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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Apr 14, 1906

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l-tb Reduced from 75c to OOc
%-%      '".-.,      "     50c to 30c
—A Fresh Supply Just Received.—
fl. A. W. Co. Ltd., Mt. PLEASANT BRANCH
Free Delivery to any part of the city.   'Phone 790.
l/t) /-
Devoted to tht interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy se, Three months 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
*§ . APR V. KWf
Always Something
to interest you every week iu THE ADVOCATE
among tho Local Items, Miscclbmeous Items,
Woman'sRealm, or the Continued Story.   The
^-^-s^Advei-tisoment.s will keep ; mi po-tcd  on  where
IS^i?(i for bargains in all 1;,   .-.
;Tliis Buoscripl ion price is wit ."1 th-i r- hcIi ttf all
''jJclVcred anywhere in tbo City, the Dominion.
jjSo thntod .Sinics or Grout Britinu for *.! a year
-8TABLISRED APRIL 8'fH,  1899.     WHOLE NO.  870.
.• Mr. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.   0., Saturday, April 14, 1906.
:i_wi3iGtlk.T->VoLr''Ts, No. 2.
___. __	
I oca I Items.
t'_u. McOuaig Anction and Commissi". Oe., I ltd-, next to Oarneige Library,
'"Tnqtiiurs street, buy Furniture for Cosh,
fJopdunf- Auction Sales aud handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
Aattsfoctlon|gnaranteed.   Phoue 1070.
Enster  Sunday    tomorrow.   Special
services, music and Eastor floral decora >
tlons in all tlie lo.ul chnrchos.
The Annual Vestry Meeting of St
Michael's Church will be held on Mouday evening,   April   10th,  nt   8  p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Lee have moved
to coruer of Ninth aveuue nud Manitoba
■fcreet. Mrs. Lee will uot receive until
tho 8d Wednesday in Mny.
Mrs Wm. Rntherfoid aud her son
Mr. W. A. Rutherford, recently arrived
from Torouto, nro at present staying
with Mrs. Rutherford's sister 'Mrs.
J. O. Tarnbnll, Seventh aveuue, west.
Mr Rutherford hus entered into partnership with Mr. P. G. Drost in the
Real Estate business. Although Mrs
Rutherford is getting up iu yours she
stood the trans-continental journey
A fresh snpply of Steele Bri; gs nnd
Ferry's Seeds just opeued up nt the
M. A. W. Drug Store.
J*aug & Cluyton, tlio Mt. Pleasnut
Electricians, havo moved into their new
'promise11 2—2 Westmiuster avenue.
They hnve a complete line of Electrical .jLTi-i.ii.s, Fixtures nud Glassware,
many of wbicli although elaborate iu
design aud linish, tire well within the
ivneli ni oven tho smallest purse As
Oliening feature, they will sell nt re-
Htai'lrtjMy low prices, sp-c.iul linos in
s-ilHtrnvyiiro on SATURDAY 14th.
There promisee to bo n delightful
Masquerade Ball in O'Brien's Hall on
Thursday eveuiug uext the 19th. It
will be under the auspices of the Mt.
Pleasant Terpsic.horeaii Club—a new
.club. Tilere will be prizes fo • the Waltz
ami Twosri'i'. Lent's over r.nd the time
short before warm weather puts a stop
M (lancing so this festive dance should
draw n lnrgo attendance, (loot! music
aud reasonable ndmissiou charge
Gentlemen $1,Ladies 26e,Spectotors 25c.
Don't forget tlio Mt. Pleasant Maple
Leaf Lacrosse. Club dance in Oddfellows'
Hnll ou Mouday evening. Help the
('ltib nlong uml enjoy yourself v.t the
same time. Mt. 'Plensaut Lndies- ore
asked to send refreshment* to the Hall
on Monday—the Indies will undoubted-
ly resjiond to the request of onr loo,.]
There will bo a meeting in Mason's
Hull ou Thnrsday evening uext to complete the organization of a Senior
Lacrosse team.
The Stridor Shoes for Men nro pronounced in style, rare in quality nnd
snperior in workmanship.. Thoroughly
reliable nntl contains all that, rnvbodv
can give for $5 00.—R. MILLS, 119
Hastings street, west.
 :o: *	
Easter Sorvicos will be held, (lowers,
music aud sermons will bo symbolical
of the Resurrection.
Tbo pastor, Rov. Herbert W Piercy,
will preach morning and evening nu
Suuday. Moruiug subject: ''They
Made the Sepulchre Suro, Scaling the
Stono." Evening subject: "God Will
Also Raise Up Us by His Own Power."
Believers' Baptism will bo ndminis
terod at the closo of the evening service.
Young Men's Bible Cluss nud Sunday
School il-.kO p. ui
Grass  Seed—the finest yet—80e
pound, ut tho M. A. W. Drug Storo,
Dentistry as we practice it is a serious profession,
involving education, carefulness and skill. Therefore we can not compete iu prices with the ignorant, tbe careless or the unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that wo charge less than half as mnch as
most privato praotioncrs.
But yon nsk, Is the work ns good? We reply, it
is better Indeed, no dentist who tries tn practice all the different
branches of dentistry cnn achieve such magnificent results as wo do
with our corps of skilled specialists
are now LOCATED in
 their now and more commodious promisos
throe doors#south of their Old Stand. .    .
While thanking their Customers for past patronage, they hope with
their Increased Stock and accoinmndut ion to secure a still larger
share of same.
r*$Sr) fcW
IF   YOU    ARE   IN
Thero was a large aud appreciative
,«iudion"« nt the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church on Wednesday evening
to hoar tho Chnir givo Farmor's Cantata
"Christ and His Soldiers." Tho solos,
quartots and choruses arc tuneful and
harmonious combinations. It is uu
easy composition for the average indi
vlduul to follow throughout, uud that is
a treat in itself. The teuor solos by Mr.
H. J. Cuvu were fine throughout uud iu
the rendering of "The Sou of Mnn
Goes Forth to War," ho wassplondid
Miss M. Ross rendered tho soprano
solos with sweetness of tone and iu
''Hark a Thrilling Voice" her voico wns
beautiful in its expression uud range.
Mrs. Warn, the alto i.oloiBt, was in her
usual tiuo voice nnd her rendition of
"By Jesus' Grave," was giveu with
exquisite effect. Mr. Kendall, bass
soloist, was not in as good voice as
usual until toward tlie cud of the
cantata, wheu in the solo part with the
chorus in "Oft in Danger" he Was
good, fhe choruses were well sung
throughout nnd especially whs the
rendering Of "III tho Fiolds" und
"0ft in Danger"   given  lu  _uo stylo,
Changes for advertisements should bo
lu before Thursday noon to insure their
147 Hastings St.  Telephone 1506.
Branoh Offico: coruer Abbott aud Hastiugs streets. Tel. 2022.
Office Hours: 8 a.*m., to 9 p.m.;   Sundays 9 a.m.,   to 3 p.m.
Conservative Club.
WARD V. Committee Rooms—S. Mo-
Cluy's Office, juuetion of Westmiu-
road and aveuuo. Meeting of Workors
every Monday evening,
Mr J. B. Aberuethy is around again
after histecent illness.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W D. Muir are expected homo from California l _ ubout two
The work is rapidly progressing ou
the store to bo built for A. H. Hatch ou
Ninth avenne.
Posttnaster nud Mrs. Jo.inthsn Miller
returned this week from several mouths
absence travelling through the South
uud East.
——:o: r-r—
Mr. and Mrs! W. J. Annand will soou
move to their new home ou,Seveuth
nveuue, which has just recently been
The King's Market telephone number
is 280ti.
Mr. uud Mrs. Geo. Davidson nnd
family of Bnindou, Man., ure the guests
of Mr ami Mrs. Reid, Eighth avenue,
west. They will make their homo iu
Geo. H. Hnlse, Manager of the Great
West Life, ha. n circular for Homo
Builder of pnrticulur interest Rend
t li c i.dvortisen.etit in today's
"Advocate.''.'     .   •      ••'-' "'
The (Jills t'uild of St. Miolnicl's
Church will hold u Sale of Work on
Wednesday evening April 2*jIIi. iu Iho
church rooivs. Refreshments will be
served, nnd ull ure cordially welcome.
pound,  2— II,h for
the Mt. Pleasant Drug Store
finest  yet;  15c per
uo,   10c packnge;ut
._ Attention is called to W. J. Auuend's
advertisement in this paper. New
bicycles, latest models, nud the cash
ofTer Mr. Annand cau givo buyers is
astouishing for such high-grade wheels,
It yon miss Thk
the local uews.
Advocate you miss
The Chiincel at St. Michael's Church
will be decorated for Easter Sunday, the
music mid services will be spec.iul.
Holy Coniinoiiiou nt 8 unil lla.m
Services ut 11 n. m., and 7:110 p. tn.
Children's Service nt 8 p. in.
Vnncouvor Council Nu. 21 tit, Can-
ndinn Order of Chosen Friends held one
of their delightful social evenings after
the regular business meeting ou Thursday evening iu their lodgo rooms
Refreshments were served b.v the ladies.
Daueiug and games were tho amusements of tho evening.
Mt. Pleasant liall,(Postoffice.)
Mnil arrivos dally at 10:80 a. m., and
3:80 p. m.
Moil leaves the Postoffice ut 7 and 11
a. in., und 1:30 and 5:80 p. m.
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital W.0W.M0.    »|»_*vi.t>.«r».00_
A General Banking isusiues*
Savings Bonk Deportment
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Sub-Manager.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris have movrd
from Tenth avenue, to thoir own home
ou Dufferin street.
Miss Ethel Gilroy, a graduate of the
Winnipeg General Hospital, is the guest
of Mrs F. C. Grantham, 3160 Victoria
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertismeiit on
4th page, of special interest to women.
Mr. Wesley Bowuiou, brother of Mr.
M. K. Bowmou, arrived from Ontario
ou Suuday nud will reside in Vancouver.
At. present be is making his home with
Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Bowman, 00 Fifth
avonue. t
• Mr. J. W. Morrison of -Minneapolis,
Minnesota, is pn u visit to Vancouver,
with a view to locating here with his
family. At present he is with the
Solon Veudophoue Company of Minneapolis, bottlers of tho famous Solon
Spring Wnter.
Before starting on a shoppiug tour,
look over the advertisements in the
Good Butter
i4*=Lb. Boxes $4.00
Pure Honev 5-Lb. Palls, 35c
Eastern Maple Syrup 33c Qt-
H. O. Lee,
Westminster  Ave.
'Phone  322   ...
King's fleat flarket
R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.    $
Wholesale and Retail ii
Dealers in all kiuds of Fit—to and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always > i
ou hand.    Orders solicited from nil parts of Mount Pleasnnt uud Fairview. •''
j, Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry in season. i!
$ Tel. 2!)06. 1
is it a Matter of Business
WITH VOW I hat every dollur you expend for the GROCERIES you use.
should procure the most nnd the bast that the market affords?
We arc in a positiou to bny in quantities thnt ensure tho lowest prices.   We
can then turn round nud sell at tli" lowest prices.
F&r Saturday   Selling wc have a few particularly good thing*
A limited quantity ot Good Quality Creamery Butter at 25c Ik
Fine Large Bulimias, in prime condition, 20c dozen.
Schilling's Baking Powder, a woll-kno.vn article of superior quality, '2% tb ting
reduced to $1.00 ench and 5- II, tins for $1.75, regular $2 2d.
Pickles, pint bottles, regular 36o quality for 20c..
Delivery to Mt.- Pletuant each day at 2:30 p. in.
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd-
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 286.
Westmtnstor Avo. A Princess Stroot.
Don't get the wrong idea!
Because a man deals exclusively in Teas and Coffee that therefore
he mnst of course sell cheaper and givo bettor value than a man
who combines Teas and Coffee with other lines.—
To prove this Try a Sample order of our Teas, and Coffee apd yon
will be convinced that the best value is right _»RJ5 ot your door.
THIS  WEEK.—Another Shipment of  that Choice Dairy Butter,
 at 2nc por ponud.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   lit. Pleasant?
Telephone   ll_(.0.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Sule at nil first-class Snloous, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to vour house.
___ g i_—aa n mc
to  take  a  Spring   Medicine that will make "
you feel "Fine and Dandy."
■»       I    AAA/   THE DRUGGIST,
•     • -  ' ■:-,-L_/\VV:j "Wants to See YOU.
The very latest styles in Canadian
nud American makes nnd designs in
Winter Shoes for Men, Women and
children at R. MILLS, the Sboeman,
Mil Hastings stroots, west.
The Lndies of Loynl Alexandra Lodge,
I. O. O. F., M. U., will hold ti Grand
Apron, Necktie Socinl and Dance In
O'Brien's Hull on Friday ovening April
27th. Tickots 50c. Graud Parade at
8:40; Horpur's Orchestra; Refreshments.
——— :et	
Mr. aud Mrs. W. H. Bonnett, and
tho Misses Edith and Ida Bennett, aro
reeeut arrivals from Btiissevain, Man ,
and will make their home in Vnncouver.
They hnvo secured a houso on Thirteenth uveune, between Quebec and
Ontario streets.
Mr. G. F. Clark   left   this   week   for
Clark's Crossing, Saskatchewan.
Mr. Y. Wilson, with F. R. Stewart <fc
Co., has moved to No. !i0 Teuth aveuue.
Fine line of New Wheels just io.   Anyone prepared to pay Cash can
get Rook-bottom Prices ou tho best Bicycles made.
W. J. Annand,
W8 Hastings street, east.
Telephono 1285.
BAY" Bicycle and Antomobile
Repairing iu all its liruuchRS,
Neatly and Promptly done.
00000*000**0000000000000***0*00000******00000000000* ,
ft/ay Subscribers     are
report any carelessness i
of "The Advocate."
requested    to
the delivery
tosm %/*A U-tV*/*, '*VWt^-**v *{_/_--W_*fe-'». -**_/**-s-**_._ -TAt WV&**St/*A*AS*>
_^eLsatinst Muslin Blouse
Blouses, uiade of tine white lawn, box-ploatod autl pin tucked, cufi's
and collar pin tucked ; sale prioe $1.25.
Blouses, made of hue lawn, front pin tucked aud embroidi iv .insertioned, deep cuff tucked back und collar (naked : snle'pric'e Jil.2.">.
Blouse, made of f.incv light grey wmi^afl, «fuck<-tl  bnck and front
and trimmed with straps of self and uHtons; sale price -1 SB
Blonses, made of plain linen,  faucy embroidered  fl'out; collar nnd
cull's embroidered; sale price $8.25,
A. ROSS & CO.,
30,32 and 34 Cordova
Telephone 574.
»_^.-**y'i_/»/%^'"V'*.'**>"«s''v*&^»- -i!k^^^^'%.-vv*^i-k'**i-%%'*v,i^^'%/*^***s^o
Auuiversnry Services will be held in
Mt Flonsaut Methodist Church ou
Suuday, April 22d.
Mr. J. Colville, contractor, is building 3 new houses for rent or sale on
Eighth avenue uear Yukon street.
By properly adjusted glasses Dr.
Howell ut the Burnu'd Sanitarium Ltd.,
relioves eye strain which causes headache uml otlier nervous troubles
Eggs for hatching, Wiim: BoOKB.
JBost Pen *)l per IS; Second Pen IS per
15.   J. H TOOL, 169 Tenth ave , west.
Rend the New York Deutnl P.irlors
advertisement in this paper, then goto
New York Dental Parlors for your work
For Views
—of Indians.    .  -
—of tho Fnr North,
—of the Rocky Mountains,
—of Ranching,
—of Dog Trains,
—of Stanley Park,
C. W. Mathers i
I j    56s Granville street,   j
1 Telephone llfiI. 1
Mr. S. Becker nntl family of Bell-
ingbnin hnve moved to Vnncouver to
reside uud nro nt present git'.sts of
j     SOW
(Write for Catalogue)
66 Hnstiugs Street, West, VaXCOOYBB, B C
A SPECIAL OFFER, El 3 All tor 25c 1
19 I'.ickngcsef Leidini.' Vegetable! end Flowera fur'iir  -Onion.
1.0 nice, ('tn-fet Hod KKdian; jutors, Swt-ct Mignonette, I'snsy
.'(-us snd w Ud Uttrden.
ucunbor, Beet,
]■'■; inwi   sweet
No Time Like Now
No Place Like "Trorey's"
We soy I his advisedly, knowing what excellent shape our
Diamond sto"k Is in jnst now.
(lur store is a regular Dtn-
iiiond Mart—recognized as
the most important tie)—t for
precious stones West of
We   have   expert   jewellers
who can mnke you up us fine
a   ring   or    otlier   bit    of .
jewelry us your   fancy   die
Coruer Hastings and Gruuvi.lo Sts.
Official Watch Inspector O, P. R.
Wm. Ren nie Co., Ltd.
Vaucouver,   Winnipeg and Toronlo.
Mr. Williams nf Eighth  RVenno,
ner Quobeo, sold' his   residence
week and left  Monday  for
Alberta to
The new store of Lang & Clayton,
Electricians, 2-1-12 Westminster avenue,
is very attractive. Cull aud tec them
today nnd inspect their stock.
Ludies'and Children's plain sewing
neatly and well-dime, Mrs. Cullen, 2245
Westminster aveuue.
Select   Dancing
.mi b
Mm   M.   _ B ST EC R.
Member Natioiinl Association  Blasters I
of Dancing.
Adult Classes Every Friday us follows: |
Beginners Cluss from  ?:::() lo U p.
Dancing   by    Advanced    Pupils
tl to 11 p. m.
Juvenile ('lass Evory  Friday  afternoon
from -I to li o'clock.
\"anoouvrk Acadfmy: Pender Hall.
Victoria Ao_dbmt: A.O.U. W. Hall.
Telephone tlHSJ or .42807.
Boot anel Shnomuking
and F/opalring doue al
Peters' Hoot & Shoe Store
2464 Wi stinlnster avt one.
Catsup,   2 bolt les. 25c
Upton's Pickles 25c  a bottle
No. 1 Potatoes $1.25
]»'l Hiu-k.
McKinnon & Gow,
i in Ninth Avo. Opposite No :i Fire Hall
Telephone ill Jl;;
Prompt delivery.
Advertise in "The Advocate
We can save money for vou!   ;
Fancy Toilet Sets from $2 a set up.
See our Stock PATTERN DINNER WARE—we have
a large selection to choose from.
Get Our Prices
 on Enamel, Tin and Wooden ware.
Buchanan & Edwards
662 66« Granville St. 'Phone 2021.      j
i \**0000000000*000*****m***00************^««<^*+*"**
For a Game ol
Pooler Billiards
n.-Ofi in at
Mt. l~/o:!j;x.nt.
Royal Crown
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover nnd Timothy   Seeds,
I'm - Poultry uud Animal Foods.
Pratt's Lice Killer,
II illy Chick Food,  Beefseraps, Etc.
I'l.oliK uud FEED.
5     k'PITH  Corner    NINTH avenue   4
I.; 'pi enc    16*7.
the Canadian
Bank0' Commerce
I Deposits ol   Oni: ihit I.Alt  and upwards
I   received nnd iutorasl allowed thereon.
thu 13i_bT in thij Would. Drop
us a post curd unking for n
Catalcgne of Premiums to be
hud free for Royal ("iiown
Soap WiiArmts.
vANcauvcfl, B.C.
Bank  Monty  Orders   issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10a.m. lo :i p. ra
B»Tr-nnAYs: ID a in. lo 12 ni., 7 to H p.m.
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
■Hi Westminster
Ind Branch
DO IT NOW !    If nol already a Sub.
scrlber to "The Advitate" become onu
now.   Only •*! for 1;) nn'ii.tlis.. THE ADVOCATE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA,
•»-r-f+-*^++-M--*»-t-*^+*f*»^^ t M t-f *1
I Linked by Fate j
X ::
t   Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage   ;;
oi Hate/' "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid L
| For," " A Modern Juliet," Etc ;;
Continued from last week.
■ ijua.nt, Isn't It?" suid vane.
"This is called the Wizard's Itooitt.
Portrait of the wizard over fireplace,
I should soy. Looks forbidding
enough for a wizard, at any rato,"
he added, and Julian, with liis back
to the window, looked up at thu
mould-spotted lace scowling down at
"I like it," be snid.  "The room,  1
menu. It's so quaint and old-fashioned and remote.   Ah!" his luce lit up
us   if nn   idea   hud    suddenly     struck
liim.    — -
"What is ii?" Inquired Vano,
Julian turned nway.
"tih, I was only thinking  that   it
would make K good laboratory,"   he
eald, caroloSBly.
"Hy George I So it would!" assented Vane with a.laugh, "Right away
from the rest of the house—I suppose
that even the awful smells I noticed
at your place wouldn't get through
that passage und that thick oid
door? Wo could put another door, a
baize affair, warranted stink-proof,
couldn't we? See here, Julian; why
riot havo this room for vour—what
do you call it?—laboratory?"
Julian's face flushed and liis lids
"My dear Vane, you speak as if—
ns lf I were the owner, as if 1 had
the right to dispose of, to choose,
any room in Lesborough Court—"
Vane regarded him with a grave
"So you are, so you can," he said.
'•You will bo the owner—"
Julian's face grew pnlc and he
moiled a polite contradiction.
"As I told you, I shall never marry. You are the heir, tlie next earl.
See here, Julian; let us understand
each other. I want you to make the
Court your home—that is, if you
enre to do so, and while you wish to
do so. You don't imagine that I intend living here alone? No, thanks! 1
know what loneliness, solitude, ineun
•—" lie broke off suddenly. "I want
you to understand that tho Court
will be yours, and that you have as
much right to live here as, well, as I
have. Mako the room your laboratory, by all means."
"But me no buts," interrupted
Vane. "I mean It. I'vo got a trick
of saying what I mean. I—well, I'm
not the sort of man to settlo down
anywhere. I'm a restless, Wandering
Jew kind of fellow, and I shall
probably bo off on the tramp again
presently. Now, you—well, I fancy
you are quite a different sort of man;
you arc a 'Home Bird,' us the song
Bays. Fond of music and science and
all that sort of thing. C.ood! this is
evidently the place for vou."
'But—     begun  Julian  again;
.Vane made a slight gesture.
"Oh, don't think that I want to
Interfere with your independence, oi
to bo a bore and a drug on you.
Not a bit of it. You can keep up
that old place of yours by the
Thames, if you like. I should; it's a
queer, quaint old diggings; but make
tho Court your home. Now, don't
nrgue. I'm a poor hand at arguing,
and invariably lose m.v temper. You
can send for that old servant of yours
--what's her name, by the way?"
"Deborah," said Julian. His brows
were knit, and he stood with drooped
lids and tightened lips; he seemed to
be reflecting so intensely as scarcely
to bo breathing.
"Debornh; name Boems to fit her.
Well, send for her, if you like. In
fact—there! do just ns you like, and
we shall get on very well together.
Let's get out of this, shall we? If
you decido to turn tho room Into a
laboratory. It will want thoroughly
doing up—"
"Oh, no," said .* linn, , lancing
round almost lovingly. "Just clearing out and cleaning. The fireplace
would need some little alteration. An
Intelligent mason—"
Vane laughed.
"First, lind your mason," he said,
"then sound him for intelligence; result—" he shrugged his shoulders.
"We cnn get through that door into
tho stable courtyard. Why, where is
tho door leading from this room?" he
broke off to remark.
Julian looked round. "Thero docs
not appear to be a door. Perhaps it
bas been bricked up or panelled over."
"Ah, p'r'aps so," snld Vane, Indifferently, and ha led the way out by
the door at which they had entered.
"My department again," ha said
with a laugh as they entered the
nlnblcH. "But perhaps you ride as
well as you fence, Julian?"
Julian shook his head. "I'm not
much of a horseman," ho said.
"Modesty nguin!" rotorted Vane.
'"Well, you must pick your mount.
Thero used to be a fairish lot of animals— Ah, Bodson," as the coachman camo hurrying Rcross tho yard
from his cottage to receive his new
master, "how nro you? We aro Just
looking round, but in a hurried kind
of way only. Cot anything worth
looking at?"
Mr. Dodson hastened to display his
"Hem, the carriage horses are all
right; and that's a decent mare, Dodson; so'a the chestnut; and tho cob
ln tho end stall looks a nice little
lad. Tho hunters—woll, well—hcml"
"Just so, my lord," said Mr. Dodson, with respectful eagerness.
'"There's nothing here fit to carry
your lordship. Tho late earl gavo up
hunting long ago, as your lordship
"Well, keep your eyes open, and I'll
do the same, nnd wo may pick up
two or threo likely ones. Meanwhile
—chestnut, quiet?"
"Quito, my lord. I bred him myself, and broke him."
"Good; then he'll do for Mr.
Julian hero—my cousin, Mr. Julian
Shore, Dodson."
Mr. Dodson touched his cap to
Julian, who remonstrated with Vane.
"Oh, but—my dear Vanel You will
surely keep the chestnut for yourself-"
"Oh, the nrnro will do for mo!"
said Vane, carelessly. "She's a good
sort, though not so handsome, as the
"Nor so quiet, my lord; a little bit
of temper," put in Dodson.
"So I see, said Vane. "I noticed
her eyes and ears when I went up to
her Just.now, .   Cut I like, a bit  oi
.einper. Anj-now, in give ner d trial.
We'll Just glance at the coachhouse—"
"Ah, we want a new carriage or
two, my lord," said Mr. Dodson.
"Just so. Just so. Ah, well, plenty
of time," said Vane as he cast a
comprehensive eye round. Glad to
see you looking so well, Bodson."
"Thank you, my lord, nnd the
same to your lordship, If I may
make so bold," said the gratified
Dodson, with a touch of his cap.
"We'll go under tho arch and round
to the front," said Vane, as they
walked away. "Nice fellow—Dodson;
remember him putting me on my first
pony. Hello, who's this—Fanworthy,
by George!"
They had passed under tho tall
archway and entered upon the drive
along which an open landau was
coming toward the house. An elderly
man with the air of a sportsman and
an aristocrat was the solo occupant,
and as he caught sight of the two
young men he leaned forward and
waved his hand.
"Ah, Vano!" ho exclaimed. "What
luck to Just catch youl I heard the
news of your arrival, and drove over
on the chance of seeing you."
"Tho luck's mine, Lord Fan-
worthy," said Vane. "It's very kind
of you, veryl Let me introduce my
cousin—Mr. Julian Shore."
Lord Fanworthy raised his hat
with old-world courtesy.
"Come Into the houso," said Vane;
but Lord Fanworthy shook his head.
"No, no. Can't! Against positive
orders. Her ladyship emphatically
bado me not leave the carriage. 'If
ho is there, just tell him that he la
to come back with^ou; that I say
so.' Her very words, Vane, I assure you."
"In that caso, there's only ono
thing to do: obey," said Vano.
"That's right, my boy!" suid Lord
Fanworthy, approvingly. "Pray get
in, Mr. Shore; my wife will bo delighted to see you. It's not far. What
a beautiful day for your return,
Vanel By Jove, you must have a
rare budget to tell us! Not a word
till you get home I You're looking—
yes, well. Been knocked about a bit,
ch? Thought so." The* he turned to
Julian. "I remember your father, of
course, Mr. Shore. He may havo
spoken of me?"
Julian colored slightly. "I am Sorry to say that he did not, Lord Fan-
worthy. My father never spoke of—
old times."
"Ah, yes, yea, quite sol" assented
Lord Fanworthy, quickly. "Great
nuisance, family feudal You have a
look of the Mannerings, Mr. Shore.
I think I should, hava known you as
ono of them, even If I had met you
Tho three men chatted as the
horses span along the well-kept road,
and after a short drive they reached
tho Grange. Lord Fanworthy led
them into the drawing-room, calling
"Em'lyl" as he went. Lady Fan-
worthy was seated in a low chair
by the window, knitting. She had
been a reigning beauty; she was
beautiful still with her silvery hair,
wonderful complexion and the groy
eyes which were almost as brilliant
—and far keener—than those of most
girls. She held out her snow-white
and exquisitely shaped hand to Vane
and nodded and smiled, her eyes
flushing over him as if they were
taking in every feature of his face;
thon they passed from him to Julian,
enquiringly, and as keenly.
"It's good to see you. Vane,", she
said; and there was almost a maternal note in the low, clear voice; for
Vane, as a lad, had been a favorite
of hers, and, with tho tact for which
sho was famous, sho had often slipped ln between his uncle and him
und prevented a quarrel. "And lt was
good of you to come so quickly. And
this Is—" Vane introduced Julian,
and sho bowed and smiled graciously. "And bo you have come Into your
own, Vane? And lt feels strange—
at first?"
"It does, Lady Fanworthy," said
Vane, as he took the scat beside her
to which she had motioned him,
"And you are going to aettle
down, to be a model landlord and a
pattorn peer?'*.
"No," said Vane. "Part's already
filled," and he looked towards Lord
Fanworthy, who had gono to the
next room to show Julian the view.
"Godfrey will be glad to have you
at the Court," said hor ladyship.
"lie was always fond ol you. And
I— So that ts Julian Shore." H,r
voico scarcely dropped, but It was
so soft as to be Inaudible to tho
others. "A handsome young man;
darker than the Mannerings usually
"Yes; he's quite an Adonis," eald
Vane. "And an oxtromely good follow. I hopo you'll liko him. We aro
groat friends already, though wo only met a day or two ago."
"I will see," she said, with a
swift, scorching glance at Julian.
"But I want to talk about you.
Where have you been? Nol are you
well, happy. Vane?"
His eyes fell before her brilliant
ones which seemed to reach his sadly
tried heart.
"Fit as a fiddle, my dear lady; almost as fit as Lord Fanworthy there.
And I am so glad to see you looking
so well. Not a day older."
Sho raised her lovel eyebrows.
"Why should I be? My dear Vane, at
my age, women grow younger, nowadays. Where havo you been not to
know that! And you aro well and—
Vano's eyes dropped, then ho raised
them, but with an effort, for this old
lady was a difficult one to decoivo.
"As happy as 1 deserve," he said,
"And you hnve been travelling a
great deal, and, if rumor speaks tho
truth, have had sonic adventures."
Vane nodded, bis lips tightening.
"Yes," he said, "all sorts of adventures. You still stick to your knitting,  I see,  Lady  Fanworthy."
It was enough for her; and she
asked no more questions.
"Here's tho tea," she said, as the
butler brought It in. "But, of course,
you'll stay to dinner. Godfrey shall
send  for your things—"
But Vane declined. "I've ordered
dinner nt the Court," he snld, "antl
Prance would break his heart lf
Ho  didn't     turn    on  tnls   the   first
She nodded approvingly. "Quito
right,  Vane."
"But, see," he said; "it will be
rather ' lonely for us two bachelors.
Now, if you want to be as kind as
you always used to be, you bring
Lord  Fanworthy to dine with ue!"
She did not hesitate a moment.
"yes," she suid,  smoothly.
The other two men came to the
tea-table and her ladyship conversed
with-Julian. She asked no questions, but almost unconsciously he
found himself telling her that he was
unmarried, that he lived alone, that
he had no profession and wns content
with a small income; Indeed, nearly
all the details which another person
would only have extracted by a scries of categorical questions; and he
did not make the discovery until the
two young men were going home in
the landau.
"A wonderful womnn!" Vane remarked. "Vou admired her, of
course? She used to Ijo a great
beauty; and she is us clever as she
is beautiful."
"Yes; sho'S clever," suid Julian,
absently, us lie reflocted on the way
in which her ladyship hail "pumped"
"Yes; she used to play an important part in the political world,"
Vane went on. "Kept whal used to
bo called a 'Salon' ; ellleltilinell the
people of her husband's party: Fan-
worthy wns in the Cabinet. They
say that she kepi the party in power for six months lunger than it
ought to have been. Don't understand politics myself, She wns very
good to me when 1 was a hid—thoy
both were—and I like her, naturally.
I don't know any one to whom I'd
sooner go, if I were in trouble or in
a mess. I think you'll like her, Julian."
"I am suro I shall," said Julian,
with an admirably feigned tone of
"Oh, Prance," said Vnne, as tho
butler enme to meet thein, "Lord nn.l
Lady Fanworthy dine here to-night,
Antl light up the music-room', will
you.   Right!"
Tbe  Great Force a  Six  Inch  Stream
Can   Exert.
Imagine a perpendicular column of
water more than one-third of a mile
high, twenty-six Inches In diameter at
the top and twenty-four Inches in diameter nt tlie bottom, writes Hamlltou
Wright In The World Today. Those
remarkable conditious are complied
with, as far'as power goes, in the 51111
creek plaut, which operates under a
head of l.OUO feet. This littlo column
of water, which, if liberated, would be
Just about euough to make a small
trout stream, gives a capacity of 5,200
horsepower, or enough power to run a
good sized oceun going vessel. As the
water strikes the buckets of tbe water
wheel lt bus a pressure of 850 pounds
to the square Inch. What this pressure
Implies ls evidenced by tho fact that
the average locomotive curries steam
at a pressure of 190 or 200 pounds to
the square Inch. Were this stream, as
lt Issues from the nozzle, turned upon
the hillside, tne earth would fade nway
before lt like snow before a jet of
ntc.iiu. Huge bowlders, big as city
offices, would tumblo into ravines with
as little effort ns a clover bur Is carried beforo the hydrant stream on a
front lawn. Brick walls would crackle
like pnper, and the hugest skyscrapers
crumble beforo a stream like that of
tho Mill creek plant.
It takes a powerful waterwhecl to
withstand tbe tremendous pressure. At
Butte creek, California, a single Jet of
water six Inches in diameter Issues
from tho nozzlo nt the great velocity
of 20,000 feet a minute. It impiuges
ou the buckets of whut Is said lo bo
tho most powerful single wnter wheel
ever built, causing tbe latter to travel
at tho rate of ninety-four miles nn
hour, milking 400 revolutions a minute.
The six Inch stream hns a capacity of
12,000 horsepower. Tbo water for operating the plant ls conveyed from
Butto creek through a ditch and discharged Into a regulating reservoir
which ls 1,500 feet above the power
houso. Two steel pressure pipo Hues
thirty Inches ln diameter conduct the
water to the power house,
I'iiIn,-!.   C'liiirKPtl.
A little iioi'theni boy was visiting tho
south for the llrst time. Ills uwe und
admiration for the darkles knew uo
hounds. Meeting u little negro boy one
dny, be screwed up his coinage to ask
liIin his name.
"I is dun called David," promptly replied the little negro.
'•Oh," exclaimed the little fellow, bis
face full of delighted surprise, "ure you
the David that killed (.ullnth."
The little negro gave blm n terrified
glance ami, sticking bis dusky knuckles
lu his eyes, shrieked out, "Nuw, I ain't
nobber teehed him." — Llppliicott's
A   Menu   Trick.
Ella—He's the meanest niiin that over
lived. —
Stella—Wbat bus be doue?
Ella—He nsked me lf I thought pa
would object to blm as a son In-luw,
and when 1 blushed uud snld he would
not be went and proposed to iny younger sister.—New Vork Press.
For 33 Years
Shiloh'i Consumption Cure, the Luni
Tonic, hti been belore tbe public, enl
He, together with the feet tfuit iu sal.,
have steadily inaeued yetf by yen, it the
bat proof of Ihe merit of
I'v the dealer
(rom whom
you buv Sun-
Hittit Soap if
you nnd any
civuie (or
Sunlight Soap is better
than other soaps, but is
best when used in the
Sunlight way*
reward will
be paid to any
parson   who
pro yen that
oontains any
ohsmicali or
any form ol
Squally good with hard or soft water*
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ee a cue lor Coughs, Colds, end ell
disrates of the lungs end air passages.
Thoso who have used Shiloh would nol
te wiiho.it it. Those who hare never
ued it thou— know that every bottle it
Kill with a podtKre guarantee that, if it
doe_'t cun'you, the dealer will refund
whal you paid for it.    S.VIoh
Has Cured
thciii-andt ol tha most ohitinstp ate* ol
Coughs, ColJi and Lung troublo.   Lai il
cue you.
I—J wi-tcc I c—«hed foe tfimi rami—
 ! W;
t—ud,) 1
, — CoauBiotipn, I took all
■Mit e# medicine*, but n_Uii_B did um any Hood
uotil I need Shiloh'• Connurolinn Cute. Four
Ionic- cared na. Tom waiter I h*A a verr bad
cold, waa _ot abW lo apeak, my lihyri were arm
ea Um tm and back. Six MU of SMW. made
■tt wall again. I hava erven it to aavar_l p-topjft
aad arcrr om of them hava been cured.—D.
jam*. St Hjr-anthe, Qua." 601
33c   with   guarantee   tt st jg*A*e
What a Travelled Scotsman Says of
tie  Transconti ,«• _■ .1   Lin*.
Alex. McOwen, writing in the Winnipeg Free Press, says:—
It Is perhaps a healthy sign suggestive of a progressive spirit, but
the western Canadian is disposed to
he extremely critical of his governments, his institutions and his great
corporations. He regards almost as
a heritage, for instance his right to
abuse the Canadian Pacific Railway
Co. for its iniquities of one sort and
another, but more especially its
excessive freight rates. These appeal to young and old alike and the
theme of them is ever fresh and tlie
outcry against them made with the
utmost sincerity of conviction. Robert Burns, the Scottish bard, prays
that a higher power may endow us
us with the gift of seeing ourselves
as others see us, and perhaps it
would be interesting for readers of
tlie Free Press to know how our
greatest railway company is regarded Iu the old country. When in
Scotland at the beginning of this
year, on immigration business, my
attention was directed to a complaint
in tbe Scotsman newspaper, the nat
ional organ of the country. It was
written by a well-known cattle breeder, a landed proprietor, near the
town of Oban on the west coast of
Scotland. In his letter this gentleman complained that a steer could
be purchased at Calgary and the C.P.
It. would haul it to St. John, N.B., a
distance of 1)000 miles, tranship it to
one of their ocean steamers and carry
it over sea another 3000 miles. landing
it in Liverpool" cheaper than he could
ship a beast by freight from Oban
to London. You can depend that
Ihis gentleman did not think the'
Canadian farmer had much to complain about. In comparison with his
own   grievances.
Another case was brought under
niy notice by Mr. W. Haxton of Dundee, of the firm of Fleming Haxton,
Shipping agents, through whose
hands thousands of emigrants for
Manitoba and the Northwest have
passed within the last ton or twelve
years. " That Canadian Pacific of
yours is a marvel for low rates." said
Mr. Haxton to me one day. I ventured to remark that If he were on
the other side he would hear more
about It. "Oh! it'll be the old story,"
he said pawkly, "A prophet is always
without,  honor  in   his  own   country."
Ho then laid before mo Ihe details
of n comparison he had just made
between Home and Canadian rates.
Two years ago a family hnd passed
through his hands from Forfarshire
and gone to Brandon, A year after
settling there, they sent home for
some household effects that had been
left behind. The weight wns somewhere nbout two tons. The goods'
wero shipped from (llnseow to Hall-
fax and tlivnce to Brandon. Out of
curiosity, 'Mr. Haxton asked a quotation for the same weight of material from Dundee to London nnd wns
more than astonished to find thai Hie
difference was a shilling In favor of
tho British consignment. Now, Mr.
Hnxton Is a man doing business. In
the course of the year, with agents
of almost every rnilwny system In the
world, nnd yet out of nU these he
wns disposed to regard the C.P.R. as
"a marvel."
It hns been mv own privilege, at
one time or another, to travel over
nearly every one of the railways of
Britain. I hnve also sampled, at odd
times, those of Germany, France and
Belgium, but nowhere In these countries can one enjoy the same
comfort In travelling as ono may do
on Ihe C.P.R. system. The same regard for the comfort of Its passengers is displayed on the company's
ocean-going slenmers, nnd I hid fair
to say that If two or three fast boats
were added to the Atlantic fleet the
line would soon become the most
popular between Britain and the
It seems to me that during Its hls-
torv the policy of the company has
been to promote the development of
Ihe West, first by encouraging production and again by providing for
that produce being placed on the
world's markets on terms which will
permit of Us holding its own. I do
not suggest that this has been undertaken as a philanthropic enterprise.
The company is out for profit, like
overy other business organization,
but as a factor In the marvellous development of the West, the master
minds whleh inauguarated and successfully If profitably carried out,
the details of this policy have earned
in my estimation no littlo measure
of honor. When ono reflects that
billions of dollars are Invested ln
railroads In America which are not
earning a cent of dividend for the
Investors, one can understand the
full meaning of what the Hon. Clifford Slfton said in as many words at
the monster meeting at Brnndon last
October, that the success of the C.P.
II. had not so much depended upon
the fact thnt they had no opposition,
but on n fact more creditable to its
ofllclals that lt was ono of the bost
managed railroads In the world.
Posters in South London advertise
the fnct that noxt April all eligable
children in the pBuper schools nt
Norwood uro to be omigrated by the
guardiunB to Canada.
The most interesting eclipse of the
sun in the near future will be that of
1027," said Professor H. H. Turner
in liis lecture at the Royal institution. It was he added interesting
because it would be visible all across
the north of England from Durham
to Lancashire. It would be a total
eclipse but the period of totality
would be only about twenty-five sec-
In 1875 the numbor of cigarettes
smoked in Austria per hoad of population in 1875 was two, and in i905
it was 140.
Tlie C.P.R. lias placed un order for
45,000 tons of steel rails with the
Lake Superior Corportion, Sam. Ste.
Marie, Out.
The Dominion brewery, Toronto,
lias recently changed hands. ....e
price paid was $375,000.
Due  to   Poor,   Weak Blood—Dr.
Hams' Pink Pills will
Insure a Cure.
Neuralgia is tlie surest sign that
your wholo system is weak and un
strung. Those sharp, stabbing pains
are caused by your jangled nerves.
But your nerves would not be jangled
if your blood was pure snd strong.
You can't cure neuk-algia by liniments
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possibly cure. You can never cure
neuralgia until you enrich your blood
and enrich your starved nerves with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. They actually niuko new blood. They soothe
the nerves und strengthen tlie whole
sjsfoftT. They strike right at the
oaiiso of agonizing neuralgia. Mr.
John McDermott, Bond Head, Ont.,
says: "As the result of a wetting, I
was seized with pains in all parts of
my body. I consulted a doctor, who
told me the trouble was neuralgia.
Ho treated mo for somo time but did
not help me. 1 had often road of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pils, and decided to
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way. I shall always hnvo a good
word to say i'or Dr. Williams' Pink
When tlio blood is poor, the nerves
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insomnia, Kt. Vitus dance, paralysis
or locomotor ataxia. _.ll these troubles are cured by Dr. Williams' Pink
lilln, because they actually make the
rich, red blood that feeds and soothes
the starved nerves and sends health
and Strength to every part of tho
body. Ihut is why these pills also
cure such troubles as rheumatism,
anaemia, chronio erysipelis. indigestion, and the special ailments of
growing girls and women. But you
must get the genuino with the full
name "Dr. Williams' Pi„k Pifo iol.
1 ale J eople, on the wrapper around
eaoh box 11 i„ doubt, write tlie Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockvillo,
Out and the pills will be sent by
mail at 50 cents per box, or six
boxes for 82.60. If you are ailing,
try thein to-duy.
Throwing caul*,
Throwing a bull or a cow not carrying a calf Is not a difficult task and
can be dor.e In such a manner that
the animal will not be Injured ln tna
least and ls so simple that any one
need not be afraid to attempt lt. The
throwing device ia merely a rope tied
about the hoi-ns or neck or to a halter,
given a half hitch about the neck, a
second half hitch, but direction of
rope reversed, about the heart girth,
and a third half hitch Just in front of
the hook points or hip bones. One man
stands near the animal's head to hold
the halter, and a second grasps the
rope and pulls backward, either to one
aide or the other, according to whether
the rope is 'right or left hitch. The
animal stands still, acts as though he
were surprised, but soon easily rolls
over to his side. To hold him securely attach ropes to front and rear feet,
stretch and fasten.—American Cultivator.       	
"Home, Sireet Home."
"Home, Sweet Home," Payne's song,
was originally a number in the opera
"Clarl, the Maid of Milan," a production brought out in 1823. The opera
was a failure, and nothing Is uow
known of lt save the one song, which
became Instantly popular. Over 100,-
000 copies were sold In the first year
of Its publication, aud tlie sale In oue
form or another has been constant
ever since tlie first appearance of this
beautiful theme. Tbe melody ls n
Sicilian folk song nntl was adapted to
the words by ruyuo himself.
Sunlight Soap ls better than other
soaps, but ls best when used ln the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
A white mink has boon captured at
Roberval, Que., by Mr. Henry Porter.
It is a fine specimen, considerably
above the average size. The animal
is a very rare one and is regarded as
very valuable for show purposes. Its
fui is much finer than that of its
brown brothers, its claws are shorter,
and its nose more pointed. Also, us
in most albinos, tho eyes aro pink.
The British Columbia government
surplus readied $220,000 for last yoar
You cannot bo happy while you
have •-!,• ns. Thon do not dolay in
getting a bottlo of Holloway's Corn
Cure. It removes all kinds of corns
without pain. Failure with it is unknown.
The Ohio senate has passed a bill
abolishing capital punishment, for
persons convicted of murder in tho
first degree, oxcept whero conviction
shall be for a second offence. The
house passed an anti-cigarette bill
whicll originated iu that body.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Colds,  etc.
Prof. William H. Holmes, archaeol-
ogist of the Smithsonian Institution,
has discovered that many of the collection of American antiquities in the
institution collection, were made in a
present day factory in tho city of
Mexico. They embrace specimens of
ancient Mexican  pottery.
The Canadian Northern interests
will ask parliament next session for
to bridge the Rainy River near Fort
"Add ye year to yoar."—Isaiah xxlx., I
So gies the old  year forth, as goes
A king with no attending train,
As goes a monarch old, who knows
His further effort ls ln vain;
In stately sequence  they have gone—
The courtier months—and now, alone
The old year proudly falters on,
Tho  new  year   comos  to  claim   thl
But wo that stand as subjects stand
Within tho templo of the years
While faints the narrow thread of san'
That In the tlmeglass now appears—
Should we look out adown tho way
Whereon our eager feot would fare
Or should we gaze at yesterday
And see what ls recorded there?
Aye, backward then a moment's space-
Look backward at tho dimming hilli
Ere yet old Time with gentle grace
With drifting haze tho distance fills;
Count now the heights which held thi
Which had been ours to win and keep
Savo that we ln our shrinking souls
Feared that the climb was high an<
Now tho horizon whence we wend
Seems but a path all smooth and fair
Where frowning hill and valley blend
And any load were light to bear.
Could we go back!   Ah, might wo go
Oneo more upon the dwindling way
Tho trials should not frot us so—
Ths trifles, now, of yesterday.
So, ln the temple of the years
We gazo back at the fading view—.
T_w composite of laughs and tears—
Then turn to faco the roadway new
The new year comes, as comes a kln,
Appareled ln rich stuffs, and gold-
Orant that unto It we may bring
The good we garnered from the old.
Hl» Mark.
It Is snld thnt tbe cross mark Instead
of a signature did not originate ln
Ignorance. It was always appended fo
signatures ln mediaeval times ai a?
attestation of good faith.
need but a brief introduction's
D If ■0**L A—tlle li-™ that colours
all materials—no matter how mixed.
Colours are permanent, rich and lovely.   Positively won't rub oft* or fade.
Mrs. £. Creemer, Burlington, N. S.,
writes :—
"DY-O-LA does not wash out like
other dyes."
There're no acids or poisons in
DY-O-LA to harm the goods. Use with
common salt.
Card of home-dyed colours sent on receipt of 2c. stamp. Address, the John-
nun Richardson Co., Limited, Montreal,
Ask your druggist for a package,
enough to dye one-and-one-half to three
pounds, 10c.
Japan will mako giants of bonds
amounting to £15,000,000 in recognition of services rendered during the
Tlio Kaiser, who is a well grown
mun, is overtopped by tlio German
empress. Victor Kinumicl of Itnly
scurcely reaches up to tlie shoulders
of Queen Helene, and King Charles
o' Portugal is overtopped by his
queen, but makes up in rotundity
what lie lacks in height.
La Grippe
Twelve times and out!
Doctors say that La Grippe
will come two or three years
more and disappear again
for 50 years. It has a
periodical run of 12 yei.rs.
Each time it comes it is
worse than the time before.
This time La Grippe is
prophesied to have terrible
neuralgic and rheumatic
pains as a symptom and
afterclap. These pains are
the most excruciating—*\
worse than the rack and
torture. Avoid La Grippe,
prevent La Grippe, or cure
La Grippe, by taking the
specific, scientific remedy
When the bread or cake or pastry
comes from the oven light, crisp
and appetising, you are vvont to
say you have had good luck with
your baking.
The "good luck" idea in a relic
of the time when housekeepers pitted
their competency against poor Hour.
T_> day good baking isn't a mattei
of good luck in any home where
Royal Household Flour
is intelligently used.
In the hands of competent housewives it never fails because it is the
whitest, lightest, purest and best
baking (lour to be had.
11" the goodness of your baking is
due to chance, your grocer is giving
you the wrong kind of flour, Ask
for Ogilvic's Royal Household.
Ogilvie Hour Mills Co., Ltd.
"Ogllvlc's Book for a Cook," contains 130 pages of" excellent recipes,
Bomo never published before. Your
grocer can tell you how tu gut it FitEH
In Your Leisure Time
If you could start at once in a business which would add a g*ood round
sum to your present earnings—without    INVESTING   X   DOLLAR—wouldn't
you do it?
Well, we are willing to start you in
a profitable business and we don't ask
you to put up any kind of a dollar.
Our proposition is this: We will
ship you the Chatham Incubator and
Brooder} freight prepaid, and
You Pay  No Cash Until
After 1906 Harvest.
Poultry raising pays.
People who tell you that there is no
money in raising chicks may have tried
to make money iu the business by using
setting hens as hatchers, and they
might as well have tried to locate a
gold mine in the cabbage patch. The''
business of a hen is—to lay eggs. As
a hatcher and brooder she is outclassed. That's the business of the
Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and
they do it perfectly and successfully.
The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any other
business for the amount of time and
money invested.
Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada and the
United States—have proved to the!.-
satisfaction that it is pro liable to raise
chicks with the
No. 2-120 Eggs
No. 1—240 Eggs
-"Yours Ib tho flrst incubatorI have
used, and I wish to Btate I had 69
chicks out of 62 eras. Tliis was my
first lot; truly a 101) por cont. hatch.
Iain well ploused with my Inoubator
and brooder. Thos. -McNauqhton,
Chilliwack, B.C."
"My first hatch camo ofl*. I got
170 fine chicks from 190 ogm. WOO
can beat that for tho flrtt trial, and
so oarly in tho spring. I am woll
plowed with Incubator, and if I
could not get another money could
not buy it from me. Every fnrmor
should navo a Ko. 3 Chatham Incubator.— F. W. IUmsav, DuunvLUo,
"Tho Incubator you furnished mo
works oxceoaingly well. It is easily
operated, and only ncodB about 10
minutes attention ovory day. R.
McGufkik, Moob£ Jaw, Anna.."
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is honestly constructed. There is no
humbug about it. Every inch of material
Is thoroughly tested, the machine is
built on right principles, the insulation
is perfect, thermometer reliable, and
tbe workmanship the best.
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
Is simple as well as scientific in construction—a woman or girl can operate
the machine in their leisure moments.
You pay us no cash until after 1906
Send us your name and address on
a post card to-day.
Wo can supply you quickly from our
at ('ulifinv, Mriui-
distributing warehouses 1
don, Reglna, Winnipeg, New \\ uatiulniiter,
B.O.,Montreal. Halifax, Chatham. Addrcu
ail correspondence to Chatham. SU
Tbe Manson Campbell Co., United
Faotories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.
Let us quote you prices
on a flood Fnnnluii Mill
or flood Farm Scale.
An Edinburgh lady golfer lias boon
divorced by tho courts for"hi'glectiiig
her husband.
A strike of 300,000 coal miners in
the United States seems inevitable
on April 1.
Sold br «ll Druirri'ls. for »l pw bottle
Addmm, ".ompls D.pt. M "
Dr.  T.  A.   8LOOUM,  Limited
Offlc. ui -_.bor.lori.,
170 Kins •«. WwtV      •      TORONTO
Tho St. I.otiis polico aro on a crusade against _»olan..y and indecent
language.      .mm
Nincty-0110 Chinamen's bodies pack-
orl in zinc cases were shipped from
Seattle lor Hong-Kong.
Arnl, Stecil. a. Charm.
The noblo Arabian sleod la sometimes put to Ignoble uses. A traveler
with liouoclastlc Mens said: "You have
heard of tho Arabian horse's bounty, Its
docility, its Intelligence, Its endurance.
Did you kuow that lt churned the
family butter? Among tbe desert tribes
wben butter ls needed the milk la put
ln a sheepskin bag ond tied by a short
rope to the horse's saddle. The horse
ls then urged Into a trot, and this gait
Is kept up until the milk ln tbe sheepskin Is Joggled Into butter. _ fine,
firm, smooth butter lt In."
was one of tbe early pioneers of tht
old Bathurst district as that part ot
Ontario was called. His maternal
grandfather fought Under Nelson at
Trafalgar which may account to
some extent for the fighting blood
very evident in the make-up of the
grandson descendent. Educated at
the public school of his native place,
he remained on his father's farm until 1876 when he Joined the staff of
the Montreal Star with which he remained until 1879 when he became
one of the editorial staff of the Toronto Globe remaining with that paper until 1882.
The Canadian west with Its manifold opportunities to the young and
ambitious was beginning that development which has continued wltb
such magnitude to the present time
and Mr. Richardson recognized his
chance. He came to Winnipeg lu
1882. He was associated with J. H
Preston, now M.P.P. In the Ontario
legislative assembly, of Brantford
Ontario, in the publication of th(
Daily Sun in Winnipeg from 1S86 to
1889, when with D. 1/. Mclntyre he
obtained contol of the paper which
he continued to publish as the Trl
btine, an Independent newspaper of
Influence and ability carried on along
linos prompted politically by" the con
vlctlons of Mr. Richardson himself
A powerful and convincing public
speaker Mr. Richardson entered pub
lie life ln 189C defeating Hon. Robert
Rogers, now minister of public, works
In the Manitoba government in a
contest, for tho representation of Lis
gar In the House of Commons and in
the same general election stumped
the province effectually on behalf o'
the Liberal  policy of the time.
Differing with the leaders of the
Liberal party as to its policy he In
1900 was opposed by a nominee of
that party in LIsgar hut was victor
ions by five times his previous ma]
While Mr. Richardson has the gift
of making sincere political friends
he also has the qualities that make
hitter political enemies and in 1901
he was the only member against
whom the petition to unseat was
pressed. Unseated, owing to the
united actions of both political par
ties us is contended by Mr. Richard
son's friends, he was defeated in 190-
in the consequent bye-election by the
presence of a third candidate in the
contest, placed there to further his
possible defeat. Mr. Richardson,
however, cayled evory English speaking  district ^n the  constituency.
During Mr. Richardson's term as
member of parliament he took a prominent position in the debates and
was a recognized authority on West
ern subjects that came before the
house. An ardent believer in Provincial rights particularly as regards ed
ucation he has taken strong ground
and a prominent position in the con
troversies and elections in which
that has been the Issue and his paper,
The Tribune, has been the leading
journalistic advocate of that course
in the west.
Mr. Richardson takes much interest In rifle shooting and has been a
member of the council of the Dom-
inlou Rifle Association. He ls a
Presbyterian in religion and married
In 1885 Clara J., daughter of the late
Ira Mallory of Mallorytown, Ontario.
Purity of
th-© Blood
The Best Protection Against Disease—Ob*
talned by Using
TILL       DODD'S      KIDNEY       PILLS
Now He's Perfectly Healthy and Able
to    Work—Gives   all   the  Credit to
the   Great   Canadian   Kidney   Remedy.
Wapella, Sask., Feb. 12—(Special.)
—Cured of Kidney Dlsense that laid
him up for over a year, Mr. Georg'a'
Bartlcmun, a well known man here,
is loud In his praises of Dodd's Kidney Pills, for to them and noth-;
Ing else he claims he owes his cure.
"Yes, I had Kidney Trouble," Mr.
Bartleman says, "l had pains In my
back and other parts of my body and
though the doctor did what ho could
for mo I grew worse until I was unable to work.
"Then I started to take Dodd's Kidney Pills, and I took tliem nil winter
and summer while I was unable to
work. I took in all twelve boxes,
and now I am perfectly healthy. My
pains are all gone and I am able to
work. 1 heartily recommend Doild's
Kidney Pills to all sufferers from
Kidney Disease.
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
the Kidneys. Heallhy Kidneys strain
all Impurities, all seeds of disease,
out of the blood. That's why Dodd's
Kidney Pills cure such a wide range
of discuses Including Bright's Disease,
Rheumatism   and   Urinary   Troubles.
If you enquire Into the cause of
sickness, pain and suffering you will
find that fully nine-tenths of lt results from derangements of the liver,
kidneys and bowels.
This was the truth ^arrived at by
Dr. Chase when he began experiments which led to the discovery of
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills.
The liver and kidneys are intimately related as filters of the blood, and
the regularity of the bowels depends
on the healthful  action of the liver.
Hence lt happens that when the
liver and kidneys are made healthy
and vigorous by the Influence of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills such diseases as biliousness, liver complaint,
kidney disease, Indigestion and constipation soon  entirely disappear.
With the liver and kidneys in
healthful working order, the purity
of the blood Is ensured and you are
protected  against colds,  fevers   nnd
contagious   and   lufectldus   diseases.
As a family medicine to promptly
cure the most common ills of life
there is no preparation that can be
compared with Dr. Chase's Kldney-
Llver fll.s. in every neighborhood
there are people who have proven the
merit of this great medicine. Ask
Mr. Wm. Cook, Moosomin Sask.,
writes:—"I have been taking Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills and must
say they have done me a lot of good.
I have been a great sufferer from diabetes and I can say to all who are
afflicted with this disease that Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills will do
them good. I cannot say that I am
entirely cured but I have been greatly benefitted  by this medicine."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all
dealors, or Edmanson, Bat'es & Co.,
Toronto. Pain cannot exist where
Dr. Chuse's Backache Plastor ls applied.
Chassis** Ft-s,
Scald ens pint of milk. Stir Into this
I half a cop of flour mixed with balf a
j cap ot sugar and one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt Stir constantly until
the mixture thickens, then stir in the
yolks of three eggs beaten with one-
fourth of a cup of sugar and an ounce
or more of softened chocolate. Flavor
with half a teaspoonful of cinnamon
and pour into a plate lined with pastry
as for a 'istard pie Bake and let cool
a little, _ mread upon the pie a
meringue made of the whites of three
eggs and six level tablespoonfuls of
__raboa fteebpleces.
Marabou and ostrich combinations
ar* among the most fascinating neck
adornments for dress occasions in particular, for th* lovely dyes used on the
delicate feathers furnish an entrancing
choice. The more sober colors are
equally attractive and prove extremely
flattering to every complexion when ln
different shades of brown and gray as
well as all black and black and white.—
Bar Ptaa Far Collars aad Cots.
Bar pins In sets of three for collar
and cuffs are much In use. A bar of
green tourmalines has clusters of three
pearls at the top, bottom and at each
Good Form N*o*asarr—Simple Mean*
of Acquiring It.
Speaking of the fact that fashion bns
been rather slow iu adopting tho empire style In dress, an authority on the
human figure says lt ls clearly evident
that "what bus kept the empire vogue
from attracting general approval hitherto has been a stupid Indifference to
figure. Tho presumption was that nothing mattered beneath loose folds,
whereas, on tlio contrary, everything
depended on tho perfection of the figure."
A Good Carriage.
Tbo woman whojins a bud figure
and desires to Improve It hns It greatly
In her own power to do so. Setting
aside the question of diet entirely, although It Is so Important a factor ln
both good complexions nnd figures, one
must begin with the most simple rules.
A woman who stands badly will never
look well. She must contract the habit
knowingly, both ln staudlng and walking, of keeping tlie stomach well In, the
chest well forward and expanded, tho
shoulders back and tlie bead poised at
a slightly raised yet comfortable angle,
which will not allow tlie chin to fall
upon tbo neck. There Is also the question of breathing.
Right Breathlna:.
Deep breathing exercises should be
Included ln tbe physical education of .
every child who Is carefully and con- !
sclentiously brought up.   One thing ls
certnln — no womun cun  develop ber
chest    naturally    without    accurato
breathing.   In order to practice lt pfop- j
erly  the head  must  be thrown back,
tlie shoulders kept square and a deep
breath taken very slowly through the
nose until the lungs are filled with air.
Thore Is no more effectual aid to beauty than deep breutblng, for lt has the
most remarkable effect on the Internal
organs, aud therefor* on th* general i
appearance. 1
"You lie ln your throat!" hissed the
mysterious black knight In the grand
The villagers drew back and regarded their patron with affrighted glances.
"A most deadly Insult!" they whispered oue to another. "For lf there's
anythiug our dear lord prides himself
on It's his chest tones."—Puck.
"There ls some doubt about Wiggins'
"He has Improved, lf that is the
case," answered Mr. Hammerslug.
"When I knew him there was no doubt
whatever about his Incapacity."—
Washington Star.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget   in
General Booth said at Exeter Hall
| hat one of his cherished dreams was
the  establishment   of a   university  of
A bottle of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, taken according to directions, it ill subdue a cough in a short
timo This assertion can be verified
by hundreds who have tried it and
are pleased to heal1 testimony to its
merits so that all may know what a
splendid medicine it is. It costs you
only 25 conts to join the ranks of the
.many vl.o have been benefited by its
Th* Battle of the Ulanta.
The Battle of the Giants was another name giveu to tbe battle at Marl-
guano in 1515 between the allied
French and Venetians and the allied
Italians and Swiss armies. The latter
were defeated with slaughter, over 12,-
000 of their troops being left on the
field. The victors lost 4,000. The battle was given this uame by Trlvalzlo, a
soldier and historian, who was present.
Rock Oil.
When petroleum was first discovered
in this country It was called rock oil
aud was sold in small vials as a specific for rheumatism.
They are a powerful Nelrviline.—
Dyspepsia causes derangement of the
nervous system and nervous debility
onco engendered is difficult to deal
with. There are many testimonials
as to the efficacy of Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills in treating this
disorder, showing that tbey never
fail to produce good results. By giving proper tone to the digestive organs, thoy restore equ..ibrium to the
nerve contrcs.
Princess Henry of Battenburg is ono
of the most accomplished members of
tho royal family. She paints woll, is
a good judgo of art, collects rare old
lace with all the acumen of a connoisseur, and in addition is a clover
musical composer and brilliant pian-
Minard's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
Purpose and Characteristic* of Thl.
Or-.an of the Bivalve.
Persons who have seen soft shell
clams as they lay In a pan lu the kitchen preparatory to being cooked scarcely recognize them ln tbelr natural state.
Many of us wbo bave seen clams know
tbat they have "necks," but are Ignorant of the purpose and character-
Wi- of this attachment As tbey lie
on tbo ground tbey are far from being
closo mouthed. In fact, they are seldom to be seen with the shell closed.
From one end projects the "neck,"
which may be three times as long us
the shell when fully extended. Tbls
fact In case tho "neck" Is stretched
out, makes one wonder how such a
length can be contracted Into such a
small space and how much remains ln
the shell after the "neck" bas been
elongated. This is tho astonishing characteristic of the soft shelled clam and
tbe one that makes him unrecognizable
to so many people. One of the clams,
for Instance, ls three Inches long. His
"neck" when extended ls possibly eight
or nine Inches long and as large around
as a man's middle finger. ,
As every one knows, the clam when
in its native haunts ls to be found several Inches below the surface of the
sand. He bas to be dug up when discovered by the little spurts of water
which the clam beneath throws up
when disturbed.
This "neck" connects the clam with
his food supply iu the water above,
ln the "neck" are parallel tubes.
Tlirough one tube tbe clam sucks In a
quantity of water. From the water he
absorbs whatever nourishment It may
contain and then expels the water
through the otber tube.
Oue niuy wonder how the clam gets
Into the sand or mud. At the end opposite the "neck" may be seen nn ap-
pendnge resembling a turtle's tall in
shape and called a foot It ls with this
foot that be digs bis way downward.
w w k»   mo mm
An Atmoxpherlo Test.
A curious test of the atmosphere was
tried In the French senate recently.
General Billot complained of a headache at a recent session and attributed
It to gas given off by the heating apparatus. The engineer was unable to find
any defect in the apparatus. Recourse
was had to a "bird test" Bengalee
birds are reputed to be very easily asphyxiated. One was hung ta a cage for
eight hours over tbe fanteuil ta which
General Billot contracted the headache. As the bird was lively at the end
of that period, the atmosphere was pronounced pure.
Admiral Togo will visit America in
April with two armoured cruisers.
An attempt is being made to suppress the habit of eating clay and
bricks, which is prevalent among tho
natives of India.
A Rare Bird In England.
The zoo bas Just received the flrst
hummingbird which has reached tb»
garden and the second which has ever
'arrived In England alive. It was
brought  from   Venezuela  by  Captain
I Pain, and its food is syrsp mixed with
extract of beef. Tbe bird is a dark
green ln color, with blue cheeks.—Lon-
1 ton Chronicle.
Rudolph Eisgonmenger, of Hungary, claims to have invented a machine to revive people when death is
only apparent.
Japanese silk men are protesting
vigorously gainst compulsory -examination of Japanese raw silk.
Their Complete Home Cur*.
Post Free to Readers of This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome Illustrated treatise,
giving full description of Rheumatism
and Paralysis, with instructions for
a complete home cure, describing the
most successful treatment ln the
world, recommended by the Ministry
and endorsed by medical men. This
highly Instructive book was written
by W. H. Veno, a gentleman who has
made a special study of these diseases- The preface ls by a graduate of
the University of Wurtzburg. Send
postal to-day and you will receive the
book free by return.—Address, The
Veno Drug Company, 24 King Street,
West Toronto.
The first building has been erected
at Dumas, a new town on the Waska-
da branch of the C.P.R.
Five Indians on the reserve near
Wolseley Iraised this yoar over 600
bushels of grain each.
Re Waa Wise.
Young Bachelor—You made a funny
error in congratulating the bride's father Instead of tbe bridegroom.
Old Benedict—No, I didn't I've a
daughter of my own, nnd I know what
they cost—Illustrated Bits.
Circumstantial Evidence.
Pickpocket (to lawyer who has got
tlm free)—Even you believed ine guilty.
Lawyer—Oh, no; not In the least
Pickpocket—Then why did you leave
your watch  and pocketbook home?—
Meggendorfer Blatter.
Meets the mother's need in caring
for the health of her little ones as no
other medlolne in tlie world can. The
Tablets euro constipation, indigestion, colic, simple   fevers, diarrhoea,
teething troubles and expel worms.
They break up colds and prevent
croup. They make children sleeo naturally and healthily, because they
remove tho cause of sleeplessness. And
thoy aro tho only modicum that gives
tho mother a solemn guarantee that
it contains uo opiate or poisonous
soothing stuff. They aro good for
children from birth onward; they al-
wnys do good—they cannot possibly
do harm. Mrs. Geo. Turner, Barry's
Buy, Out., says:"l havo used Baby's
Own Tablets for the troubles that
como to littio ones with perfect satisfaction. I think thero is no medicine can equal the Tablet's." Every
mother ought to keep a box of these
Tablets in the house as a safeguard
for hor littlo ones. Sold by all druggists or-jont by mail at 25 cents a
box by writing The Dr. Williams'
Medicino Co., Brockville, Out.,
Queen  Alexandra's Camerc.
A most Interesting feature of the fiftieth annual exhibition of the Royal
Photographic Society, London, Is a selection of splendid enlargements from
negatives, by Queen Alexandra. She
seldom travels wi.hout a camera; ln
fact, lt ls one of her most constant
companions, and her collection of photographs therefore ls both extensive
and unique.
One may note a strong evidence of
artistic feeling In the selection of the
subjects as displayed ln plottires chosen for the exhibition, and the fact that
they have stood enlargement so well
ls excellent testimony to the Queen's
technical knowledge of the art. In sea
views particularly the Queen's artistic
instinct is strongly marked with delightful cloud effects.
A remarkable photograph Is that of
a loyal crowd ln Denmark assembled
outside the Amallenbors Palace on th*
occasion of the King    ot   Pen—ark's
The Nova Scotia "Lumber King"
"I consider MINARD'S LINIMENT the BEST liniment in use.
I got my foot badly jammed lately. I bathed it well with MINARD'S
LINIMENT and it was as well as
ever next day."
Yours very truly,
Six members of the new British parliament  are Canadians.
Clean, crisp, Innocent V,
Fresh from the mint,
Bent forth ln this hard world    i
To do your stint,
It makes me rather sad
To see you go,
For soon your name will b*
"Tainted," I know.
Tou'll pass through divers wars
And crooked deals,
And wicked avarice
Will dog your heels.
Likely enough 'twill be
Your wretched fate
With "graft" besmirched notes to
You may be held In some
Trust pirate's thrall
Till there Is left you no I
Honor at all.
Then you'll be ostracized
By people good;
Condemned for others' sins,
Tbu could not even be \
Given away
For service with the Just;
You'd have to stay
With outcast cash, and all
Your days be spent
Under a ban, despit*
Your good intent.
melee's Vegetable Pills are very mild
in their action. iney do not cause
griping in the stomach dr cause disturbances there as so many pills do.
Therefore, the most delicate can take
them without fear of unpleasant results. They can, too, be administered
to children without imposing tne penalties which follow the use of pills not
so carefully prepared.
The president has pardoned Midshipman John Paul Miller, of Kentucky, recently convicted ol hazing at
Annapolis  naval academy.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Distemper.
Little .with had a habit.
Habit very bad,
Known, to make It brief, as "mussing"
Everything she had.
Little Edith thought her mamma
Inconsistent quite—
"Bays I muss and then I mussn'tl"
Said the puzzled sprite.
—New Orleans Tl**tics-Damocrat.
Bismarck's  Favorite  Kluurf.
Prince Bismarck, It Is said, bad a
curious superstition connected with
the number three ond apparently uot
without renson. He served three German emperors; he fought lu three
wars; he signed three treaties of pcuce;
he arranged the meeting of tlie three
emperors and established the triple
Patagonia was named by Magellan
from a Spanish word signifying "big
foot." He formed his Impression of
the natives before seeing them by tlie
Imprints of tbelr ample pedal exten
sions ln the sand.
Externally or internally it is good.—
When applied externally by brisk
rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
opens tho pares and penetrates the
tissues as fow liniments do, touching
tiie seat of tho troublo and immediately affording relief. Administered
internally, it will still the irritation in
tlio throat which induces coughing
and will curo affections of tho bronchial tubes and respiratory organs.
Try it and bo convinced.
flow XX Grrnt Actor Lived.
Charles Muthews, one day previous
to the period of his publicly proclaimed dire bankruptcy, Invited a friend to
dine with him. The walnuts were
washed down by some rare sherry.
"That's a delicious wine," his friend
exclaimed. "It must have cost you a
lot of money." "It didn't cost roe anything tbat I know of," the flighty comedian answered, wltb a shrug. "You
had It given to you, then?" tbe friend
suggested. "Oh, no," answered Mathews; "I bought It from Ellis, In Bond
street.'" -'But he will charge you something for It?" the friend exclaimed ln
astonishment "I believe he does writ*
something down in a book," Charles retorted gravely. "Let's have anothu
glass, my boy."
Beyond Criticism - -
Is a perfectly pure tea of the highest quality.
Lead Paokets Only.      40c,  50c, and 60c por Ib.        At  all
 Orooera.     Highest Award St. Louie,  1904.	
Thoroughbred Seeds ,'„ Great West
Perfect development.     We are many  times  over the largest
growers   of   Manitoba   grown Vegetable Seed.
SEED  GRAIN—We   distribute the seed throughout the   West
for "The Orange Judd Farmer,"    In The  Great Million  Dollar..
Contest.   We  Know, we  Have,we Do what we say. Catalog free
221  Market tt. -WINNIPEG, MAN.
Imperial   IVIapIo Syrup
Always    Satlafaotory
Ask your dealer for Imparl*! Maple Syrup.   Do not allow him to substitute
an interior artlole beoause It Is ohaapar.
•aiisWffiwwtjn*fTf*_^i%a^irrwi-T,iiiitiii-a r*u __■■, mi mm———
The Manitoba Qleim Adjusters
Collection and Claims
Collect account* In all parts of Manitoba.
Undertake the Collection of all Claims for short or damaged freight,
eto. Investigate and Colleot aU claims for personal injuries
stock killed, or crops destroyed by fire.
If you have a claim of suoh a nature, write us for 6ur
terms. Our Manager was for 5 years connected with the 'Legal and
Special Servico Department of the C. P. K. and will give all claims his
personal attention. ___.._____-_..^._
How the  Chinese  Attract  and  Then
Destroy EvU Spirits.
Recently the Chinese residents of the
Straits Settlements had a great procession, called "wnngkang," to get rid of
a large accumulation of evil spirits,
says a writer In the Chicago News.
Ceremonies of this sort nre beld by
the Chinese about once lu fifteen years.
The plan is to construct a richly decorated junk, fill it wilh dainty eatables,
money, live animals, incense and other
tempting things and then to take It
about the city with music and appropriate singing and great pomp generally.
This causes tlie evil spirits to come
out to see what is going on. Beholding the splendid junk and its rare contents, they crowd Inside. Demons of
sickness are especially sought for and
After the junk has been sufficiently
paraded so that it is chock full of demons, lt ls burned and the evil spirits
perish. Formerly the junk was Bet
adrift on the ocean, but sometimes ii
was stranded on sonic Island or other,
causing great suffering to the inhabitants thus exposed to the attacks of
the marooned spirits. So now the junk
is burned at the close of each ceremony
of tbe sort
The Chinese ln tbo vicinity of Singapore spent about $10,000 ln getting rid
of tbelr demons tliis fall.
"Oh, George, 1 don't think that new
safety razor of yours amounts to anything at all."
"Why not, denr?"
"Because I tried to use lt today, and
I couldn't do anything with lt."
'What were you trylug to do with
It J"
"I was only trying to sharpen a pencil, and lt wouldn't cut a bit"
Notes  From   the   Jewelers'   Circular.
Oold beads are used for the new
broud collars.
Green, roso and yellow gold with
platinum Is used lu a new Hue of gentleman's vest chains.
Scurfplns show odd designs, as a
pearl fish, a diamond owl, a Turk's
beuil In enamel and nu Interrogation
point of diamonds,
Chrysoprase and pearls, the green
nnd the white, it (ford a pleasing contrast
as employed with rose gold in sonic of
Uie lamt designs in the Ccrinun style
of "new art."
Sets of three handy pins are displayed In new openwork designs. Many
nro ln ring shape, composed of penrls
and rubles In alternation, and In tlie
center of the ring ... a single fiowcr on
t guld stem.
The Jar of
Hammer blows, steadily applied, break the hardest rock.
Couching, dsy after dsy, jars
and tears the throat and lungs
until the healthy tissues give
way. Ayer's Cherry Pectorsl
stops the couching, snd hesls
the torn membranes.
-I always kss* A,..'. Chmy raets—1 la
Ik* hsoss. Il (Ims parfset raUsf wktaarar
e»T ei ee bev. so**— — bars ooUU. I hav*
sisd It for . rraat maay nan sn* eejnem
ajjalteat it.--***. ll»«f 6s*»t_-_.».lerje-
SHIonsn***, constipation retard
trntrntfe C-rotlMMWitDAyor***"
There is a Delicacy of Flavor,
a Delicious Something in
the Rich Aroma of
Gold   Standard Tea
"Guaranteed the Best"
That brings you back to tha
grocor for another paoknge
wben vou have once tastod
it.   Buy a |iotintl now,
35, 40 and 60c. per pound
Every drink of liquor taken, forceQ
the heart beyond the natural beatj
It also causes kidney and live!
troubles. Nerve exhaustion la out
of the ailments brought on by overt
n.nderato drinking. Stop at once the
use of liquor. If lt Inconvenienced
you to du this It Is proof positlvt
that you have the disease of lnebrl
ety and need medical help. Thet
seek for the best aid. The Keele)
Cure has restored half a inIIlbn
people back to henlth, prosperttj
and happiness- Write today for evl
dence nnd we will prove our claims
Address In confidence,
133 Osborne St., Wlnnlptg.
Yonr Habitual  I'.iprpaaloa.
What kind of an expression do yon
wear habitually? Is it sour, morose,
repellent? Is It n mean, stingy, contemptible, Uncharitable, Intolerant expression? Ilo you wear the expression
of a bulldog, ii grasping, greedy, hungry expression, which Indicates an
avaricious nature? Do you go about
among your employees with a thundercloud expression, with a melancholy,
despondent, hopeless look on your face,
or do you wear Ibe sunshine expression which radiates good cheer nnd
hope, which Indicates a feeling of good
will and of helpfulness? Do peoplo
smile and look happier wheu you approach thom, or do they shrink from
you and feel a chilly goose flesh sensation eome over them as they seo you
It  makes   all   tbe  difference  In  tho
world to you and to those whom you
Influence what kind of nn expression
you   wear.—Orison   Swett   Manlcu   Inv
Success Mjigiu'.lne.
lied   Hair.
When red bail- makes Its appearance
on a human hend all Itikewnrinness ls
at un end. It Is either loved or loathed.
Its admirers, with artists In the van,
aro almost hysterically enthusiastic.
They call it golden, though tlio gold
Hint comes out of the earth Is not often
exactly thut shade. A red haired woman Is sure of n success in some quarter, however plain her face or Insignia-
cant ber figure, The detractors of red
hair sny it ls a sign of bad temper or
Immorality or both njuil therefore to be
scrupulously u\olilt4/-_<!Udon Queen. _«=£=£
.(    .i. .   ss—s^*nw   .   in. ■ .,. j i.s . mx  ii    ji   "i.i . .iimwwnmiuimi
(Established April 8,1889.)
,yrricE   24 4 4 Westminster avenue.
MRS. tt,  Whitney. Publisher.
Enulish Office—80 Fleet streot,
London, E. 0.,' England Where a
Jie of "T^e Advocate" _9 kept for
^U—leriptiou $1 a yoar  payable  in
6 oents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Vancovysr, B. C, April 14, 1900.
•Two tall white lilies uu an altnr lair,
A breath of balmy freshness in the air,
,Glftd peals of  Easter anthems ringiug
jA dawn of goldeu glory without cloud j
All emblems of a resurroctiou nun 11.
A hope of future  skies,  uuditumed by
Aud longings for a life all free from sin—
True life, above this earthly cure nud din.
Kot in some   future  laud,   beyond tho
But here, aud uow, let's see  thu Christ
JVoiu  out  the  rock-bo uud    tomb   0/
human hearts
tie may arise,  live,   move and  have a
•Through yon end   me,   aud   all   sonl-'
     great nnd small;
In blessing, healing, teaching, oue and
Ah path to heaven (harmony within)
And earth   an   Eden   bluom;  without
its sin.
—Harriet S. Bognrdus
JjOOhI Advertlsiug 10c a hue each issn
Display Advertising $1.00 por inch
por month.
Notices for Church nud Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   wnKr.E
will be charged for.
All   Advertisements nre  run regularly
' aud charged for until ordered they
be discontinued.
Transient    Advertisers   must   pay   iu
Notices ot Births, Marriages, autl Deaths
published free of charge.
Junction nl Westminster road ond Welt-Din-
sier   aveuue.      services   al    11   a, ra.,
and 7;UU|i,tn.i Slitldsy School  at 2:110 p.m.
Oufuerol Mm   antl IVesUnlnBler avenues.
S-.itvVil._i Ht lla.m., Hiul 7 p. m.: Sunday
Vho-,1 hihI iiji,i,< class HiSU i>.m.   Kev, A, E.
'Petheringtuti, 11. A.. H. I)., Pastor.
-'ar.onaK,' 1_S Klovenih avenue, wust.  Tcle-
l.oue BI249.
..Qi'iier Niii'li; avenue aud Ijueboi: street
aiKR VICES a I II a, Dl.,Rlld 7 ::«> p. 111.; Sunday
School sl_::i(i|i. m. Rcv.:iO(i.A.Wilson. B.A.
Pastor. Manse corner (il Rlglltll avt'llile and
bntarlu street.   Tel. IQOO.
Sr Michaels, (Anglican),
i.urner  Ninth  avenue  and I'rhice Edward
.Jreet. UKRVICESat II a. m id":„ll p.ra..
Holy Communion 1st and ltd Sundays lu each
moatli after morning prayer, 2d and 4ih Sun
laysal Ha. ill. Sunday School at 2:80 p.m.
ftev. ti. II. Wilson, Rector.
Rectory a7_ Thirteenth avenue, cast. Telephone 1117'ltl.
\(|vc(it Christina Church iiiot 7th day Ad*
..Milists), Keveiith avenue, near Westminster
ivenue. Services It's, iu., and 7:uu p. iu..
-iiinltiy School st Ida. 111. Young peoples'
sbtttelyoi l.(,yal Workers ol .Christian Baden*
vorin'eutk evory Rundiiy livening at 0:411 o'clock.
tlrnyer-ineet I un Wednesday 111 £hI. ntso'clock.
for   local   news   snbserilie    for  THE
'ADVOCATE "illy tl fur IS) months.
Nominations woro hold on Monday
for the various Boards nf School Trus
tees iu South Vancouver, which includes
District Lot 801 nud Township of
Polling takes place ou Saturday 14th,
(today) from 9 a. ui to 7 p 111. Five
Trustees are to be elected, the polling
places being ns follows: Collingwood
Sohool. Joyce road; Ebur.no School,
Townsend road; North Arm School,
River road; South Vancouver School,
in District Lot 801; Westminster Avenue School rud the Office of the Canada
Shingle Mills at Hastings.
The candidates are as follows:_, Wui-
Barclay, gardener, Bodwell road ; John
Ira Purr, nurseryman, Bodwell road;
James M. Fowler, gardener, Westminster road; George T. Gnrtell, farmer,
River road; Charles Hodgson, hardware
merchant, Epworth; Joseph Jones,
farmer, Westminster road; Neil
Neilson, farmer, River rOHfl; William
Tew pie, contractor, Sixteenth nveuue;
Malcolm R. Wells, saw-mill manager,
Eburue; Johu Joseph Wilbers, store
keepor of Hotel Vtuicouver, Central
faken  at
{•The Advocate"
•.TicljjetH. programs, business pards,
envelops, leltrfhends, milk tickets,
.11 fact, there is nothing too small
or loo large in commercial printing
u.r us.   Orders solicited.
£444 Westminster avenue,,
Mt   pleasant.
It is Interesting to note to how ninny
diffoieut pcrsoiiri and tastes thnt enter
tabling Canadian monthly, "The Busy
Man's Magazine" caters. In the April
number tbe Fronoh-Qnuadiau is gratified
by a sketch nf his coinnntroit, ex-Mayor
Laporte, Montreal; the Englishman, by
u sketch of John Burns; the Scotchman,
by a paper ou the Scot iu America; the
American, by a laudation of Orover
Clovelond, and the Frenchman, by a
sketch of the uew President of France
Women And entertainment and injgtruo
tiou iu urticalesou "The Win-Id's Most
Extravagant Women" nud ''Investing
for Women." The scientifically inclined
will welcome such papers us "The Ad
vent of the Motor Car on Railways,"
and -'Delivering Goods by Puetuuutio
Tube " Tho traveler will rend with de
light "Crossing the Ocean on a Palace,"
"From Paris to New York by Rail,"
and "Two Remarkable Rai'wnys," as
well as a bright essay on "Tips uud Tipping." The politician is catered toby
an artlole ou "Election Expenses in
Eugland," while many more tastes nro
gratified iu the thirty odd nrticles in
the April unuibor.
When convenient go to a shoemaker
who will take exact measurements and
make a lioot to fit, for they will be
much more comfortable and really
better physically, because they will b-
moulded to tho characteristic curves, r.
depression in the instep or n large muscle in another place that might cause
pain, even a sort of lameness, if ready-
made shoes wero pnt ou. uutil they bad
been worn several times aud broken in,
as it is called.
Many persons declare tlint high heeled shiics are not only injurious to the
health, but that tbey really ruin the
shape of the foot. What...would H
woman or 11 youu;.- girl with n dainty,
high-arched instep wear if she couldn't
get a shoe shaped like her foot? It is
obvious that she oould not wear a low
heeled, flat soled boot withont not only
being uuconiforta'nle, bnt actually having pain, for the pressure nn the instep
and arch would be loo much. In the
same way a girl with a comparatively
low instep and flat foot would be really
torturing herself if she wore high heeled
shoes with arched insteps.
On exactly the same principle as tho
lii;li and low heels, some can wear soles
of leather as thick ns men, while ntlier'i"
would be in agony with any but a Chin,
almost paper-like sole. This, however,
in more depeudeut on habit than on the
formation of the font. A child whose
mother lr f iil'.vhys bought thin soled
shoes for It usually wears them when it
grows op, while those Who have grown
1 cciisioine.i tn thick cues delate  tln.l
You Won't Be
DISSAI'OINTED IF YOU COME HERE  expecting to gej'PtriQtly New-laid
Eggs or tho Best Quality of-Bntter at the price moutioned iu our ndvertisemcufa.
Fresh.Eggs,.per dozen  "...   26c, ' Creapiery Butter, per lb; 2Gc, 30c ap- S5c.
. " '' ''   Potatoes, very flue, per sack, $1.15
We have just received iu onr Furniture Department n fine lot of Rockers,
Diners apd Couches.    Get our prices before buying elsewhere.
S. T. Wallace £ffiK."v'',m'"'''
, Telephone 1286-
t**a^%^^a******1^a**tA*****m*6***ta**  ****0**10***r**r***f00***r0*<0^
25c Lb.
20c & 25c Dozen.
Smith ™£,.r
Successor to W. D. Muir.
•Imiction of West-minuter Road aud Ave.
'Phone 20D8.
Trimmed  and   Ready-to-wear
Hats—very lutes modes.
Everything is Fjrst-claasTVnd
at Moderate Prices
W. W. Herklev
.Royal Bank op Canada Eoii.diko
Corner Seventh  nud  Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasant.
 will find it to their advantage
to obtain from
the Great-West
n copy of thoir circular
which explains how a small
monthly payment will provide for the repayment of
loan and interest, and how,
in the event of the death of
the boi-rb\v-'r, the home will
he left free  of encumbrance.
Geo. H. HALSE,
426 Richards St.        Vancouver, B.C.
Get Yoi'r Flowering
Shrubs & Perennial
if***   PLANTS  fy***
v It n m
Keeler T!,eDAHUA
Nursery  & Greenhouses,   corner of
Fifteenth aud Westminster avenues.
The Cheapest Place in the Citv.
the light ones positively give them pnin
and blisters when they walk.
Habit-forming Medicines.
Whatever may be tbe fact as to many
of tho so-called patent medicines con-
tulnintt Injurious Ingredients as broadly
published In sons Journals of moro or
lest Influence, this publicity has certainly
been of great benefit. In urou-tng needed :
attention U> this subject, It has. In a !
coiisldorahlo measure, resulted In the
most Intelligent people avoiding such
lends and medicines as may he fairly suspected of containing the Injurious Ingredients complained uf. Recugnl/.lng tbls
fact some timo ago. Dr. I'lcrcc, ol Buffalo,
N. Y., "took time by the forelock," as It
were, and published broadcast all the
Ingredients of which his popular medicines arc composed. Thus he has completely forestalled all harping critics and
sll opposiliou that, might otherwise be
tirgoil against his medicines, because they
are now ok known composition. Further—ore, from the formula printed on
every bottle wrapper, it will lie seen that
these medicines contain no alcohol or
otber hablt-fprm!ng drills. Neither do
they contain any narcotics or injurious
agents, their ingredients being purely
vegetable, tsxtracted from tho roots of
medicinal plants found growing In the
depths of our American forests and of
well recognized curative virtues.
Instead of alcohol, which even In small
portions long continued, as lu obstinate
Cases of diseases, becomes highly objectionable from Its tendency to produce a
craving for stimulants. lJr. Pierco era-
ploys chemically pure, triple - refined
glyaerlne, which of Itself is a valuable
remedy In many cases of chronic diseases,
being a superior demulcent, antiseptic,
sntlferment and supporting nutritive.
It onhanoes the curative action of the
Golden Seal root. Stone root. Black
Cherry bark and Bloodroot, contained In
"Golden Medical Discovery," in all bronchial, throat and lung afflictions attended
with severe coughs. As-will be seen from
the writings of the enilnont Drs. Orovor
Coe, of New Yetk; Bartholow, of Jefferson Medical College, Phlla.; Scudder, of
(.'liiclnniitl: Elllngwood. of Chicago:
Hale, of Chicago, and others, who stand
as leaders In their several schools of
practice, the forogolng agents are (As
very beet Ingredients that Dr, Pleroe
could have chosen to inuko up his famous "Discovery" for the cure of not
only bronchial, throat und lung affections, hut also of chronic catarrh la all
It. various forms wUeruvur located.
INSIST on having
fluir's BREAD
You take no chance of getting something inferior when you buy Muir's
It is  the Best,  Purest
and Cheapest—
24 Loaves for $ I cash.
Housekeepers    by    doiug-awny    with
brcnd-uiakiug   will find   time tor
rest, amusement and reading.
•'Phone 448.'
Mr. Lome Hutchings, son of Mr. aud
Mrs G. W. Hutching?, who is n student
at Columbia College, New- Westmiustor,
has been homo this week with severe
Mr. A. R. Thomas, Managing Director and Secretary of the Norma Mines,
has leased the farm of ex-Councillor
David Gray, Home road, South Vanconver, Mr. Gray has resided on the
place fur 14 years, ond is contemplating goiug to Alberta to reside.
Advices from Now York indicate that
the overwhelming garincni favorite of
the season is the Eton suit. Probably
ten garments of this typo will bo sold
to one of any other. It is extreinelj
popular. Unquestionably tlio distinguished type of tbe season's fashion is the
Princess stylo But the ensy adaption
01' tbe Pri 11NTB stylo to the ready-to-
#pm- garment business is tp be question
ed, for the rensoii thai iho Princess garment should conform absolutely to the
lines of the figure. Therefore retail
men hulls .com disposed to give the
Eh.il snils the pri'ici't nee. (JllUSldcl'tlble
p-o nn. nee has been giveu lo the Pony
oout and earlier ill the BOH SOU it wns pi",
diei'd thnl it was In bn llie leading nov -
elty in spring and summer wcur but ir
is now said that Hire are few women
who look well in Pouy coat, end the
tnrde is not showing iii ■ interest in the
garment thai was looked for.
SomlcostnuiDS or shirtwaist suits
ui me lu 1 l.iff.e.i infieta, With loncht— of
(latin.-- I ee, a.c more popular thai; ever
tii.; Benson, Tli -y tire .smart i'i rose,
r.-■(■.", cura] and navy, black of eour.o
being always ill favor.
Tbe white embroidered belt is eon
ceded 1-y ov-eryono to be Ihe fid of the
season II Is ihiiwii in all ..cries, to
retail from 10 cent* up
Ii: the newest spring tlrWB gnosis ire
jiocn (ley .-crgoB, pi'.nama sqtllngs, nxa*,-
nish English tweeds, hairline "tripes,
c'.'.eeU. gud ovcrpbtid effects.
CSrry promises to be.lastiug popularity
owing to its peculiar adaptability and tq
the possibilities it offers (or variety in
both the plain colors and the novelty
Thk Anvoc'AiK is the brst advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tel. 111405
Master Earlc Jull, son of Mr nud Mrs
T. F. Jull of Niuth avenue, met with a
very painful accident on Saturday nfternoon last- While out with a crowd of
boys having a good time ho fell of a log
aud sprained his right wrist and was
bruised pretty badly. After four or five
days in bod the yonng man is around
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at IS minutes to 7, every Snudivy
eveuing iu Adveut Christian Church,
Seventh ilventie, near Westtn'r avo.
Epworth ..liiiiigue of   Mt.    Ploaso—t
Methodist Cliufcli ine/Jts at IS p. in.
'3. Y. P..U.,'liieets  in  Mt, Pleasant
Baptist ChurcliHt.8 p.m.
.   The Y. P'. K. 'O.E.. meots at 8 p. 111
In'Mt. Ploasnsaut Presbyterian Church
Ht. Pleasant FEED STORE
• Vernon Brothers
Hay, Grain, Fit—ir and Seeds.
Reniiie's Seeds.
Stock and Poultry Foods.
2241  Westminster ave,      Mt. Pleasant.
See Wheu Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and 4th Mondays of the month
Jonrt Vancouver, I. 0_, F., meets nt
8 p ni.
Mt. Pleimnnt Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F.
meets at t, p. in.
Vanconver  Conncil   No.  211a,   Caii-
aoian Order of Chosen Friends meets
the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladios of the
Maccabees holds its regular meetings on
the 1 st, and lid Fridays of the month
Personal notices of visitors on
nt. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
*f**J*mY*f*atAl i
9*00*00 *000000**0*000000000000000 '
One-half Acre, (0 lots), cleared and
fenced, 8-room house, chicken
house, on James stroet, South Vancouver ; prico $900. Very easy terms
10 lots ou Twenty-fourth avenne,
38x122>i foet. Ooruor lots on
Ontario street, |700; 7 lots N09. 7, 8,
8, 10, 11, 12,f200cach, No. 18 corner
lot (250. These lots are partly
cleare(l.   Very easy terms
Lot 20x182 on Westminster avenue;
two-storey building, iu fine condi
tion; leased for 2 yenrs; title perfect.    Prico  ."..: 17 500.
Store on 28-ft. lot, on Westminster nve
uuc; building rented ; flue location,
near Ninth avenue.    Price |6.500.
House of 5-rooms, Eighth aveuue;
electric light, bath; lot 83x120.
Prico    $2,000.
House of 7 rooms, coruer Lansdowne
avenue aud Scotia street; lot 50x120.
Price $2,000.
Corner of Eighth anennc and Victoria
street; 90 feet on Eighth and 182
feet ou  Victoria $1,000.
8-roonied Cottage on Cordova Street,
cast; trees aud flower garden; a
lovely home $2,700.
0 Lots, cleared aud plowod, William nud
Park Drive; on cnrline. Easy terms.
 ■ $450 each.
5 Lots ou (.rant stroot—Grrapdvicy*—
overlooking the city;   very  ohoice
lots. Terms $a.9B0J
Bouble iSorner—
Westminster nvonue, Mt. Pleasaut,
$7,000. The best coruer left on
the Hill.
* *   •
Oood Investment—
4 Houses on   Ninth   avenue;   all
rented; $4,200.   Terms.
* «   »
. *    *   *
-'!'-.' :'* ■:'■   -    '•:
Beautifully   Situatko   Resilkntial
Lot  on  Burrard   street;    $1,200.
List your  lots  aud  property
Mrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telephone _140r>.
Advertising is the education of the
purchaser of the merits of different
that which adds to his comfort and am-
consumer. It Informs the prospective
goods and brings him Into touch with
pllfles his happiness.
Advertize 111 the "Advocate."
Argyle House
The pig Bargain Dry Goods Store of B, C.
Regular price 10c per ynrd;    Remnant Snlo price,  10 yards for 75o
Special Sale of
Turkish Towels
Size 10x110 BrpWU . Worth 460 for 4—
" 17*30 White. . Snlo price 4 for BBo
Size. 25x8« Brown I Worth COc per pair—
" 20x87 White ( Sale, price 40c per pair.
17-in. All Linen Cresh Towelling worth 18^0 per yd.; Bale price 8&c-
All Linen Towels worth 50c each for 85c
worth 6ric eaoh for 50c ; worth 75c for 60c
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
Good Buys in
Real Estate!
$300 Buys 4 lots In District Lot 801. 6 Room Houso on Har h Htrnt.
4 Do-irnble Lots in suburb of Mt. Pleasant, $76.00 each.
2 Lots ou Curl avenue.
$4,200 bnys Two-storey Storo on Westminster avenue; living rooms onsralvs
2 Lots on Fourteenth avenue, east of St. Catherines street; splendid looiMtji.
price $160 each; terms.
A fine farm at Peachland, B. C.; 2 acres of the finest laud iu the Okanogan •  •       '
fenced; 200 Fruit Trees, 100 Peach trees. 25 Apple trees, tho balauoo Cherrt.
Pears and Plums.   The Okuuagau Country can compete with the world in frrn
Best of fishing, hunting and boating.   Owner obliged to sell    The greatest sua     i
ou the market today.   Prico $1,050.00.     Terms.
Mrs. R- Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
lit. Pleasant.
Wf»IWSiM*WW»»iW» ww»» »W»»»»»»» W»S»W»i>»»Hli»»
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
t. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. ltlmeets every
Tuesday at 8 p. in , inOddfelloWB Hall
Westminster avonue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—G. W, Jamieson.
Ri. oor ding   Secretary-  Frank
Triiublo.cor. Ninth ave. A Westmiu'r rd.
I, O. F.
Court Vancouver 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. ni., In
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren always weloome,
OftIBIF Ranoer—A.  Peugelly.
:I14 I'rinccssHtreet. City.
Financial Secretary—J. 13.Abernethy
Address: Cure 2318Westminsteruvonuo
Alexandra Hive No. 7,  holds regu(n..
Review  2d and 4th Mondays of eucli
month in Knights  of  Pythins    Hal''
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Ladies nlways welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs, N. Pettipieci,
25 Tenth avenue, east.
Lady Record Keeper—K.is. J. Mnri'-
Niuth avenue.
Vancouver Couneil,  No.  211a,  meet
even- 2rt nud  4th  Thursdays   of eaeb
month,  in  I   O. O, F„   Hall, Wesl
minster nveuue.
Sojourning  4—'lends always Welcome
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor. '
Hsu Tenth eye , cast.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
—2S WcsticiiiHtf i iivunuu.   Tt'l. *7Cll.   ,
fc^^ri^j © • ® ^j/*r$^_*e
• O'C^.C^ • • • O'O.O'*
& South Vancouver.
'•The Advooate" givos all tho Local News of Mi-. Pleasant from
week to week for $1 00 per year; six mouths 50c. An interesting
Serial Story is always kept.running; the selections in Woman's
Realm will always be fouud full interest to up-to-date women; Ihe
miscellaneous items are always bright, entertaining and Inspiring.
Now arrivals on Mt. Pleasant will become rnedily informed of the
commnnity nnd more qnickly interested iu local happenings if
they snbscribo to "The Advocate."
Telephone NumUers of Local Ministers.
BUM—Uev* H. 11. Wlli-on,(Anglican). -
llliiii—Uev. Q, A. Wilson, (I'reshyteriiinl.
. Hl'_l.i-I.-v. A: E. Iletheiiiigton, (Uetnodlati
is only $1.00 n year,
50c. for 0 mouths,
850 for 8 mouths
"The Advocate" wishes auy carelessness iu delivery reported to the Oltlce
telephone B1405.
A Monthly Magazine   devoted to the
Uso of English.   Josophiuu Turck
Bakor, Editor.
$1 n year; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanston, 111., U. S. A,
Partial Coutonts for this-Mouth.*—
Course in English for tbo Begiuuer;
course in English for tho Advanced
pnpil. How to Increase Oiie's Vocabulary. The Aft of Conversation. Should
and Would; how to use them. Prouun
oiation. Correct English in the Home.
Correct Euglish in tho School. Business Euglish fnr the Business in.
Studies in Euglish Lltcinture.
Get your work dono nt tho
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Unoerwoou, Propriotor.
BATHS- Bath room fitted with Porcelain    Bath    Tub    and  all   modern
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Phkbb and
80 Fleet St., Loudon, E. 0., England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Evcrjsbne knows that  for anything
to become known, it must be talked
about.      For  an  article    to    beconn.
popular its  virtue must be made tjtq
subject  ot a public    announcement!
That   is   advertising!      Consequently
if the  survival  of the  fittest  applies
to  business   principles   as   well  as   i-
docs tn other walks o( life, the  bet
ter   the   advertising—the   better     th
publicity—the     better     the     results
Good  results  mean    good    businc
and   goml   business     is    what   ever
merchant  advertises  for.     If  he   di
not   wisli   to   excel   in   his   particula
line,  he  would  not  take  the  trottbl
to    write    an    advertisement,   muc
more   pay   for   the  costly  newspape
and  magazine  space—British  Adve
SmscitiBE to
Paper NOW!
Don't be n Borrower of a
]in|MU- whicll only costs $1.00 a
80  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Anrone sending a sketch nnd doiurlptlon '11,17
quickly n-srertnln nur oplnimi !r.,o whether an
Invention I. prnbnbiv pnten—bw, Coniiminlpn-
tlons strictly cmilalciiltul. HandbookOlll'atnnU
lunL firo. (ll'lesl nuenr-y for secnrlnc pnteins.
PntuutS tulton llii'inrl, Mima A CO. Ict-lTfl
xpeetnt nvttce, wit tiou. clinn.0. lu lbs
Scientific American*
Abiindmunnlrtlliifili-Atod wo^kif. I-nrciuL dr-
culntlnii of uny pi'lcntldti lonrnnl. 1'orm*. %3 ft
renr; futir luimtliB, fl. Sola by nil PCWfi1o«l«Tf>
MUNN & Co.36'00—' New York
Branch nillci. Hi. V St.. Ws.shln«t(,n. I). 1:
Advocate $1
for 12 Month:
To Housekeepers
If you would like to speud less time in your
kitolicn and woodshed, and have much more
time for outdoor life, recreatiou and pleasure,
look into the question of doiug your cooking
with a Gas Range.
Telephoue your address to our ofllco and we will send a mnn to
measure yonr premises and give yon an estimate of cost of installing th* gas pijn«
Vancouver Gas Company.
OrriCE: comer of Cnrrall and Haittiugs stroets.
"   Ha,


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