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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Nov 25, 1905

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Th;*p*on's Laxative
Quickest curo known for Coughs, Colds, La
Grippe, etc. Will curo a cold iu 24 hours. 25c
a box. For salo ouly nt—
fl. A. W. Co. Ltd., Mt. PLEASANT BRANCH
Free Delivery to any pnrt of tho city.   'Phono 790.
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c,  Three Hon His 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
|   Cigars,  Cigarettes aud Tobacco,
'   Call at the    *    At   At    A*   A,
. Three Point Cigar Store
(j      Cor. WESTMINSTER Ave. * DUFFERIN St.
Established April 8th, 1809.   Whole No. 1144.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.   0.,   Saturday,   Nov  25, 11)05.
(SevSHTH Year.)   Vol. 7, No. 84.
Local Items J
The McCuaig Auction aud Commis
sion Co., Ltd., nexttoCarueige Library,
Hnstiugs street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Sales aud handle
Baukrupl Stocks of overy description
Satisfaction guitrnntood.   Phoue 1070.
Miss E. Oweus entertained a uumber
of. hor oollego frionds at a most delightful party ou Tuosday evening, nt the
' home of hor pareuts Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Owous, Westmiuster rond, aud
was assisted in entertaining by Miss A.
Rowely. Oiu'ds, dnuciug aud other
games were features of tho evening's
eujoymont (-.dainty refreshments were
servod eu buffet. Present: Miss Roberts,
Miss A. Rowely, Miss M. Powell, Miss
J. Logau, Miss B. Pcrcivnl, Miss E.
Scarlett, MiBs V. Onmerou, Miss P.
Percival, Miss M. Miller, Misa J. Arin-
shaw, Miss N. Morton, Miss F. McKoo,
Messrs. Spruit, S-inuer, Chambers,
Ross, L. Ritdlet, O. ithaw, O. McMorran,
V. Parsons, J. Millor, R. Hatch, 0.
By properly adjusted glosses Dr.
Howoll at tho BoiT-trd Sttuii;u'iui,i Ltd.,
roliuvoci eye strniii which cuuses headache ttutt other nervous IrOuhles.
Tlm Oyster Supper uud Saio of Work
held by the Ladies' Aid of i\i t Plensaut
Methodist Church, in tiie chnroh rooms,
Thursday at'tcruo.iu ami tivouing was a
largely attended function ami afluanoial
success. Mauy took advantage of tho
opportunity uud purchased appropriate
articles for Xmas pn scuts.
"Tho Advocate" wishes any carelessness in delivery reported to tho Office;
telephone B1405.
Mr. nnd Mrs J. C. Turnbull aud son,
late of Toronto,  have located  ou  Mt.
^ Plensaut autl taken aflat in tho Drost
Building, Niuth avenue.     Mr. Turn-
bull is an ancle Mr.  W.  H.  Sim.
Miss Ruby, daughter of Mr. nud Mrs.
I Oltz, Quebec Btreet, returned home from
1 the hospital this week, where she bus
JtL.Kii ill Ydthtyphpiil for six wcoks.
Changes for advertisements should be
1 iu before Thnrsday uoou to insure their
The   cornerstone   of   tho   Vaucouvor
(Athetotic Ohb Houso will bo  laid this
afternoon, Nov. 27th, at 1:80 p. in., with
ppropriate ceremonies.
The Eureka Clnb held their regnlar
fortnightly dance at Oddfellows' Hall,
tou Thursday evoniug, tho nt tendance
wits largo and tbo occasion delightfyl'
Mrs. Stewart aud Mrs Hike, of
fDclriuc, Mau., aro visitiug Ml', and Mis.
psoar McCutcheou. They will leave
l-icxt week for the Okuuugau to reside.
Mi's. (Dr.) W. F. Coy will receive ou
[the 1st nud 2d Fridays at her home,
f-orner of Eloventli and Westminster
Mrs. Black  of  Tenth   aveuue,  east,
■prrived   home   Tuesday   from    Kaslo,
[where she has beeu visitiug.
Miss Cook of Rat Portage, is spend
[>ng the winter with her sister Mrs. W.
_!ook of Sixteenth avenue.
Miss Rae of Eighth avenue, iB able to
Ibe out ngaiu aftor weeks of suffering
Ifrom a serious fall.
Mr. A. E. McEvoy,   City  Clerk  has
Ieasod the home of Mrs. Ravcy, on
iVestmiuster rond.
Tlie pastor, Rov. A. E. Hetheriugton,
tvill preach Sundny morning ou tho
ubjcot: "Biblo Reading—Twenty-third
Iu tho oveuing Mr. Grahnm, Secretary of the Y. M. O. A., nud Mr.
Hmith tho Physical Instructor will
Lpeak, whou tho work nnd aims of tlie
flT. M. O. A. will bo preseuted.
All are iuvitod.
Renl estate 6ales on Mt. Pleasaut this
tveck havo beeu quite brisk,   Lots aud
muses changing owners each day.
■— 10; -	
Mrs. J. H. Pettipieco of Revelstoke,
Is visitiug her parents Mr. and Mrs.
IHoinewood, Thirteenth aveuue,
Mr. and   Mrs. G. H. W   Ashwoll   of
Ehilliwhock, wore visitiug Dr, and Mrs.
. Allon this week
At Nightingale & Oo. 's, a youug lady
Iis demonstrating it specinl brand of  delightful tea.
■ :o:	
Mr. Clayton and family have moved
I into tho  flat over J. O.   Coulter's  shoe
Before Starting ou   a   shopping tour,
I look over   tlie advertisements   in the
OUR REPUTATION ns PaiuloSB Dentists is shown by the daily
inorease in onr practice.   We have gained a world-wide reputation with our discovery, which, wlieu.applied to tho gums,
tooth can bo extracted Absolutely paiuless.
Our patients nro so pleased with tho results thnt they uot only toll
their friends, but personally bring them to our parlors that they
mny receive the snme trentment. In this wny, together with tho
hignOBt'OlasB dentistry, done by our Specialists, our practice has
giadually inproased till wo uro second to uone iu practice.
By the use of our Doublo Adhesive Suction Chamber we are able to
fit the most.difficult oasts. Whero otlier Deutists Fail Wo Moot
With Success. If your teeth drop when you try to eat with them,
or if you arc afraid of thom striking tbe pavement wheu you snooze,
there is something wrong; they do not lit. Our Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcomes this difficulty aud is Oar Owu Invention aud can not bo used by others.
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Bridge Work and nil other Dental Work
dono, painless, and by Specialists aud guaranteed for 10 yenrs.
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1506.
Branch Offices coruer Abbott and Hastings streets. Tel. 2023.
Offlce Hours; 8 a. in., to 9 p. m.;   Sundays 9 a. m„ to 2 p. m.
Qlt is rumored that tho  Moral Reform
Associntiou iuteudsrunuiug its energetic
Secretary,    Mr.   H.   H.   Stevens,    for
Liccuso Commissioner.
— :o:	
On December 7th, the Woman's
Auxiliary and Daughters of tho King,
of St. Michael's Ohuroh will thoir au-
uuiil Baznar iu Oddfellows' Hull.
TO RENT,—Flat of 7 rooms in brick
block; apply to W D. M uir.
No candy is more dainty aud irresist-
ably delicious than' chocolates. J. P
Nightingale & Co., havo just received
a largo consignment of the famous
Webb Chocolntes from Toronto, iu bulk
and fnncy boxes. There nre several
tasteful combinations of flavors whioh
add n relish to thest delicious chocolntes.
Tho boxes mako a d'iu'y renieni-
bernuce for any young mau to send to
his best girl. Not only in ohooolntes
and 1'ther candies but iu every variety
of table delicacies, fruits aud nu!s for
the holiday trade _4r. Nightingale's
stock will be found complete and of the
best quality.
Get your Dancing Pump, Ladies'
Dancing Slippers, Gentloiuen's Bedroom Slippers, Patent-leather Shoes
of the Reliable Shoemnn—B, MILLS.
11!) Huntings streot, west.
Mr. Robert Newton and Miss Isabel Patterson Compignc, both of
South Vnncouver, were married Tuesday afternoon at the First Presbyterian Church manse, by the Rev.
Or. Fraser. A few intimate friends
of the contracting parties were present.
Note the prices it; Leo's ndfertlseme
this week.
Mason's Hall can be secured any oveuing oxcopt class-evenings of the
Danoing Academy, for $8 to 12 o'clock
and $.5 for longer than 12; apply to
"Advocate" Office for further iuforuiu-
Mr. W. F. Furrow and Miss Matilda
Baxter, youngest daughter of Mr. Wm.
Baxter, Thirteenth avenne, wero
married ut tho First Pres'rytcrinu
Manse by Rev. R. J. Wilson oil Sittur
day evening. Mr. nnd Mrs. Furrow
will reside nt 125 Ninth nveuue, west.
Wl_.no>,-.—Born to Rev. nud Mrs.
G. H, Wilsou, Nov. 17th, u daughter,
OltUiuKwiANKS.—Horn to Mr. antl
Mrs. G A. Oruiokshtuiks, 800 Thirteenth
nvonue, Nov   I8II1,11 daughter.
MoOONAaHT.—Bom to Mr. and Mrs.
McCoiuighy, -1*1-1 Sixth avenue, oust,
Nov. mtli, n daughter.
Andrews Brothers will inovo thoir
Grocery into the new brick building of
J. S. McLeod, just completed uext to
King's Market, ou Dec. 1st.
Mt. Pleasant Mall, (Postoffice.)
Mail arrives daily at 11 a.m., 1:30 and
5:80 p. m.    Mail leaves the Postoffice at
the snme hours.
The Advocate is always glnd 111 receive
tenis of social, personal or other uews
from its readers. Send news items to
he office or by tclophone, B1405.
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $8,000,000.   Reserves $8,302,748.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD,  Manager.
§~tff~ Subscribers are requested to
report any carelessness in the delivery
of "The Advocate."
J      A       Fl PTT      Wt. PLEASANT  HARDWARE
•   t\.    I LIL I   I , STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
sfyefptyStfyfyfyattfyA* A*sfpfyfy%*x%fy§p'3fi$pfy**ix^t,)i.
90c and   $1   per  sack
Only about twenty attended the
Ratepayers meeting in Municipal Hnll
ou Saturday oveuing last; tho small
gathering is attributed to the down-pour
of rain ou that eveuing. A motiou was
put nud carried, by a vote of 9 to 7, to
adjourn uutil a week previous to the
Municipal electiou. After the motion
was passed those who voted iu favor of
it left, and those to the contrary remained aud organized for tho purspose of
opposing the present Council. The
meeting appeared us though ij had boon
"pocked" by supporters of the present
The approaching election iu South
Vanconver will likely provo a lively
one The undue length of time n
majority of tbo Council hns served, the
proper expenditure of the now loau,
nnd that City votes carried the recent
niouoy by-law will be soveral topics
whicll wi'l occupy tbe attention of
Tho very latest styles iu Canadian
nnd Americnn makes and designs in
Winter Shoes for Men, Women and
Children nt K. MILLS, the Shoeman,
UO Hastings streets, west.
Mr. J. D. Ross, of Eighth avenue
hru published a notice warning all persons who buy a certain type of showcase from the Carruthcrs Manufacturing Company that they do so at
their own risk, as he considers the
case in question to be a direct infringement on a patent he took out
himself some time ago Mr. Ross
considers his patent very valuable
:iud threatens to carry the matter into
the Courts and force the issue.
The funeral of the late Mrs. 1*. L.
McLennan took place from the family
residence, corner of Lome Street and
•Westminster Ave, Thursday afternoon. The deceased was a daughter
of Mr. Ronald McDonald of .West
Cape, P.E.I., and leaves a husband
and a daughter live years old, to
mourn her loss. Since residing here
the deceased has been a consistent
worker in Knox Congregational
Church, and the funeral services were
conducted by tlie Rev. Mcrton Smith,
assisted by the Rev. J. M. McLeod.
There was n short private sendee held
nt Iho residence nt 1 o'clock by tho Rev.
Morton Smith, after whicll the remains
were conveyed to Knox Congregational
Ohnroh, whore a public service wits hold
at 2 o'clock, Rev. Mcrton Smith assisted
by Rev. J. M. McLeod officiating. The
puU bearers were Onpt.J.M, McLennan,
D. D. McDonald, M. R. Morrison, J. A
Mtiuro, A. A. McDonald, 1". Chontc, all
Ultimate friends.    Tho floral offerings
woro numerous and beanutlfnl,   Messrs.
Armstrong & Edwards hail   charge of
the funeral arrangements
Floral tributes i Ladies'Aid of Kuox
Ohuroh, spray; O, E Society of Knox
Church, anchor; Choir of Knox Ohnreh,
spray; Biblo Clues of Knox Church,
nucbor; Husband, wreath; M. R. Morrison, D. D. aud A. A McDonald, heart;
Mr, and Mrs. Gardener, flowers; Mr.
uud Mrs. Collins, wreath; Miss Rati-
cliffo, Mrs. (Onpt.) Patterson, Mr. and
Mrs. Hucker, Mr. nud Mrs. Oboate, Mr.
nntl Mrs. McRae, dowers; Mr. nml Mrs.
Machiu, heart; Capt. and Mrs. McLennan, Mr. F. Wood, crescent and flowers.
If you miss The Advocate you miss
tho local nows.
ELBOTROLTSIS Parlor of Hairdressiug, Manicuring, Facial Massage aud
Scalp Treatment for Lndies and Gout-emeu. Superfluous hair, worts nud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information givon to every
lady patron on "How to take care of
Skin Fond for building up tho wasting
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to prevent nud heal suuburn.
Madame Humphreys, 580 Granville
PRESH BUSCUITS 2 lbs for 25c
H. O. Lee,
APPLES 75C per box.
2425   Westminster  Ave.
'Phone 322
PLEASANT _______________________■___■
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd
Central Heat flarket
Telephone 934.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu all kinds of Fresh aud Salt Meats.    Fresli Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from nil parts of Mouut Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. FrZ"roS'*'
your XMAS FRUIT now
New Raisins,  New Currants, 3 pkgs. for 25c.
New Peels, New Shelled  Almonds  and  Prices' Extracts—
all going at less than Wholesale prices.
Special Next Week—Cocoanut 20c per pound.
The City Grocery Co. Ltd*
WSiolesele and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 286. Westminster Ave. A Princess Streot.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it auy wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $1.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
tsfs       Vancouver, B. C.   *   Tel. 429      ***
For Stile at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house.
tA'ir.tvisg". ja.*s»orj_'____-B___r3tB_sQ'_
•m   _~ at a v
How to SWELL
I and  build a home is by taking
advantage of the Bargains now
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone HMO.
at a Sacrifice Price
We have placed ou sale about 30 Ladies' Coats
in a large variety of styles; regular $8.50, $10,
$12.50, $15 ancl $16; your choice only
2321 Westminster Ave.
Mt.  Pleasant.
Tel. A1806.       Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Meats of All Kinds.
Vegetables   aud  Poultry e)
I    %** At iu season, t$* J$*    ?
Personally selected in Paris,
France, right direct—from the
people who make them.
There Is only one profit added
to the makers'—that ia ours,
and a very small one lt ia
indeed. Tlmt's why we can
quote  these  little  prices for
Hair Brushes
Inc., $1,»1.25, fl.SO, »1.75, *2,
$2.25, fi.oO, |2.76, tS.
Rest of Ebony—best of bristles,
Ooruer Hnstiugs aud Granvhlt!
Official Watch Inspector O. P. 1
r      A      DHQQ _<.<  CC\      30,32 and 34 Cordova St. <»
A      /_.   KVs-O C_ ^/\J.. Telephone 574. *\
A^_ -*v_fV!_>'sa.'(i4,-_^^v.''iw-4 -%/%- -v%^^-%^*^^^*'%.'^-v«i'**_*v'.!. -ft'-i- j
GOODS just received
ull kiuds     At right prices.
Good Pototoos 80c per sari.
Good Dairy Butter 2- lb for 40c
McKinnon & Cow,
140 Niuth Ave. Opposite No.!) Firo Hal
Telephone nll-13. Prompt deliver]
Boot and Shoomaklng
und Repairing doue at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
-M54 Westminster aveuue.
For a Qame of
Pool or Billiards
Drop In at
Mt. Pleasant.
Adelaide Poultry
Yards   £- TRIMBLE, Prop.
Breeder of White Rocks, White.
Wyandottes and Block Minoicits
Birds for solo.
Adelaido Postoffice,     Vancouver, B. O
Royal Crown
thk Best in the WORLD, Drop
us a post card ashing for a
Catalogue of Premiums to be
hnd free for Royal Crown
Soap Wkafpers.
Advertise iu "Tho Advocato."
Central Park.
Central Park, Nov.   23d.
A very enjoyable time was spent
by those who attended the literary
and debating society, last evening,
when "Is there any foundation for a
belief in luck, signs, omens, presentiments, etc.," took the form of a
The speakers for the affirmative
being Mr. C. Bailey, Mr. Toderich and
Mr. Harmer, and for the negative Mr.
Sanderson, Jlr. K. Silver and Mr. II.
Sain. The judges decided in favor
of the negative liy one point.
A splendid musical and literary
programme was rendered am] a .-pel
ling   match   immediately   after   the
debate proved very interesting.
The meeting adjourned after ling
ing the National Anthem,
* *   *
Miss Bailey entertained very pleasantly on Monday evening, when
games, music and dancing were indulged in.
Those present were: Miss E. Smith,
Miss Kirkland, Miss Wright, Missis
G. and N. Alcock, Mr. Fred Wright,
Mr. Kirkland, Mr. L. Alcock, Mr. Hal-
con, Mrs. antl Miss Bailey, Mr. L.
Bailey and Mr. C. Bailey,
»   *    *
Mr. W. Maxwell Smith, left for
Calgary and way point' last Saturday. He was accompanied by his
little son, Mackie, who will spend
the winter in the upper country for
the benefit  of his health.
* *    »
Mr. Scott and family, of Vancouver,
have taken up their residence on Mr.
Scott's property on tlie corner of the
Westminster and Joyce Road.
Advertising Is the education of the
purchaser of the merits of different
that which add*! to hipr comfort and nm-
consumer. It informs tho prospective
goods and brings him into touch with
pllfles his happlncsB.
The Advocate is the best advertising
medium whore it circulates.  Tel. ill 10.'
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover iimi Timothy Beeds,
Prtitt's Poultry nnd Animal Foods.
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food. Beefsoraps, Etc.
SR* PITH   Corner   NINTH nvenne   A
.  _\!_.l I 1 I  WESTMINSTER ROAD.
Telephone   to 8 7.
I have opened my Branch, and have a full line
of Men's, Women's and Children's BOOTS AND
Shoes and Rubber Goods. The stock IS
NEW—right from the factory—and the prices
are right. Call and see for yourself. Don't
forget the address.
First-class Repairing Doue.
C. J. Coulter,
Mt. Pleasant.
2413 Westminster Avonoo.
Q CSH _B_»i_ «&!•_>-» Wi.-. VSR _SfIti___B _'__.»» ■ OS €
I am now ready for business in my  Branch
Store—for   tlie    accommodation   of   my   Mt.
Pleasant  patrons, with  a full Hue of	
I'ANi.'V GOODS and IH )!JSl_l''URNISHING8-at
prlocs the lowest lu the city.
|   H. D. Hyndman, g-fc£
2415 Wancminsicr Avenuo, Mt. Pleasant.
Local Advertising 10c a Line each issue
Display Advertising |1.00 per inch
per month.
Notices for Ohnroh Bnd Society Entertainments, l.   iaro . etc.,   wi ekb
THB till.H.i'l  IS    rOB USB   5tri'-,:.
will in cbi i: ed for.
All   Advertlsenxenta are  run regularly
and ohargod tor mtll ordered they
bo discontinued.
Transient   Advertisers   mnst   pay   in
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
pnblished free ot onargo.
Telephone Numbers of  Local Ministers.
BlTM-Rov.G. II. Wilson,(Anjllcmn).
10M—Itov. 0. A, Wilson (Presbyterian).
BUM   Etov.A. E, -t«thorlng_on,(Uel_iodlsti
Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" ou Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
The Canadian
Ban k0F Commerce
Deposits of Onr Dollar and upward*
received and inter'?t allowed thereon.
Bank Money Orders issued,
A General Banking Businesa
OFFICE HOURS: 10a.m. to S p.m.
Saturdays; 10 a.m. to 12 m., 7 to 8 p.m,
East End Branch
•in Westminster     0. W. DORBAJ.Ts
aveuuo. MARAon.
South Vancouver Branch
1988 f ir.iuville struct, Fairview,
.1  R.  I in'I IKK, Acting Manager,
Por   local   news   imlifrllio    for  THE
ADVOCATE only |l for 18 monthly ______
Ol The Lore Story of Chti.es Brandon snd Nsry Tudor, tbe King's Sister, sad
Happening In the Reign of His August Majesty King Hemy the Eighth
Rewritten tf-l S.e<_d«red Into Modem tnili.h TlMa Sir EdwU
Caskoden*. Memoir
:, bs Ow BiiBCTi-AfcrriJiOtMsixnsil
Then spoke Wolsey: "lf your majesty
will peruiit I would say that I quite
agree witb you; there bas been witchery here—witchery of the most poteut
kind; the witchery of lustrous eyes, of
fair skin and rosy lips; the witchery of
all that is sweet nnd Intoxicating In
womanhood, but Master Brnndon has
been the victim of tills potent spell, uot
the user of It. One look upon your sister standing there, nnd I know your
majesty will agree that Brandon bnd
no choico against her."
"Perhaps you are right," returned
Then spoke Mary, nil unconscious of
her girlish egotism: "Of course be bad
not Master Brandon could not help
it"—which wns true beyond all doubt.
ITenry lituRiiod at lier naivete, and
Wolsey's lips wore n smile as he
plucked the king by tlie sleeve and
took him over to the window, out of
our hearing.
Mnry began to weep and show signs
of increasing agitation.
After a short whispered conversation
the king and Wolsey enme bnck, and
the former snid, "Sister, lf 1 promise to
give Brandon bis life will you consent
decently aud like a good girl to marry
Louis of France ?"
Mary almost screamed: "Yes, yes;
gladly. I will do anything you ask,"
nud fell at bis feet, hysterically embracing his knees.
As the king stooped and lifted her to
her feet be kissed ber, saying, "Ills life
shall be spared, my sweet sister." After this Henry felt that be had done a
wonderfully gracious act and was the
kludest hearted prince in all Christendom.
Toor Mary! Two mighty kings and
their great ministers of state had at
"Brother, let me die for him."
last conquered you, but they bnd to
strike tlirough your love, the vulnerable spot in every woman.
Jane and I led Mnry away through a
llde door, and the king called for Do
Longuevllle to finish the interrupted
Same of cards.
Before the piny was resumed Wolsey
itepped softly nround to the king and
islced, "Shall I affix your majesty's seal
to Brandon's pardon?"
"Yell, but keep blm In the Tower until Mnry ls off for France."
Wolsey hud certainly been a friend
to Brnndon In time of need; but. as
usunl, be had value received for bis
friendliness. He wns au ardent advocate of the French marriage, notwlth-
itsndlui! the fact, be had told Mnry be
was not, having no doubt beeu brlbtf
thereto by the French king.
The good bishop bad, With the hell
of De Longuevllle, secretly sent Mury'i
miniature to the French court In ordci
that lt might ns If by accident full Int<
the hands of Louis, and that worthy'!
little, old, Bbriveled heart begnn tc
flutter just as lf there could be klndlec
In It a genuine llame,
Louis bad sent to De Longuevllle
who wns then in England, for eonfir
mntion of Mnry's beauty, and Dt
Longuevllle grew so eloquent on tin
tiionic that bis French majesty at one*
authorized negotiations.
As reports came in Louis grew more
nnd more Impatient This did not, how
over, stand In tlie way of Ids driving
a hnrd bargain In the matter of dower,
for "the Father of the People" bad tin
characteristics of bis ran' and wiih In
tensely practical us well us iniintniiiii
ble. They never lose sight of the dot-
but I do not find fault.
I-ouls little knew what thorns thle
lovely rose bad underneath her velvel
lenvcs, and what u veritable tartnr slip
would be, linked to the innn sbe did
not love, or be would have given Henry 400,000 crowns to keep her nt home.
O tbo value received for Wolsey's friendship to Brandon
wns Mnry's promise to marry
Mury wanted to send n message nt
once to Brandon, telling blm bis life
would be spared and tbat she bad
made no dcluy this time—a fact of
which she was very proud—but the
Tower gates would not open until
morning, so she bad to wnlt. She compensated herself as well us sbe could
by writing a letter, which 1 should like
to give you here, but It Is too long. She
told him of bis pardon, but not one
word upon the theme be so Wished yet
feared to bear of—ber promise never
to wed nny other man. Mnry hnd not
told blm of ber final surrender in the
matter of the French marriage, for the
renson tbnt she dreaded to pnln him
nnd feared he might refuso the sacrifice.
"It will nlmost kill him, I know," |
she Bald to June that night, "and 1
fear lt ls a false kindness I do blm. I
He would, probably, rather die than
that 1 siiouiQ marry anotuer. i Know
that I should rather die or have anything else terrible to happen than for
another woman to possess him. He
promised me be never would, but suppose he should fall ln his word, as I
have today failed in mine? Tbe thought
of It absolutely burns me." And she
threw herself Into June's arms, and
that little comforter tried to soothe
ber by making light of her fears.
"Ob, but suppose be should?"
"Well, there ls no need to borrow
trouble. You said he promised you, and
you know he Is one who keeps his
"But I promised, too, and think of
whnt 1 nm about to do. Mary lu heaven, help nie! But bo Is mude of different stuff from me. I can and do trust
bis word, and when 1 tblnk of all my
troubles and when It seems that 1 ennnot benr tbem the one comforting
thought comes that uo other woman
will ever possess him—no other woman,
no other woman. I am glnd that my
only comfort comes from blm."
"I hoped that I might have been
some comfort to you. I have tried
bard enough," said June, who was jealous.
"Oh, yes, my sweet Jane. You do
comfort me. You are like a soothing
bulm to an aching pain." And she kissed the bunds tbat held hers. This wae
nil tbnt modest little Jane required.
She was content to bo a bumble balm
and did not aspire to the dignity of an
The girls then said their prayers In
concert, and Mary gently wept herself
to sleep. She lay dreaming nnd tossing nervously until sunrise, when she
got up nnd added more pages to hei
letter until I called to take It.
1 was on bnnd soon after the Towel
gates bnd opened and was permitted
to see Brandon at once. He read
Mary's letter uud acted like every oth
er lover since love letters first began.
He wns quick to note the absence of
the longed for but uot expected assurance, and when be did not see it went
straight to tbe point
"She has promised to marry the
French king to purchase my life. Is
that not true?"
"I hope uot," I answered evasively.
"I havo seen very little of her, aud she
has suid nothing about it."
"You are evading my question, I see.
Do you know nothing of It?"
"Nothing," I replied, telling an unnecessary lie.
"Caskoden, you nre either a liar or a
, "Make It a liar Rrnn.1nn " ..i' ».
laughingly, for I was sure of my place
ln his heart and knew tbat be meant
no offense.
I never doubt n friend. One would
better bo trustful of ninety-nine friends
who nre false thnn doubtful of one who
ls true. Suspicion and supersensitlve-
ness nre nt once tlie badge and the
bane of n little soul.
I did not leave the Tower until noon,
nud Brandon's pardon had been delivered to him before I left. He was glad
that tbe first news of It bad come from
He naturally expected his liberty at
once, and wben told tbnt he was to be
honorably detained for a short time
tinned to me nnd said: "I suppose they
are afraid to let me out until she is off
for France. King Henry flatters me."
I looked out of the window up Tower
street nnd said nothing.
When 1 left, 1 took a letter to Mary,
which plainly told her be bad divined
it all, nnd she wrote a tear stained nn-
swor, begging him to forgive her for
having saved his life at a cost greater
than her own.
For several days I was kept busy
carrying letters from Greenwich to tho
Tower nnd back ngaln, but soon letters
censed to satisfy Mnry, nml she mad*
up her mind that she must sec him.
Nothing else would do. She must not,
eould not and, lu short, would not go
another day without seeing blm—no,
not nnother hour. June uud I opposed
hor nil we could, but the best we could
accomplish wus to Induce her for Brandon's sake—for she wns beginning to
set' tbnt be was the one who bud to
suffer for her Indiscretions—tn ask
Henry's permission, and If he refused,
then try some other way. To determine wuh to act with Mary, so off she
wont withont delay to hunt the king,
taking Jiiiit.' ami me along ns escort.
How full we wore of Important business ns wo SCQITled along the corridors,
one on each side of Mury, all talking
excitedly ut once! When anything was
to be done, it always required three of
us to do lt.
We found the king, and without any
prelude Mnry proffered her request
Of course It was refused. Mary pouted
and was getting ready for nn outburst
when Wolsey bpokc up: "With your
majesty's gracious permission, I would
subscribe to the petition of the princess. She has boon good enough to
give ber promise in the matter of so
much Importance to us, and In so small
a thing as this I hope you may see
your way clear toward favoring ber.
The Interview will bo tbe last aud may
help to make hor duty onsler." Mary
gave the cardinal a Hooting glance
from her lustrous eyes full of surprise
nnd gratitude aud as speaking as a
Henry looked from one to the otlier
of us for u moment and broke Into a
boisterous laugh.
"Oh, I don't care, so tbat you keep tt
a secret. The old king will never
know. We can hurry up tho marriage,
lie Is getting too muoh already—400,-
000 crowns nnd a girl like you. He
ennnot complain if be have an heir. It
would be a good joko on the miserly
old dotard, but better on 'Ce Gros
Gnrcon.' "
Mary sprang from her chair with a
cry of rage. "You brute! Do yon
think I am ns vile ub you because I
have tho misfortune to be your Bister,
or that Charles Brandon ls like yon
simply because tie is u num.- neury
laughed, his health at that time being
too good for bim to bo 111 natured. He
had all he wanted out of his sister, so
her outbursts amused him.
Mnry hurriedly left tlie king and
walked back to her room, filled with
shame and rage, feelings actively stimulated by June, wbo wns equally indignant.
Henry bad noticed Jane's flown, but
hnd laughed at her and had tried to
catch and kiss ber as she left, but she
struggled nway from him anil lied
witb a speed worthy of tbe cause.
This insulting suggest ion put a stop
to Mary's visit to tlie Tower more effectually than nny refusal could have
done, and Bbo snt down to pour forth
ber soul's Indignation in a letter.
Sbe remained at home thon, lint saw
Brandon later, and to good purpose, ns
I believe, although I nin not sure nbout
It even to this dny.
I took this letter to Brnndon nlong
with Mary's miniature—the one tlmt
had been painted for Charles of Germany, but hud nover been given—nnd
a curl of hor hnir, and It looked ns lf
this wns all he would ever possess of
De Longuevllle heard of Henry's
brutal cousent thut Mary might see
Brandon, and, with a Frenchman's belief lu woman's depravity, wus exceedingly anxious to keep them apart. To
this end be requested that a member
of bis own retinue be plnced near Brandon. To this Henry readily consented,
and there was an end to even the letter writing. Opportunities Increase ln
value doubly fast as thoy drift behind
us, and now that the princess could not
see Brandon or even write to hlin she
regretted with her whole soul thnt she
had uot gone to the Tower when sbe
hnd permission, regardless of wbat any
one would say or think.
Mary was imperious and Impatient
by nature, but upon rure nnd urgent
occasions could employ tbe very smoothest sort of finesse.
Henry's brutal selfishness ln forcing
upon her the French marriage, together witb his cruel condemnation of
Brandon and bis rile insinuations
against herself, had driven nearly every spark of affection for her brother
from her heart. But she felt that she
might feign an affection she did not
feel, and thnt whnt she so wanted would
be cheap nt the price. Cheap? It would
be cheap at the cost of hor immortal
soul. Cheap? What sbe wanted wt*
life's condensed sweets—the mun she
loved—nnd what she wanted to escape
wns life's distilled bitterness—mnrrluge
with a man sbe loathed. None but a
pure woman can know the torture of
tbat I saw this whole disastrous campaign from start to finish. Mary begun
with a wide flnnk movement conducted
under masked batteries and skillfully
executed. She sighed over ber troubles
and cried a great deal, but told the
king he bad been sucb a dear, kind
brother to her thnt she would gladly
do anything to please hlni nnd advance
his Interests. Sbe said it would be
torture to live wltb that old creature,
King Louis, but she would do lt will
Ingly to help her handsome brother, uo
mntter how much she might suffer.
The king laughed and said: "Poor
old Louis!   What about blm?    What
-•■""->• »-»•-  —s»~j-_,»    ss.   iimiiva  tie  in
making sucb a fine bargain, but the
Lord pity him when he has my littlo
sl3ter ln bis side for n thorn. He had
better employ some energetic soul to
prick blm with needles and bodkins,
for I think there Is more power for
disturbance In this little body than In
any othor equal amount of space In all
the universe. You will furnish him
all the trouble he wants, won't you,
"I shall try," said the princess d«-
murely, perfectly willing to obey lu
"Devil a doubt of that, and you will
succeed, too, or my crown's n stew
pan." And he laughed at tbe huge joke
he was about to perpetrate ou bis poor
old royal brother.
It would seem that the tremendous
dose of flattery administered by Mnry
would have been so plainly self interested as to alarm the dullest perception, but Heury's vanity was so dense
and his appetite for flattery so great
that he accepted lt all without suspicion, and lt made him quite affable
and gracious.
Mary kept up hor show of affection
and docile obedience for a week or two
uuUl she thought Henry's suspicious
were allayed, and then, nfter having
done enough petting and fondling, ns
Bhe thought to start the eurth Itself
a-movlng—as some men are foolish
enough to Bay lt renlly does—she began
the attack direct by putting her arms
about the king's neck and pitoously
begging bim not to sacrifice ber whole
life by sending her to France,
Her pathetic, soul charged appeal
might have softened the heart of Caligula himself, but Henry was not oven
cruel. He was simply nn anlinal bo
absorbed ln himself that he could uot
feel for others.
"Oh. lt Ib out nt Inst!" ho Btild with
s laugh, "I thought all ibis sweetness
must have been for something, So the
lady wnnts hrr Brandon and doesn't
want hor Louis, yet Is willing to obey
ber dear, kind brollier? Woll, we'll
tnke ber at ber word and lot hor obey.
You mny as woll understand, once nnd
for nil, that you nre to go to France.
You promised to go decently if I would
not cut off tbnt fellow's bond, and now
I toll you thnt If I hour another whimper from you off It comes, nnd you will
go to France too."
This brought Mnry to terms quickly
enough. It touched her one vulnerable
spot—her love.
'I will go; I promise lt agnln. You
shall never hoar another word thnt no
harm shall come to him—to blm." And
she put her bands over hor face to conceal ber tears as she softly wept
DODD'S ■''■',
m, pi lls 'S
■The day you sail ror France Brandon shall go free aud shall again have
his old post st court I like tbe fellow
as a good companion, and really believe
you are more to blame tban be."
"I am all to blame, and am ready this
day to pay tbe penalty. I am at your
disposal to go when and where you
choose," answered Mary most pathetically.
Poor, fair Proserpina, with no kind
mother Demefcer to help her. The
ground will soon open, and Pluto will
bave his bride.
That evening Cavendish teok me
aside and said his master, Wolsey,
wished to speak to me privately at a
convenient opportunity. So when the
bishop left his card table an hour later
I threw myself ln his way. He spoke
gayly to me, and we walked down the
corridor arm in arm. I could not imagine what was wanted, but presently
It came out: "My dear Caskoden"—had
I been one for whom he could have had
any use I should have grown suspicious—"my dear CasSoden, I know I
can trust you; especially when that
which I have to Bay ls for tbe happiness of your friends. I am sure you
will never name me ln connection with
tbe suggestion I am nbout to make, and
will use tbe thought only as your
I did not know what was coming,
but gave him the strongest assurance
of my trustworthiness.
"It ls this: Louis of France is littlo
better than a dead man. King Henry,
perhaps, ls not fully aware of this, and
if he ls ho has never considered the
probability of his speedy death. The
thought occurred to me tbat although
the princess cannot dissuade her brother from this marriage, Bbe may be able,
ln view of her ready and cheerful com-
*lty dear Caskoden, I know I can trust
pllance, to extract some virtue out of
her sore necessity and Induce him to
promise that ln ense of the death of
Louis she herself shall choose ber second husband."
"MyWd," I replied, quickly grasping
the point "It ls small wonder you rule
this land. You have both brain and
"I thank you, Sir Edwin, and hope
that both mny always be at the service of you and your frieuds."
I gave tbe suggestion to Mary as my
own, recommending thnt sbe proffer
her request to the king in the presence
of Wolsey, nnd, although Bhe had little
faith or hope, she determined to try.
Within a day or two an opportunity
offered, and she said to Henry: "I am
ready to go to France any time you
wish, nnd shall do It decently nnd willingly, but lf I do bo much for you,
brother, you might at least promise
me that when King Louis Is dead I
may marry whomsoever I wish. He
will probably live forever, but let mo
bave at least that hope to give me wlial
cheer lt may while I suffer."
Tho ever present Wolsey, who wss
standing near and beard Mary's petition, Interposed: "Let me add my prayer to that of her highness. We must
give her her own wny ln something."
Mary waB such a complete picture of
wretchedness that I thought at the
time she had really found a tender spot
ln Henry's heart, for he gave tbe promise. Since then I bave learned, as yon
will shortly, that it was given simply to pacify the girl, and without any
intention whatever of its being kept,
but that, ln case of the death of King
Louis, Henry Intended again to nse
his sister to bis own advantage.
To be a beautiful princess ls not to
enjoy the bliss some people Imagine.
The earth is apt to open at any time
and Pluto to snatch her away to—tbe
Lord knows where.
Mary again poured out her soul on
paper—a libation Intended for Brandon.
I made a dozen attempts ln as many
different ways to deliver her letters,
but every effort was a failure, and this
missive met the fate of tbe others. De
Longuevllle kept close watch on bis
master's rival and complained to Henry about these attempts at communication Henry laughed and said he would
see that they were stopped, but paid
uo more attention to the mntter.
If Mary, beforo her Interview with
Henry, had been averse to the French
marriage, she was now equally anxious to hurry lt on, and longed to go
upon the rack In order that Brandon
might be free. He, of course, objected
as strenuously as possible to the purchase of his life by ber marriage to
Louis, but his better judgment told
him—ln fact had told him from the
first—that sbe would be compelled
eventually to marry the French king,
and common sense told him lf lt must
be she might as well save bis life at
tho same time. Furthermore, he felt a
certain sense of delight ln owing his
life to her, and knew that tbe fact that
she had saved htm, tbat her sacrifice
had not all been lu vain, would make
lt onsler for ber to bear.
Tho most lii'iiullful feature of tbe relations between these two lovers was
their entire faith ln each other. The
way of their true love was at least not
roughened by cobblestones of doubt
however Impassable lt was from mountains of opposition.
My inability to deliver Mary's letters
did not deter hor from writing them,
nnd ns sbo was to bo married ln a few
days—De Longuevllle to act as proxy—
Bho devoted her entire time to her letters nnd wrote pages upon pages, wblcb
sho left with me to be delivered "after
death," ob she called her marriage.
At this time I was called away from
court for a day or two, and wben I returned aud called upon Brandon at ths
«•   i-|-r-iil,-|-___:
_. „wer l rounn mm wniscnug ami singing, apparently as happy as a lark.
"You heartless dog!" thought I at
first, but I soon found that he felt more
than happiness—exaltation.
"Have you seen her?" I asked.
"Wbo?" As lf there were more than
one woman ln all the world for him.
"The princess."
"Not since I left her at Bristol."
I believed then, and believe now,
that this was a point blank falsehood,
a very unusual thlug for Brandon, but
for some reason probably necessary in
this case.
There was an expression in his face
which I could not Interpret, but he
wrote, as if carelessly scribbling on a
scrap of paper that lay upon the table,
tbe words, "Be careful," and I took
the hint—we were watched. There ls
an unpleasant sensation when one feels
that be ls watched by unseen eyes, and
ufter talking for awhile on common
topics I left and took a boat for Greenwich.
When I arrived at the palace and
saw Mary, what was my surprise to
find her ns bright end jubilant as I bad
left Brandon. She, too, laughed and
sang and was so happy that she lighted the whole room. What did lt all
menu? There was but one explanation. Tbey bad met, and there was
some new plan on foot—with a fatal
ending. The next failure would mean
death to Braudou ub certainly as the
sun rises ln the cast What the plan
was I could not guess. With Brandon
In the Tower under guard both day
and night and Mary as closely guarded
lu the pnlnce, I could not see any way
of escape for either of them, nor how
they could possibly have come together.
Brandon had not told me, I supposed,
for fear of being overheard, and Mary,
although she had the opportunity, was
equally noncommunlcatlve, so I had
recourse to Jane upon the first occasion. Sbe, by tbe way, was as blue
and sad faced as Mary was Joyous. I
asked her if tbe princess and Brandon
bad met, aud sbe sadly said: "I do not
know. We went down to London yesterday, and ns we returned stopped
at Bridewell House, where we found
the klug and Wolsey. The princess
left the room, saying she would return
tn a few minutes, and then Wolsey
went out, lenvlng me alone with the
king. Mnry did not return for half an
hour, and she may have seen Master
Brandon during tbat time. I do not
understand how tbe meeting could
have occurred, but thst ls the only time
she has been away from me." Here
Jane deliberately put ber head on my
shoulder nnd began to weep plteously.
"What ls the trouble?" I asked.
She shook her head: "I cannot, dare
not, tell you."
"Oh, but you must you must!" And
I insisted so emphatically that she at
length said:
"The king!"
"The king! God ln heaven, Jane; tell
me quickly!"
When urged, Jnne said between her
sobs: "He tried to kiss me and to—mistreat mo when Wolsey left the room at
Bridewell House. I may have been
used to detain him while Mary met
Muster Brandon; but, lf so, I am sure
i he kuow notbiug of lt"      _
Family Resemblance.
"Tbe Japanese claim their emperor
ls a brother to the sun."
"How do tbey prove it?"
"Well, be rises every morning,
doesn't he?"
Natural Process.
Although the train runs off the track.
It ls or should be plain
That that is till that It can do.
The track, although It wanted to.
Could not run off the train.
Forgot Them.
"He deeded all of his property to his
"He must be a generous man."
"His creditors dou't think so."
Naturally there ls lots of blood ln
tbe literature handled by a train
Ac honest man Is one wbo has not
been tempted by a large enough sum.
A would be sport does not hnve to
go to the north pole ln order to get
"cold feet"
The word That Catches.
There's a word that as by maglo
Or by something elso will cause
Nearly every man who hears lt
In his onward rush to pause,
For he can't resist the message,
From the air ho gets a hunch
When ho hoars a follow mortal
Murmur something like "Free lunch.'
Down the street ho may be walking,
Feeling much at peace and fine,
But ho puts tlown brakes the moment
That hu sees the mystic sign,
what, with such an invitation,
Can he do but putise and "gee"
When tho friendly sign Is saying,
"Como and cut, for it Is freo?"
Cnn you blame n man when duty
Telia him ho should go to work
If ho drops Into it basement
Where congenial spirits lurkT
Can you say lhat he Is foolish
Or tho time is not well spent
If ho can a meul encompass,
And It doesn't cost a cent?
There Is something most alluring
When a thing purports to bo
Without strings u Christmas present
Antl without conditions free.
Slmplo minded men may wonder
As they pass In through the gate,
But they very soon discover
Who it is that pays tho freight
Why He Wanted a Tenner.
Application was made at balf a
dozen stores before the man could get
one ten dollar bill for bis roll of ones.
"I don't see," said the man's companion, "wby you went to nil that
trouble. You are going to pay the
money right over to your tailor. Why
didu't you give him tbe one dollar
"Because It would make a bad Impression," wns the reply. "I am broke,
but I dou't want him to know It. Whenever you get In thnt fix pay your debts
tn the largest bills that you can get
hold of. It euhnnccs your value ln the
estimation of tradesmen and paves
tlie way for further credit. A fellow
will think a heap mo/e of you If you
pay with one five dollar bill than witb
five ones. A handful of chicken feed
Indicates that you have bad to bustle
around pretty lively to get tho money
and that there lsu't much left where
that came from. A man who really
has money can afford to pay ln pennies
If be feels llko lt, but he who bas little
can keep up bis credit only by using
Urge bills."        .        ...
<__^_**.I_L-   r- WI-C mm
Ceylon Tea and refuse all "so called" Just as good
substitutes, pushed for the sake of extra profit.
Sold   only  In   lead packet*.   40c. 50c. 60o. per pound.  By
all grocers.   Black, Mixed or Green.   Highest
award   St.   Louis,   1904.
Mothers who have suffered the
misery of restless nights at teething
time, and watched their babies in the
unhelped agony of that period, will
welcome the safe nnd certain relief,
that Baby's Own Tablets bring. Mrs.
W. G. Mundle, Yorkton, N.W.T., says:
"When my little one was cutting her
teeth she Buffered a great denl. Her
gums were swollen and Inflamed, and
she was cross and restless. I got a
box of Bnby'B Own TabletB, and after
starting thoir use she began to Improve at once, and her teeth came
through almost painlessly. The Tablets are truly baby's friend." This
medicine ls guaranteed to contain no
poisonous opiate or harmful drug. It
cures all the minor ailments of little
ones nnd may safely be given to a new
born child. Full directions with every box. Sold by all medicine dealers
or sent by mail at 25c a box by
writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co..
Brockville, Ont.
Adventures or a Danlc  Ifote.
A lady passing down the Hue Itlcbe-
lieu had the misfortune to lose a pock-
etbook containing, among otber valuables, a 1,000 franc note. The pocket-
book was picked up by a chair mender
named llciiutitl, who lives at Mon-
treux. He placed It very carefully ln
bis pocket and proceeded home. It ls
not often thnt a chair mender has occasion to change a note for that
amount, and Reunud, recognizing the
Impossibility of turning it iuto gold
without detection, agreed with a friend
to do the business for the consideration of 100 francs. This friend, Luclen
Mathern, also a chair mender, was ln
his turn filled with apprehension. The
difficulty was solved with tbe aid of a
horticulturist named Simonuet, who
kindly consented to buy himself a
horse for 300 francs and return the
chango. Iteniuid was thus richer by
GOO francs. All might then have gone
well lf, two days later, It had not been
discovered that the horse had been
stolen from a dealer at Meaux. Tbls
led to the arrest of tbe trio, and later
in the day the police put their hands
on the horse thieves.—Paris Messen-
A Dark Dnnseoa.
About the middle of February, 1862,
while ln winter quarters, General
Naglee of Pennsylvania, who was a
strict disciplinarian, was ln command
of the First brigade, of which the Second New Hampshire was a part He
thought the guardhouse of the Second
regiment too comfortable quarters
for prisoners and ordered Colonel
Marston, who later won fame as a
soldier, lawyer and statesman, to build
a dungeon without so much as a crack
or opening anywhere, so tbat it should
be perfectly dark. Ths dungeon was
built with four solid walls, and one
day General JJaglee came over to Inspect lt He was accompanied by
Colonel Marston. "Where ls the entrance," said the general, "and how do
you get anybody Into lt?" "Oh," said
Colonel Marston, "that ls not my lookout   I simply obeyed your orders."
Humor arid Philosophy
Wife away.
First duy.
But it's Jolly to bo frcel
Goodby repose;
Eveiylhing coos.
We'll paint tlio lown red
And not go to bod.
Say. but It's sport
Not to have lo reportl
Second day.
IIlp hooruy!
A head I had last night,
But tho fun
Has Just begun.
Feel Just like a freckled kid;
Out-lit lo seo mo raise the lid.
Am I wild?
Watch me, child.
Third day.
Oh, say,
Are all the duds I want to wearll
I havo hunted low and high
For that blasted mensly tie.
Guess I'll stay at home tonight;
Have a letter I must write.
Getting klhd o* lonely now
Without any littlo fruu.
One week.
Yes, I'm meek
And long
Suffering.     No,    that's   not   toe
But, egad, I'd like to know
Why a woman has to go
Chasing all about the state
Leaving hubby to his fate.
Say, It don't look hardly fair,
But she doesn't seem to caret
Before They Ar
"This  must
Jenks'  flrst yo
In the suburbs.
"How   do
Sherlock lt?"
"Henrd him te
Ing how mil
money he was i
ing to make fn
Knew the Kind.
"Here comes a man who Is makl
?1,000 a month.   Want to meet hln
"Not much. He Is liable to try.
touch me for $10 before I can .
More Appropriate.
"Poor fellow. He Is a failure ln
erytblng he undertakes, and yet he 1
a sheepskin from a university."
"It should have beeu a calfskin."
AU Her Way.
She was a girl of common sense;
Besides, her cooking was Immense.
She was good looking, never cross;
Her pa wus rich; she was his bos>
So you might guess It was no trlcl
For that dear girl to take her pick.
One Strong Point.
"As a poet be bas oue great ad.
toge over Shakespeare."
"Yes, be Is still alive."
Alarmists bare beeu looking for the
man on horseback for a long while,
but perhaps when he comes lt will bs
In an auto.
Easy money ls the kind your schemes
are bound to make before <!>«v  «re
—.____ -        __ \i>      .
Hard te Part.
'Tis hard te part with some dear friend;
A pang the parting word will send.
'Tis hard to leave your happy home
In far and distant climes to roam.
'Tis hard to part with ready cosh.
Though rated by the experts trash.
'Tis hard to leave a swell repast
Before the final course Is passed.
But It ls harder fnr, In truth,
To part with one well rootod tooth.
It Suited Her.
"She seems to have great confidence
lu fortune tellers."
"Yes; when she wns forty years old
one looked at her hand and said she
wns going to tnke a Journey In tbe
thirty-fifth year."
How Could He Tell?
"Will you love me when I'm old!
"I will If you arc lovable."
When You Can't.
When in doubt, play trumps
And bluff tho thing out.
When you have no trumps,
Just remain ln doubt.
A pure heart ls better than nn
maculate suit, but it will not help
possessor as much ln securing a jo
Time Is money, but the man win
doing time has great difficulty ln
ting it cashed.
A faint heart has frequently wo
fair lady if the faint heart had a
hunk account
The man wbo ls on the public i
roll can see all of Die good point)
the party tbat put him there wltl.
straining his eyes.
Of course lt Is hard to see the gl
points In the fellow who beats youf
with a girl, because he hasn't any.
Perhaps fish are thought to be bij
food because catching them stimuli)
the imagination.
A corporation mny not have a s*|
s-» «♦ (,__• ■ thoitsnud eyeB.
Sunlight Soa;
is guaranteed perfectly pure, genuine, and free
from adulteration—all dealers are authorized to
return purchase money to anyone finding cause
for complaint. Therefore you lose nothing by
trying Sunlight Soap and you will agree with
millions of other women that the Sunlight way
is the only way to wash clothes. uss
Lever Brothers Limited
Br_i.'i?>, Toronto Mt Pleasant Advocate
Vancouver, B.C,
Startling Case of Thos. Harrison, of St.
Mary's Ferry—He Tells the Story
St. Mary's Ferry, York County, N.
B., Sept. 18—(Special).—That Dodd's
Kidney Pills will cure Diabetes, one of
the most deadly forms of kidney disease, has beeu satisfactorily proved by
Mr. Thos. Harrison, of this place.
Speaking of his cure Mr. Harrison
"I began to suffer with si.v'ere pains
above the region of the Kidneys. When
I lay down lt was torture to get up
again. My appetite failed and I lost
flesh rapidly.
"I doctored with several physicians
but lt was all no use. Shortly after
this I began to urinate blood and then
I knew I was In the grip if that dread
monster Diabetes.
At the time a friend prevailed on
me to try a box of Dodd's Kidney Pills
and they did me so much good I con-
alnued the treatment u_illl I had usod
three boxes. They cured me completely."
A writer who spends his summers at the seashore tolls the following story:' "An ignorant countryman who saw the sea for the flrst
time was much impressed with the effect of the blue water and asked a
fisherman lf he could tell him the
owner, as he would like to buy a gallon to take home to his wife. The fisherman replied proudly: "Us, mnn—
we own lt!" "Lands sakes!" exclaimed the rustic, "could you sell me a
gallon for fifty cents?' "Sure," said
the fisherman; and he disappeared, returning in a few moments with a jar
of water, for which he received the
countryman's fifty cents. Tl latter
departed with his purchase. Returning later in the day, after the tide had
gone out, he gazed In silent wonder at
the water, which had receded far from
the beach. "Lumme!" he exclaimed,
"don't they do a trade!"
Cartorhall, Nlld., Jan. 8, 1898.
Yarmouth, N. S.
Dear Sirs,—While in the country
last summer I was badly bitten by
mosquitoes, so badly that I thought I
would be disfigured for a couple of
weeks. I was advised to try your
Liniment to allay the irritation, and
did so. The effect was more than I
expected, a few applications completely curing the Irritation, and preventing the bites from becoming
a good article to keep off the mosquitoes.
Yours truly,
W. A. V. R.
_uring President Harriman's visit
to Cheyenne, Frank Jones, the young
son of Chief Clerk D. A. Jones of the
Master Mechanic's olllce, was sent to
his private car with a telegram. Mr.
Harriman, attracted by the lad's bright
demeanor, said: "What do you do?"
1 im one 'f th' directors 'f th' Union
Pacific." "What!" exclaimed Mr.
Harriman. "Yep, I dlrec' envelopes
over t' th' master mechanic's olllce,"
was the laconic reply.
Itch, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cuban Itch on human or animals, cured
In 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion*.   It never fails. At all druggists.
"When Judge McCay was on the
Bench for the northern district of
Georgia," said n Georgia Representative, "a young lawyer secured the attention of the Judge and told him that
he wished a postponement of a case
ln which he was to appear for the de-
. fendant. The case was one of simple
moonshinlng, but the lawyer contended that would take several hours for
the argument. "'I can understand all
you will hnvo to say ln an hour's
time,' said the Judge. " T am satisfied
I shall take fully eight hours in my argument,' contended the lawyer.
"'Very well; have your own way; but
It will take the prisoner about three
years to tell why he employed you.'"
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Squire Woolsey—Well, Sam, I hope
you are going to vote for me tomorrow! Sam Scrubbin—I hope so, too,
sah; I needs two dollars mighty bad,
Only those who have had experience
can tell tho torture cornB cause. Pain
with your boots on, pain with them
off—pain night and dny; but relief Is
sure to those who uso Holloway's
Corn Cure.
A young man nt. Gaylord, Kan., told
tho girl tha other nlgbt Hint if she
didn't marry him ho'tl get a ropo and
hang himself right In front of her
house. "Oh .please don't do It, dear,"
she said; "you know father doesn't
want yon hanging around here."
Sometimes the hair is not
property nourished. It suffers
for food, starves. Then it
falls out, turns prematurely
gray.  Ayer's Hair Vigor is a
Hair Vigor
hair food. It feeds, nourishes.
The hair stops falling, grows
long tod heavy, and all dan-
dfuff disappears.
Mt heir -ee* ooottn* out terribly. I wu
Wl Sfr.id t» wish It.   But Artt'l  Hair
HmK? ***** *uo
J ™ pas- «• O. X. Wi kl,, Unainj. N. J.
J. 0. ATIIt OO..
fon  l___JiB_
Odr Hair
Some  Regarded  ae   Harmless  Accused
of Causing Skin  Diseases.
Every one knows enough to give poison Ivy a wide berth, and the sufferer
from hay fever understands only too
well what particular plants have an Irritant action on his mucous membrane.
It ls not so generally known, however,
that plants usually regarded as harmless, even such as are commnly grown
Indoors for decoration, occasionally
poison those who come in contact with
them. Some instances of this kind are
given by a writer in Cosmos (Paris),
who states that house plants, or at
any rate a considerable number of
them, are dangerous, causing various
skin diseases.
We already know, says the writer,
the Irritating properties of the nettle
and those of the clematis of the hedge,
called also "beggar's weed" because
professional mendicants are in the
habit of producing with the leaves superficial eruptions that gain for them
the sympathy of compassionate hearts.
A largo number of planus have the
power of producing effects of the same
kind, and we see chronic eczemas
brought on by house plants.
M. Dubreullh, ln a memoir published In the Bordeaux Medical Journal,
recalls a number of cases of dermatitis
caused by primroses. A gardener who
had suffered from violent attacks of
eczema ln the right hand every spring
for nine years was relieved when he
excluded these plant* from his house.
Not less curious is the case, publish-
ed by Rotzdorff, of a woman who had
every year from 1894 to 1901 ln the latter part of Ootobcr, a violent eruption
on the hands and face, which did not
yield to treatment and would not disappear till spring. This lady always
received as a birthday present on Oo-
tober 15, several pots of China prim-
rose (Primula oboonloa), which she
cared for herself until spring, when
they were set out ln the garden. The
removal of the primrose oaused th*
eruption  to disappear.
Such Is also the story of another woman, who, having received a plant -of
China primrose, cultivated lt and suffered an acute eruption of the forearm and face, with Inflammation of
the eyes and eyelids. In this case,
and ln others that have been reported,
the Inflammation caused by the primroses was localized In the hands and
face. Nevertheless, lt ls not always
•o. Pizza has observed an eruption
on the chest of a lady who had carried on her person a bouquet of Chines*
primroses. Klrke attended a lady who
had a habit of biting oft and eating
primrose blossoms, and wbo had acuta
sores on her lips and ln the mouth.
Primroses are not the only house
plants capable of causing such eruptions. Quite recently, ln an article ln
The Munich Medical Weekly, H. Hoffmann, assistant to Prof. Lesser, of Berlin, reported that a woman, after having spent six hours In cutting chrysanthemums, was taken with Itching
and burning on the face and arms. Another case of the same kind, observed
ty Hoffmann, was that of a waller
tn a restaurant, who, after having
crushed between his fingers a leaf of
arbor vltae, touched his fac«. Soon he
was attacked by an erupt/on on the
face and hands which lt took ten days
to cure.
In his article, M. Dubreullh cites also
several species of Rhus, which ar*
used In America as house plant* on
account of their fine foliage. Som* people can not even touch these without
being attacked by eruption*. Th***
cases are worth noting. They constitute, however, exceptions and are rare.
A special predisposition ls necessary.
Those who are afflicted may, with some
precautions, continue to keep flowers.
They should touch them a* Utile as poi-
sible, and when the eruption takes
place, washing lt with alcohol to dissolve the Irritant matter and then with
soap and water will soon stop the
smarting and shorten the duration of
the malady.
Th* Quickest Rout*.
The new Allan Line turbine steamship Virginian arrived at Rlmou»kl at
4.15 p. m. on June 15. after making the
fastest passage from land to land ln the
history of the St. Lawrence route. The
malls, which she delivered at Rlmouskl
at 4.15 o'clock that afternoon, arrived In
Montreal at 4 o'clock next morning.
The mail was delivered to th* Virginian at Movllle at 2 o'clook Friday afternoon, June », so that they were delivered in Montreal ln seven hours
short of seven days, or faster by hour*
than they would have come by the N«w
York route. It was expected that th*
letters by the Virginian will be delivered at St. Paul, Minn., before the mall
by the White Star steamer Celtic,
which left a day before the Virginian.
The Virginian sailed from Movlll*
on Friday, June 9, at 2 p. m., and arrived at Cape Race in four day*, ten
hours and thirty minutes, thus creaf
Ing a new record from land to land over
the long southern route. She arrived
at Rlmouskl at 4.15 on the aftenoon of
June 15. Allowing four hours for th*
difference ln time between Rlmouskl
and Movllle, she occupied just six days,
six hours and fifteen mlnutea on th*
passage. The record made by th* Allan I.in.r Bavarian ln 1904 was seven
day*, five hours and twenty-two min-
utes, or twenty-three hours, seven minutes slower thnn Ihe Virginian. Th*
Virginian beat the Bavarian's record In
May, when she made th* run from Movllle to Rlmouskl In six days, thirteen
hours, and thirty minutes. The pa*-
sug* she has Just completed ts therefore faster than her prevlou* record.
It Is expected that when late ln th*
seasons the liners commence running
by the shorter route, through the
Straits of It'll" Isle, the Virginian will
bs ablo to mako the passage In a day
ies* than hor present time.
Hospital For Sick Hor***.
Th* Toronto Humana Society has de-
elded to purchase a vacation farm for
poor men'* horse*. Overworked horse*,
whose owners are unable to pay for a
recuperative outing, will be given a
week's gambolling ln pasturo. A shed
where aged and tired canine* may loll
*t ease ls also contemplated. The first
money toward the purchase of the farm
ivas (327 raised at a Horse Show
A Poke at Her.
Miss Knox—I don't Ilk* her. Bhe'*
forever talking about her**lf.
Miss Wise (pointedly)— Well, that'*
better tban talking about som* en*
Spelled  With a  "V."
Frank Millet's bnby wns christened
In London when Union and Lawrence
Barrett were present. The child was
to be named Lnwruuce, and Barrett
spelled it out "Lawrence," as his nam*
was spelled. Hutton Immediately corrected him with "Laurence," as his
own name Is spelled. And they shouted this nt each other, to the amazement of the parish clerk, till Mr. Millet
stopped them, with the remark that
tho father ought to have something to
sny and, turning to the clerk, snid,
"Spell blm with a 'v.' " And Lavreuce
Millet he was made by law.—Christian
The Broken Down
Often Found In Persons Who are Apparently In Good
Health—Extraordinary  Effects  of
It Is not always the pale and bloodless who suffer from nervous exhaustion, and when a person of apparent
good health finds himself almost helpless he gets little sympathy from
physician or friends and not frequently his Ills are attributed to the imagination.
Nervous diseases are slow ln coming on and patience is necessary In
their treatment. Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food Is absolutely certain to bo of
benefit to anyone suffering from exhausted nerves, for It supplies the very
elements of nature which go to create
new nerve cells and Instil uow vigor
and energy Into, the nervous iiystem.
Miss Lena Hlebert, Lowe Farm,
Man., writes:—"I suffered for two
years with dizzy spells, pains ln the
back, cold hands and feet, nervousness, jerking of the limbs, sore
tongue, soreness of arms and shoulders, and general exhaustion. About
seven months ago I became so ner-
f vous that I could not rest or sleep, and
could not do the least bit of work
without suffering dreadfully from pains
ln the back. I could hardly walk,
could eat very little, and felt that people were always watching my body
"I tried several medicines with little
effect, and was a mere skeleton of skin
and bone about to give up In despair
when I heard about Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food and began using it. I have used
in all fourteen boxes of this preparation, and lt has built mo up until I
am now strong and well again. Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food has done me a
world of good, and I feel that I cannot recommend lt too highly to persons who suffer as I have."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 60 cents a
box, or six boxes for $2.60, at all
dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against Imitations tbo portrait and signature of
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
book author, are on every box.
What You Want Is a
FLOUR   That
* And  These   Qualities
%    Are Contained In    %
| Five Roses j
I     Flour    !
Lake of The Woods Milling
Co., Ltd.
Ethel—I don't see how you can tell
a wild duck from a tame one. Cholly
—Dead easy. If you can get near
enough to shoot him he's a tame one.
| |*^J   n... uti
Canadian Cooperative Company, Ltd.
John McVlcar, Mgr.
OommlMlon McrohsnU and d.sl.rs ta all kinds
ol   OlUIN.      Cosslsniu.nU    Solicited.     Writ..
I'bone or Wire a. for Partloalars,
Office*, 308 Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg,
"Why does a woman always add a
postscript to her letter?" . "Well," answered the uugnllant wretch, "she
probably figures out In her own mind
what her letter has made you say, and
then tries to have the last word."
Bo There a Will Wisdom Points tho
Way.—The sick man pines for relief,
but he dislikes sending for tho doctor,
which means bottles of drugs never
consumed. Ho hns not the resolution
to load his stomach with compounds
which smell villainously and taste
worse. But If ho havo tho will to deal
himself with his ailment, wisdom wii
direct his attention to Parmelee's
Vogolnblo Pills, which, ob a specific
for Indigestion nnd disorders of the
digestive organs, hnve no equal.
■    '--' -^1--L_______
Asslstant Attorney-General Charles
H. Robb, who became famous for his
work ln running down the postal
grafters a couple of years ago, began
the practice of law In a small village
ln Vermont. He knew all the people
of the town, as well as most of tbe
farmers ln the surrounding country.
"One day," said Mr. Robb, "a tall,
lank Yankee, a veritable David Har-
um, came into my office. It seems
that he had got Into trouble as a result of trading a cow. He had succeeded in palming off on an unsuspecting neighbor an uncertain looking animal which proved to be stone
blind. In addition lt was run down
generally. On finding that the cow
couldn't see, the farmer who had been
imposed upon brought suit against my
client. I questioned the man. " 'Did
you tell this farmer that the cow was
blind?' '"Indeed I did,' protested my
client, with a sheepish look, 'I told him
that she didn't look well.'"
A Clear Healthy Skin—Eruptions,
of the skin and the blotches which
blemish beauty are the result of impure blood caused by unhealthy action of the liver and kidneys. In correcting this unhealthy action and restoring the organs to their normal
condition, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will at the same time cleanse the
blood, and the blotches and eruptions
will disappear without leaving any
The late General Benjamin F. Butler, according to the Boston Herald,
told the following on himself: "Several years after the war the General
had occasion to visit Georgia, and
from a town on the railroad took a
two-seated ramshackle vehicle, driven
by a typical southern darkey, for his
place of destination. The General entered Into conversation with tho driver, and learned that he was one of
eleven boys, and that he had a twin
brother. He asked the driver his
name. "Abraham Lincoln Backus,"
was the answer. "A fine noble name,"
said the General. The driver was
quiet a moment, then suddenly said:
"Wat yo' think dat twin brudder's
name is?" "I havo no idea," said the
General. "His name is Benjamin F.
Butler Backus." The General appreciated the compliment, and was thinking It over when the driver added:
"Boss, I was always glad dat I was
born first."
Trial Proves its Excellence.—The
best testimonial one can have of the
virtue of Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil in
the treatment of bodily pains, coughs,
colds and affections of the respiratory
organs, is a trial of It. If not
found the sovereign remedy It Is reputed to be, then It may be rejected
as useless, and all that has been said
In its praise denounced as untruthful.
Andrew Carnegie tells this as one
of his experiences at Skibo. Soon after he had bought Skibo there was a
circus exhibiting in the neighborhood
of the castle, and one of the main attractions was an orang-outang. One
night the orang-outang got out, fell
over the cliff and was killed. In the
morning two of the keepers looking
over the grounds ran across the body
of the dead orang-outang. One of them
scratched his head and said:—"He's
no Hlelander, that's sure." The other
said: "He's no Lowlander, they
havena got that much hair on 'em."
After awhile one of them proposed to
the other as follows: "I'll go up to
the kirk and see the minister, and you
go up to Mr. Carnegie and see if any
of his American gentry are missing."
We offor Ono Hundred Dollnrs Rcitsi-iI lor nn,
care of Catarrh that cannot ba cured hy Hull's Cat
errh Cure.   F. J. CHENEY t CO.. Toledo, tl.
We,  the undersigned,  have known F. J.   Chen.}
for the la.) 15 rears, and beliero him perfectly lion
orable  in  atl  business transactions and fliinni-lully
able  to carry out any obligations mndo by  tils llrin.
WaLPINO,   Hinnan   A   Mauviv.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O
Ball's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood und mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free. Prico .5u. i _i
bottle.    Sold by all  Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipatiotl.
"I sometimes think," said Deacon
Ironside, "we shall have to summon
Brother Hardesty before the church
board." "What ls the trouble with
Brother Hardesty?" asked Elder Keep-
along. He is finding fault with the
plan of creation. He says there are
oo many carp and dogfish and
few black bass."
Minard's Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
"I—aw—would like," began the customer with the eyeglasses In the
cheap restaurant, "some spring Iamb;
some, you know that has gambolled on
the green." "Aw, stop joshln'," said
tho waitress. "We ain't got none of
the kind that gambolled on the green.
S'pose you'll be wantln' some that
played golf next. We jes' got straight
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
ooup Powder dusted in the bath, joftens
the w* ter and disinfects. 38
"What do you make a week?" asked
a Magistrate before whom an Italian
organ-grinder appeared, charging a fellow musician with breaking his instrument. "Twenty-five dollalre," was
the answer. "What?" exclaimed the
Magistrate, "twenty-five dollars a week
for grinding an organ?" "No, Bare;
not for grind; for shut up and go
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
"Misfortunes n^ver come singly, you
know, Miss Prlscllla." "Alas! said
the poor maiden, shaking her head,
"the single misfortune ls the worst of
.—The solid parts of our bodies
are continually wasting away, and
require to be repaired by medical
substances, that restore the lost
vitality. There are only two
methods of building up the run
down system. You can consult
the physician, or commence treatment with Dr. Slocum's famous
remedy, "Psvchins." In all probability "Psychine" will be the
best doctor, and the cheapest in
the end. Scores of medical men
advise it* uie in tbe worst coses of
decline and weaknes*. It ia an
invaluable tonic, pleasant to the
stomach, build* up the run down
system, *tr»ngthen» th* nerves,
sets the liver right, cures dizziness
and headache, creates appetite,
and is an aU round family medicine, used by thousand* of men,
women and children in every part
of the Dominion., Ask druggist
about it.
DR. T. *. SLOCUM, tlmlt.d
17. Klng.tW.   .   Toronto, OSSSSS
W   N   U   No   a*
q What is meant by
* 'Protein ■ in flour?
"Protein" in food is the food element that makes bone, muscle and
Pure flour contains more protein,
in most useful form, than any other
food—but the flour must be pure.
Bran and shorts are waste—if your
flour contains this waste, it is proportionately short in ''protein."
Now, if you buy an inferior, poorly
milled flour, you are paying for bran
and shorts, not ''protein," and to that
extent you are wasting money.
is milled to make it the purest in the
world: therefore it contains most
protein, is most nourishing, is most
economical to use.
It pays the housewife to insist upon
getting "Royal Household" guaranteed flour, instead of taking a poorer
flour which the grocer may be interested in selling
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour.
Ayers Pills
Act directly on the liver.
They cure constipation,
biliousness, tick-headstone.
Sold for Wyaars *--4_i«S5
a beautiful brown or rich black ? Use »_n i«_. <* hokum *im_i
Oliver Herford, while exploring a remote part of New York, became very
hungry. Entering a restaurant of
doubtful appearance, he ordered a mutton chop. After w.ilttne for sometime
the waiter appeared with a plate, ou
which was a potatoc and an overdone chop, very small, Indeed with a
long, slender rib attached. Putting
this down before the famished artist,
the waiter hurried off to attend to another customer. "See here," culled
Hereford, "I ordered a chop." "Yes
sir," answered the man. "There it is."
"Oh, beg your pardon, that's true," returned the artist, looking more closely, "I thought It was a crack in the
Cucumbers and melons are "forbidden fruit" to many persons so constituted that the least indulgence is followed by attacks of eholora, dysentery, griping, etc. These persons are
not aware that they can Indulge to
their heart's content if they have on
hand a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, a metlicine that
will give Immediate relief, and ls ,1
sure cure for all summer complaints.
Senator Galllnger was talking about
certain shipping reforms that he haa
ln mind. These reforms," he said,
"would be made easily, would be made
at once, were not human nature the
same In shipping circles as it is all
the world ovor. "Uy that I mean that
the people In the wrong nlways think
the other side is in the wrong. They
are like a Concord womnn whose son
enlisted for the Spanish-American war.
"Her son, a raw recruit, was naturally
awkwartl at first. Ilo was, In fact,
tho most awkward youth In his squad.
Nevertheless, his mother regarding
him as he marched away, amid music
und waving flags, could hardly admire
enough his military grace nnd skill.
"'Oh,' she snld, 'look, look! They're
all out of gtep but our Jim!"
The Keeley Cure
Has rettored to health, prosperity and happiness 500,000
people who were diseased and
poisoned from the use of LIQUOR and DRUGS. Write
To-day, now and get tha necessary   Information   about   It.
and M^^^
Minard's   Liniment  for   sale   Everywhere.
Vou will never have Comfort and Satisfaction and Wearing Qualities In
your Working Clothes until you wear
"King of the Road" Brand
and note  the   Pure  Aroma of  the Tea-
Garden.   No Tea can compare with GOLD
STANDARD.    That's why it is
"Guaranteed -the Bost."
i If it is a Question of Warmth use
I      E. B. EDDYS
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
; TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
J ■_—
t Established April 8, 1899.)
Office : 2 52 0 Westminster avenue.
Mrs. R  Whitney, Publisher.
English Office—80 Fleet street,
Londou, E. O, England Where a
file of "The Advocate" is kept for
Subscription $1 a year   payable  in
S cents a Copy.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B. 0., Nov. 86, 1905.
We nro pleased to note the City Engineer litis recommended that the bridge
on Grauville street be repaired and thai
$8 000 should be expended immediately
to render it safe. "The Advocate" has
been for several weeks in its columns
stating the need of repairs oi bridge!
across False Creek, and we hope Mr.
Oleutout will not rest until he has
thoroughly examined the Westminster
avenue bridge, wliich is believed to be
as dangerous, if not more so, to public
safety its tho Granville street bridge,
Junction uf Westminster road itiut Westmin
•ter    avenue,       SERVICES   at   11    it. 111.
and 7::.up.tn.; Sunday School at 2:30 p.tu
Cjruotul Mint and Wustuiin-lei avenues.
*._.KVu:_..y at. II a. 111., and 7p. m.I Sunday
P hn-iitiud Mine mass _:__ p.m. Bev. A. Ji.
Uethisrlngton, D. A., B. 1J., Pastor.
Darsouage 123 Eleventh avenue, west.  Tele-
-one B1-I'J
Comer Ninth avenue and Quebec street
SERVICES at II a. in., and 7 ::,u i». in. j Sunday
School at2:30p.m. K'ev.3eo.A.Wilson,B.A.
Taster. Manse corner of Eightli avenue and
Ontario atreet.   Tel. 1116G.
St Michael s, (Anglican).
Curner Niuth  avenue and Prince Edward
itreet.   SERVICES at 11a. in., and 7:311 p.m.,
' Holy Communion Island 3d .Sundays 111 each
t month after morning prayer, 2d and -itli Sun
;-lays at 8a. m.   Sunday   School   ul 2:311   p. ill.
■'Bev. U. H. IVIIson, Reotor.
Rectory :i72 Thirteenth avenue, east. Tele
phono H17_"J.
Advent Christian Church (not7th day Atl-
enllsls) meets iu Odd Fellows' Hall. Westmin
-T.er avenue. Services 11 a. m., and 7:30 p. m.,
.'mt'lay School a' ill a.m. Young peoples'
.docielyol Loyal Workers oi Christian Endeavor meets every Sunday evening at r»: 45 o'clock,
l'rayer-mcetiug Wednesday Highlit his o'clock.
You  may  labor  your   fill,   friend   of
mine, if you will;
You may worry a bit, if you must
You may treat your affairs as a scries
of cares,
You   may  live   on  a   scrap  and  a
But when the day's done, put it out
of your head;
Don't take your troubles to bed.
You   may  batter  your  way   through
the thick of the  fray,
You   may  sweat,  you   may  swear,
you may grunt;
'You may be a pack-fool if you must,
but this rule
Should ever be kept at the front;
!Don't fight with your pillow, but lay
down your head
And kick every worriment out of
the bed.
"That friend or that foe (which he is,
I don't know),
"Whose   name  we  have   spoken   as
' Hovers close to your side, while you
run or you ride,
And he envies the warmth of your
breath; v
But he turns him away with a shake
of his head,
When he finds yon don't take your
troubles to bed.
—The Hub.
;See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and -lth Mondays 'if the month
fjoni't Vancouver, I. O. F., meets at
'■■6 p m.
Mt. Plenscut Lodge No. 11),  I.O.O.F.
.1,'jiects nt 8 p. in.
Vancouver   Council   No.   21 ln,   Citn-
..atiinii Order of Ohosen Friends meets
_ ihe 2d ami 4th Thursdays of the moiitli.
Alexandra Hivo No 7, Ladies of tbe
jdfvcabees holds its regnlar meetings on
, the Ist, i■.nil ild Fridays of the month
At the regular meeting of South
Vancouver Council on Saturday, Nov.
uStli. a letter from the Vancouver
City Council was read saying it was
proposed at a meeting of the Council
that a road joo feet wide should he
buiit irom Granville Street, on the
! height of hind south of Fairview to
I Point Gray, and that as the land was
outside the Municipality of Vancouver
the request could not be dealt with
by the City Council, but the City
offered to give its support on endeavoring to get the C. P R. and the
Provincial Government to consent to
such opening. The Clerk was directed to say in reply that if the South
Vancouver Council wishes a road 300
feet wide it has power lo expropiate
the same and the Council notes that
the City does not offer to bear part
of tlie cost of opening such a road,
nnd tliis Council thinks that as the
City cannot afford to open up its 8
feci of Sixteenth Avenue, as it says
in its letter read at the meeting, and
which it has several limes promised
to do, it can hardly afford to build
n .100 feet road, This Council proposed in i!__i.|. 1K0.1, 1895 antl in 1904
In have a rtiad 150 feet wide from the
Magee Road round Point Gray to
Jericho, and still thinks this to be the
most  desirable route
Tenders are to be asked for building the Cedar Cottage Road from the
Gibson Road to the Westminster
Road, in answer to a petition asking
for same.
The sum of $200 was ordered to he
paid on the Collingwood Road contract; the Cedar Cottage Road, from
the station towards the City, to he
paid for when pased by the Board of
Works; Twcnlyscconil Avenue is also
to be paid when completed.
W. Anderson received $150 on account of his Bodwell Hill contract.
The tenders for Nineteenth and
Twenty-first Avenues and for the
Buckberry Road, were not let, and
new offers are to be asked to be in at
the next meeting of the Council.
J. Edgertou will build live chains
of road between Blocks 26 and 27, in
District Lots .391 and 392, for $14.90
per chain.
The Council having been notified
that the small rock-cruslicr was
wrecked in a collision west of Winnipeg and all the material sent back to
Brantlford, the Reeve was authored to cancel the order for the same.
Six dollars per month is to he paid
to Klisha Burcli as relief, Mr. W. Daniels having granted him a place to
live in and a small house has been
built by some residents on the River
The Electric Railway Company is
to be asked to put street crossings
on Twenty-fourth Avenue, on the
Cemetery Line, antl also on Cedar
Cottage Road and the Flctt Road, on
'.! e Westminster  Line.
The Reeve was asked to interview
the Manager of the B. C. IL. Railway
Company in regard to putting some
electric lights on the Westminster
tramway line, and also on the Cemetery  line.
Tenders arc to be asked for building the Bodwell Road from Centre
Road to Block 55, in District Lot
2027, also for building a road from
Westminster Road to the present
part of Cedar Cottage Road; also for
laying a four-foot sidewalk on the
south side of Seventeenth Avenue,
(rom Quebec Street to Westminster
^.venue. to be ill hy the next meeting
oF the Council.
The Highway By-law and Seventeenth Avenue Sidewalk By-law were
reconsidered and scaled.
The Ward By-law was read a third
The Council then adjourned.
Finn Candied Peel, per lt>.
Fancy Currants, per tb...
Fancy Raisins, per 11.	
Spy Apples, fine ones %\ 2,*i Faucy Butter, per lb 25c
Lnlco of the Woods Flour SI 50 Economy Flour $1.21)
5. T. Wallace
Westminster avenue &
Harris street. Telephone 1200.
Some Journalistic Recipes
portion   of  benignant
and   season   wc
«.»_» (___53» SSC3» ft-HHKBS
The Great English  PER-
M AN ENT   Cure   for
Corpulency. Highly reeom
mended  by   tlio  Medical
Ill 2 sizes,
$2 at—
Public Drug: Co.
Arcade.    Hastings  Street.
Free Delivery to all partsol the
City. Telephone 168)1,
ARCADE,   IIastimih ST
DO IT N()\Y!—If not already a Sub'
scribor to "The Advocate" become one
now.   Only*.! for IS months.
New Blouses
Ladies' New Neckwear,
Belts, Etc.
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank or Canada Building
Corner Seventh  ulid  Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasaut.
Another large shipment of the celebrated  HUNTLEY <ft PALMER
BISCUITS   just   arrived.     Fresh,   crisp,   uud   nt   right    prices.
23! 5 Westminster Ave. ' Phone 933.
one   large
Add   lots   of  brain
with thought;
Stir in some cleverness with just a ! it
Of insolence whipped to a frothy wit.
Next,  add  a  pint  of  very  fres'i   remarks,
Some   good,   rich   jokes  and   several
spicy talks,
An ounce of wisdom and a pound of
.Dissolve in one  full quart of wholesome fact;
Mold a la Man.     If young, then dust
with fun;
Turn  over  to  some  girl  to be  well
If  otherwise,   frost   o'er  with   silver
Serve daily in an editorial chair;
Garnish with pen and inkpot, and the
That's rushed.     That makes a  most
superior man.
The Newspaper Woman
To one  large  portion of a romantic
Add  two  soft  eyes  and  season  well
with thought;
Whip  to a   foaming  froth  much  lingerie,
Add charm, expression and diplomacy
In  equal quantities;  stir  in  a  smile,
One  good,  broad  mind, and  lots  of
Chic  and  style.
Next, flavor with progrcssiveness and
But not too highly— just a dash or so;
Dissolve   some  fact  and  fancy  in   a
Of cleverness  mixed well  with guile
and art.
Serve daintily with two enticing lips
Upon a paper bright with merry quips
And  there  you   have  a  sweet   much
liked by men—
The   woman   up-to-date,   behind   the
The Newspaper.
To one sheet, large or small, add lots
of spice,
Stir in some truth—a little will suffice,
So use with care—too much is apt to
&*-%&#>&** * A ***
25c, 30c,
Per Dozen.
75c, $1.00 and
$1.26 per box.
Try Our Tea
It's Alright 1
and Coffee-
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Westminster Road end Ate.
'Phoue 205:1.
says it
>4-_B-___g___B____-_BBMa -_-—-JS__l_J!| _
Ladies' neckwear, in both plain and
fancy effects emphasizes the vogue
lor ruchings. In fact, niching plays
in important part in all kinds of neckwear. Jabots, stocks, lace effects,
chiffon creations and taffeta show a
finishing of niching in white or colors,
though white i« given the preference.
Paris is setting a vogue for higher
neckwear, and some effects arc being
worn there in wliich there is a ten-1
dency 10 point at the sides. The same
tendency is to be observed among j
waist manufacturers, who arc making
their garments with higher collars,
md makers of women'., laundered i
collars arc following suit. FortUli
itely lower ityles are being continued, which  ""me for whom high  col-
lari   would   be  very  uncomfortable,
vill learn with relief.
a   a   a
Don't pul cosi before cut.    Corded
ilk won't  cover a poor fit.
It is nol  ' uich the hat itself :_,«
the Bngle at- which it is worn and the
coiffeur whicll it adorns that counts.
No woman  who "i.rc tries  the  es
pcdicnl of miking  1 gown with two
•   ■ ta will ever abandon the prnctic". j
Grosgrain belting ribbon i-  recommended by a  home t^rt'ssmaker as ai
foundation  for  collars.     Sh
will not break or wrinkle.
When new evening gowns arc few
and far between nothing is so useful
as cither black or white, which by
change of flowers or trimming may be
altered  out  of all  knowledge.
If you wish to make a walking
skirt just to clear the ground without looking too short, adopt the following plan: Measure the person from
the waist to the ground, then deduct
one and a half inches.
* *    *
They should always be soaked for
an hour in plenty of plain cold water
previous to washing, as the cold bath
draws out the sulphur used ill dressing the wool. If this precaution is
not taken, and tlie blankets arc washed at once in hot water, in the usual
way, they acquire a dull, dingy tint
which is sometimes impossible to remove. New blankets also require
to have the water changed a great
number of limes before they look
really clean.
* *   *
Eastern  advices   say   that  there  is
imrj mciwn-i ni-iii v t ________-_________MW<|
You can't mako sweet butter In afoul
churn. Every farmer's witu knows this.
Your stomach churns and d!_|i-ts the
food you nut, and if foul, torpid or out of
order, your tvliolo system MilTers from
blood   poisoning,     You   Will   hnvo  foul
bnitth. coated tongue, had taste, pour
appetite, nud a wholo trnlii of dl.i'grno-
alile ■vniploms. Dr. Plerca'l lluldtin
Medical Discovery, which Is not n Leverage compound uf whisk) or alcohol, luting
entirely free from Intoxicants, is a grunt
regulator and Invlgnrntor of tlm Munich, Liver and llutrcln,
"About it ynur ago I wns 111 with lilood poisoning." writes .Miss Eveline Louis, of SO
Wiiimr Street, lin.1.11... ff. V. "I liud what
socniud to he a hiiiull cold ion on my Ily. It
became very ntn.rv In appearance uml hogun
to .1.! .,,.1 until it nearly cnvoi-eil Diy face. I
wus a frightful sight ami could not go outside the imuao Iwciiiise of my apneai ancn. I
uat'd lt IiIikh] mi'tlfciiio which did not give
lno any relief. Then I t>t>_rau to take your
'Gulden Moment Discovery.' I waa irniatly
benefited with Dm llrst Ixittle and aftor taking tlm second bottlo was eomiilotely cured.
Tbo erysipelatous eruption disni>i)>>nrcti iiuij
my blnod was cleansed, My complexion Is
1< in  und fresh nut] I hare felt bottei
oar than 1 tlifl for sonio time boforo.
The Extraordinary SALE of
Continues till
store closes
Saturday night.
Blouses that were reduced last week tt' half-price bave been pl'ictd on
Bargain Tables this-week at one-fourth their values, Blouses made
of Flannel. Cashmere and Silk, regularly at fron: ifl 00 to "ti.oo, nt the
low price of il 00 ench
Ladies' Jackets at One- TILIRI) the price this week.
Ji.fki'ts that nre Al, Up-to tlitte in every respect, selling regulnrly at
from "57.50 to £17 00, nud worth the money, too. Your cholos for
$6 each.   gJAf xi_e Mantle Dept , is t.n Ihe 2d lloor of  New Store.
J. S. McLeod, McBeth & Co.,
!     Corner Westminster Ave. an't Hastings St.,!f_asf.
wera\m\VmTmm>mwm it m* -Mr—as- -acq ar--sm-caagp ■_— 'xisse-9
■ ^.i -■ 'i,  _>,_ ,_,»
clear und fresh and I hare felt better this
year than t tlifl for sonio time boforo. Dr.
I'luioo's Ooldoo Slodlc'ul fllseovery Is certainly a most ruiuarltahle nn .li'liie,"
Don't accept it sulistitute for a medicine
which perforins such euros and wliich litis
a uniformly successful record of nearly
forty yours to Its credit. It's an insult to
your lnt.ellli.cnce for it denier to try by
over-persuasion to pnlm oil upon ynu in
its stead some inferior srtlcle with no
reoord to back it np. You know whnt
ynu want; lt Is Ills business to meet that
|Ct*ifl nnn ™VEN AWAY, tn conies of
■pUUfUUU T1)„ pnopi,.. Common fienso
Medical Atlrl
toot of 500.000 .
rears in'", at 91.50 per copy-
Last year we dure away
E'sl.tKXl worth of tlii'su In.Kliia-
ble iK-uki*. This year we shall
_rlvc away f.Vl.000 worth of
tliem. Will you share In Ibis
benefit? If so. send only 31
one-cent stamps to cover cost
of tuallliu: only ftir Ixmk fn
litllT pi,per covers, or M stamps
for cliith-botuiil. Address Dr.
fe V. Plorce. Buffalo, N. Y.
Constipation although a
fi'tp big units II neglected,
'oriels euros constipation.
a iHiok thut auld to tho ex-
iplea a few
vs Sale!
It tvill pay you to mnko a specinl trip to onr storo on  Westminster
avenue, during tho next Ifi days.    We need somo money—you need
a lot of Vv INTISR CLOTHES—so here goes.
SALE   ON   NOW—cuds Dec.  2d.   A few Sample Prices:
415 Tweed  Suits *<).S5        $20 Tweed  Suits $12.55
Blue and Blnck Worsted Suits aud all Trousers 20% off.
Huts, all reduced about 2f>%.
Shirts, Underwear, Sox nud Neckwear about 20% off.
THE ... D. SCOTT CO., Ltd.
435 Westminster Ave.,, Opp. City Hall.
a strong feeling in favor of the velvet
suit. In this manufacturers of mod-'
prate-priced garments are strong advocates of the short jackets. The
bigger business will'probably be done
on this, because of tbe smaller quantity of velvet necessary for its construction.
*    *    *
Work Box—This box is made by
covering a small tea-chest with green
denim, stretched to fit smoothly, into
which brass-headed tacks arc driven
according to the illustration given.
The inside and top of the box are
lightly padded with cotton batting
and lined.
Con. Front Sthebt and
Wi..■■.['MiNsriit Avenue,
Milk and  Cream
Wholesale and Retail.
Our premises nro clean and commodious, nud we havo admirable
equipment and facilities for
handling milk. FALSE CHEEK
DAIRY is well-known in the
city. Ask our oustomors about
Next, get the freshest news and whip
it all
Into the  whole; mix well some politics
With   plans   antl   theories,   then   atld
several  sticks
Of  personals   to   flavor.    In  a  quart
Of   milk   of   human   kindness,   steep
some tart
Remarks  of  men;    ad    libitum,  add
A pound of comment and a dash of
Then   serve   with   printer's   ink   and
g.ynish much
With catchy head-lines, clever scoops
and such,
And thus is made, according to this
The   piece   de  resistance   of  a  chef
called time.
Poem read before the Louisiana
Press Association,-by Miss Ella Bcnt-
ly, of "The Chief's" editorial staff.
Muir's Bakerv
is the best place to get all kinds of
'Phono 448.
Rend the Now York Deutnl Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
New York Dentnl Parlors lor yqur work
new building.
u flat of 4 rooms in  n
Apply  "A dvo rate"
Mrgyie House
The Big Bargain Dry Goods Storo at^B. O.
Jt*^^afrfo-fttyftifeffetftJfrt jfr *^J^J^e^J^J^J^*^JI*J^J^^ 9
Winter Suits
That Uphold the Standard of Fit-Reform
Quality for  $20
IF wo mndo ouly one-priced suits—and staked the
Fit-Reform reputation—we could not make them
better tliau $20 Winter Suits.
Thoy nre the best $20 worth that Fit-Reform has
ever made—nud that means the bost in Canada.
Every yard^of the cloth is thrice teBtcd—at the
mills abroad—when it reaches Montreal—aud wheu
the suits arc nnish»H. Tliis moans wear nud sen-ice.
Every garment i; l__.iile by specialists—tailors who
do .jnst o."c ;' ■;' "i tlio work ou collars, shoulders,
sleeves, wutst, vtbts or trousers. This means perfect fit nud permanent shapeliness.
Then there's the vest  range  of pattoms—running
tho gnnuit of colors, mixtures nud coinbiuations—
iu effects that aro exclusively Fit-Reform.
There's it grout big $20 worth of suit vnluo in these
$20 suits.
553 Hastings Street,
•Mail   Orders    promptly   attended   to.—Solf-iueasuremont
blanks nutl samples sent ou application.
•****«_•* i»TO5W #**,_*,&*',***,***«
There is no gift more worthy than Gloves—if they nro REYMER
GLOVES. We are soie agents for Vancouver. They were awarded the "Grand Prix"—the highest award of honor—at tho Ptu-is
World's Fair.   Every pair fully guaranteed nud filted.
GLACE KID GLOVES; come in blnck, tans, browns nud greys;
finest of Froucli Kill skins; per pair $1, $1 2C and ij-I.CO.
SUEDE GLOVES; blacks and greys; nlso tbe celebrated washable
kid gloves iu white; instructions with each pair; per pr.ir $1.C0.
303 Hastings street.
Situate in thu Nbw Wi.ksminsti.u
Mining Division, Distriot ok New
Westminster Wueue located—in
South Valley in the Eastside of Squamish Channel, about six miles from
Squamish River and live miles from
Salt Water, Enst of the Brittnimiii
Group and joins Charmer Olnim to
tho East,
TAKE NOTIOE thnt I, Joseph
Donald, Free Miner's Certificate TNo.
B90391, intend, 60 dnys from tho ditto
hereof, to apply to tho Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further lake notice thnt notion,
under section.87, mnst be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2Slb dny of Sept., lllOo.
ootl4 Josep.i DONALD,
160 Tenth Ave., Vancouver, B. O.
Timber Licences.
NOTICE is hereby given that, 60
tlnys after date, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to ptiroliuso the
following described laud, situated in
Coast District, Rnuge 5:—
Beginning nt n post at the Northwest corner of Lot No. 00(1, and marked
A. A. Seymour's Southwest Corner;
thence North eighty chains; thence
Enst twenty chains; thence South
eighty chains; tlienco West twenty
chains to point of commencement i containing 100 acres more or less.
Located, October 2nd. lOOii.
oct28.        R. L. McINTOslI, Agent.
DBS-SB Ss Jacket Cutting nud Fitting.
Mrs, Davie whilo abroad wns successful in receivitigaFirst-elnssDiplomn
from thu Rod mure Dress Cuttiug Asso
elation, Glasgow.
She will take classes for learning this
system. For Information call at 21511
Second avenue, Fnirview.
Get your work done ut tho
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
FRANK UnDBRWOOD, Proprietor.
BATHS- Bath room fitted with Porob-
LAiN'■- Bath    Tun    uud  nil   modern
Personal notices of visitors on
Tit. Pleasnnt, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs arc gladly received
by "The Advocate."
*-*^ Which Meet on fit. Pleasant
i. o.~i\
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each mouth at 8 p. in., in
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief IUngeb—J. B. Abernethy.
Rbcordinu Secretary—J. Hnnsen,
1'2 Seventh avenue, west.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
314 Princess street, City, Telepliono
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 10 meets every
Tuesday tit 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hull
Westminster avenue,   Mt. Pleasnnt.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to at I end.
Noni.K Grand—G. W. Jamieson.
Recording.   Secretary—Frank
Trimble.eor. Ninth ave, ft Westniin'r rd.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regnlar
Review Sd and 4th Mondays of each
month in EnightS of Pvtbias Hnll,
Westminster avenue.
Visiting Lndies always welcome.
Lndy Commander—Mrs. F. L. Budlong,
186 Eleventh nveuue, west.
Lndy Record Keeper— Mis. J. Mnrtin,
Ninth avenne.
Vancouver Council, No. 21 In, meets
ever.- 2d nnd 4th Thursdays of each
month, in I O. O. F., Hall, Westmin: tin- avenne.
Sojourning  Friends nlwnys welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
__s Wc.tinlnsteravcniie.  Tel. 7S0.
I:. & J. HARDY & CO.
Company,   Financial,  Press and
80 Fleet St., London,  E. O,  England
•   Colonial Busiuoss a Specialty.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyont. sending anient eh nnd description may
quickly nicer turn cur upllll.,11 free wlmtlior an
111 v . ■ 11 ■ I .11   IS le.ileil.lv inlveilulile.     1'. ■ in ,n ,1 r ,1,-,_.
Huns strictly illiliMitlitl. Httndbnnkon t'ntciua
si'iil trcit. tllitest Hiiency for securing jiateiila.
I'liteiits tuken tiirouitli Munn A c,. receive
fji^rlut tintler, without ehargo, iu tbe
Scientific American.
A .iiitiii'initit'!/ Ohi'itr.i. I'd wroklf. I_._rn'-M olf*
ruin! nm of flnv tii-ion111)ii .ft.i.nuil. Tltiuh. 13 a
rmri four mouths, 9L Hold byaii newMwnnL
MUNN &Co.33"""^' New York
Hriineli Olllce. 1126 F SU Wuslilniitoii. II. 0.
White All-wool Blankets, worth*
■«*S»    _H»»
»<*H»_-I   r»
■&ab I ■
■4   * W ■
'50 >
per pair
Flnnnelotte Blankets, worth 4.1.00 for 78e.
Special Values in Bed Comforters st'f 1,60,'*>, $3.25, $2.60.
J. rtorter,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Caroegi^Library.
There is no homo too small to use Electric Light.
dwelling should use it—Everybody will uso it.
The children—bless thom—thoy cnn not upset the Electric
Light nud burn the houso dowu.   They cnn do no harm
whatever with Electric Light.
It enn bo lighted or extinguished by a touch of a bntton.
No lamps to clean; uo smell of coal oil; no disfigurement
of walls.
When a smoll amouut of light is noeded,  6 or 10 caudle
power Lamps may bo installed,  thus reducing the total
expense of light.
Call and seo us lu reference to installing Electric Light to
tnke the place of your Coal Oil Lamps.
B. C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
Corner Carrall and Hastings streets. \


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