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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jun 18, 1904

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 you get It Sat
§ M. A, W. Go.,!
it is  all right.
Kfjie Mt. Ple_asant'Branch is no excep-|
^.on to this  rule.    Prices consistent j
iith quality.
urritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
Full Line of Lowney's Chocolnies.
'Hv A' Hi
•JUN 2 u 190'
$i per yeajr, Si~ Months 50c, Three ftonths 25c, Single Copy -5c
Devoted to-.the interests of    Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
51 ao w LEomm*
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Luncli
I Fresh Oysters, Just iu.   Baked Applea—like-home—
1 witb ! -are Cream.   Geuniue Boston  Baked -Benua
Open from 7:80 a.-m., ...to 18 p. m.
Sunday .from 0 a. 111.  to 'J2 p. m.
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 270.
IIOUNT   PLEASANT.,   VANCOUVER,    B.   C,    SATURDAY   June 18, 1904.
Sixth  Year, Yd. 6, No. H>.
Itmr Subscribers    ore    requested   to
a-Fport any carelessness in the delivery
' "The Advocate." .   i
Changes for advertisements should be
Li before Thursday noon to insure,their
Local Items.
. The MoOnaig Anction and Oommis-
[ ion Co., Ltd., nexttoOameige Library,
Westings street, buy Furniture fqr CbbIi,
f'onduet   Auction   Sales    and   handle
_ ankrupt Stocks of every' description.
' " " orion guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
; r— :o:- -,
The Sixth Regiment Baud, uuder its
conductor,     Bandmaster   J.   T-
Jighfleld, gave tho first Otmcert of the
Reason on Mt Pleasant, Thursday evening at the Band Stand.   Owing to the
ampness of the weather the progam
I to be shortened    There was a large
f-ycowd pnt.yO hear  the  musio  by  tins
^.xtra flue baud.
•* JCho Ladies Aid will hold a gtrawber-
ry and Ice Cream Social at Ut. Pleasant
LMSthodist Ohuroh, Tuesday afternoon
land evening, June 21st.
-There was a large attendance at the
Ijoe Cream and Strawberry Social at the
rVresbyterian Church ou Thursday eve-
J-uiug, and the ladies  of  the  Woman's
.nxjliary were kept busy supplying tho
[1 demand for ioe cream, strawberries,
J-bonqnets and fancy work. Owiug to
J the unfavorable weather the ice cream
j' -tables had to be placed in the basement
I room of the church.; on .the grounds
f .\yore three teiits where faucy work nnd
I Sowars .were on sale.
 —jo:-. —r-
he Dr. A. Reed Cushion Sole Shoes,
uest shoe ever produced. The best'
! shoe ever raade-^or h«t, coJd, damp or
.aching feet. A great help to one's
[4-Crvea.   ,Cpll nud inspect I hem
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street and
JHO Granville street.
The -Woman's Auxiliary of St.
Michael's Ohnroh held a mg$t successful
Lawn Social at the home of Dr. and
"Mrs. Lawrence, 2228 Westminster ave-
. hue, on Wednesday the 15th. Excel-
lent ice orcaui, enke and strawberries,
auil.taliles with unleablo articles, netted
the ladies a handsome amount which
their labors deserved. Good music by
T-iarpur's' Orchestra. The rector, Rev.
G. H. Wilson nud Mrs. Wilson wore
present welcoming all. Mrs. G. W.
'SlutchiuSB, President of the Woman's
Auxiliary; Mrs. McKny, President of
the Daughters of tho King; Mis. Robt.
Lawrence, Mtb. J. Dodson, Mrs.
Williams, Miss Chambers aud Miss
Eligh made a capable Committee who
■T'l'iUgt.'.1 the affair.
TEETH EXTRACTED and FILLED absolutely without pain by
our late SCIENTIFIC METHODS. No sleopiug-produoiug agonts or
cocaiue. These ore the only ONLY DENTAL PARLORS in Vancouver that havo tho patent appliances aud ingredients to EXTRACT,
undetectable from natural tooth* and warranted for tou years, without
tho least particle of pain. GOLD OROWNS and TEETH WITHOUT
PAINLESSLY and by specialists.
New York Dental Specialists
147 Hastings St., E.
B. C.
Opposite tho Carnegie Library. " " Telephono  1500.
Office HonrB: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.;  Sundays 9 a. m., to 2 p. ni.
Mr. R. Mills and -family have gone to
Greer's Beach for two mouths camping,
The Municipal Council of South Vancouver will meet this Saturday nfternoon at 2 o'clock.
Miss Whitla of Viotoria, who has been
visiting Miss Mills of Ninth aveuue,
left for home Wednesday.
Sunday—tomorrow—there will be
a Children's Service iu the morning nt
the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Chnroh.
Read W. J. Annand's advertisement
in this paper; he has the vory wheel
you need.'at his East End Cyolery, 148
Hastings street, east.
Mrs. Ludlow of Eighth avenue,
returned on Wednesday from a visit
to hqr daughter, Mrs. J. Magar of
Nicomeu Island, wbo accompanied her
mother homo and will remain for a
week, visiting her parouts and relatives.
The service nt Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church on Sunday morning last
was unusually interesting. Six infants
wero christened by the pastor; the
chnrch wns draped in whito, white
flowers and ribbous wore prettily
arranged about the pulpit.
— :o: —-
Rev. A. E. Het-horiugtoii will leave on
Tuesday uext for Wiuuipeg, returniug
within two weeks with his three-year-
old danghtor. Mr. Hetheringtou's
mother-in-law will nrrivo from Dawsou
in a few weeks to keep houso for him.
If you want to make a Wedding
Present to a Juue Brido you can give
her   a    piece    of    Out  Glass    from
Trorey's''—uo matter what your
fluaucial staudiug may be.
Miss Bessie White of New Westmin-
star, daughter of Rev. Dr White, was
the  guest  of  the   Misses  Burritt  of
Twelfth aveuue, a fow days thia woek.
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" ou sale
at all the Nowsdealers iu tlio city.
- Clearing sale of
Nothing better than a neat appearing,
J_l wearing quality, baud-sown, welt
shoe. We hnve a splendid shoe wliich
we can highly recommend, cither iu
kid or velonr, at the low price of $8.50.
R. Mills, 48 Cordova street aud 540
.Grauville street.
A reception  was  tendered  the new
fstor. Rev, A, E, Hetheriugton, B. A.,
D, " of Mt Plensant Methodist
Church on Tuesday evening, there
being a large attendance of members
and adherents of the church. Rov.
Dr. Robsou preiuded. Dr. N. Allen
read an address ou behalf of tho Congregation, expressing pleasure ou securing
Mr. Hetheriugton for their pastor and
pledging tho loyal support of the Congregation in the work of his pastorate.
.JRoy. Mr. Hetheriugton replied in a
short address, among other tilings expressing his appreciation of the cordial
reception accorded him by tho church
people. The following ministers wore
present audi mado speeches, wishing the
joew pastor every success aud promising
oo-operation lu religious work wheuever
opportunity' offers; Rev. Mr. Betts,
£ev. Q..H. Wilsou, Rev. Mr. Pesoott,
Rev. A. W. McLeod, Rev. G. A.
jWUsou, Rev. N. Powell. Tho Choir
sang several anthems lu excellent
style. Two polos, by Miss Harford aud
Mrs. James McPhersou, were I maul if ally rendered aud highly appreciated,
"Mrs. Geo. Telford aud Mr. G. P.
Hicks san({ a duet most acceptably.
Rev. Mr. Hetheriugton has mado a
most favorable impression among the
momberjj of the Mt. Pleasant MethodiBt
Ohuroh, and his pastorate bids fair to
be a most popular one
35~~ !'!	
.ELECTROLYSIS PAltLOIt of Hairdress-
ing, Manicuring, Facial Massage and
Scalp Treatment foj LadieB aud Gentlemen. Superfluous hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
teay patron on '.'How to tako care of
Skin Food for building up the wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to prevent and heal sunburn.
Madame HoMPiinBYS, 589 Granville
A Large Quanity of
at Lowest Prices.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
KInt Central fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in nil kinds of Fuesii aud Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasnnt aud Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^IS6
How," About Your
Spring Hardware?
Lawn Mowers, any make, size or price. Garden Tools, Shovels,
Rubber Hose, Lawu Spriuklers and Sprays, Wheelbarrows,
Spades, Poultry Netting, from J^-in. to 2-in. meshes, all widths.
Always a full line of Paints and Varnishes.
J. A.   P L E T T.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Next week will be the Big Week for Strawberries.
Place your orders with us and we will
guarantee Prices and Quality the best.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave,
'Phone 322.
Blouses, consisting of muslins, chainbrays and prints, iu daiuty patterns;
regular 75c, $1 and $1.25, your choioe 50c. Blonses made of white fancy
vesting, pleated hack and front! regnlar |2.50, sale price $1.50 each.
Silk Belts iu black and colors; regular 65c, 85o and $1, your choice for 60c.
Ginghams in faucy stripe effects, in ecru, royal blue, garnet, pink, navy
and black; sale prico 10c yard.
Cretopne in floral designs, in light and dark colors; sale price 5c yard.
Fancy Dimities Musiius; regular 15c and 20c; salo price lOcyard.
Duck Prints in light and dark colors, in floral designs and stripes; regular
8^o and 10c; sole prieo 6c yard.
* A. ROSS & CO., 2S Cordova St. \
tV% %%**'%<iV-'V»v%%'%^'VV%%>%/%.'VV»VV%%'%%%'%'%'%*' +rm
The improved Hygienic Oushiou Frame Massey-Harris Bicycle represents
our largest- nud latest effort to make what is considered a perfect bicycle.
Its parts are lnnnufactnred froui tested material aud haudled and finished
by automatic machinery which does its work in far greater minuteness
than would be possiblo by human hands. The frame designs embraces
the latest feature in modern bicyclo building—the Hygionic Cushion
This model is brought out to meet a popular demand for a niodorate
priced machine. It is mnde throughout of the best materials, thoroughly
tested; equipped with Dunlop tires. It Bells tit as low a price as an houest
bicyclo can bo made for.
W. J. Annand, Agent.
146 Hastings Street, East.       Tel. 1285.
Bicycles sold on the easy payment plan.
Repairing of every description promptly done.
Vou Will
"AFTER all, the thing I like best about
•a Fit-Reform Suit is ..the enjoyment I get from
wearing it." It makes little difference how
much or how little you pay .if you don'.t like it.
" I've met few people who dont like Fit-Reform
Special Snaps—-Flannel Suits, $10,00..
See Special Irish Tweed Suits, $15.00.
333 Hastings St.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.
Samples sent ou application.'
Vancouver,'B 'C.
Self-measurement Blanks ♦nd
Cherries, Tomatoes, Apricots, Gooseberries-^delicipjjg
fresh and tasty.   To be had at most reasonable prij.es st
Qtv Grocerv Co.,
who carry the most Complete Stock of Staple and
Fancy Groceries, Fruit and Vegetables in the City.
Tel. 286. Westminster Ave. & Prlnooss Street.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men ^
of j'ears and years and years experience, 2J
and a brewery whose plant is the most -~j
perfect known to the Art of Brewing.   J&- fa
-- it any wonder that  it  has taken a place E£§
in  the hearts  of   the people  which   no other beer
%s can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.   Doz., pints $|.     ^
^ Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. *■
^ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 *%\
ff- For Snle at all first-class SnlomiB, Lieiuor Stores and Hotels   ;*
^ or delivered to your house. *M
71 iii iii iii iii iii ... iii iii iii _u iii mm JU «Uk$
fe With
K Out
^ a
»- Peer.
Get Your
10 Piece Sets
Good Printed Ware, Prom
A. J. McDounld, Cemetery road, near
Thomas', has fhoroughbred Collie PupB
for s lie.
Auy ono having frionds or knowing
of strnngei'B visiting ou Mt. Pleasant
will confer a groat favor by informing
"The Advocate."   Telephone B1405.
Ladies'   and   Ohildrcn's
DOST at Mrs. Merkley's.
Hats    AT
Best Tea§ and
at Lowest Prices
Opruer of   Sixth   and   Westminster
avrnuks, Mt. Pleasant.
Tho members of the ludopcudent
Ordor of Foresters in Vnueouvor will
observe tho annual Anniversary
Services of the Order to-morrow, Sunday IHtli inst. After the servico in tho
K. of P. Hall, Cordova street, at 10
a. in., tho members will march to tho
First Presbytoriui Church whero the
nnnuttl sermon will be delivorcd.
Mrs. W. W. Mcrkloy has roccived her
full stock of Spring Dress Goods.
Blonses, Hosiery, Ribbons, Veil-
iug aud Fnncy Neckwear Laelios'
and Children's Hnts, very stylish. At
living prices. Iteniember tho place:
Mcrkloy's, Burritt Block, Westminster
Vancouver Oddfellows will, nsscm-
ble at the Hall, corner of Seventh and
Westminster nvem.es, nt 3 p.m., ou
Sunday and march to the cometery to
decorate the gaves of deceased members
and observe tho exercises of Decoration
Ogllvlc'sHuri-iirliiri Floar, per sne'k, $1.4r,
11. C, (iriimilMiMl Pu.iir, -0-lb., mii'k, fl.05
Choice dreamery butter two pounds lor -15c.
I'lcnic HuuiB 12 ..-Ct., per pound
1st I'lum I'otntow $1.(H) ami 11,10
'Phone 1)88.
Mt. Pleasant.
Free delivery
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover oud Timothy  Sce'ils,
Prutt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
i'latt's Lloe Killer,
Holly Chick Food, BoofBoraps, Eto.
FLOUK and l''KKD.
Si/CITH Corner   NINTH avenue   &
Telephone   18 87. 	
Mr. Hnrry Hun:'ii who has been iu
Minneapolis, Minn., during the past
winter, has retnrnud to Vaucenvor mitt
Is stopping Willi his brother, Mr. J.
Hanson of Seventh nvouue.
Tho St. John's Anglican Ohuroh nt
Central Park was completely destroyed
by tire on Tuesday the 14th. Persons
owning property nearby worn clearing
their laud of stumps when the cinders
from their fires ignited tho dry shingles
of the church roof, aud the building
was soon lu ttamos. Tho loss will be
covered to a great extent by the
insurance, of which there was |1.000.
Tho ohnroh was four years old, and
its ollicinting minister was Rev. Mr.
Boll of Sappertou.
McTaggart & Moscrop
Dkai.eus in
3« Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Templeton Block.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 18 Royal Crown Soup Wrappers
anil we will send free your choice of HO
pictures. Or for -ii wrappers edioice of
150 bexiks. Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Cov Limited,
Mr. Arthur Cather, Assistant to Oity
Olerl. Thos. F. McGuigan W'U he back
to-day from his holiday fishing trip to
Powell Lake,
Mr. Charlie McKay of M. A. W. Co.'s
Mt. Pleasaut Store, is back at his post
of duty after a ton dnys' holiday.
WANTED.—A young girl as Nurse
Girl; apply to Mrs. E. H. Peace, 2040
Ontario street.
Mr. Black of Edinburgh, Scotland,
who has been tho guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Brown, Fifteenth nvenno, tho
past threo weekF, left Wednesday for
Banff, St T.ouis Fair and Kastern
Cities, ou route homo. Mr. Black is
completing a tour of tho world.
Ring up 1726 for all kinds of Mux
Wooi>, [14 inches long], tho Urqulinrt
Lumber Co.'s Wood Yard, Cnmbie
Street Bridge.   Gray & Higginson.
You Have Time Yet.
Call on us und make n purchase and
securo some coupons on tho $100 buggy
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Boc purchase you Ret a chance to win
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twouty chances. Our stock is now
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Storev & Campbell,
lf.4 Hastings slrcot. west.
Painting and Kalsomlnlng.
At IiESS   Than   Down-town   Prices.
Niuth tfc Westminster aves.   Tel. II107II
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor.  Wiistniinuter nve., * Dnfferln si
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone Bl*U>5
At the
Now   Dress   Muslins—
Over 1.000 pieocs just opouod of
the very latcBt styles, all choice
doBiguB. Also a very complete
collection of Whito Dress Goods,
Muslins, etc.
Dross Linens- AH sliados
in pure linens ; some lovely new
tints iu green linen, full yard
wide, at 60o.
Our Htook of fabrics for summer wear wns never ur well
assorted as it is  nt  the  present
I line.
A full range of White
for Shirtwaist Suits.
303 Hastings street.
A Wedding
Gift of Cut
Of course   CUT GLASS   U I
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There isn't a lady but admires
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sought after, yot you don't have
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"Troroy's " Out Gloss Depart- !
ment contains gcauine Cut Glass
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Corner Hustings nud GraovLle Ste.
(Iflieial Watch Iv-pector C. P. R
Special   Notice.
all ftrst-olass varieties,  consisting of—
Cactus,   DbCO-UT_V»,   Snow,
Faniiy and Pomikink.
All Kn»d strong bulbs.
Per dozen 7*0, II.00 nnd $1.60.
ANNUAL PLANTS of choice vnrioties,
at l-rie- per dozen,
;-,'oii.—Sti t (Jars pal 1  my place.
Chas. Keeler
27114 WeBliii_u:-U'.r Ave.      Mt. l'lnisant
If ynu min Tm- AtiVf.oxeyoii miRf
th" lo< .il news.
-,t_i   Westminster   Aye.      I
Mt. Pleasant ;
B. H. Peace,  Proprietor. 1 j
00 00 00 1
Wholesale    and    R$Uil j ,
Dealer    in    Meats    of \
All Kinds. Tel. ai?q«  jj
Give us trial. ( ^
fronipt Delivery. ( f
mmal -Nr-
Author ol "Wa.iarr.li"
O-UhM. 190.. by HAHTOI 1 MAS., WSo P-tllr.
Work In lick lorn.   All KljM, Knenoo
a>__^rP".'fttO_^0C_a-p H>'
"Tliat fool nigger only give Alan's
hoss six ears o' corn." lie fumed. "I
know, beea'se I counted tbe cobs. The
hoss bnd licked the trough clean an'
gnawed the ends o' the cobs. Tbe Idea
o' starvin' my stock right before my"—
"Oh. Alfred, what do you think has
happened?" bis wife broke in. "We've
got tht bank money back! I'ole linker
managed somehow to get It He's go-
In' to tell about lt now.   Come on In!"
Bishop closed the door lielilnel hlin.
He fumbled with the chain and pud-
lock for an Instant, then be moved toward ber, his lips hanging, his eyes
"I'll believe my part o' that when"—
"But," she cried, opening the gate
for him to pass through, "tlie money's
thar In the house on the lalile: It's been
counted. I suy It's thnr! Don't you
believe It?"
The ohl man moved through the gate
mechanically. He paused tei fnsteu It
wltb tile Iron ring over the two posts.
But after that he seemed to lose tlie
power of locomotion. He stood facing
her, his features working.
"I'll believe my part o' that cat-au'-
bnll story when I see"—
"Well, come in the house, them." she
cried. "You kin lay yore hands on It
an' count it. It's an awful big pile, an'
notliiu' less than fifty dollar bills."
Grasping Ills arm, sbe half dragged,
half led blm Into the bouse. Entering the sitting room, be strode to the
table and, without u word, picked up
the package and opened It. He made
an effort to count the money, hut hia
lingers seemed to have lost their cunning and he guve It up.
"It's all there." Miller assured bim,
"and It'B your money. You needn't
bother ubout that."
Bishop stit down In his place In the
chimney corner, the packet ou his
knees, while I'ole Bulicr modestly and
not without touches of humor recounted his experiences.
"The toughest job I hud wns inanag-
In' the woman." I'ole laughed. "You
kin always count ou a woman to be
contrary. I believe ef you uns tr.vin'
to git some Women out of a liurnin'
heme they'd yyinil to have the'r way
nbout It. She rend the, order nu' goi
white about the gills an' sen allied.
low. so notiwly wouldn'theer 'er, an'
then wanted to ax questions. Thnt's
the female of It. She knowed in rcliaon
that Crnlg ivas dead fixed nn' Couldn't
git out until she compiled wilh the lie
litriiitious. I .nt' she wanted lo know nil
a lion I It? Then I lold 'er she'el he nr-
re-sle'el fe'r holiliif the money, nn' that
f-.il her In a (rot. She I'cli'heil It out
purty quick, n-i'rylif nil' iilnisiif nie
by turns. As soon ns Ihe uioiiey left
'er -Binds, though, she liegun to beg
Ine to ride fast. I Wanted Wi eonie heer
lust, but I felt sorter sorry fer i 'in iu.
an' WHiitiin' let 'lm out. lie wns the
gladdest mint 10 see me you ever looked
at. :He thought I was goin' to leave
Mm thar. lie looked like lie wanted lo
hug Ine. He snys \YliiHhi|, wasn't much
to illume. Tbey both got in deep ivalei
speetilntin', nu' Crnlg wus tempted to
cu Winge on tbe'$2.T.0O0.''
WWen Pole had concluded, Ihe group
sal In Silence for a long time. Il looked
as If liishop wauti'el to openly thunk
Pole for whnt he hud done, but he hnil
never elone such u thing In the presence
of olher.s. anil he could not pull himself
to il. Hi' sal crouched up in his tilled
- cluilr us if burning up with tlie Joy of
his release.
The silence was broken hy Aimer
Daulel ns he fllleel his pipe anew und
sliioU over Ihe fireplace.
"They suy money's a cuss nn' the
root'of all e'vil." he' said dryly, "but
In this ense It's give I'ole linker thnr a
chnn_'o to show what's In 'im. I'd 'a'
plvi^the Inst cent I have to 'u' done
what'he- did today. I grant you he
used deception, hut it wus the fust
water sort tbat that Bible king resorted
to when he made out lie was goin' to
divide tbnt liu liy hy eiiltln' It in halves.
He fetched out the gooel un' sqiielehcd
the hud." Abner glanced ut I'ole und
gave one of his Impulsive Inward
luughs. "My boy, when I reach Collier
ihWe I expect to see whole siring- o'
sech lawbreakers ss you a-plnyln' leap
frog on the golden sunds. You don't
sing an' pray a whole lot, nur keep
yore religion lu sight. Lilt when thur'.i
work to be done you shuck off yore
shirt nn' do It like a wildcat u■scratch'
No one spoke after this outburst for !
several minutes, though the glances,
cast in his direction showed the cm-
liiii'insscd ex moonshiner that one and
all hud sanctioned Abner Daniel's opinion.
Bishop lenned forward nnd looked at
tbe doCk, aud, seeing thut It wns 0, he
put the money In u bureau drawer and
turnotl the key. Then he took down
the big family Bible from Its shelf und
sat down near the lamp. They all
knew wbat the action purlt-ndcd.
myse'f to please 'em."
Mrs. linker appeared In the cabin
door holding two of the youngest children by their hands. "He won't take
my advice, Mr. Bishop," she snld. "I
ifSt rub a HI tie lump oil on my face an'
hands, an' they don't fetch me."
Pole grunted and looked wilh luugh-
Ing eyes ut the old man.
"She axed ine t'other night why I'd
quit kissln' 'er." lie snid. "An' I told
'er I didn't keer any more fer kerosene
than the mosquitoes did."
Mrs. Bnker laughed pleasantly as
she brought out u chair for liishop nnd
invited him to sit down. He compiled,
twirling his riding whip In bis hand.
From .his position, almost on a level
with the lloor, hi' could se'e iho Interior
of one of the rooms. It wus almost
bare of furniture, Two opposite corners were occupied by crude bedsteads;
In the centeY of the room was u cradle
made from a snitphox on rockers sawed
from rough poplar boards, It hud the
appearance of having been In use
through sevi'i-ul generations. Near it
stood u spinning wheel uud a three
legged stool. The' sliurp slrel spindle
gleamed In the llrelight from the big
log uud mud chimney.
"What's the news from town, Mr.
Blsbop!" Pole asked awkwardly, for lt
struck him Hint liishop hue! called to
talk with liiin about some business and
was leiuctunt lo Introduce It.
"Notliiu' Unit Interests any of us, I
reckon. Pole." suiel Ihe old mall, "except thnt I mad. thai investment In
Shoal Cotton factory stock."
'That's good." snld Pole'. In the tone
of anybody but u mun who hud never
Invested a dollar in anything. "Ii'b all
hiinkey, an' my opinion is thnt lt '11
never be wuth less."
"1 did heer, too." added liishop. "lhat
it wus reported that Crnlg had set up
AlBOUT a week after the events
| recorded in the preceding
chapter old man Bishop, Just
at dusk one evening', rode up
tO^Fole Baker's humble domicile. Polo
was In the front yard making a fire of
Btlcks, twigs and chips.
"What's thut fer'/" the old man questioned as he dismounted and bitched
IiIb horse to the worm fence.
''To drive oil mosquitoes." snld Pole,
willing his eyes, which were red from
the effects of the smoke. "I'll never
pass another night like the last un ef
I kin he'p It I 'lowed my hlele was
I hick, but they bore'd fe'r oil nil over
uie from dark till sun-up. I never 'vo
tried smoke, but Hunk WattH says It's
ahead o' pennyr'yal."
"Shucks'!" grunted the planter. "You
nlu't workln' It right. A few rags
burnlu' In a pan nigh yore bed may
drive 'em out, but a smoke out heer In
the yard 'II Jest drive 'em In."
."What?" said Poll In high dlRgust.
$)o you expect me to sleep sech hot
wenilicr ns this Is with a fire nigh my
Bed? The durn things may cut uie
raw, but I'll be blamed ef 1 barbecue
"Iv'cll, WU j/oTN." /ic Kuhl.
a little greicery attire mil III Texas, nigh
I the Indian Territory. Some think* that
Winship 'II l|iin up thnr nn' jiiif 'lm,
! but n body never knows whnt to believe these dn.VH."
"That shore Is a fuel," opined I'ole.
"Sully, thill corn bread's u-hiiriiln'.   Kf
ypu'd use less lump oil. you'd smell hot-
; ter."
Mrs. Baker darted to the fireplace;
raked the live coals from benenth the
cast Iron oven nml Jerked Off Ihe lid In
a cloud of sleani nml siiioke. She
turned over the piuie v. ith Ihe aid of a
, case knife und then came back to the
"Per the last month I've lind my eye
on the llilsi'.ime farm." P. Imp was
allying. "Tlu-re's a hundred ileres
even, some :r o-i bottom luiijj and'upland ""' '•- ,!  i..iny
acres o' good wood. Then thar's a Ave
room house', we'll innele an' light, an' a
barn, e-owhmise un' slnble."
"Leu-el! I know ihi' plnue like a
book," said I'ole. "un' it's u ilniuly Investment, .Mr. Blsbop. They Bay lie
Offered  it  fer  fifteen   hundred.     It'a
wuth two thousand.    You » 't drap
nny money by imilii' Hint properly,
Mr. Bishop. I'd hnte to coil tract tn
build Jest the house an' well uu' outhouses fer n thousand."
"I bought It." liishop told hlin. "Ho
let me have It fei a good deal less 'u
fifteen hundred, cash down."
"Well, you made a dandy trade,
Mr. Bishop. Ah. Unit's whnt rcaely
money will do! When yon got the cash,
things si-e'in to come at bottom figures."
Old Hislieip drew u folded paper from
his pocket nud slapped II ou his knee.
"Yes. 1 closed the1 deal tills eveiiln',
an' I wns Jest u-tliliikiu' thut us you
hain't rented fer ue'.xt year—I menu"—
Blsbop wns eirdinni-ily direct of speech,
but  souiediow   his   words  beenmc  tun-
gied and he delivered himself awkwardly on (Ills oCCHSlOII. "You seo,
Ainu thinks thnt you 'n Sully ort to
live  In  u   better  bouse thnn jest this
boor log cabin, nn"—
The wun fuce of the tired womnn
wus aglow wlih expectation, Bbe
sunk down on ihe doorstep und snt
Htlll uud mule, her hands clasping each
oilier In ber hip. Shu had nlwnys dls-
likcei thnt cabin uud ils sordid surroundings, nnd there was something in
Bishop's talk Ihal made her Hi ml, he
wns nbout to propose renting the new
farm, house nud nil. lo her husband.
Her month fell open: she scarcely ul-
lowed herself lo breathe, Then, ns
Bishop paused, her husband's voice
struck dumb dismay to her heart,   it
wns as if she wns falling from glowing
hope bnck to lasted despair,
"Thill's more liuiel In Hint farm 'an
I COUtd do Jestlce lo, Mr. Bishop, but
i f I bar's tt good cabin ou It un' you see
lit to cut off enough fer me un' one
boss I'd Jesl ns siioii tenel (lint ns this
beer. 1 want to do what you tin' Alun
think Is best ull round."
"Oh. Pole, Pole!" The woman wns
crying It to herself, her luce lowered lo
her hands thnt the Iwo men might not
see tile agony written In her eyes. A
house like thai to live In. with all
those rooms and fireplaces nud whitlows wilh panes Of glass In them I She
fancied she saw her children playing
on the tight, smooth Hours uud ou the
honeysuckled porch. I'm- one minute
these llilngH hnd liien hers, to be
•notched away b.v the onllutt. Indlfl'er- j
cuce of her husband,   who, ulus,  had
never cured a straw for appearances!
"Oh, I wasn't thiukln' nbout ruhtlal'
It to you!" sulil liishop. And the wo-
mini's dream ivas over. She raised ber
head; awake again. "You ace," went
on Bishop, slill struggling for proper
expression, "Alan thinks — well, he
thinks you are sech a born fool ubout
not nceeptln' help from them tHat feels
nigh to you ah*. I ra>y us well say,
grateful, exceedingly grateful, fer what
you've done, things that no other livln'
man could 'a' done—Alnn thinks you
e;it to have the farm fer yore own property, an' so the deeds bus been mude
out to"—
' Pole drew himself up to his full
height. His big fuce was Hushed, half
with anger, half with a strong emotion
of a tenderer kind. He stood towering
over the old mun like a glaut swayed
b.v the warring winds of good noil evil.
"I won't heer n word more eif that,
Mr. Bishop,'' he said, with a quivering
lip-"nut a word more. By golly, I
menu what 1 suy! I don't want to heer
nnother word of It. This beer place is
good enough fer me an' my family.
H's done eight yeer. an' It kin do an-
other eight."
"Oh. Polo, Pole. Pule!" The worn-
nit's cry wns now audible. It came
straight from her pent up, starving
soul nud went right lo Bishop's heart.
"You wnnt the place, don't you, Sully?" he snld. culling her by her given
mime for Ihe llrst time, ns if he had
Just discovered their kinship, lie could
not bave used a tenderer tone to child
eif his own.
"Mind, mind what you say, Sally!"
ordered Pole from tlie depths of his
lighting emotion. "Mind what you
Tbo woman looked at Bishop. Her
glance was on lire.
"Y'es. I want It—1 wnnt it!" she cried.
"I ain't goin' to He. 1 want it more
j'lght now than I do the kingdom of
lien ven. I wnnt it ef we huve n right
Io it. Ob, I don't know!" She dropped
her head In her lap nnd begun to sob.
P.ishop steiod up. He moved toward
her in n jerky fashion and laid bis
hand on the pitifully tight knot of hitir
at the buck of her head.
"Well. It's yores." he said. "Alan
I bought Pole would mine a kick about
It, an' me an' him hud It mude out
In yore mime, so he couldn't tetch it.
It's yores, Sally Ann Baker. That's
the wny It rends."
The woman's sobs Increased, but
Ihey were sobs of unbridled joy. With
lier nprou to her eyes she rose nnd hurried into the house.
The eyes of the two men met. Bishop
.poke tirst:
"You've got to give in. Pole," he snld.
"You'd not be a man to stand betwixt
yore wife an' a thing she wants ns bad
us she does that place, an' by all that's
good an' holy, you sha'n't!"
"What's the use o' me tryln' to git
even witli Alan," Pole exclaimed, "ef
he's eternally n-goin' to git up soine'iiV
I've been tickled to death ever since 1
cornered old Crnlg till now. but you
uu' bim lias sp'ileel it ull by this lieeT
trick.   It ain't fair to me."
"Well, it's done," smiled the old mnn
.us he went to bis horse, "nn' ef you
don't live tliur with Sully I'll make 'ei
git a divorce."
Bishop bnd reached a little pigper
in a fence corner fiirtlter along on lib
wuy homo when Mrs. Bilker suddeol.i
emerged from a patch of high corn ir
front of bim.
"Is he a-goln' to take li. Mr. liishop?"
she asked, panting from her hurried
walk through the corn that hid her
from the view of the cabin,
"Yes," Bishop lold her. "I'm n-goln'
lo send two wagons over ill the morn-
In' to move yore things. 1 wish it was
ten time's us good a place us It is. but
It will Insure you nn' tlie children a
livln' un' a comfortable home."
After the manner of many of her
kind, the woman uttered uo words of
thanks, but simply turned back into Ibe
com, unil, oci'iipied with lier own vision
of prosperity and choking wilh gratitude, she hurried back Io the cabin.
THE summer ended, the autumn
passed   and 'Christmas   up-
J5S?jS>    proiiched.    Nothing of much
\V&rJl importance had taken place
among the characters of this little history. The Southern Lnnd und Timber
company, nnd Wilson In particular, bad
disappointed Miller and Alan by their
reticence In regard to the progress of
the railroad scheme. At every meeting
with Wilson thi'y found him. cither
really or pretohdedly Indifferent about
the' mutter. His eeincern. lie told tbem.
was busy In Other quarters, and he
really did not know whnt they would
finally do about It.
"He can't pull the wool over m.v
eyes," Miller told his friend nfter one
of these Interviews, "lie simply thinks
be can freeze you out by holding off
till you have to raise money."
"He may have Inquired Into my
father's financial conditio!)'" Buggebted
Alan, with a long face.
"Most likely," replied the lawyer.
"And  discovered  exactly   where  we
"Perhaps, but we must not believe
that till we know It. I'm going to try
to checkmate blm, 1 don't know how,
but I'll think of something, He feels
tbat be has the upper hand now, but
I'll Interest blm sunn.' of these days."
Alan's love nfi'alr hud also been dragging. He hud hud numerous ussur-
ances of Dolly's constancy, but her
eyes hnd been opened to the seriousness of offending Colonel Barclay. She
now knew that her marriage against
his will would cause her Immediate
disinheritance, mid she wns too sensible n girl to wnnt to go to Alan without a dollar nml with the doors of her
home closed agulust her. Besides, she
believed In Alnn's future. She somehow hnd more faith In the railroad
llinn any other Interested person. She
knew, too. Hint she wns now more
closely watched than formerly. She
had, wilh firm finality, refused Prank
Hillhoiise's offer of marriage, nnd that
bud not helped her cuse III Ihe eyes of
her exasperated parent, Her mother
Occupied neutral ground. She hnd a
vague liking for Alnn Bishop and, if
the whole truth must be lold, wss
rather enjoying Ihe siluiillon.
(In Cbristinus eve Adele wns expected home' from Atlanta, anil Alan hud
come lu town to meet her. As It hup-
peiii'il. un accident delayed her train
so thnt it would not reiicb Hurley until III o'clock ut night iiisti'iid of 0 In
the evening, so there was nothing for
ber brother to do but arrange for their
staying tbat night ut the Johnston
limine. Somewhat to Alan's surprise,
who had never discovered the close
friendship and constant correspondence existing between Miller and bis
sister, tlie former announced that he
was going to spend tlie nlgbt at the
hotel und drive out to the farm with
them tlie next morning. Of course lt
was agreeable, Alan reflected, but it
was a strange thing for Miller to propose.
Prom the long veranda of the hotel
nfter supper that evening the two
friends witnessed tlie crude display of
holldi. ' fireworks In the street below.
Half _. . i big bonfires made of dry
goods boxes, kerosene nnd tar barrels
nnd refuse of nil kinds were blazing
along tbe main street. Directly opposite the hotel the only confectionery
and toy store in tlie place was crowded
to overflowing by eager customers,
and In front of It the purchasers of
fireworks were letting them off for the
bonellt of the bystanders. Flrecrnck-
i'1-s were exploded by the package, and
every now nud then u clerk In some
store would come to the front door and
fire eiff u gun or n revolver.
All Ibis noise and illumination was
nt Its height when Allele's train drew
up In the car shed. The bonfires near
at band made It ns light ns day, and
she hnd no trouble recugubJlng the two
"Oh, whnt an awful racket!" she exclaimed ns she released herself from
Alan's embrace and gave ber hand to
"It's in your honor," Miller laughed
as. to Alan's vast astonishment, he held
on" to her hand longer than seemed
right "We ought to bave hnd the
brass bnnd out."
"Oh, I'm so glad to get home," said
Adele. laying her hand on Miller's extended arm. Then she released It to
give Alnn her trunk checks. "Get them,
brother," she suid. "Mr. Miller will
tnke cure of me. 1 suppose you are not
going to drive home tonight."
"Not If you nre tired." snid Miller In
a tone Alan bad never heard his friend
•jse to any woman, nor bail be ever
seen such an expression on Miller's
fae'C ns lay there while the lawyer's
eyes were feasting themselves on the
girl's beauty,
Alan hurried nwny after the trunks
and a porter, lie was almost blind
wilh a rage that wns new to blm. Was
Milli'r deliberately beginning a flirtation with Allele nt a moment's notice?
And had she been so spoiled hy the
"fust set" of Atlanta during her stay
there that she would allow It—even if
.Miller was n friend of the fnnilly? lie
found a negro porter near the heap of
luggage that bud been hurled from the
baggage cur nnd ordered his sister's
trunks taken to the hotel. Then lie followed the couple moodily up to the hotel parlor. He wns destined to undergo
another shock, for on entering that
room he surprised Miller and Adele on
a sofa behind the big square piuno
with their heads suspiciously near together, and bo deeply were they engaged In conversation thnt, although he
drew ti]> a chair near them, they paid
no heed to him further than to recognize his appearance with n lifting of
their eyes.
They were talking of soein! affairs in
Atlanta nnd people whose names were
unfuniiliur to Alun. He rose and stood
beforo the lirepluce, but they did not
notice his aha ngo of position. Truly It
wns maddening, He told himself that
Adele's pretty face nnd far too ensy
manner hnd attracted Miller's attentiou
temporarily, and the fellow wns during
to enter one of his flirtations right before Ills eyes. Alun would give him a
piece of bis mind nt the tlrst opportunity, even if he was tinder obligations to
him. Indeed, Miller had greatly disappointed him, and so bnd Adele. He had
always thought sbe, like Dolly Barclay,
wns different from other girls; but no,
she was like them all. Miller's attention bad simply turned her head. Well,
as soon as he had a chance he would
tell her n few things about Miller and
his views of women. That would put
her on her guard, but lt would uot
draw out the poisoned sting left by
Miller's presumption or Indelicacy or
whatever It was. Alnn rose and stood
at the Ore unnoticed for several minutes, and then he showed that he was
.t least a good chaperon, for he reached
out and drew the old  fashioned bell
i Then she seemed to notice lier brother's
, long face, und she laughed ont teaslng-
l ly, "I'll bet he and Dolly ure no nearer
together than ever."
"You are right." Miller joined in her
mood, "tbe colonel still has his dogs
ready for Alan, but they'll make It up
some day, I hope. Dolly is next to tbe
smartest girl I know."
"Oh, you nre a flatterer," laughed
Adele, and she guve Miller, her bund.
"Dou't forget to be up for early breakfast. We must start soon In tlie morning.   I'm dying to see the home folks."
Alnn was glad that Miller had a
room of his own, for he wus not In a
mood lo converse with him, unel when
Adele had retired he refused Milter's
proffered cigar and went to his own
Miller grunted us Alnn turned away.
"He's bad bud news of some sort," he.
thought! "nnd it's ubout Dolly Barclay.
I wonder, after ull, if she would stick
to a poor man, 1 begin to think some
women would. Adele Is of that stripe-
yes, she Is, nud Isn't she stunning looking? She's ti gem of the llrst water,
straight us n die. full of pluck, nnd—
she's all right—nil right!"
He we'iit out on the veranda to smoke
and enjoy repeating these things over
to himself, The bonfires 111 the street
were dying down to red embers, li round
which stood ii few stragglers, but there
wns a blaze of new light over Ihe
young man's head. Along his horizon
had dawned a glorious reason for bis
existence, a reason that discounted every reason he bail ewer entertained.
"Adele, Allele." he snld to himself, and
then his cigar went out. Perhaps, Ids
thoughts run on lu llielr mad race with
happiness—perhaps, with her fair head
on her pillow, she wus thinking of liim
as he was of her.
Around the corner came n crowd of
young men singing negro songs. They
passed under (he veranda, nnd Miller
recognized Prank Hillhoiise's voice.
"Thnt you, I'Yniik?" Miller culled out,
leaning over the railing.
"Yob. That you, Ray?" Hlllhouse
stepped out Into view. "Come on. We
a>'e going to turn Ihe town over. Every
sigu ceiines down according to custom,
you know. Old Thad Moore is druuk iu
the calaboose. They put biro In lute t.b'a
evening. We are going to musk and
let him out. It's a dandy racket. We
are going to make him think we are
White Caps and then set him in the
bosom of his family.  Come on."
"I can't tonight." declined Miller,
With u laugh.  "I'm (lend tired."
"Well, If you hear nil the church
bells ringing you needn't think it's
Ore and jump out. of yonr skin. We
ulu't going to sleep tonight, and we
don't intend to lei tiiiyl otly else do it."
"Well, go it while' vent nre young."
Miller retorted, with u lnugh, nud Hill-
house joined his companions In mischief, and they passed on, singing
Miller threw his cigar away nnd
wont to bis room.
"Perhaps I pught to tell Alan," he
mused, "but bell find lt out soon
enough; and, hung it all, I can't tell
him how I feel about his own sister
after all the rot I've stuffed Into bim."
Slie eian. Miller Iter hand.
pull In the chimney corner. The porter
appeared, and Alan nsked, "Is my sister's room ready'/"
"Yes, It's good and worm now, sub,"
snld the negro. "I started the fire an
hour ago."
Miller and Allele had paused to listen.
"Oil, you nre going to hurry me off to
bed," the girl said, with nn audible
"You must be tired nfter that ride,"
snld Alnn coldly.
"Thnt's n fact, you must be," echoed
Miller. "Well, If you have to go you
enn finish telling mc In the morning.
You know I'm going to spend the night
here, where I have u regular room, and
I'll sec you nt break fast."
"Oh, I'm so glad!" said Adele. "Yes,
1 can finish telling you In the mornlnu "
a chair placed for Adele nt a Utile table reserved for three In a corner of
the robin, which was presided over by
a slick looking mulatto waiter whoso
father had belonged to Miller's fnmily.
"I've been up an hour," he said to
her. "1 took a stroll down the Btrcet
to see what damage the gang did lust
night. Every sign la down or .hung.
where It doesn't belong. To tense the
owner,- nn old negro drayman, whom
everybody jokes with, tbey took his
wagon to pieces nnd put It together
again on the roof of Harmon's drugstore. How they got It (here Is n puzzle that will go down In local history
like the- building of the pyramid.-;."
"Whisky did It." laughed Adele.
"That will be the final explanation."
"I think you are right," agreed Miller.
Alan bolted his food In gruni silence,
unnoticed by tlie others. Adi-Ie's very
grace nt the table, us she prepared Miller's coffee, nnd her apt repartee added
to ids discomfiture, Ha excused himself from the table before they hnd
finished, mumbling something about
seeing If Ihe horses were ri'iidy. nnd
went Into the olllce. The lust blow to
his temper wns dealt by Adele ub she
cable from the dining room.
"Mr. Miller wants to drive me out In
his buggy to show me bis horses." she
said, half smiling. "Yon won't iiiliui,
will you? You see. he'll wnnt his team
out there to get buck in. and"—
"OU, I duii'l mind," he told her. "I
See you lire bent on making u goose of
yourself. After what I've told you
about M'ller If vou «'III"—
But she closed his month with hei
"Leave him to me, brother," she snld
as she turned nwny. "I'm old enough
to tnke cure of myself, nnd—and—well,
1 kuow men better thnn you do."
When Alnn reached home, he found
that Miller and Adele bad been there
half nu hour. His mother mi't him nt
the door with a mysterious smile on her
sweet old face as she nodded at the
closed door of tbe parlor. .
"Don't go In there now," Bhe whispered. "Adele, nnd Mr. Miller have
been there ever since '.' ».y come. I
really believe they nre in love with ench
other. I never saw young folks act
more like it.   When I met 'em it looked
HE next morning as soon ns he
was up Alan went to bis sister's room. He found her
dressed nhd ready for him.
wns seated before a cheerful
over n magazine she
grate fire lookln
bud brought to puss the time on the
"Come In," she Bald, plensnntly
enough, he reflected, now thnt Miller I I
was not present to absorb her nlteii- | \j&
Hon. "I expected you to get up a little earlier. Those guns down at the
barroom Just about daybreak waked
me, nnd I couldn't go lo sleep again.
There Is no use denying It, Al, wo
have a barbarous way of amusing our-
selves up here In north Georgia."
He went on nnd stood with bis back
to the tire, still unable to rid ills brow
of the frown It had worn the night before.
"Oh, I reckon you've got too citffled
for us," he said, "along with other accomplishments   that   fast    set   down
there has taught you."
Adele laid her book open on her lap.
"Look  here,  Alan,"  she  said,  quite
gravely, "what's tlie mntter with you?"
"Nothing that I know of,"  he suid,
without meeting her direct gaze.
"Well, there Is," she said, as the outcome of her slow Inspection of bis
clouded features.
He shrugged his shoulders and gave
her his eyes steadily.
"I don't like the way you and Miller
are carrying on." He hurled tlio words
at lier sullenly. "You see, I know hlin
through nnd through."
"Well, that's all right," she replied,
not flinching from ids indignant stare,
"but what's thut got to do with my
conduct and ills?"
"Y'ou allow him to ho too fnmlllnr
With yon," Alnn retorted, "He's not tho
kind of a man for you to—to act that
wny with. He hns flirted with n dozen
women and thrown them over; ho
doesn't believe In the honest love of a
man for a woman or the love of n wo-
mun for it mail "
'Ah, I nm at the first of this!" Adele,
Instend of being put down by his
stormy words, wns smiling Inwardly,
Her lips were rigid, but Alan saw tho
light of keen amusement In her eyes.
"Ia be really so dangerous? Thnt
makes him doubly Interesting, Most
girls love to handle mnsciilino gunpowder. Do you know, if I was Dolly
Barclay, for Instance, nu affair with
you would not be much fun, because
I'd be so sure of you. The dead level
of your past would alarm me."
"Thank heaven, nil women are not
alike!" was the bolt he hurled at her.
"If you knew as much about Ray Miller us I do, you'd act iu a more dignified
wuy on n first ncqtiaintuiice with him."  ,
"On a first—oh, T sec what you
mean!" Adele put her handkerchief to \
her face nnd treated herself to a merry
laugh tbnt exasperated blm beyond en- |
durance. Then she stood up, smoothing
her smile nwny. "Let's go to brenkfast.
I'm ns hungry ns a bear. I told Rayburn—I menu your dangerous friend,
Mr. Miller—that we'd meet him In the
dining room. He snys he's crazy for a
cup of coffee with whipped cream in lt.
I ordered It just now."
"The dev"— Alan bit the word In
two ami strode from the room, she following. Tbe llrst person they saw In
the big (lining room was Miller, standing at the stove lu the center of tho
room wanning himself. He scarcely
looked nt Alun In his eagerness to have
"I seed Mr. Miller drive past my
house awhile ago with Miss Allele;" be
said, "au' I come right over. I want to
see nil of you together."
.lust then Miller came out of the parlor and descended tbe steps to join
"Christmas gift, Mr. Miller!" cried
Tole.   "1 ketcbed you tbnt time."
"And if I paid up you'd cuss me
out," retorted the lawyer, with a laugh.
"1 haven't forgotten the row you raised
nbout thnt suit of clothes. Well, what's
the news?  How's your family?"
"About ns common, Mr. Miller," said
Pole, "My wife's gittln' younger an'.
younger ever' day. Sence she moved in
'or new house an' got to wliltewashin'
fences an' mnkin' flower beds an' one
thing another she looks like n new person. I'd 'a' bought 'er a house long ago
ef I'd a-knowed she watited It that bud.
Oh. we out on tbe lugs now! We wipe
with nnpklns nfter entln', nn' my littlest un sets In n high chair an' snys,
'Please pnss the gravy,' like he'd beeu
off to school. Sally snys she's a-goln'
to send 'em, nn' I don't keer ef she
does; they'll stnnd head ef they go;
the'r noggin's look like Bqunshes, but
they're full o' seeds, un' don't you .ergot It."
"That thoy are!" Intoucd Abner
"I've dropped onto a little news," said
Pole. ^"You know what a old moonshiner cnyn't pick up in these luoun-
tnlns from old ptirds ain't wuth-lookln'
"Railroad?" asked Miller interestedly.
"Tbnt'B fer you tins to make out,"
said Baker, "Now, l ain't a-goln' to
give nway my authority, but I rid
twenty miles yesterday to substantiate
what I heerd, an' I know It's nothln'
but the truth. Y'ou all know old Bobby Milbtirii's been luiylii' timber land
up nbout yore property, don't you?"
"I didn't know how much," answered
Miller, "but I knew he had secured
"Fust nnd last in tlie neighborhood o'
Blx thousand acres," affirmed Pole, "un'
he's still on the warpath, What fust
ittrncted my notice was tindln' out thut
old Bobby hain't a dollar to his mime.
That mnde me suspicious, an' I went to
work to Investigate;."
"Good boy!" snid Uncle Abner In an
admiring undertone.  -
"Wei|, I found out he was usin* Wilson's money nn' secretly buyln' fer
blm. nn', what's more, be seems to
hnve unlimited authority an' n big hank
account to draw from."
There was u startled pnuse. It wbb
broken by Miller, whose eyes were
gleaming excitedly.
"It's blame good news," he snld, eying
"Do you think so?" snld Alnn, who
wns slill under bis cloud of displeasure
wilh bis friend.
"Yes. If simply men ns that Wilson
Intends to builel that roael. He's been
quiet and pretending Indifference for
two reasons—first to bring us to closer
tonus, and next to secure more lnnd.
Then they all went to Uud Bishop to
tell him the news.
"I've dropped onto a little news."
Jest like lie wanted to kiss nie, he was
■ 6i> happy.    Now, wouldn't It be fine lf
tbi>y wns to get inurrlcd? He's the
. nicest mnn in the stnte and the best
; catch,"
"Oh, mother," said Alnn, "you don't
: understand.   Rayburn Miller Is"—
"Well, Adele will know bow to mill)-
' nge him," broke In the old lndy, too full
of tier view of the romance to barken
. to his.    "She ain't no fool, son.   She'll
twist him around Iut linger if she
I wants to. She's pretty nnd stylish nnd
! us Sharp as a brier.   Ab, he's jest seen
it ull nud wuiits ber.    You enn't fool
me!  I know how people act when they
nre In love. I've seen hundreds, nnd 1
! never snw a worse cuse on both sides
thnn this is."
Going around to the stables to see
- Hint his horses were' properly attended
to, Alnn met his uncle leaning over the
I mil   fence  looking  admiringly  nt  a
young colt that wus prancing around
the lot.
|    "Christmas gil't." snld  the old ninn
I suddenly.    "I ketcbed you  that time
shore |Hip."
I    "Y'es, you got nbead of me," Alun admitted.
The old man came nearer to him,
nodding his bend towiird the house,
i "Heerd the news?" he nsked, with a
broad grin of delight
"Whnt news Is that?" Alun nsked elu-
i     "Young Miss"—a  name given Adele
( by   the  negioes  und   sometimes  used
; Jestingly by Ihe family-"Young Miss
' has knocked the props clean from under
Alan frowned and hung his bend for
a niomenl; then he snld:
"I'n.lo Ab, do you   remember whnt
I told you ubout Miller's opinion of love
und women In generalV"
I    The old inan saw his drift und burst
Into n full, round laugh.
I    "1  know you told  nie whnt ho suid
nbout love nu' Women In general, but I
don't know ns you snid whul bethought
about wii'iiien in particular.   This beer's
u particular cuse.   I tell you she's fixed
'im.   Yore little sis hns donri (he most
complete Job out o' tough material I
ever Inspected. He's a gone coon; he'll
j never  make nnother  brag;  he's  tied
bund an' foot."
Alun looked straight Into his uncle's
eyes, A light was breaking on him.
| "Uncle Ab," he suid, "do you think lie
Is— renlly In love with her?"
"Ef he ain't nn' don't nx yore pn an'
, mu  fer 'cr before a inonlb's gone, I'll
I deed you my farm.   Now. look heer.   A
feller knows  his own  slater  lei .in   he
does anybody I'lsc; that's beea'se you
1 never have thought oT Allele I'olh riu' in
the trail of womankind. You'll hale
| fer u  brother ei'  Unit  town gal  In  be
rnlsln' Kund about you, wouldn't you?
Well, you go right on un' let tliein two
kill the'r own nils."
Alun nnd his uncle were reluming to
the bouse when I'ole linker ilisiiioiuilcd
ut the front gate uud came into (hi
T wns a cold, dry day about
the middle of January. They
were killing hogs ut the furm.
Seven or eight uegroes, men
women, had gathered from all
about in the neighborhood to assist In
tbe work and get the parts of the meat
usually given nwuy In payment for.
such services.
Aimer Daniel and old man Bishop
were superintending those preparations
when Alun came from the house to say
that Rayburn Miller hnd just ridden
out to see them on business. "1 think
It's the railroad," Alun informed his
father, who always displayed signs of
nlmost childish excitement when the
subject nunc up. They found Miller in
the parlOr being Birtej'talned by Adele,
who Immediately left the room on their
arrival. They all sat down before the
cheerful tbi'. Miller showed certain
signs of emliari'ussment ut first, but
gradually threw them off and got down
to the mntter lu bund quite with his
olllce manner.
"I've got u proposition to make to
you. Mr. Bishop." he opened up, with
n slight Hush on his fnce. "I've been
milking some inquiries nbout Wilson,
nnd 1 am more and more convinced
that he intends to freeze us out—or
you, rather—by holding off till you are
obliged to sell yonr property for u much
lower figure thnn you now nsk him for
"Y'ou think so?" grunted Bishop, pulling u long fnce.
"Yes. But what I now wnnt to do Is
to show bim Indirectly that we are Independent of him."
"Hub!" ejaculated Bishop, even more
dejectedly.  "Huh! I say!"
Alan was looking nt Miller eagerly,
as lf trying to divine the point he was
about to make.   "I must confess," he
I smiled, "that I can't well see how we
can show Independence right now."
"Well, 1 think 1 see n way," said Mil-
i ler, the Hush stealing over Ills fuce
j again. "You see, there Is no doubt thut
1 Wilson Is ou his high horse simply be-
I cause he thinks he could cull ou you
! for that $2,1,000 and put you to some
trouble raising it without—without, I
! sny, throwing your land ou the market
I I can't bin me him," Miller went on,
: Shilling, "for It's only whnt any busl-
[ ness mnn woulel do who is out for
i profit, but we must not kuuckle to
"Huh. huh!" Bishop grunted'In deeper despondency.
"How do you propose to get around
the knuckling process?" nsked Alan,
who hud en light the depression Influencing his parent
i_'0 HI- CONTlHU-tD.l
Of Coiu'ie Not.
"Marriage," remarked the moraltzer,
"ls a lottery."
"Yes," rejoined the demoralizer, "but
It's one of the games of chance that
clergymen do not try to discourage."
SnikK. Ic- ;„   AIflNl.ll.
Neither frogs nor snakes-live In Alaska, but toads nre frequently to be met
witb, '
Aptly   ll.-K.-l llx',1.
"I have been courting her for two
yours," snld tbo disconsolate one, "and
I am certain Unit she will refuse me
when I propose."
"Ah,  that is  Interesting,!'  said the
ainatejj^piiotographer, "u sort of uude-
eloneej negative."
: ™       .To be dull iuiieil.) MOUNT PLEASANT  ADVOCATE.
Inatnn.ra Sho—'Ina How It Has Made
Well Men Sick.
The domination of Imagination over
the normal exercise of the faculties Is
no new Idea. Samuel Rogers suffered
from a violent cold from the effects of
what he believed to be an open window at his back, which in reality was
closed. An lrstanee of this known tc
the medical faculty Is more Strang.
still. Two men stayed at a house lu
which an Inmate had died of cholera
One man placed In the room In which
the patient hud died was In ignorance
of what had occurred. He slept well
and was no worse. The other, wrongly told that the room In which be slept
was that In which the cholera patient
had died, spent a night of mental
agony and In the morning wus actual
ly found to be suffering from this complaint.   He died of ebolera.
A similar Instance was mentioned
tbe otber day by u friend of tho writer. Two London men stayed in the
country nt a bouse where scarlet fever
was reported. One, an unlniaglnative,
healthy minded fellow, awoke all right
In the morning. The other, a nervous,
sensitive man, was very III—had not
slept and had broken out Into a terrible rash which botli declared to he
scarlet fever. A wire to a London
medical man was dispatched, uud by
the first train he hurried down. The
supposed fever patient proved to have
no fever at all beyond an Imaginary
one. As a fact, there was no scarlet
fever tn the bouse, the case hud beeu
wrongly dlngnoscd, and the frightened
Visitor bnd tortured himself Into a violent rash, all without cause.—St James
An American  (liu,,,- With No llneer-
talnty an to 11m Origin.
Basket bull as a recreative game Is
unique In Its origin for two reasons.'
First, lt ls our one positively sure,
borne American production; secondly,
the name, date and place of its authorship lire exactly known. Bask;*
ball was born in the year 1S01 at
Springfield, Mass., and Its author was
James Naismlth. The story is short
enough to be Interesting. In thnt town
IB a training school connected with
the Young Men's Christian association and of course professors, among
them a professor of psychology, who
ls paid to teach the young Ideas how
to think effectively. In one of his lectures be called attention to certain conditions upon which tlie brain could
with advantage he exercised and challenged his class to supply the requirements to meet them, Tho conditions
were the invention of a new game
which could be played Indoors In n
limited urea by a defined and unalterable number of contestants and adaptable to both sexes. Upon thla hypothesis oue .of his pupils, James Nat-
smith, the same night evolved basket
ball. It was put into practice the next
day experimentally and found to meet
the conditions nnd limitations laid
down by the professor admirably. But
it had more than an academic value,
as Its spread ns one of our most appreciated   pastimes  attests.
Foollnar the Colonel.
I doubt lf the pranks of the present
day subaltern nre as plucklsh ns those
of bis predecessors. I can remember
a story thnt went the rounds some
years ago of a daring junior of the
Grenadier guards who chaffed bis colonel In a fashion that would not be
tolerated today. -But the colonel was
not disposed to deal leniently with
him. He kept unusually late, or rather
early, hours, so one day an early parade was ordered unexpectedly, und
Ave minutes before the hour the colonel rode past the culprit's quarters.
Cheerfully unconscious of impending
doom, the latter leaned out of his bedroom window In the niry garments of
sleep to say good morning. The colonel chuckled and rode on, but to his
surprise at the stroke of time the subaltern stepped out on parade fully
dressed und all In order. He knew of
the trap and hud donned the looser
garment over his uniform to take a
rise out of his superior.—London Tat-
Where Wives Are Pawned,
They have a curious wuy of utilizing
Wives und daughters In snme putts of
Indtu. If a man wnnts money he puts
these members of his establishment in
pkwn, and his creditor detains thein
until the debt Is discharged. Tho custom varies In different localities. In
Nellore the Yercalls pledge their
daughters to creditors, who may either
marry them or give them away, and
a mun who hns to go to Jnll deposits
his wife with another mnn of her tribe
Until his return. In North Arcot unmarried daughters are frequently
mortgaged and become the absolute
property of the mortgagee until liquidation.
AJ Story of Storey.
An English paper tells u little anecdote of the distinguished painter Storey In hia capacity of teacher of perspective at the Koyal academy: On one
occasion Mr. Storey accepted an Invitation to dine with the wealthy—and
rhlllstlne—father of one of his pupils.
Over the undeniable port the by no
means doting parent Inquired how his
son was getting on, nnd, although the
kindliest of men, Mr. Storey could not
bring himself to say much that was
favorable. "Humph!" grunted the man
of money. "Well, I hope he will turn
out an artist, for I am quite sure he's
not fit to be anything else."
I You can't cure a cough or cold
from the outside. You must
cure it through the blood.
Cure EnlcLuns
is the only remedy that will do this.
It gets right to the root of the
trouble.   It is guaranteed to cure.
Prices: S. C. Wells & Co." si_
-5c._0c.tl.   LcRoy, N.Y.. Toronto, Can.
Outfits supplied for newspaper
and job offices on a day's notice.
No plant too large for us to fi jure
on, and none too small to merit our
closest attention. Prompt service
I.e'-llher wusle. which nsid to be'
thrown nwny, Is now compressed,
und makes nu excc.llen. substitute for
iron when it. Is converted into cogwheels.
Thero Is more- Catarrh In (his sertlon of the
minli'y than till other Ulaf-ruic. put tofrpther,
tml until tin.- Inst tew years was nuppow .1 to be
Incurable'. For n great many years doctnra pro-
noiilK-.il It n loral ill-ease una pi-i-ne-rlls-il local
rem-ales, unil by constantly (alllnr; to rare with
lotnl treatment, (ironounced It Incurable-. Silence has proven catarrh to be n conslHut onal
disease anil therefore reeinlres constitutional
treatment. Hall's Calai-ih Citu, nianuractured
by P .( Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio, ls the only
constitutional cure on the market. It Is talien
Internally In doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful It acta directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. They offer One Hundred Dollars for any caso tt falls to ouro. Sena
for circulars ond testimonials.    AdOrcM
F. J. CHENftY & CO., Tolede. O.
Sold by all drupirlsts, 76c.
H«ll'» Fatally fills are the beat-
3-OCom'o.tive engineers, on 'he run
from Crews to London, a distance ol
i6n miles, huve in notice in (c-woi;
thnn 285 signals.
There never was and nvvvr uill ■<- a
universal natiacea. In one remedy, for all
ills tu which Qesh is heir— llie very nature of tnuiiv curfattvea heilu. such Hint
were 1 he germs ol other unil dirlereiith
senteil disease rooted in Hie system 01
Hit- mitii-iii—uhiii would relieve one II
iu turn would agirravate tlie other. Wi
huve.     however,     in  Quinine Wine,  when
uhl iiiimble  in  snuml    iiiin'liilt.einletl   slute
11 remedy tor many nml grievous ills R?
ils -Tiitlunl mill judicious use Ihe frailest
systems are let! into convalescent.-!' iinii
Strength hv Hie influence which Quinine
exerts on nature's own restui-nlives. H
relieves the uroorittig Bplrlts uf tlwjse
wilii whom -a chronic stale uf morbid
despondency ami lurk of Interest in lif__
is n effsease. nne-l hv trailQUili-ine tie'
nerves, disposes to suiinil anil i-efi-eshiin
sleeli—impui-ts  vigor  to   the itClion  of  thf
hlooil. which, being Stimulated*' course
threutrh llie veins. streifRthenlng tin
healthy animal (unctions of ihe system
thereby iiinkimr activity n nc-essarv re
suit, st rencl heniinr the friiine and p-ivlni
lll'e   to  tin' iliirestivo organs,   which  niitu
rnllv demand Incressd substance—r_sul1
Improved appetite. Niii-Hiron & Lyman
uf Toronto, have giVen lu the nuhln
their Superior Quinine Wine at the usun
rate. and. gauged liy the opinions o
scientists, the wine approaches hearee'
pell.-ct lull       nf     nlty    111   tile   Inillket,        Ah
h-lleuii-ts   sell   It.
A    ll'i.V
shoe   fuel.
llis linger
llis father
diet  wus
employed iu bis fa flier's
ry, in Salem, Muss.. lusl
in ;i machine. lie sited
inr (laiuagesj and ihc ver-
n  his  Savor'.
('.  ('.  HICIIAItnS &  I'd.
Dear Sirs,- For some ueurs I have
hnd only purl lal use of my i em,
caused   by u   sudden strain.     I  buvi
used every  r ctl.v  without effect, nn
Iii I got n si-inplo bottle of M.N-
AUIi'K LINIMENT. Tlio l.qnoht I received prom it caused me to continue
ils use and now I tun happy lu sny
my arm is completely restored,
(llnmis,  (ml.    li.  W, ll.VHlliSoN.
A fiill-tii-own whole weighs one hlill-
ib-cil inn-;, few whales exceed seventy
feet in lengtlt..
Lever's    V-'/,    (Wise    Iliad)   Dlshlfnetsnl
Soap Powder dusted in the bath, Boltons
Ihe  wilier nml disinfects. US
Ct-ciil Britain is the greatest market ill Ihc world leu- aulotnobil-'S, 11!
which lasl year 3,500 In ihc value ni
£1,046,000 wore imported; while the
numbers for the llrst nine months 01
this year had risen to 4,330. valued
til   £1,000,000.
Presents  In Japan.
The foreigner should beware of making presents to any Japanese girl unless he ls bent upon matrimony. To
present her with any sort of a gift,
even though lt be only a posy, will be
regarded as a proposal of marriage,,
and to accept the present, though not
1 a word of love or matrimony be puss-
ed, Is a sign tbat she accepts you. Gal-,
» hint Americans have got- inlo serious
trouble and found It necessary lo leave
the country at night to escape a binding engagement which Ihey thoughtlessly Incurred by giving to a maideu
some Iriilu.
If your blood is thin and Impure, you are miserable all the
time. It is pure, rich blood
that invigorates, strengthens,
refreshes. You certainly know
the medicine that brings good
health to the horns, the only
medicine tested and tried for
60 years. A doctor's medicine.
"I owe my life, without doubt, to Ayer'i
SnrnrtparniH. It la the most wonderful medicine In the world for nervoiirincsfl. My cure ff
t-ermanrtiir, and I cannot tlianlt you enough."
Miifl. Delia MoW*i.L, Newark, N. J.
gl.00 a bottle. J- 0- ATStt CO.
All (Iriuf.:lst3. *«-_. l_we_<___ Mass,
Poor Health
Only Known Creuturc Thut 1-luts the
Follllffe ut Ihe  Hemlock.
"You don't have to skirmish around
mjch to tret feed to fatten one of these
hemlock porcupines on," snys an old
woodsman. "Just sprinkle some salt
over u stick of cordwood or snw log for
thnt matter, and he'll eat the whole
business and enjoy It as you would
mince pie." The customary diet of
these animals is hemlock browse. They
mnke themselves a home in a hollow
log or under the roots of some old tree,
but always within reach of a big hemlock.
The Hemlock is their pasture, and
they make beaten paths golnt; to and
fro between the tree anil their home.
Once up In a tree the porcupine goes
out on the big limbs and. pulling the
small branches In with one paw,
browses on tlie pungent leaves. In go-
Inj; through the woods you will Hnd
little piles of these line leaves on the
ground* under hemlock trees. Thut
menus that n porcupine is feeding in
the tree, the leaves on the ground being dropped from bis foust.
Sometimes a porcupine will remain
in a hemlock tree for 0 week ut a time,
hugging close tn the trunk nt night
and feeding during the dny. This curious little beust is the only known living thing thut cuts the foliage of the
He   Pins   His   Faith   to   Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
l'liiees to Avoid  When the I.lffhtnlntf
In   l-'l.;-.lii,i,--.
Out of doors trees should be avoided
In a thunderstorm, and if from tlie rapidity Willi wbicli the explosion fol
lows the Hush it is evident Hint ele'C'
trie' clouds are neur at band 11 rei-iun-
bent posture Is the safest. - It Is seldom
dangerous to take shelter under sheds,
carts or low buildings or under the
arch of a bridge', and a distance of
twenty or thirty feet from tall trees or
houses is an eligible situation, for
should n discharge tuke place these
elevated bodies are most likely to receive It.
It Is well also to avoid wnter, for lt
Is it good conductor, and the height of
n human being near tlie stream mny
determine the direction of 11 discharge.
Within doors wo are tolerably safe in
Hie middle of a enrpeted room or when
stundlng on a thick hearth rug. The
chimney should be avoided on account
of tlie conducting power of tlie carbon
deposited in it, and gilt moldings or
bell wires are sources of risk. In bed
we nre tolerably sufe. since blankets
and feathers are bad conductors.
It is injudicious to take refuge In a
cellar, because tbe discharge is often
from the earth to a cloud, and buildings frequently sustain the greatest
Injury in their basements.
They Made Him Strong nnd Well After
Year, or intense Suffering fi-uni i.uni-
bago and Other Kidney Troubles.
North Pelhani, Ont., Apr. il — (Special)— Mr. Joseph L. Thomas,   a substantial farmer of Pelhnm Township,
, well    known    and    highly    respected
, throughout   this    peiyhborhouel,    hat,
j joined the ranks of th.i (treat aririy 01
. Canadians   who   pin   their   faith   te'
[ Dodd's    Kidney    l'ills.      Mr. 'i'homns
gives his reasons for doing- so as fol-
| lows :
! "For several years I was sorely afflicted with Kidney Trouble, having
many of its worst symptoms In tin
aggravated degree. 1 hud Lumbago
and was in such a condition that. I
wus unlit for anything (or weeks at a
"Insomnia resulted und I was an
intense sufferer. 1 hud almost a perpetual headache and grew thin in
"I had been treated by a doctor
without good results, so upon the recommendation of a cousin, who bad
been saved from a lifo of misery by
Dodd's Kidney Pills, I began taking
"The llrst box gave mc decided
benefit, and alter taking flvo boxes
tho old trouble was a thing of the
past, and I was again iu every way
strong and well."
Ask those who have used them if
they ever heard of a case of Kidney
Disease Dodd's Kidney Pilla would
not cure.
-neleKtru-tfhlo, Handsome, Perfect.     Only 25 cent- per running foot.
J bnpplled by ne or local dealer.
PAGE   'WIRE   FENCE   CO.    Limit-d.
Walkervilla. Montreal, Winnipeg, St. Jobs
I'l-iiviisl Kennedy, yf I'mtick, is u
mun of ambitious se-henies. The luwi
council resolved to spend Ibe sum n
4.K0 em miii-.ie-. in the parks, und the
provost guve il. us bis opinion 'bal
before spending inure money or, music
hey sbemld llrst teach Ihe people bow
to listen lo it. l'm-lick always die'
aspire to a leadership.
It Cures All Creecla.-_.er. are a tew
names ot clergymen of diflerant creed,
who are firm bolieverp in Dr. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powder to "live up to th.
preaching" in all that lt claim., liishop
Sweatman, Rev. Ur. Langtry (Episcopalian); Rev. Dr. Wlthrow and Rev. Dr.
Chambers (Methndtitt); and Dr. Newman,
all of Toronto, Canada. Copies of their
persona] letters for the asking. fiO ct..
Arreste-d fen- being drunk, .lonici-
Stuart, a tailor, of Liverpool, sliip-
|h<1 himself and lore bis clothes to
shreds. Next day he appeured bci'ori
the magistrate in his shirt, which he
draped like a toga. He said that, be
was of the Stuart clan, and e>b*,ec.teel
lo mere policemen handling hint. He
wus sini. to prison for 'fourteen dnys.
Wonderful Provision of IVntnre Sty
Which Thoy Are Mude.
A marvelous phase of bee lifo Is the
power wbicli they possess to raise
Queens, or mother bees, from egga or
very young brood that would in the
ordinary course produce workers,
which are neuters, or undeveloped females.
If by any chance a queen Is killed or
lost tlie whole colony would perish
were it not for this woiuli'rful provision of'nature. Much perturbed ut
first ut their loss, the bees nfter some
hours settle down nnd deliberately
build a pear shaped structure known
ns a queen cell. This Is much larger
than nn ordinary cell, rough, irregular and strong.
In this tlie selected eggs, or larvie.
are lavishly supplied with "royal jolly," wbicli is highly stimulative and
In which the baby queen literally floats
during her period of growth. The result is that certain organs and ova-
rii'S which remain dormant in a worker bee are perfected, and the new
queen hatches out In about fifteen
dnys, or six days sooner than tho
Workers.—London Answers.
Ye*rFaith Wanted
30 Minutes
We'j/,vill positively cure you of nervousness,* slecplessnei-s, indigestion nml l'i-nH
diseifte, if you will only have s'lllleienl
faith to tuke one dose of pr. AgneiV*
lleurt Cure. 'Ihe bene-lit you cftn dt-rlvl
from its use will surprise uii'l' tk-llgh:
you. This reiueily is llie greatest aijenl
thut luedit-al science hns discovered fol
weak hearts, weak blood, ueuk nerves
A few doses will positively convince you
To believe in this Instance means health
to you. It, will relieve every form o
heart disease in .'id minutes. It Rinmgtji.
ens the nerves'by feeding ihi'in lln.iugl-
the heart. Por snip by nil doalcrs. ay
Dr. Agnew's Ointment cures t-i zenn, 35;.
The ice-cutters on the Hudson
River have discovered microbe's in
ice blocks. This is a sure sign thai
dealers intend lo uilvunco t-bo 1 rie-c
of their commodity next summer.
HenelilrcHKcn  In   ..frle-ii.
The married women and the men of
the upper Mobungl wear their linir
long and in braids, which nre profusely adorned witb colored beads woven
In and out among the locks. This coiffure excites the nstonlsbnient of all
travelers who see It. Coquetry is tha
privilege of tbe sex under the tropics
us well as hi civilized hinds, nnd the
Women are very proud of their heart-
dresses. The arrangement of tb.'»
hair requires a number of days, i.:id
while it Is In progress or wben they
fear that it will be disarranged they
cover the hnlr with it finely woven net
of wood fiber. Ivory needles handsomely carved keep tlie arrangement
In position aud give it a truly artistic
Curious  I.cruI   CtiNtom.
A curious custom Is in vogue In
many parts of India. If a dispute
arises between two land wners two
holes are ig close together, In each
of which ..jfeudtint's and plaintiff's
lawyers have to place a leg. They
have to remain thus until either one
of them is exhausted or complains of
being bitten liy Insects, when he Is
fudged to be defeuted and his employer
loses his case.
IT   lis   AN   Kl.lXlli ill' LIFE,
rorgotten    tliue,    1111*11   liuvo  heon
for    the   IT.llxIl-   of   Life,   wliich   tr
snys once existed.     Dr. Thomas'  1'
oil   Is  au   l-'.lixir,   before   which   pr,
iidI.  live.     It  is  uinili;  up  of six e-
oils, carefully hlcnde-d so that Hiei
live   properties   aiv   eotievnlntteil
it  has no equal  in tut* treatment
Lingo,   rlit'lltiiulisiu,   und. nil   hiidily
, iil.ial
cu ra-
I There wus an exciting incideul at
Ihe launch of th'l nlidhilitl I'lillv.ny
Company's steamer. Antrim mt tb'
Clyde recently. As the Antrim iimtih
eel the fairway She Was swept b.v I be
winil und tide towards u 'urge Cun:
ardor on the adjoining slocks. Bev*
erul of the uprights un Ibe I'liiiuid's
stern was knocked uway, nnd el.ans
ter wa*- only averted b.v Cite iirnnipl
assistance of lugs. Tbo Antrim wiis
practically undamaged.
"They     Sell    Well"    my$ DrngRli
O'Dell ol Truro. N.S. Want uny bolter
evidence of the real merit nf l)r.- Vou
Stan's I'inenpplo Tubl.ts as u cure foi
all form, of stimiuch trouble than thai
they're in such great dcm,aun t Net u
nauseous dose that makes one's ver) itt-
sides leliol— but pleasant. rHIttk nml hiiiin
less—a tiny tablet to curry In your pocket.    »5 cents.—104
A plump beauty boars the name oi
Lydia Wk'ilolintin, and ber i.-shli no
is Calumet,, Mich. She is only 15
yCurs old, yet she' weighs J65 pounds.
Miiiard's Linimenl Relieve. Neuralgia.
The    great,     lives     huve   all
something greater ihan  life.
HI.  Itesolve.
She—I nm going to give you back
our engagement ring. 1 can never
marry you; I love another. He—Give
me his name anil address. She—Do
you want to kill him? He—No; I want
to try to sell hini the ring.
Laxative doses of Ayer's Pills each
night greatly aid the Sarsaparilla.
She—Hut if you say you enn't benr
Hie girl, why ever did you propose?
He—Well, her people have u|wnys been
iwfnlly good to Inc. nnd it's the only
way I could return their hospitality —
A CUBE POR Itllll'MATISM.- The in
truslon of uric mid Into the blood vessel
is u fruitbil e'uuso uf rheum ilie pnlns
This Irregularity is owing to a deranged
and unhealthy conilllioji of (he liver
Anyone subject lo this painful effc '. i"ti
will lind a remedy in Parmolaois Vegetable l'ills. Their action uootl the k"i
ne.vs Is pronounced nnd most be
anil b.v restoring healthy actio
correct   Impurities  in   the  blood.
tT.ll.htc.-,ill,     IV,miry     Killot     Against
Tobacco Cheating.
In the code of laws passed by the
towns of Windsor, Hurtford aud Wetb-
ersfleld In tbe years 17S8-30 may be
found the following on tobacco chewing:
"Forasmuch as It ls observed that
many abuses nre crept In and commit
ted by the frequent taking of tobacko.
It Is ordered by the authority of Ibis
court tbat no person under the age of
twenty-one years nor any other thai
hath not already accustomed blmselfe
to the use thereof shall take any tobacko until hee hnth bought a certificate"
under tlie hands of some one wbo arc
approved for knowledge aud skill In
physlcks tbat It Is useful for him and
also thut bee hnlli received a lycense
from the courts for the same.
"And for tbe regulating of those who
either by thelre former taking It have,
to thelre apprehensions, made It necessary to them or upon dim advice nre
persuaded to the use thereof, It Is ordered that no man within this colooye
after the publication hereof shnll take
any tobacko publlqtiely In the street*
highways or any barnyards or upon
training days, In any open places, uu-
deir the penalty of sixpence for each
offense against this order in uny of the
particulars thereof, to bee paid without
gainsaying, uppon conviction by tlie
testimony of one witness—that Is, without Just exception—before any one magistrate.
"And the constables In the several
towns are required to make presentment to each particular court of such
as they do understand and can convict
to be transgressors of thia order."
Plenty of Advice For Brides, bat Hot
a Word For tha Men.
A thoughtful young man of Washington was heard to decry the other
day the fact that, while there ls a deluge of "don't" and "do" for the bride
to follow, the bridegroom must shift
for himself.
"There ls absolutely nothing to guide
a man but his own awkward self. It
Isn't fair," he said. "From the time
a girl ls old enough tu detect sound
she understands the Importance of
having things done properly at n wedding, while the prospective groom Is
only something necessary to complete
the picture. Nothing short of Inspiration can get a man through a marriage ceremony gracefully.
"In order to Impress the bride and
spectators that ho ls enthusiastic about
lt be appears with a sort of frozen grin
on his face thut you expect to melt at
any moment and run down bis collar, lf he Is too frightened to respond
In a loud voice some of the bride's girl
friends will whisper tbat 'It was plainly evident he wns unwilling from the
start.' Again, if be replies in a loud,
stern voice another bunch in another
direction of the church will huddle together and express bow glad tbey are
that tbey aro not marrying him, whilo
tho attitude of many ls tbat tbey ure
signing away tbelr life and all worth
living for. So I, for one, think lt high
time that somebody wrote a few bints
on how to behave, that we men mny
appear enthusiastic about being married without being ridiculous."
mendatlon  thai
the   only   recoin-
?s in   tiottven.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
A horse with a mane eighteen tret
long is in Ibe possession of OooTRC
o. '/.ilgift. of Inglewoofl, Cal. The
mass of hair is so heavy lhat. when
braided, tho upper part of Iho luuid
is six  inches In diameter.
Disappointment is not   a sullicieiil
ensim  fur  discoum Jernent..
More thar. half the battle In
cleaning greasy dishes is in the
soap you use. If it's Sunlight Soap
it's the best. «b
There is more hi being worthy of
great place than thoro is in winning
Holiness is ihe reaching allot- rather I ban the arriving ai perfection.
When n man sots popularity before
his eye's he Ih likely to let principle
jut of his heurl.
Ancient Jetrclers' Association.
Birmingham Jewelers have been
fumed since the mldiilo of the. ifven-
teenth century. When Charles 11.
brought with him to England the
French fashion of weariug metallic
ornaments Birmingham at once took
the lead In supplying them, and tbe
city then commenced a career of prosperity which has never save for brief
periods suffered abatement. Even
Southcy, who could scarcely find sufficiently censorious language to describe
Birmingham, allowed that It "excelled
every other place In tho world for
watch chains, necklaces, bracelets, buttons, buckles and snuffboxes," though,
he said, "they were dearly purchased
at the expenso of health and morality."—Loudon Chronicle.
The Jury'a Vcrellot.
An English coroner hnd directed the
Jury In a suicide caso lo find a verdict
of felo de so. "Well, chaps," snld llie
foreman of the Jury when tbey had retired to consider the verdict, "it appears to me tbat this 'ere chnp shot
'isself wltb a gun after Bhoollu' another chap with a gun, but Dr. Jones,
the coroner, wbo we all know and
'Ighly respect, 'e says tbat Ibis 'ere
chap fell In the Boa. Well, It ain't for
Ihe likes of us to go iirguiu' the point
wilh the doctor, for 'e knows more
about It than we do. 8o, I propose we
lind n verdict of found-drowned"—anil
ihey did.       	
Drowning** Mnld.
Browning had a maid In his service
who hail a gift 'for Buying quaint
tilings. When the poet wns going to
pay the last mark of respect to George
H'Miry Lewes, she said she "didn't Bee
the good of catching cold at other people's funerals." Am! once, wben he
was away ou u holiday nnd n Journal-
1st enmo to the door to Inquire If It
was true that the poet wus dead, she
Indignantly answered, "1 have not
heard so, nnd I tun sure my muster ls
not the kind of a mini lo do such u
thing without letting us know."
India's  Varied  Cuckoo..
In 'he matter of cuckoos India can
give points to Hie British isles. The
good folk nt homo see only one species
of cuckoo, nnd that spends less thnn
half lis time on the British shores; we
In India, on the other band, can boast
of an avifauna in which tho Biib-
famlly cueullua. Is represented by no
fewer    than    thirty    species.-
The man who is ali'rtld of linr
up his wick nood not hope t.-ii.i.
nn ihe World,
"I hail ju-tt the lovelieH lirend from my baaing with your ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR;
it couldn't hnve beeu uicer-as wtiitc imii light
aud sweat a_t anyone could wish for."
T_ae above is an excerpt from a letter received from a user of
We've got lots of somewhat simila" communications.
We'd like very much to have you try this Flour, and write
us yourself, stating what YOU Ihink of it.
Every user becomes a most valuable advertiser in some
manner; perhaps only by telling friends of the results obtained
Your Grocer keeps it or will get it for you.
Are   You    Building ?      If   »o,   u*«»
"Tho  Best  Building Paper Made.
It is very much stn>n<.er nnd thicker than nny other (tarred or bufld-
Inp) pupcr. I> is im;ifi"vions lo Wind, keepH out cold, keens iji heat, carries no smell or odor, ahsorba no moisture, iiuiiarts no tiiMe or (lavor to •
an.vthinp with which it comes in contact. It is largely used not only for
sheeting houses, hut fur lining cold storage buildings, refrigerators, dairies, creameries, (ind all plares where the ohject is to keen »n even aud
uniform  temperature,   and   nt  the  same  time avoiding dampness.
Write our Agents. TEES A PERSSE, Winnipeg, for samples.
The E. B. EDOY CO., Limited,  HULL.
Se,   I p. •■ - - hi;<-!,!nl.
May—.Iniic IipIhivcb like mi old married woman iilivmly.
Miiml--Wliy. you enn't get lier to go
anywhere Without him.
Xiiiy—No. Hut sin- ean <•:>!! him up
without kis--iiiK the phone—New Yni'l;
1-prtT Sapornlltlunii.
KngliRh nnd Irish mothers tell theh
childi*'". to push their spoons tliroiii.ll
the bottom of eembellB nfter finishing their me'iil "or e'lso tlie wlti'lies will
mnke bouts of thi'in." In Prance n
similar custom prevails, but ihe reason assigned is that the magicians for
uierly usefl eggshells in concocting
their diabolical witcheries.
'I'll,. CeellC'K,. -hill.
Kecords prove that the college man
ut thirty is fur lu advance of the man
■jf the same age who ijutered hy the
apprentice door. HVcU at thirty It Is
shown Unit four years spent at college
acre not wasted and that lie really ac-
inii'ed the ability to learn how to do
Brush & G°>l
A   Hleiiilnll.
Mrs. Neivrlch (In art store)—I'd take
i his picture, but some person has been
scribbling on it. Snlusuinn-But, mail-
.un, that is the artist's signature. Mrs.
N'ewrlcb- Well, lie's got his nerve.
Still, I guess you e-ould scratch It out.
i-olllelu't you.
\n albino ele'e-r. with 11 e'Ojil ns
while as snow unel eyefl .1 delicate
pink, was recently kilh-ei in ill. (nn
von Mountains of snutliern Oregon.
11   wns   "i"'   of  'hi'  vory  fpw albino
deer uver 6 i  in   ihe   mountains ol
Iho West.
Whan Baby Had Scald Head
Wii en Mothor Had Salt Rheum
When Father  Had Piles.m. .««
nenv'8 Ointment guvs Uio nulck,.-st it-ll.l
and wrest euro Those aro i;eius of (i-uih
plckod 11 ,»iii leotliiiony urhlch Ih glvso
ovory iluy lo thli greatest ol healors. Il
tins never hoot] nieitcheHl In (tii'utlvo qunl
iies in Kiv.L'nm. Totter, Piles, fie.. lib
The Best Family Medicine.
The best, surest, safest and
most reliable remedy for all
Liver, Stomach and Bowel
troubles. You will save doc-
tot's bills, sickness and suffering if you always have and use
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
In ihe Royal  Aquarium ol Si    I'.-i
ersbui'H   -hero'nro Sovural  carp   thai
nro known  lo i"- more thnn six In.ii-
ili-id   years   old.    It  has baen asror-
tnineil in   sovcral   cases  ili.it  whales
live   10    I Net-    two    huneh»,.'l   \euis
Trees whoso roots aro ol tho sniuo
length unel llbe-r eh) nol Lhl'lvo iiswill
as ilnise which aro unormal iln.\ ele
volop heiti'i- when their foots reach
for iiutnmi'jii in differ oh I struts or
depths  nf thi'~curlh.
Only     Ihe    sell'l-i.-tlteieel      nre?
satis''- -'
IflnanTs Liniment for sale everywhere.
The doors  of  truth  open  only    li
Iho tiui'.
__jt.ar.f- Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Words   are   hoi   things    thul     l'"111
li i.iiiv !"■ only H iiiilinu  I. hut  ne-
,.l,.,-i   It  and   it  «iii   fnoton   Os  ii">~"  '"
Soui- lungs, i  you will noon .!•» ce-rrtod
,o in loiiiin.'iv  gntvo.     I"  this """t'.y
«,- hnvo .uilele-n chaniroo and iiiuol  exp*!
,„  have rough!  lolelo        Vo cannot
nvolel  them   hul   wo i«" ''H''rl   " ""'" ".v
using   Ittcltlc'B   Antl-Uonouroptlve   Byrups
,l„. m-llrlno thul   has never I i known
lo (uii in i-uvli lughs. coins, lo ; m-
„,„l   „n   artectlons   "I   tho   thro.it,   lungs
nml chest.
Tho rtlvor Til  hi Spain, hiudons
nnd solidities ih.- sand ol its bwl.   If
„   sli    fulls   in   tho   stream   ond
TKNT1MON1AI. from the I.atc .Sill SAMUEL BAKKR, thu fu.iioufl N.Im Kxplorer:
"Newton Abbot. Devon. Dnnr Sirs—I
hnve delay eg my ilmnka u* I winheii to
tu.-u Uie effect of Blhir'i PHIi l>y « ■ulll-
Cit'llt    uili'i'.nl    of   tiniu.
'.•'ur   ten   yours   i   Imil   niilTtfieil   rculely
Iron,   flout   nml   life  hiul   lost   its  utirnc-
iiii   QWing   to   the   uncertainly   of   lietallh
ml the sudden visitations of die enemy
hioh pri" ' ii.led me lor months, or weeks,
rrnrtlififi »•> the Virulence of the nllacVn
"llliilr's Tills have iriir.eiL'd mi InuntrtM
■i ut', ufl I no longer feur nn i itnrii oil
* For the last twenty months I hnve
tiecii comparatively free, us one or two
iitlempten visitations have 'teen in.med-
Jstelv stamped out hy the uBHiHtunr.e ot
Blair's 1'iiis
• I riiiv vnu'-«  (H.Knwl) Riiml   W   Tinker.*
I vii. ■'"  Rnne A   Co . Montreal end Toronto:  The  Hole  l>ruR  Oo.,  Winnipeg;  The
Mi,iim.   Hole &  Wynne Co . Winnipeg.
Your Liver
Is it acting well? Bowels
regular? Digestion good? If
not, remember Ayer's Pills.
The kind you have known all
VOUr life.        «■ o.trnoei..tawHmtm.
Want vour moustache or beard
a beautiful brownor rich black? Dm
.nm 0-, » a «"i a,""-, sawa.«. j.
'I'lie- he-art's protest   against   death
i   the promise of  life.
..( r
I hill
Sl l
nllKhts   upon   anol
Thai  which
innot   be
I months they unite and Is'iioiim om
Hi one Feb Cannot li^e in tri-si' v\.i
spepsiu    causes   derunB.monl   .ol   (lie
ells  sv-''-lli.  iiml  nervoUfl debility Ol-e'i'
lorori is lilfllcull io ileal with. There
„i„„v testimonials ns lo tho nlli-iny
nrnn'loo's  Vegetable l'ills In Ireetinn
disorder, showing thnt they never
io produce sood results     Hy (rlvlnu
ei lonO t" 111"' itifrOSUVe er-.r-HIS. they
ire   eipiililirilini   lo   the   ne-ive'   eelilre'H.
Your criticism of anoUier is >enir
vorell-t on yourself,
W   N   U
mmmmmtm M
- PJt.  Pleasant   Advocate.
f ^Eastablishe'd April 6,1 fcfl9.)
iVlRS. R. Whitney, Publisher
iy*t«_lOB : 2 5 2 5 Westminster avenue.
English rOsjoB—80 Float street,
London. ET'-'c.\ KugVand Whero a
fflloof "The Advocate" is kept for
'visitors.  "'
Tei. B1405.
■ Subscription SI a year   payable   in
*"' '      ■    Advance
i B cents a Copy.
JSTOtioeij.(3f Births, Marriages, and Deaths
Vs ^published freo of charge.
■Vancouver, B. C, June 18, 1904.
Vanconyer will observe Dominion
Day in good stylo. A capable Oouimit-
.. tee has taken the matter in hand and
,»te actively preparing to mako Jnly 1st,
,1904, a credit to the Terminal City.
.The Council has given $1000, nnd the
business mon nre .subscribing liberally
,to tlje.poniimqn.ptty fund.
Local Items.
An Interesting minor politieul is that
Hop- F L Carter-Cotton, who hns just
accepted tho presidency of the Executivo
Coupcil, will shortly assuuio the more
responsible office of Finance Minister,
in which he has had previous experience
as a member of the Bomlln ministry.
Hon. Captain Tntlow, rumor explaius,
il likely to forsake the Provincial for the
Dominion political oreua, opposing Mr.
R. G. Maophersou, M P., when ho
offers for re-election in Vancouver oity.
—"Progress," Victoria.
City Council.
The Conncil has  granted  $1,000 for
-Dominion Day Celebration.
Acting Mayor Grant nnd City Solici
tor Bnmmersly conferred with representatives of property owners and Mr.
jpuntzen re extension of tramline along
' Cordova' street, west; the proposition
was agreed to by the B. O. Electric
Railway Company, through the General
Manager, Mr. J. Bnntzon.
Commander     Sandeman— Admiral-
.was granted free use of City Hall for a
Concert to be given first week iu Jnly.
Alderman Dr." Brydone-Jack moved
.that on Jnne 20th, a Medical Health
Officer be appointed; oue thoroughly
mioljfled, to devote his entire time to
_the work at a salary of $2,500 per year
Oeventh avenue, botwecm Westminster avo
Uiie and Quebec Btrent.  SERVICES- at 11 a.m.,
. "tffij 7:30p.m.; Sunday School  at 2:30 p.m.
'itev. A. W.  McLeod, Pastor.   Kcsldcnco 489
Sixth avenue, ea^t.
Corner ol Nlnt    and Westminster avenues.
1.; Sunday
Kov. A. E.
a. •'•»,-
<.   <
SERVICES at 11 a. m., and  7 p
School and Bible Class 2:30 p.m.
llethcringtnii, B. A., B. P„ Pastor
Parsonage 123 Eleventh avenue, west.
,,'-__ Presbyterian.
Jnnotion of Westminster avenue and Wesl-
mlnster road. ■ SERVICES at 11 a. m., and
7:_- p. m ; Sunday. Bcliool at2:80 p. in. Rev.
Qeo. A. Wilson, B. A., Pustnr. Man-ic corner of
Sighti.;.ivcnuc nud Ontario street.   Tel. 1066.
m■"''..( £t..JMichael s, (Anglicauj.
"'j-A-JfiB-K Vtc't\tminster road and Prince Edward
«W»T 'SKUVICtSTat Ifn.ta.. and 7:3(1 p.m.,
Holy Communion Island Sit 'Sundays in each
W'.nlhaflef mormngprayer, 2d aud 4th Sini-
ejays ;vt 8"_C. ra. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
116*. 'fi. H. Wilson, Rector.
Ucctury 372 Thirteenth avenue, east.
Advent Christian  Chnrch   (not7th day Ad-
vuntlsts) corner Ninth avenue and  West-Bin'1
liter COfd,   Services 11 a.m., aud 7:30 p.m.,
- BilaeVay' School at 10 ii. m.    Yoiing  peoples'
'flocletyol Loyal Workers oi Christian Endeii-
vor meets every Sunday evening ut 6:4ii o'clocle.
■- f tayor-raeetlng Wedjesduy nigliUat .o'clock.
The British Columbia Railway Cow-
puny began delivering rails and ties nt
the. Sixteenth avenue; tern.inus ou
Thursday uioruiug. A "Y" will be
installed at Sixteouth and Westminster
avenues, and when completed the
Robson street oars will run np to Sixteenth, and will traverse Hastings street
instead of Cordova streot. Tho Davie
street cars will continue their present
route—Ninth via Cordova and Davie to
English Bay.
As ijoti'd in our last week's issue, the
South Vauconver Municipal Council
has granted the Street Railway Company permission to extend its track
through tho Municipality to the gate
of the cemetery. The extension from
Sixtehth to the cemetery will greatly
b.nefii the people living ont on West,
minster avenue; increase the value of
property along the route nml bo tho
menus of increasing settlement iu that
section of the Municipality. The following is the resolution passed by the
Council; 'That the British Columbia
Electric Railway Company Ltd., of the
City of Vaucouver, Prpviuoe of British
Columbia, is hereby authorized to construct a _-iuglo or double line of electric
railway, ami to erect Ihe uooessary
poles aud wires to convey the current
for the seme, mid to operate snid hue
of electric railway from a point begin-
uiug at Vancouver City Limit.'' u Westminster avenue,thence in a sontheruly
direction along tho westside of Westminster avenue, iu the Municipality,
to the Bodwell mad and thence along
the southside of th" said Bodwell I'oad
to its junction with the North Arm
road, provided, however, that nil the
work iu connection with the raid line
and erection of poles and stringing of
wires shnll be performed in n workmanlike manner, and that proper crossings
be made by the- said C' uipany at all aud
every crossing of upy roael or roads.
All rails to be biiel to a uniform grade
with the already constructed roads. The
whole work to be done to the entiro
satisfaction of tho Reeve and Council
of South Vancouver Municipality. The
Company to assume all liability ftir any
and all accidents that may occur. either
during ooustraO-i&n of snid line or that
might occur through any faulty cou-
stiuc)ion of said work e>r during the
operating or running of cars on said
:ivonue Furniture Mart
Ureal Reduction in
Prices for a few
days only.
We expect a carload of goods in a few
lays, aud we aro wanting space to stock
them so wo intend to close out a part of
our .stock at the following low prices:
Bedroom Suits, li pieces, was $22.00
now $20 00
Bedroom Suits, . pieces, from $16.85.
Baby   Buggies, usual   prices   $17.00
how 818,00.
Sideboards from $10.95,
Bed Lounges, usual pi-ice $12 60 uow
Iron Bedsteads, Cots, Carpet Squares,
etc., all at reduced prices.
W. J. WATERS. Manager
Furniture Department,
Grocery Dept.
Onr Grocery Department is Btill iu full
swing at tlie usual very low prices.
5.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue eS Harris street.
Telepl e 1208
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
I. O. F.
Read the New York Dental'Parlors
advertisement in this paper, theu go to
New Y'ork Denial Parlors for vour work
The uew pastor of tlie Methodist
Church went to the Presbyterian Sunday
School in Mason's Hall ou Sunday last,
thinking it was tho Methodist. He
took churgo of the meeting and delivered
au address, aud when he gavo oat the
closing bim he discovered ho was holding a Presbyterian Hymn Book. The
Methodists wero wondering why the
uew pastor wns not at Sunday.. School.
Buggies at Actual Cost.
Wo havo ouly about hnlf a dozen
buggies left out of ovor eighty, since
we commenced our sale The low
prices aro, uo doubt; what sold them
so qnickly. The fow jobs wo havo left
ire first-class, aud tlio prices were never
so low. Call and see them at once, or
you will bo too late.
Storey & Campbell
154 Hastings street, west.
Court Vancouver held its regnlar
semi-monthly meeting on Monday evening, Chief Rnuger, W. G. Taylor, pre.
siding. The attendance was larger
than usual. Short speeches were made
during the session by Court. Deputy,
Bro. N. McLeod, Brothers Geo. Howe,
aud W. R. Owons. An invitation from
Companion Court Braesido to attend an
anting at Second Reaah ou the 16th,
was accepted with pleasure.
Tlie annual Church Parade of the
Independent Order of Foresters will
take place on Sunday morning, the
19th inst.j from K. of P. Hall, Cordova
street, to the First Presbyterian Church.'
Brothers W. R. Owens nud R. Murphy
have beeu appointed Marshals of tho
parade. Companion Court Bracside
will attend the chnrch service. Tlio
Officers of Court Vancouver nre desirous
of a large attendance of Mt. Pleasant
Foresters. The local Court has over
SO members and it is .hoped a large
percentage will be represented at tlio
animal service.
If yon know any items of Mt.Pleasant
news—Social, Personal or any other
uews items—send thorn in to "Tho
Advocate," or by telephone—B1405.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements iu the
Woman's    j
Realm.        1
Plaid mohair Is another attractive
material for bathlng-suitis, and it ls also used in bands and pipings, and iu
covering button-molds to trim such
dresses ot plain colors. Shepherd's plaid
in blue and white, and black and white,
makes pretty dresses. Bunting is once
more seen In the shops, and is very
good for the purpose under consideration, though a material of closer weave
Is preferable. Brilllantlne has many
good qualities—luster, closeness of
weave, and a freedom from clinging to
the figure.
The beauty of the scene at the seashore Is enhanced If the garments worn
by the human element are in harmony
with nature. Strong, bright color ls in
perfect accord with the ever-changing blues and greens "f the sea and the
gray of the sand. There is, therefore,
no reason why any becoming color
should not bo chosen, provided lt will
not be changed by water or sun.
Navy-blue Is a fine color, and has,
besides, tho enduring nuallties that
withstand vicissitudes. It is therefore
the choice of largo numbers of people.
Greens and lavenders, though beautiful In themselves, are never used, because they are of the opposite nature.
Many shades of red wear as well as
blue, and nothing Is prettier than white.
Grays, especially the bluish shades, are
very good indeed, and there are many
attractive combinations of these colors.
There is no reason why a bathing-
suit, though simple in cut, should not
be as shapely in its own way as a tailor-made street-gown, and it should
cei tainly be as well-made. Be sure to
gel a reliable patter!) as the first step
toward that end. Then follow the directions on the pattern label about placing
the pattern on goods, and Joining the
different parts. It is also of the very
greatest Importance that all the Beams
should be strongly sewed, so that they
may withstand the water, and the
daily washing and pressing afterward.
Coming later than the customary
Spring importations are these new
moussolines In the finest of hair-line
stripes as well as In the most minute
of cross bars. The foundation of everyone is white, the colors soft of tone and
particularly lovely. There are two blues,
the gray-blue In pastel paleness and a
Big Reductions In overy department,
Bolow Cpst and somo at Half Prico.
nud some goods at   Cost,   some
L. O.
Dominion Day
July 1st and, 2nd.
.'Two days solid enjoyment.
Tour Bands will furnish music
during the two bavs.
r R I D A Y Morning.—Naval aud
Military Parade' through the streets,
tei-iipating at Gamble Street Gronnds.
Afternoon—Senior Lacrosse Match
between "Victoria and Vancouver at
Wockton point. Children's Sports,
Balloon Ascension at ('nmbio Street
Evening—Jlluniiup.tion and Fire
Works on the Inlet.
SATlffiDAy. Morning.— Naval Regatta' I^accs between Vauconver Rowing
Club aud visiting teams,
Afternoon.—North Pacific Athletic
Association's Snorts and Bicycle Rices
At Brooton Paint. Intermediate La-
prosse Match at Cumbio Street Grounds.
Alexandra Hive, Ladies of the Maccabees, will hold nn Ico Cream Social
Thursday Juue 23d. on tho corner of
Soventh aud Westminster avenues,
next to J. P. Nightingale's Grocery
Store. A tent will be rrised on the
vacant lot, colored lanternB, benches
and chairs will be "arranged for the comfort of thoso attendiug. Givo the
Ladies your patronage whether n member nf tho Order or not.
The local Hives attended St. Andrew's
Church on Sunday last; Rev. Mr.
Wright preached « most effective
Young P^qeraltjs Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
peet nt 15Jrriiuu.es to 7, every Suuday
evening ih Advent Christian Church,
T'oirrietf Ninth avo. and Westminster Rd.
''"'," MOKDAY.
Epworth League of Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church mosts at 8 p. m.
B. Y. P. U.,' meets in  Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Ohnroh at >j p. m.
The Y. P. S. O. E,, meets at-8-p. m.
jr, Mt.Pleasnsnnt Presbyterian Church
That ivovc ftotnetituei cures disease is a
fact that lias recently bem called to ihe
attention of the public by a prominent
physician and college professor,   in some
nervous diseases of women, such hs hysteria, this physician gives instances 'where
women  were  put iu a pleasimt  frame of
pi ind, were made happy by falling in love,
and in consequence were cured of lljf.tr
•nervous troubles—the weak, nervous system   toned   and   stimulated by  little  Dr.
Cupid—became   strong and vigorous, almost without   their  knowledge.     Many a
woman is nervous and irritable, feels dragged down and worn out, for no reason that
•She can  think of.     She may be ever so
much In love, but Dr. Cupid fails to cure
her.    In ninety ni*e per cent, of these
cases it is the womanly organism which
requires attention;   the weak  back, dizzy
spells and black circles about the eyes, are
only hyaiptoms.    Go to the source of the
trouble and correct the irregulhrilies, the
drains on  the  womanly system   and   the
other symptoms disappear.    So sure of it
is the World's Dispensary Medical Association, prnprictors of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, that they offer a $500 reward
for women who cannot be cured of leueor-
rlica, female weakness, prolapsus, or falling of the womb.    All they ask is a fair
arid reasonable trial of their menus of c re.
Dr.   Pierce's   Pleasant Pellets  clear the
complexion and sweeten the breath, they
cleanse and regulate the stomach, liver aud
bowels and produce permanent benefit nnd
do 11 gt  re-act ou the System.     One is a
gentle laxative,
"The Common Sense Medical Adviser"
is sent free, paper-bound, for 31 one-cent
Stamps to  pay nrtuniH .n.d mailing only.
Send go stamps for etoth'bound copy.
Address, World's pibyensiiiy, Buffalo, N.Y.
20 dozen LndieR' Cream Uudcrvests. Faucy Yokes, worth 20c, Half Price 10c eaoh .
1 case of Ladles' Fast Black Cotton Hose, worth 25c for 15c a pair.
1 bale of Prints, .17 inches wide, fast colors, worth 10c yd.,  Half Prico 5c a yard.
A big lot of Manufacturer's  Samples iu
Linen and Turkish Towels at Wholesale Prices.
Children's White Lawn Nainsook Pinafores, Trimmed with Luce and Embroidery •
80o Pinafores for lfic;  80c kind for 20c;  35c kind for 25c.
Prints worth 7^c for 5c a yd.; worth  12J£o for 10c yd.; worth 15c for 12^c yd.
Zephyr  Ginghams worth 10c for 8^c a yd.; worth 12^'c for 10c a yd.; worth 15c
for I2j£c a yd.      Chambrays Worth l'5c for 12)-$'c a yard.
Also Big Bargains in Dress Goods, Waistings, Ladies' aud Children's Hendwear
Jo HORNERm f OO Westminster Ave.
m~m mm  Opposite Carnegie Library.
Local  Items.
Mt. Plbasant ErwoR-rn Lbauuk
program for Monday evening next.—
Papers will bo given on "Luther and the
At Ihe meeting on Monday evening
of   this week   Miss  Minno Verge   wns
elooted Recording Seocelery in plnee of
Iiliss Nullio Anuis, resigned.
Go to McKinnon's, Burritt, Block, for
Ice Cream nnd pure homo-made Oandy,
On Thursday of last week, Miss Annie
EUon Wnite and Mr. T, II. Fnrgeraou
of Boaltle, wore married by Rev. Mr.
Robertson nt tho homo of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wuito,
Thirteenth avenjie Miss Nelly Mnnroe
acted ns bridesmaid, and Mr. li. J.
Wnite snppnrlcd the groom. The couple
left on the Rinnoim alter the ceremony
for .Seattle I heir future homo.
nnd Mrs.
T,AU(;H'roN.--Boru to Mr,
P. Laughton, Sixteenth
Juno l~th, a sou.
1'oiiu.—Bom to Mr. and Mrs. U. E
Ford, Eleventh avenne, Vfnno 12th,
n son,
Baii.ky— Born to Mr and Mrs. Thos.
Bailey, Thirteenth avenne, Jnno 7th,
a son.
Fur   looal   news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE, only $1 for IS months.
bebe blua. In like manner two greens,
one of the most exquisitely delicate apple-green, the other a grayish water-
green delightfully cool of tone—rose-
pink and a golden fawn add to the selection. These are Intended for day-
wear, visiting and driving during afternoon hours, and they are suiluble
for varies day functions. A special
design made for the green stripe on the
apple shade has a deep knee flounce
with a tnnlc over, both trimmed In
white applique lace. A surpll.ee bodice
on tho bias with elbow sleeves Ince-
trlmmed. Belt and skev-bowB of
match-green silk are to accent the color
Mrs. Faii-bairn visited Seattle last
week retnrujng to-dny.
Tho contract for building the new Mt.
Pleasant Presbyterian Church has beeu
let to Messrs. McLean & Crnmmer.
Work began Friday morning.
At Leonard's Coffee  Palaces,  Arcade
and Gmnville street, best of ico cream
nlwnys  I"  iii' had.     When   down-low i
drop in and enjoy a dit-li of it.
Tho City Grocery  dc'ivers ihwierlo.
rory day on Jl'. Pleasant;   'phone 280
The Board of Works at its regular
weekly meeting ou Thnrsday afternoon,
ordered the following work to bo done
on Mt. Pleasant:
Sidewalks to be laid on Tenth avenue,
between Ontario and Quebec streets; on
Columbia, from Ninth to Tenth avenues. The boulevard on Seventh avenuo, between Carolina and Scott streets
to bo graded, It was also decided to
block pave Westminster nvenuo from
Fifth to Ninth avenues.
Railway Company was
mission to double (rack
aveuue bridge.
City of Vancouver.
Public Notice.
APPLICATIONS will be received by
the undersigned up to Monday, Juno
20th, 1904, for the position of Medical
Henlth Officer, Applicants must, iu
addition'to ordinary Medical qualifications, possess a diploma in Sanitary
Science, Pnblic Health, or State Medicino, and must bo prepared to devote
the whole of their time to the duties of
the office
Vaucouver,.B. 0., Juno 18th, 1904.
City  of Vancouver.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that a meeting of the Electors of tho
City of Vancouver will take place in the
City Hull, Westmiuster avenue, on
Saturday; Juue 2oth, 190-1, at tho hour
of 12 o'clock noon, for the nomination
of candidates for filling tho vnCauoy .on
tho Alderniiuiic Board in Ward I^o. 4,
caused by the resignation of Aldermiin
No nomination shall be received after
1 o'clock in the afternoon of tho said
The nomination of each enndidato
shall be in writing, and bo signed by
the proposer and seconder, who shall be
duly qualified Electors of aud resident
in Ward 4, aud such .uomiuatiou shnll
contain a statement, sigued by the
person nominated that ho couseuts to
the nomination.
A candidate for Alderman, shall at
the time of his nomination deliver to the
Returning Officer a certificate signed by
the District Registrar of Titles that he
is the registered owner or registered
lease holder of land in the Oity of Vancouver; aud such certificate shall set out
tho description of tho bind nud tho registered iucuuibereuccsaud charges against
the same; and shall also deliver to tho
Returning Officer a certificate sigued by
the Treasurer of the City setting out, the
assessed value ou the last Assessment
Roll of the City of the land described in
the Registrar's certificate aforesaid.
If uo more than the required number
is nominated,.the Returning Officer
shall, after tlio lapse of one, hour from
tho time fixed for holding tho meeting, declare such candidate duly elected
for such office.
Shoald moro than tho requisite number be nominated, the Returning Officer
shnll adjourn the proceedings for filling
such office until Saturday, 2nd of July,
11)04, when a poll shall bo opened in
Ward 4, at such place as may be fixed
by the Council for the election at
9 o'clock in tho forenoon, and shall cou-
tiuno open until 7 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, aud no longer.
Vnncouver, B. C,
Saturday, I lth June, 1904
Voters'  List.
FOR 1804.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
thut the' Voters' List for tho City of
Vancouver for A. D. 1904 bus been
completed, nnd shall remain iu my
office until the 1st of September, 1904,
for exiimiuntion by all concerned
Any person who shall claim to bo
added to suid Voters'.; List, or any
Elector who shall desire to have any
name erased therefrom shall prefer his
or her request in writing, signed with
his or her name, stating the Ward to
which he or she belongs, and shall do-
liver or causo the same to bo delivered
to me within the time hereinbefore
Vancouver, B. 0., April 12th, 1904.
We have just
Fitted up
our uew Cake and
Confectionery Store with handsome
show-casos and fixtures, nre putting In
a splondid stock of
of all kinds—equal to auy to be
had anywhere in tho city.
We will bo pleased to havo your order.
Wo are also  in better position   xhan  over before   to
supply you with
Wm Dm Muir
RlNO DP 'PHONE 4411.
Mt. Pleasant-.
Tho Eleolric
granted pcr-
For Local News  Read Thk AbVOOATK
Full fresh
Vegetable or Flower—all  the
same. $5^ Sweet Peas 30c lb.
It will pay you  to buy now
for aex£ Spring.
Nelson's  Drug &
Seed Stores
Corner Robson and Granville Streets,
and 0115 Hastings Street.
1'     *.
|VbW IS THE TIME   to buy
your Summer Underwear.
Don't wait till the thermometer
gets all  heated   up,   and  then
ruBh iu madly for _ool underwear.
Here    is  Canadian    Balbriggan
Underwear   at    $1.00   a    suit.
Fancy Balbriggan $1,26.
French Balbriggan $1 25.
Egyptian Combed White Cotton—
beautiful goods—$1.50 a quit.
Thick-ribbed Balbriggan $1.25 a
Union Cashmere $1.75 a suit
Light Natural   Wool   $2.00 aud
$2.50 a suit.
Pink Cashmere $2.50 a suit.
Brittiuuia   Natural   Wool   $8.00
aud $3.50 a suit.
Freuoh Cashmere $2.50, $8.00.
Silk  Underwear    $8.00    up   to
$14.00 a suit.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
TENDERS will be considered at the
next regular meeting of the Council ou
Saturday, June 18th, for the following:
For rnising the Culvert 2 feet on
Wellington avonue, Collingwood, aud
laying heavy Cedar puncheon ou about
2 chains of the road, the puncheon to be
covered with Gravel taken off the hill.
The Gravel to be lnid 2 feet deep, aud
the puncheon to bo 18 feet long.
State price iu a lump sum.
Tho lowest or any fonder uot neoas-
sarily accepted.
Tenders to be iu before 2 o'clock ou
day of meetiug.
William U. WALKER,  C- M. C.
South Vaucouver, May 20, 1904.
iPdUV » Parlor
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John Gillnian, Proprietor.
THREE Ciiaius,  and a first-class Bath
Room is run in connection with   the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial
Jas. Carnahan.
Order* promptly Hltemled  to,   night   or
dny.   -.surge* niodurtite.
Office: 37 Hastings streot, west,
Telephone Number 479.
If you want a
Ring   up
Telephone  987
or  call  aronnd at  the  Sign
Wouks,    814   Homer   street,
lu any case your wants will receive tlie |
most courteous  aud' careful attention,
E. & J. HARDY & CO.'
Company,   Financial,  Press and
Advertisers' Auents.
80 Fleet St., London, E.G.,  England,
Cplonial BusinoSB a Specialty.
Trade Marks
Copyrights *c.
Anyone sending a .ketch and desorlpUon mar
qnliiay ascertain our opinion free whether ao
Invention Is probably patentable, Communlnr.
tlons atrlotlyconlldeiitfal. Handbook on PaUnti
sent free, oldest agency for securing patonta.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. recolT.
iprcld! notice, without charge, la the
Scientific Hmetlcati.
vciii-; four months, $L  Sold by t_u nowe*
' & Co.8e^Bro-d"r""-New I
Braiicii Omco. 626 F Bt. Washington. P.!
Allan iBomoIjr UhiHtmtod weak)?,   __.._. .,
eu.attnn uf any BClcntlBc Journal.   Tonus, |y
Which Meet on Hi. Hi
The funeral of Thomas Graham
Alexander who died ou Weduosday will
take place this Saturday afternoon from
tho family residence, 1008 Eighth nvenuo. east. The deceased was 66 years
of age, a well-known pioneer of
this city, aud was a member of' Vancouver L. O. L., No. 1500.
The little six-year-old son of Mr. and
Mtb F. Saunders of Twentieth aveuue,
was drowned on Monday by falling into
an old well which had become covered
by vines and othor growth. The funeral
took place ou Thursday morning.
Mrs Jane Crombie who died ou Thursday of last week, was burried ou Monday from the family residence, Twelfth
avenue and Quebec street.
The funeral of Mrs. Margaret BarneB
of Sixth avenue, occurred on Monday
afternoon Juno 18th, Rev. G. H.
Wilson, Rector of St. Michael's conducted the funeral services.
By telling merchants they saw their
advertisements in, The Advocate our
renders will confer a favor and help the
pnper grontly.
TitK A DVOOATB is always glad to receive
Items of social, personal or other news
rr,1111 ils readers.    Send   news iluuis  to
the olllco or by telephone, B1405.
If you want to kuow what is
happening on Mt. Pleasant
read The Advocate—fi a
year, 50c for six months.
i. 0. 0. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19 meets every ]
Tuesday at 8 p. m , In Oddfellows HWI
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant. ■ ■    j
Sojourning brethren cordially invited 1
to attond.
Noule Grand—W. R. Owens,
Recording Secretary—J. Paxman;^
182 Dnllerin street, w«_t,
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Inde^....
Order of Foresters meets 2d snd
Mondays of each month at 8 p. m.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranoer—W. G. Taylor,
.27 Keefcr street, CMja, I
Recording Secretary—W. H. DeBou,]
578 Tenth avenue, east. 1
Financial Secretary—M. J. Oreha_; I
31-1 Prlnc'ess'street,' City.  Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. JJ, holth! regnja
Review 1st aifd 8d Friday^ of eaS
mouth in I. O. O. F., Hall corner Westminster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladles always weloome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Footo, 8119 Ninth avenue^jeapt;
Vancouver Oounoil, No. 21 Ia, meets^
ovory 2d and  4th  Thursdays of
month,   iu  I   O. O. F.,  Hall, cothe.
Seventh and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning  Friends always weloome
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor."
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
'.._« Westminster avenue.  Tel. 760.
- '*.-%•-►%'•. tVwV^VM>««%%V.1
Car Service.
First Car leaves Niutn avenue 6 s. n.
and every 10 minnteB until
Last Car leaves Ninth avenue 10:50 p. m.
First Car leaves Carrall street. .6:10 a. m.
Second Oar leaves Carrall streot. .0:80 "
and eyocy 10 minutes until
Last Car loaves Carrall .street,. 11:20 p. m.
(Cut this ont and put it in yonr pocket.)
B. C. Electric Railway
Company Ltd.
ll%M%^»«VM««yM1%U; %%<%/•-/%'%'%%'%<*■>%'<


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