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The Mission City News Oct 14, 1893

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^K -". ■';
W- .■&»
. ■i
. .$ ■
VOL. I. NO. 18.
M. DES BRISAY. Proprietor,
Groceries,       *        *       Produce,
Boots and Shoes,
,,... and bry Qoocls-
Special' attention paid to all Outside Orders and prompt
shipment. City and country trade solicited. All goods
guaranteed to be the best in the market.'
. 9ress< ;
We are now showing i beaut iW
range of new Dress FajjSrics for       jj
FALL andlllTEl
The new materials are— *
Hopsaeklrtgs. ^
Drap de Paris-    j
Eplngllnes «id _„
Ladies' Cloth.
In oil of these we sho\t a large rauge
of colore.      ,    ' I
We also show on elegalt collection J?
No two alike, patttl
are confined to us tor tl»j
Our Dress Departinen
equipped with ,'
Trimmings, LJni.igs an<£
Dressmakers' findings
The Indians Meet at St. Mary's
Mission  at Their Aniual
>s of which
City.      £
; is also veM
Glasses Accurately Fitted and Repaired.
American Watches always on hand and sent
on approval by Express. •
Write for particulars and prices.
68 Cordova St.   Vancouver.
Cordova St* Vancouver
General House Pafnter, G   4
Paper Hanger, Etp.   \fy
Calcimining * Specialty. E.tim»te» 8ol)W
Box 209.   Missio* Crrv, B. 0.
Tlie 9PA \
Lunches Made a Speelalt^
p.  F. VCNABL.e8,'r*"
163 Cordoa* St, V«ootw»r, I
..«. ,'
Tks leelea atteeHa Carries •• at TH, Net tu Yuri
U On tt Ike Heat PklleelkreaUi WerkeCeadecta*
!• tt, Prevlace-Teeei Cktldrra Tealkt I. IS,
Ail, ,( Cl.lUsstlee aad mesne n face IU
World « lb, lasu nils as the Wkltee-Tka
rareaU Meat Aaeeelly alts, laeMatloa Where
Their Calldna an Taa|ht—Thai Uad a Belplnj
lead la Develo, th, Uada ef tee MUelea titate.
HIS'has been a festival week at St.
Mary's Mission. Over twoahnndred
Indians have gathered together at
Upet point, and pitched their tents on the
lands adjacent to spend the week. They
are just returning from the hop fields, and
they will put in their winter supplies before
they leave for their different localities.
They generally gather once a year at the
Mission headquarters and spend a few days
looking over the grounds, and attend religious services. About one hundred of them
were engaged last Wednesday and Thursday
working on the road that leads up to the
new churoh, ereoted through the diligence
of Father Cornellia for their benefit iu particular.
One hundred persons will do a great deal
of work in a day, and with the guidance of
Father Cornellia it it safe to say that they
have done remarkably well Bishop Durleu
of New Westminster, attended the gathering end was tendered quite a reception by
the Indians. Well they may, for he has
bent Mod aud fatherly to them for years,
and is still continuing tc carry on the good
•Ork. There are about. eighty children' in
the Mission at present being taught in gen-
etal edupattoo and agricultural pursuits.
\ • fjssyvlesthe object* of the kindliest care
**- *£,
Btore.   He &tya the family eats it right up.   nr\t IMPI j
The potato crop will not be very large OuUnUlL
with ub this fall, although most all will
have enough for home ubc.
We notice in tho communication from
Cedar Valley, a criticism ou the much talk
of and no work on roads in the Stave river
valley.   We feel like making a fc« remarks
on (he above subject.   We are aware that
Cedar Val|ay folks do not know mud perhaps can not understand the difficulties
with which we have to contend.    They
work, in harmony and dings move as a natural consequence.   We agree to disagree,
one won't and the other dare not oa account
of the antebellum state of the atmosphere;
Wedonotrknow'of any law whereby ■*»'
can force our claims, only the law of harmony, and if there were any other it would
be too expensive.   While we" are ti'ying to
arbitrate the matter' you are niaking-rnads.
We do not care to go to any expense to
force things when we are so hall up.   It is
astonishing how a man can block' the wheels
of progress of any enterprise   lid at the
same time think lie is doing a lit tioous.net.
"There is a way that seeiiioi.li   igUt, but
the end thereof is death," aad '}i many
cases he is not the only sufferer b; ft.   Wo
experience trials of wbioh you kuow noth-
We see things that cruse utio feel
that a visiUiicn of Diviue wraoh i>*Ao only
recompense due Us.   Therefore wearV just
staying here for the purpose of seeinAaiid
experiencing the thing that will.huj
next.   There are communities that an
fluencedtoalarge extent by moral perfusion and social influence.    They are
lightened by contact and aihte interchatl
of ideas.   They seek ijfje#wli faults call
fully and prayerfully a^pula solution to
difficulty.   Iuslead of hunting iu the wrong!
place the heart of a neighbor, they work for'
the general benefit of the masses and at the
same time do themselves more good than
thoy could do otherwise. ,Ii is polioy if
there ia no other motive' to be frieudlyj it
will put mere money in your clothes j 't will
make a healthy appetite and there ia not
that disturbed slumber oharaoterised by
horrid dreams and nightmare.    None of
those things are, applicable to us; our code
of moral* is unknown; our visage 1* black a*
ccjt onr feat Mt "Wilt to ahea bloods bur
The Dewdney and Matsqui Municipalities Transacting  Important Business.
(.tBKualcetlea.fr.ai Olffereet PerMD.eteaS-Varlese
* Read PMlt»» Rejected and Other, Eadomd—
< All Road, la Ancleot Tlr.t» led te H"«e. hat
Th.ee efSerrenodln, Haalclpalltir. It.d'o Ml.-
elee.Clty-capt. Thetapeoa   Is Interested la the
faranlnguf Hntrli- Lab. vnA the.D.*d.er C
"will Teet, Hie SeounKtit. .1 the I'roUe l!e«o lhe
Sabjecl-Ihey lallcd t« Kl.et a nii»«ic In IHwd-
IO te the Ka.rloop« Caavcniiea.
KLOW will lie found the reports of two Council meetings, Dewdney end Matsqui,
which will prove to *be iute.uiUug to our
numerous readers.   They arc from our own
Council met October 7th, 1893, at 2. p.m.
Ueevo and all the Councillors prescut.
•„ jynutes of previous meeting reed and
From D. Kobson, City Clerk, New Westminster, extending  an  invitation   to the
Co.unoil to atteud the Royal Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition.   Clerk to.-cturu ''
tVanks of the Council.
From Jos. Fountain*) asking lo 1» allowed
his taxes on road contract' of liw-t '\>< '"2- ■
«(ot granted, on the groumla iliathe did that
*ork afUr being notified hy the Reeve to
'Also from J. Fouritato, asking tlfi Conn-
oil <lo main Mr. F. SiiponaM repair rtauiagea
donttoro«l1j||dra, ||fcUuig trees acre**     )
tho rohjl and d^reyiugtha bridge.   Eati-       .
oiiarti being
»;>wi w»*<* ■.•:
--V«n'4»:»<*'j**'' i---
Look at these Prices:
Good Congo Tea, 5 lb fof> $r.QP
Kxtra Fine E. B,f ea u?\«» cents I* A.
Sterling Blend tea, can't be beat, ($ 80 cts.
per ft.   Splendid value.
Japan Teas from 25 to 40 cent*.
Breakfast Coffee, 26 cent* If lb.
Green Coffee. 30 cents.
Mocha and Java Blends, 40 to 50 cent*.
Roast Beef, 25 cents 92ft can.
Corned Beef, 25 cent* 92ft can.
1 ft tin Newcomb's B. Powder, 35 cents.
Butchers : and : Cattle : Dealers.
Sheep, Calves, Beef and Vegetables Bought anil Sold.
Hides and Pelts for Sale.       All Kinds of Fish in Season.
Mail and Telegraph Orders Promptly Attended to.
Groceries,  Hardware, Crockery,
Farming Implements and Furniture.
All orders by mail will receive prompt attention.
I keep nothing but the best of material and all customers
are invited to inspect my goods.
Bakery, hV«,'«&"."««.;
Valise*. Satchels,""
Hone Clothing, Ite-
P. 0. Box 384. 137 Cordova St., Vi
Watchmaker and Opi
Watch** cleaned and repaired  oav
shortest notice at reasonahl* rat**,    ttye
Glaase* of all kind*, and suited to any tight,
at price* within th* reach of all.
Not* tu Abdress:
666 Granville St., Near
Buoksellers: and: Statio^
Landscape Photograph*.
Artists Material,.
Pictnre* and Pictnr* Framing.
158-162 Cordova St, VaKouver.
Shelby's Orchestra, f  .
Furnished for Balls, Picnics, Excursion*,
Etc.   Keaaonable Rates.   Address
E. A Shexby,    -   -   Vasoouvir, B. C.
Watchmaker:-: and:-: Jeweler,
317 Cordova St., Vancodver, B. 0.
Repairing a Specialty. Order* sent by
Mail Receive Prompt and Careful Attention.
American and Swiss Watches Always on
Solid Gold, Gold. Filled, Silver
and Nickel
See our Gent* Silver Stem Winder Waltham
Watch for $10, and Gold Filled at 115.
Repairing of Watchea A Jewelry a Specialty
Manufacturing lewder,
a*i*Mtub*, 'A.   .....
ImpoaWWhtfl'cslculaie'the'lsMnen Jnount
of gooal that thia Misaien bu i\ 'inth*
past and ia doing at present, It isvwell
managed and 1*, perhaps the most'flourishing institution in the Province tq-day.
Believer* and unbelievers, Protestants and
Catholics will greet this magnificent and
successful effort to oivilize and elevate the
original settlers of this country and teach
them the advantages of the highest culture.
Country of No Roads.
We are all here yet, although one of us,
Mr. Jacob Leaman, is liable to be snatched
from us to the North West any day.
Sturgeon fishing is good at present; not
many echoes coming up the river, but lot*
of the other varieties swarm the water.    '
Several bears have been seen on the trail
leading north from Whetham's farm, below
the Stave, ftiey are making their annual
trip to the river to recruit upon fish. Any
one having lost any bears now is the time
to search for them and put your mark on
them to that you will know them another
time. r...
Last week Mr. Farmington got in a rap
ply of provisions to apply on the winter
HAVE established our reputation for
carrying only good, ana reliable
Goods, from the best makers In the
Dominion, England and tho United States.
Our position is such that we buy hi largo
quantities and from first hands and thereby
save to the consumer the middle men s
fits. You can always rest assured that
in purchasing from us, you buy Honest
Goous at the Lowest Prices. Our Fall
Stock is to hand and embraces everything
in the line of Men's Clothing.
Suits for all ages and at all Prices.
Mackintoshes, Melissa's and American
Oil Skins.
Underwear and Overahirts—we can show
you the finest rauge ever shown in B. C.
Hats, Caps, Ties, Gloves, Etc.
Letter Orders receive personal attention.
■Tnr. Ohe Prick Clotiiikr."
74-Cordova Street-74
aWjnmuo.   ..if will.
of love aiM kmdjsis*. iWe Wiunot biimbl*
ouraelvepto tho dust. ; We will not reason
upon tlie pointi that will result in our benefit—will cast them to the winds. We will
build" our castles of corruption high and we
will lay plans for tho destruction of each
other. Strife and contention ia our motto
and nothing but the swift retributive judgment of justice will be of any avail to conquer us. Onr fame will pass down to future
generations on the pages of history a blank,
and who will erect a monument over our
tomb. No one to mourn our loss. Suol'i,
in a few words, is the result of all evil doing. We can look on the progress nnd
thrift of our neighbors with envy and wonder why we do not aliurc the same blessing.
But as we heard a man say not long since,
"selfishness Is the root of all evil," yes, and
we might add to that, whiskey.
Several of us went to the Exhibition at
Westminster. We haven't got all the particulars from them yet, will report later.
Mr. S. Cadotte is making cord wood at
present for Mr. Bruno.
Humpbacks ere very thick in. the Stave
river.       \ *
Hakd Pan.
TSilverdale Poatnmo*, October i, 1803/
A life without a purpose is a languid,
lazy, drifting thing. Like flood wood in the
'strum, it is carried away by other forces
besides its own. And it amounts to
about as much in the movements of society
and the general progress of matcriu! tkin.'-'w.
A man thus conditioned is neither here? nor
there. He cannot be counted on for anything useful or entertaining. He becomes
shlftloss and inane in spite of his liotter
nature, and the incidental, benign influences
which cluster along in his path. We> have
heard of "a man without a country," but a
man without a purpose is quite as much
lost to himself and all his surroundings; an
isolated being without enterprise, spirit or
courage; in moral forco no stimulating
motive, no absorbing paiubn, he drills ami
ilrift* until lost iu the a* ix of his own
Inanity. Such a life is to Ircadcd above
all things. And there is poVcr and moral
forco in one's nature to rcnint the influences
which produce such a condition. They
shotld lie aroused to their highest tension
to avoid such a culmination.
The spectacle of the Piapot band of Indians filling a contract for the supply of hay
to the North WcBt Mounted Police stationed at Regina, is a striking instance of the
advancement of civilisation among th*
aboriginal tribes of the Canadian Northwest
and is indisputable evidence of the wijdom
of tho system of agricultural instruction
adopted about a decade ago by the Canadian
Government. With the progress that is
being made in this direction wo may expect
in ten years hence to find the Indians sturdy
competitors with tho whites in other
branches of industry besides farming.
Jos, Fountain .dnstructions to do his alati
labor.        ./
1   Win. Critkmor, re account for inspect
dyke, amounting to (148. IU.
From Pep. Prov' See'y, enclosing copy 1
letters to Mission Council, re reductioi of
limits of Dewdney Municipality.   Filed.
-From W. J. Walker, Trcas. of Mnnic.pel
Association, enclosing receipt of Clerk'*
fees, $2.30. '
From J. H. Turner, Minister of Finance.
From V. J. Cuinbio, Engineer, stating be
was going up as requested by the Council
last spring, to examine the head of Nicomea
slough, re the advisability of stopping same.
Received too lato to send member of Council
with him.   Clerk to reply.
Moved by Coun. Cote, seconded by Coun.
Dion, that Maj.Cen. J. C. Kurchantbe
authorized by the Council- to represent tho
Municipality at the Convention to be held
at Kamloops on the 10th inst.   Lost
C. Donato was allowed to do his statute
labor on the trail from his place to the road
on the west side Of Stave valley.
Moved by Coun. Cote, seconded by Coun.
Diori, that Mr. Lcncnville's account for road
work, laid over at the last meeting of Iho
Council, be puid.   Lost.
Mr. Martin was present on liehalf of thr.
settlers of the Valley and, on motiun of
Coun. Brett, seconded by Coun. Dion,'he
was allowed to speak. He asked that they
bu allowed to work in their taxes nn the
road to connect Mr. BouGher** rood with
the one at Capt. Thompson'*, so they could
get to the 'Mission, ('apt. Thompaqn waa
present and atated that until the spring they
could use any part of his place for a rood.
The Council could not see their way clear
to accede to their wishes ami also disapproved of the method of building roada, a* -
they were satisfied roads could be built
cheaper by contract work, but would dn all
they could to help them when they saw
what money thoy Mould have to spend on
The Reeve appointed Coun*. Gamer and
Brett to locate a road from the school hone*
crossing, to connect'with the Hatzic slough
road, so as to give 1). P. Mm in an outlet.
Moved by Coun. Brett, seconded by Coun.
Dion, that the accounts of R. Gellow IDS,
J. II. Laferricr JtiH and J. Brisaon &S0, be
paid.   Carried. *
Moved by Conn. Game, seconded by
Coun. Brett, that the accounts of Fred.
Jackson, printing Dyke Debentures, $22,
and Common Wealth, Assessment and Collector's Roll, (12, lie paid.   Carried.
Moved by Coun. Garner, seconded by
Coun. Brett, that Robert G. Clarke's bond*
for Collector be accepted.   Carried.
/ •• -I
VaiitlnvMl *h Second Pagt.
\ -.. (
The Mission Citv Hews.:
BY A.  H.   HOWELLS,   I'ROl'RlHi'tiK.
•on. of Horne Avenue and 3roao*..t,
I through; but, altts, they have tliscor-
eied that it is no go. The delegations that have waited upon the committee urged tlie necessity of the
present protection to run their industries for their own benefit as well
as that <>f their employees. The chief
delegations came from Democratic
States and were Democrats themselves, Tito sweeping changes in the
,ei!t tariff have come to a libit.
Tariff for revenue is not likely to lie
inaugurated it: the present (Jougress,
"The"robbery"willstill lie uoUmitt-
   ! ed to exist.
Saturday, Oetober 14,1893-j   T> ",1,ltH" usv,! nlWB ,klm'
,    g, ,    -,--,---. into tbe labyrinth of tdeaUj but as
soon :.s they becomu In, their reason
suilscnil'TIo.X H.LTB8.
One War,       :
•Six .Months
Tfareo Months,
Thk \i:v.> desires to secure a good, reliable iuhI bi-eeay correspondent ut every town
ami posfcoffiee in British Columbia—one
whose letters will present a complete, chatty
and ttocuratfl record of the happenings of in-
terast iii his locality, from week to week,
The editor of this paper will lw glad to
hear, by tut early mail, from all of those
willing to represent Tiik Nkws, in the capacity of correspondent in their respective
communities, that all details relating to
ibis service may be satisfactorily arranged,
AS Boot as possible.
All subscriptions tu Thk News are now
due, Wo trust that all our subscribers
realize, tho excessive expense of starting
an enterprise of this dimension and character, nnd that all subscriptions to the
paper will bo paid up the first week in
Sept. [n establishing -Tub Nkws in Mis-
elon City wo have incurred a small indebtedness, whi till obligations we desire
to pay al once. We mv convinced that
the people of Mission City realize the
sitnation and that thoy will act accordingly.
Tiik Pomjsukr
\« It is already pretty near oertnitf
that the five trailo policy of the nJ-
ing parcy in the great Republic
much more of a farce than that of,
lfalily. It is evident that in a ia
country of thai character V. al
vatied industries and constant oliAii
of uOfifJUious would he such tUit no
peptnane.it tariff Bchcdule \i/\iU\ be
snob as to bo constantly iraapted to
all times ajd nl-ices. pitf* advocates
or claimed Buch
■iniw.    14
begins to return. What; is true It;
the States is greatly true in Canada.
If tho people of the State* need protection, as mi questionably they do.
the people of Canada need It:. thousand times more. Any wcakpntng
on the part of the Conservative party
upon the question of protection at
tin: present timo, will veal its doom
in tbe next election. Let the party
either Stand by Its colors or give way
to one that will. The advantages of
protection, to the Dominion in its
present condition, are palpable to all
lihinkiug people and when the hour
comes hey will confirm it at the
polls.    '
J. iMeLuan
not the least occasion for
'Observer" b" rough as he
thai lie nail 06K6d in
lien and could get ri'
'that if the cape were It
Ma  KiHTui::  Please allow i
your paper to explain  to Mr
that there wa
bliri 'jn handle
did /r*your last lssuo, and l' . "Observer"
was requested by three rlii.-rent ratepayers
to try and Hud out why Mr. Anthony's
oner was not accepted, and he asked Councillor MeHuo for informali< n. He replied
unit lie hiul asked in Council for iiiformu-
Then I thought
before the Reeve,
through yonr-fcAdile paper, that he would
he glad to put Tlmise'f right hy giving an
explanation, and 1 plainly said tlut was all
wan wanted and that we felt sure Mr. Me-
\xtm would be able to siUitfy the people,
and Ob it was u ,'iurn in behalf of at least
four ratepayers, I thought that when I gave
my name to the Kditor, that any name I
saw ti' would dot bur., as Mr. McLean
thinks different, I shall he happy to show
Ii1111 that feat had no port in the keeping of
oiy luToe silent and that it had nothing to
do with Mr. Hughes or his inquiry which
had been made previous through your paper
oomieroinj the Bans subject.
Hut, Mr. ISiUtor, >.|B McLean if. not content v ith hi*! wry i.^Hpxcu^', but hi
Council Proceedings.
Contimu*t Ftam Fir$t I'agt.
By-Law No. 16 was finally reconsidered
aud passed, aud the Reeve and Clerk authorized to sign and seul the same, and the
Clerk to have it published iu the It. C.
Gazette and the Mission City News.
Ou motion, Capt. Thompson was allowed
to speak in reference to pumping Hatzic
lake, and laid three different estimates before, the Council and wished those interested
to consider the matter.
The Division of Wards was taken up and
linos agreed upon, places and lines to be
presented at the next meeting of the Council, completed.
Meeting adjourned.
Bubkut ii. Clarke, C. M. C.
Matsqul Municipality.
The Council met on Saturday, Sept. ,'lOth;
present, tho Reeve, Win. Mclmuald, and
Corns. Dabs, Sword, Towlun and Marsh.
Tho minutes uf the hud meeting were read
and adopted.
Communications were received from the
following: U. Abbott, (General Superintendent C. P. It., informing the Council that,
according to request, cattle guards were
being placed on road running east from
From Coroner Pitrcndrigh, enclosing account for holding inquest on body of It. G,
From Yorkshire Guarantee Corporation,
giving terms for a loan.
From the Manager Hank of British Columbia, concerning the proposed loan, and
enclosing form of by-law required to be
passed before desired advance is made. As
the Boetion of the Municipal Act under
which the loan by-law hail been drafted
would not at present apply to the municipality, the Council decided to take steps to
obtain the permission of the ratepayers to
introduce a by-law in accordeuce with the
M unicipal Act, for the purpose of Iwrrowing
tho sum of $1,500.
Moved by Court, Baics, seconded by Coun.
Sword, that the Clerk 1» instructed to forward a copy of the Coroner's charges for'in-
quest 011 tlie body of R. CI. Freeman to tbe
oliicial administrator, Mr. C. G. Major,
with a request for payment from the estate.
A petition was received from R. H. Phillips and three others, for repairs on a hill
on line between Townships 1.'. and 16. Coun.
Marsh reported having inspected the same
and found the road iu a bad state, and
recommended thai; Mr. Phillips' offer to repair the same for $25 be accepted, to which
tlie Council assented.
Tenders were opened for a bridge near
Mr. Ferguson's, Mt. Lehman road, and contract awarded to J. Greer fcr ijS28.
The Council then adjourned to tho following Saturday at 10 a. m.
First-Class Accommodations at
Z^O-W   3?3RIC3CS.
Special Attention Shown for the Comfort
of the Guests.
Corner of Cordova aud Abbott Streets,
Vancouver, B. C.
 IS i'KKi'AUKl) TO till	
Watch, Clock & Jewelry Repairing
y Planoa Tuned, Etc.
fefpenter, Builder & Contractor
S«ti*fact'on guar wit wd in whatever I
underuki) to do.
Begs to inform thy ladies of Mi.ei in City
and vicinity, that »he has opened a first-
class Dressmaking Establishment, in the
Bank Block, corner of Home Avenue and
Broadway stn pt. Satitfaution guaranteed.
Prices reason tide.
Tons(Irial Parlors
tir Gutting, Shaving and
v/hlsker Trimming
idies and Children's Hair Trimmed
to Order.
\e)avenue, MISSION CITY, B.C.
ritisli North America
(Incorporated by Royal Charter)
It Capital,
Ve Fund,
£1000,000 8t«
£•-'75,000 Stg
bffice~j Cl.menl'. Lane, Lambert St., B. C.
Jractitra. i
 , Vajwt***.*
j, - ■'.-?*?:> »V•. '■*.'-■ "-.■. •,' "    4ft
'&?r< -ii-Jf- ;:.it'.'.;l I* J .«■ *.     ffl
-*i-.';-v.A.* • l\M t-<-   m
: Rubbers.
When in Vancouver you can not do better than Inspect
these Goods.
Hall & Brett,
Wholesale and Retail
All Kinds of Stock Bought and Sold.
Prompt Attention to Outside Orders.
Fish, Vegetables and other Farming Products in Season.
Borne Avenue, .Illusion City, B. C.
Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities Corp., Ltd.
CAPITAL,   .   •   $3,300,000.
On   Farm   Lands  and  Oity  Property.
A. E. TREGZNT, Manager, New jS/estmlnsterj B. C.
'i'Ikmi^A        I simply claim
piM('cii^P*^,aTiY''-"i!iU' nwe9-
fcity for lhe(industrlial\ileveloproeni
id the sufclal welfare oVilu1 Dation.
10 fi-ee liadere, on tho qJJier hand,
I' 'ui.i wipe out every vesajre r»f pio-
and Chat tl :
Xow, Pl,
■■,   in E01
notbfs'ot any o.herpetiitttu
IpcLion fioni existence and wu»il«l oot lnot riga it, k< ■
•^V*en tolerate it in the   Uvu\ ofA^trifl' .ii'l viga it,  I anppow, and wh*
,       I ..'.v forcibly of a very abb   \'.u\
for revenue if they dared take sue
mdical step. Free traden havebe&o
tlm "bate" in tbe great Republic fot
A ndtober of years and were practically relieved if not deprived Of gov-
crnmental responsibility daring all
that time;
ed, and (ft
ed with the b
tics of coodud
nation and of 1
faro of the pc<
■nit? Tlie gra
has dh i'.led Un
the lasl quarti
which I
qne tloi
E now II
outs" ill
aseaUoM ma to wsy ihni^an
•!\ causing dispkaatm
Tl .: ther* a a very great ilif-
irecs Mr. McLean and ■■o).-,-rv-
(Jier vordJ, between liim and I.
[wrote the tetter ooniplunet* u( anefdid
!: I nol arril. the answer but
and v.■!:» ,i lit- aayt
iiiiiuls me
fry Forcibi} of .1 very able !■ rgj wan who
nevertbetsM Uked hia grap« juice, ami in
goinifhomi one ■ nil ■ be found the flow-
u .; (jowl bar) got the better <-f him and ba
lay <1<-vn on the nrayside till belpebouid
come to 1 And when one of
1i!h hearen came along and rteadiednfa.
5    home  lie -ai'l
after th.
al tariff
two :rr<
■Wan thai
arties for
! ■ ■!„■!
revereod .■ m :. 1 ian to 1<<
<'■■■   ilei ■       lignantly n piled:
ol jet flrnnk m ■• • ''■ tf n in, 1 gol
ai .v eivili tn."   So Mr. McLean em
, .11   • |:< 1 ve,  b<   found hi*
Vfi !■■■ • 1.
1 remain youn n iped ally,
Josji R. W
0 : .bcr lOtb. 1893.
__./"tbe me<: *9sVul the Council and
other services requii-ed of tlie Reeve and
Councillors in administering the afl'airs of
the District make lar^e ilemandtt on their
tune ini'l they are prejudiced thereby.
Therefore l<e it enacted hy the Reeve and
Council of said District of Dewdney that
It shall lw lawful for the Reeve and Council by resolution of the Council, to authorize
the' {Myuu'ut to the Keeve and to each of
i ie ConuoOlorfl •*■ sum not exceeding Fifty
(80) Doll&n for the present year, 1R.I3, ami
not exceeding at the rate of Two (2) Dollars
per Meeting held after tlie first of January
for iiiilt'riinifyiiig them in respect of their
attendance fit meetings of the Council. Said
Indemnity payable in such manner and by
instalments as the Council may ileetn mutable.
This By-Law shall take effect on the first
day of January, 1608. and may he cited as
rv badly for ,.'''lt!  ' Councillors Indemnity Hy. Law, 1893."
in inch • tot*,   >'; ''';:: r:,m"cil nn tho lst ,1,v-v of Sl'i-
I teuil.tr, lsv:t.
' '"'M    Reconaiilera! and finally ptuueiland tlie
mo ate raw appanded Kereto thia ?eh day
('. M.C.
It. II. KawCetj,
uu bnen tbe all-absorbing
1 t Ui atetl discussion in every
1i.1l citinpirtgn over since, Ims
li-c!) practically relegated to the
background, if not into oblivion,
Tito il. 1 i I are now confronted
iritfa r alitioi. and the | radical raan-
agctncnl of the affairs of sixty-lit i
millions of people. Tlie nioralistbss
lift iii, (Bnctuoi, descendod from his
pinnacle of sublime Ideality, and ij
w  In  the mldsl of tbe hustling
ivyd of  Imperfect society with its
.,:!.,■  1, ovsrtlrafl "ii that institution t.. j.;;.
..... .t th* Council.    May
1; 1 ' . thai  the Clerk did
rive Mr. Anthon) ait orde* on that
teaming millions with their empty rUnk for th* |10, whloh he wm ordored bj
gtomaubl crying oal for food to tpeConnollln (mj the mid Anthony! A
satisfy their hunger. Oh yes, thoIwlBetant time had olapssd to do*8b*fore
\ transform    "'  ''    ' '"   ' ''' '"'' '"' '''' """'li;"'
The alxive i^ a true copyol n by-lnu- jiafiH-
ed ',y the Municipal Council "f pewdney
on    heTth day of October, IWt.'l, and all
... rsonsi r« here'ty n quired to take notice
Mr. '..  rosi ft'oold ymt be kind ■  ottgh  thttuyoua deairooj ol applying to havo
pa   in your    hta ill paper, to i ■. h flj '. ■■■ or rat pari  thereof ottashed,
.... ,.,,. :  nn  the ■  : "        '       1 appflcationfor that purpose
. ,.,.■'■ 11 rente I our!   wiihin on* miinth
 •■--'   '    '  ;"-:     ,: thepubHcation of this By-Law in
liels    threeweeks,      .1     [^ Cnlumbiu Gazette or he will be
As f am the person who put the reaolu-   too late to be beard to that behalf.
,;,,, before tl ■ Coun   I     ■   ■  ■-. partof RownT 0. CtARKR.
I-, .1 ■...<••. 1806,       c. \i. c.
•   IKI.  Hi   I/IK  l'"l Kl.H,.
A  Stock    "f   PatSWt    Medicines,   Toih'l
1  ticli     etc.,  fron   Kelson'i Drug tL)Un*a,
Vancouver, wii! be in Kisston City In r faw
days,    It •■•ill he '.11 sals at Hie Centra]
HOB Loo*. OH! foi  it., and ol.liiji;.
Oil Uk N*v.l.*"^.
l>|f>*tt|lllloH ot I'urli.'Taililo.
: .   the Conndl made
.,,. ,.,.  ■ '.. 1 M ntreal to
ienrv H.sWarrar, ,iv;tij,.T*Kl H.
A. Hoare, H. J. IJ. Kendall,
j J. J, Kiugsford, Frederic L bbock, Geo.
p. Whatpian.   "Secretary, A. 0. WallU.
St. James St., Montreal, it. R. Grindley,
jOenetal Manager. H. Niikeiaan, A.Bt.
itiimeral Mauager.   £. Stanger, Iovpector.
Lindon, Kingston,       Fredericton, N.
Itruitlord, Ottawa, Halifai, N. s,
Pajia, Montreal,       Viotoria, B. c.
Huniltoo, Quebec, Vaucouver, s.c
TnrVito, St. John, N. B. Winnipeg,
W.nldatock, Brandni,,M4u.       Manitoba.
111 ioll
are tne ■■ ins.
lint taken plac
1 hongi tl.   The :
c Conditions
gigantic iiiouii
tains of responsibility are almost too
heavy to boar. They would like to
draw on the bank of futority ms an
experiment to comply with the platform even at a loss, but the pressure
is too strong and the critical condition of both tho indnstry and Bnanco
of the nation will not warrant this.
The Secretary of tlie Treasury Ims
submitted a brief of the new tariff
bill and a few subservient Congress*
men, for tlie suke of government
putronage,'wcre secured to railroad it
<■■ «'»:
of Mot
that tl
V lame Bxouse W say tlmt there
■■ in ii,-. tiiitsury, 'I'll'- only
,1 it, • Minion District Muni
thai I inn aware of la the Bank
, mid it ia generally Well known
ititntldn lmn always plenty of
Oct. II, 1303,
Olenoo llniiKi
Jos. Oadaon, one "f the Dominion llov-
ernmont Immigration agent*) who has been
win-lung iii (fobraaka, artlvod in Manitoba
from the East Oolobor 2d, lln status that
nitnet Bnrlng a large number of Canadiaim,
who went to Noliranha two or tlireo years
ago, will emigrate from that Statoto take
lip their I'l.'xiili'in'o onco moro ou 111 itiah soil.
Notice Is h*r*b) glr*n ihat the partnor.
kIi i f. heretofore sxrifbtg between W. I''..
Brett nrnl T. A. Brett, itndei the linn nam*
of Brel Bro*., lias been dissolved by mutual
consent. Tic, bnaineu will horMftflT b*
carried on byT. A, Brotl and V. ,\. Flail,
1111 l*T lln linn inline of Hail .V Brett.    Tin'
new Him assumes all rosponlfbiUtfM,
W. E, IliiKT-r,
T. A, TiltKTT.
Mission City, B. C, Sept. I, I80S,
Farm For Sale.
80 Aorei "f good farming laml, 2 miles
from Mission City on Oovommonl roail, for
sale on uusy terjns, $25 por aorei or will Hell
in III acre bloolifs. Uiml is rich loam, lovul
and Qasily oldarod.
Kor teiiiiH and other partieuliirs apply to
the offlOfl of this paper.
Breeding animals should not be fat, but
"The end of improvement in stock-breeding
is not yet.
' York—W. Law*on and F. Brown-
tifibl Agents.
8an Prauuisco—H. M. J. McMtubael and
J. (!. Welsh, Acting Agents.
Che Bank of England, Messrs. Olyn &.
Liverpool—Hank o Liverpool. Sootlana
— N*tioi.al Bmk of Scotland (Ltd.) and
hM-Dcnes. Ireland—Provincial Bank of
Iil'ai.d (Ltd ) and branches; National Bank
llltd.'l and hranchfB Australia—Union
B|.nk of Australia. New Zealand—Union
Bank of Australia India, China and Jap.
ut,—Chartered Mt.Tnantilr Bank of India,
London and Ohinaj A^ra Bmk (Ltd.) Went
Indies-" Colonial Bank, Paris— Mesftrs.
Marenard Krruis tt (,'ie. Lyons—Credit
Lj onnsis.
VI. Godfrey,   ■   -   Manager.
30 Oppenhcimcr St.Vancouvco, B.C.
Haggles.  Carls.   Delivery
and Express Wagons,
itepairing of al) Kind* Promptly Attended
to.    K-ttimates Given on all Kinds of Iron-
All kinds of farm machinery repaired as
good as new.
Shop:—Harbor Street, East of City Wharf
Columbia Street, New Westminster, Ii. C,
Graduate of the Royal
College of Dental
Surgeons, Toronto) Member of the E. 0. D.
Association; Licentiate of tho B, C. Dtmtal
Millkk Block,   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Contractor ard Builder
All Work Done Satisfactorily.
Done on Short Notice
Prices Moderate.
The patronage of our citizens
MISSION HOTEL, Mission Cut, B. 0.
LockbaTt & Center,
tiradualre *>t V. N. (.'nllese of Rinlialailn.
Day ami night call 381.
Pahloks—68 Ctinlova St., Vancouver
Hardwnod Lumber of all Kinds and Carriage Materials Kept in Stock.
Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to.
John McAllister,
P.O. Box 208, Vancouver, B.C. Makagrb.
(established 1873.)
Government St., Victoria, B. C.
A GENERAL BANKING business transacted.
GOLD DUST purchased at highest market rates.
Wells, Fargo & Company. House
A cyclone in Ladies' Jackets.
"\l TE ARE DETERMINED to make a clean sweep in onr 8unmer Drees Goods and
Tl     Jaoket*.   We mean to aell them before the Season is over whether they bring
♦oat or not.'   Now, if you are in need pf a Drees or Jacket, lost drop Into onr 8tore an
see tbe Bargain* we are offering.
a , /"> i I All Parisian butt Patterns will go at coat. Patterns
i\t I PiQT I that sold for 16 50, »7.50. $15 60, «13.50 and $15,
ill     VVOLl    will lw aold at $4, S3, f8 50, $9 and (9 90 ,
Speoial Lot Ladies' WHITE BLOUSES, 40 eta., worth 75 eta.
Ladies' Black and Colored LACED KID GLOVES, 90 eta. per pair.
R. G. TATLOW,       j H. A. JONES,        I a T. CJPKRLEY,
$5oo,ooo TO LOAN
At a Low Rat* of Interest on Improved Farm..   Expense* Low.
No Ctimmissioti Charged to Borrowers.
Representing tbe Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.   Farm Loans
a Specialty. H. t. oeperley, appraiser.
MRS, Wm. RAE.   new Westminster.
Subscribe for The News.
Do not neglect your insurance.
Household furniture at Langley's.
Wall paper for aale at Langley's store.
Subscribe for The News. Only two dollars a year.
Mr. John McLean made another trip to
Harrison Springs this week.
A good yoke of oxen for sale. Price $120.
Dr. Bodington, Hatzic, B. C.
W. C. Haywood made a trip to Vaucouver the fore part of the week.
Miller furnished light refreshments for
those attending the ball last night.
Try M. W. Freure, Watchmaker and
Jeweler, 317 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C.
Messrs. George Hill and J. S. Papin of
Dewdney, were in the city during the fore
part of the week.
The News iB prepared to publish the legal
advertisements of adjoining municipalities
at reasonable rates.
Service on Sunday, loth, at 11 a. m., at
the close of which the ordinance of Baptism
-will be administered.
Mr. J. S. Papin of Dewdney, brought
some fine samples of his apples to The
Nkws office this week.
J. T. Wilband was called to New Westminster this week to attend the Wood,
Travia vs. Sbarpe case.
A. B. Diplock, of the Diplock Book and
Stationery Co., was in Mission City on
Wednesday bu business.
Roliert Airth, our genial drayman, has
doubled his power lately. Anew wagon
again will make him complete.
Concord, Suliana, Tokay and Muscatel
grapes, peaches, apples, bananas, oranges
and lemons at Miller's, in Bank block.     /'
Messrs. C. L. Shvovd, M. P. P., and^jf J.
Sims, of Mataqal Municipal
The lease of \1	
Sharp Resulted in mBTof the
Sharp got judgment for half of whi?
There will be an illustrated Gospel meeting held in tho Board of Trade room on Tuesday evening, 17th inst., by Rev. C. C. Mar-
Mr. and Mrs. Tytler of Chilliwack, were
iu the city this week. Mr. Tytler has taken
•quite a number of photographs since his
visit, •
A young or old married couple, even a
bachelor, let alone an old maid, can secure
bargains in furniture of ail descriptions at
The entertainment at the Board of Trade
. room last evening was a success.   All those
who took part in it did well, and the audience was pleased.
Richard l'e.ke of Mission City, the agent
af the Northwest Fire Insurance Company,
will insure farm buildings, stock, etc., as
also city property.
Mr. Sam Smith of Vancouver, passed
through Mission City last woek en route,to
Suinas to superintend the construction of a
breakwater at that point.
Mr. Chas. Nelson of Vancouver, spent
most of the week here fixing up his drug
store which is being fitted very neatly. He
carries an extensive stock.
Mr. Frank Monroe of Abbottsford, in
company with B. H. McDonald, V. R., of
Huntingdon, culled upon the office of The
Nkws the early part of the week.
The Reeve of Dewdney has called for a
special meeting of those interested in pumping. It will lie held at the Dewdney school
house at 1 p. ill., October 14th, 181)3.
Prof. Rao, a distinguished Scottish character, who is traveling around the country
giving descriptions of his own nation's
|ieculinrities, was in tho city this week and
entertained our people at tho Odd Fellows
Messrs. H. B. French, W. Murray and
.1. II. Marquette weru siibpieiiaod to go to
Westminster to testify in the case of Wood
& Travis vs. Sharp, their architect iu the
fish building.
Father Audiquu came out with Bishop
Duricu from Franco a few weeks ago, and is
now stationed in this district under the sup-
crvisiou of Fiilher Cornelia, tho superintendent of this Held.
Mr. J. W. Jaokaon, Watchmaker and
Jeweler of Vancouver, is one of the beat
known in bit business in th* oity and Has
twenty-two year* experience in the trade.
He ia prepared to do all kind* of repairing,
and the people of Minion City and vioinity
tre recommended to visit him, when they
need any repairing done, at 118 Cordova
stTMt, Vmoouvm B. C,
Attorney Newman of the firm of Newman
and Howard of Fairhaven, and Miss Christopher, daughter of Col. Christopher, mining
capitalist of the same place were the guests
of Mr. W. C. Haywood at this city last
The champion liar was in town yesterday.
He said that russell, mcdonald k co., of
Vancouver, did not keep granitewiive or
crockery, whereas these are two of their
special lines of which they keep a full
Mrs. Brigadier Margetts, accompanied by
Captain Massacar, will conduct a Salvation
Army meeting in the Odd Fellows hall on
W cdnesduy, the 18th inst. Lieut. Jarvis
will farewell at this meeting. He is going
to-the Vernon district.
Dr. Bodington aud his family are comfortably located in their new quarters in
the Bank building. Mission City is now
well provided for with an efficient physician
and a drug store. The people of this locality will not forget their home industries.
Have you given Seymour, tho Vancouver
Druggist, a call yet; if not, when in the
oity drop in and see him. He will show
you the best Drug Store and finest Stock
on the Coast. His store is on the corner of
Hastings and Seymour Streets, near Leland
Dr. S. E. LeMaire of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is on a tour through British Columbia.
He intends to select bis location in the province in the near future and settle down to
practice his profession. He is now selling
some medicine in this vicinity and will remain around here for a few days.
Mr. A. McCallum of Mt. Lehman, visited
Mission City this week. He was on bis
way from New Westminster. His wife was
on hor way to Ottawa to-day for a trip.
She will be gone about two months. It is
tw enty-one years since she left there, and
this iB her first visit to her old home since.
Those wishing to purchase acreage in 5
id 10 acre tract*. imfuediately adj
raud'i^ to
advantage to call upon or address Geo.
. Foreat of Mission City, B, C. He has
some choice lands for sale suitable for
I gardening, fruit aud other profitable union-
triea, besides being convenient tu a oity that
is growing rapidly with bright prospects
ahead of it. Exchanges marlc fur farming
lands and stock, ote.
At The News office job printing of every
character and description can he turned out.
Mr. Tytler of Chilliwack, will be in town
on Saturday next and for a few day* following will ho prepared to photograph Buildings, Groups, Cattle, etc., at moderate
prices. For particulars apply to Mr. C.
Smith, Matsqui Hotel.
All orders for Drugs, Medicines, Patents
or any thing in the Drug Line, dispatched
promptly and carefully, Stamps or P. O. O.
as cash, from Nelson's Drug Store, 10U
Cordova St., Vanoouver, B. C. P. O. Box
58. Physicians prescriptious prepared carefully and only by qualified chemists.
We desire to call the attention of the
people of Mission City and surrounding
oountry to the fact that Mr. Wm. Byers
has opened up a general blacksmith shop
here. He is an all around mechanic, and
capable of doing well anything in his line of
business. In horse shoeing and repairing
farm machinery he can't be beat. We trust
that ho will receive the patronage of the
entire community.
Do not force pear trees. They grow too
rapidly and blight setB in. A slow, steady
growth is the safest. If you find some of
your fruit trees are worthless, do not lie
afraid to remove them.
Bees are a source of profit on tlie farm.
If you cannot get tame ones do the next
best aud catch wild ones. T. H. Lehman
of Mt. Lehman bus a couple of Bwarois he
captured and they are doing well.
"How is it with you?" naked the editor
of a subscriber who was dying in arrears,
"All looks bright before me," gasped the
subscriber. "I thought so," said the editor.
"In about ten minutes you'll see the blay.e."
"Strikes uro but war in pasive form.
They are necessarily destructive in their
nature, and, like all wars, involve non-com.
butunts on the sufferings they cause. And
thoy become tnoro destructive and Include
a larger area in these losses and sufferings
us the division of lalmr become* more
minute and t lie ramifications of exchange
extend. But to attotnpt to euro them by
repression is to begin at the wrong end.
Underneath their iiifringmcmcntsof natural
right lie those deeper and wider infringements of natural right which arc concentrating wealth and power in the hands of the
few and making the lalwrer helpless save as
ho can combino and light for his own hand."
—Henry George, in N. V. Herald.
At the Altar of Hymen.
Last Monday evening, at the residence of
.Ml-, and Mrs. Archibald York, Andrew
York and Miss KUa Jane Elmer were united
iu the honda of matrimony by the Rev Mr.
McGollough. The wedding was quiet and
unostentatious. Mr. A. Lynn-Browne was
the iit'st mnn, and Miss Monroe the brides*
maid. There were present Mr. and Mrs.
Archibald York, Mrs. Elmer, the bride's
mother, Mies Monroe, A. H. Lynn-Browne,
H. B. French, W. C. Haywood, H. A. Miller,
W. R. Dunn, Rev. Mr. McCollough and
A. H. HowelU.
After the ceremony and the young couple
congratulated by their numerous friends the
entire party were invited to a sumptuous
dinner prepared for the occasion. That'
being over the party returned again to tlie
parlor and indulged an hour or so in conversation, song and recitation. Messrs.
Dunn and Browne, with their usual aptitude, entertained the party in a highly satisfactory degree. The blissful hours of
matrimony were revived in the hearts of
those that had gone through the expci-utnce
and the hope of what might some day happen cheered the hearts of the less fortunate
memllers of the happy gathering. The de-
mrs of the memorable   e<
C. Crook & Co.,
INARMS, Residential and Business Proper-
*    ty, for Sal* or Exchange on Easy Terms.
Givk Cs a Call at—
51? CORDOVA ST.,  Vancouver.
Office- Hours:—9 A. M to 8 p. M.
irculating Library.
nucleus for a large Circulating
Lib ary, I have placed upon the shelves over
a h ndred books. Others will be added as
t/cci tion requires. In the list now in stock
are included works by such well-known
autl ors as Dickens, Thackeruy, Hawthorne,
Coo >er, Dumas, Verne, Besant, Haggard,
Colnns, Carleton, Dana, Reudc, Brandon,
B.'aeme, "The Duchess," Josiah Allen's
, Sand, Buchanan, Lyall. The works
ition take a wide range, from Jules
e's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under
»" to Bunyan's " Pilgrim's Progress."
there are Emerson's and Lamb's
, Home Cook Book, Book on Ladies'
Vork (illustrated), etc.
j books will be lent or sold, as the
p may desire, 1
i this
ing couple are well known
community, and their numerous friends w
wish them much joy and happiness as the^
enter upon a united career in the journey of
life. That their lifji may bu one uninter
ruptcd period of bK,ytuid prosperity is the
desire and best wishes of Tue News.
The Nelson Drug Store is conveniently
located in the old Central Hotel building,
opposite Hotel Mission. Ij, is being heavily
stocked and will be one of the best equipped
stores of the kind in the Province. Hereafter the people of this community will re-
member that they ran get all they want in
the form of Drugs in this city.
Tho Tailor Tvrrw.
Chollic (exacting)— But thia «e*t ia
crooked as the very deuce, Snip.
Snip (in despair)—I Hii4-.it Vara
known that you wanted a stralflitr
City Niece—Oh, Unci* Haystack, eton't
make so much noise. You will wake
Fido upl
Uncle Hnystack—Great tanilpl I
guess not—for I reckon I've b*e» •it-
ting en it! I tliort it was haaet-tauted.
—Once a Week.
To Rent.
Farm of \W\ acres, orchard bearing fruit,
good house and barn. Located two miles
east of Mission. Apply at this oltice for
iMountain View House,
Comer of Oppenheimer Street and
Westminster Avenue,
Board With or Without Rooms.
21 Meals for $4.00.   Single Meals 25c.
WWhitk Labor O.vLV.ta
ik Block
Mission City, -J—
Clearing Sale of Children's Clothing.
aso sttits to select pbom
We are going out of Children's two piece Suits and will
clear the balance right clear out regardless of cost.
Don't miss It.
These Goods are all bought direct from
the Manufacturers, and cannot be duplicated for the money.  You get a $4.00
suit for $3.20, a $3.00 suit for $2.40,
and a $2.50 suit for $2.00.
You cannot make them at home for this price.
D. J. McLEAN & Co.
18 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C.
Drug: Store,
Horne  Avenue,
Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Sponges, Soaps, Hair,
Tooth, Nail and Cloth Brushes, Fine,
Pocket and Toilet Combs, Fancy Goods,
Books and Stationery.
NO NEED to send to other cities now, for we dispense Doctors Prescriptions and
Family Recipes carefully and correctly.     sOTatromjk Your Local Dki'ouist.'H
-Nelson's Cough Linutus, the Best Remedy for all Couphs, Colds,
Bronchitis, Etc., Etc.
ouery. Confectionery, Fruits,
jluts, Cigars, Tobaccos, &c.
C&itractor and Builder
All stork entrusted to ray car* is guaranteed
to be performed satisfactory.
Special Attention
Head Office and Wharf,
Vancouver, B. C.
Vakcouveb and Nanaimo—SS. " Cutch "
leavea C. P. R. Wharf daily (Sundays ex-
cepted) at 3:15 p. m., leaves Nanaimo daily
(Mondays excepted) at 7 a. m. Cargo at
Company's wharf uutil 12 uoon.
Vancouver and Non'ritKRN Locoino
Camfh and Settiements—SS. "Ooinox"
leaves Company's wharf every Monday at
12 noon, for Gibson's Lauding, Soubelt,
Welcome Pasa, Nel-on Island, Lund, Her
naudo, Cortex, Read Inland, Rcdonda Island,
Stewart Island, and way ports to Port
Neville, returning same loutu.
Moodyville Ferry.
Leave Moodyville—
7,0, 11:45 a. «l, 2:30, 4:30 p. m.
Leave Vanoouver—
' 8, 10:16 a. m., 1:15, 3:30 5:30 p.m.
Fare- 25 cents each way.
I*' Steamers and Scows always available
for Excursion, Towing and Freighting Buai-
nonit. Storago Acoommoilation on Co.'s
Telephone 94. - P. 0. Box 217.
Leave New Westminster for Mission City,
Chilliwack and way landings on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 a. in.
Leave Chilliwack for Missies City, New
Westminster and wav landings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7 a. m.
At Mission City close connections are made
with the C. P. R. trains for the East and
Vancouver,.aud with th* B. B, and B. 0.
Railway for Wbaotom and Seattle.
For Freight and Passenger Rates apply to
Purser on board.
F. Power, Purser.
All industries established in Mission City,
in good faith, will receive free land, free
water, and free building of whatever dimen-
aion required. It is the most natural location for all kind* of manufacturing indos-
tie,i in tu* Province, son accessible to
iroaoTttra water trat^pormiou w^t-py^
directions. Those contemplating ataniug
their own industries, now or at any time
in the future, would do well, no communicate with the Board of Trade of this city.
Keeler'8 NurserY,
T   „ „     A Mailing Co'leotion of
1*00   Choio<!, aU We" Ro0t*cl
and Healthy Plants.
Four Fuchsias, double and Single; 4 Geraniums, double and single; 2 Mountain
Snow; 4 Foliage Planta, assorted; 2 Scented
Geraniums; 2 Ivy Leaf Gorauiutna; '2 Artillery Plants
Special Quotations for Lirge Quantities,
* or Retail. In auawer to your letter
prioca given by rtturn mail for pota.
Wedding RounuctH and Funeral Designs
iii'ule to order. Please state the price yuu
wish to pay and Flowers will he sent by
Express C. 0. I).   Addicts,
Nuiiskuvman, Mt. Pleasant P. O. Box 40.
Pioneer Art Gallery
Depot for Artists Materials.
Carving aud Gilding, Picture Framing, Etc,
Orders by Mail Promptly Filled.
m I I OKIM1V t ST., IIiuhkIif ('. I'. II, HT.tTIIIV
506 Hastings Street.
Real Estate dud
insurance Brokers,
Auctioneers and
Valuers, also
General Commission Merchants
«TAuction sates conducted at the salesrooms'
or at owners' residences,
Auction sides at Rooms cverv Monday at
2:30 p, in. " '
Canadian Pacific Navigation Co.
TIME  TABLE   No.   20.
Taking effect June 1st, 1S0.1.
Bread, Buns,
Confectionery and  Cakes
Fruit in Season.
Strawberries and Cream.
Jas. PLUMRIDGE, Proprietor.
Leave Victoria for
New Westminster, Ladner's Landing and
Lulu Island—Sunday at 28 o'clock;
Wednesday ami Friday at 7 o'clock.
Sunday's stmr. counects at New Westminster with C. P. R. train East.
Plumper Paaa, Wednesday and Friday
at 7 o'clock. Moresby and I't-nder
Inlands, Friday at 7 o'clock. Sidney,
Wednesday at 7 o'clock,
Leave New Westminster for
Victoria, Monday at 15 o'clock, Thursday and Saturday at 7 o'oloolt. Plumper "ass, Saturday at 7 n'nlock. Sidney, Thursday at 7 o'clock. Chilli,
whack and Way Landing*, Tuetiilay,
Thurad.ya andSatunUy at 7 o'clock,
Leave Victoria for
Vancouver, daily except Monday at S
Leave Vancouver for
Victoria, daily, except Monday at loilo
o'clock, or on arrival of C. P. R'y. No.
1 train.
Steamships of this Company leave for Fort
Simpaou and intermediate port* on tb*
first and fifteenth of each month. When
sufficient inducements offer, trips will be
extended to Queen Charlotte Islands.
Steamer Maude leaves for Alberai, Kcele,
Uclulet, and Sound Forts, tho first and
fifteenth of each month.
G. A.
CARLETON, Gin. Aurnt. ~
i ii—IWlii*  linn ii  mi
Cuaitbr VI.—Thr Indian's Story.
From Abrncabra, Chief of the Seven
Mountains, etc., to the pale face from the
land of the whites. Greeting—Know it, oh
Stranger, that many moons since, even before the tall pines grew where thou art
abiding, The Great Spirit of our forefathers
told our wise men that where thy stump
bouse stands would be a great place. It
was commanded that one of our race should
live there always and know it, oh Stranger,
that one 1ms lived there season after season.
Many moons ago we were told that another
race of people were coming to this great
country from across the seas, and that the
pale faces would over run our land like the
rabbits on the ground, aud that wc should
be all hunted like the wild loins of the
mountains and killed and our homes de-
itroyed, ami that the pale faces would soon
occupy nil our land. The Great Spirit
warned our wise men to prepare and be
ready for our enemy, the great enemy that
was coming to destroy us and all over this
ginii country many moons ago. The Great
Spirit appointed places in the heart of the
great forests and on tho tops of the great
mountains to communicate with tho wise
men of our race. Our race waa then divided
up into tribes and each tribe had its wise
men and councillors, and one of tho wise
men of each tribe lived alone in each of
those places appointed by The Great Spirit.
All the tribes scattered north, east, west
and south and even y year a great council
was held, ut which all the wise men attended and all things were told of the doings of
the race. Oh pale face, season came and
season went, and gradually thy people were
increasing, coming at first like the incoming tide, slow at lirst, but with each succcs*
sivo wave gaining more power and more
fury. Wars were fought and then commenced the slaughter of both thy race and
of our people, This went on for years and
soon wo were reduced in numliers, hunted
like wild animals and killed. A great battle
was fought (it tho place where thy house is.
It was between a great tribe called the
Sookeves and another trilie called the Humpbacks. A pule face had been captured from
thy people, oh Stranger, ami it was ou ac
count of this beautiful pale faced woman
that our tribes fought. A great battle it
was, thousand* of our tribe were slain and
sen! to liie happy hunting grounds. Our
chief fell in love with thy pale faced sister
and during the gnat light carriod her off.
He hid near tliy house and lived there for
days, tine night he waa discovered by tbe
enemy and tied, leaving the pale face in the
hands of tlie Humpbacks, Thuy killed her,
oh Stranger, and left and traveled many
leagues to the heart of the great mountains.
Abracahra returned with biz braves and
found her, arid she was buried on the spot
where thy s'.ftiup house stands. The great
chief Altr-ii-abra and all the wise men of the
v by the sun, moon and sUr* and
all to the Great Creator of u* all and who
commands even the mountains, the sun and
the stars themselves.
The End.
Epilogue.— I.
Years have grown and died and yet years
grow and die aud things happen in all of
them that are beyond our philosophy and
the least of them is not, perhaps, the story
just told of the Legend of the Stump. The
most curious part about it is that the facts
related in it have come tu pass, the place ia
a thriving village, the country around is
welt settled and becoming more populated
day by day, the iron band of steel that
binds great continents together runs through
it and the whistle of tho locomotive is heard
just as it was heard years since by the inhabitant of the hollow tree. The Government surveyor camped within a stone's
throw of tho tree in question, a few days
since, and chopped right and left, cutting
the right of way for another railway. The
place is fast being built upon so that it has
come to pass that just as the old man told
the settlers who visited him, and who can
to-day well remember him and vouch for
the truth of tho story. I have gone to
greutor length than I first intended to, but
I must claim the reader's kind attention yet
a little longer before I draw the curtain
over this very singular, yet true Btory, as to
the main facts; of course beef is beef whether you serve it up by itself or with a little
sauce, but I venture to remark that I believe the many readers who have favored ine
with their kind attention while endeavoring to put before them the few facts in connection with this strange story, will agree
with me that the beef is a little better for
the sauce, or rather with a little sauce; and
so, my friends, I have taken advantageJof
your taste and served up what, perhaps,
would otherwise have been a little dry, with"
a little trimming and embellishment or, in
other words, sauce.; . ,-. „
One bright Spring morning as a party of
hunters were making their way across the
Sumas prairie, they came across the body of
a man lying on the grass, the carrion fowl
of the air arose and flew away as they approached. The corpse had lain there for
sonnet hue ami one amongst the party identified the body as that of the old man who
used to live in the stump. How the poor
man had died or how long he had been laying there, are questions that can never lie
answered until the great day when all
secrets must tie brought to light. The
huntji-s dug a bole in the prairie and, after
making a rude box of cedar, put in what
remained of the poor old man and gave him
decent burial. As one of them read the
words of the burial service, another covered
up the grave and soon all that was to lie
seen Mas a mound of earth. Just as they
rode away a meadow lark rose high into the
air and sang her song over the poor man's
grave as if i she knew that his bones bad
found a resting place and that it waa echo,
ce of some one wh'- was h-pp' f
ing tbe voice i
to sit up awhil*. th* old servitor resolved to tell tbe story ef Wanda'* lor*
to him. It cnt him to the heart to
wound tbe young man'* feelings, but he
knew the task must not be shirked.
"Now, Master George," be began, in
an agony of apprehension, "you mustn't
take on, but I've a bit o' news for thee,
lad, as wunnot perchance be welcome."
"You mean Miss Arlington's engagement to young EveshaM?" cam* the
question, bo calmly aad deliberately uttered that Bladon gazed ia stupefied
"Why, yes," he said, "that'* what I
meant; but how came the* to hear of
"Her mother told me yesterday. Oh,
dear old friend, don't look so woebegone. One would think that you were
the deserted lovur to see your long face.
It is a thing for us all to rejoice at, that
the sweet girl has won the love of such
a sterling fellow as Harry Kvcsham."
"But I thought you lo'ed the lass
"Loved her; of court* I did, and shall
love her as long as I have sense to appreciate the sweetness of her character."
"An' jet you give her up so quietly.
Why, when 1 was a lad—"
"You were a terrible fellow among
the lasse*, I don't doubt, Bladon; but I
am alraid you cannot quite understand
my feelings for Miss Arlington—I hardly can myself. You see 1 was not bo
far wrong when I told you she was to
be nothing more than a sister to me."
"An'you're not fretting over the loss
of the lass?"
"No," said Arundel calmly, "for I
have not lost her y»t. I do.not think
Harry Evesham will refuse to let her
still be my loving friend and sister."
"Like as not," Bladon confessed, but
the reflection did not give him unalloyed pleasure. It was bad enough for
the young master to be smitten with the
charms of a pretty girl, but to carry his
devotion to her fireside, when she was
* married woman, was a proposal be-
vond the old man'* philosophy.
Weeks passed by, and Ocorgo Arun-
5el was pronounced sufficiently recovered to return to his lodgings In Glastonbury. Of course Dolman was munificently recompensed for all the trouble he and hi* family had been put to,
and candidly confessed that he did not
mind how often he turned his house
into a hospital, under similar circumstances.
Things had settled down into their
old groove. The sunshine of early
spring was already loosening the; ice-
barriers of the big river, and the;' children were looking forward to the
emancipation of a long holiday, Vfhffn'
an event occtirttd that wad of so .startling a nature that it completely changed
the aspect of affairs, as far as Wanda
Arlington was concerned. '
This was none other than the: payment of the sum of ten thousand dbllar*
to her order in th* First national (bank
of Glastonbury. There was no clpw to
the payee. The bank officials w New
York who hsd transmitted th' ift
declared that it was sent la the ' ar
way of business at th* request i, r-
fect stranger, „_ I
1 rWhcn!,.-,.^tirri»i   * »«»* '»
|      R. PEAKE,     |
$ Mission Citv R C   4
Mission City, B, C.   .
Insurance Effected on
Farm and Other
On Improved Farm Property. 3
7 J¥Z-
Stores and Residences
to Rent at Reasonm
able Rates.
S      R. PEAKE,     J
Mission City, B. C,
'/-lvz..sfc_rf.'-jsvi'-*.vz..sfa sh-3$l£
Pacific Ry.
Reduced: Rates
St. Paul,  Chicago,
Toronto,  Montreal,
All Eastern Points.
if For full information, apply to nearest
Ticket Agent. Aak for copy of Summer
Toura, New Highway to the Orient and
Annotated Timetables.
Diatriot Pan. Agent,
MS. SCLATER, Vsnooivw.
Ticket Agent, Depot,
B. C. Mills Timber and Trading Co.
New Westminster.
nwea ol tho mountains, to he I the knowlwlafc that tho'—
by ihe iwfti i
tftVfnge^ .\tul to exterminate all their enemy
kii'iwn, o|i Ktnuiger, as the Humpbacks
Who had fletl to the head of tlie mountain*
known hy tiie seven rrotwes. A wise man |
of tho tribe of Sockeyea was left to take !
care of the grave of the pale face ami Ahra- j
cftbrn started in pursuit of "Swim in the!
Water, chief of the HumpWkn. Very;
•oon a tree commenced to grow over the;
grave of the lxsatitiful pale face and summer ;
and winter was watched by the wine men
Of the Sockeye tribe. The tree grew rapid- ;
ly and got bigger than any in the forest.
One night a great storm arose .tnil the tree
was struck hy a streak of fife, known to
thy people} oh .Stranger, as lightning. Our
wise man saw it; and the tree commenced
to born. In the midst of the tire, oh I'ale- [
face, our wise man saw the beautiful litter
Who had been killed by the chief of the i
Humpbacks many moons since. She beck- ;
oned to him to come and soon he was in the
midst of the flame. He could not draw out >
and was soon in Haines. Abracahra saw the
fite from afar off and came to see the tiling, j
He found his  wise man scorched  to death]
-the inn
The sins may fade away-
Hinuelf grew dim with age,
And nature sink in year,
Rut ihe''
Tlie loving spirit of a material body,—
Immortal she—
—" Will flourish in eternal
Youth, unhurt, amid the war of
Klements and the crash of worlds."
Ahbotuford. B. C, October flu, \JHA.
and a message saying that henceforth that | face.
By Kkksakb lln.any.— Copyrighted.
CoNTisi-Kit ntOM Last Wkkk.
''Yes, I low ymi, Harry," »he murmurs almost inaudibly, with a faint,
long-drnwn sigh.
"I never believed such hnpplnes*
could be mine," be vow* with restiiey,
"Then, do so now, .tt*ur," she whispers, *4 with closed eyes nhe kikvs bit
place was to be the  home  of the pule face.
The tree was burner] hollow and is the tame
today itu it was then, oh Stranger. A pale
face who was held captive hy Abracahra,
was left to live in the stump and the spirit
of thy sister, fill Stranger, would always
lead a stranger there when one died that
was living then-; thou r«jincmliercst. thy
dream by the roadside and the hand that
led thee here. It was the hand of the pale
face who was killed by " Swim in tho
Water," chief of the If limbecks. Vow thou
knoweet the secret of the stump and that
thou art chosen as the wise man of thy peo.
pie, nurl thou r-aii tell thy people the things
that ar**. going to Isi here, even nn our wise
men tell us of thy people. This will he a
gi'i-at pleoe «oon, oh Stranger, and thy people will come from OCTOU the great sea and
aCTOU the mountains, and the Indian will
Iks no mora) but know it, oh Pale face, that
We go to the happy hunting grounds across
the Seven Mountains of the Seven Crosses,
and Abracahra will hunt for the spirit of
thy pale faced sister. The Indian arose
after having read the last, sheet and took
the whole bundle of birch hark and put it
in the lire. He then drew his blanket around
him and sainted me, went out, followed by
his dog, aud was soon out of sight. I now
knew tlie secret of the strange things f saw
ami heard ami prepared myself for more r
then set to work to writedown the Indian's
■tory iu my hook, as I did many more curious things that happened during my residence In my si range abode, and some time
in the future I will lay them before VOUJ
hut who can tell or who can say whether I
will be permitted to do ho, as I am here
under the commands of Abracahra, the
'treat Chief of the Seven Mountains. Yet
there is ouo greater than ho and I will leave
An hour! tl it an hour, or a minute,
nr a year?-*this dream too tweet for
words Vj pleture.
Then the mother must be told. Tbe
frentlc loring mother, who ha* borne
so much for them both. Pshaw, Wanda,
you need not tremblo so, you need not
shrink with ft great fear of the suppose"!
wrong you have done. That gVOerOttfl
heart ha* long bead .vating with the
hope that the day might come when
■he conld truly call you daughter.
So Harry Kfesham starts on his way
exultant, while pour Idhid OeOTga Arun
..,,.jt, th} . conY
tartly acknowledgement of iW
kindred, and that **anda wi
justified ia taking possession
Thus it fell out that tlavana It
teacher even before the vacatio;
Mrs. Evesham welcomed bach,
the sunshiny pretence of Harry'i
ised wife.
Of course Miss Arlington wanfd to
give all her money to her benefi
and, equally of course, Mrs. E1
refused to take advantage of heifl generosity, though it was agreed th It tin*
interest of the money should be largely
spent in the current expenses of^the
Then they hurried to notify [ Mr.
Hardcastle of tbe singular windfall, in
the hope that the news would reach
Harry before he started for Europe, but
here they were disappointed.
"Harry sailed on Wednesday. Tour
-otnmunication so important that I shall
-e with von in a few days to personally
ISOttM matters," the genial old gentle-
aau telegraphed.
And none was more pleased at Wan-
a's good luck than George Arundel.
Ie hud been the .lrst to congratulate
ler und combat a half-formed intention
o refuse, the money, which in the first
arprtsfl was seriously meditated.
Bladon was the only one who did not
cem quite satisfied with the situatioa
f affairs, or why did he mutter so mo-
Otoly to himself one day when he wae
moking his pipe under tho apple tree:
"So that's what that lawyer chap
om" -'own from New York usjuut. It'e
be lirst secret you ever kept from me,
•Jaster George, and I don't think tlie
>etter of you f#r it. 'Tuint so much tbe
noney- what's ten thousand dollars to
llfO if ho had his rights --but it's the
jiing it book  from  me  Unit hurts
del Uei on his bed of pain with no | Then to bear them girls talk of the
hright hopes bofbfe him: verily, "to] aaa' relations getting a streak o' eon*
him that hath shall be given, and from I *eienee an' Master Ueorge sitting by us
him that hath not shall be taken away
even that he hath."
Then Wanda shyly and with great effort tells the glorious news to William
Bladon, who oddly enough is now Inclined to be cross with her beeattte ■he"
has not preferred his boy us the idol of
her aiTeetioTis. So it happened that one
day, when George Arundel had gained
eo much strength that he was permitted
Jeinure as a cat by a cream howl—Lord,
t's enough to make a sitting-hen
laugh "
There was a flutter of preparation In
Mrs. fOvesham's cottage, for Harry's
friend and employer, the great Mr.
Hiirdeustle, hud graciously consented to
be its guest for a few flays. Imckily
circumstances had enabled tbe widow
to give up the store, which she had
metamorphosed into a pretty parlor,
and tbe old sitting-roora was converted
into u charming chamber for the distinguished guest.
He came, saw and conquered, and
had not been in the house a day before
he had won the affection of every member of the household, predisposed as
they were to reverence one who had
been so good to Harry.
Was ever u man so potted and made
so much of? The daintiest dishes were
essayed in his behalf; the brightest
flower adorned his chamber, and throe
charming women were ever ready to
listen with gleaming eyes to his endless
flow of reminiscences and small talk.
To the man who had never known
Lath, Shingles, Mouldings, Plain and Fancy Pickets.
Doors, Windows^ Frames, blinds, Turned W6i>k., &c, and all kinds of Interior
Finish. , Plain and Carded Mantels, Store and Office Fittings,.
^  -.:  i Fruit and Salmon Boxes^ Net-floats,, &c.
Importers of Plafe, Fancly and Common Window 'ttH .-» %*t* f
Yards and Warehouses, Columbia St. West.
R. JARDINE, L<jcal Manager.
British Columbia
Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862.
Cafitai, Paid Up, £800.000—12,920,000
[With power to increase.1
RlalRTi Fund,    .    £260,000-11,286,333
Victoria, Br. Gol,      Nelenn, Br. Col.
Vancouver, " Han Frauoiaoo, Cal.
N. Westminster, B. C. Portland, Oregon.
Nanaimo, "    Siattle, Washington,
Kamloop*, "    Tacoina,        "
Head Office, GO LomhttrdSl., London, Kng.
CANADA—Bank of Montreal andBranchea;
Canadian Bank of Commerce and Branohea;
Imperial Bank of Canada and Branohea;
Molaon'* Bank and Branohea; Commercial
Bank of Manitoba, aud Bank of Nova
UNITED STATRS-Aienta, Bank of Mon-
treal,  New York;   Bank of  Montreal,
Chicago. ^	
lAVIIfi* Bill nlPAKTMMT.
Deposit* received from %\ upward., and
interraf. allowed [preaeut rate] at 3.J I'nu
Cint. I'm Annum.
Telegraphic Tranafera and Remittances to
and from ill points c.n he made through
this Bank al current rates. Collections
carefully attewkil to. Bullion purchased,
and every description of Banking Business
WM. MURRAY, A'-rim Manaukr.
Vancouver: B. C, July 2. 1892.
ON Approved Real Estate Security, in Amounts
to Suit the Borrower.
Money Advanced to Take Out Crown
Grants.   No Delay.
j FlRE   INSURANCE Written at Lowest Rates.
4 FARM LANDS For Sale and Estates Managed.
" Pacific Coast," "Alliance" and
" United Fire" Insurance Companies, and The Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities Corporation of Hud-
dersfield, England.
Post Office Block, Mission City.
j£»"7}S"2vS' 7}S-/}S-Zpr 2$5-*}S-2$S-J}S ■^V-J$^^^/^^Z^$r^^£!j5^■^$^ly^ltJZ-l$?-lp-!•|?
-Till HIINW.B-
Teamster and Drayman,
ia slwsy* ready to truster yonr
Baggage and Freight
from the car. and the boats to your
stares and homes on shortest notice.
My Prices are Reasonable
and the transfer done without damage
Cordwood Always on Hand
The Large»t Hotel in Mission City.
IT Deals in First-Class Trade.   A. Large Sample Room
Free for the Use of Commercial Men..


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