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The Mail Herald Feb 24, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railw
agricultural   and
centre   between
and the Pacific ocean.
^he Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone--The recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
Vol. 22-No 16
$2.50 Per Year
Small Deficit on Last Month's
Work of Y.M.C.A.-Mem-
bership Second
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of directors of the Y.M.C.A.,
was held last evening. Those present
were Robert Howson, president;, J.M.
McKay, W. Bews, J. Goble, W. H.
Wallace, L, Stewart, J. H. Lyons,
W. H. Pratt, J.M. I'uterson, J. Gordon and the general    secretary.      Re-
Laborer at Tunnel Meets Death
on Sunday—Inquest
John Morrison aged 35 years a
laborer at the tunnel at Field, was
killed on Sunday by a larga rock falling on him which caused injuries from
which he died in nine hours. He was
of Scotch descent an.l leaves a sister
Marion  Morrison in    Newva'.ley  Scot-
Twenty-two Men Enlisted—Are Splendid Specimens of
Manhood—Only One Married Many More Applicants
Anxious to Join
ports of the various committees were   land.  An inciuest was held
read as follows      Treasurer's report  Taylor  of Golden    and a verdict
by  W. H.  Pratt; physical report   by   accidental death  was    returned,
Twenty two men, the full number
allotted to Revelstoke for enlistment
in the third contingent, have been
enrolled and are now drilling three
times daily at the drill hall. The
number rirst allotted to Revelstoke
was 21), but an additional two men
were afterwards permitted to be enrolled and many more are still anil
ous to join.
The men  enlisted are splendid sped
Archie Habishaw,, Revelstoke, dingle
age 31, height 6 ft. weight 181, United  States.
Osmond Harper, Revelstoke, single,
age 29, height 6 ft 3 in., weight 170
lbs., Irish.
Alex. James, Revelstoke, single,
age 29, height 5 ft. 8 in, weight 1U5
lbs. Scotch.
William H. R. Linnell,
single,     age     _'G, height
5  ft. 10 In
mens ot  manhood and  physically  are ! weight KiO lbs., English.
J.H. Lyons;    educational report     by   blame being attached to anyone
J.  Gordon;   statistica'l report  by    A.   Howson    of R. Howson & Co.,
se committee by  W. H.   brought the body to Revelstoke   this
but the date of the funeral .height  with deep    chest  measurement
fixed and several others ure within an inch
Thomson;  hous
Wallace; religous, by J. Goble. morning
Receipts for the month of  January   has not as yet heen
among the best recruits yet obtained.
Six  of the 22 are six feet or more    in
were {514.55 aind expenditures $53'1.
70 a deficit of $20.1-5. The secretary
placed before the board the necessity
of working Jyogethcr bo keep the association out of delit atpresant. There
is $-50.00 to be paid for insurance
and next month being the closing
month of the association year, an effort should be made to bring tho
year to a close with a small surplus.
The Work of the nssocint'ioti is steadily increasing. The gymnasium classes are the largest attended in the his-
torv of the association, the reading
room is used extensively. One of the
latest features which  is     proving     a
Bachelors and Married
Men Roll Same Score
On Monday evening au interesting
bowling match was played in the
Y.M.C.A. alley, when a four man
team of married men. bowled oil
against a single men's team. Iu the
lirst game the bachelors won out by
only 11 pins while in the second game
the score was "i53 even.     This is
of being sis feet in height. As soon
as orders are received the contingent
will leave for Victoria to complete
its training and in the meantime
Capt. Sawyer and Lieuts. Brock and
Grant will teach the men
lhe rudiments of manual exercises
ami company drill. All have passed
the mcdica'l examination and all  but
one are single. H	
Of  the  men  enlisted    12  are  Cana-   weight  167 lbs
dian,   Uve  English,    two     Irish,  two      Car]    Amos
Sydney Slater Langill, Revelstoke,
single, age 22, height 5 ft. 8 in.,
weight 160 lbs.  Canadian.
Cleve Moore, Revelstoke, single,
age 43, height 5 It. 6 in., weight 155
lbs.  Canadian.
W. J. Mulbirhill, Revelstoke, single,
age -24, height 0 ft. Gin. weight 173
lbs. Canadian.
Alex, YMclnnes Revelstoke, single
age 21, height 5 ft. 7 in., weight 14-1)
lbs. Canadian.
Hitch Karl Nelson, New Denver,
Bingle,     age 23, licleht 5 ft.  11-J  in.
Angus Mackay Reappointed by
Presbytery to Malakwa—
Next Meeting Penticton
groat success,  is     the     Intcrmediato
Bible  study class supprr h'ld on Tues-   first   time  during      the season,   thai
day evenings at 6.15.  The young lad-   two teams rolled up exactly the sum,
score. In the lust game the married
men went down to defeat loosing by
To pins
its of the gymnasium classes provide
the dainties and thc boys pay 10
cents. After partaking of the good
things, the pyhsical director, Mr.
Harding takes charge of the Bible
class. Fourteen were present last
The membership to date shows a
decrease over last year of 22. The
present  membership is 10-9.
Die Hards and Federals
Play Close Game
W.  Wood,
M.  I'atcrson,
A. Sturdy,
Married Men
1 A.  Thomson,
I J.   Young,
Ai,   K.   Hose,
r.33     4i.;i
Scotch und one American, They   are [single
as  follows:
H. A. Faulkner,  (corpl), Arrowhead
Bingle,      age  2i,,   height  5    ft. 11  in;
the  weight 158 lbs. English.
I George Bennett, Revelstoke, sit-gle,
ace 31, height 5 ft. C in; weight 140
lbs; English.
Ralph   Bogan,  Revel3toke,       single,
age 31, height 5 ft. 7 in; weight   170
I lbs; Canadian.
George Burkctt, Summit Lake,
single, age 19, height 6 ft.; weight
167  Canadian.
Harry Davenport, Revelstoke,
single, aire 18, height r> ft. 6 in.,
weight  150-, English.
Thomas S. Huggard, Arrowhead,
single,     age S3,    height 5 ft.   11 in..
N'elgon,      Revelstoke,
age     21, height 5 ft. 7 In.
weight US Ths.  Cnnadinn.
Robert Stuart Nelson, New Denver
single,      age 2fl,     height    6 ft.  3 in
weight l'-'l lbs.  Canadian.
Reginald  Potts,
age  '22,  height 5
lbs. English.
Arrowhead,  single,
ft. 9'in.,  weight  135
70 *
Those  who
game In the
161 '
weight   170 lbs.,  Irish.
William J. Parton, Arrowhead,
married, age 42, height 6 ft., weight
156 Its..  Canadian.
David   Pyp-ar,    Revelstoke,      single,
ge '7. height "• ft. 11 in., weight 195
lis.. Scotch
Herbert Arthur Ra'incock
Btoke single, aee 22, height
weight  177 lbs., Canadian.
Thomas Walker. Golden, single, age
30, heieht 5 ft. 9 in, weight 175 tbs.,
turned     out  (o see the
     Y Ma*.A. gymnasium on
Monday evening wore thoroughly repaid, as the gume was ull that anyone would wish to soe. The Fedi rail
played the Die Hards, and throughout the entire game fun and good
feeling reigned Bupreme, and many
were the laughs (rom the crowd as
some commical stunts were pulled otl
by  the  players.
The teams lined up on time and all
through the tirst hail the play was
fust aud furious, each Bide shot six
goals in the half, for the Federals
the successful shooters were, Lawrence, three; Wood two and Dupont
one; while for the Die Hards, Sibbald got three, Bruce, two and Whito
one. this split things up pretty even
ly. There wire three fouls committed
two by the Federals and one by the
Die Hards. All these were converted
and the scull- at hall time was 13 I'll in favor e,f the Die Hards.
The next half carried the same
spirit as th" first, i very player seem-
vii   te,  play   for the    fun  of  the  game.
and is the score mounted higher and
higher, tirst one aide and then on tho
other it was Impossible for anyone
to tell how the game was going to
end till the last, whistle hud sounded.
The Federals did the better ehootlng
tbis time and the score was always a
little in their favor, hut never
enough to assure them thc victory,
Wood did most ol the succeistul
uliootiug loi the Federals, getting
three ^oals, and Lawrence and (Jordon netted two each, for the other
side White trot two and Bruce one;
each eeam converted a foul making
the linal sroi'r ol 21 to '.'- in favor o(
tho Federals. One feature ot thu
game was that all tools committed
were converted, Woodlund getting
three and Dupont two.
After      the      game      was   OVSI    the
captain ol thi   Die Hards invited the
Other   team   .md the      nlhciiils   of   the
1:111111', to partake ol some light    re-
liesbnient at ono ol the ■ onloitloners,
nnd a very tolly line was enjoyed
Tin store was prnrlicnlly taken ovei
In the hunch, and music, song and
■tor) wire iu order. The Jolly part)
luiike up nt Inst with hearty thanks
l.e    I lie  Die  Hards for  their   hospital
The   lino  up  for  the evening   was aa
How to Obtain        'Canadian Soldiers at
Government Seed Grain!   Empress on Saturday
At the meeting of the Presbytery ol
Kamloops held iu St. John's church
home missions occupied a good deal
of attention. Reports were presented
from the various fields for the paBt
half-year and the grants passed. Tlio
work had been exceedingly satisfactory, but in a few cases special grants
wore asked for. It was decided to
put men into all the mission fields
during the coming summer. Angus
Mackay wus reappointed to Malakwa, where he has heen rendering
very acceptable service. Mark Phillips was reappointed to Arrowhead
The Tunnel and Rogers Pass, will
also have a missionary after April.
Provision was also niade for super
vising the different fields, by the
nearest   ordained   minister.
The report on Sabbath schools and
Young People's societies showed that
there had been considerable gain in
this department. The average attendance in Sunday school, showed an
increase of 97, and the cradle roll
had increased 102. The schools had
given $2IK) more for missions than in
the previous year. The enrollment 'in
Young People's societies showed an
increase of 275.
Presbytery decided that the present time was inopportune for producing a new hymnal and the clerk
was instructed to so notify the assembly's committee.
The report of the committee on
social service, called for a more aggressive policy along the lines of
social service. Wh.le there was evidence of Improvement, much remained
to be done, and the Presbytery de-
Revel- ('('e(J to take a forward step, both
ft. 9 in. [regarding social reform and also
A heartv vote of thanks was tend
ered the minister and congregal on
of St. John's for the use of the
church, and the hospitality of thc
homes, and also to the ladles for the
splendid banquet served on Thursday
evening. The next meeting will be
held  in  P-ntirton  on  August  24.
Mayor Will Preside at Meeting
in City Hall on March
W. C. Jackson, of the live stock
branch of the Dominion department
of agriculture, was in the city on
Monday arranging for the meeting in
Revelstoke planned by the Dominion
government to assist Canadian agriculturists, stockbre.-dcrs aad all others interested directly or indirctiy
in the productiveness of the soil, in
providing for such returns in 1915 aa
the world's market will most demand.
The meeting will bc held in the city
hall on Monday Murch S, at 8, p. m.
Mayor Foote will be in the chair aud
those chosen to visit the city are;
Professor W T. McDonald, provincial
live stock commissioner, Mr. P. H.
Moore, superintendent ()f the Dominion experimental farm at Agausiz,.
and Mr. li. L'uthl.'rrt, industrial commissioner of Victoria.
The government's plan has beeni
taken up enthusiastically and lv is.
believed that all farmers within reasonable reach of one of the meeting
places wlJ. make a point of attending
It is thought that it is a duty Ihey
owe not only to themselves but to
their country. The interior itinerary
'includes: Ashcroft, Ijebruary 22; Kamloops, February 24; Salmon Arm,
February 21; Knderby, February 25;
Armstrong, February 26; Vernon,
February 26; Kelowna, February 27;
Summed ind, March 1, Penticton,
March 3; Grand Forka, March 3; Nelson, March 4; ('resteer., March 5; Revelstoke, March 8.
Impressive  Ceremony  Marks
Elevation of New Bishop
of Kootenay
The consecration of the Very Rev.
Alexander John Doull, D.D., as Bishop of Kootenay took pluce at
Christ Church cathedral, Victoria,
this morning at 10.30 o'clock.
The ceremony of consecration was
performed bj the Archbishop of Rupert's Land, assisted bj the Bishops
i.f Calgary, Caledoniu, Sew Westminster, British Columbia and Olympian
The bishop elect was   presented     Ior
cons'cmtion  t.y   the    Bishop  ol  Cale
.Ionia   and   Columbia  and  thi    -
wai  preaclii il  by     thi      Rev,   I
Plumptre, rector ol St.  James' Cat
liedral.  Tni.e   '
The Bishop of Kootenay was born
at Hallfal and iduca>ted at Mcrchis-
ton,  Edinburgh and   uxlonl Onlver
sity.   He   was  ,.rl.i i.-.l   dl |
Bishop of  Rlpon  in  Is1', and   priest
iu iv'7, He waa curate ot the parish
church of 1, ll ■■ •     to M99, and
eunitc of the church ol the Advent,
Montreal, from 1899 to 1901, In 190J
he was appointed re.-tor ol the church
■if the Advent till 1910, when bc was
appointed to his lute o;!ice of rector
of Christ Church Cathedral.
There were two enrly celebrations
of Holy Communion at the cathedral
on thc day ol the consecration. nt
'• and 9 a.m., respectively.
Thn council of Salmoi Arm derided
to help alone the establishment of a
creamery hy granting free water and
electric  light  to  the end  of the year.
What is reported to i e the largest
hog ever brought into Bonn<tri Ferry
1 wns honeht by the people's Meat
market this we»k from .1. Hnwklnn.
Thc pnrk.r tipped the stele, nt IS"
\\. H. Pottrufl, secretary of the
Revelstoke Farmers institute has received from the department of agri
culture at Victoria the following circular regarding the supply of seed
ln accordance with our circulur of
Jan. 7. wo are announcing definitely
the progrura for this year's seed distribution.
Seed Fm  Co-operative Tests:
One pound each of three varieties of
corn and five pounds of alfalfa seed
will be sent to each of any eight
members of a Parmera' inst'.tute who
make appliCaUon  through thc secret-
i Animated pictures of the mobiliza-
Hon of the Canadian forces will be
presented at the Empress theatrq
next Saturday afternoon and evening
These pictures are very exclusive aa
the Industrial Motion picture company was accorded Bpecial privileges
in hoth the west and east where   tho
, troops were in training or in camp.
For instance, this company had tho
only camera inside the navy yard at.
Esquimau since war waB declared
and the panoramic, picture of the St.
Lawtence river showing the transports in the stream was thc only pic-
' ture allowed. These and other special
Joseph Medill Patterson Tells
How Belgian  War Films
Were Secured
arj    .; their Institute.   The members
of the institute are expected to     see
that   those   Who   red ive   the  com   und
alfalfa are io located us to represent
the  Various  soil  ee m lit ii.ns      of      the
Ibe used by him until he was .given per
The corn will be supplied free    but I ., ,,     ,. .      ...
mission  liy the authorities     at     Ot
there  will  he a charge of  10 ceuts per |
pound  for the alfulfu, money to   ac-
prlvltegos allowed the company were
secured througb Influential Canadians
because  they  felt assured  of  the    integrity of -Meyer Cohon and   his   assistants,  and  that no  piet ures woulo
Joseph MedJl 1'attersuu, who accompanied Weigle, the during press
photographer, who took tho War p.c
turi-s on the battle line, iu a descriptive article in one of the American
Journals,  has the following to say.
"At oue point 1 proposed to Weigh
that lie throw his camera in tu.
ditch. 1 promised to buy him anotbei
luter out' ol my own money if hii
would. He smiled ut me. I believe it
would be eusier to separate hi
his hands than irom Ins cinema e iu
Nakusp  Farmers Institute to
Establish Plant With I2Q0
Chicken Capacity
Nakusp. B.C., Feb. '23.—The monthly meeting ol the Farmers InsUtuta
was held Thursdaj   evening,  witb   T.
Abriel, president, in the cnair. The
members approved oi the d.r. ctors'
choice of a lot of Grace uveuue for
the establishment of the ComuAnitj
Incubator,   with ol   1,UK)
egg8. The bn'.ldtng will lie proceeded
>\ith at once and wih occupj a door
space of 11 It., partly In the ground
which will be excavated. Terms Of
five years have heen given on thf
Rev, ES. P. Flewelllng, rector of
Cranbrook, was in town Friday. He
is out un vacation and a h s way to
Victoria,   where    be    ■ ttended   the
: ition  of  the    I t      nf
Kootenay this morning.
Mis.   North  had  B   nasty   spill  from
a sleigh on Brmise road a few     days
ago but is     le to be around.
\t tl of tbi Women's
ite sirs ■• a lecturi
on household : ement. A demon
'•:   >e    .UJ     Wi:S
given by    the *   ind si  ■. il
Dis Hard".-sibbald f Bmre,
Woodland.  C;  Cursler.  g.  White,  g.
Federals — l.nwrendf/'t; Dupont.
Wood, c,  Mcf.eod. g; Oordon. g.
• ompany requlsll Ion
The object ol this distribution Is
to introduce these most valuable
crops to our ranchers We do so with
the heai'irst i ."'iiiiiiiicnd.'itions and
beg to suggest that no reasonable ef
torts should hi spared to grow Ibem
successfully.   ThOSI   who   receive      the
I I  are  expected  to return  a report
On   the  growth   and   adaptability      of
the crop ui    the end     ol th • sens in,
Blank  forms for  tbc purpose  will    bo
Improved Seed fnr General Seeding
Thc department has secured  a supply of Mlnnestoa, No. Ill, Northwest
crn Dent, and a limited quantity   of
Quebec   N"    It  corn,      which    we can
supply  to  members  of Farmers'    in-
itttUtSS at '' rents per  pound.
As alrnaiK announced, the department is importing direct from Denmark on" ton of Danish Sludgsvrop , son
mangel seel This seed haa been
bread, selected and Listed by the
Banish government. We phnll be alflo
to siippU  II   tt  '"•' <• nts tier pound
The SlIMem which   met Inst   year's
i-npi.i Utloil  ...  it"  B     ..nts bus     en
•■■! tie  department to continue'
the work thl    v   er   Seventeen tons of j
n igtftert1    .. i     hnve     been  secured,
from     the     "Carleton County Good
Seed Centre" through   the Canadian
'•'ell ing on  the  Pacific roast.      and
lending With  the embarking     of     the
iniops  at   Quebec,  the  pictures faithfully  deplCl   the  various scenes  in  the
routine ol     Canada's     mobilization.
: Many Interesting sidelights an-shown
in Ihis feature and every loyal Can-
udiau   Will   no  doubt make  it a  point
to see the turns on Saturday, Pictures li'ic these will be an Inspiration  to  the bins who are willing and
Iready   to  answer  a s.c.ml      call      to
. urmB.
The matinee performances will    be
gin   it 2.30 o'clock   ,nd      tho    night
cra. Se we trudged along that     hal^
mile of exposed road, he carrying his   ,.,.w merubei tccepted.
club was held   it  thi "f   ll.
I.,  iii,iii:. :i w - Ini sdaj evenin ■ \\u:
•   I mbera   was
•   followi i i.e.   | dam
lifty-poiind camera am! I Carrying ths
forty-pound bag ol Impedimenta,   A
soon   as we   jot   well   si irted   00      le
treat my mind left me. it wus thi
flame and the bullet, the flame low
and turgid, and whenever u shrapne
.shell screamed by the flame ■ erne I
to be blown over to tin   obUque,     A
shrapnel   ease   holds  2'.i'2   bullets,    uni
tho case itself     also    breaks up.     A
shrapnel  burst mg thirty leet     abovi
ground  is supposed to kill everything
within twenty yards forward anl ten
...ni   sldewlse.
"Whenever one burst  pretty     aeat
-g^-^-^— me—wltnin 2(H)     or     300   yards—th«
 '—   'lame   seemed   to   blow   over   until      i'
9 i Growers' association. was quite flat a,ud borisontal. Almeesi
The sample  is     slightly  discolored   to my surprise then  it would     right
but  germinates 95 per cent     and     is   itself again, and several times
performances at 6.46.
With  the I Itrary-
■   ■ i ■ anbi ook's p.issen-
la b I .■..<; :t
wi s 12 years .... It is rumored however, that the old Soo Spokane -Portland flyer will be put on again In
March running fi < • r.■ Bi ston to Portland via the Crow's >.'    I     aSS.
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I tl.e!
free from weeds. Seed oats have oeen   strength  enough to say viciously     tn
almost impossible to obtain this sea-   Weigle,  'Vou said you ajntcd t
Thc price is   three    cents    per'shrapnel burst near you. Well,    you
pound,   minimum     order    sixty eight  heard that one, didn't you?'
pounds.      Only    multiples     of     this j    "If the German artillery ha.1     had
amount oan be supplied, as wo  can- the range on that road filled wtthth'
not   break   the  seal   on the  sneks. retreating
Ml   orders  must   come  through    the   hnv-
Farmers'  Instil
'111    following are the prices
Corn. (. cents per pound, prepaid.
Mangels, 2S cents     per pound, prepaid.
Onts,  3 cents per pound, prepaid.
Uelglnn column thev c
done enormous damage. But
they were 'se ircblng.' I suppoa I
thought the Belgians were deployed
In thc fields on each side of the road,
for it seemed to me that tho sheik
were bursting In the fields bordering
thc road, but not ln tho road   itself.
\t least 1 don't know uf any that
burst, on the road, yet a lew minute;*
afterwards I saw anumbei ol branob>
is from roadside trees tie.,1 hud been
C it ofl  by  bullets  and  dropped    leafy
ii l egrw d on the gr nil • pavli g
.   I ran  do     nothing  but esll-
nate, of cours:; but 1 don't think
that 30 consecutive seconds went by
when a shrapnel wasn t exploding
i   mil"."
■    e     ;■ ,.      • t ,    the    Mail
Herald, In eon ui cl on with the Onl*
cuko Tribune,   Revels! lie  is to    have
iportnnlty    ol    ■ •■ n | Weiffle'e
wondi rful n otlofl pi tui ■■■  taken    at.
the front, which   will   be shown    at
[the Empress theatre for two days. PAGE TWO.
Furniture Polish
House Cleaning time requirements—
What a difference 25c of Polish makes
Every piece of Furniture looks like new-
Very little work, but great results -
Try our Magic Furniture Polish, 25 and 50c.
If you are not satisfied we will refund your money
Tinsmith in<
Starts  March  1st.
Bargains to Please our Customers as in
Previous Years
BREAD is the stafl ol life, but this applies only to good bread, we
venture to say that il you will give our bread a trial we can convince you that our Bread is worthy of the name—"The Staff of
Life"—in style and quality as Bakers loaf, Home-made, Vienna, Cottage, French, Twist; also Rye, raisin and Graham Bread.
HONEY, that is absolutely pure, gathered and bottled in B.C., as
this is the season for honey, we would advise you to give this a
trial as to purity. Only a limited quantity. Come early if you want
honey that Is honey only.
Phone 41 HOBSON'S Box 734
Canada Cement
J ust received from t lm mill
a ear ot* this well known
cement. The price is a
little lower.
Aoknth i'iik ('an mia Dement
Strictly First-Class
Rooms- Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and  Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street. Revelstoke, B. C.
i.i ii il>  U ( 11 MM' i|i.\ I ii >N REASONABLE RATES
Hotel Victoria
If   Lai ohton, Pnor*.
Choicest of Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Union  Hotel
A   I'.  LBVBSQOB,  Proprietor
-f^DI FMTAI       Suiteblv furnisher] with the
J. Albert Stone, Propretor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Ciprars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly ratefl.
Zhe flDatUlbevalb
work to a few man until the appropriations for regular road work arrives.
There ure 96 telephones   in   Prince
Good  leather    can
lish skins.
be made from
jntcrioc ftubltsblng Company
E.  G.  ROOKE, Manager and Editor.
As a mislcader of public opinion,
the press of Turkey is in a class by
Translations have been made of
articles that appeared in tbe newspapers there in which it is stated
that the kasier was converted to
Mohammedanism 15 years ago. For
political reasons he has kept it secret but now can conceal his "change
of heart no longer. Upon his confession'of faith, the stories run, the entire army stall of the Great Chezar
became Moslem. This was followed by
a wave of Moslem conversion through
out the two Teutonic empires. Upon
this the rest of Europe attacked tho
newly-converted Moslem empires in
order to check the spread of Moham
medanlsm throughout the rest ol
Europe. Consequently, Germany and
Austria are lighting thc battles uf
the  Moslem world.
One other paper his this item:
"The speech of bis Moslemic Majesty Shezar Vilyam the Second, delivered last week from the throne of
the former house of the French parliament, is a lasting credit to his
wonderful record. There, surrounded
by the vanquished, hi oflered his
imperial right hand to all the for
■ mer deputies ol the French house ol
representatives, whose hearts were
touched by his Moslemic Majesty's
From the "Ladies' Journal" of
Constantinople comes this startling
"The harem of his Moslemic Majesty Chezar Vilyam the Second, together with the harems of his stafl
officers, will visit Constantinople
early text spring. Teu of the most
powerful ol the captured British
dreadnoughts will escort the imperial
Another paper tells ol the massacre
\l..slc-m Indians in     South
Prom   .m   Asia   Minor   public
rns the following:
• : ee.- to k  - - received
by the Germanic den       ; , from
i     -.i'i,.     ti;e euitre
f thai
Majesty   The
ill  tni^
nd that 1
At the schools in Cranbrook there
are  11)2 pupils.
Bob Lemon started the  first    store
1 in Three Forks.
F. Soues died in Vancouver last
month aged S3 years.
I    Buttercups were picked early     this
month in Penticton.
John Tier has built a new store and
residence in Roseherry.
In Chilliwack the price of bread
has advanced '20 per cent.
'    The sawmills in Kootenay are shipping lumber to Ch'ieago.
Vou cannot hurt your business by
putting an ad in the local paper.
Some lemons were grown at Erickson in East. Kootenay, last year.
David McKay, St. Francis hotel,
Vancouver has made an assignment.
Dr. .I.C. Fagan died in Victoria
last week from tubercolosis, aged 58
Tbere will be a big crop of fruit ut
Penticton this year, according to
the buds.
Eight of the mines in the Slocan
shipped a total of 10,269 tons of
bine ore.
The Indians of the Northwest have
given (18,000 to the Canadian Patriotic fund.
The Rossland carnival spent $2,400
tbis year.   Of thut amount $1,500 was
We are offering CLOSE PRICES on:
Bourne Bros.. Ltd.
Telephone 22
First Street
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
President Vice-President
KDWARD HAY, General Manager.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Brach
A.B. MoOLBNRGHAN, Manager.
[or hockey prizes.
The people along Boundary creel
:lnnilil watch their chickens. They, an;
liable to cough up nuggets.
Mrs. G.13. Garrett, of Grand Forks,
is in New Denver, visiting her dear
[riend Mrs. Talma Angrlgon.
Large  lish pluuts      in      Seattle  ar«
preparing to move to Prince Unpen.
Rupe will soon be the Grimsby ol
The production of   coal in    u. O.
last yeur was 2, t'i-4,'lk7 short tons,
(if this amount 393,502 tons w. re
made into coke.
There are about 200 men working
In the mines around Sandon princip
,-illv upon development work. Thu
slides are down.
According to .i recent compilation
there are between and including
Manitoba and the Pacilic coast 30
dally and 500 weekly papers published in Western Canada. The first paper on record in Western Canada was
published at Fort Garry (now Winnl
peg) in IS59, and the development ol
country  from  that  date     is In
Icated by the growth of the publish-
Bob-sleigh'my down the Phoenix hill
i  demonstrated its dangers
as  ■■ .i- Dinted at  in The Li dge Borne
time ago.  While coasting down     the
i ill e.-i Monday night   a     slelghload
iver the enbankment all receiving more or l.'ss Injury.  Phemie   Mc-
n bad to   bave    Borne stitches
her I Mn-t   i ilivcr  is con
"■'I  'eei-  ., ;t w  days,  Don-
. Id Sn.'.i:   ,    it las   home     with     a
ill  thi   others    are
'    -      .-      ' ■ ll      If 'el   ItiSl   S.
n-li    catch   Irom
Rupi rl  during .lanuary     was
• i -'iilui!   wah represi nted   by
lounds,   ■ im-b  at Ave     cents
■ nd,       ri pre<sei ted     ?'U ,2."iH.
■■■    .'■   pounds
*■.'   ■. ■' t cents     tms meant
The i nd c tch    mounted     t o
:   n ■     ■ 11 Ing    haul
■ inds   ef      mles, 4 Ofl
of I pounds
di   ol
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected- approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears-
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1085
Meets every  second
and Fourth Tuesday
in  the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Uret ln-en are cordially Invited.
Dr. McLBAN, Die.   H.L. HAUG.Seo,
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
SS Second Street, Revelstoke,B.O.
I. O. O.  P.
MeetB every  Thursday  evening ln
Selkirk  Hall  at 8 o'clock.   Visiting  brethren  cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held ln
Sew Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
.lul IN  LEB, W.  M.
ROBT.    GORDON,    Secretary
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and  Piano-moving a
I 'In me l»f- 2T(..   Night Phone 346
.1. II. cruris
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE  NO.  3461
OF 1. O. F.
Meets ln St. Franci9 Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
In  month.      Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcomed.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
<*i"<i  In  Bng
, nt
i    lit.
■ i superintendent   ,.i    tbs Oana
dian Pacific rail ■ Bril
lumbia.   \t on* t Ime
iinrt..r e,n  ti tins     running
The Canadian Pe Ifli railway, nr-
straightening the road I tht bi Idge
Just north ol town The money iot
this work is bring furnished i.v ths
Canadian Pacific railway, while tbi
work is being supervised by ths got)
urnment ro "i olflt li li   This will Kiv..
Newspaper Plant ft Assets
i rtMi Ived bj the un
'■' 'i up 'o i; o'clock noon     ol
■ fe.i thi pureb. ■ . i nii ths
'    thi     Inl dishing
Limited, being the    pre
mine* occupied i.v them on MoKensli
B.I       n'  I  nil the
plant, debts    and
other assets r,f the said C 'mpinv. an
■ oi v ol w\ ii-ti mav 11 Inspected
al of obtained from ths offloa of the
eiiieleriii-n.il    upon   application    Terms
ot Kii.- cash   Thi highest ..r any ten
der nOt nerrssiirily nr.rept.cil.
Dated February nth, I91«.
Liquidator ol ths Interior Publish
ing Co., Ltd.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at 8k., in Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially Invited.
um Der men
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
btfore buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the I null. I make s
specialty of Logging
Shoei, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Hliinkets and everything
i * , ii red in roar banlness.
It's pond policy loihink ot the future.
It's sti II better pulley lo provide against
'.he misfortunes it may bave in store
'ni- you. Tbe surest way of protecting
.omsi-lf ami family it- n
with a reHabls company. The high
financial standing and long business
career of lhe Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trust wot thy.
Vour lime mav be near al liancl.
Don't delay.    Takeout a policy now,
A. E, Kincaid, Manager.
(Late with the Kevelstoke
General Agencies.)
Bookkeeping, Typewriting and
all kinds of Clerical Work
Accounts Collected
Prompt Returns
Kite, Life and Accident  Insurance placed with sound and
reliable companies
Oflice:    McKenzie Avenue
(Next to Com. Telegraph Office)
Rhone 2tt3       P. O. Box H17
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone42    -    Night Phone 85 "WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1915
Those having items for publication
in the Mail Herald social and personal column are requested to call
up phone 62.
Mrs. 0. B. Taget will not receive
on Friday.
MrB. fc-5. Pierce of Ducks, B.C., arrived on Monday to viBit her sister,
Mrs. William Morris.
Mrs. C. A. Procunier will receive
on Saturday, Feb. .27, instead of the
tirst Thursduy in March.
Mrs. George S. McCarter returned
ou Saturday, from a two months trip
to Toronto aud eastern points.
The muny friends of Mr. Andrew
Patterson were pleased to see him
again, during his recent visit to this
The Ladies auxiliary of St. Peter's
church will meet at the home of Mrs.
,i. Hack,, on Thursday afternoon, at
lour o'clock.
Mr.  and Mrs.  R.  Slllld of thc Big
Eddy  are  leaving  in a few  days tor
Goderich,   Ontario,   where   they expect to  make their home.
The Altar society of St. Frances
church will hold a St. Patricks tea,
en Wednesday afternoon, March 17,
eilso a  whist drive, in the evening.
Miss Marjorie Boyd, 1..R.A.M., arrived o.'i Sunday from London, England, and is the guest of ber sister
Miss Boyd, No. UJ Third street,
Mr. nnd Mrs. E.A. Dixon left on
Saturday morning for a two months
trip. Wb.le away they will visit at
Nelson, Grand Forks, Spokane and
-oattle, Portland, and Eburne, Vancouver,  B.C.
Mr. H.H.B. Abbott returned on
3aturday from bis two months trip
to coast cities. Mr. Abbott while
iway, attended the olicers training
-lass at Victoria, Mid successfully
passed   all   examinations.
Mrs. W. H. Wallace was the hostess
at a couple ol delightful 'Thimble
patties,' last week. OnTuesday, the
guests were N^esdames. McVity, Wood
Sibbald. Atkins, Pratt, Marshall and
Haddow, and on Friday, Mesdames,
Gordon, Downcs, Hogan, Holten,
Kilpatrick, Lyons, '*. B. Hume and
Wood. Dainty refreshments were serv-
.-il ;it the tea hour, and musical selec-
Lions were rendered by Mrs. H. H.
McVity and Mrs   L.W. 'Wood.
Mrs. George Moth and Mrs. G..
Ralph Laurence entertained about 30
Ol the younger set on Monday evening. The party first attended the basket ball game at the V.M.C.A. gym-
nasium, afterwards going to the
home of Mrs. Lawrence, where refreshments were served, nnd dancing
ind cirds enjoyed until the wee small
hours, This party was in honor ol
Miss George, who is shortly leaving
ior the East, and for Miss Hrennan,
who is the '.rnt'st ol Mr. and Mrs.
Frank  McCarty.
The L.  A.  to the O.R.C.      gave      a
\ery   delightful  social evening nt  the
a..me of Mrs. Hughes on Krtday evening in honor     of     Mrs. Christie     of
Missoula, Montana, who    has     ;jeen
here for the last few days, organizing
the Ladles auxiliary  to the conductors. The  Indies presented  Mrs.  Chris
til  with  a  souvenir    spoon ol  Revel
Btoke,      and     Mrs.  Christie acknowledged  the  gilt  in a few   well     chosen
remarks, afterwards giving a     short.
Interesting  address.   Whlll   was      en
joyed for  the first     part of tbe even
ing,  Mrs.   A.   Mclntyre  winning    tirst
prize for ladies and      Mr.   A. McCul
loch      the      lirst f,.r the      gentlemen,
while Mrs.  Heck     and      Mr. C.  Clay
were awarded the consolations.      Do
licious refreshments were then served,
after which  the spurious rooms were
cleared for dancing. The  party  broke
up at an early hour after a vote     of
thanks  to the hostess and  the ladies
by the O.R.C, brothers, and a gentle
hint that thoso good     times cannot
come too often.
>«^_i     TORONTO 0"r     "» ,^o*
A linen shower for the hospital will
be given on Saturday afternoon,
April 3.
Mr. J. Willit of the Big Eddy left
on Saturday morning for Rogers
Pass, on a short business trip.
Mrs. McKellar and children are
leaving for England today, they will
visit enroute at Winnipeg and Montreal.
Mr. K.S. McLeod left the Queen
Victoria hospital on Friday, where
lie had spent the past two weeks suffering from  a fractured  wrist.
Mrs. Walter Coultbard had an unexpected visit from Miss Tretheway
last week. Miss.Tretheway Is enroute
to the front where she is going as one
of the Red Cross nurses. 'She sails On
the Lusitanla from New York ou
The annual meeting oi tho Women's Missionary society of the l'res
byterian church was held in ths
church parlors on Monday atternoon.
The officers were all re-elected. President, Mrs. J.W. Stevenson; vice-president, Mrs. F.W. Laing; secretary,
Mrs. Creech; treasurer, Mrs. Haug.
Mrs. Laing gave a very interesting
paper on "Prosent Day Mi sionary
Heroes and Heroines."
A number of young people were in-
\ited to the home ot Mrs. J. M.
Donaldson on Saturday evening in
honor of Mrs. McKellar who is sail
mg for Scotland on March 5. Games
i nd dancing were the important features of the evening. At 11.ll.*' o'clock
a very dainty lunch was served, and
after expressions of appreciations
bad been extended to the hostess, the
party broke up, having spent a very
jolly time.
The Ladies Hospital auxiliarj met
ut the city hall on Xuesday ^Iternoorf
for their annual election of otlicers,
and 17 members were present. Mrs.
U.H. Urquhart took the chair during
the election. Those elected were: Hon.
president, Mrs. G.H. McCarter; presi
dent, Mrs. W.H. Sutherland, re-elected; tirst vice-president, Mrs. Vi. I.
Briggs; second vice-president, Mrs.
Krnest U.S. McLean; secretary, Mrs.
('.It. Macdonald. treasurer; Mrs. Vi.
A. Foot'.1, re-elected. All bills were
reported paid and a balance of §115.-
92 on hind. Two committees were
appointed, thc visiting committee are
the Mesdames. Smythe and Godibird,
and the one for linen, Mesdames
Urquhart and U< bbins. A vot" of
thanks was given to the retiring of
The following pupils of the High
school attended the costume party
on Friday evening, and were guests
of the Commercial class:Misses Isabel
Dunlop. Pierrott; Hazel Lyttle, Green
Diamond; Alma Corson, Japanrae
lady;      Mabel   Simmons,   shepherdess:
\nnie McLean, Gretchen; Marion
Lawrence, Valentine; Hii i Tomlinson,
Shepherdess; Bella Laughton, Mother
Hubbard; Drina Eraser, Buster Brown
Irace Jackson, Morning Glory; Bl
v'ira Johnson. Dutch denser; iLorettu
Dnpont, Folly; Bernadine Bunnell.
Chinese Lady; Agues Mci liven, Colonial Dame; Florence Lawrence, Early Victorian; LSly Abrahamson,
Irish girl; Kathleen Field, Flower
girl; Myrtle Brock, Spanish girl;
Lucy Brock, Spanish cirl; Enid Brad-
t-haw, Polly; Maggie Matz, Court
lady; Alire Munroe, Irish Peasant;
Arthur Fraser. Spanish Dar.cei
i lady i- Pat Skene, Turk; Glen Urgu-
hart, Pierrott; Garry Tomlinson.
Flags of all nations; Graham Bruce,
Clown; Tommy Morris, Jester; Charlie Manning, Courtier; Arthur Young,
Jester;   Willie   Lightbnrne,  Pro'os.v.r;
tfauriee Hack, Dude; Walter McRae,
Indian Chief.
It Is truly astonishing how much
can be accomplished in one afternoon
liy a few willing workers, and the
result of the "Belgian Baby" sewing
circle held at Mis. Moth's on Monday
was a striking example. Ai splendid
! lot ol finished garments was added
to thl stock on hand and many offers to ta'<e work home were gladly
accepted. Thc excellent tea provided
hy the hostess afforded an opportunity for a short rest, after which
work wns continn»d with renewed en
11'i-y until C o'clock. The ladies have
set their hearts on completing a certain number of outfits before les-
patch of their parcel, and while their
energy is Unlimited the same cannot
be said of the funds at their disposal,
they therefore make a special appeal
for assistance Two or three dollars
will about rover th" cost of material
for one complet,. sot of clothing, and
there are surely manv who. though
they have already n-sisted liberally
in other ways will make ,, special effort whei they think of
soni" destitute little baby who
will benefit by their generosity and
self denial The uo\? meeting will bc
h'l.i it     Mrs   Brneat h fl   MbLtan'i
OD Monday, March 1. nnd inemMcrs of
the lU'T KI, are asked to bo nre
Mr. J. P. Forde of Nelson arrived
on the south train on Tuesday.
A very delightful 'At Home' was
given by the Loyal Order of Moose
last evening at the Selkirk
hall. Written invitations were
sent out last week to a number of
guests, who were entcrta'.ned during
the first of the evening to a short
concert, and afterwardB to a dance.
The program was opened by a piano
selection by Miss Parker, then Mr.
Alex Grant, who is Past Dictator of
the Moose lodge, made a short speech
of welcome, and introduced the
Worthy Dictator, Dr. Ernest H. S.
McLean, who gave a very interesting
address, it being chiefiy a short
synopsis of the history of the Moose
Order. Mr. H. V. Morgan then sang,
"Heroes and Gentlemen," in his usual splendid style, und was heartily
encored, and gave, "I'll sing the
Songs of A.rabv," Mrs. Fyfe sang for
the first time in public 'in Revelstoke
and quite delighted her audience by
her rendition of "Killaruey." For au
encore she guve, "Old B. 0, is ever
Home Sweet Home to me;" it being
a new song in this part oi the country
and heard for the first time bore, last
evening. The hit of the evening wus
made when the Worthy Chaplin, Mr.
H. Edwards recited "The Vacation
of Mustaffa" which kept the audience
in smiles, and an occasional burst of
laughter. For a well merited encore
he gave "Thc Sailor's Yarn." Mr.
G.R. Lawrence needs no introduction
to the musical pulijlc, and his rendering of "When the sands of the desert
grow cold," was well received. Owing to a Vad cold he did not sing
again, but for an encore told a short
story. Mrs. iFyfe sang another Scotch
song. Mr. Adam Bell was heard to
good advantage in a song called
"Three for lack," and "Its just like
bein' at Hame." The singing of
"God Save the King" by tbe audience concluded the musical part of
the program. Refreshments were iben
eserved, and Miss Parker was the
pianist for the dan-e that followed,
the Scotch reel being played by Mrs.
W.A. Sturdy. The surplus cakes were
auctioned by Mr. G. R. Lawrence for
the benefit of the Belgian Relief fund
and *J3.1U was as a resuU handed to
Mrs. E.H.S. McLean, secretary ofthe
fund; sandwiches and other provisions
not consumed were sent to three
families in the city.
The annual meeting of the Malakwa
Conservative association was held in
the town ha'il. The chief business   of
the evening was the election of     officers for the   year.    Hon. R.L. Bor- '
dera and Hon.     R. McBride were unanimously re-elected to the positions I
of hon.  presidents;  and Hon.  Martin j
Burrell,(M.P., and J.P.  Shaw, M.P.P j
to the positions   of     hon. V*ice-prcsi- |
dents. G. Finucnne is tho new president of the association and F.J. Boss-
ley vice president. The new executive |
committee     consists     of    Messrs.  J
Sims'  Vi.  Wnddell,    E.   Erickson,    A
Haycock,   J.   Paulding  and   McGlone, I
O.   P.  Roberts  was  elected secretary
treasurer.  The meeting  was well   at
tended,   especially    from   the  outlying '
districts of Solaqun and Craigellachie
and keen 'interest  was shown throughout  tbe discussion     ou  the political
outlook for V)15.
Twins have arrived nt the home of
Mr.  and  Mrs. P.  Cold.
Lardo, Feb. 19.—W. A. Willet and
W.E. Stevenson came up on Tuesday and left for Hamill creek to
overlook   the  Cooke  timber  limits.
The Lardo Duncan Valley Conservative association held its annual meeting on the '.'th inst in tbe Canadian
i'acitic railway gtatlou and tbe fallowing officers .. i, , looted for thc
entiling yeur: Hon. president, R. L.
Bordon; Hon. vice-president, Sir
Richard McBride; president, Wm.
Simpson; vice-president, John Mc-
Callum; sec.-treasurer, J.S. Brandon;
executive council, Wm. Holmgren, L.
Hanna, J. D. McLachlan, J. Alexander, Earl Stevens, A. Duckett, Lanoe
Hillman.  The association  appeared in
■ good financial standing, having $31-
70 in the treasury. Among the important itemB brought up for discussion  were  a school      for  Argenti
.and a bridge of some sort across tbe
Duncan river n°ar Cooper gardens,
which would give the children of
Cooper Gardens and vicinity a chance
to attend the  Argents  nchool.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Wi <i bili/.e in
Metallic Cellini; s, Corrugated Roofing;, Furnace Work and up-
to-dato Plumbing
Wnik shop   Connaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE       -       -    B.C.
Revelstoke s Departmental Store
We Aim to Cive Maximum
Wear at a Minimum Price
500 yards of Embroidery, white, made 011 English longcloth, 15c and 25c goods for Wc
350 dozen yards of Lace, Torchon vals, etc., all insertion to match, all at a price now
at a yard _ _._  5 Cents
A few clearing *ines of Dress Goods.    Some high-quality fancy goods among these.
They are $ 1.50 goods selling at  75 Cents
Sale of Shirt Waists this week at three prices  $1.35, $1.90 and $2.90
New English Prints and Calicoes.    No advance on last year's prices.    All the wanted
colors and patterns at, per yard  15 Cents
World-renowned Anderson Ginghams and Zephyrs.    All this season's goods, a special
price on these goods, all at  15 Cents
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Our Shoe stock has been thoroughly overhauled and we find that we have 900 pairs that
must go. Price cuts no figure. We must get them out quick. You will find them all on the
table.    Look at these prices and then consider.    They are the best of buys, if you  have  to
borrow to get them.
More than two hundred pairs; all
fine Goodyear Welts. Not a pair that
ia off color or i9 shop worn. Just a
glance will show you the values.
Every pair a well known standard
make. v
This Lot $3.25 a pair
Another lot consisting of about one
hundred and fifty pairs. Odd lines;
but every pair worth more than
double the price asked.
Price $2.35 a pair
More than 250 pairs. Every one fits
well and everyone is a first class shoe
They are the very 'best products of the
very best makers.
LOT NO. I.—In turns and light welts
at the lowest of low prices.
$1.05 a pair
LOT NO. 2.—Welts in high and low
tops thc very choicest.
$2.75 a pair
.Sizes 11 to 2. P:rery size ;s here
Welts and turns. All rcod sound
values from 52.50 ap. Now they are
•genuine snaps.
$1.25 a pair
Twiess and McKays:—A whole bunch
of them. Don't miss this lot. You
will need them before '.ong. More
than  a hundred pairs.
Sale Price 95c a pair
WOMENS SLIPPERS.—A who'.e table
full. Values up to $1.00. The very
thing for house wear. Don't miss an
early choice.
Sale Price $1.35 a pair
Grocery and Crockery Department
Package dinger Snaps   10c
Tomatoes, gallon tins   40c
Pic Peaches, peeled and pitted    50c
Pie Peaches, peeled  45c
Pie Pumpkin  35c
Pie Pears, peeled    50c
Pie Pears _  40c
Pie Rhubarb
Pie Plums	
Pie Applet
Or.mges, per dozen
Lemons, per dozen
Apples. 4. 5 and '1 pounds for
Garden Seeds are Now In! rAGE POUR
A. F. Ardagh of New York wan a
^uest at Hotel Revelstoke, Sunday.
A. C. Yoder of Nakusp was a
guest at the King Edward on Mou-
.Smith ol I'ortage Lu Prairie
th" Hotel  Revelstoke on Mun-
A. Tyrcll of Kaniloopa spent   Sunday at the Hotel Revelstoke.
; Mrs. Stanley I'ierce of Monty creek
was a guest at the Hotel Revelstoke,
R. F
was at
W. B. Morris of Rogers Pass was
at the- King Kdward Hotel on Sun
J. P. Forde of NelBon, Dominion
government engineer, came up from
the south last night and is registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke.
Ole Westburg, charged with being
dnink and disorderly appeared before Police Magistrate, J. H. Hamilton in the police court this morning
on j and was released ou suspended sent-
i ence.
J. P.    Keane     of     Sandon    registered at tho King Kdward hotel
J.  Stuart has received news of tbu I   The death    occurred  at the     Queen
lor the railway telegraphers union is  death  of his father at Lucknow,    On- | Victoria hospital    on Sunduy of Tiu
tario.     The funeral    took   place   on \ Chung a  Japanese, aged  51, who had
D.  Campbell  of  Winnipeg,  solicitor
in the city.
j. Glaspie of Eagle Pass spent Sunday tn the city a guest at the     King
Kdward  hotel.
L. A. Burdlck of Calgary was
■among the guests at the Hotel Revelstoke on  Sunday.
Rev. W. H. Bridge of Nakusp
passed through the cltj on Monday
night on his way to Victoria.
Evensong will he held in St. Peter's
ahurch this evening at T.I5U in connection with the Lenten services.
C. F.  Lindmark and J, Hume have
returm-d  from  Chilliwack where  they
attended    the  meeting ol the   Grand
Orange lodge.
Among the guests at the King Kdward. hotel on Monday were Mrs. G.
Christie ol Winnipeg and Mrs. W J.
BuIIn; of Weyburn.
W. A. Sturdy, former manager ol
the Revelstoke Hardware company,
will open a hardware stoic in Revelstoke in the near future.
Vi. J. Gerbrecht, ol Nelson, Canadian Pacific railway auditor came
up from the South on .Monday and
registered   it  the Hotel  Kevelstoke.
J. E.  1'u; rr, F. Davis,  and  J. Red i
appeal e.i  before J. H. Hamilton, po-j
lice magistrate,  on    Monday charged
with trespass on the Canadian Pacific railway.  They were sentenced     to
one day  in  jail.
Charged with selling liquor without
a license' ;.. woman appeared before .1.
H. Hamilton, police magistrate, yes
terday ...nd WaB lined >IOO and costs
or in default ol payment three
months in   ia.ll.
1 H. H. li. AUbott has returned iroul
the coast and has beeu appointed us
supernumery lieutenant to the lu2nd.
Notice is given in the current Issue
of The British Columbia Gazette or
the following appointment; John
Spouse, to be second assistant mas
iter at the Normal school at Vancouver, from January 1, 1915, in the
place of David B. Robinson, B.A.,
I Announcement is made by the forest branch of the provincial government that another large order has
just been placed for British Columbia,
timber. Tbe government railway
hoard of India has placed an order
with the   Dominion  Creosoting    com-
|pany, for 3,.iiK>,000' feet.
Nels Nelson of Revelstoke wou the
third prize for ski jumping at tho
Camrose Ski tournament. An Kd-
monton man was lirst and K. Kugen
of I'hoenix  second. The cup won   by
'Mr.  Nelson,  who returned tothe city
ton  Sunday,  is on exhibition  in      thu
'store of  C.R.  .Macdonald.
Two      Victoria       physicians,      Dr.
George Hall and Dr. Harold K. Ride
v.-ood,  have     arranged     to take     up
duties in  connection  with one of   the
two British'base hospitals iu France
They  expect   to go to   the  institution
been ill for some time. The funeral
takes place from the undertaking parlors of R. Howson & Co., this afternoon nt 1 o'clock.
CLKl.AND—On Saturday February
20 to the wife of James Cleland, a
Two of Three Games
Won by C.P.B.
Last evening in the Y.M.C.A. alleys
the Fire Hall B. bowled oft tbeir last
game with the C.P..R., losing two
of the three games. H. Carpenter lor
the Fire Hall B. has still to bowl oil
with a fifth railroad man.
Fire Hall B.
this opportunity slip by. It costs
nothing but a post .card to find out
how much you can save. Send it
now. Address, R.O. McNaughton, c-o
King Kdward Hotel, Revelstoke B:C.
C. P. R.
II.   Lyons,
Tonight at the Kmpress theatre,
l:ve pictures will be show.n headed by
a two reel feuture "Midnight Wedding." Tomorrow night the "Trey O
Hearts," will be the feature. On Friday night "His Heart, His Sword,
His Hand" will be shown as well
as the latest war news. Saturday,
Canada's contribution to the British
Emphe" in live parts.
High School Team
is Easy Victor
Last evening In the Y.M.C.Ai. gymnasium the High school upholders
were highly pleased when the socond
team trimmed the second team of the
Employed boys to a stand still. The
situated in the vicinity of Boulogne game was a little late'in starting as
and  will  leave  within  a  fortnight.        there was some     mistake in the time
In CH. Macdonalds store is tob«vthe Same was to stlirt' DUt at 8-3u
seen a photograph of H. Co., 30tb the teams lined up and the game
battalion, over seas expeditionary started. From lirst to last the "Lit-
force,  containing    several     evelstoke  tle Lightnings"    upheld the standard
that tAe kiamc implies, their combination wns very fine in a team so
young, and at times their opponents
had   hard work  to  keep the
Total, .Mtf       590       531
With only one more league gume
to i/liiy, a two man knock out tournament has been arranged for which 32
of the citv bowlers have entered. The
schedule is prepared, the UrBt game
to be played on Friday. In this tournament, the poor and good bowlers
bave an equal chance, ns every pair
is mado from a high and low average
Nursery Stock Offered
at Sale Prices
boys, Mr. M icdonald also has a pho
tograpb .'1 Sergt. Corbet, formerly of
Two  men  charged with the theft of   Revelstoke and a veteran of tho Sea-
money Ir.em the person of  John Mac-   forth   Highlanders,   who   is the    corn-
lie appeared before police Magistrate   pamy'si senior  non commissioned    of-
J.  H.  Hamilton  on   Saturday.      The  lieer.   Tin-   photographs  were  sent  by B'IJht at all.
■charge was dismissed. G.S. McCarter   Sergt,  Corbel   to II.  Smythe. '" the nr3t halt   McKinnon scored
and  '   E.  '.illan appeared for the de  ! three  goals  and Skene  one  for  High
fencc.                                                              A huge  total of over   W.000,000feet school,  ami Hack.     Heudeison     and
of Pacific-North-wesI   lumber is to hi. Manuel. Johnson did the shooting Ior
shipped      t..   the   United   Kingdom the  Employed toys,      In the second
aboard tl." .ml.    McKinnon,    Tomlinson, and
established Skene  were the lucky  shots lor   High
1   Panama       trade.       'lb.-     steamship sd,ool while   there  were no  successful
Moyune, now                     •  will     take si.            ■        the   other team.     The
e.re :.t  th.- end of the gann' was 4 t,,
Are you     interested     in     knowing
where to purchase Nursery  Stock   at
less than  wholesale.     If so,  "Attention." The Dominion Nursery and Or
thards Co. of Vancouver,     too    well.,
known  to  need  further   introduction,
is obliged    to secure $10,000 by May |     	
30th.     There are no  'its'  nor 'ands' i
about it. The money must bc raised.
The entire stock  of the company   is
at your disposal at    extremely     low :
j rices.  It comprises    a general     as-
sortment ol Fruit Trees and Bushes,
Ornamental     Trees,     Shrubs,  Vines, .
Creepers,   Hedge  Plants,  Roses,  Etc, :
Etc.    Mr.  R.  0.  McNaU'/hton, repre- j
Renting the company is stopping     at '
the King  Edward  hotel.  He is   well
known  in  Vancouver as an expert in
landscape work  and     is    thoroughly
convcrscnt    with      orchard planting.
Correspondence addressed to him will
receive prompt attention. If you   intend to plant this spring, don't   let
Stirring mobilization scenes and
Valcartlier camp at Kmpress on
Saturday,  matinee  and night.
Our coal burns beau. Palace Livery.
Cooks like Coursier.'s Coal.
Boy Scouts at work at E;npress on
The ladies of the Relief Society wili
, be pleased to receive old or new magazines to be sent to the guards along
the lines of communication. The literature may be left at A.E. Kincaid'i
office. t.f.
I    See Howson's Furniture add in this
Canada's navy at Empress on
Corns removed by a new method.
No cutting, no pain. For a few days
only, apply Roy McDonald's barber
I    Canadian troops entraining and   in
camp  at  Kmpress  on Saturday.
GALT COAL burns all night. Re
velstoke General Agencies,  Limited.
i    The house will keep warm all night
it you use Coursier's Coal.
Canadian troops embarking for
front, at Kmpress on Saturday.
Dry Birch nnd Cedar any length at
, Palace Livery.
Prompt delivery of coal or    wood,
See the wonderful Canadian pictures at the Empress on Saturday.
Lump or nut coai at Palace Livery. ,
Lump, stove and nut coal at Go-orders.
Howson's Annual Furniture and
Carpet sale, March 1,. Bargains as in
previous years.
Western tour of Governor General
at Empress on Saturday.
Call up Palace Livery for lump of
nut coal, and dry birch and cedar any;
length, Phone 201.
Watch for Revelstoke soldiers ia
great Canadian pictures at Empress
on Saturday.
WANTED.—Would like four respectable parties to room and board.
Price $(i.00 a week. Apply to 2*
First street, east, next to Y.M.
C. A.
FOR SALE*.—Five   fresh   cows    and.
heifers.  Apply,  Mrs. R.A. Upper;
FOUND.—Purse containing small sum
of money. Apply Mail-Herald.
Ladies' Chocolate and Tan Footwear
Ladies' Chocolate and Tan Mutton Roofs 4.00 to 5.75
Ladies" Chocolate and Tan Lace Hoots 2.75 to 5.75
Ladies' Chocolate and Tan Pumps and Oxfords 3.00 to 4.0O
For Rubbers,  Ovcrshoos, Cardigans,   Leg ■- inc...
A new company of thi !:■ i I y Mountain Rangers with headquarters at
Penticton   has  been Thi'
establishment  of the
of the interior forces 'has been rais ■.!
from six  to  eight companies.   A  new
for  Balraon   ing ,,,,,, Q. th. Hii,h schooli   and
-lt" "  ",M loud cheers rent  the air as the     time
C. R.  Macdonald    i      I  ry   of the  '"r lumber li   the British markets.
board     I  tradi.    an I   -
president of the Revel '    i   Ski club.
recelvi I      telegram an Monday   from
Norman    Raukin,     Canadian   Pacific
ra'.U,.;.      iblicltj -er   at   Cal-
gaiy. as ing them to meet him on
train N'o. J.   with desci matter
of Rev -- and of the recent win
to 8] rl rnival. The matter wil'
be usi    .
t issue
of th. .izette that;
certiflcal »•■■■
i     ed ■'       _• i •
; inj and
■   - ■ Rr.vr
Pile Di       - I stmin
sti     - San *        Light
i exile Sr
A slight rea is    re-
ily      to
uiti'r t
ment   l ent  of
Irand Foi
■  ■
tie      ew.
hr regiAar volley ball
matches will be played ofl at the   Y.
Th    fir-t  game will    oo     l e
U 'es ;.nd     thee
T.:s :amt will  Bl
eame     will     lethe
and      the     Bu^in ss
r: what is sure to be   one
- of  the
Empress Theatre
TO!  ■ -
: tont. The Min
.   Out
THI RSDA \ . The Trey  0 Hearts
NO. ' OleftO
Madison    ar.el   Geo.      L..rkin,
very   exciting, the funltors Son
All Ove:   The Biscuits,     with
Eddie  Lyons and Leo   Moran.
The .-trance Signal.
FRIDAY.—Hi-     Heart,       His
Sword,   His  Hand,    the   first
number of 3n re'-i series ol pictures,  two reel"     "very week.
This .? not a sort *  11   but
a series of two -eel productions -11 with Warren Kerrigan and each one complete In
itsel'. Animated Weekly, the
latest war news. The Strike
At Coldale.
SATURDAY (Matinee 2.30) Canada p Contribution 'o the British  Empire. S parts.
Tu-ssdiiv next An Alpine Tragedy, S parts, another big
'     e.
result -hat   r ,
i ;h  din
i •* i n ir
hieh rates of Instirariee Inez-
present  time   I     . ng.
who h.is ncen ration agent at l arable, and Gilbert
Brown,  tu,, ,r  the  Canadian
I'acilic  railway I'ass,    ap
pear.M efori R Gordon, stipe-red lar,
magistrate on Saturday rhari-ed with
oonsplracy to i"fr.oid tii t
Pacific railway nnd were remanded
for seven days. The offence w th
which they nre 'hargivl le connected
with the ease In which two men nan
ed Qrcelie and lohnson appeared before Mr. Gordon last ITstfruary charged with a dmilar offenrn, whleb was
allowed to hnve be. n committed
through       padded   pay  rolls.   Johnson
wns acquitted and Qreelle wmh -om-
mltted for trial but wns released et>n
ball. While on bnll hs disappeared
but It In believe tbat he bus since
been nrrented bv the Cnnadlnn Pncl-
Lic rail wuy police at the coast.
Empress Theatre
lo the
British fmpire
vim Um
Stirring Mobili/ation
r,ada,  :,*  srell  ns In
tlmate glimpses ut
Entraining ni their Home
Points and al
If  you   have  a    frl^d or    relative
who hns  |olned the nnny yon  may
"cc him on Saturday .,t the    l?m
Kmpreup Theatre
I'rlrfs    Adults  20     rente,   children
10 cents.   Matinee price*  ID nnd  ir.
We must raise money to pay our bills! There
is little use of us arguing the question as
to a real Sale. Our instructions from headquarters are : Get the money and get it quick
-no matter the loss or cost. Therefore, for
the last remaining few days, we are going to
make One Grand Sweep Out of all our Winter
Goods at a terrible sacrifice.
The Time to Buy is Now!
Time and tide await no man. Come and
hitch your hard-earned dollars to the largest
load of high-grade Merchandise they ever
pulled For, remember, at the stroke of
TEN, Saturday, February 27th, we stop selling at these ridiculous cut-slash prices.
and no shoddy goods at any price


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