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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Apr 7, 1906

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l-8> Reduced from 75c to OOc
%-%       " "     80c to 80c
—A Fresh Supply Just Received.—
1*1. A. W. Co. Ltd., Mt. PLEASANT BRANCH
Free Delivery to any part of the city.   'Phono 790.
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South Vancouver.
Single Copy 5c, Three Honths 25c, Six Months 50c, Per Year$i.
H8TABLISH-.D APRIL 8TH,  1890.    Wl—ILK No.  369.
APR 9 -190
Always Something
to interest you every weok in THE ADVOCATE
among the Local  Items, Miscellaneous Items,
»    Woman's Realm, or the Contiaued Story.   The
^V\Advertiseincu—will keei ■-■ .n pi*tcd  o>i whore
"Sq   "^S*° f°r bai gains iu all I.t,, ••■
'^MWsubscription prico is Witi—u tue reach tit all
"-Jjcm-ered anywhere in the City, the Dominion.
: the United States or Great Britiun for if I a year
Mr. Plkasant,  Vamcodvkr,   B.   0., Saturday, A't _ I,    191.
(EmrfrirTffeA-) .Vol' 8, No. 1.
I ocal Items.
T-M MoCuaig Auotion and Commis-
»■»» He., Ltd., next to Carneige Library,
Mnqtinas street, buy Furniture for OhhIi,
Conduct Auotion Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of "ivory description
3atisfRctiou|guaranteod.   Phone 1070.
This issue of "Tho Advocate','
the Eighth Yoar of publication,
The Snored Cantata "Christ and His
Soldiers," will bo given in Mt. Pleasant
Prosbyterian Church on Weduosdny
evening April 11th. Tho soloists are
Miss M. Boss, Mrs Warn, Mr. H. J.
Cave, Mr. A. H Kendall; accompanist,
Miss O. Wood.   Admission 25c.
By proporly adjusted glasses Dr.
Howell at the Burrard Sauitariuin Ltd.,
relieves eye strain wliich causes headache and other nervous troubles.
The pastor, Rev. A. E. Hetherington,
will preach Sunday morning aud
evening. Morning snhject: "Religious
Education iu the Home." Eveniug
snbjeer: "A Crave Defect."
Dooisiou Day iu the Sunday School.
A fresh supply of Steele Brings nnd
Forry's Seeds just opened up at the
M. A. W. Drug Store.
The pastor,  Rev. Herbert  W Piercy,
will   preach   morning   and evening ou
Suuday.   Moruiug  Bnbjoot: '-Pilate before Christ."   Eveniug subject: "The
Young Hen's Bible Class aud Sunday
School L'i'iO p. m '
Reeve C. F. Foreman of South Vancouver, received a letter this week stating the Government will erect n uew
school bouse iu 47:3. This will be good
news for the citizens of that part of
South Vaucouver, where many are
obliged to send their children iuto the
citv to school.
Advertize in the "Advocate."
Th": Eureka Club guve thoir closing
dnnce for the season on Thursday evening in Oddfellows' Hull The attendance was larce, the music good, the
Indies dresses very pretty nud the refreshments excellent. No more enjoyable dauce has beeu giveu by the Club
this season.
Get your Daueiug Pumps, Ladies'
Daueiug Slippers, Gentlemen's Bedroom Slippers, Patent-leather Shoes
of the Reliable Shoeman—R. MILLS,
119 Hastings streot, west.
Vancouver's 20th Birthday was most
enthusiastically celebrated; tho parade
wos unique und a credit to tho Committee iu charge. It will long be remembered by all so fortunate as to witness
It. The spirit of the Hundred Thousaud
Club ns expressed in "Move Her, Move
Her! Who? Vancouverl" prevailed
throughout the day. It is estimated
Vancouver has a population of slightly
over 60,000 ou its 20th birthday.
Eggs for   hatching,   Whitb Rooks.
Best Pen $!! per 15; Second Pen $2 per
15.   J. H TOOL, 169 Tenth ave , west.
A visit to C. W. Mathers, Photographs Parlors, Is a pleasure. The
photographic work of Mr. Mathors is
remarkable fur softnoss of ontline and
effective posing. Then Mr Mathers
mokes photos any day_ cloudy or clear.
In tbe operating room is a huge electric
lamp of great power. Thero is no skylight iu tho room, jnst this powerful
electric light which renders it possiblu
to secure better results then when the
operator contcuds with probable clouds,
changing his screened sky-light.
Grass  Sued—the  finest yet—80c a
pound, at tho M. A. W. Drug Store,
$15,000 Real Estate
Deal on Mt. Pleasant.
Mr. H. O, Leo.tho Grocer, has bought
the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church
property at the corner of Ninth nnd
Westminster avenues, which has a
frontage of 88 feot on Westminster avenuo. The consideration was 115.000.
The Trustees have rented the church
building from Mr. Lee for a term of one
year, Tho new chnrch building will
soon be started on the corner of Tenth
and Ontario street, and will probably
be a $25,000 structure with a seating
oapacity of 1,500 nnd all modern conveniences of au up-to-date church. Mr
Loe will build a large store ou the oor-
uer of Ninth and Westminster avenues
uext year.
Changes for advertisements should be
lu bofore Thursday noon to insure their
Deuttstry as we practice it is a Horious profession,
involving education, earofillness nud skill. Therefore we can uot compete in prices with the ignorant, the careless or the unskillful. Comparison will show, however, that we chargo loss than half us much as
most private prautioners.
But you ask, Is tho work as good'.*Wo reply, it
is better Indeed, uo dentist who tries to practice nil tho difforout
branches of dentistry oau achieve suob magnificent results as we do
with our oorps of skilled specialists
--;;,       tig     ^*'*r.;,j
147 Hastings St. Telephone 1566.
Branoh Office: corner Abbott and Hastiugs streets. Tel. 2022.
fl    Office Hours: 8 a.m., to 9 p.m.;   Sundays 9 a.m.,  to 2 p. ni.
•/_ Am FLETT, Ltda,
are now LOCATED in
-their now and moro commodious premises
threo doors south of their Old Stand.
While thanking their Customers for past patronage, tbey hope with
their Increased Stock and accommodation to secure n still larger
shore of samo.
Conservative Club.
Hon. R. G. Tatlow
will address  a   Mass Meetiug   ln the
O'Brieu   Hall   on   Tuesday   evening.
April 10th, at 8 p. m.
-Mrs. R. Whitney was takeu 111 Thursday witb touch of la grippe, but hopes
to bo up in o fow days.
Mrs. M. K. Bowman will bo at home
ou the llrd Wednesdays of eaoh month
at her home, 00 Fifth avenue, east.
The Annual Vestry Meeting of St
Michael's Church will be held on Mon-
duy ovoning,   April   16th,  at  8 p. ni.
SULPHUR, the finest yet; 15c per
pouud, 2-lbs for 26c, 10c package; at
the Mt. Pleasant Drug Store.
Mr. McCuaig and family moved
Into their new home this week, 63
Thirteeuth avenue, recei.tly purchased
from Mr. Harford.
Mr. Edge, with McLennan, McFeely —
Co , with his family havo moved into
his residence purchased from Mr. Pengelly, 251 Eleventh aveuue.
Mr Lore.o and family havo moved
iuto their Mt. Pleasnnt home, from the
West End. Mr. Loree purchased the
Wood Homestead coiner of Thirteenth
avenue nud  Quebec  street,   the price
paid being 18.800.
Ladies' and Children's plain sewiug
neatly aud well-done, Mrs, Cnllen, 2243
Westmiustor aveuue.
Read Mrs. Merkley's advertisiueiit on
4th page, of special interest to women.
The Maple Leaf Laorosse Club Dauce
to tnke place April 16th. will doubtless
be well patronized, the frieuds of the
team being all interested iu the success
of our local Lacrosse boys Be certain
to buy a ticket aud attend the dnnce;
buy a ticket oven though you can not
attend the dance.
At tho annual meeting of the Ladies'
Aid of Mt. Pleasaut Methodist Church
at the home of Mrs. Saeret, St George
street, the following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Thos. Saeret;
1st Vice-President, Mrs. Kiuch; 2d
Vice-President, Mrs. S Elkins; Secretary, Mrs. M. Bingham; Treasurer,
Mrs. (J. Glover,
The very latest styles iu Canadian
and Amei'icnu makes and designs in
Winter Shoes for Men, Women and
Children nt R. MILLS, the Shoeman,
119 Hustings streets, wost.
A numbor of tho young girls of St.
Michael's Church have organized a new
society called the Girls' Eutertoiuiug
Society. The girls will learn songs,
rocitations, tableaux, etc, aud will give
an entertainment uow and then throughout tho year. The flrst entertainment
will be given near the end of April, in
the Vestry rooms. Tho officers elected
are: President, Mrs. O'Dell; Secretary,
Miss Ruth Wolls; Treasurer, Miss
Addie Joues.
Read the Nov,- York Deutal Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserves *Z. 487.000
A General Banking Business
Savings Bank Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Sub-Manager.
Central Park, Aprl.l 5, 1906.
The death occurred ou Monday 2d iust
of George Stoues Jr., oldest son of Mr.
G. W. Stoues, at the homo of his parents
on tho Rivor road. He was Purser on
the Tartar, aud was released from
quarantine at William Head with other
officers and passongors after eight days
detention, aud was visitiug his pareuts
and renewing old acquaintances at
Central Park. Ou Saturday he was
taken suddenly ill and early Sunday
morning Dr. W. B. McKechnic of Vaucouver, was called in aud itj wob
found that Mr. Stones had smallpox of the most malignant type.
After Buffering great agony he passed
away at 2:30 o'clock Monday afternoon aud was hurried thesame evening.
The deceased was 26 years of age,
was highly esteemed by all who knew
him. For tho last four years Mr. Stones
has been connected with the C. P. 11.
Steamship Company aud bad made
splendid progress in the Compauy's
service during thai time, for ho proved
himself to be a youug man of marked
ability and executive qualities. Tho
heartfelt sympathy of the community is
felt  for   the  sorrowing   parents   aud
Good Butter
i4=Lb. Boxes $4.00
Pure Honev 5 Lb. Pails, 55c
Eastern Maple Svrup 35c Qt.
H|    I       I      |<-I!tVjCSi   2425   Westminster Ave.
• *^* L*WW<j        ,phone 322
Is it a Matter of Business
WITH YOU that every dollar you expend for the GROCERIES yon nie,
should procure the most and tho best that the market affords?
Wo are iu a position to buy in quantities that ensure the lowest prices.   Wo
cau then turn rouurt autl sell at the lowest prices.
Tor Saturday   Sellln ff we have a few particularly good things
A limited quuutity of Good Quality Creamery Butter at 26c m>
Fino Large Bananas, iu priino condition, 20c dozen.
Schilling's Baking Powdor, a well-known article of superior quality, i% It tins
reduced to $1.00 each and 5- tt, tine for $1.75, regular $2.2ii.
Pickles, pint bottles, regular 26c quality for 20c.
Delivery to Mt. Pleat-ant each day at 2:30 p. m.
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd-
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 280.
Westminster Ave. A Princess Stroet.
King's Heat flarket
R. Porter & Sons.       2321 Westminster Ave.
Wholesafe and Retail &
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh aud Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always j i
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasaut and Fairview.   [
Prompt Delivery.   FRESH FISH DAILY.   Poultry in seoaou. \\
'. Tel. 2306. $
Don't get tlie wrong idea!
Because a man deals exclusively in Teas and Coffeo that therefore
he must of course sell cheaper aud givo better value than a mau
who eomblues Teas aud Coffeo with other lines.—
To provo this Try a Sample order of onr Teas nud Coffee nnd you
will ho convinced thnt the best value is right HERE at your door.
THIS   WEEK.—Another Shipment of  that Choice Dairy Butter,
 at 25c per pouud.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.
Telephoue   1860,
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. Tel. 429
For Stile at all first-elans Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your house.
IBM isat
*)A****H*+]e»0*****JA**+0**m*****m ,
A   Jack Foster Tom Phillips.   | x
Mt.Pleasant '
The nearer home vou i.pend your money the more benefit you get from it.   ] |
Large Sweet Navel Oranges 25c a do». ] I
Fresh Rhnbnrd 4-ft for 26c j |
Heintz Sour Pickles, bulk, loo a pt. I i
2 bottles Aylnior Ketchup 26c j i
Our prices on the Hill will average from   io to 15 per
cent lower than down-town prices.
Here r.ro a few items:——
Good Banauas 26o a doz.
Heintz Sour Pickles, bulk, 20c a pt.
2 large bottles Rownt's Sauco 26c
Jj     If we have not what you want, we'll get.   We are after your business.
I       Foster & Phillips
J    'Phone 914.    Prompt delivery.    246 Ninth ave., east.   *
£-6*~ Subscribers are requested to
report auy carelessness in the delivery
of "Tho Advocate."
Furniture Cream Two Bits
Ammonia (piuts) Two Bits
Chloride of Lime 2-_ Two Bits
Sulphur for Fumigating, Li) 10c
Copperas, Lb IOo
Lye, per tiu 10o
L./\ VV , Wants to See YOU.
brother in their sad bereavement.
Every precaution is being taken to
prevent tlie spreading of small-pox nt
Ceutriil Park.
Much sympathy is folt for tbo widow
aud family of the Into Henry Howard
who died last Thursday March 291 h, the
cause of death was paralysis. The
fuueral was held on Saturday afternoon
from tho family residence to Mountain
View Cemetery.
Mr. W. Maxwell Smith has returned
from Ottawa, whore he attended the
Fruit Growers Coufereuce as Delegate
from Vaucouver. Mr. Smith reports u
very pleasant trip. Ho was accompanied
by his sou Macbie who has been spending the wintor with frionds in the
Upper Country.
Thero was a large iitteudiiuco at the
Presbyterian Church on Tuesday evening when the Rov. Dr. Wright of Vancouver lectured on "Tho Old Laud
Across tbo Sea." Tho lecture was
illustrntod by good lantern viows ami
proved very enjoyable.  Soveral musical
numbers were rendered dnring the evening.
Miss Elsie Reid who has bcon vory
ill with pneumonia for tho past four
days, is reported to be improving.
Tho Young Peoples Guild of thu
Presbyteriau Ohnreh intend holding a
very interesting Social next Wednesday
evening in tlio school room of the
liishop Dart, conducted tho eveuiug
service at St. Johu's Church last Sabbath
SMftT1 Muslin Blouses ft.
Styles in
Blouses, made of fine white lawn, '.ox-pleatod and pin tucked, cuffs
and collar pin lurked; sale price $1.86.
Blouses, made of liue lawu, front pin tucked,and embroidery insertioned. deep enff tucked, back and collar tucked: sale price $1.26.
Blouse, mndu of f .nicy.light grey wnistiug,  tucked back aud frout
and trimmed with straps of -self nud buttons; sale price $1.25.
Blonses, made of plain linen, 'faucy embroidered frout; collar and
cuffs embroidered; snle prico f/H.2T>.
ADAQS £•  CCs      30,32 and 34 Cordova St.
.    I\\JZ>J tX  VU., Telephone 574;
«^%'%^^^^^-tt^^^_^^'%^^^^^^'*_-^V^^^%'V-%. -^%*W%.^^i
Mrs.  Win.  Duthie   is homo after 11
two weeks stay in the Hospital.
Mr. Jack Foster's ninny frieuds will
be pleased to know ho is able to bo ont
In the New Process of
photography found at
the MatherB Studio it is
no longer necessary to
wait for a conveuicnt
season. But any day
or night for that matter
will do.
Only first-class work
Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Bowman have
moved from Thirteenth avenue to 80
Fifth avenue.
BRITISH COLUMBIA OFFICE, (Write for Catalogue.)
6(1 Hastings Street, West, VANCOUVER, B. C.
A SPECIAL OFFER, El3 All for 2Sc 1
.    1'- I'nckageii "i Leading Vegetable* mul Pluwors for SCO.—Oulon, Cucumber, Poet,
'    J.V tuce, Carrot and KioliHli: Asters, Bweat Mignonette, Pamy, Petunia, Bweei
I'M- mul WlldUardon.
SK5 Wm. RennieCo., Ltd. ??DM;
Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.
Select   Dancing
Mr. uud Mrs. Jus. Harford left on
Saturday last for Ruskin, B.C., whore
they will make their home.
Boot ami Shoomaklng
and Repairing done at
MASON'S HALL, Ninth avenue,   j _   .       ,  „ „  cl        t.    	
Mits. m.   [.ester, Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
Member National Association Masters)   ■       .y,et, West—instoravenue.
of Danoing
Adult Classes Every Friday (tsfollowi
worth of
Without a donbt tbo most mug-
niflcient lot of gems and the
largest amouut tbat ever crossed
tho Rockies ou the Canadian
side. Tim stones range in si—1
from 1-HOth of a carat to 8 carats
each. Diamonds have advanced,
vet Mr. Trorey purchased these
at the lowest possible market
price, and wo will give our customers a chance to buy Diamonds
to as good advantage as they
can be purchased anywhere in
all Canada
Corner Hastings aud Granville Sts.
Official Watch Inspector O. P. R.
Catsup, 2 bottles. 25c
Upton's Pickles 25c a bottle
No. I Potatoes $1.25
per sack.
McKinnon & Gow,
146 Ninth Ave. Opposite No .') Fire Hull
Telephone Bl 14H. Prompt dultvery.
Mrs. Chas. Kondiill of Revelstoke, is
visiting her parents Mr. autl Mrs. N. S.
Hoffar, corner Twelfth and Westminster avenues.
Beginners cia:-s from 7.80 to9 p.m.:
Danoing by Advanced Pupils from
'i I,, l! p in.
Juvouilo Class Evory Friday afternoon
from -l t" 8 o'clook,
Vani '"iv.'.e Ac.iutMv: Pender Hull.
7iotoria Acadi.my: A. O. (J. W, Hnll,
Telephone aI.vji or A2897.
Advertise in "The Advocate "
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Fancy Toilet Sets from $2 a set up.
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565 Granville street,    v
Telephone 98L
-on Enamel,   Tin and Wooden ware.
Buchanan &
r.   662 664 Granville St.        *W     'Phone 2021.
i*0*000000000..-;0*4****0****A!3il0*0*0000 000*000000****<i«
For a Game of
Pool or Billiards
Dri>ts in at
Mt. Ploasant.
Royaf Crown
im. Bksi IM tub Wnnui. Drop
ut" a post cord asking for a
Catalogue of Premiums to be
had tree for Rotai. Crows
Soap Wkappkks.
IJt-gr Subscribers who fail to
gel "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.   Telephone IJ1405,
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and T >ihy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Auiinal Foods,
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IH.OUK and KE15D.
"i   _-_*PITH Comer   ninth «ven« _
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The Canadian
Bankor Commerce
Deposits of Osk Dollar and upwards
nv aived ami Interest allowed thereon.
Hank  Money Orders  issued.
A General Banking Business
OFFICE HOURS: 10 a. m. to 8 p. m
Satitways: 10 a in. to 13 m., 7 to 8 p.m.
East End Branch
4-14 Westmiuster     O. W. DURRANT,
avenue. Manager.
DO IT NOW I—It nor aireiidy a Sub-
I scriber to "The Advocate" become one
uov.   Ouly (1 for ! Si inoulU->. ■»-f ** ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦.♦:♦ h ♦ ♦■»»;♦♦»♦ f Tf tnri ».tm iiih ♦♦♦♦♦]»
i Linked by Fate l!
I! ' <\
V-   Author of "The Verdict of the Heart,"" A Heritage   ?!
j; of Hate/' "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid .!
For," * A Modern Juliet," Etc ;!
ill ll'fHHMMfKMO I.IIIMiMI.MI M >« I > > ietj
trait Of our uncle.  Poor chap!
led a devilish solitary life, I'm a"ra.
I wish he'd married—"
Julian glanced sideways at him,
at first incredulously and with suspicion, then with genuine surprise.
"There'e a fellow who's awfully
liko you, Julian," Vano went oii.
"Wonderful how features perpetuate
themselves. That gentleman iu the
armor and a helmet which appears
to be two sizes too largo for him
was our great fighting ancestor. Sir
Rupert—the peerage didn't come until after his time; wo got it, I fancy,
i'or political services crossed from one
side of the House to the other; ratted, in other words. Or Was it because the monarch of that period
took a fancy to a thon Lady Mannering? I forget; but you'll find It ln
the County History in the library.
We'll go there presently. Come into
the drawing-room. Prance and Mrs.
Field like to call It 'tho state apartments.' We usod to entertain royalty, you know."
Julian's faco flushed, in fact he was
In a glow all over, as he surveyed
the magnificent suite of rooms which
terminated in a conservatory largo
enough to bs called a palm-house.
"It is superb," ho said, and he
stole a glaace at Vane's calm and
rather indifferent countenance. "You
ought to be a proud man. Vane!"
"Eh?" aaid Vane. "Oh, ah, yes!
Yes; It's a fine place; but—but—it's
rather inconveniently large, isn't it?
Fancy sitting here after dinner! In
solitary grandeur, with one hundred
—two hundred—how many are there'.'
—wax candles blinking at youl Wa
only burn candles here; no gas allowed. Shall we put on tho electric
light, Julian? Lord, I think our poor
uncle would turn in his gravel Come
on! Music-room. Uncle hated music.
But it's all there, piano—thero's an
organ in the gallery upstairs—harp,
guitar, sackbut and psaltery. Oh, by
George, this will be In your way,
won't it? You can pipe and sing to
your heart'e content—and mine. What
a voice that is of yours! Yes; this
shall bo your special department."
Julian glanced at him curiously,
but said nothing.
"Hero we are in the library. There's
tho chair the poor old man usod to
sit in when he lectured me. 'Duties
and responsibilities of property.'
'Parliament the proper place for a
Mannering, not wandering liko a
tramp over the face of the civilized
and uncivilized world.' 'Extravagance the curse of the ago.' 'Country
gradually but surely hastening to
ruin and decay,' etc., otc. Poor old
fellow, as if we're the kind of men
to stop it. Fine lot of books. They'ro
In your line, too, Julian. By the
way"—ho stopped and looked at
Julian with a grim smile—" 'pears
to me that most of it up to the present is more In your Hue than mine.
Ah, but this suits me a little better."
They had entered the gun-room
and, for tho first time. Vane looked
about him with appreciation and
"They've kept it up very well. By
George, there's tho gun I used to
shoot with when I was a boy I" He
handled it lovingly. "And there's my
foils and boxing-gloves. Can you
box, Julian?" He held out a pair,
but Julian shook his head and smiled a negative. "Fence?"
"A little," admitted Julian.
"Catch hold!" said Vane, tossing
him a foil and a mask.
Julian hesitated a moment, then
■lipped on the mask.
"Ready? Right!" said Vane, putting himself into the first position.
Tbey fenced for a few minutes In a
perfunctory way, then Vane, warming, began to press. Julian paused,
parried skilfully, and presently slipped under Vane's guard and touched
Vane flushed, but laughed—laughed
more lightly than Julian had hitherto heard him.
"Bravo! that was smartl Yes; you
fence 'a little' as you play and sing
•a little!' My dear fellow, you handle
'em like—like a Frenchman. Let's
have another turn."
"Oh—shall we?" said Julian.
They fell to again, but thia time,
though Julian could have touched
Vane more than onco, lt was Vans'*
Button* that dabbed against Julian's
"Mine, that bout," said Vane.
"But two out of three, eh?"
But Julian shrugged his shoulders
and took off his mask. "Too hot, '
ho said, carelessly. "My dear Vano,
you would pink me seven times out
ol nine."
"That'e your modesty," said Vans,
"Get rid of It; lt will be your ruin,
as it has been mine."
The exercise, the trial ol skill, had
warmed hii heart for a moment—because  for  that moment he had  been
able to forget.
"Come on, or are you bored?"
"No, nol" aaid Vane.
"Let ma see," said Vane,   looking
round; they were In a email passage.
"Thero's a way out here—"
"That?" aaid Vano, pondering.
"Oh, to the old part of the place, to
old castle. Is lt open? Hit" to a
passing footman. "Bring me the key,
will you, please?"
While tho man went for the key,
Vane and Julian lit their cigars.
"Phew, rather musty, isn't It?"
said Vane, as the door opened stiffly.
They passed Into a narrow passage
and under an archod way Into a room
with closed shutters.
Vane went to them, stumbling over a chair, and drew them open.
"Years since I was here," he said.
"This is one of tho old rooms. Notice tho thickness of tho waits.
Dampness, isn't it? Smells like a
vault. Ilon't suppose it's been opened for—oh, goodness knows how long!
Nice old furniture, isn't It? Pity to
leave lt hero to spoil. Look at that
picture over the fire-place; it's spotted with mould."
Julian looked round with an Interested air.
"It's a grand old room," he said.
He went to the window. It looked
out upon a smnll puved court-yard,
deserted, neglected nnd weed-grown,
with walls So high that they shut,
out all VloW from the windows. A
door, green with moss and lichen,
Was the  onlv  r>"tlet   from   the court.
Continued from last week.
A footman, bringing In Vane's
portmanteau, aroused him, and with
a sigh he turned from tho window,
had his wash, antl went down,
Julian was waiting for him in the
hall; and Vane, throwing off his
gloom, led him to the dining room,
a stately apartment large enough to
be called a banqueting hnll.
Vane motioned Julian to the bottom of the table and Mr. Holland to
the side, nnd Prance und .1 couplo ol
footman served the lunch. Mr. Holland was still all u-qulvor with
pleasant excitement.
"I hope your lordshi|>--und Air.
Julian—are intending l\ long stay?"
he said. "I noticed that you did
not  bring much luggage -"
Vane shrugged his shouldcs     "Oh,
thank you,  Mr.   Holland!."  ho   laid
"I don't think wo know; a few days,
Mr. Holland's face fell.
"Oh,    I  hope    longer    than   that,
Lord Lesborough!" he said, earnestly.  "Everybody   is ex|>ecting—hoping
that  you  are  going  to  settle  down
at the Court; in  fact, I happen   to
know    that    some—er—preparations
something  in  the  way  of  welcoming
your lordship—"
Vano turned off his dismay with a
"Ought to settlo down, eh, Mr
Holland?" he said. "Well, we'll
"You have been traveling so much,
been abroad so long," suggested Mr.
Holland, as if eager to make excuses
for him, "you lind it rather hard to
settle down. Of course we've all
heard of the wreck—"
"Yes, yes; bad business being
wrecked. Prance, Is this the wonderful claret? It's like yours, not a
bit better,  anyway,  Julian."
"It's the same," said Julian, nodding across his glass.
"Lord Fan worthy desired mo to lot
him know when you arrived. Lord
Lesborough," said Mr. Holland.
Vane nodded. "Lord Fanworthy,
of tho Grange," he explained to
Julian. "Our nearest neighbor. Ho
used to bo kind to me; I liked him.
We'll go over and sea him, eh? Jn
fact, there'll be a lot of visiting both
ways, won't there, Mr. Holland?'*"
Mr. Holland nodded cheerfully.
".'Yes, yes; certainly, my lord.
Everybody is delighted to hear that
you are—cr—home; the Lisles—"
"Place called the Moat," said Vane
to Julian.
..'And the Denningtons—"
■ 'Forget the name of their house,"
remarked Vane.
■""Linnnington," supplied Mr. Holland.
"Ah, yes, Limmington. And thero
are the Chases, and the Prothcrocs.
Plenty of society for you, Julian."
Mr. Holland looked slightly puzzled. It was as it his lordship and
his cousin had things in common;
but he rambled on with local names
and local gossip and Vano listened—
or looked and nodded as if he did—
and Julian smiled his soft, pleasant
■mile; he was certainly listening.
The lunch was over at last, and
Mr. Holland, looking beseechingly at
Vane, said:
"If your lordship would kindly
give me half an hour, say an hour,
in tho library—"
"Not lf I know it," retorted Vane
with a laugh and a shako of ihe
head. "No, no! I remember thoso
half hours in the library you nnd
my uncle used to go in for. Not today, Mr. Holland. Have mercy on
ua. I want to show Mr. Julian ovei
the place. It's his first visit, you
know. Come on, Julian! Got one ol
those cigars of yours to spare?
Ought to havo brought them
"Cigars, my lord?" said Prance,
promptly appearing at his elbow
with a box; bnt Vane declined them,
pleasantly enough.
"Thanks; rather have one of Mr.
Julian's, Prance; I've tried 'em.
Though these nre all right, no
doubt.   Come, Julian."
France heltl a light for their
cigars, and the two young men went
out, with Vane's arm linked in his
Mr. Holland filled his glass and
sighed, und as if emboldened by the
sigh, Prance remarked, gravely:
"It's good to have his lordship at
the Court, Ur, Ilollund. Ilia lord-
Bhlp'a looking  well,  sir?"
Mr. Ilollund frowned and fidgeted
In his nervous way with his claret
"Woll? Did you think so? Well,
yes, perhups; but—but he's much
changed, Pranco, Can't say exuetly
how, but ho looks—looks us if hod
got something on his mind. Fancy I
saw a speck or two of gray at hia
temples—my fancy, perhaps."
"No, Mr. Holland, sir, 1 noticed it
myself," said Prance, solemnly.
"But from all accounts his lordship's been through a great deal
since we had the honor of seeing him
last; and thut may account for tho
change in him. Ho certainly is different—moro gravo and absent-minded than I remember him. No doubt
it's that wrock, Mr. Holland."
"Yes, yes; I dessay," assented Holland, slightly encouraged. "In ono
thing ho isn't changed; he's Just aa
restless and disinclined for business.
I do hopo thut he'll pay somo attention to tho estate. It's a tremendous responsibility for me, and if I
can't get him to givo me—" Then
suddenly remembering that ho was
korhaps a trillc too confidential with
the butler, ho said, with an abrupt
change of tone: - "Cigar, if you
please, Franco. Thanks. I shall go
into tho library when I've finished
It, and shall bo there if his lordship
should wunt me."
Vane ond Julian paused In tho hall
and Julian looked round at the figures In armour, tho trophies, the
tattered flags depending from tho
valutud roof, the cabinets full of curios, tho pictures, most of them family portraits, on tho oak panelled
"Fine hall; eh?" laid Vano.
Julian nodded.
"A bit—stagey, theatrical, Isn't lt?
,8ut I suppose It's because they put
thll tbl_s oa ths  .te.au us sr*ll. V
Miss Laura Rose's Address Before the
Women's   Institute.
An unique and unusually interesting
address on "The Womanly Sphere of
Woman" was delivered at the Women's
Institute convention at the Guelph Model Farm on Wednesday, Dec. 13, by
Miss Laura. Rose of the O. A. C,
Guelph. There was an Immense attendance of ladles drawn from many
different parts of Ontario, and the sentiments of the speaker were frequently
applauded. Miss Rose, who ls a very
pleasing speaker, deprecated the entrance of Women Into the spheres of
work better suited for men. A woman's success ln the financial world
might mean the sacrifice of her womanly nature, and cause failure more pathetic and far more to be regretted
than financial failure.
"Let us safeguard well the difference
In our nature which makes men seem
our superior, and which, lf neutralized, would only mar us and probably
blot out the very best part of our nature," aaid Miss Rose. "The winning
of a diploma often means physical
wreck. She has won her laurels dearly, but for her rounded figure she has
got muscular flabbiness, and for her
rosy, merry face she has got sharp-
featured Irritability. I think lt would
be well to leave this delving into deeper science to men, and let us be content to read of their wonderful discoveries. Some women are constantly uncomfortable because all the time trying to know more and more, so that
they have not time to enjoy life.   •
"The education of our girls has been
towards taking them from the home.
During their school days they are always, when at home, poring over book3
and they take no Interest ln home life
and home work. What can we do to
keep our girls ln the kitchen or turn
them again to the kitchen; My greatest hope ln the Macdonald Institute ls
that It may turn girls back again to
the home life, and that they may there
find their greatest pleasure in administering to the comforts of the Inmates
of their own homes. "Nothing lovelier
can be found ln woman than to study
household good.' At the Institute they
study lt under such lovely conditions.
There they, aa they bend over the washboard, take delight ln seeing the soil
come out of the clothes, and when they
go to the kitchen cooking becomes a
Joy. They will find such a dignity ln
performing the simple duties of housework that they would not change their
sphere for any other in the world."
Miss Rose spoke of the necessities
for congenial tastes between husband
and wife, and advised women not by
any means to limit their education to
the kitchen. She, however, complained of the neglect of home by many
married women who attend too many
social and church meetings. Many of
those works she believed should be
done by maiden ladles. "There are lots
of them," she remarked. The women
of our country were largely responsible
for the standard of home life. "A woman who is loving and true and devoted, a wife devoted and Intelligent,
need have no regrets if academic honors, high social position or political
privileges have been denied her. She
Is filling the womanly sphere. The eyes
of the world and of the God above rest
kindly upon her, and her reward ls
"Stay, stay at home, dear heart, and
Home-keeping hearts are happiest
For they that wander they know not
Are full of trouble and full ef care.
To stay at home is best."
A CuWFoTr 8maTlpox.
Now that we have such a smallpox
scare, why don't you republish the article you gave a couple of years ago on
"Smallpox," or are you afraid that the
"doctors' combine" would be after you
lf you were to do such a charitable
deed? I know of ono case where this
recipe prevented the spread of smallpox; where the son had quite a bad
attack of the disease. When you published the article, I wrote lt In my recipe book. I will write lt out for you
In case you feel like using it I think
lt would be best for people to give lt
a trial, says a correspondent cf The
Toronto World. The recipe he refers
to ls as follows:
Sulphate of zinc, 1 grain; foxglove
(digitalis), 1 grain; half a teaspoonful
of water, When thoroughly mixed add
4 ounces of water. Dose, 1 teaapoon-
Either disease will disappear ln 12
hours. Smaller dose for children. It
ts harmless when taken by a weU person—so could be used as a preventative during an epidemic.
Sharp Dealing In Alberta.
A good story ls being told ln Leth-
brldge of how the shrewdness of a
Canadian buyer was well matched In
a business transaction by the cuteness
of a United States seller who had taken up sheep-ranching, Bays The Canada
Gazette. The Canadian bought a herd
of 2,400 sheep, but they were to be
driven from Raymond to Lethbrldge, a
distance of 18 miles, before being
weighed. This was so obviously an
attempt to reduce their weight that
the sharp "Yankee" resolved not to lose
on the deal lf he could help lt. Accordingly, he hired a man to draw a
quantity of beet pulp from the sugar
factory at Raymond and Lethbrldge.
When the sheep were being driven
along they ate the pulp and drank water, with the result that they gained
ten pounds each ln weight. Tho rancher's foresight enabled him to net an
extra profit el tl.000.
1_e First Prench Havy.
Away back ln tlie eighth century
Charlemagne bad organized a sort of
coast guard by enrolling all tbe seaboard population who lived within one
and a half miles of the shore, but
with the dismemberment of tbe vast
Carlovlugiuu empire all dreams of naval greatness were dissipated. Loug
afterward Charles V. built some military nefs on the Atlantic, and Louis
XL's galleys chassd the Barbary pirates who Infested the shores of tbe
Mediterranean, but lt was Francis I.
apparently wbo first conceived the Idea
of a war fleet, purchased and equipped
from the royal treasury.
He converted the small fishing village of Havre Into a fortified port,
which speedily attracted commerce ta
tbo mouth of the Seine, and he projected a scheme—which he did not live
to realize—for the construction of an
oceanic navy under canvas. "Fleets
were massed ln the Mediterranean,"
writes Mr. Norman la his "Corsairs of
France," "and for the first time in
history a French squadron, passing
through tbe strait of Gibraltar, do
fsated an English fleet off Brest, and
then, moving round to the eastward,
drove off the blockading squadrons of
Henry Till, from Boulogne."
\**r   IM Vi No  B7I
•SR 000 MWARD will
person who proves that
Sunlight Soap contain, any
injurious chemical, or any
torn, oi adulteration.
is a perfect cleaner and will
not injure anything.
Best for all household pur-
poses. Sunlight Soap's superiority is most conspicuous in
the washing of clothes.
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
take the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, or the most delicate
colors may be safely washed
with Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft water.
Your money refunded by the dealer
from whom you buy Sunlight Soap if you
find sny came for complaint.
Lever Broth.rj Limited. Toronto
The highwayman and the assessor
vie witb each otber in breaking people of the habit of wearing diamonds.
If men were to Judge the future by
the past they would be so discouraged
that they would feel like giving up.
Help your children to grow strong
and robust by counteracting anything that causes ill-health. One
great cause of disease ln children is
worms. Remove them with Mother
Grave's Worm Exterminator. it
never fuils.
King Edward has sent to Benjamin M. Jennings, of Casey county,
Kentucky, a very large diamond
stud which Is said to have oeen the
property of Paul Kruger.
"SALADA" Ceylon Tea can now
be had everywhere and within the
reach of every person as it can be
purchased in Gold label at GOc. per
lb„ Red label at 60c, Blue label at
40c, Green label at 30c, and Brown
label at 25c. per lb., all equally pure
tea, but of course the cheaper
grade are not as fine flavored, not
being grown at as high an elevation
as the expensive teas, the latter ar'-
produced at an elevation of G,000
feet above the sea level.
The Pennsylvania railroad will
conduct further experiments this
year with steel ties to determine
their merits as compared with wooden ties.
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Diphtheria.
The  Truth   About Oleomargarine.
Oleomargarine lo a product which
has long beeu regarded with suspicion, but food experts pronounce lt
"healthful and nutritious," and confute tho statements lgnorantly made
that lt Is Impure and contains Injurious Ingredients. A defense of this
much maligned article of diet ie well
presented by Mary Hlnman Abel ln
the Delineator for February, being
the sixth of her papers on "Safe
Foods and How to Get Them." Mrs.
Abel quotes Professor Harrington ln
his work on Practical Hygiene, significantly.
"Oleomargarine has been misrepresented to the public to a greater
extent probably, than any other article of food. From the time of its
first appearance in the market as a
competitor of butter, there has been
a constant attempt to create and foster a prejudice against lt as an unwholesome article made from unclean
refuse of various kinilis, a vehicle
for diseased germs, and a disseminator of tapeworms and other unwelcome parasites. It has been said to
have been made from soap grease,
from the carcasses of animals dead
of dlsense nnd from n variety of
other articles equally itnadapted to
Its manufacture. The publication of a
great mass of untruth cannot fall to
hnve at least lbs desired effect, not
solely on the minds of the ignorant
but even on those of persons of more
than average intelligence. So a prejudice was created attalnst this valuable food product, but It Is betomlug
gradually  less pronounced.
In threo words — "delicate from
birth"—Is expressed a world of anxieties Buffered by mothers whose babies have had a bad start ln life.
For babies who are ailing, peevish,
cross and unable to digest their food
Baby's Own Tablets are Invaluable.
They act almost like magic, and
change cross, peevish children into
smiling happy babies. Mrs. .T. W.
Monroe, Sintaluta, N. W. T., says:—
"I have used Baby's Own Tablets for
two years and would not like to be
without them. They have changed
our weak, sickly baby into a fat,
healthy little girl. I can warmly recommend the Tablets to other mothers. And mothers have a guarantee that the Tablets contain no poisonous "soothing stuff, or harmful
drug. They are absobt.ly safe i'.i'l
always do good. Sold oy ineJIcine
dealers or by mail at H3 cents a box
by writing the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Tooth Offering.
In Scotland and many parts of England, and, indeed, throughout Europe,
It ls (or used to be) a popular custom
when a tooth Is extracted to put a
pinch of salt on lt and throw lt Into
the fire. This is a survival of a remotely ancient practice, dating from
the Gothic days of Sun worship, of
which the fire Is an emblem; and the
acUon of burning a separated tooth
was recognized as "a tooth offering."
The alleged penalty for omission of the
observance varied ln different localities.
In one lt was said that the next tooth
would be a "buck's" or a "dog's" tooth;
or that the neglectful owner of the
tooth would have to search for lt after
death ln Hades, or that something else
equally terrible would happen.
Apple Pips and Peelings.
Apples have long been Invested by
the superstitious with mystic Influence, for the reason that they used
to be regarded as the forbidden fruit
of the Tree of Knowledge. An old
Scottish belief ls that lf.an apple-pip
be shot from between thumb and finger its flight takes the direction from
which the shooter's partner ln life will
come. Another, and more general, superstition ls to peel an apple ln one long
unbroken strip of rind, which ls then
thrown over the left shoulder. If It
falls unbroken to the ground the
thrower's wedding will be soon,
and lf In falling it assumes the
shape of an alphabetical letter, that
letter will be the Initial of the surname of the future spouse.
Uf—As I snt. there alone, HIUli
came along anil offered mo a pennv
for my thoughts, She—The extravagant creature.
The Itt,-mI Womnn.
I hnve watched the Ideal womnn (r
many places, nt home and In society,
with the result that I have come to the
conclusion that she Is the one of out'
nex whom men most persistently nvold.
They are quite civil to her when sho II
thrown ln their way; thoy will oven nd-
mire openly her demeanor or the wny
she keeps house or nurses her Invalid
mother, but they do not seek her out,
mid thev do not tunrry her.—A Bplnrtet
li "The Truth About Men."
My Hair is
Feed your hair; nourish it;
give it something to live on.
Then it will stop falling, and
will grow long and heavy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor Is the only
hair-food you can buy. For
60 years it has been doing
just what we claim it will do.
It will not disappoint you.
" My hair ussrt to t>* ..ry abort. Bnt eftsr
nslng A y.r's Hair Visor a short tlm. It began
tn .row, and now It fa foortssn Inefaaa long.
This aee-ros a spl.ndld raenlt to in. af Ur h.lng
almost without any hair."- Has. 1. —. Fisaa,
Colorado Springs, Oslo.
• br J. O. Ar*r 0»„ L*WjU. 1
Why Cows Should Be Tested.
A great many overlook the value of
testing the milk of ench cow ln the
herd, for the profits at the creamery
depend more upon the percentage of
butter fat contained ln the milk than
upon the amount of the flow.
Twe cows ln the same herd may
serve as an Illustration. One gives
GOO pounds of milk during one month
which tests only 3 per cent butter fat,
while the other cow will only give
600 pounds, but the test shows 6 per
cent butter fat It can be easily seen
which Is the more profitable of the
A number of North Dakota creameries are Insisting tbat their patrons
make tests of the milk of each of tbelr
cows. They believe that lf the dairy
farmer ls taught to keep profitable
dairy cows they will be more satisfied
with results and, as a matter of course,
will remain patrons of the creamery
longer tban If they were dissatisfied.
If the patron will not keep a tester of
his own the creamery will provide him
with separate cans for each cow's milk
and will test tbe milk for him free of
Young Girls Sold In Marriage.
Mrs. T. ChlBholm, Manitoba, reporting recently to the Dominion Women's
Christian Temperance Union convention on foreign work, denounced child-
marriage, practiced among Germans,
Qallclans and Poles In Manitoba. She
Instanced a case of a thirteen-year-old
girl forced to marry a man much older, whom she had never aeen till the
week before the marriage ceremony.
The fathers of young girls were paid
f25 or 130 by the prospective groom.
The girls were practically sold by harden parents. She knew cases of fourteen-year-old girls being compelled to
marry under similar circumstances
The Attorney-Oeneral had been appeal- !
ed to on the matter, but It was dlfll- .
cult to stop chlld-marrlagcs unless they
could get a case for prosecution through
the girl refusing to say yes at the mar
rlage altar
Dou't   ■ " I rl t'. <- *.
Don't fidget.   This Is one of tlie car- !
Una! points of etiquette.   If Inclined to :
lie restless,  girls  should never admit ,
lhat they are nervous.   Avoid rocking '
chairs  when  you are entertaining or ]
being entertained.   Keep your feet still !
ami never call  attention to them by
crossing your knees and thrusting your !
foot forward. Hobbledehoys belong ex- j
rlusively to the male Bex nud a girl
need never be at n loss to know wbat
to do with her hands nnd feet.    Don't
play with the tassel of a Bhatle, a tnblo
tovcr or nn ornament lying closo to
rour bnnd.   Wben nt table, lenrn never
to touch anything until you are served
and the meal has fairly begun.
THE success of ptttry
depends upon the
flour. Bread and pastry
must be more than merely appetising; they must
be wholesome, digestible,
The flour depends
upon the wheat and the
way it is milled.
Royal Household Floor
is made from spring
wheat only. It is milled
by the newest and best
machinery. It is purified,
by electricity.
Use it and you  get
bread not only light, crisp
and appetising, but also
wholesome,digestible and
I nourishing.
You will better your
baking by buying Ogil-1
vie's  Royal  Household
Flour from your grocer.
Ogilvie Floor Hills Co., Ltd.
"Ogllvls'B Book for a Cook,"
contains 180 pages of excellent
recipes, some never published before.   Your grocer cau tell you
how to get it _'-__.
The Best
v v m k*ui*l __ vu.\\    uut>   no*  ■put   »i>   wm
|_| ^J^    r_P_rv^-_i2 _»■% E»«t*»d and tri«d for htJi a ot
Hair l oniC-a^-i-s^v
Hall's Vegetable SicUion Hair Re-
nower. It tones up. Invigorates,
strengthens the hair-bulbs. The hair
grows faster, thicker; stops falling
out; does not split at the ends.
1 foi half a oentury.
Chestnut Calces.
Roast a pint of chestnuts nntil tender; peel, skin and mash to a pulp
with half a cupful of butter. Mix
well and stir in balf a cupful of sugar,
A pinch of salt, one well beaten egg, a
teaspoonful of lemon extract and a tea-
cupful of sifted flour. Roll the paste
out thin, cut ln narrow strips and fold
over Into little rolls. Lay them on
oiled tins and bake ln a moderate
oven to a pale brown. Take up carefully, sprinkle with grated cocoanut
(fresh) and powdered sugar and let get
cool before serving.
A Difference.
To give thanks ls one thing, but
thangs-"glving"—that ls, sharing our
blessings with those less fortunate,
which is the true essence of thankfulness—Is quite another.—K. K. Megee.
The publisher of the best Farmer's
paper in the Maritime provinces in
writing to us states:
"I would say that I do not know
of a medicine that has stood the teBt
of time like MINARD'S LINIMENT.
It has been an unfailing remedy in
our household ever since I can remember, and has outlived dozens of
would-be competitors and imitators."
Apples as Co— Feed,
Apples mnke good feed for cowe lf
fed In small quantities nt first. Begin
with three quarts at a feed and gradually Increase, says H. G. Manchester
In Rural New Yorker. In this way you
can work the cow up to half a bushel
nt a feed without Injury. If the cow ls
given all she will eat at one time she
will bloat and go down. We cnll such
a cow drunk, but the scientific men
claim tbat intoxication Is impossible
from this cause. At nny rate, tbe cow
ls very weary, stops giving milk and ln
some cases dies. Wben fed ln small
quantities the milk flow Increases and
the cow does well. We like to feed
some cornmeal when feeding apples.
Be careful not to feed large ones or
the cow may choke.
it bns been estimated tbat tbe losses
of butter fat by the differeut methods
of skimming the milk of twenty cows
In a year amount to $120 by the shallow pan setting, $00 by the deep setting and $15 by centrifugal separator.
This ls based on a price of 20 cents pet
pound for butter nnd nn average loss
of fat in the skim milk by each method.
When  Heifers  Freshen.
A cow Is worth much more when her
milking habit Is well established.   Special pains with cows tbnt are fresh foi^
the  flrst  time Is  for 'Ms  ——son  important
AH Doubts Settled.
No vague question need now
haunt the minds of up-to-date women
when home dyeing is necessary.
D Y-O-L A does th_ thing—and
does it better. Quick, easy economical.
The one package can be used for
every sort of cloth—wool, Bilk, cotton and mixed.
Gives   beautiful, even, fast   colors.
" D y-e-l a Is better than eny other
dye I ever used," says Mrs. G. D.
Murray, Newcastle, N. B. Write to
her, and she'll tell you more.
Try   D y-o-l a.   At your   druggist's.
Only,  per package,   10c.
Polite As  Ever.
A Frenchman who ls staying at a
hotel ln Edinburgh asked at the cashier's dosk for his bill, and was astonished to find It so large.
He felt that he had been plundered,
but he paid the bill and asked to see
tho proprietor. The landlord came down
in response to the call, beaming with
smiles. The Frenchman rushed up to
hlni,   exclamlng:
"Ah, let me embrace you. Let me
kees you!"
"But why do you want to embrace
me, sir?    I dnn't understand."
"Ah, salre, but look at this bill."
"Yonr bill?    Yes, but what of it?"
"Vot of it? -Why, lt means zat I s'all
AdValre, nevalre, see you again, salre."
—London Answers.
II Yon Would See. a Csre Is
Lite's Worrit* sal Cans,
Read the Story Issordei
Bete ol Ur. Brrce Allan,
ol Jsrvis, Ont.
Believe me, I am fully as
gratified to tell you of my
recovery with Piyohlne ss
you are to hear of It. Last
rail 1 beoarue woak, run down
ind nervous through overwork and worry. Was unfit
for work, hod no appotlte,
nnd fslt n» ir I had lost all
interest In lifo. I contracted
a serlos of colds from changing winter weather, and
gradually my lungs hncanio
..minted. I trlod romedy after
romody, and a number of
'loctors prescribed for me,
hut got no relief, I began
using Psychine. After two
months' treatment I regained
my health and strength.  I
am sound as a bell to-day,
and give Psyi	
yohlne all the
Will »h« ■Iqht Ih.n.T   Yea, look I ah* alien her
.   ,nd now—i r   - *     " "
at an end.
coarse and now 1
Baros Allah.
Jarvls, Ont.
All Druggist*
What a wonderful word to those who, for days perhaps,
have been adrift on the wide seo.
How eagerly every sunrise they have Boanned the horison
ln the hope of some friendly sail.
At last the morning dawns when their hopes are realised.
There to Ih* gallant ship I Thoy shout and wsvs but
their parched throats oan scaroe utter a sound.
I Ih.n.T   Yes. look! she altera her
a few moments all their suffering will be
And to yoa also oosies the glad morn.
For months, even years perhaps, you have been llrmly
held ln the grip ol son disease.
How eagerly you have sought relicI bnt all in vain and
now you are almost la despair.
Yet for you there ls hope.
Th* light ol knowledge ha* revealed PSYCHINE.
a sure euro for all Throat and I una troubles.
Pneumonia, PlenrtoT, LaGrippe, Bronchitis. Consumption, 1-nsnltiide, Night-sweats and all Worsting
Dtees-su oan be oiruotuauy ound by this wonderful
PSYCHINE (Pronounced Sl-keen)
Th* Greatest ol all Tonic*
Free Trial On* Dollar
■afsty In Psyehln*
ITt King M. W, Toronto, Canada
_L Mt Pleasant Advocate
Trail  From  St. John,  B. C, to  Lake
Teslin, !n the Yukon.
Lleut.-Col. Fred White, controller of
the Northwest Mounted Police, has received a report from Superintendent
Constantlne, who ls ln charge of a party of Mounted Police entrusted with
making a trail from St. John, B. C, to
Lake Teslin,  ln the Yukon Territory.
The party, consisting of two officers,
six non-commissioned officers, twenty-
two constables and two special constables, left Fort Saskatchewan, March
17th last, and returned to St. John,
B. C, to winter on the 25th of September, having built a wagon trail to the
Junction of Halfway and Cyprus Rivers, a distance of ninety-four miles.
This is the hardest part of the undertaking. Steep hills had to be graded
and streams bridged. This helped to
delay the work, which was further hampered by heavy rains ln August.
Work will be resumed early ln the
eprlng, and It ls hoped before the following winter to reach a point a hundred miles northeast of Fort Graham,
about 250 miles farther. Sylvester's
Landing will be the winter quarters ln
1906 and 1907. Superintendent Constantlne states that the soil around
Lesser Slave Lake Is a sendy loam, but
good wheat, barley and oats are raised
In small quantities.
The Dominion Fishing Co. are established ln the lake, and shipping fish at
such a rate as to make the natives apprehensive for the future. On the lava
benches and the north bank of Peace
River good crops of wheat, oats and
barlej', together with vegetables, are
grown. One farmer at Vermillion last
year sold $3,000 worth of wheat to the
Hudson's Bay Co., who have a flour mill
Octopus Puts  Up Two'Fights.
A recent special from Vancouver,
B. C, says: Four fishermen had a light
with a huge devil fish at Belllngham,
Puget Sound. Clarence Benadone, his
brother Tom, William Brown, and Alva
Barger were fishing for cod in a cove
when Brown saw the octopus crawling
on the bottom towards shore. It frightened him so that he went ashore. He
told the others what he had seen and
they went ln pursuit.
The eyes of the monster gleamed In
the water like diamonds. Its movements were watched until it got Into
three feet of water, and then the men
set on It with long poles. It fought
back and thrust Its long arms out. The
men succeeded ln throwing a rope
around one of the tentacles as lt was
V-iised out of the water, and the combined weight of the men was used ln
trying to get the octopus ashore.
However, they only succeeded ln
wrenching off the arm. A knife was
tied to a pole and one of the monster's
eyes was destroyed, but it kept up a
game resistance.    Finally it got away.
Two Indians ln a canoe also report
having been attacked. The devil fish
was floating on top of the water when
the canoe ran against It. Instantly on
arm was thrown round the little craft.
The redskins cut lt off. No sooner was
the one tentacle disabled than another
was thrust out, but the Indians managed to evade It and get away.
Vegetable Wrongs.
Digging the  eyes out of potatoes.
Pulling the ears of corn.
Cutting the hearts out of trees.
Eating the heads of cabbages.
Pulling the beards out of rye.
Spilling the blood  of beets.
Breaking the  necks of squashes.
Skinning apples, knifing peaches.
Squeezing lemons, quartering oranges>
Thrashing wheat,    plugging    watermelons.
Felling trees and piercing the bark.
Scalding celery slashing maples.
Crushing and Jamming currants.
Mutilating hedges, stripping bl
If you are a suffe.-or from colds nol
a bottle of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive
Syrup and test its guali'.'.cs It will
be found that no prai ie hestov/oil ou
lt Is too high. It dan all that is
claimed for It , and doos it ihon.ii.th-
ly. Do not take any substitute for
Bickle's Syrup, because It is the best,
having stood the test of years. All
the best dealers sell It.
Jealousy,   fear,    the belittling  of
self, the blues, and all Introspective
forms    of   depression, are the children of worry.
CleanslnsT Silk.
I tried washing a mud stained white
silk waist ln gasoline, but "tbe scars
remained." Then a friend advised the
nse of white soap with the gasoline,
and tbe spots disappeared like magic.
Since then, lf my gloves or ribbons are
much soiled, I always rub on white
sonp and then let them lie In the gasoline for some hours before rubbing out.
I always rinse any article ln clean
gasoline to make sure tbnt lt will not
be strenked wltb the sediment, then let
tbe gasoline settle and bottle for future use.—Housekeeper.
Is Diseased Kidneys *od the Cure
is Dodd's Kidney Pills,
Wonderful Cure of Mrs. James Kin-
sells, Who 8lspt In a Chair for Two
Summers—What  She   Says of It.
St. Malachle, Que., Feb. 6.—(Speoial) — A cure of great interest to
women has attracted the attention
of those Interested In medical matters ln this neighborhood. Mn.
James Kinsella, wile of a well-known
oltlzen, had suffered from a complication of troubles for about two
years. She had a pain in the right
hip, In the back and was obliged to
pass water every fifteen minutes ln
a burning, itching sort of way.
She could not sleep at night and
had to sit up in a chair for two summers.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured her.
Mrs. Kinsella speaking of ber oure
says: "After the first box of Dodd's
Kidney Pills I felt much better.
Then I got more and they done me
a world of good. I have never slept
In the chair since I used Dodd's Kidney Plus.
Woman's health depends on her
kidneys. Nine-tenths of the so-called
female oomplalnts are caused by uric sold ln the blood. Cure your kidneys with Dodd's Kidney Pills and
ran enn have no   nrlo   sold   Is   tke
Success   of  the   System In Lancashire
Woollen   Mills.
The benefits to employer and employe of a system of profit-sharing was
the topic upon which Mr. Theodore
Cooke Taylor, member for the Southeast Division of Lancashire in ' the
British House of Commons, addressed
the members of the Canadian Club at
Toronto recently.
Mr. Taylor inherited a woollen manufacturing business which had been ln
his family for four generations, and
which employed 600 hands. He considered that his employes had certain
claims upon him, and these claims he
set about meeting by Introducing the
profit-sharing system. At the end of
each year a proportion of the profits
was given to the workers ln the shape
of £1 shares of stock, which' carried
no voting power, but upon which dividends were paid. Mr. Taylor said he
had studied ln every way to make Identical the Interests of capital and labor
ln the business.
After 13 years' experience with the
profit-sharing system, he was completely satisfied with Its success, and could
recommend lt as both scientific and
sane. He would not advise those whose
sole object was to make money to
adopt such a system, for they would
be disappointed. His own motive ln Instituting profit-sharing was altruistic,
but he found he had not lost money by
lt, while he had gained Immensely ln
happiness and comfort ln his business.
Tho workpeople took more pride ln
their work and the success of the company, the best employes stayed with
the establishment, and all the workers
were learning lessons of thrift, conscientiousness, and Intelligent Interest
ln the business. Profit-sharing was not
a panacea for all Industrial evils; lt
could not make a bod business good,
but lt would make a good business better. It repaid the employer, and it dignified end glorified the employe's life.
If the young men of the upper classes
ln Great Britain, said Mr. Taylor, realized that they would be serving their
country as well by taking an Intelligent part in industrial progress as they
do by taking up military service, a new
form of patriotism would be developed.
It was not from the rank and file that
Industrial reform would come. Labor
unions and employers' associations
were all right ln their place, but they
were antagonistic, and warfare was
costly and wasteful. It was only by
working together that progress was
made. Profit-sharing was one of the
simplest and surest means of establishing good-will between capital and
Something that Should be Rubbed
in.—Whenever pain is felt in the
limbs or back, take Dr. Thomas Eclectrlc Oil; pour a little in the hand,
and applying it to tho surface beneath which the pain lies, rub briskly. If the flrst application does not
afford relief, which is not usually the
case, keep rubbing. The Oil will
gradually penetrate to the affected
part and relief will  come.
The Duke of Abruzzi, a cousin of
King Victor Emmanuel, has almost
completed arrangements for a voyage of exploration into the heart of
Treatment For Cowpox.
Cowpox (variola vaccine) is the same
disease which is utilized on a large
scale for tho purpose of securing vaccine matter for the purpose of pro-
acting human beings from smallpox.
The diseaso ls not at all serious, and
usually requires very little treatment.
If the teats or udder ls very sors it
would be best to use a milking tube
for drawing the milk. At any rale,
the vesicles or little blisters should not
be broken. If the cow has much fever
sho should have one pound of epsom
salts and an ounce of ground ginger,
dissolved ln half a gallon of cold water, as a drench. After the physic has
operated, give one half ounce of saltpetre twice daily In the drinking water for three or four days. If the udder ls swollen and hot bathe lt with
hot water for half an hour three times
daily, and after each bath use a little
of the following: One ounce sugar ef
lead, one quart of water. If there, ls
no fever and no swelling, only the
eruption on the teats, po treatment is
required. The disease usually runs
Its course ln about two weeks, lf not
Irritated.—Atlanta Constttu Ion.
General Purpose Hogs.
If the purpose of the hog ls to pro-
duco the largest amount of flesh ln tho
shortest period of time on the consumption of the smallest amount of
food—and certainly that Is the commercial purpose — the Berkshire ls the
equal, lf not the superior, of any otber
breed, writes C. E. Stable ln Farm
Home. The breeders of the very large
species of swlno dc not claim for their
hoga that they mature quickly, although they attain great size: the fanciers of the smaller varieties do claim
early maturity, but frequently their
animals do not go to sufficient weight.
The medium Berkshire and the Poland-
China seem, therefore, to be the two
species especially adapted to general
But of these two the Berkshire ls
the more alert and ac:lve and having
these qualifications le apt to be the
more healthy. He Is, we think, the
better ranger and pasturo feeder of
the two—a very Important factor In
the production of cheap pork.
Feeding the Horse.
The horse needs a variety of grains,
Just as his owner needs a variety of
feed. A diet suggested by a practical
and successful farmer Is: "A ration
mixed In fho proportion of fifty pounds
of oats, fifty pounds of corn and twenty flvo pounds of bran will always be
relished by the work horse, and lt will
be found Infinitely better sdnp-cd to
his needs than straight com Nor lr "
so very much moro expensive elthel
at the present prices. The average
_arm horse will eat from flf een to
twonty pounds a day of this mixture."
Some people can't burry without
making mistakes.
About all we get out of wishes is the
pleasure of making them.
Just because talk is cheap Is no reason wby any one should use a lot of lt.
Never expect a photograph album to
Interest a man loug uulcss It has bis
picture lu It
A certain amount of will power ls
nil right, but a man wbo euu fast until
he starves to death doesn't amouut to
After a mnn spends two or three
weeks on a Jury he ought to be a pretty
good lawyer. Indeed, he ought to be a
pretty good Judge.
It is a wonder that some statistician
has never found out bow soon after a
wedding the word "rights" begins to
appear   ..
Hence the Wisdom of Keeping In the House
the Most Effective Cure*
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
Slight hoarseness In the evening
ls the only warning of croup.
About midnight the child awakes
coughing — tnat peculiar, metallic
cough called oroupy, and which
strikes terror to the mother's heart.
Then begins the struggle for
breath, and lf relief ls to bs obtained
treatment must be prompt and effective.
Anyone who has tested Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine aa
a oure for croup will not hesitate
to pronounce it an unqualified success.
It is wonderfully prompt ln loosening the cough, clearing the air passages of the head, snd soothing the
excited nerves.
People who realize the suddenness
with whioh croup comes on, and the
danger which accompanies lt, usually
keep Borne of Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and Turpentine In the house
for use in case of emergency.
For  bronchitis,    whooping    oough,
asthma, and every form of throat
and bronoblal trouble, this great
family medlolne is a quick and certain cure.
Writes Mrs. George Brown, 71
Harbord St., Toronto: "Our children
have been very subject to oroup, and
we have found that Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine has
always brought quick relief. By using lt at the flrst sign of trouble the
disease ls checked at once. We always keep this remedy ln the house,
and, in fact, feel that we could not
do without lt. We also use lt for
coughs and colds with exoellent results, and reoommend lt to our
There are Imitations of Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.
Be sure you see the portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. ChaBe, the famous receipt book author, on the bottle
you buy. 25 cents a bottle; family
Blze, three times as much, 60 oents;
at all dealers or Kdmanson, Bates &
Co., Toronto.
How   We   Learned   Whal   We   Knew
About the Heavens.
The first of a series of lectures at
the Biological Building of the University of Toronto to be given to the students upon subjects not fully dealt
with ln the curriculum was delivered
by Prof. Baker on "The History of
Astronomical Knowledge." The lecture
was very entertaining, and was attended by a large number of students,
and as lt was public lt was also attended by a number ot outsiders. Prof.
Baker dealt flrst with the appearances
tn the heavens which would have presented themselves to the notice of early astronomers. There were three of
these appearances which would have
been particularly noticeable. One was
the fact that the planets all moved In
the same direction about the sun. Another was the appearances resulting
from the fact that the earth moved on
Its own axis. The motion of the planets ln an eclipse was another appearance which'-presented Itself for explanation, and lt could easily be understood that they needed considerable
acuteness of observation for their solution. There were several passages ln
the "Odyssey" which gave evidence of
more than ordinary knowledge of the
motion of the heavenly bodies. Prof.
Baker read a few ot the passages
whleh served to illustrate the point
The early astronomers had been unaware of the chief cause of the appearances which they were trying to
explain; namely, the motion of the
earth with them on lt.
The earliest conception of the universe that had deserved the name of
a "theory" was that the stars were
fixed ln a crystallne sphere, which
during the day revolved about the
earth from east to west The motion
of the sun and moon from west to
east however, had also to be accounted for, and this was done by
simply multiplying the spheres ln
which the planets moved. This hypothesis, however, was itself not ample,
and had to be modified, and the course
of modification led to the modern conceptions of the universe. The sphere
theories, however, were clung to for a
long time, and were amplified to serve
the Increased perception of appearances; by the theories of eccentrlo
spheres and epl-cycles.
The system of Capernlcus had made
the sun the centre of movement
around which the planets revolved.
Subsequent developments had been
due to the use of the telescope. The
genius of Newton had deduced the law
of the planets being detained in their
orbits by the force of an attraction in
the sun. Finally, the secret had been
wrung from the heavens and the law
of gravitation had been discovered.
The law alone, however, was discovered. What gravitation itself was had
still to be learned.
The Lake Superior Corporation,
Sault St. Marie, Ont., will erect an
open hearth steel plant at a cost of
about   "1200,000.
Chicago churches, civic bodies and
clubs have joined In a mass meeting
to organize a crusade against crime
in that city.
Sunlight Soap Is better thnn other
soaps, but is best when used ln the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
Hetty Green, the world's richest
woman, lias been duped by someone
who passed a counterfeit halt-dollar
on her, and when a street car conductor refused to take the coin she
had to get him to trust her.
Known to Thousands.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills regulate the nction
of the secretions, purify tho blood,
and keep the stomnch and bowels
free from deleterious matter. Taken
according to direction they will overcome dyspepsia, eradicate biliousness, and leave the digestive orpcans
healthy and strong to perform their
fund Ions. Their merits nre well
known to thousands who know by
experience how beneficial they are
in giving tone to the system.
A despatch from Melllla, Morocco,
announces that the insurgent Moors
recently attacked the Spanish cruiser Infanta Isabel near the Marchlcn
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Colds,  etc,
The Edwardsburg Starch Co., Imperial Starch Co. of Prescott and
Brantford Starch Co. have been syndicated Into the "Cannda Starch Co."
Cash or Cure
II Shiloh'• Comumi—on Cure —ill to cure
your Cold or Cough, you gel tack sll yon
peid lor ih    You sia wis ol a Curs of
II it wstn't s sum cure, this offer would
Dot be mi—s.
Cen snything be Isirer ?
II you li.ve a Cold, Cough, or soy diteete
ol the Throe!, Lungs or Air Pexeefee, by
V*. pet Mills.   All dsslsw sssississ It,
Pegged Boots In Canada.
There are few, lf any, pegged boots
made ln the factories of the United
States, while fifty years ago the sewing machine was yet unlnvented and
nearly all shoes save the hand-sewed
were hobnailed or pegged. In Canada
there are a few scattering factories
producing pegged boots for men and
boys. Adam Bertsch, a Rochester pattern manufacturer, recently ran across
one at St. John's, Nfld.
Mr. Bertsch was Interested In the
quaint manner In which the boots and
shoes are manufactured, the machinery
in use being long out of date, as compared with the present standard In the
United States. There are no up-to-date
methods, and one might easily imagine
in stepping Into this factory that the
cycle of time had turned back forty or
fifty years. The pegged boots are high
cut, such as men wore generally before
the war, and find a ready sale ln Newfoundland and ln Canada.—From the
Shoe Retailer.
•       i, .        	
She Should Carefully - Guard the
Health of Her Growing Daughter
— Her Future Happiness Depends
Upon the Change from Girlhood
to   Womanhood.
Every mother should watch with
with the greatest care the health of
her growing daughter. She is a girl
to-day—to-morrow a woman. The
happy health of womanhood depends
upon this vital change from girlhood.
When nature makes new demands
upon her blood supply, you must
build up her blood with Dr. Williams'
i ink Pills. Her system is unequal
to that strain if her back aches, if
she is pale or thin, dull-eyed and
languid. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
will give her new, rich red blood and
tide her over the crisis. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will make lier development perfect and regular—they
will make her a strong, happy, graceful woman. Miss Enerine Vilandre
St. Germain, Que., says: "While attending school my health began to
give way. I suffered from headaches
and dizziness, my appetite left me
and I grew pale as a corpse. As the
doctors did not help me any my
father got me a supply of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Before I had used
two boxes there was an improvement
and when I had taken half a dozen
1 was again in perfect health. I believe all weak girls will find a new
health if they take Dr. Williams'
Pink  Pills."
Thousands of growing girls, and
thousands of women owe health and
happiness to Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. They keep the blood rich and
pure and regular. They banish
headaches and sideaches and backaches, and they bring the rosy glow
of perfect health to pale and sallow
cheeks. But you must get the genuine with the full name, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People,"
on the wrapper around each box.
Sold by all medicine dealers or sent
by mall at GO cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 by writing The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Joseph II. Choate, Horace Porlor
and Judge Roso of Arkansas have
been selected ns the American delegates to the peace conference at the
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget   In
England's Sheep Scab Law.
The compulsory dipping orders of
the board of agriculture will go a long
way to stumping out this tiresome disease. It was a pity that compulsory
dipping lo all parts of tho country was
not made obligatory, but the authorities did not seo their way to adopt the
recommendations of the sheep scab
commlttoe ln his particular; consequently action has been limited to actually affected districts and those "for
which their loral authorities desire
compulsory dipping to be applied.
When any district has been declared a
compulsory dipping area every owner
of sheep therein will bo required to
make returns of the number and description of the sheop ln his possession. Their dipping must afterward be
performed in the presence of an Inspector of the local authority, and
they cannot be moved out of the area
until this has been done, and then
only by license.—London Mall.
Stone House Almost as Cheap as Wood
It Is now quite possible to have the
exterior of a house built of stone at a
price not much greater thnn the cost
of clapboards or shingles. This condition of things bus eome about through
the development of tbo cement Industry In tbls country, (liven reasonable
nccess to a transportation line and a
sand bank, and the possibility of a
stone honse is yours. One part of cement, two or three parts of sand and
four to seven parts of gravel or broken
stoue mixed together with enough water to make n paslc wl'! produce a
stone that Is next to granite Ul hardness and strength, uot affected by lire,
as nre marbles and limestones, and
much less susceptible to Injury by
frost than sandstone.- Country Life In
An Aristocrat Turns H  -mit.
Reports to the Mounted Police Department bring accounts of very
strange lives followed by people living
In the western plains of Canada. Some
of the Inhabitants have gone there to
endure hardships In preference to living In comfort in fashionable English
homes. Not a few with "blue" blood
ln their veins have cast ln their lot
with the rugged westerners, though the
aristocrats mostly go under assumed
names. In a report received recently
by Comptroller White of the N.W.M.P.,
there ls on Interesting account of the
finding of a strange Individual camped
alone nineteen miles from Selkirk.
The report ls from John Taylor, Inspector of Division E of the police. He
was sent last summer to meet the police steamer Vldette, and fch his way
an Isolated -amp was sighted. On entering he discovered a man who gave
his name as Tollemache. Mr Taylor
says he believes the stranger ls a son
of a baron of England, who at one time
was a lieutenant ln the King's Royal
Rifle Corps. His only companions were
three dogs and a cat He was crippled,
the result of an accident many years
ago. He gave no Information about his
previous life.
Col. White expresses ne surprise at
Information of this kind, as the circumstances of the person described are by
no means uncommon, even lf the supposition ot the Inspector be true.
A Sound Stomach Means a Clear
Head.—The high pressure of a nervous life which business men of the
present day are constrained io live
make draughts upon their vitality
mghly oetnmentai to tneir neaitn.
It is only by the most careful treatment that they are able to keep
themselves alert and active in their
various callings, many of them know
the value of Parmeleo's Vegetable
Pills ln regulating the stomach and
consequently keeping the head clear.
I  —
The  Absolute   Purity
The Canadian Northern railway
company will extend their branch
from Swan River, on which work
was begun Uast season, for some
miles westward between the main
line  and the   Prince  Albert  section.
■Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper.
-Nearly $700,000 will be spent by
the Grand Trunk railway ln equipping the Sarnia tunnel with electric
power on the third rail system.
ConeernliiK  Noodles.v
A .report of the Connecticut experiment station states that "noodles are
prepared by European housewives and
some manufacturers from flour withe addition of a certain amount of
eggs and salt The dough is rolled into
sheets and cut Into strips or fanciful
shapes. Most of the noodles on the
market, however, although of a golden
yellow color, are not made with eggs,
but have about the same composition
as macaroni, being dyed either with a
vegetable color (commonly turmeric) or
a coal tar dye."
Twenty-two samples of noodles were
collected and analyzed by the station
during 1804, and all were found to
"contain foreign coloring matter, which
ln twelve cases was turmeric and iu
ten cases was an azo color," evidently
added with tlie Intention of conveying
the Impression that the noodles were
made with eggs or contained a greater
amount of eggs than was actually
used. Few of the samples examined
showed any evidence of tbe use of an
appreciable amount of egg in their
l-enovatinit Velvet.
Velvet lf properly steamed will look
quite new, says a household exchange.
One way of doing it is to pass the back
of the velvet to and fro Beveral times
over the spout of a steaming kettle,
holding the material close to the steam.
Then use a camel's hair brush on the
surface side to raise the pile. Another
method ls as follows: Stand a hot iron
upright and cover It with a wet cloth,
passing the wrong aide of the velvet
quickly over the steaming cloth. Brush,
as In the other method, Invariably In
tbe direction of the grain. To remove
stains from velvet rub lightly and rapidly with a clean cloth dipped in chloroform, and tbe stains will disappear.
Repeat the operation lf necessary. Be
careful to rub tbe article rapidly and
lightly, then finish with a dry cloth.
Tke German Wonder Hall.
A lady made a number of tbe delightful wonder balls, for which the
suggestion comes from Germany, for a
children's hospital. Fancy the delight
of the little folksl Select a number of
very smnll toys, such as the tiny animals one finds at Japanese stores—bugs,
spiders, small knives, forks und spoons
for dolly's dinner table—nnd for the
center keep the best gift of all, a pretty thimble or a small knife. Then with
bright worsted begin winding Into a
ball, every now and then putting in a
gift, but seeing that each ls thoroughly
covered before adding another.
Fashion's Echoes.
Brown caracal Is a pretty, pleasing
novelty In furs.
Diamond collars show festoons of
leaves on a netlike ground or elegant
bar patterns In a variety of designs.
Velvets and tlie plain supple cloth
lead among fashionable fabrics.
Ankle or Instep length Is tbe American morning skirt
All the pretty pastel shades In dress
fabrics and trimmings bnve returned to
favor, but ln more pronounced tones.
Again the round ostrich boa has
found favor with fashionable women.
A new Idea Is the circular skirt with
gores, a device that serves to prevent
the unsightly sagging to which this
otherwise shapely skirt Is prone.
The new ostrich boas come ln shades
to match ths gowns. They are perfect
IT Has.
»._■—«»,i ii..    '       *s»t
Ceylon Natural GREEN Tea le dally converting thousands of drinkers of the artificially colored teas of
Load Paokets Only. 40c, 50o, and 60o por Ib. At all
 Qrooers.      Highest Award tt. Louis,   1904.	
Thoroughbred SeedsJZ Great West
Perfect development.     We are many  times  over the  largest
growers   of    Manitoba   grown Vegetable Seed.
SEED  GRAIN—We   distribute the seed  throughout the  West
for "The Orange Judd Farmer,"     ln  The  Great Million   Dollar - „_»
Contest.   We  Know, we  Have, we Do what we say. Catalog free
THE STEELE  BR100S SEED CO.,   Limited
221   Market St.
Imperial   IN/Iaplo Syrup
*• Always   Sstlsfaotory
Ask your Sealer for Imperial Maple Syrup.   Do not allow him to substitute
an Inferior artlole beoause It le ohespsr.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
I TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
Active men to take orders for
custom-made clotlies. Best commission ever offered. Telegraph
code for rush orders. Experience
not necessary.
distress alter eating, dizziness, that
heavy feeling, wind and pains in
the stomach and furred tongue, take
before you retire to rest. They
start the gastric juices, assist the
stomach to dispose of the food, encourage good appetite, sound digestion and make you feel life is
worth living.
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
To His
Pleased Customers
-dies j
The wise grocer studies
his customers—knows their
likes and dislikes—knows
that his best trade want
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
He lets them know that
he has their favorite biscuits
—and sees that they are not
asked to buy something "just
as good," which is NOT
as good.
Oroosrs who want io pit—» tbslr
patrons slwsyi hsvs Moonsy's Perfection  Cresm Sod»i    In tfisir
hyt'tnic [•«,».-——sir-till*
snd moi-lw-S'proof.
Work the Stallion.
It Is better for a stallion and his offspring to work him on the harrow, cultivator, mowing machine and hayrake
than to let hlni stand in a hon stall
without exercise. He will prove a
surer Btock getter, and his foals will
be stronger and more vigorous when
dropped lf ho ls worked.
Raising Sheep.
It Bhould bo remembered that open
fleeced ewes aro light shearers ordinarily and that their wool la more likely to bo of a coarse nature. Light
deeccs and coarse grades do not bring
tlie greatest net lncomei
The Present and the Past
A story was recently told of a millionaire's wife who was discovered
quietly darning stockings In her magnificent drawing-room. "I delight ln lt,
my dear," she explained to her visitor.
"It reminds mo of tho happy days
when wo were a struggling young
couplo, and I used to sit darning
stockings and rocking the cradle, and
singing for pnro ligbtheurtedness."
"Hut you are happy now?" was the
question. "Yos—when I'm darning
stockings," was the aulet r——«
L_._  W    IM  KJ   No S7I
Llko   This
Atteohed to is"  Garment Is a
Quaranteo   of
and Good Wearing Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
••• that nonh artlole bears a
label tike above
Insist on Getting
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
Every drink of liquor taken, forces
the heart beyond the natural beat.
It also causes kidney and liver
troubles- Nerve exhaustion ls ons
of the ailments brought on by even
noderate drinking. Stop at once the
use of liquor. If It inconveniences
you to do this It Is proof positive
that you have the disease of Inebriety and need medical help. Then
seek for the best aid- The Keeley
Cure has restored half a million
people back to health, prosperity
and happiness. Write today for evidence and we will prove our claims.
Address In confidence,
1SS Osborns St., Winnipeg.
i ne blame uoorwuy.
Many farm home stables hnvo "floor
ways lhat are 'oo narrow for lanre
horses to pass through safely. It Is a
trick with ninny horses to rush through
a narrow doorway quickly. They hnve
hail experience In getlln^ knocks from
one side or the o her, and ihey want
the ordeal over with as soon as possible. Ths narrow doorway mny cause
the most valuable horses to Injure a
hip. It costs but Utile usually to move
» oest snd put In a wldor door. It. PLEASANT ADVOCATE.
(.Established April 5, 1899.)
iOi-'fick -3444 Westminster avenne.
Local Items.
Mrs. R  Whitney, Publisher.
English Office—80 Fleet street,
-London, E. C, Euglaud Whore n
:flle of "The Advocate" Is kept for
Subscription $1 a year   payable   in
B cents a Oopy.
Tel. B1405.
Mr. and   MrB.   Jackson   moved this
\«ek from .Seventh nvonue to Kitsalano
Tbo King's Market telephone number
is 2H0R.
Miss Lottie Horner
Nunnimo on Tuesday,
wedding of a friend.
went    over  to
to   attend the
Vancouver, B. C,   April 7, 1906.
-Local Advertising 10c 11 line each issne,
Display Advertising $1.00 per inch
per month.
.Notices for Church and Society Enter-
toiumeuts, Lectures, etc.,   where
will be charged for.
-All   Advertisements Hi-e  ran regulnrly
and charged for until ordered  they
lie discontinued,
'Transient    Advertisers   miiBt   pny   in
•Noticesot Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published true of charge.
Junction nl Westminster road end Westminster    nvenue.        SERVICES    at    11    s.  m.,
stud ?:.up.in ; SuiKlay School »t 2:30 p.m.
tlornerol Mm    ami Westminster -.venue-.
.UKRVtiKSst lis. m.. and 1 p. _.: Sunday
■ScliuM and Bible  t'l.iss 2:30  p.m.    Rev. A. K.
Vetht.rin_.tim, li.*.. II. 0., Pastor.
'arMwisK.- VI3 Eleventh avenue, west. Tele-
-one mm
l.'o-uer N'lnth; avenue and Quebec atreet
-SERVICES at 11 a.m.,snd7:80p.m.I Sunday
School HI _::.(> p. m. Rev.'leo.A.Wilson, II.A.
fsstor. Manse coruer of Eighth -venue aud
Ontario street.   Tei. 1000.
St Michaels, (Anglican).
((.'writer Ninth avenue and Prince Edward
■Street. SERVICES at lla.m., and7:80 p.m.,
Boly Communion lnt aud 3d Sundays in each
snonth after morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun
lays hi b a. in. Sunday School at 2:3(1 p.m.
t£es-.<i. II. Wilson, Rector.
"Rectory 872 Thirteenth avonue, east. Telephone H1799.
Adveut Christian Church (not 7th day Ad-
sntlsts), Seventh svenuc. near Westminster
Avenue. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.,
■•—u<l,iy School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
Koo.inty of Loyal Workers of Christian Eudea-
-rormec-a -very Sundaycvcnlugatti:-15o'clock.
-r>jsy«r-mee(lng Wednesday nlghtsatso'clock-
Messrs MeKiunon & Gow havo bein
obliged to enlarge their storo room and
have added n new ofiice.
Mr. W. H. Wood Sr., has disposed
of his two honsos on Thirteenth avenuo, near Quebec, for $5,000.
Mr. and Mrs. A Pengelly and family
are residing with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Dougiui, 6 Ontario street, uutil Ml'
Pengelly's uew home is finished.
Mr.   W. H.   Wood  Br.,  nud family
have moved to 1324 Biddell street,  near
English Buy.    Mr. Wood is one of  Mt.
Pleasant's pioneer   residents,    and  he
will bo greatly missed.
— -:o:	
The Girls Guild of St. Michael's
Church will hold a Sale of Work on
Wednesday evening April 25tb. iu the
church rooms. Refreshments will be
served, nml ull nre cordially welcome.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
took over the advertisements iu the
For  local  news subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE only $1 for 12 months.
-Personal notices of visitors on
fit. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
people who visit other cities, also all
local social affairs are gladly received
fry "The Advocate."
gee When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d aud 4th Mondays of the month
,Oourt. Vancouver, I.  O.  F., meets at
_lp m.
%t. Pleasant Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F.
tW-Is at 8 p. ni.
Vaucouver Conncil  No. 21 la,  Can-
jlMJiMO Order of Chosen Friends meets
fho 2d and 4th Thursdays of tho month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, LndieB of the
JJaivabeos holds its regular meetings ou
Use 1st, uud Sll Fridays of the month
Young Peoples Societies.
jjayal Workers of Uhristiaii Endeavor
fjieet at IB minntes t<i 7,  every Suudsy
(.wiling iu Advent Christian Church.
Seventh avenue, uenr Westtn'r ave.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Ploasant
Methodist Church incuts at 8 p. m.
B. Y. P. U., meets  in   Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Church at li p. in.
Tlio Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. m
tu Mt. Pli'iimumiit Presbyterian Church
taken at
*The Advocate"
Ticl-fts, programs, business cards,
PByelnps, letterheads, milk tickets,
ju fnct, there is nothing too small
>>r too largo in commercial printing
far ns,    Orders solicited.
3444 Westjuinster aveuue.
Leonard's opening of his handsomo
new Restaurant ou Hastings street took
placo on Thursday. For the size
of tho placo nothing more artistic
or finer oau be fouud anywhere. The
architect, Mr. Jas. " Bloomfield, an
Artist of wido reputation, hns produced
oue bountiful unified whole from one
artist braiu. Tho floor is beautifully
Inlaid with Australian Mahogany and
different woods.' Tho color scheme
marine blue and white. Tho tapestries
of whioh there aro lour, are of local
interest, being scenes of tlie Inlet and
Bay. Thero are four handsome screens
all painted by Mr. Bloomfield and evi
deucing the most appreciative concep'
tiou of the beautiful uaturo pictures
which surround Vancouver. A pointing
of the Japanese volcano Kiloa bangs at
the extreme end of tho dining-room at
the hend of stairs which lead to a dc
lightfnl Roof Garden. Mr. Leonard has
installed an immense range, shipped
from the Old Country, as wore the
China which will be used on tlie handsome oak tables. Every thiug is iu the
most perfect tnsto and of the best it is
possible to obtain Leonard's will prove
a source of pride to Vancouver, ns well
as a first-class plaoe to comfort the inner
man.   Tnke "the road to Leonard's."
There was a Urge attendance on Mouday eveuiug at St. Michael'sOiiurch to
hear dobate on"Rosolved,that Bachelors
between 25 aud 45 sbonld be Taxed."
Half tho audience was composed of
young ladies. Tho debate whs more
humorous than profnntl, though of
oonrso, many good points wore made on
both sides, Mr H. Birmingham presided, aud the debaters were Messrs.
G. McGeer nnd A. Dodson for the
Affirmative, nnd Messrs G. Boult and
J. Birmingham for the Negative. The
judges wore Miss Pugh, Messrs. Barker
and J Moyles. The affirmative muin-
taiued that a tax on single mou, beginning at 20 years of age, would have a
tendency tn make a young man save
his money nud to provide for a homo
of his own by the time he reaohed the
ago of taxation. The yonng man as he
is at present was shown to be extravagant with his money aud iucliucd to
be lux morally. The taxes scouring
from those who prefered to pay the tax
could lie used by tlu> government in
developing the country. The negative
claimed the liberty of the individual
would bo taken nway by such a tax, aud
this would bo contrary to British prill-
ciplo. Every man should have the right
to decide whether he wanted to marry
or not The cost of living for n yonng
m:.n wns high and it would bo a burden
on h.m to pay a lex US suggested. The
average young mau, it was claimed,wi s
not In   n   flnntic'til   position   ut   2D   to
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription,
Is not a secret or patent medicine, agnlnst
which the most intelligent people are
quite naturally averse because ul the un-
certainty us to their harmless character,
but Is a medicine of known composition,
a full list of ull its Ingredients being
printed, in Jitaln. English, on overy bottlo
You Won't Be
DISSAPOINTED IF YOU COME HERE  expecting to get strictly New-laid
Eggs or the Best Quality of Butter at the price mentioned iu our advertisements.
Fresh Eggs, per dozen 25c. Creamery Butter, per lb, 26c, 30o and 85c.
Potatoes, very flue, per sack, $1.15
We have just received iu our Furniture Department a fine lot of Rockers,
Diners aud Conches.   Get oor prices before buying elsewhere.
•^   T   WfieMnrt* Westminster avenue &
*J.   1.    TV ailaVC  Harris street. Telephone 1266-
25c Lb.
20c & 25c Dozen.
Smith £%„
Successor to W. D. Muir.
Junction of Westminster Road aud Ave.
'Phono 2058.
Millinery, Dress Goods,
Crura's Prints,
New Stylish Blouses.
$4-00.00 worth of New
Laces aud Embroideries.
W. W. Merklev
Royal BANK of Canada Building,
Corner Seventh nud  Westminster
Avenues, Mt. Pleasaut.
Get Your Flowekinu
Shrubs & Perennial
******   PLANTS ******
F B o M
The DAHLIA   ,
^^^^^^^       SPECIALIST
Nursery & Greenhouses,  corner of
Fifteenth and Westminster avenues.
The Cheapest Place in thk City.
marry; they did not buy lots until
about 28. Early manages turn out unhappy nnd divorces would rapidly
increase. The judges brought iu a dcc.i
sion in favor of tbe nffirmativo. Tho
question was thrown opeu for general
discussion, but fow availed themselves
of tho opportunity to express their
opinions. One young lndy spoke, saying iu u fuw words, that it was not the
fault of the girls if they wero not
married. Refreshments were served.
Tho next meeting will fake the form of
a Mock Trial, tlie caso beforo "the
court" will be Highway Robbery. The
date for this event will be Monday the
Lot 2l!xl!!2 on Westmiuster avenue;
two-storey buildiug, in fine conoi
tion; leased for 2 yours; title perfect.     Prico $7 SOU.
Store 011 23-ft. lot, ou Westminster ave
uuo; building reulecl; fine location,
near Niuth avenue. Price $6,500.
Houso of 5-roouiB, Eighth avenue;
electrio light, bath; lot 88x120.
Price    $3,000.
House of 7 rooms, corner Lansdowne.
aveuue and Scotia streot; lot 60x180.
Price. 4:2.000.
Corner of Eighth aiienuo nud Victoria
street; 80 feet ou Eighth and K!2
feet  on   Victoria $1,000.
8-roonied Oottngo ou Cordova street,
east; trees and flower gardon; a
lovoly home $2,700.
5 Lots, cleared and plowod, William aud
Park Drive; 011 onrllne. Easy terms.
 $450 each.
5 Lots on Graut stroet—Grnndvicw—
overlooking the city; very choico
lots. Terms. (2.950J
* *   «
Rouble Corner—
Westminster avenue, Mt. Pleasant,
$7,000. The best corner loft ou
tho Hill.
* *   *
Good Investment—
4 Honsos ou Ninth nveuue; all
rented; $4,300.   Terms.
* *   *
INSIST on having
fluir's BREAD
You take no chauco of getting something iuferior when yoa buy Muir's
Bread.   It is the Best,  Purest
nud Cheapest—
24 Loaves for $ I cash.
Housekeepers    by    doing-away   with
bread-making   will find   timo for
rest, amusement and reading.
'Phoue 448.
Ht. Pleasant FEED STORE
Vernon Brothers
Hay, Grain, Flour aud Seeds.
Reuulo's Seeds.
Stock and Poultry Foods.
2241 Westminster ave.,     Mt. Pleasnnt.
Beautifully   Situated   Residential
Lot   ou   Burrard    street;    $1,200.
The death occurred Thursday of A.
McDonald at tho City Hospital. The
funeral will take placo this Saturday
afternoon at 2:30 from tho family resideuco on Westminster road. A widow
aud Ave children are loft to mourn his
Good Buys in
Real Estate!
$300 Bnys 4 lots in District Lot 801. 6 Room Honse on Har h str>*
4 Desirable Lots In snbnrb of Mt. Pleasant, 175.00 each.
2 Lots on Carl avenne.
$4,200 buys Two-storey Store on Westminster avenne; living rooms nostaiw
2 Lots on Fourteenth avenue, east of St. Catherines streot; splendid loestio"
price $150 each; terms.
A fine farm at Peachlaud, B. O.; 2 acres of the finest land in the Okanogan; •
fenced; 200 Fruit Trees, 100 Peach trees. 25 Apple trees, the balance Cherru
Pears and Plums. The Okanagan Country oan compete with the world in frm
Best of fishing, hunting and boating. Owner obliged to soli. The greatest sna
on the market today.   Prico $1,050.00.     Terms.
Mrs. R- Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave., Mt. Pleasant.
Mt. Pleasant Lodges.
0 meots every
in Oddfellows Hall
The funeral of the late Henry Howard
of Collingwood, took place ou Saturday
81st, from Armstrong & Edwards
Undertaking Parlors, tho Rev. Mr
Hetheriugton officiating. Tho attendance of friends of the deceased was
large. A widow and one child aro left
to mourn his loss Mr. Howard was 3!)
years of ago. Ho wns at one time a
member of the Municipal couueil and
had also served as a member of tho
School Board for two years. The deceased was apparently in good health,
beiug taken suddeuly ill aud dying
within three hours.
Tbe fuueral of the late Alexander
Chalmers took place Wednesday afternoon from the residence of Mr, and
Mrs. Brynnt. There was a large attendance of frieuds, nud the casket was
enveloped beneath handsome floral
offerings. Tho pallbearers were selected
from the B. C. Electric Railway Carmen's Uniou aud were: Messrs. Jus.
McGuigan, W.Mudosley. J. Bostou, A.
VuIIoub, R. Kennedy, J. Doherty. Rev.
Father Madden officiated.
C. O. C. F.
Vaii.ouvor Council, Canadian Order
of Chosen Frieutls, will hold nil Open
Meeting on Thursday ovoniuft April
1 it h, to which the members will invite
their friends outside tho "Chosen"
circle. A fine program is being «r
ranged and a pleasant timo is assured.
wrappor. An nxuniliiatloii of this list of
Ingredients will dlsclosu the fuel that It
Is iiuii-nlculiollc In Its composition, chemically pure glycerine taking the. place of
tho commonly used ulcohol, In Its makeup. The "Favorite, Proscription" of l)r.
Pierce Is In (act tho only medicine put up
for tho euro of woman's peculiar weaknesses and ailments, sold tlirough druggists, that does not contain alcohol (iini
tlutt WO In hirgr. uuunUtlc*. Furthermore,
jt Is the only medicine for woman's special
diseases, tlio Ingredients of which have
tbo unanimous eudorsouient of all the
leading medical writers and teachers of
ull the several schools of practice, and
that too us remedies for the nllinonts for
which "Favorite Prescription" Is rocom-
A little Imok of some of these endorsements will be sent to any address, postpaid, snd alwolutoly fret if you request
same by postal curd or lotter, of Dr. R.
V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Don't forget that Or. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, for woman's weaknesses and
delicate ailments, Is not a patent or secret
medicine, being the "Favorite Prescription "of a regulurly educated and graduated physician, engaged In the practice
pf his chosen specially—that of dlsenses
of women—thnt Its Ingredients nre printed
In plain English on oven bottle-wrapper;
that It Is the. only modlclne especially designed for the cure of woman's discuses
that contains no alcohol, und the only
one thut has a professional endorsement
worth more than all the so-called "testimonials" ever published tor otlier med-
'.clnos. Send for these endorsements as
above.  Thoy aro fret tot tne asking.
If you suffer from periodical, headache,
backache, dizziness pain or dragging
down sensation low down io the abdomen,
weak Kick, have disagreoablo and wealc-
Ing, catarrhal, pelvic drain, or are la
distress from being long on your feet, then
you may bo sure of benefit from taking
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets the best laxative and regulator of the bowels. They
Invigorate stomach, livor and bowels.
Quo a la.T.-ulvn: two or three a cathartic.
Large flowered organdie or  snoot
ntpinily lawns vt 111 lend in wash fatal' «
Therein mi nnrnmnlly{attractiverange
ef , nw slice1 fubrlOS In wa>li goo Is tins
BCKISOD and a uumber nf very lnnd inue
novelties. Solid color rllaiubrnyn,
zephyr gnTj.il .ins ami linens will lm one
of the pronounced fads of fh» rem-on,
with Alico blue the domiur.to rolor
While Indian linens und lawns, French
and Persian luwns, orgiinlies nnd ei-.i-
I'l'oldored nntl doited Swisses will alsol.c
immensely popnlnr.  Ii v. ill ho (he jreal
est luce autl ed.iiroifieiy I'er-.KOIl llie ll'.liie
has kuow it in years, with eyclol or open
work embroideries slightly i,i the londl
in popularity. Vol und lace nnd bnby
lri h luces will have :> big run nnd uiii'ii-
t:il luces will hIso be popular. Faii'y
metal buttons will lie largely used and
Ihe great popularity of intge-flowereil
organdies will rail for the usage of larye
floworcd warp printed ribbons
The short sleeve will, it is expected,
bring tlie greatest glove season seen in
years and the IB'button kid glove in
black and in white nud various colors
will bo in enormousdeniaiiil. With tlie
lingerie hat will come the liu eric parasol 111 embroidered linen and linKeiie
effects. Chiffon, taffeta, piiugoo and
Vussah silk will also be largely oiuploj .-d
and. tbe styles shown ere parricul..i\v
beautiful. Stock, turnover collar nud
cuff sets will bu extremely popular c.inJ
show a uumb'.r uf new nnd njtruotiye
List your  lots aud
Mrs. R. Whitney,
2444 Westminster ave.
Telephone B1405.
Numbers of
Local Mini-
BHM-Rov-.O, n. Wilson,(Antllosn),
lOOO-Ref. fi. a. wiirou, (fresbylorlsn).
nuiil- Rev.A. e. UoUierin|ten,(UetBodlit<
Mrs. Mary Jane Ramsey, aged 80
years, died at the home of her dnughter
Mrs. J. Thompson, 21)21 Scott street, on
Wednesday Deceased was a native of
County of Antrlin,Irolaud,aud fifty years
ago settled with her hnsbaud in Hnrou
County. Out., and on tho death of her
husband sho camo to Vancouver to reside with her daughter Mrs J. Thompson The funeral took pbice Thursday
iifternoou, the Rev. A. E. Hetherington
Officiating, Tho pnllbearers wero Messrs.
Wm. Huut, Levi Abby, Wm. Robertson, nnd A. G. Taylor. The fnuoral
was largely attended nnd tho floral
tributes were many and beautiful.
Messrs. Armstrong & Edwards had
charge of   the fuueral arrangements.
One sou, S. Ramsoy, Enst Jordan,
Mich., nml three daughters aro left to
mourn a mother's loss: Miss Agnes
Ramsey, Mrs. J. Tregaskis and Mrs.
J. Tompson all of Vaucouver.
Tho inniden name of tho late Mrs.
Ramsey was McKiuley and she had the
distinction of beiug rotated to tho late
President McKiuley.
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodgo No.
Tuesday nt 8 p. m , it
Westminster aveuue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren oordially invited
to attend.
Noul— GitAND—G. W. Jamieson.
Recording   Skcrktaby—Frank
Trimble,oor. Ninth nve. A Westmin'r rd.
I. O, ^^^^^^^
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of'each mouth ut 8 p. 111., iu
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren nlwnys welcome.
Chief Ranger—A. Pengelly.
Rboordino Secret art—M." J. Crehan,
314 Princess street, Ctty,
Financial Secretary—J.B.Abernethy
Address: Care 2318WeBtinlusteraVenue
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regul».
Review 2d and 4th Mondays of eaoh
mouth in Knights of Pythias Ha"
Westminster avenne.
Visiting LndieB always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. N. Pottipieco,
2fi Tenth avenue, east.
Lndy Record Keeper—Mas. J. Mart'*-.
Niuth aveuuo.
Vanconver Council, No.  211a, meet
every 2d and  4th, Thursdays of eaol*
month,   in   I   O. O. F.,   Hall,  West
minsior nveuue. >
Sojourning  Friends always-welcome
H. W. Howes, Chief Councillor.
3s:l Tenth ave , cost.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
222S Westmin. Kiravenue.  Tel. '00.
■►jWB^S^Ci m*r**§ •JwB^-B^wl^* w^lj-B^B \\*mu*m^s\mmmi W
IS -SSllPClonfMte,pieaseaSnt 0\
§*J   ■kJ.wJ*_i*WV-S: South vaucouver. ml
'■The Advocate" gives all tho Local News of Mi.. Pleasant frum _L
week to week for $1 00 per year; six months 50c.   An interesting f*)
Serial Story is always kept running; the selections in   Woman's |
Realm will always be fouud full iuterest to up-to-date women ; tho \r
miscellaneous items are always bright, entertaining and inspiring. \
Now arrivals on Mt. Pleasant will become raodlly infurnied of the am.
community nud more quickly interested in local happenings if *"*■
they subscribe to "The Advocate." _ai
Mr. and Mrs.
aveuue,   cast,
McDonald.—Boru to
McDonald, IBS Eighth
April 4th, n son.
Peters.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs. S. A.
Peters, 925 Seventh avenue, west, April
3d,a son.
is only $1.00 a year,
,'iOc for 6 mouths,
2uc for 3 months.
The Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tel. B1405
Argyle House
The Big Bargain l>ry Goods Store of B. O,
Mt. Pleasant Mall. (Postoffice.)
Mnil arrives daily at 10:30 a. ni„ and
2:30 p. m.
Mail loaves the Postoffice at 7 and 11
a. m., and 1:30 aud 6:30 p. in.
—NOTICE.— *§,
"The Advocate" wiBhes uny careless-
noss in delivery reported to the Office;
telephone B1405.
A Monthly Mngaziuo   devoted to the
Ubc of English.   Josephine Torek
Baker, Editor. *
$1 a year; 10c for Sample Copy.   Agents
Wanted.   Evanston, 111., U. S. A.
Partial Contents for this Month.—
Courso in English for the Beginner;
course in English for tho Advanced
pupil. How to Increase Oue's Vocabulary. Tho Art of Conversation. Should
and Wuuld: how to nse thom. Pronunciation. Correct English in the Home.
Correct English in tho School. Business English for the Business Man.
Studies iu Euglish Literature.
Get yonr work done nt the
Glasgow Barber Shop
2 doors from Hotel
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
BATHS—Rath room fitted with Pokce-
| lain    Bath    Tun    and  nil   modern
I conveniences.
ilrgulaHrloo IOo per yard;    Remnant  Sale price,  10 ynrds for 7Bc
Special Sale of
Turkish Towels
Size lOxKB Brown I Worth l.*>c for 4—
"   17x30 White j Snlo price 4 for 3Bo
Size 23x38 Brown i Worth fiUe por pair—
E. & J. HARDY & CO.
Company, Financial,  Press and
Advertisers' Aoknts.
| 30 Fleet St., Londou, B.C.,  Englaud
Colonial Business u Specialty.
Everyone knows that for anything
to become known, it. must be talked
about. For an article to become
popular its virtue must be made the
subject of a public announcement.
That is advertising! Consequently
if the survival of the fittest applies
to business principles as well as it
does to other walks of life, the better the advertising—the better the
publicity—the better the results.
Good results mean good business,
and good business is what every
merchant advertises for. If he did
not wish to excel in his particular
line, he would not take the trouble
to write an advertisement, much
more pay for the costly newspaper
and magazine space.—British Advertiser.
Subscribe    to    your   Local
Paper NOW!
Don't be a Borrower of a
paper whicll only costs $1.00 a
Tram Marks
__________________________  Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lendlnil a tkotrh and description may
qitlolrtr ascertain onr opinion free whether an
Invention la probably patontabls. Commamentions strictly confidential. Handbook on rataefa
Belli free. Oldest nsencr for snenrliiir patents.
l'ldcnts taken th.oiii.li Munn A Co. receive
Scientific Jltherlcaii,
f Utnitrat-d wteklr. I.i\r»*wt oir
• 7 flcloullflr. founiftl, Ternm, $11
3nttii.|L 8omb7ftll newid-MltriL
Co.38■*•'-"-"■•*• New York
im. irSFHU WmIiiniton, D, C.
wi.iiii.m o/ any nclantlUa tourn-il.
  (utir munllm. $L  Sold"
Branch OfflM.
Advocate $1
for 12 Months
l!0x37 White  ,
Sale prico 40c per pair.
17-in. All Lineu Crash Towelling worth 12,'^c per yd.; Snlo price 8JsC
All Liuuu Towels worth 50c crch for 85c
Worth 65c each for 50c; worth 75o for OOo
J. Horner,
400 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
to Housekeepers
Get in your orders for Gas Connections and Gas Ranges before the
rush liegius. —
Last year wheu tho hot weather began we had so many orders they
could not bo attended to, and there was disuppointmont all round.
All new dwellings should be conneoted with onr Gns Mains during
construction. *
Saves timo, saves monoy.
Vancouver Gas Company.
Ofktce : oornor of Cnrrall aud Hastings streots.


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