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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Feb 27, 1904

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Every person should take a Blood Purifier
in the Springtime.
flint's Sasaparillo with iodide of
Potash, is the most reliable.
For sale by
The McDowell Atkins,
Watson Co., Ld.
Butfitt Block, Mount Pleasant
fall Line of Ijowney'* Chocolaies.
s   t>
Mt Pleasant Advocate
Devoted to the Interests ot   Mt.Pt.ws.Nt, Centmi iWk, South Vancouver.
Established Apr. 5,1599. fifth Year, Vol. 5, No. 46, Whole Number 255
Si per year, Sis Months50c, Three Months ate. Single Copy 5c.
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
Fresh Oysters, just in.   Baked Apples- I 'ke borne—
with Pare Creaiu.   Genuine Boston b.     . Bean*
Open from 7:30 a. m., toltp.   <.
'Sunday from 9 a. tn.   to   & p. 1
rtOUNT PLEASANT, VANCOUVER,  B. C,   SATURDAY February  :17th, 1904.
1   1     in ii  1*     in 1 1 n
-       iwlnflof •
«m.McuialwW O
W .. V-—'—' wwwwwwwwww—— — —    w. w w w w w w w w
% Local  Items. § W£^fS^
TheMcOnaig Auction and Commis-
tlott Co., Ltd., next toCarncige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Sales and handle
Ha-krupt Stocks of ivery description.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Phono 1070. -
10: ■
... Oaurt Vancouver, Independent Order
■js* Foresters gave their annual "At
-torn*" on Monday evening in the
Oddfellows' Hall, the attendanee being
QSrte large. A Whiit Tournament waa
tha Hatawi of tha -awning,- there ware
■tewTveen tables, and the interest of tha
fifty-six players was most keen
throughout, lbs. Lambert woo the
ladies' 1st prise, and Mr*. Graham the
convolution. Mr. Thos. Wood won 1st
gentleman's prize, and Sir. W. A.
Wood the consolation, mummummtami
WwW*srv«d-tt-*~aleM of the Whist
! TOTraament after whioh the floor wis*
cleared for dancing. The Committee in
charge of the affair are to be congratulated upon the pleasant entertainment
provided for the member* and their
friends. The Oommitte were J. B.
Aoeroethy,    W.  H.  DeBou   and   3.
. -■ ■ 1 toi
Un. B. H. MoKee of Eleventh avenue, gave a most delightful tea on
. Tuesday afternoon of this week. Miss
Parker and Miss Gibbings gave musical
selections. Among those'present were
Mrs. J. 8. Emerson, Mrs. John Brown,
Mrs. Harry Lyttletou, Mrs. Rochester,
Mr«. 3. Whyte, Mrs. O. H. Foster
and Master Duncan Foster, Mrs. Olb
mug*, Miss E. M. Parker, Miss Mabel
Gibbings,    Miss  Delia  Brltton,   Hiss
' t»t
When heavier and more substantial
shoes are,required for Winter Wear,
we are, as usual, with the very choicest
offerings of the best mnkors. We offer
■rici al value* in Ladies Shoes at -SI. 76,
•lf.50 and *8.60. B MILLS, ISCordova
' street and 640 Granville street.
:snsr LsesA, wlew* Messft' Jftsn Adtocare
. -Simday morning the service in Mt
. Pleasant Methodist Church will be conducted  by. tho   Bev. B. 1 Laird  of St.
John's  Presbyterian   Chnrch.   In the
i'evuuing  the   pustor  Bev.   0.   Hi   M.
Hntherliuid .'Kilt.preach the, lato Mrs,  ,)„,., (rj    Miw Malshi «—la lead far the
-Ssa.TJra-ford's funeral sermon.   Miss
Lillie will sing, "One Sweetly Solemn
"' TwHajht." at tlie eveuiug Bervico.
The Girls' Auxiliary of Mt. Pleasant
Prasbyteriau Ohuroh gave a very enjoyable Social on Monday eveuiug at
the homo of Mr aud Mrs. B. Mills,
Ninth avenue nnd Ontario street. A
•plea-id program waa given, after
whioh the evening was passed with
game*.   The refreshments served were
i*9V.   _ ...	
Dry Feet always give a mnn comfort,
kauy complaints have their origin in
wearing poor shoes during the winter
months lo British Columbia. Why
takephauces? We invite yon to call
and see our Winter Shoes—none better.
B. Mills, 18 Cordova street and 640
Qranvillc street.
ALLAN-ABKLE —On Saturday,
February 20th, at the Methodist Parsonage, New Westuiinster,by Bev.Morden,
Joseph Dodd Allan to Florence Arkle.
1*1    '
Mr. and Mrs. Albert McMorran of
Sophia street,' are mourning the loss of
lueir six-months-old child whose death
eoourred on Tuesday.
:•:'  -i.  _■ ■
Brooke.—Born   to Mr.    and   Mrs.
Brooke of Tenth avenne, Sunday Slat,
• son.
A very laccoinful Concert was given
in th* North Arm School on Friday
•i ealag.   A number went ont from the
city. •
Read tbe New York Dental Parlor*
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New Tork Dental Parlor* for your work
The Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Congregation hrs secured an option on the
lots opposite No. 8 Fire Hall on Ninth
avenne, and will probably build a large
church at nn early date The annual
meeting of the Congregation will be
held in about a week's time when
definite action will be taken. The Presbyterian Congregation is the largest on
Mt. Pleasant and la continually proofing, and th* present church bulldin^is
too small turpi seen* requirement*. 5 * i
- ' it        " '
Tha Choir of Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Chr.chwlll give a Song Ssrvioe en
Sunday evening Match 7th. Miss Bren-
too, and Mr. Brenton will stag, aad
■ra will be a Ladies' Chorus a-d
Mrs. B. Whitney is
after    three    week-
able to ait np
The little son of Mr. and Mn. P. Q.
Fenton, Eighth avenne, is quite ill With
Mi** Row Glover has been apptWnted
Principal of North Arm School, and
Mr. Ogflvte, Assistant.
— rt01» S
' ■ftks xmfCax semi-monthly assembly
of -alts Jiaentaiueers' Terpalonorean
Club will be hold on Thursday eve
ning next, in Mason's Hall, Ninth
avenue aad Quebec street.
two or three furnished room* suitable
for light honsekaepiog, or two furnished rooms with board for two;
to A. A., eare "The Advocate"
Mt. Pleasant, City.
jjj Tarn AnvocATi U the brat advertising
medium where it circulates.  Toi. B1105
New York Dental Parlors
Upper or Lower Set. 1
Guaranteed for 12 years.
32K GOLD CROWNS....! 700
SILVER FILLINGS only... .1 00
GOLD Filling* as low a* 8 00
Teeth Extracted (painless) .... 80
We give the best walk for tho least money. Our office* are well equipped
with the very latest appliances for doing painless dentistry. We can give
you the satisfaction that we havo given to others.
We can Extract, FBI aad Crown Teeth absolutely without pain.
Our operators are all graduate dentists, holding speoial diplomas, which are
on view in onr reception rooms.
New York Dental Parlors, 147 Hastings St.,e.
Office Hours: 8a. in., to 9 p..in.; Sundays 9 a. m., to 2 p. m. Telephone 15J8
-, Stoves
and Heaters
t have the best—onr prices are right. Call and yo_
wiB.ae oonvinced that we can save yon money.
Paints,   Oils & Glass.
J. A.  P L E T T,
Mt. PtEASANl HARDWARE STORE.      Tel. 447
> W.R.OWENS, Manager.
rtmcv Navel ORANGES
2 Doz. for 25c.
,425 Westminster avenne.
'Phone Mte
—11  mil
New Dress Goods
*P' * In.t  *a*a_|«M_rl     ana  sail   tl*n  Tnfnul
just arrived, in all the latest weaves aud colors.
SPEOIAL Lines for This Week's Selling:
Silk Voiles in sky blue, grey; regnlar $1.50, Sale price $1.25 yard.
Lustres in flake effects in black and navy; a very suitable oloth for blouses
and children's dresses; Sale price 45c yard,
Suitings, 64-in., in all the new flake effect*, in brown, green, grey, navy
and black) worth npto 11.76,  Yonr choice for tl.86 yard.
Crepede Chine, 66e yd; Amazon Cloth 45c yd; Frieze Cloth 75c yd;
Ladies' Cloth $1 yd; Satin Cloths 86c yd; Black Soliels Cloths 6Uc to 81.96
A. ROSS & CO., 28 Cordova St. 4
A Snap!
Soda Crackers
5c per pound.
fol.*GG.   .
Westminster Ave. A Pr (noes* Street.
The Philimathian Society held a da-
bate on "Woman's Rights," Tuesday
evening, the meeting being at the home
of Mr. Herbert Harford, 258 Twelfth
avenue, east. The attendance was large
and keen interest was   taken in   the
ladies and handled the question of
woman's right to the franchise in a
clever aud original manner. She was
ably supported by Miss Boss Glover,
Mrs. Chas. Keeler. Miss Gertrude
Glovw, Mia* Madge Hoomfield. Mr.
Harry Steven* lead for Baa's right to
refuse woman the franchise. His contention, as well a* hi* fonr supporters,
was that woman'* influence in the home
Is far more important than her ballot
would over becimo and she would gain
nothing worth while, if sho were granted
an unlimited franchise. After "laying
all joke* aside" abd handling the subject
"in a reverent manner" the, gentlemen
were easily defeated, though the judge.
gave the gentlenlbn some consolation by
stating the points made by both sides
were "nearly equal." The jndge/t
were: Mrs. (Dr.) Biggs, Mis* F. Morrison and Mis* Kyle. Hereafter the
Society will meet every two weeks.
The next meeting will be held at tbe
home of the Misses Glover, 415 Seventh
avenue, east, Tuesday March 8th.
Garry the most complete stock of
requisitions for the Toilet' Skin Foods,
free from hair-growing propensitives
Tissue Builders to suit all faces. By far
tbe largest stock of Hair Goods in town
at moderate prices.
Electroyais, Hair-dreasing, Mantcu-
ring,    Scalp    Treatment,    aad  Face
"™     687 and 689 Granville street
To My Patrons and the Public.
1 beg to inform yon that I have disposed of my Bateher Business so Messrs
Woodrow ok Williams, the well-known
Butchers of this city, who will conduct
it bn and after the first day of March,
I take this opportunity of thanking
yen for tha suppurt given to ma in tha
pastaud would reaaestfuU ask tor a
continuance of the same for say
, who I feel sure will endeavor
ta merit it.
Your* respectfully,
Vancouver, B. O., Feb. 98, 1904.
"In the Spring," quoth the poet,
"a young man's fancy lightly turns to
thoughts of lore," and was there ever
a properly constituted young man who
did not love a New Suit? It might be
added that not only the young.man' Vol
the boy, the middle-aged and the oM
man feel much self-satisfaction ia a
new suit. At A. E. Lees e. Co.'* Cloth
ing Store, corner Gamble and Hastings
streets, the latest styles in Spring Suit*
are to be found forallages at reacnabl*
The Choir of Ms. Pleasant Prwby
teriau Church ia practicing the Oratorio
"The Crucifixion,'' by Sir John Stanior,
and wBl give ft on or about Good Fri
day Miss Clara Wood, the Choir
Leader, is putting forth her best efforts
on this production, and the Choir will
be strengthened by some of the b
talent in the city.
You can obtain one of these Artistic Calendars by saving
io wrappers of any of Fairbank's Soaps—"Fairy", "Copco",
"Glycerine", "Tar", "Scouring" and "Gold Dust".
We will be pleased to show you these Soaps at any time.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. "Tel. 1360
jJLsssLr. Central Heat^pket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.  Telephone 9Z4.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer* in all kind* of Fresh and Salt Keats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Family Theatre.
H-STi-oa St., mxar Carnegie Librart.
s:jo to g p.m., aad 7 to 11 p.m. Dally
-class Entertainment for
Ladies, Gentlemen & Children
PuhUo Notice.
.     ■ Vancouver, Feb. 19th, 1904.
To th* Mayor of tho City of Vanooavar,
British Columbia, Canada.
We   the   underrigned   do    hereby
respectfully requert you to call a public
meeting todiso-ss'tks advisability of
making the necessary efforts to seeure
the holding of the Dominion Agricultural Exhibition  la  British Columbia
Bignedby  W. H. Malkin* Co. Ltd.,
F.BnsoombeaCo,  Hudson Bay Co.,
J. B. Seymour,   I.G.V. Field-John»on
and seme five hundred others.
In accordance with the above petition,
I hereby call a Public Meeting to be
held at the City Hell on' Thnrsday next
at 8 p.m.
The tint* for this
extended  until TUESDAY, MARCH
1st, at 8 p.m.
W. 3. MeOOTGAN, Mayer.
Big Cut
en all BOOTS and
Ladies' Shoes, odd
sizes, at *, 1.00
Ladies' Shoes,
were I3.00 for $ | .75
See our windows.
Douglas A Coulter
44* Westminsterm
20 _£, Saved
Olllrle'a Hunsatlu Flonr 11,40
3-Ib. pall laird J6e,       20-lB, uck Sugar 11.00
Blue Label K.tcdiup 15c,     C. S S. Pkkla* *Dc
Eocene OU, staled tin*, ll.Tti
R, H. WALLACE, 'Phone 988.
Mt. Pleasant. Free delivery
Changes for advertlsemenia should be
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Tbe City Grocery deliver* grocerie*
every day on Mt. Pleasant;  'phone 988
The undersigned i bjsg to inform
the inhabitants and public io general
of Mount Pleasant,'thnt they will
open up business on. TUESDAY
JANUARY 26th,, 190., in the
Tailoring and JBool and Shoemak-
Infl, on Westminster avenue corner
LriusdownW avenue, (cjpposite Dr.
Brydone-cock's re|idonc»>, until the
new store*! ere oomnletetv,, which aro
being built on tbe. corny of Westminster add Fifth' avenues, and
which will bo roady ui May. ...
Special attention wjll'pc.jjivcn to
tbe Making and Kepniriiig of Boots
and Shoes—in all its branches.
Also to the making of First-class
Suits to order. Clennitf^, Repairing
and Pressing. All orders and repairs
promptly executed. Quality and
Workmanship ouaranterd equal to
any in tbe City,   a     fr.
A trial is respectfully solicited.
Central Park.
Central Park, Feb. 25,1904.
The Social Club spent a very pleasant
timo at the home of Mrs, W. O. Brown
last evening.
Mrs. W. J. Wilbers and daughter
have returned horns after a lengthy
visit with relatives in the upper country
Miss E. Smith of Vancouver is visiting friends in Central Park this week.
Tenders are being called for the clearing of the Horticultural Society's
The Holly Club will hold their next
dahoe on Wednesday evening March
Fell Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any..
Cor. Westminster eve,, aPeffertnst.
Lenten and Faster Services &
Sermons of St. Michael's
Feb. 28th.—2d Sunday in Lent; 11
m , "Home Minion," Ven. Archdeacon Pentreath; 2:30 Children's
Borvice; 7:30 "Foreign Missions," Ven.
Archdeacon Pentreath.
March 2d.—8 p. in., Wednesday,
Mark 4: 86-41; Bev. G. H. Wilson.
March 6th.—3d Sunday in Lent, 11
a.m., "The Trial of Christ," 7:80 p.m.,
"Christ, the Power of God," Bev.
G. H. Wilson.
March 9th.—8 p. m., Wednesday,
Matt. 14:1-19; Bev. G. H. Wilson
March 18th.—4th Sunday in Lent,
11 a. m., "The Way to Calvary," Bev.
G. H Wilson i 7:80 p.m., "Christ, the
Way," Bev. C. O. Owen.
March 16th.—8 p. m., Wednesday,
Matt. 14:1828; Bev. G. H. Wilson.
March 20th.—5th Sunday in Lent,
11a, m., "The Crucifixion," Rev. H. L.
Roy; 7:80 p. m., "The Atonement,"
Rev. G. H. Wilson.
March 23d—8 p. m., Wednesday,
Matt. 27:88-60; Bev. G. H. Wilson.
March 27th.—6th Sunday In Lent,
11 a. in., "Last Words from tho Cross,"
Bev. G. H. Wilson; 7:80 Confirmation
Service by the Lord Bishop
March 27th —8 p. m., Wednesday,
"The Transfiguration," Bev. G. H,
April 1st.—Good Friday, 11 a. in.
"The Burial of Christ," Bev. G. H
April Sd.—Easter Day. Holy Com
mnnion at 8 and II a. m. Service*: 11
ft. rn., "The Resurrection," 7:30 p. in.
"Christ, Our Mediator," Bev. G. H
Holy Communion will be celebrated
at 11 a. m.. on the 1st and 3d Sundays
in the month, and at 8 a. nt,, on the
2d and 4th Sundays.
Tbo Annual Vestry Meeting will be
held in the Parish Boom on Monday,
April 4th, at 8 p. in.
_££T Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
We are still
Selling: Our
Choice Stock
at a very close price.    Call and
have yonr requirements supplied.
A large consignment of
GEBMAN CHINA just opened.
Came too late for Xmss, and must
be cleared ont Regardless of Cost.
H.D. Hyndman
Successor to the
4-3 0,  Wkstminster   Avenue
OOOOOOOOOO 00000 ooooooi
Wo have opened the- finest collection of up-to-date Dress
Twkktjs we have ever seen iu the
city. We believe this means tho
host Dhkss Twr-ds that wero
ever brought here by anybody.
Prices nm from SOo
to $3 yd.
There is a very choioe showing of
Single Dress Patterns in Scotoh
and Irish Tweeds from $0 to
$28 a pattern. These design*
ciiii not be seen elsewhere.
NOTE.—We are getting very
busy in onr Dressmaking Department. We will soon have all tho
orders we can turn ont before
Buster if the demand keeps up
at the present rate, Perfeot fit
and finish nre guaranteed.
I   303 Hastings street.
si ft mm iif'jif nr w w m tu w w w w tf w t.
Brewed right here in Vancouver hy men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place $|
the hearts of the people which no other beer
can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltcf.
Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429
mtotototototototototo to toto to to to rc
For Ssle at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotel*
or delivered to your house.
Hair hwkjora tor
Keeps You
looking young.
Always restores youthful color to Gray
or Foded Hair. A high class dressing,
keeping tho hair soft, glossy and
abundant.   Pbicr 75c a bottle.
600-603  Hastings St., Cor. Seymour
Telephone  1994.
licToggort & lioscrop
Dealers in
344 Carrall St..    Vancouver. B.C.
Templeton Block.
If yon know any item* of Mt.Pleasniit
news—Social, Personal or any other
new* items—send  thera   in  to   "The
Advocate," or by telephone—B140».
WANTED good reliable Indies to
take orders for tailor made Skirts and
skirt supporters. Good commission;
write now and get (ample* for spring
trade. Dominion Gnrment Co.,
Guelph. Out., P. O. Boa «W.
For the Toung Chicks
Tho first few weeks of a young Chick's
lifo is the critical time. Wn keep the
best of every thing for thein: Holly Chick
Food, Beefscraps, Lrlce Powders, etc., as
well aa a full assortment of Good Grain,
whole and ground. Everything represented in an up-to-date Peed Store
SI/piTM Corner   NINTH l_
Telephone  1 fl S 7.	
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and wo will send free yonr choice of SO
pictures. Or for 93 wrappers choice of
150 book*. Books nn. picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
I When  You   Ark   Aiiranuino   a
: Program   For  The   Entf.ktain-
Ment  or Your  Visitors, Trt
and   Include   a   Visit   10
not necessarily to spend money,
but because! Trorey's is one of Van-
I convcr's "Show  Places," wherr
: the motto   "Equally Welcome to
; Look or to Buy," is no misnomer.
You'll naturally feel proud
I yourself to show your friends what
1 this far western city can do in the
' way of splendid store*.
Come   in   and   make  younelf
perfectly at home, wander when
: you will.   Lenve yur pocketbooL
I at home if you want to.
-%-w^w^V%.-»VSA^%^%%. w-»
Harket \
ajjai   Westminster   Ave.       _
Peace,  Proprietor.
00 00 00
Wholesale    and    Retail
Dealer    in    Meats    Of
All Kinds. Tel. ai.o6
Give us trial.
-   I
before     _____ ______________________________
nf*** the rrarrow'< escape/I  have  had.  f lie*[Tt»lpi t .1*0
Seriously, let us ncTer talk of this pro- church.
"Ilia voice even mote titan his words
enlightened Edith; n .udilon con. ol ins-
ness Hint he wanted to get rid of the
engagement dawned upon her w'.tb
vc'iid,  mortifying   clearness.
"Very well," she said, in ft low tone,
raising her eyeB steadily to his; "if I am
not necessary to your happiness, the
engagement had much better come to
an end. But why did you tell me what
was not true? Can a fortnight have
destroyed what yon told mc- was so
deeply rooted in your heart?"
"lly denr Edith," cried Beaton,
iilithely, beginning to see land at lust,
"you should make n'lowance for my
fetliog that I was by no means essen'
tial to you. Come, now, he cand'd,
and let us part friends. You are not
« bit in love with nie?"
"I do not know much about love, Mr.
Beaton, but when you assured me fhat
you loved me, and could not fui-e your
life without me, though 1 was greatly
surprised, I believed yon. 1 was very
grateful; I should hnve grown (o luve
you wcU. Now it Is very unpleasant,
but we ran p.trt without much suffering, so good-bye. I -will send you nil
vour many presents through Mrs. Winlnglon; the hist," with slight ompbas's,
"is, I believe, in the llttie silver casitct
on ibe red velvet table in the drawing-
room." 1
Her simplicity and composure had a
curious effect en Beaton. lie felt as
be could fancy a man might do after
. horse-whipping—cowed and degraded.
'Believe me, 1 rthall ever retain fhe
warmest regard, the highest esteem,"
began Beaton, holding out his hand. j
Edith looked at him with a smile, a
graVe, quiet smile, gave hint her hard
for a moment, nnd left him. "Thai is
well ended," he said to himself, with
« quick shrug of his shoulders, ns if
throwing off a burden, "hut she' brows
how to strike home. I must get hold of
Edith reached her room, took off lier
outdoor apparel, folded it up neatly, a:.d
put it away as she usually did. hut her
.looks were Unshed and her hands
irimbJed; Indeed, her whole nervus
fyytem quivered ns from the effect of a
great  blow.
S$e hnd been deliberately rejected,
"hef'luid been completely deceived. At
hist she understood the'nbject of 7'ei-
ictn di'volion, tlie desperate need wh! -h
lie expressed for ber lifelong cnmnAiiicn-
i-itit'p'; he simply wauled her fortune tn
iivliil his own. Whnt a weak, credit'-
in ereiilure .ho was to believe Win!
How he must desjuise her! how she i!e-
•p'V.)   herself!
It is (rue she was not in love with
hint, but fully believing h:s rcprcsiiita-
'ion of Ins own feelings, she had grown
accustomed 10 and pleased with the idea
af a filial'-1 sjient in his kindly ard c-n-
gemoi C'Omfia.iionship. Tbe nntlrii of a
mtiled how soothed and satisfied her.
\ow everything waq wrenched away,
.he ivni despised, rejected, friendless,
He. quiet homo in llie hards it' Kt.'itlig
i-», ln'1- good, kind Mrs. lli'ei banished,
nletc could She turn? Though as yet
;.-he did n.'.t connect Mrs. WiiUflgtod
a ith Itrntr.!,.'s falsehood, nhe longed' to
quit l.cr li'iuse, tn escape from tho
n.gkt? 11 nil sounds nssoc-lalcd with hor
iiiimiliallnn; site remcjiolioreil (hut hi
the innocence of her hear! 9I10 .eeu.i'd
m ♦'-..'' 'Im lo the engagement lie was
irylng to '.I'.'-.ik, and 'she could cot con-
(top the angry hitter sobs that slunk
lair tli_'.it frame. Clradually, however,
li'>r quiet good seit'se came to her aid;
the had really done nothing lo be ashain-
,'d.of, she bad only yielded to lliwloa
after an urgent suit: she w,t. more
" liiL'ioun of deserving MnitJaud's sus-
|i;„on, though that also wronged her.
VYcs she to' Mush "because, being hers lf
■rue, she believed Boaton' lo be Ibe
same? No, she would not allow herself
to ^be overwhelmed, thc-Te was ploatty
to cio and to learn. Iter first effort
must le to escape from Mr*. Wining-
toii's house. So having bathed her face
and smoothed her hair, und made h;-r-
self lit to be seen, if Mrs. Winlnglon
■tunc or sent for ber. ehe sat down and
wrote shortly aud clearly to her guardian, Mr. Tilly.
"Mr. Beaton and I have agreed tn
break off onr engagement completely, as
1 have ao doubt yon anticipated. I
therefore wish to leave Mrs. Wining-
lop's house ns soon as possible. There
w'nu oue'in the world with wham I
can slay but Mrs. Miles. Do persuade
Mr. Dargan to let her come to me, and
we can stay for tlio present In the
lodgings we had last spring. Do help
cue in this, dear-Mr. Tilly.
I'Always yours,
Then  slic  felt     calm
nulling Mrs. Winington.
wrtat to do wilh the young lady,
Mr. Dargan thought—"
"Never mind what he though!'. He'd
•ell her to the blackest imp in hell if he
could make sixpence by the transaction!
1 suspect for all he is such a fine gentleman, Beaton and your right-hand man
understand each other."
"Not that I knew of; not that I know
of, I assure you, Mr. Vivian! He "
But Mr. Tilly was not destined to finish
his sentence. Another letter was laid
before him, which in Ms turn he handed to David. It was Edith's expressive
little note.
"Ha! it is a regular split, then," cried
David. "I suppose nothing is to be
"Well, no, a breach of prom _e ot |
marriage case is not to be thought of."
"No, by Cleorge! I was hesitating
whether i should lick the scoundrel or
rut." He stretched out his right arm,
nod a fierce light came into his restless
hazeleyes; then taking the letter f.om
Mr. Tilly he rend it over again, pulling
his long mustache as he did so. "Yes,
«•» must get her out of that house at
otoe, I'll go over to Dargan aud tell
bim 1 am going down to Liverpool this
evening. I'll bring back Mrs. Miles with
me to-morrow, end settle matter* about
lodgings and that. Shall I go and see
Edith? No, I'd better not; I'd be kick-
lug some one downstairs, (Jive 119 pen,
pink and paper; I'll write a line and
ti'll her to keep up her heart, and another, by Jove, to Beaton, telling Wm he
is a good riddance. Suppose that poor
young thing has given him her heart?
What equity can,, adjust that balance?
I have been in love a good many time*
myself, and 1 can tell you It's no joke-
. Whore Is your blotter?"
1 He made a hasty, vehement te.ir.fo
among Mr. Tilly's belongings, to I'hnt
neat and orderly gentleman's (Heiress,
aud set himself to write, assuming the
I altitude nf a spicad eagle while r.t hit
tusk; but he Coveted tlie paper rapidly
with large, scrawling character*!, occasionally, pausing to look wltb an sir
of satisfaction at'his work.
"There," he said, at length, when he
luid addressed the envelopes, and folding his notes, not too neatly, thrust them
ilito tbe covers, .'lhat will settle Mr.
Beaton, and I hope my'nice little kinswoman! will feel she is not without s
bacger when she reads this. Mini! you
write, too, as kind as you can, . Now
I'm off to Durgnn; if be hasn't, that
statement ot account* ready it will - lw
the worse for him. in whatever 1 may
hi' Aliligcd to undertake against him, I
c.' nj ol course, count en your help, Mr.
Tilly, otherwise' yon arc nil aocomplko;
end 1 believe you arc an lioneri.*. well-
meaning man. (hod-bye t» you I I don't
think I can see you till ihe day after
lo-tntxiToiv." He clattered away noisily,
loavmg Tilly in a state of collapse.
After awhile he pulled himself to
collier end went nw.iy In much airlta-
lion to see Dargan, whom he found In
an uudeseribablc condition of race
Spidr and te:n>r--!i!B wig atvry, ihe tie
of his high block; neckcloth twisted
a.'coud nnrjer his lent ear. h'.s spectacles
pushed up above his eyebrows,
"Oh, Mr. Tilly, it's you, U it? I little
thiiugiht you wonld he Mlkt-d over by
that mailman, to tun. against your best
friend, for that I hove been to you.
helping you eery way I could, even to
my own loss (there's half a year's Interest due on the little loan I got you
hist autumn). And what right has he
got to come here worrying over the savings of his cousin's vtoInm.ty? He'll turn
ag.ilust you next, mark my words. His
friend, Mr. Wolff, was here yesterday,
and says his mother was as mad ae a
hatter. What wiy'lte be after next?
He can't even leave that stupid creature
of a sister of mine alone. It's the
devil's own bed luck that sent him here
10 onset everything, nnd give the He to a
better man than himself. I.cok here,
tew, I'll have nothing more to say. to
you, and your ward, ami how Will you
get on by yourself, I'd like to know?"
"You have been of very great, service
to me, I acknowledge, Mr. Dargan, but
the affairs of the minor axe not so complicated as to be beyond my power to—
to conduct.. I must say, I think yoiu
utitcl'- a great mistake when you ovor-
lul-il me in .the majter of that advertisement, and——"■
"I.oid, u hat a weerheTcock you areP'
ir.tuaTiipted llie other, with a contemp-
liu-uu upward toss of hi* chin. "1 was
the cleverest chap lit the three kingdoms
when we planm-d it. Was it my fault
that tliis rampaging dagger has turned
tip lo set the Thames;on tire?'' etc., etc.
After much recrimminatlon and
squall Wing, It was. agreed on between
the spider nnd the fly that every tiring
and equal   to' BilUt present  a smooth surface to the
 H I new actor whqjiad appeared so lnoprwr-
Tliese were dreadful days of trial* to luilely to Interfere with Pargan's l!tt!e
Ulr. Tilly. He never knew when he' game, even If It cost money to repair
vt'aa safe from the Incursions of the « few of the wdl-jpcflnlng mistakes
leckless South Africitn. No longer able wldon unavoidably occurred from over-
i> pass on all his responsibilities to the sfoJ in tlie minor's -service,
universal   Dargan,   nor     to. escape the' .   • * • •
.catching queries of the new heir, who David Vivian's energy was of ihe
fulminated the most tremendous aceu»i- f.veiish order. No sooner hsd lie for.ed
lions against the acting guardiim, nud the tortured Dargan to write 0 few
almost called him rascal to his face, j words to his sister, authorixlng her to
The day eftcr Beaton had succeed- return to Hdlth, than ho rushed off to
od in shaking off -Hie shackles of his Kasteru Square, and jiwt caught a train
diftastcfnl ejigugefljrCnt, David Vlrtsn reaching Uverpool early lu the evening,
descended on the victimised Mr. Tilly,' Ills errand cxplaincd.Mrs. Miles' heart
before he bad quite swallowed his break- leaped for Joy. The astute leader need
('«*• I tcarrely be informed that the Buffering
"This io a pretty business," he ejacu-   rUative whose claims ou her naelstarjci'
; the sudden rupture of    her ingsgcmcn: j teetffd Wiief.    What was I to do?"
' was when she .ave Mrs. Wiu'iigloii If.*      Here   Mrs.   Miles   rock-en'  herself   'o
packe*   containing   Benson's   trifts,   say-   and-fro,   covering her    face    with her
Ing: V haudlceTc-hie/. '' 1.
I     "This is for your brother.    Voii know       Edith ' knoolclt'   down    by    her,  snd
; what It is, I am sure.    Do not let  ns -soothed   her   with   tender  caresses,   ex-
say anything more about  him.    J  have   '.laiuiing  with  jutliguant .fervor against   ject again.    I, arn sure yop. will agree
a note from  Mr. Tilly; he promises to   Dnrgan's unfeeling harshness. ! with   me,   when   you     reconsider  your
take me away to-morrow or next I'ay :.t ■     "But  why   did   he   want  To   separate   kind  wish to prevent my trousseau be-
furthi-t, *o I heed hamper your mi've- ! us?" ashed Edrih with a pu szled  look,   Irfg. .tteless.",.; —   ■ .£,-»■**'
inputs no longer. You have'been vrry.; ''■Your cniisin sweats that Jcwinh m'i " She began to walk baek to 4!w rood
very good to me, whether vou really like, vou to Mrs. Winington atid her brother, '
me or not, and 1 am heartily totoful,'; I hut was sold himself, because he, Mr.
"My dear," Cried Mrs. Winingl'On, with ' Vivian, turned Up. Ho Is a kind, genres.* in her beautiful eyes (they Always' cious man, that Mr. Vivian. I can (ell
ci:m* quite readily, unless she chose to yon It "Is n different matter traveling
keep   them   back),  "no  words   can   ex- .with liim and with my brother,   lt was
m> insisted 011 iny taking this drawing,
riom floor, because Ihe rooms were
fltlo.'TO'ycraf He' iskind and Thou, lii-
"Yes, he is, he Is indeOll', but I am
efrald of him; 1 don't krio.w why, but
I am certainly afraid of him
bog you to..give  up the  Idea''-* 0.      No   "in» movo-i thin, wnrbl  tint ii   l-.c ,     An  act   ni  heroism   is   but   teuipor-
g our .ftsepdly relations .Into aVny.  is prnfcljliill.iyfiieved himself. jury, while nn net of 'cbicrliy is over-4
closer.     It   will  b»-a   long* ttin*  1  JpsUng. .   .
I can 'b*ar the idea of mairlagi,'    tt. takes ijvo.-e   ilia it; a  bellows    in-l .   ''    1       br**f 1—*     d
the narrow'*escape-'I  have   had.  the;'firalpit. M:o    slnt-t  n   tiro . in   tho j    Londoners- • soopd oliout. £6,800    n
Londoners•   sjjiend nhout £6,809
' day ci.1 chli Htire.i'
press how grieved and ashamed 1 fee',
gr,. j lt is. all to painfully fresh to talk,about
j now. Later I hope to explain 'owny'
seine of the blame which naturally
nems to attach to me." So saying she
kltsed her Iitow, patted her shoulder,
and Ihurrled away to give orders respecting the packing up and preparing
for an almost immediate journey to
When the following day, toward evening, the automatic footman ushered
"Mrs. Miles" and "Mr. Vivian" Into the
morning-room, where Edith.wus sitting
as she spoke. David kept silence'for;
a few minutes, and then exclaimed ah-1
I'uptly. ■ "'All " right. I suppose you j
know what yon want and I dare say,
yon are a great deal too good • fo» _t»,.l
so we will say no more about It. I'll
be your friend, only, U you change you 1
niiiiil, let me know."
j     "Oh,  yes,"   said   Edith,   smiling;   "I■>
will propose for you in due form." j
David laughed.    "I'm your man if yoti":
will," he said.   "I've not been as steady !
1 a* I ought, and  I've a notion that a1
Subject to Sinking Sjiells and refilings ot Languor, Depress!'
and Weakness—You Can be Helped by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
with a book which she could not reld, , .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
•0  highly  strung   were   hex nerves,   it, Miles' shoulder.' "I want no more finery
aeerned as if the peace, nnd JumefnUiess   rr grand liecqile, culy to be at re.t and
of her old life were restored to her ,in   safe." |
the solid, not to say stumpy, fomrofj    Then the teats stole from itndor  her
her good  old  friend.'  How  the darted   downcast lids,, und she had the leiief of
forward  lo throw her anus round  her   s copious though qui.t flood of lotlx*.
oecsl to covet her honest, hontejy jfuaS ■ ■
with kisses, to utter confused cxelamii-
tlcfl* of pleasure! David Vivian stood
linking on, both touched and suvpdscd.
He did not think his litle cousin had
so much warmth aud tenderness. The
next moment she was shy and down-
east again, as she turned to thank him
softly, cwrnestiy, for bringing Ler trusted friend hack so socn.
"A!l right! I knew it was the best
service 1 could do you. Now, ate ypn
reedy "to tt,«'t? We have a place to
take you to. I suppose you can corre
at once"
Ncvnseiiee.,.r""'dear; he..will be a good. I wife- and a home would settle mo."
kind friend, ana he will not stand any of j No more was said on the suhjejt.
Josiah's tricks. God forgive him, !.e Edith was a good deal startled and
has been no brother to me; many a sotci ■ amazed, but her cousin seemed to fur-
heart I owe him." I get the conversation so completely, he
"Well, thank Heaven, we are to- | was so cheerfully unembarrassed, it}jat
gcther again." said Edith, drawing a she was soon at case with him aga'n,
h&'r,   and  laying her    head    on   Mra. ' anil   attributed  his astounding  proposl
■*• ma*'  -j-^wta
David Vivian found ample occupation between his young cousin, of when
he constituted hifcisflf pi-otector. and
cltmoion, und rtnr|.{i,. whose, life.he
made a burden by his persistent search
ing into accounts and demanding vouchers. Under his influence Mr. Tilly began to.assert himself\somewhnt, and oo-
t-asionally   paid  his  ward  a   visit.     He
Hon to his habit of speaking out every
whim and fancy thut presented Itself
to his mind as he usually did when in a
talkative mood.
*ITe was rather Irregular in hl9 ways
sometimes, no woidd come every
afternoon and accompany Edith or Mrs.
Miles, in their shopping and their walks,
or watch his. cousin drawing and work-
Ing, and read his newspaper, and write
his letters In the little sitting-room, as
if he wns thoroughly at home. Then *
.Week would ellipse, and they saw uottv
ing of him. When lie reappeared he gen-
Very'uifljiy iico|)lo feel miibh" as'you
tio. They .do not like to confess
thnt ihey ore sick, but they tire weak
and languid, feel drowsy and ite-
Iiressed"nftei''niea!s, nro easily tired
and" discouraged, suffer from indigestion, sleeplessness,- Irritability and
general bodily weakness. At tunes,
it may bo, soma^of iho old-time vigor
returns, but you nb ninre than ge(,
your hopes aroused when the sinking
spells come on agrtln- nnd'you are ns
helpless and dlshenitened as ever.
Such sympion™ I'oint to la\;k of
noiirishmcui in the blood,and tin, ej-
hnusled nervous, system 'Ycin can
get well If you' will but. res 1 ore the
|-system   by    using Pr.  Chase's Nerve
ing or mm. vvnen no reappeareo ne gvu-1 nan,rrj's' way bv   supplving ^ to'  the
orally looked ill and haggard, with sunk-1 hlobd, nnd  ncrvu9 ^ ;_,.« -c,__enM
en eyes end weary, listless aspect.   He
made light of his apparent Indisposition,
in which they are lacking.
These symptoms of which you com-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     was extremely gratified by her interest I
"YcV, I ran; but 1 am nshaiun! to say f Ja sonl* o'diprihts he had picked up ou '
luted, throwing a letter on the table,
aarl ur.-iwliig a etralr violently oppuslte
i', Tilly. "Thnt hound Utiiton ha*
broken with Miss Vivian; There, read
ihal! I itpiminter] htm to be with me
il.Is mnrtiiug, ta-.tni^ mw a nev., settlement,'and intended to main.' a lininlsmu.
drew tier from llidith was nu spoeryphai
pemonege. She eagerly cunled out hi.
u'ebes for nn early start, snd by the
afternoon of the next ihiy they were
aguiu In town, seeking admission to the
li dglugs occiiped tit the ixunnicuccnicnl
ofithls   (rue tale   by   Mrs.   Mile*, snd
addition to my cousin's little fortune. I» her charge,
understood he agreed to eome, and tbi*-' To,Edith the hours'which intervened
morning by lint delivery J got that betni-ren her parting with Breton and the
precious epistle." element of leaving Mm. W'iningtr.,! were
Tilly with an air of resljrnation took painful In utt irritating reuse. The enu-
it tip and read tlie contents. 11 stated «eh tnmess of having been so completely
In cold, deer terms that Miss A'ivian deceived lowered her in her own t>i|i-
had never cordially responded to the matloii, und though far from perceiving
writer'sJfeeiioke. thoy had, nfler a cnlro how cvniniwivly Mrs. Winington had
nud friendly discussibn of their relative been her brother's accomplice, coinmoa
IKSiuVms at prescjnt, ngreeil to put all sense suggested that she could not be
cud to tliefr  brief  engagement;   there-   completely iimoceut ef h's schemes.
fore,   as  there   wns   no  necessity  for
owupyiiig Mr.  Vivian's  valuable  t'ime,
lli'iitiui .begged to. bid  liim  adieu   with
all good Wishes for tils and his charming
•nnslnV filttm'happiness.
"Well, what to yon think of-llmiT'
"ah._-i  r'—  —^ L  _...   .,._.
Indeetl, this Interral. wins nwirly as
distressing and irritsiing to Mm. Winington as to her guest. Evao Mrs. Win-
lugfon'j world-hardened jiolf-posssession
was nifBed by the constant prc»ence W
Ufc'guflef,.!* yonnsrtrctitirh. she Bad mi-
"Ahetnl I'sm nut much sbrtirised'on auftcd to bllntT
ihe whole,"  „io  Tiiiy,  _owlj,    ,.Yo_ jgffi..    t-mp«iure  and  good   teurRor
_ ,    _   f o.morriaife at emu    . -j--. t-- L_j.._..     ,^c.  _._.TTT
leoienctt'on Wa port."-   *
his way to see hor one. day. She listened wilh evident pleasure to 14* explanu-
tii nB, and showed -siieih ilulcl; perception that the oltf airtiquartan offered to
read bev a few chapters of his uiipnh-
l;shed work on monumental brasses.
Ho was very careful not to -mention
cither Mrs. Winington's or Benton's
mimes, and onijp, whentEdKh, ill the innocence of her heart, nsked him how
long he had known Mrs. Wiuiiigion, he
answered testily: . ...
'Too long; and 1. don't want to heir
any more about her. She has wasted
such a quantity, of your money on u
lot of useless clothe*; she enn hare 11.1
This conversation took place at Tea
one warm afternoon, and Edith was
glad enough to let !t drop. Soon after
Mr. Tilly bid his ward good-bye hnd
1lc11a.rt.ed. *
"It is u lovely evening," said VlVrSia,
who had walked to and fro once, m twice
in silence; "one can hardly brcutlbe in
doers. Got your hat, Edith, and yom-
sketch-book; we'll have a hansom and
drive up to n.mpstcad. There will le
s'ltuc air to be had on tlie heath. I'd
liBo to sec you draw a tree or a housee
r.u tire spot. It simns *"-woad*vfnl itlrfne>'|
to be able to do It."
"Very well," fold Edith, readily
.enough. She was always glad to shake
'ft thought and memory by motion, and
missed more thnn she would havo liked
to say her frequent d:ives with Mrs,
They were soon, on ^'route. Vidian,
who waa usually either profoundly silent
or extremely'talkative, lit his pipe without asking leave, and smoked without
speaking till they reached "Jack Straw's
Castle," where they alighted. He then
keoyked the oshes out of his pipe, and
exclaimed with n sniff;-
"All, the air is fresher tip here; 11
m.-y bring some color to your cheelcsi,
little cotusin,, I don't like to see you jo
"It's my nature, David." .
■: "If you cojtld get the breese oa p>a?fl
of the big, «w!de pfnins of SoUth Afifcsv'
or from the mouutaiu-side, you would
know how cieliciotis alrcould he. Oil'p.i,
snd the crowds of men who build them,
lake lhe,.Ireshnc.s.fl OuJ fragrJinee out "of
Die atinosjvhere. Ah! I think you would
I'kn colonial ,life,.well'|no"ugh." At,d he
lalk'il. ou, not tudly, diweiiUng. his
liuflt.-,'- life, his adventures among the
litlrs, ivhcim be greiitly dl«Iikc>d', the
I'.jjinc.'or and career of a favorite hate*,
t'M Edith listener! with inteiest,'' ntu.
sympathy, akking a'heading-qiiestlori
aire und there, and'so iu gcvul luimaM-
witti each other, tticy icachecl a sritn
where Edith though 1 she inlght at-
tetppt a sketch. . ,
In a hollow, ^videnUig' at :il t%ie\
di'Wnward, displaying, a country tindu-
!,ulng fnT into X'ne blue ilistart'ce', Succl
a clump of beeOi trees, amr a' th.1t.-keJ
hut, possibly a' shelter for some goats
at li'lglit, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
'-'•'I think I might.maSage that,;' isldj
Eel ith,. and loo.k'log. round, fohnd a snlU
iibje. seat "t|, thtr'Sriif.sy .^dge ,j.-t a ;small|
sandy holei, ^Davi'd rehl his' pi-ie, and
hanging by hor,side, watched har pencil,' with l*iy pleasure. *  V
jfldith waa hot easjly satislieil wiilj
her work and Tubbei)nut |*1 'good (te'il,-
uti last she suffdeeili'd'. In niakiug n icry
lair riflireseiitiftlon -of the scene before her, whioii elicited stioiiff cxpres-
bious of approbation from her cousin.
She began slowly to Hoke and strap
her book.Jind pencil erne7,- Vivian tcrae,
stretched himself, a ml >fit down rg'alu,
"I say," he Cxdainiiil, 'as if m.-iking up
'VS-'Tnlnd to some'' dllUi'iil't nf' ,..nc,
"vtiisji 1 't rather nasty of old Tilly
tutmUontng   th. .,e  drjthcl,   hey?"
|iIo did liol liican iinythinx titlaici-
stud,"  returned Edith; boltiriiis '■■■'•■ i;y.
["Perhaps n..-i;, but; I miy,..I'jdlth, M
jmi'.i rattier ant hiu'C (hem Wi.'sted, ot
you'd llkfl just 10 sianip "in nil nu-niory
of that unlucky business, 1 am quite at
your service. Sitj»iir,se yon marry me?
—then you know you'd get the proper ty
, b*Yk  again." (
Jlle looked a I her earnestly ■r tin
spoke, but withoiit the lentSt of a iotfir-
l.ke expression.
Edidi almost dropjied'her book. "What
can have juit such an iilcn into . j tiur
bead?" tihe exclaimed tn prof.iuail
umazenieiit. ■
"\\VJJ, you see,.it's llie besl-jun-t of
Way 10'snow lteatan vou di.11'1 euro a
lap about Imn, .i/id"1t im'gbt make In it
[.toisynori' coinf...itabic fur you: £,0.-.—''
1 "Ion are klft'sjly disposed id siicriflcis
yourself for ny Comfort, Thauli' yon,
Liavlil," A nil she lunglieil merrily, hut
ni.l iitik'lntlty. "WltV ynii ilan't.^afiT'ViS
least  fnr inc."
"l'e,s,,l c|n. 1 am..o.y fond of you,
I ilcn'i liiejiri to .'ay I nil In love. Jl
tiive booujin love" two" dr three Uin»!,
»iid it Wm n desperate*" business ea,ih
time. Now yon see,I'd.like you to. live
with me always.-ibiityon eremelther my
I  hsve too much luggage  for a  cub."
"We'll call Htiolhci-, then. Now gj.
get on yemr bonnet, nnd cay to d-byc
if It's necessary. 1 don't want to ?«'
Miith'.ui Doulilefacc again."
"Mrs. WJriinglon is out. I hardly likei
to leave without seeing her."
!"No«isense." grouped Vlvlvan, 4n h's
harshest tonof ''I'ieliihg oakum 19-al'oiit'
wtint she and her brother dfierire. I
shall not leave yo'.t in this house, nor.
stay any longer In if myself, finny up,
ray Hilin kinswoman."
EiKth was somewhat afraid of David
—his —rivit height, his deep votcc, Id*
lugged manner, made her shrinl; Into
herself. Moreover. _.he kuew (hat any
one looking if. the hare fai'ts of Ine ciis>
would not think her charming lustes,
rjescrv-iug of milch.consideration, though
fflne*/could not rid Iteiscli' of a ttro::g
ilking for her. She comjirdnilscrl ma'-
Kin. however, hy writing a few lines of
adieu which she left In the hands' of tier
maid, and hastily donned Iter outdoor
As soon as Edith had left the room
Vivian aiH'lied himself rigorously to the.
brtl, which - immediately evoked Ih >
rippprlfloh' of Thomas'. *
, "1 say, get. down t'ifs Vivian's boxes;"'
and call another cab; look alive, will
you, and there's for your trouble."
The tip was handsome . cnf.ngh tu
temper ihe siiperciiious er.preiw'on of
the functionary, who responded v.ith a
gracious ''Thaiik'ee, sir," and rot lied to
execute   the   "tipper's"   rnmtnands.
It was with a new sense of safety
and oxulraratton that Edith found lw;-'-
<cll' sitting down to a late ten.- To he
sitting opposite Mrs. Miles ia the old
feiniliar fashion, as If the last conp'e
of mouths had been an ..uiisubstatit'al
dream, was something so amazing anl
dolbih.i'iil that she could hardly per-
simile herself that her ardent dedw
was really fulfilled. She was teiupte.l
every now and then to Caleb hor arm,
or seiie her hand, |p assure hcise'lf thai
It   was   really  her good    friend   in  111.
By degrees she mastered her excltn-
ineDt, nnd Ihey fell Inlo their old ci.n
lid. 1.tail tone. Edilh before she slept
Had told the_wtiolo sleiry of her engage
Bent, and its mortifying conclusion.
Over this recital she »hed no tears, and
tbe inr-ntal exercises seemed to clear h-r
own impressioas, and reveal to her the
systematic deception- practiced on her
in im fullness. The strongest feeling left
in her mind was a conviction that ihero
was something in herself not lovable,
as the man she liked liud avoided hetr
because she showed her liking, and the
uihn who seemed to like her forsook her
with unflattering readiness directly she
proved deficient in those solid attraction.!
which real and perso-iial estates, pr.s^es...
She was glad to take shelter in the
hntnblc haven of ""Mrs. Miles' motherly
coi!ipaniciii«)iip, and thought it won d
b*; long before she could bear tbe
thought of a 'lover. If Indeed she ivjuid
ever helie-ve lo any man's profession':..
Mr*. Miles, who was-niiu-h movid, iverl
u I'.ltk' and blew her  nose a BOfid .lal.
•'.V!'. dear Aliley," ssiid Kdvtli, :.! the
(H>tl 'I lier .-lay. "It y.u had no: ■!'•
/'•-tell Jv..'. I'llllvti! have ItiI llYit'tl it -t'-'id
i.'iil. I .laaild li.ll ll.'rVt !il:'i'c u .l.'.i:
.1  [e^ii! of luyself,'.'
"    "■       '"'•     '"I.    L   , Ijl't      '   R..   ,'.'
eiiled Mrs. .Miles, eagerly. "I iv.-n 1
subtnit to seeni u cold-hcarti-d, selllwi
ct eat ure j I did not deseit you if ny
own free will, lhat yon may be sine: 1
never said a word against my bn her
i»-rVie, but I 11111 vexed with him, umi
you are wiser and older, and won't be
tray me, I have had to obey him. He
has been hard ou me. Vou know I was
left a widow, with 1.11c boy, a dear .sou,
kind and gentle, hut weak and ciejily
led, ami tlie good tlod only knows vhat
I won! through to give him find nt d
clothe* and a little schooling. At last
I was struck down with illness, aud
1I1111 1 was obliged to beg my hrc/ther
for bread. He waan't had, lor b. gave
me a trifle, and set me to look after y u,
My dear child, It healed pny heart lo
have you to love,
"Well, my brother took Jiramie—you
it-member .fimnile?--into his olllce, uud
promised to do for him, out he was ju t
an unpaid errand-boy. One unlucky duy
my poor boy, Who had fallen in with
had ceiuipaniwns, was tempted to try It's
luck at sewne game, :and Won nnd won,
and then lost all,. ■ .loslab had, for a
winder, left sonic gedd «ud notes just
ttislde li!s_iliawer where he wrote, anil
niy, poor, niisgiildftl- boy took some oi
it, thinking'He'would win back' every
ihfng. Tlicii his uncle came in. nils.el
Hie ineu-.cy, follo'vcil ,llt;iuiie, and
ei.ughl him a", play. Ohl II was nu n«,-
fill time!'We'll, li"' uot back Iks n. ney,
for Jim v,as ttiuiting again; but lie-ln-
*!stcd un sending birr, ever so fnr away,
to Unit, io a biillJer tlieie-a very, li anl
plney; hut Jim' hadn't suffered -to 110
jiUifwo, l.t-r p'r-fveiCd; he'WaS gelling
00 • nie-eir,   h(' la'leg  Irtistod  to .pay "ftls1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
men. itini I lu-gau ,1.1-lnrjK'he inlght hnru'l YoB^really'^might'^lif- worse; I'nr not
hiililay inial .loee'eiid'sec ine. itliei j fo yory, ^mjifji pider than.vou,   nor a
l.c^wevef, when Eelitfh inquired kindlyJf   ^^bZV^m^^^iix^^t
he lied been  ill.    "I ve    always been .« -» »i.  ->■ v
bothered with bad headaches," he s—W,   ~
carelessly. ""Someflmes ithey let me Mobs
for a bit, then they come back, torch-
. than evgr. * I have had.one or ^WO fjfulj j    .  ■»        '    r^ ^^^
Ihoifts lrftdy,'and las 1 am dot *FtoM■?$"* ,A'&$£#Sf!*:_.?*1 m*'"  "
spoken to, I keep ont of the way whc.i
fliej come on."
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aro much easier to prevent than to
cure, as many- know, on account bt
long years of helplessness and sufferr
in8' -""! ,   .
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Edmonson, Dates . & Co., Toronto.
To protopt you against imitations,
tho.portrait.ami signature of "Dr. A.
W. Chase, tlie famous ' receipt book
author, arc on every box. »  ■ •
....     ■,- . ■   .-
lime had rolled on, and rhc days were
growing crisp and short.    I-M-iih, though
erself—tho life, of a baby wild nnl-
lecomes 'sometimes' a' tale of blood-
Shed nud tragedy,- Nagged nnd galled
ll-by prison bars, by narrow confines thnt
make exercise Impossible aud by the
excitement of throngs of sightseers,
these nnturnlly nervous and high
strung brutes become overwrought to
n pitcli  where!'they satisfy on uniiat-
to wivir beardi.;l''!iey wero followers
of Josun..  Sinithc'ott.   They did lt iu
imitation of the apostles  and  were
^^^^^^^^^^^       Jeoreil "nt ln'the streets.  George Fred-
Miles, heurttlKy; theh.tfltib.some"Giiuclil_*,'LCrlck   Munti,. one   of- Ihe   first   two
tneU^Wit1 ™.'fiB^' **• ."SeclT-.  ,*^t.   The girl tr«,*
..vr._,   US' ..■_*2?3_,-L'._.t: .ft..:'" nutuilty   which  lmpreased hex   ho*-
.   _-  , ,--. —luui}   -ua_i  impressed
"W*ll, you *«• It was'haril to know   te^s.    Th*  oalr :sUtt*ien *h*  aad.'  lu
tisttf,' nor iny niece,'nor my daqghtef,
so P'*jist? riiarr)' fm if-yBiidclfl't mmd:
flrtnday »nir"l ''"iiioMiiKt' pr* -inc. "ne:>, fo^U^^—^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^
,\ Iw.a.ia-t wr;:-.s. Ii',,iue that lij' )|..s Ji'i.'d-looJt.iig .ejjflp jfftth*;., U|ey(;leH-;imjc
'.'. Itt ..'.'fii'fl', arid'ihiit I rirukf fravc. Vrqi !fl«^iFWe*ii^e"l¥order; 'We.w6ri'il
. lift ..ad fa'.-i .-iiv./r> ln"'sijtie;:.-o'|.w{rn.tj4hnv«,'4ita!f.tf.of-«oacy'!r!'Sd -jniw'fitetl
y'c.fl iiftilit ''ay or nhi. • I vvonld pot inr&„■; ofr*Kieh pthcr, .lNow jti«t- tMuk It ovor.!1!
.11,11 ctlc-n 'lie th'i en toned t« wtitc,'- ol) £\\ .' ,!'Y.oii'ore.,TOfX«_lnd," raid KdDTi, still'
lliul* employers and •warm them tint to,, inughihg. ■'■'$. :never thouglvt ^fcy ens
'.ri,n   Mm  with cn.»h,  us he  ffii«   n   tic'   would   b*   n   accomraodatltig.     ■ Hut  I
Miitcriinl   Si.lrtl.
Among the huge engcBof thec.irulv-
orous  animals—Ihc  11 Ihe   tigress,  the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ treacherous t^Pliplt fooTert-;jeio^*i'dess
thankful to be at peace,. and'sSre «;ltlij«a^d frequently ev'eji^tbe-generous lion-
her good  old   friend,   Was  consoiou*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
a   slight  inenotohy.    She  was ashamc!
(0 -acknowledge  how   much she   rnlsseil
Mrs.  AyininBton's 1. right,' amusing' com"
paidnmship,   her. llglit.'livei.v'   till!-,   ^'.la]
did  not  care  for exciters ont, .but  srme"
thii'g of variety she did^ueed.-
.   Ill   spite   of   her   regretful   rnnvl tion
th.'|t   Maitland   wns   a   conceited   cox-
cornb   she   found   herself often   looking
back  to certajn conversations wilh  hinj.
Which had given her infinite pleasure.
PjiT  strong,   dark   fa re     .".ml   gru've
tivti't   snilie  came  before    her   meoitat     	
vi.-ie.ii far uiiu'c frrjiiueiitly than tlMj.y pea.!".- tucwlufi ..plnlutlVQly. with tight
no*, though she always clinsed tun.' B,1U, ,.yes nnd groping In the darkness,
thm intrusive image, and hoped she llimisiirids'of thoro havo boen boin be-
pifet not eneninitc!' e.t'ter again. ,, fl   fa    b       of menagerio cages--no
Qli  the whole  slie was    pleased  and   „    ,.   „ ,,,   ..   '       ,   ,,   _ ,.    , ,,
chei',,'d„ when .one -veaiittg, on returning   tnU" '   VI-i'l 'i0/'0 JL' '"IIS: "il
ffom n'drive with Mrs. Miles'and Vivhid mostfreqo.^tly thelrresJionslWe, cragy-
he suddenly -exclaimed, ''It's dull amd UlQtliprs pouuee upon aud devou^ them
Slrehrv here now; whv should you stay or els0 lnjiihs them beyond hope of re-
liny "longer?' EiRth "tool.-s like a gho.st, TOVCry. WTiflrf-riie W«efrfmness rfrrtl n
She wants n seff-hrceae; ' that's wha< pitchfork of a keeper succeed In resell-
wi'tild brace her up. What do.you sayJi Ing one*of these kittens, lt Is given In
Where will ytui  go?-77tlrere are lots olfthacgo of some.big mother dog, which
ICaeliuime   ..1   I umi.llliif i.la,        ■''
,; A villager sexton In a I'ennsylvanls
town, In nddltlcin to Being gravedlgger,
acted us ft stonecutter, curpeutcr and
furniture mover. The local doctor, hay-
ttig decided to locale lu nnother county,
employed the sexton to assist in removing his household goods. All went
Wei,! until It catne. toecttlement, when
tlie doctor deducted an old account due
by the sexton. He wrote at the same
jirao objecting lo the charge-made for ■
removing his .furniture, using these
words: "If this was steady It would
pay much better than gravodlgglng.".
I in a few days buck.cnine this reply:
"Indeed, I would be glad of-a steady
Job.  Grnvedlgglng Is very slack since
ural   cannibal. appeUte  on  their  owu
llesl'i a iu I blood. _______i____i____aBB_a
1.1ko little utmilios of sunshine the I *ou,   ieft   tlla   maV^
kittens of these feroclouS brutes np-   | ' 	
places.    Jtvst give nie y»ur' eemhiit. ds
I'll look out quarters for you."
"I c   would  be   very,  very delightful,"
said Edith with, a sort of soft enthnlewm
that (iwas1.-vevjrj oliaipi^ig    in'-her.    "I|».
never saw'tho sea.   Shall we gn, Miley, pr
deer?" '■ r 3 stj     Jfv
"Oh, by all means. It's » good
thought, Mr. Vivian; this dear r/liild
Wan,ts a'esliangc eoreiy."
"When, shall It be? I was 4oira at
Brighton the other day, and it's' just
* bit of London on, the son. H«r»'j
an old railway book; let's look at th*
advertisements—Scarborough, ,I,'.andud-
no, Ilfracomhe. They 'are all too far1; I
want to. run ,un aid down, foo, I have
fces'to. do.hi Tionjon sfjlrj anel'Jl want
to look alter you tat the some time. I
think I am of some U3e."
,,'.'! am sure ,1- don't kpow   tvjiftt   ws
ould do without you," ejaculated Sirs.
Adopts the stranger und yours him*.
■ Now nud then, however, some strong,
healthy,   intelligent   member' of   this
Lferoclous family ceases to worry and
"ret at captivity, and,' the' maternal In-
Unct cropping to the foro, tha enroof
a titter of cubs becomes a welcome relief from tho stern monotony pf prison L   "TwinA" ntisworwd the man who had
llfe.-A. W. Hojkaj' lu McQluro'g. .        j been through it
she ventured to suggest. "What do you
•ay to S&uth»ea'i It's bright and lively
with., ships and soldiers, -and the sloani-
trs to the Isle of Wight. I used to'he
there in' my poor husband's'time; ho
was an engineer on board one of the
troop 'tfiipa." , •
* "I ttthts. It might do very  well; It Is
within  two hours ot town.      I'll  run
down  to-morrow   and   see ' what
The Best af Three t
After, a criminal ease In which Sir
jFraiik Ix)cl;wooil had secured (in uc-
Jiulttnl for the prisoners, Lord.Bramp-'"
ton, then Sir Henry Hawkins, privately^
'eougi'nlulateil hliu'on the excellent v. ny
In which he hrid condiieitcd the man
I Bntl remnrked eRin*lRlly On ths 'Ollbl
thnt had been established. "Yes,* Was
tho characteristic reply, "1 thought It
was pretty good—nuyhow, the best of
the threo I had offered to me!"—Golden
j Penny.
 1 ,      .
Un Knew night OB.   -
]    "Ah," sighed tlio wretched Mr. New-
pop, "what can be more wearing on tho
j nerves than u baby Unit cries nil night
When lieartl. Were.Barren.     ,  -<.-
Iii the early part of tlie last century j opposition: "     "" "•
u.s'oclal tyranny prcvnlled which re-      A certain rtmofiut of opposition 18 a '
gitlfded tho beard rig'an outrage, says ' great help lo u man.   It is what ho'
an Erjgflsli wflte|V At ono time onPy ' wants-anil must have to be good.for-
four men !u Kli'iiiinghiiin had courage     anything.    Ilurdaliii'S   nnd   opposition -
Dre Hie native soil of iniinhood,and 6elf .
tnerabers elected in Birmingham, was
"the first member who ventured to wesir
n iieiiid In tlie houso of ecminoni, and
be would have been Insulted hud ho
not boon a powerful iuiiu and carried a
'heavy Malacca ou no, which ho was
known to apply to any one who offered
 Jilra a personal affront.  The'lrev. Ed-
it'3]tuiind n. Larken. of. Burton rectory,
^iear I.incolrf, Wus the first clergyman
'A great; friend of mine," resumed ]\that wns nshtte an 1852)wlio appear-
Mrs. Maes. i"usetl to keep a very su-|'edln Ihe pulpit with a heard, but lie
parlor bqarding estubjishnvjafe^cwftcd I shaved the upper lip as an apology "for
Eaattncy w,ay-a beauUful house wUih a the audacity of his chin. George" Daw-
conservatory, lu its own grounds   loo   B0„ wag the flrSt nonconformist prawn-
*£ bt!*„r_h___ ■w-.-'SS.i'.^T"*.*   « wh0 dellwrcd * ssrmon in a full
ye^riS ofherf rlf X % \ '•>-"—" "* ^ ^17?
^^^^^^ ■■■■    I taken In both ciisos as an nnmlstak.
aide sign of l.ititjidinarlanism. In doctrine. In tho bank cleric or the workman it was wot.se. it was fiat lnsub-
erdluntion not to shave ,
Our duty 1, In be useful not accord- '
log to our desires, but according to our
„.,* 1>r. _ Vinlel
'1'liu Three (iod* of the :"n|.tlalinian.
Tho   Eoglishuimi   Is   the, lust   man .
among civilized races to be nn artist,
n milsl.'Int'i or n poet, but he Is the first
to be  a  gentleman.   An  Englishman'
thinks coldly, loves coldly nnd fights
coldly, but be gets Ihefe just tlie same.
Utile is nlwnys a fascinating smooth-.
ness about him, nud he worships threo
gods—bis ting,  Ids trade and  his top
bat-Sydney Bulletin.
her address, Mr. Vivian; you might in
quire .aboi|.t her-i^df she l^j."^' sKve
she'll- * rem'ember met,' Hei* "venns are
high; but there's every comfort."
• "Pli, we needn't put 00 the screw,"
iretumed David, who, though ready to
exact the last farthing from Dai gun,
■was lavish in his own. expenditure, and
In providing any luxury or amusement
for the kinswoman he bad taken under
■his souiowhut tryrannico) protection.
"Will you give me a glas. of milk and
scda. water," he continued, "and write
the address for. me V Put a line of In-
troducticm in an envelope, that Is your
best plan, I shall start curly to-niorrotv.
Toll your landlady here you will lonVe
^within the week, I'll settle you pome-
'Well,  yon   are  bb»tt!inl«i!n,'i    cried
...   "but
I',.  **
UlaierV .>9l*Bk
'   "Not  quite,"  returned    Vivian,
tl is is tiic host drink of all."-
'I* Southsen n prciiy place?'
'Edith, eagerly.
"Weil, It has  a. beautifui    sen,  snd
tiew of the Island opposite.   It Is tlat
|.enough, but die  air  is  delightful,  anl
It's so live'v." " ,,
"Well, I'll .report to you the day after
to-morrow;  so  good   night   to   you.     I
swill bo off early to-morrow; ond We will
(nii.ke all araugemests    when  1    cum?
' bock."
"Hpw ,Veri klhd he |*l",»rl*d (idilfc,
Wtcn he had left.  "I wish——"
I' "Wfcat, tny-6>at>~.wliatl'do'y'o«j #'»*"
"I wish I weio not *o afraid of l.im
rometime*.    Wh~a  he • walks   op  and
Ahl that** offlty wliqh'iiis poor bt-.i
h^d been bed... I'm sure he would do
unythlng on '*arth for yon."
Dadef David Vj^Tlaa'S snergetic' gu-jd-
ance-(binge were soon .In ■ .train for
Edith's cfiiJig* of abode. ' He,, had sue-
c-ceded lu finding Mrs. Miles'' old friend.
She "wns sfill Ihe proud proprietor of a
{re*y successful' fcoarding catalilisjimeat,
and waa highly pleueed at the. idea of.;
receiving Mre. Miles and her charge.
U_o libeml arrans^ments of Jlr.'Vivhtu
met her entire approval, and a few days
saw Bditfa end.her chaperon fettled Is
Mrs. Packer'* ■ to-mfortabl* 1 tnacsiou—
trrtUaiaar Ho us*.
•     , ■
, The  Native.  Hnd  Scru_i 1,.-..
There Is mi'nrtiitsing story told aliOut
an old time south sea trader, no had
been iu iho hnblt of carrying nil sorts
of tinned -meats, w.Ueh , the natives
bought, wilh avidity. Each tin was
branded with ri colored picture— n caw
for beef, n sheep for mutton and u
fish for mirdlnes.
It hitppencd that the ilrm who furnished the mutton thought it a good
plan to.change their labels, thst their >
Their Climate.
"Vour cllmalo can't possibly be a*
damp ns ours."  .     ,   .
."Tldnk iiot?"
,"N6. Indecil. Why. oiu ciluiaic Is so
dninp we'never raise rinythllig but
umbrellas':" • '
"Rut nuis is so dump we here, think
Of raising umbrellas. They're always
up."—Philadelphia Press.
. tnrcformed. sai
"1 was really surprised attjie dluuer |
last nlghl," said Mrs. Oldcastlc.   "Your
husbaiiil Is qull'c n raconteur."
"1 Icimw it. The doctor told Joslah
years ago tlm{ he'il Bluff Himself fo
death, but ho Just cuts nwny US' hearty
os ever."—Chicago rtooord-Hcrald. '
*.._.   wi.        ,   ,__. .    —-   ._._._ goods inlght be more easily dlstingulsli-.i
(Mm. Mttcs, admiringly, ■a't-sln, hitoitedj Ccl from others.   The mark chpson was !  , ■    ' 'A»r?1
•about to get hlin tho.ffeverugo he InVtk-'      „j d 4 ' je lRi,., uli
:ssked for.     'Jou  are    almost    a  tee-      T|l. nJyeg with.their copra to
trade as'awital.i'Wheiielv 'tins-worn
shown them, but they recoiled with hor-'
ror and gave the trader to understand
that they had hnd some religious instruction anil were not to ,b». deluded J
Into eating tlnued devil.
Tho trader was forced to eat his
stock of mutton 'himself, for not a unlive could bo ficreua'dod fb touch tbe
accursed thing/     '■■'    -' ■'   *•■■ !'■'-
Sin Is Iiovt-J-  hVilb-il   I'.V  lii,il..-.flt„',   Lt
. .  •     • ~ l
ut   illi-   li,   l.i,,,'..   all   o,|
.     -Going; Ual've*;"
Eddy Customer On bookStbre)-01ve'
mo s coyy of "Romeo and Juliet"
Clerk—Yes, miss. A dollar and shelf,
please. .   •   '
Lady ,0u .Lomcr-l And I've only got
down sod eeeau.lws^.a.s^iaafltel ^'f^J^£$ m° "ttora60'"-et.
tar aw»> that dfapi&ses him." ^ Psnl PforleeNPi-ess.
One of War'* Evil., '
'Jlrs. Henpeek (vlsltlnff herfflrat *us-
bnhd-B grave)—Yes, bore- lies a. hero-
You would nbt be my husband today
bad bo not been killed In tho war. .
- Mr. Henpeek (flcireely)— Yes, what a
^ly-yar'ajB-l       '"    \,   • ,..•:!
.' ."ill at' **i_ • a BtHiogssJ.
I Some meu havo such queer Ideas of
things that they buy their tray Into
public olllce for the purpose of being
"honored at tbe hands of their fellow
citizens."—Bxcb.ng*.     .... ...
Don't try cheap cough medicines. Get the best. Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral, what a
record it has, sixty years of |
cures! Ask your doctor if
he doesn't use it for coughs,
colds, bronchitis, and all
throat and lun_ troubles.
"Iba-« fnriS that ay.rt CliMrtPlrtrtrai 1
U th» bwl «a«Udn* I eal ssMCrlb. f.r bfou- ■
iSak,M*.nj*. -   j. o, atsj oo..
IlTdni.iij.ll, *__ I,ow«U,  Man.
m   *"' '     ' tor.»»»-*w**sae-»-
Correct amy tendency to constlp
tlon with small dose* of Aye7'o P(l MOUNT  r-LKASANT ADVOCATE
MOtiNT PLfiASANT-A&VGGATfrU  ~~ _vrpiaw«*r
_.r,..- —r„- -'-—■■ ' ■ - j    International courtesies are to he ob-,
_r am.*it,„KD   Jfn     ?       '. "ry0(1 •Yen',il «SroputaMe«tafpssijAa.,
'   "   ' SR' B: °   , .    Jpsiah Fly nt, wM has shared the eo_i-
"satki fjiny of Thim^»».fti order to procure'.
[       .Ti. E ^wIAI£WL*iai_K*
I data as to their methods of living, re-
•"Nates »an ]_Bta-c» • of- true- politeness
ui. immau.c-  rower on the  Wloe ! tTom one ot that unsavory brother-
nml  Hia tack of Voice. hood.    He says In  "Trumping Wltb
In Holland the nests of storks are   Trarrfbs:"
generally on the summit of a talhpost, |    "In .Glasgow a fellow vagabond did
put upon purpose for them, on which j me agoed •turn.    We were walking
is fixed an old cart wheel. Suy* aii
English' writer: "A Dutch gentleman
of my aeiiunlnttHicc bus oue-such post
In his grounds within sight of Bis library window, but he Improves on the
cart wheel, by having an iron framework fdr the repoption of the nest The
first year It wns put'up, toward' tlie
end of June,-a solitary young--stork.f'Stop! Pf yon don't,there'll ben fight!'
used to conld daily-and Inspect this. "'Eet's run,' said I, 'If you really
framework.    .5 sftw hlin there.myself
one day, standing in the qpipty.rcOttp.>;
tnele exactly like a would be Ilenedlct
Inspecting an empty house, contemplating the view and wondering lf the
drains nro ahhrlght. The verdict wiis
apparently favorable, for next season
saw tho nest occupied by the newly
along the street, when three town
tramps came along and 'guyed' my tat
My companion noticed lt, and I told
him I bad Buffered In that way before.
Then he turned sharply about on the
scoffers and thundered out:
'"Whe're you Iookln nt?   Ef you're
ttyln. to guy this _iins% you'd better
wedded pnl»; Their powersof wing-is f^n'"*8 Dre,ty much your own way
very Hue, and on hot days 1 have
watched them •ftsdemlihg Spiral- circles,
hardly- moving- their broad, black
wings, till they have looked no bigger
than files. After the young nro hatched they epriehr to be suspicious of "one
another audi unwilling to leave" to*
nest unguarded."
Storks have no voice. '('lie only noise
they make Is "klnppcrlng" (snapping
their great ret] mandibles rapidly and
loudly). .Thus fliey greet oue another,
generally, by throwing brick the head
until the upper -mandible rests on the
back, but occasionally "ltlappering" is
performed with the head and bill In
the former position,.
A  l'l-iictlcal  Demon.triitlou.
•;    "See  thi*~^qlse."  said   the,officer,;
; i'Yoji wtldklvkys Baye-ti^eii-tb£* be-
■ fbfojtprnkg IQ16 ffKicel;
; er,' |yjciuhy--yb*ii --fafl. to*
got no water,"    ... -   . -
'&Ve,.ftye?Bir,'''»u'ld the sailor, stand"
log tit attention, with a awloum.look.
The officer, -fearing Unit ht» explaua-
..tloninlght not be uiiUcrstfibi., sjcppetl
under the shower nud turned on both
So*r8*-';otie' hud'. oROhefl, the lowei
vnlve; and Wher.- the .young'.'officer
opened, Jhe faucet:* the wntoipVcpme
down tUfongh tlio HbWpr In a ^jwugc,
snaking .his. uBirotc.i.' ^ g"   -
80,11 stiindiiig nt attention aniivith
tfitV'moSr respeottijl.' lbpl£_ptJitiuyr$rt in
ihe -proceedings "of his StipeiMor .officer/
1 ho Sailor watched' the- prWcfictvl' demon-'
strfitlbn of'.tbe. working of tlie fniicets,
never allowing-u smile to cross his face.
"I think I understand the workings
t>f,lt uow, sir,", ho said'.' ... ...
■      __iM___ , 1    j ,
Shoe.. v-
• Considerable dlffctS-'nce will be found
la the wearing qualifies of two pairs
of shoes, of the same quality and make
worn by different persons. Shoes worn
continuously In the house and outdoors
will novor give ns much wear as If
worn one day nnd left to rest a titty. It
saves money to wear cheap house shoes
within doors a.nd let the shoes worn
outdoors rest aiutgejadntii shjlpe. Keep
an old pair ot,shoes- to wjfer Under
lubbers. fThe perspiration of the feet
which India rubber excites ruins good
leather. Select Strong ! calfskin^ and
keep lt well oiled In winter for outdoor
wear. Low shoes are better for house
wear, because they permit of ventilation. Tbe bund, 1. free, from many
of the Ills of the foot partly because
of Its continuous exposure to the air.
mean that.
:" 'Not mucbJa.J'm English, you know,
and I can knock out any Scotchman.
that comes round. I'm In the mood for'
It right now."
"The town vagabonds took him at his
word arid left. Then I "said to him,
'You  English. fellows seem  to  have
. f 'Yes,' said her 'wa English fellers
know how to bluff. We've been blufiln
the world now for nsrood many year*.' I
"'You forget'the United States!' .1,
could net-help Interjecting.
„• "'Beg pardon,.rank.' said he. 'Beg'
pardon!'" ,.   ■
1 ■_     r        -*—.
IieoefS.nl Mnn."
Tw6J men'were standing together In a
postoffice. One of them happened to
notice that a postcard' held In the fingers of tbe other was addressed to the
holder., -i .
"Why, what does this mean?" hs
asked. "Do you address letters to
"In this case, yes,"
was the answer.
Sw^ne, other,
d tho.luir
k-tfhere w
er sit
a'ecuUnrltte. of Woim*,w
Many creatures supposed to have
some of their-"senses missing" are not
so Insensitive .as. pijCpie oftt-n 'think.
Worms have neither, eyes nor ears and*
yet are sensitive to light and mushr.):
(vide. Darwin's "-Earthworms").. -A,
nlticbottle. In spite of not having n'
nose, finds out a piece of bad meat,
easily enough. In short, many of-'the
lower animals contrive to see, Jjenr,:
tasto or smell, sufficiently-,for.-thelfpur-
poso- aad often In n high%^c.e,-without being iibleHo point to ^wft'y-' special
organs of these seuses in ;hij;T. "bodies,
and to suppose they are devoid.of a
sense becaase' wo are'- uu«bh».to.rU,rs.
cover lt to frequently to confess our
Plant Thnt Felen.  Death:    ' '
in Rotith America there is a plant
.a species of immoirc, wifTch reeorts-.to
death feigning, evidently for the purpose of preventing; gruss eating a.ul-
mals from eating it-'In* Its natural
.late thto plant has a vivid -green hoe,
but directly'It is touched by.a liumrtn
linger or by any living animal it col-,
lapses Into n tangle of apparently dead
uud withered stems! Among British',
wild plants tlm most -sensitive to touch
it tho Iusect(voroos-Tiuudew'bl l^ngS
11x8 bogs.—London Globe.  .V
"That's funny.1
jqyelL_not so
" .....= . -y side,"
taf-'show-*;    He heft lt up.
it yw».:-vr1«17l*atl:-«il'other*''t»li....
.a meeting .of the 1. 0. O. g(.i!B-.Nfc
88T, at the bnll'ifonlght to^trtinsact
special business. Members.uot present
will be flnod $10.   J. fl., secretary."
"Yes, but 1 don't exactly catch on."
protested the Innocent.
"Oh, you dou't? Well,, .1 got (tho
cards printed myself. The society *!s
alia myth. When I-want to go out of
nn evening;;.I dU-etttine'of.jhese cards
to my bouse, i reach ■ librae; and my
wife liaiids It to' me with- n sigh. I
offer to stay home and stand tbe fins
of 2 guineas,, but of course she won't
allow that.'* Thafs'iJll.'fhy friend, except that the. tjcheme I* worked by
hundtfcus\of Q^Jrl'afltT' tb,8 poor, deluded Wives haven't tumbled to If
yet" - -
Unexpected Onpovltlon.
While Lord Kitchener was engaged
In suppressing the Pdcska rebellion he
ordered the destruction of a'.certain
farmhouse. Not seeing any signs of
his orders being carried out, he rode
over wltb his staff and found an Interesting situation.
Iii the doorway of the doomed farmhouse stood a pretty young Dutch girl,
her hands claspiug the doorposts and
her eyes flashing fire from beuoath bar
dainty sunbonnet. The Irish sergeant
-In charge of tbo party of destruction
■wa| vainly ejftleay.orlng. to persuade
hor to let them pass'In, but to all his
blandishments of "Ar.ah durllut, wlsha
now, aonshla." etc., the maiden turned
a deaf- ear*and a deadlock prevailed.
Kitchener's sharp "What's this?" put
a climax to the scene.    "     - .
The "girl evidently guessed that this
was the dreaded chief of staff, and her
lips trembled In spite of herself,
Kitchener gazed .sourly at her, standing bravely though tearfully there, and
turned to-his military secretary. "Put
down," he growled, "that the commander's orders with reference to the
destruction of nightman's farm could
not be carried out owing to unexpected
opposition. Forward,...gentlemen."—
London News.
IIcadaehM,  Pain* Eaally   Acooont.il  «-or
ana Functional Derange—i.ut. Make
LU* MlMrable.
Throughout the length nnd breadth
of Chimila there are thousands nnd
■Uiou.sttiulH of grateful people wboi/id-
niit Hint t,hcy owe. . henlth und
strength to tho-nse oi' Dr. Williams'
Pink l'ills mid who. speak always—
.as they slioutd.do—In teni'i.'i ot warnt-
cst prnlso of this medicine. Among
the ninny friendii Pr. AVilliama' Mnk
Pills hitve: iiiaiic there m perhaps
none mora enthusiastic In speaking
of the I'iiiw than Mrs. Kdwarel Atche-
.'1011. en' .(.IrtuigoviJJe. Out., who fur
two 5'onrs sufiored iutensely. but nt
last iounil a cttt-e tlirlbuglr*tno,use of
this remedy. To a reporter cii_the
Oraiigovijlr" Sun, .Mrs. Alcheuon said:;
"Three ycsvi's rtgo' 1 bochrne* Very
rmicti run donvut' JI.V. aiipai 1W alrtjust
vanished, I grow, pale, VM subject to
headaches, olzzineB.s, ptilpltatlcn of
tho hear!, ru«i it riiifrhig, noise in the
en.rs. 1 trieel sevel'iil ineiHcines, but.
ihey'did' not Holp'wv', nml I W.8 ron-i
Bat|UCailly ltiuclt doprfeBcel hmlifoiired
1 wiis tloomod tn go throiigh'-lli'e ;t,
chroinT: iTivnlld. • (tnu .dny -1 i*af!*l*e
cure en' u woumii whose .symptoms
were lilmeist IdcVitfcm with iny own,,
(hrounh. Hn-. .ufis.-'oi. lit-. ^Villinins'
Pink Pills. 1 sett! for a box, und l>y
lite ti'nie !V' «'ii. tihished I wos stifti-
I'iiHtUy, i'iicnUi;iW!i''d.,io f>HUjl lot:. ,a.:i-
other, and so on, until 1 had taken'
■six -boxes,- whrtf 1' ivn'sl.'i 'erferj' Sense
of the. u-orel 11 different {.cirsoid Kierv
symptom of my lute illnet-'s had vnn-
Is'hed, mill! Vrts ■oh'cu'-'more ennbled
to look tifteraiiy. 'hiiuwheild elirtics
with old-time henlth and vijiov. 1
feel thtit'l'btv'e fiU'thl.i to l!r. IVH-
liauis' Pink iPills^sifld'J- chccttully. ro-
commet'.il theiti 10 other weak am.
siifloriiig-WOmriliV'''" '
•Pr. .WHmerits'.Pintod'Ul3-.aiic-a!H'Cul
blessing to..uIl .went, weury ivpnicii
Tliey lmifd up'the Blood urra cUre'da
the functiohtil ills • .fi-ernli\rhlch--.."S«
many wmtie-n sulfer in siienco. Thest
jiills may lie had from nn.v drtuftifst
or will Im sent-by-nuill ut 50'cents a
lipX, 01; six boxes for Si-jo by, writing tlie Dr. Will lams''Medicine" Co.-.
Dreickville, Ont. Remomber that sub
stltutos^ceuincit. cure, and see Uiul.thc
full name, "Iir. Williams Pink Pills
for Pole IVofrle," is' prihleST on the
tyrapiMir aro.und each box,     .        ,
Maclennan Bros.,
Tautraom. UVA ■   P. 0. Box iss
Helntyra Block, 304,  Winnipeg.
Wheat and grain of all ktudt. Car
I-oftd Lot. a Sprrlnfly. liefiTlar ad-
ynnc. on Bill, ujt Lading;.
Write or wire vri for Tracli lilda, or
Con.l^u Vour Grain to n>, which we
will sell for your ticeontil, oa yoar,*!!-
proval to highest-bidder*
On (he piitlea-Mt fureiH..
"Tommy," • asked   his   grandmother,
"why would ypti rather be a llltle boy
-tbaii a,,uuie gjsl.'r"   .... .,..._. >._. ..  ,  |
"Ilecausc, grandtua," replied Tommy,
- "4'_ rs ihor iKieW/spW tbftn«.e ..'wawuaKiiLii _■ ms -a^JOfJ ~. '■"
The maiunia, Ujis to tnke eare of the '<» •">«» «.il !!».<•»■..>.»,n.
children,'but lite papa Just goes to the
olllce."    -'""  *
Defer" AJiooiirteii fr'ov.,^   .*■
"Rome WHsn*!; IniHt In a day/ )rou
kubw." :'   ."..''    "-'   *"   '.'.-,.
Slnco our last week's review there :
hns been smno adva'in.e in Ih6*wfr0a1 !
markets brought ulxiut pi'lucipajlj! by
renewiii of rumors of war between
Russia!, and Japan. Tile negcTttfltions
between, these power:) nere understood to hnve arrived at a more critical stngo on Saturday last, nnd the
reports wero seized on liy the Araerl-
ican speculative markets,and tlirouijii
the covering by shorts ami 'the con-
'tta»e*l»buj*lnif by-bulls a *p»*t» rtf»*c
ijc took, place. -Upmluy brotighl a
calmer  view  of  tho situation  again.
beginning to he more gfeiierally^i^ogi-j  part of the lime.   1 tried many inotl-*
___- ^,^^a_-_.. __ —-—-r ^—'—!-F*>t!l'       '**-Ja.,.,   --.a — .«a-im.i____li.   I* l,ll *l*w*,l
<aJ..od tlicvt the world'*"'- triumi «u,,',:.: Ichfs, wjUiout    gottliig    airy boneljl, ■ .-.       1|gfc        • ---  f     -§■ '»    t ijU      A
mn &^*&$»$ ^fi*,tss;8a.w -..« J,,, Z>o_^rirh «r ^*&k \
iiig»Jiir.«iwi»*calaa-ai!tk-Ai^fei*«»ian Md    "' ''' '"        '  ''     ' " '      '
tlie genernllv gojid nrospocts Uy tjie
"Muter ci-bp TCf next year. The'move
—Kuno FlSC-hor, the eminent histor-
la.i of pliilosopiiy_.hiis nt'last been
obliged to give up his professorship
In Hoidelbei'g.. If. ia in His oicb-tioth
yeur, mid' hiis been' at -rieiaclbet-'g
since 1S7!.' ■-, .. - "  [lit        ....
tni.tia »»ic»ui,' j'tetwi"mi ■ .    I
supplies. The weather in Argentina
cont-mues soVhcWltiit uitscttfel fi.it
hnrvest. |.irotri'osses nnd- ihepi is no
word of serious ilatnnge.
'-'Mairtrtiba- wheat is rl'uil f.ui "'.c'ndv.
pn* 'Wiursdny^ prices - were : No, 1
-lortbcrn, 79c; 2,northern, .7^; •) ijl)r-
thern, 73c;' Nn. .) ' uiient, 'fijc! fee-d,
j'.Jcj. feed J..0. 2... .liJc,.;sjiot or ,l)eej
delivx't'y; uii prices are fui' Vn store
Firii>V'-R''«i,i1ior.Port Arthur.
1 . i   r<r—       h I
w.ivkipeu   Jor.niNt; phiceb.
*      ... . . ..  -. a   ,
Thjo 'oliowing at" llie . Winnipeg
lobfi'bg |irlct«':—
Flour—Ogilvte's llttntsaiiun Patent,
'2-35 Per sack, of ,'< p.oipidjj; -, Jfihor
tfatlos ni.'Cortlin.t;ly.
Oats—No.'2 white. -1 Jc in cm', lot.-);
19 to 30 for   fed c;r., des; at country
■■■* I'ceivitig iljOir' ■
rSDatle-y—Malting  grailt's,   1(7 lo   Jfflf
.XlllO   .t.EXBini.ia   ^lOTiTF,!!
; When iitHe -hh'es- ft en 1.1 rtrtiisoiiolfcle
inrithcr lie. longer• ■ .dosbs-UjCiu „with
nauseous, griping ".'piii-gdttros, riot,
puts-them to sieeii" with 'tho:se>'e'nlle!d
"seiothina;'J; prcpfiratli-in's which always contain harmful .opiates, ftahyla! I
Owii 'i'abletV.h'ai-rj li'eon used by tliott
sands oA mothers viliorc.ioeri'ully testify that they are gentle in thoir action;' nhsolirtely'' safe.' and make-little
ones, tdeop »i«ni\cil,v ,;»nd. antni.nlly
because thoy reniovo llho IroiiblolhaI
mc\dc'bn!'\- ii-HtnhfV lirid walcofiil. On
tJUs: point Jb's«!/J.'. ,:H'a.tsoni jHorsliinld
Ont., SOVS :—"I havt; used Uaby'Jf
Own ThiSTntk 'fthd'-'fliid theiti ii Veo
viiliiablo'inodicino for young children.
When baby is cross or fretful I give
her a. -Tablet,' and It'sobu luit'cfiier
right.""    • ..        : :
'1'hese Tablets cure, nil ,Uio minor
aiimoiW of Tittle, one's. They are-
good for- nil children from birth, onward. Sold by,.medicine dealers Ar
sent by iiniil fit' 25 tout, n box by
u'ritiirK- tho. Pr..- ..WillinniR Medicine
0(1.,   ProekyUhv,  ant._ '
It Met Ilenuirenieiil..
r Oharies Hoyt, tho farce, writer, once
ittvlted; 41 friend to go to the .theater
with him.
"What play?" quttled his Irlorfd.
"Nat Goodwill, in "Nathau Halo,"'
said: tha day wrl'ght
"I'm very sorry," said the frlen.,
"but.yQnUl have to count mo out."
" "What ii vTie' matteri* asked Hoyt in
surprise. , ■
"Well, to be frank with S°u> l don'l
like Nat t^oodwln In anything. I hate
him -per .bouUy an* can't onjby ^ifm as
an actor, nocl, ns far.as I art c6nceroir
ed, l-'wouldn'ttoliuT'seelns blm dead-''-
■•Then this Is.yon. play,".slyly nddadr
Mr. Ho'yt-ln his rie'cullar Yankee dla:..
lect   "Vou don't want to miss It Tbiiy
hang hl'm in'lhe last 8&W-3News I.et-
,'ter;'',.., -.';,   :...-. -^ ■•'  •     '"' ;
,'.'      ■ , r-—    . '1   :1
Too Prim Wive,'■,,..,.• .     -.■
"No! Maria; I can't go to church uutll.
I.possess.a high hat aud a frock cost."
•"Noneemw. ThlSRif Vhoajirluiltlvt?
failiers of *h» fal-fii. and thelr-jhuiUbJe
altars."-"' iff /",.•-' / *   •''"'"■,- '■''.
"R ahould thlnsVyt/Utd blush to'mention them, Mitrls./'If 1 went to cliurdb
as a primitive father, they'd -send rue
home lu,. nn organ, pipe;"—Cleveland
I'mftiDeaTei'.  -.....-■ ^^;-'
"Rev "Jairios" Wliyttui' Aelamu, the
p.nly • e'lergymnn ; «;ho' eycr wbii the
Victoria Creitjrt, lias )dt!tf"dlod. .ln-l.rig-
Innd. lie w'o'jv it :iliirlng 'Roberts'
.narcli to- Kaocinhar^-rfiseiuinf.. t,vfo
ivnunded I.ancors tinder.tho fire of t^ie
oneiny ■•-.'..   '-'i*f* >, i .
Miss BctMh^l^'^eto^ov:p»er''klss '
appointed |nip^'?.,'.'t"''  '-.•.• s'' ;-•
"Ahl It was mil uhuptlcr a govern: .
Miss   Sentiment-two   aud   a   fcnlf
:^ld^er4,W'.'4wl4 bwr-   s*^?U..
^'^rjemp^' v.,ifrk:■ _; *'• ^w^-^
J/^__?ti,::-'[ '■ ■■-    • ' ■'■ ;^»T^Abj,ei^Wira^bTS aiwayi boa-.-   ..'• .
■jeAM-re,;...-!,.     :'f-,.nrnh.t.-r.hercv.^h.tefl.is-   t-.* " % - •    \: A;
• ■
:The manager jijjjfS'^ie ^ngageil '
forty chorus girls. In lvvent*'7mluufi$?
-VOrnclous. but.ljolil.flulck at flgiiw*."
.   (.
■"< ,.'.|ffv ;
Irarnpe. sjvhcrever hi $#**
a baslimaifs<flra,is'e}rber_)d to OfJrna
' ■. I.   '' '.     ,        .'   . Ijfcfldbiinc.BS..?""-"'" ;     "'»   *r\
•*•»'lie* Weiatfoa.   '     "i'.'l   a. e-iaadps*j^Mls»*wAiiwriaB*Pb    - :
Is your wife a.club woman, MUnVr*'*n*f Vouhg noilsewrfB ftiulHislrssittoiiW*)—
'Nrnfl*/ tlfe like* of tbot'eo.M   She ■ .t.^- hhnsiCftiiis' like" bloeBirbi'k. i    _. ,
use* a«atlroa, ebr.'''-^DbWott Stel   .   oid.Housewlfe-.Bo doos.|fll|ie. Ivnt I
-Presa.mi -1 ' at'      •■        •-never look to see whether lU-o.clow la
';.■■■"'_'.    .„'"■„.,-*. •'.■     -  keeping good tlnift.qr not
k< *l ... ■ „  ,',  Bill T
,    _. XUk. ,\|ce TIiId*; tie 'safil.
•Tlii t'trit gn'-eii 'to P.iiiWi'y.^ilrawled
I don't inuke a point to
mn saiii'adMi*>«i'ii(-»'m*ho-oTo-aift,'« I !'•-«#.»>
i,pvei'«   Pry   .Soap
uooiens   -.lUict' ~
(11. powderV. |p
fl*nriel»i4-yc>u'll  ''
}»:' fw
'■•Xivg8*l.y5-An'ii'+ tB*3tt, ixi^gaipittiien
dcstiuifliyc-, a»U.S|«|%i\ .Wairsaby;—!.
ilioula suy.'-_.s'q 'Ihey'. frAit V trunk
its ifit wertr^-V^wfils^'aml'lIiiy,
were "'the. Slllliin- tW'^^.'ti'rklTy.-^p.nlltl-
inoi'e'Aiiiei'li'iiO'.    ..;•'.; -.- ;,, ;.--
Itching,  auphlng,  flklii   ft.^
oases    QureU  for   Thirty•*!«•
Conts. -■),-;- ,!A«n«W* * OJBlra^nt ;tf\i*v*»
In one day; aiiil "cure" Tetter, Sejlt
REoupl, Scold Head.. •,_r*eid<«;'.»«r)le{'l
Ulcer..,, mptclw.i. aod.^.I j*r_.tloh.
itob,. Ulcer*,. JllptciiBs. «#d iSJl^TODtle
ortric skin.   It is.soothfhif^iirV rjtuetiflt
snd sew Ilk* mtt«ic ; j- ttia-.«<l»*rwl"i *"
baby ^htlraors.
(. *hie. sSttujtrli!>w ' 01' -u* mail's'.faith
does  notr .ciepepd ,,np};-t'he-.110.0,111), ,oi.
110i'sei In-
••'■.vff.AR'ftr-'V-T'if.-i''- *pnisv\\im'Pri.i..~
llli.ti   tia.": an.I -M Hunt ion   w.re   c\i--uilc(l
ia Hie I'vperlti'ienliiiir ivlth ,tiie inirnidli
Unit .r.-.'.ce .Into   till'   e,.|ia.'ositHin.  'Uf   t'ltr-
.laftccs leff.i»5ilii ,pi(l» lisforo JhttV. k ,1*
iir'uliirht to- rheti.Ft'ate'lii'.irlltch 'tbfv.'vCQre
.liisrt r ofieroii.■ wS'.-tji'!-, 'nu. Ik. ,-«jatV)iift*vor
"ofI.t-i- pills 4p.vy lie, l'atiiioli'o if. v'ejrctahl*
I'lllS nro the inSuW. oPitiuc* exiwrt'stuii;
nml AH t'.rseins nulterhlK fl'noi dy<lpup'4ui
or liii.'iiilt'i.-U live. .euul. ki.liu.-Vn ii'i^-, l-ua-
Ildcuitly accept thcia'aa be\i\ir wliat/tl*|ji
1110 i-1ii.*i's,i,-ejteji['iif4iti^_ —
fs'Vi!0U|rimteSv'ToiT-e''fri    tlie
'it    SI * j/,.; 1   I riivJI    t
r. 'J>ii-v*'!'i*
worldPV - *5
Vou rannot'ticcd thp)5S!»|ul'.^n,,fr¥c.zon
Irti-Hi... .      '. ,
'.;•'        '1 il .JJM.
.■fW.yac»^l8-'np,! Subsiiteilo -for
.k-l.-i j«..', la-ntWn
^.. .US l~*PB~
iComplleii from The f!onmier. la!>.
Dodd's Kidney Pills Made P. \V
Harris a well Man.
He Suflcretl frnui Klilnny Dlltiaae'/or  Tire
and   a   Unit'  Year.—Only   ope   of  the
Watcrville,  York..Co., V 8. f **
(Special)-«!ee ca» of   F. I-
_,    ,1,1,.    ni.,..    _.    __«     aJ
Canadian Grown Oats
Tho Best that's to hs had.
In Or:. I .Me Oats  you  have   n *,C*nadl*i.- fi*Ovtri  C«roa_. 5^1?^
purchaErxl bv our experienced    array    of  buyera  disLrib- ™*
uted •■throutihout   tbe  couniiy,   stjcurlng, absoJulcJy    -\ho
CHOICEST     CHAIN. |    ]
After its puichado it i_ subjected to n thorough clean-
Intr process by'Uio most modern Improved machinery
that not only removes every particle., of dubt, iiut ro-
letts every kernel of licht, flnt or unpcrfei t strain,
' Otrllvie oats are then pan-roasted." civinc,.'them that
dejiffhtfnl nutty flavor and y«it retaininif'oH thu ri-hne*ws
add .delicacy of the ojatis.
* .it'OKllvio Oats you havo a breaUfdHt tSteG thftt U aa
luar perfection as lt.4^, ppssil.lo   to._att-.in.
I>tf not let your «roter put    you..ell.   uitb    any  other
ioakv^-he wcmldn't <]0 H for  Y(»l.n GOOD.      Inw.
Imvin» e-SQefe     '
Many   Cured   liy   ili«   Orent.   Caimdliiu 1 MfS^f*     .Km « MaH r___t •< i ~—
KlciiicyHoiiie,,'. JN     #^J, J^Jj^ QATS" •»
aticf-durrlffe'thtsiteiBR to dn'te   there* W. lloxtp of, this place Is one nroieL,
hits been little cliiiuge in in'icoaj,, ...mid   evidence'   tif   'tin.   woittle'tM  ' wcu'k ■ ,
indeed if it were not for the nervonsl l1«di^iau.K.iliiii^Jlills    are  cioJmt   in-'
st'tUaHif)l!''.ans'r!d'l^'*'-tIia litH-W'tnlniy', New   Bl•uhs\vIcT?^lr.^iarrl¥*•rnnkl»1',*♦
of eastern developiueiita iirices wonld    Hie follo.winu ttntsiacnt.f^je'jiuljlicfi I ■*-•
oanily sell  citT some.wlint. While (hco    lion : t
Is- not%mch chnnirc In the ftariInvest., '•e—Belwi fdr »wo years*ahdvn htil
■ipriiig. ■ nheat situnlion, it being' from Kidney Troubjes, beinj^ imnlje
about as bullish as previouslv,  it Is* l0  attend to    nijP'wrrR'trte'Bi'i'nttr
aessryi T>e*ii~si.ee
,.; Tl!» Cholftakt. of *ll Ho"ed Oats
ment of wheat in the fnitcil Staves
is iiqjv largeii-.fUau ut .snjuo time lasi
year,' showing that farmein are selling freely, i Tho World's shijimenis,
whicjj woi-g exposted to (aII. oil uboin
ho'w are abcinl as largo ns [irovloiisfi
ly, and are rumiing one. third' hit-.- et
than, lftSt.r-eW',_wi.vinK i'-urope ojuplo:,_fm.P^,"s, "'^--dlHti'isis-pain
od in*      1
-tliinU-lJi.dll i, lwdiui.v- l'ills ViHe"ii vi;on-
dci'fiil  remutly lor Kidney  trotibh■ "
Drlirlit's Discnsc is the most nd--.
vancetLjal Kidney Uise'itse. Piitld'S
Kidney l'ills, are the ^Oflly remedy
thai, will cure it. llnl it Is wiser ttinl
safer to Rtiuril iigiunK.t.. lK'ltiiil's Disci' use by using Dodd.'*- 'Kidney, Tills
when    yoitt N Kidneys    rj-ivo  Ih.   (list
in   the
mints fai'mVirs..
Flax-seed— 7,i tQ,;fjc ner b-is. .
?i#b''.oihir- at (Suiviif MtSma ' '
i,aaoJ«iiHSt*-j)t.' biishcl.
Maj-^linlcd, ?9 to .10 per ton
WtittcV—Creairlin'y, . x|C "P'-'i-   ")iojtal
iftlrjv best  in iilcks, 50C;  tiilM"   1/..1
ardiiilrS l _t'.-i'de»,' 1.5 .m 'tie
bcgl  in ^tf-:cKs, 50C;  Willi
Poultry—■(. hlctons,, ducks  tnd g..*:-e,'
i*if l»r ,npimd;,; lyVke...vs, ..17  to  19i} •
^'VlrttfTctt—-5V 1,0 T.ei' |ict Hitshel  '•■
.L.l.VE'.S'l'tiC'K. .      ."
-lliitchers'- CiVttle.   2\   tn
per. pound..
,0 |«V potiud_.,-i^.4>-''f>V-
. llaRMGl#rJc:'ivctQhi«,.4'!<: PW *'
:K .|"-'Vj'.omitl:'.',liiji.l'51
\   .ajEff^CliO'SE TO THTNG&. |
rh. iSikricrleneM^.-'.'aivopiier;'* .Ailvli-V-'
l<tk' fo'Jh*. iji'l'l  W'eiiilUB,■....
' Tlie nibfet, 'uti'tis.uiriliii;' wuir.iiu lind
been trying foFil.'liie ,(im.,,.t.o'. jjel 'l!,i'"
itteutl(ou,o. a.idetk, liwi H«,y,rtrl'gfiyi$f
10 lie titisy.'.and .«Hro'1iad' ito't Uie^nj.^,
xrcssiv-(!neIsJ.to A~~,,d*lij,snd(,8i,Mi fni.'.
'1'he exjiorlei'icoilkligppeiy liaving eoni,,
)let.cd hcrii^b. 4ea,'bad Uiiic'.to jjive ij
Tittle svuip.-ithy'ttfflto'(rn^t-o'iie! ' -   "
■  "Do you  \viint',-to lrajL,ionieTld.jigif>
die asked. '->■■*:' ~_ .'""^'. ■'-'
.  'IYes,"-ivas lUe l'ei»l*t "tf-'l'tptild .oiilr
jet the attfliitloiiof the cloi-l.,;': : •«"-- ■•
"Oh, tint's eUslv!'i*iVs8>i:frjd^u.e^bpe->
Acncetl one.   "Just do ns 1 wny-."-■'. ',' .,:■'
'   "But they're nil ao• mirch nioWfiiriiri;,
uous,.thiiii I ago," pleade/i }\;-- ij,Uiut,UW'.
'I'd rather/go iVfWujlJi ilmu' lnj,5^;!ib*
m .u Ue,ie« . ....j,. 1...... .,»,v» !'.--   _u       oWft.t_.eit I'niajo. :■'.-     '  ,.-,
womanly *npVdlsasi!%enliin «» »nie sf «j^T-i " ^mmMJLf- W**«*r.t. *
tfie-*on«s. 1tre>.^'{rwaliy cim't i«slh' fos,
Snck'e".!;...sHB}rt tiiiitiTy  tllsorifet
which ri-.lioL'
hv has fun!
firyifesslls -
to- ini#fere. wi
toU(ahas firiall.v die: til
!■„. will art.ml.'V'Y,-:.
nhc nt lust  iy,i.i)!-e  the
■oWnfff st,udie^
TJlfetfe wink   '
Or.   Ajnew'i   Citarrhal.  Powder   Cures
All   Creeds.   Il   Rellcvh  In   Ten   Minute)
Hero are a few name, of clergymen of
diilci-Qiit creeds who are. firm.lielievers in
Df. Ttanew'S Cat. rrhal •Poii'der li)-'li.t
up to the proaoliinjt". Jp. all it .lalma;:
IIIbIioI' rj'i'.atnian; R.v itt! Luaatrv
tEpiscopallan); Itev. Dr. Wltht'ow. imai
Jlcv. Dr. ChimberB (MithodlBtj and Dr.
Newmini. all of Toronto, Cannda. C'opl**'
the tieklnir"
'-    lot
f- their pcnonal letters for
'offl by all drUmlatV "
Or. Ajoew's Olottnunt relieves piles in s dsj
■Tho_tliv.il  ije*d».to-- do;, hoiking
iho 111011 *v.'ho ha., ninlilng-tu do.
Minafs's Liiiimciil Cures .Diphtlier^
1111,liar,  .-,)  far
ivnjis l-i'iuly to loud advice
■ —^ if—.
I Iroro are Canes of C6ivaQnil
advancpel lhat lllclcle's Aiiti-Coniiiiiiiptlvi.
t-lvrnii will not eura. but nona so had
thnt, It will ii*.t .givefreflsrT For cpuuh.
colds .-rend nil enectionB of tlio llirnat,
liiii_H   nnd   cla'.-tt.  it  is   a   spccitlc  which
.■novel    i'l-p*   I. ltouil_ to .fall;      It   t'l'liinotet
tn   freo   and - ouey'wUircciirntlon." tliet'i.'Viv
'■ cuioviiTj't the' iihflSi-Kt,  and  irivc^ iho dts
ased  t.'at'ti.a- ennnce to-hoa.
' iltc ■ lAyj'eif -tht) Amnrlcah'*i«n is
worth ttliogt, flrree liundri-d million
dollars, a ,\as:.i',"- A*("1I*,^wttlo-ntrd
fiPfiti sla:ight'i>i'tel> in the Country 'arm
"Worth less, nnerEi.-.fs •\i.li* counti-y'',s
'tojul yield of bcirffecolil nml.silver.-.
'■ Better   v/SUiaut  ja   Stoniach
than:with one. that's got. n co'nstant
"hurt," "to it 'Pr. Wm- Stnn'si.'I-'liie-
applc Tabids stlroulatoiftW di^estivo
.organs.-!'-Let one ' enjoy the good
T.intrs .0/ life mid leave"no bae) effects;'
;-^c!iir,v..t.lcWri vyij.li j-i.ii 1rV lour vest
piiclic.l—60 in a l.h..,'35 aMitii —_,8       '
.• mSuirl" onlhllSlnflic iitttoiupbllt.ts in
i'lifis oirtr havlii;: (htilr, ciii'h: built-
large- fflJftttglj'Wtoj »cceeu\iD'.oclnla- '-'ti'i
|iKsi;.'t'tyy,;a. ,]n: luxurious apppillt'
nio.li-*—- ihi'V  I't'iniiiil  Atiii'rieiitis iif l'tiil-
<i ■■..... .
iinnV- pn:laeii
c.a i-s '•
'.»' .'.,.<
sHenttou. i:n\\'%\o%^." "    :  " 1 * k
"ts'ol iitlill riaolwjajf'yt1 eiii.8lui>il,ibu.
expcrlentieil ehomief.'i'fib .fOH sco^liaT
1ti'aV'of^rinkPtw*rt*'_jcpe';■''* :.v: N'-';'
.- "Yes."   '*-"'*•. "■^■:*'f,1:): .;.::
. "Oo over aud S.tutitrVi. "It mij.^lckjUJ;
a; few of1 them for tW& "e.iifmiliiiitioB!''
Pui^titfm*^k',*of'cb'rri.'ie: _lUitju^t.;Hs«.i it
-theTofletrtleivreTiSr'-i'^fWM^iy'- «B;6j;li.
■Iff get iiold'ijf'it ificrk. .■^sb-Oitf.foss};
ariythlfig you dee, 115 rt*,Vp.u Were-Biore
interested! in tftrnf s'otf- the riinnter tlityj'
Irnvftht's behind It.'
or HtiTlinir 1
"t don't se* wbiit roBd'lha,t'*.goi[it ta>
<•-".   '    _'._Si     ''..•-«-' **'*■''•'
■ ""Ify it anftyo'trtraria out.;';■■■■.■   - .v*.
i-'^Tbeiqulet woman did:twdlr*SI*?d. a'i|d
within two mlputesa floorwalker w, 1
at her ■elbow," ' • .' . ''■■..
""Coyou Wa*t ahytlifiig'" h.s'^k**
politely.       . li'iWw '■•-.
■ BUS sold sue did, and he mado It his
.business: t'of et a clerk to watt on her. "
"I told you so," wUUipcred tho exporl-
sneed shopper./,'"rtomefimea ft Wn't
accesaary to touch s thin*;., lf you just
show r desire to get-close to things.
that at* easily cnii'led'"awsy 1Vy»n
•"taks you for a shoplift*/...enery'tlmd
and Bet.a'cterk for you so thntyftti
won'Vlisy»;.P,nJ' «nnwl f"r hapglal
around."  ' '. .. y*
•tbe'tjaiet tvoiniia'irttrrw* aud'»,l|i
ktiSty' itll ti 10 wit f.f llie time she was.
Tn (Jipiitore," ftOMlie.lnifl'ffl'lidrnlt -flint
.»no lind lcai-ned«(|Uiit'.hl'n«. .Itout Errac-"-
tie*i»aopplni.'j • ^r-:
... Ii»n"• (;et*M|i>eiira>4»,l<»ii>a li.taiitsl.'/, «na
autt. _tk>ctlvT5r^1-f)io ll.vW.ltS.l i*iuftu/«ilfrne-.
^  '**rrWiir..'««.l*r'rr«i<UrrtohWla five.   '
a *y- -£.■_. ClIIONEV 4 CO.. TolfSo.<T.a
-'Sotrl.liJ'*il intflrlBts.'W*; ' •■        -    '
_Mi'..,a>.»f.x .fw»v*f*- ut* .♦»'•■
7 kVtiglii'nci' Vdif 'dwfrrrSiPrir;-* now.    fttlS
ia llii
ar ' now.
fbvr.^,(Sj«»H'?;(iientB>(ilVy, Wok iivsr,
lijltv; iii- Tn .oiijiL.ti'i I'iliiiV .an^t'cowaiiy
'.'      '   '      '..*',     ' >.y,*-.. .   i-*"'',
ji()U10   lllljj .ej.wiifei'   rU'l'IjJjk   »•(  '•'">.'
OOO.Vi'So   (.'i.'al.lr. _v a   .I.i > .   IJcWBiA; oitlyl
(nth- Vici.iKKi. !i,i,"ru,d T.n '" Ve'iv«i!e„,
' '■ .' •' ' ;*■' —f/-t- '■—rV •■
«*l>.VUt>.;*UUl'W!   i»l   Seialiei,     iflim^,.
A C««* of Kn«T. W*tli«
You  Uuow tbnt "man,  S'Upperfoa. ,
"IVIiiil Wns Minn. " "reatfeo? "'Tdldtff
•Yi.ti I'ltittiitcil H.ni yu" diduH tiM*- -put ._|. 4-5»ft«a tahint to any pcactliai.L
11, .in), yon know." US*."        ' ".
^   9 a  > t. •
C^ll*©   TK4 UUhg Teniae
t*Nti.-:rt."ii     ' <:iw |<
1 "Tne curt that tia^israowild
•ll'Y'lrOar.drUJBiltle.k   '««
'Mi , ,;L.*w7i
: <--•'_t* „■*"*nn»u,r.
isrk Twain \»tls*oireif
.. _ kcu -By «*,
lf)#<«»oi>k Ih A Jiotad*ft'»9*ir»lb.ro ti».
riM,.dl*.a.Ult. toivmji
. Wiwaj^tt* ,«fclie;e^
reiioetty'.Ufttw keeps 01
•Be' gf trag'sSiueiKxlv. e)~
abttgra^ft^ill*.'^* .
"But, sli-," seriously  responded "the
clerk, "nobody would want lt then I"
nunc unit  liraphite.
Orspbile is' .Tal'd to be nn excellent
] pTeasrvftti*?   fir" ifltitilltv .rope, >..<?ue_
rope  mnnn(octiu'i!i'  trai^»l|j«,4l«iaftjl  &(d
i„.f,ii,. ■::»,«ri'i' «'-',|r'_5*''^l*i!Wlreir*;li<-
•ei x\4* 'to tvoy otiBteorrili
ISivuV    -' a. w. 111.1
[Jvr ■ -   ' r:'.:     Nolo
1, llai •■ ^nffll'M, n::b,ul   <ia e  '"i   '..ill'
n-.-.Sll'Villi.i'^.'KlNWKN'l--    '
.'■■', •,'. I •
.;).. w»*  rni .U'l.f 'I..i_- ->if   \^uyu   In'
1 rrtt.iil-T_'
CIV,\K   J'l.l-MMI.i;
irit-^xviriritVifl >.» nnrrrr.
I ..•■•! r  '-••";';■* ' mU
' .*•  -. ..;- ■ •''  .     »■ ■
tt';±) ... .i   *!■'
T**". '      _
Until lu\ u
Ane possessed op,
niOT FOUHtO l/H OfHSffm.):
■ -
jfsJ( fort
jT/wctyp Reliable.
I s • i.u.
II   .
Ar-«    VOU    Bulldlrift T       «-T w<»t   ua.
The Boise. BuildIrifS l*_per IVIacJo- -        *
It la very much atroniref nml  thlciior than any 'other ftarred or bull.!
Inn)   paper.'  It   1*   lcii|iii-.ioiiH   lo  wind, liet'us out oejlil.  I.e.'fa bi.h.at. c'ui-
,  riea no Braell or odor, aliBqrba no moisture. Imparts no taste'rer flavor'tn
anything with  which It cornr.i In  contact.    It  Is laticely .used. not. only  lor,.
elic-eiUin lujUEt-s, bat for tiiuiaK..void  siuraao  liuildiilus.   nfi i^or,.tv.ra.  dtrlt
IcB. crcimcTies, and all places  where   tlio   object   Is   to   keep   an. eve
uniform temperature.-a*ct>a* OiVtiwuiio t.'uio avoidfus clampneBB.
Write our Anonts, TCEtf & PERSSE, Winnipeg, for sairplo*.
i♦'V,':       Thef E. & B__y CO., _Vn»ted, HULL.
■      ■ '    '■ *'  ' - „„    '   " , ______! ■
tf   ra /"    ■» r ■
Cures Coughs:,
GRAY'!. RYRtJP doe* that one thin*;, *
aod<loes It well, it's no "c-ro-all," but -
ti CUKE for all throat and lung, troubles.
GyM stops the irrllstlnij tickle — take*
away lue soreness—sooths and lreels tbo
tlirost —and CURES COUGHS to «Uy
None the leas effective because it la
■ pleasant to take.
25 cts. hottl*. '"'
Doll-iiHiUliig     is    it    new   lpdustrj
which    has    sprung up nt  biQwartri-
town,    County    Tyrijiio. ''   Ullheffo I
nios'c nl tlio dolls sold  Iii  the United :
Tving-dom itavn come from (Ii'i.nnny.
Thero  never  wns  anil  never   n-UI   a.    1. |
uii^ierftnl  nonaepa   la cue remedy,  fm
Ilia to which  flesh la hiir—the Very
U.ure-nf  many  curatives   heitnr   aticli   tiiret
a-crc   iho   terms   ot oiln-r   nnd   diiTiiiee.t.i 1
icoleil  illseaii-s rooted   in   thit ..vsleni  nf
tile, in-tient—what.   Would   rolievo  on*   i.'
in-tiien   tvotilU  nsEtuvieli* the gther       u. '
hnei--a_ov,tiier,   In     eiuinlnu   Win.--,     wliei  t
,,-ih'tnlunr>fo In s.-iunii, unadulterated    ';it.
. retiied*" for 'imuiy nnd rriievous Ilia   li-
It.   c-r'ndiijvl tu.rl   IUiUcl,.,ns  use the trnil,.i-t
■rvclt'ini.-.ire led   Into  convaleacence
ntromitti.. itvi- <he li'lliicace   which   (jeKut.114
■■left*   on   naluna'a .own   refloratn-. •      ft
rotinv\a 1 .lltt- jlroonlna* spirits of     tlais. -
ytth ,yl.ora li   chrohlc '   statu-bl  nmfiiid <
'fcipiin.aia.v..and  lack  of lutei.iai in  lift I
lu.;a* iii....,!.. e.   and   hv   I ro no oil)/fne    tlir i
nerves; divposcsuto .scniiia' ami ■elr.ahliiir
weep-rlinpa.it.  iijgnr   to  the  iicUon it tl-i,
ldoi.it;   Willi*.   hoThtr -Stiitnilnterir Wof|ffl1
Btixniutlrr-iitiii.'^-tiii .
of  the  ...vstefn
li We snt
at short
j>. Ha: Hi a.
wan.  •niwoarJK'B
:-v>u...   i'.l'.iidi.l ,siiee,uin,.iu/..u.p/  ini-i
lipoma-stones sfoboliig: f-./nihi   In  il.-
ihlties on ihe Upr*r TtliiB Itlvr   \'lc-
iorlft'.   Anstmlln
,     1 ...      »      1
notice complete .JOB*
FITS. ■•>
^*l We sell what Priiit^
ers" want; Printers want"
what fv'c sell.
.... 1
*{ We.carry a complete
stock of Type and Snp-
plkfe-for the composing
Room, Pressroom unfl
i:\TC-,nEll l.V 01! INil.ll\.\I,[,V 11
t» .«K)OI>.-^VIien nnnllrU Irtrti-Bffllt hi
hrlitk rubhlnii.  Pr   Tlinmu'  Kclaet tic '
- 1.. - I
air- '
roll.f,      Administered    Intemnllv Jl   villi '■
.UM 'tha-irrHntioii.  :a  the , ttiroui   e !,,i
iloducr. cm*rl.in, riit-'i  ml.  ,»a nilei'Vi
nil   ri
Ailiiil'ilntercl    Int.rnollv Jl   vi
irrltnti.a.     t   tho   iara.it   it
-  -oiarl.iua!-lllal   lilt,   .ale   un.e'.l   -.
of     the  I'loiiehlM  tiihra cud   r.eaiiii tl
"■■'■:        't ry  it  niif. tn' ci hyh   1 d
•||..-.\-   e-. 1,1.1   luit;;li   at   iiii..tl|.-t--.     rtlfl
l.f'M!   I'.M'e   mi   libill!',       lp'  hla-e   !ap
oilier'., iov^f.'
liBsrd'i Ujtnieul
it •,-., ~,
"Ca^ldi etc
THIC     JinNOi'T
'    ONTARIO.'  I'o
.1    lilVC   V.l.^fj
man—»i**ii«* mil. 1-
WfTlTTJTE,     UERtl-iJ'"
...,.-..   ...   th.   troetm.Dl   of   it-
forma of bl'hl'.CU IiLVi.o.n.   w. traal Ih. -
cub., do* limply th.  habit,  and  lk.rfttcir.
prodno* uatural aye.ch.   Writ* fer patllcniar.
 ->:■'.     .-.   ■     I.
'im 'w'.'.iisielVy,   - 11 mi ion |cof*ri t
'%i^ii^W^eWithi sir    t
> mijih.'.pc \ ..riif'c.'woi iii-)*- i»#wH
luipj -jtlnhjcs'-Htc bo've Ao.il.i. «{», v . ,'1
• .»" /•( 1 \H^i.ti. IO ." .    ii-e. •    .!        ., -, 1
llll teut.lir.iy filet until
to una l!r. _tt*ew 1 Cat
1' 'L'..'.c   aliaStl   lastnnt^r
^wV-.4*"1  '
r\B**f<!>   *''_.   *P  n.ti,V.»).*y";'C   I'TS"     to   (jet   u   clllV)
Tn.,-..r.ir«.     ..-osr-mlir,    e-ntU' -ne   ' ■    hi ,,     ,,
...nrtl'ifi  arVnit'i:-'.'^   V'-e. '.I'..'   I'i   ■ ' '■■"
'ef^ajrticlc? .\ji]tjl.
ilMy f **?•.
't.;£pc Mlfltfl-l.
Sltfil nns fjOrii
Ufclll t" .'..'
.ttccrteflltior' mil
■ • • 1 i - :■■ .fftiipltj.^
•..-l.li.a lo li.!.ia
I'CialU't* .MV.T
hd until  I. wm 1...11. *■!
.tarrhar IV) ... r
— ' WjwJt.y*ur moustschc or heard
..hoTOilUi ^ggg^_^^_^aVg
.pii.ii c,.t» .   ."j-T^Tt-. :..-'     '■'■■»il'"-"'T'V-?J
 ;    '." r   ." —_- '.u-j^'.-l-ijij    1 tii'i	
STI'lU' IN It, -A vi-tv-
nwfy! le na-.   .iii'lnr I here   nre  [i.tipie  wan   never    wwn,
There  ar«  people' wim  never    soon,
(jet u clnwir:* to-tio.iaJVithlnsJa.x
»ite,\-  ' nn'I,  'ill.
•n r,-.r.'tl,-l,itl Itftfr .'"-r,.."*r.", : ,',"'   p..., .    ' —„._
Kro' ^rrjj^_lS!__H_!i^'l-   ^A*b.r.rV:i* V'....:*i.-w ti..i>. '.my. a    .
' flttcky tn'an run ail'JI'I ■ 1 i-
..vcltnt- Iw'.flUjiJ'.K'.   l-ilrvirTT <ffiftirwe!t|.!e ' ._ . -■ f.  ■ ■
^*r.T*;(at'lf»»wll|''S!r   Ih 't    le-nv      .■..,.-        "    ' ..Jl l'.'-_A-   "
eli£.Iw..Owfl. *W»ll   fhAir t.eriir : .'   "   'tw-.,','-.-«^,.,-  ni.nv.JU#af.W Tr,';_0«
^>TO.,«..^._,_w^,._.._».   iu*i ■;*aw»,„Aai»li».i,t -:'           •■•      *e*Wt
*\aw» .
• ». -
* _?   \l
■ A
__■ i«?
—**JP -1
trl  air nn
m. Plcosortt Awvocate. 4*
CstOblished April _, 151)9.
Ofrios: 36 J6 Westminster avenne.
Enoush Ornci:
80 Fleet street. London. K. 0.. Rngh.nd
Ti hero a ftle of "The Advocate"
is  kept  for  visitorK.
-South Vancouver.
Mi*.R. Whitney,
Publisher -
Subscription At a year  parable   Lu
- ,.-»•• i Advance.        fr
41 omnia m Corny.
Bootes* of Births', Marriages, aud Deaths
,   published free of charge.' *
Tel. B1405.
VattcOwVcr. .*..(.; tVk .9, 1-04.
-We. desire.to call tho attention of our
render* to the notice iu asother colanjn
convening a public nreeUng at the Olty
Hall'on Tuesday evening neat, at
■ p. m., to discuss the desirability of
making atrenous efforts to secure the
holding of the Dominion -Agricultural
w-hjUtioa la Britlib. Columbia' ta 1 Wo.
This kxnlbitlou will be held at Whs-
niptg in July next, and Is said to carry
• subsidy of'#50,000 from the Domini
Oovernmont. The advantages to be
derived tram the holding of thl*
-xhlbition in British Columbia; are
•imply iucalculuble both as an educational institution and an wdvorftsirig
medium for this ■ province in general,
and of Vancouver and New Weetmin-
eterin particular, Kvery one ' should
snake a point of attending the meeting
to support such a laudable object, a* lt
■will require a strong united effort If our
application la to be inooessful. It this
whew eomes to British Columbia it will
1 He the greatest Exhibition of that or
•ny other kind ever seen of attomp
In the province, therefore don't fall to
atUnd the meeting and Induce all your
friend* to do likewise.  .
»•--.      '•-.= ■"'
Advtat Clirlsllan' Chnrch (uot7th Any Ad
r.utlit.) corner Ninth avenue snd Weatmln
al.r road.-Servlcea 11 a. in., (Hid 7:80 p.m.,
SunS.j. School at 10 .. m. Vounu . Mela*'
•MUly ol loyal Worker, ot 0*rlitlan Ktxlea.
var mean uvery Suadajr ereuinf at 6:45 o'clock.
.  Pj*7«f-rar.UPs Wednesday nial.tlat 8o'clock.
, eeventb avenue; art-ocri wtaufilnater are-
, ane ant) Quebec atreet. SERVICES at 11 u.na.,
, -ad 7:aa.a,; .Sunday Uchool at t:t0 p,
»•». a. W. -elwtd. Pastor. Residence its
. *M*rti afaese.eall. -..-..,.....
e»rn.r el Hint   aad Wuiu.Ieut*r avenue*.
- antRVlcn at II a. m., and 7p. **.; Sunday
. eeheel aad MM* Clan 1:10 a.m.   It... C. 11
. _.tatk*rlaDd, Paster. ""—T-gT 1 TT tl*smt'-
', arnm, wear.
, PassarraituK.
Junction of IVe*twinater iiinui sad Weat-
, *>htat*r road.    MBVICU at 11 *. m., and
- '!•* P- m. i Sunday School al'AHO p. m. Rev.
dee. A. irileon, •. A.. Pastor. Jianaeearner of
Eliatli aranue anil Ontario alroel.  T*l. 10*6.
t -t / St Mickakl a.
'. Owner itcitmluaier read and Prince Edward
. atir.t. SERVICES al 11». ra., aad7:SO p.m.;
, Sli.1)-i.'oiiimunlon l.i.nd Id Sund.yi In each
, »<rnth after morning prayer, JA .nd 4th Sun
, SiyatSa.m. mmday School at 1:30 p.m.,
. *.r., X. il. Wilson, Rector. Reiidence IK
. TMn.nih arewio, eaat.
See When Your Lodge Meets
-Che 2d and lth Monday* et the month
, Court Vanoonvar, I. O. t\, meet* ai
",«» m
'' J-   "• TUESDAY.
Ml. Pleasant Lodge Ho. IS, I.O.O.Y.,
, meala at I p. ni.
Yaacoavcr Council No. 31 la,Can
, adlan Order ot Chosen Friends' meets
, th* ti and 4th Thursday* of the month.
■' .Alexandra Hire No 7. Udie* of tna
t'Maccabee* holds lu regular mesttags on
. th*.!aj, aad Id Friday* of th* a. oath j
;'.....,   ■   „       ♦      '     ...
,'.'--      •' ,--•    • I ■"■•     i ' ,'
•   • Youug. Peoples Societies a'.
C':''.;..'.;.'''■' .'SUNDAY'.'"' "■-■»:
Loyal Workers 'of Christian Eadeevor
| Wet st'itiSininnle* to 7. every SubflWy
'»v«hing in Advent Ohrlitlan Church,
'.eorner Ninth ave. and Weatmlnator Rd.
'*  -pworth   League of -1ft. ' Tl
jlfethodht Church meets at n p. m
l 'B. Y. P. U.,-roeel* in  Ik. Flwssnt
,«ap«Ul Chnrch at t( p. aa.
' Tie, Y. K*i. O. X,, meets at Ij. ra.
puifitm+mt W>loctetl-aOfiwre>
' '    . *wgfl tmi
,*. C. Blectrtc Railway >*£ U*
"... wUn> Liae.
, M-ant AtMt to Englrsh Ber
via Davis i
-Tra* ear leevee »i »,-07^a.m.,
and other* eswary. 11 mia«j**
»her**fter. teat ear twrw
at tami P- ».
via Robeoo street—
Flrsl ear lea**, at M{».n.,
-** o*ha» eprjjr »» tuinnWaf
tbawafu/. l«at ear leave* at
Baalwh Bae to Uoeat JMaaa* via
moh*on *tr*et—First ear. leave* at
;W3}»   a. at.,   aud    service   e-ory    16
The Conrt of RVyf^ioA of" the Assessment Roll, snt on Saturday-Feb. 30th,
at 10 o'clock. Only one appeal had
been received, which was withdrawn
aniftlie Assessment as'maile whs,'con'-
fl^'ed.  .. ...;£j__2'*.*.;v:.:' ". '
The.r^QjJ'tepCtAD^Jot^. Cdundl^
wan*tfa-wi Mw^'UAsfftlKeounoil "being-
present.     _,..v    . .   _jrr.  .
M^saWPv/drjd F^Pjstrir^,nsked ♦ic!.'
ntoOiijicuiliition of ^fitei]rieet or »!■
rijtbt-of-w»y into Binl_'"o nnd ,9'.of
District Lot 764. I-jdiflTfr.. ,'-.:%''
Mr: W..Howard Wlfc'd-'-.tiiat the-iosd
httweesi Let «*v «H*w. t> epeueA/ as
w»_id.ha^Ma|r»efi_u'_r Mr. Meek'*
laoSTtuul wanted to beiU. Vilest•" " ""
TheBurueby CouneU iwkefl thft a
Oommltte* . fro?>, South - Yaneoaver.
Council maet'.the'- Bernaby eemmittee
to oonrider a retiuwl tram Mr Msseet,
lUt »wta. ie-*-* ef w»' wwane-ry
road w»epew*4seath of th* River road,
to give him ****** te -i* laud. Th*
Clerk waa mstroarstd to .viiiip ana say'
that a*,ltt. Metoer ha* alreariy,a good
road frouting hi* property.this Coenc-t
Irpot firsDared to speudin** mOn*/ on
u*w roads-in that rielult}-. ?." .' ■.',.";
Mr. Olb*ou aaked 1W two aaopth* ea-^
teission ou.-hl* Wellington a'vfttn* rim-
•raet:   Orjantod. <
W. Funis; jSsq,, 1. P., spologisfd for
ualug the Ball in '• recent trial from
801 whieh 1. not in tbe Mu'niriipal.Hy,'
The accounts were tli»*>; oonsidertd,
when It was proposed by' Councillor
Bryepn, seconded by Councillor Taylor,
that; th* .taudard wage, tor. ordinary
Mni'ilc. pal work he Me per hour; that
the pay for Engineer b* 11.00 per day ot
nine hours, and thnt when engaged on
other work bf be ,paid in */.-cord*uc*
with wha. the ynwk a*. ,Oouncjtllora,
Molp and Wilson, moved, au amcuidmsn),
tkat)l^!^^,pcr,,l.our be pai» for a
'day'* Iribor of nine hours, and. that tha,
'Engineer lie jiaid. 18.00,.per day, aqd
other utephauies be pairl^ a*cordin»ly.
The origiuoj.mo.liou .carried. —. _ «j
The acoepfttj ias nltored^to conform
with the -resointion were tlusnjiasned,
far Bond Woiit #iq«.tO, for General
Aotwunts 194.60.
Maasr*. Tyler **ill were ordered to
be paid •J60.00 en their Weatrntautar
avenue contract. W. K. Glbeon was
allowed 00.00 on Wellington avenue
Oo motion Ivy Councillor* Bryson and
Wilson, W. Bailer waa paid tl».O0 for
gnding and clearing S chains fronting
hi* place on River road, watt, and W.O.
Bsarcrott tm.OO for i% chain*.
Meter*. Morgan * Armstrong are to
be pc.id iBO.OO on account, the Bodwe'll
road conlraot. Messrs. Pretlove,
Scott ft Brown are to be paid their
balance on Westminster avenue con-
tract when completed to the satisfaction of tho Board ot Works.
The report of the Committee consisting of Councillors Utillson, Bryson and
Wilson, was on motion of .Councillors
Taylor, and Mole adopted. ,, That the
Comtoittro appointed to investigate the
claim cf Mci'irs. Not tic, Hudson ft
Twiun iu regard to work done on Road
AHownnce'in District' I,ot .657,'. and the
opinion of your Oou-ciittce is that it is
oi no benefit to the Muiiicfpality fiuan-
:illy or othefwise. ' ,
1 Mr," Hartley interviewed the Council,
asking that the Council givo'him a lease
of the Boundary road ou the low land
as he had cut a ditch, till such time ns
opened by the' Council. This upon
motion of Councillors Wilson and .13*^1
son was, agreed to and t\»o 'Reeve and
Clerk ipitructod to sign same.
Councillors Mole and Taylor proposed
that we now proceed \o tadlot. fer Road
Tax CoUeetor, c *jrplteatlen , for whiiph
warereeeWed from W. DsnUU, l»%;
Geo. GarteU. It., »%,; Tho*. Winters,
*>X: WO. Bsarcrott p%%-. Ja.
-dgertoa !»J,. Mr- W.,D»ai_a Wee
fer HsMnene—J. H<inta. O. Oar-
ten. Tho*. Winter* **pli*d sW-eite
appoiataetw*. J. Edgertoa was etesen
. Tender* were oneu*4 for ]ry*^tiain»t*r
avenue  a*   follow*: . Jam**_ Phillip*
{1,»88.00 fyr th* 80 chains, an* average
I7.it: Brown ft Spillet fl.e00.00 for
''"I'   I     '     ' ISIII   I I
Drysdaie-Stevenso n Ltd,
We thiiik we have
' ,he fiuest, jnosl ex-'| -
• tensive   and " b e s t '*■'""
Selected:■ ■-stock ■'■ of  ■■-
*..v-     '^"i   ;••» t".-^ *^.t    - ;■   v*s
^arjjets; and j^Linor  .
• :-■'■'. V.. >.   .-.  c-  •'*.-. 1-- ;v
. leums    jp; ..Jkmsn,
Coluflabit: :    «"    ': •"•*
.;-.   .. '    ■•'  :   i     it* ••: -,-  a >    j,
•"'*. :    - •   \ ,' .-.     ? ..»'   . 'if
W*   nine   yoer   •jdatw*.
Visit the Basement an- look
the     NCW   .9MHN0 .-
iM    CO-ORINwS.
and *m If yo« do not eetee
ear aaatloi*
Drysdale-Stevensbrt Ltd.
MastingB Street Store.
■•    . ■-. -..^';'.'.^•■'•f'-,.lta,-      v
Oqr Goods and
* ** . t •'   • •' ■■■•■'.
\      Prices
stand inspection. We handle
nothing but the best, and our
prices can't be beat. Try us
for your next pair of shoes.
Big Shoe   House
409 Hastings S"S?:
The Efest  Health
FOOu  in tbe market is
Hair's Wholewheat
Try  it.
Mt. Pleasant Bakery.
Telephone 443
a-whet people ety-when the* would
acoaisg*  yew  w*pe ef  eacVaagiag
om»aly waakaeet and atckuess for per-
fatt hearth.- WoWn who have bcea
-'laPisllcVi-for y«*r», (Carcclv able to be u)
■raw-it* IraeerlpdeerA make* weak
»*i*jea atreeg. aic-k wdsmh w*11, Ac-
cept no (nUtl^aie Aw U>e medtciue
wblcb work* —wfkrf ht weak women.
Medical Adviser,
tbo 80 chains, tin average $20.00; Joyce
& Harvey . 1,600.00 for the 80 chains, an
average-f 19.00; Jas. Kd;;crton $3:j.00.'
For separate Blockti: 9i J, O. Morgan
»17.C0, J. 3dcDounld|10 80; 617 J. Mc-
Dounld .28.00; 669 O. Hornbronk $30.08;
666 G. Morgan #18.30. 3. Robinson
130.00, A. Notile #17.40; for 10 chain*
only, JotephSt. Cyre*#l*.O0. Proposed
hyCoaueillor* Taylor aud v?l l*o».e_d
carried th it J Phillipp* bo awarded) the
contract toi the aaVane* ef Weaemluster
aveuus for .1,888.00.
Th. lease from. thu Canadian Pacific
Railway-Couiiami of" 10 ocr«» of the
Uttle Mouutain tor a Rook iQuarr j't lark*
aigued,.having previously been *igu*d
by R Marpol* and H. Abbott.    ..,    .:,
Tenders are to be called for emttl-g
dO>n theihlll eaat of the Gladatone last,
and for •ut'tiug ih* two small hill* **jl
of th* Tea Swismp.        .
The Indemnity By-law and the
Ttmporary Loan By-law were filially
passed aud dialed.
Tho Bet* By-law wa* read twice, but
the rat* to be fixed was uot finally
.decided beiug left till next meeting,
' The latest nevflS .front ^aris In reg-ard
to.f*s'!)ibfi«i'.llthe? the old-time- tunic
or cpron front ta creeping; Into style
'**?#■>'. .^..'.;",;• i-.,''.',. . ... ,,;-.,
• •' Thleit note effect ss- e»(lned-.br a el*an-
c'ut line»vtrjtli*.hits &$&. down-w th*
■knewi-Suf-fif hi- ic Very vleclded flare.
' ; The' Va^'ofvthe^k'lfit,'~l(' Very full
|.rhaik|r^*^ I»,^^J ^ $$jj$&M
-, ThAMiSA pr tunic front has the ad-
♦a-taae weft *aaki>f i-*> ■ »»»m*e <mntm
wfw&wwl aw^V^;^ aVlds'^
•htrrifcts ^UtiHrlttthrair have, of-late
eeMeeeisf.(MuHr.eatJJn*.: ''.^f' T"-'
w*s*».-Ssr» «i*it*»iai af ww.fki/t. laahjh'-
r*4 «*. ta«u:'ev«r. ith* Wp* In folds, the
t^MS,^W'M^f,to ;> >.ll.k»*>
fouadatloa. thu* ,mf,J«l'a« -e little ful-
n*e* Sw-aeaewl*.--	
la the eoure* of time all thla material
•4 (h* beek. inay **.{[oe»*d','and caught
ep aa it *u In th* days of th* htiaV
tle.'-n  1 ■.'.:-■. 1!     ii.,";; ,:.i . it-- •■
Btcirts an nine, yard*,:round th* bot>
torn. Thl«»of;i>our*e,;app»lep to evening
dreesu sf- »*ln -»at«rlBAa, *uoh a* chiffon, gaus* and. tun*.   .
All akirts for heue* or avenlag wear
will be v*Tj*w»r-»ir'ttw«.. Tbeover-
■klrt will hav» no; ruchliia*, but the Un-
derkklrt will be trnM* with ruffl** aad
ruchlrrg* iaMreilh'-rttrgtV -take the
upper m'at«flar»tl*_d out.   '     ' -'■-.--
SPANOtwrf ARatf "OtT 0» STYUG.
Spangle* and gluterlng ornaments are
-    1' »   !.".     J-     %      1. ■■,, .
a thing of the pairt, exe*ptlng where
tney 'ar* $£$6 (n.'#1th" aorn* nand-
eewti embrci^ffry or used •parlnrly' with
the many new floral decoration*.
Shaded bang* of ribbon make a very
Bring Your
Picture Framing
tie a Ms Seymour St., Cor., Dunsmolr
Tol. ttt. P-OTOS EKL-kOXD
1   ' r-   ww 1      ■ —
desirable trimming for the bottom of
a;full skirt . Fiv* rowa of ribbon ere
uied, beglnnlna' at the bottom, the
broad ribbon of a deeper shade aad the
.top row being- the lightest end narrowest. 1 »'- ■■'• .»•■'«•'.    . ■. - • -:.-.,
The ribbon band* are placed far
enough apart to allow for wide tucks ot
the material. . -
Sleeves are to be very much exagger
11 ted.   The full puff   Is growing larger
and larger..   In some sleeves six yarda
oi fine material are used.
Drooping ihouldcra are still neces
sary for the modish figure, but where
Nature has denied this grace the deeol-
letagO can be cut to conceal the square
shoulders. Th* neck of th* bodle* 1* cut
suit In a wide V with the sharp angl*
or the V at th* (honldera.
Many theatre and high-necked gown*
ar* made with the Louis XV coat*.
The isp.la and vest* ar* elaborately
hand.embroldered. The sleeve* have.a
volumlnou* puff at the elbow and for*'
arm and hand are covered with lace or
embroidered mitt*. ..
•'* '        BltORT. '•■
'   . 1
For a street gown th* Parlal.nne has
adopted the abort iklrt and make* It
»om» Inch** shorter then we do her*.
The moderately short aklrt I* about
four Inches from the ground, and the
favorite length I* Juat to the shoe top*.
Boleros will have full and elaborate
aleev**, but th* strictly tailor-made
gown atlll retain* th* itralght tailor
sleeve without any puff whatever.
Many have aawrud that whit* will
reign supreme during Spring and Summer; but thl* 1* more and more doubt
Delicate pastel ihade* will be popular,
and for cloth gowns cerli* Is a new and
favorite color. .
Costume* for walking and sports will
be mad* of reseda, tan and military
blue, while lavender blue Is quit* the
newest shad* for evening wear.
Palace Stables.
Pender St. Telephone MSB
''[. 3. 3.HP-BROW,.Proprietor..
Wall Paper at
Jas. Carnahan.
tlrcleri  [.ronil.tly  .ittcudted' to,   night-
<   , da>-,_C'ha. tsiwodurat.. •
O.Tle*: 37 Hastings atreet, west,
Tolophone Knmber 479.
JaCk'S ^"'..rlor.
Wcst;niiunter Ave, next Glasgow Houso
''     John Cillma'u, Proprietor.
Trntia Ctuws, -and a flrst-claw Bath
Room is ran in connection with  th*
Berber Shoj^-'giv* thr* place a trial
awl. J. HARDVR CO.
Co*u>*ht,  aTisariciAi,  Paxes and
' Anvninseafe'-' Aukkts.   '   '
M #l*«t St;. Loadou, K. 0.. England.
ColonhErBuiineas a Bpeclalty.
In   IH.IHiiO>    1-1*1    1 -j. 1    „   H. ww—
tt-"—1.   '",'- m
:   ,- r,^.A O. H,
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge Mo. lt.mset* every
T-esdeTset-8 «. 111., In OddfeHow*. Hall
Arelier Block,-Mt,.pj4ja»aut.
1 Sojourning brethren cordially invited
rto attend.- -.       in.     .',i •     .,
'    SIOllM*.«llAMD-^W. B/ OVtSUB, .',.»«
8711 Weitaalnatar read.
■aa ai ^twin t ■   '   1
BilHei Bryau and hi* wile are good
friend*,' and lie tells her all hi* plana',
a* all good huibendt ahonld. Mrs,
Bryan tnWa(tteet deal etiatereitla
chuftk work-and U.tialtu *. charity
woman. Not long ainca She waa helping H itft'Op a' fair or bnaaar tor tome
charittail* purpose,;.,.and.#h* w*< an
benaer ..ceouaRee. , .Not   b*laI|^tMH.RvW%».W? O- Taflor
te get last what seal wanted, to ,   „>„  ,  ,.    ,„ZSS'S
asjet tj* paper cwrCra, i* seat /raw
•dpi-of 1. «ae-*xi '
eat stamp* is pap
mi awltfne tmty.
V. Maw, wtu-rfo. N. V.
'it on* ef tmyjmlAmsa■w-Mwrg,
■he ask*d Mr, Urysa to see aewat „
when k* went to th* elty. Ma. Bryan
l» » esrp Imiy 'man. Mr*. Bryan tea.
him Jest what sb* wanted, bet eft**
hew** gone, f**r*4 he wonld fwrg»t.
ten .do-v*o tent blai
." The eperatar teak tke
rt. -sm'ileU. read it egal
hardtr. «alM the MiaesBgor Bap ead
toM him te find Bryne. tor -MM waa
en argent metsefe. M***iegtT Ban;
read it. smiled aad amid "Gosh." and
mshrdeff. Bryan ton utt—"Here, mister, U a messsge from your wife; there's
■oniothing srroug np there." "No, I
gotfii not; I just came froia there this
morning." "Well, it's a buster, anyhow," repllod the boy. Bryna reed,
smiled slightly, then said, "See here,
my wife and I kuow about this and we
aro ih*oiilyt>«e*.lw.t4o" Thla is th*
irlegram: •flfer uat-, a* a. child 1*
burn tu-ii f, ct wid*'anal i_* fool  long.*'
*•< Wwlri* Meet m fit. Pleeeeat
I'.'f CW~F
•r.3.j.f.tt   rc--«-*.-—*V,wi. .-•
MoudapKofeach month at 8 p. m.
...yt*»tyH bratbran ahraM welcome.
The evolution of th* sleeve thl* sea-
son In conformity with the gradual lift'
Ing of the bodice line, make* an Inter-
eating study, and one well worth con
•Ideratlon, since on the proper mak* of
tbe sleeve depend*, In a great measure,
the style of the dress.
At the beginning of the season th*
marked characteristic of aleev** wa*
their 'flufhnti* about the hand, their
bouffant effect above the wrist and b*.
low th* elbow. Some'atrea* should ee
laid upon thla. because people do not
really know that thl* characteristic Is
not now a leading style. A* the Un* of
the bodice went Up, the flufflnesa of the
sleeves went with lt, till now the puffs
and flounces and furbelows hang about
the shoulders and above,' Instead of below the elbow. Of'coursc, wnen a dress
ta made thnt requires fullness below the
elbow, the sleeve Is made In that manner.
The reason for the change In sleeves
Is that the new high belt demands a
clear line above, the waist. Without this
line a woman would look Ilk* a be-
fiouneed bag.
Th* whole line of the dress Is higher
than It baa keen In yean, and a* an artistic consequence ileeves are higher.
There Is a marked tendency to elbow
sleeve* and to fitted •leeve* with mitten effects over the hand below th* elbow. The elbow sleeves have Urge
puff* or ruffle* from the shoulder to
th* elbow—generally both puff* and
ruffle*—and the fitted ilteve appears
below these and (how* the' outline of
th* arm to perfection all the way down
upon the hand.
- With the exception ot vary practical
gowa*. mad* mere for utility than any.
thing elne, all fitted ileeves are of lace,
with lace flounce* and perhap* a puff
also at the elbow. These lace (leeve*,
coming down upon the hand aa they do
like a mitten,.and showing only the linger*, are very flattering .to a woman's
band. They accentuate the grace of
outline In tha'Aanct and make It look
iery'smalL while «olt< hiding any defect* .In .hap. or sale.
THK YOUNO MEN are onr bast Sweater Customers.
If the Workingmen knew more ot the contort there la
in wearing a Sweater to  work, we would sell more -
SWEATERS plain white, navy or grey, others in
fancy effects, #1.M, #1.60, #1.76, #t.M, #».», #1.71.
Some of these are so handsome that young ladle* buy
them for their own net.
Boy* Sweaters 75c, 90c, #1.00, #1.16.
If yon think of buying a Sweater, it will pay yea to
see our showing.
A. E. LEES & w.,
If yen want a
Ring up
Telephone 987
or call around at the Sign
Works,   314   Homer   street.
In any case your wants will receive the
most courteous and careful attention.
If you miss The An vocatx you mis*
the local news.
Trunk Mamta
Deere ne
r rTT»' "        COPVBIfjHTO Ac.
AaroM Madias a ak«tth an* eaMrlatlon ■»•
quickly aaaaruln our opinion tra* whethar a*
 tlon U probably patentable  Comaaantea,
-    -■ __ ..      ...... . P*w*w
 _._i a c..
■paaMI iMNaa, anthoM aW ta tt*
IrtT.ntlon u probably patent
llonaitrlaUfeiiaailanliij. Hi
■ant fiM. OMaet lawtf far
Pauat* take* tkroa*h »t
w*al aaWaa. smhoan ***a*u —
Scientific America...
lijiTMl_omolT lllftstntt
.bUlon of tuir tcl-nti
r_Mr: four months, $1.
AssamitoomsIrllii-tTtttaMl w«-1t,   I-urtst rtr.
cuiajtlon of tuir tci-ntlle JourniO.   T«rmsa |2 •
r: four months, $1. Sold brail ff-W-.Mi-f*.
- -.-
■% . i»
Advertising 1* the education of the ThC     AdVOCatO M*   4
purchaser  of  th*  merit*  of different larger Circulation   OU MOHwt
that which add. to hi. comfort and am- pj^j     tbau     ._y    ^fa
conaumer.    It Informs the prospective
good* and bring* him into touch with   Vancouver paper.
pllfle* hi* happlB***. -
atr**i. City.
Rw»^Piw»«»x-aTrA»T-^-W. H. DeBou,
"TrT. fuVtrmmmWamm C^ua*jl*t*wwi:
■', *»*JamK< v !■■""■.';' '■.	
AlexattdraBlveNec T. hoWa regnlar
H*vUw  lit and M Yrlday* af  eaak
rnoath to 1.0. O. T., BaU corner West
mlnritr aad Srrentb aveauej.
Yitntog waStot always wetOCwH.
Lady Commaadtr-Mn. Fitsb.
Lady Record Keeper—Mr*.  Mary   A,
Foot*, 880 Ninth arena*, east.
'   " FRIENDS.
VaaooumCouncil,. No. S|la. m«eU
overy Mead' 4th T-nradegps it* eaoh
wttw,.._'!--w.r.i Ball, eorner
O^iajHii and, We»ta_ii*tar aVeaee*.
trotaara^.fatati-i *1 slaty a ettsuu*.
Mist A. Chambers, Recorder,
,,'»•..00 taatwlaaler ateasii.  Tel. 7W.
Don't k**p year eyes oa the greoad
when walking. • Keep thane en a -level.
■ Den'4 welk with,, the weight on the
heel*.   Walk with th* weight oa th*
ball* of the feet.
Don't wear high heel* for walking.
Wear low heels, which leave the body
In.'ft* norma) eeettlea.
Don't walk with the beck bent back.
Bead neither forward nor backward,
hat keen th* spine (freight.
Don't held the ehist np eo high the*
lt become* an effort.
Don't wear yeur clothing eo tight that
It Interfere* with yeur breathing.
Den't stand with th* weight of th*
body' en one hip.
Don't stand with th* weight of th*
body against th* spin*.
Don't cover the top of your cellar
with your neck.  Beld yeur head up.
Don't sit on the tad ef'yeur seta*.
Dent alt with -ear knees apart. They
abouM arw*y» teach.
Don't alt with the l*t» era****, because It throw* th* weight oa one ht>
and durlert. th* tody.
I C not already a Subscriber to "The Advocate" yon
should subscribe at once. Stranger- coining to
reside on Mt. Pleasant should take the local paper and
become acquainted with the locality in which they intend to
$i.oq per year,,50c for six mouths, a_c for three months
Office: 2525 Westminster avtuuc; Telephone 81405
I w%f^_wto*>*-Vwf*w»»<a>s»S>*w«J-w%-w*<-»-»%w-%t^%f^-«a
"Let the dead past bury 1*1 dead."
And it* inconvenience*.
The Convenient Light is the
Electric Light
You have simply to touch th* button end yonr offloe and room is brilliantly]
lighted,   falling over chairs; no matehe*; pa unoleenliness; no danger.
n be made Dortabl*. ao that you can hang them over your
poor bed, etc., and any desired
naaoitip,   «n.   .avinaiiuw,   an.  u..|iw.
Mectrio light* can be made portable, so that you can hang them over your
drewer or shaving mirror, at the head of
eandle-powtg may be obtained.
It is 0 Beautifying Light
Under its alear rays, feces aad objects do not have that pallid, dull appear-1 *
enoe that ia oansed by other light*; on the contrary, tt show* off every- <»
thing to the beat a -ventage.   Aa murio adds to the beauty of a voice, *o < 1
doe* the eleotric light onhanoe the beauty of a face, the brightness of a
■mile and tha sparkle of the eyes.
IT HA8 NO FLAME—it emits no unhealthy fumes—it consume* 00
oxygen aad doe* not vitiate the air—therefore it does not cause 01 aggravate asthma « other irulmoqery diaaase*. It does not leek, ignite or
axptode. It will not kill plant* or ruin waUp-par or furnishings. It ia
everything that Is best aa a light. Up-to-date esmldlahmenta an- people
.   of reSuement nee IL
ij British CoiumWo Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
f Offioa*:   Corner of Ka*Ung» and Carrall ttree-.
'-j L%ay^r*J,*_.a»»»l»%»%»%%a%a»%a» %i»y«*^wWw-*>»»V
ni *y m\«r


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