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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Mar 24, 1906

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This Space.
S     MAR 26 1906
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three flonths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Always Something
**^V   to interest you every week iu THB ADVOCATE
-i\v among tho Local Items, Miscellaneous Items,
"^lYSFoman'sRealm, or the Continued Story.   Tba
(^.'Advertisements will koep •••.•ii 'I'tted na where
-__; g> go for bargains in all Iii, «.
ho subscription price is withiu llie reach uf all
folivercd anywhere iu thn City, the Dominion.
_>* ^the United Slates or Great Brltiun for |1 a y«ir
MTA-BLU-HED APKlI. 8rH,  1899.     WHOLE No. 861.
Mt. Pleasant,   Vancouver,   B.   0., Saturday, Maroh 31, 1900.
i' (Seventh Year.)   Vol.. 7, No. 51.
-v. '^S^_S^-S ^^-^^-/^^^^^^^-A^^^^^^mi
! I ocal Items.
-"i-s *»*•'B*fB-Anotion and Commis-
"•""r 'Hi.. Tifij-IfhexttoCarueige Library,
•Mirt'nes street, buy Furniture for Cash,
• wnHtirit Auction Salos and handle
Nl.iilrroot Stocks of (ivory description,
flit'tfac-on guaranteed.   Phoue 1070.
The Lett Block cornor Westmiustor
and Seventh avenues, was Bold last
week for $11,000.
— ;o: '—
Alexandra Hive No. 7, L. O, T. M.,
Will give a Social on Monday eveuiug
,ln K. of P Hall.' Daueiug and curds
*tre to be the amusements of the evening.   Admission 2fio.
The J. A. Flott Ltd., lias been busy
the past three days moving Into the big
new brick block just two doors soth of
thCir old staud on Westmiuster aveuue.
Tho new store is large, possesses large
handsomo show windows, attractive
fixtures nud altogher it is as flue a
hardware store as thero is to be found iu
Vancouver. With increased stock and
accommodation the firm's business will
continue to grow larger,
The verv latest styles iu Canadian
and American makes nud designs in
Winter Shoes for Men, Women aud
Children nt R. MILLS, the Shoeman,
119 Hustings streets, west.
Tbe pastor, Rev. Herbert W Ploroy,
will prench morning aud eveuiug on
Sunday. Morning subject: '-Christ
"Needs us.". Eveniug subject: "The
Riches of His Grace."
The ordiunuce of Believers' Raptism
will be ndmblistered during the evouing
Youug Men's Biblo Class aud Sunday
.( School 3:30 p. ii
By properly udjusted glasses Dr.
Howell At the Burrard Sanitarium Ltd.,
relieves eye strain which causes headache and other norvous troubles,
Mrs. W. Brown of Seventh avenue,
east, entertained on Wednesday afternoon at a very delightful Quilting
Bee iu houor of Mrx W Miller of Mt.
Lehman, who is visiting Mrs. Brown.
Refreshments wero served duriug tho
afternoon, and all spent un enjoyable
time. Present: Mcsdames W. Miller,
A. Taylor, H Eppeuger, W. Brnham,
W. Diiumore, T. Jull, W. Market, W.
Brown, Mrs. Short, Miss M. Whito,
Mr. J. McMillan.
Dentistry ns we practice it is a serious profession,
involving education, enrof ulness and skill. Therefore wo cau not compete iu prices with the ignorant, the careless or the unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that we charge loss than half ns much as
most private prnctiouers.
But you ask, Is tho work ns good 1 Wo reply, it
is better Indeed, no dentist who trios to practice all the different
branches of dentistry can achieve such magnificent results as wo do
with our corps of skilled specialists
Jm Ap FLETT, Ltdo,
are now moving
their -Hardware business to the new and moro commodious premises
threo doors south of- their Old Stand.
While thanking Iheir Customors for pqst patronage, thoy hope with
thoir Iucreased Stock aud accommodation to secure a still larger
share of same.
c/o rrwM
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1500.
Branoh Office: corner Abbott and Hastiugs streets. Tel. 3033.
Office Hours: 8 a.m.,  to 9 p.m.;   Sundays 9 a.m.,   to 3 p.m.
There was a very pleasant surprise
party nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Jones, Westmiustor road, on Thnrsdoy
ovortiug. A large number of Mr. Jones'
friends presented him with a handsome
bookense and writing dosk. Mr. Jones
will leave for the Old Country soon.
Mr. Thos. Duko has sold "The City
Grocery" to Mr. Shroedor. Mr. Dnke
hns beeu 15 years at the same staud,
coruer Priucess streot and Westminster
avenue, and is vory popular.
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertismont on
lth page, of special interest to women,
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, Martha street, there was a very
ploasant party on Thursday evening
Tho large number of guests enjoyed a
very delightful oveuing.
Sec Law, the Druggist, advertisement
Get your Dancing Pumps, Ladies'
Dancing Slippers, Gentlemen's Bedroom Slippers, Patent-leather Shoes
of the Reliable Shoemun—R. MILLS,
119 Hastings street, west,
The sorios of special Evangelistic
Sorvicos, beiug nnder tho auspices of the
Epworth League, will continue through-
oat the coming week.
Tho services on Sunday will bo of an
Evangelistic nature.
Decision Day iu tho Sunday School
on Sunday Apr. 1st.
Each night duriug the week different
Bpenkers will address the meetings and
there will be special mnsic each evening.
All nre invited.
A fresh supply of Steele Briggs aud
Ferry's Socds just opened up at tho
M. A. W. Drug Store.
Judgment was handed down by
Justice Morrison—Thursday—on tho
application of A. O. Brydoue-Jaek, ou
behalf of George Rae, to set aside tbe
actiou of the Muuicipality of South
Vanoouver vs. Rae. Actiou wns fii'6t
taken ugaiust Mr. Rao when Reeve by a
ratepayer. Mr. A. Joyco, who alleged
that ho had taken money wrongfully
from the Municipality. Afterwards the
Conncil took tbo mattor np, and the
original notion of Joyco vs. Rao was
dropped. Mr. Brydone-Jack attaokod
the action of the Municipality, as
irregular, bat His Lordship ruled that
the writ, as it stood, was valid.
- :o:	
Pore Bread Minorca Eoos for
hatching at moderate prices. J. Grim-
uiett, corner 17th and Westminster aves
Miss Dorothy Parr entertained at a
very delightful party on Monday afternoon and evening at the home of her
parents Mr. and Mrs. F Parr, "Fern
Cottage," Ninth avenue, east. The
occasion was Miss Dolly's fourteenth
birthday and the yonug people joined iu
making it a merry celebration. The
nfternoon and evening wns passed with
livoly games. Dainty refreshments
wero served afternoon and evoniug.
Present: Misses Ethel Gaskell, Lilly
Bntoher, Deauio Lilly, Rosy Raferty,
Hattie Moyles, Margaret Shnrgold,
Marion Raferty, Ponrl Bntoher, Dorothy Parr, Masters Earl Jull, Ben Rafor-
ty, Bert Jull, Tom Raferty, Orrie
'  wi	
—Bring yonr order for tickets, business cards, statements, letterheads,
I'livolopi'ii, handbills, circulars, in fuot,
all kinds of printing, to "The Advo-
oAte," 34+1 Westminster avonue.
Miss Mignon Dnke, who has been
singing in Grand Opera, writes from
Belfast, Ireland, to her father Mr Thos.
Duke, that sho will be homo soon,
probably next mouth.
Ladies' and Childreu's plain sewing
neatly and well-done, Mrs. Culleu, 3346
Westminster avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Tnggart have
moved to oue of their houses ou Hornby
street; later they will occupy the residence ou Davie street Mr. Taggart lately bought.
Mr. A. Pengelly bus sold his home on
Eleveuth Bveune to Mr. Edge, recently
from Winnipeg. Mr. Pengelly will
build on the lot adjoining the property
jnst sold.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. Harford Sr„ of Thirteenth nveuue, expect to leave next
week for Ruskin, B. O, wboro Mi'J.iiii'-
ford will engage iu fanning.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H, Jacobs en route
homo to the East from Californiu, are
tho guests of Capt Thos. nnd Mrs.
Saeret, St. Goorge street.
Read the advertisement of Pepper &
Willucr, Plumbers, 3443 Westminster
aveuue. Up-to-date stock and first
cluss workmen.
Mr and Mrs Kinnie, 2110 Scotin
strout, will be at homo to their friends
oa the 3d and 4th Wednesdays of overy
RooveC. 1. Foreman of South Vancouver has removed from tho city and
taken np his rosidouce in the Municipality.
Mr. Ralph S. Oummings is convalescing from a severe cold which kept him
in bod throe days during the post week.
Mr. T. Pierson of Eighth avonue,
east, is convalescing from au attack of
scarlet fever.
to: ■       -
Mr. and Mrs. Millies from Wellington, have locatod in South Vnncouver
on Westmiuster road uear the homo of
Mr. S. Garvin.
Read tho New York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital "M).000.000.   Roscrvcs $3,437,000.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W, A. WARD, Sub-Manager.
Conservative Club.
WARD V. Conservative Workers will
meet Monday 38th, at 8 p. in., in S, Mc-
Clay's Office, coruer Seventh avenuo
aud Westminster road. All Mt. Pleasant Couservatives   cordially  welcome.
before you let that job.
PRICE!.     ARE     REASONABLE    for    First
Class Work.
2442 Westminster avenue.
Mrs. Frank Marrion of Sixth aveuue,
returned this week from a visit, with
her brother Mr. O. Arkls, New Westmiustor.
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Good Butter
4i=Lb. Boxes $4.00
Pure Honev 5 Lb. Peils, 55c
Eastern Maple Syrup 35c Qt.
H. O. Lee,
3425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Dealers iu all kinds nf Fresh and Salt Meats. Fresh Vegctablos always j i
011 hand. Ordors solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview. \!
Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season. 1 j
Tel. A1300. ji
King's fieat market
R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Seeds! Seeds!
Onion Seiis, Lawn  Grass, Peas,
Cornj"*   i-V Sweet Peas, Dwf. Nasturtium.
Everything for Field and Garden.
You buy from us—plant them  and then   watch
them  GROW
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Mt. Pleasant.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.
Telephone  1300
LAW, the Druggist,
Wants to See YOU.
Mr. Mersdorf, ISO Ninth avenue,
west, returned to his home on Wednesday from the Burrnrd Sanitarium,
where he underwent an operation for
chronic stomuch troubles. For twenty
years Mr. Mersdorf has lived on pro-
pared food and liquid diet, nud finds
it a great pleasure to bo ablo to eat
three square mollis a day.
Mrs Wilson, wife of Rev. G. A.
Wilson, pastor of Mt Pleasant Presbyterian Ohuroh, has returned from uu
extended visit with her parents Rov.
Dr aud Mis. E. D. McLaren. Mrs,
McLaren accompanied Mrs Wilson
Mr. Jack Foster  is  improving
rapidly from his recent lllnoss.
Mrs. Wm. Duthio who has beeu
St. Paul's Hospital is improving.
ill at
S. T. Wallace, the Grocer, corner of
Westminster avenuo and Keefer street,
was awarded First Prize offered by tho
manufacturers of tho Golden West Soap
for the best decorated window. Iu the
window on Harris street was a villa
built of bars of G olden West Soap
without tbe wrappers, the roof beiug
formed of the covered bars of soap. A
snildcd lnvi'ii with real grass and graveled walks extended iu front some dis-
t .nee. If. being wash day, in the buck-
yard a busy little lady was at work at
her wash—.b, with boiler on (he oil stove,
and a liue npou which very whito linen
was bung up tn dry. Certainly the
Window arrangement was cleverly designed.
A Great Snap!
Picnic hams
Very choice lie  per pouud.   This price good for
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd*
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 280. Westminster Ave. A Prlnoess Street.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?   Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Snlo at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
dollvered to your houso.
Jack Fostkii
Tom P-11-.-.nti.
hard Manitoba Wheat.
Let us flill it with »' LADY'S CHOICE'
This flour is milled from the best No. 1
It sells for $l.fi0 per sock.
If you use Brown Flour	
We advise you to try "Allkn's Whole. Wheat." This is the
ouly Brown Flour on the market that contains the "Wholo of the
Foster A Phillips
Prompt delivery.    246 Ninth ave., east
&BT Subscribers are requested to
report auy carelessuess in Ihe delivery
of "The Advocato."
rms*y*vmy*Aj%, -****%**,%**, ■m*%^ms%*a/*.. -%%^%^%.%%^V%^*%-%^
j      m sn_rsn-.-i._~     _-•_-_ #■    ■- ^-   in  DRESS GOODS ?
Summer, 1900, just
arrived.   Specials for this week's setting—
Lustres.— Fancy figured Lustres in cardiuul, navy,   brown, whito and
black; special price Hoc yd In self Bhades of Bky, cardinal, uavy, white,
black aud cream : special prico 35c yd Iu croam nnd white,  special per
yard for 30c, 40c, dOc, fife aud 75c.
Cashmere.—Allwool CashmereB, 44 in., iu sky, cardinal, piuk, white,
black and cream; regular price (Jfio for BOc yd.
New Spriug Suitiugs ut special priceB.
ADflCC *  TO      30,33 and 34 Cordova St. *»
.   IWJJJ tV  VU., Telephone 574. j
■(_3——_3__>_i___—£—*> <H
Grass  Seed-
pouud, at the M
-the   finest   yet—800 a
A. W. Drug Store,
** A Short        I
In the New Process of
photography found nt
the Mathers Studio it is
no longer uecessary to
wait for a convonient
season. But auy day
or night for that matter
will do.
Only first-class work
56s Granville street.
Telephone Mill.
The Rev. J. A. Day, D. D., n Macedonian Missionary, is being looked for
by the police. His specialty was tbe
xiising of money for the purposo of
bringing Mnccdonioii orphans to this
country to be brought up nnder Christian mid moral influence, It is estimated he rui.-ed about t'-o 000. lie preached in Mt PleiiHiul last Fall uud nuide a
very favorable Impression, and got more
money than ho asked for.
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs arc gladly received
by "The Advocate."
RENNSE'S seeds
66 Hastiugs Street, West, Vancouver,
( Write for Cstaloguo.)
A SPECIAL OFFER, El3—All for 25c s
18 I'm kHin- 'if IaiaiIIiik Y,'f_i-utili!_ HUM Fluweis fnr 26c.-onion, CucU—be r, Heel,
L9.UIC8. Carrol and mulish: Asters, Sweet Migllnliette, I'linsj', Pciuuiu, Hwcul
Pons nii'i Wild Garden.
Wm. Rennie Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.
Select   Dancing
MASON'S HALL, Ninth avi-.ncr.
.Hits.   M.    LEb.TER.
Member National Association Musters
of Danoing,
Adult Classes Every Friday as follows:
Beginners Class from 7:110 to 0 p. HI.]
Dancing by Advanced Pnpils from
9 to lip m.
Juvenile Class Every  Friday afternoon
from 4 tod o'clock.
Vancouver AoaDKMT: Pender Hall.
Viotoria Academy: a. O. U. W. Hull.
Telephone AlMJl nr AilBflT.
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 oil  Enamel,  Tin and Wooden ware.
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Pool or Billiards
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Mt. Pleasant.
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bring your prescription to ns to
fill. We have a grinding plant
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•l-M Wnet minster
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V: I Linked by Fate j
Author of " The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage
of Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid
For," "A Modern Juliet," Etc
Continued from laBt week.
Vane filled bis liquor glass. "I sup-
pom so.' be answered, slowly. Then,
wlCh-his characteristic abruptness, be
stfld: "See. here, .1 uliun. M.v turning
up in this fashion must have been—
Inconvenient to you. I—1 want to
make il up to you. in some way; but
upon my life 1 don't quite know how
to. Do you mind telling me something about yourself, your—your
moans?" lie faltered and looked Bt
the table and round the woll-furnlsh-
ed though weird and rather sombre
room.' "I don'l want to play thu inquisitive business you know, but—"
Julian laughed at his cousin's embarrassment.
"You have a particularly transparent mind, mv dear Vane," he said in
his soft voire. "I know exactly whnt
you are going to do. You arc going
to offer to—make it up to me for the
loss of my expectations. Is it not
"That's about hit It," assented
Vane in his direct fashion.
"I thought so!" suid Julian with
his charmingly candid smile. "You
would ofler mc an allowance, an in-
"That's so," assented Vane. 'Why
Bhouldn't 1? I'm immensely, beastly
rich, I believe, ond if I hadn't turned
up you would hove been the Earl of
As he pronounced the title Julian
Shore's lids quivered, but tho smile
was still hovering about bis lips.
"As it is," went on Vane, "you are
the next in succession, tho heir. I
shan't marry—you shake your head,
but I know whnt I am saying—and
you will come into it all. Why
shouldn't you accept an income, allowance, from nie? If vou were my
'brother or son you would have to do
Julian shook his shapely head
"Hut I'm not your brother or your
son; I'm only your cousin. And—we
are speaking candidly, are we not?—I
do not like the role ot a dependent.
No! I will not take a penny from
"You are an awful fool," put in
Vane in his blunt way.
"Perhaps. But I have a small but
sufficient Income: enough for a bachelor, and 1 value mv independence:"
No! I refuse your money; but—but if
you offer your friendship, your ullec-
tion, may I say—"
Vane exteuded his hand.
"Put it that way," he said, gravely. "Blood is thicker than water.
.Set here, we will go down to Lesborough to-morrow. 1 as the earl and
master, you as the heir apparent—1
think that's the way they describe
it. We'll be friends. Julian—What on
earth is that peculiar scent, odor,
which hangs about this room?" he
broke off to enquire.
Julian, looked round absently, then
smiled  and shrugged  his shoulders.
"J. am rather fond of dabbling in
chemistry. My father had a like
taste; it was one of the reasons for
his rupture with the late earl. His
Lordship could nol understand how
a Mannering could interest himself In
such a commonplace subject. I use
the room next this as a kind of laboratory.   Come and see."
He arose and going to the door
opened it and stood aside for Vane
to enter.
Vane looked in. It wos a small
room lighted by a window with a
screen of yellow silk. There was a
strange looking fireplace with crucibles and retorts, and there were tables and shelves on which were books
and chemical upparati.
Ynne glanced round with faint interest; he was not scientific by any
"Rum      fancy,"     he       remarked.
"What's the good of it?"
Julian shrugged liis shoulders.
"Oh,   I  don't  know.    Not  much,   I
suppose.     But   it   ummes   me.     Now
you, I Imagine, go in for sport?"
Vano nodded.
"Yes; sport of any and every kind.
If I remember rightly, there was not
much hunting or shooting at Lesborough."
"The lute earl starved it—so Mr.
Tressider snub"
/'Quito so. Well, I'll alter that, at
any rate," said Vane. "What's that
thing on the lire? I fancy it's that
that smells so?"
Julian Shore lifted a -fteel pot   or
kettle  from  the slowly-burning lire.
"Oh, only an experiment," he said.
He led the way bark to the sitting-
room.    "Are you  fond of music?" he
asked in a casual wu.V.    "I'm no performer,   but I'm  a  splendid   listener.
You piny, or sing?    Lot's hear you!"
Julian   pushed  a  cigar   cabinet    to
Vane, then, with n gesture of apology
and     scli'-depri'cint inn,    went   to   tho
pioini nnd struck a prelude of chords
.    aAil sang.
,,i' Vnnc   listened   with   rapt   attention
and admiration.
"My dear fellow, you'ro almost
good  cuougli   for  grand   opvra!"    he
■aid. "You've got a devil of a
"My lnotner sung w-cll, I believe,"
said Julian, modestly.
Vane, who wns as sensitive to
music as a cobra, heaved a sigh; for
tho soft, dulcet strain had brought
back the island to him. "I must be
going. My friends, thu 1_etchfords—
I'm staying with tliem—will wonder
what the devil has become of mu.
Well, it's fixed; you and 1 go down
to Lcsboroiigli to-morrow, What's
th* train, uo vou know?"
Julian knew. Had he not looked It
up ln I'rndslinw when ho tbougbt hu
should be the next earl?
"Ton-fifty," he suid, "from Waterloo."
Vane held out his band and gripped the soft, white one warmly.
"Right.   We'll go down  together."
Julian accompanied him lo tho
door und stood thoro watching the
stalwart figure as it Strode nwny.
Then he mounted to the sitting-i'ooiu.
The old woinun was clearing the
luncheon things, and she stopped nnd
looked at ber master quest ioningly.
But he mentioned to ber to go, und
sinking into a chair leaned bis handsome head on his bund.
Presently his thin, crimson lips
moved, unit he murmured:
"Only    him betweeu   me aud     ■«•
earldom, betweet me and wealth—
wealth! And he is not married. A
young man like myself. Only hiin!
If anything were to happened to
him— But it won't. He'll live to be
ninety. It's just like my luck, to bo
within an uce of a peerage and miss
it. 1 feel like cursing him I'or all his
good-natured oiler of friendship. But
cursing wouldn't kill him. If it
There came a hissing soung Irom
the laboratory, as if something were
boiling over, and he sprang to his
feet .und ran eagerly into the nuxt
room, as if ho had forgotten Vano
und the lost earldom.
Vane, as he walked away from
Julian's house, was in a peculiar
state of mind. He felt drawn towards his cousin; blood is thicker
than water; and Vane had been
touched by the way iu whicll Julian
hud accepted liis disappointment and
had proffered his friendship to tho
man who hnd crushed his hopes of a
peerage. Hut there was something
about Julian—his weird place of
abode, his taste for chemistry, and
indifference to the awful odor arising
from his experiments—which jarred
upon Vane, somothing in the expression of his dark eyes, the sudden
drooping of the lids, wliich militated
against the favorable impression
created by the handsomo face and
graceful form.
Vane shrugged his shoulders.
"I'm a fanciful beast; and my nerves are rags," he said to himself.
"Anyway, I've got to make the best
of him. He's thl only relative I
know, and he'll be the next earl;
I shall never marry. I'll make a
friend of him, treat him as the heir."
The reflection sent him off on the
old track, and as he strode along he
thought of Nina. Though he was
convinced that she had been lost, he
had, for weeks after his arrival in
London, sought amongst the shipping companies for tidings of a castaway, but, chancing to miss the
owners of tha Island Queen, ne did
not hear of the picking up of the girl
tied to a portion of a raft. Yes, she
was dead, and he had been spared
that he might spend the remainder of
his life in futile remorse and regret.
Quite heedless of tho direction in
wliich he was going, ho sauntered on,
and presently, awaking from his reverie, he found himself in Piccadilly,
at the entrance to Hyde Park. He
turned In absently and strolled towards the Row. It was the fashion-
able hour of the day and the place
was crowded, and Vane lit another of
Julian's cigars and, leaning on the"
rall, surveyed the riders as they
passed him, The walk was thronged
with pronfenade'rs; and little groups
of friends and acquaintances were
chatting and laughing together, making a pleasant little hum and buzz
which, pleasant as it was, made
Vane feci very lonely.
Some of the voices were so distinct
that they reached his car. He listened mechanically and heard a man
who was talking with some ladies
"Yes, she's Just gone past. Looks
wonderfully well and fit, doesn't
"It's the first time she has put in
an appearance since his death, isn't
it? What a terrible blow and—disappointment it must have been to
her! Think of missing being a marchioness! And so narrowly! Most
girls would have been utterly crushed."
"But not she," drawled the man.
"She's a good plucked one. Y'es,
she's missed tho marquis, but I
shouldn't wonder if she goes for a
duke next time.   There she is again."
"Yes, there she is," said the lady.
"I suppose that black habit is for
Vane was turning away when his
eye fell on a lady who was riding
slowly towards him. It would have
boon difficult for him not to have
noticed her, for she was an extremely
beautiful woman, and sho was riding
a superb horse which she sat with a
perfect ease that the restless movements of tht high-spirited animal did
not in the least appear to disturb.
By her sido were riding two or three
men; and as she pulled up close to
tho railing just above • where Vane
was standing, other men pressed up
to the spot, snatching ofl their hats
and evidently eager to attract her
attention and exchange a word or
two with her, while every one who
rode or walked past her, whether
they know her or not, regarded her
intently and with evident  interest.
After all, and with a duo regard
to the claims of other nationalities,
is thero anything in the wide world
more moving and heart stirring than
a lienutifu! young English girl? And
this was ono of the loveliest of the
typo. She sat erect on her thoroughbred, with her faco full in the sunlight that lit up the exquisite col^r
of her thick hair of bronze and gold,
which the gontle breeze had blown in
Boft rings over her forehead. Her
eyes shono like sapphires in the clear
ivory of hor face, and her lips, as
perfectly formed as those of a Grecian statue, wore curved with a pensive smile. When she was alone the
sapphire eyes wore apt to grow cold
and a trifle hard—ono hesitates to
write "calculating"—and the lips,
without their smile, narrowed and
lost their exquisite curve—but in public botli the well-trained eyes and
lips were on duty, so to speak, and
took upon thom any and every expression which their owner willed.
As Vano looked at her his heart
gave one bound, then seemed to fall
into an almost unnatural calm, a
calm which made him marvel at himself; for not so long since the sight
of this face, the sound of this girl's
voico had never failed to send tho
blood racing through his veins.
Quito unreflectingly ho remained
whero he was, leaning on the rail
watching hor with moody eyes which
expressed the dead calm and indifference which had fallen on him; and
whon, after a moment or two, she
nodded her adieux to the group—the
membera of which had all the attitude   __ad _B«uucrl  el  courtiers—•*.»
touching her horse movod towards
him, ho still leaned over tho rails
and waited for her. She was almost
abreast of him before she saw him,
for she was bowing, with the pensive
smile, to some friends on the other
side of the ride, but it would havu
been well nigh impossible for any
one to have passed his stalwart figure and handsome face, with their indefinable air of distinction, without
noticing him, and presently her
glance fell on him.
The sapphire eyes contracted nnd
closed for a moment, the ivory of
her face went a dead white, the smile
fled from her lips and her hand involuntarily closed so tightly on the
rein that the horse stopped and tossed his head impatiently.
Sho was so close to Vane that he
could see the quiver of the lips, the
flicker of the lids which had dropped over thu brilliant eyes. He stood
upright and, regarding her with tlie
calmness which still vaguely surprised himself, raised his hat.
She  bent   her     head   and    her  lips
moved,  but at   first with no sound,
then she said in a low.  still voico'
Emotional Spendthrifts.
The muscles of the face are the-most
delicate and Intricate In the body.
They are capable of expressing an Infinite variety of emotion. The prevailing mood fixes the habitual expression.
We are the product of our yesterdays.
Emotional spendthrifts become beauty
Neck Diacoloratlons.
A simple way to remove discolors-
tlons from the neck Is to rub In fresh
lemon juice after washing the neck
thoroughly at night, and over the Juice
rub cold cream. Wash off ln the morning. Several weeks of this Bhould
make the neck quite white.
Marble fireplaces will ba greatly improved ln appearance If they are rubbed occasionally with furniture polish.
They should be rubbed afterward
with a clean duster until they are
smooth and shiny.
Anything that adds to the neatness
and beauty of the home and Its belongings not only Increases tho owner's
pleusure, but fosters refinement and
res.1 betterment of the household.
Sunlight Soap ls better than other
soaps, but Is best when used in the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
Women Buyers.
The salary of t_a woman buyer ls
often exaggerated, but as a matter of
fact It varies very much according to
the department and the demands made
upon it. Many of them get $40 a week,
or $2,000 a year, and here and there ls
one who gets a salary between $4,000
and $5,000 a year, but while soma bave
large pay there ara more wbo have
Raise What's Wanted.
Few really intelligent a_d"pro-
gresslve farmers are heard complaining. The wise man is he who
keeps hlmBelf ever on the alert to
produce that commodity for which
there is a good strong, quick market.
There are several ways ln which
the cash returns from the farm may
be largely increased without the sacrifice of much time, money or work.
For Instance, the raising of poultry
haB come to be a great profit-making
business on some farms.
Now, a few years ago this end of
the fanning business was scarcely
worth bothering with. The farmer's
wife set a few hens, raised a few
chicks and sold a few eggs, but the
whole thing didn't amount to much
and never was counted on to help
pay the Interest or swell the bank
Now, however, conditions have
changed. There is a strong, steady
and ever-Increasing 'demand for chicks
as broilers. City hotels, restaurants,
cafes, dining cars and private kitchens are consuming more aud more
every day, to say nothing of the tons
and tons required to fill the export
demand. Dealers cau never get
enough to supply the wants of their
customers, and thousands and
thousands moro could be Bold at good
prices — they were offered.
A few farmers have been wise enough to see what was going on and
to prepare to profit by these conditions. Broilers are wanted and good
cash prices are being paid for every
chick large enough to be made ready
for the table. Then why not produce
Several difficulties arise. Hens as
hatchers are failures. They set when
they take a notion and seldom when
you want them to. They are careless
mothers, almost always leading their
chicks into danger and losing many
To make any progress or profit ln
the raising of chicks you must have
a good incubator and Brooder, and
this initial expenditure may prevent
those who are not prepared to lnstal
such a machine.
With a good Incubator and brooder
any fanner's wife can raise chicks
so as to make a handsome annual
cash revenue. You should get one at
once and go Into the raising of chicks.
All you need ls a small yard, eggs
and the machine.
By the way, there's a Arm In
Chatham, Ont, who are advertising
an Incubator and brooder and who
offer to send lt prepaid and wait for
the monoy till after 1906 harvest.
This offer is worth inquiring about.
If you will write a post card with
your name and address to the Manson
Campbell Co.,  Dept.   ,  Chatham,
they will doubtless send full particulars of their offer.
Get Into the, poultry raising business as soon as you can lf you want
to make money—and keep looking
out for other good things all the time,
__,      First V.. ot "lrlnira-dne."
"Magazine," properly a storehouse
(Arabian), has been annexed by literature, but It ls Interesting to assist ot
the birth of Its now common literary
use—ln that venerable periodical, the
Gentleman's Magazine. In the introduction to Its number (1731) we read,
"Tbls consideration has induced several geutlemeu to treasure up, ns In a
magazine, the most remarkable pieces
on the subjects above mentioned."—
London Times.
A   Mother'*   Ansusr.
When Earl Fcrrars had been convicted of murder grent efforts wero
made to obtain a pardon on tho ground
that ha was Insane. Ills mother beiug
appealed to and requested to write a
strong letter on tlie subject, answered,
"Well, but lf I do, how am I to marry
off my daughters!"
e..Utxxm la H«->Ie».
In Naples cooking ls done anywhera
and anyhow—Inside and outside, on
sheet Iron stoves, on tin boxes, In stone
jurs or ln. clay baked earth. Here a
cobbler sits from early to late out on
a corner of a sidewalk near a public
"Latrlnn," to which ho attends whenever necessary; when not, he mends;
also makes shoes. Near him is a granite arrangement where he cooks his
meals. It is about one foot high,
square and open at the top, with spnee
deep enough for some chnrconl. Below the coal ls a gi^ate. On one side
at tho bottom ls an opening for draft,
nnd a savory smell always arises from
a little black pot If oue passes there
at noon or toward the evening. I saw
a stove and a womau busy cOoking out
ou a balcony, with about six feet of
stovepipe braced against the railing.
How Dew Forms.
' Dew was formerly supposed to fall
softly from the heavens, and to this
belief mny be escribed many current
aud poetical phrases; but dew does
not fall in the exact meaning of the
term. The condensation of wntery
vnpor follows upon tho chilling of tha
air. This ls seen as the earth cools
toward night, and it tnkes plnee most
rapidly near the ground. Grass and
other vegetation cools more rapidly
than the air above lt. The air ln contact with plants is thus chilled nnd deposits Its moisture upon the leaves of
tho plants ln dew. When the chilling
of tho air proceeds further, the moisture may be precipitated to a considerable height above the earth's surface,
and it then becomes what we call fog.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—Last winter I received
great benefit from the use of MIN-
AKu'S LINIMENT in a severe attack
of La Grippe, and I have frequently
proved it to be very effective in
cases of inflammation.
Padded Coachmen.
In Russia it Is a mark of distinction
for a coachman to have a very rotund
figure. The drivers of fashionable carriages appear at first to be abnormally
stout. As n matter of fact this appearance, according to Burton Holmes,
who made some investigations recently, is due to tbe skillful padding of tie
coachman's livery. The padding is
dono with cotton, and soma remarkable
results are obtained.
Useful at all Times.—In winter
or in summer Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills will cope with and overcome
any irregularities of the digestive
organs which chango of diet, change
or residence, or variation of temperature may bring about. They should
always be kept at hand, and once
their beneficial action becomes known
no one will be without them. There
is nothing nauseating In their structure, and the most delicate can use
them confidently.
A Vegetable Variation.
In tho early spring, when there ls a
real scarcity of fresh vegetables,
uieoiy and spinach being about the
uily resource of the housewife, tender
youn^r hop sprouts are exposed for sale
in thu Brussels (Belgium) market and
are ln great demand during the season, which lasts from March 15 to
April 15. The sprouts are cut from th©
foot of hop plants which have been
covered wilh earth during the winter
mon lis- When the earth Is removed
the tender sprouts are cut, care being
exercised to leave sufficient to form
now sprouts.—Gardening.
No person should go from homo
without a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial ln their possession,
as chango of water, cooking, climate,
etc., frequently brings on summer
complaint, and there ls nothing like
being ready with a sure remedy at
hand, which oftentimes saves great
suffering and oftentimes valuable
lives. This cordial has gained for
Itself a widespread reputation for
affording prompt relief from all summer complalntB.
Take Care of Yonr Teeth.
All decay of tbe teeth begins from
without. Consequently if the teeth's
surfaces be kept scrupulously clean
they cannot decay. Let the child early
acquire the habit of using a small
toothbrush dipped into chalk flavored
with some aromatic drug, and let it understand that tbe places most needing
the brush are those between the teeth.
Tbnt is the place where decay almost
Invariably appears. Mucous secretions
and secretions of food are always founj
between the teelh after a meal. They
may be removed with a toothpick. I
is almost an art to use a toothpick.
One must beware of injuring the fleshy
parts and leaving splinters, which In
somo «uses may cause the loss of a
tooth. Metal toothpicks should bo altogether avoided. Those of dull and
hard wood are best.—London Lancet
A Smart Woman.
"Bllgglns' wife thinks ho It tho
smartest man on earth."
"No," answered Miss Cayenne; "she
doesn't tblnk so. Sbe merely makes
Bllgglns think sho thinks so."
Gentleness and cheerfulness, thesa
come before all morality; they are tho
perfect duties.—Robert Louis Staren-
Tli.   One   Sided   Girl.
"She has pretty hair," the athletic
girl admitted-, "but it Is never dressed
evenly. Tbe right side always looks
much better than the left."
"That is because she uever moves
ber bureau," said the wise girl. "Month
ln and month out, her looking glass
stands In tbe same coruer by the window, aud sbe dresses with her right
side to the light and the left in shadow. Consequently one-half of her
face and hair is well groomed, while
tbe other half gets ouly a lick aud a
promise."—Philadelphia Telegraph.
A Benefactor to All.—The soldier
the sailor, the fisherman, the miner,
the farmer, the mechanic, and all
who live lives of toll and Bpend their
existence In the dull routine of tedious tasks and who are exposed to
Injuries and ailments that those
who toll not do not know, will find
ln Dr. Thbmas' Eclectrlc Oil an excellent friend and benefactor ln every
time of need.
Spencer Bros., ranchers at MJlk
River, Alto-, have been assessed
$6,000 for smuggling cattle.
Baby Humors.—Dr. Agnew's Ointment
soothes, quiets, and effects quick and
effective cures In all skin eruptions common to baby during teething time. It If
harmless to the hnlr in cases of Scald
Head, and cures Eczema, Salt Rheum
and all Skin Diseases of older people. —
A branch of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce ls to be opened in Strathcona. This will make seventeen
branch offices of that bank ln Alberta,
Minard's   Liniment Curea Colds, etc.
A Wonderful Bod.
A very costly bed was built ln Bombay for a native ruler some years ago.
At the four corners were full sized figures of Grecian maidens, the ones at
the top holding stringed Instruments,
while those at the foot bore in their
hands huge fans. Extending the full
length of the bed was n music box capable of playing for half au hour bofore the repertory of tune was exhausted. The weight of the body set
this music box In motion, while at the
same time the figures at the head of the
bed lingered the striugs of their instruments, while those Kt the foot waved
their fans, n concenled motor furnishing the power that kept the fans going
all night long.
Biliousness Burdens Life. —Tho
bilious man Is never a companionable
man because his ailment renders him
morose and gloomy. The complaint
is not so dangerous as it is disagreeable. Yet no one need suffer from
it who can procure Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. By regulating the liver
and obviating the effects of bile ln
the stomach they restore men to
cheerfulness and all vigor of action.
That man who bid $97,000 for a
seat on the New York Stock Exchange must want to sit down pretty
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never falls. At all druggists
A (liel.,,,,  Thnt   Slullrre.
Even the cuckoo, wbicli has uo home,
Is strangely faithful to locality. In an
Essex district an old cuckoo, known to
the whole place by n distinctive stammer In bis speech, was seen aud beard
regularly lu the same parish for seven
consecutive years.—London Outlook.
Continual   Opportunity.
Great opportunities seldom present
themselves, but every moment of every
hour of thy conscious life Is an opportunity to Improve thyself, which for
thee is the best and most necessary
The never-falling medicine, Hollo-
way's Corn Cure, removes all kinds
of corns, warts, etc, even the most
difficult to remove cannot withstand
this wonderful remedy.
Continuous Potato Growing.
1 know of some one living near me
who has grown twen'ynino crops of
round potatoes ln twenty-nine consecutive years on the same piece of ground,
and all the fertilizer of any kind that
has been put on was simply s!able
manure. I know that to be a fact, and
I can produce affidavits to that effect.
When he dug the last crop I was there,
and the crop was a marvel. The
ground was. flgurailvely speaking, covered with elegant potatoes.—President
Bklllman of New Jersey Horticultural
The Stomach's "Weal or Wool"—The
etomach Is tho centre from which, from
the standpoint of health, flows " weal or
woe." A healthy stomach means perfect digestion—pergect digestion means
strong and steady nervo centres-
strong nerve centres mean good circulation, rich blood and good health. South
American Nervine mokes and keeps the
stomach right.
The Pictures of rnul Jones.
'Tnul .Tones." says a writer, "was
portrayed In every costume that a pl-
rnta could be expected to masquerade
In, and his whiskers wera of the longest, blackest and curliest. He Is portrayed lu nil degrees, from the sardonic geutletnuu cutthroat to the blood and
wounds Bill Bowline type of tar, but
nlwnys with as much sofa pillow stuffing as possible. One portrait presents
him in a neat mllltla uniform, something like that of the time of tho Mexican war and with the pattern of whiskers nfterwnrd known to fame as
'Burnsldcs.' Thero seems to be one
point of accuracy In all these pictures
If they aro of tho three-quarters or full
length. Jones ls nlways represented
with a girdle full of pistols, a habit of
dress to which he wns accustomed."
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Diptberla
Pitched Lower.
In the course of her first call Upon
ono of her husband's parishioners
young Mrs. Gray (poke feelingly of his
noble, generous spirit.
"He Is as nearly nn nltrulst ns man
may be," sbe said proudly nnd affectionately.
"Is he nn nltrulst?" snld her hostess,
with mild surprise. "1 thought from
tlio tono of his voice that he probably
wus a bass."
Try    - 'ft-
you will never return to the adulterated
teas of Japan.
Lead Packets Only.       40c, 50o,  and 60o per lb.        At  all
Grocer*.      Highest Award St. Louis,, 1904.
Imperial Maple Syrup
Aak your dealar for Imperial Mapla Syrup.   Do not allow him to substitute
an Inferior artlola beoausa It la ohaapar.
-_v«-r_r   Item   There,,,,   Lonff   Known
and   Esteemed   by   Eplvures.
Here ls a typical Insect menu of
which no one need be ufruid to pur-
take, bIucc every item hns beeu known
and esteemed by Insect enters for generations past. It was served uot long
ng», according to Pearson's Weekly,
at the table of a rich London epicure,
who is also an enthusiastic advocato
of au insectnriun dietnry:
Green Caterpillar Soup.
Fried Locust with Wood Louse Sauce.
Curried Cockchafers.
Wasp Grubs Baked ln the Comb.
Stag Beetle Larvae on Toast.
Moths Baked ln Batter.
Deviled WIreworms.
Grasshoppers au Gratln.
The green cnterpillnrs that compose
the Roup feed entirely upon vegetables,
and mostly upon particular vegetables.
most  relished by  man, such as cabbage nud lettuce.
Iu appearance the soup Itself ls not
unlike clear turtle, while Its flavor is
The locusts, which constitute the second course, have, as every ono ls
nwnre, beeu esteemed by gormands
the world over and from the remotest
antiquity. "Eat ye the locust nfter his
kind" Is the Biblical injunction, and*
we kuow that John the Baptist is recorded as having lived for some considerable time upon "locusts nnd wild
There nre of course mnny wnys of
preparing them. They cnn be fried after their legs and wings have been
plucked off, which was, as a matter of
fact, the process adopted In this particular Instance, or they may be powdered and baked Into cakes or curried
or boiled, turning red, like lobsters, ln
the process.
The wood louse sauce lf properly
made with fresh butter, flour, milk,
pepper and salt will be found fully
equal to shrimp, which It much resembles lu taste. Indeed the wood louse,
although he lives on land, is flrst cousin to that much relished crustneeun.
Cockchafers, curried or otherwise,
are delicious lf selected of n services- j
ble size nnd plumpness. So, too, are
their grubs when full grown. They j
Bhould then be at least two Inches ln j
length and fat ln proportion and may j
be eaten uncooked, liko oysters, or J
stewed lu milk.
Perhnps,  however,  the  most toothsome of all  Insect delleacl* Is that
which comes forth ou our "menu of
the  day,"  wusp  grubs bnked In the '
comb.  These grubs have been fed b.v |
their  parents   on   a   saccharine   fluid
composed of fruit aud vegetable juices |
and arc simply tiny balls of sugary
fat possessing n flavor as exquisite as
it ls unique.   No  oue  who has once
tasted them  will  ever ngnin be surprised nt the preference shown by flsh
for this psrticular grub wheu used as
a bait.
The stag beetle lnrva Is of courss
Identical with the cossus, which the
old Itoman epicures used to fatten for
their table upou flour and wine. The
sixth course should be served steaming
hot, since there Is no more appetizing
odor thnu thnt emanating from a
plump baked moth.
Deviled wlreworms are eaten In tha
form of a paste, spread upon sippets of
toasts, and taste not unllko anchovies
when treated ln similar fnshlon.
Curious   Wnys  of Crabs.
Certnln species of crubs cover themselves with seaweed in order to deceive their foes. One crab wns seen by
the naturalist Eisig ln 1878 to pluck
off zoophytes, those plantlike nnlmnl
colonies which grow on shells nnd
stones, und to fix them on the spines
nnd hnlrs of its shell. A still deeper
romance of defensive tactics Is to be
found In the ense of certnln hermit
crabs. They live In tlie castoff shells
of whelks nnd crawl nbout, house on
bnck. One claw ls bigger than the other, nnd this is nn ndnptlve fenture, for
when the u»ab retires Into Its house
the bigger claw is tucked across the
mouth of the shell to bar the way
against a possible intruder. More curious still Is the habit of one species
which toils along with a sea nnemone
fixed to his shell, like Sindbad currying
the Old Man of the Sea. Grent care ls
tnken of this nnemone. It ls fed by
the crab, nnd lf the latter hns to seek
a new shell by reason of his growth
be tenderly shifts liis tennnt off the old
abode nnd places hlni on the new one.
The Distant Stars.
Speaking roughly, we huve renson,
from the data so fnr available, to believe that the stars of the Milky Wny
are sltunted nt a distance between
100,000,000 nnd 200,000,000 times the
distance from the suu. At distances
less than this it seems likely that the
stars nre distributed through space
with some approach to uniformity. We
may stale as n general conclusion Indicated by seveni] methods of making
the estlmnte thut nenrly nil the stars
which we cnn Bee with our telescopes
nre contained within a sphere not likely to be much more thnn 200,000,000
times the distance of the sun.
Granting that nil the stars we can
see are contuiued within this limit,
may there not be any number of stars
without the limit which are Invisible
ouly because tbey are too far away to
be seen?—Simon Newcomb In Harpar's
Magazine. ^^
Explaining It.
Featherstone-How is it, Willie, I
was shown Into this room? Usually
I go Into the parlor. Wlllla-Slster
snld the clock ln tbls room was halt
nn hour fast
is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its manu'
facture is watched by an
expert chemist
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and the wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your monay rafunded by
ihe deslcr from whom you buy
Sunlight So.p if you find any cause
for complaint
Lever Brothers Limited. Toronto
Marital  Msnriissi'S.
Bben—A husband's place li to command. Flo—And a wife's to counter-
Take a Felon In Time.
If you have the appearance of a
felon coming put some hardwood ashes
ln nu old tin cup, pour over tliem
wnrm wnter, Immerse the end of the
sore finger In the nslies, set the dish ou
some live coals or on top of the stove,
keeping the lingo.' In ns long as yon
cnn, nnd soak it several times a day.
If taken lu time It generally cures a
felon from coming lf tho Auger Is wet
with lt often.
/Indispensable in Winter.Y
There's a need In every home for \
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
A few doaea, at the first sign of a cold, will allay all throat
irritation—take away hoarseness—cht*fclc the inf-unmatlon—
etrctigthca the lungs—ward off the cough.
trengthen the lungs—ward oil the cough.
All the healing, soothing, curative properties of Canadian Spruce
m—combined with aromatlca.    Pleasant to take.    35 eta. bottle.
\ W\L Pleasant Advocate
Steady Growth In Popularity of
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Made by Curea Like that of Simon V.
Landry—He Tells about It Hlmaalf.
River Bourgols, Richmond Co., C.
B—Jan. 15 (Special).—Among tha
many men in this part of Canada
whom Dodd's Kidney Pills,have relieved of eches and pains and weakness and made strong and able to
do a good day's work is Mr. Simon
V. Landry. Mr. Landry has numerous friends here who oan vouch for
the story he tells of his cure.
"I was bothered for over a year,"
he says, "with lame back, weak legs,
palpitation of the heart, general
weakness and shortness of breath;
ln fact I could not work and was a
total wreck.
"I could not get anything to halp
me till I tried Dodd's Kidney Pllla.
But they did me good and no mlstaka.
I used three boxes and I'm back at
work again."
It ls the cures they make that
make Dodd's Kidney Pills so popular
Their popularity has grown steadily
for thirteen years. It must bo wall
The Tarantnln Kllllna; Wasps.
The tarnutulu killer ls it bustling,
nnquiet creature. Wheu running ou the
ground Its wings vibrate continuously.
When it Bights Its prey lt flies In circles around it. The tarantula trem
blea violently; now runs and hides;
now, rising rampant, shows signs of
fight. The watchful huntress finds a
favorable moment, darts upon its victim with curved body and thrusts in
Its sting If possible Into the soft abdomen. Often the spider is at once
paralyzed, but a second and even a
third wound Is sometimes necessary.
The victor seizes its motionless prey
with its jaws and drags It to a hole
previously dug. She thrusts it in, deposits an egg upon lt and covers it up.
In this ense the bulk of the tarantula
Insures sufficient food for the offspring, and one alone ls provided, ns
seems to be the ense with the ciendn
storing wusps. But the mud dnuber
and her Ilk, which select smaller prey,
garner many, rarely sealing a cell ere
It Is quite full.—H, C. McCook in Har
One on the l.tlltor nt Last.
The Editor (gloomily)—I must say
you dou't seem to renllze how terrible
lt ls to lose you.
The Authoress (sweetly)—You must
not tnke It too much to heart, my
friend. Rejection does not uecessnrily
Imply lack of merit.—.Indo-
Nothing Is more common In childhood than Indigestion. Nothing is
more dangerous to proper growth,
more weakening to the constitution,
or more likely to pave the way to
dangerous disease. Nothing is more
easy to keep under control, for proper food and Baby's Own Tablets
will cover the whole ground.
Here Is strong proof. Mrs. G. G.
Irving, Trout Brook, Que., says: "My
baby was troubled with chronic Indigestion and was a constant sufferer.
Nothing helped him until I tried
Baby's Own Tablets, but these
promptly cured him and he Is now as
healthy a little lad as you would care
to see. I always keep the Tablets In
the house and they quickly cure all
the troubles of childhood. "Every
mother should keep these Tablets on
hand. They cure all the minor ailments of children, and their prompt
administration when trouble comes
may save a precious little life. They
are guaranteed to contain no opiate
or harmful drug. Ycm can get Baby's
Own Tablots from any druggist or by
mall at 25 cents a box by writing tho
Dr. Williams Medicine Co-, Brockville, Ont.
How the Game Was Flayed In Ven*
Ice Several Centuries Aro.
A book published at Venice In 1555
by Antonio Scaino relates methods of
play in a real football thnt wns actually called by the same name. The field
"was so large that no one, however
strong, could quite throw a stone from
one end to the other," nnd It wns nbout
hnlf ns wide. Twenty, thirty or forty
persons could participate on a side, tbe
uumber being regulated by the size of
the available field. Goals were set up
at either end. No one was permitted to
strike the ball with the outstretched
arm or with anything he might carry
in his hand. Nevertbeless he wss par
mltted to "strike the ball wlik whatever part of his body that ha pleased."
If the ball enme rolling • toward him
he was nllowed to kick it, the inference being that if It were lying still he
could not do so. The field was divided
by a transverse line "into two equal
parts, and In tbe middle lay the ball.
The players were chosen, those who
were going to mnke up the opposing
parties, by means of colors, by which,
In the struggle of the contest, each
could recognize his own side. When
the signal was given by the roll of the
drum or the blast of a trumpet a player rushed forwnrd, one who hnd been
chosen by lot to be the first to kick the
ball with his foot. This action was un-
dei-stood to be the beginning of the
contest, so that nfter It It wns permitted to no one from cither party to seize
It, to strike It end to drive It as victor
over tha goal. It was perhaps from
the method of beginning the game that
It was called football."
These Italian games had their origin
ln the ancient pastimes of the Greeks
and Romans, nnd ln renllty approach
nearer to the modern Idea of football
than do the beginnings of the gnme ln
northern countries. Football Is believed by some authorities to hnve been a
portion of the worship of the Celtic
sun god, one of the rites nttendnut on
the celebrative ceremonies. Some nlso
hold a strong belief that Its original
form was introduced into England by
the Romans— Dennie P. Meyers in
Outing Magazine.
Oonrtshlp ln 19e—- Guinea.
Courtship in New Guinea ls begun
on very different Hues from those of
the Cnucaslan. It is the girl who
takes the initiative instead of the
youth. When n young mnn falls ln
Iovo with a Papuan belle he does not
look at her and whenever possible
shuns her company. If sbe appears
grieved at such slights the suitor performs various ncrobutlc feats whenever be thinks she is watching. He
will leap Into the nlr, stand on his
hend or knock down some smaller
youth. Should the girl be fascinated
by these performances sbe employs a
little girl to carry n nut to her lover,
•nd on the nut she will pnlut certain
emblems Indicative of her passion. The
nut will nlso tell where she will meet
him thnt night. At this trysting pines
the two will eut the nut together aud
make such nrraiigeincnts ns nre necessary for the marriage. All the difficulties of proposing on the European
or Americnn plun ure doue awuy with
ID New Guinea.
Why   the   Lady   of   the   House   Was
Ready  to  Call a  Halt.
A lady recently called at the house
of a friend, who answered in person
the ring at the door. With careworn
expression and flurried manner she
apologized for the confusion that apparently reigned in the house, saying:
"My parlor maid ls upstnlrs ill—not
ill enough to go to the hospital, too ill
to work, too fnr from home to go there,
yet needing attention from me. My
waitress is having a fit of the sulks, and
I have sent her out to do an errand.and
get some fresh air. Tbe cook Is just
uow uot on speaking terms with her
husband, the coachman, and ls seeking
a divorce, so that one or the other must
go. The footman came home drunk
Inst night and had to be discharged
this morning. My bouse is nt sixes
und sevens, my husband lunched downtown, my mother has taken the children and the nursery maid home with
her, guests arrive this evening, and I
have spent the day in a vain search for
help in fhe house. I belong to a club
studying household economics and
bave-allowed it to turn n searchlight
ou all my, household affairs ln the interests of society nt large. I am noVr
ready to call a halt, to refuse to hnve
my domestic arrangements considered
n hunting ground for theorists, to pronounce sll such clubs vain mockeries,
snares nnd delusions, Inventions of the
enemy for squandering time and showing the bitter contrast between nb-
strnct theory and concrete reality. The
only club I am Interested In must provide on tap maids who never get ill or
sulky, cooks without n temper nnd
coachmen and footmen of unimpeachable habits."—Lucy M. Salmon in Atlantic.
Had Him Held.
Pa Twaddles—I can't see why that
yonng idiot who ls calling on Molly
hasn't sense enough to go. It's midnight Tommy Twaddles—'Taln't his
fault He can't go—sister's settln' on
There .s no policy like politeness,
since a good manner often succeeds
where tho best tongue has fulled.—Ma-
Cash or Cure
II Shiloh'i Consumption Cure (sill to cure
your Cold or Cough, you gel back all you
paid lor il. You are sure ol a Cure oi
ihe Cash.
II it wain't a lure cure, this offer would
not be made.
Can any.'hing be fairer ?
II you have a Cold, Cough, or any disease
ol Ihe Throat, Lung, or Air Passages, try
25c. per bottle.    All dealer, gua.antee il.
The Samakulr.
There are weather prophets and
weather prophets, but there ls a stona
which It Is asserted unfailingly foretells changes, ln the weather. This
stone wns found in Finland many
years ago by nn explorer nnd hns been
wntched by scientists with grent Interest It Is known ns the ssmnkuir and
presents a white mottled appesruuee In
sunshine, gradually turning from gray
to blnck as n rainstorm approaches.
The samnkuir Is made up of clay, niter
end rock snlt In dry weather the salt
In the stone ls prominent but when the
air ls filled with moisture the salt absorbs the moisture and turns black,
thus ncting as n bnrometer.
When a Chinese Emperor Dies.
When a Chluese emperor dies the Intelligence Is announced by dispatches
to the several provinces written with
blue ink, the mourning color. All persons of rank are required to take red
silk ornaments from their caps with
the ball or button of rank. All subjects of China without exception nre
called upon to forbear shaving their
beads for 100 dnys, within which period none may marry, play upon musical Instruments or perform any sacrifice.
One Exception.
Mrs. Bibbs—This pnper says that
walking in the rain, without an umbrella, will remove wrinkles. Mr.
Bibbs.—Well, lt won't, not lf you ara
walking Jn the rain without an umbrella becnuse some friend has stolen
Her Poem.
He—I hear you read a poem at your
commencement   She—No; I wore lt
The voice of conscience ls so delicate
that it ls ensy to stifle ft, but lt ls al3e
so clear that It Is Impossible to mistake
't—Mme. da GUeL
Puces nnd Feet.
An English nrllst. writing In n Lon
don woman's magazine, snys:
"I do not know If any one has ever
drawn attention to Ibe fact before, that
you can generally tell tlie shape of a
woman's foot by her face. There Is ns
much character In a font as In a band.
You will generally find the round
fae-_, short nosed little woman has the
prettlost ankle nnd foot; tho high
cheeked, long nosed woman tbo ugliest.
Women with very pretty faces seldom
hava pretty feet. Nature, somehow or
•ther, compeusutes Its daughters."       ,
What Occurs When a Child la Taught
Orally and Without Explanations—
Dr. Macnamara, M. P., Gives Some
Remarkable Examples in His Work,
"Schoolroom Humor" — Some Ab-
aurd and Amusing Stories.
Dr. Macnamara, M. P., ln his hook,
"Schoolroom Humor," has _-__-4e * col-
lcctlca at 9—IMrerfs _»„t«1_es and ab-
swrditles which Is very amusing. Some
of the stories are examples of unconscious satire; such, for instance, ls that
of the case of the boy who said that
"the marriage customs of the ancient
Greeks were that a man had only one
wife, and this Was called monotony."
Other stories show us the working
of a child's mind ln the way ln which
lt has been taught. For example, a
boy who had learned his "Duty Towards God" orally, betne asked to write
lt down, produced tha following: "My
duty toads God Is to bleed ln Him, to
ferlng and to loaf wlthold your arts,
wlthold my mine, wlthold my sold, and
with ray sernth to wlrchp and jglve
thanks, to put my old trash ln Him."
This example Is fifty years old, but
the book contains more modern results
of bad teaching.
Thus, a child wrote down this version of the tenth commandment: "Thou
Shalt not curat thy neighbor's house,
thous shalt not cumt thy neighbor's
wife, mornln' circus, mornln' 'oss,
mornln' ass, nor anything that ls his."
Many of the answers in the book show
that the children bad been taught mere
Isolated Ita—ia of Information, which
they supposed to have no object except to provide questions in school. In
such cases what ls learned ts only
A child, being asked to name the
chief mountains in Scotland, answered:
"Ben Nevis, Ben Lomond and Ben
Jonson." Dr. Macnamara thinks that
girls aro more conscientious than boys,
and see sooner what Is expected of
A boy, being asked "Who was Guy
FawkesT" replied: Guy Forks Is a
man made by another man," whereas
a girl said: "Guy Fawkes was a man
who tried to destroy Parliament."
A child was asked to think of a creature that wriggles about ln the earth
and sometimes comes to the top through
a hole. "A worm," replied the child.
He was asked to think of another
creature with the same habits, and cried
ln triumph, "Another worm." Lessons
to that boy were a kind of gome of
question and answer.
Some other questions and answers
follow: "What Is a celestial pole?" "A
heavenly perch." "What ls poetry?"
"Poetry Is when every line begins with
a capital letter." A child wrote of an
Imaginary expedition to the north pole
"At last we reached tha north pole.
We sailed Into the harbor and went te
see the town."
In an account of the Salvation Army
a child wrote of the women: "They
have names on their hats like sailors.
They make a deal of noise; the worsod
two ls called captain and lcftennajit."
Another child defined a nib, as "the
thing there Isn't when you buy a pen,"
while still another youngster described
a flshlng-net as "a lot of little holes
Joined together by a bit of string."
A teacher after explaining the use
of the hyphen asked a boy why there
was a hyphen ln "bird-cage." The boy
answered: "It is for the bird to perch
on. sir." That boy, Dr. Macnamara
says was among the dunces, but lt
was probably because he was more Interested ln birds than in hyphens. His
answer showed he had a trick of learn
ing things for himself.
Their Complete Home Cure, i
Post Free to Readers of Thla Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome illustrated treatise,
giving full description of Rheumatism
and Paralysis, with Instructions for
| a complete home cure, describing the
most successful treatment In the
world, recommended by the Ministry
and endorsed by medical men. This
highly instructive book was written
by W. H. Veno, a gentleman who has
made a special study of these diseases, The preface Is by a graduate of
the University of Wurtsburg. Send
postal to-day and you will receive the
book free l»y nAtaim.—Address, The
Veno Drug Company, 24 King Street
West Toronto.
From advance sheets of the official
Catholic directory published ln Milwaukee, lt is found that the total
Catholic population of the United
States Is 12,651,944, an Increase of
189,151 over the previous year. The
total number of Catholic priests Including seculars and regulars, ls 14,-
484, an Increase of 627- There are
ln the United States one papal delegate, one cardinal, fourteen archbishops, ninety bishops, and twenty-
one abbots.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh  That
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
o. smell unil completely derange the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles
should never he used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as
the dainugc they will do ls tenfold to the
good you can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. O., contains
no mefour/ and la taken internally, acting directly upon —16 blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It ls taken Internally and made in
Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists.    Price 76c. per bottle.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
For one of the seed grain lecture
circuits, Mr- Brant, of the t-grlcultu--
al department, Ottawa, ls making
set of drawings of model barns ol
prominent farmers of Ontario slid
Quebec. Among those taken as
models are tho farm buildings of
John Dryden, Brooklyn, Ont; R. R.
Ness, Howick, Que.; Senator Edwards, Rockland, Ont; P. Carke,
Deschenes, Que- The foregoing are
dairy barns and the following sheep
barns: John Jackson, Arlington,
Ont.;John Campbell, Woodland, Ont;
J. Brethour, Burford, Ont.
Bright's Disease—Insidious! deceptlvel
relentless! has foiled hundreds of trials
by medical science to stem the tide of
Its ravages—and not until South American Kidney Cure proved beyond a doubt
Its power to turn back the tide, was
there a gleam of anything but despair.
for the victim of this dread form of kid-1
ney  disease.
W. T. R. Preston expects that the
immigration returns for the present
year will exceed 1905. At any rate
there will be no cessation of the vigorous Immigration campaign which
Is  now  being  conducted  in Britain
Liniment   Cures Garget In
A Kindly Scot
The late Dr. George Macdonald was
noted for his kindness. He once went
Into a chapel at Malvern, records a biographer, and was distressed beyond endurance at the worn aspect of the dispirited preacher. When the service was
over he told the preacher that It was
high time he took a holiday, and that
It was his duty to do so. He was met
by the statement that It was Impossible. He asked that the officers of the
church should be summoned. When
they came ln he revealed his Identity,
and described himself as a preacher
out of harness, but prepared to take
there and then the conduct of the service for the next month. But now a
fresh difficulty arose; the gratified minister had nowhere to go, so George
Macdonald told him that this was easily settled. He could go to his owa
house at the seaside; and so the compact was settled.
On another occasion fsays the same
correspondent), he went Into a shop In
the town ln which he then resided, and
seeing at a glance that the girl who
served him looked fragile and 111, he
enquired the cause. She was standing
at the counter all day, and nursing a
sick mother overnight. "Then," aaid
he, "I will Just send one of my own
girls to take your place every day for
an hour or two, while you get a breath
of fresh air"—and he waa as good aa
his word.
An exchange says: "It might bo Interesting to know the size of Saskatchewan. It ls 328 mlleB from east
to west and 522 miles from north to
south. Alberta ls about 328 miles
from south to north and 306 miles
from east to west Manitoba Is 290
miles from east to west and 280 from
south to north."
Little, but Searehlnfl.-pr. Von.Stans
Pineapple Tablets are not big nauseous
doses that contain injurious drum <g
nareotlos—thay are the pure vilWl;
S^fn-tr. medicinal teAot «rem this
luscious fru t, and the tablets are prepared in as PalataWe form as Si {hilt
Itself. Thay cure lndlgaiHon. ft in a
box, U cents.
The Saskatchewan Fat Stock Show
will be held ln Reglna ln May.
Minard's Liniment  Cures  Distemper
Jeke of the Deep Sea.
"The sea's pressure ls almost Incredible," said the clubman. "If you descended deep enough lt would crush
you, bones nnd nil, to a mass of reddish
mud. Off Sicily we rnn out of Ice, nnd
some one suggested thnt to cool the
champagne for dinner we lower lt n
half mile or so into the sea's depths.
"This was done, nnd at dinner time
the three bottles enme up delightfully
cold. But when we opeued them we
found thnt they contained nothing but
salt water. The sea's pressure had
forced the water ln through the pores
In the coring dlsphic—tg tht _*nMif
UquIiLV      >
Wastes   of  Women   Workers   Im   the
KIk New York Establishments.
Employees ln the linen room receive
$20 a month, with room and board, and
tbelr hours are well regulated, tn most
of the large hotels. The parlor maid
or maids come next on the salary list
with $18, room and board, and the tips
often bring tliis sum up to $30 or even
$50. The maid's duties are to keep the
parlor swept and dusted and herself
tidy and ready to attend the women
guests who desire her services. The
chambermaids, bathroom girts, pelnt
cleaners and scrub women, of whom
every hotel employs a small army, receive $12 each. The work of the last two
named Is distinctly different. A scrub
woman would not think of cleaning
paint and n pnlnt cleaner would feel
that she was demennlng herself ln
scrubbing the floor. Throughout the
house the question of Social distinction
Is nrgued, tlie maids fee.'—g above the
bathroom girls, the parlor maid above
the other maids and the linen room
girls nbove the parlor maid, and so on.
Human nature ls much the snme the
world over. In the pnilnnce of hotel
employees, scrub women nre known as
"soubrettes," the chambermaids as "the
chorus," while the parlor maids are called "show girls." The "soubrettes" begin their work at 1 o'clock ln the morning and do not finish until about 5.
They scrub the floors and go throughout the house with soap and hot water.
In one big New York hotel the employees are permitted to enter the help's
dining hall at any time of the morning
or afternoon between regular meals
and have a cup of tea und a light lunch
—a system which has much to do with
the contentment reigning among the
employees of this establishment The
cost ls only a trifle, and, although the
plan has been ln operation for some
time, those who enjoy Its advantages
do not abuse It.
Th© Children
Against Croup and Colds by Always Keeping at Hand
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
There are some reasons why Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is the most suitable treatment obtainable for chlli-cn.
It ls pleasant to the taste, and children like to take it.
It is composed of simple Ingredients of proven value In the cure of
throat and lung troubles.
It ls positively free from anything
of an Injurious nature, and can be
used with perfect safety with the
smallest child, so long as directions
are followed.
It ls wonderfully successful lu the
prevention and  cure of croup.
It promptly relieves even the most
severe chest colds and brings about
! a thorough cure.
Tou are not experimenting when
' you use Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed
j end Turpentine, for lt ls the stundby
I ln thousands  of homes,  where  time
and again It has proven Its exceptional worth.
Mrs. R. D. Turner, Broadview,
Sask., writes:—"We have seven children and have used Dr. Chaae's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine for every one of them with good results.
We get four bottles at a time and
And lt a good remedy to break up a
cold on the lungs."
When you make np your mind to
safeguard your children by keeping
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine ln the bojise, do not allow
your dealer to persuado you Into taking something on which he has a
larger profit.
In the hour of emergency, when
croup or cold seize your child, the
cheap substitutes will fall you, but
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine never disappoints, 25cts.
a bottle, at all dealers.
Sorcery and  the  Anatemlats la the
Olden  Hava.
For a long time Alexandria was the
inly medical center of the world, aud
.he physician Galen, born about 130
A. D., had to journey from Rome to
the African city even to see a skeleton.
He seut his students to the German
bnttlefields to dissect the bodies of the
national enemies, while he himself used
apes as most resembling human beings.
Human dissection wns revived In Bologna In the fourteenth century, where
Madonna Manzollna later was professor ot anatomy, undoubtedly one of the
first women doctors, if uot tlie very
flrst. Leonardo da Tlncl, painter of
"The Lost Supper," wns n great anatomist, but dissection bad fallen Into
disuse wheu Vesullus finally revived
it about the middle of the sixteenth
Even In comparatively modern times
anatomists have been the object of attacks by the populace. In 1705 Dr.
John Shlppen of Philadelphia was mobbed ns a grave robber. Doctors' riots
In New York occurred twenty-three
yenrs Inter nnd were due tQ,the belief
thnt the medlcul students robbed
graves continually. It wns the lack of
opportunity to obtain subjects -cgular-
iy that led to the practice of grave rob-
filiig and originated what Dr. Keene
calls "a set of the lowest possible villains—the resurrectionists."
Merry to the Last.
It was the 21st of April, 1821. Dr. I.
P. Frank, the eminent governor of the
University hospital, Vienna, lay on his
deathbed and was expected every moment to pass away, Once more the
eight leading medical men of the capital gathered round his couch. All at
once the patient burst out laughing.
"What is it that tickles your fancy?"
his friends inquired.
"A story hns just come Into my
mind," wns the reply. "Ou the bnttle-
field of Wngrnin lay n French soldier
nnd counted his wounds. 'Sncre bleuP
he exclaimed. 'It takes eight bullets to
kill a French grenadier.' Ueutlemen,
there .ire eight of you too." Thus he
spoke aud expired in a fit of laughter.
Ltghtnln_r as a Rock Driller.
"Lightning, when ln the mood, has
nn ugly habit of drilling," writes an
Kngiish observer. "It will drill tlie
hnrdcBt rock—rock which would turn
cold steel—nnd not ouly drill, but vitrify It. They havo found ln Cumberland channels thirty feet deep and
from two to four Inches ln circumference. The Interior was hard nnd
glazed where the solid substance had
been melted by the stabbing flashes.
Artificial experiment hns Bhown thnt a
powerful shock from a battery will
vitrify finely powdered glnss, but not
feldspar or quartz. The lightning, however, does It In tho manner described,
uot In one plucc, but In many, showing
that before striking the ground lt divided Into several branches', each
strong enough to penetrate aud liquefy
the solid rock."
Hard ll.'nil,-,I  Moors.
Negro heads arc proverbial for solidity, but ln this respect the;; nre fnr excelled by certain Moorish tribes of Morocco, who tnke n very real pride ln
the thickness of their skulls. The bonds
of their boys nre kept closely shaven
from the time when liulr commences to
show upon them and are never covered, whatever the weather. This treatment so tends to thicken the cranium
Hint the lads nre nble to fight wilh It
They butt as bulls do, and the weak
point lu, the skull of tlie loser Is frequently sought for by hammering bis
hend with a stoue.
For n sum equnl to a farthing these
boys will split a hard brick across their
owu skulls. In boxing also these Moors
receive the blows of their opponents
upou their hardened pates.
Come from tha Rich, Red Blood made
by Dr. Williams' Pink  Pllla.
Beauty Is more than skip deep—It
Is blood deep. There is no real beou-
tv, no good health without rich, red
blood. Every graceful curve, evory
sparkle of tho eye, overy rosy blush,
comes from rich, rod blood. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro the greatest
blood builder and beauty maker ln
the world. Every dose actually
makes new, pure, rich blood. By
making new blood Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills sharpen the appetite, soothe the
worried nerves, regulate the h _lth.
They banish paleness, clear the com
plexlon, bring rosy cheeks and ..park-
ling eyes. They give plenty of strong
blood for all the delicate functions of
womanhood. Miss Mary Jackson,
Normandale, Ont, says: "For upwards of throe years I suffered from
anaemia. I grew so weak I oould
scarcely walk about the house. I hnd
no color ln my face, my lips and
gums were bloodless- I suffered from
headaches and dlzzlness.and fell away
ln weight until I weighed only 94
pounds. No treatment gave me the
least benefit until I bogan the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Inside of
a few weeks after beginning the pills
I began to grow better, and they Boon
restored my health, and whilo using
them I gained fourteen pounds In
weight I can strongly recommend
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to all palo
and feeble girls."
Thero aro thousands of pale anaemic girls and women throughout Canada who should follow tho example of
Miss Jackson and give Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills a fair trial. Bright eyos,
rosy cheeks and perfect health would
noon follow. When you buy the pills
see that the full name, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Poople ls
printed on the wrapper around each
box. Sold by medicino dealers or by
mall at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 by writing the Dr. Williams'
Katie-* Co., BrockTUMb Oat
Caffeine, the active principle of coffee, wns discovered by Runge ln 1820.
In a pure state It takes the form of
long silky needles. In ordinary coffee
It Is present to the extent of about 1
per cent, but Java coffee contains 4.4,
and Martinique has as much ns 0.4. It
Is snid by some chemists that caffeine
in its essentialities ls Identical with
theiuc, tlie active prlnciplo of tea.
Glaus affirms that the Inferior qunll-
tlcs of tea contain more cnffelne than
the best commercial grades.
Aniiinn the Heathen.
Helen, aged four, was spending a
nlgbt nway from home. At bedtime she
knelt ut her hostess' knees to sny her
prayers, expecting the usual prompting.
Finding Mrs. I. unablo to help her out,
she concluded thus: "Please, God,
souse me. I enn't 'member my prayers,
and I'm staying with a ludy thut don't
know any."
Ae It Waa In the !!■-« In „l,i_r.
"I wonder how graft originated?"
said the studious man.
"Awny bnck lu the garden of Eden,"
answered Senator Sorghum, "mau was
a grafter nt the outset. Adam couldn't
even let Eve enjoy uu npple without
gelling a rukeoff." I
"Some men say," remarked the benu-
tlful heiress, "that I have no heart "
"Oh. that doesn't matter!" replied the
poor but willing youth. "I'll give you
What mnkes old nge so sad ls not
that nur Joys but our hopes cease—
Mnke  Yoar tineas.
A bountiful young lndy nnd her once
beautiful mol—er were walking down
die street together when they met two
gentlemen whom the mother knew.
"How much your daughter resembles
you!" exclaimed one.
"How closely you resemble your
daughter!'' exclaimed the otlier.
Now, which of these two gentlemen
do you think was Invited homo to tea?
Some Hints That May Prove of Value
to the Apiarist.
Although bees are not active In winter, yet the beekeepers will always
find work to perform. Colonies outdoors should have an entrance contracted to about 3-8x3 or 4 Inches.
This Is apt to become clogged with
dead bees, which the apiarist should
rake out on warm days with a bent
wire. He must be careful not to raise
the wire too high and thus disturb the
cluster of bees within.
If snow closes the entrance, the bees
may smother. Some beekeepers claim
that snow contains a Jpt of air and Is
an excellent protection. Yet I prefer
to sweep or shovel it away from the
entrance, as I think this good practice, writes F. A. Strosheln in Orange
Judd Farmer. I do not clean lt away
from the other sides of the hive, but
just tbe reverse. I set some boards or
boxes against the hives and shovel the
space full of snow. This helps to retain
the warmth and keep oft the piercing
Whenever I work with the bees ln
cold weather, I take special pains not
to bump the hives; for If the bees are
thus disturbed, somo will leave .the
cluster and become chilled. The colony
cannot afford to lose a single bee during winter or spring, for at this time
of the year a bee ls worth more than
three or four ln the summer months.
If mice are allowed access to the
hives they will do some damage by
gnawing the combs and annoying the
bees," but will probably not kill a colony outright Wire cloth, four meshes
to the Inch, will keep them out but
not hinder the free passage of the
bees. Hives wintered ln the cellar, unlike those outdoors, Bhould have a
large entrance, never clogged with
dead bees. A piece of stiff paper, the
size of the inside of the bottom board
shoved under the bees or frames, facilitates the removal of dead bees. It
Is eaBlly removed, cleaned and replaced.
Bees ought not to be disturbed without reason ln winter, but lf a shortage
of stores is suspected, examination
may be made and the need supplied.
With a candle for light, the cover is
removed and the eye run quickly over
the tops of the frames. If plenty of
sealed honey ls seen, the hive must
be closed at once. If to be fed, a super
ls put on and some quarter-Inch strips
of wood laid on the tops of tho frames.
Liquid feed must be avoided during
winter, for it stirs the bees to greater
activity. Brood rearing results and the
colony may suffer from diarrhoea or
spring dwindling. Sections of honey
may be placed on top of the quarter-
inch strips, with sealed surface toward
the bees. Should no sections of honey
be at hand, there can be candy made
of granulated sugar, dissolved with as
little warm water as possible. The
solution is set on the stove and boiled
until lt will harden when cooled Into
a solid cake. To test lt, a little may be
dropped Into cold water. When dono,
lt ls poured Into pans lined with paper. •
I never wonder to see men wicked,
but I often wundue to «ee them not
One of the hardest things to find In
this world Is n friend who Isn't hard
np at the same time you are.—Chicago
W   tst   KJ
Never lose heart if you have
consumption. Others who
have been left to die by the
doctors, have been saved by
Psychine, and it will save
you, too.
Consumption is a power-
ful disease, but Psychine is
a more powerful remedy.
It practically puts new life
into the system, increases
nutrition, purifies blood,
tones up the nerves, kills
germs and repairs exhausted  tissues.     Don't
waste time and don't lose
hope until you have tried
Sol' by  ill druggists throughout Canada for
il p-i —tile.
Aoniisis, "Sample Department L"
Dr. T. A.  8LOOUM,   Limited
LekoralorlM and Often,
ITS Kins etreet Went,   .    TORONTO
First Thing
PILLS  mmm
The haphazard use of a remedy
Will neyer discover its efficacy. Try
Beecham's Pills morning and night,
and'note the improvement in your
last Thing
-.old Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
Every drink of liquor Caken, forces
the heart beyond the natural beat,
lt nlso causes kidney and liver
troubles. Nerve exhaustion ls one
of the ailments brought on by even
ir.oderate drinking. Stop at once the
use of liquor. If It Inconveniences
you to do this lt Is proof positive
that you have the disease of Inebriety and need medical help. Then
seek for the' best aid. The Kaeley
Cure has restored halt a million
people back to health, prosperity
and-happiness. Write today for evidence and we will provo our claims.
Address In confidence,
13? Osborne St., Winnipeg.
In Your Leisure Time
If you could start at once in a business which would add a good round
sum to your present earnings—WITHOUT    INVESTING    A   DOLLAR—Wouldn't
you do it?
Well, we are willing ta start ypu in
a profitable business and we don't ask
you to put up any kind of a dollar.
Our proposition is this: Wa will
ship you the Chatham Incubator and
Brooder, freight prepaid, and
You Pay  No  Cash Until
After 1906 Harvest.
Poultry raising pays,
People who tell you that thero is no
money in raising* chicks may have tried
to make money in the business by using
setting hens as hatchers, and they
might as well have tried lo locate a
gold mine in the cabbage patch. The
business of a hen is—to lay egg's. As
a hatcher and brooder she is outclassed. Thai's the business of the
Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and
they do it perfectly and successfully.
The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any other
business for the amount of time and
money invested.
Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada und the
United States—have proved to their
satisfaction that it is profitable to raise
chicks with the
Ho. I-.40 Eg*.
_.__eflrst ,.
tiled, and I with to state I had .' _
chicks out of 52 eggs, Thin waa iny
first lot; truly a 1W per cent, hatch.
I am well pleased wuh iny Incubator
a ,d broodor. Tho*. McN auuiitok,
Chllllwack, 8,0?
''My first batch earn. oil.   I got
pI70 fine ohicks horn 190 eggs.   Who
can best that for th* first trial, and
. so csily in the spring.    I Am woll
pUasod with   iiii-ubalor.   and if  I
oould not vet another money could
not buy it from nie. Evory farmer
should nave a No. 3 Chatham Incubator.— i\ \V. Iumsav, DunnriLle,
"The Inoubator you furnished mo
works eroeodlngly well, lt Is easily
operated, and only needs about 10
minutes attention every day. it.
MoQurns, Moobb J*w, _A_wa."
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is honestly constructed, There is no
humbug about it. Every inch of material
Is thoroughly tested, the machine is
built on right principles, the insulation
is perfect, thermometer reliable! and
the workmanship the best.
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is simple as well as scientific in construction—a women or girl can operate
tbe machine in their leisure moments.
Ycu pay us no cash until after 1906
Send uf your name and address on
a post card to-day.
We oan iropplr yon qtdcklf from our
distributing warehouses at Calgary, Bran-
d'-ii, Hsrino, Winning, New Westminster,
P.O.. Montreal, Halifax, Chatham, Address
ill correspondence to Chatham. SU
Th* Maiison Campbell Co.,Limited
Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Dxtroit.
Let ns quote you prices
on a iood Fanning Mill
or iood Form Scale. Ht. PLEASANT ADVOCATE.
(EataU__-l April 8,1899.)     .
QmCK ■ S4 4 4 Westminster avefine.
Mrs. R  Whitney,  Publi-hor.
Smohsu -Office—so Fleet street.
London, X. C. England Whore A
file of "t-Jttu .t-ivoi't-to" is kept for
SsbsoMption Bt p year   parable  in
* oents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
V-NOOrviR, B. C,  Mar. 34, 1908.
This coining summer is certain to be
a snout prosperous Bcaaon (or Vaucouvor.
New people coining every day, renl
estate increasing in value astouishiiigly
TtW) 'fonrist Association aud the
Hundred Thonwvud Club will do good
Work iu advancing the city | '
Wby should we uot have 11 Club to
txioM Mt. Plum-ant?
Mt. Pleasant is assuredly   a most
desirable part of Vaucouver—is a
residential choice. Ah tho population iu
no rapidly Increasing it is also n flue
business location The view is unrivalled
Kor modem conveniences —.t. Plensaut
hns tluun all—street car service, telephone, poBtoffice, bank, 5 churches,
local paper (Thb Advocate), 2 hardware stores, 'i plumbing .hop*, 2 dry
goods stores, 3 real estate offices, 3 markets, U feed and grain dealers, 2 blacksmith shops, !i marble works, 6 grocery
store*, B bakeries, 'i shoe stores, 2 barber
■hops, eignr stores, M. A. W. drug
Store, Vancouver Breweries, a showcase
1 factory, 7 lodges, and a school with the
largest enrollment iu the city, aud lastly
bnt by ull menns very impoitant au
efficient l"iru Department. Tho B. C.
Electric Company will soon erect shops
on Westminster nveuue, between Thirteeuth and Fourteenth avenues.
The Advocate suggests that our
. citizens organize to -'boost" Mt. PlcaB-
1 ant, whtch is bound to bo a great big
bnstliug locality.
It is   to  be   Senator   Riley.     The
Vancouver    Liberals    Bhould      have
! known  better  than  try   to  create  11
Senator  Kelly.   What  did Mr. Kiley
. resign his seat in tho Dominion House
for and allow Hon Mr   Templeman to
eontest tbo coustituenoy, if not for some
substantial reward?    What  qonliflca-
. tiou has Mr. Kelly  beyond   being the
; reputed financier aud dispenser of the
i spoils of offioe for tbe Liberal Party in
1 Junction of Westmlli—orroait and West min
* Iter    avenue.        8KKVICES    nt    11     ft.  in.,
i ana ?:3Up. m.: KumUy School nt 3t80 p.m.
-  Corn.rof  Slut     snd  Westminster-.venues.
- MEKVICKS at Ua, in., anil  7 p. ni.; Sunday
Pclitiol ari'l niliii- ciu.s -::m p.m.   Kev. A. K.
' Hetlierlns—n, U. A„ B. l>„ 1'nstor.
'•arsoimk'i- 198 Eleventh avenue, west.  Tele-
-.-one Him
,!orn.r N*intli-  avenue nnd  Quebec    sirce:
(lERVH'KS at 11 s.m.,Hiirl 7::l(l),  m.: Hnnnay
. Pehool alJlSOp.m.     Kev.'icn.A.Wilson, II.A.
1 1'Mtor.  Maine eurnor ol Rlght'i nvenue nnd
I Unlarlo slreel.    Toi. lOfUi.
Bi' Michael h, (Anglioan).
rorner N'luth  avenue and PrliK'O Edward
ilrse,.   SERVICES ul 11 a. in., nnd 7:.Ill p.m.
Uol.r Communion 1st and ;:<! Mondays iu Oiieb
i lanntti u/t.r iiinnilnit pruyi-r. _d and lth fun
-: lay. nt Ma. in.   SQUday   School   at 2;.10   p.m.
Bev. o. II. Wilson, Rector.
Rectory :i— Thirteenth avenue, east.   Tole
phone ni.--.
»,|vciit Christian   Church (nol 7th day Ad-
- .ntt.ts), Seveuth avenue, near Westminster
,. ,reRUtl. Hurvice* II a.m., anil 7:30 p.m.,
-.Inndfty Si-hool Bt  10 a.m.    Younif peoples'
- tn.ietyof boyal Workers of t'hristian Kndca-
v.»r meets cvary Sunday evening a Hi: 46 o'clock,
t I'myer-meeMng WcdnesdayniyhtsatMo'cluck.
taken  at
"The Advocate"
"Tickets, programs, businoss card",
.envelope, lef ri rheuds, milk tickets,
i In- fact, there is nothing too small
,mt t*» larga in aommerolal printing
{tar ns,   Ordar, anlioitod,
4444 Westminster avenue
Mr. J. McGeer ai secretary -of the
■Board of School trustees attended
Ihe council meeting on Saturday last,
:.iarch 17-th, in reference t<? the filling
in of Westminster avenue school
grounds and saying that the expense
would be borne by the government.
Tenders had been asked for doing
this, and only one received, from
Warner & Anderson, at 70 cents per
yard. Councillors Middler and Burgess moved that the fill be done by
the road foreman at once.    Carried.
Mr. McGeer also said the government Woulnd provide lumber for a
sidewalk from 21st avenue to the
Home road if the council would lay
the same. Councillors Middler and
Townsend moved that this be done.
Messrs. Bird, Brydone-Jack and
McCrossan wrote that they were instructed by S. J. Brown to collect $70
for a month's wages in lieu of notice.
J. A. l*airbairne asked that a ditch
be deepened on Westminster avenue
as he wished to build. Referred to
the board of works.
Mr. F. R. Stewart again called attention to the need of a ditch on the
No. 2 road to prevent the water flowing over his orchard. Referred to the
board oi works.
A. E. Twinn asked for a loan on 3
1-2 acres in district lot 664. This
made the fourth application for loans,
on motion of Councillor Middler and
Burgess the existing loan to S. Mitchell of $1000 is to be cancelled and a
new loan of $1800 lent for a period
of five years at 5 per cent, interest
on blocks 16, 17, 18, 11), in district lot
313, assessed at $4172. This disposes
of all the funds available.
Mr. M. R. Wells regretted that owing to the pressure of business lie
could not accept the position of
Fence and Water-course viewed.
Mr, McBride interviewed the council in regard to his claim for damage
to his ditch and arranged to call in
the fence and water course viewers
Petitions were received for a ijvo-
plank sidewalk on one side of Cedar
Cottage road from F. L. Vosper and
live others,
Also for a 3-plank road commencing on the I—night road south side of
Mr. Bocholds to Westminster road,
along the Agnes road to the Maxwell
road, thence to the Gibson road,
thence to Cedar Cottage road, thence
to the staion,  signed by  18  persons.
Also a petition for opening tHc
Boundary road to Park drive, signed
by Mrs. Jenvcy and others.
R. J. Everett and eight others asked that a road in Hastings townsite
be made to connect Earl road with
Wellingon avenue. All the above
were referred to the board of works.
Councillor Almas reported that tenders had been arranged to be called
for repairing the Boundary road from
Westminster road to the north of the
B. C. Electric railway, road to be
graded 24 feet wide from centre of
ditch and 100 feet, of hill cut to grade
and used to fill near bridge and 80
feet of puncheon1 to be lifted and replaced where directed, th prices to be
submitted to the council before being
Mr. Rowlings' report on the bridges
was referred to the boaTd of works.
The reeve reported an interview
with the city engineer and having attended the city board of works meeting with the clerk respecting 16th
avenue west of Westminster avenue,
opposite Clark's park and hoped for
a favorable reply.
The road foreman's sheet showed
the following work done, including
his own time:
Ferris road $52 90
Joyce road       4 So
Gladstone  road    '  65 08
Flett  road     49 08
Westminster road     90 50
Ferguson   road     44 80
Cedar   Cottage      12 75
Westminster avenue     18 00
The rock foreman's account collecting rock and spread gravel on
Centre road and Magee road, $160.78.
J. R. Jones is to be paid the full
amount due on his Fleming road and
D. Morris for Van Ness avenue.
Tenders were let as  under:
Bnckberry road—S. C. Churchill, 10
chains, $16.50.
Bodwell west of Johnson—J. G.
Brcssey,  $16.50,  20  chains.
We are Always Posted
where to get the best BUTTER and EGGS. Farmors bring tbelr best; produce
here because they know wa can oae it nnd are Willing to pay ft reasonably good
price for it.
Wo ara particular in buying so that we way make lt easy to s-»U and easy for
us to please oar customersi. Fancy Batter, 2 It for 66c. Fresh Eggs, coming in
daily, poidoa., 25c.
Bargains in Furniture; a new lot of coaches.   See tbem, from fd np.
Westminster avei
Harris atreet. Telephoue 1266.
5. T. Wallace We3ti"iBst"-avenue*
IP*$ tm*9 ma**Ba\T*§ *\r**9 *9*M*\*f9a\mm5\*eyM fa*** W9***** *r]*M
25c Lb.
20c & 25C Dozen.
Smith      Qaaocer
Snccessor to W. D. Muir.
Jnuctiou of Westmiustor Road aud Avo,
'Phoue 2058.
Millinery, Dress Goods,
Crum's Prints,
New Stylish Blouses.
$400.00 worth of New
Laces and Embroideries.
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank or Canada Bdildik-
Coruer Seventh aud Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Ploasant.
Get Your -.'lowering
Shrubs -ft Perennial
******   PLANTS ******
kWlAf    The DAHLIA
Nursery  & Greenhouses,  oorner of
Fifteenth and Westminster avenues.
The Cheapest Place in the City,
Tho real question of disease
is "Can I boomed?" If you
or anyone dear to you Is
losing strength, flesh, enorgy
and vitality, if you aro wise
you will not spend tlma trying to flguro out just wbat
namo to call the disease by.
• It is almost Impossible to
A        draw tho line where debility ,
"v and   weakness   merge   Into
consumption. Your trouble may not he
consumption to-day, but you don't know
what lt 11W-.1/ become tomorrow, llundrods of
people have been restored to robust health
by Dr. Pierce's
•Golden Medical
Discovery " after
reputable physl-
elans had pronounced them
consumptive beyond hope.
tbey In
tlon? Nobody tan
•ver know.
Tbe Important point Is that they wan
hopelessly 111 but this matchless "DIs-
Oovery" restored and saved them.
Bodwell east of North Arm road-
J. M. Fox, $14.50, 50 chains.
Cedar Cottage road—C.Paonessa,
$13-75, 4 chains.
Dixon road—S. C. Church, $15, 50
Euclid avenue—D, Morris, $14, 65
Ferris road—S. C. Churchill, $16,
155 chains.
Johnson road—J, C. Bressy, $16.50,
95 chains.
Janes road—J. W. Parsons, $12, 18
Ontario street—R, Meek, $15, 12
Seacome road—Scott & Bowes,
$13.70,  10 chains.
Townsend road—S. C. Churchill
$15.00, 50 chains.
Wellington avenue—D. Morris, $16,
25 chains.
The council decided to hold the
regular meetings beginning on the
third Saturday in May at 7:30 p.m.
Councillors Middler and Townsend
moved that Mr. Alex. Mitchell be appointed fence and water-course viewer in place of Mr. M. R. Wells. Carried.
Moved by Councillors Burgess and
Middler, that $1000 be appropriated
to each ward for road maintenance
and construction.    Carried.
The chairman of tbe' board of
works was authorised to make ar
rangcments with the B. C. E. railway
to have rock hauled to Magee, and
the clerk to see if gravel can be had
from the C. P. Railway • near Mr.
Shannon's place.     Carried.
Tenders are to be called by next
regular meeting for Rosenberg road
through district lot 200; Page road
through 200; Wilson road through the
swamp; 19th avenue; 21st avenue.
•I ww not able to dp hardly any work at
M." says Mrs. JonntoD!n_—lan. of vanlmren,
alkaaka Co.. Mich., in a moat Interesting
lettor to Dr. Pierce. "I had pain In my left
aide anil back: and had headache all the
time. I tried your medicine and It helped
tne. Last spring I had a had cough: I aot so
bad I had to bo In bed all tbe time,
"My husband thought 1 hod conauinptlon.
He wanid! ma to Kot a doctor, but 1 tola him
lf it was conaumiilion they could not help
me. We tt}oti_rht we would try Dr. Pierce's
Golden Meritoal Discovery and boforo I bad
Ukvu ono bottle the "
I bave ht4 no more
taken one bottle the comrh ww stopped and
I bave ha* no mora of It retortllna Your
medicine U Uie baat I bave taken."
Write to Dr. B. V. Pierce. Ha will lend
too coed, fatherly, professional advice,
In a plain sealed envelope, absolutely
free. His nearly 40 years experience aa
chief consulting physician of the Invalids' Hotel, at Buffalo, N. Y., haa nude
blm an expert In chronic dlseasaa
Constipation oausee and aggravates
many serious diseases. It la thoroughly
wired by Dr, Pierce's P]a»#«nt Pellet*,
Ml. Pleasant Mall. 'Postofflr-e.)
Mall i.rriveK dally nt 10:30 a. 111., and
2:H0 p. m.
Mail leaves the Pontofflco lit 7 and 11
a. m., and 1:80 and 5:110 p. m.
Telephone Numbers of Local Mini,
ni7H»-R«v.G. II. Wilson.(An_rilcan).
low—Rev. 0.... Wilson, (rrcibytorlan).
Hl_49— Rev. A. K. Hetheriugton, (MetaodlsO
See When Your Lodge Meets
The °d and -lth Mondays of the month
Court Vancouver, I. O. F., meets at
8 p m.
Mt. Ploasant Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F.
meets at 8 p. m.
Vancouver Council  No. 211a,  Can
sdlnn Ordor of Chosen  Friend* meets
the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of the
Maccabees holds its regular mooting.! on
tke 1st, and 8(1 Fridays of the month
3 Lots
Double Coruer on Grandview,
We have buyers for Lots  in
302 and 200a
List your lots and property
Mrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telephone 11MO5.
Education.—In education,   we now
say, '-Spare tbe rod and save the child."
And  everywhere is   the  thought tbat
the man who is tho best educated is the
most   useful.   No longer do you  hear
abont "finishing an education ;" nor is
the word   applied  exclusively to  that
form of instruction received in school or
college.   We aro all going to school—all
who use head, hand and heart are getting nu education—preparing for a high- j
cr grade, if there is one.   If   not,   it I
makes no difference—we  havo  gotten !
the  most out of this   life,   anyway. I
Improve the Here and Now.   Bo huppy j
today.—Elbert Hubbard.
A woman's work is never
There is one way of securing to the
bnsieBt housewife a little time
to herso-t', nud that is by doing
away with the baking of bread.
When buying bread got the best—
fluir's BREAD
is the best—try it
24 Loaves for $ I cosh.
'Phone 448.
s in
al Estate t
The funeral of the late Chas. E. S.
Sullivan took plnee on Suuday afternoon,
tho Kev. K. Robsou officiating in the
city. The uuited musical bnudB of the
city attouded the funeral iu tho city.
The Interment took place in Sapperton
ootnetery, whero the servico was conducted by Rev Principal Sipperell of
New Westminster.
Every nltimato fact is ouly the llrst of
a new series. Every general law is ouly
a particular fuct of somo more general
law presently to disclose itself. Thero is
no outside, no euolosiug woll, uo circumference to us. The mau finishes his
story—how good I how final! how lt
putH a now faco on all things I He fills
tho sky. Lo! on the other side rises nlso
a man, and draws a circle around the
circlo we had just pronounced tho outline of the sphere. Thon already is our
first speaker not man, but only a first
speaker. HiB only redress is forthwith to
draw a circlo outside of his antagonist
And so mou do by themselves. The
result, of today, which haunts the mind
aud cuunot bo escaped, will presently be
abridged into a word, and tho principle
that seemed to explain nature will itself
be included as one example of a bolder
generalization, In the thought of tomorrow thero ls a power to upheave all
thy creed, all tho creeds, all the literatures of the nations, and marshall thee
to a Heaveu which uo epic dream has
ovor depicted. Every man is not so much
a workman in tho world, as he is a suggestion of that he should bo. Men work
as prophecies of tbe next age.
nt. Pleasant FEED STORE
Vernon Brothers
Hay, Grain, Flour nnd Seeds.
Ronnie's Seeds.
Stock and Poultry Foods.
2241 Westminster ave.,     Mt.Pleasant.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
For   looal  nows   subscribe    for   THE
ADVOCATE, only $1 for 12 months.
If you miss Tiik Advocate you miss
the looal nows.
Advertising Is the education of the
purchaser of the merits of different
that whleh adds to his comfort and nm-
consumer. It Informs the prospective
goods and brings him Into touch with
pllfles his happiness.
The Advocate Is the best advertising
medium where it circulates.   Tel. BHO".
True happiness is of a retired nature
an enemy to pomp and noise; it arises
in the flrst place, from the enjoyment of
one's self; and, in tbe next, from the
friendship and conversation of a few
select companions; it loves shado aud
solitnde, and naturally haunts groves
and fonutaius, fields and meadows, iu
short it feels everything it wants within
itself, and receives no addition from
multitudes of witnesses and spectators.
On tho contrary, falsa happines loves to
bo in a crowd, aud to draw the eyes of the
world upon her She does uot recieve
any satisfaction from tho applause
which she gives herself, but from tho
admiration wliich she raises in others
She flourishes in courts aud palaces,
theatres aud assembles, and has no existence but wheu she is looked upon.
—Josepn Addison.
A fine farm at Peachlaud, B. C.; 2 acros of tho finest "land in the Okanagan ; al
fenced; 200 Fruit Trees, 100 Poach trees. 25 Ajpp.e trees, the balance Oherrie
Pears and PlutaS. Tho Okanagan Country can compete with tho world in frui
Best of fishing, hunting aud boating. Owner obliged to sell. The greatest ana.
on the market today.   Price #1,050.00.    Tonus.
$300 Buys 4 lots in District Lot 801. 6 Room House 011 Ha*- »
4 Dosirablo Lots in suburb of Mt. Pleasant, $75.00 each.
2 Lots ou Carl avonuG.
$4,200 bnys Two-storey Store on Westminster avonue; living rooms nnrtnttv  ,
2 Lots on Fourteenth avouuo, east of St. Catherines street; splendid loo9*lloai   '
price $150 each ; terms. 't
Mrs. R- Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.,
Mt. Pleasant,
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
1. O. O. F.
Mt. Ploasaut Lodge No. 19 meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , iu Oddfellows Hall
Westmiuster avenne,   Mt. Pleasaut.
'   Sojourning brethren cordially iuvited
to attend.
NoBi.it Grand—G. W. Jamleson.
Record 1 no   Secretary—1'rault
Trimble.oor. Ninth ave. _ Wostmiu'r rd.
I. O. F.
Court Vaucouver 1328, Independent
Order of Forosters moots 2d nud 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. m., in
Oddfellows' Hnll.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Ohikf Ranger—A. Pengelly.
Recording Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
ai4 Princess street, City.
Financial Secretary—J. B.Abernethy
Addross: Care 2818 Westminster avenue
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regul*. '
Review  2d and 4th Mondays of eaoh ]
mouth in  Knights   of   Pytbias    Ha"
Wei.tniins.or avenuo.
Visiting Ladies always wolcoma.
Lndy Commander—Mrs. N. Pettlpieoe,']
2ii Tenth avenue, oast. ]
Lady Record Keeper—Mas. .1. Mar*>r
Vancouver Council, No.  211a,  meet
every 2d and  4th  Thursdays  of eachJ
mouth,   in   I   O.  O. F.,   Hall,  West
minster avenue.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor. V
39.1 Tenth uvc , oast.j
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
2228 Westinlnstcravenuii.   Tel. 700.
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet ut 15 miuutes to 7, evory  Suuday
eveuiug iu  Adveut, Christian  Ohuroh,
Seventh aveuue, near Westm'r ave.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
Motbodist Church moots at 8 p. in.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in  Mt, Pleasant
Baptist Church at H p. tn,
Tho Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. m
iu Mt. Pleusasant Presbyterian Church
Argyle House
Tho Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Removal Sale
13 pieces of Japanese Silk, worth 25c for 20c yd.
Japanese Blouse Corded Silk, worth 35c for 22^c yd.
Japanese Blouse Silks, open-work, stripe, worth
45c for 30c yard.
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
sfrasri, :,-■-:;; .{5
*a*^Wr%**'*wi   *V%  PIPWPWP*   •JW ***** *tr*m  *tm^*aWt\*n9
Is Issued
in the interest
of Mt. Pleasant
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    & South Vancouver.
"Tho Advocate'1 gives all the Local News of Mi,. Pleasant from
week to week for $1 00 per year; six months 50o. An interesting
Serial Story is nlways kopt running; the selections iu Woman's
Realm will always bo found full interest toup-to-dato women; tho
miscellaneous it'-ins nre always bright, entertaining and inspiring.
New arrivals on Mt. Pleasaut will become raedily iuformed of the
oommuuity mid more quiokly interested in looal happenings if
they subscribo to "Tho Advocate."
A Monthly Magazine   devoted to the
Use of English.   Josephine  Torek
Baker, Editor.
tl a year; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanston, 111., U. 8. A.
Partial Contents for this Month.—
Course iu English for the Beginner;
course in English for the Advanced
pupil. How to Increaso Ono's Vocabulary. The Art of ConvorBation. Should
and Would: how to use them. Prounu-
ciation. Correot Euglish in the Home.
Correct English in the School. Business English for the Business Mau.
Studies in English Literntnre.
E. & J. HARDY & CO.
Company,   Financial,   Press and
Advertisers' Agents.
30 Fleet St., London,  E. C,  Euglaud
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Get your work doue at tho
Glasgow Barber Shop
* doors from  Hotel
KltANK UsiHinwooD, Proprietor.
BATHS—Bath room fitted with Porcelain    Bath    Ton    and  all   modern
Local Advertising 10c a line each issue
Display Advertising $1.00 per iuch
per month.
Notices for Church and  Society Entertainments, Lectures,  otc,   where
will be charged for.
All   Advertisements are  run regularly
aud charged for until ordered  they
be discontinued.
Transient   Advertisers   must   pay   in
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
publishod free of charge.
"The Advocate" wishes any carelessness in delivery reported to tho Office j
telephone B1405.
Everyone knows that for anything!
to become known, it must be talked!
about.     For  an  article    to    becomel
popular its virtue must be made the j
subject   of  a   public     announcement.!
That   is   advertising!     Consequently
if the  survival  of the Attest  applies
to  business   principles  as   well  as   il)
does to other walks of life, the bet-i
ter   the   advertising—the   better    the
publicity—the     better     the     results^
Good  results  mean    good    business T
and   good   business    is    what   every
merchant  advertises  for.     If  he  did
not  wish   to  excel  in   his   particular
line,  he  would  not  take  the  trouble
to    write    an     advertisement,   much
more   pay  for  the  costly  newspaper
and  magazine space.—British  Adver ]
SrnscniBE    to    yonr    Local
Pnper NOW 1
Don't be  a   Borrower  of a
paper which only costs $1.00 a
(•,u7-.'- '.■■■ r■ -  •--•■_-   '
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone ion-ling a sketch -tid-d-S-r.nUon tuhj
ifckly fiaoertnln our opinion fieo wheihor-aa
      _ . _.      ypatentable.   Commnnlcm.
tlons Htrictly conlhloutinl. Handbook on Patent*
Iny At)
tlon teprBbahiy j
 „ strictly QOnftdQUtlL-	
acut tree. Oldest agency fur ncruriiiKpatflnt*.
Patonis taken tlirouoh Mttnn & C~ *"*
rjn'■■•-• U not.(-.', ffftbont clmiK-, In tho
Scientific Jfmericam
k handsomely HIUitTAtsd wopkly. Jiftrjreat olr.
dilation of nny .si-n-nni.-. Vitrnal. Temin, |3 __.
juar; four inonlllB, $L Bold byall tieWHdOBlert.
UlUNN&Cfl.38'0™^'New York
Hiwii-h onli-i'. U-5 V St, Wash—gton. DC
Advocate $1
for 12 Months]
(lasto Burn
^*^*> mm m ****** oi,.---. ,,_-,„ +.... a cm d mnriev to \
Gives you time and money to burn
Do you do yonr own cooking? Would you like to havo more
timo to devote to your housework, inuoy-work, ohildron,
or husband.
An up-to-dnto Gns Range (or even our Gas Hot PlateB) will
help you out beyoud your expectations. Where yon formerly
apent an hour getting a meal ready, you will find that you oan
accomplish the same in 16 to 30 minutes with a Gas Bango,
and obtuin hotter results.
Call and examine our stock,
Vancouver Gas Company.
Office : corner of Carrall and Hastings streets.


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