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'• Empire " Typewriter
Fm ease ul operation and pei It cil n
in nMills produced, ihi- inaehiiie
is ui.bui passed,   Price, |60 00 fash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
New Wellington Coal
E. W.  B    PAGET,    McKe.nzle Ave.
Vol. 15.-No  12
$2.50 Per Year
C.B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Bed Linen
Get you'Supply of l>ed Linens new. Here is
a chance for Hotels and Rooming Houses t > stock-up.
Sec the Window next to Hews'.
;j  inch   Sheeting,   full   two   yards   wide,   fully
bleached and twilled.    Hest Household quality.     This
Sheeting has been selling at 40c.    Wc QQ "i   O-,
now  offer   it at  p. r ■ ard Ofa   I "fcw»
4-'   and   44   inch   Pillow   Cases  01   slips,   best
Kngttsh Cambric,  full   bleached   snow   white.   QCp
Htm stitched and   circular  at    fav/vi
Bolton or Unbleached Sheeting, 03 inches wide
heavy   twilled,   (Wtton   scoured   and   machine QC«
finished,  at per yard    fcW.Wa
40  inch   Circular  Pillow   Cases  or Slips, good
cot»on, fully bleached, clear weave.     Now  6>ft /\/\
selling at per dozen    yfciwU
Store* at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Your Opportunity!!
Stock Taking Bargains in a Good Liue
of English Enamelledware
75c. Blue Enamelled Preserve Kettle now at loo.
86c.      "            "               "              " '•    " 60c.
11.00         "            "                "              " "    " 65c
85c.      "            "    Sauce Pan         " "    " 60c.
$1.00        '■           "        "       "          " ,:    " 70c.
fl.OO        ''           "       "       "          " "   " '5°-
See Our Bargain Table.    Always
Something Your Wanting
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in (treat Britain and United Htatos—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Ollleago—Flret National Bank, Corn Kx-
change National Hank.. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco-  Wells fat-go Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 aud upward,  received, and interest allowed at
iirrcnt rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Spring Goods Now Arriving Daily
Ladies' and Children's Dresses, Blouses,
etc. All the latest Spring Styles. Call
and examine these before buying elsewhere.
MRS.   A.  G.   CRICK
Flret   Street Opposite   Wlndeor   Hotel
Meeting   Tonight—Election   of
There will be a meeting ol Iho Agri
cultural Society this evening in the
city hall at S-'W o'clock. This is
the first meeting of the Bocietj Ibis
winter and important preliminary
work will be iliscuintd, including election of uflicers A full attendance is
requested The outlook lur the year
ia very promising, and while Fall is a
long way off yet, at the same time, an
early start will ensure a successful
issue. As ibe importance of the Fall
Fair affects every individual member
of the community- it behooves each
citizen who has tbe welfare of hia
home at heart to get out and add bis
quota to the whole fur tbe ultimate
f.irtherance uf uur object, which will
mean •  uch lo Kevelstoke
Proposed Scheme for the Ascent
of Mt. Victoria
There is a movemei.t on foot in
local progressive chcles for the organization ol a company to operate a
cog wheel gradient railway up and
over Mt. Victoria. Tht idea, which is
perfectly feasible, lias been actuated
by tbe success attending Ibe inauguration ul shinier innovations in tbe
United State* and other countries
aud should prove an attraction, besides la -ing ii money in king proposition. The objective of tbis railroad
would be the vast natural parks
at tbe summit of tbe mouutain, whine
tourists and campers cuuld enjoy tbe
lineat scenery in B. C Victoria Park
is uueijtiilled in its wonderful location, ita altitude and marvellous
scenery, and were the ascent made
easy by the constiuction ul a cog
wheel railway up the slopes of the
mountain, there can be little doubt
but that a large number ul people
would take advantage uf tlie railway
and thereby add to Kevelstoke'B popularity sb a scenic resort.
Snowshoe Club Entertained by
Miss Foote
L-a-m-p-wick, etc., was again in
evidence last night when nearly thirty
snoweboe experts donned the moccasin
lor m tramp over the snow. The route
chosen waB up behind the city, over
the benches, " Up to cloud land "
Torches 'borne aloft cast fantastic
shadows over tbe gleaming surface of
Terrific Tornado—-To Compete
With Hill U. S. A. Taxes-
Canadian Flyer Socialist
vs. Catholic.
St. Lmis, Mo., March 10—A special
dispatch he Pest Dispatch from
Biii.klcv. \ k .says that thirty persons
were killed, fifteen to forty were injured antl mure than 11,000,000 in
property loss caused by a tornado
which swept that city of 8000 persons
last nigbt     The city is a total loss.
St. Pail, Minn , March 10—That
the Canadian I'acilic Sou Railroad
company will soun be running its
trains into Portia nil, Oreg .11 and thus
will be able to compete witli Hill and
ll-irrinutii lines for business to tbat
point, is lhe report current among
Washington, Maroh 10.—A state
tax on telegrams, cinques, and similar
articles, and [O.-sililv an inheritance
tax are among (be pr•iposiiiuiH which
will lie dicided upull nt the approaching sptci.il session of congrtss lur tbe
consideration of the tarff in oidar t ■
meet ibe $100,000,000 delicit in the
treasury whieb the Taf1ad111iui_.tr ti n
Baduicck, N. 8, March 10.—The
aerodrome "Silver Dart,"' piloted by
I). McCurd.t, niiiile a BUCtCssfiil Might
uf tight unl.s in 11 iiliuin.s ai.d 15
seconds here yesterday, twirc crossing
lladdeck  H.rbor.
MUAVAUKE, Wis , March 10.—A
special'front Manitowoc, Wis, says:
Members ol tbe Koman Catholic
church who are alii hated with the
Socialist party must choose between
that party and tbeir church. This
was broadly intimated by Kev. Kubis
zeivski of Ct. Mary's Polish Catholic
church ou Sunday in an address frnm
the pulpit.
London, March 10—With the death
of the Princess Maria Therese ol Bavaria, wno expired at Canrcs, the Jacobites of England and the continent
are preparing to make one ol tbeir
spasmodic demonstrations, proclaiming her son, Prince Rupprecbt of Bavaria, tbe ligitiniite king uf England.
C. P. R. Locomotive Blown To
Pieces—One Man Dead.
NELSON, March 9.—Tlie boiler of C.
P. K  engine Nil   1381 exploded shortly
the snow, the ruddy gleam reflecting i „fier midnight at Farrou, a Btation on
on the faces of the trampers, giving a the summit above the Columbia river,
weird appearance. And then the going into the Boundary section.
slides—long and swift—bench after Donald McQuarrie, brakeman, was
bench and drill, aftei drift, iike meteors dread ully scalded. He was brought
tbe   human   comets   sped   down tbe   |1Cre,   and   died   at the hospital.    He
slope, the sensation being glorious.
Alter reassembling tbe "lamp wicks"
repaired to tbe home of Miss Foote,
wbere the party was  regaled   with a
was 26 years old and leaves a wile.
Francis Clover, aged 24, single, a
fireman oi Trail, was blown six car
lengths,   and   fatally hurt,    He is in
rare repast.    As before, the knife and toe hospital bete, and his death is ex
fork   harmony   with  "coffee lapping" pected.
obligato   made   Bwect   music.    Alter      p. J. McCormick, of Nelson,   engi-
supper games and music were indulged Deer, escaped.    He had lelt the engine
in, Mr. J. L. Stark being in good voice, and gone up tlie line a moment belore
at were others  in  the  crowd.    With the explosion,    'llie engine, attached
ovations of thanks to tlieir hostess tho to a Ireigbt train, was at a tank taking
"wicks" tben turned low aud dispersed water at tbe time of the accid-ut.
to their homee. —   —•—
Builder of Cariboo Road Passes
In His Cheques
Neil Black, oue of the best known
pioneers ol tbe lamouB gold rush to
the Fraser river, f)0 years ago, and wbo
during tbe following years was engaged
as foreman on tbe construction ol the
government wagon road to Cariboo, ia
dead. He was in charge of the building ol that section of tbe road Irom
Yale to Lytton, an 1 tbe feat which be
accomplished in building a road at all
through the canyon of tbe Fraser has
been a wonder to engineers antl
travellers lor several decades.
Black lived a lonely life in a small
cabin at Spu/./uin in tbe canyon if
tbe Fraser, preferring to remain cluic
to wbere be bad sought gold anil
worked so many years. Tbe cause ol
his death is unknown at present, a-
he waa found dead un the road neat
A'l-Night Sossion
VicroiiiA. March II.—At 1:40 a in.
tbe Utilise was still sitting, tbe Liberalism! Socialists obstructing tbe Provincial Elections Bill. Tbe House is
likely to sit all night. The Socialists
read a telegram against the bill Irum a
trades union, which said that if tin-
bill passed violence might result,    -
Government Rescue for G. T. P.
OTTAWA, March II.—Negoti-. I ions are
understood to be at present in progress between ibe Doiniuou Government and the Iiraud Trunk Pacific
Railway Company for the purchase by
tbe goverment of ten million dollars'
worth ol the company's bonds.
It was reported in a Montreal dispatch to one of the Toronto morning
papers today that the government was
loaning ten million to the Urand
Trunk Pacific Kailway Company, but
this statment is incorrect.
In tbe event ol the proposed purchase by the'govern mentrol the company's bonds being approved by tbe
cabinet, the arrangment will, ol
course, be submitted to parliment
tor ratilication.
The proposal is based on tbe very
beav-y ooal ol construction ol tbo
Grand Trunk Pacific's pairie lines,
a.id the comparatively low price
which high olaea securities ol this order at present command in the English markets.
A new shipment ol Hointz'i sweet
pickles, tomato ketchup, Chili sauce,
Maudalay sauce, pepper sauce, pork
and beans aud toinata soup, just iu al.
Oi Bi Hume St. Co's.
Y. M. C. A. Wrestling Tournament-Basketball
The full iwing is tbe report of tbe
V. M. C. A. championship wrestling
match Inst week. Four diV'slous were
booked, 8(1 to IHI lbs, 90 to 100 I.s.,
100 tu 110 lbs. and 116 to 135 lbs.
The full listuf wrestlera iB as fulluws
VV Robinson, 0 Anderson, A. Anderson,   F (iranit,   ll   Calder, E. Bruce,
E. Hyatt, s. Maguire, IL Gordon, 0.
Procunier, D. Casbato, E. Curlcy, F
Daniels, S. Sampson, li. Woodland, P.
Sampson, I). Calder, A. Doyle, E.
Oorsier, E Kennedy, S. Carm cbael,
B  McEachern.
In the lightest claBs Walter Robin-
Bun won uut, and in the next heaviest
class Don Calder won.
In He leather-weights S Maguire
ecrsinbl d home a winner alter some
linitl . I.nis.
In llie special and light-weight Car
michael won out, though be had to go
all tne w iy, Doyle in particular giving
Inin a bird run.
Tlie final chiimpiiinship bout will
be b. Id .ui Hie nignt oi the Stat, when
Carmichael will hav tu tbruiv Maguire in eight miiiutis or lose the
championship. He has 19 pounds the
best in iieigln, but Maguire is very
fast.    In  the championship oi  giade
1 and 2 D.»n Haider has to throw
Robinson twice iu te.i minutes or be
loses, l'lie result ivlll be that on the
31st some strenuous aud scicutilic
wrestling Will lake place.
Probably the most exciting bout last
Friday night was between Casnatu
anil  Corley,   who  went ., ■ nu
mber, and in the cud Dorando won
with a halt Nelson aud luriber arm
A feature ol Ibe enter: litiment was
when Earl Pettipiece , ut on an exhibition bout wilh a Hindoo friend.
Alter a terrible struggle the Hindoo
Was declared winner, after putting Pet
into a lull Nelson for about a minute.
Pet says lie won't do it again.
Next followed some heavy weight
lifting by a strong Hindoo, who did
some verv clever work.
Taken all thr .ugh the evening's en-
taiiitiient was a great su-'cess.
A game ul basketball will be played
tonight between tbe Road team and
th« Ah rts, nis i one between the Gym
team ami ibe intermediate team. The
Uym team lend the league at present,
ami "li.uld tbey win tonight tie
championship practically lays between
them and lhe ruad team However,
the Intermediate team will be right
after ihein tonight, while the Alerts
will go after the. scalp ol Ibe Road
Keep lhe dale open fur the V. M. C.
A. gym nasi ic exhibition on March 31.
Y. M. C. A. Boys At Home.
On Monilav nigbt the Buys' Department of the Y M. O. A. was formally
Opened, and a large crowd ol the boys,
tlnir pa. enn ninl frii-u Is crowded the
Six ul the i Hei nn dint.- boys put on
a swimming aid diving exhibition,
wbicli was greatly appreciated. While
a few people were aplaBhed, yet more
escaped drj.
Mr. Morgan gave some good non-
juring i xbibitiuns, while for a grand
finale be wai securely tied in a large
gunny sack, from which he escaped
nil hunt, untying or cutting tbe sack.
Following Ibis came the refreshments,
served by the boys tbomselvos, and
the evening wound up by some of the
younger people singing round the
A lively time was the order ol the
evening, and from now on the boys
will have tbeir own quarters, undis.
United  by the men.
Organ Recital
The lollowing is tbe programme of
the Organ recital and Sacred concert
under the auspices uf tbe Methodist
church, which will be held in the
church on Friday evening, March   12:
I. Organ   s do..   SarictisBima   ..Lux
Mist Creighton.
2 Anthem Praise the Lord, O
 Jerusalem Maunder,'....
3. Ladies Trio. Gentle Jesus rest and
.slumber Aot..   .
4. Organ solo Chorus of A ngi Is
 Clarkson Clark....
5. Anthem.  O  lor  the  Wings  ol a
Dove Mendelsohn,,..«
0.    Solo Mrs. Squarehriggs
7. Organ sulo .. . Parutina, .Raff
 Miss Creighton	
8. Anthem .. Lord I have Loved Thy
.... Habitat ion Torrance.   .
9. Vocal duet . ..My Hope is Buill
 Mrs. Dent and Mr. Allum	
10. Organ soli Bclectnl
 MisB McKiuuey	
II, Male Quartette. Nuw Pray We lo-
... .Our Country ...Messrs. Pagden,
 Bracewell, Vilven, Allum	
Anthem.   .The King   h     -.<■ Thy
Shepcrd is Shelley	
The Best Yet
Our endeavoi is always
to handle the best in everything in the  Grocer)-   line.
Just now wc can recommend Salt, Smoked ai d
Canned Fish of all   kinds
Pure Maple Sirup. Seltrising Buokwheat Flour, H,i..,. in „li<
and in the comb, Kg*s direct from the hen—Wean- strict.,- in il
Egg htijiiiesa nnd can supply any quantity at right prices.
Earns and Bac in.    These are the uuest   Cauadiau        jWc
cured mens and aro winning ue a lot ol custom.
Celery, Le" cu ind early green vegetables are mriviu^ in ■;■• ■•..
conditi.ui. nnd eu .. Fru la as Oranges, Bananas. LemouB, etc., are at
their best
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
NgW Stales on Tap*
See whegbfou
<-iSk for it
You are not dressed right from head to
foot unless you   have   a   New   Spring Hat.
Wc have .ill   the  latest   English   and
American styles in Soft and Stiff, and
ive have all the new styles in Iii Reform
Clothing. We soli.-it inspection from
prospective buyers. Ii does not pay
to be out of stvle.
Fit Reform Clothing.
I si llll l.-lll I'   1807
B. K. WALKER, President Paid-Up Capital, $1 0 .000,00"
ALKXAWDER LAIRD, General M-.n.-ijer     Reserve Fund,    -     6 GOO.O
The new Travellers Cheques receni ■  -»sued bt ihi«* Rank are a mewt convenient
way in which to carr) mone_) when travelling.   The) art- issin «i in dr mirinatic *is ■■_-(
$10.  $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria, Belgium I" iiii.trk, France,
Germany. Great Britain, Holland, Italy, No: way, Kussia, Sweden
and Switzerland ia stated on the face of each cheque, white ju ,'iher countri-.*
their are payable a I current rates.
The cheques and all information regarding them may he obtained at even- oflicc
of die Bank. 13 U
Nelson Votes for Standard Time
N'ki.siin, March 9.—Siuee last summer this city bas bad a dual time
system. 0, P. R and eily respectively
Matters have be.n put lu a vote, and
by a majority ol 528 against 211, tie;
people declared in favor ol C. P. R or
standard time Tlie dual system, ill
though giving une hour's extra daylight, has caused endless inconvenience. Feeling was bo strong ou tiie
matter tbat tiie total vote was only
173 behind the vole in the last cvii
election, which was tbe highest but
one in the history ol the city.
Ask for Refund.
Si'OKank March 9—Plans are being
considered here for a huge Buit by Spokane jobbers t i secure rebates on
freight   charges    which    it is thought
way aggregate $360,000,   The claim is
based on the recent ruling of the interstate commerce com million declaring that li eight ratea to this city were
"inherently unreasonable' and ordering reductiuns. The tl eory is ad
ranced tlmt rebates niaj be demanded
on excess charges paid since tbe suit
wan bled two years i i-.o.
Moving pictures tonight. fh
mi<; MAiL-iiEkALt), HeVRi^toke, ii (1
IVRI.lSHI-.li   Vi'HiSKSIlAY A> 1> StTUIt-
ll.\S   AT
Barristers, Solicitous,   lire,
0 T T A VV A
Supreme ind Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Ofncc    and   befoie    Railway
Hon. i'ii\ni.K>|>lt ki'mv, Ml'.
O-viiks ■   Imii.hial Bask Hii: iuno Rkvei -
STOKE, B. 0,
Money IO llMU. , ,     „   i-
Office*; Kevelstoke. BO.   i ranliruuit, u i
iKO. S. MoCabteb __,
V.   M     1'INKHAM .1. A.  HaIIVKV    ..
liavelatoke, cranbrook, B.C
11.ll I islet'
Solicitor, etc.
S I.n..■! fm :
Ten Canadian Dank ot Commkkck,
liiK  MoLHIlSS  lllM<.   'VI' •
■ >nni-.i;r SMITH
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
Mi riUJi'iW    VvKNCh.
O.   W.   O    W
Mountain  View Camp. NO. 229
Meoti 3ocuiiil aud Kuurlh Wodnobdays In
„cn Mio.iU.. ... Selkirk Hall. Visit,,,, Woodmen cordially unii«l tu annuo.
W, li. A11M3TRONO. Con. Com.
_■ J. MilNiVIIK. Clur^-	
F. O. E.
Th- water meeUoga ar* held in the Belklrl
Hhu e-*ry Tu*,ciny OveuipK at *> o oiuch
nsitiogbwrtiMQ are cordially lOTlted.
T   J. WALSH, Paa»iDbNT.
Kootenay Lodge. No. 15, A  F. A A. M.
The romilttr meet*
Inn- uro hold iii il't-
Oddfellow Hull, «u
the third Monday hi
Oiirli    m"iilh    Kt     »
,p in.   YisitUlK bi'rtth-
thu   cordially   w»l-
I .   A.   i'liUl'UNTKK. Skcuktaky.
Btleels 0T»r> Thurs.
iuy  evening  ;u   Sp!
|kirk Hull at So'elooV
___ _ |Visiting brothron are
cordially incited to -itteiid.
ApropuH nl the fact that the like
lilioiid of llie iii I reduction iulo M. |
U. of the (iothenhurg system lur
dealing with the lii|iior p,i|<<slinr
hac been discussed iu the Provincial Legislature and that this system was included in Mr.Hawthorn
tbwaite's resolution last week culling for n Royal Commission to
inquire into tlie liquor ijuestion, it
may he as well tn enlighten our
renders as to what the Gothenburg
system i^. This system has been
adopted in Norway nnd Sweden.
Fifty years ago there were over
35,000 distilleries in Scandinavia,
now there are hut a few. The consumption of liquor has so decreased
that the manufacture of liquor is
practically nil. The Gothenberg
system is simple: it eliminates all
profit from its sale liy retail and is
controlled by the government;
there is no object in disbursing liquor, tlie tendency being strongly
against i', ami drunkenness is
noticeable only in its r.trity. The
success with the Gothenberg system, in comparison with results in
countries and states where prohibition and 1111101- moans of dealing
with the question have been in
force is very apparent. Drastic
anil sweeping measures in a question which perhaps excites the
keenest, interest, above till others,
should not be taken, nnd anything
which will throw n reasonably
true and jusl light in tbe way
of settlement uf the subject
cannot be objected Ui. While describing lhe system uf lhe liquor
trallic adjustment we are not holding out. ini'. arguments for or
against ii, bill merely to wish to
bring before the public what may
be iinoliifi pliHi-e of ihe situation.
«. A. FOOTE. N.ii.
Cold Range Lodge, K of P
Ho. 26, Revelatoke, R C.
M Kills   uV'bBY    •EUNK-mAV,
ex,.«pt i i i.i « fine-..! >
e*el. moniti,   i 'ildlell its'
IUU    il   «    i' '      Wsitin.;
KuUhWa •   I' .r It'll.7    UVitPil.
T  r   SMITH ''. ('.
0. B.  UH'j. li   K   ..I   11   AS
J. H. S( Ol'l'. ..i. nf F.
The  lirst editorial   article from
the pen  of ex-President Koosevejl
appears in   the   Mnrch issu
of tin
Zbc flDail*1bcrato
Thora i- ... murli bad ill the h»»t "f Uf
A...I -.. -imcl! Kmst in tlie w.,M of ns.
That it hsraij behooves anj nf ns,
To Mlk about tlm r<_-..l .,1 us.
vi ednesu.vy, march 10. inu)
If there ever was a vear when
Revi Istuki should be up and doing
in tbe advertising line his is it.
The unusual increase in bona title
lelller and tourist trallic should
cause u- to make some kind of an
impression upon each individual of
thai great army who comes into
our cily. Advertising has been de-
lined as "The act of creating a want
and turning the consequent demand toward tlie BOpply." An
effort should be made to create a
desire in the hearts of as many of
tliese visitors as is possible to come
and live in Kevelstoke, or to invert
tbeir money in llevelstnke, ami
having created this d'-sire we should
try in every way po.__-ii.le tu bring
it to .t- logical conclusion and
. ■•;.• ■ _;• ; the man or bis money.
' 'ne ..f ibe beet, if not tin- best, ad-
'••i nis' rut-iii-- lhat Reveletoke bas
evei had i-   the Annual Kail Fair,
So SUCCesaful    WUS     tiie     liiiiilii     ,lt-
'• mpl ir..iu every point of view that
the unanimous feeling "f Revel-
■Hoke- euterprisiug people i- to
nuke it the permanent feature of
tne uity't commercial, industrial
.uui social iiic. This determination
ha shown itself and must be even
more strongl) augmented this year
ami veurr to come, No lime should
be ln-t uow in gelling to work for
the I'.'O'i Fair, for there is mucb In
1+ done. Let us put even mure
enthusiasm into the movement this
year and prove tbat Revelstoko is
a nio'-t desirable cily in which lo
live hy  popularizing this   oheme
the   benelit    oi    which   eannot  be
Outlook and deals, with the subject
of''Journalism."     In part it says:
"Kvery owner, editor or reporter
of a conscientious newspaper is un
asset of real value to the community, We have many newspapers,
big and little, of this kind. Iiul
we also have many thai are emphatically not of this kind.
"During the last few years it bus
become evident that certain newspapers are controlled by men who
have gained wealth in evil [aabioif,
who desired tc slille honest public
opinion and whu finds an instrument in the purchased mendacity
of those wbo edit and write for .-ueli
Yellow   journalism  i
with   as   well as   another  ty]
temptation which has a great fasci
nation for  men of  cultivation and
which is ql'lite as fatal to tlieir usefulness  as  yellow journalism.   ' >f
tliese be says:
Resolution   Carried   in   B. C.
House for Royal Commission
Mr, Hawtbornthwaite, .Socialist
member lor Nanaimo in the K. 0.
Legislature, brought in the following
resolution asking (or an investigation
ol the liquor trallic in tlie province
with a view to tbe possible iiltiin i'e
adoption of the Gothenburg system
being carried by li) 12.
"Whereas it is in the interest of the
people of I Ins province and of Immunity that cume solution ol evils «risiii'_
out ot trallic iu int xi ating liqlluis
he arrived a1:
"Whereas local option, which aims
at prohibition in given localities ul the
sale of intoxicating liquors, is objectionable from certain stautlp liuta ami
ineffective »a „   em dvi
"Whereas   i      ' ■    .!• -i ab'e I lull I lie-
people to gin !• ni-eiie   in     out.
Future dat" u • ' In- t| teslidn ;
'•Whereas it Inn beeu shown Hi i
tho Gothenburg ay-"' m ■•( annul e -
uring and distributing intov •• ii m.
liquors removes many if t ■■■ eiil-
Oom plained of ami
"Whereas it is desirable 'Ini the
people uf tins province, befoie taking
a plebiscite, be given of lull iulormu-
lion on tbe question:
lie it, therelore, Resolved, that an
address be presented to his honor ibe
Lieutenaul-Guvornur, nuking I.i > tn
take iuto consideration Ihe nil via it.i lily uf appointing a ruynl ciiniiiiiesi u
immediately, tn impure into all
matters iu relation totlicniaiiuluotu'e
and sale of intoxicating liquors in tins
province, with a view tu asceiiainiiii!
thu amount ol liquor manufactured,
imported and sold in the pruvin e,
ihe inin. mil nl   capital   iu vested    lhe
March N to 2D will be ttre-iter than
tbe avenge rise of the season, And
last In If of March will be w riner and
drier than nanal. Fuilowinu March 8,
all weather feaMirei will be if gieater
intensity or force tb hi usual throughout the month n d d struct ive storms
may be expected at nny tine.
Barbaric Luxury in Spring Costumes—Great Changes
Advice* from the centres of fashion
state tbat richness in material and
trimming* will be the predominant
note in spring modes. The empire
gown is dead—killed by over popu-
lirily and the desire lor couslaut
clin ge. The IIIIIII spring corset will
lie unusually low und will reach far
mer ibe hips. This style hue been
un iiied by Redftrii, wh i is providing
• lie«-es made ul noli, rii li material, the
join ige aud long sleeves ol wbicli are
a n.ass ui li.mu.iiul embroidery in
precious nioiit-s, initialed with gold
.nnl »ilvci llueail or laised silk.
Iiiielid girdles will lu. win ti loosels
Kn..Ited in front. Die- u will be
inu ib wider at the bottom than
hitherto. Itisevou asserted that we
shall see skirts 11 aud In yards iu
width, instead nf 2J und il as at
present. The "oall.inle," a clinging
stjleol i he present moment is doomed,
I'uiiies will be fuller and draped over
the b'i.-, so ns Iii inIII ii) the irt'ect ol
width. I'.tuieis ate tiegiuiiiug i
innkt' ihe.r tip.<t ni.in. e in evening I
gowns, its are hip-i di'..p. i ie- i might up j
ii both sides with jew'i :ed Oorda. The
,ol t, i.. ... iv., n in in- epilog wil. be
Colin.in. i >i- ui Ll i.i,es and tender
posti d si. ii 4, In. lav..i ile color will
rn- mil gud. (> Inr jellons will not
I...  ivntii  ut  ...I.   nut   green and coral
>-li iu f.iVor.
Figures  Which   Go  to   Prove
Wonderful Development
Reports Irum the Iruil districts ol
British Columbia aie must encouraging,   and   plainly   indicate  ih.it   fruit
uu iii bet   ol   wage-earners    employed
tbe estimated profits obtained by sin-i,   I1 "k *'" '
employment, and   further   tu   obtain
such    information    in    t«?n. r«i    mile
Gothenburg system ns may enable the
people to Intelligently comprehend its
tnenta or demerits,  with a view tu il"
piSuiblu adoption   snd  establishment
ol tins system, or a modification  nl it.
in ilie province ..i   linn-i. Coin nhia."
The adoption ol i his resolu' i my
possibly side track the local option growing i-rapidly alUiniug tlie rank
iesne lor another year, Tin- divi ion foi a hading iuduslry. Kigures lur-
ol the House waa as follows uisbed   bj   llie   i ail way nnd   eAprets
Veas—Mtssiturs Williams, Haw-1 Cuiupuileo frum yerr Ui jo.i are sul-
11 thorn thus ite Mclnnis, Mcll de, Bow- licieul u eoullrni tins c nulusion.
f Iser, Cotton   Koss rthatford Mcl*..illip",   Sevn   >. , -  ago-s-iu   I«02—the total
Hunter, Taj iarden,   Macgowai     .bipme    -   liy  tail  uuled lo 1,1)66
liifforrt,   I..-- - UcGu   • -  in 11107 tUe total wan   1,711 tons,
Davey   Sch : - •: — 1'.' nhile  aat year, 1808, tbeie waa shipped
Nays— Mes-i'-ir- King. Kaglea r, lit igli • -.ii-facnuy tpiuiitiiy of
Kerii;;. Oliver Macd aaid, Munro, 0,4'JH lona an increase ul over four
.lardine. Hn-wstir Tatlow, Elliaou, thousand live hundred tuna in six
Young, Haywar.i—12 >ears    antl   (or    11HIK   „n   iuciease of
Pairs—Messieurs Fultoo  and   Hen-   more  than   seventeen   hundred   tons
Moving Pictures a Vital Force
of Culture
lVnle-I>| ir    Kieileilek    Sinn,   nt    the
Iiic,igo     I'niieisi'y,   deseiil'ii"   the
nod. I,,   "movii g   picttUCs"  ns a  tie
nen. li .ii- . ilal (nrue i I eultiir, , u- ne I
i* niiiii-i'ii t'nl.
".In eei im.i y, not onlv ol nuniy,
mt nl expeiietces—it brings ihu
lorld to us—it delivers the universe
to our theatre se_it. The moving
picture is not a makeshift for ibe
playhouse—us dignity is greater—its
importance lar beyond the puny (unction of comedy nt.d tragedy. It. is a
clean entertainment, lecture, and
aniiiSi ment, all rolled in out—in ils
highest ell oil it stands above literature—in its less ambitious phase it
rinks above the tawdry show house.
It leaches nothing harmful and il
usually teaches much that is helpful
Today the moving picture industry is
developed to a high dcgie of perfection
iu America antl it) Europe. Millions
of dollars tne invested in the production ol moving picture films— eniiie
companies of t ni.nd mil pructicid
actors me. carried to every interesting
spot on the continent aud carefully
drilled to enact pantomiuea which will
concentrate within tbe space ol a lew
minutes tlie most entertaining and instructive incidents of tbe world. A
new type, of dramatist bas ariseu—
men who search through the literature
of the ages and construct tableaux in
action which will render virtually ibe
entire em.tenia of famous works of tho
drama, of the novel ami of history.
Tlie moving picture is not a makeshift, but the highest type of enter
laiiinii nl. it, ibe history of the world.
Have You Seen  Em?
"Life" suyB the following pe'pie are
usually iu evidence when a innior ear
breaks down:
One ul noxious onlo ker ntlVr.iig u ■
liei'iu- observations.
Two I roubles lotnisis   ,n,.pering
with the link.
Three iliick-biuded thinkers lliuud-
ering i tu theories.
Ki ur lm fussy female* finding la.tilt.
Five foolish fops Hinging fun.
Six saucy suubre ies slinging sling.
Seven solemn sages shifting the self-
Eight experts eagerly examining
everyi I,ing.
Nine in.i,Iiic noodles nudging iheir
ue'iglib .ts.
Ten tinkers trying In lend to ibe
I ires.
Eleven eloquent electriciaus eliiei-
diiuig elusive elements.
Twelve toddling istt ml lots timidly
talking t«addle.
Muting pictures tonight.
and win a handsome CJrna
Dinner Set
Kvery ih-er ol Ihis fiitin
win one of ten lieuiiliful und
nre giving away ench niuiiih.
|   bread Hour has au equal chance lo
usiU   Hi!)  pit-op Dinner Sets that we
"A newspaper   wbicb avoids VU
gar  sensationalism, which appeals   leri      Manson   and   Nader    Parson  ..v-r I'.H'T
to people of   taste and  intelligence,  and  .lones    '! I
may   nevertheless   do them grave\ Mackay uml Hall
harm and be within its own rather —  '', response t" nmny e, quiries frum
.nison   and    Voraton,
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Power  House Report
narrow limits an element of serious
mischief; for it may habitually and
consistently practice a malign ami
slanderous untruthfulness which.
though mor. refined, is as i in morn:
us sensationalism.
"A . ulttvated man ol good intelligence who has acquired the knock   k  w hours     Hour, run 396
aii |.»rts ul   Hn- wm d   Willi   regard  lo
tbe new Hacitic Coast terminus ol the
lowing is the report       Bupi   ,,,.,,,,   rrun^ pHCI,;c i;HiiWKy, ptince
Duck power   houae   loi   thi   Kuperl  a comprehensive and intertst-
month nf February ing |»mplilel   li -  been issued, giving
are cut on tam
to give the wearer
the utmost eemfort
ti me mtumnrmam.
Tswsa Casmus t*.mm
of Baying Litter things, bul who
lacks the robustness to tight alone
among men is apt, if biJ nature
has .nr.tiling of meanness or untruthfulness,   lo   Bit   in cloistered
a|.nifties- .unl lo endeavor by llll
unceasing output ol slander to holster up his own uneasy desire to be
considered superior
".Now, a paper edited by men of
this stump does not have much
popular Inlluence, but. it may exert,
a real Influence for evil bv the way
in which il teoobos young men of
good education that decent and upright men are a^ properly the subjects for foul attacks as tbe most
debused corruptinnii-i, tbat efficiency and wickedness urn interchangeable anil that lhe correct attitude
to adopt in hieing the problems of
our time is one of sneering and
supercilious untruthfulness."
Kd'iMin Parlor Theater tonight,
Lighting   plant—Power   generated ,.   tl reepveting tbis great seo-
17,703 k w hours    Hours run   Wl p, ,.  ,f the I'aoitic    lhe land acquired
Power plant—Power generated  .' ••'■•• „.,,    fXlmtj company foi   thin new
.   - 24,UU0ao.iea Ior the purpose ol
i three phase  ground detector was .... ,.,.. „,„t  ,i„. development of
suggested as a purchase   lor the power u„. („,lt     rbe first subdivision ol tbe
- iter     rtl i.r nl there is i osi t, wm .,   ,   ,  ,.,,u., ^„ ir,,, ,,j *\f,n,
nl  knowing where there is   ground     n   J(J00 acres   nt.d will   be Opened to Ml*
tbe system, being   dangerous to con.   (,,lhl,,.    ,., .,,„i ,,„   ,r about May 1st,
sinners and iii.-n working on the lun". p„y,
Everything   conoected     with     'fie i   ,   ^m.n.^t,,,,, ooptalnt a general
water planl is working ic good conil pUh ,,, .,.,,  nl.w townsite, snd a Uige
tinu     rhethfeadon  rhe sti- f the (oteresting map of the tfouli 1'acifio,
48-inch sluice valve at the foot of the ,;,,,*,,,_,   prine«   R.qiert  harbor and
flume hs« Isien repaired and an invsr- vioinity
ted Item waa recnniinendeil which
would give better results in handling,
Owing In ths pressure lieing all on onS
side ol the valve, directly It is movril
out uf the »»ating, the strain ia all
taken iqi by the stem and im' causing
tbem to liind and strip Ibe thread
The   present stem    will  probably last
another l^ months wben it will need
repairing again.
Certificate of Improvements
Pluto and nalilloo Minnral oltliBSi situate in
the Trmit   \t,\\i*  Minim,-   DWIsIoi)   <>f Wn-I
Kootenay Dfitrlot*
Where located i   On Divide Iwtweuu ('Hacado
-inl I'oplar i f "k ami nhtiut \ milo from
A- A K. Railway
T»k(i niitirfl that t.O.H N, Wilkie, auitnu as
a^ent for Ivlwanl Hnitlin, Froi* Minor's Ortifl-
cnt« Nti. BMB98| Intend, sixl^ days from dale
mi; ■•'/ in upnly ttt tliu Miniug ifectinler for a
Certificate of TmiintvomoiHs, for the purpose of
obtaining a < rnwn Grant of fhe eiJOVQ Rlalnid.
And  further   take   notice tlmt action,  under
section 'M. must ho  I'lnnmoncod lioforo thn |8|U*
anno of lUph '-ortifinato of linprovoments.
Dated thi" 1th day nf Mamh. V.xSr, IflSi,
feb -n Troul Lake
Copies  ..I  tins publics! ion may lie
Weather Reports
While temperatures were »n pec tod
gu down Irom Inst days ul February
,il I.    March    H, the   average use
bad lor tbe asking by applying 10 A,
K Iti" 2UI Portage av«l  Winnipeg, Man.
Tax on Bachelors
Sni u March'.I -llie rtubrsnju bus
voted il tax on bncbelois Km ry un-
marrlod man over 'Ml will pay no annual   tax   ul   IU   Iriines fn| in.ilnnt In
$2,50) in addition to ill other imposts,
The proceeds ol Ibe new tax will Ite
devoted  to the purposes oi eilueiitlon
According to  ibe latest statistics J7,.
800 bachelors will I ITeoted
Kevelstoke I < unl Dlstriot,
In-iiii-i of Wesi  Kniileiiay.
Take Notice thai   l( elei-iek William
Lindsay,     of    Oamlmrne,     li.    (),,
oceupal , met ih in i, iu l ends iu apply
for permission 'o purchase ihe rollow
Ing described bind:
Commencing at tbe noilh-east corner nf A. I). MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,80Band marked " K, \V. i.iml
Miiv'sN. W. Oornei PosliH thonce aboul
B chains tu west line of MoKiunou'a
pi <• pmptloni  thenee i^hout to ohains
S'.ilIII; tbenee .iliool   K   i-|> .itts   eiimt lu
M ni Kay 'a aide line; Ibenee no, II, iiliuul
to chains 10 pollll of  I'oniineiieemeiil,
containing 10 acrea more or leas,
HniiKini k u'ii.i.iam Lindsay.
Dated Dee :nnb, 1908,       Jan. lifllb.
Itevelstoke I-in.I District.
hisiiii-i ul West Kootenay.
Take nnl Ice i hai   Vvalloi P. t.'onlair
uf   .Ml,    Paul,    Minneiiiiit,   occupation
printer,  Inl ends in .ippfi for pei-uila-
sllill   In   putellJise   lie-   following   de
.i-riind liuiils:
('oiiiuieuiiug ui a poal planted along
.tile   of   Ihe   I'e eutt'.llll   solll!l-\VfHi rill'
nee post   of  lait   70711; tlience wot III
uhalns along ibe sotitli boundary uf
I ail 711711; Ilieuee south II) rbailis;
thenoe ell'.. ID llllillHi Iheuee liollll ID
eluiilis In poinl of eoiumeneeineitt,
.unl,lining 100 iicich,
Hnl..: Di'intnlietH, IISIH. |m nt* IV1.1
lli nii-nilnr a, con pun is placed in each I'd Ih. sack of Royal
Sin min i il Flour leaving nnr mill. The duplicate coupons are placed
ill tl ii'. eplaele ninl imi ilr.iivu eacii month. The lucky nuiiih- rs wi.l
he uiniii'inceil in ihis space the lirst issue of cnoh mouth, Uather
all the coupons you can, and compare yoyr number* with Ihu winners
aB announced each month, Your name tuny ho among tbem. Do
no) let this nil pass your c\e each day. ll may announce lhat you
have won an elegant  prize.
Kull ilelails of the conlesl on lhe back nf ouch coupon. I'rizes
will lie shipped prepaid lo any address on receipt of lhu duplicities
of the coupons coniaiuing the winning numbers.
Iloval Standard Flour is uiaii,ulacltired only by
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
$3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with in.e ol unr hands ime parbr sets,
unl i.lsn ipd in li ub; (.nude silk, or
d in,ist, with lininis I Ii.u are in every
it. . livable th sign, aim innde lo wear
hub linin ly. Wc have many new and
i .uin iiul purl, r sets and odd pieces ior
lieati'ifying the borne th tl are taste
Inl, ill'.clive and inexpensive, and will
alum ynur rooms lolhe best advantage,
Big Discount
on all
Cash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Marchant*
Pork Packers mid Dealers In Live Stock.   Markntx in all tlie pilucl
.„l| (Jjtj,." .....i ti......... ..e   ah     n..;.i.,i. fl..l..«.l.l.. ._,.! it...  v
nnl "Sll.iinio.k" Iir.md  I, nt  I,nil.
iu|Oltlea and Tutviia of Albeita, British Ooluaibbt and the Yukon.
of ihe Celebrated Brand " luipeiat'.i" Hums ami Baton,
Import direct from country ot origin.
Wholesale   dealers   only.
revblstokb  1=1. o.   -
Central Hotel
Newly butlt       First-fiiiHs in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Itoonis.
Sates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Ratea.
[otel, Trout Lake, undor  s;imi;   inaibigeint'iii
.   i       .      ..       .,-i.. i        -     ._      i.i. lu ! a    ..mm.     i
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best \\ ines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratss $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   -A.LS3amT    STOHSTIE     ^H,OIJ. TIIE MAll.-llEllAl.l). IIKVELSTOKE, ll C.
More bread and Better bread
 And the Reason for it
be made from ,:trong wheat.
Manitoba hard wheal is acknowledged the strongest in the world—
and that e the kind used for
Purity Flour.
But that's not -ill Every grain
of this wheat coul Ms '■■■•'■ high-
grade and low gt-nile pr'-ccrlies.
In separating the higli-graiij jjui ts
from the low-grade the Western
Caaada Flour Mills pal tlm haul
wheat through aproceassnexacting
that not a single low-grade part
haa the remotest chance of getting
In witb the high-grade.
Of course thin speri.il process is
more -expensive lo operate but it
means a lot to Purity Hour users—
that's why we use it.
It mean ' that 1'urity Flour is
mai'c entirely of the highest-grade
(lour p_ut3 of the strongest wheat
in the world.
II means a high-class, strong flour
an I therefore yields "more bread
tin 1 better bread."
Purity may cost a little more
than 6ime flours, but results prove
it lhe cheapest and most economical after all.
Western Canada  Flow   Mills  Company,   Limited
Office, WinniDCK. Man. Mills at St. Ilooiface, Godericb, Brandon.
Queens ftotel
hest brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Vancouver Acreage
Terms to
And ew  E.  Liddie
Ke.il E-tate Agout,  Hox   i'Al
S00 Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
Manufactured fnr nil cl«s.«s of bnlldlogi
fur galfl ni law or -mmi! quantities
BtUietnwoAt pric»> f«»r cash.
AU k:mI   nt butldlDfl aud i-In-trrin*
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Fri. Mar. 12 Emp. of Ireland
Hal.   "   2u Lk. Obamplain
Kri.   "    i» Ep. of Hiit-        Mae. 12
Hal. Apl.  8 Lake Bile "    1"
Eri.    "     U Emp. of In I'd       "   20
Sat.   '•   17 Lake Manitoba     "   111
Is!. Class anil  Class 3rd. Class
$8-- ftO    $48 7.i *.-,! 25
tsl. Class 2nd. Class  |id.: Class
$05 00       $42 50       $.10 00
Othrr Lass Boats—
2nd. Class jril. Class
$45 oo       830 oo
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seals aid
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers    hooked   to    Italy,
Norway, Swedeu, Antwerp, 11am-
lintg   and    all    other   continental
Por further Infol'inullnn apply lo
T. W. Bradshaw,   C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.d.P.A.
Revelatoke, H.C.     Vancouver,II 0
Tested stock, Seeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, from the best
growers in filmland,
Frauds. Holland, tbe
I' u 11. o d S tates, and
ransrln. Emit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, I101111' grown.
Fertilizers, bee supplies
spraying inatOl'I'lls, cut
lloivers, etc.
140 P«B» 0«t»lo»u»   trmm
M.   J.    HENRY
(Ireen Houiti and Seed House*
ji'to Wt4tmlntt&i Ktuii
A Shingle In Time
Saves li/ine
Many kinds of shingles, but the best
1 oof-covering that any man enn top
off witli is a
Fire Insurance Policy
in a reliable company. Ho thai if tbe
lire-fiend lays Lis home in ashes, lie
gets dollar for dollar without delav.
Can the manufacturers of shingles
offer a kind tn beat this? If not insured, let ns shingle your roof TO hai
for TO-MORROW may be too late.
Lowest premiums in  best companies
Real Estate and Insurance
First (to Barber
First Class Business
Good Going Concern
Well Situated
For full particulars apply to
Rovelstoke Assessment District
Notice is hereby given, in accord-
aboe will, the Statutes, thai Provincial Revenue Tax anil assessed taxes
and income tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Aet" and
amendineiils, are now due antl payable for the vear USUI, All taxes collectible for the Revelstoke Assessment
District arc due anil payable at my
office, sltnute at Kevelstoke. This
notice, in let ms of law, is equivalent
to a personal demand by mc upon all
persons liable for taxes.
Daled at Kevelstoke, 8th January,
Deputy Assessor und Collector, Kevelsloke Assessment Distent, Kevelstoke Post Offlee. iiini) Ind
Hovaliloki l.iiifl liinlrlii.
Illslrlrtul llr«t Knilti'lmt .
Tail nolle* that 1,  0   it. Lamb •.( Mmue
_i|."lls 11,.nil,in   mill   mtiu-r     Itlti'li'!'    In
i'|.|.|y lur I'l-rniissinu to purchaaatlmfollowlll
iliiserlls'it  imi.l.
I iitillinii'.Iiiii ki 11 jsist I'liuUr'l st Un1 n'lltll.
WWI ■■.irii.r ill I ut ;s« mul nerii'i I ' 1 1.
l.amli'N ioiuli-.-H-i t-nrtu-r post." IhSflca I
i'IiiiIiis uurth, thellrt. _n,'_i«inii writ. ,h*n< e Hi
i-t....,.- «i,iiiii, thi'iu-r 10 rlmlii. rm.\ tn |*ilnl i.I
coumesceinantsadooBtaialoi Wssrti siors
or lui*
■ HANI Kl   ItllHfcUl  I. A MB.
ll, n   ft. «llkl«. A«ml.
1'..- '   ..siMnl,.,     «lh     ISO*.
I-1 f * '.
Mr. R. J. Watson, of Burks Falls
•Ont.. Leaves for B. C.
The lollowi n dipping trom the
"Arrow," Hurks Kails, Out., may he ol
interest tn our readers:
"Our highly e teemed, public spirited
and popular fellow citizen, Mr. H. J.
Watson, bas received a very important
appointment from the Dominion Government to take charge ol all tbeir
timber interests in the Province ol
British Columbia. The position,owing
to its great importance, will no doubt
te9t Mr. Watson's abi'ity, In t we have
no doubt as tu the result—the Govern
ment has placid the nubi man in the
right position. Tbe matter has been
pending fur some time, and it waa
not wit limit a go. tl ileal of hesitancy
that Mr. Wiilsun derided to accept it.
The g. leinu.i'i I i- to I econcriiltilated
on se. nriiu. a ninn of bis experience to
look afier tin ir arm* 111: .-tests in that
pr vi, ei.,
"Having j ihorouith knowledge ol
men and affairs, Mr. Watson will b ve
a free 1>ml i.. lho sdiuinistratii.il of
tbe government's interests, winch will
uud. ubtedly ne will looked a'ter. His
headquarter* will be, we utid.-rstand,
Revelatoke — a very promisiug towu
on tbe main line ol tbe C. P. R.—and
wbe e bis family wi I reside in tbe near
"Foi buainesa and executive ability
Mr. Watson elands in high estimation
in Northern Ontario, where he has re-
aided lor over lliirty years. Mr. Watson ia a progressive iiisn ol great commercial enterprise.
"In the Dominion eleciiuns of 19U4
Mr. Watson was elected to represent
the district ol Parry Sound in the
House nl Commons, and no member
did more for lna constituency during
tbat term"
Mr. Watson arrived in the city on
Monday nigbt, aud stated to tbe MAIL-
Hkkai.ii that bis headquarters would
be in Revelatoke. His family would
foliotv shortly and take up their resi
deuce here. Mrs. Watson is much interested in the work of ihe Presbyterian Church.
As tegards Ins work bere, Mr. Wat-
soii said lhat he had little information
to give ut present, except that the appointment gives him charge ol sli the
Doiniuijn Government timber in
terests in li 0,, and that the bona
fide settler would be especially looked
We might add that about fourteen
yeara ago he moved from lliintsville
to Burks EalU and erected a large industry in that 1. wn, and some tive
yeara agu purchased a line of steamers
wbicb he has aince remodelled and
built up, aud wbicli ia a great credit
to that picturesque and delightful
navigation route.
Work  Will Be Rushed When
Water Permits
A large number ol men arc now
being employed hy the contractors of
the government trallic budge acrosa
tbeColnmbia here,and etigaged iu hauling quantities ol brush lor inaltrass
ing, and ruck Inr cribbing and piling.
It is unlikely that the actual driving
ul piles will lie commenced until all
danger ol drift wood ia eliminated,
which will be some time after the high
water. Meanwhile there will be
enough lo du to gel ibe material on
the ground, erect the approaches and
other preliminary work. As soon aa
tbe pile drivers are in operation no
time will be lost, and lhe contractors
are quite confident that tbey will bave
the work completed well within the
time limit. As we understand tbat
party politics baa been busy already in
the employment ol laborers on the
work, the rapid progress in construe
lion and completion should not la1
hampered by any political intrigue or
unlairness in Ibe selection of workmen.
Evangelistic Services
The evangelistic scavicea iu ll.i
Baptist Church, under the diraction
ol   the   Pastor   snd   Evangelist linker,
opened od Sunday last ami arecou
tinuing each  nigbl  thia week except
rtaturdni. H . Baker 1- proving himself to be a strung.simple,Bt mpul hetie,
sane pruclaimer of gospel truths. On
Sunday morning be spoke on "A Holy
Spirit Revival," based on the second
chapter ■ f Acts. In the fi -nt place he
spoke uf the men thai G d used in
that day. The-e men were n..| 1 'onsen
b cause of tbeir wealth, s cial position
nor intelligence, but because ol tbe-r
love for Christ and tlieir paasion Ior
the souls of met). In ihe second place
he sp ike if the methods used in carrying on the work. These were two in
number—praying and preaching. No
revival waa ever realized'without most
earnest, pn I tiyel prayer, and as illtis
traiing this ihe sptaker mentioned
Christ spen.line lonu nights a'rme in
prayer, sud llut such men as Torrey,
Moody, Finney, were men ul much
prayer, and that two tilings must
o'aaracp'rize tbe preaching, viz , the
conv.i'iiim thai men me Inst, without
Cli isi; ami that Christ, died for lo-t
men siul won,',,. "Fur tbe S-n of
Madeline 10 seek sod to save thai
which .vis int-i " In the third place
tbe ApOslolle revival wrnt ehJrai'ierlzeii
by two tb. jts. First, s deep couvic
nun ul sin. " i'hey were pricked in
their hearts," aid said, "Men and
brethren what must we du tube sived "
Aud stcoudly by a confession of Christ
and conversion ol their life, aud there
were three thousand added to the
oburoli tbat day as the rear It ol Peter's
In the evening Mr. Baker spoke to
a lull bouse on God's question to
Adam, "Where art thou?" The preach
er said this question was nut asked for
iufui'iiiation. for God knew where
Adam was, but He asked it to get
Adam to locate himself. Xor wae the
queatijn asked with reference to his
physical, social, ur mental condition,
but to the man's individual relation
to God. Tins question is pertinent to
all, fur everybody ought to want to
know their real atiitude towards their
Maker. He went on to siy that s me
day men must anewer this question
Paul came face lo face with it on lhe
road tu Damascus. Men in death
faced it often unawares, and ae an
illustration tbe speakei descrii-ed very
vividly a shipwreck Oil 1 ha coast of
Nova Scotia, where men fuciut; death
amid the waves bad to answer tbe
question. Aud lually, tbis question
ought to be answered eeiiuusy,
thoughtfully aud above all, honestly.
And the question is, are we for God or
against Him—are we saved or lost.
The senium was must impressive and
many must have gone away with very
serious thoughts.
Tbe services of Mr. H. A. McLean,
a noted Gospel singer irom Calgary,
have been secured for these meetings,
and be will take part in the service
For Sale
I will sell two ul my bousoe on 3rd
street, south of McKenzie Avenue,
full two story with furnaces and ull
modern improvements, Tortus reasonable    Apply to
Corner ol Hid St. and McArilnir Av .
iielore the First of May, two six-
roomed houses, in Revelatoke, will)
two aeres of land each; including, il
wanted, horse and rigs and all garden
tools. Situated weat of C P.R track,
Lower town.   Apply to
-     E. I'I CARD,
tc Box 2311, Kevelstoke.
H. J. WILLIAMSON (late collector
llevelatoke Steam Laundry) having
now tho Agency lor the Vancouver
Steam Laundry, will call at your
house Mondays, Tuesdays and
All Work Cuarantsed    Moss Moderate
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought*
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Thos. Morgan,
Altisl nil Gin .-  and XV  oil Sinn Wril.
,■; 11 ir il linl'i h I) 'fill il.'1 : II gl,
11 in.- P no..1 ami I'u pei ILinii-i. Ii.u.1
\V ml F nislliiiK and Fine \V,.i k 11
Sp , ml 1 .    lies gnu in d .".tiiii.ii.> Iiei
Address.Y M.C.A. Revelstoke
Revelstoke Lund District.
I list 1 lei uf West Koutenay.
Take notiee that Harry J. LaBiush,
of Nakusp, occupation hotel keeper,
intends In apply for permission to purchase lhe lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post, planted at
north-cant corner of Lot 7806, thence
west 80 ehains, thence north 60 chains,
thence east HI) cbains, Ihence soulh (H)
1 huh is to placeof commencement, cun
tabling ISO acres more or less.
Dated Feb. SI li, 1000,
feblH      ll.vitnv James La Brabh,
Notiee is hereby given thai, at Uu
expiration of three months from dato
hereof, application will be made to His
Honour, the Lieutenant Governor In
Un11ne.il fur an Order in Council rbaug.
lllg the inline of Woolscy, Lel'Vanx ft
Company, Lludled, to "Lefeaux fi
Sin hei'btntl, Limited."
Dated this 8th day of February, 1000,
Harvey, MiCaiitkk fi Pinkham,
Solicitors for the saitl Company,
may 12
Kevelsloke Laud Distriel.
Dislricl of Wesi Kootenay.
Take notice that Annie Louisa Copiah of Hazel wood, West Virginia,
occupation married woman, intends
to apply for permi-sion to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tlie soulh west eorner of Lot 7IKX);
thence soulh 'ill chains; thence easl 20
chains; theuce soulh 20 chclns; thence
easl IU chainsj ihence north 41) ehains:
tlience weal 00 cbains to point of commencement, containing 2U0tici.es.
Annie Louisa CoI'la.w
Date; December 0, 1008.        .juiiO OOd
Ceniiicate if Improvements.
Kiiiusmn, Maggie It, Tongue, Senator,
ami Pillock Friction Mineral claims,
siitiiite in the Lirdeau Mining Division of West Kootenay Distriel..
Where located—On the western slope
ol Lexington Mountain ueur Cam*
I,.in,., li O.
Take niit.icc that I. F. ll. Blochbui-
tier. F.M.C. ,>o. II, 23032, ' '•"; lhe
United IviiiKslnu  Hold .Mi .united
nun-personal liability. Free M nei-'s
Cei-lificitte No. B 01342, intend sixty
days l'i um date hereof, to apply to tbe
Mining Keeouler for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of lhe above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 21st day of December,
V.D., urns.
F.  It.  lii.iu iniiiitiiKit, Ageni,
Certificate of   Improvements
Last Chance and Losl chord  mineral
claims, situate in  ibe Trout Lake
Mining Division of Wesi Kootenay
Where   loeated;    Al   head   of     Coon
Creek.   No rth   Fork   of Lardeau
Take  notice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie,
actlnu as agent for llenrv W. Si-hltns
Free  Miner's  Certificate No.  Illlllil.'i,
intend,  sixty davs from date hereof,
to apply io the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements,  foi-the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
ihe above claims,
And further lake nolice Unit action,
under s, etion 37, must be commenced
before ihe Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated Ibis 1 lib day of January, A.
1)., llKK).
janMOOd n. II. N. WILKIE,
Kevelsloke Lind District.
District 1 if Wesi Kootenay.
Take notice 1 bat George li. Frank-,
fori el' of .Minneapolis, Minnesota, occupation college proleasor, intends to
apply for permission to purchase tbe
following described lands:
Commencing at a pnsl planted at
tbe southeast eurner of lot7080, thence
west, IK) ehains more or less lo Ihe
boundary of lot 7070; thunce south 20
chains; tbenco easi 00 chains more or
less to ihe shore of Arrow Lake, thence
along said shore in a northerly directum 20 chains inure or Ichb to point of
commencement, containing 120 acres
inure or less.
(I 111 I IU 11',   ti.   I- li.\ NKl-i.lfll-.lt.
Date; December 0, 1008.        jit ull ISM
llevclsloku Laud Dislricl.
Di-liiel nf West K'ootentiy.
Take noticu lluil Frank li. Winter,
nl si. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
merchant, intends  to apply for pei*
ml sion lo purchase  the lollowing de-
seilbed lands!
Ciniiili'ii, illK nl a post planted at Ibe
south-west corner of Lot 7000) thonoo
wesi IHI ehains; Ihenee nurth HII ehains;
thenoe easl i" chains) tbenoe south in
ciiaius; theme easl 20 chains; thenee
south IU  ehains lo point of 1 onniience-
inenl, containing 400aores,
Frank g. Wintkk.
Date: December 0, lDOH.       janiiiSkl
Notice is herein given   lhal pursuant In
ihe provisions ol Chapter t.s.s of tha Stat-
iiies of Canada 7-a, Edward VII, Shuswap
and Thompson Rivers Boom Company
have liied in ihe ofllce ef ilu- Dominion
Lands Agenl BL Katnlonps, H.C, and in
the office ol Tho llonoufftDte ibe Minister
ul Public U'liiksiil Ottawa, Ontario, plans
and apoclflcallons nl' certain booms and
other works proposed lobe constructed
by said Company In, ovef and slqpg the
Norlli Thompson River iu the Kitmliutps
Division ol vul.i Dislricl iu the Province
ui itnii-.il Columbia ami thai on ths nub
day oi February, 1909, al the hour of 11
o'clock in tho forenoon, or su aoon there-
aliei as ilu- application can be beard,
application   will  be   mads by the under
His Lxielteni'y tho Governor
signed   I
iit-Cutini-il  .11   Ottawa,   Ontario,   Inr his
approval to be given to such plans,
haled ibi'. .pi, day of December, n,t.s
Shuswap anu Thompson RivbrsBoom
Hy Otto I.m linn    "• ' relai 1.
Dei:. 9, bo d
So Guar, So Shining and sn Evident thai it
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
Lkrialb   us sat.,-.
A  Canadian   Made Writing  Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the re-tilts produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
Thn" KM l'i UK" e,.,bodies
no complicated movements,
while its tnanii • Ming alignment, margin ', facilities,
automatic convenience's, durability, vi-ilii" writing minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter pur
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.B. began using the
KM PI ll F.      Typewriter"     in
lS'.Jo, continued to add to lhe
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of tliese machines.
The British Covernment
" French Government
" Bank of I lontreal.
1    " Merchanxs Band oi
' C?.nada
'  Molsons Bank
ami all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Every day brings Now Goods.   Soo these linos if you aro interested in
! n-'-i ti<in.   Buuiliiitfs,   I'iiL n^s,   Coi'Hi1!  covei"
I'jiilu tdiliy.    Kroin 5c. ;i v .1 n! up.
Curtain Muslins
Madras, Spot   Muslins,    .Muslins   with   frill
edge,    S'ew Two Tone Swiss Curtains, WhiLf
New Prints
$1,00  a pair  up.
('iuih-   untl Grafton a  Kn^lish PHiit.     Von
can't buy any hotter and n  guarantee goes
with pvur) vail].     Price  per yard 124 cents.
Shirts and Soxs
Having   bought   it   travellers  samples ul  a
New Dress Fabrics
reduction we can sell these ul jusi lhe union-
fdCtltrel'S   pi ire,    ibis    i.s    ;,    snap'       Sen    titlj-
u Indow  for pi ices,
All selling rtl S> pui cent, discount.
Wash Goods
V «   While   W listings  selling   li    lUe.  a
ml lo iie pei j ii 1,
11 j  are interested In old odd lines of
winter goods, we are putting all  these lines
ni jusi half price.    Klnnneletles, regtibit' 15c,
I10W 7c.I   Wl.'ipperel Ies, 2lle.. noivlli'.:   Ladies'
New Corsets
tini Corsel stock i-  now  . ..inpleie  in  ever)
detail.    V 11 the new   styles -Directnire,  etc.
7fic, now Hoc,; Children's knit underdrawei-s,
26c, each,   HAD aizes In (loraets, regular $1.25
mm    .Mir.
All lines greatly reduced.   We guarantee
mui lower prices and bet ler goods.
QOO-O 0<>-0<_><M_-KK>0<_K><>0<K^
Heal Estate, Insurance unit Commission Agenl
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Oollkoted. Loans Notaky I'uiiiaii
> 0^>00<X>0-0<><HH><><>00<X>0-0-00-0<> <
Just received Carload of Prairie Hay. Another
car of Timothy Hay on the road. Leave your
orders early if you want any at the old prices.
Wc have the Best Butter in (own, a trial will convince you. Also Fresh Fggs and a good line of
First Street, Revelstoke. B  C.
'Phone 248
Pure Drugs
combined with eaieiul
compounding,    prompt
delivery and reasonable
prices  are  tlie    factors
i bicb have built up our
business to its present
immense p r oportious.
Bring your next prescription    bere   ii   you
vunt satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
* Weather Forecast
Wednesday. Macli It).—Ligbl winds
enerallj    tail     Stationery or   highe:
•,:; .;;i" .ire
• We iiiiii   lo   keep   only    tlie
Our Bread, Cakes und P.isiry
best in I'i'oi'eries.    A trial   order
are made fresh every duy,  alien
will   bo  appreciate I   as  we   are
tired of your  own   linking,   try
convinced that ive enn save  you
ours for a change, you  will  lind
it very appct'z;"tr.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Local and General.
l-'iin coined}' tonight ul lhu Edison
Tlieatre.   Come and   lieai   "Sinarty"
l\'e understand tint ,■ bachel ii Stirlfi
:.--- it-ill   -    i  hp  established in Rev-
I [ g 11 g p
Tbe rders i I B I 1.. E. and the B
ol 1. F. are making arrangements lot
a dm.i    •    be held Tuesday, April 13.
Do I t fail to see 'The Holy Oity"
in pantomiui also tbe ever popularI
drill bj the little tots—March J7th
I i.atlies Hospital Guild have
in nnl in hold a Calico Hall iu the
Opera House on Tuesday, April  20th.!
I n -ulai review ol Mt. McKenzie
Hive, Nn. 15, o ill take place on Thursday, March llth, ut '_! pm. m Mason
I tirsl meeting ol th" new Board
ol Lici nee Commissioners will Like
place at the City Hall this evening at
- o'cKck,
Nice Five
House for
Nice   Six
House hi'
Houses di reasonable
All kinds of Insure
Agents  for the cck'
KAFN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, insurance and Financial Agents-     Money to Loan.
Highly comic ami interesting pro- "A cumbersome prize." a most
gramme tonight at the Edison Parlor I amusing comedy is a feature of to-
Theatre. night's   programme   at   tbe    Edison
Tiie bill respecting the Arrowhead Par,or Theatre.
railway was read a sec nul time in tbe j    The   performance  uf   Kerry Onw at
Federal   House, Ottawa,  ou   Monday  the Opera House  on  Saturday  night
lust. [contained no striking features of  par-
A novel feature ul St. I'atriok's en- ticu,Br nientiun, and was evidently a
tertainment, March 17th, wijl he road- Dew v''iiture on the part ol tbe per-
logs, illustrated  by living pictures in I ">rmers not being at   home   in   their
Laces and Embroideries
This store lias always been acknowledged to carry
the best stock of Laces und Embroideries of any in the
Interior and this season will be found no exception. We
have already received several lots of our Spring stock
and wc can show you the newest effects in these lines.
Allovcr Laces in Net, PI,men, Guipure, etc., in Ecru,
Cream, White and Black. We have some particularly
line patterns in these goods. Laces, Insertions, etc., in
Valenciennes, Torchon, I'lauen, Guipure, Oriental, etc.,
in all shades to match Allovers.
will be ven much worn this season and we are prepared
for a big demand. Skirting Km broidery 42 inches wide
just what you will want for a dainty summer skirt.
Flouncing Embroideries in all widths. Allovcr Embroideries at all prices, Insertions and Edgings in matched
sets, in all widths.
McLennan & Co*
^*-^»S-Je(--»- * *■ 3St^**.-S_i--*---«!--* *_*-r_Sr ?1* *r^9t-=*H**-»^i)6^«^^*^*ifci«T3«->att*--_et^_: jS^--^^)^-,*^^,:?^^.^^.^^,.^^^^^,.-^^^iSH*-*«t»
tableaux and shadowgraph
lie I,
lhr tiospel
Church on
ml     Fridaj
Hui... McLean
liug :. tin Baptist
rt •     ■ -   -..     rbursday
It- catching— A  contagious  ncrv-
1- biug,    st  tin   Kdison   l'ailiu
beatri t .nigbt, wbicli makes  every-
'   ''>    ■   -
'1       n  i u ion  that will i....num ud
-• f is a recitation by boys, in elmrtis
m    Patrick's entertainment, Wed-
1 ■ - lay   March l'i
S i Fire Brigadi bave arranged to
bold s dance in tin I ipi rn 11 iuse on
Friday,   March   lilth      Prices   fl   a
..... extra lady 50o. td
I be   Ladies   Guild     :'   St    Reter'a
mrcl      •      Iding a sale ol work ami   purchase one.
' 1/ in    □ Saturds;   Apri   17tb, at the
1 .iue ol Misi Mel srter un   McKenzie
l roles, and   full justice was not tli
,.,    ,   ,   , •     ,    ,,     ,-.     .-,, . I" r,'H">' '''"' Irl"h drama,    Alii
lhe lady friends of the Cricket i lub at times thn,-Hen- K,.od points
are arranging ' r a progressive  whist  McKi >y presided at the piano
party Ht the City Hull m Kasier Monday, to raiBe luuds Ior the club.                  We regret to announce  tin   latl
,    , ■ tell'gl 1 1    the   death    .f   ,[,.|,,
Be sure and watch lui  the projram   Hagar  proprietor of the I  and'I
ol an organ recital to he emu in tbe  Co., Alontreal, and a prominent mem-
Motbodisl Church, Friday, March 12,   ber of the Board ol rradeand ''unadian
published  in next Wednesdaj    issue.   Manufacturers   Issociatioi ch   ,.-
We understand that the thirty daj      ' Saturday laat     HI  Hagar,
ellicieucy test ol the   producer   plant    '   '""    ".-   is a son   '   the deci .1
is proceeding  very  satisfactorily   and   "',1     '■'-'   the   1;   • his
that the engine is taking the full load   'stber'i      ess eft at onoe for 1  -.•.-•
easily. Every business  nan, ever;.  ;
.   •   and every wage earner trbi
We are advised tbat tlie Imperial
Bank of Canada has opened a branch
ol the hank ai Cochrane, the new town
located at tlie juuetion ol tbe trans
continental ai.d T. v  N. O. Railways
There   are   rumors   that an eastern ' Every man -
any interests  in    Reve Itoki
ei sr of I       Revelstuki
paign dons I "ill
•    •       '       taring tbe c     ing j eai
uld  ask   nis  neighbor
Social and Personal
Miss 10. Paget leaves 1,,night un a
visit lo the coast.
Mrs. McKitriek, o'' Nakusp, was a
visitor io the city uu Monday.
Mr. A lux. I.aiid. General Manager
..f the Cauadiau Bank of Commerce,
passed through tbis morning on hia
way east, after inspecting the banks
branches in the Western .States anil
at the coast.
The Bridge Club met last evening
at the home ol Mrs. J. M. Doyle. A
pleasant time was spent over cards,
followed by recherche refreshments
Mrs. H Cunningham Morris and Mra.
A. K Kincaid were lhe fortunate prixe
winners Next week the club meets
at the Lawns, the home of Mr. and
Mrs. T E. I, Taylor,
Mr-. B, A. Lawson entertained the
young people tin Monday nigbl at her
charming iii' e bungalow, on Third
street west. The tout ensemble of the
evening was most pi asaut, tlie winners oi tl, progressive whist being
Mr \\ I VV. Brown and Miss Foote
After ranis the guests wen regaled
with refreshments "a I'grand mievre
["bis il.iluty meal having receivitl full
juatioe, lhe yuiing people "ilegage"
anil "de bonne grace give themselves
up in singing and other amusements
till a late hour.
Business Locals
\-.i   iih!!
I  Up Hi C
We hi,.
 111 .A mg
wall   pipe]    . indow
. tun ii I'll res
syndicate,   indirectly    from    London, I " Are you
Kng.. are   trying  to sell aeroplane- ^^^^^^^
cities in 11. C, for Bpecial attractions at       Elsewhere in tbis
fairs, etc.      Kevelstoke    may   possibly
ember       If  not,   why
^^^^^^^^^^^^ issue will  is- seen
,', -■ -11    1,    lepieting    thi     Hi ll
Revelstoke Lawn Tennis < I ih at play
1: .  season ol Uiis best  .1 games  - ip
pf   irr :ng   ate!    il    is   I ime   ' bal   -■ rr 1 •
movement  was  made   regarding   the
Reports thst   King Edward's bealtl
.- failing are said on good autbority 1.
I be false.    His Majesty I general heaitl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A meeting ol the Agricultural So-   is exceptionally good and be takes - ipring nl  Hie Iocs
.....yn.l Fair   Directors and  others   greatest care of himself   To tbe latter olub    Wi would have tbi     .... mepi
h     in   interested  in thi   1 1     Fair (act may be traced some of tbe ourreni   ben if tbe club  etnember thsl  tennis
e held 1     ghi it 8:30 n tbe City alarmist reports •> • n ly recreation tbe
Hall.   Eli  '   •    ■'     ci -   tc I,,   ;... -ire  you  will hear some       "lie" have, and it is only lair thet tbi
'your   good     Id    .    rites  In the [rial " »" """"l »*'•' ''•'
sougsst tin'  .peri  I    March  17l 1    »» the Homing  tennis season.    Revel
A Inn u new popular Irish song entitled
"Vou II ns..   I Irisl    ting n
yon *, iah 1 .in> ■..•'    hy Mrs W   \
('hiiiui.. ra and c
A Good Sermon Defined
Apropos of an argument recently in
the city over ministers and sermons,
anil llie qualillcatii 11-of good sermons,
ive venture tlie following suggestions,
which in our opinion are I hi'essentials
of a good sermon.
"It must he in ihe lungiingc of common life. It n u-i I e until spoken
with conviction, not ipialified liy desire
to please ur placate, nor uttered in a
spirit to pr.ivoke opposition. The
sermon which is valued is oue which
shows men tlieir temptations, and
bow to overcome tliom; which inspires
men to trust Ciod iu llie midst of
business anxielits; which sustains
tbem in the dark hours of adversity
and loss and bereavement; which
teaches aud leads them to apply practical remedies tor tbe sorrows of the
alllicted and the sufferings of the pour;
which kindles their love for children,
increases their confidence iu the
triumph ol righteousness over evil in
this world and opens before them a
vision of ftilure blrssetluess with Cod
in eternal joy antl harm my wi'h him.
In a word, the sermon which nun
like is the one which Iii ids them as
they are, and shows tiiein bow they
can become what in tbeir nest moments Ihey desire to he. Such a scrim 11
is a revelation ul experience spoken in
language understood Ilu,nigh expert-
— j eiice   with   Jesus   Christ,   looking on
pipers and pretty designs I IMen aB do lyyks on them, the best in
tne preacher -peaking to tbe best in
Ins hearers. It is the Word, that is,
the self-manifesting Clod, become Hush,
speaking noi only through the mouth
but through Ibe whole personality ot
bis messenger. The testimony of a
number of Christian laymen to ibis
effect, while not new, brings vividly
home to the mind and conscience ol
the church the conditions on which
spiritual revival will be realized."
The Leading: Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
Pipes  in
best and largest Stock
of Cigars and
and inailf
Original Mac's Mixture
expressly   for   us by D,
now  on   hand
K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Stoves, Tin and  Knamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Kxchangetl.
Furniture Packet) for Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
First St. Wesi, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprietor
It. Macdonald's.
a  choice range of
shatles, draperies
-C.  11. Hume Co
I .rk"- iue photographer, lias all
-   ft   I cameras and films and supplies
(or sale at his studio. td
1". , bottle ol Veribriie Venoll on
your furniture ami see tin' result, Sold
at C   H   Hume ft  Oo'S
1      gel   Hi" purest of drugs in your
[ition  go to C. R. Macdonald's,
keep!      ■■■ i in- best,
Oranges  bananas  lettuce and fresh
il     this    morning   at  C,  B
Hums iV
to con-
mil   r ibal iiitial 1 al iu
■■r ..'t^^^
1!,.   Lind   . >i - trail,
lieipatl m of  the
;   .   .   ping   parti. I thst will
■ ■     1 lui  regi :    '.    .... ths
I'.-'     :-   .       ns-  cbronii   •   ■ 1
•: ■     i»- ins   ^.i.
...        .     iu   a   still
■■     - ■        1 _.-■     Son 11
sre  1 irn   •■■ ith  cold   leet    some 1	
;   ,.     "Hi II".!    mall
isi -... iu . briisl upon him
Paper Dy tlie Pound
11... -... i{in >•
_.       'I ...;.,■■      '..
I   ii is the "..■   llie p i|.."
makm sell it.
ttiutiue Eaton     Hurhut
Paper 5 0c. a Pound
t m elopes  '.'  mat. h   Two
Packages ler a.v .
11.   I.   HI tt> IV,   Nl ", r
Ml X I    lll'MI    '
c. 11. Hume .'. Co
two new heavy plan-
11 sI  1. .   in
gins- windows 11
their   store   supplied by » Vaoc
in in      1 el 111 unatelj   one   ibeel
lap . .1 ,1 nn- .■ irni r w i ib :.       placed
in   p -ui'.n  probably   In m   t daw ie
the gls-i.     [Tn    plate CS  ly ireight
on   a   :lni   ear each   piece   weighing
nearly 300 lb-
Poison, resulting from handling
typewriter carbon pspi r .- 1 lie ■ erd 1 '
ul prom inon I physicians in tin: ease nf
\fis« Elizabeth Rowe,nf Keno S'ovads
Miss Rowe 1- lik"ly tu remain sn invalid for life ami the doctors have
issued a warning to users ol manifold
beets not to allow coloring mutter to
reach the throal or eyes.
Very shortly now, the Revelstoke
housewifo will in bustling about with
.1 gleam ul determination in hor eye,
iirmi 1)   wul,  cap, broom  and duster,
and will have everything  lopsy lurwy
1 in  ber /eni   to eliminate tbn smallest
i speck "I dust Irom ilm romotestoornor.
lliihhy will he taking his meals cold
st   the sideboard   antl   will spend Ins
Spare hours   beating carpets un I 0USS-
ing stove pipes in the baok yard,   Oh
I happy is the hoUM  cleaning time.
n   pbom graphs,   Berliner and
-    ..■ . unit,hone-,    all     inaki-H    ol
,   ■'  1:   Macdonald
a ,,t, 1    . ir , ..nn r Ior a display ..I
iy direct snd can |uote
-'   |S   I_l"tll8 III
'.     l'i l'i.." '-    I,,-",.I   S        (        B
Hockey Meeting.
A meeting of the Revelstoke hockey
club  was   belli last nigbl at,the V.M.
C.A,   Willi   a good   attendance.    This
wns ihe wind-up meeting lor the yiar.
Mayor   l.iuilin,ok,   as president, presided,      VV.   A.   Chambers, secretary,
Huntley I read ibe statement fnr the year, allowing a gnnd record       Ilia Worship 111 a
few   remarks, briefly reviewed the set-
_____________________________________________________________    ....        ..   .       son's play saying   I hui   hnokey hud re-
,   ,      -     .ni.,1 11 11 1  Edison Parlor , , ,,
.    ,       ,   ,    g.iiiinl    mli 1 cm 1   ami nexl yeitr won Id
I  ,   ,i:.    -   111   interesting   areI   "'Ira     * ■>
I   ,. „i  film   "The  rerrible see it even more popular   In touching
riiis Will please everybody,        on    summer   sjior,.»      e   aaid that the
ue   1,1 t.i,1   beet typewritnia msntx outlook wss good and that us soon as
,ts     eprssenled in Revel   [the   snow   hail   g
the McKensie A v
sti      has some excellent tennis  play
, .1 be 1 p ' y   a- well sr
r.    to   tbe   lair IS)    10 all..iv
- .-Inii  to die   out   from
■    .  nteresl si d loppori
. ■  p        ..... igs  ol      1 iper.
II    ISS       ISI    1i1f.1i rn.-'I    11- lhal  lie in
.» .... •■ ttensivs literal Ions
an.1 improvements in the Interior ol
ih" building .11 d wbioh a ill maki- null. .0-1 ■ nl ihe hest 111 the wesi.      A   	
In     circle with the   corrSOt   llope   I     lacturta 11   now  represenn ti in iievei-l tne  snow   hail   g    ,rass aeeding nn
the i ick viil be erected ami thepresi      ,r"k" !,y r  "■ Macdonald      ll" ksepi  t|,« McKensie Ave. recreation grounds
'god's galler     removed to give  roon   everything  required  in supplies such  wou|d be proceeded with     The may.
for the new--heme of   sealing       I h"   «"    ribl. ,.-.   pipers,    imi1 m-eis, ■ ^^H_i '
new oirole, will be .maob   large,    ind   backing papers, ete>.
wldei       Handsome   opera chelrs wil
in. Installed ind ap uial attention paid
to fire exits, stairways,  etc     An   in
novation will he tbe erection nt eigbi
o(fera boxes, equipped with  handsome
chair-, niirtiiins antl richly decorated
The whole of ihe decoration lobemi
will he altered antl when complete the
'•pern House should be a fine sod  u
tn diii piny house,
Board of Trade,
I lu regular monthly meeting nf the
ll. .i'1-ttiike    Hoard  of   Trade will take
pluce on Thursday, Maroh llth, in the
city bail iii h pm.    Important bush
II    1 1 n '. 1 -...ii a u  Mourns,
Id Secretary.
Our    range    of    linol -
ninths are   complete, 111 II   II
Widths- C    li   Hume .V Cu
The   linal   game   for I lit   Bonis I up
•a- played un   Monday  nlghl lietweOII
the Anderson and  Hert  llnwe rinks,
und create.1 considerable intertill ll
was 11 good game ami keenly contested
throughout,  Anderson winning by 1
poinl      lhe rinks  were
A,, II. Allen Rev IV .I'.l' leemun
I   It 1 1 L I'robyii
.1. T. I'oiii.e.k hr. Hamilton
A, V Audi ison,sk. H  A. .1, Howe, skip 7
also stated   tbat arrangements wou'd
,   nro'iibly be mail" Ibis suiriui''i  whero-
..I    ..il   ' '
I VI ll ' ''y  ''"'   merchants   Would   open   lin 11
siorei   nn   liuur  earlier snd close nn
hour curlier, without shilling the
elne.k. Messrs. Buck, Smith,Kennedy,
M. 11 In il In ml anil Pettipiece as ri'p 0
ai'iitaiives ul Ilia in 11.ma tennis com
posing llie e.liih iniiii" appropriate
remarks, as did also Mr, Cook and Mr
Three Contacts Necessary Before Death Certain
OSSING, N. V., March ll —W. Jones,
a negro, w»s put tn death in lhe electric chair in Sing Sing prison Hub
morning. He was brought, into the
death chamber shortly before six
o'clock, attended by the Rev. E, S.
Jones, the prison chaplain. The lirst
contact, consisting ol 1,H40 volts, 8}
amperes, was kept on a minute nnd
live seconds. After a hasty examination, Ibe current again was tumid on
and kept up lor six «• ootids. A second examination sh.'cd n-third contact, to be, neces.-!.! y. It lasted six
seconds, and at its close, ten minutes
after the first shock was given, ho was
priinntiiiced dead.
Cause of Failure
Bitttltreel s says that th"re are eight
causes ol failure iu business due to the
fault of Hums (ailing hs against three
not dun to the fault ol 1 hoes who fail,
Cutler the lirst bead, during WOK,
came 77.5 pur cent ul all business fall"
tirss. These causes ore as follows: Incompetence, incxpi r etice, lack of capital,unwise granting uf credit, speculation outside regular business, neglect of
business, personal extravagance and
fraudulent disposition ul properly.
Lack ol capital was the must potent
ol tliese, with iiicuuipete.ice, inexperience, neglect and unwise credits following in the order named. Under
the bead uf causes not the fault ol
those failing arc specific conditions,
failure of others apparently solvent
nnd competition, During l'.HJH tlie
percentage wus larger I ban for the
two preceding years.
No Market for Infected Fruit
"We have discovered that eternal
vigilance is lite only price nf the safety
of oor Iruit orchards."
TblS was the remark of Iruil In
spoctor Cunningham at Vancouver
yesterday 011 examination nl car loads
of lnlecied fruit and (mil trees Irom
Washington and California shipped
into Uritish Columbia,
Mr. Cunningham says that as lur as
his department is concerned, tha
British Columbia urchards will bepro-
tecictl, 110 mailer who sutlers. There
is uu desire to put a restraint on
trado in llie things lhat are good, but
Pool Tournament
The following are tbe results of the
silver cup pool tournament at the
McKinnon cigar store this week:
G. Knight deieated O. I'roulx by 30
R. Kquarrluigga defeated E. Kigllt'
binger by 11 balls.
\V. Mcintosh deieated \V. Kewuaslle
by 20 balls.
0. Jones deieated D. McCarthy by
11 balls.
The biggest break nf Ibe tournament
so lar lias been made by O. Jones, 16
Denies Rumor
Captain the Hon. R. G. Tallow,
! Minister of Finance, has denied the
I rumor to tbe effect that he would
shortly resign from the present provincial government owing to the pressure ol bis private business interests.
The rumor was in circulation in Vancouver yesterday and was published in
the World.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39      Office   MoKenzie Ave
DKUhkm AK INU at moderate terms
Ladles'suits from %h up.   Apply
Mrs. Olddlns, ime Mrs, (1. (Ireen, 4t.h
si I eel, jail a0 IV & H
ia Nil IN KKU  \\ A NTBD -Having 11
I'uiirlb class Bi C. ceiiifiiii'it.
Apply stating experience und IVUgea
expected lu .1. Kernughno. Salmon
Arm. 1111 h 20
U.ST A (irey Persian Luinh Collar
hut ween school biilldlugsand Ale-
Kniucle avenue on Friday, Rewind
wilt be given on return of sitiiie to Hi id
fi Voung's Store,
|     Inn Jailing*.    Apply ul 1 hi-olli. ".
Alldritt.     At the close ol thu meetingI producers ol  things that are bad enn-
ihe   mayor   ontertslncd   lhe   boys at j not market them here.
supper, 11 pi, Haunt lime being spent. - - —
" ■ Heo our table ol toilet soaps,   nash-
W.i hnve   just   opened   np   a lot ol  ing   compounds, blueing, Old   Dutch
splendid   carpet   squares   in  Wiltons Cleauser and laundry soaps.    We csu
and Hi nssnlls. dunce 1 >rii nti! patterns ' save you money if yon buy  from us
II  Hume * Co. C. ti. Hume ii Co.
WANTKD--A wall less, or a person
loreill or iiinniige diuiiiL'iiiiiii,
and bed rooms lr. Hotel (Jlluiax.—Apply Hnlel Climax, llevelsloke, tl. II.
WANTKD - lii'iierui   help,  "K„,„|
wages.   Apply Mls.8 (i.Hulilun,
WANTKD  fiirls   tu lea in tints'
linking.    Apply   lu   Miss    Me
I lorn,Id iii  Mi Leiiiiiui A Co's,
WlN'i'KD'Kxpeiieneeir Ileal .el,,,,,
hmibeinian wauls CUlploynil'1,1
us liiaveljiiiK^iilesiiiiui, or unv position
Of ll'Usl   With  lumlieiineii.    Applv to
"HneeesHful," Mall-Helilld, Itevelsl'oke.
uu li 27.
W""ANTED PoSITIoii us ym-d tire
iiiiiii or edgerman by fli-sl-elias
luii.'ierm.u. Apply In "Faithful,"
19011 Mail Heraldi Kerelstoke,
VI' a NT nb-To sell, 6 roonied house
Vf on Second Street, betwoen Ilic
Liuiglii'.iil Bluck and B. B, Como/.zl'.,
store,   A1 ply to F. E, Whlflen,


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