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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Nov 19, 1904

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NOV211904      &]
ie you have
■..'K hii7e just the goods to sutistfy it in half
pound bottles of
Tbey are English, you know, and only 15c, U for 25c
too, a fresh lot jnst in, at
fl. A. W. Co.'s,   .'
Mount Pleasant Branch.
'• v£>o..*.!A, e-Sj' GO -TO "LEONARD'S
$i per year, Six Alonths 50c, Three nonths 35c,  Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to ths interests of    Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
o The Arcade or Oranvijle Street
I For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like home— with Pure Cream.
Genuine Boston  Baked Beans
Or.cn from 7:!J0 a. in., to 12 p. m.
Sunday from 9 a. m.   to 13 p.m.
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 232.
flOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,    B.   C.,t   SATURDAY   Nov., 19.  '9»4
Sixth   Year, Vol. 6, No. 32-
j*-******* Subscribers are requested to
■nt any carelessness In tho-delivery
■i'he Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should Ira
111 before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.
The McCuaig Auction and Commission Oo., Ltd., next,toCaruolgc Library,
Hastings street, bay Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auotion Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description,
Satisfaction guaranteed,   Phono 1070,
Attention   it!   onlliid   to   Notice    (Q,
Mariners, from the Provincial   Public
Works Department, in this paper
Mrs. Ford and kiu of Elovenjh avonue, returned ou Monday from a
month's visit with her sister Mrs,
Coiuniisky of Vernon,
Just arrived at Mrs. Merkley's new
shapes and trimmings in Millinery.
Mr. E. Larson, the well-knowh Merchant Tailor, has purchased the house
recently built .by Mr. O. Burritt ou
Twelfth avonue, and moved in With his
family this week.
The now Oddfellows' Hall will bo
finished mud opening ceromony held
before Christmas. It is expeoted tlmt
no less thun a thousand peoplo will he
present 011 tho oncoli).-; evening.
Remember tho Rnzaar to be held in
City Hull on December 8th, by the
.Woman's Auxiliary of St. Michael's
Ohuroh, and yo thero for your Xmns
presents useful and fahoy articles.
I For   looal  news  BUbsoribe    for THE
A1.VY.CM_. ouly fi for 12 months.
Mr. Jas. N. Konlf lias put in a stock
of stationery, books, newspapers aud
magazines at Iti. Niuth avenuo. Mr.
Jiouit is well-known on tho Hill aud
will ddubtlbss receive tlie patronage, of
Mt. Pleasant people.
HALF PRICES prevail iu our two
stores on ninny lines, and uven the newest goods just received are offered at
cost prlcp. Wo must have room iu one
store to do our business, iu future.
Early callers havo the pfekiugs,
li. MILLS, 18 Cordova street
A Carol Chorus lias beeu organized
for the members of St. Michael's
Ohuroh and is under the direction oi'
Mr. W. Botilt, Sr. Tho Chorus meets
every Monday evening, and the moot*
jugs while for instruction are also for
sodlal enjoyment.
Tho next regnlar meetiug of Vancouver Council, Canadian Order of
Chosen Friends will be hold on Thursday evening next., Nov. 8-thl All members ure requested to bo present as there
will be a number of initiations and the
annual nomination of olllcers. A great
treat iu tho pleasure liue is promised.
Amalgamation Sale.—We hate cut
01T ono- third of the prloe on all footwear.
Youths' llivuil-iiiiu.le Shoe $1 .-in ; Youths'
Shoos (broken sizes) $1.00; Men's Shoos,
regular$D, now only SI! 50- Mmi's, regular ... to S-l Shoo, now only "1. TO,
R.' Mills, 1. Cordova   Btreet
Mr. and Mrs. .). Martin of Ninth avo-
un., wero surprised Ml Friday night
last by between thirty and forty pupils
of Mr. Murtin's - school-room, who
arrived with an abundance of substantial and dainty refreshments about.
_:.0 p. m. A very .jolly evening was
enjoyed, Mr. and Mrs. Martin making
the young people most weloome.
By tolling merchants' they saw their
advertisements io Thk Advocate our
readers will oonfer a favor and help the
paper greatly.
A, Minstrel Olnb has been organised
by a laigo number of voting men, Thero
Is ijnito an array of singers of boinlo nntl
(Kiutinieiitnl sougs, aud tho fanny 111011
are numerous enough to keep all laugh,
ing with their ancient antl modern
wit. Practices are hold in a big Kitchen
room iu which the boys'have installed a
piano. Mouilays and Wednesdays nre
practice pig-its.
If you kuow any items of Mt.Pleasant
uews—Social,   Personal or any   othor
news items—send  them   iu  to   "Tho
Advocate," or by telephone—Bl.05.
 :o: ■	
A typographical error occurred in the
B. O. Electric Railway Company's
advertisement last week, the price for
light reading 12'_c instead of 12e. The
rates for South Vancouver are: Ou the
first 40 K/W. boors 17c per K.W. hour;
on the next 60 K. W. hours 12c per
K. W. honrs nu consumption over 100
K W. hour 10c per K. W. hour. These
rates aro subject to a cash discunut of
0% if bill is paid on or before lOtli day
nfter date thereof.
Ml. Pleasant Mail, (Po:toffee.)
Leaves at tl 11 ul,, 11 a 111., * i>:!'0 p.m
Arrive, (it 11 11  m , nml 'i p, ui
THESE UNBREAKABLE PLATES are the most durable,
beautiful nud Hygienic Plates known to the Profession, being
the 00L01. of Tin: nati.r_.i, gum It in impossible to detect
them iu the mouth. Wo advertised those plates a year ago
aud mndo hundreds, which gave the vory best of satisfaction.
SEE SAMPLES OP OUR WORK. Do uot be misled. We
are the Inventors of and only DbhtiB—s PRAOTisisa PAINLESS methods in British Colu.iuia ; in fact, we ure oouoeded
tho Leaders on the Pacific Coast. By Fuse Examination,
wo will tell you in advance oxactly what yonr work will cost.
We have a reputation for PAINLESS DENTISTRY, good
work and ominous treatment.
The season has arrived when you will he
asking yourself: "Where shall I go to
Hnd the best Heaters for the Joust
A_k vour friends null they
will tell you FLETT. Mt.
Pleasant, has the best
you will find iu the
arc always
STORE.  Tel. 447-
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Opposite tho Carnegie Library.
Oflioo Hours: 8 a. m., to !) p. m.
B. C.
Telephone 1500.
Sundays - a. in,, to 2 p, m.
Good Eating; and Cooking1
—A  /•»..
•*)   •**■*
wsmaenaa■■_Da_iaa*a*__—m__bb_—0—__n_S—B_aaa_B_ I
Do not forgot Concert in Mt, Pleasaut
Methodist Church, Monday evening.. Slst
Miss Hattio Burritt left Tuesday for
Rovdlstoke, whero she will enter the
C. P. R. Offices as Stenographer,
The City G-rocery  delivers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant:   'phono 288
Mrs. Frank Reynolds of Ladysmith,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. Cartwi'ight
of Ninth anemic.
The Municipal Council of South Vancouver will moot this Saturday afternoon at '-' o'clock.
With every purchaso al Horner's
Argylo Houso ten per cent coupons are
given, for silverware prists.
On Tuesday evening the members of
the Young People's ISib'e Obis, of Mt
Pleasant Methodist Clierd. wore entertained by thoir Loader, Cnpt Thos.
Saeret, and Mrs. Saeret, in Mason's
Hall. Thero were over forty present
and a most enjoyable time was passed,
nud tho refreshments served were of
the best.
Read Keeler's advertisement.
Mr. E. .!. Coinmisky, O. P. R. Agent
at Vernon, Mrs. Oonmiisky and little
daughter, nre visiting Mrs. Coi—misky's
mother, Mrs. Miller, Eleventh ave., and
Quebec strict.
Ex-Councillor R. Meek hns recovered
sufficiently from his recent illness to
resume work, and hns moved hack to
his place on the Home rond. South
Grand Thanksgiving Couoort iu Ml.
Pleasant Methodist Chinch. Monday
evening next.   Admission 2oo.
a hex*
2.I25   Westminster  Ave.
7 'Phone  122
'Tis iu such garments that one can distinguish
the True Cut ami Styt.t* of the artist.   '
Fit-Reform Dress and Tuxedo Suits Stand
ALONE ; tbey have a characteristic which gives
to its wearers a bearing of Good Taste and
flood Form.
Price $25.00
Friezo Cloth, 54-iii., suitable for nnlincil skirts and coats,  in dark grey*, ?
black and navy; regular $1 oil, sale price 7"ic n yard "   fr
Crepe do Chine—nil-wool Crepe de Chine—in pink,  sky Muo, whilo,  old 5
- rose and blnck; regular ti5o, sale price 1.O0 a yard
White Lustre, ..-in., lino liuish; regular 600, sale prior 6O0 a yard $
Dross Goods in fancy effeots,  all tho  new   shades of seal  brown,  dark *?
green, nary, cardinal and fancy mixtures; regular 75c, sale price ode n yard,   tp
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B   C.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.    Self-measurement Blanks and
Samples sent  on  ttppHoatio-i.
j|)rr_iunl.-im»mmi-mii        1    1      _s__——^|_ff|f_f_T
a. ross & co., •""•"?,ta«0Srs*-    t
*L'^'*_'**'"*k'-*'K-tt^ ^"ts^^
Any ouo haying friends or knowii
of  strangers  visiting ou Mt. Pleasa-it,
will confer a grent favor by iufonuin
'Tho Advocate."   Telephone i_l.fi.1..
Opening Postponed.
Owing icHlio —ctttres hot having been
completed ns early as was expected the
Opening of the Central Drug Hall has
been postponed until Monday 21st.
Remember, Monday Nbv.Slst, Mr.Chns.
Netherby opens his now drug store, and
lo every purchaser ho will give a
souvenir. Central Drug Hall, opposite
Lee's Grocery Store.
Evaporated Peaches, Prunes, Pears, Apricots,
London Layer Raisins, Muscatels Raisins,
Seeded   Raisins, Cleaned Currants.
AH New Fruits.
The characteristic of mest people is, they waut the best  for
the lowest price.
That ss Hie Motto of this store—
The Best for the Lowest Price.
•■ J. P. Nightingale &C0.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.   Tel. 1360
Mr. .las. Rollston, nephew of Mr. and
Mri.R.W.Rolistonof Thirteenth avenue
and Ontario street, mot with a very
painful accident this weok while attending J;o the moving of a cannon from iu
frout of T. S. Tisdnlo's Gnu Storo.
Though he received severe injuries, Mr.
Rollston, we aru flossed 10 state, is
recovering from the accident.
Thorfl was a very delightful Soc.iilln
the Mt Pleasant Baptist Ohuroh on
Thnnksgiving evening, given by the
I'.. Y. P. XI. Rev. Dr.'King and others
made Short and interesting talks, tin
program though Impromptu wns n vory
enjoyable one, The ladles served refresh.
incuts, and all attending dcch'.ro thero
ipts not been a mora delightful eiilor-
lainnicut in the ohuroh,
Miss Rowe of Now Westmiuster, was
Iho guest of the Misses Burritt of
Twelfth avenue, a few days the past
The funeral of Mary Southerden, aged
83 years, a native of England; ir."«
place on Nov. 18th, from tho rosidanso
of hor noloSi .Mrs. W. 0. Smith, 1884
Seventh avenue. Palrvlew, Rev. .).
Antle condtiul.'id Un- funeral services,
the arrangement were in charge of
Armstrong & Edwards.
SSL-t Central fleat flarket
..or. Ninth Ave, & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 934,
Wholesale and ReiaSS
Dealers in nil kinds of _?RESH and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Oi'dors BOlioited from pll jinrts of Mount Pleasant and FalrViow'.
?rompt Delivery,
Woodrow & WiJHams. ^Sj^
Swift's Picnic Ham
2000 pouucls to be sold d uriiig ihc next To days at the
astonishing low price df ISc per pound, Leaver ycu
order at once.
The Citv Grocery Co.
Leading Grocers and Provision Merchants.
Toi. 286. V/ssttnlnstar Avo. & Prtnooss Stroet.
as m w w w w w w nr i.? ^ nt w w m w w tt
If you miss Thk Advocatk ynu mis?.
he looal news.
The Ohoir of Mt. Ploasaut Mfetbodist
Churoh gave n Con lurtiu thi Agricultural Hull al Eburue ou Thnrsday ovening, iu aid of the Methodist Chnroh at
l.hurno. The trip was made 111 the big
tally-ho conch, leaving Mt, Pleasant at
8:110 p.m., arriving bank during the
wee siu.V hours of the morning,
The Central
24-44   Westminster Ave. Oi»l>. Leb's ttaoceitT,
WILL OPEN on Monday morn"
ing, Mov.Slstywith a first-class stock of
Physioinna' Prescriptions   carefully compounded—DA",  or
nihht by a Graduate Chemist.
A Souvenir given to every Customer duping
Oponintj Day.
Prttroui/.e   the littlo  Auti  Octopus  Drug  Storo  mul  savu
Chas. L Netherby, P
Telephone   IS49.
Presbyterian Church Opening
The new ,Mt..Plcasant Presbyterian
Church was formully dedicated on
Sunday last, by appropriate services
moruiug, afternoon and evening. Thoro
wns a large attendance at all services,
but in the evening the ati.tidnnco proved
tn be the lorgegt congregation ever
assembled on Mt Pleasant, fully »00
people were present. The Methodists
closed then'chnrch in tho eveuiug and
joined with the Presbyterians, these
two denominations taxiug tho ntmost
capacity of the uow building. Rev.
J". S. Henderson preached at the eve-
utugservice aud-delivored nn eloquent
___Tnoii;ha has a.pleasing manner and
is a. lluout und logical speaker. The
Choir provided speoial music for
the occasion. Tho Choir has been plnced
in a ilisndvautogeQ is place, the voices
sounding soattoi'ed in the anthems—or
is it the Choir that it- at fault? A I. the
morning service Miss Maggie Ross sang
most acceptably o hehutiful sotting of
"Jesus Lover of My Soul," and in the
evening there were solos by Mrs. I'urus-
Dixou, Mr. Colloghan nud a quartet.
Oolleotious for the day amounted to
i in Ui a lay . - du ; the Rev. Dr,
c casi r of I lit r"irsl I ' -1 rtei Ian Church,
delivei'ed a lecture on the 'Undertows
of Life," to S largi audience. It was
the Doctor • fir tl ire bi fore a Van-
eouyer audience, ami ho made a most
favorable impression h is suroot a
large audience auy timo he mny Ipottire
■>'..;;im. The leol "• r rtosoi'ibed life as an
ocean through whioh Sowed currents,
tides aud under-1 ivvs, those on,lei _ows
which oin gets< iMight in vfitft Illustrated
or oluupeterised ' i over-reabhiug ambition, excessive love of anmsemonts,
dancing, raoos, gumbllpg, desire to got
rich quick ami the soolal glass.
Gradually bu: snroly these umlei'-lov,s
onrry victims to ruin and failure. Why
so many nre cftiiglit in hnder-tows is
ohicflj n hick ol purpose in life. Tho
speaker emphasized ihe fuel that success
and ultimate happiness iu life cau ouly
in d by hnving u plan in life and
concent rating oud'h powers on reaching
a goal, While, it wns a mosr practical
and helpful lecture the element of
humor wns not lacking,
Tuesday eveuiug n congregational
Social brought the opening celebrations
to a closo and proved u most enjoyable
affair, Music, recitations nud speeches
by the various Pn Bbjeteriim ministers of
the oity filled the program; the ladies
served choicest refreshments,
is only .1.00 a year,
/Hie for (i mouths,
.r.c for !) months
**      X: -•
I IflfKCt }r
2321   Westminster   Ave.      J_ __=
Mt. Pleasant.
K. H, Peace,  Proprietor.
OS.OO oo
Wholesale     antl    Retail  .
Dealer    ing Meats    of i
\i AH  Kinds. JTel. A1206
Vegetables  and_ Poultry
in season.
Prompt Delivery.        j
S^-^V-S^-*/*.-*^. ■«^%^*'»'».'%.'%^*
Brewed right here in Vancouver by   men
of years and years  .ind years   experience, _5
and   ti Brewery  u hose plant  is the most _^
perfect known   to the Art of Brewing.    Is ?
il any wouder that  it   has  taken a place Ejj
in   the hearts   t-{   the   people   which   no other beer
can supplant ?    Doz., quarts-^2.   Do/.., pints $1, ^
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. *
V-rtcoiiver, B. C.       Tel. 4^9 «i
Por Sulc :ii all Ih-st.plasfi Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels    £■
Hi Hi HUH £ -u ii- Ml Hk Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi R
Greatest     1
Slaughter Sale j
JSL Pish Market
2811 Westminster ave. oor. Seventh ave. I
.Vt.i. kinds t,.-Fresh, Smoked, Snltaud '
£snncd Fish for sale. Poultry and
'i.ggs bought nnd sold. Gfieioiu _eason, i
OitriEits left U tho shop I nniptlv..' lend- i
ed to.     OAST its LAWIM-NC] , Props.
lull Line ol Fancy and Staple        )
Piici's to compare with nny.
.1. !\ I1AI.DON
i 'or. Westminster avo,, ft Dufferin St. j
Have Purchased a New Site,
At a meeting of ths Trastoo Board
of Mt. Pleneaul   Methodist  Church  on
Wednesday e v 6 n i u g nrrnnge-
monts were completed for the purchase
of I he threo Ipts on the northwest corner
of Westiul—itor nnd Tenth avenues,
There will be a meetiug of the emigre-
gratiou oil Weduesday evening next to
discuss the pltiu of tbe Board, The
Sunday -k'honl and rougregnsiou is
growing so fast, that larger premises are
uu absolute necessity, The present
churoh at the corner of Niulli and
Westminster uveunes is for Rale at a
certain figure.
Ei.Kc.itoLYsis Parlor of Hairdrcsu
Ing, Manicuring, Pacini Massage and
.Sculp TreatiiH'Ut for Lndies und QeutJ •
men. Superfluous hair, Wlirts nnd
moles removed by Klectrolysis,
Vulnnhle information given to every
lndy patron ou "How to take care of
Skin Food for building up the wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to prevent nnd heal snubnrn.
Madaxi'. Hv—l'mtsrs, EM Granville
Vnucouvor   hn     ever
The rensoii whj il    so: pimply
because it is a genuine olci   oul
sale.      Positivel"i      ' ■'■ rvthiii.'-'
must   go,
Kvery few d._":> thero aro fi-esh
.Novellie,-. I- lug added tothii stock,
which wero pnrcbi soil tn ci ine
Ecrw ie-i I i '.. i !hi Isti . - trado
before tbe mortgage leoided to
clear oul the ontiii '■-■■ And
tin • are pul ml sale with i
thing ei,-." as li com i   .
V, • have sold yai ■■   ■ Is ol
i n - (ioodn Bin io thii .11 ■ tarted
Bnl 1 too> " lai ge 1 I lu can
not be sold oul      n ■  ivoek
Couseqnoutly   ihera sre  b ■
it] uu bargaius i" be bad in
Dress 1 loods stock.
We hnvo cut the lie irl  cleau oul
ol Millluerj.    I In n il   m  old
hat in   Hie   lion -i      ,     r\ Illiuj
the   Millinery    Di >ai tun ul    wai
purchased for thfi      trade
■0   the  propor mllliii' rj   niarki
6» both for value nnd styli
•.-_.,._..., .., _.   -■—— _.—._.
I   303 Hastings street
McTeggort z, Mo.scrop
Dkai.rhs ;■■
i      FREE
Koya! Crown Soap Wrappers
Retimi li Hoy nl Crowu Soap Wrnp_)-_i
and wn will send fieo your choice of UO
pictures. Or for 'if, wrap|H>rs choice of
l.'O book-    J.i„)ltH ond picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Cov Limited^
Lawn Grass Seeds
1 lover nml Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Plait's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick I'oml,   IVel'seraps, I.tii.
I  *)     KFITH   to""*'    NINTH .ve.u.   *
>v i . 1 I  . I   Wl-STMINSTEK ROAD.
•    phona   11.:. 7.
ft a Noes,
STOVES ftsid
344 Carrall SI.,    Vancouver, B.(.
TWUpIotlin I'leel.
Advertljio .i. the     ■■
You Have  Friends
the Old Country
to whom yon wish to send
Christmas gifts. It is lime Jou
were thinking about it. Not only
thl  king about it, but acting.
lie timely gift curries  with   It
the 1 xtreme of plensoro—tlie turuy
one is half upprecinti d.
A.void if possible, "sending coal
in Newcastle"—your friends will
appreciate something characteristic
uf British Columbia. Nufeet
.Icwclrv a good suggc_ti"i., or
si.on 1 1,.nil.01 or ttntis't
Columbia Souvenirs
Some token of Voueouvi 1
is :i bappy thought, We hive a
lm nf diiitK" suitable for
gifts for Old Country people, things
that <au be sonl for a few cents
through the nuiil.
Corner Hustings .mil Oinnvi.le Sts. |
Offlclsl WiUoh IiiK|n"'tnr 0. P R    I
:;.i I ■v-Xnit iiiriTirai.-.
The Crime of Hallow-E'en:
Author of "A Broken Betrothal," "Ths Heiress of
Cameron Hall," "Parted at the Altar," Etc.
"wny should we li.v from here?
Only the guilty take refuge in
flight," she said proudly, nestling
her curly golden head closer to his
shoulder, and twining her lovely
white arms more tight ly around
"My darling," he whispered brokenly, vainly trying to repress a
groan as ho looked dowu into the
beautiful, fearless face, "try and
understand me, dear, and be strong,
be     brave. Oh,     my   llonnylin I
how shall I tell you the awful
truth which you do nut seem to
realize? Draco yourself to hear
it abruptly, and do not faint or cry
"Donnylin, my darling," he continued, "don't you hear what they nro
saying around us? The quarrel you
had to-night wilh poor India —
the threat you used on lhat occasion; the dagger, dripping with
blood, you held in your hand when
the guests came flocking into tho
conservatory, nnd. above mil, tho
words of tho dying girl charging you
with her death, all form a terrible
chain of circumstantial evidence
around you that will drag you to—
Oh, I cannot tell you the rest I "
burst forth Lo Hoy, in an accession
of    agony. "Can  you  not guess
what  I mean,  my  poor  Bonnylin?"
She lifted her lovely face, framed
in its sheen of golden hair, and looked at him with those wondrous blue,
velvety eyes.
"No, Le Hoy, I cannot guess what
you mean," she said in a puzzled
amazement. "Tell    ine     plainly,
"They will    Oh, Donnylin!    my
poor child, do not fall fainting at
my feet as I tell you tho horrlblo
truth abruptly! Do brave; thoy will
arrest you and drag you to prison, Bonnylin, charging you with
that poor girl's murder! Your only
safety lies in instant flight."
"But I am innocent!" she cried
pitcously. "I have explained to
every ono here just how it happened.
Poor India was my rival—or so I
thought; but for all that I could
havo died sooner than harmed her!
Why,      Le     Roy, you know yourself
horse's    side,    although
animal      was    nobly      d.,in;;      his
Once he turned his hend and looked back.
A horrible groan Was wrung from
his lips, the veins stood o it on Ids
fori head like whip-colds, und the
perspiration fell liko rain down
his  face.
Again that cry like a buglo
blast rang out on the moonlit
Then there was the report of a
revolver, and ns the smoke cleared
away, the pursuing officers saw the |
daring abductor's horso slugger
blindly forward, then fall heavily
to tho ground with its double burden.
1    him
.  arch-
for a
fr o,.ds
No words can describe Le Hoy
Pierpont's feelings as he realized
that the shot he had lira d behind
hiin hud Struck his horse, and the
doomed animal was reeling under
In an instant he hud made up his
mind what course lo pursue; every
moment was precious, for wilh the
speed of tho wind the officers were
bearing    down upon him.
Clasping llonnylin in his arms,with
one daring leap from the swaying saddle he cleared tho hedgerow, and dashed into the thicket;
ho had but to cross it—and the
graveyard beyond—to reach tho
cross-roads, where his friend Pen-
ton had promised to meet him.
Ho had crossed the strip of densely wooded ground, and sprung over
the low funce Into the graveyard,
when, turning un abrupt bend in
tho path, ho came face to face
with Fenton, who was hurrying toward him, attracted by the     shots.
"Help mc, Fenton,"—cried Le Hoy
Pierpont, excitedly—"help mo to
think, to act. The worst has happened—they i.re tracking us down;
at this moment they are scarcely
a quarter of a mile back—they shot
down    my horse from under me."
"Vou can depend upon me    to tho
lt is hard to think of, but you mutt
bravely fate tho iiiuvlu jl. . Yo i
will he oLIimd lo remain here
until     this timo to-inoriow light."
"Vcs," ropl.cd 11) Roy, shud'Jcr-
ing, milling sorrowfully: '-"'For
myself I do not mii.d; my only
anxiety ia  for lier."
lie had laid ihe still unconscious
foim of his poor young bride down
on the in n Settle, phi. ing his
coat under tha drooping, golden
head: then followed his friend cut
of the vault, r.nd accom!',i.>:iic-d
down the lath us far as 11:
td gateway beyond.
'I here they tnlkid earnestly
quarter of  an  l.our or more,
minutes  fall ly     Hying  past
Then  these tried    nnd true
parted.      Fenton     hurrying ta.Cn  to
th. city, and Lu Hoy to Bonnylin's
lie quite dreaded the task of reviving her; unconsciousness of her
surroundings in this case was a
veritable blessing.
Meanwhile, how fared it with poor
Donnylin in those    fatal moments.
The sound of Le Hoy und his
friend's footsteps had scarcely died
away ere the curly golden h'tvl
commenced lo n.ovo slightly en ils
hard pillow, tho little whito hands
to grope about, nnd the while, gol-
den-lashc'd eyelids to quiver, Then
suddenly tho farad, blue eyes Hew
wldo open, and Donnylin struggled
up to a sitting posture.
"Winre am 1?" she murmured,
faintly,  putting out her bund.
lt touched a slimy stono wall.
"Am I awake or in a hideous
nightmare?" she murmured, stiug-
gling to her fret, nud feeling her
way gropingly about tho cold
stono room in which she found
Suddenly her fingers crane in contact  villi     a  smooth     surface.      In
the little
Hun   a
t   from
h o l'-
lic r.
how I rescurcd a poor littlo     robin j death," replied  Fenton,  wringing his
with a broken wing, nntl nursed It
back to life, and thin opened Its cnga
door when it was well ami strong,
and set it free. I am not guilty,
so why should I take refugo in
"You would have to prove your
innocence, darling!" cried the young
husband in agony, "They would
tear you from me, nnd thrust you
into a prison cell until the day of
trial came, aud that would kill both
you and me! I woultl rather seo
vou lying dead at my feet thnn see
you face such a horrible charge !
Oh, my Donnylin, you must liy! No
one shall ever tear you from my
arms unless they waik over my dead
The conversation herein recorded
had occupied scarcely live minutes
of timo, but to Le Hoy Pierpont
long ages seemed to havo been compressed into it. In the confusion
occasioned by tho pitiful event, Lo
Roy and his young wife seemed quito
' Tho coroner had been sent for ln
*_B1 haste, and some one had railed
out for the officers of the law to
track the murderer down.
That had aroused Frank Fenton to action, His first
thought was to urge Lo Hoy
rierpont to liy with his poor, pretty young wife; for even in tho
faco of all the overwhelming evidence ho could not and would not
believe her guilty of the nwful
He had faith in her innocence, nntl
ho hr^l made up his mind to stand
hy Le Hoy and Bonnylin faithfully
to the end.
The grand ball which had opened
so brilliantly was brought suddenly
to a closo, and in tho wildest confusion.
Young girls had fainted, and ladies and gentlemen wore standing
in groups talking of the painful affair.
Somo one had wrapped tho dead
girl's white silk cloak about her,
shutting out from tho gazo of
those who stood around her tho
ghnstly spectacle.
There was a sudden commotion at
the door; it was flung open wide,and
two olllcers, accompanied b.v tho
chief of tho detective bureau, camo
hurriedly toward tho spot whero Lo
Hoy Pierpont and his young wife
But before those about him could
comprehend his  purpose,  Lo Hoy
Pierpont had gathered the slight,
girlish form in his strong arms,
leaped through the thicket of roses
to the open French window, out upon the porch, down to tho graveled
walk, and in an instant hud vaulted
into tho saddle with his- lovely, terrified burden clasped closo to his
heart with his strong left arm.
The ofllccrs and the horrified guests
of the ball reached the piazza Just
in time to seo tho hold horseman who had so daringly snatched
bis beautiful bridu from their midst
dash rapidly    down tho  road.
In an instant the officers, who had
" been furnished a graphic account
of tho whole unfortunate affair as
they wore hurrying toward tho
house, took in the exact situation.
Not an cyo among thom wns dry;
still, Justlco to tho dead girl
must bo  done.
"Haiti"  shouted     tho ollleer,
a voice lik'c a bugle blast.
Lo Itoy Pierpont only urged
horse to greater speed, setting his
white teeth hard together, und
clasping the quivering form ho
held in  his arms still  closer,
In a trice tho mounted officers
wero flying down tho moonlit rond
in    hot pursuit
It was the most breathless race
for life  that ever was  seen.
At length the outskirts of Ihe city
wero reached^ und Le_Hoy to'd himself If ho couldfhut guln Iho thicket
that lay beyond, ho and poor Donnylin, who had fainted in his arms,
and lay a dead weight against his
madly throbbing heart, might yet
pscapo their pursuers.
it wus   life and death  with him.
"May (Sod aid mu in saving my
darling!" groaned Le Hoy, as ho
duir    his    spurs    Into    the      flvin--
vault,   took     a key
pocket,   insertul     it
I'rii nd's hand.
"If they are so close upon you as
that wo have no time to talk over
mat lei s at length. You must find
n. placo of immediate concealment.
By this time every officer throughout the city is on the watth for
vou, and —her," said Fenton, huskily.
"I know it," responded Lo Hoy,
huskily. "In Heaven's name what
shall I do? I am growing desperate," he cried out in agony.
"Where, in Heaven's name—whero
can 1 find a place so secure that
they cannot true', us?"
"1 have it!" cried Fintm, after
a moment of tho most profound
thought. "The place is unennny.
but in a moment like this you
must not stop to think of that;
a whole regiment of ollicers or detectives would never 'dream of
searching    thero for you—or her."
"flut where Is it?" groaned rierpont; "quick—quick; while wo
havo been talking here tl-"y havo
hem gaining upon US; they have
rec, hed the spot where iny horse
lies; they aro holding a consultation;
th"ie ure four of them; they will
send  a man    out in all      directions
 My Ood!" he groaned.      "A mnn
is scaling that fence and coming this
way now."
"ife has not seen uo," responded
Fenton, conlldintly. "Come quickly!   follow mc!"
Like a flush he threaded his
way among the graves, Lo Hoy following closo on his heels with his
Ho slopped at length before a stono
from his      vest
in     the      lock,
ind the  massive door swung
on  its hinges.
Hastily  entering,   ho  hade
pont  to  follow,   and,   pale  to
lips, the  latter obeyed.
''There's an Iron sofa on
left-hand side," whispered Fenton,
ns he closed the t!oor of the vault
carefully. "Sit down and we Will
discuss thin matter calmly, and consider   a  plan     for the  future."
Lo Roy rierpont obeyed as before, whispering brokenly:
"tlrrat Heaven, Font on I It will
completely prostrate Donnylin when
: he recovers from her swoon and
finds herself heio, and yet, here sho
Is safe—in this hour of her greatest peril—as you sny: In this vi,ult,
where the dead and gone Fentons
repose, no one would think of
looking for us — no one would think
of penetrating Iho charnel-house in
their search for the living. Hut
how are wo to get away from
here nnd when?"
"I have considered that," responded Fenton. "Ilord as It may bo to
one of her dellcato nerves and temperament., you must stay here vntll
to-morrow night. As soon as darkness renders it secure, I will come
to   you        here,    bringing   disguises.
Then, under cover of darkness, you
will make your way from here to
a point where I will have a close
carriage in waiting, which will
tnko you to a way-station,
where you will take tho train
for Chicago or St. Louis. Yet this
must be dono with the greatest
care, for It is a ino.t perilous undertaking. At every slat ion there
may be unknown foes in the shnpu
of detectives', ih' olllcers, on th*
walch  for you."    *
"True," groaned Le Hoy.
"Perhnps, on second thought, It
might bu as well to take a tenement room in the lower part oi
the cily, slaying there a week or
until thu exi'itcnnnt dies out.
and the police, under the impression
that you have already mnde good,
your escape, grow less vigibnt. Yrii
cun give out you are both scan 11*
ing for work, anil are brother and
"That is   by far tho  sahst plan,"
assented Lo Hoy. "I am sure It
would lc Impossible to get out ot
llr- city, the excitement is n lining
so high."
"I will go now," said Fenton,
"and in Ihe course of uu hour of-'
so 1 will retain wilh a bottlo of
wine, and something for you bolh
to subsist    on Until      1 clinic nguin.
puzzled    wonder
wiuidcrid over it.
One instant the horror or
Boomed to grasp her heart,
ihiick of awful terror bur
her lips. She strained lit i
In the 'dim, uncertain light, and saw
the object she bed encountered was
a loll'n. Another, and still another resting on their marble receptacles, mot hor touch.
She shrieked aloud in frantic terror; the mocking, ictoi tiding oho
of   her    own     voice answered her.
"ln Heaven's name, wl c e inn 1?"
sho cried, in the wildest horror,
pressing her bunds over h.r
Slowly     but     surely
riblo    conviction    camo
She was  in a tomb.
Like    a    flash    memory    returned
to    hor startled, dazed brain.
She recollected the pitiful occurrence at the ball, and that fearful ride for life. She knew she
must have lost consciousness in
her husband's arms.
Had they mistaken thnt swoon or
trnnro in which she might have
fallen for death? and thus, un-
I nowingly, consigned her living body
to the tomb? She had heard of
such cases, read of thorn. Ah,
surely it  must    have been so.
Wns there no escape from those
awful confines? Like one mnd, or
like an Imprisoned bird beating Its
wings ngninst its cage, she flew
about tli3 narrow vault, at last
coming in contact with tho open
Iron door.
V, ith a cry of joy sho sprung
through It and fled liko the wind
down the snow-driftid path toward the lights of the city whiih
glimmered faintly    from afar.
It was scarcely five minutes
from the timo Donnylin ine.de her
escape from tin vault, when I.o Hoy
camo hurrying back.
" My poor darling — my hunted
bird," he said, softly, as ho entered
and closed the iron door behind him,
"I should not have left her for
so long; but, oh, merciful Cod! how
cruel it is to bring hor back to
He crossed softly over to the   iron
settle  and  knelt  beside  it,     putting
'out  his    hands   gently.
Then a cry, nii_.hly in its horror,
fell  from his lips.
Tho settle wus vacant—Bonnylin
was not there.
He culled her name; but no voice
Trembling with excitement, be lit
a match, and in the Instantaneous
glare of light, made a quick and
careful survey of tho narrow
vault. Oh, untold horror! Donnylin   wns not there.
Another and nn.thor match was
quickly struck iu rapid surccssion.
until tho few that ho happened
to hnve in his vent pocket wero
Dut there w*ns no trace—no fiiirn
of Donnylin; the bed disappeared
as completely end suddenly as
though tho en—ih lad opened and
swallowed her.
Ho called wildly upon her name :
but there was li) PnBWor; the horrible stillness ol death reigned in
the dim nol-house.
Lo Hoy rierpont stnegered to tho
door, nlmost driven mnd by horrible fear.
Had she rocoverid. nnd terrified nt
finding herself air,Id those ghastlv
surroond'n rs, fli d from the place,,
lf so. whither had she gone? Perhaps itHo the very arms of tho enemies who wero h''ntitr- her down.
It w:v> rllher Ib's. o". f'tidng t')B
gntes nlar, th'   tomb had hu"i   visit-
.grave roi'li
rs. nntl h
S   1
l.i en
t arrit tl
v nwav.
s    horrible
yzid him.
nf'd lo T e
toy I
i H
t n
'n   dls-
he foi'rid.
■ ■■
i u
ve i i n fnt
r,  1'i.i
t   '1
i ii-  m n eel
greu 1
heavy i'a' os,
l.ilei'i.- distract' d. h • flow dawn
fin-1 wind nu v_.'h i-i.O up another,
calling hoarsely nnd cautiously upon the name of Donnylin—only the
low moans of the winds, dying awny
ovor Ih,; trcis und cold, v.hito
stones, answered him.
" Heaven save mo from going
mud!" he cried out in the wildest
At that moment - the sound of
hurried footsteps fell upon his car,
hu could nol be mistaken in lhat
u'Jlck,   lirm Head,
"FentonI" ho called out sharply,
'•'Is that you?"
"Yes," returned Fenton, cautiously, coming hurriedly down the path
from whence his friends voice had
proceeded. "I succeeded in getting
some wine and a few sandwlchos at
a hostelry closo at hand, SO I returned iinini diately with ill. in. But
tell me, Pierpont, how, by all I hat's
wonderful, tame you heio? couldn't
you I'.nd your way back to the
' In a few broken, gasping.sentences
Lo Hoy had informed his trusty
friend     of whnt     hud transpired.
Fenton staggered back aghast.
"Your wife—gone?" he echoed.
"Surely, Pierpont, you must bemad!
This sudden excitement and trouble
have turned your brain!"
"1 am not mad yet, but I soon
shall be unless 1 succeed in tracing
my darling at once! Only Heaven
lmows •whit fearful, peril sho may
be facing ihis very moment while we
are loitering here."
"Wo will senrih for her without
an instant's delay," responded Fenton. "Luckily I brought a c'ark-
lnntern with me."
Even at tho risk of detection they
lighted the lantern, nntl made a careful     search of the cemetery.
"Useless, useless!" cried Le Roy.
"She is not here, Fenton."
A sudden thought struck tho latter. '
■'If your first idea Is correct—that
she regained consciousness and fled
in your absence—we have lost time
slaying searching here. In such a
case sho would havo mado hor
wny straight to your own homo.
I advise you to go there without delay."
"You aro right!" exclaimed the
frantic, heart-broken young husband.
"I wonder 1 hud not thought of
"Sho is either there or in the custody ol the officers, who intercept-
id her on her way there," Fenton
thought to himself; but ho did not
breathe this fear aloud.
"I shall take your advice and
start for homo at once," ropl cd
Plorpont, wringing his friend's
Fenton nccompnnieil him as far as
ho deemed prudent.
"Communicate with me, rierpont,"
ho said as they parted, "for I
shall be more thnn anxious until I
hear the result of this. Send
word to my up-town offico or to my
home; and mind, I'ierpont!" ho culled out anxiously after his friend,
"he more than careful in making
your way into your own homo, for
rest assured it is under close surveillance; you should not venturo
near thero until you aro cleverly
"I know it, but every moment
of time 1 spend until I know
Bonnylin Is absolutely safe Is killing  me."
"Good-bye; may Heaven guard
you nnd her," responded Fenton,
Thin tho two friends separated.
Closely as the Pierpont mansion
was guarded, Lo Hoy gained nn entrance without detection, and mado
his way at once to his mother's
As the door was opened softly
Mrs. Pierpont, who was pacing tho
floor. in the greatest excitement,
wringing her jeweled hands, turned
abruptly    end saw her son.
She (lew toward him with a stifled
cry     of:
"Ch, my son—my son!"
"Hush, mother," ho said, clasping
her In his arms; "don't unman
me. I nerd all my strength; tell mo
quickly,  is my wife here?"
His mother sprung from his arms
and faced him, her proud old faco
white as death,
"Here!" she echoed, trembling with
awful wrath. "Do yon think' I
would permit the woman who could
commit such a deed to enter my
doors? You should know mc better,
Le Hoy."
"Did she eome here, my poor, little
hunted bird ; and have you dared
turn her from your door?" ho
cried  wildly.
"I am a rierpont." answered his
proud old mother; "nnd I would as
soon think of committing a crime
myself, as of harboring a person who
had committed one."
' "Then sho is not here?" he repented, with an awful groan.
"No!" answered his mother.
He picked up his hat and started
for tho  door.
" You must, not leave me,
Le Roy!" cried his mother, clinging  to him.
"I am going to find my wife I "
he answered hoarsely. "Ood for-
givo you for the suspicion you havo
breathed against hor, mother. You
should have believed in her innocence. If angels cried out trumpot-
tongucd from the high heavens
against, hor, you should not havo
believed them."
Mrs. Pierpont shook her gray head;
her fair old hands, glittering with
jewels,  trembled.
"I have heard all, my son," she
answered; "and I cannot upholtl
her—I can find no pity in my
heart for her. You must not co
to her!" sho cried; "do you hear
"Would you havo mo forsake my
wife in her hour of need?" he
cried hoarsely.
"No Pierpont must ever coun-
tennn-c ci'iuio!" sho cried. " You
must chooso between this girl and
me—your mother, Le Hoy. If you
disgrace mo by going to her,
my doors are closed against you
forever. From that moment I have
no son. I would rather make a
bonfire of the money your dead father left, . than know you would
share   it with  her."
"Mother"— tho voico that uttered
tho name sounded like nothing human—"mother,   stop I" ha   repeated
hoarsely; "do I hear aright, that
you would countenance, nay, urge
mo to tin n from my young wife,
when I, alono of all the world,
should he her comforter, her solace,?
liy arm, my heart shall noVor fall
"If you cling to her after what
has happened this night, my doors
are closed against you," she said
slowly. "You must choose between
her nnd inc."
"Are you mad, mother I" cried tho
young mnn,  white to the lips.
"I have told you, If you cling to
hor alter what she has done, you
shall novorinore be son lo me. You
can go out into the world with her
and share her disgrace; but mark
me, 1 will cast you off without a
cent. Y'ou aro heir to the Plorpont millions now; if you go to
her,  you shall  bo a beggar."
Le Hoy Pierpont turned and faced
his mother In all tho dignity of his
insulted manhood.
"Mother," he answered huskily, "I
need no time to reflect upon my fu-
tuie course. Money is dross compared to my love for my poor,
persecuted young wife. I will savo
hor, or one grave will hold    us both.
"No, mother, though you tempted
ine with all the gold in the universe I should spurn it at such a
cost. My darling is as puro as
the snow is out there, and as innocent of this awful crime as one
of God's angels.
"1 wilL shield her, nnd save hor,
or my heart's blood shall I.e spill-
id in defending her. 1 love hor
niorj than life Itself—belter than my
own soul.
"I accopt your ultimatum—I go.
1 cnn work for   m.v wife.
"Uoi.d-bvo. mother." he said;   "wo
will not part In arger."
He had. crossed o.or to whore she
Btood, rigid as a : latue carved In
marble, but she waved hiin Irom her.
"You have chosen to go 'to her
in open defiance of my wishes ; do
not como near me, do not touch
or speak to mc. My heart, like
my doors,'is elosid against you.
I shall never pardon you—never."
"Have you not one kind wo'd
to say to me mother, before I go?"
he asked sadly, tears rushing to his
dark eyes.
'file proud old faco never soften d.
it grew harder If possible in its
rigid  outlines.
"Not one wo. d," sho answer, d,
"save this: The girl you have married has brought everlasting shame
and disgrace upon my naiiie and
race; 1 will never forgive lnr—not
even In tho hour I lie dying."
She tinned and walked with a
stately tread from the room, and Le
Roy, his eyes blinded by bitter
tears, went slowly Iroui tho room,
down the broad stairway, i ni out
of the palatial home—:bat was to
be home to him no lunger.
Again Fate favored him.
Ho succeeded in lm ing tiie house
unnoticed, arriving nt. I'ren'i Fen-
ton's bachelor quarters without encountering friend  or  foo,
Lc Roy staggered inlo the room
without wni:in<r for Ills friend to
onnwor his busty knock, ind sunk
down white as dou h in ihe nearest
"Donnylin is not nt molfior's, Fenton." he gasped; "\.h re shall 1
search for lul—where do yoa think
she is? Oreat Cod I I urn going
mad. Come with n e out into the
streot—think for me,  net for me."
"You must not give wny to grief
in this way," said Fenton, pulling
on his boots again and hurrying on
his overcoat.
"Come, you and I will go out and
senrih for her. Ay, search until wo
find her; but you must not go out
in thnt way—you must disguise yourself, for through vou they would
hope to trace her at last."
"You aro right, Fenton." groaned
the unhappy young husband. "1 am
ln your hands, do with mo as you
An hour later, as the gray light of
morning was breaking ovor the
slumbering city, two disguised fig-
ores emerged hurriedly from Fen-
ton's rooms und sought tho street,
and then the fruitless search began.
Would they ever find Donnylin
again? Ah, that is tho pitiful,
tragic story we havo to tell.
[to be continued. I
 :      . .vVa__.
Why lie Had n Crying Fit When Na
Oue Wa. I.v.-u  Hurt.
"Yes, indeed, we have some queer little Incidents happen to us," said the fat
engineer. "Queer things happened .to.
me nbout n yonr ago. You'd think It
queer for a rough man like mc to cry.
for ten minutes, and nobody hurt either, wouldn't you? Well, I did, and I
can cry nlmost every time 1 think of It
"I was running along one afternoon
pretty lively when I approached a littlo village where the track cuts through
tho streets. I slacked up u Utile, but
was still mnklng good speed, when suddenly, nbout twenty rods ahead of me,
n little glii not more than three years
old toddled on to the track. You can't
even imagine my feelings. Thoro was'
no way to save her. It was Impossible
to stop or even slack much at that distance, as the train was heavy and tho
grade descending. In ten seconds lt
would hnve been nil over, and after reversing nnd applying the brake I shut
my eyes. I didn't want to see any
"As wo slowed down my fireman
stuck his head out of the cab window-
to seo whnt I'd stopped for, when he
laughed and shouted tit me, 'Jim, look
hero!' I looked, and there was n big
Newfoundland dog holding the little girl In his mouth, leisurely walking
toward the house where she evidently belonged. Bhe wns kicking and crying, so that 1 know she wasn't hurt,
and the dog had saved her. My lire-
man thought it funny nnd kept laughing, but 1 cried like a woninn. I just
couldn't help It. I liud a lit.le girl of
my own ut home."
The Poet Unil n Look Search, but It
Finally  Turned   tp.
Eugene Field was a book collector,
and one of his favorite jokes, according to the Philadelphia Post, was to
enter a bookshop where lie wits uot
known nnd nsk In tbe soleir.iiest manner for an expurgated edition of Mrs.
Hemnns' poems. One day In .Milwaukee he was walking nlong the street
with his friend. Qeorge Yenowine,
when the hitler halted In front of a
bookshop nnd said: "Ccne. the proprietor of this place ls the most serious
mnn I ever know. Ho never saw a
Joko In his life. Wouldn't it be n good
cbnneo to try again for that expurgntod
Mi'B. Hemnns ?" Without n word Field
entered, asked for the proprietor, and
then made the usual request. "That ls
a rather scarce book," camo tho reply.
"Aro you prepared to pny a fair price
for it?" For Just n second Field was
taken aback. Then he said, "Certainly,
certainly. I—I know It's rare." The
man stepped to a case, took out a
cheaply bound volume nnd handed It
to Field, saying, 'Tho price ls $5."
Field took lt nervously, opened to the
title pngo nnd read ln correct print,
"Tho rooms of Mrs. Folieln Hemnns.
Selected nnd Arranged With All Ob-
Jectlonnl Passages Excised by George
Yenowine, Editor of 'Isuac Watts For
the Home,' 'Tho Fireside Hnnnnh
More,' etc.," with the usual publisher's
name and date nt the bottom. Field
glanced up nt the bookseller. He stood
there tho very picture of sud solemnity.
"I'll tako It," snid Field faintly, producing tho money. Outside Yenowine
was missing. At his offico the boy said
that he had Just loft, saying thnt he
wns going to Standing Rock, Dakota, to
keep nn appointment with Sitting- Bull.
Humor tdd Philosophy
Copyright, 11104. by Duncan M. Smith.
A tramp might be called a necessity
In that he knows no law.    •
Tne hired mnn does not see nn.
bc:n y in the sunrise, but be does observe a restful calm In the sunset
Some men run nn automobile about
as grncelully as a city man milks a
Baldhetlded men would not contribute very liberally to a fund lo buy
spiked shoes for the flies.
If one half of the world knew how
the other half lived It would come to
too conclusion Hint It bad a snap after
Drawing on tho imagination Is not
quite as satisfactory ns drawing ou
the bank lf a man happens to be hungry.
Where there is much smoke there ls
apt to be n drummer's convention In
An honest man is the noblent work
of nn election board.
She Caught Him al It.
He looked around with careful glnnce,
Then shook his head and sighed.
Again ho cast his eyes askance
As though he'd like to hide.
He leaned against the back yard gate
And seemed to muse and meditate.
He felt within his inmost soul
A most consuming wish
To selzo some bait, his llshlng pole,
And hike nwny to lish;
But still ho lingered round tho lot  .
As lf ho could not leave the spot.
But, finally, with look Intent,
He gathered up his lines,
And rlvcrwaril the mnn wn3 bent,
If one could read Ihe signs.
lit seemed that he'd mnde up his mind
***/__ do Just as he felt Inclined.
Just then a woman's voice called "Jlml"
,vJtist that word "Jim!" 11 suid,
"But, my! how It nrTeeted him!
He to the wood pile lied,
And there he seized .he saw and buck
And  sawed  and  suwed  and  btninci!   hia
Brought Her to Time.
"How Is ClulHoy coming on with Hint
girl wbo Insisted that he must do some
heroic deed before she would marry
"All right; they are engaged now."
"Did lie perforin some deed of valor?"
"No, ho began to flirt with another
Injured His Line,
"Tnlk about or hot campaign Injurin'
trade, dis quiet campaign is going to
ruin our business."
"Dnt's right. No freo drinks In sight,
nnd If lt keeps on votes will not bring
more dan two bits."
Had an Object
"Did you see Jones kiss his mother-
"No, but I heard liim bragging Ihls
morning that he would do something
yet to earn a slice of the hero fund."
He Has To.
The humblest, if not of hard labor nfrnlil,
Can   bring himself  up  to  be  classed  as
first grade.
Then don't be dlseouragc-d or mope In the
For even a bootblack may shine at hia
Judged by Sound,
"now ninny children has .lenks?"
"Three hundred nnd sixty-live."
"Well, he lives In the flat above me
and I judge by the nolso they mnke."
The Glnnt  I'clrel.
The glnnt petrol of tlie arctic regions
Will feed Oil offal until It Is so absolutely gorged ns to he unable to rise off the
Ice In lllght Then It runs along tlio Ice
if chased, spreading its wings out ns
sails. Deforo being captured, however, the petrol will suddenly stop nnd
disgorge n qiiiintlty of senildigesteil
food and then go off on u run irgnln. If
overtaken a second time It will repeat
tlie performance and when ont'e it has
got lid of Its dinner files nway.
lie ncgnn  .o Talk Buslnctt*.
"I shall mako you love mc yet," declared Mr. Stlnjay determinedly. "I
shall leave no stono unturned,"
"Ah, thnt sounds something like!"'
exclaimed the fair girl. "If Iho stone
weighs not less than n carat and Is
pure white you may Interest me."—
Smelling Icebergs.
The fishermen of Newfoundland possess tho curious faculty of being able,
ns they sny, to "smell" Icebergs nnd
thereby cscnpo many encounters with
them. Really tho approach of n berg
ls heralded by a sudden nnd decided
cooling of tho atmosphere.
"I'm told you play golf on tho Sabbath," said the Rov. Goodman fitornly.
"Yes," replied Miss Kute, "but on
that dny 1 only uso tho slicks I won
at our church fair."-PhIlartolphla
A Famous Chcximi. Tree.
In tho pnrk of Torlworth court,
Gloucestershire, England, Is tho celebrated Spanish chestnut, which Is snld
to hnvo been the first tree tlmt wns
ever planted In Great Britain by mnn.
This chestnut Is now ovor twelvo foot
In diameter nnd wns on old tree ln tho
reign of Stephen.
Alcohol anil Mnlcrnlty.
The effects of alcohol arc especially
Been ln tho ense of mothers among tho
laboring classes of England;, fill per
cent of the offspring of in,obrl<__0 women die nt birth or'under two years of
nge, whilo In the ense of Bobpr tvainen
Y'l«y Cnn  lie IBoiliiled  by Treat—*i"j
of  V.'alli- mill   Floorn.
All   defects   III   size   nnd   shape
rooms ;::ul halls cun to a large omI|
ue modified or overcome to such a tj
gl't .■ by the treatuieut given to w:ff
unil door lhat the faulty construct"]
o-I!l no longer appear conspicuous.
For Instance, a room that is too
Sor   the   width   may   uiateliiillyj
-lunged by running across the mfs
of the room a deep .lapnnt'so lattlcci
fretwork, and from this suspend a dJ
bio portiere.    This breaks up nn il
ploasaut distanco nnd If the lattice/
open  uiluiHu  sullleienl  light  for  111
pnrt of'the room.    Moreover, the m
tieres can bo left*pni'tly open nnd ul
never he closed entirely unless n v«
cozy effect is desirable,   If a carpel
used on Ihe Hour it should extendi
the  baseboard  wUllout   a   border, 1
this   apparently    increases   tho   i'A
space.   If rugs are preferred select i
cral to spread across (lie width of
floor rather than one cr two long
down tlio middle of the room, us |
more  horizontal   lines  are   introduq
the wider will seem the room.
The ceiling of u low studded re
will appear farther off if the ti'eatmd
of the walls has a pronounced porpa
dlculiir design, nml it will nppenr
higher If the picture rail is omitted i
tlrely, or, If too great a nocossltyj
exclude, place II close up to the el
The  height  of  the  room  will  tippr
greater, too. If by skillful trea.rpent l
size of the colling space be nppnroiil
reduced so ns lo give the effect off
ceding.   This may bo accomplished J
n border, either paper, stencil or
Introduction of some form of deeo,
tlon that will leave a smaller spile.
Surface pin in.-exchange.
A Sent Scheme That Solves the
posed  Dm 1;  Problem,
When the nii'niigomctil of an np^
ment makes II ileeessarj  lo plnee
upright   piano   with   its  buck   to
larger  pnrt   of  the  room,  n  dllllij
problem   for  artistic  results  presir
a unique arrangement that nffonj
Bolutlon li ft high upholstered sentj
the bat k of the piano which looks (
nn old   fnShlono.1  church  pow.
back of tho seat Is the exact In'
nnd < width of tho piano and Is
bolstered, ns Is the seat, in green'
lours to mnteh the side walls,
height of the arms curries out tho j
portions of the k'.vbonrd in frontj
wiis (ho original Intention of the ovi
to  upholster  the  back  of  the  ph]
Itself, but to ohvlnto the moving
ficulty nnd tho still greater one of J
larding the sound  she  had  the
built separately,   it stands nhoutl
Inch from tbe piano, so it does not]
terfere with   Its acoustic  propcrf
While the sent is not n particularly]
strnblo plnee whilo the piano is li
played, It Is practical nt other ti"
especially    In   the   small    npnrtij
where spneo Is limited.—Good IH
Training For Hi!.-.:ii"ss.
Training  for business Bhould be]
Ir. the home with household and do'jj
tic work ami sewing.    AH business
mado up of ilol.viis.   To manage til
small things so thnt the best and ni
profitable results ure obtained Is hi
ness.    If  ii   giii  learns  the  Items-]
household work ..utl management tlj
oughly, how to buy nnd how to Bfj
and how to  use nud  adapt, and
mnke nil the details dovetail Into
orderly,  quietly   working,  hnrmohlJ
whole, she Is boll utl to be well qualllf
for business.   In any commercial sill
Hon sho n:::y take she will find tl
the ability to master detail and to cq
bine Into one general enterprise all I
lines und  happenings  will  make
services of  value to hor employer:]
McCnU's Magazine,
Japnncfie Sal.-ul.
'Here Is n Japanese salad: One
of hot boiled rice drained dry nnd nl
id  with  n   small  onion  chopped  II
Will!* Hie rice is still warm mix wit]
French dressing nud set nslde to
cold.   Open a can of sardines, wipe j
little fish dry of oil, removing the «
end backbones.  Carefully mix the'r
nnd Iho sardines, heap In Iho renleij
li dish of crisp lettuce leaves and col
with a French dressing.  Sprinkle elf
pod cblvoj. over all.   Beet shreds
also good us a garnish for this sal]
The Japanese use raw  boots for
purpose,   but   A'llolieflllS   will   pri|
them cooked.   Cut In slices and wilfl
thin vegetable knil'o out Inlo Julloi
Salmon Carry.
Fry half n small onion chopped ro
fin.! Iii one tnlilespoouful of buller il
til a light brown, Adll to It the liqil
d.'fllued from II can of salmon mul]
half n Cup of wilier. Simmer five* ml
nd*. sirnln r.nd return to iho firo. Ad
b-.ir ii tfiblrapooiiftn nf llour rilblfl
smooth In n Utile cold water, one lei
spoonful of curry powder, one toi
spoonful of lemon Jnlco, salt ami pej
per Ut Insle. When boiling add 11,
Bfllllion I I'Ckcn In large flukes. Slp.inll
fliT ii.luuti'ii lib', -oi'vc.
CornHlan Wlprs,
In (ho I.ritish museum Is nn Egyd
than wig which contains about uod null
braided pigtails.
A woman  fools ten years youngef
every time she gets a new hat
When n man marries he thinks lid
knows n lot moro thnn he thinks he]
knows when lie uiiiiinrrles.
It doesn't tnke n woman on n shopping expedition long to see the finish |
of herself and her pocketbook.
-—.... -.—.,—,
1 llni-c  of tbo  Cancmua Mountal-W
With a Georgian Dialect.
In the highest parts of the Caucasus
mountains, around the Knsbeck .region,
there ls a tribe, very tall and handsome, which speaks ita own peculiar
dlnleet of tho Georgian language nnd
hns ils own peculiar customs, differing
In many ways from those of the
Tsclicrkcsses, Armenians, Circassians
Ijud other tribes that dwell In the same
country.   It Is the tribe of the OsBCtln-
Like the rest of the Caucasus tribes,
Ihey have recognized Russia's authority. But they adhere to the claim that
Ihey nre not descended from Asiatic
races, llko the other tribes, but thnt
llielr ancestors wore Gennavi knights
who had gone to tho crusades and who,
after the disastrous end of tho last
crusade, hnd been driven lntolhe wild
VfilleyS bf tho Caucasus, whonco lt was
Impossible for thom to win their way,
out and homeward owing to tlio vigilance of llie Moslem foe. So nt lust
they settled down and took wives
among the Caucasus mountain women,
who hnvo always been noted for their
It Is n strange fact Hint tho Osse-
Hiiinns understand the science of brewing mult liquors, nnd they are tho only
ones who drink beer, Ihe other tribes
preferring Aslulie liquors.
tuc u/rtpn i. ivtpv.
.11   Originally   — cant   Something   lie*
llvercd  or l''reely  Given.
Our word livery Is derived, through
llie French, from the Lathi llberare, to
-Oliver. Hence u livery oiiglnnlly
meant something delivered" or freely
given, and came to bo applied to. an
tllownuco of food or clothe...
From Norman times nn English uo-
blonian allotted a fixed "livery" of
bread, wine and candles to his servants
for their private use. A remnant of
this system still survives nt Oxford
■nd Cniubtiilgc, whero the follows of a
college are entitled to n daily allowance of food culled "commons."
An allowance of provender for a
horse was also culled a livery, nnd a
horse fed nnd groomed for Its owner
nt n fixed charge wns said to bo "at
In the middle ngos "livery" wns worn
by any one who wns in hny sense In
Iho service of another of superior rank
Dr station.
The trading companies of tho city of
London used to provide n special attire
for their freemen, who became known
ns liverymen, u title which they still
$100 Reward $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased tc
learn thnt there Is at least ono dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure In alt Its
Btnt.es, und that ia Catarrh. Hull's Catarrh
Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh bclnfr a eonetltu-
tlonnl dlsensc, requires rt constitutional treat-
mint. Hall's Catarrh Cure ls taken internally,
acting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and giving the patient •treneth by building up the constitution
and usUitlng naturo In doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith In its curative
powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars
fnr any case that lt falls to cure. Send for list
of testimonials.   Address
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
PoM by all druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
Ill   uu   eld   .'Ijiiii'liynm   Sim.d   ll   stOUfti
Wi'iithor-inm-lit'd   aiid   s.olncil;
Tbe hand of  time  h;i>l  crumbled tt; •
So only part renin inert. ;
Upon one aide I tould Just trace,       . J j
"la  nu-uiory of our molUerl"
An   epitaph  which  spoke of  "homo'* j
Wus e.iitk'led on the othvuv i
I'd gaied ou monuments of fame
High towering tb  the skies;
I'd Been the ncntpturct] marble stont
Where u great hero lies.
Hut by  Mil.' epitaph  I   panacd.
And read It o'er uud o'er,
For I hail never Been inscribed
Such  words ns  these before.
"Bbe always made home huppyI'
A noble record  left;    -
A  legacy  of memory  sweet
To thoso she left bereft;
AUd  what  a  testimony   -..Iven I
By those who knew her best,
Engraven on this plain, rude stone
That   niiii'l.nl   their  mother's   rest.
It was n limnl 1» resting place,
I know thut they wero poor,
Hut they bad m-ou their mother sink
And patiently endure;
They bad marked ber cheerful spirit.
When bearing, one by one.
Her many burden a up the Ii 1I# j
Till ull her  work was done.
So when was stilled her wenry bead*
Folded her bunds ho  .vhitc,
And she was carried from the homo
She'd always mnde ko bright,
Her  children  raised   a   monument
That money could  not buy,
As witness of n noble life
Whose record  Is oa  high. '
I  .'1
A  noble  life; but  wrlitra not
la nny Imok nf fnnie; I
Anu'n.n liu' list nf tiiiteil nnos
Nolle ever Rinv lirT lUllQOi
for only lier own hot ."Until linear
'pile vleloi'li'H she Iinil 1.011—
Anil man' but tliey could ti.tlfy
lluvv well her work wiih iliino.
i i if
It Is only since the luvoullon of lRtl.
Of l'oyn's ilestruetlvo bomb harpoon,
pn explosive projectile which bursts
within the carcass of the animal, that
tbo Norwegian whalers have dared lo
nttnek the foriiihlablc hlachval, Slb-
linld'H roi'nuiil. or blue whnln.
m        ""
Sometimes the hair is not
properly nourished. It suffers
for food, starves. Then it
falls out, turns prematurely
gray.  Ayer's Hair Vigor is a
Hair Vigor
hair food. It feeds, nourishes.
The hair stops falling, grows
long and heavy, and all dandruff disappears.
" Mr lulr wm coralnl out M.1.-I7. I to
•lme.t •Iritld to -.Mb It. But Ay«r'» H«_
Vlpor prnmptlf i-oppad th, C-.llln(..»«" •»•
r-.t.r.d the n.tui.1 color. '
MkI. B. U. K. WaeD, Landlnc, N. J.
J. 0. ATip CO.,
frtf# blj»U-1SM«-
oor nair
Mrs. .Tno. C. Huffman speaks
to yon all.
Sho Tells of hor Troubles and Ihoto
cure thnt yon mny bo -Jenefl.cd.
Naprtnee, Ont.., Sept. 12.—(Special)
—Tlicro are ninny women in Canada
who will yet write letters ot thanks
to Mrs. Jno. C. Huffman of this
place. Mrs. 'Htiffinnn suffered as they
arc suffering now; Sho discovered
a euro in Dodd's Kidney l'ills; and
sho is breaking the law of secrecy,
that binds tho great majority of womankind to let her suffering sisters
know whero they may find relief.
Mrs. Huffman says: '.    '
"I was troubled for about' six
years with Kidney Disease, anil the
pain was so groat I could' hardly
bear it. I could not entertain any
company. One night, when I was
feeling very miserable I rend of some
wonderful ' cures by Dodd's Kidney
l'ills, and resolved to try them.
"At this time my urine was something terrible, nnd at times vory disagreeable to pass, but llodd's Kidney l'ills soon brought mo relief
Irom nil my troubles, nntl by tha
timo I had taken six boxes 1 was
completely cured.
"I am milking this statement, to
tho public in tho hope that it may
help other young ladies or married
What is flint which rocs about the
wood and cannot got in.— i'he hark
of a tree.
When  is a tree as comfortable ns a
bed'.'—Whon it's down.
Ih thoro anything inurii annoying than
having ynur eul-h stepped upon. Is thero
anything moro doltghttul than getting
plu ul' it'.' llollowuy'H I'orn Curo \,ill il"
It.   Try It und bo convinced.
What is tho color of a grass plot
covered  with  snow?—Invisible gtoon,
Who   was tho   first    whistler,   and
what tune did he whistle''—Thu wind
Over the hills and fur away.
Why is the endeavor to obtain perpetual motion liko a barren tree''—
Because it is fruitless.'
It attacked with cholera or summer
complaint; of uny kind send at onco tur
i bottle uf Ur. .1. II. Kellogg's Hys-
mtory Cordial anil uso it according to
lirectlons, lt acts with wonderful rapidity in subduing tlmt dreadful disease
that weakens the Btrpngest man antl thai
destroys tho young and delicate. Those
who hnve used I liis cholera uicilieine say
it nets promptly, and never fails to i'f-
ti'fl ft  thorough euro.
What is lhat which gooth to Ihe
wood, anil carries his way on his
shoulder?—A man going to tho wood
to fell boughs and carrying his ladder.
Whore did Noah strike Iho first nail
in the ark?—O'ii the head.
Minard's Liniment Believes Neuralgia.
What river is not mnd?—The Seine.
What    river   do    pools    love?—The
Whut river has the highest title?—
The Hon.
Whnt   ancient     river    woultl   burn
best?—i'he Styx.
What river is tho best color for n
horse?—Tho Hhonc.
Considering ihe curative ipuiliiio.-i ot Ur.
Thomas' l.t'lrrtric (»(l it is the cheapest
luediclno now ofli'reil to the public. The
iluHe required in any ailment in small
and a buttle contains muny doses. If
il were valued ut the beiuilit il confers
it could not ho purchased fur many
times the price asked for it. but Increased eiinsuiiiptiiin has simplified nml chonp-
etii'tl   ita  inanufiuiure.
To gain   ono    city is  the nam. of
another,— Wip-chi'Stor,
What county Is almost  burnt out?
Whero wns Moses when his   candle
ivas blown out?—Iu the dark.
What well-known   river    is   like   a
niniiictl lady?—-Mlssls-slppl,
How do wn know Home was built
in tlie night?—Bocauso historians say
Home wnsi not built in a day.
Her   Heart   like   a   Polluted
8pritlJ|, -1-Alp . Ji'nios SSrud y, Poo
Island, Ont., says: "1 was fnr five years
nllliele.l with dyspepsia, iiiiistlpnliiui,
heart diseaso anil nervous prostration, I
cuk*ed llie heart trouble with Ur.-Agnew's
Curo lor the Heurt,*%ij& Hie Oilier nil-
inenls vanished llko hiBm lliu&i*i)ii'f in
half nn hour utter the lost ilfij,..''—-.7
Where wns Nelson going, when ho
was in his Ihiiiy-ninlh yeai'?—Inlo
his fortieth.
What   well-known    river  is like   nn
unmarried   lady'.'—Mi.ss-ouri.
Whon did Moses sleep five in a lied?
-When ho slept with his forel'alhcrs.
To whnt. pari of Ihe world should
hungry folks oinigriili''.—To Sandwich Islands.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc-
,, ._ quite an Interest in;; tiling to
Idlini that somo of our best known
proverbs and mottoes were originally
used In connection with Hiindlals. Ho*
foro Hie days of watches and clocks,
When dials and sun marks were among
tbo rude moans of reckoning lliuo, It
was a prevailing custom to Inscribe
Among tho maxims traceable to tin.
•ource nro, "Malic hay while Iho siin
shines," "The longest day must end"
Slid "All things do wax and wane."
Sundials spoke the (ruth, as may be
Inferred from a hlsloiie one which wai
placed on St. Haul's email, In London,
snd which prochilined, "1 number none
but Rtiiiny hours." This no oho will
doubt who. has had occasion to consult
a dial on an overcast day.
A famous dial In Sussex, Knglnnd,
bore four famous mottoes applicable to
llie (light of time anil the brevity ot
life. They were as follows: "After
darkness, light." "Alas, how sw!ftl"
"I warn whilst 1 move" nnd "So pusses
Another old sundial spoke pcliih.ul'r
ly about the Binae subject In the word-v
"Slrruh. bo _:•>•."_• .bout your business."
THE RIGHT SIDE ^ste^t'-'Rrfus-
ing All Substitutes.
CEYLON   TEA   has  become  famous by   reason  of  ils goodness.
Coinnionplace Teas leave the dealer   a larger   profit.   Therefore, we
repeat,    "Refuse    Substitutes,"   purchase   by    name   "SALADA."
Sealed Lead Packets On'.y.    By All Grocers.
Famine Stone
runiico stone is a porous feldspnthle
scoria from volcanoes. The pores are
linear and so line n:i often to he barely
visible except by iiiear.s of a magnifying glass. Its i-poeUic gravity Is 2.2 to
2.4—water being the unit—liut by reason of Its spongy texture pieces are
often buoyant enough to Iloat on water.
It consists chiefly of silica, with soine-
tinien 17 per cent of luimna, ..per cent
Of Boda and -I per cent of potash. It Is
of grayish shades of color, passing Into
yellow and brown. The chief source
from which It Is obtained for commercial purposes Is t'ampo Blanco, one of
the I.lparl Islands, where It forms a hill
nearly 1,000 feet high. In tho arts
pumice is largely employed, mostly In
n pulverized slate, as a polishing material for ivory, wood, glass, marbles, etc.
It is also used In lump for grinding and
smoothing metallic surfaces, leather
etc., and ln the preparation of parch
monts, etc. Quantities of the pulvor
ized pumice are used In making fancy
-.ecrselinum ripen.
"A meerschaum pipe that would have
brought $20 ten years ago wouldn't
bring more than $10 now." said a tobacconist. "Meerschaum pipes used to
be fashionable uud popular In America,
but they aro not much sought for today.
"It Isn't strange that the liking for
thein should have waned. Tho meerschaum is nn unsatisfactory pipe nt
the best. Drop lt and It is Irretrievably
broken. Try to color it, and for a
mouth it tastes like soap.
"It isn't the meerschaum ln ono of
those pipes that colors anyway, lt Is
a mixture of bee3wax nnd oil thnt the
carvers rub Into the block before they
carve lt. You could smoke a pipe of
pure meerschaum nil your life, and nt
your tleatli It would bo as white as lt
hnd boon nt your birth. It Is the oil
and beeswax-only that—whleh colors."
Fault* In  Convemation.
Dean Swift once said: "There are
two faults in conversation which appear very different," jet arise from the
samo root nm! nro equally bhiniahlo,
I mean an impatience to interrupt ottt-
ors nud the Uneasiness of being interrupted' ourselves. The two chief
ends of conversation nro to entertain
nml improve those we nre among or to
receive those benefits ourselves, which
whoever will consider cannot possibly
run Into either of those two errors, because when any man speaketh in com-,
pany lt Is to be supposed ho doth it for
his hearers' snko and not his own, so
that common discretion will tench us
not to forco their attention if they
nro not willing to lend lt, nor, on the
other Bide, to Interrupt him who Is
lu possession, because that Is In the
grossest manner to give tho preference
to our own good Benso."
Gentlemen. — While driving down
n very sleep hill last August my
horse stumbled aad foil, cutting himself fearfully nbout tho lu-.id and
freely on him, and In a few days ho
was us well as ever.
.1.  It.  A.  lll.AliClll.MlN.
When was beef-lea Introduced into
England on a la rge scale? — When
Henry V11I. dissolved the Hope's
Why is Ihe Isthmus of Suez like tho
first  "u"  in cucumber?—Because it is
between   two   "c's."
Which is the liveliest, city in Ihe
world?—Dotitnj bocauso it is always
on tho Spree.
A Veteran's Story.—aoorcn Lewif,
of Shamokln, Pa., writes: "I in eighty
?oars ol age: I have been troubled wMl
Caliirih tor Ofty years. *»£<«>"?""$
have used a grcftt many ''».>''' ',",._'
but never hull nny rebel Until I used 1 r.
aViicw's Catarrhal Powder. One box
eured   me completely."    Ml cenls.-.o
On which side of the church does
the yew  tree grpw?—On  the out side.
Why is the grass you walk on ohl-
r    I ban   you?—Hocuuso it  is pasturage  'past-yopr-a).i0.
What is Unit which lives in win-
ler, dies in summer, und grows up
Willi  its ropt upwards'.'—An  icicle.
Why  is cabbage run to seed   like ft
hivei".'—Ili'Causo it   hns lost, its heart.
Superfluous Ijair
Removed by the New Principle.
It Is hotter than cloelrlolty, hoemi-o 11
noes not sour or produce a new t,'r-wth.
Duller than X-ray, bocauso Itduus nut lunn,
sear or paralyzo tlio tissues umlor the sl.ln.
Jletter lliiin depilatories, lieeuuso it is not
pol-onnitH; therufero, it will nntcuiiwi blooil
pnisoniiiK, or pruilueo eczema, Which U so
eiiiiiiuiiii wilh ilopilatniies, and dues not
break olf tho 'udr, thereby Increasing its
l.lcetrnlyslH, X-ray or depilatories tiro
olToroil yoa on tho haro word of tho ouo.a.
tors and inanufaeturers. lie II lit .('1.10 III
nut. It Is the only method whioh is iii'lnrsert
by physicians, -urgeons, ilcrmatolii_;lnls,
mcdieal journals anil prominent :najpi„uicH.
DoMIltACbftwIllboinallod toiuiy nil-
dress, soiiloil, In plain wrapper,un rcoolpt of
81.(10. Your money hack Mithottt question
(no red Pipe) if It fails to do all that ls
claimed for lt.
Onr booklet—tlio most corr.ploto treatise
on .biportluous Hair ovor published—con-
talniiuVtlio festlmon'iils .of numerous phy-
sloians and surifooiiH and thoso of liundr,il_
of othors—wlllhesont freo. In plain, sciilcd
envolopo, upon request. Lnipuro fnr lt at
your local ilrugijlst or write for it to-day to
•a yuoon St. YV., Toiioxto, Ont.
Scientists have proved thut the common; houuo Ily is .csponslolo for the
spread of some of the must deadly
discuses, it becomes the duly of every
ho-sekci-pur to assist In extermination
the little pests. Many contrivances huve
been used tor tbe purpose, Including Ily
traps "1 many kinds, sticky paper, and
difiorent makes of poISon, but although
ull will kill some Hies there nlways
seems to lie as nn'ji.v left ns ever. There
is only ono really effectual way to kill
thein iill, und that is Wilson's Fly Pads,
being sure to follow directions carefully,
line leu cent packet of Wilson's Fly I'm's
has been known tn kill a bushel of Hies.
and ft few pads properly used will kill
till tho tiles In uny room.In a few hours,
An Olif UiiEll-li Woolen l_Yr.
An act passed In tho timo of King
Charles II. of England, "for tho encouragement of the woolen manufacturers of this kingdom and tho prevention of the exportation of the
monies thereof for the buying nnd importing of linen," provided that
"from and after tho five nnd twentieth day of March, In the yearo of
our Lorde ono thousand six hundred
and sixty-Seven, no person or persons whatsoever Bhall ho burled In
any shirt, shift or sheets made of or
mingled with flax, hempc, silko,
hairo, goldo or sjlyor, or other than
what shall be made of wooll only,"
There was ono exception to the rule.
A person dying of the plague wns
permitted to be buried in n linen
shroud. Otherwise penalty had to bo
paid, *'2.-> for each offence. Tho act
whB repealed in tho reign of King
George IIL	
Peer-' Hlejits.
Old authorities taught that a peer, lf
ho wasted his property so ns to be unable to support tbe dignity, could be
degraded bf tbe king. It is now held
that degradation can be effected only
by vote of his poors.
'I'd the it often didly seems
j Thnt there Is scmetlUng weird In dream*.
They steal upon me unawares
And frightfully increase my cares.
They pierce my soul and wring my heart
And make my gentle spirit smart.
I writhe In anguish and dismay I
Then wake to lie und long for day.
Again I sleep to dream again
Of things unseen of waking men. ';
To live through horrors black and drear
lOnough to sadden all the year,
To moan, while nil my veins congeal,
At what my haunting dreams reveal.
To wake again and strive to keep
A languid watch till dawn shall peep_   ::
When In tho morning I arise.
My Buffering I cun't disguise.
Then snys my wife, with touch of scorn
Ab she regards rny face forlorn
(I hate to meet her searching eye),
"Vou will cat lobster though ynrt die."
Crossing the  Knees.
Crossing   the   knees   Is   u   common
cause of sciatica.
Ai'lxotin,  Cm-Ins.
In Arizona tho cactus grows to nn
Immense size, and there is one specimen, doubtless the largest In the world
which is 23i! feet hi-h.
Helpless'as a Bnl.y. .--.mlli American Rheumatic Cure strikes the root ot
the ailment and strikes it quick, lt. W.
Wright,    lo    I iinil,'    street,     Urockville,
tint for twelve y.irs waa a great sufferer from rheumatism, couldn't wash
himself, feed himself or dress himself.
After using six Uilths was idtie to iro
to work, nnd Bays: "I think pain has
left mo forever."—fifi
iiarsii treaiiiiiiii, tlioilgll n slop snort
of Inflicting physical pain, keeps a
'.'■ervoi'.s hill-up In u Klnle of'misery. On
die othor blind, II Is perfectly true, as
n besotted but Intelligent slalile keeper
once observed to me, "A kind word for
a boss is aa good soinctitnes as a feed
of oats."
A single blow may he enough to spoil
u racer. Daniel Lambert, founder of
the Lambert branch of the Morgan
family, was thought as a three-year-old
to bo tho fastest trolling stallion of bla
day. Ho was a very handsome, stylish,
Intelligent horse, and also extremely
His driver, Pan Mace, though one of
tho best relnsmen in America, once
Eihdo the mistake, through III temper
or bnd Judgment, of giving Daniel
Lambert n severe cut with tho whip,
and that single blow put an end to bis
usefulness na n trotter. He became
wild and ungovernable In harness nml
remained so for the rest of his lifo.
Under  the   I'.o.-v.:   Lash—Th
torture and torment of the victim of nervous prostration and nervous debility no
one can rightly estimate who has not
been under the ruthless lush of these
relentless human foes. M. Vvilliutns, of
[''OrdWich, Ont.', was for four years a nervous wreck. Six bullies of South American Nervine worked a miracle, und his
doctor continued  it.—.8
Why is tho Danish coast a bail
place to go for quietness, Becniise of
the sound which  is thero.
What is thnt which every mnn cnn
divide but which no man cnn see
where it is divided?—Water.
When is a fruit stalk like a strong
swimmer?—When it steins tho cur-
Why nro hop-pickers dishonest?—
Becuiise they nre nlways picking
,J!\.,.,l.il':VKNT >'s WtfTJW THAN'in
Itl'.l'r'.N I — a Mule medicine in the shape
ut thu wonderful ncllcls which are known
hb I'unuoieii'- Vegetable Pills, administered nl Die proper lime and wiih the
directions adhered to often prevent a
si'ilups allnrk "I sickness nud save
money whleh would go iu ihc doctor lu
all Irregularities <,( iho, digestive orgiinn
they ure au Invaluable corrective nml
I'V cleansing the blood IJu-v e'liir the
skin of luipertectiiins.
Th.r "Wore Sinned by the S.atloi-««
or llie  Middle  Aires.
The earliest form of circulating library was the lending out of hooks for
hire by stationers of the middle ages,
but this was of very limited extent,
lit the reign of Henry IV, Ulchard of
Bury, bishop of Uiirliani, left his valuable library for Hie use of Oxford sin-
flouts. Two provisions nre very practical, ono being lhat no bonk was to go
Into circulation unless there was a
duplicate; the othor, that Hie bornAver
bad to deposit* security exceeding Ihe,
vnluo of the book.
Dunfermline, Scotlnnd, established
Ihe llrst proper library of this description ln 1711, Edinburgh following In
4725 with one founded by Allen Ham-
lay. The first public ono In England
was established In Salisbury by ■
clergyman, Fancotirt, In 1710. This
failed to survive, but otlpirs In Bntl.,
mid nt London In tho Strand, succeeded in becoming popuiar. Many London
iclentlflc societies established circulating libraries In the eighteenth century,
»ml Iii the nineteenth they became far
more widely sore.id.—London I'lul—
Tibetan  riatalla.
The Tlbotllll young man of fashion
wears his pigtail llko the Chinese nml
would be lost without his unlive girdle.
This Is n complete niultnin In parvo—nt
one." his arsenal, his pipe ruck and his
treasury! In It ho carries all that Is
really door lo his soul.
Noon  r.liml  Home*.
Moon   blindness   Is   more   common
among horses Iii Ucntueky than almost
anywhere else.
Tlio healthy glow disappearing from
the cheek und moaning null restlessness
at night are sure symptoms of worms in
Children. l>o not fail to get a bullle of
Mother Graves! Worm-* l'.xtermtniitpr: It
Is an cffeclunl medicine.
What color wero tho winds nnd the
waves in the storm?—i'he wind blue
(blew)  nnd  tho waves rose.
Removes all hard, soft or en Housed
luinos mid blemishes from horses, lilood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney,
stillefl. sprains; cures soro and swollen
throat, roughs, etc. Save ?5(1 hy the
use of one bottlo. Wurrantod the most
wonderful  Illeiuish Cure ever known.
What is the most dangerous time
of the year to go into the country?
—When tho trees ure shooting and
the bull-i'ushoR out.
Why should the poet have expect ed
tho woodman to "spare that tree?"
—Bocauso he thought he was a good
.inard's Liniment Cares Dandroff.
What is a mnn like who is In the
middle of tho Thames and can't
swim?—Like to be drowned,
Why is a fendor liko Westminster
Abls'.v?—Bccnuso It' contains the
ushffs of the great.
Why     did     Evo     never    fear,    the
measles?—Because she'd Adam.
bilious mail Is never u t'oinpaniunable
man because his ailment renders him
morose und gloomy. The complaint is
not so dangerous ns It is disagreeable.
Vol no one need suffer f'-oiii it, who can
procure Parmelce's Vegetable I'i'l.t. P.y
regulating the liver and obviating tbe effects ot bile in the stomach tliev restore
men to cheerfulness and full vigor of action.
A lady whose husband had liocome
Suddenly rich was asked to take tickets for n course of lectures on Buddhism. "Certainly," Bho replied,
"you  know how  fond  I am of flow-
Fresh   Meat   for    tho    Navy.—Tho
chops of the Channel.
What is more valuable when   it   Is
upside down'"—The figure 0.
What flower would you wish for
when oppressed with sorrow?—
If two persons were in dnnr-er nnd
calling for huln. whnt flower would
they name?—A cist us.
Hinard's Liniment for sale ererjwhere.
Alexander's llorae.
Bucephalus, the horse of Alexander
the Great, wns In all probability the
most celebrated horse of which wo
have any knowledge. He was bought
for tho sum of 1(1 talents from I'hllonl-
cus out of Ids brooding pastures of
I'harsalla, mid It Is known that be
was skewbald, or, In other words,
white, clouded wilh large deep buy
apois, this peculiar breed being valued
by the I'urthhins above nil others, but
being disliked by the RoillllUS because
so easily seen In the dark.
Bucephalus was ridden by Aloxnnder
at llie battle of the Hyibispos mid there
received bis death wound. Disobedient
for once tu the command of his master, ho galloped from the heat of the
battle, brought Alexander to n placo
nf safety, knell, as was his custom, for
him to alight nnd. having thus performed his duly, trembled, dropped
down and died.
Pfotlilni.  Free.
Bacon—Do they give you prunes
often at your boarding house? I'gherl
—They give us nolbing! Wo have lo
pay for primes, nnd we get 'em nix
times n weeii!
A wise mother never attempts to
cure the ailments from which her
lillle ones suffer b.v stupefying them
with sleeping ilnni'dils, "soothing"
preparations nml similar incdiclnos
("obtaining opiates, This class ol
luodlclncs nre responsible for the untimely death nf I linlisillids nf little
ones, though somo unit hers may mil
realize il. When ynur lillle ones are
ailing give llieiii Baby's Own Tabids, u medicine sold under guarantee in cpntaln no opinio or harmful
drug.      Mol hers    who    have  tisisl   Ihe
Tablets always speak In their
praise, Mrs. A. Johnstone, Kddv-
stoite. Ont., snys: "1 find Baby's
Own i'lihlets ull you recommend them
to be. M.v Imby was troubled with
eczema., nnd wns vrry cross and rest
less, but since giving her Iho Tub
lets sho has lieciime ipilto well and III
now a slrong healthy child." Sold
by all druggists or sent by nuiil at
!■.", rents u Isix by writing i'he IU.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvil.'.
Givo tho names of tho oldnBt ns-
tromers known.—The stars; because
they havo studded the heavens since
the creation.
Why arc seeds nfter being sown
like gate-posts?—Because Ihey are
plunted In earth in order to prop-agate.
Whnt is tho differerico between on'
'iak true and a' ti^ht boot?—One
makes acorns, tho other makes corns
Wh-_t js the difference between the
cast wind and an uloe?—One blows a
hundred times a year, and the other
once in u hundred years.
Cose..-*--*. He Knew of Scores of Severe
Cages of Files that were Positively Cured by
Tho writer of tho letter ipiofcd bo-
low suffered dreadfully from itching
protruding pllos for six yenrs.
Like hosts of others, ho was only
disappointed with tlji! ninny treatments ho tried, iintiT bis drue-gist
told him of what Dr. Chuse's Ointment wns accomplishing n3 a curo
for this wretched ailment.
Mr. (!. W. Cornell, who is wilh Iho
Shaw Milling (Vmpanv. S'. Catharines, Ont., writes: "In Justice to suffering humanity I write In loll you
of the world of good I obtained from
tho use of Dr. Chase's Ointment, For
about six years I wns the victim of
itching and protruding piles und wus
In dreadful agony day nnd night.
Doctors were Unable to help me and
I could got nothing to relievo the
suffering.    I wns about as miserable
a creature ns was to be found on the
faco of the eurth.
"Ono day my druo-ist, Mr. A. J.
Greenwood, ndvlsod mo to try Dr.
Chaso's Ointment, which I did, nnd
obttiinird relief from the first box and
complete euro with the .-..ond. My
troublo wus Caused by heavy lifting,
and 1 consider that Dr. Chase's Ointment would be cheap at fifty dollar*
a box, in view of tho good that It
did for me. A feeling of sympathy
for others similarly affected prompt's
mo to give this testimony."
Ur. Chase's Ointment, CO rents a
box. at all dealers, or ICdmanson,
Bates &, Company. Toronto. To pro".
tect you ngninst imitations tho portrait and signature of Dr. A. W.
(huso, ths famous receipt book author, nro on every box.
FARMERS will find it to thoir advantage to consign their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay hlghost prices and make prompt retnrns. Advances made on
Consignments. Correspondence solicited. Established 1888. Reference—
Union Bank of Qpjmcla. 	
Esfab.is.iad Grain Commission
Merchant in Winnipeg. ^__
Consign your grain to me and get prc__.pt service, careful attention,
and highest market prices. Q      Q MI tfcj \m      DRAWER
R-f-rcrcc- UM.N HANJ. of CANADA,    V.    5l     llflhi, 1300.
Tke present fiitticatlons point to a spoiled wheat crop In Southern Manitoba on
account of rust. Wo lime had a great deal of experience handling .hrunken
grain. You mny huvn Iho benefit of this experience by shir-ping .vour grain lo us.
Tho upper half of Mniiltulia and tho Territories have a fine big crop if not
damaged by frost, and we would like to show you price, wo cun get for grade
wheat.   Lot us prove theso facts to you, na  we are doing to your neighbors,
McLaughlin & Ellis
RItPl.RI.NCrS: Ctas-lsn Bisk ol
Commerce, Commercial A(encle>.
Through a Strictly
Commission   Firm.
\V*' handle strit.tly on commission tfloreforo can Rive every attention
to cur shipments, and will obtain tho bry-i prices for Bamo, Wo will be
ploased to answer cmjuiliea ro prices, shipping;, etc. If WW have ^rain
to ship or sell do not tail to write for our "Way of I)oin-_r lluslness," as
it will pay you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., Tiie Commission Merchants, Winnipeg.
Grain |n car lots bought on track or Bold on cotnmlnalon. RoaBonable
advances made. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference:
Any i-ank ln Winnipeg.
ItOOM 414,  CHAIN   EX.   ni.DO.,  WINNIPEG-.
ftt plf A%\ I K**->||     As the western   represent iilivc    or    Jan.    Itichnrdson
_ ..    —- &   Sons,  Kingston   und  Toronto,  and   Cun.   Lin.   Oil
Mills, I.iniited, Montreal, 1'. I... I am always in the inurket for car lots
of groin ol every variety, wheat, outs, barley and flux. I will be pleased
to write or wire you quotations ut any t'iiiu: on whatever you havo to
oiler. Correspondence solicited In either English or Herman. Requests
for Information re shipping, etc., given immediate attention, Reference:
Merchants Hunk of Canada, KliWAUI. o'KKIl.l.V. WINNIPEG!.
Handy to Have About the House
Of All
A Pill In time is a wonderfully good thing agd«.Ye»
many a fit of sickness. Every person, yotm_fOT old,
needs a littlo help often to put their systems right
If there's Biliousness Constipation or Indigestion a
dose of BEECHAM'S PILLS will generally set things
right. Sick Headaches are cured as if by charm, and
you will
and be enabled to enjoy many a pleasure heretofore
made impossible.
BEECHAM'S PILLS  make  life worth living by
putting your system hi condition to enjoy it.
Any trouble arising from derangement of th« organs
of digestion and secretion .is quickly set right if yoa
Prepared only by the Proprietor, Thomas Dkcciiah, St. Helens, England.
Sold Everywhere in Canada and U. S. America.    In boxes, 20 cents.
An  -.nat  rruanlft. 1'ii.lniii.
Midsummer day, or Bt'john ihe nnp-
tist'H dny. Is a festival of much Importance mining Uie Mnsur .pi'iisniit girls
In eiiBt Prussia. On lids duy tbey ench
mnke n wreath, mid each In turn liies
lo throw lier wreath so ns to bulge It
on n fruit tree. A glii must keep on
throwing until her wrontli stays In tho
branches, nnd tho nnmber of attempts
Is supposed lo Indlcnta Iho number of
yenrs she will hnve to wnlt to gel mnr-
rltil. Wben the girls lire thus engaged
the young men of tho vllluge slnnd
around ClmfllnJ thein when tbey hiIsh.
The ginl who lands her wronlh ut the
llmt attempt is vaUomently applauded,
The Mnsur:) nre I'olis who live In Hint
pnrt of Prussia Which wus once port
uf I'oliinil.
Tin'  M«'rl,llnn  Anl.
In tlio tropical northon. territory of
South Australia travelers n6od not
carry a compass, The district ubiniiuis
with the nests of -tlie imigtwlk. or.
meridian ant. The longer axos of these
nests point due north uud south.
Fly Pads
Solil Everywhere.   .0 conta
Which is Uu' most, iniiHlcnl county
in limit   Ilrituin'.— I'Tfu.
What extraordinary kind of meat
Ik to be bought In the Isle of Wit/ht?
—Mutton from Cowes. 4
'■    *   ' t   _•
.WJuil  port of Scotland is what no
nil': inn live without''—Ayr.	
N    \J    No    «08 0
' * -v
. . m1——^.._ts.-^-.. .■..'_.-..■u--..-j;4..fc.'.-....iL;.:...;. .m.^..^.j.^.,_a..
If        /
' r_8t.il.".i«li.'d April 8, U-'.*),)
Otf-ce: B6SI- Westminster avenue,
T>   ".'niryKY,  Publisher
BU- %    !■"■   ■ ■.     'j-
.  EiiKlnnd   vVbewi n
j.   i'dvoi .itu"   bs Ic-ii',   -',
■:sii''i'S .    ,
■   -  --•*'*»<..*-«-—*«-«—^»*w*«^.i*—m»,
1iibscri|Vtio» $1 _. yea*   pt^sbj.   til
•f" aenis; a Copy.
i.irtlis, Minriiigi's, mul Dentlm
published free of cUm'so.
Notiees toi Chnroh ami Society J5otoi>
taitm_8al ,  I eoturos, etc.,   WHERE
'   •.'   >J1JKC'J In TO RAUM JiOHHT
■ ii) i.i-clbiwil for. '
R_.Bi  for  Display Advertising made
luiowu on appllwttiou.
fill  Ailvertisenieuts tiro  inn regularly
mill charged for until oul.rod thoy
im discontinued,
Transient  Advortiws   must  pay   iu
Tel. B1405.
Thanksgiving Services.
There will by Tliuiihiigivipg Services
m Mi. i'iiutiiiit, Muthfldlit Obflrob on
'gnutlrty,   lu Che  moi'nh_(fi  tbe pester
R... ., 15 Ui.|lil'llli|;lmi, 13, A ■ B. D.,
■will pi-.mi.ii ti th" Hi.li.birt' "Christian
■ : ■. ■• fi hip,"   In .ha availing tlm ;;i"''-
'■■■     '■•'"Vi'tuu   lnw iii   ut   I'l'ilii'er.i  ,~i|i'.)'.l
Methodist Ohurohwill lmv. « j 1 _ 1 - -1-. < - of
the service ttui! will deliver n (TllllUks-
giving Address. The QUoiv win provid'
.nimble luusio.  On Monday evening a
Thanksgiving OonOOTt will be given m
the oharch.
Till! ADVOOAtU in nl »r.y.s glnd to recolve
Items Of BOOial,-personal or otber news
from its roaders, Send news item, to
the office ui by telephone, B140I
I Woman's
Bedroom .Suites, S pieces, all prices.
Sideboards from .....  ..
Diuiug Chairs	
Oilcloths, per yard,  from .
Liuolouui from	
Cnrpetfi, IW), from  	
< _SeT For all City Adver-
;, tizing, also South Vancou-
j ver Municipal advertizing
I consult   Thb  Advocate.
• piivcr, JJ. C Nov.,  ii), lyvi.t
ivlug Day wns generally ob-
uooaver, nnd tho wouthor
iu«pirti thiitykfaluoss lu all
flu: ruins of the preceedin.)
ean hardly bo u diBseutieut
Minion ir tu ihe advisability of borrowing uioiiuy to improve Euglish Buy
. Bi a< a All ynnCQOverltes must realize
what aii attraction English Hay is for
lillK^ip iii"'. Ives well as for tourists
■ ■ . . id Who speud mono}
■ lit   Of nil.    There
here   with    snell
ivantages as Vapoou-
tiu'  interests  of evory
•;. ibu most of these.
A Short Sermon.
In vcture there Is <t obnstadt change;
. ..,..:,   is ut rest.   Tbe tides ebb uud
, the whirling earth brings the fly-
..ii,. seasons; winter and summer, liouil
.ml shadow, raiunud mist; the swelling
vmi .uu! golden leaf—nil teach the
luissou of growth, of progress. Looking
Ul the lesson of uiitm'f, what ought we
v.0 luuru, This: That it is not good to
bold thu mime ideas, thoughts and
Uesiresyear utter year.
Let in east off the thoughts of yoster-
•.. ■ v"u a- we put awny the Ideas of
ldhuod.   Man should grow and pi-o-
rts .u'.i-l'.'iii'.ully.    Thv.r: is 00 growth
i.iio. : change;   Hence we should hold
, ..■ minds ever open to receive the truth
As the pearly nautilus builds ;. nop
sou I iija>i 1 limn her c:ieb year, so should
pinii iu:::: i; new aud more lofty idea as
the seasons glide.. The thoughts of
yesterday will uof answer tor tlie
thoughts of tomorrow. Life should be
,  au ever widening spiral.
Bsveulli avenue, beiwoun WMtmiii-te.  .■•
au. itlliHlllilb-'' Rlrent,   SI'IIVICIlS 11111 h ■ III.,
and 7: 111 p. in ; Sunday Bchool nt _;80 p.m.
Uev.  A.  \v. .Mi'U'oil.  Pastor,   Rc.Moqco l.'J
tiijtlli avenue,.-it.
{l:i,lil-i (;l ,\'|l|l lilfl ll*i:sli:n|.'M I.TPtl >■•
/.KIIVIi'KS HI Un. M| , i.i.l p. 1.1 : Simla)
School ami Bible i.'lnw ftgu p.m Rev l 1',
il-tllnrlllKKui, II. A.. 11. *'.. i',."tni
I'ariouage 12-Kluveuili if.v.eaiii:, went, tele,
phone WW,
1'lil.i.nv'l :V'iAN.
Juiiutlon of WeitinlDBiei  iveuai anil iVi
i;iins'VI ri'ii'l SKUVi' ..- ill .'1 11. ir.., HUll
; ;:i_ p.m,iHnnday S'.ipiul tit *:»0. p ra, Bev.
'Jii't.A- Wllann, b. A., I*a»i,ir >:_nr. corner'id
t;ii(litiiiivi.'iiiiiiiiii'i Oatni.•• niraei   '•    1 •''"•
3f  Mphiai::. fi, ' ..nglioan)
riini'.-r \','i^r,j,iiii:T 11.■' : -i::''. I'rl
.;'.'■',   KKUVII'liS ul  11 ,•   in,. 1,1.il Mi  p.in.,
■ 1 wninnuluti l»t and   ■' Buurtari in •
. ■ ■ . idu ; nm nlus pr,.: ■• , :■: upd uii    11
.  :      SmiuIih   '■   fin '1   "I  ■:''
.litrtAT is the crassn this setisou for
eliiffou velvets, plain ot surfnoe in all
iiit new lovely colors in vognoaud their
ninny shading^ lis well as thoso figured
in ilifferonl wayn in all blouded color
lugs, li'or Btreel woar the lntti r lis
bt'eu el^.'S'i.'t   fur  tm , ici   '■'■   1 ostuine.
mul at the Bftnii : ure ao ul all nnfli
lor ini'ui thul afternoon fnni tione
thoy denote n oertain formality, 'J'hfiy
should bo slmplo und in general upon
tailor lines, On fi less lipid model
however, wns a velvet of leaf-green
minutely crossed by hair lines of black
ui.d of white orosslug iiito squares. The
skirt liiul n-ltuoo-tleep Bbaped Souuco set
upon its upper portion and for heading
wns a bos-plaited ruffle of velvet liued
with given tttffata, A plaited Eton
half-low in tin; neck, hod a green silk
ompweowent adc^ed, upon whioh wns nu
embroidery of dull greens, grays, white
and Btraw color, quite out of the com
imin iu design, color, mul ejtecotiou,
The fulness of the box-plaited top of the
tii-. it's wus diminished by sural] buy.-
plaited liiilli.'.i 1* tlie wrists, Where
bon-phiiled Valenoiennos guve a lightness aud a suitable finish. The belt of
theoosjunie was oi the sitnie velvet
having plaques of the d.nbraid_ry] both
trout nnd baok, but laid over it stilt'
foundation mul bonocl Besides, so that
ib.' design v\us rendered most effective.
IV,acock oolorlugs nro the latest uou-
ceit in oi'iuimcnts for the- luiir. Ono of
the most beautiful oi theso ornaments
is fashioued in a half cii'olct of meroura
wings hi palllotfesof gi'een and bluo, lt
glii101s bravely in the Imirnuil Is exceedingly offeotivo. Another loyelj
ornaiueui is. in wrtiath form of very
dvitenle loaves in cloth of silver. It
slopes up to greater bighl in the centre
taporing at tbe baok aoii is ixnh iighr
ami graceful,
Unpretolitious yet pretty is a cluster
pf tun nosti iiiuis mul leaves, gathering
Into sojutj . bight .-iini lU'Oopiug
in trailing leaves, toudrite aud buds over
tlie hnir nt tho left.
Very tight)) .prayed is imotln'v
piooeof liiiUiioiii'iiii fern and purpla
oiohlds while the hoautifuj big butter-
Qiesof dull Bpanglos are among the
moat choruiiug oniitmuni. one enn
choose, Oue in pale yeUow with overlapping pailletti h dull finished and vuth
u sheen like mother of pearl is especially
lovely XhebigbOws er.ii.e.y coyered
with Qshscales spangles are to bo worn
again a great doal und come in blues,
bronze or black, and there wo others of
gauze with hues of rhino stones and
folds of velvot which are pivtty for
iii'in.v occasions.     •
New blankets .are blocked iu blue or
pink uud bound with ribbon of the
bami ■ olor.
'i'm: woman who shake, and shivers
at the approach of cold weather will
iipprveiut. the comfort" offered by a
warm dreBsiug sacque  knitted of soft
.1 7.9/*
| 7 98
■16 c
,| 4.86
Easy Time Payments.
No Interest Charged.
W. J. WATEES, Manager.
Grocery Bent.
Butter, Creamery, pei'pound      ... 20c
.Sugar,   «0- lb   sack        $1.10
Potatoes, 1-iingloy,   per suck...   SSI 00
Cheese, per pound        16o
Tomatoes, M tins   .      'ine
5.T. Wallace '
Westminster avenue & Harris .street.
Telephone iaoo
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
worsted liko a sweater and bound witl
pale blue or pink silk. The sfiapo is
loose nml oomfortablo, tho .leaves How
ing and.the stitch pretty.
To combino four undergarments in
ono -uooessfully would seem an impossibility in the opinion of thoso who have
not seen tho wonderfully dainty combi
nations goltou up by  un  originator of
■ 0 than ouo olever idea,   in the first
pluoe tho material Itsolf is as sheer as a
pookol baudkerqliief, aud cut with a
must extraordinary gauge for volumiu-
ousnoss where it is desirable, and .skillful
bins cutting where it is not. The most
pronounced quality of oharmiiig bits of
lingerie, is their utter fomiuiuity and
daiutiuess. Only two ribbons must ho
tied, these drawing up the decollete nud
lace trimmed cache corset, which is
mnde in one piaco with petticoat
and drawer's. The skirt covers
the knee and is finished with a full
ruffle edged with Valenciennes. Insertions of tho saute oris-cross in'nn intricate pattern above. Oyer tlie hip_ the
fit is simply perfect, each i.urmcut being
mndo to measure, lu tho shape of a
dcep'pointod yoke there is but one
thickness of batiste, the drawers being
added at the lower edge of this yoke,
below the turn of the hips. They are
but Willi ample fullness und though
rather simple in design are pretty
enough to be combined.with tho more
elaborate skirt uud oorsot cover. If one
does not wish   the  attachment  of tlio
4*__JP;v:_.0;''.-;a-> /j*-;. ^.&ii
Rules to be OnsimvED et all Vessel.:
Swiso Span m pahsino the Buipoe
A.C1108S    THK    FRASEU    RlVElt     AT
New Westminster, B. O.
ALWAYS PA MS through stnrboard
opening leaving swing span on port side
Do not pass through bridge uutil spuu
is direotly over draw protection.
The following lights will innrk tbe
swing span and opening:—
A red light al each end of the swing
protection aud a red light at each ond
of swing spnn, the hitter not appearing
when bridge is closed
A green light, ou pier nt south eud of
spun, showing down stream ouly,
A green light, on pier at north eud of
spun, showing up stream only
Bridge is not open ready for vessels to
pass until tiie red lights 011 span nre
directly over red lights ou swing protection,
Public Works Engineer,
Works Department, Viotoaia, B. ft,
Ifilh November, IWi4.
Glaristiuas   Delineator.
The Deoeuiber Delineator, with its
message of good.obeot and helpfulness,
Will be welcomed in every home. The
fashion pages are unusually attractive.
illustrating nnd describing tho very
latest modes in a way to nuiko their
construction 'luring tho busy festive
season a pleasure iust.ad of a tnsk, and
the literary and pictorial fouturos nre of
rare oxoellence, A Beleotiou of Love
Songs from the Wagner Operas, rend
Wed into English by Eiohard le
GalJienuo ami beautifully illustrated iu
colors by J. C. Leyendeoker, occupies a
prominent, place, aud a chapter in the
Composers' Series, relating UieRbufauco
of Wuguer ftu. Qosima, is nn.interesting
Bivppioiiieut to Iho lyrics. Many Christmas suggestions nro given in needlework and the Cookery pages itre rodo-
liyit of the Christmas feast. Iu addition,
there are the regular departments of
the magazine, With many specinl
articles on topics relating to woman's
iuterosts within and without the home,
Telephone Numbers of  Loco! Mini-
B17f>0—Rev.O..H. Wilsou,(Anglican).
1000—Bev. u. A. Wilson, (Presbyterian..
B1IJ-9--Rev.A, li. -totli-ringt.n, (Mothfldtst),
Read ''Tho Advocate" for looal news.
Tweed Effects, in dark shades, -18-in. wide; worth '.KV, hall price ,       . _So a yard
Navy, Ali-woo] Swges, dO-in, wide; worth-fJOo for,, .    .    flfic     "
Grey Wool Serge, good for children's school dressea; worth S5c for. .. S*>c      "
SO dosi, liftdies' Plain and Ribbed Oaslimoro Hfise; worth 30c, 85o 40or at i,.c n pr.
liftdios' Tail unii ilnwti Kid Gloves, slightly dumagnd; worth Jl.iiO for 50o 1 pair
Oue Thousand VltrUs of Flannolotto at be a yard
Four Cards of Safoty PI1111 for to,   Remnants of Dross Goods, Flannelettes,
Ribbons, Jjaoes, Embroldories, etc., very cheap.
Jiiidie.s' Ij.iibrellas, worth *i.^5 for *. 1.00 eachI worth jij,00 for "r!.80,
4(30 Westminster Ave.
"^ Opposite Carnegie Library*
V r,7_jn „.»Tiiaig-M--l
f*W|liWHi II"
". i'iiui"iiM"  1 venue    u
*.;:•'***■■'.'   :'TT. ::.'•'",'''■ a. i'"'.'.>.- iif'l
_______■_.> v - • "',if/f'^;
■.  ■'  ■    ■ ,■-,:.; ... "JA
~Ta*»w*: ■
undorbodfee, tlie skint aiul drawers may
bo hnd without. Eaoh arraugement
obviates several bands or tapes nrouud
the waist, and. are oouspicuour for its
lightness pf wight, grnga :u,ul piviiin.fs.
Wo hav" leeeivefl ft \t.\y pretty little
waltz, colled "SA_>pf_fo W'inlt^," coin-
posod by CllKrllh linker, wlir. for years
hits bad the reputation of 'writi)ig ea;-y,
pretty nml tuneful. bt.ltch.ilM, pieoe:i tor
piano and organ ploypjcs,. This little
ivaltz oau bo used :<i dances or for tho
parlor, On receipt of '•'oo in postage
stamps Tiie Theatrical Mpsio Supply
Ce.. .4 W'l.-Hi 88tb Street, New York,
will i' copy poitdaid to anv addresf
. ih,mI*i"lirMlmi  ''li-,-   i   (nu: vih ilny ,\i:
,w'.l^thj -iiriuir S'hilh KVrailC mul  WONtnilii
tuf rcsJ, iervli'M 11 '  n h iiti'l 7:wi p m
in't.i'- Hulltftll nl   1'. ■■ la     Vouns peoplo*
J.:'i.:VLf f...<..; v,,t_t     1 C'li.bili.ii Kiulen
HHrjifSgliai-er)' Huniluy  ■  i.l us mil: l.p'ulfirk.
,i«Y»r.i(iiii;ll',i|: Wt'iliin,". .'.• alKii'rn' -' cli   .
:.   -r'Whcu Your "flge Mi  i
';' lie ^d and lth Mn;:i..iii of Ihe mouth
_>>;rt Vancouver, .1    ■ 1    V .  n.eeis al
'':■. ; 'ft,
Jft  l'leusupt l.ort(;e No. lb,   l.Q.O.l'.
-• .;.'■' '|.. 11..
.      'i'Ht»f1.-jL..V.
'' .. . ..UVCJ'   (Joaii'.",l   No.   3I1h,   Can-
<..:. .1  Order of  Oln'««'ll   Friends  meets
Ue' V'l aiid lib Tr-tU's'i-ii's of thp inmith
•   Atfcxh   i'.i RlfoNo 7, Lsdiiis ol tin
»J-»-'mbiaV fKbiJ.i ib' i' ■;"'•   ' ■ :i
It la milch easier for a wom.in to confide
in the average man than in the uveruye
Woman, She knuws that ihe man will reaped her round.noes nnd keep them to
himself, tie is sii'.ni,r, haa more experience
of thu world and ran help the womaa who
neeibi jdvic.. There i. every reason why
women should not trust their delicate
Cuunlllillioni III Hi* bunds of unskilled
persons. It requires a tborouffll medical
education to appreciate und uuiIerstHud
tip.' iroui.iiiiy organism. When a woman
lias ills aud pains that she cannot benr
—wli. 1: lifo s.;'itm dark f<n every woinuu,
■•llii ahqitld cQiifidu liei .trouble* to «,
phy.'.iii;,ii of ttehdln;. iu the comniunity,
or on', who hei « naWonal repuinti-n. Cer-
tnlidy it would Oot bo tbo part of wisdom
to confide in au ignorant person without
medical .dii.uiion slijaply becnuie she was
4 wtnimh, Thero ii* i-vi.ry reason why she
-liuiiM write to some great specialist, one
win; has. npidc the dlsenjien of women n
specialty far a third of a century, like Dr.
11 v Pierce, founder of the Invalids'Hotel
and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y.
All his correspondence la held sacredly con-
liu.uli-1, and be (jives bis advice free and
without charge,
Sn uniformly suoci'^'lul has Ih. Pietce'e
Favorite I-rasevlptloh proven in all form.
•1 Pi ra de Weakness, trolapsus, nr Palling
of Wuuib, und LcucdrihcB, that, after curing
th ■ worst ce lea of these distressing and
d"b.!iutin( ailments, Di Pierce now feels
fully warranted in offering to pay fsio iu
cash fur any case of U -i.es which
hi  cannot cure.
1.1.  Pier, ,■■ • Plu ispnl   1 :'ili I      i.'iubl be
.■ ii i Pavorlte I •, riptiou' ul-tu.
i «' w la»»llve ii- feo,i
.-!?? Subscribere who fail to
get "The Advocate" ou Saturday morn ing please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
Situate iu the New Wostniiustei-
Mining Division of District Of Now
Westmiuster. Where located.—Britannia Mountain, Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, Annie Austin,
Free Miner's Certificate, No. l'?Kj|''U,
intend, sixty days Irom the date hereof, to apply to tlm Mining Recorded for
a Certificate of Improvements, for tho
purpose of Obtaining a Grown Grant 01
the above clniin
Aad further take nniien thm action,
under Section HT, must be commenced
before the issunuco of such Certificate of
Haii.'ii Ibiii.I'Olhday of October WH.
•     iriiiiin'MiiT-jmi 1 ■ 1  -r'_j_-»-——,.-
rhe Mi   Pleasant "Advoeato" on sail
at all the .Newsdealers in tiie city.
Read the Now York Dental Parlors
advertisement lu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
I    I'm Off to tbe
*«fl^   (VANCOUVER
V&ZSm      44 Hastings St.,
^Wwost    to list, my properly
*f I' or Sale.   Thoy ure
/qniok sellers.
City af Vancouver.
TAKE NOTICE that a by-law is
intended to bo passed by the City Coun,
cil for levying a frontage rate to pay
for the grading, concreting and block
paving, etc., to be tuade on Pender
streot, (1st) between Burrard and
Richards stroots and (2nd) between
Richards aud Abbott streets, aud that
a statomeut showing the lauds liable to
pay the said rate and the mimen of tho
owners thereof, so far as thoy can bi
ascertained from the last revised
assessment roll, is uow filed in the
olllce of the City Clerk, and is open
for inspection, during office hours.
Tho estimated cost of tiio work is, (1st)
$27,14_.00,(3ud_$88,287 92„pf wliioh(lst_
$0,771.W,<8ud)$8,708.e41st6be provided
out of the general funds of tho Oity. A
Court of Revision will be held on Doc
6th, 100-1, at II p. m., for the purpose of
hearing complaints against the proposed
ossessmaat or accuracy of tlio froutago
measurement or any other complaint
which persona interested may desire to
mako, and which is by-law cogniznblc
by tho Court.
Vancouver, B. O, Nov., 1st, 1904.
Mi_r.i-.p_liil.v  of South
a List of Qualified Voters bus been prepared and can bo seen at the Municipal
All persons claiming 11 vote ns Householders must mako before the 1st day of
December n Statutory declaration before
a Hupi-onio or County Court Judge,
Stipsndory or Police Magistrate, Justice
Of iho Pence, or Notary Public, or Clerk
of tho Municipality ou the form iuid
dowu iu the Municipal Election Act
1897 aud iimouiluionts thoroto.
The qualification for a Efou-iPholder is
us follows ;
" That I am a British Subject.
" That I havo been a Householder for
)'. mouths ln Uui Municipality.   •
" That I hnvo paid'all rates aud taxes.
" That thu rental or rent value is not
less th.iti .Sixty Dollars per annum,
\V. <;. WALKER, 0. M  O
Municipal Hull, Nov. 7th, 1904.
Tho Fire-inns Bylaw is now in force,
wliich enacts that
" No person under tho age of lrt yours
shall firo off auy gun, fowling piece,
rifle, pistol or fire-arm within the limits
of the Dh.tr.ot of South Vanoouvor."
The penalty fur infract ion of above is
a line not esoooding tiftj dollars or one
mtinth Imprisonment.
By order.
William (j. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oct. IS, JP04.
Tho Municipal llnl) will be open on
Tuesday and Friday mornings only till
the out door work of the Assessment is
William O. WALKER,  C. Al. C."
South Vnncouver, Oct 18, J 004.
} carry the Finest Okbambhy  Butter
at Soo a pound.   In .uantitie. for less
A large stock of APPLES ou bnnd from
76p a box, and up,
ft-lb   Evaporated Poaches .        ,      ,215c
Royal   Grown   Soap, fi bars She
Extra Finn Eggs, per dr,:. ;i0c
Sardines,  por tin iOo
. large 'ins Park-and-Boous  2f>e
Gallon Jar of Chow Chow 00c
E:tra  Fine   Ham    and    Booott,    also
Cooked Hum mit bb'NOHRS,
St *&;8'«
IljKO ri' 'P-iosus 448. Mt. Pleasant
One, Two and Three Years Old.
Also a number of Ornamental Trees,
Flowering Shrub, and Climbing Vines.
Perennial Plants, Bulbs and Hoots,
Chas. Keeler «
Note—Street Cars pass my place.
8784   Westminster Avo.   Mt. Pleasaut.
iNt'^_.__^'''/- ~&fi6
^~7^'v/    f,/'iV \i ■■■ \: r ■''-■ - --     //     s,
Wkium ,,Mmm Wf¥k i
or ^i^m^- kv )^m
/ f^-:-:^'/:----"   ' ""*2_g_i
te WE
yCT WE ARE      ..
'^craQOLk AGENTS,^3f Mi a.
i«r      WUsaM
for the next week  in—3   Cl'OWII   MusCOtelS,
Seeded  Rassins,   Cleaned    Currants
Orange.   Lemon and  Citron  Peels,   Muts  and
I  2315 Westminster Ave.        'Phone 935;=
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John  (Hlluian,  Proprietor.
TtntiiK (Jiums, and a flrst-olafls  Bath
Hoom is run in connection  with   the
Barber Shop—give this plaoe a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Ordem prmnptl}  attended i_,  tiiKbt  or
day.  Charges motlorale.
OfQoo: ^t7 Hastings stroet, west.
Telephone Number 179.
E. & J. HARDV J. CO.
Company,   fiHANCUL,  Piti.ss ami
,10  Fleet St., London,   E. O,   Fugiand.
Colonial Business a Specialty.
if yon want a
Ring   up
Telephone   987
or  call  around  at  the  Slot*
Woiikk, 408 Cordova St., WOBt,
In any ease yonr wants will receive the
most courteous  and   careful attention,
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at lSJmluutes to 7, every Sunday
evening in  Advent Christian Ohuroh,
corner Ninth ave. and Westminster Rd.
Epworth   Lengue of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Ohuroh mesta at S p, nt.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in   Mt.  i'lunsant
Baptist Church at H p. m.
The Y. P. S. O. E., meets .11   S p. m
iu Mt.PluaBasant PresbyteriM) Ohuroh.
Belure Hurting on a shopping tour,
look over tho advertisements In the
''^Wl.icl! ttCKton nt. PleUaj
" I. p.. O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. 19met*t..i
Tuesday al h p, m , in Oddfellows I
Ai'oher Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially
to attend.
Noble Grand—O. G. Kenny
Bkooudino    SucuriAit"- Thl
Maekny, Hoathfll and Eighth av.uul
H. I
I   O. F.
Court VanouvHr I3_S, Indeiici.'
1 n ii >■ nf Foresters meals IM and",
Mondays of 6aoh month at H p. m.
Visiting brethren always welcou1!
iJiiiicv BAK.OER—W. G Taylor,
..; Koofor «in
Recording Secretary—W.
j7s Tenth nvonu
Financial Skcrktart—M. J. (
:ui Princess street, City.  Telepl
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds re,
Review   1st  uud  lid  Fridays of
mouth in I. O. O. F., Hull cornel \
minster nud Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lndy Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Ludy Record  Keeper—Mrs.   Mary'
l*OOti , :t:i9 Ninth nvcuue, east.
Vancouver Couueil, No, 21 In, ni
every ad and  4th   Thursdays  of ,
month,   in   I. 0,  O. F.,   Hull,  001
Seventh and Westminster avenne:.
Sojourning  Friends always welt a
w, p, ('-levelling, Chief Couni'illor.
Miss A. Chambers,  Recorder,
2328 U'ivtmlust_riiv_iiut>.   Tel. 7"j
50   YEARS-
Trade IVIark'I
CopvniGHTS __a
Anvtuif, npntllii_ a .ketch and de.crlptlnu nl
rtui,uir ii.certiiln our opinion fr-0 whellit.rT
mvontlon Ib pri'tmbly pult.iitabl.-  Ciiiiinitini
ilousntrlctli'eniilliloiitlnl. llnndbuokoii 1'iiie.
lent Im". i'i ir-i iiueticy for...uriuirpatetil:.
t'inoiit- takou tlirouuli Munu A Co. iff1
n,il n,>f ire, without obnruo, lu tbe
Scientific American.)
\ hHndfiomoly lllniitrato-1 woeklj"-   I .invent < '1
ul,if inn  Of HUT Hi'irilliilc  J'liM iml.     'I'l-riM!-   f M
ear: lour montlm. 11.  Suid by all ncwiirl-.iili.il
III mm n OtllCU, i/_;i V HtM Wufih Hint nn, li   (-
In Trimmed nnd
Also Childrou's Headweur in
endless varieties.
Blouses,   Wrappers,   Dress   Skirts,
Underskirts.    Full liue of ..ndios'
and Children's Hosiery.   Children's    Bearskin  Coats,    vory
reasonable.   Wo have everything kept   iu a .flrstoluss
Dry   Roods   Store.
W. W. Merklev
Westminster Avenue,   Mt. Pleasant.
j   Electric Light ia
|   Sooth Vancouver.
If promises are within 100 feet of Company's primary wires the
regular charge of $11.00 will be made for installation of meter and
lamps. Beyond that distanco lino construction will be charged
for atthe rate of .10.00 por 100 feet; if several houses ero closo
together the cost may bo divided among the householders install-
ing the Electrio Light.
Tho following rates will bo charged to oonBumers;
Meter Rates Bahed on Monthly -Consumption:
On the first 40 K. W. hourB 17c per Kilowatt hours
"    " next 60 K. W.   "      12o " "
On consumption over 100 K.W. hours, ,10c por Kilowatt hour.
Subject to a cash discount of h% if bill pnid on or before 10th day
f        Hfter dnto thereof,
# These are the rates in force in Vancouver until July I,  1904.
$    British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.    $1
__k     f


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