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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Mar 31, 1906

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1-B> Reduced from 76c to OOo
)£-&       " "     BOc to SOc
—A Fresh Supply  "fust Received.—
fl. A. W. Co. Ltd., Mt. PLEASANT BRANCH
Free Delivery to any part of the city.   'Phone 790.
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three riotiths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year $1.
Always Something
to interest you every week in THE ADVOCATE
among the Local Items, Miscellaneous Items,
Woman's Realm, or the Oei:Hnuod Story. The
Advertisements will keep y 1 ;.-, l,& "ii *&b.-re
to go for bargains in all lineu:
The, subscription price !s witlu__ tile.reach of all
Delivered anywhere in the City, the Dominion,
the United States or Groat Britiau for (1 a year
-S-TABLISHKD APRIL 8TH,  1899.    WHOLE No. 888.
Mt. Pleasant,   Vancouver,   B.   0., Saturday, March 81, lfiOO.
(Seveuth Year.;   Vol. 7, No. 58.
••**> Mm luaig Auction and Conimis-
*m*x -it,.. LtdL.nexttoOarnoige Library,
•asrt'nfs streot, buy Furniture for Cash,
flrm»'not Auction Sales and handle
Bankront Stocks of every descriptiou.
(-attrtaotion guaranteed.   Phono 1070.
Tho line new steam road-roller recently purchased by the City for servico ou
the southside of False Creek, is now
standing in front of No. 8 Fire Hall—a
convenient place to go aud see it.
The B. O. Electrio Company will
commence tha bnildiug of a carbarn,
■hops and storehouse about beginning
of June ou its Mt. Pleasant property,
The block recently purchased by the
Company is situated between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth avennes and Westmin-
atot avanuo and Quebec street.
SULPHUR, the finost yet; 15c per
{pound, 2-ltiS for 25o, IOo package; at
the Mt. Pleasant Drug Store.
The pastor, Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton,
will preach Suuday morning to tho
parents aud children on the subject:
"Life's Springtime."
In the ovening the Rev. R. Newton
Powell will preech.
"Resolved,- thnt Bachelors betweeu
85 and 45 years of age should be Taxed,"
will lie the subject of debnte at the
meeting of the St. Michael's Church
Young Meu's Club on Monday cvoulug.
Ladies will bo'admitted. The debaters
will be Messrs. Tunneclitfo, Boult, McGeer, B.riniiigliam.
MOUNT    PLEA 3A*_. T    13 APT I ST
^f"be pastor, Rev. Herbert W Piercy,
will preach morning aud eveuiug on
Snnday. Moruiug subject: 'God
Needs Us." Eveniug subject: "The
Advantages of Being Awake."
Yonng Men's Bible Class nud Sunday
School 2:110 p. in
By properly adjusted g'usses Dr,
Howell at tho Burrard Sanitarium Ltd.,
relieves eye strain which causes hernial'he aud oilier mwvinis troubles.
April 8tll—Vancouver's 20th Birlli
day—dou't forget to celebrate. There
is no town like our town nnd no opportunity shuuhl ever be lot pass for a
'•Hurrah for Vancouver I" It is a
noticeable fact that people who go away
generally return. Tho parade billed for
Friday uoxt will be a large one, and all
should help malte the celebration a
Eggs for hatching, White Rocks.
Best Pen J3 per 15; Second Pen "52 per
15.   J. H TOOL, 169 Teuth ave , west.
Get yonr Dancing Pumps, Ladies'
Dancing Slippers, Gentlemen's Bedroom Slippers, Patent-leather Shoes
of tho Reliable Shoeman—R. MILLS,
119 Hastiugs street, west.
/'In order that the citizens of Fair-
view and Mt, Pleasaut may have the
benefit of the increased water supply"
to be secured by the new pipo to be laid
from the dam to tbe pool by July 1st,
it has been deoided to construct a
Staudpipo iu the Stanley Park reservoir,
whioh will oauso the water to ascend
80 feet higher on the sonthside of False
Greek. Last yoar a wator main was
laid around the head of False Creek for
the benefit of this part of the city, and
it didn't amount to a row of pins. May
bo after a few yenrs of experimenting
the authorities will learu that a big
reservoir, ou the highest situation, is
the biily eolntloii of the water question
on th:e' southside of False Creek.
A fresh supply of Steele Briggs autl
Perry's Seeds just opened up nt tho
IK. A. W. Drug Store.
There was a wall-attended inciting of
Lacrosse devotees in Mason's Hnll on
Thursday evoniug, Mr. R. Mills
presiding. Mr C. W. Murray presented
the correspondence with roferonco to
securing grounds to play on, and advised
that no action be taken toward organizing a Senior team owing to tbe nu-
satisfaotory roplios recoivod and to continue negotiations for better terms. This
suggestion was unanimously adopted.
Mr. S. MoOlay roported there would be
no difficulty in financing a Senior team.
Pending the organizing of a Senior
team the Maple Leaf Intermediates
will gave a danco within the next ten
days to ralso founds to help tho movement along. Among thoso on tho
Committee to get up a dance ore Messrs,
O. W Murray, R. Mills, W Davidson,
Oapt. J. Morran, H. W. Howes, J.
Martin, S. McOlay, G. Morrison.
Grash  Sam—tho  finost  yot—80e a
pound, at the M. A. W. Drug Store,
Nl. Pleasant Mall.'Postofllco.)
Mail arrives daily at 10:80 a. in., aud
2:80 p. m.
Mail leaves the Postoffice at 7 and 11
a. m., and 1:30 aud 5:30 p. m.
Dentistry ns we practice it is a serious profession,
involviug education, carefulness and skill. Therefore wo can not compete in prices with tho ignorant, the careless or the unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that wo ebargo less than half as much as
most privato practionors.
But yon ask, Is tho work as good? We roply, it
is better Indoed, no dontist who tries to practice all tho different
branches of dentistry can achieve such magnificent results us we do
with our corps of skilled specialists
' wo**
IF   YOU    ARE   IN
147 Hastings st. Teiophoue im.
Branoh Of fleet corner Abbott aud Hastiugs streets. Tel. 2022.
Ofiice Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;  Sundays 9 a.m.,   to 2 p.m.
Jm A. FLETT, Ltd.,
are now moving
thoir Hardware busiuois to the new and more commodious premises
three doors soath of their Old Staud.
Whilo thanking their Customers for past patronage, they hope with
thoir Increased Stock and accommodation to secure a still larger
share of samo.
A Great Snap!
Mr. W. W. Merkley is able to be out
nguin nfter an acnte attack of grip.
Miss McNeil of Rossland,  is visiting
friends on ;_t. Ploasaut aud Fairview.
J. H. McGill, Barrister and Notary
Public, has taken offices iu the Iuus of
Court Building. ^
Mr. Luke's new home ou tho corner
of Tenth and Westmiuster avenues, is
ueoring completion.
Mr. Thos. Foster, Manager of Fit-
Reform Wardrobe, returned Saturday
from a business trip East.
Tho Presbyteriau Choir are preparing
for a Cantata which they will present
ou Good Friday evening.
Mr. Cartwrlght Sr., is quite ill at the
homo of his daughter in-law Mrs.
Oartwright, Niuth avenue.
Mr nnd Mrs. J. Wilkiuso—, loft on
Wednesday for Toronto, where Mr
Wilkiuson will start iu business.
Lndies' and Children's plain sewing
nently and woll-doue, Mrs. Cnlleu, 2245
Westminster aveuuo.
The mnuy friends of Mr. J. B.
Abornethy will be sorry to hear he is
iu tho Oity Hospital ill with pucumouia.
Mr. Georgo Trimble arrived from
Rovelstoko, on Friday last, and is stopping with his parents Mr. ami Mrs E
Trimble, Westminster road.
Mr W. R. Verge of Tenth avenue,
has hern confined to his home this
week with an injured foot, having met
with nn accident whilo at work
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertisment on
4th page, of special interest to women.
The young peoplo of Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Ohnroh spent a pleasaut social
time Thursday evening at tbe home of
the pastor Rov. Mr. Piercy. 82 Eleventh
avenue, west. Gaines, vocal nnd instrumental music aud refreshuicuts wero
Advertize in tho "Advocate,"
A typographical eno.- iu H. O. Lee's
advertisement last week caused the
price of bnttcr to nppcar very low, reading "41-lb. Boxes for fl 00." Tho correct prico is "14-It,. Boxes for $4.00."
Tho bnttor is of excellent quality aud is
oheap at 14 pounds for $4.00.
Tho vory latest stylos iu Canadian
and American makes and designs in
Winter Shoos for Mon, Women nnd
Children at R, MILLS, the Shocmnn,
119 Hastings streets, west.
Mr. J. T. Rold arrived homo Tuesday
after a ton months absence, during
whicll time he travelled in Euglaud,
Sootlaud, Easteru Canadian and American cities, Nelsou, Rossland, Spokaue,
Seattle aud Tacoiua Mr. Reid has
como to the conclusion that Vancouver
is tho best place on earth to llvo.
Read the New York Dontal Parlors
advertisement in this jiaper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
BANK   of
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $3,000,000.   Reserves $8,487,000.
A General Banking Business
Savings Dank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WAUD, Sub-Manager.
Mr. Fred Rolston left this week for
Rivers Inlet, where he will remain all
Mr.H.O. Leo has purchased the lot on
the southwest cornor of Westminster
and Fourteeuth avenues.
Mr. Jas Armstrong aud family
moved to Biirrard street, whero Mr.
Armstrong has taken over the West
End Grocory.
Changes for advertisements sbould'bo
iu beforo Thursday noon to insure their
Conservative Club.
Premier Richard MeBrido and Finance
Minister R. G. Tatlow will address a
Mass Meeting at au early date.
Watch for further aimounccuiouts.
DEATH.—Moody : On Maroh 29th, nt
resideuee 1039 Georgia streot, Howard
liYii-ii.,- Churnh Moody, beloved sou of
Dr. Will and- Irene Hawkins Moody,
aged I—roe month..,
Interment took placo Friday in the
family plot at Victoria.
Good Butter
i4***Lb. Boxes $4.00
Pure Honev 5-Lb. Pails, 55c
Eastern Maple Syrup 35c Qt
Very choice He  per pound.   This price good for
The City Grocery Co. Lt*
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 286. Westminster Ave. & Princess Stroot.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
King's Heat flarket
2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesale ond Retail
\   R. Porter & Sons.
11 Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
'.* on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant nud Fairview.
Prompt, Delivery.  FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry iu season.
1 i Tel. A1206.
Don't get the wrong idea!
Because a man deals exclusively in Teas aud Coffee that therefore
he must of courso sell cheaper and give better value than a man
who combines TeaB and Coffee with other lines.—
To prove this Try a Sample order of our Teas aud Coffee aud yon
will be convinced thnt the best valuo is right heke at your door.
THIS   WEEK.—Another Shipment of  that Choice Dairy Butter,
 at 2no per pound.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone  11160.
_____-B   I    I   UM —— ^*—"*
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints  $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your honse.
Jack Foster • Tom Piri__i_ips.   "
lit. Pleasant
The nearer home you i,pend your money the moro benefit you get from it.
Our prices on the Hill will average from io to 15 per
cent LOWER than down-town prices.
Here are a few items:	
Good Bananas 25c a doz.
Hoiutz Sour Pickles, bulk, 20c a pt.
2 large bottles Rowat's Sauce 25c
If we havo uot what you want, we'll got.
Largo Swoot Navel Oranges 26c a don. \
Fresh Rhubard 4-Ib for 26o \
Heiutz Sour Pickles, bulk, ISO a pt. ]
We are after your bus mess. |
Foster A Phillips
*    'Phone 914.    Prompt delivery.    246 Ninth ave., east.   %
t0***000f00**0000**00****** 00000*00000000000000000000
£<***"" Subscribers    are    requested   to
report any oaro—ssness in tho delivory
nf ''The Advocate."
Furniture Cream Two Bits
Ammonia (pints) Two Bits
Chloride of Lime 2-lti. Two Bits    _
Sulphur for Fumigatiug, Lb 10c
Copperas, Lb 10c
Lye, per tin 10c
-L./-Y VV , Wants to See YOU.
Central Park, Mar. 20, 190B.
Tho Central Park Literary and Debating Society held its last meeting of the
season last evening, whon a paper was
read-by Mr. W. J Cunningham on the
oirly "Early History of British Columbia.'' The writer seemed to havo his
subject will iu hand, and it proved very
interesting and instructive. , A few
pleasant musical and literary numbers
helped to lengthen the program. At the
close a hearty vote of thanks wns tendered tho officers and program committee
for their faithful work duriug tne to. •
son. Iu replying tho Prosidont, Mr.
Saudersou said that it had beeu vciy
difficult to get speakers for the different
debates, aud he was rather disappointed
iu the work of tho Society during tho
past scasou, bnt hoped that by next
winter the members, and pariiculnrly
the youug peoplo, would be more willing to assist. Further, he felt sure that
tho talent exhibited by somo of the
young  gentlemen  was such  that  by
proper practice in tho Society debates
might some day bo worthy of representing us iu tho Houso at Victoria, (cries
of hear I hear I). -Mr. Sanderson on bo-
half of tho Executive thanked very
kindly all those who had assisted in nny
way. Tho meeting closed with tho
National Anthem.
The Holly Clnb held a innsqucrode
dance last Friday evening which proved
very enjoyable.
Au illustrated Leoturo and Coucert
will be given in the Presbyterian
Ohurch uext Thursday evening, April
4th, at 8 o'clook, entitled "The Old
Laud," by Rev. Dr. Wright of Vancouver A fow musical numbers will be
rendered. It is uuder the auspices of
tbo Ladies' Aid and in aid of the
church funds.
SSiA* Muslin Blouses Ju3t     5
Styles in
pin tucked, cuffs
Blouses, made of flue white lawn, box-pleated and
and collar pin tucked; sale price $1.2*>.
Blouses, made of fine lawn, frout pin tucked nnd embroidery insertioned, deep cuff tucked back aud collar tucked; sale prion $1.25.
Blouse, made of famcy light grey w/iisting,  tucked  hack and front
and trimmed with straps of self and buttons; sale price $1.25.
Blouses, made of plain linen, fancy ombroiderod  frout; collar and
cuffs embroidered; sale price $-1.2_).
ADACC £•  CC.   : 30.3*« and 34 Cordova St.
.   l\\JZy.J tX  \S\J.i Telephone 574.
Telephone 574
-.'•v'&'**-K**t^'*-.'_'v**>*v"a/*<»-'*/^^ %%%
'   J
s_t-_s_BK______-»«Bn.nti___i <______. ,<:■ -s.s_s_--«__»ft
A Short
In thk New Process of
photography found at
tho Mathers Studio it is *
no longor uecossary to
wait for a convouiout
season. But nny day
or night for thut matter
wilt do.
Only  first-class   work
565 Granville street.
Telephone 081.
il I
beforo yon let that job.
Prices   are    reasonablb   for   First
Class Work.
2442 Westminster avenue.
RENNIE'S seeds
66 Hustings Street, West, Vancouvkr,
(Write for Catalogue,)
A SPEOIAL OFFER, El 3—All for 25c:
IS H'li'knut'S nt EeadlBIt Vegetal*)!)* nnd I'Imvuts f,,r 26c.-Onion,
LottUce, Carrot nnd Radish: Asters, Bwest Mignonette, I'l.n.-
I'ean nnd Wild Gnrilcn.
cucumber, n,ict,
■,  I'etulitn, BWOOt
oak *** ***
s*t   *f*   tsj*
Customers will be glnd
to know we havj£*Jdst
got in a uew shipment
of these populifr goods
from England.     _,j.   ;
Salad Bowls... .$**.7S to *lf>.
Biscuit Jars... .fl.SQ to|5.50.   .
Butter Dishes. .TT9O0 to $4.60
The metal Irimmings are the
best Euglish electro-plate on
nickel silver.
Corner Hastiugs aud Granville SU.-.-
Official Watch Iuspector 0. P. R.
Wm. Ren nie Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.
. - — -11-
Select   Dancing
MASON'S HALL, Ninth avenue.
Mrs.   M.    LESTER.
Member National Association Musters
of Danoing.
Adult Classes Every Friday as follows:
Beginners Class from  7:S0 to fl p. in.;
Dancing   by   Advanced   Pupils from
0 to 11 p in
Jnvenlle Class Evory Friday afternoon
from 4 to 6 o'clook.
Vancouvkr Acadfmv: Fonder Hall.
Victoria Aoabemt: A. O. U, W. Hull.
Telephouo Alu21 or A28II7.
Advortisis in "Tho Advocate "
We can save money for vou!
Fancy Toilet Sets from $2 a set up.
See our Stock Pattern Dinner Ware—we have
a large selection to choose from.
Get Our Prices
 ou Enamel, Tin and Wooden ware.
Buchanan & Edwards
662 664 Granville St. 'Plione 2021.
Boot antl Shoomaklng
and Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2464 Westminster uveune.
For a Game ol
Pool or Billiards
Orop In at
i mcoutoheonvs barber siior
Mt. Ploasant.
Royal Crown
the Bust in the World. Drop
us a post card asking I'or 11
Catalogue of Premiums to ho
hnd free for Hoval Crown
Soap Wrappers.
B3T Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone Hi405
Catsup, 2 bottles. 25c
Lipton's Pickles 25c a bottle
No. I Potatoes $1*25
& Gow,
146 Ninth Ave. Opposite No.8 Fire Hall
Telephone e.l Hi;. Prompt delivery.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover aud Timothy Seeds,   •
1'nut's Poultry and Animal Foods,
I'rait's Lio* Killer,
Holly Chick Food,   Hoofscrapa, Bio.
S     k'FTl I I Corner   NINTH iv«M   A
Ti-li-pliulic    16-7,	
The Canadian
Bank0F Commerce
Deposits of (isk DoI/!.ak and upwards
n.eeivud and iuterctt aUawed thereon.
Hank Money Orders  issued.
A Geueral Uaukiug Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. m. te * p. n
Satuiidavh: 10 a m. lo l-m, 7 toi pn.
East End Branch
444 Wostnilnetw      C. W. DURBAv'T,
avenue. MavaO)JU|.
-      -a--—.j——i-j-i   -iiui__E_m
DO IT NOW !-If uot already*
wriber to "The Adviv-ete'
now.   Only fl for 18 n_o»tfcs.
V" .'.
j£i * Linked by Fate ]
Author of "The Verdict of the Heart," "A Heritate
of Hate," "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid
For," "A Modern Juliet," Etc
r+f-M ♦♦■♦♦♦++■.
voice which
Continued from last week.
"How do you do, Lady Marlingford?" he snid in just the ordinary
tone of polite greeting.
Her white teeth closed on lier lip
for a moment, then she bent her
head. 'I'he "Lady Marllngford" was
like a blow to lier from the man
who hud heen wnnt to breathe
"Judith" as ii it were a psahu of
life,   u sonnet of love.
"I—I did nut know you were—
back," she snid. "And why do you
call me Lady Marllngford?" she added, her brows drawn as if with pain.
He ought to have been startled by
the question, but it would have taken very little less than an earthquake
to startle ppor Nana at this period
of his existence.
"How do 1 en"." he asked, not
bitterly, but with a placidity which
cut her more deeply thun any bitterness would have done. "You wero
just on the point of marrying Lord
Marlingford when 1 left lingland—if
you remember."
She raised her head nnd looked at
■him. Tho group to wliich ho had
been absently listening was quite
.close and within hearing, and she
mado a slight gesture with hor
"Will you conic a little farther up
the ride?"- she said in a very low
Vane hesitated for an instant. He
had loved this girl with a love
which he had thought eternal, had
well nigh lost his reason when she
•had betrayed and deserted him; but
now he had not the least desire to
talk with her. His Iovo for Nina—
how in its purity and truth it shamed his old passion for Judith Ormo!
—had wiped out all thought of and
desire for any other woman, even for
this exquisitely beautiful one. But
he could scarcely refuso her request
and, with a nod, he moved beside
her to a vacant space. Sho took her
'horse close to the rail and bent
■down, so that sho could whisper to
him; he was still sensible of the
grace    of her   movements,    but  only
tt^nalblo    of   i I,    aa   UttO    io   canscil.llS   of
the grace of a particularly beautiful
statue or a singulurly charming picture.
"Don't you  know?   Have you  not
heard?"  she snid    with the    fnintest
tremor in her voice, tho
used to thrill him.     ^^^^^^^^^
"Heard what?" ho said, almost
She regarded him with a chastened air.
"Poor Lord Marlingford died just
—just beforo our—our wedding day,"
Bhe said brokenly.
Vane's eyelids did not even flicker,
and  h._  looked at hor ctourlily.
"Poor beggar!" he said. "I'm
sorry. "I'm sorry for him." And
he was genuinely sorry, for he remembered what the loss of her had
been  to himself.   "I hadn't heard—"
She drew a long breath. "No?
When did you come back to Eng-
land? Wo heard tbnt you were lost.
And 1—I was—sorry. I felt—when
did you como back?"
"Some time Bince," ho replied.
"And so Lord Marlingford died!
Accept my most sincere condolences,
Miss Orme."
Tbo sapphire eyes rested on him
with sweet reproach.
"Miss Orme! Ah, Vane, you cannot forgive! You did not understand. You do not understand, even
Vane's lips begun to curl.
"I beg your pardon," he said with
polite interest, nothing moro.
She sighed again ns she curbed the
impatience and restlessness of the
"I want to tell you—but this is no
place. But I must congratulate you,
"On my succession to the title?" hs
said.  "Thanks!"
Her eyes swept over his seedy serge
Buit,  and, ns if in response, he said:
"I only heard it last night. I camo
back from—I was ln London, hard
up, and, well, I suppose looking for
■omcthing to do, when I heard ths
news. Sir Charles Lctchford happened
to spot mo—"
Sho tossed her beautiful head
"The Letchfords? Yes. They used to
ho friends of mine, but Blanche haa
cut mo lately, since—sho did not understand, as you do not understand,
that I was tho victim of clrcum-
atances. You know what my father is
—what my life hns been—"
Vano regarded her calmly. There
was a noto of appeal in her musical
voico which would havo roached his
heart and elicited a quick response
eome months ago; but it did not
move him now.
"I—I can't tell you all now,"
aaid. "Will you not come to
Vane hesitated a moment.     If
woman   who hesitates is lost,
much moro so is tho man I
"Thanks, I shall be very pleased,"
he aaid.
Her lips parted with a smile, a
smile that was almost ono of humble
"You will? Ah, that Ib good of
youl And I want to hear all that has
happened to you. You will tell me,
won't you?" .
Vane, thinking that hs certainly
Would not, replied, as ln duty bound:
"You—you aro not looking well,"
■he murmured, tho snpphiro eyes
■weeping over his faco and the seedy
serge suit.
"I've been down on my luck," said
Vane, ln response to tho glance,
"and I heard of tho chango in my
fortunes so recently that I hnven't
had time to pull myself together."
"And I am changed also: don't you
notice it?" she said, sadly.
"Can't say I do," replied Vano.
"You seem to me os—as charming
as ever, Judith." Ho had intended
to say "Miss Orme;" but tho familiar
name escaped him.
Her eyes lit up for a moment, but
Bhe veiled them Instantly.
"Do you think so? Oh, I am changed; very much so. An you will come?
Tbe old address."
"Thanks," he said. "Yes; certainly
t will come."
"Thank you; It Is good ot youl"
*h* —Ma_L ''When? i- "
"Not to-morrow," he said, mo-
chanicnlly. "I am engaged. I am going to Lesborough. When I come
She drooped over her saddlo and
held out her long, thin hand, so perfectly gloved that tho kid seemed an
outer skin. Vane took it—how often
had his lips kissed the white hand
that glove covered!—pressed it with
the proper amount of pressure.
"When you come back—directly you
como back," she said, and turned her
Judith Ormo rodo toward Queen
Anne's Gate, with her beautiful eyes
fixed on her horse's ears, and, though
she bowed and smiled in response to
the many greetings she received, she
was scarcely conscious of thom.
She pulled up ut one of tho small
houbes in St. Margaret's Place, which
are as fashionable as they are small
and inconvenient, and, having alighted with the aid of her discreet and
well-mounted groom, entered the
house and went up to the drawing-
The tea-table was set by the window overlooking the park, and Judith, after ringing tho bell for tho
urn, sank into an easy-chair and let
her beautiful face fall into tho warm,
whito hands from which she had
stripped her gloves, with a restless,
feverish haste.
As the maid was placing the urn on
the table a step, light but unsteady,
was heard on tho stairs, and presently there entered a seemingly middle-
aged, if not quite young, man. Ho
was small and slightly built, with
features almost as delicately moulded as a woman's. His hair—it was a
really admirable wig, a perfect work
of art—sat, with a fine Imitation of
nature, on a faco painted and enamelled so artfully that It might have
belonged to a young man of five-and-
twenty. The figure, slight and debonair, was clothed with a sartorial
skill and cunning to which Saville
Row alone could aspire; and it was
only the eyes, a little bleared and
prominent, which aroused the suspicion ol the keen observer—a very
keen observer—and let. out the secret
of Sir Chandos Ormo's age.
Judith's hands fell from her eyes
as her father entered the room, with
his jaunty, would-be juvenile air, and
tho expression of hor lovely faco
grew hard and matter-of-fact.
"You're home early, father," she
suid, curtly.
"Yes; yes, I am," he said. He had
lunched at his club, lunched unwisely
and too well, and tho natural flush
on his face strove, with praiseworthy but futile energy, to pierco
tho coat of enamel and paint. "But
I came home because I havo some
news for you. Vano Mannering Is here
—here in London!''
lto nnnlc {ntn   _, "hair ami   smiled at
her with a significance which was
somewhat drowned by ths effects of
the bottle and a half of champagne
he had taken with his lunch.
"He's back," he continued. "Old
T'anworthy saw him—trust old Fan-,
worthy for spotting a manl—and, as
you know, Mannering is now the Earl
of Lesborough."
"I know," Bald Judith, quietly.
"And but for you I should bo engaged to Vane Mannering, should bo his
"No, no, my dear Judith!" broko
in Sir Chandos. "It was your own
"My own doing!" said Judith, bitterly. "It was you, you, who stepped
in between us, who persuaded me to
throw Vane over and accept Lord
Marlingford. You know It, father."
Sir Chandos wave., his whito hands
—they wero still famous, though they
had been waving lor considerably
more than half a century.
"My dear Judith, do me justice !
Vano Mannering was, at thst time,
over so far removed from ths peerage."
"And So you sacrificed me," sho
said, bitterly. "Persuaded, compelled
me to throw him over and accept
Lord  Marlingford—"
"Who most—most inconsiderately
died," put in Sir Chandos. "But
whon you eay I compelled, I suggest,
I merely suggest that you wero easily persuaded—compelled; and rightly."
"And now—now Vane has come
back to England?" said Judith.
"And is—"
Sir Chandos shuttled in his chair
and toyed with tho cup of tea which
ho did not want.
"Tho Earl of Lesborough," ho said.
"You will, of course, my dear Judith-"
She rose, almost upsetting the fragile tabls with ita dainty Worcester
"You expect me, you want me to—
to—Ah, lt Is too shameful, too
Sir Chandos eyed her rather nervously.
"My dear Judith, my dear child!"
ho murmured, betweeu his artistically dyed moustache. "Circumstances
alter cases."
Bho turned her face from him, and
lt may be hoped that tho recording
angel will give hor credit for the
tears that shone ln tho sapphire eyes.
"You knew that—that I cared for
him; yes, loved him. I love him now.
Yes, I love him now."
Hor voico faltered and broke suddenly.
Sir Chandos eyed her with a faint
and murky surprise.
"Really? Is that so? Ton my Word,
my denr Judith. Well, well! Tut, tutl
But this Windfall is lucky for us!"
She dried her eyes and regarded
him with a bitter, defiant expression.
"What do yon mean?" she demanded, "Why is it lucky?"
Sir Chandos nt Inst put down the
nip that cheers, but whicll he abhorred, and blinked his bleared eyes ut
"Oh, I only meant to say thnt if
you still care for hiin, if you wunt
to be the Countess of Lesborough;
well—well, we are nil right. My dear
Judith"—he leant forward and point-
Id a forefinger nt her—"you know as
well ns I do that no mnn can resist
you; and that If you menu going for
Vano Mnnnering—I beg his pardon, 1
mean Lesborough!—thero is no escape
for him,"
Sh* bit her Up and Mured thoughtfully, moodily, at the carpet, and th*
flush   ef   shams,    humiliation, earn*
s*m\ Mt Ik kar 'eo»
"You haven't soon hlni since he
camo back. Ho Is much changed. Ho
—he was quite cool, cold to-day. Not
angry—worse,   indifferent."
Sir Chandos laughed softly, thn
kind of chuckle which is born of a
knowledge of the world and an Incapacity for shame.
"I have every confidence in you.
my dear Judith," he said: "Every
confidence. I—I think I will just drop
in at the club on the chance of a
rubber.   Every  confidence!"
■Is AiM_**i_atlo_ Was Like the End.
fn_r of Julius Caeaar.
The 25th of March, 1801, was the day
on which the Emperor Paul of Russia
was assassinated. Paul had received
some whispers of the plot against bis
life and had arranged to leave St Petersburg the following day and go to
Moscow, where he fancied he might be
safer. On the eveniug of the 25th he
retired to rest at an early hour that he
might thoroughly rest himself before
commencing his Journey. At 11 o'clock
about a score of the conspirators—officers holding high rank in the army—
appeared at tho gnte of the palace. It
was closed, but the officers presented
an order, signed by the emperor himself—or, rather, with a forged signature
attached—and, Informing the sentinel
that they were culled to hold u council
of war with the cznr, were admitted.
The emperor's ald-de-cnmp was one
of the foremost of the conspirators and
went ln advance of the others to Taul's
bedchamber, before the door of which
was a Cossack soldier on guard. "The
emperor sleeps," said tlie man. "I must
rouse him. There Is fire In the city,"
replied the treacherous nid. The Cossack, seeing others push forward,
shouted out to alarm the emperor und
Immediately fell, pierced by the swords
of the conspirators, rnul attempted to
bolt the door, but being unable to do
so seized his sword and turned boldly
on them. "Whnt is your design?" he
demanded of Count Pinto Zouboff,
"nnd what do these men want who nre
with you?" "We demand your abdication," replied Zouboff, who then read a
formal deed, which hnd been previously prepared.
"What! Do you, who have been loaded with bounties by me. turn thus upon your master?" snid the emperor.
"You nre no longer our master," replied Zouboff. "The nation has provided you a successor ln the shape of your
son. Alexander."
Paul at this raised his sword, nnd
the conspirators, who had uot expected
him to show so much courage, drew
back, with the exception of a mnn
named Benlngsen, who urged the others forward, saying:
"If you hesitate, you are lost."
Then Count Valerian Zouboff strucit
the flrst blow, and the others quickly
followed bis example. As Paul still
struggled au officer's sash was passed
around his neck, and the life was choked out of him, his last words being:
"And you, too, my Coiistnnliue!"
Ex-Reeve's    Rheumatism    Cured
by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Was so Orlppled That H* Could Hardly Got Around and Could Get no Relief from Dootors or Medlolno.
Dresden, Ont, Jan. 22. (Special)—
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured me of
Rheumatism slick and clean." Mr.
W. G. Cragg, the well-known merchant and ex-reeve of this place was
the speaker and he evidently meant
every word be said.
"It was the Inflammatory kind ol
Rheumatism I had and it crippled
me up so lhat 1 could hardly get
around to do my work ln my store-
1 had the best doctors and everything
ln the Una of medicines I could hear
of, but nothing even gave me relief.
"Thea I tried Dodd's Kidney Pills
and six boxes cured nie completely."
Dodd's Kldnoy Pills cure Rheumatism by curing the kidneys. Rheumatism ls caused by Uric acid ln the
blood. If the Kidneys are right they
will strain all the Uric acid out ot
the blood and the Rheumatism will
go with It.
Solution of the Clean
Seed Question.
You can't satisfy some people. Don't
If you do a disastrous thing carelessly, lt ia tho Maine thing as If you did it
on purpose.
Some people's Idea of being sincere
ls to sny disagreeable things to their
friends' faces.
Some houses always look ns though
the occupants were in the midst of a
house cleaning.
If the women were called upon to
vote for the nicest man iu town, how
mauy would vote for their husbands?
Never worry about anything that you
cun put off until tomorrow. Many of
tlie worries of today, if put off until tomorrow, will take care of themselves.
A man nnd llis girl can endure u
great mauy hardships when they ure
courting that they don't know nre hardships until after they are married.—
Atchison Globe.
Our attention haa recently beeu
called to a new machine which bas
lately been designed In Winnipeg tor
the purpose of treating all kinds of
seed grain. An outline cut of the machine is given herewith from which lt
will be seen that it consists of a triangular tank about fourteen inches
wide and four feet long, open at the
top aud supported on legs. This
tank contains the bluestone or formalin solution. From one end of the
tank a short elevator extends at an
angle of about 45 degrees, consisting
of two rubber belts with wood flights
placed about two and a half laches
apart. A receiving hood is attached
to the lower side of ihe top of the
elevator und just underneath this
hood and extending down to the floor
Uso at an angle of about 45 degrees, Is
placed a drain board. In operation
the upward movement of the top
side of the elevator belt causes an
upward current of the water from the
bottom of the tank and a backward
surrent on top. The grain falls
from the hopper above Into this current and is deflected backward by
it as it sinks slowly to the bottom.
At the same time all light and defective grain, smut-balls, wild oats
and other noxious weed seeds float
to the top when they are caught by
the backward water current and carried to the rear of the machine Into
quiet water, from which they may
bo    readily removed.       The    clean
The Negative  Po»e.
IP you cannot, by chance,
Give a long song and dance
On Plato or Wagner or Shelley,
Or lf you can't think
In glib Maeterlinck
Or fluently talk Bottlcelll-
If each time you bark
A Rubena remark
At a long hair and high forehead dinner
You're sat on «y thos*
Of the positive pose,
Try the negative one—It's a winner.
It's worked In these ways:
Gaze on all native (lays
And show no approving emotion;
Inspect with sad eyes
And deep, pensive sighs
All art from this side of the ocean;
Observe with wan smiles
American styles
In building and sculpture and letters.
And when you speak, why,
Distinctly imply
That the Zulus ln taste are our betters.
Don't say much; 'tis best
To vaguely suggest;
Just sigh and avoid explanations;
Look misunderstood
And all to the good
In tho matter of mind decorations;
Then people will say,
Who note your blase
Condition and thoughtfulness mystic,
"That's young Mr. Blank;
His mind is a tank
Of tasto and of feeling artistic."
"-Thomas K. Ybarra In New York Times.
wife Is a born leader,
Enpec.       tm^^^^^^^^^^^---—,
Enpec—She certainly bns a flue command of language.—Tarrytown (N. Y.)
Ceylon Natural GREEN TEA  Is  unquestionable.   IT IS ALL PURE TEA.
Sold Only In Sealed Lead Packets at 40o, BOo and 80o par II
By all Brooera.      Highest Award Bt. Louln, 1804.
If It is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
'When a child is well, give it no
medicine," Ib a wholesome adage.
But at the first sign of trouble the
careful mother will give Baby's Own
Tablets, which promptly cure indigestion, colic, constipation, diarrhoea,
simple fevers and teething troubles.
They contain not one. particle of opiate or poisonous"soothlng"stuff, yet
they give refreshing sleep because
they remove the cause of sleeplessness
and the child awakens bright and
well. Mrs. F. Mcintosh, Wablgoon,
Ont, says: "Baby's Own Tablets
wrought a wonderful change ln my
little one. When he was two months
old he began to fail and cried almost
night and day. But after giving him
the tablets he grew well and ls now
a bright, laughing baby, who scarcely
ever gives any trouble. The tablets
are surely a blessing to both mother
and child." All druggists sell these
Tablets or you can get them by mall
at. 25 cents a box by writing the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co, Brockvllle,
Imperial Maple Syrup
Ask yeur dealer fer Imperial Maple Syrup.   Do not allow him to tubatltut*
an inferior artlolo beoause It la ohoapar.
First Typesetting Machine.
In answer to the query, How old are
typesetting machines'! the London
Chronicle prints tin extract from n
copy of tbe Birmingham Herald of
1823: "Dr. Church is now nt Birmingham preparing his new printing lun-
chlne. The compositor has only to sit
down at this curious mechanism us lie
would at n pianoforte, nnd ns he strikes
the keys the types nil fall from the
case Into their proper places with it
velocity that keeps pace with the most
rapid speaker. The form baying been
worked off, the type moves Into the
melting pot, from which it Is returned,
rccust Into Its original statu without
any diminution of material nnd thence
distributed into the ense Quito new.
One of these machines placed nt the
bar of the house of commons would in
ways Insure a correct report of the de
bate. Dr. Church, the inventor, Is n
native of Boston, in New England."
A Fantaallc Duly.
A  fantastic  duly   fallB  every  fifth
yeur  to the  lot of  tlie  innyor of St.
Ives in Cornwall, **!ugland, when the
bequests left by .lohn EC—till, u former
collector of customs, ure distributed.
Aeeonipniiled by the borough iniice
bearers, he hns to walk in procession,
with ten mniils dressed lu while nun
ten old widows, to Ihe monument
known ns ID-Ill's steeple, round wbicli.
to the strains of n lldtlle, be and his
strangely assorted companions are re
quired to step n measure, Then the
bequests, which include £,*i for tlio hesi
knitter of flslilug nets and £5 for the
best curer nnd pucker of Ush, lire dls
trilmted. After this the trustees ud
Journ to dinner.
sound grain, every kernel of which
has had a thorough bath ln tho blue-
stone liquid, Is carried up on the elevator and discharged Into the hood,
from wliich it may pass into a sack
or roll slowly down the drain board
to the floor, in either of which case
It is thoroughly drained and there
is no waste of liquid, ln the cut the
curved lines Indicate the direction of
the water current, large dots tbe
path of grain and small  dots seeds.
The Inventor of the machine argues that at the present time, when
nil elevators and mills are equipped
witb cleaning machinery, the farmer
has no use for the fanning mill other
than to clean his seed grain and
many of them decline to go to the
expense for a machine of so limited
use, and his aim has been to produce
a machine that would do the work
of the fanning mill and plckler ln
ono and the same operation, and at
the same time be supplied at a price
very much less than these two machines.
This ho claims to have accomplished and It would appear that his
claims are well grounded. The machine certalny does excellent work,
and we understand that It ls to be
placed on the market at a price less
than half the cost of the two
machines mentioned.
Arrangements have been made to
manufacture here and a limited number will be on the market for the
coming spring trade. Further particulars can be had by applying to
J. A. Cowan, 789 Main St Winnipeg.
A Man of HU Word.
"I've been trying Hint physician you
recommended so highly to mo."
"Ah! And yoi/found him all Hint 1
said, reliable In every respect, ch?"
"Well, be assured ine he would put
me on my feet inside of two mouths."
"And did he do It?"
"Thnt's what he did. I've Just lold
my uutoiuobile ln order to puy hi.
Early Rising.
Some scientist bus discovered that
early rising Is bad for tlie health. Talk
about popular science! What Is the
matter with tbe brand tbls man turus
out for being popular?
Tills Intelligent scientist snys thut tho
morning air Is bnd and that the vitality
Is low about that time and that taken
together these two form n combination
that bns killed mnny meu. Killed
meu!   Think of that!
For yenrs the race has been In rebellion ngninst early rising, but having tho assurance of tlio old time copy
books, lt hns striven to overcome the
desire to lie ubed, thinking lt wns doing something smart and adding years
to its life. With tills greatest of all
discoveries to back liim up a mnn cnn
spring science on his wife und turn
over for another snooze.
It Is hnrd to touch an old dog now
tricks, but hero ls one tbat will be nn
Collection of Wolves' Ears.
Mr. O. J. Booth has six pnlr of
wolves' earn, that being the number of
anlmnls swum to before him this yenr,
snyn Tbo (irlllla News-Letter. To get
the bounty of JIG, the head with the
cars thereon must bo produced before
a Justice of tho peace, who takes an
affidavit n» to the destruction of the
Mtlr"*!1* and then outs oft the cars.
E Pius
Additional Facts Recalling H. lA. Har
per's   Glorious   Death—Unveiling
of Memorial Monument.
Henry Albert Harper lost his life ln
the Ottawa River on Dec 6,1901, undei
circumstances of equal bravery and
pathos. A young girl, for whose safety he was ln part responsible, was
drowning. The circumstances rendered an attempt at resuce desperate and
almost certain to be fatal. Harper de
llberately refused to return withput the
girl whose protector ho was. "What
else can I do?" he said, and plunged
Into the stream, to Join in death his
companion "whum he could not save
It ls a good thing that Canadian men
should feel that a trust Is to be kept
unswervingly nnd to the death. Har
per himself was still a young man;
while a public servant bringing to beai
upon a useful and honorable work an
interest and an energy which promised
ultimate distinction, he was as yet
among the Juniors Tet to-day a me
morlal recalls his example in perhapa
the most conspicuous place in Ottawa
Placed on Wellington street at the head
of Metcalfe street, visible alike from
the steps of the House of Parliament
and from the busiest street of the city
—unveiled by the representative of the
Crown and received as a national trust
by the Premier of Canada—a statue
stands to the memory, not of Harper's
bearing of success ln life, but to his
exit from It. It ls "a moment's monument," to tbe honor of the firmness of
mind and correctness of principle which
braced a young man to show once, more
that he who loses his life shall save lt
The monument has taken the form oi
a statue and ls an exceptionally fine
piece of work. Sir Galahad, young and
lithe, drawn sword ln hand, foot advanced and body poised, face uplifted,
utters the prophetic words "If I lose
myself I save myself" The spirit and
beauty of Mr. B. W. Keysets work
merits tho warmest praise.
The recent ceremony of unveiling and
dedication was simple, but made Impressive than most events of that nature. Lord and Lady Grey and Sir Wilfrid Laurier were the centre of the little group on the platform by the statue,
but the chief Interest of day lay ln
the pathetic presence of Mr. and Mrs.
A. G. Blair, the parents of the girl
whom Harper died ln trying to save.
Mr. P. D. Ross acted as chairman and
ln opening the proceedings put the
wholo point of tho commemoration In
one excellent phrase, "Harper did not
need this monument; we did." Mr.
Mackenzie King, a closo personal friend
of Harper's, and the chairman of the
committee which erected the monument, presented lt to the nation. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, ln tho easy and graceful manner of which he ls a master,
accepted lt as a national possession,
declared that lt would be a labor of
love to guard and preserve lt, and drew
a very pretty picture ot succeeding
generations asking the reason for this
memorial and being told the story of
the young man's heroism.
The Governor-General was the last
speaker and his address was much the
strongest In matter and In feeling. Ho
described the monument as Increasing
"the Interest, the embellishment and
tho Idealism of the Federal capital,"
and after dwelling upon tho example
Harper had bequeathed to the people
of his country drew the lesson that
our greatest pleajufo should He ln
spending ourselves, our fortunes and
our lives for the common good. "Canada and tho world ls richer by his
death," said His Excellency, who
throughout and with evident unconsciousness forgot the tragedy In his application of the splendor of such a
death. Ho recalled another civil servant, a young man named Harvey,
whom he had seen lying mprtally
wounded ln the shadow of the Mal.oppo
lillls In Rhodesia and who had said to
him, "How fine It Is to die for the expansion of the Empire." In the spirit
of Harvey and Harper Earl Grey gloried. "How could they have died better?" Ho congratulated the sculptor
on his work, and expressed the hope
that this would only be the first of a
set of noblo companions who would
make this tho via sacra of the capital.
W    N   U
Keep living It, ever and over •(«—i.
Ayer's Pills. Ayer's Pills. Ayer's
Pills. The beat liver pills ever made.
They ears constipation, lndi|ettlon,
biliousness, sick-headache. All vegetable, sugar-coated, mildly laxative.
WalmMttcntit  WinMI
Ui IkmIsi si sll wt Bftjl
- .ea.su -
'kiwi,     i,j»»jjj«»».,
Her First llnty Ia to Enforce Order
end Discipline.
"There can be no fixed rule governing woman's place in the borne," said
Mrs. J. Harry Selz. "Every womnn
must be the judge of how to dispose of
her time to the best possible advantage. The woman of leisure ls the
woman who Should strive to bring the
highest degree of culture into the home
to better her life nnd the lives of others. Culture is not to be attained
through elaborate entertainment nnd a
constant giving of time and energy to
social pleasures. The womnn who goes
Into society but little and gains her
knowledge through patient and solitary
study may be more cultivated tbau. she
.Who Is constantly seen ln public.
The first duty ot a womnn in the
home Is to have perfect order, for with,
out order and discipline little is to be
accomplished. Order ls the foundation, and on this we should rear a
beautiful structure. Our homes should
have an atmosphere of refinement, be
possessed of an air of sweet contentment. There ls nothing too worthy
for the home. When possible It should
be embellished by good music, a carefully chosen library and worthy pictures. The truest hospitality lies ln
permitting our friends to share our
pleasure without any desire at ostenta
tlon—Chicago Post
TUere are some very beautli
schemes thnt suddenly turn ugly wh
you try them out.
Some people nre so modest that t
nuked truth Invariably gives them
Minard's   Liniment Cures Colds, eto.
Death For Goldmaking.
In the Middle ages, alchemists wasted their time and substance In unsuccessful endeavors to transform lead into gold and silver, but even had they
succeeded they could hardly havo
gained much by lt, for the desirable
manufacture, or "transmutation," was
lllegallzed by a statute of Henry IV.,
which enacted that "None from henceforth shall use to multiply" (I.e. manufacture) "gold or silver; and lf any th*
same do, he shall Incur the pain of
felony"—which, of ciurse, was death.
Among the capital charges against the
Protectar Somerset was the one: "You
cimmanded alchemlstry to be practised, thereby to abate the King's coin."
A good piano player Is a delightful
aid to conversation.
When a man ls In love he Is either
so happy or so miserable that ho does
not notice bow the world wags.
It Is all vory well to speak softly,
but sometimes a hard, firm toue works
as well as the bla stick
Cures Oarget In
. ._-■    —I;
A mnn never cau see how a girl
could benr to throw herself away on
the otlier fellow.
Host men's idea of the Ideal wife Is
one who regards the family washing
nnd Ironing as tlie best way of beauty
Apple pie may be bnd for the wife's
complexion, but it is good for the husband's disposition.
You nover cnn toll nbout the finish of
n gnme until It Is played, unless It Is
the oilier man's Boom.
Catarrh is offensive—mon
than that it is the fore
runner of worse diseases
Catarrh spreads from thi
nose to the throat where i
sometimes prepares the suf
ferer for diphtheria; i
spreads to the stomach ani
bowels where it generate:
the worst kind of indiges
tion ; consumption, even
has been known to be help
ed along by catarrh.
If your breath is bad
you had better sweeten i
up by getting catarrh ou
of your system. You shouh
take something that will kil
the disease germs, tone u]
your general health am
particularly revitalize am
invigorate the mucou:
membranes which catarrl
especially attacks. Don'
fuss and fail with snuffs am
sprays—get right straigh
at the disease by using tin
greatest of tonics, tissu*
builders and blood purifier
Sola hy all druggUti, SI per bottle.
icnt with our compliments.
Address "8amplo Department O"
Dr.T. A. Slocum, Llmitec
Offices and Laboralorle. I
You never can tell what a day m
bring forth, but you may be prei
certain that tlie night will bring foi
Never look a gift mule In tlie heels
Cray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
_ Wt. Pleasant Advocate
••■■•■ .f ■•»•*■•"#"•'■••■•■••■-•■«_. »v- *■■■■■•• ^i
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
.„..„„.„.„. llnl Hi,., Hut,.. | .»■»,+
camo to Cunatla. For a year ha worker! with Mclntyre Bros., la Winnipeg,
In order to adjust himself to his new
environment, when he was offered;
the management of the Western
Prairie ln April 1904 which he accepted, and has been a resident of Cypress River ever since.
The Western Prairie ls one of the
well-known local papers ln Manitoba.
It has borne the Impress of more than
one mind of much more than average
ability. In the days when Mr. Walpole Murdoch was Its editor the natural history notes appearing therein
from week to week were copied Into
almost every paper of the West
Mr. Vasey's thorough knowledge of the mechanical department
of the publishing business ensures
cleanness of typography and ortlstlc
arrangement of display ads., which ls
an Important aspect of newspaper publication. His occupancy of the editorial chair has also demonstrated his
good general grasp of public questions and his possession of a good
nose for news. Under his direction
the Western Prairie promises to fully
maintain Its past reputation, and to
reflect yet more fully the news and
views of the Cypress River district.
Mr. Vasey takes a keen Interest in
out-of-door sports. He ls an enthusiastic football player, and vice-president of the local football club. He Ib
a close student of municipal politics,
and a loyal upholder of all local lntei*
ests. Cypress River may be assured
of proper publicity while the paper
remains In Its present hands.
The pecan nut physicians say, contains more oil than almost any variety.
As nourishing food it cannot be surpassed. As an Insomnia cure it may
be advocated. Often when wakeful
nnd hungry a few of these nuts seem
lo have a soothing effect. When nibbled occasionally between meals these
nuts seem to have a decided fattening
Ink on  Carpet*.
Ordinary writing Ink may be removed from carpet or colored stuffs as
follows: Soak up as much as possible
with a blotter, then apply milk with a
soft, clean rag, allowing tbe milk to
loak thoroughly Into the stain. It will
■.raw out the Ink most successfully.
Editor and  Proprietor Western  Prairie, Cypress River!, Man.
The English have a reputation for
thoroughness the wide world over.
When they build, It ls for all time.
Whatever they essay or undertake la
"for keeps." For mere temporary
work, designed to carry them over
until something permanent can replace lt, they have neither use nor
sympathy, and, speaking generally,
they utterly fall to comprehend the
conditions necessitating the adoption
of less permanent methods. This Is
true In every department of British
activity, from railroad and house
building to the making of boots, and
the same attention to thoroughness
as a business principle extends Into
every trade and profession. Their
lawyers and teachers are articled for
double the period prevailing ln Canada, and their artisans and craftsmen
are nearly all apprenticed for seven
years. Hence, when a man bas been
through this long period of training
he should be a competent workman,
and when they remove to Canada,
where trade and business Ideals are
rougher and readier, and where there
Is undoubtedly too great a tendency
to take "short cuts" to reach results,
their Influence ls Inevitably towards
a more settled and stable business
policy, one which looks to the future
quite as much as to the present; and
will not sacrifice permanence to temporary present advantage. Canadian
prlnter-dom certainly derives benefit
from the admixture Into Its ranks of
a liberal leavening of the BrltlBh
trade Ideals, and ln Western Canada,
where there ls an appreciable percentage of British printers, their
coming has resulted ln many Important Improvements ln the general
quality of the work produced.
A type of the weil-tralned British
printer now ln the ranks of Western
journalism ls found ln Robert Vasey,
the new proprietor of the Western
Prairie, published at Cypress River.
In all the mechanics of the business
Mr. Vasey has had a most varied and
thorough training In some of the best
printing establishments of the old
country. He ls a north-countryman
by birth, having been born at Darlington, the great Iron and shipbuilding
town ln Durham, ln February, 1872,
so that he ls now in his thirty-fourth
year. "When he was thirteen years of
age he was apprenticed to George
Ibbotson, a well-known commercial
printer- Five years later, ln 1887, he
went North to Newcastle-on-Tyne,
where he remained another five years
with Messrs. Manson, Swan and Morgan, one of the best printing establishments In the north country. His
next move was to London, to the firm
of Alexander & Shepherd, one of the
biggest printers of the world's metro-
polls. This firm publishes twelve
weekly papers and several monthly
magazines, employing over 300 compositors and sixty machines. Mr.
Vasey remained with the firm five
and a-half years, being engaged ln
general newspaper work In all Ub
branches. He removed from London
back to Darlington, where, for another live years—Mr. Vasey's business
life seems to run ln five-year cycles—
he was ln charge of the Book Department of Dresser & Sons. This brought
him up to May, 1903. In that month
he, with his wife and little daughter.
There's   tho  woman   whose  house ls  so
tidy and prim,
Of dirt no suggestion or trace;
You   l'eel   quite   Instinctively   sorry   for
The man who's uttached to the place.
You call unannounced; she at once haa a
Though really lt gives her delight.
"Had  I  known  you  were coming  we'd
tidied a bit,"
She says, "for the place ls a fright."
No sign of disorder that you can discern,
No rooms that are slightly awry;
It gives her, she murmurs, the greatest
That things are not fixed apple pie.
However,   she  says,   lf  you   can   feel  at
And manage to push past the grime,
You're welcome,  oh,  very, but overlook,
Her wretched housekeeping this time.
You glanco all around, hut you can't see
a sign
Of what she la talking about.
The house looks as fresh as a picture and
With all of the dirt put to rout.
Of course you assure her at once to your
Things look very neat and all right.
And she ln reply says she's sure it Is kind.
Although sho Insists it's a fright.
Say, women like that—don't they give you
a Jar
And make you feel cross ns a benr
And wish you ..ad nerve to light up a
Anil put your feet up on a chair?
To muss up the pillows that stand there
for show
And put a crimp In tho divan?
Of course you restrain your Impulses, but,
You're tickled thnt you're not her man.
Even Ghosts Run.
A zealous young curate went to stay
with some friends at a country house.
On descending to breakfast the first
morning he noticed that his hostess
inquired very particularly how he had
slept, and seemed relieved when he said
he had passed a very good night. This
was repeated every day during his
visit until the last morning, when his
hostess   said,   "Mr.    ,   you   perhaps
noticed how very particular we were
in our Inquiries every morning as to
how you had slept, but the truth is
that the room you occupied ls said to
be haunted, and we were anxious to
know lf you had seen the ghost." "The
ghost!" repeated the curate, thoughtfully, "oh, yes, I dj remember the flrst
night I was here some fellow came and
stood by my bedside." "Oh!" said the
company with great Interest, "and what
did you do?" "Oh, I spoke to him."
"Spoke to him? What did you say?"
"I said, 'Please will you give me a subscription for my Sunday school?' He
Instantly disappeared, and I never saw
him again."—London Tatler.
Spniilah Proverb*.
A Spanish proverb says that "he who
makes himself all sugar the flies will
eat up," but another observes, "He
who makes himself all vinegar will
never catch any flies."
Requires That the   .Blood be
Rich and  Pure.
The secret of health—the secret
of life Itself—Ib good blood Therefore a medicine that makes new blood
and supplies the necessary material
for rapidly rebuilding wasted nerve
tissues, reaches the root of most of
the serious diseases- For this purpose there ls no medicine can take
the place of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
Thy actually make new rich, red
blood, nnd through this new blood
cure such diseases as anaemia, neuralgia, rheumatlBm, the special ailments of women, Indigestion, heart
troubles, St Vitus dance, locomotor
ataxia and partial paralysis. You
can And evidence of the value of
these pills In every part of the country, among others Mr. D. W. Daley,
Crystal City, Man-, says: "I have
used Dr. Williams' Pink Pills with
wonderful success. My blood was
very poor, I was weak and nervous,
suffered much from heart trouble
and was scarcely fit for work. I
used nine boxes of the pills, and the
result Is I am again enjoying the best
of health. I do not thlnl: there is
any medicine can equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, when the system
run dOwn."
But you must get the genuine pills
with the full name, Dr- Williams'
rink Pills for Pale People, printed on
the wrapper around each box- Ask
your druggist for these pills or get
them from the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co. at 50 cents a box, or six boxe
for  $2.50.
Thus cried the hair. And a
kind neighbor came to tbe rescue with a bottle of Ayer's
Hair Vigor. The hair was
saved I In gratitude, it grew
long and heavy, and with all
the deep, rich color of early
life. Sold in all parts of the
world for sixty years.
" About —8 year ado I lost nearly all of my
hair fiillowliiK an attack of roeaaUi. 1 waa
advised by a friend to use Ayer's Hair Vigor.
I did so, and aa a result I now hare .beautiful
head of hair."— Has. W.J. Buows, Henom.
onee Fall., Wis.
• br J. O. Ayer Co., Lowjll. 1
Alio -umiiAotttrCM _f
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh  That
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering It through
the mucous surfaces. Such article!
should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, u
the damage they will do Is tenfold to the
good you can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains
no mercury, and Is taken Internally, aot-
liig directly upon the blood and uiucuua
surfaces of the system. In buying Hall'a
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It Is taken Internally and made In
Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney A Co.
Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists.    Price 78c. par bottle.
Take Halls Family Pllla for constipation.
When  a man  ls short ou  cash
generally has to be long on josh.
The mnn who earns the money very
seldom spends It.
When n youth busts a suspender trying to be polite he should ut least be
credited with good Inteutlona
Sunlight Soap is belter than
other soaps, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way (follow
Hard rubbing and boiling are
things of the past in homes
where Sunlight Soap is used as
Sunlight Scrip will not injure
even the daintiest fabric or the
hands, and the clothes will be
perfectly white, woolens soft
and fluffy.
The reason for this is because
Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,
contains no injurious chemicals
—indeed, nothing but the active,
cleansing, dirt-removina proper'
ties of soap that is nothing but
Equally good with hard or
soft water.
by U» dealer from whoa ron
bar Sunlight Imp If jam _M
**fta*M*a* **aap*mu\ hi
uvw sWotiwm mm. wgowo |
A Valuable Addition to Ontario'* Historical   Records.
The second report of the Provincial
Bureau of Archives, prepared by tho
archivist, Mr. Alexander Fraser, Is just
out. It ls a publication of over 700
pages, and comprises an important addition to the historical records of Ontario. Its contents are thus described
ln Mr. Fraser's preface to the report:
"Conforming to the general plan of
publication set forth ln last year's report, the documents herewith presented
come within the period from 1763 to
1791, dealing with the beginnings cf
British settlement ln Ontario, of which
the United Empire Loyalists were the
"The claims advanced by the Loyalists on account of services In connection with and arising from the Revolutionary war were investigated by special commissioners appointed by the
British Parliament, two of whom, viz.:
Col. Thomas Dundas, and Mr. Jeremy
Pemberton, were sent to Canada, to
meet claimants personally and obtain
evidence on the spot. The evidence
thus secured contained ln a number of
MS. volumes, found Its way, as ig fully
explained later on, to Washington,
whero It now ls, ln the Archives of the
United States. The original papers
have been literally copied and form
the subject matter of this report.
"The spelling, abbreviations, and
phraseology of the MS. as ls customary
ln such cases, have been followed without deviation, and the private marginal notes of the commissioners reproduced, thus preserving the character
of the original as much as It is possible to do so ln type."
The only way to beat the game Is to
extract a dollar's worth of pleasure
out of a fifty cent ticket.
What Is Truth I
Perhaps truth crushed to earth will
rise again. The fisherman who ls an
expert in this direction might be lu-
tervlewed to see bow he feels about It.
Truth In his hands ls frequently
crushed to earth, according to a popular belief, nud when lt rises again tbe
fish Is generally about three inches
Before crushing truth ns an experiment lt would be well to know what
truth is. Science Is supposed to have
lt locked In n safe, aud yet every few
days a new scientist comes along and,
looking at what has been called truth,
Bays, "Oh, bosh!" aud proceeds to put
a crimp in lt.
This Is a world of change, and, not
to be behind the times, truth changes
also. We are perhaps apt to point to
the science of mathematics and say
triumphantly, "There Is truth!" but
bow do we know we mny not get Into
communication with some planet in
which two and two make live and a
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dlptherla
The Sawyer Massey Co., Hamilton,
have acquired property ln Saskhtoon,
Sask., and will erect a distributing
warehouse thereon.
A Cure for Fever and Ague.—Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are compounded for use ln any climate, and
they will be found to preserve their
powers ln any latitude. In fever and
ngue they act upou the secretions
and neutralize tha poison which has
found its way Into the blood. They
correct the Impurities which And entrance Into the system through drinking water or food and lf used as a
preventive fevers ar* avoided.
The Edmonton, Alt a., Pressed Brick
Company will install a dry press machine thereby adding 20,000 per day
to Its capacity.
Minard's Liniment  Cures   Distemper
Ten zebras, captured some time ago
ln Portuguese East Africa by a Boer
hunter, have been successfully domesticated, and recently were In-
spanned to a buck-wagon and driven
to Pletersburg, In the northern Transvaal-
Not Afraid of Work.
"My husband Is very fond of pre-
digested breakfast food."
"Thank goodness my husbnnd ls not
as lazy as that."
Na Charity Customer.
He went to the place aa a stranger and
He was ono of the upper crust.
Society took him on faith all right,
But  the grocer wouldn't take him on
Te say they all have passed away,
That noblo race and brave;
That their light canoes have vanished
From off the crested wave;
That mid the forests whero they roameC
Thero lings no hunter's shout—
But their name Is on your waters.
Ye may not wash lt out.
'Tis  where Ontario's  billow
Llko ocean's surf Is  curled;
Where strong Niagara's thunders wake
The echo of the world;
Whero red Missouri  brlngeth
Rich tribute from the west
And Rappahannock Bweetly sleeps
On green Virginia's breast.
Te say their conelike cabins,
That clustered o'er  the vale,
Have disappeared  as   withered  leaves
Before the autumn's gale,
But their memory llveth on your hills,
Their baptism on your shore;
Tour everlasting rivers speak
Their dialect of yore.
Old Massachusetts wears It
Within her lordly crown.
And broad Ohio bears It
Amid her young renown;
Connecticut has wreathed lt
Where her quiet foliage waves,
And bold Kentucky breathes It hoarse
Through all her ancient caves.
Wachusett hides  Its  lingering vole*
Within Its rocky heart,
And Alleghany graves  Its ton*
Throughout his lofty chart;
Monadnock on his forehead hoar
Doth  seal the sacred  truBt.
Tour mountains build their monuments,
Though ya datroy their dust.
—Mrs. L. H. Sigouroey.
WNU  rm*»    869
It Reaches the Spot.—There are
few remedies before the pub.lc to-day
as efficacious ln removing pain and
In allaying and preventing pulmonary
disorders as Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil. It has demonstrated Its powers
In thousands of Instances and a large
number of testimonials as to Its
great value ns a medicine could be
got were there occasion for It. It ls
for sale everywhere.
Collecting snake venom, which Is
worth $5 a grain, Is being developed
as a new industry In Australia.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited-
Sirs,—I have used your MINARD'S
LINIMENT for the past 25 years and
whilst I have occasionally used other
liniments, I oan safely say that I have
never used any equal to yours.
If rubbed between the hands and
inhaled frequently, lt will never fall
to cure cold In the head ln twenty-
four hours.
It la also tb* Best for bruises,
sprains,  eta. Tour* truly,
Dartmouth. J. O. LBSLIJI.
The Edmonton Lumber Co-, Ltd.,
will erect a large saw mill at Strathcona. This new company have a
paid up capital of $60,000.
roral.-a   and   I-nglnnd.
It Is an almost forgotten fact that
for a period of a llttl* mor* than tw*
years during the Napoleonic wars Corsica was a British possession. After
tho evacuation of Toulon the British
government felt lt necessary to take
the Island, and Lord Hood, with Nelson as brigadier, was sent to drive out
the French. With the capture of Calvl,
July 12, 1794, where Nelson lost his
eye, the Island fell Into British hands,
and Ceorge III. formally accepted the
crown of Corsica, appointing Sir
George Elliot as British viceroy and
allowing the Corsieans to retain their
legislative assembly. In 1790 tho activity of the French navy In other
parts of tho Mediterranean resulted ln
a sudden decision of the British government to withdraw from the Island.
I'he evacuation wus completed on Oct.
20 of that year, and Corsica reverted to
"Did tbat lady make a complaint
against that sneak thief for stealing
her Jewelry?"
"No. She paid she'd rather lose lt
than explain what she was doing when
he entered. She was gossiping over
the back fence at the time."
"She was afraid she'd have to repeat
the gossip ln court." — Detroit Free
Ia the Midst of It.
"Yes," said the young writer, "I've
got pretty deep Into my new novel
"Ah," remarked tbe friend, "the plot's
thickening, eh?"
"Yes, perhaps that's lt; at any rate
I'm stuck." — Catholic Standard and
The Beat Artlat.
"Dobber Is a fine artist, Isn't he?"
"Yes, but he ls not as good as Smeer."
"I have been told that Dobber draws
the finest pen and Ink sketches of anybody in the city."
"Yes, but Smeer Is fin* at drawing
customers."—Dallas News.
Pale, sickly children should use
Mother Graves' Worm Bxtermlnator
Worms are one of the principal cutis
os ot suffering in children und should
be expe'.le'  fr-™ thp nvsram.
A man should lie careful about letting a phonograph fall. He might
break the record.
Some of the people whom we first
endure nothing eould induce us to next
pity nnd then embrace tliem.
Perhnps the explanation of the
boarding houso spring chicken is that
lt has been boru again.
Husbands are apt to bave Inexpensive tastes Iu regard to their wives'
One reason why n widow makes a
hit is thnt she does not expect perfection In man.
Walking Is fine exercise. That may
explain why actors so frequently live
to an old age.
The National Trust Co- havo purchased central property at Saskatoon,
Sask-, 75x140 feet, and will erect a
large block thereon.
Nearly all Infants are more or less
subject to diarrhoea and suoh oom-
plaints while teething and as this
period of their lives la the most critic
al mothers should not be without a
bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. This medicine Is a
specific for such complaints and ls
highly spoken of by those who have
usod It. The proprietors claim lt will
oure any cas* of cholera or summer
A British warship which haa had a
long career will be retired next year.
She was laid down at the Chatham
dockyard ln 1802 and was launched later as a three-decker, carrying ninety-
eight guns. She was ene of the North
Sea fleet which, under Admiral Young,
watched Napoleon's vessels. At the
great Splthead review she was the flagship of the admiral of the fleet, the
Duke of Clarence (afterward William
IV.). As the flagship of Rear Admiral
Milne she took part ln the bombardment of Algiers. She was afterward
placed ln reserve and her last foreign
commission was In the Mediterranean
from 1841 to 1843.
An Anecdote of Duma*.
Dumas pere. who was proud of the
prices he received for his work, was
once boasting of the fact.
"Beyond a doubt," he remarked, "I
am the best paid of living men of letters.  I relcelve  thirty  sous  a  line."
"Indeed, monsieur?" said a bystander, "I have never worked for less than
£5,000 a line. What do you think of
that?" *f
"For what do you receive such rates
per line?"
"For constructing railways," waa
the answer.
Just th* Thing That's Wanted.—A
pill that aots upon tu* stomach and
yet ls so compounded that certain
ingredients of it preserve their power
tn act upon ths Intestinal canals, so
as to olear them of excreta the retention of which cannot but b* hurtful, was long looked for by the medical profession. It was found tn Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, which are
the result of much expert study, and
are soltntiflcally prepared a* a laxative and an alterative ln one.
Lizzy and Lizard.
According to a London journal there
ls no limit to the experience ot Ihe
eavesdropper, especially when what he
hears does not refer to himself. It
was In tho Casino—one of the Innumerable casinos that punctuate the
French coast—and the speaker was, of
course, English. "Lizzie looks so much
better for her bath," she remarked
blandly. "She hus turned green and
was *o grey whon sho went Into the
sea." Horror-struck listeners turned to
gaze at Lizzie. It ls true lhat not so
very long ngo a certain French poet was
summoned for lending a pet lobster
about Paris by a string—hut It required a mad Kngiish woman to travel wltb
a tame lizard.
Sunlight Soap Is bettor than other
soaps, but Ib best whon used ln the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
_d follow directions.
Dear Mother
Your little ones are a constant care is
Fall and Winter weather. Thay will
calch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'i
Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has done (or n many ? It U aaid
to be the only reliable remedy for all
oiMSMi ol the air pa__agea in children.
It u absolutely harmless and pleasant to
take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money
ii returned. I'he price is 25c. per bottle,
and all dealers in medicine tall Vi
This remedy should be ia every houaaheld.
You can often help a nervous headache by combing tlie hair gently.
If there are dark circles around tbe
eyes It menus III health and should be
Immediately looked after.
Flaxseed tea with plenty of lemon
Juice and lonf sugar Is very soothing
to sore lungs and will often curo a
hard cough.
For tender eyes mnko an Infusion of
a handful of cornflowerB In n pint of
hot water. Let It. stand an hour. Strain
and use cither tepid or cold.
When binding up cuts and wounds
always use line linen, not cotton, as tho
fibers of cotton are flat nnd apt to Irritate a sore plnee, while those of linen
are perfectly rounded.
Cloths wet wltli nleohol and water or
laudanum and water and laid on a hot
water bottle will relievo neuralgia
when tlie pnlnfu! part Is steamed over
the bottle covered with the clot—-
Evils of Tho
io Habit
Tha Result of Using Salts, Castor OH, Etc..
Instead of Thoroughly Curing
Constipation  By
"Oh, a dose of salts will fix me
np all right," you say, when the bowels become constipated and the liver
and kidneys sluggish and congested.
And the temporary relief you obtain ln this way deceives you for a
time, but you are soon ln distress
again, and must Increase the dose
and resort more frequently to tha
use of this weakening and debilitating treatment.
Constipation and intestinal indigestion canuot possibly ba oured until
the liver ls made active ln its work
of Altering bile from the blood and
pouring lt Into the Intestines, where
It acts as a natural cathartic, hastening the process of digestion, and the
removal of wast* matter from th*
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llv*r Pills
hav* a dlract and speclfle action on
the liver- They not ouly afford
prompt relief, but positively strengthen and Invigorate the kidneys, liver
and bowels. Instead of encouraging
th* physio habit, they thoroughly
cure constipation, liver complaint
biliousness and kidney disease.
If you would like   to   again   your
old-tlm* vigor, and feel strong and
well again, use Dr. Chase's Kldney-
Llver Pills- Tha backaches and body
pains will disappear, your appetite
and digestion will b* good, you will
escape sickness and disease because
tha filtering and axcretary organs
will keep the body cleansed from
: poisonous waste matter.
Mr. Jas. H. Harvey, baker, 641
I George St, Peterboro, Ont., writes:
"I ivas troubled very much with
constipation and pains In the bock.
At times the pains war* sharp like a
stab with a knlf* and caused me
great suffering.
"I had heard of many being cured
! by   using   Dr.   Chase's   Kldney-Llver
j Pills and deolded to try them.   I am
| pleased to say that they soon helped
me, and I used them right along until
cured.    I   never have  pains  ln my
back now and only occasionally take
a pill  ln order to keep  my  bowels
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all
dialers, or Edraanson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. Dr. Chase's Backache Plaster drives out all pains and actios.
ny  Uarmont I* a
■uara.it**   *f
and Good Wearing Qualities
Whon Buying OVERALLS,
••• that eaoli nt'tlela baara a
label Ilka above
ll!*l*t on dotting
"King ef the Read" Brand
And Tak* na Other
I STRAtrORO   canho*
Mooney's Perfe&ion Cream
Sodas   are   crisp   squares
of wholesome nourishment
They  are  the  food   that
builds strength and muscle.
They are as easily digested
by the  child   and   invalid
as by the sturdy workman.
They contain ALL the food j
properties of  finest Canadian wheat flour, in a form \
that  delights   the appetite.
Always fresh and crisp in |
the moisture-proof packages.
Al all greaert in their
hyitanm packaiea.
Is Sold at 36,40 & 50c per
pound and it la
1 lb and half Ib Lead Paolc-
ets.   3 Ib and 8 Ib Tine.
Every drink of liquor taken, forces
the heart beyond the natural beat,
lt nlso en uses kidney and liver
troubles. Nerve exhaustion ls one
of the ailments brought on by even
n.oderate drinking. Stop at once tho
use of liquor. If lt inconveniences
you to do this lt Is proof positive
that you have tho disease of Inebriety and need medical help. Then
seek for the best aid- The Keeley
Cure hns restored half a million
poople back to health, prosperity
and happiness- Write today for evidence and we will prove our claims.
Address in confidence,
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
Viiitora Have to Bo Swung Aahore by
Means of a Jib.
Tho first glimpse of nrcat Hrltaln
that tho Canadian tourist Rets on his
-uropoun tour Is that of the Fastnol
It stands on a rugged and solitary
rock, shunted nine miles Boulh ol
Crookhavon, at Iho extreme southwest
corner of Ireland, and Is perhaps mors
Storm-beaten tban nny other around
our coast. The rook Is olghty feet In
height, nnd the llghthoiiss towers an-
other seventy feet above, yet In winter Rales tlie Atlantic billows literally
bombard the missive struoturs ami
hnvo even smashed In a portion of tin
lantern at the summit of Iho creation
the seas frequently sweeping ovor tin
rook with tremendous foroe, Boms
dosen nr so yean ago ths stormy weather then prevailing prevented all communication Willi the rock fnr many
weeks, io thai ths .-tore ,,f food wa*
consumed, with tha exception of Bonm
flour. At last a schooner managed tn
approach sufficiently near to ennblo s
small quantity of food to he dragged
through the sea hy the hungry men
and fortunately tho next dny tho soo
moderated, and tlie stores woro onci
more fully replenished,
Except In very calm weather tht
Pastnot Is surrounded hy a fringe oi
foi   and  Ihe only  moans  of landing
Is liy tho aid of a "Jib" fifty-eight feet
In length, nn placed on tho rook thai
in moderate weather Its end renchet
Hillside iho surf. Whon a visitor wishes
to land (an unusual occurrence) he I.
r iwed ln a small bont ns near as the
waves permit, nnd tho light keepers
throw out a small buny attached to a
rope, which Is secured by the man In
tho boat. The Jib Is then swung out.
and the visitor, placing one foot In tht
loop and oatohlng a tight hold of the
rope, Is hoisted about forty feet vertically, and then the Jib, being pivoted
at lis foot, swings blm horizontally
about 100 feet on to a iinfo landing.—
London Telegraph.
No mutter how badly It may need
exercise water will not run up hill.
Being wheedled Inlo turning the
grindstone Is what a hoy calls shurp
It's So Easy.
I often think as I waste un hour
In profitless debating
When work that needs to bo perform—1
Is at the olllee wultlng
And I at things that aro worth while
liy strength should bo applying,
Whut a brilliant fool a man can be.
And that without half trying.
Tho energy that goes for naught,
Tlio strength that's misdirected,
Woelil mako us rich If It wero Just
With Bomo good schema connected.
Hut, no, we throw lt In tho nlr,
To chaff Its force applying.
Oh, what a fool a man cnn bo,
And that without half trying!
A girl who cares us much for hlni
As though In- were a pooillo
Can make him Stand upon his hoad
And whistle "Yankee l.oodlo;"
Can twist blm lightly round har thumb
And keep his money Hying.
Oh, what n fool a man can be.
And thut without half trylngl
A gold brick nrtlsl comes along
Willi some scheme antiquated
Anil throws a hook to catch hia purs*
-.Villi buncombe only bnltod;
When he, though only six daya old,
Bhould know tlm man waa lying.
Oh, what a fool a man can be, JJ 1
And that without half trylngl        ' ff J
of Beef
Makes Food
More Nourishing
We do not claim that Armoui'i
E-tract of Bc_ it a food. It ia a tonic
for die appetite—b toothing and grateful to the Aomach—lielpa ooe to get aB
ihe noorj-hmrnt oul of tbe food—maun*
quick, -ound d-gefliou.
Start dinner with a deer bouScn or
tavory aoup with Amour's Extract of
IW added to give, the tnie beef {km*
—ami see how ***iy the <____ it
■ *5JwiJM*********^***7*;*i'>M'';L
■' V-r;,  - ',\^l- ■■■■     ,•■■;   .aSn-'i'Vny:.:;.'
I.S is'-ps nssi'iisi,  -..'-^"s-f .,
fl\. ftt.fiASANT ADVOCATE.
(Established April 8,18to.)
wffiot -2444 Westminster avenue.
Ma*, ft  Whitney, Publisher.
i-MOLMH Office—30 Fleot street,
London, E. C, Englaud Where a
Jie of "The Advocate" Is kept for
Villi tors.
• ubucriptinn $1 a year   payable   in
6 dents a Copy.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B.C.,  Mau. 81, 1906.
f *******
Junction of Westminster road snd Westmin
IJer    avenue.       .SERVICES    st    11    11.  in.
%nA 7:30p.ra.; Sunday  School  tit 'J::to p. in
Cornet ui Nini    and West—liister avenues
-UtRVIOXS al  lla.m., aii'l 7 p. ra.; Sunday
BcliC'il alnl Hiblu Clnsi 2:80 p.m.    IlOV
Weillerlngton. B.A., B. P., Pastor.
"'arsousge 12_ Eleventh avenue, west
- '.one in-'."
Corner Ninth; avenue aud QUebe. slreet
•JlKRVIl'K'.' hi il a. m,,KliJ7:3op. in.; Sunday
'fie—Ktl Ulia'op. ui. Rev.aio.AAVUton.B.A.
Pastor. Manta comer ol Eighth avenue and
Ontario ttreel.' Tel. 10CC.
St Michael s, (Anglicnu).
Corner Nlmli avenue urn l'rlnec Edward
Street. SERVICES nt lla.m., alni7:_u p.m.,
ltoly C,'—muniou lal and 3d Sundays In each
nonth allyr morning prayer, 2d and 4lh Suit
tlays athu. in. Sunday School at 2:30 p. m.
kev. U. II   Wilson, Rector.
Rectory 372 Thirteenth avenue, east. Tele
fehone M7t"«.
Advent Christian  Churoh (not 7th day Ad<
Enlist.), Seventh avonue, near Westminster
%veuue. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.
Humbly School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
Society of LoyalWVirkers'ot Chii-tinn Fiideie
ynrmuots every Sunday evening al 0:4s o'clook.
Prayer-meeting WedAeBday nightsutt>o'clock
fieforc Rtarting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements iu the
tor   local  news  subscribe    for  THE
DVOCA1*E ouly $1 for 12 months.
Personal notices ot visitors on
fat. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
toeople who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
*y "The Advocate."
To learn how to do while learning
to think is the natural method of Mini's
"development. Meu, who have learned
in that way, have kept ou studying and
learning while going through life, while
inauy, who have been crnmmod witli
Istu'dy and learning at school without,
»t the same time, doing or learning to do.
have become Idle drenmers or else have
■gone nwkwudly to work and very frequently havo ceased| studying, learning
"or thinking when driven by tho demands
"of life to go to work.
Impugning the Inviolability of the mar-
Hago vow, it _nt_t be admitted that
*OaUndinu etjnauiuiity on the snhject
has received a severe shock in consequence of the statement of a Uuited
fetatcs judge tbat the majority of
ttivorce cases heard in Detroit were
preseuted by Canadians who had taken
tap their reideuco there with that end in
View If this is true, then it is certain
Vi—t Detroit is not tho only border city
that tells tho same story. It may be
(that the Canadian reputation for con
ifjtnn'cy rests upou an iueecuror basis
than bas hitherto been supposed, and
mat nur neighbors have been carrying
■N— burden of our iniquities This is
hardly a cose whore "vicarious" suffering was contemplated, and Ihe expose
will direct ntteutiou toCanadinn divorce
laws, which, however excellent in principle, are defective iu practice. No Bane
■man would wish to make divorco BO easy
'hat it would place, a premium on infidelity ; on the othor hand, no man of
Experience believes that the way to mnke
'•* Utile heaven on earth is to jier-
t-tuate a little hell in the home.
—"The Week," Victoria B. C
taken  at
%*The Advocate"
'TidtOts, 'programs, business cards,
•Mivelopps lettfrlienls, milk tickets,
th Wt, thoro is nothing too small
W 'too ltii'ge in commercial printing
1'iVTus.   Orders solicited.
$444 Westminster avenue.
*W'r   Pi.KASA.NTs
C. O. C. F.
Vnu.onver Council, Uanudiau Order
ii Chosen Friends, will hold an Open
. -etiu_; on Thursday eveuing April
kith, to which the member.: will invite
heir iii—ids outside "ihc "Chosen"
lircle. A titin program is being ar
'iiugud and a pleasant time is assured.
L. O.  T. M.
On Monbay evening Alexandra Hive
No. 7, L. O. T. M , gave a very pleas
ant little dance in K. of P. Hall. About
DO ladies and- gentlemen were present.
Refreshments were served about midnight aud Groeu's Orchestra f nyiislied
due danco music.
K. of P.
Mt. Pleasant Dodga No. 11, Knights
uf Pythias give a very enjoyable dunce
iu their hull on Tuesday ovening. The
Knights purchased u flue oanvass for
daueiug nnd they "minted" it on this
noci aiou. 0 Green's.Orohestra furnished Iho music. Those who did uot dauce
spent tho evening pleasantly with cards.
Refreshments were served and the
affair throughout was must enjoyable,
I. O. F
Court Vancouver, Independent Order
of Foresters, met Mouday evening in
Oddfellows' Hull, Chid' Banger A.
Pengelly presiding. There was a lnrge
attendance, mid Interesting speeches
v. ere made; those who spoke were:
Bros. J.O. Rolston, W.R.Owous, W.U.
Taylor, Chief Ranger Bro. Grout of
Court Burrard and Bro Jobusou also
of Burrard,
A Two Hundred Qlub will be organ
ized for Iho purpopo of ruuulng tho
membership up to 21)0 by the. eud of the
yeur; it is uow 86. The committee iu
charge of tho movement is composed of
Brothers M. J. Crehan, W. B. Skinner,
Alex. Miller, N. MoLeod, ,T. B. Abernethy mul W. R. Owens J. P,
I. O. O. F.
Tuesday evening the Mt. Plensaut
Oddfellows' Hall waa the seeuo of a
large gathering of Oddfellows and
Reboltahs to receive Grand Master
D E MeKenzie of New Westminster,
who was on tm official visit. The
Grand Muster, Past Grand Masters
Neolauda and Giluiotir uud District
Deputy .Tiis. McKay gavo interesting
addresses un Oddfellow-chip. An inter-
tailling program was given, wliich was
thoroughly enjoyed by all, thoso contributing In the program being: Miss A.
Verge, recitation; F. Trimble, soug;
11. Brown, song; J. Byei'8, song; Mr.
0 ilhrea, song; F. Oookburu, concertina selection f R. Wruy, clarinet solo;
Mr. Thompson, piano selection; Mrs.
Cousiu, recitation; also selections by
ihe Aberdeen Qunrtet. A fow dauces
wer, iiii.iimingled with tho program
which mlded to tile general enjoyment.
During the evening an adjournment
wns made to the largo dining hull in the
basement, where uu excellent supper
was served.
Grand Master MeKenzie, in his
speech, said the Ordur had increased
100,000 duriug tho past year In British
Columbia two lodges had been ndded,
mulling n total of 40 in the province.
Applications for charters are iu from
Kelowna, Penticton aud Fairviaw. The
growth of the Sehekahs in British
Columbia has been large.
Telephone Numbers of  Local Mini-
HI7Wi_Kcv.fi. II. Wilson,(Anglican),
lost:—Uev. ti. A. Wilson. (Presbyterian).
BI240—Rov.A. K. Hetheriugton, (Mctnodlst"
You Won't Be
DI3SAPOINTED IF YOU COME HERE  expecting to get strictly New-laid
Eggs or the Best Quality of Butter at the prico mentioned in our advertisementa.
Fresh Eggs, per dozeu .   ...20c,       *"  Creamery Butter, per lt>, 2Dc, 30c and 85c.
Potatoes, very Cue, por  sack, $1.15
We have jUBt received  in our Furniture Department a fine lot of Rockers,
Diners and Couches.   Get our prices beforo buying elsewhere.
5T    Wfn\\i*re> West'nln8ter avenue &
.   1.   WallaCC  Harris street. Telephone 1266.
25c Lb.
20c & 25c Dozen.
Smtth   Brocer
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Jtmetiou of Westminster Road and Ave.
'Phono 20D8.
Millinery, Dress Goods,
Crum's Prints,
New Stylish Blouses.
$4-00.00 worth of New
Laces and Embroidek—:t_.
W. W. Merklev
Royal Bank of Canada Building
Corner Seventh and Westminster
Aventtea, Mt. Pleasant.
(Jet Youn Flowering
SforssSmsS & Perennial
A&   PLANTS   &&
Nun-cry  & Greenhouses,   oornor of
Fifteenth and Westminster avenues.
Thk Cheapest Place in the City.
II' yon miss The Advocate you mis*
the looal nows.
' Do you feel all tired out? Do you lottie-
ttmeB think you just can't work away at
your profession or trade any longer? Do
you have a poor Rppetite, and lay awake at
nighta tumble to sleep? Are your nerves
all  gone, and your  stomach too?
Ha* ambition to forge ahead   f\'\ Jn    tbe
left you?
If flo,
r   you  might
as well   put
stop  to your
misery.   Vou can do
it if you will.    Dr.
Pierce's    Golden
Medical    Discovery
will mnke yuu a different Individual.   It
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R-iflb liver to work.
It will get into every
vein   in  your body
,        . and   purify   your
Wood tt will wt things right in your stomach, and your appetite will come back. If
there ia auy tendency in your family townrd
consumption, it will keep that dread destroyer away. Even after consumption ban
almost gained a foothold in the form of a
lingering cough, bronchitis, or bleeding at
the lung-, it will bring about speedy cure in
98 per cent. of all cases. It is a remedy prepared by Dr. R. V Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
whose advice, is given fret to all who wish to
write him. His great success bas come from
his wide experience and varied practice.
O. 3. CopL-nhaver, Esq., of Mount Union,
Huntingdon Co., Pa. (Box 332), writes: "About
twelve years ago I was suddenly taken with ■
f.iiiu iu the pit of the stomach which was so vio
rnt I could nut wnlk straight. It would grow
more severe until it caused waterbrash nnd vomiting of ■ slimy yellow wnter. A physician told
ine I had a form of dyspepsia and treated me for
about six mouths with but little benefit. Another physician told me my liver was out of or-
d'.-r and thnt I had indigestion. He gnve me a
treatment aud I got some better hut only for a
short time. I then tried aim! her on**., who snid I
had chronic Indigestion, ulceration ef the lining
of the stomach, torpid liver nnd kidney affection.
He treated me for more tlipti h ve.ir snd I felt
nui-h better; but it did not hut, I then look to
nsitiK sr-vcrnl widely advertised pattOt medicines, but received no mure than temporary relief. I then tried Dr, Pierce's medicines, using
his ' Golden Medical Oiicover-y,' and the ' l'leas-
ant Pellets,' aud iu two months' tint* I wm feeling better thnn I hnd for years before."
Don't bt wheedled by it penny-grabbing
dealer into taking Inferior tuihstitule- for
Dr. Pierce'a medicines, recommended to
be "Jint as-good."
According to "Bradntoeet's" report
there aro at present iii Vaucouver,
1,111! firms in business. Tliis does
not include real estate, professional
-_icii, or cvou the keepers of unlicensed
hotels. Out of all these firms, thore
have been ouly four failures during the
present year, ond two of these were
Chinese carryiug on business in a small
way. Iu March of last year tho number of firms on "Bradstreet's" list was
!)r>9, anil thero were several failures iu
the first three months of tho year, noue
of thom being Chinese firms. The
figures as thoy stand show a net
increase of l o-l business places, a mor,
satisfactory showing.
Rev. Joseph Hall, for the past ten
-yeais Principal of Coqnaleetza Institute
Chilliwhack, has resigned the position
owning to ill-health, and has located ou
Mt. Pleasant. Mr. Hall camo to the
province in 1871, and has spent the
years in useful missionary and ministerial labors. Ho wns the pa6tor of Mt.
Plonsunt Mothodist Churoh somo yoare
ago, and Sunday morning last at the
close of the service, au Interesting event
took place. The Rov. Dr. Robson
moved the following resolution which
was BecOndod by dipt. Saoret I "Resolved, that wo welcome with especial
pleosaro, as residents of Mt. Pleasant
and niembors of this congregation, tho
r ■: Joseph Hall mid fjniily, raniem-
bering UK we do his faithful work ?& thn
ii .-! -i.-idcnt pastor of this church, as
woll as during the forty years of his
active tninistery; and wo pray that God
may be pleased to restore our dear
1.1'Ofhor from tho indisposition which
lms caused his present retirenrent, and
s'mrc him to enjoy many additional
years "f usefulness in thnt service to
wblcb his lifo bas been devoted." The
rnsoItltloD was unanimously carried by
Handing vote. Mr. Hall in few words
expressed deep appreciation and wns
pleased to bo among the nioinbors of the
congregation again.
—Bring your order for tickets, bnsi'
im'ss cards, statements, letterheads
envelopes, haDdbills, circulars, in fact,
all kinds of printing, to "The Advocate," 2444 Westminster avenne.
Corner of Eightli "auenue and Victoria
street j 90 feet on Eighth and 182
feet  on  Victoria |1.600.
8-roomed Cottage On Cordova street,
oast; trees' and flower garden; a
lovely home $2,700.
5 Lots, cleared and plowed, "William and
Park Drive,; on carlIne. Easy terms.
•4'.. ...$450 each.
5 Lots on Grant stroot—Grandview—
overlooking the city;  very choice
lots. Term*.  .$2,960"
*   *   *
Rouble Corner—
Westminster avenne, Mt. Pleasant,
$7,000. the best corner left on
tho Hill.
Good Investment—
4 Houses on   Ninth   avonue;   all
rented; $4,300.   Terms.
desireablI; property on
Beautifully   Situated   Residential
Lot   on   Burrard    stroot;    $1,200.
Looal Advertising 10c a liue ouch issue,
Display Advertising $1.00 per inch
per month.
Notices for Church nud  Society Enter-
laimneuts, Lectures,  etc.,    WI1EKK
will bo charged for,
All  Advertisements nre run regularly
and charged for until ordered they
be discontinued.
Transient    -_.dvertls.er_   must   pay   in
Noticesol Bii'ihs, Marriages, nud Deaths
)MiHi.;}'»'H free of charge.
We have buyers for  Lots in
302 and 200a
*   * ~*
List your lots and  property
h * :-: with
Mrs. R.Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telflphone B1465.
1" n ■ |i-i;ifii'>ii.jT-ji7hi|n*T*nr7WWT
Mrs. Carnworth of Eighfb avenue,
entertained a number of friends at a
vory pleasant party on Wednesday evening in honor of her cousin and bride.
Tbe friends of Mr. J. Ferguson,
Eighth and Westminster avenues, will
be plensed to hear be Is rapidly rocovc. .
Ing from bis recent illness; having
sprained his bnck while at work.
10:      ■' ■    s
Mr. N. H. Rnsssll has bought the
property on the southwest corner of
Eleventh and Westminster avenues,
containing 176 feet frontage on Westminster avonue, and 3 cottages. ,
*et******0000*4000*0********#*00**0*000000000000000*t0   -
Good Buys in
Real Estate!
*$30Q Buys 4 lots In Distriot Lot 801. 6 Room House on liar a strST
4 Desirable Lots ln suburb of Mt. Pleasant, $75.00 eaoh.
2 Lots on Carl aveuuo.
$4,200 buys Two-storey Store on Westminster avenue; living roolns {install*
2 Lots 0-Fourteenth avenne, east of St. Catherines street; splendid' iotHttoH.
price $150 eaoh; terms.
'■"   """     " ' mm. ■.»»*' M ^.,W^WW*M.W«.,WMW.      .' S-n«H   I I i t Slllk-SSS—-ws   i
"The Advoteate." wishes any careless,
ness in delivery reported to the Olllce;
telephone B1405.        ,        '
The Advocate Is the best advertising
medium where it circulates. Tel. B1406
A woman's work is never
There is one way of scouring to the
busiest housewife a little time
to herself, and that la by doing
away with the bakiug of bread,
When buying bread get the best—
riuir's BREAD
is the best—try it
24 Loaves fori I cosh.
'Phone 448.
nt. Pleasant FEED STORE
Vernon Brother*
Hay, Grain, Flour and Seeds.
Ronnie's Seeds.
Stock and Poultry Foods.
2241 Westminster ave.,   . Mt. Pleasant.
Well posted men In the trade outlook
say there will bo the greatest' sale of
lingerie waists this summer that was
ever known. In faot. what- may bo
termed the lingerie idea bids fair tu
dominate iu nearly all lines for summer. The lingerie suit will be im-
menslcy popular. The lingerie hat will
be moro costly, moro elaborate aud
more beautiful than it was last year.
There Is even the lingerie parasol. This
lingerie rage will bring an enormous
demand for sheer white fabrics and all
varieties of fine laces and embroidorios.
Tho season's fashions oall for an un-
usual amount of detail in ornamentation.
A wealth of trimming will be employed
in connection with all fabrics. Not only
will there be laces, cords, braids, gal-
oons, ribbons, buttons and embroideries
galore, bnt a feature of the sjyle is the
combination of several forms of trim'
miug on one garment, such as soveral
kinds of lace with embroidery on a lingerie waist or several kinds o.f braid and
applique combined with straps of silk
and fanoy buttons on wool costumes.
As has been repeatedly said, the three-
quarter or short sleeve will easily dominate the fashion for . spring; and
summer. On the plain, tialored suits
an d waists aud on tue seperate ooats
the long sleeve will continne to bo in
Lightness will be the keynote in materials. Nearly all fabrics are lighter
in weight, softer ln finish and more
open in weave than in the season jnst
past.   Cotton, linen, silk and wool ma-
Argyle House
■   Tho Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Removal Sale
13 pieces of Japanese Silk, worth 25c for 20c yfl.
Japanese Blouse Corded Silk, worth 35c for S2#c yd.
Japanese Blouse Silks, open-work, stripe, worth
45c for 30c yard.
j. Horner,
4O0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
A flue farm at Poachlaud, B. O.; 2 aoros of the finest land in the Okanogan t »'•
fenced; 200 Fruit Trees, 100 Peach trees. 26 Apple trees, the balance Oherrt*
Pears and Plnms. Tho Okanagan Country can oompete with the world in frol
Best of fishing, hunting and boating. Owner obliged to sell. The greatest ana
on the market today.   Price $1,050.00.    Terms.
Mrs. R- Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave., Mt. Pleasant.
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19 meets every
Tuosday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Westminster avenne,  Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Gbajjd—G. W. Jainieson.
Recordino Secretary—Frank
Trimble.cor. Ninth ave. A Westmin'r rd.
I. O. F.
Court Vanoouver 1328, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 3d and 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p.m., in
Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranosr—A. Pengelly.
RbcordiKo Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
SU Prince—street, Cily.
Financial Secretary—J.B.Abernethy
Address: Cure W13 Westminster avenue
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds rognla.
Review  2d and 4th  Mondays of eaoh
month in Knights  of  Pythias   Hal'
Westminster avenue. . ,..-,
Visiting Ladies always welcome,
Lady Commnuder—Mrs. N. Pettlpieoe,
25 Tenth a von.iiV, [oast.
Lady Record Hooper—Mis. J. MaHlr,
Ninth avenuo.
Vancouver Council, No. 311a, meet
evory 2d aud 4th  Thursdays of each
month,  in  I  O. O. F.,   Hall, Wesl
minster avenue.
Sojourning. Friends always welcome
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.   -
;--"        sua Tonth ave., eut.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,   .
2228 We»lnilnsterftvcniie._Tel. 7110.
Is Issued
hm****^***** ****** *mm9**mjM*\**mm^**t ■^^'l^B ■^•■^0^1
in the interest
of Mt. Pleasant
& South Vancouver.
"Tho Advocate" gives all tho Local News of Mi,. Pleasant from
week to week for $1 00 per year; six months 50o. An interesting
Serial Story is always kept running; tho selections in Woman's
Realm will always be fouud fnll interest to up-to-date women; tho
miscellaneous items aro always bright, entertaining and inspiring.
New arrivals on Mt. Pleasnut will become raedily informed of tho
community aud more quickly interested iu local happenings if
they subscribo to "The Advocate."
torials, broadcloths, pauil—tis__ mohairs,
poplins, serges, henriettas, voiles and
veilings nro the plain materials that
will bo used. Mohairs aud worsteds in
neat checks and hairline stripes iu
shades of groy will be extremely popular. When the actual warm weather
begins it is anticipated that cream
scrgo8, benricttas, mohairs and veilings will bo largely in demand and
there is almost suro to be a scarcity of
this class of goods bofore the, season is
over. For suits and seperate skirts
fancy plaid cheviots, light weight pou-
atuas, worsteds and cheviots iu cream
ground will be immensely popular.
Taffetas and peau de soies will be
favorite weaves in silks and grey is almost sure to bo tho predominating
color, although just at present the call
is for rose, Alice blue, reseda and
other very light, high colors. Checks
of large size in grey oombinatiOus are
sure to move rapidly. The lingerie idea
will oall for a very heavy consumption
of white China silk and the popularity
of vory sheer materials will bring n demand for an unusual amount of lining
silks and solid colored lawns, which
will bo used largely under white lawn
and white swiss.
Get your work done at tho
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
I'-Unf Underwood, Proprietor.
BATHS—Bath room fitted with Porcelain    Batr    Tub    and all. modern
E. & J. HARDY & CO.
Covpany,  Financial,  Press and
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E.C., England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
is only $1.00 a year,
50c for 6 months,
USO for 8 months.
Everyone knows that for anything
to become known, it must be talked
about. For an article to become
popular its virtue must be made thi
subject of a public announcement.
That is advertising! Consequently
if the survival of the fittest applies
to business principles as well as it
does to other walks of life, the better the advertising—the better the
publicity—the better the results.
Good results mean good business,
and good business is what every
merchant advertises fo_!.':,"lf he did
not wish to excel in his particular
line, he would not take the trouble
to write an advertisement, much
more pay for the costly newspaper
and magazine space.—British Advertiser.
DO IT NOW!     -
Subscribe    to    your   Local
Paper NOW I
Don't bo  a  Borrower of a
paper whioh only costs $1.00 a
Trade Marks
Copybiqhts Ac.
Anyone, lending a sketch and description mar
lut-klr a-.oer.alii onr opinion free whether an
nvolition I. probftbly patentable.   Coromenlea.
tlona Btrlctlroon-dont-ld. Handbook on l'».„-rta ■
. Oldest ngoncr for semir|_H_l	
sent tree. Oldost ai_on_r for
Patents taken itiroutth U__
ap.. i,j| notice, without charge, tn the
Scientific American.
A httn-iHnr.]-iiy itlnntmtod waeklr.   I*r*«t rfr.
 ML   Tennn.f
dilution of imv Bdonttfln Journal.   Term*. 9S *
•ro-.r; four immtint, $1.  Bold by all n«w»rt*m1em
rear: four mom
Branch QBlM
Advocate $1
for 12 Months
to Housekeepers
Got in yonr orders for Gas Connections and Oas Ranges before the
rush begins.
Lost year when the hot weather began we had so many orders they
conld not be attended to, and there was disappointment all round.
All new dwellings should bo connected witb our Gbb Mains during
construction. _,
Saves timo, saves money.
Vancouver Gas Company.
Office : coriier of Carrall and Hastings streets.


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