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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Feb 11, 1905

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Array McDowell's Syrup of j
White Pine Co.       |
CUJ-ES'COUGHS..       'o
We guarantee it to  give  satisfaction, g
ft, A. W. Co,        I
Mpunt Pleasant Branch. 6
%/Lt. 'Pleasant Postoffice in  coniiectoiji.2
$i psr year, Six A*tpntjj__ 50?. Tljree flppths jsc.  jingle Copy 5c.
Devote-, to tha interests of   .JVJt. Pleasant, GSfttF.li Pnrlf., 6outh Vancouver.
i<    FEBU1905     *•**•■
o The Arcade or Granville Street
I For Light Lunch
g    Baked Apples- like bouit—with PureCream.
Q    Gouuiue Boston  Baked Beans
' Open from 7:801:, In., to 12 p. m.
g Sunday fiom I) a. m.   to IS p. tn.
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 245-
■.'Jl*.   I .'.> J f .. - .
Sixth   Year, Vol.6, Nf. _.?>.
j___P*** Subscribers are requested to
report any carelessness in the delivery
of "The Advocate."
Ohauges for advertisements should bo
iu before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.;
Tl»e McGnaig Auction and Compiis-
Blon Co., Ltd., next to Ciirueige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phono IUTO,
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" ou salt
at all tho Newsdealers in the city
Jit. Pleasant Presbyterian Woman's
Auxiliary gave a Reception to the
retiring President, Mrs. D. McLeod, nuil
other officers ou Thursday ovening, in
fhe church rooms
Mr. Chas. Doering, President Vancouver Breweries Ltd., camo over from
JJetchosiu this week on a business trip.
Mrs. Doering's friends will be happy
to kuow thut her health continues to
Mrs. Hollar will give a tea iu the
Juteiests of Alexandra, liivo No. 7,
J_. 0; f. M , op tlfe afternoon anil evening of Wednesday February 15th, nt
'jcr home corner of Twelfth autl Westr
WW^ WM "-'-Ji.
fOy/^D'.aj Westminster avenue, a
■ mise cuuTj;ii|iii_| jjew.Ji'y, ()w_ei- cau
liuve same bv applying to a115 "West-
nijneter avenue.
The Junior Maple Leaf Lacrosse
^Glub will give a show in the Oddfellows'
lijill ou or about Maroh 1st, The hove
ure practicing regularly, anil something
worth Ihe price of ndmissiou can be
depended upon. The profits, if auy,
wfjl ho devoted to the interest^ of the
tfiiio Eureka Club js a Uew social
club which litis lately been formed ou
Mi. Pleasant. The Committee in
Opfirge consists of T. S. Baxter, H.
Duncan and. J. Paxman. The purpose
of the Club is to give occasional dauees,
when uo pains will be spared to make
the affairs exclusive aud uu.Qyabh.
The first dance was given ou Friday
eveuiug in the Otltlfellows' Hall.
There was n large iittendnuce at
f|.e Doily Social on Friday evoujug in
Mason's Hall. It was giren by the
Ladies' Aid of Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Church, and the ladies deserve grout
credit for providing suelr n pleasant
social affair, The supper wns of the
best, the program of _oug_., recitatiuus
und instrumental selections was very
entertaiiiiiig. The novelty of the evening was the gift of a doily to each one
as they pntertcil the hall. Of course,
every young mun wus sure that the
doily he got was mailo by the lily white
hands of the sweet inttideu he liked
best; such pretty doilies conld not be
found on sale in   tlie dry  goods sfurcs.
We have built, a reputation iu the
Shoe Bnsiuess for quality, style, price
aud comfort iu Ladies', Men's Misses'
and Boys' footwear. R. MILLS, 18
Cordova street.
Ou Wednesday evening Courts Lady-
sniith und Pacilio, ^roient Order of
Foresters, held their annual Ball and
Supper iu Mt. Pleasant Oddfellows'
Hall, Over 100 conplo were present nud
with u flue floor and .splendid music tho
hours flew by in the maze of successive
daucos. The .upper served in the
dining lm.l ffafj qf tjio best nud the
tableB were art isiically laid. The affair
waB a success socially nnd iiuaiieiiilly.
The Committee whioh carried out the
ariftpgemeuts was: Miss Hutch. Mrs.
Clegg, Mrs. Humphries, Mrs. Mcluues,
Messrs. Hardie, J.. J. Barclay, J, W,
Wallis, J. D. Pearson.
Mt, Pleasant Lodge No. IS-l'-l, L.O.L ,
pipt on Weduesday evnuing in Oddfellow's' Hall, tho Worsh-.-'ul Muster,
Bro Dart presiding. The lnttti.ln.' wus
well attended autl many Important
matters were considered. Reports of
delegates to the County Lodgo wero
heard with interest, and the. report on-
the progress of plans for the Cofloeft,
Panpe find Supper to bo given ou March
pth, was favorable. At the next meeting, Feb i'ili, the Purple, Blue aud
Roytil Arcil Degrees will be conferred
upon a number of the member of th
members of li.4a. Ab the Royal Arch
Degree is to be put ou no doubt thoso
who have bqon thl'OUglfit will turn uqt
to assist iu thu ceremony.
Mrs. Merkley has just received a .until
consignment of very stylish Skirts for
Ladies and Misses which aro strictly
tailor-made nnd having bought them al
a bargain, Mrs Merkley will sell their.
at mus. reasonable prices.
Auy cqe hnving frionds dr knowing
of strnvige.H yisiling on Mt. Plcnsiuit
will confer n great favor by informing
'.T__e Advoe.a^i."-   Telc)ilioiie Bl-Ul.i.
Our Prices ftjf Lowest
Consistent with Firstrrdass Work, It is
A FACT we are conceded the LEADERS on the.
Pacific Coast. Our Painless Methods
can not be used by others.
Set of Teeth from rjii.00 up
Gold Crowns from 1.5 00 np
ButDQK Work from $0.00 np
147 Hastings St., E.VanBC0*r
Opposite the. Carnegie Library.
Telephone 1500.
Ofllco Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.;  Sundays 0 a. in., to 2 p. ni.
'Tlie Advocate" wishes auy carelessness in delivery reported to the Office;
telephone H1405.
During the. past year tho Woman's
Auxiliary of Mt. Pleasaut Presbyterian
Church raised tho sum of $50!l.50 for
church work, which is a record to be
proud of.
The members of tho "Helping Hand"
of Alexandra Hive, L. O. T. M., will
meet ut the home of Mrs. Martin,
Twelfth avenue and Qjucbi'C street, ou
Tuesday afternoon, the 1-th,
Miss Olive Morrison reached home
from Toronto ou Monday, iu response
ton telt>grnni summonsing her to her
mother's bedside. Mrs. Morrison is
still iu a critical condition nud may pass
away any moment.
We have every variety of Boots nnd
Slippers at grimly reduced prices. For
comfort, quality and price como to
lt. MILLS, the Shoe-niau, 18 Co.idova
Rev. A. W. MoLeod will prench at
both services ou Sunday. "Revival
Indications," and "Heaveu" will be the
topics .or moruiug aud evening respectively.
MissJenii MoDirag_.il, well-known as
it very line soprano, will sing the Scotch
song t'l Aui Far Ifrae My Hume," at
the evening service.
See Mrs. Merkley's uew Waistings
nnd Ginghams. AU lints going below
cost to make room for uow good.-;. Lovely Winter Goods to be sold at u sacrifice rather thuu pack them awny uutil
another season.
The Lndies' Aid of Wesley Church
surprised Kev. Dr. E. Robsou and Mrs,
Robsou on Thursday afternoon, arriving
iu goodly numbers with dainty refresh
incuts. A delightful social time was
enjoyed by all. Miss Edge acted as
ehnii'iiiiin, and Miss Howes made n very
appreciative address and presentation
to Dr. Robson, who was formerly pastor
of Wesley Congregation.
Friday February 10th, was the -10th
anniversary of Dr. l.obsou's arrival in
British Columbia, and his faithful work
for the Master is woU-kuuwn all over
the province.
Rev. Dr. Robsou will prench at Epwortli on Sunday at 10:45 a. m., nud
Collingwood at !i p. in.
Mrs. F. W. Stono of Quebec street,
spent this week visiting fricuds ou
Lulu Island.
Mr. Naroross and fnmily, are recent
arrivals from Nanaimo, aud have
moved to 28 Tenth avenue.
. Mrs. Stout of New Westmiuster, was
tho visiting Mrs. T. A. Tidy of Ninth
avenue, the past week.
Mr. Theordore DePeucier left ou
Tuesday for Ottawa, to n.-couipauy the
remains of the late Mr. J. McLareu,
who was drowned ill the Fraser River
on Monday last.
Poultry Wire
Our ship has Arrived, and we hava a full stock.
Now is the time to purchase—while  the  stock is complete.
We would be glad to have you call and see us.
I      i\       PS FXX     Mt. PLEASANT  HARDWARE
J.   t\.    I tLI   B/ STORE, Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
2 Doz. for
2 cans Pineapples for 25c. Pure Honey 5-lb, for 85c.
Try our Money  Back Tea,  35c per  pound, 3-Ib for $1.00.
2425   Westminster  Ave.
/ 'Phone 322
Mr. W. H Taylor of Ontario street, is
out again after   undergoing a   painful
and delicate operation on  ouo  of  his
— io:	
Court Vancouver, Independent Order
of Foresters, will meet in Oddfellows'
Hull on Monday evening, tho 18th,
aiid will bo presided over by the
new Chief Ranger, J. B. Aburnethy.
On Friday ovening a large and gay
crowd surprised Mr. and Mrs. S.
Garvin and family, of Westminster
rond, taking fnll possesion of the house
and enjoying themselves till the woe
sma' hours. The young people were
made most, welcome.
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" o-.i Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone Bf405
Let this one word speak for itself, as applied to your
purchases Wisdom and goods of Highest Quality
tell their own tale to the successful buyer. This
applies Here.
French PetiN...... 10c per tin.
2 tins Table Syrup 25c.
8 tins Jelly 25c.
2 lb tius Pork __ Bonus 10c a tiu.
The prices that make Bank accounts.
J. P.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt.Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
The Girls' Baud of   Willing -Helpers
of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church
will give a St. Valentino Social,  in  the
church, ou Monday evening, tbe lllth.
 :o: nr
Don't forget the Mt. Pleasant Book
Exchange, KM Niuth avenue, east.
First book 10c, to exehnugo 5e.
The fRL.er.ll of Alieo Moyes Brown,
ihc si\-wci-l;s-tilil daughter uf Capt. aud
Mrs. Brown, "ccuri'eii fi'uui the family
residence, 481 Seventh avenue, east, on
Monday. Rev. G. A. Wilton conducted
tlio funeral services. Many beautiful
floral, tributes wore seat by sympathizing friends: Mr. null Mrs. Milloi', cut
flowers; Miss Mnbel White, arOBB; Mrs.
A. Tnylor, cut flowers; Mrs. Gulls,
spray; Mr. nud Mrs. R. H. Smith, c».
(lowers; Miss L. White, wreath; Miss
Ethel Gaskell, spray ; Miss J. Taylor,
out flowers; Mvs.NowUei.ry, spray; Mrs.
Gaskell, out (io'.vors; Miu W.H. EvuUB,
spray; Mrs. Dunuiore, wreath; the
children spray. Tha finer:.1 arrange-
monts were iu tho hands of AsniBtrong
-ii Edwards.
Voliimo 1,N6. I, of tho "Canadian
Forestry Jonrnnl," published by the
Cuntiiliau Forestry Association, has
been received. It contains u sketch ol
the Assooiatiot.by tbeoditori "Canada
as a Field for Intclligout i'tu-cityy," by
E, Stewart, Dominion Superintendent
oj Forestry; '.'Fores! Influences," by
J. B. Reynolds, Ontario Agricultural
College; "A (.lance "tForest Conditions
in New l.ruuswicvl" by (f, y. Hay,
D. Sc., St. John; ' The Forest ftcsourcea
iif ihe Labrador Peninsula,'.' A. II. D.
Ross, M. A., >'ui. Forest Henoch
Mr. Thos. Duke, Scliool Trustee, has
been cotnflued to the house with tin
attack of laryngitis, but is itlilo to be
out again.
The heavy winds of Thnrsday
blow down some large trees in South
Vancouver which blocked the North
Ann road just beyond the Cemetery.
Disciples—meets iu old Baptist Church,
Seventh avenue, between Westminster
i'.veiiuc and Quebec street.
Special services by Madison Wright.
Lord's Day at 11 a. in , li and 7:110
p. in. Week days at 7:80 p, m. All
The Advocate in nlwnys glad to receive
ttems'of social, personal or other news
from its renders. Seud news items to
the office or b.v telephone, B140B.
The publishers of the "Canadian
Liiiiibesmaii," Toronto, have issued a
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Nnmber
wbicli is n very creditable production,
It consist of 100 pages and contains a
great ileal that is of interest to the
lumber trade. The contents lire suited
lo the occasion, nud include portraits
ami  biographical   sketches  of pioneer
lumbermen autl roeeial illustrated
articles on such subjects as, "Saw Hill
Equipmoutof the Early Days," "The
Lumber Industry of iho Canadian
Northwest,'' "History aud Development
of the Lumber Industry of P.iitisli
Columbia," otc. Statistics of tbu production of timber, dosci'lptlpaa of
modem saw mills t-.ini wood-working
plants, nud many other features aro to
be found iu this number.
If you know of nny local news item of
interest such ns parties, dances, social.'?,
arrival nud departure of visitors, society
meetings, eto!, send it in to Thb
Advocate or by telephouo B1403.
Our Provision
Fresh Tomntoe Sausage 15c per pound
Honie-mado Head Cheese. 2-lbs for 25o
Boiled  Ham 86c. per ponnd
Pigs Feet, Bologna, Ham Sausage. 12'^e per pound
Lambs' Tongue 2llc per pouud.       Dried Beef 80c per pound
Swift's Hams und Bacons always iu stock
Tiie Gtv Grocery Co. Ltd*
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Toi. 2S6.
Westminster Ave. A Prinoess Street.
S_ ..? Itt W UT Itt W Itt Itt W Itt Iff Iff fff tt? fff Itt tt
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known   to the Art of Brewing.    Is
•- it any wonder that  it  ha.s   taken a place
in  the hearts of  the  people  wliich   no other beer
^ can supplant ?    Do;.., quarts $2.   Doz., piuts $|.      3
J Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. -••»
£ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 ^>'
gj_ For Bale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stoics aud Hotels    _«
•*-- or delivered to yoturhopse. *»•
Ti iii Hi iii iii ... iii Hi Hi MM ^ WW M Hi Hi Ifc
r%^/*W9/fy "e/*^w*^ *v%^v-v^-*w *ft^^^^-v,*v-a^*v^**it''*^*p
LasHes" Coats and Silk Blouses
Clearing at Jess thai! Manufacturers' Prices:
Conts,  regular |2S.00 for $16.50;  regular $20.00 fpr $11.00; regular
$16.50 for $9.00!   regular $14.60 for $8.o0;   regular $10.50 for .li nil;
regular $9 50 for $5,110.
BILK BLOUSES—Blousos nifirle of Tamoliue, nud China Silk, in old
rose, sky blue, black and vvhite ; worth up to $6.00, special for $2.50.
Blouses made in variety of styles nntl colors in cardinal, sky blue, old
rose, pink, white and black; worth up to $7.50, special for $5.50.
ADHCC _C-  Cd     30. 32 and 34 Cordova St.
•   tVv-'*-'*-' *■*■ VV.. Telephone 574-
%%%%-y»-V\V-Vt*M '%^^<Vt^^^'*(^-»/*a^^^'V*V*^-*V-%-*',*«»-**« I
wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm_——   —> mmmmmmmmsmmmmmmms
swCentral Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954,
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of FRESH antl Salt MEATS.    Fresh Vegetables nlwnys
ou hand.   Orders solicited from nil parts of Mount Pleasant autl Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & WiSSiams. ^JSSS^
«_^-%<vw«/- -Ur^^-'w*.**.*--Tf>
Sterling Silver
Purses and Bags
The whole purse or bag Solid
Sterling Silver.
i'ut they ure uot heavy or
cumbersome-—rather they are
us delicate aud dainty as a
bit of filagree".
They are mado of hundreds
of tiny little round silver
links—eii.h link perfectly
solid—nil woven together,
BQe io $40.00 eaoh.
Snme nice ones for attaching
to chains or chatelaines,
$I.BO to $5.00.
Corner Hustings anil (.rniivi.le S»s.
Offlotnl Watch Inspector C. V. R.
ELEoritOLTais Parlor of Hnirdress
ing, Manicuring, Facial Massage lind
Scalp Treatment for Lndies aud Gontie-
men. Superfluous hair, warts and
mole.- reniovod by Electrolysis.
Valuable Information given to every
lady patron on "iluw to tuke cire Of
Skin Food for bnildiug np the wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream tu prevent mul heal sunburn.
Mada.u'. Hi'.Mi'iniKVM, 5h!i Granville
2__2i Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel  A120B      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   and Retail
.     ler iu Meats of
Al! Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
in season.
■^%.-%**Si.--_/li- *V*^l*<V*-<S.'%.'*l
lo (to down-town for npythlug lu tbe lino of Drugs aud Medicines
We cnn snpply nil your needs nntl usually save you money iifisitle'S.
We'll not overcharge you, Unit's u oortaiuty.
The lliggesl saving to you is nu PUKBCRIPTION Work—uo better service
couiil be had anywhere nt any prico,
Our expenses nro light its compared with the down-town stores, there-
foye we cnn afford to give yon the benefit of tho dlfferouce which iu
tin; course of a year would amount to (_uitu 11 little, nun.
Free Delivery to Any Part ol the City.
The Central Drug Hall
2444   Westminster Avo. Opp. Liib'sGrocery,
Chas. E. NETHERBY,.Prop. Telephone   1349.
Tho South Viiiit'oiiu'r Scliiiol Concert
wus held in tin: School house on I'.u'.uT
evening February lid, and proved 11
great Bnccess. The program consisted of snugs, n-citaUous. drills nntl
club swinging by the scholars und was
so perfectly rendered aa to enil forth the
keenest expressions of appreciation from j
tho audience which crowded the room,
Specinl UKUltlCJl might It luiiilf t_£ the
lilt!u '-nils" who rendered thriv nupi-
b.rs with sncli incuraiy nnd _;.'"'« as
,,-imltl havo dono credit t<i professionals,
giving evldenco of mosl skilln.il. u-.tju-
ing. Gruutoredil Ib duo to'tho looohcrs,
Miss (I Glover nnd Mr. A. Graham, for
excellent, liiiiiitu-i' in which tho piogrniu
wus got ley up, and tho reVident-s uf that
teachers    to
in. lu nddltiou to tlie part tukou by
the Bi'hi'liU'.. was a recitation by Miss
VoBper. a solo by Mis.-l". H.ir_ojd npd
Mr. J. O. Mnthers a locitntion, Those
unmbert wore BnthusiiiRlicully recoivoil
by the audience aud each heartily encored. Tin Concert closed with the
National Anthem, uud one antl all cou-
gratulatod themselves upou tho ploasaut eveniug thul bed liueu spout,
Ml,|>lt,i>aiil Mall, ll'oslolHef.),
Leaves at ti a.in., II am.,.. ,1:811 |i.m.
Arrives lit 11 a. m , and II p. in.
.forLocal  News Kcinl Till-: Anvo(.Aii.
The subject, "Resolved, I lint Iron is
moro value than Gold," was llie topic
uudor discussion at onr Literary and
Debating Society ou Weduesday evening. The debate was decided iii favor
of the affirmative, the speakers for
which were Mr. W. Barclay, Mr. H.
Swain uud Mr. A. McDonald. The
speakers for the negative, Mr. C. Leed-
ham, Mr. A. Buchanan and .1. Wllbors,
put t'liith some very good points but
were unable to convince the audience of
their superiority of argument,
The Bible Class of the Presbyterian
Church hns organized into n society
under the name of the Young People's
Guild, The object of tbe soi-iety is to
do good among the young meu aud
wdUH'U.aud have six-ial evenings once 1 r
twice a mouth for the purpose of bee -in-
iug better acquainted. The officers "f
tba Guild uro: President, F. Wright;
sir.- -President, Mins M. Brown;
Sec-Treas., Mr. o. l'muhll. The
Guild v. ill hold a Bociol ou tho !>7th of
this mouth, 111 the church IwseUiout,
Tho dance given oy .'niuklin's
Orchestra la at Friday evoulng, wn well
attaudild, aiid ti plcasaul limo uu. Bpenl
by those win. attended,
Mp>. I'l, S. I'Itirli ol lliiunj.s, llll.booll
visiting lelati'.i B at Central Park daring
the past week,
McTaggart & lioscrop
Dealers in
154/. tarrall St,.
Ti'tiiplelon Block.
Vancouver, B.C,
North  Ann School  Concert,
Tiu tv,.„., i-t i:i ih.- --,.iii!i Anii Bchool
House, ns stated brforo, is to lake place
on Fridny ovouiug February 17lh.   The
prograui, which is to be furnished by
,-      .u.iale  in   having suoh Ilt«a1 ^City   WvUt,   Wll}  be 11 treat.
elilrusl.   then'   clulilivn    l'"> "-' »<''   ">•"   «*'«*> "'"t   BU  l'.'
without bearing It,   Make a lin^k in
ihe monotony of your every titty life by
going out, the sti■-ef car Hues us fur as
thu I'eni.-iciy, over half wny. Too w'll
nol in tho'small admission charge and
yon will uot only have tin- pleasure of
an evening's oujoyineut but thut yon
have also rendered the bchool assistance
Telephone Numbers of  Local Ministers.
II17W    Id v.l.. II. \\ll-.ul,tAlitl.i. i.iij
I...-.   Id v. U. A. un- (I'reiibylcrlan)
Ill-.'I'J-lte-v. A. U. lb.iri-rliusl"ii,(M_l Il-l)
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Iletniii 1. Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
aud wo will send free your ohoice of 80
pictures. Or for ..'. wrappers choice ot
1.iii books, Books and picture lists ou
Tiie Royal Soap
Co., limited,
LawiiCsrass Seeds
Clover ■■ nd Timothy Seeds,
Piatt's fonlt[j and Animal Fowls,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Pood, Beefmapt, ¥*»•
SI/niTH   Corner    NINTH ivtuii.   J.
'I'l-li-l'liolic-    11, ■' '
Tull Line .11 Pancy and Staple
"I   Prices in compare with auy.
Cor. Westminster ave., tt Dufleriu bt..
Sec When Vour L,odge ^l-sett.
The '.''I ami lth Mimtlayri of the muuil,
Jourl  Vancouver,  I. 0.  F., meets a^
d p ui.
lit. Plo'isnii' l.i<lgeiNu. It),  I.O.O.lf
meets at s p. ni.
Vaucouver  Council  No. -l!»,  Cau-.
udinu Ord  ■ uf t'lmsiLi  I'riei __t nieett,
1 iie .il 'nl Uh Thursdays ol Um momU,
A I. \nndlii Hive No 7, I„dies of  the
Maccabees holds it.- regular trteotlngi  .;
the 1st, and .Id Fridays of the uii.iith
51 The Filigree Ball
One was the presence ol a pensniro
with the file blade opon, on a smull
table under the window marked by
the loosened shutter. Scattered
about It were some tilings which
shone as tbo light from my lantern
toll upon them, but which were so
line as to call for a inagnifying-glnss
to make them out. The other was
in connection with a closet not far
from the great bed. It was an oui|>-
ly closet so far as the hooks went
and tho two great drawers which I
found standing half open at Its back;
but In the middle of the floor luy an
overturned candolabrum similar to
tlie one below, but with its prisms
scattered and its ono candlo crushed
and battered out of all shape on the
blackened boards. lf upset while
ftllght, tho foot which had stamped
upon it in a wild endeavor to put
out tho flames had been a frenzied
one. Now, by whom hud this frenzy
been shown, and whon? Within tho
hour?i I could detect no smell ol
smoke. At some former time, then?
■say on the day of the bridal?
. Glancing from the broken candle at
- my. feet  to  the ono  giving  its  lust
sputter in tho tumbler on tho dressing, tabic, I owned myself perplexed.
Surely,     no    ordinary  explanation
fitted these extraordinary and seemingly contradictory circumstances.
I am in some ways hypersensitive.
Among my other weaknesses I have
a wholesome dread of ridicule, and
this is probably why I failed to press
my-theory on tho captain when ho
appeared, and oven forbore to mention the various small matters which
had so attracted my attention. If
he and the experienced men who came
with him saw suicide and nothing
but suicide in this lnmontable shooting of a bride oi two weeks, then it
was not for me to suggest n deeper
crime, especially as ono of the latter
eyed mo with opon scorn when I
proposed to accompany thom upstairs into tho room where tlio light
had been seen burning. No, I would
keep my discoveries to myself, or, at
least, forbear to mention them till I
found tho captain alone, asking
nothing at this juncture but permission to remain In the house till Mr.
Jeffrey arrived.
I had been told that an officer had
gone for this gentleman, and when
1 heard tho sound of wheels in front
I mado a rush for the door, in my
anxiety to catch a glimpse of him.
But it was a woman who alighted.
As this woman was in a state of
great agitation, ono of tho men hastened down to offer his arm. As she
took it, I asked Hibbard, who had
suddenly reappeared upon the scene,
who she was.
He said that, sho was probably tha
sister of the woman who lay inside. Upon which I remembered that
this lady, under the name of Miss
'Puttie—she was but half-sister to
Miss Mooro—had been repeatedly
mentioned by tho reporters, in the
accounts of the wedding before mentioned as a person of superior attainments and magnificent  beauty.
This did not take from my interest, and flinging decorum to the
winds, I approached as near us possible to the threshold which she must
soon cross. As I did so I wus astonished to hear the strains of Undo
David's organ still pealing from thu
opposite side of the way. This at a
moment so serious and while matters
of apparent consequence were taking
place ln the house tu wliich be had
himself directed the attention of the
police, struck me us carrying stoicism to tho extreme. Not very favorably impressed by this display of
open if not insulting indifference on
tho part of the sole remaining Moore
—an indifference wbicli did not appear quite natural even In a mun
of his morbid eccentricity—I resolved
to know more of this old man und,
above all, to make myself fully acquainted with the exact relations
which had existed between him and
his unhappy niece.
Meanwhile Miss Tuttle had stepped
within the circle of light cast by
our lanterns.
I have never soon a finer woman,
nor one whose features displayed a
more heartrending emotion. This
called for respect, and I, for one,
endeavored to show It by withdrawing into tho background. But I
soon stepped forward again. My de-
alro to understand her was too
great, the Impression mado by her
boaring too complex, to bo passed
over lightly by one on tho lookout
for a key to the remarkable tragedy
before us.
Mcanwhllo her lips had opened
with the cry:
"My sisterl Whero Is my sister?"
The captain made a hurried movement townrd tho rear and then with
the laudable Intention, doubtless, ol
preparing hor for tho ghastly sight
which awaited her, returned und
opened a way for her into tlio drawing-room. But she wns not to bo
turned aside from her course. Passing him by, sho mndo directly for
tho library which sho entered with a
bound. Struck by her dniing, we
all crowded up behind her, and curious brutes that wo were, grouped
ourselves iu a seinicirclo about tho
doorway as sho faltered toward her
Bister's outstretched form and foil
on her knees beside it. Her involuntary shriek and the fierce recoil
sho made as hor eyes fell on tho
long white ribbon trailing over tho
floor from her sistor's wrist, struck
mo as voicing the utmost horror of
which tho human soul is capable.
It was as though her very soul was
piorced. Something in the fact itself, something In the appearance of
this snowy ribbon tied to tho scarco
whiter wrist, scorned to pluck at tho
very root of her being; and when her
glance, in traveling ils length, lighted on tho death-dealing weapon at
its end, Bho cringed in such apparent
anguish thnt we looked to see her
fall in a swoon or break out into
delirium. Wo were correspondingly
startled when she suddenly burst
forth with this word of stern command:
"Untie that knot! Why do you
leave that dreadful thing fust to
her? Untie it, I say, it is killing
me; I can not bear tho sight." And
-I-...I.I treniblir.fr Bhe passed to    ahucl-
The captain, with much consideration, drew buck the hand ho had
impulsively stretched toward the ribbon.
"No, no," lin protested; 'wo can
not do thut; wo can do nothing till
tho coroner comes, it Is necessary
that he should see ber just as she
wus found. Besides, Mr. Jeffrey has
a. right to the snino privilege. We
expect him any moment"
The boautlful head of the woman
before us shook Involuntarily, but
ber lips mado no protest. I doubt
if she possessed the power of speech
at that moment. A change, subtile,
but quito perceptible, had taken place
In her emotions at mention of bet-
sister's husband, und, though she
exerted lierself to remain calm, the
effort seemed too much for lu-r
Strength. Anxious to hide this evidence of weakness, she ruse impetuously; und then we saw how lull she
was, how the long lines of her clonk
became her, and what a glorious
ct'ealiti-e she was altogether.
"It will kill him," she groaned    In
0 deep inward voice. Thin, with a
certain forced haste and in a tone ol
surprise which lo iny ear had not
auite a natural ring, she called aloud
on her who could no longer either
listen or answer:
"Oh, Veronica, Veronica! What
cause had you for death? And why
do we lind you lying here in a spot
you so feared and detested?"
"Don't ye>u know?" insinuated the
captain, With a mild persuasiveness,
such as he was seldom heard to use.
"Bo you liieun that you cau not account foe . your Bister's violent end,
you, who have lived with her—or   so
1 have boon lold—ever since her marriage with Mi-,  Jeffrey?"
Keen and clear the word rang out,
fierce in its keenness and almost too
clear to be In keeping with the half-
choked tones with which she added:
"1 know that she was not happy,
that she novel- had been happy since
the shadow which this room suggests fell upon her marriage. But
how could I so much as dream that
her dread of tbo past or her fear of
the future would drive her to suicido,
and in this place of all places! Had
1 done so—had I imagined in the least
degree that sho was affected to this
extent—do you think that I would
have left her for one instant alone?
None of us knew that she contemplated death. She had no appearance of it; she laughed when I—"
What had she been about to say?
The captain Boomed to wonder, and
aflor waiting in vain for the completion of hor sentence, he eiuielly
"Vou have not finished what you
had to say,  i\]i::s 'l'utile."
Sho started und seemed to come
from some remote region of thought
inlo wliich she hud wandered. "I
don't know—I forget," she stammered, with a heart-broken sigh. "I'-uor
Vorontcal Wretched Veronica] How
shall I ever lull hiin! How, how,
call we ever prepare him!"
Tho captain took advantage of
this reference! to Mr. Jeffrey lo ask
where that gentleman-, was. The
young lady eliel not seem eager to reply, l.iit when pressed, answered,
though somewhat mechanically, that
it was impossible for her lo say; Mr.
Jeffrey had many frionds with any
one of whom he might bo enjoying a
social evening.
"But it is far pnst midnight now,"
remarked tho captain. Is ho in the
habit of remaining out late?"
".Sometimes," she faintly admitted. "Two or three times since his
marriage he has been out till one."
Were there other causes for the
young brido's evident disappointment
and misery bosldes the one intimated? There certainly was some excuse
for thinking so.
Possibly some ono of us may have
shown his doubts in this regard, for
tho womun before us suddenly broko
forth with this vehement assertion :
"Mr Jeffrey was a loving husband
to my sister. A very loving husband," she emphasized. Then, growing desperately pale, she added, "I
have never known a better man,"
and stopped.
Somo hidden anguish in this cry,
some self-consciousness in this pause,
suggested to mo a possibility which
1 was glad to see ignored by the
captain iu  llis next question.
"When did you see your sister
last?" he nsked. "Were you at home
when she left her husband's house?"
"Alas!" she- murmured, Then seeing thul a moro direct answer was
expected of her, sho added with as
little appearance of effort as possible: "I was at homo and heard
her go out. Jtut I had no ide'a that
it wus fur any purpose other than
to join some social gathering."
"Dressed this way?"
Tho captain pointed to the door
and her e. "S followed. Certainly Mrs.
Jeffrey was not appareled for on
ovening company, As Miss Tuttle realized tho trap into which sho hud
been bet ray.d, her Words rushed
forth and  trlppetl each other up.
"I did not notice. She gftcn wore
black—it became her. My s(Nter was
Worse, Worse than useless. Some
slips cnn not be explained nway.
Miss Tuttle seined to realize that
this wns one of them, for she paused
abruptly, with Ihe words half finished on hor tongue. Y"t her utti-
tudo commanded res' ■- t, und I for
one was ready   to ni  .rd .1  io her.
Certainly such n w unati was not
to bo seen every day, und if her replies lucked candor, tin re was a no-
blllty in her presence which guve Iho
lio lo any doubt, At least, tbat was
Iho effect she produced on nte. Whether or not her Interrogator shared
my feeling 1 could not so readily de-
torinine, for his attention us well as
mine wus suddenly diverted by the
cry which now escaped her lips,
"Her watch! Where is her watch?
It is gone! I saw it on ber breast
and it's gone. lt hung just—just
"WaltI" cried one of the men who
hatl been peering about tbo floor.
"Is this it?"
He held aloft a smull object blazing Willi Jewels.
"Yes," she gasped, trying to   tako
.'Ju'. thu officer nave lt tu the   cas-
"II must have slipped from her as
she fell," remarked tho latter, after
a cursory examination of tho glittering trinket. "Tho pin by which sho
attached It to her dress must have
boon Insecurely fastened." Then
quickly and with a sharp look at
Miss Tuttle: "Do you know if thla
was considered an accurate time*
"Yos.    Why do you ask? Is It—"
"Look!" Ifo held it up with tho
faco toward us. The hands stood at
thirteen minutes past seven. "The
hour and the moment when It struck
the floor," ha declared. "And consequently tho hour and the moment
when Mrs. Jeffrey fell," finished Dur-
Miss Tuttle said nothing, only
"Valuable evidonce," quoth the
captain, putting tho watch in his
pocket. Then, with a kind look at
hor, called forth by the sight of
hor misery: "Does this hour agree
with the time of hor leaving the
"I can not say. I think so. It
was some timo beforo or after soven.
I don't remember tho exact minute."
"It would take fifteen for her to
walk hero.   Did she walk?"
"I do not know. I didn't seo hir
leave. My room la at ths back of
tho house."
"You can say lf she left alone or
In tho company of hor husband?"
"Mr. Jeffrey waa not with her?"
"Was Mr. Joffrey in the house?"
"He was not."
This last negative was faintly
The captain noticed this and ventured upon interrogating her further.
"How long had he been gone?"
Her lips parted; she was deeply
agitated; but when she spoke it was
coldly and with studied precision.
"Mr. Jeffrey was not at home tonight at all. He has not been in all
"Not at homo? Bid his wife know
that he was going to dlno out?"
"She said nothing about it."
The captain cut short his questions
and in another moment I understood
why. A gentleman was standing in
the doorway, whose face once seen,
was enough to stop the words on
any man's lips. Miss Tuttle saw
this gentleman almost as quickly as
we did and Bank with an involuntary
moan to.her knees.
It was Francis Jeffrey come to
look upon his dead bride.
I have been present at many tragic scenes and have beheld men under
almost overy aspect of grief, terror
and remorse; but thero was something in tho face of this man at this
dreadful moment that was quite new
to mo, and, as I judge, equally new
to the othor hardy officials about
me. To be sure he was a gentleman
nnd a very high-bred ono at that;
and it is but seldom wo havo to do
with any of his ilk,
Breathlessly wo awaited his first
Not that ho showed frenzy or made
eny display of tho grief or surpriso
natural to the occasion. On tho
contrary, he was the quietest person
present, and among all the emotions his white face mirrored I saw
no signs of what might be called
sorrow. Yot his appearance was one
to wring the heart and rouse tho
most contradictory conjectures as to
Just what chord in his evidently
highly-strung nature throbbed most
acutely to tho horror and astonishment of this appalling end of so
short a married lifo.
His eye, which was fixed on the
prostrate body of his bride, did not
yield up its secret. When he moved
and camo to whore she lay and
caught his first sight of the ribbon
aud tho pistol attached to it, the
most experienced among us were
baffled as to the nature of his feelings and thoughts. One thing alone
was patent to all.- He had no wish
to touch this woman whom he had
so lately sworn to cherish. His eyes
devoured her, he shuddered and
strove several times to speak, and
though kneeling by her side, he did
not reach forth his hand nor did he
lot a tear fall on the appealing features so pathetically turned upward
ejt it to meet his look.
Suddonly hs leaped to his feet.
"Must she stay here?" he demanded, looking about for the pcrsoa
most in authority.
The captain answered by a question:
"How do you account for her being here at all? What explanation
huve you, as her husband, to givo
for this atrango suicide of your
For reply, Mr. Jeffrey, who was
an exceptionally handsome man,
drew forth a small slip of crumpled
paper, which he Immediately handed
over to the speaker.
"Let her own words explain," said
ho. "I found this scrap of writing
ln our upstairs room when I returned
home to-night. She must have written lt Just boforc—before—"
A smothered groan filled up the
break, but it did not come from his
lips, which Were fixed and set, but
from those of the woman who
crouched amongst us. Bid he catch
this expression of sorrow from one
whose presence ho as yet had given
no token of recognizing? Ho .lid not
seem to. His eyo was on the captain, who was slowly reading, by the
light of a lantern held in a detective's hand, the almost lllcglblo
words which Mr. Jeffrey had Just
said wore bis wife's last communication.
A Rand Rat's Exploits.
"There were a lot of rats ln the
storage room of my stable," writes a
citizen of Johannesburg, South Africa,
"and we bad great difficulty ln getting
at them. They were shy of all traps
and did a tremendous lot of damage at
night, lying quiet all day. At length I
put ln the room n square tin lined box
about two feet deep and in lt placed
some burned cheese. The rats immediately got Interested ln the cheese,
climbed up the outside ot the box and,
having got Inside, could not ascend the
slippery tin lining. In this way we
killed a great many.
"One morning my children took a
cat, which was a very good ratter, and
placed lt ln the box, where there was
already a good sized rat. Tbe cat, instead of tackling the rat, appeared to
make friends with lt. They put their
noses together and frisked around, but
no harm was done, and eventually the
cat jumped out, refusing to tackle the
"The children thou put ln a keen
dachshund, whleh immediately snap-
pod at the rat and missed lt. The rat
ran arouud the box two or three times,
dodging cleverly, and eventually, by
climbing on tbe dog's back, adroitly
-unioad out of the box and escaped."
By instruction of the Hon. Minister
of Agriculture another distribution
will be made this season of samples
of the most productive sorts of grain
to Canadian farmers for the improvement of seed. The stock for distribution is of the very best anu has been
secured mainly from the excellent
crops recently had at the branch Experimental Farm at Indian Head in
the Northwest Territories. The distribution this spring will consist of
samples of oats, spring wheat, barley, Indian corn and potatoes. The
quantity of oats to be sent this year
will be 4 lbs., and of wheat or barley,
5 lbs., sufficient in each caso to sow
one-twentieth of an acre. The samples
of Indian corn and potatoes will weigh
_ lbs., as heretofore. A quantity of
each of the following varieties has
been securetl for this distribution: —
Oats — Banner, Wide Awake, Improved Ligorvo, Waverley, GFoldflnd-
er, Abundance and Thousand dollar.
Wheat—Preston, Red Fife, Percy,
•Stanley, Huron, Laurel, and White
Barley (six-rowed). — Mensury,
Odessa, Mans^eld, Claude and
Itoyal, Two-rowed — Sidney, Invincible, Standwell nntl Canadian Thorpe.
Potatoes—Carman No. 1, Early
White Prize, Cniulinn Beaut.", Uncle
Sam, American Wonder, Bovce, Kar-
ly Andes and  Dale Puritan.
Every farmer may apply, but on!
me sample can ho sent to cell applicant, hence lf an Individual receives
i sample of oats he cannot also receive one of wheat, barley or potatoes, and applications for more than
ono sample for one household can
not be entertained. These samples
,vill be sent free of charge through
the  mail.
Applications should be addressed
to the Director of Experimental farms,
Otawa, and may be sent in any time
before the 1st of March, aft.r which
the lists will be closed, so that all the
samples asked for may be sent out in
good time for sowing. Parties writing
should mention the sort of variety
they prefer, with a second sort as an
alternative, and should the available
stock of both these varieties be ex
hausted, some other good sort will
be sent instead. Those applying for
Indian corn or potatoes, will please
bear in mind that the corn is not
available for distribution until March
or April, and that potatoes cannot
be mailed from here until danger
from frost ln transit Is over.
Director Experimental Farms.
Ottawa, Dec. 1st, 1904.
Can Only Be Cured by Enriching the
Blood by the Use of Dr. Williams
Pink Pills.
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your blood. The purity of the blood
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Paul every day. The finest of high
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time of trains, etc., or any other Information will be gladly furnished
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Main  street,  Winnipeg.
An Ottawa despatch says that Mr.
Prefontalne's scheme for the creation
af a naval reserve is said to include
the acqusltlon of three training vessels from the British Government,
one to bo located on the Atlantic
coast, tho second on the Great Lakes
and tho third In British Columbian
waters. Thero will bo eight Instructors to each vessel, obtained presumably from the Royal navy. The naval
militia will be trained for threo seasons and thon go Into the reserve. At
tho end of about eight years lt Is expected to hnve a reserve of 10,000
trained men. The permanent naval
militia will number 800, of whom
300 will be on the Atlantic coast,
200 on the Lakes, and 300 on the British Columbia coast.
Well babies sleep soundl and wake
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A large number of people are taking advantage of the present low excursion rates to the East, and more
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States on account of the superior
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Paul and Chicago, which runs for
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America. They have published an attractive toller with map and complete time tables, a copy of which,
and any other information concerning
the trip cnn be obtained by address
ing Mr. A. L, Eidemlller, Travelling
Pasenger Agent, who will make tho
Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg, his head
quarters during December.
A Cracked Derby Hat,
If you are ever unfortunate enough
to smash a new derby hat, so that lt
cracks and ln spite of vigorous rubbing and brushing refuses to resume
its pristine smoothness of surface, try
the simple expedient of holding a lighted match inside the hat close to the
broken spot By the time the match
has half burned out yon will find that
the hat has become soft If you then
will brush it vigorously with a stiff
brush for a moment it will regain Its
former smoothness and look as lf nothing bad ever marred Its surface. i
A Mam Mar  Have   Plenty  of  Honor
and Yet Be Very Poor.
Much of what Is called success Is but
the most vulgar klud of prosperity; it
is the success of the brute faculties at
the expense of the divine. To develop
a few of one's brain cells, and theso
the lowest, by everlasting digging and
grinding for money, to cultivate one
huge gland which secretes nothing but
dollars and the exclusive cultivation
of which crushes out of life all the
finer sentiments, all that Is sweet and
beautiful and worth while, makes a
man as dry aud barren us the great
Sahara desert. He wbo follows this
course cannot be rich, no matter how
much money he may have. A man ls
rich when every faculty within him
has followed his highest Ideals, when
he has pushed bis horizon to its farthermost limit
A man is poor when he has lost confidence of his friends, when people wbo
are nearest to blm do not believe in
him, when hls'character is honeycombed by deceit, punctured by dishonesty.
He ls poor when be makes money ut
the expense of his' character, when
principle does not stand clear cut, supreme in his idea. When this Is clouded be ls In danger of tbe worst kind
of poverty. To be in the poorbouso
is uot necessarily to be poor. If you
bave maintained your Integrity, If your
character stands foursquare to tbo
world, If you have never bent the knee
of principle to avarice, you are not
poor, though you may be compelled to
beg bread—Orison Swett Maiden In
Copped l-srsra.
Place some cups ln a panful of water;
ln each cup put a tablespoonful of
cream; break an egg Iuto this; add
pepper and salt and small pieces of
butter; bake ten miuutes.
Was Bent Over With Pain and Hardly
Able to Work Till He Used the
Great  Canadian   Kidney  Remedy.
Consecon, Ont, Dec. 12.—(Special).
—Mr. David Rowe, a well-known and
highly respected farmer, living about
three miles from here, Is telling his
friends of his remarkabl-3 recovery
from a long period of suffering by
the use of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I had very severe pains in my
back more or less upwards of two
years," Mr. Rowe says. "These pans
seemed to concentrate their full force
ln the small of my back, and the pain
was almost unbearable. It made ma
go bent over and I could not straighten up to save my life.
"When I went to urinate It gave me
great pain, and you may imagine I
was not able to do much work. Icon-
suited a doctor, but his prescription
did me no good.
"Then I started to use Dodd's Kidney Pills and I felt better by the time
I had used the flrst box. Ten boxes
cured me completely."
There are    10,920,1100    Germans in
the United States.
Alaska  is  more  than   live   hundred
and fifty ties the area of Rhode Isl-
The cost of the Enjlis'i na: y
amounts to $22 a year for every family in Great Britain.
The city cf Glasgow makes $7.5110
a year profit out of vas.3 paper collected on the-stree'.s.
Admiral Alexiefl's salary was 55(1,-
000 a year, with an allowance ot'$25,-
000 for extras.
Nnrembcrff _._r_r>.
Watches first came into fashion In
the year 1477 at Nuremberg, and on
that account nnd because of their peculiar shape they were known as "Nuremberg eggs." They were not all
egg shaped, however, some of them being made ln Imitation of pears, gourds,
scorns, birds' skulls, etc. About the
year 1620 watches began to assume
tbe shape now generally worn.
Sunlight Soap
represents care, skill and scientific accuracy
in its manufacture. That is why it does your
wa.sh.ing without shrinking woolens, fro_ying
linens or injuring your he_nds.
Eque-lly good with he_rd or soft wetter.
No scrubbing, no boiling, more clee.nsing,
less toiling.
Try Sunlight
Your money be.ck if not satisfied.
Clear Description.
Detective—So you did not recqgnlze
your assailant, professor? You do not
remember ever having seen blm previously? Professor—Ko; but It will be
the easiest thing in tbe world for youj
to find him. His resemblance te King'
Araenhotep III. of the eighteenth'
dynasty Is startling—positively star-
♦Htm. J
Lever Brothers Limited
An Incubator Without Cash
Until October,  1905
There is big money to be made in raising chickens with an Incubator.
Canada exports annually millions of chickens to the United States and
Great Britain.
The consumption of poultry jn Canada is increasing rapidly and the
poultry dealers complain that they cannot get enough poultry to fill their
One woman bought a No. l Chatham Incubator the first of March
—she had five hatches by July first and had four hundred plump,
sturdy chicks. In six months her Incubator had paid her $100.00, several
times its cost   A Chatham Incubator should pay for itself each hatch.
We have perfected an Incubator and brooder. We believe it is now
absolutely the best in the world. We have sufficient capital behind us, and
we are out for the entire business in incubators. We know that there is no
other incubator that can approach the
Chatham Incubator
This is our proposition: To demonstrate our absolute confidence in the Chatham Incubator
we will send one to you, freight prepaid, and you make your first payment in October, 1905.
The fact that we sell our Incubators in this manner guarantees them to the fullest extent.
Thirty days' trial is a delusion and a snare. If you have good luck you may get off one hatch in
that time, and even then you ore uncertain, and if you reject the machine you will have to pay the
freight both ways. But with us you send in your order and we ship the machine prepaid. When
it arrives, if it seems all right, start your hatch, and we will give you until October, 1905, before
you have to pay a cent in cash. We positively guarantee that the machine is a good hatcher.
Every machine should sell a dozen, and we will, on no account, allow a machine that is defective
to remain in any neighborhood.
tht Incubator not mt It working
txceedingly well. It It vary easily
cp*r*t*d, ud to fer hat required attention
lor only a few minutes per day. Tho
fint lot ol egg*. HO. on examination I
found that M were not fertile, two 'others
were broken accidentally, and 1 bad M
chloks or about 00 per cent, of tb* fertile
aggs. The teoond trial of UO gavt at 93
living chicken*. The Dr(_5<ier fl***
equally good satisfaction. The young
brood* are doing well. Youri truly,
J. E. JOHNSTON, Editor Leamington
Foil, Leamington, Ont.
I hart used your lfo. 2 Incubator for
three hatch*.*, and am to well pleated
with It that I ordered a No.3 whioh your
agent. Mr. Turn bull, brought to-day. My
third hatch came off yesterday with 112
chioke out of 119 egg*. Wt bare alio a
Chatham Fanning Hill whioh give* good
tatltfaction. I will not lOtt Id opportunity of recommending the Chatham
machine* to my friende. Youre rttpeot-
fully, MR3. SIDNEY SMITH. Scotland,
The No. 8 Incubator you sent me It all
right, wt hatched out of 109 fertile egpe,
102 good etrong chick*, and the brooder
saved them all. We had in the Inoubator
at the tame time, in the other tray, 44
duck eggs and 84 gooso eggs, from which
we got 39 ducke and 32 geese ; total, 71
from 78 tggt, alto hatched 6 turkeyi at
the tamo time that the hen eggs were in.
Wt recommend tho Chatham Inoubator
tod Brooder to be tht bett and turett
to hatch, under all circumstance*, oi any
other make. We hare handled four
other makes, Io our poultry business
which w* run on a large scale at Birtle,
keeping Barred Plymouth Rooks, Pekln
Duck*, Toulon Oeese and Mammoth
Bronze Turkeys. Yours truly, D. A.
ADAMS. Birtle, Han.
Tht No. 2 Incubntor I bought from
you 1* all you recommended It to be, I
mt tn 101 eggt, and after testing out the
infertile on**, I have 72 chinks. I flad
tht machine first class in every particular
and eaay to run, If dlrectlontarefollowed
carefully. Yours respectfully, ItBS.
HENRY CHASE, Warren, Ont.
I wish to let you know of my tnccett
with your Incubator.   Out of 124 eggs I
got 74 chicks, and out of my second
batch I got 94 from 100 eggt. I find th*
machine a pure Micveu if run according
to directions. The brooder it a wonder,
and I havo not lost a chick aa yet, and
they are almost feathered. Your* truly,
JOHN H. MoKlNNON, Collingwood, Out.
Your Ko, 2 Chatham Incubator hat
given very good returns the flrst hatch.
ut of 69 ere*, I Int'l 42 chiok*. I wai
rather afraid of wasting tbe egg*, and §o
did not fill the m_chfne, but when the
chicks came, I was sorry I had not filled
it. Will recommend your Incubator to
mv neighbors. Your* sincerely, MRS.
Chatham Incubators and Brooders have every  new improvement worth  while
in an incubator or brooder.    The incubators are made with two walls case within
case, of dry material that has been thoroughly seasoned in our lumber yards.
They are finished in antique oak, are built solid as a rock and will stand any
amount of usage for years.   They are fitted with a perfect steel and brass
regulator that insures a successful hatch.    There has never before been
such an offer as this made in the whole world.    The sooner you take
advantage of this offer, the more time you will have  before   October,
1905, to make first payment    Cut off the coupon and send it in to-day
for our booklet on the way to raise chickens, what it costs and your
profit     You will obtain all information regarding the Chatham
Mention thl*
The Manson Campbell Co* Limited
Manufacturers of Chatham Incubators and Brooders
DUtribntlng Warehouses at Montreal, Quo., Brandon, Man.,
Calgary, Alta., New Westminster, B.C., Halifax, N.S.
Factorlo* et Chatham, Ont,, Detroit, Mich.
Alto Manufacturer* of the Famous Campbell Fanntag Mill*
and Chatham Farm Scalea
DEPT. 35
Please send your
descriptiveCatalogue of tlia
Chatham Inoubator, together
with all information about your
special offer, whereby no cash will
bo paid uutil Ootober, 1*06.
P. O.AdJrtf   	
Nearest Railway Static*   	
Addrws aU latter* to Chatham, Out.
11 ■F.Tf^,—,., ■ourr hmpMM __woutb
A series of articles describing
their lives, their aims and
their influence.
No. 13.
Editor of the  Pilot  Mound  Sentinel.
lt haB long passed Into a truism
that ln the New World men "arrive"
much sooner than ln the Old. On this
continent ability outranks experience,
whereas in Europe, experience being
proven, ability is assured. On the
other side of the Atlantic youth is lo
Borne extent a handicap—a disadvantage that time alone cau cure. On
thla side we believe with Shakespeare, that "youth will be serve-,"
and, other conditions being equal, the
younger and more energetic men are
given preference. Hence young men
—mere striplings they would be considered in older lands—are to be
found in all parts of Canada anil the
States filling positions of the greatest
responsibility, planning and directing
J. industries of colossal magnitude anil
governing enterprises of nat'onal Importance.
It is therefore only natural that, the
younger the state or province, the
younger Ib the average of the men
prominent therein. The New Englanri
States and the Maritime Province.
and Ontario do not offer to young am
bitlon the sam e opportunity as the
West. Conservatism creeps into al
communities, and the sympathies ol
the old settlements of the New World
have much In common with tho oldei
civilizations. But the parties and the
Pacific slopo yet remain, the unilis
puted heritage of youth and ability,
and there is to be found the true land
of opportunity for him who fears nol
to put his fortune and his manhood to
the test.
Journalism the world over is in i
peculiar sense the profession of young
men, but nowhere are editors youngei
than In some towns In Weste;n Can
ada, which has been remarkable ai
much for the youth as for the ubiliiy
of many of the men of the "fifth estate." A case in point is that of Mi-
Charles A. Barber, editor of the Pilot
Mound Sentinel. At an age whei
most newspaper men are repotting
and most printers' ambitions woul
be realized by a foremanship, he is:
newspaper proprietor. To hav<
achieved thus much after seven y a'
of work Is a record of which any om
might well be proud. It is an nccon
pllshment that speaks much for Mr
Barber's energy and abil'ty, and al?o
much for the country that offers to i
young man of the required character
lstlcs such opportunities for self-advancement. It is a record that many
another young man in tho West has
duplicated In journalistic and other
fields, and one of which any Western
Canadian can point with pardonable
Mr. Barber Is a British Columbian
by birth, having been born ln the
beautiful village of Chilliwack in September 1879. When four years old his
parents removed east, locating at
Wlngham, 0nt„ at the public school
of whoh place he received his education.
School days over, Mr. Barber spent
four years ln finding his aptitudes. Hi
did "whatever came along." Gradual
ly his mind became bent towaril
newspaper work, in which he saw a
wide Held for originality, brightness
and success.
It was ln the Wlngham Advancr
that Mr. Barber commenced his c.
reer as a newspaper man. For three
years he remained there, at llrst tin
der Mr. Cornyn, and later under thr
present proprietor, Mr. Hall. In 1900
he took a positon in the job office ot
C. P. Heel & Co., London. He had
not been long in London whan he was
offered and accepted the toremanshir
of the Lucknow Sentinel, and foi
three years he broadened his fieli'
of observation and trained himself lr
the technique of newspaper work un
der Mr. James Bryan, the able odito
of that paper. Mr. Barber's threr
years' work n Lucknow were largely
Instrumental in developing the qunll-
tieB that will determine his career. Hi
himself Is a firm believer In the fact
tha. not ability alone, but character
and ability, are necessary for a sue
cessful editor, and the young foreman
of the Sentinel displayed while in
Lucknow those qualities of manliness,
earnestness and conscientious thor
oughnesn that gained him the confidence and respect of the offico and
its customers and the commun'ty.
In 1903 the West, where he had
been born, beckoned Mr. Barbel
again toward the setting sun. He
pulled up stakes and struck out for
Winnipeg. For throo months he
worked on the Free Press, Canada's
biggest daily, and after this preliminary western canter he started a ca
reor for himself by purchasing the
Pilot Mound Sentinel and its aceos-
sory business fourteen months ago.
In that space of time Mr. Barber
has made his mark on tho S.ntiinel
and hia influence felt throughout the
field of its circulation. His arrival
at Pilot Mound coincided with the
town's awakening from the torpor and
lethargy of years.and the deBlro of Its
citizens for civic unity and progress.
In ths renaissance none was as helpful
as the new editor. In the paper Itself he
made many changes. The makeup was
rearranged and its typographical ap
pearauce improved. Indeed, as far as
mechanical care and printing-taste Is
cccicerned, few papers in the West
are superior to that published at Pilot
Mound, and Mr. Barber's Intenton is
to still further improve it, as developing business gives him additional
means, and demands additional facil-
ties. And the mechanical Improve
ment of the Sentinel has been kept
pace with by its news columns. The
local happenings are recorded with
brightness and interest, as to make
the Sentinel a welcome weekly visitor ln the homes of the prosperous
farming community among which it
circulates. Politically the Sentinel has
not allied itself to any party, for the
reason that there is but one paper in
"the Mound," and on matters political
the policy of the paper is to remain
neutral, and hold the balance even.
Mr. Barber believes that the field of
the local paper is not tho dlscuss'on
of provincial  and  federal  issues, but
UetThis Be Understood1
Ceylon Tea is absolutely pure, fresh, fragrant and full of
cup drawing qualifications posessed by no other tea. This
is why it is becoming 'so immensely popular. Sold only in
sealed lead packets.    By all grocers.
God doesn't allow the angels to ap
pear to mortal vision any more, but
when we can see a mother and her
baby we don't miss the heavenly visitants.
TYou can't cure a cough or cold
from  the outside.    You  must
I     cure it through the blood.
Cure SnicLunB
is the only remedy that will do this.
It gets right to the root of the
trouble.   It is guaranteed to cure.
Prices: 8. C. Wells & Co. Jl|
25c. 50c. tl.   LeRoy, W.Y., Toronto, Can.
the recording of local newB, and fair
comment on local and general matters.
Turning from the editor to tho man,
a word might be said. In all respects
Mr Barber is a fine cltzen, and the
representative of a type of which no
country can have too many. He is a
"sport" of the proper kind. He handles a lacrosse stick In great shape,
and Is captain of the town lacro_.se
team, while at football he "handles his
feet" with equal keenness and Bk'll
By rligiou he is a Methodist, and is
president of the Epworth League in
Pilot Mound. He has none of the
"manly vices," for he neither smokes
aor swears, and is a total abstainer.
As yet he is unmarried.—but that, it
ls asserted, is not the fault of the
young lades of the Mound.
It will thus be seen that Mr. Barber Is a many-phased and respect
worthy man, taking an active inter-
.>st in social, athletic, public and religious aflairs. He is a good pi inter,
i good editor and a good citizen, and
lis early success may be regardela.
.Ut the earnest of the measure time
flill accord him as the years pass by.
Did it ever occur to you that sum-
uer girls and peaches disappear sim-
We all Have Missions In the World.
—There ls a work to do for every
man on earth, there is a function to
perform for everything on earth, animate and Inanimate. Everything has
a mission, and the mission of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil Is to heal burns
and wounds of every description and
cure coughs, colds, croup _nd all af-
fectons of the respiratory organs.
If wo always gave the devil his due
ie would own the earth.
-uMimo Connie by Whlctl Princes!
Salome E.caped Her Maeler.
James Baker, a well known traveler
and -writer, tells a curious story of a
war 100 years ago. The Persian shah
was besieging Tlflls, and the husband
of the Princess Salome had been slain
in the siege. When tbe Persians entered nnd sacked the town Salome
tried to save her young sou, but he was
torn from her arms and hacked lu
pieces before hor eyes. Her own life
was spared and she was borne to the
camp outside tlie walls of Tiflls to the
shnll. He sold her to DJafar Bek, who
abut her up In a castle—a part of which
still remains—near where now is tbe
lovely tropical botanical garden of
Tlflls. Charmed by her beauty, he ask
cd her to become his wife. She refused and begged her purchaser te
slay her. The Persian gave her a night
to reconsider tlie matter and on the
next dny he lay reclining ou a great
cushion under a tree on that hot, sunny hillside and awaited her answer.
Presently she appeared before him,
veiled In a long, pure white robe, calm
and stately, her face deathly pale. She
advanced, her armed jailers following
her. The Persian waved his followers
aside and asked the princess, "You con-
>xiit to be my wife." "Yes," was the
solemn answer. "I consent to love
you, for after the death of my husband
and son lt ls my destiny; there ls no
other fate for me.
"In Georgia," said the princess,
"there aro certain families that possess
strange powers and dark secrets. My
mother foretold I should be tho wife of
a DJafar, and from my mother I, too,
receive these powers to read the future." Tho Persian wns impressed by
her manner and her presence. Shesaw
her power.   "Give me your hand," sbe
Bald? Scalp shiny andthlnP
Then it's probably too late.
You neglected dandruff. If
you had only taken our ad*
vice, you would have cured
Hair Vigor
the dandruff, saved your hair,
and added much to it. If
not entirely bald, now is your
opportunity.   Improve it.
" I bin me. Arer'i Heir Visor for mi W
year,, lam now.f -enr* oldananaTe. heavy
•rowth of rleh brown lair, duo, I think, ti-
tlrelj to -Lier'i Heir Visor."
MM. M. A. Biitm, Belleville, III.
51.00*-oul t.
Good Hair
When a woman wants to get a new
hat she seeks the advice of her dear's! friend female, and then buys an
•entirely different pattern than the one
TEMPER travel hand-in-hand and are
the precursors of mental and phys'cal
wreck. Nine hundred and ninety-nine
times ln a thousand food fenrent (Indigestion) is the cause. Dr. Von
Stan's Pineapple Tablets keep the
stomach sweet—aid digestion—keep
the nerve centres well balanced—
they're nature's panacea — pleasant
and harmless.  35 cents.—88
A great many of our Canadian
ilrls are seeking foreign titles by
narriage, forgetting that there is a
aative one nobler than all. It is that
of "wife."
A man can be seventeen kinds of a
sinner and his wife will forgive him,
but let him be one kind of a fool and
it is a case for life atonement.
MINARD'S LINIMENT lor Sale Efenwliers.
Woman is a slave to fashion; man
to habit. Fashion usually improves
while habit grows worse. But you can
_et rid ef a habit.
If the Garden of Eden was located
in Africa, then Adam and Eve must
have been Ethopians, and It naturally follows that the forbidd?n fruit was
a watremelon.
For   Inflammation   of the  Eyes.—
Among the many good qualities which
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills possess,
besides regulating the digestive organs, Is their efficacy ln reducing inflammation of the eyes. It has called
forth many letters of recommendation from those who- were afflicted
with this complaint, and found a cure
In the pills. They affect the nerve
eentres and the blood In a surprisingly active way, and the result ls almost immediately seen.
A man thinks he knows; a woman
knows, she knows. Neither really
Woman has paraphrased it to
'Trust in God and carry your powder
-ag." And Cromwell turns in his
Minard's Liniment Cures Burn., Etc.
When a girl begins to get thin, she
■ilways looks around for a poet or an
irtlst to have a love affair with.
I was cured of a bad case of Grip
Sydney, C.B. C.  I. LAGUE.
I was Cured   of   loss of voice  by
Yarmouth.       CHAS. PLUMMER.
I was Cured of Sciatica   Rheumatism  by  MINARD'S   LINIMENT.
Bu'rln.Nfld.    LEWIS S. BUTLER.
saiu. "-.cr me rtuu .u„_ __ _ ..un
have long years of happiness with
you." He held forth his hand. She
held lt until lt slightly trembled ln her
fingers. Then she burst forth mt lth a
cry of horror, "Oh, my master, knowest thou that death awaits thee, perchance this very night?" Dpjafar Bek
trembled now. "Thou wilt die by the
hand of a man thou hast this day offended." "Is lt by Assa Dhoulla Bek ?"
he asked. "We quarreled today, and
about yon. He would have bought
you." "Oh, my master," exclaimed
Salome, "to save thee I must have
some object upon which he has looked
today, then I can avert this evil and
make his arms useless against thee."
"What! You can do this?" exclaimed
Djafar Incredulously. "Most certainly.
Give me your dagger." He drew lt and
banded lt to her. She held it up and,
looking up to the blue heavens above,
murmured a prayer; then, banding lt
back to him said: "Now lt ls useless.
It can slay no one." He looked at ber
unbelievingly. "Try lt," she exclaimed. "Strike herel" He struck the blow
where ber finger rested full upon ber
heart. The keen blade went swiftly
home, and she fell at his feet, exclaiming, "O God, receive my soul!" Then
she lay dead.
Iron Malting In Early History.
Iron was used before history was
written. The stono records of Egypt
and the brick books of Nineveh mention lt Genesis (Ix, 22) refers to Tu-
balcaln as "as Instructor of every artificer ln brass and iron," and ln Deuteronomy (ill, 11) the bedstead of the
giant Og was "a bedstead of Iron."
Tho gnlleys of Tyre and SIdon traded
lu this metal. Chinese records ascribed to 2,000 B. C. refer to lt Horace
speaks of lt as superior to bronze. The
bronze age came before the iron ago
because copper, found as a nearly pure
metal, easily fuses, and with another
soft metal—tin or zinc—alloys into
hard bronze, whilo iron, found only as
an ore, must bave tbo Impurities burned nnd hammered out by great beat
and force before lt can be made into a
any of these unmistakable signs?
Pufllness under the eyes? Swollen
limbs? Smothering fe.llng? Change
of tho charactr of the urine? Exhaustion after least exertion? If you
have thero dropsical tendency and
you shouldn't delay an hour In putting yourself under the great South
American Kidney Cure.—86
Lots of women believe that their
husbands aro groat men because they
write bad hands, but thoy get no one
to agree with them except their husbands.
Ask for Miit-it. anl tale no other.
We have heard a good deal about
"woman's gentle touch," . but along
about the flrst of tho month we believe that the gentleness of It ls greatly over-estimated.
No person should go from home
without a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellosg's
Dysentery Cordial ln their possesion, as change of water, cooking, climate, etc., frequently brings on summer complaint, and there ls nothing
like being ready with a sure remedy
at hand, which oftentimes saves great
suffering, and frequently valuable
lives. This Cordial has gained for Itself a widespread reputation lor affording prompt relief from all summer complaints.
Perhaps the reason that there are
so few women lawyers Is that women
tell what is not so only on impulse. A
man can lie by design.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Believes Nenralgk.
Men and women are different in
this. A man can be driven to drink,
and a woman can be led astray. The
result is about the same.
A girl will accept almost any kind
of a lie that is sugar-coated with compliment, but the compliment has to be
of the right sort.
FIFTY YEARS.—Dr Agnew's Catarrhal Powder cures him. Want any
stronger evidence of the power of this
wonderful remedy over this universal
disease? Want the truth of the case
confirmed? Write George , Lewis,
Shamokln, Pa. He says: "I look
Upon my cure as a miracle." It re-
leves in ten minutes.—89
It is a brutal ma., who won't lie to
his  wife occasionally. .
A cigar in the hand is worth two
dollars in the savings bank.
No sane man will get drunk by design or sober by accident.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder is bettei than other powders,
as it is bolh soap and disinfectant.     3^
About the time a g!rl begins to
lengthen her dresses, she a's. begins
to shorten her father's bank acco.int.
We seldom see the real man or the
women, even lu the mirror. We disguise oursalve3 even from ourselvei.
A Clear, Healthy Skin.—Eruptions
of the skin and the blotches which
blemish beauty are the result of impure blood caused by unhealthy action of the Liver and Kidneys. In
correctng this unhealthy action and
restoring the organs to their normal
condition, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will at the same time cleanse the
blood, and the blotches and the eruptions will disappear without leaving
any trace.
Men commit more crime:! than women, but at the final judgment vie fancy sin nnd crime will be meted the
samo punishment, and then—well, the
men won't be lonesome.
Fourtcen-ycar-old Emma, who had
come home from her first day's schooling ln elementary physiology, was
questioned by ber pareuts as to what
she had learned.
"Papa," sbe complained, "I don't
think I like physiology."
"Why not, my dear?"
"Well, teacher was explaining digestion to us today, and she said we bad
to mix salvation with every mouthful
uf food." 	
It is easy to convince a woman that
she Is beautiful, and a man that he is
Intellectual. If proor were needed,
then three-fourths of the people In
the world would be missrable.
Our gentleman's 14k.
solid gold, hunting-
case watch (No. 12617)
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In * ..-year gold-filled raw
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guaranteed "Ryrie"
movement will cost
you $25.00.
In a ej-year gold-filled ta-e
iNo.   i.aao)   it  coate  only
117.00.   Send for catalogue.
Dressmakers on the Sireec.
An odd fact about dressmakers ls
that nearly all of them have the same
fault—on the street they cut their
friends. A noted dressmaker said In
explanation of this fact: "The street ls
to us dressmakers what a picture gallery ls to artists—a grand storehouse
of ideas. On the street we are always
on the lookout for new fashions, and
from the neck down we study every
person that passes, for from one we
may get a new skirt pattern, from another a new sleeve, from a third a new
collar, and so on. We arc never busier
than when on the street; our eyes are
never more alert, but they don't reach
up to the face level; they can't spare
the time from their study of dresses to
go any higher than the neck. And
hence on the street we cut impartially
our mothers, our sisters, our best
When tomatoes and milk are to be
put together, as in cream soup, have
the tomato Juice and milk of the
same temperature, then beat vigorously as the tomato is added little by
"Why did the congregation hurry
out so quick after the benediction?"
"The sexton makes them leave their
umbrellas in tho vestibule, and those
who get out late haven't much of a
and protect your children by keeping In the house
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Terpentine
The Thoroughly Tested  and Reliable
Family Medicine.
The Blood of Men ana Ape*.
Between the blood of meu and apes
there are many points of similarity
and evidences of a distinct relationship, but the blood of monkeys can
readily be distinguished from that of
men. The difference Is more or less
marked, according to the species, tho
greatest resemblance being seen in tho
case of the gorilla aud the least with
the lemurs, a small species about tho
size of a cat and having a face somewhat like a fox. A singular fact ls
that, judged by the blood, there Is les.
evidence of relationship found In the
American families of apes than ln
thoso   of   the   old   world.
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort.
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt in
Canada. Made on the
H.B.K. scale it requires 39*^
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 32
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration that the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39#
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
Montreal       Winnipeg       Dawson
i.iiKiieii  'lin.
England Is first mentioned ln history as a tin producing country and its
tin mines nre still workeii.
To overcome croup you must act
There is usually no time allowed
for sending for doctors or medicine.
The hollow, croupy cough at midnight may be your flrst warning, and
this will strike terror to your heart lf
you are not prepared to light this disease.
It may be of little use to know that
Dr Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine ls a positive cure for croup If
it is not to be obtained at the critical
Most persons who have tested this
treatment for crou(> keep a bottlo at
hand, so that by prompt action they
can prevent the disease from reaching a serious slage.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine Is composed of simple ingredients of unquestioned curative
power, Is pleasant to the taste, well
liked   by   children   and can be used
with perfect safety by old and young,
so long as directions are followed
bord street, Toronto, writes:
"Our children have been very subject to croup, and we have found that
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine has always brought quick relief. By using it at the first sign of
trouble the diseas. is checked at
once. We always keep this remedy
In the house, and, In fact, feel that we
could not do without It. We nlso use
it for coughs and colds with excellent
results, and recommend It to our
Dr. Cfccse's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottl.; family
Blze, three times an much, 00 cents,
at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates &
Co., Toronto. To protect you against.
Imitations, the poitralt and signature
of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt book author, are on every box.
Wt make a   specialty   of low grade whnt.   Write us before shipping.     We
will show how we can serve you.
:—Any Bank or Commercial Agency. !
Grain] Jas. Richardson S|Sons [Grain
(Until   recently   represented by the late  E.   O'Reilly, Esq.)
All kinds of gruin purchased iu Car Load   Lots.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   Instructions. Any grade of wheat, oats, barloy or flax.
P.  O. Box 629,   Winnipeg,   Man.
THOMAi law.       ship Your Grain to       wui_i__-la*.
L-_fi_\A/   BROS.
We handle grain strictly on commission.    Highest  Prices obtainable.
Liberal advances.   Trades carried on margins  In Winnipeg', future..
Correspondence solicited.
Grain in car lots bought on track or sold nn commission. Reasonable
advance mntlc. Prompt Returns. Correspondence solicited. Ilcferencpj
Any Bunk in Winnipeg.
Consign your grain to m* and get prempt service, careful attention*
aad highest market prices. A      Q B I 9U If      DRAWfiR
SHIP       _*__ -f_» £\ I ****»J    Through    m>    Strlotly   Oorr.-
VOUR     ^^ * •-■•',***1 »^     mission    Peirm.      \a_-r-l-ts-.    Today   ."or   l"**ull   P-irtloular..
Thompson, Sons & Co.
you   grain to ua te b» told on arrival or afttr-
wards, as you may wish.   We do a strictly commission   business,    in   which    w. hav. had  30
years' experience.   Prompt and reliable work guaranteed.
Liberal advance*.     Correspondence solicited.     Licensed and Bonded.
Reference,    Bank  of  Hamilton.      Exchange Branch,
416 Grain Exchange,
• Nir*
Ayers Pills
Keep them in the house.
Take one when you feel bilious or dizzy. They act di-
rectly on the liver.fcS..*.f,'i_S?;'
Want your moustache or beard  BUCKINGHAM'S   DYE
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use  wn a., or -u.._m u.i. ___.... «_■_.-. a _
The   Ossctllllail..
In the highest parts 0.' the Caucasus
mountains, around tho Kusbeek region, there ls a trlbo very tull nnd
handsome which speaks Its own peculiar dialect of the Georgian language
and bus Its own peculiar customs.
These Ossotlnlans claim to be descended from German knights of crusade
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps out Cold.
Write for   Samples  and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE,  Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
FrOKH'   1'KK".
Frogs' eggs are generally found In
bunches fastened to grass or Sticks lu
the water near the shore. The bluck
specks are the real eggs, ami the jelly
keeps them together and gives food to
the young when born.
Kuril! j pi hi*   nntl   ll.-ilnooil.
One difference between the glnnt
redwood trees of the United Stales
uud the giant eucalyptus of Australia
is that the redwoods require almost a
century to attain any really remarkable growth, while the eucalyptus actually shoots up, growing with a speed
thut ls more typical of a weed thnn of
a tree.
I.iiihIoh-'i   rlsceoll..
Pigeons bovoflng about the London
streets nre everybody's prey, for, having no owners, the police sny that Ihey
'.'iiiinot and will not tuke action ngninst
any person killing Uie birds.
THI" llltl'.AT BKOtlga IH.Mr.DY.
TESTIMONIAL from-th- lute 8111 SAM-
i UEL BAKER. th« lanuma Nil* Uxiilor-r.
.' "Newton Abbot, l>-von. Dear Sin—I
hnve di'liived my Itianka aa 1 wialied to
] tr-ut the eltect of Il.iiir • rill, by a -ufll-
■ dent Interval ol time.
"For   ten   years   I   hntl   "UfferiKl   acutely
from   Gout  nml   life  I.ml   lout   lie   aUrae-
! Hon   owinir   lo   the   uiii-ei tainly   (it   health
{ an'!     Buililen     Visitation,     of   the   enemy
wliich prostrnti'il mo lor month., or weeka
j ai't-orilinir to tho virulence ol the nttarka
"ninir'a I'illa huve rcinleicl ni* Immense
1 Mrvlce,   a"   I   no   longer   (enr   an   attack
ot (lout.
"Kor   the   lest   twenty   month*  I  have
, hoen   t-oiHl'nrnllvely   free,   aa   one   or   two
! attempted   vlHltnlionn   have   lien   limned-
lalelv  stnmpcd  out  liy  the  usslHtatic.    o!
Illnlr-" ruin.
"Truly youra (Signed) Semi. W. linker,
l.yinnn  Son* ^t  Co ,  Monti en!  nnd Toronto;  The  Hole  Iitug  Co.,   Winnipeg:   and
Martin, Hole A Wyune Co., Wiuuiuaic.
siyio;i  change  from  year  t->  year,
but Woman's way is always here.
Eve organised the   first   woman's
•lull.   It was the limb of an npple tree.
Wotnen commit mistakes of the heart,
men of tho bead. Two routes to the
_amo end.
Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head.
Ringworm, Keznnin, Itch, Barter's
Itch, Ulcers, Blotches, Chronic Erysipelas, Liver Spots, Prurigo, Psoriasis, or other eruptions of the skin—
what Dr. Agnew's Ointment has done
for others It can do for you—cure
you. One application gives relief.—
35 cents.—S7
An 01(1  CtiHtom.
The .Ideiitlllentinii of criminals by
melius of linger prints introduced In
recent years In European police and
penal establishments ls paralleled by a
similar custom whleh has beeu used In
KSrea for centuries to identify slaves.
1 don'l Km.w wh ii to r.el against tho
phraso "Btenial feminine," unless it
be "Infernal masculln ■."
Winn a man swears off drinking he
saves money, for then he sneaks
around and drinks by hmself.
ii is believed that some men marry Jii.st to havo some one to blame for
their failures.
11 Is a wise stenographer who can
tell her own notes—and an unusual
one loo.
Fuels and women ure both stubborn things, but you occasionally get
around a fact.
Though sumo women may iovo
liniKoi than men we rather even
things up b.v loving oftener.
It is poor advice lo tell a man to
take bis trouble to a policeman—often he refuses lo go.
\AS    N    Ul    No    Bit _.ft&i.    —
(Established April K, lh.il).)
^FFICB;  8525 Westminster avemie,
' "T"*—:
Ci-oi.-std    Loan    for   South j De__C-OUS  Butte."
ft  Whitney,  Publisher.
EnoliSb  Office—30 Fleet stfcot,
-.onilon, E. ('.. England Where a
tile of "The Advocate." is kepi (or
Koticesof Birtljs, Marriages, mid Dentin
pnblisluiil free of charge.
Notices for Church and Society Enter-
' JSninmcuts, Lectures,  etc.,'   WHBRji
' _wlll lie charged f ■«-.
jta&'g :fpr' Display   Advertising  mnd
known on application.
Al}   Advertisements am  run regularly
'  and charged for uutil oidered they
be discontinued,
ffrapsient   Advertisers   must  pny
Jnbsoription $1 m year   payable   i
A unfits a Copy,
Tel. B1405.
V^NpouyEB, B. C, Feb. 11th, 1905.
^.ldekman Morton, who is mi the
Board pf Works, bus Succeeded in get
-.ting bis plans for tlio improvement of
."Westminster avenue aeeepted, and
tenders have been culled for the block
.paving of Westminster avenue from
Seventh to NiutJ^ avenues
The majority of the relief men hnve.
been pnt at work in Ward I. Of courso,
^S*ard V., has mauy almost impassable
roads, and the main avenue is in disgraceful condition—but we must wait.
Newseaper—A publication issued for
general circulation at frequent and
regular intervals, usually daily or weekly, intended to convey intelligence of
.current events, express some specific
opinion or view, or represent some par
litY'S'"!' c'aEf'"''""''''' '" general a publio
.print that circulates news, advertise
men.*, and other matter of geuernl in-
special interest.—Standard Dictionary
'JQmi^tless the clever authority who
declared the "Advocate" uot a newspaper, at the City Hall recently, does
not consider a record of Mt. Pleasaut
events worthy of beiug classed ns uews
"The Advocate" does publish Ml. Pleasant "current event*," advertisements,
and represents the particular body o:
pppple who reside In this part of Van
couver; also this paper advocates the
^.fpyegiant of ift. Eteasant, the righ
to equal consideration from tho civic
council, the right to a share with other
parts of the city in the disbursements of
money, the right to be henrd nud
Beryed by the men whom tho citizens
place in office to serve them, uot rule
Ihe decision was more nu insult to
Mt. Pleasant people I hail to the paper
which recordB Ht. Pleasant news; news
which the other papers copy very ofteu.
And, oh, what a difference before eleo
tiou when Mt. Pleasant votes count for
legnl lights of hist magnitude as well as
fur lesser lights, whose aspirations
might yet be extinguished, and
•'Tne Advocate'' live (.o give the news
pf their sunltiug out
junction uf Westminster road nml Wi-Htmln-
ster avonue. SKitViei.s hi 11 m. hi.
and 7:-llp. m.: Sunipiy Helmut nt .;:;" p.m.
Rev. A. W. McU-oil,  Pastor.   Ii.nlduum  im
Hl^jj ny.nuc.c-.l.
C'oruerol Nini nnd W.Btmlnslor av.eniniK,
KERVtl'KB nt II n. 111., nud 7 11. 111.: -.mil, y
p.lrrvil nml Bible ('Inn* .-Ml p.m. Hay. ,\. h,
'Hetrfurfri^ton, II. A., B. I)., Pejitnr.
1 ParaiVnage 138 Kluv-iilli Incline, wont. Tflln-
phone -JI249.
1 it ij.siiy ii:i:ian.
Corner Nimli  avenuo and  Quiitier   airnel
fERVK.-ES ,!i 11 n. m.,anil , :hu p. ni.i Biiuduj
I'tiool at'lttflp. 111, 11. v. :,.,, A.wiNiui ■\.\.
pastor. Mini., corner of Klglith „v_iiii_ mul
Ontario street!   Tul. i.iiu;.
8t Michael s, (Auglioan).
Corner Wentn. i_jr,r_ r rond nnd I'rhi.i i uwiiri!
t._o'' BjEltyiCBR 1,1 11 11. in.. iui.|-;:iii , i.,.,
"t_i|r:''"iinimiiiiiiiii 1.1 nml :i'i Sundays in , li
'rtoutll nfler nioiniiiK prnyi-r.'Jil mul 1 tl) ; ,01
IUf|St8».m, Bum In) School hi 2:80 p.m.
iV'. 1"- "• Wilson. Heeler,
1 Rjo(orr ST. Tlilrte_ri(jl''nvulii|C, ennt.   ']:■].■-
0a Nmf    • - ' -
\f.V«ut (..hrlaiinii Church (n{i(7tli diij Id'
.n,tl_t.) corner Ninth nvolillc nml Wev nin
^'r I'ontl. Servicc.i 11 a, in.', nml 7:80 p. in ,
.njolny School nt III n. in.' Young peoplo"'
_^'cloijlof'''iojiil Workers of Uhrfliflan ..uil.n-
yormtfoUevery 8undayoveiilngilt8:46u 1 In k.
frayer-iunetliig iVednusday nlglil«n-'8o'clook
I'.'iii: ir 'Thu Adyocato',:
I'. pini) i' 1, through your columns, to
iufoi'in the ratepayers in general of
Soijib Vancouver, that the Reeve unil
Qpunoil nro liiaktng arrangemeuts to
get ajiotjior large loan on Ihe MuuipJ-
pality, pot withstanding the Reeve gave
both his v, I'itten and verbal pledge, at
j 1 jr, last contestei) elec tiou. that he would
uot. cudprro or be a party to any such
proposition, but on Uie contrary lie
would strongly oppose any such loan
As most ol' yonr renders nre aware,
fhe present debt oi' tlie Municipality ia ?
drain qn tlj_ j'pvouive for interest r.nd
sinking fond, uml if (mother load of
debt is added il will erlplo tlio prqgress
of the Jlmiiiji'iiliJy lor a cousidernble
timo to come
In case tho Municipality got ponjyol
of Ihe Government Reservo nenr Point
Qfrey, it might be uecejrsai'y to borrow
money to get it surveyeil aiid roads
opened up through il, before, putting it
pn the market, in which ease the ratepayers would get gnuip return for their
money. Hut under present conditions
there i&jio excuse whatever for getting
another loan.
lt was not discussed or Bijggested at
themeetiugof ratepayers on Nomination Day, nfid. from the pasf record of
the present Keeve and Council, we
cau iiiif ri'usoniibly hope tllijt such 'o:in,
if grauted, would be judiciously expend-
ep in Ihe interests of those who would
havo to pay the money.
With regard .to a ditch for drainage
p .rposes, which is wanted by some
residents near Cedar Cottngo, 1 submit
it would be better for theni tq get up a
Local improvement .Scheme, either
under the Drainage and Dyking Act, or
the Municipal Act.
' Some years ago (here wus a large
amount 01" the ratepayers money paid
for a road roller, Which, so fur t:s I
__m)W| bus never been used, and certain*
ly for years to my own knowledge bus
been lying ou the roadside rusting!
Then again the Steves' east cost the
ratepayers approximately thirteen
thousand dollars.
List year, aud the yonrbofore, several
thousand dollars has beou paid for nn
i'ii;.*iiie and rook crusher, nud UOW the
Reeve says he is going to get another
rook crusher i.ml motor, 1 te. A trip
over Westminster avenue will satisfy
a ny person of ordinary intelligence that
the so-called rock put ou the road lust
year wus only lit for ballast or .tiling
Owiug fo softness.
I submit its lime for tlio ratepayers
to shut down 011 reckless nud tiunrofit-
able expeniUluri'.
Thut the revenue if judiciously ox-
pi mini is sufficient for present neftds.
Tlmt passable roads aud low taxation
are tho greatest Inducements to seniors
to live in tlie Municipality,
1 would uilvise ratepayers not to sigu
11 petition asking for such loan nntil
they hour it publicly discussed.
And I would further, suggest the
formation of a Ratepayers Association/
to look after tho interests of the .lule-
payers generally, nml to educate the
large dormant vole to a souse of duty us
citizens. Those iu favor of such uu
organization will please comnuiuictite
with me, after which wo mny call a
meeting to consider it.
Eoiiruo, B. 0., Fell, iiii, IDOfi.
Your best sn.i'-':u!ird ngninst poor
butter is tbe trade experience of your
grocer.   It's ours.
Our practical expcjrjeneo of butter—
it's jiakiug—in all its pjinses is unique
Prqm Ihe moment tli; mill,- leaves the
cow till the butter is wrapped up here
mul sent to your table. Other people
recognize us as exports iu dairy produce.
We have a quality standard, nud
adhere" strictly to if, our unequalled
reputation Is due to it. We have one
uniform quality always, and price
below others.
Onr Creamery Butter is n delicacy.
Perfect, puvo, delicious, fresh flavor,
nicely straw colored, of a fragrance enticing and reminding i;f fertile fields
and {iiire bright sunshine.
"A credit to every table," said a
lady the other day.
2-ihs. for 55c.
S,T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1268
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
The evolution yt (he hideous, phi
fashioned yyaterproof into attractive
rain coats hns made :i great change in
the smaitnoss of a woman's arnienr-
ance when out of doors in inclement
weather, l'eauty and comfort are now
carefully considered in every item pt
the wardrobe for a rainy day, .rom hat
to shoes u. woman may not only be
comfortable, but thoroughly smurt in
every detail. Unlike the cravenette
coals which often serve double duty,
thoso of silk-rubber, or satin-rubber,
are solely to 'be ueed as a protection
ngninst rafn. There ls an almost imperceptible Inside finish of rubber and
for the purpose designated nothing
could be prettier or more dainty.
Although there is no regulation collar, the throat is not exposed as a high
curved neckband of unusual shape
Kives protection from the ei .meats.
Comfortable in si-e but not extravagantly la.i_e are the fplaln coat sleeves.
Over this rather simple upper part a
charming bolero of* patin-rubber is
worn, the shape having all the audacious coquetry of a garmentlntended .or
far less prosaic use. The sleeves ure
Immensely full, curiously shaped tabs
olo.s in front and from a wide, rounded yoke, the jaunty little bolero falls
In flowing lines over the more severu
under portion.
Carefully tailored antl exceedingly
simple Is the rain coat of Bilk-rubber
Very English in Ils avoidance of any
unnecessary touch of elaboration and
cut on severe lines, It answers the purpose thoroughly well, and has one rather novel advantage. Unlike iouls of
tlie same type. It does; not open from
throat to hem, but must be put on over
the head, u.i tbe opening extends very
little further than the waist line. This
makes It excellent for automobiliug or
driving, as the ruin and wind lind no
possible vantage point for entrance.
The velvet collar has been specially
I reined and will not spot, a wide ls.lt
confines  tn«  «,ula.    .urn    volumlrioiu,
: "coves end  In  plain cuffs.
For   lu,- 1   news  subscribe    for  THE
M.S'OCA I'lS only .1 lor 1. months,
Frescoing is llie num. used, for a very
handsome neiv sole of embellishment
of sliver, a complete little scene being
rliown ln every ipl.ee. Plfds, 'llowurs,
aquatic views and even landscapqs are
found ampna >lii__ Wijrk. HLimlles of
tliis type ore usually rather large, anil
cover the entire slock as far as seen
,'bove the spokes of Ihe s>:lk umbrella
wh' u the lut^-r j_ closed. At the. beat
sil\\i iinlihs, smoked Ivory and silver
Is considered the most desirable choice,
unci in this collection are several Very
beautiful umbrellas combining these
two   costly   materials.
City of Vssncmaver.
'I'l'.'NDERS will be received b.v Uu
undersigned up to Saturday, April 1st,
nt 4 p. in., for tho pnrohnfie of debentures of tho City of Vanconvpr to the
amount of (176,000.00. These debentures
hear interest nt tlie rate of four tiffi)
per cent, per annum, payable half-
yearly and extending over a period of
forty years. The City reserves the right
to reject any or all tenders,
For further particulars apply to the
Vnncouver, B. O,  Jan. 25th, 11)05,
City of   Vancouver.
PUBLIC" NOTICE is hereby giypn
llinl ihe Assessment Roll of Iho City of
Vancouver has been returned fo me and
now remains in my office, where Ihe
same may bn inspected b.v any person
or persons interested therein.
Ifauypet'fiou or persons complain of
his or thoir assessment onion-assessment
or of Ihe ns.-essinent or iioii-ussesi;niont
of any person or persons, ho or they
shall at least ten days previous to the
lirst .meeting of the 'Court of Revision,
to be lield on Wednesday, tlie 15th day
of February, 11 a. hi., iu (he City Hall,
notify me of his or their ground of complain!, mid Ihc Council shall at the time
and place above referred to form themselves into a Court of Revision for
hearing such compluiut.
Vaucouver, B. O , Jauunry 1st, 1905.
S-lb pails of Lard 45c
3 Cans  of Corn 25c
3 Cans  of  Peas 25c
McLareii'sBalf.iiigPowder, 20c
Blue Ribbon Bak. Powder, 20c
Extra Ciioice Tea 30c a pouud.
RlNU OP "PHONE it;l.
Mt. Pleasant
mv'\a '■ ' '__#!'■'    ' *"*"       w Hill
J1    !ri    'V>''--    'r-Ml!'P
j ."*.*.. T"'WS._V:I
For serving with the afternoon "cup
0' tuy" which one prepares .for one's
friends, close btsiile the glowing fireplace, sweet little sandwiches often
take the place of small cake3. The
modern girl is not given to over Indulgence |n BweelB, like the girls of a pnEi
ijenei atton, and is apt to hove a distinct
feeling of hunger at this time of duy,
hence the sweet -«nilv_lch, which Ir far
more satisfying than cuke, and less II
ablo to disastrous consequences to digestion and complexion.
50c for si^ months,
25c for three months.
B. Y. P, U. Topic|.
The Baptist Young People's Union
moots every Moudny eveniug in the
basement room of the church, junction
of Westininst'er road and Westminster
avenue. The following are tly. topics
for the next few weeks:
1:1th: ."Christ a.Servant, and Wo are
Servants," Phillippiaus ii. 8-11.
20; .'.'Glorifying God in Opr Own
Homes,' Epheslaus vi. 1-9,
27tli: "Heroes of HoineJUissifin Work
and What Tliey Teach Us." Jeremiah
i 7-19.
Gth: "The Making of a Christian: His
Speech," Pslniii cxlv. MS, 21; Matthew
x. 112,!!!).
18: "Christ flip Great Physician,"
Luke iv. 16-U), v. 2*"-82; I. Peter ii. 2-1.
20th: "Glorifying God in Our Daily
Work," Matthew y, 18-16; Romans xii.
27th : "Fatherhood and Brotherhood,"
Acts xvii. 34-38; .Toiiti xvii. 20, 21.
What tlie superior man seeks is iu
himself; whnt llie small mau seoks is
iu others.—Confucius.
1)0 IT NOW!
SUBSC-tlBE     to    your
Paper NOW I
Dou't lie   n   Borrower  of  a
pnper which only costs $1.00 u
Banana Shortcake belongs particularly to the winter months, when ibis fruit
is always plentiful. Seleot fruit that is
under, rather than overripe, and chop
It Into small cubes, sprinkle with lemon juice, cover ilm dish and set away
Iii the rofrlgerntor, Make In a rich
shortcake, nnd bake In a hot oven In
layers, ivllh butter between, Just as 1
strawberry shortcake is made, while
still warm, and just before serving,
spread with a banana, sprinkle with
11:10 lemon juice and a thick layer of
powdered sugar, then heap the top
roughly wiih whipped sweet oream,
ond serve at once, the layers may be
gt nerously buttered If desired, butoce
tho fruit is Bpread, as In the ease of
:- ir.'twberr;,;  sliortcake.
]lu-(iii,n improvement is from within
outward,—Anthony Fronde
The strongest principle of growth lies
in human choice —Georgo Eliot.
A man's hobby ridos him a groat denl
ofteuer theu he rides it.—Rev. Dr. Fur-
If you have built ensiles in the air,
your work need not bo lost; that is
is whore they should he; now pat
foundations under thein.— Thoivaii.
Preparation for   the   Future.
Socrates was once asked b.v a pupil,
this question: 'iVVhat kind of peoplo
shnll we be wheu wc reach Elysium V"
And the answer was, "We shall bo
Ihe snme kind of peoplo there that we
were here."
If there is a life after this, we are
preparing for it uow, just as I am today
preparing for my life for tomorrow.
Whut kind of a uinu shall I bo
tomorrow V
Oh, about, the samp kiud of a man
that I-uni now.
The kind of a man I shall bo next
month depeuds upon (he kind of a man
I have been this month.
If I am miserable today, it Is not
within tlie round of probabilities that I
shall be supremely huppy tomorrow.
Heaven is u habit. And if we arc going
to Heaven we would better be getting
used Iii it.
Life is a preparation for the future;
and the best preparation for the future,
is to live as if there wero uono.
Wo ure preparing all the time for old
ngo. The two things that make old ago
bountiful uro resignation nud consideration for the rights of others.
In Ihc play of "Ivan the Terrible,"
the iuterost centers arouud one man,
the Czar Ivan. If anybody but Richard
Mansfield played the part, there, would
be nothing in it. Wo simply get n
glimpse iuln tbo life ui'a tyrant who has
run the gamut of goosedom, selflshucss,
grnmpinese and grouch. Incideiitally,
this men hud the power lo put other
men to death, r.nd this he does nud hns
done as whim und temper might dictate.
Ho has been cruel, vindictive, quarrelsome, tyrannical aud terrible. Now
that he fools the approach of dentil, he
would mnke his pence wilh God. Bnt
he has delayed that matter too long.
He din't realize iu youth nud middle
life that ho was theu preparing for old
Man is a result of cause and effect,
nml causes aro to a degree in our own
hands. Life is fluid, and well has it
been called the stream of life—wo are
going, flowing somewhere.
Every tb*fl u and villinge has its Ivan.
To bp au Ivan, just turn your temper
loose a id practice cruelty on any person
or thing within your reach, and the
result will bo a snro preparation for a
querulous, quarclsomc, pickery, snipity,
fussy and foolish old age, accented
wilh Outbursts of wrath tlmt are
terrible in their ineffectiveness.
Babyhood has uo monopoly on tho
Wo ofteu honr of the beauties of old
age, but tlie only old ago that- is beautiful is the one the mini hns been long
'preparing for b.v living a beautiful lifo.
We are ull preparing now for old age.
There may lie a substitute for.
Goo'l-Natnre, but I do not kuow wheie
!t 'Si -
The secret.of salvation is this: Keep
—Eliucrt HUEBABD, in tho
.hinnii.y "Philistine.'
at the extraordinary interest shown in our Sale, and here it is some
three weeks or so since we threw opon tho doors.
DRESS   GOODS .—All-wool Tweed,   double   width; regular
SJ1.50 and $1.25, for 50c a yd All-wool Tweed,  double width;
regular $1 for 40c a yd
Panama Cloth (latest for shirtwaist suitings); regular ,$1 for 50ca yd
Homespuns,  brown, green and fawn; were $1.50, Clearing at KOo yd.
Black Venetian, regular $1.50 mid "-2, selling nt $1  yd Covert
Cloth, I'rench manufacture! regular $2.50 forijil yd.
Aecordebn Plaited Chiffon, in bluo, green,  cream nnd champagne:
regular SI 25 for 75e a yd.
And onr well-known lino of Dl.IjSS GOODS ranging iu prico from
50c, to $1, selling at 2So a yard.
303 Hastings Street.
At Bottom Notch for Prices and  Top Notch for Quality.
Andrews Bros.,
§  2315 Westminster Ave. 'Phone 033.
For Ladies aud Misses.
Latest cut, best material.
To be sold out at catchiug
prices.    See them at once.
W. W. Merk.ev
j Westminster Avenue, Mt. Pleasaut. |
One Thousand White nnd Yellow
Ramblers, two-year-old, iill first-
cliiss bushos, for ISO and 20c each,
Chas. Keeler
Vote- -Street Cars pass my place,
8784 Westminster Ave.   Mt. Plonsant.
orrect Erag.ish,
to Use
A Monthly Mugu/.iiio Devoted to the
Use of English.
[nterostjiig. Instructive
I'.ui'.lAL CONTENT.!  FOB THIS Monti:.
Course in English for the Beginner
Course in   English  for  the   Advuncc
How to luerense One's Vocabulary.
The Art of Conversation.
Should nnd Would: How tb Uso Thou)
Pronunciation,(Cenl-uury Dicttouary.)
Correct Euglish in iho Home.
Correct English in the School.
What to Suy and What Not mi Suy.
Business Euglish for the Business Mun
Compound WordstBow toWrito Them
Studies in Euglish Literature.
Which Meet on fl I. Pleasan,
1. O.  O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge .No. HI meets every
Tuesday nt . p, m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, M t. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially inviter]
Io attend.
Noni.K (..hanb—O G. Keuny.
R u o o lt D i n u Seorbtaby—T h o a.
Mackay, Heather nud Eighth avenue.
I. O. F.
Court Vanconver 11128, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th,
Mondays of eaoh month ut S p. m.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
OltlEF RAXGElt—J. B. Abcrnetlry.
Recording Secretary—J. Haiisei),
12 Seventh *venue, wesi.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
SI. I'iIiu'cs"stroet, City.  Telopliono
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Keviow 1st nml fid Fridays of unci;
month in I. O. O. P., Hall corner Wcs[.
minster aud Seventh avenues
Visiting Ladies always wolcoinn.
Lndy Commander—Mrs. F. L Budlong,
IHO Eleventh avenue, west.
Lndy Record Kpeper— Mis. .1. Martin,
Ninth avenuo.
Vancouver Conncil, No, 21 la, meets
every 2<l and 4th Thursdays of each
month, in I O. O. F., Hull, corner
Seventh nud Westmiuster nvenues,
Sojourning   Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Rccnrdwi, •
_3_ W.atll'tnslil-iivi-iilii'.   Tel. 700.
1*11.00 n year.   Send IOo for Sample Copy,
Correct English, Evonston.Il. .U.S.A.
If yon want a
Ring  up
The Big Bnrgniu Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Leirn to say ' no.'
is.- to you than to b
1  It will be of iii'irt
urn to read Lotlu.—
fyok nhl mournfully into thc'-ist.
tt comes not buck ngaiu. Wisely improve the present, It is (jhipu Go
forth to meet tlie shadowy futur.' withont four nud with a manly hpir..—
It is essy in the   world   to live  after
the world's oj Itppn ; it is easy in solitude
o vn : bnl tlie great mun
!'. lives'?!'
i" he   ' I'm,    iii
V" !•■       ' l ''
ill |1 .;;.'.   - i
of   the crowd
il   i I-less     lin
lime's ill.
A mother's love r.larts a mun or woman
on the riirhf ,-ith. The right remedy ill
the right time Ills n mother for the ordeal"
Motli.rltootl is often looked forward to
with feelings of ureal iln nd by most worn-
en. At siicb a time when she is nervous,
ilysp j.tie, Irritable and in need of a uterine
tonic—something which will culm the nervous system through tin- special o'rKun., and
n strength builder, she wllflliirl Dr. I'ieice's
Pavorlte Pi< motion just what is uced'-d
Here Isamedicine thai 1ms „tood tin- test
of a third of u c.-iitury with approval, in
Unit liei ■ it inm sold more largely lhan nny
other remedy put up specially for woman's
weaknesses, It is (ruaiaiilced by the pro-
prietois nnt to contain n particle of alcohol
—which could only do luirtu to a sensitive
l'lic World's Dispensary Medical Association, of ntiffilo, N. v.,' proprietors of Dr.
Fierce'. Favorite Pre-erlptlon, offer u fcoo
reward fnr women whaCannot be cured of
I. '- rrhea, female Wehltncss, Prolapsus,
i-i Knllitig of Womb. All tin v nsk is a fair
nnU :.e.:.„mablc trial of theii in, am; of cure.
Ur: Nrrcc's Pica"-..it pen f- cure con-
'-,i     "ei. b loiisiicb. ind headache,
i ii-iins..' Shortcake.—Cut the fruit Into
uibes, using the sweet, full flavored
California or seedless oranges. To two
lai re oranges, eel one spoonful of the
■:i,;lii| lipd, Spread Hie fruit on a hot
■.veil-buttered shortcake, sprtnkls generously with a .thick layer of powdered
FUgar, put on the top Shortcake and
treat In the same way, then serve nl
once while the cuke i_> still warm. A
sprinkling of grated cocoanut may tie
added lo the top luyer if one desires,
and this shontcake Is a serious rival of-
Ibe famous strawberry sliortcake made
In J un':.
Reckon the dnys in which you have
upt Refill nngry, I used to be angry
I'vo.r.y ib'V : now every third day; then
I'vi.i.y llii.nl mnl Inilh div: and if you
■-■... it >o lo-;;r na thirty days, pfferalll
■  -'ii,'-"   nf  thm kngiviug    in   (lm1
Sale of Ladies' Dress Goods.
Ladies' Rendy-to-wenr Skirts worth f2.75 for (12.35.
*_ii no ■
Gii-i's J'lnimelette _?liemiso worth !',)e( -IOo, 45c, 50c, "or 25c each.
or tier,
SOO We&lminstierHve. 6pp.GavnegieLibrary,
iii , --      .
ir.:.;-.:i ;.-_?_;r.-_?r:*r
Telephone  987
or  call  around   at   the   Smu
Works, 408Cordova St., west!
In any ense. your wants will receive tho
most conrteous  aud  careful'attention.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Fixam'iai.,  Pki-ss un;l
Advertiskrs' Agenis.
110 Fleet St., Loudon.   E. (*.,  England.
Colonial Business a Specialty,
Jack's Shav'"9parl„,
Westniinster Ave., next Glasgow Honse
John Gillman, Propriety!
Three Chairs, mid a lirsi-chiss Buth
Room is run in connection with  the
Burlier Shop—give Ihis place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan,
inileis promptly uiieiiil.'t to,  night  or
ilny.   Chul'go* llliiilunilij.
Office: 37 Hustings street, wei_t.
Telephone Number 479.
is only $1.00 a year,
50c for II mouths,
25c for I) months.
If you miss Tun
tho loe.nl news.
Advocate you miss
Trade AAfrtKS
Anvone npntlliiB n pkclcli nnd doiicrlptlnii mn-
nnli'.ltl* imrurtiiin our o|iliiliui freo wlicllicr nu
11 w -, 1 if.11 Is prolinlily p.-itnnliililo. Ciininiunlrn-
tlmitintrli'llypinilliloiitliil. Ililiiillnio.ini l'litonts
m-iii. fr"0. (iliIi'Hl ni'i-in -.- fur niiiiurlUK pntont*.
I'mi'iii. Iiiltuu lin-miuli Munn \ Ca. rm-olTfl
Ijn-r.i! iioiirr, wltlicut olinrge, 111 tlio
Scientific J5_t.er.can.
A h.iTiflflomoly .11u**tfrn.«*.i. weoklfi T.firucat clr.
cilliiliuii nf any BClentltio 1-niriml. Tornili ft a
ronri four nmntha, ^1. Sulilbyall iicuniionlr-ni.
MUNN &Co.36,Bf<i»dw>''New York
tlriuich onico, 1*. 1' St., Wii-htuuttin, II. C.
THE ADVOCATE is tlm best advertising
niediuin where it circulates.  Tel. B1405
ic Light
A.ong lnlerurban[Rv« Line I
Tlie Electric Ligliting Line has now been
extended from Gladstone Station to Burnaby
Power House.
Any residents wishing to install the light
will please make application to the Lighting
Department, where further information will
be cheerfully given.
British Columbia Electric Railway Compony. Ltd.
i K*%SmA**A^jm^'myty&%'h^<ms9smx%, -t^*^%«^**V


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