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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Mar 17, 1906

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 J     ■)■
.-v-V J. wuv. W. .-.V^s-sV. riM(v,.'A, (hm
Castile Soap
The finest French Castile Soap in  3
bars for 35c each.
We a?e selling the Virgin Brand Castile Soap, in cakes, at 25c doz.
n. A. W. Co. Ltd., Mt. PLEASANT BRANCH
Froo Delivery to any part of fho city.   'Phoue 790.
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single  Copy 5c,  Three "lonths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Always Something
to iii terest you every week in THE ADVOOATE
.'.miing Ihc Local Items, Misoelleneooa Item,
Woman's Realm, or tho Continued Story. The
Advertisements will keen _,'in poured nn vrhpro
to go for bargains iu all lin '.
Tlie subscription price is witniu tiie reach of all
Delivered anywhere in tho City, the Dominion.
the United States or Great Britiau for $1 a year
Established April 8th, 18!»l).   Wholi. No. 3(10.
Mt. Pleasant,   Vancouvhs,   B.   0., Satur-jat, II Mia a 17, 1900.
(Seventh Yeab.)   Vol. 7, No. 50.
! Local Items. I
»». Vr.Oualg Auction and Cominis-
Hip-On Md., next to Carneige Library,
I>ij,otines street, buy Furniture for Cash,
'.wndTict Auction Sales and handle
Vtsni-rupt Stocks of «wory description.
«*»ti—action gnurnuteed.   Phone 1070.
.'Irs Merkley is showing her NEW
SPRING MILLINERY today. Beautiful Hals, trimmed aud ready-to-wear
Soe hor window.
Tho Municipal Council of South Van-
conver will moot this Saturday
who  is  quite   ill
Hospital on Hon-
Mrs. Wm. Duthie
wns taken to the City
day of tliis week
 — :ot———
A fresh supply of Steelo Bripgs nnd
Ferry's Soods just opoucd up at tho
M. A. W. Drugstore.
Tho Woman's Auxiliary of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Chnroh will meet ou
Wedce-diiy eveuiug uext at tbo home
of Mrs. Dau MeL '(id, 651 Sixth aveuue,
Ihe Quarterly Official Board of Mt,
Plensiint Methodist Ohurch entertained
the Choir at the Parsonage, Eleventh
avenue 0:1 Friday eveuiug. Each member of tho Ohoir went representing a
great uinsieian which gavo 11 classical
oiruct [to tlie gathering. Musio, games
and a St. Patrick Day menu were
features of a plensaut evening's entertainment.
In vi'v uf the Special Servicos to he
beld, Souday \yill 1 ■ Pr   uratimi Day.
Iu th- uiornin; Oi rtu ouw ill speak
OU ''Equfpihon! .  r,'- .ve   ."
In th" v.-ring iiii pastor i.ii; titkeas
his subject "The Greatest Thief iu the
Gel yri'ir Daueiug Pumps, Ladies'
Di'iieiiig .-'.:. i.t'i ;. Oeiitli :,n"-.'--, lleth
room Slip; - ■ Pi iivnt-Ioathi r Shoea
(..'....: Re_ia.;j iSho.'Ur.iu—R. MILLS,
119 if:-'ii-.-.- atreet, west.
Mrs. M. 1_. K JQov.-ninti (neo Harford!
held her pout-nuptial reception at her
homo, corner of Thirteenth avonuo aud
Ontario street, on Tuesday afternoon
ii.".il eveuing. Mrs. Bowuinu received
iu her wedding gow n and looked charming. Mrs. Cowman was asslstod by
Miss Olive MorriKOu who wore a very
becoming costume of whito silk voile;
Mrs. Herbert Harford presided at tho
ton table, wearing a daiuty white silk
gown, sbe was assisted by Misses Ethel
Sim and Minnie Verge! Miss Sim wore
n pretty green costume aud Mies V( rge
ndainty blue gown. Little Miss Lillian
Daizell opeui-d tlie door. The drawing
rooms wero prettily decorated with ivy,
the table floral deoorationa wero carnations and lillies uf the valley.
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertuSineut on
4th page, of special interest to women.
Tlio auuiversay social of the Mt.
Plensaut Frcsbyterian Church proved a
very pleasaut function which wns well
attended on Monday evening. Tho
ladies had arranged tho tables under
tbo balcony aud hung drnpoiies bo-
tween the supporting pillars. The
program was very good the following
talent taking part: Piano solo, Miss
Steelo; solo, Mr. Robert Puteh
tation, Mr.s. Allen; violin solo,
Maddams; vocal solo, Mrs. VV. O
sou; duet, Miss Lewis aud Mr
Hicks; Malo Quartet. Ou Tuesday
evening tho Children's anniversary entertainment was hirgoly attended and
tho excellent suppor douu amplo jnstiio
to. Tho program by the juveniles was
of merit, and a merry throng went
homo happy.
G. P.
JUST O P E N E D1 An up-to-date
Plnnibing Shop lit 2442 Wettlminstoi
avenue, Mt. Pleasant. Oct onr prices
for all kinds of plumbing and repairs,
Popper & Willnor.
Dentistry as we prnotice it is a serious profession,
involving education, carefulness aud skill. Therefore wo can not compote iu prices with the ignorant, tho cureless or tho unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that we charge less than half as much as
most private prnutioners.
But you ask, Is the work ns good? We roply, it
is bettor Indeed, ho dentist who tries to practice ull the different
branches of dentistry cau achiovo such maguificont results as we do
with our corps of skilled specialists
i   v a
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1688.
Branch Office: coruer Abbott and Hastings streets. Tel. 2022.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.;  Sundays 9 a. m.,  to 2 p. m.
Mrs. D. McLcou of Douglas, Man.,
visiting Mr. Carson,"Tenth avenuo.
Mrs.   Neil  McLean  is  visitiug   her
tiiiele Mr. Win. Hunt, Eighth aveuuo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. McLean of Douglas,
Mnu., visited Mrs. M. Rao, Eighth avo
uuo, this week.
Mrs. Hood and littlo dangeter from
Vnldez Island, nro guests of Mr. aud
Mrs. Rae, Eighth aveuue.
By properly adjusted glasses Dr.
Howell at Ihe Burrard Sanitarium Ltd.,
relieves eye strain whioh onuses headache nud oilier nervous I roubles.
Mr. T, A. Oliver lias returned from
spending tho winter in Los Angeles,
iud is visitiug his brother Mr. Oliver,
Eleventh aveuuo.
Miss L. Brown of Seattle, returned
home ou Wednesday after a threo
u.mil lis with hor sisters Mrs Clay aud
Mrs; Wut. VlleS, bf Lome stroot.
The very latest stylos iu Canadian
imd American makes and designs in
Winter' Shoes for Men, Women and
Children at R, MILLS, tho Shoemnu,
llll Hastiugs streets, west.
Mr. R. Sparling entertained tho boys
of the Industrial School at Point Grey
ou. Fridny eveuing witb his lantern,
showing over 200 views. The'entertainment was highly appreciated by tho
Miss Jean Patterson has opened Physical Cultural Class for-ladies and children, lu Oddfellows' Hull; Saturdays
from 3 to 4:110 p.m Those desirous of
entering elassoa giveu £ tree lessou.
There was a representative mooting
of Mt. Plensaut people in Mason's Hnll
on Thnrsday evening for the purpose of
organizing n Senior Lacrosse team. The
sentiment was favorable, bnt the chief
stumbling block is the financing a
learn. It is estimated $"i00 would lie
required. A Com mit too was appointed
to go into all the rtotniln of organizing
aud conducting of a Souior team, and to
redort at n meeting to bo hold on
Thursday tho 29th.
Pure Bkkad Minorca Enos for
hatching at moderate prices. J. Grim-
mett, coruer 17th and Wostmiuster avos
Miss Milbnrn of Port Moody, is visiting her sister Mrs. H. Near, 420 Ninth
avonue, east
Mr. Jas. Armstrong of Seventh avenue, has bought out tho West End
Grocery, cornor of Comox and Burrard
streets, aud will tako over the busiuess
ou tho 1st of the month.
Ladies' aud Children's plain sewing
neatly and well-done, Mrs. Cullen, 2245
Westmiuster avonue.
Commencing ou Mouday ovening
thore will begin a series of Evangelist
Services iu tho Mt. Ploasaut Methodist
Church, under tho auspices of the
Epwortli League. A personal invito-
tiou is extended to nil.
Tbo marriage of Mr. Arthur Stanley
White nud Miss Eliza May Chase,
youngost daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Ohnse, Sixth avonuo, took place on
Saturday the 10th, at the Manse, Rov.
J. M. McLeod performing tho ceremony
Our Spring Stock has just arrived, and we would
be pleased to receive your order.
As our stock is complete and our prices are always
fi        STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
er Snaps
2425   Westminster  Ave.
7 'Phone  322
King's Heat Flarket     f
R. Porier & Sfi>E2S:       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
Dcnlcrs iu all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from nil parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season.
Tel. aR'OG.
2 *
««_ro_-__-,__a;aihir.i>u oaa.<jus_n_» u ama_jateaae «______» «__a_-.a__i o
4- Lbs, for 25c
USF*   This offer good for 10 days only
The Cifv Grocery Co. Ltd*
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tul. 286. Wostmlnstor Ave. A Prlnoesa Street.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is tlie most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints  $ |.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd,
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 4a9
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house.
__—Sir_ncr «ki se _»«
*   Jack Foster Ton Phillips.
Let us flill it with " LADY'S CHOICE"  FLOUR.
This Hour is milled from tho best No. 1 hard Manitoba Wheat.
It sells for ljl.no per pack.
If you use Brown Flour	
Lawn   Grass,
—Briug your order for tickets, business cards, Btatomcnts, letterheads,
onvelopcs, handbills, circulars, in fact,
all kinds of printing, to "Tho Advocate," 2444 Westminster avenuo.
Sweet Peas, Dwf. Nasturtium.
Every tiling for  Field and Garden.
You buy from us—plant them  and then   watch
them  GROW
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone  1.100.
fl—3——K!——i f. —- _-_n"*"*5T_—J(*i« l_l_ig<_M«3._! Si -ftS_BBtH_.'!__Sl J»X??__l_-«!r«Ti ;i
S* We advise you to try "Allen's Whole Wheat."   This is the
$ only Brown Floor ou the market that contains thu "Wl.#— of the
4? Wheat."
| Foster & Phillips
I 'Phone 914.   Prompt delivery.    246 Ninth ave., east.
gsjf Subscribers nre requested to
report auy oarelessuess in tho delivery
of "The Adv." te."
r*q^*fc<*V^.*e.'!l. **_^_i tVtV<_.1S. '»>^/tk^/!&.'»-V-^, iy<A,^J<&'to'1x'*smS<A.WSiA <V9
1     ,i.  .-.,-«..-. r; • ■—.    _—1 —_r«-   __>   _— —, !„ nuwaa orinns \
LAW, the Druggist,
Wants to See YOU.
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Eudcavor
moot at 15 minutes to 7,  every Sunday
evening in Adveut Christian Chnroh,
Seventh avonuo, near Westm'r ave.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Ploasant
Mothodist Churoh meets at 8 p. m.
*B. Y. P. U., meets in  Mt. Pleasaut
Baptist Chnrch at 8 p. m.
Tho Y. P. S. O. E., meets at 8 p. m
in Mt. Plcasasunt Presbyterian Ohuroh
Ou Friday ovening of lost woek, the
unnuivl meoting of tlio Mt Pleasant
Gun Club was held aud olllcers for the
ensuing year elected. Secretary Homo
wood's report showed tlie Club to bo in
good financial condition nnd tho membership 05. Tuesday and Thursday will
be tho days for shooting. Tlio Hamilton Powder Company—H. W. Maynard,
Manager—has donated a Modal to each
Gnu Club in B. 0, for competition. Tho
winners of tho Medals will moot and
compote for tt Plato valued at $100. It is
to bo hoped Mt Pleasnnt will win"tho
Provincial Championship Tho officers
nro: Honorary President, H, W. May.
uajtrl; Honorary Vice-President, W. 11.
Owous; President, T. A. Tidy; Vice-
President, W. Donolme; Si'i.'y.-TreiiH.,
OhiiH. Homewood; A__t. Sec'y., J. Tuuk-
er; Captain, Rhus. Green; Vice-Rapt.,
O. Dounld; Bxoontive Coiuiuittoo,
Messrs Elliott, Fooshoc, Nightiugalo
and McTaggiirt.
Guass  Siciiii— the  finest  yot—30c a
pound, at tho M. A. W. Drug Storo,
Mr. Cousins this  weok   bou tho
residence  of Mr. McCuaig,   1 nteonth
Mr. J Harford Sr., Thirteenth ave
uuo, sold liis home to Mr, McCuaig.
Mr. W. J- Annand this week bnneht,
tlio bnildiug occupied by Mr. Peter's
Shoo Store   Consideration $3,800.
Mr. W. J. Annand, Mnnnger Vanconver Automobile and Cycle Co., hns sold
his -.tore building on Bridge streot; consideration, $0,000.
Mr. A I1'. MoKiunon has sold the
corner recently bought from Mr. A. H.
Hutch—southwest cornor Ninth and
Westminster nvonuos—to Messrs.
Eligh & Metcalfe.
Mr. McKinnon recently bought tho
northwest oornor of Wostuiinstor and
Tenth nvonuos.
Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Alt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
fur Spring aud
Summer, 1000,
arrived.   Specials for this week's setting—
Lustres.—Fahby figured Lustres in cardinal, navy,   in-own, white and
black ; speoial prioe 856 yd In self shades of sky, cardinal, navy, white,
black and cream ; speoial prico 85o yd... .In croam ami white,  special  per
yard toi- 860, 4Qb, 500, 6S0 and 75c.
Oai9H—Eiut.—Allwool Oashmeros, 44 iu., iu sky, cardinal,
black mul ci-on:: 1: regubir price 85o for 50o yd.
New Spying Suitings :u speoial prices,
l'ink, white,
a. ross & co., -^f ssassrst'
iSa, *-»v-h-'"*».'!V**-, '"-y'"*^-V*»y<»-*»- '-J-^'«-^k%'^-9^.-*VsVr»--V'*-y*- _^wtw*»w^
Road tho Now Vork Deutnl Parlors
advertisement iu tliis paper, thou go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $3,000,000.   Roserves (8.487.000,
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 lo 8 o'clock.
VV. A. WARB, Sub-Manager.
Advertize in tho "Advocate."
A Short
In thu New Puocess of
photography f 0 u n d at ■
the Mathers Studio it is
no longer necessary to
wait for a convenient
season. But any day
or night for that matter
will do.
Only first-class   work
C.W. Mathers
565 Granville street.
Telephone 981.
* Jf00000004-000000000000000i*
A pretty home wedding look placo nt
tho residenco of Mr. aud Mrs. Joseph
Hatch, Twenty-tbii'd avenne, on Weduesday evening the 14th, when Rev. A.
Mogee united in marriage Mr. M.
Stephenson of Vancouver, and M i.-s
Fanny Bnrlow of Glasgow, Scotland,
Mr. Jos. Hutch gavo the lirido away.
Miss Cccilo Hatch wns liriilismnid and
Mr. H. W. Hatch supported the groom.
The brido woro a silver grey crepe di
chiuu gown and -tarried a shower
boquet of lillies of the valley unil carnations, Tlio bridSBinnid'fl dross was a
pretty creaui voile, her boquot was
carnations.    The groom's present to the
bridesmaid was a handsomo gold Draco-
let. The ceremony wns performed
under a floral nreh Mi:-*.! 11. Siuitli
played the wedding inm-eli. Tho guests
wore entertained at supper by Mrs. J.
Hatch. The young couplo will reside
corner Twenty-third avenue nnd Henry
street. TI1.1 presents wer" many and
_> R ?•<
(Write for Catalogue.)
66 Hastings Street, West, VascoDter, B. O.
A SPEOIAL OFFER, OS Al! for 25c 1
l'_ I'm'-„!:(■" ol Loading Vegetables and Plnwcia Vr-''<<'    Onion, Cucumber, Beet,
I.o tiu-i'. i-nn.- and i-.i.-ii.-ii: Aatora, Bwest Mignonette, Pansy, PoliUtla, Sivoet
l'i-i,s mill \> lin Garden.
If your
briug your prescription to ns to
fill. Wo huvo u grinding plant
thnt ennliloB os to fill ntl prescriptions of a complex nature.
Wc used to havo to send to
Montreal or New York for thia
class of work to bo filled—took
weeks of time to fill nn order.
Wo cau do it uow in as many
hours. No mutter what the
prescription, wo can fill it.
Curlier Hastings aud Granviile Sts.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. R.
Wm. Ren nie Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,  Winnipeg ar.d
PRONE.—Born to Mr. and Mrs. F
Crone, South Vancovver, Mar. Dili,
■a sou.
si i.i_H"--t->?:-:,. wsKsixrs- a_B-t_ra_ni» «
Select   Dancing
M (..SON'S II.M.i.        NTfl   AVUNUB,
Mils.   M.    !. :  :   '■'. .
Mi ml- r Nation il ation Mastoi   I
ni' Dish
Adult Classes Evcrj iiidav  ns follows:
Beginner* Class from *:-'i0 tofl p, m :
Dancing   by   Advanced    Pupils from
11 to 11 p. ml
Juvenile. Class Every Friday afternoon
from 4 to (i o'clook,
\" \ •.■!■• ii",. i! Ai • i'i-'.rv: Pender Hi.II.
AnrrOBIA Ai Ain.MV : A. < 1. l'   W.   Hall.
Telephone _U531 or _J—97.
Advertise In "Tlm Advooate
I   We can save money for vou!
I      Fancy Toilet .Sets from $2 a set up.
See our Stock Pattern1 Dinner Ware—we. have
a large selection to choose from.
Get Our Prices
 on Enamel, Tin and Wood
Buchanan & E<|
662 604 Granville St. 'Phone 2021.     |
Boot mntt SheemaKlng
and Repairing done ;'t
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
t. Ifi; Westndusti r avenuo.
For a Gamo of
Pool or Billiards
Oro& itt at
Mt, Ploasant.
Royal Crown
tiiltsup,   2 bottles.  25c
Lipton's t'ickles 25c a bottle
No. I Potatoes $1.25
per sack.
McKinnon & Gow,
Ud Ninth Ave. Opposite No 8 Fire Hnll
I,ill plione. nl 148. Prompt delivery.
thk BUST CM tin. Would. Drop
nji a post card asking   for   i;
Oatalogoo of Premiums to bo
had    free    for   ROYAL  OflOWN
Sum' Wit,-.i'i'i'.i:s.
VflNCOUVI';. It.c.
Subscribers who fail io
get "The Advocai ' ou Saturday uiornin;. notify
this ofiice.
Lawn Grass Seeds
(.'lover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry nud Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Ohlck Food,  IliH'fscraps, Eto.
I'l_(.UiU  aud FEED.
<*.     kTI-"ITH  CO'»«   NINTH ov.nue   *
Telepliotlt    1087.	
The Canadian
Bank0I Commerce
Deposits of Ona DOLUS and upwards
received and interest allowod thereon.
Bank Money Orders  issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOU US: 10 a. ni. to S p. at
Saturdays' 10 ain. to 13m., r tog p.m.
East End Branch
^44 Westminster
DO IT NOW !- lf not nlrondy a 6ul»
ecribor tu "The Advocate" become ou*
leidpllOUe i! 1405 How.   Oulyfl for Umo-tltt. iTWHIHflHr4t»WK-HH,Tl»HMMMHHt»
j Linked by Fate j
Author of " The Verdict of the Heart/' " A Heritage   j ■
of Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid '',]
For," " A Modern Juliet," Etc ;
rtllTnillMIMIMTlimmmttl-M H.
Continued from last week.
"No?   I live here because it's quiet
nnd out of the wuy; and I own the
It was   my   father's
house. It was my fathers. It's
rather a nice view, especially at
night, with the lights on the water.
The house is old, vory old, and it
wants repairing, modernizing and
all that, and I nicar. to do it—when
I can afford it."
He pulled at an old-fashioned bell
and the door was opened presently,
and with an air of caution, by an
old woman with so strange an expression on so pallid a face, that
Vune could not help staring at her;
and he stared the harder when, instead of speaking, Julian Shore muds
signs to her in thr deaf and dumb
alphabet on his fingers.
The old woman took her eyes for a
moment from her master's face to
glance at Vane, then nodded assenting. , and closing the door disappeared through unother which led to
the basement.
"Come upstairs, will you?" said
Julian. "I live on the upper floor for
the sake of thu view."
He led tho way into a sitting-room
which was as old-fashioned as the
exterior of the house. The walls were
ol oak, blackened by age—not Tot- |
tenham Court Hoad varnish—there
was a massive mantelpiece as black
as the panelling, and the furniture,
old and heavy, was in perfect harmony with the ruom. There was a
piano, also of ouk. It was a very
quaint room, and imposing, but it
struck Vane as sombre, not to say
Ho went to the window and looked
"You'vt a fine view of the river,"
he said, "and this is a grand old
As he spoke he noticed a faint
smell like that emitted by pungent
chemicals. It came from a door lending out of the room, and Julian
stepped to It and closed It softly.
The old woman appeared with a
tray and presently set out a nice little lunch of sweetbreads, pate-de-foie
grns, Swiss cheese, and a blancmange. The claret was in a Venetian
flask, and a small bottle of yellow
Chartreuse stood beside it. Having
laid out the table, tho woman, after a fixed look at her master—the
kind of lonlt one sees in the eyes of
a well-trnitled and devoted spaniel—
left the rOom, and Julian drajv a
chair to Iho table for Vane and invited him to be seated.
"You »eem to have very comfortable quarters," said Vano. "Your
servant is deaf and dumb, isn't she?"
"Yes." said Julian. "She was an
old sDrvant of my father's. I'm
afraid to say how old she is. But
■he is very faithful and attentive,
and serves my purpose."
"And you don't mind her—affliction?" said Vane as he helped himself to sweetbread.
JJiian smiled.
"Ko," he replied. "I suppose It's
beoause I'm used to her. She is very
—Intelligent, and, as I say, she is devoted to mo."
"She looks it," remarked Vane.
"This is splendid claret."
Julian smiled, the smile ot m man
whose wine is praised.
"It Is some my father left me. By
the way, I fancy it came originally
from Lesborough Court."
"Then I hope there is some left
there," said Vane. "You know the
"No," replied Julian as he handed
ths pate. "I have never been there.
My father and the earl quarrelled—
but no doubt, you know all about
that. No, I have nover been there.
But you know it; you have stayed
Vane nodded as he looked round
the room. It seemed strange, improbable tl—s.t he should be sitting here so
cosily with this newly-discovered cousin.
"Yes; I used to go there as a boy;
and until recently I was asked to pay
a kind of regulation visit. But tho
earl quarrelled with me as he quarrelled with your father, lie—expected
too much."
"As how?" asked Julian, filling his
"Oh, well, he wanted to plan out,
direct my life. Wanted me to go Into
politics and stand for the borough,
in the Conservative interest."
"And you are a Liberal?" suggested Julian.
"No, I'm not. I'm nothing. But I
declined to take my politics from his
lordship, and also declined to become a—a dependent, So we parted
and I went abroad—" llis voice died
"And were wrecked?" said Julian,
Vane seemed to dry up, to freeze.
on the moment.
"Yes," he said, absently. "But let
us talk of something else, of yourself. I could almost have found it
possible to be sorry that I was alive
when you came into Mr. Tresslder'i
Just now."
Julian's dark fnce flushed for a moment and his lids drooped—his face
looked like a mask when his eyes
were closed, do expressive were they
—then he ruined them, smiled and
shrugged his shoulders, and waved
his hands with a gesture that reminded Vane ot his cousin's Spanish
"That's very kind and generous of
you—Vane," he said, with a little
pause before the "Vane." "Of course
I should have liked to have been tho
Earl of Lesborough: but—ah, wall,
perhaps 1 shall be as happy as II i
"I dare say," said Vano in his
blunt way. "I don't suppose"—he
stifled a sigh—"that it will make uie
any the happier."
Julian looked at him with veiled
curiosity. "Oh, youl" he said. "I
can imagine that yoll will make quite
a typical Kngiish nobleman, You aro
cut out for the position und will Iill
it well. Whilo I"—he waved his whito
hands again—"I'm scarcely so suitable a subject. I'm only half English. My mother was a Spaniard, and
I have nothing—whut do you call it?
—feudal about inc. You will marry—
but perhaps you are already married;
yes?" he broke otf, his almost almond eyes on Vane's with an apparently trunk and disinterested interrogation.
Van* filled his glass and replied, as
1 have no wife."
"All, but you soon will have one,"
said Julian, smilingly, "You will be
a great catch. The parti of the season. You know that you are tremendously rich as well as noble?"
Vane nodded. "So I'm given to understand," he said. "But 1 shall rfev-
er niarry."
"Never is a long time," commented Julian with a smile. "Try this
Chartreuse, will you? It also cuine
from the Lesborough cellars, 1 believe. You will go dowu there at
once, will you not?"
[to bi continued.]
The Strongest King.
The strongest king on record, so ths
story goes, appears to have been Caius
Julius Verus Maxlmus, tbe son of a
Thraclnn peasant and emperor of
Rome. It is related that with one of
his butlers ho stopped a chariot dashing by at full speed, that he could
draw a loaded wagon, by a blow of
his fist could break the hardest stones
between his lingers and split trees with
bis hand. This redoubtable sovereign
was eight feet high, and his wife's
bracelets served him for finger rings.
We bave passed over Og, the king of
Basban, who, as the rabbis say, was
nearly six miles high, drank water
from the clouds and toasted fish by
holding them up to the sun and who,
wben Noah refused him shelter ln the
ark, survived those troublous times by
wading through the flood, which only
reached to his knees, and of Atlas, king
of Mauritania, who Is said to have supported the world upon his shoulders.
A   Poultry  Hill.
Mary's father was making the experiment of raising chickens with an
Incubator in his barn. The neighbors
were much Interested ln this experiment, and, meeting Mary, one of them
asked, "Mary, have you any little
chickens at your house yet7"
"No, but we're makin' some," replied  the little  maiden
Only Medals For Drorery.
In the Japanese army men are not
promoted for distinguished conduct on
the field and officers do not assume the
rank of a superior officer who may be
killed. By distinguishing themselves
they gain nothing but decorations. The
Order of the Golden Kite ls a most covet ud honor. Every man seeks to obtain
It not only because tt carries wltb lt
certain monetary rewards, but for tbe
honor which Its possession bestows on
the wearer. Na officer attalnp higher
rank except by going through the necessary course of study and passing tbe
examinations. Mere bravery cannot
bring promotion.
She Couldn't Help It.
"Wby ln the world," asked the^cau-
tlful young widow, "have you prom-
lshed to marry him lf you don't love
"0b, I Just had to. He was desperate."
"Hum! Said he'd go and shoot or
drown himself, I suppose."
"No. He said he'd go and propose
to you."
Forced Latitude.
Miss Sweet—Tho little boy that ls
playing with your brother ls scratching up the parlor furniture terribly!
Miss Van Fleet—I know it, but if I tell
blm to stop he'll go home and tell the
whole family that I'm cross, and his
big brother ls my latest catch.
Search For a Cholera Patient.
A reporter of the Paris Matin was
sent out the other day on tne unenviable mission to Investigate an alleged cholera case, which lt was reported had been conveyed that day to
the St. Antolne Hospital.
Arriving at the hospital the Pressman asked the doorkeeper to be
directed to the governor's office, but
was informed that that high official
had gone for a drive and would not
return until late.
"The superintendent, then?"—"He
Is away on a holiday."—"The treasurer?"—"Also away on a holiday."—"The
house physician?"—"Also away on a
holiday."—"Then, who ls In charge Of
the establlsnment?"—"The nurses,
Having ascertained the location of
the ward where the suspected case
was lying, the journalist next addressed a servant, asking for the head
"The day or night nurse, sir?"—
"The day nurse, of course."—"She has
gone for tho day."—"Then, the night
nurBC."—"Slio has not yet anlvoU."—
"Is thero an under-nurse?"—"YeB;
but she had a day off to-day."
The bewildered reporter made his
way into ihe ward, and questioned the
patients one by one until he enme to
the alleged cholera patient Asked
whether he was really suffering from
the dread disease, the man answered
that he did not know, and no one else
seemed to know.
A  Race Against Time.
It would be Interesting to try In
London an experiment made ln Paris
tho other day.
Some frequenters of a cafe In the Rue
de Richelieu near the Bourse, ln the
centre of the city, got Into a dispute
as to the quickest mode of conveyance
in Paris, and it was decided to put the
mattor to a practical test.,
It waB arranged that a message
should be sent to some friends in a
cafe ln the Avenue de la Grande Ar-
mee, on the outskirts of the city, a
distance of two and a-half miles.
To convey the message there were
employed:—A cyclist, a cab, an omnibus, the Paris "tube" and the pnou-
matlc postcard delivery, while lt also
was to be telegraphed and telephoned.
The results were as fallows:—
The cyclist, an easy flrst; time, 11
minutes 15 seconds.
The cab, time, 23 minutes.
Tho messenger who took the "tube"
31 minutes.
Tbe omnibus, 34 minutes.
Tbe (telegram, 35 minutes.
Tbe "pneumatic" postcard, 3 hours
3 min.
Tha telephone message could not be
delivered at all owing to th* Una being
An  Ancient   Site   Snld  to   Have  Been
Built by  Phnrnoh.
The crocodile, oue of the most sacred
animals of the east, has given its nnme
to several ancient sites. Of tlie various j
"cities of crocodiles," tbe names of
which have been handed down to us by
Herodotus, Pliny and Strubo, perhaps
the most striking was the "Crocodilopo-
11s" of the ancient Egyptian province of
Fayum, wbicli, according to,tradition,
was built by that phnraoh who "made
the lives of the children of Israel bitter with bard service."
This province lies within an almost
complete circle of hills—a little oasis
In the midst of the desert, where roses
and grapes mingle with tigs and olives
and luxuriant palm trees grow almost
Into forests.
Its capital Is Medinet, and n little to
tbe north of Uie city nre a number of
irregularly shaped mounds. Beneath
these are the ruins of the phnraoh
built "Crocodllopolls," the "City of
Crocodiles." later called Arslnoe. and
the shrine of the sacred crocodile of the
neighboring Lake Moerls, which was
then 460 miles In circumference,
This lake beld the sacred crocodiles,
and as each died In turn It was burled
in one of the 1,500 underground sepul-
cbers of the world famed "Labyrinth"
at hand, side by side with the embalmed   bodies   of   successive   phuruolis.
When It Wns First Proposed For the
Newly Found Continent.
The nnme of America for the newly
discovered continent wns first proposed
In the little volume put forth nt St. Die,
In the Vosges, In the year lii07 by
Waldzeemuller, better known by the
Hellenlzed form of his name, Hyla-
comylus. Three or four editions of this
treatise were published ut St. Die before 1507, and a few years afterward
an edition without date was printed at
Lyons by .Teon de la Place. All these
editions are of extreme rarity, and
probably that printed ut Lyons ls the
rarest of all, though the library of the
British museum possesses two copies
of It. It has never been suggested that
any maps were engraved to accompany either of the editions, but it lias nlways been supposed Unit the earliest
map with the word "America" marked
on the new found world was the "Ty-
pus Orbis," engraved on wood for the
"Enarrattones Jonnnis Cnmertls In C.
Julil Sollnl Polylstora," printed at Vienna ln 1520 for Joauncs Slngrenlus.
In tbls map the new world Is represented as a long Island, on which Is tbe Inscription: "Anno d. 1497 haec terra cum
adjacentlhus instills lnvepta est per
Columbum Ianuensem ex muiiduto regis Castelle.  America provlncla."
Will Run Over All  Railway Lines In
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Arrlv.     Depart.
15.00       10.30
Origin of the Lucifer Hatch.
The late Sir Isaac Holden's inventions ln connection with Uie wool combing Industry have almost obscured
from the public's remembrance the fact
that he was also the originator of the
luclfer match. This happened whllj
filling the position of lecturer on chemistry at the Castle Stroet academy,
Reading. He used to rise nt 4 In Uie
morning In order to pursue his studies
and found the old fashioned flint nnd
steel extremely inconvenient. So one
day he made a paste of phosphorus and
other substances, stuck It on the end of
a sliver of wood and found It would
ignite on being rubbed agniust auy
rough substance. Hidden himself did
not realize the importance of his discovery. Not so, however, a pupil of his
to whom hs showed it. This youngster.
who chanced to be the son of a London
manufacturing chemist, at onco wrote
to his father about It, and shortly after
luclfer matches were issued to the
world.—London Mall.
linear Thing; About Rouge.
The chief of the bureau of chemistry
of the department of agriculture, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, was
asked by a reporter why he did not Investigate rouge. "Rouge," the reporter
said, "may be very harmful, very poisonous, sir. Don't you think that lt requires Investigation?" The chemist
smiled. "No," be answered; "I can't
say I do. If rouge were poisonous, unnumbered women would have died of
lt long ago. By the way, I'll tell you a
queer thing about rouge. It is something that I came upon one day lu n
pharmacy, and I think lt illustrates an
odd phase of human nature. A young
girl was buying a pot of rouge, and I
heard her murmur to tbe clerk, 'You
guarantee that this will not rub off?'
'I do,' the clerk answered. 'This, like
all our rouges, Is warranted to stand
the hardest kiss of Investigation that
any of your women friends will try
on It"      	
Woman's Dress.
But, my dear, good Odo, a woman's
husband ls not the mun a wife dresses
for. She makes herself as attractive
as sh* can for everybody worth knowing. You must bo an extraordinary
person If you suppose that I sm going
in for the red and green transformation
treatment for you—simply for you. A
woman wbo ls really a woman uud not
a hockey player has to watch the fash-
Ion as closely as a cook watches a pot.
and th* married woman of the present
day must do all she can to look like the
unmarried woman of yesterday. It Is
th* married women who are the most
popular with men. It is the married
women who control politics, tbe army,
literature and tho stag*. Therefore
can't you see how necessary It is for
them to do all they can to remain attractive? Red hair and greeu eyes?
Yea. Blue teetb and ambor eyes If
necessary or black teeth and white
eyes—London World.
Insular Ignorance.
I have beeu told by a Canadian that
In discussing with an English general
the possibility of sending troops from
England to the far east vlu Canada
tho latter raised thu objection that It
would not be desirable for them to
travel over United States territory! I
havo been told of an English official
having condoled shortly nfter MeKln-
ley's ussassluutlou with a Canadian on
the loss of his president. I hare myself heard nn educated Englishman express to a Canndlan audience bis surprise at finding modern civilization existing ln a country which he had till
then believed to be under permanent
Im and snow.—Countess of Minto ln
National Bevlew.
Below will be found the schedule
ot the "Seed and Weed Special" as
arranged between the railway companies and the representatives of the
Department of Agriculture. The
speaking at each point will commence promptly at the hour advertised for the arrival of the train and
will conclude sharp on the time as
set forth:
Hour of     Hour of
Date        Station
Jan. 8, Brandon
"     9, Balcarres
"     !), Abernethy
9, Lemberg
"     9, Neudorf
'      9, Rocanville
"    10, Kemnay
'    10, Alexander
'    10, Griswold
''   10, Oak Lake
'    10, Virden
"   11, Hargrave
"   11, Elkhorn
"   11, Fleming
"    11, Moosomln
"   12, Wapella
"    12, Whitewood
"   12, Broadview
"   12, Grenfell
"   13, Wolseley
"   13, Sintal*a
"   13, Indian Head
"   13, Qu'Appelle
"   13. Balgonle
"    15, Cardston
"    15, Magrath
"    15, Raymond
"   15, Letbbrldge
"   16, Plncher Creek
"    16, Macleod
"    16, Leavings
"   16, Claresholme
"    17, Nanton
"   17, High  River
'    17, Okotoks
"   17, Calgary
"    18, Red Deer
"   18, Lacombe
"   18, Ponoka
"   18, Wetaskiwin
"   19, Loduc
"   19, Strathcona
"   19, Edmonton
"    20, Fort Sask.
'    20, Vegrevllle
"    20, Vermillion
"   22, Loydminster
"    22, N. Battleford
"    22, Radisson
'    22, Langham
"   23, Prince Albert
"   23, Rosthern
"   23, Hague
'•   23, Osier
"   24, Saskatoon
'     24, Dundurn
'    24, Hanley
"    24, Davidson
"   25, Craik
"   25, Lumsden
"    25, Condle
"   25, Regina
"    26, Caron
"    26, Boharm
"   20, Moose Jaw
"    26, Pasqua
"    26, Penso
"   27, Kronati
'    27, Francis
"    27, Fillmore
"    27, Howard
"    29, Stoughton
"    29, Forget
"    29, Klsbie
"   29, Areola
"   30, Carlyle
"   30, Manor
"   30, Antler
'    30, Reston
"   30, Pipestone
"   31, Methven   June.
"   31, Ninette
"    31, Minto
"    31, Elgin
"    31, Hartney
Feb. 1, Melita
"     1, Elva
1, Galnsboro
"     1, Carlovale
"     1, Carnduff
"     2, Glen  Ewon
"     2, Oxbow
"     2, Alameda
"     2, Froblsher
"     2, Estevan
"     3, Portal
"     3, Macoun
"     3, Weyburn
"     3, McTaggart
"    3, Yellow Grass
"     5, Milestone
"     5, Rouleau
5, Drlnkwater
"     5, Moose Jaw
"      6, Medora
G, Waskada
G, Dalny
"     6, Lyleton
"     7, Deloraine
"     7, Whitewater
"     7, Bolssevaln
"     7, Nlnga
7, Klllarney
"     8, Holmfteld
8, Cartwrlght
"     8, Mather
"     8, Clearwater
"     8, crystal City
"     9, Pilot. Mound
"     9, La Riviere
"     9, Manltou
"     9, Darllngford
"      9, Morden
"   10, Winkler
"   10, Plum Coulee
"   10, Rosenfeld
"   10, Altona
"   10, Gretna
"   12, Nlvervllle
"   12, Otterburne
"    12, Dominion   City   13.20
"    12, Emerson
"   13, Sanford
"   13, Sperling
"   13, Carman
"   13, Baldur
"   13, Belmont
"   14, Swan Lake
"   14, Somerset
'    14, Miami
"   14, Morris
"   14, Roland '
"   15, Elm Creek
"   15, Rathwell
"   15, Treherne
"   15, Holland
"   16, Cypress River
"   18, Glonboro
•    16, Nesbitt
"   16, Carrol
"   17, Napinka
"   17, Lauder
"   17, Souris
"   17, Boresford
"   19, Carberry
"   19, Sidney
"    19, Austin
"   19, McGregor
"   20, Burnsldo
'    20, P. la Pralrio
"    20, High  Bluff
*"   20, Rosser
"   21, I_enore
"   21, Kenton
"   21, Bradwardlne
"   21, Pendenn.8
11 „0
15 30
17 00
" 21,
' 22,
" 22,
" 22,
" 22,
" 23,
" 23,
" 23,
" 23,
' 24,
" 24,
" 24,
" 24,
" 24,
" 26,
" 26,
" 26,
" 26,
" 27,
" 27,
" 27,
" 27,
" 27,
" 28,
" 28,
" 28,
" 28,
Mar. 1,
'(Knockout  Droits"  In  a Ring.
"A knockout ring,", suid the detective.
"Look at it well. It belonged to Jlm»
my tho Kid.    Ho was notorious."
The ring was of gold, and it contained a huge dark blue stone.
"Now, watch tbe stone," continued
tlie detective. And he pressed with
his thumb a spring, smaller than a
pinliond, on the gold loop opposite the
Instantly llie middle of the stone slipped back like a sliding door, and out
of the opening throe or four drops of
fluid fell. Whon the detective ceased
to press the spring the stone closed up
"See how It works?" he snld. "I sit
wilh jou, and tliore are two glasses
of liquor before us. Talking away, 1
draw the hand with tlie ring on it
across your glass, and with my thumb
I press the spring. Then into your
glass fliere fulls enough chloral to put
you   out  of    business."
Oak River
Rapid City
Shoal  Lake
Gilbert Plains
Grand View
Swan River
Ceylon Natural GREEN   Tea  will  prove  Its
superiority over all Japan Teas.
Lead Packets Only.      40c, 50c. and OOc per Ib. By all
Grocers.      Highest Award St. Louis,  1904.
Took Ills M.,,1. In His Cabin.
All Australian millionaire, Mr. James
Tyson, left behind him when he died
a fortune of £8,000,000. One of tlier
many stories concerning him tells how
ou one occasion he wns a passenger
on a Queensland coasting steamer. As
usual, when traveling he declined to
undress at night und lay in his bunk
fully clothed, boots nnd all. He had
taken thither with him, moreover,
three loaves of bread upon which to
subsist for forty-eight hours in order
to save the expense of meals. Tbe stewards complained to the purser of the
crumbs which the millionaire's methods caused in tlie cabin. But nothing
would induce Tyson to eat bis loaves
elsewhere than ln his bunk. Grout was
his rage when at the end of the voyage
he was charged not only full rate, but
one-fourth extra for having "taken his
meals In his cabin."
Sell Respect.
Self respect ls nt tbe bottom of all
our love of life. Lessen our self respect and mnn Is willing to throw his
life away in debauchery and the worst
kind of dissolute living. Self respect
Is the bond that holds nil his powers
together, that makes him able to act,
fo bear, to endure. Now, nothing but
ceaseless striving for conduct, for morality, for principle, can give you self
respect. Every man who deliberately
doos wrong and doos not strive to put
it beneath his foot ns he would an as-
sassiu seeking to tnke his life loses self
respect, and his power will pass away
little by little.
Ears  or  Lobsters.
Most curious are the ears of lobsters.
Each Is a sack or bag containing fluid
and "ear stones," these last being particles of mineral matter, or, in some
cases, particles of sand. They Increase
the vibrations sot up by sound waves,
whicll in due season Impinge on the
delicate cells of the ear, which contain
the ends of the nerve of hearing. These
hist in turn convey the impressions to
whnt serves the lobster by wuy of a
brain, and a very respectable nervous
mass it ls.
To sleep ls to strain and purify our
emotions, to deposit the mud of life,
to calm tho fever of tlie soul, to return
Into the bosom of maternal nature,
thence to reissue, healed and strong.
Sleep Is a sort of innocence and purification. Blessed Is he who gave it to
Uie poor sous of man as a sure and
faithful companion of life, our daily
healer and consoler.—M. Aniiel.
The  I.usl   Thing  He  Did.
It was snid of Lord Pnlmerston that
he never grew old and was as light-
hearted as a boy to the very end.
When he wns on bis deathbed nnd the
doctors told hlin that his timo had
conic he brightened up for a final Jest
"Die, my dour doctor! That's the last
thing 1 shall do!"    It wus.
The Critical Age.
"Don't bo too bard on Uie boy. You
must remember that he hasn't reached
the age of reason."
"1 know tbat, He's reached the age
of excuses."
He  Went.
Book Agent (entering)—Madam, I
have u work of art to show you. It ls
a book. Lady of tlio House (reopening
the door)—And I have a work of art
to show you.   It ls a landscape.
Singleton—How do you know her
nge? Doubleton—Ily her pleased expression when I told her women were
their loveliest nt thirty-five.
Helped  Him  Ont.
Belle—Did you have to help him out
when he proposed? May—No; papa
did.—Town Topics,
Killing a Robin.
There are persons at the present day
—and not all old women either—who
believe thnt killing a robin will bring
bad luck. According to ancient belle',
the storm cloud was n huge bird. The
Arabians represented his wings as
measuring 10,000 fnllioius. This bird
lived on worms, the latter being the
streaks of lightning accompanying
storms. The Germans remodeled the
fiction by creating the god Thor, whose
bird was tbo robin. Consequently to
kill a robin flrst meant death by lightning, then bad luck.
The Keeley Cure
Ask the lawyers, the physicians, tho
congressmen, the clergymen, the
clerks, the book-keepers, the skilled
mechenlcB who have patronized us
and you will find that the Keeley
treatment Ib all and more than ls
claimed for lt, and that lt If the
"stitch" a drinking man needs to save
property, reputation, family, sanity
and even life Itself.
Write today, now, and get the necessary information about lt.
AHaohed to any Gormen! I* a
Quarantee   cf
and Good Wearing Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
Ses that eaoh artlola bears a
label like above
Insist on Getting
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
"Just the
For a "bite at bed-time,"
what could be better than a
glass of milk and
Cream   Sodas
Canada's finest crackers,
from Canada's finest bakery.
Crisp, inviting, delicious. In
the air-tight boxes, that keep
them in faultless
FREE OFFER. ,        '
Our handsome little booklet, "In
the Interest of Good Living" contains an abundance of Information
for good housekeepers. It wl,l be
mailed to you free on request.
Address CODVILLE & CO., Dept. M
WlniiliiCE. Man.
3 If it is a Question of Warmth use :
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg;.
Imperial Maple Syrup
Ask yeur dealer for Imperial Mapla Syrup.   Oo not allow him to substitute
an Inferior article beoause It le oheaper.
A man never loves a woman so well
os when he has been nble to come to
her rescue.—Alice Woods Ullman.
The man with an opinion Ib shunned
as though be carried about blm tha
germs of Infectious disease.—Alfred
I never can make out why those candid people who always say what they
think have such unpleasant thoughts.—
Sarah Grand.
Unless a mnn believes ln himself he
mny ns well be burled Immediately
for all the work he Is going to do ln
the world.—Sidney Allnutt.
The man who hopes for nothing will
generally attempt nothing. "Tomorrow" should always fling Its light of
promise upon "today."—Rov. Silas K.
Sluce tbe garden of Eden men have
taken a good deal mo' pleasure In lay-
In' blame on thar wives than ln layln'
blame on the devil.—Ellen Glasgow.
A Disappoint!.,-. C-Irlirilr.
An odd Impression was that which
George Ellot conceived of Schiller after her visit to Weimar wilh Lewes In
the August of the yeur of "the union,"
18.-. She was thrilled, she says, by
the legend ovor the poet's old house,
"Hlcr wolinto Schiller," but something
In the nature of disillusionment awaited hor within. It wns very Interesting
to see his study, left In its original
stnte. But when It came to his skull,
"which wc snw for the first time, we
were amazed at tue smalluoss of the Intellectual region."
After that she could take no further
pleasure In the contemplation of the
too flattering bust aud portrait. And
then "Ranch told us that Schiller had
a 'miserable Stlrno'—a wretched forehead," while to complete tbe destruction of her Ideal she heard how "Tleck,
the sculptor, was wont to declare thut
something in Schiller's whole person
reminded him of—a camel."—Pall Mall
Gmy'a   Syrup  to  keep  the   children   sale from
CR.OUP.   It  dlsoWes the thick sputum — oUara the
throat-breaks up a cold — and CURJtfl COUGHS.   Keep
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
_l wrya Itt the booee.   A bottle ef thle famous remedy la your beat
protection affetmt thoae sudden night attack* of croup.
-.qually good for all throat and luug trouble* —> for
you_r andVld.   MeU. bottle. iMt. Pleasant Advocate
'Ceylon's Tradition About Adam and
Eve's First Habitation.
Ceylon, lu local tradition, was the
garden of Eden, and you will be
shown Adam's peak to prove It, and
Adam's bridge, Ibe chain of rocks and
Islets which the maps show stretching
across from Ceylon to the coast of India. Eve, or Heba, as tbe eastern story calls her, was/-well satislied with
her lot ln the garden of Ceylon, but
Ataml, manlike, showed a disposition
to rove, or, as we might now say, emigrate. One day while wnuderiug on
tbe west coast he met n straugo man,
who ln the course of conversation hold
before him a fascinating panorama of
tbe lovely country across the waters-
gardens and rich orchards, valleys
teeming with birds aud gazelles and
all tbe rest. Atneii had seen nothing
like lt ln Ceylon. He had always been
trying to coax Heba Into emigration
without success, but now his mind wns
made up, and he wont home to the
shades of Adam's peak und ordered
her peremptorily to pack up and make
ready for a start. Heba pleaded In
vain, but Ataml was persistent and .
led the way across "Adam's bridge"
to India, where he found, to bis dismay, a dreary and forbidding wilderness. Tbe panorama muu (it will be
readily guessed who he was) had de-
; celved Atami, and the disappointed
wanderer fell Into despair. Then it
was that the angel messenger came
and gave the disobedient Ataml orders
to go on Into the desert and wild places
and suffer the punishment that wus
his due. Ataml's uobllity of spirit
showed itself hero, for he begged tbe
angel to Intercede that his own punishment might be doubled and Heba
permitted to return to the garden of
Eden and be given a fresh mate and
a fresh start! You will be apt to think
that this chivalrlc example of gallon
try set by the heroic Ataml has not
been generally emulated by his descendants In that corner of the world
when you see a native walking ulon.,'
enjoying a smoke or a chew of bhang
while his wife struggles wearily behind with the family load ou her delicate head!
Few  C«ut_h.   Owing  lo   Their   Ingenuity In Hiding: Gems.
"Diamond smugglers are a constant
source of worry to us," said tbe customs house inspector. "Despite every
precaution taken here and abroad to
spot them, not more than 10 per cent
are caught with the goods. There seems
to be no limit to the devilish Ingenuity
employed by these—I was going to say
gentry—but there ure quite as many
women Iu the business as men.
"It Is really wonderful, when you
come to thluk of it, thnt we are ever
able to make a good haul when you
consider how easily diamonds can be
concealed. Hollow heels are n favorite
receptacle for the precious stones, aud
I understand that Uiere are places In
Europe where you can buy shoes specially constructed with spaces Iu the
"I remember one woman—she Is still
ln the business—who displayed great Ingenuity in smuggling diamonds. It
was ouly by chance that we cnught her
at one of her tricks. She arrived with
a very striking Paris bonnet, which
was ornamented wilh bunches of
grapes. While we were examining hor
baggage this dream of a lint blew off
and wus smashed by a passing truck.
I rushed gallantly to recover the hat
and then sow that each of the grapes
contained a diamond or precious stoue.
She got what was left of the hat, but
nothing more.
"What can a man of ordinary perception do with such people? They
will best blm every timo unless he's
gifted with second sight. I never bco
a chap with long hair but I tbluk of
tbe day we picked $10,000 worUi of
stones from a fellow's head who woro
* pompadour like a brush heap.
"No, we can't keep up witb ull their
tricks and don't expect to. It's the behavior of the smuggler Uiat generally
gives him away. When wc see a man
or tvotnan ncUug uuonsy, nervous, betraying his or her guilt by gestures, we
have him or ber searched. One gets to
know the smuggler face after a time,
and so captures are made."
A Simple Care.
It Is said that John Wesley was once
walking with a brother, who related
to htm his troubles, saying he did not
know what he should do. They were
at that moment passing a stono wall
to a meadow, over whleh a cow was
"Do you know," asked Wesley, "why
that cow looks over that wall':"
"No," replied tho one In trouble.
"I will tell you," said Wesley. "Because she cannot look through lt. And
that ls what you must do with your
troubles—look over and above them."
The Han For Ihe Job.
"But," asked the proprietor ef the
' Bkyehye  apartments,  "do  you  think
this man ls suited for the position ot
I Janitor?"
"Oh,  splendidly,"  replied  the manager.   "He has been at various times
f an Iceman, a coalman and a policeman.
Ob, he's just os Independent and sassy
, as he can be."
A Curiosity.
"Talking about scientific curiosities,
I have discovered one thing nbout an
engine which ls a flat contradiction."
"What ls that?"
"That it Is hottest when It's coaled."
Their   Care    nnd    Feed   Before    ond
After Parturition.
A Wisconsin farmer, writing to
Hoard's Dairyman on tbe cure of cows
bofore calving, says:
It is a good practice to milk a cow
previous to calving lf the udder la
greatly distended and hard. We practiced it at first witb some hesitation,
baving never heard of auy one doing it
before, but no bad results ever followed. In some instances Uie cow has
been milked regularly ouee a day for
a week before the calf came. It certainly ls an act of humanity, as It loss-
ens the animal's discomfort and often
prevents tho bad effects of a caked or
Inflamed udder. We would never allow
a cow at such a time to be exposed to
—vere storms even if the weather
should be warm.
If the cow is ready to calve in October or later she should be plaood iu a
roomy and well littered bpx stall at
ulglit; In the duy time, if tlie weather
Is pleasant, she may run out. Nolbing
but censure should be accorded any
man who permits bis cow to eulve In
the stall, whether fastened with tio or
stanchion, yot It Is not uncommon te
hear of Biicb things being done.
We can see no harm iu leaving the
calf with Its mother for a day. It gets
Its nourishment in the natural manner
and is stronger nt the end of twenty-
four hours thnn when removed nt once
and fed from a pail.
If there is inflammation of the udder
bathe with hot water, massaging it
gently. Camphorated sweet oil is excellent to remove caked condition, but
lf the cow bas been milked beforehand
this Is not so liable to occur.
Niue times out of ten where milk
fever sets In it is caused by a chill to
the system. For this reason avoid cold
water and avoid allowing tlio cow to
stand hi a draft of air. Give a pail of
water which has the chill removed. A
slop of ground oats and warm water
containing a little salt is excellent for
any cow within a few hours after calving. The quantity should be about two
or three quarts. A bran mash is also
good. A cow should be brought to full
feed slowly after she has dropped ber
calf. Begin wltb bran or ground oats
or middlings, avoiding corn, which is
too heating to the system, but feed geu-
erjusly after Ojcouple of weeks.
We have rarely ever given any ep-
som salts at sucb times, simply because
such a renied; did not appear to be
required. The milking out before calving does a great deal toward warding
off trouble and insuring normal conditions, strange as this may appear. In
cold weather cows before calving
should be fed littlo grain, but plenty
of roughage, clover bay, ensilage, corn
fodder and roots, if possible. Bran is
excellent und should form tbe principal food aside from these rough feeds.
Plenty of water is essential. It acts
as a cleanser and flushes the bowels
and kidneys naturally and effectively,
but directly at or before the time of
calving it must be giveu with Uie chill
Off.   This bl esscnlial.
Dl-restlbllil_r of Milk.
Whole raw milk Is more completely
digested than either pasteurized or
cooked milk. Raw skim milk is apparently as easily digested as raw
whole milk. Experiments with calves
proved this, and recent observations
made In large hospitals proved the
same to be true of the human.
Improving: llie  Dairy nerd.
The English dairy associations, after
n long period of observation, decided
that extra quality must bo looked for
by Improving the breeds and judicious
selections rather than by auy special
foods or methods of feeding.
A chauffeur recently fined at Kensington, England, said be had agreed
with his employer that he (tbe chauffeur) should pay all fines. Tbe practice, he added, was almost universal In
motoring circles.
The Early Baom.
"When I was a boy," said the rather
rain person, "everybody said I was going to be president of the United
"Yes," answered the seasoned politician. Tour case simply Illustrates
aay argument that lt Isn't safe to start
• heeas ts* tat s_ss4 ef election." .
Cooling the milk ln a temperature of
50 degrees Fahrenheit or below, as
soon as it is drawn, chocks the action
of bacteria, thus adding to Uie keeping
quality of milk. Boiling milk nt the
dairy prevents contamination during
delivery and subsequently. Everything
lu the dairy room must be kopt clean,
and the floor must be damp. Under
these conditions germs cannot fly
about. The utensils used In the dairy
Bhould be washed and sterilized after
each using.
The llllklnar Period.
It Is neither prolitable nor necessary
for a cow to go dry more than four to
six weeks. Especially should your
young cows be watched and not allowed to acquire the habit of drying up too
soon.—Farm Visitor.
When the Calf Comea.
Rich foods should be withheld for a
short time prior and subsequent to
cnlvlug. When the calf Is dropped the
udder of thc cow should hnvo prompt
attention. An obstacle may be removed from the teat the flrst hour tbat
later would baffle Bclence.
UIkUI  Way to Milk.
Before commencing to milk brush all
loose dirt from tho sides end udder of
the cow. After a little manipulation of
the teats and udder Uie milk is ready
to "come down;" then ls Uie time to
take It without delay.
Test  Ihe  Cows.
The dairy fanner should test his
cows for at least two reasons. First,
he will know which of his cows Is making liim the most money, and, second, it
will show him Uie difference lu llie actual producUvo capacities of cows and
will have a tendency to show blm tho
necessity of testing a cow's milk before he purchases her. If one farmer
feels that he cannot afford a tester of
his own, a number of neighbors can
combine and buy one ln partnership.
UnproHUble eews can be turned Into
beef, and others that are profitable can
be purchased to take their place"
Taking: the World All Around They
Are In the Majority.
If there Is one thing presumably certain on this earth, In the opinion of
most of us, lt ls that skirts are essentially femiuine and that tbe special
feature of masculine attire is a bifurcated garment. But nothing ls further from the truth. To this day the
majority of the male element of the
human race, so far as lt wears clothes
at all, is skirted. And in past times,
not so very long ago, a gown down
to tbe feet was the correct wear of re
spectability lu civilized Europe.
An anecdote told of St. Louis, king
of France, illustrates this well. That
monarch was the stoutest of warriors,
a man whom no one knowing anything
about would dream of accusing of being effeminate, but on one occasion he
seriously offered to exchange costumes
with a richly dressed female relative
who had blamed him for wearing the
unpretentious garments he usually affected, which, she said, were unsuited
to a king. But she thought his gown
too plain for her, so declined tbe offer.
Now it ls Impossible to imnglne a
man like St. Louis even suggesting
such a thing lf the dress of men and
women had not been practically Identical except for war and hunting. Indeed, a glance at old pictures confirms
this Impression.—Grand Magazine.
A   Silly  Little  Fable,   bnt  One  That
Points a Moral.
Once there Were two Maidens who
Sought to Catch a Nice Young Man,
who also Was a Good Thing. And lt
was a False Start ln the Eyes of the
Undlscerulng, for the One was Exceeding Fair to Look upon and Dressed
Stylishly, while the Other was Plain of
Countenance, and her Kat was Always
Showing through her Pompadour. The
Pretty Girl Smiled Sweetly on the Nice
Young Man, who was also a Good
Thing, and Talked to Him till She Dazzled him with her Beauty and charmed
Him with her Wit The Plain One
gazed Wonderlngly at him and Made
Him Talk to her of Divers Things,
while She listened, Entranced at bis
Wisdom and Learning. He took the
Pretty Girl out Biding end to tbe Theater and Bought her Candy and Flowers, and All the Knowing Ones said
Slie had struck a Winning Gait on the
Home Stretch, when One Day he Married tho Plain Girl and took Her on an
Automobile wedding Tour of Europe.
The Pretty Girl had Made him Very
much Pleased with Her, but tbe Plain
Girl had Gone her One Better and
Made him Very much More Pleased
with Himself.
Moral.—The People who Read Human Nature as they Run Generally get
First to the Wire.
A  British View of the  Hero ef  the
Bonhomme   Richard.     *
John Paul, the Kirkcudbright market gardener's son, who elected to be
famous as Paul Jones, has long ceased
to be the Interesting personage he was
iu the eyes of the naval authorities of
the country when in command of a
rotten ex-East Indiaman known as the
Due de Duras and rechristened the
Bonhomme Richard he was a holy terror In tbe firth of Forth, and when he
bad engaged and captured a British
frigate In British waters after ono of
the most singular sea combats on record.
The some time "blackblrder" and
smuggler whom Uie Russian Catherine
decorated and advanced somewhat per
saltum to the grade of admiral was a
traitor of course in the view of tbe
British government, but none tbe less
n thorough seaman of quite unusual
talent and originality, with a bulldog
courage aud tenacity to match. The
Captain Jones, too, wbo sent Lady Selkirk back her plate with his compliments bad the Instincts of a gentleman.
More tban the other countries he
served America has recognised his merits.—Pall Mall Gazette.
Where He Drew  the Line.
M. do Sulute-Beuve, the popular
French writer, onco fought a duel.
Wben the principals took their positions, it was raining hard. Salnte-
Bouvo hnd his pistol in one hand; with
Ids otlier baud bo held up his umbrella
The seconds protested.
"1 have no ebjectlon to being killed,"
said he, "but as to being wot—no, nol"
No Plagiarism  There.
"I challenge you," said the young
poet, "to Und a single line that I have
borrowed or stolen from any one."
"There's   no   doubt,"    replied   the
critic, "that It's all yours.    But lf I
wore you I wouldn't let lt happen ln
my next book." -
A Parfeot  Gentleman.
Little Elmer—rapa, what la a perfect gentleman? Mr. Broudhead—A
perfect geutleman, my son, ls a man
wbo, when you start to tell him your
troubles, does not break ln and try to
tell you bis.
They Get High Salaries and Are Able
to  Live  In   Luxury.
China Is the actor's paradise. There
are thousands of actors iu the empire,
and the "top notchers" earn considerably more in proportion than actors even
In this country of high salaries. A native actor will earn, If he Is a flrst rate
man, as high as .$1,800 a year, and
while this money is Insignificant compared to our princely pay lists it will
procure comforts and luxuries to a
native in China that could not be duplicated here for fifty times the
amount. There is a national actors'
club with 30,000 life members, and
there is a special god ln the temples to
whom all good Chinese Thespians pray.
It Is very difficult to acquire the title
of "actor" ln China. The pupil is
obliged to study three years as a super, aud one more year ls required to
give him the finishing touch. The pupil must learn by heart a repertory of
about fifty different plays, and the rest
of his life Ib spent In acting these plays
without the slightest chance of ever being permitted to learn new oues. The
Idea Is that an "actor," as Buch, must
not condescend to learn, whleh is fitting only to an apprentice, but an actor may without Injury to bis dignity
teach worthy pupils wbat he himself
learned as a pupil.
Circassian Beauty.
Painting the eyes and eyelids ls considered u great aid to the fascination
of the female orbs. A Circassian to
be reully lovely must, in addition to
being very corpulent, have golden hair
and jet black lashes. Kohl is used by
the Persian and Armenian women to
lengthen tbelr eyes. The bazaar women
nnd nuutch girls of most eastern countries dye their linger nails with henna,
nnd where they wish to be thought
great ladies they allow their finger
nails to grow to an Immense length
aud keep them ln finely wrought gold
A Cartons Tale.
This curious tale of the Venerable
Bede Is told in the mediaeval "Golden
Legend:" One day, when he was old
aud blind, the desire to preach came
upon him. An attendant led him to a
spot where be faced a heap of stones,
and Bede, believing that a human audience was before him, delivered an eloquent sermon. At the end, It ls gravely recorded, the stones cried "Amen!"
no doubt to save Bede's feelings.
Headstrong, .
Mrs. Homer—Don't you think your
husband ls rather headBtrong for an invalid? Mrs. Neighbor—Yes, and the
doctor ls to blame for It too. Mrs. Homer—Indeed! And why, pray? Mrs.
Neighbor—He won't allow him to take
any nourishment but goats' milk.
An —vident Alternative.
"She married him in spite of great
opposition, didn't she?"
"Yes. If her marriage doesn't turn
out well she'll only have herself to
"Good gracious! Why? What's to
prevent her blaming: him?"
Sunlight Soap is better than other
soaps, but ls best when used in the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
■ii d follow directions.
Pf» to inM
__ of Beef,
Armour's is the be&, to
hot water —and you
have a cup of beef tea
that tones up the syftem
better than any medicine. All druggies and
grocers sell
Extract of Beef.
-UHD1UWTO,   -
Sm-weeT Alov.f
IS kinds. **t
(no Hundred Millions Ita Dinset aa*
Indlreot Cost to Hew York.
The new courthouse was still far
from complete and miserably furnished, yet It had already resulted in
the neat outlay of $11,000,000, when
the most liberal estimate placed Its
value, finished and luxuriously furnished, at less tban $3,000,000.
A few Items will be sufficient to
show the scale upon whlcb tbe ring
had conducted Its financial policy:
Forty odd chairs and three tables
had a record value of $179,729.60.
A charge for repairing fixture*
through J. H. Keyser & Co., was $V
Thermometers, $7,500.
Another charge for furniture, through
Ingersoll & Co., $240,504.03.
A single Item of stationery was set
down ut $188,405.61. What, ln heaven's
name, could the 01 cents have paid
for with stationery bought at ring
Then there were carpets, shades and
curtains, also supplied by that marvelous linn, Ingersoll & Co., at tbe fairly
comfortable figure of $075,534.44. Nor
must we overlook one G. S. Miller, a
carpenter, who was set down as having received $360,747.61 for one month's
But Garvey, Andrew J. Garvcy, the
plasterer! Generations of plasterers
yet unborn will take off their hats to
his memory!   Two million eight liun-
«_<ru ana seventy thousand fontr Hundred and sixty-four dollars and six
cents had he earned at his humble
trade ln the brief period of nine
It ls unnecessary to go further Into
the details of this monster and monstrous fraud; $5,063,246.83 had been
paid through the single "firm" of Ingersoll & Co.
Matthew J. O'Roarke, who since that
time made a careful study of the city's
finances, states that, counUng the vast
Issues of fraudulent bonds, the swindling of the city by wealthy Uix dodgers, by franchises and favors granted,
by blackmail and extortion, the total
amount of the city's loss through the
Tweed ring stands at not less thas
Ralph   Willi!,,   Emerson's   Stove.
Itulpli Waldo Emerson was a man of
rnre integrity and very particular
about small things. One day a new
cooking stove had been provided for
his house, and, ulUiough tbe stove come
very highly recommended, It proved
thoroughly unsatisfactory and most
provoking, ns It did everything but
what it wns expected to do. After
awhile the family was ln despair, and
some one suggested sending lt to auction.
"What!" exclaimed Emerson. "Transfer our own perplexity to another pair
of shoulders'. No, never, unless the
stove ir. labeled 'Imperfect'"
And so "Imperfect" It was labeled
and sold at a grout discount
TLooklng One In the Eyes,
There Is a venerable specimen of
proverbial philosophy which says tbat
the man wbo cannot look you In the
face is dishonest No other saying has
received greater currency. It strikes
the popular mind with axiomatic force,
and yet lt ls not a reliable test of character. Every confidence man who succeeds iu his calling has tbe steady gaze
of tbe Immaculate person. No person
who Is skilled ln Uie fine art of deception falls to take an obvious precaution
to Impress bis dupes. On the other
hand, many persons ot unquestionable
Integrity are "put out of countenance"
by mere sljyness. So morbidly wa Ills
trait developed In the case of Hawthorne, In bis earlier years at least, tbat
he would go out of his way to avoid
meetiug those who desired to converse
with him. It would be Impossible for
such u man to cash a forged check, to
borrow money from a bunk ou bogus
The great rascals cau face the world
without shrinking.
Lieutenant (showing purty of visitors
over battleship)—TIiIb Is the quarter
deck. One of the Party—Gcel I
thought It was all free!
We wept when we came Into the
world, and every day tells us why.—
Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and ease of
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should fellow directions.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up each
piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the old'fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Lever  Brothers Llrnlrcd, Toronto i.si
Bidder _. Crops v of Better It Pays to Know the Exact (Chicken raising a very easy
Grain.' Gean.~_ar.ie Seed Weight of Everything you and simple way of adding
Increases the Yield 30%.      Buy or Sell. to the farm's cash profits.
Capacity 40fo Sd busl-
pcr hour.
He. ! -im liie
le. »-!« [as
Poultry rutting pays,
I'eopls w lm tei 1 you that ther* Is no money lo
raisin,: chinks may have tried to make uionoy
—  -*     '      '   =---. •—«- hatch-
2.O0D lbs.
You need a Scale on yonr farm.
You need it right now—lo-day.
Every day you put it off you lose money.
Suppose you dell some hugs at 5 centsa pound,
and trust to your dealer', scales, which are 1/20
out.   That means a loss to you of 10 oents on
every -_0O pound hog.
Thon you sell 1000 hushels of grain at T5 oents.
This doaler'u scales are only 1/10 out, but your
loss is li«. 75 on the deal.
The loss on a few transacUons of this kind
would buy a dozen scales.
Whon crops tare poor yon need erery cent
they are worth. When thoy are good yoa oan*!
CI earn Wheat, Rye, Thnotlly, Clover. MiUst, afford to throw money away.
Oau, Hurler, flax, Peas. Beans. Corn and all _ »°u nee* a scale on your farm at all times,
seeds. Tholess you think you can all—d it, tho mora
Large Hopper, Screw Feed easily regnlated.   youneedit.
.Agitator prevents clogging ani    *' '     ""* " ******"
giv. u evenly oa screen.
Lower Shoe ketps screens clean-
"Wehake and adjustable side shake (three '^i*^^WvSS^^^^a"i^^^m bro^%hen|s^"l_.so-"*'-iot's_tha'tasiness
widthsl. ^ OB6S-   1 he knife edges are of oil-tempered tool of the Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and
Sixteen soreenj and riddles, erading any- steol-practically lndp-irucUbls-insurlng ab- thoydoitporfoctly and successfully.
thingfromflnMtsecd.ocoai-stgra.__, Bcrseas white accuracy nomatterhoweonstaiittheumi.      J   „,„»-.   wlness.   orODerlr conducted
lanannod—_.n't rnsr The Chatham Farm Bcalo is easily coovcr-       ' *A Voallrj   Duelne sh,   properly conoucuKi.
'larMs^J-nS for feed tible into a useful truck.    By moving tlio paysfarfKittcr than anyoUierbi,H,„c_for tho
•vrJ-^-^EdsSShlx. combine, aim- B.V™ Too. throw the weight off the \nlfo Atmm of time and moneylav-ted.
pliclty with ingssnity edges on to the solid frame of the truck. This     Thousands of poultry-raisers— men and wo-
TheChatha_nFa-_.ne-.II_lw__lpay_brI.self preserves the knife edges and gives solid- men all over Canada and the United Statee-
over and over ln one year, lt ls the greatest IV to the truck. V, hon you more tho lever to have proved to their satisfaction I hat It Is proflt-
economiier and profit-builder on the farm. It throw tho scale Into use again it automatically able lo raise chicks with toe Chat—anI lnou-
ensures biggercrop.of bettererain. adjusts itself without any trouble to you.   Ills bator and Brooder.
Ilitwerenot thebestltwouldnotnowbe_i_ the onlyscalo madeiol'or,aili.tliat willdo this. The Chatham Incubator and Brooder Is hon •
—is on hundreds of thousands of farms ia rho Chatham lariu .Scale is aliKulutely occur- esUy constructed. There ls no humbug about
Canada and United States. Famished with ate. Before we ship a Chatham Farm Scalo it. Ttverylnehot material!* thoroughly tested,
or without Bagginj Attachment, oa desired. lt Is thoroughly .gone oier by ths -overn- the machine Is bullion right principles, the ln-
mi» ««iMn__-Tll»k..t _-.-,.- .. iv ...in'. n"'"t I,]-l"Y'tt"''1 aitla absolute ;.accurate he suiatlon is perfect, thermometer reliable, and
PRIZE AWARDS-HIghcst awards at V. orld s mumps each polsa and balance with his official the wortiilanablD tie best.
i,fi*'.,Et-JJ?uiaJ. 1.an-American, Pi-Halo: stamp and gives us a certiUcate of accuracy     mv. ni,.iv.„   I.™-.,,-   _,„.  n—v-.—. i.
World's Fair.   Paris,   France;    Toronto, whlch goes with tho scalo The Chatham   Incubator  and Brooder ls
•Winnipeg. Halifax, Charleston. Savannah WWe 5°U -lp a Cl-t&m Farm Scale any- g^^iltf___S_!S^_ff__2_^^S__S
and Jaolaonville. whore ln Canada.   Don't send us any nionev. 3JH"""£JU™******"">machine In-.all
ou AXl AHTES-Evci v mill -mnrantaed for Ave J ust send in your order and well eend the scale ■*"*nlx*' °"™™"*
vearT Ksts a lKtSne ^^ aa/ast as the railroad can get It to you.  Our    Our proposition ls thlel Wewnishlp yon tho
_,.',.,„,--'     ,     ,.„. _ terms of payment are acknowledged to be the Chatham Inoubator and Brooder, freight nre-
We send the Chatham Fanning MU1 to any must lllierul ever offered.    Ask your neighbor, paid, and axxxxmmx* s™»     tw-
tai'mer on receipt ot his order, at once, without     Send ue your nauioaiiiladiiresaon anostcard L       _       „_,..,.   ...
any cash down, and tho moat llboral terms of „nd won mall you our booklet about the Ion rmr No Cash Unlll After
payment. Chatham Farm Scale. .    1906  Harvest.
WHITS Td* *A*rmtM* end ft** Boot ,„*'£," m^ym„e;f:S'dtn;"p™t0c"a-'™da7 Head for our hand.om.lvUlu.tr.Ud booMel
-How to Make Dollar* out of Wind." whiloyou th-kof it" Ti enUtl.(l.''nowt«MakeMoneyOuti_ci_«_k'
We can snpply you quickly from onr distributing warehouses at Calgary, Brandon, Reglna, Winnipeg, New Weatmlneter, B.G, Montreal
Halifax, Chatham.    Factories at Ch-itham, O.vt., and Detkoit, Mien. 611
The MANSON CAMPBELL Co.. Limited. Deot. No. 235 CHATHAM. CANAD-
A Utile InblgDons,
"Bog pardon," snld tho missionary,
"but will you translate his majesty's
remarks again? Did he tell his daughter thut he wns to have guests to dinner or for dinner?"
In Doubt.
Farmer Blake (at New Tork restaurant)—Waal,** Miranda, here's spinach
CO cents. I wonder naow U that's a
peck or boskets—Life.
Seallnir Wnx.
It is lingular enough that Uie oldest
known printed recipe for mulling rum
nion scaling wnx, published ut Augsburg In 1579, describes tho uso ot nlmost Uie same Ingredients as those at
present employed. Itosln, the whitest
that can be obtained 1 Venice turpentine
and vermilion are the components. I'or
black wnx, laniplilnek Is to be added;
for blue wax, sunlit, and for yellow,
ot'iilinent, When sealing wui was
more widely used than is tlio cuse at
prcHeut, scouted wnx wus an article
frequently on sale at faucy stationers.
Fractional  Relatives.
"And have you any brothers and sisters, my little man?" asked the kind
old lndy.
"Yes'm," replied the little man. "I
got ono sister and one and a half
"Yes, sir; two half sisters tod three
half brothers."
No Inducement.
Gainbetta once offered a prefecture,
With a salary of (1,000 francs, to nn Incorrigible   Bohemian,   who,   however,
declined with thanks, saying, "I can
make more than that by borrowing."
MM   N  U  No   B67
In Prizes to Readers of The
First  Prize
Seoond Prize Third   Prize
$1,500 $1,000
Simply as an Advertisement for The
Full Particulars In
Now on Sale
Price 15c.
Buy Nos. I and 2 Together
I Tear off Hera I
G.  H.   MURRAY.    Janes   Building
M Yonge and King St*., Toronto
*->^ Enclosed   find for whioh send
the first n u inborn of tho  I In run, wnr th Self-Educator at 15c each, post freo to
W.R.P., Jan., '06
Send Thla Oeupon at Onoe I
(Writ. pUlnlrl af" y^A- jcsms-jk
(Established April S, lt>!)9.)
OFFiok '3444 Westminster avenue.
Mns. R  Whitney.  Publisher.
English .Office—30 Fleet street,
London, E. C, Englnud Whero n
file of "Tho Advocato" is kepi for
" ubscription $1 a year   payable   iu
3 oents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Vancocves, B.C.,  Mar. 17, 1000.
Junction o'f Westminster road and Westmin'-
*(iter    avenue.       SEItVH'ES    at    11    a. hi.,
■—.ml 7:80p.in.| Sunday School at 3:80 p.m.
Comoro! Nint   unil Went in lnstcr avenues,
t._.KVH.'_.h at 11 a. in., nml  7p. m.I Sunday
School And lliliio ciiias ■_»:ao p.m.   Hov. A. E.
-Otlierlligton, B.A., B. D., Pastor,
"areonage li!:'. Eleventh avenue, went. Tele-
lone BIM9.
Corner N*itilli_  avenuo unil   Quebetl    slreet
*h_..ivici_s nt 11 a.m.,and 7::iop.m.; Sunday
Whool at2:30 p. in.    Rev.Soo.A.Wilson, B.A.
raator.  Miinse corner ot Eighth nveuue mid
"bhtarlo street.   Tel. 1060. "
Sr Michael s, (Anglican).
Corner Ninth avenue und Prince Edward
atreci.. 8EHVlCi_8 fit 11a. in., and7:80 p.m.,
Uoly Ciiiiimiinion 1st und Sd Sundays In each
Vnonlli nfler morning prnyer, 2d nnd lth Sun
^lays ul Hu. ni. Sunday bchool at 2:80 p.m.
Rev.'O. II. Wilson, Rector.
' Rectory :{72 Thtrteeiith ftvonuc, east. Telo-
Iphone B1799.
advent christian Churoh (not 7th day Ad-
-iitiHtN), ScVeVith avenue, near Westminster
'avenue. Services 11 a.m., nnd 7:HO p.m.,
Sundny School at 10 a.m. Voting peoples'
Society ni Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor niuot-every Sunday eveningat6:46 o'clock.
Prayer-meeting Wednesday nigh is at x o'clock.
Central Park, Mnr. 15,   1900.
Mr. and Mrs. Todrich and family ou-
tel'tirinedn lm-go number of friend-, at
their home ou Friday oveniug of last
week, when a very pleasant time was
speut with gnuies, whist and promon
ados. Dainty refreshments were served
and a vory enjoyable time was speut by
those present, who were Miss Lister,
Mips Orr, Miss Telford, Miss Alcock,
Miss N. Alcock, Miss E. Smith, Miss
Kirklriiul, Miss M Wright, Miss Fnrqu-
hart, Miss ,T. Brown, Messrs. F. Wright,
R. Telford, d. Franklin, F. Alcock, A
McLaue, C. Bailey, I. McDonald, Mr
b'urquliart.nud several others.
"Resolved, that Women should have
Equal Rights with Men," which was
the subject for debute fur tho Debalin:
Society ou Wednesday evening, was
rather a disappointment to those who
attended, especially the Indies The
speakers did not seem to grasp fully
the vastuess of this subject, aud some
of the arguments put forth, particularly
by tho negative, wero rather comical
aud absurd. Mr. J. G. Bold mude a
very oIHoient critic, while Mr. Beuu-
ch'inx and .Mr. Wilbers noted as judges.
The speakers ou the ullirmutive sido
were Messrs. D. Ross, T. Hnrmer and
Mr. Silver, and on the negative Messrs.
C. Bailey, N Lister nud T Todrich
The musical nud literary part of the
program was very well rendered and a
thoroughly enjoyable eveuiug spent.
Tlio Holly Club held their semimonthly dauce last Frinay evening, and
a very jolly timo wns spent by those
who attended. Tho Club will hold a
Masquerade dance ou Friday the '23d.
The Alheletie Clnb held a successful
concert ou Mondny evening, wheu over
$8 was mado to swell the Club's treasury
For Local Nows Rend The Advocate
taken  at
"The Advocate"
'Tickets, programs, business cards,
'envelops, letterheads, milk tickets,
in fnct, there is nothing too small
VirlOO largo iu commercial printing
*ror ub.   Orders solicited.
*2444 Westminster aveuue.
mt  pleasant.
Before starting on a shopping four,
took nvor tho advertisements in the
Vot   local   news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATK only *1 for 12 months.
tf yon miss The Advocate you miss
Ihe local nows.
telephone Numbers of Local Ministers.
11799 -Rev. (;. H. Wilson,(Anglican).
COM—Rev. O. A. Wilson, (I'n-si.yleiiiin).
hi24o—Rev-. A. E. Hethorlngton,(Methodist!
'Set Wheu Your Lodge Meets
tho '-id and lth Mondays of tiie month
*-e_i.i't Vancouver, I, O.  F., meets at
T. t> ui.
^It. Pleasant Lodgo No. IB,  I.O.O.F.
*toc*Ats at 8 p. in.
YaftorVfiver  Council   No.  21 la,   Cau-
rt'iinn Order of Ohosen Friends meets
Vste Sd and 4th Thursdays of tlio month.
.  tlefa—idr* Hive No 7, Ladies of the
'"Iivx—boo* holds its regular meetings on
\x,e 1st, and 3d Fridays of the month
Tho funeral of Violet, the six-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W.
McFai'lano, took plaoe on Saturday
af tei uoou lust, the Rev. G. A. Wilson
officiating. Thoro was a lurgo attend-
auco of sympathizing frionds, and the
floral tributes v.-oro vory pretty, from
tlio following: Mrs. A. O Thorsen,
spray; Mrs. F. Glawson, spray; Ethel
Gaskell, spray; Mrs. T. Jull, spray;
Miss L. E. Oule, spray; Edna Dickie,
boquet; Brother nud Sister, spray;
.Mrs. Ashpittlo, spray; Mr? and Mrs.
Burtiu, spray; Bertha McCorrnac,
Th'i funeral of tlio Iato William O.
Fowler, a native of Ontario, aged 60
years, took place on Thursday afternoon
from the family resideuco, 410 Seventh
aveuuo, east. The deceased leaves a
widow aud several sour, aud daughters,
ouo sou being a member of tlio Maui-
toba Legislature. Rov. G. A. Wilson
OUR SOc CORONATION TEA. If yon aro not yon are not iu line, for most
people are, and the largest part of it goes to regnlar customers. Do you think
Ihey would continue to buy this brand if it wasn't all we claim? Better get a
trial'lot of it.
Bargains in our FURNITURE Department.-
$10 worth $12.   Got our pricos.
-Fine Iron Bed, spring nnd mattress,
ST    XA/itUnrf*  Westminster avenue &
.   1.    VYaiaatvC   Harris street, Telephouo 1200.
Good Prunes, 25—lb box, $1.25.
Fine Large Size, $1.75.
$1.25 per box.
Smith ££.„,.
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Westmiuster Rond uud Ave.
'Phoue 2003.
Milliuerj-, Dress Goods,
* Crum's Prints,
New Stylish Blouses.
$4-00.00 worth of New
Laces aud Emhuoideries.
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank of Canada Building
Coruer Seventh  aDd  Westmiuster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasant.
Get Your Flowerinc
Stomas & Perennial
***!$   PLANTS
Nursery   & Greenhouses,   corner of
Fifteenth nud Westminster avenues.
The Cheapest Place in the City.
Keeler, X
Tho death of John E Iuch occurred
Mouday moruiug at the residence of his
sister Mrs. James Jelly, 3.50 Fifth avenue, east. The funeral took plaeo ou
Wednesday afternoon under tho auspices of the Sons of Eugl'iud, n large
number of tho members attending. The
pall-bearers wore Messrs. Lawson,
Nightinjale, Bruin, Whiituiouth, Kirby
and Hawt—i. Tho church service was
performed by Rev. Mr. West. The deceased gcutlcmun was 71 years tif nge,
nud had resided in Vanoonvor 18
months. He served iu tho Oshawa
Company during the Fenian Raid, and
won a medal for liis services,
The fuueral nf the late Joseph Wood
took placo Mo—V. y moi'Uing frum the
family resideuco, 738 Burrard street.
A short service was held at the residence. A service couducted by the
Rev. G. H. Wilsou, assisted by the
Venerable Archdeacon Pontrcath, was
held nt Christ Ohnroh. The funeral was
hugely attended, and there wero mnny
floral tributes. The pall-bearers were:
Dr. W. !. Coy? Dr.   G    A.   MoGnire.
Advertising ls the education o'f the
jhtirChaffsr of the tnerltB of different
iVii't which adds to hi* comfort mul ant•
'•'ineumer. It Informs the prospective
--'."ids nfld brings blm Into touch with
WifteS his happiness.
Vint Advocatk is the best advertising
ttMiiim Whore it circulate*.  Tel. Bl 108
$1000 REWARD
b offered as a guarantee that nolthor
Dr. Pierco'* Fa.oritc Prescription
Dr. Pierce's (loWcn Medical Discovery
contains alcohol, opium, or auy harmful
drug. Any one publishing falso statements eonciTrrlng their Ingredients will
he prosecuted. Doctor Pierce's Family
Remedle:i :irc compounds of inoilloiu:il
principles, sclontlfioally extracted from
native i,.,i, thnt cur,- tlm diseases for
which thoy are recorn—lendod. Thoy aro
medlelnei which nave enjoyed the public
epnSdonce for ovor a third ot % century.
They nre medic inea not btiverago-i, made
to satisfy ti eravlna i"r" boote,"
"Golden Medical Discovery * regulates
and Invigorates stomach, liver and bowels,
and oures dyspepsia, purifies tho blood
and tones up the system generally.
"Favorite Proscription" cures female
weakness. Irregularities, nxhanstl ng
drains, painful periods and Kindred ailments poCMllV to women. Accept no
su hstltn to for tlies,. medicines, each of
which has a record of marvelous cures.
Substitution means solflsknosB on the
part of the dealer who is looking for tho
grua.nr profit on an Inferior artlrle.
'Miur (lninriitcr who wna at—ndlnir collene
bocanio very nrrvnim nml wu wero advised
to try Dr. I'lcnie's Favorite Vreserlption."
writes Mrs. Bl Q Fox, of 67 I'*. Leonard St,
Oranil lliiiltls. Mich. ''Wodid su mid then
you atlvi.eil 111 to tret the 'Gulden Medical
Discovery' also.    She ti«ik four liuttloH of
ihe ' Prescription' etui threo of tho 'Golden
ledlea'. {.lacovety, and .vou never saw sui—
a chnnso hi a tverson. She nald she did not
feel liUe. the Hame person. — ,0 wus nUjut
aevenleen years old nt iho tlnio. I will ulaclly
recoinmcnil llr. Pierce's iiiefllcliieu to every
one. I advise iiai-enin who hnvo youud
daiiffhtsjis win, Hiifler from nervous troutilue
to try Dr. Pierco'a Fiivuillo Prescription at
once.   I am lure It will halii ihoin."
sgn nnn *«vkn away, in a,pio» of
-puUfUUU Thg pwvh,.„ Coiilllion Souse
Medical Advisor, a Imok that sold to the extent of 500,000 coiilei a few
rear* aco. at tl.fid per copy.
,aat year wo ifnva away
130.0.0 worth of theso fnvnlun-
iilo hoolis. 'l>is year wo sjfiail
(flvo nway f.Vi.fiil!> worth of
them. Will you sharn hi this
benefit. H so, send only .11
(lliw-eent I r.,,, i. . u, cover cost
of nialfliiif only for nook In
all IT natier fovera, or.-idstnlMiis
furoloih-ljtuinil. A'Mu ■.. llr.
li. V. I'leicm Buffalo. M.V
Messrs. O. Simson, G.  W. Hutchings,
Clms. Nelson and M. P. Thompson.
Mr. Wood was well known and highly
esteemed on Mt. Pleasaut where ho
lived many years. He leaves a widow,
two daughters, Mrs. McKay aud Miss
Maud Wood, and two sons, Mr.
Wood of S:iu Franot—0, nud Mr. R. G.
Wood, Manager of the M. A. W. Co.'s
Drug Store corner of Seymour aud
Hastings streots.
Local Advertising 10c. n lino ench issue
Display Advertising $1.00 per inch
per mouth.
Notices i'or Church and  Society Entertainments, Lectures,  otc,    where
will be charged for,
All   Advertisements aro   run regularly
and charged for uutil ordered  they
be discontinued,
Transient   Advorlizors   must   pay   in
Notices ot Births, Mcvriages, aud Deaths
published free of charge.
Besides  being a  flower  season,
"  ■  '
sonic, this is named alao a ribbon season, ihc ribbons being used in rich
profusion on most of the bats, in
Immense bows or cluse rosettes, in
connection with the flowers. Eighteen or twenty yards of ribbon is no
uncommon Occurrence for one hat.
French and New York model, show
ribbons in great profusion. The lending ribbons arc, first, the velvet from
one inch (.ii width used extensively)
to one or two and one-hall inches in
width. This feature is seen on al
li asl every second hat, the ribbon
either matching or forming a contrast.
The Dresden is also a tremendous
favorite in the wide silk ribbons, and
the pompadour, as also the Persian,
i.- quoted by the French. Plain ribbons, too. arc used in extremely large
qmntiiies in both silks and satins,
and always wide.
Silver and gold ribbons arc ill demand more than formerly.
The colorings of the ribbons tics
season seem even mote.beautiful, in
their delicate and rich tints, fhaal hav,
ever been seen before.
The ostrich plumes are to Be son,
this spring more extensively than is
imi il til Ilfiis season. One millinc.'
givis the ri ••■ : this, I lie fad that
leghorns _'e so in vogue, nntl thai
whenever leghorns arc used, ostrich
feoither. will b« in evidence, the leg"
h.nn being a rather bare straw, needs
tl." drooping grace ul fli« plume lo
relieve it. .
Mt. Pleasant Mail, (Postoffice.)
Mail arrives daily at 10:80 a. m., nud
a:i!0 p. m.
Mail leaves the PostofTico at 7 and 11
a. m., and 1:30 and 5:!10 p. in.
Morality is tho harmony between tho
act and circumstance, It is tlie melody
of conduct. A wonderful statue is thu
melody of proportion. A great picture
is the melody of form and color. A
groat statue does not suggest labor; it
seems to have been created as a joy. A
great painting suggests uo weariness and
no effort; the greater, the easier it seems.
So a great and splendid life seems to be
without effort. There is iu it uo idea of
obligation, uo idea of responsibility or
of duty. The-idea of duty changes to a
kind of drudgery that which should be,
iu tbe perfect nmu, a perfect pleasure
—Robert G. Iugersoll.
"Tho Advocate" wishes any carelessness iu delivery roported to tho Oilioe ;
telephouo U1405.
The Provincial Legislature did uot
pass the Patent Medicine Bill before
adjourning, but has 1 old it over for a
year. Iu the meantime it is likely the
"other side" of tbo question will have
a chance to be heard before the Legislature takes up tho question ugitiu, aud
tho bill either modified or defeated.
Wheu we consider tlio millions of
people who livo remote from physicians
and the still greater number everywhere
who find it difficult under the most
favorable oironmstauoes to pay ordinary
liviug expenses, every reasonable man
will admit that there is a wido and
legitimate field for the- manufacture
and sale of niodiciues already prepared
for general use and easily obtainable at
all tiu.es aud everywhere, if the public
Comfort nnd welfare are to be regarded,
and this public ueed is today mainly
supplied by the uso of proprietary
medicines, popularly (but erroneously)
oalied "patent medicines."
fit. Pleasant FEED STO.'JE
Vernon Brothers
liny, Grain, Flour and Seeds.
Rennie's Seeds,.
Stock and Poultry Foods.
22-11 Westminster ave.,     Mt. Pleasant.
Tborcau says, "Every man is the
builder of a temple, culled his body, to
this god lie worships,nfter a stylo" purely liis own, nor can ho got off by hani-
mering marble instead. Wo are all
sculptors und painters, and our material
is our own flesh and blood and bones.
Any nobleness begius iit ouco to refine a
man's features, any meanness or sen-
uality lo imbrnte them.
Is your body a temple, u shanty, or n
There is a story told of two girls
Both had saved a little money, nol
without some self sacrifice. ' One
day there arose on the horizon of the
commercial world a new and wonderful moiicy-makng mine, and shares
were sure to pay any one who invested, one hundred per cent. So
one of the girls decided that was the
quickest and surest way to make
money, and proposed to the other
girl that they become shareholders
and double their present wealth. The
second girl demurred, believing that
a bird in hand is worth two in the
And ithe natural result, .so well
were her savings invested, that she
had never a return of any kind. And
the other girt thought of her bank
account, and was satisfied with her
philosophy of life.
Sometimes thieves come through
the   windows   at   night.      Sometimes
A womau's work is never
There is ouo way of securing to the
busiest housewife a lillle Unto herself, and thut is by doii_
away with tho baking of bread.
When buying bread get the best—
riuir's BREAD
is the best—tr}* it
24 Loaves for $ I cash.
'Phoue 44!i.
NOTICE is hereby given that, 00
days after dale, 1 inteud to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described laud situated on
Skecua River.
Commencing at a stake placed nt the
Southeast Coruer of A. E. Johusou's
Location, theuee SO chains North,
theuee 40 chains East, thence SO chains
South, theuee 40 chains Wast to place
of commencement; containing 1120 acres
more, or less.
Per A. E. JOHNSON, Agent.
Dated Dec. 8th, 1905, jan80
NOTIOE is hereby given that, 00
days after date, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described land, sitnuted on
Skeena River :—
Commencing nt a stake placed at tho
Southwest Corner of Pony Mouth Preemption nud marked H. Flewin
Initial Post, t_cnce 40 chains North,
thence 40 ohaius West, thoueo 40 chains
South, theuee40 chains to tho point of
tonimencemout j containing 100 acres
more or less.
Per A. E. JHONSON, Agent.
Dated Dec. 8th, 1005. jan20
NOTICE is hereby given that, 60
days after date, I inteud to apply to
tin' Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to purchase
tlie following described land, situated
on Skeena River:—
Oommenoiug at a stake placed at tho
Southeast Comer of Pony Mouth Pre-
emtion and marked A.E.J.,Initial Post,
theuee 80 chains North, thence 40ohaius
East, thence SO chains South, thence 40
chains West to place of commencement;
containing "20 acres more or less
A. E. JOHNSON, Locator.
Dated Doc. 8th, 100D. jau20
E. & J. HRIJDV & CO.
Company,  FiiiANOiAl.,   Press aud
At>V-_Il—SERB'   At-H—ITS.
80 fleet St., London, E. C,  England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Got vour work done at the
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Underwood, Proprietor,
UATHS— Hath room fitted with PORCELAIN Bath Tun and all modern
SUBSCRiiiK     to    your    Local
Pnper NOW!
Dou't be   a   Borrower   of a
paper which ouly costs $1.00 a
they manipulate the stoc'k market,
Sometimes they organize mining
companies of invisible mines. Sometimes they institute loan companies
for the benefit of the working people.
Jt does not matter how they do it,
—the result is the same. You lose
your money.
Your hard-earned' savings are
worth more to you than to anyone
else. See that they are in reliable
hands when you are obliged to put
them somewhere for safe keeping.
Place them in a reliable savings
Charges for advertisements should bo
iu beforo Thursday noon to iusure their
lemovai sale
13 pieces of Japanese Silk, worth 25c for 20c yd.
Japanese Blouse Corded Silk, worth 35* for 22/^c yd'
Japanese Blouse Silks, open-work, stripe,  worth
45c for 30c yard.
4@® Westminster five. Opp. Carnegie Library.
******00*000*****0*******0 K.:-2.t
**<S*^00******00*00*0*000*0 *i00**00*0**********r*****0
Good Buys in
al Estate!
A fluo farm at Peacblaud, B. C.; 2 acres of the finest land in tho Okanogan; al
fenced; 200 Fruit Treos, 100 Peach trees. 25 Applo trees, tho balance Cherries
Pears aud Pluuis. Tho Okiinagiiu Country cnn compete with tho world in fruit
Best of flshiugrnuuting and boating. Owner obliged to sell. The greatest sna]
on the market today.   Prico $1,060.00.     Terms.
#300 Buys 4 lots in District Lot 301. 0 Room House on Harris stroel
4 Dosirablo Lots iu suburb of Mt. PlensnmV^Te.OO each.
2 Lots ou Carl avonue. Lots ou GmndviOH
14.200 buys Two-storey Store on Westminster avenue; living rooms upstai*
Lots ou Fourteenth avenue, east of St. Catherines street; spleudid looatio •
price $150 each; terms.
2444 Westminster ave.,
Mt. Pleasant
Pleasant Lodges.
1. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. 19meots every
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Westminster avenue,   Mt. Pleasaut.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Grand—G. W. Jamieson.
Recording Secretary—F rank
Trimble.cor. Niuth avo. & Wesfiniu'r rd.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each mouth at 8 p. in., in
Oddfellows' Hall,
Visiting brethren always weloome.
Chief Ranqer—A; Pengelly.
Recordino Secretary—M." J. Orehau,
814 Prlni'DSSstreet, City.
Financial Secretary—J.B.Aberuethy
Addreaa: ('nre !_S18Weatullnateravenuo
Alciimdrn Hivo No. 7, holds regul«
Review 2d and 4th Mondays of oae1
month iu Knights of Pytbins Hall
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Lndies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. N. Pottipiccc
25 Tenth aveuue, east
Lady Record Keeper—Mas. J. Martin
Ninth aveuuo.
VancouvcrCouuc.il, No. 311a, meet
every 2d and 4th Thuvsduvs of eucl
month, iu I O. O. F., Hall, West
minster avenue.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.
—:'» Tenth av.., nasi
Miss A. Chambers,  Recorder,
2228 WeslieiiisteriivL'lilio.   Tel. 7110.
in the interest
otr Mt. Peasant
& South Vancouver.
"The Advocate" gives all the l_ociil News of Mt. Pleasaut from
week to week for ifl 00 per year; six mouths 50o. An interestlnif
Serial Story is always kept miming; the solcotious in Woman's
Realm will always be found full Interest to up-to-date women ; the
miscellaneous items are always bright, entertaining and Inspiring,
New arrivals ou Jit. Pleasant will become wedily informed of the
community and more quickly iutorosted In local happenings if
they subscribe to "The Advocato."
li}'    (>,
What   Is   Your    Fiscal   Condition?
Good  Clerks.
Good Credits.
Fresh Stocks.
Good Location.
Bills  Discounted.
Energy,  Activity.
Prompt   Deliveries.
At/tractive  Windows.
Good Store Fixtures.
Bad Debts.
Dirty Store.
Hills  Payable.
Poor  Location.
Grumpy  Clerks.
Knowing  it   All.
Lack of System.
Lack of Experience.
Lifeless Advertising.
Knowing Few People.
Lack of  Faith in Self.
Old  Unseasonable  Slock.
Not Association  Member.
Everyone knows that for anything
to become known, it must be talked
about. For an article to become
popular its virtue must be made the
subject of a public announcement.
That is advertising! Consequ«ntly
if the survival of the fittest applies
to business principles as well as it
docs lo other walks of life, the better the advertising—the better the
publicity—the better the results.
Good results mean good business,
and good business is what every
merchant advertises for. If he did
not wish to excel in his particular
line, he would not take the trouble
to write an advertisement, much
more pay for the costly newspaper
and magazine space—British Advertiser.
A  Monthly Magazine   devoted  to thi
Use of English.   Jusophino Torek
Baker, Editor.
"<1 a year ; 10o for Sample Copy.   Ageuti
Wanted,   Evanston, 111., U.S.A. ,
Partial Contonts for Ihis Month.—
Course in English for tho Beginner1
course iu English for the Advancer
pupil. Flow to Increase One's Vocnbu
lnry. Tbo Art of Conversation. Slionh
end Wonld: how to nse them. Pronunciation; Cornel English iu tho Home.
Correct English in tlio School. Bnsi,
ness English for the Busiucss Man!
Studies in English Literature.
is only ?1.00 a year,
50c for 6 mouths,
25c for 3 mouths.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone Bonding ankotrli ntiil description mny
qulnlilr aaoortatn par opinion true wliiilhor no
Invention Is probably piiU'iilnhln.   Coininiiiilr-.
tionssirii*uvoonBdonttal. HandbooKon enionu
unil froo. OMi'.t r.iri'in-v for poO—InB im—ills.
I'stoilts oilir-n I'm. ii.'li Mtitin A Co. Ii'i'iilvo j
._,(, i.il unfa., wltliout din—o. In tlie
Sdentsftc African.
A hnnftsornoty UliiKtrntod itppIiIt. T,*irno«t clr>
fliiliiU-.ni <>r nny frttMiMUr .liuirniil. Tt-rmii, M A
vi"':1; *"in' 'in.I'll.:', il.  bold bynll nrwHdoiilnrt.  ,
MUNN & Co.36,B">a-iw»"' New York
Omnuli mu'. IK, V St.. Wiubluuton. n.C.
Advocate $1
for 12 Months
Gas ^° Burn
Gives you time and money to burn
Do you do your own cooking? Would you like to have moro
time to devote to your housework, fiiney-work, children,
or husband.
An up-to-date Gas Range (or oven our Ons Hot. Plates) will
help yon out beyond your expectations. Where yon formerly
Spent un hour gel ting u meal ready, you will liud Hint you cau
accomplish the samo in 15 to 20 miuutes with a Gas Range,
aud obtain better results.
Cull nud examine our stock.
Vancouver Gas Company.
OWIOBi  oornor of Can nil and Hiihtiiigs'strocts.


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