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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Feb 10, 1906

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 w*W*s**. -W'.-i-a/asVia-M^sjiM.-i
Tliis elegant preparation combines ill an ttgreeablo
form, all the well known valuable properties of its
ingredients, so combined as to form nn excellent
remedy for Chronic or ro;e_t Pulmonary affections,
relieving obstinate Coughs by promoting expectoration and serving as a calmative iu all Bronchial or
Laryngeal tronblee.   Price 60c per bottle.
n. A. W. Co. Ltd., Mt. PLEASANT BRANCH
Free Delivery to any pnrt of the city.   'Phoue 790.
Devoted to th* interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three Honths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Always Something:
to interest you every week'n TTTE ADVOCATE
among tho Locr.I Items, Mt-cil: _i.«ui_ j_luiib.
Woman's Realm, or tho Continued Story. The
Advertisements will keep you posted on where
to go for bill-gains in all lines.
The subscription price is within the reach of all
Delivered anywhere in the City, the Dominion.
the United States or Great Britian for f 1 a year
Established April 8th, 1899.   Whole No. 856.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B. " C,   Saturday,   Feb. 10, 1908.
(Sevento Year.)   Vol. 7, No. 45.
Local Items.
The McOuaig Auotion and Commission Co., Ltd., next to Oarneige Library,
Hastings street, bny Furniture I'or Cnsii,
Conduct Auction Sales and handli..
Bankrupt Stocks of ivory description
Satisfaction guarauteod.   Phono 1070.
Oonrt Vancouver, I. O. F., will meet
on Monday eveuing next.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, L. O. T. M.,
will meet on Mondny evening next.
The Council of South Vancouver
Municipality will hold a specinl mooting
this afternoon at 2:80 p. ui.
Mrs. John Fonrner of Seattle, nud her
two children, nro on a visit to Mrs. D.
McCuaig, Fifteenth avenue.
Mrs. Templar will give a lecture on
Palestine iu Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Church ou Mondr.y evening next.
Dentistry as wo practice it is a serious profession,
involving education, carefulness nnd skill. Therefore we can not compete iu prices with the Ignorant, tho rainless or this uuskillful. Comparison will show, however, that wo charge less than half as much as
most private prnctiouers.
Bnt you ask, Is tho work ns good? Wo roply, it
is better Indeed, no dentist who tries to practice nil the different
branches of dentistry can achieve such magnificent rosults as we do
with our corps of skilled specialists
Pure   Bread  Minorca   Eggs   for
hatching nt moderate prices   J.  Grini-
uiett, corner 17th nnd WcBttoinster aves
Tho young Indies of St Michael's
congregation are arranging to entertain the young men of the congregation
at a dauce the evening of St. Valentino's
Mr. Robt. Trimble.of Revelstoke, sou
of Mr. aud Mrs. E. Trimble, is visiting
his parents. Mr. Trimble is nu engineer
ou the O. P. R., running betweeu
Revelstoko aud Knm'onps.
WANTED; Two apprentices to
learn Millinery. Mrs. W W. Merkley,
2805 Westminster a' ecuo.
Dr. G. A MeGniro was elected President of the British Columbia Dental
Association nt the auuual meeting in
Victoria on Saturday last. Tho Association will hold examinations nt Victoria iu May.
I'he continued dense fog which prevailed during lust week nud part of this,
did not reach Sonth Vancouver until
Mouday, wc are creditably informed,
nnd then it hinted for but a short time
during the day.
By   properly  adjusted    glasses   Dr.
Howell at the Burrard Sanitarium Ltd ,
relieves eye strain   which   causes headache and othor nervous troubles.
Ou Tuesday the (lth, at Seattle, Mr.
Win. J. Reyunrd of Sixth avenue, Mt.
Pleasant, aud Miss Helen Strang of
Cumberland, B. C, were united in
marriage, Mt Reynard is it popnli r
employee of tho Hudsou Bay Store,
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Ogilvie entertained about thirty guests at a delightful
pnrty on Tuesday eveuing at th "ir homo
on Ninth nveuue, west. Whist nud
other games were enjoyed. Mr Ogilvie
will leave next week for Kanaimo,
where he will open a hardware store.
"The Advocate" wishes any careless*
ness in delivery reported to the Offloo;
telephone B1405.
Thero were fifty coupe whn enjoy
ed the danco giveu iu Oddfellows' Hall
on Monday oveuing by the young men
of St. Michael's Church congregation.
The committee iu charge of the
nffuir was Messrs. G. Boult, G.
Willis, J. Birmingham, and a com
uiitteo of young ladies looked nfler the
refrtwhrneuts Dancing was kept up
till 2 a. 111.
The very latest styles in Canadian
and American makes nnd designs in
Winter Shoes for Men, Woman and
Children at R. MILLS, tho Shoeman.
119 Hastings streets, west
The Local Council of women held
their annual meeting in the Mt. 1'lens-
ant Presbyterian Church on Monday
afternoon aud oveuing. The reports
from the various district representatives
wero interesting and showed a record
of good work well-done. Mrs. Spofl'ont
of Victoria, Mrs. McNuughton nnd Mil
Berry addressed the meeting Between
the afternoon and evening sessions
supper wub Borvcd. Mr. I-Iiiwihornlh-
waito, who introduced the bill iu the
Legislature to givo womau the ballot,
was referred to as "Our Friend" by
several speakers.
The supper Borved hy tho Ladios Of
the Mt. Pleasant Presbytoriuti Ohuroh
was most excellent, and tho chinch
reooption room whero the, tables were.
was charmingly arranged with din
peries, pictures, flowers and the prettily laid tables. Tho President, Miss
Edge and other members of tho Looal
Council complimented tho Mt. Pleasant
Iadie6 on tho cffectlvo result of thoir
Personal notices of visitors on
Ht. Pleasant, o*. of Mt. Pleasant
peoplt who visit other cities, also nil
local social affairs arc gladly received
t>y "The Advocate."
MO Pt'WES gfll^
WM& ■
-:X-..i t,J        >">'
147 Hasting® St. Telephone 1566.
Branch Office: corner Abbott aud Hastiugs streets. Tel. 2022.
Offico Hours:  8 a.m.,  to 9 p.m.;   Sundays 9 a. ui.,   to 2 p.m.
The Young Meu's Biblo Class held an
enjoyable social ou Thursday evening
nt the homo of Mr. und Mrs. Rolston,
corner of Thirteenth nnd Ontario. A
program of songs, recitations nnd selections by a Male Quartet from Messiah
Chorus was greatly enjoyed by nil. Tho
presence of Rev. Mr. Hetheriugton of
the Methodist Ohurch was appreciated
by the youug muu. Both Ret'. Mr.-
Piercy aud Rev. Mr. Hothoriiigtou
made themselves "one of the boys'' during the evening. Refreshments were
served and the jolly gathering brought
to a close.
For Local No.vs Read The Advooats
The pastor, Rov. A. E. Hutheringtou,
will preach Sunday moruiliff on iho
subject: "God's Is Near," and in the
evening his subject will bo: "The Christ
of the Gospol."
Sacrament of the Lord'.-; Supper at
the clone of the morning servico. At
the evening service Miss McOrossau
will sing a solo.
All are invited.
Get your Danoing Pumps, Ladies'
Dancing." Slippers, Gentlemen's Bedroom Slippers, Patent-leather Shoos
of tho Relialilo Shoeman—R. MILLS,
11!) Hastings stieet, west.
Tho pastor, Rov. Herbert W Piercy
will proa-It moruiug and oveuing 0:1
Snnday. Morning subject: '-False
Peaeo." Eveuiug subject.- "Yon oIko
havo a Master."
Tiie Oniiinanci; Off I'.-.'-ns-i will be
administered during the eveuiug service
Young Men's Biblo Clans at 2:5.0 p 111
Mt. Pleasant Mail, 1 fostoifiee.)
Mali orrlves daily nt 11 a.m., I :M nnd
5:80 p. in,   Mail leaves iho Postoffioe at
the Mime hours.
Mrs. R. Mills eiuevlortaiiicd her
Sunday Sohool Glass of Boys on -Wednesday eveuing nt hor homo Ninth nvonue. There aro about fifteen boys in
the class ami a corresponding number
of girls were Invited by Mrs. Mills. A
most charming evening's entertainment
with games and danoing was provided
by the kind hostess.
Miss Grace Taylor entertained the girls
of tho Suuday School Class of which
she is a ini.'iubi'i' ut a very delightful
party 011 fridny evening lust, at the
homo of hor parents Ur. and Mrs.
A. G-. Taylor, 888 Eleventh avonno. The
■ vi nlng wns pas-oil delightfully with
gatnes and musio i dainty refreshments
wen.' served.
Tho officers nf the Woman's Auxiliary
of St. Michael's Church for the ensuing
term ure: President, Mrs. G.W. Hutchiugs; Vice-President, Mrs. Humes;
Secretary, Mrs. Stephens; Assl. Sec'y.,
Mrs. Elliott; Treasurer, Mrs. Williams;
Councillor, Mrs. Welsh.
Snlo of Aprous  nt  Mrs,   Fairlinin's,
2245 Westminster avenne, commencing
ou Moudry morning tit!» o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. James Harford have
issued iuvitations for the weddiug of
thoir daughter Miss Florence aud Mr.
Moses K. Bowman, to tako placo at 10
a.m,, on Fob. 21st, at their home 53
Thirteenth aveuuo. Reception from
11 to 12.
Mr. H. D'A. Birmingham arrived
from Winnipeg on Sunday hist nud will
reside iu Vaucouver. Mr. Birmingham
nnd Mr. John Birmingham hnvo beeu
appointed Vaucouvor District Agents of
tho Manufacturer's Lifo Insurance Oo.
The Grocers of the City rosont the
insinuation by Aid. McMillan that there
was a "Grocers Combine," iu tendering
for tho City Contract.
Lndies' and Children's plain sewing
neatly and well-done, Mrs. Oullen, 2245
Westminster nveuue.
Mr. Gibbs has sold his homo on Sixth
avenue to the Vancouver Breweries
Company Ltd. Mr. Gibbs will bnild on
Sixteenth avenuo.
Mr. aud Mrs. Spencer-Taylor of Sixteenth nvonue, havo moved iuto their
now home ou Victoria Drive, Cedar
Prudent shoppers should soo Mrs.
Merkley's now Spring Dress Goods
before goiug elsewhere. Nothing later
or better.
Mrs Mitchell of Sixteenth avenuo,
who fell whilo going down the steps
nml broke hor arm recently is able to bo
Mr. Stewart of Fifth nvonue, is con
fined to Ihe houso with an injured foot.
OOPHIiAND.—Born to Mr. and Sirs.
Copeland, corner Tenth and Burns,
Ecu. Sd, 11 son.
Brown.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs. J.
Browu, South Vancouver, Feb. 'lth,
n son,
Bates—Born to Mr. nud Mrs. J,
Bates, 548 Tenth aveuuo, oast, Fob. 5th,
a daughter,
Sohmltze.—Born to Mr aud Mrs.
Sohnltze, 051 Fifteenth avouuo, oast,
Feb. 6th, a sou.
South   Vancouver   Municipality.
Applications will be received until
1:80 p. in., on Saturday Feb. 17, 1806,
for tho following Offlooi'8:
Road Tim Collect or. stating commission roqulrod on amount collected
Two Polico Constables; state auuual
retaining fee; $2.26 to bo paid when
called out.
Health Officer: retaining fee $75.on
per annum.
Road Foreman ; state monthly salary
required, with horso and light wngou
for moving tools, uud without horse
aud rig.
Rock Crusher Foromnn, slating
salary per mouth nud if tho applicant
is a machinist or enginoer.
No applicant necessarily accepted.
W. G. WALKER, O, M. O.
Municipal Hnll, Feb. 6, 1006
Road the Now York Deutnl Parlors
advertisement in thia paper, then goto
New York Dontnl Parlors for your work
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital 18.000.000.   Reserve* 18.487.000,
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
OPEN   SATURDAY   * .GUTS   from
; in 8 o'clock,
W, A. WARD, Sub--Ma..ag;er.
Municipality of South Vancouver
J     A      Fl FTT     Mt. PLEASANl HARDWARE
•   M.    I LL I   B m STORE. Tel. 447-
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
3 cans Tomatoes for 25c
2 cans Pineapples for 25c
Pure Honey and Eastern Maple Syrup
Good Apples $1 per box.
3 cans Peas for 25c
• \Jo JLrf-G-S}
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
f-»mmmjsm#mmis&swyMa^jp*Aw^^ t>#ji>m*&.s-.j?..s*jr.a*a*»yjw?-s*Ms**-*a\
King's ileal flarket
R. Porter A Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale and Retail
- Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
j [ on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant aud Fairview.
2 Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry in seasou.
* Tel. A1206.
Tea Specials
Between Ordinary and Good Tea there is a
greater   difference    than   that  ot  Price and
GOOD TEA at 2oo GOOD TEA at 80c
Tho Greatest Ditferauce is after Results, viz: Satisfied Customers.
J. P. Nsghtingcsle & CO,
Mt. Pleasant.
Westminster & Seventh Aves
Telephone   1S60.
*v*A «JvmyW%%- -^V_-_-**^_. *V&etSisms*i/<!l. *V%-W(i-V%^%^%-%' %-*"»
t Wrappers
Ladies' Fiannclotte Wrappers, made and trimmed in a variety of styles; regular $1.25, $1.50,
§1 T.*>, $8, :J2.-i0, OLEAHlNa at $ 1.35 ench
Misses Three-mtarter LongtSi Goafs Omsakino at Cost !
Regular £4.50 for ?2 75 Regular $6.00 for $3.50
" 7.50   '    5.00 " 0.50   '    7.00
Gliilsfren'o Bbaiwkin, Oashmbbb nud Eiderdown Ooats at Greatly
Reduced Prices.— Regular (|1.78 for $1.00
Regular 88.76 for $1.75 " 3.00   '    2.00
8.7ii   '    2.50 " 4.50   '    .8.00
5.50   '     3.50 " 7 60   '    5.00
.   *)
,     A.   ROSS & CO., 3O'32TnelSne0Sra **
60 Masting.-) Stroet, Wont, Vamovvi.k, J).
(Write for Catalogue.)
A SPECIAL Off£H, El3 All foi
12 PnokogO- "( Loiittinx Vegetable- nntl Floweri for 2oc.—>
Le.tuiv, Carrot ftu<] RadiStt; Asters, s.u-ot Mtgnouettfl
Pei - ind Wild Qfttdon,
.—Onion, Cucumber) Beet,
Pansy, ivnmia, Sweet
Wm. Ren nie Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, Winnipeg ami Toronto,
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Court of Revision for tho Municipality
of tho Distriot Of South Vancouver for
hearing all eoinpliiinls against the
Assessment as ninth) by tbo Assessor of
the snid Municipality,'will be hold nt
the Municipal Hull, North Arm rond,
S'liiih Vancouver, on Monday tin
Twenty'sizth.day of February, IflOB, nt
10 o'clock in tho forenoon,   Ten days
notice niust,   ho   givon   of   all   Appeals
bofore Bald date.
Municipal Hall, Jan. 24th, 1D00.
Over thirty articles too to he found in
the February issuu ol Tin; Busy Man's
Muiamnh, beginning with it capital
skotohof llou. \\. S Fielding by II.
F. Gi'.dsby. Among tno other readable
contents arc, "How Men Get Rich
Now," "Tho First Self-Made Man iu
America," "The Future of Electricity,"
by Thos. A. Edison) "Tho Menace of
Enormous Forlorn**," "The Greatest
Decteotive Agency iu the World,"
"Normal Stenographers and Matrl,
mouy," "Tho Bo.t Remedy for Weary
Brains," "The Dorpblo Satisfactions of
Lifo," "Reciprocity iu Men." ote.
These articles have boon gleaned from
dozens of  current    magazines     and
I'epn eul
Ihe  vory   Ci-sonoc  of their
Numbers of
Local Mini.
Qinger Snaps
4 LbSp for 25c
Bargains in all other lines.
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd'
Wholesale ond Retail Grocers.
Tel. 206. Westminster Ave. A Princess Stroet.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pin^s $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Salo at nil first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house.
(See Our Window.)
Regular price $5.50
Reduced, for a short time to $4.00 a pair
C. J. Coulter,
Mt. Pleasant.
2415 Westminster Avenuo.
Force 2 pkgs. 26o
Canada Flakes 2 pkgs. 26c
Malta Vita 2 pkgs, 25c
No. 1 Navol Oranges 2Sc doz.
Good Bauuanns 25c doz.
8 tius Tomatoes for 26c
McKinnon & Gow,
146 Niuth Avo. Opposite No.8 Fire Hall
Telephone B1448. Prompt delivery.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Pooltrv and Animal Foods.
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Beefscraps, Etc.
S.   KEITH SMM* .!___! •venue   A
Telephone    1 r. ;i -,.
Boot am! Shoentaklng
nud RcnxSring done nt
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2ini Westmiustor avenue.
For a Game of
Pool or Billiards
Drop In at
Mt. Pleasant.
- Tho vory best iu all tho world.
Name   "Libbey"    on    ertry
Come iu aud seo the niagnili-
cent display in our Cut Glass
r00"1' aiid"
' of
THE  JEW'>>v "MAe Bt*.
bj-**O.P. B.
Corner Huntings i
Ofllcinl Wau-h,,, s—
H17H!) -Nov. o. li. WIUon,(An(llcan),
1000 -Hov. o. A. Wilson, (Froibytorlan).
tii-W-itev. a. I-;. Hethorlngton, (Metnodl.t)
For   local   news  sui-scribc    for  'THK
ADVOCATK only $1 for 12 months.
no IT NOW I—If not already a Subscriber to "Tho Advocate" become one
now.   Only 91 lor 12 mtniihs.
Just the tiling for
Winter weather
'The doath I iirri-d 00 .Suiiilny last ol
Mrs, Olivo Bntlor, ngc-d 81 yours, wifo
of IS, I,. Boiler, I'.'i Sixthuvenuo, w-ct.
Tin- funeral took plnoo Mondny afternoon from Armstrong &, bklwords
Uudertaklng Parlors to the .Salvation
Army Barracks where lervioos wire
hold at 8.B0 o'clock. After the service
the Army Baud and (lorpsprooeodod
tho cortege as for ns Van Is itreel whore
conveyances wero takou for Mountain
View Cemetery, Tho pall-bearon woro
chosen from tho Army and wore Messrs.
W. B. Bedford, (J. lull, W. Hill, W.
licit, V.'. O, Kay, II. -N. MoNiiughioii.
At tho conioter. the servico \wim very
impressive and an tbe uasfcotwas being
lowered the Army Hand played tho
dead month.
Sec When Vour Lodge Meets
Extension Chillies Horses, open 12 fi
havo them iu thn i i Wa
Washboard' for loo, 8So ,-. 80o,
Pastry Bonnlx for Boo, fine, ..- 7i>''.
Revolving handle Solliug Pius IOo
'.' foot wido.
11 60
it wide, oloi ■
i feol high i
.'- feel high fortl 78
o feol high tot (3 00
Olothos I'
Towel Holler,
HI i doc for he.
I.io i DOi -
Advertize in tho "Advooate,"
Buchanan & Edwards
662 664 Granville SI. 'Phone 2021.
; ^*mmmm*^*m.+.-*'.+.-*-*+-*4*+.+t~*.+*.*.*4.*4-e...44'*.'*.m*
The '.'d and lth Mondays Of tho month
Court Vancouver, I. O, P., meets al
i ]i m
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. It, I.O.O.F.
meots at s p. tn,
Vancouver Counoll  No. aiin, Can-
adlfin Order of Ohosen  Friends moots
the M and nh Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hivo No  7, Ladies of  thn
ahi-0.1 holds it.' regular meeting on
and Ud Fridays of the month
J '• Alexs
7 Mm-i'ithi
A   the im,
! Crown
nn. But im iiii-
t World. Drop
unking   for   a
liums to be
us a post oard i-otAt Onowi
Catalogue of Pren,
had   froo   for   H"v-'".wn rA
Sou WiiAi'l'Kits. A*   C"i
The Canadian
Ban k0F Commerce
Deposits of OXB DOU-AU and upwards
roroivt'd and iuteroiH allowed thereon.
Bank Mouey Orders  issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOimS: io a. m. to 8 p. m
.Satuiidayk: Ida m. to 12 in., 7 to 8 p.m.
Cast End Branch
-tn Westmiustor     C. VV, DURRANT,
IIVCIlllO. Mas'aokk.
Advertising Is the education of Ibo
on baser of thi merits of different
lhat which add. tn hi- comfort and am.
consumer. It Infom-m the prospeftlya
goo'lis nnd hrlnns hlin Into tourh wit If
plifles his happlntM.
T»« Ahvocatk lithe Inst advertising
medium whore it ciroulatos. Tel. BHOji niitiwi.ii.it! 1.1 mm mi
rMiMSJa-M*.* t>m\iamt,U a
(Established April 8,1899.)
tlmci -2444 Westminster avenuo.
Echoes of the Week.
Mas, R  Whitney, Publisher.
E-iu_.ii._i Office—80 Fleet street,
London, B. C, England Where a
.file of "The Advocate" is kept for
iSabs-criptiou $1 a year  payable  in
& cents a Oopy.
Tel. Bi4t>a.
Vancouver, B.  O.,  Fkb.  8, 1906.
Junction oi westu-iu-tei-roml and Westmin-
#ter aveuue. SERVICES al 11 a. lu.,'
and 7:30p.m.; Sunday Bchool at 2:80 p.m.
Comer ol Ni ti t   and Westminster avenues.
-SERVICER at  11a. in., and  7 p. in.; Sunday
HehO'iland Bible Class 2:80 p.m.   Rev. A. K.
IJettaerluglon, B. A., B. D„ Pastor.
-'ai-,"iif-Ki' 123 Eleventb avenue, west. Tele-
- !.on_ B12.9.
.Comer Ninth' avenue and Qtiobei. streot
J-ERVICGS al 11 a, ni.,itnd 7::io p. m.; Sunday
flchnol al2:30p.m. Rev.3oo.A.W11son, ll.A.
Pasiui. Manse corner ot Eighth avenue and
Ontario atreet.  Tel. 1006.
St Michael k, (Anglionn).
Certtar Ninth avenue and I't-lncc Edward
_lren'. HKIEVICES nt 11 a, in., nnd 7:30 p.m.,
ijtfotyCommunion Island 3d Sundays tn each
bloath after morning prayer, 2d and Itli Hun
jays at 8 a.m. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
jkev. (j. II. Wilson, Rector.
R__tory S72 Thirteenth aveuue, east. Tele
• phone HUM.
Advent Christian Chnrch (not 7tb day Ad-
_nllsi_), Seventh avenue, near Westminster
avenue. Services 11 a.m., and 7:80 p.m
Sua,lay School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
Society uf Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor meets every Sunday evening at 6:45 o'clock.
Prayer-meeting Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock.
. Local Advertising 10c a line each Issue
3 Display Advertising $1.00 per inch
) per month.
Jlotic.es for Church and Society Enter-
talumentB, Lectures, etc.,   wiikiik
will bo charged for.
AU  Advertisements are  run regularly
and charged for until ordered tbey
-   be discontinued.
Transient   Advertizers   must   pay   in
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
fpW Subscribers are requested to
report any carelessness in the delivery
of "Tho Advocate."
The Anvoc ate is al v. ays glad to receive
itouis of social, personal or other news
from Its i eaders.   Send news items to
-, the office or by telephone, B1405.
Changes for advertisements should be
Ju before Thnrsday noon to insure their
What   Is   Vour   Fiscal   Condition?
j Enterprise.
iQooi gerks.
Good Credits. ,
Fresh Stocks.
, Good location.
Bills Discounted.
pnergy,  Activity.
Prompt   Deliveries,
i/kt/tractive  Windows.
Good Store Fixtures.
j f esf imism.
> Bad Debts.
Dirty Store.
fills  Payable,
oor Location. ,        '
.Grumpy Clerks. ,
Knowing  it   All.
Lack ol System.
Lack of Experience.
Lifeless Advertising.
Knowing Few People.
Lack of Faith in Self.
,01d Unseasonable Stock.
^Jot Association Member.
Mt. Pleasant needs a Boys' Club for
recreation purposes. It would be a
good thing for both pareuts and children.
We aro to have another paper iu our
city, "The Two Voices." Some folks
soy that our present papers have two
A clergyman stated the other day
that Dr. Torrey, tho Evangelist, wub
sending people to Heaven under false
pretenses. If this is so we dou't ueed
Dr. Torrey iu Vaucouvor; we are overstocked with false pretenses uow.
There is considerable talk about the
per centago of alcohol in patent medicines—but I notice one of our daily
papers has fifteen patent medicine advertisements in each issne.
How can Graft bo stopped is a qucs
tiou that is troubling mauy of tho people today. It will ouly bo stopped whon
men think for tliotnselves. It is caused
by the weakness of the weak—uot the
strength of the strong. It is ouly possible because of tho mental weakness of
the producer.
For writing ou a piece of paper,
"I should not care if the old Emperor
was dead," a Gorman school-boy of
fourteeji has been seuteucod to prison
for lifo.   God Save the Bmperor I
Pointed Paragraphs.
Tbo mintage of wisdom is to know-
that rest is rust; aud that real life lies
iu love, laughter aud work.
Get rid of your regrets. You are what
you are from what you hftvo experienced.
Aud rightly understood and accepted,
all experiences are good and the bitter
ones bost of all.
—Elbert Hnhbard
Do not shut up the youug peoplo
against their will in a pew aud force
the children tc ask thom questions for
an hour ngaiust their will.—Emerson.
Lend some men a helpful hand aud
thoy mistake it for a license so pull
your leg.—Ali Baba.
See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d aud 4th Mondays of tho month
Court Vancouver, I.  O. F., meets at
8p  in.
Mt. Pleasant Lodgo No. 19, I.O.O.F
meets at 8 p. m.
Vancouver  Conncil   No. 211a,   Canadian Ordor of Chosen Frieuds meets
tho 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladios of the
Maccabees holds its regular mcetiugs on
the 1st, aud 8d Fridays of the month
|  cannot tell why there  should come
„-.te li'J
■£ "thought    of    someone   miles    and
years away,
In swift Insistence on the memory,
Unless there be a need that I should
-Is teat, his way,  I mine;  we seldom
To talk of plans or changes day by
,£lf pain or pleasure, triumph or defeat,
Or special   reason   why  'tin  time to
AVe are too busy to spare thought
For  days   together  of  some   friends
perhaps Qod  does lt for us,   and we
To read Hie signal as a call to pray
-r.erhaps,  just  then,    my    friend    has
fiercer fight,
A topic appalling weakness, a decay
fit courage, darkness, some lost sense
of right—
And bo. In case he needs my prayer,
I pray.
.Friend, do the same for me!   If I Intrude
-Unoalied upon you, on some crowded
(<Hve me a moment's prayer as Interlude;
gie very sure    I    need It, therefore,
The cry is that the theological stu
dent of the day is being trained to
think the world should take care of
him, rather than that the laborer
should strive to make himself worthy
of his hire. Mayhap the charge is
sustainable, but of a certainty' taking the country over) there is the
greatest need of the pew, in a large
number of the churches being trained
to keep its salary covenants with the
ministerial workers they engage. It
is required that the pastor shall be a
man of culture, and presentable as to
appearance, and that he and his family shall maintain at least a decent
standard of living. But how much
responsibility do the members feel
individually for the bringing about
of these results? Often, after the
representatives of local churches
have appeared before the bodiei that
perform the office of the assignment
of pastors to charges, and they have
deliberately promised that the minister's salary shall be paid promptly
and regularly, they default, and place
ihe unfortunkte clergyman in that
inost humiliating position of begging
for small portions of large sums due,
in order that he may keep his family
Unhappy Women!
No woman can be happy whon her
health Is undermined. No woman cau
have good health while she suffers from
female woakness, Inflammation, ulceration or any disease of thn delicate womanly orgaui. Nervous, sleepless, fretful,
suffering In body and mind, sho does not
live but only exists.
More than a half a million such womon
havo found a perfect and perinnaent cure
for their diseased eoi liticn in the use of
Doctor Pierce's Kavorito Prescription,
Women cured by this remedy say It Is
a "wonderful medicine," so perfectly
does It restore them to henlth and come-
There Is no alcohol In " Favorite Prescription," neither doos It contain opium,
cocalno, nor any other harmful drug. It
Is in the strictest senso, an honast, tem-
peranco medicine. It* Ingredients are
purely vegetable, and It will agree with
tbe most delicate constitution.
|r_ga~' Don't bo hypnotized, or over per-
**** suaded. Into accepting a substitute
This medicine has a record that's worth
far more than any difference in price.
Sick and ailing women ara invited to
consult Dr. Pierce, either personally or
by letter, absolutely without charge or
fee, thus avoiding the unpleasant questionings, offensive examinations and obnoxious local treatmonts considered necessary by many local practitioners. All
correspondence treated as strictly private
and sacredly confidential. Write without
fear and without feo to Dr. R. V. Pierce,
063 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
,» . These tiny,
\<£TC£?fe   sugar-coated
-_TZ-~%    antl-billous
:«•_"» sxvV-V granules reg-
OOXeWeVs aPs-TrR
aud Bowels, cms Constipation and Bart
Stomach, attended by foal
breath.    One or two for
laxative, three or four for
This great family Doctor
Book Fiibx on receipt of
81 one-cent postage stamps
to cover cost of customs
and mailing; or, In One
cloth binding 50 stamps.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
403 Main St,, Buffalo, N.Y.
Butter and Eggs m™«™
Fresh every morning, fancy Clover Leaf Butter, 80c-B,
Cooking Butter 20c %       Fresh Made Butter, 2-It for 65c
Eggs, 1 and 2 clays old, 40o per dozen.    Cooking Eggs 80c per dozen.
Your 'phone orders will have our prompt and careful atteution.-
Bargains iu our FURNITURE DEPT.—Bed complete, spring
mattress aud bed, *>2 50.
B ly here and savo rnouey.       The Store op Quality.
5T    W/itUart* Westminster avenue &
.   I.   VV ctllctCC  Harris street. Telephone 1266.
We are located in our New Store, 2333 with a complete line of Staple
and Fancy Groceries nt lowost prices. _
We havo also ndded a line of Collars, Ties, Underwear,  Shirts, Sox,
Overalls, etc., which we will be pleased to havo you call and Inspeot.
OUR MOTTO: Good Goods at lowest price.
Andrews Bros.,
2333 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 933.
\jl*f ^>___S__B_B_7 ^a\ummsm*pl ^la_-__i____D_P'    'iTamsaW m*m\a*mta%W     ^CSEH      KEKMF VMHmF *V-M-k&bM
! A Gigantic Sole!
"he Greatest
Slaughter Sale
TtVi _n""*"_Sa    a      °*   UP-TO-DATE   Clothing,
* _•**-.__.-..-»«»_--... «_.«f__. Men's Furnishings,  Hats
^^^^^^^^^^»- and Caps	
EVER PUT ON IN CANADA commenced at
Scott's Toggery, 438 Westm'r Ave., Jan. 18th.
Sale LASTS NINE DAYS—Wop and ThinkI—The entire
$20,000 stock of Scott's Toggery to be sold in the short spaoo of
nine days by the National Brokerage Company—tho greatest stock
Bellers in tbo world. SALE ENDS SATURDAY Jan. 27th. Look
for tho Bio Red Skin,
W. C. SCOTT, Manager. i Just between tho two Banks.)
435 Westminster Ave., oPp. City Hail.
from actual want of the barest necessaries of life.
It is not considered etiquette for
the pastor to press his debt on the
attention of the officers of the church
There may be due to him hundreds
of dollars, but it would toe shockingly
indelicate of him to ask for a conference of the church officers to consider ways of giving him his dues.
.Occasionally ai pastor, mivrc (independently plaqed than) others, will
have the temerity to take his deacons to task for not fulfilling the promise they made when engaging him,
and likely as not he will be met with
the dishonorable statement that the
promise was only a matter of form.
Many church officers, apparently,
regard their pastors as a pensioner
whom they can insult and impose
upon financially, treating him as they
would never dared treat their coal
dealer or butcher. Such dishonesty
not only entails privation and anxiety on the minister and family, but
it also places him in a most disagreeable position, and compels him to
accept as gratuities much that he
would pay for if he had what is due
Were any other class of employers
to withhold wages, as church officials
do the salaries of their ministers, the
press of the country would team with
denunciations, and public sentiment
would not be long in compelling justice to be done the employee. The
pastor, however,, 'cannot appeal to
the press, nor can he get up mass-
meetings to ventilate the injustice
done him. He must suffer in silence
as he has done for this long time.
But there is no reason why all the
denunciation, so widely current at
the present time, should be centered
wholly upon politicians and insurance officials. As there is ethical
house-cleaning going on, there is
every reason that the church officials
who act dishonorably toward pastors
in financial matters, should not be
included among those who arc held
up for the reprobation of the community. By their financial dealing
with their pastors, many churches set
a contemptible example of oppression of the helpless, and it is to be
hoped that some day they will be
brought to book.
25,  30, 35,
40 AND 50
cents per pound.
These are the  FINEST Teas
on the market at those prices
Also N». 1 Ashcroft
Potatoes at—
Smith i%.r
Snapessor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Westmiustor Road and Ave.
'Phono 2053.
Cachemires arc being recognized
as the most desirable, as they arc extremely fashionable materials for
wear at the winter seaside resorts,
cither near town or far along the
south Atlantic coast. This fabric
may be made 10 express an almost
rigid severity by avoiding other trimming than a few molds of itself, or,
by the use of handsome laces, it becomes at once a smart affair, after
Ihis manner  as  an  example;
-White Cachemire Costume.
The same cestupie in all white, including not only the velvet accessaries, but the hat and parasol, with
the exception of the lace, which to
he in a modish contrast should be in
tint yellowish butter tint, or the
darker twine color, selecting for that
purpose some one of the antique
lues. There is still so strong a pre-
'' ven t- for Irish lace that in all cases
this lace has to be excepted, and in
one case, can anyone imagine any-
tning more charming than the foundation of hit, jacket, and parasol as|
well as stole of skirt, when of Irish
l'.ce. in its milk whiteness. Tims
it is that these cachemires do b;-
- mif affairs nf full dress, whereas
the same ideas, carried out less extravagantly, also make up for smartness most successfully.
Light  Colored Cachemire.
Besides all that fin be said in fav
or of white cachemire, wc have but
to choose in the pale pastel colors
-~-one of the many—to set about
planning other pretty costumes on
Phe same line with dyed laces which
are to this date so modish.
The choicest of these cachemires
are the lavender-grays, the pink apd
the yellow-toned fawns, all the beige
tints, evcif those approaching whiteness. They hace a quality ditinction
of theirown. As for the lightblucs.
rose pinks and mauves the dyed
laces rather throw a common, or gar
den air over such costumes, whether
from too great abundance of color
combined, or the fact that the lace
and cachemire in such tints do not
produce a refiner harmony. But it
is all a matter of argument, once
fashion smiles on these vivid results.
■Ribbons Trade.
Tinsel ribbon is one of the new
things in millinery. Last year the
gold and silver tinsel ribbon were
used, but the season brings out the
lustre finished ribbons in colors. It
has the same effect as the gold and
silver ribbons, only it reflects a pale
lavender,   pale  blue,   pale   green   and
other  delicate colorings.
Much ribbon is employed in the
making up of the newest neckwear
pieces, and it is used with excellent
results. Some of the dainty collars
show ribbons embroidered in floral
designs, and leaves done in chiffon
or taffeta. There are a great number of jabots of Ohantilly lace in the
high-class numbers which show
French ribbons embroidered. Ribbon people are making a splendid
thing out of the neckwear trade.
Dressmakers declare there is an
appreciable swell in the newest skirt-
model lines, which fail completely to
define the figure as heretofore. Fortunately, no one is paying particular
attention to it, and the fullness of
skirts continues to be concentrated
at the foot. But are we to interpret by it a hidden motive to accustom the eye, in other words, to anticipate future changes which will
necessitate shore crinolines? The
saving condition under present
modes, requiring such full skirts, is
the lightness and suppleness of the
materials used, whicll cling to the
figure, and allow the grace of movement to be quite perceptible. As
long as all fabrics remain in this
light weight, we may consider ourselves safe from wire tapes or other
artificial skirt supporters.
In order to give a skirt for a stout
figure the effect of fullness and yet
not to enlarge the hip effect, the
skirt was cut circular from the side-
front seanis and groups of sun-plaits,
five in number, starting from one
inch wide at the waist-line, jind flaring out wider towards the hem, were
pressed in the cloth. These groups
were about three inches apart and
the skirt fitted tight over the hips
making the effect of a plaited skirt,
as tbe fullness at the bottom allowed
the plaits to stay in place. This
skirt gives no added bulk to the hips
and has the effect of a kilted skirt.
09 m ^JMT*^J#
Before starting on a shopping tonr,
look over the advertisements in the
is now installed. The
improvement in our
Bakery places us ahead
of all other bakeries west
of Toronto.
Proof ?
Muir's Bread and Cakes.
'Phone 443.
New Blouses
Ladies' New Neckwear,
Belts, Etc.
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank op Canada Building
Corner Seventh and  Westminster
Avenues, Mt. PleaBant.
Advocate $1
for 12 Months
Argyle House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. C.
75 pieces of Prints—light and dark colors—worth
15c'and I2^c, for y}4c per yard.
Mauy  other  big bargains for your inspection.
J. Horner,
4O0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
■^•^••^t tt^C latent8^J|r% Xw^Mspmsj*^ inHtKtt^f
Is Issued ftftfiSsBi
1 -^   ■ k-,^F *"" **■' *-**** & South Vancouver.
"The Advocate" gives all the Looal News of Mt. Pleasant from
week to week for jl 00 per year; six months 6O0. An interesting
Serial Story is always kept running; the selections in Woman's
Realm will always bo found full interest to up-to-date women; the
miscellaneous items are always bright, entertaining aud inspiring.
New arrivals on Mt, Pleasant will become raedily informed of the
community and more quickly interested iu local happeuings if
they subscribe to "The Advocate,"
The Function of an
is first to draw attention and to leave a favorable
and as far as possible a lasting impression.
The flrst and principal object of a vory great deal of advertising
is not directly that of soiling goods, but of establishing a worthy
famo—a recognized reputation—to mako the goods and tho house
kuown. Customers uniBt como with some idea of tho goods tttey
seek, the more knowledge the better. With coufldeuce inspired
by effective advertising, it is then np to the alosman to do the
rest—to make good by courtesy and a skillful presentation of the
wares which should bo up to all that has been advertised.
THE ADVOCATE is the best advertising
medium for reaching Mt. Pleasant People—to
gain their favorable attention to your goods and
store. Advertising rates reasonable—ncflt^ in the
Publishers' Association high rate combine.
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
1. O. O. P.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge IS o. 1H meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. 111, in Oddfellows Hall
Westmiuster avenue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noblk Giiand—G. W. Jauiieson.
Recording Secretary—Frank
Trimble.cor. Ninth avo. A Westmin'r id.
I. O. P.
Court Vancouvor 132!., Independent
Ordor of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p.m., iu
Oddfellows' Hall.
Visitiug brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranoer—A. Pengelly.
Recording Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
3U Prlntoss struct, City.
Financial Secretary—J.B. Abernethy
Address: Cnrc 2..1:l\VcstmliiRterMvenuo.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds rcgulft.
Review 2d nnd 4th Mondays of enol
mouth iu Knights of Pythias Hal|
Westminster avenue.
Visitiug Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. F. L. Bndloud
1H6 Eleventh nveuue, wes|
Lndy Record Keeper—Mas. J. Mttrtlij
Ninth avenne.
Vancouver Couueil,  No.  21 la, ine<s
everv  2d and   -lth   Thursdays   of enol
month,   in   I   O.  O. F.,   Hnll,   WesJ
minster nveuue. ^^
Sojourning  Friends nlways welcomj
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
•__-_- Wcstminateraveuue.  Tel. 7C0|
NOTICE is hereby given thnt, 60
dnys aftor dnte, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Cumtnisi.iouer of Lnnds and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described laud situated on
Skeena River.
Commencing at n stake placed at the
Southeast Corner of A. K Johnson's
Location, thenoo 80 chaius North,
theuco 40 chains Etist, theuee 80 chains
South, thence 40 chains West to place
of commencement; containing i_20 acres
more or less.
Per A. E. JOHNSON, Ageut.
Dnted Dec. 8th, 1905. jau20
NOTICE is hereby given that, 00
days after duto, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described laud, situated ou
Skeena River:—
Commencing at a stake placed at tho
Southwest Corner of Pouy Mouth Preemption and marked H. Flevin
Initial Post, theuee 40 chains North,
thence 40 chaius West, thenoe 40 chaius
South, thence 40 chains to tho point of
commeneoineut; containing 160 acres
more or less.
Per A. E. JHONSON, Agent.
Dated Dec. 8th. 1905. jan20
NOTICE is hereby given that, 60
days after date, I iutend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to purchase
the following described land, situated
ou Skecua River:—
Commencing at a stake placed at the
Southeast Coruer of Pony Mouth Pro-
enitiou nnd marked A.E.J.,Initial Post,
thence 80 chains North, thence 40 chains
East, thence 80 chains South, thence 40
chains West to place of commencement;
containing S20 acres more or less
A. E. JOHNSON, Locator.
Dated Deo. 8th, 1905. jan20
A Monthly Magazine   devoted to the
Uso of English.   Josephiuo Turck
Baker, Editor.
{I a year; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanbton, 111., U. S. A.
Partial Contents for this Mouth —
Courso in Euglish for the Beginner;
course in English for tho Advanced
pupil. How to Increase One's Vocabulary. The Art of Conversation. Should
and Wonld: how to use them. Pronunciation. Correct English in the Homo.
Correct Euglish in the Smool. Business English for the Business Man,
Studios in English Literature.
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks^
Copyrights &S.
Anyone aonillnft a skoteli nnd descrlpUon raityl
qtilultlr iisc-rt-lii our opinion froo wriotbor nnl
Invontlon Is probAbly patentable. Coniinuiilcn .*
tlons slrlotlyeoiillileiitlal. Handbook on Patentil
sonl freo. Olilest npunny for ■oeiltinir patent*.    1
Patents taken throuRh Munn A Co. rceelTefl
tpscitil notice, without change, la the
Scientific American,
Alinnd»omfllrlllu»trrttfld w.-fl.h*. L-irt'ct ctr-1
cululUm of any -.(..entitle journal. Term... fi _1
tohi-; lour montlia, ft* Sold byall nowsdenlfrt.^
MUNN & Co.""——" New Yorhl
Branch (mice. (3S F 8t„ Waahtnaton, D. C.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Finanoial,   Press andj
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E.G.,  England
Colonial Bnsiness a Specialty.
Get your work done at the
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank UNDERWOOD, Prourietc
BATHS-Bath room fitted with PORCi,
lain    Bath    Tub    nnd  all   model
Everyone knows that  for anythiil
to become known, it must be talki
about.     For an  article    to    becon |
popular its virtue must be made tl
subject   of  a   public     announcemer
That   is   advertising!      Consequent
if  the  survival   of  the  fittest  appli
to   business   principles   as   well  as
does to other walks of life, the be
ter   the  advertising—the  better    tfl
publicity—the    better     the    result]
Good   results  mean    good    busincs-
and   good   business     is     what  evei
merchant  advertises  for.     If he  d
not  wish to  excel  in   his  particul;
line,  he  would  not  take  the  troub
to    write    an    advertisement,  mu'i
more   pay  for  the   costly  newspap
and  magazine space.—British Adve
Dress ts Jacket Gutting and Fit tin,
Mrs. Davie while  abroad  was  sn]
nessful in receiving a First- class Diplorf
from the Rodmure Dress Cutting Ass]
ciation, Glasgow.
She will take classes for learning thl
system.   For information call at 2!J
Second avenue, Fairview.
DO IT NOW I—If not already a Sn|
scriber to "The Advocate" become
now.   Ouly tl for 13 months.
Her Ladyship's
The kitchen is the housewife's pride. She demands that it bo up-to-
date. This means that it must be equipped with Gas and Gas
Kitchen drudgery is changed to pleusureablo work If gas fuel is available inBtoad of coal nud wood.
The time saved by the use of gaB enables tho honsowife lo have some
recreation. Tbe lighter meals cau be prepared in lose than IB
mlnotes by tho gas method.
Cull and make enquiries or drop ns a card and our representative will
call at yonr resideuco.
Vancouver Gas Company. »■■_*.-,'_***, *.,i>*Bft— ikmI mxatams M
MrDnwpll's syRUP 0F
This elegnnt preparation oombines in au ngreeablo
form, all the well known valuable properties of its
ingredients, so combined ns to form an excellent
remedy for Chronio or reocut Pulmonary affections,
relieving obstinate Coughs by promoting expectoration aud serving as a calmative in all Bronchial or
Laryngeal troubles.   Price 50c per bottle.
ri. A. W. Co. Ltd., Mt. PLEASANT BRANCH
Free Delivery to any pnrt of the city.   'Phoue 790.
.; _T -o^r ., ^e
Devoted to the inte.'ests of Mt. Pleasant and .South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three noiiths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
., -ICTC^'.* ^
^"t'- "'■_ J-^w'O-'*-*'*'
Always Something
to interest you every week in TT'E A**)VOCAT*E
among tho Locf.I Items, Mt-c i-.: atuue iiems,
Woman's Realm, or the Continued Story. The
Advertisements will keep yon posted on whore
to go for baigiuuo in all lines.
The subscription price is within the reach of all
Delivered anywhere in the City, the Dominion,
the United States or Great Britian for fl a year
Established April 8th, 1899.   Whole No. 855.
Mt. Pleasant,   Vancouver,   B. "C,   Saturday,   Feb. 10, 1906.
(Seventh Year.)   Vol. 7, No. 45.
Local Items.;
The McOnaig Auction and Commission Co., Ltd., nexttoOarueige Library,
Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Sales and handle,11
Bankrupt Stocks of overy description
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phoue 1070.
Oonrt Vancouver, I. O. F., will meet
ou Monday evening next.
' "      101	
Alexandra Hive No. 7, L. O. T. M.,
will meet on Monday oveuing uext.
The   Couueil  of  South    Vancouver
Municipality will hold a special meetiug
this afternoon at 2:80 p. m.
Mrs. John Fonrnerof Seattle, aud her
two children, aro on a visit to Mrs. D.
McOnaig, Fifteenth aveuue.
Mrs. Templar will give a lecture ou
Palestine iu Mt. Pleasant Mothodist
Ohnroh on Monday evening uext.
Pure   Biibad   Minorca    Egos   for
hatching nt moderate prices   J. Grim-
mett, corner 17th and Westminster aves
The young Indies of St Michael's
congregation are arranging to enter-
tain the young men of the congregation
at a dance ihe evening of St.. Valentino's
Mr. Robt. Trimble of Reve'.stoke, son
of Mr. and Mrs. E. Trimble, is visiting
his parents. Mr. Trimble is un engineer
ou the O. P. R., running betweeu
Revelstoke aud Kam'oops.
WANTED: Two apprentices to
learn Millinery. Mrs. W W. Merkley,
2:105 Westminster a'-cuno.
Dr. G. A McGuiro was elected President of the British Columbia Deutal
Association at tho auuual meeting in
Victoria on Saturday last. Tho Association will hold examinations at Victoria iu May.
The continued ilen.o fog which pro-
vailed during last week nud part of ihis,
did not reach South Vancouver uutil
Monday, wc are creditably informed,
und then It la.sted for but a short time
during the day.
By properly adjusted glasses Dr.
Howell at the Burrard Sanitarium Ltd ,
relieves eye strain which onuses headache and other nervous troubles.
Ou Tuesday the (lth, nt Seattle, Mr.
Win. J. Reyunrd of Sixth avenue, Mt.
Pleasnnt, and Miss Helen Strang of
Cumberland, B. C, were united in
marriage. Mfc. Reynard is a populi r
employee of tho Hudson Bay Siore.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robt. Ogilvie entertain-
ed nbout, thirty guests at a delightful
party on Tuesday eveuing at th dr home
ou Ninth nvonue, west. Whist and
other games were enjoyed. Mr Ogilvie
will leave next week for Nanairoo,
where he will open n hardware .store.
"The Advocate" ivishos any carelessness in delivery reported to the Oflloo;
telephone B1405.
Thero were fifty coup'e who enjoy
ed the dance given iu Oddfellows' Hall
on Monday evening by the young men
of St. Michael's Church congregation.
The committee iu charge of tin
affair wns Messrs. G. Boult, G.
Willis, J. Birmingham, and a com
mittee of yonng ladies looked after the
refreshments. Duncing was kept up
till 2 a. m.
Tb rery latest styles iu Canadian
and --.iiericnu makes and designs in
Winter Shoes for Meu, Women and
Children at R. MILLS, tho Sbooniiin,
119 Hastings streets, west.
The Local Couueil of Womeu hold
their annual meeting in the Mt, Pleasant Presbyterian Church on Mouday
afternoon aud evening. Tho reports
from tho various district representatives
were interesting and showed a record
of good work well-done. Mrs. Bpofford
of Victoria, Mrs. McNuughton und Miss
Berry addressed the meeting. Between
the afternoon aud oveuing sessions
supper was served. Mr. Hiiwthornth-
waito, who introduced the bill iu the
Legislature to givo woman the ballot,
was referred to as "Our Friend" by-
several speakers.
The supper served by tho Ladies of
tho Mt. Pleasant Presbytorinu Ohnroh
was most excellout, and tlio church
reooption room whero the tables were,
was charmingly arranged with drn
peries, pictures, flowers nnd the prettily laid tables. The President, Miss
Edge and other mem ters of the Local
Council complimented the Mt. Pleasnnt
ladies on the effectivo result of their
— to:
Personal notices of visitors on
Ht. Pleasant, oc of Mt. Pleasnnt
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
by "The Advocate."
Dentistry as wo practice it iH a serious professiou,
involving education, carefulness and skill. Therefore wo can uot compete iu prices with tbo ignorant, tho careless or tho unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that wo charge loss than half as much as
most private practioners.
But yon ask, Is tho work as good? Wo roply, It
is bettor Indeed, no dentist who tries to practico all the different
branches of dentistry can achieve such magnificent results as we do
with our corps of skilled specialists
"R*.»j       *~*-*_,e_e;-
lifTr rt\ ■'
wSa_ '... ',• .-,,..  . ..--kv.'"
147 Hastings st. Teicpnono im.
Branch Offices corner Abbott aud Hastings streots. Tel. 2023.
Ofiice Hours:  8 a.m.,  to 9 p.m.;   Sundays 9 a.m.,   to 2 p.m.
Tho Yonng Men's Biblo Class hold an
enjoyable social ou Thnrsday evening
nt the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Rolston,
corner of Thirteenth nnd Ontario. A
program of snugs, recitations and selcc-
tious by a Male Quartet from Messiah
Chorus wns greatly enjoyed by nil. Tho
presence of Rov. Mr. Hetheriugton of
the Methodist Chnrch was appreciated
by the youug meu. Both ReV. Mr.-
Piercy and Rev. Mr. Hothoriugtou
made themselves "0110 of the boys" during tho evening. Refreshments were
served and the jolly gathering brought
to a close.
For Local Ne.vs Read The Apvooath
The, pastor, Rev. A. E. Holheringtou,
will preach Sunday moruiiig on (ho
subject: "God's Is Near," and iu the
evoniug his subject will bo: "The Christ
of the Gospel."
Saoratnent of tho Lord's Supper nt
the olose of the morning service. At,
the evening Borvice Miss McCrossau
will sing a solo.
All are invited.
Get your Dancing Pumps, Lndies'
Dancing." Slippers, Gentlemen's Bedroom Slippers, Patent-leather Shoes
of the Reliable Shoeman— R. MILLS,
119 Hastings street, west.
Tho pastor, Rv.v. Horbert W Piercy
will   pve.i ill   tltoming   and  evening 0:1
Sunday. Morning subject: "Fake
Pence." Evoniug subject: "Vou also
hnvo a Master."
The Ohd-HANou oir Baptism will be
administered daring tie.- evening service
Young Men's Biblo Glass at 2:510 p.m
 :o:- -
Mt. Pleasant Mail, 1 Postoffioe.)
Mail arrives daily Rt 11 a.m., 1 :;ii) and
5:80 p. ta. Mail leaves tho Postoffice at
llie same hoar.1'.
Mrs. R. Mills enli ricrtoined her
Sunday Sohool Glass of Boys on ■Wednesday eveuing nt her home Ninth avenue. There nro about fifteen boys in
the class ami 11 corresponding number
of girls were Invited by Mrs. Mills. A
most chnriiiiug evening's enlerlainnient
with games and dancing was provided
by tho kind hostess.
Miss Grace Taylor entertniiicd the girls
of tho Sundny Sehooi Class of which
sho is a iiioinliiT at a very delightful
party on Friday evening last, at the
home of her parent) Mr. and Mrs.
A. G. Taylor, 22s Eleventhavouuo. The
evening was passed delightfully witli
games and musio j dainty refreshments
were served.
Thu officers of tlm Woman's Auxiliary
of St. Michael's Churoh I'or the ensuing
term uro: President-, Mrs. ll.W. Hutch-
ings;   Vice-President,    Mrs.  Humes;
Secri'tiiry, Mrs. Stephens; Assl. Sec'y.,
Mrs. Elliott; Treasurer, Mrs. Williams;
Councillor. Mrs. Welsh.
Mr. and Mrs. James Harford have
issned invitations for the weddiug of
their daughter Miss Florence aud Mr.
Moses IC. Bowman, to tako placo at 10
n.111,, on Feb. 21st, at their homo 53
Thirteenth aven_ue. Reoeptiou from
11 to 12.
Mr. H. D'A. Birmingham arrived
from Winnipeg oil Sunday last and will
reside in Vancouver. Mr. Biriniugham
and Mr. Johu Birmingham havo beeu
appoiuted Vaucouver District Agouts of
tho Manufacturer's Lifo Insurance Oo.
The Grocers of tho City rosont the
insinuation by Aid. McMillan that there
was a "Grocers Combine," iu tendering
for tho City Contract.
Ladies' and Children's plain sewing
neatly and wvll-done, Mrs. Colleu, 2246
Westmiuster avenuo.
Mr. Gibbs has sold his homo on Sixth
avenue to the Vancouver Breweries
Couipauy Ltd. Mr. Gibbs will build on
Sixteenth avenue.
Mr. nud Mrs. Spoucer-Taylor of Sixteenth nvonue, havo moved into their
now home ou Victoria Drive, Cedar
Prudent shoppers should soo Mrs.
Merltloy's now Spring Dress Goods
before goiug elsewhere. Nothing later
or bettor.
Mrs Mitchell of Sixteenth avcuno,
who fell whilo goiug down tho steps
and broke her tu'in recently is ablo to bo
Mr. Stewart of Fifth aveuue,   is con
fined to the houso with an injured foot.
CopaLAUD.—Boru to Mr. nnd Mrs.
Copeland, corner Tenth and Burns,
Feb. 8d, a son.
Brown.—Boru to Mr. and Mrs. J.
Browu, South Vaucouver, Feb. 4th,
a son,
Bates—Born to Mr. nud Mrs. J.
Rates, 5-18 Teuth aveuuo, oii6t, Feb. 5th,
a da lighter.
Schmltze.—Boru to Mr aud Mrs.
Sohnlttse, 861 Fifteenth avonno, cast,
Feb. 6th, a eon.
Salo of Aprons at Mrs. Fnirbain's,
3345 Westminster avenue, commencing
on Moudry morning nt 9 o'clook.
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in Ihis paper, then go lo
New York Deutnl Pnrlors for youl' work
South   Vancouver   Municipality.
Applications will be received until
1:110 p. 111., on Saturday Feb. 17, 19011,
for the following officers:
Hoad Tax Collector, stating commission required 011 amouut collected
Two Police Constables; state annual
retaining fee; $3.25 to be paid when
called out.
Health Officer; retaining foe #75.00
per anuum.
Road Foreman ; state monthly salary
required, with horso nud light wagon
for moving tools, and without home
aud rig.
Rock Crasher Foreman, stating
salary per mouth nnd if tho applicant
is n machinist or eugiuocr.
No applicant, nocessarlly accepted,
W. G. WALKER, O. M. O.
Municipal Hall, Fob. 0, 1906
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital J3.000.000.    Reserves $3.-137.000.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 in 8 o'clock,
W. A. WARD, Sub«Manager.
Municipality of South Vancouver
.   M-    I LL I   H , STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
3 cans Tomatoes for 25c
2 cans Pineapples for 25c
Pure Honey and Eastern Maple Syrup.
Good Apples $1 per box.
3 cans Peas for 25c
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.   |
Dealers in all kiuds of Friskii and Salt Mk.vih. Fresh Vogotables always j i
on hand. Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasnut and Fairview. [
Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season. 1!
Tel. A1206. jl
King's Heat flarket
Wholesale and Retail
Tea Specials
Between Ordinary and Good Tea there is a
greater difference than that ot Price and
Quat.ttv.;*•••**••**••*•;...;; ;;;;...;..; ; .....', ~*~~ : ".:":;;
GOOD TEA at 25o GOOD TEA nt 30o
Tho Greatest Difference is nfter Results, viz: Satisfied CcSTOMBits.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone iHfii).
t Wrappers
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/_.   K\Jjp Ct  \*>\J., Telephone 574. ef
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Vancouver, Winnipeg nnd Toronto.
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Deoteotive Ageuoy in the World,"
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mouy," "Tho Best Remedy for Weary
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Official Watch
telephone Niimiifi -. of Lucid riiiu-
Bl N  lov.i, ii wtl .ai (Anfllcan).
: M   Itov, 0. A, W'lUon, [Pmtbyti I n
BUM. -Uev.A, I.. llsiin-iiiiKion, (M,.i'ii,.|i-i'
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NOTIOE is hereby Kiveu that the
Court of Revision for the Municipality
of Ihc District of South Vancouver for
henriug all complaints against the
Assessment as made hy the Assessor of
the said Municipality,'will be bold nt
the Municipal Hall, North Arm rond,
South Vancouver, on Monday the
Twenty sixth day of February, 1806, itt
II) o'clock iii tho forenoon, Teu days'
notice must, bo givon of all Appeals
bofore said date.
W. O. WALKER, O. if, C.:
Municipal Hall, Jan. 24th, mors.
For a Game ol
Pooler Billiards
Drop In at
Mt. Pleasant.
The death occurred on Sundny Inst of
Mrs, Olivo Hi,tier, aged 81 years, wife
• ■', U, i, Bntler, i-'i Sixthuvenno, west.
The iinii'iai took plaoe Monday afiei-
noon fioiii Armstrong & Edwards
Undertaking Parlors to the Salvation
Army Barracks where services wire
hold at 8:80 o'clook, After tho servico
the Army Baud Mid Corps proceeded
tbe cortege hi tat oa Harris street where
conveyances were taken for Mountain
View Cemetery, Tho pall-bearori wero
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W. K i;.!:f nl, (I. Hall, W. Hill, W.
Bortt, W.Q I" .... II. N. MoNiuighion.
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L I Linked by Fate |
|   Author of * The Verdict of the Heart," " A Heritage   |
of Hate/' "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid
For," "A Modern Juliet," Etc
ne stopped and gazed at her earnestly. •
"Well?" she asked, as he paused.
—"That you will not treat mo aB
if I were an enemy—as if I had planned the shipwreck and the—the marriage from sheer malice. Sec, now,
Misb Nina, you and I are tho victims of Fate. It was not my doing
thnt you and I were left alone on
this desolate placo, but tho will of
"I know, I know!" she broke in.
"I am not blaming you. But for
you I should not bo alive at this
moment. Oh, I am grateful for all
you havo done for me; but, oh, don't
you see how I am placed? I want
you to promise that you will not-
not claim me, if we escape, if wo
reach England; that you will nol
tell anyone that—that we were married."
"I promise," he said,  gravely.
"And I promise on m.v side." she
responded, earnestly. "If Heaven
should befriend us and help us to
get away from this dreadful island,
I swear that I will not tell a living
soul that—that poor Mr. Fleming
persuaded us to be—married."
"Agreed!" said Mannering, grimly.
She drew a long breath of relief
and rose from tho table.
"What a wind is blowing!" she
said in a more cheerful voice.
"All the better for us; it is blowing from the right quarter," he said.
"But it is blowing very hard," she
remarked. "See how it shakes tho
saloon! I—I am glad we havo agreed
so well, Mr. Mannering. I will go
now. You say we shall be able to
sail to-morrow?"
"Yes, to-morrow," he said, rising
as he spoke.
She wished him good-night and
went out, and Mannering lit his pipe
und sat pondering. The vein of reflection which he struck was not a
flattering one. The girl he had married was so indifferent—disliked him
so much, to put it plainly—that she
hud bargained with him to conceal
their marriage. And ho had consented. He drowsed over his pipe for half
on hour or so, then ho rose anil
made for his hut. But when ho camo
ln eight of tho spot whero Nina's
hut had stood, ho stopped short
with his heart in his mouth. The hut
was no longer thero and only a litter of poles and undergrowth remained.
He ran, calling upon her name, antl
found her lying on the ground, with
one of the heaviest poles across her
slim  'orm.
With a Herculean effort he dragged
tho pole from off her and, raising
her in his arms, called upon her frantically:
"Nina, Nina! Ara you killed—dead?
Her eyes, upon which his frantic
gnzo was fixed, did not open, but he
felt her shudder in his arms, antl,
unconsciously, he pressed her still
more closely to his breast.
"Nina, Miss Nina, are you hurt?"
he called, his lips closo to her cars,
for the storm had risen again. "Oh,
speak to me! Try—try to speak to
She opened her eyes, and as a flash
of lightning lit up their violet
depths, a gasp of relief, of thanksgiving,  escaped  his  trembling lips.
"Oh, thnnk God! I—I thought you
hnd been killed. Aro you—are you
She clung to him—still unconsciously-
"I—I don't know!" she breathed
with labored breath. "The—the hut
fell in as I entered— Oh—I—am going! Hold me!"
He held her tightly to his    breast,
|nil, not knowing what he was doing,
his lips to hers.
'las a kiss—a kiss of fnflnlte pity
^.han passion—but,   weak    and
^t with fear ns sho wus, Nina
pus of It.
^urnt In her face   for a
|eft it pale and wan.
\right,"  she    faltered,
Lto free herself from
\m more frightened
^e you    sure?" he
'You   do   not
may have fallen
stand. Loan on
Jloor girl!   Antl  it
c!     I heard    the
have come   W'th
lhat the    hut was
Jpressed he." to him
nnd so great was
fit she yielded to his
was nothing less—
Finscious as she    was.
pleasure,  comfort,  in
Jfe you to tho  other  hut,"
F"No, you can't walk. I must
*^ou. Ah, let mc!"
he struggled faintly,  feebly,    but
le lifted her in his strong arms nnd
carried her into his hut and laid her
' on his bed.
"Now rest there. Try nntl sleep!"
he exhorted her in a low and gentle
voice. "Let mc seo if you are hurt.
Where did tho heuin full on you—
your arms, your chest?"
She shook her head nnd feehlv
Btrovc to put his hands from her.
"I don't think you are badly hurt,
It must have been the shock, the
fright. Tell mc, do you fool any
"No, no!" she gasped. The gentle,
commisseratlng touch of his strong
hands wns like an anodyne and hypnotized her. "I am in no pain; 1 am
not hurt.   If—if you will go now—"
He roso at last, but still bent over her, his face lined with anxiety.
"All my fault!" he muttered. "_et
rae put tho pillow higher for you.
Oh, God, If there were only a doctor to seo you! 1 tlon't know who
ther you aro hurt  or not!"
"No, no, I'm not hurt!" she gasped
once moro, but in so low, so feeble a
voice, that he bent low on his knees
to catch lt.  "Co—now."
He went at last, slowly, reluctantly, and with a backward glume that
held pity—and was it something
warmer?—In it.
The storm fell ns suddenly as it
had risen; und Mannering slowly and
with immense cnlm und patience rebuilt Ninu's hut. His henrt wns full
of pity for her—of something warmer, of which he was only partly and
dimly conscious.     He did not   know
that he had kissed her, that his
words, his actions had been full of
love, of a man's love, for the woman.
And Nina! Sho lay awake tossing
from side to side—on his bed. The
memory of the kiss burnt in her consciousness, She hud lain in his
arms; she had yielded herself to
him; she had, though ho did not
know it, been glad of his embrace,
the touch of his lips.
Maiden shame burnt like a lire
within her bosom—a tierce, merciless
fire. Had he known, guessed at, tho
thrill of surrender that had run
through her at his embrace? Had ho
known what his kiss meant to her?
Liko a flash of lightning from the
rent skies she knew that she loved
him. This man who had saved her
life at least twice—first from the sea
and secondly from the Lascar—who
had watched over her, gutirded her,
provided for her life's daily needs,
was more to her than life itself—was
the being one means when one whisper "lover." And he was her husband by the caprice of Fate—her husband against his will.
Had ho kissed her or did she imagine it? If he did it made matters
ten thousand times worse, for he had
kissed her in pity, not in love. Not
in love, for did he not curry in his
breast the portrait of another woman?
She rose, feverish and parched
with thirst; but above her physical
suffering towered her mental, spiritual agony. She loved him and he—
Tho fair lace of thnt other woman
rose before her mockingly, tauntingly, and embittered, poisoned the
glorious, wonderful dawn which rose
as a daily miracle upon the fairy
As if impelled by the spirit of her
maidenly pride, which would not let
her rest, she went down towards the
beach. On her way she had to past,
the saloon, and, after a moment's
hesitation, sho opened (he door and
looked in.
Mannering lay at full length before the fire, his head resting on his
arm, on which was the lilood of a
wound caused b.v one of the falling
beams. His face was troubled, his
breath came short and painfully. Hor
own grew labored and painful us she
bent over him, and her love for him
welled up in her heart and rati over,
so that it was hard for her not to
touch him, if with her finger tips only. As it was, she bent so low that
her lips nearly touched his, and her
Ivreath stirred his hair. But alas, and
alas! at that moment he moved in
his sleep and she heard him murmur,
"Judith, Judith!"
She roso as if somthing had stung
her, and in a conflict of emotions
went, down to the beach. It was high
tide nnd the raft tugged nt its moorings. She gnzed at it thoughtfully,
then the color rose, to her palo face
and  her eyes glowed  with an  idea.
She knew that if she remained on
the island with him her Iovo would
betray her. Why should she not go?
Here wero the moans—the Providential means—of escape. Tho provlsftns
which Mannering had prepared wero
close by the raft; it was ns ready for
use as on the day he hnd intended
that she nnd poor Fleming should
set sail. )Vhy should  she not go?
She might reach the group of islands of which Mannering had spoken;
on the other hand she might not. At
any rate she would have saved her
self-respect—would save herself the
shame of revealing her love for this
The Idea, the thought, sent the
blood to her fnce. She ran up to the
hut and put her sparo clothes in a
bundle, and wrapping the marriage
certificate nnd Fleming's diary in a
piece of oilcloth, put them in the
bosom of her dress, then returned to
the beach and the raft.
But she could not go without a
word of farewell. Sho was fleeing as
much from herself ns from hint, but
she owed him a word of explanation
—of good-bye.
She tore a blank leaf from Fleming's journal and writing on it, "I
am going for both our sakes. Remember our promise. Ninn," fixed it
with a stone to the rock nearest the
spot where the raft flouted. Then she
took the box of nrovisions on board.
set the rnft loose from its moorings,
ran up tho sail to the mast, and
pushed oft" into tho rolling sea.
Mannering did not awake until
some hours later. His phenomenally
hard work of the pre\ iotis day and
the stress and strain of the cientB
of the night had exhausted him. He
worked with the guilty consciousness
of being "late," and iie went about
tho routine tasks of the morning.
He luid and lit the tire and filled
the can with water; nnd nil the time
he was performing Hie tasks he was
doing so mechanically, with the memory of last night's experiences humming in his brain. He had held Nina
in his arms. Had he—had he kissed
her? Had he spoken n word of the
love for her that welled up in his
Ho would know when he saw her—
whon he looked Into her eyes. Would
she he angry, resentful? ho asked himself. Poor girl, poor girl! Should he
tell hor thut hu hnd learned to love
her, thnt he Wn-nted her for a wife in
more thun ntiine?
He went up to-the hut intending to
call her—to get her outside and have
It out with her, 4,bcre and then. After all, sho was his wife. His wife!
He murmured  the Words    to    himself
-£«_.__ _-P.'
fondly, with n thrill of passionate
longing. His wife! How much lt
meant to him!
But he would not call her. No
doubt she was tired. He would wait,
and at breakfast, as they sat opposite to each other, like husband and
wife, he would open his heart to her
—would tell her that he loved her,
would—yes, claim her!
He went back to the saloon. No
breakfast was laid; but he made up
the fire and sat down to wait patiently. Half an hour passed, then,
thinking that he had better call hor
—that she would be angry if he did
not do so—he went up to his hut and
knocked at the door.
No answer came, and after knocking again, he Btrolled down to the
beach. He missed the raft in an instant and stared with surprise at the
place at which it had been moored.
Then the piece of paper fluttering under the stone on the rock caught his
nttention. He went to it, took it
from under the stone and read it.
Read it not once or twice, but a
dozen times; then stood gazing with
unseeing eyes and torture-racked
heart out to the sea on which the
frail raft had ventured, bearing away
from him the girl he had learned to
love as only Btrong men can love.
Mannering sank on to the rock on
which Nina had plnced her farewell
letter, and, covering his faco with his
hands, sat motionless as a statue of
grief. He did not think of himself—
of tho awful solitude to which her
flight had doomed him. Only one
thought racked hiin, and that was
that she had flown because she was
afraid of him. She had preferred to
trust the treacherous, murderous sea
rather than him.
It was a hideous reflection, and lt
nearly-drove him mad. She had not
waited until tho boat had been
launched, but had taken the raft-
had run all and every risk rather
than remain another day on the island with him or confide herself to
his care in a joint voyage.
Hours passed and he still sat stir-
ing with vacant eyes at the sea. It
did not occur to him to lounch the
boat and attempt to follow her.
What good would it be if he came up
with her? She would probably
throw herself into the sea at his approach, she was to proud, so mistrustful of him. He got up at last
and wandered about with the air of
a man distraught. Every now and
then ho plucked a flower or picked up
a shell and gazed at it as if it wero
of the most ntense interest to him,
but ho was scarcely conscious of what
he held in his hand. He felt neither
hunger nor thirst; but after a time a
strange feeling of exhaustion, ot
craving for sleep, came over him,
anh he dropped down just outside his
hut and fell into a deep sleep.
It probably saved his reason and
prepared him for the still heavier
blow that Fate was to deal him.
He slept right through tho night
and past the dawn: and it was the
soughing of tho wind and tho harsh
crash of tho waves of the beach that
awoke him. It had been raining
heavily and he was wet through, but
ho did not feel cold, for fever was
warming his blood with a baleful
heat. As he stretched himself back
came his misery with a sharp torture; and with a groan he dropped
his arms to his side and looked
round as if he wero trying to persuade' himself that it was a dream,
and that lie should see Nina coming
swiftly toward him.
But instead of the vision of her
fair, fresh grace and beauty, his
burning eyes fell upon something on
the beach. Long before he had
reached it he saw what it was.
It was the raft, or rather the remains of it. Tho sail had gone, the
mast was broken, half tho logs had
been torn away; the thing had been
wrecked in the storm which had raged while he slept, and tho lnooming
tide hail cast it at his feet.
And Nina! While he stared from
tho wrecked raft to tho sea and hack
again from the sea to tho raft a
small object floating on tho water
caught his eye.
He fixed his gaze on it, beginning
to tremble and shake, flung himself
into the water and swam for the
thing. When ho caino back with it
clutched in his hand, his face was
whito and his eyes starling.
It was the little woollen cap Nina
had worn.
Panting with his exertion and the
agony that the assurance of her
death caused him, ho lay full length
on the .su in I, his faco upturned to
the sun which broke out Buddenly
and mocked him pitilessly.
It was three tlnys after this that
in a dogged, sullen fashion ho hauled
tho canoe down to the beach, and,
putting in some provisions, mado
ready to sail. Ho was going, not
because ho had any desire for life or
to go back to civilization, but because the island had become Intolerable to him. You see, it was impossible to forget hor iu a place of
which every feature kept her vividly,
agonizingly in his memory, nnd he
knew that if he remained any longer
brooding, brooding over his loss ond
the trngic circumstances attending it
that ho must inevitably go mad.
Once or twice, in his terrible solitude, a devil in his brain called
"Suicide" had whispered alluringly
to him. Ho was going because there
was just enough of tho spirit of a
man left in him to make him shrink
from insanity and self-destruction.
For tho Inst time ho wandered
over tho familiar scene, the exquisitely beautiful place which his dawning
love had been rapidly transforming
into Home; but it was a hell now.
His Inck-lustro eyes fell upon tho
heap of gold quartz which lay outside Nina's hut, but it did not keep
hia attent'on for a moment, and it
nover occurred to him to take even
a specimen. Of what use was wealth
to a man who had lost all hopo in
life and only craved a natural and
Instinct rather than any desire 1.0
choose a favorable time made hlni
wait until- the turn of tho title; then
ho got into his canoe and, keeping
his gaze fixed seaward, set Bail The
weather was more favorable to him
thnn it hatl been to poor Nina, and
Carried him duo south. Onto or
twice he thought how full of joy and
hope he would have been if she hnd
been wilh him in the boat, and ho
sighed with callous Indifference to his
good fortune. Why had Fate not
spared lier instead of him—her so full
of life and the joy of living? Why
hud it struck tlown so rure and
beautiful a creature and loft him to
drag on an existence of anguish and
futile remorse?
For Coughs
and Colds
There Is a remedy over sixty
years old—-Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Of course you have
beard of ...probably have used
it Once in the family, it stays;
the one household remedy for
coughs and hard colds on the
chest. Ask your doctor aboutlt.
-1 _i«t» 1-U nas-l itaee t!m««, mat
at or-. Oi_*rry r»ot»r»i hu Vroaftl-t at mMt
tlirsmi 1, o-nli a_e. 7 here Tut reeererSt
Point, Wh.
Ayer's Pills Inoreaaa the activity of
th* liver, and thus aid reoovwy.
The Railway Commission propon
next year to send an inspector over
the railways of Ontario to look into
the condition of bridges, switches,
roadbeds, station yards, and 'such
like, as a preventive to mishaps. The
commission will need an additional
officer after January 1 next to Inspect
rolling stock. A new law goes into
force then, requiring air-brakes and
other special equipment for cars. The
law, It is pointed out, will be ineffective unless there is an inspector to
enforce it.
! It la One of the MoHt Hcpalsive and
Hltleone of Crentarcil.
A greedy, voracious, relentless creature is the octopus, aud a most formidable enemy even to mau, for it is easier
to eut or tear off oue of those terrible
long arms with Its two rows of suckers than to induce the creature to relinquish any prey it has laid hold of.
These suckers also enable lt to drag
Its body Into very narrow crevices,
from which scarcely auy force will
avail to remove lt.
Like Its beautiful brother tho argonaut, It defies its enemies by ejecting
ink, but the octopus is so subtle and
clever that he can vary the color of his
Ink according to the color of the ground
he ls passing over, and, as he is very
active and darts about at lightning
speed, he constantly escapes being
He ls an unsociable creature, apparently quite satisfied with his own society, ns he roams about alone, seeking
what be may devour on rocky shores,
where he may be met with of all sizes,
varying In length from au Inch to two
or more feet.
Tho octopus hns one very curious
habit—when resting he colls up some
of his arms Into a semblance of the
shell of the argonaut.-
Minard's    Liniment    Cures Garget In
Cows. '«-..
Mr. W. R. Baker, assistant to ITie
President of fhe C.P.R., has been appointed Vice-President and General
Manager of the Kingston and Pembroke Railway, to succeed Mr. C. *"***,
Spencer, who recently joined Mackenzie & Mann's staff. The Kingston
and Pembroke Railway is controlled
by the C.P.R
Sunlight Soap is better than other neaps,
bnt is best when aged in the Sunlight way,
Bny Sunlight Boap and follow direotlona.
It is likely that Felix Doyle, of
Brantford, under sentence of death,
will escape the gallows. He has been
recommended to mercy by the judge
who tried the case, and, while degeneracy Is no excuse for crime, lt is
customary to act on the judge's re
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Colds,   etc.
It is expected that the new Canadian Pacific Hotel at Winnipeg will
be opened about May 1 next. No
name has yet been agreed on for It,
but among those suggested is The
Klldonan, which would preserve historic associations and is favored by
a number of C. P. R. men.
Twltchy   Muscles   and   Sleeplessness.—
The  hopeless  heart sickness   that settle
on  a   num of woman whose nerves    are
shattered by disease can best he plctur
ed tn  contrast  wilh  a patient  who ha
been   In   the  "depths"   and     has     been
dragged  from  thein   by  South  Americnn
Nervine.     George  Webster,     of     Forest,
Ontario,     says:     "I  owe  my  life  to  lt.
Everything else  failed  to  cure."—44
If a cloth such as is used for dust
ing and cleaning is dampened and
laid over the registers when the fur
nace is being shaken, the annoyance
of dust Hying over the rooms will be
Manly Strength and Womanly Beauty
depend on purity of the blood, and
much of that purity depends on porfee-t
kidney fllterlni.. It these organs are
diseased and will not perform their
functions, man will seek fn vain for
strength and woman for beauty. South
American Kidney Curo drives out all im
purities through the body's "fllterers."-
repalrfl weak spots.—46
The Russians propose to Bend six
army corps home from Manchuria,
but to allow three army corps, with
322,000 men and 1,400 guns, to remain for the time being. The movement of the homegolng armies is expected to occupy eighteen months.
We have no hesitation in saying
that Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial is without doubt the ■ best
medicine ever introduced for dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and all summer complaints, sea sickness, etc. It
promptly gives relief and never fails
to effect a positive cure. Mothers
should never be without a bottle
when their children ore teething.
The total exports of barley from
Canada amounted to 947,012 bushels
in the fiscal year 1903 and 1,057,470
bushels In the fiscal year 1904, a total of 2,004,482 bushels exported from
all Canada for the two years, whereas the quantity of barley produced ln
Onta'do, Manitoba and the Northwest
Territories during the two calendar
years was 09,538,334 bushels.
—~" Palpitation and Irregular
action of th* heart are due largely
to a thin, watery condition of the
blood. Tha heart and nerves
refuse to perform their proper work
for want of support. Pale, weak,
or amende people should use
"Pivchinb" and avoid heflft
troubles. "Psvchine" makes rich
blood, tones the system, regulates
the heart action and restore! vitality. All weak peopla should hava
a bottle handy In case of suddea
heart troubles.
OR. T, A. IUOOUM, limit**
tr< Xing • •. W.|   Taronte, Canada
It Tells About  the Butcher and the
Way He Sells III*. Meat.
What is the man doing behind the
He is selling meat. Let us watch
What Is the lady going up to the
counter for?
To buy meat from the greasy mau
with the white apron.
What does she usk for?
A five pound roast of porterhouse.
Whnt does he give her?
A seven pound roast.
Then does ho charge her only for
what she asked for?"
No, Indeed. He charges her for what
he chose to give her.
Didn't the lady kuow what she wanted?
Evidently the man didn't think so.
Can't he tell the weight of a piece of
meat when he picks lt up?
Certainly he can. Otherwise lie would
never be able to know thnt he ls always selling you a piece of meat several pounds bigger tban you wanted.
Why does the mau do this?
It is impossible to associate constantly with greasy things and not become pretty smooth yourself. Now run
and plity.
Tha Very Finest Are Those Formed
From Silkworm Gut.
Silkworm gut forms tho best liue for
fishing purposes, partly on account of
Its great tenacity and partly because it
Is so transparent. Every year a sufficient number of Spanish silkworm
grubs are selected for this purpose. Aft
er they havo eateu enough mulberry
leaves and before they begin to spin
they are thrown Into vinegar for several hours. Each insect is killed, and
the substance which the grub lu the
natural course would have spun Into n
cocoon is forcibly drawn from the dead
worm into a much thicker and shorter
silken thread.
The threads are then plnced ln pure
water 'or about four hours and after
ward dipped for ten minutes In a so
lution of soft soap. The fine outer
skin is thus looseued so that the workman cau remove it witb his hands.
The threads must be dried ln a shady
place and nro often bleached with
sulphur vapor uutil they acquire the
bright nppearunco of spun glass.—Lou
tiou Telegraph.
The Walters.
Usefulness of any man or woman lies
principally lu the wlllluguess back of
the hands to do ns well as tbey pos
slbly cnn whatever comes their wny
As a rule, It will be found thnt the
most useless persons iu the world are
those who are "waiting" for something
to turn up. And by the same sign it Is
a fact that the most useful beings are
those who havo taken up the first thing
that came to hand nnd done the best
they eould with It. These people usually find something to their liking lu the
loug run, too, and lf this be denied
them they hare the good sense to learn
to like what comes.
Long FItcht  br Mgl.l.
Nearly all small birds make their
long Hlghts by night, spending the daytime quietly feeding nnd resting, so
that lf on any day In May the treetops
nre full of flitting little warblers It Is
nn sign that the following day will find
them still there. Some kiuds, like phoe-
bos, song sparrows, meadow larks and
bluebirds, come very early—as soon as
tlie snow Is all gone and the south sloping hillsides begin to feel warm nud
"smell of spring."—St. Nicholas.
Nothing of the Kind.
"Now, sir," said the advocate, cross
examining a witness, "your answers
are not satisfactory. I am afraid you
are slightly ambiguous."
Witness (with great Indignation)—1
am nnethlng o' tho kind, sir. I'm a
strict teetotaler.—London Tlt-Blts.
Junior Partner—The bookkeeper hnB
been married nearly six months now.
Senior Partner—Well? Junior Partner
—Well, he hasn't nsked for a raise In
salary. Senior rnrtner—Heavens! Wo'll
have to havo his accounts examined.
Be brave ln trouble; meet distress
witb dauntless courage; but when the
gale for prosperity blows be wise, no
less, and shorten sail.—Horace.
The   Giant's   Stair,nse.
One of the most widely known geological curiosities In tho vicinity of
Cork ls n series of knobs or kuott. projecting from the face of a cliff. There
arc sixteen of these lingo projections
nil together, all regularly set In the
face of the cliff, one above the other,
forming a series of sueh uniformity ns
to give It the general appearance of a
stairway. Since time out of memory
Ibis queer ascent and Its projecting
"stops" have been knowu as tho Giant's Staircase.
Natural Grsen Gey.on Tea has placed it on top. Packed
only In sealed lead packets, the same as delicious
Salada Blaok Tea.
40c, 50c, and 60c per Ib. By all Grocers.
Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.
Imperial Maple Syrup
Atk your dealer for Imperial Maple Syrup.   Do not allow him to substitute
an Inferior artlole beoauie It Is oheapar.
E__H_F - >'
Mb   /.. **\\%*
iBIue Fox Ruff
ir Kb,el.
mmaW?"    Ifsmmmr, ' jfE^B5Ia_Y
__-__________%-W^> l___Pc___if
1     Think of it. a beautiful Raff or Blue Fox, the matt
H  ftuhlonabls fur wnrti, tjlvf.ii absolutely tttm.    Such sn
■ uir.tr wu never made Wore.    Tli* ouly reason wo am
■ nlftml to do lt Is that wo arranged for thews handsome
»   Furs during 1 ho dull leaion ln tht lummir and got them
g   marly at cost.   Tha  Kurt Is 41  Inches lone, nearly
3   4 menu wide, mnde of tha handsomest Blue jfox For,
■ very ml), toft and flurry. It la warmly padded, lined wltb
■ tha same atuuloof aatm aud ornamented with four Ion*
■ talliof Blue Fox alto.    Eticti a handaoms Fur Iwa naval
Bfe4»   before been given away, and you c<m get It ao aaay.   Jiut
■ aaiidrayoiU'nsttaatuladdreaa.plaUdy.aiulwevUliiuul
■ jou'j Joi.aotaof
m Picture Post-Cards*
r^____B .tfnlHr'TlB*" "-»•     *_B
H   to aell at 10ft a aet (4 carda ta a let.) Thoy aro beautifully
31   colored, all the iag«, and aell like hot cakes.    Buch an
H   onporluj.lty was never offered before to tht* women and
H   R.rlsorCa_ada.    You couldn't buy am thing ln tha Fur
N   Stores that would look richer, ba more Meaning or more
f    H   i-tyl!»l>, and remember. It won't coot you ..uooent.  Write
■H   to-day.    Wn trust you and nand the Picture Poe(>Canla
B   v 'sti,ttUI- <:«l»»llll •**•' <'<>■• u-,i,t'   167   Toronto
Arrangements have been made by
Russian officials, who came from Vladivostok by the cruiser Bogatyr, to
send the 73,000 Russian prisoners
from Japan to Vladivostok in German
steamers. The Intention was to send
the prisoners to Odessa by steamer,
but the uprising ln Russia has caused an alteration of plans.
i.iinard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper..
Don't S
ow away Cold
Meats or Leftovers;
In Ireland there are 3,310,200 Catholics, 579380 Episcopalians, 504,749
Presbyterians and Methodists, and
62,384 belonging to otlier denomination.
Itching, Burning, Skin Diseases Cured
for Thirty-five Cents.—Dr. Apmew's
Ointment rcllr-vPR ln one liny, and cures
Ti'ttpr. Salt niieum. Scald Hcnfl, Eczema, Rarher'-i Itch. Ulcers, Rlntches, nnd
nil cruntlons of the skin. It is sonthin_r
and quieting, nnd nets like mnprlc in the
cure of all tiaby humors.      35c.
Foreign Secretary Lansdowne, in
behalf of Great Britain, has accepted
President Roosevelt's invitation to
participate in the naval and military
displays on the occasion of the Jamestown, Pa.,  Exposition,  In  1907.
Itch, mange, prairie scratches, Cuban itch, on human r animals, cun il
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists
If your cold meats
lack flavor—use a
little of Armenr's
Extract ef Bed-
made into a gravy
or sauce. It will take but
a minute—co&s but a trifle
—and restores the original
flavor—making a tempting
and appetizing dish.
SmvoT *•—p«
13 kinds. ^^^
Threatened With Flood.
Crookston, Minn.—The Red River
valley is threatened with a repetition
of the 1S9G Hood. The drainage convention meets here lu Jauuary and
will have an object lesson of the
country's needs. Three hundred miles
of tbe flat country Is banked with
snow that, wheu thawing, will swell
the numerous streams and inundate
large sections. The farmers aud business men are greatly concerned.
They Are Not Violent in Action.—
Somo persons when they wish to
cleanse the stomach resort to Epsom
and other purgative salts. These are
speedy in their action, but serve no
permanent good. Their use produces
incipient chills, and if persisted iu
they injure the stomach. Nor do
they act upon the intestines In a beneficial wny. Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills answer all purposes in this respect, and have no superior.
It is expected that the new winter
time card of the Canadian Pacific
Railway will be put in force on January 1 next.
A uumber of the Canadian Pacific
hotels lu tho west will be largely increased in size in the immediate future, according to present expectations. The season of 1905 was exceedingly satisfactory to the company, all
the hostelries of the corporation receiving a very liberal patronage. The
chalet at Lake Louise, which has
been visited by so large a number of
distinguished people during the past
few years, will be largely Increased
in size. The Banff hotel will also require enlargement, and plans to this
end are now under consideration. An
army of men are at work on the
hotel building of the company, and
it is expected that the entire structure will be ready for use in the early
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria.
Great Medicine.—Tonti, ono of the
pioneers of French Canada, lost a
hand and woro an Iron hook as a substitute. He was ln the habit of boxing the ears of refractory Indians
with this Iron hand, and they have
remarked that it was " great medicine." Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil Is
great medicine; it takes hold of pain
with an iron hand and knocks it out
of the system.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
has added three branches In the west,
making a total of 130 branches, of
which 12G are in Canada.
Next spring the Presbyterian
church will mako an addition of $50
to the salaries of ministers in augmented charges, of which there are
170. In these there are 503 mission
fields, containing 1,332 preachiug
hy the dealer
from whom
you bur Bun-
light doap If
you And any
nan no (or
Sunlight Soap is better
than other soaps, but is
best when used in the
Sunlight way.
reward  will
be paid to any
penon who
provea thet
con tn i nn auy
chnmlcals sr
any form of
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Lmr Intbiri X.ln-liv-1, Toronto eafei-H-e
Nit. Pleasant Advocate
Will Find a Certain Cure in the Use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Rheumatism is a dlsen.'e of the
blood. Every doctor now admits
this to be the fact. Doctors used to
think that rheumatism was brought
on by colds in the joints and muscles.
Now they know that cold never
started the disease—cold uuly sets
the pains going. Rheumat.sm can
only be cured by curing the bad
biood which causes it. Br. Williams'
Pink Pills always cures rheumatism,
because they actually make new
rich red blood, which drives out
the poisonous acids, loosens the stiffened, aching joints and muscles, and
restores the rheumatic sufferer tc
health and happiness. Dr. William's
Pink Pills have cured inousands and
thousands of rheumatic sufferers,
some of them when they were almost
hopeless cripples. Mr. T. H. Smith,
Caledonia, Ont., says:—"For a number of years I was badly troubled with
rheumatism, and was so crippled I
could scarcely do auy work. I tried
quite a number of medicines, but
they did not help me. Then I - saw
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills advertised as
a cure for this trouble, and got a
supply. After I had taken a few
boxes I saw they were helping me,
and I continued taking the pills
throughout the winter, and am now
completely cured. I have since worked out of doors in cold weather
without a coat, and did not feel even
a twinge of the trouble."
If you are suffering from any disease due to bad blood or disordered
nerves, Dr. Williams Pink Pills will
cure you, because they make now
rich blood, which goes right to the
toot of the disease an! drives it
frum the system. That ls why Dr.
Williams* Pink Pills cure such troubles as anaemia, indigestion, palpitation of the heart, neuralgia, headaches and backaches, kidney and
liver troubles, St. Vitus Dance, paralysis, and the special secret ailments of girlhood and womanhood.
But only the genuine pills can do
this, and these always have the full
name "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People," on the wrapper
around each box. Sold by Medicine
dealers everywhere, or sent by mall
at 60 cents a box or six boxes for
J2.B0, by writing the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Shetland the Perfect Pet.
The cry of the children Is for a
perfect pet. What the rattle aud the
doll are to the earliest years of us,
that the Shetland pouy is fated to
become for older childhood, says
Country Life in America. This animal is the only pet that won't at
some time or other make reprisals on
tha hand that nags. The dog—every
dag—will bite when the child becomes too familiar. There are elements in a cat's nature that puzzle
and repulse the child, a something
that makes it walk "by its wild lone."
The goat is inadequate. We could
analyze a Noah's Ark of animals in
this way only to find that the one satisfying safe living pet is the Shetland
pony. If more thaii eight children
ride on his back, he will shake himself
like a wet Newfoundland and then
stand motionless, while they pick
themselves up and out from his four
hoofs. A large and more highly nerved grade of horse would trample the
children that were tripping him.
Teething is generally accompanied
by nervousniOBS, irritability and
stomach disorders, which may lead
to serious consequences if not
promptly treated. Baby's Own Tablets is the best medicine in the world
for teething children. They allay the
Inflammation in the tender swollen
gums, correct the disordered stomach, and help the teeth through painlessly. Mrs. T. Nutt, Raymond, Ont.,
says: "My baby suffered terribly
while teething, but as soon as I bi-
gan giving him Baby's Own Tablets
he Improved In every way and is
now a bright, healthy child." The
Tablets also cure colic, constipation,
diarrhoea, indigestion, simple fevers
and destroy worms. They are guaranteed to contain not one particle of
opiate or harmful drugs, and may be
given with equally good results to
tho new-born baby or the well-grown
child. Sold by all druggists or sent
by mall at 25 cents a box by writing
the Dr. WIlliamB' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont.
Dolly Vardon's Sister Dead.
Toronto.—One of the largest women in Canada, Fanny Jefferson, died
last week of heart failure. Deceased,
who was 75 years of age, was colored and deaf and dumb. She weighed
over 500 pounds and it took six men
to put the body in the coffin, which
had to be made specially for her. She
was born in Canada, and had lived
in Toronto for over fifty years. Mrs.
Letltla Campbell, better known as
Dolly Varden, who travelled for many
years with Barnum's circus, on account, of her Immense size, ls a sister. She lives In St. Patrick's square,
and weighs 612 pounds.
Remarkable Invention by a Portuguese
Which Failed to Work.
In The London Evening Post, dated
Dec. 20 and 22, 1709, is an interesting
description of a flying ship then lately
Invented by a Portuguese priest. Unfortunately for the glory of Portugal it
did not fly, as was expected, 200 miles
in twenty-four hours or at all. In order that the deeply scientific among
our readers may understand the cause
of its failure we quote a few extracts
from Its specifications. The ship was
fitted, ln the flrst place, with "sails
wherewith the air ls to be divided." It
had also two pairs of bellows, "which
must be blown when there is no wind."
At opposite ends of the hull were "the
globes of heaven and earth, containing in them the attractive virtues."
These served as covers to "two loadstones placed in them upon pedestals to
draw the ship after them."
We have not yet exhausted the list
of motive powers carried by this remarkable Invention. Over the whole
was " a cover made of iron wire ln
form of a net, on which are fastened
a good number of large amber beads,
whleh by a secret operation will help
to keep the ship afloat, and by the sun's
heat (certain mats) that line the ship
will be drawn toward the amber beads."
It Is strange that a flying ship tilted
with so many alternative appliances
should have failed to fly at all. Possibly the amber beads tried to fly one
way, the globes another, the wind and
the bellows worked ln yet other directions, and thus stable equilibrium resulted.—London News.
"To Enliven
the Liver
Kidneys and Bowels—To Prevent Disease by
Cleansing the 8ystem--You Must Use
Irving's Generosity.
The fate Sir Henry Irving retained
faithful old members ot his company
long after their services might have
been dispensed with if only business
considerations prevailed. One of the
most touching cases of this character
was that of Daddy Howe, who died in
Cincinnati some years ago while the
company was touring here. At one of
the most memorable dinners given to
Irving by the members of the profession Daddy Howe arose and, with
tears streaming down his face, told
how his proposal to retire had been received. At this time he was eighty
years old. When Howe learned that
the company was to como to America
he realized that the expense would be
very great and that the minor roles he
played could be easily filled over hem
at a much less cost. As a result ot
these gloomy reflections he wrote Mr.
Irving that he appreciated the situation and would either retire or accept
a reduced salary. Not receiving an an.
swer, he brought the matter up at a
personal   interview.
"Dear me! Ah, yes! Well, Til let
you know presently," was Mr. Irving's
evasive reply.
Daddy Howe thought from this that
he was undoubtedly doomed to retirement. With trembling fingers he opened a note that came from Mr. Irving
the next  day and read:
"Of course I expect you to go, and I
hope that the increase in your salary
will Indicate my appreciation and good
Danton and the Clock.
The clock in the anteroom of the
ministry of justice having stopped, a
watchmaker took it to pieces and was
surprised to find engraved on one of
the wheels this inscription: "J. Jean
Blanchet, this 22nd Aug., 1792, saw
the Sieur Danton profane the emblem
of divine kingship by breaking a fleur-
de-lis, which so rightly adorned the
hand of this clock." The Inscription
had been hitherto undiscovered. Danton at the time mentioned was minister of justice, and It Is known that tho
clock stood for more than a century in
the minister's private room. Presumably he was irritated by watching tho
fleur-de-lis, which finished off the minute hand, as in many clocks of tho
eighteenth century, slowly mark fleeting time as he sat at his desk and on
the day In question suddenly started
up in a temper and broke the emblem
off. The hand still shows a mark
where it was mended and the fleur-de-
lis readjusted. The Jean Blanchet who
in his respect for dethroned royalty
recorded his indignation at Danton.'s
act Is unknown, but he may be supposed to have been the watchmaker
who mended tho broken hand.—London Telegraph.
There ls a need ln every home of a I
medicine that will promptly cure bll-
lousness,  kidney derangement,     and
A medicine that by cleansing the I
filtering and excretory organs will remove all poisonous waste matter, and ,
by so doing prevent fevers, colds and
such deadly diseases as dropsy, diabetes and Bright's disease.
No medicine satisfies the need so
well as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver ■
Pills. I
This ls no Idle boast, but an absolute fact that ls backed up by ths testimony of a hundred thousand homes.
The reputation of Dr. A. W. Chase ]
as author and physician ls the guar- j
anion which first made this great me-
dlolno popular.
Now lt stands on Its record of;
cures—a record which has seldom, If;
ever, been paralleled ln the history of!
Miss Julie Langlols, Manor, Snslc,
"For a long time I suffered    from |
liver complaint and blllouBness, and
could find nothing to help me until 1
used Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills.
1 have recommended these Pills to
many of my friends and they havo all
been well satisfied with the results.
You can uso this letter for the bene-
n. of women who are suffering as I
As a treatment for baekaohes, headaches, Indigestion, aching limbs, liver derangements, kidney disorders
and constipation, Dr. Chase's Kldney-
Llver Pills are prompt, thorough and
Once their merit ls tested they are
kept ln tha house and relied on ln
cases of emergenoy. By keeping the
liver active and the bowels regular
they positively prevent serious disease.
One pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at
all dealers, or Edmnnson, Bates _
Co., Toronto. Dr. Chase's Backache
Piaster promptly eradicates pain and
may be used on any part of the body.
Prince Arthur of Connaught will be
the next Royal visitor to Canada. So
says the Canadian Gazette. He is
proceeding to Japan as the deputy of
his uncle, King Edward, to Invest the
Mikado with tho high distinction of
the Order of the Garter, and has expressed the wish to return to England by the Canadian Pacific Empress
route. The return will probably be
made in April next.
C  P. R.  Engineer's  Experience
with Dodd's Kidney Pills.
They    Brought    Back    His    Strength
When He Could Neither
Rest Nor Sleep.
Winnipeg, Man., Dec. 4.—(Special).
—Mr. Ben Rafferty, the well-known
C. P. R. engineer, whose home is at
175 Maple Street, Is one Winnipeg
man who swears by Dodd's Kidney
" Long hours on the engine and the
mental strain broke down my constitution," Mr. Rafferty says. " My back
gave out entirely. Terrible, sharp,
cutting pains followed one another,
llll 1 felt I was being sliced away
piecemeal. I would come in tired to
death from a run. My sole desire
would be to get rest and sleep, and
they were the very things I could not
get.   Finally I had to lay off work.
"Then I started to take Dodd's
Kidney Pills, and the flrst night after
using them I slept soundly, ln three
days I threw away the belt I have
worn for years. Dodd's Kidney Pills
cured me."
Sixty homestead entries were mado
in tho Winnipeg district last month.
"Cleaning   Up"  After   War.
In consequence of the floating
mines in the waters traversed by
steamers bound for New Chwang,
freight and insurance rates have been
raised and vessels have been delayed
by anchoring at night. With every
precaution several steamers have
been blown "p or damaged, says Consular Reports, New Chwang.
Many have been destroyed since
steamers have been provided by the
Chinese Government with Hotchklss
one-pounder guns for that purpose.
On a recent voyage of the steamer
Kwang Se, a floating mine was sighted near North Head. Tho Chinese
gunner shot five times before hitting
the mine, only 150 yards distant. On
hitting it a deafening explosion followed. A great mass of water, streaked with flames, mostly blue in color,
was thrown 150 feet into the air.
Pieces of the mine came down upon
the deck of the Kwang Se, severely
injuring a Chinaman. A piece of the
steel frame of the mine, still hot, fell
beside one of the women passengers.
An End to Bilious Headache.—Biliousness, which Is caused by excessive
bile in the stomach, has a marked
effect upon the nerves, and often
manifests itself by severe headache,
This is the most distressing headache
one can have. There are headaches
from cold, from fever, and from other
causes, but the most excruciating of
all ls the bilious headache. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will cure it—
I cure it almost Immediately. It will
disappear as soon as the pills operate
There is nothing surer In the treatment of bilious headache.
Steering  Ship from the Shore.
Berlin.—The navy department has
followed with intense interest the experiments In driving and steering
ships by electric power from the
shore whicll hnve recently been made
at Bilboa, and negotiations have been
opened with the Inventor, a Spanish
engineer, to sell his invention to the
German government for an enormous
Tho experiments at Bilboa, which
wero conducted under the auspices of
the Spanish navy department and the
inventor, Senor Torres Quevedo,
proved that from a transmitting station on tho shore he was able to steer
a torpedo boat with the same accuracy as if he were standing at the
helm, andalarge amount has been
placed at his disposal by the Spanish
government to enable him to develop
his Invention.
The Grate Fire.
An English writer makes an Interesting suggestion regarding grate
fires. After discussing "gas logs," he
says: "1 plump for the old fashioned
coal fire, but In a new fashioned grato.
I am sure that, with all its difficulties
as to keeping it In and with all the
stoking it demands, it is still the best.
But I learned one thing from the as-
bestus gas fire and have since adopted
it. I have some gas jets under my
grates and light my fire by and
through them. The up draft at first
gives you the Idea that the fire is not
burning up, but directly you turn out
your jets up flames your lire, full of
healthy incandescence. And in this
way wood a little damp "matters not,
and a fire that goes low is still and
soon revivable."
Yen ****** be expected to lure faith in
Shiloh'i Consumption Cute, the Lung
Tenic, at * cure (or Colds, Cough, and all
—h>u_ ol the air passage., il you hava
mot tried it. We have faith in it, and we
guarantee it. II it doesn't cure you it costs
Von nothing. II it dees it costs you 25c
That's (air. Try it to-day.
Shiloh has cured many thousands ol the
most obstinate cases, and we do not hesitate
to say lhat it will cure any Cold, Cough,
Throat or Lung trouble. II we did not
bel'ovo this we would not guarantee it.
Shiloh has hsd an unbroken record ol
success (or thirty yeut. It has stood
•ray possible test without (ailure. Further
il (rand ia tha many testimonials of those
who have tried Shiloh and been cured.
Mrs. Archie Taylor, Asaph, Pa., writes :--
.j» bills of Shiloh's Coiuumption Cun
1 a vary b.n.fi««l. 1 ksvatwo childrsn,
' had * terrible couch. 1 gsva th-m
S I oould think of. bullliry tot no boltsf,
. _ * essoins my hiu-iand bought about.ot
ABA.    We e*l* il 1° lbs ohlUraa wh.n lh«
fam ef^iteV.    I thsll always kosp It io ths
The Reason Why.
A bookseller purchased a lot of
books out In oue of the new towns of
Oklahoma Territory. Finding several
lots of Charles Dickens' works ln his
stock, he decided to make a special
price on them, so he put all of them ln
the large show window, with the following sign In very large letters:
"Charles Dickens Works All Week
for Two Dollars."
A Kansas farmer who had drifted
down that way walked up to this window. Reading the sign he said:
"Now, that's what's the matter with
this country. The idea of a man working all week for two dollars."
Ghosts Frighten Tramps.
The casual ward at Clones Workhouse, Ireland, Is at present absolutely
avoided by tramps owing to the reappearance qf a ghost which terrorized lt two years ago. Formerly the
workhouse was overrun by tramps, but
the appea-ance of ghost caused tt to be
avoided for months. Having recently
recovered from their frlgnt tramps
were again over-crowding the workhouse, but the ghost has Just returned
and the tramps are making off elsewhere. The neighboring unions, it Ib
aaid, are anxious to borrow the ghost.
Whon  Wmnen   S",.,_.«-,l.
In a copy of the Old Fiifmnv's Alinn-
i nae. printed about 1800, wc find the
; following article on "the prevention
and extinction of fires:" "Never read iu
bed by candlelight, especially If your
bod be surrounded by curtains, Strictly
forbid the uso of cigars In your family
at all times, but especially after night.
There Is good reason to suppose n houso
was lately set on fire by n half consumed cigar, which a woman suddenly
threw away to prevent being detected
In the unhealthy and offensive practice
of smoking."
The Winnipeg poultrymen will hold
a midwinter show.
I was cured of lame back, after suffering 15 years, by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Two Rivers, N.S. ROBERT ROSS.
I was cured of   Diphtheria,   after
doctors failed, by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Antigonish. JOHN A. POREY.
I was cured of contraction of muscles by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Over $1,000,000 was realized by the
land department of the Canadian Pacific Railway for the sale of western
holdings during the month of November. The number of acres disposed of
amounted to 202,607, the price received being $1,075,106, an average of
$5.31 per acre. During the same period the Canada Northwest Land Co.
sold 16,000 acres for $106,800, an average of $6.64 per acre.
He—So your father thought I wanted
to marry you for your money? What
did ynu say? Sho—I persuaded him
thnt you didn't, and then lie said If
that was the cuse you hudu't any souse.
Beware  of  Ointments for  Catarrh   That
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
ot smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering It through
Uu- mucous surfaces. Such articles
should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as
tiu damage they will do Is tenfold to the
good you can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains
no mercury, and Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous
ptirfijcps of the system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you got the genuine. It ls taken Internally and made In
Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists.    Price 7Ec. per bottle.
Take Hull's Family Pllla for constipation.
The town of Birtle ls making application for the detachment of a portion of the area within the town limits and Its annexation to the rural
municipality. It Is claimed that the
town is too large, and the outlying
portions complain that the taxes are
too heavy.
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Readers of This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome Illustrated treatise,
giving full description of Rheumatism
and Paralysis, with instructions for
a complete home cure, describing the
most successful treatment In' the
world, recommended by the Ministry
and endorsed by medical men. This
highly Instructive boon was written
by W. H. Veno, a gentleman who has
made a special study of these diseases. The preface ls by a graduate of
the University of Wurtzburg. Sena
postal to-day and you will receive tho
book free by return.—Address, The
Veno Drug Company, 24 King Street,
West Toi onto.
Forty thousand patlen's a year—
that is the work of the Montreal general hospital.
There is nothing equal to Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator for destroying worms. No article of its kind
has given such satisfaction.
The Salvation Army has secured
$11,500 from private parties towards
the new Grace Hospital. Tho total Is
now $45,000.
Speechless and Paralyzed.—"I had
valvular disease of the heart," writes
Mrs. J. 8. tjoiide, of Truro, N.S. " I suffered terribly and wits often speechless
nnd partially paralysed. One dose of
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart gavo
» relief, and before I finished ono bottle 1 was able to iro about. To-day I am
a well woman."—42
Alcoholic beverages, masquerading
ns patent medicines, are now placed
under the ban of taxation In the United States. Every manufacturer of
"remedies" containing a large percentage of alcohol must pay a special
tax as rectifiers, and evory person
who sells such remedies must pay a
liquor dealer's tax. The new order,
which is based upon a ruling of John
W. Yerkcs, commissioner of Internal
revenue, will bo carried out with
strictness, nnd tho trado has been
fully warned.
That Co ugh
which ordinary remedies have not reached,
will quickly yield to
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce
M   theae
ff   Ss-el
Hastestkeae heavy, tamstamstairaafha—U—_ away
faaaatmxem mast* _* ****** extsmaJIMam* the map,
"—• tbe tern amttatm because k Is plcaaant to tatae.
•» iry ««.<• fcrtflc sm4 •_ how «*kMr y~* r* rid
wej  Jf
He Gets A.T.iy With Base When lou
Think Yoa Have Him.
"Speaking of quick and resourceful
animals, the mole leads easily so far as
my experience goes," said a man from
tho country, "and I dare say tliere are
many men who have made observations that will confirm my contention.
As you probably know, the mole plows
In the surface of the earth, generally
making a small ridge anywhere from
two to three Inches high. He moves
with remarkable rapidity even when
the ground In which he Is burrowing ls
hard. Whon operating In soft ground
he moves along at a surprising gait.
But this Is not the point I wanted to
make. I was thinking of the remarkably good hearing of the mole and the
ease with which he can get away Just
at the moment when you think you
have him cornered. Of course now and
then you can drive a spike through the
mole before he Is aware of lt. If you
do you will have to walk as light as a
cat and will bave to act as quickly as
the same animal when the time comes
to act. In nine cases out of ten the
mole will hear the flrst footfall. At
once he will quit plowing. He is gone.
Search as you may, you cannot find
him. I have seen men dig for fifty
yards, following the ridge and Its offshoots, without finding any other trace
of the mole than tlie ridge. The mole's
bearing Is peculiarly keen, and I suppose this Is so because he cannot see.
But even more wonderful from my
standpoint Is tbe ease and quickness
with which he gets away. How does he
manage It? Where does he go? You
know, the element of superstition ln
my makeup Is slim, and I don't believe
In ghosts, but somehow I have always
inclined just a bit to the ghost theory
when thinking of the mysterious antics
of these blind burrowers. The molo Is
more like a ghost In his conduct than
nnythlng I have ever known, though,
of course, the mole Is a real and not an
Imaginary and mythical thing."
He   Had   Mnch   Dignity   of   Bearing
and  Beuntr of Face.
Soon after the Confederates began to
enter the town (Eliznbethtowu) I met a
friend of mine, the son o* Dr. Doyle,
who told me that his father had just
been sent for to see Lee and tha1: I
might go, too, If I ran as fast as my
small legs could carry me, and we
found the doctor just starting. Dr.
Doyle was a man who had been ln
communication with the enemy from
the beginning of tlie war, but had so
far managed to escape the fate of
many Innocent men. Two of his sons
had been arrested a short time before
and were lying ln jail when their
friends arrived and set them free.
The doctor was ln his old gig and,
being an Immense man, left no room
for any one else In It, so we two boys
sat on the springs behind. It was on
the Wllliamsport pike, about hulf a
mile from the town, that we mot General Lee. He had dismounted and was
standing by bis horse, a small sorrel
mare, which, I was told, It was his custom to ride on tho march. His staff
was brilliant ln gold lace, but he was
very simply dressed. No ono could
have seen that man without being
greatly Impressed with the dignity of
his bearing and the beauty of bis face.
His balr at this time was almost entirely white, and those who had seen
him the year before said he had aged
greatly In the Bhort space of time which
had elapsed since the battle of Antle-
tam. I could not help thinking of
Washington as I looked at that calm,
sad face. It bas been said since by
those who were near him that he bad
no expectation of conquering the north
and that at the most he only hoped to
win a great battle on northern soil In
order to affect public opinion ln Europe
and lead to the recognition of the
Southorn Confederacy. However that
may be, there was nothing about his
bearing which looked like a great hope.
—Rev. Dr. Leighton Park ln Century.
"There'll   lie  No  Pie."
An energetic pastor who was making preparations to build a new church
received all kinds of advice from parishioners, and the greatest amount
came from those who had contributed
the least toward the erection of the
church. So at the regular services on
the following Sunday he said:
"I have been receiving lots of advice
during the last few weeks. I have
been told by certain members of tbe
congregation that It will not do to
have too many fingers ln the pie. I
can assure you that I will attend to
that part of lt   There will be no pie."
The War ot It.
"Who Is that sprightly girl over
"That's Miss Jones, who took part In
the amateur theatricals last night"
"And who are those nineteen tired
looking women near her?"
"Those aro her mother, sisters, aunts
and cousins who helped her to get
ready I"
The Single Aunt—You should be most
assiduous to keep yourself unspotted
from the world, Cornelia. You are solicitous, are you not, to enter heaven
after you cross the river? The Bud-
Yes. But, euntle, I'm not averse to •
little heaven on this side.—Puck.
Holman Hani's Paintings.
Mr. Holman Hunt spent seven years
on his great painting "The Triumph of
tbe Innocents," nnd then was not at all
satisfied with It, whilo "The Shadow
of Death" took him three years.
He who can conceal his Joys Is greater than he who can hide Lis griefs.—
Lavater.   „
A   Backhander,
Mrs. Younghiisband—I suppose you
wish I didn't look under the bed every
night. YoungliiiNband—I don't care. I
only wish you'd look there ouce lu
awhile   lu   the   daytime   when   you're
"The duke Is diud lu love with her,
Isn't he?"
"lie Is prepared to lay all his llablll-
'Ics ot her feet."
an morAL warrant, uillvx. t. ix.hjx. rat* r-mtssam or nuts
What Flour Granulation
Means in Bread-Making
Flour is composed of myriacb of
tiny granules.
To make good bread these granules
must be uniform in size.
In poorly milled flour some granules
are large, some small.
The small ones absorb yeast, "rise"
and "ripen" before the large ones—
the result is bread of coarse, poor
The large granules are not developed
into "sponge," they bake into heavy
hard particles, spoil the texture of the
bread and make it harder to digest
is perfectly milled—all the flour granules are uniform in size—the sponge
rises uniformly—the bread is even in
texture — perfect in flavor — good-
looking, appetising bread — easily
Ogilvies back it wit# their reputation by branding it
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour.
A Baker's Triumph
The Mooney Baker cannot
produce   anything   better  than
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
The very best of flour, butter
and cream — the most modern
plant, the very best baker in
Canada. A biscuit superior to
any other you have ever tasted.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
The Keeley Cure
Ask the lawyers, the physicians, tho
congressmen, the clergymen, the
clerks, the hook-keepers, the skilled
mechanics who have patronized us
and you will find that tho Keeley
treatment Is all and more than Is
claimed for It, and that It Is tho
"stitch" a drinking man needs to save
property, reputation, family, sanity
and even life Itself.
Write today, now, and get tho necessary Information about lt.
133 Osborne St.,   Fort  Rouge,
The number of aliens arriving ln
Great Britain during October was
14,281, a decrease of 4,382 as compared with October 1904.
No   " Bitter   Tasting
Chaff" therefore  no "Bitter Taste."
All   Coffee —No   "Chaff."
lib Tins ... 40 cents.
21b Tins ... 75 cents.
At all grocers. Rend postcard for our new booklet,
" In the  Interest of Good
Address:  Codvillo & Co.,
Dept M, Wlnnlpog, Mau.
Gratitude bas a faithful memory and
a fluuut tongue.
V.V    N    Ul    No.    B6_!
Denvrlptlon  ,,t un   Interior,  With Ita
Banded Slate I'-Iukn.
Robert Fowler In his book, "Beuutl-
ful Wales," makes this pretty description u,' au old Welsh home: "Tho floor
was ol sanded slate flags nnd on them
a loug, muny legged tabic au oak settle, a table piano and some Chippendale chairs. There wore also two tall
clocks, and they wore the most human
clocks I ever met, for they ticked with
effort aud uneasiness, Tbey found tha
hours troublesome and did not twitter
mechanically over thein, and nt midnight the twelve strokes always nearly
ruined them, so great was the efforf;'
"On the wall were a   large pot
of   Spurgeon,   several   sets   of
printed   and   framed,   lu   n___!
dead members of the fair'-'
gorleal tree watered I''
photographs of  a  ba ,
about lifty well  usi
fire  and   two  or   t'*'
and   one   man   rest"
book aloud by the H
was carrying "lit  t
largo loaves. 11.i
berry, apple and
en cakes,  lurj_e, y*
aiid curled oal cifl
"And, outside,   _
wind and a llmi''^.
per   of   an   nlti-r
laugh "f an owl, a
uever  forgotten,  i
lug outline of u mo
Do You Suffer -»
will quickly remove the cause ol
these distressing complaint! and
restore healthy action to every
organ. You will feel like a new
person alter taking a few dciei of
Beecham's Pllli. They rid the
•ystem ol Impurities, improve the
digestion, banish headache and
Giv£ Positive Relief
In all cases of Biliousness, Consti-
Eation, Indigestion and Disordered
The excellent results obtained
by the use of Beecham's Pills have
proved them worthy of the confidence they enjoy. They have
helped thousands and recommend
g«U Kvarywhsro.   In besas 25 Mats. !S=2___
OFFICE '24 i 4 V," jtn
's-'.s'S**. IS, |„
hoes of the Week.
MRS. R   Whitney.  Publisher.
English Offiob—80 Fleet street,
London, E. C, England Whore a
ftlo of "The Advocato" is kept for
visitors. •
Subscription $ la year   payable   in
Boonis a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B.  C, Feb. 10, 1008.
function of WeHtiiilnntcr road nnd Westmin-
(Itur   avenue.       SERVICES   itt   11    a. in..
■ and 7:30 p. m.; Sundny Suhoul at 2|80 p.hi.
•.Cornc-ruf Nfnt and Westminster ..vennes.
KEKVIVESat 11 11. in., and 7p, in.: Sunday
Ceho'il and tfllilc i:lHB9 '2:311 p.m. Rev. A. E.
Hetlierlngtnn, B. A., B. P., Pastor,
-"arsoitage 12.1 Eleventh avenue, west. Tele-
'lone JI1--1..
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MEIl VICES at 11 H.m.,and7:::t)p. m.| Sunday
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atreei. HKUVICES at 11 a. in., and 7:80 p. in.,
Holy Communion 1st and _d Snniliiyn in each
Dioutli after morning prayer, 2d and lth Sim
^nys nt 8. „. in. Sunday Hcliool tit 2:::0 p.m.
itav. G. It. Wilson, Rector.
Rectory 372 Thirteenth avenue, east. Telephone 111799.
Advent Christian Church (nol 7tli dny Ad-
enliMs}, Seventh avenue, near We-tminsiei-
avenue. Services 11 a.m., nnd 7:30 p.m.,
snnday School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
Sqeictyof Loyal Workers of Christian laidetl-
tsaf ineelnevory Suudnyevoliingiitli: loo'elock.
Prayer-meeting Wednesday nights Ht 8 o'clock.
taken  at
"The Advocate"
•2444 Westminster avenue.
i'' i'r.'rj -,■ Grocery Conitrin i:-.., : -
>ne question of the week. Combinations in Trades antl Industries seem tu
be tho order of the day.
General Booth is sending ont, a largo
number of girls to this province. What
arc tht-y going to tiu when thoy get
Tho worklngman in Brittian has
awakened at hist, and elected 40 Independent Labor Members to Pnrliamont.
The workiuginan—this time—has realized his own power and has used it for
his own purposes; not for tin- benefit uf
one or the other of the two parties.
"I believe that thu cardinal aim of
Government is to provide thu conditions which will reduce want, and permit tho very largest possible number of
its people to bu healthy, happy human
boiugs. The lifo, the health, thoiutolli-
geucc, and tho morals of a nation count
for more than Holies, audi would rather
have thia country free from want and
squalor nud unemployed than the home
of multi-millionaires." Extract from
manifesto issued '.y Premier R. 1.
Scddon of New Zealand—on tho evo of
tho last General Election
If yon miss The Advocate you miss
the local news.
TO RENT.—Flat of 7 rooms in  brick
. Mock; apply to W. D. Mnir.
.Young Peoples Societies.
al Workers of Christian Endeavor
miuutes to 7, every Sunday
Adveut Christian Church,
near Westm'r ave.
ague of   Mt.    Pleasant
li incuts at 8 p, m.
ets  in   Mt.  Pleasnnt
H p. m.
E.r4neetN at 8 p. in
Presbyterian Churoh
so sometimes,
e something to do.
t with sincerely,
o be praised once in a  while.
have her judgement respected.
.To bt sympathetically understood.
Answers to the above.
.'Ml she desires is love, you say?
'.That shows hojv much you know;
iShc ..Mnts :o see the matinee
And to the circu» go;
:__hc wants a handsome diamond ring,
She wants a rope of pearls;
;She wants a poodle on a string.
She wants  some  extra curls;
'She wants a bonnet twice a year,
She wants  an   Enster hat;
'She wants to read her title clear
Unto a  stylish   flat:
*ctic wnn'? n four-seat motor car
She wants a real Worth gown;
'?lie wants  a trip  to  Furope,  or
At least to Newport town;
.■she wants a cask nf rare cologne,
She wants a diamond pin;
"'he want! a carriage of her own
To go out calling in;
'"•he wants the earth, the milky way,
And half the 'tars above,
^iiid yet vnii have the nerve to say
*[That all she wants is love!
A largely attended meeting of
those interested in the develdpement
of the West end of the Municipality
of South Vancouver, was held iu Mr.
Higgins1 new building, at Eburne,
tin Saturday evening, February jrd.
Captain Stewart was elected Chairman, and Mr. R. McBride, Secretary
of the meeting.
At the request of the promoters of
the meeting, Reeve Foreman and all
the members of the Council attended
to listen to the several arguments,
antl took an intelligent part in discussing several questions brought up.
The first item on the programme
was the question of the Government
Reserve at Point Gray. On motion
the Chairman was asked to appoint
a committee of three to co-operate
with the Municipal Council, to get
the Provincial Government to open
up roads through the said reserve,
and charge flic cost of the said roads
against the property, and sail the
same to bonaiidc settlers 011 the improvement plan—on the same principle as the Central Park small holdings— but in no case to give a title
to the property until the necessary
improvements are made.
TlicCommittee and Council were
also requested to get sufficient
grounds for a large park, in the most
.-.iiii.ii,.. 1 localrioln;, reserved ifor the
public, before the said reserve is cut
It was reported to tiie meeting that
ce'ain parties were making an effort
lo get a licence for an hotel nr sal-
loon, within tthe municipal limits.
This brought forth many vigorous
speeches against any such proposition.
It was held that South Vancouver
was favorably situated as residential property, and that residents and
rate-payers could not afford to allow
such a menace to the welfare of society as a saloon or hotel, where in
tbj.tc_.ting liquor is sold, be located
in any part of the Municipality. The
following resolution was carried unanimously; "That this meeting very
strongly oppose the granting of a
saloon or hotel licence, within the
bounds of South Vancouver Municipality."
fhe next qtieston was that of roads
A motion was carried a.i'king the
Chairman to appoint a committee to
co-operate with the Council in getting the roads under Dy-law No. 2,
opened up, also the work on roads
in general,
There was a committee appointed
tn take up the question of taxation.
The next important question was
that "f telephones. It was suggested
that South Vancouver, Burnaby and
Richmond make arrangements to organize a local municipal telephone
It was charged that the rates at
present were extravagant and prohibitory: that the average settler could
not afford to have a telephone in llis
home; that under the new system the
rates would be only nominal, if the
three municipalities would take hold
of it. It was also stated that the citizens of the south part of Lulu Island had organized into a local company.
■ ii ntotion the Chairman was a.--k-
ed to appoint a committee to take the
question up and push it to a succc:   -
CansTomntdes 25c Two Cans of Pin<  pples.,  L..2Co
Two Cans White Glass Baking Powder Sue
6 Sacks of Salt y5o • j Cans of Salmon 25c
Ashcroft Potatoes por 100-lbs $1.50
FURNITURE   DEPT—We can save you money.    Exteusiou Tables,  worth
JH8.60 for *10. •-   .
Buy hero and save money.
The Stork of Qcauty.
arris street. Telephone 12(10.
5. T. Wallace jfmi.^.-**»«
We nro located iu our New Store, 2Hilfi with a complete line of Staple
and Fancy Groceries at lowest prices.
!'-'       Wc have, also added a line of Collars, Ties,  Underwear,  Shirts,  Sox,
Overalls, etc., which wo will be pleased to have you cull aud inspect.
>)      OUR MOTTO: Good Goods ut lowest price.
j and thus produces the effect of a natural growth in the most life-like way:
•\ LAMP—
Shades   have   no   lunger   a   frowsy'
style  of  fussiness   when  seen  in  the
best  class   of  shops  on   the  Avenue. 1
Point d'esprit, in white and in colors,'
is a new  medium    adopted    for    the
Louis XVI  shirred and niched style
of  shade.     White  and  yellow   la:  si
are also applied to plain and figured |
nets,   then    embroidered    with    gold
threads   and   paillettes,   and   have   as
well     small     painted     panels    inset.
They, too, arc made up upon French
models,  and   for  that   reason  arc   in
accord   with   the   customary   French
styles  of   finishing.     Plaited   painted
paper shades,  edged  with  deep bead
fringes,   are   extremely   effective,   as
their  decoration  is  the  only  note  of
color.     This is  carried  out in  shadings of single colors.    They are very
* ft
2333 Westminster Ave.
' Phone 935.
seecKB-Btfiwi *eaa!*-!i--«jBi5_Jo
40 AXD 50
CENTS per ponnd.
These are the  finest Teas
on the market at those prices.
Also No. 1 Ashcroft
h Lne
"*    Grocer
Successor to W. D. Muir.
.1 unction of Westmiuster Road outl Avo.
'Phone 205';.
Dress Goods
New Styles in fubrics aud desigus.
Lustres, Poplins,
Cru m's Prints,
_ Ginghams,
Standard Goods.   Prices compete
with auy houso iu the city.
W. W. Merklev
IiovAL Bank op Canada Buii.dlno
Corner Seventh and Westminster   j
Avenues, Mt. Pleasant.
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'icree's Soldo)] Modleal Discovery. It
clean.-'-1, rogulatos and Invigorates Stomach, Liver and Hone!, and so purlfloa tho
blood, Ami through tlio blood, it eternises,
repairs, and Invigorates tho wholo system,
In recovering from "grippe," or in convalescence from pneumonia, fevers, or
other exhausting dlMasos, nothing can
squill It its an uppotlilng. restoratlvo tonlo
to l>iitl_ up needed Dosli nnd strength, It
Muses every organ into natural action,
promotes all the bodily functions, and 10-
.tores health und vlijiir.
For OVOry disease thai- comes from foul
or Weak Stomdch, a torulri Liver or Impure .Wood, Dyspepsia, indigestion, Biliousness, and tlio most stubborn Skin,
Sculp, or Scrofulous affections, llie " Discovery" Is a BOverolftn remedy. Don't
bn hypnotized, wlffeedlod, or over per-
suiuieil into accopttlig a substitute only
tliat fninc selfish midlcluo seller ma'.'
liiakt' u greater prolit on the inferior
article. The " Discovery" has a great
record of nearly forty years with thousands of cures behind It.
Dear Sir—Soveral yosrs airo mr blood lie-
enmo Impoverished and f lircatiio run down in
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ami was practically untitled fur wink. Suffered frum 11111 nun"eI In holla and wns iu had
allium, llr. Pierce',! (ioldull Medical I'fseov-
ery relieved -ne uf my wretched condition.
Tlm njnillehif. Villi np my system and ro-
suired nte to a normal condition of health. I
can spenli most lilidily also, ofllr. ricree'aFa-
vorlterresi'r'Dtl'in. as lt has linen used In ml
family for years in eases of female troublu.
VAl.t.'.riNK FlIANK,
110 Uoodrieli Siro«t, Buffalo, N. Y.
The People's Common Sense
Medleaf Adviser, by it. V.
PI srco,M.D.,Chlof Consulting Physician In the Invalids' lintel and Surgical
Institute, Itulfalo, N. Y.
Vapor-bound i-'iikk on receipt of hi one-cent stamps
for mailing mi/j/; or rloth-
rpA bound for So cents, Address
emme*?  the Author, us hIhivo.
Dr. Pierce'a Pcllcta Cure Constipation.
ful  issue.
The question of stumping powder
for settlers was taken up, but as it
was getting iate and many of those
present had to catch the last car, there
was not much time for discussion
However, a committee was appointed
to take the matter up, in conjunction
with the Municipal Council; but with
out sending a large delegation down
to Victoria, representing the Municipalities most interested, it is hoped
to get the matter settled satisfactorily
The question of cheaper transportation over the Vancouver and Stev
eston tramline was then considered.
It was shown that if the rates were
reduced to a reasonable basis, many
scalers would build on their property in the vicinity of the tramline,
and go iu every morning to their
work or business, and especially will
this be the case -when the local or
municipal telephone is established.
A committee was appointed to act
in conjunction with the Council and
ail those interested in cheap transportation, to ask the Tram Company
for a reduction of rates, in the same
ratio as is charged to settlers over
oilier parts of the Company's lines in
Rritisil Columbia, And to ask tliem
to run the Stevcston cars to the C. P.
R. Station, at tiie font 01 Granville
scrs Wells and Foreman were
appointed a committee to wait on Mr.
Higgins and to thank liim for the use
of hia hall.
A resolution was passed instructing
the Secretary to furnish the papers,
■villi tin- minutes of this meeting, and
to ask them t" publish tiie same.
This brought a very successful
meeting to a close, and the responsibility now rests with the committees
to see lhat the wishes of the mectittg-'
■ re carried out as far as posiblc. ■-
It is predicted that the coming
season will experience the biggest separate skirt business in the hitory
of manufacture,
The most popular colors in millinery are brown, prune, green, and
blue with mixtures of gray and brown
dull green and black.
The houses that make a specialty
of sacqucs and house dresses arc
shrowing the elbow and three-quarter
sleeve almost exclusively.
The demand for veilings in fancy
mesh, nets and chiffon will continue
good. There is a good call for plain
and   chenilled  spots.
The string ties arc going to be good
this season. They are made with
either the pointed or square ends.
The colors arc rather loud.
Tailor-made leather belts, the kind
that have several rows of stitching
throughout their entire length, are
being heavily featured.
We needed proof of the- enthusiastic revival of gold ornaments of every kind for use and personal ornament, our Christmas gifts bear testimony incontrovertible. Gold chains
now glitter where turquoise and topaz lately liisJd .sway. Bracelet::,
brooches and lorgnettes, beautifully
wrought in gold as well as chain-
purses and bags, hatpins, buckles and
clasps are the everyday decorations
of well-dressed women: When it
comes to small articles, which in silver wc have been long supplied with
it need only be said, they are constantly being sent to be gilded, for
that is the present fad, from which
there is no escape. Such trifles as
pen-knives, kcy-ringtf, - fruit-knives,.
must also reflect this golden brilliancy
or else we shall be quite out of fashion's gearing. The short hair
brooch in gold work of a fine order
begins to be quite evident in lieu of
the jewelled and shell pins.
as well that your smart dresser is
wearing the 'latest departure from
cotton thread to gold thread in a Valenciennes golden lace. That is to
say, the fine white cotton lace is duplicated by means of gold threads,
both in edgings and insertions, and
trims with a fascinating effectiveness
tlie sleeves, fronts and high-necked
bands of extremely chic tailor costumes. It is quite the craze for the
moment.        ,
New are candleshadcs covered with
red currants, which admit the glow of
light from the candle to beautify
their brilliant redness to perfection.
Most graceful is the irregularity 01
tlie fruity globes, in delicate bunches
as applied to the shade. -Hydrangea
11 dark and pale blues, mixed, as well
as intermixed wilh patches of green,
-.re also tlie artificial flowers very
lately chosen for dinner candles by
those who avoid common or garden
fashions of trimming candle shades.
Pink and blue hydrangea with touches
of pink, or mauve, is another favorite
variety. Electric lighting of artificial
flowers mounted upon long storks,
and grouped in vase or jar, is a most
decorative way of-lighting up a dark
corner in    a   drawing-room.      The
fairv   lamp   is   thrust   into   the   flower
or  section   of  bloom,   as  it   happens.
If Dr. Felix idler can help it, yonng
men and maidens will not gointomatrimony blind-folded by illusion. When-
over opportunity presents itself, ho emphasizes the uuroinantic fnct that happiness is not the object of flintriinouy,
nu opinion that goes dead against tlio
theories advanced by the poets, tho
noveltists nud tlio playwrights. Bofore
Iho Socioty of Ethical Culture in
Chicago, iu a December lecture ou
Recent Attacks Upon Marriage, lu tho
course of wbicli ho paid his respects to
Bernard Shaw nnd Maeterlinok, Dv.
Adler said Bpeolflcally that young men
and women are wrong when thoy believe
their happiness is tho most important
part of a marriage. The mission ol
marriage is to keep the flame of human
lifo burning, and when that is doue, 11
successful marriage has beeu fouud.
Bettor offspring.should lio striven for,
uud health considered. If Dr. Adler's
vory sauo ideas in regard to marriage
had boon insisted upou by the Churoff
tlio romantic view boing held tip as
especially deceitful lllnsiou—-tie Ohuroh
would not now bo in a state of blind
about tho prevalence of divorce. Tho
Church's cry hns boen haste to tin
wedding, nud il has given its blessinj
to child marriages, those iu wliich
libertines were tho prinoipals, nud
otlurs iu which brides or grooms hav
had tho taint of insanity or dread
tliscni-os. The ono voico of wisdom
crying iu tho market-plaoe is that of
Dr. Adler, whose theories nro that
marriage should bo schools of discipline
for tho husband uud wife, its supreme
object to keep the world populated.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
. With the Bakers
Buy your bread of Muir—
24 Loaves for $. cash.
Tho flour from tho 1005 crop is
now on the market, and with onr
nioiliTu maohinory we can sell
you Brkap BETTER AND
CHEAPER than yon cau make
MUIR'S M&i£!*Y
'Phone 443.
The Advocate is always glad to receive
ifcoms of social, personal or other news
fr uu its -oaders. Send uews items to
the olllce or oy telephone, B1405.
gjtip' Subscribers arc requested to
report any carelessness in tho delivery
of "Tlio Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should be
iu before Thursday noon to insure their
Bs^   I «*•< g?* pi n/r>or%m the interest
S  l&SilOJofrit- P'easant
& bouth Vancouver.
"The Advocate" gives all tho Local News of Mo. Pleasant from
week to week for SI 00 per year; six months COc. An interesting
Berial Story is always kopt nunuiug; the selections in Woman's
Realm will always be found full interest to up-to-date women ; tho
miscellaneous itoms are always bright, entertaining and inspiring
New arrivals on Mt. Pleasant-will become raedily informed of the
community and more quickly interested iu local happenings if
they subscribo to "The Advocato."
Pleasant Lodges.
t. O. O. ff.
Mt. Pleastuil Lodge No. IflineotBevery
Tuesday nt 8 p, m , in Oddfellows Hall
Westmiustor aveuuo,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noiii.re Grand—G. W. Jamieson.
Rnoordina Secretary—Vrank
Trimble,oca'. Ninth ave. _. WeBtmin'r rd,
I. O. P.
Court Vancouver 11128, Independent
Ordor of Foresters meets 2d nud 4th
Monilnvs of each mouth at 8 p. in., iu
Oddfellows' Hell.
Visiting brethren always welcome,
('iriiu-' Ranger—A. JPongelly.
-M. J. Crehan,
t icons street, City.
diiilnsi-i- avenuo
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds rcgulq
Review 2d nud 4th Mondays of ond
month 111 Knights 0f Pythias Hal
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. N. Pcttipiect
25 Tenth avenuo, easl
Lady Record Keeper— Mis. J. Marti.
Niuth avenuo.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meo
evory 2d nnd 4th Thnrsdavs of eat-
month, in I O. O. ff., Hall, Wcs
minster avonno.
Sojourning  Friends always welooin
W. P. Flewelling, Ohief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
2228 We.lniiii.-ltM-uvi.niii.'.   Tel. 7.0.
, J'*'.*W^*>i>ii*>.'l'#*^^
Everyone knows that for anything
to become known, it must be talked
about. For an article to become
popular its virtue must be made the
. subject of a public announcement.
That is advertising! Consequently
if the survival of the fittest applies
to business principles as well as it
does to other walks of life, llie "better the advertising—the better the
publicity—the better the results.
Good results mean good business,
and good business is what every
merchant advertises for. W he did
not wish to excel in his particular
line, he wouid not take the trouble
to write an advertisement, much
more pay for the costly newspaper
and magazine space.—British Advertiser.
t?J8 tSfi Jft t)Vi *** !_?S
NOTICE is hereby givon that, GO
days after dttte, I intend to apply 10 the
Hon, Chief Commissioner of LandH nnd
Works for permission lo purchase tho
following described land situated on
Skeena River.
Commencing at a stako placed at tho
Southeast Corner of A. E. Johnson's
Cocatiotl, theuee SO chains North,
thence ;0 chains F.,«r, thence 80 chains
South, thence-.0 chains Wust to plnee
of conmieiicemeii' ; ponlaiinng !'20 acres
more or less.
Per A. B, JOHNSON, Agent.
Dated Deo. 8tJir 1005. jnn20
NOTICE is hereby given that, 80
days, after date, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Winks for permission to purchase tlie
following described lnnd, situated on
Skeena River:—
Commencing nt a stake planed at tho
Southwest Coruer of Pony Month Preemption uud marked H. .''levin
Initial Post, thence 40 chimin North,
theuoo 40 chains West, thence 40 chains
South, thence40ohainsto the point of
eoinuieneeniont; containing ICO acres
moro or les".
For  A. E. JHONSON, Agent.
Dated Deo. 8th, 1005.
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
By Charlotte Becker.
Not   very  young,  nor   very   old,   but
Where life lias dowered her of his
bcsl  to  bless.
Those   .vho   the   fortune   of   her   day.:
Virile and brave, she gives no mca-
t;:e  crusl
To live within  the circle of her trust,
Fill    .sympathy       as   cl■>. c   as   a
And,  from a heart  that  longs for
The  I-imlly   words   that  hear   no  sub
tile thrust,
Courage, fastbottnd with loyally juel
And  ! nowlcdgc, bred of lotielinci 3
ai .! p iiii,
Teach  her In read each fellow pil
grim'o scrip
In such sweet wise, lu-r friends from
nge  to  > iHith
Know   that   the- questing    of     the
years may gain
v , :'.carer gift than her companionship!
Advertise, in "The Advocate
The Big Bargain Dry
Goods Storo of: I'.<t,;. ■^^.i*'''-
Announcement in uext issue of "The Advocate."
. J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library,
NOTICE is hereby givon that, 60
days titter date. I intend tp apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
nud Works for permission to purchase
the following described land, situated
ou Skeena River:—
Commencing at a stake placed at tbo
Southeast Corner of PonyMouth Pre-
pmtion .-iini marked A.Efck, Initial Post,
llieiieu 80 chains North, ffij.'iieo 40 chains
East, thence so ohains South, thence 40
chains West to place of commencement;
containing ,120 acres more or loss
A. E. JOHNSON, Locator.
Dated_Dec. 8tli, 1005.'        ' janSO
E. o\ J. HftRD\i
Company, I'isam i.u_,
Advertisers' Agen^
80 ffloel St., London,
Colonial Businoss n*
.2. CO.
?RESS and
to., England
A Monthly Magazine   devoted to th
Use of English.   Josephiuo Turck
Eitkor, Editor.
jl a yoar; IOo for Sample Copy.   Agent!
Wanted.   Evanston, 111., U.S.A.'
Partial Contents for this Month.—
Course lu Buglish for the Beginner
courso in English for the Advance
pupil. H6\v to Increase One's Vocabtl
lary. The Art of Conversation, Shoulc
ami Would: how to use thom, Pfoimi
elation. Co,rreofc English iu the Hone
Correct English iu the Sohool, Bun
ness English for the Business Man
Studies in English Literature,
is only $1.00 a yoar,
fific for 8 months-,
35o for o mouths.
-A-tf-        60   YEARS'
Wi rf^?-*#d_!M__k_s
*&S>M. ; *!<S*r Trace Marks
Copyrights _c.
Aiivone senillnn h Hlictcli nrni desorlptlon mny
qu1,;l.ly u.icrtiilii pur Opinion free ivli.tln-r hi)
Inveiillnii is ihvIii.Mv patentable.   Onmn-unlcn-
■' ntlal. "
tlons Bt-rlcttrooufltl-ii
IT_iMdbi>ok on l'liu'DVd
aeni freo. oldest nconoy Jor Beeu ring pniuiis.
1','ilf.ii'M tiikcii UiiMUi;h iMmni & Co. recolYfl
nyri'UU notice, without -Banjo, in tlio
$*MM Mmtlm
A hondBomoly illtip.mtnfl woeMv.   Litre.
Gui,i-.iun of any aplenUQo Journal.   Terms. ?'i *» ■
rearj lour montlis, }l, bold iiynll no.Tnrie.-i.crH.
Ilnmeh OHloo. 11.5 '■' St.. Vi'aslilnu'toit. D.'.:.
'.'-"'(fff-yi.ur'..-'irk done tiltlio •
Glasgow Barber Sslop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank CfUBKitwooD, Proprietor.
BRTHS— Both room tilted v.iliil'oni.i;-
i.ain-    Bath    Tt'ii    und all   modern
rt'DSi'iiim. to your Local
Paper NOW I
'Don't.be n Borrower of a
paper whioh only costs $1.00 u
Dress & Jacket Cutt^g und Fitting,
Mrs. Dayh. while   abroad   was  sue-.
cessl'u) iu reeeiviugn First-class Diploma,
from tho Rodinurc Dross Cutting Asso-
cii'.liou, Glasgow.
She will take classes for learning this
system.   For Information call at 2168
Second avenue, Fairview.
i   S^S
Tha kitchen is the housewife's pride, She demands that It bo up-to-
date. This means that it must bo equipped with Ons mid Qus
Kit lien drudgery is changed to pleasuroable work if gns fuel is available instead of coal aud wood.
The time saved by tho use of gas enables tho housewife to hnvo some
reoreatiou, 'Tho lighter moals oan be prepared in less than IS
minutes by tlie gas method,
C:-ll and make enquiries or drop us a card and our representative will
call at yonr resideuee.
Vancouver Gas Company.


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