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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Aug 7, 1904

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 Tanglefoot, Fly Pads,
Insect  Powder.
perything to Kill Flies*
[he M. A. W. Co.,!
Jritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
A Big Bottle of Lime Jnice for-26o.
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three ilonths 25c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to tha interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
g The Arcade or "Granville Stre***
I For Light Lunch
Baited Apples—like home—with Pure Cjyatn.
Geuuiue Boston  Eaked  Ecuus
Open from 7:1-0 a. m_, *ol8*p.m.
Sunday flora _ u. -li.   to  1_! p. m
Established April 8, 1890;   Whole Number 277.
nOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,    B.   C,    SATURDAY   Aug.,  6th,  1904.
Sixth  Year, Vol.6, No.  17-
|" Subscribers are requested to
rfc any carelessness in the delivery
|Jhe Advocate."
j.atiges for advertisements should bo
fefore Thursday noon to insure their
<ocal Items. I
|Ue McCnaig Auction and Cnmiuiij-
1 Co., Ltd., next toCnrueige Library,
Itings street, buy Furniture fur Cnsu,
Iduet Auction Sales and bandb
likrupt Stocks of every description.
I.d'notion guaranteed.   Phone 1U70,
Itr. Edgar lllnumlielrl nf Wilson,
Ikler & Bloonifield, Barristers, left
r.irday last to attend Court nt Atlin.
lira. J. H. Green of Westminster nvo-
returned this week from n visit
[li relatives in Seattle and Taenina.
ling up 1736 for all kinds nf M11.1.
■ion, [14 inches long], thu Urqnhurt
lnlier Co.'s Wood Yard, Ciiiubie
|eet Bridge.   Gray & HiggiuKon.
fr. Henry Rao, wife nnd children, of
ierin street, nre speudiug n two
fk's vacation in Seattle nnd Everett.
J'he Misses Nellie nud Boll Urquhttrt
Miss Winnie DePeneier havo been
lying  their holidays   camping  nt
usOlivuLorrl-ou will leave about
ember   1st   for  Tornnln,  and will
|ud   three  month,  visitiuy  relatives
[•ir- Goo. W. Hutchiugs. the West-
jjer avenuo Furniture Dealer, and
■   Hutchiugs have returnui-i'rum u
[idtty trip lu Tneoma and Seal tie.
WOE    ,*X4M   SOCIAL--An   Ice
.'am' S.«i al wi.1 be g'v3*J by tbe
lilies'Aid of r.il. pleasaut Methodist
I'treli on Tukkday August Oth, nn
•lawu of Mr. lanch'.i lm. -e. 1 -..;■-.
IvcEtj .1 venue aud H' atiier street
Kelowna Clarion nud Okanogan
viKiate," Yul. 1, No. 1, is th-< title n"
uew wiekly publisbeil i.t Kelowim,
, by R. ii.  Spedding.   It is devotun
we ure able to fit tbo most dirllcut cat.es. WHERE OTHERS DENTISTS
FAIL WE MEET WITH SUCCESS. If yonr teeth drop when you try
to cut- witb tbem, or if you are afraid nl' tbem striking the pavement
wben vim sneeze, there is something wrong; tliev dp nut lit. Our Double
Adhesive Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty and is nnr own invention.   IT CAN NOT BE USED BY OTHERS.
IF YOU WANT GOOD WORK DONE—work that' will look well,
Wear well and give you tho best of satisfaction—CALL ON THE NEW
YORK DENTAL SPECIALISTS. We nre competing with the host
Dentists in the profession. Wherever first-closs Deutal Work is sjxil.en of
you hear tho New York Dentists used in connection. WE ARE THE
OUR METHODS, evidently without success, whie.li is shown by the daily
incukask in our practice. Our painless methods arc our own and cau uot '
be used liy others. -
147 Hastings St., E.
. Opposite tbe Camei.
ODiee Hours:
8 a. m., to 9 p. 111.;
Sundays 9 a. in.
Tclcphono  loBli.
to 2 p. m.*
Mr J. W. Zieglerof Scuttle, arrived
ou Friday aud litis been reuowiug old
acquaintances on the Hill.
At the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church
on Sunday the Saerament, of the Lord's
Supper will be administered at the oloso
nf the moruiug services
Mrs. Merkeley, Burritt Block, has
lust received n beautiful assortment of
Lsdies' nml Children's DRESS
dozen sample Bearskin Coats f ir
Children which arc selling at cost—see
Itiio upbuilding of tho  little  town of
fiiowna in   particular  and   tno  Oka-
iu valley lu general.
'■"lie nursery of Mr. OllRS. Keeler,
lori. t and Call-in Specialist, present* r
lio appearance UOW, the rones, swool
carnations, dahlias nud olhei
finis 1110 blooming in great profusion,
|r Keeler's srnck is of tbe best grade,
Id  intending  purchcr H  should    see
k'l'ler' stock before buying
[The Ice Cream Soclul given Thnrsday
[cuing by the Woman's Auxiliary nf
Lt. Pleasaut Presbyterian Church uu
lie church grounds was hugely attend-
jd. Under the soft light of iiinunier-
[lilc Chinese lnnterua wero arranged
[large nninber of small tables at wliich
flippy youth cat ico cream with their
est girls.   The patronage giveu uuuie
|lu- aiVair a success linuuci .liy.
The Sixth Regiment Band gave 0110
of their delightful Concerts ou Mt.
Pleasaut Thursday evening. Baud-
: St6r F. T. Highlield has brought this
nd l'.ji to high stand uf inusier.l excellence and it is doubtful if the crack
band of Victoria could beat in a contest.
'1 is tn be hoped the time between the
second and third Concert on Mt. Pleasant will nut be as long as between tho
lirst and second.
Mrs. Win. Cowderoy and sous returned Friday from a three weeks sojourn
at Buccaneer Bay.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Burritt and the
Misses Burritt hnve returned from a
month's sojourn at English Bay.
FOR RENT.—Seven roomed houso,
4. Thirteenth aveuue, beautifully situated, ail modern improvements; apply
(i. Thirteenth avenue.
On Tuesday the Choir of Mt. Pleasaut
Methodist Ohuroh held its annual ont-
ing, this year the place selected was
Bowen Island. There was a largo number uf Ihe Choir members and friends
who availed I heiuselves of the oppor-
tumty to enjoy a trip on tho wnter and
spend a summerday on the isle green
and breezy. The. pparty arrived
homo about 9 p. m., well pleased with
their day's outing
The Mt. Pleasaut "Advocate" on sab.'
at all the Newsdealers in the city.
P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt.Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
—.M,_nnn.-Hai.f Mantis.
Nothing better than u neat appearing,
1.1 wearing quality, band-sewn, well
[hoe. Wo hnvo n splendid shoe which
can highly recommend, cither in
tid or velour, at tlie low price of ..II..0
II. M11.IK, 18 Cordova street aud 510
l.rj.uvillo streot.
PtS'ANT Central Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
The mainline street ear track at the
,•11111- of Ninth uveuu" Is 1 eing altered
o thut cars from Sixteenth nveuue e: li
iroceed straight abend without having
1 turn at the Y at Ninth avenue. The
{ at Sixteenth avenue is linisltcd. The
Vivie street ears will turn on Sixlccuth
ivenne Y nnd the l.nbsun streot ears nu
he Ninth avenue V, wlion Ibe |ic\v
eliedule goes iuto ollcel. The extern
■don lo Muuuluin View Cemetery in
ihtmt finished, and curs will bo running
ont   thero  ubout   the  iniddl.  of thi.
We, the uudei'signed have opened a
, Real Estate Office at 8450 Westminster
avenue, and will be pleased to have all
thosu wishing to dispose of their properties to call at the olllce and list same
with ns. We already have a list of
Borne lino Houses and Lots, and Business
property, also Farms, Houses uud Lots
outside tbo city. These properties are to
bo hud nt- reasonable prices and ou easy
terms of payment. We havo some Snaps
for Cash.    Money to loan at reiisunable
interest,   Wo also  represent  reliable
Insurance Cumpunies.
Wholesale and Retail
all kinds nf FttBSB and Salt .Meats.    Fresh Vegetal
1 Irilers solicited from nil parts Of Mount Pleasant ami
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^aUg*
Dealers ill all kinds of FttBSB and S.u.t Mi; its.     Fresh Vegetables always
oil hand.    Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Mrs. Thos. 1'Vler returned this week
from n visit tu Rnriisou
Miss Minus Verge will leave   Mniui.iy
next for Bnwen Island, w here .-liu  will
.peiid a week oai    •,, with friends.
The work nf laying cement sidewalks
on Mt. PleiiBiuit which has been going
on the past month bus been completed,
and IJn.rc are stretches of this most
desirable of walks 011 tbe following
' Slre'sts: Thirteenth avenue, belwein
Westminster mail und Westminster
avenuo 1 Qpebeostreet, from Tenth to
Fifteenth avenues 1 Tenth nyenno from
Westminster avenue to Quebec streot;
Westminster avenue from I. rue to
Fifth avenuo. It Is to be Imped tb. t
eaellsncceeding ynur will see additional
reuient W'lllo' laid n|| Mt. Pica-;'!t.
The City Council will, in nur opinion
net iu the l» st llltert sts of the I 'ny by
adopting ihe leconiniandutiou of the
Board of Works regarding the 1 lity Hull
building, for some timo pasl the various civic deportments have suffered considerable inconvenience owing to lack
of ronui, caused by the increase iii the
different staffs and tlie creation of new
Offices,   The (.'ity Council bus bad under
c.iinsidi-rutinn two proposals to remedy
this state of affairs, one plan was for
the erection of a wing, containing nlliees
for the City Engineer and Medical
Health Officer ami their respective]
sliill's, the wing to be. built ou Ibe south
i side of tho present building. Thu oilier
plan was to utilize the hull upstairs us a
council chamber and committco room
und convert Ihe mums now used for
such purposes into depnrtmenlal offices.
After due consideration, tin.1 Botfril of
Works yi.t.lcnlny [Thursday] decided Id
I'ocointuotid the Inttor plau, and tho
Health Commit I co nt its meeting on
\Vr.lii'-.-ila.\ last expri. red itself as being
in favor of po,.  lining   Of   Ibe enlarge-
nie.il of tho Cilj    loll, ther mmenda-
tlou of the Board 01 'Vorks I. likely to
1,  adopted,—"Nows-Auvortlsdr "
How About Your
Spring Hardware?
Lawn Mowers,  any make, size or price.       Garden   Tools,       Shovels,
Rubber   Hose,       Lawn   Sprinklers    and   Sprays,       Wheelbarrows,
Spades,      Poultry Netting, from f_-iu. to 8>ta. meshes, all widths.
gJF Always a full Hueiof Paints and Varnishes.      »
J. A.   P L E T T,
Mt.  PLEASANI   HARDWARE STORE.       Tel. 447
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
25 cents
Crown  Pruit Jars at $1.00 per dozen.
H. O. Lee,
2425   Westminster   Ave.
'Phone 322
>-**»**i»"lr**»^* ,m/mskvm>>%/mj\, 'W%*fc/%%-V»/*^%'%.%'9
es at
Blouse?,—Lawn and Muslin Blonses in a large variety of styles,
ranging iu price from $2 up to $A', ynur choice #1.511 each.
Mu.si.in COSTUMES.—Ladies' Muslin Costumes made and trimmed iu a
variety of styles, worth up (o $7.50; ynur choice for 1*2 each.
Whitkweau.—Ladies' White Camliric Underskirts in a variety nf
ftyles, regnlnr *'...;'"> and 12.5(1; yonr choice for SI.25 each. Ladies'
Gqwub, made of fine cambric, and trimmed ill different styles,-regular
""1.7ft aud $2; sale price $1.(10 each Cnrset Covers, made of flue
cambric, lace trimmed yoke and sleeves, regnlar fiOc ; sale price 25c pair.
Chemise, regular 00c, for 80c; $1 for 06c; %-l for fl 25.
e? A. ROSS & CO.,   28Cordova St.
Any one having friends nr knowing
of strangers visiting on Mt.Pleasant
will confer a great-favor by informing
Tho Advncato."   Telephone B1405.
Ur. Robert Lawrence returned ou
Wednesday from a six weeks holiday
spout with bis sister, Mrs. Eroderick,
nt Euderby, B. O.
The annual inspection trip of the City
Council to Ihe Capilaiiu will take place
today. Cily Engineer Tracy bus charge
of arrangements for the trip.
McTaggart & Moscrop
.144 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C
Templetou Block.
Go to McKinnon's, Burritt Blnck, fo
Ico Cream and pvrc home-made Candy.
Mrs. W. J. Taggart is visiting her
brother Mr. H, Gallagher of Summer.
land, not "Brett" ns the Advocate
erroneously stated in last issue.
Mt. Pleasant Junior Maple Leaf lacrosse lined up out at the Park un Tuesday evening and then came home. The
Muuarehs failed In put iu an appearance.
Mr. Homer Morrison is expected
home next week fi'nm no extended trip
Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago and World's Fair at St. Louis.
Re.ul the New York Ooutlil Kirlors
advertisement in this paper, then go In
New York Dental Parlors tor your work
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
mil we will send free ynur ohoice of ill)
pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
ISO books. Books and picture lists nu
The Royal Soap
Co., limited,
Still At It
Some people thought we'd close the
"Lonely" sale July 30th.
We Couldn't
Business was being doue and we're always
open for business.
We're keeping everlastingly at it, selling
$15, $18 and $20 Suits for $10, $6, $5, aad
$4 Trousers for $4.
Tliis Lonely Sale will close  in a few days.
Skim while the cream is thickest.
333 Hastings St.
Mail   (Irders   promptly   attended
Samples sent nn npplicatioh.
Vancouver, B  IC.
to.    Nell'-un.isitneuK.it Blanks and
Watermelons only
25 cents
Citv Grocery Co.,
Tel. 206.
Westminster Avo. & Princess Streot.
ss nr w w ww w w w w w nr if w-w-w k
Rrcwed right here in Vancouver by men ■"■*
ot years and years and years experience, i_J
and  a brewery  whose  plant   is the most -*.
ill   tlie
perfect known   to the Art of Brewing.    Is
i. any wonder that  it   has  taken a place E3§
hearts  of   the  people  which   no other beer
Mrs. W, T, Ward of Sixth nveuue,
returned Monday from ti ton days visit
lit Anvil island.
Mrs. 11. P, Dovlno, Jr., and snli returned nil Monday from nu cxtoudod
visit in Eastern Canada
Mrs. W. Shilvock has joined her
husband at Lake Boantifnl, whero she
will remain this summer,
TO LET: roouis furnished or nn-
I'nrnislied, with on without Board,
Apply tn 1^5 Eleventh avenne, Mt.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherdnbl and Miss
Nellie Sherdahl will visit tho World's
Fair al St. Louis next month.
Mrs. Gains Peek and children, of
New Westmiuster, are visiting Mrs,
J, H. Tool, Tenth avenue, east
Mis. H, .1. I'ontc left this week fnr a
three month's visil with relatives iu
Winnipeg and PortOfrola i'rairie.
The Dr. A. RoedOn_hiou Bole Shoes.
Kasiest shoe ever produced. The best
shoo ever made for hot,' cold, dump or
iiehing feet. A groat help to one's
nerves.   Call and inspect thorn.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street and
510 Granville Btreet.
Mt, Pleasnnt Intermediate Maple
Leaf lacrosse team has arranged for n
matoh with tie New Westminster
Intermediate team for Monday evening
next in the Royal Oity.
Miss Villa Hall, urguiii.-l uf Mi. Pli OS-
ani Methodisl Church, is inking 11
mouth's v .-" " Miss (lortrudo Wood
bus kindly cuuseuttM ' tnke Miss Hall's
place at tho organ tor n   luuth,
Mr. ,1.11. Lnursen "• 1'il'th avenue,
loft ou '1 hursda; for 11 visit to bis old
borne lu Denmark. Mr, Lnhrsou will
visit tbe Si. Louis Kxixisltion before
sailing from New York OU ..ngui.l Ulst.
Till) Al ..XANDRA
EbKOIBOLTSlH PaIII-'iK nl' H-lirilress-
iug, .Manicuring,   fc'ucia]   Massage  and
Bcalp Tieatineul for Ltdios aud Gentle'
men. SuporflnocK I air. warts end
juoles rennived by Klcvtrmysis.
Valuable luformution given to overy
lady pat rnn nn "How In lake eare nf
Skin Fund for building np the wasting
tissue. Oraugo Flower Cream 10 prevent ; ud heal sunburn.
Mai ami: HuMl'iiui.vs, 680 Granville
Pull Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor, Westminster ave., ,«.- Dufferin St.
Lawn Grass Seeds;!
Clover nnd Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry uud Animal Poods,
Pratt's Lice Killer, I
Holly Chick Komi, Beefsornps, Eto.
Si/piTi-i Corner   ninth avenue &
.  _\.__I I 11  WBSTMINSTBK KOAI).
Tel.-1.1.    18 8 7.
71 Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi K
can supplant ?    Doz., tjuarts $2.   Doz., pints  $|,
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429
Liquor Stores ami HotcU
Knr Sale at all lir-l-eluss Salnnns
or ih livorod to yonr honse.
The Great
Sale at
Even thing i
. I. .Ill li   nut :
i  ln.v   for   11 ii tl l"
Omil I1." ■ und many canes li ■
I , -. i in i II Hosiery, Glove-,
iloi'sutB. I'm'.-:ivcttr, MlfUuery in d
;•. , i..',v. nr Ooodn. Alb ud II I
hull tor bargains.
B.C. Griinuliiti'd Sogi r,100 !-- sod ,
B, t' Crun. Sugar M Ih saokH '"
ii; llvle'H llui.giiriaii Klnnr*'.l . pr sack
Isl clnsB   Dairy  Butter, ~ pounds, 46c
1st class < iii per gallon nee.
li. II. WALL.'i'K, 'Plioue IBW.  I
Mt. Pleasnnt. Free dollvory
Mr. and Mrs. Ii. L Tompkins bavo
moved from Thirteenth avouuo to 0fi8|
Nluth avenue, Fairview.
Mr. IT. Domoney is building u smnll!
t\,n-:.tnrey dwelling on corner nf
Twelfth and Westminster avouuos.
The following icdlos formed a party
v,ho enjoyed the Irip mi the liiitanrii
Monday; Mrs. (Dr.) Lawrence, Mrs.
Jns, find.on, Mrs. Gnllngher, Mistes
Chamber., Bomors, Dpd&ou ami
M ■ iiiiiox —Boru  to  Mr,
Frank Marriou of Sixth e.v.
nut 2d, a son.
i Irooh .' i- -  Boru lo Mr. and Mrs. .1
Crookali, Westminster road,  Aug. '.•!.
It ,-nn.
i Ii ,i- hi 'I Bbeotlug«, twilled,
two yards wide, 80o yard.
i, ,M. i'Towi in". , I    foi   ' ■ yd
(ilBt'S   WlllilS,      led      nr      blue
eiiM k, -' yi rd.
Ii Inch ( n am Dtininiki  18c I r
46c yiud.
While Mnttllit I0t jhi.l
'I ■■ ri ,1 ,i,.| l'..:e-y I n I ■ ( l.«.il-.
up In .1, for •'.'.'■ y.r-l.
|)|,, i. Pnffi . pi n riik, worth
; ;c, for SS • yard.
I ' -' I,..,;-. -. whil : d
coined, worth np to (8.71,  for -J.
J'i.pie and fie. I;    Itlltso llj •:-l
Have You
Anything New
To-day ?
Thl- Isnqnentinu you'll oftou
l i icrnl "TliOHKT > "
Ami It's not of that \vc huve to
scratch onr heads and think
w I...iii. r to suv "Ves" or "No."
Wi- believe we can "Yiss"
I in. Iti..:l\. - ix «l:«y- in ererv  week
Of II..      ':.'.t.
i. -■ l lu j '...'•!< nvcr thu iiiiuiths
tha' b.. ,■ gone in tins yeur M hunt,
mc dn nm think a l.iwnvs. day him
p iMt-tl lu   ,\!.ieb   we  have  not   ru-
eulvcil uew goods olthtr by express
or by r "i,"hi
K So yon t'e il is |rissilile In keep
'_, In iii'l'int ii'i.eb wuli the ideas in
Jewelry nf "Tmmi.Y s" in many
c ,-i - long I ■' re ynu have reed of
Ilium iu y.ier favorite magazine,
g. Hud UrauvUe 8*4
h Inspector C. P. R.
i onii i
^*.-,*,T,'^1-.*-v -%^%-»^-*J%. *%>*»
Epworth,  B. C.
F-,r ".deal  New.- Rend Tin; Ahvocati-
Fnr   Ick'u'.  newt,  mitiscrilie    for  THE
I ADVOCATE only *l for 12 inoiith-.
Tlie    Muuntulueers'    Torp?ichoreiui [   ^,. r.,.,i ji,.s   Melutiro nud family
Club will give a   dunce  on Thursday j„(t Wcdnchday via;G   H   li .   to speud
evening   next.     Ice   cream   and other 11( |(...,. ,;,IV,. u ;,|, j|, .  ,|   s:...: il   lu   '
refrcphiueiit.i will b» served  during the Uorln,    Miiis Ada 1'i'iV.t I   ltH'pir.|  hou«
evening.   The devotees of Tel'lisiohoro jor (ll   ;-,,,-;, .. |, ;.   R    Frost,   dine"
so fui'tniiate ns tr receive an  invitation,   !lu,;   aUd h,.,,
aro looking forward to a delightful-tl-uo -   _ .
Mr. P, I. Vos|« f Ic- nl "'-ii i unplt I'd
iii: nb rry pickiu " np to tin pn unl li
Tie-t'ily Grocery  de.lvcrs groceries h„BSOid0\t'i'ou' toil ti   thi   !:..'. ('.ni-
.(.. ry day nu Mt, Pl.i.iuut;   'pllOUU28- \'u  •     v.r.
At    KliN N i: » V ' 3
301 Has.i.ir;s street.
Now is the time to
cHpose ifQSES
while   in   bloom—for
Fall planting*
Chas. Keeler
• ...i:   Street Cars pass thy phu o,
;.';.;: Westmiiistor Ave.    Mi. Pit a anl
if you miss Tin: Advocate yon miss
hylooal uows.
. -   -i 'llie: lei     Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
K. Ii.
;'"i'.e,   Proprietor.
oo OO oo
','■. ii'.-'.■-.-..'.i-    and    Retail
Meats    of
Give US trial.
Prompt Delivery.
»** ■ -
-.•Wright. I_0». k. IK. BOWEN-MERRILL COMrAMT
pirogue, balancing himself with care, to
use u short pole In shoving driftwood
out of bis way, uud moro than mice he
looked to Beverley as If be had plunged.
headlong into the dark water.
Beverley stood at ease, idly and half
dreamily looking on, when suddenly
something caused a catastrophe, which
for a moment he did not comprehend.
I In fact, the mini in the pirogue came
to grief, as a mnn in a pirogue is very
apt to do. and fairly somersaulted oyer-
M. Roussillon was absent when Cup-
tain Helm and his party came. Ron.!
de Rouville, nominally tn command uf
the fort, but actually enjoying some excellent grouse shunting with a bell
mouthed old fowling piece on n distant
prairie, could not be present to deliver
up tbe post, and as there was no garrison Jnst then visible Helm took possession without any furinalities.
"I think, lieutenant, that you'd belter
look around through the village and see
lf you can scare up this Captain Whnt's-
hls-naine," said Ihe new cuinniander to
a stalwart young otlleer whn had enme
with him. "I can't think uf these
French names without getiing my brain
In a twist. Do you happen to recollect
the captain's name, lieutenant."
"Yes, sir—Gnspard Kousslilon It reads
In Colonel Clark's order, hut I am Inld
that he's sway on a trading tour," said
the young man.
"Vou may he told anything by these
hnlr tongued pnrlyvoos," Helm remark,
ed. 'lit won't hurt, anyway, to lind out
where he lives uud make a formal call.
Just for appearance sake, und to inquire ubout his health. I wish you
would try It, sir, and let me know the
The lieutenant felt that this was a
peremptory order and turned about to
obey promptly.
"And I say, Beverley, come back sober lf you possibly can," Helm added
In bis most genial tone, thinking It a
grent piece of humor to suggest sobriety to a man whose marked difference
from the men of that time was his total abstinence from Intoxicating drinks.
Lieutenant Fltzhugb Beverley was a
Vlrglnlun of Virginians. llis family
bad long been prominent in colonial
affairs and boasted n record of great
achievements both In peace and In war.
He was the only snn of bis parents
and heir.to a line estate consisting of
lands and slaves; but, like many another of the restless young cavaliers
of the Old Dominion, be had come In
search of adventure over into Kentucky, along tbe path blazed by Daniel Boone, and when Clark organized
bis little army tbe young man's
patriotic and ehlvalrlc nature leaped
at tbe opportunity to serve bis country
under so gallant a commander.
Intent upon his formal mission, Lieutenant Beverley stalked boldly into tlie
inclosure at Itousslllon place and was
met ou the gallery by Mme. Itousslllon
In one of her worst moods. She glared
at him with her hands on ber hips, ber
mouth Bet Irritably aslant upward, ber
eyebrows gathered Iuto a dark knot
over her nose. It would be bard to
imagine a more forbidding countenance, and for supplementary effect out
popped hunchback Jean to stand behind her, with bis big head lying back
In the hollow of Ids shoulders and bis
long chin elevated, while be gawped Intently up into Beverley's/ace,
"Bon jour, nintkime." said.the lieutenant, lifting his but and speaking
with a pleiisunt accent. "Would it be
agreeable to Captain Roussillon for
me to see bim u moment?"
Despite Beverley's cleverness In using tlie French language he bad a de-
.-id.al briisiiueness of manner and a
curt, turn of voice not In the least Gallic. 'True, the soft Virginian Intonation
marked every word, and his obeisance
was as low ns if Mine. Itousslllon had
been a queen, but the light French
grace was wholly lucking,
"What do you want of my husbandV"
Mine. Ronsslllon demanded.
"Nothing unpleasant. I ussure you,
nindame." said Beverley.
"Well, he's mil at home, m'sieu'; he's
up the river for a few days."
She relaxed her stare, untied her
eyebrows and even let fall ber bauds
from her sholliikc hips.
"Thnnk .vou. niadame." said Beverley, -bowing again. "I am sorry not to
have seen him."
As be was Iurnlng to go n shimmer
of brown bait' streaked with gold
struck upon his vision from Just Willi-
lu the door. lie paused, us If III response to a military command, While a
pair of gray eyes met bis wilh n Hush.
The cabin room was III lighted, but the
crepuscular dimness did not r.•■cm to
binder bis sight. Beyond the girl's
figure a pair of slender swords hung
crossed aslant ou the wall opposite tbe
low door.
The rough frame of the doorway
ga?e Just the rustle selling suited to
Alice's costume, the most striking part
of which was a grayish short gown
eliding Just above her fringed buckskin moccasins. Around her betid slm
bad bound a blue kerchief, a wide curlier of which lay over her crown like
u Iqose cup. Her bright hair bung free
upon ber shoulders lu tumbled half
Beverley could not stare at the girl,
and no sooner bad he turned bis back
upon ber than the picture lu bis mind
changed like a scene In u kaleidoscope,
Hei. uow saw a lull, finely developed
figure and K face delicately oval, with
a low, wjde forehead, arched brows, a
straight, slightly tip tilted nose, a
nioutb sweet and full, dimpled cheeks
and a strong chin set above a faultless
throat. His Imagination In easting off
lis llrst Impression was Inclined to exaggerate Alice's beauty and to dwell
upon Its plcluresipieness. He smiled
as be walked back to the fort and
even found himself whistling guyly a
snatch from a rollicking fiddle tune
that he hud beard wben a boy.
A -ENrlNll  BOUT
A PEW days after Helm's arrival M. Itousslllon returned
to Vlncennes, and if he wus
sorely touched iu bis amour
propre by seeing lis suddenly acquired
military rank and title drop away be
did uot let It be known In bis fellow
citizens. He promptly called upon the
new commander and mads acquaintance with Lieutenant Fltzhugb Beverley, who Just then was superintending
the work of cleaning up uu old cannon
in the fort and mending some broaks
in the stockade.
Helm formed u great liking for the
big French-nun, whose breezy freedom
of manner and expansive good humor
struck liim I'avurably from the beginning. M. Rousslllon's ability to speak
English with considerable ease helped
the friendship along, nn doubt; at all
events their lirst interview ended with
u hearty show of good fellowship, and
as time passed they became almost Ill-
separable companions during M. Rous-
sillun's periods of rest from liis trading
excursions aiming the Indians. Thoy
played cards and brewed lint drinks
over which they told uiurvelouB stories,
the latest one Invariably surpassing ull
ils predecessors.
Helm hsd an eye to business, and
turned M. Rousslllon's knowledge of
the Indians to valuable account, so
that be soon bad very pleasant relations wltb most of the tribes within
reach of his agents. This gave a feeling of great security to the people of
Vincennes. They pursued their narrow agricultural activities with excellent results und redoubled those social
gayeties which, even In hut and cabin
under ull the adverse conditions of extreme frontier life, were dear to the
volatile and genial French temperament.
Lieutenant Beverley found much to
Interest blm in the quaint town, but
the piece de resistance wus Oncle
Jnzon, who proved to be both fascinating and unmanageable—ta hard nut to
crack, yet possessing a kernel absolutely original In flavor. Beverley visited blm one evening in bis but—it
might better be called a den—a curiously built thing, with walls of vertical
poles set in a quadrangular trench dug
In the ground, uud roofed with grass.
Inside nnd out It was plastered with
Clay, and the floor of dried mud was as
smooth and hard as concrete paving.
In one end there was a wide fireplace
grimy with soot. In the otber a mere
peephole for a window; a wooden
bench, a bed of skins and two or three
stools were barely visible in the gloi.m.
in the doorway Oncle Jazon sut whittling a slender billet of hickory Into u
ramrod for bis long flintlock American
"Maybe ye know Simon Kenton."
said the old man. utter be and Beverley
bad conversed for awhile, "seeing that
you are from Kentucky—eh?''
"Yes. I do know hlin well; he's n
warm personal friend of mine," said
Beverley with quick Interest, for it
surprised bim that Oncle Jazon should
know anything aJiotit Kenton. "Do you
know him, M. Jazon."
Oncle Jazon winked conceitedly and
sighted along his rudimentary ramrod
to see If It was Straight, then, puckering bis lips us lf on the point of whistling, made an atlirniative noise quite
impossible to spell.
"Well. I'm glad you nre acquainted
With Kenton," said Beverley. "Where
did you and he eome together?"
Oncle .lazon chuckled reiuiniscenlly
and scratched the skinless, cicatrized
spot where his scalp had once Hour
"Oh, several places," he answered.
"Ye see Ihet hair a-liangin' there on
the wull?" He pointed at u dry wisp
dangling under a peg In a log barely
visible by the bad light "Well, thet's
my scalp. He, be, ho!" He snickered
as If the fact were a most enjoyable
joke. "Simon Kenton can tell ye about
thet little affair. The Indians thought
I was dead, und they took my hair; but
I wasn't dead. I was Just u-glvlif 'ein
n possum act. When tbey was gone I
got up from where 1 was a-luyln' and
trotted off. My head was sore, und.
ventrelileu, but 1 was mud! He, he.
All this time he spoke In French,
und the English but poorly paraphrases bis odd turns of expression. Ills
grimaces and grunts canuot even be
lt was a long story, iib Beverley received it. told scrupplly, but wltb certain rude art. In Ibe end Oncle Jazon
said with unctuous self satisfaction;
"Accidents will happen. I got my
chance at thet Indlun who skinned my
head, and I Jes' took a bead on 'im wilh
my old riflo.   I can't shoot much, never
could, but i happened to bit 'im square
In tho lei" eye, what I shot at, aud It
was n hundred yards.    Down be tumbles,  uud 1  runs to im  und finds  my
same old  sculp a-hangin'  to bis belt. I
Well.   I   lifted  off  Ills  hair  will)   my
knife and  untied mine from the belt,  |
and then I had both scalps -he, he, be!  I
Ve  ask  Simon  Kenton when ye see '
'lm.    He was along at the same time,   i
and tbey mude 'lm run the ga'ntlet and
pretty   nigh   beat ths  lifo out of  'im
Twilight and moonlight were blend-  I
Ing softly when Beverley, on bis way
back to the fort, departing from a ill   !
reet course, went along the river's side I
southward to have a few moments of ]
reflective strolling within reach of Ihe
water's   pleasant   murmur   and   the
town's  Indefinite evening  stir.    Rich
sweetness,  the gift  of early  autumn,
wns on the air blowing softly out of a
lilac west and singing  In  the willow
fringe tintt hung here und there over
the bank.
On Ibe farther Ride of the river's wide
flow, swollen by recent heavy rains.
Beverley Raw a pirogue. In one end of
which a dark figure swayed to the
Strokes of n paddle. The slender and
shallow little craft was bobbing on the
choppy waves nnd taking a zl'.'zag
Course aiming floating logs uud masses
of lighter driftwood while making slow
bill certain headway toward tl.. hither
Beverley took n bit of punk and n
Hint and steel from bis pocket, relit Ills
pipe and slood watching the skillful
bontninu conduct bis somewhat dangerous  voyage diagonally   against   the
rolling current,   ft was a shifting, hide
und seek scene. Its features appearing
and disappearing with the action of ih"
waves and the doubtful light reflected
from fading clouds and sky. Now and
again tbe mun sloud up In his skittish
"I've uuved them bntlt," he roared.
board inlo the water. Nothing serious
would nave threatened, for the man
could swim like an otter, had not a
floating, half submerged log thrust up
_ome short, stilT stumps of houghs, upon the points of which the man struck
heavily and was not only hurt, but had
bis clothes impaled securely by one of
the ugly spears, so that he bung In a
helpless position, while the water's motion alternately lifted and submerged
him, his arms-beating about wildly.
When Beverley heard the strangling
cry for help he pulled himself promptly
together, flung off his coat, as If by a
sin, e motion, and leaped down the
bank Into the water. He was a swimmer whose strokes counted for all that
prodigious strength and excellent training could afford. He rushed through
the wnter wltb long sweeps, making a
lemlcircle, rounding against the current, so ns to swing down upon tbe
drowning man.
Less than n half hour later n rumor
by  some  menus  spread   through  the
town that  Father Beret and Lieutenant Beverley were drowned in Ihe'Wabash.   But when a crowd gathered to
verify the terrible news it turned out
' to bo untrue.   Gaspard Roussillon bad
i nice more distinguished himself by an
' exhibition of heroic nerve and muscle.
"Ventrelileu!      Quel    homme!"    ex-
| claimed  Onele Jazon,  when  told  that
M. Roussillon had come up the bank of_
Ibe Wabash with Lieutenant Beverley"
under one arm and Father Beret under
Ibe oilier, both men apparently dead.
"Bring them to my bouse Immediately," M. Roussillon ordered, as soon
is they were restored to consciousness;
and he shook himself, as n big wet animal sometimes dues, covering every-
oody near him with muddy' water'.
Then he led the way witb melodruuiat
c strides.
In justice to historical accuracy there
must he a trilling reform of what np-
leared on the face of things to be grand-
y true. Gaspard Rousslilon actually
.ragged Father Beret and Lieutenant
Beverley one at a time out of tbe eddy
water and up the sleep river bank.
Flint was truly u great feat; but the
icro never explained. When men ar-
ived he wns standing between the col-
apsed forms, panting and dripping,
''oublless be looked as If be bad
trapped tbem from under his arms.
nil why shouldn't he huve the benefit
>t ti great Implication?
"I've saved thein both," he roared;
rom wbicli, of course, the ready cre-
de Imagination Inferred the extreme of
lOSSible heroic performance.
"Bring tbem to my bouse Immediate-
y." And it was accordingly done.
Tbe procession, headed by M. Rous-
lllon, moved noisily, for the French
oiigtic must shake oil what comes to
t on the thrill of every exciting mo
lent. Tbe only silent Frenchman Is
be dead one.
Father Beret was not only well nlgb
rowned, but seriously hurt.    He lay
or a week on n bed In M. Rousslllon's
louse  before  he could  sit  up.    Alice
ling over hlin nlgbt and day, scarcely
sleeping or eating until he was past all
danger.   As for Beverley, he shook off
nil the effects of Ills struggle In a Utile
while.    Next day bo wus out, us well
and   strong   as   ever,   busy   with   the
affairs of bis olllce.    Nor was he leas
happy on account of what the little nd
Ventura had cast Into bis experience,
It Is good tn feel Hint one bus done an
Unselfish   deed,  und  no  young  man's
benrt   repels   the   fn shness   of   what
comes  to  him  when  s  beautiful girl
flrst enters his life.
Naturally enough, Alice had Rome
thoughts of Ileverby while she was so
attentively earing for Father Beret.
Kbe bad never before seen a man like
blm. nor bad she -"aii nf nne.   Beverley
stepped In for u ( w inlnules every day
to see Fiithi" Revet, In voluntarily
lengthening hl« visit b> :. sliding rnilo
n-i be been UN better Itcqtinlilted, He
l-i.-au tu mi a..' the priest's conversation, with Its sly worldly wisiiom cropping up through fervid religious sentiments and quaint humor. Alice uiiisi
bave Interested him more than be was
fully aware of, for bis eyes followed
her, as she came and went, with a curious criticism of her half savage cou-
tume nnd her springy, dryad-like suppleness, which reminded hlin of the
shiest and gracelulest wild birds, and
yet a touch of refinement, the subtlest
nnd best, showed In all her ways. He
wondered nt her Influence over Father
Beret, whom she controlled apparently
Without effort. But in due time he began to feel u deeper character, a brand-
er Intelligence, behind her superficial
sauvagerie. and lie fouud that she
really had no mean smattering of bunks
iii the lighter vein.
A little tiling happened which further
opened his eyes and Increased tho Interest that lier In ..m.v and elementary
charm of style aroused In him gradually, apace with their advancing ac-
Falher Beret had got well and returned to his hill and bis round of
spliilunl duties. Inn Beverley cuiiiu to
Roussillon place every day all the
same     For a woudor. Urine. Roussillon
liked him and at most times held tbe
scolding side of ber tougue wben he
wns present. Jean, too, made friendly
advances whenever opportunity afforded. Alice found In Beverley a large target for the missiles of ber clever aud
tantalizing perversity. He In turn
practiced a native dignity nnd an acquired superiority of manner to excellent effect, lt was a meeting of Greek
witb Creek in a new Arcadia. To bim
here was Diana, strong, strange, simple, even crude almost to naturalness,
yet admirably pure In spirit and imbued with highest womanly asplra-
tiouR. To her Beverley represented the
great outside area of life. He came to
her from wonderland, beyond the wide
circle of houseless woods and prairies.
Now, there is an antagonism, vague
yet powerful, generated between natures thus cast together from the opposite poles of experience and education, an nntngonism practically equivalent to the most vigorous attraction.
The return to nature bas always been
the dream of the conventionalized soul,
while the simple Arcadian Is forever
longing for the maddening honey of
Innate Jealousies strike together like
flint and steel, (lashing off sparks by
which nearly everything thnt life can
warm Its core withal Is kindled and
kept burning. What I envy In niy
friend I store for my best use. I
thrust and parry, nut to kill, but to
learu my adversary's supeiiof feints
and guards. And this hint of sword
play leads buck to what so greatly surprised and puzzled Beverley one day
when he chanced to be examining tbe
pair of coleebeinardes on the wall.
He tore one down and, bundling It
wilh tbo Indescribable facility possible
to none save a practical swordsman, remarked;
"There's a world of fascination In
these tilings. I like nothing better
than a bout nt fencing. Does your father practice the art?"
"I have no falher, no mother," she
quickly said, "but good Papa Roussillon docs like a little exercise wilh
the coleebemarde."
"Well, I'm glad to bear lt I shall
nsk to teach bim a trick or two," Beverley responded In the lightest mood.
"When will be return from the woods?"
"1 can't tell you. He's very irregular
in such matters," she said. Then, with
a smile half banter and half challenge,
she added, "If you are really dyiug for
some exercise you shall uot bave to
wait for him to come home, I assure
you, M. Beverley."
"Oh, It's M. de Ronville, perhaps,
that you will offer up as n victim to
my skill and address," be slyly returned, for he was suspecting that a love
affair iu some stage of progress lay
between her and Reno.
She blushed violently, but quickly
overcoming u combined rush of surprise and nnger, added witb an emphasis as charming as lt was unexpected:
"I myself am, perhaps, swordsman
enough to satisfy the impudence and
vanity of M. Beverley,' lieutenant In
tbe American army."
"Pardon me, mademoiselle; forgive
me, I beg of you," he exclaimed, earnestly modulating bis voice to sluccrest
beseechinent. "1 really did uot menu ta
be Impudent nor"—
Her vivacity cleared with a merry
"No apologies, I command you," the
Interposed. "Wo will have them after
I hnve taught you a fencing lesson.".
From a shelf she drew down a pair
of foils and, presenting the hilts, bade
bim take bis choice.
"There Isn't any difference between
them that I know of," sbe said, and
then added archly, "but you will feel
better ut last, wben nil Is over and the
sting of defeat tingles through you, lf
you are conscious of Inning used every
sensible precaution,"
He looked straight Into her eyeB, trying to catch what was In her mind, but
there wits u bewildering glamour playing across those gray, opal tinted wells
of mystery, from which he could draw
only a mischievous smile glint, direct,
daring, irresistible.
"Well," he suid, taking one of tbe
foils, "what do you really mean? Is lt
a challenge without room for honorable
"The time for parley ls past," she replied.  "Follow me to the battle ground."
She led tbe way to a pleasant little
court In tho renr of the cabin's yard, a
space between two wings and a vine
covered trellis, beyond which lay a
well kept vineyard and vegetable garden. Here she turned about and faced
blm, poising ber foil with a fine grace.
"Arc you ready?" she Inquired.
He tried again to force a way Into
the depths of ber eyes with his, but ho
might-US well have attacked the sun,
so be stood In a confusion of not very
well defined feelings, uudcclded, hesitating, half expecting thai there wointi
he some laughable turn to eud Ibe affair.
"Are you afraid, M. Beverley?" she
demanded  after u  short waiting lu
lie laughed now und whipped the nlr
Willi Ids foil.
"Vou certainly are not lu earnest?" he
said Interrogatively; "Do you really
mean that you want to fence with me?"
"If you think because I'm only a
girl ynu can easily heat me, try it,"
she tauntingly replied, making a level
thrust toward his breast.
'Quick as a flash be parried, and then
a merry clinking and twinkling of steel
blades kept time to their swift movements. Instantly, b.v the sure seuso
which is half sight, half feeling—tho
sense that guides the experienced fencer's band und wrist—Beverley knew
that he bad probably more than bis
match, and In ten seconds his a Hack
was met by u time llirust In opposition
which touched blm sharply..
Alice sprang back, lowered ber point
and laughed.
''.le vous sable, M. Beverley!" she
cried, with childlike show of delight
"Did you feel the button V"
"Yes, I felt It," he snid with frank
acknowledgment In his voice.   "It was ;
cleverly done.    Now give me a chance
to redeem myself."
He began more carefully and found j
that she. too, was on her best mettle!
but It was a short bout, as before. I
Alice seemed tn give him an easy open- j
lug and be accepted It with a thrust. |
Then something happened that be did I
not understand.   The point of his foil !
wus somehow caught under his oppo- |
nent's hilt guard while horbludesoejned i
to twist around bis. Al the same time !
there was a wiing and a Jerk, the like
of which be bad never before fell, and j
he was disarmed, his wrist and linger.
aching with the wrench Ihey had received.
(if course the thing was not new; he
hnd been disarmed before; but ber
trick of doing It was quite a mystery
to him, altogether different from any
that he had ever seen.
"Vous me purdunncrez, monsieur."
she mockingly exclaimed, picking up
his weapon nnd offering the hilt to
bim.   "Here is yonr sword!"
"Keep it," lie said, folding his arms
and trying to look unconcerned; "you
have captured it fairly. I am at your
mercy; be kind to me."
"Mme. Roussillon and Jean, the
hunchback, hearing the racket of the
foils, hud come out to see nnd were
standing agape.
"You ought to be ashamed. Alice."
snid the dame In scolding approval of
what sho had done. "Girls do nut fence
with gentlemen."
"This girl does." snld Alice.
"And wilh extreme disaster to this
gentleman," said Beverley, laughing In
a tone of discomfiture und resignation,
"Ah, m'sieu', there's nothing .hut disaster where she goes," ,'oniplalned
Mme. Roussillon. "She is a destroyer
of everything. Only yesterday sho
dropped my pink bowl and broke it,
the only one I bad."
"And just to think." said Beverley,
"what would have been the condition
of my heart hud we been using rapiers
Instead of leather buttoned fnils! She
would have spitted It through Ihe very
"Like enough." replied (be dnine Indifferently. "She wouldn't wince,
eltbei—not she."
Alice ran Into the hmise with the
foils nnd Beverley followed.
"We must try It over again some day
booh," he snld.   "1 find that ynu can
everything about Indian affairs and
the condition of the English at Detroit.
His optimistic eloquence lulled Helm
to a very pleasant sense of seeurily.
Beverley was not so easy to satisfy,
but his suggestions regarding military
discipline und a vigorous prosecution
of repairs to the blockhouse and stockade were treated with dilatory geniality by his superior officer. Tbe soft
wonder of a perfect Indian summer
glorified land, river and sky. Why not
dream and bask? Why not drink exhilarating toddies?
Meantime the entertainment to be
given by Gnspard Roussillon occupied
everybody's imagination to an unusual
extent. Rene de Ronville, remembering but not heeding the doubtful success of his former attempt, went long
beforehand to claim Alice as his
paiienaire, but she flatly refused him.
once more reminding hhu of bis obligations lo little Adrienne Boureler. He
would not be convinced.
"Vou are bound lo me," be snld. "Yon
promised before, you know, and the
party was but put off. 1 hold ynu to it.
You are my pnrtennire and I am yours;
ynu can't deny that."
"No, you are not my paiienaire," she
firmly said, then added lightly, "Feu
mnn partennlre, you are dead and
burled as my partner nt thai dance."
lie glowered III silence tor a few moments, then said:
"II is Lieutenant Beverley, I suppose?"
She gave hlin n quick, contemptuous
look, but turned It Instantly Inlo one
nf her tantalizing smiles.
"Do you imagine that?" she demanded.
"Imagine It! I know It," he said
Willi a hot Hush.   "Have I no senseV"
"Precious little," she replied with n
merry laugh.
"Ynn tblnk so."
"Go to Father Beret, tell blm everything,   nnd   then   nsk   him   what   be
HOW she had it on. .Moreover, there shf>
stood beside Lieutenant Beverley, holding his arm, looking up Into bis face,
smiling, speaking to him.
"I think you might tell me what has J
happened," said Adrienue, pouting nnd
still plucking at his arm. "I can't see a
thing, and you won't ted me.'
"Oh, it's nothing." be presently an-'
swered rather fretfully. Then he'
stooped, lowered bis voice and added:J
"It's Mile. Roussillon all dressed up'
like a bride or something. She's got oiU
n buff silk dress that 'jl. Roussillou's ]
mother had In France."
"How beautiful she must lopk!" crle* |
the girl.   "I wish I could see her."
Reue put a bnnd on each side of her
slender waist and lifted ber high, so
tlmt her pretty  bend  rose above the (
crowding people. Alice chanced to turn.
her face thnt wuy just then and saw j
the unconventional performance.   Her j
eyes met those of Adrienne nud she
gave a nod of smiling recognition.   If
was n rose booming upon n gillyflower."
M.  Roussillon  naturally  understood,
that all this stir and crowding to seo
was but another demonstration of bis
personal popularity.    He bowed nud •
waved a vast hand.
But the master of ceremonies called
loudly  for the dancers to take their
places.   Onele Jazon attacked his fidtllo,
wilh startling energy. Those wbo wero '
not to dance formed a compact double
line around tile wall, the shorter ones,
In front, the taller In the rear.
Alloc and Beverley were soon In the ,
whirl of the dance, forgetful of everything but an exhilaration stirred to its
Utmost by Onele Jiizon's music.   When"!
their dancd was ended they followed
Hie others of their set out into the open
air while a fresh stream of eager dancers poured In,   Beverley Insisted upon
wrapping Alice In her mantle of un-
lined heaver skin against tlie searching"
winter breath.   They did not go to ibe ,
lire, but walked back and forth, clint-
lliinks," she said In a calm, even tuna., I ting until llielr turn to dance should
Titer* wai a wring and a jerk—lie wa*
show me a few points. Where did you
learn to fence so admirably? Is M.
Roussillon your master'/"
"Indeed he isn't." she quickly replied. "He Is but a bungling swordsman. My uiaster—but 1 mn not lit liberty to tell you who bas taught uie the
little I know."
"Well, whoever be is } should be glad
to have lessons from him."
"But you'll never get tbem."
"A woman's ultimatum."
"Ar good as a man's," she biidle.l
prettily; "and sometimes better—nt Ihe
fulls for example. Vous—couipruiiuz,
n'est ee pas?"
lie laughed heartily.
"Yes, your point reaches me," he
When Beverley, taking his leave,
passed through the gate at Roussillon
place, he met Rene de Ronville going
iii. It was a notable coincidence that
each young man felt something troublesome rise In his throat as h. looked
Inlo the other's eyes.
A week of dreamy autumn weather
came on. during which Beverley mnn-
aged   to  be  with   Alice  n   great  deal,
mostly silling on tlie Roussillon gallery,
Where   the   fading   vine   leaves   made
fairy whisperings, and where tbe tempered breeze blew dellclnusly eeol rrum
over  the  distant  multicolored   woods. '
The men of Vincennes were gathering i
their Indian corn early to dry it ou the I
cob for grating into winter meal. Many ■
women   made  wine   from   the  native j
grapes and from the sweeter and richer ;
fruit of Imported vines.    Mrs. llollssil- i
Ion  and  Alice  stained  tmil' hands  a |
deep purple during tlio pressing season i
and Beverley found himself engaged ill !
helping  them   handle  the Juicy  crop,
while around the overflowing caribou i
pots the wild bees, wasps and hornets j liberty
hummed   with   an   Incessant,   jarring ! iu a   i
her face growing BClioUS.
There was au awkward silence.
She had touched Rene's vulnerable
spnl. Ho was nothing If riot a devout
Calhnlie, and his conscience rooted itself in what good Falher Beret had
taught him.
Falher Beret wns the humble, self
effacing, never tiring agent nf good in
his community. He preached In a tender singsong voice the sweet mount-
unlcs of his creed and the sublime
truths nf Christ's Code. He was Indeed the spiritual father of his people.
No wonder Rene's scowling expression
changed to one of abject self concern
when the priest's nnme was suddenly
connected with bis mood. The cuufos-
slonul loomed up before the eyes of his
conscience and-Ids knees smote together, spiritually if not physically.
"Now," said Alice brusquely, but with
sweet nud genlle firmness, "go to ynur
fiancee, go to pretty and good Adrienne,
and ask her to he your paiienaire.
Refresh your conscience with n noble
draft of duty niuT make that dear
little girl overflow with joy. Go, Rene
do Ronville."
Rene   felt   his  soul   cowering,   even
slinking,  hut  he   fairly   maintained  a
gnnd face, and went nway without say- j
lug another word.
"del. del, how beautiful she Is!" be j
thought as be walked along the nur- '
row   sli I   In   the   dreamy   sunshine
"But she Is nut for me, not for inc."
He shunk himself nnd tried In be
cheerful,   in fact he bummed a Creole
ditty, something nbout "La belle Jean-
et te, qn' a blise mnn cirur."
Davs passed, and at last the lime «f
tne grent event arrived. It was a
frosty night, clear, sparkling with
stars, n keen breath cutting dnwn from
the northwest,   M. Roussillon, Mme.
enme again, pausing frequently lo exchange pleasantries with some of the-
peoplo. Curiously enough both of thein
1 hud forgotten the fact that oilier young ^
j men would be sure tn ask Alice fnr ai
dance and Hint more than one pretty]
Creole lass was rightfully expecting a^
glibly (urn with thu stalwart and bund-
snme Lieutenant Beverley.
Rene de Ronville before long broke?
rudely Inlo their selfish dream and led J
Alice Itlto the house. This reminded i
Beverley nf his social duly; wherefore,
seeing little Adrienno Boureler, bel
made a rush and secured her nt »i
Swoop from the midst of a scrambling
circle nf mutually hindered ynuug men. i
"Alions, mn petite!" he cried, quite In
the gay tone of the occasion', and swung**!
her lightly along wilh him.
It was like an eagle dancing with
linnet, or a giant Willi a fairy, when
the   big  lieutenant   led   out  In  petlff
Adrienne, ns everybody called her. The{
houor of Beverley's attention sat unappreciated on Adiienne's mind, for all
her thoughts went  with  her eyes toward Rene and Alice. Nur was Beverley so absorbed ill his partner's behalf
that be ever for a moment willingly
Inst Bight of tlie floating buff gown, the j
shining brown hair and the beautiful*
face, which formed, indeed, tbe ceutef
of attraction for all eyes.
lt  was  some  time  before  Beverley
could again secure Alice for a dunce,
and  be  fouud  it annoying bim  ntro- .
ciously  to  seo  ber smile  sweetly  on*l
suiue  buckskin clad  lout  who looked
like an Indian and danced like a Parisian.   Uo did not greatly enjoy most ;
of Ida partners; they could uot nppeul
to any side of his  nature just then.
Not that he nt nil times stood too much
ou his arisloee.ilie traditions, or lucked '
tho virile trails common to vlgorousi
Roussillon, Alice and Lieutenant I'.ever- I end worldly minded men, but the con-
Icy went together (o the river linuse,
Whither they had been preceded hy ill-
must   the   entire   population   Of   \in- I
connes,   Some fires hnd been built out- I
side, the crowd proving too great for
the building's capacity, lis there had to j
be ample space fur the dancers.   Merry
groups   hovered  around   the   flaming |
logs,  while within tho house a llddle J
sang  ils simple and  ravishing tunes, i
Everybody talked and laughed; il was i
a lively racket of clashing voices and I
rhythmical feet
When the Ruussillon party arrived lt
attracted condensed attention. Its Im- I
poiiance, naturally of the greatest In
the asseiuhjed popular mind, wns enhanced us mathematicians would say,
to the nt 1) [lower—by the gown of Alice.
It was resplendent indeed in the simple, unaccustomed eyes upon which it
Hashed with a buff silken glory. Matrons stared at it, maidens gazed wilh
fascinated   and   Jealous   vision,   men
ling und old let their eyes tnko full
It wus us If u queen, urrayed
be  of. stale,  had entered  that
Jean, (he hunchback, gathered ample
stores of hickory nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and plu oak acorns. Indeed, the
whole population of the village made a
dingy log edillc •, an apparition of daz
sling and awe Inspiring beauty, i'he
dancers swung together and stopped In
confusion, But she, fortified by a
woman's strongest bulwark, the sense
great spurt of Industry Just before tlio | of resplendency, appeared quite uncoil-
falling of winter, und presently, IVbui    'clous of herself.
every preparation bad been cuinplelcil |     l.illle  Adrh e,  banging III  blissful
trast betweeu Alice and Ibe otber girls J
present was somehow an absolute burl
lo a democratic freedom of the sort de- i
r.innded by the occasion. He met
Father Beret and passed u few pleas- ,
ant words with bim.
"Tbey  bave honored your flag, mji
son, I um glad to see," the priest said,
pointing with a smile to where, In one
corner,  the banner that  bore Alice's
name was effectively draped.
Beverley bad not noticed lt before,
nnd when he presently got possession ,
of Alice he asked her to tell him tbe
story of how she plauted it on the fort
although be had beard lt to the lust
detail from Fullier Beret Just a moment ago. They stood together under
its folds while sho naively sketched the
scene for blm, even down to ber picturesquely disagreeable interview with
Long Ilnir, mention of whom led up to
tbe Story of tho Indian's raeo wilh the
stolen dame Jeanne of brandy under his
arm on that memorable night nnd the
subsequent services performed for blm
by Father Beret and her uftcr she and
Jean had fouud him Iu the mud beyond
the liver.
The dancing went on at a furious pace
while tbey stood there. Now uud again
a youth came to claim her, but she
Bald she was tired and begged to rest
awhile, smiling so graciously upon each
oue that his rebuff thrilled blm us If It
for Ihe dreaded cold seasnii, M. Rous   I deliglil   upon   Rene's  strong
Billon   carried   out  Ills   lung  cherished ! the Bill' of t'Xcil Ill   and
plan,  and gave  a   great  parly at  the I what was the mailer, being I.
OI'IU,   felt i had been the most Haltering gift of ton-
i shoii to
liver house.   After the most successful
trading experience of his  life he fell
lrrcpresslbly liberal.
"Lei's  have one  mure  roaring gnnd
he said.    "That's what life Is
HELM   wus   a   good   ollleer   in
many  respects,   and  his  pa- I
triotism wus of the best; but ]
be   liked   jolly    company,   n
glass of something strong and u large
share of ease. Detroit lay many miles
nurtlioastward across  the wilderness, !
and the  English, be thought, would i
scarcely come so far to attack his little i
[lost, especially uuw that most of llie
Indians lu the Intervening country hud
declared  In  favor of  tbe  Americans.
Recently,- too,  the  weather bad  been
favoring blm by changing from wet lo
dry, so that the upper Wabash and Its i
tributaries were falling low aad would
soon be very difficult to navigate with
large batteaux.
. Very  Utile was done  to  repair the
stockade and dilapidated remnant of a
blockhouse.    'There were no sullieient I
barracks,  a  mere  shed  In  one  angle |
serving for quarters, and the old cannon could not have been used In any
effect in  ease of attack.    As for llie
garrison, It  was a  nominal  qtinnlily,
made up mostly of men whn preferred
bunting and Ashing lo the merest pretense of military duly.
Gaspard Rousslllou ussumed to know
see over the heads uf those nrniind her.
"What Is II? What Is It?" she cried,
tiptoeing and tugging at ber companion's sleeve. "Tell me, Rene; tell Die, I
Rene wns gazing In dumb admiration
Into which there swept n powerful
anger, like u breath of flume.   He reeol-
der paiilallly, while at the same time
he suspected that It wus all for Beverley.
[to na cowmr—ro.1
To,  Too,  TWO,
The English language, writes a correspondent lo the London Globe, con-
talus Ihe three winds, to, too and two,
sounded alike. Now, It Is easy to sny
"There are three lo too two's Iu English," but how would you write It
using ono of llie words only? Thnt
Is, would Ihe plural be "to's," "too's"
or "two's?"
It was os tf a i/uccn had entered.
lected how Alice had refused to wear
thut dress when be bad asked her, aud
Her Beau- Say. Bobby, caii'l ynn get
me it lock of j'otll' sister's hair?
Bobby-Sure! But nut Jest now. She's
weiniii' it.—New York Evening Journal. MOUNT PLEASANT ADVOCATE!.
Thny Ar. FsriiclliUH   lu    111,or AttMdk. on
Xi iLydli'-.fi.
The Maritime Alps of Eastern
France have been noted us being the
haunt of the most ferocious and
powerful breed of eagles iu existence.
Children innumerable havo been
carried off by them, und they even
attack adults ou occasions, sometimes with dire results.
A postman named Gustave Silva,
who carried the mails on foot between the villages ol Sospullo and
I'uget Theniers, was set upon while
crossing the puss by threo large
buds and frightfully injured.
He managed to drive oil his winged assailants with the aid of his
alpenstock und eventually reached
his destination with his bag of letters. But his cuse was from the
fil'St regarded as hopeless by the local doctors, and after lingering in
indescribable agony for six duys he
succumbed   to  his  wounds.
.Meuuwhile two young French tourists, Messrs. Joseph Montind and An-
toine Neyssel, went up into tho
mountains to try to kill the birds
that had done tlio damage und were
Savagely attacked in their turn.
il;itli men were armed, but the smith n onslaught of the hugo winged
creatures completely unnerved them,
and ufter firing only one shot tbey
tried to escape by running.
Ihe birds, however, struck them
down ere they had gone many yards,
und they would  bave- doubtless been
but.h  torn  to  pi s  where    they  lay
but for the opportune arrival of a
pu.l.v of shepherds.
These succeeded In rescuing Mi.
Neyssel allvo, but terribly injured,
he having sustained no fewer than
(en severe wounds in tlie head and
buck, besides innumerable minor lacerations and abrasions.
llis companion Mr. Monand. waa
killed outright onrlv in Ihe fray. Mr.
Neyssel recovered after six weeks in
bed, but is disfigured  fur life.
iii. ItiiaaluiM in Miii-churla.
Again and yet again you are Impressed with this—the Russian soldier iu Mttnchurlu is a laboring mun
first und u military man afterward.
It is au item not to bo overlooked—
indeed, the Russian soldier must be
most carefully considered by those
who ure estimating the forces Influencing the world nt present. No
toil Is too heavy for bim; no bard-
fchip Is to him a hardship at nil. Ho
will roll trees, oxcuvute ditches, build
houses, with the sunie guod humor
with which he will go iuto action
•there wounds und death are bis
htirc rewind. In Manchuria there are
three classes of tho Russian soldier—
the Cossack first, then 10 railway
guard and then numbers of thai
host of which the Russian army in
composed, the common soldier of the
army.—Russian Advance
«'«,<,iiw..rk Wortli »100,000.
Many j'curs ago the oak fittings of
Winchester College, England, were
sold lor less than $n,0HU to a clergyman in Cornwall, There were puiiel-
ings, seats, chimney pieces und other
work all richly carved by tho fuce-
tlously named dialing Gibbons.
Loudon Truth says thut this collection of priceless can ing has now
been sold for Slutl.oco to a Mr.
Cooper, who last year purchased
Hurslcy Park, the ancestral seat of
tli_> rTeulheotes, where it will I'nd an
appropriate home. About the same
time thut the college oak was sold
the deun and chapter disposed of
Boine of the cathedral fittings, Including tbe famous oak throne erected by Bishop Trelawney. This almost priceless treasure is also supposed to bo snmeivhere in Cornwall.
A a si i ah ui l,l«.lili.|iiiiitB-n«verflnr.
Tho London Gazette stales that the
King bus been ph-e.sed lo appoint the
Right Honorable Hie Hugh Muir Nelson, K.O.M.G., president of the Legislative Council of the Stuto of
Queensland, to lie Lieutenant-Governor of thul Sthto und its dependencies. This seems to indicate a "cutiler notable departure in tiie Imperial
altitude toward tho Lieutcnnnt-Gov-
finorship of Australia. An advantage nier tlie t aiiiiiiiiin system was
that a Lieiitciiuni-Goun nor was 'an
Imperial officer, not u Federal appointee. Hut if (hi- lniperiul authorities intend to select locul politicians,
however worthy and eioin nl, Ine
these posts, the vulue of Impartiality
and aloofness from domestic prejudi
cos will bo lost,
Th* -it., of III-  Mini'',
As seen by different persons, tho
size of the niooii varies from that of
a cart-wheel to a silver dollar, To
many it seems about a font in diameter, from which Professor Young
concludes that to the nvdrugo mail
(lie  distance of  tlie  surface    of    the
sky is about lit) feet,   ft is certain
thnt artists usually represent Iho
miiun much too largo in size in their
pointings, Occasionally tbey repre-
scut It In evening scones with the
burns turned downward Instead of
Upward, wherens tbey must always
point awuy from tlie huh. The truu
angular bIzo of the moon is aimut
half a degree, ho that it mn always
be concealed behind a lead pencil held
«t arm's length.
F«rR«i»ly I «j_«.
One of iny bens was afflicted with
scaly legs which got so had that she
became vory lame. 1 mixed equal
quantities of kerosene and lard and
wet the legs thoroughly wilh it on
tin eo different days. It loosened the
Scales so that tbey came off ia
quite largo pieces, lovealing a large
Bore on the lame leg. 1 applied sjmo
sulve and bound-Jt un. Tho scules
all caine off, leaving ber legs as clean
as ever.—Mrs. .1.  L. Man in.
Public Spirited.
Little James (wbo has an Inquiring
mind)—Father, what do they mean
wben they call a man public spirited?
Professor Brondley—Why, lt usually
means that he Is very liberal In endeavoring to persuade otber people to
spend their money bountifully for the
public good.
Women Are  Shrrp  Eyed Oueila.
Will any truthful woman pretend
that she ever stayed In the house of a
friend for a couple or days without
being keenly conscious of gross mismanagement on the part of ber
This Trouble Is CmiHial by an Acid In   th*
nioori, und Can Only be Cured Through
the Blood.
Rheumatism Is caused by an acid
in the blood. That is a medical
truth every sufferer from this trouble
should beur in mind. Liniments and
outward applications cannot cure
what is rooted in the blood—the disease must be cured through the
blood. Thut is the reason rheumatism yields tilmost like magic to Dr.
Williams Pink Pills. This new blood
conquers the painful poison, sweeps
out the aching acid, soothes the
nerves, loosens the muscles and banishes rheumatism, Mr. Robert Morrison, one of the best known aud
most esteemed residents of Guelph,
Out., gives striking testimony to the
truth of the statements made above,
lie says: "My trouble came gradually and was pronounced muscular
rheumatism, and was locuted chiefly
iu niy nock and shoulders. I can
hardly tell you how much I suffered.
1 wus confined to my hod fol' fifteen
months. A great many friends cama
to sou nie during that time and I
think I mn safe iu suying that most
of I hem had very few hopes that I
would get better. 1 tried a groat
muny remedies without any lasting
lieue'lit. Then 1 triod Dr. Williams
link l'ills, und 1 am thankful to say
thut through the uso of theso pills
und Ihe imlofutigublo nursing of my
wile I urn again un niy feet. My neck
Is still somewhat stiff, but tbe pain
is gone. I mn now in my 79th year
uud 1 feel thut I owe much to Dr.
Willinms' l'ink Pills."
These pills huve cured thousands of
the very worst fuses of neuralgia,
rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago and
backaches, and they cun dn the sume
I'm- yqu. Sold by till medicine dealers
or sent by mail al. fill cents a box,
or six boxes for $2.69, by writing
the llr. Williams' Medicine Co., Erock-
ville, (Jut.
A mnn summoned uf DewBbuiry for
deserting his wife said that, when he
married her he expec'-edL'.a housewife,
but. l'nund she could nut. even Sow
button on a shirt. She was, however, a great novel render, and smoked more cigarettes than uny gentleman in court.
If you have a child that is sickly,
fretful, nervous, restless ut night,
or suffers from any stomach or
bowel troubles of uny sort, give it
Baby's (>\vh Tablets. Don't bo afiiiid
of this ini'dicinu—it is guurunti-erl to
contain no opiate or harmful drug.
(Jive the Tablets to the sick child
and watch the quick relief and rapid
restoration to health and strength.
Thousands of mothers are using this
medicine for their little onus, and
thoy all praise it. What stronger
evidence can you want? Mrs. D. A.
McUairmld, Sandringham, Ont., says:
"Baby's Own Tablets certainly fill
all the claim you make for them so
far as my experience goes, I consider them a perfect medicine for
children, and always keep them in
'thu house." You can get the Tablets
from any dealer in medicine, or if
you write The Ur. Williams Medicine
Co., Hrockville, Ont., they will send
you a box by mail postpaid for 25
At a wedding in lhniey-in-Whnrfe-
dale, a Yorkshire village, the bridegroom failed to appear. A search
was made for him, and he was found
sitting on tho river bank crying bitterly, lie refused to go to church,
and the ceremony was abandoned.
There never wus and never will he a
univiM_.nl panacea, in one remedy, fur aJJ
II Ih to which Ueah is heir— the very nature uf muny curatives hi-im. Much that
were the germs of other ami dilTerenlJv
seated (lioease rooted in the system of
the nut lent—whut would relieve one il'
In turn would autrravute the other. Wr
huve, however, in QuiitNiii Wine, when
obtainable in sound, unadulterated state,
>l remedy for maitv und _r He vous ills. B*.
its gradual und iudirious use the frailest
systeniH are led into convalescence and
strength jj,V the influence which Quinine
ttxerlH on nuture's own restoratives. 11
relieves the drooping spirits of those
with whom a chronic state ol morbid
despondency und lack of interest In lift
is a disease, nud hv trnnouili/.iiiir tin
nerves, disposes to sound and refrcshim
deep—imparts viirnr to the action of the
hlood, which, being stimulated, course
through the veins, strengthening the
healthy animal functions of the system.
thereby making activity » necessary'result, strengthening the fn.ine nnd plvltig
life to the digestive organs, which natu
rallv demand incresed subBtunee—result
Improved   appetite,   Northrop  *   T_.yn.Hn,
of Toronto. hnve given to the miltlie
their Superior Quinine Wine at the usuiil
rate, and, gauged by the opinions ot
Helen t is ts, the wine approaches naarcH.
perfection of any in the market. AM
druggists  sell  lt.
Mr. Snt Ion. of F.rdin-rton. TCne.,
who ho body has been found in the
Morftpy, of tor ho had left lifrmlnghnm
ti fow weeks ngo, sent a loiter ml
dressed to a tvlalive saying whero
his body would be found, lie leaves
a  wife and  family.
lever's Y-y, fWlse lli'iid) nislnfrrtiint
ROUP Pottder dusted ill the lu.lli, softens   the   water   nml   disinfects.
The seatnst ress may be pardoned
for using unseemly language when
she hns to do her work all over
A traveller just returned from the
South African brttMuflulds says that
tin- graves of the Mill ish soldiers,
from Pol on so to Bplon Kop- tiro excellently kept, thanks to the Loyal
Women's Guild of South Africa.
Borrowing Is not mucu better than
biKl.ing.    I.csMing.
Sometimes the hair is not
properly nourished. It suffers
for food, starves. Then It
falls out, turns prematurely
gray.  Ayer's Hair Vigor is a
Hair Vigor
hair food. It feeds, nourishes.
The hair stops falling, grows
long and heavy, and all dandruff disappears.
" Mr h»lr wm oomtiKl out ttrrlblr. I «•
.lra-it-.fr-ld to comb it.   But A.-t'l Hnlr
Vigor prninr.tl7 .toup-« tho telling, «nd •--
.•■'.ore- the natur-rcolor.       ...      -, -
M KB. K. 0. K. Willi, I-nidlng, N. J.
f 1 oo _ bettl*. i- °- ATK" eo..
All itriijOiHU. f __ i____I_wjM^Wi
Poor Hair
And     Did-    Won    Ihe     Dinner    Bet,
Tlionsli   Not   the Ollrl.
Tbe two young men were arguing
"And I tell .you it's n waste of good
time for you to call on ber and ask ber
to marry you!" said Tom.
"That's Just the way you look nt it."
replied Dick In a friendly spirit.
"It's a pretty good way, too," retorted
Tom. "I overheard ber tell Lucy she
preferred medium sized men to either
tall or short ones."
"Yon say tbat because you are medium sized."
"And dark compleiioned to light com-
plexioned men."
"That's because you nre dark and
I'm light."
"And ability of tongue rather than
of the pen."
"You're fabricating on the fact that
you're a lawyer and I'm a newspaper
reporter." responded Hick.
"Not at all." said Tom. 'Tin merely
quoting what she said."
""tVi'M," remarked Iilek thoughtfully.
"I'll bet you a cigar, a bat. a dinner or
a house that I can go tn her and ask
tbe matiininuial question and receive
nn aH.rin.ntlvo answer to m.v question
within two minutes of the time of asking."
Tom laughed. "Hone for dinners for
the entire wedding party."
So it was agreed. As to who should
be out of pocket to the extent of dinner for an Indefinite number wus to be
decided Unit evening.
Dick rang the doorbell at Alice's
house, and when he entered he admitted also Tom, who hid behind a door In
tbe parlor that he might bear plainly
both question and answer.
Dlek thought Alice never looked so
bewitehingly beautiful and all tbat
sort of thing.   And be told her so.
"I've been wondering," said be. after
some time, "if I were to ask yon—to
ask you, Alice, to become my wife, lf
you'd refuse me. Y'ou would, wouldn't
you ?"
"Y'es, Indeed," quickly responded
Alice. "Y'ou know I'm to marry Harry
next month."
"So he told me yesterday when he
nsked mo to be his best mun," said
Dick. "lint by asking you tbe question that way I won a dinner for the
whole crowd of us."
He went to the, door and dragged
Tom from his place of shelter.
"I asked her the question, ns you
heard," be told his friend, "and she
snid 'yes.'"
Tom hud heard It. but he didn't look
IS though he had.—Washington Times.
Tli» Boy's View  of It.
"So Daniel entered the den of lions,"
said the teacher, "and tbey did not
touch bim."
"Tbey didn't!" exclaimed tbe boy.
"Say, tbat wasn't much of a show,
was it?"
"Do you know why?" asked the
teacher, Ignoring the comment.
"Sure!" replied the boy.
"Why was it'.'"
"He was a linger," explained the
boy. "The management of the show
put up a game un the public. Instead
of bein' a stranger, like the people
tbougbt, Daniel was tbe trainer, on'
the lions knew hlin. It's like the feller
tbat comes In to ride the trick mule.
Circuses Is always doiu' those things."
—Iiro-klyii Eagle,
Tlie RetiNon   For II.
"I never saw a more accommodating
crowd than we had on llie car last
night. There were twenty | pie standing, and when the conductor suid. 'Step
forward, please; plenty of I'bbin up
front,' every strap hanger obeyed the
order with one accord."
' iinpnssililc!"
•No; ii fact. We hit a conl 'vngou
lost us he spoke."—Cincinnati Times-
I'nivol. hoc llliiiMl.-r.
Tbey were rehearsing their parts In
un amateur drama. "Oh. I beg your
pardon." said Herbert, looking at the
book again. "I kissed you at the wrong
"Isn't that loo bnd!" exclaimed
Amelia. "Now we'll have to do It ull
over again!"
Mr. Welsh, nf Ihe Surrey .Eng.)
I'diirntiiinnl   t'ninmil tec.  stutes    Hint
m I'  I hi' girls ntlending  I liismmlic
Klcniciilnry School has walked fi,70ll
miles in Biiiool in Ihe course nf her
pul'iod   nf  ill lendlllice.
Ask for Miiiard's and take no other.
William Johns i youth, aged Hi,
died nt Spuhling ns the result nf a
gun accident. A younger brother
was currying a gun when it went off,
I In' charge striking Johnson in Hie
ben d.
Wo  hav   IIMltutloll    In    Hiiylnii-Hull
llr. .1. II, KWIugg'- Dysentery Uonllitl la
»iii, Inula ihc Ill-si inedtrltio ever Introduced   for  dysentery,   dlarrl    lii'-l-
,.1-n   und   nil  HI r complaints,  «'/»,'",
tii-Hs i-ic. Ii promptly irlves relief ""<■
Itevor lulls In i'MVi-i n ihihIIIvu cure Mothers Baoultl ni'W'r ln> without a boltl-
when their tililldron aro teething;.
At Ibe present time there nie nearly 2.B00 persons on out-ivllcf in Snl-
f'ord, Rng., and 2,HUH In Iho workhouse, out of ii |'o;u:l lion uf _!-!H,-
Miiiard's Liniment is nsed by Physicians.
A New Brighton resident hns had
ta pay 21s. for a prolonged swearing
bout in n trumenr.     lie started when
the insi lor asked to see his ticket.
and kept it up with variations while
the enr travelled u mile.
There are very few cleansing operations in which Sunlight
Soap cannot be used to advantage, lt makes the home bright
and dean. 111
Welland   Merchant   Restored   to
Health by Dodd's Kidney
Do-tora in. I Medicine . nil, .1-11,i.l.l'ft Kidney l'ills 8uc-eeded— Otber OHM.- They
•lulfSeein to   Suit.
Welland, Ont., May 80 (Special).—
I. J. Yokom, a prominent merchant
if this city, is telling his friends ot
us remarkable cure of a terrible Kid-
ley Disease by Dodd's KWnoy l'ills.
Ur. Yokofu's statement is as follows:
"For more than a year I had been
liling with Kidney Trouble in all Its
.vurst symptoms. I hud a distressed
fueling in Iny head, little or no appetite und u feeling of languor. I be-
lame greatly reduced in weight.
"Doctors and medicine fulled io
flvo me any benefit 1 became despon-
lent when liy good luck I chanced to
try Dodd's Kidney Pills and from the
iirst they seemed to suit my caso.
After taking five boxes tho old
(rouble hud gradually disappeared
und I wus feeling better Hum I had
In muny years."
Dodd's Kidney Pills suit tne case
of every man, woman or child who
has uny form of Kidney Disease,
ihey always cure and curo permant-
Hick Seymour, familiarly Known us
the "Silver King" wus at Manchester
lined i-fill nud custs ill one case and
£25 and custs in each of tlvo others
under the Betting Acts. Thousands of
telegrams were found ut his olllco, us
well as a luink-liiiok showing c bill
uuce of _-2,19fi.
Stratford, 4th Aug.,  189.1.
MKSSRS.  C.   C.   H1C11AK11S A UU.
lieiitl.iiien—My neighbor's liny, <l years
old, l-ll inlo a tuh ..I boiling water mid
got scalded leartully. A lew iluy- Inter
his legs swelled to three times their natural size und broke nut in running -ores,
llis linrenL- cnutil i;cl nothing to help
him till I recommended -MINAUD'.S
I.INIMKNT, which, alter using two bottles, completely cured him, und 1 know
of several other cases around here ul-
uiost as remarkable, cured by the same
Liniment, mid 1 cun truly say I never
handled a medicine which has hutl us
good u sale or given such universul sut-
istuction. M.   Hlllf'.ItT,
General   Merchant.
At a. conference of local authorities ami landowners nn the seaboard
between  Harwich  und  llrightlingsou.
Id ut (iucton-on-Sea, it wns stilted thut during the hist, thirty years
the seu's encroachment, on some unprotected parts wus ut the rate of
twenty feet n yeui.
A SOOTHING Ull,.—To throw oil upon
the trot-bled watei- means to huIhIuc
calmness the most liolat«r'>ti_ iiph . To
unply In-. Thomas' (-electric oil to the
troubled body when it Is rucked with
pain ini'iuiH speedy subjugation of the
uii.st refractory elements. It cures puin.
Iieals bruises, takes the lire ti-oiu
wounds, ami aa a general household
medicine is useful In muny ailments. It
is   worth   much.
Arrangements are being made for
] ,87(1 public schools' volunteers to'
be formed us u provisional brigade
ut. Alder-shot, F.ng., from July 25 to
Aug. il. The boys will be enenmped
al. Hovermnent House In attachment
to the First Division.
Aid. John Lawrence, of Liverpool,
Eng., who recently went on a trip to
the Mediterranean for the benefit of
his health, died on the voyage, and
wus buried ut sea.
At nn Inquest on a child at Poplar
it was stilted that the deceased was
one of seven children, ull of whom
had been born blind.
Cumber'well (Rng.) Borough Council have decided In black nut ull betting news in the Cuinborwoll Public
The curious sight is presented at
Ihe village of Nmt.leiun. Lincolnshire, uf in.il gathering in a portion
nf last year's harvest.
liming the tlecjide 1894-1008 the
cost nf pauperism iu London increased from 2s 8_d pee head uf Ihe population   In  8^	
Keep Miiiard's Liniment in the House.
Tlit1 inun who doesn't have his
rm 11 it,1 on his iuiiIhvIIii of tun funis that
he hiisu't an  titnhrclla to hi.; iiauie.
$100 Reward $100.
Thi re-den of thl- paper will be plrjuv. to
learn that there !■ al Imm one -reeded dl.cear
that .deuce hai been able tn cure In all It.
■tatee, end thai t- I'ulanii. Hall'a Catarrh
Cure Is the only ponltlve -lira now known l" the
medleal fraternity. Catarrh belli* a coii.lltu-
tl.iiml dlaeeee, require, a i.on-tlliilloiial treatment.   Hall'a Catarrh Cure In taken Internally,
aclln* directly upon the 1. 'I and mU-OUl aur-
facea of Ihe lyateni thereby de.troylna the
foundation of the dlaeoae, and «lvln« the patient atrenjth by bulldlm up the conatltullon
and aaalHtlng nature In dolna Ita work. Tha
proprietor, haye ao nui.-h faith In Ita curative
powere. lhat they olt.r One Hundred I'lHe-re
for any roue that It full" to cure. Send for Ual
of teallnionlala    Adrtr.iu __,___.«_
P. J. CHENEY a CO., Tolade, O.
Sold by all driisulil". "5c-
Hall'a Family Pill" are the beat.
The spring poet doesn't seem to
reali/e (bat there Is alwuys room for
one more in  I be waste busket.
'oiiiiird's Liniment Lumberman's Friend.
A   lilt   of   Holm,--'  Wit.
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, the poet
and wit. wrote tn n committee declining to accept an Invitation to deliver
it lecture. "I am far from being In
good physical health," wrote the doctor, "and I 11 in siitlstied that lf I were
offered a llfty dollar bill nfter my lecture I should not have strength enough
to refuse It."
It  Didn't Work.
"Thls'll be good for a hundred anyhow," snld young Sow His Wild Onts
lo bis pal. "Every young fellow needs
a stake when he Is of age, so I'll send
I his telegram collect to the old man:
" 'Dear Father—I am twenty-one today and broke.'"
An hour later the fond father wired
"Bo was I when I was twenty-one."
Ilia Snaplclona Aronaed.
Burns—Ho your new play was performed last night 7 Was there a call
for the author7 Plotter-There was no
general demand for his nppenrance, but
I heard one or two men say they'd like
to see tbe man who wrote It. I didn't
like the way tbey said It and got out
at the hens* as mob a. I could.
SLEEPLESSNESS.—Whan the nerves
iiiv unstrung and  the whole bo.lv Riven
lit)   III   wretchedness,    when   Ibe     u'linll      is
tilled wilh gloom mid dismal loietwdlngs
the result ol derangement of Hie iliues-
tive  orgiuiH.    sleeplessness  comes   In   n.l.l
to    the   distress,     If   only   Hie   sul i
could Bleep there would be oblivion for
a while und temporary relief. Purinelee'H
Vegetable Pllla will not only .,.£._.
sleep, but will net. so beiiefi, inilv I hut
the subject will «_lte refreshed and re
stored to happiness.
For sixty hours' services in bitter
weather last December to the stoamor
Enrlqueta the crew of the Cromer
(Eng.) lifeboat have just received
under the salvage award the sum of
10s. each. *
Mix Tboronfthly  Wilt, Common Sena*
■na Take Rccalarlr,
8unshlnc. — Disinfectant, germicide,
soporific, sedative. Sonk yourself In It
—spiritually, mentally, bodily. Make a
storage reservoir of your heart and
■oul and store up every stray sunbeam
tbat comes your way. Fill the reservoir full, so tbat there will be enough
for your friends and neighbors too.
Just a little dab stored up for your
own use will all evaporate before you
bave a chance to get any satisfaction
out'of lt
Fresh Air.—Disinfectant, germicide,
tonic, sedative, stimulant, blood purl
tier. Pump the pure article down Into
the very roots of your lungs—steady,
sure, all the time, day and night. Pure
nlr, remember, not some old secondhand stuff tbat hns been used over nud
over again nor tbat which has been
poisoned by the burning of gas In the
room, but pure nlr, fresb from meadow and forest. That is whnt the air
cells of your lungs are In need of if
they are to make pure air, without
which health Is Impossible.
Exercise—Stimulant, lubricant, ver- I
inlfuge, necessary to proper heart nc- i
tlon  nnd  a   good   circulation   of  tho
blood.   Mir thoroughly with common '
sense and take regularly.—Maxwell's
Tho Marquis of Anglesey, having
retired from the nniuteur corps do
ballet, has arrived at Monte Curio
for a little rest, llis lordship whn
has adopted a baby, is devoting himself .seriously to tin stlC duties,  His
suite includes two valets, a buir-
dresser, two wet nurses, und six pot
Albert Palmer, a well-known English cross-country runner and captain
of tho Newport Harriers, was crushed to deiith while shunting a truck-
load of bricks where he was employ-
ed. He wus pinned by a truck to th*
wall, und both wall and truck had
to be removed before he could be ox
An Ailment Whioh is Most Dreaded on Account of its
Frightfully Painful and Fatal Developments.
Lack of l-daeatlon.
One of the most pitiable tragedies
In human life is that of strong young j
men and young  women  letting  tbelr [
powers go to waste for luck of education.    Many of tbem lament tbelr Ig- I
tiornnce, but excuse It on the (-round
of "no chance" or opportunity.    Such
excuses In a  land  which teems  with
chances deceive no one but those wbo
make them.—Success.
A Hllltl. (,'tlltl. lillt III.AII.U'UK.--
Hilious headache, to which wuuten aie
more subject Hum men, becomes so anil,.
ill   some   subjects     Hint   tbey   lire   utterly
prostrated. The stomnch returns food,
und there is a constant unit distressing
ellort to free the stomach from bile
which hns become unduly secreled there
I'ariuelce's Vegetable l'ills nre u speedy
alterative, unci In neutralizing Ibe ell.-.-i'-,
ol the mt rutting bile relieves the pressure on Ihe nerves wliich cuuse ihe l.eiul-
ttche.     Try  them.
Exposure    to   cold  and  dttmpness.
Cold settling on the Kidneys, straining af tho kidneys, loins or buck,
over eating or excessive uso of ul-
cohol, blows or injuries to the buck,
result of nm la riu or othor fevers.
Liver disorders nro ttlso a frequent
cause of kidney disease, and this
helps to account for the extraordinary success of Dr, Chase's Kidney-
Liver l'ills as a cure for complicated
und chronic disease of the kidneys.
Since the kidneys aro tho chief
means of removing the poisonous impurities from the system tbey must
be ke.pt healthy und uctivo.
When from any of tho above causes
tho kidneys become deranged tbo
first symptom is usually tmckucho.
Then is the time to begin tbo use of
Dr,  Chase's Kidney-liver Pills.
Tho very thoiight. of the usual development of kidney disease is
enough warning lo any one to luUo
prompt action, and there is the testimony of thousands to point you to' J
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver l'ills ob
the most effective treatment.
Mr. William IO. Hold Itch, Port
Robinson, (Int., states: "1 was tor
several years a grunt sufferer from
kidney trouble, Iroin which dread di
sease I am now, happily, freo. I had
all the usual symptom., in an aggravated degree, and at times was completely incapacitated with pains in
the buck, biliousness and headache.
1 had littlo or no ajipetite; insomnia
resulted, and my condition was really wretched. I became emaciated
and grew despondent and hopeless of
relief, ns 'I had taken treatment
from doctors to no uvall.   "
"Finally, ou the udvice of a friend,
I began using Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills, and, after using a few
boxes, 1 was again enjoying health
and vigor, as tho worst symptoms
hud entirely passed away. When I
think of my present good health, In
comparison with my miserable condition of throe years ago, I would
not go buck to my former state for *
any amount of money. I may be
considered enthusiastic over Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, but, considering tho benefit derived from
thein, I huve every reason to be."
llr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers, or Edmnnson, Bates & Co., Toronto. To- protect you ag.iinst imitations the protrait and signature of
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
book author, are on every box.
It is estimated by the Pull Mull
Gazette thnt the cup-tie crowd nl the
Crystal Palace spent £.'14..2.'i. Of
.his sum £81,026 is attributed to
tho 40.000 visitors, from the north,
whose expenses, it is suggested, Included £8,000 for drink und £1,000
fnr tubacce.
By Royal Warrant, Millers to II. R. H. The Prince o! Wales
The man who makes hay while the
sun shines is   in   a   position   to  lend
money   to   the   fellow     that    wriles
oetry about it.
"The Church of England is nt. pro-
Bent trying to do the work of the
wen tie th century with machinery tie-
vised for the sixteenth." So snid
Kev. Canon Hodgson, vicar nf Berwick (Eng.) Pastoral Church.
Is Your Bead Clear?
If not, it is probably the fault
of your Liver and you need a
corrective. You will be surprised to see how quickly your
brain will clear and how much
better you can work after taking
"Royal Household"
Grocers will give you your Money Back,
if wanted:- we back the Grocer.
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
-Xr«x   Vo«.
lulldlne T
If   e»c_,    «.-__<_.
1~K-9   Bes-t   Building   Paper  Mado.
It Is vcir.y much utronrer nnd thiol tf thnn any other .tarred or bnlld-
ln(r) pap«r. It Ih Impervious In wind, k#ep» out mid. k*»»|.a lji heat, ear*
rlr« no Hindi or odor, Ri.s.irhB no inolaturt. Impart* no tnnto or flavor to
anything with which it comes in eon la .t, it In largely urn-d nut -mlv lor
■heetinj,' houses, hut for lining cold nioin.ee buildings, reh-iKerutors. dulr-
lea, '■ i >■-/!,.■( ic, nnd all plaCH whirp the object ia to k»-.■;. nn avaa and
uniform   teiupcrnture,   nnd   -it   the  amne  time tivuldiuv  duiupneea.
Write our Agents, TEES A PERSSE, Winnipeg, for samples.
The E. B. EDOY CO., Limited, HULL.
Instantly and
accurately lock
to nonpareil or
pica measure.
Note the brace
on side. : : : :
6x2 iu. $2.00.
8x2 in. 2.25.
10x2 in. 2.50.
12x2 iii. 2.75.
Nickel Plated
.25 cents extra.
Any hobo will tell ynu Hint bolng
pinched liy povorty Isn't In it with
being pinched by u cop.
Tim* Bnd   Mon,-r-
Whistler, on the wHiichh stnnd one
dny, Willi naked tbe price ho hud obtained for a certuln picture.
"One tliniiH,mil gulneu-," nnltl be.
"How long did It tuke you to pnlut
"About a day and a hnlf."
"And do you menu to toll tho court.
Mr. Whistler, thnt you hnve the nu-
daclty to charge 1.000 gulnens for the
work of a dny nml n half?"
"No, sir; I ask lt for the knowledge
of •'lifetime."
(il)'   "1  I'onfrnilli'lliHi--.
I.iiss.i  is ,i rlly nl   lUUgUltlccnt bllllil-
inns. wboro tbe Btroets are never re-
pair,',l mill, except for n (light cleaning
in .iinunry nml March uf the Tibetan
I calendar, nre dreadfully dirty. Everywhere people nre laden with rich onui-
int'iitH, imt tiiiiviisiii',1 un Caverley'i or-
gan grinder. A vast Buddhlet temple
stands in Hie center of the city, nml it
| is encircled  by a  street lined  with
i -imps and roadside venders, itoih moi
und women are enthusiastic traders,
| and especially striking Is the sight ol
Bnddlllst prli'sts selling divers mor-
chandlse ut roadside stuiis. with th*
sleeves  of  their clerical  robes rolled
high up thoir arms,
When the little folks take colds
•nd coughs, don't neglect them
•nd let them strain the tender
membranes ot their lungs,
Give them
Cure En.cLung
I     It will care them quickly and
strengthen their lungs.
It is pleasant to take,
Mm, lat.. Mt., aad SI.OO.  W
The  Hi-Ill,,!,   Kmplre.
The iiritish empire occupies about
oneiiftii »f iii« surface of the habitable globe nnd consists of the  United
Kingdom, with its attendant bounds,
und about forty-three dependencies under separate nml Independent govern-
■ meiits vnrylng In size from Cunudn,
which is thirty times the size of tho
United Kingdom, to Gibraltar, the area
of which Is two square miles. Tains
the nren of the Ilrltlsli empire Is ninety-eight times Hint of the United Kingdom, while the nren of the eelf governing colonies alone Is nearly silly timet
\ as Urge as tbat of tbe toother country.
VEL  IIAKEH.  tha faraoui Nile  Explorer)
"Newton Abbot, Ik-von, Men r Hire—I
have delayed my thanke aa 1 wit-died ta
taat the eiwt of filair'a Pilla by » sum-
•lent Interval  of time.
"For ten years 1 hnd suffered acutfly
from Gout and Ufa hud loat lie nti ruction owing to the uncertainty uf !,<-i.1th
ii..-f tha sudden visitations of the rm-roy
which proatrated Die for months, or uirks,
according to the virulence of the tit tucks.
"Blalrs Pllla have rendered me Immense
service,  as 1 no longsr (ear an  utturk  ef
"For tha last twenty monthe I have
been comparatively free, an one or twe
attempt-*! vlailatione have Seen In.mediately atamped out by the anelatunce <-(
Blair's Pills.
"Truly foarm (Signed) Saml   Vf   tinker."
f.VHIMM     SoMM    A     <-0   ,    MulllKMtl    «'"'    Ttlt*
anto; The Role Pmg Co., Winnipeg; The
Hartta.  Bole 4  Wynne Co.,  H''nnl|>--g
Prrii.'liii.ir  nnd  Prnfflcc.
Tho Krv. Mr. Saintly—Are you young
people coming to church with nte?
I'm going to preach on "Love One Au-
oiImt." His Da ugh let**—-No, father; we
will 8tny at home Hnd practice what
you preach.
CI    No    4CJ3 -^_ic-rf-_K-.-; --.I* nr?.. '--,;■'".     	
Ht.   Plen.su.it   Advocate.
(Eiistublishcd April 8, JiSilO.)
jf,\i,Rs. R. Whitnev, Publisher
;)n-WK: 3525 Westmiuster itveuue.
-.UtiiJlgH   &FFICK—80  Fleet  street,
Loudon, E. 0.,  England   Where it
(lie of -'^Jie Advucu-to"  is ,i_i'i>t for
Tel. B1405.
...Subscription $1 a year   payable   in
B cents a Copy.
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published l'rt'i' of charge.
■tyancouv.er, B. C, Aug,,  6, 1004.
For a reserve (unusual) on the part
.oi the, daily newspapers when discus-
Jug Municipal matters, tho letter signed
ly D G. Williams, Becretury of tin,
Publishers' Association, is remarkable.
JVhfii tlie daily papers reali_;ed tbo
pnuncjl wimlil not accept their first ox-
prbitaut teuder of 160 per line 1, >r work
(they did lust yeur for So per liue, thoy
.waited coulideut they would bu up
Broached again, not to their credil, do
'tbey admit tbey submitted two later
teuders at lower j'nles. People winidi'-r
■bow ..liuuy "rules" they have. A
i'cry Important condition was attached
to the two lower bids, viz: that llie
contract for the balance of ibe year In
t^iveu to the four daily papers. This
.Condition Mr. Williams fails lo mention
pi his letter published August 2d. The
.Council having awarded tbo contract to
_rh,e M'f. Pleasant Aiivoc.-ith, and
Iinviiig sonin couscieuoe as to tho wuy
tbo people's money should be expended,
filed tbo tenders. Tbe pnpefS also refrained from reporting anything relating to thia .important subject which
would enlighten the public as to tbe
.course they have gersued. Jlowovcr,
the true statu of tlie matter is pretty
Xeuerally understood by those most
fuforested in th,'delayed street improve-
itieni, caused by tbe dailies refusing to
.publish the streot improvement assessment by-laws.
■ ievenjli avenge, between Westminster hvo
liuea-nil Quebec streot. BBRVtCES at II a.m.,
'kiiiI 7::Mi|i. in.; Bunday School nt _:ttu p.m.
Kev. A. W. MrLooiI, I'li-lor. KoHUlencG 4WI
Hlxtli avenue, ea.t.
.uorrtpvut Nlut    unit Westmlnster-a Tuaues,
KUIlVliiKK Nt U11. 111.,  and  7 |1. 111.; -.unlay
-setio'il and llililu (ins. _:::u p.m.   Kev. A. J_.
Jleth-irjngton. It. A., II. p., Pa-tor.
'    I'aiwitiayti US Elcyufltll _.veni|_, we.-»t.
Junction of Westminster ityenti- uud West-
minster  t-ouil.    SERVICES  al 11 tt, in., and
'7:110 p.id.; Sunday Bchool ui_:::n p.m.   Rev.
'ileo. A. W'JUiui, II. A., rn.stur.  Minis.corner ol
1 .eighth avenue and Ontario _treei. Tel. 1060.
,.. ..-.-■
St MioiiAKt. s, (Anglican).
Corner We-tmiii.tur mail aim Prime Edward
_lr_et. SERVICES nt 11a.m., and 7:a) p.m.,
1'ojy Communion isi and ;!,1 Sunday, in each
'month aftermoinlog prayer, 2d nnd nil Kun-
'(layi, at Sa. in. Sunday Bchool nt -:S0 p.m.
• Rev. O. H. Wilson, Rector.
'•  Rectory 372 Thirteenth avenue, cast.
Adveut Christian Church  (not7t)i day A,l
venllsm) corner Ninth avenue and Wosmiln '
v.ior r,'iid. Banket }' H-,n , ""d 7::;u p.m..
••Jifl.ity School al liln.ni. Vming peoples'
'Society ol Loyal Workers of Christian Endun-
•' /or ineclB every Sunday evening al II: 46 u'tiock.
iVfar.'r-moellng Wodnes.lay nigiiism -o'clock.
If yon seek u missing friend or relative, yon may learn something to ynur
'j-dvautugi. by inld'rusKiiif' The American
•fERACEit, Hnjseltun, Iowu, U. S. A.
Coats nnd skirts postntnes are said mi
tn li" so fashionable as waists and skirts
with scperalc poat or wrap, and yet no
wiil-giiwiieil woman Would lor a
mom.'lit think slit conld go lurougR ihe
season without a clolh coal and skirt
Flounced skirts are immensely fashionable and bid fair to be mine popular,
nud itis extraordinary liow many different styles id' lioniiees there ure—so
narrow thoy are more in tin, nature of
millcs put on in fv.tlieivd or pleated
effect or.quite .cant, so arranged that
one flounce fells over tJ>o other or that
there is a wido space betwoeii, and so
mi indefinitely, Trimmed skins are
essential, according to tlie latest dictates.
One of the material pjat on full at one
side and ia loops aud bauds; between
these bands nre narrow fringedniching*
nl tlie same shall-., as the material, while
the Bklrt itself is gathered into the
Waistband Ut tlie sides and l.-aek.
Fringed ruohiugs of taffeta and chiffon trim lightweight dolus and veiling
gowns, put on, is just described,
between the Qnl land Of oilier trim-
miuga or ou Ihc edge of the flounces nml
o.' the color of tho mntorial or blnck. In
t!u, new oolorcd nnd figured veilings
this is a limit effectivo trimming and
bids fair to become :, fad, as it is comparatively inexpensive und so possible
for ihe (.'rent majority, Box pled-tiugs
are also ono of Iho uew fashions, and
even Ihe stiff old-fashioned plr-ntings iu
satin 1'ihb:in are aliemjitud; it is loo
early to say thoy are ncccpted.
All thai was uiost attractive in the
modes of our t randmolhor's day hi 8, uo
doubt, been utilized by the dressmakers
that dictate to woi'icnkiiiii but all the
awkward and nul.t t oming elements
have been eliminated, wbat is retained
is la I'uiutesFUUnn do becn.v,hich belongs
tu every age;
Thure is, however, one eomplole
chnugo Ibid this Season has brpugbl
about aud that is the neat look to th.
fig-die. Gowns now must fit instead
Of bag aad Iho waistline is much closer
t inn heretofore;
This means naturally a higher bust
and broader shnuldor i fleet obtained by
the lung corsage cuirass of the eighteenth
century, the deep corselet and the ample
hut short balloon sleeve which stands
out bravely above the elbow.
Skirts show mostly a straight front
panel, no ni itler how fnl* they may be
on the sides uut" behind, Tiio question
of hip yok"s j.i one of preference. The
closer hip effects seems to be generally
accoptod nud with thanks, for there are
fow women that need bouffant offocts
in this direction, but, there is every
attempt to make tho lower part of th.
skirt- as voluminous as possible.
m vemie
Furnittfjre Marty
Bedroom  Suits   from	
Tapestry Carpets from	
Extension Tables,  _-ft.,   	
Conoh.es frQin	
Baby Bnggi.s from	
folding (lo-earts from      	
Linoleums.,   Stoves, • nud   everytliin
I'urnish    Kast Payments.
.! 1.00
.$. 00
^e W-!e» Your Lodge Meets
/Tho 2ti aud 4th Mondays of llie ninnlli
jCdrart' Vancouver
$P "'.
e        '•
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No.
fjxeetH at n p, pi.
Vancouver Oonuoil   N,
niiin Order of Ch
I.   U.   I''.,   ill,, is  at
19, I.O.O.F.
^iiuiii  , M-ner tu   unosoil
'ihe 3d an.! -IIJi Thursday
aim,  t'un-
Krieiids  n ts
- ol Ihe mouth.
Alexandra Hiyo No  7,   Ladies  of  the
il.i.-.-.iliees holds its regnlar meetings on
/Jie 1st, uud ai Fridays of tlio month
Some slender women ore wearing to
groat advantage shoulder capes drawn
across tin ir shoulders rather than lining
over them, and oiic-n are they most
becoming wheu 'rimmed with several
truss-rows of rueliiugs, threo or -four
usually. Lacs, ribbon, piuked-out soft-
silks or liiousselines are used in these
luohiugs, sometimes matching the
capes; sometimes in contrast with all-
white capes. They have a pretty Horn
nny effect, with bunch-up euils over tie;
I.list, or else permitting tlio em's to
hnng iu a long stole effect.
A careful housewife has hem urging
kouiekeepers wbo indulge in the luxury
nf having but flowers always st.udiug
iu 11 v, Is ; nil vasts iu jHieir [ionics, lo
le.ve a care in regard to the mins'nin
(hat unchanged pater geuotttles iu
these receptacles. In muny homos Ihe
enrfl of the floral decovations'is left on-
tiiei.v In i-i-rviints ',!:n lo save tl,i.nisi has i,i. i, ;■;,., pull oil t the faded dower.
and sui.-niu.e oihcrs, and acid llttli
ire: h '..ia, r. Jiisiuin'es have been
Imov I, Ml.ere a woman whoso houso
wus a  perfect  lower  of roses   made  ;
practice of having tho receptacles cu-
—Grocerj-   Departineut--'
Prices   That Count.
Hungarian Flour,   per sack, *14fl
Orhuge Meat, 3 packages, 25c
Butter,  Ontario  Creamery,   2-11,,    .5c
All kinds of Fresh Fruit at
Lowest Prices.
5. T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 12(10
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
tlrely emptied and cleaned only once a
week. Visitors could detect the disgus-
liugly rank odor of tho water tainted
willi decaying slalks, but she herself
seemed oblivious. Flower-decorated
houses and rooms are a cue which is
shirked only at the expense of healthful
surroundings and sweet atmosphere.
I'll Wait a While Longer.
" III wait a while longer
Before I despair;
Before I sink under
My burden nf eare.
Night can not 1 ist always—
There must.ho a morn:
So I'll wait for tbe dnyliglit,
Aud watch for the dawn.
" I'll wait a while longer;
To morrow may be
The brightest nnd fairest
Of morrows to me.
Tho birds may be singing,
The blossoms-may start
In I loom and in beauty:
Be patient, O heart!
" I'll wait il irbile longer
Before 1 give rip;
I'll drink, if it may be,
The.dregs from the cup.
Stilling watching, still hoping,
Still longing for day,
I'll wait a whilo longer.
And waitiugTll pray. "
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Ohrisliau Endeavor
meet nt 15jiiiuutes to 7,  every  Sunday
eveuiug in  Advent Christian  Church,
corner Ninth ave. and Westmiuster Rd.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Chnrch meets at H p. m.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in   Mt.  Pleasnnt
Baptist Church at H p. iu.
Tho Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. Hi
iu Mt.Pleasasaiit Presbyterian Church.
O memory mine, why scenes retaiu
Which yield me but regret and pain?
And why, my troubled soul, this fear
Of fancied evils drawing near,
That mar my iieuce?
Sometimes this world lias   seemed so
So void of things to please and cheer;
But then, I bucks, (iod mode it right,
And I hnve had perverted sight,
And seeu things wi" ng.
Henceforth I'll lot tbo past alone,
To hold aud hoard what is ils ow n.
And leave kind Heaven to decree
The changes that arc best for me,
Aud fear no ill.
When flowers bloom uud scent the uir
My eager hands shnll pluck I heir share.
And mellow fruits fall at my feet
I'll pick the best and freely eat
VVitli grateful heart.
When friends I love nnd trust betray
I'll brush my cntli, ring tears away
And turn and love Ihe faithful more
Than I bud le,,rued to Iovo before
Aud still  be glial
In age I'll keep my childhood's trust
As miser hoards his yellow dust;
And when my pilgrimage shall end
I'll meet death as au angel friend
That brings sweet rest.
—O. Speucer
For every one of ns, sooner or 1 iter
the OethSemaue of life must eome. It
may he tho Geibsema'nO of farewell
that wring the heart, or-thu death-beds
of I hose we Iovo; it may be the Gath-
siimanu of remorse and of well-nigh
despair for sins tbnt wo will not, hut
whioh we sny we can not, overcome.
In thnt Gethsemane—aye, even in that
Gethsemane of sin—uo angel nierely,
but Christ Himself, who bore tlio burden
e House
Big Cost Price   Clearance   Sale of
Summer Dry Goods.
We are down to tlie lowest Prices of the season.
We hnve many other bargains but, space will not permit to moutiou them.
Children's Pinafores, worth 20c for 15c; worth 80o for 20c; Worth 86o for 25e.
Prints, worth 7'„c for 5c yard; worth 13J$o far 10c; worth loc for 12Jjj0. -
Zephyr Ginghams, worth lOo for 7Ji,e; worth 12!a for 10c; worth 15i:for'13'sc yd.
Ohamttt'oys, worth i6o far 12L.[e yard.
Pillow Cottons,  16c,  17'_c, 20n and  25o a yard.
Flannelette Blankets SOe a pair.
Job line of Linen Double Damask Napkins, worth 15c for lflo oa_h.
Towels, white and nublcat ho.'l Turkish, 6c, " |_o, 10c, 15a, 20a und 25.: each.
Pillow Slips 10c, m'nc, loc.tiuii 2Uc each.
Unbleached Table Linen, woiib SSo for :'llc a yard.
Bleached Table Linen worth 75c for 60o a yard.
Special values in Towtiings and Glass Clolh  from 5e a yard.
White Quilts 00c, 75c, *! .00, $1.25 and np. 14 yds. Coltou Flannel for $1.00.
Flannelettes, plain colors nud stripe, 20 yards for 4U.00.
While Cottons, Be, 7t_e, KV'. 10e, 12c, 1 ..h,o and )5o a yard.
White Sheoting Tv, ill, 2 yards w idc, worth SOo for 250 a yard
While Lawns, 10c, 15c, -i.c, 25e uud -5c a yard.
White Slici ting, 2d ynifls wide, worth 2,.u lor adu a yard,
JB HORNER «®° Westminster Ave.
Opposite Carnegie Library,
■V    \f-.-l '•!■:     '■ • .     ,   t-'l
m <:::-
turfite ;^;- "
,'■''iy-> _V<*  *•* •     •——-
Advertising  1«  the  education  of  the
'iuv.iu,i.,r   of   llie   merit;,   of   difi   rent
,put Which adds to hia omn.nrt und mil
../insumer.    It informs   llie
„o.,.js nnd brings him Inlq
iiifii'S his hapiiinpHtl,
I       ■ ■        V
'iiii: Anvoi'Ai!-: is the last,
,ii.'diuiii where il eireul.iles.
' '
prospeoi Ive
(ouch with |
Tei. 131 10,
Mrs, Blln Wheeler Wilcox snys ihcr.
comes u lime In the course of married love
when "tin- thrill goes out of the h.iii'i-
cUspand the kiss at times, nnd il i- thru
that husband nud wife may be -■-.,■-. eptible
to other aiaghatlc personalttiea," Tlie i,--,-
soti for this condition of nlfn'rs is often the
fault of Uie husband, but how on. n is it
not due to the wife's nervousness and hri-
taliiiily due to some trouble wltll the or-
jj.-uis peculiarly feminine—the wife under
such circumstances feels languid autl spiritless- she Buffers perhaps from headp.he
nud .feeplesatiess.
Bapkeq up by over .a third of a century
of remarkable and uniformcu.es, arecorq
such us no other remedy for llie diseases
and weaknesses peculiar to women ever
attained; the proprietors of J)r. Pierce's
Pavorlte Prescription no-.v feel fully warranted in nfU'tin:< to pay $500 in legal
money of the United States, fol any case
of I,i ue, it ile a, 1-Y'nnle Wcaknftss, Prolnp.
su<. or i-'aliiuir of Womb, which they cannot cure. All they ask is u fair and reasonable trial of their means of cure.
A nn-,,,1 th- i ef sickness may he saved by
keeping On hand a copy of Dr. I'i,-ice's
.houaand.pagc illustrated book, "The Common Sense Medical Adviser." Sent free,
paper liound, for thirty-one one-cent stamps,
to pay cost of customs and malllhg ahlvi or
clolh - bound for fifty siamps Address,
W,aid's Dispensary aledical Association,
l.fi.1 .Main Street, llii'fl'alo, N. Y.
Constipation ami a biliousattaclt ao hand-
Itl-halld.     Dr. I'ielce's Plcie-aul  Pellets are
a sure nud speedy cure for both.    Tiny,
sugar-coated granulea.   nn,- little "Pellet*
. , Is a gentle laxative and two a'niild catiiar-
" '; LtllepllOUe   -M4O5,] ti,-.    They never gripe.    Nothing else is
"just as good."
By (Piling merchants they saw their
ndvovlisemeuts in TiiE Aiivoi:ate our
■•-lulers will efiuft'i u favor nnd help (lie
$.i,pi'grt;i,l!y. '
1 ' ._.
Head   W. J. Anuand's  iidviiliisemriil
IH this liap.'l ; lie bus Jie- ten nllCe
V-1, need at his EnWi'Sd l.'yelery, Ml
Waitings street, en. I.
fillip Subscribers who fail to
Bft "The Adv.icate" on Saturday   iiiorning   pirns:'   notify
"A little knowledge is a dangerous
thine." Pope wrote: "Drink deep or
t isle not of tbo Pierian spring." There
is n great deal of sluilnw drinking in
tho spring if knowledge in Ibis nge of
higher criticism nnd agio, ticlsm. Be-
,-:iu-e 1.amy tilings that had ijiui.rnntly
le.11 aeeepted US veiieties hnvo been
shown not to be literally true, llie uu-
ciii.ii.'iii,i truths, pluiuly litnght, are
I r,-j,-i li,!. eoiai, inn,nl or till carded. .The
Bible Is filled will) ;.r:ui and subliim)
ti 11:11 .-■ verified by.linuinii history, by
1..-.-,,,1, pUiknij] hy, obsi uvatlon nnd cB-
, '•: i- n, e. y, 1 11, am-e it t oali.lus histori-
;e. \,-ii.i:l  i.i.d   seientiPe   imu 11:1,1,-i'-,
,: « Is ■ toi' hiugs nro to 1 b dlsciH'ded,
:..   .1 iillm  rejocti d,  Its   son] Insidrltig
10.1l 1 ■ i" bo B ; nl  naught ami ils
.' . ■!•' j.i'. ell IttyVB   or   ruins   of   life   to   1 e
s leered nl nnd ,!,-<»' eyt'd. Tin re an
,-•1,1,1. it. lions .11 .il naiuie, y, 1 -..■ ,:,
uot rojecl .'ur tDf-tiiings nor her laws
nor sny Dial human lifo iir.,.:t mil I.p
ii-guialiil by ihe 1 ,il,„ llui exist ia tl
mtitei'inl wmld, n,,i- that ill science
:::u-t bo disn g i: did, and efforts for
i.ei'omi liiiiment bp ubaudmil'd, Why
not reject Shnkespcnru's works and ill
Ilia sublime wisdom, knowledge ami
.ovcinlibUB of huii"an milure, life nnd
than cter (ontidueil, Lecnnso the
scenes, incidents ami characters, ure not
all leal? Whether tho v. hale swallowed
.ionn'i or uot is a nail: r nf not tile least
impniiiiiice In (he-real seeker after Ibe
troth. Asa parnbie the story is iusliue-
lives.nd eoiitnius just as much of Ihe
lnith.—"Ki:Iii,i:al  Printer-.lournulisl,"
of our sins, will, If we seek Him, come
to comfort us. Ho will if, being in
agony, wo pray. He can be lOnched,
fie is topehrd, with the feeling of onr
infirmities. He, too, has trodden the
wine-press of aj-imy alone; He, too, bss
lam fnce downward in tho niglif it)Kin
the grimnd, nnd the comfort wbicli then
enme lo liim lie has 1„ ipieatlied to lis—
even the oomfoft, the help, the peace,
I ho recovery, Iho light, Dm hope, the
snst.uiiiing iii-m, (lie healing 11 loilyne nf
prayer —Dean 1'nrrnr.
Voters'  List.
PUBLIC NOTICE-" is hereby given
thnt tbe Voter..' List for the." City of
Ynne.ouver for A. D. 11104 hns been
completed, aud shall remain iu my
office until tbe 1st- of September, 1904,
for examination by all concerned
Any person who shall .claim to be
addod to suid Voters', List, or any
Elector who shall desire to have any
name erased therefrom shall prefer bis
or her request in writing, signed with
his or her name, stating the' Ward to
which he or she belougs, niut shall.deliver or cause the same to be delivered
to me within the timo Hereinbefore
specified.        •
Vancouver, B. C, April 12th, 1904.
TENDERS will be received until.
Saturday August 20th, for opening up
Sixteenth avenue from West mint tor
avenue to Ontario street.
Specifications ciui be seen at the Hall,
The lowest or nny   tender   not litres
sarily accepted.
William (1. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vaucouver, July 29, 1904.
TENDERS will bo received until
'. o'clock on Saturday, August 20tb, for
Cutting the Brush ou tho River road,
east of Mr Rowling's, between slakes
niiiubeied 1,8,8,4 Brush to bo cut
close to ground mid 12 feet back from
road.    Price to lio lump sum.
Tbe lowest or nny tender not necessarily aeeepted.
William ti. WALKER,  C. M. C.
South Vancouver, July 20, 190-1.
Let us lill your Lunch Baskets with
good (hiugs—fresh Cakes and
Pies, Fruit and Canned
A fresh stock of
of all kinds, and 11rie.es right
We deliver goods all over
ItlNIl VP iilONK 44i.
Mt. Pleasnnt-.
IVmiii,sli',,linns ii-,. -hen daily lit the
1 World's Fair of how Uncle Sam's
! sigli.il corps cfln steal  winie-s nies-n^cs
I from 1 no enemy An ippariitus littlo
larger than it telegraph key is used and
j Flu's instrument is "tuned" to catch r.liy
Vil r ItiOnS Dull mny 1 e afloat Within th"
/,) 10 ■ f It's InftriMinn.
" There are girls whn may charm  one's
VVilh Ihe glim of a true blue eye;
Who mny lei one's heartstrings siugltl.
Wiih n fluttering iratnnlnns sigh ;
i'he girl wlrli checks like roso.
And lips like (lie [it.piiics red,
And   11   lon;:ue   of    such     wonderful
I lit.I wo llugor 011 words she suid ;
Bill llie nmidi-n, nf ull the niuideiis,
Who,, suiili s wu will woo and wait,
And who charm,ah our hearts unreusou,
Is the maiden with real estate.
•' Shall   we   sil   down   supinely,   aud,
Like lovers of Jung ago,
By the poor and beautiful maiden,
Noglecl the ebi.rnn'r ntid "dough"'.
Shall we stuud 11s n bur to all progress,
And love ns once loved our dads.
And chei li'ully load lo the a)ti-r
A maiden quite barren of scads'.
Nay ! nur Jove will linger forever,
Win re j.iwols 111 myriads (lush,
And our benrt goes out in wild louglugs
i'o the daniose) (iimlened with pash.
" Here's to lovers the wide world over-
All, love is a wonderful thiug I
One thinks of the holding streamlets,
And iHiths where the wildhirds sing;
Of sylvan walks, nild eiiebnnlnients,
Thai linger in shadowy dell,
And tlie huggable waist right by him
l If llin inniden who luyei bim well;
(,'o wnll. with the poor sweet ohnrni.r,
B.v the waves ou the nioiinlighf slnind.
But, we choose In tool dow 11 the highways
By Ihe 11,aid in the fonrin-luiud. " '
Fuli Presh
Vegetable or Flower—all   the
same. $5JeT Sweet Peas 30c tb.
It will pny you  to bay now
for next Spring.
Nelson's  Drug &
Seed Stores
Corner Robsou und Granville Streets,
and 6S5 Hastings Streot.
I_!.«"!.'<__ Shav5,l9
J CI-Lit 3 Parlor.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
.rohn Gilliuau, Proprietor.
iiiiii::: Cllaiits,  nnd a  firsMinss Both
Room  is run in couneeiinii  with   the
Barber Shop— give Ill's plaoo a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Onion p, piij  attended lo,  uislii   or
day.  Uhargui niutterato,
Oftloe: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number -I'll.
"Be good mitl you will he happy,"
nays the author of Helps fnr tin, Helpless. I should like to udd while yon are
about ii, "Bogood for something,"
Know your work. Know il thorough,
ly und do it Ihoroughly, No mau end
dominate you bnt someone who knows
more Until you nbout ynur particular
work—nnd he deserves to dominate you.
lie modest when yon awi uuiertuiu.
Don't think you know unless yon are
sure of it.    And don't bluff.
(live your service eonsei, nliously or
dun't give it nt nil.    Be more concerned
about what your work will accomplish
than whul people ere likely to sny about
I'd rather mnke a mnn rich than
sntisfittl—add fo liis lank noconul than
to his sell'-eoiu]il:ieeiiey.
—George Dyer.
Bovs' New Suits.
I—low often do wo hear that 12 to 15 years
■is Ihe "awkward" age for a boy, and
Hint it enn't be helped,
A grent, part of ibis awkwardness is not
due to Iho boy nt nil, Imt lo the lit of his clothos. Makers tnke it for granted
thnt a Imy can not be filled well, aud they don't try. We givo this matter very
elose attention, nnd if you wuut to see bow your boy looks In clothes thnt tit him,
we invite you to bring liim in. Hero nro nobby two piece suits at IJ8.00 and
...25. Some siiigle-bronstod, somo doiiblb-hroastod und others Norfolk style.
Boys' Norfolks in imported Scotch Tweed $4.50    Youths' three piece suits $4.26.
•    L.     Ltto  &   (A);
Low Tide.
The son   enme   wooing   in   mud,  male
The strand, like a maiden, wns shy
ns fair;
He fell ul her feet with n cry of passion,
And  flung out  llis arms  lo clasp
her there.
He swore In be true;   Ihe   bright   stars
^   And   lite   wind went  dallying oil'
with (ho ships';
While Ihe strand, like a inniden, leaned
and listened,
Ami tbo sea's wild kisses fell ou
her lips.
But now alone in the moonlight's gli ly,
Is lying tin, pale, deserted strand;
Whilo   the   sea   is   telling    the   same
old .tiny
To another shore in another land.
—Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Street  Railway   Time  Card.
If you know any items of Mt.Pleasnnt
news—Social, Personal nr any ollur
news items— scud them in to "Tho
Advocate," or by telephone— BMO'i.
From Mt Pleasant   to   English   Buy.
Via Davie Street,
Hours Minutes
*li, 8, 9 a m*„ li, 18, !<0, 48, 54
10,11,12, 1, 2, a, 4, 5. 5, 15, 25, B6, 45, 66
(I  p. in 5, 15, '..-., 35, 64
7, 8, 0, 10   " (V, 18. 50, 48) £4
* Eirst car leaves 0:0(1 cm.; Lnti oar
leaves 10:54 p. in.
Via Robson Slreet
Hours Minutes
*«, 7, 8, I), a. in , .00. 12. 24, 88, Ih
10,11,12, 1,2,!',4,5   00. ill, 80, BO, 40, ■■'■>
li n in. 00, 10, 20, 80, 42, 48
7, S, 9, 10 and II ji. m.
♦First car leaves 8:12 a. ni.-j Lust cur
leaves II p. m.
Prom   Euglish   Bny   lo   Mt. Pleasaul.
Via Robson  Street
Hours Minnies
"ii, 7, 8, 9 ii. in.        0(1, 12, 24. 86, 441
10 " CO, I'.', 21, .i.,, 45, 5.'.
11,12, 1,2, a, 4, 5, tl    5, 15, 25. 55, -lo, 55
7...' p. in.       (!, 24, !i(i, 4N
8,9. 10; <h»ll p.m.    00, 12, 21, 88, Is
''First uir leaves (1:24 a. in.   *»Last  ear
leaves ! I;'-' I p. m.
Via Davie Street
Hours .Minutes
-'(!, 7,- 8, 9 a. id. li, IS, 20, 43, 51
1" n  in. (I, IH, an, :o, ,io
11,12. I,-2, a. -1.5, li (il, 10,20,80,40,50
7 ,,.....p, m. oti, ia, is, an. ia, .1
s, 9, io, **11 p in. ti, is.au, 48, 51
•First cur leaves 0:80 a. iu,; ••Last
en. leaves n :80 p. tn,
First car leaves Ninth uveniieal. II i. in,,
nud every   It)   minutes   until   Lusl   i nr
leaves Ninth avenne ut 10:50 p iu,
First cur leaves Carroll ,ireei al 8:10
a. in.,; Second car leaves Cnrrall street
nf [1:80 a. in., and every le initiates
until tho Last car leaves Cnrrall slroel
ut 11:20 ji. m.
If ynn want a
Ring   up
Telephone  987
or  cull   around   at   ibe   Sion
Woiiks,    314    Homer   street.
In any ease your wants will receive the
most courteous  and  careful nttnntitni.
E. & J. HARDV 2. CO.
Company,   Financial,   Pci-ss and
ADVBRT.8l.H8'   AtlKNI'S.
ao  Fleet St , London,  E. CI..   Eiifiand.
Celo.:i:l Bl sinew ;  .Specialty
Tradk Hsei'.s
^rf/T-l"^      Copyrights &o.
Anyone. HSntllas .. Ikatrll nnd dcsoilt'tlr-n mitj
Unlclilf .-i_.,r.rt,iin i.-ir oplulc'Il free v lusher an
hivciti m Is probAI.!^ Tvttcit-lilo. f ..i.oritiiilrn-
tlmiBH-Hotlyeollllil.uitfiu, TI,ii:,|iieo_.... ei.lcuta
acil fi-'fO. -flilOBt :.:,-:.  v f ■; :..-i-lli-|lt.- j aienl...
I'liiQiita tu-im iiiniu.li JHiiac * Lu. rctolT.
-iie-iitl notice, iviiheut cbarae, in tlio
Scientific ife-iaia.
A luimisnmoly illnstnitfii wp^kiv. I lrvr-.tt clr-
oiiiaUoii c? nuT pclctiii.d Jnnmnt. 'Unus, J3 a
join lmir n.iiutlis,)-!.  s-.-ivi by ui. iic-tv-iioiilcrR.
Bnuich Omen, <!fj :•' BU WiwbiiiKt-HL i>. fl.
^^^Wln'cli Meet on (II. Pleasant
1. o. o."f."~
Ml. Pleasant [.oiljie No illmetisevery
i'uesili v nt K 11 in , in Oddfellows Hall
Arolier Block, Mt. Pleasant,
Sojourning In'tilivi r, cordially invited
lo intend.
Noam Cuanc—O. G. Kenny.
R It c 0 it 111 N 1: Skciiktahv—T h o s.
Mocliay, Heather and Eighth avenue,
I. O. F.
Court YnncouviT  llSSH,  Iiclejicndeut
Order of  Ko'esters- metis 2d and   4th
M,clays of eta-h n.i lith at 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always weloome.
lima-' JL.niii:u—W. (!. Taylor,
■j.7 Keeler moot, (iiy.
Hi.ri'iniNi; Si-.,iii-TAi:v—W. H. DeBou,
578 Tenth avenue, east.
l'is.wcM!.  SR011KT_CHT—M, J. Crehap,
:ai I'liiucsv siicit. City,  Teli-pluine
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Hevi'W 1st nud "d Fridays of each
iionlli in 1. O. (I. F., Hull corner West-
muster nnd Seventh avenues.
Visiting Li dies always welcome.
..iidy Coiniuunder— Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Record  IC, ej.er—Airs.   Mary   A,
foote, 880 Ninth uvei'iur, oust.
Vancouver Couneil,   Nti,  21 In,  meels
ovory  2d aml   lt!i   Thursdays  of each
month,   in   1   O-  <>   F-,   Hall,  corner
Suvenlh und Westminster I'venucs.
Sojourning   Friends nlwnys wclcoinn,
\V. I'. Hew, llina. Chief limneillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Breorder,
-.'-.-,::, w nlnfturavonuo,  Toi. 7nu,
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over-Ihe advertisemeiils in Ihe
|   Clieap^ Efficient Convenient,
is the Electric Light
Always Ready. <£fi£3&c££S&
No Odor, No Flamem
^        Now is the cheapest time to have wiring done and
fittings put in, before   the busy season   arrives,
British Columbia Electric Railway Company. Ltd.
3-^'v-v%-v%^^**»^>%-%^**^*v%^'*' %-v*v*^%%'*''»'«v-,w


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