was a feller nalmed Mark
Antony who had a fine stoar ln Rome
!& he went to Egypt & while he was
gone his wife got mad at the editor of
of the Rome paper & she took out the
big ad that Mister Antony always had
In about stoar & when Mark got. back
• his blzness wns nl gone to the bnd.
Tthare nre three kinds of ads
1 good ads.
2 poor ads.
3 press aigents.
the best ads are in newspapers &
street cars & magazines, the poor ads
'are on fences out In the country &
i are everywhere, when a press aigent
does pritty fine work & gets a raise
from $2,000 to $5,000 a yeer, he Is
then a Publicity Promoater & has a
offls boy that tells you to git out, you
; cant see the man till to-morrow.
the newspaper that has the biggest
circulation gits the most ads & and
the most munny for them, so all the
papers have a circulation manager to
tell the truth about how many copies
^of eech edition go to press. If you
Tdoant think they tell the truth go &
kcount the papers yuresolf.
the street cars have lots of funny
ads, thay are good reding when you
are on yure way to Yonkers or stim-
. whare, 1 saw one the other day that
'sod tbe skin has 26,873,421 pores &
when you washed with that kind of
sonp nil the pores folt. grateful, that
shows how hard it is to rite ads. think
of the poor feller that rote that ad
stopping to count all the pores of his
skin, it must have took him quite n
while I guess, then sum of the ads in
the cars aro very nice poetry. the
grnte poets who come to New York
stnrt    in    riteing    about    the    fleecy
Brad-treet- Report of Present Condi-
tlons Throughout the Dominion.
New York. —Bradstreet's today
trade Is over ln Canada and wholesalers now await the effects of cold
weather upon the ratal! trade. In
the west this stimulation has already
occurred and more reports come from
the Northwest, British Columbia and
portions of Ontario. The movement
of grain in the west Is heavy, limited
ln fact, only by the Insufficiency of
transportation facilities. At Montreal
wholesale trade Is active and retail
business is still a little backward but
sales for spring delivery are of good
value. Toronto reports an active
trade with holiday goods. Dairy products and hogs are lower. Winnipeg
reports trade good, shipments large,
holiday dry goods ln demand and
hardwaro active. I_v British Columbia lumber and mining are active and
trade ls good.
A Magic Pill.—Dyspepsia Is a foe
with which men are constantly grappling but canjnot exterminate. Subdued, nnd to all appearances vanquished ln one, lt makes its appearance in nnother direction. In many
the digestive apparatus ls as delicate
as the mechanism of a watch or selenitic Instrument ln which even a
breath of air will make a variation.
With such persons disorders of tho
stomach ensue from tho most trivial
pauses and cause much suffering. To
theso Parmelee's Vogetablo Pills are
recommended as mild and sure.
"WHat   Aro   F»ilos?"
You   IVIay  Ask.
Dr. Chase's Ointment
Olive Oil I'or the Ere,
A celebrated oculist recommends
that when dirt, lime or sparks get Into
the eye pure olive oil be poured In the
eye uutil everything of a hurtful nature ls removed. Tbe remedy Is paiuless nud never falls to remove nil foreign substances.
The Itching, burning sensations of j with all the accompanying pain, ex-
plles or hemorrhoids, the feelings of pense and risk, as the only cure for
v       , >_.,»___        _,-■___.'_.■ l'Hes, has given way before the extra-
uneasiness and discomfort, and the ordinary success of Dr. Chase's Oint-
loss of blood, are familiar to many ment, which has demonstrated its
who may not know the name or nat- power in thousands of cases where
ure of their ailment. operations have failed.
Piles are small tumors, whleh io'in Mr. F. Morln, St. Eustache, Man.,
at the opening of the rectum, and are writes:—"I suffered from piles for
described as Itching, bleeding or pro- f nineteen years and though I tried a
trudlng, according to the symptom j great many remedies could not obtain
that ts most prominent. I a cure.   The  doctor  told   me lt was
The cause of greatest suffering ls necessary to undergo an operation,
the Intense Itching, which ls an al-1 "A friend advlsod me to try Dr.
most constant symptom, while the Chase's Ointment and though I had
greatest danger arises from loss of j no confidence ln lt I bought three
blood. You can scarcely Imagine one , boxes and began to uso It. One box
In greater misery than the victim of I of  this   ointment  made  a  thorough
euro. I gave what I hnd left to a
friend nf mine who was nearly as bad
as I was and It made a perfect cure."
Do not. mnko the mistake of dropping this trontment as soon as the
Itching stops. Make the cure lasting
by persistent use. Dr. Chase's Ointment, CO cents a box, at all dealers,
or Edmnnson, Bates  & Co.,  Toronto.
u Bevere case of piles
By reason of Its remarkably soothing effect Dr. Chase's Ointment brings
almost instant relief from the dreadful Itching. It heals tho ulcers, stops
the loss of blood, and makes a thorough cure of this obstinate and loathsome disease.
Tho old Idea of a surgical operation
Celery Is the cultivated variety of
the Euglish weed sninlluge. It wns
introduced Into kitchen gardens Iu
Knglund nbout tbe time of tbe reforma-
Hon by some Italians, who gav» l* **»«
Itch, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cuban Itch on human or animals, cured
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never falls. At all druggists
Preservative Peat.
Pent possesses wonderful antiseptic
and preservative; qualities owing to tbe
presence of taunln, Iron and other substances In lt. Here is an Instance: At
the time of the covenanters, ln 1G85,
three men were shot at a place called
Crossgelloch on the moors above Old
Cumnock, In Scotland. In 1825, when
a monument wns being erected to their
memory, the workmen enme upon the
corpses rolled in their plnldB. The bodies were In exnetly the snme stnte as
wheu they were buried. Tbe moss had
preserved them as lf they had been embalmed.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
I TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
Terrible Experience of a French-Canadian Miner — Wandered Around
Trail Creek For 17 Daya.
Lost ln the bush for seventeen days,
half demented most of the time, forced to subsist on grass and flower-tops,
and yet all the while 'v it .bin sound of
civilization, which he could not reach,
was the terrible experience of Archibald Gagnon, who recently bought a
mining claim near Rossland, British
Columbia. He Is a French-Canadian,
and he tells a tale of suffering and privation that eclipse the experiences of
many of the early voyageurs of Quebec Province, whose sufferings aro recorded ln history. Hailing from Montreal, he came to the coast and went
up to the mines, where he bought a
claim ln the Trail Creek region on a
stream near Castlegar.
Being a tenderfoot, and not knowing
the dangers of the swiftly-running Columbia River, with Us hidden rocks and
suddenly-formed whirlpools, he built a
rude raft, loaded lt with his outfit and
set out from Deer Park, near Trail, for
his claim. The daring voyageur and
his stock were doomed to disaster from
the moment tht man pushed off from
the shore. The frail craft quickly went
to pieces ln the treacherous waters.
After a vain attempt to save part of
his outfit, Gagnon found he had all his
work cut out to emerge alive from the
swirling waters. After a frightful buffeting he managed to crawl ashore almost dead.
In his exhausted condition he started to make his way on his hands and
knees to a farmhouse which he knew to
be about two miles away, but he was
forced to give up, and finally lost his
bearings altogether. He next tried to
walk to his claim, after 24 hours' rest,
but his vitality had been bo reduced
that he had to abandon that task also.
Thereafter he wandered about, on the
verge of madness, satisfying his hunger by eating grass and flower-tops. On
the tenth day he met a man and a boy
carrying fish, but his English was not
good enough to enable him to explain
to them his dire condition, and they left
A week later he was discovered accidentally by the crew of a Canadian
Pacific tie train, and was taken to
Trail Hospital, where he now lies. During his wanderings he had heard every
day the whistle of the train, but could
not locate lt. At the time he started
on the trip he weighed 185 pounds, but
be ls now reduced to 100 pounds.
Ssnil us Tour mme .nd sd_r.il, and jou will rsofiiv. _'«_ r
il.lnj lialnl.
hsj ue bstiitltt.... , ,  	
1.iwjA." " Oooot Luck," etc    Tlisy sra lighter and tougher than real SClHr articles sold at
. —1 tou
Ul.lnj 19 Slots and 11 Thimbu. (Our
' aililf "
...  A.niov-l, a paroel oon-
1S08 pattern.) made ot Heal Aluminium.
boned with   tho insorltitlous
Tils, are beailtituIlT   enamelled  in' col
"_flspo».""(_«od_.ue*1"  '
1/8. aad noTer tarulih.
Bell the SI ai llclei at s cents each, mak i n_ gl.44 altojtether, which lorwird to ni, and
Wl wlU lead TOU at once, as a reward, a Magnltlaent Lever Watch, Kuarantasd for 3
Tears, or othsr Pr.sent. ot H l_-.i-cln.ss Jo waller y, which tou csn FSluct from our tin.
Ai jo«r _aio*.      HOLD A 00., No. 2, Tha Watch House, Dolanmro Crosoont, London, W., England.
It Is a recognized fact that babies
—and Indeed all children—need a medicine of their own. Medical men
know, too, that most baby medicines
do more harm than good — that most
of them contain poisonous opiates,
that drug children Into quietness
without curing their little Ills. Baby's
Own Tablets Is a modern medicine
for babies and young children, and Is
sold under a guarantee to contnin no
oplnte or harmful drug. It cures sto-
cioiids 'tharmJTheTmWenralrXat'mach,  bowel  and  teething  troubles,
last they work up to fine subjecks like
dress shields and scrubbing soap,
sum day I am going to rite a advertising verse myself & send It to a
'pickle maker but i suppose I will have
to tnlk my pay in pickles.
thats all I know nbout advertising,
it alnt as much ns I thought I knew
when i begun this CBsay.
Salt Rheum. Tetter. Eczema. —These
distressing skin diseases relieved by one
application. Dr. Agnew's Ointment ts a
potent cure for nil eruptions of the skin.
Jas. Gaston. WHkesbarre. says: " "For
nine years I was dlsflKiircd with Tetter
on my hands. Dr. Agnew's Ointment
cured   lt."    36   cents.—31
A load of sorrow doesn't  wear one
so much as a swarm of annoyance.
Do Not Delay—Do not let a cold cr
cough fasten upon you as lt will If
neglected. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil
will break up a cold and cure a cough
and should be lesor'ed to at rr.cu
when the flrst symptoms appear. It
cau be disguised so that any unpleasant taste It may have will be Imperceptible to tho delicate. Try It and
be convinced.
Stone,, anil Street liii-s.
In Canada a boy or other person wbo
throws a stone Into a street car may
be Imprisoned for life. Canadian soil
ls not a congenial oue for the hoodlum.
nnd by Its nntural, healthy action promotes sleep and repose. It makes
little ones well and keeps them well.
Mrs. W. E. Ansel!, Ayer's Flat, Que.,
says : "1 would advise every mother
with sick or fretful children to use
Baby's Own Tabets. They are the
most satisfactory medicine I have
ever tried, and almost magical in their
effects." You cau get the Tablets
from any medicine dealer or by mall
at 25 cents a box by writing the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Dutch   Gnlnnn.
At the peace of Breda, in 1C07, Surinam, or Dutch Guiana, on tbe coast of
South America, wns nssured to the
Dutch In exchnnge for New York.
Don't  Walk   Ai_uiii.it  the  Willi).
Iii one of Oliver Wendell Holmes'
books the doctor In the mun comes to
the front with a suggestion thut we
all might well profit from. It ls lu
walking for pleasure or for the sake
of exercise never to go against the
wind. Walk wltb tlie prevailing cur-
reut of air Is his advice aud theu take
a covered cor bnck ngnin.
Caat jtahore.
Coconnuts and tlie nuts of the ma-
hognny tree are often enst ashore on
tho coasts of England, Ireland, Scotland aud Norway, seemingly unimpaired by their lung voyage.
Suntyht Soep U better th»n
other soaps, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way (follow
Hard rubbing and boiling are
things Qf the past in hornes^
where Sunlight Soap is used tS
directed. i
Sunlight Spap will not injur- ,
even the daintiest fabric or the
hands, and the clothes will be
perfectly white, woolens soft
and fluffy.
The reason for this is because
Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,
contains no injurious chemicals
—indeed, nothing but the active,
cleansing, dirt-removing prpperv
ties of soap that is nothing but
Equally good with hard or
soft water.
br tht Atsltr tram whom ion
be Bvmi-iM m It ysu ul
auyoauaSforoomjlalat, iu
i    i    . ii  ii        i     ii i   i      ii     iiii
SInaralnir the Ilalr.
The practice of singeing the hair is
based ou three articles of belief—that
wheu hair Is cut tbe juices drain nway;
thnt by singeing the cut ends nre
blocked up; that by singeing splittitig
ls prevented. The real utility of hair
singeing Is nonexistent.
Stat, et Ohio. OltT of lol.do.
Liu-SB Count., Be.
Frank J. Cheney rnikei oath ttiat he ts senior partner ot the firm ot P. J. Ohoney * Oo., doing busl-
nisi In the Oity of Toledo, Comity and Stnto afore
slid, ind that Mid linn will pit the sum ot ONR
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each ind every case of
Catarrh that cannot he cored lur the nse of Hnll'.
Crirrh Oure. FRANK J. CHENEY.
Sworn to before me snd subscribed In my presence
this nth d.T of December, A.D. 1886.    „_,___
iSeal.) A. W. GLEASON.
NotarT Fubllo.
Hall's Catarrh Oure Is taken  IntornallT and  acta
directly on the Wood and mucom snrlaces of the system.   Send for testimonials free.     -.-._,.     n
F. J. CHENEY t CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists.   76o.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
A Palpable Bit.
Osmond—Well, thank heaven, you've
nover seen me run nfter people wbo
have money. Desmond—No, but I've
seen people run after you because you
didn't have money.
Deafness of 12 Years' Standing.—Protracted Catarrh produces deafness In
many cases. Capt. Ben . Connor, of
Toronto. Canada, waa deaf for 12 years
from Catarrh. All treatments failed to
relieve. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder
gave him relief in one day, and ln a very
short while the deafness left him entirely.   It will do as much for you.   60c.—33
■aw TortoI.e Shell la Worked.
The soldering of two pieces of tortoise shell together ls effected by
means of hot pinchers, whlcb, while
Ihey compress, soften tbe opposed edge
ot each piece and amalgamate them
Into one. Even the raspings and powder produced by the file, mixed with
small fragments, are put Into molds
and subjected to the action of boiling
wnter and thus made Into plates of the
desired thickness or into various articles which appear to have been cut out
of a solid block.
The Backache Stage mny be Just that
Inelplent form of kidney disease
which, lf neglected, will develop into
Stubborn and distressing disorder that
will take long tedious treatment to cure.
Don't negleet the "backache stuge" of
thu most insidious of diseases. Bouth
Amerlean Kidney Cure stopa llie ache In
six  hours   uud   eureu.—30
A  Few Palindrome*.
"It Is a fascinating occupation," said
a philologist, "to search tbe language
for palindromes. A palindrome ls a
word tbat reads tbe same backward as
forward. Rotator, for Instance, ls a
palindrome. Several hundreds of these
strange words are tnbulated, and new
ones nre continually turning up ln the
English tongue. If you can find one
send It to the Palindrome society of
New York.
"I can rattle off extempore * dozen or
two palindromes. Thus:
"Bab, refer, bib, Anns, tot, bob, peep,
civic, toot, dad, mndnm, deed, pup, deified, sees, dewed,-tnt, did, shahs, eve,
reviver, ewe, rotator, gog, pop, gig,
gag, redder, level, noon, Otto, sexes."
"IliilU-liiiali" and "Amen."
The expressions "halleluiah" and
"amen" are snld to have been Introduced Into Christian worship by St.
Jerome some time about the year A. D.
Horee Ilolliluye.
In Western Australia some of the
farmers send their cuttle to tiie seaside
each year for a holiday, as tbe change
of air nnd food ls said to be extremely
beneliclnl to them. The grass on tho
const is Impregnated with saliue, which
has the effect of a tonic ou the animals.
The Extinct Mnmo.
Perhaps tlie most notublo native bird
if tbe Sandwich Islnnds was the inamo,
which bas been extinct comparatively
only a fow years. It had two little
tufts of yellow feathers on Its wings,
which were used exclusively in the
manufacture of cloaks worn by the
kings of those islands. Tbe estimated
value of one of tbe cloaks is $1,000,000,
nnd it took nu nlmost Indefinite number of birds to furnish tha feathers.
Curves Snake-Bite by Charm.
The report from the Township of
Sandwich West, that an attempt had
been made to counteract the effect of
the poison ln a boy's leg, produced by
the bite of a rattlesnake, by a charm,
caused some enquiries to be made, and
lt was ascertained that snake poison
charmers have been known In Essex
County for the past hundred years.
Tradition says that this power was received from the Indians who roomed
through the forests on both sides of
the Detroit River years before the white
man made his appearance.
Henry Meloche, who conducts a fish
store ln Windsor, and who ls nearly
SO years old, said that, when Ha was a
small boy, he witnessed the charm tried
on his father, and claims that, without
any medicine or medical aid, his parent recovered after the charm had
been worked.    He said:
"My father was bitten ln the Held
at 8 o'clock ln the morning and a messenger was at once despatched to Belle
River for Jacques Latonler, who was
famous as a snake poison charmer.
He came to our home as fast as bis
horse would carry him, and when he
arrived he found the limb greatly swollen and a string, which had been tied
around the leg to prevent the poison
from reaching the body, was burled ln
the flesh.
Latonler, after making an examination of the wound, said lt was a snake
bite, and he produced a piece of string
made from a deer Bkln and proceeded
to tie lt around the leg. As he tied
the flrst knot he muttered a single
word, and before he finished the work
ha had placed seven knots In the string,
and had uttered as many words. The
word were in the Indian language, and,
almost Immediately after finishing his
incantation, noticed that tbe swelling
began to fall.
"In a few hours the leg was down
to Its natural size and the deer hide
string fell about the ankle of Its own
accord, as lt became too loose to remain on tha leg."
"I never saw lt attempted on any
other persons," conclude* Mr. Meloche,
"but I have often heard of Latonler
visiting different people who were bitten ln the old days. Snakes were pl-'n-
tlful ln Essex County iifty yours ago,
and lt was not uncommon for a number of people to be bitten by rattlers
every year."
Madeto F"l*t
You will never have Comfort and Satisfaction and Wearing Qualities In
your Working Clothes until you weir
-■'King of the Road" Brand
Sunlight Soap ls better than other soaps,
but iibeit whea Med in the Sunlight way.
Buy Sunlight Boap and follow diructioii-.
The  Bible  In  Anatrla.
It seems that lu Austria the quoting
of the l.lblo ls regarded ns nn offense.
A member of the relehsratb who in-
slstel upon quoting some pnssnges created n disturbance, nnd nfter the president hnd cnlled hlin to order the chumber refused to heur hlin.
The I'nlnis.
Red denotes courage; blue, truth;
white, purity, greeu, Jealousy; yellow,
Inconstancy; black, mourning; brown,
melancholy; gray, remembruuee; violet, sympathy.
Is   Your
Hair Sick?
That's too bad I We had noticed it was looking pretty
thin and faded of late, but
naturally did not like to speak
of it. By the way, Ayer's
Hair Vigor is a regular hair
grower, a perfect hair restorer. It keeps the scalp
clean and healthy.
•' I am well acotualnted with Ayer's Hair
VIkot and I like It very much. I weald eape-
clally recommend lt a. an excellent dreiilna
for the hair, keeplns It soft and smooth, and
preventing the hair from splinter at the
endi." — Minnie Fritz, Veedum, Mich.
> mftnuffeotturtrs of
Pacifio  Cable   Deficit.
A detailed report of the work of th-j
Pacific cable for tbe past year has
been received by the Government at
Ottawa. It shows that the number of
messages and words transmitted during the year 1904-6 were approximately
177,961 and 2,056,953 respectively, of
whleh 106,782 messages and 1,183,929
words were Intercolonial. Tho audited
trafllo figures for 19034 amounted to
176,824 messages and 2,097,897 words, nf
which 108,211 messages and 1,2.12,921
words were Intercolonial. The expenditure of tho board on tho service of
the cable during the 12 months ended
March 81, 1906, amounted lo £50,751,
against £64,824 ln tho previous year
The total receipts amounted to £S7.4U
10s 8d, "Including a special Item of
£6,118 on account of repair services
rendered by the Iris," against £80,118
last year.
The surplus on actual working wai
therefore £36,694. The board, however, set aside £36,000 for the renewal
fund, and they had also to provide
a sum of £77,544 for Interest and
sinking fund, which ln fifty years will
extinguish tht whole capital expenditure.
These figures mean that the contributing Governments must make
good a deficiency of £75,849 against
£87,761 ln the preceding year.
An Essay on Man.
A little girl recently handed In the
following essay on man: Man belongs
to the animal kingdom and ls divided
Into the sheep and tbe goats. He has
three parts: The head, whleh sometimes contains brain; the chest, which
contains the wind; and the abominable
parts, which contain the vowels, a, e, 1,
%, u, and sometimes w and _r.
Minard'e   Linitnert   Cures frrget   In
ImproTln-r Times.
"Darling, lt seems to me tbat jon
are more beautiful every time I see
"You must come and see me oftes-
er, Jack."-
Are Yon Hiinanrjl
"Are you Hungary V"
"Yes, Slam."
"Well,   come  nlong,  I'll   FIJI.*
■W    N    U
is in a class by itself.
Flour that gives half nourishment and
double work to digest is not good flour.
Cheap and inferior flour gives the
digestive organs double work and
half pay—inferior flours contain indigestible waste—
—this waste must first be overcome
by nature,—that means extra digestive work.
Indigestibles destroy the nutriment
of flour, therefore poor flour gives
more work and less nutriment to the
Royal Household Flour is in a class
by itself—it is the only really -pure
flour—and it is pure because it is
purified and sterilized by electricity.
—it is the most easily digested and
most nourishing because it is absolutely pure.
The moment a woman puts her
hands into "Royal Household" she
knows it is a finer flour than she ever
used before.
Variety in
Scarf Pins
Variety in scarf pins
is almost a hobby with
the average man.
And good taste need not
mean extravagance at
Diamond Hall, where
there are tasteful pins
in solid gold at $1.25—
as well a 1 solitaire diamond ones at   $150.00.
A first favorite is a pin
in fox-head design of
solid gold—dull finish
with ruby eyes. And
postpaid it is yours for
134-138 YONOE ST.
FARM .WANTED.—Wish to buy
farm in wheat growing section of
Canada. Soil must bo first class.
Givo description nnd lowest cash
price. Address P.O. box CC0, St. Paul
III. Caae ITopeleaa.
"There nre ut Icust 11 thousand good
reasons why I should marry her."
"Well, wbnt nro they?"
"First, bocauso I wnnt to and she
lierself ls the other 'MM."
No faith  In the Old  Ailnae.
"Do you lielieve thut practice al
«'nr« —.ii.-eu  r,„.tv'
"No. lt husn't mnde nnythlng hut
11 row ever since that idiot upstairs
commenced with his flute."
Minard's   Liniment   Cures    Diptheria
Garni Cause Por sorrow.
An iniele who litis Just lost bis only
nephew is iii despair and cries continually: "What kills me Is the knowledge that no one now will be sorry
when I die. It's horrible, horrible, to
think of!"
NiniBlily Willie.
Dorothy — Miiminii.   Willie   Primly
The Kcclcy Cure
Ask the lawyers, thn physicians, the
congressmen, the clergymen, the
dorks, tho book-keepers, the skilled
mechanics who havu pnt ionized us
ami you will lind thnt tho Koeley
treatment Is nil and more thnn ts
claimed for It, and that It ls the
"Stitch" a drinking man neods to save
property,   reputation,   family,   sanity
nnrl   -aim   llf„  n.-,,is
Write today, now, and got the necessary liifui 11 m: inn  ubout lt.
133 Osborne St.,  Fort  Rouge,
rS,!nORAIN Ph303ng,
Canadian Co-operative Co. Ltd.
John McVicnr, Mgr.
Oemmlsstnn Mer'-hsnts snit ilsslers In ill
hlnrls ol IIHAIN. Consignments snllolteil.
Write iihone or wire u,  lor  firtlriilirs.
Oftlno, 308 Molnlyre Blook, Winnipeg
The  Hornel'e  Nest.
The hornet's nest Is sometimes t-wo
keeps stilling nt me nil the time in feet in diamotar. The outside layers
church. Mother—Where does ho sltl havs a smnll Interval between each,
Dorothy—Right behind me, ninniu_a_'-' so thst If ruin should peuotraU lt Is
Chicago News. I soon srrsstsd.
Qrej'e Sjrup to keep Um c-iltdren eel* tram
CROCP.   It   dliolrn Um thick  epntem — d«»_ the
thraet - breaks »p a coM- and COB-ft OOVMH.   K-eej,
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum im*****
(Established April 8,1899.)
'Office- 2620 Westminster avenue
Mrs. R   Whitney.  Publisher.
English Office—30 Fleet street,
Lou lou, E. C, England Where a
file of "Tbe Advocate" is kopt for
Subscription $1 a year   payable   in
3 cents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, P..   0.,   .Jan. 20, l'lOO.
"Mother Earth's Treasure Vaults,'
by Percy Godcnrath, a collection of
tales of the riches and developcment
iOf the Boundary Country of British
Columbia, has been laid on our table,
it is published by the Colonist P. &
P.   Co.,   Ltd.,  Victoria.
It is most interesting and with illustrations. The information con
tallied comprises reports, plans and
illustrations gathered from the camps
of the Boundary canyons and Simil
kameem, helpful and entertaining to
"practical prospector and tenderfoot.'
Typographically the work is attractive.
There is a story told of two girls
Both bad saved a little money, not
without some self sacrific^. ' One
day there arose on the horizon of the
commercial world a new and vvond
crful moncy-makng mine, and shares
were sure to pay any one who in
vested,   one   hundred   per   cent.     So
1 one of the girls decided that was the
' quickest and surest way to make
money, and proposed to the other
girl   that   they   become   shareholders
■ and double their present wealth. The
second girl demurred, believing that
a bird in hand is worth two in the
And ithe natural result, .so 'well
were her savings invested, that she
had never a return of any kind.   And
' the other girl thought of h'cr batik
account, and was satisfied with her
philosophy of life.
Sometimes thieves come through
the windows at night. Sometimes
they manipulate the stoc'k market
Sometimes they organize mining
companies of invisible mines.    Some
' times   they   institute  loan   companies
for the benefit of the working people.
It does not matter how they do it,
• —the result is the same.     You lose
, your money.
' Your hard-earncdi savings arc
worth more to you than to anyone
else. See that they are in reliable
hands  when  you  arc  obliged  to  put
. them somewhere for safe keeping.
Place   them   in   a   reliable   savings
. bank I
Junction ot Westminster rnad and Westmin
> >ter    avenuo,       BERVICES    at    11    a. ra.
r snd 7:30p.m.; Sunday School at 1:80 p.m.
- Oornerot Nlnt and Westminster avenues.
; SERVICES at 11a. m., anil 7 p. in.; Sinulny
. School ami Biblo Class &30 p.m.   Rev. A. E.
■ Trletboringlon, B.A., II. D.. Pastor.
QHrsouage 12a Eleventh avenue, west. Telc-
•-cno 1.12.3.
Comer Ninth, avenue and  Quebec    tUreel
; SBRVICES at 11 a. in., anil 7 :_0 p. in.; Sunday
■ School al2:30p.m.    Rov.Soo.A .Wilson, B.A.
1'iiHlni    Manse corner of Eighth avonue and
, Ontario street.   Tet. 1066.
St Michael s, (Anglican).
Corner Ninth  avenue anil Prince Bdward
: ..tree'..  .SERVICES al 11 a. in., and 7:3(1 p.m.,
. ,'luly Communion 1st and ail Sundays in each
hmonth after morning prayor, 2d and -lib suu
■taj-atsa.m.   Sunday  School al 2:30 p.ui.
UiiV. CI. II. Wilson, Rector.
Rectory S72 Thirteenth avenue, eaat.   Telephone 111799.
Ailveui Christian  Churoh (not 7th day Ad-
.•nti-ls), Sovcuth avenue,   near Westminster
„ ivonuo.    Services  11   a.m.,  and  7:80 p.m.,
-iuinlity Bchool at  10 a.m.    Young peoples'
•toclotyof Loyal Workers of christian Endea-
.or moots every Sunday o veiling nl 6:1,5 o'clock.
frayor-meotlng Wednesday nlgiit__it8o'clock.
■Local Advertising lQe a line each issue
Display Advertising -Ji.oo per inch
•;Notices for Church  nud Society Entrr-
taiutni'iilK, Lectures,  etc.,   where
will be charged for.
■All   Advertisements nre   run regularly
and charged for until ordered they *
lie discontinued,
•• Transient   Advertisers   must   pny   in
jNpMnesof Births, Mnrrlages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
On Monday afternoon the r.itepay-
rs of South Vancouver met in an-
.ual meeting to hear the Reeve and
Councillor give an account of their
stewardship for the past year. Reeve
Geo. Rae gave a resume of the work
he had done in the interests of the
municipality , and the advancement
made in opening up new roads,
growth of population and financial
standing of the municipality; he
showed that it was in a more prosperous condition than it has ever
been. He promised to endeavour to
secure a new bridge over the North
Arm, in conjunction with Richmond
municipality, if re-clcctcd, also extension of the electric tram service,
electric lights and a new rock crusher for transporting about the municipality.
The Reeve was kept busy for a
time answering a number of questions, after which the Councillors for
tlie various wards were heard.
After the 1905 council had been
heard, Mr. C. F. Foreman made a
stirring address which was loudly applauded by his supporters and received in silence by his opponents. He
claimed that South Vancouver was
an unknown locality to a greater
portion of the people of Vancouver
and surrounding places and contrasted its semi-stale of oblivion to
the publicity given to the young municipality of North Vancouver and
the progressive spirit shown in its
advancement. If he was elected he
proposed to give the municipality all
the publicity he could and do all in
his power to encourage everything
tending to the improvement of the
There is a contest in every ward
and the electors will to-day show how
they stand oin the exciting issues
raised in the present campaign. The
following are the candidates in the
field  ,in   to-day's   election:   :,
For  Reeve—
Geo. Rae and C. F. Foreman.
For  Councillors—
Ward I— A. E. Almas and Richard
Ward II— II. J. Ballson, W. J.
Dickinson and R. Frost.
Ward III—Donald Burgess and
Samuel  Taylor.
Ward IV—William Middler and W.
A. Pound.
Ward V— H. Mole and W. N.
It is safe to predict that a new
record will be made in the selling of
dotted and embroidered Swisses during the coming season. The general demand is not likely to show
much departure from the dots and
conventional patterns that have been
popular season after season with
very little modification regarding
patterns. The city importers of
fine white goods have again bought
good assortments of the larger embroidered figures. These sold well
last year, but there is a tendency
everywhere to favor smaller designs.
The jobbers in taking their figured
Swjss orders have noted that better
grades have done much better than
cheap qualities. Retailers generally
want Swisses to retail, at least, for
fifty cents, and the surprising amount
of higher priced goods already sold
ahows that the standard has improved considerably in the course of the
last two years.
Small things are of incalculable importance in the wardrobe, but of all
of them neck fixings arc the most
abundant. Just now there is a veritable rage for the Pierrot ruches
and scarfs which furnish plain gowns
J     l,.-.i;....      „...,.|_.r!„l1y.
These little wrappings arc very
comfortable, too, for days when a
coat is a burden and a slight neck
protection is desirable. Boug.it
ready made these trifles arc nol In.
txpensive, but they arc easily made
at home at little cost.
For the huge Pjerrot ruche nf
black or white tulle a ribbon foundation of three-quarters of a yard
or  a  yard  In  length  will  be  banted.
For the BEST of
Orangemeat, 2 pkgs. for 25c.   Force, 3 pkgs for 25o.
B, & K  Rolled Oats, 7-It) sack, 2Ge. Potatoes, per 100 pounds, .$1.00.
FURNITURE DEPT.—Stoves at wholesale prices; must clean them out.   Easy
payments on Furniture, Table Covers, Laco Curtains. Etc.
Buy here and savo money.      The Store of Quality.
-**   T    WnllarA Westminster avenue &
*_-*.   1.    VV <* II aCC  Harris street. Telephoue 1266.
We nre loentcd iu our New Store, 2888 with a complete line of Staple
,,,       and Faucy Groceries tit lowest prices.
We bave also added a line of Oollurs, Ties, Underwear, Shirts,  Sox,
Overalls, etc., which we will be pleased to have you call aud inspect.
OUR AlOTTO: Good Goods nt lowest price.
Andrews Bros..
2333 Westminster Ave.
'Phone 935.
A Gigantic Sale!
If-Vie Greatest
■ Slaughter Sale
UP-TO-DATE   Clothing,
Men's Furnishings,  Hats
and Caps	
Scott's Toggery, 488 Wcstm'r Ave., Jan. 18th.
Sale LASTS NINE DAYS-Stop ami Thlnkl-Tltc eutiro
$2Q.OOO stock of Scott's Toggery to be sold in the short spaco of
nine DAYSby the Natlohj_l Brokerage Oniiipiiuy—tho greatest stock
sellers iu the world.   SALE ENDS SATURDAY Jan. 27th.
i'or tho Bio Red Sign,
8W. O. SCOTT, Manager. (Just between tbe two Bank6.)
43S Westminster Ave., Opp. City Hail.
Two kinds of tulle, one rather firm
and coarse, and the other of the line
illusion order, arc needed. The
tulle is cut in widthwise bands twelve
or fourteen inches wide and about
six yards long. Toward the ends
the bands should narrow a little.
Plait them through tlie middle with
very full double box plaits at the
back and sides of the neck. Toward the ends make them less full.
Arrange the coarse ruchiii'gs on
the ribbon and the fine ones over
them, so that the tulle will be on the
outside of the 'big ruche. Those
boas are made in magpie mixtures
to harmonize with suits and are often
in graduated shades of one color. The
ends are finished with velvet ribbon
or of pompadour or other fancy ribbon arranged in loops of varying
lengths. About six yards of ribbon
will be wanted  for  each  end.
A lovely neckpiece may be made of
taffeta or monsseline de soie, linen
fine embroided lawn and dotted muslin.
A foundation collar is first shaped
to the shoulders and cut square at
the front. On this are placed two
rows of the trimming—insertion of
embroidery ;or lace—bordered wfith
tiny gathered ruches of lace, chiffon
or ribbon. The outside over-arm
frill should be ten inches wide. These
arc made of the foundation material.
Al the back the collar may be round
or pointed.
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christinu Endeavor
meet at 15 miuutes to 7,  every  Sunday
evening in  Advent Christian  Church,
Seventh avenuo, near Westui'r ave.
Epwortli   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Church meets at 8 p. in.
15. Y. P. U., meets  in  Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Ohnreh nt 8 p. ni.
The Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. m
in Mt.Plensasniit Presbyterian Chnrch.
Something Nice.
20c & 30c
and 35c & 40c
per pound.
Smith s*«w
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Jnuctiou of Westminster Rond and Ave.
'Phoue 2058.
Tous of Carpels anrt Onrpet Squares. Tons of Himsefiiriiishing Goods.
Union Cm-pot Squitres, 3x1) for *A.50; Union Carpet Squares, 8x1 for
sJ6-7S;UuIon Carpet Squares, 8)^x4, for |8 001 Tapestry Squares, 8x4
for 110; Velvet Squares, .,S'1'x4 for ftSG.
.EOc Linoleum, salo price 40c. 7fio Linoleum sale prico 60c'
Come und get our prices; equally welcome whether yon buy
or not.
J. S. McLeod, McBeth & Co.,
Corner Westminster Ave. and Hastings St., East.     |
Ml. Pleasant Mail,(Postoffice.)
Mall nrrivos daily at 11 a.m., 1:30 nnd
5:80 p. m. Mnil leaves the Postofilco nt
the came hours.
"Shxrt your- oyoc, oporx your month
.net mem what luok will briny you."
Many a woman is weak and sick,
nervous snd discouraged. She suffers
from boadachn, bucknclie nnd other Ills,
She wants to bo well, but ull she does
Is to shut her
eyes n nd opon
her mouth for
mod Ic I ne and
trust to luck for
results. M li 0
"doctors" month
after month,
often year nfter
%>?' yeiir.lnlbissains
~\ blind, hiip-hnz-
ard fashion, and
receives no permanent benelit.
Women take
Dr. Pierce's Pavorlte Prescription with thoir
eyes open to the J
fnct that It cures
wouiitniy Ills.
It cures lrre.ru- '
arlty, It dries debilitating drains. It
heals Inflammation and ulceration and !
cures female weakness. Thero Is no
trusting to luck by thoso who uso >
"Favorite Prescription."
"In tlm year IU03 niy health ""s Poor,1  ■
writes Mm. J. nark, of 848 Broadway, Dti.« ;
falo. N. Y.   "I -iitferi'il from rullltiirof wouib, I
» nuaitrceuhle ill_cUliive, painful monthly
lH-rioilfi, heailiu'lie. backache  nud  pnlns in j
the IhutiB.   Erery month wits cniilliieil to tied ,
fur two or throe liayg.   Was wenlr. nervous
awl Hysterical i life was a liurite/i to myself
and I made every ono In the finally ur.liajii.y
bocaii-u I was ao Irritable   My husband trot
me four potlloa of Dr. Pierce's Pavorlte Proscription, and bofore f had taken the first
bottlo I waa fooling some relief.   Tho niedl-
rlnu mado mo well andstrurtir, fraefmui uorv-
ausuess. acnes and pain, and 1 felt llko a new
woman.   Beforo I imod tho 'Favorite Pro-
tcrltillon' 1 had boon taking another physician's tnedieluo for nearly three months, but
had received uo bonefit.    Ynur niodlctno la
certainly the best in tho world,"
is now installed. The
i in p r o v e 111 e n t in our
Bakery places us ahead
of all other bakeries west
of Toronto.
Proof ?
Muir's Bread aird Cakes.
'Phono 448.
Tiik Advocate is nlwnys glad to receive
terns of sociiil, personal or other news
from its readers. Send news items to
he office or by telephoue, B1405.
Is it but tho idle faucy
Of a mocking necromancy
That together, leal' aud blossom, by the
Indus once we grew,
Aud that Hanz enme, or Omar,
To imprison the aroma
In some half-remembered measure which
hus rhythmod 1110 to you.
Is it false or is it real
Thnt, iu ages more ideal,
I was song, and you were Sappho; yen
were sunbeam, I the dew?
For I loug have felt the burgeon
Of a passion, vague and virgin,
Which yoa quicken  to rememberance
of a former life we knew.
Wero you stream wheu I was
willow ?
Was I shell whon you were billow ?
For your voice has ever echoed through
the hushes of my heart;
Aud it seems, as I behold you,
Tbnt  _o very nir foretold yon
By the fragrance wliich, iu welcomo, all
the bnddiug boughs impart.
But nt last I staud beside you,
And tbe fate which loug denied
Yields, in recompense, a dearer iucaruu-
tiou than iny dream
What I sought to what yon nro,
Wns o'. twilight -to tho star, Love,
As the languor is to  summer,  as the
murmur to the stream.
And since age on age lias polished
But to bring tbe soul I cherisbod,
Wherein thought and feeling, blended,
are us petal and perfume,
Let us linger here forever,
Whero the prido of ifll endeavor
Is a fervor which to passion is as glamour
uuto gloom.
Yet, if Fate reserves its nialico,
But to break the lif tod chalice,
Let 1110 mingle with the elements, whore
once I was a part;
Then, on some suporual morning
Which your boauty is adorning,
As n dewdrop lu a lilly, I may nestle iu
your heart.
—Charles J. Bnyue.
NOTICE is hereby given that, 00
days after date, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud
Works for permission to purchase the
following described laud situated ou
Skecua River.
Commencing nt a stake placed at the
Southeast Coruer of A. 13. Johusou's
Location, thence 80 chains North,
thence 40 chains East, thence R0 chains
South, thence 40 chains Wast to pluco
of commencement; containing 820 acres
more or less.
Per A. E. JOHNSON, Agent.
Dated Dec. 8th, 1905, jan80
NOTICE is hereby givon that, 60
days after date, I iuteud to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described land, situated on
Skecua River:—
Uomm dicing nt a stake placed at tha
Southwest Corner of Pony Month Preemption and marked H. Flevin
Initial Post, tbeuco 40 chains North,
theuee 40 cbnius West, thence 40 cbaius
South, theuee 40 chnius to the point of
comuieiicoiiiout; containing 1C0 ucres
more or less.
Per A. E. JHONSON, Agent.
Dated Dee. 8th. 1905. jam.0
NOTICE is hereby given that, 60
days after date, I intend to apply to
tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
uud Works for permission to purchase
the following described laud, situated
ou Skeena River:—
Commencing at a stake placed at the
Southeast Corner of Pony Mouth Pre
emtiou and marked A.E.J..Initial Post
theuee SO chains North, thence 40 chains
East, thence 80 cbaius South, thence 40
chains West to place of commencement;
containing 820 acres moro or less
A. E. JOHNSON, Locator.
Dated Dec. 8th, 1905. JauSO
New Blouses
Ladies' New Neckwear,
Belts, Etc.
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank of Canada Building
Coruer Seventh nnd   Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasant.
Argyle House
Tho Big Bargain Dry Goods Storo of B. C.
A man or woman -whn ncglooti
.;m!»tiiiat|on suffer** fruiiisW pol-
innlnjr.   Dr. Pierre's T'li-nsfint Pol-
VU,.,_.,„.     »_.#. 1 min, j  1 luniaiii  wi"
ota euro coDstluatlou,   Ouo lllllo
Pellet "la a irenlln laxative, air!
two a mild cathartic.   Don'l let a
flrlfsh seller ovei'-iiefiundu yon u>
Tpi a snli.tlinte for those Orlftl.
Little I Iv, r  Pills, first nut UI
 1   -1 iti-i   s r s , a—,,-.-_ ,-r 1   1 ■ ,-■   game   \A1
MMBpt A sn!..,(hntl. for tliOM OrlKi-
B-fT.iMic l.lvcr  1'MI5, flmt nut ud
i.'\ niii hr. h.v Pierce over 4o reus
75 pieces of Prints—light and dark colors—worth
15c and I2^c, for 7^c per yard.
Many other BIG bargains for your inspection.
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
Is Issued
in the interest
of Mt. Pleasant
& South Vaucouver,
"Tho Advocate" gives nil tbo Local News of Mi;. Pleasaut from
week to week for $1 00 per year; six mouths 50c. Au interesting
Serial Story is always kept riinuiug; the selections iu Woman's
Realm will nlways be fouud full interest to up-to-date women; the
miscellaneous items aro always bright, entertaining and inspiring.
New arrivals ou Mt. Pleasnut will become raedily informed of the
community and more quickly interested iu local happenings if
they subscribo to "The Advocato."
The Fmmilon of an
is first to draw attention and to leave a favorable
and as far as possible a lasting impression.
Tho first and principal object of a very great doul of advertising
is not directly that of selling goods, but of establishing a worthy
fame—a recognized reputation—to make the goods aud tho house
known. Customers must oomo with some idea of tbo goods tbey
seek, tho more knowledge the butter. With conlidouce inspired
by effective advertising, it is then up to the iilesmau to do the.1
rest—to mnke good by courtesy and a skillful presentation of the ''
wares which should bo up to nil that has been advertised. '
THE ADVOCATE is the best advertising
medium for reaching Mt. Pleasant People—to
gain their favorable attention to your goods and
store. Advertising rates reasonable—not in the
Publishers' Association high rate combine.
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
l. O. O. P.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. 19 meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , iu Oddfellows Hall
Westminster avenue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially iuvited
to attend.
Noble Gkand—G. W. Jamieson.
RnciORDiNG SiiCitETAKY—Frauk
Trimble.cor. Niuth ave. & Wcstmiu'r rd.
I. O. F.
Court Vaucouver 15128, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d nnd 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. m,, in
Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger.—A. Pengelly-
Recouping Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
814 Princess street, City.
Financial Secretary—,T.B.Abernethy
Adilicss: cine 2818Westminsteravonuo.
Alexnndra Hive No. 7, holds B
Review  2d mid 4th Mondays ol
month iu Kuights  of  Pythias
Westmiuster aveuuo.
Visitiug Ladies always welcouif
Lndy Commaudcr—Mrs. F. L. Bn
180 Eleventh aveuue;
Lady Record Keepor—Mjb. J. ft
Ninth avenue.
Vancouver Council, No.  211a,
every 2d and   4th   Thursdays  o
month,   in   I   O.  O. F.,   Hall,
minster avenue.
Sojourning Frieuds alwnvs we
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Council.!
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
•_2_S We-twiii-toravenuo.  Te
A Monthly Magaziue   devotod to the
Use of English.   Josephiuo Turck
Baker. Editor.
Jl a year; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Fvanston, 111., U. S. A.
Partial Contents for this Month —
Course iu English for tho Beginner;
course in English for tbe Advanced
pupil, How to Increase One's Vocabulary. The Art of Conversation, Should
nud Would: bow to uso them Pronunciation. Correct English in the Home.
Correct English in tho School. Business English for tho Business Mau.
Studies iu Euglish Literature.
SDBSORIBB    to    yonr    Local
Paper NOW!
Dou't be  a  Borrower  of a
pnper wbicli ouly costs $1.00 a
Blood fledicine
All Herbes
This medlolne is Guaranteed to cure
RHEUMATISM—no matter of how
long standing. Mr. Connors of New
Westminster cured in 17 days, and Mrs.
Wiggands of the same city, who suffered 80 years, completely cured.
S. GRAY, Hamilton House, Hastiugs
street    Hours: 10 a m. to 3 p.m.
Everyone knows thaffor anything
to become known, it must be talked
about. For an article to become
popular its virtue must be made the
subject of a public announcement.
That is advertising! Consequently
if the survival of the fittest applies
to business principles as well as it
does to other walks of life, the better the advertising—the better the
publicity—the better the results.
Gortd results mean good business,
and good business is what every
merchant advertises for. If he did
not wish to excel in his particular
line, he would not take the trouble
to write an advertisement, much
more pay for the costly newspaper
and magazine space—British Advertiser.
DO IT NOW I—If uot already a Sub-
scriber to "The Advocato" become oue
now.   Only $1 for 12 months,
60  YEAR
Trade Ma
Anyone sending a sket r-ti antl ilescrtptlo
qtitcltly ascertain our oplniou free warn.
Invention Is prohably patentable. Cotntn
linns strlctlj-eoiillilcntlal. Handbook ot, I'
sent frpo. Oldest airmioy for sueurlnapiltr
l'nti'iita taken through Menu A Co. r,
xjiecttil nutlet, prltliout eburue, In tbo
Scientific America
A handsomely illustrated Wfl*klf. la
cnliitimi of any iclttflufla iomii-il, T
Mart four raouUtn, |L Bolii by till hcvmi.
Hi i' neh Offlce. IK5 V Ht., Wuhlntrton. E
E. & J. HARDV & CO
Cosipany,  Financial,  Press
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E. C, .En;
Colonial Business a Specialty
Get your work doue nt the
Glasgow Barber Sh
2 doors from Hotel
Frank UnderwooDj Prop
BATHS-Buth room fitted with F
lain    Bath    Tub    and  all   n
Timber Licences.
NOTICE is hereby given th
days nfter date, I intend to apply
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lant
Works for permission to pnrehai
following described laud, situat
Coast District, Range 5:—
Beginning at a post at  the
west corner of Lot No. 606, and n
A.  A.   Seymour's   Southwest   C
thence  North eighty   cbnius;
Enst   twenty   chains;    theuco
eighty    chains;   thence   West t:
chains to point of commencement
tainiug 160 acres more or less.
Located, October 2nd, 1005.
oct-88.        R. L. MclNTOgH, Ag
Dress & Jacket Cutting and Fi
Mrs. Davie while  abroad  wni
cessful in receiviugnFirst-classDi
from the Rodmnro Dress Cutting
eintiou, Glasgow.
She will tako classes for lenrnii.
system.   For information call t
Second avenuo, Fairview.
Subscribers are requosti
report auy carolossnoss in the do
of "The Advocato."
I For Local News Read
The Adv
v. inu nr. ... v . , loreo over so y
muv.    rtuch liiillntsj _,m never ri|u_Ic4,
There is uo home too small to use Electrio Light.   Every        4
dwelling should use it—Everybody will nse it.
The children—bless them—thoy can not upset tho Electrio        I
Light and burn the houso down.   They cau do no harm
whatever wiih Eleotaio Light.
It cnn be lighted or extinguished by a touch of a button.
No lamps to clrnu ; no smell of coal oil; no disfignremsnt
of walls. I
When a small amount of light is ueeded, 6 or 10 caudle
power Lamps may bo installed, thus reduoing tho total
exponse of light.
C111I and see us iu reference to installing Electrio Light to
take the place of yonr Coal Oil Lamps.
B. C. Electric Railway Co, Ltd.
Corner Carrall and Hastings streets.


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