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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Dec 3, 1904

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 ,j_tfB*j ■'.-__:■•-
»yp*f"' '-5   »»--w_m-j»-
e hnvo jast^ht! goods to unti&tfy it in holt'     y
pnujid bottlos of Q
sj.ng.i-li, you know, aiid only 115c, a foi'-fieW
too, a fresh lot Vast in, at A
H. A. W. Co.'s,       i
Mount Pleasant. Branch. ___
.    o
Ss per year, Six Months.50c, T'.iree (ItonUls 25c,  -single Copy 5c.
Devoted to ths interests of   Mt. Pleasfrit, Central Parle, South Vancouver.
j goto iiioHiJl^b^
I The Arcade or Ciraitville Street,
I For Light Lunch
x    Baked Ipples—like home—with Pure Cream.
tj I h uuuie   li
0 Op*"
e :-.....
Baked lieu on
7:80 a. m.,  to IS p. in.
uu 9 B   ui.   to  12 p. in.
Established April £, 1899;   Whole  Number 235.
riOUN'f   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,   U.  C.J  SATURDAY   Dec,   3, 190
.ih   Year, Vol. 6,  No. 35.
: iessue
quested   to
iiu delivery
pii-ugeH_fw .'nivei,' lernauts should ba
"ef, ire 'I'liursihiy noon in insure, tlioir
[Local Sterns J
the IloOuaig Auotion ami Oominia-
fnCo., Ltd , ueittoUaruoigo Library,
sitings streot, buy -"riraiture for Cash,
ludui'l Auotion Sales nml iiundln
likmpl Stouka of overy descripthw.
piB-uoUou guaranteed.   Plume 1070.
|0)r. nml Mrs, P. tl. Bruuuor nf Klev-
J_h «ud Vti"o"n. have reti,rued frum a
Ine tm-uthn nbouee in Eastern Canada,
(■ring which timo    they nlso visited
, WorU's Fair all 81 Louis aud other
ii.ric.iu cities.
iGet yonr dinner at City Hall en
|nur_d»y uext from 5 to 7 p. m. Bazaar
\ Qlty Hall by Woman's Auxiliary on
anrsday, Dec.'bili. Novel features
\>i  host*  uf appropriate artioles for
', ins presents
|:  :o: s
-in Snudiiy in tlm Mt. Pleasant
lethodi-t Ulinroh the pastor n ill "preach
fboth sorv:'"s. in- the morning the
1 will be "The Successful Worker."
! the aEeaiug the discourse will be
luriallj f',r Young 'leu. Every ono
Ijpcsrthtili.T invited.. The usual monthly
|Uu»._iip u.i.iiug aud Reception will
I held .it tli ■ eiuse of morning service.
I Onr Ifeu,s Shots cau not Le beat for
iicitori aud for wearing quality. The
Ittire stock g.>iug at great reduction
firing December. Get a pair uow.
. Milih, lh Cordova  street
1 boot twenty young people mado
> jolly party ou Thursday
inning and surprised Miss Mny
j .imil.i>ut drii'th.er of Mr nud Mrs.
J Muiltou of :!o: District AU were
If'artily welcouu ■; and the evening was
Tvfolly pusseii h ith games aud music.
'W. D Muir's   ialeuder for 1905 is a
[.err telling alivertlw ment for his excel-
Vul trend, aud ri ra'0-_ its ■„ fashionable
Anar party, astounded al  "The Ideal
C,u>.'< VV,tUi,». tTi.i.ty jjimiai "
II Mr. and Un Chas.  Keeler of  West-
ulna..,' KVaniii', entertained n number
If.? fri.T' i; ou  Thursday evening.   The
■Ming wos mast  dclighthfully patiseil
.\e!i  games.
t -et :
VM>-:' :i •■ iN'ho bosvisitlug friends nt
, .    ,     . ■: ''■ • in- id   spent two
I •.. ,•;  ■•,  eud is now
u-t "■■ ■■''•',  ' 'ituwn uud
-tbi.i .
go ng ; 1   half price
, ■  Sale
'    rdovs street
Auxiliary of the  Mt.
. ■ . ■ lh.ure.1  gave the
Sol •'■' "'■. a    ion   on
i'n   tho   low   churoh   from
M   [.iHigil,: - 11 turued from
Ji "White   Horse  ou morning
T«b«t' he spent tho summer. In charge of
fP Biit;;s, Coid Storage Business.
Mr. W. Davis, iha well-kuown local
Wall Pi pc denier, 'ill be n caudidnte
for Ah.e. • im f t Ward V., at the forth-
['coming civic election.
~—■ :o:
Mr. i. MoUnlle.i is building a uew
two-storey re. idenceon Eighth avenue,
east, on tht; lots adjoining his brother-
in-law, Mr Bailey.
I 6:3   t.« 7
Mr    8
Bits, D. Anderson of Eighth avenue,
- left for Shell.m, Wash.,   this week to
spend the Xmas holidays with   her
Bailbtt.-—Rom to Mr. nnd Mrs. Thos.
Bailey, MS Eighth avenuo, Nov. 30th,
a daughter.
Mr. Harold Sim roturued home ou
Friday last wfter a sojourn in Manitoba
since August.
Mr. E. H. Peace expects to build a
new homo on Eighth avenues, west,
very soon.
_______ ;q ; ,	
Real Estate Auction
SAVE of 40 acres, situated in District
Lot 631 ft 682, SOUTH VANCOUVER,
Whleh will be divided into %, % aud
I wire lots
These aro extremoly choico sites, close
to the city, being immediately south of
trnt 801, On Westminster aveuue, the
Sixteenth avenue car line running right,
through them,
The survey is being made aud plans
prepared aud the sale will take place as
early as possible in Decomber. Further
particulars nt my office 623 Hustings
•tMtfc   'Phone 472.   J, S. RANKiN.
Subscribers   who fail to
get "The Advocate" 011 Satur-
vjf day   morning   please   notify
'*W* office.    Telephone B1405
THEf_E UNBREAKABLE PLATES nre the most durable,
beautiful aud Hygieuic Plates known to the Profession, beiug
the color OF the Iiatubal QDM lt is impossible to detect
thorn in the mouth. We advertised these plates a year ago
and made hundreds, whioh gnve the very best of satisfaction.
SEE SAMPLES OF OUR WORK. Do not bo misled. Wo
aro the Inventors of and only Dentists practising PAINLESS methods in British Columbia ; in fact, we are couoeded
tho Leaders on the Pacific Coast. By Free Examination,
we will tell you in advance exactly what your work will cost.
Wk have a reputatiou for PAINLESS DENTISTRY, good
work and curteous treatment.
147 Hastings St., E.VanBcoucver
Opposite the Oarnegio Library. Telephone 1666.
Olllce Hours: 8 a. 111., to II p. 111.;   Sundays 9 a. 111., to 2 p. 111.
Mrs. Ma thew Rao's many friends will
be pleased to hear that she was created
Lady Conimandaut of the Vaucouver
Lodge No. 2 of the Lndy Maccabees of
tlie World, at a meeting held iu tho
O'Brien Hall, ou Thursday last.-
Rev. A. W. McLeod will preach at
botli services on Sunday iu tbe Mt.
Pleasant Baptist Church. At the eveniug service nu interesting musical
program will bo preseuted iucludiug
selections by tho male chorus.
First Book, Teu Cents;  Five Cents
to   Exohnuge.    Mt.   Pleasant Book
I.xuhanoe, 164 Ninth avenue.
About eighteen young friends of Miss
Winnie Foote gnvo her a surprise on
Tuesday evening at the home of her
parents Mr. aud Mrs. H. J. Foote,
Ninth avenue. A most enjoyable eveuiug wns passed by all present; games,
music and refreshments enlivening the
WALL PAPER! Remnants almost
giveu away iu order to make room for
1905 New Stock. Call and get bargains.
W. DAVIS, 104 Ninth avenue.
For   local  news  snbscribe    for THE
ADVOCATE, only tl for 12 months.
Ou Thursday uoxt the Canadian
Order of Chosen Friends will hold an
Open Meeting and many initiations are
to take place. The initiations will take
placo at 8 p. m. sharp, and at 8:30 the
doors will be open to the public. A
good program of recitations antl music iB
in preparation. The Organizer, Mr.
Barnes, has offered prizes of gold watch
aud chain to Friends securing tho
largest number of now ineniberB.
Now for the Girls and Boys guessing
contest at Trorey's today—Saturday—
from 8 a in. to 1 p, 111., for handsome
Gold Watches. A watch and teu dollars
tn gold to the girl and boy guessing the
nearest time the watches will run.
Thursday's guesses for the Gentlemen's
Watch resulted in G. A. Leonard, 550
Georia street, first prize; Geo. Tilbury,
315 Harris street, second prize j A. D.
King, Lelaud Hotel, third prize. The
watch ran 86 hours, 50 minutes and
50 seconds.
WE PAY CASH for paper covered
books. Mt. Pleasant Book Exchange,
164 Ninth avenue, oast.
fit. Pleasant Mall. (PostofHce.)
Leaves at 6 a.m., 11 a m., A 5:80 p.m.
Arrives nt 11 a. m., aud 3 p. m.
This One Thing
We insist on the Superiority of
Ontario Snow Apples
for Eating.   We have a large consignment of
these delicious apples.   Opened   To "day.
Leave your orders, or better still call and see them.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt.Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
The Executive of the Vaucouver
Poultry and Pot Stock Association, Is
actively at work arranging the prize list
aud other details for the Aunual Show
which will bo hold January 10-14. Tho
prizo list this year will be a generous
ono. Tho newly organized Caged
Bird Assooiution will join witli
thu Ponltry Association this year, and
thoy expect to have a large exhibit of
CnuaricB und other caged birds at this
their first show.
A number of onr young bachelors
gave a most enjoyable dunce. In Mason's
Hull ou Thursday evening. Messrs.
H. Duncuii, W. Dairou, W. Greou aud
W. Murphy were the committee iu
The Oity Grocery  do'ivers groceries
every day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 286
The liundsome show oase and pretty
fixtures in Mr. Netherby's "Central
Drug Hall," wero manufactured ou
Mt. Pleasaut beiug tho work of Mr. J.
D. Ross, Eightth ovenuo. Mr. Robs
is kopt busy filling orders for flue
show cases aud fixtures for tlie leading
firms of the cit. His factory is one of
"tho industries'' of Vaucouver.
Great rednotion on all Men's Shoes,
Lndies' Shoes, and nil Children's Shoes
ut half price. R. MILLS, 18 Cordova
The Woman's Auxiliary of St.
Michael's Church will hold a Bazaar
aud Sale of Work lu the City Hull on
Thursdny, Dec 8tb. Opens at 2 p. m.
Excellent dinner served from 5 tc 7 p.m.
A Concert will bo giveu iu tlio evening,
nml a vory good program is in preparation.   Do not fail to attend.
your Prescriptlous should bo dispensed at
The Central Drum Hall:
1 %t.—They aro always dispensed by a Graduate Chemist.
2d.—Pure Drugs nBed only.
3d.—No substitution.
4th.—The prices nre right.
Patronize tbo littlo Anti Octopus Drug Store aud save
The Central Drug Hall
244-4  Westminster Ave.
Chos. E. NETHERBV, Prop.
Oi'P. Lee's Grocery;
Telephone 1849.
Christmas Hardware*
Nothing better for a Christmas Present  than one  of
our celebrated Souvenir Ranges or a Hot
Blast Coal Heater. Beautiful iu design
and the greatest fuel and labor savers.
TO OUR full line of Joseph Rogers  Carving Sets and
Table Cutlery.   Special  Baroaihb  in  Roasting   Pans,  Cereal
Cookers, Storey Cake Pans.
You can save Money and Car-fare, and 25% ou your investments
by going
STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Leave  us your order now and we will select  you a
good bird.    Price and quality guaranteed.
Xmas Fruits
We have the best quality of Raisius on  the market.
Currants,   Peels,    Shelled   Walnuts and   Almonds.
Jap Oranges 50c per box.
H. O. Lee,
2425 Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
k. %<%'%/%'%*. -%-v%^%%-%^^%-w% -*-**%-vvv%-v%^%-%''v-»
•-■'OATS Clearing Regardless of Oost: ■*_..50 for $3.00; $8.50 for *5.00;   *
i,*9.50 for 15.60; $14.00 for $8 00; $15.00 for $8.50; $16.50 for $9.50;
^"$17.50 for $13.50; $32.60 for $13.50; $27.50 for $16.50; $30.00 for $17.50.
COSTUriES at Sacrifice Prices.—Ladies' Tailored Costumes iu a
variety of styles and colors; wurtb up to $35, your choice for $10 each.
We have have just put iuto stock a very handsome lot of Ladies'
Dress Skirts, consisting of all the latest sty.eB.aiid colors.
LOUSES.—Lustre Blouses iu cream, made with wide box pleat down
front and back, pin tucked ami trimmed with silk gimp; specinl $1.75.
Lustre Blouses iu cream, piu tucked back and front and buttoned,
trimmed; special for $2 00 each.
ADACC fr C.C\     30,32 and 34 Cordova St.
.   t\\ltJA3 *X VU., Telephone 574. A
SantCentral fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh aud Salt Meats.   Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Monut Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. S$££3S
The funeral of Mrs. Carolina Johnson
occurred on Wednesday Nov. 30th, from
the residence of her son-in-law Mr.
Richard H. Prescott. Mi's. Johnson
was aged 83 yews, mid was a native of
St. Mary's, Norfolk, England, and had
resided in Vancouver 11 years. Sho
leaves a son and daughter to mourn hor
loss, Mr. W. Johnson and Mrs. R. H
Prescott of 466 Eighth avenne. Syni
puthizing friends seut uinuy beautiful
floral offerings. The pall bearers were
Messrs. Geo. Clark, Thos. Sykes, Thos.
Morrow, Frank Purr, Thos. Pearson
and Frank Mole; the Rev. A. E.
Hetheriugton officiated. Tho funeral
arrangements were iu tbe hands of
Messrs. Armstrong & Edwurds.
The Philharmonic Ladies' Quartette,
who are booked for a performance iu
Kuox Congregational Church on Tuesday, December 6th, nro spoken of very
highly by the newspapers iu the Stnto
of Washington, where tbey aro at present eogaged. Tho quartette is composed
of the Misses Fanny and Elizabeth
Ferguson, Miss Harriet Jean Eddy and
Miss Adele Davics, uud all are said to be
accomplished artists.
\      2321   Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
_. E. H. Peace,   Proprietor.
- 00 o o 00
I Wholesale    and    Retail
S Dealer    in| Meats    of
AH Kinds. |Tel. A1206
Vegetables  and  Poultry
in season.
t        Prompt
Band of Hope Organized.
A Mt, Pleusaut Baud of Hope has boon
organized under tho auspices of tho
W. CT. U. It starts with n member.
ship of 611, nud will meet every Weduesday afternoon, after school hours iu ihe
Hall corner of Westminster rond and
Ninth nvouuo. All children will bo
welcomed as members or visitors.
Editor "The Advocate":
Tho Electoral Union of Ward V., has
endorsed Alderman Morton, Jas. F.
Ross and A. G. Perry for Aldermen for
the forthcoming civic election As only
two Aldermen can be elected, the question orisos of what uso is tho Union's
endorsement. Iu several wards three
and four—may be more in some wards-
have been endorsed by the Union. Why
not endorse all the candidates, and 1 lieu
the Electoral Union could sny "all our
candidates wero elected."
One. thing thut should not bu allowed
is tho meetings of the Union
beiug announced at church services. A
largo number of people go to church to
worship aud not to hear 11 political
organization boomed.
Dec. 1st, 1004.
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices tn compare with any.
Cor. Westminster ave, a Dufferin St.
Tho Firearms By-law is now iu force,
which enacts Ihut.
"No porsim under the age of IK years
shnll fire off any gun, fowling pi-t:u,
rill.), pistol or Ure-nrin within I lie limits
of the District of South Vancouver."
Tho penalty for infraction of above is
a due nut excelling liny dollars or ono
limn 1 li imprisonment.
William U. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vnncouver, Oct. IS, IIH14.
$10 Reward.
Tlie Council ofl South Vancouver
hereby offer a Reward of Ten Dollars,
to bo paid upon the conviction of any
person or persons who being under
eighteen years of nge, discharges any
fb'o-aruis within the limits of the
By order.
W. G. WALKER, O. M. 0
Nov. Ill, 1004.
Any one having friends or knowing
of strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasant
will confer 11 great, favor by Informing
'The Advocate."    Telephone B14O0.
If you know of any locul news Hem of
iutcrest such as purlies, dances, socials,
arrival cud departure of visitors, society
meetings, ate, send it In to Tin*,
Advoc An: or by telephone B1405.
Take an :
See what you need—or what you'd like to
wear during December, and later ou. We
are not altogether selfish—let the other
fellow sell you Shoes, Hats aud Shirts—we'll
finish dressing; aud do it well. Overcoats—
ready for you $10.00 to $30.00. Special display this week in Men's Stylish Suits at
$15.00. These Suits have a style and
character to them that discounts the most
painstaking   and   exclusive    tailor's    work.
333 Hastings St.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.
SampleB sent ou application.
Vancouver, B   C.
Sidf-measurement Blanks and
A Full Measure
 is what   wo all   waut.
Wheu you'ro trading whero you're suro
of full weights, full mousuro, aud right
prices it's pretty certain you wont go
elsowhere. That's why our trade stays
by us. They get full woight, full
measure, AND THE BEST OF
EVERYTHING iu tho grocery liue
Our butter aud flour is A-l, canned good6
fresh, and chees. enn't be beat. Ther'B
no sugar sweeter than ours iu the land.
The Citv
Grocery Co.
Toi. 200.
The Wonderful CheapGrocers
Westminster Ave. & Princess Street.
a m m m m w m W nr w m m iff w m n? 11? ie
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men ^
of years aud years aud years experience,"^
and a brewery whose plant is the most _--
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is ^
fc it any wonder that  it  has  taken a place E.J
■"' in  the hearts  of   the  people  which   no other beer
£i can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.   Doz., pints $|,     3
£ Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. -■■*
t Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 3
fc For Sale at all lirst-eluss Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels   ^
m~ or delivered lo your bouse. *"*
71 Hi Hi Hi.HHi Hi.HUM Hi Hi ifl Hi_iH ,HHi,HK
The   Great
of DRY GOODS at Kennedy's
Old Stand will keep right up until
Now Year's Day. There is an
immense amount of np-to-dntc Dry
Goods still here. This sulo is
geuuino. It- certainly is uo hnni
bug. Right here you can buy very
many lines of bright, new, fashion-
nble, goods for less than half their
Black  Silk Duess Skirts.
Now, well iiisde, well finished, in
the proper stylo. Complete, worth
fc'.U, you can buy for $•!; worth
|S0, you can buy for "fit.
Black Voii.k. Diif..* Skirts
Mude  in   tho   must    up to-date
fashion, nicely trimmed.    Wortli
(c.'o, you can buy for $10.
DltKSS   TltlMMINiS.
lu jets aud gimps. Worih nil the
way from 2ilc to "jl per yard. You
can buy for 150.
Colored Silk Velvets,
Tamollne Bilki,
Dress GoiKlf,
Homespun, Hosiery,  T'owt lings.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
mul we will send freo yonr choico of 80
pictures. Or for 85 wrappers choice of
I.'jO bookN. Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
303 Hastings street.
McTaggort & Moscrop
Dealkiis IN
3<4 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Ti'inpli'ton Block.
Lawn Grass Seeds
(Hover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry ond Animul Foods,
lYatt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,   Beefw-nips, Etc.
I'l'ilJH  and FEED.
A    KEITH  Corner   NINTH -V«ai»   *
*-'•   ^V,-', ' M   WESTMINSTER ROAD.
Tel-pbene in.7.
" ■—''■"■" -         -  ,-__, -i
11 T-lliMIIIIIMI__il|_i— ——_■
Trorey's f:,
Christmas Talks
II will not be long beforo Christinas will actually bo here.
And   it   is    higli   time   for  a
thought of what ono is going to do
lilinii!  it.
The  nearer   tho   approach   to
Christmas th.i busier everybody gets
Now is n good timo to start.
Come in and permit ns and onr
workpeople to give your needs that
curliest Attention thnt ia nnt possible when the full whirl of Christ
mas shopping has approached its
zenith ii lew weeks hence.
Corner Hustings and lirnuvi.lc Sis.
I illlcial Wntrli Inspector C. P. R.
lf you miss Tup. Ahvocath you miss:
he local news.
Advertize in the "Advocate.! MOI.'N'T fit._dA.UNT Am'OCAT'.',
The Crime of Hallow-E'en:
Author of "'A Broken Betrothal,"  "The Heiress of
Cameron Hall," "Parted at the Altar," Etc.
And onco again, as thoy guzea in
terror too great for words, that piteous cry runs out upon the night uir,
mingled with n thrilling appeal for
There was no timo to dellbcrnte
now on what course to pursue. In a
Hush, throe strong shoulders wore
put against the door; there was a
fierce straining ol herculean muscles,
and the door loll in wilh a crush.
Ill a flash tho three dark forms
sprang ovor It and hud mounted the
stairway three steps at. a time and
reached tho door from whence the
sounds proceeded.   «.
This was locked; nnd again tho
door yielded to their powerful
strength, and in another instant Ihey
hud ieaped over the threshold and
into the room, and there the most
horrible sight met their guze thut
pen over pictured.
For nn instant the detective^, used
ns they wero to thrilling scenes of
horror, stood fairly spell-bound by
tho sight thnt presented itself to
thoir view.
In the middle of the lloor stood a
beautiful girl, her fair white arms
cruelly bound together with steel
bands, and tho blood trickling from
a wound on her forehead.
Tho man who stood beside the girl
wheeled about with an exclamation
of intense amazement ns the door
wns suddenly hurst in nnd the detectives, followed by their companion, sprung into the room.
In an instant iho eyes of tho lias-
tor of Oraystono iTouse fell upon Ernest Lansing, their leader, end be
turned pale to the lips under his
heavy black moustache
"Curso him, it is hei" ho muttered
under' his breath. "I thought 1 f.n-
ishccl him when I dealt him that
blow and     left, him for riond      that
night in the street."
But aloud ho said, in apparent
"May I ask what this intrusion
moans, gciiilemcn?"
"It means that wc are here to res-
ctio the young girl standing by your
side, and to demand why you have
manacled her wrists; to take you
into custody, in fact, sir. and have
an understanding as to tho meaning
of this extraordinary scene."
At tho first glance into the beautiful faco turned toward them, both of
tho detectives hud been grievously
disappointed; the lovely, dark-eyed
creaturo was certainly not the girl of
whom they hatl come In quest.
No, this was not Lc Roy Pierpont's
bride—fair,  golden-haired  Bonnylin.
Basil Sovcrnn, tho dark, handsome
mnn who had been standing over
tho girl, bowed haughtily.
"A very natural curiosity, I should
say," ho returned, with slow gravity. "A cry from a woman's lips
always attracts attention, bnd whin
It is heard by brave men they naturally respond.
"Now, In tbo fust place. I beg
you will look closely at this poor
creature, and you will see why these
•white arms must bo shacklod; and
even though a strict surveillance is
kopt upon her, wc cannot restrain
her from attempting whut you have
just discovered mo tn the act of preventing her from accomplishing—inflicting fatal wounds upon herself."
One gazo Into 1 lie dull, glazing
eyes, and their perception told them
all too plainly the beautiful creaturo was u raving maniac.
"You seo her condition; it is unnecessary for me to repeat she is hopelessly insane. She is my hapless sis-
tor,   gentlemen."
Ho uttered tho He iinhlii.hingly,
nnd his words nnd ton.' carped positive conviction with them.
He did not tell them th.it. the (its
of Insanity whhh darkened this poor
creature's lifo attacked her only in
spells, and those were few aiid far
apart—always brought on by some
inlenso excitement.
"A few words will explain how wo
happened to bo here," Basil Severno
went on courteously.
"To begin wilh, my homo is in a
far-off, isolated village in Western
Virginia, and there, too, is tho homo
of this poor unfortunate, though but
few people there know of h ir existence, fho has always been so closely
confined. A month since she broke
away from her faithful nurse, the woman you see yonder, an I liuidc her
way to Boston. I followed, and wa.
fortunato enough lo run ncross lur
wandering nbout tho streets.
"I boarded tho midnight trnin
with her, and at this station she be-
Canio so unmanageable, to save my
self from everlasting disgrace I look
her from tho train and camo here,
which  wns luckily near Only   Ills
wcslern wing of .lie house-- these
few rooms—nro furnished, for iho
simple roaaon that wo do not live
here. I como here In the Bhootln.
FeuBOn, and only stop here a week
or so then."
Basil .Severne invited the strangers
to look more closely at his sislor—
also to examino the certlflcgtc, which
he handed them from his breast
pocket and which wns slj-'iod by a
well known lending cxpi,. in such
cases—if thoy doubted tho truth of
his assei tlon.
There was no need to look into
that lace and harbor the shadow of
a doubt; the lovely young creature,
they could seo, was indeed a maniac,
and they believed now tho shadows
they had witnessed on the window-
Shade wero simply caused us ho had
stated—b.v his attempt lo frustrate
her mad endeavor to injure herself.
The detectives had certainly come
upon a wild-goose chase, they told
themselves sheepishly, and they explained tho wholo afTalr to tho gentleman of the stono house, while
Ernest Lansing stood by not a little
"You will not Wonder that wo believed wo had uncni thul a grea't
sensational mystery," argued tlio detective, humbly.
"It certainly looked liko It," admitted Mr. Severno; "1 should probably have thought and acted quite
tho samo under similar circumstances."
"Thero is but one thing I cannot
understand, sir, and that is, the coffin I saw you tako out ut midnight—
would you kindly explain that?"
usked Ernest Lansing.
air. caiycrnu raisc-a ms auri_ eyebrows in haughty surprise.
"1 believe, my friend, that you tiro
the subject if an hallucination upon
th it point; I know noth ng of any
coffin, therefore have nothin; to explain concerning one. 1 tun i niious
to know how yui could possibly con-
next this affair with the—the 1 icr-
pont ense," ho said, a trifle unsteadily, us ha turned towaid tho
detectives, and for tbe lirst time
since their interview his burning,
black, glittering eyes, shifted uneasily, i ml his luinilsoiro, singularly
fascinating face grew a shade paler.
It was Ernest Lansing v.h) answered.
"I board th" name tionnylin spoil-
on," I.e said, ".t is tb' mini.- of tha
fugill.. I riie, you know. 11 is a
linii.o | o.' linrly uncommon; 1 f t. 1-
etl, BCiiioiioti', that millllcd (l__uro you
hurried so mystctfioi-sly cut of tiie
city, iras one and tiie same llonnylin."
At ihe mention of the name Bonnylin. the poor girl who had been
crouching back in a great armchair,
gazing with wonder and dismay at
the strangers, now sprang forward
with a wild cry on her lips.
"I'or the love of Heaven let me
pass!" sho cried wildly. "I must seo
Miss Bonnylin, if but. for a singlo
moment. Hofuso me, and she will
h.ivc cause to rue it all her life."
"Janet!" called out Basil Severne,
sharply, to an old woman who appeared from an inner apartment, "remove your charge tit once; tako her
away to her room. Clently. Janet}
very gently, and soothe her to sleep
if you can: and when she hns become
quieted sufficiently, that, no fear need
be apprehended, you can remove
Ihosn fetters from her poor littlo
wrists," he sighed artfully,
"I will see Miss Bonnylin," cried
tho girl, struggling violently. "She
must leave tho Hallow-o'm pnrty for
a single moment to see me. Oh, Colli
for just a little minute. I will tell
her all, und warn her nnd save her
from the fiend in human r-hape who
has marked her for his prey. Oh, I
must tell her though he murder me
for it! He bus tried often inm_.h
already, but I seem to have a dozen
lives. Iliad, am I? Ah, 1 am mad
ami cunniug enough to outwit him.
Miss Bonnylin, you are "
"Janet, will you take her from the
room?" cried Basil Severne, turninr
fairly livid with rage, the veins lu
his forehead standing out liko whip-
Cort . and'groat purple spots gleaming on  his cheeks.
"I beg ynu, for the sweol mercy of
Heaven, do not send mc away from
tlio Hallow-c'cn party until I have
seen Miss Bonnylin. There Is a
dark, mysterious secret 1 must tell
her. Yes, and there is still a darker
and more horrible one I know about,
thnt  shadows "
The sentence never was finished.
Basil's hand came down over tho
beautiful, piteous, quivering red
mouth like a grip of steel.
If there had been no witnesses present, he would havo strangled her.
As it was, ho controlled himself by
n, mighty, superhuman clTort.
Picking up the slender, girlish form
the woman Janet seemed incapable of
handling, he bore her bodily from the
room, nnd thrust her into another
"Sho was once permitted to read
a book in which the name of tho
heroine was Bonnylin," ho explained
on his return. "She repeats with a
feeling of intensify und pathos that
would bring tears to the eyes of
strangers who were not used to It,
different portion-) of it, such as you
haVC just heard. I beg, gentlemen,
you will not think of it.
"Will you join mo in a glass of
wine and a slight repast?" he added,
anxious to turn the subject, and divert their thoughts. "You havo come
so far on a fruitless errand, I cannot consent to have you leave without breaking bread with mo."
Nothing loath, Mr. Lansing and the
detective consented', following tho
Master of Oraystono Hall from tho
. An hour later they took their departure, leaving tho dark and terrible myslery behind them.
Ah! shrewd detectives, so cleverly
outwitted, Why did not some suli-
tlo instinct warn them to search tho
mysterious house?
Wn must now return to Bonnylin,
and follow her through the thrilling
Scenes that have taken place from
Ihe memorable night she returned to
consciousness to find herself in tho
marble vault.
As her hand encountered Ih.
smooth, narrow surface, which sho
instantly recognized ns :i colllll, a
cry of mortal torror broke from her
lips, ami wiih that shriek; that
echoed weirdly tUrough Ihe rhiunel-
hoiiKe, she flid through the narrow
Iron iloor of the vault, out Into   tho
m   -'lit nigh I.
i,,ice glance at lur surroundings,
nml  n   wild,  paflting  fear seized her.
"A graveyard!'' she gasped, gazing nrotind her iu torror nlmost too
great for Words; "how came 1 here,
I wonder?"
Like n storm-driven swallow sho
Hurried down the first path that presented itself to view, her dainty little kld-slippercd feet sinking deep
into the snow drifts nt every step.
Down the path sho fled, each moment her senses becoming more and
more confused.
line of her whito gloves fell to tho
ground ns she sped alt-tig, but sho
never heeded Ihe loss of It—sho was
too dazed and bewildered to know
whither she was going.
At Inst, Utterly overcome, poor
Bonnylin sunk helplessly down
amidst the snowdrifts, too weak to
take another step forward.
Her head and henrt seemed burning
and her feet and hands frcozfnr.
"Lo Iloy," she niunniircd faintly,
"I am dying, dear; save mc—oh, savo
me, love; 1 am so young to die; I
Could not leave you, my sjilrit woulel
cling to you in life and In death, I
love you so."
The piteous cries died awny in a
low monn nnd Bonnylin Bnnk back
in the frozen drifts in a deep, lethargic swoon.
Wo should havo hud to record the
(inning out of lhat lair yocnr me
lf a s;run__o and lin.e'y occurrence,
directed by tho hand of Fate, hud
nol. Interfered.
It was midnight, that weird anil
mystic hour In which the iso'atod
graveyard was apt to bo visited by
ghouls and grave robbers, that tho
old sexton—who hatl acted in tho
dual rjle of grave digger end sexton
for forty years or more—took his
usual round of the cemetery to see
that all  was ns it should 1 e.
H» had traversed half the lonely
path, in the most isolated portion,
when, turning suddenly around an
abrupt curve, he stumbled upon th_
prostruto body of a yoi ng girl lying
prone upon her face in the path, half
btiri-.'l under the drifting mow.
I "The stints preserve us!" exclaimed the old man, In sudden fright.
He quite Loiiov.d the tliimmering,
whito satin robo, that draped the
slender body, ivas tli. habiliments of
t! o grave.
His first thought an he stooped
down was that ho must have surprised a grave robber in his dastardly work, and that tin villain hid
dropped his intended victim and fio.l.
To his inlenso nmazement, he found
that, tho body which his hands touched was warm with thu broath of life.
lt was but, the work of un instant
lo raise :h: Blinder figure In his
arms, ui.d with hlirrird steps ho bore
her quickly to the coinfortablo little
cottarto that nestled at tha foot ol
the hill wliich he called home.
A loud, thut.der'n c knock brought
his old wife, in grny flannel gown
and slippers, fhulfllllg to the do r.
"A pretty time o' night to get
people out o' thoir warm bed to enter to your nonsensical notion o'
prowling round tho cemetery in tho
("cad o' tho night," she grumbled
lustily, ns sho fumbled at tho lock of
the door.
•"Twould servo you right lf you
werft to tako yer death o' cold, John
Anderson, for your foo'hatd'n'SS,"
she acdod. "No one Ih'nk's o' pnyjn'
ynu a cent for yeur watchfulness; you
might bo bettor Lc wh.ro you ought
to be—asleep in your bod. Let grave
robbers come if they want to; I'd
like to know what that is to you; no
ono thanks you for "
"Will you cease grumbling, Jenny,
nnd open the door?" cried John Anderson, all in a flutter; and his wife
knew by tho tone of his voice that
some extraordinary occurrence had
An instant later the door was
opened, and John Andersen,
tho old sexton, stepped hurriedly across the threehold, bearing
ihe stark, rigid boely draped in white
ill his arms.
There was a terrified shriek from
bis wife.
"Tno saints preserve us!" she cried,
her teeth chattering nnd her eyes
nearly starting from their sockets.
"What have you brought that body
hero for? Oh, take it away! take lt
In a few brief words the old sexton explained the situation of affairs—that it was not a corpse, but
living, breathing huninn being he
had found under the snowdrifts
and brought home.
"Come uuick and attend to her,
Jenny," he said, depositing her on
the chlntz-covercd rettce before the
blazing logs in the old-fashioned
fireplace. "Oct some hot water
and mustard and flannel blankets
ready; she's o'ciiamost frozen
-recovering from hor fright, Jenny
came    hurriedly    up to the couch.
"Oh, John!" she exclaimed, peering breathlessly over his shoulder
at the beautiful, marblc-whito face
framed in its sheen of golden hair,
upon which tho ruddy glow of
the firelight fell, "she's dressed liko
a bride, or like fine ladies dress
when    they go to a ball."
"Never mini how she's dressed;
got tho flimmrrics off her as.
quick as you can, and get one of
your  own     flannel gowns on hor."
"What beautiful white kid sliprors,
and ull embroidered in seed penris!"
cried Jennie, drawing them off.
"And her stockings are pure silk!"
she added, with all a woman's keen
appreciation of fine things, even in
that critical    moment.
"Doi.'t slop to look at them now,"
sofd John,  sharply.
"Well, get out of the room then!"
exclaimed his wife, equally as
sharp. "I can't take ofif tho 'fllm-
nieries,' as you call 'cm, until you're
out of tho way; what nro you
standing here staring at her for?"
At this rebuke from his better half,
John meekly quitted the room,
and in a very short space ol time,
tho bustling littlo woman had
divested Donnylin of her beautiful
satin bnll.Jrcss, and wrapped hor
in a gray flannel drensfng-gown
and woollen blankets, applying restoratives which sho forced between the whito lips, vigorously
rubbing tho little cold hands and
rigid limbs. Meanwhile admiring
the wondrous beauty of the lovely,
golden-haired, littlo creature, and
wondering with all the curiosity of
a woman, what she could have been
doing in the graveyard at mid-
ght, nnd In the bitter cold, dressed like that, too.
All the rubbing nnd heating   seemed of  littlo avail—no    warmth stolo
nto tho mnrblo   cheeks—no color to
the childish   lips or broad brow.
'Shall we sell- for a doctor, Jenny?" said John, who hnd returned
at length to the room.
"A "doctoi—no!" declared his
wife contemptuously. "Whut good
are doctors, I should like to know?
Don't their patients always fetch
up under your BPada? II my herbs
don't bring her to, nothing can.
Bless me, John you'd have been a
dead mnn a dozen times if you had
depended on tho doctors instead o'
my herb-tea.
"Therol" sho cried triumphantly,
"don't you tee sho's routing to at
last?" and as she spoke the beautiful bluo-bcll eyes flutteicd widu
open, gazing up fn wonder and
childish dismny into tho kindly
faco; but in those solt, velvety
orbs there wns no gleam of reason.
Tho color camo back In a crim-
srn flood to the bcautllul lips as
they opened; but no intelligible
sound enme from Ihotn.
Thoy babbled empty nothings.
"It's many a day before she will
be able to leave her bed," said
the little woman, pityingly. "Shi's
down with the (ever, John. It's
tliii worst kind of brain-fever — I
know the symptoms well."
"For Heaven's sake, then, lrt us
have her taken to the hospital,"
Cried    the sexton, ne.hnst,
"We shall i.'o nothing of the kind,"
retorted his wife. "It would be
the denth of her. Have you for-
gotlen, John, that our own Poor
child was taken ill among strangers
and for want of a mother's rure, was
taken to the hosjiitnl nnd diet)
thero? No—no, this r*oor, young
creature   shan't    go to the hospital,
.iii-u. Ml'.' rlr.-.n slay ri. nt ncre,
aid I will nurse her myself — it's
my  duly."
No persuasion was of any weight.
When John's wife made up her mind
he wns always obligid to abide bv
And while the horrible search went
on. for the fugitive hrl'Je, and the
startling story of th. terrible murder at the ball was in every paper
and on every lip; whin the city ard
country wero flooded with placards
offering largo rewards for the apprehension of the runaway, the
poor, hapless, golden-haired brfde
lay moaning in the ravaros of
brain-fever in their very midst, all
unconscious of her pitiful peril.
Perhnjis Heaven had mercifully ordained that the good old sexton and
his wife could neither road nor
The sexton wns getting too o'd to
care mueh about going Into the
city. He preferred his own (lio-
-idc, and the company of his clay
pipe to lhr»t of his neighbors in
that    stormy weaihor.
Yes, Heaven so willed it. that ho
never heard of the stnrlling tragedy that had shocked the whole
country, and ha never dreamed who
ihe beautiful, hapless young girll
was whom fate had directed to ills
humble abode to lind shelter in that
thrilling timo of  need.
For days beaut if,il Bonnylin hovered    between life i.i.d death.
The delirious ravings liuit fell
from tho white lips wero startlingly
strange, and pitiful to hear; but
then, sick people have odd hallucinations, Mrs. Anderson well knew.
It was a strange fancy which had
taken possession ol Bonnylin's mind.
She imagined there were stool
bnnds about her white arms—band.,
bin 'ing them so ti'ghtly, so cruelly,
th.,. ihey cut into her tender flesh.
"No one will file them offl" sho
moaned; "no one will lift a band
to savo me! 1 shall never more be
freo from them! Thoy are dragging
me down to my doom! Ohl will
no one help ir,o? I never did such
a horrible, such a cruel deed! The
white angels who saw all, know—
yes, they know! So you must file
tho steel bands off!" sho sobbed,
plteously—so piteously that It would
have drawn tears from any one's
eyes    to have heard her.
"A strange fancy," thought. tho
old sexton's wife, holding tho dainty
littlo trembling hands, so Use velvety roso leaves in hers. " Tho
Lord bless the pretty child! These
beautiful nrms wore made for costly jeweled bracelets; bow absurd to
fancy heavy Ircn bands cutting
into  their     smooth  whiteness."
At tho end of the fourth week
Bonnylin was able to sit up, and-
for the first time since she had
been brought to that lowly homo,
a gleam of consciousness shone in
the blue eyes that gazed up in ns-
tonishment and dismay into the
motherly face binding over her.
Mrs. Anderson hud robed her ln
one of her own blue serge dress-*
es, and although the garment was
twice too largo for that slender, girlish, trim figure, still Bonnylin looked wonderfully _ fair In
lt,    ns sho   did in everything.
"Where am I? nnd who are you?"
she cried, struggling up to a sitting posture, and pushing the long
masses of curling golden hnlr back
from    her lovely face.
"You shall know all about that
presently," said tho sexton's Wife,
forcing a composing draught between her lips. "You must sloop
a little, dearie, aid when you wake
up you shall tell mo who you are,
and where your homo and friends
Before the sentence was finished fho
long, curling lashes drooped heavily, nnd lay against tho rounded
checks; a long breath trailed heavily over the quivering mouth; the
strong potion had taken effect, Bonnylin slept.
All day long, and all tho n'ght
before, a fierce snowstorm had been
Tho hills and vales, as far as the
eye could reach, were-wrapped in a
fleecy "shroud of white, nnd the huge
drifts mndo the roads outside of the
city impassable.
The gray shadow that heralded the approach of night
was fast drawing its mantle over
the short winter afternoon, when
a sleigh, drawn by an iron-gray,
mettlesome horse, dashed swiftly
around the curve (hit led to the
old sexton's humble abode, and a
young man sprung out.
Tying his rosjthjss horse to tho
gate-post and throwing a buffalo-
robe over him, he strode swiftly
up the wooden    walk to tho door.
His imperative knocking soon
brought tho old soxton's wife all in
a    flutter to answer the summons.
"For mercy's sake, John!" she
cried, ditching a glimpse of the
hnndsome, Impatient stranger stand-
fng on the stoop outside—from the
window, "it it isn't young Mr.
Fenton. What eoulel have brought
him here in all this storm, I wonder?"
"Tho best wny to find out is to
open tho door nnd Invito him in,"
retorted her hiisbnnd, dryly. "He's
a right fine young fellow, Is Fenton. He gives mo n bund ome tip
every Rummer for minding the flowers nbout the Fenton vault. Open
tho door for him, Jinny, and bid
him    walk right in."
A moment more nnd Mr. Fenton
Was In tho narrow passage oi t Id >,
and was soon ushered into the cheery
lfttlo sitting-room, where the old
Bcxton sat.
"Oood-aftcrnoon to you, sir," said
John Anderson, placing a chair for
hiB visitor; "it's tcrilble on tho
road such a day as this; why"
this is tho Worst storm I have ever
seen hereabouts, nn' I've lived ln
these parts nigh onto forty years."
Fragile Fenton responded heartily
to the old men's greeting in bl3
own cheery way, but declined the
proffered scat b.v the wood fire.
"Thanks, but I haven't a moment
to stay—my borne is outside," he
said. "I came to say to you that
the key of our vault is in the
lock on the inside of the door; I
visited it a month since, and coming out hurriedly tho door sprung
to after me. It is a spring hck.,
you know, and will therefore re:|iiirc
tho service of a locksmith beforo tbo
vault cnn bo entered again. i.inv
I hope that you will nttci d to the
matter at your convenience? Tho
bill mny    be sent to ine."
"Certainly, sir." returned tho old
sexton. "I will see that il is attended    to     nt once.      If the snow
wasn't, so  deep to-day, 1'tl "
"Oh, never mind about today,"
interrupted Fenton, good-humorcvll.y;
"a week nr so hence will do,
there's no hurry. 1 was passing,
and thought    of    it,  antl culled   in
i .'0 see you two 't it,  unit s n'l."
A little    conversation fur-Hug, and
| he bowed himself out.
'.'Doric,   already,   by   Jove!"       he
j muttered,  ns he stood  on  Ihe littlo
| wooden porth     arranging   his    muf-
I flea', "and as dark ns hades at
tbat. I cnn scarroly find the gato
where my horse is hitched, or tho
path that leads to the gate. By
tbo eternal, I think 1 shall have to
gt   baffle for a lantern."
He floundered about in the snow
In the Intense darkness and fierce
snowstorm for ten minutes or more,
hallooing to his horse, hut no answering neigli greeted his ears to
g ido him to the spot where tho
animal was hit hod; i nd Ihc wind
was fowling wiih mad fury among
the trees.
."Prince <T,a''lie.   old  fct'ow,   where
are you?" he erhel.
But the animal ei lur <o'i!d not
or would not hi al Ilia master's
In great disgust, 11 on h he could
not. help smiling wi'ih n .aid aintiso-
men-t at this lii'iiro s plight, he
tumid hack town d the | earon-light
that .-.halt'from the io lino window.
M'ukin; straight town d It through
the dins, lie found hiiiuof on tho
north side of fho cottage instead of
the fiont door.
As he came abreast of the window
be looked ih'ough il—ioo'.ed, stared,
end guspid—standing spell-bound,
rooted to the Spot.
"My Ood! nm I mnd. or do I
dream?" lie crli d hoarsely, when at
length   he I'ori'il  his video.
With a bin n i b ■ il and the space
lhat scpnr:i:cl 1 bn fio.u the window, r,n,l pressed h.s face close to
ihc frosty patie.
This wns tiie sight that mot his
startled ga.'e. A huge, old-fashioned wooden rocker was drawn up
before nn orcn fireplace in what appeared to bo a row bedroom.
In the big rocker, with her faco
turned toward bim in the rod glow
of the firelight, sat a young girl.
Cno startled glance into Ihxt lovely
luce; crowned in ils wealth of curling
golden hair, nn 1 into those velvety
blue-hell eyes—like no other eyes —
and Frank Pent on, trembling with
suppressed excitement, cried out
j     "Heavens! I cannot bo mistaken. I
havo found Fb rp< nt's lost    brldo!—
beautiful,  hapless  little Bonnylin."
How should  he make known      his
| presence  there?    II  she should       by
j chance look up and sen a man's faco
peering in at her, she might   shriek
aloud and swoon.
With determined hards ho     raised
, the window-sash over fo slightly, nnd
: called soft'y nnel eagerly
"Hush! Do not speak or scream
out; como to tho win low and seo mo
a moment. I mn your friend, and Lo
Hoy's friend. 1 am Frank Fenton!"
The slim, girlish figure in tho big
rocker before the lire did not stir.
"Donnylin—Mrs. Pierpintl" he cancel hurriedly and a little louder.
Bonnylin had b.v chance opened her
eyes an instant, but succumbed immediately to drowsy sleep 'again.
Fmton fit n r up tho sash and
sprung into the room, hurriedly approaching her, culling out. to h_r
not to give way to fright, for ho was
not a robber or midnight intruder,
but her friend.
Ho had barely reached her sido
when his quick car detected approaching footsteps in tlie passageway without. They were coming toward the door; a moment more and
Iho door would be Hung upon.
In a flash Frank Fenton reflected
that ho must not he found there,
for more reasons thnn one; ancl It
flushed across his mind, too, .that ho
must make his escape instantly
through the window again, and the
daring thought occurred to him to
tako Bonnylin with him, and he
acted on the thought without an instant's delay.
Teurin.j off his heavy overcoat, ho
threw it over the girl's head lo prevent the slightest outcry, and at tho
same time to protect her from tho
bitter storm, raised her quickly in
his arms as though sho had been an
infant, and in a trice had cleared the
room nnd leaped through the window
out inlo the darkness and storm of
the night.
Fonton had not made his dailng es-
enpe with Bonnylin in his nrms an
instant too soon, for the door was
hurriedly opened, and Mrs. Anderson, followed by her husband bearing the supper tray in his hind;,
came into the room.
"Here's your slipper, denrio!" sho
exclaimed briskly. "Come, child,
bill to.   I "
The sentence died awny in a gasp—
tho chair before the firo was empty,
so was tho little white bed.
Where was the lovely young stranger?
"Sho's gone, John!" she cried o"t
sharply, her eyes roving around tho
little room in the greatest dismay.
'Iben she noticed thut there wus a
cold draught blowing into the room,
nnd with a shrill cry she pointed to
the open window—it stood wide open,
"Sho must have gone that way!"
she exclaimed. '.'Get tho lntilorn,
quick! and come and look for hor.
Sho must have been soized with ono
of those dclirkius Ills again, and
wandered out into tho snow."
With alacrity the old sexton hurried to obey her commands, und for
an hour or more thoy pushed thoir
Hciirch vigorously, but they found no
trace of her; the foot-prints wero entirely obliterated hy the blinding
in.iw that wns falling and drifting
furiously about in the fierce, blustering gab;.
"I'll go to tho nearest polico station, nnd I don't doubt, but they will
send ou.', a squad of searchers," said
the old man hopefully. "So dry your
eyes, Jenny. The poor, little young
creature sha'n't perish in the snow.
We'll soon find her, never fear."
In a short space of time ho hud
saddled Black Topsy, and was galloping awuy over the snow-blockaded road, all unconsciously upon an
errand more fiitefully cruel than
'Iho timo came when tho old
fell upon his face, crying out
bitter pain:
"Oh. Heaven! why didst th»u make
mo thy instrument in hunting that
poor, hapless girl down to her doom?
Oh, Ood! oh, Ood! 1 almost wish
death had come to mo ere I spoke
those fatal words."
[to he continued.] )    |
A Series of Articles Describing  %
their Lives, their Alms and      T
Their Iniluencc. ♦
♦    WALTER SCOTT.     |
♦♦♦ »«-»'3>o<»o->«.$<s><-«'*;'-> >«*♦'•>«*
WA1.TER SCOTT, M.   P.   P.
President of tho Leuder-Tinii'S   Pub-
lishing Company.
Feathers on a Hen.
A New York concern bad a unique
guessing contest in which the contestants were required to estimate the
number of feathers on a hen. Many
estimates In the hundreds of thousands
were received, several In the millions,
the highest estimate being 000,000,017.
The correct answer was found to be
Of all the newspaper men of tho
Canadian West, perhaps nono is personally moro popular, or has proved
professionally more successful thun
Walter Scott, M. P. for West Asslni-
bola, and president of the company
owning tho llcgina Lender and the
Moosejaw Times. This is in no sense
remarkabfi when tfcj characteristics
of tho mam arc known, for they arc
characteristics that necessarily compel success and inevitably attract
friends. Quiet efficiency, disciplined
enthusiasm, tireless industry, culm
judgment, broad outlook, abounding
charity—theso are the outstanding
qualities impressing, every one who
meets Mr. Scott, lie has firm opinions, opinions -reached after mature
thought, anil which Iffi advocate* und
defends reasonably und seasonably.
But among those holding contrary
views he has hosts of friends, and
none ever henrd him attack any
man on porsonal grounds. It Is
doubtful if any ono hns ever heard
Mr. Scott at any time suy a word in
dispraise or depreciation of. any man
whatsoovor. Envy, luttrod, calumny,
malice, uncharltubleness—these aro
sll utterly foreign to his nature and
disposition. If ho cannot praise, ho
never blames. Whilo Mr. Scott fearlessly criticizes what he considers
wrong policies or courses of conduct,
and ln no sense can be considered a
n:«re acquiescer, he appears to have
the unusual faculty of looking at
things from a detached, Impersonal
point of view, and of not including
the person holding views from which
lie differs    in    tho   condemnation   ho
givco      to    tho    opinion-,     tUuy     hold
lioth in his journalistic and political
debates, he attacks and defends
principles, rather than men. His
method of publi. conviction is based
on no appeal to any consideration of
either person or sentiment but rests
his case wholly on grounds of logic
and reason. He compiles, arranges,
relates, and presents facts and evidence impossible to dispute, points
to the conclusions these facts have
compelled ho himself to reach, and
leads his readers or his auditors, by
the same process of reasoning, to arrive at similar conclusions. But as a
writer and as a speaker, Mr. Scott
indulges in no "frills." Elegance of
expression is in every case subordinated to a businesslike presentation
of facts or issues. After he 'is
through the dullest render or hearer
understands Mr. Scott's position,
knows how he has reached it, and in
all probability is disposed to agree
With him therein.
ilr. Scott is another instance cf a
successful professionnl man hniling
Irom tho farm. He was born in
October, 1807, in London township,
Middlesex county, Out., und Until
tho nge of seventeen had little or no
opportunity for education. At thoso
infrequent intervals, when his service, wore not urgently required on
the homestead, he attended the nearby country school, when, no learned
to read nnd write. But nlmost
overy"minute of his early yours ho
did the duty of chore boy or hired
man ut home. He picked the potnto
bug, pullivl ragweed, followed the
harrow and the plow, rode Ihe sulky
rnkc and the reaper, bound sheaves
by hand, learned to swing both tlm
scythe and the cradle, hoed the corn,
pulled turnips, chopped wood, nnd
studied nt close rnnge the disposition of tbo cow, the temper of Iho
horse, and tho life-purpose of llui
pig. From the rpiizzical humor wilh
which Mr. Scolt relates the experiences of those days, his friends infer
thut be loved not the occupation ol
pioneer fanning, but. despite Ibis,
he feels an honest and pnrdonnhlu
plide in the fact thnt whatever nirn-
BUro of success he hns attained hns
been dun. mil lo extraneous' help ol
accidental advantages, but to per.
sonnl clTort in overcoming personal
In March, 188",, a lad of sevenleen,
Mr. Scott ciinio west, lauding at
Portage la Prairie, and starting
work as a driver in the delivery
wagon of a firm of general traders
there. After five months of this, he
joined the stall of the.' Manitoba
Liberal us "devil." In a few months
ho received promotion to "the case,"
and in December, 188(1, accompanied
0. J. Atkinson, the then proprietor
of tho paper, to Kegina, whore the
Journal was founded. For six
yours he was working printer and
writer with Tlio Standard and the
Loader, with a winter's interval at
Winnipeg job offices to gain further
In 18U0 Mr. Scott returned as mechanical foreman to tho Journal,
which the following year was ac-
epiinil by a local company under the
presidency of tho present Judgo
Scott, of Edmonton. Two yenrs later,
in partnership with J, K. Mclnnis,
ho bought tho llcgina Standard,
and, two years later still, disposed
of his interest to Mr. Mclnnis, and
bought the Moosojaw Times. He
conducted tho paper personally for a
year, and In ISflfi purchased the Iie-
pdna Leader from W. F. Dnvln, M.
P., and again returned to tho Territorial Capital. Shortly afterwards
tho Leador-TiTOCS  Company  was  or
ganized, witn thr. acott as president, nnd both papers entered on an
enlarged   sphere   of  usefulness.
The  Loader,    of   which Mr.   Scott,
prior to  the engrossing attention necessitated    by   public   aflairs,     wns
more closely ■ in control,   has an enviable     reputation     among   western
newspapers.     In   tho Territories   its
position   corresponds somewhat  with
that occupied by the Toronto Globoj
In Eastern Canada;   It is able, pro-*
grcssive,  sound and sane.     It   gives^
the news when   it   is   news,  and
mutters    of   Territorial   interest has*!
had   tho  enterprise  to  institute    nndl
conduct personal investigation.     Thoj
campaign of information it bus within recent yenrs carried cm in connection    wilh    railway    blockades,    and'
general    inefficiency   nnd  inadequacy^
of-transportation   Itiylitie_ through-J
out the region in whirr! it elrculntc
Is  one  that has attracted  utentuin '
throughout   the  length  und    breadth ■
of the Dominion, and thut has carnc.
for itself tho enthusiastic support of""j
the farmers whoso grievances   it   0JF-;'
posed.      Its    editorial    opinions    aro |
weighty and  well considered,   alWays ,
regard    public    questions    from    the
Western  point of view, and nro   fre
from    pai'tiBan    rancor   or hystcrin,
while  typographically  Iho  Leader.is
ono of the handsomest papers   in tho J
! West. ^T^_
I    Mr.   Scott's   reputation    bas   bceni
founded  on  his journalistic nnd  pnr-(
Momentary  career,    and   hence  it
not generally  known  that he Is'ono J
of   tho   best, amateur ball players in-
Iho West.   lie. was a playing momborj
jot    Koginu's     first    nine     for    eightf
years,  ancl   chn   play   any position.
For  several   seasons he  wns  pitcher,
and for two was behind tbo but. In ;
3 81)5, the year ot tho Territorial Ex-'
jhibltion,   when   ho   was   living    at1
i Moose Jaw,   ho   played second  baso'
with the   local   nine   tbat won  the]
j championship     of     tho     Territories
against  several  clubs  with   imported!
batteries.   Mr.  Scott has   also   won ■
several   curling  trophies.    He   is  not j
a "jincr," and hns but few nssocla-j
tlons in fraternal societies, but is a J
member  of  Cunip Balmoral,   Sons oh
Scotland.     As might have  been   ex-'
pected  from his Scotch ancestry, hoi
Is o, Presbyterian.
'    Perhaps among tho editors of tho<
West Mr. Scott's chiel title to popularity wns  the highly elllcient   manner In which,  in 1899,  ho acted   ns
president   of    the    Western    CnnadaJ
Press  Association.   During the termj
of his  presidency the first, and perhaps the most enjoyable and succoss-1
ful, of the nin'ritious series of excursions   which   havo    marked   the sue
cessful  enreer   of   the W.  C.  P.  A.
wns Inaugurated.   The editors, withl
"their sisters and thoir cousins   ondl
their aunts," wont through   to    thol
Coast   and    down     to    Washington]
State points,    being   tendered  mans
banquets,   receptions   nnd other cwyi
tertainments    en   routo,    nt nil
Which Mr.  Scott   was   tho   Associq
tion's  protagonist,  he  and  his
hrclla—which   no  ono ever  saw    hiril
without—well    and    worthily     tnainf
tnlning    the   honor   nnd   dignity
I Western Canadian journalism.
i    Four    years   ago   Mr.   Scott   was
! nominated for the Commons in Wesl|
j Assinihoia,    and   after    an   exciting
, election,  defeated his opponent,    the
brilliant   Irishman,   Nicholns   F.   Dn-i
vln, by hundreds of votes.     At   Ot-5
i tnwa Mr. Scott hns made for himself]
: an  cnvinble   record  for   so  young al
i man.      lie has paid great nttentionjr
i to  the  subjects  of  grain   trade    nntn
inspection,  hns resolutely   stood   ion
discontinuance   of    land   grants    tof
railway companies, antl on tho   general questions of railways and transportation    has   displayed   great   ac-J
tlvity.   Among tho many local benei
fits lie hns  succeeded  ln securing foil
his constituency was the Inducing oil
the Dominion {.overnment to deed to
those towns blocks of lots which hndl
been held for years In a Town SiteJ
Pool,  so escaping taxation.
Of nil tho young men in tho Ottnl
wa House, there arc none whoso utJ
ternnces command more respectfifT
attention, both from his lenders nndl
his opponents. As quiet of voice nsj
he is of manner, Mr. Scott depends|
for the effect of what he says rather-
on the mutter thnn the innnner oil
his remarks, but few speeches deliv-J
ered in the Commons nro more per-«
Buaslvo than his closely reasoned,!
fuct-l'iil I addresses. Lust .lunuurjlj
Mr. Scott wan re-nominated by
convention which had delegation-*"-]
from every corner of Uie Constituent]
cy, nnd which offered him Ibe nonii-1
nation on the first bullot with abso- 1
lute unanimity.
Mr. Scott is ono of the West's ris- ,
ing young men, both as a citizen,
a journalist, a politician. His tact,
his courage., his industry murk him
for future honors, und Western newspaper men mny fclicitato themselves
thnt among their nnmber is one
with such promise of a career so distinguished.
A "Valun.ile Seriipltonk.
To devote a scrupbook to one subject
mnkes lt much more Interesting and
valuable, and when you begin lo gutli-
er mnterlnl on any one theme you will
be surprised at the amount which will
como to band. Suppose you want to
know all about some famous person,
either In the public eye nt present or
some one of pnst times. From magazines and other sources can bo collected articles, portraits, perhaps poems
In relation to tbo subject, etc. When
mntter ls clipped, the scrapbook maker
mny copy it neatly with a pen Into a
book. Tho educational value of such
a book Is something worth while, as
well ns the satisfaction of having gathered oneself so much Information on a
single subject.
A Short Xomo.
Among tbe many queer French proper names thnt of D'O Is said tn be derived from the village of O, ill Noruian-
Why Curlylo A'lmtroil I»::',zy. ■'
Carrylo was once offered a baronetcy by Lord Beuconslield. To his
brother he wrote: "The enclosed letter nnd espy of my answer ought tj>
go to you us a family curiosity 'ativ
secret—nobody whatever jet kndws.
of it beyond our two selves, except
Lady Derby, who I believe1 to *be.
the contriver of the whole affair.
You would have been surprised, oil
of you, to have found unexpectedly,
your poor old Brother Tom converted into Sir Tom, Bart., but, nlus,
there wns no danger at any moment
of such n catastrophe. 1 do, how'ov-
cr, truly admire the ningnnnimit'y of
Dizzy in regurd lo me. He is tho only innn I nlmost never spoke of except wilh conlenipt, and if there in
anything of' • scurrility anywhere
chargeable ngninst mo I nm sorry to
own he is the subject of it. And y.'t
see, here ho convs with a (inn of Hot
coals for my guilty head! 1 mn on
the whole gratified a little within my
own clnrk heart at this mark of the
good   Will   of  hicrb  nnnntii "
»,] "i-.-r-.-z    ._w^.,;.....
nml   .-'
—; * >Ji«wn.
***——»**ii^jaii_iwi-ii-iii i »■
«g*W**-%||pw»**i'^^ i wwwriijtawtif
Ciiinhi6rci.il  Traveller Talks
of Doild's Kidney Pills.
! Gives Valuable Advice to Those Who
Use the Itailrnail Train Frequently.
Toronto, ttnt., „...,._. 2(i.—(Special)
— Mr. If. II. Ireland, one of the Oldest and best, known conimercial travellers on the road, has come out
with n statement for the benefit of
his fellow  travellers.
"11, is with pleasure," snys Mr. Ireland, "thnt 1 indorse Doild's Kidney
Pills. Wliilo on a trip through the
"Maritime Provinces Dodd's Kidney
Pills completely cured mo of a severe
pnin 111 my back that bad bothered
me fnr some Cine. The first dose
seemed to go right to the spot and
removed the trouble so effectually
that it hits not und is not likely to
"Dodd's Kidney Pills are Just as
nilvertisi-d," Mr. Ireland concluiles.
"They cure lo stay cured."
Travellers, railroad men and 6th«;'-,
.who ride on *ho railway a good deal
are subject, lo Kidney Troubles. They
will    find    Mr.    Ireland's   stateinent
valuable rending.
My friend lie wns—my friend fron. nil thl
Wilh I'hlliilike  fnliil  he oped  lo  nie  hi.
No  door   was   locked   ou   nllnr,   rit.vo  er
No weakness veiled, concealed no disbolff..
The hope, the sorrow, und the wrong wore
lm re
And ah! the shadow only showed tho fair.
I nave liim lore for I ive, but deep within
1  iiaigiiiili'd eili'li frailty  Into sin.
Rach hilltop feiiile in tbe sunset glowed,
(.tiscurlng   vales   where    river, il    vh tnea
Reproof  became   reproach,    Mil    comtiicm
The rantlO'l. word nt every fault 1 know,
lie smilc-1  upon  the censorship mid  bore
'•Vltb ball-lit love the toilfh tlmt wounded
Until  nt  length,   so   *h: d    my    bllndnea.
lie kuow I Judged blm by his faults alone.
Alone, of nil men, I. who knew liim best",
lei-fused the gold 1" take, llie dross 10 test
Cold strangers honored for the worth they
Ills friend forgot the diamond In Ihe Haw.
Al Inst It remr— the day he stood nnnrt,
When from niy eyes lie proudly veiled hi.
When   ciplng  Jmbmont    and    inieertnls
A stern resentment In his hosom stirred.
When In his face I ri nd it lint I had been,
And   with   his   vision   saw   wlinl   he   hnd
see n.
Tiki late!   Too Intel   0 could he (hen hnve
When his love died Hint nine lind perfect
grow u,
Thnt wlii'ii   the  veil  was  drawn—nbnsed,
The   censor   stood—the    lost    rue    truly
Too Inte we tenrn—n man  mi:.t hold  hi.
Unjudged, accepted, fniltiiss to the end.
—John  I'njlo O'Kollly.
Finding,  st  Recent  Trial or   Pyx    ln  tli«
Loudon Mint.
An oxcollent example of tho dc-
ligihtful art of wasting timo is given
111 The London Clazetle.
'I herein is set out. nt great length
and in solemn, high-flown language
the verdict in the trial ol pyx ol
the London mint, duly attested by
twelve honest goldsmiths.
Tho pyx,, it may be explained, is a
box at the mint wherein is deposited
ono coin from every 15 pounds of
gold and one from every 00 pounds
of silver.
Every year a jury solemnly weighs
these coins and reports on Iheni.
With un ncutencss ol mind that is
remarkable in a British jury, tho
goldsmiths havo this year made several discoveries, r.hich they intend
as a shock tor tho nerves of the already harassed citizen, to whom
money is nlways a trial.
They took 14-1 sovereigns and
twenty-four half sovereigns, weighed
them, and found thom wanting.
"Wc round," isuys the jury portentously, "that the amount of variation from the standard of a weight
specified in the first schedule to tho
Coinage Act, 1H7U, was minus ono-
thousnndlh of an ounce (—.001 oz.)
on the.whole of such coins."
But this enterprising jury were npt
satisfied to rest on their laurels
when they had made this amazing
discovery. Thoy were determined to
probe the matter to the root. They
took eight more sovereigns and throe
half sovereigns, nnd found that their
"millesimal fineness varied from
910.110 to 010,00."
Still indefatigable in search ol
scnndals, tho jury ran through tho
whole gamut of tho silver coins, nnd
were nmply rewarded by the second
remarkable discovery that tho
amount of Variation from tho standard weight was again one-thousaniltb
part of nn ounce.
Worse wns still to come. The un-
fortunuto coins proved, under this
searching cruss-cxnininntion, to vary
from the standard of fineness by
The jury make no comment on
their discoveries. They present them
In all their nakedness to on astonished world.
Ancient Innlccciicm.
The innkeepers' business wns practiced ln Home at tbe time of Christ.
Thero wero then over 700 registered
inns in the capital. Each had a registered sign, which no other innkeeper
,wns permitted t» copy.
llron-e Statues.
Solid bronze statues were cast In the
fourth   century   before   Christ  by   a
Creek founder named Lysippus.
When you think you have cured a
cough or cold, but find a dry,
hacking cough remains, there is
danger.   Tak*-
Cure TSn.0Luns
at once. ' It will strengthen the
lungs and stop tho cough.
Prices; 8. C. Wbi__s & Co. S03
25c SO- tl.   LoRoy,N.Y.,Toronto,Can.
Treei snd Human n.ingt,
"H" writes to Tbo Toronto Vtvta:
"In your article on Mr. Rider Haggard's strange experience you suggest as a reductio ad n.bsirdum, that
sympathy might subsist between men
and trees. Permit mo to give nn Instance of'a co'n:idence which fo
some persons suggested the existenco
of some such strange connection.
About fifty-five years ago, A. O.
IT-., living in the County of Hastings',
planted in his orchard two cherry
trees, nnming one for himself ant.'
one for his wife. That named for
himself soon wilhored and died. Ilia
own untimely death soon followed.
Tho surviving tree flourished until
ubout 1897, when it died. Mrs. If.,
who ' ill   alive,   accepted    thi
death of th. tree ns nn omen of her
approaching ond. That end could not
have been long delayed, as sho was
a very uged woman."
Tlio -llurobo of Malaria.
Tho true microbe of malaria has
been discovered by two doctors of
rHidillin, Colombia, accoidn.. to a
report to the .'.late Department from
"onsul Pluninciior at Mnracaibo, Ven.
iztiebi. 'lhcso doctors say tho microbe rai be cultivated in mediums
prepared wilh flowers of Erythrina
■ incur..
Has the Largest Circulation _K-Ju
CEYLON TEA. It can't infuse poorly, the quality
won't allow it.—That is one comfort. Sealed Lead
Packets   only.     Black or Natural Green.    By  all
The St. .latni'M (Inzelle. London,
re tlio establishing of the colonial
class iu the public schools, says Ihe
story seeiiis good chough to warranl
nn experiment iu practice,
A cable from Home, dated Sept.
21), says: The congress or Vive
Thinkers assembled here to dny ot
the  Human  College, '  Il   Is   a    largo
c—Is I
;   bi"e.
-wl:n I
ere iiiiy.lillig In the world
you   more   thai',   lialtory.
oue thing that  I  know of.
Is   that.     She— Not   to  b"
Harry Anderson und .lames King.
caught b.v an Iowa posse, are now
believed by Ibe police of Wlnkfleld lo
have had no connection wilh the
Hock Island train hold-up.
Hon. Diehard iTureourt. hns received a letter from John Morluy,
M. P.. in which the celebrated English statesman expresses the hope of
visiting Toronto  next month.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
ly local apiillcatlona as tliey cannot reach the
■usra-cd portion of the car. There ts only one
way to cure u.iifnos-, ni'i that Ib hy constitutional reni.illo.. Deafness ls caused by an In-
llanied condition nf tlie mucous lining of tho
Kustaclilnn Tube. When this tube Is lnllnmcil
you have a '■unibllng sound or Imperfect hearing1, and whon lt Is entirely closed, Deafness Ib
the result, and unless the Inllaiiiinntlon can be
taken out and this tube restored to Its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten nre caused by Catarrh,
which' Is nothing hut an Inilamod condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
-irculais, free.
P. J. CHENEY & CU, Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, Inc.
Hall's Family l'ills aue the bBBt.
Between the Horns of n Dilemma.
He was walking to nnd fro on tbe
station platform, and bis anxiety was
so marked that a friend Inquired:
"What's the matter, 'j'ibbs? You look
as if you bad Something serious on
your mind."
"I have," he replied. "I'm worried;
badly worried. I'vo just found a dollar
in my trousers pocket."
"You're the first man I ever saw tbnt
worried over finding money be didn't
know he bad."
"But you don't understand. I can't
make up my mind whether 1 forgot
the dollar or whether my wife slipped
it in my pocket lo try nie. You see, she
has been accusing me of keeping
tilings from ber. Now, If 1 \were to
blow this bill in without saying anything ta ber about lt and it should turn
out lhat she bad played a trick on me
my finish would bo worth writing up.
fin the oilier hand. It I go to-her nnd
confess that I found it slio'lb simply
take Iho dollar. I haven't been so worried in a mouth."
The Kepulslve Squid.
Having Caught a squid, a landlubber
at sea thus describes blm: "Tho squid
is u small cousin of the octopus. He Is
about one foot long from Ihe lip of bis
tall to the lip of bis tentacles (extended). Normally he is of n pale tun and
rich sienna, with darker spots, but he
has the power to become If frightened
almost colorless in nn instant. In extreme fright he discharges a dirty
brown secretion in the manner of bis
kind nnd escape.! while the enemy is
enveloped In the impenetrable smudge.
Tbe head is principally arms, with a
formidable pnrtot-llko beak In the center, while bis eyea nre located just
back of the arm cluster. The tail Is of
(he shape of n spearhead, with rounded barbs. I did not examine blm very
clor.ely because of his snakcliko tentacles, mul, fur-her, because Ids beak,
rasping on tlie spear iron, was most
unpleasant. Wo dropped him overboard, and I was glad to see hiin go."
Wild Boss uf Alrli-.
Of the wild dog of central Africa an
-Splofor writes: "The wild dog is common enough. He is an ugly looking
least, with n pied body, coarse hair,
•iliort head and large, upright curs.
riieso wild doga play fearful havoc
with game, occasionally clearing out
vholo districts precisely In the same
annner ns the red dhole of India, he-
ire which even the tiger Is said to retreat Thoy havo a wonderful power
if merit, wonderful boldness, ondur-
inco nnd pertinacity, and their lobsb,
insy gallop covers tho ground far more
quickly thnn It appears to do. 'limy
usually hunt In considerable packs, al-
ihovgh I have sometimes met tliem In
liiroes and fours. 1 have never henrd
if wild dogi actually attacking man,
but they often behave as If on the
.loliit of doing so, and uuiiriuod travelers have bean literally Diced by them
>ofare. now "
BLUE LtlillT. LEAtlDE.
After throe years of patient re- A despatch from New York says:
search, two professors of llenevu, Sworn to put nn end to the exis-
■Switzerlnnd, have discovered a new tenco of the gangs of street hood-
niine.slhetic, which promises to revo- linns, -lawless organization-:! of lor-
liitionize the practice of dentistry., eigners and stop the carrying ol con-
In reporting this lo the State De- cculed 'weapons and to protect wo-
I'arl nien.t. Ilnitetl States Consul Lie- men from insult and annoyance by
field,  ul   Frieborg,    Germany,   states .rowdies, 74 business   men   of Brook-
Mlirie Corel!! is now engaged in u
novel in which Andrew I'lirnogio is
suid to figure prominently nnd unfavorably. The authoress bus n poor
opinion of Mr. Carnegie's character,
owing to his action respecting the
free library for Strut'ord-on-A von,
nnd even does not give him credit
for making his own fori line, which
sho declares really was amassed b.v
his brother.
llial, finding thai the nervous system was lnllueiice.il b.v colored lights,
the professors soon perceived, after
experiment in- wilh each hue. that
blue hud un extraordinary effect on
Ihe nerves. The consul says that a
tooth may he painlessly exlfueled
wilh none of Ihe nfler effects ou tho
system, by shutting the patient in a
dark room and exposing his eyes lo
a   blue  light of   lll-ciiudb'  power    for
throe minutes, causing liim to lose
ail sense of pain, although ut tho
sunie  liino retaining Ids  senses.
lyn have become incorporated us the
Citizens' Protective League for Law
und Order. Tho incorporators propose to encourage men of intelligence
und standing to join the league and
not to open the way to membership
to everybody who may wish to join.
The Liverpool (bin-.) Daily Posl
snys: "Popiilu;' us einigr. lion (o Cun-
'adii has become the number who
I went direct to Cnnndn during August falls short 286 of August, 1008
ihut to the Stntes there hns been u
large increase. August, H)()<_, showing 89,978 ngninst 20,51.1 in August
1190.1. No doubt a substantial num
I ber of the emigrants who sailed for
Americnn ports may ultimately find
their wny to Canada, but It Is iionv
I the   less   romnrkublo    Ihut the mini
You will aluxiys find that tho mo-i1""' of British pu»igrallts who Bell.:
there who aro successful in bringing (1"vlt lo Canada is less than one
up families of hearty, healthy child- Inird of the total going direct to th.
ren nre thoso who are careful to note
" Ono foot In  the Grave."-..'10 lu^1 °vld°**<* »., in»fs unu
II tho thousands of peoplo who  rush to   to check it  at onco.     1 he  wise mono worthy n remedy us .South American   ther  gives  her  children   Baby's  Own
Nervine us n Inst resort would KCt it as
n (Irsl resort, lunv much misery und suffering would bo -puri'il. lf ynu have any
nervo disorder you needn't suller n minute longer. A thousand testimonies to
prove it.—BO  i
Whilo shooting ducks ono  duy  last
week    near   Fort   William,    Villorio i
Miland, an Ilalinn.  fell  from u noal, 1
and   was   drowned.    As   near  as   can |
lie learned  Ihe   recoil    from  the   discharge of  the gun    threw    Ihe   num
from the bout,  lie was unmarried.
Are ynur corns harder in  remove
Ulnae ihut others have had?   Have
nnt   bnd   the  samo  kind?    Huve  the;
been cured   bv   using    llollnuuy's
Cure?  Try u hot lie.
I bn ii
While working in bis ynrd on blast
Main street; Hamilton, n few days
ngo, Thomas Hen fie, ex-maniiger of
the Canadian Cahners' I tympany,
whs seized wilh heart failure, and
died lieroro medical aid could be
summoned. He was 511 years of age
ami leaves n widow.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc-
¥511.(101) TO MrC.lLl..
At the opening of the inedicnl
course nt Met)ill College the other
day. Dean Roddick gave out the welcome news that Lord Slriilhcirnn had
donated Srjii.Olio more to tho general
needs of  Ihe medical  faculty.
A iHl.lilClNl.
inlo the milting
aro  few    und    d
nrs   iinil   others    going
regions where doctors
■uu:    stores     not.   at   ull
should provide llli-in.ielves with u supply
of llr. Thomas' Keleetrle Oil. It will mt-
set the effects of oxpoSltro. reduce stiriibis
and when token Internally will prevent
und euro enlds nnd sore t'nront, end lis
a luhrii'tuit  will  keep  the muscles in good
The late A. R. Lis", of Toronto;
loft ijn estate of ?227,0II0. Among
the legacies are f?.">00 each to Ihe
hospital for sick children: Infants'
home,  and home    fur    riinvnlcscinils.
'he bulk of the estate is divided between seven children, fhe wife of Dr.
II. C. Wilson, of Edmonton, being
Strong words by a Newjfork
Specialist.—.""After ^years ol testing
and comparison I have no hesltntion in
saying tbat llr. Agnew's Cure for the
Heart is tho quickest, Bafest, und sureBt
known to nicdicul science. 1 use it in
my own .practice, lt relieves Iho most
acute forms of heart uilnient. Inside of
thirty minutes and never fails."—115
When is a schoolboy like a postage
stamp''—When lie's licked nnd put
into a corner lo make him stick to
his letters.
Wnard's Liniment for sale ■nerywhere.
Miles Blundell, a .firmer of 0(1
yenrs, who resides in Stisted township, Out., was struck by un express
train while driving over Itrennuns
crossing Wednesday night and killed,
llis daughter, about ill) yen
wns seriously injured. Ther
hope for her recovery.
A despatch from Washington  says:
Tbnt no n'rniy oftlcor be permitted to
ninrry until lie has  first, secured   Hie
permission of the Secretary of War
Iami satisfied lhat, oflluioJ that his income is sufficient lo support himself
and fninily. nnd that   he is   entirely
I freo■ from   debt,    is   the   resolution
I mndo by Mnjor-tli'iiernl Henry Cor>
bin,    adjutant-general     commanding
jibe II, S. Atlantic division nnd fle-
dcpal'tmeill of tlio east, which wns is-
i mil il   at    the   war   department   lasl
' week.
Tablets ut the first symptom of any
childish ailment, and almost at once
the little one is all right. Mrs.
Thos. Stevenson, 13 Bishop street,
Halifax, N, S., says: "lt gives me
pleasure to bo able to speak of
tho great valuo of Baby's Own Tablets. I always give them to my
children when they aro ailing in any
way, and they speedily make them
well. I would advise evory mother
to keep tho Tablots In '.ho houso."
The Tuiblots allay teething irritation,
vent constipation, destroy worms,
cure colic and stomach troubles, pre-
ulluy fevers and break up colds.
They can be given safely to a new
born child. Sold by all medicine
dealers or sent by muil at 2f> ccnts
a box by writing Tlie Dr. Williama
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Fred Jones, the second victim of
the Sunnyside boiler explosion, Td.
ronto, died Friday night.
iinard's Liniment Cores Dandroff.
Guy  0
the New
Dunn. C.  E.,  bus been np-
by    the    Transcontinental
Commission us engineer   of
Brunswick district.
THoitni'HIII.Y. — 1'armolee's Vegetable
l'ills clear the stomach and bowels of
qiliolis mutter, i-.iuso the excretory vessels to throw OH impurities friviti III.
blood into the liou-els And e.;"'. !'•■ 111-
leterinus inuss from the luiily. They fin
this without pnin or Inconvenience to
the pntient. who speedily reull/eii their
good offices ns soon as Ihey begin to
luke elTeet. They liuvn strum' reeiinnni'ii-
ibitllins  front nil   kinds of  people.
Oeivernnient,   inspection   lias
that   this    year's     crop    of
grades high and the quantity
greater than expected.
is far
Kirlnev Cr" — Pnln in the bnck •
me cry or tne kidneys for help, lo ne-
glcct tho call Is to deliver the body over
to a diseaso cruel, ruthless, nnd linnlly
life destroying. South Americnn Kidney
Cure hns power nkln to mirneiilous la
helping the needy kidneys ' out ot ths
mire of disease, lt relieves In sU
At Atlanta, (In.
L. B. McFnrland,
elected a member
committee of the
a lew days ngo,
of  Montreal,    was
of the executive
Old   Timers'   Telo-
Stanst-od  Junction, P. (1 .
mill An.-.   iK'.ia.
Gcntloilien,—I fell from Ibe lirltln lending Irom u plulforin to n Itindul car
wliilo nssisling my men in utilouiliiig il
lnnd of grain, The bridge went down us
well us tno limil tin m.v liurk mill sirui'k
on the ends of the sleepers, causing a
serious Injury to niy leg. Only for lis
boiii,. very fleshy would havo broken it,
in un hour I could not, null, u Bleu,
Ciimnieiieed using MINAUD'S L1NI-
Mt.NT, nml the third day went to Montreal  on  business,   unil  got  ntiout   well  by
tho uso of n cane,   In ton days wns nearly  well.    1   run  sineerelv   rfroiiiliieiid It ns
the best I.liiliiient.   Hint   1   know ol ill USO.
Yours Irulv.
0,   II.   (idltllON.
President. I.oubel, in ihe course of
a speech fo tho provinciiil niuyors in
Paris tho other day snld he looked
forward with satisfaction n> tho nor-
onity of private life after the close
of his present term, llis slntoinenl Is
tiiken ns n deflniie aniiolincem"ml of
tho- President's Intention not to
seek u  second lenn.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Nenralgla.
Neurly oil Infnuls in
ject to dfitrrhneii nud
while leelhliig. nnd u
llielr   lives   Is   Ihe   iiiiihI
moil' or less nud
surii complaint
ii,in period i
.rubral,  umiii
.1 li
should mil he wltlinul n hot Ho of I r
Kellogg's liyseuli'i-v t'oi'ilinl. This
cine In n spoelflo for such complain!
Is blu'bly spoken of liy those wli
used II. 'I'he pt-niii'lcliii'M I'lnlin It will
euro nny case of i liolern or summer riiiu-
Tlie leonsnn.
Little Son—Patlier, is there n reason
for all things? Father—Yes, I Suppose
so. Little Son—Well, then, rathe.', why
do lions lay eggs? Father—Because
they can't stand them on end.
After             a
Using       /Mr
Fly PadsC
Sold Everywhere.   tO cants
For coughs, colds, bronchitis,
asthma, weak throats, weak
lungs, consumption, take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Always keep a bottle of it* in
the house. We have been
saying this for 60 years, and
so have the doctors.
" t have u.ed Avar's Cherry Pectoral tn my ■
family for ID T.Arn. It li Uie be.t medicine
In llie -i„rid, I kuow, for ail tino*t sod lung
Mas. J. It. Koiiiinosa, W-ltti-m, liu,.
All druggl-ll.
When   000    boilernmkers nud their
helpers  employed   111  the    Frle    llnib
rond Company's looomotlvo works
ni. BuBcpiohonnu,   Pu.,   roportdd   for
work on Tuesday, they were notified
thut their sen ices were no longer
required. Two carloads of non-union
men hnvo been set to work in Hie
rtemovee all hard, "nit or calloused
lumps end lilemlshes from horses, blood
flpavln. curbs, splints, ringbone, sweeney.
Stifles, nprnlns; cures flnre null swollen
throat, roughs, etr, Huve *„.!> hy the
use of ono bottle. Werrnntod tho most
wonderful  blemish llure ever known.
Dally action of the bowels Is nocos-
eary.   Aid nature with Ayer's Pills.
I       VI.1U)1(!T  AI1AINST   ('. P. It.
At the assizes iu Toronto a few
dnys ago the jury awnrded II. llbiiu.
ot Brampton, $4,000 against ibe Canadian Pacific Hallway, llloln ivria
twice attacked und beaten by a b I-
low pussenger while travelling oil a
(!. P. H. train between liramplon
nild''Ti>ronlo. He appealed In Hie
conductor for assistance, but ihui official declined to aid him. Al n previous trial Hlnin si'iui'i'il uu Indictment for $1,01111, bill the court of
appeal cut this down nnd granted
him the option, of n new trlnl, which
resulted iu Increasing the verdlcl
ngninst the Company.
Paul Ln'wrenri
American, poet,
consumption, at
duel nrs    sny   he
live lontri'i' thnn n month.
Itimhnr, Ihe Afro-
is critically ill of
Pay ton, Ohio. The
probably   will    not
Do not delay In ret I ine- relief for the
littlo folks Mother Graves' Worm Kxler
min'-'tor is n nlensniil. arid sure cure. 1
vou love your child why do vou lot li
ulTer when u remedy is so nrnr nt band?
"The factory of Ihe fit. Paul Snsh.
floor mul Lumber Co.. a four story
brick structure, was burned lnsl
Friday nfternoon, entailing a loss*
SI 211.000. There was only $.'
I'.ll.—A pill thut ucts upon the stiimncl,
and yet is so t-oniptiuiideil tlmt cortaln
ingredient's of H preserve tlii'lr power u
net upon the inlestiiuil can.ils, so us ti
I'leur them of exri-eiti, the retention e-i
whirh etinnut hut he hurtful, wus lonj
looked for hy llie inedicnl |-:'.».'i ssioa I)
wus found in I'nrinelee's Vegelnlile l'ills.
which lire llie result 01 much expert
study, and lire sclentilicnlly prepared to
Inxurive and uu alternative in one.
Fire destroyed five-story buildings
inside the state prison wnlls nt
Michi..!-in (lily, Ind. cuiisin^, a loss of
$1110,0110. The authorities deny that
convicts started the blu/.e.
Sciatica put him on Crutches
—Jas. Smith, dairyman, ot Grimsby.
Ont., writes: "My limbs were almost useless from si'iatiea and rhcutnntism, and,
notwithstanding my esteem for physicians. I must give tho credit where lt
belongs. 1 i^n a cured man to-duy, nnd
South Ani<fricnn Hheumntlc Cure 11111-"
have all tho credit.   It's a mnrvcl— il.
The triennial catalogue of Yule
University shows that the school has
graduated _t_t.O'l.*i persons, of whom
12,71-1 nre living;.
Tbe Sovereign (Irirnil Lodge or Oddfellows, which mot at Sun Frnncisco,
elected Robert E. Wright, of Allen-
town, Pa., grand sire, promoted
frotii' the odlce of depuly grand sire.
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tinned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
OUtWgM three buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, arc always warm, pliable,
soft nnd comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never with-
out this brand :—
Montreal    Winnipeg    Dawson _
Under the municipal system Ilrnnl-| At tho ."'-st annual ineeline; or the
ford City Council has decided the Grand Trunk i'-ecinc Ooiupuny held
prico   of   houso   telephones shall   be   in Montreal  n ft'!.' 'Irivs aeo  Ibe ol.l
board of director,; wee,, nil,-el,-,!
Oliver llu.resne, city comptroller, i Cene.ral Sir William NMfj&l.sou,
Montreal, dropped dend nt bis resi- British iniiilui-y uflntke, has ur-
denco Wodncsduy morning. Heart rived nl Tokio from the (ryot.
disease was tbe cause, llis health  is improved.
Could Not Eat
Without Suffering
Sixteen Years of Great Distress from Indigestion and
Liver Trouble—Doctor's Failed—Cure Effected by
Dr.  Chase's   Kidney    Liver   Pills.
In most cases of chronic Indigestion thu liver uud kidneys ure ut
fault us well ns the stomnch, and bocauso of their combined action on
these organs, Dr, ('base's I.iilnoy-
Llvor Pills cure when all onliniiry
means full.
The case of Mrs, Husband Is not
Unlike S'- nes nntl hundreds which ure
repented to us. There can be no
bolter evidence us to the thoroughness and iff'ctivi'iioss ot Dr. ('huso's
Kidney Lien   Pills.
Mrs. V.. Husband, Monro street,
St. ('iiniiiriiH.s. (Int., stntes: "l
Wns s, rioii.-.ly ulllictetl with indigestion und Stomuch trouble for sixteen yours. Finnlly I became sn
bad that 1 could senrcely cut anything without edtlllg terrible distress.    Gradually 1 grew weakorand
more emaciated, and though treated
by three doctors and a specialist I
received no benefit.    '
"Aftur a time a pain began in my
right side, wliich medical men said
was liver trouble. I never got relief
until I begun the use of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, und they helped
ment once. Ily using about a dozen
boxes 1 wns entirely cured. I owe
my cure entirely to this treatment,
und mako this stateinent with the
hopo that somo poor suflcrer may
lienefit by my experionco.
Dr. Chase's Kiilncy-Llver Pills, ono
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers, or Kdmunson, Dates & Co., Toronto. To protect you from Imitations, thu portrait and signature of
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt,
book author, nro on every box.
Tke present Indii-iilions point to a spoiled whent crop In Southern Manitoba un
account of rust. We have hail a grenl denl of experieaec ho/ldllng slirunten
grain. You may huve the I'.nolli of this experience liy shipping your gralu to us.
The upper half ot Ma nitidis unit the Territories bavo a fine big crop It not
damaged by frost, und wo would like lo show you prices we can get lor grade
wheat.   Let us prove these tact- lo ytfu, ns we are doing to your neighbor*.
McLaughlin & Ellis
REFERENCES: Cumuli™ Beak ol
Commerce; Commercial Agenciet.
Grain la car lots -bought on track or sold on commission. Hcnsonabl.
advance. made. "Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference:
Any Bank in Winnipeg.
ROOM  414,  GRAIN   EX.   ni.DG;,  WINNIPEO.
Eslablisluid Grain Ca.imiis.ipii
Merchant in "-Winnipeg, -v	
Consign jour grain to ino and get prompt service. careful attention)
and highest market prices. Q     Q -QI jy yr      DRAWER
Reference-UNION BANK of CANADA.   O*   VT   I ill ft.4        1300.
1 get pre
Through n  Strictly
Commission   i'iini
Wo handle strictly on commission therefore run givo every nltciition
to car shipments, unci will obtain the Ih'sI prices for same. We will b"
pleased to answer eiTquit ies re prices, shipping, etc. If YOll have grain
to ship or sell do not fail to write for our "Wuy of Doing Dusiuess," ns
it. will pay you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., Tlie Commission Merchants, Winnipeg
FARMERS will find it to their advantage to consign their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest prlcei and make prompt rctnrni. Advances mnde on
consignments. Correspondence solicited. Established 1886. Relerencc—
Union Hairk of Qfirh-cla. 	
WOOD SAWINCl in stick 11'. ull lime.-.   Wo
ciri ship ut a day's aotlce.   WuhnvoBoidu hug.
liuinher of those! engine; nnd every one bus mv-
en tho best of tcilbfuction lo our einloiner.'.
Wilt- us for Pri'-es and C-tulotfuo.
Wo nro clealorB In F.nglura, Poller.', Wood
Working Machinery, lll,icl;»m:th 'tools, Power
Ibmminrs, Dulls,   Korges, Pinery Wheels and
Standi, Pulleys, Shafting, Rubber nnd Liulhur Helling, Ulev.iiur Machinery, in hut
everything la tho mnchinory lino.
Henry Ave., East. BURRIDQB-COOI'ER CO., Ltd., Winnipeg.
The revived cclobrul ion of 1'rolesl-
unt Sunday bus been fixed for November (!, snys a cable from London. Nearly 4,000 clergy u nl various fleuiiininul ions throughout
British isles hnve arranged
preuch sermons applicable lo
V.. T. 1'. TARTY AT Ml iNTItl'. Al..
President llnys and the party of
directors roturnod to Montreal it few
duys ngo. Mr. Hays wus delighted
with what he had seen in Ihe went,
and was moro firmly convinced limn
ever iiMJje great possibilities before
llhti llraiwl Trunk Pacific railway
project, lie bad nothing dofinito i"
announce re the Pacific terminal.
Tho British flagship Churybdlsu
the   French   flag-hip     Lavoisier    ha
arrived   at   St.   John's, Nfld.     'I
commanders of these vessels will ci
fer wilh Ihe t'oloninl OovornmOn't'i
specting Iho dilliculiios between rh
fishermen over phases of (be Fron
shore dispute, which have arm
acute in the last few webs.
At Montreal Ihe oilier dny a dele
(fatlon of Hie Lord's Day Alllajice,
composed of Rev. T. Albert Moore.
Toronto, Bocrotaryj llov. .1. Cordon.
Ilev. .1. L. tleorgn nnd Mr. A. M.
Croinblo, addressed a sosslon of ibe
Trades anil Labor Congress of Caii-
aila. anil uakril Hie Congress lo support, a bill Iii prohibit work on Sunday, which is In be brought before
Parliament. The delegation rucoived
a tremendous ovation, nnd their ro-
epiost  will probably be granted.
Why would lawyers
soldiers*,' -Bocauso i hey
ready  to   charge.
 _. _,      '
inal.e    good
nre    always
Save Expense
and save a fit of sickness by havinfc
Beecham's Pills in tlie house and
taking ono when you first notice
anything going wrong. You will
feel well, look well and keep well
if you will learn to use
Sold Everywhere,     In b.mrs 2.1 rcnli.
l'nil Coleman, a filler, engaged
upon the new !'. 1'. II. elevator nl
Fort William, fell from the construction work on Tuesday, breaking bis !
riglil arm und right leg. uud seriously injuring Ills back. He will probably live.
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle
Blectrolysia, X my nrdopilntorlei nro
offered ynu on the bn:e wind ol tho
• ipenitnis end manuf-.otu.erg, UK
mii:ael,I' in not, It ih tho only method
which i» indorseS liy pbyeloiaui, sur
goons, dermatologists, meaiaal journnlN
and prominent niui;ti?.incn. Ilooklct will
will bo aoub hue, in plem, .ealod
Your money back without i|ueetion il
It falls to do nil thai, is cluiiiiiil for it.
UK   MIKACI.K   mailed,   eenlnl   in
plain wrapper, nn receipt of »l.    Wrilo
for it to day to UK MIKACI.K CIIKM
ICAL OO., .3 t_iiKSN   STiu:rr Wsst,
ToBOnTO, nr
liildiMO. IINI,
\A/    IS    KJ    No    SOO
Nta___M_i ,-»&- 'I-
(S-tablUhed April«, 1898.)
QifJUH.: S5SB Westminster avenue.
mwmm   .
8  Watra-T. Publisher.
tJruoB—so Fleet street,
j E. 0., England Where a
He of "The Advocate" .is kept for
p»yable   in
m Oopy.
"_.o*-oe« Ot Hir the, Manteges, and fleath.
published free of charge.
Ifotices for O-nwch and Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   where
will be charged for.
Bute*  for Display  Advertising made
dttwwa en application.
All  Advertisements nre rnn regularly
xnd charred for until ordered they
nt    AdvcrtiKM   must   pay   in
Tei. B1405.
City  Advcr-
ai h . iiucou-
pul   advertizing
ionsuli   Thk   Advocate.
>■ n
Dec,  3,   1904
. i  MoGuigoa
- < 1 otion in tbe
Dr.   Mi Guigau
fi ii a-.: ,  trim expect
: ,  . foi 1906   md who will
id.     Mr.   Frederick
1  candidate foi
. xeoutive oihce.   Mr.
a  prominent   business
iayor Muiiaigau and Mr.
. pupulur men.
. ing cleaned np tbe province inJDo-
n.u'ou -lictiout, thH Liberals are showing sign, of n tie- ed discomfort at the
existeuoe of a Conservative administration in Uiitlsb Columbia. Tho "Times"
editorially is eudeavoriog to encourage
revolt in the Legislature against Mr.
McBride's cabinet, and points to the
result of the recent elections as an indication of the things that would happen
io the provincial Conservatives if they
went to the country. People who ore
nut particularly interested in the
aggrandizement of either party are net
anxious for more political turmoil in
British Columbia. There has been too
MKieh politic- in the past, aud the
*ver-*o juan behind the counter hope s
that the peace now prevailing will be
allowed to ooutiuue. The present
gmemiuetrt appears to be earning tlie
respect of public opinion without as
well as within the province, and thnt
aneuns better credit for British Columbia
*nd better prospects for the develop
meat .of har laesooroes.—''Progress,'
Victoria, B. C.
*-7 Which Meet on fit. Pleasant
>l. O. O. F.
"Mt. Fluisaul Lodge No. 19 meets every
1 fleadaj at 'I p. m , iu Oddfellows Hall
Vichy Block, Mt. Ploasaut.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
-oi:i, (Juami)—O. O. Kenny.
R ri oiinj.vci Sbciu.t_-BY—Thos.
*>lsu _nv. Heather and Eighth avenue.
Tor f.
Court Vancouver lil'.H, Iudepeudent
•   Vuresters meets 2d and  -lib
Mondny   oi each month at 8 p. m.
:    _. brethren always welcome.
'.'   us. il ...'.:.i:-   '.V, G Tnylor,
'   ■'   KuetiT -.IJ-iM-t. City.
578  lenlh ni,-11111', east.
Financial S'.-.e r.rr ■hit-   M, J. Crehan,
ill PHntte'gglrcct,   'liy.   Telephone
•    ■     <■    M.'.r'(1A*JEl*S,
■:   e No.   i'.   holds regular
■■'■'  Nd     inlays of   enedi
0 '). !•'   Jlni! corner West
■;  nb avenues.
■■ il ways welcome,
Lady Commander -Mrs. Fitch.
Lady '..'.....-.■... K.ii jii 1    Ven.   Mary
Foote, 889 ■■  il ".-east.
&s$y of Vancouver.
ilexaiidr •
w   1»
.•:-. ter ai
i*,l,ll".>. .<.-■.
'-■■in-''    '•ii    ilia,  meet*
, 1 li     .  il •.. -Ijvs   of  I'llrll
',' ,   H ill, corner
ivi duos,
■   ',    welcome,
; 1 coiiler,
In m  -,■,-., Mai'.  Tel, 7io.
■ !     V:.:','- 1 ' UKA
(IH I'.ii 1    II    Oi     I I.l."': 'OSS
' 1 •    a  ie.,  Facial  Mi ssny id
for 1    libtf aud Oentl
■ ir,    wart,   and
oru      ■ ■    .   ven ■ 1 ever}
1 e       '     lalci   01 re of
:   ,■ I- .:: ■■ :.;. 1: . ,■ listing
.   ■: r' 1 roam  to pre-
' 1 -Unburn
'.'Ml. H-.   ,   " i> Granville
* ,iig ."cop! .. Societies.
.     I'jaV,
1  irkar, ol    'in.iLaii Endeavor
1 IS'miimtOft ti 7, every Sunday
.-.ulng lu .' -i,i a    ■ ;'    1 is    'hareh,
..■•• mid V-. ni n inster Kd.
ill   '  :' >-Y
i.pwurtn   League oi    Mt.    Pleasant
liodist fMiarcli ■-.; •. - 'it-8 p. in.
.-;._/ _. ■..   in   Mt  IM, asnnt
_«_,_,-,... UhUiyi. ..i-. p. ui.
■ft**T: P„ H. 0. K., meets at 8 p. 111
4£.*§t P-e.-ii.-i-.ai P.w.1 .1. r .11 ! !liiir..h.
A By-law to raise by way of Debentures the sum of JICO.OCO.OO for the extension and improvement of the water-works system of the City of Vancouver:
WHEREAS It Is deemed experlent to
raise by way of debentures $100,0011.00
for the extension and improvement of
the Water Works system of the City
of Vancouver:
AND WHEREAS It is necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that the City
should raise by way of debentures a
loan of $100,000.00, repayable on the 1st
day of February, A. D., 1945, with Interest In the meantime payable half-
yearly at the rate of 4 per cent, per annum, s»uch loan when raised to be applied for the purposes aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the S3id debentures when due, and for
the interest thereon .luring the currency of the said debentures, it will be
necessary to raise and levy each year
the sum of $5,270.00.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the debt when due it will be necessary
to raise and levy In each year the sum
of $1,-70.00, by special rate sufficient
therefore in each year on all the rate
able property of thai City of Vancouver
AND WHEREAS the amount ot the
whole rateable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to the last revis
cd Assessment Roll, is J'_4,l:'.,2_5.00.
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of tbe existlnt, debenture debt of the
city is $3,050,951.20, irrespective of debts
incurred for local Improvements, of
which none of the principal or Interest
is in arrears;
AND COUNCIL of the City of Vancou
ver, In open meeting assembled, enact
as follows:
1. For the purposes aforesaid It shall
be lawful for the Mayor of the City of
Vancouver to raise, and he Is hereby
authorised to raise, by way of loan
from any person, persons, or corporation who may be.willing to advance the
same on the credit of the debentures
hereinbefore mentioned, a sum not exceeding in the whole the sum of $100,-
000.00, and cause the same to be paid
Into the hands of the Treasurer of the
said City for the purposes aforesaid,
and with the objects hereinbefore recited;
2. ft shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any numbei of debentures to
be made out, each for such sum of
money not less than one hundred 'lrtl-
lnrs ($100.) or an equivalent expressed
In pounds sterling of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at
the value of $4.86 to the pound sterling,
as may be required, and all debentures
shall be sealed with the seal of the City
of Vancouver and signed by the Mayor
ancl countersigned by the Treasurer of
the said City.
3. The said debentures shall be made
payable within forty years from the
date hereinafter mentioned for this Bylaw to take effect, at such Bank in the
City of Vancouver, or at such Bank In
the City of London, England, as the
Council may by resolution direct.
4. The said debentures shall' have
coupons attached for the payment of
the Interest at 4 per cent, per annum
on the amount of the debentures, and
shnll be payable half-yearly on the
first day' of August and the first day
of February In each and every year;
5. A special rate on the dollar shall
be raised and levied annually In each
year ln addition to all other rates on
all the ratable property of the City,
sufficient to pay interest on the debt
hereby created during the currency of
the said debentures, and to provide for
the payment of the said debt when
6. The sum of $4,000.00 shall be ralsecj
and levied each year by special rate
on .all the ratable property of the Ctty
of Vancouver for the payment of the
Interest on the amount of the said debt
hereby created during the currency of
the said debt.
7. The sum of $1,270.00 shall be raised
and levied annually In each and every
year by special rate on all the ratable
property of the City of Vancouver for
the payment of the debt hereby created when due.
8. It shall be lawful for the Corporation, from time to time, to re-purchase
any of the said debentures at such
price or prices as may be mutually
agreed upon, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled
nnd no re-Issue of any debenture or
debentures shall be made In consequence of such re-purchase.
9. This By-law shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the assent of Ihe electors entitled to vote on
Money By-laws In manner prescribed
by the Vancouver Incorporation Act,
1900. and Amending Acts.
TO.   This By-law, If passed, shall come
4 pkgs. of New Raisins for 860
3   " New Currants  85o
1 pkg. Wothey's Minco Meat  10c
6 It,  Prunes afic
i tins Tomatoes    i!5c
2 cans White Star Baking Powder !2fic
2000- lbs Fancy Creamery Butter
at 25c a pound.
One Hundred Boxes of Fine Apples
75o a box.
Furniture Department.
Give  us  a cull  and  see our liue  of
House Goods.' It will pay you.
Specinl shipment just arrived.
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1260
Midi Orders Promptly Filled.
Into force and take effect on the 1st
day of February, A. D„ 1905.
Received the assent of the electors
this day of
Done and passed in open Council this
day of
City Clerk.
Take notice tbat the above Is a true
copy of a proposed By-law which bas
been taken into consideration, and
which will be finally passed by the
Council in the event of the assent of
the electors being obtained thereto,
after one month from the first publication In the "Mount Pleasant Advocate," the date of which firrt publication was the 26th day of November,
A. F 19-t, and that the votes of the
electors of the said Corporation will be
taken thereon on the 12th day of Janv-
ary, 1905, between the hours of 9 o'clock
in the morning and 7 o'clock In the
evening, at the following polling places:
Ward 1—At the Old School House on
Burrard Street.
Ward 2—At the Opera House, on
Granville Street.
Ward 3—At the old City Hall, on
Powell Street.
Ward 4—At the new City Hall on
Westminster Avenue.
Ward 5—At the Fire Hall, Ninth Ave
nue,  Mount  Pleasant.
Ward 6—At the Fire Hall, on Gran
vllle Street, Fairview.
City Clerk.
Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1904.
City   of   Vancouver.
Otic (Trent secret of youth ami beauty for
the young woman or tlie mother is the
proper understanding of lu-r womanly system am! well-being, I'.very woman, young
or old, should know herself nnd her physical make up. A Rood way to arrive at
thin knowledge is to get a good doctor
book, such, for instance, as the "People's
Common Sense Medical Adviser," by R. V.
Pierce, M. D., which can readily be procured by sending thirty-one centa in one-
cr.-nt &tarap- for paper-bound volume, or
fifty stamps for cloth-bound copy, addressing Dr. R. V, Pierce, at Buflhlo, N. Y.
The change from maidenhood to womanhood is one that luwilvefl the whole body,
The strain at thin time upou tlie blood*
forming dtmotures may be too great. Dis-
orders of the functions peculiarly feminine
arc nearly always dependent upon defective nutrition. In all such cases Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription is just the
vegetable tonic for the female system.
" I cannot 'expresa my Uiwuki for the benefit I
have received from Dr. Pierce'l medicines,1*
writes Mrs. Julius \v.*l'rlv, of Cambridge, Dor-
chestcr Co., Md,' "I tof>k 'Favorite PreM-rip-
tfon' and feel that a perfect cure has beet}
effected. I fee! like thanking yon for the kind
nml fatherly letters which you wrote,11
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription waa
the first exclusively woman'.*, tonic on the
market. It has sold more largely in the
past third of a century than any other
medicine for women, Do not let the drug-
gi't pe.'inde you lo try tuuie com pound
that has not hid the tcsi of so many years'
Dr, l'it'icc's Plnaftfltlt Pellets should be
used \\*lli " . ... ite Prescription' wheu-
*:»ii u ltUtOtiv- is* ; uj,jireiju
A By-law  to  raise by  way of deben
tures the sum of $75,000.00 for General
School Purposes:
WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to
raise the sum of $75,000.00 by way of
debentures for general school purposes
AND WHEREAS lt is necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that the City
should raise by way of debentures a
loan of $75,00.0, repayable on the first
day of February, 1945, with interest ln
the meantime payable half-yearly at
the rate of 4 per cent, per annum, such
loan when raised to be applied for the
purposes aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the said debentures when due and for
the interest thereon during the currency of the said debentures it will, be
necessary to raise and levy each year
the sum of $3,952.50.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the debt when due it will be necessary
to raise and levy in each year the sum
of $952.50 by special rate sufficient
therefor in each year on all the ratable
property of the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
whole ratable property of the CHy of
Vancouver, according to the last revised Assessment Roll, Is $24,138,225.
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
City is $3,050,957.20, irrespective of debts
incurred for local improvements, of
which none of the principal and interest is in arrears;   ■
AND COUNCIL, of the City of Vancouver, in open meeting assembled, enact
as follows:
1. For general school purposes it
shall be lawful for the Mayor of the
City of Vancouver to raise, and he is
hereby authorised to raise, by way of
loan from any person, persons or cor
porntion who may be willing to ad
vance the Same on the credit of the
debentures hereinbefore mentioned, a
sum not exceeding in the whole $75,-
000.00, and cause the same to be paid
into the hands- of the Treasurer of the
said City for the purposes aforesaid and
with  the  objects hereinbefore  recited;
2. It -hall be lawful for the Mayor
to ca. any number of debentures to
be m. j out, each for such sum of
money not less than one hundred dollars ($100) or an equivalent expressed
ln pounds sterling of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the
value of $4.86 to the pound sterling, ns
may be required, and all debentures
shall be sealed with the seal of the-City
of Vnncouver and signed by the Mayor
and countersigned by the Treaauror of
the said City.
3. The said debentures shall be made
payable within fiprty years from the
date hereinafter mentioned for this Bylaw to take effect, ot such Bank in the
City of Vancouver, or at such Bank in
the City of London, England, as the
Council may  by  resolution direct,
4. The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of.
the interest at 4 per cent, per annum
on the amount of the debentures, and
shall be payable half-yearly on the
first day of August and the first day
of February in each and every year;
6. A Special rate on the dollar shall
be raised nnd levied annually in each
year In addition to all other rates on
all the ratable property of the City,
BUfncient to pay interest on the debt
hereby created during the currency of
the paid debentures, and to provide for
the payment of the said debt when
6. The sum of $3,000.00 shall be raised
and levied eaojl year by special rate
on all the ratable property of the City
of Vancouver for the payment of tlie
Inlerest on the amount of the said debt
hereby created during the currency of
tho h:;!(1 d-bt.'
7. The sum of $952.50 shall be raised!
n'nd levied annually in each and evoryj
yp-ir by special rate on all the ratable'
property of i.iu   p      ■:     ...   i u e     oi
til*    paVK '   li   "!   ' ■"-    '■''-'   hi ■■■ •',.     TOU
■ K   it i.h   :.   !•' for the i Jqi'por-
■xL.on, irom time 3 ij Ate; Ln t'e-putcliasg
any of the said dt-i entures at such
price or prices as may be mutually
agreed upon, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled
and no re-issue of any debenture or
debentures shall be made ln consequence of such re-purchase.
9. This Byrlaw shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the assent, of the electors entitled to vote on
Money By-laws In manner prescribed
by the Vancouver Incorporation Act,
1900, and Amending Acts.
10. This By-law, If passed, shall come
Into force and take effect on the 1st
day of February, A. D., 1905.
Received the assent of the electors
this day of
Done and passed in open Council this
day of
City. Clerk.
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of a proposed By-law which has
been taken into consideration, and
which will be finally passed by the
Council in the event of the assent of
the electors being obtained thereto,
after one month from the flrst publication In the "Mount Pleasant Advo-
vate," the date of which flrst publication was the 26th day of November,
£. D. 1904, and that the votes of the
electors of the said Corporation will be
taken thereon on the 12th day of January, 1905, between the hours of 9 o'clock
in the morning and 7 o'clock in the
evening, at the following polling places:
Ward 1—At the Old School House on
Burrard  Street.
Ward 2—At the Opera House, on
Granville Street.
Ward 3—At the old City Hall, on
'Powell Street.
Ward 4—At the new City Hall on
Westminster Avenue.
Ward 5—At the Fire Hall, Ninth Ave-
lue,  Mount   Pleasant.
Waid 6--At the, Fire Hall, on Granville Street, Fairview.
City Clerk.
Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 26th, 1904.
We have our New Fruit iu.
Now is the time to make your
Pudding and Cake.
3 pkgs.  Eaisius 25.
Pnel,  per pound '   lBo"
!i- lb Cumiats   25c
Pnro SriCE- nlways ou hand.
No compounds.
Try our Tea at 40c a pound,
also Coffee at 40c—uo better
Cream, 4 for  25c
Gilt Edge Creamery Butter, 2-_t>   55c
City &f Vancouver.
'SAKE NOTICE that a by-ln',v i
intended to b_ pflfSsod by the Oit.v I Van
cil tor levying a Irontago rule to pny
for tbe grading, concreting aud block
paving, etc., to bo made ou Pender
stroet, (1st) between Burrard and
Richards streets and (2ml) between
Richards aud Abbott streets, and that
a statement showing the lands liable to
pay the snid rate and the nnnios of the'
owners thereof, so far as they can be
ascertained from tbe last revised
assessment roll, is now filed in the
office of tbe City Clerk, and is opeu
for inspection during office hours.
The estimated cost of the work is, (1st)
$27,M-l..l>,('.ud)"S26,2.7 92, of Vfhioh(lst)
$9,771 84.(2nd)t8,762.64istobo provided
nut of the general funds of the City. A
Court of Revision will be held on Deo..
5th, 1904, at 9 p. m., for the pnrposo of
hearing couiphuuts against the proposed
assessment or accuracy of the frontage
measurement or any other complaint
which persons interested may desire to
make, uud which is by-law cognizable
by the Court.
Vancouver, B. 0„ Nov., lBt, 1904.
Municipality  of South
a l-ist of Qualified Voters has beeu prepared and can be seen at the Municipal
All persons claiming a vote as Householders must make beforo tho 1st day of
December a Statutory declaration before
a Supreme or Comity Court Judge,
Stipeudnry or Police Magistrate, Justice
of the Penco, or Notary Public, or Clerk
of tho Municipality ou the form laid
dowu iu the Municipal Election Act
1897 aud amendments thereto.
Tho qualification for a Householder is
as follows:
" That I am a British Subjoot.
" Thnt I have been a Householder for
12 mouths iu tho Municipality.
" That I have paid all rates nud taxes
" Thnt the rental or rout value is not
less than Sixty Dollars por annum.
Municipal Hall, Nov. 7th, 1904.
The Municipal Hall will be open ou
Tuesday nnd Friday mornings only till
the out door work of the Assessment is
William O. WALKER, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oct 18, 1904.
Ring up 'phone 44:..
Mt. Pleasant
Telephone Numbers of Local riini-
-U7!i..-Ilcv. o. H. \Vil-nii,(Anelli'on).
jocd-lti'v. 0. A. Wilson, (Presbyterian).
IH2KI—Kev. A. E. Iletli-.lngton, (Motnodl.t).
The Advocate is always glad to receive
items of social, personal or other news
from its readers. Send news items to
the office or by telephone, B1405.
Sri'UATE in the New Westminster
Mining Division of District of New
Westminster. Where located.—Britannia Mountain, Howe Mound.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Annie Austin,
Freo Miuer's Certificate, No. B78370,
intend, sixty days from tho dnto hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Cei'tinoate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaiuiug a Crown Graut of
the above claim
And further take notice that action
under Section 37, must be commenced
before tho issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 20th day of October 1904.
New Meat ilarket
2442   Westminster avenue,
OPEN SATURDAY.   Good Meats at
Right Prices.
M. G. OLIVER, Propriotor
A rgyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. C.
Another Busy
argain Week.
200 Samples Lace Curtains at 15c, 20c A 25c each, worth double the money.
Wouicu's Blnck Cashmere Hose, plain nud ribbed, worth !IOc, H5c nnd 40c,
clearing tho lot nt 25c. a pair. Boys' Heavy Black Wool Ribbed Stockings,
nil sizes, worth 35c for 30c 11 pair.
Whito Satin Marseilles Quilts worth $2.25 for $2.00 each.
  3 00 2 50   "
'  ""      3.50 2.75   "
Dress Goods at Half-price.
Tweed Effects, dnrk shades, 48 inches wide, worth 90o for 45c a yard.
All-wool Serge, good for Children's School Dresses, worth 85c for25c ayd
All-wool Serge, oil inches wide, worth 90c for 65c a yard.
J. Horner,
4-O0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
I'm Off to the
44 Hastings St.,
west, to list my property
For Sale'.   They aro
quick sellers.
Tyi ORE than twelve years ngo
we began business in Vancouver, and to-day we are serving
the same people who patronized
us during the flrst years of our
business career.
Could wo possibly write a stronger
advertisement or recommendation than that?
Accident and ch cum stances sometimes play the "Good Stua_-tau"
in tho enrichment of men, but
nothing short of the "survival of
tho fittest" aud honest goods at
moderate prices has prospered
Real good Suits as low as $10.00
and our Suits get fiaer aud better
as the prices rise to $12.00, $14.00,
$15.00, $10.00, $18.00, $20.00 $22.00
$25.00. Overcoats $10.00, $12.50
$15.00, $10.00, $18.00, $20.00',
We invite you to come and look.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
Prices That wm Interest You!
Everything else at correspondingly low figures for cash.
Mixed Peel 2-B,  for 25o
Mixed Nuts por pound 15c
Wet-hoy's Miuco Ment, per pound... ,10c
Good Apples Hoc, 75c, 8iic A $1.00 per box,
A-l  Batter, per pouud 25c
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave. ' Phone 935.
3O00OO0000O0OOO0OO0 oooooooooococooocoooc
Rules to 6e Obsehveu by all Vessels
Swinq Span in passino the BnniGE
ACUOSS    TnE    FltASElt    RlVEIl     AT
New Westminstkk, B. C
ALWAYS PASS through starboard
opening leaving swing span on port side
Do not pass through bridge uutil span
is directly over draw protection.
The following lights will mark the
swing Bpau and opeuing:—
A red light at each eud of tho swiuf:
protection and a red light at each end
of swing span, the latter not appcafinp
when bridgo is closed.
A green light, on pier nt south cud of
span, showing dowu stream ouly,
A green light, ou pier at north end of
spau, showing up stream only.
Bridge is not open ready for vessels to
pass uutil the rod lights ou spau are
directly over red lights on swiug protection.
Public Works Engineer.
Works Department, Victoaia, B. C ,
15th November, 1904.
In Tr I mined and
Also Childreu's Headwear In
endless varieties.
Blouses,   Wrappers,   Dress   Skirts,
Underskirts,   Full line of Ladies'
aud Childreu's Hosiery.   Children's    Bearskin   Coats,    very
reasonable.   We havo everything kept   in a firstclnss
Dry  Goods  Storo.
W. W. Merkley
Westminster Avenue,  Mt. Pleasaut.
The Mt. Ploasaut "Advocate" on sale
at all tho Newsdealers in the city.
Westminster Ave., next Glusgow Houso\
John Gillnian, Proprietor.
Three Chaiks, and a first-class Bath
Room is run in connection with   tlio"]
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Orders t>roni|itly atlenaed to,   night   or
day. Charge* moderate.
Office: 37 Hastings streot, west,
Telephone Number 4*f9._
E. & J. HARDY & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Pkess and
Advertiseks' Auents.
30 Fleet St., Loudon, E.G., England.
Colonial Busiuess a Specialty.
If you waut a
Ring   up
Telephone  987
or call  around at the  SiQKJ
Works, 408 Cordova St., west/
Iu any case your wants will receive the ]
most courteous  nnd  careful attention.
3000 ROSES
Oue, Two aud Three Years Old.
Also a number of Ornamental Trees,!
Flowering Shrubs aud Climbing ViueB..
Perennial Plants, Bulbs and Roots,
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Oars pnss my place.
2784 Westminster Ave.   Mt. Pleasant.*
If you kuow any items of Mt.Pleasant I
nows—Social, Personal or nny other,
uows items—send them in to "The i
Advocate," or by telephone—B1405.
Electric Light in
South Vancouver.
If premises are within 100 foet. of Company's primary wires the
regular charge of $3.00 will be made for installation of meter and
lamps. Beyond that'distanco line coustrnution will be charged
for at the rate of $10.00 per 100 feet; if several houses aro close
together tho cost may bo divided among the householders installing tho Eloctric Light.
The following ratos will be charged to consumers :
Meter Rates Based on Monthly Consumption:
On tho flrst 40 K. W. hours 17c por Kilowatt hours
"    "  next 60  K. W.    "      12c " "
On consumption over 100 K.W. hours.. 10c per Kilowatt hour.
Subject to a cash discount of 0% if bill paid ou or before 10th day
after date thereof.
These aro tho rates in force in Vancouver until July 1,  1904.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company., Ltd.
t*%.*%^*W%%'%^%%^%.'*^^lV^%' %V»*Vk******i%*Vl


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