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The Mission City News Jul 15, 1893

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VOL.1. NO. 5.
M. DES BR IS AY, Proprietor,
Groceries,        * *        Produce,
Boots and Shoes,
and Dry Goods.
attention paid to all Outside Orders and prompt
City and country  trade solicited.    All goods
guaranteed to be the best in the market.
Butchers : and : Cattle : Dealers.
Sheep, Calves, Beef and Vegetables Bought and Sold.
Hides and Pelts for Sale.        All Kinds of Fish in Season,
ft^ail and Telegraph Orders Promptly Attended to.
We have just opened
a full range of Japanese
Silks in
Plain Colore,
Polka Dots  ana
Fancy Patterns
Specially Suited for '■
Blouse Waists.
In all Leading Colors.
Cordova St., Vancouver.
OflcoHiic Great Industries in the
Future of the  Province of
British Columbia.
else cm you n»k for? I hope that Thk
Nkws will Dot let up on this important fa- ;
duitry until the largest woolen mill in the
DumiuiuQ(,of Canada is located at Mitaion j
City, liy iill mills ,t|iu Queen City ol' the <
Fnidtr river valley."
in } LJI Mm   ^^^^^^
A fei»CllotCE Residential lots for .kill
chHftp.   Sasy Terms.
A Fink. BuslSESS lot mi Ihe Main Avenue,
which is graded, I'Utiked and StdttwalUed.
Knsy Terms,   NO INTKRBST.
FORTIN &. SON, Proprietors.
The only Factory of the kind in this vicinity. We are
prepared to supply the city, the neighbouring country, and
wherever such materials are required, with
Come and inspect o.ur superior machinery and test our
work.   Orders by mail attended to without delay.
BelIvEvue Hotel,
Mission Junction.  One Minutes Wall', S^-ti Depot.
First-Class Accommodation for Transient Guests.
A(il.\T- nm THK
Can you afford to carry your own Risk.
m -■■ --A . Write us fonJirttwi   u - -
~ **
In the Valuable Pari of the Tott/n, a one story
DwilttHx't Ntw, StX Rooms, on Two Lois, Fented
in, Lawn ami Garden, Good Wellt Stable, Sheds
and Poultry House, Rented ill present to Good
Truant, Earning lSper rent, interest. This is a
Chance seldom* offered, as it will be Sold i heap.
The present owner exptcts to rebuild.
A* Interview With One of the Two Originators of tne
^■;F!r»t Woolen Mill In  the Province— The Rcnsonit
fur StiirtlnK the Enterprise nnd the Guise of the
'Fntlure—Tbe Enterprise Tlioo wus Supposed to lie
j?fc"-v)nR  Investment!   but To-llay  Must I'nive
"   JOuYlobe the Grandest In the Province—Mission
City U briar the  Most Convenient Point in the
.(.Province for Sncb an Undertaking—Situated on
;« Hhe Praiier River, tlie Main  Line of the C. P. R.
nnd Its Important Junction to the South, and nlsn
In the Midst of the Great Fnrmlnfl Uelt of the
Famous Fritaer River Valley--The Prospect for a
FA1}\K  We have several well improved
rAKiMo. ones for Sale Cheap; write ns
f t particulars,
From #10  tn ${10 prr
acre, nrcnrdiiiK to U1m|-
nnee from Ulinrt mil Hi i nl. Thru* lands nn>
Ifvlllly liillliiTi'd i.nf wi-ll r.lnflril |u urwHlli til
Fruits and (inrdi-n Truck, I'oiiltry RuUfmr, Ac.
(■und Hund*. 'riicCaiiiiiliiin Fnellicllallwiiyrimi
(wo dully indium Vancomcr nnd IVestmfSHter.
Only two 11011 ik ride from Mlwd. n City. Also 3
Dnlly Steamers Call m Wharf.
n    . .   T      .till cleared, just what is
Prairie Land wanted for Dairying Pur-
vera! properties to Exchange.
We hav
Write us what you 0a
may be able to suit yo
mi Want and we
ADC   Vflll Lookin8 for a 8ood Bu8i<
OW that the establishment of a
woolen mill at Mission City,
in the near future, is almost
^^ the bounds of certainty a f w re-
mark* U[ioq the possibilities of the industry
may not be Amiss. Thin week we find several hundred pounds of British Columbia
wool being washed iu our city for the purpose of sending a sample of it to Scotland,
by request, to te*t its quality and what kind
of machinery will be necessary to operate it,
•Mr. K. S. Cunningham of this city, was
interviewed by a representative of 1 in.
Ny.w,H this week, respecting the origina'
attempt to conduce nn industry < f this kind,
Us tar back as ISSti, in this Province. Mr.
Cunningham was one of the two nrigiuutois,
and attended l.o the inechaiikal department,
while his partner hud been engaged in the
experimental part t-f wt.ol nmnufacturiug
for yearn, W'iK.ii questioned aa to his connection with the said mill, Mr Cuuniugham
**I was onfe of tho first originators of the1,
woolen mill at New Westminster."
. Wh) did j<m drop u, Mr. Cunningham?
'I am a maehiniat by trade,  and I at-
tr -rtfiiUo thu in. ehanical part of It.    My
,,  i p,     /v .t53\ffe -t - .:*«w«rrwf-«^urj*4uju\ ha
\\ ua'leitto(id [tho husini'ss thoroughly, and I
' knew iiiine.    Uufortunately for me he died
by accident .icfore the mill was beguu to be
What made jou start such an enterprise?
'• I was impressed with the idea, after a
eareful consideration, that a woolen mill
would pay in British Columbia. 1 had reasons to believe it then, and my knowledge
and obseivatiou since then have abundantly
satitfied me that I was correct."
Wliy is it, time the piestut mill at New
Westminster is not operated ?
"The came of tho.failure of thn mill at
that point was purely mUmuuagemeut. The
operators lacked experience and ability. It
makes but very little ^liOVreiici; what the
prospects are for any industry, for unless it
is handled carefully ami intelligently, it
must eventually fail. Whatever doubt there
might have been as to the practicability of
auch an enterprise then there is no need of
I any such doubt to exist today. I believe
that it was a grand enterprise then and
most emphatically, do I believe it to be the
grandest enterprise in the Held of manufac- !
ture in the Province to-day, Then we ru
! ceived several inducements   to locate tho
He Scos iIhloaffO   and   tli« World's Fair.
Chicago is oou of tho wonders of America,
although it is called by tia-tern people this
gnat Westeru oity. 1 will not venture
that far to British Columbians, as it teem*
absurd to call it) West, Witii a population
ttf two millions of people, and streets -o
miles iu length, not built up in mere village
fashion, but for miles uud imbs if solid
brick. Stone aud marble, beautiful .-iniut
urcf, which reach up to the elouds and over
which perpetually hung* the dense b.„ck
smoke of a mighty manufacturing city.
The Masonic Temple here is 121 stories
high, furnishes otiice accnmidaiiou tor 7.00b
people, and is built of atone, iron, aud brick,
and is finished with marble throughout.
It is 302 ft. high and coats $4,o(J0,0UO. The
elevators, which run constantly, convey the
visitor to any flat he wishes to take or to
the top. The ascent is made in about tit teen
.-cconds, whereas to ascend the marble stairs
it would require at least 45 minutes of ex
cetuluigty tedious woik; however, when the
top is leached and the visitor looks about,
he is well repaid for his climb. The first
impression is that he has reached another
world, where we are permitted to look down
ou thereat of humanity. Ten to eighteen
story buildings which, from the street,
look mountains high, are iusiguilicaut and
far beneath; and a glance at the street,
(-hows a lively scene among what appears
ini.utuerable dwarf's, running hither aud
tin her seemingly with no object in view
This is a biro's eye view of Chicugo.   V
truly Chicago for tier age is the greatest city
An Important F)uy to the Citizens
of the Queen City of the
Fraser River.
A Diy Of PeaiUuj, BnJojOiettt  nn<1  Work CnrahlnH-
An KvLTuful I'll) In (Ik-  Ellilnr) «f Mlulos CU>
Free LcinJ, Free Water anil Pr« BdIUJIpi ItcuUutt.
la a Tangible Form—The SltttiKl* Uceisna ftanuti
of the Determination  i.f 0;ir  Citi/r.i-.  to ElMltts
With Their nsadi Wlmt They flare V«IeH \m
Wonts—The ladles of tbeCHy Reader Imntrtaofi
Aid to Malie Bucccisfitt the tla| nn-l tb« Otiject llM
View—The ProipecU of tlie B^labllshmcat Hotl
I'liiuritliliiK -The Demand fur r'foti riven Cfealri.
Than the Supplf—The Markets of tue tti»w «r»
Opened to the Cnniiiunv—Tlie People of this CltJ.*
Wish the i'ii m all I'uiulble Sacc^H,
qo DAY
nesB or Manufacturing Site,     ... ,
k  n „, . , ., .     . (null at various points, butliuding that New
It so, write us and we will negotiate for you,   ...
;       p      ...    „     „ .... , „      Westmiiifltet' at that tune wus the most
tor a free ,Si+e, Free Buuomgn and Free
M- ,    n i      ii- .  aocessible centre to iho (arming distriotu of
A ater Power, if needed, in one .»f th« must b
the Province, we decided to locate there,
but to-day I would establish it at Mission
City, which is at present ami will always
Good Fishing and Shooting in htimed'ate Vicinity.	
-   -   -   Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Iced Lager on Draught.
H. W1NDEBANK, Proprietor.
a Binl.ii-.g-i and Free
ad, in one of the most
prosperous young towns in British Columbia,
Maps of the Tqwnsite aod District showing
location of Lauds, furnished free on applies
F. S. flMBBRUKE & Co.,
 Mission City, B. C-
i remaiu the great eei
liielrls ot British Co
ately located on the
ami on the jnain line
{ and at iu junotion tt
tiT of tiiu agriouliural
umbiu,   Beiog fnriuu-
boautiful Fraser river,
if tlie Canadian Paoiflo,
the south to the State
Groceries,   Hardware,
Farming Implements nnd
GEO.   B.   TBOEBr,
Manufacturing Jeweler,
Walehcs, Jewelry and
.   l&Uverware.
Our Solid Nickel, Silver Screw, Bovcl Case,
Fitted with Genuine Waltbam Movement, for 97.00, is the beat viiluc in
liritisli Columbia.
Crockery; | ***
airing . a • Sj/iciitli!).
All orders by mail will receive prompt attention.
I keep nothing but the best of material and all customers
are invited to inspect my goods.
Manufacturing Jeweler,
I of Washington ant) elsewhere, togother with
I the iK'ht lauds aud the most extensively do-
! \ eloped Holds nil umund it, 1 tin not hesitate
to state that Mission City is the ulaio for
i the greatest woolen mill in the Piovlnuo iu
which Me live. The amount of wool forthcoming then was excoodingly enoauraging,
hut ten times more no to duy, and at, a price
an low to day kk in 1880—about Ion cents
per pound. Wo were offered then to eoiu-
tnenuo with ten tons of wool from a sheep
ranoh on Salt Sp-ing Island, which kept
5,000 sheep. .Several tons were ottered from
other sourcua, and merchants at Victoria
would enter into contract, if necessary* to
puichavu the entire p*' duo tion of munufae-
tured goodrf, it n Htran^e to uiu that home
psrty or pnrties have not been operating
uuuh a oii)) m 'this Province long ago, as it
must be one of the moat paying iiiMitutious
that could he established heie. When one
is operated I tiunt that it will lw at Mixhiou
City, nf I know, of no other point Bo contra],
accessible and convenient. You have all i
the facilities at your door.    Wool in abnnd-1
in the world. Iu 1871 she experienced tin
greatest tire in the world. She has the
highest buildingn; the Urgent packing estab-
lishtnent»; has tho greatest waieruuiks vyu-
tern; has the most extensive cold Htorsge
system, aud has the luigest stock jarda in
'he world.
The Armour Company alone, put through
the different proeeaeaa for making beef,
mutton, pork, sausage, lard, tallow, and
I (tWeot^oauiwa loo.lV iu lS'J'-, 850,000
UJ-rle, u00jn00hoglandfi(H>,0'W &'
visit to, and through this uiatu i.cth oom
pany's premises, is an opportunity thai
no stranger who visits Chicago should miss.
The system here in the hog slaughter house,
would almost make one imagine he was witnessing the executiou of these poor animals
as a sort of show, just for his particular enjoyment or amazement aud not as a reality.
Tne hogs are Brat driven iuto a large pen,
a man there hooks at ound eauh one's hind
leg a chain and snap, he pulls a rope, they
all go Hwiuging in the air ou a tollii.g pulley,
aud pans on like so many weighing things
ou a .-.Iring, to the knite mau who sacks
them one alter the other. They next
drop into a largo v.it of boiling water, iu
whfch is a revolving wheel with puddle.*;
each puddle as it levohes lilts a pig (not
quite tlead) onto a table where there is an
endless chain with hooks, which hooks the
hog's note, aud in he goes into the scraping
machine, which cleans him in uiuo secouda,
wlneli iu a great deal less time than it takes
me to lull ic. Ivieh uiati hvi his own aepar-
ute duty, which gives the whole establish*
incut iht: appearance of some vast mauhluo.
A visit here will efyvihee anyuuo that Chicago liai the greatest butchers in the world,
and will plainly show why they can compete
with all other markets, tor the simple reason,
everything from a cows horn to tho tip of
her tall is utilized and biiugsa r turn or
luvtlilie of wiiiiv sort.
AtJaeksuii PaikfWorbla Fair)maybsseen
all nations ini.-i.t togethoi1 in friendly uuison,
each uue blowing hi.-^ovsu horn to tho glory
of his country, This, I iuay safely say, per*
hap', will inner happsii again, while jou and
I l(Vo, as ft lias only oost Uic Untied titates
upwards of tlmty two ndllious of dollars to
produce tins workl'famed offuot,
Wn. it one ontufs iho gates ol the Paifi he
docs lint realize thut he is about to see the
whole world, or all that is worth seeing, but
ho rushi-s horo mil there, thinks n'a all Ireo
and to be m-en in 0U« day, 'J lie first thing
that overtukos him in a oonoiousiietd that be
is extrsmoly weary, and no wonder, for on
looking at iliu time lie finds toe day his
gone, und he h;u perhaps walked llx Or eight
utiles. No, )ouoauuoCsue one*tenth part to a
day, for lememher n.ie budding covers -14
acres, with a ro</f without centre support
covering 11 acres,   This rool is supported
DAY will b« an important iVadt IM
our .city. Ii u a d.»y mx apart by-
the Board of Trade to shingle one-
half of the liah-eiiriug structure oWntd by.-
Wood, Travis & Cj. aud erected by the citizens of Mission City for their acoomuioda—
tion in the prbBeoo^iurl of their huslneM-.
The land is given ii.nl the building ji erecteth
free as a sin-sfdy to this (.'•m^any, by the-
Board of T.;tl<-, to operate their industry*at
this point. The Wood, Travis /; •'.>. tirm.
is one of the strongest ami most lolMtantfah
in the Province, ami their outlook at Mission City is exceedingly promising, 3'liey.
have contracted for all tho tUK that thtsyt
can ship. A thousand tuns a m»'i*!i u-juUU
not be sufticicnt to htipply the dattai.'iiuade-
upon them. Mr. Travis stated/ t^se otbfiir
day that their umri o* is uuliniitad. It e»r-
tehthi to Eiirt no *.'• tho east ami AMi to tbs^
west of tnis indue. Th<y cm thlu 'ii'hroa*.
varieties of ti-li to ddJeri-nt inarltato. Tft€-t
best quality will be c iiisuuied :n the great.
centers of the Kwt upon this 00fl*tiM>ut oxniX
possibly England, They will deil :ti fresh,..
salted and dried lalmon in partioiUar andi
other varieties in gni-r.,1. \UAxn. i^cik*
building is ciuiiple^l^e^wl^C* to esptfrr.
1- ■ the ^w futuri*, * ooV a p'>pti<jo,i
of whic# will hew once, they (viii h»vb ii.t.'
oompletest cannery on the Pa.-ific ooast, aud
at the most accessible and convenktu point
to the trails of the world. H<iilro«d audi
water transportation to all reijairrti points-.'
by means of the finest railway system, th*.
Canadian Pacific Railway, oil ths coatiuoob
and water facilities on tho Frastr river.
The people of  Million Oity will ptndw
them all available aid and  eocourflgfetnenv
aud will i urn out in a bodj   today to th«u
Shingle Bee, to cover the firfct hdlt  of the.
immense structure ready fur practtraj vtv.
The ladies of the city  will  verve a perfect*
lunch to the workers at  noon,  and several1)
shingle contests will.occur during iho day.
that will add inter< it and enthusiasm^ tl.e
oecisioti.    It will be ;i g*ila dftjafn the c*ity,.
I and an event long to be remembered iu its
j future history and growth.     The  members
of the firm are expected to be present and
■ participate in the eujoj ment ami aotivtty of
i the day.    It is rumored that a b< r. al d.n,L<.-
will complete the enjoyment of the day,
They Bad a .ToJIly Good Time.
The parties that loft with the rxcuiaton
' last Wudnasday down tho Fraacr river,
; bound for Vancouver, to celebrate the I2lh
of luly, wore aa follows: Messr*. John Morrison, .). K. Wren, Malcolm v;- Mill r>, !..
Lougheed, \h-r*\ \\.\: ■ , I'.. . i Mans*
[than, Fred. Hill, u. »' Frawr, Tliou*as
Stokes, and several < Iwr wsmb n "' tho
Orangu lodgi ^ from .V .--,.■, | •
' ney whose uaun    ;,  ur cori etit was
'unable to letiuro,    Mr   and  Mrs, K eves,
MisifsMiryaud Annie Mturoe, M (oho*,
Miss Dowding and W •• I I -; e fmai I'- wd-
; uey, The party were delighted with the
! trip it[i aud down the nver, and vt ry much
pleaded with the ptrs>orst nf tho day at
Vancouver. Itwa»tlr so'clock Thursday
morning when tho Delaware landed t.-r pu
[seogorsnt Mission City. Tfts Chilli soli
baud diioouritd soma tine music do ing thr
trip und eutertswed all those on board,
Mr. H. 8, Canningham brought u^ fume
samples of his lettuce, peai and iku,ji<>u-
toes lastThnrsdsy, They srs like a iprii v in
the   sandy   desert,     The  pe»pts  it   I'nget
Sound and British Columbia have boon com*
plaining of excessive ram snd latenesi of the-
leasou this week, but they haw profound
reasons to appreciate the situation. There-
are no failures of crops. Tiiey are as good
as ever. What about other countries ?
Failures on every haud.
Mr. H. Hatch of Vancouver, will open a
 ,  tinsmith   establishment    at   Mission   City
Judd ul Abbottsford,  visited  shortly.    Mr. Hatch  is  well versed in all
by iron arches, the immensity of which cannot be eoncleved} the coat of this building
] alone ia $1,000,000 The magnitude and gran*
; dure ot tin; Word's Fair buddings are beyond
my power of description am), J believe, it
will yet banluupt human descriptive power.
W. ii, TltKIllKWAY.
Chicago, 111., July I, 1803.
Mr. K. J.
ance, the finest sites for manufacturing \ our city during the week and in company the mysteries of hia trade and will make a
building*, and transportation either by water | with Mr. H. Hatch made a pleasant call at valuable acquisition to the business interests
or rail.   What more do yov want, and what \ Tin; Nkws other of our city. ■•?
Tint a Fighter, Then a M<
of Mercy.
Tba,  Old   Man-of-war to   B* Sent with
buppllea to tue  KolMf of lb*
Pamluu-Stricfeeo l'noplo
of Ku.il*.
,        4r
The fact that Secretary Traey, In a
letter to Senator W. D. Waahburn, alg-
nifies his willingness to assign the Bailing ship Constellation to the duty of carrying to the starving people of Russia
the (lour and bruiidstiifts given for that
purpose by tlie northwestern millers
recalls the fact, says the New York
Times, that this ship has been on a similar mission before. This was in IMS,
when immense quantities of provisions
were given by the Americans for the
starving people of Ireland.
The Constellation is a pretty old (hip
now, and many of her timbers will not
stand the hardships of long cruises in
succeeding years, so that her mission to
Russia, if accomplished, will probably
be her last active duty afloat It will
be a fitting end to the career of a famous
old man-of-war.
The old Constellation, nearly all of
whose original frames hare been repaired and rebuilt In the present ship,
was completed and launched at Norfolk
in May, 1800, being the second vessel
launched under the then new organization of the navy. Commodore Stephen
Decatur's squadron in the West Indies
was her Hrst assignment to duty.
Ileforc the close of this cruise she encountered the French frigates L'lnsur-
gents and La Vengeance, trouble with
Franco being then In progress, and defeated them both, although the enemy
were greatly superior in guns and men.
She lost her mainmast is this action, a
midshipman and seven topmen going
with it. A gold medal was given to
Commodore Truxton, her commander,
by congress for his gallantry.
When In the Mediterranean on Its
second cruise the Constellation, then in
command of Capt. IT. Campbell, joined
the American squadron off Tripoli, a
squadron famous in naval annals. The
frigate Constitution, with Commodores
Decator and Freblo and Midshipman
McDonough, figured in the attack which
followed the Constellation's arrival.
After the victory the frigate proceeded
to Syracuse and saw no more active
duty of a warlike sort until June, 1813,
when she was' blockaded by a large
English foroe. Several attempts were
made to destroy or capture It by boats
from the English fleet, all of which resulted in heavy loss to the enemy.
The Constellation is put down in the
old records of the navy as a fleet sailor
and a stanch ship In heavy weather.
In her early days Bhc is credited with a
speed of ten knoto on a wind and twelve
and a half knots free, a speed which she
is known to have maintained even after
she attained to the age of three score
years and ten. In the summer of 1883,
when cruising with the naval oadcte
along the edge of the gulf stream, studding sails on, she made thirteen knoU
throughout a whole morning. In heavy
v#*tb9r she can outride any of the old
, aulpa. \% her crujef; In thejlediter-
' ranean in 18113, for •\amnMBavb.*.
, through srbeavy gale lb wt - %. , jTich
eighty-gun ship was lost, and during
the same night, while lying-to, she
weathered the French admiral's ship
seven miles.
The Constellation has been In every
part of the navigable ?lobe, and as long
as wooden sailing ships were the models
of the day she was among the foremost
of her class. Everyone of her lines u
symmetrical, and when she sails unrier
a full Bpread of stun1 sails a prettier
sight cannot be found. She is reported
to have beaten the whole llritish fleet
on a wind in the Mediterranean in 1534.
Although originally a thirty-six-gnn
ship the Constellation's battery has
been cut down in the course of her
many alterations until to-day Bhe carries but twelve, these being smooth
bores of an old type. She carried a
pivot gun amidships until 1833, when it
was taken out and her pivot ports built
in. For a good many years she has
been the practice ship attached to the
Naval Academy for the summer cruise
ef the naval cadets. This cruise only
lasts about ninety days, and throughout
the remainder of the year it has been
the cHstom of the department to put
her out of commission. These short
tours of active duty have resulted in
prolonging her life far beyond the period allotted to the frigates Independence, Ohio and L'nited .States vessels
which were built early in the century
and which have long since passed off
the navy list. The Constellation re-
turn"d from her last cr lisc with the
naval cadets in fairly good trim, and
were it not that, the new government
pr-ictice ship will noon be completed to
take her place at the Naval academy
she would doubtless live: to see several
more summer crutMS, and Llius perhaps
crown her glorious career with a century of service, for some of her timbers
nt least were a part, of the Constellation. Senator Tracy's statement in his
letter to Senator Vv'aslilmrn, that she
"can be sent at short notice." shown
that the "old ship is not dead yet."
Tn FUarCerto.IMo.Tka. AInrs Aa-
■sssoaay One of Largor aiao.
Yesterday morning some men wen
hauling a seine in the gulf, and when
they were inside the second bar they
noticed a large fish in the haul, says the
Galveston News. In shallow water the
fish was found to be • sawfish, and a
large one at that. The seine was
dragged to the beach and the fish as-
cured. On iU back were six pilot fish, i
which held on as if they were part of I
the prize. With difficulty they wen
detached and four of them saved. The
aawflsh measured 1SX feet in length
and 4X feet in breadth and weighed 850
The pilot fish wen quite smalL In
deep water they swim before the sawfish on each aide of the anout or aaw,
and on reaching shoal water they attach themselves to the back of the
large fish by an oral sucker. This
sucker resembles the sole of an old-
fashioned rubber shoe, and the power
of auction is auch that it requires a
strong pull to detach them. Their special use or duty has loaf remained a
matter of dispute. J
A Victim »e Bis Theory.
Borne time ago an eminent Cincinnati
physician said: "When I began the
practice of medicine a young man whose
constitution waa even more powerful
than my own started in to practice
with me. His pet theory waa that a
man couldn't have too much fresh air,
that he wanted to have it circulate inside and outside of his body, and to that
end when the rigors of winter came on
he spurned thick clothing, which I insisted on wearing. If we rode together
the heaviest garment he had was an ordinary sack coat. I wore mufflers and
a great coat buttoned up to the ehin.
My young and ambitious partner has
occupied a narrow home in the cemetery a gnat many years, placed there
after a long and painful wrestle with
consumption. He stuck to hit thin
clothing and became a martyr to his pet
theory. I stuck to my heavy clothing
when the weather demanded it, and I
think the graveyard I* a good many
yean from me stUL"
Home Lire and Architecture In the Country to lie Shown.
The German government will construct a separate buiUli ? at the fair
grounds to represent Germany and to
serve as u central point for the German
interests. Commissioner Wermuth will
have his office in this building. A feature of the German exhibition will be
the "German Village of the Middle
Ages," which will be built on the ".Midway Plalsanee" under the auspices of
the Deutsche bank of Berlin. It will
show the architecture and home life of
the German peasants of that period and
also the household Industries and German village life of the present day.
It would far exceed the scope of this
article to enter into a detailed descrin
tion of each separate department or t.
describe any individual exhibit Whi
much remains to be done, yet the woi
is crystallising into perfect shape, ai
there "- no auu'u. tust uerrJUny vfll
havemrcason to be proud of her ex'hib£«
A Drawback.
"There la one thing about New Year's
dav that I think is demoralizing," aaid
Mr. r'ullobiz. "The fact that it is a
legal holiday compels us all to begin
the New Year by taking a day off."—
The Leading Boot and Shoe Store.
Of all qualities, especially suited for MINERS and
FARMERS for durability and comfort, in endless variety.
Ala* f'ir POOF .lurk.
Mftud—Ilavi; ymi mode up your mind
1*) marry the man V"" love?
Marie -No. I hav'! made up rny minM
to love the man I am ^oin// to marry.—
A Nuns;"-***'' Gams.
"Let's play you're a piano, Tommy,"
said .lae.k. "V'011 lie down, and I'll
bang on you with both hands till you
tiiiitf a tune."—Harper's Young Peoplo.
Two*llnllnr   GoutltsrfflltS.
The ways of Mm winked are moM,
always found out at the last. The eonn-
U^rfeitorH of the United States two-dollar
silver certificate forgot to turn tlie letters
T v, o after photograph' the hill find
making it otherwise so like the. rjenuinn
note that it deceived the best experts
for awhile. The letters on tlie counterfeit read backward; 0 w T. They are on
Ike top of tlie figure IJ, and are ro minute ns to require a magnifying glati* to
ke vitiihlu.
A Stock of $40,000 to Choose From.
Eastern Prices.   Custom Work and Repairing.
Do not fail to call when in the City.   Mail orders
promptly attended to.
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Vancouver.      v^•   L- -  Allctn.
Telephone 301.
—Importers and Wholesale Dealers in—
Groceres, Provisions, Cigars^ Tofeccos, Etc
Powe 11 Street,
P. O. Box ioo.
Vancouver, B.C
P. 0. 696.
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Try Our Own Blend of Coffee Once and You Will Drink
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All Kinds of Machinery Made
and Repaired.
New Designs.
Special Line at $i Each-
Th* I nt* reitlng- OrxcrvAtlont of m Berlin
The laboratory of Pro! EMctet, at Berlin, is designed for the inrfRtigrttion of
tlM" effects of cnM. The refrigerating-
machinery! 'Jrivfn by several powerful
fln^inw*. ke^o*- tin- objeotS unrier ob-
*erTntion at any temperature between
90 degrees and BOO degrees below zero
Cent, fts long M may be required. The ■
cooling is effected by the evaporation of
liquids, and Is divided into three stagwfl,
each with its special apparatus. For
tlm first stage in need the mixture ot
sulphurous nnd carbonic acids known
as "Plctot'a fluid." which is condensed
at a pressure at about two atmospheres
in a spiral tube cooled by water. I-aug-h-
inf? pas (oxide of aJtrogetl) is the liquid
chosen for tile second sta(f«. It is con*
densed ;it a pressure of ten or twelve
atmospheres in a tube kept at about HO
degress below zero by the action ot the
first circuit. Fir the third stage atmospheric air is employed, and passes into
the liquid state at a pressure oi seven*
ty-flvc atmospheres when the tempera*
turs is kept ai 185 degrees below zero
by the other ?i ran Its. The evaporation
of tho liquefied air gives a cold <»f about
300 degrees below zero. Absolute aero
is placed at 373 degrees below zero
Cent, but Profi Pletet regards 255de-
grcc I eli "■ zero as about the I >w« t
attainable artif] mporature. One
of the effects of greal cold has been the
showing of quicksilver In beautiful,
fern-like crj tals fJlj cei ine also baa
bean crystallized; and cognac baa been
given by freezing the peculiar meUow«
nehH commonly attained only by long
keeping. The most Important wsull
thus far, however, titu been tho pnrlfl
cation of chloroform, the crystals which
form in the commercial chloroform at
about us degrees below zero being ai-
 i ,i bsolutcly pure.
Japan pun rotlnjr.
Voting day In Japan presents some
curious si gilts,   The voters hnvo to don
their best garments and  pro< d to the
voting counter, there to ballot without
any parleying, as soon after eight
o'ehmli us possible. After casting their
ballot thoy rtiulw a bow to the asscm*
blage present, in whi' h their head nearly Strikes tho floor, und retire as silent*
ly as thoy came
WhT Notf
Elderly Tint Well j'rasorved Widow
(in business) This is an einploymun'
agency, is it not?
Manager—tt is, ma'am. What can 1
do for you?
"f Wttpt a bright, nctivn, capable
young man for a typewriter."—Chicago
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Heavy Hardware on the Mainland, on which we are prepared to quote the very lowest prices.
Agents for Judson and Giant Powder.
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Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities Corp., Ltd.
CiriT.IL,   .   -   §8,500,000.
On   Farm   Lands  and  City   Property.
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WM. FAKKIIEI.I., General Himbit, Vancouver, It. C.
Established 1S77.
New Mill Erected 1890.
Sash, Doors, Window and Door Frames, House Finish
of all Kinds, Salmon and Fiuit oxes.   Kiln
Dried Lumber.    Accurate Work.
Brass and Iron Founders, Machinists, Engineers, Blacksmiths,
Importers and Manufacturers of Machinery.
Agents for the best makers of Marine, Stationary, Mining
and Mill Machinery in Canada, viz.: John Doty Engine
Works Co., Toronto; E. Leonard & Sons, London, Ont.
CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, &c, by John Campbell, London.
WAGONS by Bain Bros., Brantford.
11 John Doty Engine Works Co., Ld.
Makers of Marine and Stationary Boilers and Engines,
Mining and Mill Machinery. Sole Agents for the
Mainland of B. C.:
The Reid c5f <Z\xrrm iron 'Worlcc do. £d.
Main Line Canadian Pacific Railway.
Terminus of Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern.
42.Miles from Vancouver.
38     "       "    Westminster.
a u
Belli ngham Bay and British Columbia. 136     "       "    Seattle.
Chief Port ofCall of Fraser River Steamers.
1438 "      ■ "    Winn ipeg.
A City of 500 Population.   Direct Agricultural Population Tributary
Over 3,000
The present principal Industries and Buildings are: —Sawmill; Sash and Door Factory; Lumber Yard; three Stores doing a rushing business; Commission Merchants; Meat Markets; Fish
Drying and Curing Works, the largest on the Pacific Coast. Bank Building; Masonic Hall, membership 58; three Hotels, one of which is four storey, and contains sixty (60) rooms. Churches;
Schools; Bakery; Launderies. The Finest Brick, Tile and Terra Cotta Clay in the Province. The
largest and best wharves ou the famous Fraser River, north of Westminster. Mission City News,
an eight-page weekly. The most energetic aud wide awake Board of Trade in the Province of
British Columbia. H*jh «-• - .«_.,  '
Coal, Silver, Nickel and other Minerals in large deposits immediately
surrounding the city.
$tew |lnfctt*tw0 (Smtteapctefr for being dfetcMtehefc
Save a dollar to-day,
it will be handy tomorrow.  Buy a Lot in Mission City.
Houses, Blocks, Stores and Residences for sale.   Cottages and Business Blocks erected to
suit occupants, with easy payments.
For Maps and Full Information Apply to—
Mission City, B. C.
y 7
lie Mission Cit\'liews,!c,oPSgrow.
liY  A.   II.   i
Con. or Hobnc Avenue and Broadway
One Year,
Six Month.,
Three Moiil
Ai>y»»risr.Mi;.vr iiitt.s civhs ox Afi-uicATma
Saturday, July 1G, 1833.
smoke their pipes and watch their bachelors in this vioinity to not priwrajiin-
lf one cannot interfere «* '>»* 8"»»dA" 'k'>wi««an'lr,odoiil>tgood
, .  .   .    , , i I l"e   will follow.
in Unit which he is n part and pared ij, § v
of he had better go and bury hiinfelf i    jfa-si.n. B C, -lolv 10 181)3.
before he .lies, and though in tboi   ThoUtmt aisami„n iTlbTTveekly jod,-
wurlil become dead to it.    The Mim-jBjlh „, ,h„ p,ov\uai j„ Tub Mission Citv
Icipal Association just organized at News—an eight-uage (.auer, Iir'ghi, naway,
New   Westminster,  seems  to  disen- and BiidiiiimH in «ui'e»miiti« — (.uliifetuU
! tangle itself from the superstition of «■» H""r"a-" I "'. "'"' :' ,'"r 'mvi"«
,,,.,,     I*tn   printud   last   Saturday)   hy   A.   II.
i'|'e P'1S| '""' "PP'y f(;r ' '? ," l1'"  Bowdb, proariotur-tWumWao;
$2.00jproper physician.   This at least, if    Tm, Mjssi0() (,,,.. Xl.ws ,)ft6 ^ [ta
1.311, executed, appears business like, npnonronco.   It in vory neatly got up, ojoau
ami well printed, ami rilled with vory inter*
.Several  hundred   li.-ii   have   been eating matter.   Aa a krgo, eight-pago pa-
lied   here  thirl  week,   besides the I**.thto" e ^.f the roost ambitious at-
,,   . .        , , .    •   ,  „    ,   tempts in the Province.   Though Mission
any that have been shipped fresh ,..,'. „  ,
; " City 19 a small puiyo as yot the support giv-
S'ork and Pilling. ImitnTunXKwaBnomstol
!•'.   ('.   1
tborixed »■
iu that SEC
us, of Vancouver, is  tli"
ul of Tin: Mission ('n r S
amlraots ami n ei ive 11113 i
en lo 'I'm-; News seems t
Winnipeg Cominoroial.
i must generous.
Tin: Nmvs desires lo secure ago
. iblo and breezy correspondent iii eve
mil poalolHce in British Coluinl
whose letters \*il! presold n complete
i mil aci urate record "1 the bupponings"
tcrust iii ids locality, from work to «'
It is to lie Imped that the Shingle
Bee today will bh well attended and
thai i very loyul i iiizen of lb:, prom
ising city »iil ilo his part. This Is.;
day to do one's duty.
Watch, Clock & Jewelry Repairing
Pianos Tunod, Etc
Carpenter, Builder & Contractor
Satisfaction guaranteed mi whatever 1
undertake td 'lo.
Wm. R. DUNN,
Wholesale and Retail
All Kinds of Stock Bought and Sold
Prompt Attention to Outside Orders.
Fish, Vegetables and other Farming Products in Season.
florae Avenue, .Mission City, It. V.
i, re
Mission I'itv is evidently mi '.lie
y town threshold of a thriving era of pros-
n-iino I polity   notwithstanding  the  general
Acknowledgment* likm and l.'gd 11 eu
IHclca—Mrs. Eapee tells mc she :    ,„. ,,t8 „,„.„,,.,
•v.i.' las', nipht nail found a man j
. ... ]UH[t I AgonE for Pacific * o st File lieu anc--- Co
Ijix—Ural     I   noticed   flupec'.s
Ot-I-ILE: I'a.l O/fr,. /Mir*, ii
S/r.r' Itltft Ilo th' Avi
j eoat this  morning was covered with
i feathers.—Truth,
hm tv
Tlie <
Ot'li.1'. 1
jpacity i
* minimi:
..f Hi
paper will ho git'
y mail, from
at I'm: Nr.us, in tl
indent in their respc
Qnuncihi di
Things are
ion of all .countries,
ng upward and for-
Waning of the Honeymoon*    'y.
She—It is right here that I accepted
you. John.    Had you for£i ttori?
lie—My dear, thoro an: soinu things I
can neither forgot nor forgivo.—lllack:
and White.
Mn.  W. (!. Tkktiikwav  returned
from Chicugo last Monday,    Me had I
contracted a severe cold and bad not I
ISO  Acres
Buid in a bluck
n feeling  well,    lie  thinks that ,r; :i mora .<
Chicago is the  wonder of tin
w, I
G 1  Vi
,.r o'tli i M
M      ol     J!
•III,..   I   l
I it, 1 in I- 'him ..
publish a  letter from him  thisl iv J-, Hi-!, t. < .,.:
Ul t.'o.no i.an Fri
Mr. IticilAltD lii'.KTr was iii Mis-
■ ion t.'ity ilii-^ week. lie made a
pleasanl rail ai Tub News office, Mr.
, lirotl is one '.I' the largest furmers in
this vicinity, mid between him and
his other brothers thoy own consid'
erablc bind in the ncighbothood.
nine L,n,l to he
i ui hint puruhus*
ion Cii.v, i1 mid
e noil 0. P.
.tor. a ni ji isldtSue
\l " i a-|ie (pl'll It)
ilri tlmbar lo he hi In
ii y lo ouiotiiHo in
. ,.iio.   !•' ir 'tirthti
General House Painter, Glazer,
Paper Hanger, Etc.
Qaleimiiiing aSpeoislty. K timates Solicited
Box 200.   Mission Citv, B. 0,
19 M
All siibseriptious !" I'us Kkwski w
«luc. We trust thai nil onr mibserihers
rcalini l! o exeessivu expense of starting
un euter|irisa -1 this dimension mid ehur-
neter, nod llial all subaeriptioiiB lo the
paper wiil he paid ii|i the llrel nook in
July. 1: establishing Iiik Sbws in Mission City we have incurred asm&ilin*
dohtcdiicFn, which nhligiitione we desire '  mint.
to pay ai ol     Wo are convinced lhal j    Tin: Mission City N'k*y* Bitpplics a long
the  people of  Mission  City realize the felt want in this neighborhood, goingas ■'
a^pij  i
S Iv
British North America
(Tncoipoiated hy flays] Chartoi)
.1   A.
rilau- I'
i.ulHi*, Ii. I'.
i'.mii ii' c.m'it.u,,
K!':skiim-: Fund,
CI 0011.000 s-;.
£278,000 ,s ji
and  il.nl  they uil! net
The Muni
vriii'il ul Ni n
ipleted its organization i
irtl-  does to almost every ratepayer and voter in
! the municipality, it supplies a means "i cirrus IViu.iNiii'.u.     enlating the doings ol our Council, and of
convey in:: the views and wants of ill - ratepayers to ilair representatives.  A Bampleof
the former  has  been  published,   in  Tin:
Association   coil- Nsws, for the last two weeks, viz.: Thoex-
minster and com- tension and reduction of the Mission Municipality.
a step in
tlui 'i^ht direction, No • no will
KjU.Minii',)ie« ri-esMiv of ediieational   .,
'forces ill a. in   io|ot ,.-  on-.:ii pblitfe, at wise,to do so! VVonldit
live   crovermrient     The   people  <■■' not be weU, wh |untion> of t'li.-i natun
..   .. .       .   .'     .'    .    : l:	
Now, the Councfrmay liavo tho power.
nd may be competent, to deal with those
p. -.ro «, .j. ''    i :* -~   -:l,.-  otectoli;
Anglo-Saxon blood !i ivo :. re]
ativ.- government wh irever l hey Unvi
to bedes te   public meeting
! -if iii* r :■■      . gi   .- ■   give th>
of the fi  ' ..:■ oi the peo-
seen lit to mi .'rate to. ami when edu-  ,,1, .,-,:!„. s,   . ■     |.  ,._.,,,, L:|v agreed
nation in any torn    vhcthi like the 1 ■ ■: ■■ upo* d in the
sand governmental or social, has I t, P   ■ -  mincrw tinfta
oil: oi the nranicrpality, nod on
UulumMa .Sti'i^-t, Nu*v WuMtni'tiett r, B, 0.
MLBEttT   VtTOltD.
A Full L:no of .S^futJ^K-rt ami Optical Goodo
Mail Orders a Sptoialty.
Call auil sue tue ivlim iu tuwn.
46 Cordova St     Vancouver.
HuA' 11 Ui-e Y- ji W itch au a OitmpnH)'.—
I'ltiiit tho ho-., hand of your wauliat tlie
Sun; half/.ay txd*f n t.h hnr.r haud ami
tho liaUi'..- XII will !>e ilne South.      \.
Lunches Made a Specialty
P.   T.   VENABLES,   Prop.
103 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. (J,
1,0 ii ilo n Office-3 Clement'* Innu, Lombnrd St., Ii. C.
Couvi of Dii-t'cidis.
J. H. Brndio, John Jamua Cu-tcr, Ouflpard
Kitrtur,   Henry  II   Farrar,  Riohard  II.
Ulyn,  K.   A, fiimra,  H. J. B. KomlftH,
.1 J. Kui^afiTil, L'VliIiiu! h bhopki ftco.
I>. Whatman.    S^eretitry, A, G. Wallia.
•St. James St.., Montreal. H, U Grindley,
Oetii'ial Maitagui*. II. Silkotttari, A»ut.
(iciieral Manager.   K. Stanger, Iru-pector.
made   prominenl   'In-   , pie   have
■ .. ■ the overlooking ol I he  people
thriven and prospered proportion ti    ^, .. ,. ^ .,.,„.,,.   ,,„, ,..
Iv.    Thul   there  are  a  greal   n anj   m   ,.. . - - -      to re,
things to,, learn by the people of this    rea of the municipality, ai
ome of the mosl
. ■ - i    paying land within
out   com    ting    lit   | ■ are  t bey  not
going beyond  '(.■   limits "f prud	
powei      ■       '  ■ tors,   the
eiectoi     ntended I hem to po   i
' '"..lil:',
9 i i  (ii
i hall Ii oi :;. il the '■ i Ivi r. \>.
hows t'. I oi ii ii.. y ^ i. i tivadoii * ■'!
i!n. and ir vt-rines the fsct thai thoosandsof
spnrselj settled Proi inee from older
and larger ■■ ntres of population fi «
wiil doubt. Self-government is a
thing !" learn tiki- evei
and those that govern well, learn
well.    While  Individually the mem
!,■■,■■ ■■■  ■    "   ::■■::,    iplll   Ol :        '
may be               litei id as  any persons  in older setl            inmnitii theC. P.R,
vi i iii organiiiat ion an :          I■ : I note, I ul   n«   . uarti lular: ok my ■• i n
:||.-' ■ re n eessnrily in th' :, infancy   '■'•"■ ' » the -,;" ! !:- ' ' •""■•■ - '- ■
ami mii8l i' i- • through tl..' period ol
youth like other localities have lorn
before.    This  is   no reflection upon aores'of equally as good land adjutant in an
Eh     intelligence ul' individuals in  ;i productive.   The best peas, earrotr. onions,
new eountrj like  that of onrs, buta  cabbage and poiatoeslhav a this sea-
.    ,       ■  ,- .   i ,. .on nri -,*. Mr. I 'iinninyrnun h ptaoe.    I   also
itacl existing in social organizations , ,
noticed a lii-i'' linlly iiijui-h.I ti^   wild  mot-
eveo'wliero.    I present ilssocia. 1!1„l;itH„, ,„„.,„.... ,..,   „
tion mn iv ndor anj  aid to the local  , „ k.h-, next *.. tin' Canad so thistle,    i
municipal organization, t"  improve am sotry to see it get a foothold, aa it
,iuil   expedite  tin-   mnna2emi nl   "!' h:ir''' '^ioate.
I    ■     '   ':
their own nfTnirs, it  nil! accomplish
n: Importanl feat, and one well l:iill„; N , ,, r .. , n,. , „
worthj ofanj uurlRce tliul il might it«m iB Tils Nitwn of the first last., rtlemng
-•■ninil. While tho Association Isnon to Fraser Valley Lodge No DI, 0. 0 0 K.
political in Its make-up yol it mnj I" >•"•»' M^ss-on City, and h'-^n twin
pre "iit it- claims before tin- loivitii-
ing and  authoritative hody  ''f thi
Contractor ard Builder
Ail Work lionc: Satisfsotorily,
Confectionery and  Cnkcu
London, King»ton, Krederieton, n
lirantfoid, Ottawa, Halifax, x. H.
Paris, Montreal, Victoria, B. 0
Hiuiiltou, (ju^lieo, Vancouver, B.0
ruronto, .St- Johu, n. ii. Winnipeg,
Woodi-tuek, Rranr.tOL,Miu.        Mutlltoba.
New York—VV. Lawnou and F. Brown
Held, AgmtH.
San I'Vanciscn—II M. J. MoMichael and
J. 0, Welsh, Acting Agents.
The Bank of Bugland, Mfissra. Olyn &
Liverpool—Bank oi Liverpool. Scotland
—National Bank of Sootland (Ltd,) and
hranuhes. Ireland—Pro vi noial Bank of
Ireland (Ltd ) aud branches; National Bank
(Ltd.} and hninehuM. Australia—Union
Bunk ol Australia. New Zealand—Union
Biiiiu of Australia India, China und Jap'
an—'Chartered Mercantile It ink of India,
Loudon and China; Agra Biul; (Ltd.) West
Indies*- Colonial Bank. Paris — Messrs!
Marcuard Krruss t't Oio. Lyons—Credit
(Incorporated under the Companies Act iSgo.)
(ommissjon ]j erchants and importers,
Represented in London by H. J. Gardiner & Co.,
Gresliaui Buildings, K. C.
!tiHK»l §u»cMolj itttb |ttnuuc0trttt ®oit»«Uttc,
Indents Executed for Every Description of British and
Foreign Merchandise, Lumber, Timber, Spars, Eisli
and other Provincial Products.
Shipping and Insurance Agents.
W. Godfrey,   •
■   Manager.
Royal iiiHurann! Company,
l.miiidii & I/incitshiri! Fire Insurance Co.
Standard Life A^Hurance Co.
London and  Provincial  Marine Insurance
Co., It'll.
Woutom Assurance Co., [Marine ]
London Aimuraiice Corporation, [Marine.]
Agents for tlie British Columbia Corporation, Ld.
Mortgages, Debenture*, Trusts, &o.
SOLK AGENTS:       fr»_..
Curtis & Harvey's Sportiug ani Lra'sting*
ilnHrpli Kirkman Si Sons Gold Medal, Liven-
tions Kxhibition, 1SS5, Pianofortes.
J, &, XV. Stuart's Patfltlt Double-Knotted
Mesh Fishing Nuts, Twin«n, Etc.
Importers of Havana Cigars, Oilmen's Store*,
Tin Plates, Portland Cement, Etc.
British Columbia Salmon:—Ewen & Co.,
"Lion;" "Bonnie Dundee;" 1km Accord Fishery Co, "Cousuls;" A. J.
McLellan'a "ExuroM,"
Spring and Summer
Fruit    in   Season.
Strawberries and Cream,
Job, PLI MRIDGE, Proprietor,
L-Ol kIoi i
-  - WORKS
thus  '/mi   dsiira   laots   in your Mtima
|i:i]»r, rdesire to sayi This Lodge was or-
ganged last Deoemiwr and  n'iw h;is lifty
I'rovineo,   which   they   might   nnd  momters or over.   Tho present offloere are
Bhonld hold roaponslbla for thair wool a«loIlo»si Bro. F. W. Hnghei, P, W. <■ ■.
or woe.   Whllo tlie municipal organ   l)r" "■ »"oli™»i N. O.iBro, R, S.Curnilng-
P   ,   i   , v      ,,•   .        ,      ham,  Vioe'flrand;   Bro.   I'. Lazsnlty, See.:
ant on pcrrcclndat Now VVestminster       ' .„  ,    „     ,   ,,     '
'                  ,                               Bro  T. steles, T ; Bro, A, 0, lurry,  I.
ii few days ago, Is Intn icd for the MaH„;r. Iir„ ,,,..,„, aml ltr„ _ Ri
mutual benefit of the local triunlcipal „„,i i, s. N.G.jBro. Millard and Bro,
liinlios ii would bo practically uaolcss Brott, It and I,. 8, S Viee-Grandi Bro,
Unless it had tho courage of Its eon- Kooves, Wardens  Bro, Ungheed, Conduo-
.,.,,,, ,.     ,,»i   tori liro. Thompson, i. ii.; liro. Morrison,
mictions to en lor i li<- arena of politi ' '       ,
.0. (J.; throe Auditors and three Trusteos,
cal  powor regardless of  partj   nnd     While on this subjoot I might Inform you
•di-nnui'l   their   rlglits,     The  News that thoro are t»o other Lodges of 0, 0. 0.
must congratulate  tto discretion of ?,—one at Abbottslord andouoonNloomen
.the Association in their atlompl to|lil»nil-in aycry prospormisooudlHon,
Buforo closing I might mention an Item of
news, which will please > nnmher of tho | Workmaiahlp and natorial the best iu th
readers of your paper lo bear, viz. i Mr. ,1.
SiiuK, better tiiown in Matrrjui by tiie name
of Scotty, who, a abort time sinoo, took to
lllmsolf tlie better half lias brmi 1   under1
stand, tlie recipient of a present from  Old
Scotia, to tho tune of (4,00. Thlnhould, the
writer thinks, he a lesion lo all old or young
Canadian Pacific Navigation Co.
TIME   TABLE   No.   20.
Taking effeot June 1st, IS',1,1.
Leave Victoria for
New Westminster, Ladoer's Landing ami
i.nlu Inland—Sunday at i'.\ o'clock;
Wedneiday and Krulay at 7 o'clock,
Sunday's stmr. connects at New Went-
mioeter with (.'. I', Ii. train Bast,
Plumper Pail, Wednesday and Friday
at 7 o'clock. Moresby and Pender
[elands, Friday at 7 o'clock. Sidney,
VVcdiicsday at 7 o'clock.
Leave New Westminster for
lock. 'I burs,
lock. Plum-
o'clock. Sid-
ilook.   Chilli
Ladles Fine Shoes.   -   -   -   -
-   -    -   All the Latest Styles.
304 CORDOVA ST.    I      Q     PVI^P    304 CORDOVA ST.
VAXCOLVIiH. 11. c. J,        l\,       1     J JvLi VAKC0UVB8, B. c,
Victoria, .Monday at 19 0
nay and Saturday at 7 r,
per I'm", 8 ilniilay at i
ncy,  Thursday  at
Greatest on Earth.
City and Dray Wngonr. Constantly In Stock
All KlKls of Vehicles Made
to Order.
bo enolrolod by such u body, Until
Dm iiiilli'iiiiim dawns thoro will bo
politics iii governmental authority,
nnd those Hint aro timid und afraid
lo trespass upon this Imaginary
sacred ground, bottor remain at homo,
Dominion of Canada.
'J'ho bent nnd cheapest of everything.
John McAllister,
Vahcouvku, II. C. Manager,
whack  and  Way Landings,   Tuesday,
Thursdays and Saturday at 7 o'clook,
Leave Victoria for
i     Vancouver,   daily except Monday at 3
Leave Vancouver for
Victoria, dfiily, except Monday at 16:16
o'clock 1 or OH arrival of C. P. Ii'y- No.
I train.
Steamships of this Company leave for Fort
Simpson ami intermediate porta on the
first nnd fifteenth of ettoh month,   When
Hullioii'iit inducements offer, trips will be  ty
oXtended to Queen Charlotte Inlands,
Steamer Maude leaves for Alberui, Eeole,
Uolulct, and Souud 1'orts, tlie rirat and
fifteenth of each month.
0. A. CA1U.ETON, Gen. Auest.
Chicago is preparing for the largest World's Fair ever given,
and does not forget to advertise it.
j We are preparing for the Largest Sale of CARPETS ever
known in British Columbia and why should we not
make it known ?
We are cutting prices away down.
e are headquarters for FURNITURE of all kinds.
122 and 3 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C. \
The Dewdney Workers are still puHing
over their victory over the Mission and Mut-
gqui clubs; but they statu their readiness
to accept any ehallauge, from either club,
at any time, aim Iiojmj to meet at some
point in the near future. Having got in the
necessary apparatus they await in readiness.
Mr. H. Vasey is about to sell his noted
farm: having bought one in or about La'dner'a
Mr. Thos Kemp is about to leave for Port
Blakeley, Washington, where he intends
pas dug the summer.
Mr. Thos. Moreanbad one of his beautiful
mares hurt last week.
.Mr. Haxen Magar is erecting a handsome
I Kirn -
Mr. J. Mi Wright is about to leavo for
New Westminster, whore be iutciMs passing
(lie summer.
The Dewdney boys are prepared to meet
the Mission muscular club at any time.
Mr. Chas, A. Beid is spending a few
weeks in Silverdale.
Mr. H. (i. Clarke, C. Mi G., gave New
Westminster a short visit last week, and
also attended ^k Municipal Convention.
Mr. Oscar (.usee of this vicinity, is spending the summer in the Peace river valley.
Mr. Geo. H. Hill picked up a young seal
in Xicomin slough last week.
Rev. Father Bruneau held High Mass in
Hatzic prairie school house on the !Hh inst.
The Hntzic Dyke is about completed.
Ward No. 2 began statute labor this
Mr. Frank Ross came up from Vancouver
last week. He also intends to spend the
summer here.
Mrs. T W. lli'.iu of this vicinity, is spending a few weeks with friends in Vancouver.
The fanners here arc about to begin haying.
Mr. Victor Hriche has just bad his boarding house completed, and is now ready to
accommodate the traveling public.
Mr. Thomas A. Brett has returned from
Chilli whack and will remain with us for the
Mr. (Jeo. Xewton has been laid up for
sonic time, but is now able lo he around.
A club is to be organised here in the near
future, and is to 1w called the Dewdney
Olympia club. Then the boys shall shout;
" takes and pits for the Dewdney boys;
peas and oats for the Mission Goats."
A. D. C.
Dewdney, B. C, July 13, 1893.
Subscribe for The News.
Do not neglect your insurance.
A. Yurk visited Vancouver this week.
Wall paper fur sale at Langley's store.
A. C, Curry made a trip to Vancouver last
Subscribe for The News. Only two dollars a year.
Mrs. W. G. Tretheway visited Vancouver
last Monday.
Mr. James Baisi of Abbottsford, was in
the city on buiiuew this wee!:.
Just arrived, a beautiful lot of dowering
plants at the C. P. R. Fruit Stand*
Mission City will be of uatold benefit to
the city. To have the largest tisb-enring
establishment in the Province is significant.
Meat-re. M. Des BrUay and A. York seem
ed the C. P. R
All industries established in Mission City, :
contract last Saturday 10j"1 *[00<l faith» wil1 "ceive free laud, free]
supply the camps east of Mission City with j **ter> aud free building of whatever dim-n- j
n.out and groceries for the ensuing year. ! ai<,u "4,lired-    I- '■» the most natural loca-1
1 This means an 'dditional incomfl of $4,000
per month for  nis city.     The News eon-
i gratulates   both   parties on   this eventful
i occasion.
M. D-.s Brisay made a trip to Vancouver
this week, aud bought a new dog. At the
depot he gave the dog in charge of A. C.
Curry, and by accident the dog get loose
tad skipped for all it waa worth. The beast
howevc, was rec ip'ured itnd handcuffed, and
I is now Berving his st-n>euce of disobedience
James Cuumguhaui of Ruby creek, passed  in the Mission City jail.
through to Vancouver lust Monday. |    Mr. J,  W.  Jatkbou,  Watchmaker and
The Brett Bros, are doing a very credit* j Jeweler of Vancouver, is one of the best
able business in their new meat marked.        : known in his business iu the city and nas
The lumber for the sewerage is diatribut   I twonty-two years experience in the trade,
ed a'.0Lg the line of the street this week.   . I [ff " PreliarBd to do all kinds of repairing,
i   .„     ., „'.     . .      .    .       -       S r aud the people of Mis-don Ciiy aud vicinity
At The News office job print ing of every | , ,.     ■  ,. i ■        .      ,,
. , .      , ,, ,      '      ,        i arc recommended to visit him, when they
character ami description can be turned out. ■
NOTICE TO MANUFACTURERS.!    _-      _ ^     :-    _ _
E. N. Heney & Co.
Endorsed and in Use by the U- S. Government.
tion fur all kimls of manufacturing indus* I
tries iu tne Province, ami accessible to Read and Think Before You Buy Horse Collars.
railroad and water   transportation in all! _    , .    ..   .        „ „   '
,■„„,•„    T, i      i u        . wo claim that our Collars will uot brmse or gall a horses shoulder, w'hen properly
directions.   Those contemplating  star lug : fltted,    Hlniply |)(>ci,uw tl|eJr ar„ fawd f„ , ,„<„,..„,.,*„, nne ,„„„ W|th „,..,„,, ,,vo jjR£Ni
thtir own industries, no* or at any time I ULATKD CORK, which (jives ilium aa ever, nuo.i'h Uarmg .orla^, aud when you consider that Cork is light, cool ami elastic, and a nou-oonduotor of heat and moisture, is it
not clearly the most common.sense material for a Collar Facing?
Collars ordinarily are Btufled «ith Straw, Hair or Tow, and it is claimed with
Wool, hut the Wool is seldom there, and if it were, it would not help them any. All of
these materials will absoili moisture, hence will pack, Hatten down and become hard and
knotty. Tho result i<. raw and sore ihiililde.rR, ,., :eney and liatula. None genuine
unleil flumped "Cork Faced, l'nl. March Ii, 1887.
in the future, would do well no communicate with the Board of Trade of this city.
70 Acre*, two miles west of Mission
City, B. 0., on the Fraser river. 0. P. R.
runs through the land; doe.s not Hood; good
buildings aud fenc'iiu; hearing orchard.
Also timber cl-.im adjoining. Must lie sold
at onoe ti« owner lias to go Bast. Terms
can be Arranged, Apply to owner.
Mission Citv, B. C.
Not much news to report this week, but
it seems more l.vely to see all of tlie river
boats making nn occasional trip.
^jfcJK^iUp'ton is minting a hoi* these
Tho people of Warnoek are bringing up
the rear with their statute labor. They are
getting fair roads a short distance from the
Mr. Jno. MnConnel is erecting a bouse on
his Stave river lot.
XVe are bound to pursue the road question so long as there is occasion for it. We
will not quarrel with 1'etrotiam V. Nasby
about cross roads. What we want is a
trunk road. The cross roads and forks will
be an utter consideration. We do not need
any forked roads just now. A trail will do
for a bide road for the present, but the main
road needs to be good so that it can be
traveled its entire length at all times of tlie
year. Low marshes that overflow to a
depth of four or live feet for a period of
three months each summer should be avoided altogether iu the through line. We are
glad to see Tne Xkws catch up the .strain
and echo it to the antipodes, (ill everybody
o full of the noise, make the forests ring
until some of those crowned heads wake up
and see the need of doing something to hush
up the sound, if nothing more. It baa
humbled us when we paid taxes to the District officials to use to construct roads near
Victoria, Vancouver and New Westminster
and at the same time think that we were so
blind that we could not see that they were
enjoying the fruits of our labor, while we
were quarreling among ourselves about
where the road should go, for fear it would
take a little oil'our north line or go through
our rocky patch, instead of each one singly
and in concert knowing just the place that
Nature had provided to accommodate tho
largest number of settlers, and each one in
harmony with the rest decide to have it
there. Then bend every etlbrt to make it
apply to the proper authority for help on it,
and all work together to aconiplish a certain object and WO would have been better
off for roads to-day than we arc. Wo are
iu favor of holding indignation meetings at
the Mission, or any other kind of meetings,
so Jong as the texl is public roads. It is a
much neglected Bubjeot, ouo that has beou
poorly handled and much abused to the
dotrlmont of tho people, and some .steps
should lie taken at once to remedy matters.
Haiu> Pan,
Silverdale Poatoffloe, duly 12, 1802.
a man came near getting badly hurt gelling off no. 'J express yeslerday- it appears
lie was loaded down with four large valises
full of goods which he purchased at Missel!,
me donald-ix CO,, Vancouver, because ho con-
Bidorod il tho cheapest place in brilish
Messrs. W 1 & Travis will ship to Australia and New Zealand noxl wook, eight
Ions of sail and cured salmon, Their new
curing establishment al Mission City will
be iii full operation in a few days. Columbian, duly 18.
TiiK Nkws is prepared to publish the legal
advertisements of adjoining municipalities
at reasonable rales.
ueed any repairing done,  at IIS Cordova
street, Vancouver B. 0.
Mrs. Bulwer was buried last Tuesday.
Rev. G. F. Clinton of Vancouver, officiated,
Messrs. Ross and Wright returned from
their trip to Seattle the fore part of the
The largest passenger and freight trains
of the beasun passed through Mission City
this week.
These line summer evenings hundreds ot
small boats and skiffs can be seen on Buzz,
ard's Inlet,
Wasted.—Pigs from six weeks old and
upwards. Apply P. O. Box 214, Mission
City, B. C.
Messrs J. I>. Gillis in.d J. P, Cade of this
city, are iu Vancouver thia week attenuWig
an examination.
Tub NbWS oftico acknowledged the receipt
of a beautiful roso from the flower garden of
Mrs. Tupper this weik.
For Sale,—A lot in Okanogan Falls,
block It), lob 5. No reasonable oiler refused.   Apply at this office.
Mr. Sanborn, the brother-iu law of Mr.
Dauiel Nicholson, arrived in Mission City
from the Kast this week.
The steamship Warriinoo of Australia aud
the steamship Empress of China, are laying
at the docks at Vancouver.
The Salvation Army will hold two meetings at this city next Sunday—one in the
afteruoon and the other in the evening.
Wood, Travis & Co. sent a man up here
last Wednesday to attend to the fish and
salt them prevous to the opening of the
cacti try.
Why is it that Mission City has not a
brass baud ? A oity without a band must
be insensible to the finest emotions of the
soul of man.
Mrs. T. A. McMiUin of Vancouver, who
has been staying several weeks at Mrs. J. A.
Tiogley'a residence, returned to her home
last Monday.
Organize a brass baud as soon as you can.
Let not the outside know that Mission City
has not a brass band, iudepeudent of the
Mission Baud.
Richard Peake of Mission City, the agent
of the Northwest Fire Insurance Cutnpauy,
will insure farm buddings, stock, etc., as
also city property.
Prof, K. M. Wilson of Victoria, is selling
his catarrh remedy in the vicinity of Mission
City this week. He also represents the San
Francisco Examiner,
John McKen/ie, Esq., of the Dominion
Laud office of Now Westminster, made a
trip to Abbotsford this week, and spent a
few hours at Mission City ou his way back,
Mr. William Bishop and Mrs.  Martha i k doiighted with the Qppearance of our tote-
Martin were united in marriage last Mou-  tri0*
day evening at the Methodist parsonage, j    Ml, K Vaohon paid Xew Westminster a
The Rev.  J.  XV.  Wiuslow performed the I visjt lasl WCL.k. hi, .laughter,   Miss N. Va-
A Cordial Welcome.
List Tuesday evening was a memorable
event in the circles of the Salvationists of
Mission City and surrounding districts.
Commandant Booth, the sou of General
Booth of Salvation Army fame, with Lis
staff, paid oar city a visit and held a meet
ing at the Methodist church, which was attended by a crowded house aud comprised of
the leading citizens of the place. -Commandant Booth had a friendly reception at
Mlesion City, and there is very little doubt,
but what he appreciated it.
lie t-piike as to tlie great purpose r-f the
Salvation Army and how it originated with
fly father at the east end of Loudon, Eug-
laml. The Commandant's' remarks weie
full of good sease and well received. The
people of this city were pleased to entertain
a promising young son of the groat General.
On the following day the stuff dispersed lor
their respective districts, aud tho Commandant and his ensign took the train Kist, to
Toronto, the headquarters. The party present were:
Commandant Booth, Brigadier Margette,
Staff Captain Milsapfl (of the California
VVarCrjl, Ensign Smoeton; Captains Low-
ry of Vancouver, Hayes of New Westmlns
ter, Smith of Vernon; Lieuts Cromerty of
Spence's bridge, Collett of Vancouver, Corn-
stuck of Calgeryj Private Herbert, aud auxiliary Hipgius of Vancouver.
We had a visit this week from .J. Mc-.
Kcu/.ie, Esq., Dominion Lands Commissioner, New Westminster, iu connection
with some matters pertaining to his office.
He left on Monday's train for home. Mr.
McKenzic expressed himself as being pleased with the progress made since his last
visit to this section and strongly urged all,
who have land, to cut it up into small parcels of say—forty acre blocks—ami selling
it at a reasonable figure. It is unnecessary
for me to make any comment on this, as
the result is obvious. The benefits to be
derived from an increased population—looking from a financial, social and moral standpoint—are incalculable, and it is to be hoped
that Mr. McKcnzie's advice will be acted
Mr, Munroe paid Sumos a visit on Monday and returned with Mr. M. Dean of that
city, yesterday, who, with Mr. Munroe hud
a pleasant drive around the neighborhood.
We also had a call from Mr. Fortiu of
Mission City, who, together with our genial
Postmaster, had a look round,    Mr. Fortiu
. For Sale.
Ssah ami Cinr Factory, P auing Mill and
Hrst'dlass Suwniill. Ample power to run
all the uisoliinsry. For sale at reutona'tle
figures. Kssy terms. A little cash and the
lial.ui *e on time to Buit the purchusrr. Come
snil tee the Mill and inspect it t'.ir yi.Urself.
Every thing is in good running order.
Apply to
Mission Cut, B. 0.
-* * geon Dsntists, Gr«riuates of Baltimore
Dental College Gold Crown and Bridge
work a specialty. Ol'riee over 152 Cordova
Street. Telephone BI4. C. H. Gatowood,
D. II. S.   W. R. Spinccr, D.D.S.
Saddles, Harness, Whips, Horse Covers.
IiEi'-iiiiisii ritii.Mi'ri.v Awendisd To VANCOUVER, B, C.
(jreep, U/brloe^OQ).
T M. McUAREN, L. D 8., Dental Sur-
*' • goon, Office, llnom 4 Ferguson Bl'k,
corner of Htistiugs and Riohards &tr< or,,,
over 0(;pe & Vunug's. Gold work a.pe-
eialty. Gas administered. Telephone i all.
(established 1873.)
Government St., Victoria, B. C,
DR. MANSELL, *&£*£•&$
Surgeons, Toronto; Member of the.E. 0 D.
Association; Licentiate of the B. 0, Dental
MlLLEIt Bloi'k,   -   Vancoovhi, B. C.
11*. j. Qvuvjy,
•3^4g^Ue St.. Vancoune' B. C.
t Tailor.
'lenders for the election of an addition to
the Bellevuo Hotel, Mission City, B. G.
(Labor only.) Particulars on application at
the Hotel,    Tenders to be in on or before
Tuesday. July Willi, 1803.
The lowest or any Tender not neccssiirily
Mission City, B. C, July 15, 1893.
A GENERAL BANKING business transacted.
DEPOSITS received on liberal rates of interest.
io,ooo Cities ill the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico
and China.
COLLECTIONS made at every point.
GOLD DUST purchased at highest Up
 ^-AGENTS   FOR - —
Wells, Fargo & Company.
Welch &. Co., San Francisco.
R. D. Welch & Co., Liverpool.
Those desirous of purchasing fruit trees,
vines, shrubs, or ornamental, would do well
to correspond with Geo. A. Forrest of Mission City. He deals in ucclimated stock, aud
has constantly a good supply on hand.
A scow full of lumber has been anchored
at our dock this week. It contained lumber
for Mr. French,s fence, sewerage from the
ehon, accompanied him home. Miss Vachon
is studying at the Ladles Seminary ut New
Westminster. She will stay with her father
during the vacation.
Mr. Moss, our popular station agent, is
kept busy now handling a large quantity of
I would suggest that our neighbors patronize home grown fruit trees aud not give
Mission hotel to the river, aud for the erec I their orders to agents representing firms
tion of the residence of Wood, Travis &
MABRIKD,—At St. Andrew's Manse, Vancouver, OH the lStll inst., by the Rov, K. 1).
McLaren, M. A., II. 0., Herbert Volluns of
Mission City, to Annie Elizabeth, eldest
lolng business hundreds of miles away.
Mr. Forrest will be around shortly and,
speaking from experience, I cun recommend
his good—botii as to quality and price.
We are all glad to sec Mrs. Fraser around
again, after her trying illness, She is feel-
daughter of Mr. Jesse Dowdlllgof Cray Co., | ing stronger every day and we all hope that
Ontario. I she will soon bo all right iigain.   Mr. Fraser
K. H. McMillan, tho son of Mr. and Mrs.   leaves to-day on a trip to Aldergrovo.
A.   McMillan,  and his brother-iu law,   I).,    The crops look  well, especially the pota-
W. McLeod, both of Prince Edward Island,   tOOS.    All  the fanners aru busy now that
arrived in Mission City last Monday.   They   the weather is line,
are visiting Vancouver at present,  but are ALPHA,
expected to return shortly and make their      ]'Vl'n Hill< Abbottsford, 11. C, July 14th,
home at this point, 's"''* _	
When in Vancouver do not forget to call PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO.
al II. J. Blaise it Co.'s ('.ents'  Furnishing:
Store.    Uood Suits,  $4 75  and upwards.) PortralU and Landscapes.
Good Pants, §1.00 and upwards, flood 1 The people of Mission Oity aod the nefgh-
Mackintoshes, $1.50 to $12 00. They keep ! 1,orin8 °°untry will do well when they need
the best line of Hats in the city. Call aud thuir Photoa ulu'n or enlarged to visit the
sco tbom at 160 Cordova Street. , photographic Studio of the F
.. , Xf      i     ,i   \t     i • i    .i   -     BM   Cordova  Street,   in  the
Mr. ami Mrs. I.. 11. Mcrshun, uuh  thtir
D.svcst n*it,$o.v,    i
Manufacturer of Eyory posuription of
Saddlery,  Harness, Trunks,
Valises, Satchels, Bags,
Horse Clothing, Ete.
P. 0. Box :iS4. 187 Cordova St., Vancouver
CoDtractor and Builder
All work entrusted to my care is guaranteed
to be performed satisfactory.
Special Attention
— l!IVKN  TO—
Done on Short Notiee
en to visit tne i
;ri"w Prices Moderate.
Wholesale Merchants,
Queen (Fire) Iii8wratxoD Company.
Maritime (Marine) Insuranoe Company.
Reliance (Marine) lnmranee Company.
New Zealand (Marine) Insurance Company.
Thames § Mersey (Marine) Insuranoe Co,
Straits (Marine) Insurance Company,
ftnn (.Murine) Insurance Company,
Sea (Marine) Insurance Co.
etui l.i'st.'r, spent lust Sunday at the Maple
llrovo furm. Col, V. II. Pierce, American
CniiHiiI ut Vancouver, accompanied tbem,
Thoy imiat have enjoyed tho chango of tht
city for a fow iluys in the country, eflpeotat*
ly with Hiioh  idea! autl delightful weather.
antoed by thcee gentlemen and at rates that
cannot be beaten. Portraits will bo en.
Urged in Oil, Water, Crayon or Pastel.
The lirm of Wood, Travis fi Company can Small photos may be sent by mail with the
sell ouo thousand tout o( lish each month informaUon as to the form tho parties want
if they have tho material, Their market is them enlarged. Care will be taken of them,
unlimited, both Kast and West—as far as and when linished with the same tbey will
England to tho Orient.    Their advent to i be returned in good condition.
cotiver, B, 0, Their portraits and landscapes are executed in the most artistic]
style, and will not fail to satisfy the moot
fastidious in tastes.  The best work i. guar-; 'rhe Patronage of our citizens
MISSION HOTKL, Mission Citv, B.|C.
Mooilyrille Sair Mill, Co., of Harranl Inlet,
Delta Canning Co's Maple Leaf Brand.
Laidlmv ij- Co's Dominion Brand.
Wellington Packing Co., Wellington Brand.
Haiiock Packing Co's Brand.
Itm-tlu'vn ani> ghmm iUwcv:
Wannuck Packing Co's Rivers Inlet Clipper Brand.
Standard, Backing CO., Skeena River, Neptune Brand.
Skcena Packing CO., Skeena River, " Diamond C" Brand.
Lowe Inlet Packing CO., Lowe Inlet, " Diamond C " Brand.
Cascade Packing co., Naas Hirer, Cascade Brand.
Giant Powder CO., Works: Cadboro Bay, all grades of Giant
Powder and, Judson Powder manufactured, and kept on hand.
Columbia Flouring Mill co. of F.ndcrby.
Pacific Coast Steamship Co's line of Steamers between I ietoria
and San Francisco. ,^v _■.*'„. .:_	
". -.■•• :rvaw     j="
7)6V1 /■ ■',/'
Position of MISSION ClTY.B.C sunaundit\gCountry,Reiilway&Rivei-Connections
hv"^, ■
Large tracts of Acreage divided into
5 and 10-Acre  Blocks,
—Immediately adjoining—
Mission City,
B. C.
The Land is on tlie north side of Fraser River and with
a magnificent southern slope. The land is the richest and
most productive in the Valley and adapted for
It is accessible to an inexhaustible local market with
unsurpassed water and railroad facilities for transportation
and shipping in all directions.
Easy Payments:  One-quarter Cash, and the
Balance in 1, 2 and 3 Years.
Lose no time in securing a comfortable home for yourself
and family iu the richest valley with the finest climate in
the world, and adjacent to a city that will ever remain the
heart and centre of distribution for the same.
Apply to
Vancouver, B. C.
Amounting to over
We are determined to clear
out the Entire Stock of
Staple and Fancy
Which is still the Largest and
Most Complete in the City
For Cash only has been such an
Immense Success that we have decided to
Continue it for One Month Longer.
'Till the 1st of June.
D. J. McLEAN & Co.
18 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C. c
The Best of
Everything I
Special Bargains Every Day  This Month.
\   New Hats
In Felt and Straw.
| New Shirts
\ In the Latest Cashmere and
Cambric Effects-
\   New Underwear
j   New Ties
The Most Extensive Variety
k Imaginable.
|   A Special
Importation of Scotch Travel- C,
ling Rugs Received this week.
\ _  \
I  ^v   I  | ^| ^r y   OUR Immense Stock of Fancy Fl
-*~    ^^   T— *"  vX  Shifts will go at half price.
To - Day
THOUSANDS of Straw Hats for Men and
Boys will go at half price.
j Dunlap, Cooke & Co. |
408 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C.       C
To - Day
OUR Announcement will Remind Hundreds
of Citizens of the Bargains they
Special Sales Every Day This Month.
Johnston,  Kerfoot  & Co.,
HHfflirc LEADING 111881 Mil,
104 Cordova St.,  Vancouver,   B.  ©.
y>+~±B. C. Mills Timber and Tradirig^o, -
ASSIST  IN   GIVING a business man his standing with whole-
■"■ salers and the outside world.
New Westminster.
Letter Heads,
Note Heads,
Bill Heads,
Legal Blanks, Dodgers, Etc
Quick Work.       Reasonable Prices.       Satisfactory Results.
Lath, Shingles, Mouldings, Plain and Fancy Pickets.
Doors, Windows, Frames,  blinds, Turned Work, &c, and all kinds of Interior
Finish.   Plain aud Carved Mantels, Store and Office Fittings.
Fruit and Salmon Boxes, Net-floats, &c.
Importers of Plate, Fancy and Common Window Glass.
[JEiT Yards and Warehouses, Columbia St. West.
R. JARDINE, Local Manager. c
/979.7s. Jtf/
No Word Until."!"
Continued From Last Week.
shouldn't all hear it," said the man.
lie Bays that he was expecting' to extend, knowing1 we'd had hard times,
but he read my name in the list »f
representatives that voted for the stay
law. lie doesn't consider his property
safe in a state where they pass such
laws, or with a man that will vote for
them." lie swallowed something in
his throat. "I jrucss," he went on,
"there's lota of fellows feel like ho
does, and lots of poor farmers will have
to give up for the same reason. If it
was only me. it wouldn't be so bud;
Mr. Rogers opened the door,  a tall
man who ytoopod a little.   He wore tho
black broartdoth of a.rural politician, ibut_»for tho tirst time he looked at I described it at length* showing that there is
but it was scrupulously well brushed. 1 .... .vif„    m.- mhipnpii uta 1^1- -dull •     *l m    c       tJ    1
His faee waa rather long, looking long- | ^ t-LSS Z.™.* Hi!! Ia "giw! the'e capab,e of «reat d*vcloPraeut'
We received last week the first issue of
The Mission Citv Nkwz, published by
Mr. A. H. Howclls. It is an eight-page
journal, well printed, and has a liberal share
of advertising patronage. We wish our
friend of the quill all manner of success in
his new venture,—Chilliwack Progress.
The Mission City News is a new weekly
published at the British Columbia city
whose name it bears. A Telegraph cor*
respondeat visited Mission not long ago and
er 101* a gray chin beard, and a bald
forehead, Ilia heir like his beard was
gray and beautifully soft. It curled
about his face, His blue eyes were
largo and mild; Indeed the whole expression of his face was that of
rather melancholy patience.
As he walked along he dragged his
feet, giving a slump to bis gate—more
of Indecision than awkwardness. He
greeted Mr. Armil warmly, and
bowed a courtesy that was not so much
rough us untrained, to Miss Brainerd,
"This is my wife, Miss Brainerd," ho
said, i.i tlie same tone that any husband
mifrht have used.
The minister, in her one year of office, had seen some strange sides of domestic life; but  this drama had new
red creeping Into her 1
she take her eyes off his
remained in tlie room-
me,    If we have  made
have ruined all the others along with
•heek; nor did
faee while he
-"it isu'%unly j    Wo have to acknowledge the receipt of
a mistake wo   the first number of The Mission City News,
"That's jest  so,"  paid Mrs.   Armil,
■ heartily.   Bogota smiled a little bitter-
■ Iv. What a tragedy tho man's life had
! been, Miss Brainerd thought. What a
[ loneliness! lie had in him, she decided
1 in a flush of sympathy, rarer and finer
qualities of nature, of affection and aa-
I piration,   than  Irs   unforgiving   wife
could ever comprehend.
I    "I seem to have missed it all *round,"
he went on.    "I did try,
had got the farm clcare
have risked you If—if—things couldn't
bo  different;   there   was :t school   we
wanted to send  Leon—"  he  did  not
j know how to finish  the sentence, apparently; but the mute entreaty of the
I look turned on his wife's unmoved fae>.'
j awakened  .Miss Jlrainerd's   indignant
! pity.  "Well,"' he said, quietly, "there is
elwaya tho prairie sehoouer for me to
take to; fur I don't lulnk 1 was cut out
to make laws.   1 can't harm anybody
but myself on the pi'airlej.und Pearl
will sec you and Leon have a place to
stay.   Now, 1  guess if you ladies Will
excuse mo, I'll go put up the horse. 1*11
be right back."
As he stood in the doorway, his eyes
turned back to Leon. "Shall I come
too, pa?" said the child. Miss JJraraerd,
;-,t least, noticed a line quiver pass over
the man's faye before he answered:
"So. 1 shall come back soon. You stay
with your mother.*'
Still, she was looking at him. He
walked out alone. Then she rase, her
lips set firmly.   "Will you excuse me,
; a nix column, eight page journal, priuted on j
I excellent paper, with a liberal patronage in j
I advertisements  and a jadlcioubly-selected
I literary  department,    Its editorialu  and \
locals are models iu their way, epicy, brief
and   readable.   Three   years  ago Mission
City was a forest; uow it is a bustling young
city, with a newspaper of which any city
might he proud, in its midst.   The NEWS
will advocate Mission City's,interests first,
Hetty, and if I ! 'a8t ann" slways, and as it has come to stay
oil 1 meant to J we wish it every success,   Irs publisher is
Mr. A. H, Howells, a practical newspaper
man.—The World.
features: she felt a little thrill along
her nerves as she glanced at the woman
who had not spoken to her own husband for ten years. This woman did
not look capable of such weird obstinacy; she was pretty, as Mrs. Armil
had aald, but with 11 more delicate and
refined beaut,, than the minister had
expected. "She looks—whom does she
look like?" thought tho minister; "I
declare it is Mono Lisa. She has just
that mysterious smile."
Perhaps a photograph of Mona   Lisa
hanging side by side on the wall with
the Archangel  Michael suggested the
comparison.   Shf  wondered if it was
Mrs. Rogers' taste   that   had selected
them, or the quiet paper on the walls,
the little dash   ot  color in a crimson
drapery for the ugly mantle behind the
stoj?e^the '>retty wjejeer chair in the
Ic'irner." 1 ;ie'~~pia"r£s in  the "window.    A
suiitll library,  she  was sure, belonged
to  the  husband.    "Xo,"  she remembered, "Mrs. Armil  said that she  furnished the room to suit him,"
And after a glance at the wife's toilet, a brown alpaca gown made up with
profuse draperies and trimmings of
red velvet, she gave Mr. Rogers credit
for any evidence of taste.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Armil. who wished
to do honor to her guest, had introduced her, like the columns of a country paper as "Rev. Brainerd."
She now set the conversational ball
in motion with: "Rev. Brainerd's been
Interested in the destitution round
"Yes. it's bad," said Rogers, crass-
;' ; legs and nervously twisting his
•;:: "it1 -  bad,   but   we co ild  get
al< ' we could get more time on our
"Are. the farms about here mortgaged?"
"Yes, ma'am. You may say all about
here are. Pearl," addressing Mrs.
Armil. "have ;   a heard?"
Mrs, Armil I I more in detail the
story thai ..  I ' I     r
The interest in the man's eyes waa
plain, and though veiled the same in-
terest was in the woman's.
"Ain't you hud a letter from him
yet?'1 ;aid Mrs. Armil, with thes mpa-
thy< (safepe pl<  for others'troubles.
"No," answered -Mrs. Rogers, "not
yet; but we sent Leon to the town to
sec If we had n letter."
Then I b I Ik di '.''•><\ Into gen< • '
iv- ; itorrupted by the sound of hoofs'.
"It'i Leon," <■■■■■ lalmed Rogers, lb;
"-. : ■ j to the door,
'[ if i       trange couple
in.    lie I I 1
fa1 hi i llcate tike I In one, dark-haired
and : mil ing like the 1 ther (lis eycH
turned from the man to the woman In a
cordial glance that embraced them
"Yes, I got the letter." If said.
Then, for the fir I time perceiving the
gui  '. lie modi  hi 1 ■■■ I ■ hoolboy
bow to the lady and submitted to bo
kissed by Mrs. Armil.
"We have a mortgogo o'.i hand, too,
you see," said Rogers; "will you ladies
OXCnee me?" Here ho tore open tho letter with fingers plainly a tremble,.
There was do attempt at disguise;
v.vuvy Woman in tho room stared at
him. For him, his jaw fell; he grew
palor, until his skin took the tint of
gray ashes. His first action was to
hand Leon tho sheet with its typewritten copy and engraved heading.
"<;i\-.- It to your mother," he said,
Leon's eyes shone as he obeyed; be
wns a child and hopeful,   Mrs. Rogers
too." she said; "I want to speak to my !
bus band."
"fiii Lord!** gasped Mrs. Armil. But
Miss Brainerd had her word ready:
"Tell him please that 1 know M*. liai-
mund, well;heifl in my congregation;
and I will engage that he shan't fore-
1 -■ -■ the mortgage."
.'    I, Lord be praised!   You're do-
tn . right, Hi ',:•-." .died Mrs. Armil at
the empty door, a\ noon as ast misbmest
•teased hertongue; "better late  than
never.    But to '■ Ink of her giving in
■   -v when h ■•'  lost  all his pr iperty,
and 1 Im the 1    plesseal man alive!"
"I   think  that   was   why,"   laughed
Brainerd; " ■■■ 1 sli fht things are
w anen."
[the ksv,]
Emission District
pursuant to Section 17 of the Municipal Act an application has been made to
the Lieutenant-Governor in Council to extern! the limits of the Mission District Municipality, the following being the boundaries
of the proposed txtension, to-wit: Com
meueing at the centre of Hatzic Slough
where same interacts Frazer River, thence
north following the centre of satd .Slough
on the east side of Hatzic Island, to the
south boundary line of Section 2, Township
18, m here same intersects said Slough,
thence west to the centre line of said Section |
2, thence north to Section 11, thence east j
to the southeast corner of said Section II,
thenue north to the centre line of Se tion
13, thence east to the centre point of said
Section 13, thence north following the
centre line of Sections 13, 24, 25,and 30 to
the north line of Section 36, thence west 13
chains following correction line, thence
uorth to north boundary of Dewdney Municipality, thence west to Mission District
Municipality, thence south following tho
present eastern boundary of Mission Dis
triot Municipality to the point of commencement.
Alio:—All and singular the east 80 acrcB
of District lot No. 4, Group 3, New Westminster District.
Further;—Pursuant to Section 18 of the
Municipal Act, application has been made
to the Lieutenant Governor iu Council to
reduce the limits'if Mission District Municipality, the said.reduction to comprise all
and singular the west 80 acres of District
lot No, 4, Group 3, New Westminster Dis
A W Veen
Mission, June 22, 1893.   '      0. M. 0.
July 1-22, '03 K)
Bring Your Fish to"
Proprietors of the Largest
Fish-Curing House in British Columbia.
Teamster and Drayman,
i» always ready to traDhfcr your
Baggage and Freight
Wholesale Dealers in
Fresh, Salted and Dried Fish of
all Kinds.
from the
earn and the boats
sturea and homes,
HOW tho   Nloti'il   That   Viu   Drop   In   the
•lot I* Earned.
It may hare occurred to some who,
by inserting the end pieces of two little
rubber tubs* in their t-ara, heard repro-
■'.-' 1 .' r »■■■ in pa by p-rna don-
.;.:..- marches and thrilling mar-
■ i J music by famous orchestra or
h mda, to 'efli I 1 v. I be little 1 bin
iu the corner of the stntion waiting
room, which ground out this snrprisin ■
result was (retting toraethin.' for a A .■
Ing, or that so    ibody  who owned
My Prices are Reasonable
and the transfer do
ut damage
Gordwood Always on Hand.
plows, flarrou/s, Cultivators!
A Carload Just Received.
and   "'■"'  1   to led   •■■■'■   neither spun,"    T \    ■    , /> ,
'  he  I    .re.     1/to know bow the    I)ll[lSJl    v01UlllD13
;.ur>nogTap;tic  "blanks," as  tlie
read the leltc
Bclf- ilro] than
chnngo,  only u
Jim .i-lcs.   "She
told luin ho," rcfli
"Ma," Leon's •-
-,won'tyon t; 11 n
"Thoro ain't
may have had more
. for there was no
pid settling nf the
thinking that nho
ed the minintur,
■■ broke tho silence, I
no  reason  why  they
ax oylinders  used upon t!io E-li'
oograph for recording and  re
 sh  1r" !-.■ bol t..y known
are charjyed with the*  ■
1 |j   ■ ....
t to i
■ of 1   i phonograph as  p
in   a   room    '   1 1   which   ;:
!'.,■.*.    <      i :.-.i.   j r i m
■ • ■ 1 ijyor or In
1                   ■ ■ !    <n   is     sr :■.
. ■ .   U   . ■ I
■    '
.1 ■'   ■■ i ..-  ■■ mnds are  1 ■
eordod on all a    ultaueo      . \,
il '■■■;.. 1 1 ■■ 'tec I n, h > 0 1 ( the<
I . 1 Ii ■:a f better than others, J v
*] 1 i -* process, if a largo number of cylinders are needed to supply nil tr,-
phonographs controlled t^y the eom-
pnny, the music is simply repeated ss
iTiuti t t imea as Is necesflary, A ftei
icntlit^ i ic .-/linden aro then ready t<
1 bo placed upon Lhe phonographs ut th'
: railway stations, seaside resort^ and
othor public places, where tho curious
audience of one drops a ulckel Iu t*
slot nud then smiles to himself and
1 tvondota why everyone eUe doesn't
smile in onjoymont of tho feast of coni/.
A much tAore inpid process iu used by
Mr. Kdlson in his works. What Is
called a "master record" is made upon
,*i single cylinder, which is used similarly t.> the tnrtiris in the atorootyping
process for reproducing or multiplying
tli'* cylinders tin many times as may bn
I   (orpora'j
u,  pAta
fWith power toinei
b> Royal On pter, ISI)'_»
1 ■■   EOOO ' I) 1     !,92O,OO0
. . -
'• Wi itrn .■
V in .Hi,..,
i .'.
"", lie
*'"'   Km c   ■.-'., Gd.
P  r'   • III. Orrgptt,
H n tie,  Wrtnljiugio 1,
Taon fia.        *•
// adOfireffl0 Komhti dS> . I. ■■• ■< mj'.mj.
Aoejrrs ami cohrbspu.imi kts.
•At  Rock*Bottom P
rices for ash.
CANADA—Bank of Montr
Canadian Bank of C nn
Irnoerisl Bank <<\ Csna^ls a
M ilsenV Hans and Bnnohe-i
Han i-f Msnltobn, nnd Ba
I sml Rranohes]
• 11 1 I', ■amilii;-;
i Dranobes;
'•( Nova
troal,  Ni'w   York;
As"nt ■,
.k of Men-
I tleslrod. — Detroit I ree Press,
l)> pnaitH rooetvei
intoruit nllowed |
Ci ht Pkh Ann'i'm
Telegrauhio Transfers snd Reinittanocs to
nud from nil points c;»n ho made through
this M'Hik a*, ourreut rates. Cnttectfnea
onrofully sttobded to Bull
and every description
I from $\ unwnrdu, and
inaent  rat. j llt ',\\ hit
f  lUnl.ing UuaitiSBS
Cunninghana Hardware Co.
\VM. MDRRAV, Aciim: Manaurii.
loouren H. ('., July J, mn.
New  Westminster,
British   Columbia


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