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Mt. Pleasant Advocate May 19, 1906

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v I
Devoted to thi: interests of Mt. Pleasant and-South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three months35c, _l_ Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Whole No. 875.
Mt.  Pleasant, Vancouvhb,   B.   0., Saturday, May  19,  1906.
(Eighth Year.)  Vol. 8, No.
I ocal Items.
TIM McCuaig Auotion and Ooumiis-
O* • 'n.. Ltd., next toOarneige Library,
justings street, bny Furniture for Cash,
sVortiioi auction Sales and handle
•Mjicrnpt Stooks of ivery description,
tatistaotioiilguaranteed.   Phone 1070.
Thn fonng People of the Mt. Pleasant
Presbyterian Church are preparing for a
picnic at Oapilan on the 34th of May.
Mr. A. B. Netherby, lately connected
with the Royal Bank of Canada, at
Nelson, has assumed the Management,
of the Mt. Pleasant Branoh. Mr.
Netherby arrived on Friday last.
Invitations have been issued for the
marriage of Miss Sara H., youngest
daughter of Mrs. S. Hatch, Thirteenth
avenue, to Mr. Lome J. Barclay on
Wednesday May 38d, at 10 a. m.
,   :o:
Chas. Rttuuie, teacher of Violin and
Cornet. Special attention giveu to young
pupils. For terms, etc., apply nt Stndio,
97 Eleventh avenne.
>   Master Jack, the little son of Mr. and
I Mrs. H. T. Devine, was operated on at
the City Hospital on Wednesday for a
f growth in his throat.   The little man
Is doing nicely and it is hoped will soon
be troll.
R«r. Dr. Potts of Toronto, will preach
in the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church
hon Sunday eveniug. Dr. Potts is Educa-
>tional Secretary for the Methodist
Chnrch in Canada, and is one of its
I ablest preachers.
Dentistry as we prnctico it is a serious profession,
involving education, carefulness and skill. Therefore wo can not compete in prices with the ignorant, the careless or tho unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that we charge less than half as mnch as
most private practioners.
Bnt yon ask, Ib the work as good? We reply, it
is better ludeed, no dentist who tries to praotioe all the different
branches of dentistry can achieve such magnificent results as we do
with our corps of skilled specialists
The Season for Painting is now on.
I    A    Pl«**   l *A  Mt- PLEASANT
■f Qu'-W
•PHONE aa36
Coruer Seventh and Westminster avenues.
Tel. 4 4 7.
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1506.
Office Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;  Sundays 9 a.m.,  to 2 p; m.
Ontario Maple
We have just received our usual large
consignment of Eastern Maple Syrup.
THE PRIOE wiU be the same aa last
year and the quality equally as good if not better.
,     Place your order with us at once as it will not last long.
Good Butter our specialty.
Good Potatoes $i per sack.
I    WOOD.—Fir Edgings or Slabs, 8 loads
i for $5, single lurid $2. Telephone 2434,
I '.""I.e IAdies' Aid of Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Chnroh  gave  an enjoyable
.picnic at the Stanley Pork on Thursday
i afternoon in houor pf Mrs. J.I.Smith
of  Epworth.   Mrs.'Smith  expects   to
'leave for _a visit  to Eastern friends
'very soon.
S  :o:	
I Mrs. D« Tworuieki and son of Manchester, Euglaud, aro expected about
■tlie 24th, to visit Mr. J. F. Rosa nud
family of Sixth avenue, east. Mrs. De
Twornichi is the eldest child of Mr.
Ross and has hot seen her family for
14 years. • ***** +
RING UP 914 for a good load of
Cedar Wood * 1.25 a load, or leave orders
at 508 Seventh avenue, east.—Crocker
Bros. , Dealers in Wood.
Oh Thursday May 24th, tho Maple
Leaf Seniors and Intermediates will
each play their first game of the season
at New Westminster. There should be
a large attendance of local supporters
of the local teams. Be sure and have a
little bunch of rah-rahs in yonr throat.
The very latest styles lu Canadian
and American makes and designs in
Winter Shoes for Meu, Women aud
Children at R. MILLS, the Shoeman,
its Hastings streets, west.
, Mr. Thos. McClay who recently arrived io Vanconver has entered iuto
partnership with his brother Mr. S.
McClay. Mr. McClay hou been for the
past five years engaged as Government
Engineer in Znluland aud Bnildiug
Inspector iu Durban.
Read tho New Vork Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New Tork Dental Parloni for your work
At the morning service tbe Rov. E
Manuel of Grand Forks will preach.
In the eveuing Rev. Dr. Potts of
Toronto will preach.
The Choir will render special music,
all are weloome.
FOR SALE: a small Upright Piano;
ipply ot "Advocate" Offlce.
— :o:——
Mrs. Burnham and Miss Bnrnbam
returned on Fridny last from Los
3atos, Cal., where they havo been for
nore than a year. Mrs. Burnham ex-
leriencetl tbe terrors of the earthquake,
ts Los Gates ia only lity miles from
3an Franeiseo. Mr. and Mrs. Burnham
lave rented Mrs. Miller's resideuee,
■orner of Eleventh avenue and Quebec
FOR RENT: flat of 6 rooms, $12.50
>er month. * Immediate possession.
Apply at "Advocate" Office.
There was a very large audience in
.tteudance at tho laoturo giveu by Rev.
,nd Mrs. Louis Turnbull on Thursday
veiling in Mt. Pleasaut Methodist
Jhuroh. Tho lecture was ou India,
nd it was ocrtninly very instructive
nd ontertaing. The people with their
ustoms, castes aud religious were
lesoribed, views of the people, cities,
omples, gods and scenery wero shown,
nd articles naed in evory-day life,
ruamontB and costumes were exhibited
Changes for advertisements should be
a before Thursday noon to insure their
mblication.        *
WJ8 *9jC *Vj91amS a***}
We have a   complete
line of Papeteries,
Letter Pads,
. Writing^ Paper,
Envelopes, Eftc,
at  down-town prices.
Always open.
'Phone 790.      Free Delivery.
Mrs. Thos. Foster pud her youngest
son Mnster Harry, left on Monday for
a three or   four  months  trip   through
England, Scotland and Ireland.
, :o:	
Mr. J. Buntzeu, Managing Director
of the B. C. E. Ry. Co., with Mrs.
Bunt—m, will spend the summer iu
Read A Ross & Co.'s Costume Sale.
The Ladies' Aid of Mt. Pleasant
Presbyterian Church met at the home
of Mrs. Mixon on Wednesday. It was
decided to hold a Strawberry Sale early
iu June.
Come in and see our list of good buys,
on good terms and good titles I— 2444
West—_isjor avenue.
Mr. Geo. E. Trorey has given to tho
public of Vancouver a handsome Clock,
which stands outside Mr. Trorey's
Jewelry Store, corner of Hastings and
Granville streets The clock measures
20 feet. The four faces of the clock are
encased in heavy glass and it is lighted
By properly adjusted jjlassos Dr.
Howell at tho I!urnm 1 Sanitarium Ltd.,
relieves eye strain which causes headache and other nervous troubles
Mr. W. T. Murphy will today opeu a
Gen't Fnrnishiug Store in the Bnrritt
Block, next to Mt. Pleasnut Postoftice
Everything is up- to-dnte in style and
first -class in quality. Mr. Murphy is a
well-known young ninii on Mt. Pleasant
and is sure to rccoivo liberal support
from the citizens. Call today and see
the offlerings in Geut's Furnishings.
The Stridor Shoes for Men are pronounced in style, rare In quality and
sflporior in workmanship. Thoroughly
reliable aud contains all that' anybody
can give for $5.00.—R. MILLS, 119
Hastings stroot, west.
Road Mrs. Merkley's advertismout on
4th pago, of speoial iutercst to women.
P/lt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $8,000,000.   Reserves $8,487,000.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bonk Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
A. B. Nellierby.Siib. Manager.
Read the Real Estate column on last
page of this paper.
.Miss Rena McLaren visited Mrs,
W, A Wood, Howard street, for a fow
days tins week.
■ :o: —
Mr. and Mrs. Cockerill late of Winnipeg, hnve rented Mrs. Steel's home
2531 Quebec street.
Mrs. H. O Loe was at home to a large
number of friends on Wednespay afternoon afc her home 64 Ninth avenue, weBt
Miss Marshall, late trimmer for T.
Eaton, WinnipegJ and D. MoColl,
Toronto, is now head milliner with
Mrs. Merkley.
Mr. Geo. Wood returned to Vernon,
on Thursday after a visit to his brother
W. A. Wood and the Methodist Conference, Victoria.
We have inquires for Binall houses
and cottages on Mt. Pleasaut. List
your property for Rent at 2444 Westminster avenne.
Advertise In "The Advocate."
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Sponges at prices ranging from 5c to $5.
All the leading makes of Toilet Waters and Soaps-
A Special line of CARBOLIC SOAP 6 cakes for Me.
Corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
11        Wholesale and Retail
J1 Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats. Fresh Vegetables always ''
] j on hand. Orders aplicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview *
1   Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry in seasou. •     !
J1 Tel. 2806. \ \
King's Heat market
R. Porter *St Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Vegetables always ' i
A word about Biscuits
Jacobs'from Dublin
Polo,       Macaroons,       Butter Cream,
Oaten,    Petit Beaurre,    Keil Fingers,
Imported Direct.
The goods are Ohoice. The prices are Right. Try them.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   lit. Pleasant.
Telephone  1860.
That the qnlokest way to get to a man's heart is through his stomach, by feeding
him well. The same may be said about the girls If yon don't think so try a
nboxolLOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES. We have just received a
nice line of Lownoy's—somo of the latest.
_L-/-Y VY , Wants to See Y<
The Mt. Pleasant Bazaar
Auction & Commission House
at 2313 Westminster avenue.
We carry a full line of Housefuruishiugs Goods.
We also buy anything in the Household line or
we will sell it for you at Auction.
Don't forget the time and place.       Satisfaction guaranteed.
Mrs. E H. Peace aud children returned on Thursday from a week's visit to
———— :o:	
Mr. H. J, FoOto is  bnildiug  a  two-
stojy addition to   his  home  on Niuth
Mrs. E. J.  Manning will receive on
the 3d Tuesday of   tho   month   at  her
home 2110 Scotia street.
—. io:
Advertize in tho "Advocate."
I Saturday j
(May 10th)
! |   with a complete stock   11
2415 Westminster avenue
Mt. Pleasant. ] i
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Do_., pints % I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Te!. 4_9
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house. _,
Fine line of New Wheels just in.   Anyone prepared to pay Cuah oan
get Rock-bottom Prices ou the best Bicycles made.
I W. J. Annand,
T      IOO Hastings Btreet, cast.
>      Telephone 1285.
fJaV Bicycle and Automobile
Repairing in all Its branch*,
catly and Promptly done.
Subscribers are requested to
report any carelessness in the delivery
of "The Advocate."
 '." Special Values in   "
Co!tunea made of fine lustre; skirt 9-gorp with wide pleaits nnd flare
botom. waist front nud back pleated, latest i t.yie .-.leeve, deep cuff tuckeoV
in i-liad '8 of emerald green, brown, navy aud Llack Special $0.50 each.
Wash Suits, including muslins, ginghams, print, clianilirii. s aud linens,
In a large variety of shades and colors Special foi $1.50. $2.50, $8.50,
♦4.50 and np.
^     A.   ROSS &  CO., 30,3%XnonCe°Sr "
Telephone 574. £
«-*V%^^^%-'%%^^%^-%^^V%^.<%.%^%^%%' -sV»
MrB.   W.   A.   Wood,   2018   Howard
atreet, will recoive for the last time till
autumn ou Wednesday May 23d.
 IOI    ,.    ,
Tho'B. O Electrio Railway have had
meu at work all this week replacing thu
atoel mils ou Westminster avounc, Mt.
Pleasant, with heavier onos.
The Mt. Pleasnut Presbyterian Church
Ohoir gave au "At Home," complimentary to Mr. Johnstone, ou Friday ove
ning at tho homo of Mrs H. %\ Thompson, Ninth aveuuo, west. Mr. Johusou
leaves shortly for tho N#th.
Bofore starting ou a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements iu tho
C. O. C. F.
The Canadian Order of Chosen'
Friends, Vancouver Council No. 21 la,
Wt. Pleasant, will hold their next
meetiug on May 81st, instead of
May 24tb. A full attendance of tho
members is requested us thero is very
Important business to   transact, as to
the continued success of tho lodge.
__ 0.	
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver, Iudepcndent Order
of Foresters mot on Mouday eveuing in
Oddfellows' Hall with Chief Ranger
A. Pengelly presiding. A candidate
was put through the mysteries of the
Order, and much important business
transacted. Bros, Wui. H. DeBon, It.
Graut uud li. S. dimming., were appointed a Committee to coufir with
Courts Burrnrd and Brueside iu arranging for the annual Church Parade on
by Sunday June 17th.
On Tuesday evening 22d, in Oddfellows' Hall, the St. Miuhuid's
Pickauinny Minstrel Troupe will appear,
and it is hoped a huge nndieuco will
greet the clever juvenile performers
The jokes are of tho latest, tho music
catchy, aud the drills and comic features
of the bost. .11 evening of pleasant enjoyment i., promised. The udunasion
for adults is 25c and for children 15c.
Central Meat
Ninth ave.i Westminster road.
Meat of ell   kinds continually
on hand
Poultry nud Came   in season.
Best   of   Vegetables   on    the
Woodrow Zs
•   ***   Williams
Frank Trimble, Manager.
Telephone OKI.    Prompt Delivery.
a**9***$0*mm0*^am0*A****mm*^ I
I Telephone $ 0 21   Buchanan & Edwabds
We hava tho largest selection of
Stock Pattern Dinner Sets
in the city—10 dillcrent lines of which ynu cau buy any part.
Lot ns show yon our latest arrivals.   They aro Boantles.
97-pieco Dinner Rets  .$7.00
08-pieco Dinner Sets, heavy gold borders.. r $12.75
B8-picco Dinner Sets,  illuinlnatod $15.00
Besides dozens of others to select from.
Buchanan & Edwards
662 664 Granville St.
'Phone 2021.      *
For a Game ol
Pool or Billiards
Orop In at
Mt. Ploasant.
Boot antl Shoomaklng
and Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2154 Westminster avenuo.
60 Genuine Ladies' Leather
Pocket Book8,nsaorted colors,
regular prico 7Ac, Saturday (
t) a ui, 25c eaoh.
86 Ladies' Hand Bags, Genuine Morrocco Leather, Gnu
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$1.76, Saturday 9 a. in , at
48 Ladies' Bags, Genuine
Morocco Leather, 8 colors
assorted, leather lined, regular $1.60, Saturday 9 a.m.,
Coruer Hastings and Grnnvtle Ste.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. R.
Catsup,   2 bottles. 28c
Liptou's Pickles 25c a bottle
No. I Potatoes $1.28
per sack.
McKinnon & Gow, -
146 Ninth Ave. OpiKisito No.8 Firo Hall
Telephone B1.4J1). Prompt delivery.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover aud Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  BeefKcrnpe, Etc.
Tiili-hho-u.   ir.a.7.
svsaus   *
Royal Crown
thk Bust in thk World. Drop
us a post card asking for a
Catalogue of Premiums to bo
hail free for Royal Ckown
TheCanadian Bank
of Commerce
Deposits of One Dollak uud npwarda
roocived and interest allowed thereon.
Bank Money Orders  issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. m. to 8 p. ra
Saturday*: 10 a m to 12 m., 7 to 8 p.m.
East End Branch
444 Westminster
If you miss Tire Advocatk^wi
I Linked by Fate \
Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage   \;
el Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid
For," "A Modern Juliet," Etc
?+♦ ♦ ff'l ♦ >+♦■»♦ -r-M-f-r-H-M-M-+ »♦♦.♦♦♦♦+ + ♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦♦♦«.
Continued from last week.
"Ah, j/bs,'TiiFt" f do not!'"" he said,
not in tho tone with which such compliments aro paid, but a little hoarsely, with a twitch of the thin lips,
a restless movement of the white
hands so near her gleaming shoulder,
"f never forget, never lose tho chance
of being near you, von know."
"Hush!" she whispered with her
voice of subtle music, "Vou must
listen to tho play—anil lot mo ilo
There was a pause, during wliich he
looked, not at the stage, but at her
—lookod with the passion smouldering in his eyes, beating in the sallow cheeks which had grown somewhat sunken, breathing from the set
llos-^and sho. leaning, hack and fee'-
lng nis gaze, seemed so serenely, exquisitely calm and emotionless that
one would have suid that no passion
could liavc [lower to touch her even
with the ends of its burning fingers.
But suddenly, though her eyes did
not move, her bosom rose and fell
quickly. She had heard a stop i« the
corridor—Vane entered the box.
She did not turn her head, but despite herself, her marvelous power of
self-control, the color dyed her face
and her eyes shone.
.luliun saw the momentary change,
the flash of emotion that betrayed
her, and his face went pallid, his lips
grew straight and thero flashed Into
his now sombre eyes a gleam of hate
—the hate which, joined with jeal-
"ousy, is of all kinds tho most malignant, the most merciless.
Vane did not come forward, but
with a bow ond a smile, dropped into a chair behind tho curtain, so
that ho was unseen by Nina, jwhose
eyes wire still turned to the Hoauti
ful woman, now languidly fanning
herself, with a new touch of color in
her face, a new light in her eyes.
So they sat, in silence now, for
Vane was one of those persons who
oddly enough, in these days' when
most well-bred people appear td' regard the theatre ns a place for-conversation; did not talk whilo the curtain was up. He leant back nnd
looked on at the play with at first
an absent air, but presently an interest awakened in spite of hlmftolf.
She • listened—to Vane's rcgulnr
breathing; and Julian sat with his
arms -folded, his lids lowered, his
eyes fixed on the hem 0f the dress-, of
the woman he hnd grown to lov
with ;a passion that absorbed, devoured him, and left him no rest ftir
Ibbdy or soul. And nothing about him
moved but the tick, tick of the nerve
fn his hollow check.
As the play drew to an end the interest, the laughter of the audience
Increased, ahd when*-the curtain fell
there was one of thoso outbursts of
applause which managers, actors, authors, Iovo to hear.
"The Betrothed" was a genuine,
unmistakable success.
The applause seemed to deafen Nina. She watched tho actors and actresses cross beforo tho curtain, and
she longed to clap her hands—for,
oh, how grateful she was to them!
—but she felt incapable of movement.
Her heart beat so wildly that she
did not at first hear the cries of
"Author! Author! Author!" but as
they grow louder and moro insistent
she began to tremble, and, clutching
her opera-cloak round her, she roso
and fled; so that when Mr. Harcourt
'came forward, w,itli his hand on his
heart, and announced that tho author was not in the theatre, he. marvelous to relate, spoke the truth.
Vane moved forward and stood by
Judith's chair.
"A pretty play,"' he said, "and a
clever one. I am sorry I did not see
lt all."
She swept her magnificent dress
from the chair beside her, but he did
not accept the invitation. Ho glanced
wearily, listlessly, round the house,
then? ns if he remembered why ho
had come to the box, he said:
"Julian and I go down to Lesborough to-morrow. There is to be a
house party in a Week, as vou know.
May I ask Sir Chandos to bring
you? Lady Fanworthy plays chape-
rono. I hope you will come."
Her heart beat swiftly, but she
looked straight beforo her, so that
Julian, who was watching her from
behind with a feverish eagerness,
grow sick with suspense.
"Thanks, very much," she said at
last, with an instant lifting of her
eyes to Vane's fuce. "You know"—
in a lower voice, ono sehrcely above
a whisper—"that I should come!"
' _ am glad," he said, gravely.
Then ho looked at his watch.
"Are you going?" she asked in the
same tone.
"Yes, presently," he said, "flood-
night.   I will lind Sir Chandos."
Aftor he had gone she sat and
looked straight before hor. Julian
moved and she turned to him, her
eyes cold as ice, und glittering liko
the diamonds on her breast.
"Will you find my father and tell
him I am going on to the Vnn-
dalour's after the first act, ' Mr.
Julian rose and loft the box. But
ln the corridor he paused and pressed one burning white hand to his
lips aa lf to still the quiver of hate
and jealousy; then, with drooped lids
and face set like a mask, ho went on
hia .errand.
Nina could not go back to tho
theatre, and she paced up and down
the Strand, seeing nothing, hearing
nothing, with the applause still deafening hor, the liglits of the theatre
still blinding her.
Her play was a bucccss.   Oh,  how
happy,  how  glad  she must be!      A
success!     She  had     found  her    truo
work at lost—no,  so soon, so soonl
Tho gods had been good to her   beyond all measurement.   A success-
Then suddenly sho stopped and   an
inarticulate cry roso from her lips.
Judith!   The woman ho loved!
Back it all swopped on her, and hor
Joy turnod to misery.
She found her way to the stage-
door. Polly cnuio rushing out and
caught her by the arm.
"Decimal^ . sho gasped. "Decimal
What a success! (Ill, oh, oh! But
what Is tho matter?" sho broke off,
aghaBt nt the. white fnce, tho misery-
haunted eyes. "You look as if you'd
seen a ghost. You're not—ill?"
"No, no!"  said  poor Nina,    "It  is
—is cne suspense, tne excitement."*
Polly drew a breath of relief.
"I know.      Hero—a cab!      Get In!
Oh,   let us get homo!     Never   mind
the supper!    Let us get home!'*,
It was not a largo party at Lesborough, but it was a very pleasant
ono, und all were agreed that Vano
mude a splendid host. He did not
make tho mistake of attempting to
amuse his guests: nowadays wo refuse to bo amused and arc liest left
to ourselves; and what we liko is a
large house, run on tho lines of a
first-rate hotel, where wo can do as
we please—and have no bills to pay
at the finish.
Breakfusi at Lesborough was a
movable feast, so also was lunch,
and not .seldom the guests met together for tho li—it time in the day
at tho eight o'clock dinner; wliich
was a meal that met with tha up-
proval even of Sir Chandos drum,
who was somewhat exacting in the
matter of his food—and drink.
Most of the men wore out all dny
with their guns or their rods—there
are sea-trout in tho Lesway that
runs through the estate—and some of
the women joined them at lunch or
rode out with the tea-baskets. Vane
had his gun and his fishing-rod
standing each morning against tho
terrace ready for either sport, and
did not seem to care which it was;
indeed, he usually sat on the coping
with his pipe in his mouth while the
program was being settled, and took
up either weapon with, equal cheerfulness—and,  alas!   indifference.
The Letchfords, who were of course
of the parfy, discussed him in the
privacy of their own room.
"He seems very little better than
he was on the night we found him,"
Sir Charles remarked, regretfully.
"Whatever he had got on his mind is
there still. He's behaving like—liko
a brick and keeping everything goiug
here splendidly, but—"
"But he is not happy," finished
Lady Letchford. "He tries to hido
the trouble, whatever it is, and I
dare say most of the people hero
think him the happiest and most
fortunate of men; but you and I
know better, don't we, Charlie? And
there is someone else who knows it—
Lady Fanworthy."
"Ah, she always was a clever one!"
remarked Letchford.
"Yes; and she's fond of him," said
his wife. "I seo her looking at him
every now and then with a curious
and pained glance, as if she wondered what was tho matter, and wishing she could help him."
"So do I," said Letchford, with a
sigh. "I'm deuced fond of him,
"It is not difficult—to bo fond of
him, I mean," responded Lady
Blanche, comprehensively.
"Jolly good thing he's taken a
fancy to his cousin Julian fcJhoro.
flood-looking chap, isn't he, and
agreeable, too!"
Lady Letchford was silent for a
"Yes," she said. "He is good-
looking enough;  but—"
Sir Charles laughed and yawned;
he had been shooting nil day.
"But you don't cure for him eh?
Whut fancies you women 'get! 1
should have thought he would have
been just the sort of mun you would
have admired und liked: u follow who
sings like an opera chap and looks
like—like an Adonis, and always says
and does the right thing."
"Perfection, in short," said Lady
letchford. "But then we don't cure
for perfection in a man—that's why
1 like you, Charlie, 1 suppose—it's
pouching on our preserves, you see.
Ho make haste or ire shall lie Iato
for dinner, and it's the one thing
ilflnr old Lady Fanworthy sticks nt
She almost frowned nt Judith (Inno
when she come in lute last night."
"Wi. yes; I see you und Judith
have made it up. Bhinche."
"Yon see nothing of tlie Rind," retorted Lady Lctchford from her
dressing room. "Perhnps you mean
that we are civil to each other—we
couldn't quarrel or cut each other in
(iinil lu-r man's house."
"Oh, that's it. Is it?" said Sir
Charles, "liy the'way. do you notice
how smitten Julian Shore is?"
"(if course l do," suid Lady
Letchford, "I am not blind. But I
won t talk any more or you'll never
he ready. I cannot imdci-stuud why
it should tnke a man so long to tiu
that ridiculous white tie. I'd do it
in Iinil' u minute—"
"Bettor come nnd do It now."
"I shall do nothing of the kind.
You're quite old—und ugly—enough
to dress yourself. Oh, go away,
C'harllol Horo conies Louise! And
shut the door or you will go on
talking, I am sure we shall be
They were in time for dinner after
all. It was as usual a merry meal,
inr the men hud had a good day,
and the women wero rejoiced to havo
them buck. Vano alone was rather
Silent, as usual, but from his placo
at the bottom of the table, facing
Lad,* ''unworthy, he smiled whenever
the conversation required a. stnilo-
froni him, nnd ho spoko now and
again to Lady Lisle who, with her
husband, was dining at the Hall
that night, and who sat at his
right. A littlo further down the
tabic was Judith Orme, the most
beautiful and tho bost dressed woman present. Lord Lislo was next
her. and she seemed to be listening
with interest to his detailed account
Of the day's sport; but every now
and then her eyes wandered to the
gravo face at tho bottom of the
tulile; and every timo they so wandered, Julian, who sat opposite her,
noted the glance, though his soft voico
nover hesitated and his pleasant
smile never faltered. Ho seemed scarcely to look at her, but not a movement, not a word of hers escaped
him, though he appeared engrossed
with the young girl whom he hud
taken in, and who was chatting with
the  volubility of nineteun
(To be Continued.)
IfTh* Liver Wor® K*p-t Aotlv»
By Th* XJmm of
During   1905,   185   persons   over 8*0
years of age died In the Pens.
Most people realize that, lf they
could only avoid the sufferings of
Indigestion aud keep the bowels regular and active, life would have for
them much more of comfort and happiness. L
We believe that these results are
best accomplished by the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney Liver Pills, and let us
tell you why:
It Is the liver which, by filtering
bile from the blood and passing it Into
the intestines, ensures good digestion
and the natural, healthful action of
the bowels. Keep the liver active,
and you are sure of the proper working of the digestive and excretory
Dr. Chases' Kldney-Llver Pills have
a direct and specific action on the
liver. By invigorating this great filtering organ they guarantee the collection of bile from the  blood, where
it is poison, and the passing of it to
the Intestines, where it is necessary
for digestion and a proper action of
the bowels.
It Is not as a mere relief from Indigestion and constipation that Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills are recommended, but as a thorough and lasting
cure. Put them to the test. The
dose is one pill at bedtime as often as
ls necessary to keep the bowels regular.
Mr. Duncan McPherson, Content,
Alberta, writes:—"I was for many
years troubled with indigest'ion and
headache and derived no benefit from
the many remedies I used. A friend
advised the use of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills and after taking four
.boxes the result Is that 1 am once
more in the full enjoyment of the
blessings of good health.
| Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, 25
cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto. Portrait
and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the
famous receipt book -author, on every
OrlKlii of Italics.
Italic letters were first used about the
year 1500 by Aldus ManutltlB, a Venetian printer. He observed the many
inconveniences resulting from the vast
number of abbreviations which were
then so frequent among the prlnters
that a book was difficult to understand.
A treatise was actually written on the
art of reading a printed book and thus
addressed to the learned. By Introducing the Italic letter he contrived an expedient by which these abbreviations
might be entirely got rid of and yet
books suffer litUe increase ln bulk. He
dedicated his Invention to the Italian
states; hence the name. It bas also
been distinguished by the name of the
Inventor and called the Aldlne. The
flrst book printed ln Italics was an edition of "Virgil" printed at Venice bj
Aldus In 1501.
Not Difficult.
High Priced Doctor—You are now
convalescent, and all you need ls exercise. You should walk ten to fifteen
miles a day, sir, but your walking
should have an object. Patient—All
right, doctor. I'll travel around trying to borrow money to pny your bill.
Fran—Hit's   Sn nil list   Fnddlnff.
Frankllu believed In fair competition,
lu freedom for others as well as him-
self and cared more for his personal
independence Iu Ihe conduct of his
business tban for the business itself.
The story of the sawdust pudding
should be known In every newspaper
office ln the country. Wheu he first
started the Gazette he made some free
comments on certain public officials,
and some of the influential patrons of
the paper resented It uud tried to stop
It He Invited them to dinner. When
they came they fouud nothing on tbe
table but a pudding made of coarse
meal and a jug of water. They sat
down. Franklin filled their plates aud
>"ben his own and proceeded to eat
l.eartlly, but his guests could not swallow the stuff*. After a few momeuts
Franklin rose and, looking at them,
said quietly: "My friends, any man
who can subsist ou sawdust pudding,
as I can, needs nc man's patronage."
A Scheme and a Luncheon.
One of Balzac's wild schemes was a
plan to combine Paris theaters. One
morning In September, 1839—an early
day to talk of monopoly—ten literary
friends of the great novelist met by invitation at his bouse. Before luncheon
Balzac told them of his scheme. His
Idea was to form a trust to buy up all
the theaters as a sequel to a smaller
preliminary trust for the supply of
plays to every theater In Paris. The
ten guests were to supply them. He
estimated the profits of the first year at
£120,000, and each yejir would, ho
thought, bring In more money. He expounded his scheme at length for over
an hour, aud finally one of tbe guests
suggested lhat he might go on at table. The novelist started. "I forgot
all about ordering anything to eat!" he
cried, and late ln the afternoon the
members of the shadowy trust made a
shadowy meal of bread and cheese aud
sour wine in a small country restaurant
He Wore the Robe.
A story is told of the late Dr. Peddle,
a Scotch minister, to whom his congregation had presented a pulpit robe. He
had never worn a robe, and, after acknowledging tbe gift, he said he would
wait In the vestry five minutes after
service to hear any objectors to the Innovation, Nobody appeared but one
old lady, wbo, ou being asked what
her objections were, answered thnt she
had read the epistles of St. Paul and
could not find any reference to the
apostle wearing a gown. "What epistle did you read?" asked the doctor.
"From Romans to Hebrews," answered the old ludy. "Well, Janet," said
her minister, "I huve read from Romans to Hebrew also, and I could
never flud nny reference to the apostl*
wearlug the breeks. What would you
think If you suw uie going Into tho
pulpit without breeks?" Needless to
say, the old lady departed satisfied
wilh the explanation.
Life's HlRlict  Achievement.
It hns been said that success consists
In getting that at which one alms, and
being happy ln lt. Each one should
have an Ideal of wbat Is to be the expression of his or her life. If this ls attained ln some degree such a life may
be called successful, nenee, the successful man or woman ls the one who
has succeeded fairly well ln shaping
the actual life ln accordance with the
ideals of life. This requires a strength
and persistence thnt call for continual
struggle. It forms the highest achievement of life. Bulwer well says that the
man who succeeds nbove his fellows ls
the one who early tn life clearly discerns bis object and toward that object habitually directs his powers.—
From "Vital Questions," by Dr. Henry
D. Chapin.
Old Greenwich Village.
Of that part of New York city known
as Greenwich village, situated on the
lower west side, the Four Track News
says: Older as a village site than Fort
Amsterdam Itself is that of Grecnwfch
village. Here, when Hudson steered
the Half Moon through the narrows,
was the Indian village of Sappokanl-
can, on a high and healthy spot watered by Bestavar's kill, tbe same Mlnetta
brook that until late ln the last century
ran above ground Instead of below as
now across Union and Washington
squares and Into the Hudson near
Houston street.
Amendment Rejected.
"Laurn," said Mr. Ferguson, hurriedly explaining matters in the kitchen,
"I didn't wunt to-bring the man home
to dinner, but he kept staying and
staying at the office, and I just bad
to ask him. You will have to. put as
good a face on it ns you can."
"If you think I'm going to change
my fnce on bis account, George Ferguson," said his spouse, red and angry, "you'll have to think agnln! You
may bring him out to dinner right
A Remarkable Brldse.
Among the many odd nooks and corners and crannies of tbe mild Emerald
Isle Is Carrlck-a-rede, ou the Great
Northern railroad of Ireland. It ls au
Isolated rock, separated from the mainland by a chasm sixty feet wide and
more tban eighty feet deep, and lt is
at this place that the salmon nre Intercepted In their retreat to tbe rivers. A
rude bridge of ropes ls thrown across,
which remains during the fishing season, and this bridge, which is protected
by a single rope rail, swings about In
fhe most uncomfortable manner, often
rendering lt a dangerous feat In stormy
weather save to the natives, who cross
lt with the utmost Indifference. The
name is derived from "-Carrig-a-ram-
liadh" (the rock In the road) on account
of the intercepting of the salmon. Near
by on the west side of tbe island is a
cavern ln which hnve been found the
bones of horse, ox, deer, sheep, goat,
badger, otter, water rat and of several
kinds of birds.
Lies Through the Rich, Red Blood Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills Actually
Common pills purge the bowels. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills mako new, rich
blood. Purging pills gallop tlirough
the bowels—tearing the tissues, irritating the organs and weakening the
whole system. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills do not purge at all. The..'re
tonic pills, soothing pills, strengthening pills, blood building pills. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills actually make
new blood. That is why they are the
only scientific cure for -all blood diseases. That is why they cure headaches and backaches, kidney troubles,
indigestion, neuralgia, rheumatism,
heart troubles, and the special ailments of growing girls and mature
women. Purging pills act only on the
symptoms of disease; Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills go straight to the root ot
tho trouble in the blood—and cure.
Mr. John Burke, Elmdale, P.F.I.,
says: "I think Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills the best medicine in the world.
I had an attack of pneumonia which
wns followed by extreme nervousness
and rheumatism. I tried some of~our
best doctors but got nothing to help
me until I began taking Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. After taking tho pills some
weeks I could actually feel the new
blood they were making coursing
my veins and in the course of a few
weeks more I was completely restored
to health." Remember that it is only
Dr. Williams Pink Pills that can make
this new, rich, health-giving blood.
Imitations and the so-called "just as
good" modicines never cured anyone.
Insist on the genuine with the full
name, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People,' on the wrapper on ench
box. Sold by all medicine dealers or
by mail nt 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 b.v writing The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Tne Poisoned spring.—As In nature ao
ln man. pollute the spring and disease
and waste are bound to follow — the
stomach and nerves out of kilter means
poison ln the spring. South American
Nervine is a great purifier, cures Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and tones the nerves.
The best evidence of Its efficacy la the
unsolicited testimony of thousands of
cured ones.—76
Mine. Dr. (iust, a wealthy French
woman has been kidnapped by Kl
Vttlieute's notorious hand of brigands
in Morocco.
Sunlight Soap is heller than otlier
soaps, but is' best when used In the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
One of the greatest blessings to
parents Is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator. It effectually expels
worms and gives health in a marvel
lous manner to the little one.
Joseph J. Hammer, of Detroit
wooed and won wife number two on
the same afternoon as he was divorced
from his first wifo.
lt is a Liver Pill,—Many of the ail
ments thst man has to contend with
have their origin In a disoidered liver
which is a delicate organ, peculiarly
susceptible to the disturbances that
come from irregular habits or lack ol
care In eating and drinking. This
accounts for the great many liver
regulators now pressed on the attention of sufferers. Of these there are
none superior to Parmetee'B Vege
table Pills. Their operation though
gentle is effective, and the most deli
cate can use them.
' Poison inxvar.
The use of poison ln war was once
considered not only permissible, but
commendable, and was defended by
no less an authority than Wolff.
There are reported instances of wells,
springs, ponds and streams being poisoned as a military measure. Even ln
our time Instances are numerous of the
Intentional defilement of drinking water supplies by throwing tbe bodies of
animals Into the stream or pond.
Parts of the bodies of the Catholic
missionaries murdered in China have
boon brought to the pope.
"My Kidneys are all Wrong!- How shall
I Insure best results In the shortest
time?" It stands to reason that a liquid
specific of the unquestionable merit of
South American Kidney Cure will go
more directly and quickly to the seat of
the trouble than the "pill form" treat
ment, and when lt strikes the spot
there* healing In an Instant.—71
A dozen men armed with revolvers
entered a government distillery at St
Petersburg and rifled the safe.
Minard's Liniment Co.,  Limited.
for Croup; found nothing to equal lt,
sure cure.
Hawkshaw, N. B., Sept. 1st, 1905.
The New Zealand government accounts for the present financial ycai
will show a surplus of more than $3,-
A     II H NN I HI,     'I'll ls.ll.-.
A variety of the thistle glows In Russia to such a size that It shades the
huts of the peasantry. Its Bowers are
said to be nearly six Inches across.
"Buy them by the barrel anil use
them every day," Is whnt Is si,ld of
cranberries hy a womun who has made
a study of health and food lalues.
They .are considered more henllhrul
than any other fruit known.
Nitrate of Sliver.
The basis of most Indelible Inks ls the
ordinary nitrate of silver.
A Good Job.
If you could get a cent for the flrst
day's work from your employer and
hnve thnt amount doubled every day (2
cents for tho second duy, 4 for the
third, etc.), you would he receiving
$5,000,000 per dny at the eud of the
flrst month!
The White Lotus.
The pure white lotus Is the royal flower of Slam and Is always borne before
tho king in state processlous. Por a
Biibject to carry ouo or hnve one carried beforo blm Is high treason.
Animal Stomachs.
In general animals feeding on a vegetable diet have a complex stomach;
thoso which use animal diet have simple stomachs. There are, however,
notable exceptions to this rule. The
dolphin has a multiple stomuch and yet
is carnivorous, while the horso has a
slmplejstoninch nnd yet feeds ou the
same diet as the cow.
dinard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
UrwttflHtH nntl Borrowing.
New York druggists are frequent borrowers. Only th" most complete pharmacies are constantly supplied with all
the drugs required lu compounding
medicines. When a druggist Is asked to
fill a short notice prescription calling
for some drug thnt he does not happen
to hnve on hand, he does not tnke time
to telephone to n ^ desale bouse for
the missing Ingi ent, but sends
around to the nearest drug store and
tries to borroXv It. It ls n peculiar feature of the situation thnt druggists seldom buy anything outright from each
other. They merely borrow, then, nfter
having replenished their stock from tbe
wholesale houses they pay back tbe
— " Psychine " has restored
thousands of people to buoyant
health and strength whose condition had been regarded as hopeless.
It is at once a tonic and flesh
builder, containing remarkable
properties as a blood purifier and
germicide. It will strengthen
and heal the Weak lungs, force out
the phlegm, and drive away the
cough, no matter of how long
standing. "Psvchins" tones up
tho whole system and drives out
disease, heals the decayed tissue
and restores lost energy. Its use
daily will prevent and ward off that
most subtle disease consumption.
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Ll-lt.U
tl* King St. w.       Toronto, MWiMta
THE cost of living is
an important thing
in most homes. You
may have to figure closely in these matters. A
little extra on a barrel
of flour may look big to
But there is a difference between spending
money wisely and spend-.
ing it foolishly.
Sometimes it is economy to spen(d instead of to
save. It is in the case of
Royal Household Flour.
Those few extra cents
a week, that give you
Royal Household Floor
in preference to inferior flour, buy health.
Nothing contributes so much to the food you
eat as flour, and therefore nothing should be more
carefully bought. Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour
is the whitest, cleanest and most nutritious flour that's
miHed. I tis the only flour
that is absolutely pure.
Asl^ your grocer.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
"Ojfilvle's Book for a Cook,"
contains 130 page9 of excellent
recipes, some never published before. Your grocer can tell you
how to get lt FREE.
are the best remedy for a deranged stomach. They are a safe and
gentle laxative;. a reliable cure for obstinate Constipation, Bilious
Attacks, Sick Headache and all disorders ariiing from a weak Di-
geition, sluggish Liver or clogged Bowels.   Beecham's Pills
Give Quick Relief
and are a world-famous medicine for the cure of these prevalent
complaints. Their cost ii a trifle; their use—a duty. For your
health's sake, insist on Beecham's Pills. They do more for your
body than any other remedy. Known and used by hundreds of
thousands all over the globe.
Prepsred only by Thomas Bsscham, St. H.lsns, L»n_—hire, England.
Ssld by all Drug fists In Caaata and U. S. America,    la bases 25 cents.
Pills for crossness? Certsinly. They remove the cause
S»_r"fc_f*« _"» —the crossness vanishes. A sluggish liver poisons
tgOSS ,he Mood, spoils the temper. Keep your liver active
and your bowels regular. Have a clear brain, a brave
heart, a hopeful outlook. One of Ayer's Pills at bedtime.
All vegetable. Sugar-coated. Sold for 60 years.- .
Wstsrsss stents)   Ws pettish jr. c. ajw co.,
tee Us-sls. .1 ill »«r mtiKtet,.	
Pills i
Low—I. M—a.
Grand Prize Competition
OR    ♦ I.OOO    IN    GOLD
A  ohoioe  of whleh we offor to   ths   Inilivlcliml    so-
curing   tho  lorgost number ot oobsorlptlons during 1805 to
In eddltlon to thoso prlios thoro sro mon, others    Ever, (-ompetltor oan win ono.
A clSh "—i-alsslonwill bo slson on ovor,   subscription token, ovor, ono beIns paid for
THE BUSY iltNIt MAfiAZINE Is unlike ony other, its contents ore n careful solt'ctlon from
tho b-taJtaBMBiBKlMdln«pubIiostionsofth.world. It is published bythe proprie-
ton ofTho tenaSlu OtSeet.TESatKis ond MeUI, Oonodlen Mnclhinery. The Dr, Good.
Ks»i2w sn   other eSSoo—tul npsn-'Snd oho ere Cmisils's loading publishers.
8ub»r.?ptl-sTrJ not "-si-It to eeouro-. bank clerk In Onterlo took - ln ono week b,
writing to his friends. „
"IHE BUSY MAN'S MAGAZINE __ekes*£tyrs^jm^^^SKSlrtSSSS.
Bond pontil (or partloulRro of competition to onr neirvit offloe. DO IT HOW. It maj mm
■ glorious oli-iiBU in your career.
S*  to  $15   pep  week   earned.
Men end women wanted to work onr
IlArin Ho-iKHT Maoiunk at their homes,
making hosiery for us to sell the trade. Its
previous ezporlence necessary. Distance no
himlrenoe. Write at once. Oanani__- Ho-
aimiT Maohinf. Co.. Toronto, Canada.
A  Dob's  Tntvn.
Did you ever see n dog gape? For
thoroughness and entire absence of nf
fectntlou and mock shamefacedness
there is nothing like it. When he gnpes
he doesn't screw lijs face into ull sorts
of uiiniitiiriil shapes in an endeavor to
keep his uioulh shut with his Jaws
wide open. Neither does he put his
pnw up to his face Iu nn apologetic
wuy while gaping in ambush, as it
were. No. When he gapes he Is perfectly willing that the whole world
shall come to the show. He braces
himself firmly on his fore feet, stretches
out his neck, depresses his head, und
his Jaws open with graceful moderation. At llrst It is but uu exaggerated
grin, but when the gape Is apparently
accomplished the dog turns out his
elbows, opens his Jaws another forty-
five degrees, swallows nu Imaginary
bone by a sudden and convulsive movement, curls up his tongue like the petal
of a tiger Illy and shuts his Jaws together with a snap. Then he assumes
a gravo and contented visage, as Is
eminently becoming to one who has
performed a duty successfully and con-
-Ik*   TKIts
Attoohod to a--   Garment la a
Ouarantao   of
antl Boot) Wear ng Qualltie*
Whan Duylng OVERALLS,
See that eaoh artlole bears ■
label llko above
Insist on Getting
---■King of th* Road" Brand
And Take no Other
Antimacassars Were Ads.
"This Is un iintluincnssar," said nn
antiquary. "It ls a hundred years old
and very valuable on nccount of the
quaint designs of Its embroidery. Some
day I shall sell It to a millionaire. Yes,
some duy this antlmticassar will adorn
a millionaire's parior, figuring there as
nn antique object of art, and that will
be as though a spittoon of today should
figure as au object of art ln some aesthetic lady's drawing room In 3000."
He luld Ihe antimacassar, a kind of
tidy, in a sandalwood box. Then he
went on:
"The word's derivation shows the
thing's use —nntl, ngalnst; macassar,
hair oil. The antimacassar was spread
on chair backs to protect them from
the oil In people's hair. Everybody
used Rowland's macassar oil on his
locks ln those days. Tbe name given
to the tidy, or chair shield, was a free
advertisement for Rowland as excellent aa lt was unique."
W N U  No 577
Over a Quarter of a Century
we have successfully tfeated*iiervoue
diseases caused by Drink and Drugs.
600,000 cures is our record. We
speak truly and say thst failure to
obtain a cure by the Keeley Treatment Is a failure of the man and not
our methods.   Send   for facts.
Address ln confidence
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
There ia no satisfaction Keener
than being dry and comfortable*
out in tho hardest etorm
m mtUlS tV_D_—_-i
A Series of Article! Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
Dear Mother
Your little ones are a comtanl _re ia
Fall and Winter weather. They will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'«
Consumntion Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
what it hat done for so many "> It it wid
to be the only reliable remedy {or all
dieeaiet of the air passage! in children.
lt u absolutely harmless and pleasant to
lake. It is guaranteed to cure or your .noney
is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,
and all dealers in medicine sell 3.4
This remedy should be in every household.
Editor   Review,   Portage   la   Prairie.
Journalism Is unique among all the
professions for the rapidity with
- which reputations are made, and substantial recognition bestowed on the
brilliant. It ls the profession lu
which natural aptitudes count for as
much, and more, as training. In law,
or medicine, or divinity—or Indeed,
any other business or profession-
years of application and study are
necessary to fit any man for Its exercise. And, after an arts course at a
university, and a three or four years'
additional course at a medical college, a law school, or a theological
seminary, it often takes mauy other
weary years of waiting before ability
Is recognized, a reputation firmly established, and the material rewards
accruing therefrom are reached. For
the many, this costly period of preparation Is the precursor of a very
moderate Income. The same ability
devoted to other directions would often prove a better financial investment.
Success ln newspaper work, on the
other hand, depends more on a native
aptitude and Insight than on training
—though, of course, training is nec-
,-Essary to success in this, as In sll 'other successful activities. But no amount of training can supersede aptitude. Newspaper success depends on
brains, ability and brilliancy. These
given, tho training is not unnecessary,
but unconscious. An ounce of tactful .common sense ls worth us much
to the young beginner as a ton of
"Thou shalts" and "Thou shalt nots."
Tact and common sense won't do much
to help a divinity student to grind up
exercises, or a law student to absorb
Jurisprudence, or a medical student
to pass In anatomy—that must be a-
chleved by dogged "plugging" and
hard work—but ln the world of newspapers lt Is the supreme equipment,
and the "cub"' reporter may have,
while the chief lacks it. If the "cub"
reporter has these qualities, with a
"nose for news", a good vocabulary,
some touch of Imagination ,and a
pleasing address and presence, he has
a first rate equipment for starting Into journalism, and having only the
most essential of these, it Is likely
that in good time all these other
things shall be added unto him. If a
newcomer possess this natural equipment, the newspaper beckons him,
and his promotion will be sure. In a
few weeks or months he will be tackling Important assignments, be bearing heavy responsibilities, the efficient discharge of which will only ensure him harder work, but Increased
reward. Trained intelligence is the
outstanding requirement of the newspaper man, and the Intelligence given
the training comes of itself.
Examples of the rapidity with
which a youth with the necessary aptitudes and qualifications will forge
to the front of the newpaper profession will readily occur to everyone
with any knowledge of or experience
therein. Cases have beeu known In
which a young fellow, within five
years of the time he set his foot on
the lowest rung of the ladder, has
climbed clear to the top, and attained
the high position and heavy responsibility of a managing editorship on a
big city paper. Such rapid advancement is of course rare, and are perhaps not to be found In Western Canada. But, there are nevertheless Instances of phenomenally -rapid promotions due to conspicuous talents,
and one of these ls undoubtedly that
of Mr. William Garland Poster, until
recently the managing editor of the
Winnipeg Telegram, and now the editor of the Portage la Prairie News.
Mr. Foster had no hereditary predilections towards newspaper life or
work. His boyhood career differed
no whit from that of thousands of
other young Canadians. He was born
on a farm at Bell's corners, and In
hie early years went with other
country lads of tho district to the
rural sohqols, of Carleton county, and
later to the Ottawa collegiate Institute. Though both his parents were
Canadian  born,  they came of North
of Ireland stock, and from them Mr.
Foster Inherited the    business    hard-
headedness and shrewdness, and also
the  quick  resourcefulness and saving
sense of humor characteristic of the
Ulster Irish.    On   leaving  school   Mr.
Foster  entered   the   lumber   business
in Ottawa, and stayed therein for two
years,  until    1896.      But    lumbering
was not his sphere.   In that year he
decided to come west,  and spent until   December,   1897,    at   Portage   la
Prairie, the town In which he Is now
managing editor.   He  then returned
east,  and receiving an. offer to Join
the staff of the Ottawa Free Press as
a reporter, he accepted It, and at once
found  himself in an  environment  to
his entire liking.    He had orientated
himself, snd    found    a   vocation    ln
whicll his natural aptitudes would re
celve room for freest play and expansion. After three years' work on the
Free Press, he again came west, this
time to accept a position on the Winnipeg Telegram, and on this paper he
made a brilliant record, filling In sue
cession almost   every    position   from
fire and police reporter up to that of
managing editor.     He was 'by turns-
financial    reporter,    dramatic    critic,
Bpecial  feature writer, telegraph and
city editor,  editorial  writer and edit
r.    Mr.   Foster has a  natural Inclin
ntion  for politics.      It has sometimes
een  said that he is a Conservative
by religion—at any rate his belief in
he principles and "the   policy  of  ihi
"onservative    party    ls    as firm and
eep-seated as any belief can possibly
e.    When  such  devotion  to A cause
or party Is coupled, as in Mr. Foster's
case,    with    untiring     ndusrrv     nii'l
much more than average ability, it Is
mall  surprise   that   speedy   recognition came from the heads of the party  that  profited by his  services.   01
all the journalists   whose   pens   and
rains are    supporting    the    present
ocal    government   of Manitoba, it is
ery questionable If there Is one wltb
uch claims to party gratitude as Mr.
oster can advance, were he one ol
hat numerous class that   give    ser
•ice in  direct  proportion to benefits
eceived.   But  Mr.  Foster  Is   neithei
time,    nor a place-server, and the
cknowledged service to the party he
upports has  been the result of per
onal  conviction.
During   his   stay  ln   Winnipeg Mr.
oster was one of the moving spirits
f   the   Young    Men's    Conservative
lub, ln which institution he has held
n succession almost every office in its
ift.   He has proved himself, too, an
rganizer of more than average ability, his   influence    in    enlisting   the
young men to the support of the Conservative party having a marked and
acknowledged effect In the success of
the present provincial government In
he three Winnipeg constituencies.
Personally, Mr. Foster Is the Incarnation of diffidence and modesty
He has none of the arts of the dem-
gogue. Quiet efficiency and effec
iveness are the keynotes of his character. He is as popular as he Is un
assuming, and has troops of friends,
both without and within the circle ol
his political affiliations. On his
leaving Winnipeg at the beginning of
the present year, he received many
testimonials of respect and esteem
from his fellow-workers on the Tele
gram and the various political insti
tutions with which he was connected.
H'is last fortnight in the city was a
nightly repetition of complimentary
anquets and presentations.
The beginning of 190G saw Mr. Fos
er assume the editorship of the Re
lew, the oldest established Portage
a Prairie newspaper, and his return
o the town In which he flrst located
in the west. Thrf Review is one ol
he oldest newspapers in Manitoba,
though for the past few years it has
been kuown as' the News. The
transfer of Mr. Foster to the papei
will mark a new era In Its history
heing but one of the signs that tht
whole Institution has undergone a
complete reorganization. It is the
intention of the new management to
convert the Review, which is now 0
semi-weekly, into a daily, and as soon
as the machinery now on order Is
Installed, the change will be made.
Associated with Mr. Foster In the
control of the Review, as business
manager, is Mr. B. L, Burns, one ol
the founders of the Portage la Prairie
Graphic. Some two and a half years
ago Mr. Burns and his partner, Mr. J.
McPherson, disposed of the Graph
ic, and since that time has been en
gaged in other pursuits. Portagers
will welcome him hack to newspaper
dom, and Manitoba journalism can
not but be benefitted by the return
I to its ranks of one of its most capable workers, aided by a confrere ol
such ability as his new associate ed
Itor. Together they will make a
team tjjat should ensure the success
'of their joint venture, and add anoth
I r to the list of successful Manitoba
For Coughs
and Colds
There is a remedy over sixty
years old—Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Of course you have
beard of Improbably have used
it. Once in the family, it stays;
the one household remedy for
coughs and hard colds on the
chest. Askyourdoctoraboutit.
*' I have had pneumonia three times, and
Ayer's Cherry Peotoral has brought nie safely
through oa—1 time. I have lust recovered
from mj last attack, aged sixty-seven. No
wonder f prslso IL" - B. V. III — i 1118, Stevens
Point. Wit.
s by J. o. Ayer Co.. Lowell. Me
Also sssa-U-sstursrs et
»     Ss-AMIlLU.
Tho British steamer Colne fonudc
ed off the Dutch coast.
King Carlos and Queen Ainclie were
received in Madrid with great nc
Every mother who has used Baby's
Own  Tablets will  tell   you  that they
are   the   best medicine In the world
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I Their'lise means health for the child
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F. Kerr, Elgin, Out., says:— "Baby's
Own Tablets are the best medicine I
ever used for stomach and bowel
troubles, and destroying worms. N<
mother  should  bo  without  a box 0'
.Tablets In the house." Get them at
your druggists or by mail from thi
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvllle
Ont., at 25 cents a box.
Avar's PHI* Increase tha activity of
liver, and thus aid recovery.
Warned  In Time,
Kadley — Why didn't you Introduce
me to that stunning Miss Pcehes when
you were with her on the avenue yes-
terduy? Didu't you see mo spenk to
you as I passed? Kandor—Yes, but
Miss reches saw you and spoke to me
W N U  No 577
Connection With Past Canada tn Chosen Name ef Terminus.
What had the dashing young cavalry
leader of the cavaliers nearly three
hundred years ago to do with Canada?
Prince Rupert was really the first British Canadian business magnate. He
was a promoter of the Hudson Bay Co.,
and Its first governor, ln 1670. In that
year Charles II. granted a charter to
the prince and seventeen other noblemen and gentlemen, Incorporating them
as "The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England, trading Into
Hudson Bay," and securing to them
"the sole trade and commerce of all
those seas and straits, bays, rivers,
lakes, creeks and sounds ln whatever
latitude they shall be, that lie within
the entrance to the straits commonly
called Hudson Straits, together with
all the lands and territories upon the
countries, coasts and confines ot the
seas, bays, etc., aforesaid, that were
not already actually possessed by or
granted to any of our subjects or possessed by the subjects of any other
Christian prince or state." The first
settlements of the country thus granted, which was to be known as Rupert's
Land were made on James Bay and at
Churchill and Hoyle's River.
Prince Rupert was born In 1619, the
bou of Frederick V., elector-palatine
arid Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James
I. of England. He was a man of Impetuous bravery, but at the same time
showed lack of caution. When only 13
years old he took part ln the siege of
Rhelmberg, and at the age of 18 commanded a regiment of cavalry ln active service. At the beginning of the
civil war ln England he was placed at
the head of a regiment of horse and
took part in several battles. Notwithstanding a serious error at Marston
Moor, he was soon appointed commander of all the royal troops. After
the defeat of Naseby, on June 14, 1645,
he retired to Bristol, but surrendered
that city on Aug. 22. The King thereupon deprived hlpi of his commission.
In 1648 he wss, for want of any competent man, appointed to command the
fleet. He was blockaded by Blake ln
Klnsale Harbor, and ln October, l<6-t9,
forced his way out and ste, 3d for
Lisbon. Blake pursued him and he waa
only saved by assistance from the King
of Portugal. He subsequently escaped
to the West Indies, but after the res-"
toration of Charles II. he was made a
privy councillor, and served under the
Duke of York against the Dutch. He
was afterwards governor of Windsor
Casftle, where, during the last nine
years of his life h« devoted himself to
scientific and artistic pursuits. He
died Nov. 29, 1682. ,
Paper Read by Mr. R. M. Stewart Before Astronomical Society.
At a meeting of the Toronto Astronomical Society recently the paper for
the evening was "The Time Service of
the Dominion Observatory at Ottawa,"
by Mr. R. Meldrum Stewart, M. A., who
ls ln charge of the service. Everyone,
from the railway management to the
man on tha street, ultimately dependent
on some observatory clock. The method
of determining the time from the stars
was explained and aleo the essentials
of a good clock. The ultimate standard
at the Observatory ls one made by
RIefler, of Munich. It has a nickel-steel
pendulum, Is sealed up in a glass case
fastened to a pillar on Its own pier In
a basement room, automatically regulating Its temperature, and lt winds Itself up electrically every half minute.
It keeps time with the stars, and ls
called a sidereal clock. The chlaf meantime clock, which keeps ordinary timo,
was also made by Riefler, and li mounted like the other. Its time ls checked
dally by comparison with the sidereal
olook. By electrloal means this clock
controls a clock ln each of the Government buildings, and these again actuate
dials placed ln each of the rooms. Four
Insulated wires run. from the Observatory to the city for this purpose. At
present there are 42 dials ln the Parliament building, 60 ln the West Block
and 48 ln the Langevln Block. These
with a few others make up a total of
214 dials.
Since the first of December last a
tlmeball has been dropped every noon
on Parliament Hill, controlled automatically from the Observatory, and since
the New Year the time has been given
daily to the O. N. W. Telegraph Co.
The entire service la controlled from
the Observatory. It ls kept In a high
state of efficiency.
Miss E. A. Dent gave the first »f a
series of lessons on "How to Find the
Stars." Dr. Marsh of Hamilton, distributed a number ot photographs of
the eclipsed moon, taken by himself.
Inoreaslng the  Stock.
Some years ago a husband and wife
ran a freak show in a certain Canadian town. Unfortunately they quarrelled, and the exhibits were equally
divided between them.
The wife decided to continue business as an exhibitor at the old addreBJ,
but the husband went on tour. After
some years' wandering, the prodigal
returned, and a reconciliation took
place, as the result of which they became partners once more.
A few mornings afterwards the people of the neighborhood were sent Into
fits of laughter on reading the follow-
ing notice ln the papers: "By the return of my husband, my stook -of
freaks has bean permanently ln-
c_fl_u__L" .
Palace ot the It Iiihts.
The palace of the  kings, Babylon,
was TOO yards square and had walls
eight feet thick.
Cured   His   Backache  of  Twenty-Five
..Years' Standing and Satisfied Everyone  He  Recommended  Them to.
Economy  Point,  N.  S.,  March  19—
(Special).—George  S.  McLaughlin, of
his place, gives two splendid reasons
or his belief that Dodd's Kidney pills
, .re the one remedy for   Kidney  ailments.   Here are the two reasons in-
his own words: •
"I was troubled with lame back for
25 years or more, sometimes so severe that I could not turn myself In
bed. One box of Dodd's Kidney Pills
cured me, and I have had no return of
tno trouble since.
"1 have recommended Dodd's Kidney Pills to a number of persons who
had. Kidney trouble. All who have
used them have been benefitted or
I Doild'a-*—idney Pills not only relieve
all Kidney Diseases, from Backache
to Bright's Disease, but they absolutely cure them. But sometimes where
|one or two boxes relieve It takes
more to make a complete cure.
The War of 1819.
During the wnr of 1812, the second
wnr with Great Britain, there were
ten regular battles, eight actions almost equaling the dignity of battles
and flfty:two Bkirmlshcs, bombardments or other combats.
First   Ilnlloon.
The flrst balloon was made hy n
Jesuit, about USO. Tlie Idea was revived in France hy M. Monignlfler In
1783 nnd Introduced In England the
following year.
Got Their Share.
An Interesting and amusing story Is
told of the late President Kruger. It
seems that some years ago he presented, on behalf of the Transvaal Republic, a piece of land amounting to an
erf for the building of a Dutch Reformed Church. Some time afterwards
he was approached by an influential
Jew, who tendered a similar reqi^t
on behalf of the Jewish congregation.
The President-promised to consider the
request, and soon afterwards announced that he had granted it. A little
while later, however, he was waited
on by a Jewish friend, who complained that the piece of land they had' received waa only half the' size ol
that given for the Dutch Reformed
Church. "Well," retorted Kruger.
"what fault have-you to And? They
believe the whole Bible, so they get
an erf; you believe only half the Bible
and you get half an erf."—Natal Mercury.
The,.pid  Age Question.
An erect old gentleman, whose hall
was fast turning sliver, entered s
crowded street car. He was obviously proud of his years and-carried himself well- As he grasped a strap a fuss
-sy, fidgety woman Immediately rost
and offered the elderly gentleman hei
seat.   He declined with the remark:
"No, I thank you. I couldn't thinl
of accepting a seat from you."
"Oh, I always give up my seat to ai
old gentleman," said  she.
"Madam," replied the man, without
any effort to hid-a his .lustration, "I
very much doubt the disparity betweei
our ages."
The woman left the car at Unloi
Street The old gents—nan remolnei
Mending.—Manchester Union.
Tested by Time.—ln_his justly celebrated Pills Dr. Parmelee has given
to the world one of the most unique
medicines offered to the public in late
years. Prepared to meet the want
or a pill which could be taken wlth-
ut nausea, and that would purge
without pain,- it has met all requirements In that direction, and it Is in
general uso not only because of these
two qualifies, but because it is known
to possess alterative and curative
powers which place it in the front
rank of medicines.
Canada's mineral production during
1905 aggregated over $08,500,000, at
compared with $00,073,897 for the
previous year.
Miiiard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
Tne 'sestndo.
The "testudo" In uso among the Romans when besieging a city was no
doubt suggested by the shape and shell
of the tortoise.
Barley ripens to perfection on the
side3 of tbe Himalaya mountains up to
12,000 feet above the sea level. There
is no other place lu the world where
lt matures at a greater height than
0,000 feet	
Ant  Suspension   Drldses.
In the nut hills of South Africa have
been found suspension bridges passing
from one gallery to nr.Dlher and spanning n gulf more thnn six inches wide.
Pile Terrors Swept Away.—Dr. Agnew's Ointment stands at thn hend as a
reliever, healer and sure cure for Piles
In all forms. Ono application will give
comfort In a few minutes, and three to
six dayfl' application ncenrdlnir to directions will cure nhronie cases. Tt relieves
all Itching and burning skin diseases In
a day.   35  cents.—79
Another Tradition Gone.
The quiet manner In which tho Mastership of tho Buckhoiinds has faded
out of the list of British Ministerial
appointments would have considerably
surprised those who a score of years
ago commenced to agitate against Its
retention, says The Westminster Ga-
zotte. Yot the political antiquary cannot but heavo a sigh ns ho thus sees
passing from sight an office which ns
long ngo as the reign of Henry VI. wns
described Iri a petition to the King by
Its then holder ns "of olde tyme ordey-
ned for tho pleaslr nnd dlsporte of your
noble progenltoiiis and their succes-
sours." It would appear from the claim
of this 'William Brocas, Squycr, Mals-
ter of your Highnesses Bukhounds,"
that the position hnd come to be regarded ns hereditary, "forasmuche
that ho holdlth of you, and all his Aun-
ccstres of tyme that no mynde Is to
have holden of your noble progenl-
tours, the Menolr of Lltyll Wei don In
the Cotinte of Northton, by Grnunte
Sorgeaunte, that Is to wltto, to be
Malster of yonr Bukhounds, and to
kepo xxllll rennylug houndes and vi
Krehoiindcs, and to fynde a yoman
Vcantrcr and two yomen Berners."
But this "mekn Bcsocher" complained
thnt the Sheriffs of Surrey and Sussex
had suddenly ceased to pny the annual
grant under the Privy Seal for tho keep
of the hounds which, had been dono
from tho timo of Kdward III.; nnd he
sought redress from King and Parliament, which was promptly accorded.
At what period this hereditary offlce
passed Into one to be changed with
tbo Ministry ls not clear.
Derivation of Fork.
The folk takes Its nnme from the
f.iilin fiirca, 11 yoke looking like an Inverted V. J'roin this come the Italian
forcn and torchetta (little fork). The
hitter word gives the French their
font—icttc, while tho English go back
to tite former and retain the harder
sounding "foyk." .   ,.
Tales   of   Vessels   that   Never Reach
Their Destination.
Thore are few things which are so
full of mystery or wliich make such a
powerful appeal to the imagination as
the stories of ships that sail gallantly
out to sea and of which nothing is ever
heard or seen after their masts have
dipped below the horizon. At present
the papers are full of the records of
these marine tragedies. To-day it is
the Claverdale, which left Hong Kong
ioj: Vladivostock, and of which no trace
has heeen found ; yesterday it was the
Royalist, which cleared from Singapore
to Hong Kong and never reached her
destination; the day before it was the
Iduin, from Norway, which vanished
from human view, and so on, through
and disappeared.
What are the secrets of these mysterious vanishings of stately ships with
their crews and cargoes? In nineteen
cases out of twenty the secrets lio with
tho ships many fathoms deep, and will,
perhaps, never come to light. To this
day no one knows what became of tin
City of Glasgow, which set her sails
so gallantly in the Mersey half a century ago, bound for Philadelphia, noi
nas slie seen again after the hills ol
Wales were lost to view.
The Bervie Castle left England some
years ago on a long voyage to Aus
tralia. She should have mado a final
call at Plymouth, but she nover cann
within sight of the Hoe, nor has lm
mail eye ever seen her from tho daj
she dropped down the channel, lt wui
on May 10, 185-1, that the Lady Nugent spread her sails at Madras with
307 of the Madras Light Infantry alio
othor passengers aboard. Her destination was Rangoon, but half a century
has gone and neither Rangoon nor any
other port has sighted her.
Nearly two years later the Collins
liner Pacific dropped down the Mersey
with 180 souls aboard. She was accounted one of the stoutest and swiftest vessels of her time, and so, no
doubt, she was. But she went the way
the City of Glasgow had gone a couple
of years earlier, and for forty-nine
years lias been lying at the bottom ol
the sea, but where none mny know
until all secrets nre revealed. The
trading vessel Atlanta started a quarter of a century ago for a short cruise
in Bermudan waters, and from that
day to this no one knows what became
of her and the 250 souls she carried.
On January 20, 1870, the City oi
Boston sailed from Halifax for England with 191 souls on hoard. She was
an Indian liner, a fine ship, splendidly equipped and handled, but she, too.
was destined to vanish from the face
of the waters.'
The victim of another ocean mystery
was expected at Liverpool in March,
1881. March passed, and Liverpool
saw nothing of her. The long delay
in her arrival caused great anxiety,
and tho wildest rumors bogan to be
circulated. On April 13 news came
that her engines and rudder had been
disabled in heavy weather and that
she had put into Madeira for repairs.
Thore naturally followed a reaction
from glooomy forebodings to transports
of joy. The vessel was expected at
Liverpool and her arrival was awaited
by hundreds of people who had friends
aboard, but she never came, and it
was found that the story of her arrival at Madeira- was a heartless hoax.
All tho time tho ill-fated.vessel was at
the bottom of the sea.
On November 30, 1888, a large vessel
was seen from the beach at Deal, sailing toward the Goodwin Sands. She
wns a fair picture to look on as she
moved ovor the waters with her stately spread of sails. But as the eyes of
the watchers followed her sho was
view. What caused this tragically
sudden disappearance of a stately-
ship ? That is anothor of the countless socrets which the ocean has in its
jealous keeping.
China's latest reform scheme is to
transform tho historic examination
halls in  Pekin into a  military school.
In the last year Germany's trade
with South Africa lias increased by
Ws offer One Tlundred Hollers Reward for an>
rase of Catarrh that cannot lie cure'I by Hall's Cat
arrh Cure.   F. J. CHENEY * CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the undemiuned,  liave known F. .1.  Ohenev
for the last 1& years, anil l>pliove hiin perfectly hon
arable  in  nil  business trim-actions and financially
able to carry out any oliliKntions mndo  bv his firm.
Waldino.  Rinnan .1  Mart—,
Wholesnie DniKitists. Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is token internally, actini
directly upon tlio blood and mucous surfaces of thl
system. Testimonials sent free. Prico if— pel
bottle.    Fold  by nil   DniBKlsts.
Take Hail's Family Pills for constipation
It is estimated that there are at
present 75,000 political prisoners i"
Russian jails.
Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Rold cures
any form of Piles, Internal, External,
Bleeding, Blind, Itching, Suppurating,
etc., aro simply names of the stages
through which every case will pass If
It continues.
Piles are caused by congestion of
blood ln tho lower bowel, nnd lt takes
an Internal remedy to remove the
Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Bdld ls a tablet takon Internally, and no case of
Piles has ever been found It failed to
cure.   Money buck if it does fail.
11.00 at any dealers, or the Wilson-
Kyle Co., Limited, Niagara Falls, OnL
The   Halifax   garrison   is     now   controlled entirely by Canadians.
.inard's   Liniment   Cures   Burns,  etc,
A now Methodist chni-ch, costing
$.'18,000 wns opened at Port Arthur,
Oeylen Natural GREEN Tea to be the
Lead     Packets    Only,    40c,    60c,   and    60c.    per    tb.   At   all   Groeere.
Highest Award at 8t. Louis 1904.
earn****** ********** 11   is 1    nasi
Hanging By A Mere Hair.
Talking of the wit of the Princess
Pauline Mettermch, once the chief ornament of the third Napoleon's court,
the Alarq ise de Fontenoy writes:
As an instance I may recall her delicate retort to old Mrs. John Jay's
son-in-law, General Von Schweidnitz,
when he was Ambassador to the Austrian Court. One night, when seated
next to him at dinner, she vexed the
general by her somewhat unkind comparison between French and German
notions with regard to wit. "There is
nothing," sho declared "that the
French are not able to turn into
some  graceful  witticism."
"Take this, Princess," exclaimed the
general, handing her a single white
hair from his head; "I defy you to
get your French friends to make any
witty contrivance out of this."
Princess Metternich took the hair,
and on the following day sent it off
to Bouclieron, tne famous jeweller in
Paris, with au explanatory note.
Three-weeeks later she invited the
general to dinner, and he found on
liis plate a" tiny velvet box. On opening it Ilo found a pendant formed by
tho jewelled representation of the
Prussian eagle, and between its talons
was the single hair handed by the
perman Ambassador to the Prince—.
fVt eacli end of it was suspended a tiny
plaque in enamel with the word
"Alsace" on one and "Lorraine" on
the otlier. Attached to tho eagle's
beak was a scroll hearing in diamonds
the words, "Vous ne les tenez que par
un cheven" ("you hold them by only
a hair").
It retains old and Makes New
Friends.—Time was when Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil had but a small field
of distribution, hut now Its territory
is widespread. Those who first recognized its curative qualities still
value it as a specific, and while it retains its old friends It is ever making
new. lt ls certain that whoever once
uses it will not be without it.
Paper Handkerchiefs.
New York.—Several leading London
physicians are now advocating the use
of a handkerchief made of paper. This
is not only witn the idea ot prove,..-
ing the spread of consumption, but a
myriad ot other discuses. It is argued
that a linen handkerchief which is
carried iu the pocket and becomes
heated, is necessarily a disseminator
of undesirable genus and witn tho aid
of laundries, a constant circulation of
deadly organisms is kept up.
It is customary in many English
sanitariums to provide the patients
with paper handkerchiefs, which, after
use, are placed iu receptacles where
they are immediately cremated. Most
of the handkerchiefs used iu" these sanitariums are of Jupanese inako~as the
English mako has not como into favoi
on account of their being much harder
in texture than the Japanese.
"A Grand Medicine" is the encomium often passed on Bickle's Anti-
Consumptive Syrup, and when the results from its use are considered, as
borne out by many persons who have
employed It in stopping coughs and
eradicating colds, it Ib more than
grand. Kept lu the house It is always
at hand and it hns no equal as a ready
remedy. If you have not tried it, do
so at once.
How a Leak was Stopped.
To stop a leak in a steamer which
struck a rock in the Straits of Magel-
len recourse was had to timber, ballust
rock and Portland cement, which
formed so effective n cork that the
vessel was enabled to proceed on hei
voyage, and was finally taken to New-
Port News for repairs, It was lound
that the tilling was so solid that with
Drdinary appliances somo six weeks
would have been consumed in chopping it out. To overcome this ditiiunity smull charges of dynamite were
usod, and after three days of blasting,
without injury to tlio vessel or the
dock, the mass of material was so
completely loosened up as to permit
of being removed.
Heart-Sick  People Dr.  Agnew's Cure
for the Heart Is a lierat tonic that never
falls to cure—Is swift ln Its effects—goes
closer to the "border land" and snatches
from death's grin more sufferers that
any other remedy for any family of diseases and ailments In the category of
human sufferings. Gives relief In at) minutes.—76
The remedy for Ireland, uccording to
J. II. Gunntnghttine, is to encourage
ami luster hei  manufactures,
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists.
Owing to the dispnto between Belfast shipbuilders and their pattern
makers, about  ISO men went on strike.
Lord Efyde, the eldest son of the lord
chamberlain, is a handsoino young
man, who is very popular ill court
Appetite comes with eating
and each square of crisp de-
liciousness seems but to make
room for more.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
are different from any other
cracker. Nothing heavy or
doughy about them but so light
and crisp that they are transparent. Mooney's biscuits will
be a regular dish on your table
if you will try them.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
Snuff and Savagery.
Tho habit of snuff-tuking has been
Confirmed among savage tribes for ages
past. In South Africa it is used among
Swims, Uasntos, and Mntaboles. Evory Zulu to-day, even iu towns carries
a little square box suspended around
liis neck by a piece of string or gut,
and tho snuff spoon (for they do not
indulge in the homely "pinch"), carvel out of sheep's bone, often orna-
liiciitol with intricate geometrical designs, and for convenience earned
hanging downwards through a slit in
the lobe of the ear. The Zulu regards
the lolie of his onr as a useful receptacle for various, articles he meets
with. The urnfaan, or honseboy, universally met with in ,\utul, hus a penchant for safety pins, whicll havo to
be carefully hidden from his sharp
oyes; oven then, after going through
the rooms, he is usually to be seen
with a string of these pins suspended
from ouch ear until they reach his
Minard's Liniment on sale everywhere
Governor Higgins. of New York, has
granted u further reprieve   to A. T.
Patrick,  cintvieted ol  murder.
Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and ease of
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up each
piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good with h§rd or soft water.
Lever Brethera Llmleeot, Toronto
JJL . *A*m taammXVs _
(Established April 8.1899.)
fiariCB :lt4 4 4 Westminster avenue.
Mris. R   Whitney,  Publisher.
J-_N0i.isn Office—SO Fleet street,
London, E. C, England Where a
file of "The Advocate" is kept for
visitors. •
Subscription $1 a year   payable  in
Boontsa Oopy.
The Municipal Conncil of South Van-
courer will meet this Saturday
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B. C, May 19, 1906.
Junction of Westminster road and Wostmlo-
f Mr   avenue.       HKKVK'KH   ut    11    a. m.,
and 7; SO p.m.: sun,luy Hehool at 2:30 p.m.
iiornerof N'lnt   snd Wesiintnstur avenues.
akitVlcKH nt nn. m., Hint 7p. in.; Sunday
Ik-hootand liibic class JiSO p.m.   ltcv. A. I..
hetheriugton, II. A., II. I)., Pastor.
SiriKHINgo —8 Eleventh avenue, west. Tele-
■_onu 11124(1.
Corner Ninth; avenue and qucboi: street
-SEltVICES Kt 11 a.in.,a4—7:Mp. 10.: Sunday
',80)1001 ai2::i0p. in. ltev.3eo.A.Wtl|on,B.A.
^■aator. Manse curlier ol Eighth avenue and
jQlltarlu street.   Tel. 1000.
St Michael s, (Anglicnn).
Corner Ninth avenue and l'riuee Edward
street. HEIIVK'ES ul 11 a. in., and 7:30 p.m.,
floly Communion 1st and 3d Sundays in each
inonth after moj^ing prayer, 3d and 4ih Sun
Aafsaxta, tn. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Uev. U. il. Wilson, Reotor.
Rectory 372 Thirteenth avonue, cuit. Tele
ghone 111799.
Adveut Christian Church (not 7th day Ad-
entisls), Heventli avenue, near Westminster
jivenue. Serviecs 11 a.m., nnd 7:30 p.m
SSnday School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
jjocietyof Loyal Workers of christian Eitdca-
yor njcets every Sunday even ing at 6:.S o'clock.
fraycr-mveting Wednesday nightsatSo'elock.
Reorganized Chusch or Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints, 2536 Westminster ave.
nuo. Ser.leesat 8o'clock ovcrr Bunday evening by Elder J. S. Kninry; Sunday School at
7 o'clock. Prayer-meeting every Wednesday
tTeniug at S o'clock.
Local Advertising 10c a line each issue.
Display Advertising $1.00 per inch
per month.
•Notices for Church nud Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   where
will be charged for.
AH   Advertisements are  rnn regularly
'  aud charged for uutil ordered they
be discontinued.
.Transient   Advertisers   must   pay   in
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
See When Your Lodge Meets
-The 3d and 4th Mondays of the month
Oonrt Vnnconvor, I. O.  F., meets at
J0p. m.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodgo No. 19,  I.O.O.F.
meets at 8 p. pi.
Vaucouver  Conncil  No. 211a,   Canadian Ordor of Chosen Friends meets
the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the mouth.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladios of the
Maccabees holds its regular meetings ou
ihe 2d and 4th Mondays of the mouth.
The uew school in District Lot 472
was opened on Tuesday, the teacher in
charge beiug Miss Gertrude M. Cope-
laud of Mt. Ploasant. The new school
is situated n short distance south of the
Fairview Refugo Home, and is opeued
to uooouiniodate the over increasiug
uumber of families settling in that
district. A large school buildiug will
be erected in the near future.
At a special meetiug of the Municipal Council held on Mouday eveuiug,
the petitiou sigued by 2J0 Ratepayers
asking that the snit' against ox-Reeve
Geo. Roe and that the Council pay all
costs, was filed. The Electric Railway
will bo asked to reduce the fare on the
Cemetery line and grant transfers at
Sixteenth avouuo. Aftor confirming
several by-laws aud dealing with road
matters the Council adjourned.
taken  at
••'The Advocate"
Tickets, programs, business cards,
envelops, letterhead", milk tickets,
ln fact, thero is uothing too small
or, ton largo Iu oommercinl printing
for us.    Oi'dti'.-i solicited.
344.1 \Vest*flM!istex {".venue.
The goneral meetiug of the Board of
School Trustees for the Municipality
was hold at the Municipal Hall ou
Weduesday May 9th, at 7:110 p. ni.
Present, tho chairman Trustee Hodgson and Trustees Wells, Noilsou, Farr
and Jones, and tho Secretary. Miuntes
of previous meeting wore confirmed.
A letter was read from Seperintend-
ent of Education regarding grant from
the Govcrumeut for salaries of tcschers,
also a letter from the Superintendent
regarding Westminster Avenne site aud
site in District Lot 472.
Tho Chairman reported he had
arranged for a building in District Lot
472 for school purposes.
lt was arranged that' the Trustees
should have charge of various schools as
follows: Trustee Hodgson of East
Vancouver (Collingwood), Trustee
Jones of South Vanconver, Trjgtee
Neilsou of North Arm, TrustoeFarr of
Westmiuster Avenue, Trustee Wells of
On motion of Trustees Wells aud
Neilsou, it was decided that Trustees
Trustees Hodgsou should have oharge
of expenditures such as repairs, supplies,
etcB., for District Lot 472, East Van
couver, South Vancouver nud Wet—tain
ster Avenue schools, and Trustees
Wells and Neilsou of North_ Arm
aud Eburue schools.
Miss Gertrude M. Copeland was
appointed Teacher for District Lot 472,
at a salary of $50 per mouth.
The following wera appointed Jauiton
for tho various schools: Mr. Geo.
Si—try at Eburne, Mr. Tait at South
Vancouver, Mrs. W. Browu at East
Vancouver, Mrs. Carr at North Arm.
The Hoard adjourned to meet tbe
following evening.
On Thnrsday evening the adjourned
meeting of tho School Board was held
in Westminster Avenue Sohool House,
all members being present.
After inspecting three sites the Board
assembled at Secretary Walker's house,
and discussed tho several advantages
of the respective sites. On motion of
Trustees Wells and Joues, it wss decided
to purchase Block 8, Lot 634, Westmin
ster aveuue, about Si'a acres, for a
school site. Chairman Hodgson and
Wells wero appointed a, committee to
close tbe purchass. The Chairman and
Secretary were instructed to prepare
advertizemeut, calling for touders for
clearing and grading the site
Tho Scretary was instructed to pro
pare list of teachers' salaries to end of
April autl request the Treasurer to
remit cheques.
At the request, of the Chairman a
special meetiug will be held May 23d.
Meetiug theu adjourned.
"Tho Advocate" wishes any coretvw
ness iu delivery reported to the OfBot
telephouo Bl-105.
Somo of your griefs you hnve cured,
And the sharpest   you  still bave
Bnt what torments of grief you eudured,
From the evils that nover arrived.
They Stand Alone.
Standing out In bold relief, all alone,
•nd as a conspicuous example of open,
frank and honest dealing with the nick
and alllicted, are Dr. Pierce'a Favorite
Prescription for weak, over-worked, do-
bllltatnd, nervous, " run-down," pain-
racked women, and Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, the famous remedy
for weak stomach, Indigestion, or dyspepsia, torpid liver, or biliousness, all
catarrhal affections whether ol tbe
stomach, bowels, kidneys, bladder, nasal
passages, throat, bronchia, or other mucous passages, ulso as an effective remedy
for all diseases arising from thin, watery
or Impure blood, as scrofulous and skin
Each bottle of the above trtedlclnos
bears upon Its wrapper a badgo of honesty In tlie full list of ingredients composing It—printed in jltalrt English.
This frank and open publicity places
theso medicines lu <■ class all hy themselves, and Is tho best guaranty of their
merits. They cannot be classed as patent
nor secret medicines for they are neither
—being »f kttinvix nmpuatUon.
Dr. Pierce feels that he oan afford to
take the alllicted Into his full confidence
and lay all the Ingredients of his medicines freely before them because these
Ingredients are such as are endorsed and
most strongly praised by scores of the
most eminent medical writers as cures
for the diseases for which these medicines are recommended. Therefore, the
afflicted do not huve to rely alone upon
Dr. Pierce's recommendation as to tha
curative valuo of his medicines for certain easily recognized diseases.
A glance at the printed formula on
each bottlo will show that no alcohol and
no harmful orhabit-forming drugs enter
into Dr. Pierce s medicines, they being
wholly compounded of glycorlc extracts
of tho roots of native, American forest
plants. These are best and safest for
tho cure of most lingering, chronic diseases. Dr. R. V. Pierce can be consulted
FREE, by addressing him at Buffalo.
N. Y., and sll communications ere regarded ss sacredly confidential.
It ls as easy to be well as 111 —and
much more comfortable. Constipation Is
the cause of many forms of Illness. Dr.
Pierce's Ploasaut Pellets cure constipation. Tbey aro tiny, sugar-coated granules. One little "Pollefls a gentle laxative, two a mild cathartic. All dealers ln
medicines soil them.' 	
W/AI   I   AfP'CL The Store of Quality.
Wr_l-iL_./-'WG s_* 700-702 Westminsternvei
Phone 1266.
700-702 Westminster avenue.
Fance Butter, 2 lbs for 66c Fancy Navel Oranges 2lic
Fancy Applos 8 Us for 25c Fancy Potatoes per sack |1.26
Picnic Hams per Lb. 12J^o      Wallace Bar Soap 4 lbs 20c
The   Best   Tea   for   tho   money—C O R O N A TIO N—por Lb. 80c and 40o
Royal Crown Soap 6 bars for 26c      Eggs per doz. 80o
Everything that milady could desire can be found hore.   Truly a display that is
liT-csintable to most women, and the prices are very moderate.
5T   W/allarP- Westminster avenue &
•   1.   TV Oilatv  Harris street. Telephone 1266.
*mBjS mm**- m}*» *m*m W*2 *m™M **y*t ****** mj** fara ff**} ***** ]p |
Come and see us
Our stock is fresh and of
the best. "Best" in all
that goes to make things
Smith SJScer
Junction of Westmiuster Road and Ave
'Phoue 2058.
Crums Befit Prints.
Mt. Pleasant's First-class
Dry Goods Storo
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank of Canada Bi'h.mnu
Coruer Sovcuth and Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasant.
 will find it to their advantage
to obtain from
the Great-West
a copy ot thoir circular
which explains how a small
monthly payment will pro
vide for the repayment of
loan and interest, and how,
in the event of the death of
the borrower, the home will
be left free of encumbrance.
Geo. H. HALSE,
426 Richards St.     . Vancouver, B.C.
Get Your Flowekino
Shrubs & Perennial
******   PLANTS   ******
\YtAPx\faa.    The DAHLIA
Nursery  Ss Greeuhonscs,   corner of
Fifteenth and Westminster avenues.
The Cheapest Place in the Citt.
The Moo  Cow.
My pa held me up to the moo cow
So'close I could almost touch,
En I fed him a couple of times or
two, '
En  I wasn't a fraid cat much—
But-ef my papa goes into the house,
En mama she goes in, too,
iust keep still like a mouse,
yer the moo cow moo might moo.
The moo cow moo's got a tail like
a rope,
En   its   raveled    down    where    it
En   its just   like   feeling   a  piece  of
All over the moo cow's nose;
En the moo cow moo has lots of fun
Just swinging his tail about,
Ef he opens his mouth then I run,
For  that's  where   the  moo  comes
En the moo cow moo's got deers on
his head.
En  his  eyes    stuck    outcn    their
En the nose of the moo cow moo
is spread
All over the end of his face-
En  his  fingers  is notting but finger
En his mamma don't keep them cut
En he gives folk milk in water pails,
Ef he dtm't keep his handles shut.
Cause  ef yon or mc  pull  the  handles, why
The moo cow moo says it hurts.
But  the  hired  man   he    sits    down
close by
En  squirts,  en  squirts,  en  squirts.
,       Seattle, Wasbu.
The Advocate Is tlie best advertising
mediuui whore it circulates.  Tel. B1405
that famous
The Bread that is Good to Eat.
Handled by all the   Leading Grocers
or delivered at your door.
24 Loaves for $ I cosh.
'Phone 448.
The funeral of Elgin Milton, the
only son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. M
Saeret, and grandson of Captain Saeret,
took plaoe on Tuesday afternoon from
the family residence 502 Sevedth avouuo, east. The deceased was nine years
old and apparently lu good health ou
Saturday evening, bnt during the night
he was seriously ill and in spite of the
best medical skill expired early on Sunday morning. There was a large attendance of sympathizing friends. The
pall-'tKiarers were all sohool mates of the
deceased aud were: Sydney White, Ray
Cahill, Graham Bruce, Willie Crocker.
The funeral services were conducted by
Rev. Herbert, W. Piercy of Mt. Pleasaut
Baptist Ohnreh.
There was a large nnmber of beautiful- ■
floral tributes from the following:
Mr. and Mrs. Spray, cross; Mr. and
Mrs.. Thompson, wreath; friends at
Winnipeg House, wreath aud spray:
children of Wiuuipeg House, anchor;
Mr. and Mrs. J. Muir, wreath; Mr. and
Mrs. Mnro, cross; Mrs Carlson, crescent; Miss Millie Muir, wreath; Mr.
and Mr*. Allen, wreath; floral sprays
from M. A. Bruce, K. L. H. Baxter,
Hairy aud Willio Brown, Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Bock, Mr. and Mrs. Betts, Mr.
and Mrs. H. Saeret, Stafford Harris,
Ray Cahill, Miss Ramsay, Miss Cown,
Mrs. Glover, Mr. and Mrs. H H.
Stevens, Mrs. Grace and children, Tessie
and Douglas Dixon, Beatrice and Mrs.
Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. Macauloy, Mr.
and Mrs. Stone, W. Crocker; Mary,
Kathleen, Cbrlstena and Sydney BhylO;
Mr. aud Mrs. H. Harford.
Youug Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 15 minutes to 7, every Sunday
evening in Adveut Christian Chnroh,
Seveuth avenne, near Westm'r ave.
Epworth   Leagne of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Chnrch meets at 8 p. iu.
_. Y. P. U., meets in  Mt. Pleasr
Baptist Chnroh at 8 p. in.   ""
Tbe Y. P. S. C. 15., meots at 8 p. iu
in Mt. Plcasasant Prosbytorian Church
tit. Pleasant Mali, (Postoffice.)
Mail arrives daily at 10:80 o. m., and
2:80 p. m.
Mail leaves tlie Pottoffloo at 7 and 11
a. in., and 1:80 and 6:30 p. ui.
Telephone Numbers of Local Preachers.
1117M-Rer. (;. il. Wilson,(Anglican).
1066— Rev. 0. A. Wilson, (Presbyterian).
in'-i.-ltcv. a. E. lletberington,(Methodist).
-Elbert Hubbard's Sayings.
If people have wronged you, it will do
no harm to give them a, chauce to forget
My religion is based upon facts that
are never disputed We are here: do
your work the best you oan, ,aud be
kind; help yourself by helping other
people, and when in doubt mind your
own business and thus giving other
people a ohance to mind theirs.
I always ndmire classical music—the
other kind I enjoy.
Personal liberty is the art of discrimination—knowing what you dou't want
and leaving it alone.
The average society girl is merely a
plcturesqnes affirmation that there Is no
such thing as commonsense.
A man always wants to be a woman's
flrst love. Ou this point he is a stickler,
but n womnn wants to b« a mini's last
Iovo. However, you bettor uot go into
Death: A readjustment of life's forces.
Wisdom: A term Pride ubos when
talking of Necessity.
Polygamy: An endcaver to got niore
out of life than there is in it.
We trust a woman with our hearts,
but we draw tho lino at pocketbooks.
Seek flrst the kingdom of honesty and
all tho other graces acquire.
The saviors of tho world are only
those who havo loved humanity moro
than all else.
Ideas grow senile and slumber and
sleep: din and lie in their graves for
Ages: and come again iu tho garb of
Youth to slaughter and slay—and
inspire and liberate. And this death
and resurrection goes on Forever. In
Time there is nothing new nor old:
there is ouly the rising and falling of
the Infinite Tide.
*** Exhibition
and Agricultural Pair.
July 23d to 23th, I9Q6.
The Farmers' Annual Summer Holiday.
The Largest Exhibition of Live-stock
in Western Canada.
Offered in Fnzes for What.
Interesting Butter-innkiugCompetitions
opeu to Amateurs and also Professionals.
The Grandest, Collection of Art,
Art Treasures, nod School Exhibits
ovor got together   in   the   West.
The Carnival iu Venice and
The Enakenshne Air-ship
among the Special Attractions.
Entries close July 7th.
Cheap Excursions on all lines
For Entry Blanks, eto, etc, apply to
, G. H. Groig, President.
B. J. Hughes, Sec.-Troos.
A. W. Bell, General-Manager.
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit otlier cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
BEST" Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office    Telephone B.1405
I like to read advertisements. They
are in themselves literature; and I
can gauge the prosperity of the conn
try by their very appearance."—Wil
Ham E. Gladstone.
Advocate $1
for 12 Months
For   local  nows  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE, only $1 for 12 months.
The Big Bargain Dr'j JBoods Store of B. C.
Big Removal
US?" Day by Day the big crowds come and buy, and
go away satisfied that they had got the best they could  '
buy for the money.   Just read these prices :
Ladies'Silk Belts at half price; colors cardinal, navy, sky, white, black,
myrtle and brown.
Ladies' Silk Belts, worth 40c for 20o each.
Summer Hats; colors cardinals, piuk, buttopoup, crenin, white, sky and
bliiok, worth 40o for 25c a yard
Ladios' Pique Suits, worth $6 aud $0.50 for $4.50 each.
White Chock Dress Muslin, 25 inobes wide, worth 10c for 7>£o,
White Fancy Stripe Dress Muslin, worth 10c for 5c a yard.
Double-facod White Satin Ribbon, worth 10c for 5c a ynrd.
Satin Duchess nnd Taffeta Ribbon, worth 10c for 7>jjO a ynrd.
Big reductions in Curtain Nets and Lace Curtains.   —
Mousseliue do Soie for trimming.   Ladies' Pique Suits nt cost.
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
Real Estate!
Fine Orchard and Chicken Ranch on
Twentieth aveuue, 4 lots, lots
50x183, house of 4 rooms. Price
$3.000; terms.
7-roomed House, lot 49}£xl20, Eighth
aveuue; price $1,850.
Doable corner, (2 lots),oleared, on Fifth
and Manitoba; price$1,600.
Two lots, ou corner, Teuth avenne, all
cleared; prico $1,000.
$2,800 buys a New Modern Honse
of 7 rooms on Fifth avenue. Terms
easy. Value good.
Double coruer on Tenth aveuue, cleared,
flue location.   Price $1,000.
House of 5 rooms, electrio light; both
und   n 11    conveniences;    PINE
ORCHARD.    Prico   $2,100;    1760
, down aud onBy terms.  Situated on
Eighth aveuue.
Cottage of 5 rooms, electrio light, and
all conventeuces; situated on Eighth
avenue, east. Prico $1,800; $UO0
dowu nnd terms.
2-storey Residence ou Sixth avenuo,
largo houso, beautiful lawn, fruit.
Terms.   Price  $8,250.
Honse of 0 rootnB, Eighth avenuer fine
orchard, lot 149x122 ; prioe $8,250.
Cash $1,160.
Lots on Pourteonth avenue, near St.
Catheriues, for $150 each, terms.
One-half Acre, (0 lots), cleared and
fenced, 3-room house, chickeu
house, on James street, South Vancouver; price $000. Very easy terms
10 lots on Twenty-fourth avenue,
83x122*.^ feet. Corner lots on
Ontario street, $700; 7 lots Nos. 7, 8.
8, 10, 11, 12, $200each, No. 13 corner
lot $260. These lots are partly
cleared. Very easy terms-
House of 6-rooms, Eighth avenue;
eleotrio light, hath; lot 88x120.
Price    $3,000.
Store on 28-ft. lot, on Westminster avenne ; building rented; fine location,
near Niuth avenne. Price $6,600.
House of 7 rooms, corner Lansdowne
avenue and Scotia street; lot 60x120.
Price $2,000
Lot  26x182  on Westminster* avenue;
two-storey building, in fine coni?
tion;leased for 2years; title o-.
feot.    Price $7 M.|>
8-roonied Cottage on Cordova •
enst;-trees aud   flower garden;
lovely home $2.T-i .
5 Lots, cleared and plowed, William **A
Park Drive; on carlino. Easy tonne
 J $460 each
5 Lots ou Grant streot—Graudview-
overlookuig the city;  very ohoice
lots. Terms $2,960"
Double Corner—
Westminster avenne, Mt. Plnasnn ,
$7,000. The best corner loft oa
the Hill.
Good Investment—
4 Housos on   Ninth   avenne;   all
rented; $4,200.   Terms.
Beautifully Situated Residential
Lot  on  Burrard   street?;   $1,200.
List your lots and property
Mrs. R.Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telephone 1)1-105.
Is Issued
"t"*'!"t* "t" •t*""t-*'Wt*-*' *^8.*%^m9j3 *S^i***M9ft
in the interest
of lit. Pleasant
& South Vancouver.
"The Advocnte" gives all the Local News of Mi,. Pleasant from
week to week for $1 00 per year; six months 60c. An interesting
Serial Story is always kept runuiug; the selections in Woman's
Realm will always be fouud full Interest to up-to-date women; the
miscellaneous it'-uns are always bright, entertaining and inspiring.
New arrivals ou Mt. Pleasant will become raedily informed of tho
community aud more quickly interested in local happenings if
they subscribe to "Tho Advocate,"
• ••
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
1, o: o. f.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge Jio. lOmeets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Westmiustor avenue,   Mt. Plensaut.
Sojourning brethren cordially iuvited
to attend.
Noulb Grand—G. W. Jamieson.
..Recording  Secretary—Frank
Triiublo.cor. Ninth ave. A Westmin'r rd.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondnys of ench month at 8 p. in., in
Oddfellows' Hall. _.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranqeii—A. Peugelly.
Recording Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
814 Princess streot,-City.
Financial Secretary—J.B.Abernethy
-"        Address: Cure 2JUslVeatmln.teravenue
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regnl*.
Review 2d ana 4th Mondays of euoh
mouth lu Knights of Pytbias Hal'
Westmiuster aveuue.
Visiting Ladios nlways weloome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. N. Pcttipieco,
25 Tenth avenue, east.
Lady Record Keeper— Mjus. J. Mai tin,
Ninth avenne. ■—■
Vanconver Council, No. 211a, meet
every 2d and 4th Thursdays of eaolp
month, in I. O. O. F., Hall, West
minster avenne.
Sojourning   Friends always welcome
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.
"* 1193 Tenth are., east.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
—1!H WcstmInstf riiveiiiic.   Tel. "CO.
A Monthly Mngazino   devoted to the
Use of English.   Josephine Turck
Baker, Editor,
gl a year; 10c for Sample Oopy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanston, HI., U. S. A.
Partial Contents for this Month.—
Courso in English for tho Beginner;
course in English for tho Advanced
pcpil. How to Increase One's Vocalic.
lary. The Art of Conversation. Should
and Would: how to use them. Pronunciation. Correct English in the Homo.
Correct English in the School. Business English for the Business Man.
Studies in English Literature.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Press nud
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E. G, England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
is only $1.00 a year,
60c for 6 months,
25c for 3 months.
Get your work dono at the
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
BATHS—Bath room fitted with Porcelain    Bath    Tub    and' all   modern
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch snd description xas*
J Illicitly asoertsln onr opinion free whether so
-.ventlon is probsbly patentshle. Communirs-
lions strictly contldoiitlul. Hsndboofc on Pstsnts
sonl free. Oldest assner for scouring patents.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. receive
■P-elal notice, without obsrse, la the
Scientific American.
A himflflormoly llltutrated weok lr.
dilation of uny sclent-Ida Journal,    _ 	
govi iqixr raontbt#$L Sold by ull newiriealen.
I-r.rfl.eot dp.
Tonus, |S a
Branch Offlce. i
utkm T BU W__hl"ton. J,"
DO IT NOW!—If not alrdftdy a Subscriber to "The Advocate" become one-
now.   Only $1 for 12 months.
ko°gi' Kitchens
Eitohon drudgery is reduced to a minimum when gns is used for fuel.
It takes only HALF THE TIME*to prepare meals as compared with
coal and wood ranges, and the kltohen is COOL nnd COMFORTABLE
to work in.
Telephone 31
aud our representative will call, measure your premises and give
you an estimate of cost of installing gas.
Vancouver Gas Company.
Office : cornor of Carrall and-Hastiugs streets.


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