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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Apr 29, 1905

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 Flint's Sarsaparilla
M. A. W. £rcLp,easant j
Mt. Pleasant Postoffice in conncctoin.   i
\     MAY 1.1905     <*l
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c,  Three Jlonths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $..
,\ Arcade or Gram*il**j aUtettH
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like home—with Pare Cream. Gen-
niuo Boston Baked Benns. Opon from 7;S0 a. m., to
2 p. m. Sunday from 8 a. m.   to lt p. m
Established April 8th,,.1899.   Whole No. !J16.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.   C,   Saturday,   April 29th,   11)05.
(Seventh Year.)   Vol. 7, No. 4.
/OSF" Subscribers - are requested to
1'ep.ort ajiy carelessness in the delivery
,«'f "•; $ hoAdvoca'te.''
Ohauges for advertjsonieuts should ba
iu before Thursday uooii to iusnre their
Tho McCuaig Auction nnd Commission Co., Ltd., next to Oarneige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Oouduet Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of evory description
Satisfaction guaranteed.    Phone 1070.
Mr. Otto Marstrand of tho Vancouver
Breweries Ltd., loft oa a  business  trip
to the Interior the first of this week.
Mi'. Joseph Dodsun, Jr., left Monday
ou a mouth's visit to his sister Mrs.
Cole, Everett, Wash.
Mr. W J. Annand, proprietor of the
East End Cyolery, bas gone iuto the
Automobile business.. See the elegant
Oldsniobile machine iu his window
Hastings street, east.
The Advocate is always glad to receive
terns of social, personal or other new
from its renders.   Send news items to
the office or by telephone, B1405_
Court Vancouver, Independent Order
of Foresters, held an unusually inter
estmg session ou Monday eveuing, Chief
Banger J. B Aberuethy presiding. The
R"y 1! Foresters under the'command of
Brigadier-Genera), M.J. Crehau, curried
out the iuitii'tiou o[ a. candidate in n
most- imposing manner. There was n
largo turnout nf members nud visitors.
' New Spring Goods at Mrs. Merkley's. Tabic Linen, Flannelettes and
Traits in latest designs, of best quality,
Tho Fairview Hive, L. O. T. M„ will
gi ve a Mny Day Sock Social on I ho eve-
tiitig of Tuesday May 2d, in Holy Trim-
ly Parish Hall, corner Eighth and Westmiuster avenues A good program is
bring arranged aud refreshments will
be served. Admission, ns muny cents ns
the sire of your stockings. A plcinuui
timo is assured.
Wo liMve the very cream of tho best
Canadian and American desi.vns int'
liuil.es in Iho Sluing nnd Siuiiuior slyk.
<rf sliiies for iion, Women, Misses nil.!
Children   P.  MILLS, 18 Cordova strut t
Mt, Pleasant Lodge, L.O.L., Ko. 184'.'.
held its regular meeting on Wednesday
■evening, Past Worshipful Master, Em.
If. Birmingham presiding. Au im-
prOmti)program wus given lliose'tnkinjj
part being Brothers II. W. Howes.
p. Saeret, J. Birmingham and others.
Next mooting night a musical program
011 it larger scale will be given, Badges
i'or the members have beeu ordered.
The youug ladies of St. Michael's
Church are not going to let tho youug
men get ahead of them, and have
organized the St. Michael's Church
Girls Athletic Club. The officers are:
Miss Nellie Urquhart, President; Miss
Wiune DePencier, vice-President; Miss
Marion McAllister, Secretary; Miss
Edith Lawrence, Treasurer. Tlie membership is large. Tho meetings are held
every Tuesday eveniug. It. will uot be
long before the girls can show the boys
a thiug or two  ju gymnastic sports
the Sprinu nud Summer styles for Men,
Women, Missos and Children, we have
opened up. Remcmbor the "Watchword" of tliis htt>re—satisfaction or
your money refunded. R, MILLS,
the Shoe-mau, 18 Cordovat sreet.
1. ..;o:	
Tlie popular New York Deutnl firm
have opened braueh offices in the uew
block corner Abbott and Hastings
streets. The reception rooms ns well ns
operating rooms front on Hastings street
nud are woll lighted, handsomely furnished and fitted wilh everything needed
in nn up-to-date Dental Establishment.
Iu the forenoons Dr. T. Glendon
Moody and staff of assistants will be nt
the Abbott street Offices aud Dr. Wm.
Moody ut tho Main Offico, 147 Hastings
street. In tho nfternoous Doctors
Moody will altcruato. This firm of
dentists have in less than two years
made most steady progress in their
profession having constantly enlarged
their offices to accommodate tho growing practice.
Bank Will Open Next Week.
The Royal Bauk of Caunda will opou
its Mt. Pleasant Branch next week—
prohnlily.on Tuesday. Until the uew
bank BBSJflitig to be built at the corner
of Seven nud Westminster avenues is
finished, tho Royal Bank will be located
in the premises formerly occupied by
tho Central Drug Hull, opposite the
Advertise in "The Advooate '
j   NEW  YORK~j
OUR REPUTATION as Painless Dentist., is shown by the daily
increase iu our practise.   We have gained a. world-wide reputation with our discovery, which, wheu applied to the gums,
teeth can be extracted absolutely paiuless.
Oat patients nre no pleased with the resiute that they not only tell
their friends, but persnually bring them to our parlors that they
may receive the samo treatment. Iu this way, together with the
highest-class dentistry, done by onr Specialists, our practice has
gradually iiicroafied till we nro second to none in practice.
By the use of onr Double Adhesive Suction Chamber we are able to
fit tho roast difficult cast*. Where other Deutists FaU Wo Meet
Winh Success, if yonr teeth drop wheu you try to eat with them,
or if you are afraid .of them striking the pavement when you sneeze,
there is something wroug- they do not fit. Our Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty and is Onr Own^Inven-
tinn nud cnn not be used by others
Gold Crowu, Gold Filling, Bridge Work and nil other Dental Work
doue, painless, and by Specialists and guaranteed for 10 years.
147 Hastings St., E.vTTr
Opposite the Carnegie Library. Telephone  156(^.|
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. in.;  Sundays 9 a. in., to 2 p. m.
Keep Out the Flies!
SCREEN    DOORS   and    WINDOWS   just   arrived.
When we ordered these goods we were thinking of you and jnst
.tvhat you would like. Wo feel sure yon will not bo disappointed
when you see our stock It will pay you to place yonr ordor early
while the stock is complete.
A full line  of Lawn Mowers  at  the best possible  price.
•   _M.    I ILL I   I M STORE.  Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS* Manager.
(,e_ft.TT _»TT-B.nr_--i__T^TrrtTr»Ti_l»-j--_-_-----K-i___i
Attention is called to tho  advertisement of J D. Riis.i iu this paper.
Mr. Wm. Campbell of Calgary, visited
Mr. and Mrs. J. Drsiuie, Ninth aveuue,
this week. Mr. Campbell is an old
schtiiilnial a of Mrs. Drainie't.
Mr. Thos. Edwnrds of Armstrong &
Edwnrds, moved from Ninth and Scott,
to his new residence ou Princess street,
c.iruer Heatley aveuue, this week.
Bliss L. Copeland aud Miss Auuio
Timlin, relumed to Lnnd, B. C, on
Tuesday, after spcuding tlio Easter
holidays with Mr. aud Mas, R. Copeland of Twelfth nveuue.
"Deposit and Security," and "The
luslitnliou of the Sabbath," will ho the
moruiug outl evening sermon topics of
Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton at Mt. Pleas
art Methodist Church. Reception
Service u ill follow the moruiug. services
Reserve Moudny eveuing, April 24th,
for I bo Grand Concert in Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church.
The Yuuug People's Christian Endeavor Society of Mt. ".".onsaut Presbyterian Ohnreh held n Coucert nnd Social
on Monday evening. The object of tho
entertainment was to secure means to
help lit up a Mission Bout to the loggors.
Mr. autl Mrs. Thos. Whitfiird, late of
Los Angeles, have niovod to Vaucouver
and taken up their residence at 134'.
Ninth nveuue, west. Mr. Whitford hns
been cuuuected with the Saturday
"Post" of Los Angeles, Cal.
DO IT NOW !—If uot already a Sub
scriber to "The Advocate" become one
unw.   Only ifl for 12 months.
Ou Suuday last the Auuivertary
Services of Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Church wero held, tho Rev. G W.
Dean of Victoria preaching the special
Bermiius of tho day. Tho special appeal for funds to clear off tho debt on
the church was over subscribed to the
amount of $-11.00, (lie total subscription
beiug $800.00. The proceeds from the
special appeal on Suuday and tho Coucert aud Tea amounted to about $825 00.
On Monday oveuing the Coucert and
Tea wero both largely attended. Tho
Tea was held iu Mason's Hall aud was
under the auspices of the Lndies'Aid,
and was one of tho best ever given by
tho Aid.
The Messiah Chorus gave a fine program in tho church which consisted of
selections from the "Creation," given
in Wesley Church on Good Friday.
Tlio Chorus und Orchestra numbered
over sixty vole.., and tlio choruses wero
given with power and expression tho
balance betweeu the singers aud orchestra wus fine. Tho chorus gavo their
best efforts in "Tho Heavens Arc
Telling," the treatment being in accord
wilh so sublime a subject. Mr. G. P.
Hinks, Conductor, proves his ability as
a master iu tlie art of drilling and conducting clmrusos with ench successive
production of sacred classical cornpusi
tions. Miss Mpucy, violinist, charmed
tho audieuce with her selection, and
responded to au ou.nre. Mrs. J. H.
Edmonds of 'Scattlo, soprnno soloist,
proved to bo the best soprano singer
ever heard on Mt. Pleasant. Her voico
is melodious, clear aud possesses power.
Miss Crysdale, pianist, delighted thu
audienco with her exquisite playing.
|5f Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
Mrs Arthur Mold of Sixth avenue, iB
out nguin after a severe attack of grip.
 . 1 .-.O-.. . r-
Mr. A. F. McKinnon of Tenth avenue, is convalescing from an attack of
Any on", wimtiug Blankets Washed
good aud clean, address A. B., "Advocate" Office.
Dr. aud Mrs. Brydone-Jack left this
week for a visit to Eastern Canadian
aud American Cities.
The. Womau's Anxilinry of Mt. Pleasnnt Prepbyteiinu Church will give a
Sock Social on May lBt.
Mrs. Moore formerly of Tenth aveuue, east, who has been visiting iu
Anaconda nud Rossland, has returned
to tho city.
Ginghams and Chambrays at 15c.
per yard, same as are advertised by
other firms a( 18c. per yard, at Mrs.
Mr aud Mrs. W. W. Baynos of Victoria, spent a few days last week witb
Mrs. Baylies' father Mr. A. F. MoKiii-
non, Tenth aveuue.
Mrs. J. Drniuio received a telegram
ou the 25th, couveyiug the sad intelligence of the death of a little neice,
davghter of Mr. and Mrs. Wood, Nauoi-
mo. Death occurred from diptheria.
■   i :o:	
Mr. nud Mrs. Chas. Kendall of Kamloops, were in tho city for a fow days
this week, and were tho guests of Mrs.
Kendall's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. S.
Hpffur, Westminster avenuo.
Go to Mrs. Merkley's for your embroideries and laces. Only best
Prints  and   Staple   Dry   Goods  sold.
Mr. nud Mrs. W. H. Wood, Sr , arrived home ou Friday last from a six
months sojourn in England, visiting
many of the large cities though spending most of the timo at Scarborough.
Mr. J. Smith, who is a late arrival
from the States, has bought tho fine
placo of Mrs. H Eligh, Quebec aud
Fourteenth avenues, aud with his
family has niovod into thoir new home.
Attention is called to tho advertisement of J. Horner's Argyle House in
tliis issue. Genuine bargains ure listed
in their nd.
Mr. F. W. Stone of Quolioc street,
wns prosontcd with a handsomely bound
Bible and Hymn Book, ou behalf of the
Teachers and Youug People's Class, on
Sunday aftcruuou lust nt tho session of
Mt. Pleasaut Methodist Suuday School.
Mr. Stone has boen most successful as
Supcrratoudout for several terms.
If you know any items of MtPleasant
nows—Social, Personal or any other
uows items—send them in to "The
Advocato," or by telephone—Bl406.
On Tuesday evening the annual rlec
tiou of officers was hold at n specinl
meeting of Ihe Mt. Pleasant Epworth
Louguo, aud resulted as follows I Prcsi
deut, H. H. Stevens, (re-elected); 1st
Vice President, F. Philips; 2d Vico,
Miss Alberta Dickey; 3d Vice, Miss
Collins; 4th Vice, Miss Anna Burritt;
Secretary, Miss Claire Wetherell, (reelected); Corresponding, Mies Gertrude
Glover; Treasurer, Miss Grace Harford;
Representative to Local Union, Miss
G. Gh.ver.
The City Grocery   do'lvers grocorie*
every day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 'Ml
tSstSt     ^e uav0 u hu'ge consignment, but thoy
tfattys    are going fast.   Secure some at onoo.
Pure Ontario Maple Syrup, 40c per Quart
This is Gouuiuo Syrup imported direct from Ontario.
Rowivt'B PICKLES 10c per bottle.
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 323
8 pounds of PRUNES for 25c.
pSnt Central Heat flarket
Cor, Niuth Ave., & Westminster Rd.    Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers lu all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Deliverv.
Woodrow & Williams. ^ager1.'6'
we are selling is goiug like "hct cakes."
Get in your orders.
Frp^h Every Morning
a   M. v_?ii i^.*-* */*** ***
Lettuce, Green Onions,   Radish, Spinach, Rhubarb,
Cauliflower, Celery.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
my%.^tv<*wmsi,*>yevWts%y%,.%/V*_/5Hi,*/_ -ty%^*>-%^_^*»-*^^^^.%^»
Special Lines of White Wear
a^t****** at less than   Manufacturers' prices. tSjacf^itS.
LADIES' Chemises, Drawers, Corset Covers. Gowns nud Skirts, made
and trimmed in a variety of styles; worth np to $1.00, your ohoice 50c ench.
We have .iust put into stock a very handsome lot of LADIES' SILK
BLOUSES iucludiug all the latelest styles ut $2.25, $2.50, $3.00, $;i.50,
$4 00, $4,50 and $6.00 each.
DRESS GOODS and SILKS is uow complete for Spring 1905.
(Agents for McColl Patterns )
,   A. ROSS.& CO., ?»gg&frgr st-      I
i^<S_/V'&-*'v''*'^'_<*-^%<-4k-**v ■%^^%^^*%**4 '«k^,^^''**''W»*%^-% "tvi
Peter's Boot and
Shoe Store &..
A Good  Stock of
always   on  hand.
Our Own Handmade
Boots aud Shoes are
second to none iu the
Repairing a Specialty.
2450 Westminster uveune.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover anil Timothy   Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry uud Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,   l-eefscrups, Etc.
Sk'PITH Corner   NINI'll nvcnuo   A
Telephone  16 87.	
Store and    *
Office fixtures
At a speciality
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
(Cabinet Maker.)
SHOP: 43 Eighth Aveuue.
'Phone nl',00.     Mr. PLEASANT.
Hull Line of Pnitcy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster five., ._ Dufferin St.
|   Ftesfa Bread  I
and Cakes     ,
Mt. Peasant Hsliery, Ninth Ave.   J
Between Woittn'r. Ave.* Wcrtm'r. Rd,   ■
A large audience enjoyed the Coucert
given iu Oddfellows'Hnll on Thursday
evening by tho Misses Wood, Milb Ross,
Messrs. Priigle and Kendall. Tho entire program was a uuifical treat. Tho
singers were in good form aud sang
each number iu lino style. Every number wus heartily eucorad, which was
due to each performer being an artist
in their sphere. After the Concert the
floor was cleared for dancing, and a
largo number remained for tlio dance,
Tho excellence of tho Coucert is best
illustrated by the following program:
Quartet, "Softly Falls the Shades of
Evening," Hattou,.. Misses M. Hoss,
G.   Wood,   nnd   Messrs.   J.   Pringle,
A. Il Kendall.
Vocal duett, ''Greeting," Mendelssohn,
Miss G. Wood and Mr. J. Priuglo. _
Song,     "Huppy    Sung,"     Del   Ricgo.
Miss M. Hoss.
PlSUO Solo, "Caprice I'sununl," I !!i:iiniu-
ade Op 0? Miss G. Wood.
Song,     "The   Midshipinitc,"    Adams,
Mr. .1. Pringle,
Part II.
Quartet, "Into tho Silent Land," Gaul.
Mis.OS M. Iliiss, ti. Wood,  Messrs. J,
Pringle, A. H. Kendall.
Snug, "Neath the Rolling Tide," Judo,
Mr  A. II. Kendall.
l'i.iiiu duel, "Gavotte I'ml Mussette,"
arranged for two   piano  by Joitchiu
Ruff.   .   .Misses Wood
Sung, "The Bird and the Rose,"Harocks.
Miss M. ROSS.
Viv.nl dint, "Tho Two Beggars," Lane
Messrs. J. Priuglo and __, II. Kendall.
Soug,     "Slave    Song,"     D.d    Ricgo.
Miss G. Wood-
Quartet,   "Good   Night,'   Parks.
Misses M  Kush,   G. Wood,   Messrs.
J. Pringle, A. H Kendall,
"God Save the   King."
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 15,minutes to 7,  every  Sunday
eveniug iu  Advent Christian  Cliurcn,
eiirni r Ninth ave. nnd Westminster Rd.
I.pworlh   League of   Mt.    I'lcasant
Meiiiuilist Ohnroh meets at . p, in,
B. Y. P. V., meets ill Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Church at H p. m.
Tin  Y. P. S. O. E., meets at H p. m
in Mt.Ploasasnut Presbyterian Ohnroh.
just received.
New Tea!
W,000 pounds of MfkssamTS pure
**********  mi"Untfeai
Will be sold at the astonishingly  low price of 30c-Ib.
Just think of it—a 60o Tea for 80c I   Try Khnki and yon'll luenootksr.
The City Grocery Co. Ltd-
^Whplesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. S06. Westminster Ave. & Princess Street.
m\ w... w nr n? nr w nr m w w nr fff fff fff fff m
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men ^
of years and years  and j-ears   experience," _J|
and  a brewery whose plant is the mos* IT
sr- perfect known to the Art of T.rp«"""o-    *-' ***
fc it any wonder mat  it  has  taken a place isgf
'^ i"   the he-irt".  of   ti.o  penile  which  -no other beer
_t= can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $|.     ^*
£ Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. -**
%£ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 3
J_r_ For Sale at all tirsl.-elnss Saloons, Liquor Stares and Hotel*    -«
•**""" or delivered to vour house. £>m
Ti iii iii iii Hi HiHi'iHHiHiHi iii Hi iii Hi Ui ii. R
'VV*'*'**'**-* i
2321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. A1208.      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Meats of AH Kinds.
Vegetables   and   Poultry
ti'i 5^3 iu season. At $»   t
Central Park.
Oentral Park, Apr. 27th.
Mr. Geo. McCuaig of Vancouver,
gave a vory interesting lecture ou South
Africa on Tuesday evening, under the
auspices of the Ladies' Aid uf the Presbyterian Church. Mi'. McCnuig illustrated his lecture with storciiptican
views.   The attendance was large.
Rev. J. G. Reid, B. A., left on Thursday fur Tcxailu Island, ou the Presbyterian Mission Launch in company with
tbo Rev. Mr. Smith of Texada Island
They Intend visiting the logging camps
along tho const and expect to be absent
alii nit I wo or three wicks.
Mr. und Mrs. C. O. L. Reid aud
Master Gordon Bold spent Easter week
at Harrison Hot Springs.
The Central Park Lacrosse Club hns
been organized, with tho following
olllcers: President, Win. Swain; vico
President, W. Fiodsham; Secretary,
A. McLano; Treasurer, L. R. Alcock.
The Lacrosse buys nre holding a Basket
Social anil Dauoe on Friday eveuiug, to
acquire funds fur slicks, suits, etc. A
very handsomo priu'i will be given to
Ihe yonng ludy wl'.o brings the prettiest
Ki.Krnioi.vsis Paiii.iiII of llniniress-
inc.   Mnniciiriii;;,  Facial   Massage and
Scalp Treatment for Ladies and Gen tie-
men. SniiKi'lliiiiiis hnir, wnrls uud
mol is removed by l'lictrnlysis.
Valuable Information  given to every
lady patron on "How io take care of
Skin ITood for bnildiug up the wasting
tissue Orongo-lower Croam to prevent uud heal sunburn.
Mii'.ini: Ik'vriii'.KVS, fiS'i Granville
Telephone Numbers of Local Mini.
1117119 -Ber.O. II. Wilson,(An(llran).
low—Rov. ii. A. wit. 1111, (Presbyterian),
BUM   Iti-v.A. K. lIillii:rlnglon,(Mi'llioill«.).
Looal Advertising 10c a line each issue
Display Advertising #1.00 por iuch
per iiT'inth.
Notices for Church  nnd Society Enter-
tainiiienls,  I/'diircs,  etc.,    whkm.
will lie charged for.
All   Advertisements ore  run regularly
and charged f»r until ordered they '
be discontinued,
Transient   Advertisers   must   pay   iu
Noticcsol Births, MnrriagcH, and Deaths
published free of charge.
for Weddiug Presents. Permit us to suggest—
Ouo of the most attractive
places in oar store U the Cat
Glass seetiou.
It is so arranged that you can
see the glass contained therein iu daylight nr under tha
rays of the electric light.
Alisolntely the best makers
iu tho world are represented.
I luruiT Hustings aud Grauvi.le Sts.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R.
McTaggart & lioscrop
Dealers ih
344 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Templetou Block.
Royal Crown
the Best in the Wo_u_n. Drop,
us a post curd asking for \
Catalogue of Premiums to ba
hud free for RoiTAi. GRQWBr
Soap Wuai-pehh.
a year.
50c for six months.
25c for three months.
SI!BHCRIHK      tO      yOW     Local
Paper NOW I
Don't be a I'.urwiwor of a
paper which ouly cmde $].0Q __
For   looal  news  subscribe    for  TB^.
ADVOCATB only *»l for 12 month*. MMWMMIMIIIIIIIIIIIirillH""""""    J
The Filigree Bali! |
We naa neen uiscussing mr. -tcnrej
and Miss Tuttle, when suddenly, nnd
with no apparent motive beyond tho
natural love of gossip which was her
weakness, sho launcbed out into remarks' about the bride. Tho ceremony
had been late; did I know it? A half-
hour or three-quarters past tho timo
sot for it. And why? Because Miss
MooFo was not ready. She had chosen to array herself in the houso and
had come early enough for tho pur-
.poso; but sho would not accept any
assistance, not pvcn that of her maid,
and of course she kept every one
waiting. "Oh, thoro was no more uneasy soul in tho wholo party that
morning than the bride!" Let other
people remark upon the high look in
Cora Tuttle's face, or gossip about
the anxious manner of tho bridegroom; sho, the speaker, could tell
things about the brido which would
go to show that sho was not all
right oven before that ominous
doath's-hoad rearod itself into view
at hor marriage festival. Why, the
fact that sho came downstairs and
was married without her bridal bou-
quot was enough. Had there not
been so much else to talk about,
*fer __L._peoplo would have talked about that.
W- *-*" But the big event had so effectually
t- **.' Swallowed up tho littlo that only
jfc herself, and possibly two other    lad
ies'she might name, seemed to retain
«, * - — ~f the mattor.
*   ".Whut ladies?'' I asked.
"Oh, it doesn't matter what ladies, Two of the very best sort. I
know they noticed it, because I heard
them talking nbout It. We were all
standing in tbe upper hall nnd wero
all crowded into a passage leading
to the room whero the bride was
dressing. It was before tho alarm
had gone around of what had been
discovered in the library, and we
wero all impatient enough for tho
appearance of the bride, who, wc had
been told, intended to wear the old
point in which her great-grandmother was married. I have a weakness
for old point and I was determined
to stand where I could see her como
out, oven if I lest sight of tho ceremony itself. Hut it would have
been tedious eno:jgh waiting in that
closo hair if tha ladies behind me
had not kept up a conversation,
which I, of course, pretended not to
hear. I remember it, every word, for
it was my sole amusement for half
an hour. What was It? Oh, It was
about that same bouquet, which, by
the way, I had tho privilege of staring at all the time they chatted. For
the bov who brouRht It had not been
admitted into Miss Moore's room,
and, not knowing what else to do
with It. was lingering before her
door, with the great streamers falling from his hands, nnd tho lilies
making the whole place heavy with a
sickening perfume. From what I
heard the ladies say, he had been
standing there an hour, and the timid knock he gavo from time to time
produced in me an odd feeling which
those ladies behind ine seemed to
" 'It's a shame!' I heard ono ol
thom cry. 'Veronica Moore has no excuse for such thoughtlessness. It is
an hour now that she has been shut
up in her rooms alone. Sho won't
have oven her maid in. She prefers
to dress alone, sho says. Peculiar
in a bride, isn't it? But ono thing
is certain: sho can not put on her
veil without help. Sho will have to
call some ono in for that.' At which
tho other volunteered that the
Moores were all queer, and that, she
v . didn't envy Francis Joflrey. 'what!
not with fifty thousand a year to
lighten her oddities?' returned her
companion with a shrug which communicated itself to mo, so closely
were we packed together. 'I have a
son who could bear with them under
such circumstances.' Indeed she has,
and all Washington knows it, but tho
remark passed without comment, for
they had not yet exhausted the main
event, and tho person thev now attacked was Miss Tuttlo. 'Why doesn't
sho como and soo that the bouquet le
taken in? I declare it's not decent.
Mr. Jeffrey would not feel complimented if he knew tho fate of thoso
magnificent lilies and roses. I presume he furnished tho bouquet.'
" 'Miss Tuttle has looked out of
her room onco,' I heard tho other
reply. 'She is in splendid beauty
to-day, but pale. But she never
could control Voronica.' Hush! you
.... speak louder than you think.' This
amused me, and I do believo that in
another moment I should have laugh-
od outright if another bov had not
appeared ka the hall before us, who,
shoving aside the first, rapped on the
door with a spirit which called for
answer. But he was no moro successful than the otlier boy had been-
so, being a brisk fellow, with no
time for nonsense, ho called out,
'Your bouquet, Miss, and a mesage,
which I am to give you beforo you
go downstairs! Tho gentleman is
quito particular about it.' These
words wero literally shoutod at tho
door, but In the hubbub of voices
about us I don't believo any one
heard them but ourselves nnd tho
brldo. 1 know that she heard them,
for she opened the door a very
littlo way,—such a vory littlo way
j that the boy had to put his lips to
tho crack when he spoke, and then
turn nnd place liis ear where his lips
had been in order to catch her reply.
This, for somo reason, neemed a long
timo in coming, and the fellow grew
so impatient that ho amused himself
by snatching the bouquet from tho
other boy and thrusting H in
through tho crack, to the very grent
detriment of its roses and lilies.
Whon she took it ho bawled for his
answer, and when ho got it, he stared and muttered doubtfully to him-
. self as ho worked his way out again
through tho crowd, which by this
.. ttaw was beginning to choke up all
the halls and stairways.
,.. "But why have I told you all this
nonsense?" sho asked quite suddenly.
"It- isn't of the least consoquenco
that Veronica Mooro kept a boy
waiting ut her door whilo sho dressed herself for her wedding; but it
shows that sho was queer even then,
and I for ono believo in the| theory
of suicide, and in that alono, and in
(ho oxcuse she gave for it, too; for
If sho had really lovod Francis Joflrey |be Would uot hava boon en «ln«
io tane in tne magnificent bouquet he
had provided for her."
lint comment, even from thoso who
had known theso peoplo well, waa
not what 1 wanted at this moment,
but facts. So, without much attention to these words, 1 said:
"Vou will excuse me if I suggest
that you arc going on too fast. Tho
door of tlie bride's room has just
been shut upon the boy who brought
her a message. When was it opened
"Not for a good half-hour; not till
every ono had grown nervous and
Miss Tuttle and one or two of hor
most intimate friends had gone mora
than onco to her door; not, in fact,
till tho hour for the ceremony had
come und gone and Mr. Jeffrey hud
crossed tho hall twice under tlie impression that sho was really for him.
Then, when weariness was general
and people were asking what kept
tho brido and how much longer they
wero to be kept waiting, her door
suddenly opened and I caught a
glimpse of her face und heard her
usk at lust for her maid. O, I repeat that Veronica Mooro was not
all right, that duy, and though 1
have heard no one comment on tho
fact, it has been a mystery to mo
over since why she gave that sudden
recoil when Francis Jeffrey took her
hand after the benediction. It was
not timidity, nor was it fear, for
sho did not know till a minute afterward what had happoned in the
nouse. um bum. -uuuiiii reau-u.io_>
of what she had dono in marrying a
man whom sho herself declared sho
did not love come when it was too
late?    What do you think?"
Miss Freeman had forgotten herself; but the impetuosity which had
led her into asking my opinion made
her forget in another moment that
sho had dono so. And when in my
turn I propounded a question and inquired whether she over again saw
the boy who besieged tho bride's
door with a message, she graciously
"Tho boy; let mc see. Yes, I saw
him twice; once in a back hall talking earnestly to Mr. Jeffrey, and secondly nt the carriage door just beforo the bridal party rode away. It
was Mrs. Jeffrey who was talking to
him then, and I wondered to see him
look so pleased when everybody in
and about the house was pale as
"Uo you know tho namo of that
boy?" I carelessly inquired.
"His namo? 0 no. Ho is one of
Raucher's waiters; tho curly-haired
ono. You see him everywhere; but 1
don't know his name. Do you flatter yourself that he can tell you anything that other people don't know?
Why, if he knew the least thing that
wasn't in everybody's mouth, you
would have heard from him long
ago. Thoso men are the greatest
gossips in town '—I wonder what she
thought of herself,—"and so proud
to be of any importance." This was
true enough, though I did not admit
it at the time; and when tho interview was closed and I went away, 1
havo no doubt sho considered me
quite tho most heavy person sho had
over met. But this did not disturb
me. The little facts she had stated
were new.to me and, repeating my
former method, I was already busy
arranging them in my mind. Witness tho result:
1. Tho ceremony of marriage between Francis Jeffrey and Veronica
Mooro Was fully thrco-quarters of an
hour late.
2. This was owing to the caprice
of the bride, who would not have
any one in tho room with hor, not.
oven her maid.
3. The bridal bouquet did not figure in tho ceremony. In tho flurry
of tho momont It was forgotten or
purposely left bohind by the bride.
As this bouquet was undoubtedly the
gift of Mr. Jeffrey, the fact may be
4. Sho received a message of a
somewhat peremptory character before going below. From whom? Her
bridegroom? It would so appear
from the character of tho message.
5. The messongcr showed great
astonishment at tho reply ho was
given to carry back. Yet he has not
been known to mention tho mattor.
Why? Whon every one talked he
was silent. Through whose influence
This was something to find out.
0. Though at tho timo tho benediction was pronounced evory ono
was In a state of alarm except tho
bride, it was noticed that she gave
an involuntary, recoil when her
bridegroom stooped for tho customary kiss. Why? Were tho lines of
her last farewell true then, and did
she experience at that moment a sudden realization of hor lack of love?
7. Sho did not go again upstairs,
but vory soon fled from the house
with tho rost of the bridal party.
Petty facts, all, but possibly more
signiiicant than appeared. I mado
up my mind to lind the boy who
brought tho bouquet and also tho
one who carried buck her messngo.
Bur here a surprise, if not a check,
awaited ine. The florist's boy had
left his place and no ono could tell
whero ha had gone. Noither could I
find tho curly-haired wuitor at Raucher's. Ho had left also, but It was
to join the volunteers at San Antonio.
Wus there meaning in this coincidence? I resolved to know. Visiting the former haunts of both boys
I failed to come upon any evidence
of au understanding between them,
or of their having shown any spocial
interest in tho Jeffrey tragedy. Both
seemed to have been strangely reticent in regard to It, the florist's
boy showing stupidity and tho waiter such satisfaction in his prospective soldiering that no other topic
was deemed worthy his attention.
The latter had a f.istcr and she
could not say enough of tho delight
her brother hgd shown at the prospect of riding a horso again and of
lighting in such good company. Ho
had somo experience ns a cowboy
beforo coming to Washington, and
from tlio moment war was declared
hnd expressed his intention of joining tlio recruits for Cuba as soon as
ho could see hor provided for that
his death would not rob hor of proper   support.      How   this   had come
niuiiit. ane flm not" know. Three
weeks before he had been in despair
over the faint prospect of doing
what he wished; theu suddenly, and
without any explanation of how the
change had come about, he had rushed in upon her with tho news that he
was going to enlist in a company
made up of bronco busters and rough
riders from the West, that sne need
not Worry about herself or about
him, for he had just put five hundred dollars to her account in bank,
and that as for himself ho possossed
a charmed life and Was immune, as
she well knew, and need fear bullets
no more than the fever. By this he
meant that he had had yellow fever
years before i Louisiara, and that
a ball which !__, <c been fired at
him had gone clean through his
body without taking his' lifo.
"What was the date of the evening
on wliich ho told you he had placed
money in bank for you?"
"April the twenty-ninth."
'. wo duys after the J effrey-Moore
Convinced now that his departure
from town was something more than
a coincidence, I pursued my inquiries and found that ho had been received, just us she had said, into tho
First Volunteer Corps under Colonel
Wood. This required influence.
Whose wns tlio influence? It took mo
somo time to find out, but after
many nnd various attoinpts, most of
which ended in luilure, I succeeded in
learning that the man who hud worked and obtained for him a place in
this favored corps was Francis Jof-
I did somo tall thinking that night.
I remembered thut this man had held
some conversation with the Jeffreys
at their carriage door previous to
their departure from tho Mooro
house, and found myself compelled to
believo that only a matter of importance to themselves as well as to
him would have detained them at
such a minute. Oh, that Tampa
wero not so far off or that I had
happened on this clue earlier! ' But
Tampa waa »t that moment a far
prospect for mo and I could only reason from such facts as I had been
able to collect in Washington.
Fixing my mind now on Mrs. Jeffrey, I asked the cause of the many
caprices which had marked her conduct on her wedding morning. Why
had she persisted in dressing alone,
and what occasioned tho absorption
which led to her ignoring all appeals
at her door at a time when a woman is supposed to be more than usually irracious? But one answer suggested Itself. His hoart was not In
hor marriage, and that last hour of
her maidenhood had been an
hour of anguish and struggle. Perhaps she not only failed to love
Francis Jeffrey, but loved some othor man. This seemed improbable,
but things as strange as this have
happened in our complex society and
no reckoning can be made with a
woman's fancy. If this was so—and
what other theory would better or
even so well account for her peculiar
behavior both then and afterward?
Tho hour usually given by brides to
dress and gladsome expectation was
with her ono of farewell to past hopes and an unfortunate, if not passionate, attachment. No wonder
that she wished to be alone. Ne
wonder that interruption angered her.
Perhaps it had found her on her
knees. Ferhaps— Hero I felt my-
»olf seized by a strong and sudden
excitement. I remembered the filing's
I had gathered up from the small
stand by the window, filings which
had glittered and which must have
been of gold. Whnt was tho conclusion? In this last hour of her maiden
lifo she had sought to ride herself
of some article of jewelry which she
found it undersirable to carry into
her new life. What articlo of jewelry?
In consideration of the circumstances and the hour, I could think ol
but ono. A ring! tho symbol of some
old attachment.
The slight abrasion at the base
of her third finger, which had been
looked upon as the result of too
rough and speedy a withdrawing of
the wedding-ring on the evening of
hor death, was much more likely to
have been occasioned by the reopening of some little wound made two
weeks belore by the file. If Durbin
and tha rest had taken into account
these filings, they must have come to
very much the same conclusion; but
either thoy had over-looked them in
thoir search about the place, or,
having noted them, regarded them as
a clue leading nowhere.
But for mo they lod the way to a
very definito Mnquiry. Asking to see
the rings Mrs. Jeffrey had left behind her on the night she went for
tho last time to the Moore houso, I
looked them carefully over, and
found that none\oi them showed the
least mark of the'i-ile. This strengthened my theory, and I proceeded lo
tako my next step with Increased
confidence. It seemed an easy ono,
but proved unexpectedly difficult. My
dosire was to ascertain whether she
had worn previous to her marriage
any rings which had not been seen or,
her finger since, and it took mo ono
whole week to establish the fact that
slui had.
But that fact once learned, tho way
cleared beforo mo. Allowing my
fancy full rein, I pictured to myself
her anxious figure standing alone in
that ancient und ghostly room ill ing
off this old ring from her dainty
finger. . Then I asked myself what
she would be likely to do with this
ring after disengaging it from hor
hand? Would she keep it? Perhaps;
but if so, wby could it not be
found? None such had boon discovered among her effects. Or had she
thrown it away, and if so, where?
Tho vision of her which I had just
seen In my mind's eyo came out with
a clearness at this, which struck mo
as providential. I could discern • as
plainly as if I had boen a part of
the sceno.the white-clad form of tho
brido bending toward the light which
camo in sparsc.ly through   the   half-
7, PI US,
open snuttor she had loosened for
this task. This was the shutter
which had aever again been fastened
and whose restless blowing to and
fro had flrst led attention te this
house and the crime it might otherwise have concoaled indefinitely. Had
some glimpse oi the rank grass
growing underneath this wiadow lured her eye and lod hor to cast away
the ring which she had no longer
any right to keep? It would be like
a woman to yield to such an im-
pulso; and on the Btrongth of tho
possibility I decided to search this
small plot for what it might very
reasonably conceal.
But I did not wish to do this opon-
ly. I was not only afraid of attracting Durbin's attention by an attempt which could only awaken his
disdain, but I hesitated to arouse
the suspicion .1 Mr. Moore, whoso interest in his newly acquirod property
made him very properly alert to any
trespass upon it.
The undertaking, therefore, presented difficulties. But it was my business to overcome these, and before
long I conceived a plan by which
every blade ol grass in tho narrow
slrip running in front of this house
might be gone over without rousing
anything more serious than Uncle
David's ire.
Calling together a posso of streot
urchins, I organized them into a
bartd, with thu promise of a good
supper all around if ono of them
brought me the plocos of a broken,
ring which I had lost in tho grass
plot of a houso whero I had been
called upon to stay all night. That
they might win the supper in tho
shortest possible time and before the
owner ol this houso, who lived opposite, could interfere, I advised
thom to start at the fence in a loug
line and, proceeding on their knees,
to search, each ono, the ground bo-
fore him to tho width of his own
body. Tho fortunate one was to
havo the privilego of saying what
the supper should consist of. To
givo a plausible excuse for this
search, a ball was to be tossed up
and down tho street till it lighted in
the Moore house inclosure.
It was a scheme to fire the street
boy's soul, and I was only afraid of
failure from tho over-enthusiasm it
aroused. But the Injunctions which
I gave them to spare the shrubs and
not to tramplo the grass uny mora
than was necessary were so minuto
und impressive that they moved
away to their task in unexpected
order and with a subdued cheerfulness
highly promising of success.
I did not accompany them. Jinny,
who has such an innocent nir on tho
street, took my place and promenaded up and down the block, just to
see that Mr. Mooro did not make loo
much trouble. And it was well sho
did so, for though be was not at
home,—I had chosen the hour of his
afternoon ride,—his new man-servant
was; and he no sooner perceived this
crowd of urchins making for the op-
posite house than he rushed at them,
and would have scattered them far
and wide in a twinkling if the
demure dimples of my little ally had
not come Into piny and distracted
his attention so completely as to
mako hiin forget the throng of unkempt hoodlums who seemed bound
to invade his master's property. She
was looking for Mr. Moore's house,
she told him. Did ho know Mr.
Mooro, and his house which was
somewhere near? Not his new, great,
big house, where the horrible things
took place of which she had read
in the papers, but his littlo old
house, which she had heard was
soon to bo for rent, and which sho
thought would bo just the right size
for herself and mother. Was that it?
That dear littlo place all smothered
ia vines? How lovely! nnd what
would tho rent bo, did he think?
and had it a back-yard with garden-
room enough for her to raise pinks
and nasturtiums? and so on, and so
on, while ho starod with delighted
eyes, and tried to put in a word
edgewise, and the boys—well, they
wont through that strip of grass in
just ten minutes. My brave littlo
Jinny had just declared with her
most roguish smile that sho would
run home and toll her mother all
about this sweetest of sweet little
places, when a shout rose from the
other side of the street, and that
collection of fifteen or twenty boys
scampered away as if mad, shouting
in joyous echo of the boy at their
"It's to be chicken, heaping plates
of ico cream and sponge-cake."
By which token she knew that tho
ring had been found.
.        • .....
When they brought this ring to me
I would not havo exchanged pluc.es
with any man on earth. As Jinny
herself was curious enough to stroll
along about this time, I held it out
where wo both could seo it and draw
our conclusions.
It was a plain gold circled set with a
singlo small ruby. It was tut
through and twisted out of shape
just'as I had anticipated; and ns I examined it I wondered whnt part it
had played and was yet destined to
play in the drama of Veronica Jeffrey's mysterious life and still more
mysterious death. That lt was a
factor of some importance, arguing
somo early school-girl love, I could
but gather from the fact that its removal from her finger was offe-led
in secrecy and under circumstances
of such p.osslng haste. How could I
learn tho story of that ring and Iho
possiblo connection between It and
Mr. Jeffrey's professed joalousy of
his wife and tho disappointing honeymoon which had followed tbelr marriage? That this feeling on his part
had antedated tho ambassador's ball
no one could question; but that it
had started as fur back as tho wedding day was a new idea to mo and
one which suggested many possibilities. Could this idea be established,
and, if so, how? But ono avenuo 6f
inquiry offered itself. The waiter,
who had been spirited away so curiously immediately after tho wod-
dlng, might bo able to give us somo
information on this interesting point.
He had been the medium of the messages which had passed between her
and Mr. Jeffrey just prior to Ihe
ceremony; afterward ho had been
seen talking earnestly to that, gentleman and later with her. Certainly, it would add to our understanding of tho situation to know what
reply she hud sent lo the peremptory
demand made upon her at so critical
a time,—an understanding so desirable that the very prospect of it was
almost enough to warrant a journey
to Tampa. Yot, say that tho results were disappointing, how much
time lost and what a sum of money!
I felt the in ed ot advice in this
criuls, yet hesitated to ask it. My
cursed pride und my no less cursed
jealously of Durbin stood very much
in my way st this time.
Tlio  Caudle Trick.
Cut out of a large npple two or three
round pieces the size nud shape of the
end of a candle. Iu the center of one
end of each one stick a small round
piece of peeled almond; this ls the wick.
Light It nnd blow it out when the
flame has blackened It. Tell your
friends that you once bad a friend who
was colonel of n Russian regiment,
from whom you learned to eat tallow
candles (nt the same time lighting your
apple candles), then blow them out-
pop them Into your mouth oue after the
other and cat them.
The Clock.
A clock can run, but cannot walk;
My shoe has a tongue, but cannot talk;
A comh has teeth, but has no mouth;
A north wind blows  the smoke straight
■ south.
Bottles have necks, but have no heads;
And pins have hcadB, but have no neclnt
And needles have to hold their threads
Right in their eyes.   How lt must vest
[f I were n needle, comb or shoe,
I never should know what to do.
My head Is really In a whirl;
I'm glad I am • litti. e-lri.
They Make the Kidneys Strain out oi
the   Blood   all   the   Seeds   of   the
Diseases That trouble Old Folks.
Acadle Siding, Kent Co., N.B., Feb.
27.—(Special.)—After suffering for
forty years from Kidney trouble, Cat
ixte Richard, the well-known Justice ol
the Peace here, is fully recovered, and
he says that Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
"Yes," says Mr. Richard, "I had Kidney Trouble over forty years, with the
result that I was a worn out man at
seventy-two. Then I started taking
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and the result ls
that the pain is gone from my back,
and I am able to work again."
Dodd's Kidney Pills make the old
feel young again. They make the Kidneys sound, and sound Kidneys strain
out of the blood the seeds of the diseases to which the old are subject,
such as Backache, Rheumatism, Urinary and Bladder Troubles, etc.
A Jolly Home (.tunc Por tbe Girlie
For Rainy Duyn.
Here's a home game for the girls for
rainy days: Move the furniture back
against the walls, leaving bare as large
r. space as you etc. in the center of the
floor. Get a tin platter or a large plate
of some sort and place It in the center
of this bare space.
Now get a piece of tissue paper, and
from it tear n strip about three Inches
long aud an Inch wide. Tie a knot in
the center of this pnper, spreading out
the ends on both sides of the knot. If
vou drop this whisp of paper with the
knot in its ceuti'i  lt will not full dl-
You  May  Take Our Word  For   It
That any grocer   who Is antagon Istlc to packet tea Is so solely because he makes less profit than on common place bulk teas.   The
rcctly to the floor, but will zigzag
from side to side before lt comes to
rest on the carpet.
We will call this wisp of paper a
"butterfly." Ench girl provides herself
with a broad palm leaf fan. One girl
stands as far as possible from the center of the room, tosses the "butterfly1'
in the air and tries to blow lt with
waves of her fan to the plate in the
center of the room. Her object Is to
bave lt float down and land ln the
plate, but It will probably blow clear
across the room, where it will fall tm
the floor.
When the "butterfly" has come to
rest, Its landing place ls marked by a
card bearing the name of the player
who blew It there, and the second player tries, and so on till all have had •
If five girls are playing, the girl who
fans the "butterfly" nearest to the
plate scores flvo points, tbe second
four, the third three points and ths
fourth two, and the fifth does not score
anything. If three are playing, the
first scores three points, etc. If •
player should land tho butterfly in the
plate that player scores ten points, and
besides has another turn.
When all of the players have had ■
try at getting the butterfly ln the plate
their scores nre written down, nnd then
the first one takes another turn, followed by the rest, as before.
The game is fifty poiuts, and lt ls surprising what a short time it takes to
score tbat number.
As a private individual we not only
attended the horse race held here the
other day, but rode our own horBe and
came In four lengths ahead of the field
and took the purse of $100. The public
must not confound our public and private rights. As postmaster and so
forth we frown upon horse racing and
such. As a private citizen we whoop
'cr up on all occasions and have barrels of fun. M. QUAD.
Wlio They Were.
"Who are all these men marching
afoot?" asks the stranger.
"They are the members of the Teamsters' union, which is out on strike,"
answers the native.
"And who is that man at the head of
the parade?"
"You mean the one ln the open top
carriage drawn by four horses?"
"He's the walking delegate."—Chicago Tribune.
Ceyton Tea on a Sealed Lead  Packet is the public I
safeguard.   Black, Mixed or Natural Green.
Sold Only in Sealed Lead Packets.    By all Grocers.
Description end Illu-tiatlon of Tory Lot-et
Paris Sensation.
The very latest Paris sensation ls
known as !_'Auto-bolide, and is one
of the most daring feats ever undertaken by a public performer. In this
case tho latter is a lady, who rides
in a fast-traveling motor-car down a
specially prepared and lofty track
built almost in the form of the let-
tor S. The middle curve of tho latter is cut away so that tho car takes
a leap upside-down to the track upon
the opposite side, where It again
catches the curve, ond finishes the
run in its normal position. The distance actually traveled by tho car
without any support and with the
performer head downwards ls Just
over 30 feet. What would happen
if the car failed to strike the descending curve fairly after its aerial
flight ono docs not care to imagine.
Needless to say, the show is one of
an unusually thrilling character.
Treasure, ol the Kremlin.
The ikons in the Cathedral of the
Assumption in the Kremlin at Moscow are immensely valuable. They
yielded about flvo tons of silver and
five hundredweight of gold to the
French soldiery in 1812 but this
treasure was recovered by the Cossacks, who in their gratitude presented to the cathedral a silver chandelier weighing 900 pounds. The Jewels with which tho ikonostas Is
adorned aro valued at (225,000, a
single emerald alone being worth
150,000. This is a Bible so large
that two men are needed to lift it,
and it is studded with gold and emeralds and other stones. A sober estimate of the weight of gold used in
the ikonostas and vessels ot this famous church alone places it at 106
The Antiquity of Chalre.
Chairs were used in Egypt so long
ago as 3399 B.C. Tho Chineso employed them from about 1300 B. C.
In India they wero used, and are mentioned os dating from 1100 B. C.
House chairs, with backs, wero in
use in India A. D. 800. They ore
known to have been employed in
Rome so early as A. D. 70, being
mentioned by Pliny at that date.
Chairs with foot rests were used lu
Rome A,D. J 50.
An Valy Little Mn(,
Harris—There's a big difference sometimes between promise aud performance. There's Wlgfull, for example.
He promised to give a handsome present to little Johnny Styles, who was
named for him, but all he scut was a
cheap, ugly looking little mug.
Bernard—Oh, well, it wasn't nearly
so ugly looking as the little mug Johnny got from his parents.
A   Manilla   dispatch   says:—Majof
Carrlngton, who was convicted of falJ
sifying vouchers of the civil govern*]
ment  to  the  amount  of  $1,500,  i
sentenced to a total of sixty years i
five days imprisonment.   He was tried
on five separate charges and the
tence on each was Iwolve years andj
one day.   Major Carrlngton practical 1;
mado no defense, his attorneys slmpl;
raising technical points.   Tho case wi_J|
be appealed to tho supremo court
the Islands and If tho decision there isl
[.-.verse the ap;i_H..i:'. li.e .najor, wlll|
appeal to tho supremo court of
United States.
I hei
Nervous Trouble That Yields Readily
to Dr. William's Pink Pills.
St. Vitus Dance Is j. common dlB-l
ease among children, but It often at-1
tacks both men and women of nervous!
temperament.  Its symptoms are shaky
hands,   jerky   aims,   trembling   legs,^
twitching   muscles;    sometimes   the
power of speech is affected.   The onljj
cure lies In plenty of blood because
good   blood  ls  the  life-blood  of
nerves.      Dr.    William's    Pink    Pill-I
never fail  to cure  St. Vitus DnnceJ
because they make the rich, red blool
that feeds the nerves and keeps then
strong and steady.   Mrs. Wm. Levellle
Welland, Ont., was seriously afflicted
with St. Vitus Dance, and no treatmen*!
helped her until she began the use ol
Dr. William's Pink Pills.   Mrs. Levelllej
says:—"At times the trouble was
severe that I could not take a diii
of water unaided, and could not trust
myself to raise a dish.   There was
constant  involuntary  motion  of thd
limbs, and at times I could nelthej
eat, walk nor talk.   I grew pale anq
emaciated, and my life was fairly
burden.   Doctor's treatment, which <
was  taking almost  continuous!.,  dlij
not do me a particle of good and I 1
almost come  to  the conclusion  tha
there was no cure for me.   I was
what must be considered a desperatj
condition when I was advised to Irl
Dr. William's Piuk Pills.   In the coursl
of a few weeks after I had begun thelq
use, there was a marked improvement
in my condition, and by the time i
had taken nine boxes every symptoi.
of the trouble had disappeared, and
was as healthy and active as in glrlj
It is because Dr. William's Pink PlllJ
go right down to the root of thq
trouble in the blood that they
such diseases as St. Vitus dance, neu
ralgia, nervous prostration, anaemia
backaches and headaches, rheumatisn"
kidney trouble, indigestion,
troubles and other diseases of thl
blood and nerves. But you must ba
careful to get the genuine pills wltB
the full name "Dr. Williams'
Pills for Pale People" on the wrappa
around every box. Sold by all medj
cine dealers or by mall at 50 cents
box, or six boxes for $2.50, by wrltlnl
the Dr. WllliamB Medicine Co., Broc'l
ville, Ont.
Cider Apple Banco.
Five quarts of boiled cider, elgh
quarts of pared, quartered and corq
sweet apples.  Put the fruit ln a 1
preserving kettle and cover with tlij
boiled cider. Cook slowly until the nil
pies are clear and tender.  To prove
burning place the  kettle on an Ir
tripod or ring.   It will require frotJ
two to three hours to cook the appleej
If you And it necessary  to stir tl
sauce be careful to break the apples i
little as possible.   Wben the sauce
cooked put ln sterilized Jars.
Baby's Own Tablets have saved
many af precious little life. They are
the best medicine in the world for all
stomach and bowel troubles, simple
fevers and teething troubles, and
they contain not one particle of opiate
or harmful drug. Mrs. ISlbrldgo Lowe,
Sheet Harbor, N.S., sayB: "My baby
was always sickly until I began giving
him Baby's Own Tablets, but they have
changed him into a fine, big, healthy
child. I am never without the Tablets
In the house." The Tablets can be
given with perfect safety to a new
born babe, and are good through every
stage of childhood. If you do not And
the Tablets at your medicine dealers
send 25 cents to the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont., and get
a box by mail post paid.
Tlinn__ei_ivliiK Pumpkin Pie.
One and a half cups of stewed an*|
browned pumpkin, one cup of milk,
half cup of scalded cream, two eggs]
well beaten; a generous quarter of
cup of sugar, a quarter of a cup of|
Porto Rico molasses, a  quarter of
teaspoon ench of salt and mace, on.J
teaspoon of cinnamon; bake In a pas-]
try .shell until firm.   Uso a garnish
whipped cream.—Delineator.
Sunlight Soap
is the best for we.sh.ng clothes. It also does
more thoroughly and easily every other kind
of washing required in the household. Sunlight is a pure, powerful soap that you should
always have at hand. EqueJly good with
hard or soft water.   No scrubbing, no boiling.
Try Sunlight.
Your money back fpr any cause of complaint.
.Lever Brothers Limited
Toronto wwnr puaaamt -tavocra
A Seiies of Articles Describing their Lives, their Aims
and their Influence.
No. 23.
Dickie sold out his share of the business to his stepson, Mr. R. H. Cook,
another printer-graduate of the Plain-
dealer office. Coincident with this
change in the management was a readjustment of the office work, for Mr.
Barclay took the editorial chair. In
1901 Mr. Barclay bought out Mr.
Cook, and has since been editor, publisher and manager.
Under Mr. Barclay the Plaindealer's
growth has been remarkable in every
respect.  The paper certainly deserves
Most people think too lightly of a
cough.   It is a serious matter and
needs prompt attention, >•*
Shiloh's __
Cure T_:..cLunK
when the first sign of a cough or
cold appears. It will cure you
easily and quickly then—later It
will be harder to cure.
Price-,  2Sc„ SOC., end $1.00.  Sll
Editor and  Proprietor of the  Souris
With some men newspaper work is
a passion. They can no more help being newswriters than they can help
breathing. They were born that way
—predestined, foreordained and called
to the business just as truly as other
men are to the ministry. Prom the
time they are able to form ideas as to
their future they have elected their
life occupation. And, of course, as ls
the case ln all businesses, there are
many who write eldtorials and run
newspapers just as other men weigh
out tea and sugar, or lay bricks, or
preach sermons, or drive nails. But
there is a third class whose devotion
to their selected life work is every
whit as strong as those with an inborn passion therefor, but which is not
inherent, but the product of gradual
growth. The love of their work burns
with a steady intensity that is perhaps more effective than the more
spasmodic efforts of those of more ardent temperament. If less brilliant,
they are certainly more persistent,
and lt is no new saying that stlck-to-
it-iveness is- nowadays the element of
A type of this slowly developed,
but able, country editor is furnished
in the person of Mr. William J.
Barclay, proprietor of the Plain-
dealer, of Souris, Manitoba. Like
many another young man in Western
Canada, he nows owns the paper and
plant on which ho flrst "devilled." His
family were much averse to his going
into the newspaper business, and
young Barclay had his path towards
Journalism no track of roses, but full
of obstacles and opposition. But William could not content himself on a
farm, and had made up his mind as
to his future occupation. He carried
his point, too, and ln due time Justified the wisdom of his choice.
Mr. Barclay was at that time twenty-two years of age. He was Scotch
Dy both birth and parentage, his father, James Barclay, being managei
of a large cabinet aad chair works at
the little manufacturing town of
Belth. in Ayrshire. Tho future editor
was the third youngest of a family of
a dozen, and in hopes of bettering
their position the elder Barclay determined to emigrate. This was in
1880, at which time the editor-to-be
was a towheaded youngster of ten,
whose chief object ln life was to attend school as little as possible.
The family arrived in Winnipeg In
June, 1880. The future western metropolis of the Dominion wns then
a very different place to what lt ls
now. Instead of 100,000 people, it had
then somo 31000 or 4,000. It was an
overgrown village—wild, and woolly,
and western, with the thrill of the
forthcoming speculative boom already
in the air, with streets hub-deep with
the most tenacious and adhesive mud
ln the world, and a free, devil-may-
care familiarity and license the outstanding characteristic of its people.
To the elder Barclay, with Ideas of
community life formed after the strict
model of a God-fearing, church-going,
Sabbath-respecting littlo Ayrshire
town, all this was anthema mar-
anatha. Two weeks of Winnipeg was
enough—Indeed, too much—for him.
Like every Old Country Immigrant he
had not pictured, or prepared himself for, conditions so utterly different, and Instead, as most do, of modifying his attitude to the conditions—
which, in nearly every Instance, they
ultimately greatly prefer to those they
have left—he decided to return to the
Land o' Cakes. So, .vlth his numerous family, back they went to Scotland—all, that Is, except one of the
elder sons, who had made up his mind
to stay.
Two years afterwards a brother
and sister came out to this, the then
sole representative of the Barclay
family in Manitoba, and took up
farms in fhe Souris district. And, in
1883, Mr. Barclay, Sr„ brought out the
rest of the family, the future editor
among them, and all settled in the vicinity of Souris.
As before stated, Mr. Barclay manifested no fondness for farm life, and
resolutely set himself to work to improve his education, while following
the plow, with the object of leaving
agricultural pursuits for a more congenial occupation at the earliest opportunity. And, gradually, there grew
np within him the determination to
be a newspaper man. A goal towards
which to direct his efforts being thus
provided, the means of advanr'*g
thereto Mr. Barclay secured for himself. He got a Job as "devil" on the
Plaindealer, of which George Perry,
at one time on the Winnipeg Commercial and Grand Porks Plaindealer.
was the founder and editor. His advancement was as rapid as his occupation was congenial. In two years
he was in charge of the composing
room, and, in the same year (1894)
he formed a partnership with Mr. T.
Dickie—afterwards member of the
Manitoba Legislature—the latter taking charge of the editorial department, while Mr. Dickie looked after
the   mechanical   end.    In   189C   Mr.
the liberal support accorded It
throughout the district. It is, in tho
fullest sense nf tho term, n local newspaper. It covers its territory, and
serves up its nows items with both
taste and skill. Its editorial utterances are never extreme, nnd reflect,
tho views of tho fair-minded, moderate-thinking men. To municipal topics
It pays much attention, and its opinions thero anent deservedly carry
much weight In the locality. Tlie appreciation of the Souris merchants
for thoir local paper Is testified by
tho extensive advertising patronage
it boasts.
Mechanically, the Plaindealer is
among the very best of Western Canadian newspapers. This excellency Is
carried into the job department,
wliich is one of the best equipped
among tho smaller towns of the West,
and of which the quality of the output will bear comparison with that of
towns of many times its population.
Personally, there are few characteristics of Mr. Barclay that differentiate
him from the energetic and successful western business men. He Is married, and has two sons, his wife having been Miss Saunderson, a daughter of one of the most prominent, farmers in the Souris district. The Plain-
dealer editor is an enthusiastic Freemason, having been, for the paBt two
years, worshipful master of the local
lodffe. He ls. It should be moreover
noted, one of the best checker players ln Western Canada, holding the
cliamnlonshlp of Southwestern Manitoba for two years.
Prominent Methodist Divine Declares
His Absolute  Faith In the Great
Throat and Lung Cure.
Asserts    Candidly    that   "Psychine"
Cures Where Doctors Have
.Dr.  T.  A. Slocum,  Limited:
Your remedy Psychine Is a wonderworker ln all throat and lung troubles. Two years ago an eminent Toronto throat specialist treated my
wife for a dangerously" diseased
larynx, without giving her relief.
Hnving seen Psychine advertised, sho
tried It, nnd after having taken throe
bottles was fully restored. Psychine
cures where doctors fall. Yours sincerely, Rov. j. j. Rice,
Red Deer, N. W. T.
PSYCHINE  ls  pronounced  81-KEEN.
Fur sale nt nil druggists, at $1 per
bottle. For further advice and Information or trial bottle, write Dr. Slocum. Limited, 179 King street west,
Toronto,  Canada.
A Fly In the Beer.
If a fly drops into a beer glass, one
wbo has made a study of national characteristics can easily tell the drinker's
nationality by his action. A Spaniard
pays for the beer, leaves it on the
table, and goes away without saying
a word. A Frenchman will do thez
same, except that he swears while he
goes. An Englishman spils the beerl
and orders another glass. A German
carefully fishes otu the fly and finishes
drinking his beer, as if nothing had
happened. A Russian drinks the beer
and fly. A Chinaman fishes out the
Ily, swallows it, and then throws away
the beer.
A Sure Cure for Hendache.—Bilious
headache, to which women are more
subject thnnm men, becomes so acute
in somo subjects that they are utterly prostrated. The stomach refuses
rood, and there is a constant and distressing effort to free the stomach
from bile which has become undulv
secreted there. Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills nre n speedy alterative, nnd In
neutralizing th effects of the Intruding bile relieves the pressure on the
nerves which cause the headache. Try
Onenstern snd southern nursorv stick thnt,
will I;il tlie first winter, but send a post cord
rorour cntalosne of troes that will grow in
Mnnitobn end Iho Territories. Applos, crab s,
plums, smull fruits, ornnmentef trees and
shrubs, perroninl plants, etc,
Slowboy was wearing n gaudy tie for
which ho had recently given up 48
cents In real money. '|Whnt kind of
a tie do you admlro most?" he asked
of his fair companion In tlio parlor
scene. "Why, er—tee! hee!— tho marriage tie," she giggled. And the next
day Slowboy hunted up a minister and
contracted with him to make one —
Chlcaga News.
It Retains Old nml Mukes New
FrlenilN—Time was when Dr.. Thomas'
Boleotrlo OU hnd but a small field of
distribution, but now Its territory Is
widespread. Thoso who first recognized Its curative qualities still vnlue
It as a specific, and while it retains Its
old friends it Is ever making new. It
is certain that whoever once uses it
will   not   bo   without   it.
Superfluous Hair
■•mo.... by tb* Near Frlnelsle
The British War Office has under
consideration a proposal for trying the
plan of shooting with both eyes open
during the musketry training of this
$100 Reward, $100.
The reader of Ihis paper will be p'eased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has beon able to cure lu all lt«
itages, and thnt Is I'utarrh. Hall'a Catarrh
Cure 1« the only positive cure now know to the
medical fraternity. I'ntarrn being a constitutional disease, require* a constitutional treatment, Hall's Catarrh cure is taken internal-
ly, acting directlv upon the lilood and mucous
surfaces of the system, therby destroying the
of the disease, and
 ....gth by building up   .
end assisting nature In dolDg Hi work. The
foundation of the disease, and giving the pit-
ient strength by building up  th
he constitution
proprietors hava so much faith tn Its cnratlT.
powers that they offer Oue Hundred. Dollars
' 01
AdllreaVF. J CHENEY, Toledo, Ohle.
powers tnat tney o— .
for any on_a that it fails to cure.  Send for lilt
of testimonials.
Bold bv all Druggists, 7-c.
Take Hall's Family l'ills tor constipation
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
A meeting of the above society was
held in Winnipeg on Thursday, at
which it was decided to make a free
distribution of plants In tho spring, to
all members. A list of hardy fruit
and ornamental plants, which it is believed will grow In any part of Manitoba and the Territories, was prepared,
and members will be entitled to mako
a selection from this list. Any one
Joining the society now will be entitled to share in tho free plant distribution. The annual membership tec
is only one dollar. Any one sending
this amount to (Ico. Baths, Secretary
Western Hoi'tioultl^al Society, Winnipeg, will receive tho plants, and will
also bo entitled to a copy of till the
publications of the society. These
publications include many valuable
articles upon all phases of horticultural and forestry work, written by our
most experienced horticulturists. They
contain tho practical experience gained in this country, and are therefore
more valuable to peoplo hero than
books upon horticulture written by
persons who lived in a different climate and under entirely different conditions from those wo are subject to
here. Those article" deal with fruit
growing, lloricultui vegetable growing, forestry, etc. I'he object of Ihe
society ls to encourngo horticultural
work in Western Canada, and: the
membership is comprised of poisons
residing in all parts of Manitoba and
tho Territories.
Give nature three helps, and
nearly every case of consumption will recover. Fresh
air, most important of all.
Nourishing food comes next.
Then, a medicine to control
the cough and heal the lungs.
Ask any good doctor.   .
»I Snt use- Ayert Cherry Pectoral !3 years
ago.  I have seen terrllile case, of lung ills-
eases cared by It.   I em nover without It."
AUUT Q. UJ—II-TOK, Marietta, Ohio.
J. 0. ATKn CO.,
LowtllV MiHi
Health demands dally action of tha
bowels. Aid narure with Ayer's Pllla,
It Is batter than eleotrlcity, beoaaaa
it does not sour or produce e new growth,
Better then X-ray, became it dees aet
burn, soar or paralyze the tlHues uader
the skin. Better then depilatories, he-
oame It Is not poisonous | therefore,
it will not cause blood poiionlne, er
produce eeiema, whioh is so commoi
with depilatories, end does not break
oft* the hair, thereby lnoreeslng Its
Electrolysis, X-r»y or depilatories ore
offered you oa the bare word ei the
operatois and manufacturers. D h)
MIRACLE is not. It is the only method
whioh is indorsed by phyiiclan., surgeons, dermatologists, medical Journals
and prominent magazines.
DK MIRACLE will be mailed te aa*
address, sealed in plain wrapper ler II,
Your money back without quectioa 11 it
fails to do all that is claimed for it.
Our booklet— the most complete
treatise on Superfluous Hair ever puW.
ilihed—containing the testimonials ef
numerous physiciaas and surgeons and
those of hundreds ol others—will be
sent free, In plain, sealed envelope,
upon request. Write for it to-day to
Quia* Steke* West, Toronto, er
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt In
Canada. Made on tha
H.B.K. scale it requires 3g#
to 42 yards pier dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 3a
to 33 yard:,.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of tha "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration thai the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39*_
to 43 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand :—
Having surrendered Port Arllnir,
Con. Stoessel is now withstanding Ihe
bombardment of tlio magazines
Fairvllle, Sept. 30, 1902.
Dear Sirs,—We wish to inform you
that we consider your MINARD'S
LINIMENT a very superior article,
and we use it as a sure relief for
sore throat and chest. When I tell
you I would not be without lt lf the
price was one dollar a bottle, I mean
Yours  truly,
Free, to any Woman who
bakes her own Bread
Thousands of women are writing in every week for the
"Royal Household" Recipes—they explain the new and
easier way of making bread. Make a trial with the new
Royal Household Flour, which is purified by electricity—
you would not believe there could be such a difference in
flour—these receipes are certainly worth asking for.
Send a posTal card to-day.
 """ n _u»t phi TteTieiowiaL out er many thousand. nrcuvro.
... , „ Savokas, Tm_i. t Ml-BCl--M_r,B.C., November J«tli, 1004.
I have t-ec n mlnjr your (lour exclusively since 1 came to Canada, fourteen year, auo andTiaw
been uainz Koyal Household" since ils Introduction. To .h_-r you how I valueit my trroctr lately
could not aupply me with it, and rather than use auolher brand, evcu temporarily fiintto Kain-
loo^s, twenty-five mllea away and hail It •hipped to me per CF.L, preferring to pay llie railway
charge, rather than UK an inferior brand. In fact, If I iSTuld not gtUt otherwise .Would abip ft
direct from the mills.   1 e.inalwitys rely on having good bread When xuiag It aud nothing tend.
more to keep barniuny iu a home.
Mrs. Fondmar—Doctor, my daughter
sits and gazes into that mirror for
hours at a time. I can't get her to take
exercise. Dr. Bruit—Well, I prescribe
another mirror at the other end of the
Jim Johnson—Alii you'i horse afraid
ob automobiles? Joe Jackson—Yais.
Jim Johnson—Ah thought he was
blind and deaf? Joe Jackson—He am
—but he can smell.
To   Thoae   of   Scilentnry   Occupation.
—Men who follow sedentary occupations, which deprive them of fresh
air and exercise, nre more prone to
disorders of the liver and kidneys
thun those who lead active, outdoor
lives. The former wll find In Parme-
leo's Vegetable Pills a restorative
without question tlie most efficacious
on the market. They nre easily pro-
curable, easily taken, act expeditiously, and they nre surprisingly cheap
considering  their  excellence.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
fcA.*/no_?ern.   w«apon   In   the
cnn Nervine la tho weapon todrive the Sn.ml
£S_?,W» -""ngbold "at the point of the ba/
SwW-wlSS-V "e"Ch'  bU' S"ift  «««wfi
lf Hoch's wives really ran to three
times thirteen, it is no wonder that he
is in ill-luck.
A nickel-ln-the-slot machine is to
furnish insurance to bathers at Atlantic City next season. They drop in
the coin as they step into the water,
and if they dont come back their heirs
get $100. However, no company has
yet taken a chance on insuring the
fool that rocks the boat.
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
aad  STATIONARY  for  CHOPP1NO mmi
WOOD SAWING In stoek el all times.   We
eon _H» at a day's aettoa.
Write as tePhass snd Chtslagsq.
lvri4ctvCMptr C^U-,V-_ip«_m
Hsaiy A vena., Esst
Russia could probably cure all her
own trouble at home and put a quick
stop to the war at a stroke by sending
the Grand Dukes to take charge of the
military operations in the East. Japan
would help some, too.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc
'|My son," said the father of the
freshman, "what are all these little
slips bearing the characters 'iou,
with ia signature and a few figures
beneath them?" "Those?" replied the
son, stuffing some more sliced plug
into his man-size pipe. "Why, that's
just a little memory.test on certain
of the vowels." "Well, I happen to
know some of these young men whose
signatures are on the slips, and you're
in for a memory-drill on two of the
consonants: They are 'n. g.'"
1 _
Do not let n cold settle on your
lunisfe Resort to Bickle's Antl-Con-
sumptivo Syrup at the first intimation
of Irritation In the throat and prevent disease from lodging In the pul
monary organs. Neglected colds are
the cause of untold-suffering throughout tho country, all.of which could
have been prevented by the'nppllca-
tlon of (his simple but powerful, medicine. Tlio price, 25 cents, brings it
within   the  reach   of  nil.
Mrs. Schnapps—I have no words to
express my contempt for you. Mr.
Schnapps--That's th' bos' news I've
heard for a long time, m' dear!
Nova Scotia has been visited by
another snow storm and the railways
are again blocked.
TWO Years Abed.—-For oiRlit year
I suffered as no ono evor did with rheumatism;
for two years I lay in bet); could not hi much
as food ui.vi-lf. A friend recommended Smith
American Rheumatic Cure. After threedoses
I could sic up. To-day I nm us strouirasevwrl
was."—Mrs. John Cook, 2-7 Clinton street, Toronto.—2
Shorthorn breeders ln Manitoba
passed a resolution favoring the nationalizing of the Dominion Shorthorn
Breeders association.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
oonp Powder dusted in the both, softens
the w _er and disinfects. 38
The   Oiilaiio  oglslaturo   has  been
called for March 22.
How to HaUe en Invlalble Coin Ap>
pear Withont siuvlna It.
Hero Is a way In which you, too, may
join the ranks of those who control
tho magic power over the Been and tba
unseen It la, perhaps, a very bum-
blo experiment with which to Introduce yourself Into the wizards' circle.
Yet lt will demonstrate conclusively
that you have the same power (ln a
sense; ns the greatest practicians of tho
black art
I '1 ■neur" an empty basin. Set lt near
the edge of a table. Place a coin In the
center of the bottom. Then ask one of
the Spectators to first stand alongside
the bnslu nnd theu to walk slowly
backward until the colu ls hidden from
his eye by the rim of the bowl.
Now direct the person to watch tbe
bowl intently. Make him admit he
sees nothing. Then modestly state
that you will cause the coin which he
knows Is In the bottom of the basin,
though invisible to him, to become visible without his moving an Inch or you
touching it.
He snys lt can't be done. Yon call
for a pitcher of clear water and pour
it slowly Into the busln until it ls about
half full. When It settles the result
will be the coin will appear perfectly
visible to the eye of the surprised onlooker, nnd you will have proved your
power to mill." the Invisible become
visible—In this case at least
W   N   U    No BS2
"Thought   tt  meant    death
SUre."—Mrs. Jamos*_cKim, of Donn-tlle,
Out.* says of her almost miraculous cure from
heart, disease . bv Dr. Agnew's Cure for the
Heart: ' llnl 11 I began taking this remedy I
despaired of my lie. I had heart failure and
extreme prostration, one dose crave me quick
relief and one bottle cured me. The sufferings
of years wore dispelled like magic."—S.
Catarrh for twentv years and
oured in a few days.—ho„ (.co.™
James, of Seranton P«.,.«JS! "Ih" ve be.., a
martyr to Catarrh for twenty yours -mutant
hawking dropping In the tl.r,.,,T»nd naiifii
A„„. e?dh ":°'y "tensive breath. I tried Dr.
Agnew a Catarrhal Powder. The first application gave Instant relief. After using a fow
bottles I was cured.   50 cents -1
The following advertisement occu-
p lesa prominent place ln the Gazette
de Zurich:—"An Austrian officer ot the
balloon section wishes to marry a lady
who will have the courage to make her
honeymoon voyage with him in a balloon."
Doctor—"If you do as I tell you, you
will soon feel lighter and better."
Patient—"Thank you, doctor. How
much do I owe you?" Doctor—"Two
guineas, please." Patient (handing
them over)—"You are quite right; 1
feel much lighter already!"
Minard's  Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Pale, sickly children should use Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Worms nro one of tho principal causes
nf suffering in children and should
bo expelled from  the system.
"Your son Willie seems to have
gotten over being round-shouldered.
Every time I've seen him lately he's
been standing up like a man. "Yes.
After years of scolding him for his
stooping I tried a new plan." "What
was it?" "I told him ho had a magnificent chest."—Newark News.
It b the fenoe that haa stood th. teat of Ume—standi tba heavies, strain—sever met the standard the world over.  In future Pace Fences w_
he peiutod WHITE, which ls an added protect Ion agalnat rut _ addition to the ge-ranising. Order Ursugh our local agent or direct from ma
THB PAQR WIRK FRNOR GO. LIMITRD. WaU_jr yUIo. Trntmatm.   Meatnal.  M. J.ha.   wUafpesr.     mt
Tlie Mrttrre we will Mnd yon la a large reproduction of the above engraving, printed in alx brilliant colore, without any advertising.     It 1» the finest
t'l V Ull c of thl* famooa pacing ttalllon ln ex-stance and la worthy of a place in any home,   lf you are a lover of hunts you want thla picture to Ira ana.
Ampules* the owners »t once INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD CO., tononto. car.
ontcft or u. e Kmmi CHr Voc«n_*rjr c«iiece, un ae km. s.h Btmt
lloBtBT C. MDWUL, D.V.H., TXU     HUIT C. nARCOCI, M.O., D.V.8., V-P1U.
...-.NJAyiN V. _RAIT,P.V.B.,V PRM.     B_KO BTtWAKT, H. D., V. M.,
M W.Bavaux, HlaMRpoUa.Mln. B*»T   AndTr-r-.»n'l n«»n or QMV.
iwr nir; -I Ant mm vour l.-rif Tan fitch. About IQ-HJm, Hi. Bept Itth 1*4. ll«*
».<i ■nlT'-rliie wtmpmln In the •MomlniJ re.loot_ _»«i»txl b*f fcnfNNttMOl th«[MVW
l-r.iliaMjf mm**, by "
i oritur.) 101   Vm>	
w.irir-iiuthit; thasfta__rrwi4.il tititl! aUmi 4 |> in ths tmtt
ami l.li Uiiu-if-Ur. wm lWi. Tbe h«ert trt-w so ttxthU tb-t the MU cou'fl not ho
t-Jn-Ti »t Uie jaw _nd tha nte could Doirn determinf**) ht Hate ____,» to the hr*rt bflAU.
AOO'd penpli-AtlMt«OTAr«l the entire body rniuli ot tha tltne And the p»Jn w»» atmo-t
■ ontiniKius,   Tho rWble mix sue  .i.aml.tAN". were  hL'liljf   Injocted. HU with  the
l.ltHi   I IlllllUlfcOrifl tiii(1nnbUliUevld.-ncr.i.f llieliinitinmnt-.ry condllnm eil-thn;
In tlm AbdoiiilnAl e«*«m*f At idle (line ow1n|r t>< the liifln»m_.lo.7 condition nud tho
mtremo weak h*_rL Ibe projrno.ls tu very Urt'A*ormbU. From 4 to 6 p. tn. I bed
lit Me or no bowoo? Mi rmrormtj. About 7 ***.*». a olt^bt iMprover-oeM wh noUco-
0»mpm0e, r> r^_n^^q^f^^^____^____jJ^<»rhs-M-»iJii|-iaa-*i~s>~ ~t -—ii-m-^—ai-H -W -M*T_i'^i**s'**>i'~-r--i'**'i,~
BMm*mtm4*miJ0lm\  '
'Ota>R_ln in tne ai-inminu rat;ions rtmni Wj m,|>n ti •■■■■i mr ..■■..-.»
b» (eilnt OAt cliAff. Hie puUe n.le wu Ti per minute end hU tain
MC-MWternf the pulee was wt*k. Tb* eoulltion iradually grow
MMMMuntilobn.it 4p.m the pulie reto b_d reA-hM nxirelbin n"
ehle a
And hli coodlfctao mdMBT w>pw»ed.
VewrltiArlAM Ir gSpJBM. Vory U ulj J«n.
K C. Moon. lYikrb-rd * ltnieeWj.
tn four deyt from tbe time bi wai firen up tn die by Uit-m fcVb-eb_*o T-*"^'!J
irtpioiii   wo uhlppfd   Don  pAtch ft-.in T**mmM   to  our *• InternAtloOAl BlotK WM
iiium Ut* MM-aX
w der.   Ur re
or Miilefc-MMko
BurRtvjiii   we thlpprd   iMn   I'atih fioin Tni-ek**   ~
Km ur at fh.ra_ic<_,   Hfn.,  end m_UMtd fee Unit blra thrwe Utnea tbe wml
of "InUrnAM-mAl Stoek Ko.nl" And clfln-tltlo hlmfonrtlmei Mr dor.   »• _-
bin M rr.,-■ i 'i n'.f t_|,i.|lr And In ILroo wrrfr fn.ni the Bret amr ot fell ekkMOR M Uac«1
_mlWttUriB(U<UU-1   lu 104     TM. »e.« In Hit' {mmafmrM  wind ud  owr R tree*
th»t wa. nolln •hRiM lor e-Urwne tut mllee.   DM«Mtf_topM tram 8prt_f_e*d to
Me-nphUendln ■!■  weeks   frum thn dAtc of Ut  -rdb.ee***  be  wU-ulshed Ue w*rM bjf
pvlu,; •»!■>■■<■ in l ;/■ wtthnnt wind «l,ie.'.     "Intometli—l   Rbck FoodMe a■**■"■*■*•
Able   ii'.'la'Ji pfwjiei»tion t<i  k-'r.   peneanesit etnogtk tuthe entire tjstmn mm **ll-i
t-l'ijr nrrxAiail to .li_r-eiii.t. end AMlinllAtloo.   Hie nedsinl endonM*? a tmm&mixj
of the irre*t tr»lnon And  If Ui*«i_stoiii IM on moot hnren-brwod.Tvf hnni.
l'«n I'ste-li ti_i bnen fod "IntemeUonAl BUrk Po-»d" wra-rj d_Jfdi.ro wiinpl mMM
two i-M-re Mm '(" f>'*'> Muto UiAt tlm- l*«tt fc.a brnketi 7 w-.r-Ti rvxwde mm4
ku 1"-ii rr'iaetTiti ■ And vl fro roue, fi-ln - t-i Ms rrerat ...-iMlmil' nel «u»n*1h r>
wu Able to wlthHAM bit e-rrre *..-*nr*a. You m.uM not uk batter proof of t*o
■upRlVr   nieiii* of "luternAtlooAl Btock Km" wkk_ you cfta feed at a coet of
iRTUtKATloNAL Rioac FOOD Oo, Tuiowto      Hll.ll RI VRK ftCflOOl OF AliRKl LTTRK. Hl*k Rlvitr.   All*.
Dear Sir I -I MH-H job fbr TourletUr of tbe ltth .and far oil tbe tro__Me7.n1 have taken v. nr. ■_,• t'li. "Intometlrmal fttnek rood" t-> notice.   Tbetnerlfcl of tb* food for
tn a 1 •'-'■i r •-■'< HU**o wore not unknown to me before rnur • ..ui-nunt-«.tl..n eemo to bein
A reretittrlalofthef-ed with a pen nf pice nifTtriuf from whet I .tw -I a.'Y.txtlf  .  ,  	
nut of a oen uf seven I commenced feedlnf jour hln.lt Kood liberal'/ to U10 leiualiutei. all of whl< h bad 1 >■■."■ t I ■ eat the ordinary fond and were nW-.k.   On tbe f'.urth o»t *. 1AM
w., ,j,,.|  buttheremalnlnf lour itpldlv rocorered and are now wall,    lUok the pmeiillon lo rood ■ Ifii-nieM.n.-l Htock tnod" to all iho pin nn the farm and In A4£iMaf
during thUonlbmak. and quite be/ieve bave eared mroeir from Hrtoniloub/atfni your leftedy.   I am d.Ar elr,   Youre F-lifefutlr.   (-jC^U u*HBOH. IMnctar.
^_i_i_(__UUni-1'   -        " W^WWWWWWWWW^^^WWW^WKlMWWWi
IntemMional" PrcparatlonB were not up to the eUnderd wc could not afford to meke auch an offer.   We hereby agree to forfeit $1000,00 U
we ever fait to do aa we aay.
International Btock Food"      "International Heave Cure"       "International Hoof Ointment" "International Sliver Plr- K*udJay OU*
International Poultry Food"   ''International Colic Cure" "International Pheno-Chloro" "International Quick Cleaner**
International Loum Killer"    "International Harneaa Soap"    "lnternetionalCompound Abeorbent" "International Dletemper Cun**
*- ■"■*"       . .1 ..".,..< d—nedy1*     "International Qall Cure"
^^ntornatienal Worm Powder" "International Foot Rami
\u f r«p»r«d and Sold on • "Spot Cash Quarantta'* bjf INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD 00., Toronto, Cia. •f
_■".»!■ ' >■" ' ieii .   ii     I        ie  HI.   >.     le   ■  t  i n
i Established April 8,1899.)
ilrvtes: 2 6 2 B Westminster ayenne.
>■"»■.' ".>»'_ iii.iiilM.wpn 'i. H'm
ii.HWisim »■ i..S|..,i ,»!'..' i «■ .'l" 'I'll' "  '   ..'«   i
.1 u I. .11,   .1.»i
Mrs. R  Whitney, Publisher.
_B-«-r__w_i   Officd—30 Fleet street,  ,
tionrlon, E.  0-,  EugllSnd Where a
8le of "Tie Advocate'-'  is kept for
S-bswiptioi.  $f p year   payable   in
Scoots a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
a J ' ■ 1    J     'i.  1 1
Vancouver, B. U., April 29th,   1905.
The surface Indications, as a miner
■would say, are that the Mayor and
Council want the taxpayers to give
them the power to borrow J350,000 for
' Atreet Improvements, which sum Is to
"up divided into six unequal parts and
Allotted on a pro rata scule to each or
the six wards. Also that the money
ts to adequately provide for all requirements connected wilh streets for the
»ext three years. So far so good, but
What provision is there that the bonds
ft voted shall only be used In accord-
•#rce with these statements? Por argument's sake let us BUppose for a
foment that the by-law has passed,
then what check or safety valve have
the taxpayers over the Mayor and
'Council to prevent them hypothecating
the.whole' lot at one go? On the face
«if Jt there is none. Further let us as
*ume that the Mayor and Council have
■ 4cne *e and all the money Is spent or
•disbursed ln some way or another, what
o ts th. City going to do for the next two
.years Which will be left unprovided
The mlsslpg link between the old and
'the  new   Council      consists  of $45,000
Curely the taxpayers   are entltjed to
' pome  explanation before    they    hand
©ver four hundred  thousand more.
Vestry Meetiug.
Ou Monday evening the apnual Vestry
Meeting of St Michael's Church wa?
held, tho iitti.iulai.iyn> beiug .urge'and
representative of the-cu-ire congregation. The Rector. Rev. G. H..Wilson.,
presided, and made-a -nio.it favorable
report of the work of the'church "for the
past year, nnd- intimated Hint it was
his Intention lo publish a parish nuiga.
zine, for the purpose, of stimulating
church work.
The S.iTi'ti'.ry-Trear.urpr,  Mr.  II. T.
Devine, read the financial statement:
Envelop, collection ... .$.88.80
Opon  collection     $473.75
Balance from last year      35.-41
Prom other sources.
¥I,284 4«
Total revenue 12,128.21
Expenditure 2,109.18
Balance ou hand $   14.P8
The increase in  the revenue for the
year amounted to nbout Iji2(i0
Ofllcors elected for ensiling year:
People's Warden, A. Sykes; llocUir'g
Warden, Henry Birmingham.
Sides—on—Dr, Lawrence,   Dr.  Goy,
W. Partington, J. H Hughes.
Lay Delegates   iu   Synod—Dr. Lawrence, J. Birmingham, Mr. Pnvier.
The store 0.finality. We iuvlte you all to-c_.ll
unci inspect our large stork of Cliolco Clrocerie.
ari'i Furniture. We'll save you money. Read
oui wonderiu] otfei"'.0 you. Whether, ynu you
in. a new or1 old customer we treat all alike
'Hungarian Flour per bbl. ■'■■-:::. ,$G 25
B & K. Rolled Oats, 7- lt, suck.... 80e
Blue Ribbon Tea; -S-.ih tin..-.;•.;.„,'.$1.-SO
i/'irbiiati'ih TeiVvery fine', jifir lt>,-: 80c
Package Royal Crowu Powder, 8-lb, 20e
10- II, Best Prunes  ..........   60c
10-li, Jap Rico .'..'     EOc
10 Bar.. Soap; Elect     25c
_-)l- bar Puro. Castile Soup 25c
Windsor Halt, per sack     05e
3- i'o Corn Starch    2Ec
10-ib White. Beans  40c
Lemon Extract     10c
Vanilla Extract  10c
2 tius White Star Baking Powder   25c.
21 bars Royal Crown Soap  $1 00
'.   1 - lb packages of Pearline     25e
Ginned Peel,  2-lb.... ;     25c
Mnil Orders Promptly Pilled.
FURNITURE at prices uulieard
of before.
5. T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris atreet
Telephone 12G0
*mmmaBiammxauWDlzaammtVm.mirm.m- «r _r_,'M*_7-.*y|J_J___i__D_^tpi'l
Subscribe to
r.iJ.OQ a yeur, <less tliau 2c a copy).
Motor ft months.
■icBp for 8 mouths.   Single copy Ce.
RO  IT   N O W !-l'atrouiso tho
l-oeal Paper.
. P5=
Junction ol Westminster road and We.Imin-
r^r avenue. BKUVIOKS at II a. in.,
1 .nd 7;..l)p. m.; Sunday School at 2: .0 p.m.
■Her. A. IV. \IeI_eoiI, Pastor. Re.ld'.icc 4«i
. ,>l-:..i Hvciiiic,.«_i. '
Corner ol _4tnt    and Westminster arenucs.
, ..«HVlc:KH at  11a.m.,  and   7p. m.; Hundav
'.-■lir.ol una mi,io I'ln     _::io p.,n.   nev. A. j£
' »Mlhi,'riii)iliin. n. A., B. T)., Pastor.
ParsnuaKP r... Eleventh avenue, wesl. Tela-
j ifllODe DIM*.
turner Ninth avenue and Qiichen sfrct
1 -M-HVU'EK al I] a.m..and 7::in|, m.; Hntirin.
r.j'kooi at-iMp.ra. itov. ie.. a un.on.,-.....
• .aster. ._hii.ii corner nl Eighth avenue and
(r,l.ilarln street.   Tel. loilfi.
ST MlcnAKi. s, (Anglionn).
■ Ooraer Wu-tndua'tgi road ami PrinceKdwani,
•ret". Hl_lvVHI__S ul 11 a. m,, iinil7:.'|il p.mi,
;'.»•>!>■ ';riminiii:li'il l»t ini'l lid Sundays In each
, ,10erHlii.--'r morning prayer, Ud and 4th nun
I •.>»» ill ««, Hi. rUllliUi. School nt 2; 311 p.m.
\&«y..ti. II   WILion, Itectur.
L.T.I.'iy .72 Iiii: iciulli avenue, east. Tele-
, i*«lle 1117.9.
'...ilvwit Olirlatlan church (Il<it7t_i day Ad-
, ..Mitlsts) corner Ninth avenue and Wcstmlu
rxCr Wad. Services 11 a. m., aud 7:110 p.m.,
. ..uri'lay Ki-.mol at 10 a.m. Voung peoples'
.. • o.-iotj'ol l.i.yal Workers of Christian Knden-
; .1. Treed* every Sqndiiy evening atf>:1fio'clock.
, ''iiiyor-jneelllig Wortne. .lay nigJitsatSo'cliick.
The funeral of Margaret Wlllena, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
McKay, took place on Monday afternoon from the family residence, Heather and Eighth Avenue, Rev. R. J. WU-
son officiating. The sorrowing parents have the heartfelt sympathy 01' a
wide circle of friends in their sudden
bereavement. Floral tributes from the
following friends were Bent:
R. Mills and family, Mr. and Mrs M.
KcQuarrie, Mr. and Mrs. I. AV. Mills,
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Mackay, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Swell,
Mr. and Mrs. Harling, Mr. and Mrs.
Handle, Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Murrinton, Mr. and
Mrs. Skinner, Mr. and Mrs. Dan McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. W. Donahue, Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. Beatfie, Mr. and Mrs. J.
J. G. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs- Jas.
Findlay, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Hogg, Mr. and Mrs. W. B-
Blind, Mr. and Mrs. Pender, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Chas
Hummel, Mr and Mrs. Dalron, Mr. and
M-.s. Green, Mr. and Mrs. Hatch, Dr.
and Mrs. McGuire, Ladies' Aid of
Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church,
Y.P.S-C.E., I. O.O.F., No. 10, Mr. and
Mrs. EJdridge, Mr. and Mrs. W. Burns,
Mrs. II. W. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Mouatt, Mrs. Mc'Kenzle, Miss J. Gow-
die, Miss Tillte Baxter, Misse. Birmlng-
hem, Violet and Gladstone Mills, Mr.
Melville Jewell.
Mt. Pleasant
Meat Market
Iill Westminster Ave., Cor. 7th.
All kinds of
always 011 hand.
Your patronage is
respectsully solicited.
6 Prompt Delivery.
8   Kenneth Sweet, Prop.
* r$ t??3 A} '^^fyiSje
Strawberries loo
Raspberries 15c
Blaekberrios 15c,
2- lb tin Pork & Beans.. 10c
Coru, y tins 25c
Raisins, 8 packages.... 25c
Macaroni, per package, 10c
Vcrmacelli  IOo
Flour—$1.50 __ $1.60 per sack.
SOAPS.—6 bars Royal Crown Soap 2iic.
6 " Sautu Clnus Sonp 25c.
a   "   Slagioaf "    25c.
SCRUBS of ell kinds,
Bread and Pastry.
The funeral of the kite George Clnrtell
took place on Thursday afternoon from
the family resideuee ou the North Arm
road, South Vancouver, (o the l'.ugliiili
Church (North Arm road), tho Rev.
(J. H. Wilsou of St. Michael's Churoh
officiating. The attendance of friends
was large and tho floral tribntca numerous. Tho interment look placo at
.Mountain View Cemetery, the funeral
aiTsngemontb being in charge of Arm-
tsfroug ifc Edwards.
Tho Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" ou sale
at n!J the Newsdealers in the city
Before starting on  a .hopping tonr,
look over   the iwlvcrti..cuienls   iu  the
If you knoiv of any local nov.a item of
interest such _is pc*ties, dances, socials,
arrival and doporturo of visitors, society
meetings, elc. send it in to Tek
Advocatk or by telephone B1405.
Mt. Pleasant Mall, (Postoffice.)
Leaves at (I a.m., 11 n 111., & n:80 p.m
Arrives at II a. m., and 8 p. m..
You can't mako sweet butter In a foul
churn. Evorv farmer'! wife knows this.
Your stomach churns und digests the
fool jou eat, and If foul, torpid or out of
order, your whole svsteni suiTors from
blood poisoning. You will lin.0 foul
breath, coated tongue, bad taste, |>oor
appetite and a whole train ol disagree-
Solo svinptoin.s. Dr. I'lorce's litildon
ledlcul Discovery, which II not a bever-
ago composed of whisky or alcohol, being
entirely free fioni Intoxicants, Is a ureal
ragiilutor nnd Invlgorator of tho Stom-
acn, Liver ana Bowols,
■ About a ynr,r ado 1 wnsllliTllli IiIihii] iiol-
fonlng," wrll.ia Ml..:* Evullnu Louis, of 80
Waltor Btreet, Hul.alo. N. Y. "1 had what
Seemed to lie a small cold mire on my II11. lt
became very ansriw In SppOsrancs and lingau
to iprosd uu til It nearly covered my f aco. t
was a (rightful nli:ht and could not i:u unt-
0lde the liouso because of my anpeariince. I
used a Lilood medicine which did nol give
nm any relief, Then I Dossil 10 take .vour
'Ooldcn Medical Discovery.' I was greatly
henetltod Willi Iho llrst bottle nml alter taking the si'i'ond botilo was completelyeurod,
Tho eryslpolstoos orupilon ill-inniieiircd and
my blood was cleanwul. My cnmiili'xloii la
clear and fresh ami I havo fell lienor thl*
year than I did for mini, time before. Dr.
1'tereo'j Golden Medlcnl Discovery la certainly a most ruinai'lcilili! mi'illclne."
Don't accept a substitute fur u medicine
which performs such euros unil which has
a uniformly successful record of nearly
forty yours to Its credit. It's an insult to
your intelligence for a dealer to try by
over-persuasion to palm ofl upon you in
Its stead some Inferior article with no
record to buck It up. You know what
you want; It is his buslnoss to moot that
•"s****! nnn 0,vnN wav, m conio of
O^-Uji-UU Thn PooplK's Conimon Senso
Medical Advisor, a liisilt tbnt sold tn (be extent of oOO.ckki cmilos a fi'w
years nun. at fl.&o per copy,
Last year wo gavo awuy
(30,din wnilli of .huso Invaluable books, 'I'lils ,m;ii- wo shall
Slvo away fc'm.Hs) worlb of
them. Will y«« sliuce In thla
lienollt'. If ao. simil only 31
one-cent slamiis to cover cost
of mslllflf only for booli In
sttffpspor covers, or 80 stamps
for cinlli-lHiiliid.   Address Dr.
K. V. Pierce, llufl'alu. N. Y.
Constipation although a little ill, ho
Eels big inns If neglected, Dr. I'lorceV
pellets cures constipation.
Ring it 'phone 443. Mt. Pleasant
in ntlrnctive designs at prices
less than down-town stores
cnn give you.
We W. Merklev
Westminster Avenne,   Mt. Pleasnnt.
Walm IMbs
15,000 *-p.UBEROUS. T h e largest
Good R ami best assoi'l.ment. this
Strong. side of tho Old Country.
Prices *4 00 to fBO.OO per 10l).
Also PiritENNIAia and Annual Plants.
Thousands of them on hand. Prices
Mail Orders promptly attended to,
Sntisfnoriou guaranteed. Price List
Not.:—Street Cars pass my place.
■n'i.i.ki'.IvT: Onr. Wi'stmiuster,. 15th aves.
Correct Er^is..,
A  Monthly  Magazine  Devpted to tho
Use of English'
Interesting. Instructive,
Oourse in English I'm- the liegluner,
Courso in  English for  the  Advance
How to Increase One's Vocabulary.
Th" Art of Oon versa tiou.
Should and Wonld: How toUscThoni
1'ronnneintioii,(dutuiiry Dictionary.)
Correct Euglish iu ihe Homo.
Correct English in Ibe School,
Whnl to !'i:iy and "iVlml Not so Say.
Btniuepg Entflish for the Business Man
< 'oinponnd Words:How toWritoThem
Stiidii-s in Enirllhh l.lturatnre. ^
ol 00 11 your.    Send lOei'oi'SnnipleCopy.
OORRKOT Enui.ish,Evunston.Ill .U.S.A.
is only |1.00 it year,
BOo I'or ii mouth's,
2,"ic for.') months.
If you miss Trm ADVOCATE you miss
Ihu l'ltwl news.
"The Advocate" wishes any carolessi
lu'sn in delivery reported to the Office;
tcli'iihiilie 111 lOii.
By the time warm weather Is really
here, the embroidered Swiss will be well
known style. ' •
The greatest charm about the design
is that they are simple enough for even
the woman who knows nothing of embroidery. Already one sweet-girl-graduate-to-be Is at work upon her white
gown for June. She says, "I never
much as sewed on a shoe button for
myself—everybody knows Mamma
spoils me—but the dots make this work
so easy that I can't help_ doing It
Her gown is made of heavily
doited fabric upon which all
the work ls done. Tbe dots
are three-eighths of an Inch In diame
ter, the largest size ln fashion fpr dress
materia). "I really wanted a larger
dot tp make the work easier still, but
I knew I'd look as lf I were wearing
window curtains," she says. From this
slue the fashionable dots range all the
way down to the pln-hcad size.
The best quality, of which the graduation gown is being made, can be
bought for sixty-nine cents a yard.
Muslins with a flat dot cost only twenty-five cents »and are equally wide
(about thirty Inches) but the embroi
dtry is much handsomer when It has
the raised dot as a basis; a dozen
skeins of which can be bought for U
cents, ls used—it ls showy and Involves
much less work than the fine pllks
When you buy the silk, take a bit of
the muslin along to match by, for there
are as many whites as there are reds
or blues.
The gown Is made with a deep yoke
of plain muslin; eight bands of thj
daisy-embroidered Swiss start at the
neck and extend to the lower edge of
the yoke. The low collar, attached to
the gown, is a band of the same; so arc
the wrist bands which finish a deep
cuff. A similar band circles the 3kirt
near the knees, heading the pleats
which fall below.
From tbe white dot whleh forms the
centre of the flower the petals radiate,
each one consisting of a single chain
sllch about half an Inch long. When
closing the stitch, be sure to pass your
thread under the finished petal to the
centre instead of going directly to the
starting-point of the next petal, other
wise your silk will show through the
thin goods.
One skein of silk Is sufficient for collar and wristbands; allow half a dozen
if you are trimming the yoke besides:
about four more for one band at the
Your own Ingenuity will suggest dozens of variations for Ibis design. Filling the rfaisy centre with French knots
gres_ffy enhances Its beauty. The flowers may be made all whle; with white
petals and yellow centres; with yellow
petals and black centres in Imitation of
biack-eyed Susans; or ln any of the
new shades of blue, green, lavender,
pink or burnt scarlet. A stunning
costume Is embroidered ln daisies
whose petals are of shaded plnk-to-red
silk, the centres cf apple-green S'ranch
kr.ots- The parasol ls made of the
same Swiss over white silk and embroidered to match; the whole costume,
garnished with corresponding shaded
red and apple green ribbons and girdle.
In choosing colors, bear ln mind that
the pink shades are likely to survive
laundering better than blue, and blue
better than red. Black washes well
and the tiny daisies ln black are ex
ceedingly good style for a middle-aged
woman or for one In second mourn.
ing. Whatever articles you possess
that are embroider .4 ln mercerized
cotton, you should either wash yourself
or entrust to a first-class laundress,
who will know enough to Iroii the embroidered portion dry as soon as it is
wrung out. Guarantee labels attached
to the skeins of cotton are of little
value—the makers of the floss can never restore your, streaked waist,
Charming effects can be produced by
satjn stitch placed upon dots as a basis. All the trouble of padding is done
away with; the dots' themselves sarve
as padding and your task is simply to
cover them with a contrasting color
Bands in the diagonal effect are effective; all sorts of combinations will be
suggested as you work. This is anoth
er design suited to the front of a shirt
waist; you may alternate pink and
black dots, alternate turquoise and
black, all scarlet, and so on. It will
save you the trouble of experimenting
If you will bear In mind that the stitch
must be taken Iu the opposite direction
from that In which the stitch of th
factory-made dot Itself runs; otherwise
yeur thread will sink Into the padding.
Either mercerized cotton or silk may be
Countless patterns can be carried
out. For instance, consider the dots
as points of a diamond and outline the
diamond with feather-stitching, or
place a little circle of the stitching in
the centre of the diamond.
A combination of feather-stitch and
cross-stitch Is shown. Begin at the top
of the band to be embroidered, work
downward in zigzags, stopping at each
"station" along the way to put in a
large cross-stitch from edge to edge of
the dot. Starting again at the top,
put ln zigzags which complete the diamonds.
The best dressed women are wearing
the round boa and ruffle in preference
to the flat stole, although there are
still many examples of the latter to
choose from. It does not seem as lf
these will affect the popularity of the
embroidered chiffon scarf for evening
wear, which ls such a pretty and useful
accessory.   The long boas of accordlon-
pleated shaded chiffon are really most
effective, while SQme of the specimens
of thick ostrich feather of long fibre
are perfectly magnificent.
For young girls I think these are the
prettiest costumes Imaginable. The
new tailor gowns are noticeable for the
Invariable preference given to the bolero; never before has this pleasing little
companion of our toilettes been so popular. The bolero has a personality of
Its own, and, I think, will never quite
disappear from our wardrobes. At the
Concours Hlpplque the newest boleros
were cut very loose ln the back, forming almost a -sac coat, but shorter ln
the centre than fct^ the sides, whence
the movement takes a distinct down
ward line. In almost all cases a narrow
gilet ls visible, generally simulated, in
either satin or embroidered cloth. A
touch of bright color on black is almost
invariably used, and cerise Is much In
favor with black, grey and blege. The
shepherd's plaid costumes seem always
fashionable, and a favorite note here ls
green velvet, employed as 'Collar and
repeated ln a narrow line down the
fronts of the coat. Small flat buttons
are also much used as trimming, generally arranged tn groups on either
side of the gllet. Sleeves are very
simple In all coats and Jackets, except
for evening mantles, when the trimming
is elaborate and the lining Invariably
of the fussiest description, volants fall-
Ing over the hand being de regueur.
Mortgage Sale
—has really been phenomenal. It has boon the njost notable success
iu tbe history of Sales in Vancouver. The reason—and the only
season—why the interest has beou sustained up to a fever point for
so many days, is because of the actual values throughout the storo.
Striped aud Figured Mohairs; regular 80e, sale price 40c.
Voiles iu brown, blue, black, cardinal, sky blue; rc^. SOc for 50c.
Ladies' White Drawers with embroidery and fucks;reg. 75c for OOo.
Ladies' White Drawers with embroidery and tucks: reg. $1.85 for 90c
Ladies' White Nightgowns, neatly tucked and trimmed with tin.
broidery; reg. $3 for $1.00.
303 Hastings Street.
We take pride in our Butter Department, aud by careful watchiug try to keep nothing but  the best.
The steady increase of our sales shoiw that our efforts
are appreciated.    Per pound 25c, 30c & 35c  $a
Andrews Bros
2315 Westminster Ave.
' Phone 93S.
Argyle House
Tho Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. 0.
We always have
for  your inspection and
purchase, by which you can save money.
Manufacturers' Samples in Ladies' Wrappers
at the usual big discount.
LADIES' WRAPPERS worth *t.00 for       76c eaoh
" "       fl.25   " 90c "
•I " "       $1.75   " $1.28 "
i' » '<       $3.00   " $1.50 "
■' " "       $2.B0   " $1.75 "
INFANT'S   BIBS,   worth   15c for 10c each
" "       20c " 15c "
" " "       25c " 20c "
!)5c " 25c "
„ •■ "       60c " 40c "
Children's Straw Sailor Hats 20c & 25c each.
J. Horner,
4O0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
for Sate & Rent.
List your property for Rout or Sale
with The Advocate Real Estate Co.
Ninth Avknui.—
Pull sized lot, 1! roomed cottage; ensh
$778, on time $850,
Pull sized lot, 8-roomcil house, hot
aud cold water, electric wired; oasll
$1 760, 011 time $1,850.
Full sized lot, 7-roomed house; cash
$1 275, ou time $1 375.
Two lots, two blocks from Westmiuster avenue; cash $725, uu lime "si<60.
Two-storey buildiug (routed) in business p.irt of Mt. Pleasant, on full sized
lot; price if2.075.
1-lotand-lialf Eighth nveuue, corner,
cleared; prico $800.
Lot on Ontario St %  350
Lot on Lansdowne Ave. (cleared)..    6QJ
Two lots, Columbia St., very cheap    275
Lots, 2E0 ft., Ash St 1,200
One block, graded, Ash St	
One block, graded, Manitoba St..
Carolina St., 33 feet, 2 lots      500
Alberta St. lots     350
Yukon St. lot     350
Ninth Ave 1,250
Lorne St., 6 rooms, 2-storey house,
new 1,276
Fifth Aye., 7 rooms, bath, furnace,
s'.ouu fonndalioii,  new 2,450
Sixth Ave., 6 rooms, hot and cold
water 1,2,10
Sixth  Ave. West, 5 rooms, cottage,
bath, etc 1,350
Scott St., 7 rooms, 3 lots, cleared,
graded and fenced 1,750
House,  Sixth Ave., ti rooms   and
bath 1,350
House, Sixth Ave., 6 rooms 1,250
House, Sixth Ave., fi rooms 1,300
Cottage, Sixth Ave 1,350
Lots,   Eleventh Ave.,  $300 to..   ..     350
Two lots Eleventh Ave , 35 feet, for
the two     560
Two lots, 33 feet     375
Two lots, Scott St., 33 feet     550
Two lots, Carolina St., 33 feet..  ..    400
Two lots, Eighth Ave      350
One block, near school house:
Three lots, Ninth Ave 1,350.
Lot on Manitoba, facing city..   ..    400
Lot, Fifth Ave     400
Lot on Fifth Ave     400
Lot on Manitoba St     350
Lot on Lansdowne St     000
Lot on Eighth Ave     400
Thirteenth Ave., 8 rooms, bath, etc.,
terms J.100
House, St. George St., 7 rooms.. .. 1,550
Three houses on one lot, Lome,. .. 2,700
Quebec St., house , 1,960
Quebec St.,  house l,10tt
House, 3 rooms     500
House, 7 rooms, Eleventh Ave..  .. 2,000
"^-Which Meet on m. Pleasant
l. o. o. f!
Mt. PleaRRnt Lodge No. Ill meets every
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , iu Oddfellows Half
Archer Block, Mt. Plensnnt.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
Noble Giiand—Hugh Walker.
Ri-oott-iiNii Secretauy—Frank
Triuible.cor. Ninth avo. & Wostmin'r rd.
See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and lth Mondays of tho month
Court Vancouver, I. O. V., meets nt
8 p m.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodgo No. 19,  I.O.O.F.
moots at 8 p. m.
Vancouver  Council   No.  21 In,   Canadian Order of Ohosen Friends meets
the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
Aloxaudrii Hive No 7, Ladies of the
Mncauboes holds its regular meetings on
tho 1st, and 3d Fridnys of tho mouth
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4tb
Moud'iys of eiicli month at 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always wolcome.
Chief Ranolu—J. B. Abernethy.
Recoiidinh Secketaky—J. Hansen,
12 Bevonth nveuue, west,
Financial Si.n;i.TAj<Y.-M. J. Orehnn,
 114 Prliicmis slreet. City.  Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Review 1st and 3d Fridnys of ouch
month in I. O. O. P., Hall corner .Vert-
minster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Lndies always welcome.        ""
Lndy Commander— Mrs. F, L. Budlong/
1K6 Eleventh nveuue, \.e*t.
Lady Record Keeper—Mjs. J. Mi.rtlu,
Ninth avenuo.
Vancouver Council, No. 21 la, meets
every 2<| ami 4th Thursdays -of each
month, iu I O. O. F., Hall, corner
Saveulh nnd Westminster avenues.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers,  Recorder,
2228 Westminster avenue.  Tel. 7illl.
E. _ J. HARDV & CO.
Coji'pany,   Financial.  Press nud
Adveb. minus' Aoehts;
30 Fleet St., Loudon,  E. C,  England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Jack's sl,avi"«Parl„,
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow Honse
John Gilknan,  Proprietor,
Three Chains, and a Ursl-closs Bath
Room is run in connection with  the
Barber Shop—givo this place a trial.
Jas, Carnahan.
Oritur!1 promptly intended  lo,  rt!_;lit   or
*l>> y -  charge, fnodorste.
Olllce : 37 Hustings street, west,
Telephone Number 479,
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyonn ncntllng a iketS- nnd description rasr
qiilelily leii'i'iiiiin our opinion free wfiother l
Invention la prounlily iiatiiutahlo.   Communion.
Limit, _fi lolly roiitlitniittiil. Hufidliookon rAUtKJI
I'utonlti taken turimuh Munn A l'u. receive
. ;><. i.i! niltlc., v.il tieiit. clinr.o, In llie
</ty.-.-»i..-.v>  -r911.vns.Mlle
A tH'.i.idMfiicly* jlliis-i nil ■ "I w"?.»...v. I./irifOtt rlr-
nil.ti nm nt nny •■■■li'iu llie Journal. T.-rm... $3 *,
v.'ir: f.mr munilm, }1.  Sola bya.l no wild Oft I era,        <|
Tfi'ir. four mputlii
fafjfi Co,
3GI Broadway,
In■i.neli Olllce. Ot K St., Wiu.l-itton, D.
Tmc Advocate is tho best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Toi. B1405
, '*-*W^%%'%^^^%^%'%%^%%%
EFectric Light
Along InterurbanfRy- Line
The Electric Lighting Line has now been
extended from Gladstone Station to Burnaby
Power House.
Any residents wishing to install the light
will please make application to the Lighting
Department, where further information will
be cheerfully given.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company. Ltd.


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